A Little Field Trip by Zanderas

The girls of azumanga daioh head out on a fieldtrip to the tiny part of the country! They are eager to learn how their smaller cousins go on about there day! Surely nothing bad will happen...

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1. A Little Field Trip by Zanderas

A Little Field Trip by Zanderas

A Little Field Trip

“Alright, girls, let’s all line up!” Yukari Tanizaki said as she and her class filed out of the bus. Chiyo lead the way, eager as always, as they all lined up before the large gate. Beyond was their destination for this field trip, the tiny section of the country.

It had been Yukari’s idea to take her class to see how the smaller parts of the country lived. She had heard a few making fun of them and spreading horrid rumors so this would be a great way to help dispel those misconceptions. Honestly, still treating tiny people like insects in this day and age…

“That’s everyone,” Yukari’s fellow teacher, Minamo Kurosawa, said as she left the bus. 

“Great! OK follow me everyone!” Yukari said as she lead her class to the gate.


Sakaki was at the back of the group as they all moved through the gate. She was a bit nervous about going to the tiny area due to her size. Even among normal sized people she was a virtual amazon. She towered over her classmates and had far larger curves than anyone else in the school, all of which made her prone to accidents. Biting her lip in nervousness, she followed the others through the gate.

On the other side of the gate was a large plaza with various murals, information brochures, and other typical tourist stuff scattered about. Past the plaza was a pathway that lead further out into the country. And along that pathway were tiny little buildings, streets, and even people. The little things look closer to models someone had built than actual things, but movement and noise was proof it was really real. Yet with the tallest of the skyscrapers only reaching their waists, it was hard to view any of it as anything other than toys.

“Woah! Look how small everything is!” Tomo said as she started to rush forward. Yomi pulled her back, however, before she could cross a knee-high barrier put up around the plaza. The words “DO NOT CROSS” were plastered all over the barrier. Sakaki wondered why it had been built so small, but the question was left unanswered as a blimp floated toward them. The words “TINY TOURS” was on the side and it, slowly, floated to them. 

“Hello and welcome to the tiny tours! We’re so happy to see young girls like yourselves taking an interest in us, your smaller neighbors,” a voice said from loudspeakers built onto the blimp. 

“Hehe, it’s a mini-blimp,” Osaka said before moving to pat the blimp. Yukari, however, smacked her hand away before giving her a stern glare. The tour guide in the blimp either didn’t notice or didn’t mention the close call as she continued to talk about various things. Sakaki tried to pay attention, but the cute, tiny little people and cars moving about around the area kept drawing her attention. They were all so small… Oh she hoped they got to buy some small things from them at the end, a tiny stuffed animal would be soooooo cute~!

Snapping back to reality, Sakaki dashed forward to catch up with the group as they started down the pathway. The tour guide was telling them how the city had been built specifically for these kinds of tours and to show tinies were people too, just smaller. The pathway would lead them through the city and on to a smaller town before turning back. Sakaki heard all this, but barely registered it as her eyes stayed glued to the tiny sights around her. 

Little cars driving down little streets, little people talking with other little people, little window cleaners moving along buildings that barely reached her thigh, and even a little ca- Sakaki stopped dead as her eyes locked onto a teeny tiny form in one of the alleyways. A tiny white cat was sitting there, staring right back up at her, as it yawned in boredom. Sakaki’s heart skipped a beat at how impossibly cute it was. Ohhhhh, it was SOOOOOOO tiny and so cute. Awww that little yawn an- 

Suddenly, the cat darted off and disappeared in the sea of buildings. Sakaki almost started after it when she remembered the barrier. She looked down at it and found it, like before, so low as to be easily stepped over. But she couldn’t do that, the streets were barely big enough for her to step in and the damage. A tiny streak of white rushing through the streets, barely avoiding being run over, made Sakaki’s mind up. She had to save that cat! 

Stepping out past the barrier, Sakaki’s huge shoe crashed down into a, thankfully, empty intersection. The pavement cracked and split under her massive weight and entire buildings were shook from the impact. Horns and yells erupted up at her, but Sakaki ignored them as she spotted the cat again. Oh no, it was still in traffic! Moving fully into the city, Sakaki started through the streets doing her best to avoid stepping on anything or anyone. She didn’t succeed as her shoes flattened a few cars and her hips brushed against the tops’ of a few of the skyscrapers. It didn’t help that she had to walk through two different streets since both feet couldn’t fit in one street. They needed to make them bigger in case of situations like this!

Having left the pathway far behind, Sakaki spotted the cat moving toward a station of some kind. Sakaki followed and stepped into the station’s parking lot, flattening most of the cars in it. She knelt down to try and see into the building, but it was too low to get a good look into. She thought about laying down, but a flash of white checked her thoughts. She just caught the cat dash into a bullet train as the door closed. OH NO!

Sakaki reached to pull the train off its track, but was too slow. It blasted off at incredible speeds and out of her reach. That poor cat was going to be miles from home now! She had to save it! Ignoring the sirens, screams, and general mayhem around her, Sakaki charged off after the bullet train, trampling still more of the city before getting into open country.


Sakaki followed the train as it moved through the odd, shrunken landscape. She had heard the accident had caused everything to shrink, but seeing actual trees that were no bigger than her foot was still an odd experience. She did her best to avoid stepping on roads or various houses, but it was hard to see them thanks to her breasts. The monsters could be a headache at times.

She considered grabbing the train to make it stop but decided against it. No matter how gentle she was she was likely to crush whatever part she grabbed. And the cat could be in any of the cars, making it too risky. She’d just have to wait for it to stop.

Finally, the train approached another large, in shrunken terms obviously, city and began to slow its pace. Sakaki slowed her own pace as well as she arrived at the suburbs. The area was full of expensive looking houses attached to various narrow roads that snaked out in every direction. Sakaki grumbled as she realized there were few places she could step that wouldn’t be either a house or someone’s yard. 

Deciding it was worth the risk, Sakaki started forward as carefully as she could. Her massive shoes crashed down into the suburbs, flattening manicured yards and expensive cars. Screams and alarms blared up from below, but Sakaki continued her way forward, wasn’t like she could uncrush what she’d already flattened. 

She tried to slip past a busy road by taking a longer step, but misjudged her step. She winced as her foot obliterated a large mansion, leaving only a single wing still standing. A bit of blood was mixed in with the debris, but Sakaki couldn’t see it so far below. Instead, she just keep moving as she neared the city.

Leaving the suburbs behind, Sakaki arrived at the city proper. The train had already stopped at its station deeper into the city. Sakaki didn’t see the cat anywhere but was still a long distance from the station. She needed to get closer. Before she could step into the city, however, a huge stream cars, vans, and even armoured trucks; all with sirens blaring, raced up the street toward her. 

