Deranged Exchange - Another Side by Goddess_Lucy_tinycrusher

This is the other side of an earlier story I did, Deranged Exchange. 



Logically, an exchange is a trade of 2 students. So what ever happened to the Nano student that went to Samantha's school? And how did it go staying with her family and her older sister?

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1. Chapter 1 by Goddess_Lucy_tinycrusher

2. Chapter 2 by Goddess_Lucy_tinycrusher

3. Chapter 3 by Goddess_Lucy_tinycrusher

4. Chapter 4 by Goddess_Lucy_tinycrusher

Chapter 1 by Goddess_Lucy_tinycrusher

Samantha flung up from her bed, her heart racing and in a cold sweat. The bottle, the city, what the fuck just happened!?

Wait, wait.


Just calm down?

Samantha looked around. She was in her bedroom. Everything was normal and quiet. Her floor was still a mess of clothes and a few pieces of paper, a soda can by her door she?d been meaning to take out for an entire week. She looked out the window by her bed, a street light brought some orange light into her room through the shades. It was weird they made it orange, Samantha always thought it gave off a weird kind of feeling in the empty street.

But wait? What just happened though?

Samantha thought for a moment, then remembered what she had just woken up from. She could only remember bits and pieces now, but she could recall something about a growth serum or something, then getting really really big. She remembered it felt great. But then?

Samantha looked over to her dresser next to her bed. There was a small piece of cloth that looked like it was balled up and thrown there, but in the mass of fabric was something else. A tiny body lay in the clump, only now beginning to stir and sit up. Soon a small, sleepy, and freckled face came from inside the balled clump. She could hardly keep her eyes open, with red hair tangled and criss-crossed on her face.

?Sam?.? Bree said, sounding like she was still sleeping, ?you okay???

Samantha looked down at her tiny girlfriend in her own little bed. For a split second, Samantha felt fear travel up her spine seeing Bree, the dream still fresh and realistic in her mind. But after a second it was replaced by a feeling of annoyance and contempt. It was the same kind of feeling you?d get if you dreamed about a friend being a dick to you, only this time it was like if you dreamt your itty bitty gf went giant and swallowed you whole in a bout of lust. Pretty close but slightly different feelings. Either way, Sam wasn?t happy.

Without answering, Samantha flashed an annoyed look at the sleepy Bree, though it went pretty unnoticed. She opened up the drawer beneath Bree, the one she kept her socks and underwear (most of which were pretty clean, some socks worn once or twice). Bree, still confused, was flicked along with her clump of bed into the darkness of the drawer, giving a tiny yell as she fell, landing on a pair of worn miss-matched socks before getting sealed in as Samantha slammed it closed.

She?d be fine, Samantha thought. She just couldn?t look at her face right now. Even though it was just a dream.

It had been some months since Samantha and Bree came back from the school Samantha was exchanged to. Surprisingly, or not really, Samantha didn?t really suffer any repercussions for all the gruesome things she did at that school. All the Nanos in that town must?ve kept their mouths shut, not wanting to see her come back for some kind of revenge. Granted, she did kidnap a lot of her old classmates that survived right before she left, and she did have a walk *literally* through the neighborhood, so that was probably a good call for them. So in the end it turned out pretty well for both of them. Though sadly Samantha ran out of the captives she kidnapped from the pool party. A lot of them were chased and crushed, some sprinkled on her tongue. But honestly she lost most of them when she lost the bottle they were trapped in for a week? Turns out even Nanos need food and water sometimes, but that was just a minor annoyance.

Bree, however, remained free and safe. Well, as safe as she could be snuggled up to the Queen of Cruel herself, which at times was pretty dangerous in itself. But despite that, they still had a pretty good relationship. Even though she crushed people Bree?s side for the sheer joy of hearing their screams and crushing their bones, Samantha still listened to and loved Bree like someone her own size. Their relationship was kind of out there, though Samantha didn?t brag about it or anything. She took Bree to school in her uniform pocket sometimes and they ate lunch together, sometimes going off and kissing outside in the parking lot. Her friends teased her a little, knowing only a little bit about how Samantha loved hurting Nanos. Granted they all loved bullying the tiny runts, at times turning violent, but Samantha made sure her friends knew that Bree was off limits, going so far as to hint her sadism might graduate to the more Giant size if they ever hurt her. This shut them up pretty quick, at least in front of her. Really they were a lovely couple.

