Prudence The Teenage Witch by Frizzle

Witchcraft is the devils magic, especially when a teenager is involved. What happens when that particular witch, and her demented voracious friend, learn how to shrink a backstabbing ex-friend? Well... It gets a little messy.

(This story takes place in the kempverse, a universe I created in which Nick VS Highschool takes place, and thus you may find hidden easter eggs/recognize characters from other stories that also take place in the kempverse)


Graphic mental imagery may occur. This story has graphic and violent moments, and includes many aspects that some may consider repulsive. By clicking on the title of this story, you agree to read at your own risk.

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Episode 0 by Frizzle
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**(This story takes place in the kempverse, a universe I created in which Nick VS Highschool takes place, and thus you may find hidden easter eggs/recognize characters from other stories that also take place in the kempverse)**



“You were great,” the young man ran his fingers through Bri’s hair, as he stood just outside the front door of her parents home.


Bri smiled softly, butterflies in her heart, “you were great too,” Bri responded shyly, “I’m just a little nervous is all… So I hope you don’t mind me sending you off…”


“Nervous huh?” the young man laughed, “afraid that Prudence is gonna find out you slept with me?”


“Dillon, she is your girlfriend…” Bri said faintly, “don’t you feel… I don’t know… A little guilty?”


“Nah,” Dillon responded, “how could I feel guilty, when a more beautiful girl stands in front of me at this very moment?”


Bri blushed, easily wooed by Dillon’s simple compliments, “oh Dillon, why can’t you just leave her already and be with me fully?”


“It’s gotta be right,” Dillon smiled softly, caressing Bri’s cheek, “you know how Prudence can be, and I don’t want to mess up your friendship.”


“I guess…” Bri sighed softly.


“I’d best get going home, aren’t you going over to her house for a sleepover?” Dillon asked.


“Yeah, ‘Christmas Eve’ sleepover,” Bri answered, “she does one every year, and we exchange gifts with each other and stuff.”


Dillon smiled, “let me know what you get!”


“I will,” Bri smiled, “now get going! I’d best head to her house before it gets any darker.”


Dillon gave her a wink, before blowing her a kiss and heading down the porch steps. Bri watched as her secret lover vanished into the woodline not far away, taking the trail to return home. Bri turned just inside the house, grabbing the bag that she had already packed to prepare for the sleepover. She felt a little uneasy, knowing it would be awkward to be around Prudence and acting as if everything was alright.


It’s not like she treated Dillon very well anyways, and though she made a great friend to Bri, the young woman had heard stories that Prudence was far from a good girlfriend. Always needy and rude, as if her boyfriend was to meet her every need like some little bitch boy. These rumours had soured Bri’s opinion of her long time friend, but regardless she felt very ashamed of going behind her back and fucking her boyfriend. Bri couldn’t help herself, Dillon sure was the charmer.


Bri had headed out onto the roadway, walking towards Prudence’s house which was only a mile down the road. The sun was setting, and the woods all around began to cast shadows. Bri had walked this road many times to reach her friends home, even during the darkest of nights. She had lived on the outskirts of town for the entirety of her life, and even the creepiest of forests could not frighten her.


‘Just play it cool Bri,’ Bri thought to herself, ‘don’t act weird, and don’t give Prudence a reason to assume anything is wrong.’


Bri was very anxious, but not because the sky had begun to turn black. She was anxious because she knew that if Prudence ever found out that her boyfriend had cheated on her, especially with her best friend, that the angsty teen would unleash a torrent of hellfire upon her soul. Metaphorically speaking of course!


After a long walk, the athletic teen finally spotted Prudence’s house in the distance. It was a lovely home, nothing too shabby and just the right amount of homely. Bri crossed the small bridge that stretched out of the creek underneath, which separate the property from the main road. Bri followed the gravel trail up to the porch, and just as she approached the front door it flung open abruptly.


“Bri!” Shouted the voice of Prudence as the teen stormed out of the house and came face to face with her friend.


Bri was taken aback, unnerved at the sudden outburst, “uh… Yeah?”


Prudence crossed her arms, a scowl on her face, “you sure have balls showing up here!”


Bri was sweating nervously, “Prudence I can explain…” Bri was beginning to panic.


“You’d better start!” Prudence retorted, “because you’re late!”


Bri froze, suddenly confused as she stared into the eyes of her friend. Prudence’s scowl quickly faded, a snickering smile spreading across her lips, “you’re late, you’re never late!”


Bri let out a sigh of relief, “oh… Yeah sorry, I got sidetracked at home. Parents had me do some chores before I left.”


Prudence grabbed Bri’s hand and started dragging her into the house, “no worries, come on the others are already here!”


Bri was forcefully tugged into Prudence’s home, the door being closed behind them. Bri and Prudence entered the living room, where a warm fire was flickering. In the center of the room were seven white candles, a high school photo of Bri in the center along with a pin needle. Bri felt a chill of dread run down her spine, “oh Prudence… I thought we agreed to keep me out of this stuff…”


Sabrina was sitting with her legs crossed, a blonde haired teen with a slim face and figure. She smiled up at Bri, “hey! You arrived just in time for the good stuff!”


On the opposite side of Sabrina was Kylie, a teen with short hazel hair and full figured body. She waved at Bri anxiously, “hey, my name's Kylie, I’m new to the friend group.”


“Oh, well I’m Bri! Pleased to meet you,” Bri waved back timidly.


“Yeah, Kylie here got accepted into the group for some incredible news she gave me!” Prudence exclaimed, “she found evidence that my bitch boyfriend has been cheating on me! The maggot…”


Bri felt even more dreadful than she already had, trying to remain as composed as she could possibly be, “oh? Um… How’d she manage th-that?”


Prudence waved her hand, “blah, let’s not worry about it right now. I want to try out this new spell I recently learned first!”


“Oh, um… Alright then…” Bri was extremely anxious now, especially now that Prudence knew that Dillon was cheating on her. If she were to confront him, and he were to reveal who it was he was having sex with… Bri knew that all hell would break loose.


You see, there’s a very good reason why Bri was so nervous about Prudence learning the truth, because Prudence was in fact a witch. Though she had never done anything to harm any of her friends, Bri had seen what her wicked friend was capable of to those who did her dirty. She didn’t want to think about what Prudence would do to her once she found out she had been betrayed.


“So… What spell is this exactly?” Bri was looking at her school picture in the center of the unlit candles, a nervous sweat building up on her back.


“You’ll see,” Prudence exclaimed, “you’re going to love this one Bri! I know you hate my witch stuff and all… But I just had to show you this one!”


“Alrighty then…” Bri nervously sat down between Sabrina and Kylie, who both looked at her with a smile.


Sabrina found out about Prudence being a witch shortly after Bri had, both of whom took many weeks to get used to the idea of having a witch for a friend. Kylie was new to the group however, and Bri wasn’t sure how she could have found out about Prudence’s secret. Prudence was very secretive, so Kylie being here made Bri very queasy. Something wasn’t right, and with her picture being in the center of them all she had a feeling that something bad was probably going to happen.


Prudence sat down, completing the circle of friends around the candles, “join hands my sisters,” Prudence commanded.


Sabrina joined hands with Prudence, as did Kylie. Kylie and Sabrina both turned to face Bri, holding out their hands as they waited for hers. Bri gulped nervously, reaching out and conjoining hands with the two. Prudence smiled, closing her eyes. After a short moment, all seven candles lit themselves. Watching Prudence cast her magical spells had always made Bri uncomfortable, simply because she knew that Prudence could do something awful at any time. It wasn’t that she didn’t trust Prudence, more so the magic itself made her anxious.


Prudence opened her eyes, staring into the picture of Bri with an immense focus, “truth I seek… Tell me no lies.”


Bri’s hands began to quiver, at the words Prudence spoke. She was casting a truth spell, it was beginning to make sense to Bri. Had Prudence found out? Or perhaps she was suspicious already, and decided to cast the spell to find out for sure. It didn’t matter however, because Bri was absolutely guilty. She couldn’t act out of place though, and decided to remain calm and hope that the spell would fail…. If it even could.


“Questions answered… No secrets shall you hide…” Prudence finished the chant, and all seven candles abruptly burnt out.


“Prudence…” Bri called, though she hadn’t intended to. She felt a knot build up inside of her, as if it was working it’s way up her throat in an attempt to be free.


Prudence smirked devilishly, “something you’d like to say, Bri?”


“I… I…” Bri began to tear up a little, realizing it was too late, “I fucked Dillon…”


“Well then…” Prudence shook her head in disappointment, turning to face Kylie, “I guess you were telling me the truth Kylie… Guess I won’t have to wipe your memory after all. Welcome to our group!”


Kylie smiled, and nodded with approval, “glad to join you…”


Bri pulled her hands from Kylie and Sabrina’s grip, standing to her feet in a panic, “Prudence… I can explain…”


“Save it,” Prudence stood up, towering over her shorter friend, “you were my bestie from the start… So when Kylie here told me she saw Dillon all over some slut that matched your description, I couldn’t believe it!”


“Prude-” Bri was interrupted.


“It’s a shame… You were like a sister to me really,” Prudence shrugged her shoulders, “but I ain’t gonna let some slut get away with fucking my property!”


“Your… Your property!?” Bri couldn’t believe what she was hearing, and the way Prudence talked about Dillon unsettled her.


“Girls, hold the slut down,” Prudence commanded, Sabrina and Kylie immediately obeying her command.


“What!?” Bri stepped back in terror, “no way! Get away from me!”


Sabrina grabbed Bri’s left arm, and Kylie her right. They kneed her in the back of the legs, forcing her to her knees and keeping her from standing up. Bri was the shortest of the group, and simply wasn’t strong enough to get out of their grip. Prudence pulled a string from her pocket, an evil smile on her lips. She walked towards the coffee table, grabbing a pair of scissors that had been placed there for this moment. She cut the string into five portions, each portion roughly a foot long.


Bri wasn’t sure what she was going to do, her heart beating rapidly as she continued to try and break free of the two girls' grip on her arms. Prudence held all five portions of string in her palm, picking up one of the seven candles on the floor.


“Flame,” Prudence chanted, the candle lighting itself.


“Prudence… I’m sorry,” Bri apologized, tears streaming down her face, “don’t hurt me! Please don’t hurt me!”


Prudence ignored her old friends' pleas for mercy, taking a single string from her palm and holding it over the flame of the candle. The end of the string caught aflame, and immediately the entire string burnt up into ash between Prudence’s fingers, “Brianna Benson, you shall shrink by a foot more!”


Bri immediately felt her world become dizzy, a sudden jolt throughout her body causing her to nearly go into a seizure. Sabrina and Kylie lost their grip, backing away in fright from the sudden occurrence.


Prudence took another string, repeating the process as she burnt the next one, “Brianna Benson, you shall shrink by a foot more!”


Once again Bri felt a jolt, the world becoming seemingly larger before her very eyes. Her head was throbbing, and she was unable to move a single muscle as Prudence continued to cast her wicked spell.


Prudence burnt the third string in her palm, continuing her chant, “Brianna Benson, you shall shrink by a foot more!”


Sabrina and Kylie looked at one another, watching in amazement as Bri literally shrunk before them foot by foot. They envied Prudence’s power, but dared not cross her as Bri had. Prudence burnt the fourth piece of string, saying the chant yet again, “Brianna Benson, you shall shrink by a foot more!”


Bri was only five feet and one inch tall, and though her mind was spinning in circles she was able to understand what Prudence was doing. Prudence burnt the final string, repeating the chant for the final time to complete the spell, “Brianna Benson, you shall shrink by a foot more!”


Bri vanished within her clothing entirely, a mix of her jeans, shirt and undergarments piling on top of her. Sabrina and Kylie hovered from above, looking down at the pile of clothes for any movement. All was still however, as Prudence approached the pile of clothing and joined her two friends.


“Did… Did the spell kill her?” Sabrina murmured, still seeing no sign of movement.


“I doubt it,” Prudence scoffed.


Suddenly movement could be seen, as Bri began to move around her underwear. She was panicking, trying desperately to find a way out of her own clothes, of which were now a hundred times her size. She never imagined that Prudence had the ability to completely reduce her as a human being, and the thoughts of what Prudence would do to her at this size terrified her to the bone.


All of a sudden her clothes were lifted into the air, and Bri looked up in fright to see the swift hand of Sabrina as the blonde reached down and quickly snatched her up off the floor.


“She’s totally naked!” Sabrina pointed, laughing profusely as Bri began to cry.


“Well she is a slut,” Prudence retorted, “naked, as all sluts prefer!”


“So, what now?” Kylie asked, not entirely sure what came next for Bri.


Prudence smiled, turning her gaze towards the now one inch Bri. She held up a hand and hovered it from above, “Brianna is vulnerable, unsafe and unprotected. Now within my kind magic, protect them from others, from death, pain and collected.”


“Uhh,” Sabrina looked at Prudence in confusion, “what did you just do exactly?”


Prudence smiled wickedly, “just making sure that our little friend here doesn’t break too soon…”


Bri began squirming in Sabrina’s grip, “Prudence! Please!”


“Oh shut it,” Prudence shouted, “it was you who decided to fuck my boyfriend behind my back, now you’re going to deal with the consequences!”


Prudence bent down and brought her face only inches away from Bri, a wicked and unpleasant look in her eyes, “tis’ what happens… When you cross a witch!”


Bri remained silent, not wanting to anger Prudence any further. She knew not what the teen had in store for her, but she knew it couldn’t have been anything good. She had seen Prudence curse several other students over the course of their high school years, though nothing that was ultimately fatal. Most of the curses were very harsh however, but nothing like this. Bri wasn’t even sure if it was possible for her to regain her size, and wondered if Prudence had planned on keeping her this small forever.


“So then,” Prudence gave a toothy grin, “what shall we do... first?”


“Oh!” Sabrina’s face lit up, “can I eat her! She looks super delicious!”


Kylie gave Sabrina an odd look, “what the fuck… Hell no!”


“No one asked you!” Sabrina snapped.


“Besides, shouldn’t we make her suffer? What if we shoved her up Prudence’s ass!” Kylie snickered at the thought of little Bri squirming inside of Prudence’s bowels.


“And that’s any better than my idea?” Sabrina retorted.


“At least mine doesn’t involve murder you sick fuck!” Kylie shouted, “what are you!? Some kind of cannibal!?”


“How about I pile her in your big tits you stupid bitch!” Sabrina threatened, her grip on Bri tightening absentmindedly.


Bri was utterly terrified as Sabrina’s grip nearly choked her to death, as the two teens bickered over what her fate should be. When Sabrina had mentioned devouring her, it sent a chill down her spine. The two had known each other since sophomore year of high school, and for Sabrina to so casually discuss her doom made her feel as if their friendship had never meant a thing to the young blonde. Not to mention, that the idea of being jammed up Prudence’s asshole was equally terrifying for the now helpless cheating teen.


“Girls! Girls…” Prudence intervened, “they are all lovely ideas, but a process of elimination must take place!”


“A process of what?” Kylie and Sabrina both looked at Prudence in confusion.


Prudence grinned maniacally, “obviously devouring this little whore is a one time thing, and to be frank I don’t quite care what becomes of this little mouse. So why not save the ‘eating’ for last, and start with something less deadly?”


Kylie and Sabrina looked at one another, both equally disappointed at the thought of watching their opposite ideas being put in motion, but they decided to play along despite their difference of opinions.


“P-Please…” Bri murmured, finally speaking up again.


The three towering teens all looked down at her, their eyes gazing into their ex friends as they waited to see what she had to say. Bri gulped nervously, knowing this was probably the last time she'd have any of their attention before they began to have their way with her.


“Prudence… I know I fucked up… He just, Dillon hit on me so abruptly,” Bri explained, trying to reason with her closest friend, “I felt guilty the whole time, you have to know I never meant to hurt you! Please, have mercy on my soul!”


Prudence let out a long sigh, rubbing her temple as she tried to gather her thoughts. Finally she locked eyes with her now shrunken ex friend once more, “it’s the fact that you were my best friend Bri, my best fucking friend and you went behind my back and fucked my boyfriend. You knew me well toots… You knew that this would happen.”


“Prudence I…” Bri was cut off.


“Kylie, let’s make sure the spell of protection is working properly,” Prudence smiled over at Kylie, “why don’t you put that spell to the test… With those nicely plump breasts of yours?”


Kylie narrowed her eyes at Sabrina, knowing that it was the blondes threat earlier that gave Prudence this idea. Regardless she gave a toothy grin, her eyes setting on Bri in Sabrina’s grip. Sabrina handed the shrunken teenager to Kylie, as Kylie dangled Bri up in front of her eyes.


“You look terrified…” Kylie spoke softly, seeing the fear in Bri’s eyes.


“Please!” Bri pleaded, but Kylie hadn’t intended to indulge in conversation.


Kylie abruptly let go of Bri, and the frightened young teen found herself plummeting downwards. She tilted her head first as she descended, her vision able to identify where exactly she would be landing. She had a full range view of Kylie’s absolutely and absurdly sized boobs. Even if she were not shrunk, this young teen certainly had an incredible set of honkers. She landed head first into Kylie’s cleavage, her waist up completely engulfed by soft flesh all around.


“Wow, that was hilarious!” Sabrina couldn’t help but crack up laughing, amused at how pathetic her old friend now was, “so small and pathetic, she’d probably pop under my heel if I applied enough pressure…”


“Meh, let’s stick with the ideas we’ve brainstormed already,” Prudence interjected, “besides, I’d rather not clean up a bloody mess on my floor, despite how small it may be…”


“Fair enough,” Sabrina nodded, dropping the idea altogether.


Kylie had a huge grin on her face, as she placed her hands on each of her breasts and began to jiggle them softly. Her tits created rippling waves in her flesh, waves of which drew Bri deeper between them. Bri was squirming around frantically, not at all amused with the act that was taking place. She hardly even knew this student, and being smothered between her tits was more than uncomfortable.


Bri found her entire body sliding all the way between Kylie’s boobs, the giant teen continuing to jiggle her breasts in an effort to torment the shrunken girl. Bri kicked, clawed and bit wherever she could, but at her size it seemed to all be in vain as the goddess sized teenager seemed to be immune to whatever assaults Bri could muster.


“Is she putting up a fight?” Prudence asked, no longer able to see her old friend after she sank between Kylie’s tits.


“Oh yeah,” Kylie said with satisfaction, “her fruitless efforts to stop me is very satisfying.”


“Good,” Prudence stated, “now time to test the spell… Why not apply some pressure?”


Kylie looked up at Prudence, halting the jiggling motion of her tits as she did so. A wide smile spread across her lips, “with pleasure.”


Her hands began to compress her tits together from opposite sides, as she looked back down towards her cleavage. Bri could feel the flesh surrounding her begin to press against her more firmly, her panicked flailing still showing no noticeable results. Kylie pressed harder now, applying more pressure in a slow manner in order to harvest more terror from her shrunken plaything. She had turned out to enjoy this a bit more than she had anticipated, a feeling of pure and total dominance building up inside of her. There was nothing Bri could do, and Kylie had all of the power. It was a wonderful feeling, or at least for Kylie it was.


Bri had found it increasingly difficult to breathe, Kylie’s plump breasts crushing her between them. But for whatever odd reason, she felt no pain. Her bones would not break, and her lungs would not be deprived of oxygen. It was an odd sensation, because as Kylie pressed her tits together with immense force, Bri knew that some harm should have been inflicted upon her. Whatever spell Prudence had casted on her, it appeared to be working. Though it likely meant even worse acts upon the helpless teen, she felt relieved in the sense that she at least wouldn’t feel any pain, or worse… Be killed.


“She’s still moving,” Kylie announced, “I don’t think I’m doing any real damage to her.”


“With that kind of pressure… You would think you’d at least hear a bone break or something,” Sabrina muttered, impressed at how well Prudence’s spell seemed to perform.


“Perfect,” Prudence stated, “then I suppose it’s time for a trip… Up my ass.”


Kylie smiled wickedly, glad to know that she’d get to watch Bri squirm like a pathetic insect as Prudence shoved her inside of her bowels, “can’t wait…”


Sabrina showed a look of disgust, “ew, I don’t want to eat her after that.”


“Don’t fret Sabrina,” Prudence smiled at her, “there truly is a spell for every occasion.”


“Alright…” Sabrina decided to put her trust in Prudence, as the vengeful teen turned to face Kylie.


“Shall you do the honors?” Prudence asked with a devious grin.


“I shall…” Kylie smiled wickedly, plunging her fingers into her cleavage to retrieve the shrunken teen trapped inside.


Prudence turned around, gripping the waist of her pants as she swayed her hip back and forth, working her pants off slowly. Kylie plucked Bri into the open, the sobbing teen squirming relentlessly before spotting Prudence before her.


“Let me go!” Bri shouted, not wanting to endure whatever else these twisted peers of hers had in mind.


“I have to admit,” Prudence spoke, kicking her pants to the side before reaching for the strap of her undies, “I really did think of you as a close friend…”


Prudence began to slip her silk underwear off, her thick ass cheeks being exposed in all their glory, “to learn that you betrayed me, by screwing my own boyfriend… It really hit me where it hurts.”


“Prudence…” Bri’s voice cracked, “please… Show some mercy.”


Prudence slipped her feet out of her underpants, tossing them to the side as she slid her hands around and slid her palms across her perfect ass cheeks, “you know me Bri… I’ve never shown anyone mercy.”


Bri’s eyes were red from tears, her sobbing endless because she knew what Prudence said was the truth. Deep down she knew she was fucked the second Prudence had shrunk her, but she had to at least try and reason with her didn’t she? Bri couldn’t accept the fact that she had fucked up big time, fucking Prudence’s boyfriend. Now she was facing the consequences, and though she hoped desperately to survive this ordeal she knew deep down that probably wasn’t going to happen.


Prudence slowly got on her knees, leaning forward and using her hands to spread her ass cheeks wide open. Her wrinkled ass hole now stared Bri in the face, and Bri couldn’t help but gulp loudly and anxiously. Kylie approached Prudence, also getting on her knees as she brought the shrunken teen closer to Prudence’s glory hole. Bri began to writhe even more, violently. Kylie was far stronger than her however, and her efforts to escape were all fruitless and pathetic.


“You can make it up to me though Bri,” Prudence said sarcastically, “maybe feeling you worm your way through my bowels will cause me to empathize with you, I mean… My boyfriend is pretty hot. I don’t blame you for fucking him behind my back to be honest.”


“Prudence!?” Bri was brought face to face with Prudence’s titanic ass hole, as Kylie held her just in front of it.


“Well?” Prudence shouted impatiently, “what are you waiting for Kylie? Shove the little slut in already!”


“With pleasure,” Kylie grinned evilly, positioning Bri head first before slowly pushing her against the puckered anus.


Bri quickly brought her hands up, trying to prevent the inevitable. Her hands sunk into the disgustingly soft flesh of Prudence’s butt hole, an attempt to stop herself from being pushed inside. Kylie grew nervous, trying to get Bri shoved inside but not wanting to harm her either.


“What is taking so long!?” Prudence snapped, “do I have to shrink you too!?”


“I… She is putting up a fight…” Kylie was growing nervous, Prudence’s threat slightly unnerving her spirit.


“She’s unbreakable, I made sure of it,” Prudence mocked, “so just ram her inside already will you!?”


Kylie gulped, nodding obediently. She had just become a part of the group, replacing Bri. She didn’t want to screw it up so quickly. With a firm grip, she positioned her middle finger behind Bri’s feet. With a swift motion, her finger shoved the distraught teen completely inside of Prudence’s asshole, Bri’s finger going as deep as it could to make sure Bri wouldn’t slide right back out.


“Ohhh,” Prudence bit her lip, not expecting Kylie to practically finger her asshole, “fuck yes…”


Kylie smiled, “did you like that Prudence?”


“Of course she did,” Sabrina snapped, “are you blind?”


Kylie glared at her, “I didn’t ask you…”


“You’re only here because of your usefulness and your knowledge…” Sabrina hissed, “you haven’t earned my respect yet, so do us all a favor and shut your pie hole!”


Kylie slid her finger out of Prudence, her jaw dropping at Sabrina’s blunt statement, “why I oughta…”


“Enough!” Prudence shouted, licking her lips as she stood upright. Her cheeks clenched shut, Bri trapped deep inside of her. She gave her ass a good patting, “Bri is where she belongs, I’ll let her out later when I feel that her punishment has been sufficient.”


“Don’t I get to eat her!?” Sabrina crossed her arms in a pout.


“I’m sorry Sabrina, but everything I said in Bri’s presence was a facade,” Prudence informed, “I have every intention of forgiving her. She’s young and horny, and she’s also been my friend longer than you.”


“But…” Sabrina was genuinely disappointed.


“Do not worry, you’ll have your fill still,” Prudence smiled, placing a hand on Kylie’s shoulder.


“I will?” Sabrina seemed confused, “are you going to shrink Dillon?”


“I will in time…” Prudence smiled maliciously, “but he’s not the one who’ll be digesting in that cute little stomach of yours.”


“Then… Who?” Sabrina was totally lost.


Prudence turned her attention back to Kylie, “Reformidant te!”


Sabrina’s eyes widened in shock, watching as Kylie vanished before her very eyes. The teens clothes simply fell to the floor in a heap, the girl behind them gone entirely.


“Prudence!?” Sabrina held a hand up to her mouth, “what’d you do?”


“You are familiar with copy and paste?” Prudence asked, looking over at Sabrina.


“Uh… Yeah?” Sabrina wasn’t sure how that had anything to do with what happened.


“Think of the same as the spell I cast on Bri,” Prudence explained, “I simply recast the spell, without having to go through the entire ritual again.”


