Shannon's Turn by Silentnomad50

Shannon has been bullied her entire high school life. When a final act of bullying ends up in Shannon's favor, she begins to have her turn at being the bully.



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Chapter 1 by Silentnomad50
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 Shannon paused and took a deep breath.

“Last class of the day, it’s my favorite and I can finally go home.” She said to herself, hoping to keep some form of optimism for an otherwise dismal usual day.

As she reached for her book she was abruptly slammed into her locker. Pain spread across her upper body where she contacted the hard metal sides.

“Hey freak, headed to draw some more of your weird ass cartoons!”

Shannon turned around to see her biggest bully Molly standing behind smirking with her trio of goons. It made Shannon even more upset that, standing at only five-foot tall she literally had to look up at Molly to make a face. She was met by her bright green eyes staring menacingly.

“Oh, I’m sorry freak. Did that hurt your little feelings?” Molly said mockingly.

Molly used her ample chest to push Shannon back against the lockers. Shannon’s nose pressed into the gap created by her cleavage, the thick sweater cutting her air supply. Molly placed one hand on either side of her and spoke down to her, her auburn hair falling into Shannon’s face. Shannon tried to wave the hair out of her vision but her arms were pinned by Molly’s much larger frame. She could feel her soft breasts pressing and pulling as Molly breathed.

“Does this do anything for you shorty? Do you like being pushed around by someone larger than you? It probably does, you probably love having a real woman’s breasts trapping you. You’re fucking pathetic and if I could, I’d hold you here until you ran out of breath for good.

Shannon continued her pitiful struggle against Molly’s athletic frame, toned from years of gymnastics and cheerleading. Shannon’s thin body could only tremble as she struggled to breath. Molly’s vicious smile quickly turned to one of anger.

 “I saw you looking at my boyfriend the other day. Didn’t think I would notice, did you? This is your one and only warning. If you even think of laying your eyes on him again, I’ll end you.  Do you understand me runt?”

Shannon was able to nod.


Molly slammed her hands against the lockers, scaring Shannon one last time before she walked away laughing.

Shannon gasped for air as she slumped to the floor. Once she finally caught her breath she heard the tardy bell ring and cursed.

“Shit, now I’m late for class. Thanks a-lot you fucking bitch.” She whispered as she brushed tears from her eyes.

Shannon gathered up her books and ran off for the long walk to the art building.


“Miss Smith, nice of you to join us.”

Shannon shot the teacher Mrs. Styles a quick look and muttered and apology.

“That’s the third time this week. One more and you’ll be spending some time in detention. Now get to your seat. Today is the final day you have to finish up your Senior art show piece, I suggest you hurry.”

“Yes, Mrs. Styles. It won’t happen again.” Shannon replied meekly.

She did her best to hide her frustration at both Molly and Mrs. Styles as she took her seat in the empty back row. She pulled out her supplies and retrieved her Senior art piece. She laid it gently on the easel before her and gathered herself.

Before her was her almost finished piece she titled “Hope Potential.” On the canvas was a giant woman pulling herself from the destruction of a building she had grown out of. Shannon stared at it longingly, wishing and praying to every god she could think of that she could be like the women she drew.

“If only I could make this my reality, I’d be noticed and respected and I’d make Molly pay so dearly.” Shannon thought to herself.

With a sigh, Shannon dipped her brush into the paint and got to work finishing her piece, lost in her thoughts of what could be.

Before she knew it, the bell rung for the end of class. Shannon had just completed her last bit of color on her canvas and was ready to get home where she could escape this awful school.

She made her way out of the art building. It was a long trek from the art building to where the busses were parked. The art building was a joint building with the custodial building and you had to pass by it to make your way towards the high school and subsequently the bus yard. Shannon never minded the walk as it gave her time to vent to herself over her usually awful days and calm down as she listened to music.

Shortly after she popped her ear buds in though, Shannon’s head was covered by a sack and she was being picked up and moved. Shannon struggled as best she could and tried to fight back but the attackers were to strong and she was dumped into a room. Shannon pulled the sack off and was barely able to make out a glimpse of auburn hair as the door shut and locked.

“Good luck runt!” Molly’s muffled voice taunted from the other side of the door.

“God damnit!” Shannon shrieked as she ran towards the door in the pitch-black room and pounded as hard as she could. After a while, she gave up and slid down sobbing on the floor. She was locked in some janitor’s supply closet and she had no way of contacting anyone as she had dropped her phone when she was abruptly picked up.

After several minutes of crying, Shannon finally stopped as she felt she had run out of tears to cry. Timidly she began feeling her way around the room trying to find anything she could to use as a light or even maybe another way out. Like any other day, luck was not on her side. She was getting more and more frustrated as she ran into buckets and god knows what else. She tripped forward landing on her knees, the pain further aggravating her. Cursing, she ran her hand along what seemed like a shelf, grabbing it with both hands she tried pulling herself up only to be met by several cans of liquids spilling onto her as the shelves collapsed.

Shannon sat stunned, hurting and completely over her life. Her head throbbed where two cans had hit her squarely on the head. She rubbed at the spots as liquid poured down her face. She slammed her hands on the ground in anger.

“This has got to be the worst day ever. I can’t believe that bitch locked me in here.”

Shannon’s body felt tight and she felt like her skin was getting warmer by the moment.

“Great, now I’ve spilt some horrible mixture of chemicals that’s going to kill me now.”

Shannon struggled to pull her soaked hoodie off.

“This must’ve already shrunk my favorite hoodie, just fucking fantastic. Death would be welcome at this point.”

Shannon wanted to cry again but she stifled her tears as she got her self back onto her feet.


A new wave of pain spread across the top of her head when she was almost standing up.

“Ouch! Did I hit a shelf?” Shannon wondered angrily as she rubbed her sore head again.

Shannon slid to her right and tried again.


“Fuck. Did this damn room shrink?”

Shannon took one more step and felt her foot hit a wall, knocking down more cans down.

“What the hell...?”

Within seconds Shannon felt the room compress around her like a small box. Her clothes began to constrict her entire body. Frantically she tried her best to pull her clothes off of her but it was becoming increasingly difficulty as she lost more and more space. She was struggling to breathe as her chest was constricted by her shrinking shirt.

Within moments, she was completely stuck and she could hear and feel her clothes ripping away from her body. She was grateful for that as it was at least a minor relief for her body to be free and to feel fresh air flow back into her lungs.

When her toes scrunched against what felt like a door, an epiphany hit her.