Samantha?s parents were even cool with it too, though it?s not like they ever really noticed the little red-haired dot that sat on her shoulder. And she hardly ate anything, so it didn?t affect the family at all. Even Samantha?s sister didn?t seem to care much. Not that she really cared much about what Sam was up to anyway.

Speaking of her sister?

Sam leaned forward a little, peering out her door and down the hall as much as she could until she could see her sister?s door. Light was coming faintly from beneath the door. What was she doing up this late? It was the middle of the night.

Whatever. Not like Samantha actually cared. Her sister didn?t even how that much interest in how Samantha did during the exchange program. Didn?t even seem like she noticed Sam was gone.

What was she even doing while Samantha was away?
Chapter 2 by Goddess_Lucy_tinycrusher

It was a boring day, made especially dreary by the fact that the sky was overcast, making everything under it seem to be a dull and lifeless grey. Jessica was sitting on the couch, half watching whatever the hell was on TV and half on her phone as the clouds slowly rolled by outside the window. It really felt like a nothing day, nothing was happening. There was nothing good on TV, and all of her friends were either working or being forced to spend time with their families, so there was no one to hang out with; and to top it all off, summer was ending. 

Jessica would be entering her last year of highschool tomorrow, but it didn't excite her, it still meant a whole new year she had to sit through. But for now she would just sit on the couch, doing nothing as her 5'9 frame took up some cushion space and her long brown hair flowed down her shoulders in waves. She blew a piece of her hair that was bugging her out of her blue eyes. For some reason, that just reminded Jessica of her younger sister, Samantha, and her straight black hair. 

That damn runt, Jessica thought. Even she wasn't around to pick on today. Jessica's shorty of a sister went off two days ago for some kind of exchange program at another school. Jessica didn't really care enough to remember the name; she was just annoyed at it for taking away a possible source of entertainment. 

Being the older sister, Jessica would love to tease and torment Samantha to her heart's content. When they were younger Jessica would chase Samantha around the house until she caught her, pinning her down on the ground until she cried "okay okay! I'm Nano! You crushed me! Please get off!". It wasn't the most fun anymore, but Jessica did enjoy her little sister squirming under her. 

That's probably what gave Samantha her Nano crushing fetish Jessica secretly knew about. Or at least that's what she could guess going through her sister's internet history. Strange how those things work. 

Ugh. To think, Jessica was so bored that her mind kept wandering like this. So annoying. Why wouldn't something just happen??

Suddenly there was a knock at the door. Jessica felt strange, considering that happened just as she wished for something to happen. Oh well, sure thought, the plot goes on. 

"I got it, sweety," Jessica's mom called out from the kitchen, her 3 inch heels clacking away on the tile floor. 

Their mother, Angela, was a decent 5’5, but even with her 3 inch heels she was still shorter than Jessica. Whenever she went without her heels Jessica could easily see her mother’s brown roots, the rest of her long hair having been dyed a light blonde. Angela was often away at work, but she did try to make time for her two daughters, She was a little hesitant at first, but when Samantha asked her to go on that exchange program thingy to the Nano school she just couldn’t say no.

Jessica stayed sitting on the couch as her mother answered the door. She heard her talking to someone, another woman, but Jessica didn’t really care to listen to whatever they were saying. Jessica just gave a little chuckle as she read another hilarious doge meme. After another few minutes Jessica heard the door shut and the clacking of her mother’s heels fall back into the kitchen.

“Jessica! Come here real quick! The exchange student is here, come say hi!” Angela yelled from the other room.

“Ugh.. come on..” Jessica sighed as she was forced to sit up from her comfortable seat. It was pretty annoying, but at least meeting this new student might be interesting. Jessica got up from her seat and began trodding off into the kitchen, her socked feet thumping gently onto the hard floor. 

When she got into the kitchen she say her mother smiling down at a small clear plastic ball on the table. As Jessica got closer she could see a tiny figure standing in the ball next to a tiny chair. The ball, of course, was a tiny safety carrier Nanos would sometimes travel in so they wouldn’t fall or get crushed. It was basically just a plastic ball with a platform and a chair, it was designed so the platform stayed level, so the little ones didn’t get thrown around.

