Prudence The Teenage Witch by Frizzle

Witchcraft is the devils magic, especially when a teenager is involved. What happens when that particular witch, and her demented voracious friend, learn how to shrink a backstabbing ex-friend? Well... It gets a little messy.

(This story takes place in the kempverse, a universe I created in which Nick VS Highschool takes place, and thus you may find hidden easter eggs/recognize characters from other stories that also take place in the kempverse)


Graphic mental imagery may occur. This story has graphic and violent moments, and includes many aspects that some may consider repulsive. By clicking on the title of this story, you agree to read at your own risk.

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Episode 1 by Frizzle
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Hello. My name is Benjamin Bentham, and for as long as I have been a mature adult of this cruel and dark world I have been known as a witch hunter. It is my sacred duty to seek and document the twisted and maniacal acts of witches across the world, as they cause havoc and misery wherever they prowl. Throughout my entire life however, there has never been a witch more unforgiving, ruthless and cruel than Prudence.


Prudence is a merciless and prudish brat, a young witch who has been responsible for nearly hundreds of mysterious disappearances based on what I have uncovered. Though I have never managed to catch her and end her life, I have found witnesses and evidence from several sources to put together an entire journal detailing the iniquities of this most deadly and formidal villain. The foremost event I have been able to document, starts with a tale of betrayal and due punishment. Vengeance, in its most cruel form.


All around Bri was met with the sickening touch of Prudence’s inner bowels. For hours the poor young teenager had been trapped, her body coated in a slimy and grotesque mucus of which caused her to hurl many times. After being forced inside of her once best friend, she could make out the blood curdling cries of Kylie, the girl who had informed Prudence of Dillon’s sexual escapades with his beloved's best friend.


Bri knew not the fate that Kylie had endured, nor why Prudence would have any reason to turn on the young teenager at all. But little did Bri know that Kylie was no longer among the living. Her body was most certainly digesting inside of Sabrina’s small intestines by now, her remains lifeless and her bones likely exposed after the flesh had mostly been digested. Sabrina of course showed no remorse, but instead a great pleasure as she patted her belly sensually while simultaneously receiving an erotic sensation in her nether regions.


“Oh man…” Sabrina moaned, biting her lip as she thought of Kylie’s fate within her slim body, “I almost wish I could throw her up and eat her all over again…”


“Gross…” Prudence looked behind her, giving Sabrina a look that showed how utterly disgusting she thought it was that Sabrina would do anything of the sort, “I can’t believe how much you enjoyed that. Do you not at all feel guilty for devouring a human life?”


“Nah,” Sabrina giggled mischievously, “honestly it was super sexy. If I had known how hot it was going to be I might have just fingered myse-”


“Too much info,” Prudence interrupted, returning her focus to that ahead of her as she led the way down the sidewalk. The two were heading to Dillon’s house, the boyfriend that had sexual relations with Bri behind Prudence’s back. She was not happy to learn that the teenage boy she showed interest in was having sex with her best friend. It enraged her to no end, though Prudence was not the kind of person to let those kinds of emotion show.


Prudence was excellent at remaining composed, no matter the situation. For instance, despite the fact she wanted to pull Bri from her bowels and snap the girls neck, she refrained from doing so because she knew that Bri at least deserved a second chance. Prudence had known Bri much longer than anyone else, and Bri had known about Prudence’s supernatural life longer than anyone. For this reason alone, Prudence felt that slight mercy was due. Not without penance of course…


“Ugh,” Sabrina groaned, “are we almost there yet?”


“You are surely an impatient little broad aren’t you?” Prudence rolled her eyes, “yes… We are almost there.”


Sabrina grinned as her body began to bob up and down, “and I get to eat him right!?”


“Of course not,” Prudence snapped, “he is most certainly mine to deal with!”


Sabrina pouted, “awww, but what better way to suffer for your transgressions than to end up in this,” Sabrina patted her gut with both hands teasingly, showing just how badly she wanted another soul to end up inside it.


“Transgressions? I’m surprised you even know what that means to be honest,” Prudence mocked.


“Hey! I may be blonde but I’m not stupid!” Sabrina spat, “sheesh, someone is really grumpy tonight aren’t they?”


“Shush,” Prudence held a finger to her lips, “we’re here.”


Sabrina watched as Prudence faced the house to their left, and Sabrina turned to follow her friends gaze. Dillon’s home was a cozy one, though the yellow paint most certainly would avert the eyes of any who gazed at it. Otherwise the house was immaculate, and well cared for by its owners. Owners of which happened to be Dillon’s parents, and to Prudence’s dismay his parents' cars were parked in the driveway.


“I thought you said they wouldn’t be home?” Sabrina questioned, frowning in disappointment.


“Dillon told me they were out of town,” Prudence answered, “but it doesn’t matter. Dillon brought this upon himself… And if his parents are home, well… Sucks to be them.”


Sabrina faced Prudence with wide eyes, “you don’t mean…”


“Damn straight,” Prudence grinned wickedly, “guess I’ll have to shrink all of them…”


As Sabrina and Prudence approached the house, Dillon was inside the living room watching television. His mother, Donna, and his father, Dan, were in the kitchen drinking wine and laughing as they shared stories regarding their week. I wish I had the information available to divulge precisely what was discussed between the two before their final moments, but unfortunately it was simply impossible to obtain. Needless to say, as the doorbell rang and the chime echoed throughout the house, Donna and Dan were both on their way to answer the front door.


The door swung wide open, as Donna and Dan looked out into the cold and dark winter night. Two young teenagers stood on their front porch, innocent smiles spread across their lips. Donna smiled back at them, “Prudence! We weren’t expecting to see you tonight. Dillon told us you were having a Christmas Eve sleepover?”


“We were,” Sabrina’s smile turned into a grin, and Donna couldn’t help but feel a bit taken aback by it.


“Alright… Well is everything ok?” Donna asked, not entirely sure why the teens were at her doorstep.


