Trish's Time on Tiny Tinder by Thatgirlyouknow

A single mother tries a new dating app, with surprising results

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1. Trish's First Meetup by Thatgirlyouknow

2. Trish and Jeff Expand Their Horizons by Thatgirlyouknow

Trish's First Meetup by Thatgirlyouknow
Author's Notes:

I'm excited to say that this is my first commissioned story! Thank you all for your readership and support, and thanks to REDACTED for letting me put this on paper!

From their mind through my fingertips, enjoy!

Trish lay on top of her floral bedspread, covered in a thin sheen of sweat. She was breathing heavily as she dropped her vibrator to her side and savored the afterglow. But as was becoming more and more true as time went on, that post-orgasmic bliss vanished before she was ready. If she didn't have to go to work she could have worked off her urges again, but this morning didn't give her the luxury.

"At least it's Friday," she said aloud to her empty home as she began getting dressed. The words echoed down the hall.

She slipped on a conservative gray D-cup bra. Plain white panties covered by a knee-length gray skirt and a white blouse. Trish sighed as she looked at herself in the mirror. Turning sideways to check out her thick backside helped her spirits a little; she knew at forty-seven she was still turning heads. In her younger days she'd done some bikini modeling and the adventurous part of her wished she had never stopped.

With a bagel in hand for the drive to work Trish left home. Just like everything else in her life, even the radio talk-shows just weren't enough to get her out of this funk she'd been living in. Two months ago her son Jeff had left for college. He only came home to visit every other weekend. She thought it could be more often, but he enjoyed school and 'the other side of town' was half an hour's drive away on a good day. The single mother was having a difficult time adjusting to being an empty nester.

"I love my job, I love my job," she mumbled to herself as she rode in the elevator to the law firm where she worked as a secretary. And it was true, she did enjoy her work. She was kept busy, paid well, and enjoyed her coworkers.

But her life was missing something. A spark that hadn't been there since her ex-husband had decided China looked better than Wisconsin.

The morning breezed by at work. Clients came and left, packages were dropped off, correspondence sent out. Before Trish knew it, she was eating lunch and taking a step she had been debating for some time now: online dating.

Trish opened her phone's app store, determined to download Tinder and at least start getting her thrills from other people. Some of her coworkers had used it and even when they weren't satisfied with the sex from their impromptu partners they still loved how exciting it had been to meet with someone and barely make eye contact before getting bent over a table.

After typing 'Tinder' into the search bar Trish surveyed the results. Obviously, the real thing was the first result, but the third one had caught her eye.

"Tiny Tinder?" she asked herself quietly. The break room was empty, or she might not have had the courage to click on it if she knew someone might look over her shoulder.

Microphelia was something Trish had always been interested in. Half of her masturbation fantasies involved her playing with a giant's raging erection that towered far above her. When she was feeling really dirty she fantasized about slipping herself into that massive cock and masturbating in his testicles until he shot her out with his load into a tissue that got tossed straight into the trash. Her included.

She shook her head, sending some of her blonde hair into disarray, to knock herself out of that fantasy. The last thing she needed was to start getting really horny at work. Or at least horny could wait until the day was almost over.

As she nibbled on her salad, she read the description of the 'Tiny Tinder' app. At first it seemed like a role-playing app, which she would have enjoyed. But on reading the reviews it seemed like it was the real deal!

"Have you ever seen a dick twice as tall as you are?" - makemesmall420

“Best. Vibrator. Ever.” – woofy7

"She ate me and we both had the time of our lives!" - sudonimm18

Throwing caution to the wind Trish downloaded the app. She had just enough time to head to the bathroom to get a picture of her tight pussy to use as a profile picture before she went back to work. When she had a few moments free at her computer she finished setting up the app and threw her profile out there to the wide world.

Five minutes later her phone vibrated quietly on her desk.


Jeff yawned in the back row of the lecture hall. So far half of college had been a review of things he'd learned in high school and failed to hold his attention for long. He'd been having plenty of fun though; he was lucky enough to get a single dorm room that he was rarely alone in.

This was partly due to his looks. At six-foot even he was taller than most guys, with a strong chin and short black hair that made him look like an action star from the nineties. But it was also in part due to the rumor mill at school. Once he'd nailed his first cheerleader, she'd spread the word about his manhood and stamina.

Now he was so tired he was having trouble staying awake in class.

But when his phone buzzed in his pocket he perked right up. He discreetly slipped it out of his jeans pocket and opened his notifications. Jeff quickly read the message and typed out his reply.

He'd tried Tinder and had a blast. Bumble, not quite as much. And the college dating scene was pretty full of girls more than willing to spend a night in his room.

But he wanted something more. Something new. And Tiny Tinder made it happen.

Jeff had only met two women on Tiny Tinder so far, and it had exceeded his expectations by far. Part of him had only expected a dedicated role-playing scenario. But when the app had actually brought his giant and tiny toy fantasy to life? Now he was a believer.

And tonight, he'd get to play with another tiny woman that didn't realize once she shrank she was just a toy. Until, and if, he said any different.


That evening found Trish waiting nervously in a hotel room on the east side of town. She'd gotten there early and now the waiting was driving her insane. The blonde checked her phone one more time; he was on his way!

Then, one minute before the time they'd agreed upon to meet up, her phone buzzed. Quickly she grabbed it, hands shaking from the nerves and excitement.

"Giant incoming! Shrink now?" the Tiny Tinder app asked her. Trish tapped the notification and the app opened, showing her a sliding rule that went from one to one hundred.

"Here goes nothing!" Trish said to herself. Her shaking thumb pressed down on the slider, and she slid it to the left.

It went past seventy-five. Trish paused, waiting to feel something. When nothing happened she rolled her eyes and laughed at herself. Of course this wasn't going to shrink her, how could it?

She slid the slider further left, past fifty. Just as she was going to pull her thumb off and triple-check that the door was propped slightly open she felt a jolt of electricity shoot through her body. Startled, her thumb slid further left on the phone before she dropped it to the floor.

"Whoa!" she said aloud as the world swam around her. She felt her short dress grow rapidly around her, and when she reflexively looked upward it appeared as though the ceiling was shooting upward away from her. Trish couldn't help but flail her arms as the bed briefly disappeared from underneath her thick backside, but a moment later she felt herself land on the spread, covered in the red fabric she'd been wearing moments earlier.

Trish took a moment to catch her breath as she realized what had happened.

"Holy shit!" Trish said to herself, holding the fabric of her dress over her head so that she could see. "This is amazing! It actually worked!"

Then she realized that she only had a couple of minutes, at most, before her giant arrived. She scrambled, lost among the sea of red fabric, heading for what she hoped was the neck hole. Despite her diminutive stature she felt strong, and even though the dress was now far larger than she was it moved easily when she pushed it out of her crawling way.

Moments later she found her exit through one of the sleeves. From her new vantage point the hotel room was massive, the bed a sea colored in the neutral white of hotel sheets. The pillows impossibly far away, the television a distant mountain.

Knowing her greatest fantasy was about to come true, Trish licked her pointer finger and slid her hand down to her exposed pussy. She'd made sure she was shaved for this even though her giant might not notice or even care. She was wet from anticipation as she lightly rubbed her clit, preparing herself for her giant's arrival.

Then she heard the sound she'd been waiting for: the doorknob turned. The door squeaked slightly as a massive figure opened it. The soft click of a door shutting, the heavy sound of a deadbolt turning to secure some privacy.

"You here?" called out a booming voice. Her giant was speaking at a normal tone; he didn’t know that she'd already shrank. But where did Trish know this voice from?

"There you are," said Jeff as he turned the corner to see the rest of the hotel room. His toy had actually picked a decent hotel, which was a nice change from his dorm room.

On the corner of the bed was a red dress, carelessly tossed there by someone. A phone lay on the floor, half propped up by the black stilettos it had landed on. And there, next to the dress, was what he had come for: a little blonde woman maybe three inches tall.

He smiled down at her as he approached the bed, enjoying the moment before he started his party. The tiny was already touching herself but seemed stunned looking up at him. Was this her first time shrinking? Jeff would certainly make it memorable for her.

"I hope you're ready for this, you little slut," Trisha heard her son say as he peered down at her. She was frozen on the bed, unsure how to react. There was no way this was going down the way they had talked on the app. What were the odds that she'd pair with her own son?

“You’re my little toy until I let you go. If I decide to, that is,” he said with chuckle.

The tiny yelled something at him and waved her arms. Jeff knew excitement when he heard it. The little woman was jumping up and down, making her breasts and blonde hair bounce. It was as if she knew exactly what he wanted from his little sluts.

"Ready or not, here I come!" he said to his little toy as he pulled off his shirt. When she kept squealing he just smiled. By the time he was pulling off his pants and underwear he was fully erect. Each time he'd played with a shrunken woman they'd had the same effect on him – instant erection.

"Jeff!" Trish screamed at her son as he started getting undressed. She jumped up and down to get his attention. "Jeff it's me, your mother!" she screamed again.

For a moment they made eye contact and she was sure this would end. A nightmare of a situation for both of them, never to be spoken of again. And she'd never pick up another dating app as long as she lived. Probably.

Then he just smiled down at her and her hopes faded. Nothing in his eyes said he recognized her as anything other than the tiny fuck toy she'd promised to be. All her dirty talk earlier ran through her mind as she desperately thought of how she was going to get out of this. Oh, why hadn't she requested a face picture before she told the random man on the phone that she wanted to feel a cumshot large enough to knock her over?

She’d been too mesmerized of the idea of that massive uncircumcised cock towering over her when the picture popped up on her phone.

The phone! Where was the phone? Trish looked about desperately, not seeing it near her dress. She ran awkwardly on top of the blanket, hoping against hope that she could find it quickly. If she could reach it she could unshrink herself before...

From what seemed like a thousand feet above her she heard a sound she'd never forget. A zipper a mile long being undone. The inch-tall blonde stopped running like a deer caught in the headlights of a car. Terrified, Trish looked upward at her shirtless son. He was looking down at her with a smile on her face that she could only describe as predatory. She was no longer a person to share an experience with in his eyes; just like he'd told her on the phone, she was his little fuck toy until he decided otherwise.

Her eyes traveled down his toned chest and belly, followed the happy trail of hair down to where it entered the waistband of his underwear. Then he was pulling his pants down, bringing the boxers with them. A monster was released.

Trish gasped as the length of Jeff's cock was revealed. Far above her it seemed larger than a city bus, and as more of it was freed from his underwear it fell horizontally. The bulbous head seemed too large to fit on the long shaft, covered as it was by his foreskin.

