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This group of stories will be one-shots. Some may be commissions, but a lot will just be things I wanted to get on paper. They may or may not be set in the same 'world,' so when things are wildly different or don't seem to mesh, that's right. I'll update the size tags, etc. as they come.


This first story is based on a story I read once....then couldn't find again. If this story seems familiar to you, leave me a way to find it in the review section! I'd love to re-read the original.

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The Photo Shoot by Thatgirlyouknow

"It’s all in here,” Toby told her as they walked past the large room that would be their studio that afternoon. Sarah took a quick peek inside and saw a few people walking around and moving camera equipment. This could be the first shoot she’d ever been to that wasn’t running half an hour late before it was even due to start.

“And here’s the changing room,” he said to her as they rounded a corner to her left. A pleasantly smiling aide walked by with a Tupperware container full of tinies, clearly having just left the changing room. Confirming what Sarah had already guessed about his sexuality, Toby didn’t try to check out the aide’s bottom as she walked by. Sarah did, and she was straight!

The leggy redhead giggled as she saw the tinies; she only had a few details about this photo shoot, but she knew it involved tinies. It wasn’t her first shoot with tinies, and she’d even been tiny before for a couple of shoots. In a very careful, controlled environment with her agent and boyfriend present. The money was good, but she wasn’t naïve.

Most of her modeling friends had no issues with shrinking, and several did it on a weekly basis. Sarah was a little more old fashioned and cynical. She was well aware of what tinies were used for outside the fashion industry; she could keep a Tiny Hut in business all on her own.

Then she turned the corner and saw the shrinking booth inside the changing room. Like all that she’d seen before, it was built into the wall and there was a thick glass door with several warning stickers on it and a keypad lock just in case. These shrinking booths were expensive and it made Sarah raise her eyebrows in surprise at seeing one here.

“Um, what shoot is this again?” she asked Toby as he took her coat from her and sat down several papers for her to sign.

“Oh, that’s right!” Toby said, smacking himself on the forehead in a dramatic gesture. “The producer told me you were called on short notice. Well,”

Over the next ten minutes Toby described the shoot, and while Sarah had misgivings about it, she found herself signing the papers he gave her. It wasn’t like she could turn down any paying work at the moment, and this pay was exceptional. And Toby was obviously not stringing her along. She had no doubt she was the star of this shoot, and if she wasn’t the star she wasn’t going anywhere near anything where shrinking was involved.

“You’re familiar with the process, right? It seems like all the best models have been shrank at one point or another lately,” Toby said as he indicated the shrinking booth and stroking her ego.

“Of course!” Sarah said, doing her best to not let her nervousness show. She’d been shrunk before, sure, but today she didn’t have any of the safety nets she had before. “It’s set up for me already, right?”

Toby shook his head but motioned for Sarah to follow him. In a friendly action he held up her contract papers so she could see the settings right next to the keypad. She had never seen the machine set up before, and it piqued her interest.

“We’ll do it together,” he said to her. “This way we can’t make any mistakes, alright?”

This extra step made Sarah feel a lot better. Toby still flew through the process; he’d clearly done it many times before. But she appreciated his efforts to make her more comfortable, and it worked. By the time the machine was ready, she knew she would walk out at a foot tall, and at toughness-level three. Whatever that meant; Toby wasn’t sure himself.

“I’ll see you in a minute then!” Toby said as he stepped outside the changing room.

Two minutes later a light above the door flashed twice, and Toby re-entered the room.

“OMG! You look so perfect!” he said as he opened the door on the shrinking booth. Sarah almost giggled, who actually said the acronym instead of the word?

Inside, Sarah stood nude and tried to project confidence. It wasn’t easy at one foot tall, nor in the cold, but his friendly tone made her feel better. Something about Toby just told her that he was trustworthy. And she had no doubt that he was being truthful about her looking perfect, gay or not. In the fashion world beauty often was an objective measure, and she was a nine by anyone’s standards.

Normally six-foot tall, Sarah had short red hair and a pale complexion that was spotted with freckles. She kept herself in shape at the gym and had a sculpted physique, a contrast to most models who stayed skinny by simply not eating. Her main draw was that her eyes were an unusually light shade of blue; they’d gotten her discovered several years ago and many didn’t realize that they’d seen her eyes a hundred times in different optometry commercials.

“Here honey,” Toby said as he held out what could have been a fancy kitchen hand towel. Sarah stepped forward and he wrapped her carefully in it before picking her up.

“To the shoot!” he yelled, pointing his free hand in an exaggerated motion while he held her tight to his chest. Despite everything, Sarah laughed.

I hope he sticks around the whole time, she thought as her funny new friend carried her back to the main room.


“Now again, but ten-year-ex boyfriend angry!” the producer shouted from behind the cameraman.

Sarah couldn’t see him behind the lights, everyone back there was simply a moving shadow, but she was somewhat used to that. Ever the professional, she seamlessly changed expressions and put her foot back on the bottle of perfume, turned to hide her vulva. Artfully, of course. Two photographers shifted back and forth, taking hundreds of pictures of each pose as another man manipulated a small fan near the table she was standing on to make her hair billow outward as much as it could be made to.

So far it had been a classy shoot, and she couldn’t help but wonder when the—

“Okay, switch tables and let’s get on the with the main shoot!” the producer yelled.

Suddenly the bright lights vanished, leaving Sarah briefly disoriented. A large hand gently wrapped around her midsection and she looked upward. It wasn’t Toby, she hadn’t seen him since she’d been dropped off half an hour ago. This hand was soft around her, but the face attached to it simply looked bored. He didn’t spare her a glance as he walked to another location with her.

“Hey!” she said loudly, pulling her arm free of his grasp as she swung back and forth with his swinging arms. “What’s the deal?”

She got no answer, and instead was sat down gently on a leather chaise, the kind you’d see at a psychiatrist’s office. It smelled faintly of disinfectant and in the distance, really only thirty feet away, she could see a small crowd of support staff grabbing a quick bite from the amenities table while the photographers moved their equipment and the other model entered.

“Oh, hello!” Sarah said as the best six pack she’d ever seen walked into the room. Normally he would have been slightly shorter than her, but she wouldn’t have minded at all. He was tan, glistened slightly as though he’d just walked in the rain, had a strong chin. And a six pack that she could have climbed like a ladder.

“Hi!” he said to her as he approached, smiling down at her. “I’m—”

“Okay, we’re back on!” yelled the producer, interrupting their introductions. “Let’s move people!”

The two models rolled their eyes and each let out a small laugh. The modeling business never truly changed. Though it certainly did get stranger.

“Let’s be professional everybody!” the producer yelled again as the lights turned on again, causing Sarah’s sight to vanish briefly as her pupils adjusted again. The cameramen quickly approached again and Sarah couldn’t help but notice the mood in the room change.

She took a deep breath and prepared herself for the second half of the shoot. The first half had been several fun little advertising gigs; she’d be famous for riding a fine pair of leather shoes, classically posed of course, and for using a bottle of perfume as a step stool.

The second half was the reason she’d taken the shoot. The source of the cash for this shoot, and a business she frequented more than she’d care to admit. Part of her also thought the shoot was going to be a blast; how often did someone get to play with tinies on the job, while tiny themselves? And with fellow consensually tiny models?

Her male model sat down on the couch next to her, and she couldn’t help but notice he was completely naked. Then he laid sideways behind her, causing the couch material to shift and Sarah to fall backward onto his six-pack. It was as firm as she’d predicted.

“Tiny Hut Spring Special, begin!” the producer yelled, as though everyone there didn’t already know what they were there for.

Sarah really enjoyed parts of her work. The pampering, the attention. And in this case, the playing.

While her model laid sideways and smiled, she got to take pictures in dozens of poses as she held up his cock with both her hands. At times she pretended to struggle with its weight, then when it was impressively erect she held it far above her like a triumphant weightlifter. At the producer’s insistence she lowered the head of his cock to her face and leaned toward it as though to give it a kiss.

Then the rest of the tinies she had seen earlier came out. It was a Tiny Hut commercial after all.

At a foot tall Sarah was significantly larger than the Inchers, and she took one in each hand. The cameras came in close as she rubbed the screaming Inchers along the larger model’s testicles and shaft.  

They’re really good actors! Sarah thought as she held them up in various poses.

One tiny she simply tucked under his ball sack while the cameras clicked busily behind her. Minutes later the producer had her licking one squirming Incher’s face while the model licked the tiny brunette’s back. She even got to indulge in a little of her dominance fetish; from the supine model’s belly button she ordered three tinies to balance precariously on the man’s ridiculously large rod, yelling at them as they fell then scrambled back up.

“Amazing!” the producer yelled between instructions, clearly enjoying her work.

Just like Toby had told her, each of the tinies was doing a great job of pretending they didn’t want to be there. If everything else here hadn’t been so above-the-board she may have been suspicious, but aside from the producer everyone had been very nice. Which was why she was happily ignoring the screaming Incher in her hands as she held the little woman over the male model’s mouth.

He held his mouth open with a smile that would make any girl blush, then reached up and took the Incher between his lips. Sarah leaned forward and gave the incher a kiss, pausing for several moments so the cameras could take in the moment; the blonde’s legs were in the model’s lips as Sarah kissed her crying face.

She’s great at this! Sarah thought as the producer clapped and told them how well they were doing.

Then to her surprise the Incher disappeared into the man’s mouth with a squeak.

“Perfect!” shouted the producer as Sarah felt his throat move below her. “Let’s do round two now!”

Wow that’s a dedicated extra! Sarah thought, knowing the Incher would be spending the rest of the shoot in his belly before they brought her back out. That tiny would be getting paid well; swallowing was usually another five-hundred-dollar bonus.

If they do….she thought briefly. A faint warning bell dinged in her mind as a hand grabbed her around the midsection.

Before she knew what was happening the world was growing around her and the chaise couch had been exchanged for a sturdy bar stool with a leather seat. She had no point of reference for herself, but she had obviously been shrunk even further.

“Hey!” she shouted at the man who sat her down. He ignored her and instead fiddled with a dial on the device he held as he walked away. “The contract said twelve inches!” she yelled after him.

No one around them paid her any attention until the cameramen returned, their batteries and memory cards exchanged for fresh ones. In the confusion of everyone moving about and shifting equipment Sarah didn’t notice the box full of tinies be moved to the refreshment table, nor her model counterpart coming up behind her.

“Holy crap!” she shouted out as the producer cheered on her performance.

Her surprise had been genuine; the model was hung. When she had been twelve inches tall and laying on his rod it had come almost up to her neck. Now it towered over her. If she were a guessing girl, she’d have guessed she was six inches tall. And she would have been right.

Without giving her a moment to catch her bearings, the model dropped his cock directly onto her. It knocked her to her back, knocking the air out of her with a grunt as it held her down.

“Hey, what the hell!” she shouted up at him as she tried to push the massive cock off of her. With some wiggling she managed to get her face free for a deep breath and looked directly into the lens of a camera.

“That’s great!” she heard the producer yell, and despite her shock at the situation she forced herself to remember that this was simply a photo shoot. Her sudden rough treatment was just to get a more authentic look for this new line of Tiny Hut toys.


Then the cock lifted off of her and the model sat down on the stool. He held his massive cock straight upward and let his balls, hanging low from the heat of the room, smash down onto Sarah. Despite himself he groaned; having a tiny massage one’s testicles always feels amazing. To her the heat was oppressive, but at least he smelled like soap. Mostly.

To make the shoot more realistic Sarah didn’t bother trying to hide her discomfort. She did her best to push the massive sweaty balls off of her chest and tried to ignore that the model she’d been so interested in earlier was slowly stroking his cock. Every so often he would adjust himself and drag his balls across her, or drop his shaft onto her and laugh heartily as she pushed it off of herself.

Every so often she’d be turned over by his massive fingers and she’d get a short breather while a camera approached. She was sure it was getting a good look at her distressed face; nothing sold more tinies than showing them in pain.

Good thing this is almost over! she thought, remembering that the shoot was only scheduled to last for two hours. I’m gonna need some Tiny playtime myself soon! And a stiff drink!

“Okay, give her a few strokes and let’s call it!” she heard the producer yell.

The cock retreated briefly, and Sarah stood to catch her breath. She held up a hand to let everyone know that she needed a moment, but instead she only saw the texture of the leather seat grow larger.

“Hey, gimme a minute!” she yelled as the same man walked away from her, portable sizer in hand. Sarah bent over, hands on her knees, trying to catch her breath.

How much money did they drop for this shoot? she wondered as the man walked away with what she knew to be a several thousand-dollar device. And why did they even bother with the booth?

“Just a few?” she heard the male model say from far above her. From behind the bright lights several voices laughed.

Sarah gasped as she turned around and realized how tall he was compared to her. Then his hand scooped up her inch-tall form and pressed her tightly against his cock.

“Spread your fingers!” the producer’s voice yelled as she screamed. It wasn’t a pleasant feeling, being dragged up and down the cock like some toy. Though he was going slow for the camera and adjusting his hands to let her be more visible.

 It would have been far worse if she was a regular tiny, shrank purely for pleasure and disposable. The ones that weren’t super tough actually got off better with this sort of treatment; they simply fell apart from the dragging. It was a mercy.

“I’m never doing this again!” she yelled out, though no one could hear her. “This wasn’t worth the money!” she yelled again as a glob of precum got into her hair.

“That’s a wrap!” the producer yelled, much to Sarah’s relief.

The stroking ended immediately, and the model’s surprisingly soft hand surrounded her like a fist.

“Hey!” Sarah shouted again as the fingers closed in around her. “How about treating me a little nicer! I’m the star!”

There was no sign that the giant had heard her, though moments later she did find herself deposited onto a cold plastic surface. It was bright white, save for some lettering, and curved inward like a shallow bowl.  All around her regular sized people were milling about; the photographers had sat their cameras on what Sarah realized was a table, and the person she assumed was the producer was…

“Oh shit,” Sarah said as her naivety was washed away by what she saw.

At the end of the table was Toby, happily chatting up a man she didn’t recognize. From his casual dress he must have been one of the general contractors. Each of them had a paper plate covered with snacks from the table.

Including some of the Inchers she’d been told were paid models.

As she watched Toby laughed at something the other man said, then dragged an Incher through a pink sauce before popping the screaming form into his mouth. She put her hands over her mouth to keep from crying out as Toby started chewing while he continued telling his story to the other man.

Then a massive hand flew past her, reaching into a bowl and pulling out two screaming Inchers. Sarah jerked sideways and fell over, landing with her hands on some lettering and making her realize that she’d been set on some kind of coaster. It wasn’t quite a bowl, but it sloped inward like one and was made of some heavy cardboard material.

The redhead stood and spun in a circle carefully.

“Reserved for Producer,” she read. Behind her there was a distant scream, rapidly cut off as unseen lips cut off a tiny from the outside world. The sounds of the room grew busier and louder as an anxiety attack set in, and Sarah knelt on her space with her arms around her knees. Hoping that if she held still enough she wouldn’t be mistaken for a less important tiny.

This exact situation was what Sarah had always been afraid of while shrinking. She’d witnessed, and happily taken part, exactly one of these scenarios as a full sized person and knew she never wanted to be near one after a shrunken modeling gig. Despite herself she couldn’t help but look up. No matter how much she wanted to curl into a ball and await the producer’s arrival to return her to full size, she needed to see what was happening.

Toby and his counterpart were gone, and some of the crowd had already thinned out. For most of them it was only breaktime, while some of the staff, and the sole male model, were done for the day and could take their time. The model had donned a pair of red athletic shorts and a sleeveless shirt over his chiseled form and was happily chatting with one of the photographers while occasionally shaking something out of a Styrofoam coffee cup into his mouth.

Sarah didn’t need to guess.

“But we signed a contract!” she heard a little voice scream behind her. Sarah whirled around in time to watch the other photographer pull out the waistband of his pants. The tiny that had screamed was a stunning brunette he’d temporarily sat down on the table before he snapped her back up. With another scream she fell into his pants, and he let the band snap back into place.

Seeing Sarah’s gaze, he winked at her as he adjusted his new cock warmer with one hand before turning away.

“Mmm, perfect!” she heard a familiar voice say. A sweaty hand wrapped around Sarah’s body and lifted her at a dizzying speed. The producer’s eyes looked down at her like she was a piece of meat, and he smiled at her. “You did perfect today!”

Sarah’s emotions were in turmoil. Everything around her screamed that she was going to be eaten, or worse, but part of her still hoped that her contract would be honored. That she would be returned to normal, and the producer’s voice seemed to suggest that.

“My wife is gonna love you!” he said as Sarah heard a zipper lower far below her.

“No! No!” she screamed as she was lowered downward. In a moment she was eye level with his cock, a six-inch member that was unimpressive compared to the model’s behemoth earlier. That didn’t help her situation.

“She just loves swallowing down models,” he said calmly, as though it were the most normal thing in the world that he was pushing a tiny woman’s legs into his hard cock. Sarah screamed as his fingers skillfully pushed her feet into his urethra. He seemed to anticipate every jerk, every twist, and before she could believe it she was up to her waist in his cock and it felt like something was pulling gently on her body, pulling her inward.

“Gotta keep the missus happy, right?” he asked her as though it were a joke they’d both enjoy.

“Not me!” she screamed again as she felt her body start to be jerked inward, “I’m the star!”

As she struggled in vain, pushing against his cockhead with arms far too weak to free herself, he turned to someone who brought him a clipboard. Sarah looked up, disbelieving after everything, that he could calmly sign paperwork while she was being devoured. When he was done signing the only part of her left was her head.

“You’re doing great Tina!” he told her. “Thanks for coming in on such short notice.”

“It’s Sarah!” she screamed at him angrily before she was pulled in too deep to scream.


Later that night, the producer's wife snuggled up to his chest with a smile on her face. Idly she licked her lips.

"You always bring me the best ones," she told him happily as Sarah fought in her stomach. Minutes later the couple was asleep. Sarah kept moving, unnoticed, for several hours before her body succumbed to the stomach acid and lack of oxygen.


“Hi Ella!” Toby said cheerfully over the phone as his stomach gurgled, its contents stirring itself. It was easy to be happy with a full tummy. The girl on the other end of the line replied cheerfully. He’d caught her at a good time.

“I’m Toby with Atom Advertising. One of our models fell ill yesterday and we need to fill a spot. Would you be interested?”



Jon and the Competition by Thatgirlyouknow

Jon groaned, his head full of fuzz and a headache doing its best to crack his skull wide open. He grabbed at his head with one hand and rolled to his stomach, glad he’d crashed on something soft last night. Despite his immediate fear his stomach didn’t object to movement, though his free hand sank into the odd material.

What the hell? he thought as his mind tried to piece together what had happened last night. Did I go drinking last night? Wasn’t it a Tuesday?

Since his stomach seemed solid, he opened his eyes carefully. The room was brightly lit, either from the sun coming through a window or from a dozen lamps. He was on all fours on a strange light brown fuzzy surface that seemed familiar, but he couldn’t place it. Jon certainly couldn’t think of anything that matched it; it felt like carpet but his weight pushed into it as though it were soft sand. 

“I didn’t drink last night,” he said aloud as he felt his headache receding rapidly, “So where the hell am I?”

He looked around and knew he must have been dreaming. In the distance he could see a door the size of a skyscraper, and to his left was a bed of a size that defied description, complete with a bright pink comforter that was so large he grew disoriented. It was as though he were seeing a wrongly colored sky and all of his senses were yelling different things at him. Everything was massive.

“Holy shit,” Jon said as he climbed to his feet, his head still spinning. “This is one intense dream.”

“It’s not a dream,” said a deeper voice from behind him.

“Whoa!” Jon spun around quickly, his feet getting caught in what he realized now was a type of short carpet. Or at least what his subconscious thought that carpet would look like from that size. Behind him stood a naked man wearing nothing but an odd contraption on his forehead. This being a dream, Jon wasn’t bothered by the nudity, or his own realization that he was equally clothing-less.

“Easy!” the guy said, seeing Jon get his foot tangled in a loop of fabric. He carefully stepped forward and offered Jon his hand, which Jon took before he could fall sideways. “Are you okay? Do you remember what happened to us?”

“You know, for a dream you’re awfully talkative,” Jon said as he double checked that his feet were free. “And what the heck is that on your head? I must be going through some weird shit for my subconscious to be venting this way,” he indicated the world around them with both hands.

There was a stinging sensation across his face and Jon’s head snapped to the right as the man slapped him. Not hard, but when someone isn’t expected a blow to the face it doesn’t have to be record-setting. When Jon almost fell again the man grabbed him by the shoulders and yanked him back to standing.

“Did that feel like a dream?!” the man yelled at him, and Jon heard a tone of fear and desperation that he hadn’t noticed before. “You better get it together so we can figure this out!”

“Don’t worry,” said a softer, female voice from his left when Jon recoiled, “You’re not the only one convinced this was a nightmare or a drug trip.”

Jon’s eyes widened as he turned to his left and saw three more people, all equally naked, all wearing the same odd contraption on their heads. It appeared to be a series of black straps that wrapped around the back of their skulls, with one narrow strip going across the top of their heads and a small box in the front. His heart fell as he reached to his own forehead and felt a rough material tightly adhered to his head.

“Don’t try to pull at it,” the woman said, a blonde who clearly had no issues being naked around a group. Jon tried not to stare; it was clear something big had happened to them all, but his hormones couldn’t prevent him from stealing a quick look at her perky breasts. She rolled her brown eyes and continued, “Somebody’s glued these cameras on pretty tight.”

Just as Jon leaned forward to see that she was correct, there were indeed tiny cameras in the harnesses that they’d been forced to wear, a distant explosion rocked them and a gust of air threw them all off their feet. Collectively they screamed in surprise, and Jon untangled himself from the man who had slapped him just as a deity began speaking.

“Oh, sorry about that!” said a familiar voice that boomed like a volcano erupting. There was a faint giggle behind the apology and Jon wasn’t fooled. The giant woman that had just entered the room clearly found some joy in their plight. “I keep forgetting how easy it is to toss you littles around!”

Now on his back, Jon looked up at the massive woman that had just walked into the room. He couldn’t help but see he wasn’t quite as tall as her big toe, and her legs were skyscrapers leading up to a pair of red panties that wouldn’t have hidden anything from even a normal sized man. Had he not already been on his back, he would have fallen again as he kept looking upward, seeing a belly button ring decorating the toned stomach, then a bright red sports bra holding back breasts that probably wouldn’t be that impressive if Jon were his full six-foot height.

And above those giant globes, a face the size of a battleship grinned down at them from miles above. Short red hair, blue eyes, pale skin and freckles. A smile that didn’t quite go all the way up on the right which only made her button nose crinkle slightly and enhanced her nerdy beauty.

“Holy shit, Erika?” Jon said aloud as everyone around him burst into chaos.

“Holy fuck!” yelled someone Jon couldn’t see on his right, as everyone around him scattered in panic.

Jon was overwhelmed by the number of people that were suddenly running in every direction. He was too confused to bother counting, but he knew that if Erika was here then he didn’t need to run. She’d fix whatever was going on. Though Jon did think it was incredibly strange they’d all woken up in what was clearly her bedroom while she was wearing extremely little clothing.

He and Erika had the kind of relationship that most coworkers wished they had. They only knew each other from the cafeteria and occasionally running into one another at the store and flirted mercilessly with one another. Neither ever knew for sure if the other was serious, and neither tried to take it any farther. But their brief interactions had shown them enough of each other’s real personalities, and though they’d never hung out outside of work they both considered each other good friends.

The possibility that Erika might not mean him well never crossed his mind until she moved above him like an avalanche. Even Jon’s generally hopeful and upbeat demeanor couldn’t withstand her casually sitting down.

Legs the size of apartment buildings flew around him as she sat and encircled the screaming group with her calves. Jon was hit by a wave of vertigo as her legs flew past him, closely shaved and massive, and he watched with horror as her heels clicked together not far from him. Close enough that he could smell the soap she’d used not that long ago. And hear a more distinct scream underneath what sounded like an exasperated sigh from Erika.

Recognizing the sound of someone in pain, Jon turned his head rapidly and saw that someone had been caught under her calf. In a motion that she probably hadn’t even thought about, she’d accidentally smashed someone! Jon ran to help the blonde man who was desperately trying to pull his legs free from beneath her immense bulk. Erika was a petite, well-shaped woman. But at Jon’s current size her pinky finger could have easily smashed him.

“Help me!” the man screamed as Jon ran toward him, reaching out from below her calf as though he were stuck under a car. But not fast enough, Jon saw.

“Ugh, really?” Jon heard Erika’s voice boom out, as annoyed as if she’d dropped a French fry. “Come on!”

As Jon got near the man, her leg shifted again, so large that it appeared the entire landscape had suddenly pulled away from him. Despite himself Jon stumbled; her movements were simply too large and stunning. When her leg shifted the pinned man was briefly yanked along with it, stuck to her skin before falling with a scream to the carpet.

Jon stopped when he saw the man’s lower half. Both his legs were clearly broken and his screams for help were drowned out by Erika’s sounds of annoyance. Before Jon realized what was happening a massive hand swooped down and daintily picked the blonde man up, pulling him quickly into the sky with a receding scream.

“So apparently,” Erika said to somebody that Jon couldn’t see, as she waved the man about between her pointer finger and thumb, “We only have ten players this time! This little one wouldn’t have gone far anyway.”

Jon looked toward where she was looking and saw only her computer. And next to it several video cameras as differing angles, all with green lights shining above their lenses.

“But at least he was tasty!”

“What?” Jon said aloud as he turned back to Erika and looked at her now empty hand miles above him. She smacked her lips exaggeratedly and licked the tip of one finger. “Oh shit.”

The tiny crowd was surrounded on all sides by her legs but that didn’t constrain the chaos or stop them all from scattering again, this time Jon included. He didn’t know what was happening and he didn’t care. He joined the screaming throng as they ran in every direction, not knowing where they were going or if it were even possible to get there.

Above them Erika giggled, then the sound of a thousand guns firing at once sounded above them. Jon screamed and covered his ears from her clap. Despite his terror he looked up, and saw Erika drop a white plastic disk near her ankles. As he did so his shoulder struck a heavyset black man as he ran, and Jon fell to his back while the man simply kept running. Not that Jon could blame him.

A coaster? he thought as his mind processed the only thing in the situation that he recognized.

“Okay, everybody, time to learn the rules!” Erika said excitedly, ignoring the terror of the people she had trapped by the circle created by her legs. “I’m gonna be nice this time, so I’m giving you all until the count of ten to get on the coaster.”

Jon climbed to his feet as she spoke and saw that he wasn’t the only person who’d heard her. After the initial panic had worn off everyone had reached the same conclusion: There was no escape. As a group they turned and looked up to her, too stunned and nervous to move. They knew what she could do by accident and none of them wanted to find out what she would do on purpose.

“One,” she started, and Jon’s legs refused to move. He simply shook like a man facing down a hungry lion.

“Two,” she said slowly with a smile.

“Erika!” Jon shouted up at her, waving his arms, “It’s me! Jon from work!”

“Three,” she continued, clearly not having heard him, and there was a flurry of movement behind Jon as the rest of the tinies scattered.

Far above him Erika continued counting and Jon joined the rest of the crowd at a dead sprint. Somehow they avoided jostling each other long enough to throw themselves onto the coaster, something she’d clearly stolen from a local bar. By the time Erika reached ‘nine’ there were ten people standing on the heavy paper circle with plenty of room left over.

“Sit down!” Jon yelled, throwing himself down as one of Erika’s massive hands moved down to pick them up. His paralysis was over and now his mind was only in survival mode. Her smooth hand slipped under the coaster causing it to tilt, and Jon saw a woman fall backward onto the carpet before he was rocketed upward on the world’s fastest roller coaster.

“Good, a volunteer,” he heard Erika say as he shot upward. He rolled so he lay on his belly to grasp at as much of the faux-floor as he could and was grateful for it when they started moving sideways. Just as his stomach was about to start violently protesting he felt the coaster strike something hard, then be set back down. Jon found himself shaking though the coaster was no longer moving.

“Okay you all,” she said, no longer so far above them, “Get up and pay attention, because I’m only saying this once.”

“Erika!” he yelled at her, ignoring the looks of the tinies around him as they all struggled to their feet. “Erika what the hell are you doing?!” He waved his arms again but she simply continued talking as she gingerly sat down the woman that had fallen moments ago on the desk that they all shared.

“We’re putting on a show today!” she said with a grin, and she waved toward the suite of cameras that Jon had noticed earlier. With a glance he noticed two open laptops as well, each with their lights blinking and showing the action in the distance like a billboard. There was a faint ‘ping!’ of a hotel bell, and a chat bar on the side of the screen was moving slowly as the observers added in their comments.

Erika lowered her head until she was closer behind the terrified blonde woman.

A cam show? Jon thought, incredulously.

“We’re all going to play a series of games,” she continued as the tiny woman, the blonde who’d first spoken to him, stood there shaking. It was clear she wanted to run but her nerve had gone. All she could do now was stand there as Erika’s breath washed over her. With each word she was leaning a little more forward until her lips were close behind the tiny blonde.

“Whoever wins gets to go back on the coaster. Whoever doesn’t...well…” she trailed off, then stuck out her tongue.

“Holy fuck!” Jon heard someone scream as the blonde was scooped up by Erika’s tongue. The giant woman slurped her little body into her mouth faster than Jon could believe and before she had a chance to scream the woman had vanished, dragged through Erika’s smiling red lips. It was surreal; one moment she was there, the next she was gone and Erika was swallowing with a look of bliss on her face. Someone to Jon’s right made a wretching noise.

“Oh,” she said as her eyes focused back on them and she smiled as though she’d just eaten the tastiest treat on the world, “And if you step off the coaster on your own I’ll do even worse to you. My games. My rules. One winner. Got it?”

She didn’t wait to hear if they ‘got it’ or not. Neither did her viewers as several more ‘dings’ came from the computer as money continued to roll in for the giantess. It felt as though all the blood had left Jon’s body when he realized that people were happily paying Erika to torture and kill them. To watch it on the internet like some horrific reality show.

“First game!” she said as she leaned back and away from the group. A hand floated into view holding what looked like two toy swords, which she dropped six inches away. Jon recognized them from a toy set he’d had as a child, though these had clearly been sharpened and were now longer than he was tall. While Jon was distracted by the gray items one of Erika’s fingers landed carefully next to him, causing him to leap sideways and yell in fright.

“You three,” she said as the finger moved away from Jon and shepherded three of his companions away, “There’s two swords, and yes, they’re sharp. In thirty seconds the one of you that isn’t holding a sword is getting dropped in my soda.”

Her finger moved and Jon saw the two men and one woman looking at each other, terrified. Unbelieving. This was all moving too fast.

“Time starts now!” Erika said, holding up her wrist to show them her watch. It was, indeed, counting down from thirty.

The woman moved first, pushing one of the men into the other before she sprinted toward the swords. The men were too surprised to recover quickly and she had covered half the distance before they were able to follow. Jon watched her with cold interest; the scenario was horrifying but he couldn’t help it. Survival demanded he watch and learn. When she reached the swords she kicked one toward the men, picked up the other, then started sprinting away from them.

“She’s smart!” Jon said aloud as the two men reached the remaining sword. What she had done was obvious; she had too much of a head start for one of them to catch her, so they had to duel themselves for the blade. In a fair fight she stood no chance, so she’d made sure it wasn’t fair.

Behind the struggling pair Erika cracked open a soda, the sound akin to distant thunder, and poured it into a red plastic cup. The sound of flowing liquid reminded him of Niagara Falls from a distance.

The taller man reached the sword first and grabbed its handle, but the other tackled him to the ground causing the sword to roll away. Jon’s eyes nervously looked between Erika’s watch and the struggling men. They were too evenly matched and neither was able to get enough distance between them to grab the sword. If one had held the blade it would have been enough to ensure survival. Instead they rolled together on the floor, each desperately looking for an advantage.

“Time’s up!” Erika said as the taller man finally landed a powerful blow. The shorter man fell backward toward the blade and he rolled to grab it just as Erika’s left hand gently scooped them both up. Jon could hear them screaming in the distance as they were pulled upward.

“Not how I thought this was gonna go,” Erika said as she rolled her eyes and giggled. “Nice move though!” she said as she looked down at the woman who had won the contest.

“And now, I hope you two are good swimmers!” she told the two men in her hand happily before she held her palm over her cup and turned it sideways. Jon watched the two fall briefly before they vanished from sight. Horrified, he watched Erika take a dainty sip with a devious smile. She must have spared them both for now as she sat her cup back down and told them both, “Don’t go anywhere!”

“As for you,” Erika carefully grabbed the blonde woman and picked her up between two fingers causing her to drop the sword in fear, “Drop the pokey and let’s get you back on the stage.”

The little woman screamed as the massive fingers moved her about, but despite Jon’s expectations she was actually placed gently back onto the coaster that was their only safe space.

Distantly Jon heard more pinging from her computer, and she smiled as she saw her numbers continue to climb. He felt sick to his stomach as he saw that she’d already made eight-hundred dollars with her macabre show.

“What is wrong with you?!” someone screamed from behind Jon, but he couldn’t be bothered to look at them as Erika shifted in her chair.

“So what’s next?” she asked as she looked into what Jon assumed was the main camera. “I’m putting up a poll and -- whoa geez,” Erika laughed as she moved her mouse around and clicked, “Okay, candy climb it is!”

Two minutes later, Jon found himself staring up a length of red candy rope that hung from the side of the desk. Unluckily, it appeared smooth and Jon couldn’t see any easy things to grab. From where he stood on Erika’s office chair he knew the climb could only have been a foot at most, but to him it seemed an impossible task. Not so much for the man he was about to lose to.

“So, uh,” Jon said as the man hurriedly stretched in ways that would have made Jon cry out in pain, “What did you do before all this?”

The man didn’t stop warming up as his biceps bulged, but muttered out, “Personal trainer, you?”

“Nurse,” Jon replied despondently as the man started doing some squats and a distant object clattered above them. Jon looked up and saw the lens of a camera suddenly looking down at them both. Their ropes were only an inch apart; anyone watching would see them both in all their desperate glory. “Worked in the same hospital she does, actually,” Jon continued, gesturing at Erika’s red-clad crotch that was at their level for the moment.

“You what?” the man said, stopping his warmup. “You-“

“Okay you two!” Erika said, kneeling until her face was inches from them and her breath washed over them like a tide of soda. “First one to the top wins! The loser, well, I think you’ve all got the idea,” she finished with a wink.

Before she could say ‘go!’ Jon’s competitor leapt onto his candy string and started climbing. Fast.

“Ah shit!” Jon said to himself, and he jumped onto his own string. And promptly slid down. The diameter of the string was too large, and he didn’t have the experience the other man had. But a glance at his opponent showed him that he wasn’t faring much better; the obviously stronger man was sliding down two feet for every three he gained.

Thinking fast, Jon spit on his hands and leapt at the string again. This time the moisture caused the sugary string to stick to his hands, and fear propelled Jon upward just as he heard the chair they’d been standing on be pulled away. A glance below him showed Erika laying straight below their ropes, giggling and putting a finger in her mouth before opening wide.

If he fell he’d find himself screaming all the way down her throat to her stomach.

“Oh fuck!”

Before he could lose more ground, Jon pulled himself upward at a speed he couldn’t believe. When his hands started slipping again he spit on them once more and kept pulling. There was a scream from the other rope, and Jon spared the other man a glance. He hadn’t fallen, but his rope was swinging wildly and the man was struggling to hold on.

“I better keep it even, right?” Jon heard Erika say below him, and his own rope jerked as she reached up and bit off a piece. Her tearing teeth caused the rope to bounce violently and Jon to scream as well.

Blinded by fear Jon flew up the rope, spitting on his hands for traction when he needed it. Lungs and forearms burning, he looked up and saw the end was nigh. And his competitor wasn’t ahead of him anymore; the man had fallen behind.

“Please!” the man yelled, arms quivering as he looked upward at Jon. He knew he was too far behind Jon to win, and Erika’s teeth below couldn’t coax any more strength from them. “I’ve got a wife and –”

Jon never heard what else he had. The man’s hands slipped as Jon pulled himself over the edge of the desk. The moment he was safely on the wooden surface he spun around to look downward. His competitor was nowhere to be seen, but Erika was looking up at him with a smile as she chewed. The nurse pushed down his need to vomit; he knew he’d only done what he’d needed to survive, and he’d seen death before. But this was the first he’d caused.

As he sat on the coaster and shook, trying to get the feeling in his hands back, two more of his shrunken companions had a footrace across a shallow sea of chocolate syrup. Neither of the men he’d spoken to yet, but they both seemed to do well across the sticky solution. The dark fluid was only up to their knees and it seemed like they were wading through high mud. Until the one in the lead fell forward.

Once more of his body was covered in the heavy chocolate he had no chance. The other man slowed and moved more carefully while his competition struggled with the very act of standing back up.

Jon turned his head so he couldn’t see the loser be consumed, but he couldn’t block out the sound of Erika’s giggle and her tongue lapping at the chocolate. Nor the distant, suddenly cut off scream. Without the screaming Jon could have fooled himself that he was listening to the audio of a porn video.

“It’s okay, it’s over,” someone told Jon, and he opened his eyes just as Erika let out a surprised gasp.

Before Jon could even see who’d spoken to him he gazed reflexively upward at Erika; anything that surprised her could easily end his life. She was leaning forward and reading something on her computer screen with interest. Then her head whipped around to look at the tinies gathered on her coaster.

“One of you works with me?” she asked excitedly, leaning forward to get a closer look. “The cameras have audio and one of the viewers said Ron knows me from work?!”

Jon didn’t quite like the look on her face, nor did he like the sudden attention from the rest of his tiny cadre, but he knew this could be his only chance at survival.

“Here!” he screamed up at his co-worker, waving his arms. “Jon, not Ron! It’s Jon!”

Erika didn’t hear his voice, but once she was leaning forward enough to see who was jumping up and down she immediately recognized him and Jon knew he was saved. Surely she would pull him out of this nightmare, right?

“Holy shit!” she said with a laugh, “Jon, not Ron!”

Erika leaned back and laughed, causing her breasts to bounce interestingly, which Jon did his best not to notice despite his predicament. Then she leaned forward again and all hope of a rescue vanished. Her face was cute. Friendly. Focused. Excited.

“This is so great!” she said, and Jon felt the ire of his fellow shrunken victims vanish. “I’ve never played with someone I knew before!”

“What, no! Help me damnit!” Jon yelled, not that she could hear. Or cared.

“I hope you’re ready for a challenge!” Erik said as her fingers came forward to pick Jon up. He was pulled upward at a dizzying pace until he was close to her face, where her eyes narrowed in on him. “You know,” she said playfully, replaying the energy they shared with their flirting at work, “This isn’t how I wanted you to see my place, but I’m glad you made it anyway!”

Which was how Jon discovered that his flirty friendship with Erika only made her want to kill him more. Though there were several others that hadn’t participated in any of her twisted competitions, Jon found himself back at the head of the line.

“I’m sorry!” he yelled to the first man he competed against as he knocked him off the tongue depressor into a glass of water. Jon had taken two self-defense courses in his life, and one of them had included a dirty trick to trip one’s opponent. The other man hadn’t seen it coming, and Jon got to watch in horror as Erika chugged the water, screaming man included.

And then there were four remaining.

This time Erika didn’t even bother to place him back on the coaster before the next game began. Instead she pulled her red lace bra off, revealing small but perky breasts and her barbell nipple piercings. There was a sudden flurry of bell sounds from her computer as her nudity inspired more viewers to open their wallets.

I knew it! Jon thought despite his predicament when he saw the piercings.

“Not how you hoped to see them, huh, Jon?” she asked, laughing downward at him and grabbing one from below to massage her breast teasingly. “Don’t worry, you’ll get all you can handle in a minute!”

Two minute later, Erika was dancing. Her viewers watched, entranced, as she shook her hips to pulsing club music. There were no words, and it didn’t matter as she shook and twisted about her room. The viewers were mesmerized by her movements. Two years of dance classes hadn’t been wasted on her.

Jon screamed as he held onto the shiny iron bar that pierced Erika’s nipple. His legs were thrown backward by the force of her spinning and his forearms burned. When she occasionally paused he could see another tiny man clinging desperately to her other nipple while she did her best to throw them off. Jon seized the rare calm opportunity to curl his forearms around the metal and redouble his grip.

“You two are gonna set a record!” Erika said above them as she paused for breath. “Try this one on!”

Suddenly she spun again, the fastest pirouette she could manage. Jon screamed, and just as he knew his fingers were about to let him fly into oblivion, she quit spinning. With a desperate cry he adjusted his grip on the bar, ignoring the dark flesh pushing on his face, and turned to see her other nipple had lost its contestant.

“Hey!” he heard Erika yell as she leaned over her table to get closer to the laptop. He thought it was unintentional, but Jon seized the opportunity to let go of her nipple bar and fall what seemed like twenty feet to the tabletop. “Did anyone see where that one landed?” she asked her viewers, Jon temporarily forgotten.

Jon rolled twice when he landed and lay still, exhausted. His forearms screamed as Erika bounced happily to another corner of the room, bringing a camera with her. If Jon hadn’t leapt he would have fallen to his death as she skipped with the enthusiasm of a small child.

“Oh, I was hoping this one would survive the impact!” she said as she laughed with mock disappointment. Jon looked toward where she stood, half bent over and showcasing her well-formed backside that he had several times commented on at work. If he’d known what kind of person she really was he never would have made eye contact at all.

Once again Jon found himself without respite; Erika daintily picked him up with the other two remaining survivors. One was the blonde who had won the first game, and the other was still doing his best to scrape chocolate syrup off his feet. Despite his fatigue Jon tried to plan for whatever was next, and he knew he didn’t want to start out standing next to the blonde. She was smart and dangerous.

But it seemed Erika wasn’t giving them a choice in the matter. As a group they were put into a small paper cup, and they all rushed to attempt to peer through the thin walls as Erika stepped away for a moment. Jon could see her silhouette and could tell that she was giving her viewers another show as she stripped off the last of her clothing.

“She’s naked now,” he said to the other two, who groaned.

“Look,” the other man said to Jon and the blonde, “I don’t want to kill anybody, but—”

“I’ll bury you both to get home to my family,” the blonde said, interrupting him. Jon just looked at her with raised eyebrows and she shrugged her shoulders.

Just as Jon was about to add his two cents, their paper prison shifted as Erika picked it up. Again, Jon threw himself to the floor to try and slide as little as possible and the other two matched him. The cup swayed back and forth several times with each of Erika’s steps, and after a particularly rough moment, they found themselves dumped onto the bright pink bedspread.

“Oh, come on!” the blonde yelled angrily as she looked upward. “You bitch!”

Jon followed her eyes and saw that they had been placed between Erika’s legs again, and she was sitting with her back to the headboard of the bed frame. The red panties were gone and Erika’s massive shaven snatch was too close for comfort. Jon gave up all hope of survival when he saw what she was holding, and his hormones instantly shut up, realizing their days were numbered.

“So,” Erika said with a groan as the speculum spread her lips gently, “I’m all about big finishes, remember that Jon?” she asked rhetorically.

The speculum slid the rest of the way into her, and Erika rotated her hips oddly. On a hunch Jon looked in the opposite direction and saw a camera aimed directly at her crotch.

“So here’s how this works!” Erika said, and Jon’s head whipped around again. “We started with a race, and we’re gonna end with one.”

She was looking down at them all with a new look on her face: Lust.

“First one out survives,” Erika said as she brought a train-sized dildo into view. “The losers…well…I’m loud when I come,” she winked at Jon, “But the losers won’t hear it.”

Her massive hand scooped them up and brought them forward. The three competitors screamed as her hand tilted and they were dumped unceremoniously along the now-hot plastic. Jon was immediately overwhelmed by her scent and slid down the smooth plastic lumen of the speculum until he landed with an ‘oof!’ against her soft cervix.

“Oooh yes!” they heard from outside their steaming prison.

“Fuck!” he yelled as he turned to look upward. It was as though he were seeing the light at the end of a train tunnel, if that train tunnel ended with a massive camera staring down at it. There was a distant buzzing sound as Erika started a vibrator and waved it in front of her opening for their benefit.

“Make it good for me!” she said, and suddenly the speculum moved. She was pulling it out.

“Wait! No!” the blonde yelled, leaping at the moving plastic and falling forward.

Suddenly the last of the light vanished and the three were entombed. Immediately the wet walls of Erika’s vagina pushed them together and they felt her fluids soak onto their skin. Distantly they could hear her racing heartbeat, then their world began to shake as she held the vibrator against her clit.

Jon felt someone push away from him and he let them shove him. Before he could lose his sense of direction he threw himself forward, immediately pushing to his hands and knees. Boiling flesh and wetness surrounded him, every breath was so full of Erika’s scent that he almost wretched. His hands pushed on her slippery walls, but he found if he carefully pushed sideways and down it seemed as though he could make progress.

Just keep going, he told himself as he crawled forward. He quickly lost his sense of time and direction. The other competitors never made themselves known, though with all the noise and shaking they could have been an inch away and he wouldn’t have known.

Forward through the wet cave he pushed, feeling his air start to run out and Erika’s hips start shaking with urgency. Her distant heartbeat seemed to be speeding up and he had no illusions about her crushing them to paste while searching for an orgasm. Just as he was about to give up hope and lay down to die, exhausted, his hand pushed through into fresh air.

The air brought with it a wave of coolness and he grabbed at the sides of her opening. It was soaked and impossible to grasp but just as before he wriggled his way forward until he was almost falling out. A glance around told him that he was the first to escape. Just above him a purple vibrator was doing its work on her clit, and not far away a camera was aiming straight at him. Below there was what seemed like a twenty foot fall onto a wet spot on the comforter.

“Oh, fuck you!” he yelled, knowing no one would hear him over the vibrator.

“Oh, finally!” he heard Erika say. She must have felt him reach her opening, and the dildo came into view.

“Jump or I’m gonna smash you little one!”

The choice was easy for Jon. He leapt as the massive phallus approached at the speed of sound. There was a ‘squelch!’ from behind as he fell, then he hit the comforter. Exhausted and soaked, he rolled onto his back and watched with horror as the dildo pumped in and out of her massive pussy. There were already red streaks from his competitors.

Swallowing his urge to cry, Jon closed his eyes and breathed in the fresh, relatively clean air.

I made it, he told himself, trying to ignore the lives lost today all for the entertainment of some random wackos on the internet. No matter how much he wanted to pass out, Jon knew he couldn’t stay where he was. It was only a matter of time before Erika crushed him with her bucking hips. He didn’t think for a moment she’d value his ‘win’ over her own passion.

He struggled to his feet but couldn’t find the energy to walk as the bed shook under him. Instead Jon simply found himself crawling away from Erika’s ear-splitting cries. He knew she’d be careful not to crush her camera, so he moved toward it as best he could. So tired he was, that he didn’t notice Erika had came violently around him. Her cries all sounded the same at his height, equally deafening. If he had been listening he would have heard her vibrator shut off and her satisfied sigh.

“Gah!” Jon yelled as her fingers grabbed him by the legs. Once again he was yanked upward at a dizzying speed until he was level with her face, but upside down. “I won!” he yelled, “Now you let me go!”

Instead, Erika giggled and licked her lips.

“I’m glad it was you Jon,” she said, holding him higher above her head. “But when I said there was only one winner, I was including me too. And I always win.”

The redhead opened her mouth wide and stuck out her tongue. Jon screamed as he was lowered in, and she let out an ‘mmm!’ as she tasted her juices on his skin. Closing her mouth, she slid him side to side in her maw, savoring her last tiny of the day. She’d already forgotten about the two struggling to stay afloat in her soda.

Jon screamed in frustration as the massive tongue bucked under him. His ears popped as she sucked lightly on his body, and he curled into a circle to protect himself from her teeth as best he could.


He thought furiously, hoping for a way out. Any way out. And just as her tongue pushed him upward against her soft palate, an idea ran through his head. Then she gulped.

The viewers from home laughed as she swallowed the last tiny down, and most of the remaining subscribers made sure they watched his camera. They always delighted in seeing the inside of their favorite cam-girl’s tummy. But this time, something was different.

With a scream of effort Jon pushed his arms and legs wide apart. The back of her throat didn’t give him much room, which worked in his favor. His hands pushed toward what he hoped was her front and just before he was yanked into her inescapable esophagus he felt something distinct, hard, and slimy. He was small, but for once today that worked in his favor; it was painful, but he was able to shove his left arm through the gap in her otherwise tightly closed epiglottis.

“Eat this, you bitch,” he said as he pulled himself up with the last of his strength. His other hand pushed through the barrier that protected her windpipe and Jon prepared for the fight of his life.

On her bed, Erika coughed.

“Oh!” she said as her eyes watered, making sure the cameras could see, “He went down the wrong pipe!”

Except Jon hadn’t gone down at all. She coughed once, trying to dislodge him. Then she coughed again, her eyes going wider and her hands reaching up to her throat. As her face turned red, Erika tried to leap off her bed to grab her soda from her desk, intending to wash Jon down with whatever was left of her cola.

Instead of nimbly bouncing to the floor like she planned, in her panic Erika tripped, one foot caught in the comforter. All across the world subscribers got ten different angles of Erika falling hard, smacking her head on her dresser and laying motionless on the ground.


“Holy shit!” Biggerbetter7 said as he watched her fall. It was obvious from how she was laying that she was out cold. He debated trying to call the police to help her but knew they wouldn’t be able to find her in time. Then he saw the camera feed from the last tiny. The supposed winner.

“Holy shit!” he said again.


An hour later, Erika rolled over on the hard floor. Her head was pounding, but as she stumbled to her feet the headache was already fading.

Was I drinking last night? she asked herself as she opened her eyes, confused as to where she was and why she hadn’t woken up in bed.

No, it was a Tuesday and I was…

“Oh shit.”

To her left a mountain shifted and she screamed, falling backward on her desk. To her horror Jon’s massive face leaned toward her with a vindictive smile. Then she felt the strange weight on her head. A shaking hand reached upward to feel the camera that was strapped to her.

“Gotta say Erika,” Jon said, his voice making her entire body shake, “You’re quite possibly the worst person I’ve ever met.”

“No!” she screamed, “I was gonna-“

“And crawling my way out of two of your holes is by far the worst thing I’ve ever had to do,” he continued over her faint screaming, “But I honestly can’t believe you left your shrinking machine under your desk; it was the first thing I saw after you fell and cracked your head. Someone up there’s looking out for me. Clearly not you.”

Erika just crawled away from him and shook her head, tears streaming down her face.

This is how it’s supposed to go! she thought, terrified and confused.

“Speaking of looking,” he gestured toward her laptop where messages were still rapidly popping up, “Your fans all loved watching the show, and I looked at where you were having the money sent; it’s my account now, so thanks for that. There’s just one thing left to do.”

Erika screamed as his fingers surrounded her.

“This is how it’s done,” Jon said as he looked into one of the cameras. He wasn’t thrilled about the parallels, but it seemed justified.

Then he tossed Erika’s tiny screaming form into the air like a piece of popcorn. He carefully caught her on his tongue and immediately tossed his head back, pushing her to the top of his mouth and swallowing hard. Just in case she pulled the same trick he’d managed to, he kept one hand on her half-drunk soda, but she slid down his gullet easily.

Out of curiosity he checked the feed on the laptop and saw that she’d landed in what seemed to be a large, wet cave. The camera shook wildly and he could see her hands clawing at the side of his stomach. Faintly he could feel her moving about inside of him, and he smiled faintly, then looked at the laptop’s camera.

“Show’s over folks,” he said before closing the computer. Jon looked around the room briefly, then set out to search the rest of the house for his clothes before he left.


At his home in California, littlelover18 leaned back and put both hands on the top of his head.

“Best. Show. Ever!” he said excitedly before he returned to the topper that he had been stuffing into the end of his rod. She fought as best as she could, but by the time his cock had half-swallowed the former librarian he had already started Erika’s show over from the beginning of his recording. He’d enjoy the second viewing as much as the first.


“Hey!” Brian screamed as the giant man walked past. He was exhausted; treading water in soda was far more difficult than he would have believed. “Help us!”

Instead the giant man just kept walking away, clearly not having heard him.

“Now what?” Grant asked him, equally exhausted. Then Jon turned off the light and the two were left in darkness.


Learning the Hard Way by Thatgirlyouknow

Chris leaned back in his well-worn easy chair with his second beer of the night in hand. It took a little effort to make the feet come up and recline, but he’d had this chair for years and it was second nature. The television was a new setup though, complete with a sound bar and more pixels than Chris could believe. Luckily for him his daughter was a certifiable genius.

While Chris had spent his life in manual labor, most recently earning his way to a supervisory role in the University’s maintenance department, his daughter was destined for greater things. Which thrilled Chris, but it also left him perplexed. He wasn’t dumb by any means. But Paige was so smart if she hadn’t looked so much like him, he’d have thought his ex-wife had cheated on him with a rocket scientist.

Paige had hooked up his television, sound system, and somehow changed the entire house’s ambient lighting in a single afternoon. Now he essentially had a home theater system that shook the house and lights in every room that turned on when you walked in. Paige had done all of this with electronics she kept in the basement while Chris had grilled up some steaks.

For all of that, Paige’s genius fulfilled a stereotype; Paige was insanely gifted in the book-smarts, but there were times Chris was nervous about her crossing the street on her own. To say Paige operated in her own little world would be an understatement, and she just happened to visit the real one from time to time.

There were days when she almost went to class before putting a shirt on, and once Chris had leapt to pull a plate with a metal fork on it out of the microwave. Paige had barely registered the sparking fire hazard, but that evening she’d modified the microwave so that you could heat any type of metal inside. Now hot pockets were also no longer cold in the center.

Chris took a swig of his beer as he contemplated that.

She’ll find a good man someday, he thought hopefully. At twenty she was hardly ready to settle down, and she sure wasn’t mentally ready to live on her own despite his best efforts. She needed someone else to balance her incredible mind with the simple things like eating. Sleeping. Getting dressed.

If she weren’t so impossibly ignorant of social norms she would already have a great boyfriend. Her looks would have kept any man around no matter how intimidated they were by her intelligence, but she could barely spare the time to look at the opposite sex. Paige was a leggy blonde with pert breasts and a body built from years of competitive swimming, the only physical activity that ever held her interest, mostly because she liked fluid dynamics. If she could look up from a book for more than five minutes she’d have been her pick of men. Easily a walk-in modeling contract.

I gotta find some kinda smart-people dating site so she can-

A massive thump! smashed through his train of thought, and a faint scream rang out from Paige’s room. The television suddenly shorted out, and there was an acrid scent in the air as Chris leapt up, spilling his beer. He turned to run down the hallway as a second whump! jarred the entire house as though it had been hit by a bulldozer. Green smoke was billowing out from underneath her door and Chris remembered just in time to cover his face with the bottom of his shirt. Whatever this was, he needed some kind of protection.

Then he threw open the door. Almost immediately the smoke dissipated, letting him see the disaster zone that was his daughter’s bedroom. Machines that looked like they belonged on the set of Star Trek covered every inch of desk space, a mirror that didn’t quite reflect what it should have adorned half of one wall, and every inch of the place looked like it had been ransacked by drunken pirates. Paige was nowhere to be seen.

“Paige!” Chris yelled, suddenly terrified. His eyes darted to her window, but it was closed and unbroken. Her closet had no doors, after an incident with some kind of cleaning substance and a drone, and she wasn’t visible there either. She had to be here somewhere.

Distraught, he stepped quickly into her room, sure she’d be passed out on the floor from the smoke and the strange explosion. Instead, behind the desk, he saw her kneeling on the ground with a terrified look on her face.

“What?” he said aloud as he took in what he was seeing. She wasn’t kneeling on the ground but his mind had a hard time processing what it was seeing.

His daughter wasn’t kneeling because she was suddenly shorter than she’d been in years. Chris wiped a hand across his face, sure he was hallucinating, but when he reopened his eyes the scene hadn’t changed. If anything, Paige was another inch shorter. Her eyes were already at the level of his chest, whereas normally she was only two inches shorter than his own six feet.

“Dad!” Paige called out to him, her voice oddly distant even though she was only a few feet away from her father. She reached out to her father for help, then seemed to think better of it as she looked around. It wasn’t her near-nudity that made her nervous, she barely noticed she was only wearing underwear that was about to fall off, but the scene around her was too bizarre.

To her, the world was growing. As though she were somehow falling backward slowly. But it wasn’t the world that was changing; it was her. Paige’s mind raced, trying to overcome her fear to find a solution before her mishap killed her.

“Dad, help!” she yelled up to Chris as he watched, stunned.

Not knowing what was going on and ignoring the possible danger to himself, Chris stepped quickly to his daughter’s aid. He knelt on one knee as she shortened by another inch and after a moment of hesitation he put one hand on his daughter’s shoulder. Immediately his hand felt it: she was getting smaller by the second.

“What do I do?” he asked Paige, completely lost in the situation. He may not have any idea what was going on, but he could see her blue eyes tossing around the problem in her head.

“Um,” she said as she thought furiously, “I was working on a protein synthesizer for hypertrophy in hypoad—”

“Skip that,” Chris said, knowing she’d talk about that until she was smaller than an action figure, “skip to the end.”

“Oh!” she said, somehow sounding surprised and disappointed that he wasn’t interested. Paige looked down nervously as the ground continued to approach slowly. “I bumped my shrink ray but it’s not meant for living beings so I’m, uh,” she just gestured to herself.

“I think I’ve got about two minutes before I’m too small to see,” she finished, trying to keep her voice from shaking.

Chris stared at her, stunned. None of what she’d said made sense. Shrink ray? Protein whats-it?

“How do we fix it?” he asked quickly, hoping that this answer came in English.

“I don’t know!” she replied with panic in her voice. The reality of the situation had set in. Her mind refused to be calm, even though Paige knew if she panicked she would probably vanish into her carpet forever. Her tiny hands made circles in front of her as she nervously shook them.

“Do the thing where you ask me questions!”

His daughter’s voice was getting more faint and she may have come up to his bellybutton now. As terrible as the situation was Chris knew what to do. They’d done it a dozen times though they hadn’t actually acknowledged it. Paige simply thought at too high a level and often Chris helped her find solutions by making her explain things more simply.

“How does the shrink ray work?” he asked quickly, not agreeing that they had the two minutes she’d predicted.

Paige rattled off a string of words where Chris only understood one-in-three, so he knew he’d asked the wrong question.

Next stab, he thought as he spoke again, cutting her off.

“Why couldn’t you use it on living things?” he asked quickly.

“Because they shrink forever,” she replied quickly, gesturing at herself again. The fact that her gestures did interesting things with her breasts was completely lost on Chris; it had been years since he’d been with a woman but Paige barely registered as one to him beyond medical needs. Her classmates, male and female, had been clamoring for her attention for years but she hadn’t even noticed.

“Living things would need a constant barrage of a high protein solution with a nearly identical DNA sequence to counteract the –”

Chris couldn’t help it. She was getting too small and talking too science-y. Her words faded into a blur behind his growing terror. After raising her successfully, alone, for almost ten years, he was going to lose her because he didn’t know enough. His eyes started to water up.

“Dad!” she yelled at him, snapping a tiny finger near his chest. She was aiming for his face but she didn’t have the reach for it anymore.

He snapped out of his thoughts and refocused on her. In another thirty seconds she would resemble a very shapely Barbie doll. Thirty seconds after that a block figurine. And thirty seconds after that? A dust mite to a dust mite.

“I said I need your sperm!”

There was a stunned silence in the room. Chris wanted to believe he’d misheard her, but he couldn’t fool himself. She shrank another inch.

“It’ll give me enough DNA to stop growing and maybe grow back a little bit until I can find a solution!”

Chris thought furiously.

First, I have no idea what the hell anything. Second, she does. Third, she probably doesn’t realize that she’s asking for something so…so…

“Dad! I’m running out of time!” she yelled again as her size approached a foot tall. “But I know men can only ejaculate a couple times a day and that won’t be enough!”

Chris threw aside societal norms and realized even if he whipped out his cock right now there was no way he could save his daughter. But she had the solution.

“The shrink ray makes me a lot tougher and I won’t need oxygen, so when I get small enough you need to, um,” she thought briefly about the best way to say it. A dozen medical terms ran through her mind, along with the medical unlikelihood of her plan working, then she finally settled on a term that she knew her dad would get.

“When I small enough you need to eat me with your penis!” she yelled out as she approached six inches tall. Her dad’s face made an expression she knew was confusion and fear and….revulsion?

Oh. Right. People things.

“If I’m in your testicles I’ll be surrounded by your sperm,” Chris knelt to hear her better, desperately hoping she found a better solution, “I’ll stop shrinking, and you need to find my professor Doctor Annie Smith! She can help us! She’s on my phone!”

Her voice was almost too faint to hear, and Chris knew things were desperate. Before he could stop himself he pulled his shorts down to his knees. He overcame his distaste of his daughter seeing his penis and gently picked her up in his right hand.

Am I really gonna do this? he wondered as his daughter reached three inches tall.

Meanwhile his left hand grabbed his cock. There was no doubt in his mind she would fit; he’d been turned down by dozens of women when they’d seen that he was packing.

She’s gonna die! he thought as his hands shook. I can’t do this.

“Do it!” Paige yelled, trying not to lose her balance on his massive hand. Her instincts were screaming at her to panic. To run. To do dozens of things that wouldn’t help. But she fought them down and yelled at her father, now too large to possibly hear her. “You gotta do it Dad!”

Then the hand lowered, his face retreated impossibly fast, and a cock the size of a train was staring at her. It suddenly grew as it approached and she continued to shrink.

Oh! she thought as she took in the sight.

Don’t think, just do it, Chris told himself as he looked at his two-inch tall daughter.

With no more hesitation he used his fingers to widen his urethra and pushed his daughter in, feet-first. It was uncomfortable at first, but the effect was immediate and obvious. Even just being pushed against his skin was enough for her body to stop shrinking. Suddenly she stopped at an inch tall as she was engulfed up to her waist.

The sudden stimulation made his cock start growing despite everything, and in moments Chris was holding his nine-inch rod in hand with only his daughter’s head sticking out of it. His hand shook as he realized how good it felt, which conflicted with his mind screaming about how wrong it was to do this. And his brain? His brain had taken six shots of tequila and was passed out, all the better not to think about what was happening.

Einstein, that’s big! Paige thought as she saw her father’s penis. She’d only ever seen two in real life, but she could tell her dad would be at home on a porno set.

Once he was hard it was easy for Paige to slip further into his rod. Her dad pushed gently on her head to get her inch-tall body entirely into his member, then she took over the work. It was vaguely like swimming underwater as she wriggled her body, and her skin tingled as her father’s fluids coated her body.

It’s working! she thought as she wriggled further down into her father. It didn’t even occur to her that she didn’t need to breath as she thought about what the sudden effect that her father’s mucous membranes had on --

No, focus! she told herself as she kept wriggling in the humid darkness. It felt like she’d wriggled for a mile before her feet suddenly felt free space below them. A surge of excited energy ran through her body as she realized her plan had probably saved her life. Then she slid far enough down that her body slipped out of the tube of her father’s penis and she fell for a split second before landing in a splash of fluids.

Immediately her entire body started to tingle and the space around her seemed to shrink.

I’m growing! she thought excitedly. I’m saved!

Holy shit! Chris thought, unbelieving of what he’d just done. I just-

Then he felt his testicles start to shift and move. He held his shaft to the side and watched as they wriggled. Felt his daughter’s body grow. Suddenly they felt heavy, and he was harder than he’d ever been as the outline of his daughter’s tiny body slowly showed through his sensitive scrotum. The movement felt incredible; it was far better than when a woman went down on him. His entire body tingled.

“Hey, uh,” he said aloud to his cock, feeling silly. The wriggling stopped. She’d heard him. “Um, once for yes, twice for no, okay?”

There was a pause, then a single shock ran through his entire body as Paige tapped on something sensitive. Chris rocked forward and put a hand on her desk to keep himself from falling over as his knees suddenly grew weak.

“Oh shit,” Chris said, unconsciously stroking himself. He felt ashamed by how turned on he suddenly was, but he also realized there was only one way to get her back out. And he was looking forward to it more than he had when he’d first discovered it. “I’m, uh, gonna get you out now, okay?”

There was another, single, jolt of pleasure.

Before he could stop himself, Chris was laying on his back in Paige’s bed stroking himself furiously. It was all he could think about; he hadn’t felt like this since he was sixteen. Every time she shifted a jolt of sexual energy shot through his body and his hand flew even faster. His orgasm built rapidly and he reached out blindly for anything to catch his load and his hand came back with a pair of his daughter’s white panties that she’d tossed aside earlier.

Not my load, he tried to tell himself, I’m getting her out, that’s iiit!

Even his thoughts yelled as he came harder than he had in years. The panties were suddenly soaked with his jizz as he felt several powerful shots leap out of him. His balls tightened and pressure built and built as his body tried to force out his daughter’s tiny body. Chris stroked himself along with the strongest orgasm he’d ever experienced until the wave of pleasure finally ended.

“Oh god,” he said as he felt his cock soften somewhat in his hand. It still tingled with electric ecstasy. “I’m sorry honey,” Chris said as he unfolded the drenched panties. He felt horrible for what he’d just done to his daughter and he was desperately hoping she’d found a better solution while he lost control of himself. And that she wouldn’t hate him even though this had been her idea.

He laid out the panties next to him, reluctantly pulled his free hand off his cock and looked for his daughter.

“Where-?” he asked aloud as he looked at the massive amount of semen he’d put on her underwear. But not her.

Then there was another jolt from his testicles.

“Oh!” he said, stunned and horrified that she was still there. “Oh no!”

A single jolt ran through him and he felt his cock try in vain to get erect again. It was simply too tired, though he knew it wouldn’t take long to recharge. But he knew what one tap meant: “Yes.” And he wasn’t too unintelligent to add, “I’m still here.”

Paige felt the world change orientations as her body pushed against the walls of her father’s testicles. She knew what he had done and didn’t feel awkward at all; how else was he going to get her out? It was simply a fact. But neither of them had realized that she was now too large to come out of him, and even when she’d tried to help the ejaculatory pressure along by following the escaping semen she was simply too large now to fit back into his urethra.

Her scientific mind was fascinated. Her common-sense mind was terrified. Her body wasn’t as concerned. She was warm, surrounded by something vaguely comforting, and even now as her father walked to another room the swinging of his balls threatened to put her to sleep as though it were a giant wet hammock.

Occasionally he asked her a question and his voice boomed down into her as though through a distant loudspeaker, and she made sure she carefully tapped out the correct responses. Each tap caused his testicles to seize slightly, and she wasn’t oblivious enough to not realize what that meant. It had to be hurting him. Her fleshy prison swung a little more as her father walked somewhere, hopefully grabbing her phone to call her professor. Then the swinging stopped and she felt pressure on two sides as his testicles settled down onto something.

He’s…sitting in the car now? she wondered briefly before the rhythmic bouncing started again. Um, again? Her fleshy prison shook at she imagined her dad tugging on his length like the men in the videos she sometimes watched.

Chris couldn’t help it. Every movement of hers was a jolt of electricity, and the television that Paige had helped set up was now showing a scene from his favorite porn. Whatever had shorted it out initially hadn’t caused any lasting damage. Maybe a second attempt at masturbation would get her out of him. Even if it didn’t, it would tire his cock out enough that he could stuff it into some jeans and go find her professor.

Those thoughts briefly flashed through his mind as he reached his second orgasm in record time. Chris was stunned by how much semen he put out, but not at all surprised he hadn’t shot Paige out with it. There was a strange sensation near the base of his cock as he came, and he could see the bulging in his testicles move slightly toward the base of his member, but clearly this wasn’t going to work. His cock pulsed as she shifted again, but finally he felt his erection start to die down.

Before he could lose any more time, he stuffed himself into a pair of decent looking jeans, found Paige’s phone, and found Annie Smith, Ph. D. in her contacts list.


“You what?!” Annie almost yelled when Chris was done explaining. She’d met him in her office, not worried that anyone else would see and think anything inappropriate was happening. At this time of day they were all alone. The perfect time to meet the hot father of her most promising student.

Annie was several years older than Chris, and she’d hoped to meet him privately in her office for quite some time. It was pretty rare that she even knew her student’s parents at all, but Paige was such a prodigy that she’d made it a point to support her outside of school as well. The fact that her father had the year’s best dad bod and a bulge that rivaled a stallion’s made it easier for her to pay the blonde genius more attention.

Not to mention Annie was very much an opportunist; more than one of her student’s inventions were now patented under her name. She was a professor mostly for the opportunity to pilfer; she could have retired on royalties from ‘her’ patents alone.

“You heard me,” he said, his voice shaking slightly. Not only was he incredibly nervous in confiding the bizarre situation to Annie, his cock was trying to harden again. He hoped that Paige was trying to be still and was only moving because she had to, but his cock responded to every movement just like if a stripper was massaging his sack with her tongue.

“And she’s…” Annie didn’t finish her statement, she simply stood and looked down at his crotch where his cock was obviously growing rapidly. She made no attempt to hide her hungry smile, and she idly pulled her graying hair into a ponytail.

“And I can’t get her out,” he said as he cock grew uncomfortably. Chris shifted in his seat to try and aim it down his pantleg. “She said you’d know what to do before she got too small for me to do anything else.”

“I’m sorry, this isn’t going to sound professional at all,” she said as she sat back down. Annie felt heat growing in her own belly; this could be the chance she was looking for! Both to score for the first time in years, and to get her hands on some of Paige’s creations.

“But you’ve masturbated twice already?”

“It’s like everything she does in there feels insanely good,” he said, his face turning red from shame. He didn’t want to talk about this side of things, but he would swallow his pride if it let Annie help his daughter. “I can’t help it!”

Wait, me moving feels good? Paige asked herself inside his testicles, distantly hearing his voice. Oh my Tesla!

The thought of her dad having an erection because of her briefly fascinated her; a tingling in her belly she only felt once or twice a month started to brew. It was like the naughty videos she watched sometimes!

“It’s okay!” Annie said, putting a hand on his across the desk. “It’s okay, I think right now you should keep trying that,” her eyes flickered to his crotch then back to his face, which he pretended not to notice. She licked her lips. “How about w-“

“Um,” Chris said, suddenly nervous, “I brought her computer,” he said before carefully sitting the bag he’d brought with him on the desk. He hadn’t been sure what was important, so he’d brought her entire computer tower and three external hard drives that she’d had plugged into it. The only thing he knew that didn’t have data on it was her screen; she’d explained that to him when he’d last bought a computer. Ten years ago. Ever since she’d been building her own.