“You… You shrunk Kylie?” Sabrina was greatly confused now.


Prudence kicked Kylie’s clothes to the side, revealing a naked and terrified teen beneath them. Kylie looked up at the towering girls above her, shaking with fear and confusion.


“Prudence!? Why!?” Kylie shouted, tears dripping down her cheeks.


Prudence bent down, plucking Kylie off the floor and holding her before her eyes, “I thank you for revealing my boyfriends cheating ass, but I’m not very trusting and I simply cannot have you running around telling people about my secret.”


“I would never!” Kylie contested, “I can be a part of your group! I swear!”


“You were going to be,” Prudence explained, “but Sabrina doesn’t seem to like you very much, and I value her feelings far more than I value yours.”


Kylie turned to face Sabrina, a feeling of dread washing over her. Sabrina met her gaze, a playful smile spreading across the blondes lips, “so then… I get to have a little snack after all…”


“Just make it quick, I don’t want to hear her pleading any longer than I have too,” Prudence instructed, handing Kylie over to Sabrina.


“No!” Kylie was sobbing now, beginning to empathize with Bri a little more now that she was in her predicament.


Sabrina held Kylie up to her plush red lips, her teeth showing as she grinned with satisfaction. Her thick pink tongue slid out and crossed from one end of her lips to the other to express her hunger. Kylie held her hands up in a pleading manner.


“Sabrina please!” Kylie begged, “don’t eat me! I’ll be your toy, I can serve you! I’ll do anything please don’t eat me!”


Sabrina paused for a moment, holding a finger up to her chin in thought, “hmmm… That actually doesn’t sound half bad…”


Kylie saw that her words were having some sway, “yes! I can worship you! I can please you! I can be useful I swear!”


Sabrina cracked up laughing, “useful, yeah right!” Sabrina began to lift Kylie overhead, “why would I want a little cunt like you worshipping me at all? I think I’d rather just gobble you up.”


“Nooooo!” Kylie screamed in terror, as Sabrina’s fingers let go of her. She plummeted towards Sabrina’s mouth, as it opened wide to accept it’s tiny little morsel.


Prudence glanced for a moment, watching as Kylie vanished between Sabrina’s precious lips. A smile crept on her face, as she simultaneously felt the pathetic squirming of Bri inside of her ass. She massaged her ass cheek a little, facing away from Sabrina as she reached down to pick up her panties and put them back on.


Kylie landed on Sabrina’s giant tongue, a thick glob of saliva gushing between her fingers and toes. Kylie choked with disgust, trying to stand to her feet only to find herself slipping on her back over and over on the slippery surface. It was hot and moist inside of Sabrina’s mouth, and there was a strong scent of grease as if Sabrina had eaten one too many cheeseburgers sometime in the day.


“Sabrina!?” Kylie screamed, but Sabrina wasn’t listening.


“Mmmmm,” Sabrina moaned, using her tongue to force Kylie onto her back yet again.


Kylie felt her body forced flat upon Sabrina’s tongue, as the tip pounded the shrunken morsel in the gut. Kylie wrestled with the member, but Sabrina’s tongue was far more powerful. Sabrina violated Kylie sexually, as if to taunt her before swallowing her whole. She began to lick and rub the tip of her tongue against Kylie’s snatch, forcing her will upon her little snack to break her mentally before finishing her off.


“Get off of me!” Kylie shouted in anger, feeling violated as Sabrina used her tongue to lick her vagina.


Saliva was starting to fill Sabrina’s mouth, her salivary glands going into overdrive due to Sabrina’s tasteful satisfaction. Kylie quickly found herself waist deep in saliva now, all while Sabrina continued to slide her tongue all over her body. Kylie sobbed, trying to fight it off but finding it impossible. She began to regret ever coming forth to Prudence, and learning of her secret at all. She shouldn’t have gotten on Sabrina’s bad side, she should have known that Prudence would side with her in a heartbeat. It was too late for regrets though, her fate was sealed.


“Mmmm,” Sabrina began to slosh Kylie around her mouth, coating her body in the mass of saliva that had filled her mouth.


Prudence had just finished pulling her jeans up, still feeling Bri’s pathetic struggles inside of her bowels. She bit her lip with pleasure, enjoying every moment of it. She’d probably leave her there all night, and let her out in the morning after she had an acceptable amount of time to think about her actions. Prudence decided she’d give Bri a single pass, punishing her and hoping that her friend wouldn’t make such a grave mistake twice. With their history, it just felt wrong not to at least allow Bri to live, givin she was willing to atone for her sins.


Prudence looked over Sabrina with a smile, “enjoying yourself?”


Sabrina paused what she was doing, smiling at Prudence before tilting her head back and swallowing the mass of saliva whole in one gulp, along with the screaming and kicking Kylie who put up a fight the entire way down Sabrina’s throat. Sabrina wiped her lips, before winking at Prudence.


“Hell yeah I did! Honestly I’m happy it was Kylie over Bri, I really didn’t like that bitch,” Sabrina said.


“I thought you would be,” Prudence placed a hand on Sabrina’s cheek, “I’ve had a change of heart…. I think I will have you dispose of Dillon for me. Watching you swallow Kylie was kind of amusing, I think it’s fitting for a cheating boyfriend.”


Sabrina jumped up and down with joy, “oh boy! When!?”


“Why don’t we pay him a visit tonight?” Prudence suggested, “I was going to wait… But it's Christmas Eve, and I want my gift a little early this year!”


The two devious teens shared maniacal laughter, gathering their things as they prepared to give Dillon a visit. They cared not for the two shrunken peers who suffered differently from one another. Though Bri was trapped in the slimy and mucus covered bowels of Prudence, she would at least be allowed to live by morning. Kylie however… She had unfortunately not been as lucky.


The young teen had reached the end of Sabrina’s esophagus, the muscles working her through the sphincter that sent Kylie plummeting into the murky depths of the blondes stomach. She found herself submerged beneath acid and bile, a mixture of digested food that was no longer recognizable. Kylie broke the surface, gasping for air but only filling her lungs with a burning and vile draft that was encircling the inside of Sabrina’s gut.


“Help me!” Kylie screamed tragically, “I don’t want to die in here! Please! Sabrina, Prudence! Don’t let me die in here!”


Kylie kicked and fought to stay afloat, but the burning acids were very potent and already working to break down the tiny and weak teen. Unlike Bri, Prudence had not cast a protection spell on her. She was very much vulnerable, and was very much going to die inside of the cute little blonde who had devoured the busty teenager. Kylie’s tears were all but evaporated by the heat, her body sinking slowly into the slurry of digestive food and other particles, her body beginning to bleed as open sores began to cover her all over.


“Sab-rina…”  Kylie’s voice began to break down, her body getting caught up in a pile of digested hamburger meat that was currently in the process of being slurped into the sphincter that led to Sabrina’s small intestine. Kylie’s struggles became weaker and weaker, the acid taking its toll on her small and insignificant body.


“P-please…” Kylie’s voice began to fade, the digested meat pushing her along with it as her feet began to slip through the sphincter, “I… D-don’t want… T-to die…”


Those were Kylie’s final words, as her body was sucked into Sabrina’s small intestine along with a chunk of digested meat and other particles. Her breath was cut short, her body engulfed by digested material as Sabrina’s small intestine began to coat the digested food with digestive enzymes. Kylie’s body was coated along with it all, her body breaking down along with the rest of the mush as Sabrina’s body absorbed the shrunken teens nutrients, which would be stored for later use to fuel Sabrina’s perfect body.


After a short while, Kylie’s body was nothing more than the remnants that Sabrina’s body did not need. Her remains would be discarded with the rest of the unwanted matter, to later be excreted from Sabrina’s bowels when the process of digestion came to an end.


Twas a cruel fate to suffer the night before Christmas, a fate that would not only befall poor Kylie... 

… Dillon had better prepare himself.



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Episode 1 by Frizzle
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4) Quick Foot Scene w/Foot Grinding




Hello. My name is Benjamin Bentham, and for as long as I have been a mature adult of this cruel and dark world I have been known as a witch hunter. It is my sacred duty to seek and document the twisted and maniacal acts of witches across the world, as they cause havoc and misery wherever they prowl. Throughout my entire life however, there has never been a witch more unforgiving, ruthless and cruel than Prudence.


Prudence is a merciless and prudish brat, a young witch who has been responsible for nearly hundreds of mysterious disappearances based on what I have uncovered. Though I have never managed to catch her and end her life, I have found witnesses and evidence from several sources to put together an entire journal detailing the iniquities of this most deadly and formidal villain. The foremost event I have been able to document, starts with a tale of betrayal and due punishment. Vengeance, in its most cruel form.


All around Bri was met with the sickening touch of Prudence’s inner bowels. For hours the poor young teenager had been trapped, her body coated in a slimy and grotesque mucus of which caused her to hurl many times. After being forced inside of her once best friend, she could make out the blood curdling cries of Kylie, the girl who had informed Prudence of Dillon’s sexual escapades with his beloved's best friend.


Bri knew not the fate that Kylie had endured, nor why Prudence would have any reason to turn on the young teenager at all. But little did Bri know that Kylie was no longer among the living. Her body was most certainly digesting inside of Sabrina’s small intestines by now, her remains lifeless and her bones likely exposed after the flesh had mostly been digested. Sabrina of course showed no remorse, but instead a great pleasure as she patted her belly sensually while simultaneously receiving an erotic sensation in her nether regions.


“Oh man…” Sabrina moaned, biting her lip as she thought of Kylie’s fate within her slim body, “I almost wish I could throw her up and eat her all over again…”


“Gross…” Prudence looked behind her, giving Sabrina a look that showed how utterly disgusting she thought it was that Sabrina would do anything of the sort, “I can’t believe how much you enjoyed that. Do you not at all feel guilty for devouring a human life?”


“Nah,” Sabrina giggled mischievously, “honestly it was super sexy. If I had known how hot it was going to be I might have just fingered myse-”


“Too much info,” Prudence interrupted, returning her focus to that ahead of her as she led the way down the sidewalk. The two were heading to Dillon’s house, the boyfriend that had sexual relations with Bri behind Prudence’s back. She was not happy to learn that the teenage boy she showed interest in was having sex with her best friend. It enraged her to no end, though Prudence was not the kind of person to let those kinds of emotion show.


Prudence was excellent at remaining composed, no matter the situation. For instance, despite the fact she wanted to pull Bri from her bowels and snap the girls neck, she refrained from doing so because she knew that Bri at least deserved a second chance. Prudence had known Bri much longer than anyone else, and Bri had known about Prudence’s supernatural life longer than anyone. For this reason alone, Prudence felt that slight mercy was due. Not without penance of course…


“Ugh,” Sabrina groaned, “are we almost there yet?”


“You are surely an impatient little broad aren’t you?” Prudence rolled her eyes, “yes… We are almost there.”


Sabrina grinned as her body began to bob up and down, “and I get to eat him right!?”


“Of course not,” Prudence snapped, “he is most certainly mine to deal with!”


Sabrina pouted, “awww, but what better way to suffer for your transgressions than to end up in this,” Sabrina patted her gut with both hands teasingly, showing just how badly she wanted another soul to end up inside it.


“Transgressions? I’m surprised you even know what that means to be honest,” Prudence mocked.


“Hey! I may be blonde but I’m not stupid!” Sabrina spat, “sheesh, someone is really grumpy tonight aren’t they?”


“Shush,” Prudence held a finger to her lips, “we’re here.”


Sabrina watched as Prudence faced the house to their left, and Sabrina turned to follow her friends gaze. Dillon’s home was a cozy one, though the yellow paint most certainly would avert the eyes of any who gazed at it. Otherwise the house was immaculate, and well cared for by its owners. Owners of which happened to be Dillon’s parents, and to Prudence’s dismay his parents' cars were parked in the driveway.


“I thought you said they wouldn’t be home?” Sabrina questioned, frowning in disappointment.


“Dillon told me they were out of town,” Prudence answered, “but it doesn’t matter. Dillon brought this upon himself… And if his parents are home, well… Sucks to be them.”


Sabrina faced Prudence with wide eyes, “you don’t mean…”


“Damn straight,” Prudence grinned wickedly, “guess I’ll have to shrink all of them…”


As Sabrina and Prudence approached the house, Dillon was inside the living room watching television. His mother, Donna, and his father, Dan, were in the kitchen drinking wine and laughing as they shared stories regarding their week. I wish I had the information available to divulge precisely what was discussed between the two before their final moments, but unfortunately it was simply impossible to obtain. Needless to say, as the doorbell rang and the chime echoed throughout the house, Donna and Dan were both on their way to answer the front door.


The door swung wide open, as Donna and Dan looked out into the cold and dark winter night. Two young teenagers stood on their front porch, innocent smiles spread across their lips. Donna smiled back at them, “Prudence! We weren’t expecting to see you tonight. Dillon told us you were having a Christmas Eve sleepover?”


“We were,” Sabrina’s smile turned into a grin, and Donna couldn’t help but feel a bit taken aback by it.


“Alright… Well is everything ok?” Donna asked, not entirely sure why the teens were at her doorstep.


“I do apologize,” Prudence spoke, “unfortunately the sins of your son have come back to haunt you all,” Prudence held up her hand, and with the snap of a finger she cast a copy of the spell she had already performed on Bri. In an instant Donna and Dan found themselves in a whole new world, dazed and confused as they looked around their surroundings.


“Sweety!?” Dan was freaking out, “what… What happened!?”


“I… I don't know-” Donna cut herself short, her gaze peering upwards very slowly as the realization of what happened began to take fold. Before her very eyes, were the now gargantuan titan figures of Prudence and Sabrina. Her body froze, her mind unable to comprehend the reality of this newfound situation. Prudence and Sabrina peered down at Dillon’s now shrunken parents. Prudence gave a sigh of satisfaction as she stepped over the frantic married couple, her focus mostly on finding Dillon.


“Grab them,” Prudence ordered Sabrina, “and for the love of God keep them out of your mouth will you?”


“Oh come on!” Sabrina pouted, quickly swiping the two shrunken victims off of the floor and clutching them tightly in her closed fist as she hurried to catch up with Prudence.


Dillon had heard the strange commotion and stood up from the sofa to see what was going on. He was quickly met with the figure of Prudence, Sabrina walking up just behind her, “Prudence? What are you doing here?” Dillon asked, looking behind the two teenage girls to see where his parents were, “and where are my parents!?”


“Oh, they’re close by…” Prudence’s smile turned into a frown, “but we can worry about them in a moment. For now… I want answers.”


Dillon approached Prudence with a look of confusion, “babe, I don’t understand?”


“Don’t lie to me!” Prudence stepped back in anger, holding a hand up to stop Dillon in his tracks, “Kylie saw you and Bri screwing around! She blew the whistle on your cheating ass!”


Dillon felt a cold sweat cross his forehead, “oh yeah!? Well she’s a… A liar!”


Prudence rolled her eyes, “really Dillon? You don’t think I went to Bri first to learn the truth?”


Dillon crossed his arms, trying to keep up the facade of his innocence, “where even is Kylie? Not brave enough to be here herself? I mean… If what she says is true then why wouldn’t she come here personally to prove her lie?”


A loud burp echoed throughout the house, Prudence and Dillon both turning to face a smiling Sabrina. Sabrina bit her lip, looking into Dillon’s eyes deviously, “Kylie is a bit busy at the moment… Or she was,” Sabrina patted her belly with satisfaction, moaning as she did so.


I feel that now would be an appropriate time to reveal that Dillon indeed knew Prudence’s secret. He had known shortly after they began dating, as Prudence usually liked to cast spells upon her mates for more sexual purposes. And because Dillon knew Prudence's secret, it was as he looked in horror at Sabrina’s flat and groaning stomach that a dread began to wash over him. Of course he doubted whether or not it was possible, though with Prudence he knew not to underestimate her abilities.


“What did you…” Dillon found himself unable to finish that sentence.


“She knew my secret and I didn’t trust her,” Prudence stated boldly, “so I had Sabrina… Take care of her.”


Dillon began to back up, thoughts of Bri beginning to course through his mind, “Bri… Is she..?”


“I wish!” Sabrina blurted, “I wanted to gobble her up sooo bad… Mmph!”


“My God… You’re insane!” Dillon turned around and attempted to run, realizing that sticking around would literally mean the end for him. Prudence simply rolled her eyes, quickly snapping her fingers and shrinking Dillon down to barely an inch tall just like his parents.


“What the..!?” Dillon was immediately chest deep in the carpet of his house, looking his body over along with his hands as he realized how screwed he was. He turned around, his eyes slowly tracing up the body of his now giantess ex girlfriend. Prudence smiled wickedly, crossing her arms as a satisfaction of justice filled her up on the inside.


“Never cross a witch…” Prudence soothed, “you wanted to know what happened to Bri? Why don’t I show you?”


Prudence bent over and quickly snatched the struggling Dillon off the carpet floor. She nonchalantly tossed him onto the coffee table, Dillon finding the impact incredibly painful as a few of his ribs cracked upon landing. He heaved in pain, hurling over onto his side as he clutched his chest.


Prudence ignored him, sliding her pants off along with her laced panties as she kicked them aside. She pulled her shirt off and undid her bra, piling them with the rest of her clothing as she bobbed her breasts in her hands. She turned to face Sabrina, “set his parents on the coffee table.”


“But…” Sabrina pouted, as she was hoping that Prudence would let her have her way with them.


“Just fucking do it!” Prudence snapped, impatient with Sabrina’s childish behavior.


“Fine…” Sabrina hovered her closed fist above the table, releasing the parents as they fell and joined their son on the cold hard surface.


“D-Dillon!?” Donna looked at her son with an expression of terror, “what the hell is going on!?”


“Silence!” Prudence shouted, simultaneously waving her hand over the parents and taking away their voices.


Donna and Dan both tried to speak, clutching at their throats as they found every attempt to be excruciating. Dillon watched his parents suffer to speak in horror, before looking up at Prudence in a rage, “what are you doing!?”


“Getting my revenge… Is it not obvious?” Prudence mocked.


“Let my parents go!” Dillon demanded, “they have nothing to do with this Prudence!”


“They gave birth to a loser like you… So, no. I think I’ll keep them right there,” Prudence retorted.


“Now then, I believe I was about to show you where Bri was?” Prudence gave an evil grin, swinging her ass around to face Dillon head on. Dillon couldn’t help but take a step back instinctively, the bubbly and colossal ass of Prudence making him uneasy. All she had to do was sit on him, and he’d probably be crushed to a bloody pulp under her ass cheeks. The thought of it only made him even more anxious, afraid of the power she now held over him.


“She’s been struggling for so long now,” Prudence soothed, “I think it’s time to let her out…”


Prudence licked her lips, taking her hands and placing them on each of her ass cheeks. She spread them apart agonizingly slow, taunting Dillon with suspense before her wrinkled asshole showed itself. Prudence began to moan and groan, as she squeezed the muscles of her buttox just a little before quickly feeling the diminutive teen inside starting to squeeze through her bowels.


“Oh fuck,” Prudence moaned, “feels soooo fucking good.”


Dillon was horrified, starting to understand what was happening, “Prudence… Don’t tell me Bri is…”


Before he could answer, Prudence grunted sensually as a tiny head popped out of her asshole. Bri had finally emerged, taking in a breath of fresh air for the first time in what felt like an eternity. Slowly the rest of her body was squeezed out of Prudence’s asshole, as the teenage witch squeezed her tiny victim from her bowels. Bri found herself falling a short distance, but not for long before she was caught as Prudence hovered her hand just below her anus.


“Bri!?” Dillon was horrified, unable to fathom what it must have felt like to be in such a foul and disgusting place. How Prudence could do such a thing to her best friend was beyond him, and he couldn’t help but shed tears as he looked at the frail and weak teen.


Prudence raised Bri onto the coffee table, dumping her mercilessly with the rest of the shrunken victims. The poor girl was covered in sweat, mucus and what seemed to be remnants of fecal matter. Bri slowly sat up, crying profusely at the traumatic experience she had suffered. Dillon wanted to embrace her, and let her know that everything would be alright. Of course such a thing would be silly, because both he and Bri knew that nothing was going to be ‘alright’ at all.


Prudence leaned close towards Bri, her eyes piercing the girl's soul as she brought her lips threateningly close to the sobbing teen, “Bri…”


Bri slowly looked up at Prudence, terror in her expression, “y-yes..?”


“I’m going to have some fun now my darling,” Prudence smiled wickedly, “do me a favor and keep your mouth shut. If you say so much as a word…” Prudence turned to look at Sabrina, her eyes gazing at the blondes stomach before turning to face Bri once again, “you’ll be joining Kylie in Sabrina’s gut over there… Got it?”


Suddenly Bri understood what had happened to Kylie now, her eyes slowly turning to look at the innocent looking Sabrina who gave a wink in Bri’s direction. Sabrina began to rub her stomach, sliding her free hand over her crotch as if to taunt the poor girl. Bri quickly looked away, sick to the stomach and disgusted at the thought of Sabrina devouring a human life. Bri turned to look at Prudence, a look of absolute dread in her eyes.


“... G-Got it…” Bri murmured.


“Good,” Prudence stood upright again, towering above all her shrunken victims menacingly. She turned to face Dillon again, “well Dillon... You’d best say goodbye to your parents.”


Dillon gulped, turning to face his mother and father who were still cursed and unable to speak. They looked at him in confusion, tears streaming down their eyes as the uncertainty of their fates lingered within their minds.


“Mom… Dad…” Dillon fought to keep his tears at bay, “I’m… I’m sorry-”


“Too slow,” Prudence interrupted, cruelly snatching Dillon off the table in one foul swoop before bending her assbackwards and letting it collide into the sofa. Dillon squirmed and struggled, infuriated at how heartless Prudence was being. Sure, he had cheated on her with her own best friend… But this kind of response felt more than over the top in his mind.


“Prudence!” Dillon shouted, “you’re going to pay for this!”


Prudence pursed her lips, holding a finger up to her chin in sarcastic thought for a short moment, “hmmm… No, I’m pretty sure you’re going to pay…”


Immediately Prudence spread her legs wide open, hovering Dillon between them and giving him a now open view of her exposed vagina. It was trimmed to perfection, and despite Dillon’s more than unsavory circumstances, he couldn’t help but get aroused just by looking at it. It was already moist, as if Prudence had been getting wet by the entire situation she had started. It made Dillon uneasy, and he knew that whatever was about to happen would likely lead to the end of his life. It’s as Prudence had told him… You never cross a witch.


Donna was merely in tears, Dan infuriated as he tried desperately to speak. The two were simply unable to, instead resorting to menacing hand gestures. But Donna and Dan both weren’t sure if they had the will to watch what Prudence was about to do to their only son, and found themselves looking away in horror. It didn’t last long, as fingers gripped each of their heads violently and forced them to look back at Prudence with Dillon in her grasp. It was Sabrina, forcing the married couple to watch what was about to happen.


“You don’t wanna miss the fun now do yuh?” Sabrina snickered, enjoying their struggles as they tried to free themselves from the grip of her fingers.


Prudence bit her lip, lowering Dillong towards her nether region. Bri held her hands to her mouth in horror, trying desperately to keep her mouth shut after the threat Prudence had given her. Though she wanted to beg Prudence to spare Dillon, she most certainly wanted to live. Was she really going to risk ending up in Sabrina’s belly, and join the misfortuned soul of Kylie? She certainly did not want that, but her heart was torn.


“Any last words before you fuck me for the final time?” Prudence asked Dillon, smirking down at him as she brought him dangerously close to her snatch.


“Screw you…” Dillon spat, remaining confident.


“That’s the plan…” Prudence retorted, quickly forcing Dillon’s diminutive body against the sweet tender lips of her moist vagina.


“Oof,” Dillon grunted, his body pressed firmly against his ex girlfriends most sensitive part. Her folded lips parted slightly to allow Dillon’s body to slide between them, as Prudence’s grip on his body remained firm. Dillon felt her juices begin to coat his body, dripping down his back along with other parts of his body.


Prudence’s moans were quiet, but also not entirely subtle. She slid Dillon up and down sensually between her folds, his body sliding between the lips with ease since he was practically lubricated in her orgasmic fluids. It certainly did not take away from the immediate sensation that Prudence felt, as she slowly and erotically rubbed her cheating ex up and across her vagina. As the anticipation of what to come began to build up inside of her, she started to crave more.


Dillon felt Prudence drag him upwards through her dripping wet folds, as she brought him closer to her soft pink clit. It was swollen from the sexual tensity, and sensitive to the touch. Prudence dragged her ex towards it, Dillons head being forced face first into the colossal clit.


“Mmph!” Dillon grunted, unable to breathe as Prudence forced his face into the soft and sticky surface.


“Fuck…” Prudence bit her lip and tilted her head back in ecstacy, even the slightest touch against her clit bringing her an erotic sensation of proportions she never thought fathomable.


Donna merely cried in horror, unable to turn away from the horrific sight as Sabrina forced her head straight. Dan shook with anger, wishing he was his normal size again so he could teach this wretched teen a lesson for the unspeakable act she was committing upon his own son. Sabrina merely grinned wickedly, a sick satisfaction welling up inside of her as she forced Dillon’s parents to watch the entire act. Bri merely fell to her knees, burying her face in her palms as she sobbed profusely. She wanted to cry out, but the fear of becoming Sabrina’s little snack terrified her far too much, and thus she cried solemnly.


Prudence began to rub Dillon viciously against her clit, providing a continuous loop of incredible pleasure as Prudence felt herself dripping with juices. She had now bitten her lip so hard, she actually began to draw a little blood. Dillon was out of breath, his face repeatedly forced into the swollen clit and unable to properly breathe. If he thought this was the worst of it however, he was sorely mistaken.


