New Owner by Tornakin

Humans were long ago concord and enslaved by the elves. Now they are bred and trained to be the perfect tiny pets. Follow one of these humans as he is shipped to his first true owner.

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1. Chapter 1 by Tornakin

2. Chapter 2 by Tornakin

3. Chapter 3 by Tornakin

Chapter 1 by Tornakin

I was the luckiest pet in the world, during the day I got to pamper the gorgeous elf who owned me’s feet. Licking and kissing her gorgeous toes or riding along with her for a jog in her shoe. And at night I slept in an opulent dollhouse all to my self.




“Dal” she said, scratching the side of my head with a finger, “wake up Dal.” The petting got more aggressive.




“Wake up Dal” said Cinio shaking me awake, “the instructors are almost here and you don’t want to be late today.” I rose slowly, sad to leave my dream, then my head caught up with what Cinio had said and quickly finished getting out of bed. My other room mates had already left, thank the owners Cinio was looking out for me. Cinio was a cute surprisingly plump girl who was always trying to help her fellow pets, that is when she wasn’t entertaining the male instructors (which was both how she had earned her name (before we are sold we aren’t technically allowed to have names, but a few of us are favored with nicknames if we prove exemplary at something) and why she was so plump thanks to the extra treats they give her). I threw off my sheet and we ran to the common room.




Down in the common room we found the other pets lined up waiting to be called outside. I grabbed my portion of porridge and looked out the window. Outside I could see that the instructors were only one house away. Their massive shoes looming over the pets they were checking on. I quickly scarfed down my portion of breakfast and we joined our fellow pets. 




A few of the others scowled seeing me their, they had hoped that I would fail to show up and maybe give them a chance to be chosen instead. Because today was my last day in this dorm, today I was to be shipped to my new owner. I fidgeted in excitement hoping that the instructors would hurry up with the group in front of us.




And then, at last, the instructors were done and they were headed for our dorm. “Group E come outside for demonstrations and training” boomed the voice of one of our instructors outside. The front door slid open and were all raced outside before dropping to our knees a few feet away from the instructors and bowed, our heads touching the floor. Above we could hear a chuckle from one of the instructors before saying something in elvish. (We pets are not to know the radiant tongue of our masters and were only taught enough to make us better at serving our owners and we were orders never to speak them. I know only a handful of words though I do know my name means foot and was given to me for my excellent foot worshipping skills). One of them grunted in agreement before saying, “stand.”




We rose but remained in place, arms folded behind our backs. Now that I could look up I could see that today we were being instructed by master Petceran, and mistresses Xilrie and Falar. Petceran was the on who made the comment and had a pet girl chained to his belt buckle in such a way to immobilizer her and force her chest out, he had one hand resting on the belt would occasionally rub one of her nipples or pet her on the head with a finger. I could sense the envy coming off some of the female pets for the girl above us, as it was clear that she already had an owner and had been given such a place of honor. Xilrie was a brisk no nonsense kind of mistress, she wore a black pair of heels and collared to one of her ankles was a Reassigned (the Reassigned are those that are deemed to stupid or to rebellious to be pets and are taken from their dorm and sent to live elsewhere, though where they live and what they do isn’t clear the rest of us do see them from time to time. Usually following after one of the instructors). I recognized this Reassigned as it was the same one that always followed mistress Xilrie around, he was naked (no longer being allowed a uniform) with only a chastity cage around his penis. He was lean, tough, and mean. But also looked rather tired though he also had a strange look of aderation on his face starting at the feet of mistress Xilrie (he defently seemed to have a thing for her as when ever we were being trained by Xilrie and he would beat anyone not serving to his satisfaction). Mistress Falar was my favorite of the instructors, as usual her feet were bare, her beautiful toes would occasionally scrunched in a most adorable way, her towering legs and ankles disappearing into her knee length skirt. Before today she would occasionally she would collect me for one on one instructions and I would message her feet as she worked, she would bring me treats occasionally, she even let me look at her face from time to time (a usually forbidden act), and she was the one who gave me my name. Every night I would pray that one day she would come adopt me fully as her pet (she was my mistress in last nights dream). I was still a little bit hopeful that she was the one who bought me.