“The room isn’t shrinking, I’m fucking growing!”

The thought instantly changed her mood from anger to excitement.

Shannon closed her eyes and focused on her entire body, silently willing it to grow. She instantly felt a warmth spread across her body as if it was responding to her thoughts.

Fresh pain followed quickly as her body compressed into the cinder block walls harder and harder. The pain was almost unbearable and seemed like it wasn’t going away anytime soon.

Crack… crack…crack.

Shannon could hear the cinder blocks slowly giving away over her grunts of pain. She pushed and pushed, not moments later she felt her hands push through the rough walls as they finally gave away to the pressure of her expanding body.

Her head shot through the roof and she felt her hands break through the walls pushing their way through the classrooms. Desks were brushed aside like paper as her fingers spread. Shannon could feel the cool wind on her legs as they made there way out the other side of the building.

Shannon pushed her head through the hole she had created in the roof and took in the sight, breathing heavily.

Before her she could see her bright pink toe nail polish glinting in the waning light of the evening. She wriggled her enormous toes causing crushed remnants of the building to fall off. She blew a puff from her lips to remove pieces of the torn roof. She guessed she was at least fifteen feet tall.

She had never felt better.

The amount of destruction her body had just caused in this medium sized building was exhilarating. She could feel the strength of her new body from head to toe.

“Time to stand up and take it all in.”

She readjusted her hands causing more of the building to collapse and pushed up, demolishing what was left of the roof.

“Oh my god.” She gasped. Both from what she could see of her body and at her voice that was clearly deeper.

She stared down at her new body that had been hidden to her by the building. Her once C cup breasts were easily a double D, with soft pink nipples jutting straight out of the soft flesh. She ran her hands down her body feeling the changes. Her once flabby stomach was now smooth and flat and a chiseled V shape led down to new six-foot wide hips. She was surprised to feel her underwear still intact, although the once waist high black panties were now tightened into a low-rise G-string. Reaching around she felt her a now tight ass jutting unlike anything she had ever had before.

“This is unbelievable. Its like a dream come true!” She clapped her hands together and hopped up and down in excitement. A loud crash signaled the end of the rest of the art building. The tremors from her hopping, too much for the weakened structure.


“Jesus Christ!”

Shannon was snapped out of her thoughts by the sound of someone below.

She looked down, standing by her ankle was what looked like one of the male night janitors.

“Hi.” Shannon said sheepishly as she crossed her arms to cover up her naked breasts.

“What in the…how…?” The janitor squeaked out.

Shannon just shook her head. “I don’t know, I’m so sor….”

She stopped herself.

“What am I doing? I’m a giantess now. I don’t have to apologize or answer to anyone anymore.” She glanced down at the two-foot tall man. “Let alone this puny guy.”

Slowly, she lowered her arms and uncovered her breasts, letting them hang free. She placed her hands on her hips and stared down confidently at the small janitor.

“I’ve shed my former self and I no longer answer to any man or woman. You will be the first in a long line of my vengeance on this world that has been nothing but cruel to me. That building was just my beginning.”

The janitor slowly turned and tried to run away, unfortunately for him, Shannon was too fast.

She kicked him in the back, sending the man flying face down.

Shannon lifted her foot and placed her soft soles onto the quivering man.

She gently pressed her foot down, reveling in the feeling of the man’s squirming.

“Just a small push and this man’s life is over in a bloody mess. He’s holds no more value than the old barbie dolls she used to smash into the dirt as a child.” She thought to herself.

Lifting her foot slightly she commanded, “Turn over and face me.”

The man slowly turned over and Shannon pinned him down once more, his face barely visible between her big toe and her long toe. The sun was almost set making it more difficult to see the man in the waning light. Next to her a pole light lit up.

Smirking, Shannon grabbed the metal pole and bent the light over to illuminate the man’s terrified face.

“If I was you, I would start kissing these toes and begging for your life.”

The janitor just stared, paralyzed by fear.

Shannon pushed harder.

“Now.” She growled deeply.

The janitor snapped out of his fear and began kissing the side of her big toe, sobbing in between.

Shannon sighed, the small pecks of his lips against her toe felt amazing. She soaked it up for several minutes.

“You’ve done okay, but this is boring me. I’ll always remember you as my first.”

She pushed as hard as she could against his chest, his screams pierced the otherwise quiet night air.

Frustrated she pushed harder, feeling his bones snap under the ball of her foot, his screams turning into gurgles. Warm liquid spread out between her toes. The man’s blood made her foot slip before she could completely crush his body. A bone stuck into her sole.

“Ow, ow, ow! Ugh, this isn’t getting me anywhere.”

Shannon lifted her foot and pulled the bone out of her foot, flicking it onto the ground.

Closing her eyes, she concentrated, imagining her body growing larger, expanding upwards and outwards. Immediately she felt her body react to her thoughts as if she could communicate directly to her cells.

Slowly her body rose up, her feet growing across the grass. Her chest felt heavier as her breasts weighed down more and more as they expanded out. As quickly as her growth started it was over. She opened her eyes.

“Amazing.” She whispered. Once again, her voice sounded a tinge lower than before.

Placing her foot back over the bloody corpse of the janitor, she was now able to completely cover the six-foot man’s body with her whole foot. Pushing down and grinding, she finished the job she started until there was nothing left of the man but blood and dirt.

Shannon felt her pussy begin to ache as excitement coursed through her body.

“I just obliterated him like a bug.” She laughed to herself.

She moved her bloodied foot to a patch of grass and wiped off as much blood and bone as she could. She felt even more powerful than before, her much large foot digging a large rut in the ground with each pass of her bare sole.

Satisfied, she looked around her and decided on her path to Molly’s house. From her best guess in the dark, her house was on the other side of their small town, just due north of her current location. If she was careful, she could sneak up on the house and take her by surprise. She reached between her legs and felt her cotton panties. Her hand came away warm and wet, her familiar musk filling her nose and she knew her days of fucking dolls and toys was over. Gripping her wet panties, she ripped them away with one hand and let them drop onto the rubble of the building landing with a wet flop.

Shannon grinned and made her way north.

 She was ready.



Chapter 2 by Silentnomad50

Shannon tip-toed as best she could in the dark, easy enough to do on a Friday night in her sleepy small town. She slipped by the water tower on the edge of town, almost to Molly’s house. Pausing for a moment she compared her height to the tower. She reached up, but was still unable to reach the top. At her best guess she was around fifty feet tall now, the maximum height of her hero Nancy from Attack of the 50ft. Woman.

