Prudence The Teenage Witch by Frizzle

Witchcraft is the devils magic, especially when a teenager is involved. What happens when that particular witch, and her demented voracious friend, learn how to shrink a backstabbing ex-friend? Well... It gets a little messy.

(This story takes place in the kempverse, a universe I created in which Nick VS Highschool takes place, and thus you may find hidden easter eggs/recognize characters from other stories that also take place in the kempverse)


Graphic mental imagery may occur. This story has graphic and violent moments, and includes many aspects that some may consider repulsive. By clicking on the title of this story, you agree to read at your own risk.

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Episode 2 by Frizzle
Author's Notes:

Another story I plan on wrapping up, this one only has 1 prologue and 3 episodes anyways, or so I think I am still searching my records from patreon...



- Unaware

- Butt Crush

- Vore

- Stomach/Digestive Scenes

- Feet/Inshoe

- I think vaginal insertion? Or panty entrapment? Don't quite remember honestly

- Cruel and harsh massacres of a gargantuan scale... Courtesy of my fantasy hottie Sabrina, my greatest vore machine of all time!






Hello. My name is Benjamin Bentham, and I am a witch hunter. Unfortunately I have been forced to reside anonymously to the outside world, as I have found myself, in an ironic twist of fate, to be the one who is now hunted. In order to ensure that the crimes of this most nefarious witch are recorded for others to read and be forewarned, I have taken it upon myself to detail and reveal the dark and horrible actions of the young high school witch who has caused great suffering among the masses. As we go further into her dark deeds, I must warn that this tale is not for the faint of heart…

This particular day began with the sun shining bright through the curtained window of Sabrina’s bedroom. Her covers were tossed about, her right leg and belly exposed to the chill air that circulated throughout the room. The sun slowly crept through the crack in the curtains, a splinter of light washing over the teen blondes smooth stomach. It gurgled and churned in her sleep, but as the sun began to wash over the landscape she found herself being awoken by the sudden buzzing of her alarm clock.

“Beep… Beep… Beep…”

Sabrina’s eyes opened slowly, her lashes flickering back and forth as she raised her hand up sleepily to block the sun from her eyes, “hnnng…” Sabrina moaned as she rubbed her head, taking her other hand and gliding it across her belly. She rubbed it sensually, giving a slight grin of satisfaction as she remembered the two little snacks she had eaten nearly a week ago now. She had felt this way every morning since, pretending they were still digesting inside of her gut even though she knew she had excreted their remains from her bowels many days ago.

She slowly adjusted herself, pushing herself up and resting her back against the headboard. She felt a tingling sensation down below, and she bit her lip in pleasure as she moaned to herself. It was a lovely way to awaken in the morning, but Sabrina knew that play time was over. She reached her fingers down, sliding them into her laced panties and reaching inside of her sensitive region before plucking the trapped soul of Bri from her prison.

Bri coughed and sputtered, covered in Sabrina’s fluids and nearly choking on it as well from being confined inside of her captor’s fleshy walls all night long. Prudence hadn’t wanted to deal with taking care of her shrunken friend, and had instead charged Sabrina with her care until school break had come to an end. For Bri this was a tormenting nightmare, one that lasted one week too long. She had been nothing short of Sabrina’s sex toy, and the blonde most certainly didn’t go easy on her. Considering she was still under the spell of protection that Prudence had cast upon her, Sabrina could be as rough as she wanted without the fear of killing or breaking her.

“Good morning!” Sabrina chirped, “rest easy?”

Bri looked up at Sabrina with a mopey expression, “yes Sabrina…” Bri most certainly had not rested well, but a certain set of events throughout this week had taught her not to be honest when answerings her captors rhetorical questions.

“Now now… What did I tell you to start calling me?” Sabrina glared down at the tiny teen, disappointed.

“Goddess, sorry my goddess…” Bri corrected, tears welling up in her eyes.

“Oh don’t tell me you’re going to cry again…” Sabrina rolled her eyes, “can’t you just accept that this is your life now? You’re always so gloomy and bland, cheer up won’t yuh!”

“Y-Yes my goddess,” Bri stuttered, holding back a river of tears as she tried her best not to upset Sabrina.

“Good!” Sabrina smiled cheerfully, taking her finger and patting Bri atop the head, “you’re so adorable when you listen to me! I love it!”

Sabrina held Bri in her palm carefully, kicking her feet over the edge of the bed and sliding them into her fuzzy rabbit slippers. She cheerfully strided over to her dresser, promptly setting Bri on top of it’s surface before opening the drawers one by one and pulling out pieces of clothing to prepare her outfit for the day. She had chosen a cute red button up shirt, along with a knee length skirt to match. Sabrina almost always wore skirts to school, it being one of her favorite outfits to show off.

Bri watched as Sabrina took off her night bra, replacing it with a clean one. It fit Sabrina’s plump tits well, and after Sabrina put on some fresh panties she slid her skirt on and buttoned up her shirt as she finished getting ready. Bri simply sat and watched, waiting for Sabrina to grab her again. Bri had already attempted to run before, and it most certainly had not ended well, thus Bri sat patiently, fighting her emotions back as she tried her best to keep her captor pleased.

The first night with Sabrina was a tough one. Bri had attempted to run away but was easily stopped by Sabrina’ s enormous bare foot which had collided into Bri’s body. As punishment Sabrina made a point to grind her tiny escapee into the carpet with violent force, her fleshy sole pressing into Bri’s body with immense pressure. The pain was so much to handle, that Bri never even considered attempting to escape again.

That wasn’t even the end of her suffering however. Sabrina was strictly forbidden from eating Bri, and of course since Prudence is the witch Sabrina was inclined to obey that rule very closely. Since eating Bri wasn’t an option, Sabrina decided to explore other avenues to test the full extent of her desires. She decided to pull a trick or two out of Prudence’s book, using Bri as her own personal dildo whenever she wanted to masturbate. Sabrina even attempted anal, though lucky for Bri anal was something that Sabrina quickly decided against. Apparently it just wasn’t Sabrina’s thing.

Unlucky for Bri however, Sabrina had taken a liking to the feeling of her tiny slave under her foot. She began forcing Bri to lick and worship her soles, mostly as an effort to break the girl down and make her more obedient. It obviously worked, because Bri most certainly never disobeyed a single command Sabrina gave. She may have been supposedly invulnerable, but in Bri’s mind that only meant her suffering could be far worse. By the end of winter break, there were moments where Bri wished that Sabrina would just eat her so her life could finally reach it’s miserable end.

