Hot Mom of Microputia by danse_danse_revolution, RedSplotch

When her daughter goes off to College, Jennifer has no one to smother. She buys a microputian "ant farm" to nurture and a microbe sized trio of college roommates to talk to. 

Needless to say this is based off the Kosmita worldbuilding of prodi.....micro


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Chapter 1 by danse_danse_revolution
Author's Notes:

This is what I picture the giantess looking like:

“Check this out, dude”. Mike leaned into his housemate’s Chris’ bedroom. Chris was too preoccupied with his game. Mike walked around Chris and towards the window. He pulled open the blinds. It was late, but it wasn’t dark. It was blindingly bright. This surprised Mike and he looked out their third-floor window and off to the horizon.


Jennifer plopped down onto her bed and removed her flats, massaging her aching feet. It was a Friday night and she could relax for a few days. She reached into her purse and pulled out her phone. She grinned slightly as it rang. “Hi mom” her daughter said. “Hi honey. How was your first week?”. “My roommate seems cool, my RA seems chill, so far so good. What are you doing for your birthday?”. Jennifer’s daughter Megan replied. Jennifer paused. She hadn’t really thought about that. She’d been so preoccupied with sending her daughter off to college to live away from home for the first time. But her own 40th birthday was tomorrow. “Ugh. Don’t remind me how old I’m getting” Jennifer replied. Jennifer didn’t want to talk about herself. She wanted details on Megan. “Does your roommate drink? You’re your RA stop her? You want to get good grades, honey”. Megan rolled her eyes. “Mom! Relax!”. What a smother.  The woman wasn’t even going to do anything for her own birthday. Although Jennifer couldn’t see it, even Megan knew her mom was extremely good looking for her age. She’d already seen some boys in her dorm drooling at her. Little did she know there were two tiny boys doing the same thing.

During the phone call Jennifer had stood up and paced around the room. Engrossed in hearing about her daughter and only child’s first week at college, she absentmindedly leaned up against her dresser. Right next to her “ant farm”.


Chris was not disappointed in his decision to forfeit his game. As he and his housemate stared off into the horizon, they saw their giant owner sitting on her bed. They had a high vantage point, and as she leaned over to massage her own feet, they got an awesome view down her shirt at her pendulous planet-sized tits. And her tits were planet-sized; they were micros, she was a prodigan. Their girl roommate, Jackie, saw them gawking out the window and rolled her eyes. She partially snapped the boys out of their stupor. “She could be you guys’ mother, pervs”. “Yeah, I’d call her mommy” Mike quipped. But their show was just beginning. As she’d absentmindedly leaned up against the dresser, her ass took up almost all their horizon. It was the perfect thing really, her giant ass took up just enough of the horizon for them to realize they were looking at an ass. Each muscular mound was visible, straining the khaki pants their owner was wearing. Mike was hard as a rock. He let his mind run wild. Their owner was lying face down asleep while he was slowly climbing to the peak of her mountainous ass. But as soon as he reached the apex, she snatched victory from him, rolling over and crushing him. He wanted her so badly. He wanted a closer experience. He wanted this to feel like they weren’t watching the TV or some type of production.


As Jennifer gabbed away with her daughter, her feet began to hurt again. Reflexively, she pushed herself further back on her dresser so her feet wouldn’t be carrying so much of her weight, This caused her massive butt to bump into her “ant farm” ever so slightly pushing it back an inch or two on her scale. But for the tiny world, the consequences were catastrophic. But Jennifer was blissfully unaware. She sighed deeply after she hung up with her daughter. She stood up and stared down at the dresser. She yanked the cord that extended from the ant farm and plugged it in. She reached over and grabbed her special spray bottle. Just like an ant farm, these helped her tiny pets get their nutrients. The spray bottle simulated rain. The heat made it so their soil could grow crops. There were so tiny, an entirely self-sufficient civilization was contained in the little 4” x 4” plastic box. There were two reasons for this: she had to stop smothering her daughter as she was now away at college and secondly, she felt increasingly irrelevant as she aged. That’s what happened with women. But now she was the center of the world for billions. And she had a direct line to some of them. And even if Megan didn’t want to talk, she could always talk to a girl of the same age; Jackie.


Jackie blinked a few times before nearly passing out again from pain. “Wha-what is going on?” she muttered. She was in the open air, and it was very bright. But her legs were in excruciating pain. She remembered watching Jennifer’s giant ass. She perceived it had gotten closer for a second or two before everything had gone black.  She knew Jennifer better than she let on to her horny roommates. Her heart sank when she thought of them. Where were they? She’d hid from that Jennifer had downloaded the app that came with the purchases of the microputians. She was a smother and looked for a microputian that had similar traits to her daughter. Unfortunately, that was Jackie. And as she sat in the rubble, barely comprehending her bloody legs, her satellite phone rang. It was her.

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