“Oh,” Annie said, trying to hide her disappointment. She’d planned on having him whip it out right there to show her…for scientific reasons, of course. Then she put on a smile. If she had Paige’s computer, she’d be able to figure out what happened and find a solution. “I’ll look on here, but at some point I’m probably going to need to see her shrinking tech,” she said.

“I’m not touching it,” Chris said immediately, hard as a rock as he rose from his chair. He knew it was painfully obvious to Annie, and he wasn’t blind to her gaze. But he needed to take care of this part, at least, himself. “Call me!” he told her as he turned and fled the room before he could be tempted any further. He hadn’t even taken her to dinner!

Annie waited until he was out of earshot before she let out a dreamy sigh.

“Perfect,” she said as she looked at the computer equipment he’d brought. “First he hands me all her notes, and by the end of the week I’ll have him wrapped around my finger.”

“I gotta do something about Paige though,” Annie said as she slid a hand down the front of her pants, imagining what Chris’s cock was going to look like. “If she gets back to normal there’s no way this stays quiet.”

And no way I get to patent this stuff if everyone knows she actually did it first, she thought.


Three days later, Chris was masturbating again. He’d found with a lot of self-control he could hold himself back to twice a day, but he’d had to take PTO at work or everyone would have noticed how distracted he was. Since he had Paige in his balls all he could think of was relieving the pressure, and his cock knew exactly how to make it happen. The single father spent most of his days hard as a rock and subsequently lightheaded.

He’d picked up, and put down, his phone a dozen times torn between calling Annie, who was obviously interested, and a local escort service. He’d even been tempted to call local babysitters, who were known to happily make some cash on the side.

The conversations didn’t help. Neither Chris nor Paige had thought of a better way to communicate than her tapping, which immediately made him erect. Every one of her movements gently massaged his balls like a warm hand, and the constant stimulation was slowly driving him insane. When he wasn’t masturbating he was pacing around the house, desperately trying to think of a solution until the urge became too much for him.

Paige had realized that her movements caused him pleasure but was unable to remain still for very long. Her tiny body may have been tough, but if she didn’t move periodically her muscles would cramp up. And part of her was overjoyed at bringing her dad some joy, though she knew society would probably tell her it was wrong.

But what about this situation wasn’t?

Annie, no longer Professor Smith, had been over once that morning to look at the shrink ray. Very carefully. She’d spent every waking hour reading through Paige’s notes and claimed she was close to understanding what had been done, but even she admitted to Chris she didn’t know if the process could truly be reversed.

“The DNA thing is what really perplexes me,” she’d told him as he poured them both a cup of coffee that morning. The sandy-haired woman clearly needed it. Chris had picked up on all her personal hints over the past several days, both on the phone and in person, but he couldn’t say she wasn’t honestly trying to figure this out, to the point of exhaustion. Even if she obviously wasn’t working purely to free his daughter. And even if he was slowly losing the mental battle to whip his cock out in front of her to let her help more directly.

“From what I’m reading,” she sipped her coffee and licked her lips as he watched, “she’s just compressing the space between—”

“Look, Annie,” Chris said, cutting her off, “Do you have a little microphone or something so you can just talk to her? You telling me this is just gonna give me a headache.”

“A microphone that small?” Annie looked off into the distance for a moment before her eyes refocused on him.

“No, but I could shrink one!” she said excitedly. Before Chris realized what she was doing she leaned toward his denim-clad crotch and spoke loudly toward his balls. It took some effort for him to restrain himself; he’d been holding himself back all morning. It was harder in person, especially since she’d worn a professional-yet-short skirt and now he could see down her blouse.


His testicles suddenly shifted and he groaned. Chris didn’t see Annie’s smile; his eyes were closed as he tried not to explode in his pants.

“We’re gonna get you out of there!”

“You gotta-“ Chris started to say as the movement in his testicles double, then tripled. “Oh shit, you gotta go!”

“But wait, I can-“ she tried to say, hoping to seize her chance to seize his…member. For science.

“No, out!” he said, pushing her toward the door. “Do the microphone thing and, oh man, come back tomorrow!”

Before she even realized it Annie had been pushed out the door.

“Damnit!” she muttered to herself as she walked to the car. In the realm of freeing Paige, they’d made a breakthrough: it hadn’t even occurred to her to shrink a microphone to talk to her. But on the task of her playing with Chris’s cock she’d gotten no further.

Tomorrow, she told herself as she double checked that the shrinking machine was secured in the trunk of her car.

Annie hadn’t even put on her seatbelt before Chris had finished masturbating again.

Geez, Dad! Paige thought as she felt the powerful rhythmic stroking and the sudden lack of sperm surrounding her. Then she did her best to hold still again. She knew it must be very uncomfortable to him to be erect so often, but she never had any idea that he masturbated so often. Each time she tried to re-enter his urethra to crawl her way out, but she was still simply too large.

Is he like this normally? Good thing Annie is helping us!

Then the thought of Annie…helping ran through her mind. Paige couldn’t help it, and she felt her body get hotter. This time she let her hand wander south before she stopped it. He may be masturbating all the time, but she did it so rarely she was content to just let her own needs build. For now.


The next morning, Annie arrived at Chris’s house with a box full of implements, a big smile, and an even lower-cut blouse. She was in fair shape for a career academic, but she’d also padded her resume today. Annie rarely wore makeup, but today she’d pulled out all the stops.

Today, I talk to Paige and get this figured out, she thought as she knocked on his door. And I’m gonna finally see what Chris is working with.

A shudder ran through her body as she imagined what that bulge would look like freed from his jeans. Then the door opened and she put on her professional face.

First things first, she thought as she entered his home. It took effort to not look down; she knew he was probably hard as a rock. From what he’d told her every one of Paige’s movements was a flash of ecstasy, so she knew he had to be out of his mind with lust even if he was masturbating frequently.

“Let’s get to work!” she said, ignoring his red face as he welcomed her inside.

Ten minutes later she had everything set up at the kitchen table. She’d carefully used the shrink ray to build a wireless system that would let Paige talk to them but couldn’t be too certain how long it would last. The electric wires would burn out quickly; at their size they had very little—

“Look,” Chris said, trying to sound respectful, “Thanks for trying to explain but can we just most this along?”

“Okay, okay,” Annie said, working herself up to the next, potentially tricky part. She kept her face professional as she said, “Now take off your pants and underwear.”

“Wait, what?” he exclaimed, sure he’d heard her right. He already wasn’t sure how long he’d last without needing to excuse himself; Paige was sure to be moving a lot while they spoke. And no one had seen his penis in years. That he hadn’t paid to see it, at least.

“If we’re gonna talk,” Annie said, waving her hand at his pants and trying not to betray how excited she was, “It’s not gonna work through multiple layers of clothing.”

Chris looked at her for a moment, but knew she was telling the truth. If this microphone idea was going to work they needed to give it the best shot possible. Before he could talk himself out of it, he slid his jeans and boxers down to his ankles and sat down on one of the wooden chairs at his kitchen table.

“Oh, um,” Annie said, not sure what she’d expected. She’d been hoping he would actually pull his pants down, sure. But she wasn’t prepared for the nine-inch monster it would unleash. Nor for the oddly shaped, massive testicles hanging below it. The clear outline of Paige’s body was visible; he hadn’t masturbated yet so she was bathed in enough of his sperm that it caused her body to grow until it filled the entirety of his scrotum.

Heat bloomed in her lower half, and she closed her mouth before she could say, or do, something that would screw this up.

The same inner voice that told her to carefully read all of Paige’s notes on shrinking also told her that Chris was going to scare easily. And she didn’t want to scare away that pulsing rod.

Chris cleared his throat, more than aware of how Annie was looking at him. It shook her out of her reverie, and she gingerly picked up one of the apparatus that she had brought with her.

“Scoot back a bit,” she said to him as she put the tiny microphone unit near his testicles on the free space he created when he shifted backward. It took great restraint for her not to reach out and start stroking him. She felt the heat from his balls on the back of her hand.

“Um,” he started to say nervously, painfully erect and aware that her soft hands were closer to his member than anyone had been in a long time. “Let’s, uh, stay focused here.”

“Right, right,” Annie agreed, turning several dials until the static coming from the small speaker she brought turned into a gentle rustling.


Chris’s testicles shifted and he groaned aloud with pleasure.

“Paige, speak to me!” Annie said, trying to ignore Chris’s facial expressions. This was the time for serious. The time for fun was coming.

“Hello?” the two heard distantly.

The two adults let out nervous laughs as they heard Paige’s voice through the speaker. Annie let out a small whoop of success and she hi-fived Chris. He groaned again as Paige shifted, and Annie struggled to keep herself from putting her smiling mouth on the head of his cock. Or to feel her student in his testicles with her tongue.

“Yes!” she said instead, excited. “I’ve got a microphone out here, we’re going to help you, but I need to know more about your shrinking process!”

“Okay!” Paige said, not sure what was happening out there but wanting to help. She’d spent days in her dad’s testicles and she was sure he couldn’t stand having her in there any longer. He’d saved her life but she needed Annie to understand her process in order to set her free. Even if part of her, purely born of boredom of course, was tempted to start using the time to explore her body more thoroughly. She’d never had the time at full size, but in this hot, warm, somehow comfortable space she had nothing but time.

Chris looked up at the ceiling as the two talked. He couldn’t follow most of their conversation, it started at ‘folding proteins’ as though they were clothes then only got more complicated. Paige moved frequently, but he stifled his groans and kept his hand off himself. Twice he had to use a napkin to wipe himself clean of his leaking precum.

This needs to hurry up so she can leave and I can-

“Okay!” Annie said, suddenly louder for Chris’s benefit.

He looked down at her and realized she had knelt at some point in the conversation and had been writing furiously on a notepad. Her face was only inches from his testicles. His cock bounced with his pulse and he knew he only had a couple of minutes before he lost control and would need to masturbate.

“Were you listening toward the end?” Annie asked him as she moved the tiny microphone back to the table.

“Uh, no,” Chris said, waiting for her to move back so he could put his pants back on.

“Well, we’re gonna give this a try,” Annie said, not moving, looking him in the eyes. “And if I can’t get her out I think I can synthesize a compound at my lab that’ll help her slip out, then I can reverse the process afterward.”

“Try what out?” Chris asked, suddenly wishing he’d been listening. He wasn’t sure he liked the look in her eyes.

“This,” she said, suddenly leaning forward.

Before Chris could react, she wrapped her soft lips around his testicles. Her hot tongue slipped out and massaged them, causing Paige to jerk and roll in response. Chris let out a small shout but gave in; his cock demanded more attention than he’d already been giving it.

What the hell? Paige wondered as the walls around her grew hotter. Tighter. Something massive pushed against her side repeatedly, as though she were getting a massage from something as big as her entire body.

The massive forces retreated and she heard her father groan distantly.

“I think this will get her out!” Paige heard Professors Smith’s voice say, then the pressure returned.

Again the walls shifted as something compressed them lightly, and that same object returned to push at her side before it slowly moved upward.

Is she…? Paige suddenly realized what was happening.

“No!” she yelled, kicking against Annie’s tongue. “This isn’t what we said!”

Chris groaned as his daughter moved suddenly. He was out of his mind with pleasure; between Annie’s hot lips and tongue and his daughter’s movements he could barely think. Even if he’d wanted to protest he would have been physically unable to. There was simply too many sensations.

Annie looked up at him and smiled as she felt Paige moving inside his testicles. Her tongue slid along the outside of his ballsack and she sucked lightly on them as her hand slowly stroked his shaft. She knew from all the stimulation he’d gotten already that he wasn’t far from bursting. Her hand was wet with his precum already.

This was going to be fun. And to be honest, she wasn’t completely unsure that someone helping him orgasm wouldn’t dislodge Paige. But that was not what she was after this time.

“Annie I-“ Chris started to say, but he stopped when Annie pulled her mouth from his testicles and clamped her lips around the head of his cock. “Oh god! I’m gonna—”

He didn’t finish what he was going to say, but Annie didn’t need to be an engineering professor to figure it out. She wrapped her free hand around his testicles and squeezed gently. Not to help Paige get free, but because she knew he would love it. If it did help Paige that was only a side effect, though Annie did wonder what the girl would taste like after bathing in her father’s jizz for several days.

Should I swallow her to get rid of her?

Then her train of thought ended as she felt Chris’s already massive rod pulse. A flood of semen shot into her mouth and she gulped furiously as she kept stroking him. She could barely believe how much he had left in him after what he’d told her about the past couple of days. Annie bobbed her head up and down as he groaned loudly, and she felt his hands sink into her hair to keep guiding her up and down.

“Holy—” he said as he reflexively pulled her down further onto his rod. His cock banged the back of her throat as he finished shooting his load, but he only let her up when her hand left his testicles and started smacking him on the thigh.

When his hands released her head Annie leaned back and stood quickly, falling into the chair immediately behind her as she coughed and gasped. Quickly she wiped her chin with the back of her hand.

“How-“ she coughed and gulped down the rest of her coffee, “How do you still cum so much after the past couple of days?”

“Just so you know,” he said gasping, “I was hoping to wait until after this was over to take you out to dinner.”

The two looked at each other and laughed, then Annie finished his coffee for him. Then the two of them looked at his rapidly deflating cock; Chris hadn’t seen it that small since Monday before Paige had gotten herself shrunk.

“Paige!” he said, leaning forward and looked at Annie’s mouth. “You didn’t!”

“No!” she said, laughing, “I’m pretty sure I would have noticed. She’s still stuck,” the professor said, wiping her chin with a napkin this time. “If you’d been listening you’d know we weren’t really sure if that would help or not.”

“We didn’t talk about that at all!” Paige screamed, hearing the distant giants talk. She was too naïve to realize, despite rumors to the contrary, that Professor Smith was teaching more for her own benefit than her students. And that the situation had offered her multiple avenues for selfish gain.

“I’m glad you two decided to try,” Chris said as his afterglow started to fade. “But really, I never meant to-“

“Don’t make it more complicated,” Annie said happily as she started putting her equipment back in the box. “We’re gonna get her out of you, and you back into me,” she winked at him, “Hopefully tomorrow night.”

“Tomorrow night?” he asked, raising an eyebrow.

“You’re gonna make us a nice dinner,” she said as she rose, patting his cock as she did, “We’re gonna have a couple of drinks, and I’m gonna have a compound synthesized by then that’ll get her out of you.”

“Really?” he asked incredulously, not sure if he was more excited about the date than about getting Paige out of his testicles.

“I’m gonna get you out of there Paige!” Annie said, leaning forward until her lips were almost touching his balls, which had shrunken to conform to the girl’s tiny shape again. Her tongue flicked out to feel the tiny girl’s form again, then she giggled as she straightened back up and picked up the box of equipment and her notebook. “Really.”


That afternoon and the next morning, Annie really did give it her best effort. With Paige’s input and explanations of some of the vaguer concepts in her own notes Annie felt that she had a good understanding of what had happened, and why. Just not necessarily ‘how’ or ‘how she could fix it.’

“I can get her out of there,” she said to herself, rubbing her eyes and smiling, thinking of how much fun that would be, “But how do I get her back to normal?”

No amount of simulation had given her the answer to that question, though she now knew how to get Paige out of her new lover’s balls.

“Maybe I can…”

Annie trailed off, smiling to herself as she realized that it might be easier to instead change their goals. Or her goal, at least.

“Oh yeah,” she said as she input a new formula into her computer. Moments later solutions started mixing in the machine next to her.

As she finished updating her compound her computer ‘dinged!’ with a new email.

“Patent application received and pending!” she read aloud with a smile. “Perfect! Best week ever.”


That afternoon, over a medium-rare steak, a surprisingly good potato, and an interesting mix of grilled vegetables, Annie told Chris her plan.

“If it works,” she said as she swirled her glass of red wine, “She’ll slide out of you when you next orgasm,” she licked her lips and flicked her eyes at his crotch, currently denim-clad, “And if the formula works she’ll return to full-size when we apply copious amounts of alcohol.”

She saw the wheels turning in Chris’s head, just as they had in hers several hours beforehand. Chris wasn’t the smartest person on the planet, but he was genuinely nice. And he had no reason to disbelieve Annie. Her poker face was good, but it was better with the fact that she was telling him half the truth.

Annie really did believe the formula she had just poured into Chris’s drink would help Paige come out of his testicles. With Annie’s enthusiastic help, of course. But she had no reason to believe covering the several-inch tall girl with wine would return her to normal size. The alcohol would probably do nothing but get the girl instantly drunk, which would serve Annie’s purposes perfectly. That would be the tricky part, but she would bet that drunk Paige would agree to almost anything.

Shrinking tech, check.

Chris swirled his drink and smelled it. Apparently it didn’t smell like anything other than wine.

Finally getting some? Check.

The professor could tell that Chris steeled himself against further thought just before he brought the glass to his lips and drained it in one gulp.

Getting Paige out of the way? Almost check.

“So how long will it take?” Chris asked as he grimaced. Wine was not meant to be pounded like a drink at a frat party. “And, uh…”

“Of course I will,” Annie said in response to the unasked question. “You didn’t think yesterday was a one-shot did you? And half an hour. If you can wait that long,” she added with a wink.

Yesterday had done him a world of good; he’d only masturbated once today and his cock was still only half hard. It took a lot of effort, but Chris had kept himself busy all day to keep himself from thinking about how amazing the combination of Annie’s tongue and Paige’s body had been.

So instead of whipping his cock out like he desperately wanted to, Chris set about cleaning up after dinner. Annie helped politely and did her best to not be suggestive. She did really want her plan to work, after all, and if they got the action going too soon the compound wouldn’t have a chance to work.

But thirty minutes later…

Chris laid back on his bed, his cock already hard as a rock. Annie had stripped naked as well, and lay on the bed with her head near his rod.

“We’re gonna start, Paige!” she said excitedly. Chris’s ballsack started moving as Paige shifted inside, and Chris groaned as she started tapping rapidly inside.

“No!” Paige screamed, knowing what Annie meant. It didn’t take a genius to know what she intended, though Paige didn’t realize her cellular composition was already changing from the compound that Annie had created. She rapidly tapped her code against her father’s skin, hoping he would get the message. “No! I’m not a sex toy! Two taps means no!”

“Oh, she’s totally into it,” Chris said, sure his daughter’s movement and tapping was her way of helping things along. “Are you rea-“

Annie didn’t wait to hear. Her lips wrapped around his testicles as Paige moved within, and she sucked gently on them. Both hands reached up and stroked his rod, and she dragged her tongue up to his tip, tasting his salty precum on the way.

“Annie,” Chris said as she wrapped her lips around his shaft and started bobbing her head up and down, “I’m not gonna last very long here.”

Her lips came off his cock with a smack, and her hands started massaging his testicles. She was fascinated with how they felt; Paige was clearly palpable through the tender skin.

Amazing! she thought, sure she was taking the right action.

“Let it go,” she said as she stroked him. “Once she’s out we can make sure she’s okay, then when she’s sleeping it off….”

She didn’t need to finish, and Chris just laid his head back on his pillow as she put her lips back on him. He stared at the ceiling as she worked on him, lost in the sensations she was giving him. The combination of heat, stroking, and incredible vibrations was incredible; every single part of it on its own would have been enough to drive a man mad.

But combined? The only reason Chris didn’t explode immediately was because he’d spent himself so thoroughly over the past week.

Annie played happily with his massive rod, alternating between massaging his balls with her hands or her tongue, stroking his shaft or licking it. It took serious effort for her not to dirty talk directly to Paige in his testicles; that time would come. She needed to take this another step further before she started using Paige as a participant and not a victim.

She was impressed how long he’d lasted, yesterday he’d practically been a sexual vial of nitroglycerin. But she knew the moment was coming, and fast. It may have been awhile since she’d had a decent sexual encounter, but that didn’t mean she was blind. Or deaf.

“Annie, I’m—”

“Just go!” she said quickly, cutting him off before planting her lips on his cockhead again.

Her stroking picked up speed and her free hand gently grasped his testicles. Paige was still moving as well as she could within, and as Chris’s cock started to pulse Annie’s hand pushed Paige’s tiny body toward the base of his cock. The moment was now.

Paige may have been surrounded by darkness, but she wasn’t a fool. She could feel the changing urgency of the motions outside the walls of her prison. And even if she didn’t know what that meant, she could feel a massive hand gently pushing her toward where she knew her father’s urethra began.

But she couldn’t have predicted what happened to her body when her father started to buck and thrust with his orgasm. The small tube that she’d tried to push herself into every time he orgasmed was still small, and initially she made no progress toward freedom. Then the massive hand put more pressure at her back.

No one heard her faint scream as the pressure grew from uncomfortable, to distressing, to painful.

“No! Stop!” Paige screamed as sperm rushed into the hole and she was pushed harder and harder until-

Paige stopped screaming when she felt her arm bend in an impossible way. It wasn’t painful, and just as she realized what was happening the rest of her body collapsed.

Annie swallowed Chris’s seed as he exploded in her mouth and squeezed his testicles with more and more force. Just as she started to get nervous that her compound hadn’t worked, she felt Paige’s body suddenly shift under her palm like soft clay. The flow of semen stopped, letting her take a deep breath.

“Shit!” Chris yelled, leaning forward as he felt the change. His orgasm changed as the pressure in his cock built. His cock buzzed with electric tension, and the only thing that kept him from jamming his cock into Annie’s throat was the knowledge that Paige was surely coming out, and he didn’t need his daughter to be swallowed immediately after finally getting her free.

As he watched a bulge formed at the bottom of his cock, and Annie felt it with her hand. She made an enthusiastic sound and her hand slipped under it. Her hand squeezed under the bulge and stroked upward, milking the ball of compressed, elastic Paige from his rod.

“Holy-“ Chris was at a loss for words, both from how long his orgasm was lasting, and seeing the obscene bulge rising up through his cock. It should have been impossible. Painful.

Instead it was the most incredible thing he’d ever seen. He was pushing Paige out of his cock and it looked like a golf ball being pushed through a garden hose.

Then the bulge reached the part of his shaft that was surrounded by Annie’s lips. She didn’t pull off, so he didn’t see what it looked like when his daughter finally slid from his cock. But when she did the pressure she’d been holding back suddenly exploded, giving Annie one last shot of semen right behind the inch-and-a-half tall that was deposited into her mouth.

“Don’t!” Chris said as he saw Annie swallow his seed.

She looked up at him and rolled her eyes before she pulled his mouth off.

“I didn’t,” she half-said with Paige still in her mouth. Annie opened her mouth to show him a bundle of limbs and blonde hair that was snapping back into shape into his daughter. Before anything else could happen she stood and walked to the dresser, where a glass of red wine waited.

Now the next step, she thought as she opened her mouth over the glass and dropped Paige into it.

Paige fell with a scream. The environment of Annie’s mouth had been a welcome change from her father’s testicles, though she could barely tell from the smashed together jumble of limbs and tissue that she’d been compressed into. Just as she’d started to reform into her normal shape there had been a rush of cold air.

The wine was cold compared to the heat she’d spent the past couple of days in, and she gasped at the change as she surfaced. Paige coughed out a mouthful of wine and looked through the clear glass at the giant couple that was staring down at her. She easily treaded and held her position in the wine, though the fumes from the alcohol threatened to overwhelm her senses. The blonde had been drunk before and hadn’t particularly cared for it, and she could feel it coming on again as she inhaled the alcohol.

Annie leaned forward, her massive head making Paige nervous, especially considering what she’d known had just happened. But she had to assume that things had gone far enough. That the professor had found a solution. The thought of Annie swallowing her with the wine only ran through her head once.

“Get me out of here!” she shouted for the thousandth time that week. But no one was listening.

“What?” Annie said as she turned her head and brought her ear closer to the wine glass. In the distance Paige could see her father sitting up slowly on the bed. He looked exhausted and drained.

“Is it working?” Paige heard her father ask.

“No!” Annie replied, confusion in her voice. Paige knew her well enough to know it was fake, but her father didn’t. Annie’s words just didn’t match the situation at all.

“Say that again, Paige?”

“I didn’t say anything!” Paige mumbled to herself. “Help me!” she yelled upward as wine spilled into her open mouth.

Before she was even done speaking Annie turned and spoke over her to Chris.

“She says she wanted to stay!”

“What?” Chris said, suddenly sitting up. His balls felt oddly hollow; he’d started getting used to having Paige in there, as bizarre as it was to admit to himself. “She…liked it?”

Above her, Annie made a face as though she were listening to something she was saying.

But I’m not—Oh. Paige suddenly realized what was happening.

“No!” she screamed with realization, “You bitch! You can’t!”

Annie gave her a knowing smile as Paige screamed with anger. She banged on the glass to try and get her dad’s attention but he was staring at Annie, not her. Paige only managed to splash more wine into her mouth.


“She says she could’ve came out whenever she wanted?” Annie looked confused briefly as though Paige were still talking. “She actually-“ Annie paused. “She actually sounds kinda angry we got her out of there?”

“I don’t understand,” Chris said. Paige watched him hop off the bed and come over to stand by the wine glass. She yelled up to him, but it was obvious he didn’t hear her. His hearing was bad on the best of days. “She…wanted to be in there?”

“Think about!” Annie said, trying not to sound too obvious, “Paige is a genius, I don’t know why we didn’t think of this, but do you think she would have shrank herself like that on accident?”

“Well…” Chris started to say, thinking of how accident prone his daughter was, “She is pretty accident prone.”

“But not coming out of you for almost a week? When she could have?” Annie asked, choosing her words carefully. “She just told me she wanted to stay!”

Chris squatted down on his heels, putting his face right next to the wine glass. Paige started to feel lightheaded, not just from how fast Annie and her father moved compared to her. Just inhaling the alcohol was getting her drunker faster than she could have imagined.

“Did you want to be used like that?” he asked his daughter.

Paige coughed, then yelled out, “Dad! Get me out of here!”

His eyes narrowed and he looked slightly confused. He turned his head to put his ear closer to the glass, and Paige knew he hadn’t heard her.

“She said ‘put me back in there!’” Annie said with a sadistic smile that only Paige saw. “Did you know she was like this?”

“No,” said Chris, standing and putting both hands on the back of his head. He paced nervously, not sure what to make of the situation. “But she moved all the time, even after I told her how it felt.”

Then he stopped pacing.

“Can we get her back to normal? So we can actually talk about this?” he asked.

“I don’t think so,” Annie said. “If the alcohol didn’t stimulate growth then I’ll need a few more years of study to reverse what her shrink ray did to her before I’d even want to try re-growing a living being.”

Chris grew silent as Annie plucked Paige out of her alcoholic bath.

“Let me go!” Paige screamed as Annie held her up to her ear. Annie’s massive head nodded as though she was listening, but Paige knew better. She could only hope she yelled loud enough for her dad to hear her and rescue her from this person that she’d once trusted.

“Are you sure?” Annie asked her as she continued yelling.

“Please don’t do this!” Paige screamed as Annie continue to ask her questions in a confused, yet reassuring voice.

“You really liked us both playing?” Annie asked her, faking concerned confusion.

“No! You know I didn’t! You gotta make me normal again! Please!” Paige cried miniscule tears as Annie ignored what she was saying.

“Chris,” Annie said after a minute of fake conversation, “I think we should give her what she wants.”

He came back into view immediately, concern and confusion on his face.

“She wants to be a toy, Chris,” Annie said, “She just told me everything!”

“No! Dad!” Paige screamed, knowing it was in vain. But she had to try. “She’s lying!”

Annie wrapped her hand around Paige’s tiny body as she started wriggling. It wouldn’t do to drop her now. Even if she was probably near invincible.

She put her other hand on Chris’s chest and pushed him gently backward.

“But-“ he stammered out, “I don’t know about this. What if-“

Annie silenced him with a kiss.

“Let me show you what she said she wanted most,” she breathed into his ear. When she leaned back she looked into Chris’s eyes and knew she’d won. He was hanging on her every word now.

“I-“ he said again before she pushed him back again, this time causing the back of his knees to hit the bed. Chris fell backward and she grasped his cock once more. He hadn’t gotten completely flaccid yet; part of the compound Annie had put in his drink also contained something much simpler than what she’d synthesized earlier that day: a crushed up little blue pill.

“What are you gonna do?” he asked her as he gave in completely. His confusion vanished, replaced by one thing: lust. Annie had known how to play him and she’d done it masterfully.

Annie stood and smiled at him.

“Paige said she was really interested in,” Annie put a knee on the bed and started to crawl toward Chris, “Just. One. Thing.”

Paige was fighting against her fingers as she crawled, but it didn’t matter. Annie was so horny, and so close to fulfillment, that she could have broken a finger and barely even noticed. Chris’s cock was pulsing, inches away from her, and she was about to fulfill a lifelong fantasy. The fact that it would also make rich was just icing on the cake.

Chris was too far away to hear Paige scream as Annie’s fingers pulled her legs apart like she was made of rubber. Annie carefully turned Paige’s face away from her father so he couldn’t see what was happening; he only knew that Annie had told her she wanted this. And that he was about to be inside a woman for the first time in years.

And that somehow, even though he could barely comprehend it, his daughter wanted this to happen. If she hadn’t, why else would she have shrunken herself, then told Annie what to do?

It never even occurred to him that Annie might had lied. That he hadn’t actually heard a word of what Paige had said.

Paige pulled apart exactly like Annie had hoped. The tiny girl’s legs stretched amazingly and Annie felt her pussy get hotter than it had in years. When Annie was able to work her fingers up into Paige’s ridiculously small snatch she pulled even harder. The screaming stopped, but only because Paige’s body was suddenly so distorted the very act of screaming was impossible.

Though she hadn’t used a condom in years, Annie had no issues pulling Paige’s tortuously stretched body down her father’s cock. The tiny blonde’s body accepted the monster with difficulty, but Annie was determined. Annie hadn’t planned on needing lubrication like most condoms already had. To compensate she ran her fingers around the poor girl’s strained outer lips to gain more space, redoubled her grip on the blonde’s legs, then pulled her down rapidly.

Before she was ready for it to be over, Annie was tying Paige’s legs into a knot under Chris’s balls. When she knew Paige was secure her eyes traveled up the blonde’s body and she giggled with delight.

“Paige!” she breathed as she beheld her handiwork and continued to sell the deception, “You won’t believe how amazing you look!”

The girl’s body clung so tightly to Chris’s penis that individual veins and ridges were clearly visible through her skin. The shrinking process, and Annie’s formula, had made her skin incredibly tough and elastic. Annie knew it was likely the girl’s skin was thinner than any condom. Her once-proud breasts had been stretched to where her nipples stood outward at odd angles, and her arms jutted outward and flopped lazily as reflex muscle twitches kept them moving.

And lastly, much to Annie’s delight, Paige’s head was stretched perfectly over her dad’s helmet like a Halloween mask pulled over a basketball.

“Look!” Annie said to Chris, who had watched the process, fascinated. Annie aimed his cock at him, where her face was distended and thin enough that his urethra was clearly visible, “She’s even smiling!”

It wasn’t true, but it didn’t matter. Annie knew that the stretching had simply pulled her face wide enough to force a smile on the blonde’s face. Paige knew that she was in hell as every nerve ending screamed at her to orgasm, pass out from pain, and run away screaming all at the same time.

And all that Chris knew was that his daughter, now a condom, was clearly smiling at him from the treatment.

“Get up here!” he told Annie, not about to waste any more time. “If she wants to get used, let’s do it!”

He groaned as Annie ran her tongue along the bottom of his cock; the Paige condom didn’t do anything to lessen the sensation. The professor kissed her way up his abdomen until she reached his face, and for the first time the two shared a deep, passionate kiss. Their tongues intertwined as Annie’s hand reached down between her legs and gently grabbed his cock. Briefly she wished for some lubricant for herself but had a feeling it wouldn’t be needed in a moment. He was huge, but she was soaked already.

When his head was positioned at her opening, their eyes locked in an invisible exchange. Then she sank down slowly, gasping as his cock slid into her pussy. The bulbous head, safely clad in Paige’s stretched body, spread her outer lips and speared its way into her. After an inch had entered Annie paused and reversed the motion. Just before she felt him leave her she sank down again, this time taking more of his ridiculously large rod.

“You’re so big!” she whispered as she sat up tall and focused on the sensation.

She gasped when Paige’s flailing arms entered her and hissed with pleasure when she realized that Paige’s blonde hair was tickling her g-spot. Chris did his best to hold still, but he knew his willpower was eroding fast. He didn’t want to hurt Annie or Paige, even if Paige had happily gotten herself into this situation. But in a minute he was going to roll Annie over and pound her so hard her cervix bruised.

Then Annie felt her outer lips contact the skin around Chris’s cock. She looked down and saw that she had somehow engulfed him entirely; she’d been sure he’d bottom out long before she got to bury his full length in her. A small orgasm rocked her body as she imagined how much cock was buried inside of her, and Chris thrust upward gently, causing her stomach to bulge slightly just at her belly button.

“Holy shit!” Annie said as the sight caused her to have another orgasm instantly.

Chris smiled, knowing what she was seeing, and thrust upward again as she squeezed her eyes shut and let out a cry that couldn’t be confused for anything else. She started bouncing and he felt her vagina cling tightly to his cock, even through the condom.

Paige, he told himself, it’s Paige.

Even through Paige he felt her pussy grip him like a wet fist and as Annie picked up speed, he kept pushing his hips upward to match her rhythm. Somehow, despite everything, he felt his orgasm start to build. He’d came a dozen times in the past couple of days, but this was the first pussy he’d been in in far too long.

“My turn!” he said as Annie bounced her way through another orgasm. Chris grabbed her shoulder and pulled her to the side, where she fell with a yelp and a laugh. As though he had far more practice he kept himself buried inside of her as they rolled together. A moment later Annie was on her back with one leg wrapped around Chris’s hips.

Chris wasted no time in driving himself back into her entirely. Like a jackhammer he plowed into her faster and stronger than she expected, causing Annie to claw his back with her nails.

“Oh! Oh! Oh!” she cried out with every stroke, lost in an unending string of orgasm.

Before he was ready for it, Chris felt his movements start to get shaky. His thrusts became erratic as his peak approached, and he had a moment of clarity. He looked into Annie’s eyes, a question unspoken.

“This is what she wanted,” Annie said reassuringly, knowing this was one-hundred percent not what Paige had wanted. “Cum in me,” she continued as his thrusting sped up, “Use her!”

“I’m cumming!” he shouted as his balls boiled yet again, and he drove himself into Annie as hard as he could as his orgasm exploded out of him. It felt so different than what he’d gotten used to; there was no sensation of slowly released pressure, just a single ball of pleasure that made his eyes water and his entire body go numb. He felt shot after shot of his boiling semen fly out into Annie…into Paige…into

The condom caught it all, he thought as he finished cumming, leaning forward to share a deep kiss with Annie. She came too as he did, feeling his twitching and letting the perverse knowledge of what they were doing send her to heaven. Everything about this was so wrong…yet so right.

The fact that Paige’s tiny arms continued tickling her insides as Chris’s cock started to deflate only made her smile even more. Together the couple breathed heavily and kissed one more time before Chris slid himself out of her with a groan.

“That was,” Chris sat up, breathing hard, “That was incredible.”

“Mmm,” Annie moaned as she joined him at the side of the bed, “That was something else.”

She leaned forward, putting her face closer to his cock where Paige was still mounted, her head distorted as her body held a massive amount of cum. As Chris’s cock shrank Paige’s body tried to slide off but Annie’s knot held; with deft fingers she slipped her hand under his testicles and released her tied-together legs. Instantly Paige started to slip off her father’s cock and his semen started leaking down his shaft. Annie was stunned how well Paige had held it in once her pussy was no longer obscenely stretched by Chris’s cock.

“It’s like you were made for this!” she breathed as Paige fell, screaming, off her father’s cock into Annie’s hand. The tiny girl had resumed her normal shape almost as soon as the titanic cock left her, and she was out of her mind with shock. All she could do was lay there and shake as her mind tried to reconcile everything that had just happened.

“Paige, are you okay?” Chris asked, concerned. He leaned forward and Annie held her hand up for him to see. As far as he could tell she was laying there as exhausted as the two of them were. His daughter just looked like an inch-and-a-half tall blonde doll, aside from her stomach moving slightly as she breathed and the strange deflating she seemed to do as her body continued to expel his semen.

“She’s fine,” Annie said soothingly, “Isn’t that right sweet thing?”

Paige looked at Annie’s gigantic face and shuddered. She was too terrified and confused to do anything other than nod. If she did anything else she was worried Annie would do something even worse to her.

And it didn’t help that every nerve ending in her body was still firing. Including the ones that had forced her to orgasm as she’d been speared by her own father’s cock. Part of her knew things could only get worse. Part of her already wanted it again.

I think I understand drug addiction now, she thought forlornly.

“See?” Annie asked rhetorically, “She knows we can’t hear her so she just nodded. That had to be exhausting for her.”

The professor winked at Chris, who was still catching his own breath. She at least ran periodically; Chris hadn’t ran in years though his job kept him active. In her hand Paige rolled over, but Annie idly cupped her hand and made the blonde fall back to the center.

“What do we do now?” Chris asked, trying to ignore his burning lungs, “If we can’t fix her…”

Annie kissed him on the cheek, then knelt down in front of him once more.

“Let’s give her what she wants,” Annie said as Paige’s tiny body erupted in a flurry of activity.

“No!” Paige screamed as Annie’s hand turned from a massive table to a clenching grasp. “No!”

“Okay,” she heard her father say, miles above her, “I don’t get how she wants this, but who am I to say no?”

Paige had heard that voice before a thousand times. When her father was tired he was the most malleable person she’d ever heard of. It was how she’d gotten him to commit to her first computer, then her first car. It was how her mother had gotten him to marry her. He just couldn’t think when he was tired.

“Dad!” she screamed again as she felt her feet contact something boiling hot, wet, and sticky. “Annie! You bitch!”

Then the grasping and squeezing changed as her father’s cock swallowed her to her ankles. Then knees. Then her hips.

“Let me go!” she yelled at Annie as the hand retreated briefly. She was facing upward, and desperately tried to signal to her father that things were not okay. That she didn’t want this at all. But his head was facing toward the ceiling and she heard him moan with pleasure as her hips slid into his cock. Paige was looking up his torso as though she’d crawled out of a manhole cover on a busy street.

“What?” she asked herself, feeling her body be pulled further inside; her ankles were far enough within that the force of his cock squeezed them into a thin layer of skin and bone. “But there’s no-“ she trailed off, feeling something even more impossible.

“Amazing!” she heard Annie whisper, loudly as helicopter above her.

Paige’s father’s cock pulsed again and she felt his cock bear down on her, yanking her further in.

“No!” the blonde yelled, pushing against his spongy helmet as she was pulled down again. Her arms slid uselessly off; he was covered in fluids and half-soft. There was no hope. Nothing she could do as her father’s cock hungrily, impossibly, devoured her.

Moments later Annie watched with a satisfied smile as the last of the girl’s blonde hair disappeared into her lover’s cock. She leaned forward and gave his helmet a peck of a kiss before she stood back up.

“How is it?” she asked him, knowing how he’d answer. His eyes were already glazed over with pleasure. She’d known exactly how he’d react.

After all, what father could say no to his daughter?


A New Toy by Thatgirlyouknow

“I’m not sure about this,” Ben said as he scooted further up on the bed. The pillows sat him up at an angle as they had many times before; he loved to watch the show.

At the foot of the bed his girlfriend Piper was busy fine-tuning something on her phone. The tiny blonde just smiled at him briefly before she made her final adjustments. Ben was already growing hard as she absentmindedly slipped out of her tiny jean shorts and panties , revealing her pale skin and thin legs. He’d seen her naked a thousand times, and while he knew lots of guys would prefer a woman with more meat on her bones, Piper was a perfect petite blonde B-cup that he could pick up and run away with if he wanted to.

“Trust me,” Piper said as she tossed her phone on the bed near his legs, “You’re gonna love this.”

Quickly she pulled off her shirt and matched him in nakedness. Early on in their relationship she had been a little embarrassed that he was so well muscled and toned while she was simply…skinny. But now she simply enjoyed the fruits of his labor as she played with him several times a day. They’d both quickly gotten used to the relative size and strength differences even though he used dumbbells that weighed more than her while she sometimes struggled to lift a gallon of milk.

“You’ve got the lube, right?” she asked as she knelt on the bed and started to climb upward. “You know we shouldn’t do any butt-“

“Yes,” he interrupted, “I’ve got the lube right here.” One hand pushed his seven-inch cock aside as he shifted his hips upward. The other hand produced a bottle of the cheapest water-based lubricant they could find. “Look Piper, I’m really not sure about this, I’ve never done anal play before and. Well. You know,” he finished nervously.

They’d had this talk several times already today, and her enthusiasm did little to ease his nerves. But she had guilt-shamed him just slightly; his cock was as thick as her wrist and he slid it into her ass all the time. Surely he could handle a little toy play while she blew him, right?

Ben knew he was very lucky to have Piper as a girlfriend. In a few years he might even marry her. Her enthusiasm for sex matched his perfectly, though she was far more open to branching out than he was. But having a girlfriend who legitimately enjoyed giving blowjobs would require some sacrifice, which was why he’d acceded to her request to use a prostate stimulator on him.

The little blonde just rolled her eyes as she settled between his spread legs. She was close enough that she easily leaned forward and gave his balls a lick. His sudden groan cut off his nervous talking. She loved Ben with all her heart, but sometimes he just wasn’t adventurous enough.

“Ben,” she said, pushing a sarcastic amount of kindness into her voice as she looked up at him with her blue eyes, “Stop talking. Let me suck your dick. And relax your asshole.”

As she spoke her petite hand took the bottle of lubricant from his hand while her other hand drifted south. Ben knew what she was doing as she shifted her hips and her hand vanished. Most of the time when she was in that position she was masturbating as she deep throated him, but today wasn’t a normal day, and this wasn’t a normal play session.

“Mmmm,” she moaned as she slipped her toy out of her pussy.

The five-inch tall brunette screamed again as she was pulled from Piper’s tiny pussy. She’d been there for several hours, placed there by her kidnapper after she’d been shrunk while grocery shopping. Paige had approached her with a friendly greeting, then there’d been several flashes of light.

The first had been from what she presumed was a shrink ray. The second had been the glare of the bathroom lights as Paige roughly pulled the clothes from her shrunken-yet-tough body. And the last had been the final flash of those same lights as Piper had pulled her panties back over her pussy after shoving the now-former-investment banker feet first into her snatch.

Ever since she’d then been ignored, no matter how much screaming or fighting she did. After awhile she’d given up in despair and Piper’s pussy had simply molded around her body like a fleshy pocket. Piper simply kept herself too busy to think about her new toy as she finished running errands. The brunette had desperately hoped being held upside down would make her pass out and take her momentarily away from this horrifying torture.

It never happened, and the cotton of Piper’s panties had rubbed roughly on her face for hours. Once she would have sworn she’d heard a close-yet-distant scream, but she couldn’t be certain.

Ella coughed as Piper’s massive fingers wrapped around her body. The sudden exposure to fresh air confused her lungs; even though Piper was meticulously clean at five inches tall every part of her pussy was incredibly magnified to Ella, including her scent. Her eyes adjusted rapidly to the light and she was greeted with Piper’s massive brace-faced smile.

“Perfect size,” Piper said to herself as Ella screamed and began struggling again. It was obvious to Ella that the massive brace-faced blonde no longer considered her a person.

“Where’d you get it?” Ben asked as he slowly stroked himself. He wasn’t really that curious but he wanted to fill the silence to cover his nervousness. When Piper had suggested prostate play he’d been briefly stunned, then worried as he remembered how it felt the one time she’d snuck a finger through his backdoor in the shower. His eyes picked out long dark hair in Paige’s hand and he heard a distant scream.

“The grocery,” she said absentmindedly as she carefully applied the lubricating jelly to the brunette toy’s struggling body. Her movements made it a little more difficult but the jelly stuck to her well. Piper made sure to carefully hold the toy’s swinging arms against her torso and to smear the jelly across her head and shoulders.

“Perfect!” Piper said when the tiny was adequately lubricated. She turned and gave her boyfriend a smile, trying to put him at ease. Despite her teasing him earlier that day Piper knew he was nervous. She could remember her first time letting someone put something in her butt.

“You’re gonna love it,” Ella heard the giant blonde say to the fuzzy figure she could barely see through the layer of jelly that covered her head. There was a sensation of movement as the hand holding her moved rapidly, and her stomach heaved but she managed to not lose her lunch. She fought the fingers that held her with every ounce of strength she had but her tiny arms were simply too weak in comparison. Without even trying Piper’s fingers were stronger than Ella’s best effort.

“Help me!” she screamed at the figure. She could tell is was a man; she’d heard a deeper voice earlier. “You gotta help me! This crazy bitch shrank me and-“ Ella’s screaming trailed off as some of the jelly fell from in front of her eyes. Suddenly she saw the position the two giants were in and realized that there was no chance he was interested in helping her either.

Mountain sized legs surrounded her as the hand holding her moved toward what could be confused for a tower if Ella hadn’t seen a penis before. Above her the blonde’s head leaned forward and Ella saw the massive lips clamp around the man’s tip before making half of the titanic rod disappear into her mouth. Balls half the size of her body were far too close to her; she could smell their musty scent even through the strawberry flavored lubricant.

“Oh no, no no no,” she said to herself as she realized what was happening. Somehow the blonde made more of that cock vanish into her mouth as the man groaned in the distance. It seemed as though Ella were forgotten for the moment though Piper’s hand didn’t release her.

“Mmmph!” Piper said as she slid further down onto Ben’s rod. He wasn’t massive, she’d been with better endowed guys, but he was the perfect size for her. It took some effort but before long she’d relaxed her throat enough that she was pushing her nose up against his skin. A shiver ran through her body and she had to keep herself from masturbating right there; she really wanted to focus on Ben right now.

With that in mind she pulled off his cock with a gasp and stroked him with her free hand.

“Ready?” she asked him as she tugged him gently before moving her tongue to his ball sack. She didn’t bother to look at his face for a response; she knew he was putty in her hands every time she put her mouth on him.

“No! Stop!” Ella screamed as the hand that held her moved further south. The area grew darker as Piper’s head moved closer to the giant cock for another lick, then brighter when the massive blonde pulled back and no longer blocked the light with her head. Ella managed to wiggle an arm free and she thrust it overhead as though she could fight her way free of what was happening.

Then she wiped her eyes completely free of the jelly and saw where she was going.

The faint scream cut off as Ben relaxed his asshole; it took a conscious effort for him not to clench down around the toy immediately, but he knew if he did it would just make the insertion more difficult. As it was the initial insertion was simply a little uncomfortable. The toy was moving, fighting against his confused sphincter.

“Geez!” he said as Paige’s tongue returned to his balls. Pleasure clouded his mind as he felt his backdoor spread slightly. The jelly was cold and the toy was wriggling quite a bit. He hadn’t expected the cold.

Piper giggled as she pulled her mouth from his testicles.

“Stop squirming!” she said to the toy as she laughed, lowering her head to see what was going on.

The toy had been inserted into his brown hole pretty easily; Piper was impressed how well he’d relaxed to take the initial insertion. Without her noticing the toy had pulled one arm free, which had probably seemed like a good idea at the time. Now all it meant was Piper got to see the tiny half engulfed, her head and right arm shoved through Ben’s asshole while the rest of her body stuck out comically.

Piper adjusted her grip, though she was tempted to see how funny the toy looked if she pulled her hand away. She didn’t want to get the jelly everywhere, however, if the toy fell free of her boyfriend’s hole. So instead she pushed the squirming toy further in until her breasts and both shoulders were engulfed.

When Ben’s hole tried to squeeze shut around the tiny’s narrower torso she was yanked upward; with a delighted gasp Piper barely managed to snag the toy’s ankles before Ben’s asshole swallowed her entirely.

“Whoa!” Ben exclaimed as the toy was yanked inward. The stretching of his asshole hadn’t been too terrible, though the sensation of something moving in rather than out wasn’t exactly pleasant. Now that his hole was less stretched by the toy’s shoulders it still wasn’t entirely comfortable, but that part he could ignore.

Especially since the toy was moving so rapidly inside his rectum.

“Holy shit!” Ben said as Piper leaned back. He felt the toy’s panicked movements on every side of his insides. His erection grew even harder, then he felt the toy strike against his prostate.

Piper gasped with delight when she saw his cock start to pulse. Before her eyes a drop of precum leaked out and she knew what had to be happening.

“Is she hitting your prostate babe?” she asked as she leaned forward and collected the salty fluid with her tongue.

“Oh yeah,” he said, thrusting upward unconsciously. Piper made sure her fingers weren’t going to slip on the toy’s ankles, then gave his cock another long lick.

“Enjoy yourself hon,” Piper said with a wink as she wrapped her lips around his helmet.

For the next ten minutes Ben was lost in a sea of pleasure. Piper was extremely skilled at oral, somehow able to swallow his whole seven inches though her throat seemed almost impossibly too small. On their first date she’d stunned him by swallowing his load while licking his balls at the same time. But now?

The sensations were overwhelming. Her hot mouth and throat were milking his cock skillfully and feelings he’d never imagined were bouncing around his colon. The toy was stimulating spots he’d never knew anything could touch, and every time it slammed a tiny fist against his prostate a shock of pleasure shot through his cock.

Ben was in heaven.

Before he was ready for it to be over he felt his orgasm approaching. Paige knew from how his hips began thrusting slowly and erratically. How his testicles started to tighten under her hand and tongue. How his moans grew more urgent.

“Piper, I’m gonna-“ he started to say before he didn’t bother to finish his sentence. She knew.

Piper started stroking him faster, alternating sucking and licking, and beginning to pull and push slightly on the toy. He was too far lost in the sensations to be bothered by his asshole being stretched as she fucked him gently with the squirming toy. Then Ben started thrusting his hips upward more rapidly and a hand grabbed Piper’s hair near her scalp.

She smiled internally as she took a deep breath, knowing what was about to happen.

Ben felt his entire body clench as his load started to boil over. Reflexively he grabbed Piper’s head and pulled her all the way down on his cock. As he felt the tightness of her throat engulf him once more he started cumming as he felt her tongue caress his testicles. With each thrust he tried to push himself further into her as the pressure in his rectum suddenly increased; the pressure and punching on his prostate suddenly doubled.

“Oh shit!” he yelled as he shot his load straight into Piper’s throat. Ben could feel what seemed like gallons of semen shooting into her as her throat gulped greedily at his member, milking him for all she was worth. He felt tears almost form in his eyes as his cock pulsed in time with her swallowing. Then as he passed the peak of his orgasm his grip around her head relaxed and Piper began sliding her head up and down his cock. Slowly she milked the last of his load out into her mouth as she slowly let more of him slide out of her mouth.

With a ‘pop!’ she pulled free of his cock, swallowing hard before she took a deep breath. The blonde giggled as she tried to catch her breath, rising up on all fours as she tried to swallow the rest of his load down.

“Holy shit!” she said, coughing briefly. “That’s the biggest load ever!”

Piper wiped her mouth with the back of one hand as Ben’s cock kept pulsing in front of her. He’d start to grow flaccid in a few moments; he always shrank quickly. Except for one thing.s

“That was insane!” Ben said as Piper leaned back on her knees. “You’re amazing! I can’t believe how long you can hold your breath.”

He let out a deep sigh as she clapped her hands together excitedly. She licked her lips to make sure she’d gotten all of his load and kept giggling.

“I told you that would be fun, didn’t I?” she asked him rhetorically as she fondled his balls with one hand.

Then his cock jumped again.

“Whoa!” Ben said as he leaned forward. Another shock ran through his cock and he realized that he could see both of Piper’s hands. And no toy. Which meant…

“Oh, whoops!” Piper said with a laugh and an obviously fake tone of regret. “I guess when you were cumming I maybe let go of the toy?” A finger made its way into her mouth as she feigned embarrassment.

“So she’s-“ Ben started to ask before he was interrupted by another shock of pleasure. “Piper!” he said, slightly frustrated, “What do we do now?”

“Well,” Piper said, rising up on her knees and finally letting one hand rub along her swollen clit, “How about we put it to use?”

By ‘it’ she clearly meant his still-hard cock. A manicured fingernail playfully tapped his pulsing head, and she dragged her nail lightly down his shaft.

Ben wasted no time, suddenly driven by a wave of lust he’d rarely felt before. The pressures inside his rectum were unreal, and the toy was pounding against his prostate rapidly. Since Piper had released her ankles the toy had gone truly insane inside of him; every one of her movements sent shockwaves through his body.

Ella screamed in terror. She was trapped in a nightmare that had only gotten worse when the massive fingers holding her ankles had vanished. Almost immediately the clenching asshole had squeezed her legs together and yanked her inside. In her panic she struck out in any direction, pushing against the spongy walls in a desperate bid to find that sphincter again to push her way out. Instead she felt something more firm and pushed against that instead; in her disorientation she mistook his prostate for her path to freedom.

Piper let out a screaming laugh as Ben sat up rapidly, grabbing her by the shoulders and throwing her down onto the bed. She loved how easily he could manhandle her. Most men could, but Ben made it so much more fun. Especially since she knew she had driven him crazy by letting her latest toy slip completely into his asshole.

He plunged into her waiting pussy, burying himself to the hilt in a single thrust. Piper let out a cry of pleasure as he immediately started pounding. She wrapped her arms around his muscled back as far as they would go while his thrusting cock pistoned in and out of her. Ben drove into her with a frenzy, the pressure on his prostate driving him wild.

The blonde girl came almost instantly; she’d been on the edge the entire time he’d been in her mouth, carefully refraining from touching herself. Piper dug her nails into Ben’s back as she let out a wordless scream. Ben didn’t slow at all though her pussy started squeezing his cock like a wet vice. He wanted this to last as long as possible, but already, impossibly, he felt another orgasm building.

“Piper!” he said urgently as his thrusts were already growing erratic, “Sorry but round two isn’t gonna last super long!”

“That’s-“ thrust “Oh-“ thrust “kay!” she said as his hips slammed into hers. “Do!” thrust thrust thrust “it!”

She bit onto his shoulder as she felt him ram himself further into her, lifting his hips so that he could push with all of his weight. Piper came again with a scream as she felt his hot load launch into her pussy, filling her with more cum than she’d ever felt before. Her pussy spasmed again, squeezing his cock as hard as it could, coaxing yet more of his seed into her already sopping pussy.

“Oh damn!” Ben gasped as he felt her pussy gripping his cock; he was sensitive from his first orgasm and her gripping pussy was like an electric shock. Combined with the toy slamming against his prostate rapidly he quickly exhausted himself. Finally his orgasm started to die and he leaned forward, driving his cock far enough into Piper that the tip of his cock brushed her cervix and pushing his lips against hers.

The teen couple shared a passionate kiss as they felt the last of his orgasm pulse into her, then he withdrew from her pussy with a groan. Breathing hard, Ben rolled off of his petite girlfriend and onto his back.

“That was so hot,” she said as she rolled to her side. Before his seed could start leaking out of her she hopped off the bed and bent over to pick up her underwear. Quickly she stepped into the panties and tugged them upward; she wanted Ben to stay in her forever. She smiled as she felt a tingling at her asshole, a welcome accompaniment to the pleasure she’d felt in her rectum since she’d lured a young man into the bathroom at the park earlier that day.

Today had been a wonderful day for her.

“Hey!” she heard Ben say as she pulled her panties up tight. They’re weren’t super sexy today, but they’d hold most of his seed inside of her. Piper smiled as she wiggled her hips to sit the panties correctly.

“I just saw a little hand come out of your asshole!” he said, disbelieving laughter in his voice.

“Oh, did you?” she asked with a fake innocent smile. “Oh, you must have been mistaken, mister man,” she told him as she climbed back onto the bed and rested her head on his chest.

One hand went down to his cock and played lightly with his balls as his cock had finally deflated. The movement in her backside intensified briefly, then returned to the soft, steady movement she’d been enjoying all afternoon. The blonde smiled as she felt pressure intensify at her asshole; she let the boy start to push her sphincter open slightly before clenching it with a giggle.

No escape for you, she thought, amused at the nightmare she had forced someone into.

“So, that toy’s getting a little uncomfortable hon,” Ben said as the pair relaxed on his bed.

Paige smiled and put her hand above his bladder. She didn’t feel any movement, which disappointed her, but she’d wanted to try.

“Here,” she said, picking up her phone and adjusting something.

“What did you do?” Ben asked after he hissed out a surprised breath.

“She’s an eighth of an inch tall now,” Paige answered as she laid her head back on his chest. She exhaled sleepily, feeling the fatigue of the day set in. “Just drop her out in the morning hon.”

Ben let out a chuckle as Paige started to fall asleep on his chest.

“I love you,” he told her, kissing the top of her head.

“I love you too,” she said sleepily.

“Somebody help me!” Ella screamed, lost in the darkness. The incredibly small brunette screamed, her voice not-quite-echoing. Tears streamed down her face when nothing answered her. The distant heartbeat slowed as she screamed, and she fell to her knees on the spongy walls of Ben’s colon.


Ben pulled a blanket over Piper and himself as quietly as he could. She was too beautiful to wake on accident. Moments later he was asleep.

Another Day at the Office by Thatgirlyouknow

Steven: shy, awkward, works in mail room. 18. Shaggy blonde hair, skinny, glasses

Sarah: Sarah, office manager, early thirties, dark hair, friendly but sexually aggressive

Beth: HR rep, older, graying black hair.

Steven clocked in, typing his name and password into the computer. The sound of a horn confirmed he was now ‘on the clock,’ and he sighed as he stood. He’d only been working here for two weeks and part of him was already starting to dread it. Being the only guy in the office had felt lucky, at first. But he kept getting the impression that other men were here and he simply just hadn’t met them yet, which was odd.

Brushing aside his unease the eighteen-year-old shook his shaggy blonde hair out of his eyes and made sure his name tag was in place. A smudge on his glasses was quickly cleaned and he stepped out of break room only to run chest-first into Sarah the office manager.

“Oh, hi Steven!” she said excitedly to him, giving him a predatory grin. The dark-haired woman crowded his personal space causing him to step backward until he contacted a countertop. Almost innocently she leaned toward him and pressed her breasts against his chest.

“Uh,” he started to say, doing his best to avoid glancing at her chest.

“Oh, don’t mind me,” she breathed into his ear, “I’m just grabbing something.”

As she spoke she leaned harder into him and a hand rested, coincidentally, near his crotch as she reached behind him.

“Here it is!” she said in a perky tone, withdrawing suddenly with a single paper towel in her hand. There was no sign that she had any idea she’d made him nervous, though Steven was clearly sweating. “I made a mess in my office,” she said as he sidestepped around her and walked as quickly as he could out of the break room.

“Don’t you want to help me clean it up?” she called after him, leaning through the doorway as he strode, red-faced, toward the mail room. The sound of gentle laughter rolled across the room, a small not-quite-cubicle farm where dozens of professional women were working.

“Too bad all the other guys are hard at work, huh?” said one of the women, a relatively recent hire who wore a smart dark blouse over a pencil skirt. One hand almost moved toward her crotch, but she gave a secretive smile while Steven pretended to not hear.

This statement caused more laughter and Sarah laughed with it. She ran a tongue over her lips as Steven turned the corner at the back of the hallway.

“I’ll put him to work sometime soon, I think,” she said as she turned toward her office. “I hate to see a man who isn’t busy.”

Steven took a deep breath once he reached the mail room and shook his head, trying to clear his thoughts. Every day it seemed that Sarah found some innocuous way to mess with him, to crowd his personal space, purely for her own pleasure. She clearly loved to watch him get nervous and scared but he knew if he reciprocated in the slightest he’d be fired immediately for sexual harassment and it would be hard to get anyone to believe that he was the victim.

He’s just about had enough. It wasn’t just Sarah, almost every employee here had made a very aggressive move on him at some point, and at first he’d thought it was amazing. At eighteen he felt like he was surrounded by potential sexual partners. But then silent warning bells had started going off, and the only other male coworker there had simply stopped showing up the day after Steven had started working. No call-in, no two-week’s notice.

There was near-constant talk of how hard the men were working there, but Steven had never seen any of them. It was said in the tone of someone who knew they were making an innuendo-filled statement but Steven was only left confused. If this job wasn’t paying so well he’d have already walked, but as it was if he stuck out the summer here he’d be able to pay for a semester of college no problem.

Later that afternoon Steven was almost done sorting through packages when a friendly voice sounded at the half-door that almost gave him some semblance of privacy. He dealt with so many packages and letters it made no sense to give him a real door, but a half door seemed a traditional compromise that at least kept some wood between him and most unwanted visitors.


“Hey Steven!” Sarah called as she entered, shutting the half-door gently behind her. He took a deep breath and prepared himself to endure whatever she had decided to bring with her today.

It’s for college, it’s for college, he repeated in his mind as he finished taping shut a box full of old records.

“Can I help you Ms. Miller?” he asked, turning and putting on his most professional face. Steven worked hard to not notice the top button of her blouse had gone missing, and she was showing significantly more cleavage than she had earlier. Once again he wished his room wasn’t quite as far back in the building as it was; if he was in a higher traffic area he thought the chances of additional witnesses would have slowed down the harassment.

“Oh, you just call me Sarah!” she said with a giggle as she approached. Steven quickly picked up the box he’d just sealed and held it between them. Sarah’s eyes flashed to it, then rolled as she took it from him and sat it down. He’d intended it as a barrier between the two to attempt to try and enforce his personal bubble, but she was the office manager, and his direct supervisor. A box wasn’t going to slow her down.

“You know Steven,” she continued, crossing her arms and giving the room an obviously appraising glance. “I’m not quite sure this is the best place for you here. Although I am looking for a special package.”

At this her eyes flickered to his crotch, but Steven had been prepared. Her package was on top of the mail cart that he’d been minutes away from distributing anyway. Had he been a little faster she wouldn’t have been able to corner him at all.

“Oh, it’s right here Ms. Miller,” he said nervously, handing her the book-sized package. She made an annoyed sound.

“Thank you, Steven.”

Her tone made it obvious she wasn’t completely sincere, but as she turned to leave she quite deliberately dropped the package. Steven wasn’t fooled for a moment and he made a point to stare at the ceiling while she bent over in front of him. If he’d been looking he would’ve seen her business skirt, much shorter in the back, expose all but the top two inches of her nylons. She left as little as she could to the imagination and giggled when she saw how hard Steven was working not to look.

“Thanks again!” she said in a chipper tone as she straightened. Gently she tugged her skirt back down slightly while making direct eye contact with the teenager. For a moment she debated ‘accidentally’ pulling it down far enough to show her muff, but then she decided against it.

Part of the fun is the chase, she told herself as she walked back to her office.

Steven took a deep breath to settle himself, and mentally prepared to deliver the mail.

Do it for college, he told himself as he wheeled his cart out into the hallway.

Each office he stopped by either had mail to receive or give out, and each woman had some comment that Steven had to endure. Every one of them was very high on the corporate ladder, and the last thing he wanted to do was to lose his job, and the letter of recommendation, because he didn’t smile at the correct time. But it was very intimidating to hand a woman in a three-thousand dollar suit a package only for her to slip a hand under the table and say, “I wish you were delivering something else.”

That was one of the tamer remarks he got, and when he got to the open area of the office he simply kept his eyes straight ahead and kept moving when he could. The women of the office clearly loved the game they were playing and Steven couldn’t wait to finally run into another man here. Everywhere he looked the women were eying him like a piece of meat.

“Good, another hard-working man!” the redheaded receptionist had told him as she handed him a bundle of correspondence. “We can always use more big, strong guys like you in the office.”

There was gentle laughter from the rest of the office as her hand drifted to his arm and felt his bicep; Steven knew he didn’t have a lot in the muscles department but she made it obvious she was into him. With a nervous cough he thanked her and moved on. He’d almost been tempted to ask her what department the men were working in since he hadn’t met any yet, but the thought of enduring more of those comments drove him onward. There was no way he could have a conversation with her without her getting more physical.

Finally, after two butt-gropes and more comments that made Steven turn red, he got to wheel his cart back to the mail room. Sorting outgoing mail didn’t take half as long as preparing the incoming correspondence, and soon he was out of things to do. After looking at the clock he realized he still had an hour-and-a-half before his shift was over. A glance at the daily planner on the wall told him that once he was done with the mail he was to report directly to Sarah for his next assignments.

He swallowed nervously. Going into Sarah’s office always felt like entering a lion’s den covered in raw hamburger. Then his eyes flickered to the rest of the wall, where the legally mandated equal opportunity paperwork was posted.

“You can always go to Human Resources to talk privately about your complaints,” he read aloud from one of the posters.

It took less than ten seconds for Steven’s internal debate to rage, and he was walking down the hall to Human Resources. He knew the HR rep by sight, she’d done his intake paperwork of course. Aside from that encounter he’d only seen her from across the office occasionally and could only hope she was more professional than literally every other woman in this building.

She’s the HR lady, she’s gotta be on top of this stuff, right?

Beth welcomed him into her office when he knocked gently at her door.

“Come on in, Steven!” the older woman called to him with a smile. As she’d appeared on his first meeting, she simply appeared to be a very well maintained and friendly fifty-something. Her face was a little red, as though she’d finished a workout not that long ago, but Steven attributed that to the steaming cup of coffee in front of her.

“Have a seat!” she said as she stood, and he sat as she went to the coffee maker in the corner. “Cream and sugar?” Beth asked, and when he nodded she mixed both in. With her back turned Steven had to make a point not to check out her legs; in her pantsuit from behind Beth could have passed for a much younger woman. Without the graying hair, of course.

“So,” Steven started nervously as she returned, setting a styrofoam cup in front of him, “I think I’ve got a problem, but I’m not sure how to say it.”

Beth sat down and smoothed the front of her skirt as she sat down, giving him a concerned nod as she did so.

“Just talk it out,” she encouraged, taking a sip of her coffee. “Anything that affects one of our employees affects them all.”

Steven told himself it was just his imagination that she smirked slightly when she said that. Surely he was just on edge.

“Okay, well,” he started, holding his coffee with both hands and taking a drink as he sipped. It was good coffee, but her creamer left an odd aftertaste. To keep the distractions to a minimum he looked at the corner of the room where a bookshelf was stacked with legal books and magazines.

“I’ve only been here a couple of weeks, but I’m really uncomfortable pretty much all the time.”

“Mmmhmm,” Beth sounded, nodding in the corner of Steven’s vision. “What makes you uncomfortable?”

“Uh, well, a lot of things,” he said, taking a bigger drink of coffee. Beth leaned forward and it seemed to Steven that she was reaching for something under the desk as he talked, but she kept encouraging him to speak.

“Ms. Miller the office manager is always-“ he paused, searching for the words, “-it’s like she’s always in my personal space and she puts her hands on me in ways I don’t like-“

“Like what?” Beth asked, her voice a little bit sharper. Steven felt his face go red and he couldn’t look at her; not like this. He heard her take a deep breath and scoot in her chair.

“Uh, she grabs my butt all the time and she tries to grab my, uh, well, you know,” he said, giving his crotch a glance before looking over at her.

Somehow Beth seemed even more red than before, and Steven guessed she was getting upset by what he was telling her. Her job couldn’t be easy, and now he was telling her about the office manager conducting a slow campaign of sexual harassment. Her hand was still searching for something under the desk, perhaps something in her pocket, and Steven thought he heard a low groan that didn’t quite mesh up with the situation.

His brain grew a little foggy when he tried to focus on it, so he shrugged and kept going. Having started the story it suddenly felt easier to continue.

“And it feels like every woman in the office views me as just, just –“ Steven paused and finished his coffee with a swig, ignoring the aftertaste. “There’s constantly some kind of remark that makes me feel uncomfortable, every woman in the office paws at me like I’m a dog all the time, and constantly they’re talking about the other men in the office, but I’m the only one here.”

After a deep breath he looked at Beth.

“Am I going crazy?” Steven asked as his vision swam.

Then he realized she wasn’t reaching for anything under the desk, and she wasn’t red faced from anger. The rhythmic movement of her hand, the placement of her arm.

“Are you-?” he asked rhetorically, trying to stand, suddenly determined he was quitting then and there. The empty coffee cup fell from his fingers.

But his legs didn’t obey, and as he slumped backward in the chair Beth leaned back as well, putting both nylon-clad feet on the desk and no longer hiding her hand, rubbing the front of her crotch. Horrified but unable to help himself, Steven looked between her legs and could have sworn he was seeing her push around some small object through her wet panties rather than actually rubbing herself.


Even Steven’s mouth didn’t seem to function, but Beth’s did. She leaned forward and tapped something on her desk phone. The sound for the overhead speaker sounded.

“Sarah, your new coworker is ready!” she said, and Steven tried even harder to struggle when he thought of Sarah finding him like this. His legs refused to obey, and even wiggling his body was beyond him. Had he been leaning forward he would have fallen flat on the carpet.

The aftertaste! he thought furiously, desperate to find a way out, She drugged me!

Then there was the sound of a door opening, distant cheering from a legion of women, and Sarah had entered the room.

“About time!” she said happily, running a hand over Steven’s shoulder and down his chest as she sat on Beth’s desk.

“He almost set a record!” Sarah continued, leaning forward to pat his hand and giggling at his horrified eyes, “It was fun while it lasted though, right?”

Steven tried to shake his head as she stood quickly and put two hands under his armpits. With a grunt of effort she pulled him out of the chair and dragged him to the side of the office, where she propped him onto the couch. He sat limply as Sarah yanked his clothes off roughly, tossing them into a large wastebasket in the corner.

In moments he was naked while Beth continued playing with the odd bulge under her panties and Sarah began stripping herself. Her blouse went on the back of the chair Steven had just been pulled from, then her long professional skirt and nylons went on neatly as well. Last, she peeled her panties and bra off, leaving the panties on the floor.

Under different circumstances Steven would have been thrilled; she as a beautiful older woman and he’d only had sex once before. But now?

He let out a silent scream as Beth casually tossed Sarah a condom. A tear ran down his face when she fondled him, and his manhood betrayed him. The condom was on almost instantly, and Sarah looked down at his rod with satisfaction.

“This is a good one!” she called to Beth before giving Steven a smile and straddling him. One hand reached down to guide him.

“I’m glad we can expand your role here,” Sarah said with a wink before sinking down onto him.