The tiny Nano in the ball began waving to Jessica as she got closer, sitting down on a stool by the table. Jessica brought her face closer and could see some of the more finer details of whoever was inside. It was a tiny girl, maybe a year or two younger than herself, hard to tell. She wore a beige button up sweater with a dark blue plaid skirt that covered most of her thighs above knee-high socks. On her face was a big smile, showing pearly white teeth and red lips, her cheeks were pale but had a blushed hue to them that was most likely makeup. Her hair was completely black and set into two pigtails that didn’t quite reach her shoulders. She wore a pair of dark red-rimmed glasses that seemed to guard bright hazel eyes that could hardly hide any excitement she was feeling at that moment.

“Hi!! I’m Nicky! Nice to meet you!!!” The tiny girl yelled as loudly as she could, her voice coming through the ventilation holes in the top of the ball. 

Jessica just kept looking at the tiny waving girl, not even giving a moment to respond before turning back to her mother.

“How long is she staying?” Jessica asked, not showing any of the excitement Nicky was.

“Just a couple of months until the program is over. When school starts you’ll take her around to all your classes and all that, she’s mostly here to see Giant culture, so try to show her a good time, okay hunny?”

Jessica looked back down to the tiny girl, again not responding who was talking to her. Nicky was still smiling, trying to be polite, but also seemed confused. Why were they talking about her like she wasn’t literally right in front of them?

Suddenly a loud ringing pierced the air, going on and off multiple times in seconds. It was almost enough to make Nicky want to cover her ears. 

Angela reached into her pocket and took out her Nokia cellphone that was ringing, reading the caller ID.

“Sorry Jess, I gotta get going to work. Take care of Nicky and play nice,” Angela said, already walking away and putting the phone up to her ear, “Hey…….. Yes, I’m on my way! Just stall until I get there!.... What??”

Angela’s voice faded away as she walked out of the room and then out of the house, getting into her car and quickly driving away within a short span of time.

Jessica sat back in her stool, once again bored in the now empty house. Well, almost empty. A tiny voice began crying out from inside the tiny ball on the table.

“Hey! So you’re Jess? Nice to meet you!” Nicky yelled out again, unsure if she was heard the first time.

Jessica moved her gaze slowly to the tiny ball, again not immediately answering. Instead, she reached up slowly and pinched the ball up between her fingers, surprising the tiny girl inside. Nicky quickly grabbed onto the chair to steady herself as she was quickly moved up to Jessica’s eye level.

“H-hi!” Nicky said again, the sudden movement and now the giant blue eye both throwing her off slightly.

“I prefer Jessica,” Jessica said in a flat voice, staring straight at the tiny Nicky, “and you know, in that ball you kinda look like one of those toys you get from quarter machines.”

“Oh.. Uh, yeah, I g-guess.” Nicky said, not really sure how to respond, but steadily getting more nervous. She’d never really spent much time with Giants, this actually being her first time outside of people working in the exchange program.This was getting a little scary..

Jessica just kept looking at the little girl inside the plastic ball, the uncomfortable look growing more evident on her face. She shook the ball gently up and down, making Nicky even more worried as had to grip the chair even harder to keep from falling down. 

You know, maybe this exchange thing wouldn’t be so boring after all.

Chapter 3 by Goddess_Lucy_tinycrusher
Jessica eyed the little ball between her fingers for some time, while the tiny Nicky inside could only look back at the large eye with growing anxiety. This had been going on for a few silent minutes, with the little girl not knowing what else to say to her new host as she looked at her.

Nicky had heard stories of Giants at her normal school before. How some of them actually enjoyed torturing Nanos like herself, how they were killed just for fun, and how their bones were ground up to make their bread. ?or maybe those were fairy tales about trolls? she honestly wasn't sure. None of her friends had even seen a giant in their small, small town, so what they were actually like she didn't know. That's why she signed up for the exchange, to see what they were really like! And it seemed safe enough; they even gave her the mobile protection ball for free. What she didn't know though is that those organizing the exchange didn't really care about the safety of any Nanos involved. There were no scheduled checks or anything like that, they simply dropped her off and took her back home at the end, if there was anything to take back.