Sakaki froze as she found herself unsure what to do. Why were the police coming in full force toward her? She hadn’t done… anything… ohhhh... The full extent of her little trip was starting to dawn on her and her face began to flush red. What had she been thinking coming out here just for a cat? Granted it had been really, really cute, but still…

The various police cars all stopped a few feet away from Sakaki and a huge amount of officers piled out, their guns all drawn. Sakaki blushed still more as fear joined with the embarrassment. She had no idea if those guns could legit hurt her, but had no want to find out.

“Attention giant bitch, get down on your knees and surrender or we will open fire!” a voice from a police cruiser yelled up at her. Sakaki’s fear spiked as she heard the demand. S-Surrender?! As… As in turn herself in and… Oh no, no, no, she couldn’t do that! She couldn’t go to jail! Did they even have a jail big enough for her? Oh, what was she going t- YES! Yes she just needed to explain! But… but it was so embarrassing… Maybe if she got closer she could whisper it to them.

Moving closer, Sakaki stepped into the city proper, causing more damage as her size splintered the pavement. However, a car had been crossing the intersection she had stepped into and been caught under her size. It, and its driver, fared no better against her than the pavement. Sakaki heard the screech of twisting metal too late as she realized her mistake.

“FIRE!” someone yelled and Sakaki raised her hand in protest. Pinpricks of pain impacted her in various places, stinging but not much else. Sakaki stumbled back before her leg crashed into something. The large warehouse broke apart as her massive toned leg demanded space to move through. While it offered little resistance it did surprise Sakaki, who tried to readjust her step. It was a mistake as her other foot hit another building making her check the move. 

Now completely off-balance, Sakaki’s two huge breasts made their size known. Gravity grabbed them both and Sakaki felt herself tipping forward. She tried to catch herself on a nearby office building, but her hand crashed through it like it was a stack of cards. With nothing to stop her, Sakaki plummeted down, her breasts falling right where the police had formed their line.

Sakaki groaned as she let the shock of the impact wear off. She opened her eyes and winced as she noticed where she had landed. Pushing herself up, Sakaki flushed even redder as tiny little splotches of moisture stayed on her breasts. She looked down and saw the police’s firing line utterly obliterated by two craters shaped like her tits. Now she was in real trouble…

Getting back to her feet, Sakaki shifted around to leave the area. She got a few steps when a strange noise drew her attention behind her. She yipped as two tiny jets screamed past, barely missing her head. Her instinctive step back caused her to plow into another office building and she winced as it collapsed completely. Ohhh…

Turning back to the jets, Sakaki eyes went wide as they both sent missiles screaming toward her. She raised her arms to block them and gasped as they slammed home. They stung way worse than the bullets and she could already feel a bruise forming where they hit. The two jets streaked off before turning for another pass. 

Sakaki stopped trying to be careful as the jets came around again. She took off at a full sprint trying to escape the jets fire. Her feet plowed through various houses, roads, and anything else that got in her way as she made a mad dash out of the city and through the suburbs. More red stains began to appear on her shoes as her bid of escape turned her feet into meat grinders.

More stings hit her back as the jets opened fire with their machine guns. They didn’t hurt nearly as much as the missiles, but still hurt a great deal. She winced as the pain didn’t stop and her mind went fully into flight or fight. Acting more on instinct than anything else, Sakaki reached down and grabbed up a house before tossing it back at the jets. One managed to dodge, but the other was too slow and exploded as the masonry smashed it apart.  Sakaki slowed as the surviving jet banked away and left her alone.

Catched her breath, Sakaki glanced down and saw she had stopped just in front of someone’s house. A little girl was staring up at her in awed silence and Sakaki felt her embarrassment return in full force as she remembered where she was. Going back to carefully watching her step, Sakaki moved toward the edge of the populated area.

A few minutes of very careful stepping saw Sakaki leave the suburbs behind. She let out a sigh of relief before looking back. All kinds of emergency vehicles were swarming over the areas she had gone into and she bit her lip in guilt. She thought about going back to help, bu-

“Sakaki! Where are you?!” a familiar voice yelled out. Sakaki turned as the voice yelled her name again. Was that… yes it was Yukari-sensei! Sakaki felt a wave of reassurance wash over her as she heard that welcome voice. She’d know what to do in this kind of situation. Eager to get this problem solved even… even if it meant some major punishment… Sakaki started toward the sound of her teacher’s voice.


Yukari had to fight off a yawn as the blimp continued to ramble on about nothing. Ugh, if she had known how boring this was she would have stayed on the bus. At least the girls all seemed to be having fun looking at all the tiny people doing their various activities. For her part Yukari had seen enough tiny people, even taught a few, for the novelty to wear thin. Still it was good for them to… 

Her thoughts trailed off as she stopped. She watched her class go by and got an odd feeling like something was missing. Or rather someone… Someone who tended to fade into the background despite her siz- OH GOD WHERE WAS SAKAKI?!

Yukair whirled around and found the path empty of anyone. Fear gripped her entire body as she looked around the area. Oh no, if she had gone off the path… No, no, no HOW could she have been so careless and not kept an eye on all of them! Crap, crap, crap, CRAP!!!

A touch on her shoulder nearly made Yukari leap out of her skin. She turned to see Minamo standing behind her, a worried look on her face.

“What’s wrong? You look like you are about to pass out from terror,” Minamo asked as Yukari felt tears beginning to form.

“S… Sakaki is gone,” Yukari admitted as Minamo gave her a confused look. Confusion turned to terror as she looked back at the group, spotted the missing girl, and turned back to Yukari.

“You don’t… Oh no…” Minamo said looking out into the tiny area. 

“We have to find her! Get her back and, and… I don’t know just get her back here!” Yukari said, her anxiety going through the roof. Minamo nodded, but motioned for Yukari to calm down.

“Yes we do, but we need to be calm about this. Freaking out is only going to make things worse. I’ll go tell Yomi what has happened and leave her to watch the others, she’s responsible enough to keep them on track. We can go look for Sakaki. We’re in a farming area so we won’t cause too much damage leaving the trail here. OK?” Minamo said, her plan helping to get Yukari to relax a bit. She nodded and Minamo rushed off to tell Yomi. She hurried back and both left the path to try and find their lost student.


Yomi could hardly believe Sakaki was the one who had wandered off. If it had been Tomo or Osaka, she wouldn’t have been surprised in the least, but Sakaki? She was far too mature and responsible to do something so stupid! Or… at least she was supposed to be…

So far, the tour guide in the blimp was completely unaware that three of their group had gone missing. It seemed like they had memorized this entire trek and was only dimly aware of anything else. Even Chiyo had gotten the message and stop bothering to try and ask questions, apparently those had to wait till the end. It made the entire trip mind-numbingly boring but did mean no one had freaked out… yet.