"No no!" Trish mumbled to herself as more of the monstrous flesh was revealed. Seeing a massive cock towering over her was everything she could have hoped for, and part of her only recognized it as the fulfillment of her fetish. That she had agreed to this and even shrunk herself willingly.

But the rational part of her knew this had to stop. She couldn't do this.

Then the cock was free and Jeff leaned forward slightly, positioning his cock over the tiny. From that far away all he could hear were squeaks of excitement even though his seven-inch cock blocked out the sight of his little blonde toy.

Of course, he didn't need to know where she was to get the action going. With a finger he lifted his cock upward, then let it go as he leaned forward onto the bed rapidly. There was a startled scream that was rapidly cut off as Jeff felt the tiny get smashed under his cock. With a laugh he put all the weight he could manage onto his cock, driving the little slut into the blankets.

"Yeah, that's my little bitch," he said, directing his voice down to the tiny as he started to thrust his hips into the bed, dragging her along for the ride with each thrust.  "I know we talked about a safe word," he said aloud to no one in particular, "but I lied. You're not here for your fantasy, you're here to be my little cum rag."

Jeff felt the tiny stop struggling under him for a moment. His words must have reached her tiny ears despite the tons of throbbing flesh above her. Then her struggling redoubled. With a groan Jeff started to thrust his cock against her once more.

"Mmmpphf!" was all the response Trish could muster. She'd been too terrified of his massive cock to get out of the way, if that were even possible at her size. Now her son's cock was all she could comprehend.

She knew from what they'd discussed that he was doing his best to pound her into the bed, but there was no time for her to think about her situation. Jeff's cock was pushing her down far harder than she could possibly resist, though she couldn’t help but try even though she knew her struggles would only turn him on.

The cock thrust upward, his skin rubbing hard on hers. Luckily the shrinking process had made her incredibly durable, so when the cock rubbed back down her entire body she didn't break anything. She simply got a mouth full of cock when she tried to scream as the friction heat grew between them.

It grew hotter and hotter as Jeff's cock slid up and down on her. She may have been durable, but she grew more and more scared as Jeff's strokes picked up speed. Trish may not have been crushable, but the heat was growing to the point of pain.

Just as she was sure she would burst into flame, Jeff stopped humping. Trish still didn't have enough room to take a real breath, but she got a full, long sniff of his cock. There was a faint hint of soap mixed with ball sweat that she had been hoping to experience....just not like this.

Determined to tell her son that they had to stop, Trish's thoughts raced furiously. Then after a long moment where she thought Jeff may have fallen asleep the cock started to drag down her body slowly. Just as she felt the weight start to lessen, she opened her eyes and found herself staring into the eye of her son's massive cock. She started to scream and threw her hands up to try and keep the cock away from her.

"Open up you little whore!" Jeff said loudly to the tiny as he revealed her form under his cock. She started to yell up to him, obviously wanting what he was about to give her.

The tiny tickled the tip of his cock nicely with her hands and feet as he grasped the base. With a slow and deliberate stroke he milked his cock, pushing the tip against the tiny’s face. The little blonde's head slipped into his urethra just as the first drops of precum started to leak outward.

"Yeah, good little bitch, drink it up like the whore you are," Jeff said as he milked himself onto her. The first stroke covered her head in his slick, salty precum, and the second stroke was dragged down her torso. With his toy now covered in his natural lubricant Jeff climbed off the bed and turned to finish taking his pants and underwear off.

Sputtering, Trish knew what was going to happen if Jeff got ahold of her. Covered in his precum she rolled to her stomach. She tried to get to her feet and slipped due to the copious amounts of fluid she was almost swimming in. Trish screamed as she fell and got a mouthful of the liquid.

If it hadn't been her son's she would have let herself enjoy the taste and heat it brought. Instead she spit as much out as she could and managed to get to her feet. She wiped her eyes clear as best as she could and ran, unknowing and uncaring of what direction she was moving in.

Now completely naked, Jeff turned back toward the bed and saw that his toy was eagerly making her way toward the pillow. He laughed to himself, seeing how she was leaving a dark trail of his fluids on her way. Jeff let her run for a little longer as he stroked himself lightly.

"Here I come you little bitch," he said as he climbed onto the bed. She kept running, clearly as eager to be used as he was to use her. On all fours he crawled upward rapidly, carefully aiming his cock at her back.

He felt the tip contact her and drive her once more into the bed. Then he rolled onto his back and rapidly shifted his hips so that he landed in front of the eager little toy. She didn't stop running, eager as ever, so he lifted his cock just enough to allow her to run straight into his ball sack.

Trish was still wiping her eyes of her son's salty pre-emission when she ran into something hot. And soft. And sweaty in just that perfect way...

"No!" she said to herself as she rebounded backward off of her son's titanic testicles. "He's your son!" she yelled at herself. Knocked off balance Trish fell onto her ample backside and onto her back.

Just as she stood to turn and run a hand far larger than herself scooped her up.

"Oof!" Trish yelled as the wind was knocked out of her. The hand didn't bother to wrap her up, instead she felt herself be slammed against something massive and hot. Jeff's cock.

With the tiny firmly in place, Jeff started stroking himself. She was slick with his precum already so there wasn't any of the painful friction he'd experienced with his first Tiny Tinder meetup. He forced himself to go slower than he wanted; they had the room until tomorrow.

"Now down to what you came here for, you little slut!" he said as he pulled her body up and down along his raging erection. She did what she could for him as he used her like the sex toy she was, but even her best little movements were nothing compared to the knowledge that he had a tiny little bitch whose only purpose was to make his cock feel better while he jerked it.

The room was silent but for the slapping sound of skin on skin as Jeff pleasured himself. Trish tried to scream through his fingers, but he was squeezing her too tightly. As she was yanked up and down she grew lightheaded, and helplessly fought for all she was worth.

Then he started talking to her and despite herself she felt a heat from between her legs. Heat that had nothing to do with the friction between the two of them.

"You like that you dirty bitch?" Trish heard over the *SCHLICK* and *SCHLOCK* sounds of her body bringing her son pleasure. "This is what you came for, right?" A slower upstroke milked more precum that leaked onto her head and seeped into her mouth as she tried to yell a reply.

"Oh yeah you little cunt, here it comes!" Jeff yelled as he felt the point of no return quickly approaching. He grabbed a tissue from the bedside table and situated his toy in the middle of it.

Trish felt the rhythmic stroking change in patterns just as Jeff yelled he was about to cum. Then something white and soft surrounded her and held her still away from the towering pulsating meat. She'd just gotten used to the up and down stroking motion, now being held steady upset her stomach. She had enough room to roll on her side to try and get her stomach under control.

"Oh, you just wanna feel someone cumming on your back, huh?" Jeff said to her as he saw her start to roll over onto his hand. A quick flick of the wrist finished the movement for her just as he started to erupt.

"Unngh!" he said unconsciously as he started to cover his tiny with jizz. The first shot missed her to the left, and he saw her reflexively jerk away from it. At one-inch tall that would have looked like a sticky globule the size of a couch. He didn't miss with the next, or the one after that. Immediately she was covered in the hot sticky fluid.

"Oooh!" Trish moaned as she felt the heat of her son's seed start to cover her body. The first blast had missed her, but the second had covered her entire back in a wave of heat and fluid. The heat between her legs reacted accordingly and she couldn't help but slip a hand between her legs. Part of her noted that it was lucky she did that early, because as the semen kept shooting onto her she was too weighed down to move. Trish was lucky she wasn't literally drowning in semen.

Everything about this was so wrong but she couldn't stop herself. She was finally living her fantasy, being used like a cheap sex toy. Treated like the little slut that her ex-husband never could bring himself to do. Yes it was her son, but her lust was too strong to resist.

Just one orgasm, she told herself. Then I'll find a way out of this.

Jeff kept stroking himself as spurts five, six, and seven kept coming. His cock still twitched enough to get one more tiny squirt of semen onto his toy. With a sigh as his orgasm faded Jeff milked his cock one last time to get one last glob of semen to fall onto the covered little blonde.

He laughed as he saw her form entirely surrounded by his semen. He wiped the tip of his cock on the tissue then climbed off the bed, being careful not to let the semen slide off the side of the tissue. With his soaked toy in hand he walked to the bathroom.

Trish was close, so close, as she furiously rubbed her clit that she didn't notice the world moving around her. She was lost in her fantasy, swimming in cum, being used, being nothing more than a toy. But she did notice when Jeff casually dumped her into the bathroom sink.

She only had time to let out a startled squeak before she hit the side of the white porcelain. The shock pulled her back from the edge of her orgasm and just as she realized what happened Jeff turned on the cold water. Instantly she felt ice cold and the semen that remained on her congealed. She opened her mouth to scream and just got a blast of chlorinated water for her efforts.

"You know, the first little cunt I beat it with just went straight into the trash can," Jeff said with some regret. He roughly grabbed her with two fingers and rubbed her skin to get the rest of his cum off of her. "The second one showed me how durable you little sluts really are."

With that statement he turned on the hot water. Almost instantly Trish's world turned from arctic to boiling. She tried to scream but again it was a wasted effort. Trish felt her entire body get hotter and hotter, far past the point where she would have passed out if she were full size.

Then she heard the toilet flush and the water stopped. Before she even had time to check herself for burns Jeff's massive hand encircled her again. He lightly flicked her body to shake her dry and quickly walked back into the main room.

When Trish got her bearings again they were back on the bed. Far away from her she could see the television had been turned on and Jeff had already found the porn channels. Another wave of heat flooded through her body as she watched the woman on the screen have a cock roughly shoved down her throat. Frustration flew through her mind as she remembered how close she had been to cumming before being dropped in the sink and cleaned like a cheap sex toy.

"Like I said, that second little cunt gave me a lot of ideas," Jeff told her from behind as he maneuvered her in his hand to get a grip on each of her legs.

"What?" Trish yelled out as she felt her legs be gripped, his fingers surprisingly cold as her legs were still incredibly hot from the sink. She pulled her eyes away from the couple on the television and looked down.

"Oh no," she said to herself as she remembered one of the many things Jeff had told her he would do to her little slutty body when she gave herself to him for use.

Somehow Jeff was already erect again and she was positioned directly over the top of his cock. His foreskin was still wet from his first ejaculation. Trish tried to escape his fingers but all she heard was a faint laugh from her son and his instructions to keep doing that when she was fully mounted.

With his toy in position Jeff pulled hard outward on her legs. He heard a satisfying faint scream and quickly pulled her downward as he saw her bottom half stretch obscenely. A real person would have been torn in half. But a condom was made to take this sort of treatment. However, unlike a real condom Jeff had learned that it was better to pull a tiny on as fast as one could. The lubricant he'd applied in the bathroom helped with that.

