A Little Miscommunication by Thatgirlyouknow

Sara and Riley had different expectations for their hookup, it turns out.

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1. A Big Surprise by Thatgirlyouknow

A Big Surprise by Thatgirlyouknow
Author's Notes:

Hi everyone! This is a new commission QueenofAmazons, involving a pair of people who are hooking up, though one of them had completely the wrong idea. Enjoy!

Sara put down her second cell phone, leaving it on the dresser next to the hotel room’s large television. She fanned herself with a hand, feeling hot and flushed already. The thin blonde had been thinking about this encounter all day as she had her feet and nails done. And a massage. And got her hair done for the second time that week.

A red manicured nail ran through her long blonde locks, freshly curled and looking wonderful as ever. Sara knew her giant probably wouldn’t appreciate the curls or the effort she’d paid other people for, but that was part of the fun for her. As a trust fund baby, Sara had more money to throw around weekly than most people earned in a year and rarely looked anything but immaculate. She liked to show that wealth off.

Which was how she’d developed a fetish that her parents most certainly would not have approved of. That led her to purchasing a second phone to hide her Tiny Tinder outings from anyone who might have looked through her phone, and somehow made it seem more secret though at twenty-one she certainly had the right to meet anyone she liked, at any size they agreed upon. She liked the thrill of fake danger.

Her few friends didn’t know about her secret desire to be dominated by a man, something she’d only rarely partaken of outside of fantasy. It felt so dirty, so wrong to let someone boss her around for a change that even though the sex was incredible she couldn’t bring herself to allow someone that authority over her more than once a month. She could only resist her urges for so long.

And resistance had been hard in this case especially. Sara had never used Tiny Tinder before, but she’d been fantasizing about how it would feel if a giant man got to use her however he liked. Her fantasies all involved him commanding her to climb him, taste him, to be covered in his seed. The dirtier it got the better; a lowly construction worker that rubbed her on his sweaty taint while he stroked himself. A sweaty athlete dragged her across his abs before drenching her in his semen.

Pursuit of that fantasy had brought her here, to a hotel room that none of those low members of society would ever have afforded. Where her parents wouldn’t have known to look, where the front desk staff didn’t know her by sight. Where she’d told the man she’d met on Tiny Tinder to meet her in…

“Five minutes!” she said excitedly to herself as she started stripping off articles of clothing. An expensive watch got tucked into her tiny purse, and she quickly stacked her dainty clothing (worth more than most cars) on the recliner in the corner. Then, before her common sense could overrule her hormones and her desire to complete the hookup that she’d been angling toward for several weeks, she picked up her phone.

The Tiny Tinder app was ready and waiting, and Sara tapped out the commands she knew were necessary. Then she tossed her second phone on top of her clothes and jumped onto the bed, naked as the day she was born, just as her body was overwhelmed by a tingling sensation. There was a faint surprised scream as her body shrank down, leaving the room seemingly deserted but for the six-inch form on the bed, which could easily be confused for a doll if one wasn’t paying attention.

Riley pulled up to the hotel and raised her eyebrows. Sara had been right; it was swanky. After a couple of weeks of talking Riley would have been happy with a coffee shop, or dinner, but Sara was thinking with her vagina and Riley wasn’t one to turn down a good thing. If the two connected well tonight there was no reason to think they couldn’t continue beyond a one-night stand.

It was certainly the kind of place where people didn’t dress like Riley. Short jean shorts, heavy black leggings that led to boots? A plain gray tank top covered in a jean jacket from two decades ago? Riley wouldn’t fit in with the usual tenant.

The hall leading to the room Sara had rented was lined with mirrors, and Riley nervous straightened out her blue hair. They hadn’t talked much about appearances, and Riley had never gotten around to uploading a picture to her profile, so she was a little nervous that Sara wouldn’t be into her short blue hair. The tattoos, one sleeve and several on her back and stomach, would go over well from what Sara had told her about her fantasies.