“Alright” said Petceran giving his pet a peticulary forceful squeeze and she gave a sharp squeal of pleasure. “Before we get to morning training today we have some special announcements. Firstly, as you all subject 15764, also known as Dal, is being shipped to his new owner today.” He paused briefly as the pets around me all clapped and wished me well, though a many did send envious glares my way. “After instructional review today Instructor Falar will be taking you to packaging and prepare you for the next stage in your journey...”




I stopped listening after that, Mistress Falar was taking me to shipping, maybe dream was true and she was going to be my new owner. I was so caught up in my daydreams of being Falar’s perfect pet that I almost missed the first order being given and jumped as everyone stated moving towards the instructors.






Instructional review seemed to take forever, but eventually my fellows were told to say good bye and I was told to kneel next to Mistress Falar’s feet. I watched as my former dorm mates crawled forwards and gave each of the instructors feet a kiss before going back inside. I could feel the envious glares coming from a few of them and mistress Xilrie’s Reassigned. Until the last of them filed back into the house and we were alone. 




Without warning something large plowed into me from behind and, with a meaty smothering grip, I was hoisted into the air. I dangled upside down my arm held forcibly to my sides, my feet kicking uselessly at the air, and my head poked out just enough of what ever had grabbed me to see a pair of shiny beautiful nails at the end of them. I stilled immediately realizing that Mistress Falar had picked me up by her toes. As soon as I stilled I felt something grab one of my feet and once again I was being whooshed through the air but this time when the world settled down I found myself standing on Mistress Falar’s palm with her adoring face smiling down at me. Immediately I got on my knees Bowing my head, as I had not been given permission to look at her face, above me Falar giggled and said something to the other instructors, made affirming noises before leaving to start instructing the next group while Mistress Falar, her fingers curling in around me, took me away.








A short time later I was deposited on a cold flat surface. Looking around I recognized that I was on Mistress Falar’s desk and she was sitting there. Realizing that she was probably watching me I quickly got to my knees and looked down. Above me I heard her giggle again, “you know I don’t mind if you look at my face,” she cooed down at me. One of her long “delicate” fingers slithered under my chin and gently forced my face up. “Honestly I think that rule about not looking at our face is ridiculous, as a matter of fact most elves outside of the compound don’t even know about it.” She stopped pushing on my chin when we made eye contact, I hoped that love and adoration for her was clear by my expression as I stared greedily into her gently smiling face. I knew she didn’t care and I that most elves outside didn’t care, but I had been punished to many times for looking at an elves face without permission that I could make my self do it without help.


She removed her finger from my chin and started stroking me on the head. “Today’s a big day. Last day here, by this time tomorrow you may even de a the feet of your new owner.” She beamed down at me with that, even though I felt nervous about the hole thing her smile did make feel better about. “But, seeing as this is you last day,” she continued, “I thought we could have a little bit of fun while I prepare you for what’s next.” And so saying she picked up something behind me and put her feet on the desk, a pair of wrinkled monoliths glaring down on me, “kiss” was her only command as she got comfortable leaning back on her chair. Normally I would have sprinted to those divine pillars and smothered them with kisses, but today I was to unsure about things and dallied as she began to read.




“To day, as you know, is an important day in your training. It is also, hopefully, your last day. Now, as I’m sure those word may have sent sent a slight panic through you...”




Before she I had to ask, though I wasn’t sure if was aloud to or not, but I had to, “Mistress?” I squeaked, she paused looking down at me eyebrows scrunched as she relished I still hadn’t moved to her feet, “I need to know, or that is to say I want to know. D-d-did you buy me?” I asked looking pointedly at her feet. She chuckled, “is that what your worried about? Well let me assure you that I am not going to be your new owner (my heart sank). No, no, no I already have pet at home, though I did think about it from time to time. No but I did buy you.” My heart rose again slightly at that but then there was the question, “then who is my owner?” I asked. “That’s a suprise silly” Mistress said going back to the paper.