“Ugh,” Prudence moaned loudly, “I can’t take it anymore… I-I need you… Inside of me…”


Very abruptly Dillon found himself pulled away from Prudence’s clit, able to take in a deep breath of fresh air. Unfortunately it was short lived, as Prudence's free hand crept over the horizon of her cunt. Her two fingers slid down, pressing firmly into the lips of her pussy as they slowly parted them. Her vaginal orifice was revealed, a pink and wet cavern that Prudence began to bring Dillon towards.


Dillon struggled in her grip, shouting and cursing at Prudence in vain as he tried to fight what was about to happen, “You’re sick! Fuck you, you crazy bitch!”

“Mmm,” Prudence moaned, enjoying Dillon’s struggles, “that’s right… Keep fighting…”


Prudence tilted Dillon head first, as she brought him into her hungry and awaiting pussy. Dillon felt his face cram itself into her vagina, followed by his body as Prudence used her fingers to slowly slide him inside of her. Dillon struggled the entire way, thrashing and punching and kicking and screaming and all the other actions that exist in the english dictionary to describe despair. Dillon felt it all, every ounce of hopelessness and helplessness.


“Oh God yes…” Prudence moaned, Dillon’s unending attempts to fight her only furthering the pleasure she felt. Her hips bucked and shook, as her sensitive part was stimulated immensely from the foreign being within her causing an absolute ruckus.


Dillon slid only further inside of Prudence’s vaginal tract, her fingers helping him along the way. All around him was the fleshy and sticky walls of Prudence’s innards, along with a buildup of juices that kept sliding past him as he was pushed deeper and deeper. He tried pushing his hands into the fleshy walls, but his hands only sank in fluids that coated the surface all around. He continued to scream and kick, but no matter what he did it only seemed to cause his witch ex to enjoy the experience that much more.


“Fuck… Fuck… FUCK…” Prudence was reaching the brink of an orgasm, as her fingers slowly slid in and out of her. She could feel Dillon’s body work it’s way deeper within her, to a point where even her fingers couldn’t feel his tiny feet any longer. Dillon’s venture was not solely of his own doing, his frantic antics causing him to get sucked deeper and deeper as Prudence’s pussy swallowed him up more and more.


Dillon could feel the walls around him tightening, suffocating his body as he felt the contractions within Prudence. He knew she was about to blow, and he realized as dangerous as his predicament was this may be the only time to escape this cruel fate. Though he was frantic and scared, he forced himself to calm down and remain absolutely still, hoping that the inevitable blowout would lead to his escape.


Prudence felt her fluids bursting inside of her, as she pulled her fingers out of her pussy and gripped the sides of the sofa in bliss as she felt herself reach climax. Dillon was assaulted with a torrent of orgasmic juices, the pressure of the climax causing his body to rush towards the exit of his fleshy prison as Prudence’s ejaculate carried him along with it. Prudence froze momentarily, before a final surge of pleasure rushed throughout her entire body. Juices burst out of her as she released a rush of orgasmic fluids pouring out of her snatch along with Dillon as he was forced out of her.


Donna and Dan cried, broken that they had to witness such a cruel act. They wanted to beg for their son's life, but the curse that took their voice prevented them from saying a word. Instead they simply cried, as Sabrina herself started to become aroused from the suffering she was inflicting upon them. She started to salivate at the lips, closing her eyes and picturing the pathetic married couple sliding down her gullet. She didn’t want to piss off Prudence however, so for the time being she fought to control her urges.


Bri continued to sob into her palms, turning away and trying to drown out the sound of Prudence’s moans. It was too much to handle, too cruel for the tiny girl to handle. She wanted it all to end, she wanted everything to go back to normal. Unfortunately that wasn’t an option, not anymore.


Dillon had landed on the carpet, lifting himself up and out of the puddle of Prudence’s fluids that stained the carpet. He looked on both sides of him, Prudence’s colossal bare feet planted at each side. They were smooth, her nails painted black. He didn’t look at them for too long though, as he quickly attempted to make a break for the underside of the couch to try and escape the wicked witch.


Though Prudence was exhausted from the intense orgasm, she knew that Dillon was no longer inside of her. She had already peered over the seat of the couch, easily spotting Dillon and his attempt to run to safety. She laughed diabolically, “oh I don’t think so…”


She swiftly adjusted her right foot, hovering it just barely off the ground and bringing it over Dillon’s tiny body. He looked up in horror as the shadow of Prudence’s foot enveloped him, her wrinkled sole coming down abruptly as he raised his hands up in horror. In an instant she pinned him under her smooth sole, taking her fingers and rubbing her clit further as she moaned loudly. She grinded her foot into the carpet, but not enough to kill him… Yet. She felt him squirm underneath her foot, wicked giggles emanating from her throat as she got off to his struggles.


She wasn’t done with him yet, not until she felt him break inside of her. She slid her foot across Dillon’s body, positioning her toes over his pathetic form as she slid his body between them. Dillon continued to kick and punch at Prudence’s large toes, but it was all pointless as he was picked up between two of her gargantuan toes. Prudence lifted Dillon off the ground with her foot, bringing it up sideways as she rested her ankle on her left thigh. She crossed her arms and smiled down at him, scrunching her toes to torture Dillon a bit for his attempt at escape.


“Did you really think you’d outrun a giantess?” Prudence mocked, “even my toes are too much for you to handle… How pathetic.”


“Go to hell!” Dillon shouted.


“You first…” Prudence retorted, plucking Dillon from between her toes as she sat back and spread her legs wide open yet again. This time she was done going slow, this time she wanted him to suffer.


Prudence crammed Dillon back into her pussy, and once again Dillon felt the familiar fleshy walls of Prudence surround him as her fingers rammed him right back inside of her. Now the young teenage boy was broken, finally letting out tears as the cruelty of it all began to break him down mentally. He cried and kicked and punched, begging God to save him from this cruel fate. No one would help him though, and no one would answer his pleas for help as he was mercilessly jammed deep inside of Prudence.


Her vaginal tract was filled with orgasmic juices since she had reached a climax, and this time being inside of her was much worse. Prudence fingered herself relentlessly, feeling her fingers jam and prod Dillon’s pathetic body as he was helpless to stop it. Her fluids began to force themself down Dillon’s throat, as the young teen tried desperately to spit it back out. He felt her juices force their way down his throat, as he began to gasp for air and literally choke on the juices of his ex.


Prudence felt a new kind of struggling inside of her, a struggle to live as Dillon literally fought for his life now. Prudence felt no remorse, and certainly did not intend to show any mercy. This was the price Dillon would pay for his transgressions, the greatest price one could pay… With their life.


Dillon had choked for a while now, as Prudence’s fingers continued to break his bones as they rammed into him inside of her pussy. His vision began to fade, his life leaving his body as all the oxygen in his lungs were replaced with the sticky hot fluids that filled him up from the inside. In his final moment, he had only one regret… That he was foolish enough to think that there would be no repercussions for cheating on Prudence. He only wished he could have had another chance at redemption.


The struggling ceased, as Prudence continued to finger herself. Her moans echoed throughout the house, as she realized that Dillon had likely suffocated to death inside of her. The mere thought of Dillon’s demise almost brought her to another climax, the feeling of total dominance over his pathetic life. To literally end him, inside of her, was the greatest feeling she had ever felt. When she thought about it, it was truly no different than the way Sabrina enjoyed devouring Kylie. Prudence began to understand the blonde a little more now, the only difference was the means of disposal.


Prudence slowly slipped her fingers out of her dripping wet cunt, bringing her fingers to her mouth as she sucked the fluids off of her fingers, “mmmmm,” Prudence smiled pleasantly, her sweet scented juices tasting fabulous as her eyes focused on the three shrunken victims on the coffee table. Donna and Dan were broken, staring at Prudence’s privates as if they hoped to see Dillon emerge unscathed. But the longer nothing happened, the more they feared the worst. Prudence could see this fear, and only wanted to make it grow.


“He’s not coming out,” Prudence taunted, “your son literally drowned inside of my pussy… How does that make you feel?”


Donna closed her eyes and sobbed, as Dan balled up his fists and forced his way out Sabrina’s grip. He began to hold up his fists in anger, showing gestures directed at Prudence but unable to speak a word.


“Oh… Let me help you,” Prudence snapped her fingers, undoing the curse placed upon Donna and Dan.


Donna was immediately able to cry out in agony, falling to her knees as crying into her arms over her son's demise, “my poor Dillon! No! My precious boy…”


Dan was heartbroken, but also extremely enraged, “you bitch! You’ll pay for this!”


Prudence giggled harmoniously, “I won’t pay for a damn thing… You however, you will pay for the sins of your own flesh and blood…”


Sabrina’s ears perked, as the blonde looked at Prudence with an eager expression. Prudence met her gaze, a crooked smile spreading across her lips, “go ahead Sabrina… They’ve seen everything anyways, not like I was going to allow them to live anyways.”


Bri turned around in horror, “Prudence wait! You can’t be serious!?”


“Silence!” Prudence shouted, “or you’ll join them!”


Bri quickly shut her mouth, her eyes red with tears as she turned to look at Dillon’s innocent parents. Donna and Dan looked over at her, both confused at exactly what was about to happen. Bri couldn’t watch, she just couldn’t. The young teen faced away, her last sight being that of Sabrina as the giantess blonde began to loom over the married couple with a hunger in her eyes.


As Dan and Donna’s attention were towards Bri, Dan’s focus was turned to that of his wife as he heard Donna’s screams just behind him. He saw that Sabrina had grabbed his wife's arm, slowly plucking her off of the coffee table. Dan panicked, “let her go!” Dan quickly jumped and grabbed his wife’s ankle, causing him to also be lifted into the air as Sabrina carried the two up towards her bright and excited face.


“Oooo,” Sabrina was pleased, “I can’t swallow you both at the same time… So off you go!”


Sabrina began to shake and bounce Donna in the air, trying to force Dan to lose his grip so he’d fall back onto the coffee table. No matter how much she shook the terrified woman however, Dan held on vigilantly and refused to let go. Sabrina giggled amusedly, licking her lips as she watched the two struggle.


“Dan! I’m scared!” Donna cried, her arm aching as Sabrina gripped it tightly.


“I won’t leave you!” Dan assured, “I won’t let this psychotic girl harm you!”


“Pfft,” Sabrina giggled, “as if you can stop me.”


Sabrina raised Donna up and over her mouth, Dan dangling just above the blonde’s plush lips. Dread washed over the man, as he looked into the evil eyes of his tormentor. What frightened him the most, was how Sabrina seemingly did not care about what she was threatening to do to the couple. Sabrina smiled deviously, showing her perfect white teeth as if to taunt the couple.


“You wouldn’t…” Dan murmured, wondering if Sabrina was truly going to eat them.


Sabrina quickly lurched her mouth forward, opening it wide and quickly clamping her teeth shut just inches away from Dan’s feet menacingly. Dan lifted his feet up in horror, afraid that the blonde was going to literally bite his feet off. Sabrina giggled as the man lifted his feet in terror, and she once again lurched forward teasingly as she continued to chomp her teeth just centimeters away from his body, making him sweat and believe that she would chew him apart.


“You psycho!” Dan shouted.


Sabrina ignored his meaningless insult, licking her lips before finally parting them wide. Her throat was in full view now, Dan’s eyes widening in horror as he was able to make out every part of Sabrina’s gigantic maw. Her sharp white teeth, her massive pink tongue, her petite little uvula, and the dark throat that threatened to devour him whole. The entire sight was ghastly, and terrifying. Sabrina slowly lowered Donna, which in effect brought Dan’s waist just past Sabrina’s soft lips. Very quickly Sabrina clamped her lips shut around Dan’s waist, causing him to struggle in fear.


“No!” Donna pleaded, “please! Don’t do this! I love him!”


Sabrina didn’t care if Donna loved him, she only cared about satisfying her dark cravings. She began to slurp on the man's lower body, causing Dan to slowly slip further between Sabrina’s lips. His grip began to wane, as Sabrina’s sucking and slurping was far too powerful for him to fight against. He could feel the cruel teens giggles echoing throughout her throat, reverberating within her lips as the cruel blonde continued to suck and slurp on his lower body.


Dan looked up at his wife, a look of gloom in his eyes, “I… I love you Donna…”


“Dan! No!” Donna cried, as Sabrina slurped Dan one final time causing him to lose his grip on his wife’s ankle. He was slurped all the way into Sabrina’s mouth, gone from Donna’s view as Sabrina moaned sensually.


“Nooooo!” Donna cried in absolute agony, a pain in her chest from the despair she felt inside.


Dan was forced onto Sabrina’s tongue, the wet and bristled surface quickly forcing him to the roof of the blondes mouth. She tasted his body and tossed him all around, Dan punching and fighting the entire time. He knew that all of his efforts would be in vain however, as it was simply impossible to fight such a large and powerful being. He was no bigger than the size of a quarter, how could he possibly hope to stop any of this?


Sabrina felt wet below, her free hand slipping into her pants as she began to rub her finger between the lips of her pussy. The feeling of total control over the lives of her two shrunken play things was a feeling of joy unlike anything she could ever describe. To feel them struggle, to feel them fight to stop the inevitable, it simply made Sabrina soaking wet and entirely aroused.


Dan continued to struggle inside the blonde teens mouth, his only motivation to make it back to his wife. Sabrina merely showed the man how foolish he was, prodding and tasting his body with her tongue as she swished him around her mouth. Sabrina even made the point to louden her swishing, simply to torture Donna mentally as she watched in horror while the giantess literally tasted her husband as if he was some kind of snack to be savored. It broke her emotionally, and no amount of pleading that escaped her lips seemed to sway Sabrina even in the slightest.


Finally Sabrina had to step up the torture, moaning so loud that Dan’s ears literally burst from the intense sound. Sabrina forced Donna against her soft throat, the blondes back stumbling against the wall of the house as she began to then finger herself lustfully. She lifted her tongue and forced Dan towards the back of her mouth, continuing to hold Donna against her throat from the outside torturously. Dan clawed and clawed as he tried to stop himself from sliding towards Sabrina’s gullet, but eventually he felt his legs begin to slide down.


Sabrina decided to end it there, unable to wait any longer. With the lift of her tongue, she sent Dan straight into her gullet. Donna felt Sabrina’s throat expand against her, as a sickening ‘gluck’ followed by a loud ‘gulp’ could be heard as Sabrina swallowed Dan whole. Donna cried in agony, literally able to hear Dan’s screams behind the throat of this blonde teenager as she ate him alive. She began to pound on Sabrina’s throat violently, enraged and unable to believe that anyone could ever commit such a heinous act.


“NO!” Donna cried in pain, “you can’t do this! You can’t do this!”


“Mmmmm,” Sabrina giggled with satisfaction, “too late… Already did.”


Sabrina then began to slowly drag the woman down her throat, “how about we follow your husbands descent…” Sabrina giggled evilly as she slowly dragged the crying woman down her body, slowly between her breasts before sliding Donna over her shirt. Sabrina lifted her shirt above her gut, bringing Donna just above the surface of her belly before pushing her firmly against it.


“Mmmm, oooohhh…” Sabrina was extremely horny now, her panties soaked with her fluids.


Donna cried, as her body was forced against this blonde teens stomach. She could hear intense gurgling and churning within, thoughts of what it must be like inside haunting her thoughts. To imagine her husband had now entered such a terrible place, it made her sick to her stomach. She not only had lost her son, but now she had lost her husband. It broke her mentally, her crying unable to come to an end as the trauma of it all plagued her. 


“Mmmm,” Sabrina giggled, “do you hear him? Is he screaming at all?” Sabrina asked, looking down at Donna as she forced the woman against her smooth and flat gut, “ugh… I gotta give him props… He really got me going!”


“You’re… Y-You’re sick!” Donna cried, sobbing profusely as her head rested against Sabrina’s belly.


“No… I’m still hungry actually…” Sabrina bit her lip, “but I think the clothes take away from the experience so….”


Sabrina quickly lifted the woman back into the air, violently ripping Donna’s clothes off of her body. Donna screamed, her body quickly exposed as she felt her shirt and pants ripped off. It was extremely painful, but Sabrina didn’t care in the slightest. The only thing she cared about, was getting off to the sadistic torture she was forcing upon Donna.


“In yuh go!” Sabrina chirped, opening her mouth and tossing Donna into it as if she was a piece of popcorn. Donna screamed as she flew through the air, her face smacking hard against Sabrina’s incisors and her body tilting back before falling into the blondes mouth. Sabrina felt the hard smach against her teeth, giggling at the thought of how painful it must have been. She then clamped her teeth shut, Donna now engulfed in total darkness.


Donna too was now forced to endure what her husband had, the thick stench of Sabrina’s hot breath washing over her as the young teen breathed casually. The hot sticky surface of her tongue was like a sponge, as Donna’s hands sank into it’s rough and bristled surface. The woman panicked as she fell onto her back, kicking and crawling away as the tip of Sabrina’s tongue bent backwards, forcing itself against Donna’s face as it licked her cheek.


“Gross!” Donna shouted, pushing the tip of the tongue away in vain as it simply lunged forward again, this time licking her exposed and plump breasts as Sabrina tasted the woman’s entire body.


“Mmmm…. Sho good,” Sabrina mumbled, her mouth full with a tasty morsel.


The entire time Sabrina had played with her two snacks, Prudence had simply been relaxing on the couch and watching amusedly. Her feet were kicked up on the coffee table, Bri beside them and forced to sit and watch the horrific and disgusting act. Though Prudence couldn’t quite understand Sabrina’s obsession with devouring her shrunken victims at first, she was beginning to realize it wasn’t all that different from how she had gotten pleasure from Dillon’s death. Simply a different act, but in the end the result was the same. Total and utter domination, with no hope of fighting back.


Sabrina continued to taste Donna, forcing her thick tongue betweens the woman’s legs and tasting her womanhood. Donna cried and pleaded for it to stop, as Sabrina literally molested the woman with her salivated tongue. Sabrina loved the taste of the woman's juices, practically forcing the woman to become aroused in the most cruel and merciless way possible. Soon Donna would join her husband, a fate far worse than death. Of course she’d die eventually… But not in the traditional manner.


Sabrina felt herself reaching a climax of her own, as the erotic sensation of devouring the pathetic married couple caused her to go over the brink. Sabrina wanted to prolong Donna’s suffering, but she simply couldn’t wait any longer. Besides, Sabrina knew the torture would continue inside of her belly, where her acids would churn and digest the couple alive as they become a part of her body forever. The thought of it was enough to finally reach a peak in her pleasure, as juices poured past her fingers as she had the best orgasm she’d ever experienced.


Not wanting to waste it, she tilted her head back swiftly and used her tongue to cram the crying woman into her throat, swallowing Donna effortlessly and sending the woman to her final resting place. Sabrina moaned loudly, feeling every ounce of struggling Donna gave as she slid down the blonde's throat. Sabrina moaned and moaned, grunting as she drew out the orgasm with sensuous rubbing of her clit. When the lump that was Donna finally faded down her throat, and could no longer be felt, she finally let up. 


Sabrina slid down the wall in pure bliss, her plump little butt landing on the carpet as her legs sprawled out on the floor. She rested her head against the wall, biting her lip as her hands crept over her belly. She massaged it gently, feeling the groaning within her own stomach. She pictured the couple embracing one another inside of her, crying as they perished together in her stomach acid.


“Soooo fucking delicious…” Sabrina whispered, satisfied with her actions and not a hint of remorse in her voice.


Bri simply stared in awe, unable to believe that the blonde teenager she once called her friend, could be capable of such an unspeakable crime. She simply sat there on the coffee table, her ears picking up on the moans from both Prudence and Sabrina as the two evil teens rested from the intense sexual pleasure they got out of the horrific acts they had committed. Though Bri was thankful to not be a part of it all, she couldn't help but feel as if this was all her fault. If only she hadn’t fallen for Dillon… None of this would have ever happened.


“Don’t be so hard on yourself Bri,” Prudence chimed, seeing that Bri was in turmoil, “you’re only alive because you were a pawn… Dillon got what he deserved, and his parents suffered for it.”


Prudence wiggled her butt to get more comfortable on the sofa, smiling pleasantly to herself as she watched Bri cry on the table, “anyways… Don’t get any ideas about running away. I think it’s time I take a nap…”


Sabrina was far ahead of her, the blonde already passed out from exhaustion on the carpet floor, her back rested against the wall. Prudence smiled and rested her head back as well, closing her eyes and satisfied to know that Bri would be a smart little tiny and stay put. After everything Prudence had forced Bri to watch, she knew that her tiny little friend would obey her every whim. Bri even remained quiet throughout it all, just as Prudence had ordered. If that wasn’t impressive, then Prudence didn’t know what was.


As the two giantess teens fell into a satisfied slumber, deep within the contents of Sabrina’s stomach was still a battle for survival. Donna felt her feet touch a disgusting and slimy surface, as she came towards the end of her journey at the end of Sabrina’s esophagus. Suddenly the ground opened up beneath her, and the terrified woman found herself falling a short distance before landing in a shallow pool of hot acid.


“NO!” Donna cried, “I don’t want to die! Not like this! Please!”


Donna splashed around violently, her legs already burning from the intense heat of the acid. The ground beneath her was a bunch of wrinkled folds, and so were the walls when she began to pound on them. She pounded and pounded, kicking and screaming. She refused to be eaten like a piece of food, to be digested like a piece of food. It was insane, it was inhumane. This was no way to die, Donna knew that, but deep down she knew that her life was already over.


A hand grabbed her from behind, and Donna began to flail and scream, “Ahhh! NO! NO!”


“Honey it’s me!” Dan forced Donna round, and the crying woman shoved her face into his arms, “it’s ok sweetie… I’ve got you…”


“I don’t want to die… I… I don’t want to die!” Donna kept repeating, her eyes wet with tears as the hot and humid environment surrounding the two bore down on their mentality.


“Shhh,” Dan held her tight, “it’s ok sweetie… Just focus on the sound of my voice…”


Dan had already been in Sabrina’s stomach for a handful of moments. If not for the pitch darkness, Donna would have noticed that her husband's clothes had almost all but digested already, his body already severely burnt and blood seeping from his skin as the acid digested him. What they didn’t realize was that because they were shrunk by a curse cast by Prudence, their bodies had become weak and frail in order to adjust to the size change. They stood no chance against the potent and deadly acids of Sabrina’s digestive system, and as Dan and Donna held each other close, none of them realized that the churning acid was slowly coursing them in a direction that would ultimately lead to their demise.


“Dan…” Donna cried, “I… Our son…”


“I know,” Dan closed his eyes, tears streaming, “just be thankful his passing was quicker than ours…”


“Why us?” Donna cried, “why did this happen to us?”


“I don’t know…” Dan whispered, “just… Just stay with me ok? I’ll never leave you… I’ll never let you go…”


Dan meant what he said, but unfortunately it wasn’t his choice to make. Donna felt movement beneath her foot, as she felt herself sliding along the bottom of Sabrina’s stomach lining. Before either of the two could act, the sphincter connected to the small intestine opened up briefly, allowing more digested particles into it to continue the digestive process. Donna’s foot was sucked in, as the sphincter threatened to drag her into it.


“Ahhh!” Donna fell, slipping beneath the surface of acid as the sphincter sucked her in.


“NO!” Dan dove and grabbed his wife’s hand, holding it as tightly as he could to save his wife, “I won’t let you go!”


“Dan!” Donna cried, “Don’t let go! Oh God please, don’t let go!”


The sphincter fought Dan’s grip, his wife’s fingers beginning to slip in his grasp, “I… Won’t…”


The sphincter sucked Donna in up to her waist, pulling her in more and more as she cried in pain. Dan’s heart began to race, the fear of losing his wife too much to bear. She was all he had left, and he had hoped he’d be able to be by her side a bit longer before their ultimate end. But the confines of Sabrina’s stomach was a dangerous place, a place where no hope would be found. It’s sole purpose was to break down and digest all that entered, and unfortunately for Donna and Dan, Sabrina’s gut couldn’t distinguish them from the rest of the food that Sabrina had eaten throughout the day.


With no warning, Dan’s grip on his wife slipped as she was sucked in, “Ahhh-” Her screams were cut short abruptly, as the sphincter swallowed her in and closed in an instant.


“NO!” Dan cried, pounding on the sphincter with his bare hands, “take me instead! Damn you, DAMN YOU!”


Dan sobbed profusely, begging to be taken with his wife. But as if the world had played some cruel and sick joke, the sphincter did not open again. Dan was left in Sabrina’s gut, alone and without his family. His heart was broken and shattered. He wanted to die, he wanted to die and let it all end. He would eventually get his wish, as the acid continued to break him down like the pathetic morsel that Sabrina had turned him into. Dan’s life would end in her stomach, without the love of his son or the touch of his beloved. This was the end of Dan’s story, and Donna’s wasn’t too far away itself.


The poor woman had been sucked in entirely within the tighter confines of Sabrina’s small intestines, the most dangerous and potent environment within her entire digestive system. She had hardly been broken down within the stomach, and had ended up here by mistake and misfortune. The small intestine knew of this, and had already begun to coat the woman in digestive enzymes to help break her body down and prepare to absorb the nutrients from her body so they could be repurposed for Sabrina.


“Ahhh! It burns!!” Donna cried, feeling her body begin to burn and break down as she was digested far more quickly now that she was in the small intestine. She began kicking and crawling, trying to find her way back towards the sphincter and hopefully into the stomach where she could reunite with her husband. Unfortunately she had crawled the wrong way, only furthering her suffering as she crawled deeper to her doom.