“I do apologize,” Prudence spoke, “unfortunately the sins of your son have come back to haunt you all,” Prudence held up her hand, and with the snap of a finger she cast a copy of the spell she had already performed on Bri. In an instant Donna and Dan found themselves in a whole new world, dazed and confused as they looked around their surroundings.


“Sweety!?” Dan was freaking out, “what… What happened!?”


“I… I don't know-” Donna cut herself short, her gaze peering upwards very slowly as the realization of what happened began to take fold. Before her very eyes, were the now gargantuan titan figures of Prudence and Sabrina. Her body froze, her mind unable to comprehend the reality of this newfound situation. Prudence and Sabrina peered down at Dillon’s now shrunken parents. Prudence gave a sigh of satisfaction as she stepped over the frantic married couple, her focus mostly on finding Dillon.


“Grab them,” Prudence ordered Sabrina, “and for the love of God keep them out of your mouth will you?”


“Oh come on!” Sabrina pouted, quickly swiping the two shrunken victims off of the floor and clutching them tightly in her closed fist as she hurried to catch up with Prudence.


Dillon had heard the strange commotion and stood up from the sofa to see what was going on. He was quickly met with the figure of Prudence, Sabrina walking up just behind her, “Prudence? What are you doing here?” Dillon asked, looking behind the two teenage girls to see where his parents were, “and where are my parents!?”


“Oh, they’re close by…” Prudence’s smile turned into a frown, “but we can worry about them in a moment. For now… I want answers.”


Dillon approached Prudence with a look of confusion, “babe, I don’t understand?”


“Don’t lie to me!” Prudence stepped back in anger, holding a hand up to stop Dillon in his tracks, “Kylie saw you and Bri screwing around! She blew the whistle on your cheating ass!”


Dillon felt a cold sweat cross his forehead, “oh yeah!? Well she’s a… A liar!”


Prudence rolled her eyes, “really Dillon? You don’t think I went to Bri first to learn the truth?”


Dillon crossed his arms, trying to keep up the facade of his innocence, “where even is Kylie? Not brave enough to be here herself? I mean… If what she says is true then why wouldn’t she come here personally to prove her lie?”


A loud burp echoed throughout the house, Prudence and Dillon both turning to face a smiling Sabrina. Sabrina bit her lip, looking into Dillon’s eyes deviously, “Kylie is a bit busy at the moment… Or she was,” Sabrina patted her belly with satisfaction, moaning as she did so.


I feel that now would be an appropriate time to reveal that Dillon indeed knew Prudence’s secret. He had known shortly after they began dating, as Prudence usually liked to cast spells upon her mates for more sexual purposes. And because Dillon knew Prudence's secret, it was as he looked in horror at Sabrina’s flat and groaning stomach that a dread began to wash over him. Of course he doubted whether or not it was possible, though with Prudence he knew not to underestimate her abilities.


“What did you…” Dillon found himself unable to finish that sentence.


“She knew my secret and I didn’t trust her,” Prudence stated boldly, “so I had Sabrina… Take care of her.”


Dillon began to back up, thoughts of Bri beginning to course through his mind, “Bri… Is she..?”


“I wish!” Sabrina blurted, “I wanted to gobble her up sooo bad… Mmph!”


“My God… You’re insane!” Dillon turned around and attempted to run, realizing that sticking around would literally mean the end for him. Prudence simply rolled her eyes, quickly snapping her fingers and shrinking Dillon down to barely an inch tall just like his parents.


“What the..!?” Dillon was immediately chest deep in the carpet of his house, looking his body over along with his hands as he realized how screwed he was. He turned around, his eyes slowly tracing up the body of his now giantess ex girlfriend. Prudence smiled wickedly, crossing her arms as a satisfaction of justice filled her up on the inside.


“Never cross a witch…” Prudence soothed, “you wanted to know what happened to Bri? Why don’t I show you?”


Prudence bent over and quickly snatched the struggling Dillon off the carpet floor. She nonchalantly tossed him onto the coffee table, Dillon finding the impact incredibly painful as a few of his ribs cracked upon landing. He heaved in pain, hurling over onto his side as he clutched his chest.


Prudence ignored him, sliding her pants off along with her laced panties as she kicked them aside. She pulled her shirt off and undid her bra, piling them with the rest of her clothing as she bobbed her breasts in her hands. She turned to face Sabrina, “set his parents on the coffee table.”


“But…” Sabrina pouted, as she was hoping that Prudence would let her have her way with them.


“Just fucking do it!” Prudence snapped, impatient with Sabrina’s childish behavior.


“Fine…” Sabrina hovered her closed fist above the table, releasing the parents as they fell and joined their son on the cold hard surface.


“D-Dillon!?” Donna looked at her son with an expression of terror, “what the hell is going on!?”


“Silence!” Prudence shouted, simultaneously waving her hand over the parents and taking away their voices.


Donna and Dan both tried to speak, clutching at their throats as they found every attempt to be excruciating. Dillon watched his parents suffer to speak in horror, before looking up at Prudence in a rage, “what are you doing!?”


“Getting my revenge… Is it not obvious?” Prudence mocked.


“Let my parents go!” Dillon demanded, “they have nothing to do with this Prudence!”


“They gave birth to a loser like you… So, no. I think I’ll keep them right there,” Prudence retorted.


“Now then, I believe I was about to show you where Bri was?” Prudence gave an evil grin, swinging her ass around to face Dillon head on. Dillon couldn’t help but take a step back instinctively, the bubbly and colossal ass of Prudence making him uneasy. All she had to do was sit on him, and he’d probably be crushed to a bloody pulp under her ass cheeks. The thought of it only made him even more anxious, afraid of the power she now held over him.