As for the piercings, Riley had many and Sara had been into them all. Though oddly surprised she had a tongue ring. Despite their weeks of talking, Riley couldn’t shake the feeling that they’d forgotten something important. She pushed that feeling aside as she found room 219 and pushed the door open.

Sara jumped up and down on the bed, determined to get her giant’s attention as fast as she could. It had been an incredible experience to see the world from six inches tall, but she couldn’t help the feeling that she needed another person there to make it safer. Being alone in a room that was suddenly larger than a dozen football fields had really made her appreciate having someone else around.

She stopped jumping once Riley walked in, and instead of a heavily tattooed punk man in walked someone who could have been a lesbian construction worker.  

“What the hell?” she said aloud as she realized tonight was not going to go the way she’d imagined.

“Who the hell are you?!” she yelled at the giantess who had quickly located her.

Sara had yelled something, but Riley couldn’t hear her from that far away. So the blue-haired woman knelt next to the bed with a massive grin on her face. For several reasons.  If tonight went the way she hoped it did Riley may be meeting her current girlfriend, who was already into the type of sex that Riley preferred. For the blue-haired barista it was a win-win! Until she got close enough to hear what Sara was yelling, that is.

“Hey you!” Riley said with a huge smile. “I’m really happy to finally meet you!”

“You lied to me!” the tiny woman was yelling up at her.

“Wait, what?” Riley asked Sara, stunned by what she thought she heard. “What are you talking about Sara?”

Sara took a step back from the giant woman, more than aware of how she was being looked at. It made her stomach roll as she covered her privates from this intruder. She kept yelling angrily, ignoring the obviously fake look of concern on Riley’s face. Now she was naked in a room with this…with this…

“You dyke!” Sara yelled upward, furious that she’d been tricked this way. “What the hell is wrong with you? You couldn’t get with somebody without tricking them?!”

Riley’s eyes widened at Sara’s tone, and she realized what her subconscious had been trying to tell her earlier. When she’d first started talking to Sara it had been an issue that she didn’t have a profile picture up, but then Sara told her it would be more fun if she didn’t really know what her lover looked like. Yet throughout the several weeks’ worth of conversation they hadn’t actually talked about what they wanted. Beyond Sara wanting to be dominated, of course.

But several times she’d gotten the sense that Sara was more into men than women. That Sara expected some stretching activities that wouldn’t make sense if one was with a woman. That Sara was expecting someone more masculine than Riley, though Riley was one tough woman herself.

Her face drained of blood, too surprised by the realization to be angry at how Sara was yelling.

“Holy shit!” she said, inadvertently knocking Sara down with the strength of her voice. There was laughter and confusion in her voice, this was so unexpected!  Then she spoke more quietly as the woman screamed angrily at her and struggled to her feet on the white comforter. “You thought I was a guy the whole time! That’s why you said those weird things sometimes!”

Back on her feet, Sara forgot about covering herself as she yelled. Did this blue-haired carpet muncher really think she could fool her?

“What kind of asshole tricks people like that!?” she screamed up at Riley, whose face began changing from confused bemusement to annoyed confusion. “Did you think this would be like one of your porno fantasies?!”

“Wha-?” Riley said, taken back and hurt by what Sara was yelling. This wasn’t at all how she’d thought tonight was going to go. “You really didn’t realize I was a woman?”

Sara kept yelling profanities up at Riley, not letting her get a word in edgewise. Riley felt each word strike against her heart; she’d thought they’d had a connection while chatting, yet here was Sara yelling everything evil that Riley had dealt with since she realized she wasn’t like other girls. With each obscenity and slur Riley felt her stomach drop, and she leaned backward and away from the screaming six-inch tall blonde.