Jessica kept staring at Nicky, looking almost bored like a fat cat that has a mouse in it's paw. After a moment her mountain-like body began to move and far below her, Nicky could hear the loud pats of Jessica's feet as she walked across the hard floor, only to be muffled as she reached the living room. Even though the ball was meant to keep Nanos from getting tossed around while they were being moved or if the ball were rolled, the up and down movements of walking could still be felt, and if the ball was shaken up and down; well, it'd definitely be a bumpy ride to say the least. Nicky held on tight to the chair in the center as the light shaking continued, not daring to take her eyes off Jessica long enough to take a seat. It wasn't that she already didn't trust the giant, but her anxieties were just getting in the day.

Jessica sat back down on the couch, ball still between her fingers, as Nicky had to hold on tight to keep from getting launched up from the sudden fall. With the TV on in the background, Jessica brought the ball back up to her eye, again seeing the worried and now flustered face of Nicky. Only then did Jessica finally give a smug smile.

"So you're the little toy that traded places with my sister, huh?"

Nicky felt a little surprised at the sudden break in silence. And again with the toy thing?

"Uh.. y-yeah! I guess so! But you know.. we actually like to be called Nanos! N-not toys! If that's okay with you.." Nicky replied, her voice trying to be polite but lacking all confidence.

"Nah," Jessica said, smiling a little more as she turned in her seat, laying her head on the arm of the couch and lifting her feet to the other end. "You just look like a toy to me, and much better than my little sister was to screw with."

Jessica began shaking the ball again, this time with higher lifts up and down to really make Nicky feel it. The tiny girl yelled out a little in surprise as she could again hardly stay on her feet. Eventually she dropped to her knees, holding tight onto the chair as her stomach did somersaults inside of her. Nicky felt like she was going to be sick.

?P-Please? stop!!? Nicky yelled

?Ugh..? Jessica said, rolling her eyes, ?seriously, just shut it already.?

Jessica kept shaking the tiny ball at roughly the same speed, silently enjoying the little struggle her captive was going through. Inside she was actually enjoying the sound of her light begging, but being open with that was so cliche, it?s better to look more cold when doing this sort of thing, sometimes they even scream more. All this protest right now was really starting to get Jessica in the mood though? might as well take it to the next level.

Jessica stopped shaking the ball for a second, letting Nicky stand and take an anxious breath.

?C-can.. You please not do that agai-?

That?s all Nicky could get out before she felt some sudden movement again. She was worried it was another bout of shaking, but it was only going in one direction.

Jessica opened her mouth as the ball came closer to her face, sticking her tongue out to set Nicky onto. Already she heard the delightful screams of the tiny girl filling the ball. If she screamed any higher it might have even shattered. Jessica didn?t care, she just set the ball easily onto her tongue and slowly, very very slowly brought it back into her mouth, closing it into the little smile as she pushed it up against her cheek.

For the next few minutes, Nicky was nothing more than a gumball Jessica could suck on as she leaned her head over to watch TV. Eventually she?d faintly feel some thumping movement in her cheek; Nicky was panicking and knocking her fists against the walls of her container, begging to be let out. Not that Jessica could hear her, however, or even would care if she did.

As her show began to wind down, Jessica started moving the ball around with her tongue, swishing it all around. She?d move it back and forth along her tongue, shove it up against her cheeks repeatedly, or even gently clack it between her teeth.

?JESSICA! PLEASE! PLEASE LET ME OUT!!!? Nicky screamed out into the black redness that surrounded her.

After another few minutes of her screaming and banging against the plastic, Nicky was once again surrounded by light as Jessica spit the ball out into her hand. Nicky could hardly see anything outside her ball, it was all distorted by smears of saliva still sticking to the sides, some even dripping through the air holes in the top like slime. All she could see of Jessica was a large blob that filled her entire view of one side. And although the holes were clogged, her gigantic voice was still clear inside.

?Don?t forget, you?re my new toy for a while. So don?t say anything to Mom or anyone about this, or I?ll break that thing open and swallow you whole~.?

Nicky could only scream once again as she was quickly shoved back into the darkness of Jessica?s mouth, terrified that she was about to be eaten.

