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This group of stories will be one-shots. Some may be commissions, but a lot will just be things I wanted to get on paper. They may or may not be set in the same 'world,' so when things are wildly different or don't seem to mesh, that's right. I'll update the size tags, etc. as they come.


This first story is based on a story I read once....then couldn't find again. If this story seems familiar to you, leave me a way to find it in the review section! I'd love to re-read the original.

The Photo Shoot by Thatgirlyouknow

"It’s all in here,” Toby told her as they walked past the large room that would be their studio that afternoon. Sarah took a quick peek inside and saw a few people walking around and moving camera equipment. This could be the first shoot she’d ever been to that wasn’t running half an hour late before it was even due to start.

“And here’s the changing room,” he said to her as they rounded a corner to her left. A pleasantly smiling aide walked by with a Tupperware container full of tinies, clearly having just left the changing room. Confirming what Sarah had already guessed about his sexuality, Toby didn’t try to check out the aide’s bottom as she walked by. Sarah did, and she was straight!

The leggy redhead giggled as she saw the tinies; she only had a few details about this photo shoot, but she knew it involved tinies. It wasn’t her first shoot with tinies, and she’d even been tiny before for a couple of shoots. In a very careful, controlled environment with her agent and boyfriend present. The money was good, but she wasn’t naïve.

Most of her modeling friends had no issues with shrinking, and several did it on a weekly basis. Sarah was a little more old fashioned and cynical. She was well aware of what tinies were used for outside the fashion industry; she could keep a Tiny Hut in business all on her own.

Then she turned the corner and saw the shrinking booth inside the changing room. Like all that she’d seen before, it was built into the wall and there was a thick glass door with several warning stickers on it and a keypad lock just in case. These shrinking booths were expensive and it made Sarah raise her eyebrows in surprise at seeing one here.

“Um, what shoot is this again?” she asked Toby as he took her coat from her and sat down several papers for her to sign.

“Oh, that’s right!” Toby said, smacking himself on the forehead in a dramatic gesture. “The producer told me you were called on short notice. Well,”

Over the next ten minutes Toby described the shoot, and while Sarah had misgivings about it, she found herself signing the papers he gave her. It wasn’t like she could turn down any paying work at the moment, and this pay was exceptional. And Toby was obviously not stringing her along. She had no doubt she was the star of this shoot, and if she wasn’t the star she wasn’t going anywhere near anything where shrinking was involved.

“You’re familiar with the process, right? It seems like all the best models have been shrank at one point or another lately,” Toby said as he indicated the shrinking booth and stroking her ego.

“Of course!” Sarah said, doing her best to not let her nervousness show. She’d been shrunk before, sure, but today she didn’t have any of the safety nets she had before. “It’s set up for me already, right?”

Toby shook his head but motioned for Sarah to follow him. In a friendly action he held up her contract papers so she could see the settings right next to the keypad. She had never seen the machine set up before, and it piqued her interest.

“We’ll do it together,” he said to her. “This way we can’t make any mistakes, alright?”

This extra step made Sarah feel a lot better. Toby still flew through the process; he’d clearly done it many times before. But she appreciated his efforts to make her more comfortable, and it worked. By the time the machine was ready, she knew she would walk out at a foot tall, and at toughness-level three. Whatever that meant; Toby wasn’t sure himself.

“I’ll see you in a minute then!” Toby said as he stepped outside the changing room.

Two minutes later a light above the door flashed twice, and Toby re-entered the room.

“OMG! You look so perfect!” he said as he opened the door on the shrinking booth. Sarah almost giggled, who actually said the acronym instead of the word?

Inside, Sarah stood nude and tried to project confidence. It wasn’t easy at one foot tall, nor in the cold, but his friendly tone made her feel better. Something about Toby just told her that he was trustworthy. And she had no doubt that he was being truthful about her looking perfect, gay or not. In the fashion world beauty often was an objective measure, and she was a nine by anyone’s standards.

Normally six-foot tall, Sarah had short red hair and a pale complexion that was spotted with freckles. She kept herself in shape at the gym and had a sculpted physique, a contrast to most models who stayed skinny by simply not eating. Her main draw was that her eyes were an unusually light shade of blue; they’d gotten her discovered several years ago and many didn’t realize that they’d seen her eyes a hundred times in different optometry commercials.

“Here honey,” Toby said as he held out what could have been a fancy kitchen hand towel. Sarah stepped forward and he wrapped her carefully in it before picking her up.

“To the shoot!” he yelled, pointing his free hand in an exaggerated motion while he held her tight to his chest. Despite everything, Sarah laughed.

I hope he sticks around the whole time, she thought as her funny new friend carried her back to the main room.