“How do I look?” Sabrina entered a fashion pose, giving a toothy smile as she looked down at Bri.

“You look beautiful my goddess…” Bri answered.

Sabrina frowned and placed her hands at her hips, “well that didn’t sound very enthusiastic…”

“You look beautiful my goddess!” Bri feigned a smile, trying to sound a bit more hearty.

Sabrina smiled, “now that’s more I like it! You’re becoming a quick learner!”

“I’m glad to hear it…” Bri muttered.

A knocking was heard at Sabrina’s door, and the teen jumped from fright. She quickly snatched Bri off of the dresser, opening up the waistbands of her skirt and panties simultaneously and shoving Bri inside of them. Bri didn’t have a chance to react, but very abruptly found herself getting a face full of Sabrina’s juicy pussy as the blonde let her waistbands snap back into place.

Feeling Bri squirm against her moist snatch caused Sabrina some quick pulses of sensual pleasure, and she couldn’t help but take her fingers and press against her privates from the outside of her skirt. She giggled harmoniously as she forced Bri to slide between the lips of her pussy, wanting to let Bri know how much the tiny girl was pleasing her.

The knocking continued more erratically, and Sabrina quickly composed herself, “come in!”

The door opened, and a smiling Prudence peeked into the bedroom, “sure took you awhile to answer…”

“Oh you know… Can’t be too sure who might be on the other end of that door!” Sabrina teased, giving Prudence a wink.

“So where is our little bestie?” Prudence looked around the room, wondering where Sabrina was keeping Bri.

“Again… You never know who might be at the other end of the door,” Sabrina winked at Prudence again, patting the front of her crotch to gesture at Bri’s location.

“Ahhh, kinky,” Prudence giggled, “I take it you two have had fun then?”

“I sure have,” Sabrina exclaimed, “and Bri makes quite the obedient little toy!”

“Well you may as well keep her in your panties,” Prudence stated, “we don’t want her being seen by anybody at school…”

“We’re taking her with us?” Sabrina seemed surprised.

“Of course we are,” Prudence snapped, “if we leave her here… I can’t control what happens. What if someone discovers her? Or what if she decides to run away?”

“She won’t run away,” Sabrina assured, “I’ve already shown her what happens to defectors…”

“When you’re around,” Prudence corrected, “on her own, she might grow a bit more bold. Keep her with you, preferably out of sight. If that means being inside your gorgeous cunt all day, so be it.”

“I mean… If she’s too much of a nuisance,” Sabrina paused for a moment, “could always just… Let me eat her.”

Prudence frowned, “... No.”

“Alright alright,” Sabrina quickly held up her hands, “don’t eat the tiny bestie… Got it. Though, could you give me a better understanding of why we keep her around? I don’t really get it…”

Prudence sighed in annoyance, “if I’m being honest… I don’t know if I have the heart to watch you gulp her down…”

Sabrina raised an eyebrow, “what? The almighty tough Prudence has gone soft?”

Prudence narrowed her eyes, “a part of me still sees her as my best friend, Sabrina. I want to at least give her a second chance to atone for what she did, and being your little plaything seems to be the perfect punishment.”

“Oooo,” Sabrina cooed, “so I get to keep her for a bit longer!?”

“Perhaps,” Prudence answered hesitantly, “so long as you don’t make her life too hard… God only knows how utterly wicked you’ve become, and by my own actions no doubt.”

“Don’t feel sorry!” Sabrina inserted, “you have awakened an inner craving I never thought I’d experience! I most certainly don’t want it to end anytime soon!”

“So long as there are those who upset me, there will be those for you to feast on,” Prudence smiled, “just not Bri… You’ll have plenty of others.”

“Plenty of others?” Sabrina showed a look of confusion, “you planning something Prude?”

“Dillon made me realize I shouldn’t hold back anymore,” Prudence explained, “from now on… It’s time I show my enemies just what I’m capable of.”

“I like the sound of that…” Sabrina murmured, “but what exactly did Kylie do to become your enemy? Don’t get me wrong… She writhed magnificently inside of me, but I can’t help but be a little wary myself if you know what I mean…”

Prudence rolled her eyes, “Sabrina… I’m not going to shrink you. Or at least… Unless you eat Bri against my direct wishes…”

“All I needed to hear,” Sabrina quickly responded, “I just don’t want to be the one being backstabbed…”

“You’re my friend Sabrina,” Prudence retorted, “Kylie was merely a messenger… One who I foolishly let know my secret and I had to decide if she could be trusted or not…”

“Clearly you decided she wasn’t trustworthy,” Sabrina joked, patting her belly teasingly.

“Yes… I decided she wasn’t…” Prudence muttered, “trust isn’t something that comes easy to me.”

“So are you going to tell me what you’re planning?” Sabrina grinned with anticipation.

“You’ll see,” Prudence smiled, “it’s time I finally teach that bitch Tabitha a lesson…”

“The head of the cheer squad?” Sabrina cocked her head, “I forgot how much you hate her… But doesn’t she live across town?”

“Just shush and follow,” Prudence snapped, “we don’t want to miss the bus…”

“Alright fine,” Sabrina grabbed her backpack, rubbing her hand over her crotch real quick to make sure that Bri was still snug inside the folds of her vagina. She could feel Bri still slightly squirming about, but for the most part the tiny teen had settled down. Satisfied at Bri’s obedience, Sabrina tossed her backpack over her shoulder and followed Prudence out of her own home.

The two senior high schoolers joked and laughed with one another, Sabrina mostly describing in detail the erotic adventures she had with Bri over the final week of winter break. Of course Bri could hear the entire conversation, though she couldn’t participate considering her body was engulfed by Sabrina’s pussy lips. They had eventually reached the bus stop, and by their lucky hairs they had just caught the bus as it arrived.

Sabrina’s house was the first stop for the bus, thus the two teens and their hidden cargo were the first on the bus. Prudence was not the type to sit all the way in the back, but more so a few rows just ahead of the back. She found a seat on the right side of the bus and allowed Sabrina to have the window. Prudence sat down next to her, and the two teens set their backpacks at their feet as they prepared to start their school day.

“Ugh…” Sabrina moaned, adjusting in her seat erratically.

“What is it?” Prudence asked.

“Bri feels soooo good… I almost can’t contain myself…” Sabrina moaned, slowly rubbing her crotch from the outside to feel Bri sliding through her moist folds.

“You goof,” Prudence giggled, “you might want to put her somewhere… Less distracting.”