She continued on, now in open fields and able to make better progress. It wasn’t long before she came upon Molly’s isolated house outside of town. Shannon glanced around the house and noticed only Molly’s mustang and her boyfriend’s F-250 parked in the driveway. She figured her rich parents were out of town on some trip and she was probably somewhere inside getting railed by her handsome boyfriend Brian.

Just the thought of that man naked and pounding someone caused her excitement to well up inside her once more, her foot-long labia twitching at the thought of what his dick must feel like.

Shannon crept towards the house, staying in the dark while she tried to pinpoint where they might be. She noticed movement through a dimly lit window on the second story.

“Found you.”

She knelt down on one knee and peered through the window. She saw Molly and Brian naked and fucking doggy style. Molly clenched the bed sheets moaning while Brian pounded her, the sweat on his back glistening in the dim light. Shannon surprised herself when she found her attention focused not on Brian, but on Molly’s large ass. With each pound she watched as Molly’s fat ass cheeks bounced violently.

Shannon sat back on her ass and fanned her face. Whatever chemicals had gotten into her body not only increased her control over her body, but they made her a hundred times hornier. She felt liquid creep into the cracks between her thighs and calves, reaching down she gave her pussy a light rub.

“Just be patient, you’ll have your chance soon.”

Shannon looked around, realizing she almost crushed Molly’s vehicle.

“Shit, I’ve got to be more careful if I’m going to surprise her. Don’t want these things going off.”

She stood up and stared at the vehicles, gauging her ability to move the vehicles.

“Just a little bigger and that should do it.” She thought to herself.

Shannon took a few steps back into the dark and imagined herself one hundred and twenty feet tall.

She felt her bare feet push across the gravel and dirt as her body rapidly expanded to her thought. Her big toes stopped just shy of the parked vehicles, she wiggled them watching the light dance across her toenails.

Shannon knelt down, craning her neck to see into the window once more. Molly and Brian were still at it, the best she could tell and still oblivious to her actions outside.

Satisfied, she turned her attention back to the vehicles. She placed on giant hand on both vehicles and brought them to her face.

“I still can’t believe this. My hands are literally wrapped around two full sized vehicles.”

Shaking her head in disbelief she gently walked away from the house and walked into an open field down the road.

She glanced around making sure she was truly alone.

A twisted grin came across her face and she closed her right hand around Molly’s mustang. She felt the metal give way like paper. She placed Brian’s truck on the ground behind her, repositioned and slowly sat down. She giggled as pieces of the truck pushed through her ass crack and pressed into her asshole.

Dropping Molly’s crushed car, she stood back up and brushed her jiggling ass cheeks.

Below her lay a flattened truck in a large crater created by her ginormous ass.

“I…just…did that!” Shannon began jumping up and down happily, her new breasts bouncing heavily.

Just as quickly she stopped, hoping the tremors created by her joy didn’t alert her prey.

Composing herself, she headed back to the house in a few steps.

She shrunk herself back down to her original fifty feet and got herself ready. Laying down on her stomach she gently pushed the front door open and slowly pushed her hand through gently. Luckily, she found the stairs directly behind the front door and worked her hand up until she felt the stairs take a turn.

“Shit, I’m stuck. If only I could stretch my arm through like rubber. Fuck, so much for surprising them.”

Immediately she felt her arm and hand continue its forward movement, making the bend in the stairs. Her arm was flexing through as if her bones were not solid anymore.

“Holy hell. I can stretch myself too?!” She thought excitedly to herself. “I’m gonna have to do more experimenting with my powers when I get a chance.”

Letting her arm continue to stretch, she pushed her body up with her other arm and peered into the window once more.

Brian was now on top of Molly and looked close to finishing, more importantly she could see Molly’s room door wide open. After a little gentle maneuvering she was able to see her hand in their doorway.

Stretching her fingers through the door she grabbed hold of Brian right as he climaxed and pulled him through the house. His load blasted Molly in the face right before he found himself outside, staring at the largest set of eyes he had ever seen.

Molly sat up quickly, her face covered in Brian’s cum, before she knew what happened the window of her room burst open and a giant hand wrapped around her naked body and pulled her from her room. Molly blinked through the thick cum in her eyes and was able to see her Brian trapped like herself in a large hand. Looking upward she saw the familiar and much larger face of Shannon.

“What in the hell?” She stammered.

 “Hey little bitch.” Shannon leered down at Molly.

“Molly, what the hell is going on? Why the fuck is that freak Shannon so large?!”

“A FREAK?!” Shannon squeezed Brian.

“STOP! PLEASE STOP!” Molly screamed as she beat her tiny fists against Shannon’s fingers.

Shannon relaxed her grip.

Brian breathed in heavily trying to regain his breath.

“Let him go!”

“I’ve got big plans for you little Molly, but first you’re gonna watch your boyfriend and me have a bit of fun first.”

Shannon placed Molly on her shoulder. “Stay.” She commanded.

Shannon rested on her ass and put her feet on either side of the house and imagined herself three hundred feet tall.

Molly and Brian watched in disbelief as their vision was overtaken with expanding flesh all around them.

Molly quickly found her self able to stretch her legs out as the shoulder around her grew bigger and bigger. The last view she had of Brian was of his head falling in between the giantess’s growing fingers.

Shannon felt her pussy lips and inner thighs plow through the two-story house as her body grew to five times it’s previous size. Pleasure coursed through her body as her growth slowed and finally stopped.

“Amazing.” Her deep bass voice boomed in the night air.

She felt Brian’s tiny body squirming in the palm of her left hand, bringing it to her face she opened her fist and saw Brian quivering in fear.

“Don’t be afraid my little man. You’re about to get the most pussy you’ve ever had and you better do good or,” She brought her other hand before him and made a crushing motion. “ you’re life is over.”

Brian shivered even more and felt himself piss from fear as her deep voice and hot breath washed over his naked body.

“Aww, you pissed yourself. Let me clean you up first.”

Opening her giant mouth, she pushed her tongue out and lapped up the warm pee in her palm, chasing Brian to the other side of her hand.

He fell down against her fingers, trapped, as the giant tongue began lapping at his body. Moist warm air filled his mouth as her sticky saliva soaked his body from head to toe. Despite the fear, his body betrayed him. His large dick shot out as her rough tongue worked up and down the front of his body.

The giant tongue retreated, replaced by a giant white smile.  “I see you are starting to like this, just wait for the next part.”