Glancing at a barn they were passing, that barely reached Yomi’s shin, Yomi grew more worried about Sakaki being out there. She was big even by their standards so to these tiny people she’d be like some kind of kaiju. And while she was super athletic, her size made avoiding collateral damage unlikely. She was going to be in so much trou-

“WOAH! Look cows! TIny little cows! I want one!” Tomo suddenly started as she knelt in front of a small field full of tiny cows. Yomi’s thoughts had to be shoved away as Tomo’s hand reached out to grab one of the cows. Moving toward her idiot friend, Yomi slapped her hand back.

“OW! Hey!” Tomo said, glaring up at Yomi.

“Stop being stupid! We can’t go around grabbing other people’s animals,” Yomi lectured. Tomo huffed before crossing her arms, her breasts wobbling as her arms pushed them up.

“I wasn’t going to keep it! I just wanted to get a better look. I mean look how tiny and cute they are!” Tomo said motioning toward the cows. As if on cue, one of the cows gave a tiny squeaky moo that was horridly cute, but Yomi wasn’t pulled into its cuteness. Kurosawa-sensei had left her in charge and she wasn’t going to fail her.

“That doesn’t matter. It isn’t ours and we were told not to go past the barrier,” Yomi said putting on her stern face. Tomo huffed again, but knew better than to keep arguing. Instead, she turned and pouted her way back to Chiyo and the blimp. Yomi let out a tired sigh as she saw one disaster ave- wait… “her way back to Chiyo and the blimp”? Shouldn’t ther- 

Panic slammed into Yomi as she realized Osaka was nowhere to be seen. NOOOOOOOO!!!


Sakaki had been following Yukari-sensei’s voice for a few minutes, but still hadn’t found her. Each time she thought she was getting close, the teacher’s voice would move dramatically. It was looking like Yukari-sensei was running around in a panic to find her, but only making the finding harder. It didn’t help Sakaki was having to take it slow to avoid crushing anyone. Even out in the more rural areas, people and cars seemed to be everywhere and power lines were always in the way.

Finally, Sakaki caught up enough to see Yukari-sensei. She waved to her and tried calling her name, but was too worried about her huge voice hurting someone to yell. Yukari-sensei didn’t notice, sadly, and looked about to run off. Ohhhhh…

“Y-YUKARI-SENSEI!” Sakaki yelled out, covering her mouth right after. Ohhh, that was WAY louder than she wanted it to be. Sakaki winced as she noticed broken windows in cars and homes close to her. The poor people near to her were, also, holding their ear in pain. Oh no…

Still, the yell did get Yukari-sensei’s attention and a relieved look washed over her face. Yukari-sensei ran over to Sakaki, almost tripping on a powerline along the way, before stopping in front of her.

“Sakaki-chan, thank goodness,” Yukari-sensei said as she caught her breath. Sakaki was about to smile in relief as well, but didn’t get the chance as fury morphed Yukari-sensei’s face.

“WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?! I expect this kind of… stupid from Tomo and Ayumu, but you?! Look at all the damage you’ve done just by walking around here?!” Yukari-sensei lectured as she gestured around. Sakaki did, but also could see Yukari-sensei had caused far more damage than Sakaki had. Not that she was going to voice that fact.

“I… I’m sorry,” Sakaki said, feeling herself collapse inward. She should have known better and to admit she had done this over a cat… Ohhhh… 

Yukari-sensei glare softened and she let out a long sigh. She looked about to say something but suddenly stopped. Her eyes lingered on Sakaki’s arms and looked over the rest of her.

“Sakaki, did something happen to you?” Yukari-sensei asked as her eyes locked onto the slight purple splotches where the missiles had hit Sakaki. Sakaki tried to hide her arms, but Yukari-sensei grabbed them to make sure she didn’t. Sakaki gave an embarrassed nod.

“Y-Yes… I got to a tiny city and they sent jets to chas-”

“JETS?! They sent jets after you?!”

“Y-Yes. Bu-”

“THEY SENT JETS AT ONE OF MY STUDENTS?! Those little… wait here, Sakaki!” 

“Umm… but Yuk-... Umm…” Sakaki managed to get out as Yukari stormed off, her face twisted in rage. Sakaki wanted to tell her she was going the wrong way, but couldn’t work up the courage. Instead she just deflated and watched as her teacher stormed off into the distance. Ohhhh…



Ayumu, Osaka to her friends, wandered through the tiny landscape with no destination in mind. She had thought they were supposed to stay on the path, but after seeing Sakaki and both teachers leave it Ayumu had figured it was OK. Which was great as this was far more interesting. 

This place was full of farms, fields, pastures, and tiny towns. It was so different than where she came from and seeing it from up high was a real treat. Most of the people she passed stared in shock as she passed, but Ayumu reassured them with a friendly wave. She even stopped to help a few. One farmer had gotten his tractor stuck so she’d lifted it out of the bog and back onto dry land. Another had lost a cow she had spotted and brought back. She’d even helped raise a barn with just a finger and gotten a tiny little pie as thanks! 

Sadly, her feet took her away from the tiny little farming town and Ayumu wondering over some rugged hills and deep valleys. The little pie gave her a bit of energy… OK it really didn’t but the thought helped, as she trudged through the rough terrain. She was almost out when she heard a tiny voice yelling for help. 

Turning back, Ayumu saw a hiker who had gotten stuck at the edge of a ledge. She carefully made her way over and offered her hand to the trapped man. He hopped on and Ayumu moved him to a stable part of the trail. He gave her a big thanks and she continued on her way. She was like a superhero or something!

Leaving that rough place behind, Ayumu found herself looking down on a small city laid out before her. Eager to get back to more familiar grounds, Ayumu headed down, but stopped as she neared the bottom of the large hill she was on. Right, the suburbs…

Spotting the highway leading into the city, Ayumu got an idea on how to get inside. She headed back over the hill, or were they mountains? Ehh they were hills to her so, and came out further back. Spotting the highway that lead into the city, Ayumu headed down to it and began to move parallel to it. A lot of honking and general mayhem happened beneath her, but Ayumu didn’t get why. She wasn’t walking on the highway, just next to it, so why were people freaking out? Whatever the case, Ayumu made her way into the city thanks to the highway without having to tiptoe through the suburbs. 

The city, though, proved rather constricting for poor Ayumu. It was fun being back where she was more accustomed, but this city was way smaller. And everywhere she stepped there seemed to be something: a car, a light, a bench, etc… Ayumu’s huge size, in comparison, just made any attempt to move or do anything difficult. Her large butt bumping into things whenever she tried to bend down didn’t help either… It was so hard to see what was happening below when she couldn’t bend at all.

It wasn’t long before the police arrived and began to threaten her for causing problems. Ayumu didn’t want to go to jail and decided she should probably leave. As she was on her way out, though, she spotted a police chase moving toward her. Stepping in front of the criminals, their car slammed into her huge foot and stopped right there. Ayumu gave the police a wave before making her way out. 