Just before she contacted the head of his cock Jeff tilted her body backward and used his thumbs to spread her ass apart. Even at full size he would have loved to be in her ass and he wasn't going to miss this opportunity.

"No Jeff we can't! I'm your mother!" she tried to scream up to him. Rubbing her on his cock had been bad enough but this was too far. Even in her horny, orgasm-denied mind she knew they couldn't do this.

Jeff smiled to himself as he heard the tiny yell enthusiastically.

"Oh yeah you little bitch, you wanted some random cock now I'm gonna stuff you like the whore you are."

With that said, Jeff pulled harder to make sure he was spreading the correct hole then pulled her down onto himself. For a moment his bulbous head merely pressed hard against the impossibly tiny anus it was trying to slide into. Then with a 'pop!' he was in. The heat was incredible; he'd been right that getting her hot beforehand would feel good. Just like heating up a conventional stroker.

The tiny's form slid halfway down his shaft on his first tug. Jeff rolled his eyes into his head. This tiny gripped his cock so hard if he hadn't lubed up he would have had trouble getting her on. Her little screams were cut off as he yanked again, sliding her down until he felt her wildly stretched asshole gripping his base.

Jeff took a moment to admire his handiwork. The little whore was mounted and stretched skin-tight onto his rod. What had been an inch-tall woman was now stretched thin enough over himself that he was sure he wouldn’t lose any sensation if he really did use her as a condom with a full-size woman. Her head was positioned just over his urethra and somehow was only slightly deformed compared to the rest of her body.

"Hey you little slut," he said to her, "Should I keep you and use you as a condom until you finally wear out?"

Trish had no way to reply of course. The massive cock inside of her filled her entire world. She wasn't a fan of anal at full size, but now she had no choice. She tried to use her arms to grab something. Anything. But they only flopped comically as they jutted out from her son’s cock. The only part of her that seemed to be working was her mind and her lust.

Jeff ignored her reflexively flailing limbs; at their size they weren't very disruptive. Her arms looked plenty funny though. He flicked one of the little limbs, then laid his cock back enough that he could see her breasts. They were stretched too but they had been large enough that they provided a convenient handhold to use.

Her son's massive hand encircled his cock and her body. Trish tried to scream but couldn't. As the cock had slid incredibly far into her it had first pushed all her organs out of the way as it advanced upward. She'd screamed as she realized what was happening, but that scream was quickly cut off as her son's massive helmet almost immediately reached her ribcage.

There was a brief moment where she felt her ribs start to break, then he'd tugged her downward again. Her vision had shifted incredibly, as though she were looking through a wide-angle lens camera at the ceiling. She could feel that her head was the only part of her that he hadn't managed to slide his cock into, but with everything else stretched insanely her head was stretched too.

Oh my god this is really happening! Trish thought to herself as Jeff started stroking. The wrongness of it made her want to cry, but the sexiness of it made her wish she could reach her dripping cunt to masturbate.

"Alright you little cunt, let's make this one last!" Jeff said to her as he gripped her tightly and started to slide her up and down on his cock.

To say she felt wonderful on him would be an understatement. Every ridge and vein on his cock was gripped tightly by her stretched body, every nerve of his lit up with every inch he moved her. At first he stroked slowly, his eyes flickering back and forth between his tiny stretched out stroker and the girl on the television whose face was turning red as the man fucking her throat refused to let her come up for air.

"Yeah you little bitch, I knew you wanted my cock," Jeff said as he sped up his strokes. "I'm gonna cum so hard in you it'll leak out your slutty little eyeballs."

Up and down, up and down. He changed his stroke pattern, slow up, fast down, fast up, slow down. For half an hour Jeff used the little bitch just like the cock sleeve that she wanted to be.

At first, Trish was in hell. She couldn't control any part of her body and she was literally being used to jerk off her son's titanic cock. The sensations were nigh impossible to describe. At no point was she allowed to return to her normal proportions and the combined feeling of constant stretch and insane fulfillment was nigh indescribable. Pain. Heat. Stretch.


Time had no meaning for her as her whole world was dominated by her son's hand and cock. But soon she felt something other than horror and humiliation at the wrongness of her situation. A heat located just inside of her, under where the cockhead was nestled and moving inside what should have been her neck.

Precum. It had to be precum. And just as she felt that heat Trish's suspicions were validated: the taste of the salty viscous fluid filled her mouth as he leaked his precum into her. Sliding his cock into her ass had been an incredible feeling for him with an unintended side effect. He was essentially fucking her entire digestive tract, anus to mouth.

"Holy shit you little whore, you're so full of me you're leaking!" Jeff said with a laugh as he saw his precum start leaking out of her mouth.

And as the wonderful taste of precum filled her mouth Trish's pussy was suddenly on fire. She knew she couldn't resist this any longer; it may have been her son, but it was no use fighting. She'd wanted to be dominated and now she was being dominated more thoroughly than she'd ever imagined. Even in her darkest giant fantasy she'd never added in her own son.

As soon as her mind gave in and she let go of the wrongness of her son using her entire body as a stroker she came. She came hard. Jeff didn't notice, nor would he have cared, but to Trish it was the most mind-blowing orgasm she'd ever had. Her entire body quivered as her son's precum leaked out of her mouth and his cock filled her entire body.

Her orgasms just kept coming as he kept stroking, but soon part of her knew he was about to shoot; somehow the gargantuan cock was growing even stiffer.

"Oh you little bitch, ready for your second load of the night?"

Having seen how her open mouth leaked out his fluid, he knew he didn't want her to leak out any of his cum. Just as he felt his orgasm building up Jeff pinched the tiny's mouth shut.

"Not wasting any this time cunt!" he told her as his strokes picked up speed. "All the cum your little whore asshole can take, coming up!"

With that he blasted inside of her. Trish barely noticed as she was stretched by the sudden shots of nigh boiling cum deep inside of her. She barely noticed that he was pinching hard on her face, his fingers covering her entirely so that when the semen start shooting it had no option to escape out of her mouth. But her pussy noticed.

Her train of never-ending orgasms intensified as her body was filled with her son's cum. Had she been able to she would have passed out. If she could have stayed in this moment forever she would have. That far gone into her sexual fervor nothing else mattered.

Jeff's second orgasm was even larger than the first; this time he'd taken his time after working off the urge and initial excitement.

"Oh yeah you little bitch!" he said as he shot his load into the tiny condom. With her mouth pinched shut each shot took more pressure to release and it only made the orgasm stronger. He kept stroking up and down as he came, uncaring that his seed was starting to leak out through her stretched asshole and onto his balls.

Finally spent, Jeff took his hand off his cock. With a tired smile he looked down at the tiny condom still stuck on his cock, bouncing lightly with each heartbeat. He grabbed more tissues from the side table and started to clean himself up as his cock grew flaccid and his stroker started to slide upward and off his shaft at it grew more malleable.

Several minutes later he was soft enough that she popped off his cock and fell onto the blanket, a quivering mass of nerves and flesh. Jeff gave the tiny a good look.

"You look good covered in my load you little slut," he said to her as she laid there and twitched, still riding the wave of her constant orgasms. Her blonde hair was matted across her face, breasts heaving. With a finger he turned her over to look at her asshole.

Somehow it had already returned to its normal shape. Shrinking really was incredible, and she looked exhausted from the experience.

"Speaking of," Jeff said aloud as he started to feel the fatigue of the week sneaking up on him, "How about we call it a night?"

Trish was just starting to come out of her orgasmic fugue state when she felt the world shift around her again. She looked up just in time to see Jeff setting the phone down on the side table and for him to grow even larger than he had been. She gasped as she realized what was about to happen.

At one-quarter inch tall Jeff's toy was the perfect size.

"Climb in you little bitch," he told her as he laid his four-inch soft cock on the bed. To make his point even more clear he used two fingers to move his foreskin and hold open his still sticky urethra for him. With his other hand he pushed her now even smaller form closer and closer to his manhood.

When it was obvious she'd had enough of shrinking and didn't want to be cock vored, Jeff just smiled. Two fingers easily picked her up and he laid back on the bed. Carefully holding his cock vertical, he slid the tiny blonde into his urethra. She struggled wonderfully, but futilely. With one finger he pushed down lightly on her head and moaned as the little slut slid further in.

Then his cock did the rest of the job. Somehow sensing a meal, the tiny was pulled into the shaft.

This can’t be happening! Trish thought as she started to regain the ability to think. Not in time to do anything other than squirm of course; the cock eating her was already squeezing her shoulders tight, its rhythmic motions pulling her downward like a wet, sucking, sleeping bag. All around she could smell his semen.

Jeff tried to watch it all happen but she was just too small. He could feel her form be pulled down and down until there was a moment where he felt nothing at all. Then suddenly his left testicle felt a little heavier.

"Looking good down there you little cumslut! Get it straight from the source!" he said with a laugh, uncertain and uncaring if she could hear him. As he watched she started moving, his left testicle wiggling and sending pleasurable sensations up to his brain.

Jeff resisted the urge to masturbate again as he climbed under the covers. The toy was obviously having a great time and showed no signs of slowing down. Maybe he should plan a Tiny Tinder meetup with several women and cock vore them all next time? It would be quite the feeling to go to class with several tinies playing in his ball sack.

He laid his head on the pillow and grabbed the remote to turn off the TV. On it another girl was laying on her back with her head off the bed, about to receive a cock bigger than her forearm. With a sigh Jeff turned it off, then the lamp.

Moments later he fell into a deep, satisfied sleep.

Trish tried to climb her way out of Jeff's balls, but with no light she had no idea where to start. There was so much semen and fluids around her that even moving was a challenge. Every attempt to climb up the side was stymied by the wet, yielding inside wall of her son’s testicles. No matter how hard she tried, she knew that the only thing she was accomplishing was to give her giant a light tickle to remind him that she was there.

Trish did her best to escape until exhaustion finally claimed her near midnight. Her son's heartbeat lulled her to sleep.

Jeff woke in the morning when a single beam of sun shone through the window blinds and landed on his closed eyes. With an annoyed grunt he scooted up in bed until he was leaning back against the backboard. For a moment he was confused as to where he was, then he felt a tingling in his balls. His morning wood was already present.

"I suppose I should let you out, huh?" he said, not knowing or caring if his little slut was even awake. Jeff turned on the television, which was still on the porn channel. A girl dolled up to look well under eighteen was getting her asshole licked by someone who was probably supposed to be the older stepmother.

"Perfect," he said as he started stroking himself. The woman in his balls woke up at some point in the process, beginning to move and providing a nice tickling sensation.