“She’s been struggling for so long now,” Prudence soothed, “I think it’s time to let her out…”


Prudence licked her lips, taking her hands and placing them on each of her ass cheeks. She spread them apart agonizingly slow, taunting Dillon with suspense before her wrinkled asshole showed itself. Prudence began to moan and groan, as she squeezed the muscles of her buttox just a little before quickly feeling the diminutive teen inside starting to squeeze through her bowels.


“Oh fuck,” Prudence moaned, “feels soooo fucking good.”


Dillon was horrified, starting to understand what was happening, “Prudence… Don’t tell me Bri is…”


Before he could answer, Prudence grunted sensually as a tiny head popped out of her asshole. Bri had finally emerged, taking in a breath of fresh air for the first time in what felt like an eternity. Slowly the rest of her body was squeezed out of Prudence’s asshole, as the teenage witch squeezed her tiny victim from her bowels. Bri found herself falling a short distance, but not for long before she was caught as Prudence hovered her hand just below her anus.


“Bri!?” Dillon was horrified, unable to fathom what it must have felt like to be in such a foul and disgusting place. How Prudence could do such a thing to her best friend was beyond him, and he couldn’t help but shed tears as he looked at the frail and weak teen.


Prudence raised Bri onto the coffee table, dumping her mercilessly with the rest of the shrunken victims. The poor girl was covered in sweat, mucus and what seemed to be remnants of fecal matter. Bri slowly sat up, crying profusely at the traumatic experience she had suffered. Dillon wanted to embrace her, and let her know that everything would be alright. Of course such a thing would be silly, because both he and Bri knew that nothing was going to be ‘alright’ at all.


Prudence leaned close towards Bri, her eyes piercing the girl's soul as she brought her lips threateningly close to the sobbing teen, “Bri…”


Bri slowly looked up at Prudence, terror in her expression, “y-yes..?”


“I’m going to have some fun now my darling,” Prudence smiled wickedly, “do me a favor and keep your mouth shut. If you say so much as a word…” Prudence turned to look at Sabrina, her eyes gazing at the blondes stomach before turning to face Bri once again, “you’ll be joining Kylie in Sabrina’s gut over there… Got it?”


Suddenly Bri understood what had happened to Kylie now, her eyes slowly turning to look at the innocent looking Sabrina who gave a wink in Bri’s direction. Sabrina began to rub her stomach, sliding her free hand over her crotch as if to taunt the poor girl. Bri quickly looked away, sick to the stomach and disgusted at the thought of Sabrina devouring a human life. Bri turned to look at Prudence, a look of absolute dread in her eyes.


“... G-Got it…” Bri murmured.


“Good,” Prudence stood upright again, towering above all her shrunken victims menacingly. She turned to face Dillon again, “well Dillon... You’d best say goodbye to your parents.”


Dillon gulped, turning to face his mother and father who were still cursed and unable to speak. They looked at him in confusion, tears streaming down their eyes as the uncertainty of their fates lingered within their minds.


“Mom… Dad…” Dillon fought to keep his tears at bay, “I’m… I’m sorry-”


“Too slow,” Prudence interrupted, cruelly snatching Dillon off the table in one foul swoop before bending her assbackwards and letting it collide into the sofa. Dillon squirmed and struggled, infuriated at how heartless Prudence was being. Sure, he had cheated on her with her own best friend… But this kind of response felt more than over the top in his mind.


“Prudence!” Dillon shouted, “you’re going to pay for this!”


Prudence pursed her lips, holding a finger up to her chin in sarcastic thought for a short moment, “hmmm… No, I’m pretty sure you’re going to pay…”


Immediately Prudence spread her legs wide open, hovering Dillon between them and giving him a now open view of her exposed vagina. It was trimmed to perfection, and despite Dillon’s more than unsavory circumstances, he couldn’t help but get aroused just by looking at it. It was already moist, as if Prudence had been getting wet by the entire situation she had started. It made Dillon uneasy, and he knew that whatever was about to happen would likely lead to the end of his life. It’s as Prudence had told him… You never cross a witch.


Donna was merely in tears, Dan infuriated as he tried desperately to speak. The two were simply unable to, instead resorting to menacing hand gestures. But Donna and Dan both weren’t sure if they had the will to watch what Prudence was about to do to their only son, and found themselves looking away in horror. It didn’t last long, as fingers gripped each of their heads violently and forced them to look back at Prudence with Dillon in her grasp. It was Sabrina, forcing the married couple to watch what was about to happen.


“You don’t wanna miss the fun now do yuh?” Sabrina snickered, enjoying their struggles as they tried to free themselves from the grip of her fingers.


Prudence bit her lip, lowering Dillong towards her nether region. Bri held her hands to her mouth in horror, trying desperately to keep her mouth shut after the threat Prudence had given her. Though she wanted to beg Prudence to spare Dillon, she most certainly wanted to live. Was she really going to risk ending up in Sabrina’s belly, and join the misfortuned soul of Kylie? She certainly did not want that, but her heart was torn.


“Any last words before you fuck me for the final time?” Prudence asked Dillon, smirking down at him as she brought him dangerously close to her snatch.


“Screw you…” Dillon spat, remaining confident.


“That’s the plan…” Prudence retorted, quickly forcing Dillon’s diminutive body against the sweet tender lips of her moist vagina.


“Oof,” Dillon grunted, his body pressed firmly against his ex girlfriends most sensitive part. Her folded lips parted slightly to allow Dillon’s body to slide between them, as Prudence’s grip on his body remained firm. Dillon felt her juices begin to coat his body, dripping down his back along with other parts of his body.


Prudence’s moans were quiet, but also not entirely subtle. She slid Dillon up and down sensually between her folds, his body sliding between the lips with ease since he was practically lubricated in her orgasmic fluids. It certainly did not take away from the immediate sensation that Prudence felt, as she slowly and erotically rubbed her cheating ex up and across her vagina. As the anticipation of what to come began to build up inside of her, she started to crave more.