“Now again, but ten-year-ex boyfriend angry!” the producer shouted from behind the cameraman.

Sarah couldn’t see him behind the lights, everyone back there was simply a moving shadow, but she was somewhat used to that. Ever the professional, she seamlessly changed expressions and put her foot back on the bottle of perfume, turned to hide her vulva. Artfully, of course. Two photographers shifted back and forth, taking hundreds of pictures of each pose as another man manipulated a small fan near the table she was standing on to make her hair billow outward as much as it could be made to.

So far it had been a classy shoot, and she couldn’t help but wonder when the—

“Okay, switch tables and let’s get on the with the main shoot!” the producer yelled.

Suddenly the bright lights vanished, leaving Sarah briefly disoriented. A large hand gently wrapped around her midsection and she looked upward. It wasn’t Toby, she hadn’t seen him since she’d been dropped off half an hour ago. This hand was soft around her, but the face attached to it simply looked bored. He didn’t spare her a glance as he walked to another location with her.

“Hey!” she said loudly, pulling her arm free of his grasp as she swung back and forth with his swinging arms. “What’s the deal?”

She got no answer, and instead was sat down gently on a leather chaise, the kind you’d see at a psychiatrist’s office. It smelled faintly of disinfectant and in the distance, really only thirty feet away, she could see a small crowd of support staff grabbing a quick bite from the amenities table while the photographers moved their equipment and the other model entered.

“Oh, hello!” Sarah said as the best six pack she’d ever seen walked into the room. Normally he would have been slightly shorter than her, but she wouldn’t have minded at all. He was tan, glistened slightly as though he’d just walked in the rain, had a strong chin. And a six pack that she could have climbed like a ladder.

“Hi!” he said to her as he approached, smiling down at her. “I’m—”

“Okay, we’re back on!” yelled the producer, interrupting their introductions. “Let’s move people!”

The two models rolled their eyes and each let out a small laugh. The modeling business never truly changed. Though it certainly did get stranger.

“Let’s be professional everybody!” the producer yelled again as the lights turned on again, causing Sarah’s sight to vanish briefly as her pupils adjusted again. The cameramen quickly approached again and Sarah couldn’t help but notice the mood in the room change.

She took a deep breath and prepared herself for the second half of the shoot. The first half had been several fun little advertising gigs; she’d be famous for riding a fine pair of leather shoes, classically posed of course, and for using a bottle of perfume as a step stool.

The second half was the reason she’d taken the shoot. The source of the cash for this shoot, and a business she frequented more than she’d care to admit. Part of her also thought the shoot was going to be a blast; how often did someone get to play with tinies on the job, while tiny themselves? And with fellow consensually tiny models?

Her male model sat down on the couch next to her, and she couldn’t help but notice he was completely naked. Then he laid sideways behind her, causing the couch material to shift and Sarah to fall backward onto his six-pack. It was as firm as she’d predicted.

“Tiny Hut Spring Special, begin!” the producer yelled, as though everyone there didn’t already know what they were there for.

Sarah really enjoyed parts of her work. The pampering, the attention. And in this case, the playing.

While her model laid sideways and smiled, she got to take pictures in dozens of poses as she held up his cock with both her hands. At times she pretended to struggle with its weight, then when it was impressively erect she held it far above her like a triumphant weightlifter. At the producer’s insistence she lowered the head of his cock to her face and leaned toward it as though to give it a kiss.

Then the rest of the tinies she had seen earlier came out. It was a Tiny Hut commercial after all.

At a foot tall Sarah was significantly larger than the Inchers, and she took one in each hand. The cameras came in close as she rubbed the screaming Inchers along the larger model’s testicles and shaft.  

They’re really good actors! Sarah thought as she held them up in various poses.

One tiny she simply tucked under his ball sack while the cameras clicked busily behind her. Minutes later the producer had her licking one squirming Incher’s face while the model licked the tiny brunette’s back. She even got to indulge in a little of her dominance fetish; from the supine model’s belly button she ordered three tinies to balance precariously on the man’s ridiculously large rod, yelling at them as they fell then scrambled back up.

“Amazing!” the producer yelled between instructions, clearly enjoying her work.

Just like Toby had told her, each of the tinies was doing a great job of pretending they didn’t want to be there. If everything else here hadn’t been so above-the-board she may have been suspicious, but aside from the producer everyone had been very nice. Which was why she was happily ignoring the screaming Incher in her hands as she held the little woman over the male model’s mouth.

He held his mouth open with a smile that would make any girl blush, then reached up and took the Incher between his lips. Sarah leaned forward and gave the incher a kiss, pausing for several moments so the cameras could take in the moment; the blonde’s legs were in the model’s lips as Sarah kissed her crying face.

She’s great at this! Sarah thought as the producer clapped and told them how well they were doing.

