A Girl Named Jackie by johnbart37

Desmond, a vertically challenged young man, goes away to college and upon arrival, meets a outrageously tall volleyball girl. The two hit it off right away, but soon, Desmond begins to get smaller. Day by day, he loses more and more height, and he has no idea what is causing it. He has quirky adventures with college girls much taller than him, and he tries to adjust to his new circumstances. 

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Chapter 1 by johnbart37

Chapter 1:

It was a first day. First days are always the worst because, for me, a massive cloud of butterflies descends on my gut, and they don’t leave until my head hits the pillow. In addition to my volatile stomach, I noticeably sweat, and my grasp on the English language becomes tenuous. Like any other person, there have been many first days in my life: the first day of elementary school, the first day of sleep-away camp, the first day on the job, the first day of high school (That was a doozy. Perhaps a story for another day).

I would soon come to realize that none of those would compare to my first day of college. My parents made the eight and a half hour drive all the way down to Georgetown University (yeah, I’m a pretty good student) from where we live in Massachusetts. It was a ride filled to the brim with silence and nervous anticipation. We left at 6 a.m. to get there by my move-in time, which was 3 p.m. I was living in Darnall Hall, a freshman residence. To say the heat was sweltering would be an understatement. When I finally got up to my room (it turns out two elevators aren’t sufficient when 150 kids are trying to move in at the same time) my brain was so oppressed by the muggy, unconditioned air that I could barely think straight. My parents and my pest of a sister were practically doing all the work of unloading my crap while I sat at my desk trying to collect my thoughts.

For months, I thought this move would be like nothing. I shrugged it off saying, everyone goes to college, it’s no big deal. Millions of people had done exactly what I was doing, so it couldn’t have been that hard. Sure, I wasn’t going to see my parents and my friends from for a long stretch of time. But so what? That comes with the territory.

Oh, how wrong I was. The true weight of my circumstances came crashing down on me in my dorm room. And I cried. I sat on my mother’s lap and I cried and cried and cried into her arms. She knew what was wrong. Even if I didn’t let on until now, she somehow always knew. My dad took my sister out into the hall, presumably so she wouldn’t make fun of me.

Through blubbering bouts of incoherence, I manage to get out, “I’m…I’m n-not gonna s-see you f-for months! I didn’t th-think this was g-gonna be that h-hard!”

“I cried just like you are now when I left for college,” she said.

I sat up and wiped my eyes, “Really?”

“Yes! Going away is difficult. But it’s something you have to do. And it’s something you’ll never quite be ready for, until you are. Think about it, you’ll get a break from your sister!”

That was actually a compelling argument. I giggled a bit through my choked tears.

“Listen, in two weeks, you won’t even want to come home. You’ll dread phone calls from me and your father. And if you’re really that unhappy you can always transfer. Trust me, you’re going to be ok.”

I slowly shook my head in disbelief and my eyes welled up again.

“Come here,” she said as she cradled me closer.

At that precise moment, someone busted through the door, and my head shot up to see my roommate and his parents. The speed with which I sprang off my mother’s lap cannot be quantified. I didn’t want my first impression with my roommate to be of me crying like a little bitch. I quickly wiped my eyes and readied myself for introductions.

“Desmond, hey man! Are you, um, crying?” he asked.

“No! No! Well, actually I was, but it was because I stubbed my toe on this stupid bed. Clumsy me, I guess.”

Smooth, real smooth, you idiot. 

My sister popped her head in, and said, “He’s lying. He’s crying because he’s gonna miss us.”

“Shut up, Amanda!” I walked over to my roommate, “How are you doin’ Greg.”

That luckily broke the tension. My mom got up and we all exchanged pleasantries. We talked about what we’re studying. Me, pre-law, and Greg, business. Before long, they started unpacking, so we stepped out of the room and left them to it.

I followed my family out to the car, and I managed to say good-bye without breaking down in tears. That was a relief. But embarrassment never seemed to elude me. My sister, Amanda, bear hugged me in the parking lot, lifting me off the ground in the process. She whispered in my ear, “I still own you.”

I loathed Amanda. She was only 16, but she was a head taller than me and could probably break my wrist in an arm-wrestling match if she wanted to. At home, she made it clear that she was the boss of me. I was forced to do her chores, and it was on me to make sure that our parents never found out. She would frequently barge into my room for impromptu wrestling matches, in which she would lay me out like a starfish in seconds. Whenever we played board games together, she would cheat and always dare me with her eyes to protest. I had learned to simply ignore it after the one time I called her out and she gave me a black eye. She would sometimes just sit on my face and just fart all over it. Whenever she did that, it signified that she was in a terrible mood.

What I never understood was why she was the strong one and I was the weak one. I was a guy, I was supposed to be the strong one. It wasn’t fair. My dad suggested I should start lifting weights to counter her, but I could never follow through. I told myself maybe I would seriously go to the gym in college. But who was I kidding? I knew I wasn’t going to do that. It wasn’t in my character. I just had to pray that Amanda wouldn’t go to Georgetown. I could actually envision a plausible situation in which my sister would go to my college simply to continue her lifetime of harassment against me.

Needless to say, I wasn’t going to miss her. She made my life a nightmare, so to be rid of her for a few months was much needed. However, my parents were going to be a different story. I was going to miss my dad, sure, but I was going to yearn for my mom. I was always more of a momma’s boy.

I hugged my dad first, and when he went to go start the car, I went in to hug my mom. She was even taller than Amanda. My face was smooshed against her sizable breasts as she pulled me in.

“I’m gonna miss you Des, don’t forget to call.”

I told her I wouldn’t. She got in the passenger’s seat, and they were off. I followed the car with my eyes until it disappeared down a hill. I sighed a big sigh.

Not ready to go back to my room yet, I decided to shoot down to the dining hall. Nearly everyone was getting settled into their dorms, so it wasn’t too crowded. Not all the stations were open yet, so I just grabbed a turkey sandwich, a staple school meal for me, and sat down at one of the many empty tables.

The swarm of butterflies I was talking about before, well, they prevented me from eating even a quarter of my sandwich. I picked at it for a bit, and finally let it sit. I just need to sit here for a while, I told myself, I’m too tired to be the least bit social right now.

Soon, I was swimming in my vast array of crazy thoughts. Am I gonna like it here? Will I make new friends? Will my classes be too hard? Will I finally get a girlfriend?

A female’s voice shook me out of my stupor.

“Hey! College boy? Can I sit with ya?”

Before I even lifted my eyes, I immediately picked up on her acute southern accent. It wasn’t something I was accustomed to hearing in New England. And why was she calling me ‘college boy’? She was in college too, right? Well, I had certainly hoped so.

“College boy?” I laughed a bit.

She must’ve taken my laugh as a yes, because she sat down across from me. Then she said, “Yeah, you’re in college, and you’re a boy. At least I think so.”

“Hey, I’m the manliest man you’ll ever see!”

Oh god, Desmond, what are you saying?! You sound like such an idiot in front of this girl. Your sarcasm is going to be misunderstood! I thought.

To my relief, I saw a reserved grin take shape across her mouth. I took a mental note of the scene in front of me for my future reference. It was clear that she was much taller than me. We were both sitting on somewhat high stools. I would imagine most average people’s feet would be quite far from the ground. The thing that rang the alarm bell in my brain was that her feet grazed the floor. And she didn’t appear to be stretching in the slightest.

Further still, she was looking down at me. She visibly had to tilt her chin down to look at me. From an outsider’s view, we probably looked ridiculous. If I had to guess, my head was level with her chest, which I quickly noticed had a significant bust.

Then I noticed her broad shoulders. They weren’t twice as wide as mine, but it was close. I also imagined what I would look like if I put on her Georgetown shirt. Oh god, it would probably be at my knees. The neck hole would easily be large enough to stretch around my shoulders. And her jeans! If I put them on, they would be up to my nipples! I began to ask myself, is this girl a freaking giantess?

Now I was freaking out. When we inevitably stood up, the size difference would be downright comical. I knew I was short but wow, she was out of this world tall!

As usual, I was being consumed by my harebrained thoughts, so I did my best to push my apparent obsession with this girl’s height to the side. It was a hefty task because literally everything she did made me think of just how frighteningly huge she was. Just her simply raising her fork to her mouth was distracting to me. It drew attention to her endlessly long arms going up to her absurdly high mouth. After her first forkful, she asked my name, and I, in turn, asked the same.

“I’m Jaclyn. Call me Jackie if ya like.”

“I’ve always liked that name.”

Damn it, Des, you’re showing your hand too early! Slow down with the flirting!

“Oh really? Thanks! I guess it’s luck o’ the draw. Nobody gets to pick their name.”

That gave me a springboard to launch a conversation, “So if you got to choose your name, what would you choose?”

She took her chin in her hand, and said, “Ooooh, that’s a hard one!”

Jesus Christ, this girl is so fuckin’ cute, I can’t even handle it.

“Well, do you wanna hear what I would’ve been named if it was up to me?”

Jackie put both her elbows on the table with her hands on her cheeks. The way she looked at me in that moment made me feel so good. Her eyes were wide and full of genuine interest in what I had to say. It was as if she was on the edge on her seat for every single sentence I uttered.

“Of course! Tell me!”


She looked at me funny. I let it linger, but I couldn’t keep a straight face much longer. I started giggling. It took her a second, but she laughed too.

“No yeah, I like my name,” I said, “My parents did a good job with that.”

She sat back up in her chair, which made me feel small all over again. I instinctively straightened my body to appear even a little bit taller.

“My name would be something with an ‘a’ at the end. Something like ‘Rebecca’ or ‘Carla’ or ‘Amanda’.”

I gagged loudly upon hearing her say ‘Amanda’. What were the odds of her stumbling upon ‘Amanda’? There are thousands of girl names that end in ‘a’ that are not Amanda. All I wanted to do was forget about my evil sister.

“Are you ok?” she asked.

“Yeah, yeah, just uh… not Amanda,” I mumbled.

“Why not?”

“It’s my sister’s name. She can be kind of... what’s the word? Bitchy.” That was an understatement.

Nonetheless, her face soured. It was understandable, what was supposed to say in this sort of situation. She didn’t know my sister, and she didn’t know me. For all she knew, I was exaggerating. I knew I quickly had to salvage this. “What I meant to say is, you are the exact opposite of my sister. And believe me, that is a compliment.”

“You’ve known me for five minutes; how do you know we’re opposite?”

Crap, how am I going to explain this without divulging extremely embarrassing details about how my younger sister utterly dominates me at every turn?

“She’s very domineering, you know? Always in my face, barking orders and insults at me. And she’s just unpleasant to be around. Not the vibe I get from you.”

Perfect! I kept it vague enough, so she didn’t have any real idea of how thoroughly my sister controlled me. And to put a cherry on top, she beamed at the obvious compliment I paid her. This was going extraordinarily well.

“So, what’s the dream, Des? Why are ya here?” she asked me, finally moving the topic away from my wretched sister.

I explained that I wanted to be a lawyer, and how I was currently in pre-law.

“Yeah, but what’s the dream? Like, are ya gonna be some hot-shot lawyer for Wall St. bankers, or are ya gonna be a defense attorney?”

It occurred to me then and there that I didn’t have an answer to that question. I was doing law because my father was a lawyer and I assumed it was a good career path. I was smart enough to do it, so why not? But maybe I was missing something.

“I don’t know, I’ve never really thought about it, Jackie. Do you have a dream?”

Without a moment of hesitation, she said, “I want to be a story-teller. I’m gonna be a journalism major.”

“Wow, that is so cool! Journalism is pretty important if you ask me.”

“It’s the thing that prevents the people in power from running wild with it. I view it as a noble cause. I want to tell people what they need to know, but make my stories entertaining at the same time.”

She seemed to know exactly what she wanted to do. There must’ve been bliss in having a plan. I was going into college blind, not knowing what I truly wanted to make of myself. I loved her focus and idealism. Her incredible passion was ultimately the thing that made me want to befriend her. Perhaps she could inspire me to be more than I was now.

“So, are you gonna try to get on the Capitol Hill beat? I mean, we are in Washington.”

“That’s the dream,” she said.

“Hey, I guarantee you that in four years from now, your dream will be a reality.”

Dude, you don’t even know her! How are you going to predict her career path as a freshman? Shit, I am such a dumbass…

 “Yeah, well at least I have a dream,” she said with a naughty smile.

"Is that a dig at me?” I laughed.

“A friendly dig, I guess.

Friendly? Nice.

“Des, before you can even have a reality, you have to get a dream in your head. I’ve dreamed of myself on Capitol Hill sticking a microphone in congressmen’s faces for years. Don’t just fall into something because it’s what you think you have to do.”

“I will take that under advisement.”

Inexplicably, we both burst out laughing. Maybe it was because I tried to follow up her serious statement that ended up just sounding sarcastic. Or maybe we were just getting too deep for our first conversation, and we both needed to laugh to release some pressure. Either way, it was a cathartic experience a group laugh with her.

After we were done busting a gut, I abruptly changed the topic. I summoned the courage to ask for her number. Instead of asking for my phone, so she could put the number in herself, she grabbed her reporter’s notebook. She wrote it down, ripped off the page, and handed it to me.

“You’re a little old-fashioned, aren’t you?”

“A girl just gave you her number, don’t complain,” she joked.

“Hey, I wasn’t—"

“I know. I have to go to volleyball practice, Desmond. Talk soon, K?”

Volleyball. Who’d’ve thought?

She got down from the stool, and now I could fully appreciate her beautiful figure. She was somehow slender and voluptuous at the same time. But more strikingly, she had to be at least six and a half feet tall.

I didn’t dare get down from my stool. I couldn’t bear a direct height comparison with her. Not yet. I knew it was coming, but not yet. It was nice to retain at least some of my dignity in the face of this amazing woman. I just watched her leave. Her ass filled those jeans so perfectly as it swayed to and fro. I couldn’t help but imagine myself barely filling her jeans. I would most likely be swimming in them.

She was a freak of nature. No, that was the wrong word. She was a goddess. A superb goddess was interested in me, a tiny little hobbit. I know it was cliché, but I pinched myself to see if I was dreaming. I was delighted to know that I was, in fact, experiencing a real-life event.

When I said none of my first days compared to my first day of college, it wasn’t because I was moving away from home, or because I had bawled into my mother’s arms. It was because of a girl named Jackie.

Chapter 2 by johnbart37
Author's Notes:

Desmond meets a new, interesting friend. Perhaps he'll reunite with Jackie too.

Chapter 2:

I woke up Sunday morning, and the first thing I thought about was Jackie. Her endless legs. Her cascading, glossy blonde hair. Her nimble height. Her voice, her soothing, sexy voice. It was enough to make me leak a little bit thinking about it. Then my mind shot to her phone number on the piece of paper she gave me.

Shit, the phone number! Where is it?! Fuck, I’m never gonna see her again because I lost her damn number, I thought.

I tornadoed through my entire room searching for her number. I tore off my sheets, threw my mattress off the bed, and rummaged through every one of my drawers (even my roommate’s; hey, maybe I didn’t know my drawers yet). Thoughts of losing her pinged through my head nonstop, and I felt like I was going to throw up at any second. I was bordering on having a nervous breakdown.

“Dude, what the hell are you doing? It’s 8:30,” Greg asked, now awake.

“I’m fine, I’m fine. Just…go back to bed.”

“Tell me what the deal is. You’re obviously pissed off.” 

“Do I have to tell you?”

“I guess not, as long as you’re quieter, I’m fine with whatever you do—”

“This girl I met yesterday gave me her number and I can’t find it anywhere! I’m losin’ it, man!” I blurted out.

“What do you mean? She wrote out her number for you on a piece of paper or something?”

“Yeah, I guess she’s a bit old-fashioned.”

“And you didn’t thin to put the number down in your phone as soon as she gave it to you? What the hell were you thinking?!”

“What the fuck was I thinking?” I asked myself aloud.

“Did you check your pants?” he asked.


“Check your damn pants! That’s where I always forget stuff. Many pairs of earbuds went to die in the washing machine at my house.”

“Ok, ok! I’ll check.”

The idea seemed ridiculous. I never left stuff in my pockets, I always—holy shit. There it was! In my back pocket all along, like Greg had suggested.

“You’re a genius, man,” I said, “I love you!”

“Don’t get mushy with me. I’m going back to sleep,” he said, cranky.

Greg saved my ass! What if I never found it? I would’ve never seen her again. After three days she would’ve forgotten me entirely, and then it would’ve been like we’d never met at all. All that tension, all the flirting, for nothing. Stop it, you idiot! You found the number, there’s no need to run alternate scenarios where you didn’t find it.

The bizarre celebration in my head was almost immediately overshadowed by a storm cloud of fear. Now that I’d found the number, it was real again. She and I. Me and her. It could be real. But now the pressure was on me to bring it into fruition. She didn’t have my number—so if I wanted this (whatever this was) to go forward—I would have to work up the balls to actually text her.

This time I put Jackie’s number into my phone, and I tapped ‘new message’. I put her contact into the subject bar and began typing.

ME: Jackie it was really nice meeting u yesterday and I—

No! That sounds stupid, D-E-L-E-T-E.

 ME: What’s up?

       Thought I’d text u to see if you wanted to hang out?

 That’s a boring text! Be a little playful.

ME: Hey, it’s College Boy!

       Hope you aren’t too busy dreamin’ to hang out sometime!

Perfect! It’s playful and flirtatious and callback humor always works like a charm!

I went to hit ‘send’, but hesitated. I was scared to fail. Jackie was such a beautiful girl, and a girl of her caliber showing even the slightest bit of interest was unreal. It felt like stage fright. If you don’t say your line right everyone’ll laugh at you. In my case, if I say the wrong things, she’ll be gone. I’d say it’s a much worse fate than having some people make fun of you for flubbing your lines on stage.

I also didn’t want to seem like a desperate little boy whose life depended on whether or not she wanted to hang out with me (even though that assessment was totally and completely true). I had to play it cool, act aloof. So, I left the message written but unsent for the time being. I told myself I would send it eventually.

Today was Georgetown’s Look Fair: a chance for everybody to wander aimlessly from table to table trying to find a club that spoke to them. If not for my mother’s nagging, I would’ve gotten the remainder of my school supplies at the book store and sat in my dorm room all weekend. Even hundreds of miles away she was able to force me to go; I knew I wasn’t going to be able to lie to her about it if I stayed home.

I hoped that Jackie and I wouldn’t cross paths at the Look Fair today. I wasn’t ready to meet her standing up. And she would probably be with all of her super-tall volleyball girlfriends, making me feel even more short and inadequate. In fact, I had a vivid daydream of myself shrinking in front of the entire volleyball team. They encircled me like a swarm of preying piranhas, pointing at me, laughing at my pathetic shortness.

I decided that I would text Jackie after the Look Fair, eliminating the chance of her suggesting we meet up there. Hopefully, we would strike up a text conversation after the Fair lasting a few days before I had the panache to set up a date.

I had to shower, something I was dreading. It was largely because it was a communal bathroom with eight showers. I hoped to God that there wasn’t anyone in there showering.

I opened my door with a towel around my waist and carrying my bathroom bag, only to walk out and immediately smash into something. Or more accurately—someone. I crumpled to the ground like a sack of potatoes. This person was solid, no give. I looked up and saw a girl.

As I fidgeted on the ground trying to cover my privates and tighten my towel around my waist, she leaned down and said, “Are you ok?”

She had an even thicker southern drawl than Jackie. Embarrassed and unable to look at her, I said, “Yeah, yeah, I’m good.”

The contents of my bathroom bag were scattered across the hallway on account of the collision.

“Let me help you pick this stuff up,” she said.

“No, it’s ok. Thanks.”

“No, no, I insist.”

God damn southern hospitality. Why can’t she just leave me alone? I let you off the hook, but no, you have to help me anyway.

I was boiling with anger. My skin had to have been bright red.

And then my frustration evaporated. All it took was for her to bend over and present her tight little ass to me. As she was reaching down to get one of my belongings strewn across the room, I could swear she wiggled it a little. Was it the flesh just bouncing from the naturally vivacious way she carried herself? Or was it intentional? Was it a private show just for me? Maybe she was just a tease; maybe she did that to every guy she knocked over.

It was then that I realized that I was still on the floor staring at this girl’s butt, and I didn’t even know her name. I rose up slowly, gauging how stark the height difference between us was going to be. I made an estimate while she was continuing to pick up my stuff, and I was simultaneously filled with dread and excitement for what was coming next.

It was as if I was paralyzed, her curves ensnared me. She bent down for what must’ve been the fourth time, and I audibly said, “Wow.”

Thinking I had said it under my breath, I continued staring at her. At first, I didn’t notice that she was staring right back at me while I eye-fucked her. She abruptly jumped to her feet, my eyes still locked in the spot where her ass had been. Before I could get myself out of this extraordinary daze, she was standing right in front of me. With one finger, she lifted my chin so I could meet her gaze.

“I know I asked you before—but—are you ok?” she asked.

Words eluded me. So, I just shook my head yes.

“Good,” she smirked, holding back a laugh, “you had a vacant look in your eyes. Was just makin’ sure you were still there.”

She was taller than I expected she was: a head taller, at least. I was looking up at her chin. Well, at least she wasn’t as tall as my sister or my mother.

“Umm, I think I’m still here.” I let out a heavy exhale and sheepishly looked away from her. I tried to get around her to pick up the rest of my stuff, but she blocked my path. She poked my chest and ran her finger down between my pecs.

“What’s your name?” she asked.

I didn’t answer by saying ‘Desmond’. Rather, I asked ‘why’. Why did she want to know my name?

“Because,” she paused, visibly thinking about what she was going to say next. “We’re neighbors, silly!”

“Are we now?”

“Yes! I’m Maggie! The name on my birth certificate is ‘Gretel’, my mom was fond of the fairy tale.”

I was confused, “How’d you get ‘Maggie’ from ‘Gretel’?”

“So, here’s how it goes. You start at Gretel, which is an old short form of Margarette. And then from Margarette, you get to Maggie. A name that I’m not embarrassed about.”

“Even your name is a story.”

She frowned, and then I realized what she wanted.

“Oh, I’m Desmond.”

She quickly smiled again, and I had a thought. I never wanted to see her frown again.

“Can I go shower now?” I asked.

“Yes, Des. Ooh, that rhymed!”

I realized that I had no one to go with to the Look Fair since my roommate Greg was sleeping in. So, I asked if she was going and if she wanted to head over together.

“Absolutely! Don’t take too long in bathroom, I like to be early!”

She sure is chipper.

Apparently, the boiler wasn’t up to par, because there wasn’t a hot drop of water in those pipes. Hot water was integral to the start of a good day for me, so I despised whoever was responsible for the lack of it.

The one upside was that I took the quickest shower in history. It was shorter than a shower in basic training.

At 10:15 sharp, I knocked on Maggie’s door. I heard some rumblings inside the room, but there was no answer. I knocked again, this time, harder. She must’ve gotten the idea because she threw the door open soon thereafter.

“My roommate is sleepin’, and I’d rather her stay that way.”

“You don’t like her?”

“Did I make it that obvious?”

“No, no, just guessed,” I said sarcastically.

She huffed in aggravation, then stepped out of her room and closed the door gently. As we walked to Copley Lawn, I felt like a conversationalist. She was easy to talk to, and the sarcasm rolled off the tongue.

She did most of the talking, while I added in (hopefully) witty comments to push the conversation forward. She was in pre-med, studying to become a doctor. It was something I knew nothing about.

What I did know was that most people who wanted to be a doctor have an inherent desire to help others.

I, in turn, wanted things from others: companionship mostly. And I wanted female companionship above all else. That base desire made me put girls on a pedestal (I didn’t need to for most girls because most girls were taller than me, but I did it nonetheless). The ‘pedestal’ status I gave them made me totally afraid to mess up the slightest thing. I was no Casanova in high school, but I dated. I was never under the impression that my relationships would survive past high school, but I liked all of the girls I dated. And they all broke up with me. I never broke up with them, because it was my nature to try to make it work. Even if the relationship was brutally unhealthy and unsalvageable.

I was jittery because I was still a virgin and I was at college. I had the idea that I was supposed to have had sex before the end of high school. I probably got that idea from the movie Superbad.

I was behind, so I scolded myself for not fucking every pretty girl that walked past. Some part of me knew it was irrational, but I scolded myself regardless.

But I wasn’t scolding myself for not sleeping with Maggie, and I wasn’t completely sure why. She was an attractive, black-haired girl with the kindest heart on the planet. Also, her ass was to die for. Maybe it was because I knew her on some level, and I didn’t know the pretty girls walking by me. The demystifying process had already begun with Maggie.

“Copley Lawn, here we are!” she said.

“Time to get involved,” trying to sound as excited as her.

She took my hand and led me along, undoubtedly sensing my apprehension. Ostensibly, every club had a table on Copley Lawn: a small, neatly manicured plot of grass. I wasn’t sure what 200 tables looked like but judging by how many of them were smooshed together, it was entirely plausible. The crowd was a beehive: people buzzing about, going frantically from one thing to another, fearing they were going to miss out on something awesome.

The first table that piqued Maggie’s interest was the Ballroom Dance Team’s. She ran over with me, still clamping down on my hand. She talked to the ballroom dancers, and I started looking around for things I would actually be interested in.

“Hey, check this out,” she said. Maggie took my other hand and started trying to do the waltz with me. I tried to wrangle my hands from her grip, but I quickly found that I couldn’t. She was stronger than I thought. I was forced to waltz with a girl in front of hundreds of people. I could feel their eyes boring into me, and I could feel my face flushing red. While my internal freak-out was slowly bubbling to the surface, Maggie was holding back giggles. She was leading me, which was embarrassing in and of itself, because I didn’t know how to waltz. Apparently, she did.

Finally, she let go of me, laughing maniacally. She went back to the table, presumably to sign us up to do ballroom dancing. Oddly enough, I didn’t go stop her. I liked dancing with her, and maybe if I mastered dancing, I could woo a girl. I let it be, allowing the winds of fate carry me like a fallen leaf.

When she was done, she walked back over to me saying, “Practice is at four on Wednesdays, and you better be there. It’s gonna be real fun to teach you how to dance.”

“You didn’t mention you are a ballroom dancer,” I mused aloud.

“Uh, Desmond, we’ve known each other for like an hour. But yes, I am a decent dancer.”

“Decent? You were fabulous! You made me look like an idiot!”

“That’s just because ya have no idea what you’re doing. Ya will learn all there is to know about the wonders of ballroom dance.”

“I’m afraid I won’t really be able to twirl you around m’lady.”

“We’ll have to get you shoes with lifts, shortstuff.”

Fuck, now I got her calling me ‘shortstuff’.

“Then you gotta wear flats.”

“Oh, I always wear 2-inch heels dancing.”

“You are impossible,” I sighed.

I spotted a badminton club, something I actually could see myself not getting embarrassed doing, so we went over and checked it out. It wasn’t a huge commitment, so we signed up. In the back of my mind, I was hoping that Maggie sucked at badminton like I sucked at ballroom dancing.

“You any good at badminton?”

“I can find my way around a racket,” she said.

I looked at her, “What’s that supposed to mean?”

“You’ll see,” she said with her best evil grin. I actually trembled a bit. Hopefully, she didn’t notice.

Maggie took me to at least a dozen more tables. I was zoning out, thinking about what Monday would bring. It was the first day of classes, and I wasn’t ready. I wanted to go back to my dorm and relax, or maybe just go somewhere else with Maggie and get to know her. She was ambitious though. She wanted to hit every table that she was remotely interested in. And I knew I could’ve left if I really wanted to. I could’ve made up an excuse, but I had nowhere to be.

The sun was no longer illuminating the lawn. A curtain of clouds obscured the sky, and rain was inevitable.

“Maggie, we should go inside. It’s gonna rain in any second,” I said.

“One more table, ok?”

I nodded, hoping she would make it quick. As she talked endlessly with club representatives, I felt a drop on tip top of my back. It rolled gently down my back and along my spine.

“Come on, let’s go inside.”

“You can go inside if you want, I’m not ready yet.”

I didn’t want to get separated from her. She was the only person I considered a friend at that point.

“Ok, I’ll stay with you,” I said begrudgingly.

I began seeing people of various clubs quickly breaking down their tables and running for the nearest building. Did everyone understand that it was about to pour rain except Maggie?

“Do you have an umbrella?” I asked.

She turned to me and grabbed my cheeks.

“Can you relax?” she asked. “You’re not gonna die if you get a little wet!”

“Jeez, I know! I’d just rather not get wet.”

The dam in the sky burst in one go, dumping gallons of water on us both in a matter of seconds. She shut her eyes and looked upward and laughed uproariously.

“What the hell is wrong with you?”

“Race you inside!” she said.

She burst into a sprint to the nearest building. I was caught off guard and started running after her. Unfortunately, I slipped, and I spiraled head-first onto the muddy field. The unexpected fall knocked the wind straight out of me. I croaked and gasped, yet the precious oxygen I so desired didn’t find a vacancy in my lungs.

All my previous concerns and worries vanished from my mind. Everything else seemed petty when compared to the fact that I was completely unable to breathe.

I managed to roll over onto my back, still gasping, still scared out of my mind.


I heard her! Maggie’s voice! I was never so glad in my life. Barely able to move, I waited seconds. I didn’t know how many more seconds my lungs would be able to bear being empty.

When Maggie got to me, she stood, confused.

“Des, are you ok?”

“I can’t—”

“What? I can’t hear you!” She kneeled down.

I pointed to my throat. “Can’t breathe,” I wheezed.

If I was able to speak in full sentences, or move for that matter, I would’ve stopped her from doing what she did next. She effortlessly hoisted me into a fireman’s carry. As she started running with me on her shoulders, I was beginning to regain my ability to breathe. And talk.

“Maggie!” I said as loudly as I could, “put me down!”

“We’re almost there!”

“Exactly my point! I cannot have a bunch,” I paused for a breath, “a bunch of people seeing you carry me inside.”

She silently kept running.

This bitch isn’t gonna put me down, I concluded. I wriggled in her arms, trying to break free. She noticed my futile struggles, and said, “I’m not putting you down!”

I tried to get momentum forward to push her down to the ground, but she was too strong. I couldn’t budge her. I tried to trip her with my leg, but they were dangling far too high to do anything of the sort. She must’ve been holding back laughs because my attempts to stop her pitiful. I was so insignificant, unable to put her in her place. All I had left was compromise.

“Put me down at the door! You hear me?”

“Ask nicely.”


“I said, ask nicely!”

“Maggie, would you please put me down in front of the door? Please?”

She said nothing.

“With a cherry on top?”

Still nothing.

“Pretty please!? Please, Maggie!?”

“Ok! Ok! Ya know I was going to put you down at the door either way, right?”

“Then why did you make me go through all that?”

“Because I thought it was kind of funny to see you freak out like that.”

Suddenly, I was back on my feet. We had gotten to the door.

“You should try to care less about what other people think,” she said.

I scoffed. Was I supposed to be fine with a girl carrying me like a baby in front of all my college peers? Apparently.

As we got inside, I said, “Let’s just not talk about this, ok?”

"Mum’s the word, little guy. Just one question. Do you register on scales?”

“Shut up! I’m not that light!”

“I just carried you—I think I would know.”

“Hey! Listen, I bet I could carry you.”

“We’ll have to test that theory later.”

That theory? What, you don’t think I can do it?”

“I don’t know,” she said, “that’s why I said we’ll test it.”

“You are unbelievable.”

There must’ve been two hundred people crammed inside the lobby of whatever building we had run into. None of them were as wet as we were. Some had actually anticipated the rain like I did and were bone dry. 

A girl with wet blonde hair stood out among the rest. She was at least a head taller than everyone else around her; it was impossible not to notice her. Then she turned and exposed her face.

Jackie! Shit, I can’t let her see me.

I kept my head down, but I found myself sneaking quick glances at her. I couldn’t help it. And she had that look in her eye; she was searching for someone. Who was she searching for? A guy? Had she met someone amazing already? I was convinced that I was but a faint memory in her mind.

“Maggie, let’s go back to the dorm.”

“We just got out of the rain. You want to get even more wet?”

“I might as well have jumped in a pool. What’s the difference?”

“The rain should stop soon, what’s the rush?”

“Maggie, please! I’m asking you a favor! Do I have to explain every little thing to you?”

Before she could respond, a guy approached her. His intentions were obvious, and I could tell Maggie was totally uninterested. Unlike me, this guy had six inches on Maggie, and I assume she would struggle to put him in a fireman’s carry. He was a ‘man’ in the traditional sense of the word. It was harder for her to dismiss him. So, I did something stupid. I confronted the ‘man’.

“Hey buddy, she isn’t interested. Walk away.”

He shot a cursory glance my way, then looked at Maggie and said, “Is this your—”

“No!” she cut him off.

Jeez, is the idea of dating me that revolting to her?

He looked back at me, “I guess we don’t have anything to talk about then, pipsqueak.”

“Listen, I’m her friend. I don’t have to be dating her to defend her from assholes like you.”

On a dime, the guy was no longer a smartass flirt anymore. He was a guy ready to make my face one with his fist.

He pushed past Maggie who was standing in between us and moved frighteningly close to me. He was audibly snarling at me.

I was fairly certain that there was no chance for me to calm this guy down. It would’ve been fruitless for me to apologize and ask him nicely to leave Maggie and I alone. I decided to send him over the edge.

“Ooooh, I see you’ve got a temper. Think that’ll make her go for you, stud? I got news for ya, you’re compensating, and your tough guy act is a load of shit! Go on, tough guy! Hit me! Fuckin’ hit me! What’re you scared? Hit me! HIT ME!”

My furious outburst had the opposite effect. I fully expected him to start wailing on me. And I was prepared for it too. What was a couple of punches compared to not being able to breathe for what seemed like hours? Or being humiliated by a girl carrying me without so much as breaking a damn sweat. But I got him to back down. He walked away.

“Jeez, this guy has a death wish.” He stuck a finger in Maggie’s face and said, “Not worth it,” then started walking away. I tried to run after him to tackle him, but she blocked me with her arm.

“It’s over,” she said.

I scanned the room. It was silent and all eyes were on me. Some people were looking at me like I should’ve been wearing a strait jacket and my dorm should’ve been a padded cell. Others had faint smiles as if they had been rooting for the underdog. Others had their mouths agape, barely able to process what they just saw. They all had something in common though. They were curious: fascinated even. They were wondering where a tiny guy like me drew all that nasty energy from.

To avert all their prying eyes, I finally rasped, “What’re you looking at?”

Everyone’s eyes shot down, up, at the friend next to them, or at their phone. Basically, every direction that pointed away from me. This was the most control I had ever had over a crowd of people. Usually, I was invisible.

Jackie didn’t look away though. In fact, she started walking toward us. And boy, did I have good reason for not wanting to stand next to her so soon. She was taller than I thought. Much, much taller.

If I were to raise both my arms in the air, my fingers would reach just beyond her shoulders. Both of my legs could fit into one of her arms. And not only were her arms twice as thick as my legs, they were longer too. She was dressed in a Georgetown volleyball t-shirt that somewhat de-emphasized her chest. I emphasize ‘somewhat’ because the undersides of her tits were staring me straight in the face. And I was staring straight back. How could I not? They were bouncing and jiggling inches from my eyes.

“Hi, I’m Jackie,” she introduced herself to Maggie.

“Do I know ya?” she said. Understandably, Maggie was a bit on edge after what had just happened.

Taken aback by Maggie’s caustic tone, Jackie simply responded, “Uh, no. I just met Desmond yesterday, and I thought I’d come over and say hi.”

Maggie not so subtly punched me in the shoulder, as I was still in a boobie trance. She saved my ass again.

“Oh uh, hi Jackie. Didn’t see ya there.”

She had to put her chin all the way down to her sternum to even look at me. Even she looked surprised at how short I was. She knew I was short, but by the baffled expression she had, I could tell that it hadn’t yet registered in her mind.

“You didn’t see me there? Me? The tallest girl in this whole place?”

Her presence alone rendered me incapable of rational, reasoned thought. She cast a shadow on me (literally) that left my mind in the dark. She bankrupted my wits, and there was nothing I could do but rely on the autopilot portion of my brain formulate responses to her questions.

“You’re not…that tall,” I said.

“Really?” She booty bumped me, causing me to stagger back into Maggie’s arms.

“What is going on with you two?” Maggie asked.

I let Jackie field that question because I honestly did not know where I stood with her. Sure, she had given me her number. That was certainly a step, but we hadn’t gone out on a single date yet. We were two people whose relationship brewing and brewing fast. At least, that’s what I hoped.

Jackie’s answer to the question was quite encouraging, “We’re gonna go on a date and see how things work out.”

“Yes, we are,” I said in disbelief. I would soon be going on a date with a girl that could saw me in half with her legs.

“I understood what she said, smart guy,” Maggie said.

Jackie, from what I could tell, was a bit uneasy. In the same way I had protected Maggie from the shithead from before, she was now protecting me from Jackie. Even if she didn’t perceive it that way, that’s what she was doing.

“Are you two involved?”

“No!” Maggie said fervently. “We literally met just this morning. I think we’ve become fast friends though.”

“I’ll say,” Jackie began, “I saw you carrying him across Copley and I—”

“Shit, you saw that?” I interrupted.

She bent her knees slightly, saying, “I was one of the last ones to get inside, so yes, I did see. And it was cute. Nothin’ to be ashamed of…” she gently patted me on the shoulder.

Jackie’s one-of-a-kind beauty blinded me in many respects, however, my vision was still clear enough to recognize that she was patronizing me. She was poking fun at me, and it was well-deserved. That’s why I had implored Maggie to put me down. But I held my tongue and simply smiled. Rather than giving the topic new life by getting offended about it, I pretended it didn’t at all wound my male pride. If I couldn’t be strong, I could feign it.

“I mean, it’s not like I wouldn’t be able to carry her. We’re both strong.”

“I’d like to see that,” Jackie said.

“That’s what I said!” Maggie concurred right away.

They were both doubting me. I didn’t know how to respond. First, Maggie was on my side, but now they were ganging up on me by subtly asserting that I was a total weakling (which I was). There was no getting out of this.

“When this rain stops, we can go to Volleyball House and have a test of strength. In fact, we have an entire weight room. What do ya say?”

“I’ll take ya up on that. You comin’ Desmond?”

I couldn’t believe what I had gotten myself into. There was no getting out of this. If I didn’t go, I’d be forever known as a pussy too afraid to lose to girls. If I did go, I would be courageous enough to lose in a strength contest to girls my own age. There was no workaround. I was either a going to be a pussy or a mildly courageous weakling. I decided on the latter.

“Yeah, I’ll come,” I said.

“Hey, you know what? We’re already soaked. Do you guys wanna make a run for my car? When we get to the house we can dry off.”

Maggie agreed. This ‘test of strength’ thing was happening whether I wanted it to happen or not. Really, I had no else to blame for this but myself. I brought this about by insisting that I was strong.

As we followed Jackie through the crowd, Maggie whispered in my ear, “Do you need me to carry you to the car?”

I didn’t even dignify her jab with a response.

Once we got to the door, Jackie told us to follow her Jeep Wrangler. Then, she counted us down.

“3, 2, 1, go!”

She flung the door open and leapt outside with the grace of a gazelle. Maggie followed, and I went after her. Less than an hour earlier, I was carried across this lawn. This time, I intended to make the journey to the car without tripping, falling, or being carried.

The rain had not let up, but the wind had kicked up significantly since we had gone inside. The rain drops were little razor blades nicking our skin.

“I can barely keep my eyes open!” Maggie shouted over the wind.

“We’re almost there!”

I hoped Jackie wasn’t just saying that to make us feel better, because I was running out of stamina. I was going to be exhausted before this strength contest even began.

When the Wrangler was in sight, I yelled as loud as I could, “Shotgun!”

Jackie reached the driver’s side door before I was even twenty feet to the car. The engine roared to life, and the headlights came blaring into my face. I was lagging ten to fifteen feet behind Maggie as she flung herself into the backseat.

The first contest was over. It was the speed contest, and I lost. When I finally jumped up into the front seat, I asked, “Do I get a participation trophy?”

The resulting giggles from Jackie made the whole ordeal worth it. I looked back at Maggie who winked and gave me a thumbs up.

The drive took all of ten minutes. The house was a two-story Georgian colonial in Arlington, Virginia. The brick was impeccably dark and new. There was even some ivy crawling up the sides. Amazingly, I could make all this out in the pouring rain, so I could only imagine how beautiful the house was in clear skies.

Once inside, Jackie handed us towels and new clothes.

“There’s two bathrooms upstairs, y’all can change up there. Lay your wet clothes on the radiators in the bathrooms. I’ll be waiting for ya downstairs.”

Maggie and I hustled up the stairs, wanting to get out of our wet clothes. I stripped, toweled off, and unfurled my new clothes. My face soured.

The clothes were Jackie’s. She gave me a shirt, a pair of sweatpants, and a pair of socks. No underwear, (that would’ve been too good to be true) I hoped no one decided to pants me. That concern took root when I slipped the pants on, because they were less than an inch from my nipples. The bigger problem was that my whole body could easily fit into one pant leg. Probably with some room.

How does she expect me to wear these?

The even bigger problem was that I was getting an erection. But it wasn’t a normal one. It was a crippling, raging hard-on. I merely touched it and nearly blew my load.

I let my giantess pants pool down at my feet and tip toed over to the toilet. I wrangled my dick with two hands and stood over the toilet. I tried to bend it down, but it snapped right back to attention. The only way I would be able to cum in the toilet was if I was held upside down above it. Consumed by lust and unable to think straight, I started stroking my cock. It was bigger than normal, veinier too. I couldn’t fathom it. It was as if my very anatomy had changed just by touching her sweatpants.

I exploded all over myself in ten seconds. My entire body tensed up like a rock, causing me to fall back into the wall and slam my head on the towel ring. Never in my life was I so aroused, so instantaneously. Jackie had a stronger hold on me than I ever thought possible.

I wiped my chest and neck down with some toilet paper and made sure to double-check that I didn’t have any cum left on me.

I slipped on the pants again and waddled around the bathroom looking for something to hold up the pants. Before I could find anything useful, my dick swelled and elevated to full mast.

“What the fuck? How is this happening again?”

I relieved myself yet again, but my dick remained hard as a rock. The only solution my primitive, sex-crazed brain could think of was to tape my dick down with a roll of masking tape. I stared at myself down in the mirror.

What the fuck is happening to you? Get yourself together! You need to stop thinking about her every five seconds. Go downstairs and be a man.

“Des! You ok in there?”

It was Maggie. I dashed to the door.

“Maggie! Go downstairs and stall her, alright? Tell her I got a call!”

“What the hell’s going on in there?”

“I’ll tell you later, maybe. Just do it please! I will owe you big time!”

She obliged, which bought me some time, but I needed to figure out how I was going to simultaneously not jizz all over Jackie’s clothes and keep her pants from falling down.

I searched and searched and searched. There was nothing in the bathroom that I could tie around the pants to keep them up around my chest. And then I noticed something…

The pants seemed to be higher up on me. When I first tried to put them on, they almost covering my nipples. Now, my nipples were covered below the waistline. In fact, the pants were mere inches from my shoulders.

I did what I normally did when I freaked out. I paced the floor. Back and forth, to and fro. I was upstairs losing my grip on reality, and the girls were expecting me to come down as my normal, lighthearted self. I considered squeezing through the bathroom window and falling down into the hedges surrounding the sides of the house.

Just when I was about to cry, someone knocked on the door.

“Hey, Desmond, it’s Jackie. Are ya alright in there?”

I’m going to kill Maggie. She sent her up here.

“Jackie! I’m just fine,” I said as I wiped the wetness from my eyes and trying to sound as though I wasn’t moments from crying, “Someone called me.”

“Um, this might sound weird, but can I come in? Maggie said ya might be having trouble with the clothes. Are they too big?”

She knows me frighteningly well already…

“Uh, well—yes, actually. Do you, by any chance, have anything that’s smaller?”

“No, sweetheart. I’m a big girl, and I don’t want to go through the other girls’ stuff while they’re out. I’m new on the team and I’m still learning my way around. I wouldn’t want to offend anyone.”

I sulked, “I understand. I’ll figure something out.”

“Listen, I can help. Just let me in, and we’ll sort this whole thing out.”

I walked over to the door, and said, “Ok, fine. Just promise me you won’t laugh.”

“I promise.”

I clicked the lock off on the doorknob, and there she stood—spectacular—she filled the entire doorway. Her dazzling curves were the only reason I could get a glimpse into the upstairs hallway. The way she looked down at me was almost too much to bear. Back home, nearly every girl was taller than me, but this? This was a whole new experience.

It was difficult to quantify how I felt in the presence of this dazzling woman. I was quivering, both in fear and arousal. Why was I scared? Why was I turned on? Those two questions had the same answer: her power.

What she decided to do with me was entirely her choice. She could snap me in two, or she could make me hers. And to a certain extent, I was already in her possession. Her tall, southern cowgirl beauty made me melt inside.

Looking up to see her bewitching smile made me forget that she was the same height as LeBron James. It was a petite girl smile: a cutesy, reserved smile. The kind you see in a classroom where two students are smitten with one another. At that moment, she might as well have been 5’2” because everything else went out of focus. That smile made me fall in love with her.

My heart sank when she covered her mouth with her hand. I was enthralled with her lip-sticked grin. She laughed through her nose, closing her eyes and turning away.

“Hey, you promised you wouldn’t laugh!”

“I’m sorry,” she said in between sniggers, “It’s just…you’re swimming in those!”

My hands were on my hips, and I sulked. “Am I? I really thought we were the same size, damn it.” 

“Don’t get defensive, Des. I’m gonna fix this.”

“What’s your miracle solution to all of this?”

She took out what looked like a headband and handed it to me.


“Uh, what do you want me to do with this?”

She took it back from me and stretched it around her head, “It’s stretchy. Put it around your waist.”

“There’s no way that’ll work,” I said.

I knew it was going to work, and that was the alarming part. Her head was big enough that a headband of hers could easily serve as a makeshift belt for me.

“I guarantee that it’ll work just fine. Do you want me to do it for you?”

“No, no, I’ll do it.”

I held the pants with one hand and tried to slip the headband past my head and shoulders. It proved more difficult than I thought.

“You’re killing me,” she said, “Just let me do it.”

“I can do it! Jeez!”

She laughed again, “Don’t get defensive, Des. I’m just trying to help.”

“I got it, I got it!”

The pants, believe it or not, were quite heavy for me. I wasn’t used to pants being that big, and I lost my grip. I was exposed for at least a second before I was able to crouch and cover myself.

“This is why I told you to let me help ya,” she said.

“Did you see me?!”

She sighed, “No. No, I didn’t. Now let me help ya.”

“Fine!” I begrudgingly gave in.

I got the pants up around me again, and she slipped the headband around the waistline. It kept the pants in place, just like she said.

“What did I tell you?” she said, “You should listen to me more often. Give me the shirt.”

I didn’t protest.

“Arms up,” she said as if I were a baby.

The shirt floated majestically down and down to finally cover most of my body. The shirt wasn’t low cut for Jackie, but it definitely was for me. The pants were so high up on me that they were visible through the neck hole of Jackie’s shirt.

“How do I look?” I asked facetiously.


“I look ridiculous. This shirt goes to my knees.”

“Should I tuck in the shirt?”


“Definitely not! I would be nothing but pants!” 

That mental picture threw us into a fit of hysterical laughter. Laughter was welcome; it distracted me from my dormant sexual hunger.

I then sat down and pulled the socks on. They were long socks, so Jackie had to help me roll up the pants while I pulled the socks up further and further. The heels of the socks stretched all the way up to my calves.

When I was finally fully dressed, I looked like a little boy who had raided his big sister’s closet. Not really the look I was aiming for, but it was better than stewing in soaking wet clothes.

My heart was in my throat as we approached the weight room. It wasn’t in my nature to exercise, so I was little nervous. I readied myself for the fact that I would be much weaker than I thought. My expectations were very low.

Stretching was my time to shine, because I was quite flexible. Sitting down, I could easily reach the soles of my feet. Both Jackie and Maggie were impressed. Their praise gave me the necessary boost to my self-esteem.

It would’ve been nice to stretch for longer, but the girls wanted to see me struggle to lift things. That was the show.

Jackie had me warm up by benching the 10-pound bar. She quickly loaded on more weight. However much it was, I was still able to lift it, so I wasn’t panicking yet. My next set was 50 pounds. It was getting tough, but I was still able to lift it.

After that set, Maggie asked Jackie what her max bench was. Nonchalantly she said, “250 pounds.”

My balls shriveled up and died at the sound of that. Was I even a man? I definitely couldn’t bench my body weight. And I was fairly sure that Jackie was not 250 pounds, which meant she could be benching far above her own weight.

And what was the point of working out? If I stuck to it, maybe I could get strong, but I would never match the strength of Jackie. Even if I worked out, the power imbalance between she and I would still exist. Acceptance was the only realistic option.

The next set was 80 pounds, and I was genuinely afraid I wouldn’t be able to lift it. Especially because Maggie had gone before me and did 10 reps. She struggled a bit, but she did it.

I laid on the bench, psyching myself up. Jackie was behind the bench to spot me. She winked at me. That wink could’ve meant so many things. Who knows if it was even serious; she could’ve been being completely sarcastic? As you can see, it’s in my nature to overanalyze things.

I took the bar in my hands, holding the bar as wide as I could (I heard it makes it easier to lift that way). I lifted the bar off, and it was heavier than I thought, but I was determined. I did one rep, and it took me a while to lift it back up from my chest. I wasn’t sure if I was going to be do It again. But I couldn’t just do one rep, that would be pathetic.

It was a mistake. The bar didn’t come up again. Jackie had to lift it off my chest. I sat up, blushing. I didn’t know what to say or if it was better to keep my mouth shut, but it didn’t take long for Maggie to break the silence.

“Ya know, I don’t usually openly talk about my weight, but I do feel comfortable saying that I’m heavier than 80 pounds. I just wanted to let you know that.”

I had to come up with a quick bullshit response.

“I’m pretty sure lifting a barbell and lifting a person are two different things.”

“So, ya still think you can lift me?”

I nodded hesitantly. I got up and walked over to Maggie who stood up for me. I got really close to her, but before I could wrap my arms around her, she said, “Ya look different.”

I backed up: “In what way?”

“I don’t know. I can’t put my finger on it. Ya just…look different.”

“Ok, crazy. I’m gonna lift you.”

“Wait!” Jackie said, “I’m coming over to watch!”

I bent down, encircled my arms around her just underneath her butt, and lifted. I glanced down to check if her feet were in the air, but they didn’t budge. I tried again, this time with a grunt. Again, her feet were glued to the floor.

After two minutes of grunting and panting and heaving, nothing got accomplished, and I was thoroughly emasculated. And I couldn’t help but feel that I was weaker now. I was pretty sure that I used to be able to lift an average sized woman, even if it wasn’t for that long. But I couldn’t even lift her. Not even a little!

I reached my breaking point. I turned from Maggie and Jackie and walked out of the weight room. I sat down in the living room contemplating what had just happened.

My confusion outweighed my embarrassment. I couldn’t explain how I felt, just an unnerving sense of bewilderment. Maybe I was always weak, and I never realized how weak I was until I was forced into a strength contest with two girls. My problem was that I had nothing to compare this to. I didn’t normally go around lifting women.

I looked out the window, and it was still pouring. I was stuck in the volleyball dungeon.

Jackie came into the living room, I assume to talk me down. I got up off the couch to leave, but with an elegant stroke of the arm, pushed me back into my seat. She situated herself on the chair across from me and I knew enough not to get up again.

“I don’t want to talk, Jackie.”

“Listen, I told Maggie to leave ya alone for a little while and let me talk to ya. What’s on your mind?”

“I don’t know. I feel weird. I’m embarrassed, but I’m more confused than anything else. I feel weak. Weaker than normal. Have you ever felt that before? Like have you thought you were stronger at some other point in your life, but then all of a sudden, you have spindly little arms and can’t lift a thing? Because that’s how I feel now. I could’ve sworn I was stronger a couple of days ago. I mean, of course, I’ve never been an especially strong guy, but I’ve never felt feeble or fragile. Do I sound crazy?”

“No,” said Jackie, “And I think I have a theory as to why you’re feeling this way.”


“I’m a—”

“Giantess?” I interrupted.

She paused, “Hmmm, I like that. A giantess. Yes, that’s what I am. Have you ever met a giantess, Desmond?”

“No. Not like you.”

“Don’t you think that maybe I’m having an effect on you? Maybe you’re scared of me and it’s making you unsure of yourself.”

“I mean, I guess it’s possible. But it kind of feels like I’m smaller, thinner. Could it really just be you?”

“It’s me, sweetheart. I’ve had this effect on many other guys. Guys think they’re super strong, and then they meet me. I lift more than them, or I beat them in an arm-wrestling match, or I accidentally lift them when I give them a hug. I’ve made many guys feel like total weaklings. You are not the first.”

I wanted to believe her, but I felt like there was something else at play.

“I don’t know, Jackie. I’ve always been a weakling. My kid sister throws me around like one of her toys. I’ve never been under the illusion that I’m a strong guy.”

She stood up, and once again, her momentous figure loomed over me. She plopped her bubble butt next to me on the couch. The impact of her ass and her weight made me tumble down the couch into her waiting arms. She shifted me onto her lap and pulled me close. I could smell her now. I can’t describe it but…she smelled exactly how I’d imagined she’d smell. She had a scent of nobility, of power. And the way her flesh molded to mine as I sat on her lap, oh! it drove me crazy. The masking tape was now struggling to hold down my dick. I could feel the adhesive gradually unsticking from me.  

She purred in my left ear, “I like you, Desmond. I trust you. That’s something I can’t say of most guys.”

Her breath and her words were going in my ear and travelling through the core of my body straight to my cock, which was now throbbing underneath her sweatpants.

She moved over to my right ear, “I want to have our first date now.”

My lips weren’t moving. My vocal cords weren’t vibrating. My throat was bone dry. I was nothing but a broken toy.

“What do you say?” she asked.

I managed to say in a strained tone, “Class starts…tomorrow.”

“Oh, you’re right,” she said in a breathy whisper, “I’ll let you set the date and the time.”

“What do you...want to do?” I asked.

“I don’t care,” she kissed my neck, “All I want...is you.”

“Unnnghhhgh!” She knew how to levee her power over me and force me into a corner. I was certain that the entire inner fabric of her pants was now lined with my seed.

Jackie retreated back into the couch, and said, “You can keep my sweatpants, naughty boy. It’ll be a souvenir.”

I wanted to say something sexy back to her, but I couldn’t get over the fact that she actually wanted me. Me! A tiny, weak little boy. I had to make sure that this was real.

“Are we really doing this? I mean, you just met me, and we don’t even know each other yet. And you don’t care about the height difference? All the girls I ever went out with were taller than me, and that was always a big problem. But none of my girlfriends were ever as tall as you. Not even close.

“Just think about it,” I continued, “Can you imagine us walking on campus as a couple? We would look ridiculous! I wouldn’t even be able to kiss you standing up, you would have to lift me.”

She smiled thinking about doing that. I took her hand, and asked her, “Jackie, how do we do this?”

“The only question I need you to answer,” she said, “is whether or not you want to do this. Because that’s the only question that matters.”

Of course, I wanted to. My psyche was fully infected with a sick infatuation for Jackie. The idea of not acting on it was suicidal. This romance was completely out of my hands now. The last decision I was going to make, was going to made right now. I either succumbed to the most intense, wounding love I had ever felt, or I walked away from it. And her tone was clear; it was now or never.

I hated her for putting me in that position. We hadn’t even gone on our first date yet, and she was already imposing ultimatums. Granted, the way she posed the ultimatum made me even more frenzied with lust for her. Basically, anything she did or said made me collapse deeper into a lewd hole I dug for myself.

Her authoritativeness reminded me of every strong woman I had ever known. My mom and sister came to mind. Even though I hated my sister, she got her commanding nature from Mom. I admired that in a woman.

I saw that same spirit in Jackie. It scared me, but my love for her won out.

“I want to do this.” I decided.

“Ok,” she said. “I’m glad.”

I looked out the living room window to see the rain had stopped.

“Well, I don’t want to spend too much time together before our first date. I should take you and Maggie back to campus.”

It took all my willpower to suck it up and agree with her. I wanted to spend every waking moment with her, but I knew she was right.

She must’ve seen the sad expression I had on my face. She pulled me in for a hug and said, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder, sweetie.”

She mushed my face in between her magnificent boobs, and she could’ve held me there for an eternity.

“You smell...so good,” I gasped through her tit vice.

She pulled me out abruptly, “Thank you. Are you done?”


With her nod, I dove back into her breasts. Over and over again, I inhaled deeply, hoping her intoxicating smell would linger in my nostrils until the next time I saw her.

Once again, she lifted me out of my incomprehensible daze.

“It’s time, Des. It’s a school night.”

“Don’t go sounding like my mother,” I teased her.

“Ya need to go home early and get a good night’s sleep. What time’s your first class?”

“8 a.m.”

“Exactly. I’m gonna get you back on campus so you can prepare and have the best possible day tomorrow.”

I was a bit thrown by the nurturing side of Jackie. I hadn’t seen it present itself earlier, but boy, she had a mothering complex.

“Ok, mom. Are you gonna pack me a lunch too?”

“Stop it! Is that really how I sound?” She asked incredulously.

I gave a short laugh, “A little bit, Jackie.”

“Ok,” she cracked up, “I’ll try to work on it, I guess.”

Maggie barged into the living room, apparently done working out.

“Hey guys—uhhhmm—am I interrupting something,” as she saw me on Jackie’s lap.

I piped up, but Jackie interrupted me and said, “No. Not at all. I think I’m gonna take you guys back to campus now.”

Clearly, she was confused. It all seemed quite sudden. “Ok... I guess I’ll wait for you guys at the door.”

As Maggie jogged into the foyer, Jackie started to stand up with me still on her lap. She wrapped her arms around me, and I stayed attached to her, at the hip. My feet dangled a foot or so above the ground, and my head was just above her breasts.

She just held me there for a couple of seconds: hugging me, nuzzling my neck with her head. My mouth was hanging open in utter ecstasy.

When she let my feet return to the ground, she swiveled me around to face her. She looked down intently at me. It was like she was looking for something specific about me.

And it was then that I noticed that Jackie was taller than before. It was slight, but the difference was there. Back at school, I was eye-level with the undersides of her breasts. Now I was staring straight into the middle of her torso. I looked down at her feet and found that she was barefoot. I couldn’t explain what was before my eyes. In the span of a single afternoon, Jackie grew taller. Taller than she already was! Perhaps I was descending into lunacy, and if I was, she was the one causing it.

Either way, this was going to be a week consumed with thoughts exclusively about Jackie. She had me. I was hers.

Chapter 3 by johnbart37
Author's Notes:

Desmond has some vivid dreams of a future where he is only inches tall, meets some more super tall volleyball chicks, and realizes once and for all that he is, in fact, getting smaller. 

Chapter 3:

When Maggie and I got back to our dorm, she and I talked into the wee hours of the morning. I obviously talked mostly about Jackie.

I told her everything that transpired between us, of course, leaving out some embarrassing details. When I told her that I thought I was falling in love with Jackie, she laughed in my face.

“Are you listening to yourself? You’ve known her for a day. You can’t be in love with her already.”

I couldn’t explain the emotions brewing in my heart. I’d never felt this way about anyone before Jackie. And I never thought I’d be the guy to so quickly fall in love with a girl. I was weak physically, but I was fairly certain I had a level of mental fortitude to prevent a girl from burrowing her way into my brain.

Through all of Maggie’s questions, ‘Is this lust or love?’, ‘How much do you really know about this girl?’, ‘When are you gonna call her?’; every single thing I thought I knew about myself weren’t obvious anymore. None of her questions really mattered to me, which was scary. All that mattered was Jackie, and that I ended up with her, no matter what. Quite honestly, I forgot my supposed reason for being at college: learning and eventually becoming a lawyer to satisfy my old man’s expectations. Now, Jackie was completely overtaking that objective, and it wasn’t even the first day of classes.

Her utter takeover of my mind made me question how strongly I even wanted to be a lawyer. If she was able to totally divert my attention over the course of one day, was lawyering even my true calling?

Something Jackie had said to me the first time we met kept echoing in my head. “You have to get a dream in your head.” I had a dream in my head now. I didn’t before.