“Oh my God… Fuck… FUCK! GET ME OUT OF HERE!” Donna screamed, her hands feeling everywhere as she tried desperately to escape her twisted fate.


All of a sudden, her hands crept across something hard and familiar. The frantic woman felt the strange object all around, trying to make out what it could possibly be. Slowly a dread began to wash over her, as the realization of what it was began to make itself known. She could feel two holes, likely eye sockets. She could feel rows of teeth, and a jaw. What she was touching, was a human skull. It was the remains of Kylie, the poor teens body completely digested. All that was left of poor Kylie was her bones, of which would later be discarded with the rest of the fecal matter that Sabrina would shit out later.


“God… Help… Me…” Donna slowly passed out, as the lack of oxygen and the intense burning of the acids finally began to take her life. She drew her last breath, her body collapsing over the boney remains of Kylie as her life came to an abrupt end.


Sabrina’s gut groaned and gurgled, as the cute blonde teen slept peacefully against the wall of the house. Her shirt was still raised, her belly slightly exposed as Bri stared at it from across the room. Bri could have sworn she could hear screams not too long ago, wondering if it had been Dillon’s mother. The thought tormented her, but she had cried every last tear she was able. She felt so utterly broken, and so responsible for all that had happened here tonight. She dared not try and escape, even if Prudence and Sabrina were sound asleep.


The thoughts of ‘what if’ continued to plague her mind, the idea of being captured and punished for her attempt at escape causing her to remain put. She could only pray and hope that she wouldn’t share the fate of Donna and Dan, nor Dillon himself. So far Prudence had allowed her to live, and even if it was a cruel life to live she was willing to take that chance.


As Bri sat on the coffee table and mourned to herself, Sabrina and Prudence napped peacefully. The night went on, not a living soul on this planet aware of the cruel and despicable murders that took place this cold winter night. If luck was such a thing that existed, then most certainly others would be lucky never to cross Prudence’s path, or worst of all… 


… Piss her off.




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Episode 2 by Frizzle
Author's Notes:

Another story I plan on wrapping up, this one only has 1 prologue and 3 episodes anyways, or so I think I am still searching my records from patreon...



- Unaware

- Butt Crush

- Vore

- Stomach/Digestive Scenes

- Feet/Inshoe

- I think vaginal insertion? Or panty entrapment? Don't quite remember honestly

- Cruel and harsh massacres of a gargantuan scale... Courtesy of my fantasy hottie Sabrina, my greatest vore machine of all time!






Hello. My name is Benjamin Bentham, and I am a witch hunter. Unfortunately I have been forced to reside anonymously to the outside world, as I have found myself, in an ironic twist of fate, to be the one who is now hunted. In order to ensure that the crimes of this most nefarious witch are recorded for others to read and be forewarned, I have taken it upon myself to detail and reveal the dark and horrible actions of the young high school witch who has caused great suffering among the masses. As we go further into her dark deeds, I must warn that this tale is not for the faint of heart…

This particular day began with the sun shining bright through the curtained window of Sabrina’s bedroom. Her covers were tossed about, her right leg and belly exposed to the chill air that circulated throughout the room. The sun slowly crept through the crack in the curtains, a splinter of light washing over the teen blondes smooth stomach. It gurgled and churned in her sleep, but as the sun began to wash over the landscape she found herself being awoken by the sudden buzzing of her alarm clock.

“Beep… Beep… Beep…”

Sabrina’s eyes opened slowly, her lashes flickering back and forth as she raised her hand up sleepily to block the sun from her eyes, “hnnng…” Sabrina moaned as she rubbed her head, taking her other hand and gliding it across her belly. She rubbed it sensually, giving a slight grin of satisfaction as she remembered the two little snacks she had eaten nearly a week ago now. She had felt this way every morning since, pretending they were still digesting inside of her gut even though she knew she had excreted their remains from her bowels many days ago.

She slowly adjusted herself, pushing herself up and resting her back against the headboard. She felt a tingling sensation down below, and she bit her lip in pleasure as she moaned to herself. It was a lovely way to awaken in the morning, but Sabrina knew that play time was over. She reached her fingers down, sliding them into her laced panties and reaching inside of her sensitive region before plucking the trapped soul of Bri from her prison.

Bri coughed and sputtered, covered in Sabrina’s fluids and nearly choking on it as well from being confined inside of her captor’s fleshy walls all night long. Prudence hadn’t wanted to deal with taking care of her shrunken friend, and had instead charged Sabrina with her care until school break had come to an end. For Bri this was a tormenting nightmare, one that lasted one week too long. She had been nothing short of Sabrina’s sex toy, and the blonde most certainly didn’t go easy on her. Considering she was still under the spell of protection that Prudence had cast upon her, Sabrina could be as rough as she wanted without the fear of killing or breaking her.

“Good morning!” Sabrina chirped, “rest easy?”

Bri looked up at Sabrina with a mopey expression, “yes Sabrina…” Bri most certainly had not rested well, but a certain set of events throughout this week had taught her not to be honest when answerings her captors rhetorical questions.

“Now now… What did I tell you to start calling me?” Sabrina glared down at the tiny teen, disappointed.

“Goddess, sorry my goddess…” Bri corrected, tears welling up in her eyes.

“Oh don’t tell me you’re going to cry again…” Sabrina rolled her eyes, “can’t you just accept that this is your life now? You’re always so gloomy and bland, cheer up won’t yuh!”

“Y-Yes my goddess,” Bri stuttered, holding back a river of tears as she tried her best not to upset Sabrina.

“Good!” Sabrina smiled cheerfully, taking her finger and patting Bri atop the head, “you’re so adorable when you listen to me! I love it!”

Sabrina held Bri in her palm carefully, kicking her feet over the edge of the bed and sliding them into her fuzzy rabbit slippers. She cheerfully strided over to her dresser, promptly setting Bri on top of it’s surface before opening the drawers one by one and pulling out pieces of clothing to prepare her outfit for the day. She had chosen a cute red button up shirt, along with a knee length skirt to match. Sabrina almost always wore skirts to school, it being one of her favorite outfits to show off.

Bri watched as Sabrina took off her night bra, replacing it with a clean one. It fit Sabrina’s plump tits well, and after Sabrina put on some fresh panties she slid her skirt on and buttoned up her shirt as she finished getting ready. Bri simply sat and watched, waiting for Sabrina to grab her again. Bri had already attempted to run before, and it most certainly had not ended well, thus Bri sat patiently, fighting her emotions back as she tried her best to keep her captor pleased.

The first night with Sabrina was a tough one. Bri had attempted to run away but was easily stopped by Sabrina’ s enormous bare foot which had collided into Bri’s body. As punishment Sabrina made a point to grind her tiny escapee into the carpet with violent force, her fleshy sole pressing into Bri’s body with immense pressure. The pain was so much to handle, that Bri never even considered attempting to escape again.

That wasn’t even the end of her suffering however. Sabrina was strictly forbidden from eating Bri, and of course since Prudence is the witch Sabrina was inclined to obey that rule very closely. Since eating Bri wasn’t an option, Sabrina decided to explore other avenues to test the full extent of her desires. She decided to pull a trick or two out of Prudence’s book, using Bri as her own personal dildo whenever she wanted to masturbate. Sabrina even attempted anal, though lucky for Bri anal was something that Sabrina quickly decided against. Apparently it just wasn’t Sabrina’s thing.

Unlucky for Bri however, Sabrina had taken a liking to the feeling of her tiny slave under her foot. She began forcing Bri to lick and worship her soles, mostly as an effort to break the girl down and make her more obedient. It obviously worked, because Bri most certainly never disobeyed a single command Sabrina gave. She may have been supposedly invulnerable, but in Bri’s mind that only meant her suffering could be far worse. By the end of winter break, there were moments where Bri wished that Sabrina would just eat her so her life could finally reach it’s miserable end.

“How do I look?” Sabrina entered a fashion pose, giving a toothy smile as she looked down at Bri.

“You look beautiful my goddess…” Bri answered.

Sabrina frowned and placed her hands at her hips, “well that didn’t sound very enthusiastic…”

“You look beautiful my goddess!” Bri feigned a smile, trying to sound a bit more hearty.

Sabrina smiled, “now that’s more I like it! You’re becoming a quick learner!”

“I’m glad to hear it…” Bri muttered.

A knocking was heard at Sabrina’s door, and the teen jumped from fright. She quickly snatched Bri off of the dresser, opening up the waistbands of her skirt and panties simultaneously and shoving Bri inside of them. Bri didn’t have a chance to react, but very abruptly found herself getting a face full of Sabrina’s juicy pussy as the blonde let her waistbands snap back into place.

Feeling Bri squirm against her moist snatch caused Sabrina some quick pulses of sensual pleasure, and she couldn’t help but take her fingers and press against her privates from the outside of her skirt. She giggled harmoniously as she forced Bri to slide between the lips of her pussy, wanting to let Bri know how much the tiny girl was pleasing her.

The knocking continued more erratically, and Sabrina quickly composed herself, “come in!”

The door opened, and a smiling Prudence peeked into the bedroom, “sure took you awhile to answer…”

“Oh you know… Can’t be too sure who might be on the other end of that door!” Sabrina teased, giving Prudence a wink.

“So where is our little bestie?” Prudence looked around the room, wondering where Sabrina was keeping Bri.

“Again… You never know who might be at the other end of the door,” Sabrina winked at Prudence again, patting the front of her crotch to gesture at Bri’s location.

“Ahhh, kinky,” Prudence giggled, “I take it you two have had fun then?”

“I sure have,” Sabrina exclaimed, “and Bri makes quite the obedient little toy!”

“Well you may as well keep her in your panties,” Prudence stated, “we don’t want her being seen by anybody at school…”

“We’re taking her with us?” Sabrina seemed surprised.

“Of course we are,” Prudence snapped, “if we leave her here… I can’t control what happens. What if someone discovers her? Or what if she decides to run away?”

“She won’t run away,” Sabrina assured, “I’ve already shown her what happens to defectors…”

“When you’re around,” Prudence corrected, “on her own, she might grow a bit more bold. Keep her with you, preferably out of sight. If that means being inside your gorgeous cunt all day, so be it.”

“I mean… If she’s too much of a nuisance,” Sabrina paused for a moment, “could always just… Let me eat her.”

Prudence frowned, “... No.”

“Alright alright,” Sabrina quickly held up her hands, “don’t eat the tiny bestie… Got it. Though, could you give me a better understanding of why we keep her around? I don’t really get it…”

Prudence sighed in annoyance, “if I’m being honest… I don’t know if I have the heart to watch you gulp her down…”

Sabrina raised an eyebrow, “what? The almighty tough Prudence has gone soft?”

Prudence narrowed her eyes, “a part of me still sees her as my best friend, Sabrina. I want to at least give her a second chance to atone for what she did, and being your little plaything seems to be the perfect punishment.”

“Oooo,” Sabrina cooed, “so I get to keep her for a bit longer!?”

“Perhaps,” Prudence answered hesitantly, “so long as you don’t make her life too hard… God only knows how utterly wicked you’ve become, and by my own actions no doubt.”

“Don’t feel sorry!” Sabrina inserted, “you have awakened an inner craving I never thought I’d experience! I most certainly don’t want it to end anytime soon!”

“So long as there are those who upset me, there will be those for you to feast on,” Prudence smiled, “just not Bri… You’ll have plenty of others.”

“Plenty of others?” Sabrina showed a look of confusion, “you planning something Prude?”

“Dillon made me realize I shouldn’t hold back anymore,” Prudence explained, “from now on… It’s time I show my enemies just what I’m capable of.”

“I like the sound of that…” Sabrina murmured, “but what exactly did Kylie do to become your enemy? Don’t get me wrong… She writhed magnificently inside of me, but I can’t help but be a little wary myself if you know what I mean…”

Prudence rolled her eyes, “Sabrina… I’m not going to shrink you. Or at least… Unless you eat Bri against my direct wishes…”

“All I needed to hear,” Sabrina quickly responded, “I just don’t want to be the one being backstabbed…”

“You’re my friend Sabrina,” Prudence retorted, “Kylie was merely a messenger… One who I foolishly let know my secret and I had to decide if she could be trusted or not…”

“Clearly you decided she wasn’t trustworthy,” Sabrina joked, patting her belly teasingly.

“Yes… I decided she wasn’t…” Prudence muttered, “trust isn’t something that comes easy to me.”

“So are you going to tell me what you’re planning?” Sabrina grinned with anticipation.

“You’ll see,” Prudence smiled, “it’s time I finally teach that bitch Tabitha a lesson…”

“The head of the cheer squad?” Sabrina cocked her head, “I forgot how much you hate her… But doesn’t she live across town?”

“Just shush and follow,” Prudence snapped, “we don’t want to miss the bus…”

“Alright fine,” Sabrina grabbed her backpack, rubbing her hand over her crotch real quick to make sure that Bri was still snug inside the folds of her vagina. She could feel Bri still slightly squirming about, but for the most part the tiny teen had settled down. Satisfied at Bri’s obedience, Sabrina tossed her backpack over her shoulder and followed Prudence out of her own home.

The two senior high schoolers joked and laughed with one another, Sabrina mostly describing in detail the erotic adventures she had with Bri over the final week of winter break. Of course Bri could hear the entire conversation, though she couldn’t participate considering her body was engulfed by Sabrina’s pussy lips. They had eventually reached the bus stop, and by their lucky hairs they had just caught the bus as it arrived.

Sabrina’s house was the first stop for the bus, thus the two teens and their hidden cargo were the first on the bus. Prudence was not the type to sit all the way in the back, but more so a few rows just ahead of the back. She found a seat on the right side of the bus and allowed Sabrina to have the window. Prudence sat down next to her, and the two teens set their backpacks at their feet as they prepared to start their school day.

“Ugh…” Sabrina moaned, adjusting in her seat erratically.

“What is it?” Prudence asked.

“Bri feels soooo good… I almost can’t contain myself…” Sabrina moaned, slowly rubbing her crotch from the outside to feel Bri sliding through her moist folds.

“You goof,” Prudence giggled, “you might want to put her somewhere… Less distracting.”

“I can’t help myself,” Sabrina moaned, “it’s too hot… I want to feel her squirming all day.”

“Fine by me,” Prudence laughed, “just don’t draw unnecessary attention to yourself…”

As if the universe decided to play a game of ironic fate itself, drawing unnecessary attention is precisely what Sabrina had done… Or more so, Prudence and Sabrina’s presence itself. The bus had already arrived at the next stop, which only hosted a single student of their high school who lived back on the trail through the words. Her name was Priscilla, and she was a member of Tabitha’s cheerleading squad. She was light dark skinned, with curly black hair and the most snobbish attitude that any cheerleader would be expected to hold.

“What are you two hobknockers laughing about?” Priscilla mocked, crossing her arms and standing tall above the two teens.

Priscilla was known as the most obnoxious and incompetent student in the entire school, but most importantly to Prudence she was the best friend of Tabitha. Priscilla was extremely tall, the tallest student in the entire school. She was known to bully any girl who was less than five feet and five inches, simply because she wanted to make them feel inferior. She was rather prude, and most certainly rude, and Prudence and Sabrina both found their morning to be soured by Priscilla’s presence. 

“What a displeasure Priscilla, my morning was almost perfect until my eyes beheld your ugly mug,” Prudence mocked, Sabrina ignoring the two as she fought to contain the erotic pleasure that Bri was giving her.

“For your information, I happen to be the most beautiful girl in the entire school! With the exception of Tabitha of course…” Priscilla stood tall and proud, as if her words actually held any merit.

“The most beautiful girl to a pile of trash I’m sure,” Prudence snickered, “actually no… That’s offensive to the trash, my apologies!”

“Hmph!” Priscilla crossed her arms in a fit, “still as prude as ever Prude-ence!”

“Oh gee, I sure haven’t heard that one before!” Prudence rolled her eyes.

“Oohh,” Sabrina let a moan slip from between her lips, her hand pressing firmly against her crotch as she was on the edge of an incredible orgasm. Bri’s presence had simply been too sensual and sensitive to Sabrina’s nether region, and the blonde simply couldn’t remain composed.

Priscilla looked over at Sabrina with a look of disgust, “ew! Fucking slut! Are you getting off right now!?”

Sabrina blushed, very embarrassed as she adjusted herself and moved her hand away from her crotch. Prudence wasn’t pleased in the slightest, “what did you just call my friend?”

“Oh was I not loud enough? Allow me to be more clear…” Priscilla took a deep breath. “She. Is. A. Fucking. Slut…”

Prudence didn’t even waste a second, her eyes already peering towards the front of the bus and verifying that the bus driver was indeed not paying even the slightest amount of attention towards the ruckus in the back. The bus was still empty minus the three of them, however the next stop was approaching quickly. Prudence decided to end it right there, and with the snap of a finger her problems were solved.

Priscilla had shrunken down to just barely an inch tall, and of course the confusion that came with it. She looked around frantically, seeing small pebbles and other crumbs that now looked only half the size of her own body, remnants from the undersides of the students' shoes who would traverse the bus walkway daily. Priscilla was so focused on the insane transformation, she hadn’t even paid any attention to the gargantuan hand reaching down for her.

Prudence had snatched the little cunt off the walkway, holding the shrunken girl up to her face with an evil grin, “I’m sorry, I cut you off. What were you saying?”

Priscilla’s eyes opened wide in horror, unable to fathom how Prudence was suddenly the size of a titan before her eyes. She screamed and panicked, beating on Prudence’s fingers as she tried to free herself from the colossal seniors grip.

“Prude!?” Sabrina was shocked, “what if the bus driver saw!?”

“He didn’t,” Prudence retorted, “besides… No one calls my friend a slut and gets away with it…”

Prudence sprawled Priscilla out in her palm, and without wanting to speak even another word she took her free hand and coiled her index finger behind her thumb, “goodbye Priscilla, you’re on your own now you stupid bitch.”

“Prudence wai-” interrupted, Priscilla found her body in immense pain as Prudence flicked the tiny girl off her palm mercilessly. Priscilla had certainly broken a few ribs as a result, her body flying through the air and landing on the seats adjacent to the ones that Prudence and Sabrina were sitting in. The tiny teen landed on the not so soft cushions of the bus seat, her head smacking the peeling leather and causing her to become heavily disoriented.

“Awww… You should have let me eat her!” Sabrina pouted.

“No,” Prudence nudged Sabrina in the shoulder, “you’ll have your fill later… No need to eat a cancerous tumor such as Priscilla.”

“I sure hope so…” Sabrina murmured, rubbing her belly, “I’ve been craving more since Dillon’s parents… Ugh, they were so absolutely delicious.”

The bus had reached it’s next stop, students rushing onto the bus and this time in numbers. It was a stop at a more populated part of town, so roughly six to ten students had boarded. One girl in particular was a bit of a loner, her name Bethany. She was a slim figured, chocolate haired girl. She was considered a bit of a nerd, and as if in another ironic twist she was indeed clutching her calculus textbook to her chest as she tried to find a seat that would be away from the bullies that made her life miserable. Priscilla was one of these bullies, a bully that made Bethany’s life at school a living hell.

Bethany had seen the empty seat opposite of Prudence and Sabrina. The two seniors had never given Bethany any issues, and Bethany ultimately decided it’d be a good seat to have in the hopes that Priscilla wouldn’t be anywhere near her. Then Bethany realized Priscilla wasn’t even on the bus. She knew that Priscilla had the stop before her, so she was very relieved to see that she had indeed not shown up. Bethany assumed her tormentor had called in sick, which would make at least one day in her life somewhat bearable.

As she walked into the seat section, she lifted her short skirt up slightly in order to sit down. Priscilla was just coming out of her disoriented haze, seeing a shadow engulf the section of the seat she had been flicked onto. Her eyes opened wide in horror as she looked up to see Bethany’s titanic ass looming overhead. To Priscillas shock, Bethany was wearing a g string. The prudish bully never would have known Bethany to wear such kinky lingerie, but more importantly it was the fact that Bethany’s ass was hurtling towards her at an unprecedented rate that made her heart nearly burst from her chest.

Bethany sat down in the uncomfortable seat, completely unaware that she had sat on the wicked bully that tormented her on a daily basis. Priscilla found herself lodged between Bethany’s ass crack, the unaware woman’s g string pressing into Priscilla’s throat and causing her to choke as she struggled under the teens immense weight.

“Ugh… These seats are terrible…” Bethany grunted, the seat causing her great discomfort. She began to slide her ass back and forth, grinding into the seat as she tried to get comfortable. She had unknowingly grinded her ass into Priscilla, who found herself being crushed by this giant nerd. Priscilla shouted and cursed, her body being lodged up and over the g string as Bethany tried to grow comfortable.

Bethany was almost comfortable as well, there was simply one more thing she needed to do to achieve maximum comfort. She looked around to see no one was watching, before reaching under her skirt and gripping the waistband of her panties. She pulled them up as far as she could, feeling the g string slide up between her ass cheeks. Priscilla screamed in horror as Bethany’s g string took her along for the ride, forcing the bully deep between the cheeks of Bethany’s ass as the nerdy girl achieved the comfort she sought.

“Ahhh, much better,” Bethany smiled comfortably, wiggling her ass one final time before opening her calculus book to study for today’s calculus test. She had not even the faintest clue that her tormentor was lodged not so snuggly against her wrinkled asshole, crying to herself like the little bitch she was deep inside.

The rest of the bus ride was fairly uneventful, Prudence and Sabrina mostly whispering to one another about Bri and her current location in Sabrina’s panties. They had also snickered and laughed amongst themselves as they had watched Bethany sit on Priscilla, grinding her into the seat without a clue. It was humorous to them, and they had also assumed that the cheer member had met an untimely end. They had believed her to be a bloody stain under Bethany’s ass cheek, though of course this wasn’t the case.

After a semi long bus drive, the driver had eventually reached the high school. He opened the bus doors as the students began to flood into the aisle way. Prudence and Sabrina always waited for most of the bus to clear first, as they were not particularly fond of being sandwiched between the mass of students as everyone tried to rush off of the bus. After Bethany had packed up her calculus book and headed off of the bus, only then did Prudence and Sabrina finally get up and head off themselves.

“Ugh, supposed to be a test in Mr. Albright’s class…” Sabrina groaned, “had such a distracting winter break with Bri… Totally forgot to study!”

“Yikes, you get a bad grade on any of his tests and it bites your GPA in the ass!” Prudence mocked.

Sabrina smiled anxiously, “well… Perhaps there is a spell that you could…”

“Ah hell no,” Prudence shook her head with a smirk, “no cheating! You had your fun with Bri at the cost of your education Sabrina, that is one hundred percent on you.”

Sabrina pouted, “aww… Fine.”

“How is Bri anyways? Haven’t heard you moan in a hot second. Has she settled down in there?” Prudence looked down at Sabrina’s crotch, trying to see if she could see the outline of Bri’s tiny body. Unfortunately she could not, and this disappointed her.

“Yeah a little,” Sabrina chirped, “though just feeling her against my pussy at all is still very distracting… I might have to slide her up against my asshole instead, at least then she won’t be getting me all horny.”

“Asshole huh?” Prudence smirked, “you been having a lil’ assplay with her too?”

Sabrina showed a look of disgust, “tried that… Not at all my thing! But I don’t have anywhere else to put her…”

“What about inside of your flats?” Prudence pointed down towards the bright red flats that Sabrina was wearing, “she’s invulnerable from that protection spell, so I’m sure she’d be just fine inside one of your flats all day.”

Sabrina held a finger up to her chin in thought, “hmmm… I’m not really sure I want to be stepping on her all day though, it kinda seems like that would be annoying…”

“Fair enough,” Prudence shrugged, “do whatever, I don’t care. Just make sure no one sees you when you’re moving her about alright? And for the love of God… Don’t touch yourself please, I can’t afford to shrink literally every person giving you weird looks!”

Sabrina gave Prudence a wink, “I wouldn’t mind it…”

“Pfft,” Prudence shoved Sabrina’s shoulder, “of course you wouldn’t you fucking glutton! You’d devour this entire school if you had it your way…”

“Not the entire school…” Sabrina gave a toothy grin, “I wouldn’t let you shrink that cute boy from Miss Kepler's class…”

“Cute boy?” Prudence narrowed her eyes, “are you talking about the hot dirty blonde? Uh… Nicholas?”

Sabrina blushed, “maybe…”

Prudence rolled her eyes, “ugh… But he’s such a loser!”

Sabrina scoffed, “no he’s not! He’s silly and sweet! And I’m pretty sure he checks me out from time to time…”

“Well, what if I shrank him and you could keep him as your mini boyfriend or something?” Prudence suggested.

“No,” Sabrina quickly inserted, “tiny people are my food, if I’m gonna date Nicholas I want him to be normal. If he were tiny… Ugh… I don’t know if I could resist the temptation!”

“You have been with Bri so far,” Prudence retorted teasingly.

“Well yeah… I don’t want to piss you off!” Sabrina spoke, “pretty sure if I ate Bri, you’d shrink me too…”

“Not far off,” Prudence grinned, “I’m just glad I can trust you Sabrina… The fact that Bri survived you throughout winter break shows me you have better self control than I had originally thought. Today however… I’m going to need to loosen the leash a bit.”

“Loosen the leash?” Sabrina raised a brow in confusion.

“We’re skipping part of first period,” Prudence informed, “we’re going to pay a visit to that bitch Tabitha in the gym room… They do their cheer practice in the morning before they start their classes for the day.”

Sabrina’s eyes grew wide, “... Uh, alright…”

Prudence had already walked off towards the opposite end of the main entrance, towards the west where the entrance to the gymnasium was located. Sabrina followed anxiously behind, trying to imagine what exactly Prudence had in mind. Tabitha was Prudence’s arch nemesis, the two most certainly hated one another. Unfortunately for Tabitha, Prudence had simply decided she no longer needed to put up with her any longer.