Then to her surprise the Incher disappeared into the man’s mouth with a squeak.

“Perfect!” shouted the producer as Sarah felt his throat move below her. “Let’s do round two now!”

Wow that’s a dedicated extra! Sarah thought, knowing the Incher would be spending the rest of the shoot in his belly before they brought her back out. That tiny would be getting paid well; swallowing was usually another five-hundred-dollar bonus.

If they do….she thought briefly. A faint warning bell dinged in her mind as a hand grabbed her around the midsection.

Before she knew what was happening the world was growing around her and the chaise couch had been exchanged for a sturdy bar stool with a leather seat. She had no point of reference for herself, but she had obviously been shrunk even further.

“Hey!” she shouted at the man who sat her down. He ignored her and instead fiddled with a dial on the device he held as he walked away. “The contract said twelve inches!” she yelled after him.

No one around them paid her any attention until the cameramen returned, their batteries and memory cards exchanged for fresh ones. In the confusion of everyone moving about and shifting equipment Sarah didn’t notice the box full of tinies be moved to the refreshment table, nor her model counterpart coming up behind her.

“Holy crap!” she shouted out as the producer cheered on her performance.

Her surprise had been genuine; the model was hung. When she had been twelve inches tall and laying on his rod it had come almost up to her neck. Now it towered over her. If she were a guessing girl, she’d have guessed she was six inches tall. And she would have been right.

Without giving her a moment to catch her bearings, the model dropped his cock directly onto her. It knocked her to her back, knocking the air out of her with a grunt as it held her down.

“Hey, what the hell!” she shouted up at him as she tried to push the massive cock off of her. With some wiggling she managed to get her face free for a deep breath and looked directly into the lens of a camera.

“That’s great!” she heard the producer yell, and despite her shock at the situation she forced herself to remember that this was simply a photo shoot. Her sudden rough treatment was just to get a more authentic look for this new line of Tiny Hut toys.


Then the cock lifted off of her and the model sat down on the stool. He held his massive cock straight upward and let his balls, hanging low from the heat of the room, smash down onto Sarah. Despite himself he groaned; having a tiny massage one’s testicles always feels amazing. To her the heat was oppressive, but at least he smelled like soap. Mostly.

To make the shoot more realistic Sarah didn’t bother trying to hide her discomfort. She did her best to push the massive sweaty balls off of her chest and tried to ignore that the model she’d been so interested in earlier was slowly stroking his cock. Every so often he would adjust himself and drag his balls across her, or drop his shaft onto her and laugh heartily as she pushed it off of herself.

Every so often she’d be turned over by his massive fingers and she’d get a short breather while a camera approached. She was sure it was getting a good look at her distressed face; nothing sold more tinies than showing them in pain.

Good thing this is almost over! she thought, remembering that the shoot was only scheduled to last for two hours. I’m gonna need some Tiny playtime myself soon! And a stiff drink!

“Okay, give her a few strokes and let’s call it!” she heard the producer yell.

The cock retreated briefly, and Sarah stood to catch her breath. She held up a hand to let everyone know that she needed a moment, but instead she only saw the texture of the leather seat grow larger.

“Hey, gimme a minute!” she yelled as the same man walked away from her, portable sizer in hand. Sarah bent over, hands on her knees, trying to catch her breath.

How much money did they drop for this shoot? she wondered as the man walked away with what she knew to be a several thousand-dollar device. And why did they even bother with the booth?

“Just a few?” she heard the male model say from far above her. From behind the bright lights several voices laughed.

Sarah gasped as she turned around and realized how tall he was compared to her. Then his hand scooped up her inch-tall form and pressed her tightly against his cock.

“Spread your fingers!” the producer’s voice yelled as she screamed. It wasn’t a pleasant feeling, being dragged up and down the cock like some toy. Though he was going slow for the camera and adjusting his hands to let her be more visible.

 It would have been far worse if she was a regular tiny, shrank purely for pleasure and disposable. The ones that weren’t super tough actually got off better with this sort of treatment; they simply fell apart from the dragging. It was a mercy.

“I’m never doing this again!” she yelled out, though no one could hear her. “This wasn’t worth the money!” she yelled again as a glob of precum got into her hair.

“That’s a wrap!” the producer yelled, much to Sarah’s relief.

The stroking ended immediately, and the model’s surprisingly soft hand surrounded her like a fist.

“Hey!” Sarah shouted again as the fingers closed in around her. “How about treating me a little nicer! I’m the star!”

There was no sign that the giant had heard her, though moments later she did find herself deposited onto a cold plastic surface. It was bright white, save for some lettering, and curved inward like a shallow bowl.  All around her regular sized people were milling about; the photographers had sat their cameras on what Sarah realized was a table, and the person she assumed was the producer was…

“Oh shit,” Sarah said as her naivety was washed away by what she saw.