Her wetness felt incredible even through the condom, but Steven didn’t care. This was rape. The woman bouncing on his cock had harassed him for weeks, he’d even had nightmares about her! And now he was drugged! Another tear escaped while she rode, and when she saw it Sarah only bounced faster.

“Oh yeah! You’re gonna be a great, hard worker!” she said, grinding her crotch onto his as she buried him completely in her. A shudder ran through her body as she had a small orgasm, but Steven knew she wasn’t done.

Before he realized it himself the teen felt his own orgasm building and saw a small light at the end of the tunnel: when he came she’d get off him. Right?

With that in mind Steven didn’t even try to stave off his orgasm; she was going to be mad at him for ruining her fun but at least it would end this. Probably.

So as she bounced Steven tried to think of other things that actually excited him: cheerleaders. Librarians. That girl from the commercial, but naked and in his shower.

Then he exploded, filling the condom with his seed in the most unsatisfying orgasm of his life. His cock jerked briefly as she bounced, and Sarah just laughed when she realized what had happened.

“Oh, you poor pathetic little guy!” she said as she continued bouncing, “Is that all you’ve got? Well, I’m gonna make sure you get more than enough to last the rest of your life!”

Steven felt himself turn red with shame as, instead of climbing off, Sarah continued to ride him harder. Faster. If anything the knowledge that he’d came so soon had only excited her. He’d misjudged the office manager: every action that he took which made him look weaker only excited her more.

Her gripping wetness continued riding on his cock, and soon Steven started to feel uncomfortable. His cock wasn’t going flaccid like it should have, and it was almost painfully sensitive. Something on his face must have betrayed him, because Sarah grabbed his ears and forced him to look right at her.

“Perfect,” she whispered before she shuddered again, her pussy clamping onto Steven’s rod before she started sliding up and down again.

By now the condom was starting to crinkle slightly, enhancing the sensation for Sarah but Steven was far past that point. It was painful. His body was screaming at her to stop, crying out for relief, and the teen felt like every wet stroke was instead an attempt to break his cock off. His distress grew and grew, yet the only sound he could make was the faint cry of someone in the midst of sleep paralysis, and each tear only caused Sarah to orgasm again.

Finally she seemed to slow, not satisfied with her number of orgasms, but because of a glance at her watch. Sarah rolled her eyes and pulled off of him just as Steven was sure he was going to go insane, between the shame of the rape and the pain at his cock. Riding him that long after an orgasm had been excruciating.

“I’ve got an appointment in ten, don’t I?” she asked Beth who was visible again since Sarah had dismounted. The older woman was still behind the desk and breathing heavily. Her feet went down to the floor and she shook herself before patting her crotch and sitting up tall. Steven was suddenly sure the thing he’d seen in the front of her panties was shaped like a person.

“Yeah, with that Asian group,” Beth said, clearing her throat and clearly coming down from her own series of orgasms.

“Ugh,” Sarah said, gathering something from the coffee maker before walking back to Steven. “There’s never enough time in the day,” she continued sadly, patting his still-hard cock and yanking the condom free before raising another styrofoam cup to his lips.

She poured a bitter liquid into his mouth with the emotion of someone watering a houseplant and Steven found himself able to swallow. It was swallow or drown.

“So what’s the plan with them?” Beth asked idly as she awoke her sleeping computer.

Sarah tossed the now-empty cup and the condom into the trash then walked away from Steven, temporarily forgotten. He had a moment of hope that she’d force fed him the antidote and he could flee the building soon. The dark-haired woman started pulling her clothes back on piece by piece but kept her panties and nylons down around her knees.

Then Steven noticed the world getting larger around him. The material of the couch was sliding up his back as he slid further down, and the two women continued talking as if nothing was amiss.

“I think we can get another twelve percent,” Sarah said, glancing in his direction. “Almost there.”

Almost where? Almost where?! Steven thought frantically, as he realized his feet were no longer hanging over the edge of the couch. He flopped onto his back as the ceiling seemed to grow farther and farther away.

“Finally,” he heard an exasperated Sarah say, and she strode into his vision, seemingly fifty feet tall. Steven found he had the strength to let out a small cry, and his arms wiggled slightly to try and escape her hand, which wrapped around him easily.

“Don’t forget to bring files six and fourteen,” Beth said as Steven cried, silently begging for mercy when Sarah’s hand laid him in her panties.

There was already dampness at his back; she must have been excitedly waiting for her moment all day. Steven felt his legs be tucked into something that seemed designed to hold them, like the bottom half of a sleeping bag, then Sarah’s hand finished situating him. Her panties were small, but they held him like a hammock. Straight above he could see her still-wet pussy, her clit still engorged and eager for more.

“I won’t forget,” Sarah told Beth as she pulled her panties up all the way.

Steven tried to scream as he was yanked upward, but no sound came out. His arms twitched upward as he felt some strength return, but it wasn’t enough. His face was slammed into her clit and his body gripped around the front by her wet outer lips. Instantly he felt covered in her secretions as his ability to struggle improved. In moments he found the strength to turn his head sideways for a breath, which overwhelmed him with her scent as a hand adjusted him slightly.

Sarah straightened from putting her panty-toy in place, then made sure her skirt was back in place.

“Looking great!” Beth said, giving her hips a look. “Now go close that deal!”

“I’m on it!” Sarah replied excitedly, giving her a friend a wave as she walked out of the office.

Her toy wiggled pleasantly as she walked, and half an hour later his struggles were simply a pleasant part of her day. She sat in her office and finalized the details of the biggest deal of her career while Steven fought for his every breath against her merciless tender flesh.

“Eleven?” the office manager said to herself, finding some fine-print she didn’t like. “No, we said twelve!”

The Resort by Thatgirlyouknow
Author's Notes:

It's a size themed resort! This was done by commission from a very patient commissioner. I hope you've got some time to dedicate to reading this one. Enjoy!

John’s eyes flickered from the pamphlet to the road, and he forced himself to set it on the passenger seat next to him. Both hands returned to the wheel and he accelerated through the now-green light. Eyes on the road.

“Not gonna get in an accident now,” he told himself. One hand went through his black hair and he laughed aloud when his GPS informed him he was halfway to his destination. He ignored his already aching back; distance driving was not his favorite thing.

“Two hours left? I’ve been saving for this for two years, I can be safe on the last two hours.”

He leaned forward and turned the radio up as his excitement built. John had been saving up for this vacation for the last two years and had eagerly been planning it for several more. Every penny, every extra dollar he could make had gone into purchasing his tickets. At times he’d been tempted to use what he already had and purchase a cheaper package just to get there a little sooner, but he’d resisted. An effort that was only more difficult since the resort was only four hours from his hometown.

On the passenger seat a small pamphlet contained his printed-out tickets and confirmation email, and several pages of what one could expect at the resort. Those who bought tickets rarely actually needed the extra information; if someone was vacationing here they knew what they were purchasing. Still, John had made a special point to read through it. Discreetly. He was living at home for the summer and wasn’t interested in his family knowing he was going to the world’s only size-related wonderland.

All the information he needed was freely available from the internet, but this was his first exposure to true, official resort material. It wouldn’t do to get sloppy now. The internet was full of myths; the brochure was reality.

Beautiful, massive reality.

“Macrovia, here I come!” John yelled as his favorite song came on the radio.


“Macrovia, here I come!” Kelly sang softly to herself as she slammed the trunk shut. She hummed as she got into her car then backed it down her parent’s driveway.

She’d only been staying with them for the first part of the summer and had been desperate to find somewhere else to be. Free room and board had been tempting. For a few weeks. Until she’d had enough of her parents asking what she did for money while in school.

The college junior checked her long blonde hair in the mirror as she put her car in drive and headed toward the freeway. It had been great staying with her parents and younger brother for awhile, but after three years of college freedom she was restless.

Kelly could have stayed near her college, but most of her friends had gone home for the summer. The financial idea of paying for her apartment without roommates wasn’t incredibly appealing, especially since she knew her job as an exotic dancer would take a hit with the college guys out of town. So instead of wasting a summer dancing for pennies she’d elected to come back home.

Which had immediately gotten dull. Until she’d chanced upon a pamphlet while delivering laundry to her brother’s room.

“What better way to break the tedium then head to a resort?” she asked herself, double checking she’d brought her reservation information with her.

“Got mine,” Kelly mumbled as she maneuvered her car through traffic, “And….got his.”

The blonde girl smirked as she imagined what she would be doing the next couple of weeks. Her printed out receipt lay on top of another that she’d photocopied, making sure she got the dates exactly the same. This was going to be an exciting vacation.


“That’s the last paper,” the receptionist told John as she double checked all his signatures were in place.

The check-in process had gone just as smoothly as he’d hoped; half of it had been done online when he originally registered. He had been sure there would be some last-minute hiccup but instead the short-haired receptionist had simply checked his identification and handed him a stack of paperwork that he finished in five minutes. His hand shook slightly and he took a deep breath to make his signatures steadier.

“That’s great!” he said as he tried to contain his excitement.

From the moment he’d stepped foot in the resort he’d felt almost in awe of his surroundings. The walls were a beautiful white sandstone, the floor appeared to be a dark marble. All of the furniture had seemed luxurious to the point of being pulled from a movie and before he’d even gotten to the receptionist’s desk someone had taken a drink order for him.

“Sir, your mojito,” said a voice to his left, and John took the drink with a huge smile.

“An umbrella and everything!” he exclaimed, and both the waiter and the receptionist laughed politely. It was obvious he’d never had such good service before.

“Can I get you anything else?” the waiter asked, and John shook his head as he took a drink of the best mojito he’d had in his life.

“No, this is great!” John said, “What do I owe you?” he asked as he reached for his wallet.

“There’s no need sir,” the reception said as she stepped around the booth and beckoned to him.

John nodded politely to the waiter, who gave him a smile then stepped smartly to meet another incoming guest. John lost sight of him quickly as he followed the receptionist, whose charming smile and button nose would almost have been worth the price of his tickets on their own. Her red and khaki uniform stood out against the walls, and he could see all the staff similarly dressed.

“Here at Macrovia we have an accounting system that will automatically settle your bill at the end of your stay,” she explained. “There was a brief explanation in the pamphlet we sent you-“ John nodded as he recalled that section, “-but ultimately depending on how much exchanging and renting and use of our facilities occurs during your stay most of our guests with your particular package end up breaking completely even.”

“I remember reading about that,” John said as they entered a long hallway. It was well lit but had a different feeling to it than the rest of the resort. The walls and decoration had a more medical vibe to them; the sandstone had shifted to white plastics and chrome. John’s heart started beating excitedly as they approached a tall, ornate, metal door.

“I got the VIP package,” he they approached the somehow ominous door. “So I get that part, but how does it work for the people with the cheaper packages?”

The receptionist just smiled and blinked at him with her pretty blue eyes. A small smile flitted across her face and for a moment John swore she seemed about to lick her lips in anticipation of something delicious.

“Let’s just say if I were going to come here as a guest, I’d save up for your package too,” she said as a gentle blue light illuminated the door.

It swung open noiselessly as they approached, and the receptionist put a gentle hand on his chest while she stepped to the side, carefully not entering the room herself.

“Now,” she began with a knowing smile, “Federal law requires us to tell you this is the point of no return. Beyond this door you’ll be entering our guest adjustment facility and every agreement you signed previously becomes legally binding.”

John nodded. He took a deep breath.

“I understand.”

With that said, she gave him an award-winning smile and stepped aside, gesturing him in with one dainty hand.

“Enjoy your stay John!” she said as he stepped forward.

Twenty minutes later John found himself nearly naked and confused. He was standing on a small circular stage surrounded by much-larger-than-life props of what should have been small objects while wearing only a pair of red and khaki athletic shorts. The stage was surprisingly cold against his feet and he couldn’t believe the detail on some of the props, though he couldn’t really see the point.

“Um,” he said as he leaned against a well-made fake can of soda that was taller than he was, “Remind me again why we can’t do this when I’m actually shrunk?”

“Smile!” the camerawoman said, and John heard three clicks as she took several photographs, then moved to get a better angle. Briefly she blocked one of the broad lights before kneeling down and letting it blind John again. She raised the camera to her eye and said, “Because some guests get disoriented and it’s harder to take catalogue pictures once you’ve been adjusted.”

“Oh, that makes sense,” he said, though it didn’t quite click to him. If he hadn’t seen the evidence that this place was for real he would have been nervous that he’d somehow bought into an elaborate hoax. It was easy for him to look slightly confused like the camerawoman called out as he picked up a massive thumbtack that looked surprisingly sharp.

“Just a couple more,” she called out, “Look straight at me!”

John dropped the thumbtack and it rolled away, falling off the stage with a thud. He looked toward the camera, and she held up a hand with three fingers on it.

”Three what?” he asked as the camera clicked and she dropped a finger. “Okay so now-“ another finger dropped. “Oh, I get –“

When she curled her final finger a massive flash of light blinded John, and he shouted in surprise as he threw his hands forward instinctively to protect himself. There was a sudden feeling of pressure all around his body and he fell backward in an attempt to get away from the light. An unidentifiable sensation shot through him and an indescribable adrenaline rush instantly made him lightheaded. For a moment the floor seemed to vanish and he felt weightless as his stomach lurched upward, then he landed again on the platform so softly he questioned if it had really vanished.

“Hey, what the hell!” he shouted as the wave of confusion quickly wore off, now flat on his back.

Quickly he scrambled to his feet as his ears rang and sunspots flashed in his vision. Just as he stood upright his vision cleared, but all around him sound remained oddly amplified. The clicking of the camera sounded from what seemed a mile away, yet still he could clearly hear it. Still annoyed at the sudden rough treatment John pushed aside the life-size soda prop and looked for the camerawoman to demand an answer.

“What the hell was-“ he started to say, but then his voice trailed off.

“Holy shit.”

The camerawoman stood before him, now tall as a skyscraper, and her camera was focused on his stunned face. She had gotten much closer to him and John realized he was only as tall as her ankle. A glance at his surroundings showed him that the entire platform he’d been standing on had suddenly shrank, dropping him and the props around him to a small portion of their former height.

He had the realization that the can of soda had been real all along. The tiny flaws in the paint had been authentic, not poorly done artwork. The woman was close enough he could see tiny imperfections in her nail coloring, and he was sure if she let him look he’d see every single pore on her face.

“That was great!” the photographer said, finally setting her camera carefully on the ground. She knelt in front of John and he took a step back. Her size was so massive compared to his that his instincts were screaming at him to run while his mind was screaming with joy.

It was finally happening!

“I’m sorry for the surprise,” she continued as she held out a hand gently. Without any hesitation John leapt onto it, then stumbled to his knees when she stood. He could strongly smell her lavender hand lotion as her fingers gently wrapped around him.

“But all these pictures will go into your catalogue for the other guests to choose from, and the surprised pictures just before and after the adjustment process are usually the most viewed.”

“That’s okay!” he shouted, and the photographer giggled as she sat him on a shelf near the wall. Quickly he lowered his volume, realizing how close he actually was to her ear. “I understand!”

She’d gone through this process with thousands of guests before, but still she loved the excited energy they put off. That didn’t mean she could spend as much time as she liked with each guest, however.

“Well it was great to meet you, John,” she said with a tone that said she needed to hurry to her next guest.

One finger tapped a sign on the wall not far from where he stood, and John saw below it a door that was just his size.

Above it a small sign read: WAITING AREA.

“Head on through here and you’ll find a personal suite for you to enjoy until a guest chooses you.”

Before John could thank her, the woman gave him a polite nod and spun on her heels. For a moment he watched her walk away, stunned at how graceful she appeared at her incredible size. Then he turned back toward the small door and pushed it open. The feeling of being in a dream intensified.

The door opened to a long hallway, and when John stepped forward the floor began moving. John stumbled at the movement and grabbed a railing, which was also moving. He realized it was a moving sidewalk a la a massive airport, just as the walls suddenly lit up with images. He floated forward as pictures of him next to the massive props flashed by, and by the time the rolling sidewalk was slowing he was laughing at his face when he was mid-shrink. It wasn’t lost on him that the resort’s underwear had shrunk with him, and he appreciated that not every guest would get to see him both scared and naked.

At the end of the walkway another door awaited, and when John strode through he found himself in a small suite, just as promised. The entire room was white, with white tile floors and an off-white couch that looked almost too expensive to sit on. Almost. Otherwise the room was entire unadorned and appeared surgically clean.

After two steps a massive television activated; when it had been turned off it had blended perfectly with the wall. A calm scene of waves on a beach shone while small informational tidbits about the resort floated along the bottom of the screen. On the couch John saw a larger-than-usual remote, and he picked it up as he sat.

“Good afternoon, sir,” said a pleasant but obviously computerized voice from above. “May I get you anything while you wait? The room service menu is available by using the remote, simply the microphone button on the remote and say aloud, ‘menu please.’ Please keep in mind that your physiological needs are suspended while under the effects of guest alteration.”

For a moment John felt disconnected from reality. Even though he had known what to expect, everything that had happened in the past hour had been overwhelming. And now, after everything, he was in a perfectly sized room with a computer asking him if he wanted a drink. It was so calm. The opposite of how he felt; his heart was pounding in anticipation.

“Uh,” he said before remembering to press on the green microphone button, “Can I get a strawberry daquiri?”

John felt silly speaking to the open room, but the voice responded immediately.

“Certainly, sir, please have a seat and feel free to peruse our broad selection of movies while you wait. Your drink will be delivered momentarily. Today’s average wait time is three hours.”

He was already sitting on the couch, suddenly self-conscious in the pair of shorts the resort had given him. They had shrunk with him, but the couch was cold against his back when he leaned against it. It warmed quickly as he browsed the movie selection, and before he knew it there was a gentle ‘ping!’ sound from next to him.

A section of the floor lifted smoothly upward at the side of the couch, and a small table appeared with a pink drink on top. John watched, stunned.

“That was fast,” he said aloud as he picked it up and took a drink. He let out a content sigh and leaned back against the couch. “Now how do I burn three hours?” John asked himself as he searched for a movie.

Just as he settled on an action film he’d seen a dozen times, a repeating series of three gentle beeps sounded.

“Congratulations, guest,” the same computerized voice said, “You have been selected for guest accompaniment. Please exit the waiting area and meet our delivery staff.”

John took a quick drink from his daquiri and sat it back on the table it had appeared on.

“Well damn, that was fast!” he said again as he stood, excited.

The lights in the room dimmed gently, and the border of the doorway he had entered through glowed slightly. Without a second thought, John strode back through it. There was another long moving walkway, but this time John didn’t bother looking at the screens on either side of him. He was too excited watching for the end to this ride. The path took several long winding turns and seemed to take much longer than the first; John could only assume he was now in a far different part of the resort.

When the walkway stopped, he walked through another door onto what appeared to be a large silver serving tray. John looked all about at a massive room that reminded him vaguely of a restaurant kitchen. There were all manner of trays, mugs, bowls, and other tools he couldn’t identify on shelves all around him. A single object was on the tray with him, a simple looking golden cup that almost appeared to be a small vase; it was much narrower at the top than the bottom.

Since for the moment no one was approaching or talking to him, John strode to the edge of the tray. There was a short lip, perhaps an inch high but currently up to John’s waist. He debated hopping over it but didn’t want to get lost in the shuffle. Not far away on that same countertop he saw a mixed drink, deep yellow in color, for a bare moment before a waiter came and carried it away. John watched the waiter exit through a pair of swinging doors and recognized the distinctive style of the resort before the doors swung back shut.

For a moment it appeared someone was swimming on the top of the drink, but it was too distant for John to be sure.

He turned his attention to the marvels around him and realized how incredible the world truly was. At his size he could see details invisible to the naked, regularly sized eye. The smooth metal countertops were actually marred with nigh-invisible chipping and scratches, the blue tile of the wall wasn’t quite as evenly colored as he would have guessed. Even the golden…Cup? Vase? he wondered…wasn’t quite as pristine as it had appeared when he first saw it.

In the distance staff came and went, picking up other trays which held other tinies and seemingly random objects before vanishing to deliver. Through a small opening in the wall he could see someone mixing another drink before placing it through the opening to replace the yellow drink that had vanished earlier. A waiter appeared instantly and spirited it away. John felt like an extra in a monster movie, except he had no fear and knew his dreams were about to come true.

The size of everything about him made him spin in circles as he tried to take it all in.

“Good afternoon, sir,” a bemused voice said, and John stopped spinning as his face turned red. He was embarrassed but the blonde giantess above him had clearly seen it all before. She wore the polite grin of an airline stewardess, and he was sure it would vanish the moment he couldn’t see her face.

“You have been reserved by a single guest for the entire duration of your stay,” she started, and John felt his heart sink slightly as she read from a prepared list.

One woman? He’d hoped to get a lot of different experiences here. Then he realized what it meant: the woman must really have loved his pictures. That thought made him smile as the waitress continued speaking, glancing occasionally at a list she carried.

In a rote voice she said: “Just a reminder your package includes, but is not limited to, extreme toughening, physiological pausing, at-will adjustment, location tracking, and emergency readjustment. Your guest has requested you to be delivered inside this container to her room, and from this point on your experience will truly begin.”

“Oh, great!” John said, ready to start. The waitress was obviously ready to get on with her day too; she didn’t wait for his response and instead pinched his body between two fingers. She easily lifted him upward and positioned him over the narrow opening of the cup. He could see now, from above, that the opening appeared more like a funnel, as though the contents were to be poured out over something.

“Enjoy your stay!” the waitress said before gently depositing him inside.

“Thank you!” he yelled upward after he fell gently to the bottom of the container.

There was no sign the waitress had heard him, and he could only see through the hole directly above him. It was as though it were the opposite of the sun; his surroundings were dark but above he could see the ceiling and occasionally the waitress’s face as she carried his tray. After a few failed attempts to stand he decided to sit instead.

“Here we go!” he said happily, hoping his giantess was beautiful.


“Okay,” the waitress said as Kelly finished unpacking one of her suitcases, “Here you go!”

“That’s great!” Kelly responded, shutting the dresser drawer. “Could you put it on that table on the balcony?”

She gestured with one hand, but the waitress was already moving toward the massive glass doors that led outside. Kelly had spent some serious money getting this room, but she already knew it would be worth it. Before she’d even gotten to her room she’d been pampered and given the best screwdriver she’d ever drank. The blonde had been slower than she liked unpacking, but she’d used her time wisely: finding her perfect tiny in the catalogue before someone else could rent him.

Kelly lifted the suitcase and wheeled it into a closet the size of her bedroom at home. At five-foot-nothing she felt small in the massive room but knew something that would instantly make her feel large for the first time in her life. The waitress asked politely if she needed anything else, and Kelly shook her head.

“Enjoy your stay, miss!”

Despite the object of her desire waiting on the balcony for her, Kelly took the time to unpack the rest of her belongings. The rest of the vacation would be pure fun. She could spend five minutes to be more organized.

Finally, after an eternity, she took a sip of her screwdriver and looked out at the balcony at the cup.

“Here we go,” she said, slipping her shorts and shirt off. The skinny blonde felt heat between her legs at the thought of what she was about to do. A cool breeze from the ceiling fan flittered across her small breasts and her nipples immediately stood at attention.

Daintily she walked onto the balcony and felt the summer heat against her naked chest. A glance around showed her dozens of other balconies that also overlooked the resort’s massive pool area, where dozens of people were lounging in various states of undress. At least two of the sunbathing women were openly masturbating not far from an already entangled couple, and it was obvious this was a place where everything went.

Kelly felt herself relax as her balcony neighbor, an older brunette wearing a comically large hat and nothing else, waved to her. She waved back while a tiny man walked carefully along the balcony railing in front of the woman. Then she turned her attention to her prize.

Knowing it was probably useless, she leaned forward and peered through the hole on top of the golden container. It was too dark within to see, but she could hear excited yelling from within. Smirking, she picked up the cup and sat on the long beach chair.

Before she could stop herself, she wrapped her lips around the top of the container and tilted it back like a shot glass.

John yelled with excitement when the light above changed suddenly. Looking up he saw a massive blue eye, but nothing that could tell him who his giantess was. It somehow seemed familiar, but most of his family had blue eyes so he’d seen a lot of them in his life. In his excitement he found it odd that he was thinking of family, so he shook his head and refocused.

Then the light vanished and he felt the cup moving. There was a flash of sunlight, then sudden darkness.

“What is-“ he started to say before his world flipped upside down.

With a surprised scream he fell onto something hot, wet, and soft. Instantly he was lifted upward and slammed against the roof of the giantess’s mouth. Another flash of light illuminated the world outside and he got a narrow view of the resort and the retreating golden cup before her lips sealed him away from the outside. Adrenaline exploded through his body and John pushed aside the urge to scream in fear as the giant predator’s mouth was sudden darker than any night he could imagine.

Rough suction pulled at his body, making his ears pop as the tongue explored every inch of his body. Despite himself John laughed and tried to yank his shorts off, but he was too slippery and his hands couldn’t get under the waistband in the confusion. His excitement and the sudden change in surroundings had him too disoriented to do more than let out gleeful shouts.

“Hey, gimme a minute!” he yelled, laughing, knowing she couldn’t hear him.

Then he felt himself be moved sideways and his legs landed on something sharp. Vaguely familiar laughter sounded from all around, so loud he felt his bones vibrate.

Teeth? he guessed, just as the top row of molars came crashing down on his legs. He shrieked in anticipation of the immediate amputation, but instead he simply felt a strange pressure as the massive pearly whites tried to cut him in half. They retreated, then returned, smashing onto his torso as the giantess did her best to make him a meal.

Finally John guessed she’d had enough, and he had too. Terror had given him an incredible erection but he was sure he’d had his fill of being chewed on. Before he could even realize she was done chewing the massive lips opened and he felt himself tumbling through her open lips and back into the golden cup.

Before he could forget, he yanked off his shorts. Quickly he started rubbing himself, then forced himself to hold back. He wanted his first orgasm here to be inside his giantess, not inside a cup.

The next several minutes were electric with anticipation; he felt his container be moved and shook gently but nothing involving him had happened yet. In the distance he could hear some moaning and gasping, and he could only guess what it meant. And hope it meant his action would be starting soon.

Then he was knocked off his feet when his container was grabbed suddenly and yanked upward.

“Whoa!” he shouted, not expecting the sudden movement.

The giantess clearly didn’t care and he found himself, almost impossibly, getting even harder from her lack of consideration. Through the opening up top he saw a flash of blonde hair and pale skin before the container was tilted sideways, but not quite enough to dump him out. A belly button flew by, a mile of smooth skin, and then he saw it.

“Yes!” he screamed, unable to restrain himself.

She had positioned him perfectly at her entrance; a massive pair of hairless, glistening lips awaited. It was now obvious she’d been playing with herself in anticipation. John found himself grinning like an idiot, eager to slide inside this giant woman. Then he had a realization: his container was shaped like it was for a reason.

Satisfied that she was sufficiently ready, Kelly aimed the container right at her pussy. She hadn’t been sure how she wanted to see her toy the very first time, so she’d elected to use him before he even knew who she was. The golden funnel at the top of the cup would serve her purposes perfectly.

The tiny blonde moaned with pleasure as the narrow top slid into her, and she pushed it as far in as she could comfortably. It wouldn’t work very well as a dildo, but she didn’t need it to. Before she could think any more, she tilted her hips backward and lifted her feet to her ears. This had the result of turning the cup upside down completely and she felt, with great delight, something small fall out of it and into the deepest parts of her sex.

Instantly she felt her body spasm in reaction, and a small orgasm ran through her as she gently pulled the golden object free. It fell to the floor with a silent thud as her fingers sought out her clit. A silent cry of pleasure escaped her lips as her sensitive bud leapt to life when she finally gave it the attention she’d been screaming for. And the meal her pussy had been yearning for ever since she’d had her most perverted idea ever.

John fell with a happy shout, bouncing off one soft, wet wall and landing hard on what he knew had to be the giantess’ cervix. Instantly he was overwhelmed with her scent, and he tried to stand only to fall forward as her hips shook. His hands pushed on smooth hot flesh and he looked up at a sudden flash of light. For a moment he could see the entirety of her tunnel, pulsating and glistening, as his container was pulled free. Then the path to the outside world slammed shut, leaving him in humid darkness.

The walls of her pussy closed in on him and John felt instinct take over. He knew that he didn’t need to breath, but his lungs were telling him he would run out of air momentarily. He knew that she couldn’t crush or harm him; but being surrounded by pulsating, gripping flesh struck fear deep into his heart.

Despite all that knowledge, claustrophobia struck.

Before John knew what he was doing he found himself pushing toward her opening in a frenzy. She was incredibly slippery and he couldn’t tell if he was making progress, but the walls around him quaked and gripped and squeezed constantly; even if he wasn’t moving forward he knew his giantess was loving it. For his own part he wasn’t quite sure if his love of the situation and finally fulfilling his fantasy was going to outweigh his instinctive, overwhelming fear of being buried alive.

Kelly barely kept herself from crying out in ecstasy as her toy moved within her. With a focused thought she made him slightly smaller to keep the fun lasting longer, but as her finger flew across her clit she knew her orgasm wasn’t far away. The feeling of a tiny man struggling inside her was incredible; she’d used vibrating eggs before but they had nothing on this. Reflexively she clamped her muscles around her little toy and felt him push even harder against her.

With a silent gasp she came, feeling herself squeeze down even harder on the tiny man. While she writhed on the tanning chair she felt him surge forward, using the sudden tightness of her walls for traction. She let him push his way to her opening and widened her legs just as the peak of her orgasm passed. At the perfect time she looked down to marvel at the suddenly appearing hands and arms; she came again from the view of a tiny man pushing his way out of her snatch and leaned backward to moan in pleasure as the rest of his body slid out of her and dropped to the chair.

With her breasts heaving she caught her breath as the sunlight shone down on her. The day was too far along for the sun to be shining in her eyes, and she found herself staring at the blue sky as her heart slowed its racing. There was a faint tickling as the tiny brushed against her legs, surely hoping to catch a glimpse and actually meet the giantess who now owned him for the foreseeable future. With a sigh she realized she could put this off no longer: the only part of her vacation that made her slightly nervous.

And excited.

No matter how it went she’d still have her fun, of course. But this was the only event that she knew she wasn’t completely in control of, and that irked her. Whether on stage dancing or in a relationship, Kelly liked to be in control.

John jumped and yelled again, entranced by the view of the gargantuan vagina that he’d just pushed his way out of. Now that he was free and unharmed, as promised, part of him wanted to climb back inside and bring this incredible woman to pleasure again. But he knew he had to meet her. If she was effectively going to own him for the next several weeks he had to at least know her name, even if she was one of those giantesses that enjoyed ‘permanent’ insertion.

Which he had technically put on his list of interests. Along with pretty much everything else, no matter how unlikely it was to actually occur.

Then she sat up, a mountain of pale, beautiful flesh. Her toned stomach came into view first, and he could tell she was skinny, petite even, but had admirable abs. Then her breasts, small but proportionally larger to the rest of her body, then finally he saw her face. Long blonde hair draped over her back, blue eyes adorned her face, and –

“What?!” John yelled out, recognizing his sister. His erection died instantly as he yelled, and she giggled at his obvious discomfort. He felt the faux wood under his feet shift as he grew slightly, until he could see over each of her skinny, toned thighs. A careful step took him further away from her glistening pussy and he suddenly realized he was covered in her juices. The scent that had intoxicated him minutes ago suddenly filled his nostrils and caused him to shudder with disgust.

“Kelly!” he screamed in frustration, furious that she was here, on what was supposed to be his vacation. Something he’d spent years planning and saving for. And now, at the ultimate completion of his wildest dream, the giantess who’d rented him for his entire vacation was none other than his sister. Not a supermodel. Not a rich girl taking her twelfth vacation this year. Not a housewife looking for a toy to abuse while she hid from her family.

His sister.

“What the hell are you doing?!”

“Well,” she said with an infuriating laugh, “I’m playing with my new toy, of course!”

John yelled wordlessly, furious and ashamed at the same time. How could she do this to him?

“But really,” she explained, putting on a face of fake contrition, “I was snooping through your room like a terrible sister and found your tickets. And since I’m doing so well I thought I could use a little vacation!”

“No! This was my vaca-“ John yelled, but Kelly’s voice easily overrode his. His earlier fascination with being disregarded vanished as she effortlessly shut down his complaint.

“I really think this is gonna be great for me,” she continued with a smile, “I needed a break.”

One hand wrapped around John and he realized he was now almost seven inches tall. He was abruptly lifted upward and Kelly leapt from her chair. She waved to a woman, sitting alone on her balcony and patting her mouth with a napkin, before she skipped into her room. If John hadn’t been so enraged he would have appreciated how luxurious of a room she’d rented.

Instead he found himself angrier with every pure white pillow and spotless mirror that he saw, and he drew in a breath to --

With a laugh Kelly fell onto her back on the bed and scooted upward until her head was supported by the pillows. Her hand lowered until John’s squirming form was inches from her pussy again. Kelly bit her lip as she anticipated how good this was going to feel.

“Let’s face it bro,” she said with an innocent look on her face, “We’ve both got this tiny fetish, the extra kink with my toy being you is just icing on the cake. And you can enjoy it or fight it, but either way: I’m gonna enjoy myself.”

The massive blonde gently bit her lower lip, and before he could respond she pushed him face-first into her sex. He pushed against her tender skin and swung his arms to avoid pushing his face into her, inadvertently striking her clit and causing her to gasp at the shock. Gently pushing his now-larger body into herself, she adjusted her grip around his waist and moaned at the vibrations and sensations his swinging arms were giving her.

Deeper and deeper he slid until finally Kelly only had a grip on his ankles and she could feel the gentle thumping inside that had to mean he was pushed up against her cervix and hitting it furiously. His pulsing fight sent shivers through her entire body in a way that no normal size man could ever compete with.

“Damn John,” she said rocking her hips unconsciously as she held him deep, “If you’d have told me you were into this we could’ve found a way to make it happen years ago!”

“No!” he cried out, only hearing her heartbeat as he pushed against her cervix. Furiously he struggled to keep his face clear of her secretions, but he knew it was a losing fight. Her fingers were wrapped around his ankles and her pussy clung to every inch of his body. It was everything he’d wished for, and more. Except for one thing.

“Kelly! Let me go!”

Unhearing and uncaring, Kelly started to pump her toy in and out of her pussy. With each thrust a new sensitive spot was brushed and she felt most powerful than she had ever imagined. Her brother’s entire life had led him to this moment: to be so powerless against her she could treat him like a literal dildo. Driven as deep as she could push, John wiggled in ways that no vibrator could ever match and Kelly knew, without a doubt, that this would be the greatest vacation ever.

Two hours later, Kelly finally released her hold on her brother’s legs. She’d changed positions multiple times, sized him up to uncomfortably large twice, and felt like her heart was ready to explode. Twice she’d made him so small she could feel him slip all the way to the back of her love tunnel, only to slowly grow him and writhe in pleasure as he filled her walls from within like a living vibrating egg.

She wanted to continue; the sensations he gave her were addictive in the best way. But she was exhausted. Each new orgasm was almost too much for her and she realized that she’d been staring at the ceiling twitching in a constant state of bliss for the last ten minutes. Using all her willpower, she decided that she was finished.

For the moment.

With a groan and a flick or her hand, Kelly slipped her toy out of her exhausted vagina and dropped it to the bed spread.

Thoroughly beaten and used, John tried to crawl away from his sister. He’d been pounded and crushed and squeezed for what seemed like an eternity; his sister’s pussy had been his entire world and it seemed as though he’d been forced to explore every inch of it. Unharmed, a testament to the shrinking process, but exhausted he stumbled to his feet and tried to run on the crumpled sheets.

Instead her hand wrapped around him once more. He screamed but her thumb covered his face and he felt the sensation of movement. His body was swinging wildly as she walked, his feet kicking on open air. When the thumb vanished he had to cover his eyes from the setting sun reflecting from a higher window, and she placed him on the railing of her balcony. Instantly he dropped to his knees and grabbed the railing; his fear of heights had kicked in and the thought of dropping miles into that pool below was horrifying.

“So listen John,” Kelly said, her voice hoarse from moaning. He turned and looked at her, and despite himself he could appreciate how attractive she was. She was a stunning petite blonde with a body that spoke of hard work, not simply skipping meals. If she was literally anyone else he would have been thrilled that she was the giantess who wanted him.

“I wasn’t kidding when I said you should enjoy yourself.”

Kelly felt so satisfied that she didn’t care at all that she was outside naked; it had made her nervous earlier. But not now. And especially not since she could see several couples hooking up on their own balconies. Far below, next to the pool, most of the clientele were as naked as she were, though most of them were simply content to tan without tan lines.

“So I really hope you can relax a bit and make this good for you,” she continued. Idly she started braiding her hair, her fingers flying in rapid movement as John tried to creep away from the edge of the railing. “You got the good package, after all. Everything I can think of we’re gonna do, and that’s that.”

John held still as she picked him up again, feeling himself shrink in her palm.

“Kelly! Just give me back so someone else can rent meee!” he yelled as she tossed him up in the air. With a scream he fell back down and she caught him with her open mouth, careful to stop his body on her tongue and not swallow him. No matter how much she wanted to.

Humming to herself, she went back into her room to change and Kelly couldn’t help but smile. With her brother tucked into her cheek she picked out her tightest yellow bikini and slipped it on. The one rule she knew she wanted to follow here, at least for a little while, was thus: If you were naked, you were fair game to anyone who wanted a piece. If you were wearing clothing there had to at least be some form of consent.

And for the first night at least, the only guy getting up in her business was going to be her brother.

Though as she lounged at the pool among the rest of the guests, she knew she’d have as many men as she wanted in her business.


The following morning Kelly called for room service. John had spent the night squeezed between her muscular cheeks and pushed against her sphincter; had he been able to he would have escaped to run as far as he could. But she’d thought this through; her underwear had been especially made to hold a tiny man exactly where the wearer wanted him. All his struggles had accomplished was to make her smile while she slept.

She sat up in bed after hanging up the phone and wiggled her hips. John screamed at the sudden movement and wiggling, clinging desperately to the material of her underwear to keep from being pushed through her suddenly relaxed anus. Part of him realized he was getting exactly what he wanted: to be absolutely dominated by a giantess. And part of him wished that other part of him had never been born.

Idly Kelly yawned and stood, shimmying her underwear off and plucking John free. With her eyes half opened the blonde woman shuffled into the restroom, dropping John into a heavy plastic cup. He hit the bottom hard and almost wished it had hurt; this part of the shrinking process was impossible to get used to.

“Hey!” he yelled upward at his sister once he’d climbed to his feet. She was ignoring him while reading what appeared to be a massive instruction pamphlet. She mumbled as she picked up what seemed to be a lid, reading aloud all the while. As John continued to yell to get her attention, she screwed the lid onto the cup that held him. Frustrated at being ignored, and ignoring the part of him that liked it, he sat down on the cold, clear plastic.

Then something started humming above him. He looked up and screamed.

While Kelly sat on the commode and did her business, she made it a point to not stare at the cup as a bright light emanated from the bottom of the lid. The ultraviolet light was cleaning her toy far more thoroughly than soap and water could manage, but it would have damaged her eyes if she watched for too long. When she was done the light had turned itself off, and she left the cup to cool while she put on fresh clothes.

The directions had warned her it would be hot, but if she wanted her tiny at a higher temperature she could safely remove, then insert it, after several minutes.

Just as she was unscrewing the lid and dumping an angry John onto her palm Kelly heard a knock at the door. His yelling vanished when she curled her fingers around his suddenly two-inch form.

“Perfect!” she said as she hurried to the door.

Breakfast was on the other side, and the waiter wheeled it in on a silver cart. Professionally he removed the lid from the plate and the scent of bacon and pancakes filled the air. Before Kelly could ask he’d made a carafe of hot coffee appear and was pouring a cup. Cream and sugar followed without her having to ask.

“Your other request is on the shelf below, ma’am,” he told her before stepping back through the open door and closing it behind himself.

“Oh this smells good, don’t you think?” she asked John, not caring to hear his response.

Before he could even try to respond she looked at the lower shelf of the cart and smiled.

“Here, keep yourself busy,” Kelly said as she casually dropped him next to her special request.

John fell with a scream, but the fall didn’t hurt as he had feared. Instead the metal surface he landed on simply felt like a massive wrestling mat. He rolled twice from momentum as he heard his sister humming above him, likely already starting to eat. Despite her petite size she ate more than most men she knew.

Climbing to his feet, John ignored her legs for the moment and turned around. He’d heard the waiter’s statement and knew it couldn’t be good for him.

“Oh shit.”

Twenty minutes later Kelly was on her back on the bed, watching fascinated with her legs behind her head. The position was easy for the flexible blonde to hold, and she was well motivated: in this position she could easily see the vibrator sliding deep into her snatch. She let out a moan as the tip stroked her g-spot, then slid it out briefly.

A scream was heard faintly over the vibrating noise, and Kelly slid the pink tube back inside of herself, letting John’s suddenly dampened scream propel her closer to orgasm. She withdrew it slowly again, hearing the three-inch man scream once more. He was held at the tip of the vibrator by a harness that had wrapped around his waist, putting him perpendicular with the rest of the vibrator. Every push made him feel like a particularly bulbous cockhead, and every one of his struggling movements pushed against each of her walls.

Knowing she had the entire day ahead of her Kelly didn’t try to drag this orgasm out. The squirming toy filling her cavity would have made that extremely difficult even had she wanted to. Holding it deep inside, she angled the vibrator against the top of her vagina while she slid a spit-soaked finger across her clit. Between the two different stimulations she came rapidly, letting the incredible movements bring her to ecstasy before she’d even finished her entire cup of coffee.

Giggling, she slid the toy out of her still-spasming pussy. Her heart was pounding as she carefully lowered her legs back to the sheets, and she brought the toy up to her eyes. John was still screaming, now turned from fear to anger, and she opened her mouth wide.

With a thought and a flick of her finger he was released from the toy’s harness and simultaneously shrank to one-inch tall. His angry yelling turned to a faint squeak as she caught him in her mouth and closed her lips. Licking and sucking all the flavor from him that she could, she stood and picked up the phone. Instantly an operator was responding, and Kelly was thrilled to hear that she had called in at the perfect time.


Kelly groaned as the masseuse’s skilled hands ran across her back. Between the hot towel across her butt and his incredible fingers she felt muscle knots that she didn’t even realize she had vanishing. Hot oil trickled down her back as he pushed and kneaded her sore muscles.

“This is wonderful,” she murmured as a faint cry for help reached her ears. Kelly only smiled and relaxed further in response.

John cried out through a mouthful of oil as the masseuse pushed him into his sister’s skin. One hand was free and rubbing circles along her shoulder blade while John was being pushed and dragged along her spinal muscles. The man’s hands were unforgiving but masterful; under his palms John had been turned into a living massage tool.

Briefly the masseuse folded John in in half, backward, and used his tiny body to work out a particularly large knot at the base of Kelly’s neck before letting the tiny man unfold. The air had been forced from his body and John was unable to resume his furious yelling before the hand grasped him again.

“You’re really tense,” the man told Kelly. She wished she could remember his name but all she could think of was how nice his hands felt on her naked body. “If you don’t mind I can give you a more thorough, deeper massage.”

The blonde didn’t miss the innuendo in his voice and she just wiggled her butt invitingly in response. She didn’t see his smile, but she felt his hands start to move lower gently, not breaking a circular pattern that occasionally caused shivers that went down to her toes. Occasionally she could hear a faint yell, and finally she felt his hands start working on her bare bottom.

Gently he worked on her gluteal muscles, working deeper into her thick muscles as she relaxed more. The heat of the oil spread down through her crack and the masseuse followed it, first innocently as he made sure he coated every inch of her in the soothing warm oil, then less so as he let his fingertips brush against her pleasantly dark backdoor.

Kelly gasped as she felt the finger continue downward while his other hand worked more laterally; as one probing hand began deftly manipulating her clitoris the other began loosening a muscle on her outer thigh.

“Let me go!” John screamed when he was finally allowed to come up for air an eternity later. The hand refused, of course, simply shifting him to the other hand before pushing him onto his sister’s other cheek. Imperceptibly fine hairs rubbed against him as he was pushed into her other side. A gasp revealed to him what he had feared: the giant man’s finger had a very distinct smell.

With some effort Kelly kept herself from tensing up; she was so relaxed from the rest of the massage she didn’t want to ruin the effect. Instead she spread her legs slightly to let the masseuse’s probing fingers dip into her sex as she gasped in delight. Her other cheek received the same attention as the first, and just as she felt her orgasm start approaching that hand vanished.

“Noooo,” she moaned as she felt the hand pull out of her soaking pussy, “Put them back!”

“One moment, miss,” the masseuse said confidently as he covered the tiny in a small amount of oil. She didn’t see his smile, the smile of a man who truly enjoyed his job.

True to his word, he replaced his fingers inside of her momentarily. She gasped as he started to massage her sensitive insides more urgently, and he knew she wasn’t far from bliss. It was his favorite part of the best job he’d ever had, and he knew he was skilled.

While Kelly’s orgasm built he started to rub the tiny against her lower back in another circular pattern, this time bringing the tiny further south with each pass. By the time the tiny was being dragged across her incredible crack she was ready.

With a gentle cry she came on the table, her vagina spasming around the man’s fingers as he curled them and pumped gently, expertly matching the rise and fall of her hips. As she came he slid the tiny between her cheeks and waited for her final gasp. Gently he pushed the little man against her anus, timing his final push carefully.

When the blonde writhing on his fingers finally slowed her lustful cries the masseuse changed the pressure on her sphincter and pushed with a little more urgency. The oil covered tiny slipped right into her hungry rectum and Kelly cried out again, her orgasm suddenly renewed as vibrations from inside her colon suddenly began.

With a smile the masseuse changed the angle of his probing fingers and slid his thumb straight through her anus, rubbing them together through her tender walls. As expected the tiny was caught by his anally inserted finger and his squirming form only added to his masterful inner massage.

I love this job, he thought as she squirmed and moaned.

“Let me out!” John screamed as he raged against the finger sliding in and out of his sister’s asshole. Intermittently there was enough space to give him a ray of light, and John leapt toward freedom only to fall once more to the spongy walls of her colon. In the distance her heartbeat raced, then began slowing as the finger gave John a derisive flick and withdrew.

He fell to his back as one more ray of light shone down on him, then vanished as the tight ring of muscle closed reflexively.

The masseuse wiped his fingers down quickly before he gave Kelly a final pat down and covered her with a warm sheet.

“Stay here as long as you like,” he told her as he withdrew, leaving her to bask in her afterglow.


That afternoon Kelly found herself on a small tour of the resort. It was far larger than she’d expected originally, a thought that made her giggle.

“Too bad you can’t see any of this,” she said to John, her face pointed toward her panties. Kelly didn’t expect that he could hear her, and that was okay. He was still, technically, getting the tour of a lifetime.

At four inches tall he was currently entirely encased in her vagina. She’d been at a loss of what to do with him once she’d slid him from her asshole after that wonderful massage, but a thorough cleaning and a question to room service had given her several great ideas. Minutes after her call a waiter had arrived, handing her a fresh garment bag and a small pamphlet with hundreds of ideas for using tiny people.

She’d chosen to tie his feet into the special panties she’d been given and push him as far into her as he would fit. It was like walking with a small, squirming dildo, and if Kelly hadn’t seen several other women, and at least one man, obviously doing the same thing she would have been red-faced and embarrassed.

As it was, she’d gotten two hi-fives from women who knew exactly what she was enjoying.

Kelly passed by the gym, where she saw a cycling class through the large glass window. She stopped for a moment, both to enjoy John’s movements which were slowly bringing her to yet another orgasm, and to watch the cyclers sweat. Both the men and women were in various states of undress and Kelly wished that society could be like this all the time.

“I need to move to a nudist colony,” she mumbled as she noticed something peculiar about the seated on the bikes. Carefully she looked more closely, then realized she hadn’t worked out in almost a week. Her stomach grumbled as she checked out the class times.

“I’ll swing by tomorrow,” she said as she turned and started following signs toward ‘Le Table Russo.’

She hadn’t been sure what to expect at the resort’s most popular restaurant; the décor seemed an odd mixture of Japanese and French vibes. On one wall paintings showing French characters sharing a bottle of wine were done in the style of Japanese water paintings, and on the other French abstract paintings depicted distant snowy mountains and fishing villages. Kelly found it difficult to follow the waiter for fear of missing seeing something amazing.

There was a small table against the wall for her, and before she had scooted her chair in a glass with red wine was being placed in front of her. Fresh bread and olive oil were brought out as she read the menu, and she realized tonight was a golden opportunity. For a moment she glanced around the restaurant, embarrassed at what she was thinking of doing, then she remembered that her low-cut dress that barely went below her hips was considered overdressed. One hand moved south and she focused briefly before bringing it back upward.

John took a breath of fresh air as he was suddenly exposed to the world again. He got a brief flash of a gently lit dining area and his sister’s smiling face before he was flipped upside down. Dangling by his ankles again he felt distinctly like a caught fish.

“I’ll have the sashimi,” John heard Kelly say before her hand dropped him.

He fell with a squeak onto something soft, and before he realized what was happening he’d been completely wrapped in what seemed to be a giant white piece of silk. Soft voices spoke for a moment and he recognized some of the mumbling as Kelly’s, then his prison began swinging from side to side as whoever was holding him began walking. Despite his best efforts he couldn’t push his face against the material hard enough to see through it, though he could tell when he’d entered the kitchen. Suddenly voices were calling out for different ingredients, and a much-nearer voice called out “For thirty-one!” before his prison was suspended from a hook.

“Hey!” John yelled as terror ran through him, “This isn’t part of my deal! Let me out!”

Distantly, but still too close to comfort, he heard someone sharpening a knife. He spun in his hanging cage like an animal caught in a net, desperate to fight his way to freedom. Sure, he’d technically agreed to everything a giantess could think of. But the instinctive fear of being eaten refused to vanish and every sound of a knife on stone struck fear through his heart.

“Let me go!”

Just as Kelly’s wine was being refilled, her entrée arrived.

“Mmm,” she said, excited, as the waiter placed a silver tray in front of her then lifted the lid, “I can’t wait!”

John screamed when the lid covering him was removed. A thin strip of seaweed had been wrapped around his head, then another around his entire body before he’d been rolled in rice and sat carefully on the center of the dish. Luckily he’d struggled just enough as the waiter had carried his sister’s meal to her that his blindfold had fallen.

Unluckily, he’d gotten over his fear and confusion and had realized where he was.

Delighted with what she saw, Kelly carefully picked up a piece of her sashimi with her chopsticks. The motion felt awkward but she was determined to use them properly this time. The fish was fresh and obviously caught mere hours ago, and after a quick dip in soy sauce it exploded with flavor on her tongue.

John struggled against his seaweed-wrap prison while his sister devoured his surroundings. Pieces of fish flew into the air to vanish into her maw before small vegetables he couldn’t identify followed. At his size the smell was overwhelming but the sensation and feeling of the seaweed against his skin was somehow the worst. Despite everything he couldn’t help but feel utterly humiliated by one thing: the paper-thin piece of plant that wrapped around him was still too strong for him to tear through and escape.

Finally he felt something shift in his prison just as the last piece of meat vanished. With a mighty yank John pulled an arm free and started to wriggle upward, not sure where he was going to go, but sure it would be better than his sister’s stomach. A glance upward showed him that she was busy taking a deep drink from her wine glass, and he freed his other arm. His feet were wrapped more tightly, but now that he had some room to kick and shift he could feel them moving.

Almost there! he thought as a piece of white rice fell on his face. He sputtered and brushed it off, then looked upward. The blood ran from his face as he made eye contact with his giant, hungry sister.

Kelly swallowed her wine, then quit delaying. The anticipation had been fun, but the fire in her belly needed to be sated. She picked up her chopsticks once again and looked down at the final morsel on her plate. He’d somehow gotten his arms free, but not fast enough. They met eyes and he let out a small, hilarious scream as she gingerly picked up the seaweed roll.

“Oops!” she said with a laugh as he squirmed, causing his prison to slip from her chopsticks and landing in soy sauce. Sheepishly she looked about, but no one had noticed her drop her food. This time she clamped onto the piece of food a little tighter.

John spat out as much of the salty liquid as he could, but he was thoroughly soaked. Before he could even try to continue his escape the massive chopsticks squeezed him around the midsection and picked him up once more. At a sickening speed he was yanked upward and he gasped for air, trying in vain to yell to Kelly for mercy.

Instead she looked down at him with a smile that told him she was embarrassed.

“Let’s just pretend that didn’t happen, okay?” she said with a smile.

Then he was yanked forward. John screamed in terror, sure that this was the end. Fear had overwhelmed his senses and all thought of the protections that his expensive vacation package had guaranteed him vanished. The instinctive fear of being devoured kicked in as he passed through her ruby red lips. The fruity scent of her red wine overwhelmed his nose just as her lips closed, cutting off all light.

Teeth crashed down on John, hitting him harder than he could ever have imagined. In his panic and the absolute blackness of her maw he didn’t realize they weren’t cutting him, and he fought for all he was worth. In the darkness he rolled onto her tongue, onto lumps of chewed rice and seaweed, then was tossed onto the other row of teeth which bore down on him again.

Kelly chewed on her brother, marveling at the texture. The seaweed and rice tasted excellent, and true to the menu’s description, she got an incredible umami flavor from chewing his tiny body. She could feel his struggles which delighted her, and for a moment she pushed him to the roof of her mouth so she could swallow everything that had wrapped him tightly for her enjoyment.

After a horrifying eternity John was rolled back onto Kelly’s tongue. With a scream he reached for his legs, sure they’d be missing. Instead they seemed entirely intact, and he laughed in insane confusion. Bright light assaulted his eyes suddenly and he saw that his legs and torso seemed completely unharmed. The light seemed to bring comprehension back into his mind, and he realized that the resort had protected him just as perfectly as they’d claimed.

This had even been something he’d expressed interest in. If only his giantess hadn’t been his sister!

Then he was thrust upward again, colliding with the roof of her mouth and animal instinct took control once more. He screamed as he was yanked backward, feeling the tightness of Kelly’s throat encompassing his legs. He’d spent hours inside of her other holes but this was different; this felt final in a way John could never put words to.

“No!” he shouted as Kelly’s lips closed and he was surrounded by darkness. Then his ears popped as invisible pressure pulled him even harder backward.

Before he could scream again he was engulfed.

Kelly felt her final morsel slide down her throat. He wriggled interestingly in her throat and not nearly for long enough. When the lump vanished and she felt movement start in her tummy she resolved to try it with a guest who had a cheaper vacation package than John.

I bet they struggle even better when they know it’s permanent! she thought excitedly as she sipped the last of her wine.

John screamed as loud as he could and thrashed with all his strength, but it was all for naught: his sister’s simple biological process of swallowing was far stronger than he ever could be. Rhythmically he was yanked downward, lubricated by spit and wine, his nostrils overwhelmed to the point of shutting down. Then finally, as the sound of her heartbeat grew louder and louder until he was sure he was inches away from her beating heart, there was nothing below John’s feet.

“Shit!” he cried out as he fell momentarily.

Something soft greeted him as a landing pad, and John rolled in disgust off the piece of fish he’d landed on. Instead of finding solid ground his legs slipped into a near-boiling fluid that instantly started his skin to tingling. He looked around desperately for a way out, but the darkness was so complete he almost questioned whether he’d actually opened his eyes, except for how the air itself was burning them.

“Kelly!” he screamed.

“Just Kelly,” the blonde said to the waiter after he called her formally by her last name. He’d already swiped her room card to add the restaurant charge to her bill, and then offered her a mint. She took it happily, then raised her eyebrow questioningly at its strange appearance.

“It’s less a mint and more a light for your dinner,” he explained when it started glowing in her hand. “Having a light present keeps them moving for longer.”

“That’s a great idea!” she said as she stood, ready to head back to her room for a quiet evening. The wine had gotten to her head rather quickly, and she had big plans for tomorrow. It had been quite the day already and she wanted to make sure that at least part of her vacation was restful.

“Yes! Great!” John yelled as a light grew steadily from above. He was out of his mind with terror. His entire body was covered in what he knew to be stomach acid, and the tingling had begun turning to burning. All thought of his VIP package was gone, only near-mindless terror remained. Until the light arrived.

He slogged through the mush of Kelly’s dinner, certain the light was some form of rescue.

Instead a small circular disk dropped to the top of the mush, giving off an odd yellow light that did him no favors as it illuminated John’s organic hell.

“What-?” he said aloud as he picked it up, still hoping against hope that his final moments weren’t upon him. It was the size of a large dinner plate and as he held it up he saw his hand illuminated in its sickening light.

Just before it flickered off and condemned him to darkness once more, he saw the skin of his forearm eroding enough that his muscles were visible.

John drew in breath to scream.

Wow, Kelly thought as the movement in her belly skyrocketed, that waiter wasn’t kidding about it increasing movement!

The tiny blonde kicked her shoes into a corner of her room and threw herself face down on the bed. Before she could even think about freeing John from her stomach she was fast asleep.


John awoke with a scream. He threw himself to his feet and ran forward blindly, not sure where he was but sure he had to be somewhere else, and fast. Three steps in he hit an invisible wall and was thrown onto his back. Almost before he’d landed he’d rolled to his hands and knees and was greeted with the most confusing sight of his life.

There in the distance was the sleeping form of his sister, still clothed and illuminated by moonlight, on top of her sheets.

“What is-?” he asked as he stood, his heart pounding. One hand pushed against the plastic of the cup he was imprisoned within, and he was relieved to see his arm intact. A quick glance told him that he was completely unharmed despite his most recent memories being of the bones of his hands falling through his melting skin into a sludge of rice and meat.

Then a bright light shone from above and the cleaning cycle began again.


Ten hours, and eight timer regulated cleaning cycles later, Kelly plucked John from the Macrovia Mini-Maestro ™ and dropped him into the front of her shorts. He’d tried to talk to her, but she was in a hurry. The blonde had overslept slightly, but by the virtue of her youth the wine hadn’t even given her a faint hangover. Frustrated and terrified all at once, John focused on not sliding deeper into her panties.

With every step he failed.

Smiling and relieved she’d made it on time, Kelly slipped out of her shorts to match the rest of the guests and plucked John from his space between her lips. With a thought he was grown to a more manageable size and the man on the bike next to her showed her how to mount him properly on the seat.

“Thanks!” she whispered to him, not-so-subtly checking out his exceptional package as the man climbed on his own bike. In the front of the room the instructor was clearly about to start the class, so Kelly started climbing on as well.

“No problem!” the man said, and Kelly laughed inwardly at his face as he slid his own tiny, an Asian woman he’d sized to surprisingly large, deep into his rectum. She gave his package another appraising look, then focused as the trainer began introducing herself. It was obvious her workout neighbor was gay, but Kelly knew today she needed a real, full-size man in addition to her little plaything.

“Okay everybody!” the brunette instructor called out, clothed in a barely-there outfit that sported the resort’s red and khaki colors, “Insert ‘em if you got ‘em and let’s get moving!”

Loud dance music started blasting as Kelly slid John’s fighting form deep into her sex. The instructor started them on a slow warmup ride, letting their toys struggle deep within before she picked up the pace. Before the first mile was up Kelly felt an orgasm already approaching.

“It’s a hill!” the instructor shouted, and as a class the guests started standing and sitting, riding up and down on their toys in sync with their instructor’s motivation shouts.

Moaning filled the air and Kelly joined the group with her first orgasm of the day.


Later that afternoon, after a stunningly good lunch of kale and fruit, Kelly found herself looking. Hunting, more like. Her biking partner that morning had been very well endowed, and though he was gay Kelly found herself craving something in addition to John who was currently being held tight right against her opening. She’d found it was incredibly comfortable to hold him there but knew if she shoved him within then she’d spend the day masturbating with his tiny form instead of exploring the resort.

She quickly discovered the pool that her room overlooked was far from the only one, and while she skipped the salt-water pool the third pool drew the most interest. It was a simple square pool with crystal clear water, but its other contents drew her eye. Before she knew what she was doing she’d stripped down to her pink thong and red sports bra.

“You made it just in time!” said the model with a chiseled jaw and short black hair as she entered the pool. The water was up to his waist, just below her breasts, and the size difference made her wet in a way that had nothing to do with the water.

John struggled against the pink material that held him but knew it was useless. When she walked he’d held still so as not to get his sister excited that her wetness covered him, but through the thin material he’d been able to see where they were when she peeled her shorts off, and he’d seen the water fast approaching as she walked down the ramp. Suddenly desperate to avoid drowning he tried to pry an arm around the material of Kelly’s panties, but the elastic easily overpowered him.

Changing pace, he tried to push his way up into her. Yes he hated the idea, but his brain refused to understand that he was functionally immortal and that he literally couldn’t drown. For Kelly all his efforts amounted to a feeling similar to being fingered by an enthusiastic but inexperienced teenager.

John screamed as Kelly waded into the exercise pool and joined the water aerobics class just as it began.

Cool water surrounded him from below and steaming heat from above. Low bass rumbles reached his ears as Kelly started to move, at times almost giving him enough room to free himself, and at others pushing him harder against her sex. After a time he forced himself to calm down from his survival reactions and found himself with his eyes closed and desperately hugging the material of her thong as it threatened to send him inside her once again.

His body screamed with the urge to breath again, but he’d already filled his lungs with water. All he could do was hang on as his world churned. Once, during a rare break in the chaos, he pushed his face hard against the material and saw other pairs of legs in the distance, some clothed, some not.

Where am I?! he wondered desperately as Kelly started lifting her knees high in rhythm with the music he could faintly hear through the water. His question remained unanswered as Kelly followed the instructor’s commands eagerly.

“That was a great class!” Kelly said to the instructor after the rest of the participants had wandered away. Water aerobics were especially difficult and few of them had any energy left over. Luckily Kelly had frequently taken these classes to augment her stamina while dancing and still felt relatively fresh, though her legs were a little weak after the bike class that morning.

“Well thanks,” he said in a deep voice, meeting her eyes with a smile. A smile that felt vaguely predatory. He looked around the pool and surrounding area to double check he wasn’t leaving a guest in the water alone, then followed her up the ramp. She knew his eyes were on her ass, and she loved it.

After an eternity the water receded and John gulped in a breath of air; it was saturated with Kelly’s scent but his lungs demanded it. Above she was smooth and slippery and he hoped after whatever had just happened she’d want to take a nap. Or do anything that left him alone.

“Oh, whoops!” he heard her say from above, “Someone dropped a penny!”

His heart fell as her legs moved sideways and the floor rushed upward suddenly. There was a moment of confusion, then he pushed his face against the fabric of her thong and realized what had happened: she’d gotten on all fours.

“Oh darn!” he heard a man’s voice say with barely hidden laughter, and a massive shadow seemed to be kneeling behind her. “The waistband on my shorts is too loose!”

John screamed when he saw the man’s cock fall free from his shorts, a beast far larger than John was. Neither giant heard, and he knew neither would care. Kelly moaned and easily overrode his scream when the man rested the tip of his cock on one of her cheeks and pulled her thong to the side.

John’s scream turned into a breath of relief when he realized he wasn’t going to be pounded into her by that monster, but that quickly turned into fear again when the massive cock pistoned straight into her opening right next to him. The material of her thong was keeping it from touching him; pulling it aside had only tightened it on him as a prison. But at least he wasn’t being used for her pleasure.

After a mile of cock slid into her sister part of the cock remained outside, and John realized the man must have bottomed out. But he wasn’t ready for what happened next.

“Hi!” said a bizarrely cheery voice from right next to him.

“Whoa!” John said as he realized who spoke.

Wrapped tightly around the base of the giant’s cock was what at first appeared to be a dark cock ring. On closer inspection John realized it was actually a tightly stretched tiny whose face was now only inches away.

“I know, right?’ the woman said as the giants above them spoke briefly. “Aren’t I the luckiest woman eveerrrrr!?”

Her questioned faded into the distance as John watched the massive cock pull back, then slam forward again. The woman-turned-cockring let out a delighted squeal with each thrust and it was clear that she was having the time of her life.

Please let this end, please let this end, John thought silently as the two giants rutted above him. The new addition threatened how much his mind could take.

“This!” the cockring woman screamed with one thrust, “Is!” she screamed on the next, “Awesome!”

John tuned her out as best he could, but before long he knew the situation was about to change. The thrusts were more erratic, the sounds from the giants changed from short words to animalistic grunts. And after all this time inside of her, John knew Kelly was about to orgasm.

Kelly held off as long as she could while the trainer, whose name she hadn’t bothered to learn, shoved as much of himself inside her as would fit. But when it was clear his moment was near she let herself go. The blonde pushed a towel into her mouth as she screamed, and when her pussy spasmed around the massive rod she felt a rush of heat within, triggering another orgasm as he finally pushed hard enough to get his hips against her tiny ass. She was so full of cock Kelly was sure if she looked down her stomach would have its outline against her front.

And then, when the cock stopped twitching and long before Kelly was ready he pulled himself free.

“Oh!” she moaned as she felt her pussy twitch in response, wishing he would stick it back in. But she knew, like he’d told her, he only had a few minutes.

“Wish I had more time to give you,” he said with an apologetic tone as he stood, and she slipped her thong back over her opening just as his seed started to leak out.

Kelly looked back at him to see just how much cock she’d been filled with and caught sight of him tucking it away.

“Uh, what was that?” she asked as she saw his cock ring; she’d heard of them before, but never used one. It looked significantly less metallic than she’d expected.

“Oh, don’t worry about her,” he said, pulling his rapidly shrinking cock free again to show her. One hand spun the ring around until Kelly could see the tiny black woman smiling hugely up at her. Kelly gasped when she realized it wasn’t a metal ring, but a tiny guest who had been stretching around the largest member she’d ever seen.

“She didn’t pay her bill so we’re keeping her as a tertiary toy until she’s earned enough.”

Kelly felt heat in her belly as the cock vanished and the trainer helped her to her feet. The idea of being stuck here and being used for months on end was surprisingly appealing.

“Don’t,” he said with a laugh, knowing what she was thinking. “Some days she gets a fun job, most days we use her to clean out pipes and grease traps.”

John recoiled in disgust as the giants talked. His temporary reprieve had been instead replaced with something far worse than what he’d already hated: desperate to avoid it he held his breath. But instinct won out once again and his mouth filled with the salty seed of the man who’d just came inside his sister. Every step covered him more in his spunk and John knew it would take years of therapy to avoid screaming every time he saw his own jizz after this experience.


That afternoon Kelly found herself sunbathing; her quickie with the trainer had left her surprisingly satisfied. She was getting a perfect amount of sun and was almost enjoying watching her fellow full-sized guests as much as she was getting the perfect tan. The variety of things the other ‘giants’ had thought of to do with their tinies was incredible. Without exception the tinies seemed to be having the time of their lives, which made her turn her thoughts to John.

She hadn’t spoken a word to him in days and she was sure he’d be loving the situation if she weren’t his sister. His willpower to hold out against his own pleasure was admirable, but her thrill at dominating him so thoroughly was starting to wane.

Could he be ready to be a willing participant? If not, Kelly was tempted to release him back to Central Distribution and select a more willing tiny for herself.

Or maybe find some other ways to make torturing a little tiny even more fun, she thought with a grin.

Without any thought to who was watching, and she knew other guests were watching, Kelly shimmied off the bottoms of her blue bikini. The tiny piece of cloth fell to the ground as she plucked John free from the tiny cloth prison that had kept his face nicely pressed against her backdoor all afternoon. He struggled against her fingers as she lifted him, but he stopped trying to resist when he realized she was lifting him up toward her face and sizing him up slightly larger.

“Hey bro,” she said sweetly as his shielded his eyes against the sun that he hadn’t seen in days, “I was thinking this might be more fun for the both of us if you had a change of heart.”

He crossed his arms, which only made him pout comedically. Kelly stifled a giggle, knowing it would help what she was trying to accomplish. Her eyes went to his crotch and she could only imagine how pent up he must have been. Spending all his days in the snatch of a beautiful blonde woman, yet resisting his own pleasure because he happened to be related to her?

“You’re being silly,” she said in a playful voice. Before she realized she was doing it her tongue snaked out from between her lips.

John was stunned by the first direct, deliberate contact from Kelly. He did his best to not enjoy it but her tongue was hot and wet against his balls, his entire midsection really, and his cock leapt to attention. A moan escaped his lips before her tongue vanished.

“Why don’t you just, you know,” she said as she pulled him away from her mouth, “pretend? Enjoy yourself a little bit? Think of everything you’re not getting to experience because you’re being a grump.”

The tiny man opened his mouth to shout at her, but he held back.

What if he enjoyed it? So what if she was his sister? Hadn’t this been his dream for years?

Her tongue snaked forward and caressed his cock once more and he groaned aloud. She must have heard, because she pulled back again and giggled.

“Have fun, bro,” she said as he felt himself be lowered downward.

Before he could have a change of heart John found his hands wrapped around his cock as his body was brought back toward her massive snatch.

Just do it, he told himself, trying to psych himself up. His hand started stroking slowly and as he was inserted into his sister feet first his resolve finally broke. Her wet heat slowly enveloped his feet and John closed his eyes when he felt her envelope him for what seemed to be the very first time.

Kelly let out a satisfied sigh as she slid John deep within herself, keeping only his head peeking out at her. Careful to not roll her hips downward she leaned forward and started rubbing her clit mere inches away from John’s face. He didn’t miss the sound of slippery skin-on-skin and she saw his face light up when he opened his eyes once more.

The sensation of him stroking himself was faint and if Kelly hadn’t feel carefully looking for it she would have missed it. Instead of trying to bring herself to yet another orgasm, as his tiny movements grew frantic far faster than she expected, she simply played with her clit just enough to keep herself excited. If he was going to suddenly participate then she knew she still had more than enough time to do all the playing she could ever stand.

He could have this single moment if it bought her a newly reinvigorated toy.

John’s orgasm, restrained for far longer than he’d ever done since he’d discovered masturbation, came far faster than he believed. With his new outlook her scent was no longer disgusting, the way her pulsing walls held him no longer infuriating. Her casual disregard that he’d endured for so long was suddenly just the kind of demented treatment he’d came here looking for.

With a yell that was barely louder than the schlick! schlick! of Kelly’s finger sliding across her clit John came. His cock pulsed in his hand in time with Kelly’s heartbeat which shook him like a wave. Stars pulsed across his vision as electricity flooded his body and what felt like gallons of semen escaped in a pressurized wave. Furiously his hand, the only part of his arm that could move, stroked his cock until every ounce of his seed had escaped and he stopped to catch his breath.