“But...” I started to say before Mistress interrupted, all playfulness gone from her voice, “stop asking questions” uncrossing her feet and resting one of her heels on top of me. For a brief time smothered by the wait of her foot, I couldn’t move, I could only look to the right and saw her glaring at me from over the paper. “I was trying to make this day special with a final treat before shipping you. And here you are asking questions, acting like a feral human, questing who you belong to, where your going, and not following orders properly. I’m vary disappointed in you subject 15764. BAD BOY! BAD.” I felt a wave of shame from those words. I opens my mouth to apologize and to beg for forgiveness but, as if in anticipation, mistress snapped her fingers and all I could do was make a pitiful high pitched wining sound. “As punishment for you insolence you have lost your name and your voice until you bow to your new owner.” After cursing me she lifted up her foot recrossing it with the other. Not wanting to displease her further I ran to the feet and began kissing them with everything I had. 




She made a satisfied noice and went back to reading the paper, “now we’re was I, oh yes. A slight panic through you, but so long as you follow you training. LICK. You have nothing to worry about.” I was confused at first by the random lick in the middle of the speech but realization dawned when I saw her toes twitch in irritation. I quickly stated licking her feet, the grand taste of her foot filling my mouth. A strange bitter salty taste of a mixture of salty sweat, dirt, and skin combined in a holy unique way and taste for her feet. As I licked at the feet of the Goddess that was Falar everything else drifted away, I was no longer worried about my new owner, pleasant sound of Falar’s voice drifted around me. I started climbing foot I adored rubbing my self against it, I quickly grew hard as I ascended. Until I reached the toes where I startled to place between the big and second toe and started humping while still licking the soft flesh between the toes.




“No” Falar said sudden, right before I reached the edge and gripped her toes together. “What is wrong with you today,” she asks fuming, “first you ask questions now you try and cum without permission, I know I’m usually more ok with that than most but you need to be prepared for what’s comes next, maybe us playing will have to wait. Regardless I need to push you for misbehaving again, until given permission by your owner you cannot cum again.” She said and snapped her fingers. I felt a sudden tightening in my dick as I knew that no matter what I did from now on I would be able to cum without permission from a person I hadn’t met yet. Falar dropped me suddenly and I almost fell back onto her desk. “I’m going to keep reading this and before I reach the end I want you to clean up any messes you may have made of my foot. When you’re done you are to kneel next to my feet while you jerk your dick until I finish.” I nodded though I doubt she saw as she went back to reading about my duties and how to properly represent the institute. It was hard finding all the spot of precum that had dribbled out as I worked, made doubly so by the pounding and occasional new messes that came from between my legs. But eventually I was done and got on my knees to jerk my rod until she finished speaking, while I had been working at her feet she seemed to be speaking more quickly, rushing through, trying to reach the end before I could finish. Now that I was done though she slowed down, speak at an naturally slow rate and, I was certain, reread a section or two. All the while I kneeled and jerked, I jerked fast, I jerked slow, didn’t matter as no matter how much I jerked the tightness didn’t go away and a dull ache started in my balls.




Until, at last it was over and she put the paper down. Immediately let go fell to all fours panting. My dick was rock hard and pounding, my balls felt like they had been swollen to four times the size and would burst at any moments. “I’m sorry I had to do that, but you know you had to be punished” Mistress Falar said, gently petting me on the head, “but your punishment is almost over.” And so saying she snapped her finger before flicking me in the balls. I fell to the floor completely as the pain rushed through me. But, at the same time, a bit of the tightness left me and I felt a slow stream of cum pouring out of me as the hardness and pressure went down. It wasn’t exactly a pleasant sensation but it did let the pressure down.




“There you go, that should have taken much of the pressure off. Now clean up your mess while I get your box ready.” I got up slowly, still feeling rather tender, and tried my best to clean up after my self. It was a surprisingly substantial puddle, though lucky some was still stuck to me so the job wasn’t as big as it could have been. I was still only halfway through when Falar came back and put a large box down on the desk. She sighed seeing what little of the job I had done, but before I was finished she hoisted me into the air and put me in the box.