Dillon felt Prudence drag him upwards through her dripping wet folds, as she brought him closer to her soft pink clit. It was swollen from the sexual tensity, and sensitive to the touch. Prudence dragged her ex towards it, Dillons head being forced face first into the colossal clit.


“Mmph!” Dillon grunted, unable to breathe as Prudence forced his face into the soft and sticky surface.


“Fuck…” Prudence bit her lip and tilted her head back in ecstacy, even the slightest touch against her clit bringing her an erotic sensation of proportions she never thought fathomable.


Donna merely cried in horror, unable to turn away from the horrific sight as Sabrina forced her head straight. Dan shook with anger, wishing he was his normal size again so he could teach this wretched teen a lesson for the unspeakable act she was committing upon his own son. Sabrina merely grinned wickedly, a sick satisfaction welling up inside of her as she forced Dillon’s parents to watch the entire act. Bri merely fell to her knees, burying her face in her palms as she sobbed profusely. She wanted to cry out, but the fear of becoming Sabrina’s little snack terrified her far too much, and thus she cried solemnly.


Prudence began to rub Dillon viciously against her clit, providing a continuous loop of incredible pleasure as Prudence felt herself dripping with juices. She had now bitten her lip so hard, she actually began to draw a little blood. Dillon was out of breath, his face repeatedly forced into the swollen clit and unable to properly breathe. If he thought this was the worst of it however, he was sorely mistaken.


“Ugh,” Prudence moaned loudly, “I can’t take it anymore… I-I need you… Inside of me…”


Very abruptly Dillon found himself pulled away from Prudence’s clit, able to take in a deep breath of fresh air. Unfortunately it was short lived, as Prudence's free hand crept over the horizon of her cunt. Her two fingers slid down, pressing firmly into the lips of her pussy as they slowly parted them. Her vaginal orifice was revealed, a pink and wet cavern that Prudence began to bring Dillon towards.


Dillon struggled in her grip, shouting and cursing at Prudence in vain as he tried to fight what was about to happen, “You’re sick! Fuck you, you crazy bitch!”

“Mmm,” Prudence moaned, enjoying Dillon’s struggles, “that’s right… Keep fighting…”


Prudence tilted Dillon head first, as she brought him into her hungry and awaiting pussy. Dillon felt his face cram itself into her vagina, followed by his body as Prudence used her fingers to slowly slide him inside of her. Dillon struggled the entire way, thrashing and punching and kicking and screaming and all the other actions that exist in the english dictionary to describe despair. Dillon felt it all, every ounce of hopelessness and helplessness.


“Oh God yes…” Prudence moaned, Dillon’s unending attempts to fight her only furthering the pleasure she felt. Her hips bucked and shook, as her sensitive part was stimulated immensely from the foreign being within her causing an absolute ruckus.


Dillon slid only further inside of Prudence’s vaginal tract, her fingers helping him along the way. All around him was the fleshy and sticky walls of Prudence’s innards, along with a buildup of juices that kept sliding past him as he was pushed deeper and deeper. He tried pushing his hands into the fleshy walls, but his hands only sank in fluids that coated the surface all around. He continued to scream and kick, but no matter what he did it only seemed to cause his witch ex to enjoy the experience that much more.


“Fuck… Fuck… FUCK…” Prudence was reaching the brink of an orgasm, as her fingers slowly slid in and out of her. She could feel Dillon’s body work it’s way deeper within her, to a point where even her fingers couldn’t feel his tiny feet any longer. Dillon’s venture was not solely of his own doing, his frantic antics causing him to get sucked deeper and deeper as Prudence’s pussy swallowed him up more and more.


Dillon could feel the walls around him tightening, suffocating his body as he felt the contractions within Prudence. He knew she was about to blow, and he realized as dangerous as his predicament was this may be the only time to escape this cruel fate. Though he was frantic and scared, he forced himself to calm down and remain absolutely still, hoping that the inevitable blowout would lead to his escape.


Prudence felt her fluids bursting inside of her, as she pulled her fingers out of her pussy and gripped the sides of the sofa in bliss as she felt herself reach climax. Dillon was assaulted with a torrent of orgasmic juices, the pressure of the climax causing his body to rush towards the exit of his fleshy prison as Prudence’s ejaculate carried him along with it. Prudence froze momentarily, before a final surge of pleasure rushed throughout her entire body. Juices burst out of her as she released a rush of orgasmic fluids pouring out of her snatch along with Dillon as he was forced out of her.


Donna and Dan cried, broken that they had to witness such a cruel act. They wanted to beg for their son's life, but the curse that took their voice prevented them from saying a word. Instead they simply cried, as Sabrina herself started to become aroused from the suffering she was inflicting upon them. She started to salivate at the lips, closing her eyes and picturing the pathetic married couple sliding down her gullet. She didn’t want to piss off Prudence however, so for the time being she fought to control her urges.


Bri continued to sob into her palms, turning away and trying to drown out the sound of Prudence’s moans. It was too much to handle, too cruel for the tiny girl to handle. She wanted it all to end, she wanted everything to go back to normal. Unfortunately that wasn’t an option, not anymore.


Dillon had landed on the carpet, lifting himself up and out of the puddle of Prudence’s fluids that stained the carpet. He looked on both sides of him, Prudence’s colossal bare feet planted at each side. They were smooth, her nails painted black. He didn’t look at them for too long though, as he quickly attempted to make a break for the underside of the couch to try and escape the wicked witch.


Though Prudence was exhausted from the intense orgasm, she knew that Dillon was no longer inside of her. She had already peered over the seat of the couch, easily spotting Dillon and his attempt to run to safety. She laughed diabolically, “oh I don’t think so…”


She swiftly adjusted her right foot, hovering it just barely off the ground and bringing it over Dillon’s tiny body. He looked up in horror as the shadow of Prudence’s foot enveloped him, her wrinkled sole coming down abruptly as he raised his hands up in horror. In an instant she pinned him under her smooth sole, taking her fingers and rubbing her clit further as she moaned loudly. She grinded her foot into the carpet, but not enough to kill him… Yet. She felt him squirm underneath her foot, wicked giggles emanating from her throat as she got off to his struggles.