Back out of the city, Ayumu noticed the sun was starting to get a little low. Deciding she should probably get back, she started off in the direction she though the path was in. Maybe she’d go and offer that hiker a ride out of those hills.


“NO, NO, NO! I let Ayumu wonder off! Yukari is gonna be so mad! How could I forget to watch her?!” Yomi said as she dived further into panic. She whirled around desperate to see the Osakan girl’s form wandering off in some random direction, but she was nowhere to be seen. NOOOOOO!!!! She… she had to go find her. Yes, yes she had to bring her back before Yukari-sensai got back and then, maybe, she could pretend nothing happened! Yes, it was… a terrible fucking idea. But it was the only idea she had. 

With no other choice, Yomi moved to pull Tomo away from Chiyo and the blimp. She really, REALLY didn’t want to tell Tomo what had happened, but she needed to make sure she got it into her head to STAY WITH THE BLIMP. She was so screwed…

“Stop and listen. Osaka is gone. I am going to go find her and yo-” Yomi started.

“OSAKA IS G-” Tomo started to say before Yomi smacked her head and shushed her. Thankfully, neither the blimp or Chiyo turned to look at them. 

“Be quiet! Yes, she is gone and I need yo-”

“To find her! OF COURSE!” Tomo finished for Yomi. Yomi tried to pull her back, but her idiot friend had already taken off, zipping out of her reach. Yomi fumed in fury and took off after Tomo, or tried to, but had to stop when she felt her foot hit something. She looked down and winced at having knocked over a farm that she hoped was abandoned. Crap this was so so BAD!!

Yomi started forward again, this time more carefully, but Tomo had no such care. She sprinted forward plowing through fields, kicking tractors out of her way, and smashing apart any building that happened to be between her and wherever she was going. Farmers were sent fleeing in terror or buried under their own buildings as Tomo charged through. Yomi watched the devastation spread before giving in with a long sigh. She took off at a sprint as well, ignoring the bits of resistance that her feet meet, as she tried to catch her idiot classmate.

Finally, Tomo slowed as she reached the top of a small hill. Yomi caught up to her and tried to grab Tomo’s shoulder, but Tomo started forward just in time to dodge the grab.

“WOAH! Look at this tiny little city! Oh, opps. Stepped on a house, sorry,” Tomo said shaking the remains of the home off her feet. Yomi had to fight not to freak as Tomo plowed through the suburbs of the city without a care in the world, oblivious to the cars she was crushing, or letting crash into her as she stepped on roads, or the general panic her strole was causing. Yomi tried to apologize as she made her way through the path of destruction Tomo had made, but no one seemed interested. Dammit Tomo!

“Hehe, these buildings barely even reach my crotch. I wonder how many of you pervs are looking up my skirt right now,” Tomo said as she wiggled her large hips next to a building she had stopped at. Yomi had to force herself not to think about that as she continued after Tomo, she was wearing a skirt too after all. Finally, Yomi managed to get ahold of Tomo just as she was squatting down to look into the windows of a building.

“Tomo, you idiot! I was trying to tell you to watch Chiyo, not come exploring out here!!” Yomi said, making sure to keep a grip on Tomo. Tomo stood and gave Yomi a confused look before realization seemed to dawn on her.

“Oh right, Osaka! I totally forgot we were looking for her.”

“WE aren’t! I am, YOU need to go back an-” Yomi started before a Tomo’s attention turned away from Yomi and to something else. Dammit…

“Tomo, pay attention!”

“But ther-”

“I don’t care! Now go-”

“STOP WHERE YOU ARE!” a voice from a megaphone, suddenly, yelled. Yomi froze before slowly looking behind her. A huge amount of police cars and vans, their lights flashing, were behind her. Oh no…

“Tomo, keep quiet.”

“Bu-” Yomi made a zipping motion and gave a glare that even Tomo wouldn’t dare cross. Turning around, Yomi bowed before getting her best innocent face.

“I-I’m so sorry! Please don’t be mad, we just got a little los-”

“Save it. We’ve already gotten reports from other cities about you and your class. Surrender now or we will open fire!”

Other cities? Oh no, what had Osaka done? This was so so so bad! She needed to think of a way out of this, some way to defuse the situation an- Tomo, suddenly, moved to stand in front of Yomi and Yomi’s terror only went into overdrive.

“YOU’LL NEVER TAKE US ALIVE!” Tomo yelled, causing Yomi’s terror to hit a peak she never knew existed. With a quick smack from her hand, Tomo caused an entire building to break apart and collapsed into the road between them and police. The building didn’t crush the police, but it did crush  the hundreds of people that had to be inside. Hah… so much for defusing… haha…

“COME ON!” Tomo said as she pulled Yomi along. Yomi, numbly, followed as Tomo lead her through the streets and back to where they had come from. More police pulled out in front of them, but Tomo leapt into the air and crashed down in the middle of them, squashing a few and sending the rest flying. Windows all along the road shattered from the impact before Tomo grabbed Yomi again. Hahaha they were so fucked…

They had almost gotten out of the city when, suddenly, a line of explosions erupted in front of them. Tomo stopped as three jets screamed by, already banking for another attack run. Tomo turned and behind them were more police along with… yep those were tanks. They were completely surrounded and now… now they were going to get it. All those dreams, all those hopes… all tho-

“It is over! Surrender or we will shred you and your fat friend,” another voice yelled up. Tomo face went fully pale as she turned to face Yomi. 

For a brief second, Yomi didn’t quite register what had been said. Her head was still coming to terms with them being dead or jailed or kicked out of school or- or… or…………. Fat? Did… did he just… fat? Fat? FAT?!

Yomi was a big girl. All of the girls in their class were big both in terms of their size and other areas. Yomi, though, was a bit pudgier than the rest and had done what she could to tone that down. But it never worked… But she tried, she really really tried… and for that little shit to call her FAT!!!

A fury Yomi had only experienced a few times took over her mind. She ripped the closest building to her out of the ground before whirling to face the direction the voice had come from. She didn’t know who said it, or cared. She raised the building up over her head.

“I am not FAT!” she yelled before tossing the building toward the line of police cruisers and tanks. Both opened fire, but to no avail as the building broke into pieces and the pieces turned into a virtual shotgun. Not a single tank or car survived the storm of masonry. Yomi’s fury wasn’t done yet as she snatched up a few cars and tossed them up at the jets returning for another attack. Her barrage of cars, debris, and then even people hit two of the jets causing them to spiral down to their death. The last, though, fired its rockets and both slammed into Yomi’s chest. She swore as pain rocked through her, but that only made her even more furious.

“Fuck you! FUCK ALL OF YOU!” Yomi yelled before lashing out at another building. She ripped more chunks of masonry out before tossing it after the jet, smirking as one hit it dead on. Another spike of pain got her to turn to another tank coming up another road. She growled before charging it. It reversed, but too slow as she kicked it right into a nearby building, the entire thing exploding from the hit. Spinning around, she found another building in front of her and kicked it away for daring to be there. A third burst of pain hit her leg and Yomi found still more tanks waiting for her to crush.