Prudence had actually used to be a part of the cheer squad, the head cheerleader herself. Tabitha was jealous of Prudence, wanting the position of head cheerleader for herself. She had concocted many lies and rumors, pitting the entire cheer team against their leader. Of course I could go into great detail to the extent of what caused the immense hatred between these two teens, however for the sake of this journal entry I feel it is far more important to skip straight ahead to the confrontation between the two.

“One, two, three!” Tabitha was instructing her cheerleaders, all of whom were failing miserably to complete the cheer moves that were created by their coach.

Lindsay had fallen from the top of their pyramid, causing the entire move to fall apart. Tabitha scowled in rage, stamping her feet in a tantrum, “Lindsay! You fucking arse!”

“S-sorry Tabitha!” Lindsay quickly stood to her feet, looking down in shame.

“Gosh Lindsay! You always fucking ruin this move for us!” Ashley spat at her fellow cheer member.

“I don’t know why we haven’t just banned her from the team already!” Shouted Deedee, arguably one of the most vile students in the entire team.

“Well let’s try again, but this time Tabitha please let me do the top!” Katarina suggested, glaring over at Lindsay.

Lindsay began to tear up, her teammates harsh words piercing her soft and gentle heart.

“Wow, what a bunch of rudey mc-rude faces!” Sabrina interrupted them all, glaring at every single member of the team after witnessing them belittle their own team member.

“No kidding,” Prudence gave a half grin, “when I led this team, I’d have taught you all a lesson for treating one of your own so callously!”

Tabitha smirked mockingly, “hmph, well if it isn’t the school slutscots!”

The entire cheer team began to laugh and cackle, all but Lindsay who looked away embarrassed. Prudence rolled her eyes, “wow, your insults have actually gotten worse since last year. Slutscots? That’s the best you got?”

“Hmph!” Tabitha stuck out her tongue like a toddler, “and you certainly haven’t gotten any easier to look at! What the hell are you here for anyways Prude-ence!”

Prudence shrugged, “oh you know… Just to feed your entire team of asshats to my sexy blonde friend here…”

Sabrina perked her ears, looking at Prudence in disbelief. The blonde teen had already begun to salivate, the thought of devouring Tabitha’s entire cheer squad in one go appealing to her in more ways than one. But was Prudence serious? Or was she simply kidding around? Sabrina didn’t know, but she kept her mouth shut and watched to see how things unfolded.

“Feed my team?” Tabitha was obviously confused, “what in the seven hells does that mean!?”

“You know what’ll be really funny though?” Prudence ignored Tabitha’s confusion, “I’m going to make you watch.”

“Are you high?” Tabitha couldn’t help but giggle amusedly, “my God you really have gone off the deep end haven’t you?”

“I can’t believe we ever allowed her to be our cheer captain!” Laticia, another cheerleader, shouted out loud.

“Now now girls,” Tabitha held up her hand, “she’s just gone coo coo for cocoa puffs, no need to get your panties in a bunch!”

“Mhmm…” Prudence kept her wicked grin, just soaking up all of the meaningless insults thrown at her.

Tabitha glared at her, “really… Can you leave? We’re trying to practice and we don’t need our coach yelling at us for your impudent intrusion!”

Prudence looked over at Sabrina, “I didn’t see you eat breakfast this morning, are you hungry?”

Sabrina was drooling, and simply nodded to answer Prudence’s question. Prudence smiled cruelly, facing Tabitha before lifting up her fingers. Tabitha rolled her eyes, “ugh, will you just fucking-”

With a snap of the fingers Tabitha found herself cut off, and severely disoriented. She could hear her echoing oooo’s and ahhhh’s all around, and gasps and screeches alike. She didn’t know what for, but she tried to focus on regaining her composure, “Prudence!? What the hell was…”

Tabitha stopped herself short, seeing the now towering figure of her nemesis overhead, “wha… What the fuck!?”

“What did she do to Tabitha!?” Ashley screeched, looking down at her now shrunken cheer captain.

“I don’t know!” Molly cried, “but she shrunk before our very eyes!”

“Witch!” Laticia spat aloud, “she’s a fucking witch I tell you!”

Prudence tilted her head back in cruel laughter, “I sure am a witch!”

“Run for your lives!” Shouted Macy, who turned and began to make a run for it.

Prudence simply snapped her fingers again, shrinking Macy on the spot. The rest of the girls now knew they were in peril, and all began running in multiple directions. Prudence simply snapped her fingers over and over again. Molly, Ashley, Adaline, Laticia, Katarina, Daisy, Igrid, Deedee and Lindsay were all shrunken in just mere moments before a single one could escape the gymnasium.

“Oh my God! I’m only an inch tall!!!” Daisy screamed, falling to her knees in horror. The rest of the cheer team also began to cry, all screaming and shouting for their lives.

Tabitha grew enraged, running over to Prudence’s big black boot and kicking it violently, “you bitch! Return us to normal right now!”

Prudence lifted the tip of her boot in the air slightly, causing Tabitha to fall forward underneath it. Prudence then gently applied pressure to Tabitha’s body, smiling with satisfaction as her nemesis’s screams of horror squeaked throughout the gymnasium, “you have no idea how long I’ve waited for this day Tabitha…”

“Can I…?” Sabrina didn’t want to jump the gun, but looked Prudence in the eyes with a look of hunger.

Prudence smiled deviously, “go for it.”

“YES!” Sabrina turned her attention towards the tiny cheerleaders, all of whom were still focused on their shrunken selves and screaming endlessly. The hungry blonde spotted Adaline close by, and decided to make her the first victim.

“Make sure you get them all…” Prudence ordered, reaching under her boot and plucking a struggling Tabitha into the air.

Sabrina most certainly planned to get them all. She lurked behind Adaline, as the frightened shrunken cheer member continued to look over her entire body. She compared her new size to the rest of the colossal landscape of the gymnasium, her mind unable to comprehend what was going on.

“You look delicious…” Sabrina murmured, Adaline turning to face the gargantuan predator with an expression of horror.

“What!? No!” Adaline tried to run, but Sabrina had already swiped her off of the floor. Adaline’s screams echoed, and the rest of the cheer members all stopped and turned to watch as Adaline was dropped into Sabrina’s open mouth. The cheer members opened their eyes in horror, as they watched Sabrina gulp Adaline down promptly. Her throat expanded, causing all of the cheer members to feel sick as they watched their cheer friend traverse Sabrina’s throat.

Sabrina licked her lips, smiling deviously as she looked amongst the rest of the now frozen cheer members. There was a moment of silence, as all of the cheerleaders looked cautiously at Sabrina. The blonde studied them all, amused by the sudden silence.

“RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!!” Ashley screamed, flailing her hands in the air like a maniac as she sprinted across the gym floor.

The rest of her squad followed suit, all of them running in opposite directions like a bunch of madwomen. Sabrina gave an evil grin, holding her hands up teasingly as she began to stomp exaggeratedly after Molly.

“I’m gonna get yuh!” Sabrina teased, “come er’ mousey mousey!”

Molly panicked, sprinting even faster as Sabrina’s titanic footsteps shook the ground beneath the tiny cheerleader. Molly looked up behind her, seeing that Sabrina had easily caught up to her, “no! Get the hell away from me you freak!”

Sabrina dove towards the ground, swiping Molly up in one foul swoop before bringing the cheerleader up to her parted lips, “ahhhhhh,” Sabrina echoed mockingly, Molly struggling in her grip as she looked down into Sabrina’s throat. The blondes uvula dangled back and forth as Sabrina moaned loudly, abruptly dropping her little snack as Molly tumbled head first into her captor’s salivating maw.

“No! I don’t want to be eaten!” Molly cried, kicking and punching as she attempted to fight Sabrina’s tongue. It was in vain, and Sabrina easily maneuvered Molly towards the back of her throat. With one gulp she easily sent the struggling Molly down her throat.

“Ugh… I love the struggles…” Sabrina tilted her head back in ecstacy, pressing gently against her groin as she grew extremely horny.

Bri had heard all of the commotion, along with the squeaking screams of many females. She didn’t know for sure what was going on, but she knew that whatever it was it had really turned Sabrina on. Bri found herself suddenly forced into Sabrina’s vagina, her arms slipping into the cavity as she was rubbed unceremoniously against Sabrina’s moist crotch. Bri simply went along with the ride, knowing there wasn’t a damn thing she could do to avoid any of it.

“They’re getting away, Sabrina!” Prudence rolled her eyes, clutching Tabitha in her grip and positioning the head cheerleader in a manner in which she could watch the entire horror show.

“You’re sick!” Tabitha spat, “you’re going to let that crazy bitch eat them all!?”

“I sure am,” Prudence smiled cruelly, “and when they’re all gone, I’m going to feed you to her as well…”

Tabitha grew silent, dread washing over her, “you… y-you wouldn’t…”

“Oh yes I would,” Prudence retorted, “you’re the biggest bitch in this entire school. I’m doing everyone a favor.”

“You won’t get away with this!” Tabitha cried, tears streaming down her cheeks.

“No? I got away with murdering Dillon and his parents… Pretty sure I’ll get away with this too…” Prudence cackled manically, enjoying the torment over her now ex nemesis. Tabitha was nothing more than a pathetic insect now, and under Prudence’s total control.

“You… You what…?” Tabitha remained quiet, trying to comprehend just how much she had underestimated Prudence. Of course if she had known what Prudence was capable of, she would have most certainly sung a different tune. Her sins had caught up with her however, and now her entire squad was suffering for it. Tabitha turned back towards the gymnasium, watching as Sabrina had caught yet another cheer member.

It was Igrid, and Sabrina had flicked her up into the air and caught the girl with her mouth playfully. Tabitha watched as Sabrina swished Igrid around her mouth, coating her in a thick pool of her saliva to drown her in it. It only lasted for a few moments before Sabrina swallowed her whole, quickly prancing after her next victim. Tabitha was forced to watch it all, and knowing that she would be the last to go down Sabrina’s gullet brought her overwhelming grief as she began to sob hopelessly.

Ashley and Macy were running away together, trying to reach the bleachers in the hopes they could escape their fate. Macy turned around to see that Sabrina had set her sights on the two, and she had begun to panic.

“Ashley… I’m so sorry…” Macy cried.

“What for?” Ashley spat, trying to keep her pace up with Macy.

Macy answered her question by simply sticking out her leg and tripping the teen, Ashley falling flat on her face and losing her pace entirely. Macy had run off, and had left Ashley behind as bait. Ashley turned in horror to see Sabrina directly above her, but in an ironic twist of fate Sabrina simply stepped over the fallen girl and continued after Macy. Ashley let out a deep sigh of relief, getting to her feet and running in the opposite direction.

“Thought I’d fall for that huh?” Sabrina mocked, Macy turning around in horror to see Sabrina’s red flat directly above her. Sabrina brought her foot down in front of Macy, the shockwave of the impact causing Macy to fall onto her back.

“Oof!” Macy hit the back of her head hard against the gym floor, and before she could even reorient herself she felt a pair of fingers pluck her by the feet, “what!? NO! Please! Please don’t!”

“Tsk tsk tsk,” Sabrina teased, “leaving your own friend behind as bait? If anything that puts you at the top of my snacking list!”

“What the hell is wrong with you!?” Macy cried, “I’m a human fucking being!”

Sabrina giggled harmoniously as she began to raise Macy above her head, “you used to be a human being… Now you're just my little delicious snack!”

“Oh fuck…” Macy cried and frantically fought to kick herself from Sabrina’s grip. It was pointless, and in no time at all she watched as Sabrina’s lips parted wide open. 

The voracious blonde dropped Macy, and the cheerleader found herself hurtling towards Sabrina’s open maw. Sabrina’s aim was a bit off however, Macy’s body smacking Sabrina’s upper lip. She quickly began to slide into Sabrina’s mouth, and instinctively reached up and grabbed the space between Sabrina’s nostrils to stop her descent. Her legs were dangling into Sabrina’s mouth, while her chest rested against the teens plush lip.

“No no no no no no no no!” Macy cried, her legs kicking as she tried to pull herself from Sabrina’s mouth.

The blonde giggled deviously, clamping her lips shut around Macy’s legs. She began to slurp and suck on the frightened girl, Macy losing her grip and feeling herself get sucked into Sabrina’s awaiting mouth.

“No! NO!” Macy cried, “please! Have merc-”

Her words died as Sabrina sucked the rest of her tiny form into her mouth. Macy landed atop Sabrina’s wet tongue, and immediately began writhing around. Sabrina had many more cheerleaders to devour, and didn’t want to waste any more time as she attempted to force Macy into her throat. Macy refused to go without a fight, and as she felt her body getting forced into Sabrina’s gullet she made a last ditch effort and grabbed hold of the blonde’s slippery uvula.

“Ack!” Sabrina held her throat, gagging as her little defiant snack tugged on her uvula. She felt herself gagging violently, but despite it she attempted to swallow anyways.

Sabrina’s tongue smacked into Macy’s body over and over, a series of gulping noises ringing throughout Macy’s ears. The tiny girl simply held on for dear life, knowing that if she lost her grip her life was over for certain. She played a good game, Macy did, but unfortunately Sabrina was just too persistent. After the seventh swallow, Macy’s grip finally slipped and she was finally sent into Sabrina’s throat upon the eight swallow.

Gulp. Sabrina swallowed hard, relief washing over her as she finally felt Macy slide effortlessly down her esophagus and towards her stomach. She let out an audible burp, patting her tummy briefly before scanning the gymnasium floor for more prey. She spotted Ashley again, who was attempting to run around her and towards the bleachers again. Sabrina smiled, and made her move.

Macy was surrounded on all sides by the mucus covered membrane of Sabrina’s tight gullet. The girl squirmed and cried, sobbing profusely as she made her way towards the belly of the beast. Her feet landed upon a squishy surface, the sphincter, which promptly opened and allowed her to pass through towards the stomach. With a brief fall, and a splash, Macy was officially located inside of Sabrina’s gut.

“Who was that!?” Adaline cried, “who else has this whore eaten!?”

“It’s… It’s me…” Macy whimpered, “I can’t believe this is happening…”

Macy held up her hands, they were covered in bile and other stomach juices. Her body had already begun to tingle, and she knew it was the result of the potent stomach acids inside of her devourer’s gut.

“You’re telling me!?” Igrid scoffed, “this has to be a nightmare… Oh my God guys PLEASE TELL ME THIS IS A NIGHTMARE!”

“Will you quiet down!?” Molly scolded, “your screams are echoing and they are ringing in my ears!”

“Well excuse me for being concerned!” Igrid snapped, “we are fucking digesting inside of a whores stomach!”

Sabrina’s gut moaned and gurgled, her acids churning and digesting the contents of the cheerleaders within it. They all showed looks of pure disgust, as they bumped into each other while trying to move around in the pitch darkness. A gurgling could be heard from above, and as the girls continued to scream and bicker, they heard another splash of a victim who had soon joined them.

“Oh great… Now who has this bitch eaten!?” Igrid shouted.

“Oh my God!” Ashley screamed, “guys I’ve been eaten!”

“No shit,” Molly snapped, “welcome to the fucking club!”

Ashley panicked as she splashed around in the acid frantically, crying and screaming as her body was coated in bile and stomach acid. She had been snatched up by Sabrina moments before making it to the bleachers, and the merciless blonde devoured her as if she was nothing more than a delicacy.

“Will you stop splashing around!?” Macy scolded, “you’re getting it in my fucking mouth!”

“Macy!?” Ashley’s voice turned to that of rage, “you fucking bitch!”

Ashley began to kick and scratch at Macy, and two began to fight one another, “what the hell!? Get off me you crazy cunt!” Macy shouted, shoving Ashley so hard that the cheerleader fell into the pool of acid entirely.

Ashley jumped to the surface, coughing and sputtering from the bile that had gotten in her mouth, “you tripped me!” Ashley shouted in anger, “you fucking tripped me!”

“And what good did it do?” Macy retorted, “we both got eaten anyways…”

“You tripped Ashley?” Molly said in disbelief, “what the hell Macy!?”

“It was either her or me!” Macy snapped, “I’m trying to survive here!”

“Girls!” Adaline screamed, “calm the hell down!”

“Shut the fuck up!” Macy snapped, “this is all Tabitha’s fault! She made enemies with a damn witch!”

“Witch’s don’t exist!” Molly retorted.

“Then explain how we are in this bitch’s belly,” Igrid shouted, “you heard Laticia! She was screaming witch!”

“Laticia is a loon!” Molly mocked, “whatever is happening here… It’s gotta be backed by science!”

“Science my ass!” Adaline spat, “this whole fucking mess screams witchcraft!”

The girls continued to bicker and argue, fighting amongst one another as they all began to lose their minds. Sabrina’s belly continued to gurgle, churning the tiny contents inside of it as it digested them slowly. Sabrina had continued on to the rest of the cheerleaders, her lips salivating as she continued to hunt down the remaining five squad members. They were a bit spread out throughout the gym now however, but that wasn’t going to stop Sabrina from hunting every last one down.

“Prudence you crazy bitch!” Tabitha squirmed in her captor's grip, “you’re letting that blonde psycho kill them all!”

“So?” Prudence scoffed, “I must say, it’s rather enjoyable watching all your bitch friends get what’s coming to them…” Prudence gave a curled smile, holding Tabitha much closer to her face, “and you… Tabitha… When this is all over, you’ll be the last one.”

“Fuck you!” Tabitha spit at Prudence’s face, but her pathetic attempt only resulted in a miniscule amount of saliva falling several feet short, “you’re going to hell for this!”

“I’m a witch,” Prudence mocked, “I’m already going to hell.”

As Tabitha continued to argue and shout at Prudence, Daisy and Deedee were working together towards the west most side of the gym. They had watched several of their comrades get mercilessly devoured by the titan Sabrina, but their voracious nemesis was on the opposite side of the gym and they felt that they were safe for the time being.

“Daisy… DAISY!” Deedee was hyperventilating, “I don’t want to die… I don’t want to be eaten!”

“We aren’t going to get eaten!” Daisy smacked Deedee’s face, “get a hold of yourself! We need to focus if we are going to survive this nightmare!”

“Well what do we do!?” Deedee cried, trying her best to keep it together.

“We are very close to the bleachers now,” Daisy explained, “as long as we can get underneath the bleachers we’ll be just fi-”

Daisy was interrupted as Sabrina’s fingers wrapped around her entire body, pulling her off the floor and above a frantic Deedee, “Daisy!?” Deedee let out a series of blood curdling screams as she watched Sabrina tilt her head back, dropping Daisy into her wet mouth before a wet gulp was heard. Deedee froze in terror, watching as Sabrina took her fingers and began to trace down her throat, her free hand slipping into her panties where she forced Bri inside of her pussy as she grew increasingly horny. Of course Deedee knew not of Bri’s presence, but the fact that this blonde predator was getting off to the murders of her friends caused her to lose all hope.

“Daisy…?” Deedee couldn’t speak, and could not move. Her closest friend had just been devoured, swallowed in one easy gulp as if she was a pill to be taken. The travesty of it all had grown too much, and her heart had begun to crumble. She fell to her knees, tears dripping down her face, “damn you…” Deedee murmured, “damn you!”

“Ugh…” Sabrina moaned, “this is the greatest day of my life…” Sabrina peered down at Deedee, a sudden look of disgust in her eyes, “hey! You’re one of the cunts that put down that Lindsay chick!”

“So!?” Deedee spat, “you… You ate my friends! You’re evil!”

“Evil?” Sabrina rolled her eyes, “I’m merely filling my hungry belly… And you’re not really ‘people’ at this size so I’d hardly say what I’m doing is evil.”

Deedee was in disbelief, “are you fucking kidding me!? Of course we are still people!”

“I don’t think I like your attitude,” Sabrina crossed her arms, “and you know what… I don’t like the way you treat your ‘friends’ either… The way you treated that teammate of yours was despicable! Not sure I want a bitch like you digesting inside of me…”

“Good then!” Deedee scoffed, “I don’t want to be eaten by a stupid slut like you anyways! You filthy bitch!”

Sabrina glared, “I’ve had enough of you… Goodbye,” Sabrina lifted her foot, hovering it above Deedee’s diminutive body. Deedee’s burst of confidence quickly faded, as the titanic sole of Sabrina’s shoe cast an incredible shadow overhead. Though she knew she was going to die regardless, in the end she could only be thankful that her death would be a quick one. Though she wished Daisy wouldn’t have to suffer, but Deedee knew it wouldn’t be her problem after a short moment.

Sabrina crashed her foot into the ground, blood splattering in all directions beneath her foot. Even with her shoe on, she could feel Deedee’s body explode beneath it. The satisfaction was great, but it was only just that. Sabrina did not get off to this sort of act, she simply hated Deedee for her cruel attitude. Sabrina almost wanted to do the same to Tabitha, but Tabitha was Prudence’s to deal with. Sabrina didn’t even bother looking at Deedee’s remains, she simply returned to her cheerful manor and turned around to continue scanning the floor for the remainder of the cheer squad members.

“Wait what!?” Sabrina looked everywhere, “Prudence… I don’t see the last three.”

“Sabrina…” Prudence called out to her blonde friend, gesturing towards the gymnasium entrance where a familiar figure stood. Sabrina turned to see Bethany at the doors, her palm held in the air holding Lindsay and Laticia. In her other hand was Katarina, who was promptly dumped into the nerd's mouth. Sabrina was in shock, watching as Bethany sloshed Katarina around her mouth. The tiny girl's screams could be heard, but were quickly snuffed out when Bethany tilted her head back and swallowed her whole. Laticia and Lindsay were both sobbing in the girl's palm, knowing their lives were likely going to come to an end soon.

“Wow…” Bethany let out a small burp, giggling cheerfully, “at first I was confused why you were eating them all… But now I can see why, they taste really good!”

“What… Why…” Prudence almost didn’t know what to say, but she began to hold up her fingers in order to shrink the unexpected witness.

Bethany quickly held up her hand to stop her, “don’t bother, your spell won’t work on me Prudence.”

“Oh? And why’s that…” Prudence asked, glaring at Bethany suspiciously.

Bethany smiled, “imagine my surprise… When I find Priscilla nudged against my asshole…” Bethany reached into her pocket with her now free hand and pulled out an emotionally distraught Priscilla, “not only is she shrunk… But she claims to have been ‘cursed by a witch’.”

Bethany began to giggle playfully, “I have wanted to curse this bitch for a long time, for the way she’s treated me… But I never imagined there was such a thing as a shrinking curse!” Bethany took a few steps closer to Prudence, “I owe you a lot for this Prude. Priscilla is my eternal play thing as punishment for what she’s done to me… I was wondering if we could, you know… Be witch sisters?”

Sabrina looked over at Prudence with a pout, not entirely sure what was happening. Prudence’s grip around Tabitha tightened a bit more, as Prudence pondered what to do, “witch sisters huh…?”

“Think of all the fun we could have…” Bethany cooed, “we would own this school… We could do whatever we wanted!”

“Thanks but no thanks,” Prudence quickly blurted, “I can already do whatever I want… And Sabrina and Bri are already my sisters. I don’t need another…”

Bethany shrugged, “fair enough. Just think about it though… You know how to find me.”

Bethany turned and began to walk away, Lindsay and Laticia still in tow. Sabrina quickly spoke out, “wait! I want Lindsay!”

Lindsay’s heart faded, her eyes darting down towards Sabrina’ stomach. Lindsay began to sob heavily, knowing that she was going to join her entire squad inside of Sabrina’s gut. Bethany smirked, “gotta eat another now don’t yuh? Fine by me…”

“I’m not going to eat her,” Sabrina snapped, “she gets to live…”

Prudence looked at Sabrina in shock, almost as if she was hallucinating, “you aren’t going to eat her?”

“Her friends treated her like shit,” Sabrina explained, “she doesn’t deserve to die. Instead she can be my little toy, you’ll behave now won’t you Lindsay?”

Lindsay quickly nodded, not hesitating to take the chance of survival. Laticia grew angry, “what!? What about me!?”

“Bethany can have you, I don’t care,” Sabrina rolled her eyes.

“Alright then, here you go,” Bethany plucked Lindsay off her palm, handing the frightened girl over to Sabrina who eagerly took her into her own, “anyways, you know where to find me Prudence. Just think about what I’ve offered you.”

“I’ll think about it…” Prudence narrowed her eyes.

“Great! Talk to you later!” Bethany quickly plopped Laticia into her mouth, and of course the tiny girl began to scream immediately. Bethany walked out of the gymnasium with Priscilla shoved back into her pocket, and Laticia sent down her gullet. The doors closed behind her and she was gone from sight. Prudence and Sabrina looked at one another, not entirely sure what to make of what just happened.

“Oh my God…” Tabitha panicked, “there’s fucking two of you!?”

“Did I say you could talk!?” Prudence shouted, using her thumb to press Tabitha’s face into her index finger to shut her up.

“W-what now?” Lindsay asked, looking up at Sabrina in fear.

Sabrina smiled, “you’ll serve me later… For now you’re going to join Bri.”

“Bri?” Lindsay was confused, “who is Br-”

Sabrina promptly shoved Lindsay into her panties, where the tiny girl was met with another of her stature. Lindsay was pressed against Sabrina’s pussy, but to her surprise she found another to be there already. Bri looked at Lindsay with depravity, her body weak and exhausted from such a long and dripping wet morning. Sabrina patted her crotch, biting her lip now that she felt two tiny toys down in her sensitive spot.

“Well fuck,” Prudence groaned, “I didn’t know there was another witch in this school…”

“Why couldn’t you shrink her?” Sabrina asked.