She wasn’t done with him yet, not until she felt him break inside of her. She slid her foot across Dillon’s body, positioning her toes over his pathetic form as she slid his body between them. Dillon continued to kick and punch at Prudence’s large toes, but it was all pointless as he was picked up between two of her gargantuan toes. Prudence lifted Dillon off the ground with her foot, bringing it up sideways as she rested her ankle on her left thigh. She crossed her arms and smiled down at him, scrunching her toes to torture Dillon a bit for his attempt at escape.


“Did you really think you’d outrun a giantess?” Prudence mocked, “even my toes are too much for you to handle… How pathetic.”


“Go to hell!” Dillon shouted.


“You first…” Prudence retorted, plucking Dillon from between her toes as she sat back and spread her legs wide open yet again. This time she was done going slow, this time she wanted him to suffer.


Prudence crammed Dillon back into her pussy, and once again Dillon felt the familiar fleshy walls of Prudence surround him as her fingers rammed him right back inside of her. Now the young teenage boy was broken, finally letting out tears as the cruelty of it all began to break him down mentally. He cried and kicked and punched, begging God to save him from this cruel fate. No one would help him though, and no one would answer his pleas for help as he was mercilessly jammed deep inside of Prudence.


Her vaginal tract was filled with orgasmic juices since she had reached a climax, and this time being inside of her was much worse. Prudence fingered herself relentlessly, feeling her fingers jam and prod Dillon’s pathetic body as he was helpless to stop it. Her fluids began to force themself down Dillon’s throat, as the young teen tried desperately to spit it back out. He felt her juices force their way down his throat, as he began to gasp for air and literally choke on the juices of his ex.


Prudence felt a new kind of struggling inside of her, a struggle to live as Dillon literally fought for his life now. Prudence felt no remorse, and certainly did not intend to show any mercy. This was the price Dillon would pay for his transgressions, the greatest price one could pay… With their life.


Dillon had choked for a while now, as Prudence’s fingers continued to break his bones as they rammed into him inside of her pussy. His vision began to fade, his life leaving his body as all the oxygen in his lungs were replaced with the sticky hot fluids that filled him up from the inside. In his final moment, he had only one regret… That he was foolish enough to think that there would be no repercussions for cheating on Prudence. He only wished he could have had another chance at redemption.


The struggling ceased, as Prudence continued to finger herself. Her moans echoed throughout the house, as she realized that Dillon had likely suffocated to death inside of her. The mere thought of Dillon’s demise almost brought her to another climax, the feeling of total dominance over his pathetic life. To literally end him, inside of her, was the greatest feeling she had ever felt. When she thought about it, it was truly no different than the way Sabrina enjoyed devouring Kylie. Prudence began to understand the blonde a little more now, the only difference was the means of disposal.


Prudence slowly slipped her fingers out of her dripping wet cunt, bringing her fingers to her mouth as she sucked the fluids off of her fingers, “mmmmm,” Prudence smiled pleasantly, her sweet scented juices tasting fabulous as her eyes focused on the three shrunken victims on the coffee table. Donna and Dan were broken, staring at Prudence’s privates as if they hoped to see Dillon emerge unscathed. But the longer nothing happened, the more they feared the worst. Prudence could see this fear, and only wanted to make it grow.


“He’s not coming out,” Prudence taunted, “your son literally drowned inside of my pussy… How does that make you feel?”


Donna closed her eyes and sobbed, as Dan balled up his fists and forced his way out Sabrina’s grip. He began to hold up his fists in anger, showing gestures directed at Prudence but unable to speak a word.


“Oh… Let me help you,” Prudence snapped her fingers, undoing the curse placed upon Donna and Dan.


Donna was immediately able to cry out in agony, falling to her knees as crying into her arms over her son's demise, “my poor Dillon! No! My precious boy…”


Dan was heartbroken, but also extremely enraged, “you bitch! You’ll pay for this!”


Prudence giggled harmoniously, “I won’t pay for a damn thing… You however, you will pay for the sins of your own flesh and blood…”


Sabrina’s ears perked, as the blonde looked at Prudence with an eager expression. Prudence met her gaze, a crooked smile spreading across her lips, “go ahead Sabrina… They’ve seen everything anyways, not like I was going to allow them to live anyways.”


Bri turned around in horror, “Prudence wait! You can’t be serious!?”


“Silence!” Prudence shouted, “or you’ll join them!”


Bri quickly shut her mouth, her eyes red with tears as she turned to look at Dillon’s innocent parents. Donna and Dan looked over at her, both confused at exactly what was about to happen. Bri couldn’t watch, she just couldn’t. The young teen faced away, her last sight being that of Sabrina as the giantess blonde began to loom over the married couple with a hunger in her eyes.


As Dan and Donna’s attention were towards Bri, Dan’s focus was turned to that of his wife as he heard Donna’s screams just behind him. He saw that Sabrina had grabbed his wife's arm, slowly plucking her off of the coffee table. Dan panicked, “let her go!” Dan quickly jumped and grabbed his wife’s ankle, causing him to also be lifted into the air as Sabrina carried the two up towards her bright and excited face.


“Oooo,” Sabrina was pleased, “I can’t swallow you both at the same time… So off you go!”


Sabrina began to shake and bounce Donna in the air, trying to force Dan to lose his grip so he’d fall back onto the coffee table. No matter how much she shook the terrified woman however, Dan held on vigilantly and refused to let go. Sabrina giggled amusedly, licking her lips as she watched the two struggle.


“Dan! I’m scared!” Donna cried, her arm aching as Sabrina gripped it tightly.


“I won’t leave you!” Dan assured, “I won’t let this psychotic girl harm you!”


“Pfft,” Sabrina giggled, “as if you can stop me.”