“Little fucks, why don’t you kiss my FAT ASS!” Yomi yelled before turning around. She flung herself backwards toward the tanks, ass thrust out. Her wide, NOT FAT, butt smashed down with so much force it pancaked everything that was under it. Tanks, soldiers, random people, cars, even a few buildings were turning into nothing but flattened debris. The aftershock shattered windows blocks away and cause a huge dust cloud to fly out, covering the city. Yomi barely felt anything, though, as she glanced back with a smug smile.

“Teach you to call me fat! I work hard to maintain my looks!” she bellowed before slamming her hand down onto a group of fleeing people. She rubbed the smeared remains onto a nearby building before pushing it over as well, glaring at the panicked looks of those inside.

Tomo watched in a mixture of worry and terror as Yomi continued her rage-fueled rampage. She was WAY too scared to try and stop her, but did know enough that this was… bad. Yomi was going to be in huge trouble for this considering all the da- AHH!! 

A sudden spike of pain hit Tomo’s leg and she turned to see more tanks arriving, only shooting at her! Why were they attacking her, she wasn’t the one wrecking the place! 

“Hey! Stop, I’m- OWW! Listen, I don- AHH! Come on, I’m ju-OWW!! Grrrr…” Tomo tried to explain but just kept getting shot. Her anger grew and grew as they kept firing at her till she had enough. Growling in anger, Tomo stomped her way to them weathering their rain of fire with ease. She stopped as she arrived directly in front of them and leaned down to glare at them. Her body cast the entire tank squad and the intersection in shadow and she, FINALLY, got them to stop.

“Now listen! I don’t want to wreck the place just fin-” her words were interrupted, YET AGAIN, as one of the tanks fired up at her. Having had all she could take, Tomo raised her foot and flattened the offending tank. Rather than getting the other to smarten up and listen, however, this only caused them all to start firing again. UGH!!

“FINE!” Tomo yelled before stomping each tank one by one. A few of the crew attempted to bail from their tank, but Tomo was way too hacked off to let them escape. They were made stains on their crushed tanks along with the rest of the group. 

Tomo fumed at their inability to just listen and she kicked a nearby building to try and calm herself down. Seeing it collapse completely from the kick did help calm her, but also made her feel rather… pleased. She had been marveling at how small all of them were, but was now seeing how weak they were too. And watching Yomi continue her path of destruction… With a slight smirk, Tomo walked right into another large office building and giggled as it failed to even slow her down before falling apart. 

“Hey, Yomi! Want to fully flatten this place?” Tomo asked as she plowed her way to meet Yomi, her legs blasting through buildings like they were nothing but tissue paper. Yomi stopped her rampage for a second before glancing back at Tomo. Her look of rage gave way to a smile as she stopped for a brief second.

“A rare great idea from Tomo. Hell yes, let’s crush this entire shit hole,” Yomi said as they both glared down at the tiny little city below them. 

Neither could say how long they were at the task. Both lost themselves to the mixture of intoxicating power and addictive destruction. Yomi used her large butt to flatten building after building while Tomo ran through entire sections with her long strides, kicking buildings miles away. Streams of people tried to flee, but Tomo hunted them all down before flattening them. She even used her breasts to crush a few simply because she could.

 Both laid down in the city to get a better look as they hunted people with their fingers or buried them under their moving bodies. Tomo even made herself a debris angel while Yomi simply rolled her way through a few sections.

Finally, the deed was done and not a single building was left of the city. Both girls looked over their work with a proud smile as they hooked their arms over the others backs. They both high-fived at seeing the place annihilated before, slowly, coming down from their natural high.

“That was awesome. So what do we do now?” Tomo asked. Yomi was silent for a moment as she felt her rage receding and her sanity start to return. Part of it was horrified at what they had just done, but it was drowned out by how GREAT it had felt. Besides, they couldn’t get in trouble if there was no one left to tell on them. Now they just had to get back and-... SHIT OSAKA!

“Crap, we forgot to find Osaka,” Yomi said, facepalming herself. Tomo looked confused before realization hit her.

“Oh right. WELL COME ON! LE-”

“NO, no! This might have been fun, but we should try not to have to flatten another. Besides, the tour has to be coming to an end soon and we need to get back! We need to focus on finding-”


“Y-Yes we nee-”


“Tomo wha-”

“OSSSSSSSAKA! OVER HERE!” Tomo yelled as Yomi turned. Sure enough there was Osaka, wandering about without a care in the world, as usual. She snapped out of whatever la-la land she had been in and gave a half-hearted wave. Yomi let out a relieved sigh as she and Tomo went to meet their lost classmate. Now they just had to get back.


Minamo slowed to a stop as she looked out over the horizon. Still no sign of Sakaki anywhere… She let out a worried sigh as she pondered heading back. It was important they found the lost girl, but leaving the others alone for this long was risky as well. Yomi was trustworthy, but dealing with both Tomo and Ayumu was… well. 

Minamo was about to start retracing her steps when some movement at the edge of her vision drew her eye. Off in the distance was a large form shifting about as if walking. It was far too large to be Yukari and the fact it was moving made it unlikely to be a building or mountain. Which left only one real guess, Sakaki.

“Sakaki!” Minamo called out as she moved toward the figure in the distance. The figure stopped as Minamo yelled and it wasn’t long before Sakaki’s form came into focus. Finally, Minamo had found her! 

Sakaki gave a long, apologetic bow as Minamo approached. Minamo sighed and patted her head before motioning for her to stand. Sakaki looked on the verge of tears, well she did to someone who knew her, and tried to mumble out something. Minamo, though, was more interested in her damaged clothes and obvious bruises appearing on her arms.

“You were attacked?” Minamo asked. Sakaki blushed before nodding. Minamo sighed as the implications of that ran through her mind. This was bad… really bad. If it got out Sakaki went to a city and causing damage the punishment could be severe. Doubly so with the city probably not realizing she was just a young student. Minamo needed to get ahead of this for Sakaki’s sake.

“Do you remember the way to the city that attacked you?” Minamo asked and Sakaki nodded.

“Good, take me there. I need to make sure we get this sorted. Don’t be nervous, we all make mistakes,” Minamo said, trying to head off the obvious fear, again to one who knew her, Sakaki’s face displayed. Sakaki gave a short nod before leading the way.


Minamo had to hide her worry as Sakaki lead her to the city she had “attacked”. Even from this distance Minamo could see the destruction Sakaki had caused and it was… bad. A trail of flattened trees, damaged houses, ruined roads, and general mayhem lead through the suburbs right to the city itself. It hadn’t escaped Sakaki either as more than a few of the buildings had been leveled. It almost looked like she had fallen right into the city. Minamo fought off the urge to sigh as she gave a confident smile to Sakaki. Poor girl had enough problems without her teacher making her worry.