My dream went like this…

Jackie and I lived in a small bungalow deep in the rolling meadows of Virginia. I had a garden that I tended to, and since I was too small and timid, Jackie would come out to scare the deer when they came to munch on my plants. She was dressed in a frilly red skirt that exposed her gorgeous, milky white legs. In the dream, her legs were as tall as me, even taller perhaps. Despite the bungalow appearing small from the outside, when I approached it, the house grew and filled my whole field of vision. When I got to the door, there was a door within a door. It didn’t take a fool to realize that the smaller door was for me, when my door wasn’t even half the size of Jackie’s door. In vain, I tried to reach for Jackie’s doorknob, but she ushered me into the house by nudging me with her legs through my doggie door. Inside, the first room was the kitchen, and to me, it was a like being in a spacious air hangar. Jackie’s voice echoed; my voice echoed. She kneeled down in front of me, still far taller than I was, and held out her hand. The room grew, just like the house did when I was outside, but this time, it was more sudden and pronounced. I fell over from the dizzying disorientation, and I when I stood back up, Jackie’s hand was still held out in front of me. Only now, she expected me to climb into her hand. And I did, with no problem at all. I vaulted up onto her palm as if I was climbing onto the top of a wall. I grazed my hand along her palm creases, and she giggled. She got up off her knees, and I soared through the sky in the palm of her hand until we reached our destination: the kitchen counter. She put her hand down to the counter, and I walked off her finger as if it were a ramp. She began rooting through the cabinets. Unsure of what she was looking for, I walked closer and that was when I realized that the counter was at least a mile long. I started a brisk jog, not wanting to break a sweat. Jackie’s arm finally came out of the top cabinet holding an empty mason jar. A piece of tape stuck to it had the words, ‘Desmond’s Place’ written on it. She slammed the jar inches from where I was, causing me to shoot backwards. She picked me up by the leg and said, “Don’t worry, I’ll furnish it,” and proceeded to gently lower me into the mason jar.

I shot awake in my bed, not remembering how I got there. I sweated through my clothes (well, Jackie’s clothes. I refused to take them off). I felt something on my chin. It was a sticky note. I ripped it off and tried my best to read it in the dark.


You fell asleep in my room. I carried you back into your bed. I even tucked you in.

Don’t be embarrassed, I do this for all my guy friends.

-Ya girl Maggie

P.S.- You felt a bit lighter. I’d start eating some more.

Girls dominated me at every waking and sleeping moment apparently. It was getting harder to distinguish my dreams from real life.

I imagined her lifting me all the way from her room, balancing me on her hip as she unlocked my door, and somehow getting me up into my lofted bed. Even amidst my absolute infatuation with Jackie, I marveled at how much Maggie had done for me that day. Sure, she busted my balls for being a weakling—but she was always there to help me—even when I was too stubborn to accept it.

Unable to sleep, I stayed up to look at my phone for a couple of hours until I had to get ready for class. Usually, my phone was able to distract me from my life, but not this time. My dream about Jackie kept replaying in my head. Each time, it got hazier and hazier. Realizing I was going to lose the dream, I clicked into my notes app and wrote down all the key points.

I looked at the note I wrote all throughout all my classes for that day, trying to remember the rest of what happened. I cursed myself for not writing it down as soon as I woke up.

On the way back to my dorm after my last class, my head was spinning. To onlookers, I probably appeared drunk. I felt drunk. But I wasn’t, and that scared me. I wasn’t scared long though, because everything went black in a matter of seconds.

I woke up in an all-white room with fluorescent lights burning my eyes. I raised my head a bit and saw a box full of used syringes and an open cabinet with first aid supplies.

Then a voice piped up, “Desmond Tracy?”

I turned and saw a nurse holding my University ID. My confusion prohibited me from responding.

“I’m Pauline. I’m a nurse here at Georgetown University Clinic. Some people found you collapsed on the sidewalk. We brought you into the clinic. Are you feeling ok now?”

“My head still hurts a bit. But otherwise, yeah, I’m fine.”

“Can you stand?”

I swung my legs down from the gurney, and said, “I hope so.”

“Here let me help you,” Pauline took me under the arm, and eased me onto the white tiled floor.

Standing, I was a head shorter than her. She looked to be somewhere in her mid-twenties, with a narrow face and pointed chin. Her golden-brown hair was super long judging by the massive bun she was sporting.

She looked down at me, examining me. I didn’t know what she was looking for, but her pensive look seemed to suggest she had something to say.

“Have you or do you currently suffer from migraines or severe headaches of any kind?” she asked.

“No. Never.”

“Have you been diagnosed with epilepsy or seizures?”

I shook my head.

“Have you ever felt anything like what you felt tonight? Or is this the first time this is happening?”

“This is definitely the first time.”

She looked over at her clipboard as she held me up. “Let’s get you weighed and measured.”

Pauline took me by the hand as if I were a child and dragged me over to the scale. I weighed just 82 pounds.

“82 pounds?” I said in disbelief, “I’ve always been just under 100 pounds!”

“Sweetie, don’t freak out. I believe you. Have you undergone a radical change in lifestyle recently? Maybe you haven’t been eating as much, or maybe you’re exercising more and burning more calories?”

“No! I’ve been eating the same amount, and I barely, if ever, work out! Explain what the hell is happening to me!”

“Listen, Desmond. Try to stay calm and trust me; we’re going to get to the bottom of this. Alright? Now let me measure you.”

She had me stand under the tape measure and began writing on her clipboard.

I broke the silence, “Five feet?”

“No,” her eyes on me now, “I recorded you at four foot nine.”

I clutched my hair and curled my head into my body, muttering, “What the hell is happening to me?”

“What’s wrong?” she asked.

“I’ve been five feet tall for the last four years of my life! How am I three inches shorter now? Does this happen to people?”

“If you’re asking me if people shrink, then no. There could be a bunch of explanations for this. Your posture could have worsened, or perhaps you’ve been rounding up your height, and maybe there’s a range of 1 to 2 inches difference in your stature. That has been documented in people. It is a large range, but it could be possible.”

“So, I’m not shorter?”

“I don’t think so, Desmond. But for the next week, I want you to come to the clinic and let me take your measurements. We need to make sure that your height and weight stays consistent, and if they don’t, then we’ll have to contact some specialists.”

“Pauline, I don’t think you understand. If my weight and height stay consistent, that means I’ll have shrunk three inches and lost almost 20 pounds! I don’t want to stay consistent! I want to go back to normal!”

My head was spinning. In spite of Pauline’s rationalizations about my height, I was fairly sure that somehow, I was getting smaller. And she didn’t even attempt to explain how I could be nearly 20 pounds lighter than I usually am.

“I understand that you’re angry, Desmond. I would be furious if I were in your situation. All I’m trying to do is help you.”

“Well, you aren’t in my situation,” I snapped at her, “Listen, I don’t want my parents knowing about this incident. It doesn’t make sense to worry them.”

Over the next few days, I returned every morning to Pauline’s office so she could measure me. Everything remained consistent. You’d be surprised how much losing three inches in height can do to a person. Just walking around on campus, I noticed how every single person dwarfed me. In all my walks to class, the dining hall, or to my dorm, not once did I come across a single person close to my height.

On Thursday, walking to my law ethics class, a girl bumped into me. Apparently, I didn’t reach her eyeline because she didn’t even know she hit me until I was on the ground. She was perfectly gracious and friendly and overly apologetic. But it didn’t change the fact that I felt more vulnerable than ever. She yanked me up from the ground effortlessly and brushed me off with her hands, as if she were a mother wiping the dust off her son. The girl was barely above five feet tall, and she was absolutely manhandling me.

After that exchange, I couldn’t wait any longer. I had to see Jackie and talk to her about my shrinking problem. I trusted her completely, but more importantly, I needed her more than ever.

I called Jackie twice, to no avail. It kept going to voicemail. So, I texted her.

 ME: Jackie I need to talk to u ASAP

        Something is very wrong with me and I’m getting scared

        Please call me when u get this

I hated sounding so urgent with her, but this was an urgent situation. I was keeping the fact that I was shrinking secret from everyone I cared about. I felt myself edging ever closer to a severe nervous breakdown, and I needed to unbottle my emotions.

After my class, there was still no response from Jackie, and I was beginning to lose it. I had to tell someone in the next 30 minutes and the only person that came to mind was Maggie. I practically ran back to Darnall Hall, hoping to god she was in her room.

Before I ran back into my dorm, three towering girls stopped me in my tracks. They looked as though they were ready for a night out on the town. And these girls, trust me, they could easily get into the exclusive D.C. clubs.

One girl wagged her finger at me, and another tisk tisked me. Obviously, I was beyond confused, but then they introduced themselves as members of the girls’ volleyball team. I still didn’t know what they were doing waiting for me outside Darnall Hall. I also didn’t know how they knew I when I was coming back either. Fear and dread were meshing together in my stomach to produce a poisonous sickness in me.

Vicky was the volleyball team’s captain and the tallest one of the three. Her outfit consisted of a tube top that left little to be desired and denim short shorts. Her long, red hair cascaded down her shoulders, obscuring her beautifully tanned chest.

From the look on Vicky’s face, I could tell she meant business. She stared down at me with an eyebrow raised and a legendary smirk.

“I bet you wanna know why we’re here, don’t you little guy?” she said.

“Um, sure. Yeah.”

“We’re here to invite you to Volleyball House, tomorrow night. Can you make it, shrimp?”

I ignored her thinly veiled insults about my tininess because there was no use confronting her. She would just kick my ass and embarrass me even further.

I considered asking them if Jackie would be at the party, but I smartly decided against it. The girls would most likely think I was being rude. I took a calculated risk and decided to go. I assumed that Jackie would be there.

Faith was the next tallest and the fairest of the three. Her dirty blonde hair was scrunched up in a messy bun, which drove me mad with lust for some reason. If I wasn’t already dating Jackie, I probably would’ve acted on my sophomore crush.

She bent down slowly and whispered in my ear, “We knew you’d say yes. And I thought you might want to know; Jackie is going to be there.”

Her breathy voice sent shivers down my spine. Not the frightened kind, of course, more like the—excited kind. While she was bent over, I was able to gaze down into her black crop top. Gorgeous milky white tits gazed right back at me. And the way she was exposing herself to me almost seemed intentional, but I could smell alcohol on her breath.

Vicky noticed what was going on and put her hand on Faith’s shoulder telling her to stand up. She shook her head in disapproval. I focused my perverted brain back on the topic at hand.

“I’m glad Jackie’ll be there, but I’ve actually been looking forward to meeting all of her friends,” I gestured at the girls, trying to be friendly.

Sadie, the freshman in the entourage, who from what I could tell just barely cracked six feet, spoke next.

“That’s good to hear, little guy. I’m sure you didn’t think that you, especially a guy like you, were going to be able to date a girl like Jackie without running into us, right? I mean, we’re going to see each other all the time! And on weekends, you won’t be able to get away from us!”

Sadie was the worst of the bunch: the most passive aggressive, the most venomous. And fittingly enough, she was the least attractive.

What she managed to do with her words was cut into my core. Being forced to deal with a gaggle of divas every damn day was going to be tough.

But for Jackie, I would trudge through a hurricane of divas to be with her. She was the underground shelter protecting me from the 150mph winds Vicky and her friends would undoubtedly spawn in my life.

But for right now, Jackie wasn’t around for shelter. So, I walked the fine line between grueling sarcasm and docile obedience.

“That sounds fabulous, Sadie. And I can’t wait for the party tomorrow. How will I be getting to this very exclusive affair?” I asked.

“I will be picking you up,” Vicky said, “I’m sure that won’t be a problem, right?”

“No, of course not! Me, getting to spend time alone with the senior captain of the girls’ volleyball team? I’m honored.”

“Good. But don’t come on to me. If I’ve learned anything from my time as a tall hottie, it’s that all men have trouble being monogamous.”

Was she toying with me for the fun of it? Or was she actually flirting with me? It was likely the former, but it didn’t change how I felt. I was the it-kid. Despite the fact that I was rife with anxiety over the possibility of me shrinking, these beautiful volleyball girls were on my doorstep.

What was I to do? My only real option was to be a good sport and play along with Vicky’s little game.

“Monogamy is tough for me, especially when I’ve got three beauties standing in front of me, on my doorstep.”

“Wow, this kid’s got more guts than I thought,” Faith said.

Hearing my sophomore crush say that gave me all the confidence in the world. I never thought I had the guts to act this way in front of girls who could probably use me as a volleyball if they wanted to. However, my mouth seemed unable to refrain from saying exactly what I wanted to say.

“Kid?” I feigned offense, “I’m eighteen.”

“Age is just a number,” Sadie said.

She rested her arm on my head to drive her point home, and then said, “I thought a quick-witted guy like yourself would understand that.”

Not keen on letting that stand, my so-called quick wit came to the rescue, “You’re right. Age is just a number, but so is height. And what I lack in height, I make up for in character. It’s why Jackie and I hit it off.”

Sadie got her arm off my head, and her disgruntled countenance proved that she had met her superior in verbal sparring. I trained myself in the art of stinging people with words once my sister Amanda surpassed me in strength. Sure, when I pushed her far enough, she would freak out and try to smash my face in. But it’s what she deserved, and it’s what Sadie deserved for being a bitch.

It didn’t take long for Vicky to throw in her opinion, “Has anyone ever told you that you’re too smart for your own good?”

“I’ll take that as a compliment, and yes, people have told me that.”

Vicky’s arm shot down and her hand clutched my shoulder. Startled, I jumped. The girls giggled. Whatever tiny amount of control I had over this interaction was now slipping through my fingers like a fistful of sand.

“Careful, Desmond. I usually play nice, but no woman appreciates a guy who acts like an arrogant asshole.”

Still a bit startled, and wanting the ordeal to be over, I quit being sarcastic altogether and apologized.

“I apologize. It won’t happen again, Vicky.”

“You know what? Call me Captain from now on.”

“Yes, Captain.” I thought about saluting her to make fun of her ridiculous request but considering how she damn near broke my clavicle with bare hand, I suppressed the urge.

I could handle Sadie. Faith distracted me with her assets quite easily. But Vicky was a seasoned leader at least three years my senior, and she wasn’t about to take my shit without any pushback. I was stupid not to expect her to bury me with her dominance. I had no hopes of leveraging a girl with her height and confidence.

“I’ll be here at 9:30 tomorrow night, tiny. Wear a collared shirt,” Vicky said.

Whelp…looks like I’m gonna have to buy a collared shirt.

The girls bid me adieu, but before they could leave, I shouted one last desperate question at them.

“What is Jackie doing tonight? I called her before, and she didn’t answer.”

Vicky told Faith and Sadie to walk ahead without her, and she walked back over to me.

“You really do like her, don’t you?”

I sheepishly nodded as I looked down at the ground.

“Ok, I’ll tell you. Jackie’s going through a freshman trial at the moment. That’s why she’s not available right now.”

“’Freshman trial’? Is that what I think it is?” I asked.

“I have no idea what you’re implying, but Jackie and other freshies are having a blast.”

I could drown in her thick sarcasm. She obviously wasn’t taking my concerns seriously.

“Promise me no freshmen will end up dead by tomorrow morning,” I said.

“You have some balls telling me how to run my team. Remember who I am?”

“You’re the captain.”

“That’s right. I’m touched that you care about your little girlfriend, but let me assure you, she’s no novice. She partied in high school. Surprised that didn’t come up in any of your conversations.”

“I’m not going to question you anymore; you know what you’re doing. Just keep an eye on her. That’s all I ask.”

“Favor granted. We’ll talk about how you can repay me later.”

And with that, Vicky turned her back on me and caught up with her friends on the sidewalk. After a single conversation with her, I somehow already owed her something. I was genuinely afraid of her. And she was a double threat: brawns and brains. Only Jackie could protect me from her.

Back inside, I headed straight for Maggie’s room to talk to her about my crisis, but all I found was her roommate Blair who said she was out. That was all the specificity she would offer me. She was ‘out’.

I barged back into my room, and luckily Greg wasn’t there either. I thought to call Jackie again, but remembered that she was probably in no place to talk right now.

A wave of nausea hit me, and I nearly fell to the ground. There was something very wrong with me, and it seemed as though no one in the entire world was available to simply talk to me.

Jackie was all I could think about, and it wasn’t long before my dick was out. I stroked and stroked, thinking about the remnants of my dream. It was perfect. Just me and her, no Vicky, no mean girls, no one else to stand in the way. I may have been short, but I was well endowed. I began to double crank it.

“Jackie, I’m your college boy,” I muttered to myself with closed eyes, desperately trying to transport myself back into that perfect dream.

I felt myself getting close and I slowed down, wanting this masturbatory distraction to last as long as humanly possible.

I edged for what seemed like hours, but there was no way I had that sort of discipline. Eventually, I sprayed what could’ve been a pint of my jizz on my roommate’s closet mirror. The moment it all shot out of me, a wave of nausea hit me, just like the first time, and it was lights out for me.

Thankfully, this time, I awoke in the same place I had fallen, and I dashed into the bathroom to grab all the paper towels I could find to clean up the mess I’d made.

I knew I couldn’t run away from my problems any longer, so I was going to have to open up to someone. I racked my brain thinking of anyone on earth who I could talk to about my predicament. I wanted to keep the circle of people of who knew small. And what better way to do that than to tell nobody else?

I called Pauline, and she reluctantly agreed to have dinner with me. I practically begged her because she was the only one who knew, and I had nobody else to talk to at the time. Sometimes groveling does the trick.

She picked me up at 6:30, and since she lived in the area, I deferred to her judgement and we headed off to a place she knew.

One thing I noticed was that when I was sitting in the front passenger seat, the seatbelt beep didn’t go off when I didn’t put it on. That freaked me out. Pauline was quick to explain that the sensor in her car was broken.

“Well, if you’re sure of it,” I said, “switch sides with me for a sec.”

She scoffed, but sure enough, when she plopped her big ol’ butt in that passenger seat, there was beeping.

I was definitely losing it now because I was pretty damn sure that I was big enough to register on a car sensor.

I put our dinner plans on hold and said, “Pauline, we need to go to the clinic. I’m really afraid that I’m getting smaller.”

She didn’t argue, and as she drove to the clinic, I silently thought about what would happen if I was truly shrinking and it never stopped. My brain flew fast into a million hypothetical scenarios of me getting eaten by household pets or getting stomped on accidently like an ant.

As we walked into the clinic, I didn’t know if I was just seeing what I wanted to see, or if what I was seeing was real, but I could swear that Pauline looked taller. Her shoulders were above my eyes now, and for the last three days it hadn’t been that way.

Like clockwork, she began reassuring me that everything was fine.

“Desmond, you’re going to fine, ok? Trust me.”

I didn’t trust her, and I think I made that clear by saying nothing. I did my best to calm myself down because nothing was for certain yet.

When she measured me, though, my calm demeanor disappeared. I was two inches shorter and ten pounds lighter.

“Desmond, I just—I just measured you in the morning. I’ve…never seen anything like this. You seem to be…shrinking.”

“I ‘seem’ to be shrinking? I’m five inches shorter than my normal fucking height! I call that SHRINKING!”

She was taken aback.

“You’re going to be—”

“Don’t finish that sentence,” I cut her off, “I’m NOT going to be fine, get that? I feel my clothes getting bigger on me, my shoes are at least two sizes too big, and I passed out again today!

“You passed out again? Why didn’t you tell me?”

“What would’ve changed if I told you I passed out? I’m still shrinking, and it’s not showing any signs of stopping.”

“Desmond, it matters because we need to find out what’s causing these shrinking episodes. Each time you’ve passed out, you’ve woken up smaller, correct?”

“That’s right.”

“So, we need to figure out what’s causing these blackouts. You wanted to talk to me about this, so you need to tell me everything that you’ve been doing for the last week. No more secrets, ok?”

I couldn’t believe the words that were coming out of her mouth. She thought she was my therapist or something.

“I’m entitled to my secrets, Pauline. If you can’t fix my problems without knowing every single detail of my personal life, I’ll find an actual doctor who can help me.”

After the attack on her character, I saw something snap in her, behind her eyes. Now, she was taking the gloves off.

“How dare you insult me like that! I’m bending over backwards to help you, and all I get in return is a nasty attitude! And yeah, I’m a nurse, but do you know what a doctor is going to say when you tell him that you’ve been shrinking? He’s gonna ask the exact same questions I’m asking you right now. There are no recorded cases of men shrinking, Desmond. Every doctor in the world knows as little as I do about this, so nothing is going to change if you go to one.

“I’m going to give you ONE more chance to tell me what you’ve been doing for the past week, Desmond.”

“There has to be some other way. I don’t feel comfortable with this, you understand that, right?”

“I do, Desmond. But you have to decide which matters to you more: your pride or your height. If you’re concerned that I’m going to tell people about intimate details of your life, you have no reason to worry. Whatever you’re trying to hide, I bet it’s not as embarrassing as you think it is. If you tell me nothing, there is little to no chance of me reversing this. And let me be clear, reversing this is all I care about.”

I had a newfound respect for Pauline. Now, instead of talking to me like I was a child—telling me everything was going to ok—she was giving me the reality of the situation. Or perhaps, she was masterfully manipulating me. I wasn’t sure, but her overarching point was correct. If I didn’t open up to anyone, nothing would ever change.

So, I told her everything, omitting the sexual stuff, of course. By the end of my recounting of events, Pauline understood that I had a girlfriend named Jackie and a friend named Maggie who I spent most of my time with.

“Does any of that help?” I asked once I was done with my long-winded retelling of the last week of my life.

“I’d like to know more about Jackie.”

Of course, I thought.

“You said she’s tall?”

“Yeah. She’s 6’8” or 9. One of the two, I forget.”

“Why did she go for a guy like you? I don’t mean that to be an insult, but it strikes me as a bit odd for a leggy blonde to go out with a guy half her size.”

“I don’t know, Pauline. Maybe I just have amazing game, and I’m just discovering that in college,” I said.

“Has it crossed your mind that she might be using you?”

“You know what? No. It hasn’t crossed my mind that my girlfriend who I voluntarily choose to be with is using me.”

“Don’t you think it’s odd that basically as soon as you got to campus, you became smaller? There’s something causing this, and it’s something on this campus.”

“What are you suggesting?” I asked.

“You aren’t going to like this, but I think you should go home for a week or two.”

“No, no, out of the question! I can’t go home.”

“Desmond, listen. Do you agree that something here is causing you to shrink?”

“I mean, I guess. But it could be a coincidence.”

“Yes, it could. There is a small chance that your shrinking just happened to coincide with you starting college. But if you go home, or somewhere else away from this campus, we can be sure.”

“So, if the shrinking stops when I’m away from here, then it means that something on campus is causing it?”

“Exactly. And the only way for you to find out is to leave for a while.”

“But what could be causing it? What?! Is there an evil mad scientist sneaking into my room at night to conduct experiments on me? Is there something in the water? Am I losing my god damn mind?!”

I had reached a breaking point. I was hyperventilating. The walls were closing in, and instead of those walls crushing me, like it would a normal person, I would simply shrink away before they could crush me.

As a child, I had nightmares. Nightmares of werewolves hunting me down in the night. Nightmares of crows pecking at my flesh until my skeleton was all that remained. Those were scary, but they had nothing on this. I was awake for this and it was really happening to me. How long can you live a nightmare before you go insane?

“Desmond, you’re not losing your mind. Unfortunately, as you suspected, you really are getting smaller. It’s amazing and horrifying at the same time, and we need to do everything we can to stop it.”

“I know you think I should go home, but I really don’t want to do that. My mom will be worried sick and will probably never let come back to college. But the worst part is that my sister will torment me endlessly. Me shrinking, you don’t understand how giddy that would make her. Christmas would be coming early for that devil.”

“Do you have anyone else to stay with beside your parents?”

“My entire family is from Massachusetts, and they all live close to each other. There’s no way I could go stay with someone else.”

Pauline didn’t immediately respond. She appeared to be thinking. She was considering something.

“If you have no other options, then you can come stay with me for a week. I have a pull-out couch.”

“No way. I wouldn’t want to burden you like that.”

“Skip the nicey-nice, Desmond. Do you want to stay with me?”

“I mean, I—”

“Stay the night and see how you feel in the morning. If you want to go back to your dorm tomorrow morning, I won’t stop you.”

Unable to argue anymore, I acquiesced. We skipped going out to dinner and went straight back to Pauline’s place only 20 minutes away. On the way back to her apartment, she ordered a pizza on the phone. When we arrived, she got me settled and then went out to pick up the food.

I wandered around the living room, surveying the place. Pauline had a bookshelf that reached all the way to the ceiling off to the side of the room. It was so tall, in fact, that there were four shelves I had no hopes of reaching. I looked through the bottom shelves, pulling out random books and thumbing through them. Each one I took out had clearly been read through, unless Pauline liked to wrestle the spines of books. I had no idea she was an avid reader.

Then I caught a glimpse of a book I had always liked as a young adult: “The Fault in Our Stars”.

It didn’t click with me at the time, but I had cancer in reverse. Instead of having cancerous growths, I had cancerous shrinkage. The only difference was cancer was a worldwide phenomenon. People shrinking wasn’t.

The fact that likely no one in the world knew how to reverse my shrinking, snuffed out all hope in me. The optimism I had just days earlier was gone now. I wasn’t a naïve child. I knew then and there that if I lived through this ordeal, I would always remember this moment as the calm before the storm. Sure, I was 4’7” now, but how long would that last? I can still function in normal society, but how long would that last?

It was the uncertainty that was killing me. I wished I could know my fate, even if it ended in misery and tragedy, because then I could at least prepare for it. I didn’t know what I was up against, and that was the most terrifying part.

I reached for “The Fault in Our Stars”, but in typical shrunken man fashion, I was unable to reach. The book was on the top shelf in a room with eight-foot ceilings. I may not have been optimistic about my condition, but something in me created a deep need to get that book off the top shelf.

I dragged over a stool from the adjacent kitchen counter, which proved more difficult at my new size. It felt twice as big and heavy as stools normally were. I clambered up the stool quickly, only to find that the book was still out of my reach. Then, I stacked books under my feet to give me extra couple of inches. And just as my hand was about to grab my prize for all my hard work, the door flew open.

“Hey, I’m back with the food!”

The combination of Pauline shouting and the front door suddenly flinging ajar, caused me to flinch, which in turn caused me to lose my balance. I plummeted off the stool and hit the hardwood floor with a sickening amount of force. I managed to turn over and see that “A Fault in Our Stars” was still in the bookcase, untouched.

“God damn it!” I screamed in frustration.

Pauline rushed over to me and helped me up, asking me a million times in the process, ‘are you ok?’ No amount of me saying ‘I’m fine’ stopped her from worrying though.

Once I was settled on the couch and eating a slice of pizza, she finally asked me what I was doing. I didn’t want to have to explain because I felt pathetic for not being able to get a book off the shelf without pain and hardship being a part of the process.

She walked over to the bookshelf and asked, “Which book did you want? I can get it for you.”

“It’s fine,” I said, desperately wanting her to drop it.

“Desmond, you were balancing on like four books and a stool to reach for whatever you were trying to get. Let me get it for you.”

She started pulling random books off the shelves.

“How about ‘Jane Eyre’? I hear that’s a favorite among guys your age.”

I shook my head.

“Ooooh, here’s one you’d like,” she said holding up “Pride and Prejudice”.

Again, I shook my head.

“’The Notebook’?”

I turned my head away from her.

“Hey, I’m gonna keep guessing until you tell me. ‘The Book Thief’, no. Hmm, maybe ‘Of Mice and Men’, no. Maybe—”

I cut her off, “Oh my god, you’re driving me crazy! ‘The Fault in Our Stars’. That’s what I was trying to get.”

“Oh, I see. Quite a climb.”

Even she had to use the stool to get it, but she didn’t have to use have to get on her tippy toes on top of four books and a stool.

She put the book down on the coffee table, and thankfully, she let me eat in silence for a while.

After we were done, Pauline told me she had a night shift at the clinic, and that she would be back in the morning. She also told me that tomorrow she would drive me back to campus if I wanted her to.

Finally, she went into her bedroom to take a nap before she had to leave for work, and I could crack open the book she had so gracefully picked off the shelf for me.

I was more tired than I thought because after only three or four pages, the book was on my face and I drifted off into a tranquil slumber. And to my delight, I was transported back into my dream.

My consciousness shot into the dream version of myself, and I awoke inside the mason jar Jackie had put me in. Only now, the inside of the jar was furnished, just like Jackie had said. A cut out piece of carpet was laid over the glass floor. I was so small that my legs kept getting tangled in the carpet fabric as I walked. There was a sort of wallpaper that covered the cylindrical wall. It had cut out parts that served as windows to let light in. But there was also artificial light coming from balled up Christmas lights at the top of the jar.

I soon noticed that Jackie had supplied me with many things to do inside my new home. There was a mini pool table, a dart board, a golf putting station, a little treadmill, and a desk with mini writing utensils. Since it was a dream, I didn’t question how any of it came together, but I sure was grateful to her. I checked out the dart board first. It was a delight to throw these perfectly weighted darts at the board.

Suddenly a piece of yarn fell through the hole in the top of the jar. I could see Jackie’s gigantic hand holding it. I instinctually knew to grab onto it, and she pulled me out. It was quite scary because to me, I was going hundreds of feet in the air, even though it was only six or seven inches.

I was set down gently on Jackie’s hand, and her voice boomed, “I have somebody for you.” I wondered who it could be. Her other hand whooshed next to me, and a tiny person just like me was in it. Jackie angled her hand downwards, and the tiny person tumbled down into the hand I was standing in. The person’s face was still obscured, because whoever it was, they were wearing a hoodie. I walked over close enough to put my hand on the person’s shoulder, and as soon as I did, the person turned around at an inhuman speed.


I woke up in a bed, and for a solid five seconds, I had no idea where I was. The dream was still in my head, and I was delirious. Then I put two and two together. Pauline carried me into her bed before she left for work. I leapt out of her bed, not knowing who had been in there before, and left the bedroom.

Pauline was in the kitchen making breakfast.

“Scrambled eggs and bacon?” she offered.

“Why do people keep carrying me off to bed? I’m not a damn child. I was fine where I was,” I said.

“Honey, you looked very uncomfortable sitting up on the couch. I was going to pull it out, but the squeaking would’ve woken you up, so I put you in my bed.”

“Even tucked me in…”

“You said ‘people keep carrying you off to bed’?”

Shit, why did I say that?

“Uh, yeah, uh, my friend, Maggie, carried me out of her dorm room and put me in my bed. She even left me a note.”

“Awwww! How cute!”

Now, I was fuming. How would she feel if she was carried off to bed every night by some strapping young man—eh, probably not an apt comparison. Most women would like that, I would assume. But men weren’t supposed to be carried off to bed, even if they were shrinking.

“Listen, just because I’m smaller doesn’t mean you can treat me like a child, ok? I’m an 18-year-old man. I can be drafted to go fight and die in a foreign country. I can drive. I can vote."

She stopped tending to the food and looked at me from the kitchen. She appeared genuinely contrite.

“I’m sorry if I belittled you. It won’t happen again.”

I walked into the kitchen and approached Pauline. Now, her shoulders were like high above mountain ranges to me. I was getting really small.

“Pauline, this is gonna surprise you, but I think I need to go home.”

Chapter 4 by johnbart37
Author's Notes:

Desmond finally tells Jackie the truth; he is shrinking. She doesn't respond how he would've expected.

Chapter 4:

A night away from everything convinced me that I had to go home. It wasn’t a decision I made lightly. There was a whole crop of problems that could potentially grow out of my decision to leave.

The paramount concern I had was about Jackie. Ever since I met her, not a single doubt had crept into my mind. She and Maggie were the two people I trusted most. And Jackie I trusted even more.

Jackie and I hadn’t been girlfriend and boyfriend long enough for me to know if she felt the same way. If Jackie left for a week or two, as much as I would miss her, I would accept it. If she wasn’t as accepting, our prospects of continuing as a couple didn’t look so hot.

After some hemming and hawing at Pauline’s apartment, it became obvious that I only had one option. I had already decided to go home, so I had to tell Jackie the truth.

Another thing was how and when to tell Maggie that I was shrinking. She was my closest friend at college, but if I wasn’t willing to tell her what was going on with me, was she really a friend? Right now, I was procrastinating, telling myself I would tell her eventually.

Another concern I had was that I would be missing the party Vicky was throwing that night. She and her sidekicks made it clear that they wanted me at that party. Me accepting the invitation only to spurn it later would certainly lead some problems later on.

I pushed my lesser concerns to the side because Jackie was the only person that mattered. As I got into Pauline’s car en route to my dorm, Jackie called me.

I eagerly picked up the phone, “Jackie, hi!”

“I’m SO sorry I didn’t call you last night, Desmond! I was...busy. What’s wrong? Are you alright?!”

She was ‘busy’. If only she’d known her captain paid me a visit.

“Well, no. I’m not ok,” I said, “Can we meet?”

“Of course! Let’s meet at the Starbucks just off-campus. Half an hour?”

“I’ll be there.”

“Are you sure you’re ok? You sound upset.”

“Jackie, it’s kinda hard to explain over the phone. This is something we have to talk about in person.”

“You’re scaring me, Desmond. You’re not telling me anything, is it serious?”

“There’s nothing to be scared of, but something’s happening to me that I can’t quite explain unless you see me. Just be there on time, ok?”

“I will. I hope you know that I’m here for you.”

“I know.”

And with that, we hung up. Well, I hung up. Talking to her over the phone was more difficult than I thought it would be. I had no idea how she would react to this, and the uncertainty made me sick to my stomach.

I was pretty sure that I was small enough for her to notice that something was amiss without me telling her first. I had shrunk quite a bit since I last saw her.

I tried to think of how I would react if a friend of mine came to me five inches shorter and thirty pounds lighter than I last saw him. My reaction would be a cocktail of confusion and disbelief. I would probably be at an utter loss for words. I would probably be walking on eggshells, not knowing what to do or say.

I discarded my hypothetical because it only stressed me out more. I wished I didn’t have to see Jackie and explain this craziness to her, but at the same time, it was all I wanted to do. While I didn’t want to expose my vulnerability, I needed to see her face before I left. I needed to get lost in her innocent doe eyes one more time. I needed to hear her orgasmic voice sing in my ears one more time. I needed to obsess over her gargantuan height one more time.

It was all because I was afraid of the worst-case scenario; if she were to end it.

It wasn’t at all inconceivable. What girl wanted to date a rapidly shrinking weakling? We hadn’t even gone on a single actual date yet, so it wasn’t reasonable to think she would stick around. There was no doubt that we had forged quite a connection in the short time we’d spent together, but I was terrified that our brief connection wouldn’t be enough to sustain her interest in me.

Perhaps, me meeting with her was a repeat of my past mistakes. Maybe I was trying to salvage a relationship that was clearly over, and my attempt to save it would leave me even more heartbroken. I thought about telling Pauline to drop me off at my dorm and skip Starbucks. I thought about avoiding Jackie for the rest of my time at college to spare her from my dysfunctional life.

But she deserved an explanation. And if I stood her up, she would hate me forever. The thought of her heart being plagued by hate just because I was too afraid to explain myself—well, it made me sick.

Pauline noticed my nervous fidgeting in my seat. She put a hand on my shoulder and tried to comfort me.

“I know you’re nervous about how she’ll take this. All you can do is go in there and tell her the truth. You don’t know what is causing this. This isn’t your fault. I hope you know that.”

Without looking at her, I said, “I know.”

We sat in relative silence until we arrived at the Starbucks.

“You’re gonna do fine,” she said.

“I don’t need a damn pep talk, Pauline.”

“I don’t know about that, dude. You look like you just saw a ghost. Listen to me, if she doesn’t understand what you’re going through, then she wasn’t worth your time in the first place.”

“What do you know?” I sniped back at her, “I’m in love with this girl, if she doesn’t understand—I don’t know what the fuck I’ll do.”

“Desmond, I’m almost ten years older than you. I’ve had my fair share of lost loves. There is a chance that you’ll leave that café with Jackie as your first lost love. Or maybe things will work out. The only way you’ll know is if you try.”

I turned to face Pauline, and I swallowed hard.

“Thanks. I know I’ve been a dick to you for the past week, and you haven’t done a thing to deserve that type of treatment. I gotta go now.”

“Hey, before you go. Call me if you get any smaller. And measure yourself every morning!” She yelled out to me as I jogged into the Starbucks. I turned around and gave her two thumbs up.

As much as I didn’t want to admit it, Pauline’s little pep talk instilled me with at least the base level of the necessary confidence to finally confront Jackie.

I went to order something at the register, even though the butterflies in my stomach urged me to consume nothing.

Not liking coffee in the slightest, I started ordering a vanilla Frappuccino. I heard it tasted more like a milkshake.

Then, a tap came on my shoulder. Confused, I started to turn around, and before I knew who it was behind me, I noticed a huge shadow spanned across my whole body.

Fully turned around, all I saw was creamy white legs in mesh short shorts. I looked up, and there she was, grinning from ear to ear and waving.

“Jackie!” I exclaimed with surprise.

“Hi! I have a table over there already, silly! I even bought you a coffee already.”

“Um, ok.”

Is she playing dumb? Or does she really not notice that I’m five inches shorter?

Her table had stools, stools that were quite tall. I struggled trying to wrestle my little body up on the seat. As embarrassed as I was, I hoped she would get the hints I was dropping. I was small before I shrank, but I was definitely tall enough to sit in stools without flailing around like a wounded animal.

“Do you need help?” She asked, utterly free of judgement.

I stopped her before she picked me up.

“Do you notice something, Jackie?”

“What do you mean?”

I couldn’t believe it. She was totally oblivious. Anger was creeping around every corner in my brain, and it was threatening to pounce. I did my best to control my emotions.

“Jackie, please take a good look at me, my body. Tell me if you see anything different about me.”

As requested, she kneeled down and examined me.

“Desmond, I don’t know what you want me to see. Please just tell me what’s wrong. I’m worried about you.”

“Jackie, I’m five inches shorter! I don’t get how you haven’t already noticed!”

Seemingly unaware that I was enraged, she wrapped her arm around the small of my back and pulled me next to her to compare.

My shoulders were level with her hips. I was a child standing next to his mother. I was a kindergartener pining after a hot eighth grader. It was amazing, horrifying, sexy and everything in between.

Then she grabbed me by both of my shoulders and shifted me to the front of her. She petted my hair, her touch almost causing my eyes to roll back in my head. Her ability to defuse my anger with just a simple touch bordered on supernatural.

She flipped me around at a dizzying speed. All I could see was her exposed midriff. It was so toned, so tantalizing. In my head, I thanked her skimpy white belly shirt she had on for the incredible view I now had. And the fact that I didn’t even have to bend down to have this amazing, complete view of her belly was outrageous to me. And it turned me on even more.

There was something different about her belly button being level with my eyes. It made me feel so small, insignificant, even inadequate. Those feelings of tininess and inadequacy, instead of making me flaccid, only aroused me further. I couldn’t think straight because her huge, curvy body filled my entire field of view.

“Hey, you do look a little smaller. That’s really weird. How did this happen?”

I was enamored with her, so naturally, I heard nothing she said. Then I started to rise up in the air. She was lifting me, but it felt more like being in a hot air balloon. I slowly ascended the length of her entire body until she and I were eye to eye.

She waited to speak, making sure I was being fully attentive and was no longer distracted. She nodded to ask if I was still in trance. I nodded back to indicate that I was ready to listen.

“I’m sorry I didn’t notice when you first came in, Desmond. You looked a bit skinnier, but I didn’t notice that you were shorter. I think it might be because I’m so damn tall!”

Willing to give her the benefit of the doubt even when she didn’t deserve it, I said, “Yeah, that could explain it.”

“Desmond, I know this must be hard for you, so please forgive me. I didn’t mean to be so insensitive before.”

“I’m sorry too. I didn’t mean to snap at you before. I’m just a little on edge.”

“It’s ok to be angry. I would expect nothing less. I mean, how crazy is this? You’re shrinking!”

“Yes, but believe it or not, I’d rather you not yell that out here. It’s not something I really want to broadcast to the world.”

“Sorry,” she said sheepishly.

Although every part of me adored being in Jackie’s arms, my insecurities were bubbling to the surface. She was cradling me like her newborn. She was one step away from swaddling me.

She must’ve gotten the hint because finally, she placed me in my seat. I was dreading what I had to tell her next.

“I’m glad you’re being so supportive. It’s been a tough week.”

“Wait? It’s been a week since you knew you were shrinking, and you didn’t think to tell me?” she asked.

“I know I should’ve told you earlier, but I wasn’t certain that I was actually getting smaller until yesterday. When I was certain, I texted you. I didn’t want to worry you. I haven’t even told my mother yet.”

Her hand stretched across the table to grasp mine. Tingles rippled through my body. I could never prepare for her touch. It damn near incapacitated me every time.

“I care more about trust than my feelings. If you have a serious problem, let me in. That’s what a girlfriend is for.”

Hearing her call herself my girlfriend was a thing of fantasy. Never did I think a girl of her caliber would voluntarily choose to be with me. And now it was official. Jackie was my girlfriend. No more uncertainty, no more tiptoeing around it.


“Haha, what?” she asked.

“It’s just nice that to hear it out loud.”

“It’s good to hear that you think it’s nice.”

Before things got too mushy, I veered the conversation back to what I needed to tell her.

“As much as I wish this were a date right now, I have some important things to tell you. Let’s try not to get distracted by each other for two minutes.”

“Ok, I’ll try not to get distracted by your impeccable muscles,” she joked as she squeezed my arm.

Even though that joke was in bad taste, I ignored it.

“I know we just started dating, and I know you want to jump in right away. So do I. Unfortunately, me shrinking is fucking everything up. And I know that’s not what you want to hear, so I’m sorry—”

“Desmond, whatever you need to tell me, tell me. The suspense is killing me.”

The jig was up. It was truth time.

“I’m going home, and I don’t know for how long. One or two weeks probably. I need to be with family right now, and they need to see me.”

Jackie wasn’t the type to mince words. She quickly responded with an alternative.

“Why don’t you stay with me in the Volleyball House? I share my bedroom with another freshmen girl named Carly, but I can tell her to sleep on the couch.”

“I would love to, but I already have a bus ticket to Boston.”

“Cancel it. Like you said, let’s jump in now!”

This was what I feared. She thought she was being sexy, but my mind was already made up. No amount of sexy pleading from her would get me to stay.

“If I wasn’t dealing with this, I would do whatever you want. You gotta understand what I’m going through here. I need my family.”

“Desmond, please stay. Give us a chance. I can be there for you. I can help you through this.”

“I have no doubt that you will help me through this. You can facetime me while I’m away, and as soon as I get back, we will have that first date. I promise.”

“You just got to college. Now you’re just going to leave? It seems crazy.”

“Well, what’s happening to me is crazy. I shouldn’t be shrinking, but it’s happening, and it changes things for me. I mean, what if I just never stop shrinking? No medical doctor in the world knows anything about my condition. I’m fucked, Jackie. Fucked! Home is the only thing I know, and there’s where I need to be right now. I’ll stay up to date with my classes, and you can text me as much as you want. But I am going home, either way.”

I attempted to anticipate the worst-case scenario, but what she said next still surprised me.

“I’m disappointed in you, Desmond.”

“Disappointed in me? What are you talking about?”

“I thought you believed in us.”

“I do believe in us. That’s why I came here in the first place. I wanted to be honest with you and tell you what was going on. If I could, I would stay here. I mean, as soon as I walk in the door of my house, my sister is going to torture me.”

“Just another reason for you to stay.”

“Don’t take this the wrong way, but you gotta understand—I’ve known you for a week. I don’t feel like myself. I’m sick. Something is very very wrong with me. I’m anxious almost all the time now. When I feel better, we can resume this.”

“When you feel better? You said you’d be coming back in one or two weeks.”

“I don’t know how long I’m gonna be gone. I need to figure out what the hell is going on with me. And frankly, walking around campus this small is really hard. I’m usually the shortest person everywhere I go. I’m used to that, but this is different. Five-foot nothin’ girls are like giants to me now.”

“I can walk you to class,” she pleaded, “We can make this work.”

“You’re not getting it, so I’m gonna put it bluntly. I am going home. I’ve made up my mind already.”

“You’re making a big mistake, Desmond.”

“What is wrong with you? I’m shrinking, and I have no idea when it’s gonna stop! I’m terrified! I’m terrified I’ll never be the same height again. I’m terrified of how small I could become. And in the middle of all that, you make this all about yourself. I get that you don’t want me to leave but come on!”

“I’m not making this about me. I’m making this about us.”

I leaned in close to her, “I don’t want to lose you, Jackie. I really don’t. You’re probably the best thing that’s ever happened to me. But I have to be honest with you. Us. You and me. That’s not my priority right now. Getting my shrinking under control is, so if you can’t grapple with that, I don’t know what to tell you.”

All she said in response was, “Out.”

I sat back in my chair completely dumbfounded. The venom in her voice was palpable. And she thought she could just order me to get out.

“Get…out,” she repeated.

I got caught in a tsunami of melancholy. It sent me spiraling down and down into what I called my “Hall of Blame”. It was a museum in my head that chronicled tattered relationships, severed friendships, and all of my worst moments. There was a hierarchy, and this moment shot to the top of the list instantly.

A past version of myself would’ve stayed in the Starbucks and continued the argument with Jackie. The past me would try everything in order to knock sense into her.

And it wouldn’t have worked. It only would’ve made things worse. I had enough mental clarity to hop off my stool and walk out. I accepted that I couldn’t salvage this.

A girl named Jackie was no longer mine. And I was no longer hers.

Chapter 5 by johnbart37
Author's Notes:

We are introduced to an incredibly thick college girl on the bus, and Desmond's mean sister. The girl on the bus is quite maternal, but Desmond's sister Amanda is the opposite.

Chapter 5:

Mere hours after my epic clash with Jackie, I was on a bus to Boston. There was nothing like a road trip to be alone with your thoughts.

My phone call with my mother was awkward, as expected. I was comfortable enough to tell her that I was shrinking, mostly because I wanted to prepare her for what she would see. A dead silence echoed through the line after I told her.

“You believe me, right?” I asked.

“Yes, of course! It’s just—crazy! When did this start? How did it happen? Have you seen any doctors? You need to come home!”

Her rapid-fire questioning made me smile. I found myself getting a whole lot more nostalgic these days. Whenever I had a problem, my mother always launched into a series of whos, whats, whys, wheres, and hows, followed by a forceful declarative statement. And when she was especially ticked off, expletives were used.

“Two steps ahead of you. I’m on my way to Boston already. I hate to spring this on you so suddenly, but I need you to—”

“I’ll pick you up, Desmond. Just text me when you’re getting close.”

“Ok, I will. But, please. Come alone. I can’t deal with Amanda yet. I need to…prepare myself.”

“Ok, honey. Whatever you need. I can’t wait to see you.”

“Me too. I’m scared this isn’t gonna stop, Mom. I mean, what if it literally never stops? My life would be over…”

My mother was incredibly good at boosting my morale, and it needed a serious boost right about now.

“Desmond. Listen to me. That’s not going to happen. I won’t let it. When you get back, we will see every doctor there is, and we will get to the bottom of what’s going on with you. There has to be an explanation for what’s happening to you. Hang in there, you’ll be home soon.”

‘Hanging in there’ for a seven-hour bus ride was harder than expected. Especially because I had the window seat next to a humungous woman. My perception of people’s sizes may have been warped due to my small size, but this woman was gigantic by normal standards.

She looked to be about five and a half feet tall, but that wasn’t what was big about her.

It was her ass. Her left butt cheek nearly filled her entire seat, which left the right cheek no choice but to encroach on my side. Half of my side vanished under her ass, leaving me to be squished up against the wall of the bus. If I were able to move at all, I would’ve stood up to look around the bus for open seats. I was stuck. At least her purple yoga pants felt nice on me.

After my phone call with my mother had ended, she struck up a conversation.

“I don’t mean to be nosy, but I couldn’t help but overhear your conversation. Are you really shrinking?”

As I shifted in my seat to look at her, her ass gradually expanded to its full width. Whatever small indent I had made in her ass cheek before, it spilled over to fill the difference. This smooshed me even harder against the wall of the bus.

“Yes, I am,” I said simply, “And is there any way you could possibly move over a bit?”

She moved over as much as she could, her ass now impeding the aisle. It was still grazing against me, that was unavoidable. But I was grateful, nonetheless.

She apologized for making me uncomfortable, saying she’d been a “big girl” all her life. The crazy thing was that she wasn’t necessarily fat. In fact, she was proportioned quite well. She was herculean.

Comparing myself to her was a recipe for sexual mania. Looking down at our legs, mine dangled several inches from the ground and hers did not. But that wasn’t the noteworthy comparison. The girth of her ankle was that of my thigh, and perhaps it was even thicker. I was certain that six of my legs could fit inside just one of hers. Her ass was so wide that if she were to sit on me lying flat, 90% of my body would be flattened under her. The totality of her butt rose up all the way up to my midsection.

I couldn’t even fathom how this girl existed. She probably needed to take in triple the number of calories I took in daily.

Amid my obsession with her very existence, she introduced herself as Audrey. After I told her my name, I noticed she was wearing a George Washington University sweatshirt.

I pointed at her sweatshirt, “Do you go there?”

“I do,” she said.

“Let me guess: senior?”

She laughed, causing her ass to jiggle violently. My proximity to her ass allowed me to feel every single jiggle. And every single jiggle was a seismic event to me.

“I’m actually a freshman!” she said.

“Me too. I’m over at Georgetown.”

“Do you like it there?” she asked.

“Well, it’s hard to say. Ever since I got there a week ago, my life has spiraled out of control.”

“With the whole shrinking thing?”

“Yeah, pretty much. That’s why I’m headed back home. Why are you going home?” I asked.

She sighed a big sigh, pushing her ass further down into the seat, which in turn, drove me closer to the window.

“It’s a sad story,” she trailed off.

“Don’t worry, you don’t have to tell me if you don’t feel comfortable,” I said.

“No, it’s ok. It’s…my dad. He died yesterday.”

For a moment I hesitated, not knowing whether I should comfort her yet. I put my hand on her thick forearm and caressed it gently.

“I’m so sorry. I can’t imagine what you must be going through.”

“I’m not even sure what I’m going through,” she said, wiping her eyes, “My mom told me yesterday morning over the phone. When I heard the words ‘I have very bad news’, I knew. He’s been sick for years. He smoked all his life, drank and ate like crap. That’s what you get when you don’t take care of yourself.”

A bit taken aback that she was blaming her father for his own death, I stumbled on what to say next.

“I’m sorry, Audrey,” is all I came up with.

“I just wish that I go back in time to show him what would happen if he kept on doing the things he was doing.”

This gave me perspective. For the last week, I was convinced that I was the only one in the world with serious problems. Talking to Audrey opened me up to the struggles of others and allowed me to see my problems honestly, without the haze of frivolous emotion clouding my judgment.

Of course, I didn’t take pleasure in seeing Audrey like this. I wouldn’t wish that kind of grief on anyone. Her grief served a very specific purpose for me though. It grounded me.

I decided to change the subject to something else because I really didn’t know what to say anymore.

“I wish I could go back in time too,” I said.

“How far back would you go?” she asked.

“Just far enough to tell myself not to go to Georgetown.”

“Why not? Do you just associate it with the shrinking now?”

“Yeah, I guess that’s part of it, but there’s something on that campus that’s causing me to shrink. I have no idea what it is, but it’s done major damage already. I used to be five feet tall. I’m 4’7” now.”

“Jeez! How many inches is that? One, two, three,” she started counting.

I found it cute that she had to count. By now, the number was burned into my brain forever.


“Five? I didn’t think it was possible to get that much shorter unless you had like major scoliosis or something.”

I chuckled at her beautiful ignorance, “I can assure you; I have wonderful posture. That’s not it. I wish it was, because then it could be fixed. No one knows how to fix me.”

“It seems that there isn’t an easy fix to either of our problems,” she said.

“If only.”

We sat in silence for a couple of minutes. I stared out the window, watching the trees that dotted the highway whiz by. When I got a little queasy, I focused my eyes back into the bus.

She broke the silence by asking, “Be honest with me. Am I crushing you right now?”

Well, if she wanted me to be honest, that’s exactly what I would be. Affable honesty was the kind I opted for.

“A little, yes.”

“I feel like I’m ruining your ride,” she said.

“No, no. You’ve been great to talk to. Don’t worry about it, ok? I’ll be alright.”

“Why don’t you sit on me, that way you and I both have more room.”

In the past week alone, I’d sat in the laps of two different women: my mother and Jackie. I wasn’t about to make it a third.

“No thanks, Audrey. I’m comfortable.”

She had an expression of pouty disappointment, but she dropped the subject of me sitting on her lap, nonetheless. As the ride wore on though, I started noticing that she was slowly creeping back towards me, squishing me more and more as she moved.

I felt guilty speaking up because I was afraid to come across like a dick. I told myself that she would soon notice and give me some space.

A half an hour passed without her noticing a thing. Then, someone from the front of the bus came through the aisle. That spelled my end.

To give the person enough room to pass through the aisle, Audrey scooched all the way in my direction, absolutely flattening me against the window. The entire lower half of my body was squashed by only the side of her butt cheek. I tried to wriggle my way out without having to get her attention, but it was no use.

“Aud-dr-rey,” I croaked.

“Yeah? Oh my god, Desmond! I’m so sorry! Are you alright?”

She immediately shifted her ass back into the aisle, and I gasped for air. When I caught my breath, she took a look at me.

“God, your face is red. Were you up against the window for that for long?”

“No, not at all,” I said weakly.

My dick was at full mast and threatening to burst. Having her butt mush all over my body was painful, but it was still a girl’s butt. And it wasn’t just any girl’s butt. It was Audrey’s butt, a national treasure as far as I was concerned.

“Excuse me, I have to go to the bathroom,” I said.

She got up and stood in the aisle. Her ass was so damn big that I couldn’t help but graze by it as I went through to the back of the bus.

I trotted forward with my hands in my pockets to hide my boner. As soon as I locked the door to the bathroom, I let my pants fall down, and I went to town on my cock. I stroked relentlessly and rapidly until ropes and ropes of semen exploded out of me. I felt the familiar light headed feeling, but I ignored it.

Not wanting to be gone for too long, I made sure to clean up a bit and wash my hands.

When I got back, Audrey was sitting. I stood there for a second, waiting for her to get up. She knew I was there, yet she didn’t budge.

“Hey Audrey, could you get up?”

“I know you’re not gonna like this, but I want you to sit on my lap, ok? What if I fall asleep? I will crush you.

“No, you won’t, I’ll just—”

“You’ll just what?”

“I don’t know,” I replied.

“Exactly. Come sit on my lap. I don’t want to be worried about you for the rest of the trip.”

She said it like I was crazy for not wanting to sit on a woman’s lap on a public bus. The way she flipped back around on me was brilliant. Either I opted for pride and risked getting crushed. Or I simply sat on her lap, which would probably be more comfortable anyway.

But really, the decision wasn’t really mine to make, because she snatched me right up before I could say a word and plopped me right onto her lap.

Now, my head was level with her head, when before it was level with her shoulders. I leaned to the right on her chest. Our faces were close, and now I could see her for what she really was. Not a monstrous, body-crushing ass, but a beautiful woman.

She had the most exquisite light brown eyes. I was convinced they could illuminate a pitch-black room. She had long and wavy hair similar color to her eyes but slightly blonder. Her full red lips were pursed, holding back a laugh no doubt. It was a funny sight to see: a tiny man on your lap. Funny wasn’t the word that came to my mind, it was more embarrassing than anything else.

But then I thought, I don’t know a single person on this bus. What do I have to be embarrassed about?

And from then on, I treated it like a normal thing. I was sitting on Audrey’s lap, so what?

I also realized that even if I was at my full height, Audrey still would’ve crushed me with her ass. She also probably would’ve insisted that I sit on her lap. This made me feel a bit better about it because it was an unavoidable outcome.

“Is this so bad? Admit it, I’m pretty comfortable, aren’t I?” she asked.

She wasn’t lying one bit. She was comfortable. Her lap was almost twice as wide as my whole body, giving me a lot of room to stretch out. It felt like being on recliner.

“You’re pretty damn comfortable,” I said.

“And now, I won’t crush you. It’s a win win!”

“I’d say so.”

“So... I still have some unanswered questions about shrinking...”

“How did I know you were gonna ask about that?”

“Could you blame me? It’s fascinating!”

“I wish I could look at it like that,” I said.

Without skipping a beat, she asked, “So do you just constantly shrink, or do you feel it start to happen? And what does it feel like?”

“I pass out, then I wake up smaller than I was before. Since all the shrinking happens when I’m unconscious, I don’t know what it feels like.”

“Wow that must be scary. Do people treat you like a child now that you’re so much smaller?”

“I mean, I am sitting on your lap right now, so I’m inclined to say yes.”

We both laughed. She laughed harder this time, causing her whole body to jiggle, which in turn, bounced me up and down relentlessly. It was almost like jumping on a water bed.

I decided to ask the next question, “So be real with me. If you didn’t know I was an 18-year-old with a shrinking disease, how old would you say I was?”

“I’m gonna say—hmmm, let me think about it—yeah, I’m gonna have to go with 11 or 12. You look like an 11 or 12-year-old boy.”

“Really? I thought I was at least in the realm of 13 or 14.”

“Desmond, to be honest, I was being generous by saying you look 11 or 12. I have a nine-year-old cousin who’s about your height.”

“Crap, I’ve really gotten that small, huh?”

“You said you were five feet to begin with, right? The good thing is that you’re used to being short.”

“Yeah, sure, but I’m definitely not used to being so small that everyone is able to walk all over me. Before, I felt like I could physically defend myself if I needed to. Now, I can’t defend myself against anyone. Do you know how scary that is?”

“Yeah, most girls do. But I would never presume to know how scary it is to be way smaller than everyone else around. It must be really hard.”

“That’s part of the reason I’m going home. I need to be away from all the giants who roam around campus. It’s intimidating just walking around them, trying not to get hit.”

“Oh, come here! You’re gonna make me cry!”

She turned me around with ease and pulled me in for a crushing embrace. In the midst of her wonderful hug, the nausea returned. I knew what was coming.

“Oh no,” I said as my voice trailed off, “It’s happening again—”

Audrey let go of me, and I heard her say something. Unfortunately, I couldn’t make any of it out before I fell unconscious.

I awoke in the same place. Still in Audrey’s lap, and still on the bus. Knowing where I was was about the only relief I got in this situation. But now, I was undoubtedly smaller.

Still groggy, I asked Audrey, “How long was I out?”

“About 30 minutes.”

“Did I get smaller?”

It was a stupid question. I knew I was smaller. My shirt’s sleeves originally ended before my elbow, now they went passed it. The waist on my pants was about four or five inches too wide now. Even my shoes were too big now.

Audrey paused, took a deep breath and finally said, “Yeah, you did.”

“Was it...a lot?”

“Desmond, I watched you shrink. It was the most…unbelievable thing I’ve ever seen in my life. What I was seeing, it should’ve been on a TV screen. It looked like special effects. You just…gradually got smaller and smaller and smaller.”

“How much smaller?”

There was another labored sigh, “It had to be at least five inches.”

I didn’t even have the strength to get outraged anymore. The anger I once had, crystallized into a hot ball of sadness. I fell into Audrey’s chest and bawled uncontrollably until my eyes were dry. I wet her shirt with my tears, and she continually patted me on the back. She even snapped at a few people looking at the craziness that was going on, telling them to mind their own business.

I blubbered incoherent thoughts about how I was never going to grow again and how I was going to shrink down to nothing.

Every time, she said, “That’s not gonna happen.”

But how did she know? She didn’t. I was going off of what I knew. Now the shrinking was speeding up, and if I had hopes of ever returning to normal, I had to figure out the cause immediately.

Unlike the other times I’d passed out, I remained woozy for a really long time. I kept drifting in and out of consciousness.

When we finally got to Boston, Audrey tapped me until I woke up.

“Hey buddy, we’re here,” she said.

I looked down and found a shoelace tied around my waist to keep my pants from falling down. It must’ve been from one of Audrey’s shoes, but I was too exhausted to ask about anything.

“Come on, let’s get you off this bus,” she said.

I was in her lap already, so she just lifted me. She gently laid me over her shoulder, and I got to see the horrified looks of people behind us. I guess seeing a man shrink over the course of a bus ride wasn’t something people saw every day.

When we got off the bus, it was dark. I had no idea what time it was, but I knew it was late.

Audrey pulled out all of my luggage from underneath the bus. My two suitcases were quite near me in height. I savored the moment because right now I was taller than my suitcases. There was no guarantee it would remain that way.

“Is your mom picking you up?” she asked me.

“Yes I am.”

There she was in the flesh: my mother.

“MOM!” I screamed.

I ran toward her and jumped into her waiting embrace. My arms weren’t even long enough to wrap around the whole of her body. She held me with my feet off the ground.

When she finally put me down and got a good look at me, her worry was apparent.

“I shrank again on the bus, Mom. Luckily, Audrey was here to help me out.”

“Audrey, I can’t thank you enough for looking after my son. He’s so fragile now. He could get hurt so easily.”

“Thank you, Mrs.?”

“Call me Emily.”

They shook hands with me standing in the middle of them, almost forgetting I was even there. This was a new kind of small I had reached. I was at a size where I could be disregarded and left out of conversations. Mom and Audrey talked for two straight minutes and I couldn’t get a word in edgewise.

If even my own mother was leaving me out of conversations, who in the world was going to take me seriously ever again?

In Mom and Audrey’s long conversation, they finally got to the subject of where everyone was headed, and it turned out that Audrey lived in Gloucester just like us.

“I’ll give you a ride,” Mom said, “The front seat is open, Desmond will be sitting in the back.”

Audrey declined because she said her mom was picking her up. But she went over to me and gave me her number, so we could stay in touch.

“Text me,” was all she said, before walking over to her mother.

Mom led me to our mini-van, and to my dismay, she opened the backseat to reveal a car seat.

