Deranged Exchange - Another Side by Goddess_Lucy_tinycrusher

This is the other side of an earlier story I did, Deranged Exchange. 



Logically, an exchange is a trade of 2 students. So what ever happened to the Nano student that went to Samantha's school? And how did it go staying with her family and her older sister?

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Chapter 1 by Goddess_Lucy_tinycrusher

Samantha flung up from her bed, her heart racing and in a cold sweat. The bottle, the city, what the fuck just happened!?

Wait, wait.


Just calm down?

Samantha looked around. She was in her bedroom. Everything was normal and quiet. Her floor was still a mess of clothes and a few pieces of paper, a soda can by her door she?d been meaning to take out for an entire week. She looked out the window by her bed, a street light brought some orange light into her room through the shades. It was weird they made it orange, Samantha always thought it gave off a weird kind of feeling in the empty street.

But wait? What just happened though?

Samantha thought for a moment, then remembered what she had just woken up from. She could only remember bits and pieces now, but she could recall something about a growth serum or something, then getting really really big. She remembered it felt great. But then?

Samantha looked over to her dresser next to her bed. There was a small piece of cloth that looked like it was balled up and thrown there, but in the mass of fabric was something else. A tiny body lay in the clump, only now beginning to stir and sit up. Soon a small, sleepy, and freckled face came from inside the balled clump. She could hardly keep her eyes open, with red hair tangled and criss-crossed on her face.

?Sam?.? Bree said, sounding like she was still sleeping, ?you okay???

Samantha looked down at her tiny girlfriend in her own little bed. For a split second, Samantha felt fear travel up her spine seeing Bree, the dream still fresh and realistic in her mind. But after a second it was replaced by a feeling of annoyance and contempt. It was the same kind of feeling you?d get if you dreamed about a friend being a dick to you, only this time it was like if you dreamt your itty bitty gf went giant and swallowed you whole in a bout of lust. Pretty close but slightly different feelings. Either way, Sam wasn?t happy.

Without answering, Samantha flashed an annoyed look at the sleepy Bree, though it went pretty unnoticed. She opened up the drawer beneath Bree, the one she kept her socks and underwear (most of which were pretty clean, some socks worn once or twice). Bree, still confused, was flicked along with her clump of bed into the darkness of the drawer, giving a tiny yell as she fell, landing on a pair of worn miss-matched socks before getting sealed in as Samantha slammed it closed.

She?d be fine, Samantha thought. She just couldn?t look at her face right now. Even though it was just a dream.

It had been some months since Samantha and Bree came back from the school Samantha was exchanged to. Surprisingly, or not really, Samantha didn?t really suffer any repercussions for all the gruesome things she did at that school. All the Nanos in that town must?ve kept their mouths shut, not wanting to see her come back for some kind of revenge. Granted, she did kidnap a lot of her old classmates that survived right before she left, and she did have a walk *literally* through the neighborhood, so that was probably a good call for them. So in the end it turned out pretty well for both of them. Though sadly Samantha ran out of the captives she kidnapped from the pool party. A lot of them were chased and crushed, some sprinkled on her tongue. But honestly she lost most of them when she lost the bottle they were trapped in for a week? Turns out even Nanos need food and water sometimes, but that was just a minor annoyance.

Bree, however, remained free and safe. Well, as safe as she could be snuggled up to the Queen of Cruel herself, which at times was pretty dangerous in itself. But despite that, they still had a pretty good relationship. Even though she crushed people Bree?s side for the sheer joy of hearing their screams and crushing their bones, Samantha still listened to and loved Bree like someone her own size. Their relationship was kind of out there, though Samantha didn?t brag about it or anything. She took Bree to school in her uniform pocket sometimes and they ate lunch together, sometimes going off and kissing outside in the parking lot. Her friends teased her a little, knowing only a little bit about how Samantha loved hurting Nanos. Granted they all loved bullying the tiny runts, at times turning violent, but Samantha made sure her friends knew that Bree was off limits, going so far as to hint her sadism might graduate to the more Giant size if they ever hurt her. This shut them up pretty quick, at least in front of her. Really they were a lovely couple.

Samantha?s parents were even cool with it too, though it?s not like they ever really noticed the little red-haired dot that sat on her shoulder. And she hardly ate anything, so it didn?t affect the family at all. Even Samantha?s sister didn?t seem to care much. Not that she really cared much about what Sam was up to anyway.

Speaking of her sister?

Sam leaned forward a little, peering out her door and down the hall as much as she could until she could see her sister?s door. Light was coming faintly from beneath the door. What was she doing up this late? It was the middle of the night.

Whatever. Not like Samantha actually cared. Her sister didn?t even how that much interest in how Samantha did during the exchange program. Didn?t even seem like she noticed Sam was gone.

What was she even doing while Samantha was away?
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