The dark night swirled around him and he soon found himself in front of a seven-foot-tall clean-shaven vagina.

The smell though,  “Oh my god, that’s horrible.” Brian choked out as he plugged his nose.

The giantess’s left hand moved down to her pussy and spread her labia apart, revealing her room sized vagina underneath. Shannon’s right hand came behind him and pushed him forward.

“Be gentle Brian, I’m a virgin.”

Those were the last words Brian heard as he was forced into the wet maw of her pussy.


Shannon heard the tiny scream in right ear as she forced Brian into her, using her fingers to push him completely in. She bucked in both pain and pleasure as she held onto his tiny legs and began thrusting as hard as she could. The feeling was incredible, dotted with pain as her large hymen broke from the force of her thrusting the tiny body deeper.

“Oh, god, oh god, oh god, Molly….no wonder you love him.this feels fucking….unh…incredible.”

Molly looked on in horror at the scene far below her. Her poor boyfriend was being used as a human dildo for Shannon. She began losing her footing and quickly grabbed onto strands of the blonde hair around her to keep from falling off.

Regaining her footing, she ventured another look as the giantess finally stopped thrusting. Far below she could barely make out Brian’s lifeless body. Tears began pouring out her eyes.


Shannon gave one last thrust as her body shook from the final orgasm. She pulled Brian out and placed him on the ground.

Glancing down she could tell that his pathetic little body gave up many thrusts ago. The force of her hands and the tightening of her powerful vaginal muscles were too much for him. She lifted his wet body before her making sure Molly could see.

“Killed by a virgin, how sad is that?”

Molly forced herself to look.

His body was covered in Shannon’s blood and cum and she could smell her juices wafting off him in the light breeze. She wanted to vomit, but then to her horror, Shannon lifted his body up higher and lowered Brian into her open mouth.

Crunch, crunch, crunch, crunch…gulp.

Shannon savored the flavors that gushed through her mouth as she chewed and swallowed the dead man.

“I see why you liked him so much. He was amazing, start to finish.” Shannon goaded as she rubbed her giant soft belly.

Shannon could feel Molly sobbing as she placed her large hand around her pulling her off her shoulder and out of her hair.

“Shh, little girl. The worst has yet to come for you.”



Chapter 3 by Silentnomad50
Molly sobbed harder as a giant wrinkled hand lifted her from her perch atop the enormous shoulder.

Molly felt the hot breath wash over her as the giant fingers uncurled. She started gagging from the mixture of blood, vaginal fluids and horrid breath assaulting her nose. Wiping away the tears she looked upwards.

The giant soft pink lips stretched in a smile before her, filling her field of view. She could just make out the wrinkles in them through the dim moonlight.

?You fucking bitch.? Molly stammered out.

Shannon?s smile quickly turned to an angry frown.

?You have some fucking nerve to talk to me like that. Every day I woke up afraid to go to school. Afraid of when you would bully me, belittle me and just make me feel like shit. I cried myself to sleep so many nights because of you.?

Shannon paused, holding back a tear.

?I cursed my parents for years for how I looked and the genes they gave me. If only I could change myself, be more confident, sexier, just like you. Well...?

She smiled, revealing her white teeth speckled with pieces of Brian.

? Thanks to you and your bullying, now I can. I can be anything I want to be. You can no longer push me around, your life is literally in my hands. Brian was just the start for your punishment, but before I get started I want you to experience everything I am capable of, I might even surprise myself.?

Shannon brought her long legs towards her body, pressing the soles of her feet together to form a giant pen that she placed Molly in.

?Enjoy the show.?

The deep voice teased Molly as she was unceremoniously dumped onto the grass. She stood up brushing dirt off her bare body and scanning the giant human prison. She desperately searched looking for any escape, but it was useless. Thats when she noticed something happening, Shannon was changing, except this time it wasn?t her height.

Shannon stifled a laugh as she watched the scared little Molly far below.

?Let?s see what I can do, perhaps a little scarier form for my toy.? She closed her eyes and concentrated.

The first thing Molly noticed was Shannon?s toenails. They rose upwards from her entwined toes, coming to a fine point. The giantess?s feet appeared to thicken, becoming more muscular as giant veins began bulging along the tips and sides of her feet. She turned following the transformation as it worked it?s way up her leg. Smooth soft skin was stretched, becoming more defined as layers upon layers of muscle fought for space.

Molly faced the giantess?s mammoth waist. The large labia was quivering as the changes continued. Fat melted away as a V shape molded into her lower abdominals. The seven foot vagina blossomed out as the blood stained vulva itself packed on muscle. Her lips parted pushed aside by her lengthening clit.

As Molly scanned the hulk like pussy before her, she caught a glimpse of a possible escape. The giantess?s ass inflated with muscle pushing her body up and unbeknownst to Shannon. Creating a small enough gap for her to crawl under and potentially slip through the crack of her ass.

She glanced up licking her lips nervously.

Shannon was completely overcome by her transition. The once supple breasts were deflating against her now muscular chest, the nipples hiding behind her bulging biceps.

Taking a deep breath, Molly dropped down and began crawling under the gargantuan body. The ground was moist from the humidity created by the glistening pussy above. She grunted and pressed forward through the wet grass and found just what she needed. The giantess?s ass cheeks were spread apart just enough that she should be able to squeeze through. She stuck one hand into the gap of the hard flesh and started pushing through.

Shannon peered down through half closed eyes watching the changes. It took seconds for her form to change into the muscular behemoth she now saw. Bronzed skin covered her once pale white body, further accentuating the striation of her muscles. She also noticed Molly?s escape and reveled in feeling the tiny body make its way towards her asshole.

?A nice try, stupid but nice. Oh! She found it.?

Molly was able to find stubs of hairs as she pushed through the darkness. She stopped, panting and exhausted.

?I...hope this fucking works. I?ll be damned if I?m dying like...?

Molly?s thoughts were quickly cut off by the feeling of shaking and the walls around her pressed, forcing the air out of her.

Shannon stood up to her full height and stretched her god like body. Spreading her legs she bent over and peered between her thighs. Reaching through she dug into her ass crack and grabbed hold of Molly?s leg. Releasing her ass cheeks she pulled her out and stood back up.

? You don?t want to leave before the show even begins do you?? Shannon said sadly.

The little form of Molly gasped for breath, her breasts jiggling with every movement. Her leg was on fire from being pinched by claw-like fingernails that matched the toe nails she saw earlier.