"Next time I'll make your whore ass a little bigger bitch," he said to her, "You better pick it up down there, I can barely feel you!"

Not that it really mattered. Jeff's morning orgasm was fast and mechanical; just about fulfilling the urge quickly before breakfast. If he’d had a girl over, he’d have been halfway to cumming inside her before she was fully awake. He came onto another tissue, an orgasm made stronger as his body somehow yanked the tiny out of his ballsack and ejected her with a load of semen. Someday he was going to squirt a tiny right into some freshman girl's ass.

With that out of the way Jeff crumpled up the tissue, tiny cunt still in it, and sat it on the side table. In a moment he’d toss her in the trash just like his first Tiny Tinder date. The second had probably been eaten by squirrels after he’d left her in the park at half an inch tall with some of his soda poured on her.

His date's phone vibrated as he sat up. Since she'd happily spent the night in his ballsack, he didn't think she'd mind if he checked it out.

A finger swipe unlocked her phone and--

"Holy shit!" he said as he saw the background. It was a picture of him and his mother at his high school graduation!

He quickly uncrumpled the tissue and looked at the tiny. She was struggling to free herself from the sticky fluid, but still far too small to identify beyond having blonde hair and admirable breasts. Since he'd never looked at his mother as a sexual person he honestly couldn't even remember if she had breasts or an ass so those weren't very helpful.

Jeff picked up the phone again as he picked the tiny out of the puddle of drying semen. He dropped his toy onto the blanket as he opened her Tiny Tinder app and slid the shrinking slider a little to the right. Moments later the tiny grew to roughly a foot tall.

"Mom?" Jeff asked as he finally saw who he had been using all night.

"Jeff! Oh my god I tried all night to get your attention!" she said, her voice now easily audible.

Jeff sat down on the bed, too shocked to bother trying to hide his nakedness from his mother. She didn't bother either; after last night there weren't many barriers they could cross anymore.

"I just thought what I was hearing was enthusiastic!" Jeff said to her as he looked down at her tiny naked form.

Wow, I never realized mom does have a smoking hot body, he thought to himself.

"No honey," Trish said to him as she struggled to stand. "I mean, yeah I kinda wanted this, but not from my own son!"

"Yeah," he said with a chuckle, "I kinda figured whoever I met on that app wanted to be treated like a little slut but I never thought it might be you! Have you always been on this?"

Trish's hand drifted south without her realizing it. She wiped some of his cum, which hadn't grown with her, off her shoulder and reflexively sucked it off her finger. She froze with embarrassment as she realized she'd just enjoyed eating her son's cum.

"Oh, I think you have!" Jeff said to her as he saw that act. Even though he'd just beat off his cock twitched, an action that Trish did not miss.

"Oh no," Trish said, "I wanted to try this shrinking thing," she waved her arms about to indicate what their situation, "But I didn't...I..." she tried to speak but was distracted by his growing cock. She could see shiny precum already at his tip.

Between her naked form and the two women on the television licking each other in the bathtub Jeff couldn't control himself. Even if he'd cared to try.

"You liked it, didn't you?" he said quietly, leaning forward to tower over her. "You liked being my little fucktoy didn't you?"

Trish tried to shake her head no. She really did. But her libido had other plans. She couldn't lie to her son.

"Jeff, I—no, you need to make me full size again…" she trailed off as he towered over her. At a foot tall he was still far larger than her, and even though he was close enough that she could have jumped and slapped his face she felt powerless. And then she saw his growing cock, as big as her leg and still growing, pulsing lightly with his heartbeat.

"No I--" but she knew she couldn't deny it any longer. She'd loved it.

Loved being slathered with her son's precum as he dragged her tiny body up and down his cock. Loved being covered in his seed, loved being stretched impossibly and used as a little stroker. Loved the horrifyingly sexy feeling of being pulled down into his hungry cock and spending the night in his balls.

And right now she couldn't take her eyes off his cock. At seven inches it would have been enough for a regular woman, but right now it was still over half as long as she was tall. And she knew she could take it.

Jeff saw where her eyes were, heard her pathetic attempts at denying the fun she'd had. And his own desire grew.

He shifted his weight forward and she fell backward, legs unintentionally spread. Without waiting Jeff grabbed her legs and pulled her on to himself.

“Do it!” she screamed up at him, abandoning any semblance of self-control as her spread legs shot toward his massive cock.

With a groan he felt her pussy finally slide onto his cock. She screamed in pleasure as she felt her love tunnel finally filled; last night he'd spent so much time in her ass she had barely realized her pussy had been neglected. He pulled and pushed on her until he felt his cock buried to the base.

"Oh you little bitch," he said as he looked down at her. The outline of his cock was visible all the way up to her ribcage. Using both hands he grabbed her tiny breasts and twisted them hard. She screamed and he thrust his cock forward again. There was nowhere to go but he couldn't help and try.

He heard her scream, this time distinctly in pleasure. He didn't have to interpret her sounds; it was obvious she was loving being so full of his cock she could barely breath.

Leaning over her and covering her entire body with his, Jeff put his hands on her little shoulders to keep her from moving. And they fucked.

Jeff rammed his cock in and out of Trish's tiny body as she screamed in nigh-constant orgasm. She was incredibly tight, not like last night when she was a cock-gripping stroker, but the tight pussy of a slut that needed cock more than she needed air.

"You're a tight little bitch!" he growled to her as he filled her with himself. Her torso deformed as his cock drove forward, expanding to accommodate his searing hot steel, then reformed almost instantly as he withdrew. Jeff fucked the little whore with abandon; the kind of raw passion one saw from animals at the zoo.

"Little cunt," he said, "Take it you bitch!" Push, pull. Ram, withdraw. "Yeah you little cock whore!"

Trish only managed one word before she lost the ability to speak: "More!" she screamed.

This was too intense, even compared to last night. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head as she lost control. It was too much; she came again and again as he used her like the fuck-toy that she was. A fuck toy lost in the pleasure of being used by a cock that filled half her body.

"Here it comes you little cum dump!" Jeff said, straightening up just enough to look his toy, his mother, in the eyes as his pumping grew erratic.

Trish heard her son say he was going to cum and found the will to open her eyes. He was far above her, but they locked eyes just as he came. With a groan he shoved himself into her as far as he could go and as Trish tried to keep her eyes on his she felt her chest expand impossibly, blooming from the heat and size of his load.

She screamed as she came a final time, her tiny cry overshadowed by Jeff's grunts. He jerked three, four times inside of her, filling her so completely she knew she'd never feel so satisfied again.

Their eyes stayed linked as he came and they shared the ultimate moment together, both satisfied in ways they didn’t know could be possible.

As Jeff withdrew from her for the final time, they both groaned aloud knowing they'd just shared something special.

Jeff's seed leaked out of Trish once again as they both caught their breath. For a moment neither spoke.

Then at the same time they both broke the sweaty silence.

"This can never happen again," Trish tried to say as Jeff's voice rolled over hers.

"So, you want to be a fuck-toy, huh?" he said to her, taking her phone in his hand. He clearly hadn’t heard her.

Trish looked up at him, waiting to be returned to full size and wondering what would happen next. Would they go back to their lives and regret this when their urges were gone? Would they never talk again? Would they wish this happened again and again?

For a moment it appeared Jeff was having the same thoughts. Then his finger swiped across the screen of her phone.

"If anyone is gonna own you, it's gonna be me," he said with a tone that allowed no arguing as Trish felt her body shrink once more.

When Trish was done shrinking, Jeff picked her up, not bothering to be gentle. His fingertips were larger than her body; she couldn’t see and had no idea where she was being taken to. With a smile Jeff rolled back his sticky foreskin as far as it would go and sat her gently on the exposed meat of his softening cock.

She had just enough time to realize where she was before he let his foreskin slide over top of her. At four millimeters tall she wasn't going to be getting out of there until he let her out.

With his mother lightly tickling his cock Jeff got off the bed and found his clothes. He got dressed slowly, picking up her things at the same time and tossing them into the trash can. With the exception of her phone of course; if he lost that then his fuck toy would just be a foreskin ornament for the rest of time.

"Speaking of time," he said to himself as he slipped on his watch, "I better get to the game!"

Before he opened the hotel room door, he gave the room one last look over to make sure he hadn't forgotten anything. As he did Jeff felt his mother move in his foreskin. With all his possessions intact, the satisfied freshman left.

Opening the Tiny Tinder app on his phone as he walked to his car, he located his mother's profile in his messages section.

"Five out of five," he said aloud as he typed.  "Would use again."

Then he laughed to himself as he submitted the review.

"Will use again."


Trish and Jeff Expand Their Horizons by Thatgirlyouknow

A change in the distant heartbeat awoke Trish as she floated. She was surrounded by heat and sticky wetness, floating along a sea of sloshing fluids. It was dark all around, for she was in a place that never saw any light, but that was fine for her. Each distant lub-dub made her smile, each splash of fluid on her cheek caused her tongue to snake out of her mouth for a taste.

Life as her son’s sex toy had been far better than she’d anticipated. Every minute was pleasure in different forms, whether she was being used or not. In some ways the anticipation between events was part of the fun; it had never occurred to her how fulfilled she could be just by being set aside until Jeff was ready to use her again.

Like an item. A thing that he owned.

A perfect sex toy, Trish thought as she floated, bringing a hand down to her pussy as the heartbeat accelerated above her.

After several months of being his plaything she was amazed at how well she could predict what Jeff was going to do.

Just like she’d anticipated, her sea of fluids started shaking rhythmically as she rubbed her clit. Knowing what he was doing was incredible, and the fact that she was too small to even give him feeling only made it hotter for Trish, though she couldn’t explain why. She was her son’s toy, through and through, and the insignificance of her position was intoxicating.

The sloshing around her grew rapidly, more quickly than she’d hoped. Trish had no way to tell time lost in his testicles but given how fast her wet prison was moving she guessed it was the middle of the night. Her son normally took far longer to play with himself, unless he woke up in the middle of the night with an erection. And when he was with other women he was careful to keep Trish pushed up against his prostate; Jeff didn’t want to lose his toy inside another woman.

Well, Trish thought with a giggle, not this toy!

Memory flashed warmly through her mind as she recalled when, two weeks into her shrunken state of nirvana, Jeff grew her too large to be ejected out of his testicles after cock-voring her. Some time later a small brunette had entered Trish’s prison, only for Trish to use the brunette’s struggling face as a dildo until broad rhythmic strokes caused both the women to stop what they were doing. The other girl had vanished with a dwindling scream as Jeff had ejaculated into his full-sized partner’s rectum.