Inside it was cramped with just a bag of food and a bottle of water. Behind me mistress signaled me to turn around. I did looking up at her and she said, “I don’t want to hear that something like to day happening when you get there, I want to hear about what a good boy your being. Now there’s your food and your water,” she said pointing at then both, “ and here’s your bed” she said dropping in an old pair of socks, “their your owners, she insisted I ship them with you.”




She gave me one last smile before closing the lid of the box. Everything shook suddenly and with a sudden lurch the box and its contense were sliding down an incline and I was on my way to meet my new Owner.

Chapter 2 by Tornakin

“Come on Daliki, try harder” said Mistress Xilrie, pushing down on me with her foot, twisting it back and forth. I didn’t know what she wanted, I started licking at the foot I was pinned under, but that just seemed to annoy her so I tried to squirm out but I was caught tight. Above me came the sound of Falar’s voice, “your being such a bad boy Daliki, perhaps you aren’t worthy of being a pet.” I redouble my efforts desperately rubbing and kissing the great behemoth that had me pinned. “I can’t” I cried desperately reaching out from in-between her toes. Suddenly the voice of Cinio appeared next to me “How can’t you” turning my head I saw her humming the finger of one of the instructors “it’s something every pet can do” she said smiling while she thrust her chest out desperately to the instructors above us. “ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS CUM” she said and yet she seemed to speak the voice of every instructor at once. I suddenly realized just how hard I was, “ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS CUM” said the voices again booming around me, “COME ON, CUM.” They said “EVERY ONE KNOWS WHAT A LITTLE FOOT WORM YOU ARE,” I tried answering, telling them that I couldn’t, that I wasn’t allowed but all that came out was a high pitched whining sound.


The box I was in shifted suddenly and I woke up with a jolt. Between my legs my dick stood up fully, was painfully swollen and engorged long past the normal point of ejaculation. I carefully rolled out of my “bed” and crawled to my water supply. My water was kept in large bottle with a spigot to drink I would twist my self under the tap and pore the water directly into my mouth. But I wasn’t there to get a drink, at least not yet, instead I carefully stood up and place my dick on the side of the bottle. Reacting to the cold bottle and me desperately not thinking about anything sexual my dick slowly shrank, slowly dribbling out a steam of cum. At the base of the bottle a small stain had formed from me forcing my self flaccid every day.


Apparently that curse Falar put on me also seemed to increase the number of wet dreams I was having as every day I woke up desperately unable to come. Some times I could also swear I heard her giggle when this happened, and I desperately hoped that she was as it would make the pain worth it if it was for Falar’s amusement. After finishing softening up (though I apparently couldn’t completely lose my hard on as a little bit of it would remain as if taunting me of what was coming tomorrow) I stretched and got ready for my current routine. My “routine” boiled down to me eating and drinking throughout the day and otherwise lounging on the sock bed casting my head forwards to the day when I would finally meet my new owner.


The socks I had spent the last week sleeping on had once been a pair of cute pink running socks with a light blue strip running around where the sole of the foot would be. But it was clear that this pair had been well loved and (at some point) unwashed for several jogs. The pinks and blues had failed and the bottoms were worn and frayed around the heel toes. The socks smelled heavily of old dried sweat. The first night I slept in one of the socks but after waking up to find one of the loose strings had rapped its self around my dick in the night and after waking up from my first wet dream I found myself unable to leave the sock for several painful minutes while I loosened the bond on my junk.


I was sitting on the socks thinking that I would maybe go get some food for a before lunch snack when the box suddenly lurched upwards. This was nothing new as my box had been picked up, handed off, and moved about a number of times on the journey. Often these moments also involved some amount of talking far above me. But this time there was no talking and when the box was put down the ground felt different more stable somehow. A while later I heard the sound of feet approaching, then the sound of a large door opening before I was hoisted back in the air. A short time later the box was put back down and, after the box was twisted, turned, and at one point flipped upside down, there was the sound of a knife cutting through tape and the lid was tipped open.

Chapter 3 by Tornakin

My eyes slowly adjusted to the sudden blinding light and staring down at me was the most beautiful elf I had ever seen. She smiled down at me and the light seemed to form a halo around her head, her long red hair cascaded down around her head, and her bright grey eyes sparkled wondrously at me. 