?Here, have a little better spot.? The deep voice almost sounded lovingly.

Molly was brought before one of Shannon?s three foot long erect nipples. It laid flat against her muscular chest.

?I suggest you hang on.?

Molly grabbed the nipple just before the giant hand fell away. She struggled to keep her grasp, finally bracing her feet on top of some rippling muscle and establishing her two handed hold on the dark nipple.

?Now that you can?t escape, which was a stupid move on your part, I can finish.?

Molly saw Shannon close her eyes once more, placing her hands behind her head. The giantess?s now dark red lips moved once more.

? You ever play much Mortal Kombat??

?I have no clue what this freak is getting at, oh fuck...? Molly glanced over her right should in the direction she felt movement. Just in time to see another muscular clawed hand come for her.

The hand ripped her away from the nipple and help her out where she could see more of Shannon?s body.

?What. The. Fuck.? She breathed

Below Shannon?s regular muscular arms was another pair of muscular arms, one of which was currently holding her.

?Guess you?ve never heard of Sheeva, huh? I?m like her, but way better.? Shannon?s voice was almost demonic, frightening and shook Molly?s body.

The arm moved her back in front of the football field wide chest, just below her chin.

?This will never do. I don?t want to shrink but I can?t grow her...unless....? Shannon mused thoughtfully

Shannon brought her lower left hand up to her lips and spit into her palm. With another finger she forced Molly into the pond of spit.

Before Molly knew what was happening she was thrust into sticky warm water. She thrashed, trying to find which way was up. She fought to keep her mouth closed, but she couldn?t last any longer and the warm water rushed into her mouth. Just when she thought she was dead, she was pulled out and found herself on top of the giantess?s rippled belly coughing and gagging.

Shannon propped her head up by crossing her upper arms under her head and wondering if she fucked up.

? Stand up bitch.? Shannon commanded as she pushed her and out.

Molly rolled onto her side and weakly tried to get up again.

?I said stand.?

Once again before Molly could get to her feet, she was thrown by the force of the enormous abs below her.

? I swear to God, if I was as big as her, I?d kick that freak bitch?s ass.?

Then the unexpected happened.

Molly began growing, her body rapidly expanding across Shannon?s.

Shannon anticipated this result and watched carefully, hoping her hypothesis was true.

A new fire lit in Molly?s eyes as she realized what was happening. Molly though about her body growing more muscular and much larger than Shannon?s. Her body grew and changed matching Molly?s thoughts.

Shannon stood, watching closely as Molly?s transforming body slid off and rose from the ground.

Almost as quickly as her growth began, Molly?s growth slowed and she found herself face to face with an all too familiar vulva.

?Fucking bullshit!? Molly screamed at the grotesque pussy before her.

Molly reached out quickly grabbing hold of the lips before her and started pulling them apart with her new muscles.

Shannon?s knees went weak as Molly pulled her lips apart. She could feel her pussy becoming wetter and wetter with each pull. Far below her, Molly once again struggled.

Molly?s strong hands began slipping more and more as the air around her became more moist and the folds before glistened. She looked ahead and stared into the pit of Shannon?s vagina opening and closing.

The demonic voice above her shook her eardrums once more.

?I?m glad you went straight for the pussy, that?s exactly what I had in mind. I needed you large enough to satisfy me. Allow me to return the favor.?

Shannon?s lower arms grasped Molly?s smaller muscled form and started pulling her away. Molly held onto her lips.

?I?ll rip your fucking pussy lips right off!?

Suddenly Molly?s hands were forced open as the lips she held onto began to thicken. They grew wider and wider as Molly lost her grip, unable to grasp the much thicker flaps of skin. Then suddenly her clit grew from in between the thick flaps and punched her squarely in the face.

Shannon felt a surge of pleasure shoot throughout her body. She rammed Molly?s face into her super sensitive clit once more and started rubbing. Harder and hard she rubbed until she came.

Shannon had never felt such intensity.

Molly tried once more to catch her breath, her hair was matted you her head from Shannon?s cum. Once more her world was turned upside down as she went whirling around in Shannon?s strong grip.

Shannon placed Molly on her back, using her arms to pin the smaller giantess to the grass.

Leaning in, she brought her dark lips just above her face, changed her voice back to her original octave and whispered.

?Thanks for the orgasm. My turn.?

Shannon lowered her head and stuck her tongue out, letting it play across Molly?s body. She lingered over her enormous supple breasts, running the tip over the puffy nipples. She then traced her way over the washboard abs until she found her pussy.

She lightly lapped at her lips and slowly increased her licking until Molly?s body betrayed her and Shannon tasted her vaginal fluids.

Molly screamed and kicked and fought, but it was to no avail. She forced her thoughts to make her bigger, stronger, anything, but her body no longer complied.

?Please stop, please? Molly pleaded ? I never meant for this, I?m so sorry for ho..oh...ow...ow...OW!?

Shannon cut off Molly?s pathetic please by forcing her tongue deep into Molly?s warm uterus. She kept forcing her tongue further and further in. When she felt the back of her uterus she pushed even harder. Shannon used her lower arms to force Molly?s strong legs into her mouth. The taste of dirty feet mixed with her musk almost sent Shannon over the edge. She began to slow pull Molly further into her cavernous mouth.

Molly howled in terror as she slowly found her self surrounded by enormous white teeth. The pain in her pelvis felt like she was going to rip in half. She could feel her feet hit the back of her mouth and begin the descent towards Shannon?s stomach. Her last scream was muffled by the closing of the dark red lips behind her.

Shannon closed her mouth and swallowed Molly?s strong body whole. The feeling was intoxicating.

She sat back on her haunches, retracted her lower arms back into her body and let the muscles shrink away. Within moments she was back to her former slim figure and full fatty breasts.

Everything was back to where she started except for her bulging stomach. She could just make out small ripples of movement where she was still fighting.

With a loud burp, Shannon stood up and caressed her large belly like an expectant mother and made her way back towards her small town.
End Notes:
Possibly the end of this story. Wanted to take a stab at a shorter story in hopes of actually finishing. I left it open for more chapters if it seems like there’s any interest. Thank you for reading!
Chapter 4 by Silentnomad50
Shannon made her way back through the vacant fields towards town, on the horizon she could see the sun rising. She lazily rubbed her still distended belly, feeling a weariness wash over her. She slowed her pace.