Tears filled her eyes as Sara kept yelling anything and everything hurtful that she could imagine. Sara felt betrayed and tricked, and never in her life had anything not gone perfectly her way. To say she was a woman unused to disappointment would be an understatement; she’d gotten straight A’s through school without attending. Her parents were very free with their money to make their daughter feel special. It never even occurred to her that she should be more polite in a situation where a giant person expected to use her as a sex toy.

“Okay, geez,” Riley said as she tried to hold back her tears. She leaned forward to gently wrap a hand around Sara, intending to set her on the ground, grow her back to normal, and go home to cry for hours around a pint of ice cream. “Please stop, I’ll change you back,” she whispered as a tear threatened to escape down her cheek. Riley hadn’t been this hurt in years.

Instead of letting Riley pick her up, Sara stepped back and screamed “Don’t you touch me you dirty dyke!”

And Riley realized she’d had enough. Her eyes narrowed, and all the pain she felt inside from Sara’s words changed to anger. She blanked out the rest of what Sara continued to yell and stood, wiping the tears from her eyes and feeling the anger build. Her whole life she’d been treated this way by people who never ever knew her.

Who was this little bitch to talk to her this way? How could she not realize this was an honest mistake?

And how could she not know that being horrible to you would only seal her fate? the devil on Riley’s shoulder whispered in her ear.

“Enough!” Riley said sharply, leaning over the six-inch tall blonde rapidly and slapping a hand onto the comforter in front of her. Sara let out a small scream and fell backward, not expecting the sudden movement. “I was going to put you on the ground to resize you, so we could fix this!” she hissed at the tiny woman, uncaring at the fear that she saw. In fact, the fear did something to her, causing a blooming heat below her belly button.

She’d felt fear most of her life. Fear of crowds, fear of men. Now it was her turn. With that in mind, she climbed onto the bed, causing Sara to scream and run toward the pillows as best as she could. Riley leaned forward and smacked the little blonde on her naked and well-formed butt, sending her flying forward several feet where she landed on her stomach and started scrambling to her feet.

“But no,” Riley continued, rising up high and pulling off her jean jacket and tank top. Sara didn’t turn to see Riley’s B-cup breasts rise and fall with each of the giantess’s exhalations, or her nipples harden with excitement. “Instead, you somehow didn’t realize I was a woman,” Riley rolled on her back, causing the bed to shake and Sara to fall on her side again, “Despite us talking for weeks-“ Riley peeled off her shorts and leggings, leaving her socks on, “-and now you’re the type of homophobic asshole I’ve been dealing with my entire life.”

Sara heard everything Riley was saying and only truly understood one thing: somehow she was in trouble. No one was going to save her, and though she’d ran to the edge of the bed, even if she’d been brave enough to leap to the floor she wouldn’t be able to get away. Then she turned around and got her first view of Riley.

The blue-haired woman towered above her, standing on her knees on the bed, tattoo of a bird visible by her belly button, and not a shred of clothing on. Sara’s eyes trailed downward to what she knew was going to be her destination, and saw a thin landing strip of blue hair leading to—

A hand wrapped around her and she let out a squeak of terror. Her stomach churned as she was yanked upward. Riley was still speaking to her, but Sara was too panicked to understand any of it. She pushed at the tree-trunk like fingers that held her tightly, screamed as well as she could, and for the first time in her life felt truly, completely, helpless. Instead of the sexiness she’d imagined she instead felt nothing but terror.

“—gonna get what I came for!” Riley continued as she lay on her back, positioning her head on the fluffy pillows. She held Sara up to her face and reached out with her tongue, bathing the girl in her saliva.

“You know,” she said as she licked Sara’s head like a lollipop, “I was really looking forward to meeting you. You’re into almost everything I am,” she giggled and rolled her eyes, “and for the most part you seemed really cool. But no, you’re just like everyone else.”

Sara was pulled away from the moist heat of Riley’s tongue. She tried to yell at Riley to set her down, but instead Riley lifted one arm and placed a hand behind her head.