I stood outside the car, “There’s no way I’m sitting in that thing.”

Mom kneeled and she was ever so slightly taller than me. “Desmond, we need to be safe. It’s recommended to have car seat for someone your size.”

“Well, I’m not a child. I won’t sit in it.”

“Yes, you will, and if you don’t go willingly, I will strap you in so tight you won’t be able to move. Do as I say, and things will be easier.”

I started crying again. Mom gestured me to come over to her, and she hugged me just like Audrey did before.

“I know you feel like you’re losing a bit of your manhood by sitting in that car seat, but trust me, it’s not the end of the world. When we get you back to normal, you’ll never need to use the seat again.”

“But I don’t wanna sit in it,” I said in between deep sobs.

She was done listening to me whine and complain. Mom lifted me into the car seat, and as I sniffled and cried, she snapped me into place. I could barely move.

We stopped off at an Olive Garden on our way home. At first, I didn’t think I was hungry, but the breadsticks enticed me.

I had calmed down by this point and wasn’t in tears, so Mom and I finally got to talk. My shrinking was the first thing we discussed.

She acted strong and unwavering in her support for me, but I could see the panic in her eyes. She, like me, had no idea what was going on. And like me, it scared her to death.

“I feel incredibly pathetic that I was only at school a week before I had to come home,” I said to her.

“Honey, this isn’t your fault. Don’t feel pathetic. Boys need their mommas sometimes. It’s nothing to be ashamed of.”

When our food came out, she asked about Audrey.

“Well, she seemed like a nice girl, didn’t she?” she asked as she put a forkful of chicken parmesan in her mouth.

“Yeah, she was something else,” I said.

“You know what I think?”

I knew where she was going with this, and I wasn’t keen on it.

“I think you should give her a call in the next day or two. Set something up,” she said.

“How’d I know you were gonna say that?”

“Why not? She was a polite, well-natured girl. She told me how you sat in her lap the whole bus ride. She likes you, honey. It’s obvious.”

“It’s...a little more complicated than that.”

“How so?”

“Um, I don’t know.”

Generally, playing dumb with my mother was a fool’s errand. She would eventually find out what she wanted to find out. In this case, all she had to do was wear me down with a ceaseless barrage of questions. 

“You don’t like her?”

“No,” I said.

“So, you do like her?”

“No, yes—ugghh, I don’t know!”

“Oh, I see, there’s a girl at school that you like.”

“Not exactly.”

She gave me a weird look, “You’re being very cryptic. Tell me what’s going on with you.”

“I actually broke up with a girl today. In Starbucks.”

She looked flabbergasted that I got a girlfriend and dumped her in the same week. But I told her everything, minus the sexy parts.

“Desmond, from what you told me, this girl seems really possessive. Are you sure she knows it’s over?”

“Yeah, I mean, she told me to get out. What else could that possibly mean?”

“That doesn’t sound definitive. For all you know, she thinks you guys are just going through a rough patch, and when tensions cool, things will be back to normal.”

“What exactly are you saying?” I asked.

“I’m saying if you don’t want to be her boyfriend, tell her that. Don’t just assume that you’re broken up because she yelled at you.”

She was right. It wasn’t definitive. There was a real possibility that Jackie still thought they were girlfriend and boyfriend. Now the ball was in his court again. It was his choice.

In the middle of our conversation, our waitress came over to check on us. We assured her everything was fine.

“Hey little guy,” the waitress leaned down to me, “Do you want some crayons to draw on the placemat?”

I wondered how old she thought I was. I didn’t have the strength to tell her I was a man, and that I didn’t want crayons. As my mom was about to interject, the waitress said, “I’ll just leave ‘em here in case you want ‘em.”

I hung my head in despair. It was the little interactions like these that killed me. I was an adult trapped in a kid’s body.

When I saw that Mom was finished with her dinner, I asked her to get the check. After a long day of travelling, all I wanted to do was sleep in my own bed.

“You barely touched your food,” she said.

“I’m full.”

“Desmond, honey, you need to eat. You are so skinny already.”

“I can’t eat anymore. I’m serious.”

“Well, I’m serious about you needing to eat more. Finish at least half of what’s on your plate.”

I silently protested with my eyes. She shook her head and pointed at my fork. There was no mercy from Mom. She was going to force me to eat one way or another.

Of course, I got the richest meal ever: ravioli. I had eaten just one.

“Eat the other two, then we can leave,” Mom said.

I slowly cut them in little pieces to give my stomach more time to digest. She noticed I that I was stalling pretty quickly though.

“Stop playing with your food and eat it. I don’t want to be here all night. You have a doctor’s appointment first thing in the morning.”

Yay! Something to look forward to, I thought.

I stabbed the first little piece of ravioli with my fork and put it in my mouth. The act of swallowing took effort. It was like my stomach was actively trying to force my food back up. That was how full I was from eating one ravioli and a breadstick.

The next few bites went the same way, and two more bites after that I gave up.

“Mom, I’m being real with you. I can’t eat another bite. I will throw up.”

“Ok, ok,” she relented, “Let’s get the check.”

On the way home, Mom asked me more about Jackie. She wanted to know what she was like beyond her extraordinary height.

I told her she was a spontaneous and caring person. I told her how she loved to pick me up and carry me around. I told her about how she called me “college boy” the first time we met. I told her about her dreams of being a reporter on Capitol Hill.

“If I had to describe her in one word, it would be ‘ambitious’.”

Mom listened to me fawn over Jackie for the next five minutes. And when I was finally done, she looked at me through the rearview mirror, and said, “Honey, you obviously still like her. All the things you told me, tell her. Tell her exactly how you feel.”

“But Mom, what does it say about us that we got into a fight before we’ve even had our first date?”

“Most couples don’t go through what you and Jackie are going through. Did she run away at the first sign of trouble? No. She stuck around and even offered you a place to stay. It sounds like she cares a lot about you.”

“Should I have accepted her offer?”

Bluntly, she said no.

“Desmond, you’re still my boy. And as much as Jackie thinks she cares about you, I care 100 times more. You two just met, and I wouldn’t feel comfortable with you staying with her. You made the right choice.”

In my heart, I knew that Mom was right, but it didn’t feel right. Jackie put herself out there. She showed me that she was vulnerable. And what did I do? I crushed her heart into a paste. A girl as special as her didn’t deserve that sort of treatment.

Mom tucked me in that night and laid awake thinking about what could’ve been. I could’ve been sleeping in Jackie’s bed at this very moment. I could’ve been gazing into her perfect ocean blue eyes. I could’ve been nuzzled up to her, taking in her wonderful, sweet smell of her body. Jackie dominated both in my head and in real life. Yet still, I couldn’t get enough of her.

My slumber ended in a blink, and I awoke to my sister Amanda hovering over me. I groaned.

“Did ya miss me?” she smirked.

I rose up in my bed to appear as tall as possible, “Yes, with all my heart, dear sister.”

“Being a smartass to me doesn’t change the facts lil’ bro. Stand up,” she said.

“Where’s mom?”

“At work. Now stand up.”

“At work? It’s Sunday? And I need her to take me to the doctor.”

“Oh my god, you really do need an explanation for every little thing, don’t you?”

She proceeded to shove a sticky note in my face, commanding me to read it. It was Mom’s handwriting.


I had to go into the office today to fix something an idiot intern screwed up. That leaves you and Desmond home alone. I need you to take Desmond to his doctor’s appointment at 9. Under normal circumstances, I would let him go alone, but he can’t drive.

After the doctor, take him to the mall to buy clothes. Get clothes that fit him now, and clothes that are too small in case he shrinks any more. I left my credit card on the counter.

If I hear that you two fought, there will be consequences.

Love you,


I specifically told Mom I wasn’t ready to deal with Amanda, yet she left me home alone with her. I dreaded the day that was to come.

“Where’s Dad?” I asked, “Can’t he take me?”

“Away on business. Why do you hate me so much, Dessy poo? All I’ve ever done is be a kind sister to you.”

I didn’t have to say anything. She cracked up in seconds, unable to keep a straight face.

“The look on your face when I said that,” she said in between uproarious laughter, “Priceless!”

“Why? Why do you do this to me? Huh? Why can’t you just let me live in peace?”

“That, my dear brother, would be a total drag! Now stand the hell up already! I want to see the new Desmond next to me.”

“Can you at least let me wash up first? I got in late last night, and I feel gross.”

“Fine, stall the inevitable all you like. But your big sister looms large,” she said as she walked toward my bedroom door.

I was fuming. She had some nerve to call herself that.

“You are not…my…big sister.”

“In all the ways that matter, yes. I am.”

She left the room with the last word, which pissed me off to no end. I checked my clock. It read 7:30.

“Why did she have to get me up so early?” I muttered.

Mine and Amanda’s room were upstairs, while the master bedroom was downstairs. I used the upstairs bathroom mostly, which had a tall medicine cabinet. Even when I was normal sized, I had trouble reaching things in it. So, when I came in to find that the step stool that had always been there had mysteriously vanished, I was quite distressed.

I thought about screaming at the obvious culprit to return the stool, but why would she? She’d taken it in the first place, and she’d done it to get a rise out of me. I wasn’t going to take the bait.

Luckily, I was still tall enough on my tippy toes to open the medicine cabinet. The only problem was that there were three toothbrushes. Mine was gone.


She got the reaction she wanted.

“Yes, little one?” she called back.

“If you don’t bring back my toothbrush, I’m gonna use yours!”

“Go right ahead! I have tons of spares!”

She had a retort for everything. I was so proud of myself coming up with the idea to threaten to use her toothbrush. My pride was destroyed seconds later.

I ended up using Amanda’s toothbrush. It wouldn’t kill me, but I did want to kill her for making me do it.

I rooted through my closet to find something suitable to wear. Anything that didn’t hang off me like a sheet would do just fine.

I was even having trouble with my underwear. Every single pair I owned was simply too loose to stay around my waist. I was fucked.

Then I heard my sisters booming footsteps coming up the stairs. She was deliberately going slow, just to taunt me.

Surprisingly, she had the courtesy to knock on my before coming in.

“Hey, are you ready in there yet?”


“Can I come in?”

“No! Don’t come in!”

And she walked in regardless. My hands darted down to cover my privates.

“What did I just say?!”

“I could’ve sworn I heard ‘come in’.”

She intentionally misheard.

“Are you having trouble finding clothes that fit?” she asked.

“Yeah, not a damn thing in my closet fits anymore.”

“Here try this.”

She threw over a pair of panties. Her panties.

“What the hell are you smoking, Amanda?”

“Put them on.”

“They’re not going to fit!”

“Oh yes they will. Put them on.”

I grumbled, “Fine, if you insist.”

I took the panties and held them up so they covered my dick and balls. As I expected, they didn’t fit.

“I told you they wouldn’t fit.”

I was bragging to my sister about how her panties didn’t fit on me. I really had hit rock bottom, or so I thought.

“Here, let me help you. You obviously don’t know how to put on a pair of panties.”

She sauntered over to me, and I watched her rise in height as she got closer. She put her hands on her hips and beamed with smug amusement. She was reveling in her new position of authority over me.

There was no person in the world I was more terrified of than Amanda. Jackie was a whole foot taller than her but couldn’t rival her intensity. Even Vicky, who was a domineering person, had boundaries with me. For Amanda, no such boundary existed. Everything was fair game, and I just had to take it.

Now that I was only as tall her developing breasts, I had a lot more to worry about.

“I could stand here all day and watch you cower in my presence, but unfortunately we have an appointment. So, I guess your sister Amanda is gonna have to dress you. Give me the panties.”

I did as she said. She stretched out the waist band quite a bit.

“Why are you stretching it out? That’s only gonna make it worse!” I protested.

She said nothing and made me to slip them on again. I held them up and all of a sudden, she grabbed both sides of the waist band, and yanked them up.

I yelped in pain. She was literally giving me a wedgie. When my feet left the ground, she let go of the panties, and the waist band snapped back right onto my shoulders. I yelped again as I fell down to my sister’s feet.

“See, they fit perfectly!”

“Amanda, these panties are crushing my balls. It hurts!”

“Well, if you see an alternative, you’re free to do it your own way.”

I had no other option. It was either this or no underwear.

“That’s what I thought,” she said in response to my silence.

Still disoriented from by throbbing balls, my sister rooted through my closet looking for things while I remained on the ground. She threw a pair of jeans at me, a belt and a shirt.

I managed to get all the clothes on. I had to roll my jeans up four or five inches, and my shirt hung at my knees. At least I was adequately clothed. I even found an old pair of shoes from my childhood that kind of fit me. Embarrassingly, they were a bit big.

I followed Amanda downstairs, and I clung to the banister. The last thing I needed was to fall down the stairs tripping over my sagging clothes.

Our family had three cars: Mom’s Toyota mini-van, Dad’s Audi convertible, and my Toyota Camry. We had money, but we weren’t fabulously rich or anything. I knew my parents would’ve struggled to pay for college for both Amanda and I, so I busted my ass in high school getting perfect grades. It paid off, and now I was at Georgetown with several scholarships. Of course, the pressure was on to maintain an amazing GPA, and the pressure doubled when I started shrinking.

The only car in the garage was mine. I loved my car to death like every young man loves his first car. My parents gave it to me for my 16th birthday, right after I passed my permit test. But seeing my car only saddened me because it wasn’t really mine anymore. It was Amanda’s.

Then I saw the car seat in the back, reopening the dam of embarrassment.

“Mom told me you gave her a hard time getting in the car seat. I’m sure it won’t be a problem anymore,” Amanda said.

I silently climbed into my new spot. Just two weeks earlier, I drove this car anywhere I wanted to. Now I was confined to the back; I was merely a passenger. And I had absolutely no recourse. If I disobeyed my sister, she wouldn’t hesitate in putting me in my place. My ego was already wounded, my body didn’t need to be as well.

My doctor’s appointment was just as fruitless as I had predicted. They took countless blood tests and asked me a million questions about my daily habits, just as Pauline had.

When Doctor Ortega called Amanda and I into her office, we sat down and listened to her suggestions. She told me to eat as much as I could to counter the weight loss. She also told me to come back for a 48-hour observation if I shrunk down to three and a half feet, the point when the frailty of my bones would present an existential risk to me.

Amanda callously asked, “Is my lil’ bro gonna keep shrinking?”

“We don’t know. We need to analyze his blood samples, and if we find any irregularities, we will let you know immediately.”

“Thanks, doctor,” I said, “But I have a feeling this isn’t going to stop.”

Amanda laughed, “Me too!”

“Shut the hell up!” I said.

When our shouting match ceased, Dr. Ortega told me not to worry. She said things would “resolve themselves”. In other words, she had no idea.

As Amanda and I walked to the car from the doctor’s office, she began taunting me.

“Things aren’t looking so good for you, little guy. You might just stay little forever. Wouldn’t that be something.”

Normally, I wouldn’t let that stand, but I had no response. Probably because she was right! The way things were currently going, I was likely to never be the same again.

Before we got in the car, Amanda kneeled down and put her face frighteningly close to mine. As much as I hated Amanda, she was a strikingly beautiful woman. She had high cheekbones and cute little button nose. Her eyes were an intense green, the type of green that you would immediately upon seeing her for the first time. She was fair-skinned, with long brown hair that flowed like a river.

Her beauty was twisted by the mean scowl she wore on her face. Her eyes were narrowed, and her brows were furrowed. Whatever was coming next wasn’t good.

“I know you’re going through a hard time in your life right now, but that doesn’t excuse nasty behavior toward me, your big sister.”

I cringed when she said she was my big sister yet again, and she took notice.

“You better get used to me saying that because I will always, and forever be your big sister. Even if you grow back to your normal height, I will be the big sister. You shrinking only makes it more obvious.”

“What do you want, Amanda?”

“What I want is respect. In your pretend fantasy land, all I do is torment you. Ask yourself, who got your ass out of bed this morning? Who helped you get dressed? Who drove you to the doctor? Who’s about to take you clothes shopping?”

I stood there mute, believing her questions to be rhetorical. When her angry look persisted, I realized that she actually wanted me to say it.


“That’s right! Me, your big sister. Driving you all around the world because your widdle Mommy isn’t around. I could be hanging out with my friends right now, but instead I’m helping you get what you need. Get some god damn gratitude!”

I was stunned. She was trying to portray herself as a paragon of selflessness when it was the exact opposite. She took pleasure in belittling me. She loved that I was getting smaller. It was her wildest fantasy come true: total and utter dominion over me.

“Amanda, I appreciate you helping me, I do. But every second I’m with you, you find a new way to torment me. So yeah, that’s pretty much all you do.”

“Yeah, god forbid I have a little fun teasing my sad sack of a brother.”

“You call it teasing, I call it my sister sticking a knife in my back and twisting it.”

She grabbed me by the scruff of my neck and lifted me as she stood up from her knees. I flailed around, desperately trying to escape her tight grip on me.

“See, that’s exactly what I’m talking about. You show no respect. Do you really think you can talk to me the way you just did? When we get home, I’m gonna teach you that your words have consequences.”

She opened the car door with her free hand and shoved me inside. And we were off to the mall.

Inside, we walked hand-in-hand, and she ended up dragging me half the time because I couldn’t keep up with her enormous strides. This gave me very intimate view of her muscly legs. They bulged and subsided with each and every flex she made. They glistened under the harsh fluorescent lighting. I had been in close quarters with my sister’s legs before (usually when she scissored me half to death), but at my new size, her legs frightened me in a whole new way. Those behemoths could snap me in two without oozing a bit of sweat. What Amanda said prior about my words having consequences took on a whole new meaning now. 

The first store we went to was “The Children’s Place”. How far I’d fallen.

Amanda walked right up to a free saleswoman and introduced herself and me.

“Tell Amy how old you are,” she said.

“Eighteen,” I said.

I realized my mistake as soon as the words left my lips. Amanda perfectly primed me to say that. She knew lying wasn’t in my nature, and now my whole humiliating shrinking story would be dragged out into the light.

Of course, Amy didn’t believe me. But when Amanda forced me to show my university ID, she realized I was telling the truth.

“Little Desmond has shrunk since he’s been to college. Isn’t that terrible?

“Yes, yes, awful,” Amy replied.

“We need some clothes that actually fit him ASAP,” Amanda said.

“Ok, I’ll lay out some pieces that’ll be mature enough for an eighteen-year-old to wear.”

“Yes, and we’ll need some clothes that won’t fit right now but may fit the next time he shrinks.”

“Of course! I’ll be back with a selection.”

When she left, Amanda bent down to talk to me.

“Oh my god, did you see her face when you said you were eighteen? And then her face when I told her you were shrinking? Her jaw hit the floor!”

Amy returned in about five minutes with loads of different options. Every single item was extra small.

“Extra small?” I moped as I rifled through each and every one of the tags, hoping I’d find a medium in the pile.

“Are you surprised or something?” Amanda asked all giggly.

My sister graciously allowed me to pick the clothes for my current size. The deal she struck with me though, stipulated that she got to pick all the clothes I would wear when I shrunk further. If I had a choice in the matter, she wouldn’t be picking anything for me to wear.

As I tried on my clothes in the dressing room, I worried about what she would pick for me. If you spent one second inside that store, you would see roughly twenty different children’s cartoon characters. Whatever she picked; I would be wearing at some point. I hoped she was feeling understanding.

I stepped out of the dressing room, heaps of shirts and pants and socks in hand, to look for Amanda. I wanted to pay for everything and leave as quickly as possible.

I looked all around the store for my sister, but she was nowhere to be found. She was completely gone. The feeling I should’ve been feeling was relief, but no, I was on the verge of a panic attack.

I frantically checked the store another time, and once more, I didn’t see her.

A million thoughts raced through my head. Things like ‘what if she left me here?’ or ‘I have no way to pay for any of this stuff’.

Right as I was about to go up to one of the clerks and ask where my sister went, she appeared in the store. She was eating a hotdog.

“Where the hell were you?!” I snapped at her.

“Whoa, watch the tone with me, mister!”

“I-I had n-no idea where you were. Why would you do that to me?”

I was on the verge of tears, and a despicable grin formed on her face. She knew what was going on. And she was going to milk it for all it was worth.

“Did you miss your big sister, widdle guy? Were you scared? Were you scared some mean-old lady was gonna snatch you up?”

The moment I ever showed weakness in front of Amanda, she capitalized on it. I was losing control of my sense of who I was. Was I even worthy of being called a ‘man’? With every inch I lost, was I edging towards becoming a childlike version of myself?

She was beating whatever small amount of courage still remained in me. And she was doing it intentionally, so I could become putty in her hands.

I managed to choke down the tears, and I asked in the nicest tone I could muster, “Please Amanda, can we pay for my clothes and leave?”

“Fine,” she said, “Just stay close to me from now on, so we don’t have another little outburst.”

I took her words quite literally. I leaned on her as she paid for the clothes. I briefly wondered about what clothes she might’ve picked out for me, but it was a fleeting thought. I was just happy that I wasn’t all alone in a huge mall.

We went to several more stores to get clothes for me. The last store we went to was a woman’s clothes store. When I asked what we were doing there, my sister snapped at me.

“Do you think everything is about you? I deserve a reward for my hard work today.”

When she wasn’t looking, I rolled my eyes.

Just like she said before, I stayed close to her. She veered off into the shoe aisle, grabbed two pairs of high heeled shoes, and placed them on the ground in front of me.

“Put them on for me,” she said.

“Are you kidding?”

Her intense stare suggested that no, she wasn’t kidding in the slightest. First, she commanded me to put the blue satin heels she’d picked out. I fumbled a bit, never having put on a pair of high heels myself, so she angrily coached me on what to do.

When I was finally done putting them on, she shot up and took a look at herself in the mirror, taking several struts to and fro.

“I like these, but they’re only 3 inches. I want something taller. Let’s try the 6-inch ones.”

I feared she would say that. The 6-inch heels were black suede, and they went with almost anything, which was probably why she wanted them; so she could wear them all the time.

She stood up this time with more gravitas. After a few moments, a look of abject satisfaction washed over her face. She was sold.

“Come here, lil’ bro. I want you to see this.”

I walked over hesitantly, but I did so, nonetheless. She wasn’t playing around with me anymore. If I disregarded direct orders from her, things would get ugly. I stood next to her, as she so desired, and what I saw in the mirror humbled me like nothing else.

My sister dwarfed me. My shoulders were lower than her hips. My hips came up to her knees. My eyeline was below her belly button. The level of difference was downright cartoonish.

I could accept Jackie or Maggie or Mom or Pauline or any other girl towering over me like this but seeing my sister this much taller than me was different. We were brother and sister, only two years apart, and I was stuck at the size of little boy and she had blossomed into a beautiful, leggy woman.

I asked, ‘why did she deserve this?’ Why did she deserve this height, this strength, this unimaginable swagger about her? And why did I deserve to be her servant, waddling at her feet, ready at her beck and call?

And seeing this sight in the mirror, truly gazing upon the massive difference between us, was devastating. Of course, she looked huge in person, but in the mirror, I saw us together as if I were an onlooker. I looked like a child, and she, at 16, was fit for magazine covers.

“Do you see this lil’ bro? Isn’t this amazing?” she asked me as she mushed me up against her rock-hard legs.

“It’s pretty amazing,” I said flatly and with eyes wide with terror.

“I think I’m gonna buy them. Just for you.”


When we finally got home, I was overjoyed to see my mom’s car in the driveway. My alone time with my sister was over. Even though it was only half a day, it had felt like a brutish eternity.

We walked in the door and Mom immediately hugged the two of us. Really, she was only hugging Amanda, as I was pinned between their immensely long legs. She sat on the ground to address me.

“Did you get a lot of clothes?” Mom asked.


Amanda, who was standing behind Mom silently mouthed, ‘Mention me!’

“And, Amanda was a huge help.”

“No fighting between you two, right?”

“Of course not, Mom!” she chimed in.

“Good,” Mom stood back up, only to notice how tall her daughter was.

“Good god, you’re taller than me in those things!” she marveled.

“I know I shouldn’t have bought them, but I happened to see them in the window, I swear I’ll pay you back!”

I hated her. She was such a sweet talker, and Mom was none the wiser. It always baffled me to see my mother be blind to how much of a bullshitter her own daughter was.

“There’s no need. Keep them. You look stunning in them. Doesn’t she Desmond?”

Why did she have to ask me?

“Yes. Stunning,” was all I could muster.

“Mom, we can catch up later,” Amanda started, “But for right now, I need to show Desmond some of the clothes I bought that he didn’t see. While he was busy trying on clothes that fit him now, I got smaller clothes, just like you asked.”

“Thanks, Amanda. Dinner’ll be ready in about an hour, I’ll holler up.”

And just like that, my sister masterfully dragged me back into her company. She carried the bags of clothes up the stairs and threw the ones that fit now on my bed. The clothes that didn’t fit she laid out on the floor. Let’s just say, I wasn’t a happy camper.

There were several clothing items that were normal, but the smaller the items got, the more babyish they were. There were action heroes depicted on some of the shirts. One shirt featured Mickey Mouse. Another had Tweety the Bird. She even got me a baby’s onesie! She was fully convinced that I was going to shrink down to the size of a newborn baby.

“So, what do you think?” she asked in a singsong manner.

“Am I allowed to say what I think?”

“I don’t know. What do you think?”

That meant no, I wasn’t allowed to express my true feelings.

“I’m just glad to have clothes.”

“Good answer! You’ve really shaped up since we had that talk outside the doctor’s office. However, I did say there would be consequences for your words.”

My heartrate quickened. Goosebumps rose on my skin. ‘Consequences’ in Amanda’s world meant a world of hurt for me.

“But Amanda, I’ve been nothing but obedient. Please, I thought we were past this.”

“I would be setting a shitty example if I let you disrespect me without any punishment lil’ bro. I think even you could see the logic there.”

She was a master at justifying anything she did, no matter how cruel. In the moment, I had no intelligent response. I was off my game, especially after seeing how miniscule I was compared to her.

“What should I do with you? Maybe I’ll make you clean my room, or maybe I’ll just sit on you like old times. Oh! I know! How about I spank you?! I’ve never done that before, and you’re the perfect size for it!

“Please don’t spank me! I’ll clean your room, I’ll let you sit on me!”

“Like you have a choice,” she laughed, “I’m gonna make you do all three, lil’ bro. The spanking comes first though.”

I sprinted toward my door, and three quarters of the way there, her stilettoed foot came out of nowhere and tripped me. I hit the ground right on my chin, causing me to accidently bite down on my tongue.

“Owwww!” I screamed in pain.

She picked me up like a rag doll and flung me onto the bed. My head was down in the covers, dwelling on the stabbing pain in my mouth. As I directed my eyes up again, my sister’s butt filled my vision.

I screamed something unintelligible and crawled away as quickly as I could. Unfortunately, my sister’s ass won the race, and she sat right on me. The impact was devastating. If not for my soft bed, I would’ve definitely broken some bones. 

“Too slow, lil’ bro. Get ready for this!”

She grinded her ass down into me, increasing the pressure on my body two-fold. I had acclimated myself to my sister’s huge ass when I was five feet tall, but now that I was almost a foot shorter and a whole lot weaker, the pain I felt was so much worse.

I had to wait for her to get bored to finally get mercy from her ass. She started flexing her glutes too, which almost made me pass out.

She must’ve looked behind her to see my eyes fluttering, nearing a blackout.

“Don’t pass out, weakling, we’ve barely even started.”

Finally, she lifted her ass and pulled me out from under her. She laid me belly first over her legs. Without warning, she whacked my ass. The screams from my mouth were muffled by her other hand. I was too feeble to even move, let alone resist.

“That was about 25% of my strength, lil’ bro. Hope that wasn’t too painful, ‘cause it’s only getting worse from here!”

She ripped my pants and underwear off and threw them to the other side of the room. With my pesky little clothes out of her way, she slapped my bare ass with a sickening amount of force. The pain flared up through every part of my body. The stinging didn’t subside either, it just lingered.

I was quietly sobbing as I looked down at the floor, nervously anticipating her next blow.

This process could’ve repeated five or ten or twenty times. I really had no idea. I lost track after the third spank.

Eventually, she stopped though. She straightened her legs suddenly, causing me to tumble down her legs as if they were a slide. It was amazing how long they were to me.

I laid on the ground a defeated man. She stood over me, completely blocking the light coming from the ceiling.

“I think you’ve learned your lesson. You won’t think to disrespect me again. I’m going out with my friends now. I expect my room to be spotless when I get back. Are we clear?”

“Crystal,” I weakly whispered.

She was looking off in the distance. The gears were turning in her head. She wasn’t quite done with me. I silently hoped that she would just fucking leave.

“Actually, you know what? I want to do something before I go. Get up.”

And my hopes were dashed against the rocks.

It took all my strength to get myself up. I must’ve been moving too slow for her liking because she yanked me up by the arm and dragged me out of the room.

She took me over to the height chart we had had since we were kids. The red markings were mine; the blue were hers.

“Come on, I want to see how short you really are. Stand up against it,” she said.

I stood with back to the wall, feet flat, but stretching upwards as much as my little body could. It didn’t do much.

Amanda came closer and the look of absolute vindication in her eyes made the hair on my neck stand straight up.

“This is fucking unbelievable! You’re 4’2”! Stay there, I’m gonna run and grab a new marker!”

The amount of joy she was taking in this was unsettling. All giddy, she came back seconds later with a pink magic marker and marked my new height along with the date.

“Look at this, dude! You are the same height I was when I was 7! Little 7-year-old me would probably be able to kick your ass!”

I hung my head in total humiliation. She was so good at making me feel like the smallest person in the world.

“Give me your phone,” she said.

“What? Why?”

She kneeled, “Do we need some more discipline?”

I handed over my phone without thinking another rebellious thought. Whatever she planned to do with my phone couldn’t be worse than another spanking.

She backed up and held the phone up to take a picture of me. I wondered why she couldn’t just do this with her own phone, but I didn’t dare voice my concern.

Then she moved back to where she was before and got a close up.

“Send me these two photos. And if I find out you deleted these pictures, I will smash your face in. I want you to remember this. See ya later, loser. I’m going out.”

She dropped my phone to the ground, not caring if it broke. I rushed down to pick it up. Luckily, it was in perfect condition, but then I saw a snapchat notification from Jackie.

Shit! It’s from 3 hours ago! She’s gonna think I’m ignoring her!

I opened it immediately upon seeing it, and what I saw was a picture of her face with her eyes cropped out. My eyes were drawn to her ample cleavage dressed in frilly black lingerie. I wondered if she was wearing her extra sexy clothes just for me.

All she wrote was, “Kiss and make up?”

I frantically typed, “Absolutely…”

Chapter 6 by johnbart37
Author's Notes:

Desmond checks back in with Jackie, and they are back with one another. He also calls Maggie and fireworks insue. 

Chapter 6:

It took Jackie about a half an hour to see my response. As most people know, waiting for a deep crush to get back to you can be quite nerve-racking. For me, that half an hour was full of anxiety. I checked my phone every single minute, while I picked up Amanda’s dirty panties from the ground.

When she finally did respond, a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders. 

Her response was a picture of just her face and neck, eyes cut off again. She was playing coy with me. She knew how beautiful I thought her eyes were. I had to earn the right to see them again.

Her smiling red lips were the main attraction. It was a dirty smile. Her mind was in the gutter.

She and I sent each other some more salacious pictures. We hadn’t reached the level of sending nudes yet. Our messages were revealing but left the rest to the imagination.

After a couple of messages, she sent me another picture of her tits with the caption, “I wanna hear your voice.”

I responded, “Free for ft?”

“Yeah call me,” she wrote.

She picked up almost as soon as I called. She was in her room all alone in her black lingerie.

“Oh my god!” She said, “It’s my little college boy!”

I tried not to cringe at her calling me ‘little’. My sister had been doing it all day, and it was starting to take a toll on me.

I quickly moved past it and we got on with our conversation. Relatively soon into the FaceTime call, I told her that I shrank again.


“Yeah, unfortunately.”

“How much smaller did you get?” she asked.

“I’m 4’2” now, which means I lost 5 inches.”

“Wow. When did you shrink?”

“On the bus.”

She put a hand to her mouth. At first, I didn’t know why, but then it became clear that she was stifling laughter.

“What’s so funny?” I half-laughed along with her.

“Nothing,” she said unconvincingly.

“Well, anyway, I went to a doctor, and she said that if I shrink down to 3 and half feet that they I will have to undergo a 48-hour observation. Isn’t that nuts?”

Her ears perked up when she heard that.

“Are they really gonna make you sit in a room for 2 days?” she asked.

I shrugged.

“Let’s hope it doesn’t get to that.”

“I’m hoping too, because if it does reach that point, I doubt my mother will let me go back to school until I’m better. Trust me Jackie, all I want to do is come back.”

“Is your sister being bad to you?”

That question threw me off. It showed she’d been listening all along. She cared about me more than I knew.

“Yeah, kinda. I’m cleaning up her god damn room as we speak.”

“Oh, that’s why you’re moving all around.”

“Yup, she has me on a tight leash.”

“Why don’t you tell your mom or your dad that she’s putting you through all this crap?”

“Because then she’ll be even worse to me. She’s made that clear. And my parents aren’t always around to protect me.”

“Ok, be honest with me,” she said, “What would happen if you didn’t finish cleaning her room?”

I knew what would happen, but did I want to tell Jackie? Then I remembered back to my mother advice to tell her how I felt.

“She would spank me again,” I said.

“Again? You mean she’s spanked you already?”

I sighed in despair, “Yes. And it fucking hurt.”

“Desmond, the only way things are going to change is if you stand up to her and do something about it.”

“I appreciate your concern, but I’m just gonna play ball for now. I won’t have to put up with it much longer because I’ll be back soon anyway.”

“You better be,” she said.

The conversation veered into our schoolwork and our experiences with professors. But before long, she hit me with an odd request.

“I have something to ask you, Desmond,” she said.

“Uh oh, I don’t like that tone of voice,” I joked.

“Just listen ok. You need to do this for me.”

“Ok, ok,” I responded, realizing she was serious.

“I need you not to jerk off until you come back to school.”

I didn’t know how to adequately respond to that.

“Can you…what?” I fumbled my words.

“No more orgasms until you see me again.”

That time, her tone was graver. But I didn’t have much time to take in what she said because Mom came upstairs and interrupted our conversation.

“Desmond! Dinner’s gonna be ready in 10 minutes! Where are you?”

“I’m in Amanda’s room.”

I turned my attention to Jackie, “I’m gonna mute you for a sec, k?”

Before she could respond I muted my end of the line. Mom came in the door and asked what I was doing in my sister’s room.

“Just doin’ a good deed, I guess. Her room was pretty dirty.”

She was skeptical. Even though she was often oblivious to how Amanda actually was, she knew I wasn’t going to clean Amanda’s room voluntarily.

“You don’t have to do that. Cleaning her room is her job.”

“I know. Just let me finish. Ok?”

“Fine, but I’m gonna talk to her about this she gets home. Can you believe her? She didn’t even tell me she was going out tonight!”

I threw up my hands and shrugged, “I don’t know. She’s always been unpredictable.”

My stomach was doing somersaults. Mom didn’t seem to realize that talking to Amanda would lead to collateral damage. My sister was going to assume that I told Mom all about what she’d been doing to me. I didn’t see any great way out of this dilemma.

If I told Mom not to talk to Amanda, she would be even more concerned and probably get even more aggressive. But if I simply allowed her to talk to Amanda, my sister would still rain down fire and fury on me. And if I told Mom everything that had happened today, Amanda would find her moment and destroy me. In a manner of speaking, I was fucked.

“Unpredictable is putting it lightly. She has no regards for anyone else but herself. I should ground her.”

That can’t fuckin’ happen, I will be torn to shreds in a matter of hours, I thought.

“Ma, she’s 16. If she goes out once in a while, it’s not a tragedy.”

“Since when do you give me parenting advice?” she snipped at me.

I was not expecting such a harsh response from her. I wanted to tell her the truth about her daughter so bad, but I knew it would only make things worse for me. That was when Jackie piped up.

“Who are you talking to?” her voice came through my phone.

“Who is that?” my mom asked.

“Jackie. The girl I talked to you about,” I unmuted her, “It’s my mom.”

“Oh, hi Desmond’s mom!”

I angled my phone’s camera in Mom’s direction, so she could see my goofy girlfriend’s frenzied waves.

“Hi, Jackie,” she said rather unenthusiastically.

Mom’s underwhelming reaction to Jackie pissed me off. It sounded like she didn’t trust her or something.

“I just want you to know,” Jackie told my mom, “When your son comes back to school, I will do everything I can to take care of him. It’s the least I can do.”

“Thank you, Jackie. I appreciate that,” Mom said.

She told me dinner would be ready soon and to finish up what I was doing. Finally, she went back downstairs.

“I get the sense that she—” Jackie started.

“Doesn’t like you? Yeah, she’s being ridiculous.”

“Desmond, she hasn’t gotten to know me yet. I can understand if she’s a bit—I don’t know—protective, I guess.”

“She’s being overly protective. Just like she’s been with every one of my other girlfriends. She’s not that way with Amanda. In fact, it’s the exact opposite. If my mom hears that my sister is going out with a dude, she’s like ‘go easy on him, sweetie!’. She assumes I can’t handle myself, which is just bullshit!”

“To be fair to your mother, you are rapidly approaching the size of a toddler,” she said.

“Jackie, this crap started way before I ever started shrinking.”

I looked at her through the phone screen, and I could tell she was biting her tongue. Her eyes were off to the left and her brows were raised.


She sighed and coughed up the truth, “You’ve—how do I put this—you’ve always been, a pretty small guy. Your mom just wants to protect you.”

“I’m not small. I’m just…small boned.”

She burst out laughing at that, which I didn’t appreciate. When people used to make fun of my height, I was used to it. But now that I was shrinking, my size became a soft spot.

“That’s not funny!” I said indignantly.

“I’m sorry,” she said between giggles, “It’s just that—I’ve never heard someone say they were ‘small boned’. I’ve heard ‘big boned’ but never ‘small boned’.”

“It’s true!”

“You aren’t doing yourself any favors by admitting that, little guy!” she broke down laughing once more.

I was getting tired of our conversation, so I came up with a clever way to end the call.

“Oh, what’s that, Mom? Dinner’s ready? Ok! Be right down!”

Not buying it for one second, her eyes bore into me, “Did I offend you, small bones?”

“Uh, no.”

“I’m sorry, Desmond. I didn’t mean to put you down. I know this must be a sore spot, especially now.”

Annoyed, I responded, “I don’t need to be reminded of that. Listen, I gotta go, Jackie. It was really nice talking to you.”

I hung up abruptly, and as soon as I hit that red button, the dam broke. I buried my face in one of Amanda’s fuzzy pink pillows and wept hot tears into it.

My sad respite was soon interrupted my mom calling me for dinner, but my sadness persisted and churned in my stomach as I begrudgingly ate the food in front of me.

As soon as I was done, I asked to be excused, and Mom obliged.

Up in my room, I had a short call with Pauline telling her that I shrunk more. Predictably, she advised me to stay home until my disease was sorted out. I nodded along to what she was saying giving her some ‘yeah yeahs’ along the way, even though I had no intention of following her suggestions. I promised Jackie I would do everything in my power to make it back to her.

My next call was to Maggie. I had been dreading this call, but I had to tell her what was going on. I owed her that much.

The conversation eventually moved past exchanging simple pleasantries and I brought up the real reason I’d called her.

“Maggie, I need to tell you something.”

“Uh oh,” she said, “This can’t be good.”

“Promise me you’ll believe me, no matter how crazy it sounds.”

“Dude, what is going on with you? Are you a fugitive?”

“No, I’m—I’m just—”

“Listen, I can take it. Just spill the beans.”

“I’m shrinking.”

“What? Is that a cryptic way of telling me you’re depressed or something?”

“No. My body is literally getting smaller. Literally.”

Silence ensued, just like when I told my mother over the phone.

“You’re not kidding,” she finally said.

“No, I’m not. That’s why I’m home. And I don’t know when I’m coming back. Hell, I don’t even know if my mom will let me go back.”

“I’m—really sorry Desmond. Are you alright? You know, emotionally.”

“To be honest, I’m not. I thought I had a height complex before, but now it’s a hundred times worse. And it especially doesn’t help when my sister is constantly torturing me.”

“Jesus, how much smaller are you?”

I told her.

“Ok, don’t take offense to this, Desmond, but I have an idea on how to avoid your sister’s laser focus on you.”

“How?” I asked, desperate for any suggestions.

“Hire a babysitter or something. Have someone around while you and your sister are home alone together, and I guarantee she’ll be less of a total bitch.”

“Actually, you’re onto something,” I said, “And I have the perfect person in mind.”


“Well, I made friends with this girl on the bus ride home. Her name’s Audrey. I’ll invite her over tomorrow!”

“Desmond, you sound a little overexcited. You know you have a girlfriend, right?”

“Of course! I would never even think of doing anything with her! What kind of person do you think I am?”

“A guy in a relationship with a crush on another girl?”

“Believe me, I’m fine. Drop it,” I said.

“Speaking of Jackie, how did she take the news?”

I told her the whole story of us meeting at the café and how we got into a shouting match. Then I caught her up on the details of our make-up.

“I don’t understand how she didn’t notice that you were 5 inches shorter than normal. That’s just insane!” Maggie said.

“That’s exactly what I thought, but she apologized so I’m not going to let it bother me anymore.”

“Desmond, how are you just going to forget about that? She stared you right in the face and was oblivious to your shrinking! She’s totally self-absorbed!”

It seemed that every important person in my life was lashing out at Jackie: my mom and now Maggie? I was thoroughly outraged.

“Don’t you dare say that! She’s gonna take care of me when I get back. I’m gonna go live with her and me and her are going to face this together. I need her!”

“I’m sorry, I just—”

“You just what? Ooooh, maybe you’re jealous of that I’m in a loving relationship, and you’re not!”

“Desmond, I know you’re having a tough time, but taking out your frustration on me, someone who is pointing out problems in your relationship, will not help you.”

“And the jealousy continues! What’s the matter, Maggie, upset you didn’t make a move on me? Are you crying because I chose an amazon over you?”

“What the fuck? We’re friends, I never thought of you like that! But now it’s clear that you did!”

“What?! No! You’re trying to tear me and Jackie apart!”

“You know what? Fuck off, Desmond! When you calm the fuck down, come back and talk to me. But until then, enjoy having your cake and eating it too!”

“For the last time…I’m not interested in Audrey!”

She hung up on me. I couldn’t believe what I’d done. I quite possibly ruined a friendship. My only true college friend hated me now. All I had now was Jackie.

Chapter 7 by johnbart37
Author's Notes:

Damn, I straight up forgot to update this story. Audrey and Desmond spend a day together in Glocester. Commence sexual tension!

Chapter 7:

After Maggie hung up on me, I texted Audrey pretty much all night. She was just so nice to talk to, and she seemed to understand my feelings better than anyone. At around midnight, I cut to the chase and asked her if she would come over tomorrow. I told her how bitchy my sister was being, and I’d feel more comfortable if she were there. She readily accepted my invitation and said she would be at my house bright and early.

I knew Amanda woke up early on the weekends to head to the gym to work out, so I made sure to get up before her. I wanted to be the one to answer the door when Audrey arrived.

I woke up sore from all of Amanda’s abuse. Every damn muscle in my body was on fire. I rolled out of bed, struggled to stand up, and clutched the banister as I made my downstairs. I sat down next to the front door like an eager puppy waiting for his owner to come home. It was 7 in the morning, time to see if Audrey was punctual.

I specifically told her to knock on the door to the beat of “For Once in My Life” by Stevie Wonder, so I knew it was her. It was just a joke really, something to make her laugh.

At 7:01, I heard the guitar opener of the song coming through the door. I smiled bigger than I had in a long time. Then, I heard my sister’s foreboding stomps coming down the stairs.

“Who’s that at the door? Oh right, you can’t even look through the peephole anymore, shorty,” she said.

“It’s a friend of mine coming over, I’m gonna let her in now.”

“I’ll answer the door, kid brother. Now run along,” she said as she whacked my ass. I yelped in pain. Of course, it was right on the spot she repeatedly smashed with her open palm the night before.

When Amanda opened the door, I could tell by the startled look on Audrey’s face that she had been expecting me, not my sister.

“Who are you?” Amanda asked accusatorily.

“I’m Audrey, I’m friends with your brother, can I come in?”

Remaining an obstacle to Audrey entering the house, my sister instead asked another question, “Where did you two meet, huh?”

“On the bus ride home from D.C. We were seatmates.”

Amanda turned to me, and loudly whispered, “Jeez! You sat next to this whale? I feel sorry for you, lil’ bro.”

Audrey’s face turned bright red, not from embarrassment, but from anger. How naïve was I to think I could adequately control this situation? A hopelessly skinny, pathetically tiny man had no chance at mediating a conflict between two sprawling amazons. Hell, even at my normal height I probably wouldn’t have been able to do a damn thing.

“What did you call me?” Audrey snarled.

“Oh, just now?” Amanda laughed. “I believe I said ‘whale’.”

Audrey was fuming. Her fuse was burning dangerously short, and I feared what would happen next.

“The reason this ‘whale’ is here in the first place, is to protect your brother from your abuse. You are a psychotic bitch,” Audrey sniped back.

Amanda’s fuse blew first, and she tackled Audrey out onto the front lawn. My sister struggled to keep her down on the ground, and before she knew it, Audrey’s huge ass was on top of her. She writhed under Audrey’s mammoth butt for ages, not getting remotely closer to escaping. Eventually, my sister actually admitted defeat and stopped squirming. I was grinning from ear to ear watching my sister get the same treatment I got last night. Now she knew what it was like to have a gigantic ass get plopped down on you. Poetic justice.

Audrey got up and walked towards me, rolling her eyes.

“I’m sorry about this, my sister can be—watch out!”

Unbeknownst to us, Amanda had gotten up. She ran up to Audrey and sucker punched her in the mouth. Obviously not expecting this, she fell to the ground like a bag of bricks. Amanda pounced on top of Audrey and started swiping at her, slapping her upside the head repeatedly. Audrey collected herself and managed to push my sister off of her, and they both got up and began slapping each other, pulling one another’s hair, biting each other.

I began to realize that if I didn’t intervene soon, someone on my block would hear Audrey and my sister screaming at each other and call the cops.

I sprinted over to them and tried to pull them apart, but Amanda just shoved me to the ground. All I could do was scream at them.

“Hey! The fucking neighbors are going to call 911! Do you guys want to spend the day in jail?!”

That was enough to get them to stop.

“That’s what I thought!” I said.

“Whatever, I’m out,” Amanda said. She stormed across the yard, still furious as all hell. She got in the car, peeled out, and drove away to god knows where. I was just glad she wasn’t here anymore.

I invited Audrey inside and got her an icepack for her wounds. I basically lured her into a dangerous trap, and I knew that it was dangerous. I knew my sister was volatile and wouldn’t accept another female presence in my life. She was too selfish. She had to have me to herself.

I probably apologized to Audrey seven different times, seven different ways, and each time she said the same thing: “This wasn’t your fault.” But I couldn’t help feeling that I was partly responsible for what happened.

Standing next to Audrey, this was the first time I realized how tall she was. On the bus, I was so focused on her sheer massiveness that I didn’t realize that she was actually quite a towering woman. Her hips cleared my pectorals, and her shoulders were a head a half taller than me. The lower half of her body easily gobbled up 80 percent of my height. She was tall enough, in fact, that if I stood on my tippy toes, I still wouldn’t be able to reach her chin with my hand. Finally, with thoughts like these spiraling around in my brain, I flat out asked her.

“Six foot even. I sometimes wish I was smaller in general.”

“Hey, if I knew how to infect you with whatever disease I have, I would give it to you in a heartbeat,” I joked.

That made her laugh, and just like on the bus, when she laughed, her whole body jiggled. God, it was intoxicating to watch her ass quake in those purple yoga pants. When I snapped out of it, I asked her to come sit down on the couch with me.

“You know what,” she said, “Are you hungry?”

“I’m almost never hungry. I think this whole shrinking thing has suppressed my appetite.”

She bent down and enveloped me in her body. Her wonderfully thick arms wrapped around my torso as her breasts pushed into my neck. She leered down at me with those shining light brown eyes.

“You need to eat, or before you know it, you’ll become bite-sized.”

She pretended to pick up a little man and drop him into her mouth. She swished him around her mouth for a while until she suddenly swallowed him down. “Mmmmm, scrumptious,” she said. My dick stiffened and poked into her belly. I was utterly enthralled.

“I’m not hungry though—”

She dragged her pointer finger up to my mouth to shush me. That one finger was the thickness of three of mine. I couldn’t stop comparing, every appendage of hers fascinated me to no end.

“I wasn’t asking, little man. I’m cooking up something, and you’re going to eat it. Eggs good?”

I nodded.


I nodded my empty head at her once again. Her assertiveness gave me a visceral desire to fuck her brains out. I wanted to hear her scream my name.

“Go up to your room. You deserve breakfast in bed.”

Like a little boy with a crush on a much older girl, I asked, “Are you an angel?”

She giggled. And with it came the jiggles I loved so much. “If you want me to be! Now go upstairs!”

I waddled up to my room, dove under the covers and eagerly awaited my angel. I thought about how she was probably bending down to reach the eggs on the bottom shelf of the fridge. I thought about how her gigantic ass was bouncing and swaying as she danced through the kitchen searching for a pan. I thought about how she was tying back her flowing brown hair into a fat bun. I thought about how her heaving breasts bobbed up and down as she whisked the eggs. I thought about how her juicy lips puckered together to whistle a wonderfully upbeat tune. I thought about what she might be saying about me.

I just want to eat him up!

Or maybe it was: I’m gonna make him mine.

Perhaps: I’m in love! I can’t bear to away from him any longer!

Probably a bit too ambitious, hopefully something like: He’s so cute! He wears his height well.

My phone shot off a notification, interrupting my erotic daydream. I picked it up; a text from none other than my current girlfriend. Guilt washed over me. I was fantasizing about and flirting with a girl other than Jackie. Audrey didn’t even know that I had a girlfriend. I was deceiving two women at once.

“Breakfast is served, little man,” she burst in the door with a tray, “I want you to eat every bite.”

I swallowed back my guilt and sat upright in my bed. She gently placed the tray in front of me. There was a heaping helping of perfectly cooked scrambled eggs staring back at me.

“Thank you, Audrey. This looks great! Just curious, how many eggs is this?”

“Four. A shrinking boy like you needs his nourishment.” She smirked at her little joke. I just rolled my eyes.

“When I was normal size, I only usually ate two eggs. There’s no way I can get this all down. Please don’t be mad.”

I was genuinely begging her not to get angry with me. Luckily, she thought I was just being cute. She leaned in real close, her full rose red lips mere inches from mine, her eyes gazing into my soul. My eyes darted down to her mouth, then back up. It was happening. I closed my eyes, instinctively readying myself for a smooch. Instead, she whispered, “I’ll let it slide. This time.”

She pulled away, leaving me stunned. I wanted nothing more than to touch her lips, just for a second. She was cruel and playing hard-to-get. And it only made me want her more. This dizzying desire was the last thing I needed right now.

DING! Another text from my ball and chain. It was as if she completely aware that I was enjoying myself too much. And then I remembered what she said to me the night before.

No more orgasms until you see me again.

By that, she meant no jerking off. But she had no idea that another girl would be the true threat. Sure, it would be hard to resist jerking off, but it was something else entirely to resist the charms of a voluptuous seductress.

I decided to shift my attention to the eggs in front of me. As I spooned them into my mouth, my thoughts remained centered on my current predicament.

“The coffee’s probably ready, I’m gonna go down and fetch us some. Don’t miss me too much, K?”

I let out a nervous laugh. She was really getting into this, and every minute I didn’t tell her the truth, I dug myself into a deeper hole. If I didn’t tell her I had a girlfriend soon, the hole would become too deep for me to climb out.

A third text from Jackie came just as Audrey went downstairs.

Hey ik it’s early. I’m just worried about u. Txt me when u wake up.

I put my phone face down on my nightstand. I told myself I’d text her soon, even though I had the power to quell her anxiety right then. Audrey being in my house made it feel weird to text back saying something like, ‘Doing fine, thinking of you’, when that couldn’t be further from the truth.

The other woman came back with two cups of piping hot coffee. She set mine down on my nightstand and sat down next to me on my bed, clasping her mug with two hands, seemingly unfazed by the temperature. She looked down at my plate. “Is that seriously all you’re going to eat?”

“Yeah, like you said, I’m shrinking. My stomach along with my body.”

“Come on, try to eat some more. I know you can do it.”

“You sound like my mom! Ok, ok! I’ll…try.”

She grasped my thigh with her hand. She moved it gracefully up and down my leg, getting a feel for my skinny frame. “I just care that you try. And I don’t care if I sound like your mom, you need to eat!”

Desperately trying to ignore her hand inching ever closer to my crotch, I shoved more eggs down my gullet. After a few more spoonfuls, I was bloated.

“Not…another…bite. I’ll explode.” I collapsed back into my pillows and exhaled.

Audrey got more explicit with her intentions now that I was done eating. She put the platter off to the side and climbed up on my bed. It creaked with her weight, which for some reason made me even more attracted to her. She looked at me hungrily. Her head was tilted to the side, allowing her hair to tumble down past one shoulder. She licked her lips and climbed over me on all fours. Her face came closer and her lips dived down to meet mine. I retreated a bit; fearful she was going to end up crushing me.

Our lips finally locked, and Audrey threw away the key. Her tongue expertly explored the depths of my mouth. She totally overpowered me with every move she made. Her breasts squished around my stomach and pinned me to the bed. Kissing someone at my tiny size was different. Her lips felt different. They were unnaturally huge. And I immediately fell in love with how it felt. My lips were practically devoured by hers as she macked on my face. There was more for me to attach to. And the taste! She tasted just like strawberry shortcake. The kiss brought me back to my childhood when my mom made me strawberry cake for my birthday, but at the same time, I was firmly rooted in the present.

After five or so seconds had gone by, her succulent lips and warm tongue made me forget everything. Who I was, where I was, everything. My mind only had room for this spectacular moment.

It was the ding from my phone that put me right again. I remembered everything, more importantly, that I had a girlfriend. I put my hands on Audrey’s shoulders and pushed away from her. Sensing my reluctance, she pulled back. I saw a look of worry on her face, afraid she’d done something wrong. I was so mad at myself for letting her go this far.

“I—uh—I have a girlfriend, Audrey. Her name is Jackie.”

Her brows furrowed in confusion. She leaped off the bed in surprise.

“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you sooner. But please, I called you over so we could hang out and get to know each other better. Let’s not throw that away.”

Her bewildered expression persisted, until a vulnerable sadness came across her face. In order to conceal herself, she turned away and talked with her back facing me.  

“Desmond, I—I’ve been being pretty obvious this whole time. There were plenty of opportunities to let me know.”

“I realize that. And I’m sorry. I do think you’re beautiful and amazing, and any guy would be lucky to have you.”

She turned back around and laughed at my compliments. “You have a crush on me, don’t you? Admit it!”

I grinned uncontrollably. “Maybe a small one, but it doesn’t change the fact that I’m spoken for.”

“Ok, ok. Fair enough,” she said, “Friends for now?”

For now? What’s that supposed to mean?”

I knew what she meant. She really did like me. She deflected my question and simply extended her hand for me to shake.

“Are we friends, or what?”

I shook her hand. Her palm easily engorged my entire hand, constricting tighter and tighter. Terrified by her extraordinary strength, I shook harder to compensate. My effort to appear strong backfired because it only caused her to squeeze harder.

“Friends,” I croaked in pain.

She smiled with giddy deliberateness. The vulnerability she showed earlier was now gone. Well, it was more likely that she was suppressing it for the time being. I hated what I did to her. The last thing I wanted to do was hurt her, but being faithful to Jackie was more important.

Audrey took my dirty plate and mug downstairs and told me to get dressed. It was beautiful day in northern Massachusetts, and it wouldn’t be that way for long. Winter often came early in my neck of the woods. That fact considered, she suggested we take a walk down to Gloucester Center. There was a fabulous ocean view and we could walk along the beach. I agreed and got dressed in my newly bought clothes. I found the least childish garments I owned and put them on. Unfortunately, the clothing market doesn’t really cater to 4’2” men.

Once we were all ready to go, she led me outside, and found a Ford-150 sitting in the driveway. A big car for a big girl.

“Is that your car?” I asked.

“Nope, it’s my dad’s. I just like driving a big car. But you probably guessed that already.” She hoisted me up into the passenger’s seat, and I quickly realized how big the car really was. I wasn’t confident that I would’ve been able to drive this car when I was 5’0” even. The pedals seemed so far away—until Audrey got in the driver’s seat. She filled up the truck perfectly. Of course, the seat was still too small for her ginormous ass; I wasn’t convinced any car seat was big enough to stop her ass flesh from spilling over the sides. While her butt had to squeeze into the car, her legs reached the pedals and her head was several inches below the roof. She was comfortable enough.

I, on the other hand, couldn’t see over the dashboard even a little bit. The seat was so wide that three of me could fit sitting down, and there would probably still be room to spare. My feet helplessly dangled in the air, high above the floor. I had gotten used to being too small, but when I was seated next to a virtual giantess, I couldn’t help but feel massively self-conscious.

Then, a thought hit me. My mom would be livid if she found out that I rode in Audrey’s car without a car seat.

“Hey, um, Audrey. This is a bit awkward, but my mom has been making me sit in a car seat.”

“Heh, yeah I saw you fighting with your mom about that at the bus station.”

My cheeks flushed a deep shade of red. “You saw that?”

“There’s nothing to be embarrassed about, ok? It’s hard to accept sometimes, but things change. You shrank and now you need a car seat. It’s nothing to be ashamed about. The only problem is that I don’t have a car seat with me.”

I cursed myself for mentioning it. Now we wouldn’t be able to go anywhere. I would have to stay in that dreadful house, the house that my awful sister lived in.

Audrey’s eyes suddenly flashed brilliantly. She had an idea. “Hey, you know what? Your head doesn’t even clear the window. Why don’t you sit in between my legs? My thighs will be your seatbelt!”

She kept finding ways to put us in close physical contact. I made myself pretty clear pretty earlier, but she was still acting the same way with me. It put me on edge to say the least.

“Uh, I dunno if that’s a good idea—”

“Hey, don’t worry about it! You’ll be perfectly safe down there!” She undid my seatbelt and lifted me over the console and right back into her lap. At that point in time, I may have sat in Audrey’s lap more times than I did in Jackie’s. Pangs of guilt rose through my throat.

“Ok, little guy, I know it’d probably be more comfortable to sit on my lap, but I need you to sit in between my legs. Just so no cops pull us over when they see your head popping up through the window.”

She gripped both of my shoulders and pushed down as she opened her legs ever so slightly. Before I knew it, I was sinking deeper and deeper into a cavern of plump thigh flesh. Her legs were so big that they were still touching despite her opening them. I slid deeper down slowly, as if I was trapped in quicksand. To avoid my arms being caught in the middle of her legs, I raised them and wrapped them around her thighs. When I finally felt my butt hit the seat below, I was staring straight into the steering wheel. Her legs swallowed up the better part of my torso.

“We comfortable down there?” She asked.

“Actually, yeah. It’s like your legs are giving me a hug.”

“Glad you’re enjoying yourself down there.”

She backed out of the driveway and drove away. I could barely see out the window, so I had no idea where we were going. Since I couldn’t occupy myself with the scenery outside, I decided to finally touch base with Jackie. I stuck my hand into the leg crevasse I was stuck in and wormed my way to my right pocket where my phone was. I got my phone but pulling my arm out of Audrey’s legs would be much more difficult.

She noticed my futile struggles. “What are you trying to get down there?”

“My phone. But my arm is stuck.”

“No problem, I’ll grab it.”

“Right pocket,” I said.

She effortlessly reached down in between her legs pulling my phone and my arm out.

“Thanks.” I hung my head in embarrassment, realizing I couldn’t do any simple tasks without help.

“No problem. We’ll be there in about 10 minutes.”

I unlocked my phone and tapped into my messages app. Four unanswered texts from Jackie, the last of which read: You must be sleeping really late.

She was ticked off. My response was better late than never. I began typing.

Hey u, I’m sorry I slept in

My sister kicked my ass last night, every muscle in my body is sore as hell

I’m ok tho

A minute later her response came through.

Are you sure you’re ok?

It sounds like Amanda doesn’t mess around…

I was really proud of how far Jackie had come since our fight in the coffee shop. She exuded concern for my problems, in fact, I was afraid that she was too worried about me.

I’m sure baby

I’m spending the day with a friend, getting out of the house, AWAY from Amanda

Her response was imminent.

What’s your friend’s name?

She didn’t care about my friend’s name. What she really wanted to know was if my friend was female. I hated lying to her, but I didn’t want to cause her unnecessary stress.


He’s a friend from high school

Is he nice?

Yeah, of course!

He’s my friend

How did you guys meet?

She wasn’t going to quit asking me questions any time soon. I scolded myself for not just manning up and telling her the truth. But now I just had to commit to my lie.

On the bus, freshman year of high school

Do u guys like the same sort of things?

Ig u could say that

Both of us liked to play poker

We always had people over to play

Oooooh I like poker too!