?I need to rest, I?ll pass out if I try much more.? She searched around her and spotted the old Johnson ranch off to her right. It was an abandoned farmstead. Old Bill Johnson has died last year with no one to pass it on to but to stubborn to sell. It was a gathering spot for high schoolers during the summer. Fortunately for Shannon, it was perfectly empty this time of year. She turned and made her way there, covering the distance in a matter of moments.

Shannon stepped over the rotting wood fence shrinking until she was back to more reasonable height of five-foot eleven. A sadness washed over her amongst a storm of other emotions. Pushing the broken door open she walked into the dusty house. A worn out couch and some chairs the only thing left furniture wise on the inside. Glass beer bottles and trash dotted the wood floor.

Shannon sat heavily on the couch, her mind now racing over the events of last night.

?I. Just. Did that.?

Her own normal voice sounded almost foreign to her. The past events played through her mind like a broken dream.

She remembered the horrified expressions on Molly?s face throughout her torture and the moment of elation when she thought she finally had an upper hand.

Shannon started giggling to herself, stifling a full on laugh when she looked down at her belly.

?You deserved every bit of that.? She whispered softly as she rubbed around her belly button.

Shannon laid back on the couch and closed her eyes. Exhaustion overcoming her as one last thought pierced her mind.

?I?m pretty fucked up and I love it.?

She sighed and drifted off into a deep sleep.


Shannon woke up feeling amazing. She slowly sat up rubbing the sleep from her eyes. Sunlight poured in through the broken windows.

?Fuck, how long was I out? It looks like morning again.?

Out of the corner of her eye she saw that her belly was back to normal and with it an intense need to relieve herself. She grabbed an old newspaper off the floor made her way out back squatting just outside the door. The smell from her shit was overwhelming.

?Oof, y?all really did not sit well in my system. Even as a pile of shit you managed to get one more dig at me.?

Warm liquid flowed through her bare toes pulling her from her focus on the smell.

?Ah fuck me, great job pissing on yourself Shan.?

She wiped herself with the newspaper, stood up and rubbed her feet dry in another patch of grass. She raised her right foot to look at the bottom.

?That is one nasty wrinkly foot. A bath might not hurt.?

Then it hit her, ?Who the fuck cares? Dirty feet and a dirty mind for dirty deeds.?

Her stomach rumbled.

?Guess I better find some food. Good thing I know where a town full of food is.?

Her mind trailed off to her town as she planned her next move.

There were so many awful memories she had. Sure there were some good people to her throughout her time growing up. Most notably, Carly.

She thought of her best friend Carly. The one person who had been there for her everyday. She always lended an ear when she was having problems or just wanted to bitch about her family or school. Her parents were the worst. Her drunken father slept with every woman with a pulse and her mom spent most of her days strung out on meth.

Carly kept her sane through it all. She never had to be her friend, but she chose to be and Shannon was thankful for that. Carly came from a good home and did well in school, the complete opposite of her. They shared one major thing in common though, bad luck with boys.

Carly was homely and slightly overweight. Despite years of trying different diets and half-assed attempts at working out. She never could lose it and no amount of makeup could help her change a guys mind. They shared many late nights talking about taking the plunge and dating each other. Every time, Carly backed out at the last second, saying she knew her parents would object and she didn?t want them to ban her from seeing Shannon. They were stuck back then.

That?s when it clicked. Not anymore.

?I can?t believe I just thought of this, I can help her too! I?ll just do the same for her, like I did Molly. Maybe then, Carly will finally feel free to be with me!? Shannon hopped up and down in excitement clapping her hands.

Her excitement was cut short by the sound of an approaching vehicle.

?Who the hell could that be?? She wondered.

Running to the side of the house she peered around and saw a gray Honda Accord stop in the front yard. Shannon was just able to make out the graphics on the side when the driver opened the door.

Thomas Auctions

Out stepped a forty something balding man in a frumpy tan suit.

?That must be Harold Thomas, the auctioneer. Guess the bank is ready to get rid of this place. Unfortunately for him, I really need his car if I?m to sneak into town to talk to Carly.? Shannon thought to herself.

Harold pushes his thick glasses back to the bridge of his nose and made his way to the trunk.

?Sure hate to sell this place off. Mr. Johnson was a good man, I hope he doesn?t look down to harshly on me for this.? Harold said to himself as he pulled out an auction sign and a hammer.

Walking to the edge of the driveway he got to work pounding the sign in.

Shannon watched Harold walk away and made her move.

She quickly grew herself to a hundred feet tall, making sure to steer her growing body clear of the house. She wanted to see the surprise on his face when he finally realized what was behind him.

Stifling a giggle, she tip-toed over the house, careful to slowly place her feet onto the ground. She made her way to her knees and quickly clasped both hands around Harold.

She gave Harold a minute in the dark of her palms. He began fighting and yelling, his screams muffled by the walls of her thick hands.

?Here is the church, here is the steeple. Open the doors and see all the people!?

Shannon opened her palms, cupping them in front of her face. Before her laid the disheveled and bewildered Harold.

?Wha...who..what is going on!??

?Now Mr. Thomas, you don?t remember me? It?s Shannon.? She said innocently.

Harold stared for a moment still in shock and trying to comprehend what he saw.

A knowing look came across his face

?I remember you, you?re that poor girl whose parents give our good town a bad name! What?s happened to you? Why are you, large??

Shannon shook her head.

?You?re gonna wish you phrased that a little nicer Harold. I was going to just shake you down for your keys, but someone needs to learn that if you don?t have anything nice to say, you shouldn?t say anything at all.?

Fear replaced the scornful look on Harold?s face.

?What?re you planning on doing? Put me down now, please. I?m sorry, you can have the car and whatever else you want. Just please put me down.?

A wicked grin spread across her large face.

?Oh I plan on having whatever I want, but first I could go for a light snack to hold me over until I can sneak into town for the full course.? Shannon said seductively as she licked her lips.

Horror crossed his face when he realized what the giant woman was getting at. He pushed himself up from the giant wrinkled palms and made a beeline for the edge.

?Oh no you don?t.?

Shannon immediately started growing larger.

Harold found himself surrounded by a cage of ever thickening fingers. No matter how much he struggled against them, he couldn?t get them to budge. He finally stopped, panting. After a few deep breaths he noticed large cracks all around him that were much smaller a moment ago. Looking through a gap, he saw a much larger version of the soft pink lips he was just in front of.

?Harold, Harold, Harold.?

The disapproving voice shook his very bones.

?I told you I?m going to get whatever I want, you can?t escape me. Now take off all your clothes and drop them to the ground below.?