Instead, for the next little while, Jessica was content to treat Nicky as a gumball; sucking on and licking the ball all over while the tiny girl inside could only wait for this nightmare to end, while Jessica was just waiting for the end of the commercials.
Chapter 4 by Goddess_Lucy_tinycrusher

The morning bell rang throughout the school, signaling the beginning of the day at Provenance Girls’ School. I mean, of course, it had to be an all-girls private school, were you expecting otherwise?

As the ring of the bell died out there was still plenty of noise within the classrooms as the girls just wouldn’t shut up! High school students rarely do, after all.

“Girls, please settle down, please,” Ms. Kurlin said in a polite yet stern tone as she walked from her desk to the head of the class. “We’ll be having a new student with us for the next few months so I’m going to have her introduce herself. Jessica, could you?”

Jessica sighed as Ms Kurlin and the rest of the class looked directly at her. She reached down and picked up the little ball that sat near the corner of her desk and held it up.

“This is Nicky,” she said, not sounding very enthusiastic.

The other girls were confused at first, until they noticed that inside the ball was a very tiny figure waving at them. Upon closer inspection, some girls having to get out of their chairs to see, it was a little Nano girl dressed in the same school uniform that they were!

Nicky was nervous and felt incredibly shy as the mountains of curious faces stared at her and came closer. She still wasn’t mentally over what had happened with Jessica putting her in her mouth, it was traumatic…. But after that and when Jess’s mother got home things seemed to be more normal. Jessica ignored her for the rest of the night while her mother asked her about things like family and schooling and being a Nano. She didn’t have a lot to say about that last thing, it felt just normal to her, before that day she didn’t even think of her size as anything but normal, but after meeting Jessica and her mother she couldn’t help but realize just how small her and her life had been. And hey, maybe Jessica didn’t mean it. Nicky did want to learn more about Giants, after all, maybe that was some sort of initiation? She didn’t understand it, but for the time being, she’d have to force it out of her mind.

“H-hi!” she managed to squeak out, not loud enough for anyone to hear though.

“She’s a Nano?” someone asked aloud.

“A Nano?”

“Who let a Nano in here?”

“Nanos are so cute!”

It was like they’d never seen a Nano before, all sounded either surprised or somehow disgusted.

“Now class,” Ms. Kurlin said, trying to calm the excitement, “yes she is a Nano, but it doesn’t mean get as close as you possibly can to her. She’s here on an exchange program with Jessica’s younger sister. Luckily, though, she’s in the same grade as all of you so she’ll be attending classes with Jessica while she’s here.”

The girls just kept chattering, however, obsessed with the fact one of their classmates was less than half an inch tall. 2mm was the average height for Nanos, but Nicky a comfortable 1.9750mm if you really wanted to be specific, though it wasn’t any difference a Giant could see.

As all the girls fawned over Nicky, who was beginning to blush anxiously, Jessica could only sigh at the annoyance. She’d already seen Nicky, so seeing everyone “ooo” and “ahh” at her was getting old. It felt like being in kindergarten and everyone wanting to play with the toy you brought to show-and-tell.

“Now class,” Ms Kurlin said again, this time raising her voice in a more serious tone, “I know you’re all excited but you’ll have plenty of time to talk to Nicky during lunch. Right now we need to finish our unit on Friedrich Nietzsche and his idea of the Eternal Recurrence. Now, let’s say we’re out having a nice walk by the lake—.”

Ms Kurlin’s voice seemed to trail off as she continued on about our own existential agency as everyone got back into their seats. She turned around and wrote big long words in big long letters, some of which not even looking like English. She was a young teacher, probably in her mid-twenties, but teachers would never share their ages for some reason. She was very smart but had a habit of going on and on about philosophical this or that, it was usually hard to pay attention it all felt so complicated. Well, that and the tight sweaters she liked to wear. Even in an all-girls’ school she’d often get looks or secret teacher crushes, but she was too invested in learning and teaching to notice any of that. She had rich brown curly hair that spilled down to her bust, covered in a simple but rather tight beige sweater, and just below that a long brown skirt that went roughly to her shins. She wore pretty black heels with tan stockings. If she wasn’t a school teacher you’d probably confuse her with a librarian; a very cute librarian at that.

“—so everyone, why should we live good lives according to Nietzsche?” Ms Kurlin said, finishing her lecture.

