30 Minute Stories by RI_Weeb

Here's a bunch of short giantess thmed stories that I wrote in under 30 minutes. Most of the stories will be based around foot fetish stuff so if you're not into that, here's a quick warning. 

(The first story is a multi-parter btw)

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Shrink: Micro (1 in. to 1/2 in.), Minikin (3 in. to 1 in.), Nano (1/2 in. to 2.5 nanometers)
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1. A Deal with a Demon (Part 1) by RI_Weeb

2. Unaware Torture: Track Girl by RI_Weeb

A Deal with a Demon (Part 1) by RI_Weeb
Author's Notes:

A story revolving around a pure and innocent cleric by the name of Clara when she has an unfortunate meeting with her new roommate which causes her to be shrunken down to the size of an ant. Expecting to be helped by her roommate, she was shocked and disturbed when she discovers that her sadistic roommate had plans to torture her for the rest of her life. But, when Clara recieves a chance to take her revenge, she takes it in stride to give her roommate some payback.


      Pathetic, bruised, and beaten were all that could be said of the once faithful and passionate cleric as she laid defeated on the disgustingly worn insole of her alleged roommate, who had rudely tossed her shoes to the side of her bed as she enjoyed her nice and comfortable abode. She was clinging to life, thanks to the two straight weeks of non-stop abuse and torture that came from her roommate’s unhygienic foot. It was horrible! Only the rancid smell of her cheesy toes and the salty taste of her copious supply of foot sweat were circulating through the innocent girl’s system, and all she could do was pray to be released from this prison. 


      "Please… answer my prayers!" She called out, limply raising her hand into the air only for nothing to happen. Disappointment would have struck harder if this had been the cleric's first failed prayer, however, it was very clearly not, as every single waking moment of being stepped on and crushed by her roommate had been accompanied by the low mumble of her praying. But, this time it was different. After letting her arm fall back down onto the ground she began to cry, only to burst out laughing a moment later. She was completely and utterly broken. 


      "When I am reborn, I will make her suffer! I'll destroy everything she loves and mercilessly stomp on any hope she has of living. I'll make her life a living hell. She'll pay, She’ll pay, She’ll pay..." She started to mumble ceaselessly as her mind slowly dipped into insanity. And then, in the midst of her maddened rambles, a voice called out to her. Not one caused by insanity, or by her roommate, it was an ethereal voice that carried the femininity of a mature and seductive woman. 


      "Why wait until you're reborn? Why not just take your revenge here and now…" The voice said, catching the attention of the mad cleric. 


      "Who are you?!?" She yelled, looking around for a source amongst the barren wasteland that was her insole. 


     "Consider me a friend, per se. I am the demon, Carthara and I’ll be the one to free you from this hell… for a price." She snickered.


      "I'll do it!!" She answered immediately, surprising the demon's disembodied voice. Her expectations of a true child of God were higher, but to say the cleric was exactly in the right state of mind to think about things clearly would be an understatement. But even if she had been in the right state of mind, the cleric knew that she would not have regretted this deal, even if it meant selling her soul. "Now go on, TAKE IT!!" She yelled, giving the demon permission to steal her soul only to be surprised when she was met with solemn disappointment in Carthara's voice. 


      "Tisk, Tisk, Tisk. What is it with you humans and your awfully misguided preconceived notions. I don't want your soul. I want you to do something for me…” She paused, waiting to see the joy on the cleric’s face as she thought about getting her revenge. “Denounce your faith, and grant my wish by taking revenge on that girl… and the one who gave her the power to shrink you in the first place.”


      The cleric began to laugh hysterically. Despite being a devout follower of the church for all her life, she didn’t think twice about throwing all that away to serve the whims of a demon in order to enact her revenge. A twisted smile appeared on her face and she opened her arms to the disembodied voice. A dark sinister shadow appeared around the girl and the voice had finally taken form, transforming into a well-endowed woman clad in black leather with a wicked tail and a pair of devilish horns. The demon walked up to the pitiful cleric and gently caressed her once pure and innocent face. Smiling sadistically, Carthara snapped her fingers causing the cleric to grow to her original size.


      “Shall we begin..?”


End Notes:

Hope you enjoyed! Part 2 coming soon!


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Unaware Torture: Track Girl by RI_Weeb
Author's Notes:

Heya! So I found a little short story I wrote on discord a while back and expanded on it a little! Like the name suggests this will all be unaware stories of different types of girls! Hope you enjoy!


      Dazed and confused you woke up in what seemed to be an endless field of white porcelain. You had no idea where you were, and honestly, you really didn't want to know. Surrounding him were four monumental walls, each one stretching higher than any conceivable skyscraper. Wooden shelves that could house entire countries, an oven that could set the whole cities ablaze. You were in the kitchen of your cozy two-bedroom apartment, but it was very obvious that it wasn't exactly the same kitchen you were familiar with. Before you had time to question whether you shrank or the world grew a monstrous shaking plagued the area. In a horrifying rhythm, the very ground beneath him shook as the thundering noise grew louder and louder. While it slowly approached you, it was very easy to point out the source and as the door swung open you were hit with a gust of wind that felt like the shock wave of a nuclear bomb. Your terrors were confirmed as a girl, drenched in sweat, wearing a red tracksuit entered the room. With a towering figure, she eclipsed you. Basking you in an endless dark shadow. There was no way she'd notice you, but you still found yourself calling for her name. You yelled at the top of your lungs. But, as expected, your voice had no chance of reaching her. As she took her first step into the room you began to notice a vile odor slowly approaching. Confused, you tried to confirm if the scent you smelled was real and as you took one quick sniff you felt your body recoil in shock. It was true that your senses were more sensitive at this size but, there was nothing on earth that should smell this bad. Permeating with an odor of stale vinegar and what could only be described as a disgusting musk you looked up only to see the towering sock of that girl looming above you.


      Realizing how perilous the situation was, you take off running hoping to escape an untimely death under her sweat ridden soles but your size makes it quite difficult. Despite running in a full sprint, you were going at a snail's pace, and even after a full 30 seconds of running, you were still under the girl’s sock. It was too late and before you knew it the girl’s sock had come down onto you pressing you between the hard tile floor and the girl’s stained gym socks. The world went black and you felt your body compress under the intense pressure, but somehow you were still intact, which at first seemed like a blessing, but as you would soon find out, was actually a curse. All the air was pushed from your lungs and replaced by the pungent aroma of sweat and stale cheese. Each breath caused an awful burning feeling in your lungs. You began to thrash and struggle fruitlessly against the giant foot. Eyes watering from the smell you desperately hoped for her to lift her foot, and when light filled the area, you were relieved as she began to lift her foot… however, as the visibility increased your heart sunk as realized that your fruitless struggles have caused your arms and legs to get trapped amongst the loose threads of her socks. 


      You begin to yell and thrash some more in hopes that she'd notice you, but your pleas were shortly snuffed out as a massive droplet of sweat dripped down onto your screaming face filling your mouth with a disgustingly sweaty flavor. You try spitting it out but as the girl begins tapping her foot your face and tongue are pushed directly into her sock, filling your mouth with a mix of sock fibers, dust, dirt, and the girls tainted sweat. It was torture! And what's worse is that the girl was completely unaware of your existence, and to make matters worse she began walking again. Each step was vertigo filled cacophony of awful smells, awful taste, and the awful feeling of being slammed into the ground again and again until you hear something from above. 


      "Where did I put my shoes…" She mumbled to herself filling the entirety of your being with terror and dread. Tears of despair streamed down you e and it was then that you realized that your torture had just begun…




End Notes:

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