Moving to the outer edge of the suburbs, Minamo sighed as a fresh wave of panic rippled through the area. People fled in terror as Minamo knelt and she tried to pick out an officer or someone with authority. She didn’t have to wait long as a number of police cars raced to block her path into the city. 

“Please, I don’t mean any harm. My name is Minamo Kurosa-” Minamo started as diplomatically as she could. She was interrupted, however, as the police leapt out of their cars and trained their guns on her. Oh dear…

“There is no need for those. I simply want to ta-” again she was interrupted, only this time by four jets screaming past her head. The noise made her grimace and she took note of tanks rolling their way toward her as well. Oh dear, oh dear…

“We don’t give a damn what you want! You and that murderess are surrendering right now or we WILL open fire!” a loudspeaker blared as Minamo sighed in frustration. Honestly… she was trying to be civil and here these little shits were getting uppity. One would think the last war would have taught them their place. As tempting as it was to simply start flattening the uppity toys, Minamo had an example to set. 

“I understand why you are angry, but I am sure we can come to a peacefu-”

“What part of surrender or die did you not understand you fucking overgrown cunt? Put those hands up NOW!”

Minamo prided herself on keeping her cool. She always strove to remain calm, to think rationally, and to put her feelings aside. It was why she and Yukari worked so well together. But, Minamo did have limits. And being called a cunt by a little soon-to-be-stain had pushed her past it. Her friendly smile faded into a stern glare.

Minamo slammed her hand down on the edge of the line the police had made. Her hand had missed on purpose and the police all darted back in panic. Her glare remained locked onto them and she let them believe it was simply a warning for a second or two. The delusion was dispelled as her hand plowed its way through the line of cars. The cars began to pile up onto her hand as she forced it along with police screaming as they were caught in the churning ball of metal. Sirens started and sputtered as the cars were churned into wreckage and blood began to leak out where it could. In less than a second the entire line was nothing more than a bloody ball of wrecked cars. 

Far from done, Minamo’s other hand ripped a convenient store out of the ground. Crushing it into a ball, she tossed it toward the tanks heading for her and smiled as it buried the leading tank. The rest were trapped behind the mass of debris and left them unable to do anything until they repositioned. That just left the jets.

Standing up, Minamo saw the four jets screaming in for an attack run. She stood her ground till each flashed, their missiles unleashed from their tubes. Minamo sidestepped them with ease before lashing out with a hands. She missed with her left hand, but her right managed to grab the tail end of one of the jets. Its back crumbled like tinfoil and it whined into a death kneal, its engine crushed.

Minamo glared into the cockpit and the tiny pilot stared at her in horror. He pulled the ejection seat, but too late as her other hand moved to rest above him. The seat splattered him into her hand and left nothing save bits and pieces to rain down. Idiot.

As the other three swung back around, Minamo let the wrecked jet fall to the ground far below. She shifted her position, not caring what, or who, she stepped on, as she watched them moving in. As they came in for another attack, Minamo pulled a powerline pole out of the ground. She swung it toward the approaching jets and the lines ripped off to create ad hoc whip. The jets tried to evade but too late as the wires smashed into them, causing all but one to crash either from losing a wing or just being knocked off course. The final one managed to make a crash landing and came to a stop only a few feet from Minamo. The pilot never got the chance to get out as Minamo’s foot finished with the powerline had started.

Minamo had to fight not to rub herself as she looked at the destruction she had caused. How long had it been since she had done this? Four years? That war had been such good fun and the sight of those little shits fleeing in terror… Ohhh, she had thought that feeling was lost forever. And yet here she was, with another city at her mercy. She was suddenly very glad she had come to help Yukari.

Stomping forward, Minamo made her way to the city proper crushing anything that got in her way. People tried to flee from her path, but her huge shoes crushed the slower ones into paste. Those in cars tried to get out, but couldn’t get unbuckled fast enough. They wound up nothing more than bloody filling to their metal tombs. Those in buildings never even knew what had happened as her shoe burst in, killing them instantly. A trail of death, destruction, and utter mayhem was left in Minamo’s wake. 

The rampage paused as Minamo reached the city. She bent down to look into the first large skyscraper, eager to see her new victims. She smirked at the tiny idiots staring out at her before punching the building. Her fist pulverized the fools who had stayed to watch while causing others to fall to floors below as her hand collapsed the structure. Screams and pleas for help echoed out of the building as Minamo smirked. Ripping her hand back out, and causing yet more screams and blood, Minamo hip-checked the building sending it teattering over. Those who had tried to flee outside found the sky falling on them before being buried alive.

Moving on, Minamo sent another tumbling to the ground as she kicked out its lower floors while a third was defaced as her hands ran through it. Glass rained down on the streets below cutting apart those that tried to flee into the streets and turning them into a charnel house. Sirens, panic, and general mayhem reigned as Minamo felt that oh so familiar pleasure fill her body. She spied an ambulance trying to help the survivors and frowned in annoyance. A slab of debris ended their attempts along with their lives. There were going to be no survivors to tell what happened here. 

Minamo continued her rampage through the city. She didn’t even try to follow the streets and, instead, simply plowed through whatever got in her way. People were sent tumbling to their deaths as she barreled through buildings while others grabbed onto her thinking it safe. It was anything but as she used another building to scrape them off, or pulled them off if the urge took her.  Grabbing a large skyscraper, she used it like a club to smash apart another. The debris from both were used like balls as she pegged more buildings turning them into ruins. The few police still left tried to stop her, but wound up simply staining her shoes. Minamo had no intention of stopping, or being stopped, till nothing was left.

Once the city, and its suburbs, were nothing more than a wasteland, Minamo dusted herself off and headed back to Sakaki. Sakaki had a terrified look on her face and Minamo sighed at herself. Right… she had forgotten Sakaki was here… 

“Well, that was… educational. That… that is how we deal with people who want to solve problems with violence. By being violent too…” Minamo trailed off as Sakaki just stared down at her. 

“Le-Let’s just go find Yukari,” Minamo said turning away before Sakaki saw her face turn deep red.


Yukari wasn’t sure how long she had been looking for that damn city that had DARED to attack her student. So far she had only found small rural towns and none of them were large enough to have their own jets for protection. Maybe she should have asked Sakaki to lead her back to the city… No, no, the poor girl didn’t need to be reminded of that horrible attack on her. Yukari just needed to keep looking!

Finally, after crossing a small mountain range, Yukari spotted a city large enough to be the one that attacked Sakaki. She growled in anger at how pristine it looked, Sakaki hadn’t caused a bit of damage and they had still attacked her! Even more angry now, Yukari left the mountains and stormed toward the city. Sirens and general panic began to erupt from the city, but Yukari ignored it as she looked over the area outside the city. She saw a police cruiser nearby and scooped it up before the officer had a chance to get out.