At the end of the table was Toby, happily chatting up a man she didn’t recognize. From his casual dress he must have been one of the general contractors. Each of them had a paper plate covered with snacks from the table.

Including some of the Inchers she’d been told were paid models.

As she watched Toby laughed at something the other man said, then dragged an Incher through a pink sauce before popping the screaming form into his mouth. She put her hands over her mouth to keep from crying out as Toby started chewing while he continued telling his story to the other man.

Then a massive hand flew past her, reaching into a bowl and pulling out two screaming Inchers. Sarah jerked sideways and fell over, landing with her hands on some lettering and making her realize that she’d been set on some kind of coaster. It wasn’t quite a bowl, but it sloped inward like one and was made of some heavy cardboard material.

The redhead stood and spun in a circle carefully.

“Reserved for Producer,” she read. Behind her there was a distant scream, rapidly cut off as unseen lips cut off a tiny from the outside world. The sounds of the room grew busier and louder as an anxiety attack set in, and Sarah knelt on her space with her arms around her knees. Hoping that if she held still enough she wouldn’t be mistaken for a less important tiny.

This exact situation was what Sarah had always been afraid of while shrinking. She’d witnessed, and happily taken part, exactly one of these scenarios as a full sized person and knew she never wanted to be near one after a shrunken modeling gig. Despite herself she couldn’t help but look up. No matter how much she wanted to curl into a ball and await the producer’s arrival to return her to full size, she needed to see what was happening.

Toby and his counterpart were gone, and some of the crowd had already thinned out. For most of them it was only breaktime, while some of the staff, and the sole male model, were done for the day and could take their time. The model had donned a pair of red athletic shorts and a sleeveless shirt over his chiseled form and was happily chatting with one of the photographers while occasionally shaking something out of a Styrofoam coffee cup into his mouth.

Sarah didn’t need to guess.

“But we signed a contract!” she heard a little voice scream behind her. Sarah whirled around in time to watch the other photographer pull out the waistband of his pants. The tiny that had screamed was a stunning brunette he’d temporarily sat down on the table before he snapped her back up. With another scream she fell into his pants, and he let the band snap back into place.

Seeing Sarah’s gaze, he winked at her as he adjusted his new cock warmer with one hand before turning away.

“Mmm, perfect!” she heard a familiar voice say. A sweaty hand wrapped around Sarah’s body and lifted her at a dizzying speed. The producer’s eyes looked down at her like she was a piece of meat, and he smiled at her. “You did perfect today!”

Sarah’s emotions were in turmoil. Everything around her screamed that she was going to be eaten, or worse, but part of her still hoped that her contract would be honored. That she would be returned to normal, and the producer’s voice seemed to suggest that.

“My wife is gonna love you!” he said as Sarah heard a zipper lower far below her.

“No! No!” she screamed as she was lowered downward. In a moment she was eye level with his cock, a six-inch member that was unimpressive compared to the model’s behemoth earlier. That didn’t help her situation.

“She just loves swallowing down models,” he said calmly, as though it were the most normal thing in the world that he was pushing a tiny woman’s legs into his hard cock. Sarah screamed as his fingers skillfully pushed her feet into his urethra. He seemed to anticipate every jerk, every twist, and before she could believe it she was up to her waist in his cock and it felt like something was pulling gently on her body, pulling her inward.

“Gotta keep the missus happy, right?” he asked her as though it were a joke they’d both enjoy.

“Not me!” she screamed again as she felt her body start to be jerked inward, “I’m the star!”

As she struggled in vain, pushing against his cockhead with arms far too weak to free herself, he turned to someone who brought him a clipboard. Sarah looked up, disbelieving after everything, that he could calmly sign paperwork while she was being devoured. When he was done signing the only part of her left was her head.

“You’re doing great Tina!” he told her. “Thanks for coming in on such short notice.”

“It’s Sarah!” she screamed at him angrily before she was pulled in too deep to scream.


Later that night, the producer's wife snuggled up to his chest with a smile on her face. Idly she licked her lips.

"You always bring me the best ones," she told him happily as Sarah fought in her stomach. Minutes later the couple was asleep. Sarah kept moving, unnoticed, for several hours before her body succumbed to the stomach acid and lack of oxygen.


“Hi Ella!” Toby said cheerfully over the phone as his stomach gurgled, its contents stirring itself. It was easy to be happy with a full tummy. The girl on the other end of the line replied cheerfully. He’d caught her at a good time.

“I’m Toby with Atom Advertising. One of our models fell ill yesterday and we need to fill a spot. Would you be interested?”



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