“I can’t help myself,” Sabrina moaned, “it’s too hot… I want to feel her squirming all day.”

“Fine by me,” Prudence laughed, “just don’t draw unnecessary attention to yourself…”

As if the universe decided to play a game of ironic fate itself, drawing unnecessary attention is precisely what Sabrina had done… Or more so, Prudence and Sabrina’s presence itself. The bus had already arrived at the next stop, which only hosted a single student of their high school who lived back on the trail through the words. Her name was Priscilla, and she was a member of Tabitha’s cheerleading squad. She was light dark skinned, with curly black hair and the most snobbish attitude that any cheerleader would be expected to hold.

“What are you two hobknockers laughing about?” Priscilla mocked, crossing her arms and standing tall above the two teens.

Priscilla was known as the most obnoxious and incompetent student in the entire school, but most importantly to Prudence she was the best friend of Tabitha. Priscilla was extremely tall, the tallest student in the entire school. She was known to bully any girl who was less than five feet and five inches, simply because she wanted to make them feel inferior. She was rather prude, and most certainly rude, and Prudence and Sabrina both found their morning to be soured by Priscilla’s presence. 

“What a displeasure Priscilla, my morning was almost perfect until my eyes beheld your ugly mug,” Prudence mocked, Sabrina ignoring the two as she fought to contain the erotic pleasure that Bri was giving her.

“For your information, I happen to be the most beautiful girl in the entire school! With the exception of Tabitha of course…” Priscilla stood tall and proud, as if her words actually held any merit.

“The most beautiful girl to a pile of trash I’m sure,” Prudence snickered, “actually no… That’s offensive to the trash, my apologies!”

“Hmph!” Priscilla crossed her arms in a fit, “still as prude as ever Prude-ence!”

“Oh gee, I sure haven’t heard that one before!” Prudence rolled her eyes.

“Oohh,” Sabrina let a moan slip from between her lips, her hand pressing firmly against her crotch as she was on the edge of an incredible orgasm. Bri’s presence had simply been too sensual and sensitive to Sabrina’s nether region, and the blonde simply couldn’t remain composed.

Priscilla looked over at Sabrina with a look of disgust, “ew! Fucking slut! Are you getting off right now!?”

Sabrina blushed, very embarrassed as she adjusted herself and moved her hand away from her crotch. Prudence wasn’t pleased in the slightest, “what did you just call my friend?”

“Oh was I not loud enough? Allow me to be more clear…” Priscilla took a deep breath. “She. Is. A. Fucking. Slut…”

Prudence didn’t even waste a second, her eyes already peering towards the front of the bus and verifying that the bus driver was indeed not paying even the slightest amount of attention towards the ruckus in the back. The bus was still empty minus the three of them, however the next stop was approaching quickly. Prudence decided to end it right there, and with the snap of a finger her problems were solved.

Priscilla had shrunken down to just barely an inch tall, and of course the confusion that came with it. She looked around frantically, seeing small pebbles and other crumbs that now looked only half the size of her own body, remnants from the undersides of the students' shoes who would traverse the bus walkway daily. Priscilla was so focused on the insane transformation, she hadn’t even paid any attention to the gargantuan hand reaching down for her.

Prudence had snatched the little cunt off the walkway, holding the shrunken girl up to her face with an evil grin, “I’m sorry, I cut you off. What were you saying?”

Priscilla’s eyes opened wide in horror, unable to fathom how Prudence was suddenly the size of a titan before her eyes. She screamed and panicked, beating on Prudence’s fingers as she tried to free herself from the colossal seniors grip.

“Prude!?” Sabrina was shocked, “what if the bus driver saw!?”

“He didn’t,” Prudence retorted, “besides… No one calls my friend a slut and gets away with it…”

Prudence sprawled Priscilla out in her palm, and without wanting to speak even another word she took her free hand and coiled her index finger behind her thumb, “goodbye Priscilla, you’re on your own now you stupid bitch.”

“Prudence wai-” interrupted, Priscilla found her body in immense pain as Prudence flicked the tiny girl off her palm mercilessly. Priscilla had certainly broken a few ribs as a result, her body flying through the air and landing on the seats adjacent to the ones that Prudence and Sabrina were sitting in. The tiny teen landed on the not so soft cushions of the bus seat, her head smacking the peeling leather and causing her to become heavily disoriented.

“Awww… You should have let me eat her!” Sabrina pouted.

“No,” Prudence nudged Sabrina in the shoulder, “you’ll have your fill later… No need to eat a cancerous tumor such as Priscilla.”

“I sure hope so…” Sabrina murmured, rubbing her belly, “I’ve been craving more since Dillon’s parents… Ugh, they were so absolutely delicious.”

The bus had reached it’s next stop, students rushing onto the bus and this time in numbers. It was a stop at a more populated part of town, so roughly six to ten students had boarded. One girl in particular was a bit of a loner, her name Bethany. She was a slim figured, chocolate haired girl. She was considered a bit of a nerd, and as if in another ironic twist she was indeed clutching her calculus textbook to her chest as she tried to find a seat that would be away from the bullies that made her life miserable. Priscilla was one of these bullies, a bully that made Bethany’s life at school a living hell.

Bethany had seen the empty seat opposite of Prudence and Sabrina. The two seniors had never given Bethany any issues, and Bethany ultimately decided it’d be a good seat to have in the hopes that Priscilla wouldn’t be anywhere near her. Then Bethany realized Priscilla wasn’t even on the bus. She knew that Priscilla had the stop before her, so she was very relieved to see that she had indeed not shown up. Bethany assumed her tormentor had called in sick, which would make at least one day in her life somewhat bearable.

As she walked into the seat section, she lifted her short skirt up slightly in order to sit down. Priscilla was just coming out of her disoriented haze, seeing a shadow engulf the section of the seat she had been flicked onto. Her eyes opened wide in horror as she looked up to see Bethany’s titanic ass looming overhead. To Priscillas shock, Bethany was wearing a g string. The prudish bully never would have known Bethany to wear such kinky lingerie, but more importantly it was the fact that Bethany’s ass was hurtling towards her at an unprecedented rate that made her heart nearly burst from her chest.

Bethany sat down in the uncomfortable seat, completely unaware that she had sat on the wicked bully that tormented her on a daily basis. Priscilla found herself lodged between Bethany’s ass crack, the unaware woman’s g string pressing into Priscilla’s throat and causing her to choke as she struggled under the teens immense weight.