Sabrina raised Donna up and over her mouth, Dan dangling just above the blonde’s plush lips. Dread washed over the man, as he looked into the evil eyes of his tormentor. What frightened him the most, was how Sabrina seemingly did not care about what she was threatening to do to the couple. Sabrina smiled deviously, showing her perfect white teeth as if to taunt the couple.


“You wouldn’t…” Dan murmured, wondering if Sabrina was truly going to eat them.


Sabrina quickly lurched her mouth forward, opening it wide and quickly clamping her teeth shut just inches away from Dan’s feet menacingly. Dan lifted his feet up in horror, afraid that the blonde was going to literally bite his feet off. Sabrina giggled as the man lifted his feet in terror, and she once again lurched forward teasingly as she continued to chomp her teeth just centimeters away from his body, making him sweat and believe that she would chew him apart.


“You psycho!” Dan shouted.


Sabrina ignored his meaningless insult, licking her lips before finally parting them wide. Her throat was in full view now, Dan’s eyes widening in horror as he was able to make out every part of Sabrina’s gigantic maw. Her sharp white teeth, her massive pink tongue, her petite little uvula, and the dark throat that threatened to devour him whole. The entire sight was ghastly, and terrifying. Sabrina slowly lowered Donna, which in effect brought Dan’s waist just past Sabrina’s soft lips. Very quickly Sabrina clamped her lips shut around Dan’s waist, causing him to struggle in fear.


“No!” Donna pleaded, “please! Don’t do this! I love him!”


Sabrina didn’t care if Donna loved him, she only cared about satisfying her dark cravings. She began to slurp on the man's lower body, causing Dan to slowly slip further between Sabrina’s lips. His grip began to wane, as Sabrina’s sucking and slurping was far too powerful for him to fight against. He could feel the cruel teens giggles echoing throughout her throat, reverberating within her lips as the cruel blonde continued to suck and slurp on his lower body.


Dan looked up at his wife, a look of gloom in his eyes, “I… I love you Donna…”


“Dan! No!” Donna cried, as Sabrina slurped Dan one final time causing him to lose his grip on his wife’s ankle. He was slurped all the way into Sabrina’s mouth, gone from Donna’s view as Sabrina moaned sensually.


“Nooooo!” Donna cried in absolute agony, a pain in her chest from the despair she felt inside.


Dan was forced onto Sabrina’s tongue, the wet and bristled surface quickly forcing him to the roof of the blondes mouth. She tasted his body and tossed him all around, Dan punching and fighting the entire time. He knew that all of his efforts would be in vain however, as it was simply impossible to fight such a large and powerful being. He was no bigger than the size of a quarter, how could he possibly hope to stop any of this?


Sabrina felt wet below, her free hand slipping into her pants as she began to rub her finger between the lips of her pussy. The feeling of total control over the lives of her two shrunken play things was a feeling of joy unlike anything she could ever describe. To feel them struggle, to feel them fight to stop the inevitable, it simply made Sabrina soaking wet and entirely aroused.


Dan continued to struggle inside the blonde teens mouth, his only motivation to make it back to his wife. Sabrina merely showed the man how foolish he was, prodding and tasting his body with her tongue as she swished him around her mouth. Sabrina even made the point to louden her swishing, simply to torture Donna mentally as she watched in horror while the giantess literally tasted her husband as if he was some kind of snack to be savored. It broke her emotionally, and no amount of pleading that escaped her lips seemed to sway Sabrina even in the slightest.


Finally Sabrina had to step up the torture, moaning so loud that Dan’s ears literally burst from the intense sound. Sabrina forced Donna against her soft throat, the blondes back stumbling against the wall of the house as she began to then finger herself lustfully. She lifted her tongue and forced Dan towards the back of her mouth, continuing to hold Donna against her throat from the outside torturously. Dan clawed and clawed as he tried to stop himself from sliding towards Sabrina’s gullet, but eventually he felt his legs begin to slide down.


Sabrina decided to end it there, unable to wait any longer. With the lift of her tongue, she sent Dan straight into her gullet. Donna felt Sabrina’s throat expand against her, as a sickening ‘gluck’ followed by a loud ‘gulp’ could be heard as Sabrina swallowed Dan whole. Donna cried in agony, literally able to hear Dan’s screams behind the throat of this blonde teenager as she ate him alive. She began to pound on Sabrina’s throat violently, enraged and unable to believe that anyone could ever commit such a heinous act.


“NO!” Donna cried in pain, “you can’t do this! You can’t do this!”


“Mmmmm,” Sabrina giggled with satisfaction, “too late… Already did.”


Sabrina then began to slowly drag the woman down her throat, “how about we follow your husbands descent…” Sabrina giggled evilly as she slowly dragged the crying woman down her body, slowly between her breasts before sliding Donna over her shirt. Sabrina lifted her shirt above her gut, bringing Donna just above the surface of her belly before pushing her firmly against it.


“Mmmm, oooohhh…” Sabrina was extremely horny now, her panties soaked with her fluids.


Donna cried, as her body was forced against this blonde teens stomach. She could hear intense gurgling and churning within, thoughts of what it must be like inside haunting her thoughts. To imagine her husband had now entered such a terrible place, it made her sick to her stomach. She not only had lost her son, but now she had lost her husband. It broke her mentally, her crying unable to come to an end as the trauma of it all plagued her. 


“Mmmm,” Sabrina giggled, “do you hear him? Is he screaming at all?” Sabrina asked, looking down at Donna as she forced the woman against her smooth and flat gut, “ugh… I gotta give him props… He really got me going!”


“You’re… Y-You’re sick!” Donna cried, sobbing profusely as her head rested against Sabrina’s belly.


“No… I’m still hungry actually…” Sabrina bit her lip, “but I think the clothes take away from the experience so….”