Suddenly her slight smile disappeared into a frown and she scrunched her forehead slightly. And with a start I realized that I had been so busy enraptured by her face that I had missed her saying something to me. I started to cringe down at the shame of missing the first divine words spoken by my new mistress. 


“Are you feeling alright?” she asked, her voice betraying a surprising amount of concern. I feel greater shame for causing my new mistress worry, and I quickly shook my head. “Well good” she said, her face brightening, “well as I was saying, my name is Banrigh but as of right now you are only ever to call me Mistress, is that understood?” I nodded. “Good” she said whisking me suddenly out of the box. After the motion ended I found myself dangling upside down held only by the fingers of Mistress, “I haven’t yet decided on a name for you yet” she continued, not caring about the blood rushing to my head or the feeling of vertigo as she started walking, “so for now I’ll just call you human (she actually used the Elvis word for human, one of the few words I know and though it means human it actually translates closer to dirt or slime), ok?” She didn’t look down at me but I nodded anyway.


“Aunt informs me” she said, depositing me ruffly onto a table, “that you have a real gift for foot worshiping, so I would like to introduce you to your two mistresses” her feet thudded down on either side of me, “unless otherwise instructed you are to be ‘under their supervision’ at all times. Now start worshiping my feet.” Recognizing the order I quickly scurried to my feet and quickly moved to where I could more properly study my new “mistresses,” before I did I noticed Mistress studying some sort of card.


I stood before my charge each a grand marble pillar of flesh soaring high into the air, both were slightly discolored by a thin dusting of dirt running up the sole of the foot, and each was capped with 5 wiggling sentries whose barely visible wiggles seemed to invite me to come closer. As I approached the right foot a thought occurred to me as I neared the heel. And I decided it was worth a try as I started liking the massive heel in front of me, but even as I got on my knees to bow I heard a sudden giggle coming from Mistress and she said, “one more thing human, to much groveling is considered unseemly in pets these days so you are not allowed to bow to me unless I give express permission. If this is clear kiss my foot 5 times and then resume worshiping.” I froze reluctantly and then kissed the foot as instructed before resuming licking.


With my plan thwarted I chose instead to focus my attention more fully of the foot I was licking. And it was beautiful, a great pale monolith who’s beauty was only slightly less magnificent compared to Falar’s glorious feet, her feet smelled surprisingly little, and as I started to lick them I could taste the mildly salty taste and it immediately started making me hard. I paused not wanting to get to aroused. “Why have you stopped?” Mistress asked stretching slightly, “It was just starting to get good” before her foot slammed on top of me. I was pinned on my back with my penis wedged into her pail white sole. The slight pressure between my legs began increasing more quickly. Seeing no way to avoid it any longer I gave in fully to my urges.


Time seemed to stretch out, slowing down while paradoxically seeming to speed up. My heart beat quickened as my hard on began to pulse in earnest, desperate for release. I began writhing around under the foot that held me in place. Licking and kissing every inch of foot flesh I could reach while also humping into the fleshy mass above me. Suddenly the creamy sole lifted off of me, hungrily I got up to chase after it until it disappeared off the table.


In a panic I frantically looked over the edge of the table at the foot that had just abandoned me.  From couch I could hear Mistress giggling quietly to herself before a shadow descend on me. Suddenly I was being crushed under a large slightly squishy something that smelled a lot like Mistress’s feet and I was being rolled around by the strange object. A moment later the crushing thing lifted off of me and I rolled to a stop. It was only then that I realized that the thing crushing me was Mistress’s other foot which she had now lifted off of me, it took another second after that to relies Mistress was laughing at me.


“I never realized how stupid you humans really are” she said between snorts of laughter, “I mean, I’d read how foolish you little things were but I always assumed they were exaggerations.”


I felt a strange mixture of accomplishment and shame at those words. On one hand I had amused my Mistress and gotten her to laugh, while on the other hand I had only amused her with how much of an idiot I am. So I just sat on the table unsure what to do except listen to Mistress recounting how stupid I was. It took her a few seconds to get control over herself again, and when she did snapped her fingers telling me to get back to licking.

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