“Ugh… These seats are terrible…” Bethany grunted, the seat causing her great discomfort. She began to slide her ass back and forth, grinding into the seat as she tried to get comfortable. She had unknowingly grinded her ass into Priscilla, who found herself being crushed by this giant nerd. Priscilla shouted and cursed, her body being lodged up and over the g string as Bethany tried to grow comfortable.

Bethany was almost comfortable as well, there was simply one more thing she needed to do to achieve maximum comfort. She looked around to see no one was watching, before reaching under her skirt and gripping the waistband of her panties. She pulled them up as far as she could, feeling the g string slide up between her ass cheeks. Priscilla screamed in horror as Bethany’s g string took her along for the ride, forcing the bully deep between the cheeks of Bethany’s ass as the nerdy girl achieved the comfort she sought.

“Ahhh, much better,” Bethany smiled comfortably, wiggling her ass one final time before opening her calculus book to study for today’s calculus test. She had not even the faintest clue that her tormentor was lodged not so snuggly against her wrinkled asshole, crying to herself like the little bitch she was deep inside.

The rest of the bus ride was fairly uneventful, Prudence and Sabrina mostly whispering to one another about Bri and her current location in Sabrina’s panties. They had also snickered and laughed amongst themselves as they had watched Bethany sit on Priscilla, grinding her into the seat without a clue. It was humorous to them, and they had also assumed that the cheer member had met an untimely end. They had believed her to be a bloody stain under Bethany’s ass cheek, though of course this wasn’t the case.

After a semi long bus drive, the driver had eventually reached the high school. He opened the bus doors as the students began to flood into the aisle way. Prudence and Sabrina always waited for most of the bus to clear first, as they were not particularly fond of being sandwiched between the mass of students as everyone tried to rush off of the bus. After Bethany had packed up her calculus book and headed off of the bus, only then did Prudence and Sabrina finally get up and head off themselves.

“Ugh, supposed to be a test in Mr. Albright’s class…” Sabrina groaned, “had such a distracting winter break with Bri… Totally forgot to study!”

“Yikes, you get a bad grade on any of his tests and it bites your GPA in the ass!” Prudence mocked.

Sabrina smiled anxiously, “well… Perhaps there is a spell that you could…”

“Ah hell no,” Prudence shook her head with a smirk, “no cheating! You had your fun with Bri at the cost of your education Sabrina, that is one hundred percent on you.”

Sabrina pouted, “aww… Fine.”

“How is Bri anyways? Haven’t heard you moan in a hot second. Has she settled down in there?” Prudence looked down at Sabrina’s crotch, trying to see if she could see the outline of Bri’s tiny body. Unfortunately she could not, and this disappointed her.

“Yeah a little,” Sabrina chirped, “though just feeling her against my pussy at all is still very distracting… I might have to slide her up against my asshole instead, at least then she won’t be getting me all horny.”

“Asshole huh?” Prudence smirked, “you been having a lil’ assplay with her too?”

Sabrina showed a look of disgust, “tried that… Not at all my thing! But I don’t have anywhere else to put her…”

“What about inside of your flats?” Prudence pointed down towards the bright red flats that Sabrina was wearing, “she’s invulnerable from that protection spell, so I’m sure she’d be just fine inside one of your flats all day.”

Sabrina held a finger up to her chin in thought, “hmmm… I’m not really sure I want to be stepping on her all day though, it kinda seems like that would be annoying…”

“Fair enough,” Prudence shrugged, “do whatever, I don’t care. Just make sure no one sees you when you’re moving her about alright? And for the love of God… Don’t touch yourself please, I can’t afford to shrink literally every person giving you weird looks!”

Sabrina gave Prudence a wink, “I wouldn’t mind it…”

“Pfft,” Prudence shoved Sabrina’s shoulder, “of course you wouldn’t you fucking glutton! You’d devour this entire school if you had it your way…”

“Not the entire school…” Sabrina gave a toothy grin, “I wouldn’t let you shrink that cute boy from Miss Kepler's class…”

“Cute boy?” Prudence narrowed her eyes, “are you talking about the hot dirty blonde? Uh… Nicholas?”

Sabrina blushed, “maybe…”

Prudence rolled her eyes, “ugh… But he’s such a loser!”

Sabrina scoffed, “no he’s not! He’s silly and sweet! And I’m pretty sure he checks me out from time to time…”

“Well, what if I shrank him and you could keep him as your mini boyfriend or something?” Prudence suggested.

“No,” Sabrina quickly inserted, “tiny people are my food, if I’m gonna date Nicholas I want him to be normal. If he were tiny… Ugh… I don’t know if I could resist the temptation!”

“You have been with Bri so far,” Prudence retorted teasingly.

“Well yeah… I don’t want to piss you off!” Sabrina spoke, “pretty sure if I ate Bri, you’d shrink me too…”

“Not far off,” Prudence grinned, “I’m just glad I can trust you Sabrina… The fact that Bri survived you throughout winter break shows me you have better self control than I had originally thought. Today however… I’m going to need to loosen the leash a bit.”

“Loosen the leash?” Sabrina raised a brow in confusion.

“We’re skipping part of first period,” Prudence informed, “we’re going to pay a visit to that bitch Tabitha in the gym room… They do their cheer practice in the morning before they start their classes for the day.”

Sabrina’s eyes grew wide, “... Uh, alright…”

Prudence had already walked off towards the opposite end of the main entrance, towards the west where the entrance to the gymnasium was located. Sabrina followed anxiously behind, trying to imagine what exactly Prudence had in mind. Tabitha was Prudence’s arch nemesis, the two most certainly hated one another. Unfortunately for Tabitha, Prudence had simply decided she no longer needed to put up with her any longer.

Prudence had actually used to be a part of the cheer squad, the head cheerleader herself. Tabitha was jealous of Prudence, wanting the position of head cheerleader for herself. She had concocted many lies and rumors, pitting the entire cheer team against their leader. Of course I could go into great detail to the extent of what caused the immense hatred between these two teens, however for the sake of this journal entry I feel it is far more important to skip straight ahead to the confrontation between the two.

“One, two, three!” Tabitha was instructing her cheerleaders, all of whom were failing miserably to complete the cheer moves that were created by their coach.

Lindsay had fallen from the top of their pyramid, causing the entire move to fall apart. Tabitha scowled in rage, stamping her feet in a tantrum, “Lindsay! You fucking arse!”

“S-sorry Tabitha!” Lindsay quickly stood to her feet, looking down in shame.

“Gosh Lindsay! You always fucking ruin this move for us!” Ashley spat at her fellow cheer member.