Sabrina quickly lifted the woman back into the air, violently ripping Donna’s clothes off of her body. Donna screamed, her body quickly exposed as she felt her shirt and pants ripped off. It was extremely painful, but Sabrina didn’t care in the slightest. The only thing she cared about, was getting off to the sadistic torture she was forcing upon Donna.


“In yuh go!” Sabrina chirped, opening her mouth and tossing Donna into it as if she was a piece of popcorn. Donna screamed as she flew through the air, her face smacking hard against Sabrina’s incisors and her body tilting back before falling into the blondes mouth. Sabrina felt the hard smach against her teeth, giggling at the thought of how painful it must have been. She then clamped her teeth shut, Donna now engulfed in total darkness.


Donna too was now forced to endure what her husband had, the thick stench of Sabrina’s hot breath washing over her as the young teen breathed casually. The hot sticky surface of her tongue was like a sponge, as Donna’s hands sank into it’s rough and bristled surface. The woman panicked as she fell onto her back, kicking and crawling away as the tip of Sabrina’s tongue bent backwards, forcing itself against Donna’s face as it licked her cheek.


“Gross!” Donna shouted, pushing the tip of the tongue away in vain as it simply lunged forward again, this time licking her exposed and plump breasts as Sabrina tasted the woman’s entire body.


“Mmmm…. Sho good,” Sabrina mumbled, her mouth full with a tasty morsel.


The entire time Sabrina had played with her two snacks, Prudence had simply been relaxing on the couch and watching amusedly. Her feet were kicked up on the coffee table, Bri beside them and forced to sit and watch the horrific and disgusting act. Though Prudence couldn’t quite understand Sabrina’s obsession with devouring her shrunken victims at first, she was beginning to realize it wasn’t all that different from how she had gotten pleasure from Dillon’s death. Simply a different act, but in the end the result was the same. Total and utter domination, with no hope of fighting back.


Sabrina continued to taste Donna, forcing her thick tongue betweens the woman’s legs and tasting her womanhood. Donna cried and pleaded for it to stop, as Sabrina literally molested the woman with her salivated tongue. Sabrina loved the taste of the woman's juices, practically forcing the woman to become aroused in the most cruel and merciless way possible. Soon Donna would join her husband, a fate far worse than death. Of course she’d die eventually… But not in the traditional manner.


Sabrina felt herself reaching a climax of her own, as the erotic sensation of devouring the pathetic married couple caused her to go over the brink. Sabrina wanted to prolong Donna’s suffering, but she simply couldn’t wait any longer. Besides, Sabrina knew the torture would continue inside of her belly, where her acids would churn and digest the couple alive as they become a part of her body forever. The thought of it was enough to finally reach a peak in her pleasure, as juices poured past her fingers as she had the best orgasm she’d ever experienced.


Not wanting to waste it, she tilted her head back swiftly and used her tongue to cram the crying woman into her throat, swallowing Donna effortlessly and sending the woman to her final resting place. Sabrina moaned loudly, feeling every ounce of struggling Donna gave as she slid down the blonde's throat. Sabrina moaned and moaned, grunting as she drew out the orgasm with sensuous rubbing of her clit. When the lump that was Donna finally faded down her throat, and could no longer be felt, she finally let up. 


Sabrina slid down the wall in pure bliss, her plump little butt landing on the carpet as her legs sprawled out on the floor. She rested her head against the wall, biting her lip as her hands crept over her belly. She massaged it gently, feeling the groaning within her own stomach. She pictured the couple embracing one another inside of her, crying as they perished together in her stomach acid.


“Soooo fucking delicious…” Sabrina whispered, satisfied with her actions and not a hint of remorse in her voice.


Bri simply stared in awe, unable to believe that the blonde teenager she once called her friend, could be capable of such an unspeakable crime. She simply sat there on the coffee table, her ears picking up on the moans from both Prudence and Sabrina as the two evil teens rested from the intense sexual pleasure they got out of the horrific acts they had committed. Though Bri was thankful to not be a part of it all, she couldn't help but feel as if this was all her fault. If only she hadn’t fallen for Dillon… None of this would have ever happened.


“Don’t be so hard on yourself Bri,” Prudence chimed, seeing that Bri was in turmoil, “you’re only alive because you were a pawn… Dillon got what he deserved, and his parents suffered for it.”


Prudence wiggled her butt to get more comfortable on the sofa, smiling pleasantly to herself as she watched Bri cry on the table, “anyways… Don’t get any ideas about running away. I think it’s time I take a nap…”


Sabrina was far ahead of her, the blonde already passed out from exhaustion on the carpet floor, her back rested against the wall. Prudence smiled and rested her head back as well, closing her eyes and satisfied to know that Bri would be a smart little tiny and stay put. After everything Prudence had forced Bri to watch, she knew that her tiny little friend would obey her every whim. Bri even remained quiet throughout it all, just as Prudence had ordered. If that wasn’t impressive, then Prudence didn’t know what was.


As the two giantess teens fell into a satisfied slumber, deep within the contents of Sabrina’s stomach was still a battle for survival. Donna felt her feet touch a disgusting and slimy surface, as she came towards the end of her journey at the end of Sabrina’s esophagus. Suddenly the ground opened up beneath her, and the terrified woman found herself falling a short distance before landing in a shallow pool of hot acid.


“NO!” Donna cried, “I don’t want to die! Not like this! Please!”


Donna splashed around violently, her legs already burning from the intense heat of the acid. The ground beneath her was a bunch of wrinkled folds, and so were the walls when she began to pound on them. She pounded and pounded, kicking and screaming. She refused to be eaten like a piece of food, to be digested like a piece of food. It was insane, it was inhumane. This was no way to die, Donna knew that, but deep down she knew that her life was already over.


A hand grabbed her from behind, and Donna began to flail and scream, “Ahhh! NO! NO!”


“Honey it’s me!” Dan forced Donna round, and the crying woman shoved her face into his arms, “it’s ok sweetie… I’ve got you…”


“I don’t want to die… I… I don’t want to die!” Donna kept repeating, her eyes wet with tears as the hot and humid environment surrounding the two bore down on their mentality.