Trish had came in his hand when he later told her the rest of the story that she hadn’t been able to piece together. The thought of that girl being lost in someone’s rectum until they were ejected, unnoticed, into the toilet really got Trish excited. Then he’d tucked her into his foreskin for the night.

Massive movements around her pulled Trish out of her fond memory. Reflexively her hand left her clit to try and steady her position as pressure grew and fluids began swirling, almost boiling around her.

Like riding a wave she was yanked to the side, then upward. Suddenly she had the distinct sensation of being squeezed up a tube and Trish laughed exuberantly. The incredibly small woman knew as soon as she was out she’d get to play with herself to an almost immediate orgasm. Surrounded by fluids she felt herself be propelled with greater and greater speed as the world began rocking and bouncing in unpredictable ways until –

Trish screamed like a girl at an amusement park as she was launched into the air. As always she didn’t float as long as she wanted, but her stomach leapt as briefly she was weightless. The hot fluid around her cushioned her fall and she landed in a splatter of semen against the warm skin of her son’s belly.

Through the haze of rapidly drying semen Trish could see a digital clock, proclaiming it was nearly two in the morning. A tower-sized bottle of beer was on Jeff’s table next to the clock and she looked up, hoping to see the face of her giant owner. He had already leaned back, letting out a sigh. Opposite his face Trish saw his cock already softening, leaking out precious fluid that made Trish wish she was big enough to wade her way down to that titanic flesh.

Instead she felt the semen around her start drying almost immediately; it must have been cold in his room. Before she could lose the ability, Trish pushed a hand through the viscous fluid and began rubbing her clit furiously while, far above, Jeff was already falling asleep.

Trish was briefly annoyed; she wanted more orgasms though she knew they were inevitable. Her new life was so sexually fulfilling at times she wondered if she’d ever be go a day without a mind-bending orgasm. Not that she was tired of it by any means, life for Trish had never been better.

Life was simple as a sex toy, and it was easy for her to give in to her most base desires. Once she’d gotten over the fact that her owner was her son it was quite easy. Not that he’d given her an option. It had never occurred to her how dominating Jeff could be, both to normal and tiny sized women. More than once she’d watched him take control of a young woman for his pleasure and Trish was glad she’d chosen the path of cooperation and enjoyment.

Jeff wouldn’t have shot her down a willing woman’s throat, but if Trish was going to be stuck this way she’d rather be stuck in a state of bliss than a state of panic.

Although that panic feature does sound fun, she thought as she felt her orgasm approaching. Jeff hadn’t used it on her yet, her enthusiasm was always enough for the both of them. But at some point she knew it was coming.

Then Trish felt a small orgasm wash over her body just as the semen around her dried too much for her to keep moving. The suddenly hard substance encased her so completely her finger could barely twitch along her clit as she was easily held up, as though she were encased in concrete.

A pleased sigh ran through Trish’s body as she lightly stroked her clit, the only movement her body could make. Above her Jeff started snoring and she knew if she was going to be stuck like this until he awakened, she could at least make the best of it.

Six hours later Jeff finally woke from his massive slumber. Trish had long since stopped her constant masturbation and was dozing herself, really more a state of mental checkout since tinies didn’t need sleep, held upright by his dried fluids. Had she been any larger she easily could have broken free and wandered his single-room apartment, but as it was she was shorter than a dime was thick and the dried semen might as well have been steel.

“Ugh,” Jeff said as he sat up. Mornings were never fun for him, though waking up wasn’t as difficult as it used to be. Since he’d dropped out of college he didn’t even have to maintain the façade of caring about waking early enough for a class that he didn’t care about.

He sat up, dangling his legs off the side of the bed as he stretched his arms overhead. Something stiff cracked against his stomach and Jeff looked down as he yawned.

“Ugh,” he said, seeing the dried fluids. He always meant to clean up after he came, but last night he’d simply been too tired. Most nights recently, in fact, when he hadn’t been able to find a willing girl to shoot his load into. Before he stood he pulled his phone from the charging cord and turned it on.

There were several texts, which he responded to quickly, and Tiny Tinder had updated itself yet again. Several emails got deleted, and he pulled up the actual Tiny Tinder app. Jeff stood and shuffled toward the small kitchen in his studio apartment, setting his phone on the counter while he started his coffee to brew.

Before he could forget Jeff made sure he unshrunk his tiny toy. At least for now. The last thing he needed was for it to get lost in the shower drain.

There was a strange peeling sensation as her growing form pushed the dried semen off of Jeff’s stomach, then he laughed as he watched the toy-that-had-been-his-mother drop off his stomach to the floor with a short scream. She was toughened as tough as the app could make her, and now eight inches tall; the fall was a shock, not an injury.

“Alright you little slut,” he said to her though his heart wasn’t in it quite yet. Jeff picked up her tiny form and dropped her in the sink. She wasn’t going to run away, the past had shown him that beyond a shadow of a doubt. But he liked to think the garbage disposal made her nervous.

“You get enough yet?” Jeff asked as coffee started pouring into the carafe. With a practiced move he swapped the carafe for a dirty mug, catching the coffee as fresh as it could be. When the mug was almost full he pulled it free and replaced the carafe. Sugar and creamer followed rapidly.

“You know what I’m gonna say!” Trish said, sitting against the back wall of the sink. “This is incredible and -oof!”

“Geez, I figured I’d give you a chance to go back, not get your life story,” Jeff said rudely. Trish loved it; she felt so dominated she almost came from his words alone. Part of her knew she should be disappointed how rude her son could be, but that part was increasingly quiet.

His hands were less than gentle around her torso, but she knew what was coming and could barely restrain her gleeful squeal. Two fingers wrapped around each of her legs and Trish couldn’t help herself. She giggled and looked down as her legs were forcefully pulled into an extreme-version of the splits. She was almost folded in half, except her legs were abducted to her shoulders rather than being forced to touch her toes violently.

It was somehow both painful and pleasurably. The shrinking and toughening process had changed how she interpreted things that should have been deadly. Trish’s body didn’t have the ability to interpret the contortions Jeff forced upon her tiny body, so it simply decided it felt incredible.

Which was why she didn’t care that her calves were touching her ears. A single hand was more than enough to wrap around her entire body now, and she groaned because now she couldn’t look down and see his massive penis aimed at her. Jeff’s morning wood was legendary and she’d been enjoying it for nearly two months.

She may not have been able to see his thick, seven-inch rod, but she felt it at the intersection between her legs.

“Oh, we’re doing this rough today?” Trish yelled, sure Jeff wouldn’t hear her between his fingers.

Maybe he heard her. Maybe he didn’t. The massive bulbous head pushed against her impossibly small vagina. Normally it would simply have been too large to even start to enter her, but Jeff had fine-tuned his toy insertion technique.

Trish screamed unconsciously as her tunnel was violently forced open by a cock thicker than her torso. The skin stretched impossibly and organs were displaced, bones forced apart to accommodate the pulsing shaft as he unceremoniously pulled her down his cock.

Several orgasms rocked Trish’s body as she felt her chest cave outward to match the shape of his bulbous head; her nerves simply interpreted every movement as a wave of pleasure. The first time she’d been used as her stroker she’d still been mentally fighting the incredible degradation of being used as a toy. Now she knew this was what she was for. Now she surrendered as her mind exploded in ecstasy.

Jeff grunted as he stroked himself, pulling his stroker up and down for all he was worth. Idly he wished he’s used some lube but it didn’t really matter; if he wasn’t waking up last night’s girl with his cock in her backside then his morning stroking was just to get rid of the morning wood. With practiced strokes he felt his orgasm build quickly and methodically.

Then he came into the toy, glad he remembered to push into her pussy rather than her ass. The ass felt better, but when he came she leaked from both sides.

“Ungh!” he said as he milked himself for as long as he could. The orgasm wasn’t strong but it was still worth pursuing, though quickly his cock was too sensitive to continue.

Satisfied his morning wood would now soften on its own he picked up his coffee and sipped it as he walked toward the bathroom. The brew was still too hot to drink but after his shower that would change. Blearily he turned the shower on as hot as it would go, annoyed that rather than a near-boiling spray he’d get a tolerable lukewarm rain.

His cock twitched as it wilted, still caught in the stroker. Jeff loved how it felt when his strokers slowly slid off his cock; the underside of his helmet in particular tingled pleasantly and when the women regained the ability to move their arms and legs it was almost like getting a gentle post-sex handjob as they started bobbing slowly on his cock.

The shower finally got as warm as it could and Jeff stepped inside. He leaned his head forward and let the water stream down his back before straightening and rubbing a bar of soap across his stomach. The dried fluids came off quickly and he started shampooing himself as the feeling around his cock grew stranger and somehow more intense.

When the feeling became less a cock-length stroke and more a tip-pinch Jeff looked down with a smile. His stroker had almost regained her entire form; his cockhead was now only buried in her as far as her belly button. Then her body’s need to retain its shape finally overpowered his softening cock.

He let his mother fall to the floor of the tub-shower combo without even attempting to catch her. Immediately she stood and slipped on the porcelain and the water pushed her body toward the drain. Jeff helped her by giving her a nudge with his foot. The soap falling from his body would get her clean.

As nonchalant as he tried to be Jeff found his mind drifting toward thoughts of the future. If his mother had been full-sized she would have been protesting and badgering him constantly about his decision to drop out of college. Part of Jeff knew she was right but he knew college wasn’t right for him.

That didn’t mean he’d found what was right for him. So far he’d worked several part-time jobs, enough to rent this tiny apartment and keep him comfortable in terms of food and video games, but he wasn’t getting ahead. Not that it really mattered to the nineteen-year-old. What he had right now was good enough for him.

Especially since his current status hadn’t slowed down his sex life at all. If anything he was cumming more often now that he didn’t even have to pretend to go to class. Between his incredibly versatile sex toy and his newfound freedom he spent almost every night buried in somebody.

When the water started growing cold, long before he was truly satisfied with his cleanliness, Jeff stepped out of the shower and dried off. His coffee had cooled to an appropriate temperature and he shuffled, naked, out to the kitchen. After another cup and two pop-tarts he slipped a Ziploc baggie out from under the cutlery drawer.

Weed and similar soft drugs weren’t illegal by any means, but old habits died hard for Jeff. His mother wouldn’t have approved, and if he hadn’t forgotten she was stuck in the bathtub he would have left her there anyway just to not roll his eyes at her tiny look of disapproval. Not that she would’ve given him that glance for long, it was rare that she wasn’t tucked safely into his foreskin at the very least.