“I don’t know why we haven’t just banned her from the team already!” Shouted Deedee, arguably one of the most vile students in the entire team.

“Well let’s try again, but this time Tabitha please let me do the top!” Katarina suggested, glaring over at Lindsay.

Lindsay began to tear up, her teammates harsh words piercing her soft and gentle heart.

“Wow, what a bunch of rudey mc-rude faces!” Sabrina interrupted them all, glaring at every single member of the team after witnessing them belittle their own team member.

“No kidding,” Prudence gave a half grin, “when I led this team, I’d have taught you all a lesson for treating one of your own so callously!”

Tabitha smirked mockingly, “hmph, well if it isn’t the school slutscots!”

The entire cheer team began to laugh and cackle, all but Lindsay who looked away embarrassed. Prudence rolled her eyes, “wow, your insults have actually gotten worse since last year. Slutscots? That’s the best you got?”

“Hmph!” Tabitha stuck out her tongue like a toddler, “and you certainly haven’t gotten any easier to look at! What the hell are you here for anyways Prude-ence!”

Prudence shrugged, “oh you know… Just to feed your entire team of asshats to my sexy blonde friend here…”

Sabrina perked her ears, looking at Prudence in disbelief. The blonde teen had already begun to salivate, the thought of devouring Tabitha’s entire cheer squad in one go appealing to her in more ways than one. But was Prudence serious? Or was she simply kidding around? Sabrina didn’t know, but she kept her mouth shut and watched to see how things unfolded.

“Feed my team?” Tabitha was obviously confused, “what in the seven hells does that mean!?”

“You know what’ll be really funny though?” Prudence ignored Tabitha’s confusion, “I’m going to make you watch.”

“Are you high?” Tabitha couldn’t help but giggle amusedly, “my God you really have gone off the deep end haven’t you?”

“I can’t believe we ever allowed her to be our cheer captain!” Laticia, another cheerleader, shouted out loud.

“Now now girls,” Tabitha held up her hand, “she’s just gone coo coo for cocoa puffs, no need to get your panties in a bunch!”

“Mhmm…” Prudence kept her wicked grin, just soaking up all of the meaningless insults thrown at her.

Tabitha glared at her, “really… Can you leave? We’re trying to practice and we don’t need our coach yelling at us for your impudent intrusion!”

Prudence looked over at Sabrina, “I didn’t see you eat breakfast this morning, are you hungry?”

Sabrina was drooling, and simply nodded to answer Prudence’s question. Prudence smiled cruelly, facing Tabitha before lifting up her fingers. Tabitha rolled her eyes, “ugh, will you just fucking-”

With a snap of the fingers Tabitha found herself cut off, and severely disoriented. She could hear her echoing oooo’s and ahhhh’s all around, and gasps and screeches alike. She didn’t know what for, but she tried to focus on regaining her composure, “Prudence!? What the hell was…”

Tabitha stopped herself short, seeing the now towering figure of her nemesis overhead, “wha… What the fuck!?”

“What did she do to Tabitha!?” Ashley screeched, looking down at her now shrunken cheer captain.

“I don’t know!” Molly cried, “but she shrunk before our very eyes!”

“Witch!” Laticia spat aloud, “she’s a fucking witch I tell you!”

Prudence tilted her head back in cruel laughter, “I sure am a witch!”

“Run for your lives!” Shouted Macy, who turned and began to make a run for it.

Prudence simply snapped her fingers again, shrinking Macy on the spot. The rest of the girls now knew they were in peril, and all began running in multiple directions. Prudence simply snapped her fingers over and over again. Molly, Ashley, Adaline, Laticia, Katarina, Daisy, Igrid, Deedee and Lindsay were all shrunken in just mere moments before a single one could escape the gymnasium.

“Oh my God! I’m only an inch tall!!!” Daisy screamed, falling to her knees in horror. The rest of the cheer team also began to cry, all screaming and shouting for their lives.

Tabitha grew enraged, running over to Prudence’s big black boot and kicking it violently, “you bitch! Return us to normal right now!”

Prudence lifted the tip of her boot in the air slightly, causing Tabitha to fall forward underneath it. Prudence then gently applied pressure to Tabitha’s body, smiling with satisfaction as her nemesis’s screams of horror squeaked throughout the gymnasium, “you have no idea how long I’ve waited for this day Tabitha…”

“Can I…?” Sabrina didn’t want to jump the gun, but looked Prudence in the eyes with a look of hunger.

Prudence smiled deviously, “go for it.”

“YES!” Sabrina turned her attention towards the tiny cheerleaders, all of whom were still focused on their shrunken selves and screaming endlessly. The hungry blonde spotted Adaline close by, and decided to make her the first victim.

“Make sure you get them all…” Prudence ordered, reaching under her boot and plucking a struggling Tabitha into the air.

Sabrina most certainly planned to get them all. She lurked behind Adaline, as the frightened shrunken cheer member continued to look over her entire body. She compared her new size to the rest of the colossal landscape of the gymnasium, her mind unable to comprehend what was going on.

“You look delicious…” Sabrina murmured, Adaline turning to face the gargantuan predator with an expression of horror.

“What!? No!” Adaline tried to run, but Sabrina had already swiped her off of the floor. Adaline’s screams echoed, and the rest of the cheer members all stopped and turned to watch as Adaline was dropped into Sabrina’s open mouth. The cheer members opened their eyes in horror, as they watched Sabrina gulp Adaline down promptly. Her throat expanded, causing all of the cheer members to feel sick as they watched their cheer friend traverse Sabrina’s throat.

Sabrina licked her lips, smiling deviously as she looked amongst the rest of the now frozen cheer members. There was a moment of silence, as all of the cheerleaders looked cautiously at Sabrina. The blonde studied them all, amused by the sudden silence.

“RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!!” Ashley screamed, flailing her hands in the air like a maniac as she sprinted across the gym floor.

The rest of her squad followed suit, all of them running in opposite directions like a bunch of madwomen. Sabrina gave an evil grin, holding her hands up teasingly as she began to stomp exaggeratedly after Molly.

“I’m gonna get yuh!” Sabrina teased, “come er’ mousey mousey!”

Molly panicked, sprinting even faster as Sabrina’s titanic footsteps shook the ground beneath the tiny cheerleader. Molly looked up behind her, seeing that Sabrina had easily caught up to her, “no! Get the hell away from me you freak!”