We should play a naughty version when u come back ;)

I didn’t even know how to play poker. I wanted to hit myself for being so stupid. I could’ve said anything else. Now my girlfriend was going to utterly embarrass me and expose me as a fraud when we played strip poker.

Can’t wait gorgeous 😍, was all I could think to text back.

“We’re here!” said Audrey suddenly.

“Ok just hold on a sec,” I said as I typed my last message to Jackie.

Her strong hands appeared under my armpits and lifted me out from her legs. She nonchalantly rested me on her lap as she pulled the keys out from the ignition and applied lip balm. She smacked her lips and made kissy faces in the mirror. I tried to focus on anything else, but it was easier said than done. Less than a half hour ago, I was smooshed against those lips. She looked so beautiful as she kissed the air.

“Ok, I’ll help you down to the ground.” She got out from the truck with me hugged close to her. I wouldn’t have been able to squirm out from her grasp no matter how hard I tried. Her arms were like the strait jacket and her body was the padded cell. After she slammed the door shut, she gently returned me to the pavement.

As we made our way onto the boardwalk, she said, “You know I could carry you all day. You’re just so light!”

I laughed to mask my inferiority complex. “I’m well aware, Audrey.”

“How much do you weigh? Just curious.”

“Just over 60 pounds now. I’ve lost almost 40 pounds since I started shrinking.”

“Wow, even when you before you shrunk, I was over double your weight!”

“You’re different than most girls,” I said.

“How so?”

“You talk about your weight openly for one. You also aren’t cruel to me like other people are.”

“First of all, yes. I embrace the fact that I’m heavier and taller than most girls and a lot of guys. I even get off on it a little bit. There’s no sense in feeling shame about who you are. And second of all, I would never be cruel to you!”

“That’s good to hear. I need friends like you.”

We walked at a leisurely pace, the marina not too far in front of us. I always got jealous when I saw all the nice boats sitting in the harbor. Sometimes, nothing would be nicer than an entire ocean to separate me from my problems.

“Man, wouldn’t it be nice to have one of those,” I said, talking about the boats.

“Funny enough, Desmond, that’s why I brought you down here.”

“What? To make me jealous of other people’s boats?”

“No. Well, unless you’re jealous of my dad’s boat.”

I stopped in my tracks and cocked my head over to her. “He has a boat? Out there?”

“Yup, let me show you!”

It was a quaint little boat. It was called Daughter’s Dream.

“You’re the daughter, right?” I asked.

“Yeah, I always wanted my dad to get a boat and for my seventh birthday he finally got this one. He renamed it that.” Her eyes welled up thinking about her father.

I felt awful that in her efforts to cheer me up, she was making herself miserable. She lost her father just a couple of days ago, and she was going on his boat. It couldn’t have been easy.

“Audrey, we don’t have to go on the boat if it’s too much for you. There’s a bunch of other things we can do today that don’t even involve water,” I said.

“I’ll be fine,” she said, still choked up a bit, “Trust me.”

After Audrey climbed onto the deck of her boat, I asked, “Permission to come aboard, Captain Audrey?”

“Permission granted.”

As I started to climb from the pier onto the boat, she robbed me of the opportunity of accomplishing something by myself by lifting me straight onto the deck. And she did it without a second thought. It was becoming normal for people to just carry me around like I was some toddler.

The boat had an enclosed pilot house with a wooden steering wheel. The steps down to the lower cabin were off to the left of the wheel.

Onboard, she led me down into the cabin, ducking and pushing herself through the tight stairwell. It wasn’t easy for her to squeeze her ass through and even got stuck at, which made me desperately want to put my hands on her butt and push her through. Luckily, I resisted the urge. That was, until she actually asked me to do it.


“I said, I need you to push me through. I guess I’ve gotten a tad bit bigger since I was last on this boat.”

“Ok, if you say so.”

Right as I was about to put my hands on her ass, she poked fun at me with a knowing tone.

“Don’t enjoy this too much little guy. I’m only asking you to do this so you can free your captain. Besides, you have a girlfriend.”

I took a deep breath and composed myself. “Understood, captain.”

I stepped down closer to the colossus that stood before me. This time, as I took handfuls of her butt cheeks, I tried to think about Jackie. I tried to think about her body and how amazing she was in her own right. She had a lean figure, yet surprisingly had a lot of junk in her trunk. I tried to convince myself that Audrey was nothing but a distraction. But when I did finally touch my hands to the legendary butt cheeks in front of me, all thoughts of Jackie were gone.

It was one thing to be crushed by her booty on the bus. Touching it with my own two hands and feeling the flesh with my fingers was entirely different. It was so gooey, so soft, yet so strong. I pushed with all my might, and my hands sunk into her ass an inch or so. Her ass flesh rose above my fingers and practically covered them.

It didn’t feel real. It didn’t seem like any human should have an ass big enough that it got stuck in a normal sized hallway. Or an ass so soft and cushy that when you touch it, it feels like a Tempur-pedic mattress. Or an ass so dangerously sexy to the point where it caused my dick to stand straight up immediately upon touching it.

“Are you even pushing?” she asked.

I exhaled deeply, trying to get my arousal under control. This was getting to be way too much for me. Any more pushing and I risked creaming my pants.

“Yes, damn it! I just…I’m just too weak, I think. Let me get on the other side of you, I’ll grab your hands and try to pull you out, maybe that’ll work better.”

“I’ll open my legs, crawl through and hurry up! Believe it or not, this isn’t very comfortable.”

I got down on my hands and knees as she widened her stance. I approached the opening in her legs, and rather than crawling under a person, I felt like I was crawling under a giant statue. It seemed unfathomable that a human woman could be as big as Audrey, but my perspective was obviously more than a bit skewed. Both her legs took up almost two thirds of the stairwell, giving me just enough room to comfortably jam myself through them and out to the other side of her.

I took her hands in mine and pulled with all my might. She simultaneously wiggled her ass harder than she’d ever wiggled it. Suddenly, she began lurching forward. She was free! But I was in for a crushing. Literally.

Audrey fell directly on top of me. For the relatively short time she laid on me, before she jumped up in horror, I realized how big Audrey really was. When my sister sat on me the night before, it hurt, but this? This was excruciating. Her body was so soft, so curvy and so wonderfully sexy. There was just too much of it for a guy my size to withstand its crushing weight. I felt like a bug being halfway squashed by someone’s finger.

When Audrey got off of me, she immediately asked if I was alright. It took me a second to respond because I was nearly knocked unconscious by the force of her entire body collapsing onto me.

I sat up, my vision hazy and my head aching. “That hurt, a lot. But I think I’m ok.”

She stood over me, looking worried, “I’m so sorry, Desmond. I seem to have a habit of accidentally hurting you.”

I bluntly said, “Yes. You do.”

She looked hurt and self-conscious about her hugeness, so I reeled it in a bit.

“Listen, I didn’t mean that,” I said, “It was an accident, just like you said.”

Just then, I felt a wetness in pants. Did I pee myself?

I put a hand down to feel, and my crotch was warm. Not with pee though. In all my anguish, I must’ve failed to notice that I came in my pants. And right then, everything went black.

I woke up lying on the couch below deck. I sat up and immediately noticed that everything seemed a slight bit bigger than before. I instantly knew what had happened. It was routine at this point, but I still had to believe that maybe I was just being paranoid.

“I’m…I’m still the same size, right? Tell me I didn’t shrink, Audrey. Please!”

She looked at me, helpless. She was unable to tell me what I wanted to hear. “I’m sorry, but you did get smaller, Desmond. Not like on the bus though. This time it was only a couple of inches.”

My mind started to think and connect the dots. The last two times I shrunk, I had an orgasm immediately before. This time was no different. I cobbled together a theory in my head.

“I’m freaking the fuck out, Audrey! I don’t know what the hell I’m gonna do!”

“I know you’re scared about shrinking down even further, but—”

“No!” I interrupted, “It’s not that, I mean it is that, but right now, I’m freaking out about something else.”

She shot me a look of confusion. I hesitated at first, not wanting to elaborate. Then I came to the conclusion that she deserved an explanation. She had to watch me shrink in front of her twice before, which had to have been a frightening ordeal. So, I manned up and told her what was on my mind.

“I think I know what is causing me to shrink. But this is serious. And embarrassing. You need to promise me you won’t laugh.”

“I won’t.”

I stood up and said it as plainly as I could. “I just realized, every time I have an orgasm, I shrink.”

“Oh my god! So, on the bus you…?”


“And just now you…?


Her eyes widened in shock as she put her hands over her mouth, gasping. She paced around the cabin, and I watched her.

“Desmond, are you sure? I mean, this sounds like a plot point from a far-fetched, sci-fi movie. This can’t be real!”

“I mean, I’m not 100 percent sure, but it’s the only explanation that makes an ounce of sense to me.”

“Well, I know this is going to sound impossible, especially since you’re a guy, but if you’re right, all you have to do is stop…you know?”

My eyes darted away from her, too embarrassed to even have this conversation with her. I started second guessing myself. Perhaps I shouldn’t have told Audrey what I thought was causing my shrinking.

Then, an even crazier thought struck me. Now that I had figured out what was causing my bouts of shrinking, it seemed extremely odd that Jackie had told me to have “no orgasms” until I was back with her. Did she know something I didn’t? And if she did, was she willing to let me have orgasms when I was back? Questions about how Jackie fit into all of this sent me spiraling. The bottle that held all my emotions shattered, and I started bawling my eyes out. I curled up in a ball on the couch and stained the cushions with my wet tears. Audrey walked over and sat down next to me. She put her hand on my shoulder. “Get it out. Cry it all out, that’s it.”

She consoled me for almost a half an hour, until I regained some sense of myself. It was really when I had no tears left to cry.

“Come on, Desmond, how about we take a ride? Maybe take your mind off things.”

“That’d be nice.”

I made sure that Audrey went up the stairs sideways this time so she wouldn’t get stuck again. The fresh beach air made me feel better instantly.

The engine sputtered for a few seconds, until it roared to life. Audrey made quick work of the knots keeping the boat tethered to the dock, and before I knew it, we were speeding out into the open ocean.

The mist from the splashes coated my face and the salty smell of ocean water filled my nose. It was a delightful smell; it was a smell I’d always loved.

I approached Audrey, who was at the wheel, and saw the classic white captain’s hat sitting in the storage chest.

“Hey why aren’t you wearing the hat? You are running the ship after all.”

She flashed a grin of quiet appreciation, then reached into the chest and pulled it out. Instead of putting it on herself though, she slapped it onto my head. It was too big, the brim covering my eyes. Wasn’t that the story of my life at this point?

“I as captain of this ship, make you Desmond, an honorary captain.”

“Nice, so I get all the prestige with none of the work. I could get used to that. It’s like with shrinking. The people who don’t make fun of me are exceedingly nice to me. I wish I could get all the benefits of shrinking, without actually shrinking.”

“I get that. Getting smaller sucks because you can’t do the things you used to do, but hey, people are blindsided by your cuteness and give you all sorts of attention. That includes me!” She patted my head as she looked out to the horizon.

“I guess I have to take the good with the bad.”

“That’s all you can do, Desmond. Until you find a cure for this, you are what you are. I wish I could offer you some grand advice, but I really don’t have anything.”

I rested my hand on her elbow. A weird place to rest your hand, I know. Trust me, if I were tall enough, my hand would’ve been on her shoulder. “Don’t worry about it, Audrey. All the things you said made me feel a lot better.”

She slowed down the boat, kneeled down and hugged me tight. “Awww, I love you little guy. You always say just the right thing!”

The rest of our boat ride was a fabulous getaway from everything that was bothering me. Just me, a girl and the open ocean. It felt good to be far far away from everything that seemed to be plaguing my life. Audrey even let me steer the boat! She was hunched over behind me, her head resting on my shoulder. She had her hands on my wrists helping me turn the wheel. It inexplicably turned me into a raging horndog. For some reason, it was just so sexy that she even had to help me with such a simple task. My own helplessness turned me on. I was terrified the entire time, knowing the risk if I lost control of my dick again. But I couldn’t bring myself to tell her to stop touching me. If only she knew how much power she truly had over me.

Back on dry land an hour or so later, a ball of dread amassed in the center of my chest. I would soon be back in the clutches of my sister, who would immediately capitalize on my new, shorter height. I never wanted my time with Audrey to end.

As she lifted me off the boat, I said, “I don’t want to go home yet.”

She held me in midair, level with her face. “Neither do I, but my family’s in a tough spot right now. I have to be with them right now.”

“I understand.”

She dropped me off at my house and told me if I needed anything that she was a single text away.

“I appreciate it, Audrey.”

“No problem, I’ll have my phone on.”

“No, I appreciate everything you did today. I was pretty depressed about my condition before I met you, and you’re the only person in my life who’s shown me a good time since I started shrinking. Thanks.”

She put both hands on her chest and made the facial expression that people make when they see an adorable puppy.

“Give me a hug, you little…” she trailed off.

She lifted me off the ground with a rib crushing hug. Her boobs mashed into my face rendering me completely unable to speak.

“Anything you need, I’m here for you,” she said when she finally put me down.

I scampered back into the house trying to avoid my sister. I was glad to have made it home before my mother because she would undoubtedly notice that I had shrunk even further. Remarkably, I made it all the way to my bedroom door with no Amanda sightings. But right as I started to open my door, she came out of her room.

“Where do you think you’re going, pipsqueak? We have a lot to talk about."

Chapter 8 by johnbart37
Author's Notes:

Desmond struggles to explain his shrinking to his mother, and he finds an unexpected ally in Amanda.

Chapter 8:

Amanda pulled me into her room. I was so damn close, I told myself. So damn close. If I had just been a second or two earlier, perhaps I would’ve made it into my room. Or perhaps, my insane sister was waiting for me and there was nothing I could do either way.

“What do you want to talk about Amanda?”

“About you getting the hell out of this house and going back to college.”

I never thought I’d hear her say that she wanted me to leave. I was under the impression that she reveled in her torture of me.

“Yeesh, Amanda! I’ve been back for like three days and you want me gone? Besides I thought you enjoying making fun of me.”

“Exactly! I love…making…fun…of you.” She bent down further with each pause in her sentence, emphasizing just how much taller she was. “Holy crap, wait a second! Did you shrink again?”

I sighed. “Yeah. On Audrey’s boat.”

Amanda grinned wide, showing all her pearly whites. Her smiles weren’t contagious. At least for me anyway. Whenever she smiled at me, it likely meant she had dreamt up a new scheme to torment me.

“You know what I’m gonna say don’t you, tiny?” she asked.


“Come on!” With a spring in her step, she grabbed my hand and led me into my room where my previous height marking was. I was 4’2” then. It was time to see the damage.

Giddier than I’d ever seen anyone, Amanda uncapped the pink magic marker she’d used the last time she measured me. I just waited with my back against the height chart. I could already tell that I’d shrunk several inches.

She pushed my head down, forcing me to stand flatfooted, while she marked the chart. Her eyes widened and my heart plummeted.

“Take a look,” she said.

I turned around and saw. I was four feet tall. I had lost an entire foot, and I had no idea where that foot was, if it would ever come back, or if I would lose another. I just kept staring at the pink mark. I was in shock.

“I know it might seem hard to believe, lil’ bro, but I do feel bad for you,” Amanda said.

I tore my focus from the pink mark and looked at my sister who was kneeling behind me. She was still a few inches taller than me.

“Yes, it is hard to believe.”

“You’re shrinking, you have girl problems, you must be falling at least somewhat behind in your schoolwork. This first week of college hasn’t been easy on ya’.”

She may have been able to objectively restate the facts of my situation, but she clearly didn’t understand what I was going through.

“Ok, whatever. But I still don’t get why you want me to go back to school,” I said.

“I want you to go back because you will definitely shrink more! And when you come back for Thanksgiving break and winter break, you’ll be even more fun to play with! Besides, you want to go back too, don’t you?”

She saw me as a toy and nothing more. Her faux sympathy was exposed when she joyously looked forward to when I inevitably got smaller. But I couldn’t help but agree with her in this moment. I did want to go back to school, and it didn’t matter what her motives were. If she truly wanted to help me get back, I was all ears.

“Yeah. I want to see Jackie,” I said.

“Right, you see? We want the same thing: for you to back to school. And I have a plan on how to do that.”

I was genuinely surprised. Amanda, my sister, was actually trying to be helpful. It was practically unheard of.

“Really? My sister is offering me something other than pain and insults. I’m listening.”

She rose to her feet and jerked my chin up to meet her eyes. Up close, I could see the height difference. I was level with her navel, and she wasn’t even wearing heels anymore.

“Watch the tone lil’ bro. Watch it.” She had taken to calling me lil’ bro, and I had stopped correcting her. It was futile. And besides, she had a point. I was quite little compared to her. Compared to everyone really.

“Ok, my bad,” I said as she let go of me, “What’s your idea?”

“Exaggerate things a little. Text or facetime your girl Audrey, and tell her that I’m tormenting you, and it’s too much for you to handle. Make her take pity on your ass and get her to take you back to D.C.”

“First of all, I don’t really have to exaggerate about you. Second of all, I can’t lie to Audrey. That’s the end of it. I’ll figure something else out.”

“Fine, but when you finally realize that Mom is never going to let you leave, I think you’ll come around to my way of doing things,” Amanda said.

“I guess I’ll think about it. I have some homework, we’ll talk later?”

“Politely kicking me out of your room, eh?” She bowed down to get level with my head. I was afraid I was in for another brush with death, courtesy of Amanda.

But she surprised me yet again, and without a word, left my room. She was usually so transparent, but she was sending me mixed messages. Oddly enough, her not beating me up in that moment frightened me more. I had no idea what was going on in her head, and that was scarier than anything she could do to me with her fists or her gigantic ass.

Trying to get this out of my head, I sat down at my desk in my room. The loss of another two inches forced me to boost my chair up to the max. Soon, I would be strapping books to my seat just to see over my desk.

“I wonder what you’re doing right now, Jackie,” I said to myself.

I found myself thinking about Jackie a lot lately, and especially when I wasn’t in the company of Audrey who was making me feel like the only man on earth, or my sister who was squashing me into oblivion. And sometimes I would think about her even when I was at my happiest with Audrey and my lowest with Amanda. She dominated my waking moments and my dreams. And it wasn’t just because of her physical beauty, although that was certainly part of it. It was how she gently teased me which drove me crazy with adoration for her. It was how she promised to take care of me when I got back to school that made me want to kiss every inch of her body. It was how she asked me if I was ok every single morning that made me so desperately want to come back to her.

It all seemed clear now. With Audrey out of sight, it was clear. Jackie was my girl, and when I got back to school, I was going to tell her that.

It wasn’t an easy decision to make, especially after meeting Audrey and coming to realize how amazing she was. But it was a decision that had to be made, nonetheless.

“Jackie. You are the only girl for me,” I mumbled.

Even though the only thing I wanted to do was fantasize about Jackie, I knew I had to get some work done if I had any hopes of remaining in college. I broke out the books and got to studying.

Several hours later, my streak of perfectionism was broken by a text notification. I immediately dropped my pen to see who it was.

Audrey. She wanted to know how I was doing.

I nearly wrote, I’m doing fine. But then I thought back to my sister’s plan. All I had to do was embellish my situation and leave out a few irrelevant details. If I told her my sister’s treatment was getting to be unbearable (which it quite nearly was) and if I left out the fact that Amanda was the one who came up with the idea to lie in the first place, I would be back at school in no time. This was likely my only hope of ever returning to Georgetown.

So instead of telling her the truth, I began spinning a narrative. I told her that my sister had just got done sitting on me and spanking me. I told her I was bruised and hurting. I even told her I cried a bit.

At the end of it, I wrote: Audrey, please take me back with you to D.C. I can’t take being in this house anymore. It’s fucking unbearable

A minute later, she told me that “she would love to” and that “it would be like a road trip”. I didn’t like the feeling in my gut. It was like there was something alive in there clawing at my stomach lining. I did my best to ignore it.

Then she asked: Are your parents ok with this?

Without thinking for another second, I told her “yes”. The clawing only got worse. Just then, a knock came on my bedroom door.

“Dinner’s ready!” Mom said.

“Coming in a minute!”


“Alright, alright!” I shouted back.

I hopped off my desk chair, phone in hand, reading her latest message.

I’m leaving tomorrow, I can swing by around 3 to pick u up. Is that ok?

Yeah, I replied before I set my phone down on my bed and opened my door. I was greeted by my mother, looking quite imposing as she glared down at me, clearly not happy.

“When I say, ‘dinner’s ready’, you come. Ok?”

“Yeah,” I hung my head.

“Are you alright, sweetie? You seem blah.”

“I’m fine, Mom. Really,” I said, trying to get her off my back.

“Oh no! You didn’t shrink again, did you?” she gasped.

I couldn’t lie to her. So, I just said, “A little.”

She got down on her knees and had a grave look on her face. “By how much, Desmond?”

“Two inches,” I said as nonchalantly as I could.

“Honey don’t downplay this. This is serious!”

“I know, I know—”

“We’ll talk about this over dinner,” she said as she turned away to go down the stairs.

I ran up behind her, finding it surprisingly difficult to catch up with her brisk pace, and tapped her back. She flipped back around to see what I wanted.

“Could we maybe, talk about this later? Just you and me?”

“Amanda has a role in this too, Desmond. When I or your father isn’t around, she’s going to need to keep an eye on you. I understand that you don’t like it, but that’s just the way things are gonna be.”

She put her back to me once more and beckoned me to follow her to dinner.

Amanda was already at the table serving herself chicken and rice.

“What did I tell you about waiting until everyone’s at the table, and serving other people first?” Mom scolded her.

“I’m sorry, you guys were just taking a really long time up there. I’m a growing girl, you know that, Mom.”

My mom knew full well that my sister saying she was a “growing girl”, was her subtle way of teasing me.

“Stop tormenting your brother, Amanda. Not everyone in this house is shooting up like a weed,” she said as she stood next to me, utterly dwarfing me. And to make matters worse, she ruffled my hair like I was a little boy.

I simply walked past my mother and sat down at my place setting, hoping this meal wouldn’t be too arduous.

Pretending to be a nice, dutiful daughter and sister, Amanda served us all our food. My mother was first and then me. I held my plate out, and she scooped some rice in. One spoonful, two spoonfuls, and so on.

“That’s enough, Amanda.”

“That’s all? Really? Look at how much I have on my plate. You should really eat some more. Keep your strength up.” She smirked at me.

My mother was too busy looking down at her phone to notice my sister had gone right back to teasing me. “Your sister is right,” she said absentmindedly, “Take more food.”

From then on, I took the portions Amanda assigned to me without complaint. She was grinning so hard I thought she was going to burst out laughing any second. But she was keeping it under wraps.

I hate you, I mouthed to her.

She shot me a stern look, and that was enough to make me swallow my petty little idea of resistance.

Once we dug into our food, my mom told us both that we have to talk about what we’re going to do about me and my shrinking. I groaned a little bit too loudly, and Mom got all indignant.

“Is there something you’d like to say, Desmond? Because I’m trying to make sure you get all the attention you need. You have no idea. Your shrinking doesn’t just affect you. It affects all of us. And I’m not blaming you. I can’t imagine what you’re going through, but you need to realize that we’re all just trying to help you.”

I wanted to say that Amanda wasn’t helping me. She was driving me away with her constant torture. And the only reason I held my tongue was because Amanda was actually helping me leave, and I was convinced that if I ratted her out, she would tell Mom. She was a sly little bitch.

All I said back to my mom was, “I’m sorry.” It was all I could say. And I genuinely was sorry for what I planning to do tomorrow, but I felt like I had to do it.

Mom looked at both of us and gently nodded.

“Ok, if everybody’s done with their little outbursts, I’ll just come right out and say it. Desmond, I want you to stay home until after Thanksgiving. If your condition improves or stays the same by then, I will consider letting you go back to college. I just can’t have you going so far away when you’re sick like this.”

I wanted to just agree with my mother and be done with it. After all, I knew I was going to be gone by tomorrow anyway. But I couldn’t help it. She didn’t understand that in the short time I was at school, I had built a life. I had a girlfriend that I was quickly having strong feelings for, a few friends I genuinely enjoyed spending time with. She had no qualms about ripping that all away from me.

“Mom! You can’t do that to me! I’m- I just fucking started!”

“Language!” she yelled.

“I’m sorry, I just—Mom, I have a girlfriend who I miss. I have friends. I have schoolwork and classes that I’m missing every day. Can’t I seek treatment down in D.C.?”

“You’ve spent a week there, Desmond. What’s more important is that we get you back on your feet here and send you back when you’re ready. Besides you started shrinking at Georgetown, do you really want to go back and risk getting even smaller?”

Without hesitation, I fired back. “Mom, I got smaller today. I got smaller on the bus home. Whatever infected me at school, it’s already infected me. It’s not going to make a difference if I go back.”

“You don’t know that!” she raised her voice, “You don’t know a goddamned thing! Going back there could accelerate this illness. It could make it even worse! Why risk it?”

She was right. But I couldn’t see it. Jackie was all that mattered.

“Because I want to. I want to go back to school and try to live a normal life and forget about this.”

“Forget? No, no. You don’t just get to forget about this. You seem to have no desire to get better, and that really worries me. This girl that you want to go back to—”

“Her name…is Jackie,” I jumped in.

“You’ve known her for seven days, and she’s already proven to be a little clingy. That is the last thing you need right now. You need genuinely supportive people who are going to get you through this. Not people you barely even know, eight hours away from home.”

“She’s my girlfriend, Mom! She wants to take care of me because she cares about me. I’m growing up, and if you can’t see that, then that’s your problem.” I stood up from my chair and started to walk toward the stairs.

“We are not done. Sit your ass back down, or you’re gonna have worse problems than missing your little girlfriend.”

I sat back in my seat, holding back my rage.

My mother composed herself and resumed speaking. “Desmond, I know you think I don’t care about your life at college, but here’s the deal. You have a serious disease, and until you get better, I will stop at nothing to fix this. I can’t do that if you’re 300 miles away. You might not like it, but you’re staying here.”

“You can’t force me.”

“Oh yes. Yes, I can.”

“I’m 18. I’m an adult. I have the right to leave.”

She rolled her eyes. “It takes a lot more to be an adult than just being 18. Can you pay for college yourself? I don’t think so. As long as I’m paying for you, you’re still subject to my rules.”

I said nothing, hoping to god that this was almost over. I just wanted to go back up to my room and zone out.

“Now,” my mom moved on, “I’m going to stay home for the next week and take you to some more doctors and see what’s going on with you.”

Crap, if she’s staying home, then I’m not going to be able to leave tomorrow, I thought. But I played it cool for the time being.

I simply waited for dinner to wind down, helped clean up, and when Amanda went upstairs, I followed her. Right as she was about to go into her room, I stopped her.

“Hey, I did your plan, and now I’m fucked!” I hissed at her.

She looked confused, so I explained further. “I texted Audrey. She is coming here to pick me up at 3 tomorrow, and Mom’s going to be home. I’m screwed, and it’s all thanks to you.”

Amanda took no time to crack up laughing. She always found a way to humor herself with my plight.

“You’re blaming me? Seriously? I might’ve come up with the idea, but you actually did it. You lied to your fat little bus tramp.”

I completely ignored her disgusting comment and tried to come up with a solution. “Ok you’re right, whatever, it’s my fault. Help me fix this. How about I come down with something tomorrow, and you take Mom out to the movies at around 2? I conveniently won’t be able to come, and while the two of you are gone, I’ll leave.”

Amanda agreed to take Mom to the movies, and the next day, she did just that. I came down with a headache that precluded me from going, and Audrey showed up right on time. She helped me throw all my crap into her pickup truck. She even brought a booster seat for me.

“Ready to hit the road?” asked Audrey.

“Hell yes!”

“Is your mom or dad home? Don’t they want to say goodbye to you?”

“My dad is on a business trip, so I haven’t even seen him once since I’ve been back. And my mom is out running a few errands. We said our goodbyes before.”

“Ok then, off to Washington!”

She cranked some tunes and punched it. Before I knew it, we were saying goodbye to Gloucester and hello to the open road. I put my phone on silent and tried to ignore the nagging guilt I was feeling, knowing my mother would have a meltdown when she realized I was actually gone, and I’d lied to her. The only thing that could comfort me now was thinking about Jackie. I texted her saying, I’m on my way back. I’m coming back to u tonight.

I let out a big sigh of relief. I couldn’t wait to be back.

Chapter 9 by johnbart37
Author's Notes:

Desmond is on the road back to Georgetown with Audrey, where he has some daydreams of himself micro sized (1-3in). When he gets back to campus, he is treated to a sexy surprise back at his dorm.

Chapter 9:

It was a long drive. But it didn’t feel long with Audrey. We talked the whole way, about guys in her classes she thought were cute, about her wacky professors, about her dorm friends. I told her about my falling out with Maggie.

“She’s one of my only good friends so far. I’m afraid that I might’ve ruined it with her.”

She put her hand on my shoulder, rubbing it soothingly. “You’ve got me. And you’ve got all semester to make new friends. You just gotta put yourself out there.”

I scoffed. “Yeah, you say that like it’s so easy.”

“You’ve still got Jackie,” she removed her hand from me, “And I’m sure she has friends.”

“Sure, she’s got friends. Friends who all make me want to piss myself they’re so damn tall. Three of them confronted me outside my dorm last week, basically ordering me to go to this volleyball party. I left to go home before I could make it, and they’re gonna have my ass for it.”

She laughed, shaking the whole truck. I marveled at just how much of an effect she had on the environment around her.

“What’s so funny?” I asked indignantly.

“I dunno! It’s a little funny that a group of girls almost made you pee your pants!”

I flashed red with embarrassment and rushed in to defend myself. “It was a figure of speech, Audrey!”

She simply stared ahead at the road and several seconds later, she was bellowing with laughter again. Deep down, I knew it wasn’t a figure of speech. I really was scared of those girls, and now they’d look even taller since I’d shrunk so much since I’d last seen them. Vicky was the most frightening of the three, though Faith rivaled her since she was the sexiest. And now that I knew that any release of sperm caused me to shrink, anything that was remotely sexy scared me. Right now, Audrey was chief among them. Throughout the ride, I tried to just stare straight ahead and not look at her.

It started with one glance. I justified it by telling myself I was checking on her. I did the ol’ stretch and look more times than I could count. I pretended to look out her window, when I was actually stealing glances at the mounds of flesh struggling to burst out of her green, off-the-shoulder blouse. Her chest bulged out almost far enough to press into the steering wheel. All she had to do beep the horn was lean forward a few inches. And apparently that’s what she did because when someone cut her off in traffic, I happened to be looking straight at her tits. She slammed them right into the horn and held them there until she was done screaming at the ‘bastard’ who swerved in front of her. I couldn’t help it but imagine myself as an inch tall, stuck to her steering wheel and getting crushed by her boobs. With my incredibly lucid daydream, (which I seemed to be having more lately) I nearly came in my pants, but somehow, I managed to calm myself down.

Hour 3 or 4 into the trip, we stopped for a bite to eat. There was a convenience store and four or five fast food places. I wish I could’ve watched how I looked walking in with Audrey. So, I guessed how it would’ve looked to an onlooker who gawked at us.

The man was seated at a table by himself, studying his newspaper. Until he saw something more intriguing than political gridlock, an overseas war, or a natural disaster. A beautiful girl. Audrey, of course. I watched his eyes climb ever so slightly over the top of the paper. He was peeking at her just like I was in the car. Only he didn’t have the luxury of spending an entire eight hours with her like I did.

After several seconds of him timidly hiding behind his paper, he finally put it down, seemingly not caring if she caught him staring at her. Wanting to see more of this incredibly proportioned woman, his eyes wandered downward. When people looked downward nowadays, that’s when they saw me, and he definitely saw me. At first, he appeared disappointed, like the girl he was ogling had her little brother with her. But when we got closer and he saw the stubble on my face and the rest of my undoubtedly masculine traits, his eyes nearly popped out of his head. It was as if he understood that I was a full-grown man but couldn’t understand why I was so small. Audrey seemed to be entirely oblivious to this, walking right past the man as he rubbernecked.

For once, I felt like I had the luck of the draw. I was shrinking, sure. But the newspaper guy wasn’t at the hip of a woman whose ass could cause an earthquake. He wasn’t going home to a girlfriend or a loving wife (well, I didn’t know that for sure, but based on the resentful expression he had, after Audrey and I passed him, I was pretty damn sure).

But then I realized, maybe it wasn’t luck of the draw. Maybe Audrey and other women were giving me so much attention (positive and negative) because I was so small. This thought kept rolling around in my head, and when she and I were finally seated at a table eating Popeyes, (She was eating Popeyes, I wasn’t hungry) I asked her about it.

“Hey, remember on the bus, how we started talking,” I began.

“Yes?” She was confused, not quite sure what I was getting at.

“You eavesdropped on my conversation with my mom about me shrinking.”

“Well, yes. Are you mad about that? Do you want an apology?” She asked facetiously.

I paused and thought over what I was going to say next very carefully. The last thing I wanted to do was say something wrong.

“Ok, so if you hadn’t known that I was shrinking, would we have ever talked and become friends?”

She stopped shoving her chicken sandwich in her mouth and a pensive look came over her. She put her finger to her chin and said, “I don’t know, Desmond. I mean, I remember getting on that bus vowing not to talk to anyone. I was so hurt and sad about my dad. Still am really. But it’s gonna sound weird, and don’t take this the wrong way but, when I heard you were shrinking, it put things in perspective for me. It made me realize that I wasn’t the only person in the world with problems. And it made me forget about mine for a little while too.”

I was stunned. I had thought the exact same thing when she told me her dad died, but I realized that saying that would be too abrasive, so I instead said, “Yeah, when you told me about your dad, I felt the same way you did. Exactly the same way.”

She picked up her sandwich and gnawed at it. With her mouth full she said, “It’s so weird when you and another person are on the exact same wavelength and you have no idea.”

“Yeah.” I put my hand on my chin and watched her eat the rest of her sandwich without even a twinge of hunger. Shrinking really did a number on my appetite. The old me wouldn’t have been able to watch Audrey eat that sandwich so voraciously and not even get a little hungry. The new me watched her eat the sandwich with awe. She was so careless about how she appeared as she munched on her food. Most girls I knew throughout high school were incredibly image conscious, and when they ate, they diligently preserved that image. After each bite they would daintily dab the corners of their mouth. They would never dream of talking with their mouth full. They were downright puritanical. Audrey, on the other hand, went to town on her sandwich without a care in the world who saw her, and for some reason, it turned me on.

I imagined that I had shrunk so small that I could fit in between the bread. I looked up at her, squirming desperately to get free. I shouted, Audrey, Audrey! I’m in your sandwich! Look down! For the love of god, don’t eat me! But it was hopeless. She couldn’t hear my mousy little voice, and with each bite, I came closer and closer to my ultimate fate. Being swallowed by the biggest girl in the world. She chomped closer and closer to the end of the sandwich, like how the fuse of a stick of dynamite slowly gets shorter as it burns. But instead of going BOOM, I would instead tumble down into her stomach where I would be digested and passed through her system like the rest of her meals. I was nothing more than a topping.

She eventually got down to the last bite and she turned it up towards the ceiling so now I was staring right at her. She stared straight through me, not noticing a thing, and threw the last piece of her sandwich into her mouth with me in it. With the force of her tossing the rest of her sandwich, I was thrown free and landed right on her tongue. I watched her teeth chomp the chicken and the bread into an unrecognizable goop. The goop didn’t stay in its place for long though because once it was sufficiently soft and swallowable, Audrey let it come down into her throat. I tried to dive out of the way, perhaps hide under her tongue, but I failed, and a wave of chewed food pushed me into her dark esophagus.

I finally snapped out of my daydream. I realized I was getting off to this, which scared me. I had never had sexual fantasies like this before. It was only after the shrinking process began. Then I felt wetness in my pants. It was slight, but it was there. I silently panicked, not knowing what to do. I didn’t want to pass out and shrink in such a public place, but how would I even tell Audrey without letting her know that I’d creamed my pants while watching her eat a sandwich.

I had to improvise.

“Hey Audrey, can we head back to the car? I don’t want to get back too late.”

“I’ll be done with my sandwich in a second.”

“Can you maybe…eat it on the way back to the car?”

“What’s the big hurry, dude?”

I put my hand to my forehead, knowing I was going to regret what I said next. But it was a hell of lot more palatable than the actual truth.

“I didn’t want to tell you but,” I leaned forward and continued in a hushed voice, “Jackie sent me some nudes just now and it got me a little excited. A little too excited. I don’t want to shrink in this rest stop, Audrey. Come on!”

Her face switched on a dime. She didn’t even seem fazed by the fact that I was apparently looking at nudes of another girl while we were sitting in a public place. All I saw in her expression was concern and worry.

“Ok,” she said, “Let’s get to the car.”

She carried me straight out of the place, and I didn’t protest at all. I didn’t want to pass out onto the floor. Apparently, she had the same concern.

She flung open the door to her truck with me on her hip, and then strapped me into my car seat. She cutely half-ran around the front and plopped her ass into the driver’s seat, making the suspension of the truck dip down. She looked over at me as I stared straight ahead, awaiting the inevitable.

“Desmond, I’m so sorry. I just wish I could do something more than just…watch.”

“Me too, Audrey. Me too.”

“Do you want me to drive? Or do you want to wait?”

“There’s no sense in waiting. Just go ahead. I’m kinda tired anyway. I think I’ll just take a nap.”

“Ok, let me know if you need anything.”

“Yeah,” I said, closing my eyes.

I awoke to Audrey shaking me. Still in the car seat, I looked up at her. She had the passenger door open and was leaning over me, gentling nudging me into consciousness.

“Hey, sleepy head. We’re back at Darnall Hall. Let’s get you back up to your room.”

“Did I, um, get smaller,” I said, only half-awake.

“Unfortunately, yes. Probably a few inches.”

Still somewhat out of it, I mumbled about shrinking as she unstrapped me from my car seat. She already had my bags on her shoulder. Even in my dazed state, I was impressed with how strong and utterly virile she was.

It would’ve been pitch black if not for the lampposts outside my building. I guessed it was around 11:30 or midnight. When she got to the door, she asked for my ID card. I fished in my pocket, and slid my fingers into my wallet to pull out my ID. She swiped into the building and swiped into the elevator to carry me back to my room.

“What room number are you again?”

“3113,” I slurred. I reached into my pocket again and pulled out my room key. I handed it to Audrey without a thought. I heard her jam the key into the hole and turn it and pull out it. Determined to transition seamlessly from Audrey’s arms into bed, I kept my eyes closed and nuzzled my head into her squishy chest. If I wasn’t completely exhausted, my dick probably would’ve been twitching to attention.

“Surprise!” someone shouted as the lights switched on.

It was Jackie. My head immediately snapped up from Audrey’s breasts.

She was wearing a short polyester black dress. The dress fell from skinny shoulder straps, with a wide V, exposing a great deal of her creamy vanilla chest. Her breasts were smashed together by the tight fabric making for a sight that woke me right the hell up.

“Jackie?” I was almost as surprised as Audrey that she was here in my room.

“Yeah! Did you forget about me already?” she joked.

I was happy to see her, but at the same time, I really could’ve waited until tomorrow to see her. All I wanted was to crawl into bed and sleep until noon the next day. I now knew that wasn’t going to happen.

“Who’s this?” Jackie asked.

Audrey put me down to the ground and I explained that I met her on the bus and that she protected me from my sister. I made it clear that we were good friends. Friends.

“Oh my god, you got…a lot smaller,” Jackie said.

She sauntered over to me with her arms outstretched, her brilliant blue eyes saying ‘Poor baby, you shrunk again? Come to Mommy…’.

She bent down gracefully to accommodate for my shortness and pulled me into her womanly aura. She rested my face gently against top of her pillow-soft boobs. God, I wanted to bury my nose in her cavernous cleavage, but luckily, I still had some self-control. I did audibly sniff her which made her giggle. She smelled like strawberry shortcake, a childhood favorite of mine. Just her aroma was enough to make my heart melt.

She released me, cutting our hug shorter than I would’ve liked. I turned back around to Audrey and stood side by side with Jackie.

“You guys are really cute together!” Audrey said with her hands on her hips.

She beamed, effusing glee. “Thanks! You know, it’s really self-assuring to hear someone say that, since we’re so…asymmetrical. Not that I care or anything, but it is nice to hear that we’re ‘cute’!”

“I mean, now that Desmond is under four-feet, he’s just as cute as a button!” Audrey said as she bent down and stroked my chin.

I felt Jackie’s hand journey down to my back, grab a fistful of my shirt, and ever so slightly yank me back away from the wandering touch of Audrey.

“I know right!” she said, “He’s so adorable at this size! When I get him back to Volleyball House, I’m gonna measure him.”

“Oooh, you’re on the volleyball team?! You must be the star player at that height!” She stood back up to her full height. I could tell she was a more than a little bit intimidated by Jackie’s extraordinary height because she was standing straight as an arrow.

“Yeah, I played in high school. And like that,” she snapped her fingers, “I was getting calls from Georgetown to come play for them. Full ride! Everything paid for!”

I watched Audrey staring up at Jackie as she bragged about herself, trying not to look bitter. The slight squint in her eyes betrayed her true feelings.

“So, where do you go to school?”

“I’m over at GW University. I’m studying microbiology, not on full scholarship but close. Still gotta pay my room and board.”

“That’s really nice! You know, sometimes I wished I could just focus on my studies without worrying about my team. It would be a lot less pressure.”

She was really good at making herself appear put upon, even though in reality, she had it made. She was on a great volleyball team, she didn’t have to pay a dime for her education, and she had me for a boyfriend (had to compliment myself somewhere in there). Additionally, I hadn’t yet seen how she interacted with her teammates, but her subtle ability to dominate social interactions wasn’t lost on me. If I had to guess, by the time she was a junior or senior, she would become captain of the team. In fact, I couldn’t imagine a future in which she wasn’t captain at some point.

The conversation between the two girls began to wind down. When a long silence persisted, Audrey broke it by saying, “Desmond slept in the car for like three hours, so maybe we should just let him go to bed.”

Jackie didn’t take kindly to another woman making suggestions about me. That was her job.

“How about,” she cocked her head to the left while giving a fake smile, “We let Desmond decide what he wants to do.”

Audrey simply replied, “Ok.”

Jackie clearly wanted a bigger response from her, but it didn’t throw her off her game. She kneeled down and turned her attention to me. Her pure blonde hair fell from behind her shoulders to frame her face. I wanted so bad to run my hands through her golden locks, play with them, curl them around in my fingers, and watch them straighten when I let go of them. 

For the third time that day, I was transported into a hyper-realistic reverie. I was swinging through Jackie’s hair just how Tarzan swings on vines. In this alternate reality, I was an aficionado at flinging myself through huge masses of hair. Not once did I mess up, always measuring the distance between each jump perfectly. However, there was nothing I could do about Jackie moving her head. She slightly shifted left, but for me, at my tiny size, this shift was everything. It meant there was nothing separating me from the hard, tiled floor. I would soon be a blood spot on the floor. I screamed at Jackie to catch me before I went splat, but my screams fell on deaf ears. Right before I landed, I snapped out of it.

“Desmond, earth to Desmond?” I heard Jackie saying.

“Yes, yes. Sorry. I’m listening.”

“So, do you want to stay here, without me, your girlfriend? Or do you want to come stay with me, your girlfriend, at Volleyball House?”

I wanted to move in with Jackie. It’d been something we talked about while I was away. But did I want to move in right that second? I wanted to fall into bed right now. Not get in another car. But I already did what I wanted. I went home against her wishes, so it seemed fair do just go with what she wanted. Besides, I wasn’t convinced I had much of a choice anyway.

“I’ll come to stay with you,” I said.

She stood up, in triumph, staking her territory and letting Audrey know she was my boss. Then, she and Jackie had a conversation far above my head that was meaningless to me. Two goddesses discussed my future high in the clouds as I obsessively gaped at my goddess.

I was level with Jackie’s bouncing hips and I just watched in wonder. Last time I saw her, I was at least the height of her stomach. Now, I was right on line with her pussy. I thought about the inevitable fun times ahead.

Audrey tapped my shoulder from behind. Apparently, their conversation was over.

“Ok, Desmond. I’m heading back to GW. I’ll see you soon, ok?”

“Yeah, of course! Thanks for getting me back here, I couldn’t have done it without you. Do you want me to walk you out?”

I could see that Audrey was about to shake her head and say no, but before she could refuse me, Jackie cut her off.

“You don’t need to walk her out, Dessy. She’ll be fine.”

Dessy? Is that my new pet name?

Audrey snickered as she opened the door to leave. “Catch ya later, Dessy.”

When she closed the door, Jackie went after her.

I asked, “Where are you going?”

“I just need to talk to her a minute.”

I put my ear to the door to try to listen to what they were saying. Lucky for me they were still close enough for me to hear.

Jackie said, “Listen, I’m sorry if I came off as a bitch before. I just really care about Desmond, and he seems to like you.”

“I assure you,” Audrey said, “You have nothing to worry about with me and him. He’s your boyfriend, and I respect that.”

“Ok, that’s good to hear. By the way, I really appreciate you driving him up here. His mother wanted to keep him home until he got better, and he told me he was going to get back any way he could.”

“What are you talking about? He said his mother was ok with me driving him back.”

There was a deafening pause. Jackie knew she’d messed up.

“That doesn’t sound like her,” she said.

I heard footsteps coming back to the door, but they came entirely too quickly for me to react. The door burst open with me directly behind it, and I was slammed back into the wall.

“Desmond!” Audrey shouted, “Where are you?!”

“Back here,” I croaked.

She found me behind the door and sat down in front of me. Even sitting, she was close to my height. The worried look she often had on her face was replaced with a pained look.

“Did you lie to me about your mom?”

“I can explain, ok. My sister—”

“I don’t want to hear about your sister! Was your mom cool with letting me drive you back to school, or not?”

I sighed and shook my head no. She looked at me with narrowed lips. She was totally disappointed with me, and it was crushing to my soul.

“Unbelievable, you’re just unbelievable. I’m going!”

“Audrey wait! I’m really sorry, ok? I…” my voice trailed off. She was already at the elevators, and Jackie swooped in to stop me from going after her. Besides, I didn’t really know what to say anyway. I lied and it was wrong. There was no excuse for what I did.

Jackie sat next to me on the tiled floor. She hugged me close and apologized for her brutal faux pas.

“I’m sorry, I let the cat out of the bag. I didn’t know. I’m really sorry Desmond,” said Jackie.

“You’re not disappointed in me for lying?”

“Of course not! I’m just glad you’re back. All that matters is that we’re together.”

“But I flat-out lied to her. I keep pushing people away. Maggie, my mom, Audrey. I almost pushed you away in that coffee shop. I’m afraid that I’m going to lose everyone. I need friends, I need my mom, I need you.”

“You won’t lose me, Desmond. And about your friends and your mom, you just need to sit down and talk with them when things cool down. You haven’t lost anyone.”

My efforts at remaining stoic failed, and my emotional dam began to crack. A lump began to form in my throat.

“Jackie, I’m so scared. I’m shrinking more by the day. My mom is gonna kill me. I’m drowning in overdue homework. I can’t handle it. I can’t!”

She cradled me in her arms, planting small kisses on my forehead and my cheeks. “Poor baby. We’re gonna get through this. You just have to trust me.”

I blubbered and wet her chest with my tears as she gathered my things. “It’s ok, Dessy. Let’s get you out of this drab room. You’ll like living in my house better.”

In a flash, I was back outside my building. Audrey was already gone, but Jackie’s Jeep was there waiting to ferry me back to my new home. As she loaded my things into the trunk, I checked my phone for the first time since I got back. My mom had texted me, and she wasn’t happy.

I know that you went back to Georgetown.

I dragged it out of your sister Desmond

I don’t know what you thought you were going to accomplish by doing this, but I’m coming back to get you.

I am so disappointed in you.

I tapped her butt to get her attention, since I couldn’t really reach much higher anyway. I figured she wouldn’t mind much.

“Jackie, my mom. She’s driving down all the way from Gloucester. She’s going to kill the two of us. What the hell am I going to do?”

She ushered me into the car and effortlessly hoisted me into my seat. “Nothing. You’re not going to do anything. You’re going to stay with me, and you’ll let me do the talking. And don’t think I didn’t notice you copping a feel.”

Before I could say anything else, she shot me a wry smile, shut my door and walked around to the driver’s side. When she sat down, I spoke up.

“You don’t know my mom. I should talk to her. I have a feeling that if you talk to her, the situation is only going to blow up, ok? I don’t think she has warm and fuzzy feelings about you. She views you as the person who stole away her son.”

She sighed and turned the key in the ignition. “You’re just gonna have to trust me on this one, Des. I want to insulate you from all this. Protect you.”

“From my own mother?!”

“Yes! Do you really think that if she sees you and you provoke her that she won’t just drag you screaming back to New England?”

I thought about it for a second. Was it possible that my own mother would kidnap me and bring me home against my will? I wasn’t sure.

“I don’t know, Jackie. But she’s my mother. I should at least have the opportunity to explain myself to her.”

“And if all that explaining does is get you sent back to Gloucester, then what? Are you going to just talk your way out of it? Because up to now, that hasn’t worked very well, has it?”

She raised a good point. Now that I was over a foot shorter, people didn’t seem to take me seriously anymore (not that I was super tall to begin with). My mom included. How could I expect things to change by talking to her this time? I already talked and argued with her about going back to school, and her mind didn’t change.

“No, it hasn’t,” I agreed with her.

“Exactly. You see my point, right?”

“I do. But—”

“No more talking,” she put her long, pale finger up to my mouth to shush me, “I promise you that I have this handled. Whatever happens, we’ll get through it. So, do you trust me?”

Without hesitation, I responded, “I do.”

“Good. Now, I feel like it probably isn’t safe for you to be sitting here without a car seat.”

I wasn’t really done talking about my mother, but apparently, she was. When she changed the subject to car safety, I thought back to how I sat wedged between Audrey’s monstrous pair of thighs. Of course, I didn’t mention that to her.

“I can—um—sit between your legs, maybe?”

Feeling bold, I stretched over to touch her hand resting on the gear shift. I rubbed it, feeling her fabulously smooth skin. It was more like touching velvet than anything else. She responded by flipping her hand and interlocking her fingers with mine. Her smile shone through the darkness of nighttime and made me forget about everything ailing me. She squeezed my hand with a tender warmth. And I knew what it meant.

I climbed over the console separating the two seats and sat down in my girlfriend’s lap. I was so short now that even sitting on top of her, my head didn’t clear the window.

I loved how Jackie’s thighs were muscular, yet inviting. Strong yet utterly sexy. They were rock hard, which contrasted with my softer features. Her legs were a subtle reminder of who was in charge. It was then when I began to feel my dick swelling with overwhelming passion for her.

“You’re a dream come true, Jackie,” I said, with my head cocked 90 degrees looking straight up at her chin, “You know that, right?”

“So are you, Desmond. You might be getting smaller and wimpier every day, but with each inch lost, you’re even more attractive to me. No matter how small you get, 3 feet or 3 inches, I’m yours.”

Amazingly, instead of being horrified at her believing I could get down to a mere 3 inches in height, I became out-of-this-world aroused.

“Yikes, 3 inches. You really think I could, uh, get that, uh, small?” I asked, trying to hide how obviously turned on I was.

“Oh, yes. I think you could. Do you want to get that small?”

Yes! That’s what I thought immediately upon her asking. I still didn’t even understand why or how I could want to be that small. I was so confused about my morphing sexuality. I had never had sexy day dreams about unaware girls eating me or crushing me with their tits or swinging around like Tarzan in their hair. And I couldn’t seem to control my new, odd desires. They hit me at random points in the day without any warning.

I kept asking myself if these acute fetishes were dormant all my life and were just now manifesting, or if now since I was shrinking, my sexuality was evolving. It seemed logical that if every girl now dwarfed me that I would begin to have a newfound penchant for girls bigger than me. It still didn’t explain why I actively wanted to be 3 inches tall.

“Desmond, imagine what you could do at 3 inches tall. You could explore my body in a way a normal sized man could only dream of. I could stuff you in between my boobs or shove you up my ass. You could work wonders inside my pussy and give little ol’ me a real good time. In fact, I’m, uh, getting a lil’ excited just thinking about it,” nervously laughing.

“You had me at ‘between your boobs’,” I said.

She leaned down and rested her chin on my shoulder, licking the edges of my ear and whispering, “I knew you were a tit man, Desmond, but I didn’t know you had such a deep…strong…crushing fetish for them.”

Seeing that we were going tit for tat, I decided to be as manly as a sub four-foot man sitting in his girlfriend’s lap could be. I reached my arm up as high as I could, struggling to even touch her neck, but she got the cue. She started lowering herself as I wrapped my hand around her head, grazing over her outrageously soft hair. When her ear was in range, I opened my mouth ever so slightly and dabbed the tip of my tongue on her earlobe, before methodically tracing the rest of her ear. Then I whispered, “I knew you had a thing for short guys, Jackie, but I didn’t know you had such an extraordinary…intense…powerful fetish for them.”

She even shivered with delight as I spoke the last few words of my attempted mimicry of her own sexy little speech. A girl quivering with desire was like nothing else in this world, and it gave me meteoric boost in confidence.

Apparently, she wasn’t done though, because she leaned back down to whisper another naughty sentiment in my ear. “You better stop, or else I’ll jerk that dick of yours right in this car.”

Knowing what it would mean if she jerked me off to completion, my desires should’ve been completely stifled. But they weren’t. If anything, I was even more eager for her hands to travel down my pants.

I said, “Make me stop.” It was the exact wrong thing to say if I wanted to stay at my current height.

Her hand rocketed down from heights unknown and slapped my groin, constricting her hands around my cock. My yelps of pain quickly turned into moans of satisfaction. She didn’t go up and down, she only squeezed. And another whisper came from on high.

“I want nothing more than to go to town on you right now, Desmond. But good things come to those who wait. Don’t you agree?”

Ooh, she’s getting off on this! Denying me!

Perhaps I could make her feel even more powerful than she already felt and make her even more turned on.

“Yes, my queen.”

Did I just call her ‘my queen’?

“Your queen, huh? Is that how you like to think of me, Desmond? As royalty?” she asked as she squeezed my manhood even harder.

“Yes. So much. I’d love to see you on a throne, looking down at me.”

I was a bit surprised at what I was saying. Did I really want that? Apparently so, because my head was becoming light with titillation.

“Ooooh, that sounds so hot. Me lording over you. Issuing commands. Would you be on your knees?” She asked, fingers curling even tighter around my shaft.


The reasonable conscience still left somewhere deep inside me, was telling me to resist an orgasm. I could feel my balls churning, my dick spasming, threatening to burst. If she didn’t get her hand off of me soon, it would be too late.

“Would you kiss my feet? Kiss me all over, as I just stared off into the distance, as if you weren’t even there? An insignificant little peon at my mercy?”

“Oh, abso-absolutely. Whatever you wanted, I would do for you.”

I was getting dangerously close to the point of no return. My breaths were quick and short. I was glistening with sweat. I was feeling my dick grow to its longest length as her stunningly long fingers constricted tighter and tighter with each thing she said to build the scene.

Perhaps if I was thinking clearly, I would’ve told her to get her hand off of me and reveal to her that orgasms made me shrink. But who thinks clearly when they’ve got a girl’s hand around their cock?

“That’s my good little loyal subject!” she laughed as she ripped her hand away from my crotch. My dick twitched up and down in my pants, and I was sure it was over.

“Oh, I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna cum!”

Rather oddly, she said with an air of superiority, “No you’re not.”

My dick quaked and convulsed and shuddered with no mercy, but as she said, I didn’t cum. I briefly felt my pants. There was not a single drop of wetness, not even pre-cum.

I was astounded. I was so close, yet the orgasm I so desired eluded me. And I shouldn’t have wanted it. I felt shame for wanting it. For being ok with shrinking if it meant my dick got wet. But the real reason I was astounded was because I was certain that I was going to flood my pants. Yet, I didn’t. And Jackie seemed to know I wasn’t going to. She either had superpowers of prediction or she was sorceress who could control the orgasms of men. Either way, I was astounded and completely unable to get words out. She picked up on my shock and lowered her head to once again whisper in my ear. “Did you think I was gonna let you come after I clearly said, ‘good things come to those who wait’?”

I tried to speak but couldn’t. It seemed my dick and my mouth weren’t working properly.

“Don’t worry,” she continued, “You will get what you want. Soon. Very soon. When I see that you’re ready.”

I wanted to ask, ‘when will I be ready?’ but again, the words got jammed in my throat. And it didn’t matter anyway because I had a feeling that she wouldn’t have told me.

“Time to go to your new home, Dessy poo.”

Usually the nicknames couples had for each other disgusted me. But when you were getting called a cute name by the person you were in a relationship with, it was different. So different in fact, that it actually got my dick a tiny bit hard again. Even her voice had a visceral effect on me. She was larger than life itself, especially when I was willing to let her jack off inches from me.

I was so indescribably enthralled by her and ready to be with her 100 percent. I was ready. I was. And it hurt my feelings that she didn’t think I was. It was like she didn’t believe I was fully entranced by her. But I was. And if words hadn’t left me completely, perhaps I could’ve told her that I really was ready. Ready to jump in.

She hit the gas and we were off to Volleyball House.

Chapter 10 by johnbart37
Author's Notes:

Desmond is now under four feet tall and is moving into the girl's volleyball house with his statuesque girlfriend. He loses more freedom as his girlfriend grows more protective of him

Chapter 10:

Upon walking into Jackie’s room at Volleyball House, I saw just how much she had planned for my move. She had a mattress for me that sat at the foot of her bed. It was all made with fresh sheets and pillows. There was a lamp on the floor next to my bed, presumably so I could read and do homework. She even fashioned a little night table for me. 

There was only one problem. The mattress was clearly made for a toddler. I’ve seen enough cribs in my life to know what a toddler’s mattress looks like, and the mattress Jackie had for me definitely belonged inside a crib. I mentioned it, even though I shouldn’t have.

“So, you didn’t buy the crib that goes along with this, did you?”

She was surprised at my response judging by wrinkles that formed on her nose. She was expecting a thank you, or at least something resembling gratitude.

“Desmond, I know this isn’t ideal. Nobody past 6 years old wants to be sleeping in that, but come on, it’s comfortable! And you’ll be right next to me.”

I sneered. “Why can’t I just sleep in your bed? With you.”

“I want nothing more than to sleep with you every night. And if you were normal sized, I would.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” I pounced on her.

“It means,” she rolled her eyes at me, “I don’t want to flatten you in the middle of the night if I roll over. That’s what it means.”

I suddenly felt incredibly stupid. When she said that she would sleep with me if I were normal sized, I thought she meant that since I was so small, I wasn’t worthy of sleeping in her bed. Once again, I woefully misinterpreted someone’s words.

“Jackie, I’m sorry. I thought you meant—”

“You seem to be apologizing a lot lately.”

“Yeah, I know. I don’t mean to throw out excuses, but this whole shrinking thing is making me really defensive. I’m still a man, you know.”

She sat down on her bed and motioned for me to come over. I hopped up next to her and she pulled me close. Sitting down, my head no longer even cleared her shoulder.

“I know you’re a man, Dessy. But you know what would be more manly than getting super defensive about your height? Accepting it. Accepting that you’ve gotten smaller and accepting help. You said you were the manliest man I would ever meet when were in the dining hall that first day. Prove it to me.”

I turned my head and rubbed my face on her naked arm. “I was, uh, joking in the dining hall.”

Her quiet, reserved giggles shook the bed ever so slightly. “I don’t think you were.”

Not knowing what to say to that, I just moved on. “It’s hard. I can’t do normal things anymore. I feel like I’m dependent on everyone.”

“You are dependent. And until you grow back, you’re gonna have to deal with that.”

“Do you really think I’m going to grow back?” I asked, my words tinged with a desperate need for validation.

She scrunched my cheeks with her hands. Her eyes pierced through me with a burning intensity. Her answer to this question was crucial, because if she didn’t have hope that I was going to return to normal height, I would lose all hope too.

“I believe with all my heart that you will grow back,” she said, “But until then, you need to hand the reigns over to me and trust that I know what’s best for you.”

“I trust you. It’s just that—”

“What?” she interjected.

“I came to college to be an independent person for the first time in my life. To get away from my domineering sister. To make a life for myself that wasn’t a puppet show for someone else.”

She scooped me up from the backs of my legs and lifted me into her lap. Her natural aroma danced around in my nostrils.

“I know you want to be independent. And in many ways, you still are. You keep up with your schoolwork. You have a now, full-time girlfriend. Think of it this way. You’re an independent guy who just needs help reaching stuff. Who needs help getting to class. You have nothing to be ashamed of. Besides, the more you need help, the more you need me, which then means, the more time you get to spend with me! You should be rooting to get smaller!”

My usual knee-jerk reaction would be to get offended at that and attack her, but I decided to not take the bait. I let out a genuine laugh from the gut.

“I wouldn’t go that far, but your twisted logic is beginning to make some sense.”

“Oh, is it now? My words are finally piercing through to that shrunken brain of yours?”

I looked up at her, “I think so, my queen.”