Kelly knew when John finally came. She didn’t feel anything at all, but his face said it all. And once she knew he’d had a moment to savor his afterglow Kelly decided to get phase two of her vacation started.

“Whoa!” John yelled as Kelly roughly yanked him from his suddenly comfortable prison. His cock leapt to life again at the feeling of being manhandled and he silently berated himself for holding out this long.

What did it matter she was his sister? He’d waited his whole life for this treatment!

The world grew rapidly and he shook his head to clear out the dizzy cobwebs, kneeling on her fingertip like a flea. A confused flea until he saw what she was doing.

“Perfect!” Kelly said as she pushed John’s millimeter tall form under her clitoral hood. She hadn’t been sure if her idea would work, but he was small enough and as soon as she removed her finger she could feel his gentle vibrations against her sensitive nub. When she slid the bottom of her bikini back into place the added pressure made her smile and let out a small moan.

“Good boy,” she said in a playful voice as she stood. From the direction of the beach she could hear dance music, and she knew the crowd here would appreciate her type of dancing. And she’d love dancing in front of a crowd for the first time in weeks.

John was encased in darkness with booming bass sound being the only stimulus the only clue as to where they were. Not that it particularly mattered to him. Pressed by her skin into her clitoris he was exactly where he wanted to be.

He pushed on the sensitive nub with all he was worth, at times stroking his hard again cock and at others giving her all the stimulation he could with both hands. The new environment was restrictive but he loved it; the switch had been flipped and all the joy and fun he had missed out on was suddenly rushing back at him. John was determined to not miss another moment of enjoying his long-awaited size fantasy.

Until suddenly the bass was louder and bright multicolored light flooded his eyes. A finger the size of a metro bus pulled him from his hot prison and he groaned, exasperated. Now that he was really enjoying himself it seemed as though the world now wanted him to be bored.

All around him was a flood of flashing lights and booming music. He thought he recognized the song but was unable to tell; Kelly didn’t bother to give him a moment to think. In the chaotic swirl of motion he saw Kelly leaning forward to speak into a staff member’s ear, then John was unceremoniously dropped into an empty champagne glance.

Through the clear glass he could see a small crowd of partiers in various states of undress. For a moment he thought he saw Kelly climbing onto a platform from which a tall pole was protruding, but he couldn’t be sure. A moment later he was thrown to his back as the person carrying the tall glass moved far faster than John could believe; though he’d been small for quite some time the speed at which regular-sized people moved was still incredible.

The next several minutes were a blur as the glass he was in was shook about and handed between several members of the resort’s staff. He went from the pounding bass of the beachside dance party to the clear, sterile environment of what he recognized as his first waiting area before he’d been sent to Kelly’s room. Before he’d even had time to stand in his champagne glass he’d been whisked away and carried up to her room.

Without a second glance he was dumped unceremoniously into yet another staff member’s hand. A massive woman with short black hair and a cute nose was now holding him, but it was obvious she wasn’t very interested in the tiny man she was holding.

“Hey, what’s-“ he started to ask the stewardess as he tried to stand in her warm palm. She focused her eyes on him and instantly he felt himself grow in her hand, the action of which caused him to fall over again.

This apparently suited her purposes just fine, because in her other hand she produced a bright yellow disc.

“Hold still,” she said absentmindedly. Clearly she didn’t expect him to hold still because her hand squeezed his lower half steadilyy and John couldn’t see what she was doing from his now-awkward position. Something unyielding settled in around his feet and ankles and the woman made a satisfied sound when she was done tinkering.

Another focused look at him caused the item around his ankles to shrink and squeeze him tightly. At regular size John knew the pressure would have broken something. At this size it simply made his ankles feel as though they’d fallen asleep.

The stewardess holding him mumbled something to herself, clearly looking for something. John matched her and looked around, now recognizing the hotel suite’s bathroom. In the distance was the cleaning jar that he was coming to hate, despite his newfound enthusiasm, and just as John tried to call out to the stewardess again she made a happy noise.

Suddenly her hand moved and John’s world was yanked sideways. He let out a startled squeak when the movement was stopped with a sudden impact, then screamed for real when the woman removed her hand. Instantly he fell forward and would have plummeted to the bottom of the tub if not for the object holding his ankles tight.

With a yell of effort he pulled himself closer to the wall and grabbed what was obviously a small handle on what appeared to be an industrial-strength suction cup. Blood rushed to his head; he was essentially upside down, but if he stood he’d have been perpendicular to the bathtub wall. After a moment he recovered and he shot the stewardess a questioning look.

The position wasn’t very comfortable, but he’d been in worse recently. What he couldn’t figure out was why.

“Hey!” he yelled at her as she pushed lightly at the suction cup. She ignored him and John realized he didn’t matter to her in the slightest. With some effort he kept himself from getting an erection as she stood, satisfied with her work. John realized he was at roughly hip height on the woman as she turned and walked away.

“Hey, what the hell!” he shouted after her, moments before she turned out the lights and left him in darkness.

“Uh, hello?” John called out, his voice so quiet in the darkness that it couldn’t even echo.

John hung in darkness and absolute silence for what felt like an eternity until he heard a faint electronic whirring in the distance. The door to the hotel room opened silently but John recognized his sister’s laughter and the sound of stumbling feet. More than one pair.

“Of courssse I do!” Kelly was telling somebody as lights began turning on sequentially in the main suite.

John struggled to straighten himself out, but he simply wasn’t strong enough to stay straight. Gravity would have been far too strong for him in this position at any size. Instead he could only twist his body awkwardly to see the outside rooms light up through the bathroom door.

Another voice mumbled in a lower tone and Kelly just laughed. It wasn’t a stretch for John to guess she was drunk.

Then she stumbled into the bathroom, flipping the light on. John couldn’t be sure, but for a moment it seemed as though she sought him out to confirm his presence before stumbling forward again while pulling someone by the hand.

As soon as John realized that she wasn’t alone, Kelly’s companion slid into the bathroom behind her. His shirt was gone and his pants were already half undone. He wasn’t physically impressive, aside from his titanic size, but clearly Kelly had seen something she wanted.

Together the two did a brief uncomfortable dance and articles of clothing hit the ground. John felt a little awkward watching the giants’ foreplay, but part of him got more excited than ever. It was obvious he was only here until they decided to use him and that was exactly what he’d bought a ticket for.

I’m really a toy now, he thought excitedly.

“Show me!” Kelly told the man with a laugh, and he moved his hand to reveal his manhood; perhaps six inches in real-person size but it was currently as long as John was tall. Kelly made a satisfied noise and ran her hand along it as she pushed daintily on his chest. He was far stronger than she but he knew what she was doing. Moments later the back of his knees hit the toilet and he saw down hard on the cold plastic seat.

“Show me!” she said again, and he smiled as he reached under his testicles while John raised a confused eyebrow.

Comprehension dawned when he saw an inch-tall woman in his hand.

“I told you,” he said when she giggled and licked her lips. John wasn’t sure why she would be so excited over that tiny woman and he recognized the feeling of jealousy. “Remember, I could only afford the ‘B’ package, which means ‘B’ tinies.”

“Perfect,” Kelly breathed, running a finger lightly across her bare stomach.

The tiny woman must have realized what that meant when Kelly licked her lips again. John wracked his brain to remember what it meant as the man started pushing the squirming, struggling woman into his urethra.

“B,” he said to himself as the screaming woman was encased thoroughly so that only her red hair stuck out.

“Minimal physics protection,” John mumbled as Kelly knelt in front of the man and began a long lick up his shaft, starting at his low hanging testicles.

Kelly reached his glans as John said to himself: “No protection or reassembly from gastric degradation.”

His erection reached new heights as he heard the little woman screaming just as Kelly wrapped her lips around the man’s cock. Kelly was a small woman, but she’d spent more than her fair share of time on her knees. John watched, discomfort of his position forgotten, as Kelly instantly swallowed the man to his base.

The giant moaned and threw his head back.

“Damn, you weren’t kidding!” he said as Kelly started bobbing her head up and down, never letting the cock leave her mouth.

Moments later he said: “I hate to stop you, but I’m not gonna last long after all the messing around we did earlier.” One hand went to Kelly’s shoulder and she pulled off his cock briefly.

John could see the tiny woman, drenched in saliva and precum. She was too small and far away for him to tell much else, but it was clear she wasn’t happy. Before he realized it John started stroking himself, knowing what was going to happen to that poor lady.

“Should’ve saved up for at least the ‘A’ package,” he said with a cruel laugh.

“Just shoot when you’re ready,” Kelly said as she took a deep breath and rapidly stroked the man’s spit-soaked rod. “I told you I swallowed.”

The man just laughed and nodded, his cockhead and the tiny woman instantly vanishing into Kelly’s mouth again. One hand sought out his balls and massaged them gently. John slowed his hand so that he could cum at the same time as the giant, but it appeared he wouldn’t have to hold off long. Kelly telling him she’d swallow was clearly all the signal he’d needed, and John wasn’t sure if the giant was more excited that she was going to swallow his load or the tiny woman he was using as a topper.

Before John was ready the giant started thrusting upward into Kelly’s mouth and she made an excited sound. John watched as she pulled back on the cock, leaving only the head on her mouth and ensuring everything he shot would land on her tongue. When the man stopped jerking Kelly gave him several more long strokes then pulled her mouth from his member.

“How does she look?” Kelly asked, sounding as though she had a mouthful of food. Then she stuck out her tongue at the giant and John’s eyes widened.

There, on the tip of his sister’s tongue, covered in sperm, was the tiny redhead. She was on her hands and knees, holding out a hand for help.

Then Kelly’s tongue slipped back into her mouth. John felt his own orgasm escape as Kelly swallowed exaggeratedly, and his hand flew across his cock, suddenly grateful for his bizarre position; his sperm could only fall straight down into the bathtub.

The blonde wiped her mouth and giggled, then gasped.

“That was awesome,” Kelly said as she stood, and the man just nodded in agreement, not quite able to speak yet. “Now get over here,” she told him, pulling him to his feet and stepping into the bathtub.

John wasn’t quite recovered from his ejaculation, but suddenly his sister’s toned backside was directly at face level. He smiled in comprehension, suddenly understanding why he’d been put where he was.

“Get your tongue in here before she stops squirming!” Kelly commanded the man.

Without a second thought, except to enjoy the erratic struggles of the tiny burning to death in her tummy, Kelly grabbed the perfectly placed butt plug. Idly she licked the last of the semen off her lips as her party pickup stepped into the tub with her. She leaned forward slightly and felt a face at her backdoor just as tonight’s companion started to kneel in front of her.

Kelly gasped as the toy slid into her backdoor and instantly started squirming wonderfully. Almost before that gasp was finished her hookup latched his mouth onto her pussy and began doing incredible things with his tongue. He sought out every tender place he could find while her plug massaged every inch of skin he could reach, the two stimulations mere inches from each other.

The triple sensations were incredible and Kelly hoped the tiny in her tummy lasted long enough for the massive orgasm she could feel fast approaching.

John could only imagine the hell the less-fortunate tiny was going through, and it motivated him. Motivated him to squirm and push his hands everywhere he could inside his sister’s colon. He knew that every one of that dying woman’s struggles would be bringing her pleasure, and so would every movement of his own.

He couldn’t be sure what the man was doing, but he could guess.

The world around John began to shake as Kelly’s muscles began contracting in time with her orgasm and John was silently thankful his package kept him from truly feeling pain. Had he gone with a cheaper package he would have been crushed for sure; her sphincter was so tight around his knees they had gone numb just like his nigh-crushed ankles. He felt more than heard her cries of pleasure; her entire body was vibrating as the man found her clit.

“Oh shit oh shit oh shit!” Kelly said, not able to hold back any longer. The struggles in her stomach had started to slow and she knew what that meant. More than anything the knowledge that someone was giving their life for her enjoyment sent her over the edge.

A flexible leg pulled her hookup’s face even harder into her snatch and he eagerly obeyed. As she came, loudly, he continued licking and sucking her clit for all he was worth until he started to run out of air. Luckily she’d already had all the orgasm she could handle and as he pulled back to breath she fell forward onto him with a manic laugh.

John gasped when suddenly he was slid out of Kelly’s ass. Gravity took over once again and he was yanked ‘down’ as the two giants laughed and Kelly groaned in appreciation. With some effort John looked upward at the amorous couple just in time to see the man helping Kelly out of the tub, her legs shaking.

By silent agreement the two stumbled out of the bathroom, shutting the light off as they went.

“Hey!” John called as lights in the outside room shut off as well. He was encased in darkness again, but this time he could hear the couple outside talking in low voices.

Moments later he could hear soft snoring.

Left here just like a forgotten toy, he thought, at first annoyed. Then his cock started to rise again from the realization of how thoroughly he’d been used then set aside. They hadn’t even bothered to take him off the wall after she’d gotten her fun from him.

In the darkness John started playing with himself slowly, knowing he had all night until Kelly pulled him free.


Several days later John found himself in an odd position that he hadn’t been in for far too long. The days had passed in a blur of first defiance and anger, then unrestrained pleasure. He’d spent so much time inside his sister that he often didn’t know if it was day or not, and he didn’t care.

He was living his greatest fantasy, and it was as great as he could have hoped for.

So he was unaccustomed to be left alone on a dinner tray while Kelly finished her dinner. He’d spent so much time on and in her body he felt cold, though he knew that was just an illusion of his mind.

Idly he strode about the shiny silver tray, letting his eyes adjust to seeing things in the distance once again. He was only a few inches tall but the handle of her butterknife still came up to his ankles, her plate up to his waist. While he knew it would be incredible to run around her room at his current height for some reason he couldn’t quite find the willpower to seek independence.

John felt primally connected to Kelly in a way he couldn’t explain. The sexual satisfaction he’d gotten in the past several days was incredible and addictive.

“So,” she said as she put down her napkin, “I think we’re both enjoying your change of mind lately, don’t you agree?”

Kelly leaned forward and rested her elbows on the table. John pulled his eyes from her breasts, small but massive compared to him, and looked her in the eyes. He didn’t bother to respond; even at his size he was sure she could see his growing erection.

“I thought,” she continued, pushing her butterknife in a small circle. John had to leap over it to avoid getting struck by the handle. “That I might give you your own little option this time.”

John paused as he looked up at her.

“Uh, what are you talking about?” he called up to her.

She stopped the spinning knife just before it could knock him over. It was obvious her question had confused him and otherwise it would have knocked him over.

“All that time in my body,” she said, giving him a pointed look and gesturing up and down her naked torso, “and you were always content and happy as my toy, however I wanted you.”

John didn’t miss the emphasis in that statement.

Kelly looked down at him innocently and blinked her blue eyes.

“There’s gotta be something you wanted, right?”

John paused and looked around the room. He thought about everything he’d been through, both willingly and not. The very idea that he was getting the option to choose something was so out of left field he hadn’t even put any thought into it.

But he’d learned a lot about what Taylor liked, and realized he’d spent very little time in one of his favorite fantasies.

“How about some butt plug time?” he asked loudly, and instantly a wave of awkwardness rushed over him. Despite everything it still felt weird asking his sister to slide him into her ass; but the smile that came across her face put him at ease.

Minutes later a stewardess arrived with the brightest pink toy John had ever seen. Kelly thanked the woman and took it gently, sitting it sideways on the tray next to John. Seeing it in front of him, longer than he was tall, something didn’t seem quite right to John. Its widest point seemed far too large to fit into a woman of Kelly’s size and stature, its base seemed a little too wide as well. At its tip John saw no opening for him to crawl into, only one at the base.

He walked around it again as Kelly stepped away briefly before returning with a bottle of lubricant.

“Uh,” he said as he held up a hand, “This isn’t quite what I—gah!”

Before he could finish speaking Kelly had picked him and the toy back up, holding it upside down from what John had hoped for. Instead of being pushed into it headfirst, so only his feet were exposed as she wore him, his feet were being inserted. A light bulb went off in John’s head just as he slid in past his shoulders. Just as he started to try and talk to Kelly again she gave him a stern look and he felt the toy squeeze him on all sides as he grew slightly.

She made a satisfied noise and flipped the toy upside down. John couldn’t find the air to speak, but he heard the cap of the lubricant bottle pop open and the toy shook as she applied it liberally. A small amount of the slippery liquid dripped all the way from the tip of the toy to settle on the back of his head.

Then, from his upside down and awkward vantage point, John saw Kelly put on foot on the bed and lean forward.

“Good choice bro!” she said happily.

The plug moved forward suddenly and hit soft resistance. John heard her groan and the soft plastic around his ankles squeezed slightly harder. Then the tightness of her sphincter loosened, allowing more and more of the toy to slide inside her back door. Soon John’s vision was occluded by the growing mounds of her toned backside, held apart by one hand.

Then, without warning, her sphincter stretched past the widest part of the toy and forcefully closed around the more narrow neck of the plug. John squawked in surprise as the toy settled deep in her bowels.

He felt Kelly shake and moan as she got used to the toy. Testing, he pushed against the tight material holding him and he felt it move slightly, but not nearly enough to allow him to get an arm free. Kelly gasped when she felt it though, and John knew it was enough for him. Then she released her cheek and put both feet on the ground.

John felt odd being upside down once again, and the swaying of her hips as Kelly walked felt even stranger. Then Kelly did something that made him laugh hysterically despite the ‘wrong’ part of him sticking out of her.

Kelly bent forward in front of the long mirror in the bathroom and pulled her cheeks apart once again. The large toy felt wonderful and every step was incredibly stimulating. But she had to see.

And just as she had planned, instead of seeing her tiny puckered brown hole, in its place she could see John’s smiling face surrounded by the pink base of the toy. Satisfied with how her toy was situated, Kelly stood straight again and began planning what she would do the following day.

“Hang gliding could be fun,” she said to herself, John momentarily forgotten.

John couldn’t believe how long Kelly left him in for. Not that he was entirely sure, of course, but he never could have guessed his sister would enjoy an anal toy for so long. As far as he knew it was three days, but time had lost its meaning. He was only removed for her to do her business, then he was quickly replaced.

She went about her day with him safely stored in her backside, happily pretending everything was completely normal. And for this resort, it was.

More than once John found himself face to face with a giant or giantess who, in the midst of going down on his sister next to the pool, saw his plight and spared him only a giggle and a lick before returning to their main goal. Less comfortable was the feeling of a giant’s balls resting against his face while someone plowed into his sister, but even as their mixed fluids leaked out of her used pussy and onto his face John felt oddly satisfied beyond anything he could have imagined.

The only thing that could have made the situation better was if he’d been able to move enough to pleasure himself. The inability to reach his manhood was driving him crazy.

Finally, after a day of having Kelly’s thong bikini pressed against his face, blocking the sun while she went down on several guys on the beach, John felt himself slide out of her ass for the last time. She flipped the toy upside down, gave him an oddly sad look, then sat him on the same tray that had held her delivered breakfast.

“Hey, uh,” he called as she walked away, sensing the change of energy. “What’s going on?”

There was no response beyond the start of the water from the showerhead. Suddenly there was a jerk and his stomach flipped as a waiter removed the tray from Kelly’s room. John panicked as he was taken away.

“No! Wait!” he yelled, but the waiter ignored him. John couldn’t even be sure if he’d been heard, the pink toy he was encased in was rolling around slightly as the waiter put it on a cart which slowly was filled with more and more trays as the staff finished cleaning other rooms.

In his panic and distress he didn’t realize something extremely important. He hadn’t been abandoned and forgotten. He hadn’t been taken away on accident by careless cleaning staff.

“My time can’t be up!” he yelled at the disembodied voice above him.

After an eternity of waiting and rolling around on the empty breakfast tray another staff member had carefully released him from his pink prison. Before he’d had a chance to protest he’d been dropped into a vacuum tube, just like a bank would use, and after a screaming fast ride he’d found himself dropped into the sterile white room that had already started to become a distant memory.

The computerized voice didn’t response to his protests, but instead the nigh-invisible television turned back on and flashed a message: Please Have A Seat. After a few minutes of frustrated pacing he obeyed. The pristine white couch was as comfortable as he remembered. Though the knowledge of what was about to happen robbed him of any pleasure he may have gotten from it.

“Please enjoy a complementary beverage while reliving a few of your favorite moments from your stay here at Macrovia!” the voice said, and John was startled to find a strawberry daiquiri at his elbow on the small table which had once again appeared almost magically from the floor.

Startled but not stunned after everything that had happened, he picked up the drink. Part of him seemed to realize that he hadn’t eaten or drank anything in far too long. Though he knew this room and the highlight reel that was playing on the wall signaled the greatest time of his life was over, he had to admit it was the best drink he’d ever tasted.

On the wall sized-television in front of him scenes from John’s wildest fantasies were playing, and he was so entranced by what he saw he didn’t even question how the resort had obtained footage of things that he knew for certain involved impossible camera angles.

He watched with awe and recognition as Kelly slid him deep into her snatch on the first day, him struggling and fighting at every moment. An impossible camera somehow showed him being chewed on with the rest of her sashimi, and moments later he watched himself be dragged in slow circles down Kelly’s naked back by the masseuse until he was slid into her asshole.

“I can’t believe I got to do all this,” he said as he watched the personal trainer from the water aerobics class pound Kelly from behind. A close-up of his face when the man’s spunk started to leak onto him made John laugh before the video cut to a view of Kelly walking down a hallway with John’s face sticking out of her butt plug.

As he watched himself be mounted onto the top of the seat of an exercise bike, John felt his resolve build.

He made a decision.

“I can’t stop at this.”


“Thank you so much!” Kelly said to the clerk as she completed the last of her paperwork.

The blonde was sad to be leaving the resort; she’d really had the time of her life. Never before had she felt so free to act on her fantasies, and not just ones involving tiny people. She’d even gotten some true relaxation between her time at the beach and repeated massages. The openness of the people who stayed here had been refreshing and liberating.

“We really enjoyed having you here miss,” the clerk said as she took back the clipboard. “But before you go, management has asked me to keep you here just another moment.”

Kelly paused as she picked up her suitcase, then sat it back on the floor.

“Is something wrong?”

“No miss,” said another worker from Kelly’s left. Kelly turned and saw she was holding a small, ornate brown box and offering it to her. “We just wanted to make sure you got your special going-away present. This doesn’t happen very often so we’d hate to have missed you.”

Kelly took the box, slightly confused but pleasantly surprised. The second clerk gave her a winning smile and Kelly knew whatever this was had to be a good thing.

“Just be sure to return it when you’re finished,” the new staff member told her. “Naturally there are more details in the pamphlet inside. Don’t lose the informational pamphlet or you won’t be able to return your toy. Enjoy!”

Before Kelly could ask any more questions the staff members made themselves scarce. And before she could stand in the lobby and continue to look confused, Kelly pulled her luggage to a small corner of the lobby where she was relatively secluded behind a potted palm tree.

“What is-?” she asked, carefully opening the box before gasping in surprise.

“I didn’t get enough!” John yelled up at her when the lid lifted above him. Bright light shone down on him as she smiled. “Did you?”

Kelly ignored the pamphlet that he was standing on and quickly plucked John out of the box.

“Are you sure about this?” she asked him, sure she knew the answer but wanting to give him a chance to back out. It was one thing to use him so thoroughly at the resort, but out there in the real world?

Kelly started getting wet again, and she didn’t even wait to hear John’s reply. Quickly she tucked him into her small amount of cleavage and opened her suitcase. There was one item she hadn’t gotten to try out during her stay. He quivered nicely against her breast and Kelly didn’t even bother to look around as she slipped out of her shorts and pulled on a different pair of pants halfway up her thighs.

“Oh I hope these work as advertised,” she said to herself as she plucked John out of her bra. He didn’t want to let go of her nipple but her strength overwhelmed his before she even realized he was fighting.

There, in the corner of the hotel lobby, she grew John to five inches tall and carefully lowered him down her pants. Where her panties normally would have been spread by her slightly parted legs there was instead a small harness that John’s feet easily fit into. She knew other small pieces of fabric were worked into the crotch and legs; each of her movements would cause the harness to pump in and out of her slightly.

“Whoa!” John yelled when he realized what was happening. His feet were encased once more in an odd malleable plastic and his hands reached out to the side to support himself against Kelly’s bare legs.

He looked up just in time to see her incredible yet-still-massive snatch only inches above him. Then Kelly’s hands reached the sides of her pants once again.

She heard an excited yell that was quickly cut off when John’s head slid into her snatch as she pulled up her pants quickly. Kelly gasped in pleasure as she was filled again and her eyes unfocused as she wiggled her hips to get the pants on all the way, pushing John across her sensitive walls until her pants were settled around her tiny hips. As she buttoned the surprisingly comfortable dildo pants John started squirming deep in her pussy.

“Perfect,” she said to herself as a stewardess walked by, giving her a knowing and approving grin.

“Hey,” Kelly called to the woman as she picked up the fallen pamphlet. “Can you toss this for me?”

The pamphlet with return instructions was tossed in the trash as Kelly stood outside and hailed the shuttle to the parking garage. As she rode to her car she had a single, small orgasm and smiled to herself.

John pushed gently against his sister’s sensitive insides, already intoxicated with his new position in life. It never occurred to him that it wouldn’t be temporary.

Where You Most Desire by Thatgirlyouknow

Mark held the door open for Ellie and she walked into her home first. Her own hands were occupied holding what appeared to be a very old, large book. He would have held it for her anyway; the two had been friends most of their lives and Mark had always been a gentleman. Ellie was frequently asked if there was more than friendship between them, and she could honestly say no.

Except in her dreams. Mark was an incredible friend, but she knew where she stood in his eyes.

So the two spent their days off from school hanging out and wandering downtown, walking malls, and generally giving off the impression that they were several steps beyond casual friendship.

Which had led them to today’s find.

“What is that dusty old thing?” Ellie’s older sister Megan asked as they walked through the kitchen.

Mark gave her his best smile, which she ignored. Megan had been his crush for years though he’d done his best to hide it. She was several years older, had modest B-cup breasts and incredibly bright red hair with the perfect amount of accompanying freckles. The teenage boy was far from the first person to fall for her.

Ellie, as usual, didn’t notice Mark’s reaction to her sister. She frequently joked that she ‘didn’t do subtle,’ so it would have been a genuine surprise to her that Mark was in puppy-love with her sister. Ellie herself had little in common visually with Megan; she was shorter, had dark hair, and preferred video games to her sister’s ballet hobby. It would have surprised her as well to learn that Megan was jealous of her backside.

“We found it in that weird antique shop next to the arcade downtown,” Ellie said, clinging the book tight to her chest.

Megan gave her an odd look and raised an eyebrow as the two younger teenagers continued walking back toward Ellie’s room.

“Uh, the abandoned place that no one’s been in for years?”

Ellie ignored Megan and kept walking, but Mark turned and shrugged his shoulders.

“It was pretty full when we were in there,” he told her, carefully keeping his eyes from flickering to her chest.

“Mark, come on!” Ellie called to him, and he turned to follow his best friend back to her room.

“You didn’t buy some weird book from a homeless person, did you?” Megan called after them. The only response was the sound of Ellie’s door shutting and music starting behind it.

“Morons,” she muttered to herself as she continued thumbing through her magazine.

Twenty minutes later, Mark and Ellie found themselves sitting cross-legged on opposite sides of a big chalk circle they’d made on a flipped-over rug. Ellie was re-reading a passage in the book they’d purchased, an ancient tome that had no name they could find. For a measly five dollars they’d bought the book from an individual whose appearance now escaped them both. The teens had simply guessed that it would be worth five bucks to thumb through something that was obviously very old.

The fact that the proprietor didn’t seem to walk, so much as ‘glide’ behind the countertop when they made their transaction had been completely ignored.

“Be careful with what you find within,” he’d told them, handing them the book. It had shocked Ellie’s hand as she grabbed it, but it had been easy to ignore. Nor had they noticed the moment they had closed the door behind them to leave the store that they had walked out of an essentially abandoned building.

“Are you sure about this?” Mark asked her, not liking how the room had seemingly gotten colder when the book had opened.

He rubbed his arms, not used to being cold. He’d lifted weights religiously for most of his life and his arms and thighs pushed against his pants, and the muscle mass usually kept him a little too heated. His short black hair did nothing to keep him warm either.

“It’s gonna be fine,” Ellie replied, ignoring how high her skirt was riding. She knew Mark wouldn’t be looking, though she wanted him to. And in a testament to how interesting she thought this tome was, she wasn’t trying to sneak glances at his bulge, which was often prominent alongside his thigh muscles when he sat down.

“Hold your hand into the circle,” she said with a smile, and Mark obeyed instantly.

Ellie loved his smile and almost sighed as she looked into his hazel eyes.

“You know this isn’t gonna do anything actually, right?” she asked him, which made him laugh a little. Ellie realized he was actually a little tense if that was what made him laugh. After years of friendship she knew his moods.

“Well yeah,” he replied, making strong eye contact with his best friend’s blue eyes. “But I’d hate to be in the opening scene of a horror movie too.”

“Ready to be sent to the place you truly desire?” she asked him.

She’d chosen this ‘spell’ from the book as a last-ditch effort to get Mark to notice her as something more than a friend. Roughly halfway through the tome, which was very clearly intended to be a very well-done prop spellbook (probably from a movie), they’d found a spell which would send a person ‘To the place you truly desire.’

And since magic wasn’t a real thing, when nothing happened Ellie was going to pretend it had worked, and that Mark was already where he most wanted to be. In her mind she could already see herself leaning across the chalk circle, finally feeling his lips on hers. Her nipples hardened through her shirt.

Mark, holding out his hand, simply said, “Sure, let’s do this.”

Ellie held up her hand as the book indicated and started chanting. She was fairly sure her pronunciation was terrible, but with each round of strange words she felt something grow within her. The anticipation of finally kissing Mark, she assumed.

Mark, on the other hand, was simply enjoying his friend being so interested in this magic business. He knew nothing would happen, even though the hair on his arms was starting to stand on end.

Neither teen noticed the light from the sun dim slightly, as though heavy clouds had passed by.

“So mote it be!” Ellie said silently, and reached forward to tap on Mark’s hand.

This is it! she thought to herself, fully intending on grasping his hand and leaning forward for a kiss that would hopefully turn into far more.

Ellie leaned forward and Mark suddenly felt cold shoot through his entire body. Her hand approached at a glacial pace, yet despite all of his senses screaming at him, he could not withdraw his own hand. Then there was a surprisingly strong static shock when her palm touched his, and the two teens blinked as their hands jerked back and away.

“Ow!” Ellie said, shaking her hand and giving it a quick looked to make sure it wasn’t burned. “What the hell?”

So much for my—she looked upward at Mark to see if he’d felt it too, ­plan….

“Uh. Mark?” she asked the empty room.

The dark-haired teen looked around quickly, but somehow it seemed obvious what had happened. She knew she should have been worried. Upset, even. But she knew in her soul the spell had worked. The room suddenly seemed colder and she shivered, quickly scuffing the circle she’d drawn with chalk with one foot.

Her heart fell as she looked at the spot where Mark had been sitting. Now there wasn’t even a trace of him.

“And there goes my chance,” she said with a sigh, shaking her head. Frustrated, she tossed the ancient tome onto her desk. “Can’t believe that damn thing actually worked.”

“I hope you’re happy,” Ellie said aloud as she sat on the edge of her bed. “Wherever that sent you.”


Mark shook his hand and swore silently. Despite the shock it was obvious he wasn’t burned, but Mark had never felt anything quite like that before.

“Ellie, what the hell-?” he started to ask as he looked at his friend. Instead of Ellie sitting across from him he was in a massive room the size of a gymnasium. The walls were the color of untreated wood and the roof had been removed. Instantly he was disoriented; something in his body was sounding alarms he didn’t know he had.

“What is-?” Mark asked as he stood. Far above him he realized the light wasn’t coming from the sun, but a massive lightbulb in a flowery fixture. The sky looked strange, but he realized it was simply a textured ceiling impossibly far away. His bare feet were on some kind of hardwood floor and all around him were massive objects that resisted description. He was sure that he was dreaming.

Distantly something boomed and he looked upward again. As Mark did so he realized the objects around him weren’t unidentifiable, he was just seeing them from a strange angle. His eyes were getting used to the new, strange light, and everything around him was a vibrant color that almost hurt his eyes. But he knew the ridges and shape of one of the objects and a quick glance around helped him several of the building-sized objects that surrounded him.

“I’m in a desk drawer,” he said aloud, trying not to panic. The booming grew louder.

In a disbelieving voice he added, “And that’s a train-sized dildo.”

The sky above darkened and Mark screamed as he looked upward.

“Megan!” he called out, jumping and waving his arms.

He wasn’t sure how, but his crush was far overhead. She was naked but he could only see her shoulder and face as she looked through another drawer, not paying attention. Despite the situation his manhood leapt to attention; he’d only ever seen her naked in his dreams.

“Hey!” he yelled as she straightened, and he was stunned into silence when he finally saw one of her perfect breasts. The objects he’d been lusting after for years.

Then her eyes caught his movement and tracked to Mark.

“What the hell?” Megan said as she turned and looked at him like he was a cockroach. The surprise on her face was evident, and she sat down the bottle of lubricant in her other hand before she could drop it.

“Mark?” she asked, leaning forward. She was too stunned to bother covering up, and she was thoroughly annoyed. The redhead had just taken a shower and was ready for her nightly masturbation marathon, and now somehow her little sister’s crush was two inches tall and stuck in her toy drawer.

“What the fuck?” Megan said, and Mark ducked as her massive hand wrapped around him. He resisted the urge to scream as his stomach leapt and he was yanked upward. Before he knew it he was eye level with her and dropped to all fours on her palm to avoid being dropped.

“Megan!” he yelled, but she spoke over him.

“What. Are. You. Doing?” she asked, clearly angry.

Mark tried to stammer out an answer but realized he didn’t have one. The thought of the magic book briefly flashed through his mind but he could tell that Megan wouldn’t be happy with a long explanation.

“Uh, it was where I really wanted to be!” he called out instead, instantly recognizing that he had said the very wrong answer.

“Is that so?” she asked rhetorically. Her eyes narrowed.

“Well, you’re blind to Ellie loving you, but I’m not blind to you being into me,” Megan said, giving Mark a smile that he misinterpreted as excited. His spirits lifted. “Get naked.”

In a flash he had thrown his clothes over the side of her hand and stood naked on her palm. He wasn’t sure if he should cover himself or not, so he gambled and kept his hands behind his back.

Megan shrugged at the sight. “Not bad, but I’m gonna go ahead and skip the awkward love triangle garbage.”

Mark tried to ask her what she meant, but his stomach leapt again as her hand shifted. He was dumped onto the table unceremoniously and even through his confusion he suddenly realized this wasn’t going to go how he’d briefly hoped.

His crush was as beautiful as he could have ever hoped fully naked, but the table he was on was just a little too high to see her vagina. Mark was harder than he’d ever been, but he nervously watched Megan root through the drawer he’d just been pulled from, muttering to herself all the while. His survival instincts won out and he resisted the urge to run to the edge of the desk to see what her outer lips looked like.

“Here!” she said in a frustrated voice, slamming something down onto the table next to him. Mark fell from the shockwave and was stunned to see a small, metallic butt plug with a very narrow neck at the bottom.

“I’ve never been into these, this only got used once” Megan told him as he stood back up, producing a bottle of glue as though by magic. “But I think Ellie’s more a backdoor gal.”

Mark’s heart fell as Megan gave him a cruel smile.

“I’m really glad you’re finally gonna make my sister happy.”

“Wait!” he tried to yell as two fingers encircled him.

His giantess crush didn’t wait, and immediately something cold and viscous was against his back. Mark squirmed for all he was worth but cold metal soon followed and he felt the glue start to set instantly. Before he knew it Megan was able to remove her hold on him and he was stuck on his back, staring at the ceiling.

Mark’s back was completely stuck to the metal plug, and his head was just below the toy’s tip. He had the horrifying realization that he was basically now a turtle on its back; limbs swinging but completely stuck.

“Megan!” he cried out, suddenly terrified, “This isn’t what I wanted! Let me go!”

She just smiled at him, a smile he’d wished he’d been able to receive at full size. Then she put a finger on her lips, pretending to think hard.

“Uh, no,” she said after a moment. “Enjoy my sister’s asshole.”


That evening, Ellie sat at the edge of her bed, completely naked. She gave herself a once-over in the mirror and thought about Mark. Her phone had stayed silent since he’d vanished, and she’d spent the rest of the day poring over the ancient tome to see if there was a reversal spell, all for naught.

“I guess I might as well move on,” she said with a sigh. Then Ellie smiled and looked at her underwear drawer. The thought of the toys inside it made her smile, as always. They weren’t Mark, but they still knew all her favorite places.

“And I know just how to do it,” the dark-haired teen told herself.

Ellie’s drawer slid open silently and without looking she reached inward. She knew each of her toys by feel, and tonight she needed something large in her backdoor. Initially she’d started playing with her brown hole as a backup to get Mark more interested in her, but she’d been stunned how good it truly felt. Today, the day that she accidentally sent him to points unknown, seemed like a good day to really stretch herself out while imagining it was actually him.

But then her fingers brushed against something cold and metallic. Automatically she grabbed it, her eyes narrowing in confusion.

“I don’t have a metal-“ she started to say, until she saw what she truly held.

“Mark!” she squealed with delight. This new butt plug looked amazing, from its wide base to its narrow neck which made it perfect for all-day wear. But seeing the love of her life secured on the end of it made her heart soar. Especially when she made the mental connection of why he was there.

He tried to say something but she was simply too excited to let him get a word in. Her voice was shaking and Mark realized she was almost in tears from joy, but he struggled all the same.

“No!” he tried to yell, but he’d been stuck in this position for so long it was difficult to catch his breath.           “This isn’t what I-“

“I can’t believe that this is where it sent you!” Ellie exclaimed, almost too happy to speak.

“Why did you tell me you wanted to be with me more than anything?”

While she spoke she couldn’t help but swing the butt plug around gently, and Mark felt his stomach heave in concert with the movement. He wanted more than anything to yell and scream and to tell her what had actually happened; but he was terrified if he opened his mouth he’d lose his breakfast. The swinging stopped and he opened his mouth to try and explain but she was still talking.

“Ellie please wait you don’t—”

“I never told you I loved you,” she spoke over him without even realizing he was trying to speak, and Mark realized she was letting loose emotions that must have built up over years. As she confessed he suddenly felt terrible for not even noticing her emotions toward him, but he realized her feelings for him weren’t nearly as important as whatever she seemed to think was happening.

“No, that’s-“ he tried to break in as she spoke, but her words rolled right over him.

“And honestly,” Ellie finished, “I’m really really thrilled that you picked this toy to come on.”

She turned and walked to the bed, letting her hands swing by her sides. Mark was stunned to see she wasn’t wearing any pants or panties. Had it been almost any other woman he would have been excited; but he’d known Ellie for so long the very idea of thinking of her sexually was completely alien. He’d seen her in various states of undress multiple times and never once had he imagined her instead of her sister.

Then he screamed as she threw herself onto the bed, something he’d seen her do a thousand times before, but never with him swinging wildly as though he were on a violent roller-coaster.

“I’ve wanted you in my ass for so long,” Ellie said in a tone that Mark didn’t recognize. A tone that terrified him.

He drew in breath to scream but before he could let it out her lips were surrounding the toy, her tongue bathing him in her saliva. Mark sputtered as her spit filled his mouth and she moaned. Ellie would never admit it, but she’d fantasized about what he would taste like for years. Now she knew and it excited her beyond all reason.

Ellie pulled the plug from her mouth with a ‘pop!’ that made Mark scream as his eardrums rang. The giant girl giggled, thinking he was yelling from excitement.

“I’m glad you agree!” she said excitedly, rolling onto all fours.

As she had a thousand times before, she leaned forward and reached backward.

“No! No!” Mark tried to yell as his metallic ride was moved toward her backside. But it was moving too fast and Ellie was moaning with anticipation; his cries for help went unheard.

“This isn’t what I wanted!” he screamed as he saw her puckered brown hole.

His thoughts flashed to his excitement when Megan had first seen him, when he’d first realized where he was. There had been some blissful moments where he imagined the giant redhead plunging his body in and out of her sex in the ultimate fulfillment of a hormone driven fantasy. Mark had even gotten a look at her magnificent breasts and had seen the bevy of toys that she liked to fill herself with.

He’d been moments from bliss with the girl of his dreams.

And instead his best friend’s asshole was fast approaching.

“Oh, Mark!” Ellie said as she relaxed her backdoor.

“No! Ellie!” he screamed, lifting his hands to shield his face. Fast approaching was her brown hole, and he watched it twitch and seemingly relax, hungry to devour him.

Ellie moaned as the cool metal contacted her sensitive skin. Her anus spread easily to accommodate the toy; she’d been searching for a much larger one before she’d found Mark on this wonderful new toy. It didn’t even occur to her to think of where the smooth plug had come from. If the magic book had shrunk him, why couldn’t it also have attached him like this to a wonderful new plug?

She tried to push it in slowly to feel Mark finally entering her body and she wasn’t disappointed. The smooth metal had a distinct bump on it, and as her ass swallowed more and more of it she could feel Mark gently stroking her sphincter as he slid inside. The knowledge that he was finally going where he most desired almost drove her to orgasm before she’d even started fingering herself.

Mark fought for all he was worth but his arms were too slick and her anus easily overwhelmed him. His arms and legs kicked and slipped over her wrinkled flesh as the round muscle engulfed him so tightly that in moments his arms were easily held overhead.

“Please, nooo!” he tried to yell as her anus slipped over his face. Before he closed his mouth her darker skin pushed hard through his own lips and he tasted his friend in a way he’d never, ever wanted. Mark turned his head but only found more of her hot, pulsing flesh everywhere as it continued to slide down his body.

Soon her sphincter had engulfed him completely and he could only feel the wet insides of her colon moving slowly as the rest of the plug was pushed into her rectum. With every attempted scream he got a mouthful of nightmarish fluids. Every breath filled his lungs with air he couldn’t even start to think about. The heat was overwhelming.

And then there was a sudden forward jerk as the last of the plug entered Ellie’s backdoor. Her sphincter greedily closed around the narrow neck of the plug and only the jeweled heart base kept it from sliding completely inside of her.

There was a moment where all Mark could hear was Ellie’s distant heartbeat and the horrifying sounds of her insides moving gently, uncaring that they had swallowed a living, unwilling being. Then Mark lost his mind.

Ellie paused with the toy completely buried in her backside. It was surprisingly comfortable, though not as large as one that she enjoyed more often. One finger almost touched her clit, then she withdrew it. She had to know.

The plug vibrated gently. Something inside her rectum moved as though tiny hands and feet were pushing on her soft walls. The vibrating grew and grew until Ellie knew, without a doubt, that Mark was doing everything he could to make this wonderful for her.

“I love you Mark,” she moaned as her finger flew to her clit.

“No!” Mark screamed, pushing with all four limbs to keep the wall of her rectum away from his face. He couldn’t tell that every movement shook the entire plug, though an amused observer could have watched the heart shaped base slowly spin between Ellie’s cheeks.

“Please!” he cried out, knowing that Ellie had completely the wrong idea. That Megan had engineered all of this. That he’d been moments from living his greatest dream, if only he’d caught the redheaded goddess in a better mood.

“Let me out!” he screamed.

Ellie came with a scream, pushing her face into her pillow. It wasn’t how she’d wanted Mark inside of her, but it would do.

She panted heavily as she came down from her orgasm. The plug was still vibrating and she loved the sensation more than she’d ever thought she could love anything. The girl was intoxicated with the knowledge that the love of her life was now her forever toy, by his own choice.

“Oh yeah,” she moaned, “This will do!”

The dark-haired teen forced herself to pull her hand away from her sopping pussy, and she rolled onto her back. The motion pushed the plug just a little further into herself and caused the vibrating to hit in just a slightly different way. Before she could tempt herself to masturbate again she pushed herself off the bed and stood.

With shaking legs she walked to her dresser, fulling intending on grabbing her vibrating egg and slipping it into her pussy for hours of fun. Then her phone buzzed twice.

Reflexively she checked her messages and saw that her friends were already on their way to pick her up for the movies.

“Oh shit!” she exclaimed, having completely forgotten in the confusion of the day.

Quickly she turned back toward her bed, intending on slipping the plug out of her ass. Then she paused, enjoying the pleasant vibrations. Infatuated with the idea of having Mark inside of her.

Maybe forever? she questioned as she bit her lip. It’s what he wanted.

With a confident smile she started getting dressed instead. Each shake of the plug drove pleasure through the very core of her being and she knew her love of anal was only going to increase with such a willing, permanent, loving toy.

I hope he comes off from that plug halfway easy, she thought as she grabbed her purse. A quick step almost gave her another orgasm from bouncing the plug inside her ass when she jogged to the front door. I’ve got so many other toys to try with him!

Mark cried out, horrified at what he was coming to realize. His arms, his legs, his body weren’t getting tired. The air, which he was sure would kill him, he was only getting used to. And the rhythmic movements he could feel as low rumbles through his body meant she was walking.

“Ellie!” he called out, braving a mouthful of her soft flesh for a call he knew she would never hear. “This is wrong! It was supposed to be your sister!”

“Hey girls!” Ellie called out, jogging to her friend’s car with a smile on her face. “Ready for a great night?”

“Hell yeah,” said Becca, looking around exaggeratedly, “Kinda surprised Mark’s not around, does this mean your plan to confess….” she trailed off, letting Ellie finish her question for her.

“Well,” Ellie said with an impish smile, “I think we both got what we wanted.”

A Twisted Fantasy by Thatgirlyouknow
Author's Notes:

Here's my last commission, another fun take on an exciting relationship!

Jen took a long drink of her coffee, smiling as Anna rolled the idea around in her mind. The two had shared more secrets with each other than most grown women ever had the opportunity to, but this most recent one she had kept closer, purely for her husband’s sake. She was worried he’d be embarrassed, but the couple’s relationship with Anna had grown deep over the years.

“So he…” Anna said, trailing off and looking around the coffee shop suspiciously. When it was obvious no one was near she continued: “He gets off on the idea of being so small he can climb into your pussy?”

The redhead smiled and sat her coffee down, leaning forward conspiratorially.

“Oh yeah,” she replied with a nod, “There’s whole communities about this stuff. The front stuff is called unbirth, but he’s really into vore and, well, you know.”

“No! I don’t know!” Anna exclaimed, not sure if she liked what she was hearing but oddly excited by it. It had been a long time since she’d found a fetish she never even knew about. She lowered her voice again.

“What the heck is vore?” the brunette asked.

“Oh you poor thing,” Jen said with a smile as she drained the last of her coffee and rose from her seat. “Let’s talk in the car on the way back to my place.”

Twenty minutes later Jen was guiding Anna into her house, surprised that her husband Andrew wasn’t there yet. Anna was still wrapping her mind around what Jen had told her. Part of her was confused by the idea but another part of her knew she’d be searching for it on the internet that very evening.

“So wait,” Anna said as she tossed her jacket on the couch and kicked off her shoes, “He wants to be a small guy so you can put him up your ass and eat him?”

Jen laughed at her friend’s description but nodded.

“Obviously it’s just a fantasy,” she called as she walked to the kitchen. There was the distinct sound of a cork popping as Anna turned on the television and turned on a video streaming service. “But we roleplay it quite a bit and wow! does it get him going.”

“And there’s other people that are into this?” Anna asked as the movie list appeared slowly and Jen reappeared with a glass of wine for her. Anna sat in the recliner and shifted her hips downward slightly.

“Mmmhmm!” Jen said as she started unbuttoning her blouse. “Search it on the net and you’ll be stunned at what some people have come up with.”

Her shirt hit the floor and Anna smiled, watching her friend’s breasts bounce in her gray bra. She took a drink of wine, ready to start that afternoon’s action.

“But you see,” Jen breathed as she knelt in front of her friend, ready to get this threesome started whether Andrew got off work on time or not, “It’s not just him that’s into this.”

She started kissing her way up her friend’s leg, starting at the knee. Anna’s eyes grew wide with anticipation as her long-time friend’s face approached her burning desire.

“At first I just wanted to do whatever got Andrew going-“ Jen planted a kiss at Anna’s mid-thigh, “but then I started thinking about it, and watching some of the videos he found-“ her tongue slid higher up Anna’s inner thigh, eliciting a gasp, “it started getting me too.”

Anna started to respond when Jen’s practiced hands flipped her short skirt up and a finger started tracing the outside of her panty-less labia, just lightly stroking her as her tongue approached far. Too. Slowly.

The brunette started breathing heavily and tried to slide her ample backside further down the recliner, closer to her friend’s face. The random cooking show she’d picked on the television was already forgotten, pleasant background noise to the afternoon’s fun. Jen just giggled and backed up, knowing her friend wasn’t good at dealing with anticipation.

“Imagine,” she said as she saw her friend’s outer lips start glistening, “a tiny man, whose entire life and every decision led to the moment he got slid into your pussy.”

With that said she plunged a finger into Anna who groaned with pleasure. Jen curled her finger and rubbed it on what she knew was Anna’s most sensitive area, the top of her tender canal.

“Just think,” she told her friend as looked her in the eyes, “someone’s life only matters so you can have an orgasm.”

A second finger slid into her friend and Jen leaned forward to give her clit a quick lick. She could already tell her dirty talk was getting Anna ready for a small orgasm. Her friend had always been quick to cum and combined with her high sex drive she had fit in perfectly with Jen and Andrew’s sex life.

Or perhaps more appropriately Andrew had fit into theirs; Jen and Anna had been intermittently physically involved since high school.

“Will he survive when you cum?”

Anna gasped as Jen licked her again, wiggling her fingers in a rhythm that combined with her words could almost convince her there was a tiny human struggling in her snatch. The idea of a little man who might even die just for her pleasure made her feel powerful in a way that had never even occurred to her. Her orgasm approached as the feeling of power rose up within her.

“If he doesn’t,” she moaned as Jen leaned forward and began tasting her in earnest, “Why don’t you just lick him out of meeee?”

Anna cried out as she had a small orgasm courtesy of her friend who masterfully played with her senses as she had a hundred times before. It wasn’t earth-shaking, but she knew it was only the first of the afternoon.

“Oh, started without me, huh?” she heard Andrew say from the distance as her senses refocused. Her racing heart slowed slightly as her eyes focused on the new trim figure on the far side of the living room.

Her old friend’s husband was certainly the more fit of their trio, a tall distance runner with a sexual appetite that matched both the women in his life. Even before he’d proposed to Jen he’d known about her frequent liaisons with her old friend, and like most men he hadn’t minded at all. Especially since that led to almost monthly threesomes, surprisingly balanced encounters that the three had enjoyed for years without running into any of the hurdles that triplets frequently do.

Jen tried to pull her face back from Anna’s snatch, but instead Anna just grabbed her old friend’s red ponytail and held her where her friend immediately got the hint. Her tongue kept flickering along Anna’s outer lips gently, teasing her toward another slow orgasm.

Andrew smiled as he watched the action and left a trail of clothes behind him as he walked toward the women locked in their erotic embrace. Anna locked eyes with him, then eagerly looked down at his rapidly swelling manhood. In an unspoken invitation Jen wiggled her hips at her husband, unable to turn and see him but after ten years of marriage knowing exactly what he wanted.

“Don’t mind if I do,” Andrew said as he knelt behind his wife. He gave Anna a grin as he drove himself into Jen, causing her to squeal in delight, her voice muffled by Anna’s sex.

“Eat up dear,” he said in a loving tone as he started thrusting, and Anna came again as she imagined the last scenario she’d given Jen before Andrew had arrived: eating a tiny, struggling man right out of her snatch.


Three weeks later Anna approached the front of her friend’s ranch-style home. It had been weeks since their last encounter, and while they’d gone longer without she couldn’t deny the urge had been growing. The triplet made it a point to get together as frequently as their busy schedules would allow, which wasn’t nearly as often as Anna would like.

But she knew an arrangement as great as what they had was a delicate thing to maintain; she’d never tried to sleep with Andrew if Jen wasn’t there to lend a hand. Or a mouth. Andrew didn’t mind the two women having their own playtime, but Jen had been out of town for the past two weeks and Anna was missing her friend. Relationships on her own had been less than fulfilling when compared to how well her longtime friend could pleasure her.

The door opened silently with her spare key and she dropped her purse on the table in the hallway. The brunette shrugged out of her tiny jacket, leaving her only in a bright pink blouse and short frilly skirt that she knew Jen would enjoy. After she kicked her shoes off, she picked her purse up again and walked further into the oddly silent house.

“Andrew?” she called out. “I’m gonna freshen up real quick!”

Anna didn’t even notice the continued silence from the rest of the house as she checked her social media while she ducked into the restroom. Several minutes later she stepped back out into the hallway and put her phone away after checking her makeup one last time. She’d been sure to redo her eyeliner with the cheapest brand she could find; both Jen and Andrew enjoyed how it looked when tears from their rougher play ran down her cheeks.

With a confident smile she looked down the hallway to where her friend’s bedroom was.

“Oh, Aaandreeeew!” she called playfully down the hall when there was no sign of her friend’s husband, “Did you forget we were playing today?”

There was only silence in response and the faint ticking of the large clock in their dining room. Anna rolled her eyes.

“I saw your truck out front, I hope you’re not trying to scare me because you know I’ll hit you!”

Nothing moved in the house.

“Andrew?” she called out again, stepping forward. “Are you asleep?”

“Hey!” Andrew screamed at Anna, jumping up and down, waving his arms madly. He could only see part of her giant form in the hallway; from his perch on the dining room table he’d been able to observe most of her movements aside from her time in the restroom.

Not that it had done any good. The brunette was completely oblivious to his yelling despite the house being completely silent. His voice simply didn’t carry the way he thought it would.

Instead of hearing his tiny yelling, Anna vanished down the hallway, her footsteps sounding like distant thunder in his ears.

When he’d awakened on the wooden table hours ago Andrew had been sure he was dreaming. The event certainly had all the elements of a dream: he didn’t remember how he got there. The world wasn’t obeying ‘real’ rules. He’d had dreams where he was small before, certainly, but this was by far the most vivid.

After several minutes of running across the busy table, exploiting the strange physics of the dream that allowed him to run at full speed without tiring, some thoughts began to occur to him. As he leapt over a decorative plastic apple he realized that he was a little cold. The distant clock was ticking along steadily and he could feel the smooth, lacquered wood under his feet.

But most importantly, when he landed off-center the air was knocked out of him with an ‘oof!’ as he rolled.

The minutes spent exploring the massive world around him turned to hours as he realized something impossible had happened.

“This isn’t a dream at all,” he breathed as he picked himself up from tripping over the handle of a fork.

Then the door had clicked open and Anna, Jen’s old friend and Andrew’s part-time cock holster, had appeared. His eyes flickered to the clock and back to the massive pink-clad brunette as reality truly set in.

“No! Anna!” he yelled after her as she vanished down the hallway. “I’m not asleep!”

Her steps continued and he could hear her calling playfully for him.

“I’m right here,” Andrew whispered dejectedly as she searched around the house, like he was playing a game of hide-and-seek.

Knowing Anna, it would be an hour before she realized something was wrong. The brunette was the walking definition of ‘ditzy;’ the perfect woman to seek for a one-night stand.


So instead of the immediate rescue he’d been hoping for, Andrew sat on the edge of a spoon and waited. In the distance he could hear Anna searching through the rest of the house, somehow convinced he was hiding from her in a strange new form of foreplay. Occasional giggles balanced out his frustrated silence.

Finally, after an eternity, she reappeared with a confused look on her face. Andrew stood and yelled her name again, but she was too busy checking her phone to notice. Instead she idly walked into the kitchen and sat her purse on the far end of the table from him. Without looking up she opened the fridge door and pulled a bottle of white wine from the door before bumping it shut with her hip.

There was a loud ping from the behind Andrew and he jumped as something massive rumbled twice.

How did I not see that? he wondered incredulously.

“Ugh,” Anna said, setting down the wine bottle and walking toward the phone on the table, “Who leaves the house without their phone?”

She picked up Andrew’s phone and activated it, seeing only the notification for her text.

“I better call Jen, they must have forgotten,” she mumbled as she sat the phone back down.

Then movement drew her eye.

She screeched as she drew her hand back, ready to smash the spider reflexively.

Andrew dove out of the way when the phone came crashing down, almost smashing him while Anna screamed. He threw himself back to his feet and jumped up and down, waving his arms again.

“Anna stop!” he called as loudly as he could, “It’s me! It’s-“

He saw the look on her face and readied himself to leap out of the way of her descending fist, even if the dive carried him off the table. Then her eyes narrowed and he saw realization dawn.

“Holy shit! Andrew?” Her hand lowered slowly and she leaned forward.

“Yes!” he shouted, “It’s me! It’s-“

“Oh. My God!” she squealed, her face getting uncomfortably close to Andrew. Her breath washed over him and he smelled lingering orange juice and vodka.

“How did you get like that?” Anna asked, standing. The act made Andrew slightly nauseas; nothing that big had any business moving that quickly.

He shouted up at her, trying to tell her what he knew. That he’d only woken up like this perhaps two hours ago and he was as confused as her. But it was soon evident she couldn’t hear.

Andrew stopped shouting when he saw a devilish smile cross her face. It wasn’t lost on him that her nipples were now pressing through her shirt, each larger than his head. The massive brunette bit her lip gently.

“I can’t hear you at all, little man,” she said in a tone Andrew recognized as her ‘authority’ voice. “But I’ll let you in on a secret,” she continued with a whisper, leaning forward until her lips were mere inches from his body. The air from her voice almost knocked him backward.

“Jen told me about your little man fantasies.”

Andrew felt a wave of cold shoot through his body when he realized what she meant. Not just embarrassment, that his wife had shared such a dirty fantasy with a friend. Even though they both regularly nailed this friend.

If she thinks we did this on purpose…was all he had time to think before her tongue shot out from between her lips and struck him in the chest. Her quick lick launched him backward and she let out a deep throaty laugh as she stood and watched him clamber back to his feet. Without thinking he tried to wipe the saliva from his chest.

“What do you want me to do with you first?” Anna asked as Andrew’s one-inch form stood, marveling at her beauty from his spot on the table. She could only imagine the thoughts running through his head: joy at getting to live out his greatest fantasy? The thrill of knowing he was about to be completely dominated? Or was he terrified now that he and Jen had somehow made this scientific, sensual marvel finally occur?

A finger snaked between the bright pink waistline of her skirt and her skin; she hadn’t bothered with panties today. Anna began swaying her hips from side to side as she pushed her hand deeper. She could tell Andrew was liking what he saw, but she felt empowered by the thought that it didn’t truly matter what he wanted. Which was, in itself, something he wanted, but Anna’s thoughts didn’t run deeply in that direction.

She gasped when her finger lightly tickled her clit and she knew what she wanted to do first.

Gently she reached forward and picked Andrew up between two fingers. Her tongue snaked out and licked his entire body; at less than an inch tall she could easily taste him all in one swipe. He sputtered from her saliva but she didn’t wait to assess his reaction.

“That was a rhetorical question,” she said with a smile. “I’m not wearing any panties, so try not to fall, okay?”

Andrew had a moment of fear as her hand lowered, sure he was going to be stuffed headfirst into her snatch. Her airless, wet, squeezing snatch that would surely crush the life from him. He’d noticed how he seemed to be disproportionally strong and fast at his size, but so far there was no guessing as to whether he was now more resistant to damage.

If she slipped him into her pussy it was completely possible it would be his final resting place.

Then her hand moved around behind her. He couldn’t see but he knew she must have bent over the kitchen table; the back of her skirt had ridden upward and her massive backside, admirable even before she was the size of a skyscraper, was revealed. Then her free hand came around behind and pulled her cheeks apart.

“Be good for me, okay?” Anna said as she pushed Andrew against her brown backdoor. She felt him squirm against her sensitive flesh and let out a sigh. She wanted to push him in so badly, but she also knew if she got too busy too quickly then when Jen finally arrived she’d be too tired for much else.

So instead she carefully let go of her left cheek and let her globes smash shut around her best friend’s husband.

Andrew let out a startled squeak as her finger retreated. Gravity tried to do its work but he dug his hands into her wrinkled skin reflexively, trying not to think about how close he was to a true nightmare. He’d fantasized about anal vore hundreds of times, sure. But even as well as Anna tended to clean herself out before their sessions he knew it would never be clean enough for him to explore comfortably.

Even if the air itself didn’t-

“Whoa!” he screamed as the walls suddenly caved in on him. One moment he was clinging to anything he could to avoid a mile-long fall to the cold linoleum floor, the next he was pushing against an endless wave of skin to get enough room to breathe.

Instantly he panicked.

“Let me out!” he cried out as he struggled for air. Her brown hole pushed against his back threateningly.

Anna stood with a smile, letting her skirt fall back down to cover *most* of her backside again. Andrew was doing his best to pleasure her and while the tickling and movement didn’t quite mimic a boyfriend’s probing finger the knowledge that it was a person who was a gentle push away from being engulfed in her rectum did wonders for her morale.

“Oh Andrew!” she said with mock surprise, placing a hand on her heart, “If you like it so much back there why didn’t you just say so?”

With a giggle she picked up her purse and walked to the hall. Each step moved Andrew slightly in her crack and pushed him against her anus. The motion was small but she felt heat blossom in her belly immediately. The power she felt casually holding a human being pressed up against her anus was intoxicating.

Is this what guys feel like when they get rough? No wonder they always want to make me gag!

In her best friend’s room she carefully crawled onto the bed, not bothering to remove her skirt. On her back she simply pulled it up slightly so that the pretend covering of her privates was no longer in the way. After a quick lick to a fingertip she lowered her hand and found her clit.

Instantly a shock of pleasure ran through her body; her body was already crying out for its first orgasm.

Andrew screamed with effort to pull his hand free from Anna’s twitching hole. He was disoriented from being smushed but now that she was laying down he had a good idea of what was going on. Her massive gluteal muscles were clenching and relaxing, forcing him to choose between falling and being smashed under her bulk or clinging to hopefully not be crushed by her squeezing muscles.

Thus far he’d chosen to stay, but a stray hand had accidentally been pushed against her sphincter just as Anna spasmed and before he’d realized it the muscle had clamped around his arm up to the elbow.

In the distance she moaned but Andrew could almost feel her body vibrating more than he could actually hear her voice. At times there was mumbling, dirty talk he was sure, but he was too concerned with survival to pay attention.

Then he had a realization: He’d been fighting for his life for what seemed like an eternity, but he wasn’t tired. Her muscles were far larger than he and he should have been flattened like a bug, yet here he was. Her anal sphincter was squeezing hard enough that his arm should have been crushed, yet all he felt was minor discomfort.

Even when she’d been walking and he’d felt his body be twisted in bizarre ways by her simple movements, he’d simply snapped back into his regular shape without lasting damage.

He wasn’t going to die, he realized.

Hell yeah! Andrew thought as another powerful squeeze did little more than make him feel cramped, I’m gonna live!

Just as he started shifting his body, intending to use his feet to tickle Anna’s backdoor, a stronger contraction held him still despite his strongest pushes. He froze, recognizing the trademark cry of Anna’s as she had her first orgasm, and he realized with surprise that he must have only been against her backside for a few minutes, not the hours it had seemed like.

Then she relaxed and Andrew resumed his shifting. He wasn’t on board with being pushed into her rectum; now that the possibly was very real he wasn’t so sure about sliding through that dark hole. But he sure wasn’t going to give up the chance to have some fun either. Andrew felt one foot press against her backdoor and let his hand rest on his cock.

Surely now that she’d came she’d retrieve him and they’d talk about this situation, right? She had to know this was some bizarre mistake.

Right? he questioned internally as the world adjusted around him once more. The bottom of his foot only slid across the wrinkled skin of sphincter briefly before he fell backward with a shout as her cheeks were pulled apart again.

He landed on the blanket with an ‘oof!’ and only had a moment to recover before a massive hand scooped him up once more. There was some odd jiggling as Anna tried to balance him on her finger, then lifted her hand slightly.

In the distance he could see her smiling face looking down at him, peering between her massive breasts.

She smiled down at him exactly as she’d smiled at him before when he came for air after going down on her.

“Andrew,” she said between breaths, “I can’t believe how hot this is. You better be able to make this happen more often.”

And then shifted her hips, obscuring him from her vision as her hand lowered again.

“Hey, wait a second!” Andrew yelled as her backdoor presented itself once more. He loved spending time in that hole at full size, sure, and playing at the door without sliding inside it had been fun once he knew he wasn’t going to get smashed. But the idea of really being pushed into there?

“Damnit Jen!” he whispered, wishing his wife had never confided in Anna.

Online and in stories the idea of sliding into some woman’s asshole while she went about her day had been extremely appealing. But now that the opportunity was approaching at finger-speed he wasn’t so sure.

“Can we talk about this!?”

Anna groaned as she felt her finger and new toy push against her backdoor.

“Gah!” he yelled as her brown hole pushed against his face.

It opened easily against the pressure of her finger and Andrew felt her puckered skin slide over his face. For a moment he felt the heat of her insides roll over him in a comfortable wave, then her finger stopped pushing. He was pushed hard against her thick ring of muscle and he was too stunned to move. Desperately he held his breath, knowing this part of the experience never made it into his fantasy.

His legs were completely within her and he kicked reflexively against her skin, hoping desperately it was only her skin. Then her finger began sliding back and forth gently. He could feel his legs push against her sphincter and then kick out into open space of her colon before returning. His face pushed hard against her backdoor as he was completely engulfed, then her finger slid back out to give him a breath of fresh air.

Anna made herself hold back as she slowly fucked her asshole; it was only one finger but Andrew was doing all he could to pleasure her. His vibrations were nice, but again it was the knowledge that she so thoroughly commanded a tiny person that drove her passion. She wanted to feel him squirming that way for hours, but she knew Jen and Andrew would surely make their shared fantasy a reality again in the future.

So she gave Andrew what she knew he wanted.

With a giggle at how dirty she felt, Anna drove her finger as deep into her rectum as she could. Then rotated her hand until she felt Andrew fall free. Instantly she could feel him moving on the walls of her anus and she gasped with pleasure.

“Oops!” she giggled as she pulled her finger free. With her other hand she reached blindly into the bedside table where Jen kept her toys. There was the crinkling of a package she faintly recognized, then the hand returned with a small pink vibrator that she instantly drove into herself as far as it would go. The toy vanished, held inside her pussy only by her fingertips while her palm rubbed circles on her clit.

Pretending that it was actually a second tiny person struggling within her body almost made her leap off the bed in excitement.

Andrew picked himself up from the soft floor where he landed with a yell. There was a flash of light above him as her finger withdrew and her asshole stayed open for a bare moment, then he was once again encased in darkness.

This was just as he’d fantasized: here he had space and could stand, not that the spongy walls of her colon gave much support. Instead with every step he took toward her hole he struggled to remain upright, falling so often he instead decided to crawl. Then the world started buzzing.

For a moment Andrew paused in fear, then it was as though a thousand motorcycles were revving up on the top floor of a parking garage while he was stuck in the basement. Her entire body started vibrating as she shook her hips and Andrew knew exactly what she was doing. Not that the knowledge did him any good.

He was flipped and rolled by her bouncing hips, but the entire time he pushed toward what he knew was his only chance out of his prison. He hadn’t stumbled across anything vile yet, but the very idea made him want to vomit. She’d cleaned herself out well but Andrew knew he’d never read another anal vore story again after being completely encased in a real giantess’s colon. Every so often during her twitching and rolling he could hear her cry out in orgasm, and periodically there were momentary flashes of light as her anus squeezed and relaxed ahead of him, occasionally letting in light.

Andrew knew he was lucky she hadn’t driven a toy into her backdoor yet and was determined to get out before she did.

Anna couldn’t tell what Andrew was doing, and it didn’t matter to her at all. The vibrator in her pussy combined with the knowledge that she had her best friend’s husband literally exploring her ass drove her into a chain of orgasms stronger than anything in recent memory. Every time she started to come down she felt another tickle in her ass and it set off another orgasm.

She could only imagine the fun he was having finally getting to live his fantasy, but part of her secretly wished he was someone else. Someone she had secretly found at the grocery store and taken home as a toy, not a person.

Exhausted, Anna moved her hand aside and the small vibrator slid out of her sopping pussy. Her chest heaved as she tried to breath, and with the vibrations finally gone she could suddenly feel an odd pressure at her backdoor. Without a second thought she tensed her abdomen and squeezed, feeling something fall out of her instantly.

Andrew hit the wet sheets with a thump. He was unhurt but exhausted and grateful for the fresh air. Anna’s massive cheeks were above him and her legs seemed to stretch to the horizon. Her brown hole stared at him threateningly.

His erection, which had waned while he stumbled about in her colon, returned with a vengeance at the sight.

Then her hand slammed down on him.

Anna grabbed Andrew and rolled out of bed. He was warm and sticky in her hand and as she stumbled to the bathroom she tried to ignore what he might be covered in. It was incredible to have him back there, but just like every toy he needed to be cleaned after use.

Andrew sputtered as Anna smeared him with soap and then ran hot water over his body. She didn’t care at all about his comfort and though he was struggling to not drown Andrew found himself incredibly turned on. Despite everything he hadn’t had the chance to cum himself yet; Anna’s marathon had been so chaotic it had turned into an impromptu edging session for him.

Then he was thrust into a towel just as he heard another voice.

“Jen!” he tried to yell out, but the hand gripping him squeezed tightly.

“I’ll be right out!” Anna yelled above him, “Just freshening up!”

Then she lifted Andrew up to her face and winked.

“This is gonna be so much fun!” she whispered to him excitedly.

Andrew only had a moment to be puzzled before she tossed him into her mouth.

Anna entered the bedroom with a smile as Jen’s shirt hit the ground.

“You’re so hot,” she said to her friend, taking a moment to appreciate her curves.

“Seen a mirror lately?” Jen countered, kicking off her sweatpants. For a moment the two women simply stared at each other across the bedroom, each waiting for the other to make the first move. It was obvious to Jen that Anna had already been playing, but she saw no sign of Andrew.

Probably out in the shed, forgot all about this, she thought just as Anna dove for the bed.

“Damnit!” Jen cried out with a laugh as Anna reached the bed first despite her own desperate dive.

Her longtime friend just scooted up on the bed, seemed to tuck something into her cheek, and said: “About time you got here, I’ve been playing for half an hour, all alone!”

Anna struck a pouty face.