“YOU! Get me the mayor of this town! I need to speak with him!” Yukari demanded as she glared into the toy car. The officer stared at her in terror before nodding and talking into his car’s radio. Yukari put her free hand on her hip as she, impatiently, waited for the mayor to answer. Finally, the officer opened his window and waved at Yukari.

“Th- The mayor wants to know what you want,” the officer said nervously.

“Isn’t it obvious? An apology!”

“Apo- Apology? For what?”

“WHAT DO YOU MEAN FOR WHAT?! You know damn well for what!” Yukari yelled causing the officer to cringe. He spoke into his radio again and Yukari waited.

“Th-The mayor says he doesn’t know what you are talking about,” the officer said, already cringing. For good reason too as Yukari lost her patience. 

“That little- where is he?” Yukari demanded. The officer got a deer-in-headlights look as he mouthed nothing. Yukari had seen that look on enough students to know the officer had no idea. And the mayor sure as shit wasn’t going to give him an answer.

With him now useless, Yukari tossed him and his car off into the distance. Fine, if they didn’t want to admit their fault then she’d MAKE them admit it! Raising her foot, Yukari slammed it down on the crowd that had gathered, splattering them over the area. The survivors all took off in different directions but Yukari dragged her foot around the area to make sure none escaped.

“You are going to apologize or I am going to make sure you regret it!” she yelled, her fury at the injustice burning away any sense. Yukari moved into the suburbs and began flattening every building she came to. People fled their homes as she arrived but wound up stains anyway. Cars tried to flee but only got a few feet before they were turned to pancakes. She even got onto her knees when she got to the more populated areas to use her hands to crush the people. Entire crowds were crumpled as she snatched them up while cars were turned into flying missiles of death. Destruction and death surrounded Yukari as she crawled her way through more and more tiny shits.

Yukari stood back up as she arrived at the edge of the city. She growled at the closest skyscraper and reached out to ri-

“YUKARI WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!” Minamo, suddenly, yelled from behind her. Yukari turned and saw Minamo and Sakaki standing at the edge of the wasteland she had made, worried looks on their faces.

“What do you mean what am I doing? Making sure these assholes apologize for attacked Sakaki!” Yukari answered. Minamo let out a sigh before covering her face with her hand. Yukari got a bad feeling as she knew that look far, FAR too well.

“Yukari… this isn’t the city that attacked Sakaki,” Minamo said. Yukari blinked as she heard those words. Wasn- but it had to be she had… had ran off… without asking Sakaki where the city was… and wandered around until she found one that… wasn’t damaged… Oh, ohhh ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh…

Oh no. 

Realization caused Yukari to back away from the skyscraper she had been seconds away from destroying. She looked back at the devastation she had caused and sucked in a breath. Looking at all the blood on her shoes made her worry turn to near panic. Oh no, oh no, oh no, OH NO!!!

“M-Minamo… I screwed up. I really, really, REALLY screwed up. Oh no, oh no, oh no,” Yukari said as images of court, a prison sentence, her being fired, being homeless, dying alone all played through her head. Oh no, oh no, oh no!

Minamo let out another sighed and nodded in agreement. She gave Yukari a comforting pat on the shoulder before pulling her into a side hug. Yukari felt a bit better, but was still sure she was going to be fired.

“I’m so fired aren’t I?”

“Probably. Unless,”


“Unless no one talks about this,” Minamo said with a strange twinkle in her eye. No one talked about it? Of course the tinies were gonna talk about it! She had ki- killed- kill… ohhhhhhh~!

“Minamo, what would I do without you?” Yukari said, going for a full hug on her old friend. Minamo sighed and shook her head.

“Probably get fired and die in the gutter. You can thank me later, right now we got a crime to cover up,” Minamo said with a smirk. Yukari nodded before looking at Sakaki.

“You need to help too! This is going to be a good learning experience!” 

“How is this a learning experience?”

“Everyone should know how to get away with doing bad stuff! It's an important life lesson!”

“Maybe for someone like you… Still she is right, we will need some help, Sakaki. Come on,” Minamo finished as Sakaki gave an unsure nod.

By this point people were fleeing in terror from every direction, desperate to escape the doomed city. It was all in vain, however, as the three girls fanned out and began to massacre everyone that had left the city. Yukari kicked buses full of people into the distance while skipping from car to car. Minamo simply stepped on anyone or anything that dared to try and slip past her all while making sure to savor those that tried to flee on foot. Sakaki was less… gungho about the death and whispered apologies with each step. At least for a little while, but her embarrassment and guilt was slowly replaced with an awe of how easy this was. And how nice it felt to feel cars, buses, people, and even buildings give way to her shoes. Hehe, this was getting kinda fun.

Sakaki’s enjoyment was interrupted as her shoe was struck by a bottle. The bottle exploded into a small fireball and the flames began to spread. A local biker gang had shown up to try and stop her all wielding various improvised weapons, including molotov cocktails. Another bottle struck her other shoe before Sakaki could react to the sudden attack.

Slipping her feet out of the burning shoes, Sakaki backed off a few steps to get some distance. The bikers raced after her still hollering and waving their weapons above their heads. Sakaki glared down at them, finding them exceedingly repulsive, before falling to her knees. The sudden impact caused the bikers to wobble in their seats, but they proved capable riders and kept going. At least until Sakaki’s hand swept through and sent a chunk of their number flying. 

The wild yells and hollers began to turn to worried screams as her other hand swept through, sending more of them flying to their deaths. A few peeling off to flee while the braver ones continued toward her closest knee. They didn’t get too far as Sakaki lowered herself down. Her large breast filled the sky above the bikers before crashing down like a meteor. Sakaki felt the little pops of them all being killed before finishing off the runners with a smack of her hand. WIth the bikers dead, she stood up but found her shoes ruined by the spreading fire. Sakaki frowned in annoyance before raising her barefeet to make sure others paid for her lost footwear.

Yukari, meanwhile, had finished crushing the highways and roads leading out of the city on her side. She started into the city and winced as a tank shell hit her side. Looking at the lone tank, Yukari moved to snatch it up. The tank, however, reversed into an alleyway between two skyscrapers. Yukari tried to push her way between them, her face breaking off bits of masonry as she smirked down at the tiny thing, but the tank fired again nailing her breast. 

She backed off and grimaced from the impact before turning in rage at where the tank had gone. Raising her leg, she kicked one of the skyscrapers down before stomping over its remains. The tank tried to turn its turret to face her, but was too slow as she squeezed the cannon into a mess of metal. With its only defense ruined, Yukari snatched it up with ease.

“Shooting me in the tits, you better apologize for being so rude! Say you are sorry!” Yukari said as she pressed the tank into her breast. The tank began to buckle and groan as she pressed it harder and harder into her breast. One of the crew tried to climb out, but was cut in half as the hatch bent and twisted around him. She watched the torso fall to the ground far below before pushing the tank still harder. Finally, with a sudden crack, the tank caved in completely and blood began to leak out from it. 