“Back to the queen thing, eh? You really like that, don’t you?”

I panted with growing arousal. I wanted her to edge me again just like she did in the car. I wanted her to toy with my dick. I wanted her to drive me fucking crazy with lust for her.

“Yes.” I begged with my eyes. “I love it.”

“You love me being your queen?” she reiterated her question.

“Yes. So much.”

“You know what I think you’d like even better?”

I was taken by her commitment to the sexy banter. Barely able to contain myself, I asked, “What?”

Her mouth came down to envelope my ear. With hot breath, she slowly whispered, “Goddess.”


“Yes. Instead of me being your queen, I should be your goddess. Don’t you think?”

I couldn’t think of a single reason to say no, so I just nodded stupidly.

She suddenly pulled away and said, “Good, then your goddess orders you to go to bed.”

I was hoping for a lot more from that exchange, but it was for the best. I knew I was tired, and I needed rest. So, per her orders, I hopped off her bed and crawled into mine. Not quite ready to lay down just yet, I sat up with my pillows propped on the foot of Jackie’s bed. Once I was situated, she turned off the lights.

I heard her pull the covers over her and shortly after, she said, “Sweet dreams, foot boy.”

Foot boy?

Suddenly, something lightly tapped the top of my head. I turned every which way to find the culprit, but before I could locate the source, I was tapped again.

“What the?”

Finally, I looked up and saw Jackie’s gigantic feet hanging over the bed. They were twice as long as my head. And her big toe was probably big enough to plug my mouth shut entirely.

“Lay down, little guy,” she cooed, “Or I’m gonna keep boppin’ ya on the head.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Goddess,” she corrected me.

“Right. Yes, goddess.”

I threw my extra pillows to the side and laid down. I found that after several minutes of lying there, my eyelids weren’t getting heavier. I rolled over to my other side, seeing if a new position would help. Several more minutes went by, and I still wasn’t drifting off to sleep. I popped my head up over Jackie’s bed to see if she was sleeping; she was completely out. So, instead of lying back down, I tiptoed out of the bedroom.

Halfway down the stairs, I heard someone else coming up. For some reason, I charged back up the stairs, not wanting to be discovered. What if it was Sadie, the freshman bitch? Or worse yet, Vicky, the cold, calculating captain. Peering from behind the end of the banister, I saw Faith, the nicest girl of the volleyball trio I’d met outside my dorm. She was holding a red solo cup and was giggling to herself. I could’ve guessed what was in her cup.

“Faith,” I whispered to her.

“Who’s there? Is it a ghost? I hope you’re the friendly kind,” she said, still not seeing me.

I rolled my eyes. I stepped out from behind the banister and stood at the top of the stairs, straight in front of her. The crazy thing was that she was just as tall as me standing five steps below me. She was perhaps even a little taller. I was getting really small.

“It’s me. Desmond. Jackie’s boyfriend.”

“Desmond!? Hey!” She took a wobbly step up, making her approximately a head taller than me. She leaned on the banister, still grasping her drink, whatever it was.

“People are sleeping. You gotta be quiet. You ok?” I asked her.

Still yelling, she said, “My head is spinning, little guy!”

“I think you drank a little too much. Why don’t I help you back to your room?”

She took another shaky step up the stairs. I was now boob height. I felt like I was shrinking all over again.

“You’re so nice and cute! I just want to eat you up!”

I nervously laughed as she took another step up the stairs, this time putting my eyes level with her belly button. But it wasn’t over, she still had one more step to go. I was dreading her next step.

“Hey, come on, let’s get you to bed. You must be tired.” I wrapped my arm around her butt, trying to get her to come with me to her bedroom.

“Ok, if you say so. I was just having so much fun at the party down the street. Well, until a guy touched my boob. I was outta there after that.”

She took her final two steps up the staircase, putting her feet level with mine. I was now just a little taller than the top of her butt.

“Why did you come home alone?” I asked.

“I told my friends to, um, stay. Because, you know, they were having fun. I knew I could get home, it’s just down the road.”

Right after she finished her sentence, she let out a legendary burp that would put most men to shame. Any time I burped anything like that after drinking, I was definitely going to throw up. So, I decided to take her to the bathroom. She was delirious to the point that I could lead her anywhere, and she would be none the wiser.

Once we got into the bathroom, I lifted the toilet lid and told her to splash cold water on her face. It always helped me calm down when I was beyond wasted. I would’ve helped her, but I wouldn’t have been able to reach her face even if I had a decent stool. I couldn’t even see myself in the vanity mirror. I would have to ask Jackie to get a legendarily tall stool for me.

“Oh god!” she said, cold stone sober. She rushed around me and lurched over the toilet. She immediately vomited, sending everything she ate that day up and out of her. I got on my tippy toes and grabbed as much of her hair as I could with my tiny hands, pulling the handfuls back, away from her mouth.

That was when my disgusting mind took control, and I had another waking wet dream. I was two inches tall again. This time, I was hanging on to Faith’s bottom lip as she was throwing up into the toilet. In seconds, I was covered, and I almost threw up myself. When she was finally done, she wiped her mouth and I fell into the toilet. I tried over and over to scream up to Faith not to flush. My cries were not heard in her drunken stupor, and I was flushed down the toilet.

I snapped out of it still holding Faith’s hair, while she continued to gag. I was terrified of being transported into another disgusting reverie, so I looked away from her 

“Get it all out, Faith. I’m here.”

She was breathing heavy, clearly still shaken by her violent retching. “You can…go back…to bed. If you want.”

“Just finish what you gotta do. I can’t sleep anyway.”

The dam broke once more, and she filled up the toilet with more bile. I kept looking away with my eyes closed, hoping I wouldn’t have an involuntary vision again.

When I no longer heard any more dry-heaving, I felt safe enough to open my eyes and turn back to look at her.

She stood up and hunched herself over the bathroom vanity, splashing cold water on her face again. Then she reached into the medicine cabinet for her toothbrush. She squirted out a liberal amount of toothpaste onto it and stuck it into her mouth. Watching her do this simple hygienic task was a mistake because I once again was transformed into a tiny man. This time, I was tangled in the bristles of her toothbrush. I made myself as small as possible, crouching down to avoid getting smooshed against her teeth. She brushed fast and hard, so I clutched the bristles with all the strength I had. One unpredicted move, I could’ve been thrown into her mouth, never to emerge again.

I finally got a respite from her gigantic teeth when she was ready to rinse out her mouth. Like last time, I called out for Faith and waved both my arms at her. Only when she picked up her toothbrush again to run it under the sink did she see me waving at her.

Her face lit up with surprise and she said, “Hey! I can use you as floss!”

I woke back up from my trance as a fully shrunken man, and she was done brushing her teeth.

“Did you say something?” I asked her.

“Yeah. I said you’re getting so small that at this rate, I’ll be able to use you as floss soon.”

I looked at her with horror. My frighteningly real daydreams apparently drew from real-life stimuli. The frequency with which these dreams were occurring were making me believe the they were harbingers of what was to come. I never thought I would get that small when I began shrinking. I didn’t even think it was possible for a human to get that small. But with each dream I had, it seemed more possible. More real. More on the horizon.

Realizing Faith was looking for a reaction, I just laughed. Unenthusiastically at that.

“Ok, Desmond. Thanks for all your help. I’m gonna go to bed now, just like Doctor Desmond ordered.”

I smirked at her silliness and followed her out of the bathroom. I watched her go into her bedroom, so if this happened again, I knew where to herd her.

Dealing with a drunken Faith tired me out. I stumbled into my room and fell down onto my toddler mattress and passed out.

I woke up the next morning to Jackie planting gentle kisses on my forehead. She continued pecking me long after I was awake.

“You taste good,” she said in between kisses, “Too good to stop.”

“You never cease to amaze me,” I said.

“Flattered.” She returned to kissing me, now she had reached down to my chest.

“What time is it?”


“I know, but what time?”

“Your mom stopped by."


“Yeah, she came to the house today.”

“Are you serious? Did you talk to her? What did you talk to her about? Why didn’t you wake me up?”

“I thought we talked about this, Dessy. Remember? We both agreed that I would handle this. We agreed that I would handle everything.”

I sighed, knowing she was right. I still felt like she wasn’t leaving me out of the loop only to protect me. She had other reasons.

“What did she talk to you about?” I restated my question.

“It doesn’t matter. I handled it. You’re safe with me,” she said, barely looking at me.

“Why are you intentionally leaving me out of the loop? This is my mother we’re talking about. If you’re making the decisions, which I already agreed to, I should still at least know what you two talked about.”

“If you’re not making any decisions, why do you need to know anything about this?”

She had a decent point. What would I even do with any information she gave me? We already established that she was going to be the decision-maker and not me.

“Ok, fine. Just tell me one thing. Was she mad at me?” I asked.

She looked back at me, knowing she had to give me at least this. I deserved to know whether or not my mother was livid with me.

“No, I don’t think so. She was madder at me for harboring you and keeping her from you. I was scared that she would just march up the stairs and take you from me.”

My mother, although she had a high temper, had tact. She wasn’t simply going to sling me over her shoulder and walk out of Volleyball House. She would remain in D.C. and would track me down eventually.

It was gratifying to hear that she wasn’t mad at me. I don’t know if I could live myself if she was holding a grudge against me for what I did. My eyes welled up a bit.

“Are you crying?” she asked, “Desmond, don’t worry. I’ll protect you from her.”

“That’s not why I’m, uh—I’m just happy she’s not mad at me. Really happy.”

She hugged me, my face going straight into her tits. My mind wasn’t on Jackie though. I knew I would be talking to my mom soon. I was nervous, but I was looking forward to hopefully reconciling with her. I needed her just like I needed Jackie.

Chapter 11 by johnbart37
Author's Notes:

Desmond and Jackie have some more intimate moments, and there is an explosive showdown at the end.

Chapter 11:

A huge weight was lifted off my shoulders when I found out that my mother wasn’t mad at me. I knew I’d eventually have to speak with her, no matter what Jackie did or said to try to separate us.

Before Jackie and I left to start the day, she kindly made me a smoothie to hold me over until lunchtime. The house had a full kitchen with all the bells and whistles. Granite countertop, heavy-duty sink, stove-top oven, real plates and metal cutlery. How they had the money for all this was a total mystery to me, but I didn’t really care. I was practically living in an upscale bed and breakfast, so who was I to question the volleyball girls’ finances?

I watched her toss various fruits and vegetables into the blender atop the counter, although I didn’t have a great view. My eyes were several inches below the speckled granite. Even on my tippy toes, it was difficult to see what she was doing. The counters in Volleyball House must’ve been bar height because I was pretty sure I could still see over typical kitchen counters.

“Do you make smoothies every day?” I asked her.

Not looking away from what she was doing, she answered me, “Yeah, pretty much. It annoys the hell out of some of the girls who like to sleep late, but you know what? It’s my house too, so they can get over it.”

And with that gibe, she turned on the blender. Remembering the ultra-vivid dream I had last night when I looked directly at Faith throwing up, I instinctively looked away from the blender. I really didn’t want to have images of myself getting split in half by blades be stuck in my mind for the next week.

As Jackie continued making the smoothies, I walked around to the side of the kitchen island away from her. Luckily the loudness of the blender stopped her from noticing my buffoonish attempts to climb on top of the one of the islands’ stools. I scolded myself for being so weak. The damn stool was nearly tall as I was, at shoulder height, and it was making me look like a fool.

Suddenly a pair of white, neatly manicured hands appeared under my armpits and lifted me on top of the stool. Turning back, I saw that it was Faith. I mouthed the words ‘Thank you’ and beat my heart with a fist. She blew a kiss to me and waved as she walked out the door. It was nice to have a friend in the house other than Jackie.

Apparently, I’d made it up the stool just in the nick of time, because as soon as Faith disappeared behind the front door, the whirring from the blender stopped.

Jackie turned and said, “How’d you get up there? These stools are pretty tall, you know.”

Deciding to leave it a mystery, I said, “I still have a few tricks up my sleeve.”

She sat down opposite me with a naughty smile forming on her face. God, she was enormous. Of course, I would never tell her that (she, being a girl and all). Through my eyes though, she was scary huge.

It reminded of me of a scene in Percy Jackson when Percy finally makes it to Mount Olympus to converse with the gods and they’re all ridiculously gigantic compared to him. I felt like Percy in that moment: truly out of my depth, unworthy.

“Oh, I can’t wait to see what other tricks you have.” She reached over and took my hands in hers, squeezing them, transferring her womanly warmth over to me.

“Your hands are so small now. I love that,” she said.

She wasn’t wrong. My entire hand, fingers and all, fit comfortably in her palm. Her fingers extended up past my wrist. Her middle finger ended somewhere in the middle of my forearm.

“Well, I have good news for you. The rest of me is small too.”

“Oh, that is good news. And you’re only gonna get smaller.”

Remembering what I’d promised myself I would be more truthful, I ceased to dance around the issue of shrinking.

“You know what’s weird? Some small part of me, a small part, wants to shrink. Up until maybe a few days ago, I wouldn’t dream of actually wanting to shrink! I mean, that’s crazy right?! And I’m scared that that part of me will stop me from trying to overcome this.”

“I don’t think it’s crazy that you want to shrink, Desmond.”

I was taken aback. I thought it was crazy, and I was the one shrinking!

“How, though?! I don’t understand it.”

“I don’t want to be an armchair psychologist but…” she lingered on the end of her sentence for me to give her permission. So, I gave it to her.

“This is driving me crazy, Jackie. So, any ideas you have, I’m all ears.”

“Ok, here’s my guess. You’ve been a short guy all your life. And I’d guess that most people you’re around, even girls, were taller than you growing up, right?”


“Maybe you had a dormant attraction for tall, leggy women that you weren’t truly aware of. Now, since you’re shrinking, that dormant attraction is rising to the surface.”

What she said immediately clicked with me. It made sense! If a short guy who was already attracted to people bigger than him shrank, wouldn’t he want girls to get even bigger?

“Maybe you should switch majors, Jackie,” I said, amazed by her analysis of me.

“No, no, no,” she shooed away my praise.

“I’m serious! I think you nailed it!”

“Thanks! I do try, you know.”

Now, I wanted to steer the conversation back to what we were talking about earlier.

“So, when you said you wanted to see what other tricks I had,” I began, “What did you, um, mean by that?”

“I think you know.”

So maybe she had decided I was ready to do naughty things with her. It took all the self-restraint I had to stop myself from jumping up on the table and dancing in celebration.

As calm and collected as I could, I said, “How about tonight? I can show you how ready I am.”

She let go of my hands. “Dessy. We just had this conversation last night. Give it time. You will be ready very soon. I just have some things to get in order.”

The vagueness with which she spoke was ticking me off a bit. She screamed at me in the middle of a coffee shop for leaving her, and when I came back, she wasn’t letting me do anything remotely sexual with her. And I was her committed boyfriend! When was ‘very soon’? And what ‘things’ did she have to ‘get in order’?

So, I flat out asked her. “What things?”

“Things about you. Remember? Your wellbeing is my concern now too.”

“Sure, but what’s going on exactly? Does it have to do with my mother? Because you already talked to her.”

“Partly, yes. The most important thing you need to know is that everything will fall into place over the next few days. Once everything is how I want it to be, our relationship will progress to new…well, kinky places. All you need to do is do your part and listen to me. Got it?”

I got more information than I thought I would. I had a timetable. And that’s all I needed.

“Got it,” I said, “So, a few days?”

“A week at most. I promise."

“You really are an enigma sometimes.”

“What do you mean?”

“I have a feeling that you’re hiding something. Some sort of big surprise. Who knows, maybe I’m just, well, excited about what comes next for us.”

She put her head in her hands, “Oh, trust me. There is a whole lot you don’t know about me. And I do have surprises for you. But good things come to those who wait.”

“When did you become a fortune cookie,” I joked.

She giggled unabashedly and came with back with a stinging retort.

“Here’s a fortune for you. When you shrink down to the size of an itty-bitty little insect, I’m gonna drop you inside a fortune cookie and make it your new home.”

I should’ve been outraged at her insinuation. She was joking about me shrinking down to basically nothing and leaving me inside a cookie. Once again, what my traditionally masculine brain was telling me didn’t match up with how I felt. My dick was poking through my pants. I was overwhelmed with arousal.

“You wouldn’t dare,” I said.

“Oh, I would. I’d drop you right in. And if I was feeling particularly hungry, and nothing else was around, well, I just might have to eat that fortune cookie with you inside. So, you should be careful. Don’t get on my bad side, Dessy.”

I was amazed that I wasn’t leaking pre-cum just listening to her talk about what she would do once I was the size of an insect. My dick seemed incapable of discharging any semen. But I wanted to test my limits.

“Out of curiosity, how would a guy like me get on your ‘bad side’?” I asked.

She took a sip of her smoothie, “Oh, I’m glad you asked. Disobeying me could be one way.”

“Ok, order me to do something.”

She smiled, clearly enjoying where I was taking this. She put her finger up to her chin as she thought about what to tell me to do, and then she came up with it, her eyes shining with excitement.

“Get down from that stool and get back up. By yourself this time.”

She saw Faith help me up? How? Her back was turned!

“Wait, how did you know Faith lifted me up?” I asked her.

She twirled her hair around with her finger, an expression of pure satisfaction forming on her face.

“I didn’t,” she said, a wry grin plastered on her face. Her smile only stretched wider when she saw me realize I had fallen into her well-laid trap.

“Ooooh, you are just…unbelievable!” I threw my hands up in defeat, “You got me! I guess I’m not as mysterious as I led you to believe.”

With a now reassuring smile, she said, “Don’t worry about trying to be the mysterious one in this relationship. That’s my job. Your job is to be the cute little munchkin that you are.”

She reached over the table with her long arms and pinched my cheeks as if I were a child, smiling down at me. Seeing her this happy was magical. In fact, it almost didn’t seem real. For the past week or so, my head had been racked with staggering fear and uncertainty. All that negative emotion left little room for happiness but looking up at her right then was enough to make me forget about all that.

I zoomed in to take stock of all her individual facial features. Her shining blue eyes were so huge and expressive; I wished I could swim in them. Many girls hate their nose, but I couldn’t imagine how Jackie could hate hers. It was smaller than average, but cuter than any nose I’d ever seen on a girl. Her lips had no lipstick or anything, which made me respect her more. It was clear that she was confident about her appearance, make-up or not. Her skin was slightly burned in some places: her nose, her cheeks, her ears. It was probably from the outdoor practices she did with the girls. Oddly enough, the slight sun burn was endearing for me. It told me that she cared about her sport so much that she occasionally forgot to reapply her sunscreen. She was dedicated.

After nit-picking her face and falling in love with all of her slight flaws, I zoomed out and looked at her face as whole. With all of it put together, I couldn’t imagine a prettier sight. But it wasn’t just that she was gorgeous. It was a confluence of her poise, her beauty, and her lack of fear to show her true self to the world (and to me). If I didn’t know a single thing about her and was meeting her for the first time, I would guess she was 23 or 24 years old. But no, she was an 18-year-old knockout who was completely comfortable in her own skin.

When she was done doting on me, and I was done internally gushing about her every trait, she continued our little morning back and forth.

“Your job is also to do what I tell you. I distinctly remember giving you an order just under a minute ago.”

Still in a playful mood, I responded, “Yeah? What order?”

“Playing dumb, are we? That’s cute.”

“No really! I don’t remember. Well, whatever, I guess. It was probably something stupid anyway.”

“No, honey. What’s stupid is this little show you’re putting on. Now, just this once, I will repeat what I told you to do. Just know, on future occasions, I will not repeat myself.”

Her tone had changed significantly. It didn’t sound like she was joking anymore. Perhaps, calling something she said ‘stupid’ was the final straw for her. And I didn’t want to get on her bad side for real. I was just kidding around.

“I asked you to get off the stool and get back up by yourself.”

“Oh y-yes, I remember that.”

“Good. So, do it.”

I still wasn’t totally sure if she was joking. Even if she was though, I wasn’t going to take any chances. Getting on her bad side when in a few days, she said I would be ready to do ‘things’ with her, would be royally stupid.

So, without a moment of hesitation, I hopped down from the stool. Standing on the floor, I looked up at her for approval.

“There you go. But that’s only half of what I asked. Now I want you to get back up on the stool. Is that too much to ask? Because I’m willing to help you.”

“No, no. I can, um, do it.”

She crossed her arms, “Let’s see it.”

I stepped up onto the tiny ledge of the stool that was positioned several inches off the floor. I reached my arms over the seat, and desperately tried to pull my body, or at least my stomach on top of the seat. My only problem was that my arms might as well have been noodles. For all the time I had been shrinking, my limbs had remained proportional to the rest of my body. However, after the most recent bout of it, my arms and legs were a great deal skinnier than ever before.

All my efforts were for naught. I couldn’t wriggle my way up on to a normal sized stool. I was simply too weak and short. I tried jumping from the ledge, but even that wasn’t enough. Before I managed to hurt myself, Jackie came over to me and took matters into her own hands. She put one hand on my butt, and pushed me up on to the stool without expending even a fraction of her energy.

Jackie sat back down and told me to look at her. It took me a couple of seconds to do so, considering how embarrassed I was. What kind of man isn’t able to sit on a stool? My cheeks were hot and red.

When I finally looked up at her, she said, “That was a lesson. Instead of possibly getting hurt trying to do things on your own, you need to ask for help. I’ve already told every girl in this house that if you need help reaching something or getting up in a chair, that they need to help you. Do not feel like you have to do everything on your own. Ok?”

Talking about accepting help from people was one thing. Actually doing it was another. I felt so pathetic and weak. Just a week and a half ago I was a man. A short man, but a man at that. All of that seemed so long ago.

On another level, I felt stupid not realizing that her ordering me to get up on the stool was not a cute challenge between a boyfriend and girlfriend. It was nothing but a exercise to get her point across to me in the most humiliating way possible. But I couldn’t deny that a small part of me liked being humiliated by her. It was probably the same part of me that wanted to shrink. And I had an acute feeling that she knew the full extent of her impact on me.

All I could do now was submit. I nodded meekly to let her know I understood her lesson and would abide by her new rules.

“Ok. I’m glad we cleared that up once and for all. Now finish your smoothie, we have to get to class.”

I had four classes that day, and Jackie was kind enough to escort me to every single place I needed to be. She made sure I was situated, you know, in my seat, able to see the board, that kind of thing. Then, she would leave for wherever she had to be, and when my class was over, she was always there waiting for me. I had no idea how she worked out her schedule so perfectly to be able to always be there at the beginning and end of all my classes. She was simply on another level.

At around 4 in the afternoon, we were both done for the day, although she had volleyball practice at 6. So, before we had to part ways, she took me to Epicurean and Company for dinner. Epicurean was a sushi place but also a bar, and it was right at the bottom of Darnall Hall, where I used to live.

Jackie didn’t even let me get my own food. She lifted me into my seat at one of the tables right next the window, asked the owner for a kiddy box, and she filled it with whatever she saw fit to feed me. Somehow, when she brought it back, it had everything I liked, and it was the perfect portion of food for me. Even though she seemed to enjoy stripping me of my independence, she was doing a good job at providing for me so far. I didn’t have a single reason to complain. I had a girlfriend that cared enough about me to fetch me food without even making me get up.

As I dug into my food with a plastic fork, she asked me how it was.

“Perfect,” I said.

She and I took our first bite at the first time, but my first bite and her first bite couldn’t have been more different. I put half of a shrimp and some grains of rice in my mouth. She put two fried dumplings in her mouth at the same time, plus triple the amount of rice. She also had to bring her fork up high above my head, all the way to her mouth, which to me, may as well have been in the clouds.

For the first time in a while, I was truly hungry, and I put away my entire meal. I was actually proud of myself, considering I hadn’t been able to eat the entirety of any of my meals lately. Jackie, though, was impressive with how she ate compared to me. Her dinner had to be five times the size of mine, yet she finished minutes ahead of me. And when she was done, without thinking anything of it, she nonchalantly got up and said, “I’m still hungry, I’ll be right back.”

She came back with probably three quarters of the food she had prior, and wolfed it all down, once again beating me to the finish line. Her appetite was voracious, which fit with her monstrous metabolism and her fiendish exercise routine. In every category that men normally had women beat in, she outclassed me with ease.

“Did you enjoy your food?” I asked her after I was done.

“Yeah, very much. I’ve been here a bunch of times already.”

“Really, how?

“Well, I’ve been practicing with the volleyball girls all summer, so I’ve been on campus a lot. I made a point of trying all the places I could. Epicurean is my absolute fav, which is why I wanted to take you.” She tapped my nose with her finger as she said ‘you’. Sometimes, with how huge she was, her cuteness got lost in the shuffle.

“I’m honored.” I grabbed her pointer finger, and kissed it, starting from her fingernail and slowly working my way up to her palm. She held her hand there like a princess, waiting for her betrothed to adequately greet her.

As I was kissing her beautiful extremities, I heard a tap on the window. It sounded awfully deliberate, so I instinctively opened my eyes and turned to look.

I probably looked like I’d seen a ghost. In reality, it was just my mother. I wasn’t expecting to see her so soon, but I knew she would be coming for me eventually.

I looked back at Jackie, who was a deer in the headlights. For the first time ever, I saw what she looked like when she was blindsided. She had no idea what to do because she told me that she didn’t want me talking to my mother, but she couldn’t in good conscience keep me away from her in public. She wasn’t heartless, and she didn’t stop me from going out to meet my mother.

“Jackie, I’ll come back when I’m done talking to her. Ok?”

She gave me a small nod, and I hopped off my chair.

A slight dread within myself made me walk slow to the exit. The brief glimpse I got of my mother wasn’t particularly encouraging. Her eyes were bloodshot, probably from having not slept for more than a day. Her hair was ratty, and her skin was pale. This conversation wasn’t going to be fun.

When I eventually got to the front of the restaurant, my mom pulled open the door for me, allowing me outside easily.

“Desmond!” she said, already raising her voice at me. I could hear the anger, the hurt, and the disappointment all rolled up into one.

“Hi, Mom,” I said, shrinking away from her. I wasn’t even as tall as her navel now. I used to be taller than her chest.

I followed her to the courtyard in front of Darnall Hall and we sat down side by side. I could tell she was restraining herself. She wanted to scream and yell at me for what I did, but she knew that wasn’t going to be productive. She began talking as calmly as she could.

“Explain exactly why you left without my permission, and don’t leave anything out of the story. I want to know precisely what made you sneak away from your own home, and back to a place you’ve spent a little over a week at.”

“Will you promise you won’t get mad at me?”

“I asked you a question, Desmond. I haven’t slept for over a day, and my patience with you is running very thin. Start explaining yourself now, or I will definitely get mad at you.”

“Ok, ok. I didn’t want to tell you because she would lash out at me, but Amanda was tormenting me. Every moment I spent with her when I was home was unbearable. She humiliated me for being so small, and she spanked me and sat on me and really really hurt me. I’m genuinely terrified of her! She could kill me! I had to get out of there.”

“Why didn’t you tell me? I could’ve done something. I could’ve got her to stop!”

“I don’t even think you believe that, Mom. You’re not always around. Dad’s not always around. And when you guys aren’t around, Amanda drops the goody two shoes act she puts on, and she becomes a sadistic bitch!”

She had a knowing look. On some level, she was aware that Amanda put on an act in front of her. Unfortunately, my mom didn’t know that her act was meant to cover up how brutally violent she was towards me.

“Desmond, you still could’ve come to me to talk about this. We could’ve worked something out. Your sister isn’t above the law, she needs to listen to me.”

“She basically is above the law, Mom. Was there any way you could’ve stopped her from being home alone with me?”

“Of course! A few days ago, I was considering staying home from work for a few months. You could’ve recovered with me, at home. I had some idea that leaving you with your sister wasn’t going to work long term. But that’s the point! We have to communicate! You didn’t tell me what you were thinking, and I didn’t tell you what I was thinking. That’s what caused this.”

I remained silent, knowing that a failure of communication between me and my mom wasn’t the only cause of our falling out. My mom picked up on this, realizing that I wasn’t telling her the whole story.

“What? What? What aren’t you telling me?”

“Nothing. It’s nothing.”

“It’s not nothing, Desmond. I know when you’re lying.”

“Fine! I didn’t want you to freak out, but I think… I think I’m falling for Jackie.”

Without taking her eyes off me, she asked. “What do you mean?”

“I mean I really care about her, and I want to be with her.”

“Are you telling me you’re falling in love with a girl you’ve known for a week?”

I hesitated and thought about my answer. It didn’t take long for her to repeat her question.

“Is that what you’re telling me?”

“I think so.”

“What do you mean ‘I think’?”

“Ok, yes! Yes! That’s what I’m telling you!”

My mom put her head in her hands. The problems between us got a lot more complicated with my admission about Jackie. She rubbed her face for a minute and then came back up.

“Please just try to listen to me. I get that you like this girl and you want to spend all your time with her, and you don’t want to come home with your crazy, deranged mother. But coming home right now is the best course of action if you truly want to recover. If you really want to find a cure to this thing you have, and you care about your personal health above all else, you will come home right now with me. You’ll come home, and we’ll go to a different doctor every day and get to the bottom of this horrible disease. Do you understand?”

“Yeah, I understand.”

“So, will you come home.”

Bluntly, I said, “No.”

“Are you kidding me? Desmond! You’re wasting away down here! You’re gonna be the size of a thumb tack by Thanksgiving break at the rate you’re going! You have to come home with me before it’s too late!”

I saw the beginnings of tears in her eyes. And her voice kept falling off a cliff. She was devastated. I felt so awful for what I’d done to her, but there was nothing I could realistically do to fix it at this moment. I’d made the trip back to Georgetown, and I wasn’t about to leave now.

“I’m sorry, I can’t come home. I just can’t.”

“Why not?! Are you afraid she’ll dump you if you leave? If she likes you as much as you like her, she won’t do that! And if she does dump you, then it proves that you should find someone better! This girl isn’t the end all be all, Desmond. You know what is, though? Your body. If you don’t seek treatment, you’re gonna shrink down to nothing, and how am I supposed to live with myself if that happens to my baby boy?!”

“I’m sorry, Mom. I don’t know,” I said, now blinking away hot tears, “Don’t you think this is hard for me too? I hate seeing you like this. It kills me. But at a certain point, you have to let me make my own decisions. And I’ve made my mind up already. I’m staying.”

“No, you’re not,” she said, drying her eyes and cheeks.


“If you don’t come home with me right now, I will stop paying your tuition. If you won’t listen to reason, then I guess I’ll have to resort to punishing you.”

“Mom! You can’t do that! I earned the right to be here!”

“You didn’t earn jack shit, Desmond. I’m paying for 90% of your college, and the other 10% is on you with the loans. I can take everything away until you understand that you need to drop everything and get your health in order. And don’t talk about your rights, ok? You’re still my son, and I have a right to make sure you’re the healthiest you can be. You don’t want to listen? It doesn’t matter. You have to listen to me!”

“You know what?! Screw it! I don’t even care about being a lawyer that much anyway. I’ll just rely on Jackie and we’ll cakewalk through life together. How’s that for listening?!”

“You tell me you’re an adult and you’re ready to be independent. I don’t see it Desmond. If you have to rely on people you just met to carry you through life, that shows a level of immaturity I didn’t think you had in you. You have total disregard for your own wellbeing.”

“Are you ashamed of your only son, Mom? Not happy with the way I turned out?! I came here scared. Scared I wasn’t gonna make new friends. Scared I would be a total failure. Scared of pretty much everything. But it turned out better than I could’ve ever hoped. And just when I’m happier than ever, you come down here trying to destroy everything!”

My mom recoiled in surprise. “You’ve changed, Desmond. I’ve never seen you act this mean to me, or anyone for that matter. I’m not ashamed of you. I’m proud of you. But you need—”

“Oh, save it!” I interrupted, “I had enough of you telling me what I ‘need’ to do. I don’t need to do anything you tell me.”

“One last chance. If you come home with me now, I will forget about all of this, and the moment you get better, I will allow you to come back to Georgetown. If you don’t, I will ask for a refund from the registrar so quick, your head will spin.”

I said nothing and remained completely motionless, looking away from her.

She got up to leave, saying one last thing to me. “I’m scared for you, Desmond. I’m scared that you’re gonna wreck your life up beyond recognition. I’m scared that you’re never going to come back to normal. I’m scared that you and I will drift apart forever, and you’ll quietly hate me down here, while I quietly mourn for you back home. I know you think you don’t need me, but I need you. I don’t know what the hell I’ll do without you in my life. Please think about what we talked about, and don’t hesitate to call me if you need me or if you just want to talk or if you decide that you’ve changed your mind. I won’t stop trying to make you see reason, Desmond, because I love you to death. I’m sorry this didn’t go well. Goodbye, sweetheart.”

And just like that, she walked off, got in her car, and sped away. And I let her go, without so much as a goodbye, a kiss, a hug, nothing! With guilt weighing on my heart, I walked back into the restaurant and back to Jackie.

“Let’s go back to the house,” I said.

“Are you ok? Did she yell at you? What’s wrong?” the questions spilled out of her mouth.

“I don’t want to talk about it right now, just please take me back to the house.”

“Ok, Dessy. We’ll go home right now.”

As we silently walked back to the car, I couldn’t shake my mom’s final words out of my head. They kept repeating in my head, making me even guiltier for how I treated her. I tried to convince myself that I was right, and she was wrong. Before she came, I did feel justified in leaving abruptly. Now, I wasn’t so sure. I wasn’t even sure if I was justified in staying at college when my life was spiraling out of control. Besides, I wouldn’t be able to pay for it anyway. Soon, I would no longer be a law student, I would be my girlfriend’s house pet. I was beginning to think Jackie was incredibly naïve for thinking everything would just ‘fall into place’.

Chapter 12 by johnbart37
Author's Notes:

A shorter chapter this time. Desmond deals with the aftermath of his explosive showdown with his mother, and doubles down on his relationship with Jackie.

Chapter 12:

The rest of my night was quite uneventful after the shouting match I had with my mom. Jackie took me home, I paced in her room, and made sure I was in bed, asleep, before she got home so I wouldn’t have to talk to her about anything.

I wasn’t ready to tell her the full extent of what happened, because really, I was still puzzling through it all myself. I didn’t know whether to call my mom to apologize or leave it alone for the time being. I hadn’t budged on staying with Jackie, so I didn’t know if there was even a point in me trying to make amends.

The next morning, I was shaken awake by Jackie, who was getting me up for class.

“No, go without me,” I said.

“Excuse me? You have class in an hour. Are you just gonna skip?”

I rolled over onto my stomach and talked into my pillow. “Yes.”

“Is this about your mother? Did she say something mean to you? Because I’ll call her if she did!”

I appreciated Jackie carrying me when I was tired, or helping me onto high stools, or walking me to class, but her apparent obsession with keeping my mother at an arm’s distance disturbed me. So, I rose up out of bed and told her how I felt.

“I know you like protecting me, Jackie. I do. And I know that you’re gonna be the dominant one in this relationship for the most part. That makes sense. But you gotta understand, my mom and how I deal with her, is my business. If she said something mean to me, I can handle it. I’m not a god damn child! So please, stop patronizing me alright? I have bigger problems to worry about now.”

Surprisingly, instead of doubling down, she apologized. She had humility after all, something she hadn’t showcased to me up to that point.

“I’m sorry, Desmond. I probably got carried away.”

“It’s ok.”

“So, um, what bigger problems are you talking about?” she asked me.

She would find out eventually, so there was no point in lying.

“My mom cut me off. She isn’t paying for my college anymore. I’m gonna have to drop out.”

She sat down next to me and held me tight. “That’s ridiculous that she would do that do you. She’s messing up your whole future. You need a college degree nowadays.”

“Yeah, full-sized people who are capable of doing jobs need a college degree. But me? What’s the damn point anyway? No law firm would take me on if I keep shrinking.”

“Are you seriously letting your mom do this to you? Where’s the optimistic person I was talking to just a few days ago?”

“He disappeared as soon as all his prospects and hopes of future employment went down the toilet. I mean, how could I even be optimistic right now?”

She jumped up, and sprang to her full height, while I stayed under the covers. “You have me! Your wonderful girlfriend!”

I couldn’t match her energy and enthusiasm. But I gave a middling attempt.

“That helps. A little,” I said.

“Hmm, not enough optimism for ya, huh? Well what if I told you that I could help scrape together the money for your college?”

“What are you talking about?”

“Dessy, my parents are loaded. My parents’ friends are loaded. My friends’ parents are loaded. My family friends are loaded. Let’s get them all in a room and pool their money together to pay for your education!”

My heart soared because I didn’t doubt that Jackie was telling the truth. She probably had the hookups get me through college with the snap of her fingers. It still didn’t feel right though.

“Jackie, I felt bad enough being indebted to my folks. I don’t even know all these people. I don’t want strangers paying for my college.”

She got down on her knees and flipped her hair out of her face. She would stop at nothing to convince me this was the right thing to do.

“First off, these people aren’t strangers. They’re my friends and family, and as we get closer, they’ll become your friends and your family too. Second, don’t think of it as a debt. It would be a gift to you. You had a near perfect GPA in high school, right?”


“So, wouldn’t it be a tragedy for such a gifted young man to be robbed of his education just because he’s shrinking.”

“I guess, but—”

“If we tell people your story, they’ll open their wallets without a second thought.”

“I don’t know if I want the whole world knowing my story. I’m kind of embarrassed about this, believe it or not.”

Jackie sighed. “Well, you shouldn’t be. You deserve an education as much as any full-sized person. Just let me do my thing, and you can stop worrying.”

I had to admit, that was an attractive pitch. If I let her do whatever she wanted, I didn’t have to solve things on my own or do any soul-searching. I didn’t have to reevaluate whether college was even right for me as a shrunken person. If I gave her the ok, my financial worries would evaporate, and it would become a distant memory.

I also had a hard time saying no to her beautiful face mere inches away from mine. She kept moving closer, waiting for my answer. If I said yes, I would probably get a kiss, maybe even something a little naughtier. If I said no, things would get complicated again. And more complications was the last thing I wanted.

It was just easier to say yes. So, I did the easy thing.

“Thank you,” she whispered, millimeters from my face. Unable to control herself, she fell into me, practically eating my face. Me, being as weak as I was, was immediately crushed by her. She pinned me to the ground without even trying. Realizing that I was gasping for air, she lifted herself off of me but continued kissing me.

Our incredibly sloppy make-out session was a thing out of a movie. Her boobs pressed hard into my stomach as she snaked her tongue in and out of my mouth. Her lips tasted like strawberries and were so thick that as we were kissing, they easily touched the top of my nose. Her long hair draped over the two of our heads. There were no peripherals. Only her mind-meltingly gorgeous face and her hair, which acted as a curtain that shut out the rest of the world.

The experience was so overwhelming yet fun. Crushing yet fantastical. Painful yet boner-inducing. It was everything I wanted in a passionate encounter with a woman. But there was a new thing. Something else, that made it even better than any time I’d made out with a girl. It wasn’t just that Jackie had tits so big that they wrapped around the sides of my torso as she laid on top of me. It wasn’t just that her lips were fantastic and utterly devoured my own tiny lips. It wasn’t just that her hair by itself was enough to drive my libido crazy. It was a new thing.

I adored everything about Jackie, not just her wonderful looks, but her sense of humor, her desire to protect me, and most of all, how she valued romantic relationships. She really did appear to care about me more than anything else. I was higher on her list than volleyball, school, or her friends. It didn’t feel excessive though, because I too, cared about her more than anything else. And if I had to succumb to what she wanted sometimes, even if I wasn’t wild about it; it was worth it. That’s how I showed her I cared just as much as she did.

So, over the next few days, I went to class as per usual. I was even able to talk to Maggie. I patched things up with her and apologized for how I treated her over the phone. She was quick to forgive me and suggested we meet up soon. I agreed.

As I went about my daily life, Jackie planned this “get together” as she called it. She wanted to keep the details a surprise, so I kept my curiosity at bay as she called various people on the phone: potential guests, planners, caterers. I kept my mouth shut and let her gush in excitement over this obviously huge party she was putting together for me. And she was excited, there was no doubt about that. Every five minutes, she said, “This is going to be so great!” or, “I can’t wait until this weekend!” or, “Everyone’s gonna love you!”

She even got me a perfectly tailored tuxedo for what I could only guess would be an incredibly classy affair. And I don’t usually get super excited about clothes, but this tux was something else. It had shawl lapels, the coat and pants were midnight blue, and the tuxedo shirt had the metal buttons that shone under good light. I looked like James Bond!

While I did enjoy looking at myself in the mirror, I enjoyed watching Jackie even more. She was bending way down to tie my maroon bowtie (which she somehow knew how to do very skillfully). I got a wonderful view of her jutted ass.

She stepped back from the mirror when she was done, and I took a minute to look at myself in the mirror. I was amazed at how good I looked. It was probably the best I’d ever looked in any outfit, even if I was only 3’10”. When I was done lauding my appearance, I made some goofy poses to make Jackie laugh. I stood there with a serious face and my hands clasped below me. I did a pose where I stood holding one of my sleeves. And then I surprised her with a half-assed attempt at twerking. That crippled her with laughter.

After we were done both crying laughing, she went into the bathroom to put on her dress. I sat outside the door, barely able to wait for her to come out in her dress. I knew it was some sort of red, judging from my maroon bowtie, but I had no idea what it looked like beyond that. She’d refused to show me.

“Are you done yet?” I kept asking.

“Almost! Yeesh!” She kept saying in response.

I was pacing. Not because we were late for the party, but because I was eager to see her all dressed up. Sure, she did wear that black dress when I got back to school, but this time was different. She got her hair done, she had heels, and probably some more fancy accessories.

I watched the doorknob for several minutes without taking my eyes off it. When I finally saw it turning, I jumped back a few feet.

I kept my eyes low, because I wanted to see her from bottom to top as she strolled out of the bathroom. The first thing I noticed was the side slit in her dress that revealed her footwear. She was donning a pair of red suede heels that had to give at least a 4-inch boost. My mind exploded realizing that she was over seven feet tall in those shoes.

Her dress grazed the floor and was a light maroon or burgundy, an under-utilized color, which made me appreciate that she was wearing it even more.

The dress hugged her curves, accentuated them more than ever. My eyes moved up further, and I saw her boobs in a whole new light. The dress somehow made them look bigger and rounder. But all I saw were the undersides of them, I wasn’t even tall enough to admire the cleavage that she was definitely showing off. I admit, I lingered on those massive mammaries for quite a bit before moving up.

Both of her shoulders were exposed as it was a strapless dress. And for some reason, just like her boobs, her clavicles were sexier than ever in this dress. Perhaps it was the stark contrast between her milky white skin and the dark red dress, or perhaps I hadn’t really been able to appreciate her naked shoulders before. Either way, I was probably drooling by this point.

Amazingly, I had to back up a bit to see her face in full because of her massive chest protuberance. Hanging from her ears were earrings I’d never seen any woman wear in my life. Her earrings were little men, just hanging for dear life. She undoubtedly got them custom made for this particular event. The make-up on her face was light, just enough to accentuate her best features, while covering up slight imperfections. Her lips were coated in dark red lipstick that matched the dress, and that was when I almost lost it in my pants.

She must’ve saw me trying to hold back my arousal and not shrink out of my clothes, so she jokingly said, “Am I too hot for you?”

As I hyperventilated, trying to get my heartrate under control, I simply said, “Quite possibly, yes.”

She did an outrageously over-the-top, sexy walk towards me. She stood over me, looking straight down. I was level with her butt. Yes, her butt. If she turned around, I could stick my face in right into her crack without bending at all. I probably even would’ve had to stretch upwards a bit. Her hands, which were at her sides, were right next to my face. She could palm my face without even having to reach up. I felt so god damn short with her wearing those heels.

With her tits in the way, all I could see were her brilliant blue eyes and her hair. It was tied in a low bun, with a thick braid on the right side of her head and thin blonde wisps of hair falling down to frame her face. She knew I liked buns, and she was making me weak in the knees on purpose.

And just from the looks of the upper half of her face (the part not obstructed by her tits); I could tell she was beaming. She was enjoying making me squirm with nervous arousal. That was confirmed when she finally knelt down to better talk to me. She was glowing with pride; probably because I was literally having physical symptoms upon seeing her unbelievable beauty.

“Don’t look down,” she said.

I looked down. I did it without thinking, and as soon as I looked, I realized my mistake. There, right in front of me, was a full view of her cleavage. My eyes popped out of my head, and upon seeing them, I stupidly said, “Oh boy!”

“I told you not to look, little boy. We don’t want you cumming in your pants yet.”

She was right. I felt like a little boy who just for the first time saw a great pair of boobs inches from his face. I didn’t know what to do but stare in shock and awe. The difference here was that I wasn’t a little boy and I had seen great pairs of boobs before. However, I hadn’t seen a pair like Jackie’s before. The line of cleavage was almost six inches long! The tops of her boobs were perfectly tanned somehow. And her tits were young and vibrant! I had no doubt that I could jam my head into her cleavage, and it would disappear fully. They were bigger than big. They were spectacularly bouncy and soft, moving with slight shift of her body.

Unable to look away, Jackie needed to lift my chin up to her face. She smiled, loving my reaction to her.

“As much I love seeing you totally hypnotized by my boobs, we do have a place to be. Are you ready to go, Dessy?”

I took a deep breath, the image of her boobs still lodged in my mind’s eye. “As ready as I’ll ever be.”

Chapter 13 by johnbart37
Author's Notes:

Two behemoth chapters incoming! And the stakes are ramping up! Desmond attends the swanky fundraiser his girlfriend put on, and he has an existential crisis about his relationship. Part 2 (chapter 14) will be coming soon.

Chapter 13:

Jackie escorted me down the stairs. At almost half her height, I had trouble keeping up with her pace, and I didn’t want barrel down the stairs and accidentally fall. As ridiculous as I probably looked walking next to a literal giantess, I was still clinging to the idea that I was as suave as I had ever been in that tuxedo. I almost felt like a different person wearing it, until I looked at Jackie in her dress. When I looked at her, I became the same old Desmond who was mesmerized by girls’ asses. We would probably be attached at the hip during the party, so any hopes I had that I would all of the sudden be cool would be dashed.

But in reality, those hopes were secondary. My identity was more intertwined with Jackie than ever, and I didn’t care as much if I was cool, because she was cool. She had gorgeous volleyball girlfriends who now, by proxy, were in my circle of friends. And if I was friends with cool people, perhaps by extension, I was cool too.

And I was self-aware enough to know that it was almost impossible for a shrunken dude to be the coolest person around (unless I had the charisma of someone like The Rock, which I definitely did not). I was fine with that too.

What I was less fine with, was being centerstage for the entire night. Not having coolness in spades didn’t bode particularly well with being the man of the hour.

I’m gonna be fine, I told myself over and over.

Downstairs, we were greeted by all the volleyball girls, who were all dressed to the nines and hooting and screeching at us.

“Oh yeah, I forgot to mention. All the girls are coming. I rented two limos.”

Vicky, the captain, emerged out of the mass of shrieking girls and walked up to us.

“Jackie, I gotta say. You look…stunning. Your little boyfriend told you that you look stunning, right?” She asked, looking down at me, already trying to accuse me of things.

Jackie chuckled. “I think him drooling in front of me was his way of saying just that.”

The imposing, redheaded captain leaned over to better speak with me. I also was able to get a better view of her.

She was donning a white, sleek dress that ended at midthigh. It was a lot more conservative than Jackie’s attire, covering up her boobs entirely. Of course, the bulges on her chest were still quite noticeable. She wasn’t as big Jackie, but nobody on the team was, so it wasn’t really a count against her.

She was probably going for the more buttoned up look because most of the partygoers were going to be older people that Jackie knew through her parents. It wasn’t a bad idea to look respectable in front of them.

Vicky’s hair was blown out to make it appear curlier and more voluminous. It was a good look for her. She was definitely an attractive woman, but she wasn’t someone I looked at with my mouth agape.

“So, Desmond, ready to tear this place up? Remember, you owe me. I didn’t forget that you missed my party.”

Damn, she holds a grudge, I thought.

Before I could answer, Jackie answered for me, “Behave Vicky. This is an expensive banquet hall that we’re going to.”

“Normally, I wouldn’t let you talk to me like that, Giraffe. But you know what, it’s your night. Let’s not fight, ok?”

“Sure,” Jackie said.

It was surreal to see Jackie get into a verbal scuffle with another dominant woman. When I was alone with Jackie, it was hard to imagine a woman as strong-willed as she was. Vicky was her match.

Luckily, a knock came on the door, breaking the tension between the two girls.

“Ok, girls! I think it’s time to go!” Jackie said.

More cheers and shouts came from the girls, and they followed us to the front door. Jackie opened the door to a short man in a three-piece dark colored suit. His mouth was hanging open staring at the red skyscraper of a woman that was my girlfriend.

“H-Hello m-miss, we’re here to p-pick you and your friends up,” he said.

“Yes, I see the limousines, Mister...?”

“Oh, call m-me Gerald, Jaclyn.”

“You can call me Jackie. Pleasure to meet you.” She shook his hand, which he clearly didn’t expect, because she simply yanked his limp arm up and down a few times. “Ok, girls, we don’t wanna be late! Let’s go!”

Our group split up and filed into the limos. One girl who I hadn’t met yet that wouldn’t be in our limo piped up and said, “Can Desmond come with us? He’s so freaking cute, and you keep him all to yourself in your room!”

She squeezed me against her hip upon hearing the girl say that. I wanted to say that I could handle myself, but it was hard to get a word in edgewise when everyone was two feet taller than me.

“He’ll be at the party just the same as you, Charlotte.” She ushered me into the back of the limo, making sure I was in safe.

“Lucky,” I heard Charlotte say. Apparently, I was more popular with the girls at Volleyball House than I even knew.

Jackie squeezed into the limo next to me, pushing me up against the girl next to me. I was in a girl sandwich. After giggling gleefully at my plight, she said, “Oops, are Becky and I crushing you, Dessy?”

“Heh, a little.”

She scooped me up and laid me in her lap. Becky chimed in, saying, “I would do anything to be able to sit in any guy’s lap like that. There’s something about being small. Not that I’d want to be as small as you, but damn, that looks comfy.”

“I admit that I do enjoy this part of being tiny,” I said.

There were four other girls in the limo, one of which was Faith. I wasn’t totally sure of the other three girls’ names.

Soon enough the engine revved and we were off to D.C. to some ritzy club, no doubt. I wasn’t totally sure of where we were going, but it didn’t really matter.

During our ride, Jackie introduced me to the other three girls. Their names were Gabby, Eve, and Ava. Since we were a group filled with people who were on the extremes of the size spectrum, height came up in our conversations. Gabby was a pale skinned, 5’11” brunette with a slender figure. Eve was the shortest on the team at 5’6”, which she said often earned her slight teasing from her teammates. But from what I could tell, the teasing didn’t bother her too much. And finally, Ava was on the shorter side too, at 5’8”. Ava had the distinction of being the most muscular girl on the team. Just judging from the muscle definition in her arms, she definitely could’ve arm-wrestled me into submission when I was normal sized. Now, forget it, she would probably slam my arm through the table. It was a group of quite intimidating women for a guy as tiny as I was.

The conversations soon veered over to focus on me, and Ava asked me the obvious question of, “How tall are you.”

“3’10”. I used to be 5’0” though.”

“Damn, that must be a punch in the gut,” Eve said, “I don’t know what the hell I’d do if I got that small. I’d be out of a volleyball scholarship. That’s for damn sure.”

“I don’t know if I’d be able to hit a volleyball over the net from the server’s line,” I said.

“I think I know,” Becky said, which got everyone to laugh, even Jackie.

The normal me may have fought back against that, but I had better things to focus on. Like how Jackie’s breasts felt as I laid back into them. Pillowy soft, yet strong and virile. Laying back against them was enough for my dick to wake up in my pants. And more height talk wouldn’t alleviate a boner, it would only add to it, so I tried to change the subject. My voice didn’t carry far, so I waited for the opportune moment to interject.

“So, girls! I have to know. Who here in this limo is the best at volleyball?”

Predictably, that caused an eruption of shouting. One would say “I’m the best.” Another would say, “Are you kidding, I’m way better than you.” I was a master at diversions.

Unpredictably, when Jackie yelled over all of them to say she was, in fact, the best, everyone pretty much agreed.

“There you have it. Your girlfriend is the best at volleyball. Lucky you,” Jackie said.

“Hold on, wait a minute,” Faith said, “I’m definitely a better server than you. That’s indisputable.”

“Hey, you’re probably right. But I’ve been working at it, and I’ve been getting better, right? Tell ‘em Faith.”

“Yes, she has been getting better, but only by learning from the master, which is of course, is muahh!”

It was nice to see another side of Jackie. She wasn’t a fully independent creature. She had mentors and friends that she looked to for guidance, one of which was Faith. Sometimes, she acted so motherly, it was hard for me to remember that she too was a freshman in college still figuring out her path in life.

The conversation didn’t stay on volleyball for much longer. These girls ate, slept, and breathed volleyball, so it was only natural for them to want to talk about more fun and interesting things when it was their night out. And apparently, a fun and interesting thing for Gabby to talk about, was my dating life prior to meeting Jackie.

She asked with a shit-eating grin, “Did you date anyone in high school? And were they all taller than you?”

I must’ve hesitated quite a bit on answering that question because seconds after it was asked, Ava jumped in and said, “Oof, it seems you two haven’t had the ‘ex talk’ yet.”

Gabby appeared remorseful for asking the question. I couldn’t see Jackie’s facial expression, but I couldn’t imagine her being very happy with the present topic of discussion.

“I’m sorry,” Gabby said, “Should I not have asked that?”

“Naw, they’re gonna have to have this conversation sooner or later. Why not now? Please tell me Jackie’s the tallest girl you’ve dated,” Faith said.

She wasn’t wrong. It would’ve come up eventually, and if I didn’t address it now, I would appear even more suspicious. So, I answered the question.

I told them that I dated two girls prior to Jackie. I dated a girl named Wendy for a short time in ninth grade, and I then I dated a girl named Jessica for an even shorter time in senior year. Jessica was my date to the prom, and we were dating for pretty much only that reason. Once that was over, we broke up almost immediately. Prior to Jackie, I told them, I hadn’t had a super serious relationship.

“But were they taller than you?” Gabby asked again.

I begrudgingly nodded and said, “Wendy was like 5’4”, and I think Jessica was 5’6”. So yes, both taller than me.”

“Was it like, an issue in the relationship?” Gabby continued her line of questioning.

“For Wendy, yes. My friends actually dared me to go ask her out, so I did, and I stood on the step above her on the staircase. So, I was a little bit taller than her there. And to my utter surprise, she said, ‘Sure’.” So, I picked her up to go to a movie, and that was when she noticed the height disparity. I remember her saying, ‘You are really short, aren’t you?’, and I was just like, ‘I’ve never really thought about it’.”

The girls laughed at that attempt at being funny. I truly was a hit with this crowd.

“So, we went out on like one or two more dates after that, and she dumped me. We stayed friendly after that, but she made it clear that she couldn’t date a guy shorter than her.”

“What about Jessica?” Gabby asked.

“Oh, Jessica, right. Yeah, it honestly never came up. I asked her to the prom on a whim, and she said yes. So, we hung out a few times, we went to the prom together, and that was it. I don’t even know if it was fair to call us boyfriend and girlfriend, honestly.”

I really hoped Jackie wasn’t hating me right now. I explained myself the best I could, and really, from everything I said, it should’ve been clear that I was basically a novice at dating. One relationship I had was spawned out of a dare, and the other was spawned out of a fear of missing the prom. Neither one of those girls were serious to me. Hell, I probably didn’t even talk to them every six months. Neither of them even knew I was shrinking.

Finally, the burden was taken off me and shifted over to Jackie. One of the girls asked her how many guys she’d dated. And I was hoping the number would be small. I knew that was a little sexist of me in a way, but that was the way I felt regardless.

“One,” she said.

Whew, just one! That was better than I suspected!

“You’ve literally only dated Carter? I would’ve sworn a girl as hot as you dated around a bit,” Becky said.

“Nope. It’s just been Carter,” Jackie said.

Ava chimed in and said, “Well I haven’t even heard about this guy. Deets, girl, deets!”

“We dated on and off as freshmen, and then we were serious for the rest of high school. We didn’t always see eye to eye on everything.”

Faith interrupted, “Is that literal?”

“Yes, actually. He and I were the same height roughly in freshman year, but then over that summer I had an unexpected growth spurt, putting me at the glorious 6’9” I am today. He was 6’3” or something like that.”

That immediately made me wonder why she went for me in the first place. A six-inch height difference was one thing. Almost two feet was another. What did she see in me that day in the dining hall when we first met? I wonder what it was that caught her eye.

“Was he fine?” Eve asked.

“You tell me,” Jackie said, suddenly reaching for her phone and scrolling through her pictures. I got a brief glimpse of the guy before she turned the phone away from me and to her friends. He had brown hair and had muscles. His face was good. Most would probably say he was handsome. And the girls definitely thought he was because there was a collective session of oohing and aahing when they saw the pictures.

I didn’t love Jackie flaunting pictures of her ex while I was with her, but I kept my mouth sealed. It wasn’t that big of a deal because she was with me now. Not him. But it still gave me pause. Why was she showing off her ex with such pride when her current boyfriend was sitting on her lap?

As she was showing yet another picture of them together, somebody asked why they broke up: a question I too wanted the answer to.

“He and I were going to different schools, you know, the usual story. He actually wanted to try the long-distance thing, but I said no. I told him that if we were both single at the end of college, I would entertain striking it up again, but that’s not going to happen. Dessy and I are going to go the distance.” She rubbed my head lovingly.

Jackie willing to start the relationship again after college worried me a bit because if she were willing to do that, it had to mean that she at least had some lingering feelings for this guy. I wasn’t the super-jealous type, well, at least I thought I wasn’t. I was feeling pretty jealous, and I’d never even met this guy, Carter.

And her saying that she thought she and I were going to stay together seemed like a throw-away line. It seemed like she was just saying it to ease my nerves.

Before I could extract any more information about Jackie’s ex, we arrived at the Four Seasons Hotel. It was all brick on the outside, and I was informed that it was indeed a 5-star hotel. Jackie was sparing no expense.

When we got inside the banquet hall, I noticed several things. There was already a decent amount of people there: somewhere around a hundred, and I suspected more were coming. There were about twenty tables, each of which sat ten people. There was also a live orchestra playing classical music. I wasn’t normally into classical, but the orchestra was very good. And I made an educated guess that good live orchestras weren’t cheap.

I also noticed that the servers were flocking to me, making sure I was properly stuffed with hors d’oeuvres. They all bent down, were extremely personable and offered me anything and everything I wanted: bacon wrapped shrimp, tiny tacos, mini quiches, meatballs. I was thoroughly enjoying myself. Then, all the servers came out with champagne as we were mingling, (well, Jackie was mingling; I was just following her lead) apparently not caring how old we were. I always thought champagne tasted like piss, but I choked down my whole glass anyway. I needed to loosen up a bit.

Jackie approached a woman and a man whom I didn’t know and introduced me. They were the Fitzpatricks. Mr. Fitzpatrick was an oil and gas magnate, although I didn’t catch what company he worked for. His wife, Mrs. Fitzpatrick was a Wall Street executive. These were the exact types of people I didn’t know in my previous life. Apparently, now I was supposed to know how to schmooze with them.

“Desmond, we decided to come immediately when we heard about your ailment. It’s just so awful,” Mrs. Fitzpatrick said.

“We just want you to know that we did everything we could to get a bright young man like you through college,” Mr. Fitzpatrick.

I turned my polite mode on and got to work.

“Thank you, Mr. and Mrs. Fitzpatrick. You don’t know how much I appreciate all of you coming tonight. I couldn’t have done it without her though,” I said, motioning over to Jackie.

“She is a fine young woman.” The man then leaned down to say, “She’s a keeper, pal.”

“You got that right,” I said with a cheeky smile.

And on and on it went. People would say how bad they felt for me, and they said they were glad to be there. It almost sounded like a script.

While mingling, Jackie caught her parents’ eye. She excused us and we walked over, allowing me to meet them. Standing in front of them, it was clear where Jackie got her height from. Both of her parents stood well over 6 feet tall, although her mother appeared quite a bit taller with her heels. Jackie outgrew both of them though. She got her wickedly long legs from her mother and her strength from her dad, who I could see was a large man. I wouldn’t have been surprised to hear that he was a linebacker.

I had to reach straight up to adequately shake their hands, and by the look on their faces, it was awkward. The mom and the dad both told me to not call them by their last name but to call them Mary and Nick respectively. Before I had a chance to say anything meaningful to her parents, her dad asked a question I suppose he didn’t really want the answer to.

“Are you really dating him, sweetheart?”

Jackie didn’t appreciate that, and immediately asked him, “What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Nothing, it’s just that, he’s pretty small. It must be difficult to bridge that height difference.”

“Sometimes, it’s difficult. But it’s totally worth it.” She rubbed his head.

Her mother, seeing that Jackie was getting incensed at her father, decided to hype me up. The way it came out wasn’t necessarily music to my ears, but I took it.

