A Man's Work Is Never Done by Giantess Nation

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1. Chapter 1 by Giantess Nation

Chapter 1 by Giantess Nation

After years of male domination of politics, there finally came a day when there was a female majority in Congress. Female Congresswomen immediately took advantage of their majority status and passed the Gender Equality Act which mandated that all political and executive positions were to be reserved exclusively for females. The controversial legislation narrowly managed to pass, thanks to a handful of male politicians siding with their female colleagues, even though this meant the end of their political careers. But most males and a handful of male-sympathizing females thought the bill was "discriminatory" against men and tried to veto it from passing, but they were overruled by the majority who wanted to make sure that males could never get an upperhand over women again. So the legislation was passed, and quickly signed into law by the female president. The remaining male Congressmen were removed from power, and replaced by female Congresswomen.

But the legislation also applied to executive positions outside of politics. One such beneficiary of the new Gender Equality Act was a middle-aged redhead by the name of Nancy. Nancy had spent the last 20 years working at a company, and seeing men with lesser experience than her being given promotions over her. She eventually found herself having to take orders from a male executive who was half her age, which she found very annoying. But thanks to the new law, their roles were instantly reversed, and the younger male now had to take orders from her (as it should have been all along). After millions of years of male oppression, things were finally starting to look up for women, thanks to the all-female government and the bills designed to promote Gender Equality.

The company Nancy worked at (which she was now the CEO of) were pioneers in new advanced technology which could shrink matter down to an extremely small size. Experiments involving live animals were promising, and with approval from the all-female government, Nancy soon ordered tests to be conducted on her male employees. She had considered firing them as revenge for the decades of misogyny she had endured, but decided this would be a better way to get even with the males.

The human experiments proved to be successful, at least in terms of them surviving the shrinking. Unfortunately, attempts to restore the men back to their original size had all failed, meaning that the shrinking was permanent, and nothing could be done about it. But Nancy was not heartless to their misfortune, and decided to keep them employed at her company even though there was very little practical work they could do anymore. Thanks to a special act from the female Congress, she was allowed to reduce their wages to a mere $0.01 an hour (which is still far more than generous in relation to how insignificantly small they now were).

Nancy kept the shrunken males employed as tiny jesters that she kept on her desk for her own personal amusement. She would also provide them with shrunken cleaning equipment and order them to clean the keys on her keyboard, and remove the crumbs and debris and occasional long red hair from between the keys. A few men ended up accidentally smooshed beneath the keys after she had forgotten they were there and began to type. One unlucky male ended up being squished on top of a key as her finger came down on him as she typed. It wasn't until she noticed the tiny splotch of red gore on the "u" key that she realized what had happened. Nancy sent the man's widow a check for $10 as compensation (this, she deemed, was far more than what his microscopic life was worth). This was more than enough to cover his funeral costs of being wiped off the key with a tissue and flushed down the toilet in the ladies restroom.

Nancy loved her new position as CEO. As a stereotypical redhead, she loved to boss people around, especially the tiny male employees on her desk that she loved to toy with for her own amusement. But she knew that she would not be CEO forever, and one day her bratty teenage daughter, Jessica, would take her place as the CEO of the company. Nancy decided that the shrunken male employees would be a great training aid to help her daughter prepare for her future career as a CEO. So Nancy decided to assign some of the shrunken men employees to Jessica, to see how well she would handle having some employees of her own to boss around. Nancy even had a wickedly awesome idea of assigning the former male CEO to her daughter. This man was half Nancy's age, but he had been her boss, and Nancy resented that. But now Jessica would be his boss, and she was even younger than he was.

Just like her mother, Jessica was a domineering redhead, so she was more than happy to have her own tiny employees to boss around. She was a little disappointed that they were so tiny, which meant she couldn't force them to do her laundry or clean her room, but it still gave her a great thrill to be able to boss them around and to be in control.

Like most girls her age, Jessica spent a lot of time at the mall hanging out with her friends. Walking around the mall caused a lot of wear on her shoes as well as a lot of nasty gunk to build up in the treads of the shoes which she didn't like to think about. She was actually thinking of buying some new shoes before her mom assigned these male employees to her, so Jessica figured she might be able to save some money by ordering her new employees to clean and restore these old shoes for her. Being so small meant they could get right in between the treads and do the detailed work necessary to make these shoes as good as new.

Since these were now technically her employees rather than her mother's employees, Jessica had to pay them out of her allowance money, but she only had to pay them literally pennies so it didn't matter too much. Also, since the employees were going to be living inside of her stinky shoes she decided to charge them rent, which was subtracted from their wages. They also had to come up with their own food. Jessica laughed because she knew their food would consist of whatever nasty stuff they could find either on or inside of her shoes, as well as her teenage girl sweat and toe jam. She thought about subtracted the cost for this "food" from the wages she would be paying them, but decided against it because this "food" has no value whatsoever, so she decided she would let them eat it for free. But if they wanted to have some actual real food then she would allow them to pay her for a few crumbs of bread, or whatever.

In the end this meant Jessica would be paying her employees very little or practically nothing, since she would find (or invent) various ways of subtracting from their pay. She was very happy because this would save her a lot of money from having to buy a new pair of shoes. Instead of having to buy new shoes, she had her own dedicated crew of tiny shrunken men who worked around the clock to clean and mend these stinky old shoes for her.

Of course, Jessica wasn't going to put her social life on hold waiting for these tiny men to finish their job. If she decided she wanted to go hang out with her friends, she would order her employees to go home, which meant the tiny men would have to stop whatever work they were doing and make their way back to their "home" inside of Jessica's stinky shoe before she slid her foot inside. She made sure to order them inside well in advance of when she headed out so that they should have enough time, but sometimes the occasional straggler would end up reduced to a red smudge against her stinky sock. This was one of the hazards of the job, but Nancy was more than happy to provide her daughter with replacement workers from her own ever-growing stock of shrunken male employees.

Jessica would spend many hours riding her bike, walking around the mall, or just hanging out with her friends, and all the while there would be hundreds of teeny tiny men in the toe area of her shoes, which was their home. They were tiny stowaways she took with her no matter where she went, as she went about her day. Sometimes she would think about them and would deliberately scrunch up her toes to assert her dominance over them, but usually she would completely forget all about them as she chatted with friends or did whatever she happened to be doing.

And as the hours progressed, her feet would tend to work up a sweat from walking or riding her bike, and the tiny men were forced to endure the stink of her cheesy, vinegary, teenage feet. This would also cause more wear on the shoes, and more dirt and gunk to accumulate in the treads, erasing all the progress the men had made from their hard labor, like the shaking of an etch-a-sketch. This meant the men were never truly finished with their job of cleaning and mending Jessica's shoes.

Perhaps this is why they say a man's work is never done?

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