Sabrina dove towards the ground, swiping Molly up in one foul swoop before bringing the cheerleader up to her parted lips, “ahhhhhh,” Sabrina echoed mockingly, Molly struggling in her grip as she looked down into Sabrina’s throat. The blondes uvula dangled back and forth as Sabrina moaned loudly, abruptly dropping her little snack as Molly tumbled head first into her captor’s salivating maw.

“No! I don’t want to be eaten!” Molly cried, kicking and punching as she attempted to fight Sabrina’s tongue. It was in vain, and Sabrina easily maneuvered Molly towards the back of her throat. With one gulp she easily sent the struggling Molly down her throat.

“Ugh… I love the struggles…” Sabrina tilted her head back in ecstacy, pressing gently against her groin as she grew extremely horny.

Bri had heard all of the commotion, along with the squeaking screams of many females. She didn’t know for sure what was going on, but she knew that whatever it was it had really turned Sabrina on. Bri found herself suddenly forced into Sabrina’s vagina, her arms slipping into the cavity as she was rubbed unceremoniously against Sabrina’s moist crotch. Bri simply went along with the ride, knowing there wasn’t a damn thing she could do to avoid any of it.

“They’re getting away, Sabrina!” Prudence rolled her eyes, clutching Tabitha in her grip and positioning the head cheerleader in a manner in which she could watch the entire horror show.

“You’re sick!” Tabitha spat, “you’re going to let that crazy bitch eat them all!?”

“I sure am,” Prudence smiled cruelly, “and when they’re all gone, I’m going to feed you to her as well…”

Tabitha grew silent, dread washing over her, “you… y-you wouldn’t…”

“Oh yes I would,” Prudence retorted, “you’re the biggest bitch in this entire school. I’m doing everyone a favor.”

“You won’t get away with this!” Tabitha cried, tears streaming down her cheeks.

“No? I got away with murdering Dillon and his parents… Pretty sure I’ll get away with this too…” Prudence cackled manically, enjoying the torment over her now ex nemesis. Tabitha was nothing more than a pathetic insect now, and under Prudence’s total control.

“You… You what…?” Tabitha remained quiet, trying to comprehend just how much she had underestimated Prudence. Of course if she had known what Prudence was capable of, she would have most certainly sung a different tune. Her sins had caught up with her however, and now her entire squad was suffering for it. Tabitha turned back towards the gymnasium, watching as Sabrina had caught yet another cheer member.

It was Igrid, and Sabrina had flicked her up into the air and caught the girl with her mouth playfully. Tabitha watched as Sabrina swished Igrid around her mouth, coating her in a thick pool of her saliva to drown her in it. It only lasted for a few moments before Sabrina swallowed her whole, quickly prancing after her next victim. Tabitha was forced to watch it all, and knowing that she would be the last to go down Sabrina’s gullet brought her overwhelming grief as she began to sob hopelessly.

Ashley and Macy were running away together, trying to reach the bleachers in the hopes they could escape their fate. Macy turned around to see that Sabrina had set her sights on the two, and she had begun to panic.

“Ashley… I’m so sorry…” Macy cried.

“What for?” Ashley spat, trying to keep her pace up with Macy.

Macy answered her question by simply sticking out her leg and tripping the teen, Ashley falling flat on her face and losing her pace entirely. Macy had run off, and had left Ashley behind as bait. Ashley turned in horror to see Sabrina directly above her, but in an ironic twist of fate Sabrina simply stepped over the fallen girl and continued after Macy. Ashley let out a deep sigh of relief, getting to her feet and running in the opposite direction.

“Thought I’d fall for that huh?” Sabrina mocked, Macy turning around in horror to see Sabrina’s red flat directly above her. Sabrina brought her foot down in front of Macy, the shockwave of the impact causing Macy to fall onto her back.

“Oof!” Macy hit the back of her head hard against the gym floor, and before she could even reorient herself she felt a pair of fingers pluck her by the feet, “what!? NO! Please! Please don’t!”

“Tsk tsk tsk,” Sabrina teased, “leaving your own friend behind as bait? If anything that puts you at the top of my snacking list!”

“What the hell is wrong with you!?” Macy cried, “I’m a human fucking being!”

Sabrina giggled harmoniously as she began to raise Macy above her head, “you used to be a human being… Now you're just my little delicious snack!”

“Oh fuck…” Macy cried and frantically fought to kick herself from Sabrina’s grip. It was pointless, and in no time at all she watched as Sabrina’s lips parted wide open. 

The voracious blonde dropped Macy, and the cheerleader found herself hurtling towards Sabrina’s open maw. Sabrina’s aim was a bit off however, Macy’s body smacking Sabrina’s upper lip. She quickly began to slide into Sabrina’s mouth, and instinctively reached up and grabbed the space between Sabrina’s nostrils to stop her descent. Her legs were dangling into Sabrina’s mouth, while her chest rested against the teens plush lip.

“No no no no no no no no!” Macy cried, her legs kicking as she tried to pull herself from Sabrina’s mouth.

The blonde giggled deviously, clamping her lips shut around Macy’s legs. She began to slurp and suck on the frightened girl, Macy losing her grip and feeling herself get sucked into Sabrina’s awaiting mouth.

“No! NO!” Macy cried, “please! Have merc-”

Her words died as Sabrina sucked the rest of her tiny form into her mouth. Macy landed atop Sabrina’s wet tongue, and immediately began writhing around. Sabrina had many more cheerleaders to devour, and didn’t want to waste any more time as she attempted to force Macy into her throat. Macy refused to go without a fight, and as she felt her body getting forced into Sabrina’s gullet she made a last ditch effort and grabbed hold of the blonde’s slippery uvula.

“Ack!” Sabrina held her throat, gagging as her little defiant snack tugged on her uvula. She felt herself gagging violently, but despite it she attempted to swallow anyways.

Sabrina’s tongue smacked into Macy’s body over and over, a series of gulping noises ringing throughout Macy’s ears. The tiny girl simply held on for dear life, knowing that if she lost her grip her life was over for certain. She played a good game, Macy did, but unfortunately Sabrina was just too persistent. After the seventh swallow, Macy’s grip finally slipped and she was finally sent into Sabrina’s throat upon the eight swallow.

Gulp. Sabrina swallowed hard, relief washing over her as she finally felt Macy slide effortlessly down her esophagus and towards her stomach. She let out an audible burp, patting her tummy briefly before scanning the gymnasium floor for more prey. She spotted Ashley again, who was attempting to run around her and towards the bleachers again. Sabrina smiled, and made her move.