She bent down so I wasn’t staring straight into her hip. “Nick, he’s such a cute boy. Even if he’s getting smaller. Have you seen doctors about this?”

“Yes, I have. Unfortunately, I’m patient zero. They have no idea what to do with me or how to cure this disease I have. It’s bizarre.”

“It really is,” Mary said, touching the outline of my body, studying my frame, “I mean, a full-grown man as tall as yourself would be considered a midget, but you’re really aren’t a midget. You are perfectly proportional. I didn’t think something like this was possible.”

“I don’t think anyone did. But it happened.”

“Have you considered wearing shoes with lifts?” Nick joked with me.

For a second, a slight rage simmered inside me, but instead of getting pissed, I decided to indulge him. “I have, but around your daughter, I don’t think it would do me any good.”

That got her parents to laugh heartily. Nick, who was at best ambivalent towards me, and Mary, who was simply obsessing over my size were both laughing with me. It was important that her parents liked me. And so far, I wasn’t doing a terrible job.

“Ok, guys,” Jackie cut our laughter short, “It’s getting close to eight, I have to go up and do my speech. Why don’t you guys go sit down at your table?”

“Ok, sweetheart. I know you’ll do great! Come on Desmond, follow me to our table!” Mary eagerly led me to the table. When we got there, she didn’t hesitate to carry me up onto my chair. She even spun the chair around while I was in it, so I could face Jackie’s podium. We were right in front of the stage.

Jackie came out onto the stage and waved into the crowd as they clapped for her. Under the bright lights on the stage, she looked even better. Some people just gravitate toward the spotlight.

She began with the pleasantries and the social niceties. You know, the boring stuff. But to her credit, she kept that part short. She articulated my story in great detail, telling the crowd that she and I met as humble students in the dining hall, and now just two and a half weeks later, she was putting on a fundraiser for me. She said, “If that doesn’t show you how amazing of person Desmond is, I don’t know what will. In a mere two weeks, he has become such an important part of my life. He impacts everyone he meets. He is great guy, and we all wish him a speedy recovery.”

The crowd clapped and cheered. Then she got onto the main point of the speech.

“But we’re not here today to miraculously cure Desmond, even if we wish we could. But as I’ve informed all of you, a certain portion of the money we’ve raised here today will go towards paying for his medical expenses, should he incur them. What we are here to do, is help him through one of the toughest times of his life. If he is to be truly successful in this world, he needs a college degree. And thanks to all of you, he’ll be getting that college degree in just under 4 years.”

Once again, the crowd burst into applause. I looked back to see them all putting their hands together for me. It felt good, as much as I hated to admit it to myself.

Then she said the thing I was hoping she wouldn’t.

“Desmond,” she called my name over the microphone, “Would you like to come up and say a few words?”

I shook my head at her from my seat. The volleyball girls way in the back started chanting, “Speech! Speech! Speech!”

After the sixth or seventh chant, I succumbed to the pressure and hopped off my seat to go give an unplanned speech.

The stage was about three feet in the air, which made it a bit hard for me to climb up. So, Jackie had to walk up to me and lift me up. Knowing I wouldn’t be able to reach the microphone atop the podium, she simply kept me in her arms and held me in front of the microphone.

For a second, I was speechless. But then it came to me.

“Thank you all for coming. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate all your generosity. It’s making all the difference. Also, I would be remiss if I didn’t thank Jackie, my girlfriend, who put on this whole thing. I wouldn’t be here without her. I also wouldn’t be able to reach this microphone without her, so thanks for that too, I guess.”

The crowd laughed. I actually made a crowd laugh! And it was such a substantial laugh that I actually had to pause in what I was saying for good few seconds.

“Jackie really is a wonderful person for doing this for me. It’s probably the nicest thing anyone’s ever done for me actually.” I turned to look at her, and she smiled. That earned a collective “aww!” from the crowd.

“When I began shrinking, I went back home from college. And I took a chance coming back here from my hometown of Gloucester. I’m starting to think my gamble paid off. Thanks everybody! And have a great time tonight!”

The crowd clapped and clapped and clapped as Jackie cradled me in her arms while she walked back to our table. While we were still in sight of everyone, she kissed me on the forehead. The crowd erupted again into cheers, and we finally sat down.

Shortly after our joint speech, dinner was brought out. It was beef with roast vegetables and cheesy potatoes. It probably would’ve been delicious when I was bigger, but I’d started to notice that most food tasted bland to me. Apparently, my shrinkage was messing with my taste buds as well.

Besides, there was only one thing I was hungry for. And that was Jackie. I wanted nothing more than to get out of that stuffy ballroom and pay the $600 or whatever it was to get a room and have sex with her. Every time I looked at her that desire grew inside me, even though I knew it was wrong.

Somehow, I was still boggled by how huge she was compared to me. If I stood on top of my chair, I still wouldn’t be taller than Jackie sitting down. Her arms were almost twice as long as my legs but even more than twice as thick. Her forearm alone probably had the same reach as my entire arm. Not to mention, her legs were now almost as thick as my entire torso.

In the back of mind, I sat there debating myself. Do I just say, ‘fuck it’ and try to have sex with Jackie? Do I tell her how I truly feel about her? Or do I listen to reason? Do I listen to my mother, and begin valuing my own health above everything else?

A familiar fear kept rearing its ugly head in my mind. What if this is my only chance to have sex? Tonight, certainly seemed like the night. Emotions were high, Jackie was in the most drop dead gorgeous she’d ever been, I was looking like a 3’10” stud in my showstopper tuxedo. But would it be the only night?

On some level, I knew this was an irrational fear that all virgins had. Jackie was clearly attracted to me, and I was attracted to her. Well, I was more than attracted; her appearance crippled my resolve, my character, and my ability to speak cogently. But I knew deep down, that there would come a time, perhaps when I figured out was happening to me, when Jackie and I could have sex without any consequences (except the ones nature had designed). I didn’t know when that would be, and my ability to say no would only erode over time. So maybe if I had sex with her just this once, the power my virginity had over me would disappear. Then, I could swear off sex until a cure was found for my shrinking.

Unable to keep my inner monologue silent anymore, I discretely took out my phone. I opened my messages app and began a new message to Jackie.

Wanna get a room here? I wrote.

I stared straight ahead and waited for her to realize that her phone went off. Then I remembered that it was in her purse, and she wouldn’t be likely to hear it if she didn’t check it. The easiest way to get her to check was to whisper to her, but that would’ve been impolite. So, I brought up a new topic that would necessitate her to check her phone.

“I’m curious, since you’re a volleyball player in the NCAA, are you the tallest player in the country? Look it up.”

“Oooh, I have to fish through my purse. Let me find it,” she said.

Contrary to my plan, her dad stepped in, “No worries, sweetie. I’ll look it up. I’m actually just as curious as Desmond is about this.”

With her dad now tapping away to find the answer to my question, Jackie ceased looking for her phone. After about thirty seconds, her dad had the answer.

“Wow. She’s the tallest alright. The closest rival you have is a girl from Stanford who’s 6’8” and half.”

I had the tallest girl in NCAA volleyball as my girlfriend. That fact in and of itself was remarkable, but I was so sex crazed that I couldn’t really appreciate it at the time. I had to find a way to get her to check her phone. The conversation continued as I pondered as to what my next move would be.

A little while later, her mom decided to show me a selfie picture of Jackie and her seven-year old-cousin named Emily. Emily was wallowing way down in the frame, while Jackie dominated the picture.

“Hey, you know,” Jackie said, “Desmond might be the same height as Emily now.”

Even though it was a bit embarrassing, I decided to add on to the conversation in hopes that Jackie would finally take out her phone and see my message.

“Jackie, you know, we took a similar picture to you and your cousin’s. We should, um, compare.”

“Hey that’s a great idea,” her mom said, “I want to see them side by side.”

Finally, Jackie reached into her purse, and after some digging, she found it. Of course, the first thing she saw on her lock screen was my text message of, ‘Wanna get a room here?’ She shot a furtive glance at me and smiled.

“Let me find the picture of me and Desmond.”

My phone vibrated in my pants. I couldn’t wait to see what she said, so I discretely pulled my phone out of my coat and glanced at it from above the table.

She wrote, ‘You read my mind’.

Another message came in as I was reading the first.

After I find the pic of us, I’m going to go the ‘bathroom’, and when I’m back, we’ll have a room


I responded quickly.


You are one of a kind

And I topped it off with a kissy emoji.

The comparison between the two photos would’ve been more embarrassing if I hadn’t known I was going to be in the same hotel room as the tallest, most beautiful woman I’d ever seen. Sure, it was embarrassing to listen to Jackie’s mother poke fun at me for looking smaller than a seven-year-old girl, and it was embarrassing to hear Jackie and her father laugh along with her. It didn’t matter though. I achieved something amazing, despite my size. I was flying higher than ever, even if I was shorter than ever.

Little did I know; I hadn’t achieved anything yet. There was still another trial I had to pass. Dancing.

The MC for the night welcomed everyone onto the dance floor in the middle of the room, and to my chagrin, Jackie jumped up at the invite.

I asked, “Am I dancing?”

“What do you think?”

Before I could ask her about getting a room, she darted away, and it was my job to keep up with her. I tried to run before I was even on the ground, almost falling out of my chair. Luckily, I caught myself and sped after Jackie, pushing my way past throngs of people. Well, more accurately, I was maneuvering around people’s legs. Finally, I caught up with Jackie who was standing right smack dab in the middle of the dance floor.

I jumped up and pulled her arm to try and get her attention. Alas, she was ignoring me on purpose. She was trying to listen to what the MC was saying to hype up the crowd. I was hyped up but not for dancing.

Before I could even share my objection to dancing on a dance floor filled with people two feet taller than me, I heard the beginning riff to “Twist and Shout” come on. People started swaying their hips, jumping, and moving all about the dance floor. I began to fear what would happen if someone crashed into me.

“Stay close to me!” Jackie shouted over the lyrics.


She grasped my hands and flung me around like she was a puppet master. She even twirled me around like a little lady. That was when all the volleyball girls swarmed the dance floor.

Faith crouched down quickly. “You’re a good follower!” she said before popping back up to dance with her friends.

All of sudden, Jackie yelled down to me, “I want to see your face when we dance!”

She bent down and hoisted me up until we were equal heights. Of course, my body ended at her waist, whereas her legs continued all the way to the floor. She gave me a toothy grin, as she continued stepping with me in her arms.

When I heard the lyric, “You know you got me, goin’ now! Just like I knew you would!”, Jackie raised me even higher in the air, and I was looking straight down at her cleavage. It was mesmerizing. But luckily, she twisted me around the other way, just as the song suggested. From roughly eight feet in the air, I watched the volleyball girls and everyone else twisting and shouting. It was a view I wasn’t accustomed to, but it was a view I could get used to. I could see all the women’s cleavage and the bouncing asses from far above.

Midway through the second verse, Jackie pulled me closer, and gazed at me with her beautiful blue eyes.

“Never thought I’d be taller than everyone else,” I joked.

“Well, don’t get used to it,” she laughed, as she put me back down to the ground. I was immediately reminded that I was pussy height.

Is she mocking me? She’s mocking me!

“Hey!” I shouted up to her, but it was no use. She was laughing too hard at my tininess to even care about what I was saying.

Then, I felt someone bump into me, almost knocking me straight to the floor. I turned to see it was Charlotte, the girl who wanted me to come in her limo.

“Is your meanie girlfriend making fun of you?” she asked playfully.


“Wanna dance?”

“Umm,” I hesitated.

“Come on!” she pleaded.

“Fine!” I shouted, “Only until the end of this song!”

Before I knew it, I was two feet off the ground in the arms of Charlotte, a raven-haired girl with a blue dress. I guessed her to be six foot two, but she had the features of a petite girl. She had a cute little button nose. Her mouth and lips were small. Her cheekbones were high. By any definition, she was a catch.

Jackie quickly realizing that her friend snatched me away from her, inserted herself between the two of us.

“Did she steal you away from me, Dessy?”

“Kinda, yeah!”

“As long as he’s back with me for the next song, he’s all yours Char!”

“Yayy!” Charlotte celebrated.

With Jackie gone, she began shaking me around in her arms. It was a little off-putting how easy all the girls could manhandle me with ease.

Let’s just say, the song Twist and Shout had an entirely new meaning for me after this dance. It used to mean twisting and shouting. Now it meant getting lifted up and having my entire body twisted while everyone else shouted.

The rest of the time I was on the dance floor, my feet never once touched the ground. I was passed around from girl to girl, and they would do as the pleased with me. Jackie wasn’t even keeping a close eye on me. She must’ve really trusted them if she let every single girl on the team hold me. When it was Vicky’s turn to dance with me, she let loose. She threw me in the air twice, and when Jackie saw her about to do for a third, she took me from her arms.

“What’s wrong, Giraffe? Was I being too rough with him?” Vicky asked, clearly being totally sarcastic with Jackie.

“Yes!” Jackie said emphatically.

“He isn’t a baby. He can handle himself.”

With me still in her arms, Jackie leaned down over her captain, and said, “He’s my boyfriend. I’ll decide what he can handle. Got that?”

Vicky responded with a shrug, which enraged Jackie to no end.

“What’s that supposed to mean?!” Jackie shouted.

“Calm down, Giraffe. I won’t do anything with him that you don’t approve of.”

I could tell she didn’t like being called ‘Giraffe’, but she had to pick her battles and wisely, she held her tongue for the time being. It wouldn’t have been a good look for her if she got into full on physical altercation with the captain of the volleyball team in front of all her parents’ rich donor friends.

Jackie simply stormed off the dance floor with me in her arms and placed me on the table so we could talk more face to face. I say ‘more face to face’ because we weren’t quite face to face, even with her sitting in her chair and me sitting on the table. I was eye level with the middle of her neck at best. But it certainly was easier this way.

“I’m sorry about Vicky, she can be a real bitch,” she apologized.

“It’s fine, Jackie. She’s just trying to get under your skin.”

“Well congratulations to her, because she’s done it!”

“Don’t worry about it. I can handle Vicky.”

“What makes you say that, Desmond? Is the fact that you’re stronger than her? Oh wait, no. She could bench three of you. What makes you think you can handle her?”

She had me stumped. I couldn’t think of a single honest retort.

“Exactly,” she said, “Don’t underestimate Vicky. Be a docile little boy around her when I’m not around, ok? Just do what she says and don’t get her angry.”

“I’ll do that.”

The MC came on the speakers announcing that it was the last song. She held out her hand to me, gently letting me down from the table, so we could head to the dance floor together. It was a slow song. Something I didn’t know. But it seemed to get Jackie in the mood. She held me up off the ground just like before, so we could look into one another’s eyes.

The way she was looking at me made me forget how unorthodox our relationship was. She gazed longingly at me, as if we were still in the courting process. She was infatuated with me, as I was with her. That lovesick look was soon replaced by a look of hunger. She brought me in for a hug as the song end and peppered the nape of my neck with kisses. She came back around kissed me on the lips several times. She licked her lips, having trouble holding back and maintaining a veneer of respectability.

Jackie had to say goodbye to every single guest which delayed our trip upstairs to our room. By the hundredth goodbye, she was practically kicking people out the door. Her parents lingered around until the end and said goodbye to both of us. The volleyball girls were the last to leave, and Jackie had to explain to them why she and I weren’t getting on the limos with them.

“We rented a room,” she said.

“Ooooh, is something going down tonight?” one of the girls asked.

Jackie blushed and said, “Maybe,” in the cutest way imaginable. She was the most confident person I knew, yet she was acting all shy about sex. Every little thing she did made me want her more.

“Let me know how it goes,” Faith said as she walked past into the lobby.

Charlotte, the girl who stole me away from Jackie on the dance floor, kneeled down and said to me, “Tell her to be gentle with you. Snu snu with an amazon is no joke, sweetie.” She cracked up and walked out along with the rest of her teammates.

With all the obstacles to our lovemaking out of the way, Jackie and I made a mad dash to the elevator. Well, more accurately, she made a mad dash while I was confined to her hugging grip.

Our room was on the top floor, and as the elevator rocketed to our floor, we were ferociously pawing at each other. The animal-like attraction I had for Jackie was reciprocated. She was massaging my dick through my tuxedo pants and practically eating my face. Even though she was able to control her lust better than me, there was a strong lust in her. Now that there was nothing stopping her lust from bubbling to the surface, we could lose both lose ourselves in the other.

Jackie dashed into our hotel room, with me still in her arms, and slammed me up against the wall, kissing me feverishly. We were the same height now, except my feet were dangling where the tops of her thighs were. It was still amazing to me how her legs went another two feet down when mine stopped right where they were. 

In between smooches, she said, “I need…you…to do…one thing…for me.”

“What? What? I’ll do anything,” I said as clearly as I could with my mouth being engulfed by hers.

She pulled her face back to look me in the eyes. I could tell right away that this was going to be a serious request. Joking time was over.

“I want you to block and delete those two girls from your phone that you dated in high school.”

Shocked and frozen, I stared at her with a dazed look. She hadn’t even flinched when I mentioned my exes in the limo ride. I thought she was totally cool with my past dating life. Where did this sudden change of heart come from?

“What? What do you mean?”

“I mean block and delete them from your phone. Pretty straightforward, don’t you think?”

I attempted to explain myself further, “Jackie, I didn’t date either one of these girls seriously. I went on like two dates with Wendy, and I went to prom with Jessica, a girl I had no feelings for. They mean nothing compared to you. I promise.”

“That’s great, Desmond. Since you claim they mean nothing to you, this should be even easier for you. Delete them from your phone.”

I looked back at her and did nothing. I didn’t pull my phone out. I didn’t say I was going to do it. This seemed like an insane request, so I didn’t do it. At first.

She let the silence marinate for a few seconds, and then she grabbed my dick with a crushing amount of force, “If you don’t delete them from your phone, Desmond, this will be the last time I ever touch you. Don’t push me.”

That was all the motivation I needed. I barely talked to Wendy or Jessica anymore, so what was the harm in cutting them off completely for sex? Without another moment of hesitation, I pulled out my phone, and let Jackie watch as I blocked and deleted both girls from my phone. And once they were gone for good, she released her painful, talon-like grip on my cock.

I thought about asking her to delete Carter from her phone, but I had a feeling that bringing her longtime ex-boyfriend into the mix wasn’t a great idea. I trusted my gut

In a much calmer tone now, she asked courteously, “I think you know the consequences of sex. Are you sure you want to do this?”

I was done hemming and hawing. Each choice seemed crappy, but me being the horny guy I was, I chose to have sex.

“Yes! Yes, I do! I don’t think I even care anymore. And after this one time, it’ll be the last time, until we find a cure for my shrinking.”

“That’s what they all say. ‘One time, and I’ll be satisfied’. If we have sex, you’re signing on to getting smaller. A lot smaller.”

“How much smaller?” I asked, as if she knew.

“I don’t know, Desmond. But it’s safe to say that you won’t lose just a couple of inches. Are you ok with giving up a lot more of your height? More of your freedom?”

“Fuck it! I want you so bad! I can’t live like this anymore.” I paused, realizing what I was saying. I was about to throw caution to the wind and have sex even though I knew what it meant. So, I asked her, “Have I lost my god damn mind?”

She quickly responded, “No, little guy. In fact, you’re making more sense than ever. I agree, who wants to live a life without proper, healthy release once and a while?”

“Right! If I lose some more height, what’s the difference? I’ll still have you to take me to class and help me around the house. I’ll still have a good life. I’ll just be…smaller.”

“A lot smaller,” she corrected.

“Yes. A lot…smaller,” I said, trying to hide the terror from my voice.

She touched my dick again, this time not with anger or insecurity, but with lust. I jumped at her touch, which showed my sexual inexperience.

She laughed at my nervous demeanor. “No need to be so jumpy, Dessy. I know you’re about to have sex for the first time but keep it cool. Girls like confidence in guys. Even shrunken ones.”

“How did you know it was my first time—”

“Girls know.”

Without another word, she let go of me, letting my body slide between her and the wall. She deftly controlled my movement down toward her mountainous cleavage. As my face inched closer and closer to her boobs, she just stared at me; probably getting off on the fact that I was unable to look away from her assets.

“Ready to make the plunge?” she asked.

“Ready, willing, and able.”

Apparently impatient with the slow pace she had chosen for me to slide down, she backed herself away from the wall, causing my face to fall right into her boobs. The smell alone was enough for me to get off to, but I focused on my breathing, not wanting to cum early.

Jackie walked parallel to the wall, dragging me across it. My face was the only thing that was in contact with her body. The rest of my body hung limp, as she walked every which way with my face pinned by her tits.

“Do you like this, Dessy? Do you like that my boobs are strong enough to keep your entire body from falling to the ground? Do you like that my boobs are bigger than your head?”

When a muffled ‘yes’ came from me, she accurately said, “I’m asking silly questions, aren’t I?”

I said another muffled ‘yes’, and she didn’t take too kindly to that. She backed off completely from the wall, allowing me to fall straight on my ass.

She knelt down and wrapped her hand around the nape of my neck. “You weren’t supposed to say ‘yes’ to that.”

“I know,” I attempted to be confident, just like she said before.

“Oooh, getting cocky, are we? I like that!” She got close to me with her face. Close like she was going to kiss me. Instead, she whispered directly at my mouth.

“As long you know who’s really in charge, I’m fine with it. I like it even. Be a cocky little shrunken man for me!”

I certainly wasn’t expecting to have to act dominant in any fashion, but my expectations were subverted.

“As long as you know that this,” I said gesturing at my whole body, “is what you’ll be handling tonight, you’ll be ok.”

“Enough talk, little man. Upsie daisie!”

She grabbed me by my collar, and threw me across the room, landing straight on the king bed. Apparently, her desire for me to be cocky took a backseat to her desire to utterly embarrass me with her strength.

She stood over me while I oriented myself after being casually tossed five feet. I craned my neck to look up at her.

“I’m going to go into the bathroom to get undressed. You better be butt-naked by the time I come out of there.”

The moment she turned from me to go to the bathroom, I started ripping off every article of clothing I had on. I began by flinging my tuxedo jacket away and ended by unfastening my pants and getting out of my underwear. A minute later, per her request, I was completely naked and shivering with excitement and anticipation. My dick was already hard at the thought of her completely nude. There was no going back now. I had accepted my fate as a tiny, and Jackie would be the one to usher in my irreversible transformation.

Chapter 14 by johnbart37
Author's Notes:

Desmond finally gives in to his desires despite the overwhelming consequences. Jackie enjoys dominating her little boyfriend, and they share some intimate time together in their hotel room.

Chapter 14:

I stood on the bed butt-naked, just as Jackie demanded. That was becoming a common theme. She demanded, and I carried out her demands.

Two minutes later, she emerged from the bathroom with her luscious blonde hair down. To my utter dismay, she was still wearing her maroon lingerie. She must’ve seen the disappointment in my eyes because she immediately squeezed my cheeks and mocked me, saying, “Awww, is the little guy upset that I’m not naked like he is?”

Standing on the bed, I nodded.

“Don’t worry. I will be naked soon enough, well that is, if you’re strong enough.” She sat down on the bed with her back to me, still almost a head taller than me.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“Undress me.”

I scoffed. How hard could it be to unhook a bra strap and pull down some panties?

She had me start with her bra, but it was so tight that I could barely budge the hooks from their current position.

“Having trouble back there, Casa Nova?”

I quickly thought of an excuse. “No, no! Just, um, savoring the moment.”

And she didn’t really buy it. “Hmmm, interesting. Well, I’m done savoring, Dessy. Get it off.”

“Ok, ok!”

With all my might, I pulled both straps the opposite way, hoping they would snap off. Again, I failed.

Without warning, her hands shot back and grabbed my hands. She made me take hold of the hooks once again, and with her strength behind me, the bra came off.

She turned around and said, “See that wasn’t so hard, right little guy?”

I said nothing, beholding the glorious sight in front of me. Her breasts were impossibly round and high up on her chest. They were close to the same skin tone as the rest of her body, which made me wonder if she sunbathed in the nude. Her nipples were perfectly symmetrical, assuaging all my fears that she had fake tits. She had all-natural, size Out-of-this-World boobs.

“Can I touch them?” I asked.

“I was waiting for you to do that,” she giggled.

I lightly, and ever so gently touched both of her breasts with my hands. I caressed the top halves of her boobs, getting a feel for their smoothness. I also immediately noticed how fantastically dense and firm they were. I pressed inward with a fair amount of force (for me) and my fingers popped right back up.

I was amazed with how firm her breasts were, even though they were so comfortable to have my face buried in. But what I was truly amazed with was their size. Their size was further put into perspective when my hands were touching them. My palm wasn’t even big enough to cover her nipples, let alone cover the entirety of her breasts. I truly didn’t know any more if this ungodly size imbalance was due to me being so fucking small, or if it was her immensity.

My thoughts weren’t that complex in these moments though. All I could think was, I want to fuck these tits so bad.

Seeing that I was in another one of my trademark boobie trances, Jackie grasped my chin and turned my attention to her face.

“I’m glad you like my boobs, Desmond. But if you stare at them all night, we’re not going to get anywhere.”

Embarrassed, I apologized, “Right. Sorry.”

“No need to apologize. I’ll turn around again so you can focus a little more.”

She turned around, but I could still see the outer curves of her boobs peeking out from her toned, muscly back.

“Now, I want you to take off my panties.” She stood up, giving me a world class view of her ass. It was respectable. It wasn’t even close to as enormous as Audrey’s. But it was tight, and oh so beautiful.

Before I could lose myself in the sight before me, I hopped down off the bed, cracked my knuckles and readied myself. Her panties looked form-fitting, which wouldn’t make them easy to just pull off. I wondered if she was wearing undergarments that were a size too small, just to make it difficult for me to pull them off.

About as tall as her butt, I actually had to reach upwards to pull down her panties. I slid my hands down the back, grabbed a handful of the fabric and yanked downwards. I didn’t think anything could be harder than taking off Jackie’s bra; I was wrong.

As soon as I pulled, I lost grip of the fabric, and my hands were trapped between the fabric of her panties and her ass. And I don’t mean ‘trapped’ in the superficial sense. No, I was stuck like an animal lured into a trap with a piece of watermelon. In this case the ‘watermelon’ was her ass and the ‘trap’ was her panties.

To my chagrin, Jackie took great pleasure in this. She began spinning around the room with my hands halfway down her panties. I would’ve expected to come free, but I stayed firmly where I was, spinning around with her. I never thought being intimate with Jackie would resemble going on a carnival ride.

“Are you sure you’re tall enough for this ride?” asked Jackie as she spun me around. Evidently, she saw the parallel to a ride just like I did.

“I fucking hope so.”

Sensing I was getting a bit annoyed, she finally stopped twirling around the room, which gave me a moment to gather myself. My hands were still stuck where they were until she conveniently pulled them out.

“Here, we’ll do this together.”

Just like with the bra, she took her hands in mine, and guided me in taking off her remaining undergarment. It was amazing how much easier it got when I had her strength to work with.

She slid her panties down painfully slow, keeping her gash out of view for as long as humanly possible. And I knew it wasn’t because she was shy. She was a tease. And I loved that.

Then, we hit the point of no return. A simple shift of her legs inward would cause her panties to drop, and in turn, her pussy would come into view.

Suddenly, she did just that. Her panties were in heap around her feet, and her pussy was right there staring back at me, glistening with pre-wetness. I wasn’t the only one in eager anticipation.

From this moment on, there was no more talking. I started slow and found the clit with my finger. Her emphatic moans confirmed my discovery. After only half a minute, she begged me to use my tongue. With both of us standing upright, I only had to bend down a few inches to stick my tongue in. I slowly lapped at her pussy, until I could feel her growing impatience. I quickened the pace ever so slightly, and she squeaked a moan of absolute pleasure. Just that squeak alone caused me to start leaking.

Before I knew it, my tongue was getting exhausted. But she kept saying “faster, faster, faster!” Each time, I was less confident I could quicken my pace any more. Unsatisfied, she grabbed my head, and shoved my face nose deep into her vagina.

“Ohhh!” she yelped.

I tried to tell her that I couldn’t breathe, but it was no use. She was in the clouds. This was when I went all out on her clit, stabbing it with the tip of my tongue, slapping it, sucking it. I needed her to orgasm now, or else I was in danger of choking on her damn fluids.

“Oh, oh, ooooh! Desmond! You’re…amazing!” I heard her saying. And then, even more forcefully than before, she said, “Keep fucking going!”

I went in harder than ever, not knowing how long I could keep up this insane pace. My vision was blurring, and I was getting massively lightheaded. With all the strength I had, I rotated my head so I could suck in some air. Unfortunately, that hindered my ability to lick her G-spot. And she noticed.

“Did I say stop?!”

Without getting even a sip of air into my lungs, I was thrust back into the wet cavern that was my girlfriend’s pussy.

“I…can’t…BREATHE!” I screamed.

“Dessy, I’m so close! Just keep going! Fuuuck…”

I didn’t know if she didn’t hear what I said, or if she didn’t care, but either way she wasn’t letting me out until I licked her to orgasm.

Over the next thirty seconds, several things occurred. First, my tongue cramped up; something I didn’t think was possible. But I guess with overuse, anything can cramp. Second, after my tongue was out of commission, I just started grinding my face into her pussy. Up and down, side to side, in circles, quick movements, slow methodical movements. I did whatever got the best response.

“Oh Dessy! Ohhh, that’s so…fucking good! Oh, oh, OHH!” was her response.

Third, my air was quickly running out. When I began to see stars, I knew my window of staying conscious was closing fast. I kept up the face grinding, hoping the slow leaking of her juices would finally transition into the waterfall I was trying so hard to coax out.

Fourth, my head felt like it was detached from body. I forgot that I had arms, legs and a torso. It was like I was only a mouth with a respiratory system. It was the first out-of-body experience I’d ever had.

Fifth, she screamed louder than I’d ever heard her scream. It was primal and vulnerable at the same time. And a moment later, the dam exploded, and the waterfall I was yearning for finally came. She exploded into orgasm just as I was about to give up and fall to the ground in exhaustion. 

She squirted, so my face was instantly drenched in Jackie’s juices. She finally let my head out of her pussy for a moment, and I gasped for air, sucking in as much as I could. It turned out it was good decision, because she shoved me right back in during mid-orgasm.

“Lick me! Lick me! Oh, Dessy! Fucking lick me!”

Back in her pussy, I had no choice but to swallow her juices. Even still, I couldn’t swallow fast enough, so much of it leaked out the sides of my mouth and down my shoulders. The fluid came out so fast and in so much volume that I couldn’t even get my tongue out of my mouth to lick her.

“I said…lick me! What the hell are you doing!”

She tilted my head up to look up at her. The sight was nothing short of fantastical. Her belly-button smiled down at me. It was an innie. She was the only girl gorgeous enough that I could get lost in the beauty of her belly button. My eyes climbed up her golden waist, tanned and toned to perfection. I could see droplets of her juices on the undersides of her breasts, demonstrating the forcefulness of her orgasm. I could see her face from the eyes up. Her tits were so huge that I couldn’t see the majority of her face, which almost made me sad knowing how beautiful the rest of her was. Her ocean-blue eyes lasered down on me, and my euphoria was broken when I met her gaze. My overwhelming sense of jubilation was replaced by a growing fear of what she was going to do for directly disobeying her directive to lick her.

The fear I had for Jackie made me want to talk her down from whatever punishment she was considering for me. I opened my mouth and tried to speak, but all that came out was a loud wail and a flood of tears.

I collapsed and began crying into the puddle of Jackie’s juices that had formed on the ground. I uncontrollably gasped and wept as I retreated into the fetal position. I closed my eyes and awaited Jackie’s wrath.

But it never came.

She sat her naked ass next to me and ran her hands through my wet and sticky hair.

“I’m sorry I pushed you too hard, Dessy. I’m so so sorry. I didn’t care about your sexual inexperience. All I wanted to do was get off, and I wasn’t thinking about what you could handle. Clearly, we’re going to have to build you up.”

Still sobbing, I managed to get out, “Build…me…up?”

“Yes. We’re going to have to train you in eating me out. And as you get smaller, the training will have to get more rigorous.”


“Yes, little guy. As you inevitably shrink down further, my pussy will be bigger, stronger, more intimidating to you. You’re going to have to build up your endurance. Eventually, you’re going to have to be able to hold your breath for minutes on end.”

“Minutes?” I was hyperventilating at this point.

She made me look at her, getting very close to me. “Relax, Dessy! That’s way down the line. You don’t have to worry about holding your breath for that long yet. Only when you get small enough to, you know…well, fit inside me.”

Still breathing fast, I was beginning to freak out. This was too much for me. I could handle being this height or even a little smaller, but being small enough to be a literal dildo was too much.

“Jackie, I can be this height. Or even a little smaller. But this is going too fast. I can’t—I can’t do this!”

She lifted me into her lap and smooshed her tits around my body. My dick twitched when she closed me into this boob sandwich.

“Desmond, I know you’re scared. I would be too if I was in your position. But don’t deny your desires. I can feel your cock poking into my stomach right now. And I bet you feel smaller than ever right now. Stuck in between my boobs. You think there’s a correlation there? When I make you feel small, you love it. Admit it.”

My eyes darted away sheepishly.

“You don’t have to say anything, Dessy. I know you love being my shrunken little boyfriend. But tell me, what are you scared of? I want to know.”

I looked back up at her and tried to find a way to say what I wanted to say.

“I- I—just,” I stammered, “I like where I’m at now. I don’t want to shrink down to a size where I can’t do normal things. I like being, uh, dominated by you. I’m afraid that if I get too small, I won’t ever be able to have a ordinary life again.”

Jackie thought over my answer for a second. She looked back down at me, jostled me in her tits, and kissed me on the forehead.

“I adore you, little guy. But I don’t buy that explanation. An ordinary person would’ve gone home with his mother to cure his shrinking disease. Instead, you stayed with me, which was against what any sane person would’ve advised you to do. You aren’t looking for an ordinary life, Dessy. You’re looking for an extraordinary life. And what’s more extraordinary than having a giantess girlfriend?”

I couldn’t refute a single thing she said because it all rang true to me. I did want this. I did want to shrink away into Jackie’s arms. I did want to get shoved into her pussy. I did want to use her boobs as a trampoline. I did want to climb locks of her hair like they were vines. But I was still confused.

“Then why am I having second thoughts?” I asked her.

“I think you’re scared. I think you’re scared that if your life changes that it will get worse. I can assure you, Dessy, you’ll love being small.”

“How do you know? How do you actually know for sure?”

She squeezed my cheeks lovingly, muzzling me in the process.

“Do you trust me?”

I nodded.

“Shrinking will be the best thing that ever happened to you. My body will be your vacation getaway. Your oasis. Your heaven. Because when you get small enough, you’ll always be with me. You won’t have to worry your pretty little head about anything anymore. All you’ll have to focus on is your unquenchable sexual desire for me.”

That sounded nice. Actually, it sounded better than nice. It sounded like a dream: the best wet dream in the world. Only, it would be real. And there would likely be no room for anything else. Friends, family, and school would become distant memories.

“Jackie, that sounds like a dream.”

“You say that like it’s a bad thing,” she said.

“It’s not a bad thing. I’ve been daydreaming about being tiny every single day. But it’s a dream. Are dreams supposed to be real?”

“But if it’s your dream, and there’s a way to achieve it, why wouldn’t you?”

“I don’t know, Jackie. I just don’t feel…ready. Do you know what I mean?”

“Yes. I do. If you’re not ready, we’ll go as slow as you want. We’ll fit you with a chastity belt, and when you’re ready to fuck me and shrink, I’ll let you out.”

Jackie proposed the only real solution to my fears, but it just seemed hollow. I didn’t want to shrink, but I also didn’t want to be sexually frustrated.

“Jackie, I don’t want to do that though,” I whined.

“Nobody does, little guy. But that’s the only way you’re going to delay the shrinking process, and you know that. If you really feel that you’re not ready to shrink any more, you’re going to need to stop having orgasms.”

“I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place,” I said.

“You’re actually stuck between two giant boobs, but…”

“Yes, that too. That’s where I’d rather be stuck.”

Jackie let out an exasperated sigh. And for good reason. She was expecting to have a night of sexy fun, and I was derailing that. I was waffling between two hard choices, and that didn’t exactly make for an entertaining night.

“Can you make the decision for me?” I asked, “Sex or chastity. I can’t fucking choose.”

“As crazy as this may sound coming from me, I feel like this is something you have to decide for yourself, Dessy.”

“Hey, listen, I know I’m boring you, but—”

“No, you haven’t been boring me, Dessy! I know this is hard for you. I just wanted to tell you that. Now what were you saying?”

“I was saying that we could make this interesting. Let’s play poker. If I win, I choose what I do. If you win, the choice is yours. And I promise I’ll stand by whatever you decide.”

She lifted me out of her tits and sat me back down next to her on the ground.

“That is certainly an interesting idea. But I don’t know, Dessy. Are you sure you want to play poker with me? I’m pretty good.”

“Hey, you know what? I changed my mind. We can play poker another night. Tonight’s special. Let’s get in the bed.” I made a snap decision.

“Are you saying you want to…?” she trailed off.


“Right now?”


“Right here?”

“I’m starting to wonder who’s more excited about this,” I joked.

She stood up to her full height and pulled me into her body. She let out moans of pleasure and fulfillment.

“I thought I was the tease here,” she said, “but you really had me thinking that we weren’t going to fuck at all tonight. You little tease, you!”

She flipped me upside down, held me by my ankles, and dangled me above the bed.

“Does it turn you on that you could never hold me like this in a million years?”

“Yes. So much, goddess,” I slurred, staring at her navel upside down.

“Does it turn you on that my fingers can go around your ankle almost twice over, but your fingers wouldn’t even go around my ankle?”

“Yes. Yes!”

“Does it turn you on that your legs are ten times weaker than just one of my arms?”

“Yes! And if you keep saying all this stuff, I’m gonna cum!”

“Weak little boy. He hangs on his goddess’s every last word. And if she says just the right thing, she can make him cream himself. Oh, boo hoo!”

“Oh my god, Jackie. You’re so fucking hot. You’re gonna make me shrink down to nothing!”

“Let’s get started with that then, shall we?”

She dropped me headfirst on the king bed, and then she crawled up onto it seductively, like she was a predator and I was her prey. As she got closer and closer, I found myself lowering down, cowering in front of her, until I was lying flat on my back and she was on all fours on top of me. Her tits hung from her chest, swaying inches from my nose.

With no warning, she dropped herself right onto me. Her boobs came down right on my head. The way they bounced and squished and conformed to the shape of my body drove me nuts with angsty lust. With her giant orbs of womanly flesh right in my face, I couldn’t help but imagine sliding my dick between them. They were so giant, in fact, that they were in Jackie’s face too. I was beginning to wonder if her boobs were always this big. I remember noticing her boobs the first time I met her, but I never remembered her boobs being this big.

“If you want to fuck me, I think you’re going to have to be on top. I don’t want to kill you with my boobies.”

She raised herself just enough, so I could talk and so she could tease me with her boobs.

“Wouldn’t be the worst way to die,” I said.

“No, it wouldn’t,” she said as she rolled over on her back next to me, “Take me, my little stud.”

With no more second thoughts, I got up and started rubbing my dick on her pussy. Unable to kiss her on the lips when I was going down on her, I kissed her boobs instead. They tasted of sweat and vaginal juices, and I loved it. When kissing wasn’t enough, I transitioned to licking them. She seemed to like that, but she wanted more.

“I want you inside me, Dessy.”

Suddenly realizing that I didn’t have any protection, I asked her if she had condoms.

“I’m on birth control. Just go!”

I shouldn’t have taken her word for it, but I was already so hopped up on pheromones and sexual angst that I would’ve believed any excuse she offered up.

I grabbed my cock and positioned it right above her pussy. I slid in and a moan of satisfaction immediately escaped my lips. Her pussy hugged my cock tighter and tighter as I plunged it deeper.

“Oh god,” I exhaled heavily. Having sex for my first time, I was overcome with how good it felt. When I was confident that I wouldn’t immediately explode if I moved the wrong way, I wrapped my arms around her thighs and quickened the pace of my thrusts into her.

“Don’t go too fast,” she said.

I slowed down again, but a few moments later, I found myself speeding up.

“Dessy, you don’t have to go fast right from the start. Build up to it.”

“O-Ok, J-Jackie…”

“Are you gonna cum?”

“Maaaybe,” I said.

“Let it happen.”

“Are y-you…close?” I asked.

There was a palpable hesitation from her. And her answer wasn’t encouraging.

“It’s been…only two minutes,” she said.

No need to be so condescending, I thought.

I tried to slow down to a more rhythmic pace to last a little bit longer for her. Lasting any longer was super difficult considering my present circumstances. The vastness of the woman I was trying to be intimate with, was mesmerizing to say the least. Her legs stretched all the way to the end of the bed, and her head was all the way up at the headboard. She was easily five times heavier than me, and her boobs alone were likely a fourth of my entire body weight. She belittled me simply by existing. No words had to be spoken. It was innate.

“You’re so huge. I can’t believe it,” I babbled as I fucked her.

“You’re so tiny. And I’m starting to believe it.”

I was ready to cum. I wanted to explode inside her. So, I got her to repeat herself.

“Say that again. Say I’m tiny. Tell me how fucking small I am!”

She obliged, “Dessy, you are a shrimp. So tiny. So itty bitty. So, so small.”

At this point, I was practically stabbing her with my dick. I wasn’t trying to last anymore. I was reaching for ecstasy. She, on the other hand, was rooting for me to shrink.

“Shrink for me, Dessy. Shrink! I want to watch you dwindle into my little, itty bitty, teensy-weensy, tiny little plaything! Shrink! Shrink!”

I no longer needed incentives to cum and in turn, shrink. But it wasn’t really about me, I suspected. Getting her to tell me how small I was, turned me on. Her raving about how small I was about to get, turned her on.

Unable to hold on any longer, I shot my load straight up her pussy. Jackie squealed with satisfaction and my orgasm was stronger than anything I’d ever felt, reverberating throughout my entire body. Every muscle I had tensed up, and I collapsed into her, laying my face on her stomach. I enjoyed complete bliss for a good while, as my face bobbed up and down with every rise and fall of her diaphragm. My bliss though, was soon replaced with a nervous anticipation for what inevitably came next.

“That was good, Dessy. Really good. I got so hot near the end. I just can’t wait to see you get smaller.”

Still recovering from my earth-shattering orgasm, I just laid there trying to catch my breath. But then, an annoying thought kept poking at me from the periphery. I was about to literally shrink and get weaker in my girlfriend’s arms, but as a man, I was still concerned about my sexual prowess. I wanted to know if it was as good for her as it was for me.

“Did you, um, cum too?”

“I got really close, Dessy. Really close. It felt amazing, don’t worry about it.”

“Damn it,” I whispered to myself inaudibly.

Jackie got off the bed and beckoned me to join her. She was standing upright.

“I just wanna lay here,” I whined.

“Well, don’t you want to see what it’s like to shrink right in front of me? I bet that’s one of your little fantasies, Dessy.”

“Yeah, but I pass out every time I shrink.”

“Maybe it won’t happen this time. But I’ll hold you just in case.”

I rolled off the bed onto my feet and stood in front of Jackie. At that moment, I was exactly level with her hip. Not for much longer though. She placed her hands on my deltoids and squeezed a bit, so in case I passed out, I wouldn’t crumple to the ground.

“How much do you think you’re gonna shrink, Dessy poo?”

What kind of a question is that?

I mustered up a response anyway. “I don’t know, what do you think?”

“Come on, party pooper! You wanted to make this fun before. Here’s my idea. If I guess closer, then you will have to cook me dinner one night this week.”

“What?! That’s nuts! I’m already too small to do that with those giant counters in your kitchen,” I protested.

“Then you better guess right! Because if you do, you avoid chef duties, and you get to fuck my tits next time.”

My mouth hung open. It was like she read my mind for the past hour. All I wanted to do get my skinny little dick in between her heaving breasts.

“Oh yes, Desmond. I picked up on the fact that you haven’t been able to keep your eyes off my magnificent tits. You thought I didn’t notice?”

Not hearing a word she said, I just looked straight up at the undersides of her breasts. I imagined her squeezing her tits around my dick as I just plowed them back and forth. I imagined her boobs soaking with lube, bouncing as I did my thing. And I imagined shooting a load right onto her neck, drenching her in the process.

She snapped her fingers in front of my face, whipping me back into reality.

“So tit boy, what’s your guess? How many inches do you think are evaporate into thin air, never to be seen again?”

She truly had a way with words. The way in which she described me shrinking struck deep at my heart. The idea of inches evaporating into the void, never to be seen again was terrifying. Nonetheless, I swallowed back my terror for the moment and offered up a guess. It was the highest number I was slightly comfortable with.

“Five inches.”

Jackie chuckled, presumably because she thought I was wrong.

“That’s all? Nah, I think it’s gonna be way more than that. I think you’re about to lose a whole foot.”

“No way.” I shook my head in disbelief.

“I guess we’ll see who’s right in a moment,” she said with a wry grin.

I felt my stomach lurch, but this was unlike anything I’d ever felt before. If I had to describe it, it was like falling on one of those drop towers they have at boardwalks. Except I wasn’t on a ride, and I wasn’t anticipating any drop. If Jackie hadn’t been holding me up, I most certainly would’ve fell from the sheer force of whatever had hit me.

“Oh my god! You’re getting smaller! Right in front of me! This is just…amazing!” she shouted in a giddy outburst.

I was so preoccupied with the aftermath of the incredible falling sensation I’d just had that I didn’t even notice. Then, I looked. I couldn’t see anything different. Then, I got the falling sensation again. This time, I was paying attention, and I saw Jackie’s body rise up in height. One second, my shoulders were above her crotch and the second, they were perfectly level.

“There it was again!” she said, “Did you see that?”

“I felt it—whoah!”

The lurching feeling came once more, a feeling I knew now was indicative of me shrinking further. I watched as I got closer and closer to the floor, and Jackie’s face went further and further up. I stared intently as I slowly got shorter than even her legs. I shrank and shrank and shrank until I was staring right into the middle of her thick, meaty thigh. A thigh, by the way, that was the same width as my shoulders.

In fact, I was so short now, that Jackie had to bend down into almost an “L” shape just to keep her hands on the sides of my shoulders. 

“Your legs…”

“What are you tryin’ to say, little guy? What’s the matter? Tall girl got your tongue?”

She was partly right. Her the beauty and utter massiveness of her leg got my tongue. And it was just one leg that I was staring at in awe. There was still another leg that I would have to handle. At this point, I was so small that her legs felt like they were full-fledged person. Just a single one of her legs would be an adequate wrestling partner, and it would be a tough match too.

“You’re so beautiful, Jackie.” I looked up at her.

“And you mister, are so handsome.”

In a moment of pure adoration, I inched forward and hugged her. Well, I hugged her leg. That was the best I could do now. And even my best was quite pathetic; I couldn’t even wrap my arms fully around the entire diameter of her thigh. I desperately squeezed and stretched what little muscles I had left, but I didn’t even come close. I started pouting and whining, realizing I wasn’t even big enough to hug a girl’s leg.

“Awww, you’re so cute when you pout.” She peeled me off her leg like I was a child clinging to her and hoisted me up onto her hip with one arm, with my face resting on her boob. “Are you sad that you can’t reach around my leg?”

Unable to look at her, I nodded sheepishly.

“Let me tell you something,” she said, “You are good enough. You’re good and handsome and funny at any size. In fact, you get even more handsome and cute as you shrink. There’s no need to feel inadequate, Dessy. I love you at any size.”

She loves me? I thought.

I panicked. I didn’t know what to say to that. I knew what I felt in my core, but I didn’t know if I should tell her my deepest emotions.

But then, I scolded myself internally. I couldn’t lie to her.

I raised my head over my boob and looked her in the eyes, “I…love you too, Jackie. At any size.”

Her face softened and her cheeks flushed red with hot passion. Her smile melted my heart, and she pulled me over and laid me stomach-down on top of her boobs.

“Desmond, you’re gonna make me cry,” her voice cracked.

I panicked. “Why?! Did I say something wrong? I’m sorry!”

She sniffled and wiped a tear from the corner of her eye. Then, she laughed.

“No, no, no! Dessy, you just made me the happiest girl in the world! I can’t even describe how happy I am to know that you love me.”

She cradled my head and brought me to her lips. One thing I noticed immediately was that her lips felt substantially larger and thicker than ever before. One of her lips was equivalent to both of mine. Kissing Jackie was an all-encompassing experience that got me in the mood every time without fail. The way her tongue just filled my mouth always made my dick shoot up. And that was why after several minutes of the hottest make-out session in my life, I had to pull away.

“You’re gonna make me cum again, Jackie. Please, have mercy on me,” I breathed heavily.

“Do you want to cum again for me, Dessy?”

She was asking dangerous questions, because if she was persistent enough, there was no doubt that she could get me to cave.

“Not yet. Please don’t be disappointed. I know that you love it when I shrink right in front of you.”

“I do love it,” Jackie said, “But I want us to enjoy it together. If you’re not ready, my love, you’re not ready. I won’t ask again.”

She brought me in for another peck on the lips, and then squeezed my butt. I yelped, not in pain, but in surprise. But I immediately liked her new expression of intimacy.

“I wish I could grab your butt,” I said.

“Do you want to?”

“Oh, more than anything.”

“You’re quite short now, we’ll just have to see if you’re tall enough get a good handful.”

She put me back down to the floor and turned around, presenting her ass in its full glory. My head came to the underside of her ass cheeks now, a fact that Jackie squealed in laughter about.

“Go on, Dessy. Squeeze it. Feel it. Get lost in it.”

I reached up straight up as high as I could and was pleasantly surprised with my range. I took my hand and gave her left butt cheek a playful slap.

“Oooh, that a hurt a little, Dessy,” she said.

“Really?” I asked, excited that I perhaps still had some untapped strength.

“If by ‘hurt’ you mean it felt like a toddler swatting me, then yes.”

She picked and chose when she wanted to be nice and when she wanted to be mean. Right now, ‘mean’ was winning the night.

Amazingly though, her ass was that amazingly perfect that I was able to ignore her mean-spirited gibe. I began massaging her butt, kneading into the soft flesh like it was dough. I was so enamored with her ass and so frustrated that I couldn’t stick my whole face into it, that I climbed her leg like it was a pole and clung to her as I rubbed my face all over every crevice of her behind (every crevice that I could reach, mind you. I had climbed up her body on the left side, so her right side pretty much off-limits).

My face was now drenched her sweat, her vaginal juices, and my own sweat. And I loved it. I loved the feeling of being soaked in her bodily fluids. I loved the smell that constantly worked its way into my nose. I was intoxicated by her very presence.

“You are like a little monkey. Climbing me like a tree,” she said as I dove face deep into her butt crack.

Then she said something that genuinely shocked me. She said, “Let go of my body, Dessy, and stick your face all the way into my butt. As deep as you can go.”

I was nervous of falling, but I did exactly as she told me. I burrowed my face as deep as I could possibly go, which was quite deep actually. My head totally disappeared in her ass, and all that was left hanging out was my body from the neck down.

All muffled, I heard her say, “Now let go!”

I let go, just like she said, but fully expecting to fall to the ground. Not so. I stayed right where I was. The pressure on my head increased threefold because Jackie was clenching her butt to keep me from falling.

I hung there, totally helpless and unable to move. If I tried to escape, I would likely just tire myself out and lose consciousness in seconds. So, I remained motionless, focused on my breathing and enjoyed being neck deep inside the ass of the woman I loved.

I realized that this sexual experience was unlike anything any other guy would ever experience. Nearly choking on a girl’s pussy juices and hanging out of a girl’s butt was something no guy, to my knowledge, had ever truly experienced. And in that sense, I was happier than ever before. In a way, I was special.

All these thoughts occurred in a matter of several seconds. Specifically, they were the few seconds before I passed out.

I woke up lying flat on the bed, and I opened my eyes to see Jackie looking down on me with her face stricken with worry.

“Are you ok?” she asked.

“Yeah, I’m more than fine, actually. How many guys can say they’ve passed out with their face buried in their girlfriend’s ass. Not many.”

She laughed, locks of her hair bouncing from around her ear and falling down to graze my face. “That’s true, Dessy.”

“You know, I just want you to know that you beat me to it,” I said.

She squinted in confusion, “Beat you to what?”

“Telling me how you felt. Tonight, was going to be the night that I told you, well, that I loved you. I thought about it for such a long time, obsessing over how I should tell you. And then you just, said it first. I really want you to know that I didn’t say ‘I love you’ because you said it first. I said it back because I really do love you.”

She smiled warmly and her eyes were wet, “Dessy, you’re gonna make me cry again.”

“Give me a hug, Jackie.”

She lifted me off the bed with the strength of four running backs, and nearly squeezed me into a paste.

“I love you Desmond! I love you so much!”

“I…love…you…too,” I croaked under the pressure of her arms.

Thankfully, she eventually calmed down and placed me back on the bed. She crawled up next to me and laid down. We both stared up at the ceiling, knowing that if we gazed into one another’s eyes for too long, I would end up even smaller. Then, all of a sudden, she said, “The night is young, Dessy. Should we get something to drink?”

“Like what,” I asked.

“Like vodka,” she said.

Knowing I would regret what came next, I still said, “Yeah. Some vodka would be good.”

“I knew you would be down to get frisky with me, Dessy poo. Let me call down to the front desk, and we’ll have it in no time.”

Our night of sexy fun had just begun.


Chapter 15 by johnbart37
Author's Notes:

Jackie has a new surprise for Desmond, something that will keep his orgasms at bay, so she can control his shrinking. They take a shower together and sexy mishaps ensue.

Chapter 15:

The day after the party was rather uneventful. I threw up in the toilet from too much alcohol, we ordered breakfast to our room, then checked out. We went back to Volleyball House where she measured me to be a mere 2’11” tall, which meant I lost the bet. I would have to cook for her that week.

After she playfully rubbed it in my face, we cuddled and whispered sweet nothings in one another’s ears for the rest of the night.

The next day, something came in the mail that I wasn’t expecting. The package was addressed to Jackie, but she made me open it in front of her. She even allowed me to use a pair of scissors.

I cut through the cardboard, removed the packing peanuts, and reached inside the box, only to find what looked like a stainless-steel thing with a lock on it.

“What is this?” I asked.

“Are you kidding? It’s a chastity device, dingus!” she laughed with glee.

“Um, what?” I was flabbergasted.

She condescendingly bent down in front of me to explain the situation like I was a child. She took the device out of my hands and showed me what she was going to do with it.

“I’m going to put this on your cock, and it’s going to stay on permanently. You only get to take it off when we have sex or when you’re taking a shower.”

“But, but why?”

“Because, you’re smaller than my leg now, sweetie. And I want to regulate how fast you shrink. You’ve already proven that you don’t always have the best self-control. Remember? You almost creamed yourself just by looking at me in my dress.”

“I know but, I’ll be better. Please don’t do this to me, this is gonna be torture,” I whined.

“Oh, stop being dramatic. It won’t be ‘torture’. It’ll be…slightly uncomfortable.”

She struggled to hold back a snicker after she said that. Obviously, I didn’t find this situation as funny as she did.

“I’m not sure I like that you’re getting pleasure out of this,” I said.

“Come on, it’s kinda funny. I’m in charge of your orgasms now. That’s pretty hilarious!” she said, still half-laughing.

“Can we please not do this?” I reiterated.

“Your goddess has already made her decision, Dessy. Are you going to go against your goddess?”

She raised her eyebrows, daring me to defy her. I was too chicken, though.


She almost looked disappointed that I didn’t resist a little bit. Perhaps, she was looking for a flirty little confrontation.

So, I reversed my decision in the moment to give her what she wanted. “You know what, forget that! I’m not wearing it!”

I came to regret that.

She talon gripped my crotch, squeezing my balls into oblivion, and carried me with one hand all the way to our room.

“Mmm, you still have fight left in you, Dessy.”

“What are you doing?” I squeaked in terror.

“Punishing you,” she giggled.

I broke down. It was combination of the pain and fear of what she was going to do next.

“Please!” I screamed, “I’ll wear the chastity thing! Just please stop!”

“Hehe, it’s too late little guy. You disobeyed your goddess. Five spanks. I think that’s fair.”

I panicked, remembering back to when my sister spanked me. It hurt so bad. My ass was tender for two days after. And Jackie, from what I could tell, was way stronger than my sister.

“Please, please! Don’t spank me, I’ll cook for you two nights this week!”

No response. So, I upped the ante.

“Three nights!”


“Every night this week!”

That got a reaction. She put her hand up to her mouth, squealing with joy. She was getting off on the fact that she could make me do anything she wanted.

“Ok, are you sure?” she asked.

“Yes, yes! Just please don’t spank me. It hurt so bad when Amanda spanked me.”

A naughty smile danced across her face. My heart sank.

“What if your goddess wants to spank you though?”

I felt tears coming, but I suppressed them. I wanted to retain some semblance of strength in front of my girlfriend.

“Could we maybe not do five spanks?”

“Four,” she said.

“Three,” I said.

“Ok,” she put her hand up that wasn’t crushing my ball sack, “Three spanks, and you only have to cook for me one night this week. Just like we originally planned.”

“Ok, but can they be gentle?”

“Maybe,” she couldn’t stop grinning.

“What do you mean, ‘maybe’?”

She sat down on the bed and laid me over her bare legs. Before I knew it, my pants were flung to the other side of the room; I was naked from the waist down. With gleaming enthusiasm, she explained the little game we were going to play.

“I’m going to flip a coin, and you’ll call it. If you guess right, then I’ll spank you with tender love and care. If you guess wrong, I’m gonna make that little bootie of yours redder than a beet!”

“Oh god,” I exhaled nervously.

She flipped the coin and ordered me to call it midair.

“Uh, heads!” I shouted.

I had no way of knowing what the side the coin would land on because her hand was above me. She could’ve just lied and spanked me with all her might all three times if she wanted to.

“Heads,” she reported.

I was pleasantly surprised. She wasn’t going to lie.


I let out a tiny yelp. It stung a little, but just like she said, the slap was with tender love and care. She rubbed my ass with her hand, soothing the pain centers. As she massaged and kneaded my butt cheeks, I almost forgot that I still had two more spanks ahead of me. It didn’t take that long for her to remind me.

“Time to flip again, little guy.” Her hand came away from my ass and I heard the sound of the coin getting flipped in the air by her thumb.

I silently panicked. Do I change my guess to tails? Do I stick to heads?


The coin landed in her hand, and she slapped it onto her wrist.

“Heads!” she exclaimed, “Good guess, honey!”

She wasted no time and spanked me once again. This spank was noticeably harsher. I gritted my teeth on impact and groaned. She immediately seized on my anguish and taunted me a bit.

“Oooh, did that hurt? That wasn’t even the hardest I could go.”

I decided to goad her on a bit. I only had one spank left, and I was prepared to take a really hard hit if I pissed her off.

“You’re such a bitch,” I mumbled.

She grabbed the back of my neck and swiftly flipped me onto my back so I could see her face. Everything about her suggested that she was furious. Her brows were furrowed, her eyes were squinted, her mouth was puckering with rage.

“What did you say?” she snarled.

“Um, nothing, goddess. Nothing at all. It was, um, stupid,” I babbled.

“What…did…you…say…to me?” She grabbed my shirt and lifted me by the collar, so I could look her in the eyes. My feet dangled several feet in the air; I was at her total mercy.

I closed my eyes. I was on the verge of tears, and I couldn’t bear to see her this furious with me. I was terrified. “I didn’t mean it, I’m sorry! Please don’t hurt me!”

When she said nothing, I winced, bracing myself for the worst. Then, with my eyes still shut, I could feel her shaking. I opened my right eye ever so slightly, and saw that Jackie was laughing.

“I’m not mad at you, little guy! It’s all just roleplay!”


“Yeah, roleplay. Like it’s not real. We’re pretending.”

I couldn’t help but be a little confused. She never mentioned that we were ‘roleplaying’ until just now.

“Why didn’t you just tell me that?” I asked in earnest.

“Well, because, it would’ve taken away from the realism. It wouldn’t have been as intense.”

I sighed. “Jackie, you scared the shit out of me! Next time you want to roleplay, please let me know. And next time we’re gonna have a safe word.”

“Ok, ok!” she relented, “If you insist! But you do have one more spank left. Do you want to try your luck?”

I didn’t want to, but her eyes pierced into my heart and begged me to take another vicious slap to the ass. Her puppy dog eyes won the day.

She set me back down on her lap, ass up, face down. The flip came sooner than expected, and in seconds, I blurted out, “Tails!”

“Oooh, honey, I’m afraid you guessed wrong. It’s heads. Who would’ve guessed that our first president would be staring up at me 3 times in a row?”

I took a few deep breaths, trying to ready myself for what was coming. I squeezed Jackie’s thighs as hard as I could, digging in with my fingernails, hoping to god this wouldn’t be as bad I as thought it could be.

“Are you ready, Dessy? ‘Cause this is gonna hurt.”

“I think—owwwwww!”

She whacked me mid-sentence. I was totally caught off-guard. There was no count-down, no nothing. My whole ass stung like a bitch, because at this point, Jackie’s hand sprawled even larger than both of my butt cheeks. So, when she spanked me, my whole butt felt it at the same time. There was no spot that was safe from her hand’s wrath.