“You brought this one up, remember?” Riley asked with a laugh as she tapped on her phone briefly. Sara felt the hand around her grow, and her mind flashed back to some of the things she’d told Riley she wanted to experience. She could only imagine what specific thing Riley was referring to, though she was suddenly happy she didn’t have a cock to stretch her around.

“No!” she whimpered as her now four-inch body was brought to Riley’s armpit. Sara gagged, only rarely having smelled sweat before, and never in such concentration. Not even when she’d slept with the plumber who was more than happy to knock her down a peg or two when she’d first started experimenting with her desire to be humiliated.

“I didn’t wash up after work,” Riley said as she rubbed the tiny woman around her underarm. It wasn’t as bad as it could have been; Riley had shaved just the night before and today’s workload had been light. But for someone shorter than a coffee cup it was a nightmare. “You know what work is, right? You rich, spoiled, hateful asshole.”

Sara screamed as she was shoved into the soft flesh, her face pushed against recently cut whiskers that Riley would have simply been too large to notice. For Sara it was like being dragged against sandpaper that smelled like a gym locker room. First she went up, body twisting horribly as Riley moved her about, either ignorant or uncaring of how she was forcing the tiny’s body to twist. Then she was pulled back down, causing her arms to be yanked under her with a sickening *crunch!* that made Sara think that her arms had both been broken. She tried to scream but the whiskers caught onto her face, pulling her jaw to one side as though she’d been in a car accident.

“Oh, you like that huh,” said Riley with a giggle, seeing how Sara’s body was being smashed against her. Unlike Sara, Riley remembered that they’d agreed on making her super tough. There was very little Riley could do to physically hurt the little blonde bombshell. So after several more passes that started to distort Sara’s body in some very interesting ways, Riley pulled her toy away from her underarm and dropped her between her breasts from the height of her outstretched arm.

The blonde screamed as she fell, but her body snapped back to its normal form before she hit. Too panicked to stay angry and offended, Sara had enough time to scramble to her knees, yelling out requests for mercy, before Riley grabbed both of her legs.

“Enjoy the happy trail!” Riley said, meaning the faint sheen of sweat that was drying on her toned belly. She dragged the tiny woman down her abdomen slowly, making sure to pause and push her head into her flesh every so often, just as Sara had told her she wanted. Of course, she’d meant a man’s fuzzy happy trail, but Riley just gave her a cruel smile.

“I don’t have what you were thinking of,” she said to Sara as she rolled over her belly button, “But I do have a landing strip you’ll enjoy!”

There was a faint squeak from her little toy as she encountered Riley’s thin strip of pubic hair, also dyed blue. Riley made sure to rub Sara up and down the patch, scratching an itch for her but fulfilling something Sara had hoped to complete with someone who had different equipment. The giantess giggled as the tiny kept struggling, then jumped slightly as Sara instinctively grabbed and pulled one of the hairs free.

“Keep it up!” Riley said to Sara with a giggle as she pulled her further down and bent her knees, bringing her feet close to her butt. “I’m glad you’re enjoying the domination so much!” The blonde reached Riley’s pussy lips and Riley let out a gasp of pleasure as she felt the movement at her opening. “I’m just giving you what you wanted!”

Two fingers pushed Sara’s four-inch form against the massive labia, causing Sara’s screams to take on a whole new pitch. She fought for all she was worth, which was very little, and only caused one of her arms to rhythmically strike against Riley’s clit. Her other arm accidentally sank into Riley’s depths, and she pulled it back covered in lubrication.

“It’s not my fault,” she was pushed forward again as Riley spoke, this time parting the lips slightly as the pressure at her back and the heat in front of her grew, “your dumb ass didn’t get the context.”

Riley cried out in pleasure as she pushed Sara inside of her. The little girl’s struggling was wonderful; the perfect vibrator did exist! Without restraint Riley pushed Sara as deep into her as two fingers could go and she immediately started rubbing her clit with her thumb as the blonde squirmed deliciously, hitting her cervix and pushing off it into more tender tissues.