Jeff inhaled from his chosen blunt and breathed the smoke toward the oven fan. As always he thought about what would happen if he got a tiny date to climb into the blunt first. Or if he didn’t ask and just put her there anyway; it wasn’t like tinies had any rights when they shrank near Jeff. The vast majority of them still enjoyed the experience, but sometimes Jeff was in a mood.

His first ever two tinies had met untimely ends, and occasionally he still enjoyed leaving a tiny naïve teenager in a terrible position. Usually when they found out about his permanent toy; it was getting annoying to have to hide his other toy while he played with a new one. Trish didn’t mind massaging his prostate while he had his fun, but sometimes they saw anyways and had questions.

Questions he didn’t answer before he left them on the shelf of a sex-toy store or tossed them toward a group of ducks along with a handful of bread.

Most of the girls he met on Tiny Tinder were smart enough to set timers and other safety features on their requests, and that was fine with Jeff. But the ones that didn’t got extra attention until he returned them to normal. If he returned them to normal.

Jeff counted on one hand, then the next, as he tried to remember how many tinies he’d technically misused.

“Seven?” he asked aloud, taking another hit, “Eight?”

Then he shrugged; it didn’t really matter. Those poor unfortunate souls knew the risks and Jeff had gotten what he wanted out of them anyway. A final moment of cruelty before he walked away was just icing on the cake.

His phone buzzed and Jeff answered a message before scrolling his social media until the blunt had almost burned down to his fingertips. Happily numb, he stood and began picking through his clean pile of clothing. For a moment he thought about folding his clothes and picking up the apartment, but it didn’t appeal to him.

“Not today,” he said as he pulled on a t-shirt. Then a faint squeaking reached his ears.

“Oh right!” Jeff said, walking toward the bathroom. His toy was still stuck in the tub and he could tell she had tried to climb out several times without success. He ignored her attempts at conversation while he messed about on his phone; before her voice could get too annoying she was two inches tall.

“Enjoy the night vision,” he mumbled before he bent over and picked her up. She squirmed onto her back in his hand, and Jeff knew what she wanted. Her legs spread in anticipation and he pushed a finger into her pussy, using both hands to pull her onto his digit as he speared her to the second knuckle. There was a scream of ecstasy, then she was too distorted to make noise.

Her arms and legs flopped uselessly as she came, but Jeff wasn’t interested in her pleasure.

“We’re going out,” he told her as he popped a bottle of lubricant open and put a glob of the jelly on his mounted fingertip. Trish didn’t see him put one foot on the side of the tub and lean over. But she did feel a sudden change of sensation around her when the jelly contacted her head, and she knew exactly what that meant.

The knowledge made her orgasm again as his finger moved downward.

Moments later she was surrounded by the heat of his cheeks and her distorted vision showed her a massive brown hole. Without any hesitation Jeff shoved his finger through his brown hole, wincing slightly at the intrusion but feeling his cock jump. The penetration didn’t get him going, but his body knew what the penetration meant.

He wiggled his finger slightly and felt Trish’s form pop off before he withdrew the digit. His foot went back on the floor and he washed his hands thoroughly as something started pushing gently against his prostate. Though soft his cock jumped slightly and Jeff found himself smiling. It would be awhile before his cock really came to attention but he’d enjoy every moment until then.

Jeff made sure to move more than he strictly needed when he got dressed the rest of the way, and he put a little extra bounce in his step as he left the apartment. The feeling of his toy rattling around his colon felt incredible.

Trish let out a half-scream half-laugh of joy as she felt herself be thrown about. The walls in every direction were soft and warm, and since Jeff had enabled her to see in the dark it was as though she were in a softly lit cave. A harder portion of the walls drew her attention and she made sure to tap on it whenever she got a chance, which wasn’t as often as she liked considering how every little movement threw her off her feet.

“This is-whoop!” she laughed as she fell backward onto his internal sphincter, “Amazing!”

Part of her knew it was wrong to enjoy this so much. But there, encased in her son’s rectum for a bit of vibrating sensation while he walked, it was easy to ignore that voice.


Hours later, Trish felt something about her prison change. It had stopped randomly moving and instead the ringed walls around her began moving rhythmically, pushing her toward her son’s anus.

“Geez, already?” she said, annoyed that she was being pulled out already. Trish could hardly believe how much she loved being inside of Jeff; if she hadn’t been super-tough she would have rubbed her clit raw from all the masturbating she did.

A finger suddenly pushed through the sphincter that had held her in and she grabbed onto it, squeezing tightly. She didn’t like being pulled out this way, but his other methods were less comfortable still. Despite being used to her environment Trish gasped as she was flooded with clean, cool air. Then sputtered as a wave of water slammed into her, yanking her off Jeff’s finger and slamming her down into the bathroom sink.

Before she could even try to struggle to her feet Jeff grew her to four inches and wrapped a hand around her again. As Trish wiped water from her eyes she saw a toothbrush approaching and fear shot through her body. There were few things she actively disliked about shrinking and this was one of them. The dislike went so deep it didn’t even circle back around to sexy humiliation.

“Jeff, wait!” she tried to say before the soap-covered bristles began dragging across her face.

Uncaring of how it felt for her, Jeff made sure to give his toy a thorough scrubbing. It felt great to have her playing in his rectum for hours, and he didn’t always clean her with such detail, but this evening he had a date that actually expected to see his permanent toy.

“Here’s the deal,” he said as he scrubbed her body forcefully, “We’ve got a meetup tonight.”

Trish tried to yell a question at him but the toothbrush found its way to her back door, and Jeff overcame the resistance of her hole as he pushed the brush within. He smiled at her face and knew it couldn’t have felt good, though he knew, unfortunately, part of the toughening process also dealt with pain. Hopefully soon Tiny Tinder would fix that soon.

Her inside was getting reamed by the brush as Jeff continued talking.

“Tiny Tinder started a new couples-meeting service-“ Trish got turned over and the brush was yanked out of her ass before Jeff ran it across a bar of soap, “-and I hooked us up with a couple that I think is gonna be a blast. Turns out a lot of people turn these hookups into full-time gigs and are open to sharing.”

Trish tried to stammer out a protest; she was his toy, only his! She was even fairly sure he’d dropped out of college so he wouldn’t be tempted to share her with other students, though that had been her dream initially.

Then the brush was shoved roughly into her pussy and the air was driven from her lungs.

“So I’m gonna get you cleaned up,” he continued though he knew she wasn’t happy about the arrangements, “Get this place cleaned up, then we’re gonna see where else we can stick you.”

He removed the brush then held her up close to his face to make sure he’d gotten everywhere clean. Trish started to yell something, but Jeff absentmindedly put a finger over her mouth. Soon she was kicking with the instinctual need to breath before she remembered she no longer needed to and forced her body to calm itself.

“Save your energy,” Jeff said when he was satisfied she was clean. “I think you’re gonna need it.”

“But-!” she tried to protest again when his finger was removed.

“You’re my little slut!” he replied, flicking her in the head gently.

“And you’ll do as your told,” he said as her head rang from the force of the blow.


That evening, just as the sun was going down, there was a gentle knock at Jeff’s door. He finished straightening up the kitchen and gave his apartment one more quick look. Considering how poor he’d been at upkeep for the past month it had straightened up quite fast. It bugged him that he’d felt the need to straighten up at all, but he suspected this hookup would care more about cleanliness than most of his one-night stands.

Jeff put on his most winning smile, only slightly nervous. He’d met a lot of women through dating apps, but he’d always met them somewhere else before bringing them back to his place. If this woman wasn’t as great as he’d imagined it would be awkward kicking her out.

But his smile turned genuine when the door opened.

The woman on the other side of the doorway was even more gorgeous than on her Tiny Tinder profile picture. Jeff had been fairly certain the picture was a catfish. No one who looked like this needed to look online for love or sex. Unless, of course, they had some peculiar tastes.

Which Jeff shared.

She was a few inches shorter than Jeff’s six feet and had a face that refused to tell her age. Her auburn hair was already back in a ponytail and she wore no makeup save for a light pink lipstick. It was obvious she hit the gym often and Jeff had the odd feeling that he was looking at a woman who simply refused to let time touch her face.

Vicky grinned a huge grin when Jeff opened the door the rest of the way, and she took a deep breath as she obviously checked him out from face to toes and back again. One hand dramatically touched the center of her chest as her smile turned from cautiously optimistic to confident and sexy.

“Oh, my my my,” she said in a low tone that made Jeff want to jump her before she even entered the apartment, “For a change the internet did not disappoint!”

“Uh,” Jeff said as he returned the glance, taking in her finely toned legs that were hidden by a short red dress that hugged her curves. He’d never noticed how sexy a woman’s shoulders could be.

“Well aren’t you gonna invite me in?” she asked, batting her eyes at him.

Jeff smiled and stepped aside, holding the door as Vicky stepped inside. Her eyes took in the apartment quickly as she brushed close to him, letting the back of her hand slide across his crotch.

They both pretended not to notice and Jeff felt his surprise at her appearance fade. She was a stunning older woman, several years older than his mother he guessed, but she wasn’t as hot as some cheerleaders he’d made to the splits recently.

Or so he told himself. His cock was practically growling as her ample backside walked past. Jeff could see the outline of a black thong through the thin red material of her dress.

“Quaint little place,” Vicky said as she passed the bed into the kitchen, which was also the dining room. It was obvious from her tone she wasn’t super impressed, but something told Jeff she would have been less interested in someone who had their own home at nineteen. His taste in older women were still developing, but it was obvious her taste in younger men was well-developed.

“Thanks,” Jeff said, following her into the kitchen where he had classic rock playing over his small speaker. He’d already set out two glasses for wine, and from the fridge he produced a bottle of white something-he-couldn’t-pronounce.

“Probably not what you’re used to, I’m guessing?” he asked, figuring he could address it before it got awkward.

“Not at all,” she said, taking her glass and draining it in a single gulp. Jeff tried not to look predatory when he filled it back up, but it was clear she wanted him to. “But I’ve found some houses can just be too big. This is a lot more…intimate,” she finished as she sipped at her second glass.

Jeff smiled and slid into his seat. He found himself wishing he’d brought out snacks but now that Vickie was here he was sure he’d made the right choice. She was a classier woman than what he usually courted and it seemed she was going to enjoy the chase just as much as he was. Even though they both knew how it was going to end.

“Well, I like things kinda small,” he said as he felt a gentle wiggling at the tip of his cock.

“I really believe great things can come in small packages,” she countered with a smile.

“That’s why I came here, for a little fun.”

“I may have a little something around here for you,” Jeff winked.