And my butt wasn’t the only part that felt it. In fact, the pain snaked upward throughout my whole body. The hot agony reverberated throughout all my limbs and metastasized in my mouth. She hit my ass so god damn hard that I felt it in my tongue and my teeth.

With absolutely no conception of the scale of anguish she just caused me, she asked, “Are you ok, Dessy.”

At this point, my face had collapsed into her thigh. More than a few deep breaths were needed to give me the ability to even respond.

After few seconds passed, she reiterated her concern for me. I knew if I didn’t respond soon, she would get worried. In lieu of speaking, I gave her a thumbs up, even though I was nowhere near ok.

“Ok, Dessy. Are you sure you’re ok?”

The pain in my mouth had subsided for the most part, and I was able to talk with minimal gravitas.

“Y-Yeah, J-Jackie. I-I-I’m ok-k.”

“You don’t look or sound ok. Your face is bright red. So is your ass,” she laughed momentarily before getting back to her point, “I think I might’ve hit you too hard.”

Thank god, she’s not entirely oblivious, I thought.

“Y-Yeah, maybe,” I concurred out loud.

“Yikes,” she said, “That was less than half as hard as I could hit ‘ya. You’re getting real weak, I think I need to be more gentle.”

“Y-Yeah, maybe,” I said again.

“Do you want to cuddle again?”


“Under one condition.”

I knew what was coming. I just nodded.

“You need to wear the chastity device.”

“I know,” I said.

She fitted my cock with the metal contraption. At first, it was cold, so I jumped.

Once it was firmly on, and she had yet to lock it, Jackie asked, “Are you ready to begin your first week of celibacy?”

“A week?”

“Yes. Every Sunday, I will unlock this, and we’ll do boyfriend and girlfriend stuff.”

“Heh, ‘boyfriend and girlfriend stuff’ you say?” My interest was piqued.

“That’s right! But you’ll be doing exclusive ‘girlfriend’ stuff for me throughout the week. Stuff your little dicky won’t get to take part in.”

I knew exactly what that meant. That meant more time spent with my head halfway up her pussy choking on her fluids.

Am I dreading sexual contact with my girlfriend? I asked myself.

I dreaded sex that didn’t provide me any direct gratification. What man wouldn’t? She must’ve noticed the dejected look on my face because she tried to reassure me.

“Dessy, you’ll begin enjoy pleasuring me sooner than you think. I know that right now it seems overwhelming and scary, but you’ll come around. Trust me on this one.”

That was the end of our conversation on that topic. When your goddess tells you to “trust her”, you trust her. And that’s what I did.

The day after the insane spanking roleplay fiasco was Monday. I was awoken to the sight of Jackie in her fluffy red robe, peppering my nose with kisses. Since I couldn’t do much of anything on my own anymore, she had been waking me up for a shared morning routine.  

We entered the bathroom together. Too short to pee standing up, she lifted me onto the toilet seat to pee sitting down. When I was done, she transferred me onto the bathroom vanity, handed me my toothbrush, and we brushed our teeth in unison. Even standing on top of the vanity, my head barely cleared her shoulder. As I hopelessly gaped at the ridiculous size difference between the two of us, a jaw dropping sight damn near made me faint with joy.

Her robe was bursting at the seams. She had it tied at her waist, but it was struggling to keep her boobs from popping out. I could see the fabric getting pushed to the limits. Second by second, the red fluff of her robe stretched wider.

Are her tits growing?

I scolded myself for thinking up a scenario so silly and far-fetched. Then again, I was shrinking. Was it so far-fetched for my girlfriend to be growing? No, no. I wasn’t ready to believe it.

And just when I’d concluded that it was indeed in my head, her boobs exploded out of her robe and sent a devastating rip through the fabric. Her tits overflowed her robe like waves overcoming an insufficient levy, and I was the idiot standing in front of the levy.

Her breasts slammed into me and sent me flying into the vanity mirror. Luckily, she caught me before I fell or hurt myself even worse.

“Dessy! Are you alright? I’m so sorry!”

I didn’t hear a word she said. I was mystified by her boobs apparently growing bigger right in front of me.

“Jackie, did your—boobs just grow?”

“What? Are you kidding?” she asked.

“I don’t know!” I said frantically, “I was looking at you, and your boobs were expanding! Are you telling me I’m hallucinating in addition to shrinking?”

Jackie pulled me into her breast flesh that was now out in the open. They rubbed against my locked-up cock, and it immediately twitched to life. I groaned, knowing that being fully erect inside the chastity device would hurt.

“Calm yourself. I’m pretty sure I would know if my boobs were growing, Dessy. And if they are, so what? I think we know for a fact that you like big boobs.”

“Yeah, but,” I tried to say. Her boobs grinding up against my whole body was distracting me. My dick was steadily growing bigger, upping the discomfort.

“But what?” she asked playfully.

“What if I infected you with whatever I have?”

She laughed, “If I got infected by you, wouldn’t I be shrinking?”

“I don’t know, maybe it affects girls in the opposite direction,” I theorized.

Jackie hugged me closer, sending my now completely hard dick careening down into the depths of her soft, inviting cleavage.

“If you infected me, and it’s making my boobies grow, all I have to say is thank you.”

She kissed me, smearing my whole mouth with the toothpaste that was still on her lips. I kissed her back, not caring one bit.

Without ceasing our kiss, Jackie clasped me against her supple curves as we seamlessly transitioned into the shower. In fact, I barely even noticed we were moving into the shower, because when she turned on the water, I recoiled from our epic kiss in shock.

“Hey, give me some warning next time!”

“It’s just water, ya wimp! Get over it!”

She and I laughed as we both gradually got wetter. Jackie eventually put me down so she could crouch underneath the shower head to properly wet her hair. I sometimes missed my old height, but I was sure I never wanted to be cumbersomely tall as she often was. It didn’t appear like she cared at all though.

The way we did showers was different than the way I assume most couples shower together. I always imagined that couples probably take turns applying soap to one another and take frequent breaks to indulge into one another’s bodies.

We certainly indulged in one another’s bodies, but we didn’t even have to clean each other. Like a symbiotic organism leaching off its host, I simply stood in between Jackie’s legs as she washed her body and waited for the soap to cascade gracefully from her body onto mine. She called it ‘secondhand soap’.

While I stood underneath her, I massaged her thighs and calves, soothing them from hours of volleyball practice. The first time I did it, she complimented me on doing things for her “without being asked”. I remembered back to when I heard my dad’s spiel on how women expect men to “read their minds”. A once meaningless rant now made all the sense in the world to me.

“Mmmm, that feels so good,” she said, “Keep going.”

I kneaded at her thighs like I was trying to flatten dough. I wondered how I would much longer I would be able to effectively massage Jackie. At the rate I was shrinking, I would be smaller than a two-year-old by next week.

“Lower,” she beckoned with her arm.

I shifted my hands downward a few inches.

“Lower,” she repeated.

I moved my eager fingers down to her calves.

“Even lower.”

How low does she want me to go? I thought to myself.

I got down on my knees and went down to her ankles, gently rubbing them and kissing them with my shriveled lips. Still though, she wasn’t satisfied.

“That feels awful nice, Dessy. But my footsies need a little more attention than they’re currently getting from you.”

Without skipping a beat, I refocused my massage down to her ‘footsies’. I started with the tops of her feet, tenderly touching them with my finger pads. My fingers gradually trekked on down to her toes.

Her toes made me realize once again how pathetically small I was. Not only was her big toe way more than half the length of my whole hand, it was nearly half the length of my entire foot! Wrapping my ill-equipped fingers around her sturdy toes showed me once again that I was no match for her.

As I massaged her gargantuan toes, I was taken into another lucid daydream. Just like all the other times, I was a fraction of my current size. But this time, I was standing atop Jackie’s toes, trying my absolute hardest to massage them as she so pleased.

“Come on Dessy, are you even rubbing my toes? Don’t tell me you’ve given up again!” Jackie’s voice boomed from on high.

“Jackie, I swear I’m doing the best that I can! I’m jumping up and down on your toes! See?!” I squeaked up at her.

Momentarily, I forgot that we were still in the shower, until a stray current came flooding down Jackie’s leg and caused me to lose my foothold. The current sent me tumbling backwards into the crevice between two of her toes. The crevice was wide enough for me to fall in and tight enough for me to get hopelessly trapped.

“Jackie!” I screamed several times, trying to make my voice heard through the downpour of water coming from the showerhead. It was to no avail. She didn’t heed my screams of despair.

Then, I started hearing my name echoing. “Desmond! Desmond! Desmond!” it boomed. I felt a wet hand on my neck.

“Desmond! Are you alright? You stopped massaging.”

I was back in reality. I was back to my 2’11” stature, and I was back to a Jackie who didn’t let me suffocate in the middle of her toes.

“Yeah, I’m alright,” I said, looking up at her, “I just zoned out for a second.”

I had yet to tell her about my shrunken daydreams because I was scared that she would use it as a justification to speed up the shrinking process. I could imagine exactly how she would respond; it would be something like: ‘You’re having these dreams, it obvious you want to shrink. You might as well just do it!’

Her hypothetical point was too salient, so I had to keep this under wraps until I was truly dedicated to becoming less than a foot tall.

After we were both nice and clean and out of the shower, Jackie wrapped herself in a towel, then dropped a full-sized towel on me, which I disappeared under entirely.

She laughed at me for a moment as I tried to crawl out from underneath a towel that was twice my size, but then relented and lifted the towel. She said, “You know, you’re at an awkward size. Too small for a normal towel but too small to dry with a washcloth. I can’t wait until you’re the size of a toy and I can dry you off with paper towels.”

Sensing the vibe she was giving off, I played along. “Wouldn’t it be wasteful to dry your boyfriend off with paper towels?”

She put a finger on my naked chest. “You know, you’re right! When you’re small enough for that, I’ll just put you right here,” she said, pointing to her cleavage, “And you’ll never get dry. With my boob sweat, your sweat, your cum, you’ll always be a slobbering mess.”

“And I look forward to it,” I said.

“I bet you do.”

When we got back to our room, she dressed me in a toddler sized collared shirt and jeans. They were actually quite comfortable; the jeans were even a little baggy around the waist. I ate a meal that consisted of a glass of one of Jackie’s famous smoothies and a quarter of a bagel (Jackie ate the rest of my bagel and another one on top of it). After all that, we hit the road.

I now had to sit in the back of Jackie’s Jeep because I was below the legal height to sit in the front seat. I hated the mother-son dynamic it created between us, but what could I do? The law was the law, and I definitely didn’t want to be the reason she got a ticket. I actually couldn’t wait for the days when I could ride to school in her purse or in her shirt. No one would be the wiser, and I wouldn’t be stuck languishing in a dumb car seat.

In just under 20 minutes, we arrived on campus. Jackie’s first class started before mine, so we went to the student union to meet up with Gabby, one of the volleyball girls I’d met on the limo ride to the party. Jackie had recently learned the she shared philosophy class with me, so she would be escorting there today.

As I sat in Jackie’s lap, she informed Jackie when and where to meet her after our class was over. Then she lifted me off her lap.

“Ok, you two,” Jackie said, “I have to go. Get him there safe, Gabby.”

“You have nothing to worry about,” she said.

Jackie passed me over to Gabby. That was when I realized my feet had only touched the ground one or two times today. Most of my time was spent in my girlfriend’s arms.

Once Jackie was gone, Gabby could tell I was feeling a bit antsy being held by her, so she offered to let me walk. Luckily, we had a lot of time to get to our building. She probably wouldn’t have offered otherwise.

“Yeah, sure. I’ll walk,” I said, jumping at the opportunity to be slightly independent.

“Ok, but I will have to hold your hand.”

I let out a sulking sigh. Even a stroll across campus could never be the same.

“I’ll walk slower. I know you don’t want me to drag you along like a little kid or something,” she said.

I didn’t complain any further because I knew this was the best I was going to get.

The walk to class was uneventful, boring even. Gabby, who usually talked more than she breathed, was oddly silent. I was hemming and hawing on whether or not I should try to initiate a conversation with her, but then conversation found me.


I looked up from the ground and saw that it was Maggie calling my name. I hadn’t seen her for weeks and the look she had on her face was the exact one I was dreading. She was shell-shocked. She believed me on the phone when I told her that I was shrinking. Seeing me in person though was an entirely different thing for her.

“Yeah, it’s me,” I said, trying not to sound downtrodden.

She kneeled down in front of me, not bothering to introduce herself to Gabby. She was still substantially taller than me, even on her knees.

“You weren’t kidding about the whole shrinking thing. How tall are you now?” she asked with a look of worry on her face.

“Just under 3 feet.”

“You shrunk by almost 2 feet and you didn’t tell me?!”

“I- I-, uh, I-,” I stumbled.

“Never mind, Desmond. It must be hard enough for you. I didn’t mean to accuse you of anything.”

Wanting to get my height off her mind, I directed her attention to the girl holding my hand and introduced them to one another. I explained that she was a fellow volleyball girl and that she was a friend of Jackie’s.

“Jackie. How’s it going with her, huh, Desmond?” Maggie asked.

“Good, actually. Really good.”

“Hey, sorry to cut things short but I wanted to get Desmond to our class a little earlier. I want to find a seat in the front so nobody’s head can block his view,” Gabby interjected.

“Yeah,” Maggie said, clearly a little upset that she couldn’t talk to me a little bit more. “Desmond can we meet up and talk tonight? It’s been a while.”

“I’ll ask Jackie before we leave campus. Maybe she can leave me with you.”

She laughed, “What am I your babysitter?”

Gabby butted in again, “When you’re with Desmond, it is kind of like being a babysitter. He’s so small that he needs help with just about everything.”

Maggie looked at me, her eyes wide in disbelief. She couldn’t fathom how openly this girl was belittling me.

Completely ignoring Gabby’s comment, I said, “Ok, Maggie. I’ll text you later with my answer. I really hope we can talk.”

“Me too. See ya, Desmond,” she said before walking away.

We got to class roughly 10 minutes early, which got us a front seat right in the center of the lecture hall. Gabby sat down first, waiting for me to get out my supplies: notebook, pen, and highlighters. Once I had all my notetaking materials, she scooped me up onto her lap, after which she folded down the desk on top of me. That allowed me to put my stuff down.

I looked around a bit and saw some different looks. The looks girls gave me were of pure confusion and puzzlement. It was like they didn’t know quite what to make of me. The looks guys gave me were much clearer. They were jealous—jealous of the fact that I was sitting on a hot volleyball girl’s lap—and they weren’t. I couldn’t blame them. If I were put in their position, I would probably be just as jealous.

The class went as it did normally. I took notes furiously while trying to forget that I was sitting on a girl’s lap—to make it seem completely normal.

It was a philosophy class, and as I was mindlessly taking notes, I realized that the material being taught had real world relevance to my life.

Utilitarianism: the belief that your actions should result in consequences that maximize the happiness or the benefit for the most amount of people.

Deontology: forget the consequences of your actions, is what you’re doing morally right under a strict set of rules?

I was having an epiphany right there in Gabby’s lap. Finally! Something in class truly applied to my real life. In that moment, I realized that I had a choice to make.

I could opt for the utilitarian outlook and let myself shrink. It did technically make the majority of people in my life happy. All the volleyball girls thought I was cute and adorable, and Jackie and I were falling in love partly because of my rapidly decreasing size.

But I couldn’t deny the harm my shrinking was causing to my mother. She was devastated at the fact that she was losing her son, and up to this point, I’d ignored her suffering. That, to me, was undoubtedly a moral wrong.

I knew the reason why I’d ignored her suffering, and I just didn’t want to admit it to myself. I was being selfish. A huge part of me relished the shrinking process. I loved how I felt so small in Jackie’s arms. I loved how tiny she made me feel when she stood up to her full height. This was my first relationship and it was going better than I could’ve imagined. What incentive did I have to blow it up by trying to reconcile with my mother and seek treatment for my shrinking?

I felt paralyzed. I needed someone to talk to about this. Someone who wasn’t Jackie or my mother. And I knew who that was. I sent a text to Maggie.

We quickly formulated a plan for us to meet and talk. I would ask Gabby to go to the bathroom, and when I left, we would meet by the library. When we were done texting, I put the plan in motion.

“Gabby, I need to go to the bathroom,” I whispered up to her.

“Ok, I’ll take you.”

“No, I can go alone. I want you to stay here and fill me in on all the stuff I miss, ok?”

“Alright,” she said.

What an airhead, I thought.

I got off her lap, walked out of the lecture hall (luckily the door was propped open), and headed straight for the front of the building.

Then, what I thought was an airtight plan, was ruined by Jackie. She was there in lobby early to pick me up from class, and she saw me walking out. I scolded myself for being so stupid.

“Hey, where are you going without Gabby?” she asked as she came closer to me.

“I just got up to go to the bathroom and take a walk around the building. The lecture hall was getting stuffy.”

“Ok,” she said, seemingly accepting my misleading explanation. “Are you ready to go back in?”

I nodded, and she bent down with the intention of carrying me back into my class.

“Hey, um, Jackie? Do you mind if maybe you don’t carry me like a baby into my class of 200 people?”

She looked me right in the eye, her sympathy cast off to the side. “Dessy, what have we been talking about lately?”

“How I need to accept that I’m getting smaller and that I need help with things.”

“Right. So, are you being very accepting of that truth right now?”

I hated how she thoroughly dismantled the idea of myself being an independent man with the use of just a few well-placed rhetorical questions. I had no choice but to shake my head no.

“No, you’re not. You don’t need to care what others think of you. In fact, they’re probably jealous of you. The girls want to be the one with a shrunken little man, and the boys want me to be their big, strong mommy. You have it all, Desmond.”

“I certainly do.”

“Now, come on with me.”

I didn’t protest any longer. She picked me, stowing me away under her arm and waltzed into the lecture hall like she owned the place. She sat down next to Gabby, placing me back into her lap so I could finish taking notes.

As stealthily as I could, I slid my phone out of my pocket and texted Maggie to let her know that the plan fell through.

After class was over, and Gabby had parted ways with us, she walked with me in her arms to my next class. On the way there, I asked Jackie point blank if I could hang out with Maggie that night.

Her answer greatly disappointed me.

“No,” she said flatly.

“Why not?” I asked.

“Because I have a lot of work to do tonight, and we need to go home after the day is over."

“Just because you have a lot of work doesn’t mean I can’t go hang out with Maggie.”

“Yes, it does.”

“Why is that?”

Jackie groaned with annoyance. “Are we seriously having this conversation, Desmond? It’s my job to watch you, take care of you. Wherever I go, you go.”

“What is this, Saudi Arabia? Do I need a female guardian everywhere I go?”

“Yes!” she shouted emphatically.

“Well fine! Maggie can be my female guardian for tonight until you come pick me up. Is that fair?”

“Not tonight, Desmond. I don’t want to have to come pick you up later, alright. I have a lot of work to do, I told you that.”

“Ok, but you’re open to me hanging out with Maggie on another night. Is that what I’m hearing?”

She hesitantly nodded her head at me. I was overjoyed. I reached my arms up around her neck, hugging her and kissing her all over her face.

“Thank you! Thank you!”

“Jeez, you must’ve really missed her,” she said.

“I know you only met her once, but she’s a good person. She tells it like it is, and she doesn’t hold any punches. Sometimes, I need her to set me straight.”

I could see Jackie was feeling a bit vulnerable by her awkward silence. I was raving about Maggie and how great she was, not even mentioning how much I valued her, my girlfriend.

“But she doesn’t hold a candle to you, baby. Trust me on that. I just miss her is all.”

She beamed at how I put her on a pedestal. I knew I had her now.

“Ok, Desmond. Tell you what. I’m practicing late tomorrow and then I’m going out with the volleyball girls. Tomorrow, while I’m out doing that, you can hang out with Maggie. Is that ok?”

“Yes, that’s perfect!”

Tomorrow. Tomorrow I could spill the beans about everything to Maggie without worrying about what would happen. Tomorrow was the thing grounding me. Tomorrow was thing keeping me from losing my mind.

Chapter 16 by johnbart37
Author's Notes:

Jackie has a new surprise for Desmond, something that will keep his orgasms at bay, so she can control his shrinking. They take a shower together and sexy mishaps ensue.

Chapter 16:

Jackie and I arrived back at Volleyball House exhausted. Unfortunately, both of us had mountains of homework to get done.

She plopped her butt down in her chair, causing her 32MM boobs to bounce up and down violently in her light red spandex top. My dick twitched against my chastity cage, so I forced myself to look away from her.

I slinked over to my brightly colored Fisher Price desk. I hated it because it was for toddlers, but it was the only way I could effectively get work done these days.

I opened my laptop and clicked over to the Georgetown student portal so I could take a look at my assignments. The to-do tab had a little red 10 above it.

Ten things to do. Better get on it, I thought.

Then I got an email notification. It was from my mother. There’s nothing like a perfectly timed notification to distract you from whatever you’re trying to get done.

I opened it and began reading. She told me she visited the Georgetown Health Clinic and asked to see the physician who examined me. Apparently, she and Pauline became fast friends. Now, the two of them were trying to get me to go visit specialists about my shrinking problem. She wrote down three doctors that were recommended by Pauline.

Dr. Michael Porter M.D. FAAFP

Dr. Teri Barringer M.D.

Dr. Katelyn Amherst M.D.

In the email, my mother begged me to go see at least one of these doctors just to see if they could diagnose me.

I thought back to my epiphany in philosophy class. Could I really consider myself moral if I flagrantly ignored my mother’s request? In fact, she even offered to drive me to an appointment if Jackie couldn’t do it. She was making this easy for me.

There was just one huge obstacle in the way. Jackie. I knew I had to talk to her about this, even if it was going to be a difficult conversation.

“Jackie,” I called over to her.

“I’m busy right now, Dessy. Give me a minute,” she said without looking up from her papers.

“Jackie, we really need to talk about something.”

“Ok, if you insist. Come here.” She patted on her lap, signaling to me to climb into her lap.

I got up from my desk, scaled her chair and wrapped my legs around her hips. I sat down facing her. Well, really, I was facing her ginormous boobs that were stretching the fabric of her shirt. Every day, it seemed like they got bigger.  

I kept quiet because she wasn’t looking at me; she was still looking at her work. She clearly believed whatever I was going on about was frivolous, and she could easily multitask while I whined to her.

“Speak, Desmond. You said you wanted to talk?”

“Right, um, my mom sent me an email.”

“Uh-huh,” she said absentmindedly.

“She wants me to go see a doctor.”


“Like a doctor. A medical professional to figure what’s causing my shrinking.”


“Are you listening to me?!”

For the first time, her attention shifted to me. Her eyes burned down into me, angry that I’d dared to raise my voice at her.

“Yes, I am listening,” she said.

“So, what do you think?” I asked, trying to drag it out of her. I knew she had an opinion about all this. It just seemed like she was being coy about it.

“I think you should go,” she said as shifted her eyes back to her work.

“That’s all you have to say about this?”

She sighed, causing her already big boobs to expand out further until they grazed my face. My cock responded with an automatic quiver. I could feel the blood being siphoned from the rest of my body down there. I silently pouted, knowing that once again, the charms of Jackie’s body would cause my dick to grow regardless of the limitations of my chastity device. Once again, my dick would be crushed inside a metal cage three inches too small.

“Well, of course, it’ll be a waste of time, in my opinion.”

Her long, thin fingers wrapped around the base of my chin and directed my eyes away from her massive breasts and up to her face. As aroused as I was, I knew I had already lost this argument.

“W-Why would it be a waste of time?”

“Mmmm,” she moaned as she hugged me tight to her squishy frame, “Do I really need to spell it out for you, Dessy?”

My blank stare suggested, yes, I needed it to be spelled out.

“Ok, then,” she rolled her eyes. “First of all, what do you think a doctor will find?”

“I-I don’t know,” I said.

I couldn’t properly focus with my cock being fully erect in a tiny cage. It was getting absolutely crushed, but I tried to just ignore it.

“Exactly. Nobody just shrinks, Dessy. Except you.” She bopped my nose with her finger.

She seemed to believe that I had no hope of growing back. She was so certain that I would never grow back that she didn’t even see the point of me going to the doctor.

“Jackie, my, my…”

She put her hand over her mouth, stifling laughter. “Your, your, your what?”

“The chastity cage. It…hurts.”

“Oh yeah?” She began taking off the light red spandex shirt she was wearing, perfect for her ever-expanding tits. She lifted it above her shoulders, then her head, allowing her tits to plummet back down to her chest. Her bra cups were strained to say the least. “How about now?”

My dick twitched on command when she said that, making me shut my eyes in agony.

“Why are you doing this to me?”

“Open your eyes,” she said.

I did exactly as she said and saw her breasts in their full glory. Her shirt and bra were strewn off to the side. As if I needed anything more to amp up my sex drive, Jackie began lubing up her tits. She squirted two heaping handfuls of body oil and massaged it into breast flesh. She quietly whimpered her fingers spread the oil over every square inch of her pillowy breasts.

Needless to say, this was more than arousing to me. It was maddening. It was painful. For a moment I forgot that I was in chastity, and my hands instinctively wandered down my pants to rub my cock.

“Trying to get off?” she asked.

I was frustrated, aroused, and afraid all at the same time for many different reasons. I was frustrated that I couldn’t jerk off with the chastity cage. I was also frustrated that even if I wasn’t in chastity, my orgasm would guarantee more shrinking. I was afraid that if the slightest bit of pre-cum leaked out of my dick, I would shrink more.

And I was feeling all of these feelings at the same time, while being hopelessly aroused. Some people would stand up and throw tantrum. But not me. It turned out my frustration and anger were temporary, and soon enough, it melted into despair. Unable to think clearly, my head fell into Jackie’s oily breasts. I teared up inside her cleavage, and at first, she didn’t notice me crying since her boobs were already so wet. But as my breathing patterns changed and I lost control of my diaphragm, she noticed. She patted my back and kissed the top of my head, letting me cry into her boobs.

“I can’t imagine exactly how you feel, Dessy. But I know this has to be hard for you. Maybe you should go to a doctor and see what they say. You’re obviously struggling with chastity and shrinking. And I hate to see you like this. I want you to be happy.”

I was surprised by this change of heart from Jackie, and if there was anything that I’d learned from being with her, it was that she was unpredictable. She was susceptible to having her mind changed at any time.

The next day, she let all three doctors come to Volleyball House for in-house visits. Dr. Porter found nothing, as did Dr. Barringer. They both eyed my entire body up and down looking for clues, but they found absolutely nothing. The lack of evidence of shrinking stumped them.

I also got a text from Maggie asking me if we could hang out. Unfortunately, Jackie told me I couldn’t see her that day because of the doctor’s appointments. I asked Jackie if I could meet up with her after the appointments, and she still said no. Maggie was disappointed, but I promised that we would hang out soon.

Dr. Amherst was the last doctor to come to Volleyball House, and she gave the most salient explanation for what was likely happening to me. She said her background in chemistry allowed her to come to the conclusion that every time I shrank, my body’s molecules reshuffled themselves. Of course, she had no idea how this was happening or why orgasms triggered the reshuffling process.

She, me, and Jackie went in the living room to talk over her findings. I sat next to Jackie, and Dr. Amherst sat across from us on the loveseat. And this was the first time I noticed how beautiful the female doctor really was.

She was dressed business casual, with a white collared shirt and a black knee-high skirt. She had what looked to be 3-inch heels putting her a bit over 6 feet tall. She had long auburn hair that draped down her shoulders and bounced as she gesticulated.

Jackie, on the other hand, was more casually dressed. She had black leggings and a superwoman t-shirt. I found it funny that superwoman’s whole body was warped as a result of Jackie’s massive boobs. Not even a superhero could escape the influence of her tits.  

“Desmond, your case is simply unheard of,” the doctor said, “I would be delighted to run some tests on you and put together some research on you.”

“Well, that sounds—”

“Predatory,” Jackie interrupted me.

She pulled me into her lap, wrapping her arms around my torso as if she were protecting me from some great threat. I was genuinely confused because all the doctor was trying to do was help me. Up to that point, she was being a gracious host to all the physicians who’d come to see me.

“Jackie, you don’t understand. This research isn’t just for my sake, it’s for Desmond’s as well. If my team and I can get to some sort of breakthrough, we can maybe help him get over this condition he’s suffering from.”

She held me tighter and tighter as the doctor spoke. It was starting to hurt, in fact, and just as I was about to ask her to loosen her grasp, she let out her true thoughts of the doctor.

“With all due respect, Dr. Amherst, I will not stand by and let you use my boyfriend as some guinea pig in your experiments. Find someone else to do you weird tests on, he’s got enough problems already,” she said.

“First of all, you can call me Kate. And second of all, none of the tests administered by my team and I can possibly hurt Desmond. They can only help him. I promise you that.”

There was an extraordinarily long pause before either woman spoke again. But the next time Jackie spoke, it was surprisingly directed toward me.



“Go upstairs. Me and Katie have some things to discuss,” she said, as her eyes bore down into Kate. Kate seemed to be totally unfazed. She simply stared right back at my girlfriend with no discernible expression on her face. I didn’t know who I was more frightened of; my girlfriend, a 6’9” goddess with the strength of three average men put together, or Kate, a woman who in the face of my girlfriend, wasn’t the least bit scared.

I though, was scared of both of them, and the last thing I wanted was to further anger Jackie. So, I hopped off her lap and went upstairs. Well, I didn’t exactly go upstairs, I lingered on the staircase around the corner from the living room so I could listen in.

The bits and pieces I picked up from the conversation were not pretty. Jackie repeatedly called Kate a quack and a fake scientist. Kate remained calm all the while, trying to explain what kind of tests she wanted to run on me. The women were talking past one another, and not being in the room with them made me seriously doubt if they were even talking to each other. It seemed like each of them was engaged in a totally different conversation.

After 10 minutes of Jackie screaming at her, Kate finally said something to the effect of: “I’m sorry this didn’t go well. If you or Desmond has a change of heart, please don’t hesitate to call me.”

In response, I heard Jackie say with all the clarity in the world, “Get out!”

As I heard Kate’s heels clicking and clacking on the hardwood floor in her walk to the front door, I felt something in the back pocket of my toddler sized jeans. It was a piece of paper. I pulled it out and found beautiful handwriting addressed to me.


You have an unknown disease. This is serious, and I want to help you.

If you want to proceed with my tests, don’t hesitate to give me a call. I’ve sent you an email with a consent form. If you sign that form and return it to me, it means you have consented to the tests my colleagues and I would like to administer upon you.

In the form, I will describe the tests you will be undergoing in detail. If you are uncomfortable with them, then you don’t have to sign off.

I don’t usually go out of my way like this, but I’ve gathered that you often are denied a choice how you conduct your own life. I am giving you a choice now.


I was flabbergasted. When did she have time to slip a note in my back pocket? But I quickly got over that once the content of her note began to sink in.

Her words gave me chills. The mere suggestion that I didn’t have to go along with everything Jackie said terrified me. It was blasphemy. I was supposed to do whatever she said. And now, I was entertaining the idea of going against her.

I charged up the stairs and swallowed Kate’s note. I slipped into my room quietly so as to make Jackie believe I was there the whole time and definitely not eavesdropping on her conversation with Kate.

I opened up my email and right at the top of my inbox sat an email from none other than “Dr. Katelyn Amherst at 2:01 p.m.”

Clicking on it, I saw an attached pdf file. I opened that and found a 3-page long document with all the information Kate said would be there. As I skimmed, I found nothing objectionable, so I began a reply.


I slammed my computer shut as I heard her hand twisting the doorknob open. “Yeah!”

She peeked her head in the door, not fully stepping inside. “I’m going to work out for a little while, I need to get some things off my chest after that doctor came here and disrespected me. Are you ok? You look pale.” 

“Yeah. Yeah, I’m fine,” I said, trying not to sound guilty.

“Good, well, if you need me, I’ll be in the downstairs workout room."

“Ok then. Have a good work out.”

“Thanks sweetie!” She shut the door and stomped down the stairs.

As soon as she was gone, I resumed my reply to Kate and told her I would take her up on her offer, but that I needed to work out the logistics concerning how I would get there and how I would hide it from Jackie.

The first step was finding a way to get there. So, I picked up the phone and called the only person who could help me.

I was overjoyed when and I was connected. I didn’t think there would be an answer after what I did.

“Hello,” the voice on the other line said.

“Hi, I know I did some shitty things to you, but we need to talk.”

“Ok. When?”

“Tomorrow at 5. Jackie will be at volleyball practice. I’ll send you the address.”

“Ok, then.”

“So how have you been—”

The line was disconnected. This wouldn’t be as easy as I thought.

Chapter 17 by johnbart37

Chapter 17:

It was 4:59. A day had passed.

Jackie had already left for practice with all the rest of the girls, so I had the whole house to myself. With great difficulty, I dragged a stool over to the window and climbed on top of it to keep an eye for my arriving guest.

I looked away from the window momentarily to glance over at the analog clock on the microwave in the kitchen.

It was 5:00.

Where the fuck is she? I thought.

I thought about calling her again, but I shoved my now uncomfortably huge phone back into my pocket. I was now noticing that common items that I used on a daily basis were beginning to get harder to utilize effectively. My phone was chief among them. I had to use it with two hands. One hand held the phone itself, and the other hand tapped the screen. I couldn’t multitask anymore.

Whenever I saw Jackie tapping away on her phone as she was making breakfast or typing on her keyboard or fooling around with a volleyball, I got extremely jealous. I used to be able to do those kinds of things, and she nonchalantly flaunted her ability to multitask all the time. In addition to my envy of her, Jackie’s multitasking never failed to give me an immediate hard-on. I don’t know what it was, but it always did, and that made me angry and happy at the same time. The amount of conflicted emotions being with Jackie conjured up with me was maddening and exciting at the same time.

In the midst of my daydream, I completely forgot what I had set out to do, and all of a sudden, I felt a knock on the door. I heard it too, but it was forceful enough to send vibrations through the floor.

I hopped off the stool and ran to the door, only to remember I couldn’t reach the knob or the lock even if I jumped with all my might. The knob had to be 4 feet in the air, over a foot taller than me. So, I dashed back over to the stool and dragged it 10 feet from the window to the front of the door

“I’m sorry!” I yelled to my guest, “I was too short to open the door! I have a stepstool now!”

I unlatched the lock and the door burst open, knocking me right off the stepstool. I hit the hardwood floor with a thud, and I remained on the floor for a while. I wasn’t in much pain; I was more in shock at what happened. I wasn’t expecting that door to shoot open as soon as I unlocked it.

I felt a warm hand on my shoulder. “Oh my god! Are you ok? That was a total accident!”

I groaned and turned my head from the floor, “I’m ok, Audrey. Just didn’t expect you to open the door like that.”

Audrey looked at me with great pity. I could see it in her eyes. In fact, most women looked at me the same way. When they saw me, they had wide eyes with concerned frowns and looked moments away from tears. Audrey knew I was smaller than when she’d dropped me off at my dorm last, and her expression demonstrated that she was full of worry.

I wanted to tell her not to worry. I wanted to tell her I would be fine. But I couldn’t, because if I did, I would be lying. There was a lot to be worried about, and I wasn’t fine.

Her look of pity and maternal concern didn’t consume my thoughts for long though. Her outfit got my thoughts going in a different direction. She was wearing a tiny purple tank top that clearly wasn’t adequate in covering her breasts. I could see half of her areolas.

Already kneeling in front of me, Audrey bent down even further with her hands outstretched. She was going to lift me back onto my feet, but in her effort to lean over, her tits began to slide out of her top. First, the left nipple popped out ever so slightly. My mouth was agape.

“Audrey, your—” my voice fell off because her other nipple was now showing. Her boobs were still barely contained in her shirt.


How does she not notice? I thought to myself.

“Your…” I directed my eyes to her boobs, which now had both nipples fully out. She got the idea and glanced down.

“Oh shit!” she immediately stood up and covered herself, smooshing her gigantic tits into her way-too-small shirt.

I got up to my feet and compared myself to Audrey. I was level with her pelvic bone. My shoulders ended at her crotch. She was a tall woman, but man, that wasn’t what was special about her.

Just one of her legs was twice the width of my entire body, and probably weighed four times as much as me. Her ass was probably five times as wide as my torso. Her tits were still bigger than Jackie’s, or maybe they just looked bigger since her top was so small. Either way, I could probably use her boobs as exercise balls if I wanted to.

“So, are you just gonna stand there and ogle me, Desmond?” she asked all of a sudden, glaring down at me. I could hear the grudge she was holding against me in her voice.

Realizing I was staring at her, I snapped myself out of it. “No, no! Of course not, let’s go into the living room and talk.”

She followed me in, and since my legs were less than half the length of hers, she had to walk incredibly slow. Once in the living room, she rounded the coffee table to sit on the couch. When she plopped her butt on the couch, it creaked like never before. The cushions sank to comical levels, and the entire couch bent to her form. I climbed up next to her, gawking at this sight.

Once I was up beside her, Audrey shifted herself in her seat to face me, grazing my stomach with her bubble butt in the process. The marginal force of her butt alone caused me to bounce a few inches back from her. She seemingly didn’t notice or care, and whatever worry or concern she had for me before was replaced with a blank stare. She was trying very hard to hold a grudge against me. I, on the other hand, was trying to focus on not getting aroused every five seconds.

“So, what did you want to talk about, Desmond? It seemed urgent.”

“Urgent, yes. Very urgent…”

My mind was soup. Melted and useless. I had completely forgotten why I’d called her here. In the midst of her outrageously impossible figure, her breasts popping out, and my pent-up sexual arousal, I had forgotten the real reason why she was here.

“Ok Desmond, if you’re not going to tell me what’s going on then I’m leaving.” She started to get up.

“Wait!” I yipped at her, “I’m sorry.”

“For bringing me here for no reason?”

“No, for everything. For lying to you. For dragging you into something you didn’t want to be involved in. And now, for staring at you like a creep when you first came in.”

Her blank expression morphed into a laugh. And just like that, the tension between us was released. I knew she wasn’t the type to stay mad at people.

“You’re too tiny to be creepy,” she said, reaching down to run her fingers gently through my hair. “So, perv. What did you want to talk about?”

“I’m the perv?! Your boobs were on full display! What’s that all about anyway?”

Audrey sighed and her whole body rose and fell with her, providing an instant reminder of her gargantuan imprint on the cushion beneath her. I had to hope that she didn’t break the couch; I don’t know how I would explain that to Jackie.

“Ok, you’re gonna think this is stupid,” she said, blushing a little bit. The redness in her cheeks only endeared me to her more.

“No, I won’t. I promise. Tell me.”

“Ok, so there’s this guy I like in one of my classes. His name is Ben, and he actually reminds me of you a tiny bit. He’s a shorty. Not like you, but probably a foot shorter than me. He’s a bag of bones, but there’s just something about him, you know. So, long story short, I wore this top to draw attention to my um, chest. It might’ve been a bit overboard,” she said as she tried to stuff more of her breast flesh back into her top.

I felt a distinct hotness rising in my throat. Was that…jealousy?

“So, did he look at you?” I asked immediately after she stopped talking.

She slapped her bare thighs in frustration. “He sat in front of me in the lecture hall and didn’t look at me once. Totally clueless!”

“Have you talked to him?” I asked frantically.

“Yes! Multiple times! And I know for a fact he’s a little horndog that’s got the hots for me! He’s just too much of a coward to make a move!”

I remembered back to when Jackie and I first met in the dining hall. If I saw her before she saw me, I never would’ve had the courage to chat her up and ask for her number. I figured this guy Audrey was talking about was in the same predicament.

“Why don’t you make the first move then? He’s clearly intimidated by you, and if you sit around and wait for him, nothing’ll ever happen.”

“But I don’t want to scare him off.”

“I think that’s a risk you’re going to have to take.”

I didn’t know if I was giving her bad advice or not. I was no flirting guru, but nonetheless, she took my words to heart.

“Maybe you’re right. We’ll see this weekend.” She crossed her fingers for good luck and gave a dirty smile. I got lost in her smile, and once again, I was staring at her without saying a word. Her brown eyes were to die for. Her lips were glistening and warm. And as I focused on her lips, reality eluded me.

I found myself standing on lips. Audrey’s lips, I presumed. Part of me knew this was just a daydream, but the other half was so consumed by how real it felt that it didn’t really matter.

I had to be less than an inch tall and was able to stand parallel to the ground because of the gobs of red lipstick that acted as glue. In fact, the lipstick surrounding me was like a kiddie pool to me. It came up to my calves, but it was the consistency of molasses. I tried to walk forward but couldn’t. The lipstick was too thick. Then, it began to rise. It rose past my knees, then my thighs, then my hips.

“Audrey! I’m stuck on your lips!” I shouted.

I looked up and saw only a huge nose. There was no recognition from her that I was even existent, and then I realized what was happening to me. The lipstick wasn’t rising, I was shrinking in my own fever dream.

I screamed and bawled and cried out, but it was no use. I was just too small. I shrank down into the ocean of lipstick, and all I could taste was makeup. Eventually, all I could see was red.


“Uh, ohhh, what?!” I said confused.

My vision returned to me, and I was snuggled up against Audrey’s right breast. I was beyond confused.

“What happened?” I asked.

“You tell me! You got really woozy and started saying weird shit like ‘I’m stuck on your lips!’ And then you shrank a little. Are you sure you’re ok?” she asked, hugging me close.

I’ve never shrank during my daydreams before. I was always a pre-determined size and crazy shenanigans ensued. Now, it was clear that my size was at risk every time I had a daydream. I guessed I lost a good few inches.

“I don’t know,” I mumbled into her body, “Do you want the real story?”

“Yes, of course!”

I told her all about my ultra-realistic shrinking fantasies that play out often during my daily life. I told her that this was the first time I’d shrunk during a daydream. I told her that a doctor named Kate offered to run tests on me to find out what was causing my shrinking and hopefully reverse it.

“Desmond! Go see the doctor! Are you crazy?” she asked.

“It’s not that simple. Jackie said I couldn’t go. That’s why I asked you to come here. Kate wants me to come in for weekly exams, so if you’d be willing, I’d need you to drive me.”

She put her finger to her chin. She was thinking. I’d already asked her to drive me back to school, and it proved to be a fiasco. Was she ready to trust me?

“I’ll drive you—”

“Yes!” I threw my hands up in celebration.

“If…” she started.

I celebrated too soon.

“If you help me get with Ben.”

I was taken aback. What could I possibly do to help her get with Ben?

I must’ve looked pretty dumbfounded, because she tapped me and repeatedly asked, “What? What? What?”

“Why me? I don’t know Ben. I don’t see how I could even help.”

“You, little guy, can make him jealous.”


“By kissing me in front of him.”

“Audrey, I can’t—”

“I know you have a girlfriend, Des. The kiss wouldn’t mean a thing. It’s just a little ploy to get Benny boy jealous and wanting me.”

I rubbed my temples, not liking where this was going. I was talking about kissing another girl in my girlfriend’s house. Just talking about this was risky. Actually following through with it was another matter entirely.

“I want to take you to a party that I know Ben is going to be at this Saturday. It’s at a house in D.C. You and I’ll go as a couple, and we’ll have a short kiss. And after that kiss, you’re off the hook. I’ll chase Ben down after that if I have to. I just need you to be there to give me the, uh, confidence to do that.”

I didn’t respond right away, which caused her to get antsy in her seat. She turned her entire body towards me and gently caressed my cheeks.

“This isn’t cheating, Desmond.”

“Why are you asking me to do this?”

She turned her head from me. I could tell that she felt guilty what she was asking me to do, but that didn’t stop her.

“Because Desmond, I wanna get with this guy and I think you can help. Besides, you’re the one who tricked me into driving you 8 hours back to school when your mom didn’t even know what I was doing?”

I threw my hands up in defeat. “Fine. You got me there. But you’re asking me to violate Jackie’s trust.”

“We’re acting. That’s all it is. We’re pretending.”

“I need to do this if I want a ride to the doctor, don’t I?”

She nodded with a curt smile. I was in a corner, and I knew I was going to regret saying yes to Audrey, but I didn’t have much of a choice if I was serious about going to the doctor.

“Ok, I’ll do it. But this isn’t a guarantee. Jackie might not let me go to this party. She’s been super overprotective lately. If I had to guess, she’ll keep me home.”

“If she knows you’re going with me, she’ll let you go.”

“What makes you say that?” I asked.

“She was all over you that time we met at your dorm room. She pulled you away from me when I tried to touch you.”

“And…?” I was still confused.

“And…she’s threatened by me being in your life. Then, when she hears that I’m inviting you to a party, she’ll think that I’m trying to move in on her man. She’s going to want to test your loyalty, so she’ll let you go, and she’ll send one of her friends to follow you to the party to make sure things stay PG.”

“So, you’re asking me to walk directly into a trap just so you can get with this guy Ben? No freaking way! Jackie’s going to catch me if what you said all pans out!”

“No, she won’t. If you had to guess which friend Jackie would send to follow you, who would it be?”

I thought about it and came to an answer in a surprisingly short amount of time.

“Gabby. She loves drama and she loves Jackie. She would definitely send her.”

“Ok, so when we go to this party, you’re going to keep an eye out for Gabby. And when she gets to the house, then we have to be really careful around each other.”

I looked away from Audrey. I didn’t like this, it still sounded super risky, and I didn’t want to get caught in the act.

But it was high time I saw a damn doctor about my shrinking, and realistically, I would do a lot worse in order to secure an appointment with Kate.

“I’ll do it,” I said.

“Oh yay! I’m so happy!” She jumped off the couch with me in her arms and squeezed me half to death. I sank deep into her cellulite rich skin. I was ashamed to admit to myself how good it felt. Her soft, gooey exterior turned me on to no end. So much so that I could to cut our hug short because the chastity device was crushing my hard cock.

“Am I being too touchy feely?” she asked after she put me down.

“No, it’s not you. I’ll explain later.”

Once I finally got Audrey to leave, I readied myself for when Jackie came home with all the volleyball girls. I had roughly an hour to calm down from my heightened arousal and to come up with an explanation as to why I shrank. Preferably, an excuse that didn’t get me punished.

I settled down after a few minutes and got Audrey’s delicious curves out from my thoughts. Then, I came up with my excuse for my shrinking. And really, it wasn’t an excuse; I was just going to tell the truth about my lucid daydreams—with a few omissions, of course.

With probably fifteen minutes to spare, I went upstairs to mine and Jackie’s room to measure myself. I stood with my back against the measuring tape and drew a pencil mark above my head. The new number was sobering.

I was now just 2’5”, roughly half my original 5 feet in height. In just over a month’s time, my height was cut in half. That made me question if anyone could truly help me. I felt like I was too far gone.

I trudged back downstairs remarking on my discovery. It isn’t every day a bombshell like this is dropped on you. And sure, I was used to shrinking at this point, but to lose this much was downright terrifying.

Just as I heard all the girls coming up to the door, I looked over at the couch and saw the remaining crater-sized indent that Audrey had left on the seat cushion. If Jackie saw that, there would be no adequate explanation, so I rushed into action.

I found the biggest pillow in the room, threw it on top of the couch crater, then grabbed the nearest book on the coffee table and sat on top of the pillow while pretending to read.

The front door opened, and the girls all flooded in. Their voices were so disparate and varied that I couldn’t listen in to one single conversation thread. Until they started calling for me in unison like I was their house pet.

“Desmond! Oh, Desmond! Where are you?!”

I stayed put and let them find me. When they got close enough to the living room, I said, “In here!”

The first ones to come greet me were Eve and Ava, the shorter volleyball girls I’d gotten acquainted with during the limo ride to the fundraiser for my college tuition. They lifted me off the pillow, sharing me in both their arms. Eve, 5’6”, and Ava, 5’8”, were the girls most enthralled by my shortness; probably because they never met a guy substantially shorter than them.

“How are you doing, cutie?” asked Eve.

“I’m doing ok,” I said.

I was far from ok. I had shrunk, and I was terrified that Jackie would find out Audrey had been here.

Faith walked into the living room next. She said a quick hello to me, and I waved back through the arms of Eve and Ava who were still holding me.

“Where’s my physics textbook?” Faith asked, “I left it on the coffee table before we left for practice.”

I looked down at the book that was still in my hands. Sure enough, it was physics.

“I have it right here.” I lifted it up so she could grab it.

Upon taking it from me and looking at the page I was turned to, she asked, “Are you studying the law of thermodynamics in your free time?”

“Maybe?” I said unconvincingly.

Knowing she’d caught me in a weird lie, Faith shot me a perplexed look. Then her nostrils flared. She was sniffing something.

“What is that? Lilac? Are you two wearing perfume?” she asked Eve and Ava.

They both shook their heads no.

“What? Do you smell lilac?” Ava asked.

“Yeah. Wait, move,” she said, pushing us out of the way. She sniffed the cushion I was sitting on, then tossed it to the side. She was presented with the biggest ass imprint she’d ever seen. She looked at it for a second in disbelief, then looked at me.

“What?” I played dumb.

“What the hell is this? Did you have someone over, Desmond?”

“Uh, um—”

“Yes, he did.” I was interrupted by someone standing behind us in the entrance of the living room.

I turned my head to the source of the interjection, and of course, standing there in all her glory was Jackie.

“Um, how did—” I started to say.

“How did I know?” she finished my sentence with a slight smirk. “She told me you invited her over, and I said it was ok. She also told me that she was going to invite you to party this Saturday. Did you accept?”

Now, this caught me off guard to say the least. I had no idea that Audrey and Jackie even talked. And why didn’t Audrey tell me that Jackie knew about everything already? It seemed they were taking pleasure in confusing the shit out of me.

“Uh, I told her I’d go to the party only if you said I could.”

“You can,” she said as if me going to a party with another girl meant nothing to her. I didn’t know what was going on, but I knew I had to be careful. Just like Audrey said, it seemed like Jackie was trying to set a trap for me.

Eve and Ava put me down, sensing that Jackie and I had some things to discuss. Faith left too.

Jackie sauntered over to me and I readied myself for her scolding. She was about to get on my case for orgasming and shrinking without her permission. I knew that was what she was about to punish me for. But as usual, Jackie threw me for a loop.

She bent way down and said, “Ok, shrinkie. Today’s Thursday. Ready to get in the kitchen and cook me a spectacular dinner?!”

Oh my god. I totally forgot; today was the day I was supposed to cook for her. Amid all the doctors and the drama with Audrey, it totally slipped my mind.

“Of course, beautiful!” I said without skipping a beat.

Apparently, she didn’t notice that I was six inches shorter. She had a history of not immediately noticing my shrinking, so I was going to leave it alone for now. If she didn’t notice, it would be less complicated for me anyway. I wouldn’t have to explain my shrinking daydreams.

Before we went into the kitchen to start on a meal, Jackie fit in a diss of Audrey. She looked down at the imprint of her ass on the couch and sat down on it. Jackie didn’t even cover half of the area affected by Audrey’s gargantuan ass.

“She’s a nice girl, but I think she needs to lose some weight. Don’t you think?” she asked me.

Why is she making an already awkward situation even more awkward? I don’t want to say that she should lose weight. That would crush her.

“Yeah, probably,” I said.

That hurt to say. I only hoped the Jackie would never repeat that to Audrey. And I honestly didn’t think she needed to lose a pound. She was outrageously sexy just the way she was.

“Alright, come on, Dessy. I know I said you were going to cook for me by yourself, but obviously that’s a little too ambitious at your height. We’ll cook together.”

Pheww! I was hoping she’d say that.

“Aaaand, guess what, Dessy poo.” She lifted me to sit on one of endlessly long legs. Sitting on her thigh, my legs weren’t even close to the ground.


She bounced her knee to get me into a comfortable position on her leg. Then she said something that gave me chills of fear and tingles of arousal at the same time.

“Studies show that couples who cook together have way more sex. This is your ticket into my panties, little guy.”

I shivered at the mere mention of her panties. And that, she noticed.

“Does that get you going, Dessy?”

“Uh-huh,” I nodded.

Just that week, I had eaten her out roughly ten times. It was probably three times a day, and each pussy eating session lasted anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour. It was taxing to say the least.

When we were home alone, she would scurry up the stairs to our bedroom saying, “I need your tongue in me now!”

But if we were in mixed company, which was most of the time since we lived with roughly a dozen other girls, she would rub the back of my head starting from the nape of my neck. That was our secret signal, and when she did it, either she or I would make an excuse to go upstairs together. It would be homework related usually. I don’t know why she bothered lying about what we were doing because all the girls knew exactly what we were doing. The saucy looks they would give me as I headed upstairs with Jackie proved that in my mind.

When we were in public and she wanted me to pleasure her, she would rub my head in the same way. Then she would find a workman’s closet or a bathroom stall and start shoving my face up her pussy. I would feverishly lap at her g-spot, trying to get her to cum.

I still wasn’t used to how aggressive Jackie was with me, and I didn’t think I ever would be. Every time her fingers slithered around my head before she put me halfway up her snatch should’ve been enough to prepare me, but it never was. I was perpetually frightened whenever she was aroused, because it meant that I was in for an exhausting hour with little to no oxygen in my lungs.

Now that she was saying I might have a chance to fuck her reinvigorated my tired soul. Our sex life was getting to be quite one-sided, and I understood why it had to be that way, but it didn’t change how I felt about it. It felt like she was using me. I was too scared to be that honest with her though, so I figured I would wait until I could finally fuck her. It was about time.

“Dessy?” she said to recapture my attention amid my scatterbrained thoughts.


“If we cook a halfway decent meal tonight, I will let you fuck the shit out of me.”

My blood left my face and went somewhere else. It was real. I could fuck her that night. I could also shrink down below 2 feet tall. I strong-armed my more reasonable side and forced myself to come to terms with the possibility that I would shrink.

“That’s what I was hoping you’d say,” I said.

“Good. Now let’s get cooking. I’m starved for more than one thing.”

God, I loved this girl so much.

Chapter 18 by johnbart37
Author's Notes:

Audrey and Desmond leave to go to the party, but before that, we flash back to Desmond and Jackie several days before. They are having a romantic date at home, and everything is going smoothly until Jackie discovers something that changes everything.

Chapter 18:

“Hey! Is Desmond ready to go?”

“Yes, he is! Go on, little guy! I don’t think you’ve been to an actual college party yet! And if you guys need a ride, do not hesitate to call me. We’re having a lowkey night here at the house.”

I was standing between the two girls, and I’d known both of them long enough to be able to tell when they were on edge. Jackie clearly didn’t want me to go with Audrey, and I wouldn’t be surprised if she were hoping that I would cancel on her. Audrey was clearly uncomfortable dealing with Jackie face to face and lying to her about what was going to go down that night.

“I’m not going to be drinking tonight, so that won’t be necessary. But thanks,” Audrey said.

“Yes, but if you do make a snap decision and decide to drink for whatever reason, call me. I’ll be up all night.”

Audrey, realizing that Jackie wasn’t going to let this go, obliged.

“I will call you.”

“Great!” Jackie said, relishing in the fact that she strong armed her. “Now, Dessy, be careful tonight. If you drink, drink slowly. You don’t know your limits with your new size.”

Audrey had a different opinion on the matter.

“Don’t worry, Jackie. I won’t let him drink. I don’t want him getting sick.”

Jackie moved ever closer to Audrey, slightly invading her personal space, trying to tower over her and intimidate her. Audrey didn’t shy away though.

“He’s my boyfriend. Are you saying I don’t know what’s good for him?”

She stayed in Audrey’s bubble, waiting patiently for her response or for her to flinch, whichever came first. Audrey didn’t a move a muscle and never broke eye contact.

“No. We just have a different opinion is all. When you take him out, you can let him do whatever. But I don’t feel comfortable with it. So, when I take him out, he will not drink.”

Jackie backed up a smidge. She was actually thrown off her game for a second. She wanted to have tact in front of me, but she wanted to make it clear to Audrey that she made the decisions. I guarantee if I wasn’t in the room, this would’ve escalated into a full-on shouting match.

“Fair enough, but we should drink together sometime. The three of us,” she said as she bent down to rub my head, reminding me of my involvement in this mess of a situation.

“That sounds good. How about tonight? I don’t think we’ll be at this party too long.”

She just upped the ante, and judging by Jackie’s face, she wasn’t entirely ready for it. But after getting over the shock of Audrey’s proposition, her open mouth formed into a dirty grin.

“Oh, it would be my pleasure! And, please, do not rush at this party on account of lil’ ol’ me! Have a ball!”

I had begun to notice lately that Jackie really fell back on the southern slang when she was being brutally passive aggressive. I found it ridiculously hot, so part of me loved it when she got that way with people.

“We will. See you soon Jackie. Make sure you have some good booze.” Audrey said, lifting me up to sit on top of her breasts (yes, I was that small now).

“Oh, we will. Now let me give my Dessy a little kissy!”

I don’t think I could describe a more erotic experience than sitting on top of one girl’s boobs while another girl makes out with you. The simultaneous feelings of having your butt cradled by the soft flesh of tits that weigh almost as much as you do and having a giantess tongue getting rammed down your throat destroyed my ability to think clearly. I no longer had the chastity device on, and I was dangerously close to blowing my load.

I had recently crossed the threshold where this type of thing was possible. I was just 2 feet tall now. I had shrunk again in the days leading up to Saturday’s party. I was so easily manipulated and manhandled, it scared me. And the fact that it was likely only going to get more pronounced horrified me. And this shrinking episode had been inflicted on me, unlike the all the other times where I either mistakenly came in my pants, jerked off, or had a sexual encounter. This time, the choice hadn’t been mine.

The night Audrey first came over to Volleyball house, Jackie and I made a delicious meal for the two of us (she really did most of it, I just stood on the counter and let her bark orders at me).

We boiled rigatoni pasta (al dente, of course) and made our own Bolognese sauce. Jackie set up a two-person table outside on the backyard patio, and we ate under the stars. It was our first real romantic date together. It was crazy, but we hadn’t yet had the classic date: dinner and a movie. So, during our dinner, she suggested we go out and see a movie. Sitting on my chair across from her, (in addition to a booster seat and 8 textbooks) I gazed into her eyes and said, “I’d love to.”

She looked through the movie times, but none of them seemed to work. They were either way too early or way too late. Not wanting to wait too long to see a movie and ruin the momentum of our romantic evening, she decided we would go upstairs to our room and watch a movie in there.

I watched on the opposite side of the bed as she fluffed the vast array of pillows propped up against the headboard. I stayed quiet, waiting eagerly to snuggle with her.

Once the pillows were fluffed to Jackie’s liking, she hopped on the bed with youthful energy. She beckoned me to join her by patting the bed next to her. With all the strength I had left, I jumped up and clung on to the edge of Jackie’s king-sized bed. I dug my fingers into her soft mattress and tried with all my might to lift myself up. But before I could even test my strength, she grabbed me by the collar of my t-shirt and pulled me to her. I rolled forward right onto my face which caused Jackie to giggle uproariously. She pulled me the rest of the way until I was snuggled right up next to her breasts. She had a minimalist blue tank top on, one in which her bra peaked out over the top. By now, she had dispensed with whatever skirt she’d been wearing and was now just in her panties. They were pink and quite see-through.

“Why are you still wearing a shirt?” she asked, looking down at me.

“I don’t know, would you mind?”

I stuck my arms up in the air and allowed her to whisk the shirt from body and toss it across the room.

“Now your pants,” she said with a fervor I wasn’t expecting.

“Listen, I was already being generous with the shirt. Do you think couples who go on their first date to the movies watch the movie without clothes on?”

She gave me a cute pout, jutting her lips out and furrowing her eyebrows.

“Tell you what, pants can come off 20 minutes into the movie? Fair?”

She folded her arms and made herself look as though she were moments away from crying; 20 minutes was apparently too long.

“15?” I asked.

“Fine,” she said. “Pants and underwear. And chastity device.”

“Ok,” I said, not even wanting to fake-argue with her anymore. All I wanted to do was get lost in her eyes.

“On second thought,” I began to say, “Can I just watch you, instead of some stupid movie? Your eyes are more interesting than any movie.”

“You’re more handsome than any of the guys on TV,” she said.

“Wait, really?” I asked, wanting to bask in this one moment of glorification, “Give me one guy I’m hotter than.”

“All of them,” she said.

“Ok, but, give me one that you think I’m hotter than, preferably one you’ve had a celebrity crush on.”

“Harry Styles.”

I was genuinely flattered by that, but I knew more than anything else, Jackie loved cocky confidence. So, I played off her comment as if it meant nothing.

“Him? Are you serious? He’s gross. Give me another one of your celebrity crushes.”

She laughed at that, and quickly provided another name, “Sam Claflin.”

That one I couldn’t deny. “Whoa, he’s pretty hot. Do you really mean that?”

“Of course, I do. You always tell me how beautiful I am, and I don’t stress to you enough how beautiful I think you are. Handsome, I mean.”

I smiled. She was still tiptoeing around my male pride. Being called ‘beautiful’ as a man isn’t bad, but ‘handsome’ jived more with the masculine ethos. I loved that she still care enough to be fragile with my wounded ego.

“Thank you! You’re quite beautiful yourself, you know?”

“I’ve been told,” she said, all cocky.

“I’ve always wondered why you stopped to talk to me in the dining hall that day. My parents had just left, and I was so nervous and so alone. When you sat down with me, I swear, you saved me.”