The flood of emotions Riley had felt in the past few minutes had set her up perfectly. Before she even felt it approach she had a small orgasm, making her straighten her legs, curl her toes, and roll onto her side as her pussy clamped down on its new favorite toy. Sara, of course, didn’t stop fighting as the world tightened around her. She was too far panicked to know she was only making the experience better for the woman she had been so cruel to.

“Holy shit!” Riley said quietly as her orgasm faded thirty seconds later. She smiled and tapped her mons, which made her twitch. “You may not be loving it,” she re-introduced two fingers into her dripping sex, “But I sure am!”

The blue haired woman resumed massaging her clit and used her two fingers to manipulate Sara as much as she could. Riley’s vagina wasn’t very deep so Sara was pushed against her cervix almost instantly. Sex with a man would be unsatisfying for her, but with Sara? All that it meant was that she could grip her toy constantly and thrust her back and forth.

Tiny arms pushed against the sensitive room of Riley’s pussy, and when she found a particularly sensitive spot she did her best to curl a finger under Sara’s screaming body and push her upward. All Sara knew was that the massive fingers around her were doing their best to crush her. She screamed as well as she could, but only inhaled mouthfuls of Riley’s fluids for her effort. Blindly she threw her arms about as she desperately tried to keep the walls of flesh around her from smothering her.

With another cry of pleasure Riley came, squeezing her legs together once more but forcing herself to keep her fingers around Sara’s legs. She pumped the tiny in and out of her as fast as she could, prolonging her orgasm until she couldn’t stand it any longer. Her eyes crossed as the sensation overwhelmed her, a flood of electricity stronger than any she’d ever felt.

It took effort to keep Riley from screaming; if she’d been in her own home she would have. Her legs shook and her pussy quivered around Sara, who was doing some screaming of her own.

“Oh god, no!” she screamed as the fingers yanked her back and forth as though she were on some hideous roller coaster. Her stomach turned and she tried to vomit but nothing came out as the fingers relentlessly pulled her tiny body. Then the walls of flesh around her tightened and she heard a distant cry. The fingers continued their dreadful rhythm for several more strokes until they vanished, leaving Sara to the unyielding flesh of Riley’s spasming vagina.

The wet walls clamped around her as they quivered, and Sara felt her mind started to slip away. The shrinking process protected her from almost anything, but her mind simply had no way of processing what was happening. Just as she was about to black out, she felt movement again at her feet as two fingers clamped around her ankles and dragged her out into the light.

Riley held the soaking wet tiny in two fingers like a fisherman displayed a good catch as she adjusted herself on the bed, rotating her hips backward and bringing one leg behind her head. From this new angle she could see both of her holes surprisingly well, and she’d gotten used to it while her last girlfriend had gone down on her; it helped a long tongue really explore.

“That was great,” Riley said to Sara, giggling as the blonde’s wet hair fell down. The curls were gone, and Riley could tell if Sara’s face hadn’t been covered in her juices she’d be seeing tears. Part of her cheered, thrilled she’d brought this cruel little bitch to her knees. “But we’re not done yet.”

Sara coughed and gasped as Riley talked, too disoriented to even think about yelling any more obscenities. But not too disoriented to notice the fingers around her ankles shrink slightly. Or that she was upside down. Or that Riley had contorted herself in half a pretzel. Or that a different hole was now winking at her.

Riley laughed as her toy screamed again, then used both hands to aim the blonde at her backdoor. At her new six inches tall Sara was now able to squirm more, and Riley knew where that would feel the best. It would just take a little more aiming to get her there.

“Ooh!” Riley said, exaggerating her voice and giggling again as she felt Sara’s head contact her pucker. “Is this dominating enough for you?”

