A Mother's Shrink Gun by Vexed

Claire gets to test out a new shrink gun toy but things don't all go to plan.

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Chapter 1 by Vexed

Claire drove home ecstatic about her package. She was one of the few beta testers for the new shrink gun and she couldn’t wait to test it on her husband. As she pulled up to her front door, she quickly turned off her car and ran inside. After having opened the door, Claire plucked the package off the floor and ran upstairs to her room.

Excitedly she ripped open the package. Before her lay the golden glimmering ray gun donning nothing but a switch with the options of “Shrink” and “Grow” and a small dial to set the multiplier. Reaching in, she pulled the gun out and gripped it firmly in her hand. A smile beamed across her face, it framed perfectly by her long blonde hair.

Wanting to get into something more comfortable for her husband, Claire placed the ray gun down on her bed and ran off to the bathroom. She quickly threw on her sexiest lace lingerie and returned to the bedroom. Laying down on the bed, she gave her best pose to the full wall mirror that sat facing her as she waited for her husband.

A door slammed shut and the repetitive thump of her husband’s steps could be heard as he made his way up the stairs. Wanting to be a little crazy and spontaneous, Claire hid against the bedroom wall and awaited her husband pulling open the door.

She grinned with mischievous glee as she heard the distinct click of the door handle and watched it come away from its frame. John, her husband, pulled open the door and began to step in. He quickly remembered that he had left his phone in the car and turned to go get it.

Not expecting the retreat, Claire shot the ray gun at where she expected her husband to step and gasped in shock as his body did not meet its shot. Instead the shot continued on past where he would’ve been, hit the mirror and beamed back towards Claire. A shock similar to an electrical one vibrated through her body as the beam struck her chest.

As expected, Claire’s size began to dwindle. She became smaller and smaller before landing at the smallest possible size of one inch. The gun fell to the floor in front of her with a thunderous boom. Fearing for her safety, she pondered what to do.

Claire’s thoughts were cut short as John entered the room and stomped past her, knocking her off her feet. He absentmindedly changed into his casualwear, not noticing the tiny woman by the door jumping up and screaming.

Now in his t-shirt and jeans, John walked towards the door. Looking towards Claire, an inquisitive expression painted his face. Claire smiled happily and continued to jump as John approached her.

Reaching down, he clasped his fingers around the gun and looked at it curiously. Claire’s smile faded away as her husband stood back up with the gun in his hand, not noticing his wife on the floor. Fear struck her harder as the bassy voice of her husband shook her whole being, “Why is Leon leaving his toys in my room? Surely by the age of 18 he’d be off of these toys by now”.

Shrugging, John left the room with the gun in hand to return it to his son. The door slammed shut behind him. Claire, unbroken by the predicament she was in, composed herself and began trekking towards the gap under her door.

Squeezing under the gap in the door, she watched from her safe place as her step daughter and husband passed each other in the hallway; her husband heading downstairs after having put the gun in her son’s room and her step daughter heading to her room.

Claire stepped out into the now empty hallway. An option befell her: left to her step daughter’s room or right to the staircase. Figuring she’d not make it down the stairs, she turned left towards her step daughter’s room. It was pointless going to her son’s room as she was not big enough to pull the trigger and he was not home.

Jessie, Claire’s step daughter, was 19 years old. She had a long and slender body and shining brown hair that fell down to her lower back. Having just finished a long day at college, she lay on her bed talking to her friend on her phone.

Approaching the shut door of Jessie’s room, Claire climbed under it. As if entering a portal to another world, Claire left the clean cream and beige hallway and entered the pink, densely packed mountain range that was Jessie’s clothing littered room. Not letting her size stop her usual motherly thoughts, Claire sighed at the mess and thought to herself “I’ve told this girl time and time again to clean this room, how am I going to get to her through this?”.

The mind numbing bicker of Jessie echoed through the room as she chatted into her phone, Claire was definitely going to have to get closer if she wanted to get her daughter’s attention at all. Deciding to attempt to scale the bed, Claire began walking between the smelly clothing. She avoided climbing any of it as best she could.

Soon she came to a dead end and was left peering up at huge piles of her step daughter’s clothing on all sides. Sighing she began to climb. Socks, underwear, jeans, tops, dresses! Her whole wardrobe must’ve been on this damn floor.

Like a deer in headlights, Claire stopped dead in her tracks and peered towards the door from her elevated position. Her daughter pulled her phone away from her ear and looked towards the door also as her father began to project his voice through the closed door. “Jessie, do your laundry please. You know what Claire will say if she finds out you haven’t done it” he said in his good cop tone, trying to keep the peace.

Claire and Jessie didn’t always see eye to eye but right now Jessie was her only hope. Jessie shouted back “okay Dad! I’ll do it now!”. Satisfied, John went back downstairs. Jessie quickly wrapped up her phone conversation and stood up from her bed. Horrified, Claire began shouting for Jessie’s attention as Jessie peered around the room with her hands on her hips considering where to begin.

Walking towards the massive pile that Claire was perched on, Jessie began to step over it. Claire watched as the young girl’s short dress flared up as she took the large step, her thong covering her womanhood only barely and her ass swallowing the thin strip at the back as if she were wearing nothing at all.

Jessie’s first foot passed Claire without a hitch. Her second foot, however, caught the top of the pile and knocked Claire and some clothing flying off. Paying no mind to this, Jessie continued to the other end of the room and plucked up her laundry basket.

Claire was thrown from her mountain as the dirty laundry beneath her was kicked over. Flying through the air, she found herself draped in the dirty item as it flew. She hit the floor with a harsh thud and became completely cocooned by what she imagined to be her daughter’s underwear. The light essence of ass and vagina gave away what it was.

Disgusted, she used all her might to lift the fabric but found she was firmly pinned down. Little did Claire know that more items had fallen onto her, effectively trapping her.

Jessie made haste to pick up all her laundry, throwing each item into the basket. She picked up the pile of panties that contained Claire and threw them into the basket. Claire was struck by vertigo as she felt this, she tried her best to claw her way out of her panty prison but had no success. She hit the basket with a thump and was quickly struck by more clothing on top of her, the weight getting to an unbearable point.

Soon, Claire felt the lifting of the basket and then a light sway as Jessie walked towards the laundry room with the basket in her arms. Shortly after having been lifted, the basket was placed down and all went still for a moment.

Ruffling, clicking and thumping could be heard from outside of the basket as Claire struggled to escape. Feeling the weight lift off slightly, she quickly began to crawl towards the leg holes of the panties that encased her. Just before she made it, she felt the fingers of her step daughter close around her tightly, smearing her body against the ass section of the panties. Claire retched as her face was pinned against her step daughter’s filth.

Light shone into her panty prison as it was thrown into the laundry machine. She peered up to her step daughter pleadingly. However, Jessie paid no attention to the inside of the laundry machine. Why would she?

Climbing to the highest point of the clothing pile in the laundry machine, she began screaming and waving towards her step daughter. Jessie turned to face the machine and just as she peered towards Claire, she threw in another pair of underwear that hit her step mother and knocked her down out of sight. Winded and in pain, Claire began to climb back up. She looked longingly towards the door as it closed on her. She screamed out to her unaware daughter as she stood up away from the machine, her round ass peeking out from beneath her dress as she fully extended her legs to stand and then left the room. A whir could be heard from the machine, Claire began to weep. It began to spin.

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