“She’s a witch… Us witches are protected by the Dark Grimoire, an ancient spellbound book that prevents witches from turning on one another…” Prudence explained.

“Woah… Where is this book at?” Sabrina asked.

“It remains with the Dark Bishop,” Prudence answered, “but no one has seen him in the last two hundred years according to the tales.”

“So I guess we just befriended Bethany then?” Sabrina pouted, “though I don’t like the thought of her stealing my food… That didn’t make me very happy…”

“Hell no,” Prudence snapped, “if anything… Bethany poses a threat to my reign! This school is only big enough for one witch… And it sure as hell won’t be her!”

“Well what can we do about it?” Sabrina asked.


Prudence smiled, “it’s simple… We find the Dark Grimoire, and destroy it.”




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Episode 3 by Frizzle
Author's Notes:

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“H… H-hello?” Ashley whimpered, her voice hoarse and her body in severe pain as Sabrina’s stomach acids continued eating at her body bit by bit. She had sores and rashes all over her arms and legs and body, blood seeping from them as the acid continued to work on her body and break her down for Sabrina’s intestines to finish her off at some point.

“Is… Is anyone still…” Ashley’s voice cracked, her eyes clenching tight as more tears dripped down her cheeks. They would evaporate quickly, the steaming hot and humid climate of the giant blondes gut too harsh for Ashley to endure much longer.

“I am…” A quiet voice answered in the darkness. Ashley opened her eyes, though she couldn’t see who or where the respondent was. She unfolded her arms, slowly wading through the painful pool of bile and other bits of digested cheerleader from her squad. She had feared the rest of her friends had been sucked into Sabrina’s intestines already, but a small amount of relief washed over her when she heard one of them answer her calls.

“Who is it?” Ashley spoke out, her voice starting to come back to her a little now that she was using it again.

“It’s… Macy…” Macy answered, starting to come into view as Ashley grew closer to her.

“You…” Ashley couldn’t help but grit her teeth, “of course it’s you…”

Macy let out a painful and sharp laugh, before clutching her chest in pain, “yeah… Cruel joke isn’t it…”

“That I’m stuck with the bitch who tripped me?” Ashley retorted, “if we had worked together… If you hadn’t tripped me… Maybe we could have-”

“What?” Macy interrupted, “we could have what? The bitch had us, and whether I tripped you or not we were doomed to end up here. So do me a favor and let my final moments be in peace will you?”

Ashley sighed, wanting to harass Macy some more but deciding to let it go. She was right after all, their lives were over now. Ashley was still having a hard time coming to terms with it, but it seemed Macy already had. Ashley balled up her fists, scowling in anger as she lifted her fist in the air and began to curse.

“Are you happy bitch!?” Ashley screamed, “you ate and digested all of my friends! Are you fucking happy!?”

“For the love of God will you shut up already?” Macy spat, “she can’t hear you, and even if she did you’d probably just make her dripping wet…”

Ashley reared her head back towards Macy, “how are you so calm!? We watched our friends die and now we’re next! Are you just going to give up!?”

“Ashley…” Macy whispered dryly, “do you still have all of your limbs?”

Ashley froze, looking at Macy in confusion, “what..?”

“Do you… Have… All of your limbs,” Macy repeated slowly.

Ashley felt a sense of dread wash over her, as she took her hands and patted her legs and feet. She could feel the sores and rashes all over her body, but even so her feet, legs, hands and arms were still there, “I do…” Ashley whispered, looking back over to where Macy was resting against the wall of Sabrina’s stomach.

“Lucky you…” Macy whispered peacefully, “when you realize your legs are gone… Once the shock wears out… Then you’ll understand why I’m so calm…”

Ashley began to back away, shaking her head, “no… That’s wrong. This is wrong! We shouldn’t be here! I shouldn’t BE HERE!”

Ashley began to panic and freak out, thrashing around in the pool of acid and making her way towards one end of the stomach. She ran up to it and began pounding and kicking and screaming, “let me out of here! I don’t want to die! I don’t want to be legless! PLEASE!”

“We were all dead the moment she swallowed us…” Macy whispered as Ashley continued to scream, “the moment… She… Swallowed….. Us.” Macy’s eyes slowly drifted close, the trauma on her body too much as her life faded from her eyes. She would be the lucky one, not having to endure the second stage of digestion and the horrors that came with it. Ashley had run to the wrong end of the stomach, though she did not yet realize it. She was not only pounding on a wall of Sabrina’s stomach, but the sphincter that connected Sabrina’s stomach to her small intestines.




As Ashley pounded, the sphincter suddenly opened up as it began to suck in more of the contents of the petite blonde's belly. Ashley was the first to be taken, her screams bloodcurdling followed by a quick silence as the sphincter closed shut after swallowing her up. Macy’s dead corpse was all that remained now, in the silent confines of Sabrina’s gut.

On the other side however silence was non-existent with Ashley’s continued screams and cries for help, her body forced into a narrow and slimy passage where the air was scarce to none and the walls all around her on fire. Juices were being secreted from the walls, a digestive enzyme that was coating Ashley’s entire body to help break her down further for digestion. The pain Ashley felt before was nothing compared to now, this new enzyme far more painful and effective than the acid back in the stomach.

“Help me!” Ashley cried, “God please! Please forgive me, I’m so sorry for what I did to Lindsay PLEASE!”

She prayed and begged, kicking and punching everything she could harder than she ever had up to this point. She felt her body breaking down, she felt the sores open up as blood poured out of her wounds. She began to convulse and shake as shock began to take over, her head shaking violently as her ungodly screams echoed throughout the intestines she was trapped inside of.

“Sabrina!” Ashley screamed, “SABRINA!!!!!”

Sabrina couldn’t hear her, nor had she even felt the poor teens struggles. Ashley fought and begged, but in the end it would all be in vain. Her body was Sabrina’s now, and it would nourish the blonde's figure and growth just like the rest of Ashley’s cheer squad had. Ashley cried and cried, now just praying that the pain would finally end.

“Please!” Ashley cried, “Please just let me die!”

Though she’d get her wish soon enough, she would still suffer in agonizing torture for several moments more as her body was taken down the passage of the small intestine. The digestive enzymes kept secreting, coating her body, her body breaking down more and more as Sabrina’s digestive system worked with ease on Ashley’s tiny body. The young girl never would have stood a chance, none of her friends did.

“Please…” Ashley whispered, the pain and trauma she was enduring beginning to numb her entirely, “I’m… I’m sorry…” Ashley’s eyes began to close, her body beginning to reach the final stage of digestion where she’d be finished off entirely. The last thought in her mind was that her entire life had led to this very moment. Her body was broken down, her remains disintegrated as what was left was moved into the large intestine. Her nutrients would nourish Sabrina’s body, the unwanted remains left to be processed into the blondes waste.

Ashley’s skeletal remains were all that were left, mashed and mixed in with the shit that was moving throughout Sabrina’s bowels. With a mass building up and applying pressure inside the sleeping teen, Sabrina stirred awake as she felt the call of nature. She groaned and stirred, tossing her covers off as she groggily slipped her feet over the edge of the bed and onto the floor. Her bare feet pressed against the soft carpet, her toes wiggling as she stretched her arms.

“Oh boy…” Sabrina moaned, standing up and heading out of her bedroom and down the hall where she made her way into the bathroom. She was already butt naked, and simply lifted the toilet seat before planting her ass on it. She hunched forward, resting her arms on her knees as she bit her lip. She relaxed her asshole, feeling her crap pressing against the inside of her ass waiting to be let out.

“Let's see what’s left of them…” Sabrina moaned, wondering what kind of torment and suffering the gym cheer squad had gone through inside her body. She loved wondering how long they survived, if others lived longer than the rest and so forth. She began to squeeze, clenching her asshole pleasantly as a giant turd began to excrete from her bowels.

“Hnng…” Sabrina groaned, feeling the massive shit leave her ass as it plopped into the toilet with a splash. Sabrina relaxed again, moaning to herself as she continued imagining the suffering the cheerleaders had endured. She didn’t feel a lick of remorse, not for a single one of them. In her mind they weren’t human anymore, simply little delicacies to be savored and eaten. Besides, Sabrina believed that they had deserved it anyways given the way they treated their own friend.

Sabrina began to squeeze again, another turd slipping through her asshole before splashing into the toilet water down below. Sabrina let out a satisfied deep breath, playing with her tongue in her mouth as she felt relieved. She spread her legs wide open, peering into the toilet to see how many skeletons she could spot. She only spotted one, and a cruel smile spread across her lips.

“Hmm,” Sabrina hummed, “I wonder, which one were you?”

Sabrina giggled amusedly, rubbing her belly and wishing she had more little snacks to eat. For a split moment she considered changing her mind and eating Lindsay after all, but then shook her head and tossed the idea into the furthest region of her mind. She reached over and grabbed toilet paper off the roll, wiping her ass clean and tossing the foul pieces into the toilet bowl which covered her giant turds. When she felt that her ass was clean, she stood up and reached over to flush the toilet.

“Hope you enjoyed your trip through my body,” Sabrina cooed, “say hello to Dillon’s parents for me!” Sabrina giggled, flushing the toilet and watching her waste get sent down into the sewers.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------!END OF SCAT AND FATAL FULL TOUR! RESUME READING!


Bri’s eyes burst open, her head lifting up as the sound of a flush was heard in the hallway. She looked around frantically, realizing that she was no longer inside of Sabrina’s vagina. She had been trapped all day yesterday in Sabrina’s cunt, and was even left inside of it throughout the night. This had been the first time in almost twenty four hours that she had seen the outside of her tormentor’s pussy.

“You’re awake…” Lindsay whispered, sitting not too far away and clutching her knees to her chest.

Bri looked over at her, tears welling up in her eyes. She wiped them away quickly, trying to control her breathing as she calmed herself down. “Where did she go…” Bri asked in a whisper.

“To the bathroom I think…” Lindsay nearly choked on her words, “my cheer squad… I… They…”

“Don’t dwell on it too much…” Bri interrupted, “it will only make the pain worse.”

“I don’t feel any pain,” Lindsay responded, tilting her head up to look over at Bri, “they always treated me horribly… I wanted them to pay. They deserved it…”

“No one deserves that,” Bri spat, “count your lucky fucking stars that Sabrina decided to keep you alive…”

“Why are you still alive?” Lindsay asked.

“I guess Prudence wants to punish me more…” Bri answered, rubbing her forehead anxiously.

“For what..?” Lindsay asked curiously.

“I fucked her boyfriend…” Bri answered, “that’s the short of it.”

“Oh…” Lindsay frowned, “you guys were best friends or something?”

“Something like that…” Bri answered.

The door to the bedroom burst open as Sabrina entered from the hall. Her voluptuous breasts hung at her chest, her nipples hard. Sabrina bit her lip, rubbing her belly as if to tease the two on her bedside as she strode over to its edge. Bri and Lindsay slowly crept backwards, both very nervous as Sabrina looked down at them with a seductive smile.

“Ugh… You both look so delicious…” Sabrina cooed, licking her lips as she placed her hands on the bed and hovered over them.

“Please…” Lindsay begged, “I’ll do anything! Just please don’t eat me!”

Sabrina rolled her eyes, “oh calm down, I’m not going to eat you… Though I considered it…”

“You’re… You’re not?” Lindsay gulped nervously.

“If I were, I’d have eaten you already trust me,” Sabrina answered, “but I won’t lie to you Lindsay. If you bore me… At any time, then yeah I’ll probably end up eating you.”

Lindsay began to tear up again, clutching her knees to her chest, “but… But…!”

“I just said don’t bore me and you immediately begin to do just that!” Sabrina laughed as she slapped her palm against her forehead, “sheesh, you are too easy to scare you know that? I’m not going to eat you alright? Ever. I was only joking!”

Lindsay wiped away the tears, hyperventilating a little as she tried to remain calm, “I’m… I’m sorry…”

“I guess I can’t blame you for being such a baby huh?” Sabrina said, “your ‘friends’ treated you like shit. And now they are shit… Ironic justice huh?”

Lindsay nodded, “sure… Of course…”

“Does it make you happy?” Sabrina asked, biting her lip as she lurched her fingers forward and plucked Lindsay off the bed sheets. Lindsay panicked, not sure whether to struggle or not as she was brought towards Sabrina’s body.

Sabrina arched her back, pushing her gut forward as she pressed Lindsay against it. Lindsay’s body was engulfed by the smooth and soft skin of Sabrina’s belly, the smell of strawberry lotion filling her nostrils. She could hear the groaning and churning inside of the giant woman, and Lindsay couldn’t help but picture how horrific it must have been to be inside of it.

“That’s where they died,” Sabrina teased, “my stomach digested them alive, and their remains fueled my sexy body… Isn’t that hot?”

Lindsay was showing visible signs of uncomfort, “I… Please… Put me down!”

Sabrina pouted, “sheesh… I thought you’d enjoy their deaths. I did you a favor you know? Could show a little gratitude…”

Sabrina decided to be nice and she placed Lindsay back down on the sheets. Lindsay backed away a few steps, looking up at Sabrina skeptically. On the one hand she was almost happy to see that her wicked cheer squad had suffered such a fitting fate, but on the other hand she wondered if her fate was going to be any different in the end.

“Why did you let me live…” Lindsay asked, looking up at Sabrina in fear.

“Why?” Sabrina raised an eyebrow, “I don’t know… I guess I just felt sorry for you.”

“Oh…” Lindsay wasn’t really sure what kind of answer she was looking for, “so… What are you going to do with me?”

“You really wanna know?” Sabrina bit her lip, wondering if she should just be honest to Lindsay. She was going to find out soon enough anyways.

“Please…” Lindsay closed her eyes, trying to fight back the tears, “just be straight with me… I can’t take the torture of not knowing…”

“I’m going to fuck you,” Sabrina spoke, “in fact I was thinking of tying you and Bri to my dildo and cramming you up my pussy… No ass stuff though, I’m not really into anal so you don’t have to worry about that hot stuff.”

“Oh…” Lindsay gulped, “is… Is that it?”

“What?” Sabrina raised an eyebrow, and Bri looked at Lindsay with a confused look as well.

“I mean… You don’t want me to do other stuff for you?” Lindsay asked nervously.

“Like… What?” Sabrina was confused, not sure where Lindsay was going with this, “are you offering to do something else for me?”

“I mean… This is my life now isn’t it?” Lindsay asked, “I’m going to please you for the rest of my life now right? I just wonder if there are other ways to do it than just one thing you know?”

“I mean… Are you asking me to eat you?” Sabrina was confused.

“No no…” Lindsay quickly spoke, not at all wanting to meet her end inside the giant blonde teen, “do you like… Foot rubs? Or maybe I could massage your tits or something?”

“Ok…” Sabrina was shocked, not sure what to make of this at all. Bri looked at Lindsay as if she were insane. 

‘Is she really offering to pleasure Sabrina in other ways?’ Bri thought to herself, ‘what the fuck!?’

“Lindsay…” Sabrina sat down on the edge of the bed, the mattress caving inwards and nearly sending Bri and Lindsay onto their ass as they tried to remain balanced. Sabrina looked down at Lindsay curiously, “are you offering to please me in other ways?”

“I am…” Lindsay answered honestly, “is… Is that wrong of me?”

Sabrina shook her head with an amused grin on her face, “of course not… It’s just every single tiny before you has screamed and struggled. But you haven’t struggled once since I took you from Bethany’s possession… Why?”

“I didn’t want her to eat me…” Lindsay answered.

“I ate almost your entire cheer squad,” Sabrina retorted, “how did you know I wouldn’t eat you?

“You said you wouldn’t…” Lindsay answered.

“I could have been lying,” Sabrina spoke, “in fact as I shat your squad into the toilet I almost decided on eating you anyways. So how does that make you feel?”

“Are you?” Lindsay asked.

“What…?” Sabrina was confused yet again.

“Are you going to eat me?” Lindsay repeated.

“No…” Sabrina answered, narrowing her eyes at the tiny girl.

“Then what do I have to fear?” Lindsay asked.

“I literally am going to tie you to my dildo and cram you deep inside of my dripping wet cunt…” Sabrina described in excess detail, “that doesn’t scare you at all?”

“I guess not…” Lindsay whispered, looking down shyly and kicking her foot around at the sheets.

“What do you think Bri,” Sabrina turned her gaze over to Bri, and the frightened girl looked up at her anxiously, “would you like to rub my feet or lick my rock hard nipples for a change? Or would you rather go back in my pu-”

“Yes!” Bri blurted, “I mean… Yes… My goddess…”

“Hmm…” Sabrina sighed, “I’ve never had my feet rubbed before… But honestly I kinda wanna see what it feels like to have you two worshipping my nipples. The thought of it amuses me…”

“Of course!” Lindsay smiled anxiously.

Sabrina was still a little curious as to why Lindsay was being so obedient. At this point she was very grateful she hadn’t devoured her, because so far she was proving to be quite the promising little toy.

“I am going to ask you something Lindsay,” Sabrina said, “you won’t lie to me now will you?”

“Of course not!” Lindsay quickly answered, “what do you want to know?”

“Why are you so obedient?” Sabrina asked, leaning her nude and glorious figure closer to the tiny girl, “and don’t lie to me…”

Lindsay swallowed nervously, looking down as she found herself unable to look into Sabrina’s eyes. She knew the answer, but she found herself having trouble speaking it. She let out a sigh, looking back up at Sabrina nervously, “I… I think you’re beautiful…”

Bri dropped her jaw in disbelief, “what?”

“You what?” Sabrina too was taken aback slightly, “I mean… Thanks? But aren’t you afraid of me?”

“I was at first…” Lindsay spoke nervously, “I’m… I’m a lesbo…”

“Oh my…” Bri shook her head, rubbing her temple in frustration. Not only was she stuck with Sabrina, but now she was stuck with this moron who apparently had a thing for the giant blonde. Bri cursed under her breath, not sure if she could take much more of this nonsense.

“You’re a lesbo?” Sabrina raised an eyebrow, “so you’re… Attracted to me or something?”

“I’m sorry…” Lindsay apologized nervously, “I hope that doesn’t put you off…”

“I’m straight as can be darling,” Sabrina smiled gently, “but if you wanna get off while getting me off I won’t stop you alright? In fact… The thought of it is rather hot.”

“Really?” Lindsays face lit up, “I won’t lie… The thought of…”

“The thought of what?” Sabrina asked, biting her lip and rubbing her hands over her breasts, “tell me… I want to hear it.”

“The thought of… Of being your little toy,” Lindsay continued, “it’s kinda… Sexy.”

“Oh God,” Sabrina crawled onto the bed, hovering over the little teen, “I’m going to have so much fun with you… Thank God I didn’t eat you…”

‘You’ve got to be fucking kidding me,’ Bri thought to herself, rolling her eyes, ‘someone please kill me already…’

The sudden knock on Sabrina’s bedroom door caused them all to freeze and look over across the room. Sabrina was confused, knowing that Prudence had gone off to search for that odd book she had mentioned. Sabrina got off her bed and called out, “who is it?”

“It’s Bethany,” Bethany answered, “can I come in?”

Sabrina opened her door, not bothering to dress herself as she saw Bethany standing before her. Sabrina raised an eyebrow, “how did you get in here?”

“I’m a witch…” Bethany giggled, “I know how to get into places, discreetly.”

“What… What do you want?” Sabrina asked, a little nervous to have a witch in her presence that wasn’t Prudence.

“Oh you know…” Bethany smiled wickedly, “to have some… Fun.”

Meanwhile, across town in the graveyard just beyond the woods was Prudence. She had just arrived, a tome in her hand that she had crafted for a summoning spell. Finding the Dark Grimoire was impossible on one's own, and she knew if she was going to find it she would have to confront the Dark Bishop first.

“Where is it…” Prudence muttered, looking over the graves for the one she sought. Finally her eyes spotted a large gargoyle tomb just ahead, one with ruby red eyes and a concrete tomb that it stood upon, “there you are…”

Prudence approached the tomb, placing her tome down upon its surface and backing away a few paces. She lifted her hands, closing her eyes as she prepared to cast the summoning ritual.

“Et prudentia arcessenda magni et potentes viribus a tenebris ad episcopum per tenebras…” Prudence spoke, casting the ritual in the ancient latin language needed to cast the spell.

The wind began to pick up, leaves blowing across the ground as an eerie force began to wash over her. She looked up at the gargoyle, it’s ruby eyes flickering to life as she backed away a few paces more anxiously. She had never summoned anything before, so she wasn’t entirely sure what to expect. As quickly as the wind blew however it had also ended. The eyes of the gargoyle died out, and silence filled her ears as everything went still.

“That’s… That’s it?” Prudence balled up her fists, a little disappointed but not entirely surprised, “I guess I’ll have to find another way…” Prudence sighed, shaking her head in frustration as she turned around. Immediately she met the eyes of a tall man, in dark black clothing towering over her. Her eyes shot wide open, and she stumbled backwards into the gargoyle tomb as she looked at the man in confusion and fear.

“You dare summon me?” The tall man spoke, taking a few steps towards her, “tell me what has brought me here, speak girl!”

“I…” Prudence swallowed anxiously, standing tall and regaining her composure. Her spell had worked after all, “I summoned you because I want to know where I can find the Dark Grimoire…”

The man narrowed his eyes, circling around Prudence as he studied her carefully. A smile crept across his lips, his hands placed behind his back as he raised a brow, “and why would I tell a novice, little witch where the most powerful book of magic in all worlds is placed?”

“I seek to destroy it,” Prudence spoke, “and I’m no novice witch…”

“No?” The tall man stopped, looking deep into Prudence’s eyes, “I suppose you are correct, considering you learned to master a curse with the simple snap of two fingers…”

“What…” Prudence narrowed her eyes, “how could you possibly…”

“I know everything you foolish girl,” the tall man echoed, “I knew you’d attempt to summon me, and though your ritual was pathetic I chose to come here anyways. Did you truly think you possessed the knowledge and power to actually bring me here?”

“Then…” Prudence was confused, “then why did you come?”

“Because though you are weak and foolish, I see great potential inside of you Prudence,” the man spoke, “the Dark Grimoire cannot be destroyed. It is impossible. However… I might be willing to lend you the book to enhance your magical abilities…”

“Would I be able to kill another witch?” Prudence asked, holding a finger up to her chin in curiosity.

“Of course,” the man answered, “so I take it, are you willing to hear my offer?”

“Go on…” Prudence crossed her arms.

“Do you know who I am?” The man asked, turning his back to Prudence as he stared off into the graveyard.

“The Dark Bishop…” Prudence answered.

“A name given to me by ignorant warlocks and witches,” the man scoffed, “I am no bishop. I am a warlock, the first of all warlocks… And you Prudence, are the first I’ve shown myself to for a very long time…”

Prudence’s eyes opened wide, her mouth ajar in disbelief, “no way… You’re… Him!?”

The man smiled, turning around to face Prudence once again, “yes I am… Diablos.”

Prudence fell to her knees, bowing before him immediately, “forgive me… I did not know who I attempted to summon…”

“Stand my child,” Diablos ordered, Prudence quickly obeying and standing to her feet, “I did not come here for you to grovel at my feet. I am the creator of the Dark Grimoire, and as the first of all warlocks I shall grant you it’s limitless power if you agree to the terms of my offer.”

“Anything,” Prudence said, “let me hear it.”

“When you are done here,” Diablos began, “when you are finished with the witch you seek to destroy… I want you to travel to a place and find someone for me.”

“Who?” Prudence asked, looking at him curiously.

“She is called ‘Kali’,” Diablos answered, “find her, contain her, and you shall use her as bait…”

“Bait for what?” Prudence asked.

“There is a being that presents a threat to us, one of which magic cannot harm nor bother…” Diablos explained, “this ‘Kali’ is someone close to them… And they will be the key in drawing this being forth.”

“Just tell me where I need to go… And it shall be done,” Prudence spoke, the anticipation of great power welling up inside of her.

“The city of Seattle,” Diablos ordered, “that is where you shall complete this task…”

“And what is the name of this being I’m baiting?” Prudence asked.

“It is of no importance,” he answered, “find Kali, and you shall find the one I seek.”

“Very well…” Prudence gulped anxiously, “and… The book?”

Diablos turned, motioning his eyes towards the gargoyle tomb. Prudence turned around, her eyes opening wide when she saw the Dark Grimoire placed upon the tomb.

“Don’t squander this power…” Diablos warned, “for over a millennia I have sought a wicked soul worthy enough to wield its power… Do not fail me.”

“I shan’t…” Prudence answered, reaching for the Dark Grimoire as a dark energy began to course through her body. Her hand grabbed the book, her body convulsing as its power entered her body. Her eyes turned white, her body shaking as the book rose in the air and opened itself. Dark energies emitted from its pages, possessing her body and granting her the knowledge and power that it beheld. In a matter of seconds the book closed, Prudence falling to her knees as she regained her strength.

“Now deal with your menial problem,” Diablos ordered, “and make haste for Seattle…”

Prudence turned around, but Diablos was gone. She stood to her feet, a sweat building up on her forehead. She grabbed the book from the tomb, opening it carefully as she read its pages. She let out a wide grin, looking up at the gargoyle with a curious look of excitement.

“Praemium…” Prudence whispered, the gargoyle exploding into a thousand pieces instantly. It’s ruby eyes blew, the rest of the pieces scattering across the ground. Prudence smiled with satisfaction, feeling this new power course through her entire body.

“Get ready Bethany,” Prudence whispered, “you’ll be the first I test my new powers on…”

Meanwhile, back in Sabrina’s bedroom things had begun to take an interesting turn. Sabrina took a few steps backwards, a nervous sweat building up on her forehead as Bethany pranced inside cheerfully. She twitched her ass cheeks a little, which was due to the struggling of Priscilla who was wedged between them. Bethany looked around Sabrina’s room, her eyes resting on the bed sheets where she saw Bri sitting and staring up at her.