With a groan she pushed the struggling woman into her anus. The head went quickly and Sara’s arms immediately pushed at the sensitive flesh surrounding her hole. Riley briefly wished for a camera as she felt both the pushing hands slip inside her asshole, rather than help the blonde free her head. Sara was simply too well lubricated to do anything else, and she’d merely fed more of herself to Riley’s hungry hole.

“Well if you’re that eager…”

Riley pushed again, exhaling to relax, and felt Sara’s twisting shoulders enter her hole. She squealed in pleasure as she felt her anus squeeze around Sara’s body and redoubled her grip on the tiny’s ankles. Riley knew if she let go her hungry backdoor would simply swallow the blonde, and while that would feel amazing, it wasn’t her intention. This time.

With Sara inserted, who was doing her best to rearrange Riley’s insides as she fought futilely for freedom, Riley began massaging her clit once more. Despite her love for backdoor play she knew she had to take it slow with Sara; Riley hadn’t done much to warm up for it, thinking they’d save it for another encounter. Though she had made sure she was moderately clean inside as a matter of habit.

But since that day is obviously not coming….Riley slowly pulled Sara’s form out of her asshole until she felt a gentle stretch from her shoulders, then pushed her back in just as slowly, savoring the feeling. It was indescribable; no vibrator could ever compare to how Sara’s swinging arms massaged her insides.

“You’re the best dildo a girl could get!” Riley said, uncertain and uncaring if Sara could hear her. The struggling inside didn’t change though Riley began thrusting two fingers in and out of her pussy as she began thrusting Sara more earnestly. Each stroke pulled her toy out far enough that she almost freed the tiny woman, each thrust pushed her in until Riley felt her fingertips tickling her asshole. In her current position Riley was almost able to lean forward to lick her own clit; she reminded herself for the thousandth time to stretch more.

“Keep fighting!” the giantess said, continuing to pick up speed. The combination of sensations and emotion that she was feeling was quickly bringing her to her third orgasm. There was simply too much happening, she simply felt too strong. Too powerful. Dominating Sara was the greatest thing she’d ever done, and the fact that it wasn’t consensual role-playing only made it better.

She turned her head and screamed into a pillow as yet another orgasm rippled through her body. This time she didn’t try to hold back her cries and simply hoped that the noise would be muffled by the fluffy pillow. Distantly she felt herself continue pumping Sara in and out of her bowels, felt her fingers automatically strum her clit like a guitar string.

The tide of hormones flooded her body and she yelled as it overwhelmed her. Her leg fell from behind her head and her fingers slipped from Sara’s ankles. Instantly her hungry anus swallowed Sara’s entire body and the movements inside her exploded, as though Sara hadn’t even been trying before.

“Oh shit!” Riley yelled, rolling onto her stomach and lifting her hips. The movement caused Sara to roll about in her colon, then fall deeper as four limbs suddenly fought against her tender insides. Her fingers sought out her pussy as she abandoned her new toy in her colon, and they sought out every tender place that they could find. Now that she wasn’t holding Sara’s feet she felt herself plunge into a mindless state of constant orgasm that shook her until her abdominal muscles cramped, screaming into a pillow until her vision began to fade and her body demanded more oxygen.

The blue haired woman was lost in a sea of pleasure, squirming on a bed that cost eight-hundred dollars a night as Sara screamed in panic deep within.

Finally Riley lay on her back, exhausted. Her breasts rose and fell with every breath, and her stomach bulged slightly as Sara’s six-inch form finally found enough traction to really start pushing against her. Still catching her breath, Riley let one hand drift to her backdoor, leaning forward and tilting her hips to help. Feeling Sara push against her insides in that manner felt nice, and it was amusing to watch her abdomen shift about, but Riley knew when she’d had enough.

Still sensitive, she felt tinges of pleasure as one finger pushed into her anus, and immediately felt something small clutching at her fingertip.

Oh good, she thought, realizing Sara had found her sphincter. She hadn’t looked forward to the ordeal of pulling the tiny woman from her asshole. Though it was tempting to shrink her a little more and leave her there.