“I was lonely,” she said playfully, “Wanna play with me?”

Jen just knelt on the bed and shook her head as she smiled at her friend.

“Where’s Andrew?” she asked Anna, liking what she saw as she prepared to get comfortable in front of her friend.

A hand reached around to the back of her head and pulled her forward. Jen let her tongue snake out so she could taste her friend. She was sure he would appear momentarily; he really seemed to enjoy taking her from behind lately and if she was going down on her friend then Jen was simply getting the best of both worlds.

“He’s around here somewhere,” Anna said as she held her friend’s face against her snatch.

Anna groaned as her friend’s tongue flickered out and into her already soaking pussy; her play with Andrew had only been the beginning and the idea of what she was about to do was only getting her more excited. It helped that Jen was playing along perfectly.

With one hand Anna pulled Jen harder into her snatch and the other reached back into her friend’s toy drawer for something she’d never used before.

“You know,” she said to Jen as her fingers plucked out one of the small items, “I put a lot of thought into what you told me a couple weeks ago.”

“Mmrph?” Jen tried to reply, sending pleasureful vibrations into Anna.

“And I did a lot of looking online,” the voice boomed around Andrew. Each breath was a hurricane gale, if that hurricane was also in a sauna. Her voice rumbled through his body like the bass at a concert and her tongue tossed him around with each syllable. There were flashes of light as her lips opened with each word and he could briefly see his wife’s red hair between Anna’s legs.

Despite the chaos he felt himself growing hard again. The sensation of being in Anna’s mouth was incredible, though her taste buds were large enough at his size that they rubbed roughly on his back. But she’d been careful to keep him from her teeth and every opportunity he got he made sure to grind himself onto whatever moist surface he landed on.

“Get up here!” his friend’s voice boomed again, and Andrew saw through Anna’s parted lips that his wife’s face was rapidly approaching hers.

The two lips enjoined briefly and Andrew screamed as tongues larger than his body dueled nearby. Anna made sure to keep his body back far enough that Jen never felt his presence. His ears popped rapidly as the two locked lips and breathed passionately; Andrew recognized the scent of Anna’s sex on his wife’s breath and cursed the chaos that kept him from enjoying the situation. There was simply too much movement for him to do anything other than struggle reflexively to stay upright.

Then his ears popped once more as the two separated.

“You know what this is, right?” Anna said to her friend, holding up a small object between two fingers.

Jen smiled as her eyes flickered from her friend’s face to the little red bear.

“Uh, a gummy be-“ she started to say.

“It’s a little guy I picked up at the mall!” Anna said happily, dangling the bear in front of her.

The redheaded woman smiled when she realized what her brunette friend was doing.

“Poor little guy,” Anna said with a drawn out, exaggerated sad tone, “he thought I was gonna play with him right there in the dressing room!”

Jen’s breath caught in her throat. She’d only ever role played this with her husband, and she was sure it was pure coincidence that had led Anna to her secret stash of ‘tiny men.’ Suddenly it didn’t matter that she wasn’t sure where her husband was. His fantasy had slowly become hers and she wasn’t going to miss a chance to play it out with her best friend.

“Oh, that’s so sad!” Jen said playfully, not missing Anna’s cautious smile at starting the role play turn to a confident winning grin. “Well, I say we make his day so much better!”

“Did you hear that little guy?” Anna said to the gummy bear, a plan hatching in her mind. “My gorgeous lover wants to make your day!”

Andrew couldn’t see what was going on, and he could only faintly hear his wife’s voice, but he recognized the playful tone she was using. This time it didn’t fill him with lust. It filled him with dread. Their role play had never ended well for the tiny ‘guy.’

“I think,” Jen breathed as she kissed her way back down her friend’s abdomen, “This lucky little guy should get to be inside two beautiful women today!”

Anna giggled and gave the gummy bear a wink.

Then her hand plunged downward and before she could think twice about shoving food inside herself the gummy bear had vanished. There was a moment where she and Jen shared eye contact, then Anna spoke.

“Aren’t you gonna make his day?”

Jen attacked her friend’s snatch with a vengeance. Her nose pushed against Anna’s clit as her tongue drove deeper into her friend than she’d ever attempted. Anna squealed with delight as Jen’s probing tongue pushed against her tender walls, but it was far more than physical.

The game they were playing felt so dirty; they’d played rough before but this was different. Rape fantasies were one thing, and Anna had the handcuffs to prove it.

In this fantasy the toy died.

Oh my god! Anna thought as Jen’s eyes lit up. She’d found the bear. I can’t believe she and Andrew set this thing up.

There was an indescribable feeling as the bear was pulled from her snatch little by little, lick by lick.

“What if that was Andrew?” she found herself asking as her pussy quivered.

Jen pulled back for a moment and smiled.

“He’d be cheering all the way down to my tummy,” she said.

Then her face pushed forward again and there was a final tug with her tongue. Just as Anna was at the verge of orgasm Jen pulled back again and pushed up onto her arms.

“You know little guy,” she said as she rolled the gummy around her mouth, “you can go ahead and count this as a threesome.”

Then she swallowed.

Anna tried to reach for her clit, desperate to cum as she watched her friend’s throat bulge with the swallowing motion, but Jen caught her hand and held it up to her throat.

“Feel him?” she asked Anna, who nodded in awe, “I can’t wait to feel him start wiggling in my tummy.”

The brunette didn’t even think of pointing out it was just a piece of candy. She was too lost in the moment and on the edge of exploding for what seemed like the hundredth time that day.

“Let’s give him some company!” she said, reaching for the bag of gummy bears once again.

“Allow me,” said Jen with a wink, “I like picking out my little snacks.”

With that said the redhead leaned over her friend and looked into the toy drawer.

Seizing her chance as Jen carefully picked out her favorite color of victim, Anna spit Andrew onto her palm.

Andrew gasped as he hit Anna’s palm and he spit out a mouthful of her saliva. His erection had vanished as he’d heard what they said. His views from between Anna’s lips had been very limited but he knew exactly what his wife wanted to do. They’d fantasized about it a hundred times before, to both their pleasure.

And he knew Anna was still convinced his shrinking was deliberate.

“Anna!” he yelled out as best he could, but it was no use. Her eyes flickered between him and his wife, who was close, yet far too far away. Andrew could see her carefully picking something out of what he knew would be their toy drawer.

Then Anna’s hand moved suddenly downward. He looked up at her face as it rapidly receded just in time to see her give him a conspiratorial wink.

Jen looked back at Anna just in time to see her pushing something into her snatch. Her friend just gave her a guilty smile and shrugged.

“I had an extra?”

“Well let’s give our little friend two more for company, huh?” she said, holding up two blue gummy bears.

“I think three’s more like iiiit!” Anna replied as Jen drove her fingers into her snatch, pushing Andrew’s squirming form further into her along with two more gummy bears.

Before she could react her redheaded friend was pushing her tongue back into her snatch, as eager to play the game as Anna was. There was no doubt in Anna’s head that Jen knew exactly what her little hint had meant and her fervor was only confirmation.

 This was it.

This was it.

“No!” Andrew tried to cry out, but he knew it was useless.

Anna’s vagina completely encased him. He was soaked in her juices; familiar yet now incredibly overwhelming. Every movement caused him to roll against her slippery, smooth insides and he knew it was useless. But he had to try something. Even if his struggles only brought Anna pleasure.

Then his foot kicked against something semi-solid. He paused, confused, then kicked it again. When his foot sank slightly into the oddly-soft object he realized what it was.

“Other way!” he yelled to himself, knowing what was going to happen next.

Anna’s snatch quaked around him and he felt odd movement down near his feet. Something akin to suction was happening and the walls below him seemed to part slightly, rhythmically as though some great object were swirling in circles, seeking out prey.

Panicking, he tried to push upward and away from the gummy bear. He could tell he wasn’t making any progress in the darkness but desperation wouldn’t let him stop. His foot repeatedly struck the bear below him, then the slippery walls around his legs widened slightly. There was the sound of a satisfied ‘mmm!’ that he recognized as his wife enjoying a treat.

And the bear vanished.

“No! No!” Andrew screamed, knowing what that meant.

Then the chaos increased around him as his wife’s tongue started to probe once more.

Anna’s tunnel squeezed on him and if Andrew had been more calm he would have recognized her Kegels working hard to squeeze him out like a ben-wa ball. Instead he was crying out in terror as something hot and wet brushed against his foot.

“Jen!” he screamed, finally losing himself in terror, “No! Jen don’t!”

Anna came with a scream as she felt Jen finally reach Andrew, the final object she’d sequestered in her pussy. She held Jen’s face against her snatch as she bucked her hips, only letting up when Jen began slapping her thighs in a warning sign that she needed air. With some regret she released her friend’s face and Jen rose up, breathing deeply and wiping her mouth with the back of her wrist.

“Oh shit I’m into this,” Jen said as she shifted around. Anna smiled as her friend’s leg lifted across her face and a beautiful pussy with a patch of red fuzz approached her face. “It even felt like that last one was moving!”

Twenty minutes later the lovers cuddled on the bed, each exhausted. Anna felt like her pussy was still tingling and Jen knew when Andrew arrived he’d simply have to make do with whatever hole was facing up. They were too tired to continue.

Then she made a confused face.

“Okay, really,” she asked Anna, “where is Andrew?”

Good Hash by Thatgirlyouknow

Liam rolled out of his improvised bed and sat up with a sigh. He’d gotten a good night’s rest; the first month in the improvised shoebox had been rough but he’d gotten used it. No matter what materials he convinced his mother to put in there it just hadn’t been comfortable.

Of course, he’d been and remained plenty stressed. Life at five inches was terrible and sleep wasn’t his only problem.

He’d only been a month away from graduating high school when a new pandemic had begun sweeping through the world. It had begun as what seemed to be an internet joke then quickly accelerated into something far more terrifying than death in a hospital bed. Over the course of ten-to-fourteen days, depending on the person, those afflicted lost between ninety and ninety-five percent of their height.

Scientists, doctors, philosophers, politicians all scratched their heads and did their best not to scream as answers refused to appear despite the best efforts of the world’s brightest minds. For no discernable reason roughly one-in-twenty people simply shrank. No pattern was identified, no organism responsible. No country or demographic more affected, and none seemed to differ from the others by more than a couple of days or inches in the course of their diminishment.

They simply shrank. And the world shook.

And Liam, who had been weeks from graduating high school had been afflicted the day he’d started packing for college. It had always been his intention to leave home the day he had his diploma and he’d done everything he could to make it happen. Excellent grades had led to multiple scholarships and planning with friends had led to an already signed lease in an apartment they were going to share while they pursued engineering degrees.

But most importantly for Liam he was escaping home. The trailer in which he’d spent his life wasn’t just confining in terms of space, it was also where the bane of his life resided and squatted. Which was why he’d fallen into despair when he realized his belt needed two more clicks than it had the day before. When he’d realized his hand no longer easily encircled his backpack handle. When his shoes seemed just a little too large.

Before he knew it his friends had guessed his diagnosis and effectively banished him from their lives. No one knew what to do with the shrunken victims of the so-called Puny Pandemic, so it seemed everyone who had the opportunity to simply ignored their former friends. Liam had heard stories of shrunken people finding their way in the world through a variety of quality, and some unsavory, jobs and methods, but for his friends who were also trying to escape the trials of their youths it was simply easier to leave him in the care of his mother.

His mother Tandy had reacted to the news that Liam was shrinking as she responded to everything else: by lighting up a joint.

“Guess you get to hang out with me for awhile longer now, huh?” she’d said as her eyes started to water from the smoke like they always did.

School had immediately told him to stay home; no one was sure if the disease, if it even was one, was communicable and no one wanted to find out the hard way. Graduating high school had vanished along with his height and independence and hope.

His mother had only cared about his shrinking in abstract terms. She’d been on so many medications and illicit substances that her mind was half baked even when she wasn’t baked. If he was home then her monthly benefits kept rolling in. One of the few actions the government had taken was to send the families of those afflicted a small stipend until an answer was found. Thus the lights stayed on and her lifestyle remained unchanged.

Before he could think himself into more of a depression, Liam climbed out of his shoebox-bed. He looked across the dirty carpet and sighed again. It had been months, if ever, since his mother had cleaned anything. As a full-sized teen it had been easy to ignore, especially since he’d maintained his own room as his sanctum. At five inches tall with no shoes and ill-fitting clothes meant for a doll it meant every step had to be carefully placed lest something poke him or something unidentifiable might result in him being stuck in place.

And since his mother hadn’t seen fit to change much of his room beyond making it slightly more accessible it meant she might notice him being stuck for most of the day until she finally realized she hadn’t seen him.

In the hallway things got more disordered.

Tandy didn’t work and hadn’t for years. How she survived Liam was never certain of and he hadn’t pried. Her way of life was to be escaped, not understood. Her distaste for labor extended to the home.

Liam tried to ignore the suddenly dirtier carpet; in his room he’d always removed his shoes but the hallway had been free game for everyone and it showed. Harder to ignore were the loose socks and trash that had been discarded as she walked her favorite path between her bedroom and the living room.

His nose wrinkled at the sight of underwear and he stepped faster. As fast as he could at five inches tall, that is.

The living room already smelled like his mother’s favorite pastime. Whether she was smoking at the moment or not it didn’t matter, the living room was her hangout and the smell of marijuana and anything else she could get permeated the entire room. If she had been smoking right then, this close to the carpet he would have been spared the worst of it but the truth was the only place in the house that had escaped his mother’s pastime was his room. Which was fast losing the battle now that he no longer had the ability to keep it clean.

A glance upward showed Liam that his mother hadn’t even bothered to go to her own bedroom last night. She was still passed out on the couch in a pair of black leggings and a brown tank top. Liam’s friends would’ve gone bug-eyed at the sight; despite all her failings Tandy was a teenage boy’s dream.

What Tandy lacked in work ethic and class she made up for in looks. She had retained her youthful metabolism and despite never working out had the body of a bikini model. Liam had once punched a friend for calling her a blonde bimbo but he’d been right. Tandy was the spitting image of every blonde MILF in porn with massive breasts and a vaguely vacant look on her face, to the point where the entire genre of porn had been ruined for Liam.

If one of his friends had been over, they’d have loved the sight of Tandy passed out on the couch.

Instead Liam only looked at her with embarrassment and tiptoed past her toward the kitchen.

He’d noticed as he shrank that his own metabolism had slowed but it hadn’t vanished. It seemed like though he enjoyed eating he didn’t truly need to, except for once a day. There had been some useful changes which didn’t quite balance out his shrinking but did make it manageable.

The first time he’d fallen off the kitchen counter he’d been sure his life was ending. Instead he’d bounced lightly without feeling any pain. Further experimentation had shown him that his body was more flexible; not quite rubbery but something close to it. Hunger, thirst, the need to breath, feelings of pain. All of these things had vanished almost directly proportional to his lost height.

Now he got down from high places by leaping and letting gravity to the work.

Going up wasn’t nearly so easy.

After a week of prodding Tandy had finally used some of the random chicken-wire laying in the backyard as a ladder for Liam. Liam hadn’t liked eating on the floor, both for sanitary and habit reasons. Tandy hadn’t liked it either but for a more superficial reason: it meant she had to unwrap food, she didn’t cook, and set it on a plate on the ground. Which involved bending over and getting off the couch more often than she was accustomed.

So using scotch tape to put up six-inch wide pieces of chicken wire had been an easy compromise after Liam had given her the idea. And reminded her where it was. And told her how to secure it to the side of the kitchen countertop.

Climbing up the wire should have been difficult, but at his weight it was merely tedious. The same went for tearing open the packaging for a toaster pastry: the foil tore easily but it was comparatively massive. Food for shrunken victims looked and tasted an awful lot like dog food and since his mother seemed to survive entirely off of prepackaged sugars Liam had adapted to those instead.

As he took a bite from a sprinkle the size of a hot dog there was a groan from the living room. He couldn’t see around the corner but Liam knew his mother was waking up with a headache just like she always did. The five-inch tall teen kept eating as his mother stumbled into the kitchen and started making coffee without noticing his presence.

She mumbled to herself as she rinsed a mug, then stumbled back out of the kitchen before the coffee had begun to drip into the carafe. Distantly Liam heard the shower turn on and he sighed.

“Hey Liam!” he said sarcastically to himself, “How’s it going? Ready to spend another day wishing you were anywhere else?”

Before long he’d had all he could stand of fake blueberry flavoring and found himself pacing on the kitchen counter. The prospect of another day at home was painful for multiple reasons. He could operate the television in his room but there was no reasonable way for him to interact with the world through a computer or video games. Even his cell phone was too large to have any non-ridiculous diversions for him.

Which meant another day of staring at the walls of this trailer.

If he hadn’t been realistic about the complete lack of prospects in the outside world he’d have leapt out the window to wander until his body finally gave out or something terrible happened. But in the end he was too afraid.

Lost in thought he barely noticed Tandy walk back into the kitchen clad only in a towel. Liam rolled his eyes when he saw it and remembered how his friends would have gone quiet and needed to adjust themselves. He still couldn’t quite believe how quickly they’d abandoned him to his fate.

Tandy’s long legs vanished under the pink towel which wrapped around her torso as she filled her coffee. Had she sneezed it would have fallen to the ground and revealed a back and massive backside other women would have killed for. Liam knew his friends would have been speechless at the site of her cleavage and she simply would have winked at them.

They all insisted they’d never tried anything with her and Liam believed them. Yes she was his mother, but he couldn’t deny her beauty was intimidating.

But her mind and attitude told a different story.

“Oh!” she gasped when she turned and saw Liam pacing on the counter. Tandy jumped a little and her towel tried to fall. She caught it with one hand but spilled some coffee down her front. With a giggle she fixed the towel and Liam did his best not to look too embarrassed for her.

“Liam!” Tandy said, “I didn’t see you there!”

Liam let the awkward silence speak for itself. He looked left and right and saw that aside from the overturned box of pastries and torn-open package there was nothing else on the counter. Even after weeks of this she hadn’t become any more observant; if someone had robbed the house while she slept she wouldn’t have noticed until she tried to turn on the vanished television.

She gave him a smile and picked up the rest of the pastry, three-quarters of which was still uneaten. Liam’s stomach simply wasn’t large enough.

“You’re all done, right?” she asked rhetorically, taking a bite that caught some of the wrapper, “Good, I’m starved.”

With that said Liam watched her stumble with slightly more coordination back toward the living room. He sighed again. Maybe it would be better to just fend for himself in the outside world. Yes, she was his mother and his only family. But unknowable chaos was starting to look better than perfectly predictable mundane.

There was a knock at the door which made Liam jump and he reflexively hid behind the box of pastries. Any thought of venturing outside vanished as his mother opened the door. A skyscraper sized man, whose name Liam had carefully avoided learning, was there and Tandy wordlessly exchanged some cash with him in exchange for a small plastic baggie. No mention of the fact she was only wearing a towel was made.

The man grunted in response and turned to leave. Tandy had shut the door before he took two steps but the casual speed and mass of their movements were almost too much for Liam to process. Part of him knew that if he couldn’t even handle two normal sized people opening doors then there was no way he would survive the outside world without going insane from fear.

Liam went to the sink to hopefully find a clean shot glass. At his size they were still comically large to drink from but they were the only remotely appropriate item they had. While he searched, eventually simply turning the faucet on just enough to cause a drip and catching it with his hands, he heard the television turn on. There was the crinkling of a plastic bag, and the telltale clink! of his mother’s old lighter.

Tandy let out a groan as Liam turned off the faucet. He was soaked in water from getting his drink and silently thankful that once a day was all the more often he needed to do so.

“This. Is. Amazing!” he heard his mother call out before coughing heavily. The scent of something he didn’t quite recognize hung in the air. It was as though her usual marijuana had been laced with pine needles and something more primal.

With a shake of his head Liam simply stepped to the edge of the counter and quickly surveyed his landing area. Seeing it was safe he leapt. The sudden drop made his insides leap but this was one part of being shrunken that he’d begun to enjoy. Too soon he hit the short carpet and turned the fall into a roll on impact.

Briefly he toyed with the idea of filming his own online videos of tiny-parkour, but he knew no one would be willing to hold the camera.

Then he came on a sight he wished he hadn’t.

Tandy, a blonde worthy of a Greek statue to any but Liam, had lost her towel. Something smoldered between two fingers as she lay on the couch. From his angle Liam could only see her massive breasts and he immediately turned away in embarrassment. On the television a familiar action flick was playing and he focused on it as he held up one hand as a blinder, hoping to quickly pass through the living room to his own.

If today was a ‘naked Mom’ day he didn’t want any part of it and he’d be grateful that her so-called care was extremely hands off.

From where she lay on the couch Tandy took another hit of what was by far the finest hash she’d ever had. Her body had instantly gone comfortably numb and she was relaxed in a way that would have invoked images of nirvana, had she known what that was. She followed the action on screen, marveling at how visceral and personal every movement felt to her.

“This is the best thing ever,” she mumbled to herself as the joint burned down enough to singe her fingertips. Tandy wasn’t quite gone far enough to let it burn her, and she tapped it out on her ancient ashtray, stolen from a bar at the age of fifteen.

On screen the male lead pulled his shirt off and Tandy giggled, suddenly realizing she’d forgotten to get dressed after her shower. Her nipples stood at attention and she gazed at the coffee table, knowing she had at least one thing that vibrated stored in its drawers. Then movement drew her eye.

“Liam!” Tandy said with an excited gasp, leaning forward quickly.

“Oof!” Liam breathed out as her hand encircled him, yanking his tiny body upward quickly.

“You love this movie!” she said, turning him to look at the television like he was a doll. Her mind was hazy and she felt she should be embarrassed about something, but under the influence of this excellent strain there was no need to think deeply.

“Mom!” Liam tried to yell, but she wasn’t listening. Before he could yell again she had leaned back onto the couch and was setting him on the impromptu shelf of her shoulder.

“Come on,” she said in a playful voice he hadn’t heard since he was a child, “When’s the last time we watched Gunner Three-Oh-Eight together?”

Liam sat on her shoulder and leaned against the couch himself. He knew it would be useless to argue with her even if she weren’t high. But since she was, she was likely to forget he was there in a few minutes and he could probably sneak off. On the other hand, she was absolutely right: he did love this movie and it had been a long time since he’d done anything with his mother.

The fact that she was completely naked didn’t escape him, but she was laying in such a way that all he had to ignore was one breast; her legs were sandwiched close together. Not that he was looking, of course. This close to her Liam couldn’t help but smell more of whatever she’d been smoking and he hoped he wasn’t able to get high in his tiny state; if it happened at all it was sure to happen incredibly fast.

As another shootout occurred on the big screen Liam let himself be distracted. The action was thrilling and the one-liners were terrible. Despite everything he found himself laughing right along with his mother, though during the exciting parts he had to hold onto her shoulder to keep from falling when she fake-punched the air.

Tandy found herself completely enthralled in the movie. She felt as though she were really there, fighting ninjas alongside a set of washboard abs and perfectly set scars. As she always did she put herself in the secretary’s role after the first big fight; it was her ultimate fantasy, to be rescued from bad guys by a guy who would be too happy to accept her thanks while she was on her hands and knees.

Without thinking her hand strayed down her abdomen.

Liam was too into the movie to notice the movement. It had been long enough for him that he’d forgotten about the big sex scene, and though the movie was edited for television it really hadn’t cut that much out. So when the secretary started putting her hair up in a ponytail Liam’s face went red.

The world had changed a lot, but he wasn’t comfortable with watching a sex scene with his mother, especially when he was sitting on her shoulder.

He finally noticed his mother’s movement when he went to cover his eyes with his hand, thinking it would be easier to simply pretend he wasn’t there. But then he saw her hand and he froze. It had snuck down, down, down to the cleft between her legs that seemed like miles away. He could still see nothing; the angle wasn’t right and he was thankful. But her hand was moving slowly up and down as though she were scratching an itch.

Liam had never been with a woman before. Not even making out in the back of a theater.

The movements of her hand were hypnotic and though he knew she was his mother and this was absolutely wrong he couldn’t help himself. Between the hormones and secondhand weed he couldn’t help but lean forward. Then she shifted forward.

Tandy smiled as she rubbed her outer lips gently. She knew this sex scene like the back of her hand and had no intention of rushing herself; it led straight into another action scene then back to the bedroom. Intending to reach into the coffee table drawer to grab whichever sex toy she’d left there she suddenly felt movement across her shoulder, then down the front of her body as something fell with a yell.

Her inebriated mind initially thought it was the remote. Then she realized the falling thing had let out a shout just before a shock of electricity shot through her body when it rolled down her abdomen and struck her clitoris as it fell between her legs. The blonde let out a squeal of delight when that happened, considering on screen the secretary had just dropped her skirt to her ankles, then she tried to focus through the pleasant fog of smoke.

Reflexively she rolled her hips forward toward the item between her legs. She was hot and excited and had been reaching for something to stuff inside herself; if this was the remote she knew right where it was going.

Then she leaned forward to see past her hairless mound and suddenly remembered that Liam had been watching the movie with her.

Something flashed through the back of her mind but it couldn’t rise to the surface. Instead of concern and fear and embarrassment her desire won out. A tiny voice tried to mumble that this idea was a terrible one, but the heat from below overrode her other senses.

“Hey down there!” she said, trying to be sensual. It had been days since she’d been laid and suddenly it felt like a lifetime. Her dry mouth was a harsh counter to her soaking tunnel.

Liam stood as quickly as he could on the couch but his mother’s shifting briefly rocked his feet out from under him. He’d fallen when she’d moved suddenly and somehow his tumble had dropped him to the last place he wanted to be. If covering his eyes had been the thing to do on her shoulder then turning and running while screaming was the right thing to do here.

And yet he found himself transfixed.

“Like what you see down there?” Tandy said to him, her words slightly slurred.

He knew she was high. And he knew he should turn and flee. But the simple fact was this was the closest to a vagina he’d ever been and it clearly was ready for action. The teenager was transfixed and Tandy was far from the state of mind where she could make the right decision on anything.

Mere inches from him was a vagina, clean shaven and looking as though it had never been touched. A scent drifted across the air toward Liam and instinctual parts of his brain started banging rocks together in excitement.

“Touch it!” she whispered from above and Liam felt hypnotized. His body felt numb and his mind hazy. He knew he shouldn’t.

Tandy gasped as his hand touched her sensitive lips. All thought vanished as she leaned back and focused on the feelings; it wasn’t much but it was amplified by the weed she had just enjoyed and one of her guilty pleasure movies on television.

Why am I watching this? she asked herself as the little man kept stroking her outer lips, making his way closer to her clit, she leaned forward and reached for the remote. I’ve got the dirty version already in the player!

Liam couldn’t help it. Part of him yelled not to do it, to run to his room and do his best to forget this had happened. The bigger part of him couldn’t help but run his hands along the smooth labia before him. They were more slippery than he had expected and the scent caused his primal urges to leap. He was more erect than he could ever remember being.

His eyes were drawn upward as Tandy groaned above him and shifted forward again. Before he could come to his senses he pulled his eyes away from her face and his gaze settled on the large round orb that sat atop her smooth crevice. It was the size of his own head and he reached toward it like a moth drawn toward a light.

The sound of the movie stopped behind him and Liam heard a terrible one-liner that he’d already heard several minutes ago. Confused he stopped to turn and look at the television. There, dressed the same as his favorite action hero, was a pornstar he vaguely recognized. The secretary in need of rescue had been replaced by a voluptuous blonde who Liam realized with embarrassment reminded him of his mother.

What the hell am I doing? he asked himself, pushing against the hormone and herb induced fog of his mind. He took a step backward.

“Oh yeah!” Tandy said as she saw the blonde secretary, frazzled and hot. This was by far her favorite porn parody.

“Why did you stop?” she asked Liam as she looked back down. Need filled her and she couldn’t understand his sudden reluctance. So she rationalized it the only way she could understand right now.

“Oh!” Liam’s mother called from above him as he tried to step away. “Silly me! You’re overdressed!”

“Hey, wai--!” he tried to call as she picked him up. Before he knew it she’d pulled all the not-quite-fitting doll clothing from his body and he was being lowered between her legs once more.

“You silly boy!” she said as she noticed his raging erection even from that far away, “Why didn’t you tell me this was something you were interested in?”

Her voice took on a pouting tone: “We missed out on so much bonding time!”

“This is what I-“ Liam started to say as her hand turned him horizontal. He froze, nervous in the change of position but not so confused he didn’t realize what was happening.

Above him there was a groan of delight as his feet slid into something boiling hot which engulfed him immediately to his knees in its slippery hunger. Before he could react he felt his thighs and waist be swallowed as well before Tandy’s hand let him go. She let out a delighted groan and Liam matched her against his will: his cock was rubbing up against her slick walls and it was the best thing he’d ever felt.

Liam couldn’t help it. He kicked his legs as though he were swimming through some kind of ecstasy-inducing quicksand. Every movement caused his cock to slide along her smooth wet insides and he didn’t even try to resist the sensations. His hormones caused him to move his body rhythmically in an approximation of the hip thrusting that it knew would help it completely its biological imperative.

Tandy was no different. In her hazy mind all she knew was that this new toy was doing an incredible job; the fact that it was her son made no difference to her. She stretched for a justification and found that it was all too easy. When was the last time they’d done anything together in this new world that she didn’t understand?

The simple fact was that this fulfilled multiple of her needs: this was cuddling with her son and masturbation all in the same convenient time frame.

On screen the secretary was kneeling in front of her well-muscled savior and about to show him her appreciation. Tandy licked her lips, wishing it were her kneeling in front of that set of abs. The movement in her pussy became more frantic in perfect time with the big reveal, matching Tandy’s excitement at seeing the hero’s rod flop out of his pants directly onto the rescued secretary’s tongue.

Liam knew in vague terms that there was porn playing on the television but he couldn’t bring himself to look. He was far too engrossed in sensation. Having never had sex in the first place he couldn’t compare it to anything but his hand and it was far inferior.

The heat, the scent, the rubbing. His cock was on electric fire from the direct wet contact and the squeezing, the pulsing, the entire situation was overloading his teenage mind. Before he realized what was happening he’d slipped into the wet cavern up to his chest and heard a cry of joy above him as his feet pushed against something hard: Tandy’s cervix.

That was all the stimulation he needed. With a shout that Tandy couldn’t hear over the gagging noises coming from the television Liam exploded. He pushed his hips hard against her walls and pushed a hand inside her, which caused her to tighten more in pleasure but also let him stroke himself to prolong his orgasm. Instinct overrode reason as he shot the biggest load of his life inside that hot tunnel, giving in to need over sanity.

Her hips were shaking and so was Liam as he returned to his senses in post-orgasmic clarity. The wave of endorphins had pushed the secondhand weed from his brain and he suddenly realized who and where he was engulfed in up to his chest.

“Shit, no!” he yelled out as a glance upward showed him his mother’s manicured nails rubbing circles on her clit. His arm was pulled free from her soaking insides as he reached for purchase on her smooth-shaven skin. With a cry of effort he pulled himself slightly outward, looking up and seeing the parody of his favorite movie continuing: the hero was reloading a pistol while the blonde woman did her best to hide his entire length in her mouth.

I’m gonna be sick! Liam thought as he kicked again, making a swimming motion while extracting himself from his mother’s snatch. I’m watching porn with my mother, while she uses me to masturbate.

His stomach rolled but it seemed shrinking had removed his ability to vomit as well.

Suddenly too much of his body was outside of hers to keep him stuck any longer. With a schop! sound of suction releasing he fell to the couch, too wet himself to notice the wet spot he had landed on.

Before he could stand Tandy’s hand wrapped around him.

She barely noticed him pushing against her fingers; all the titanic blonde knew was that her second favorite part of the movie was moments away and her toy had slipped out of her. Tandy was far past the point of thinking rationally, she just needed to be stuffed. If her delivery man had shown up at that moment she would have opened the door and pounced on him.

Instead she picked up her five-inch tall son, briefly wished he hadn’t shrank quite so much, and said, “Be good for mommy!”

Then she plunged him headfirst into her pussy just as the hero on screen rammed his entire length into the blonde secretary. She pulled and thrust his squirming form out of her as fast as she could, wishing she were the blonde on the television, leaning over a desk while a well-muscled man pulled her hair. Liam’s arms pushed against her delicate insides and she rubbed furiously at her clit as she felt her orgasm fast approaching.

Liam screamed with fear as he slid inside his mother’s pussy but the smooth insides accommodated him easily; he slipped inside headfirst just as easily as he had feet-first. Just as he expected to slam his head against her cervix he felt his arms push against that hard surface and his course was reversed. Her fingers had slid down to his ankles and squeezed him hard there but he felt no pain. Just relief that the grip made it so he wasn’t long enough to repeatedly be smashed against the only hard part of his mother’s relevant anatomy.

His scream let in a mouthful of her lubrication and he tried to spit out the salty fluid in vain. Liam swung his arms wildly in a panic as he slid back and forth but he knew it was only making things better for his mother. Then his cock reawakened to the scent and heat and smoothness it was being dragged along and before he knew it Liam felt his desire returning.

Shrinking hadn’t changed the staying power of a horny teenager’s sex drive.

“This!” he tried to say against his mother’s hot flesh, “Is!” he was yanked back and forth again, his sensitive cock becoming electric with pleasure again, “Ridiculous!”

Before he knew it he was anticipating each pull and thrust, trying to get another hand back on his cock. It was disorienting, dark, squeezing, claustrophobic. But somehow Liam found himself enjoying it more and more as his own level of arousal grew again from nonexistent to uncontrollable. It wasn’t lost on him when the thrusting grew more erratic but he found himself unable to maintain his pumping grasp; there was too much movement and he was covered in incredible amounts of natural lubrication.

Tandy leaned forward as she knew the cumshot was coming. Her orgasm was timed perfectly as she thrust Liam in and out of her snatch and she cried out as she was pushed over the edge by the sight of the hero’s cock twitching and thrusting deep in the secretary’s tiny pussy. In her mind she could feel every shot of warm fluid in her own snatch, feelings not-quite-mimicked by Liam’s pushing.

But close enough.

Her toes curled and her eyes crossed briefly as she squeezed her pussy hard around the toy, holding it as deep as she could for as long as she could until she was just too sensitive to keep up her self-assault. With a sigh she pulled her hand from her toy, her mental fog knowing it would slip out of her in a few minutes. She was too exhausted to think and she felt it still vibrating pleasantly in her pussy.

“Happy happy toy,” she mumbled to herself as she picked up the remote and turned off the television. For a moment she tried to remember which toy she’d even been using, but shrugged as fatigue rolled back into her mind; a post-orgasmic bliss that demanded a nap. Tandy reached for the throw blanket and pulled it up just enough to cover her nipples before her head lolled back onto the armrest.

Liam felt Tandy’s canal squeeze him harder than ever. If he hadn’t needed far less oxygen than normal he was sure he would have suffocated. Instead he felt his faculties return to him rapidly when her hand released his ankles and his own sex was no longer being dragged back and forth inside of hers. Almost instantly the very scent of his mother filled his nostrils and his mind with disgust.

Carefully, so as not to get her excited again, he started to scoot outward. Her relaxing vagina helped him somewhat and he felt himself slide backward out of her pussy and fall once more onto the couch. It was dark despite the fact that he could sense a gap between her legs, but as his eyes adjusted he realized he could see some light from above.

Is she covered in a blanket? he wondered, cursing his hormones, his mother, and his life in general. Before anything else could happen he turned to stumble toward her feet and hopefully escape back to his room where he could douse himself in soap to wash away the scent of his mother’s sex.

Then she scooted downward to make herself comfortable and Liam vanished under her weight with a scream.

Two hours later Tandy awoke from the best nap of her life. She sat up and tossed the blanket off her naked body and giggled to herself, hoping Liam wasn’t around to see her naked. She wasn’t completely sure why she’d been sleeping on the couch but when her hand reflexively reached between her sex she remembered that she’d been playing with herself and some particularly useful toy. For a moment her hand searched unsuccessfully for it and she shrugged as her stomach growled.

“I’ll find it after breakfast,” she said to herself, then giggled again as she saw the clock. She felt unusually giddy and then recalled the package of new hash she’d gotten from her dealer that morning. Suddenly her great mood and appetite made sense to her. “I mean, second breakfast.”

In the kitchen she found the box of pastries and pulled out a new one, vaguely remembering eating one earlier. As she tried to remember more of the morning, aside from the greatest masturbation session in recent memory, she reached down to scratch her rear.

Then froze as she realized the itching across her left cheek was something more than just skin getting used to moving after sleeping on a blanket fold for several hours. In a flood she suddenly remembered everything that had happened since she’d taken her first hit that morning.

“Oh my god!” she cried out, dropping the pastry before she could take a bite.

Liam let out a sigh of relief as his mother peeled his body from her left cheek. A side effect of shrinking he could have done without learning of had resulted in him slowly getting plastered against his mother’s skin. He hadn’t quite been smashed paper but the slow-yet-unstoppable force of her weight had slowly been smashing him flat. After an hour of her laying on him he’d been firmly pressed to her skin and half his normal thickness, after two hours he’d easily have fit between her left cheek and the tightest pair of pants she’d owned, though an onlooker would have seen the outline of his body press against her leggings.

As bizarre as the feeling of slowly being flattened was, slowly snapping back to his original shape felt equally strange. He tried not to think of what could happen to him if he were stepped on, or worse.

“Liam!” Tandy said, too relaxed to care that she was completely naked with her son, who she’d just used as a dildo. Her memory told her that as much as she’d enjoyed it, he must have enjoyed it too.

“What were you doing down there, you silly boy?”

Liam tried to speak but his lungs weren’t working correctly yet; they were still smashed but he could feel parts of himself popping back into place.

He wanted to yell to her to drop him, to let him down. That what had happened earlier was a terrible mistaken and she needed to stop smoking whatever it was she’d used.

Then her eyes narrowed and she gave him a smile that chilled him to the bone.

“That’s okay,” she whispered, “What happened earlier? I wish it had happened sooner. I’ve been such a bad mommy.”

As she spoke she started walking back toward the living room and Liam didn’t miss the significance. Her eyes darted to something on the table and her other hand lifted up to caress her right breast. Liam tried to shake his head but she wasn’t looking at him.

“I’ve been neglecting my boy!” she said in a sad tone, “But we just found something we can do together, didn’t we?”

Liam tried to yell “No!” but instead her hand pulled him toward her face. Unceremoniously his legs slipped between her lips again, but this time suction from her throat pulled him further inside and her teeth gently clamped onto his waist to keep him from falling out. He cried out in fear as he looked down, putting his hands on Tandy’s chin, far too worried about the potential fall to be worried about the view of her magnificent breasts.

For the moment his ability to survive a fall was forgotten.

Then her tongue started tickling his cock. Heat bloomed through his body as she sucked lightly on his lower half, driving all thought from his brain. She suckled on him like a popsicle and he closed his eyes to savor the overwhelming feeling; the first thing his re-inflated lungs did was let out a moan.  He didn’t even notice when she rolled another joint with the new marijuana she’d gotten that morning, which had led them to this situation in the first place. Nor did he notice when she sat down on the couch and opened the coffee table drawer, which revealed to her delight a knob-covered vibrator and a bottle of lubrication.

But he did notice when she stopped sucking on his legs and her tongue left his cock. Tandy tilted her head forward suddenly and opened her mouth wide, causing Liam to fall with a surprised shout. For the second time that day he found himself tumbling down his mother’s front and landing between her legs, mere inches from her pussy.

He paused as he looked at her lips again, currently looking unexcited but he knew how quickly that could change. Then there was a click! from above, followed by the sound of sharp inhalation and a small cough. Liam looked up just in time to see Tandy blow a small cloud of smoke at him.

The television came on with its own click and Liam turned away from the smoke, trying to avoid it but feeling his body instantly start to tingle. On screen a blonde who looked just like his mother had was laying on top of a desk looking satisfied while fake explosions went off in the window behind her and semen leaked out of her abused-looking pussy.

There was another cough above him as his mother took another hit. This time when she blew a cloud at Liam he couldn’t help but inhale; her hand had come down and pushed him backward until his back pushed against her labia.

“I’m so glad we found something to bond over, am I right?” Tandy said in a hoarse voice.

The blonde leaned backward and rubbed Liam against her pussy; he’d enjoy the foreplay as much as she did. On screen there would soon be another fight scene, then the hero would be taking the only female assassin’s ass over her half-hearted protests.

Her anus tingled as she wondered if Liam had ever had any backdoor action.

Last Single Night by Thatgirlyouknow
Author's Notes:

Here's my latest commission! You should always double check before volunteering yourself for things, lest you get to know someone far more intimately than you expected.

“For the record, I think this is a terrible idea!” Gianna told Sarah as they balanced on a massive pair of barely-covered breasts. Their group was small enough there was no risk of falling; the blonde ‘exotic dancer’ that was conveying them to their party was excessively endowed yet held in place by a tiny, shiny, pink titty-top. To them the breasts were practically a level, if bouncy, floor.

Sarah just laughed. She was getting married tomorrow to the most amazing man in the world, and tonight they were going to celebrate.  At first the plan had simply been to do a bar crawl with her four best friends. But Whitney, the maid of honor, had given her the incredible idea to spend her last single night living an experience none of their group of friends had experienced before: partying with a group of guys while shrunken.

So Sarah, Whitney, Hannah and Lacy were all eagerly balanced at a quarter-inch high on a stripper’s massive breasts. Gianna was there but being her usual pessimistic self.

There was a reason they hadn’t told her about this shrunken party until the last minute. And they wouldn’t tell her who exactly they were partying with until they were going through the door. Gianna was the voice of reason in their party, and tonight that voice needed to get in the backseat and enjoy the ride.

As the girls hi-fived each other their ride approached a massive hotel room door.

“Ready ladies?” the massive blonde asked, but unable to hear the response and not very interested in trying. She was getting paid regardless. Her hand reached out to knock on the door of the surprisingly nice hotel room.

Mike did a double take when he opened the hotel room door. The sounds of his friends partying behind him paused and he laughed when he realized what had happened. The suite held him and his three best friends and it hadn’t been silent for a moment once they’d started drinking that afternoon.

His last single night was to be celebrated with friends. And, apparently, a stripper that looked like every schoolboy’s wet dream. His friends knew what he liked and he knew the silence meant they’d been waiting early for this moment.

“Yeah!” he heard Steve yell from deeper in the suite, “The entertainment is here!”

The stunning blonde swaggered into the room and let the door shut slowly behind her. Blue eyes captivated Mike almost as much as her massive breasts, barely covered by pink material. A pair of barely-there jean shorts highlighted her long legs and hourglass figure. Before Mike was done checking her out she put a tiny hand on his chest and fluttered her eyes at him.

“Mike, right?” she asked in a matter-of-fact tone as she smiled. The woman pushed her chest out further and Mike tried to keep his eyes in his head. Already his penis was screaming to forget about the wedding and drag this woman to the bedroom.

He nodded nervously as he felt someone’s hands on his shoulders from behind. Before he could make a sound Steve dragged Mike into the suite’s large den where Al and Patrick were already waiting. Mike sat heavily onto the couch with a smile as Al handed him yet another beer and the stripper strode front and center.

From her tiny purse she produced a Bluetooth speaker and sat it on the tiny coffee table with a flourish. Instantly a frantic, screaming guitar solo sounded from it as Patrick turned off their own music and muted the television.

All of their pants tightened when they felt the change of energy.

“You can call me Chastity,” she said with a smile, looking each of them in the eyes as she took control of the room. The blonde had mastered the art of sex appeal long ago. Tonight they would be putty in her hands.

Sensually to the beat of the music she started swaying her hips. Chastity’s small hands rode up her torso and pushed her breasts together, further accentuating them but she looked down as five tiny figures grew into existence from what had seemed simply another inch of beautiful, exposed skin.

Mike gasped as she spoke.

“I brought along some toys!” she said happily as she danced, her hips speeding up and rocking back and forth. Gently she stepped forward, enjoying the groom’s eyes on her body. “A little birdy told me tonight was your shot to have all sorts of –“ she leaned forward until she was whispering in Mike’s ear, “fun.”

“Oh shit,” he whispered as she stood back up and put one foot next to his knee on the leather couch. Suddenly her shorts seemed impossibly smaller as she gyrated.

“No!” Gianna yelled angrily as the rest of their group laughed. They had all fallen to their hands and knees on Chastity’s breasts, and she knew that they couldn’t be more than half an inch tall.

“Relax!” Hannah told her. Her own black skin stood out starkly from the blonde’s and she wore a huge smile. She was nude like the rest of them but clearly the most comfortable about it. They’d been naked around each other a hundred times before but suddenly Gianna wasn’t okay with it.

“Yeah, G!” Lacy said with a laugh. Her own red hair was bobbing as their breast-floor started heaving while the bass of the music made their tiny bodies vibrate. “You said just last week you wanted to try the shrinking thing!”

“Not like this!” she yelled back, pointing up at her brother’s face quickly. “That’s my brother you sickos!”

In response the other four girls laughed. It was obvious they were all having a great time; they were all half-drunk already, Whitney was clearly thrilled at living out her own fantasy, and Sarah was looking up adoringly-yet-worryingly at her husband.

“Hey, what if he fucks her?” Sarah asked Whitney in a worried tone, who just shook her head.

“Uh, have you met Mike?” she replied with a laugh, “She’s already closer than I thought he’d let her get!”

She gestured with her head toward him just as Chastity leaned forward and pushed her breasts into his face. The smile on his face was genuine and Sarah knew it was the smile he gave her every time she got naked.

“No way is he gonna stick it in her!” Whitney replied as they struggled harder for balance. Lacy was already sliding toward the outside slope of Chastity’s breast. The redhead had never been very coordinated, which was half the reason Whitney had ensured they would be functionally immortal while shrunken.

She’d expected the night to get off to a fun start, and the agency that had recommended Chastity had assured her that the blonde knew how to give everyone, full-size or shrunken, a great time. So far from the looks of the other men in the room and their cheering, only Gianna wasn’t enjoying it. None of the other girls had brothers so they couldn’t empathize too much, though they knew Lacy had repeatedly thrown down with her stepdad without a second’s hesitation.

“Hey! Guys!” Lacy yelled out, realizing her predicament. Every shake of Chastity’s breasts was making her slide more toward an unclimbable slope and a terrifying fall. “Gravity still works on me!”

Sarah bit back a laugh at their common joke about Lacy’s clumsiness. She was torn between trying to grab her friend and her worry about how her husband was watching Chastity dance. Part of her was having fun and felt incredibly sexy at her size; another part of her was worried her soon-to-be-husband would take this party a little too far.

Chastity smiled as she felt one of the tiny women sliding. She had done almost thirty of these tiny-double-dance parties, some far dirtier than others, and knew how to use her body to manipulate the little clients in excellent ways. So when she felt one of them hit the sliding point-of-no-return she stood up rapidly and took a step back from Mike’s personal space.

He took a deep breath and she could clearly see the outline of his member through his shorts. Chastity tried to not let her surprise show too much. Her curiosity was piqued; it looked like a television remote had been stuffed in his pants.

“Wanna play a game?” she asked with a sultry smile, her eyes flicking to the half-inch tall forms struggling to stay on her massive breasts. Mike nodded, his eyes trying to take all of her in at once.

“Pull off a sock,” she told him, still swinging her hips as he leapt to obey. Moments later he held forth an ankle high sock, but then adjusted his grip when she instructed him again.

“We’re gonna play catch with one of these little toys.”

“Uh, no we’re not!” Gianna yelled, and the rest of the women, even Lacy who was rapidly losing her battle with gravity, laughed at her over the music.

None of them could quite see what was happening, but reflexively they all threw themselves flat against the woman’s massive breast, clinging onto any skin that seemed like it would hold them. Then a wave of movement came as Chastity lifted her breast and dropped it suddenly, coupling it with a slight spin of her torso. Only Gianna saw Lacy fly free with a half-laughing scream, vanishing into the distance as she fell.

If Mike hadn’t been focusing so hard he wouldn’t have seen the little woman, who appeared to have red hair, fall during Chastity’s dance. But he and his friends let out a victorious cheer when he caught her in his sock, and he stood rapidly in triumph.

Chastity laughed and gave him an approving wink. She spun in place and rubbed her shorts-clad backside against his crotch, then reached back and took the sock from him.

“We’ll hang this from the doorknob later,” she said with a wink at Patrick before she tossed the sock to him. Everyone cheered again as the alcohol continued flowing and Chastity kept dancing.

Soon her tiny shorts had vanished, kicked off during another guitar solo, while Patrick daydreamed about whether she was serious or not. Her bright red thong coupled with the scotch he was drinking made it hard to think. Bachelor parties that went extreme were traditional, but he wasn’t sure if Mike should nail the stripper.

I’ll take one for the team, Patrick thought as Chastity slowly removed her top. Her nipples seemed small compared to the rest of her breasts but their perkiness was unreal.

With a giggle the blonde looked down at her breasts and picked out a target. Her head bent down quickly and her tongue reached out, pulling one of the little black girls into her maw. With a thought the girl was grown larger, and she skillfully spun the girl until her legs stuck out of her closed lips. She smiled around the wiggling toy while the men cheered even louder, and Chastity knew it was time to take things a little further.

She spun once to get closer to the coffee table, then slowly bent in half to give the guys a perfect view of her lingerie and what it barely hid. Just as she expected, the remaining three women tumbled lightly from the top of her breast. Two landed lightly on the table itself, while another landed in an empty shot glass.

Since this seemed serendipitous, she changed tactics. The woman in her mouth shrank rapidly as she focused, the once odd sensation now almost as reflexive as the way she was shaking her ass for these four guys. Making sure to keep eye contact with Patrick, she opened her mouth and let the much smaller woman tumble from her tongue with a wink. Then she stood and spun, making a show of using her breasts to pull the glass stopper off a bottle of what she assumed was scotch.

Her other hand tucked the shot glass into her cleavage, and she felt no small amount of satisfaction as the cheering slowed; the boys were completely entranced at what they realized she was doing. Soon the glass held amber liquid almost to the top, and easily visible within was a small swimming form.

“No!” Gianna screamed, coughing around the fumes of the scotch she was swimming in. Massive blue eyes looked down at her with a self-satisfied smile. “I’m not okay with this! You change me back right-!”

“Get over here, big guy,” Chastity said to Mike. After this she’d have to give the other men, boys with bigger penises, really, their own individual attention. Mike was close to popping and she had a lot of fun still planned tonight. The least of which was how she hoped it would end. She knew getting Mike to follow her to the bedroom probably wasn’t going to happen; the dancer knew how to read her clients. But the other three surely would and she hoped to show off her flexibility on a much nicer bed than usual.

He was on her knees before her so quickly she bit back a giggle and instead turned it into a sexy lip-bite.

Sarah and Hannah ran to Whitney, each barely able to breath from laughter. They’d seen their friend fall with a scream, and now she was standing and trying to wipe the stripper’s saliva from her naked body. The coffee table now held the three of them and they were torn between watching the show and marveling at the size of the everyday objects around them.

“Enjoy the ride?” Hannah laughed as Whitney tried not to laugh as well. So many emotions had gone through her head when she was in Chastity’s mouth; fear of being swallowed, delight as a tongue simultaneously ran across her clit and her nipples, that she was giddy from the rush of endorphins.

“This is way more fun than I expected!” she replied with a squeal, seeing her two friends. “But where’s G?”

Sarah pointed upward, where Mike was kneeling in front of Chastity, who herself was slowly leaning forward. Annoyance flickered across her face, but she took a deep breath and reminded herself if she wasn’t partying here she’d probably have a male stripper’s meat in her own face. The trio couldn’t quite see what was happening but Whitney laughed in excitement as she guessed.

Just as she did so Mike suddenly leaned back, his eyes wide. He swallowed, inaudible over the increasingly frantic music, but his cough was loud and tears filled his eyes.

“Holy shit Pat, how do you drink that stuff?” he asked breathlessly.

Chastity giggled and pranced backward, her massive breasts bouncing and her underwear riding up between her labia.

Mike’s friends all roared with laughter and Patrick called out: “That’ll put some hair on your chest!”

Mike kept coughing as he rose to his feet, and laughter followed him out of the dining area as he stumbled into the kitchen. Sarah saw the opening of a massive refrigerator door in the distance but her attention was immediately pulled back to Chastity, who had motioned the other three boys to all sit on the couch Mike had vacated.

In the kitchen Mike poured himself a glass of water and swallowed it down. Instantly the burning started to improve and he felt a little embarrassed; he was drunker than he’d thought but that scotch had been a shock. The fact that it had contained a shrunken woman was almost forgotten in his drunken state but the kicking in his stomach gave him a smile.

His cock grew even harder as he wondered if she was an immortal tiny stripper who worked with Chastity, or an unfortunate passer-by snagged for cheap entertainment.

“Wish I’d have played with more of these before I got married,” he said aloud as he drank more water. He knew there was nothing really stopping him aside from his commitment to not cheat on Sarah; and his own knowledge that he was usually too vanilla to branch out like this. Tiny play had been a long-time fantasy and he was lucky he had such good friends to help him live it out.

Then his eyes shot open when he turned around, realizing that the stripper was laying across all three of their laps, and that they were taking turns lowering their head to her body.

“Uh,” he said as he walked back into the den, “What’s-“

There was a line of white powder on Chastity’s left ass cheek, and some of it was smeared on each of his friend’s noses.

“I hope you don’t mind!” Chastity said with a smile, running her tongue across her top lip and making a pointed glance at Mike’s crotch.

His friends all gave him encouraging words, though none were quite capable of speaking at that point. Having such a beautiful woman sprawled across their laps, coupled with hours of drinking and now blow had reduced them to their basest instincts. Steve’s hand was already inching its way up from where it rested between her knees and Chastity shifted slightly to give him better access.

With an inward laugh she reflected on how much she loved her job. Just as she was sure Mike was going to back out of the room, he instead grabbed something off the coffee table and she felt something small land on her other cheek.

“I’m not into blow,” he said with a laugh, focusing on the tiny woman and causing her to shrink almost out of sight.

Hannah screamed in shock as he continued. The force of his breath almost knocked her over and his face was titanic. Each pore seemed big enough to fall into and she could easily make out impossibly fine hairs on the stripper’s backside. But none of that seemed important considering she could see rope-like nose hairs approaching.

“But I’m not gonna miss my chance to do this!” he roared with a laugh.

Before she could scream a second time or even think to run sudden wind surrounded Hannah. Her ears popped and she lunged forward to grab onto anything she could but it was too late; she was yanked upward with a dwindling scream. The world grew dark as she hit something wet then continued being pulled upward against the unstoppable suction.

Mike leaned back with a laugh; he wasn’t sure what he’d actually get from the experience but he could feel tingling in the far back of his nose. His job would test him for hard drugs but testing for a snorted tiny woman wasn’t something anyone would bother doing. He felt a rush of power with every tingle, knowing a small woman was now completely lost in his body, purely for his enjoyment.

The struggling in his stomach reminded him that there were actually two, and his erection strained at his shorts as Chastity slowly climbed off his friends’ laps. Her hand grazed against his hardness as she stood and she gave him the biggest doe eyes she’d ever seen.

“I’m hungry mister,” she told him, slipping her pointer finger into her mouth and walking backward toward where she knew the bedroom would be. Instantly Mike’s friends rose and started to follow; her authentic smile was impossible to miss.

“Should we move this party to the bedroom?” she asked, not pushing too hard. The look on Mike’s face was one she’d seen dozens of times before: desire and hesitancy. Need and conflict. Maybe he’d follow. Maybe he wouldn’t.

Either way she had three guys following her like lost puppies.

“Don’t you dare!” Sarah yelled, suddenly angry at the stripper. She’d watched each display torn between laughter and jealousy but she knew this was the point of no return. And she’d have no one to blame but herself if she lost her husband in this way. She’d literally paid Chastity for all of this, not realizing that the blonde enjoyed her job quite so much.

Mike had a pained look on his face, but he kept himself from following his friends into the bedroom where a king-sized bed and a horny bombshell blonde would soon await.

“No can do, boys,” he said as they all groaned in mock disappointment. They’d all expected him to say no, but they also knew Chastity only had three holes.

“We’ll try not to be too loud,” she replied with a wink, backing up through the open door. Mike kicked himself again as he saw Patrick’s hand reach out and tug on her underwear; the skimpy material snapped and vanished, revealing a tattooed arrow pointing at her muff. “We left you two toys!”

She giggled and the door slammed shut; her giggle was cut off as something unseen but predictable filled her mouth.

The door slipped open and Mike laughed as he saw his sock quickly be dangled from the door, with the tiny woman’s movements causing it to shake as it hung.

Sarah let out a sigh of relief when she saw Mike choose her over the dancer. Part of her filled with even more love for her man; if he’d gone into that room Sarah never would have known. Or so Mike would have thought. He still didn’t know it was her and her friends shrunken and in his sock.

And nose! she realized with a laugh as he walked back toward them.

“Uh,” Whitney said nervously as Mike slid his shorts and underwear down. “Sarah? What now?”

Her question was answered when Mike’s hand easily encompassed them both. He stumbled slightly as he carried them to the couch but regained his balance before he could fall. One unfocused eye looked down at both the tiny women and it seemed to them he was mentally choosing.

“Mike!” Sarah shouted, excited to know what his reaction would be to seeing her this small, “It’s me!”

Instead of hearing her Mike pinched Whitney between his fingertips and raised her up to his face. Sarah watched her friend grow slightly but it was obvious Mike didn’t recognize her.

“Thanks for volunteering,” he told her, and Sarah realized he was much drunker than she’d thought. “No way would I have worked up the courage to do this sober.”

Whitney tried to yell at him but sudden motion disrupted her senses too much. But not enough to see where she was going as he lowered his hand and brought it around behind him. 

Sarah couldn’t see what Mike was doing with Whitney but from his groan it was pretty obvious. She didn’t know if she should laugh in delight or scream in terror. Whitney loved this sort of thing but Sarah had never experienced it before. And she knew how much Mike liked a finger in his backdoor; a tiny person would likely feel incredible.

With the tiny safely through his sphincter, Mike sat down. Between the movement in his ass and the struggling in his stomach, not to mention the last hour of teasing from Chastity, he was more erect than he’d ever been. The world spun slightly and his hand was blurry, but he wasn’t too drunk to position the last tiny directly over his urethra.

“Uh. Wait! Mike!” Sarah called out when she realized what was happening.

“I’m gonna shoot you into my wife tomorrow,” he told her with a laugh.

His cock, massive even normally, was now truly titanic and his opening easily engulfed her to her waist. Panic set in and she kicked to try and free herself but Mike only groaned in pleasure. A finger pushed down on her head and with a scream she vanished under its pressure.

Surrounded by the girth of her fiancé’s cock she felt pressure pulling her down, occasionally countered by a massive stroking pressure from further outside. Sarah cried out and tried to climb but from what Whitney had told her that only made it better for the guy.

“Oh shit,” Mike said, stroking himself slowly. “Steve was right.”

Having a shrunken woman sliding down his cock was incredible. He was doing his best to not pump himself too fast before she was completely dropped into his balls, but it was a struggle. Up and down he stroked slowly, mentally imagining the wonderfully struggling woman’s panic.

Then he felt her struggles pause momentarily. Chastity’s music switched from rock and roll to a slower instrumental piece; it had gone long past her usual routine and settled onto her own personal music.

His eyes closed as he waited to feel his balls move.

Before he realized what was happening, Mike laid his head back on the couch. To the tune of Mozart Mike fell into a drunken slumber.

With a scream Sarah fell into a suddenly wider space below her. Suddenly she was in fluids up to her knees, the smell of chlorine and heat suddenly going to her head. Stumbling blindly forward she felt a wall of flesh ahead of her and screamed when she realized that everyone who could get her out of this situation was currently already in her husband’s body.

If they didn’t fix this the wedding was gone and she would be missing forever. She didn’t miss the significance of the distantly slowing heartbeat, either.

Early the next morning Chastity quietly snuck through the living area. Her speaker had died, so she tucked it into her purse as she slipped her shorts back on. Then she froze when she saw Mike passed out on the couch, hand still wrapped around his manhood.

“Damn,” she said quietly. Even asleep and flaccid his member was impressive. Then she saw a twitch in his ball sack and smiled. She could only imagine what had happened but it was obvious he’d taken the chance to cock vore at least one of the tiny women.

She focused for a moment and watched the magnitude of the movement increase as she made the tiny inside his balls grow slightly. While she did consider this part of her client’s experience she didn’t actually want the woman to be shot into Mike’s wife on their wedding night. Customers had to survive to leave good reviews.

If he could at least feel her movements then he could get her out in the morning before the wedding began.

“Thanks for the party!” she whispered to the writhing testicles; the movement paused then redoubled but Chastity was already walking to the hotel room’s door.


Mike groaned as the sound of a jackhammer rocked him awake. He sat up rapidly and stood before he even realized he was still naked from the waist down. Instantly his head screamed at him and regretted it.

“Geez, full moon!” Al said from behind him in the kitchen, laughter in his voice.

Between the pounding in his head and his upset stomach Mike realized the jackhammer had actually been the simple act of Al setting a glass of water on the counter.

With a groan he leaned forward and picked up his fallen shorts. They slipped on easily and he ignored Al’s obnoxious whistling. His friend had always been a morning person and somehow immune to hangovers.

Mike stumbled around the couch and toward the suite’s kitchen. Al produced a cup of coffee for him and Mike gave up on the idea of stabbing his friend in the face. Into the dark brown liquid went an excessive amount of sugar and he took a sip with a sigh.

“My head is killing me,” he said, even as he felt his headache recede. His belief that coffee was the nectar of life was reaffirmed.

His stomach gave a lurch as the first of the hot liquid hit it, but Mike did his best to ignore it. He was not throwing up on his wedding day.

“Got any food in here?” he asked Al, who made a plate of toast appear as though by magic.

“Remember how you guys made fun of me for being prepared?” Al asked in a condescending tone. “We won’t need that, Al! Put that away, Al!” he continued in a high-pitched voice.

“Gimme the food and you won’t get hurt,” Mike said as the two shared a grin. They’d done this dance before a hundred times.

His stomach continued its uncomfortable grumbling despite him feeding it bread. With an internal sigh he resigned himself to feeling extra uncomfortable on his wedding day. Despite agreeing on a relaxed ceremony, he was still wearing a tuxedo and he was sure Sarah hadn’t skimped on a dress that he hadn’t been allowed to see.

Another sip of coffee made his head feel better at least. He was also acutely aware of the world’s worst case of blue balls; whatever he’d gotten up to last night had him so pent-up that Sarah was in for a real wedding night treat.

“What did we do last night?” he asked Al, who was spreading butter on his own piece of toast. Mike tried to recall but the night remained a blur. “Was somebody here?”

Patrick and Steve stumbled out of the bedroom at the same time, each pulling on their pants and casting confused looks around the room.

“Hey, so, uh,” Steve said as they approached the kitchen, “There a reason I had to pull these out of my backside just now?”

From his left hand dangled a long, bright red string. Mike focused his eyes on them and realized it was actually a thong, part of it having been snapped or torn.

“Oh shit!” he said with a laugh as he remembered part of the night. Someone’s dancing form was suddenly in front of him and he remembered the vague feeling of disappointment as she led his friends into the bedroom.


Al laughed into his coffee as Patrick and Steve shared a confused look.

“The stripper!” Mike said, gesturing with his hands to try and jog their memory. At her very thought it felt like his balls were going to explode and it took a great force of will for Mike to ignore them. “Blonde? Massive tits?”

Comprehension dawned on Steve’s face while Patrick examined what seemed to be a bite mark on his shoulder.

“The three of us did coke off her ass?” Al asked questioningly, “Then gangbanged her until we thought she died?”

Patrick’s face went white and he laughed aloud as the memory came rushing back to him.

“Oh shit!” he laughed, “Damn she could hold her breath!”

Mike held up a hand to stop him there.

“I don’t wanna know,” he said, marching to the coffee machine and pouring himself another cup. “Let’s just get halfway sobered up and get our shit together. We’ve only got-“ he checked the clock on the oven, “-like five hours til the ceremony.”

“You know in five hours we could be in Mexico, right?” Al asked. Mike glared at him and he held up his hands in defeat. “Just saying! I do like Sarah but I’ve gotta at least try to persuade you against it, right? That’s kinda the ‘Best Man’ thing.”

“If you stand up during the ‘forever hold your piece’ part,” Steve said as he filled his own coffee mug, “I’ll give you fifty bucks.”

“And I’ll give you a black eye,” Mike laughed.

For a moment they all laughed, then stood around the kitchen drinking coffee. Silently they passed around the plate of toast and it vanished bite by bite. There was a strange melancholy feel to the air and even Mike, blue balled from not nailing Chastity and still upset stomach, could feel it.

“I may not remember a lot of last night,” Mike said slowly, sure he was forgetting something important, “But I want you to know you really are the best friends I could ever want.”

Even Steve smiled at that and held back a sarcastic remark. Mike locked eyes with each of them. Friends since high school, they’d been through college, multiple girlfriends, a car accident, and more of life’s ups and downs than they could ever imagine.

“We’ve done a lot together and I’m really glad you’re all here with me now.”

He held up his coffee cup and they all knocked theirs together. Steve wiped away a fake tear. Mike gave him a dry look and Steve pretended to ignore it; he fake-cried a little more.

“I’m not dying you jackass!” Mike roared, and the four of them burst into laughter. “We just can’t hire strippers for the guy-weekends anymore!”

“That’s the same as dying!” Steve insisted, “If you can’t get a lap dance then you’re no friend of mine!”

Al gave him a punch on the shoulder as they all laughed, then drained the last of his coffee.

“Alright guys, enough with the emotions,” he said, putting excessive effort into drawing himself up and pulling his shoulders back. “Us men! Us strong! Us stink. Go shower.”

“Yeah yeah, make more coffee Betty Crocker,” Patrick said, but he was already shuffling away to take Al’s advice.

Mike started to follow him, hoping to beat him to the shower, but his stomach grumbled again and his balls protested the sudden movement. Groaning he leaned forward and put his arms on the countertop.

“Hey, you alright?” Steve asked, concerned. “If you don’t want to get hitched just say so, don’t fake-“

“Cut it out Steve,” Mike said, grabbing his stomach. “My stomach is killing me.”

Steve shrugged.

“Some guy’s stomachs don’t do so hot with the shrunken women and the getting her out part,” he explained, “but you should feel better after getting some food in there.”

Mike stared at him, confused. Al stared at Mike, equally confused. Patrick paused from halfway across the room and gave Mike a look that made him feel like he’d just grown horns.

“Uh. What?” he asked as his stomach pitched again.

“The shrunken women.” Steve said, stunned and slightly worried. “Remember? Whats-her-name brought some of her little dancer friends and you took one down with a shot of scotch?”

Suddenly flashes of last night flew through Mike’s head. Massive breasts in his face, a shot glass held between them. Burning liquor, but before that: someone swimming within the amber fire.

Steve moved closer, sudden urgency on his face.

“You got her out, right?” he asked. “Chastity came and got her out and took the other tiny chicks with her, right?”

Mike opened his mouth to answer but realized he had no idea. Then his balls shifted and he realized: he didn’t have blue balls. He wasn’t sore from a need to explode. He was sore from them shifting around for hours.

Steve’s eyes grew wide.

“Oh, fuck.”

“What do I do?” Mike asked quickly, “I barely remember last night but I’m digesting some chick right now?”

He was close to panic. A tour in Afghanistan hadn’t prepared him for this.

“Don’t panic!” Steve said, holding his hands up to calm his friend, “If she’s still moving and making you feel sick then she’s fine, just probably pissed at her coworker for not getting her out when she finished up. The shrinking process usually makes them borderline immortal specifically for this shit.”

“Hold still!” Al said, biting back a laugh and looking hard at Mike’s stomach. “I’m gonna try and shrink her a bit.”

Almost instantly the movement in Mike’s stomach eased, but Mike didn’t feel any better.

“You make him puke her out!” Steve said, rushing to the bedroom. In moments he reappeared, pulling on a shirt and checking his pockets for his keys and wallet. “If the stripper didn’t get her friend out of you then she probably forgot to leave the restoring spray too.”

This time both Mike and Al shared a confused look while Patrick finally gave up on trying to follow the situation. He strode to the fridge and pulled out a beer. Steve gave them all an exasperated look.

“The-,” he started to say, then abandoned the attempt. “Fucking forget it. Puke her out! I’ll be back in ten minutes!”

With that said he jogged to the door and vanished.

“Well, you heard the man,” Al said as he clapped his friend on the back. Mike groaned but held back one important fact: if there was one stuck in his stomach then there was at least one in his balls. And he didn’t remember how many there were supposed to be.

“Let’s get you ralphing!”

Mike stood back and watched as Al rooted through the kitchen. It was a hotel room, but surprisingly well stocked. In minutes Al produced a saltshaker, three chicken bouillon cubes, and had stolen Patrick’s beer.

Both Patrick and Mike watched horrified as Al combined the ingredients and stirred them rapidly together in a large glass. With the mixture still spinning he slid it toward Mike.

“Bottom’s up!” he said with a smile. Al knew Mike wouldn’t drink it, and it wasn’t designed to be drank. It was designed to stink.

“Oh, I’m not gonna-“ Mike said as Patrick grabbed the glass. “I can’t-“

Patrick held the glass up to his nose and Mike made the mistake of smelling it.

Instantly his stomach clenched. With a shout he rushed to the sink as his body rejected everything it had consumed in the past day and a half.

“The drain!” Patrick yelled, “Don’t puke her down the drain!”

Before Mike could even try to change course Al threw a dish towel into the sink, plugging the drain just as Mike ejected the contents of his stomach. There wasn’t much but he instantly felt better; a small pool of green slime had landed on the dish towel and his stomach lurched again as he smelt alcohol mixed with stomach acid.

Quickly he stood up and got away from the scent; then drowned it in the last of his coffee.

“So where are the rest?” Patrick asked as Al peered at the towel. Already he was focusing on the slime-covered woman, and she was almost an inch tall. He was going to have a good time rinsing her off.

“Uh,” Mike said, his face turning from green to red in embarrassment. “I should probably get this one out myself.”

Before they could ask any more questions Mike rushed to the bathroom. His friends exploded in laughter as they realized what Mike had meant, then roared with laughter again as he brought back his sock which had fallen from the bedroom doorhandle.

“Found another!” he said, tossing it to Patrick. Whoever was in the sock was just barely large enough to throw off its weight, otherwise he wouldn’t have noticed her at all. A moment’s focus had made her large enough to swing the sock like a counterweight and it sailed through the air to his friend.