“That must be Bri,” Bethany motioned over towards Bri with her eyes.

Sabrina turned around, “yeah… You know her?”

Bethany bit her lip anxiously, “don’t be creeped out or anything, but I may have overheard Prudence telling you not to eat her and whatnot… I’ve been keeping a close eye on you guys actually.”

Sabrina looked at her skeptically, “I’m not supposed to be creeped out by that?”

Bethany giggled innocently, “you seem afraid of me, do I scare you Sabrina?”

“No!” Sabrina quickly answered, “of course not…”

“Really?” Bethany took another step forward, biting her lip as she looked sensually into Sabrina’s eyes, “you aren’t afraid of being alone with a… Witch?”

“Prudence is a witch…” Sabrina retorted, looking away nervously.

“Yeah but she’s also your friend,” Bethany mocked teasingly, “no need to worry Sabrina. I’ve been trying to figure out the shrinking curse since last night… I can’t seem to figure it out!”

“Oh…” Sabrina grew even more nervous, “what… What for?”

“Hmm?” Bethany cocked her head.

“What are you trying to learn it for..?” Sabrina asked again, clearing her throat afterwards.

Bethany took her fingers and began to finger walk them up Sabrina’s shoulders, “you want the truth?”

“Uh… Yeah?” Sabrina gulped, a tingling sensation washing over her body as Bethany’s tender fingers walked up the skin of her arm.

“I think you’re hot,” Bethany flirted, “what a nice surprise to show up to your gorgeous body…”

Sabrina had nearly forgotten she was naked, suddenly feeling awkward and covering her breasts with the arm that Bethany wasn’t touching. Bethany bit her lip, “am I making you nervous? I’m sorry…” Bethany removed her hand, winking at Sabrina teasingly, “honestly Sabrina I was hoping I’d be able to master the curse so I could shrink you.”

“Wh… What!?” Sabrina backed away in fear now, no longer trying to hide it, “but… But why!?”

“Honestly I might have a thing for you Sabrina,” Bethany admitted, “I know you aren’t lesbian, so I was hoping to shrink you so I could force you to fuck me… But since I failed I decided I’d ask nicely.”

“Um…” Sabrina was screaming in her head, praying that Prudence would return sooner rather than later. She didn’t know how long Prudence would take to find this ‘Dark Grimoire’ and now she was wishing that she had asked.

“I brought my toy,” Bethany cooed, wiggling her butt, “she’s kind of an asshole, so I thought it’d be ironic if you’d shove her inside of one… What do you say?”

“You… You want me to shove her up your ass?” Sabrina wanted to run for it, but she had a feeling that wasn’t an option. She didn’t know the extent of Bethany’s magical abilities, and decided it would be best to remain calm until she could formulate a plan.

“Yes Sabrina,” Bethany confirmed, “I want you to cram her so deep into my asshole… I want to feel her body break inside of me… So what do you say?” Bethany looked over at Sabrina’s bed again, “hell I’ll even shove her up your ass as a favor!”

“I’m not into anal…” Sabrina responded, “and Bri is having a break right now…” Sabrina of course didn’t give a rats ass whether Bri was exhausted or not, but she didn’t trust Bethany anywhere near the tiny teen. Sabrina knew what would happen if something happened to her, and she didn’t trust Bethany at all.

“Not into anal huh…” Bethany sighed in disappointment, “well you’ll at least help me out won’t you? I’m the kind of girl who likes to savor the experience… I can’t do that if Priscilla is struggling in my grasp the entire time yuh know?”

“Will it get you out of my room?” Sabrina blurted, her patience running thin and her courage beginning to return to her.

Bethany bit her lip, “mmm… Harsh and blunt are we? Yes Sabrina, help me get my revenge on Priscilla for all the bullying she’s done to me over the years and I will leave alright?” Bethany looked back to the bed again, “also I haven’t seen that other cheerleader from yesterday. Did you eat her after all? Or is she somewhere… Else.”

Sabrina turned around, realizing that Lindsay was indeed gone. It disheartened the blonde a little, considering that Lindsay had appeared to be completely willing in terms of obedience. Sabrina couldn’t focus on her right now however, Lindsay was the least of her worries. Besides, Sabrina wasn’t sure she wanted Bethany to know where Lindsay was anyways, so she decided to lie.

“Yeah I ate her,” Sabrina lied, “she looked too damn tasty, couldn’t resist I guess.”

“Mmm…” Bethany moaned, “such a sexy predator… It really is a shame that you’re straight, you are so hot and dominant…”

“I’m really not,” Sabrina retorted.

“What?” Bethany asked, “hot? Or dominant?”

“Can we just get this over with?” Sabrina begged, “no offense Bethany… But I really don’t know you at all, I’m naked, and I’m about to shove Priscilla up your asshole… Honestly I’m only agreeing to this at all because Priscilla is a cunt and I want to enjoy watching her suffer.”

“That’s all I needed to hear,” Bethany grinned deviously, “just let me get… Comfortable.”

Bethany lifted her arms, placing her right foot behind her left heel and moving in a twirling motion as she turned three hundred and sixty degrees in a complete circle. Before Sabrina’s very eyes Bethany’s clothing had suddenly vanished. Clearly it was magic, but Sabrina couldn’t help but be somewhat impressed. Bethany had pretty small boobs, she was only an A cup, or maybe a B. She was very slender, a toned stomach and smooth soft skin. The nerdy girl turned around, pointing her ass in Sabrina’s direction. Bethany then took her hands and placed one on each ass cheek, spreading them apart slowly to reveal Priscilla who was glued to Bethany’s asshole due to all the sweat.

“Gahhh!” Priscilla took in a deep breath, finally getting that whiff of fresh air that she had longed for since the day before, “please!” Priscilla cried, already balling her eyes out. Clearly she was traumatized from being against Bethany’s asshole for twenty four hours, “please Bethany! I’m so sorry! Please let me go!”

“She’s been begging for freedom since the moment I found her,” Bethany giggled amusedly, “I’ve tricked her a few times into thinking I was going to… I love the look of dread in her eyes when I just cram her back into my cheeks instead!”

“An asshole deserves to be smothered by one,” Sabrina couldn’t help but smirk with amusement.

“That’s the spirit,” Bethany cooed, scooting her ass towards Sabrina in a sudden jolt and catching the blonde off guard. Sabrina widened her eyes, stumbling backwards as Bethany rammed her ass against the blonde's crotch. Sabrina lost her balance and fell backwards towards her bed, her enormous ass hovering over Bri as it threatened to land on top of her.

Sabrina’s ass shadowed over Bri entirely, and the poor girl could do nothing more than look up in dismay, “oh come on…” Bri whispered, as Sabrina’s ass landed on top of her body abruptly.

“Shit…” Sabrina felt Bri underneath her cheeks, but ultimately could do nothing as Bethany plopped her ass on her stomach.

“Cram her in me,” Bethany instructed, sliding her ass across Sabrina’s smooth belly erotically while continuing to spread her ass cheeks wide open. Priscilla had peeled off of Bethany’s asshole now, falling a short distance before landing comfortably upon Sabrina’s exposed stomach. Priscilla gathered her sense of direction, slowly stumbling onto her feet as the gurgling sounds within Sabrina’s belly rang throughout her ears.

“Too bad I can’t eat you instead…” Sabrina sighed in dismay, reaching forward and plucking Priscilla off of her belly.

“Wait!” Priscilla begged, “please! Please don-” Priscilla was cut off as Sabrina crammed her face against Bethany’s asshole. The nerdy girl moaned sensually as she felt her bully’s face shoved against her sensitive hole. Though Sabrina was pretty uncomfortable with Bethany molesting her with her ass, she decided to try and at least enjoy the act of punishing Priscilla for her bitchy ways.

“What a loser,” Sabrina mocked, “pathetic…”

Sabrina took her index finger and pressed the tip of it against the back of Priscillas head. The tormented tiny teen began to writhe and struggle, unable to breathe with her face being shoved into Bethany’s asshole. Sabrina began to push slowly, savoring every second of Priscilla’s torment as she began to insert the tiny girl's head entirely into Bethany’s hungry ass. Bethany took her right hand and slipped it over her moist snatch, slowly and pleasantly rubbing her clit as she enjoyed what Sabrina was doing to the bitch who was getting a mouth full of her ass.

“Mmm,” Bethany moaned, “take that you stupid cunt…”

Once Priscilla’s head was completely engulfed by Bethany’s asshole, Sabrina began to work on the rest of her body. She adjusted her finger and slid it under Priscilla’s tiny ass, lifting her flailing body up and beginning to insert it very very slowly into Bethany’s wrinkled asshole. The tormented girl began to kick and writhe, the young teen clearly distraught and desperate for mercy. It was too bad that Sabrina couldn’t care less, because in her eyes Priscilla was nothing more than a nuisance to be dealt with. She’d have prefered to have eaten her, but it was Bethany’s slave so she just decided to enjoy the torment where it came.

“Oh…” Bethany moaned, “don’t stop Sabrina… Don’t… Stop…”

“Oh I won’t…” Sabrina grew a wide grin, beginning to enjoy this more than she thought she would, “she’s squirming up a fight right now…”

“I can feel it…” Bethany moaned, “oh God… It feels so good…”

Sabrina crammed Priscilla up to her waist now, her kicking even more violent than before. Whatever it was that she was experiencing on the other side must have been truly awful, because she didn’t waver for even a moment throughout this entire process. Though Sabrina was amused, she could start to feel Bethany’s juices dripping onto her body. It was a little weird, and though it was kind of hot that Bethany was into her she simply was attracted to other women. She decided to speed things along, gripping Priscilla’s feet and cramming her the rest of the way into Bethany’s asshole.

Bethany shivered with pleasure, the rush of an orgasm taking over her body as she began to reach climax. She wanted to feel one last thing before she came however, “now Sabrina… Cram her even deeper…”

“Oh God…” Sabrina let out a sigh of disgust, deciding to oblige as she took her middle finger and crammed it deep inside of Bethany. She felt Priscilla’s body thrashing around, and made sure to shove her as deep as her fingers would allow. Bethany’s asshole swallowed her finger with pleasure, as the blonde felt her hand slip between Bethany’s asscheeks as she finished the deed.

“Fuck yeah…” Bethany groaned pleasantly, releasing a torrent of her juices which splashed all over Sabrina’s waist as the nerdy witch reached an intense climax. She could feel Priscilla thrashing around desperately, her hopes and dreams coming to an end inside of Bethany’s ass. Bethany had no intention of ever letting her out, and Priscilla would remain trapped until she either suffocated to death or was excreted later on.

“Come on Bethany…” Sabrina moaned, wriggling uncomfortably as Bethany’s juices began to dry on her skin.

“Oops,” Bethany gave a wicked grin, “my bad!”

Bethany finally lifted her ass off of Sabrina, letting her cheeks clamp shut and permanently sealing Priscilla behind them. She whipped her messy hair back, massaging her thighs sensually as she stared at Sabrina lustfully, “hope you enjoyed yourself at least a little bit.”

“Maybe a little…” Sabrina spoke, sitting up and squirming with disgust at the feeling of Bethany’s juices on her waist, “could have done without the river of your cum on my body though…”

“Hey where did Bri go?” Bethany asked.

“Oh shit…” Sabrina lifted her ass, seeing Bri flattened and stuck to her ass cheek. Sabrina rolled her eyes, peeling Bri off of her ass and lifting her into the air in the palm of her hand, “sorry Bri.”

“Rigescunt indutae,” Bethany chanted suddenly, Sabrina suddenly frozen and unable to move.

“What… What..!?” Sabrina tried to speak, but found it difficult. Her hand had suddenly grasped Bri tightly, the tiny girl squirming painfully in Sabrina’s unwilling grip. Sabrina’s heart began to race, her heart pumping with fear as she tried to understand what was happening.

“It’s a shame you had to deny me,” Bethany said, “I was going to let you come with me but… Since you aren’t a lesbo I guess I’ll have to take care of you as well.”

“I… I don’t understand…” Sabrina muttered, still frozen as she looked into Bethany’s eyes with terror.

“I can’t shrink you…” Bethany spoke, “but Prudence can. And when she finds out you ate poor little Bri, well… I’m sure she’ll do just that!”

“But… But I wouldn’t…” Sabrina groaned, trying her best to break free of whatever spell had been cast over her.

“Not of your own volition…” Bethany cooed, an evil grin on her lips, “but when I command you to, then you will.”

“No…” Sabrina murmured, “please… Please don’t!”

“Why not?” Bethany asked sarcastically, “I know you want to… I’m just going to help you do it!”

“She… She will… Kill me,” Sabrina murmured, fighting even harder now to break free of the enchantment.

“Yes she will,” Bethany said, “it’d be pretty ironic if she ate you too… A sweet justice for all of the others you’ve eaten no doubt hm?”

“Why…” Sabrina hissed, tears welling up in her eyes as hope began to fade from her heart.

“Because once you and Bri are out of the picture, Prudence might finally open up to the idea of being my witch sister,” Bethany revealed, “I would have gladly given that up for you instead… But you are clearly disgusted by the thought of dating me, so I guess I’ll just have Prudence dispose of you for me.”

“You’re sick,” Sabrina spat, gritting her teeth painfully as she found herself unable to move despite her greatest efforts.

“I’m sick?” Bethany tilted her head back in maniacal laughter, “you literally ate almost the entire cheer squad. They digested inside of you painfully, and you probably shat out their remains this very morning. If anything my blonde friend… You’re the sick one.”

Sabrina gulped, realizing that Bethany was right. She never really cared or thought about her actions until now, when she herself was an unwilling victim. The feeling of powerlessness, hopelessness as someone stronger than you forced their will upon you. Sabrina suddenly found herself reflecting over her actions, and though she still wasn’t quite remorseful she could at least begin to understand the pain she may have caused from her malicious deeds.

“Now I don’t have all morning,” Bethany spat, “so let’s get this over with shall we?”

“Prudence… Will kill you… For this…” Sabrina spoke painfully.

“No,” Bethany retorted, “just you.”

Bethany raised her hand towards Sabrina, “mandatum.”

An unseeable force of power rushed inside of Sabrina, her eyes bursting wide open. Her body became numb, her fingers twitching nervously as she was still unable to move.

“Now then…” Bethany cooed, “eat Bri.”

“No…” Sabrina murmured, feeling her hand beginning to raise, “no… NO!”

“Eat her,” Bethany commanded again, “swallow her whole Sabrina!”

Sabrina’s hand brought Bri up to her lips, and the tiny teen began to squirm violently, “Sabrina don’t! Wait!”

“I… I can’t… Stop…” Sabrina began to cry, tears rolling down her cheeks as her mouth began to open. Bri’s heart shattered as she watched the blondes lips part wide open, her perfect white teeth revealing themselves as Bri found herself staring into the back of her throat. Bri thrashed around, panic beginning to overwhelm her as she realized that Sabrina had no say in the matter.

“Bethany please!” Bri pleaded, “you don’t have to do this!”

“Of course I don’t,” Bethany retorted, “but I sure will enjoy it!”

“You bitch!” Bri cursed, as she felt her body being dumped into Sabrina’s awaiting mouth. The helpless girl landed on Sabrina’s wet tongue, and she frantically turned around to peer out of Sabrina’s mouth. The last thing she saw was Bethany’s cruel and wicked smirk, before Sabrina’s mouth closed shut and trapped her inside.

“No!” Bri cried, “not like this! Not like this!!!”

Sabrina had no power over her own actions, as her tongue began to move Bri towards the back of her throat. Sabrina tried desperately to fight it, but whatever spell Bethany had cast rendered her incapable of controlling herself. Bri crawled desperately across Sabrina’s tongue, which began to raise and flick her back towards the gaping throat of the giant blonde. Bri flipped over on her ass, sliding down the slimy member towards her doom.

“I’m not going to die like this!” Bri cried, “I’m not your fucking food!”

Bri’s feet began to slip into Sabrina’s throat, but thinking quickly Bri managed to roll off of the tongue and grab a hold of Sabrina’s molar. She pulled her feet out of Sabrina’s throat, trying to move around the giant tongue which sought to reclaim her. Bri tripped and slid forward under the giant tongue, which now struggled to grab her as it attempted to bend in all sorts of awkward ways. It continuously slammed down into her, disorienting her as she tried to kick and punch it away.

“Get away from me!” Bri cried, as the tip of the tongue finally managed to slip under her and drag her back on top of it, “no! NO!”

The tongue once again flicked her back towards the throat, her hands pressing into the soft bristled surface of Sabrina’s soaking wet tongue. She tried to claw her way in the opposite direction of the gaping passage, but ultimately was unsuccessful and Sabrina’s tongue lifted upward and sent Bri sliding down it once more as her feet began to slip into the throat again. This time Bri reached up and grabbed a hold of Sabrina’s uvula, trying desperately not to get swallowed whole.

“Please!” Bri begged, “please don’t do this to me!”

Her cries went unheard, a series of thick wet gulps taking course as Sabrina unwillingly attempted to swallow the feisty and desperate tiny teen. Bri was assaulted violently, her body being smacked and dangled around as the tongue attempted to knock her from the uvula. Bri held on tight though, but her stamina was wearing out quickly.

“Having trouble sexy?” Bethany teased, seeing that Sabrina was struggling to swallow her unwilling victim.

Sabrina couldn’t answer her, as her body was too busy trying to swallow the prey it didn’t even want to devour. Sabrina tried desperately to fight Bethany’s spell, but she simply had no control over her body. Her eyes were red with tears now, and if she had an ounce of control she’d have burst into sobs. Bri too was crying her heart out, realizing that there was little she could do at this point to stay alive. She was going to die gruesomely, just like Dillon’s parents had and the cheer squad had. It was the very death she had feared for so long, and now it was coming to fruition.

With a final and powerful smack, Sabrina’s tongue finally managed to shove Bri off of the uvula. Her body fell downward, her legs sliding into Sabrina’s esophagus along with her body as she fought desperately to claw her way back up. “No!” Bri cried, her body slipping further into Sabrina’s throat, “please! PLEASE! I’M BEGGING Y-” With a thick gulp Sabrina’s tongue sealed Bri’s fate, shoving her completely into the throat where she began to descend to her final resting place.

Sabrina felt Bri’s struggles all the way down her throat, her body finally able to move freely again as she hunched over in painful agony. She slipped off of her bed and fell to her knees, sobbing profusely as she looked up at Bethany in tears.

“Why!?” Sabrina cried, “why did you make me do that!?”

“You won’t puke her up,” Bethany ordered, ignoring the blonde's cries, “you will wait here until Prudence comes to see you. And you won’t tell her that I was here, or what I made you do… Understood?”

“Y… Y-yes…” Sabrina choked, still under Bethany’s spell and forced to obey her every command.

“You should be thanking me really…” Bethany cooed, bending down mockingly and bringing her face close to Sabrina’s, “if I had the ability to shrink you… I’d have eaten you myself to be honest. But instead you get to be eaten by your friend, so at least there is a silver lining right?”

“Go to hell,” Sabrina spat, gritting her teeth angrily as she stared into Bethany’s eyes.

“Silly blonde,” Bethany gave a crooked smile, “I’m a witch… I’m already going to hell.”

Bethany cackled with laughter, standing up tall and turning around. She spun around three hundred and sixty degrees, her body suddenly clothed once again by magic. She continued to giggle to herself, finding the entire situation to be rather hilarious. “I’ll confront Prudence once she’s taken care of you for what you’ve done,” Bethany mocked, “honestly I hope she eats you. Ugh… That’d be so ironic that it’s super kinky to think about!”

With those final words, Bethany opened the door and left Sabrina’s bedroom. Sabrina was left on her floor, unable to move as she was still bound to follow Bethany’s commands. She clenched her eyes shut, sobbing profusely to herself as she found herself unable to do anything in the effort to free Bri. She could feel the poor girl pounding on her stomach walls, begging to be let out and shown mercy.


“I’m sorry Bri…” Sabrina murmured, “I’m… I’m sorry… Prudence…”







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Episode 4 (Finale) by Frizzle
Author's Notes:

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- Heavy vore mention
- Anal insertion mention
- Heavy digestive suggestions
- Instant size changing

The room was silent, the late evening shown by the sight of the setting sun through the window. The curtains were left open, the bed unmade and the sheets scattered. Sabrina was sitting on the floor, her legs sprawled out as her back rested against her bed frame. She looked down at her stomach, as she had been doing nearly the entire day. Her face was blotched red, her tears long dried as she sat there in frozen silence.

For the longest time she was alone, after the spell that had been cast upon her had forced her to devour the one person that Prudence had instructed her to keep alive. Every second that passed was agony, torture even, as Sabrina pondered the multitude of ways that Prudence would punish her, likely an end result of death.

For hours Bri had pounded and kicked against the walls of her gut, as Sabrina sat in painful, agonizing silence and distress. She cried and sobbed for the longest time, wanting to puke up her old friend desperately but unable to do so since Bethany’s spell took hold over her mind. She couldn’t even utter Bri’s name, she wanted to, but the spell didn’t allow it. Any word, phrase or gesture that would indicate the truth, her body disallowed.

After the entire day had passed, the dread of Prudence’s inevitable arrival began to gnaw at her soul. How would her friend punish her? She had seen Prudence do many things, such as crushing those beneath her feet, or feeding her enemies to her blonde friend. Sabrina feared only one punishment above the rest, being eaten alive, as she had eaten so many others. She reflected over all of her victims, but as fearful as she was of meeting the same fate, she still had no remorse over what she had done, and she realized that she truly was an evil person.

“Hello…?” Sabrina called out in a whisper, “are you still… Are you still in there…?”

Sabrina grabbed her gut, feeling it gurgle and groan. Bri’s frantic punches and kicking had stopped only an hour ago. If Prudence had arrived before then, Sabrina wondered if there would have been a chance to save her, but being unable to tell Prudence the truth, she doubted it would have mattered. All of her victims seemed to digest at different lengths of time, some lasting nearly ten or more hours and others lasting under two, depending on how soon they entered her intestines.

She knew that if Bri had slipped into the next stage of her digestive cycle, then it was over. Even if the little one had merely passed out in her gut, it only meant her belly would churn and shift the contents of little Bri into her small intestine anyways, so at this point Sabrina figured that it was indeed over. Bri was gone, long digested, and still Prudence was nowhere to be found.

As if on cue, the door to her bedroom opened wide. Sabrina couldn’t even bring herself to look up at whoever entered, already knowing that it was likely Prudence. The sound of leather, goth boots approaching where she sat filled her ears. The blondes' eyes began to tear up again, fear filling her heart as the person who entered the room walked up beside her and looked down at her.

“Where is she?” Prudence asked, looking down at Sabrina with a blank expression.

“She… She…?” Sabrina slowly looked up at Prudence, and she became terrified.

“Yes, where is she?” Prudence asked again, the Dark Grimoire clutched in her hand as she looked down at Sabrina with disappointment.

Sabrina noticed the book in Prudence’s hand, and she dreaded what it meant. “Is that… Is that the Dark Grimoire…?”

“Sabrina,” Prudence spat, “you’re beginning to frustrate me. Where. Is. Bri…?”

“I… I can’t say it…” Sabrina shut her eyes, clenched tight as she began to dread the wrath of her witch friend. She wanted to spill it all, but Bethany’s curse was too powerful, and Sabrina didn’t have the magical abilities to do anything about it. Her only hope was Prudence, but that hope faded as the irritated witch clenched her fists.

“You didn’t… You didn’t!” Prudence hissed, “why? Why, Sabrina? Did you think the threat I gave you was an idle one? Did you really think I wouldn’t punish you?”

Prudence bent down, setting the book on the ground as she reached out and placed her hand on Sabrina’s exposed stomach, the blonde still naked since that morning.

“Revelare…” Prudence chanted, a spell of revealment, as she sensed the contents of Sabrina’s digestive system. She could feel the contents throughout, from the blondes gut, to her small intestines, to her large intestine, and all that was digested, the contents of Sabrina’s body, were revealed to her.

“God damn you, Sabrina…” Prudence clenched her teeth, digging her nails into Sabrina’s gut, “why… Why would you do this…”

“I’m… I’m so sorry…” Sabrina began to panic, shaking her head slowly in denial as the reality of her situation began to unfold, “please… I didn’t mean it… Forgive me…”

“No…” Prudence stood up, looking down at Sabrina with disgust, “the one person I commanded you not to eat, and you swallowed her alive anyways. I was hoping she might be alive… But she’s in your large intestine now. She’s dead…”

Prudence’s fists clenched so tight, that her own nails dug into her palms. She lifted her head, closing her eyes as she tried desperately not to become enraged. She had wanted Bri to suffer, of course, after having sex with her ex-boyfriend. However, Prudence had never intended to kill her long-time friend, she just wanted to make an example out of her. Now Bri was gone, digested inside of her foolish, blonde friend.

Prudence sighed, palming her face with dismay as she wondered what she was going to do. She never actually thought that Sabrina would go against her wishes, she never thought she’d have to actually punish her at all. She had to make an example out of her, she couldn’t let this slide, not when it involved the revenge of the betrayal of her ex Dillon.

“I was really hoping it would never come to this…” Prudence sighed as she looked down at Sabrina with pity, the look in the blondes eyes revealing that of dread and anguish.

“Please!” Sabrina pleaded, shifting on to her knees as she grabbed Prudence's heels and looked up at her teary eyes, “have mercy! You don’t understand! I had to do it! I had to eat her!”