“Shhh,” Dan held her tight, “it’s ok sweetie… Just focus on the sound of my voice…”


Dan had already been in Sabrina’s stomach for a handful of moments. If not for the pitch darkness, Donna would have noticed that her husband's clothes had almost all but digested already, his body already severely burnt and blood seeping from his skin as the acid digested him. What they didn’t realize was that because they were shrunk by a curse cast by Prudence, their bodies had become weak and frail in order to adjust to the size change. They stood no chance against the potent and deadly acids of Sabrina’s digestive system, and as Dan and Donna held each other close, none of them realized that the churning acid was slowly coursing them in a direction that would ultimately lead to their demise.


“Dan…” Donna cried, “I… Our son…”


“I know,” Dan closed his eyes, tears streaming, “just be thankful his passing was quicker than ours…”


“Why us?” Donna cried, “why did this happen to us?”


“I don’t know…” Dan whispered, “just… Just stay with me ok? I’ll never leave you… I’ll never let you go…”


Dan meant what he said, but unfortunately it wasn’t his choice to make. Donna felt movement beneath her foot, as she felt herself sliding along the bottom of Sabrina’s stomach lining. Before either of the two could act, the sphincter connected to the small intestine opened up briefly, allowing more digested particles into it to continue the digestive process. Donna’s foot was sucked in, as the sphincter threatened to drag her into it.


“Ahhh!” Donna fell, slipping beneath the surface of acid as the sphincter sucked her in.


“NO!” Dan dove and grabbed his wife’s hand, holding it as tightly as he could to save his wife, “I won’t let you go!”


“Dan!” Donna cried, “Don’t let go! Oh God please, don’t let go!”


The sphincter fought Dan’s grip, his wife’s fingers beginning to slip in his grasp, “I… Won’t…”


The sphincter sucked Donna in up to her waist, pulling her in more and more as she cried in pain. Dan’s heart began to race, the fear of losing his wife too much to bear. She was all he had left, and he had hoped he’d be able to be by her side a bit longer before their ultimate end. But the confines of Sabrina’s stomach was a dangerous place, a place where no hope would be found. It’s sole purpose was to break down and digest all that entered, and unfortunately for Donna and Dan, Sabrina’s gut couldn’t distinguish them from the rest of the food that Sabrina had eaten throughout the day.


With no warning, Dan’s grip on his wife slipped as she was sucked in, “Ahhh-” Her screams were cut short abruptly, as the sphincter swallowed her in and closed in an instant.


“NO!” Dan cried, pounding on the sphincter with his bare hands, “take me instead! Damn you, DAMN YOU!”


Dan sobbed profusely, begging to be taken with his wife. But as if the world had played some cruel and sick joke, the sphincter did not open again. Dan was left in Sabrina’s gut, alone and without his family. His heart was broken and shattered. He wanted to die, he wanted to die and let it all end. He would eventually get his wish, as the acid continued to break him down like the pathetic morsel that Sabrina had turned him into. Dan’s life would end in her stomach, without the love of his son or the touch of his beloved. This was the end of Dan’s story, and Donna’s wasn’t too far away itself.


The poor woman had been sucked in entirely within the tighter confines of Sabrina’s small intestines, the most dangerous and potent environment within her entire digestive system. She had hardly been broken down within the stomach, and had ended up here by mistake and misfortune. The small intestine knew of this, and had already begun to coat the woman in digestive enzymes to help break her body down and prepare to absorb the nutrients from her body so they could be repurposed for Sabrina.


“Ahhh! It burns!!” Donna cried, feeling her body begin to burn and break down as she was digested far more quickly now that she was in the small intestine. She began kicking and crawling, trying to find her way back towards the sphincter and hopefully into the stomach where she could reunite with her husband. Unfortunately she had crawled the wrong way, only furthering her suffering as she crawled deeper to her doom.


“Oh my God… Fuck… FUCK! GET ME OUT OF HERE!” Donna screamed, her hands feeling everywhere as she tried desperately to escape her twisted fate.


All of a sudden, her hands crept across something hard and familiar. The frantic woman felt the strange object all around, trying to make out what it could possibly be. Slowly a dread began to wash over her, as the realization of what it was began to make itself known. She could feel two holes, likely eye sockets. She could feel rows of teeth, and a jaw. What she was touching, was a human skull. It was the remains of Kylie, the poor teens body completely digested. All that was left of poor Kylie was her bones, of which would later be discarded with the rest of the fecal matter that Sabrina would shit out later.


“God… Help… Me…” Donna slowly passed out, as the lack of oxygen and the intense burning of the acids finally began to take her life. She drew her last breath, her body collapsing over the boney remains of Kylie as her life came to an abrupt end.


Sabrina’s gut groaned and gurgled, as the cute blonde teen slept peacefully against the wall of the house. Her shirt was still raised, her belly slightly exposed as Bri stared at it from across the room. Bri could have sworn she could hear screams not too long ago, wondering if it had been Dillon’s mother. The thought tormented her, but she had cried every last tear she was able. She felt so utterly broken, and so responsible for all that had happened here tonight. She dared not try and escape, even if Prudence and Sabrina were sound asleep.


The thoughts of ‘what if’ continued to plague her mind, the idea of being captured and punished for her attempt at escape causing her to remain put. She could only pray and hope that she wouldn’t share the fate of Donna and Dan, nor Dillon himself. So far Prudence had allowed her to live, and even if it was a cruel life to live she was willing to take that chance.


As Bri sat on the coffee table and mourned to herself, Sabrina and Prudence napped peacefully. The night went on, not a living soul on this planet aware of the cruel and despicable murders that took place this cold winter night. If luck was such a thing that existed, then most certainly others would be lucky never to cross Prudence’s path, or worst of all… 


… Piss her off.




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