Macy was surrounded on all sides by the mucus covered membrane of Sabrina’s tight gullet. The girl squirmed and cried, sobbing profusely as she made her way towards the belly of the beast. Her feet landed upon a squishy surface, the sphincter, which promptly opened and allowed her to pass through towards the stomach. With a brief fall, and a splash, Macy was officially located inside of Sabrina’s gut.

“Who was that!?” Adaline cried, “who else has this whore eaten!?”

“It’s… It’s me…” Macy whimpered, “I can’t believe this is happening…”

Macy held up her hands, they were covered in bile and other stomach juices. Her body had already begun to tingle, and she knew it was the result of the potent stomach acids inside of her devourer’s gut.

“You’re telling me!?” Igrid scoffed, “this has to be a nightmare… Oh my God guys PLEASE TELL ME THIS IS A NIGHTMARE!”

“Will you quiet down!?” Molly scolded, “your screams are echoing and they are ringing in my ears!”

“Well excuse me for being concerned!” Igrid snapped, “we are fucking digesting inside of a whores stomach!”

Sabrina’s gut moaned and gurgled, her acids churning and digesting the contents of the cheerleaders within it. They all showed looks of pure disgust, as they bumped into each other while trying to move around in the pitch darkness. A gurgling could be heard from above, and as the girls continued to scream and bicker, they heard another splash of a victim who had soon joined them.

“Oh great… Now who has this bitch eaten!?” Igrid shouted.

“Oh my God!” Ashley screamed, “guys I’ve been eaten!”

“No shit,” Molly snapped, “welcome to the fucking club!”

Ashley panicked as she splashed around in the acid frantically, crying and screaming as her body was coated in bile and stomach acid. She had been snatched up by Sabrina moments before making it to the bleachers, and the merciless blonde devoured her as if she was nothing more than a delicacy.

“Will you stop splashing around!?” Macy scolded, “you’re getting it in my fucking mouth!”

“Macy!?” Ashley’s voice turned to that of rage, “you fucking bitch!”

Ashley began to kick and scratch at Macy, and two began to fight one another, “what the hell!? Get off me you crazy cunt!” Macy shouted, shoving Ashley so hard that the cheerleader fell into the pool of acid entirely.

Ashley jumped to the surface, coughing and sputtering from the bile that had gotten in her mouth, “you tripped me!” Ashley shouted in anger, “you fucking tripped me!”

“And what good did it do?” Macy retorted, “we both got eaten anyways…”

“You tripped Ashley?” Molly said in disbelief, “what the hell Macy!?”

“It was either her or me!” Macy snapped, “I’m trying to survive here!”

“Girls!” Adaline screamed, “calm the hell down!”

“Shut the fuck up!” Macy snapped, “this is all Tabitha’s fault! She made enemies with a damn witch!”

“Witch’s don’t exist!” Molly retorted.

“Then explain how we are in this bitch’s belly,” Igrid shouted, “you heard Laticia! She was screaming witch!”

“Laticia is a loon!” Molly mocked, “whatever is happening here… It’s gotta be backed by science!”

“Science my ass!” Adaline spat, “this whole fucking mess screams witchcraft!”

The girls continued to bicker and argue, fighting amongst one another as they all began to lose their minds. Sabrina’s belly continued to gurgle, churning the tiny contents inside of it as it digested them slowly. Sabrina had continued on to the rest of the cheerleaders, her lips salivating as she continued to hunt down the remaining five squad members. They were a bit spread out throughout the gym now however, but that wasn’t going to stop Sabrina from hunting every last one down.

“Prudence you crazy bitch!” Tabitha squirmed in her captor's grip, “you’re letting that blonde psycho kill them all!”

“So?” Prudence scoffed, “I must say, it’s rather enjoyable watching all your bitch friends get what’s coming to them…” Prudence gave a curled smile, holding Tabitha much closer to her face, “and you… Tabitha… When this is all over, you’ll be the last one.”

“Fuck you!” Tabitha spit at Prudence’s face, but her pathetic attempt only resulted in a miniscule amount of saliva falling several feet short, “you’re going to hell for this!”

“I’m a witch,” Prudence mocked, “I’m already going to hell.”

As Tabitha continued to argue and shout at Prudence, Daisy and Deedee were working together towards the west most side of the gym. They had watched several of their comrades get mercilessly devoured by the titan Sabrina, but their voracious nemesis was on the opposite side of the gym and they felt that they were safe for the time being.

“Daisy… DAISY!” Deedee was hyperventilating, “I don’t want to die… I don’t want to be eaten!”

“We aren’t going to get eaten!” Daisy smacked Deedee’s face, “get a hold of yourself! We need to focus if we are going to survive this nightmare!”

“Well what do we do!?” Deedee cried, trying her best to keep it together.

“We are very close to the bleachers now,” Daisy explained, “as long as we can get underneath the bleachers we’ll be just fi-”

Daisy was interrupted as Sabrina’s fingers wrapped around her entire body, pulling her off the floor and above a frantic Deedee, “Daisy!?” Deedee let out a series of blood curdling screams as she watched Sabrina tilt her head back, dropping Daisy into her wet mouth before a wet gulp was heard. Deedee froze in terror, watching as Sabrina took her fingers and began to trace down her throat, her free hand slipping into her panties where she forced Bri inside of her pussy as she grew increasingly horny. Of course Deedee knew not of Bri’s presence, but the fact that this blonde predator was getting off to the murders of her friends caused her to lose all hope.

“Daisy…?” Deedee couldn’t speak, and could not move. Her closest friend had just been devoured, swallowed in one easy gulp as if she was a pill to be taken. The travesty of it all had grown too much, and her heart had begun to crumble. She fell to her knees, tears dripping down her face, “damn you…” Deedee murmured, “damn you!”

“Ugh…” Sabrina moaned, “this is the greatest day of my life…” Sabrina peered down at Deedee, a sudden look of disgust in her eyes, “hey! You’re one of the cunts that put down that Lindsay chick!”

“So!?” Deedee spat, “you… You ate my friends! You’re evil!”

“Evil?” Sabrina rolled her eyes, “I’m merely filling my hungry belly… And you’re not really ‘people’ at this size so I’d hardly say what I’m doing is evil.”

Deedee was in disbelief, “are you fucking kidding me!? Of course we are still people!”

“I don’t think I like your attitude,” Sabrina crossed her arms, “and you know what… I don’t like the way you treat your ‘friends’ either… The way you treated that teammate of yours was despicable! Not sure I want a bitch like you digesting inside of me…”

“Good then!” Deedee scoffed, “I don’t want to be eaten by a stupid slut like you anyways! You filthy bitch!”