“You disgust me…” Prudence hissed, “you truly have no self control? Do you?” Prudence looked around the room, realizing that Lindsay was gone as well. This made her scowl, “you ate them both… Didn’t you!? Ugh, I should have known you were too crazy for your own good. That’s not the kind of person I can trust, I’m sorry Sabrina. You’ve forced my hand…”

“No!” Sabrina screamed, standing up to her feet and making a run for the door. She wasn’t going to let this happen, she couldn’t. She had to find Bethany, the one responsible, she had to find a way to get Prudence to learn the truth.

“You can’t run from me…” Prudence rolled her eyes in annoyance, lifting her hand, and snapping her fingers.

Sabrina’s breath left her lungs, an overwhelming sensation swelling up inside of her, like the feeling when you drop down a large decline like when on a rollercoaster. The world expanded outwards, growing infinitely as the distraught blonde found herself being shrunk down just like her previous victims. She hit the floor with a thud, her hands catching her fall as they fell into the thick fibers of her bedroom carpet.

‘No…’ Sabrina thought in denial, ‘I’m the predator… I’m the Goddess… Aren’t I…? I can’t die like this, not me, not me…’

The thundering thuds of Prudence’s boots caused the floor to rumble beneath the hands of Sabrina, her head turning around slowly as her old friend looked down at her with a frown. Sabrina’s heart raced, terror striking her throughout, the shattering reality of her doom starting to grip her mind.

“I almost want to make this quick…” Prudence lifted her foot, hovering it above Sabrina as the shrunken teen looked up at her friend in horror.

“Please! I’m begging you!” Sabrina sobbed, unable to contain her nerves any longer, “I didn’t mean it! You know me! You know I wouldn’t mean it, please! You don’t understand!”

“I thought I knew you,” Prudence shook her head, “I was so amused at how much you enjoyed eating Dillons parents… The way you hunted the entire cheer squad, I truly thought it was hilarious. I never quite understood the appetite for flesh, but…”

Prudence realized something, the true punishment that Sabrina deserved. For a moment she felt horrible for considering it, but why should she? She had eaten Bri against being commanded not to, and Bri had to suffer the same fate as everyone else that Sabrina had devoured heartlessly. There was only one fitting punishment for someone like that, just one.

Prudence lowered her foot to the side, bending her knees as she lowered herself towards Sabrina. The blonde looked up at her fearfully, desperately trying to sputter the truth, but she couldn’t even make an attempt. The curse was strong, insanely so, she never fathomed that she’d be in a situation like this. She knew she couldn’t trust Bethany, she only wished she had done something about it sooner, not that she had the power to anyways.

“You brought this on yourself…” Prudence said harshly, “you realize what I am going to do, don’t you? I have to make an example of you, Sabrina… And you ate my friend in cold blood…”

Sabrina’s eyes opened wide in shock, as she began to shake her head violently. “No! Oh God… Please, don’t do it…!”

“I’m going to eat you Sabrina,” Prudence revealed cruelly, “you have to learn your lesson. You’re going to digest inside of my belly, just like Bri did inside yours. You’re going to slip into my intestines, my body breaking you down as you melt down to the bones. Otherwise, before you die, you’ll never fully grasp the reality of your heinous sin.”

“No!” Sabrina quickly stood to her feet, backing away in a panic, “you can’t do this to me! You don’t understand! I… Gah! I… Fuck! I can’t say it! Why can’t I say it!?”

“There is nothing to say at all,” Prudence interrupted, as she began to reach down for her frantic friend, “I’ll try not to enjoy it, only for the sake of our friendship, but it is over, Sabrina. I’m sorry it had to end this way for you, I was looking forward to watching Bethany slip down that tight throat of yours… What a shame…”

The giant witch snatched Sabrina off the floor, as the shrunken teen began to scream and beg. “Please! Prudence I’m sorry! You’re my friend, I’d never do anything to upset you! Please! Please forgive me!”

“I can’t…” Prudence responded, “at least you're already naked… I never understood how you could eat their clothes too. Ick…”

“Oh God!?” Sabrina couldn’t believe it, this was happening, and she was helpless to stop it. “Please! I’ll do anything! I’ll do anything to make up for it! Please don’t eat me! I don’t want to die!”

“The more you struggle, the worse you’re going to make it for yourself…” Prudence felt her gut wrench, actually starting to feel remorse. She had come to consider Sabrina quite a true friend, somebody that did as she instructed without question. How was she supposed to forgive the girl who devoured her friend? The one she was supposed to ultimately punish? She had wanted to give Bri a second chance afterwards, but alas, that chance died inside the gut of her blonde friend.

Prudence lifted Sabrina overhead, staring up at her with a somber expression. This pained her, more than Sabrina could ever know, but she couldn’t allow this sin to go unpunished. Diablos had given her a great power now, and how could he possibly have faith in a witch who didn’t punish those who wronged her? She had to do this, the Dark Grimoire was far more important than an act of mercy. An act of… Weakness.

“I will take no joy in this… Sabrina,” Prudence said softly, “I never wanted to eat anybody, but you have to suffer the way Bri suffered… It’s your penance, for the sin you committed against me… I’m only sorry that our friendship couldn’t have lasted longer.”

Prudence parted her lips, plush and coated in a thick, black lipstick. Her maw opened wide, her tongue settling flat to expose her once hidden, pulsating throat. Sabrina’s eyes opened wide in horror, wider than ever before. Her body fell limp, her struggles seizing as she realized that Bethany had won. There was nothing she could do, as she stared into the menacing gullet of her friend.

Prudence had perfectly aligned, white teeth. Her tongue was a reddish pink, her throat tight and her tonsils rather large. Her uvula was a bit longer than most, the tip nearly resting on the back of her tongue. Sabrina’s tears streamed down her cheeks silently, as the blonde realized that there was nothing she could do to stop this. Her friend did always have a sick sense of justice, she should have realized this is what her fate would be. Bethany had hoped this would be the outcome, and the bitch got what she wished for.

“Prudence…” Sabrina murmured, as Prudence closed her eyes.

The witch couldn’t bear to look into the eyes of her friend, admittedly, her heart began to wane. She didn’t want it to come to this, she never thought it would. She began wondering what this would feel like, as she swallowed Sabrina alive, the same way Sabrina devoured so many before her thanks to Prudence’ magic.

‘Goodbye Sabrina…’ Prudence thought to herself, as she prepared to drop her friend into her awaiting mouth.

“Prude…?” Sabrina whimpered, feeling the grip on Prudence’ fingers begin to release her, “please… don’t…”


Prudence’ eyes opened, the sound of another woman catching her ears. It wasn’t Sabrina, no, it was someone else across the room. Prudence snapped her mouth shut, and Sabrina thought she was going to faint after feeling a bit of relief. Her head became dazed, the room starting to spin. She thought for sure she was about to be devoured by Prudence, it was a split second away from happening, but someone had called out to stop it.

“Who the hell…?” Prudence turned, and to her absolute disbelief she saw the still shrunken, and alive, Lindsay from the cheer squad running up to her feet from the ground.

“Don’t do it!” Lindsay shouted, “it wasn’t her fault! You don’t understand!”

“What…!?” Prudence couldn’t believe it, why would Sabrina devour Bri before eating the other available morsel first. It made no sense, and Prudence knew that despite Sabrina’s uncontrollable urges, she was still somewhat sensible.

Prudence clutched Sabrina tightly in her grip, lowering her by her waist as she gazed down at Lindsay. “Explain, now! Why the hell are you alive, and Bri isn’t?”

“It was that nerd! Bethany!” Lindsay revealed, “I am not really familiar with this witch shit… But she seemed to force Sabrina to eat Bri! She didn’t want to do it! And then she told Sabrina she couldn’t tell you about it! I think she was cursed or something!”

Prudence scowled, and suddenly she realized that she was the fool all along. She could have easily learned this truth, had she unveiled the curse using the Dark Grimoire, but her ego and her feeling of betrayal blinded her to the truth. Sabrina was trustworthy after all, as she had always been, and Prudence nearly gulped her down like a piece of candy.

“Sabrina…” Prudence held the blonde up to her face, “is this true?”

Sabrina’s teary face looked into Prudence’s eyes, a strain apparent in her expression, “I… Didn’t mean it…”

“Fuck…” Prudence sighed, bending down and placing Sabrina back on the floor. The black teen was immensely irritated, unable to believe she had nearly devoured her only ally that was left alive. If Lindsay hadn’t somehow survived Bethany, or if she had lied and remained hidden to survive from Prudence, Sabrina would have been trapped in her gut right now.

Prudence lifted her fingers, and snapped them. Sabrina instantly returned to her normal size, as swiftly as she had shrunk to begin with. The blonde fell on her ass, looking around the room with a woozy feeling as Prudence seemed to float around her in a daze. For a moment she felt confused, until she hunched over and vomited all over the floor.

“Gross,” Prudence rolled her eyes, “I am sorry, Sabrina, though I admit that it’s slightly amusing you nearly got a taste of your own medicine…”

“I… I thought I was going to die…” Sabrina clutched the carpet fibers in her hands, her heart still heavy as she felt sick to her stomach. “You were… You were going to eat me…”

“Is that a problem?” Prudence snared, “how was I supposed to know you were cursed?”

Sabrina snapped her neck upwards, a somber glare in her eyes, “I’ve always been loyal to you! And you nearly ate me! Do you understand how horrific that would have been!?”

“And what about the cheer squad?” Prudence snapped, “I’m sure they had a joyful time melting inside that gut of yours. I made a mistake, get over it!”

Sabrina sighed, wiping the tears from her eyes. Prudence was right, it wasn’t her fault, but she certainly had a sick sense of perverted justice. Sabrina stood to her feet, cringing at the vomit she left on her floor. She sniffled, trying to forget that she nearly ended up in the belly of Prudence.

“So then,” Prudence turned and bent down to address Lindsay, “how are you alive? And why did you put your life on the line to tell me the truth about Sabrina?”

“Hello!?” Sabrina interrupted, “I am still cursed!”

“Right…” Prudence’s eyes glowed, as she looked over at Sabrina, “reverse!”

Sabrina felt a sharp jab in the back of her neck, but it was brief. “Ow… Bethany was here! I ate Bri! She made me eat Bri!” Sabrina sighed with relief, “finally!”

“Anyways…” Prudence faced Lindsay again, “spill it.”

“When I saw Bethany at the door, I was scared,” Lindsay admitted nervously, “I didn’t even want her to see me, not after she initially intended to eat me… I didn’t want to die!”

“Fair enough, understandable reaction when you’re an inch tall and completely defenseless,” Prudence shrugged, “but why are you coming forth now? I thought you were dead, you could have escaped…”

“Escaped!?” Lindsay chuckled, “and do what!? I am an inch tall! Besides… I belong to Sabrina now! Unless…”

“Unless…?” Prudence raised an eyebrow.

Lindsay gulped nervously, as she looked over at Sabrina. The blonde gave her a gentle look, one that spoke of gratitude almost. Lindsay smiled nervously at her, before looking up at Prudence.

“Sabrina could never love me… She’s not into me that way,” Lindsay admitted painfully, “I was relieved that she was going to let me live. I was happy to serve her! And I understand if you refuse my request… But you can trust me to keep your secret…”

“You want to return to normal, right?” Prudence smirked, “of course… That’s natural, the desire to be normal. Of course I don’t trust anybody, except for Sabrina, I hope you can understand.”

Lindsay felt her heart sink, as she looked down with disappointment. “I… I understand…”

“You should unshrink her,” Sabrina inserted.

“What?” Prudence was shocked, “are you serious!?”

Lindsay looked up at Sabrina, a glimmer of hope in her eyes. Was this real? Was Sabrina actually vouching for her?

“She hid,” Sabrina continued, “and she revealed herself to save my life… As much as I’d love to have her as a toy, I also owe her my life…”

“It’s not up to you…” Prudence stated firmly, “but… I can’t argue that I’d have been quite distressed if I’d learned I ate you for a crime that wasn’t your fault…”

Prudence sighed, “fine! She can live… And be normal…”

Prudence snapped her fingers, and in another instant Lindsay was now returned to her normal size. She immediately fell to her knees, and just like Sabrina, she ended up vomiting all over the carpet from the intense regrowth.

“Gross!” Prudence repeated, “is the process that bad!?”

“Yes!” Both Lindsay and Sabrina shouted in unison, turning to look at Prudence.

“Before you run off,” Prudence looked at Lindsay as the now regular-sized teen stood to her feet slowly, “I’d like to request something of you…”

“Okay…?” Lindsay was curious, “I’ll do whatever you desire. For starters, you taught that bitch squad a lesson… In addition, you returned me to normal… I keep my promises. What can I do for you?”

“Oh… It’ll be a little gruesome, as long as you’re alright with that?” Prudence gave an evil grin.

“W-what… What do you have in mind…?” Lindsay gulped nervously.

Night had taken over, as the day was long over. It was a full moon, the stars visible in the sky as the streets were practically empty at this hour. The sidewalks were lit up by the lights of the apartments and offices in town, a few worker bees hustling out of the buildings as they went home for the day.

The door to Bethany’s room burst open, as she strode inside and tossed her backpack into the corner. It had been a long, disappointing day for her. She couldn’t replicate the shrinking spell, no matter how hard she tried. She truly hoped to feel Sabrina, the predator queen herself, slip down her throat. The idea of devouring such an apex predator turned her on, to give the bitch a taste of her own medicine. She could only hope that Prudence would do what she couldn’t, and she planned on learning the fate of Sabrina later when she’d confront her soon to be witch sister.

A squirming inside of her bowels sent a shiver up her spine, an itch present in her groin. She bit her lip, she had never anticipated that Priscilla would live this long. Bethany wondered how much oxygen could possibly inside of her guts, for Priscilla to survive in her ass for such a lengthy period of time. It had nearly been all day, but the nerdy witch wasn’t complaining. It had brought quite a few, intense orgasms.

“You seem to be having fun.”

Bethany’s ears perked, her eyes growing wide. She turned, and her heart stopped when she saw a now regular sized Lindsay standing in the doorway of her bedroom. Her family was on vacation, she was alone, and Lindsay’s miraculous ‘revival’ and regrowth was something she had not anticipated.

“Lindsay…?” Bethany thought she was losing her mind, “how!? I thought Sabrina ate you!?”

“As hot as that sounds,” Lindsay smirked, “she couldn’t even if she tried. I’m a witch, Bethany… Just. Like. You!”

“No…” Bethany shook her head, “you’re lying…”

“Am I?” Lindsay held a finger to her chin in thought, “I wonder… Is Priscilla still squirming around inside of your ass?”

“Maybe…” Bethany gave her an evil grin, “perhaps you’ll join her… Or maybe I’ll eat you, if only I knew how to shrink you…”

Bethany sighed, “no matter, I can’t allow you to live knowing my secret. Goodbye, Lindsay…”

Bethany raised her hands, and prepared to cast a death spell. “Occidere!”

Lindsay yawned sarcastically, lifting her hand and examining her nails amusedly, “as I said… You can’t kill me, remember? Witches cannot harm witches…”

“That’s impossible…” Bethany couldn’t believe it, “but you were shrunk! Prudence shrunk you! I was going to eat you before…”

“Before Sabrina saved my life?” Lindsay interrupted, “she saw the victim that I was, and she freed me from the blatant disrespect of my peers… And the cruel, truly evil gut that resides in that nerdy, ugly body of yours!”

“I don’t understand… I know you weren’t a witch! But now…” Bethany started to wonder, and then the horrific truth dawned on her, “no… Oh no…”

“That’s right Beth,” Prudence cackled maniacally, as Bethany turned around to see her at the other end of her bedroom. Sabrina stood beside her, a blank expression on her face. The most horrific sight, however, was the Dark Grimoire tucked under the black teens arm.

“That’s impossible… It can’t be…” Bethany shook her head in denial, “how did you find it!?”

“I struck a deal with the devil,” Prudence revealed, “and in return he gave me the power to destroy you. I have to admit though, I never thought I’d be able to make more witches too! I granted Lindsay here the inner power to harness the magic of darkness! Now she’s immune to your power, except for mine of course, I have the Dark Grimoire!”

Bethany knew she was fucked now. The witches of the world always knew that the Dark Grimoire was the source of their magic, and also the key to the undoing. Prudence now possessed this book, and Bethany realized she should have never revealed herself to begin with. She killed herself the moment she revealed her witch powers to Prudence.

“Maybe… Maybe we can work something out…” Bethany began to sweat, and suddenly the squirming Priscilla still inside of her asshole didn’t seem so appealing anymore, and more like a nuisance.

“The three of us pondered what to do with you…” Prudence began, “to allow Sabrina to swallow you up… I’ll admit that was my first choice, considering the way you cursed her into eating Bri…”

“I was just teasing her!” Bethany backed away, but Lindsay grabbed her by the shoulders and forced her to remain still. Bethany was starting to panic, “I didn’t mean any harm! I just wanted to have some fun! I wanted to learn how to shrink people too!”

“So you could eat Sabrina, right?” Prudence hissed, “that is what she told me. You wanted to swallow her whole, you wanted to know what it felt like to be the dominant predator, I bet you even admired Sabrina’s voracious appetite! It’d be a fitting end, for you to end up inside of her instead…”

Prudence let out a cruel grin, “but then Lindsay told me how you forced Sabrina to cram Priscilla into your asshole… And she gave me a far more glorious idea… A cruel, but fitting punishment!”

“Oh God…” Bethany shook her head frantically, “don’t do that! Please! I don’t want to be shrunk! I don’t want to be crammed into an asshole!”

“Hm?” Prudence chuckled, “oh, no! I’m not going to shrink you, Bethany. I’m not going to cram you into my asshole either…”

Bethany started to calm down, but she became curious, “then… W-what are you going to do to me?”

“Lindsay, Sabrina and myself have discussed the matter,” Prudence’ smile faded, an empty, evil look in her eyes. “Priscilla was quite the cunt on the bus, and despite her comment to my friend Sabrina here, my blonde idiot of a friend has convinced me to forgive Priscilla, and let her return to normal.”

“That’s it…?” Bethany relaxed now, “oh… I mean she is alive, somehow she’s still squirming inside of me…”

“That’s great to hear,” Prudence responded, “anyways, Bethany… I just wanted to tell you. Initially I was going to make your death swift, one witch to another, but you killed my best friend, Bri. She did cheat on me… But I couldn’t bring myself to kill her anyways, and I simply cannot forgive you for that. So you’re going to die, probably painfully, but I’m sure Priscilla will be happy to return to normal.”

“Wait… Wha-” Bethany’s eyes opened wide, a sickening feeling of expansion inside of her bowels. Suddenly she felt sick to her stomach, and she looked into Prudence’s eyes as they began to glow.

The Dark Grimoire glowed with a dark, potent energy. Bethany felt her insides being ripped apart, the squirming from Priscilla began to amplify to an excruciating level. In the span of a second, Bethany began to clutch her ass and gut as she began to scream violently.

“Ahhhh! What the fuck!? Gahh… WHAT THE FUCK IS-”

Bethany’s body exploded, her remains flying in all directions. Her blood splattered across the room, staining the walls, ceiling and carpet. Lindsay felt a blast of Bethany’s guts and remains splatter all over the front of her body, as Prudence cast a protective shield to protect Sabrina and herself from the disgusting display.

The entire thing had happened so fast, that none of them were truly prepared for what became of the nerdy witch. By the time she had exploded, and all that was left of her splattered all over her bedroom, a now regrown, bloodied Priscilla was kneeling on the floor. She looked down at herself, Bethany covering her entire body, or what was left. Her eyes filled with horror, and she began to let out a series of blood curdling screams.

“Oh my God!? Ahhhhh! Ahhhhhhhhh!” Priscilla screamed and cried, after being trapped inside of Bethany’s ass for almost the entire day, she now found herself regrown from inside her tormentor and now covered in her guts and blood. She had lost her mind, unable to stop screaming as Prudence let the barrier dissipate before rolling her eyes in annoyance.

“Oh for fucks sake… Stop screaming!” Prudence held up her hand, “silentium!”

Priscilla felt her voice escape her, her screams coming to an abrupt halt as she looked up at Prudence in horror. She didn’t know how to live with this, how to comprehend any of it. One moment she was on the bus teasing Sabrina, the next she was tortured by Bethany, and now Bethany’s remains were all over her. The past two days had truly been an endless nightmare, and she’d be traumatized over it for the rest of her life.

“That’s better,” Prudence smiled, “now then… Priscilla, Sabrina here has chosen to forgive you, since what we just made you do was rather disgusting and horrific, we think you’ve learned a valuable lesson in the respect of others. Would you agree?”

Priscilla looked into Prudence’s eyes with terror, unable to speak or scream. She nodded her head slowly, her heart sinking low as she tried to process what was happening.

“Good,” Prudence curled her lips into a wicked, satisfied grin, “Lindsay here is a witch now, and I taught her my shrinking spell, so if you slip any secrets with that tongue of yours, you’ll end up in her belly… Got it?”

Priscilla nodded again, slowly turning to look at Lindsay with a look of dread. Lindsay slowly smiled at her, biting her lip as if to torment the poor girl further. She then patted her belly, chuckling with cruelty.

“Don’t tempt me…” Lindsay teased.

“Well then, now that all of this is settled,” Prudence turned to face Sabrina, “we have a long trip ahead of us, Sabrina!”

“What?” Sabrina was confused, “where are we going?”

“I made a deal with Diablos,” Prudence informed, “he wants us to track down some cunt named Kali, use her as bait or whatever. We’ll need to question her and learn what she knows, I’m not sure what the dark lord has planned for her.”

“But… Why…?” Sabrina asked curiously.

“Beats me,” Prudence shrugged, “but he was willing to grant me the untapped potential of the source of dark magic itself, the Dark Grimoire, and I will not lose this power by questioning his authority. Will you join me, sister?”

“Of course!” Sabrina smiled, “I told you… I’m loyal to you…”

“Great,” Prudence turned to face Lindsay, “so no hard feelings between us?”

“Are you kidding me!?” Lindsay smiled joyfully, “not only did you let me live, you gave me witch powers!? All is forgiven! Now I can get back at some cunts from school… I owe it all to you!”

“It’s a shame,” Sabrina cooed, “and to think of all the fun I could have had with you… Gonna miss yuh!”

“I’ll admit it would have been glorious,” Lindsay winked at the blonde, “but I am happy to be back to normal, with some added benefits… Meeting the two of you was the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me! And Bethany got what she deserved.”

“You’ll handle Priscilla I take it?” Prudence looked down at the silent, still traumatized teen who simply sat on the floor, terrified.

“Yeah I got her,” Lindsay answered as she grabbed the frightened teen by the arm and forced her to her feet, “I’ll make sure she gets back home, with secrets she shall not share.”

Lindsay began to walk Priscilla towards the exit, as the terrified teen sobbed in silence as she obeyed her powerful overlord. Lindsay turned to face Prudence and Sabrina one last time, a curious look in her eyes.

“I do wonder…” Lindsay said, “why didn’t you accept Prudence’s offer to make you a witch? Back in your room, before we came here?”

Sabrina shrugged, “meh… Magic isn’t my thing, I’d prefer to keep the role of moral support.”

“Really?” Lindsay was surprised, “untold power? The ability to do as you please…?”

“I already have all of that,” Sabrina faced Prudence with a smile, “through Prudence, my best friend!”

“Suit yourself,” Lindsay laughed, “see you two later… Or not, wherever the hell you’re going…”

The teen left the room with Priscilla in tow, as Prudence turned around and smiled gently at Sabrina. The blonde smiled back, as Prudence rested a hand on her shoulder.

“Best friend huh?” Prudence chuckled, “it’s a shame Bri couldn’t be here… Fuck Bethany for what she did to her.”

“I regret having to had been the vessel of her demise…” Sabrina sighed, “even though it wasn’t really me, I can’t help but feel terrible about it regardless…”

“Well if you ever want to experience what it felt like for Bri,” Prudence gave a wicked smirk, “I can enchant you with an invulnerability spell, and you can have a one way trip through my body… I’d still like to see what you taste like one of these days, give you a taste of your own medicine! Except this time you’d live of course…”

Sabrina smiled awkwardly as she scratched her neck anxiously, “I think I’ll pass… I’m still a bit traumatized from nearly being digested by you… Your throat is fucking terrifying…”

“I bet it was,” Prudence grabbed Sabrina by the collar of her shirt, pulling her in close, “but I might not give you the choice…”

Prudence stuck out her tongue, licking Sabrina’s face from the bottom of her cheek, all the way up her face, across her eye and up her forehead. A trail of her saliva stuck to Sabrina’s face, as she recoiled at the wet, slick feeling of Prudence’s tongue.

“Yuck!” Sabrina wiped Prudence’ spit from her face, “that was disgusting!”

“You taste pretty good,” Prudence teased, “admit it, you thought it was hot.”

Sabrina’s face flushed red with embarrassment, “are… Are you serious about…?”

“What,” Prudence grinned, “eating you? Of course I am! I won’t kill you of course, but you still ate Bri, so one day you’ll be coming out this sexy ass of mine whether you want to or not! I’ll chant you with a protection spell, you don’t have to worry darling!”

“I suppose it’s fair…” Sabrina shuddered at the thought of going through Prudence’ digestive system, but as long as she didn’t die, or feel pain, she supposed it was the best she could ask for. She was grateful to be alive, the idea of Prudence eating her mercilessly painful to even think about.

“So… Where exactly are we going then…?” Sabrina asked, not having gotten a clearer answer the last time she had asked.

Prudence smiled, “Seattle, Sabrina. We’re going to the city of Seattle…”

[ Prudence & Sabrina will return in My Tiny Life: Volume V ]

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