“Weird!” Patrick said as he caught it and gently upended its contents into his hand. “One of your socks isn’t crunchy!”

Mike bit back his retort as he sat on the toilet and kicked the door shut. His shorts were dropped and he was looking nervously at his testicles. For a moment they twitched as something moved inside and with his cock freed it instantly leapt to attention. Before he could forget the most important part of this process Mike focused hard like he’d seen his friends do, imagining the tiny woman, or women, sequestered in his body.

It felt silly and pointless, but as soon as he imagined them shrinking down to a grain of sand the twitching in his balls stopped.

With the pressure somewhat relieved Mike leapt to his task with a vengeance. He didn’t remember much of last night beyond the stripper looking like his favorite porn star, but he’d thought about this situation hundreds of times before. Of course, in his fantasies he was cock-voring a chick he’d picked up at the bar to later feed to his wife after a blowjob. But this was probably as close as he’d ever get to that scene in reality.

He put no effort into dragging the situation out, picturing his favorite scenes of redheads licking screaming teenagers out of each other’s snatches, or hiding innocent librarians in their panties as they strode through the public library. In his head a college professor dropped a screaming cheerleader into the front of his pants, assuring her she’d earn an ‘A’ if she could make him cum before he got home, and only a ‘C’ if he didn’t cum until she’d been shoved into his wife.

Exactly as every time before his cum shot out with great force and would have gone a surprising distance if Mike hadn’t made the effort to catch it in several pieces of toilet paper. He was almost disappointed he’d shrunk the woman so small he hadn’t even felt her passage.

Next time, he thought hopefully yet sadly. Shrinking tech remained expensive and he didn’t want to know who had spent what kind of cash to make last night happen.

Putting those thoughts aside, he cleaned himself off and laid the toilet paper on the sink. Grabbing a clean piece, he focused on where he thought the woman, or women, might be and focused on growing them up to half an inch tall. Thought Mike knew he could probably make them much larger he didn’t want to recognize them on the street somewhere.

“There was only one in there,” Mike said, putting on a smile as he rejoined his friends in the kitchen. He was sure they’d be laughing and joking and playing with the two tiny women they had already ‘rescued.’

Instead they both gave him a grim look as though they had just witnessed a train wreck. Mike’s smile faded as he turned the corner and saw two tiny, naked women on the countertop, each still shorter than Patrick’s empty beer can. He sat his own on the countertop near them as he gave his friends an odd look.

“Uh,” he said cautiously, “Did I miss something?”

Tiny squeaks came from the women, and the third ran to join her compatriots. Al sized her up to match their size quickly and Mike gasped when he realized he recognized them.

“Holy fuck!” he shouted, first recognizing a shock of bright red hair then being horrified at who the third tiny grew into. Mike’s eyes widened and his hands went through his hair as he saw the third tiny woman grown into his six-inch-tall, incredibly sexy brunette fiancé.

“Uh, hi!” Sarah yelled upward with a giggle. The fact that she, Lacy, and Gianna were all naked and being ogled by three men didn’t bother her. After what they’d just done even Gianna seemed unperturbed and if Lacy had gotten a better night’s sleep Sarah was sure she’d be putting on a show for Patrick at least.

The three men shared an awkward glance. Al opened his mouth to say something, then closed it. Patrick desperately wished there were more beer.

“I’m back!” Steve yelled in the silence, jogging into the kitchen and pulling a spray bottle out of a plastic bag. His shopping trip had been successful and faster than he’d hoped.

He slowed as he saw their glances, the women still out of his line of sight.

“Did I miss something?” he asked as he strode into the kitchen. Then he saw who was on the counter.

“Oh!” Steve stammered, pretty sure he wasn’t supposed to see his best friend’s fiancé or sister naked, but unable to look away. Especially from Gianna.

Sarah didn’t miss Gianna turning red when Steve turned his gaze on her, nor her giggle.

Steve held up the bottle awkwardly, indistinguishable from a bottle of Clorox save for the labeling.

“Maybe we do this in the bathtub?” he suggested slowly, not sure what reaction the women would have at their actions the previous evening.

Five minutes later the three women were back to fully grown and sitting on the couch. The guys had all brought more clothes than they needed, so the trio was clad in too-large shirts and athletic shorts. Mike had called one of their more discrete friends, who was now on the way to get the women back to their own apartments so they could prepare for the wedding.

“I gotta shower,” Gianna said aloud. One perk of the shrinking process was that almost nothing penetrated the subject’s skin, so she didn’t smell like her brother’s stomach. But the mental stench remained.

Sarah and Mike cuddled on the couch. He’d been scared she would be angry at him for what had happened, but in a way she seemed to be even more attached now.

Good thing I didn’t follow them into the room! he thought as Sarah’s eyes went wide. He could tell she’d just remembered something and she whispered briefly into his ear.

“You shoved Whitney up your backdoor last night! Tell me she’s not in the plumbing!”

Mike stood up rapidly and strode quickly to the restroom again without saying a word.

Twenty minutes later Whitney walked out of the suite’s restroom, dressed in one of Al’s shirts and a pair of boxers. Mike nervously refused to meet her eyes but if Sarah hadn’t been there Whitney would have been glad to tell him she’d had a blast in his rectum right up until nature had surrounded her and taken away her freedom of movement.

No one in their group needed that image in their mind hours before a wedding.


Hours later Mike stood in a small formation with his three best friends, across from Sarah’s own group of three bridesmaids. A hair tickled his nose and he itched it absentmindedly as he watched Sarah approaching. With some effort he held back a sneeze and hoped it didn’t make his eyes water.

She looked stunning in her white dress, a traditional piece that would have fit in at a courtroom ball two hundred years ago. Sarah approached confidently as the small crowd of onlookers stood in her presence. There were two steps to the small stage they had prepared in the park for their small-yet-large ceremony and she ascended them carefully as her two nieces helped with the train and she focused on not twisting her ankles in her heels.

As she took her position opposite Mike, Sarah couldn’t help but look at her three friends with some confusion on her face. Lacy raised an eyebrow at her and gave Sarah and encouraging smile. Then winked at Patrick, who had been eyeing her cleavage while they waited.

“Where’s Hannah?” she asked suddenly, and all three of her friends’ eyes widened as they realized they hadn’t seen her since last night.

Mike’s nose tingled again and this time he couldn’t fight the sneeze. Before he could get his elbow high enough to catch it he sneezed hard, feeling something bounce off the sleeve of his tuxedo and seeing something small zip across the space between him and the bridesmaids.

Gianna gasped as something solid hit her neck, then fell into her own tightly-pressed cleavage. As she looked down in surprise she saw Hannah’s stunned form quickly grow to three inches tall.

The tiny girl let out a sigh of relief as she saw her friend, then a squeak of terror as Gianna’s fingers pushed her down into her cleavage to hide her from the rest of the ceremony.

But it was too late. It was obvious to everyone on the altar what had happened, including the marriage officiant, Sarah’s grandfather. The crowd had been busy taking their seats and the situation hadn’t been noticed by them.

Sarah’s grandfather looked from Gianna’s wriggling cleavage to Mike, then to Sarah’s red face.

“I don’t want to know,” he said to Mike as he pulled a notecard with his prepared speech. Quietly to Sarah he whispered, “But I won’t mention that to your parents if you slip that little one into my coat pocket later.”

Just a Random Shrinky by Thatgirlyouknow

Elliot sighed as he rolled out of bed. Or the sort-of bed he’d made do with since the incident. The event. The world-moving, unexplainable bout of cosmic radiation that had swept across Earth almost six months ago.

He tried to hold back his irritation. In reality he had it better than a lot of ‘shrinkies’ and should have been thankful. Since shrinking, his mother had gone above and beyond for him: he had everything a person needed in mostly size appropriate quantities. Blankets? Clothes? She’d found an online seller who had immediately leapt on the sudden need for tiny articles of clothing.

She’d even found a way to get him a size appropriate keyboard and television remote. Though the screens were the size of buildings he was only as limited as he allowed himself to be; the internet didn’t let him down. As long as he remembered to stay in his room.

Susan made every effort she could to keep Elliot involved and not feeling left behind by the world, but the single mother could only do so much. She still worked, still lived a life outside of the house, and though Elliot knew she still loved him he also knew how much stress she was under. Someone would find a cure, hopefully, but until then she had a son with an incurable condition.

And it seemed every day the outside world was more dangerous for people in his position.

“Fifteen percent?” he read aloud, uneasy as he browsed the morning news.

It seemed the government had finally figured out just how much of the population had been shrank all those months ago. Some were smaller, some bigger, than Elliot but he knew at two inches tall he was right in the middle. And as he continued reading he felt more and more fortunate that he’d shrank literally in front of his mother and not at the park or while hiking.

“And sixty-eight percent of them are now missing?”

That second figure made him lean back in the plastic toy chair. He’d heard stories from his friends, who were distancing themselves from him quickly, about what they’d heard happening to lots of shrinkies. It was true that many had simply vanished far from home and likely had succumbed to their environment or been prey for wild animals. But it was a dark rumor that a large number had been prey for a far different type of hunter.

Which was why Elliot was stuck in his room until a cure was found.

“Or until I go insane,” he said aloud as he continued reading.


“No!” Susan giggled as Anna laughed. The two women were half wrestling on the couch; Anna had stolen Susan’s glasses and the brown-haired woman was trying to get them back from her much longer haired girlfriend.

“This is the best part!” she laughed as Anna held them slightly out of reach. On the television the two main characters were about to confess their love for one another in a rainstorm. They’d both seen The Diary a dozen times but Susan was still completely enthralled by it. Anna not so much.

“Oh come on!” Anna said with a smile, finally running out of room and letting Susan snatch her glasses back, “You can probably do this whole movie line for line!”

Susan slid her glasses back on her face and made a show of scooting away from Anna on the couch. She crossed her arms under her breasts and fake pouted.

“Well, just because Mister Graham there is so much more romantic than you’ll ever be!”

Anna just rolled her eyes and picked up the bowl of popcorn. Two empty wine glasses sat on the coffee table, and two empty bottles were in the trash bin in the kitchen.

“Too bad he got shrunk,” she said as she popped a piece into her mouth. The salty kernel rolled across her tongue until she squeezed it gently between her molars until it was crushed. At the thought of the actor screaming in her mouth she felt a familiar warmth between her legs. A naughty grin crossed her face and she looked at Susan.

Let’s find out if she’s into this, she thought, determined to finally bring up the subject with Susan.

“Wish I was snacking on his little self,” she said, causing Susan to give her a gentle push in mock admonishment.

“Don’t even!” Susan said with a nervous laugh. “Don’t tell me you’re one of those those…those…” she waved her hands as she searched for the word.

“Well don’t tell me you’ve never thought about it!” Anna replied, not missing how much attention Susan paid to her setting a single piece of popcorn onto her tongue. “Miss goody two-shoes over there.”

On the television the movie had passed Susan’s favorite part but she hadn’t noticed. Instead her face was red in a way that had nothing to do with the wine and Anna knew she’d found something else to explore with her girlfriend. They’d talked about the worldwide shrinking epidemic quite a bit; everyone had. And she’d always had a feeling Susan had left some opinion unvoiced because she was worried what Anna would say.

Now she could guess what that was.

“I bet,” she whispered, leaning toward Susan and putting a hand on the couch to pin her girlfriend gently in place, “The shrinkening was a dream come true for you.”

Susan giggled nervously and suddenly wished they hadn’t finished off the last bottle of wine in the house. Her girlfriend leaned over her and she held herself back from reaching up for a kiss. Suddenly the couch was both too small but she knew somewhere else they’d be going soon. The temperature of the room had gone up several degrees.

Over the top of her Anna gave her the confident smile that had first gotten her attention several months ago.

“I bet,” she whispered into Susan’s ear causing her to moan, “You found a shrinky somewhere didn’t you?”

Susan froze for a moment, suddenly sure Anna knew about Elliot, safely hidden in his room. She’d kept the secret of her shrunken son very close since day one. She knew if they hadn’t gotten lucky, she’d be one of the millions who would never get closure about what had happened to their loved ones. Luckily Anna misread her sudden pause and nervous shudder.

“I’d be jealous if you did,” she continued, letting her tongue flick Susan’s earlobe. “All I can think about is how it would feel to have one of those little squirmers bouncing around inside of me. Imagine finding Mister Graham in your toy drawer.”

A hand began running down Susan’s abdomen and she relaxed again. In her mind the fantasy started playing out; her imagination had always ran wild and Anna knew exactly how to get her in the mood. She’d be lying if she said she hadn’t imagined that same scenario dozens of times.

“Just imagine – a whole life shrunken down, just to spend their final moments as a sex toy. A snack.”

Her finger slid under the band of Susan’s leggings and immediately slipped between her legs where Susan was already slick with anticipation. She paused at Susan’s opening and with her other hand grasped her lover’s hair. A gentle pull caused Susan to whimper and look straight at her.

“Should I slide him in?” she asked sweetly, moving her finger slightly. Susan moaned and she wiggled it again at her opening, this time adding a second finger’s motion and mimicking the kicking of a shrinky. “Mister Graham should spend his final moments in your hot snatch, right?”

Unconsciously Susan shifted her hips upward but Anna’s hand shifted with her and continued its tickling just short of penetration.

“Don’t tease!” Susan hissed, arching her hips again.

“Say it!” Susan said with a determined smile. She leaned forward and licked up the side of Susan’s neck until she whispered into her ear: “I know what you want. Say it!”

Anna couldn’t hold back any longer.

“Oh put him in me!” she exclaimed, giving in to her fantasy.

Elliot awoke with a start at the scream that came from the living room. In a brief panic he started to leap out of bed, not sure what he should do but sure he should try to help. Then he realized it wasn’t a scream of fear.

“You gotta be kidding me!” he yelled as a second moan joined the first.

It was far from the first time he’d been jerked out of bed by the sound of his mother’s lovemaking. It didn’t bother him at all that she had found a girlfriend, though he hadn’t met her and knew it would be quite awhile. If ever.

But it was a real problem that he only knew she existed because he could hear his mother’s moans almost every night of the weekend.

The moans grew more intense as he rolled over in bed and covered his ears with a small pillow.


The following morning, Anna awoke before Susan. She hadn’t stayed over at her girlfriend’s house before, but last night had been too intense. After they’d loudly had their way with each other in the living room and kitchen they’d finally landed in bed.

We’ve been dating months, she told herself as she quietly rolled out of bed and stood, Why haven’t I stayed over before?

With a mental shrug she started hunting for her panties, then remembered they were probably in the living room. Her bladder wanted to explode but she couldn’t help checking out the wide variety of toys they’d used on each other the night before. Most of them had made them back into the toy drawer and Anna smiled as she saw the variety of objects they’d slid into each other.

Walking was almost difficult, and sitting would be sore today, but it had been worth it. She almost ducked into the master bathroom but one look at Susan’s still-sleeping form made her pause.

Use the other one, she told herself, not wanting to wake her girlfriend.

As she relieved herself in the much smaller restroom near the living room she found herself looking out into the hallway at a door she’d never seen open. She’d been in every room of this house but as she cleaned herself she realized there was one room left. The pair had been too busy with their own good times when she came over for her to notice.

But now Susan was still sleeping and Anna was all alone in the empty house. Curiosity started to get the best of her. As far as she knew Susan didn’t have a hobby like sewing or art, and she had a different room dedicated as an office. She stood and listened for a moment, hearing Anna snoring softly from the bedroom, then looked at the closed door again.

It’s probably just a storage room, she thought to herself as she gently turned the knob. The door opened silently and Susan felt a small twinge of guilt. Yes, she and Susan had been dating for several months, but this felt like a slight invasion of privacy.

She’ll never know, Anna told herself.

A faint click roused Elliot from sleep. His room was normally quiet as an abandoned cave while he slept, and at first he looked up at the pink plastic ceiling in confusion. There was no clock unless he had the computer on but his internal clock told him it was far earlier than his mother ever awoke.

With a groan he rolled over and put his feet on the fake carpet.

“What now?” he wondered aloud as he heard slow footsteps outside his dollhouse. In the back of his mind something about the footsteps seemed off and an instinctive urge to hide arose. Even half awake, Elliot knew to listen.

Quickly he stood and dodged to the side. His not-quite-fitting sweatpants didn’t cooperate and he tripped with an ‘ooph!’ The steps outside paused and he pulled himself forward along the ground until he was in the darkness of the tiny fake bathroom. Originally the house had been designed to unfold in half for play but his mother had super-glued it shut along the seams. This meant some areas remained pitch black if he didn’t use the dime-sized LEDs Susan had found, but it kept him from effectively living in a cut-in-half house.

“Safe in here,” he told himself as he stood. Carefully he backed into a dark corner and peered out through the doorway where there was a narrow angle to see outward.

“What is all this?” Susan wondered as she looked around.

There was a small bed which obviously hadn’t been used in months. Posters on the wall made it seem like a teenage boy’s room, but a dollhouse on the desk ruined the image. As she looked around she saw several small picture frames but the odd arrangement of the television and computer monitor distracted her more.

If they hadn’t been plugged in, and the computer obviously in standby, she would have assumed they were left there for storage. They seemed to be oriented toward the dollhouse. Anna leaned forward to get a better look at some of the pictures and saw Susan with an arm around a young man at an amusement park.

Suddenly she gasped.

“Oh my gosh!” she exclaimed, putting a hand over her mouth. “She had a son! No wonder we never looked in here!”

Elliot could see the giant woman through his narrow view. She looked like she’d once been in great shape and he couldn’t lie: were he full size her thick and uncovered backside would have been very attractive. Her hair was incredibly long and he realized with a start that she was topless as well. The teen was instantly hypnotized by her massive breasts and his face turned red when he realized he was basically spying on a half-naked woman.

“Did he die?” he heard her say, “The poor woman!”

Did Mom not tell her about me? he wondered, I kinda assumed she at least would have said something about it.

Part of him was thankful; the less people that knew about him the safer he would probably be. But it hurt a little that his mother would bring someone into her life and not at least mention her son was hiding until a way to return him to original size was discovered.

Anna took one last look about the room. She found herself drawn to the dollhouse. She’d had a similar one as a child but something about this one struck her as odd. An internal alarm seemed to go off and she had the sensation of being watched.

Just as the woman started to lean forward to take a closer look she heard a yawn come through the silent house. The sound caused her to jump and look around guiltily. Carefully she tiptoed out of the room and shut the door behind her.

Quietly she stepped into the kitchen and began hunting for coffee. Then she paused when she found Susan’s expensive flavored coffee.

The shelf shared space with her glasses and drinkware. Next to the glasses were several delicate thimbles that had obviously been used as cups, and several more tiny syringes.

He didn’t die! she realized as she heard Susan step into the kitchen with her, He was probably in that dollhouse! That’s why the monitors were turned toward it!

Before it became obvious she’d seen the tiny cups she plucked out the bag of coffee and two mugs. Internally she let out a sigh of relief as Susan stumbled blearily into the kitchen while rubbing her eyes. The woman was half dressed and Anna couldn’t help but take in the sight of her girlfriend clad in only red boyshorts. Her cheeks strained the material.

“Good morning thickness!” she said happily, receiving only a glare in return.

Susan huffed and sat down on one of the stools next to the kitchen island. There was a sound of displeasure that made Anna giggle, but soon the scent of coffee filled the air.

“You’re forgiven,” Susan mumbled when a steaming mug appeared in front of her.

“For what?” Anna asked, freezing. She was suddenly sure that Susan knew she’d discovered her secret.

“For being a morning person.”

Anna let out another sigh of relief as she mixed sugar and cream into her morning brew. But a plan was forming in her mind that had nothing to do with breakfast.

“So about last night,” she said, sliding onto the stool next to Susan. The brown-haired beauty only replied with a raised eyebrow and Anna tried not to look surprised when she saw half of the near-boiling coffee was already gone.

“You seemed pretty thrilled about the idea of Mister Graham joining us on the couch.”

Susan almost spit out her coffee in surprise.

“Crap!” she said with half a laugh, somewhat annoyed, “I was really hoping you didn’t remember that!”

“Oh, put him in me!” Anna said in a high-pitched voice, trying to mimic Susan and rolling her hips.

The two women burst out laughing.

“How could I forget that part?” she asked, “Or this?”

She raised her hand up and used her fingers to re-enact how she’d made them squirm inside Susan, mimicking what she thought a struggling shrinky might feel like.

Susan turned red and Anna knew she’d poked at the right spot.

“Well of course I did!” she stuttered out, “I had a bottle of wine and a beautiful woman in my face and-“

“And your wet dream about to come true!”

Susan made an indignant sound and crossed her arms under her breasts.

“Well I-“ she paused, searching for words as Anna leaned back with a confident smile. Susan struggled for a moment. They’d had a similar talk about a month ago when they’d finally admitted to each other their love of anal play. It was what they were both into but they had been worried about what the other may think.

“Well fine!” she finally said, “Of course I was into it! I’d love to try out a shrinky but whenever I think about it I feel so guilty because-“

Anna felt her breath catch, sure that Susan was about to tell her about her shrunken son. For a moment Susan’s eyes flickered toward the hallway, then they returned. Anna pretended not to notice.

“Well, it’s somebody real, you know?” she said instead, and Anna carefully hid her disappointment. “I know they don’t really have any rights or anything and it’s pretty much a free-for-all, but there’s all those people looking for a cure!”

Anna leaned forward and put a hand high on Susan’s thigh. The flustered woman took a sip of her coffee and met her gaze.

“Are you really telling me,” Anna said with a wry smile, “If you ran across a shrinky he wouldn’t ‘fall’ into your purse and come home with you?”

Susan paused and for a guilty look crossed her face.

“Well…accidents happen,” she said, and both women laughed again.

“Well don’t worry,” Anna said, standing and whispering into Susan’s ear as she started to walk to the bedroom, “If any accidents happen I’ll make sure we get to share.”

Susan stuttered out something and turned to follow Anna to the bedroom. Anna smirked as she heard the light footsteps behind her, then was distracted by the sound of a cell phone ringing. She paused but stepped out of Susan’s way as the shorter woman rushed ahead.

“Sorry!” she said when she bumped Anna, causing some coffee to spill, “That’s my work tone and there’s only one reason they’d call on a Saturday!”

“No problem,” Anna said, but Susan wasn’t listening. She was already answering her phone and Susan realized that this call must have actually been quite important. Susan’s face as she listened and heard Anna’s voice quickly would have pushed aside any annoyance she had.

Tiptoeing quietly into the room, to not interrupt the obviously important call, she placed her mug on the dresser then returned to the kitchen for a paper towel. As she cleaned up the small mess in the hall she could hear Susan’s voice get more and more nervous.

“No, no!” she was saying, and Susan looked into the room to see her girlfriend pulling on a shirt rapidly. “Don’t turn anything off, I’m gonna come in right now!”

Susan ended the call and picked up her discarded leggings from the night before. Frantically she pulled them up and shot an apologetic look toward Anna.

“I’m so sorry!” she said as she ducked into her closet and reappeared almost immediately with a shirt and shoes on. “I gotta go before they crash all our servers!”

“Someone screwed up?” Anna asked, only vaguely aware of what a server was. She knew Susan did a lot of computer work but she hadn’t pried much into the details.

“Big time!” Susan said as she grabbed her purse. Together the two stepped quickly down the hall and Susan picked up her keys from the bowl by the door.

“I know this is kinda weird, sorry I’m leaving you here all alone!” she said apologetically, “Can you lock up when you go?”

“Well yeah, no problem!” Anna said and almost before she was done talking Susan planted a kiss on her cheek.

“Great, thanks so much! Gotta go!”

And a moment later the door was shutting.

Anna looked around Susan’s entryway awkwardly. She shrugged in the silence, not sure what to do.

“I guess I’ll…just head home?” she said aloud. There was no response, but her eyes drifted toward the hallway and the single closed door. Thoughts raced through her head and she recalled how Susan had responded to their pretend tiny play last night. How the two women clearly wanted to try out a shrinky.

Heat bloomed between her legs and she realized what she wanted to do. What she needed to do. What she’d ached to do but hadn’t been lucky enough to ever since the world had changed six months ago. She took a step toward the door, then realized it would be more fun to share.

“Gonna need a lot of wine,” she murmured as she turned away from the shut bedroom door and its treasure within, and went to find her own clothes.


While Susan worked frantically to limit the damage done by the weekend staff at her business, Anna set about on a different task.

After a swing through a coffee shop she sat at home with a muffin and latte, in front of her computer.

“Okay,” she said, “Let’s see if I’m right.”

She typed slowly and let the engines of the internet do the moving. At first it seemed that Susan was the only member of her family within a hundred miles. Then a link to a local high school appeared. A memorial to the victims of the shrinking catastrophe.

As she read her smile widened.

The shades of a plan formed in her head and she quickly typed out other searches. Half an hour later she felt she knew enough to make her fantasy become reality.


Her plan solidified as she texted Anna and ran a mental inventory of the items she thought she would need.

How about drinks at my place tonight? she asked.

Almost instantly she got her response: Great! But I may be late, this is a nightmare! Overtime pay is pretty nice though!

Leaning back in her chair, Anna knew tonight was going to be something special.


“Step one,” she said to reassure herself. Anna opened the door to Susan’s house with her spare key. It was quiet, but just as she’d expected there were sounds of music and yelling coming from the second bedroom. The door shut quietly behind her and she swallowed nervously.

“Game face.”

Before she could talk herself out of living her fantasy she walked to the always-closed bedroom door and opened it. On the computer screen was a video game; cartoonish characters were leaping and dodging bullets. Every so often one would get hit and fall comedically to the ground. There was no one to be seen in the room itself, but the screens were aimed right where she thought she’d find her first shrinky.

“Um, Elliot?” she called out, and instantly the game paused. She could only imagine the look on his little face at the idea of some other giantess knowing about his existence and she had to focus hard to not let herself get excited and blow it right there.

Her eyes flickered around the room quickly but she knew right where Elliot would be. Stepping lightly she approached the dollhouse where a flicker of motion drew her eye. When she tried to see into the small bedroom she could see what was clearly being used as a small bed, and doll clothing strewn about the floor.

But no shrinky.

“Elliot?” she called again, making sure she kept the question in, and the predator out, of her voice.

“Elliot I know you’re in there, your mother wanted me to come meet you,” the giant woman said kindly.

Elliot stayed in his dark corner in the plastic restroom. He knew he was caught; she knew where he was. His name. And despite knowing this woman was his mother’s girlfriend the idea of interacting with another giant human being was terrifying. No matter how much he was starting to hate that his only interaction was through the internet.

Thoughts of shrinky disappearances ran through his head. Stories of what he’d heard actually happened followed.

But Mom told her about me, right?

“Elliot?” the woman asked again, her voice kind and sweet, “Can you come out so we can talk?”

He shook but took a step forward.

She wouldn’t know about me if Mom didn’t tell her, he rationalized, but why isn’t she here?

As though she read his mind the woman continued: “Your mom had to go to work, someone was messing up her servers,” she explained, “And she asked me to come meet you. We were planning on it today already, and we’re going to hang out at my place tonight, and she didn’t want you to be left alone for so long.”

Elliot took another step forward. One more step and he’d be in the light. Talking to the first person, aside from his friends and his mother, that he’d spoken to in months.

When he realized that, thought went away. It didn’t matter that shrinkies disappeared all the time. It didn’t matter that he didn’t know this woman, though his mother certainly did. Or that she wasn’t there for the introduction, or that he was usually alone for several days at a time anyway which made the woman’s statement make no sense.

What mattered was that he was finally going to talk to someone else. Someone whose breasts he’d already seen, though he wasn’t about to tell her that.

“Um, hello?” she asked again, and he could hear the doubt in her voice.

Before she could talk again he stepped out of the toy bathroom. Through the window he could see a gray t-shirt and the curve of magnificent breasts, but she’d stood and didn’t see him hurrying to his microphone. The switch was as large as his head but he had plenty of practice in pushing it ‘on.’

“Hello?” he spoke into the microphone, hearing his voice oddly magnified from outside the dollhouse.

There was a surprised squeak from above, then a nervous giggle.

“Oh, um, hello?” he heard the woman call, “Uh, where are you?”

“I’m in the bedroom, where you were looking before,” he explained, knowing she was looking for the tiny speaker that was mounted on the backside of the house. Her body shifted around and his breath caught as a massive face appeared, followed by an eye half as tall as he was. Suddenly this didn’t seem like a good idea.

Anna’s breath caught in her throat. Her vagina suddenly blazed with heat and it took all her energy to not maul Elliot right there. Luckily for her, and unluckily for Elliot, his only view of her was her eye through his window. He didn’t see her lick her lips, or her whole body go flush with sudden heat and desire. Or a hand unconsciously move toward her beltline before she made it return.

He only saw her massive eye fixate upon him.

“Oh!” she said when she saw the two-inch tall teen. “Hi Elliot, I’m Anna! Your mom thinks if I’m gonna be around we should get to know each other!”

Stop sounding so damn perky! she told herself, He’s gonna sense something’s up! Not that it would matter…

“And I agree!” she said to him instead.

Nervously Elliot spoke into the microphone again: “Okay, so what did you have in mind?”

Stuffing you so far up my cooch you can tickle my cervix! would have been the truth.

Instead she said: “After work she’s coming over to my place, why don’t you and I go there and hang out? We can pick up ice cream on the way.”

Elliot breathed a sigh of relief. His initial instincts had been wrong about her and he needed to quit looking this gift horse in the mouth. Though her teeth were all the size of his thigh, if not larger.

Freedom at last! he thought.

A shrinky at last! she thought as she held out a hand for him to climb onto.


That afternoon was wonderful for Elliot. It was the first time in months that he’d left the house and his initial misgivings about Anna were immediately set aside when he stood in her comforting hand. He was shaking in fear as she sat him gently on the table, but she’d simply taken the earpiece he and his mother used and put it in herself so she could hear him.

Soon they were talking up a storm. Anna had even thoughtfully made a small seat for him from a small jewelry box that sat in a drink holder in her car. He couldn’t see where they were going but he had all the faith in the world that things were really going to work out between him, his mother, and Anna.

Anna’s afternoon was a lesson in restraint.

When she scooped out ice cream for them both at their house it took all her willpower not to drop him in her bowl like a cherry. As they talked she realized that if he weren’t a shrinky they probably would have gotten along. Instead she felt silly giving the shrinky anything like the interaction she’d give a real person. In a way she found it annoying.

It’ll be worth it! she told herself as her nipples strained against her bra.

When she poured herself a glass of water she could only think about dropping him in it and glugging him down. When she used the restroom she pulled her panties upward with the mental image of him on his back, screaming as he was pulled snug against her snatch. He walked across the kitchen counter as she made herself a sandwich and barely kept from dropping him between the layers. Or simply leaning down to scoop him up with her tongue.

At his request she had turned on a movie and placed him on the couch. Now every fiber of her being was telling her to take her pants off and sit on him.

Instead she made herself watch the clock and respond to Susan’s texts as casually as she could.

She’d done everything she could to prepare for the perfect night. Her fridge was stocked with wine and cheese. Melting chocolate was ready to go in a fondue pot, if they got that far, and she had made sure she was completely shaved before picking up their new toy.

Speaking of… she thought as her phone buzzed again. Susan was on her way.

Internet don’t fail me now!

She’d seen dozens of videos of this being performed and carefully researched the method.

Carefully she selected a glass measuring cup and filled a shot glass half-full of vinegar.

“Hey Elliot,” she said, happy she didn’t need to give the shrinky the ‘real person’ treatment much longer, “Check this out!”

The vinegar went on the couch next to him, and he stood and walked to the shot glass quickly. Everything else today had been outstanding, why would this be any different? His naivety almost made her giggle.

So he wasn’t expecting it when she dropped a mixture, found online, of baking soda, table salt, and ammonia into it. Before it could start bubbling she put the measuring glass down around him as though he were a spider she were catching, but she didn’t need to bother.

Elliot watched the mixture bubble in front of him and took a cautious step backward. The strong scent of vinegar and something acrid hit his nose. For a moment his eyes vibrated and involuntary he took another deep breath just as the world suddenly warped around him. His next step caused him to collapse onto the couch as the vapors overtook him.

As soon as the shrinky collapsed Anna flipped the measuring cup over and carefully placed him at the bottom. Minus his clothes, of course. The shot glass followed, bubbling and smelling terrible, but she made sure it remained upright next to his now sleeping form.

“Ha!” she shouted triumphantly as she held the glass and her sleeping toy up to her face, “That only took six months!”


An hour later, just as expected, the fumes were still enough to keep the shrinky sleeping carefully on a shelf in her closet. She checked on him every couple of minutes and could barely contain her excitement. Anna had tested her dexterity by carefully turning his blonde hair to black with a magic marker, then started setting up for the evening.

By the time she was lighting candles Susan was arriving, looking exhausted.

“That. Was. Horrible,” she said to Anna as she sat heavily on the couch. It wasn’t as cushiony as her own but that didn’t matter. What did matter was that Anna was already handing her a glass of wine.

Anna watched as she drained the glass in a single long drink.

“Uh,” she said as she traded Susan’s now-empty glass with her own full one, “Want to tell me about it?”

It turned out Susan did.

Anna didn’t follow much of what she said, but as a good girlfriend she knew sometimes it was more important to lend a listening ear than to be able to actually help. Before she knew it Susan had drained several glasses of wine, and she opened the second bottle. But as the sun went down she knew she had to move things along. The anticipation was killing her.

Just as Susan was about to launch into another diatribe about wiring and see-plus, Anna put a finger on her mouth.

“I think I know what you really need,” she told her girlfriend as she carefully took the wine glass from her hand, then her glasses from her face.

Susan was frustrated and a little drunk. But she knew exactly what Anna was up to.

“Oh, do you now?” she replied with a grin.

“And I’ve got a surprise for you!” Anna said, unable to contain her excitement any longer. She stood up quickly and pulled Susan with her, who laughed aloud at her girlfriend’s rare, excited outburst.

“Close your eyes!” she said as she dragged her into the bedroom.

Susan fell onto the bed with a laugh, and Anna knew she was the perfect level of drunk for what she was about to do. Before they could get lost, Susan made sure to sneak Anna’s glasses from her head.

Elliot awoke, confused, as gentle warm fingers wrapped around him. He felt like he’d been sleeping for hours and the afternoon replayed itself in his head quickly. Groggily he looked up and saw Anna’s smiling face peering down at him and he relaxed as he tried to wake up. If she was here there must be a good explanation.

“Anna,” he said, “Did I fall asleep?”

When it was clear she hadn’t heard him he felt along his shirt for the microphone secreted there, but then realized he wasn’t wear a shirt. Or anything at all.

“Anna!” he yelled, covering himself as she carried him somewhere, “Where are my clothes?”

Then he saw who else was in the room.

“Mom!” he called out happily, the vapors from the noxious mixture earlier still clouding his brain to his situation, “Hey Mom! We were waiting for you!”

“Open your eyes!” Anna commanded, and Susan did, gasping as soon as she saw what Anna held in her hand.

“Ho-lee-shit!” she exclaimed, holding out her hands and letting Anna drop the shrinky onto her palms, “Is this what I think it is?”

In her hands she held a two-inch tall man; without her glasses she couldn’t focus very hard on him, but the black hair and a penis were all she needed to see. He waved at her with both hands and she giggled, wishing her vision was good enough to really take him in. The idea that he apparently didn’t realize his situation seemed particularly hilarious to her at that moment.

“Where did you- Who-?” Susan asked, too excited and drunk to finish her sentence.

Anna just shrugged.

“It’s just some random shrinky,” she said.

“Mom!” he said with a laugh, put at ease by her giggling, before waving and covering himself as best he could. Their conversation didn’t make any sense to him, but if his mother was here nothing could really be that wrong. “Could you find my-“

Whatever the shrinky was saying was cut off as Anna brought her mouth down around it. Susan squealed in delight and surprise as she felt the little man’s form vanish between steaming hot lips.

Before she could say anything else Anna climbed onto the bed and pushed Susan onto her back.

“Ohmygod!” she exclaimed as Anna opened her mouth above her. She could just make out the man’s confused face in Anna’s mouth, and hear a faint shout. Then Anna descended.

“What the he-!” Elliot tried to yell, but the moaning around him drowned him out and made his ears pop instantly.

Two massive tongues battled around him. He was flipped upside down, sideways, and ways he couldn’t describe as the two women kissed passionately. Each movement made his head spin and he quickly lost track of where he was. Teeth scratched his back and banged against his head, making his briefly see stars in the humid darkness. Then the turbulence slowed and light appeared as someone’s tongue pushed him against the roof of their mouth.

Elliot craned his neck upward and looked out through the parted lips and teeth.

“Anna!” he shouted upward at the giantess’ grinning face above him, “Wait there’s been a mistake!”

“This is so hot,” she said instead as she looked down at him.

There was no doubt that she was seeing him and Elliot couldn’t understand what was happening. This wasn’t what they’d talked about!

Susan started peeling her leggings off as Anna leaned in for another kiss. They juggled the shrinky between their mouths as they rolled on the bed. Each woman was laughing and giggling as the kicking form switched between their mouths; it was a challenge to undress without pulling their mouths from each other but they managed.

Finally they were only wearing their shirts and neither wanted to let the shrinky go.

“Mmmhmmm!” Susan said, holding his kicking legs between her lips.

“Ooo ett goo!” Anna tried to say with his torso between her own.

Then women locked eyes and started to suck as hard as they could. For a moment Susan felt the shrinky slide further into her own mouth, then Anna’s superior suction started winning. She groaned in disappointment as the shrinky pulled free entirely from her mouth but the sight of Anna sucking the shrinky’s bottom half through her lips like a piece of spaghetti made her giggle again.

With the shrinky completely in her mouth Anna pulled her shirt over her head quickly, yet somehow Susan beat her to being shirtless.

She motioned quickly for Susan to roll over and the woman complied, rolling onto her stomach. One hand sought between her legs and immediately she encountered the wetness she was looking for. Susan groaned as two fingers slid into her pussy and she almost came immediately. The thought of finally getting to play with a shrinky almost set her over the edge on its own.

Then she realized what Anna really intended when her hips were pulled slightly upward and she felt a free hand gently part her cheeks. The fingers in her sopping pussy slid outward and rolled across her puckered backdoor.

“Oh, finally!” she cried out passionately, thrilled that her ultimate fantasy was about to be lived out. She’d held back from even telling Anna about her passion for anal play for months, and her shrinky fetish for even longer.

Good thing Elliot will never find out about this! she thought through a passionate haze.

Anna grinned at the thought of what she was about to do. Carefully she pushed the shrinky back through her lips until his legs stuck out, then she leaned forward as Susan squealed in delight.

Elliot pushed against the giantess’s tongue in a confused panic. Being thrown around constantly in the hot, humid air of the women’s mouths had him so disoriented and struggling for air he was barely conscious. The constant rolling tongue slowed and pushed against his face; saliva that wasn’t his filled his mouth and he coughed in a desperate attempt to breath while his legs were suddenly out in open air.

He clawed at the tongue as he felt himself slide further out, sure he was about to fall to his death.

Then his feet touched something round, warm, and incredibly slippery.

Susan groaned as she felt Anna’s tongue slide around her backdoor. She had a small orgasm between the probing fingers and the new anal stimulation, but she closed her eyes and focused on what she knew was going to happen next. There was heat from Anna’s tongue, wetness from herself.

And then, tickling from kicking legs.

She turned her face into the bedspread and screamed as she felt the tiny be slid inside her rectum, propelled by Anna’s skilled mouth. The tickling wasn’t massive, but it drove inside her like an electric shock. Compared to the toys they frequently used on each other the literal stretch from the shrinky was nothing.

But knowing a life was sliding into her anus just for her pleasure was far beyond anything a set of anal beads could give her.

“Oh shit!” she cried out, cumming hard enough that both her legs drove straight.

Anna gasped in surprise when Susan’s foot hit her knee and the two women collapsed onto the bed, Susan screaming in orgasm and Anna laughing from the fall. Her fingers slid out of the smaller woman and she pushed herself up quickly as she recognized the sounds Susan was making as a massive orgasm. Quickly she slid her hand back between her girlfriend’s legs only to find she was squeezing them tightly together as she came.

When Susan finally relaxed her legs enough, Anna quickly parted her cheeks, worried the toy would be gone, or worse: smashed before its time.

The massive orbs parted above Elliot suddenly, and he reached upward with his single non-engulfed hand.

“Anna!” he yelled out, terrified, confused, and just finally beginning to grasp his situation, “Help! I’m not a to-“

The shrinky was yelling in its squeaky faint voice from Susan’s forbidden entrance, and Anna breathed a sigh of relief. Unceremoniously she let her girlfriend’s massive cheeks slam shut, then gave one of them a smack.

“You’re lucky you didn’t smash it!” she said in an admonishing tone. Susan lifted up onto her elbows and wiggled her backside in the air as Anna slid off the bed and opened their toy drawer.

“It would be a real shame if Mister Graham didn’t last very long, would it?” she said before laughing aloud and circling one of her nipples with a freshly licked finger. The faint vibrating from her anus was intoxicating and she could already feel another orgasm approaching.

Anna smiled as she found the toy she was looking for and realized that Susan was even going to play hard enough that she wanted the tiny to ‘be’ her movie crush.

“On your back!” she said, and Susan complied instantly. Out of habit she held out her hand and Anna immediately put her chosen toy on her palm.

Susan scooted down slightly in the bed as Anna assumed her position on top of her. In moments the women were in their favorite position. Anna wasted no time in shifting her hips as she licked her lips and looked down at Susan’s waiting snatch, already shiny with excitement.

Susan started to say something while Anna leaned forward, but the woman on top wasn’t interested.

“Do you want the kno-mmmph!” she said as Anna dropped her hips onto her face. Instantly her air supply was greatly constricted but she could carefully breath through her nose and the experience wasn’t nearly as stressful as it had been the first time. She’d had plenty of practice and she reached upward to part Anna’s well-formed cheeks, inches from her nose. Her tongue darted outward as she shifted the dildo in her hand to make sure she had the business end pointing the right way. Anna was dripping wet, and Susan loved it.

Anna herself wasted no time in putting her elbows behind Susan’s knees and pulling them back far enough to expose the shrinky, nestled exactly where she wanted him.

Her tongue snaked out and dragged across the front of Susan’s slit and continued downward until she was bathing the shrinky in her saliva. Susan tried to say something but Anna pushed her own lips harder down until the attempts at talking stopped and she felt something poke at her own back entrance. Almost without resistance she felt several inches of the dildo slide inside of her rectum and she moaned in pleasure as she felt its odd shape slide inside.

Elliot screamed as massive fingers gently wrapped around his head. He was pulled out of the hole that held him tight and for a moment he was sure he was being rescued. Then the pressure reversed and he felt himself descending again.

“No!” he cried out as the fingers adjusted around his chest. The brown hole quivered and shook as he kicked in protest but it was pointless. He watched wrinkled skin approach his face until he was descending like a man being pulled under ocean waves. Elliot drew in what he was sure would be his final breath, then he was yanked back upward in a disorienting rush.

Anna groaned in her own pleasure as she thrust the shrinky in and out of Susan’s backdoor. Intermittently she lifted her hips so she could hear Susan’s cries; she was always stunned how sensitive Susan was to anal stimulation, but her own hip movement was mostly minimal. Anna was enjoying the oddly shaped dildo she’d picked out.

Susan drew bigger breaths when she could, but she could tell from Anna’s pressure on her face that her girlfriend was close. Just as she was. Though she wished Anna would have grabbed something to slip into her pussy she couldn’t deny the shrinky was by far the most pleasurable two-inch toy she could have ever imagined.

Too bad she didn’t find a four-incher!  she thought as she drove the blue dildo into the hole she almost had to cross her eyes to see.

Soon she could feel Anna’s movements turn less from smothering and more into unconscious grinding against her nose and chin. So Susan took that as her own cue.

The shrinky was doing wonderful things and she knew they were both on the edge of ecstasy.

So she did what she knew would put them both over.

The knot of the dog-cock dildo pushed hard against Anna’s rectum. She’d only taken the knot a couple of times in the past and though it had been very difficult she’d loved it. While her sphincter didn’t immediately spread to accommodate the knot’s obscene girth, Susan knew Anna could feel its attempted intrusion. There was a brief pause in the thrusting in her own backdoor, then it resumed with a vengeance.

She pulled back the dildo and pushed it forward again. One of her fingers slid around Anna’s tightly stretched sphincter and gave it sideways pressure. Another inch of the bulge vanished and Anna’s hips started shaking.

Her own orgasm started as she watched her girlfriend’s anus stretch far beyond its intended limit and in moments Susan found herself screaming with pleasure into Anna’s grinding pussy. The time for restraint was gone and she gave the knot one final push.

It slid into Anna’s rectum all the way to the base.

Together the two writhed on one another while their orgasms overtook them entire. Susan’s was prolonged by the squirming in her asshole and the near-asphyxiation caused by Anna’s grinding snatch. Anna’s was prolonged by the incredible fullness and burning of her backdoor, combined with barely holding herself back from shoving the shrinky so far into her girlfriend that they’d never see it again.

Somehow in the throes of ecstasy she restrained herself, and after several minutes of electric passion she finally found the willpower to roll sideways. She could hear Susan struggling for breath and regardless of how much she wanted to ride her girlfriend’s face until she passed out she knew that was taking things a little too far.

Together in the silence both women’s breasts heaved as they caught their breath.

Anna stared at the ceiling until she couldn’t take the pressure anymore. Carefully she rolled onto her side and felt between her cheeks. Her fingers found the base of the dog cock and gripped it firmly. With a gasp somewhere between pain and pleasure she pulled it out and felt herself instantly close back up as the slid the eight inches of silicon dog dick from her bowels.

“Damn this thing is huge,” she said as she looked at the baseball sized knot. Despite its size she wasn’t tender at all as she climbed off the bed and began walking toward the restroom to clean it off. Then she paused.

“Better clean all the toys,” Anna said with a smile.

She turned around and saw Susan had already rolled onto her side. As always the woman was already falling asleep.

Susan mumbled something to Anna when she felt a hand on her shoulder.

“Shhh,” Anna said comfortingly, “I just gotta clean the toys.”

“Mmm, okay,” Susan said as she felt Anna’s hand move downward.

The shrinky slipped from her backdoor easily and Anna was sure to cover the other woman with the blanket before she resumed her walk to the bathroom.

Both toys cleaned easily with soap and water, and Anna was delighted to see how much life remained in the shrinky. She was sure he wouldn’t survive Susan’s clenching sphincter but he somehow had. The internet had been iffy on how much pressure a shrinky could take before breaking. Whether he would last much longer or not remained to be seen.

Elliot cried out in pain as the fingers manipulated him roughly. Every part of him hurt, and not just from the scalding water. Already he could see a bruise across his entire midsection forming and he did his best to not move if he could help it; he wasn’t coughing up blood but he was certain he had several broken ribs.

“Anna!” he called out between rough scrubs of the fingers, trying to spit out soap that rushed into his mouth, “Why?! What did I-“

He didn’t get to finish his question. Anna was humming happily to herself when she lifted him rapidly upward to eye level. The movement caused him to cry out in pain again as she gave his tiny body a thorough look-over. By the time he recovered he felt a massive rush of wind, only to look up and see that the massive woman’s nostril hovering nearby.

She made a satisfied sound and shrugged as though she didn’t mind the smell of soap.

Satisfied that the shrinky was clean, Anna shrugged. It was squeaking out noises between her fingers but she ignored it and looked back into the bedroom where Susan was sleeping peacefully.

“That’s a good idea,” she said to herself as she felt her own fatigue set in.

Without bothering to look at the shrinky again she lifted him to her mouth and dropped him onto her tongue. The faint scream was cut off as she closed her lips, tucking the shrinky into her cheek as she walked to the bed and laid down.

Susan surprised her: she wasn’t completely asleep yet. The woman rolled over to face Anna and gave her a tender kiss on the lips.

“That was really amazing,” she said as the two gazed into each other’s eyes, “I can’t believe I found a woman like you. I was so worried about my shrinky fetish and then you went and made it happen.”

Anna felt her heart flutter, along with the shrinky in her mouth. She spoke carefully, not wanting to spoil the moment just because her mouth was full.

She found herself speaking the words she’d meant to for almost a month now.

“I think I love you Susan.”

The other woman smiled and giggled. Even in the dim light her face turned red.

“I think I love you too,” she replied.

Susan met Anna for a kiss. At first it was chaste, but need pushed them together again. Their tongues intertwined and dueled once more. The shrinky was pulled between their mouths, and this time Anna let Susan win the battle.

She pulled away as her girlfriend sucked the shrinky the rest of the way into her mouth, hidden behind her lips. For a moment she was visibly repositioning the shrinky in her cheek, then she spoke again.

“We can find more of these, right?” she asked sheepishly.

Anna wasn’t sure, but she knew the internet hadn’t let her down yet today.

So she nodded.

“Anything for you, beautiful.”

Without any further ceremony Anna moved the shrinky to the center of her tongue. She could feel the little toy still moving and her heart was pounding with excitement.

She loves me! I get a shrinky! This is the best night ever! she thought. It crossed her mind briefly that, save for blind luck, this could have been the fate her own son met.

He’ll never know, she thought before she swallowed hard.

The shrinky went down much smoother than she had expected; he was well covered in saliva but much larger than a pill. He struggled wonderfully all the way down her throat and she resisted the urge to cough. Moments later the struggling vanished, only to resume in her tummy.

Susan sighed as she rested a hand on her stomach. She could feel the shrinky’s movements very faintly. The feeling of power it gave her was incredible and she felt complete in a way she could hardly describe. Someone’s life had only existed to give her pleasure and a snack.

“I love you,” she said to Anna, who kissed her again in return.

The women cuddled together on the bed. This time Susan was the one who stayed awake, enjoying the vibrations of the shrinky’s struggling in her tummy until it finally slowed, then stopped.

Seeing the Doctor by Thatgirlyouknow
Author's Notes:

Here's a short story about an everyday visit to the doctor. In a world where tinies are everyday, of course.

Jessie sat nervously in the small room she’d been ushered into. It smelled vaguely of antiseptics and just like every other doctor’s office, it was cold. The nurse had been present, briefly, and asked her a pretty standard array of questions. Her blood pressure was a little high and she was ten pounds heavier than she should have been, but once she explained why she was in the office the nurse just shrugged and nodded.

“That makes sense, if I were in your position I’d be a little stressed too,” the nurse had said as she wrote everything down on her clipboard.

“Just wait here and the doctor will be in shortly,” she’d said before she stepped out, leaving Jessie alone with her phone and the ache in her stomach.

To kill the time she tapped on her phone, checking social media and giggling at pictures from the party several days ago. Then she groaned as her something in her stomach lurched. There was a sharp pain from below, much lower than she knew her stomach was actually located.

“Dammit!” she said as she gripped the arms of her chair, holding her breath as the spasm rocked through her, seemingly lasting hours but actually mere moments before it subsided.

Just as she was able to breathe again and relax the door opened and in walked a pair of blue eyes in a white coat.

Oh, please let him be single! she thought almost by reflex as she took in the six-foot-two walking movie poster who was apparently her physician.

“Jessie Dorne, right?” he asked as he took the swivel stool on the far side of the room. He had a laptop rather than a clipboard and sat it carefully on the small desk.

“Oh marry-“ she caught herself with a fake cough, “That’s me!” she instead of embarrassing herself.

The doctor chuckled as he clicked briefly on the laptop then gave her a look that said he knew exactly what she was going to say. Jessie couldn’t help but notice there was no ring on his left hand. And his biceps-

“Well Jessie, we haven’t seen you here in a few years it looks like,” he said, “That’s a good thing, right?”

“Yeah,” she said as she tucked her hair back behind her ear, “It’s been a big couple of years but until last week I’ve been healthy as a horse!”

Her stomach gurgled dangerously again and when Doctor Sellen noticed her grimace his winning smile slid from his face. Part of her wished she could believe he was checking her out when his eyes slid down to her stomach. She was wearing a crop top and pink short shorts, in the summer heat anything else would’ve been torturous, and she knew she had a figure men usually tripped over to get inside.

But she had a feeling he was in the small percentage of men that placed profession over pleasure. And despite herself she really hoped he was able to focus on the job at hand.

“Stomach pain, huh?” he asked, waiting briefly for her nod before he continued, “And today’s what, January fifth?”

The pain had subsided again as quickly as before.

Jessie grimaced, “Yeah, why? I don’t know if your computer shows it but I’m not due for my cycle for two more weeks.”

“Oh no, not that,” the smoking hot doctor as he grabbed his stethoscope and slid his stool smoothly over to her. “That’s not what I’m thinking of.”

“Ever since the tiny revolution-“ he waved his hands briefly and mimed an object getting smaller, “There’s been a huge change in the things we see in here. Lift up your shirt, please.”

With a giggle she gripped the bottom of her shirt but stopped herself from baring everything for him. The party girl in her had briefly lost the fight with the part of her that was tired of wondering if she was about to re-enact the scene from Alien. So instead she only lifted her tank top high enough to just barely show the bottom curve of her breasts.

But that didn’t stop her from noticing him pause briefly when he put the stethoscope buds into his ears, as though hoping she’d show more.

“I’m guessing you partied it up for the New Years, right?” he asked as he warmed up the far end of his stethoscope with his hand.

Jessie nodded.

“Lots of tinies involved, right?”

When she nodded again, he continued: “Was it a B-Y-O-T kinda thing?”

“Yeah,” she said with a mildly confused smile. Why would he be asking about a party a few days ago?

“I thought so,” he said, “Now breath slow and steady for me. Lean back please?”

She did as he asked, and though he’d been warming it with his hand the cold metal of the scope still made her flinch.


Don’t check out her tits, Todd said to himself as he leaned forward.

His last twelve patients had been victims of their own laziness, and it got old having the same conversation back to back to back. There certainly hadn’t been any chicks who made him contemplate breaking his doctor-client privileges. Today, at least.

She was cute enough to even keep him from mentally rolling his eyes at what was likely to be the eighteenth self-inflicted tiny injury he’d seen since the first of the year.

He placed the bell of the stethoscope several inches below the curve of her breasts, along the mid-sagittal plane.

For a moment he heard only the typical gastric noises, exactly as he expected.

Then, just as he thought he might have to do some extra thinking and admit that he missed his first guess: The sound he’d actually been waiting for.

“HELP!” he heard a tiny voice screaming, just before the gastric sphincter. Todd smiled and nodded silently to himself. “Somebody help me! Let us out! It burns! HELP! Can anybody hear me?! I have a wife and-”

“Just as I expected,” Todd said as several other voices joined the first. He hummed a little to himself, then followed the general pathway of Jessie’s digestive tract.

“Somebody!” another voice, this one female, screamed at the start of the duodenum. “John?! Please somebody! Anybody!”

Oddly muted, Todd thought, but that makes sense.

He followed the duodenum, following a streak of muted cries for help. The words themselves lost coherence as he listened. At times there was a cluster of screamers, continuously growing weaker, other times there was a long pause as he moved further. Each time the yells sounded like they were being pushed through far more than the appropriate layers of intestinal wall.

And then finally, at the ileocecal junction:

“Help! I’m stuck! Oh, my leg!” a man’s voice was calling out, far stronger than it had any right to be at that digestive stage. Stronger than the voice of the one still in his patient’s stomach. “Please, I don’t deserve to-“

Leaning back, Todd pulled the buds from his ears. If she’d been smart about her partying any tiny this far in would be nothing more than a quivering bundle of nerves, Todd thought as he mentally worked through what he was going to say to her next.


After an eternity the doctor pulled back the stethoscope. Jessie had wanted to ask him what he was listening for every time he moved it around, but she had a feeling.

“So,” he said as he draped it back around his neck, “I think this is actually a pretty easy fix.”

“Well, that’s good,” Jessie said cautiously as she lowered her shirt back down, only mildly disappointed he hadn’t asked for her to take it off.

He scooted back on his stool and began typing quickly on his laptop.

“We see this quite a bit this time of year, or after pretty much any big celebration,” he said as he typed. A moment later he turned the laptop to face her and pointed at a blown-up picture of the human digestive tract.

“See, I’d bet you partook in a ton of tinies when you partied, right?” he asked, waiting briefly for Jessie to nod sheepishly before he continued, “Can’t blame you at all, they’re great, but someone brought some super-toughs and you probably tossed a couple down with a shot or two.”

“Now, I was listening along your digestive system for some normal bowel sounds, and I think you had a few tinies with lunch, right?”

Jessie giggled before she could help herself.

“Okay, are you psychic or something?”

“No,” he said with a short laugh, “There’s a lot of yelling going on in your stomach-“ Jessie felt her heart leap briefly and knew she had a date with her favorite vibrator when she got home “-and as we progress through your digestive tract it generally gets quieter as they get digested more.”

As he spoke he followed the drawing with his finger, and Jessie nodded along while she tried to ignore her rising desire. She’d thought a lot about how tinies would be digested and the torture her simple bodily processes would inflict on them, but hearing it put into such a calm clinical description was another thing entirely. Far beyond feeling slowly reducing struggles in her tummy or backdoor.

“But through your whole system everything was muted, so I’m assuming you haven’t had a bowel movement in a few days?”

“Not much of an appetite either,” she admitted, though she hadn’t been able to turn down the offer of fresh-turned tinies at the student lounge earlier that day.

“Yeah, because once you get down here,” he indicated an area just before her large intestine, “You’ve got probably a super-tough tiny stuck just at this junction here, backing everything up and pretty much wrecking your usual movements. Not joking, you’re full of, well. You get the idea.”

Now Todd looked right at her with his beautiful blue eyes and chiseled jawline.

“A couple more days like this and you’d be in some serious trouble. These are called bowel obstructions and they often require surgery to fix.”

“Oh-“ Jessie said, taken aback by what he was telling her.

“But since this is from a tiny getting stuck it’s actually a pretty easy fix. The shrinking process does some weird things with physics and medications, pretty much everything really, but I’m gonna write you a prescription for a medication that’ll get you cleared out.”

With that said he went back to typing on his computer. Filling the prescription, as far as Jessie knew.

“So,” she said, not sure how to ask, “I’ve eaten super toughs before, how come this one got stuck like this?”

It was true; scat play didn’t interest her the way it did some people, but that didn’t stop her from giggling at panicking tinies trying to stay afloat as she flushed them down the toilet with the rest of yesterday’s food.

“Well, most of them do pass right on through and wherever they end up after that it doesn’t particularly matter. This one just had some terrible luck. Or, well, you did.”

With that said, he made a final tap on the computer and turned to look directly at her again.

“At the pharmacy you’re gonna get an enema and a powder, mix that up with water and chug it. It’ll taste funky but it’ll basically turn that tiny cork into sludge you can just push on out. The enema will clear you out from the other side. Tag team.”

“Um, thanks,” Jessie said as he stood, folding his laptop and tucking it under his arm.

“Is there anything else?” he asked before he actually moved toward the door.

You could unzip and let me see what you’re working with?

“Uh, no, that’ll be great,” she said instead. “I’m in for a long day or two aren’t I?”

“Oh yeah,” Doctor Sellen laughed as he opened the door, “Don’t plan on any trips more than two minutes from a restroom.”

He paused as he stepped through the door, not hiding the fact that he was finally giving in and checking Jessie out. With her athletic figure and deliberately camel-toe showing shorts it was astounding he’d held off so long. Jessie picked up her purse and stood to follow him out, giving him a pointed glance at his pants as he pulled out a business card and scribbled something on the back.

“Here,” he told her as he held out the card, “Gimme a call in a couple of days. You may need a more…” his eyes gave her a final once-over, “thorough exam.”

Jessie giggled as she plucked the card from his hand and made no attempt at hiding her stuffing it down the front of her shorts.

“I’m sure I’ll feel faint on Saturday,” she replied as she followed him out the door and located the path to the exit, “probably about eight o’clock.”

He smiled at her, then turned the opposite direction toward his next patient.

Despite herself, Jessie helped herself to two of the squirming half-inchers in an ornamental bowl near the front desk when she checked out. Her stomach gurgled but they went down deliciously. The third she held in her mouth, tucking the squirming, screaming girl into her cheek as she walked to her car.


Tongue Ring by Thatgirlyouknow
Author's Notes:

This story I recently found half-finished. At some point I started it, got sidetracked, and moved on. Hopefully my finishing touches are up to what I had originally planned.

Carly woke slowly, at first unsure if she were awake or still deep in a nightmare. All around her the world was dark, save for an occasional glimpse of light that shone through the periodic opening of her captor's lips. The light did nothing to improve her situation; in many ways she'd rather it have stayed dark.

When the faint light from outside was permitted to enter Carly's prison all it did was temporarily blind her. There was a strong wind from the inhale that gave Carly her rare chance at fresh air when her captor was asleep, but it also came with drippings of saliva that made her sick to her stomach. Even after several days of being trapped in her roommate's tongue ring she still wasn't used to her situation.

Not a situation, she told herself. My nightmare.

It had all started several days ago, for reasons she'd never found out. Would probably never find out.

Carly and her roommate Ella hadn't been the best of friends, but they had gotten along. They had co-existed in their dorm room as a product of necessity. Their schedules were different enough that they didn't run into each other often in their shared common space and the bathroom was clearly planned for two people. A fact they both appreciated.

It had been a normal Wednesday, Carly ending her night studying in her room while Ella blasted music in hers. Carly had grown used to the noise, and even if she hadn't it wasn't worth it to complain to someone she'd be sharing the room with for the rest of the semester.

But now she was sharing far more.

Carly had awoken in a strange place on Thursday morning. The cold hard surface certainly wasn't her bed, and she definitely hadn't gone to bed naked! It was hot and humid like someone had just finished a shower in her bedroom.

Rolling to her side and standing from there, Carly realized she was in a prison of some sort. Heavy metal bars rose from the ground, which itself was a neat circle that sparkled like a polished metal, then converged in a half-sphere about six inches over her head. She reached out to touch one of the bars and found instead of cold metal she felt some kind of plastic.

Still dreaming?

"What is...?" Carly's voice trailed off as she looked upward, still half awake.

Her eyes adjusted to the bright light and she realized where she was just as Ella came walking up to her, perky and naked as the day she was born.

"Hey there little girl!" Ella had said to her, voice booming unintentionally. "Don't mind me!"

Carly fell onto her naked backside as Ella came to a stop. From where her cage was sitting on the countertop she had a terrifyingly up-close view of Ella's barely-there breasts. Carly grew nauseas just imagining how much larger Ella was than her. The girl towered over her like a tower. A surprisingly toned tower despite the amount of partying it did.

Ignoring Carly, Ella stuck out her tongue and looked at it in the mirror. With her hands far above Carly, the giantess carefully twisted the latch on her tongue ring and removed it. Carly watched in horror as she realized what she was seeing. That she wasn't in a dream.

“Hey!” she screamed upward, “You gotta help me! What is-“

Then Ella sat her old tongue ring on the tabletop. Her eyes looked down and sought out Carly, giving no sign at all that she’d heard. Or cared.

"Thanks for helping me update my look!" Ella said in a chipper voice, the voice that Carly vaguely disliked hearing every morning.

Then Ella reached for Carly's prison and lifted it upward. Carly screamed as she realized what Ella was doing, her tongue reaching out below Carly like a wet, hot floor. The spherical prison shook and Carly knew exactly what was happening as she looked up at Ella’s massive front teeth. Once the anchor was secured on the bottom of Ella’s tongue the massive roommate had giggled once, then pulled her tongue back between her lips.

Carly screamed for days but the giantess didn't acknowledge her again, except to occasionally stick out her tongue when she was near a mirror to make sure Carly hadn't fallen out. And then to wink at her.

Which left Carly clinging to her sanity as Ella's sleeping breath swirled a hurricane wind around her.

Every day had been something new, but last night had been Carly's first party in the ring. After the first day she'd realized the only way she could get food would be to catch it as it was squeezed into a mush through the bars of the tongue ring and fight back her retching as she forced herself to eat it. Tacos and cheap hamburgers, salad dressing and other things she probably could have identified at full size. At her current size it all was sickening.

She'd thought that was the worst, but now she knew better. Vodka was the worst. Ella drank it like the nineteen year old party girl that she was, and as a result Carly had been soaked in it all night. And then Ella had brought someone back to her room.

The titanic tongue battle had been horrifying as Ella had made out with that night's score, but her moans and yelling had nearly burst Carly's eardrums. Carly had gotten a good look at Ella’s one-night-stand’s face as she came, her mouth obnoxiously open. She wished more than anything that the guy hadn’t been squeezing his eyes shut as he came himself.

Maybe he would have seen her and rescued her.

Then Ella’s mouth had closed as the nineteen-year-old passed out next to her lover.

Carly's world shifted as Ella turned and started to wake up an eternity later.

"Mmmm," Ella moaned aloud, the sound deafening to Carly. A longer blinding ray of light entered through her captor’s lips when Ella yawned.

She felt movement, which she had learned to recognize as Ella walking. Then there was a flood of ice water threatening to drown Carly as Ella took a long drink, uncaring of the prisoner on her tongue. Or perhaps it brought her pleasure to think about. Ella stopped drinking, exhaling hot air that knocked Carly forward in her plastic prison.

Is anyone even looking for me? she wondered despondently, as she had every hour for the past several days. Is this the rest of my life? Eating mushed up foot and drinking what I can in the hopes I don’t freeze to death?

Then the sensation of moving again, before the floor shifted below Carly and she was fell unforgivingly against the bars as her prison turned sideways. She turned so that she could face forward and out Ella's slightly open mouth. At the very least she may be able to see what was happening out there.

After a moment of unfocused vision Carly realized what she was looking at and wished she hadn't looked. Through the narrow opening of Ella's mouth Carly could see a soft penis. Small for the moment but the urethra would easily have swallowed her whole. Then Ella stuck her tongue out, not quite putting her tongue ring beyond her teeth, but it gave Carly enough space to look around and scream.

Then Carly felt her prison move and rapidly drop toward the cock. The massive lips narrowed and Carly’s world grew dark as Ella planted a kiss on the soft skin. She jerked as the tongue flicked forward and pushed against the penis, first lightly then more flickering touches as Ella’s ministrations worked their magic.

Small parts of the soft flesh slipped between the bars of the tongue ring. Not a lot, but enough to disgust Carly. Again and again she was pushed against the member then dragged along its length as it hardened.

Faintly she heard the man groan, and the wall of skin in front of Carly flew by as Ella dragged her tongue up and down last night's lay. Despite herself Carly clung to the bars of the tongue ring. It subjected her to contact with the massive cock, but it was better than being thrown around by every one of Ella's licks.

Then the licking stopped. Carly couldn't help but look forward, just in time to see the head of the massive cock barreling toward her. She screamed of course, but it didn't matter. The massive rod flew above her, far into Ella's mouth.

Carly heard something vaguely like a gag and she realized Ella was letting the cock into her throat already. She'd once walked in on Ella sucking one of the many guys she brought home and knew that Ella's tiny throat could hide a surprising length of cock. Now she got to experience it firsthand.

Back and forth the cock flew, at times throwing Carly roughly around when Ella bobbed her head, and at other times the tongue ring was surprisingly still as the man fucked Ella's throat. The smell of sex surrounded Carly, a heavy musty scent that could only mean one thing.

Ella was sucking her own dried juices off her one-night stand's cock. And now Carly was practically bathing in it. The tiny girl held back the urge to vomit. She'd done that enough the past couple of days. Ella probably hadn't even noticed.

Then as the cock thundered above her and Ella's saliva was rising to near-drowning the girl in her tongue ring, Carly realized something: one of the bars of her prison was gone. At the base she could see a piece that remained, but it had somehow broken off.

Then Ella's tongue began fluttering along the tip of the cock and Carly was thrown toward the opening.

"No!" she screamed as she fell toward the opening. It was easily large enough for her to pass through, but if she did so now she'd be sliding down Ella's throat and closey followed by a load of sperm!

Carly hit one of the remaining bars and hugged it desperately as the suction of Ella's mouth threatened to yank her from her prison, now ironically the only thing keeping her safe. Her legs swept briefly outside of the tongue ring and she felt her bare feet drag along the blazing heat of the giant cock before she pulled them back in.

Just as her arms began to shake and quiver, threatening to release her into her roommate's sucking throat, the suction ended. The massive cock withdrew, letting light back into Ella's mouth.

With a scream of effort Carly pulled herself sideways along the bars and away from the opening. When she felt secure enough to look she turned toward the light.

As she brought her eyes around to look, the light was cut off. Where there should have been an open mouth and light, there was nothing except some rhythmic sound. There was a massive pressure as Ella sucked hard and Carly's ears popped.

Then a blinding light shone through again and Carly lost control of her bladder. Part of her hoped the taste ruined Ella's morning, but if she didn't mind sucking her own juices off a man's dick long after they'd dried she probably wouldn't mind a trivial amount of urine.

“No!” Carly screamed out, knowing exactly what it meant when a man was rapidly stroking his cock and aiming his dome at a girl’s mouth.

The thought passed through Carly's mind and despite everything she laughed. She laughed the laugh of someone inches away from losing her mind and curled up against the bars of the tongue ring.

"Come on baby!" Ella's voice rolled over Carly, making her jerk her head up. In a cutesy voice she said, “Gimme breakfast mister?”

"Oh shit you’re hot!" Carly heard a man's voice yell.

Carly's scream was inaudible over his groan of pleasure as he came. Carly didn't see where the first shot landed; it wasn't in Ella's mouth. Then Ella corrected her aim and stuck out her tongue. The next two shots missed the tiny prison, but Ella made sure to milk the remaining cum out directly onto her tongue ring.

The tiny prisoner gagged as she was covered in semen. She tried to keep her mouth closed but there was too much. When she tried to breath she was only rewarded with a mouthful of what Ella was enjoying.

When the cock was done spewing into Ella's mouth the light from between the lips vanished and Ella moaned in appreciation of what he'd given her. She savored the taste for a moment, then the sucking force returned with a vengeance.

Carly wouldn't have been able to resist this, but luckily it pulled her to the opposite side of her prison from the opening. A massive GLUCK! sound echoed from Ella's throat, then light re-entered the mouth as Ella proudly showed her man that she'd swallowed his seed.

"Good girl!" Carly heard him say as Ella got to her feet.

Exhausted from the ordeal, Carly wrapped her arm around the bars of her prison again and did what she could to catch her breath.

"I'm going back to sleep," Carly heard Ella say sleepily.