She pulled her finger out of her hole and held it right at the entrance. Moments later she felt the same two seeking hands push out of her backdoor, and she pinched them with two fingers. Riley gasped as she pulled Sara’s body out, her anus not wanting to release its toy. Despite her gripping sphincter Sara’s body slipped out quickly, and Riley brought her up to face level.

The blonde looked terrible. Her fancy hair was a wreck and her body was covered in what Riley knew to still be her pussy juices. She had passed a large bowel movement before coming here on the off chance anal would happen. Riley was a wild woman, but fudge packing wasn’t her idea of a good time. Sara hung almost motionless from her fingertips, her face looking up at Riley’s, emotional and physical exhaustion obvious.

“Please,” she mumbled to the giant that held her. Instead of replying with words, Riley shrank her even more. Now her fingertips covered Sara’s entire arms.

Riley held out her tongue and dropped Sara into her mouth. She wasn’t sure if this would do anything for her or not, but she knew she wanted to keep dominating Sara. Now that she was sexually satisfied her rational mind was taking over and remembering all the nasty things the blonde had called her. She restrained herself from biting down hard on the little girl.

“You know,” Riley said as she sat up and climbed off the bed. Sara’s two-inch body was being tossed about in her mouth as her tongue licked her all over. “You don’t taste nearly as nasty as some of those things you said to me.”

It was true; she’d been a little grossed out that Sara would taste like ass, but somehow there was only the fading taste of Riley’s own lubrication. Not that it helped Sara at all. She was being bounced about like a bus rolling down a mountainside. The giant tongue threw her side to side and she banged on teeth the size of her torso, making her see stars.

Then Riley spit her out.

Sara screamed as she fell for what seemed like an eternity, then she landed on the fluffy white comforter of the hotel bed.

In the distance a mountain moved as her eyes adjusted, and she saw that Riley had already gotten dressed while Sara had been terrified she was about to be eaten. The casual way Riley could use her body made her shudder. If it had been a man she would have loved it. Probably.

But since it was with Riley? This so-called woman that had deceived her? Sara felt only anger, though she’d found the sense to stop screaming at the woman that could easily take her home encased in her rectum.

Riley pulled on her jacket, leaving only her shoes remaining.

“You know,” she told Sara who was sitting on the bed and desperately trying to clean the saliva off of herself, “I seriously wasn’t tricking you. And I would have fixed you so we could talk if you hadn’t been such an asshole.”

She sat on the bed and pulled on one shoe.

“But wow, you really are an asshole,” she told the tiny woman. “But I’m a kind woman, right?” Her voice changed tones, becoming vindictive. “I just gave you almost everything you said you wanted!”

Sara looked up suddenly from drying herself as she heard the change in Riley’s voice, and screamed as a hand engulfed her once again.

Riley giggled and held up her other shoe, dropping Sara’s two-inch form inside before setting it back onto the floor.

“Almost, I said, because unlike you,” Riley said as she inserted her toes and listened to the tiny woman scream, “I actually read what you were into.”

With that, Riley pushed her foot the rest of the way into the shoe. The little woman was immediately overwhelmed by her sock covered foot and dragged under her toes. Riley couldn’t help but giggle as the tiny woman’s screams were suddenly cut off. She stood, making sure to put weight directly on Sara’s little body.

“Good girl,” she said as she gathered Sara’s belongings, making sure she turned off both of Sara’s cell phones. “Keep on struggling, enjoy your domination fantasy. I’ll help you get over your homophobia when we get back to my place.”

Smiling, Riley pushed Sara’s belongings into her purse, made sure she hadn’t left anything there herself, and left the hotel room. She was already growing wet from the thought of what she planned on doing to Sara at home.

You wanted dominated? she thought to herself as the tiny form massaged her foot while she walked, You haven’t seen anything yet.


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