Together the two bantered for several minutes while they drained their glasses. Jeff stood to get the bottle from the countertop, but Vickie stopped him with a hand on his hip.

“This has been fun and all, but we’re kinda beating around the bush aren’t we?” she said with a wink.

“Oh, I was enjoying the small talk, but if you insist.”

Vickie stood and stepped near Jeff, getting into her his personal space and giving him a whiff of a soft, gentle perfume. She pulled on his shirt to bring his head closer to her level, then stood on her tiptoes to whisper in his ear. Her tongue flicked his earlobe.

“I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.”

Jeff stepped back and smiled, having felt the change in atmosphere. It had been playful, flirty, full of innuendo. But now the time for leading on was past.

“Well if you insist,” he said. Despite his hormones screaming that he should take this beautiful older woman straight to bed Jeff made himself slow down.

Introductions had to be made, after all.

Without ceremony he unbuttoned his jeans and slid them down far enough to grab his cock. A glance at Vickie showed her biting her bottom lip and Jeff grinned as he pulled his hardening member free. Freed from its denim prison his cock hung down heavily and Jeff knew he was receiving an appreciative grin.

Gingerly he peeled his foreskin back and pinched something Vickie couldn’t see. Jeff held his fingers over his empty wineglass and dropped something smaller than a grain of rice inside.

“Mmm,” Vickie purred, letting her hands slide down the sides of her dress, “I like what I see.”

Jeff didn’t know if she meant the tiny toy or his cock, and he didn’t care. Vickie was busy herself, turning sideways and giving him a coy smile. Then a hand reached back to her incredible backside and slipped under the black material of her underwear. When it slid back out something was encased inside.

As she held her closed hand over the same wineglass, Jeff grew his toy to three inches tall. She slipped on the still-wet glass and her stance gave away her frustration. Then Vickie opened her hand, dropping her own three-inch toy into the glass. The two collided and collapsed into a heap of limbs in the narrow glass while Vickie giggled.

“Good thing we know they like it rough!”

Jeff laughed as the glass tumbled to the side while the two tinies struggled to right themselves. Instead, they found themselves tumbling across the small table. As soon as they were able they separated, and Jeff leaned forward to get a good look at the newcomer.

He was a skinny twenty-something as near as Jeff could tell, with a head that had been shaved the day he shrank. Beyond that Jeff couldn’t make out any details, and he’d seen enough.

“So that’s him, huh?” he asked, straightening back up as the two toys stood. It seemed they said hello to one another, then looked up at the giants towering over them.

“That’s my Sam!” the giantess above Trish said, and Trish raised an eyebrow at the bald man standing next to her. They’d said an awkward hello when they’d untangled themselves, but introductions had yet to be made. But the way Vickie said it made parts of Trish more excited. She’d been frustrated with Jeff about this hookup without her consent, but as always her body was responding to every little dominant act.

“Her Sam?” Trish asked the man as the two giants above kept talking. Their voices boomed overhead and Trish could tell they were having a good time. The woman in particular seemed to be thrilled as she spoke to Jeff; Trish gathered that she was enthralled by the role reversal she was seeing.

“Yeah!” the man said, scratching his shaved head, and Trish realized the shaved head made him look older than he really was. She revised her earlier guess from twenty-five to eighteen. Maybe.

“Vickie’s my mom!” Sam continued, looking up at the giant woman with doe-eyed admiration. “I’ve been her toy for months now and it’s the best thing I ever did!”

His enthusiasm made Trish pause. It was true she absolutely loved her position in life, with only a few downsides, but hearing it from someone else still seemed weird.

“Well, I’m Trish,” she said to him for a second time, not sure how to hold a real conversation after not having one in so long. “I’m Jeff’s motheeerrr!”

Her words distorted as a hand slammed into her back, throwing her forward until she collided roughly with Sam before fingers wrapped around the two of them. Trish found herself pushed roughly against the younger man, his cock resting against her thigh as she heard him laugh. Part of her wanted suddenly, more than anything, to remember what normal sex had been like.

Then the hand opened, dropping the two of them onto Jeff’s abs. While she’d been thinking the couple had moved to the bed. Jeff was naked and Vickie was in the processing herself. Trish couldn’t help but admire the giant woman’s body; she was thinner and in slightly better than Trish, but Jeff’s mom had her beat in breasts for sure.

“Hey!” Jeff said to the tinies, prodding the man with a finger, “Stop gawking and get to work!”

The two looked up at him, then followed his gaze downward. His cock was hard as a rock already and Sam leapt to run toward it. Trish followed as eagerly, but without the excess enthusiasm of youth.

“So I know we talked about our plans,” Vickie said once she was naked, climbing on the bed and laying next to Jeff with her head propped on one hand, “Did you think of anything game-changing since then?”

Jeff pulled his eyes from her breasts and looked deep into her eyes as the two tinies below started rubbing on his cock. They were too small to ever bring him to orgasm, but as fluffers they would do well. And in the midst of every other act they’d be excellent sensation enhancers. Right now it was like a hand was lightly rubbing his cock.

“Just go where it leads, right?” Jeff said breathlessly. Suddenly Vickie seemed the most beautiful woman in the world and he realized the incredible uniqueness and perversion of their situation.

He was about to have sex with an incredible older woman, and they’d both brought their tiny toys to the game. His mother, her son. The idea of the situation stimulated him far more than their tiny hands ever could.

When Vickie nodded Jeff leaned over and kissed her, lost in the softness of her lips as her hand reached down to his cock. It wrapped around just far enough to squeeze both tinies against him and her slow stroking was then accompanied by gentle vibrations.

“Damn,” he said when he broke free from the kiss. Her hand quit stroking and Jeff reached down to grab his mother as Vickie shifted her body. A leg flew over his head and he was greeted by the incredible sight of Vickie’s smooth snatch; it had clearly seen action before but somehow it was the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen.

Just as he flicked a tongue out to taste her he felt a tongue massage his balls gently. Jeff groaned as the mouth moved up his shaft and engulfed his head. The tiny below was doing all he could for the base of Jeff’s rod, but his best efforts were just a pleasant tingle compared to the skillful darting of her tongue.

Before he attacked her pussy in earnest Jeff made sure to push his toy deep into Vickie’s snatch, provoking a moan on insertion and a disappointed sound when he removed it. But Vickie squealed with delight when he finally pushed his tongue as deep into her as he could, and she got the idea when he used both hands to pry apart her incredible asscheeks.

This close to his face Jeff could see the angry look on Trish’s face, but it only made him more excited.

She’s gonna love this! he thought as he pushed the toy into Vickie’s ass. The woman pulled off his cock long enough to give a confirming cry, then she pushed her head down onto his cock as far as she could manage.

When she came up for air Jeff realized the tingling was now following her mouth; she’d taken enough of him to engulf her son in her lips as well, forcing him to be part of the blowjob. Before he realized what he was doing Jeff started thrusting his hips upward into her hot mouth, and she pulled her mouth free as he did so, pushing her snatch onto his mouth in the process.

Jeff smiled and ate her out with abandon; he didn’t mind her pulling off of him. He could wait to cum himself. She moaned and cried out as he flicked her clit with his tongue and used his tiny mother as a dildo in and out of her asshole. A hand appeared briefly between his lips and hers, then vanished as quickly.

Knowing what had just happened, Jeff dug his tongue into her wet tunnel and felt tiny kicking feet. Renewing his efforts he licked and sucked every sensitive fold of flesh he could find until Vickie started humping his face unconsciously. Then he concentrated his efforts on her clit only.

“Oh shiiiiit!” Vickie called out to the ceiling as she came, letting Jeff’s tongue take her to new heights. Combined with the frantic movements of her own toy deep in her snatch the sensations were overwhelming. When her orgasm started to slow and his tongue began to tire Vickie let herself fall forward and rolled to her back, her chest heaving as she caught her breath.

“Ooop!” she laughed as fingers slid into her snatch and pulled out the moving form within. There was still someone in her backdoor squirming pleasantly. “Add a few inches for me back there, would you dear?”

Jeff grinned as he reached for his phone. Seconds later the squirming in her asshole redoubled and she felt a pleasant stretch on her anus; Jeff had gone straight for seven inches.

“Perfect!” she said, sitting up and feeling the kicking legs outside her hole and the flailing arms within. “Now, what do you plan to do with that?” she asked Jeff as she saw him wrapping a finger around each of her son’s legs.

“He’s super-tough, right?” Jeff asked, knowing the answer but wanting to confirm just in case. When Vickie nodded, he continued.

“Watch this.”

She gasped as she watched her son’s body get stretched obscenely like a flesh-colored children’s toy. There was a barely-audible scream before his torso was too distorted to hold any air and Vickie giggled, thinking about what it must feel like. Then she saw the position Jeff had the tiny in.

“I know we don’t need a condom,” Jeff said as he started shoving his cock into the three-inch tall man’s stretched asshole, “But trust me,” he grunted a little in efforts as he tugged on the legs, “You’re gonna love this.”

“That. Is. Amazing!” Vickie said, sitting up to get a better look. With each tug Jeff’s cock was more clearly outlined in the stretched body; Sam’s body couldn’t break or tear so it simply stretched and molded itself to Jeff’s iron rod. Every bump and vein was clearly visible through Sam’s skin and when he was entirely mounted Vickie giggled as she saw how perfectly his head was sitting over Jeff’s urethra.

“Yeah, the head doesn’t stretch quite the same,” Jeff said, seeing her gaze, “But this-“

“Shut up and get in here!” Vickie said, rolling to her stomach, then pushing her up to her knees. Her chest she kept on the bed; the woman knew this position would maximize the feeling of double penetration.

Jeff didn’t disappoint; he leapt forward and filled Vickie’s soaking tunnel in one thrust. He slammed into her hard and fast, and once he got his rhythm Vickie felt the anal dildo start to thrust in and out as well. Sensation overwhelmed her, electric shocks from both holes that drove her mind to ecstasy that she hadn’t experienced since she’d the first time she’d tried mushrooms at a festival decades before Jeff was even –

“Oh!” she cried out, realizing how much younger Jeff was her. Instantly an orgasm raged through her body, enhanced by the incredible ribbing of the dildo and her pussy clamping down on the cock of the young stud that was ravaging her. “Don’t stop!”

He had no intention of stopping, of course. Jeff was close himself and they’d discussed it like rational adults: sperm went in the body, not on it. From behind he felt his orgasm approach and his thrusting lost its rhythm; with mental effort he kept pounding his mother in and out of her asshole, but soon even that was too much effort to focus on.

“Here it comes!” he yelled, driving forward and pushing Vickie hard into the bed as he tried to force every last inch of his cock into her. Something tickled his tip and Jeff realized he was brushing against Vickie’s cervix just as he exploded.