How is she tired after that? Carly wondered to herself. She was exhausted and she'd simply been an up-close spectator.

True to her word, Carly felt Ella lay down as her world shifted again and she was pulled to the other side of the prison. She was brought closer to the gap in the rings as she heard Ella's breath immediately turn slow and regular. Through the gap in the Ella’s lips Carly could see her latest boy-toy walking away, toward their until-recently shared kitchen.

As Carly regained some strength she realized that Ella was already back asleep. The darkness of her prison was broken occasionally as Ella's lips opened to let in waves of fresh air. And illuminate the broken portion of the tongue ring.

Carly's eyes narrowed as she watched Ella's lips open and close slowly. She steeled herself, looking inside to find her last vestiges of strength and courage.

Then she started crawling toward the opening in her prison.

Fast Times at Metro 'Za by Thatgirlyouknow
Author's Notes:

This is the first story in a potential mini series. Enjoy! I don't often do unaware content so this was fun to write, please let me know what you think.

“Okay, so what’s this now?” Steve asked Dan as his friend passed around a bright blue pill. He held it up to his face to get a better look and could see it was stamped with a company logo and nothing else. At least it wasn’t something Dan cooked up in his own basement again.

“Well I’m not sure what it’s for exactly,” Dan replied, “My uncle snuck it out of the lab and said if it acts the same in people as it does monkeys we’ll be in for the high of our lives.”

Steve wasn’t convinced, and he’d taken some weird things that Dan had insisted were legit. Sure, none of them had died or even gotten injured. But that didn’t mean-

“I’ll take two!” Jack said, and Dan immediately obliged him. The pills vanished into his mouth with a swig of water and no hesitation. Jack never did anything halfway.

Steve took his last when they were passed around and hoped it didn’t make him sick like last time. When everyone had dosed up they exited out of his mom’s van. They made fun of him for driving it but the truth was it easily accommodated enough people it was too convenient to give up.

Jack went first, opening the door to Metro ‘Za as sarcastically as possible. Then Steve, followed by Dan and Dave. Two of Dan’s other friends had joined them but Steve hadn’t bothered to remember their names and he was sure they hadn’t his either. They were interchangeable; Dan’s friends were always a little on the short side and shared a single brain cell between them.

Number one and number two, he thought as they all entered the restaurant. Dan’s drugs were a good enough reason to be his friend, but the biggest one was that Dan was somehow always loaded with cash. Putting up with the guy’s lackeys every so often was worth the friendship and the food the guy bought. And Metro ‘Za made just about the best food on this side of the planet.

The hostess saw their large group coming and met them with a smile.

“Six?” she asked as she tried to ignore every one of them checking her out. Looking good was legitimately part of her job and the short skirt that was part of her uniform made it especially easy. Having large breasts certainly helped too. But it was still annoying when she knew most guys never even looked at her face.

Steve nodded, being the only guy there who made eye contact instead of staring at her thin tank top.

They followed her without question to the biggest corner booth they had, which sat all of them when she brought over an additional chair for the open area. They all squeezed in, and Dan took the chair.

“I’ll be right back with some menus, okay?” the hostess said with a smile. Without waiting she turned and headed back toward the front, and she could feel the groups eyes on her butt every step of the way.

“Man, she’s-“ Dan started to say, but his stomach lurched suddenly.

Steve gave him a look, thinking his friend was about to send back his breakfast. Then he remembered the pills they’d all taken. One by one his friends all clutched their stomachs and made awkward faces.

“Dan, what did you give us?” Steve asked just as his own stomach quivered violently.

Shit shit shit, he thought, We’re all gonna puke just when that hot chick comes back and –

Jack vanished.

Steve stared at the suddenly open spot next to him. The booth seat was empty, except for the fading impression of someone’s legs on the material.

Holy shit this stuff is making me hallucinate! he thought.

Then he turned to look at the rest of his friends to find out if they were seeing things too. Except he was alone in the booth.

“Uh,” he started to say, then the world went black.

When Steve regained consciousness, he was in a different world. His head was groggy but this cleared quickly, as did his vision. He lay on what seemed like a massive off-brown desert that stretched off into a cliff. It was oddly warm. Standing slowly, he was relieved that his stomach didn’t protest movement.

“Wha-?” Steve asked as he looked upward.

Far above him was the table he’d just been sitting at. From his point of view he could see a wad of gum stuck to the underside near the centered leg. To his right was a bread crumb as tall as he was and when he stumbled backward, terrified, his shoe stuck to a week-old soda stain. At full size it was imperceptible and well cleaned. At his size it was like walking on glue.

He lost his shoe with a yelp as he fell onto his back. Recessed lighting in the ceiling stared down at him, uncaring of what had happened. A ceiling fan moved at dizzying speed as Steve tried to wrap his mind around what had happened. Pop music that had been quiet seemed like distant explosions coming from the speakers.

Dan what the hell did you give us? he thought as he panicked, What the hell did you give us?!

Not even attempting to save his shoe, Steve stood and tried to find his friends.

They had to have shrunk too!

But his search was ended abruptly when he felt something massive approach. Spinning around he looked outward toward the rest of the restaurant where the hostess had approached with menus in hand. At her size she looked even more like a Goddess than at full size. Both because her breasts were suddenly mountain-sized and heavenly, but also because it meant rescue.

“Hey!” he screamed upward at her, hoping the ambient music didn’t drown out his voice. “Hey miss! Miss!”

Waving his arms to get her attention, Steve did draw the eye of Jack, who had been sitting next to him before their drug had taken effect.

It did not get the hostess’s attention at all.

“Oh, uh,” she said as she looked at the empty table. It looked clean and straightened out, exactly as it should have after being cleaned. She fiddled with the menus for a moment and glanced around, wondering if the gawking guys had moved to another table. A confused look crossed her face.

“That’s weird,” she muttered when it was obvious they were just gone, “I hope I’m not having a stroke,” she joked as she went back to the front podium to greet the next group.

“Hey! No! Come back!” Steve yelled, but it was clear she didn’t hear. Her gargantuan backside didn’t look as nice as it faded into the distance and left him to fend for himself on the booth seat.

When he stopped waving his arms and yelling, Steve heard faint yelling from behind him. He turned quickly and looked deeper into the booth, where another small figure was running toward him. Jack had always been fast and he was covering the distance quickly. He seemed to be a football field away, but Steve could see him waving his arms to get his attention.

He waved back.

“-you!” he heard Jack yelling.

“I can’t hear you!” he called back as Jack started waving and pointing with just one arm.

“Behind you!” came his voice faintly as Jack stopped sprinting toward Steve, and instead turned and began sprinting the other way.

Just when Steve was sure the day couldn’t get any worse, he turned around.

“Oh shit,” he said aloud.

Approaching the booth, led by the same hostess, was a group of teenage girls wearing shirts from the local college and the shortest, tightest shorts he could imagine. At full size he would have caused a car accident watching them. Each girl was stacked with cleavage that put all of his exes to shame, but the shorts and what was in them…

Camel toe described the front, but phrases from dozens of rap songs could only be used to describe the amount of ass that was walking toward him. Each girl had muscular legs, but their glutes looked big enough and strong enough to crush diamonds. There was no way they got those shorts on over those backsides without help.

And they were coming right for their booth.

Each of the six boys had recovered just enough to realize what was happening, no matter how ridiculous it seemed. And all but one of them had seen their approaching massive doom.

Ned, ‘Number Two’ in Steve’s mind, was marveling at how thick a leftover hair from the last patron was when a shadow passed over him. He glanced up as one of the girls ran a hand along the booth, stabilizing herself as she slid further in. Before he could even register the danger, the girl’s finger smashed him against the seat. There wasn’t even time to scream before he was pushed against the seat and pulverized by her casual movement.

Idly, Carrie wiped her hands on her shorts as she sat down.

Someone didn’t clean this very well last time, she thought as the rest of her friends piled in. The four of them fit easily in the booth with room to spare, and the hostess picked up the extra chair to put return to where she’d taken it from.

Dan screamed as the chair he was on rocketed upward. The massive hostess easily hoisted it, not noticing the little man half the size of a grain of rice. When she swung it slightly to set it down, Dan was launched into the air. With a scream he landed on the front of the waitress’s tank top, too terrified to move. Desperately, he clung to the fabric as her voice boomed overhead, rattling his whole body.

“Can I get you all started with drinks or an appetizer?” she asked the group as she passed out menus.

Each of the girls got their own appetizer, to her surprise.

“We just took regionals,” Carrie explained when she saw the hostess’s face, “This is us getting to celebrate!”

“Congrats!” the hostess said, taking the rest of their order.

There’s no way they’re going to eat all of this, she thought. Her chest itched and she scratched the top of her right breast absentmindedly while she wrote.

Dan screamed again as the massive finger descended. He was dealt a glancing blow from a lacquered fingernail that launched him sideways. His arm twisted in the wrong direction, caught in the threads of her shirt, and he found himself instead being carried upward. Far upward.

“Nooo!” he screamed when he saw just how far up he was being thrown.

The hostess suppressed her urge to sneeze as she wrote down the last order.

“Okay, I’ll go put this right in for you all!” she said as she turned and began walking back to her podium where she would put the order in the computer. Her nose itched again and she rubbed it absentmindedly, taking a quick deep breath through it. That always seemed to help.

Hurricane wind yanked Dan further into the cave of her nostril, where he hit something hard enough to knock him out. When he awoke he was covered in slime. Every couple of seconds massive wind rushed over him, then immediately reversed direction. The heat was stifling. An obvious heartbeat thudded in the distance.

Distant mumbling could be felt through the vibrations of what he was laying on.

“Somebody help me!” he screamed, only for his voice to be overwhelmed by the casual action of the hostess’s bronchi that he’d landed in.

Ted, number one in Steve’s eyes, never saw what happened to his friend. He’d been slightly faster and more aware than Ned, but he’d also luckily landed closer to the ‘front’ of the booth seat. When a massive pair of legs moved over him he couldn’t help but scream. One massive leg settled inches away from him and a small puff of air from the action knocked him onto his back.

But he was alive.

Climbing back to his feet, Ted looked left and stared.

Ahead of him, clad in skin-tight black spandex, was the mother of all camel toe. The fact that it was taller than a three-story building didn’t matter to him. It briefly crossed his mind that what he was doing was a terrible idea but that had never stopped him before.

Like a moth drawn to a flame he walked toward the place where this woman’s legs led him, where he’d only been twice before in his life. Including being born. The woman casually shifted in her seat and he found himself knocked forward but when he recovered he saw his destination was even closer, but higher up.

She’d shifted and was now sitting more on her gargantuan butt, and just like the joke this girl was taller when she sat down.

“I gotta,” he said, not sure what he even meant to say.

Ted wasn’t blessed with book smarts, but he could find his way into almost anywhere, which was why Dan had kept him around. And why he immediately located the inseam on the skintight shorts. It was only a couple of inches off the ground and at his height he climbed easily, being careful not to touch the massive leg itself yet, just like avoiding setting off an alarm. The height was comparable to a two-story building but Ted was strong and in good shape, so it posed no real obstacle.

When he reached the seam he slipped into the small gap. Instantly the smell of sweat and hard work filled his nostrils. Light faded as he crawled further upward, seeking his goal. If he stayed in the inseam area he had just enough movement to crawl forward. What, exactly, he planned to do at the end of this tunnel he had no idea. But he was compelled.

“Hey, I gotta scooch out!” Kenzie said, and Amy slid out of the booth to let her. “Gotta hit the lady’s room!”

Ted felt the world around him start to move and bounce. Suddenly scared again he clung to the inside of Kenzie’s shorts, not having any idea that he was mere inches away from her crotch. Each movement jarred him and squeezed him, causing him to slide upward as her shorts rode up as well. The material scratched at him hard enough that he was sure he’d have road rash, but when the pressure receded it was obvious he wasn’t actually hurt.

Fuck yeah, I’m immortal! he thought.

That line of thought didn’t go any further, as at that moment the world was filled with blinding light. The shorts were yanked downward fast enough that Ted was thrown free from his hiding place and into the air. He got a brief glimpse of a stainless steel bathroom stall wall, and a beautiful redhead that was staring at her phone, before gravity took over and he fell with a scream.


Air was forced out of him when he landed on something body-temperature warm and surprisingly soft. Ted rolled onto his hands and knees as fast as he could. Surrounding him in each direction was a broad swath of pink material. He turned to try and see what exactly he was on, but his right foot slipped through a gap in the material.


Try as he might, Ted could not get his leg free. Then the roar of a thousand waterfalls sounded from above, making him cover his ears.

Kenzie finished cleaning herself, then flushed. In a hurry to get back to her friends and celebration dinner, she stood and pulled up her shorts quickly.

Ted screamed as he rocketed upward and held up his hands in a futile attempt to protect himself.

After she washed her hands, Kenzie took a moment to straight out her front wedgie with a giggle.

Maybe I’ll let Andy in there later tonight, she thought, feeling good enough about their regional victory to maybe finally go all-the-way with her boyfriend. They’d messed around of course, but no boy had ever been inside of her. So she thought.

Meanwhile, Ted gasped for air as he was forced into her labia. When she stopped adjusting her underwear he had a moment of respite, then his new owner started walking. Each step caused him to squeezed sideways and up. Before she sat back down with her friends Ted was fighting for his life at the entrance to her canal.

“Sorry about that,” Kenzie said as she scooted back in, “I just get so excited sometimes, you know?”

Each scoot made her canal squeeze and relax, but to Ted it was like being pulled into the throat of a monster. By the time Kenzie was going all the way with her boyfriend that evening he was barely alive from struggling to breathe. The boyfriend’s exploring finger minutes before that had given him a second burst of energy; if he hadn’t started moving deep within the teenager she would have simply been content with fingering that evening.

Instead his attempts to escape only subconsciously excited Kenzie, giving her the final push she’d needed to take things a step further with her boyfriend.

Jack heard Kenzie announce her excitement far too close. When Kenzie had scooted back into the booth he’d seized the opportunity to grab onto her train-sized pinky finger, determined to get her attention and save himself.

Instead as her hand rushed upward, she tucked her hair behind her head. Each strand was like a thick cable and her fine hairs felt like being dragged against a chain link fence. The shock from the pain made John let go of his precarious hold on her pinky nail and his tiny body was thrown forward. For an instant he saw a massive, beautiful face rocket past him, unnoticing and focused on her friends as he fell.

“Sweet, those came out fast!” Jack heard a moment before he landed on something insanely hot.

He screamed as near boiling cheese covered his body. Jack was an athlete, and strong, but this was something else entirely. His eyes almost bugged out of his head from screaming. Despite this new level of pain there was no panic, only trained responses. Jack spread his arms as wide as he could to keep from sinking and tried to hurl himself forward toward the edge of the bowl. But the cheese clung to him enough that there was no standing, no moving, and no swimming out of the way as a massive tortilla chip descended.

Jack kept screaming in pain and fear as the massive chip slid right past him. The movement of hot cheese to fill the gap left behind let him get his arms free, but immediately he was up to his chest in the scalding appetizer again.

“Ooh!” Kenzie said with a laugh as she chewed, “Wow that’s hot!”

That didn’t stop her from dipping another chip in.

“No! Wait!” Jack screamed as he was dragged upward, “You can’t! I’m here I’m here I’m here!”

As Carrie regaled them with the tale of her diving save during the last set, Kenzie chewed her nachos more carefully so as not to burn her tongue.

Teeth crashed down all around Jack, but he was miraculously small enough that he fit into a gap between her molars. All around him food was turned into mush while he hung on desperately to the wire of her braces. Her tongue ran over him once, twice, trying to dislodge what she thought was a piece of pepper. Then brief suction made his ears pop hard enough that he was sure his ears would be bleeding.

When the tongue returned again, Jack pushed himself lower in her braces and this time the suction wasn’t repeated when she didn’t feel him anymore. More food made its way into her mouth as he hung on for his life. In the calm moments between chewing he pulled himself hand-over-hand forward along her brace until he was sure he was on one of her front teeth. He was certainly far enough forward that the straw she drank from no longer nearly drowned him in freezing sugary liquid.

“Okay, what now?” he said aloud as her massive lips opened again. Through them he could see a steaming slice of his favorite pizza fast approaching.

It passed through her lips, then rapidly receded.

“Whoa!” the woman’s voice said, “Wow that’s hot!”

Jack made his decision as soon as he realized what she was about to do. His options were to stay put and be eaten or…

Letting go of her braces, Jack pulled himself upward onto her bottom front teeth as fast as he could. Just in time for her to blow on her pizza. The gale-force wind shot him out of her mouth with an involuntary yell. He had time to see her surprisingly beautiful face again before he struck the pizza crust and bounced high into the air; the crust felt like concrete and he was sure the impact had broken a rib.

He screamed as he was thrown upward, then fell again; it was impossible not to. Jack had already gathered that he was far tougher small than he had been at regular size, but he was falling for miles. Until a mass of blonde hair appeared underneath him. Instead of falling to certain death Jack landed on the tightly woven braid of a waitress leaving after her shift.

Grabbing at anything, Jack failed to slow his fall. He had far too much momentum. Instead he pushed with his legs and managed to redirect himself, instead landing on her neck just above her shoulder blade. Before he had a moment to try and recover himself, the woman’s massive hand reached toward him to scratch and he had to roll sideways to avoid it. In the wrong direction.

Jack fell again with another scream, rolling under the back of the woman’s blouse. She had just worked all day and had sweat just enough that he was half stuck to her; instead of freefalling he found himself tumbling down the vertical surface of her back. No bra strap was there to slow him, and by the time she was walking out of the building he had hit the waistband of her jeans.

“Oh thank –“ he tried to say as he clung to the denim. Both arms felt dislocated but functioned, and he was sure if he survived he’d hurt for a month.

The waitress stepped quickly to get to her car in the summer heat. Jack lost his grip and fell into the crack between her massive cheeks. To him it was falling into a boiling hot crevasse that never ended.

To the waitress it was a minor itch. Something tickled down her crack and she groaned as the bead of sweat moved.

“I hate summer,” she said as she pulled her panties upward. The itching stopped immediately and she sat down in her car, ready for the ride home.

Jack tried to scream as he was forced upward against the giantess’s backdoor, but between her skin and the material of her underwear he was squeezed so tightly he felt like he was going to pop like a grape. Then she shifted in her seat and her anus opened imperceptibly to the naked eye. It was enough for Jack to be shoved inside by the pressure of her underwear.

His final movements went unnoticed as the waitress drove home after a long day.

Dave had a different string of luck on his side. A well-worn string, that is.

He’d been lucky enough to avoid being crushed by Carrie, instead only losing a shoe to her building-sized backside. The millimeter tall man knew he was a hairs breadth from destruction. Barely fighting back a panic attack at the noise and sheer scale of movement in front of him, he saw potential salvation: A hanging thread from Carrie’s shirt.

“You can do this,” Dave told himself as he grasped the string. To him it was wider around than his entire body, but the cotton material and his suddenly pathetic size made it easy to grasp and climb. He’d never been able to climb a rope in gym class but found himself flying up this thread. When he reached her shirt proper it was even easier, though when he looked up he knew he had veritable miles left to climb before he had a chance of getting the giantess’s attention.

The climb ended far earlier than he’d expected.

Halfway up Carrie’s torso the world’s most massive hand appeared and tickled the giantess hard at the kidneys, just below where Dave was climbing. He had a moment’s relief when he realized how close he’d came to being smashed, but that relief vanished when Carrie jerked and laughed in response. The sudden movement threw Dave from his climbing space and he landed on a massive wrist as it returned to its owner.

Tumbling end-over-end he screamed as his roll carried him off the wrist, but the fall was relatively short. Something soft broke his fall. Something warm and delicious smelling.

“No!” Dave screamed as his sandwich cushion was lifted upward.

He had no time for anything else as a massive mouth approached. It opened wide as he stood on shaky legs. Warm humid air washed over him as the girl leaned forward to take a bite. His scream, unheard by all, was cut off when her teeth bit into the section he was standing on.

Dave screamed in the chaos of chomping teeth but counted himself lucky when things got calmer. Encased in a ball of chewed salami and roast beef he pushed his arms free, then his face. Dim light shone through closed lips. Just enough to let him scream in anticipation before he was swallowed.

The bolus broke up when it landed in her stomach and Dave fell free into a boiling room with acrid air. As soon as he landed a wave of acid overwhelmed him and he was pulled under with one final scream.

Steve didn’t know what happened to any of his friends. From the moment the titanic women arrived he’d been fighting for his life.

He’d been lucky enough to not be crushed outright by a planet-sized ass, but that had left him barely enough space to move; his current safe space was a giant woman’s crack. Her shorts clung to every part of her tightly enough that he could run toward what he thought was the back of the booth and after several minutes of desperate dashing he was validated.

Finally he squeezed his way free, finding faint light at the end of the ‘tunnel’ as he emerged into fresh air. He looked around and saw just how desperate his situation really was: he technically had a pathway to freedom by running between the back of the booth and the tight athletic shorts, where it was possible he could leap from the booth and find a way to freedom. If he could survive spending days avoiding being stepped on or caught in a vacuum. And that was assuming there was even a way to return to normal size and he wouldn’t spend the rest of his life scrounging on crumbs from the restaurant floor.

Or he could climb up the biggest, most incredible ass he’d ever seen and at least have a chance of getting her attention and rescue.

“Not really a choice,” he told himself as he grabbed a handful of spandex.

Steve was in shape. He took care of himself, and about once a week Jack had been able to convince him to go to the gym with him. Now Steve was wishing he’d gone more often.

“At least,” he gasped as he rested, one hand and foot easily supporting his body at the waistband of the mountain-shorts he was climbing, “She’s holding still!”

He looked down and immediately regretted it. It was mere inches to the seat but his stomach heaved regardless; to him it seemed a quarter mile. Steve also had no sense of time. Above him the giantesses were talking to each other in a rapid chatter that he couldn’t follow while focusing on climbing. He only knew time was short and getting shorter.

Just as he made that realization, his mountain shifted violently. Steve held on like it was a bucking bronco and watched in horror as the ground became far further away. He screamed as the girls continued chatting and turned to grab onto her shorts with both hands. Fear propelled him upward until he was straddling the top of the waistband with a massive drop to his left and titanic tanned skin to his right.

Laying himself flat, Steve dug in and held on for all he was worth. The booth faded into the distance, then out of sight as his unwitting captor left Metro ‘Za on the way to her car.

“Oooh that was good!” she said from far above him. He screamed as she sat in her car; instantly he was squeezed against her lower back by the seat. The leather seat was scalding hot from sitting in the sun all day.

Steve heard music begin blasting as she began driving home. Pressure on both sides threatened to crush him, so he did his best to crawl toward the only remotely open area he could think of. Out of options, Steve approached the girl’s massive crack. She shifted slightly and that gave Steve the opening he needed.

Before he could be smashed once more between her body and the seat Steve threw himself forward. He fell with a screech into the thin space where her shorts weren’t quite skintight and into her massive crack.

There was a moment’s relief from the pressure threatening him.

Then a moment of terror.

What do I do now? he thought as he clung to her thong, desperately trying not to slide deeper into the woman’s crack.


Room For Rent by Thatgirlyouknow
Author's Notes:

Laurent needs a room in the city. The best option he finds is a little more than he bargained for.

Laurent sighed as he scrolled through apartment listings. He’d
just graduated high school and was looking to move into the city from his small
town. There was only one real problem, and it wasn’t the distance he’d have to
drive to tour places or applying to jobs.

“There’s no way I can afford that,” he mumbled as he moved
between ads.

Mentally he’d prepared for the price and expected to have
roommates for a while, but now that he was actually there it was still a shock.
Even sharing a place with two roommates an apartment was going to cost him half
of his expected wages.

Until he came across what was clearly a scam.

“Free rent?” he asked, snorting in disbelief.

He clicked on the ad and read through the description. It
lacked other things that scams typically had: nothing was misspelled, it didn’t
ask for money before taking any action. Three bedrooms with two bathrooms and
the pictures showed a well-maintained kitchen. It was also close to downtown
and several of the places that he had applied to work at.

Throwing caution to the wind Laurent sent the poster a

“If it’s weird I’ll just ignore it and move on,” he told
himself as he kept moving through the listings.

By the end of the day he’d found three apartments that were
semi-reasonable and was making arrangements to visit. And just before he
stopped the search to make dinner he got an email.

“Huh,” he said aloud as he read the reply from what he had
thought was a scam, “I guess I can check this one out too.”

The reply was straightforward and to the point: It was a
pair of women seeking a third roommate. They lived in a great location and it
sounded like he’d have plenty of room to himself if he wanted. Rent wasn’t
technically free but the email didn’t specify. It seemed to be based on how
much work he’d agree to do around the apartment which seemed odd, but Lauren was
a hardworking knowledgeable guy.

“Worth a shot,” Laurent told himself as he added that apartment
to his list to check out on his next trip to the city.

Two days later he spent the morning dropping off job applications
to every likely business in the city. The afternoon he had scheduled for all
his apartment viewing.

The first two places had potential, while the third was much
nicer which matched its higher rent. None of them had roommates that gave him a
creepy vibe though and none were in bad areas of town. They just hadn’t given
him any kind of excitement. As a teenager seeking out independence for the first
time he didn’t yet appreciate how a boring space might actually work better for
him in the long run.

Which was why he struggled to keep down his excitement when,
at the fourth and potentially scam apartment, a stunningly beautiful blonde met
him at the electronically locked entryway.

“Hi!” she said happily, clearly used to guys giving her
stunned looks.

Chloé only came up to Laurent’s shoulder in height and was a
petite blonde bombshell. Blue eyes, C-cup breasts that were just shy of being
disproportionally too big. A physique that most women worked for years to
obtain she had been gifted naturally.

“Uh, hi!” he said back to her, shaking her hand as she held
the gate open.

Mentally he tried to look for things he liked or didn’t like
about the apartment and the building it was in, but it was difficult. Chloé
went ahead of him and every time he tried to look at where the mailboxes were,
or if the hallway was clean, he kept being drawn back to his stunning host.

No fucking way is this one of my potential roommates,
he thought as they walked up three flights of stairs. Laurent was careful to not
look upward as they went; Chloé’s yoga pants could have been painted on her and
her backside was just as impressive as her front. The last thing he wanted was
for her to think he was a creep staring at her ass.

Aside from Chloé being stunning he was relieved to see that
this entire apartment building was far and beyond the best he’d toured yet.
Which made him more than a little nervous about what the rent would be if ‘free’
turned out to be an understatement. When he realized what an easy mark he would
make following this beautiful woman, Lauren looked over his shoulder just to
make sure no one was preparing to mug him.

Instead of being mugged, Chloé walked up to room nineteen
and waved her key at the electronic lock. It opened with a pleasant beep.

“Come on in!” Chloé beckoned and Lauren followed her in.

No fucking way, he thought when he saw his other
potential roommate reaching up into the cupboard to grab a plate.

Léa had to stand on her toes to barely reach the middle shelf
and the action only accentuated her own toned legs and backside, barely hidden
behind a small pair of shorts. Her crop top showed off part of her toned back
as well, and when she turned Lauren almost giggled hysterically. Chloé was
stunning in her own right, easily the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen.

And now Léa stood in front of him with a long blonde braid
and light eyes with freckles. Dressed like she was about to walk onto the set
of an adult video. And giving him a perky look that he would’ve followed anywhere.
Probably one of the only women ever who could give Chloé a run for her money.

“Hi!” Léa said nervously, “Are you our new roommate?”

“Uh, yeah,” he said as he shook her tiny hand. She was also
only up to his shoulders tall and even though Laurent wasn’t an incredible
athlete he was confident he could have ran at full speed carrying both girls on
his shoulders.

“I mean, maybe,” he stuttered out, forcing himself to focus
and not be overwhelmed just by being close to these two beautiful women, “The
ad said rent was free but that doesn’t match up with a nice place like yo-this,
like this.”

Both women giggled and Laurent cursed at his hormones.

Down, boy! he commanded.

“Well, about that,” Léa said, stepping close enough to Chloé
to wrap an arm around her waist in a very affectionate manner, “We are…”

“Together,” Chloé said as she gave Léa an endearing look, “And
we make more than enough money to cover this place, so we thought we’d help
someone get ahead if we like them enough.”

Sweet mother of Odin they’re lesbians. Laurent had
nothing against that, but he knew how people in this area were in general.
Fifty years behind the times. He’d never understood why two adults being in
love would be a big deal. So I’m gonna be the pretend boyfriend?

“We think it will help our social situations if there’s a
man here,” Chloé continued, carefully choosing her words, “But rent is only
free if you do some things around the apartment for us.”

“Nothing big!” Léa said when she saw his face. She knew he
was thinking this was turning into something weird.

“Only small things!” she continued, “More than anything if
you just do things like cleaning, cover the utilities and some other little
things that’s all we really want!”

Chloé nodded in agreement.

“I know this sounds weird,” she added, “But we can include a
thirty-day move out clause in the lease if you want?”

Five minutes later Laurent had verbally agreed to move in with
the stunning pair. Even the possibility of walking by their rooms while they
were being intimate seemed worth it, not even considering the location and
strange rent situation.

Two Fridays later he was moving in, at least partways. He was
smart enough to realize their ‘little’ tasks around the apartment might be
weird, so he didn’t bring much that first weekend. The girls were giving him
some space, clearly sensing that he was nervous about being out of his family
home for the first time in his life.

“Here we go,” Laurent told himself as he sat on his futon.
His room was nice and everything was going perfectly. One job had been
interested in giving him full-time work and he was accepted to college that
would start in the fall. But still. Outside the family home for the first time
in his life.

“Hey big guy!” Chloé called through his door, “We know it
can be weird being off on your own for the first time, so come share dinner
with us!”

Around the dinner table the two petite beauties had laid out
a small spread: some fresh bread, cheese, sausage.

“Wine?” Léa asked him, handing him a full glad. He noticed
two more full bottles on the cabinet.

Half an hour later most of the food was gone and Laurent
hadn’t noticed the girls were keeping his wine glass full.

“So then I-“ he started to say, retelling a childhood story,
when he paused. Something was off and his instincts were telling him to escape.

Chloé and Léa leaned forward expectantly and Laurent
suddenly wasn’t sure he liked their attention.

Then the world went dark.

When he awoke, Laurent was laying on something far softer
than his own cheap bedspread. His head wasn’t pounding but he was embarrassed that
he’d let the wine get to his head on his first night in a new place. To cap it
off, someone upstairs was having the loudest makeout session he could imagine.

“Oh man, what did I-“ he started to say when he opened his
eyes and realized it wasn’t someone upstairs making the incredibly large
kissing sounds.

Far above him were Chloé and Léa but they were petite no
more. Each towered above him like goddesses, completely naked save for their
exploring hands. From his angle Laurent couldn’t see it, but it was obvious
they were kissing.

“No way!” he said as he stood. Now the tables were turned;
at his current height Léa’s firm calf only came up to his shoulders.

“Oooh, somebody’s awake!” Chloé said excitedly, looking

The girls shifted above him and the movement caused Lauren to
fall onto his back. Together the girls looked down at him happily and he realized
he was naked when they giggled at his instant erection. Above him every inch of
them looked incredible, their breasts massive, stomachs toned, and an adorable
landing strip of pubic hair.

Together the girls laid down on their bellies with their
faces uncomfortably close to Laurent. Unseen, Chloé’s hand snuck between Léa’s
legs and played slowly with her sex while they talked.

“So,” Chloé began, “We weren’t kidding about ‘little’ things
around the apartment.”

Léa giggled sensually.

“But we were completely honest about the month and rent and
everything. By little things we mostly meant…” she searched for the right

“We may be lesbians but the best toy to have is a little
man,” Léa said as passion started overtaking her. Chloé was slipping one finger
into her sex and Léa could barely think.

Chloé’s other hand gently wrapped around Laurent and lifted
him closer to her face. Her eyes almost comically crossed to look at his package.

“And don’t worry about yourself, little Laurent,” she said
as her tongue flickered across his front, “Once the weekend is up we can
restore you and if you want to go on your way you can.”

Her tongue flickered out again and he groaned as wet heat
tickled his rod briefly.

“But if you stick around I think we can make it worth your
while. We’re both on the pill so if you happen to get too…excited,” she said
with a wink, “It’s not gonna be a problem.”

Her other hand appeared and Laurent realized what she’d been
doing with it when Léa let out a frustrated noise.

“We’re not into boys,” Léa said as she sat up and scooted
backward until her back was against the headrest. For Laurent this was a nausea-enducing
movement, for Léa it was just getting comfortable and to use her rarely-if-ever
size to look downward at someone. Not cruelly; she didn’t have a cruel bone in
her body. But this was a rare opportunity.

“But you can get into us!” she added happily.

From the stunned smile on his little face the girls knew
they had a happy participant.

Chloé didn’t waste another moment.

She got on her knees and faced Léa before giving her
girlfriend a deep kiss. Léa instinctively opened her legs and Chloé pushed
their toy toward her sex.

Laurent was too overwhelmed to be scared. His erection
forced itself against Chloé’s fingers and he saw Léa’s sex glistening ahead of
him as he rocketed forward. Arms pinned against his side he didn’t even have a
chance to shield himself as his head was pressed forcefully into her boiling depths.

Léa groaned in pleasure as Chloé pushed their toy inside.
She had to think of Laurent as a toy, otherwise this seemed too much like rape
to her. So the toy felt incredible, especially once Chloé adjusted her hand to
let his arms flail free inside of her.

With her fingers holding his ankles gently, Chloé kissed her
girlfriend and pumped the toy in and out of her true love. Léa whimpered and
wrapped her hand around Chloé’s head to pull her closer. Her other hand reached
toward her breast and pinched a nipple lightly.

The girls pulled back when Léa’s moaning took on new
urgency. They both knew exactly what that meant. Chloé increased the speed of
her toy hand, changing angles and twisting it slightly to reach every sensitive
part of her girlfriend’s insides.

Laurent sputtered out mouthfuls of fluid as he was thrust back
and forth through Léa’s tunnel. He flailed his arms in a controlled panic; his
ankles hurt from where they were being pulled on and his back was a little sore
but after the initial certainty of death this has been fun. Incredible, even.

He’d dreamed of getting inside a girl this beautiful but
nothing like this. Moaning and rapid heartbeats filled his ears as he clambered
for a little free space to breath, then the hand holding him began changing
angles and rhythm. His small world got hotter and wetter, squeezing harder and
harder until he was sure something was going to burst inside of him.

There was a final squeeze as the fingers holding him stopped
trying to hold his ankles and instead stuffed him deeper. Laurent took the
biggest breath of air he could and pushed at the soft walls around him in as ‘upward’
of a direction as he could feel. He was rewarded with a renewed squeezing by
Léa’s soft walls, then a shudder.

Just as he was about to let out his held breath and scramble
for his next, the vagina around him relaxed. A pair of fingers grabbed at his
ankles and dragged him out into the suddenly blinding light of the girls’

Dangling upside down he laughed out loud, gasping down fresh
air as Léa held him in front of her face.

“Good job for round one,” she moaned as she leaned her head
back and opened her mouth.

Dipping him into her mouth carefully, she sucked all her
juices off their toy. Chloé leaned forward and wrapped her own lips around his
legs. Together the girls shared a kiss, the wettest experience of Laurent’s
life and even though neither of the girls was even attempting to make it
happen, he climaxed on Chloé’s tongue.

The salty taste was overwhelmed by Léa’s own secretions and
she didn’t even notice.

When the girls broke their kiss, Léa lightly held his torso
with her teeth. It was Chloé’s turn to lay on her back as Laurent’s legs kicked
from her girlfriend’s mouth. Laurent couldn’t tell what was happening as he
stared at Léa’s throat and but it was obvious when another pair of lips
enveloped his feet, then knees and hips.

Lips that didn’t hide teeth.

Léa used her tongue to push her toy deeper into Chloé’s soaking
pussy. When he was far enough in to not just slide out she released him from
her own lips and laid down on her belly on the bed between Chloé’s spread legs.

She giggled when she saw him encased in her lover’s lips up
to his belly button, and Chloé giggled too when he looked upward at her.
Laurent took a deep breath of fresh air and laughed too at the incredible

“What are you waiting for?” Chloé asked, and Laurent took that
as his cue to reach upward toward her clit.

But she wasn’t looking at him. Two massive fingers pushed on
his shoulders and slid him further inside. His arms were pushed overhead awkwardly
but Léa looked down at him and smiled before gently shoving them down by his
sides, then him down until just his head was visible from Chloé’s canal.

“Time for your desert!” Chloé said as she leaned forward and
gently grabbed the sides of Léa’s head.

The blonde needed no encouragement and Laurent got the idea

While Léa’s tongue went to work on his surroundings Laurent began
kicking and stroking at the top of Chloé’s canal. She was tighter than Léa,
surprisingly, and even at five inches tall he had to be careful to avoid
kicking her cervix. But without massive fingers sliding him back and forth Laurent
found he had more freedom than before.

Above him Léa’s tongue flickered like a finely tuned machine
across Chloé’s clit and her canals squeezed him harder than ever, quivering
rapidly. He guessed that Chloé was far more excited than he’d expected. Or more
likely she’d been playing with herself while playing with Léa.

The sound of Léa’s mouth overwhelmed Chloé’s own moaning but
it was obvious when she came: she squeezed on Laurent so hard he was sure he
felt something crack in his chest before she finally relaxed and he slipped out
of her onto the wet spot on the blanket.

As the girls far above him giggled and cuddle, Laurent did
his best to roll out of the way of Chloé’s legs.

They made kissy sounds while he crawled away, unsure if he was
just too exhausted to continue or if he was actually hurt.

Then a massive hand scooped him up and he forgot all about
his ribs.

“You did really good,” Chloé reassured him as Léa stood from
the bed and walked out into the living room, “Now get some rest, if you want free
rent you’ve got to earn it!”

Without waiting for his response she carried him into the
kitchen where she ran him under lukewarm water to rinse their combined fluids
off his body. Then he was tucked into her underwear drawer where he realized he
was too tired to even argue.

Or worry about why his side hurt.

The following morning when Laurent tried to roll over in his
curiously soft covers, something held him down. Groggily he opened his eyes and
realized he wasn’t laying on his back. And the strap that held him was a thin
strip of ribbon that wrapped around him several times. Holding him to…

Laurent craned his head upward and could only see the tip of
something bright blue. Last night came back to him in a flash when he realized
he was perched, almost standing, on top of Chloé’s dresser. Several hair ties
were on the ground next to him, up to his ankle.

Then the pair of giggling blondes walked into the bedroom. They
were busy kissing and didn’t even look in Laurent’s direction at first; Chloé
playfully pushed Léa onto the bed before she looked over at him. The sight of
them both instantly made him harder than steel even though he didn’t know what
was going on.

“Good, I hope you got plenty of sleep last night!” she said
happily as she walked closer to Laurent, her perfect breasts making it hard to
look at her even more perfect face. “We tend to keep busy on the weekends, just
in case you thought last night was an indicator of how easy it will be to earn
your rent.”

“Get over here!” Léa called out with a giggle, “It’s
breakfast time!”

“Hey wait a second,” Laurent started to say, about to ask
them to be more gentle. His side was still a little sore from Friday night.

Instead Chloe’s hand wrapped around him and he was lifted
upward rapidly. She gave him a quick glance to make sure he was secured tightly,
not noticing his worried look, and moved to the bed.

Wrapped in a giant hand Laurent tried to wiggle free of his
restraints but made no progress. From above him he heard moans and wet noises
and guessed correctly that Chloé was going down on Léa.

“And that probably means…” he told himself as he tried to
see what he was attached to.

His question was answered when the massive poll he was on
began vibrating. It felt like he was riding the world’s largest jackhammer and
he tried to yell in response but massive voices overruled him easily. Laurent’s
entire body vibrated like crazy and it got much worse when Chloé adjusted her
hand to give him free space.

He was staring at the ceiling, Choe’s hand was holding onto
the vibrator below his feet. And above him like a hungry throat was Léa’s

Gently the tip of the vibrator was placed at her entrance,
close enough that Laurent’s world-shaking vibration dampened slightly from the
contact. Her clit was already wet enough it glistened in the morning light.

“Hey I don’t think I’m ready for this!” Laurent shouted, but
Léa’s desperate voice drowned him out easily.

“Don’t tease me!” she said desperately and Laurent was
shoved deep into her in one smooth motion. Even muffled by her body, her
passionate cry was obvious.

His own cries were not.

Laurent sputtered and gasped for air as he was sandwiched
between the painful vibrations and Léa’s sensitive skin. Chloé knew exactly where
to push him and her girlfriend appreciated it; she was always more sensitive in
the morning and their now-extra-wide vibrator had bumps in all the right
places. Just as Laurent was sure he was going to pass out, Chloé added a finger
as well that scraped past his leg and began rubbing Léa’s g-spot in tandem with
Laurent’s face.

This granted Laurent a small amount of air and shot Léa over
the edge. Chloé’s finger remained a moment more, then retreated as Laurent felt
Léa quiver and clamp down around him. Then, as the last of his air ran out, the
vibrations stopped and he was slid out of the blonde’s canal.

Chloé lifted him in the air with a giggle for her girlfriend
and not a glance for Laurent. He could see Léa curled up on the bed with a
smile on her face and loving eyes for Chloé.

“That was a wonderful way to start the day,” she said, and Chloé
made an affirming noise.

“Let me clean our toy off,” she told Léa, “Then we can go on
a walk to the park!”

“You don’t want me to…”Léa asked, looking pointed at Chloé’s
landing strip.

“Later hon,” she replied as she walked to the bathroom, “We’ve
got all weekend.”

Shit, Laurent thought when he heard that. His side
was aching and it was harder to get his breath back than it should have been. Not
to mention despite it all his cock was still hard as a rock and he was sure blue
balls would set in any moment. On top of how he was sure lack of air would make
him pass out minutes ago. Is free rent worth this?

Then lukewarm water was running over his body like a
waterfall. Movements Laurent didn’t see freed him from the tape that had held
him in place but Chloé clutched him gently as she rinsed him off. As she patted
him dry she smiled down at him. He tried to yell up to her but Léa called to
her from the other room.

“Groceries!” Chloé replied, “I’ll bring our roommate with

Laurent breathed a sigh of relief until she made a massive
roughly cone-shaped piece of metal appear on the countertop.

“No! No, I’d rather just-“

Chloé held him gently yet firmly as she used more of the
strange tape to affix him to the butt plug. He was a little taller than it and could
tell Chloé had made her own modification: there was a small depression at the
widest area that he fit perfectly into upside-down. It did nothing to put him
at ease.

Léa walked into the bathroom just when Chloé was finishing
and put one foot on the vanity to expose her backdoor.

“Let me do the honors,” Léa said with a giggle, “It’s the
least I can do after that performance.”

Laurent tried to protest but Léa popped the metal plug into
her mouth and bathed it in saliva. When Laurent saw light again it was only a
short distance between himself and Chloé’s backdoor. And not at all how he’d
ever want it to happen.

Both girls giggled when Laurent felt his feet contact her backdoor
and he slid in easily. The pressure from her sphincter squeezed him tightly
between herself and the metal but she engulfed him with a groan. Just when he
was sure he couldn’t take any more pressure, the widest part of the plug passed
into Chloé and he was sucked the rest of the way in with a shriek that neither
girl heard over their giggles.

“Don’t worry, we’ll only be out for a few hours,” Léa said
with a playful wink.

She stood and admired Chloé’s bejeweled plug with a small
face just below it. For a moment she wondered if it was fear instead of joy she
saw, but Chloé put her foot back on the ground and shook her butt playfully.

“Fits great!” she said before giving Léa a peck on the
cheek. “Now let’s get shopping before the crowds show up.”

Laurent couldn’t tell what was happening; Chloé’s massive
cheeks blocked out the world, and the problem was made worse when a lace thong
suddenly pushed against his face. All he could do was kick with his legs to try
and free himself but he had no illusions. Chloé would just be enjoying his

And she was. Chloé deeply wished they’d tried this before
with a little person; the arrangement they’d made with Laurent was going to be

When Laurent saw light again he was only half relieved to
see it was the same bathroom light from earlier that day. Being squeezed by Chloé’s
sphincter had been like fighting a snake trying to crush the life out of him,
and that was when she wasn’t walking. And they’d done a lot of walking.

Her brown ring clung to him hard and he knew the only thing
keeping him from being devoured was the jeweled heart just above him head. As
it was every step still threatened to send him into her dark abyss. Laurent was
sure if that happened he wasn’t coming out.

Until blinding light finally freed him, and massive
manicured fingers grasped the jewel that was the only reason he hadn’t been

The plug and Laurent came free with a ‘pop!’ and
disappointed sigh from Chloé, but happy sounds from Léa.

“I bet that was fun!” she said to Laurent as she pulled him
from the toy and rinsed him clean.

Laurent tried to talk but finally being moved after so long
restrained he found it difficult to find his voice. Until his feet were pushed
into a small silicon disc that looked like a decorative wine stopper.

“Vibrate good for me!” Léa said as he protested. His feet
were squeezed tightly together so that he couldn’t even wiggle them and Laurent
knew exactly what was about to happen. Her perky, happy tone only made the
situation worse.

Without any ceremony Léa ran him under water one more time
then he yelled as she lowered him below her waist with dizzying speed.

“Please stop!” he yelled out as her smaller backdoor

Laurent held up his hands to try and defend himself but Léa
had done enough anal play that this simply eased his insertion. He didn’t hear
her groan of approval as he slipped head, shoulders, then waist through her hole.
When his feet tried to pass the silicon around his feet stopped him from being
completely devoured.

The outside world ceased to exist for Laurent. Now there was
only panic in perfect darkness.

“Oooh!” Léa said with a giggle as she pulled on her yoga
pants. She and Chloé were settling in to watch a movie with dinner. “You should’ve
tried putting him in headfirst, he’s wiggling up a storm!”

Chloé gave her girlfriend a sweet look as The Journal came
on the television.

“So he’s a he now and not just a toy?” she asked, smiling.

Léa rolled her eyes. “I still feel a little bad but he’s
obviously loving it and then it seemed mean to make-“

Chloé’s finger pushed on her lips.

“Shh, you’re cute when you’re flustered.”

She was less cute from the inside, Laurent would have said
if he had been able to form any coherent thoughts. He was surrounded by darkness
and counted himself lucky that the smell had overwhelmed him almost instantly.
That did nothing for his panicking.

Blindly he threw his arms in any direction, always feeling like
he was tumbling in the blackness with no way to orient himself upward. It didn’t
help that Léa seemed to be moving constantly. Only the fact that he could reach
down toward his feet and barely pry open her sphincter to get air gave him any
hope of survival. Though every time he did that it was significantly more
difficult; she seemed to think it was a game they were playing and would briefly
let him win before squeezing her hole shut again.

Until something truly shifted near his feet and he cried out
with relief; something was grabbing the base! Whatever the lesbian pair had in
store for him it had to be better than this.

“Get me out of here!” he raged as his entire body ached and
he battered the sides of Léa’s colon with all his strength. Any moment now he’d
be pulled free and they’d finally talk to him so he could explain all the ways
he was hurting.

Léa groaned as the movie played on, unwatched. Between Chloé’s
tongue and Laurent’s efforts she was in heaven. Then Chloé started gently
pulling on her plug, causing him to move even more. With a squeak she squeezed
down hard on Chloé’s head and came hard. Léa rode her orgasm as Chloé drove
their plug rapidly in and out of her backdoor, sending her to new heights of
pleasure while he massaged her insides.

Laurent spent that night shaking in their underwear drawer;
they hadn’t listened at all when he tried to tell them how badly he was being
hurt and that this had to stop. The massive blondes were having too much fun
with each other, and him. The pain on his side was now roaring, both ankles
were bruised and swollen, and his entire body was telling him not to move for a
week. Prone on a sock, he coughed up blood.

Despite all of this exhaustion swept him away almost

He even hurt in his dreams.

In the morning he awoke surrounded by softness. Something
massive cradled his torso while something soft and slippery was engulfing his
knees, then his waist. Vaguely he recognized what was holding him as impossibly
large fingers. Then a giggle from far above pulled him from his injury coma.

“Oh he’s awake!” Léa giggled, looking down at Laurent as she
spread her legs. Her gentle fingers pushed him further into herself as she
spread her legs further.

“Good timing,” Chloé said, and Laurent looked backward to
see her massive body approaching as well. Her own legs were spread wide and she
hooked her right over Léa’s left. He awkwardly craned his neck and saw her
massive pussy fast approaching.

“It’s every man’s dream to be woken up for sex, now he’s
getting it double!”

Laurent drew in a painful breath to yell upward. Now that he
was awake his back ached, his legs were on fire, and he had absolutely no doubt
in his mind. If this didn’t stop he was going to be crippled at best.

“Carefully!” Léa said, looking up at Chloé, who was primed
for her final hip bump. Her fingers shifted and Laurent knew what was coming.

Chloé leaned forward to kiss Léa. Then pushed her hips

Laurent was engulfed before he could scream. There was a
long moment where he tried holding still against all odds, praying if he held
still long enough they’d realize he wasn’t a willing toy anymore. And hadn’t
been for awhile.

Please stop please stop please stop.

The women shared a long kiss with their toy buried inside
them both.

Next weekend we’ll make him a little bigger, Chloé
thought when she broke the kiss. Just like they’d done a hundred times before their
clits were pressed together. They’d never shared a dildo like this before but
they knew what to do.

As soon as they started rocking their hips she felt Laurent
start his own movements. For her it was swinging arms in time with their
rocking, perfect clit rubbing that always seemed so hard in theory but worked
perfectly for the pair. For Léa it was kicking feet in a pattern that would
feel desperate if it didn’t feel so incredibly good.

For Laurent it was a life-or-death struggle. Every kick hurt
but he couldn’t override the instinct to try and fight his way free from their
velvet embrace. Every punch hurt but he was blindly panicking now and nothing
could make him hold still. If he wasn’t moving Chloé’s lubrication immediately filled
his nose and mouth, blocking air.

And that was before the women started grinding their hips
together in a nightmare-inducing up and down motion.

Something popped in Laurent’s back.

Above him his captors groaned in beautiful ecstasy.

As they shared a groan and first-of-the-day orgasm, Chloé
and Léa stared into each other’s eyes and giggled. Chloé grinded her clit into Léa’s
one last time to see her girlfriend shudder, then shifted her hips back and let
Laurent slide from her canal. Neither woman thought to catch him as his legs
slipped out of Léa as well and he fell to the floor.

“Whoops!” Léa said with a laugh, full of post-orgasm energy.
“Sorry little one!”

She really was sorry; he was a toy but that didn’t mean she
wanted to treat him badly. He’d enjoyed everything else so far.

Then her eyes narrowed.

Laurent did the only thing he could think of when he hit the
cold floor: he started crawling away. Toward the end of their session he’d
stopped kicking. Léa hadn’t noticed but he had, and he knew what it meant.
Especially once he realized he couldn’t even feel her wetness and clinging heat
surrounding his legs.

So he crawled, dragging his now-useless legs behind him.

“Ohmygod!” he heard from above him, and there was a massive
scramble of legs as both women leapt to their feet.

Their voices blended together as they both spoke in a panic.

“His legs! Is that blood?” Laurent didn’t even bother to
look for blood; it didn’t surprise him to hear.

“Is he-?”

Laurent didn’t know where he was crawling to. Only away from
the voices that were talking from on high. Both women sounded horrified and sad.

“Do we have to-?” he heard Léa ask.

“Would you live like this?” Chloé asked in return, “Once he’s
big again he’s gonna go to the cops!”

“But we-“

“I feel terrible too, but we have to!”

Laurent finally turned and looked backward. He was indeed
leaving a thin trail of blood but he couldn’t tell from where. His legs were
useless and his chest burned like he was being stabbed with every movement. A cough
sent more blood to the floor.

Both women were standing over him, looking downward. Both
wore sickened looks on their faces.

“I’m sorry!” Léa said as Chloé lifted her foot.

This time Laurent didn’t hold his hands up to try and
protect himself against the oncoming juggernaut.

Friday the Fourteenth by Thatgirlyouknow

Jesse ran through the galley at top speed. Her long brunette hair was frazzled and a large chunk had been torn off, but she considered herself lucky.

Five steps behind her Jackson was gaining fast.

While Jesse wore a skimpy bikini that befitted the partying earlier that day, he wore something a little more practical. Plain black pants, black shirt, and a cut-up set of dock-worker’s overalls that hid everything about him except his height and face. On his face he wore a hockey mask.

In his hand he had the largest knife he could find. In that very same galley, actually, about ten seconds before he’d started his killing spree.

Jesse screamed while she ran, slowing only enough to knock a chair behind her, then a tray of half-eaten food. She didn’t even turn to see how well it worked but heard a startled grunt and the man behind her swearing as he fell down.

“Somebody help!” she screamed as she entered the hall, hitting the far side when she turned and bouncing to run down the narrow hall.

Five steps down the hall she heard her pursuer enter behind her. He was panting and sounded furious. Jesse chanced a look behind her and saw he was pulling his hand back behind his head. What she didn’t see was the knife; her glance ended and she threw herself left at the next ‘T’ intersection. Even on the massive yacht she and her friends had been partying on the actual hallways were narrow and not very long.

Something hit the wall just behind her but this she didn’t turn to see. Jesse ran up the stairs two at a time until she was on the deck and under a starry sky. This time when she was halfway across the yacht’s large open area she did chance a look behind her and saw that the killer wasn’t following.

Which was how she managed to trip, at full speed, over a body.

“Steve!” she screamed as she recognized her boyfriend even without his eyes. “No! Not you too!”

She screamed again when someone wrapped their arms around her, but almost instantly she knew it wasn’t a man about to plunge his knife into her chest.

“It’s okay! It’s okay!” Anna was saying as she pulled her friend up and away from the body on the deck.

“He’s not here!” Kate told her as Jesse struggled to her feet and did her best not to pass out in terror, “He’s not here!”

“I wish he was!” Deb said angrily, and Jesse saw her redhead friend holding a massive wrench. “The worst mistake he ever made was just assuming I died when he threw me overboard hooked that anchor by my bra-strap.”

Even in her terror that made Jesse laugh. Deb had been stunningly drunk earlier and that was the only reason she hadn’t dismantled their masked killer five minutes after he’d appeared, somehow, in the middle of this lake. If Jesse could make him trip, Deb could break his arm.

“Now everybody get back to back!” Anna said as Jesse stood and started to gather her faculties again.

“Why?” Jesse asked, about to panic, “Do you see him?”

She looked around the boat deck again and saw nothing but Steve’s body, some party chairs, and enough bloodstains for a lifetime.

“No, but I’ve seen this movie before,” Anna replied as she followed her own advice. Her grip tightened on a broken bottle of champagne with jagged edges to use for self-defense. “These guys always pop up where you least expect them.”


Jackson yanked the knife free from the wall where it had stuck in the faux-wood. He was furious.

“That little bitch,” he mumbled angrily as he limped toward the stairs.

More than just being angry at the brunette’s survival, he was embarrassed about how she’d managed it. All the things she’d thrown behind herself had barely slowed him down, but he’d twisted his ankle when he’d gotten to the hallway without any debris at all to make it happen. It had thrown off his aim enough that he doubted she even knew he’d thrown the blade.

“I’m gonna kill you all…” he said, aware that talking might give away his position but willing to take the risk.

There were several hours til daylight and he’d have the boat, and consequently his lake, free of these damn partying teenagers long before then. Sure, it wasn’t technically his, but until some spring break tourists had discovered it he’d been living there blissfully alone. Then these damn teenagers began showing up.

His lake had almost been forgotten after he’d gotten rid of several consecutive summers’ worth of campers.

The thought of more people coming and ruining his peace almost made him as happy as the idea of being alone once more. It had been surprisingly fun to stalk around this boat, yacht, really, and pick them off one by one. He hadn’t realized how much he missed terrified screams and looking into someone’s eyes as they slowly quit fighting him.

At the last step Jackson held up the knife and slowly moved it around the corner. The polished metal acted as a near-perfect mirror and he scowled when he saw his four remaining victims grouped together. This would have been much easier if they separated out again.

He held back a giggle when he thought about the first two he’d gotten, before the teenagers had even realized he was there.

Then his smile turned into a frown as his stomach seized. The frown to a scowl, then a sickened expression of terror. Something was happening.

Without realizing it, he dropped the knife and fell to the ground. Jackson doubled over in sudden pain.

“What was that?” Jesse cried out, looking toward the stairs she was sure the killer was about to exit from. Where she’d been moments ago.

Deb began to shush her, but Anna waved her silent.

“No, I heard it too!”

All four women traded glances. As one they crept forward, each holding an improvised weapon.

“I swear to Odin if you get me killed I’m gonna haunt you forever,” Deb said when the others naturally let her take the lead.

At the top of the staircase she took the turn wide so no one could leap out and surprise them. There was nothing but a pile of clothes and a large knife.

“What is-?” Deb asked rhetorically as she crept forward.

There was a clear view of the staircase and obviously no one was coming. Was this a trick?

“That’s it! That’s the mask he was wearing!” Jesse said, losing her calm and picking up the Halloween mask.

It even had blood on it.

“Wait….” Deb told them all, nudging aside the knife with her foot, “Everybody back up! It’s gotta be a trick!”

Jackson cowered in what used to be the sleeve of his murder outfit. He’d almost screamed when the brunette that should be bleeding to death in the galley lifted his mask upward at a nauseating pace. It was sheer luck that kept him from being spotted but the teenagers were as blind and unobservant as always. And it was even more lucky that the angry redhead made them all start backing away and looking in every direction but down.

“I gotta get the hell out of here!” he said as the group slipped away back toward the open deck.

Whatever had happened to him may have made him half an inch tall but it hadn’t made him stupid. Or any less determined to kill them all.

“I’m just gonna have to improvise,” Jackson told himself as he ran to the edge of the stairs and leapt down.

The fall was several times his height but at his size the impact didn’t feel like anything at all. Each step he dropped down easily though he knew getting up would be far more difficult.

One thing at a time.

Even at half an inch tall he found he was surprisingly fast. But that didn’t solve the strength problem. He practically flew down the hallway and back to where he’d twisted his ankle. Jackson knew killing them all would get him back to normal. It had to.

At the galley, behind a door held open by an amputated hand, he found all the cleaning supplies and tools he needed to set the yacht ablaze and drive the teenagers into the freezing cold lake.

Where they better drown, he thought as he looked up at the bottles covered in warning labels.

“Now how the hell do I get them down from there?” he asked, just as he heard noises behind himself.

“He chased me from here!” Jesse said to the group, guiding them carefully into the galley. “I ran and threw all this stuff behind me, but he chased me through the kitchen and everything and-“

Deb hushed her gently as Jesse’s voice started to raise, remembering the stress of her flight and at the pain of seeing the body on the ground, blood still wet.

“Did he have the knife before that?” she asked, keeping her eyes scanning everywhere at once. Deb paused only for a moment when she saw the body on the floor, but only a bare moment. The killer wasn’t going to sneak up on her a second time.

Jesse nodded and kept her eyes up as they walked into the kitchen. This time it was Anna who bit back a scream when they saw the hand that still clutched the handle to the janitor’s closet.

And Jackson bit back a scream when he saw the door come open suddenly. If he’d been full sized he would have had a fight on his hands. All four teens were there with some kind of weapon in hand. But at half an inch he merely soiled himself and darted reflexively into the vent next to him.

“Nothing here,” said Deb, whose eyes flickered briefly toward motion. “Maybe a rat in the vent but not that asshole.”

“Asshole?” Jackson said furiously as he ran down the vent, trying to pretend he was still in charge of the situation, “I’ll stab you right in the asshole!”

But even as furious as he was he knew the teens had done him a favor; there was no way he was going to be able to start a fire with those chemicals at his size. Then he approached the next open vent grill and squeezed through.

“Next best thing?” he asked himself as he looked at the ship’s electrical fuse box.

Deb signaled down from three with her fingers. On her final fist pump Anna threw open the door to the electrical room. Deb rushed in with her pipe in hand and ready to swing at anything that moved. Instead there was barely enough room for her on herself, let alone a murderer.

She backed out lowly when it was obvious there was nothing in there. Another flicker of motion caught her eye toward the air vent, but this time it was obvious it wasn’t a rat.

“What the hell?” she asked aloud, leaning toward the vent but not seeing anything moving.

“What?” Jesse asked nervously. She and the other three girls were looking in every direction behind them to ensure no surprise attacks from the rear.

“Uh, nothing, I just thought I saw…never mind. There’s a mice problem on this damn boat on top of everything else.”

With that said she backed into the hallway and the quartet continued to search the ship room by room.

Jackson was losing his mind. It seemed like every room he managed to get to through the vents was immediately raided by his to-be victims. The electrical room had seemed a good option, until he realized he was physically incapable of causing anything fire related. The fusebox was both inaccessible to him and under lock-and-key.

Engine room!

At a dead sprint he ran, following the sounds of machinery, until through the final vent cover he could see a well-lit massive motor. It was dead at the moment, thanks to him, but anyone with basic mechanical knowledge could fix it in about ten seconds flat.

“No dumbass teenager’s fixing that,” he said as he climbed through the vent and fell two feet onto a workbench.

No going back up there either, Jackson thought as he looked for any way he could sink the ship and finish the night’s gruesome task.

“This is it, the last place he could be,” Jesse told the rest of the girls, and they all nodded. They were sure they’d searched every room that was reasonable and hadn’t found anything. It was almost more disturbing that the killer was apparently naked; Deb was hoping he had a breakdown, stripped naked and jumped in the lake.

Anna rested her hand lightly on the door handle, waiting for Deb’s nod to throw it open one final time.

Jackson saw his final opportunity to kill them all and walked to the edge of the bench. He peered over the edge and wasn’t sure if that fall would be as painless as the stairs had been.

Then the door flew open and the four teens entered fast, the lead redhead yelling out angrily and all of them moving like flying mountains.

Jackson shouted in surprise too and fell backward onto his back. They flowed past him, overlooking him and making sure the rest of the engine room was clear.

“Fuck!” he said as he jumped back to his feet and took off running toward the wall. There he could hide behind a toolbox and wait until they left before finding a way to sink the ship.

Something clear slammed down in front of him, making him scream before he ran into it, hard. Recoiling from the invisible force he turned and sprinted right, only to realize whatever was stopping him was circular, perhaps ten relative feet across. A clear plastic drinking cup.

Currently held down by the world’s largest and angriest redhead.

“I knew it!” Deb yelled as she held the cup down with one hand, “I knew I saw you, you little bastard!”

The other three all hefted their weapons, sure the confrontation they’d been hunting for was here. But instead they saw Deb holding a cup down over a bug.

“Damnit Deb!” Jesse said, but her aggravation didn’t last when she walked to her friend.

 “What the f-“ Kate said as she leaned forward. “Is that what I think it is?”

Jackson railed against the clear plastic but it was no use. His rage was only increased by the faces of his victims leering down at him, first appropriately terrified, then curious and confused. And finally amused.

“Wait wait wait,” Jesse said, barely holding back a laugh, “There’s no fucking way that’s who I think it is.”

“I don’t know what happened,” Deb replied, not bothering to hold back her laughter, “But that’s him alright!”

“That explains why we found the clothes and knife!” said Kate.

“And he didn’t go completely nuts and jump overboard either!” Anna added.

“This is what I thought I saw in those other rooms.”

Jackson flipped the redhead off, then tried to punch his way through the plastic once more. He screamed in frustration when this simply made her laugh, and the rest followed suit.

“Look at the little bastard now!” Deb laughed, “Not so tough now are you? Can’t even fight your way out of a shitty plastic cup!”

This time when he rushed the side of the cup Deb shifted it toward him and sent him sprawling backward. Sudden wind when she moved the cup stopped his attempt to jump to his feet again. He looked up from all fours at the girls and rushed toward them, screaming angrily and determined to kill them all. Somehow.

Instead Deb easily slipped the brim of the plastic cup under his feet as he sprinted, knocking him face-first down on the inside of the cup. Before he had a chance to right himself she stood the cup upward and he fell with a short scream to the bottom. This time he stayed down, stunned, looking up at the cup’s opening.

He bit back his first actual terrified and humiliated scream as she lifted the cup upward. Suddenly he was miles above the floor and in front of what should have been faces twisted in their own terror. Not laughing at him.

The little man was raging against the side of the cup, and all the girls couldn’t help but laugh at him.

“No way we were running from that little bitch!” Anna laughed.

Her laughter only stirred him on and Deb was surprised to see that his hands were actually making small imprints in the cup. He climbed an inch high and she giggled, shaking the cup slightly and making him fall back downward.

“Back upstairs!”

Against his will he was taken upstairs, through the hallways that should have been covered in blood and over one of the bodies that he’d successfully dropped before Jesse had escaped him. Onto the surprisingly well-lit deck where he’d snuck up on two teens mixing drinks that they had no business drinking on his lake. And their loud music.

The bastard redhead dumped him onto a table still sticky with cheap beer and hard liquor that no one there was capable of actually appreciating. His nose told him it was good scotch that had been carelessly spilled.

“You bitches!” he screamed, grabbing a toothpick longer than he was tall and charging at the nearest teen, the one he thought was named Anna.

“Oh my god!” she said with a laugh at his pathetic charge. A finger flick stopped his rabid charge and sent him flying backward.

There was a faint, tiny furious scream while he scrambled to his feet. All four teens leaned forward, curious, unafraid, relieved. Amused.

“I’ll kill you all!” he screamed again, but this time when he got to his feet Jesse leaned forward and blew a fast puff of air directly at him. It wasn’t enough to knock him down but it was close.

“Hard to believe this little thing almost killed us all,” she said with a hoarse voice.

“Got enough of us,” Kate said, killing the mood almost instantly.

“Not us though,” Deb said, flicking him again and sending him toward the edge of the table. “You didn’t get us!”

“But what happened to him?” Jesse asked, looking between her friends who all shrugged. “Did someone else do this to him? Should we be worried?”

“I’m not worrying about shit,” said Deb, watching their attacker look around for a weapon on the table. It was obvious he would still do anything to try and kill them.

“Except maybe the why,” she added.

Jackson tried to sprint to the side of the table, intending to leap downward, escape these four, and pursue any means necessary to kill them all. Preferably a deus ex machina that involved returning him to full size. With a larger knife.

“Slow down there, douchebag,” one of the girls told him before slapping the table hard enough to make him stumble and fall.

“Here,” another said, and something massive slammed down onto the table in front of Jackson.

He screamed in fear despite himself and felt part of his spirit die when he heard his own cry. Especially when he realized that the building-sized obstacle was a half-empty bottle of whiskey. Jackson saw his own reflection, eerily twisted and lengthened.

It only renewed his hatred for those who’d put him here.

I’m gonna ki-

Another object slammed down far to his left, but not far enough away that it didn’t make him shout. And he did scream when more things slammed down all around him and before Jackson had a moment to settle himself he realized he was completely surrounded. Cut off. Trapped on a sticky round table by–

“Just imagine how he’s gotta feel,” Deb said, leaning forward to get a better look at him. She made sure to put all her loathing and contempt into her expression. “Half an hour ago he was busy jerking off to killing us, and now he’s the same height of his dick.”

Kate giggled as he flew into yet another rage, screaming obscenities in a voice that sounded like a mouse squeaking.

“I don’t know about that,” she replied, “He’s half an inch tall now and I can see his little weiner.”

She held up her fingertips and held them close together.

“He’s probably still taller now that he ever was long!”

All of the girls laughed again but Jackson refused to cower in front of them. They couldn’t ever see that he was shaking inside.

“No wonder he wanted to murder everyone!” Jesse said as she shook off the last of her earlier fear, “Every woman he’s ever met probably laughed when he took his pants off!”

Jackson looked for a way out, any way out, but nothing presented itself. He tried to run toward a space between half a bottle of vodka and an empty toolbox but someone’s finger easily redirected him backward until he fell from the leftover stickiness of a spilled drink.

“Think this whole thing was about that little dangly bit between your legs?” Deb asked, laughing.

She’s the worst, if I kill her then the rest will-

“I kinda wanna eat him.”

All the girls looked at Kate, surprised.

“What?” she asked innocently, “I can’t think of a better way to get rid of the evidence of this bastard than to let him burn to death in someone’s stomach!”

“I’m sure this has nothing to do with your oral fetish, right?” Anna jumped in with a giggle.

“Well thanks to this pathetic little thing,” she gestured at Jackson who couldn’t help but cower slightly at her approaching hand, “My usual boy toy is now…”

The levity left the situation when they realized what she was about to say. They’d been so overwhelmed by the novelty of the little man that they’d almost forgotten then were still on a boat of corpses.

“I don’t know,” Deb said, turning back to the little man, “Burning to death in stomach acid might be too good for this piece of shit.”

“We could all shit on him?” Jesse suggested.

“No! Fuck you all!” he screamed, more than a little horrified that they were all nodding at the suggestion.

“No good,” Anna countered as she held up a hand, “I cleaned myself out because I thought tonight was anal night.”

At the sound of that, or perhaps at the idea of his pitiful demise being so casually discussed, Jackson began screaming at them again. If they could have heard the things he was saying at full-size they all would have been terrified. Instead…

“Geez, guess he never got laid before?” Anna said when she saw his reaction.

“Probably why his hillbilly-ass came after us in the first place,” Jesse added on, “Ten bucks says he lives in some shitty cabin in the woods over there and got jealous we were actually gonna get some.”

“Makes sense to me,” Anna continued when Deb stepped aside for a moment, obviously looking for something, “If I looked like this douchebag does I’d have ran away from society too.”

Jackson tried to yell upward that he’d been a happily married man for years but their words were starting to cut deeply.

“Honestly he looks like an alarm would go off if he got within five hundred feet of a school!” Jesse said, starting to laugh gain.

He wilted under her words.

“Or a store that doesn’t sell underwear with holes in it already,” Kate piggybacked with her own giggle.

“I’ve got a better idea!” Deb called from behind them.

The trio of teens turned as one to their angrier friend who had successfully rallied them to fight back. She was holding something shiny.

“I say we carve up the little bastard with his own weapon.”

In her hands was the massive knife he’d been hunting them down. That had fallen in place where he’d shrank not far from where they were now.

For a moment Jackson saw resolve waver on his captor’s faces. His victims’ faces. Their eyes flickered from him to the knife in the redhead’s hands. Then to the body laying on the deck not far away.

“Works for me,” Jesse said as her eyes turned hard and back toward Jackson.