Harold looked up at her eyes defiantly.

?No, I will not...?

Shannon hit Harold with her ring finger.

?I. Said. Strip.? Shannon growled

Harold rubbed the top of his head as he bent over to pick up his fallen glasses. Looking up once more, he slumped his shoulders and got to work slowly taking off his jacket.

Shannon waited as piece after piece of clothing was dropped through a gap in her fingers and floated to the ground below. She studied the almost naked man. She was grossed out by his hairy chest and very prominent beer belly. His whitey tighties almost blended in with his pale skin.

Harold paused, standing only in his underwear and socks.

?Everything.? Shannon hissed

Harold began to break down as he slid his socks off and slowly pulled down his underwear revealing a small dick covered in a bush of salt and pepper pubic hair. As he released his underwear over the side tears rolled down his face.

?Ugh, you are disgusting. I can feel my pussy drying up.?

Harold fell to his knees in her palm crying and begging.

?Please just leave me be, please. My wife left me four months ago, my kid won?t talk to me. I didn?t mean to talk so rudely about your parents..?

? A sad story for a sad snack. I don?t give a shit. Maybe if you talked a little nicer to women the first time you speak, you might have better outcomes.?

Shannon put her hand to her mouth and dropped Harold in. Muffling his scream as she quickly closed her lips.

She swirled her tongue around his body, feeling him squirming wildly. She pushed him to one cheek and then the other.

?God he tastes awful.? Shannon shuddered.

She ended her toying and swallowed, cringing the whole time.

?Bleh. I don?t remember Brian or Molly tasting like that at all. Yuck!?

She shrunk herself back to her former height, spitting repeatedly in an attempt to get the taste out of her mouth.

?I should?ve just bit down on him. At least his blood couldn?t have made it any worse.?

She shuddered as she picked up Harold?s pants, finding the keys in the right pocket.

?Guess I can?t very well drive around naked.? She said thoughtfully.

Shannon grew her index fingernail out into a razor sharp point and cut the legs of the pants into shorts. Grabbing the long sleeve white dress shirt she putting on the too large shirt she held up the shorts, growing until dress shirt fit snugly and her large ass poked out the bottom. Glancing down to admire her work she could clearly see the outline of her giant camel toe. She gave it a soft pat.


Returning her fingernail to normal she stuffed herself into the Honda, fired up the engine and headed towards her friend Carly?s.
End Notes:
Slower chapter for Shannon, next chapter should pick up more. What do you want to see happen when Shannon meets up with Carly?
Chapter 5 by Silentnomad50
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Shannon drove in silence into town. Her through ted focused on what she would say to Carly. Excitement kept her on pins and needles through the whole trip.

She slowed down for a bus that was picking up kids in the neighborhood.

Shannon chewed nervously on a nail.

?This should be her bus.?

Ahead and on the left she saw the dark brick home where her friend Carly lived. Standing outside by the mailbox was her best friend. She was dressed plainly in a gray hoodie and black sweat pants. She always wore loose clothing to hide her pudginess.

As the bus slowed for Carly?s stop, Shannon leaned out the window.

?Carly! Over here, it?s Shannon!?

Carly looked right at her, a confused smile coming over her face.

?Shannon?! Hold on!?

Carly ran around and told the bus driver she was going to school with a friend. She then made her way to Shannon and plopped into the passenger?s seat.

?Shannon what...?

Carly stopped and looked her up and down.

?What the hell happened to you? You look amazing!?

Shannon smiled, ? I?ll show you. However, we?re playing hooky from school for a while.?

Carly shook her head, ? No Shan, I can?t do that. I?ve got too many tests and I?ve got a presentation in Mr. Brooks..?

? Not anymore, those will all be a distant memory. You?ll see.? Shannon cut her off as she drove off.

Carly looked concerned, ? Shan, I don?t know what?s gotten into you, but I can?t miss any school. College is just around the corner and you should be thinking about that too.?

Shannon glanced at her.

?Carly, I?ve discovered something more important than any of that. Something that will guarantee you and I can be together and together we can do whatever our hearts desire. School, your parents, hell, anyone else in the world is nothing compared to what I have to show you!?

Carly sighed. ?I don?t know. I want to be with you too, but we?ve talked about this. It?s never gonna be something we can make work. Whatever you?ve found still won?t be enough to convince my parents.?


Shannon drove the Honda outside of town and headed back to Old Bill Johnson?s farmstead.

?Why are we all the way out here? What could be so great out here that you?re risking me getting in trouble??

?Will you just wait, you?ve always trusted me before. Trust me now.?

Carly sat back and stared out the window.

Shannon turned down the driveway of the farmstead and parked the car on the backside of the old house.

Shannon turned the car off and looked at her friend.

Taking a deep breath she turned and looked at her friend.

?What if I told you, I could change anything about my appearance, my height and my strength??

Carly shrugged. ?I guess that?s cool, I know you?ve always dreamed about that, but that?s impossible.

Shannon smirked. ?Get out of the car and I?ll show you.?

They both stepped out and met in front of the vehicle.

Carly brushed a lock of brown hair out of her face.

?Alright, convince me.? She crosses her arms.

Shannon winked. ?Step back a bit.?

Carly rolled her eyes and took a step back.

Shannon quickly grew to fifteen feet tall. Her skin burst through the tight clothes as she rapidly expanded.

Shock quickly overcame Carly?s face as her best friend stood over her. Tatters of clothing fell all around her. She cranes her neck up to take in the beautiful body of her friend towering above her.

?What?! H-how?!? Carly stammered.

? Molly locked me in a room full of chemicals. They spilled all over me, next thing I knew I was able to do this. Don?t ask me how it works, but Carly, I can do anything. Watch this.?

Shannon?s breasts slowly swelled, her nipples sitting proudly atop of the now much larger orbs of flesh hanging from her chest. Shannon?s hair turned from blond to a brilliant red and her skin darkened to a dark tan.

?That. Is. Amazing!? Carly yelled.

Shannon knelt down and placed two palms on either side of Carlys small head.

Carly?s vision was filled with the contrasting soft white palms of Shannon?s large hands around her face.

?You can have this too, I?ve done it before. To Molly.?

Concern flashed across Carly?s plump face.

? You did what??

Shannon shrugged.

?I may have already had a little fun with Molly and her boyfriend. Found out by accident while toying with her that with some of my spit she was able to gain my abilities. They weren?t as powerful as mine, but still, it worked. Obviously I couldn?t let her remain like that so I may her while I was really, really big.? She smiled innocently.