Jet after jet of steaming seed shot out of him as Vickie squealed, the boiling heat of his emission sending her into yet another orgasm. Jeff thrust harder into her, slamming against her and releasing the anal toy so he could thrust harder still, using both hands to pull her hips toward him.

“Aaargh!” he shouted when his orgasm finally slowed, and he fell backward, letting his cock slip out of Vickie with a satisfying suctioning sound. Instantly some of his seed began leaking out of her and Jeff’s cock twitched, exhausted but assuring him round two would arrive quickly.

The older woman rolled over and giggled as she felt her butt-toy be pushed further inside. She was more than ready to continue and she knew how these young men were; a little encouragement and he’d be ready to go. Ignoring the pleasant feeling of semen leaking out of her, Vickie leaned forward and got to her knees again, putting her face close to Jeff’s cock. A hand wove through her hair and she let him guide her forward.

He was covered in fluids, and the condom was still twitching. Vaguely recognizable limbs were moving and caused Vickie to giggle as she realized her son was doing his best to stimulate her insides but was simply too overwhelmed by his own sensations to realize he wasn’t in her any longer.

“How’s it feel to have a real man’s cock up your ass?” Vickie whispered to the condom. “Of all the ways I’ve used you I can’t believe it took this long to find your best use.”

She knew her son loved the demeaning talk, but she wasn’t playing it up for his benefit. Not this time. Part of her recognized that everything they’d done had led to this moment, and that he had brought her the greatest orgasm as a condom. Not a butt plug. Not a vibrator.

“A condom seems perfect for you,” she said to him as she opened her mouth.

Without hesitation she engulfed the two men’s heads and slid her mouth down on Jeff’s cock. The feeling of wriggling limbs on her cheek brought her delight, but she refrained from starting a real blowjob. This time she just made sure the lick this incredible cock clean as it fought against reflexive softening.

After several minutes of cleaning it became obvious Jeff would need a little more time to recharge and he pulled Vickie gently from his rod.

“I wanna try something,” he told her, leaning over and picking up his phone. “Slip that one out of your ass,” and Vickie did so with a wary grin.

“Do you wanna get crazy stuffed?” Jeff asked, feeling the condom start to slide off his cock as it softened further. Vickie’s mouth had felt incredible but biology overruled everything; his cock needed a break.

Vickie held up her butt plug, which had stopped swinging but instead crossed her arms and gave Vickie a frustrated look. The toy got dropped on the bed as Vickie watched Sam slowly slide of Jeff’s cock. Finally his tiny body reformed enough to pop off and drop to the bed as well. Instantly the tiny man stood and tried to walk, but instead fell sideways.

“Grab your phone,” he said, “I’ll explain.”

Two minutes later Vickie clicked ‘accept’ on her phone as a new Tiny Tinder request came in. She’d made sure to set a time limit, and several other safeguards. It wasn’t that she didn’t trust Jeff, but after some of the horror stories she’d heard (and happily caused herself) she wasn’t taking any chances.

There was an exciting tingling sensation and the room grew slightly around her.

“Are you sure this is gonna work?” she asked Jeff, slightly nervous. Suddenly his cock was the size of her forearm. At three feet tall she didn’t feel quite as powerless, but it was strange. She’d only shrank twice before, and to far smaller heights.

“Trust me,” he said as he took both tinies in his hands. At eight inches tall they were each the size of Vickie’s calves. She could hear some talking between the two, but mostly it seemed happy, excited, and slightly confused. Not that their attitude truly mattered.

Vickie laid on her back and spread her legs. Part of her wished Jeff was ready to go right now, but she knew what they had planned was enough.

“Not that one,” Jeff said with a smile, and Vickie giggled as she rolled over. “Deep breath!”

Something pushed against her anus and Vickie tried not to tense up as the pressure grew. It was obvious that it wouldn’t hurt, but old habits die hard. Soon her sphincter gave up the fight and spread far larger than it ever had before, but instead of the vague pain she’d been afraid of all Vickie felt was a tingling heat and her body reacted to it the same way it did a large cock.

Reflexively she pushed backward to accept more.

Jeff laughed in amazement as Vickie’s asshole readily accepted Sam’s head and shoulders. Before things could change too much he brought his squirming mother forward and pushed her head in as well. Vickie’s hole was obscenely stretched as he forced the two tinies into her but Jeff knew she loved it; a finger was stroking her clit from below and the older woman was moaning wildly.

He pushed at the two tinies and watched with awe as Vickie’s body began to distort to accommodate them as well. It took some serious pushing but soon the two tinies had vanished and Vickie’s ass was closing up once more.

Then Jeff rolled her back over.

“Look!” he told Vickie as her eyes clouded over with ecstasy. She looked down at her stomach and saw the clear outline of the two tinies taking up almost her entire torso. They moved slowly, perhaps unable to move due to the resting tension of her body. Jeff put his ear to her stomach and heard gurgling, a heartbeat, and faint talking. When he pulled back he could see Trish’s hand reaching for Sam’s crotch.

He hadn’t positioned them right for her to do more. It simply hadn’t occurred to him. Though it did make him think.

“Somebody wants to join in!” Vickie said, delighted and feeling another orgasm rapidly approaching. The bizarre sight of her belly had flipped a switch in her brain. She would have agreed to anything in that moment, but right now she only wanted one thing.

Jeff didn’t even look down to see his hardness. Instead he simply pulled on Vickie’s legs to bring her closer to him and forced his way into her pussy. She was even tighter than before and slick with her lubrication; before he was halfway inside he felt the two bodies be pushed aside by his cock, then her cervix yielded briefly before it too gave way. A second seal wrapped around his cock as he buried himself in her and Vickie screamed with passion.

The pair lost themselves in their love-making; Vickie in a near-constant state of orgasm and Jeff determined to ravage this woman as hard as he could. When their bizarre missionary position became boring he stood and took her with him, thrusting into her three-foot tall body while he pushed her against the wall, making sure to shove his own stomach into her to compress the eight-inch tall tinies together. Doggy-style gave him the opportunity to squish the tinies within her stomach as he wrapped a hand around her as well; by this time her legs were already shaking and Jeff was having almost as much fucking her as he was pushing the tiny feet back into her asshole as her contractions tried to eject the toys.

Far after the sun went down Jeff finally pulled himself out of the older woman, and she lay on the bed twitching. He hadn’t cum a second time. Not yet. Something told him to hold it back, though he knew he easily could have at any moment.

“Oooh my god,” Vickie said as she reveled in the momentum of her sensations. Distantly she felt her anus be pried open and the pressure within her relieved; she let out a sad cry but understood it was probably for the best.

“Time’s up,” Jeff said as Vickie felt her body start to regrow on the bed. The loss of the shrinking effects caused her long orgasm to finally end and she breathed heavily as she tried to orient herself back to reality.

“That was insane,” she purred as she rolled over and looked at Jeff. “But you didn’t cum, did you?”

“I’ve got something else in mind,” he said as the two tinies shrank to one-quarter inch tall in his palm.

“These two need some action I think.”

Vickie raised an eyebrow when Jeff brought the two up to his mouth but smiled when he told them to start fucking. The two tinies moved together in his hand, but he lowered it quickly and said “Not there!”

“Get in first!”

Quickly the two tinies were brought to the head of his cock and Jeff inserted them one by one. Vickie crawled closer to watch, fascinated, as the two tinies disappeared. She’d watched hundreds of porn videos depicting this, but had never seen it in person. In moments the two tinies were gone and Vickie gasped when she saw Jeff’s balls start to wiggle.

“I’ve never seen this before in person!” she exclaimed, scooting upward to put her face in a better position.

“I’ll finish in a couple minutes with them in there,” Jeff told her as he wrapped a hand through her hair. “Ready for the big finish?”

Vickie didn’t bother replying; she simply opened her mouth and engulfed his rod. Jeff groaned in approval as the movement in his balls increased.

Trish pushed Sam onto his back in the darkness and mounted him quickly. She knew how much her own son loved having her in his balls and it wouldn’t be long before he shot them back out. And she’d be very lucky if the two giants let her finish riding Sam afterward, before whatever happened next.

She cried out as his cock found her entrance and sank down onto him. The novelty of a simple, regular cock being inside of her combined with their mere status as toys drove her quickly to an orgasm, though part of her was frustrated. Trish tried not to be negative; he was big enough to make her cum, all things considered.

But she understood why he might love the tiny treatment himself; Jeff was much larger.

The pressure around them grew as she rode, rapidly approaching orgasm. Sam was thrusting his hips too; clearly he hadn’t spent much time inside a real woman. At least not like this.

Just as Trish felt her orgasm fast approaching she reached down to play with her clit. Then the pressure around her grew so high that her ears popped and she yelled with frustration.

“NO!” Trish screamed as the fluids around her propelled her upward and off Sam’s cock. “I was so close!” she continued as the flood threw her backward.

Jeff grunted as he finally finished, feeling his load and the two tinies shoot out of his cock directly into Vickie’s mouth. His second load felt even larger than the first but she handled it like a pro. For a moment he was worried about her swallowing the tinies down as well, but his orgasm pushed aside the stress; if she did, she did. They could always get them out or just find more.

When it was obvious he had no more cum to give her, Vickie made one last deep throat attempt at his cock. Her nose almost brushed his stomach, but not quite. Jeff was impressed with the attempt.

“Stick around and you can practice all you want,” he said as she climbed up further onto the bed and laid her head on his chest.

“Hmm,” she replied as she stuck out her tongue and plucked the two tinies off. “That sounds nice.”

Jeff held out a hand and she dropped them both onto it. An empty water glass on the table next to the bed was their destination, and he dropped them inside without a second thought.

Trish landed hard on the glass, and Sam hit glass base not far from her.

“Get over here!” she yelled at him feverishly, still hoping she was close enough to an orgasm for him to do it for her.

The bald man didn’t waste any time in mounting her once more.

Vickie watched the two tinies leap on one another, though she couldn’t make out any details. With a content sigh she reached to the side and slid a blanket over her and Jeff. A hand rested on his cock as her breathing slowed and she fell asleep on his rising and falling chest.

In the morning the pair went out for pancakes, and the waitress raised an eyebrow at the couple. The age difference still seemed strange to her, even though the previous night she’d been getting pounded herself by a professor old enough to be her grandfather.

Different strokes for different folks, she thought as she took their order.

Jeff watched Vickie sip her coffee as they talked and enjoyed the sensation of now having two tinies massaging his prostate.

I wonder what a third would feel like? he thought as he imagined adding Vickie to his collection.

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