Sabrina glared, “I’ve had enough of you… Goodbye,” Sabrina lifted her foot, hovering it above Deedee’s diminutive body. Deedee’s burst of confidence quickly faded, as the titanic sole of Sabrina’s shoe cast an incredible shadow overhead. Though she knew she was going to die regardless, in the end she could only be thankful that her death would be a quick one. Though she wished Daisy wouldn’t have to suffer, but Deedee knew it wouldn’t be her problem after a short moment.

Sabrina crashed her foot into the ground, blood splattering in all directions beneath her foot. Even with her shoe on, she could feel Deedee’s body explode beneath it. The satisfaction was great, but it was only just that. Sabrina did not get off to this sort of act, she simply hated Deedee for her cruel attitude. Sabrina almost wanted to do the same to Tabitha, but Tabitha was Prudence’s to deal with. Sabrina didn’t even bother looking at Deedee’s remains, she simply returned to her cheerful manor and turned around to continue scanning the floor for the remainder of the cheer squad members.

“Wait what!?” Sabrina looked everywhere, “Prudence… I don’t see the last three.”

“Sabrina…” Prudence called out to her blonde friend, gesturing towards the gymnasium entrance where a familiar figure stood. Sabrina turned to see Bethany at the doors, her palm held in the air holding Lindsay and Laticia. In her other hand was Katarina, who was promptly dumped into the nerd's mouth. Sabrina was in shock, watching as Bethany sloshed Katarina around her mouth. The tiny girl's screams could be heard, but were quickly snuffed out when Bethany tilted her head back and swallowed her whole. Laticia and Lindsay were both sobbing in the girl's palm, knowing their lives were likely going to come to an end soon.

“Wow…” Bethany let out a small burp, giggling cheerfully, “at first I was confused why you were eating them all… But now I can see why, they taste really good!”

“What… Why…” Prudence almost didn’t know what to say, but she began to hold up her fingers in order to shrink the unexpected witness.

Bethany quickly held up her hand to stop her, “don’t bother, your spell won’t work on me Prudence.”

“Oh? And why’s that…” Prudence asked, glaring at Bethany suspiciously.

Bethany smiled, “imagine my surprise… When I find Priscilla nudged against my asshole…” Bethany reached into her pocket with her now free hand and pulled out an emotionally distraught Priscilla, “not only is she shrunk… But she claims to have been ‘cursed by a witch’.”

Bethany began to giggle playfully, “I have wanted to curse this bitch for a long time, for the way she’s treated me… But I never imagined there was such a thing as a shrinking curse!” Bethany took a few steps closer to Prudence, “I owe you a lot for this Prude. Priscilla is my eternal play thing as punishment for what she’s done to me… I was wondering if we could, you know… Be witch sisters?”

Sabrina looked over at Prudence with a pout, not entirely sure what was happening. Prudence’s grip around Tabitha tightened a bit more, as Prudence pondered what to do, “witch sisters huh…?”

“Think of all the fun we could have…” Bethany cooed, “we would own this school… We could do whatever we wanted!”

“Thanks but no thanks,” Prudence quickly blurted, “I can already do whatever I want… And Sabrina and Bri are already my sisters. I don’t need another…”

Bethany shrugged, “fair enough. Just think about it though… You know how to find me.”

Bethany turned and began to walk away, Lindsay and Laticia still in tow. Sabrina quickly spoke out, “wait! I want Lindsay!”

Lindsay’s heart faded, her eyes darting down towards Sabrina’ stomach. Lindsay began to sob heavily, knowing that she was going to join her entire squad inside of Sabrina’s gut. Bethany smirked, “gotta eat another now don’t yuh? Fine by me…”

“I’m not going to eat her,” Sabrina snapped, “she gets to live…”

Prudence looked at Sabrina in shock, almost as if she was hallucinating, “you aren’t going to eat her?”

“Her friends treated her like shit,” Sabrina explained, “she doesn’t deserve to die. Instead she can be my little toy, you’ll behave now won’t you Lindsay?”

Lindsay quickly nodded, not hesitating to take the chance of survival. Laticia grew angry, “what!? What about me!?”

“Bethany can have you, I don’t care,” Sabrina rolled her eyes.

“Alright then, here you go,” Bethany plucked Lindsay off her palm, handing the frightened girl over to Sabrina who eagerly took her into her own, “anyways, you know where to find me Prudence. Just think about what I’ve offered you.”

“I’ll think about it…” Prudence narrowed her eyes.

“Great! Talk to you later!” Bethany quickly plopped Laticia into her mouth, and of course the tiny girl began to scream immediately. Bethany walked out of the gymnasium with Priscilla shoved back into her pocket, and Laticia sent down her gullet. The doors closed behind her and she was gone from sight. Prudence and Sabrina looked at one another, not entirely sure what to make of what just happened.

“Oh my God…” Tabitha panicked, “there’s fucking two of you!?”

“Did I say you could talk!?” Prudence shouted, using her thumb to press Tabitha’s face into her index finger to shut her up.

“W-what now?” Lindsay asked, looking up at Sabrina in fear.

Sabrina smiled, “you’ll serve me later… For now you’re going to join Bri.”

“Bri?” Lindsay was confused, “who is Br-”

Sabrina promptly shoved Lindsay into her panties, where the tiny girl was met with another of her stature. Lindsay was pressed against Sabrina’s pussy, but to her surprise she found another to be there already. Bri looked at Lindsay with depravity, her body weak and exhausted from such a long and dripping wet morning. Sabrina patted her crotch, biting her lip now that she felt two tiny toys down in her sensitive spot.

“Well fuck,” Prudence groaned, “I didn’t know there was another witch in this school…”

“Why couldn’t you shrink her?” Sabrina asked.

“She’s a witch… Us witches are protected by the Dark Grimoire, an ancient spellbound book that prevents witches from turning on one another…” Prudence explained.

“Woah… Where is this book at?” Sabrina asked.

“It remains with the Dark Bishop,” Prudence answered, “but no one has seen him in the last two hundred years according to the tales.”

“So I guess we just befriended Bethany then?” Sabrina pouted, “though I don’t like the thought of her stealing my food… That didn’t make me very happy…”

“Hell no,” Prudence snapped, “if anything… Bethany poses a threat to my reign! This school is only big enough for one witch… And it sure as hell won’t be her!”

“Well what can we do about it?” Sabrina asked.


Prudence smiled, “it’s simple… We find the Dark Grimoire, and destroy it.”




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