“Because if we’re fated to repeat our lives for infinity we should lead lives worth repeating,” the entire class all said in perfect unison, except for Nicky of course, everyone else had this drilled into their heads for weeks.

Class went on like that for the next while until the school bell rang, signalling to the students it was now time for lunch.

“And that’s why—, oh,” Ms Kurlin said, getting interrupted mid-lecture again, “well, we’ll pick up again tomorrow. You’re all excused for lunch except for Nicky. Jessica you’ll also have to stay for a minute too since you’re her escort.”

Jessica gave an audibly annoyed sigh as she continued to pack up her stuff. Her new private toy was already starting to be a public pain in the ass.

Jessica walked up to her teacher's desk, Nicky in hand as all the other girls quickly funneled out of the classroom. Ms Kurlin had already sat down and was typing a few grades into the system.

Jessica stood in front of the desk for a moment and set Nicky’s ball down in front of the teacher.

“Thank you,” Ms Kurlin said nicely, looking away from her computer screen, “could you wait outside for a moment, Jessica? I’d like to talk to Nicky in private.”

Jessica gave another bothered sigh and left the room with everyone else, the door closing as the last students were gone.

Nicky stood nervously looking up at her massive teacher, shifting her weight from one foot to the other as Ms Kurlin quickly marked a few papers. It was made even more awkward by the teacher’s large breasts spreading high above her.

After some seconds Ms Kurlin turned her head toward Nicky, finished with the bit of work she was doing for that moment.

“So Nicky, how was your first day in my class?” Ms Kurlin started, trying to sound friendly but also sounding a little awkward, “I hope I didn’t embarrass you with that introduction.”

“Oh, no!” Nicky answered back, “it was really nice actually! I was just feeling a little nervous, I’ve never really been around Giants before coming here, so it’s a little… overwhelming I guess.”

“Well don’t get too nervous, we’re pretty gentle if we can help it,” Ms Kurlin said smiling, “actually, would you like to...?” She trailed off as she lifted her right hand out flat and pointed to it with her left hand. “To help you get used to contant.”

“Well… sure!” Nicky said, if a little shyly. This would definitely be the first time she’d actually touched a Giant. But the thought of leaving her ball… the thing that protected her against getting swallowed by Jessica… was a little unnerving. But, having listened to Ms Kurlin’s lecture, she at least seemed pretty nice, like any good teacher would be.

Ms Kurlin reached down carefully and picked up Nicky’s ball, holding it between her fingers and twisting gently. The top of the ball came off easily enough and got set aside, far below where Nicky could see. In front of her Ms Kurlin flatted her palm and set it against the side of the now half-sphere. The tiny girl was easily able to walk, however slowly, onto her teacher’s gigantic palm, taking multiple steps to make it near the center.

It was like walking on a mattress, or a huge mass of soft, textured pillows. Her school shoes dug gently into the flesh with considerable give, and she could feel the warmth radiating off the skin with each step. What she didn’t expect though was the sweet flowery smell that also seemed to seep from her palm, it was like walking through a field of flowers; lotion was definitely a part of Ms Kurtis’ morning routine.

It was very strange for Nicky, to walk across a hand like that. To see all the details that were like the ones on hers, and to actually walk on it. All the while she knew her teacher was looking down at her intently, trying to keep her hand steady. It wasn’t hard for Nicky; the warmth, the smell, even the feeling she was being watched over by a trusted adult, Nicky felt strangely comfortable and calm, like even just on this palm was a very very safe place.

“Aww,” her teacher said, looking down at her new tiny student now at the center of her palm, “you look so cute down there!”

“Thanks!” Nicky said smiling. She liked the compliment, but wasn’t sure how to follow it up. Luckily, she wouldn’t have to.

“You know…” Ms Kurtis began, “I’ve always wondered something about Nanos.”

Nicky looked back up at her curiously. Ms Kurtis was staring back, but now with a slightly different look in her eyes. There was still that bit of friendliness and innocence, but something inside that look was, well, twisted.

“Karl Marx thought that people were primarily dominated by the bourgeoisie, who owned all the capital.”

“H-huh?” Nicky asked, not really understanding this sudden lesson out of nowhere.

“Michel Focoult believed everything was dominated by a prison system. And Jean-Jacques Rousseau thought that our own freedom was oppressive to our own being, but… Nanos have it differently, don’t you?”