Carly just stared at her.

?You swallowed her and she was big too??

Shannon nodded.

Carly shook her head.

?Shan, I..I don?t know. I don?t even know what to say to..?

Carly was cut short by Shannon placing her much larger lips over hers and kissing her. Shannon jammed her tongue into Carly?s mouth forcing her to gag and swallow her saliva. She placed her hands on her shoulders and held her tight so she wouldn?t get away.

Carly struggled as hard as she could to no avail. Shannon was much to strong for her. Her tongue filled her mouth, causing her cheeks to puff out. She tried to cough as the saliva poured down he left throat.

After several moments, Shannon finally released her. Satisfied she had forced her friend to swallow plenty of her saliva.

Carly fell down coughing and gagging.

Shannon watched intently as Carly slowly composed herself.

Carly sat up, wiping saliva off her face and shot Shannon a glare.

?Might as well give it a try now.? Shannon grinned slyly.

Carly got to her feet, brushing grass off her clothes.

?And how exactly am I supposed to do that?? She said angrily.

?Just use your imagination, let it run wild. You can be anything you want.?

Carly huffed and closed her eyes.

Shannon watched closely as Carlt was deep in thought.

Carly began growing, her baggy clothes tightened as she shot upward. It wasn?t long until she was also completely naked and to Shannon?s surprise, now towering ten feet above her.

Shannon also noticed something else. She had not changed her body in the slightest.

Carly looked down at her now. Taking in the view and marveling at the feeling of being so large.

?Is this what you wanted Shan??

A frown passed over Shannon?s lips as she inspected her body.

Her pale skin was still there, her small breasts sat above her chubby belly. Shannon could make out the indentations on her waist under her stomach where her panties had dug into her skin. Thick curly pubic hair covered her vagina and she followed her thick legs down to her puffy feet.

?Carly, you can change other things. It doesn?t just have to be your height. We can be perfect together and make everyone else envious of us for once! We can destroy this awful place!?

?I knew it. You always wanted to be like those girls that bullied you. Do you not like me as I am? Am I too fat for you? I?ve accepted who I am. Don?t be like Molly, be the woman I know you are.?

Shannon grew past Carly. She felt the sides of her feet push the toy like car aside as her heels brought down the old farmhouse behind her. Her breasts scraped Carly?s belly as she rose higher and higher, double Carly?s height. She spread her arms wide.

?Look at the power we now possess Carly. Think! Think of all you?ve been through, all the fat jokes and others looking down on you. We can change, change is a good thing!? Her voice booming as she pleaded.

Carly hung her head.

?This isn?t the Shan I know. I won?t let you hurt this town. It may not be everything you wanted, just like I?m apparently not. It?s my home, it?s where my parents live. No one there deserves this. Not even Molly.?

Shannon?s blood began to boil.

?How could she act this way? I thought she would be ecstatic!? Shannon thought angrily.

Narrowing her eyes she looked down on her giant plump friend.

? I shared this gift with you and you?re throwing it back in my face??

Shannon willed her muscles to grow.

Carly watched in fear as Shannon rapidly packed on mounds of muscle. Her quads grew out as layer after layer of muscle developed. By the time she was through Carly couldn?t even see Shannon?s face over her ripped chest. Her breasts had gone from globes of fat to well rounded rock hard muscle. Her abs rippled towards the the strong v shape of her waist.

?If you don?t to ascend to goddess hood with me, then you will suffer the same fate as everyone else in this miserable town.? Her deep raspy voice threatened to pop Carly?s eardrums.

Shannon bent down, reaching with her strong veiny arms she grabbed Carly under her arms and began lifting her off the ground until they were face to face.

Carly stared into Shannon?s eyes, now changed to a bright red. Her giant face was tight, not a trace of fat to be found.

? I hope you?re strong enough for this!? Carly hissed at Shannon.

Carly imagined her fat inflating all over her body as she increased her height to match and surpass Shannon?s.

Fat poured out around Shannon?s thick hands. Carly?s soft belly pressed into her strong stomach and flowed around her as her friend grew taller, fatter and so much heavier.

Her muscles began to strain, burning from the increasing weight. She finally let go as Carly?s puffy feet finally pressed into the ground. Before she knew it she was staring into Carly?s cave sized belly button. Above her, two giant nipples peered over the top of her belly.

Carly pushed her stomach out forcing Shannon into her ass. She then picked up one foot and brought it down onto her.

Shannon reacted quickly and grabbed hold of the super soft and squishy sole threatening to smash her. Straining with all her might she finally held her in place and rolled to her right before the cankled foot can booming down. Scrambling to her feet she leapt onto the top of her foot and grabbed hold of her index toe. Shannon wrapped her mouth it and began sucking.

?I?ve got to get her distracted. I don?t know how she has this much control. Molly wasn?t near as strong. I?m pretty sure I remember how much she liked her feet tended to, perhaps this will buy a quick moment.?

She sucked harder and sloppier, running her hands up and down the top of giant foot.

Carly relaxed.

?Shan, oh my. Don?t stop, that feels amazing. Oh...oh yeah.?

She sat down on her cellulite covered ass, pressing into the earth. Reaching under her belly she found her clit and began stroking it slowly.

Shannon began kissing all around her foot, slowly turning until she was facing Carly.

?Now.? She thought

Jumping off her foot and landing between her legs she started growing and growing and growing. Higher and higher, stronger and stronger. Her growing calves pushed Carly?s legs, spreading them apart. Shannon forced her hand under Carly?s and into her wet pussy.

?OH!? Carly screamed.

Shannon?s hand continued growing inside her vagina. Pressing against the walls, causing her fat friend to begin bucking her hips wildly. She pulled her hand out just in time, as she grew taller and taller.

Shannon?s toes pushed under the folds of her leg fat and pushed onwards surrounding Carly with her tanned veiny feet.

Shannon peered down at her friend, still too lost in her own self pleasure to notice the muscular goddess above her. She scooped her up in one hand and brought her to her lips. Cupping both hands under her, she pushed her belly up with her thumbs and got to work pleasuring her pussyfooted with her rough tongue. The ball of fat that was her friend squirmed harder and harder as she continued, slowly writing the alphabet in cursive across her hairy, wet, fat pussy. In and out of the folds she thrust the tip of her tongue.

Carly orgasmed again and again and again. She had never felt anything like this before. She felt amazing.

Until she opened her eyes.
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