“Apology accepted,” Yukari said before letting the ruined remains of the tank fall. She glanced over and noticed a few people who had watched her punishment from the skyscraper she hadn’t knocked over. A smirk formed on her face as she turned so her breasts faced them. She bent down a little before pushing her breasts together with her arms. The onlookers continued to watch as Yukari giggled to herself. She inched closer as she continued to squeeze her breasts until they were nearly touching the glass. Sadly, Yukari couldn’t see if the group had kept watching, but she figured they were. 

Wrapping her arms around the skyscraper, Yukari waited a moment before pulling it into herself. It resisted for a second before starting to crumble apart. She kicked out the bottom of the building and it collapsed right onto her. The wave of concrete, steel, and debris didn’t budge her, however, as it washed over her like water. Yukari smiled as she looked down, seeing a few forms moving about the debris that covered her body. Deciding to let her new passengers remain, Yukari picked out another target.

As Yukari and Sakaki began to destroy the other areas of the city, Minamo moved deeper into the city. She shoved aside buildings like they were intrusive shrubs and sent thousands crashing to their dooms. Ambulances desperate to reach the few survivors found their routes blocked by debris or in need of rescue as well. Minamo ignored the horror happening below her, however, as she made a beeline for city hall. 

The large building was older in style and was regal, sturdy, and squat. Large columns dominated its entrance while a large dome topped it like a crown. A crown that barely reached Minamo’s knee… She scoffed at its size before kneeling to get to grips with it, her rear plowing through another building to make room. More people fell to their deaths while others clung to her pants in desperation.

Minamo swatted the dome off the building before peering inside. The main floor where the various representatives would meet was, sadly, empty and she frowned in annoyance. Glancing around, she spotted a woman trying to slip out a side door. Snatching her up, Minamo brought her up to eye level.

“Excuse me, Miss. Can you tell me where the mayor and their staff have gone?” Minamo asked as if she wasn’t a towering Goddess of Death and just a curious tourist. The woman shivered and bubbled out noises, but nothing that sounded like an answer. Minamo sighed before starting to close her hand.

“Come now, it is a simple question. Just answer or I might have to squeeze the information out. That would be awful,” Minamo said with an imitation of her usual encouraging smile. This one had clear malice behind it as she stared down at her tiny captive. The woman screamed and begged as the fingers closed in. Those weren’t the noises Minamo wanted, however.

“He- HE ESCAPED INTO A BUNKER! IT’S BENEATH THE BUILDING!” the woman, finally, answered as Minamo’s hand nearly closed her in completely. With her question answered, Minamo reopened her hand and gave the woman a bright smile.

“Thank you, Miss. Have a nice day,” Minamo said before dropping her to the ground to splatter on the concrete. In a bunker huh?

Glaring down at the building, Minamo thought of the perfect way to make sure he and the rest stayed down there. Turning around, Minamo thrust her butt out before leaping into the air. She crashed down onto city hall causing it to explode outward, and killing everyone who had been clinging to her pants. She ground her hips into the Earth before standing back up. 

The ground where city hall had been was flattened with only a few broken bits of debris to mark it as ever having a building. Minamo smiled at her work before grabbing a nearby skyscraper. She dumped it into the area where city hall had been before going to grab another. Slowly, she created a massive pile of debris to bury where city hall had been, blood pooling around it. If the mayor was in a bunker, he would never get out with so much debris blocking his way back to the surface.

Dusting her hands off, Minamo found most of the city was gone. Sakaki and Yukari were finishing off the last bits of it and there were only a few people still moving about. Minamo snatched up a few and crushed them in her hands before going toward Sakaki. Sakaki giggled as she flattened a few scurrying survivors with her bare feet.

“Having fun, Sakaki?” Minamo asked. Sakaki glanced up and blushed before going back to her usual locked away self. She, quickly, finished off the few people still around her with no great fanfare and looked away in embarrassment. Minamo sighed and shook her head.

“Sakaki, there is no need to feel embarrassed. Enjoying… this kind of thing is natural. You should be more honest with yourself. Did you know me and Yukari were in the Tiny Wars a few years back?” Minamo admitted with a slight smirk. Sakaki reserved demeanor brightened a bit and she glanced between her and Yukari. Minamo smirk spread.

“Enjoy yourself, Sakaki. We probably won’t get to do this again for a long time,” Minamo said as Sakaki smiled and nodded. She went back to removing the last few hold outs with eager zeal. 


“The tour was really educational! Did you know the tinies areas all have tiny mountains, hills, trees, everything! It’s like an entire miniature world!” Chiyo said as the class started back toward the bus. The others nodded numbly to her excited words, but didn’t hear them. Yomi’s mind kept going back to being called fat by a tiny asshole, her rage still simmering. She wanted so badly to go back and crush more cities for that… Tomo, on the other hand, was eager to get home to look at the various items she had… borrowed from their trip. She had gotten an expensive car, a tractor, a tree, even a building she thought was empty. It was going to be loads of fun playing with them!~

Ayumu was lost in a world all her own, as usual. She remembered a bit of her trip, but was already starting to forget it for new random things. Which wasn’t good for the poor hiker who had taken her offer and was in her pocket, forgotten about. Yukari was having to fight not to show her enjoyment as the passengers she had allowed onto her wormed into various places. She was just as eager to get home as Tomo and see what kinds of fun she could have. Maybe one of them was an attractive man~!

At the back end was Sakaki who glanced back at the tiny world. She looked as deadpan as always, but inside she was fighting a war. She so badly wanted to go back, to crush more of them, to make them beg for mercy, to use them however she saw fit… but it wasn’t to be. She let out a sigh as she started onto the bus, but stopped as Chiyo blocked the way.

“Sorry you didn’t have fun on the trip, Sakaki,” Chiyo said, showing her uncanny ability to see through Sakaki’s mask again. 

“Umm… n-no, its not-” Sakaki started, but stopped as Chiyo held something out with her hand. Sakaki leaned down to get a better look before her entire body locked up. Inside Chiyo’s hand, curled up in the middle of her palm, was a teeny tiny kitten sleeping in the welcome warmth of Chiyo’s hand. Sakaki felt her heart skip a beat as the cuteness threatened to overwhelm her. IT WAS SOOOOOOOO CUTE!~!~!~!~!~!~!~! And it had little white spots, ohhhhhhh~~~~!!!

“I saw it running along the path and picked it up, isn’t it cute?” Chiyo asked as Sakaki gave a numb nod. She, slowly, reached out to try and pet it. She made sure to go slow and be as gent- In an instant the kitten was awake and scratched Sakaki’s hand before moving to Chiyo’s thumb. It hissed at Sakaki as Chiyo’s smile dimmed. 

Sakaki was inconsolable for the rest of the day...


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