All the rest shrugged in agreement.

“I saw what he did to Dave, my only concern with this is that he won’t suffer enough,” Anna said.

“Oh, I’ll make him suffer.”

The redhead’s eyes flashed with sadistic glee as she leaned forward toward Jackson. He turned and tried to run but there was nowhere to go.

In a panic he held up his hands as the knife approached, painfully aware that less than an hour ago he’d gutted some jock who begged the exact same way. Its point was incredibly sharp and he knew in a moment it would easily take him apart.

Distant noise drew everyone’s attention, and for the first time in his life Jackson was happy hearing the beating blades of a helicopter.

“Is that? That’s them! We’re rescued!”

The moment was past, Deb saw, and part of her was relieved. All of her was relieved, really, but she didn’t lose her mind to optimism the way her friends did. Before she jointed them in jumping up and down to get the police helicopter’s attention, she opened the toolbox.

“Your unlucky day you little fuck!” she told the little murderer when she held up what she’d found.

When her friends came back, ducking under the wind of the helicopter and looking for their killer, they found nothing at all.

“Relax!” Deb yelled as a police officer began rappelling down to the boat deck, “Just tell them we knocked him overboard!”

The remaining three friends were all too happy to agree to this suggestion. It was obvious Deb had something up her sleeve.

“But what really happened?” Jesse asked Deb as the officer approached.

“I think I saw him fall overboard!” the redhead replied with a wink.

Twenty minutes later all four of the survivors were safe on shore in a shack that the police had commandeered while they awaited ambulances. It was ancient but warm and out of the elements. There wasn’t any space to take individual statements from the survivors but they all agreed on the big points and it was pretty obvious what had happened.

Old Jackson, a local legend, had a copycat killer. And these four had survived him. Somehow.

Per the girls he had a mask, dark clothes that made it hard to say exactly how big he was and was bizarrely fast. Had survived several injuries that should have killed him. He’d also somehow overpowered each of their boyfriends and several career shipworkers, all of whom had been outstanding athletes.

“Really tiny dick,” Deb said with certainty.

The officer writing everything down paused awkwardly and gave her a look.

“Now’s not the time to be funny, ma’am,” he said.

“Right, sorry,” she agreed.

As the quartet were loaded into a large police van, once the medical teams had cleared them of injury, the beach grew quiet once more. A final police officer looked out at the water, seeing that the boat, the horrific crime scene, was being carefully piloted back to a more appropriately sized pier for a full investigation. Then he left as well.

The beach was almost deserted.

Waves gently lapped at the sand, unseen by almost all. In the distance an owl hooted gratefully at the return of silence.

One particularly large wave rolled further onto shore then receded, leaving behind a curiously sharp object. And a very tiny, but very angry, man duct-taped to the handle.

With a cry of effort he freed one arm from the tape and began working on his other.

Moving On by Thatgirlyouknow
Author's Notes:

Sarah has a dilemma in her fading relationship. Or had a dilemma. Now she has a new relationship. And a toy.

Sarah leaned forward at the kitchen table and reached for
more breakfast. Right over Mike’s three-inch-tall form.

“Hey!” he half yelled up to her, not having it in him to
truly be mad at his wonderful girlfriend, “Can we not do that? You know I don’t
like that!”

It always seemed like the beautiful Japanese woman was half
a step behind his comfort, but Mike knew that was just a size issue. She never
seemed to really ‘get’ how he felt at three inches tall and he always gave her
the benefit of the doubt. After all, not only was she the light of his life she
was also literally keeping him alive now.

Sarah half ignored his call, but then looked down at him and
faked looking sheepish.

“Sorry hon,” she said without conviction, knowing he’d buy

The J apanese beauty felt locked down by Mike and had since
before he shrank. A shrinking that as far as she knew was completely unique in
the world. If she hadn’t been taking care of Mike he’d have simply been another

Later that morning, during her workout, she reflected on
their relationship while doing elevated situps.

She and Mike had been together for several years and she’d
been wanting to break it off for the last full year. Her family expected her to
keep dating mister white-and-straight-and-narrow. He was generally nice and said
all the right things, but something just wasn’t there for her.

That and she’d discovered shortly after dating him that she
preferred other women. A predisposition that only grew stronger until Mike
began feeling more like a speedbump in her life even before he shrank. She only
took care of him now out of a sense of obligation that she didn’t really
understand. A disappearance would make her life easier but she couldn’t bring
herself to do it.

She switched to pushups, looking herself in the mirror as
she held herself high. In black leggings her butt was far more impressive than anyone
would expect given her normal garb. Her sports bra didn’t hide her six-pack
abs. Carefully she lowered herself, counting to three in her head for each

In the other room she knew Mike was watching television. She
knew because among the few things they’d been able to modify for his size had
been the television remote. And a basic headset that linked to a Bluetooth
speaker so they could communicate if she wasn’t right next to him.

“I’m going on a run!” she called out when she got to twenty,
not bothering to wait for Mike’s response. He was somehow good natured enough
that he hadn’t gotten the idea that she was avoiding him more and more lately.
He’d convinced himself that she was working harder at school, working more
hours altogether at her job.

Not that she was finally feeling free to explore herself.

In her mind Sarah couldn’t help but wonder why she’d stayed
with him. Even before he’d shrunken she’d begun realizing the part of their
relationship she enjoyed most was pushing him around. Any man, really, but Mike
was dedicated enough to her that he never objected. Much. Not that she cared in

Back home after her run Sarah gave Mike a quick wave which
she assumed he returned from his small chair on the table by her real couch.
But her actual attention was firmly on her phone.

Her heart pounded in the shower from excitement. Steaming
hot water almost matched the heat inside of her when she thought about her date
that evening. It had been a long time since she’d been on a first date, and
this was her first date with another girl ever. Sure, Mike and her were still
technically in a relationship and she felt somewhat obligated to protect him
and keep him alive.

But lately she’d felt more obligated to herself. And more
specifically to the petite Japanese beauty she’d met at the gym a month ago,

Sarah was Japanese herself and had a figure few would
suspect under her typical Lolita dress up. Frills and poofy skirts that didn’t
match at all with her home personality. Everyone she knew in public knew her as
a cute, petite, and very proper Japanese girl who liked to dress a little
excessively girly. Only Mike knew in private she moved to the other end of the
personality spectrum.

But at the gym she’d met Amber, another woman even more
petite than she was. Together they’d started out as workout buddies but it
became obvious in the locker room that there was potential for more than that. They’d
hidden their initial interest as admiration for each other’s hard-earned
physiques but when the gym showers began to feel very personal that began to

Then they’d moved from just meeting at the gym to a local
coffee shop. Just to study, of course. As far as Mike knew they’d kept studying
at restaurants around town. And the park. Sometimes at the library but she and
Amber took every opportunity they could to spend time with each other. Just
like she’d done with Mike years ago before she’d begun to be truer to herself.

Tonight, though…

“Why did we never do this before?” Amber asked as they
laughed over drinks at the restaurant. The pair had been seated in a quiet
corner booth and their table was covered in appetizers. Sarah was finishing a
gin and tonic while Amber was already on her second appletini.

“I don’t know!” Sarah laughed too as she put her hand over

The smaller woman’s smile changed from mirth to pure, simple

“I’m really glad you talked to me that day,” Amber said, “I
never would have had the confidence to start.”

Sarah smiled back at her. She knew it was true; Amber was
beautiful and physically strong, but she’d been raised until recently in Japan
and had the traditional family values instilled in her. There was no way she
could’ve made herself make the first move on anyone. Especially someone like Sarah,
or really a woman at all given how she was raised.

“I’m just glad you said yes,” Sarah replied, ignoring her
phone buzzing. It was probably just Mike wondering where she was. Now she
particularly regretted helping him modify a phone so he could text her. He was
better when he was just sitting at the apartment quietly waiting for her to
keep him alive.

That’s when she knew that though her hunger for food was
sated her hunger for something else had long been ignored. And she knew exactly
what she wanted.

“Now,” she said, sitting up and straightening out her
silverware nervously, “Would you want to come back to my apartment with me?”

Amber blushed but nodded.

“Yes, but what about your roommate?”

Sarah restrained the urge to mentally strangle Mike. If he
ruined this for her…

But instead she smiled when a solution to her problems came
to mind.

“I think you’ll like meeting him,” Sarah told Amber, who
raised an eyebrow at the ‘him’ part of that statement but grabbed her purse anyway.

Half an hour later the two stumbled into Sarah’s apartment. They’d
finished their drinks quickly with anticipation then left the restaurant
quickly. To settle their nerves they’d bought two bottles of wine from a store
on their walk home and sneakily polished one of them off while walking the rest
of the way to her place.

Sarah pulled Amber through the kitchen, happy to be home but
more importantly happy to have finally brought her girlfriend home with her.

From the dedicated Bluetooth speaker that Mike’s small
headset was hooked up to she heard a question. Amber stopped mid giggle and
looked around.

“Where did that come from?” she asked as Sarah turned on the
kitchen light, revealing a meticulously clean kitchen and stainless-steel
appliances. But not the guy who had spoken.

“This,” Sarah said, tapping a small bluetooth speaker in the
center of the kitchen island. “So remember when I told you he and I used be a

“Used to?” Mike asked from his small bed on the side table
near the couch. From his position he could easily see the entire kitchen and
essentially the ‘middle’ of their apartment, including the couch and his

Sarah had helped set him up well out there and her
explanation had made sense: from the central position there she could easily
help him and get to him any time. It hadn’t occurred to him that this was also
a very easy way for her to set him aside and keep his presence in her life
minimized. He told himself they had good talks when she cooked and the
increasingly brief time periods when she was home.

She was just busy, he thought, And who is this

“Well,” Sarah said as she pointed, sending a shock through
Mike’s body, “I wasn’t kidding when I said things were…a little

His girlfriend had been very careful to not let anyone know
about him. And now she was pointing him out to some random and apparently drunk

“And she’s…” he said only to himself as Sarah reached
outward and shut off the speaker, his only good way to communicate. A cold
shudder ran through his body.

“I don’t-“ Amber said, confused and half certain Sarah was
playing a trick on her. Her eyes went back from the seemingly empty living room
to Sarah. “I-“

“Don’t worry,” Sarah said as she stepped in closer to Amber,
who giggled and let herself be backed up against the refrigerator. “I’ll
explain in a minute. After I’ve…” she licked her lips “…finally gotten a taste
of you.”

It wasn’t often Sarah found anyone she could physically push
around and the rush she got from practically cornering Amber was unreal.
Three-inch tall Mike didn’t count, she’d been pushing him around so long the
shrinking really just took the fun out of it.

One hand gently wrapped around the back of Amber’s head and Sarah
gently yet firmly gripped her by the ponytail. The movement was in stark
contrast to the pink frilly outfit she wore but Amber knew Sarah was stronger
than she was from the gym. Even if this hadn’t been true Sarah was cute enough,
and awesome enough as a person, she would’ve let her dominate her.

The fact that Sarah was currently dressed like a smoking hot
Lolita girl was just icing on the cake for her.

Sarah took a deep breath and pushed back her nerves.

And leaned forward, pushing her lips against Amber’s.

Amber returned the kiss immediately and Sarah’s hand on her
ponytail was obviously not needed as the two women kissed passionately. Their
tongues entwined as Mike’s heart fell and their own spirits skyrocketed. Amber’s
own hand reached upward to pull Sarah into her harder until they couldn’t
breathe any longer and had to pull apart.

“Bed. Now.” Sarah commanded, pointing to her bedroom. Amber
nodded excitedly and moved in that direction, motivated by a surprisingly hard
slap on her ass.

“Sarah!” Mike yelled at his longtime girlfriend as the two
beautiful Japanese women went into what used to be their shared bedroom. He’d
thought shrinking had been terrible but it had nothing on this heartbreak. “Sarah!”

He had a moment of hope when Sarah paused at the doorway.
Until he saw the devious smile on her face. Even Mike’s naivety wasn’t strong
enough to ignore that.

“Naked, now,” she told Amber as she turned away from the

“Oooh, bossy!” Amber replied through the doorway with a

“I’m gonna get something we’re both gonna enjoy,” Sarah
continued as she turned toward Mike.

“Sarah! Wait!” Mike yelled upward, but he knew she likely
couldn’t hear. And after a couple of drinks, plus this affair he was horrified
to witness, he also knew she wouldn’t care.

Her massive hand wrapped around him without even a pretense
of gentleness.

“Ack!” he tried to yell between her fingers as she walked.
Her casual hand swing felt like he was on the world’s worst amusement park

Then it got worse when he was tossed through the air.

“Hold this!” Sarah said and Amber caught him with both hands,
gently by her standards but to Mike it was like being hit by two cars at the
same time.

“What is-?” Amber started to say, then Sarah turned on the
bedroom light.

Mike opened his stunned eyes and initially saw two of Amber
as his head still rang from the impact of her hands. She was a beautiful
Japanese girl not incredibly unlike Sarah, but smaller and with incredibly long
hair in a ponytail that was over her shoulder. From his place on his back in
her upturned hands he could see massive, yet small, breasts and toned
shoulders. And a stunned smile.

“That,” Sarah said as she stripped off her dress and threw
it to the floor, “Is my ex-boyfriend.”

Amber looked up at Sarah and her jaw dropped. She’d known Sarah
from the gym and her body was incredibly sexy in a pair of spandex shorts and a
sports bra. But completely naked she was a goddess and seeing her in the gym
showers several times felt entirely different than right now, kneeling on Sarah’s
bed. Coupled with the fact that she was holding a three-inch-tall man in her
hands she was almost vibrating from excitement.

“Toss him here,” Sarah said, clapping her hands together.
Amber immediately obeyed, not even thinking of him as a living thing even
though he screamed as he went through the air.

Sarah caught him easily and held him up to her face to get a
good look at him. Mike was stammering out words and begging for mercy, unsure
of what he’d done wrong. And how she could do this to him. Not that it mattered
to her at all. With a deft hand Sarah ripped the doll’s clothing from his body,
the material tearing easily when it wouldn’t slip off.

When she looked up, Amber was just as naked as she was. And
the more petite girl was almost glowing on her bed. She’d been stunningly
beautiful in the gym shower but anticipation of what was to come made her the
most beautiful thing Sarah had ever seen.

Sarah climbed onto the bed with her, casually holding Mike
in one hand.

“So wait,” Amber said as she moved to sit with crossed legs,
“How did this happen?”

Amber held out her hand for closer inspection and Sarah
dropped his screaming form into it.

“No idea,” Sarah said, suddenly giving Amber a predatory
look and grabbing her wrist to hold it overhead, pushed against the headboard.
Amber squealed and played at resisting but Sarah easily grabbed her other wrist
and overpowered her to hold both hands overhead. And leaned forward to whisper
into Amber’s ear as Amber did her best not to smash him with her grip.

“But I think I finally found a use for him.”

She kissed Amber again, who returned it with enthusiasm.
Amber wasn’t sure what was happening but what Sarah was doing to her was
exciting her in ways she’d never thought possible. When Sarah’s hand reached
into hers and grabbed the struggling little man she barely realized; she felt
drunk as their tongues dueled.

“On your back,” she commanded Amber, and the smaller woman

Sarah lifted a leg over Amber’s head and turned, adjusting
until Amber was positioned to give her a different kind of kiss.

“Now,” Sarah said as she looked between her legs at Amber,
who was licking her lips, “I’m going to fuck your face until I come.”

Amber’s stunned look at Sarah’s language vanished when Sarah
sat down hard on her face.

At first Amber tried to kick and push Sarah off of her; she
hadn’t been ready at all and was already out of air. But Sarah had seen this
coming, and in fact hoped it would. Her calves were perfectly positioned over
Amber’s arms and they were effectively useless. Her own hands pushed down on
Amber’s legs just above her kneecaps and her superior strength held her down.

Mike screamed as Sarah’s hand threatened to smash him into a
pulp but he knew what he was looking up at: Sarah was having the time of her

“I’m loving the struggling,” Sarah said in a sing-song
voice, “But I don’t feel that tongue yet!”

Carefully, when Amber’s struggling began to get more
desperate, Sarah lifted her pussy from Amber’s face. There was the sound of a
desperate breath. One. Two. Three.

“Sarah I-“

Sarah sat back down and squealed in delight. This time
Amber’s legs weren’t kicking as feverishly so Sarah held Mike up to her face.
Amber’s tongue began working wonders in all the right places.

And it was time for someone else to finally be useful again.

“Sarah!” Mike yelled as he was lifted up to face height.
Despite everything she was beautiful, especially in the midst of passion. “Sarah
what are you-“

She licked him. And not a sensual, fun lick. A full body
lick that left him stunned and sputtering, spitting out a mouthful of saliva. Then
another lick along his backside followed by an exaggerated “Yummy!”

“Sarah no wait I!”

What he wanted or didn’t want didn’t matter. What did matter
was that Amber’s tongue was doing exactly what it needed to do for Sarah. The
rush she was getting from dominating the smaller woman who, judging by how wet
she obviously was, loved being dominated. An orgasm was approaching quickly,
faster than even when she’d…

Her eyes narrowed at what she held in her hand. Licking him
had seemed natural but she’d only half thought of what she was going to do to

“I want you to know,” she said, looking at Mike’s
destination but talking to Amber, “It may not feel like it,” her hand lowered
and Mike started screaming, “But this is more for me than you.”

Amber’s tongue paused briefly then resumed its incredible

Sarah’s hand spread Amber’s lips and the smaller girl
squealed as Sarah leaned forward and lifted her hips slightly, allowing her to
breathe again.

“Who are you talking to?” she asked, tongue and chin still
wet from Sarah’s pussy that was barely above her face. Amber tried to push her
off again, unsuccessfully, suddenly terrified someone else was in there with
them. She tried to push her legs together but Sarah stopped that easily.

“You, silly!” Sarah responded with a laugh before shoving
her hips down again. She bit her bottom lip with a groan from her clit hitting
Amber’s chin. Her hands went to the inside of Amber’s legs and spread them a
little further. A quick lick made Amber jump; it was the first time Sarah had
actually touched her sex aside from some heavy petting at the coffee shop.

“And my ex, I suppose,” she said and Sarah knew to the
second when Amber understood what she meant. Her licking efforts suddenly redoubled
and Amber’s legs spread further on their own.

Mike’s screaming stopped when Sarah finally used him for the
only thing men were good for. Amber tried to scream with passion when she felt
something finally enter her, and judging by the way it squirmed she knew it
could only be one thing. Sarah bit her lip as she grinded her clit against
Amber’s chin in sudden orgasm as she finally reduced her annoying life hurdle
to a sex toy.

Seeing his legs violently kicking out of her lover’s snatch
drove Sarah to new heights and she lowered her mouth to Amber’s lips. It was
difficult for her to remember to let Amber breath, but her lover had years of
athletic training that helped her deal well with it. Sarah only let up when
Amber started tapping rapidly on her thigh.

She wasn’t sure if she was having more fun from riding her
girlfriend’s face or from playfully nibbling on her former boyfriend’s legs.
Her tongue made a delicious circuit of Amber’s anatomy. Her clit, her lips, her
clit again. Then she would dive deep, massaging the parts of Amber that Mike was
fighting against as well. Her fingers explored as well, both driving Amber to
repeated orgasm and keeping their toy alive with fresh air.

Then, after Sarah felt yet another electric wave run through
her body, she grabbed their toy by the ankles and slipped him from her lover.
Amber made a disappointed sound as Sarah lifted off of her but obeyed
immediately when Sarah told her to lay on her stomach. Sarah climbed off and
stepped quickly to her dresser from which she pulled several items.

“Eyes closed,” she ordered Amber in a playful voice, but
neither woman was really fooled. Amber knew Sarah would welcome attempted
resistance and Sarah debated grabbing her fuzzy handcuffs anyway. Both breathed
small sighs of relief though when Amber put her face down in the pillow and
muffled a response.

Getting rough like that might be a little much for a
first time,
they both thought simultaneously.

Of course, Sarah thought as she quickly fitted
herself with a strap on, not caring about her tiny toy’s screaming, We may
have different ideas for what ‘rough’ is.

Just as Amber turned her head to ask what Sarah was doing, Sarah
climbed back onto the bed. With her knees she nudged Amber’s legs together and
smiled as she let the strap on dildo land between Amber’s firm, massive cheeks.

With a yelp Amber pulled her cheeks shut; she hadn’t
expected the slightly cold silicon. Sarah grinned and pulled her cheeks back apart.
Her brown hole was suddenly exposed and Sarah realized they’d never talked
about backdoor play at all. Or her own tendency to dominate, but since that had
gone over so well…

“Relax,” Sarah said to Amber as she wiggled the dildo out of
the way.

“No, I’m serious,” Amber said suddenly, “No dildo up the

She tried to wiggle away but Sarah giggled and held her

“No dildo,” she agreed as she leaned forward and held out
her hand. “But get this wet for me?”

Amber’s eyes focused on the tiny form in Sarah’s hand and
she didn’t hesitate: her tongue slathered the little man in saliva. Whatever
had happened to him, whatever he’d been to Sarah before he’d shrank, she didn’t
care. As far as Amber was concerned men were only good for one thing, and
usually not even that. At least at three inches tall this one was being useful.
His little screams turned to sputtering, then faded quickly when Sarah’s hand
moved back downward.

“Relax now,” Sarah commanded, and Amber obeyed with a smile.

“Sarah, please!” Mike begged but his giantess girlfriend
gave no indication that she heard  or

Sarah gave him an almost manic smile as she pushed him downward.
Mike screamed as he felt his feet be enveloped. The dark ring below him
clenched suddenly and both knees popped painfully. He begged for mercy as it
relaxed again and swallowed him suddenly to the waist. A distant, massive,
groan told him this new girl was loving what was happening to him.

“Why!?” he screamed upward at Sarah, but she was already
turning her attention back to her new girlfriend. Mike was already half
forgotten. Tears streamed down his face but his attention was suddenly
occupied: he was sunk to his armpits in this girl’s backdoor and it soon took
all his effort to not be swallowed entirely.

“Ohmygod!” Amber cried out when she felt something small and
wriggling enter her backdoor. “It’s like a butt plug and vibrator combined!”

“Good,” Sarah said as she shifted her own hips.

The toy formerly known as Mike only got a cursory glance as
she lined up the bright blue dildo with Amber’s pussy. He was screaming and
struggling, which made her smile as she made slid the tip into Amber who
groaned in appreciation. A quick reach between Sarah’s legs felt the dangling
portion of her own vibrating egg; a quick squeeze to the tip started it
vibrating in the perfect position for Sarah to get herself off.

“Now,” she said as she leaned forward again and grabbed a
handful of Amber’s hair, “Are you ready to be my bitch?”

Amber turned slightly, feeling Sarah almost vibrating at her
entrance. She had no idea how much dildo the normally sweet, pure, proper girl
was preparing to shove into her.

“I don’t think you have it in you,” Amber said, knowing full
well that the Sarah she was dealing with now was an almost demonic version of
the Sarah she felt such a strong connection with. Which was exactly what she’d
hoped for.

This was both the perfect and the worst thing to say to Sarah,
Mike could have told Amber if he hadn’t been struggling to breathe from her
sphincter’s attempts to devour him.

Sarah’s eyes narrowed and her grip tightened. Amber let out
a nervous laugh which immediately turned into a scream when Sarah rammed her
hips forward. Hard.

The tip of the dildo was squishy and somewhat soft, but it banged
against Amber’s cervix with only half an inch remaining outside of her. Each
knob and bulge had slid into her almost instantly. Amber mewled, half in
pleasure, half in pain.

“Don’t stop!” she mumbled as Sarah held the dildo deep
inside her lover. The truth was Sarah was savoring yet another small orgasm
from penetrating Amber. She felt so powerful part of her wanted to ram the
dildo even deeper, if that were possible.

But instead she obliged Amber.

With a grunt Sarah pulled halfway out of Amber, then rammed
the dildo back in. Her own egg shook from the additional movement and that was
when Sarah knew tonight was going to be perfect. Amber groaned. Mike screamed.

And Sarah began having the time of her life. Each thrust and
pull made Amber cry out passionately and shook Sarah’s own vibrating egg. Sarah
adjusted her grip from Amber’s hair to both her shoulders and didn’t hold back
for a moment. Her abdominal muscles started to burn quickly and she began using
her arms to pull Amber toward her at the same time as each thrust.

Periodically she remembered to look down at Amber’s backdoor
and the sight of Mike struggling to survive between those amazing cheeks almost
did more for her impending orgasm than the vibrating egg did.

“I’m close!” Amber called out, perhaps sensing that Sarah’s
hip thrusts were slowing despite everything. “Don’t stop don’t stop don’t
stop!” she squeaked with every push and pull.

Sarah slowed down for only a moment, just to shift her
weight all the way onto her left hand. Without looking her right hand slid
downward between Amber’s incredible cheeks. Her own orgasm was approaching fast
and she knew this would be it for the night, if for no other reason than her
abs were burning from the workout.

Mike screamed and cried in the chaos; Sarah’s furious
thrusts were irregular enough that he had no opportunity to get into a rhythm
himself. Each thrust and pull made Amber’s hungry backdoor pulse and it was all
Mike could do to keep from being pulled in or squeezed so hard he couldn’t
breathe. Then something changed above him and he made himself look upward from
the hole that was trying to swallow him. His hands reached for and finally held
onto one of the normally too-fine-to-see hairs lining Amber’s anus.

“Sarah no wait I love-!” were his last words. Not that
anyone present heard or cared.

Her hand traced their toy’s head for a moment, just to make
sure what she was about to do was obvious. Amber tried to raise her hips upward
to meet her hand and Sarah grinned. Then pushed down on the toy’s screaming
head until he vanished into Amber’s rectum.

Then she resumed thrusting without any more pause.

Amber’s squeaks quickly grew more desperate and Sarah felt
her own orgasm approaching impossibly fast. Part of her wished she’d ended his
pathetic life within her own rectum but the power she’d just casually
demonstrated was intoxicating enough. Knowing what she’d just done was
incredible and she wished she had a hundred more shrunken men to follow it up

Before the two women knew it they were orgasming
simultaneously. Sarah couldn’t feel Amber’s vaginal walls clamping onto the
dildo, but her own orgasm caused her to plunge full-depth for a final time and
her entire body shook on its own. For them both it was earth shattering. Sarah’s
nails dug into Amber’s pale shoulders almost hard enough to draw blood.

When Sarah’s orgasm finally died down and her eyes
refocused, she pulled her hands from Amber’s shoulders. The smaller girl was smiling,
exhausted and satisfied, but let out a grunt of mixed pain and pleasure when Sarah
slid off her and the dildo came free with a ‘pop!’

Sarah just rolled onto her side and tried to catch her
breath as she removed her vibrating egg. Its noise briefly accompanied their
panting before she shut it off, and it landed on the ground right next to her
strap on.

Together they rolled onto their backs, then shared a glance
before bursting into laughter.

Amber gave Sarah a deeply satisfied smile and sighed. Then
twitched and made a surprised face, giggling again. She looked down to her
abdomen patted herself just below her belly button.

Sarah put her hand on top of Amber’s and leaned toward her.
The two shared a long kiss, then pulled back. Amber rolled onto her side and Sarah
slid into place as the big spoon. Her hand was over Amber’s until Amber had to
readjust, and she couldn’t resist putting her palm flat on Amber’s abdomen now.

There was a flutter of activity inside, and Sarah smiled as
she thought about what Mike must be experiencing at that moment. Amber relaxed
fully into her arms and far faster than Sarah would have thought possible fell
asleep. Sarah felt sleep fast approaching as well and fell asleep with a smile
on her face as the activity under her hand began to slow.

In the dark bedroom both women slumbered the peaceful sleep
of first-time lovers. Unnoticed by either of them, their toy’s struggles
eventually ceased.

Sarah Unleashed by Thatgirlyouknow

Sarah leaned forward, looking at the strange locket her grandmother had left her. It had been months since she sat it aside in her jewelry box. The locket was simple, silver, and round with writing on it that she couldn’t quite make out. There was no opening and she’d had to affix her own simple chain to it yet felt no particular urge to wear it. 

Is it the moon?

“What does this say?” she wondered aloud as she ran a finger over the engraved writing. The writing seemed vaguely familiar.

“Hrmmph!?” she heard Evan say from below her, causing her to roll her eyes in annoyance.

“Focus!” she told him, giving the top of his head a smack down between her legs.

Evan, her boy-toy who thought he was her boyfriend, was currently trapped under her backside. Sarah wasn’t a fan of men but knew Evan had convinced himself that he was the exception. She’d ran across him almost two years ago when she saw him drooling over her in the gym where she was moving weights he could barely touch. Since then he’d been an overly flattering, ego-boosting boytoy who was willing to do almost anything for her.

One of those ‘anythings’ was purchasing a face-sitting chair where he spent a lot of his time. Sarah had modified it somewhat so more of her weight sank onto his face at all times while he did his best to lick whichever hole she presented to him. Right now she was letting him massage her backdoor but only paid him a little attention. The idea of dominating a man so thoroughly made her happier than his actual tongue.

He wasn’t a man right now, he was furniture.

Maybe later she’d ride his face to orgasm. And if he was good she’d let him finish himself off that night. In a different room.

She knew she was a lot of men’s wet dream: a little shorter than he was, Japanese, a Lolita-style of dressing that hid muscles no one ever suspected. He was far from her own wet dream, she’d come to realize. Aside from him worshipping her she was really just putting up with him. His tongue was now tireless after all the use she’d made for it, which was nice. But Sarah was ready to move on the first decent chance she got.

Her mind turned back to the medallion. Despite it being so simple, she suspected it was like herself: holding secrets. 

Maybe he does have an idea, she thought, annoyed. 

Holding the medallion between her fingertips she lowered it until she knew he’d be able to see it. Looking down she could see her hairless snatch, then his forehead. Sarah shifted her weight backward, letting him suck in an apparently much needed breath.

“Sarah, my neck is killing me and –“ he started to say, clearly in some distress.

For the first time that afternoon Sarah felt herself get aroused. He was good at backdoor licking but she really liked his discomfort most.

“Hey!” she smacked him again, more firmly, on his already red cheek. “Does this remind you of anything? Can you read it?” she asked as she held the medallion in front of him.

His eyes crossed slightly as he tried to focus. 

“Uh, no, but maybe try it in a mirror?” he said, before quickly adding: “But really my neck is-“

She sighed and put her pussy down over his lips, muffling his whining. After several seconds when she didn’t feel any tongue action, Sarah pinched his nostrils shut.

Dutifully his tongue got back to work. She held his nostrils shut through a slow count of twenty until she could hear his legs thrashing on the floor underneath them both, then released and lifted herself slightly to give him a breath.

Halfway through that breath she sat back down with her full weight. Slowly she ground herself against his mouth, finally enjoying his ministrations now that she’d been rougher with him. Without thinking about it she periodically held herself against his nose as well until the kicking resumed before she moved again. He’d pass out soon, doing more toward her orgasm than anything else he could attempt. 

“Mirror huh?” she wondered aloud.

She produced a small hand mirror from a drawer and held it up next to the medallion. Sure enough, a single word appeared clearly in the reflection. Sarah was annoyed he was right, but didn’t say anything to him.

Instead, she spoke the word aloud.

The lights in her apartment flickered and the medallion grew warm, then hot in her hand. The heat grew solid, as though it were light made solid, in ways that couldn’t possibly make sense. And then it began speaking without making a sound.

Sarah orgasmed as realization flowed into her. Words that were only half word, half sensation, filled her mind and she now understood everything it could do. While she smiled at the possibilities the amulet now gave to her, Evan finally passed out mid-lick.

Twenty minutes later Sarah was fixing herself a snack when Evan finally came out of the bedroom. He was stumbling a little which brought a smile to her face. This was far from the first time she’d rode his passed-out face to an orgasm. After she’d came, she’d donned the medallion and left him stuck in the chair until he awoke. 

She looked at him, thought about the medallion finally hanging between her breasts, and knew she had to try it out. Despite the absolute certainty of the knowledge it had given her she knew it was possible she was hallucinating instead. 

“Evan,” she said to him, liking how he paused in the middle of making coffee to dutifully turn toward her. He was annoying to be sure, but she had him well trained.

“Yes hon?” he asked back, his eyes lighting up from her attention.

“I read the word on the amulet,” she didn’t mention how, “And I think it’s magical. Want to give it a go with me?”

“Uh, sure?” he said uncertainly. He worshiped the ground Sarah walked on and knew not to irritate her by being sensibly pessimistic about magic.

Consent. Power. Your desires made true. These were what it had told her, flooding her with understanding beyond the words.

“I want that coffee done already,” she said, and he turned to the machine.

“Well yeah I- whoa!” he said when he saw the carafe was full with fresh, hot coffee. 

The power she had was far from limitless, she knew. Small things such as that were within her bounds now. Limitless money? No. Dozens of small tasks? For the most part. 

But the real power she knew was bigger. Would make her bigger. 

“Did you-?”

She stood and nodded, approaching him in a way that she rarely did. He backed up as she entered his personal space until the countertop stopped him. Sarah looked up at him with doe-eyes that she knew he would do anything for. Even dressed in simple sweatpants and a pink shirt.

“Now I want something more specific,” she told him, trailing her hand down his chest.

Evan stammered out a reply as she grabbed his cock through his shorts. It was the first time in months she’d even indirectly touched him.

“I want to have one of these,” she told him, “But not a baby one.”

The implication that he was small wasn’t lost on him. 

“That doesn’t make sense-“ he tried to say.

“Say yes,” she insisted, “If you say yes, the medallion will let me use part of you,” she grasped harder, “To give me my own.”

“Uh, yes, yes?” he replied as she felt him harden rapidly.

Sarah kept her look of disgust off her face when she felt it, but the medallion grew hot again against her skin and distracted her.

“I want ten inches,” she said, and he nodded.

Consent. A voice spoke as the medallion vibrated slightly.

Then Evan vanished in front of her.

Sarah gasped as heat bloomed at her mons, which turned into a buzz, then a shock, then something indescribable. She stumbled backward to the couch and yanked down her sweatpants. It was more difficult than it should have been. Something was in the way.


“Holy shit.”

Not just something. 

There, where there should have been a clean-shaven patch of skin, was a massive penis. A small tuft of hair exactly where it should be, then something she’d never seen from this angle. It had a large vein across the back, hung several inches long while even flaccid, with a foreskin that covered the head. 

“I have a—” she started to say, then looked up. The shock of suddenly having a cock made her forget that Evan had vanished, and when the knowledge came back to her she simply giggled. A voice whispered briefly from the amulet, and she knew all she needed to know about him. He was panicking on the ground in the kitchen, exactly where she’d left him. 

She’d taken wildly more from him than she’d expected for ten inches of cock.

“Worth it.”

Her attention turned back to her cock. She knew she could find Evan, and would, in short order. He could wait.

Carefully she wrapped her small fingers around it and gasped at the sensation. It almost jumped in her hand and began growing larger for the first time ever.

This is unreal! Sarah thought, Better than I imagined!

Gently she gave it a stroke, pulling the foreskin back and marvelling at her new glans. When she was hard as a rock she knew that she had a solid ten-inch cock, just like she’d wished for. Had she ever met a man packing something like this she would have ran. With her petite frame she’d barely enjoyed fingering, and an average sized dick usually wasn’t any fun.

I’m gonna split someone in half with this! 

While she stroked herself, almost vibrating with energy, her other hand reached down to where her new, massive balls hung. They were smooth, hairless, and she could tell they were filled with spunk waiting to blast into someone.

Curiously, her hand went lower and she felt only smooth skin where her pussy had been. She mentally shrugged at this. It hadn’t been much fun for her anyway.

Worth the trade for sure.

Just as she started stroking herself more certainly, wanting, needing, to know what her new orgasms would feel like, motion on the ground caught her eye.

“I guess we can start with an ‘onto someone’ situation,” she said aloud as she watched Evan’s three-inch tall form jog toward her on the tile.

She stood, loving the weight of her cock jutting out in front of her, then strode to where he was now waiting dutifully for her to pick him up.

“Okay! You got your wish! Now change me back! Why would it take all my height just to give you-“

“Oh no,” she told him as she held him gently and walked back to the couch, “Not yet. I’m gonna blast my first load all over you.”

Evan tried to make angry noises but at his size they just sounded pathetic. Especially when she squeezed him hard, then dropped him into an empty teacup.

“Stay there!” she ordered him, and almost reflexively he obeyed.

“Sarah! You gotta-“

Sarah pushed his voice out of her head, something she’d been doing for a long time. Now he only warranted occasional glances to make sure he was staying put in the target zone.

Now leaning back on the couch she began to stroke herself in earnest. One hand barely wrapped around her shaft but it was more than enough stimulation; in many ways her new rod was acting like a boy’s first masturbation session. She wasn’t going to last long at all.

Before she could even start to think of who, and where, she was going to put this new amazing organ, pressure she’d never experienced built up. Almost before she was ready she could feel cum boiling in her balls and precum rapidly leaked from her urethra.

Sarah made herself stand and lean forward, supporting herself with her other hand on the coffee table while she aimed her cock at Evan, who was now too terrified to move from the teacup.

“Open wide you little nnngnh!” 

She exploded. Shot after shot of semen launched from her cock as she stroked furiously, barely able to keep her eyes open to aim. Her legs shook as her balls unloaded, and finally she felt her wave peaking, then rapidly receding.

When it was obvious she was done, Sarah milked one last drop of semen from her cock into what was now a well-filled teacup. Evan was screaming something up at her, but whatever it was couldn’t be that important since it came from him. His face was barely visible in his new semen bath. The first shot had knocked him over and while he’d struggled to regain his feet she’d launched enough seed directly into the cup that its weight was enough to hold him down.

As she caught her breath Sarah couldn’t help but notice she’d done a surprisingly good job of aiming.

“Good, I hate cleaning up. I get why boys always want the girl to swallow now, there’s no mess.”

Ignoring Evan for now, Sarah stood on shaking legs and took a long, hot shower. During which she couldn’t stop herself from masturbating again, this load being washed down the drain.

When she was done she didn’t bother to get dressed. After a moment of admiring how her cock looked with her six-pack abs, she returned to the living room to deal with Evan, who had almost managed to get out of the cup. Which would have made a mess on her coffee table, she realized with annoyance.

“Hold still,” she told him, exasperated.

Carefully she took the cup and brought them both to the kitchen sink. Without any regard for his well-being she turned the cup on its side and rinsed it with hot water. He hit the sink hard but was apparently uninjured. The near boiling water turned his skin red but nothing Sarah would worry about.

“Okay honey, dear, amazing woman,” he started to say when she sat him on the countertop, “You had your fun now and now it’s time to make me normal again. Please.”

Sarah made a show of thinking about it carefully. In reality she realized she knew what the answer would be before the amulet even sent her any information.

Given. Cannot give back. it whispered to her.

“I can’t.” 

Evan froze where he had been pacing.

“You can’t? What the hell do you mean you can’t?” 

In his panic he forgot just how strongly Sarah would respond to him being forceful at all to her. At full size she regularly outmuscled him and pushed him around. At three inches…

“I. Can’t.” She reiterated, narrowing her eyes at him. “The amulet can take from others and give to me, apparently, but it won’t give things back. It speaks to me. Sort of.”

“No! You can’t leave me like this! I can’t be stuck, I’ve got college and work and –“

Sarah breathed a sigh of relief while he panicked. This was the perfect way to get him out of her life that she’d been looking for. His world-ending event was her getting back her freedom. She certainly made enough money to not need him to split the rent, though she made him pay most of it. Having him around had been good in general for near-constant oral and pushing a man around, but now that she had a cock of her own…

But what do I do about him? she wondered as she looked down at his pathetic little body. Panicking. Pacing. Clearly about to cry, which made her giggle as well. 

Her eyes flashed to the garbage disposal. Then she thought about her own stomach.

Less mess.

For once in his life Evan managed to read her actual thoughts rather than the perfect version he’d prefer to believe.

“No! Wait!” 

She didn’t, picking him up without bothering to be ginger about it. 

“No no no!” he shouted as she lifted him upward. Her beautiful face smiled at him and he hurt so deep inside from seeing it. Knowing what she was planning. “I can- I can-!”

Sarah paused. Her stomach was rumbling but her mind was full of ideas as well. Even after cumming twice she could feel herself hardening as the sound of his pleading.

“I only kept you around because you were so sweet and groveling,” she told him, glad that even the bare minimum leading-on she’d been doing could stop. 

“But I love you!” he shouted out, sure this would be the thing that would save him. He knew she had feelings for him too, even if she never voiced them. And was often rude, but that was just her love language. Right?

She just giggled at his look of betrayal.

“What good are you to me now?” she asked, a plan forming in her head. Sarah instinctively knew the amulet would make it happen, too.

Evan had no response, he just shook in her hand. This couldn’t be happening.

“If you promise to be useful, I’ll keep you around instead of seeing how well you digest,” she offered, her smile turning more insidious. Sarah had picked her words carefully and specifically. 

But he only saw the beauty in her smile, the version of her that he’d do anything for, even if she never voiced her feelings for him.

“Okay! Of course! I’ll do whatever you need!” he agreed eagerly.

“You’ll be useful?” she prompted.

“Yes! I’ll be useful! Of course!”

Sarah smiled as the amulet grew warm against her skin once more.

She was now completely erect and understood why teenage boys acted so weird all the time. If she had this kind of sex drive constantly she’d barely be able to think straight. Her rod stood straight out and she had to step back from the countertop to avoid pressing hard against it.

Without any hesitation she sat him on her rod, and he clung to it in a panic while she walked back to the couch. Desperately he hung on and she couldn’t help but laugh at the sight. He did lose his grip when she swung around and sat, landing between her normally dainty legs. The head of her rod smashed down on him and he lost all his air with a squeak.

“You know what I really need right now?” Sarah asked him sweetly, lifting her cock off of him and allowing him to get to his feet.

Evan shook his head, trying to ignore the massive rod that was several times longer than he was tall. It wasn’t lost on him at all that his girlfriend was now packing far more meat than he was. 

Her hand slammed into him and pushed him hard against her balls. Musk filled his nostrils and he prayed she didn’t ‘need’ him to lick. Evan was spared the thought, for now, when she dragged him up the length of his cock with a single long stroke. At the tip of her urethra was a bead of precum already, and she wasted no time in pushing his face into the salty fluid.

“I need you to scream.”

By that evening Evan had done plenty of screaming.

He stood, rooted to the spot, on the dresser across from where Sarah was sleeping. His angel, the love of his life. The one who had demanded everything from him and gotten it.

She slept like a baby, satisfied from three more orgasms she’d achieved by violently dragging Evan up and down her shaft while he screamed and begged for mercy. She had plenty of cum, but no mercy.

And even at the end of the day, after her final emission in the shower, she’d found a way to make it worse for him.

“I need you to stay here. Quietly. No sleeping,” she’d said when she sat him, cold, wet, and shaking, on her dresser.

Then promptly went to sleep while he shivered and suffered. 

She can’t mean this forever, can she?


The following morning Evan knew when Sarah was awakening before she did. Her massive cock made a tent in the blanket.

Luckily for him she didn’t bother rolling out of bed before starting to masturbate again, finishing on a tissue. Unluckily for him she seemed to realize this as soon as her breath slowed again and she sat up to look at him in annoyance.

“You’re catching the next load,” she told him as she rolled out of bed. 

He stood in the same spot still, terrified while she did a fast workout, ate breakfast, then showered.

As she donned her work outfit, a cute pink-and-yellow sundress, Sarah looked down at her lower half.

You gonna stay down for me at work? she wondered, and instantly she felt the answer from the amulet. Yes. Yes it would. For a little while.

Not bothering with underwear today, Sarah looked over at her still-frozen toy. The look on his face almost made her get hard right then and there. 

Confusion. Betrayal. Complete and utter humiliation. All the things she loved to see on a man.

“What used to be a man,” she mumbled, ignoring him trying to yell up to her as she picked him up.

She put one foot up on her dresser and smiled as she went about her business. When her leg went back down her dress fell into place, showing no signs of what was underneath. 

Sarah hummed as she picked up her purse and headed to work. Evan screamed as her sphincter squeezed his neck. 


Sarah worked in a large office building, spending a lot of her time on a computer and moving back and forth between meetings. It was a very good deal for her all around. She was very smart and consistently several steps ahead of the curve of what her job would demand. When she felt like it, she could get her entire weeks’ worth of work done days ahead of schedule.

This gave her plenty of time to spend around the broader office. Everyone assumed she was busy, and while in her own private office she was rarely observed. Most days this meant she could game while pretending to work. 

Today she found herself focusing more than usual on work, trying to get herself at least half a day ahead. She wanted the free time. 

Sarah hummed to herself as her macro automatically compiled spreadsheets for her, turning mind-numbing data entry into a simple process that she just needed to check on every couple of minutes. Sarah sipped coffee and smiled, relaxing into her routine and planning out who she needed to invite to her office over lunch.

Evan tried to hold back his screams, but it was hard. He tried to stay still, but this was even harder.

From time to time he got a glimpse of light and the smooth faux-leather of Sarah’s office chair, mostly when she shifted in her seat. These were also the times he had to fight his hardest not to be swallowed entirely.

Sarah had easily slid him up her sphincter that morning and he’d spent the first hour in a blind panic. He knew she loved it but he couldn’t help it. Her ring was around his neck and almost every one of her movements made it clench down on him. He alternated between barely being able to breathe and wishing he could stop.

His arms and legs were flailing inside her rectum as he struggled to keep at least his head free of her insides. At full size he’d spent hours tonguing her backdoor in the hopes that someday she’d let him slide inside her. Now that he was there it was a desperate fight for survival.

Her insides were almost boiling hot and wet; if he didn’t fight constantly he could feel her hole try to swallow him. Evan knew the fight would be over soon, each time she shifted he was absolutely sure this would be the time darkness would engulf him. It never occurred to him that all his struggles and the way his head just barely wouldn’t pass through her ring made him exactly the perfect anal plug that she needed that day.

Sarah smiled as her plug kicked inside of her. He’d been doing an excellent job all morning and she knew her ability to hold back her own massive erection was waning. In her cute little dress, and no undies, she knew getting hard at work would be a disaster unless she was able to take care of it.

Her eyes flickered to the clock, where she saw it was one of the cute intern’s usual break time.


Evan screamed as she stood, her muscles redoubling their efforts to squeeze his neck. He saw her chair vanish below and behind as she started walking; the occasional space between her moving cheeks was enough for him to see the short carpet flying by. Each shift of her body made his lower half flop in a painful attempt to keep some kind of stability.

Mercifully she paused and he could feel more than hear her speaking. The words themselves only sounded like faint mumbling but the tone he recognized. It was the tone that could get him to do literally anything.

Is she flirting with someone? he wondered, pausing accidentally in his struggle to survive. The moment he realized his mistake it was already too late.

Sarah smiled at Jenny, their latest intern. The girl was a little taller than Sarah, had a nice natural tan, short blonde hair and a pair of lips that Sarah knew would feel great wrapped around her shiny new cock. Even before she’d endowed herself she’d been flirting with Jenny for weeks. And Amy, Tara, Jenna, and several others. 

She may have typically ‘dated’ men, but Sarah knew who she was really hoping to get into.

“So listen,” she said with a smile, knowing that Jenny had been very receptive to her flirting, “I’ve got a thing I think you’d be great for back in my office.”

Sarah felt her toy slip all the way inside and jumped at the sudden change in sensation. Jenny misinterpreted it as eagerness. Without any hesitation she leaned into Sarah, closing the space between them. Jenny was into both boys and girls, and Sarah had been on her mind quite a bit lately.

“I would love to,” Jenny replied, leaning a little past Sarah to grab a granola bar from the community bowl. This also let her overtly smell Sarah’s perfume. “Is it…hands on?”

“Very much so,” Sarah said, trying to stay focused on delaying her massive erection. The action she was getting on the inside was so much better than anything she’d ever felt. Usually if something was in her she hated it. But this time…

Jenny leaned back and flushed red.

“We should-“

Jenny’s phone buzzed and she jumped to take it.

“Hi, Alan?” she answered, and Sarah knew something was off. Alan was Jenny’s supervisor, a very no-nonsense man who she’d happily throw off a cliff. Even before he cock blocked her.

Jenny answered a series of rapid-fire questions and gave Sarah an apologetic look.

“I’ll be right there sir,” she told him, then hung up the phone. 

“I am so sorry!” Jenny said, putting back the granola bar, “Rain check?”

“Yeah, sure,” Sarah said, trying not to sound too put out. Her cock was ready to scream in frustration but Sarah knew she had another shot coming up. 

But she also knew her cock wasn’t going to be denied. She could feel the blood starting to rush downward and knew if she didn’t get back to her office soonest to handle it she’d have to handle it in the break room toilet. Not the most appealing idea.

“Here’s my number!” Jenny said, giving Sarah a little boost and scribbling her number onto a sticky note, “I’m free tonight!”

With that said she gave Sarah a wink and almost ran out of the break room.

“Damnit,” Sarah muttered as she headed back to her office.

Evan was doing a number in her rectum and her erection would not be denied. The thought of how much he must hate it in there was almost hotter than Jenny’s backside. Luckily she wasn’t that far away from the privacy of her office, and it appeared Jenny wasn’t a total loss. Just delayed.

As she walked she looked across the small cubicle farm and made eye contact with Tara, a cute redhead from Finances. They’d been flirting intermittently for about a year and lately Sarah had upped the intensity once or twice. Tara had been very receptive and seemed to read the change in Sarah’s energy from across the room.

Sarah beckoned with a nod of the head and ducked into her office just as she felt her cock start pushing against the soft material of her sundress.

Before her hardness could truly become visible to the outside eye she shut the door and sat down. The change in position made Evan’s motions push on something different and she realized what he was inadvertently doing. Not only was he a great butt plug and excellent anal vibrator, he was also doing an admirable job as a prostate massager. 

Now there was no holding back. In the relative privacy of her office Sarah felt herself grow hard rapidly and she giggled at the massive tent she was making in –

Tara knocked quietly, then walked into her office with an armful of paperwork. Just enough to make the visit seem official. She knew what Sarah’s look had been for and she’d been wondering for awhile now when one of them would get brave enough to make the first move. 

When she entered she could see Sarah’s face already hot and flustered, suddenly broken by surprise. She shut the door when she realized her office crush might be having second thoughts. But she’d misinterpreted Sarah’s face.

“I need you,” Sarah said when the idea rushed into her head, “To not say anything about this, and we play my way.”

Tara felt her body flush and she realized there was no going back now. Office flirting was now an office fling. She nodded, her heart pounding fast enough she couldn’t trust herself to speak. It was also a rush to hear the other woman take command like that.

Her Asian crush smiled and waved her under the desk. Sarah was petite, and Tara moreso. She herself often masturbated to the idea of her gym crush (she crushed a lot) picking her up and dragging her to the sauna. So she slipped beneath Sarah’s desk where she knew she would be completely hidden if anyone were to walk in.

Damn this is hot! Tara thought as Sarah’s chair slid in front of her. Her eyes took in the toned, surprisingly muscular legs and followed them upward. Is she trimmed? Landing strip? 

Questions shot through her mind as she prepared to finally go down on her beautiful office coworker. 

I’m gonna lick you so…

Sarah flipped up the front of her dress and scooted her chair forward until she was in her normal sitting position, ready to work. 

Instead of a delicious pussy presenting itself to Tara, she saw the biggest cock of her life pointing straight at her face.

Her work crush had a huge shlong.


Sarah made sure she was situated and ready to enjoy this. A glance under the desk showed her Tara’s pretty and stunned face looking directly at her cock. A bead of precum was forming at the tip and she smiled, feeling Evan battering her insides in a panic and simply increasing her pleasure.

“I need you to swallow this. Until someone starts looking for you in about,” she glanced at the clock, “Forty-five minutes.”

Still stunned, Tara nodded and felt her body flush again. Sarah felt her amulet warm against her skin as well.

Best magic words ever, she thought as Tara’s mouth opened.

Tara threw aside her surprise and opened her mouth wide. Precum coated her lips as she used her hands to steer the rod into her mouth. The cockhead fit, barely, but she didn’t give herself a moment to adjust to it. 

Sarah relaxed and leaned back as Tara worked her magic. 

The woman slobbered all over her cock as she pushed further downward. There was a pause when Sarah’s cockhead hit the back of her throat and she moaned as Tara simply pushed harder. Just when Sarah was sure she couldn’t take any more Tara’s throat finally opened enough for her to slide in.

Internally Tara wasn’t sure if she should be thrilled that she was taking the entire monster or worried about how she felt she had no control over her own body. All she knew was she felt an incredible need to swallow this cock. Nevermind her uncontrollable urge for air.

“Oh shit,” Sarah managed to say before Tara’s nose was pushed against her navel.

Then she started swallowing.

Rhythmic, wet squeezing massaged her rod incredibly well and Sarah could only manage a squeak as Tara began sliding back and forth slowly an inch at a time but never letting the cock leave her throat. She looked down at her partner and watched her face begin turning red. Her eyes were watering and Sarah could only imagine what this felt like for Tara. It was obvious she was running out of air already and Sarah’s cruel streak reared its head.

“I need you to stay awake for this,” she told her cocksleeve, “You can breathe through your nose.”

Physiologically she knew her cock was blocking Tara’s windpipe much further along than just her nose. But whatever magic the amulet worked didn’t care.

The woman drew a long breath through her nose and Sarah closed her eyes to enjoy the sensations. She took a deep breath herself and relaxed further, sinking down in her chair and leaning back. Between Tara’s throat and her prostate being massaged she knew she wouldn’t last long.

This was, technically, her first blowjob.

“Much better to be on the receiving end,” she said to herself as she felt now-familiar pressure build.

Evan screamed and fought against the clenching darkness around him. He’d lost any sense of up and down, but his nose had thankfully gone dead too. His entire existence now was down to two things: kicking and screaming.

He pushed his feet against soft and horrifyingly wet walls. At times he felt his hands slip ‘through’ something that he prayed was a sphincter that would let him escape but inevitably Sarah would shift and he’d lose his bearings. Before he knew it he was spending every moment pushing against something larger and harder than he thought should even be in that area.

It grew hotter under his hands as he panicked and struck at it. Vague hints of speech rumbled through Sarah’s body but he couldn’t tell what she was saying. Only that every moment needed to be spent in blind panic. 

Never did it occur to him that he was being exactly what Sarah needed yet again. 

Her prostate, now well massaged, pulsed hard several times as she came. Evan had no idea what was happening, only that he suddenly felt the urge to fall onto his back and try to catch his breath in the darkness.

Sarah grabbed Tara’s head and pulled her harder onto her crotch, not that she needed to. It was a struggle to not cry out in pleasure as she shot her load directly down Tara’s throat. Her muscles swallowed repeatedly, coaxing out every drop.

When she couldn’t take it any more Sarah let Tara finally pull off of her rod. Had she looked at the clock she would have realized she had just enjoyed forty-five minutes of throating.

Tara leaned back and coughed, wiping the back of her hand on her mouth and stunned by what she’d just done.

Thankful her anal toy was finally resting, Sarah scooted her chair back and stood. She carefully adjusted her dress back down and giggled in relief.

“That was awesome,” she told Tara as the woman crawled out from under her desk. “Like, my legs are shaking.”

“I can’t believe I just did that,” Tara replied, her eyes bulging when she realized her throat didn’t even hurt, “Why didn’t you tell me you had a-“

“I need you to forget about this, okay?” Sarah asked sweetly. 

Confused, Tara nodded. The amulet grew warm.

“But why would I-?”

She paused, then looked around, her face growing confused.

“Uh, did I-“

Sarah picked up the report Tara had brought with her.

“This actually looks really good, but maybe you should go take a break? Did you eat? You look a little pale.”

Tara took the report and the puzzled look left her face. She glanced at her watch and let out a surprised squeak.

“Wow! I really need to get something in me before my one o’clock meeting-“

Sarah tried not to smirk, imagining what had felt like a quart of her semen now resting in Tara’s stomach.

“-do you mind if I head out?”

“Oh, absolutely,” Sarah agreed, opening the door for her favorite throat, who hurried out. “See you tomorrow!”


Sarah nodded in satisfaction as she double checked her preparations at home later that evening. 

Extremely cute and fuckable Jenny on her way? Check. A movie to get the party started, then provide background noise? Check. Several bottles of wine? Check. Restraints in case Jenny changed her mind? Check.

She frowned, realizing this was yet another way she was going to lose her virginity. Considering she’d lasted forty-five minutes in Tara’s throat earlier she had no worries about shooting off too early, and her abs gave her confidence she could do all the thrusting she needed. But there was one thing she hadn’t considered.

Do I need a condom? Can I get someone pregnant?

The amulet’s occasional wisdom offered no answers. Sarah wanted fun, consequence free sex for the first time in her life. Sex before growing a cock had, no pun intended, sucked.

Her eyes flickered to Evan, who was currently tearfully cleaning off her vibrator collection near the sink. His options had been to do what she said willingly, or she would invoke the magic words: “I need.” It had made her quite satisfied to see how thoroughly beaten down he was that he did her bidding without ‘needing’ to be ordered.

I guess I do have a condom she realized with a smile. Or maybe she’s fine with an-

There was a knock on the door, shaking her out of her thoughts.

Sarah opened the door and there Jenny stood. Her blonde hair was done up in a long ponytail and a short crop-top and short-shorts did nothing to hide her figure. 

“Hey!” she said as Sarah ushered her in, “So I was wondering when we’d move past flirting and-“

Evan paused from where he was scrubbing a small vibrator clean. It wasn’t the most demeaning thing she’d made him do and it beat ‘anal toy’ any day of the week. But when she’d presented her fleet of toys to him and given him a child’s toothbrush to clean with he’d realized how much he’d been failing her in the sex realm.

Sure, their sex had been very rare. Twice, actually. But he’d been sure he’d at least been halfway satisfying her. Now it was obvious he hadn’t been.

He’d been told what Sarah had done at work and even though he’d been sure she’d completely betrayed him by reducing him to what he was now, the sight of this stunning blonde walking into their – her – apartment hurt him worse. She didn’t notice him at all as she sat a paper bag on the kitchen island and produced a bottle of yellow liqueur.

There was a terrible feeling as she turned toward Sarah, who didn’t waste any time in closing the space between. The women clearly knew each other. Well.

At least during what Sarah had described as a ‘mind-blowing’ blowjob he’d been in the darkness. He hated that he’d been reduced to a prostate massager. He hated that while he hadn’t even talked to other women in years she’d apparently been flirting with half her office. And he hated, more than anything, that his faithfulness and love for this woman had been thrown away the moment she had a chance.

The two women giggled and laughed together. Each sound stabbed him in the heart again as he watched the love of his life flirt with a stereotypical blonde. 

“So, I’ve got something I need you to be cool with,” Sarah said, making Evan’s head snap up.

“Uh, sure?” Jenny said after she poured them each a shot of what turned out to be a lemon-flavored whiskey.

“Look by the sink.”


Evan looked at the blonde and thought she was looking at him, but she was only taking in the number of sex toys Sarah had laid out for him to clean. Out of fear he was half-hidden behind what he thought was a clit-stimulator of some kind. Compared to everything else laid out there he was easy to miss.

“You’re pretty confident about getting laid tonight, aren’t you?” she said in an amused tone. Sarah snuck an arm around Jenny’s waist and pulled her close to her easily. Jenny laughed as she realized how strong Sarah really was. 

“You could say that,” Sarah responded as she played briefly with the top of Jenny’s shorts.

Then she handed Jenny her shot and together they downed it.

“Now what-“

Sarah realized she didn’t care if Jenny knew about Evan or not. The heat from the lemony shot had kicked her into overdrive and threw the vague idea of using him as a sex toy with Jenny went out the window. He wasn’t going anywhere. 

But her cock was insisting it meet Jenny sooner rather than later.

Jenny may have wanted to take things slower. Sarah may have planned on leading into things across the evening.

But now that she was actually here…

Sarah pushed Jenny back against the countertop, and the slightly taller woman giggled nervously. But she didn’t glance at the door. She licked her lips.

“Remember what I told you, in the break room last week?” Sarah asked sweetly, running a fingertip along Jenny’s collarbone.

Jenny shivered at the touch.

“How I liked to be the more dominant one? That boys didn’t do it for me like I used to think they did?”

Jenny swallowed, liking the sudden change in energy. Evan felt a stabbing pain with every word.

“Well I need you, right now, to take your top off-“

Without hesitation Jenny began, revealing perky c-cups that any man would have killed to see.

“-and kneel down.”

“This is really fast,” Jenny said, secretly delighted but a little worried about how fast it had gone. Sarah was really, really hot but she would have preferred a little more lead up. And maybe a glass of wine. The way she’d instantly stripped off her top didn’t even occur to her as strange.

She knelt without hesitation. And realized that there was an odd bulge at Sarah’s crotch. A really big bulge.

Just as she made that realization, Sarah lifted her own skirt. A massive cock revealed itself, growing harder by the second until Jenny could only stare with her mouth wide open.

“You’ve got a dick?” she asked, incredulous, “But that one time we-“

Evan watched, horrified, as Sarah interrupted Jenny by shoving her cock into her mouth. The other woman made a brief squealing noise that quickly turned to pleasure as she was fed more of the cock. He hated the look on Sarah’s face: pure bliss. He’d never been able to give her that.

Jenny herself was stunned by the sudden development but she felt her pussy come alive. This was a surprise but since she like to play with either sex, this could be a great way to get the best of both worlds. She didn’t even attempt to pull away from Sarah’s massive cock as it banged against the back of her throat, testing her gag reflex.

Sarah enjoyed Jenny’s mouth for a few more minutes, making sure she gave Evan a good long look as she pushed against the back of tonight’s mouth. She had to fight back the urge to make all of herself fit; Tara’s throat had been unreal and she couldn’t wait to get back into someone else’s. But tonight she had a more specific goal.

“I’ll save the last few inches for another hole,” she told Jenny as she withdrew.

She pulled Jenny to her feet with hands under her armpits, then gave her a playful push toward the bedroom.

Jenny took the hint and half ran the rest of the way, peeling her shorts off clumsily as she went. 

“Get over here,” Sarah said to Evan, holding out her hand on the countertop.

“Sarah how could you-?” he started to say, but she just rolled her eyes. And despite everything it still hurt.

Sarah smiled down at him, feeling real pleasure from his mere presence for the first time in a long time. The look on his face, the way he never seemed to get past what he thought of as betrayal. 

If thought of Jenny’s sweet holes hadn’t made her hard that look always would.

“I need a condom,” she told Evan, gesturing with her palm.

Evan didn’t get what she meant. But the nature of the magic he’d agreed to didn’t care. Against his will he found himself walking forward until he crawled onto her hand.

“Good boy.”

Jenny crawled onto the bed, then rolled onto her back. Sarah came through the door just as she started using one wet finger to circle her clit.

“Don’t worry!” Sarah said happily, “I found a condom.”

Her partner just shrugged and took in the incredible sight before her. Sarah had stripped off in the kitchen, and now she stood before her in the dim light. Petite, with six-pack abs and a disproportionately large cock. Jenny hadn’t even thought about a condom; she was on the pill and Sarah had been (or so she thought) in a forever relationship. The risk of disease was minimal.

“On your stomach.”

Jenny obeyed. She reached under herself and kept toying her clit while Sarah put on the condom.

This is gonna be great! she thought as she felt the bed shift behind her.

Evan looked up at Sarah, desperately trying to yell to her, to tell her she didn’t really want to do this. But the amulet wouldn’t let him speak. Because she needed him to be quiet.

She smirked down at him as she grasped each leg and pulled them apart. Just like she needed him to, Evan’s body stretched apart easily. A quick glance told her his backdoor wasn’t nearly open enough for her to fit in. But it would take the tip.

So that’s what she did. Evan’s asshole distended and stretched insanely as she shoved her way in rudely. His little arms flailed and she could see his attempts as screaming which only made her harder. Once she felt her bulbous head pop in entirely she yanked downward on his legs and watched his entire body stretch to accept her length.

In moments her cock was completely encased in the world’s most perfect condom. Every ridge and bump and vein of her rod was perfectly visibly through his thin stretched skin. His arms still flopped about wildly, and his face was just preserved enough that she could tell he was in incredible pain. It stayed steady, mid-scream, staring accusingly up at her in disbelief at how terrible she was being.

Then he was forgotten.

Jenny hissed in pleasure when she felt Sarah’s cock push against her entrance. There was no leadup, no foreplay for her, but she was already so wet it didn’t matter.

As for Sarah, she suddenly realized why guys wanted sex so bad and so often the moment she felt the heat from Jenny on her cock. She adjusted her knees and hips while almost vibrating with excitement. Technically speaking, this was her first ever pussy. At least with a cock.

Driving forward she buried herself as far as she could in a single thrust. Jenny cried out in a mixture of pain and pleasure, and Sarah grunted in ecstasy.  She pulled back and adjusted her own position again, knees outside of Jenny’s pressed-together legs, and looked down at the wonderful sight of herself disappearing into a pussy.

Fuck that’s hot! she thought as she readied herself.

A second thrust pushed her even deeper and just as she felt her pelvis ram against Jenny’s toned cheeks she felt a gentle pressure at the tip of her cock.

She’d bottomed out. There was no more room in Jenny. Just barely enough.

Underneath her, Jenny started shaking uncontrollably in what Sarah recognized as an orgasm. Her gripping pussy squeezed and tried to milk Sarah’s cock as she shook, and Sarah had to make a hard effort to not shoot already. This was amazing.

This was hell.

Evan tried to scream in pain and humiliation but he couldn’t. Every inch of him, and far more, were stretched and stuffed further than his worst nightmare ever could have conceived. 

His insides raced with Sarah’s pulse and boiled with heat. The world outside was darkness and clenching wetness. He had the urge to breathe but was unable to; the urge to squirm in pain but only his arms could wiggle ineffectively along Jenny’s insides. A thousand burning needles pushed against every inch of his being.

For an eternity it seemed Sarah held still as she pushed his head up against what he knew had to be a cervix. Then she began moving, sliding slowly in and out of his wet sheath. The motion dragged his arms painfully up and down, catching them and twisting them violently enough that he knew they should have been torn off long ago.

It would have been a mercy.

The thrusting sped up and slowed down, his angle was changed until he slammed against every part of Jenny’s pussy. Periodically he felt Sarah’s cock grow impossibly larger and she would drive herself deep until he hit Jenny’s cervix once more, then hold still until the terrible pulsing slowed, then stopped.

As much as he hated the knowledge, he wished Sarah would just cum in him and end this torture. It would at least be replaced with something else. Instead she was testing her own stamina.

But finally she started to pulse once more and this time she didn’t try to hold back. Evan felt Sarah shift angles once more and he realized her earlier thrusting had been gentle. This time he was slammed hard against Jenny’s deepest place over and over again until he was past seeing stars.

Then Sarah came.

Evan felt her swell and pulse all the way up from his distended asshole through his abdomen and ribcage. Heat grew until it became unbearable, then he screamed as he realized the earlier treatment had been tender. When she started shooting her jizz directly into him, he found that despite his earlier attempts he could scream.

Until she filled him so full of spunk it started leaking from every orifice.

To keep herself from screaming as she came, Sarah leaned down and bit into Jenny’s shoulder, hard. Jenny was already exhausted and shaking in a near-constant rolling wave of orgasms; the bite made her twitch and her eyes crossed as pleasure mixed with pain. Sarah drove herself as deep as she could inside her hookup and pounded until her abs finally started hurting.

When her orgasm finally began to slow she simply held herself still as she finished the last twitches of her orgasm balls-deep.

“Oh shit,” Jenny mumbled, taking a rasping breath and still shaking, “That was fucking incredible but I think the condom broke.”

Sarah groaned as she slipped out of her friend. Sure enough, there was cum leaking out of her abused pussy and onto the comforter.

She looked down at her wilting cock and saw that Evan’s mouth, nose, and ears were all leaking her seed. The little she could see of his face told her he was in incredible pain.

Her cock twitched again, reversing its wilting course, as she took in how thoroughly she’d abused the little bastard. Then she looked at Jenny’s leaking pussy and saw how hard the woman was breathing even just laying there. She was in no position to get up anytime soon.

I wish you were a condom that didn’t leak, she thought at Evan. Instantly she saw his mouth slam shut and the leakage stopped. Should’ve thought of that the first time. I didn’t think to need a ‘good’ condom.

Before she could finish the thought she was hard as a rock again, just like a teenage boy who just discovered porn.

And she looked again at Jenny’s prone form.

Crawling back on the bed, she put her knees on the outside of Jenny’s legs again.

“Sorry, it did leak,” she told the prone woman as she smiled. Jenny’s arm waved weakly to show she didn’t care.

“Worth it,” she mumbled, not noticing Sarah’s hands on her cheeks until they started to spread. “What are you-Oooh!”

“It won’t matter in this hole.”

Sarah pushed Evan’s face and her cockhead hard against Jenny’s sphincter. This time the first thrust buried Sarah’s cock entirely to the hilt. Jenny tried to scream and fight back but had no chance: she was exhausted, Sarah was far stronger, and even though she’d never done anal before her body had decided that any sensation below the belly button was worth an orgasm.

When Sarah started thrusting in and out of her asshole in earnest Jenny’s protests turned into continuous exhausted groans of pleasure.

Twenty minutes later Evan was dropped unceremoniously into the bathroom sink. He landed with a wet ‘splat!’ and felt gallons of cum leak out of him. Just his ass first, but Sarah narrowed her eyes at him and instantly his mouth finally opened again. It was several minutes later that he finally felt he was back to his original shape. 

Sarah took her time with her shower but for Evan it wasn’t nearly long enough. She only gave him a cursory glance before she did her evening routine in the mirror above him, occasionally turning on the sink and hitting him with near boiling water.

Being ignored was better than her attention.

Then her fingers wrapped around him and he tried to fight briefly, until she gave him a firm look. Again she put him on top of her dresser, where Jenny’s sleeping form was easily visible.

“I need you to stay here-“ 

His body grew hot from her command and internally he shrieked.

“-awake and quiet.”

Against his will he froze and watched as she climbed into bed and snuggled against Jenny. 

“I need you to wake me with a blowjob,” she whispered to Jenny, who sleepily nodded.

Evan watched from his perch all through the night and dreaded when daylight came through the window. True to her word Jenny slipped under the sheets. Minutes later Sarah awoke and locked eyes with Evan.

“Good toy,” she mouthed to him.

Had he been able to, he would have screamed.

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