“I uh… huh?” Nicky asked again, still not understanding what the hell was going on now.

“I mean, how we Giants view domination is probably very different from how you Nanos see it. Everything dominates you!”

“Well, I mean, I guess,” Nicky replied awkwardly. She never really thought of it like that, but she thought that was true, especially in places like this.

“Everything on my desk poses a threat to you even! Just us Giants existing is a threat to your very being! I mean, if I wanted to I could just…”

Without much thought and not enough warning, a thin shadow fell over Nicky, not even giving her enough time to react before Ms Kurlin’s finger seemed to smack her down into her palm, coming back again and pushing her gently into the soft pad of skin. She grunted and tried squirming, but it was no use.

“Even something as small as my finger can easily pose a threat to you! I could accidently end you if I wanted to! N-not that I ever would…”

As she went on, Nicky began to panic. She tried to thrash around but was, as Ms Kurlin put it, utterly dominated by just her ring finger. She tried gasping for air, but the sweetly scented flesh only filled her mouth and muffled her cries through the warm soft skin . Her hair began to friz, her makeup began to smudge, and her clothes became untucked and wrinkled as Ms Kurlin seemed to be rubbing her in gently.

“But, if I wanted to I totally could.. Oh, I would just love to hear the Nano perspective on power dynamics and the nature of power and oppression.”

Nicky couldn’t tell, but Ms Kurlin had reached with her free hand and was now groping one of her breasts without really meaning to. Her tight sweater added to the stimulation, as she wasn’t actually wearing a bra.

“God… I’d read the fuck out of that bood…” she moaned softly, feeling her student squirm gently beneath her finger. This was a fucking great illustation, she thought, hell, she was seeing this power dynamic first-hand. If only she could hear the other side. Why couldn’t there have been a Nano Heidegger or Springer? Someone to put this raw knowledge into words. It’d make her cum for weeks.

Ms Kurtis quickly let go of her breast and the pressure she was applying with her finger. She was at school, this was not how a respectable teacher should act at school… She couldn’t get caught masturbating to learning.. Not again…

Nicky coughed and sputtered as she tried to breathe some “fresh” air again. The sweet flowery taste filled her mouth but tasted like gross lotion. She probably wouldn’t be able to smell lavender the same way again…

“Oh! I’m sorry!” Ms Kurlin said, only slightly concerned, “forgot where I was for a second..”

Without another second of thought, Ms Kurlin grabbed the bottom portion of Nicky’s ball and gently dumped her onto it, making sure she didn’t tumble or get hurt. Nicky still lay down coughing on her platform as her teacher snapped the lid back on, sealing her inside once again. At least it was a little safer than out there, apparently…

“Here, I’ll let you get back to lunch,” Ms Kurlin said, sounding rushed and very very embarrassed, even blushing red. “Maybe don’t tell anyone about that, please?”

She brought the ball with her student inside up close to her face, still blushing slightly, but again with that look in her eyes, “do that, and I’ll help you with a little writing project for extra credit. But you’ll need to start spending your lunches with me most of these days, alright? Alright.”

It was fast but she was desperate. Ms Kurtis desperately wanted more contact with Nicky on a more personal level. A very personal level. If she could just help this Nano articulate at least some of what it was like to be a Nano around Giants, she’d be happy. And if she could feel that kind of power that comes with oppressing again, that wouldn’t be too bad either…

Without even waiting for an answer, Ms Kurlin got up and walked towards the door, Nicky’s ball held securely between her fingers.

As she opened the door there was Jessica standing by the side, looking bored to the point of being pissed.

“Thank you, Jessica,” Ms Kurlin said, sounding like her usual innocent self as she handed the ball back to her much bigger student. “If you would, I’d like you to start leaving Nicky with me after my class, you can even go to lunch if you’d like. I’ll be.. Helping her get more understanding of Giants while she’s here.”

“Yeah, okay, whatever,” Jessica said, already putting one earbud in. She didn’t care, as long as she got her own time with the squirt at home.

As Jessica walked to the lunch hall, ball held tightly in her fist without even checking on the tiny girl, Nicky lay in a huddled mass of fear and loathing.

“Oh god…….. Are they all fucking sadists??”

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