She nuzzled me with her nose and planted a slow kiss on my forehead. “I know. I stopped to talk to you because just by the look on your face, I knew you knew nobody in this place. I wanted to be your first friend. Well, more than that actually. But I wanted to be the first person to have an impact on you.”

“Well, I’d say you succeeded.”

In a more candid way, she let me know the other reason why she sat down with me that day.

“And honestly, like I said before, I probably wouldn’t have approached you if you weren’t so god damn handsome. That wavy mess of light brown hair and that chiseled jawline, oh, I went straight home and masturbated to the thought of you.”

My mouth was on the floor. I couldn’t believe it. The fact that her reaction to me was anything near the reaction I had to her was unbelievable.

“You’re fucking kidding!” I said to her.

“Nope! And then when I sat down and got to look into your friendly green eyes for the first time. Desmond. In my head, I was squealing like a teenage girl.”

“I can’t believe this, Jackie! When I first saw you, my mind almost malfunctioned. I could barely process how beautiful and tall and sexy and confident you were! You looked so calm, so collected, and I was shivering in my boots!”

Her mouth fell open in disbelief just like mine did earlier. “No! Really? I thought you were super cool! I thought I was babbling! Everything I said and did, I second guessed.”

“That is insane. So, we both thought the other was this perfect person who never got rattled ever, but we were both nervous as hell?”

“It appears that way, little guy,” she said.

I stared at her for a few moments. I knew we were thinking the same thing. Fuck the movie. Let’s fuck!

I reached for her first, my little hands clawing her breasts. Jackie went for my pants and pulled them off of me in one smooth motion. I got to work on taking off her tank top as she deftly slipped off my underwear. Once, I’d gotten the strength the lift her shirt even a little bit, she all of sudden slapped my hands away. I was shocked, everything was going so well. She looked down at me with furious anger, and that was when I knew my dick wasn’t getting anywhere near her pussy that night.

“Desmond, why is your underwear sticky?” She flipped me over and felt the cock cage. “Why is your chastity device sticky?”

She was hurt. Her eyes said it all. There was nothing I could do to soften the blow. All I could do was tell her the truth, like I should have before.

“I, um, had an accident.”

“A sexy accident, I presume. How much smaller are you?”

“I shrank 6 inches.”

“You know, I thought something looked different about you. Why didn’t you tell me?!”

“Well I, um, I—”

Here came the dreaded question.

“Did Audrey have anything to do with this?”

“Let me explain I—"

“No, no. I asked you a question. Did Audrey have anything to do with this?”

I desperately searched for an answer that wouldn’t get me killed. But no one-word answer would adequately explain what really happened.

“Kind of,” I said.

“What the hell does that mean? She was here with you! I want to know what happened between the two of you!”

“Ok, here’s the truth, Jackie. I should’ve told you this earlier, but I’ve been having these lucid daydreams where I’m usually an inch tall or smaller. They usually happen when I’m around a woman who’s a lot taller than me. Like you, Audrey, or well, pretty much anyone else. It doesn’t even have to triggered by someone I’m in to. It’s happened with Faith before. I can’t seem to control it either. It just happens.”

“Go on,” she said impatiently.

“Well, I had one of these dreams when Audrey was here. And during it, I must’ve accidentally, you know—”

“Creamed your pants?” she finished it for me.

“Yeah.” I hung my head in shame for a second before looking back up at her scowling face. “But Jackie, this is the first time this has ever happened. I’ve never shrank before as a result of these dreams.”

That was a lie. I had once before in the rest stop with Audrey when I dreamed about myself getting eaten by her. I wasn’t about to tell her that though.

“So, you’re telling me Audrey is the only one who’s good enough for you to blow your load for during these weird dreams you’ve been having. Have you even had any of these dreams about me?”

“Of course, I have! I’m with you all the time!”

“You know what? I’m done talking to you about this.”

Jackie retrieved the key to my chastity cage, unlocked it and threw metal contraption directly at the wall. She leaned down over me and started violently stroking my cock.

“What are you doing? I’m going to shrink! I thought we were going to save my orgasms for when we had sex!”

“Yeah, I thought so too, Desmond,” she said as she continued pulling on my dick, “But apparently, you’re spilling loads whenever the hell you want, so you know what? Forget it! If you can cum whenever you want, then I can make you cum whenever I want!”

“Jackie, please be reasonable! It was a silly mistake! I didn’t mean to do this!”

She was done talking. Her focus was in between my legs now. She spit on my dick, then jerked her wrists as her hand repeatedly glided down my shaft, creating intermittent pangs of pleasure. My cock grew and grew and grew to what I estimated was about 4 or 5 inches at this point, which wasn’t too bad for a guy as small as me.

She soon changed up her technique, pulling my dick upwards with both hands. Now, instead of intermittent signals of pleasure, the pleasure was constant, all-consuming. I laid my head back on the bed with my mouth agape. In the moment, there were no thoughts of what would happen after I jizzed away my size. All my brain could process was that this was the best hand job I’d ever experienced.

Then, she slowly sped up her hand motions. She started going up and down, faster and faster with each second that passed. My whole body tense up and boom! I shot a rope of semen directly onto my own face and chest. It felt so good. Then the pleasure stopped almost instantly. I felt my cock flop back down, so I looked up and saw that Jackie’s hands were no longer on my cock. She was instead wiping her hands with my t-shirt.

“Jackie! What the hell are you doing?!”

That was one of the first times I’d ever raised my voice that loud at her, and as soon the words escaped my lips, I regretted it.

She crawled over my body and stayed on all fours above me with her face directly above mine.

“I ruined your orgasm, Dessy. Cruel, I know. But when you betray me like you did, I think you deserve a little punishment. Just be happy that I didn’t decide to spank you or something. And if you open your mouth again, I just might.”

With that, I sealed my lips. She got up from above me and kneeled at the foot of the bed. She was waiting.

“You stay right there. I wanna watch you shrink. I wanna see if you shrink more when your orgasm is ruined. ‘Cause if you do, that might become the norm.”

“Please don’t, Jackie.”

She slammed the bed with her fist, sending a shockwave through the mattress. “What did I say about talking?!”

“Don’t do it?”

“Exactly, now let me enjoy this,” she said.

Her twisted smile was enough to give me nightmares. Then, oddly enough, I saw her smile move a bit closer to me. Was she moving towards me? Then, vertigo hit me. I knew what was happening.

“Shrink for me, you bad bad boy!”

My head was spinning as I got smaller and smaller. I watched with as much focus as I could muster, and saw Jackie getting radically closer. Only she wasn’t moving. My perspective was moving downwards.

“Oh, Dessy! Shrink…even…MORE!” she screamed.

I shifted my eyes down and saw that she was touching herself. She was getting off to me shrinking right in front of her. She didn’t even realize how privileged she was to be able to touch herself without any consequences.

Finally, I stopped shrinking. But I didn’t dare move or say a word. I just watched as Jackie continued to finger herself.

Ten whole minutes later, she said, “Oh, oh! I’m about to cum!”

Before she did though, raced over to me and dropped to her knees, her pussy landing directly on my face. In the seconds before she lost it, she grinded herself all over my face and covered me in her juices. Post-orgasm, she continued to rub herself on my face for another 3 to 4 minutes. Again, I dared not talk or move or touch her.

When she was finally done, she stood up off the bed and said, “I’m going to wash up. Put your underwear on and go sleep on the living room couch downstairs. There’s a blanket over there. And don’t you dare wash yourself off. I want you to feel like the disgusting slut you are. Get the fuck out here.”

I fetched the blanket and ran out the door. And all the way up to the moment Audrey picked me up for the party on Saturday, we hadn’t spoken a single word to each other. And if I tried to talk to her, she would simply pretend I didn’t exist.

So, as we walked out to Audrey’s car Saturday night, my plans changed. I wasn’t going to kiss her. I had already violated Jackie’s trust once, and if I went ahead and did it again, there was no telling what she’d do to me.

I waited for us to get on the road before I spoke up at all, just in case anyone was listening. From the backseat, I said, “Audrey, I can’t do what you asked me to do tonight?”

“What? What are you talking about?”

She was crushed. I could hear it in her voice. Things just kept getting more complicated for me.

“Listen, Jackie found out about what happened between us when you were here the other day. She is furious with me. I can’t risk her seeing us together.”

I couldn’t see Audrey’s face from the back, but I could tell from her long pause that she was incredibly disappointed.

“Desmond, I’m sorry I ever asked you to kiss me in the first place. That was way out of line. You have a girlfriend, and we’ve probably been way too close with each other the whole time we’ve known each other. And you were right. If I want Ben, then I have to get him myself. By the way, random question. Are you smaller now?”

I sighed, hoping she wouldn’t ask that. “Yes. Six inches shorter. I can’t believe it! I’m an inch under 2 feet tall now.”

“Desmond, what the hell happened?”

“After she saw the cum in my underwear from earlier on, she yelled at me and then gave me a hand job.”

“Oh my god, are you serious? You didn’t try to stop her?”

“You know, you still are talking to a guy. As soon as shit goes down with her, I can’t say no. I don’t want to say no. And after she was done, she watched me shrink and got off to it.”

Audrey sat in stunned silence. She didn’t know what to say, and I didn’t blame her. So, I talked.

“Listen, you didn’t know what was going to come out of all of this. This isn’t your fault.”

“Come on, Desmond,” she said, “I could’ve cleaned you up, gotten you a fresh pair of undies. I could’ve done anything other than just leaving you in a mess.”

“Yeah, I could’ve did the same thing. But I didn’t. And even if I did change my underwear, she would’ve been suspicious. The truth was bound to come out, and I probably should’ve just told her from the get-go, rather than letting her discover it.”

Audrey pulled over on the road and sat down in the backseat of the car next to me. I was strapped into a car seat, so she freed me, allowing us to talk easier.

“Why did you stop?” I asked.

“Do you even want to still go to this party?”

I sat there for a moment, surprised at her. She was demure. She looked defeated. She looked as if going to that party would be the worst thing in the world.

“Yeah!” I said enthusiastically. “Come on, we’re gonna go get you that guy! If all else fails, I’ll lasso him over to you!”

“Desmond, I just—”

“No more discussion, let’s go!”

“Desmond, listen I—”

“No, come on, we’re going! You’ve got this! Ben is an idiot if he rejects you!”

“Desmond, you idiot! I want you! Not Ben!”

Her head collapsed forward onto the driver’s head rest and began crying. I got out of my car seat and hugged her. I couldn’t even wrap my arms around half of her torso, but that didn’t stop me from trying. Her boobs were so big that I could avoid grazing them with my arm as I hugged her.

“Audrey, I don’t know what to tell you,” I said as she continued bawling into the seat, “But I know you’ll eventually find someone.”

I never thought I’d be on this end of the conversation with another person. I was actually letting someone down easy. It didn’t feel good, and now I knew why girls complained about having to do it to guys. The only thing was, there was a part of me that could see myself with Audrey. She was just so kind and caring and fun to be around. It felt like I was letting something go. I didn’t know if it was the right choice, but it was the choice I was making.

I rubbed her back, trying to get her to calm down. Gradually, her eyes stopped crying as many tears. When they were dry, we talked some more.

“Desmond, I have a confession to make. I lied to you. I’m already with Ben. I didn’t want to bring you there to make him jealous. I wanted to bring you there to make you jealous. I was gonna like, make out with him in front of you and all that stuff. I know, it’s stupid and I shouldn’t have done it. Ben is great and all, but he doesn’t make me laugh like you do. He doesn’t make me feel the way you do just by being near me. The only decent thing we do is fuck, and even that isn’t that great.”

“Well, now we’re even, right? I lied to you about my mom being cool with us driving back to Washington, and you lied to me about this. We’re even. And personally, that makes me feel a lot better.”

I patted her on the back, trying to cheer her up.

“Yeah, I guess we are, aren’t we?”

“So, do you still want to go to that party?” I asked.

“Do you want to be my boyfriend?” she asked in turn.

We both laughed and I hugged her again. I couldn’t help but feel that if Jackie weren’t in my life, Audrey probably would be my girlfriend.

“Hey,” I said, “We’re friends for now.”

“Friends for now,” she said.

“So, do you want to go back early and drink with Jackie? I totally understand if you don’t want to do that.”

“No, part of getting over you is learning to live with the fact that you and Jackie are together. I’ll still do that. But I have to stop at that party real quick first.”

“For what?” I asked.

“To break it off with Ben.”

And that’s exactly what she did. Well, she left me in the car when she went inside the house and she was only in there for ten minutes, so I had to assume that she did in fact break up with Ben. She came out the door with pep in her step and a fresh smile. She looked completely rejuvenated.

She jumped into the driver’s seat and said, “Off to Volleyball house we go, little guy!”

Chapter 19 by johnbart37
Author's Notes:

Audrey and Desmond arrive back at Volleyball House, and they engage in a game of Drunk Jenga. Will Desmond escape without being shrunk?

Chapter 20 comes out tomorrow!

Chapter 19:

Audrey and I stood on the doorstep of Volleyball house until Faith came to the door and let us in.


“Hey guys! You’re back early!” She kneeled down to talk to me. She was easily still two feet taller than me in this position. “Was the party a snooze fest?”


I looked up at Audrey, asking for a visual cue on what to tell her. Her panicked eyes told me to tell a little white lie. I could understand Audrey not wanting all the girls to know about her cheap fling with Ben and her massive crush on me.


“Yeah, pretty boring,” I said, “We went in for about a half hour and there were barely even 30 people there.”




Gabby came out from the kitchen with a beer in hand, and as soon as she saw me, she called up to Jackie, who must’ve been upstairs.


“Jackie! Come down! Desmond’s back!”


“Already?!” I heard her shout from upstairs.


Gabby took a hearty swig from her beer, belching in the process. I would’ve pegged a girl like her to be a wine drinker, but she really did throw back those Budweisers.


“Hey hand me a beer, Gabby!” said Faith.


Audrey and I were still standing in the foyer, waiting for the queen herself to come down. Gabby reached into the fridge and tossed Faith a cold one.


“Do you guys want anything?” asked Faith.


“I’ll take a beer,” Audrey said, to which Faith responded by throwing her the beer Gabby had just tossed to her. Faith then went into the kitchen to fetch herself another drink.


“Desmond?” she asked.


“I’m alright for now, Faith.”


I looked up at Audrey who was donning denim short shorts and a white tube top. I watched as she completely downed her beer in seconds. I had a feeling she was more nervous than she was letting on.


“You really chugged that thing didn’t ya?”


I snapped my head to turn to the source of the voice. It was Jackie, looking regal as always, slinking down the carpeted staircase. Her outfit left little to be desired, it seemed she had changed since we left and came back from the party. On top, she wore a collared, satin black blouse with a plunging neckline. The excess fabric of the shirt was tied into a bulging knot at her waist. On the bottom, she wore bright white jeans that made her ass pop. She had little ankle socks, allowing her to practically glide over to the hardwood floor to greet us.


Her hair was also styled differently than I’d ever seen it. She had her golden locks tied into tight pigtail braids that fell a little below her boob level. It was surprisingly sexy, so much so, that I was transported into another one of my shrunken daydreams.


I had to be less than half an inch tall. I was trapped in between the braids of Jackie’s hair. I squirmed with all my might, but the strands of hair were wrapped way too tightly for me to move a muscle. I was right above Jackie’s breasts. From my perspective, they protruded out for what seemed like miles. Her great, milky white orbs of pure sexiness were easily thousands of times bigger than me. I was so small that if I walked on them, she probably wouldn’t even feel my footsteps. But that was a moot point really, because my tiny body was now a part of her braid.


“Hey, Dessy. Back so soon, huh? Just couldn’t bear being away from me for any longer I’m sure,” she laughed and hugged me off the ground, snapping me out of my dream.


Three hours ago, you were pretending I didn’t exist and now you’re smothering me with affection. Is there a limit to this girl’s insanity?


“Of course! I missed you,” I said unconvincingly as she continued twirl around with me in her arms.


Finally, after getting her fill of squeezing the life out of me, Jackie put me down. Out of respect for social conventions, she shook Audrey’s hand. That is even though she made me cum in my pants while Jackie was out of the house. Jackie hated her, and Audrey was now especially aware of that.


Nonetheless, the two shook hands cordially. Jackie could’ve just asked her to leave if she despised her that much, and part of me was surprised that she didn’t do just that. But after what she perceived Audrey had done to me, Jackie wanted to make her squirm. I didn’t know it yet, but I would be the ultimate pawn in their struggle for dominance.


“Good to see you again,” Jackie said to Audrey, “I guess Desmond hasn’t had a drink. Do you mind if I get him one? I mean, since you weren’t comfortable with it. I just thought I’d check with you first.”


“Maybe ask him,” Audrey responded.


“Oh, so now you don’t think I know what he wants? Do I know what you want, Dessy?” she said, all while not breaking eye contact with Audrey once.


“Yeah,” I said. I was astonished to hear how small my voice seemed in comparison with all these spectacular women above me.


“So, you want a beer, right?”


I actually did want a beer, but the way she asked it—demanding a ’yes’ answer from me—made me want it more. She wasn’t truly asking; she was going to make me want a beer whether or not I wanted one to begin with. Her hold on me was truly remarkable.


“Yeah, I’ll take one,” I said.


Jackie smirked at Audrey, then held out an open hand, signaling for someone to throw her a beer from the fridge. Seconds later, Gabby threw one to her. The way she had even some of the girls wrapped around her finger was insanely hot to me. She would be a hell of a captain of the volleyball team in the years to come.


“Here, Dessy. Drink up! It’s time to get a little silly, don’t you think?”


I took the beer can from her, cracked it open, and took a substantial gulp.


“I guess that answers my question,” she giggled. “Who wants to get fucked up with the three of us?”


A chorus of “me’s!” was heard as soon as Jackie offered to get drunk together. It came from Faith, Gabby and the captain of the volleyball team, Vicky.


“Vicky, how come you aren’t at the frat party? It was Sigma Phi Epsilon, right?” Gabby asked.


Vicky had just come downstairs, looking cranky as all hell. Her hair was a rat’s nest and she was much paler than usually. It was plain to see—she was sick as a dog.


“Look at me, you dumb bitch,” was all she said in response to Gabby. She then brushed past her and into the kitchen to fetch herself a beer.


Jackie decided to butt in, “Isn’t it not a great idea to be drinking if you’re sick? You’re gonna feel even worse tomorrow.”


“That’s a ‘tomorrow’ problem, giraffe. But thanks for the concern,” she said to Jackie as she cracked open her beer and took a slug.


Jackie smartly opted not to prod her captain any further, as it was totally useless to do so. Nothing she said—no matter how reasonable—would get Vicky to change her behavior. I could tell she wanted Vicky to just go back upstairs and not monopolize the night.


“So, who wants to play a drinking game?” Jackie asked.


All the girls except Audrey started shouting games they wanted to play. Once the clamoring settled though, Vicky rasped, “How about Drunk Jenga?”


“Ooh, that’s my favorite,” Faith cooed, “Let’s do it!”


Before I knew it, we were all crouched on the floor building a Jenga tower, which once it was fully built, stood about 10 inches tall. The top of the tower came up to my crotch, which was striking to say the least. On a normal person, a Jenga tower doesn’t even surpass the knee. I wasn’t normal anymore though.


Once the tower was built, Jackie poured us all a shot of unspecified vodka. I declined the vodka because I hadn’t even gotten through my first beer, and I was already feeling tipsy. I hadn’t weighed myself in quite a while, but I had to guess that at my new height of 1’11” that I didn’t weigh much more than a baby.


“Come on, Desmond! Take a shot with us!” Gabby said.


“I think I’m already drunk enough. I can’t do a shot. I’ll die.”


“He’s probably right,” Jackie said, “Give me your beer. What you drank is enough.”


All of the sudden she was taking the beer away when before she was practically shoving it in my face just to contradict Audrey.


I stood up to hand Jackie, who was standing, my beer before stumbling into Audrey, who was crouched next to me.


“Whoa, little guy, I think that beer hit a little too quick,” Audrey said.


She took the beer out of my hand and passed to Jackie, who quickly downed it without blinking an eye. Audrey asked me if I was ok and if I needed anything. I told her I was fine, and she put me back down where I was sitting. I was at a good sort of drunk. My balance was shit, sure, but at least the whole world wasn’t spinning, and I felt light and amazing.


I’m gonna knock over this damn tower.


“Well, aren’t we going to have to think up different rules for Desmond since he isn’t drinking anymore?” Vicky asked.


Jackie sauntered over to me and sat down to my right. She took my chin in her hand and said, “I have an idea. How about every time he knocks over the tower, he shrinks! Does that seem fair to you, Dessy poo?”


“Oh my god, that’s genius!” squealed Faith, “But wait, aren’t you gonna have to like…get him to cum?”


“Yup. So, what do you think, Dessy? We drink, you shrink. Seems fair to me.”


Audrey, though responsible for many of Desmond’s accidental shrinking episodes, was not quite comfortable with this twisted game. She would make herself heard, even if her opinion was the unpopular one.


“Jackie, he’s already so small. Don’t you think shrinking him any more will be really bad for his health?”


“Listen, when he shrinks, he only shrinks a few inches. Unless he’s really excited. So, what’s a few inches to a 2-foot-tall shrimp, huh?!”


“Imagine if you lost a few inches in height. All of you imagine that! I don’t think you’d be too excited about it—”


“It’s ok, Audrey. If that’s how she wants to play, that’s how we’ll play,” I said with a sudden confidence.


“Desmond!” Audrey scolded me.


“I’m not gonna knock over the tower, so it doesn’t matter anyway. I will be exactly the same size as I was going into this game.”


“Somehow, I have a feeling that you won’t,” Vicky said to me from across the circle of us.


“You are just itching to see me get tiny, aren’t you?”


“Yes,” Vicky said simply, “I think I speak for most of us.”


Faith and Gabby nodded reluctantly, but Jackie was adamant in her agreement with Vicky. I looked over at Audrey, who surprisingly, had an ambivalent expression. I raised my eyebrows at her and recoiled away from her.


“What?! Ok, I don’t necessarily want to see you get smaller if it means it’s harder for you to live a normal life, but I have to admit…you look sooo cute the smaller you shrink.”


I slapped her bare knee playfully. “You were supposed to be the one speaking up for me!”


“Ok, you two. Stop flirting with each other in front of Jackie!” Gabby said.


I cursed Gabby for making the situation awkward, nonetheless, I scooted a little further from Audrey.


“Oh, don’t be ridiculous, Gabby!” Jackie said, “They’re just friends!”


“Yes…friends,” I struggled to get out in my drunken haze.


“Enough bullshit! Down the hatch everyone!” shouted Vicky.


Everyone threw back their shot of vodka (except me of course). I just awkwardly watched as the girls choked down the hard liquor. In fact, even simply watching them drink made me sweat with anxiety.


With one drink down, the game began. They made me go first since I was the only one who wasn’t drinking. I homed in on what looked like a loose piece. The only thing was: it wasn’t loose. Not even a little bit.


“You touched that piece, Dessy. You have to commit. That’s part of the rules,” Jackie said with an evil grin.




The piece I’d chosen was in the middle of the tower height wise, and it was on the left-hand side of three-piece row. I gave it a slight push, and it barely moved. I pushed a little harder and the top of the tower wobbled slightly.


“Whoa!” everyone screamed.


I’m gonna need to take my time with this. There’s no time limit in Jenga, right?


From then on, all of my movements were painstaking. It took all of my mental acuity to not simply zone out and push with more force than the tower could handle. About three minutes into my move, everyone was yelling at me to hurry up (with the exception of Audrey).


“Just push it out twerp!”


“We don’t have all night!”


“Oh my god, this is so fucking boring!”


I had had enough. This was my breaking point.


“Shut the fuck up!” I yelled.


Everyone closed the mouths and looked straight at me with a surprising amount of deference. My voice may have been small compared to all of theirs, but I still had a relatively manly tenor.


“You guys are seriously gonna bitch and moan about me taking my time to get this piece out? I already agreed to let Jackie shrink me if I knock over the tower, so forgive me if I take my sweet fucking time making sure I don’t get shrunk!”


The girls stayed completely silent until I was done with my turn. Even Jackie and Vicky were stunned into wordlessness.


I finally pulled out the piece, and before I could put it on top of the tower, everyone told me to read the piece. I’d never played Drunk Jenga before this, so I had no idea that there were things written on the pieces.


I read it aloud. “It says, ‘Truth or Dare’.”


“Oooh! Pick dare, Desmond,” Gabby said.


All the girls followed suit, begging me to pick dare. I knew what they were trying to do. They wanted to embarrass me with some crazy dare to get back at me for yelling at them. I wasn’t stupid.


“Truth,” I said.


Vicky chimed in and said, “Let me give him his truth. You’re a pussy.”


How many of these girls would’ve agreed to the possibility of being shrunk during a game of Jenga? That was the question I repeated again and again when they questioned my manhood. I wasn’t fazed one bit by Vicky’s taunting.


“Fair enough,” I said with a blank look.


“Ok Audrey, you’re up!” Jackie jumped up and down, no doubt happy that my long, boring dud of a turn was finally done.


I backed away, giving Audrey the space she needed to approach the tower. She took up a lot of space, so I had to back up quite a bit, and I ended up bumping into Jackie. She affectionately wrapped her arms around me, squeezing me gently.


I watched from Jackie’s grasp as Audrey effortlessly took out a loose piece not too far away from where I pulled out mine.


Why couldn’t I pick that one?


She took a glance at the piece and immediately raised her eyebrows. Whatever was written on that piece made her super uncomfortable. Then, she stared directly at me with a helpless look in her eye.


Why are you looking at me? Oh no, this can’t be good.


“Come on! Read it, girl!” said an eager Faith.


“It says…kiss the person to your right…or drink.”


Shit! I’m to her right!


“Ooooh, awkwarrrd!” Gabby laughed, taking another sip of her beer.


In that moment, Audrey was a deer in the headlights. Did she kiss me, thereby sticking to Jackie? Or did she puss out like I did prior and just take a drink? Neither option was good, but I was hoping she would pick the latter for my sake.


“You’re taking an awful long time to think about this,” Jackie began her taunt, “Is my boyfriend not hot enough for you to give him a little smooch?”


Jackie knew full well that this was not about that. Her taunting of Audrey was a brilliant cover for the fact that she had a huge crush on me. The last thing Jackie wanted all the girls to know was that Audrey had it bad for me. But Jackie’s taunt backfired massively.


“No, he’s pretty cute actually. Hand him over,” Audrey said.


Jackie hesitated. Her grip around me remained strong. Seconds went by. The pressure was on her now.


“Jackie, let him go,” Faith said, “It’s part of the game.”


The two girls were in a staring contest. Jackie was trying to hide her rage, and Audrey was displaying her giddy smirk for all to see. She was beating Jackie at her own game of making people squirm.


“Fine!” Jackie relented. She pushed me out of her arms, sending me stumbling towards Audrey, who immediately enveloped me in her squishy body. With a little too much enthusiasm, she lifted my entire body and smashed my lips against hers. I tried to keep my lips pursed to keep the kiss relatively innocent, but her giant tongue broke the seal and made its way into my mouth.


I looked up, panicked, hoping I could get Audrey to stop kissing me. But her eyes weren’t on me. She was still staring down Jackie as she made out with me. I tried to wiggle out from her embrace, but I was simply too weak. With no other choice, I resigned myself to this all-consuming kiss for however long Audrey wanted it to carry on.


Seconds went by. Possibly a minute. Possibly a minute and a half. I had no idea. The girls were going apeshit in the around us, and I was silently freaking out. When Audrey’s lips finally left mine, Jackie immediately grabbed my shoulder and pulled me back into her arms.


“Sorry if I got carried away there, Jackie. Your boyfriend is just so—how do I put this—dreamy.” She batted her eyelashes, reveling in this moment. Jackie remained surprisingly calm considering what had happened.


“Jeez, are you sure they’re just friends, Jackie?” asked Gabby.


“Shut up, you drama junkie! Thank you for the compliment, Audrey. He does have very soft lips. It’s all part of the game. Vicky, you’re up!” said Jackie, trying to get off the subject.


Vicky took out a piece that said, “Make a Rule”. Predictably, the rule she thought up was terrifying.


“My new rule is…Desmond has to take off an article of clothing every time it’s his turn. But if he wants to avoid taking off his clothes, he has to kiss Audrey on every turn.”


The blood left my face. Jackie squeezed me tight. Everybody laughed, even Audrey.


“Hahaha, it’s the law now!” Gabby shouted.


I groaned inaudibly and looked over at Vicky. She wasn’t remorseful in the least, in fact, she was enjoying herself more than ever. I shouldn’t have expected anything less.


I quickly evaluated how many articles of clothing I had on: shirt, pants, socks, underwear. In a mere 4 turns I would be completely naked.


Fuck you, Vicky.


Faith and Gabby were up next. Faith pulled out a block that said, “All girls finish your drinks.” And they did. Tonight was gonna be interesting.


Gabby pulled out a block that said, “Text a random person in your contacts and ask them to be your significant other.” The trick to this command was that she had to hand over the phone to a random player to choose whom she texted. Since she probably didn’t trust any of the girls to pick a person, Gabby handed her phone to me.


“Oooh, that’s a risky move, Gabby. Desmond barely knows any of the guys you know. What if he picks Freddie?” Faith said.


“Shut up!” Gabby slapped her friend on the shoulder.


I scrolled through her contacts, as all the girls chattered on and on about this guy Freddie. On all accounts, the list of guys she had in her phone seemed endless.


She really gets around. But let’s find Freddie.


I scrolled down to the ‘F’ section and found ‘Freddie G’. And ‘Freddie (chemistry)’. And ‘Freddie (party)’. And just ‘Fred’. How was I to pick the one the girls were talking about? I did a quick game of “eenie meenie minee moe” and landed on ‘Fred’.


“I choose ‘Fred’. I already set up a new message.”


And right as I said that, I saw the latest messages. She called him ‘bro’. Was Fred her…?


“Oh my god! The little shit picked your brother!” Vicky rolled over laughing.


“Oh no, I’m so—” I tried to apologize.


“Save it, little man!” Gabby snatched her phone back from me. “Whatever, it’s not a big deal anyway.”


“Remember Gabby, you’re not allowed to tell him it’s part of a game until 24 hours have passed!” Vicky reminded her gleefully.


“Vicky, come on! Are you serious?!”


“Dead serious. You made me text my ex-boyfriend last time we played. This is karma, bitch.”


Gabby tried to elicit sympathy by sniffling and whimpering as she texted her brother, but nobody was buying it. She wasn’t getting out of this one.


“No, no! I don’t trust your little ass. Faith, watch her. And I want you to do it through Siri, so it goes through for sure,” Vicky said.


“Hey Siri,” she said through fake crying, “Text ‘Fred’: Will you be my boyfriend?”


Siri read back the message to her and asked her if she wanted to send it. This stung way more than Gabby simply writing out the message, and Vicky knew that.


“Yes,” she said in a small voice.


“Message sent,” said Siri.


The room erupted in laughter. Even I couldn’t hold back a giggle or two. Jackie lifted my ear up to her mouth and she whispered, “Nice one. She needed to be knocked down a peg.”


“No problem,” I said back, smiling stupidly at Jackie’s approval.


Now, it was Jackie’s turn, and she pulled out a piece that said, “Everyone drink.”


At first, I was at ease. I wasn’t drinking so this didn’t apply to me. I rejoiced in my mind. I was getting a break before I had to decide whether I was going to kiss Audrey or lose a piece of clothing. My feelings of relief were misplaced though, as I soon found out.


Jackie let me out of her arms and turned me around to stand in front of her. She gazed into my eyes for a few moments, but her gaze wasn’t loving or endearing. It was a hungry look. A lustful one. That’s when I knew I wasn’t getting out of this turn unscathed, as I previously thought I would.


“Since everyone’s drinking, Dessy,” she said, still eye fucking me, “You’re gonna have to shrink.”


“What? No!” I instinctually covered up my package.


“Yes.” She crawled closer to me, giving me quite a flattering view of her boobs hanging down. I backed away, but my dick snapped to attention.


“No!” I repeated.


“Yes, little man.” She faked a dive at me, and I flinched.


“Jackie, I thought you were only gonna shrink me if I knocked the tower down!”


She paused. She put her hand on her temple, seemingly thinking of a clever response. Clearly, she gave up, because what she said wasn’t clever in the least.


“Well, I lied!”


With a frightening burst of speed and power, she lunged forward at me, grabbing my ankle and pulling me backwards. I cried and screamed like a little boy all the way.


She sat back down on the floor with her legs straight out and laid me on top of her. She sat upright, and slid my pants and underwear off, revealing my halfway hard dick to everyone.


“Oh my!” Faith put her hand over her mouth.


“He’s getting hard!” Vicky laughed.


“He doesn’t have a bad dick for a guy his size,” said Gabby.


“I know, right?” Jackie responded.


My face was wet with tears. I couldn’t believe how callous Jackie was being. She was really about to jerk me off in front of her friends and make me shrink even further.


“Jackie…we agreed…you were only gonna…shrink me…if I knocked…over…the tower,” I managed to get out through bouts of hyperventilation.


She threw my pants and underwear across the room and started touching my dick with her hand.


I can’t just let this happen. She’s really gonna just shrink me.


“Jackie!” I screamed at the top of my lungs.


Finally, my guilting worked.


“Ok! Ok! Here’s the compromise, Dessy. I’ll jerk you off until you leak some pre-cum. That’s it. You’ll only lose an inch or two. Is that fair?”


I was inclined to say no, but this was the best offer I was going to get. It would be stupid to reject it.


“Yeah, fine,” I said.


What transpired over the next minute or so, was the most awkward and embarrassing sexual experience of my life. I pushed past my base arousal and focused on the head of my dick, and as soon as I saw the slightest bit of cum, I pointed it out. Jackie, to her credit, stopped.


“Ok, stand up, Dessy! I want everyone to see you get smaller!” she said.


I rolled off Jackie’s lap and stood on the floor in front of everyone. My dick was poking out past my shirt, and it was still throbbing from being stimulated only a minute earlier. All the girls looked at me as if I were a museum attraction. If I was being fair to them, it was probably genuinely amazing to see someone literally get smaller. Nonetheless, I felt objectified.


“You might as well take off your shirt, Desmond,” Gabby said to me.


“My turn is next, be patient.”


An awkward silence persisted after that, as everyone had their eyes glued on me. I still hadn’t shrunk yet, so every person in the room was eagerly anticipating it.


“How much do you guys think he’s gonna shrink?” Vicky said to break the silence.


“I hope he shrinks a whole lot,” Gabby said, “Like 5 inches. I think he would reach peak cuteness at that height!”


Jackie butted in, “Oh, just wait until he’s doll-sized. He’ll be even cuter! Right, cutie?!”


I hated when she asked me questions like these. Questions disguised as things she wanted my true input on, but in reality, questions that had only one acceptable answer in her mind.


“Yeah,” I said.


“Are you just saying that because you’re afraid of me, Dessy? Or is it that you can’t wait to be shoved up my pussy?” she laughed.


I could feel the haze that preceded all my shrinking spurts coming on, and I was losing the capacity to speak in full sentences. So, I answered tersely.


“Second one, I think,” I slurred, “Jackie, I think I’m about to—”


“Oh my god! He’s going down, I see it!” I heard someone say. I didn’t know who.


The familiar dizziness hit me, and I watched everything around me get slightly bigger. Out of my peripheral vision, I saw Jackie jump to her feet next to me. She loved getting bigger right in front of me. And as crazy as it seemed, I loved getting smaller in front of her.


I watched right before my very eyes as Jackie’s knee slowly grew taller than me. It was eye level, then forehead level, then I wasn’t even as tall as the underside of her knee. It was only about three inches lost, but it still felt like a lot. In fact, now, three inches was a whole lot. A few more orgasms, and I would be practically microscopic. It was amazing how far I’d fallen.


I was so in awe of how big Jackie looked. Even her lower leg was too much for me to handle. I mindlessly hugged her leg and found that my arms weren’t even long enough to wrap all the way around her shin. I blushed when I looked up to see that all the girls were laughing.


“He is literally the size of a baby now!” Vicky said, throwing her arms up in absolute disbelief.


Faith was the next one to join in on marveling at my tininess. She blurted out, “He isn’t a hair taller than my baby cousin!”


All Gabby said was, “Wow.”


Audrey said nothing. She looked at me conflicted. She was powerless to stop what Jackie was doing, but part of her saw the eroticism in shrinking me. She was guilty and horny.


“Wanna see something funny, girls?” Jackie asked.


It was a silly question. As soon as the girls gave her excited yeses, she bent down to me and whispered, “Hold on to that big leg, little one.”


I wrapped my arms around what felt more like a tree trunk than a leg, but before I could get a solid grip, Jackie lifted her leg straight out in front of her. She went slow, giving me time to adjust, but it was still quite unnerving. With almost no effort at all, she was lifting me with one leg. Once her leg was straight out with me desperately clinging to her shin, I was probably about three feet in the air, but really, it felt like ten. I strained my neck to look up at Jackie, and she said the worst possible thing to me.


“Don’t look down, clingy.”


For some reason, I did the opposite and looked straight down.


I never thought I had a fear of heights until that moment. It was a long way down, so I hugged the shit out of her leg, not wanting to fall.


She kept her leg suspended in the air for some time, loving the fact that she was scaring the shit out of me without even touching or saying anything to me.


Eventually, she had mercy on me and lowered her leg back down to the ground, where I excitedly hopped off. I truly hadn’t expected to be so scared from something that seemed so innocuous. But at my new size, heights that were previously nothing to me were now extremely daunting.


Jackie took a seat back down in her spot in the circle around the Jenga tower, and as if being humiliated by being leg lifted wasn’t enough, she mocked me yet again.


“I don’t think you’d do well at amusement parks if you were scared riding my leg, little guy,” she said.


“Never mind that, he wouldn’t be tall enough to even go any of the rides!” Gabby stupidly pointed out the obvious.


“Well, when he gets small enough, I’m gonna put him in bra cup and we’re gonna go to Six Flags. No one will even know!” Jackie giggled with everyone else.


The casual tone she used when talking about shrinking me to only several inches tall was genuinely frightening. It was also a massive turn-on, and to my chagrin, just minutes after being jerked off, my dick was hardening again. When it twitched, Jackie immediately noticed and pointed it out to her friends.


“He always gets super hard when I talk about shrinking him. I think the little guy has a fetish for it now,” she said.


She was right. Shrinking had molded my sexuality over the past month, and my desires changed to fit my new reality. I loved giant women. Bigger was better. But having my sexual desires flaunted in front of everyone wasn’t necessarily what I wanted Jackie to be doing on my behalf.


“Can we please not talk about this, Jackie?” I pleaded with her.


“Alrighty then, Dessy poo. It’s your turn! Go,” she commanded.


Luckily, I found a loose piece and got it out easily. I turned it over to read it and smiled. Karma was coming to Jackie.


“Wait a minute!” Vicky interjected before I could read out what was written on my piece. “Don’t forget about the little rule I made!”


Fuck. I can never have it easy, can I?


I was already half-naked, so I took off my socks. “There. Happy, Vicky?”


“I’ll be happier once you take off your shirt, hehe! Now read your piece!”


Mixed signals much?


As Vicky commanded, I read my piece aloud, “Give three drinks to the most beautiful one playing this game.”


I turned to Jackie with a wry smile. She wasn’t too drunk yet, but she was about to be.


“Sorry baby,” I said, “Unfortunately, you are the most the beautiful one here. So, I’m gonna have to choose you for this.”


Trying to look unfazed, she kept her chin up to me and said, “Fine. Pour me three shots of Jack.”


“Yes ma’am.”


I walked over to the coffee table where all the liquor was sitting. The only problem was that the table was as tall as me. I reached over edge of the table with my hand, trying to grab something myself, even if it wasn’t the Jack Daniels. I wanted to prove to myself that I was still capable of basic tasks.


My arms weren’t even long enough to touch a single one of the bottles, all of which were inconveniently placed at the very center of the table. In a desperate last-ditch effort, I started jumping to try get myself up on the table.


Before I could have any success, Vicky plucked up the Jack Daniels.


“Stop embarrassing yourself,” she said to me before walking over the bottle and a shot glass to Jackie.


At this size, revenge moments didn’t last very long. One second I could rub it in Jackie’s face that picked her to drink 3 shots, then the next second I was flailing (and failing) to get a bottle on top of a standard coffee table. My face was hot with humiliation, but I opted to say nothing to Vicky. I went and sat back down next to Jackie.


She poured her first shot and threw the hot liquid down her throat. If it stung, she barely showed it. Then she poured a second one and drank it just as fast as the one prior. That time, she winced noticeably.


“That one looked like it hurt,” Gabby said.


“Fuckin’ bitch,” Jackie muttered in response.


“What did you say?!” Gabby yelled.


“You heard me.” Jackie didn’t back down, but Gabby shut her mouth.


That seemed to be the theme of the night. Gabby was getting called out on her dramatic, passive-aggressive bullshit. I looked over at her as if to say, ‘How does it feel to get picked on constantly?’ There was a brief moment of unspoken understanding between the two of us.


Jackie poured her third and final shot, and by now, I was feeling a little guilty for doing this to her. She was doing a good job of masking her discomfort, but I for one, could see right through it.


“Down the hatch!” she said as she threw her head back, letting the hot whiskey swirl down into her stomach.


Her eyes widened and her head rolled. I could tell that it all hit her right in that moment.


She’s gonna be fine. She’s going to be absolutely fine, I told myself.


The game continued relatively innocuously. The girls began to drink more and more with each turn that passed. They got louder, more belligerent, and occasionally, more giggly. Jackie, though, was drunker than everyone. And I started to regret my choice to make her drink that whiskey so fast.


With each drink she had, Jackie got more brazen with her groping of me. If we had been alone, I would be completely fine with her being handsy. By now, I was completely sober, and I’d whisper in her to calm down, but that would only embolden her.


“You’re so fucking hot,” she kept whispering as she rubbed her hands all over my body.


Just as it was getting close to her turn, she grabbed my dick and squeezed. That was where I had to draw the line. She was more receptive in this state, so I took advantage of that.


I was sitting in her lap, so I stood up on her thighs and whispered in her ear, “Do not touch me down there again. You hear me? Wait for the right time. We don’t want to spoil the shrinking, now do we?”


“No, Desmond. You’re right. I’ll stop.”




I was so preoccupied with Jackie’s touching and groping that I hadn’t taken a look at the tower in quite a while. It was unstable. Frighteningly so. Someone could probably blow on it to knock it down. More than that though, the tower was beginning to rival my height.


Amazingly, Jackie’s turn passed without issue. She slipped out a piece and took a sip of her drink.


“Your turn, Dessy! It’s gettin’ pretty wobbly! You should…be careful!” Jackie said.


I can’t knock over this tower. You won’t knock over this tower.


Then Vicky once again reminded me of her rule, “Shirt off or make out with Audrey!”


I tossed off my shirt without a moment’s hesitation. I was now completely nude, and as confidently as I could, I strode up to the tower. Just as I thought, it was only several inches shorter than me. The girls didn’t let that fact go undiscussed.


“Come on Desmond! I want to make that tower taller than you! Don’t knock it over!” Faith brayed.


I tried to block out the girly laughter that ensued and focus on the task at hand. I surveyed the entire tower top to bottom, searching for the perfect piece to extract. I almost felt like a surgeon with the amount of precision that was needed for this.


After several moments of hemming and hawing, I settled on a piece I thought I had a chance at getting out.


With a minimal amount of force, I prodded the piece with my finger pad. The tower teetered considerably. I readied myself for what seemed inevitable. 

Since no one else was going to wish me luck in this moment, I wished for it myself. It turned out to be an empty gesture because the moment I pushed the piece out with any significant force, the tower came down. I stared at the heap of rubble in slight disbelief. None of the five drunk girls playing knocked down the tower; the only sober person did.


My trance continued for a while. I just eyed the heap of Jenga pieces and pondered my current situation. I was so bent on shrinking further that I bet on winning a game of Jenga to keep my size, yet I was so conflicted that I couldn’t simply turn around to Jackie and immediately surrender my body to her. I’d become weak and submissive around her. Or maybe I was that way all along, and Jackie just unlocked my submissive side.


“Come here, Dessy.”


“Yes, Goddess.”


I gulped down a deep breath, steadied myself, then turned to Jackie. She reached out an arm to grab my wrist. She gave me a gentle yank towards her as she stood up. I never got used to her rising up to her full height like that with me standing right in front of her. I was a head below her knee now, and I was about to get a lot smaller.


Now fulling standing, she said, “Climb my body to get your reward.”


A reward? Is that what she’s calling this?


“Yes, Goddess.”


Faith interjected, “Wow, I want a man to call me ‘Goddess’ someday.”


“Me too!” Gabby said.


Ignoring the girls’ commentary, I first wrapped my arms, then my legs, around Jackie’s thigh and began shimmying myself up her leg like I was climbing up a fireman’s pole. Her jeans were probably grippier than what her bare skin would’ve been, so I was grateful for that. It took me about a minute or two to climb all the way up her leg, and as I got to her wide hips, I was having a more difficult time holding on. While this was all happening, the girls were having a casual conversation about god knows what.


“Jackie, I’m gonna fall, please help.”


“If you fall, I’m going to ruin your orgasm.”


“Ok, ok, but can you lower your right arm so I can climb it?” I bargained with her instead of pleading.


“Sure.” She acquiesced and put her arms down at her sides. I closed my skinny legs as hard as I could on the tops of Jackie’s leg, then stretched to reach her hand. Her whole hand was too huge to grab, so I grabbed her pointer finger with one hand and her middle finger with the other.


I counted myself down to let go with my legs. 3, 2, 1, go!


Releasing the hold I had on her upper thigh, I swung out underneath Jackie’s arm only holding myself up with two of her fingers. She seemed to be completely unfazed.


I stupidly looked down again, and saw how far I had to fall.


Forget that, you can do this!


I quickly began scaling Jackie’s hand before my arms got tired. As I got up higher, I compared my body with her hand and saw that from wrist-to-fingertip, her hand was almost half the size of my entire body. Soon, it would be more than half. And probably by next week, her hand would be able to close around my entire body like an action figure.


Climbing up Jackie’s arm was easier than climbing her leg. It was thinner, but still quite built. Her arm was already larger in circumference than my torso at its widest point. When she flexed her bicep though, it wasn’t even close.


As I neared her shoulder, my dick was fully hard. In fact, I had to focus in order to not blow my load too early. It was insanely hot that I was literally climbing my girlfriend, and she seemed totally blasé about it.


I reached up and put my both of my hands atop her clavicle and pulled with all my might. But I almost slipped.


“Whoa!” I said as I regained my footing from slipping a bit down her arm.


“Be careful there, little buddy!” Audrey said from below.


I looked down and saw Audrey was sitting underneath me. She was ready to catch me if I fell. The other girls were still deep in conversation with Jackie, not giving one single shit about me.


I quickly came up with a plan to get up on top of her shoulder because I was losing energy fast. Thankfully, Jackie was wearing her hair down in pigtail braids, so that was what I was going to use to pull myself up.


The problem was that her coil of hair was too far away from me to simply reach out and grab. Both braids were sitting near the middle of her back. I would have to jump if I wanted to reach them.


I psyched myself up, gave myself an inner pep talk, then counted myself down once again.


3, 2, 1, GO!


I leaped with every bit of energy I had left. I fell faster than I expected, and I watched the braids slowly rise as gravity pulled me ever closer to the floor. I stretched my arm out as far as it could go and miraculously, two of fingers went through the braid, keeping me from falling. I grabbed the braid with both hands.


“Yes!” I shouted, proud of myself.


“Ow! What the fuck, Desmond!” Jackie yelled down to me.


Apparently, I was still heavy enough to hurt her by pulling on her hair.


“I’m sorry, I didn’t know it’d hurt that bad!”


Not amused, she said, “Just get it over with and climb up, you little monkey!”


Several minutes later, I was atop her shoulder. I only wish I had a flag to plant down to mark my historic conquest of the mountain that was my girlfriend.


“Come on, tell me that wasn’t impressive,” I said to Jackie, still proud of myself for climbing an almost seven-foot-tall woman.


Still mad that I pulled on her hair, her expression remained blank. But I was determined to get a smile out of her.


“Come on,” I said as I kneeled and pinched her cheek, “That was pretty impressive, don’t lie. You’re proud of me, aren’t you?”


Still nothing.


Her armpit was right below me, and I knew this was a risky move, but I did it anyway. I lied down belly-first, stuck a hand inside her pit and tickled her.


“I know you can’t resist this!” I laughed.


She laughed uproariously and begged me to stop. Then, she realized she could wrap her whole hand around me and lift me off her armpit. And that’s what she did. She held me in front of her face.


“Fine, I admit. What you did was pretty impressive.”


“Thank you!” I said from inside her glorious fingers. All I wanted was some credit for my feats, however small they may have seemed.


She moved me closer to her face. It was amazing how big she looked. She was so huge, such a looming figure, such an overwhelming presence. And it was just her face.


“Are you ready?”


I came down from my adrenaline-infused excitement and said, “Yes.”


And the truth was, I was ready. I was so high on my great accomplishment that I was willing to give up something for it.


“Hey, you know what? I have an idea. Come with me upstairs.”


Jackie turned to her friends and Audrey and told them she would be back in a minute.


“Are you still gonna shrink him?” Gabby asked pointedly, afraid she was going to be robbed of a show.


“Absolutely,” Jackie said.


Chapter 20 by johnbart37
Author's Notes:

Desmond and Jackie engage in a unique sex act that can only be performed when by a tiny man and a woman with huge boobs. How much will Desmond shrink?

Chapter 20:

Jackie practically ran upstairs with me on her shoulder. I clung to her braids with all my strength. I was terrified at how fast she was going with me standing on her, but also totally exhilarated.

She dashed into her room and closed the door behind her. Then she kneeled in front of her bureau and let me step down onto it.

“Desmond, you’re gonna love what I have in store for you,” she yipped, fishing around in her closet.

“What are you doing in your closet?” I asked.

“You’ll see.”

She stripped completely nude and put on a two-piece bikini. It was red with small, white polka dots. When she came out, she had in her hands a bottle of lube. My dick hardened past where I thought it could previously go.

“What’s all that for?” My voice came out all strained from the raging boner I was sporting.

“Close your eyes and mouth, tiny.”

I did as she commanded, and I heard the bottle click open. I knew what was about to happen. She squirted the lube down onto my head, then onto my shoulders so it could drip down onto my chest and back. Then, she let me open my eyes again so I could watch as she lubed up the rest of my body.

“Is this really necessary? That’s a lot of lube you’re wasting,” I said.

“I have a feeling you won’t think this is a waste in a few minutes.”

Her next squirts went onto my cock. She went to go rub it in, but I was already completely primed with arousal.

“I’ll rub it in,” I said, putting my hand up to stop her.

“Afraid you’ll blow your load if I touch you?” she asked with a huge, beaming smile.

“Very much so.”

“Fair enough.”

I carefully rubbed in the lube on my cock, making sure not to get too excited. That went out the window when I saw Jackie squirting lube down onto her boobs. The way the little streams of liquid flowed down into her cavernous cleavage was mesmerizing. Oh, and once she rubbed it in—holy hell. She saw me staring at her, and laughed, causing her boobs to bounce. That only put me in a more precarious situation.

She kneeled down to be face-to-face with me. She couldn’t stifle a grin. My heart soared at the fact that she still craved my ogling. “Should I finish lubing my tits up with my back to you?”

“Fuck. Maybe,” I said, trying to think anything and everything that wasn’t sexy.

“I know that look. You’re trying to think of gross things. What are you thinking about? Your grandma? Or maybe moldy bread? Or maybe…my ass!?”

She flipped around and started twerking in front of me. My eyes nearly bulged out of my head. Her ass spilled out of her bikini, and it really seemed like with any more pressure, her bottoms would explode off of her.

“Jackie, stop! You’re gonna make me cum!” I averted my eyes and started thinking about cockroaches, whiteheads, and anything else that would keep an orgasm at bay.

“Ok, ok! I’ll stop. But you need to get ready for what’s coming next.”


“Raise your arms.”

As soon as I did that, she grabbed my wrists and lifted me above her boobs. She held me there for a second so I could grasp the gravity of what was about to happen.

“You ready?” she asked me.

Dangling above her, I had no other choice but to say yes.

She slowly lowered me down into her cleavage. I shivered with excitement as my feet slid in between her breasts. They were so warm and soft.

Ugggghhh, control yourself man, I told myself.

My thighs disappeared, then my calves, then my balls touched her breasts.

“Oooooh!” I exhaled in pleasure.

“Are you gonna be ok?” she asked.

“Yeah, yeah. Keep going.”

My dick snapped up to my chest as she slid me down further into her cleavage. And eventually, it was gone, completely engulfed by her huge tits.

“Let’s go look in the mirror, Dessy.”

She walked in front of the full-length mirror on her door, and boy, was it a sight to see.

I was firmly stuck in her boobs. Her soft orbs of flesh protruded almost six inches out in front of me. Only my feet and ankles peeked out from the bottom of her cleavage, and my head fell beneath her shoulders. Her tits likely weighed four times what I weighed. Whenever I tried to move, her wet, lubed-up skin caused me slide further down into the crevasse that was her tits. It was utterly surreal to be this physically outmatched by another person. I never thought this would ever be possible, even when I began shrinking. I always had some naïve idea that it would eventually stop, and I would hit some target height. I was now convinced that I had no target height. This would go on forever, unless I stopped it somehow. That fact haunted me and aroused me to no end.

Jackie practically read my mind and asked, “Did you ever think you would be able to fit in between my boobs like this, Dessy?”

“Never,” I whispered in awe.

“Me neither.”

We looked at ourselves for a little while longer, both of us utterly dumbfounded at how mismatched we looked. Yet, really, we were the ultimate match. What guy had the privilege of spending time in between the breasts of his girlfriend? None of them except me.

But it was only going to get better. When we were finished basking in our size comparison, she headed downstairs. When we walked into the living room, we turned the heads of everyone. They stared at us like we were some sort of lost treasure.

“Holy shit, Jackie! He’s…in your boobs!” Vicky exclaimed.

I was elated at her reaction. It took a lot to get her flustered. Apparently, me being a prisoner of my girlfriend’s tits was what did the trick.

“Yep, and I’m about to make him cum harder than ever.”

All the girls were enraptured by Jackie’s presentation. They all turned to her and gave us their undivided attention.

“This is so hot…” said Faith.

“Yeah, I know,” Gabby said.

“I’m gonna take a shot to make sure this is really happening,” Audrey said in disbelief.

“Oh, this is happening,” Jackie said while she squirted more lube onto my head and her tits. “This is what I like to call the ‘Tit Floss’. You ready, squirt?”

“Ready as I’ll ever be,” I said.

Without further ado, the most insane sexual experience I’d ever had commenced. Jackie grabbed my wrists with one hand and my ankles with the other. It turned out that her name for what she was about to do was quite accurate. I was the ‘floss’ for her tits. She pulled me up and down through her boobs. Her bikini kept her tits together and her cleavage tight. To say that I was titillated by this would be an understatement.

Up and down I went, and every so often, she would spit on me to keep me wet. Maybe this would’ve bothered me under normal circumstances, but I was right on the edge of bliss, so nothing truly mattered.

Then, she broke her rhythm by letting go of my wrists. My whole upper body disappeared as I plummeted through her tits. Feeling my face graze past her wet inner boobs was utterly euphoric.

“Look at him go!” Vicky shouted.

My arms were straight up, so I tried to grab the tops of Jackie’s breasts to prevent myself from falling to the ground. It was a silly attempt, considering her boobs were too lubed up for me to get a hold on them.

Before I could slide completely down to the floor, Jackie wrapped her arm around me, pinning me to her stomach. My head was still in between her boobs.

She then pushed me back up and through by my ankles. In a few seconds I popped out of the top of her cleavage. My face and hair were soaked with sweat and lube.

“I had you going there, didn’t I?” Jackie giggled.

“Yeah, you did,” I breathed heavily, “But I knew you weren’t going to let me fall.”

She pulled me up to her lips and gave me a sloppy kiss. Her lips practically took up the entire lower half of my face. She was so big and so dominating.

All of a sudden, she pulled away with faux disgust and said, “Eww, you’re wet!”

She gave me a cutesy smile, and let go of my arms, letting me slide right through her boobs once again.


My screams were completely muffled by her chest. This time, she pulled me right out of her breasts and held me upside down by my ankles.

“I think it’s time for a headfirst slide. What do you think girls?” Jackie asked them.

“Yeah!” they agreed.

My dick throbbed at the thought of diving headfirst into Jackie’s breasts. “Wait, I want to try something!”

“Ok,” Jackie was surprised by my interjection, “What do you have in mind?”

I got her to place me onto her shoulder, and I whispered in her ear what I was going to do. I wanted to keep the spectacle a secret to the onlookers in the room.

“Oh my god, that’s brilliant! More lube, more lube!”

She grabbed the lube and drenched me until not an inch of my body was dry. As I wiped my eyes, she squirted more lube onto her tits. I bent my knees and got myself ready.

“Ok, little guy! 3, 2, 1, GO!” Jackie said.

I dove off of Jackie’s shoulder and into her cleavage. Let me say, the experience wasn’t close to diving into water. It wasn’t at all a clean dive. My arms and head went straight through her cleavage line, but the rest of my body didn’t go straight down into her boobs. My legs instead slapped onto her upper chest.

So, I wiggled my way deeper, rubbing my dick against her chest the tops of her tits in the process. Oh god, it felt good.

After around ten seconds, it was getting tough to breathe, so I increased my efforts, writhing like a fish out of water.

After a little help from Jackie, which involved her lifting my legs up perpendicular to the ground, I slid right through just like before. The way my cock felt as I swam down through the ocean of boobs was practically indescribable. It felt like I was tit fucking four sets of tits stacked on top of one another, but still, that description didn’t even give this experience justice. I was literally swimming in boob flesh. It was unbelievable.

As my head peeked out through the bottom of her boobs, Jackie’s hand came over from the side and palmed the top of my head, completely halting my downward motion. She regained her grip on my ankles and started flossing her tits with my body again. Only this time, I was upside down. My dick and balls kept slamming into her chest as lifted and lowered me. It was painful yet utterly pleasurable at the same time.

After two minutes of non-stop, upside-down tit flossing, I was getting dangerously close to orgasm.

“Jackie…I’m…gonna…CUM!” I said in segments since my head kept going back up into her boobs.

She said nothing, and only increased the speed at which she flossed with my body. I was going up and down every second. I felt my dick burgeoning inside her cleavage.

“Fuck…it’s…coming!” I yelled.

“You’re nothing but my tit slave, Dessy!”

That was it. That sentence. Those words made spew harder than I’ve ever spewed before. She kept moving me up and down through her tits as I squirted hot cum into her cleavage and onto the floor. It must’ve looked like her tits had a leak. As she pulled me up and down, I actually said to myself, “I can’t wait ‘til I get smaller.”

This was the greatest sexual experience of my life. It was all-consuming and blissful and a little terrifying. And when I got smaller, this experience would only become more all-consuming, blissful, and terrifying. I truly couldn’t wait to shrink for Jackie.

She finally pulled me out, not wanting to miss my shrink spurt. She wrapped her hand around my torso and grasped me like a doll.

“Shrink for me, Dessy. Shrink for me!”

It began. I dwindled and got radically smaller right in the palm of her hand. Her fingers constricted tighter and tighter as I shrunk. Shrinking into her hand was an experience like none other. I was shrinking so fast and so much that I thought I was going to get smaller than her hand.

“Keep going, little man. You’re not small enough!” Jackie cackled down to me.

My chest and shoulders disappeared into her fingers, as did my hips and thighs. All that was outside of her direct grasp was my neck up and my knees down.

“I can’t believe I can hold you in my hand like this! This is so amazing!”

I lovingly looked up at her giant face, but the words I may have wanted to say were stuck in my throat. I adored her so much. There wasn’t a length I wouldn’t go for her.

“Oh my god! Pass him around! I want to hold him in my hand!” Gabby said.

Jackie walked me over to Gabby, and politely asked everyone to be super gentle with me. She placed me in Gabby’s open hand. She immediately closed her fingers on my body and brought me up to her face.

“You aren’t even as big as my Barbies back home! Isn’t that just something?!”

“Yeah,” I said with a small voice.

“Hand him over! I wanna play with him too,” Faith said.

I was literally a toy to these women now. In the span of one night, I had gone from minimal dignity to none at all. And part of me thought that was so hot. These girls could squeeze me to a paste if they wanted to. I was at their mercy. It was dangerous, but it was so fucking hot.

I got passed around the room to be poked, fondled and played with. When I got passed over to Audrey, I nearly screamed. By this point my cock was rock hard, and she looked bigger and sexier than ever. It took everything I had for me not to cum in her hand. Her fingers were damn near thicker than my entire body.

Audrey looked at me with a mix of delight and pity. Amazed and excited that I got this small, but guilty that she’d let it happen without a fight.

I wanted to reassure her and tell her it wasn’t her fault, but it didn’t seem like the right time. Besides I was too focused on trying not to blast a load onto her thick, meaty fingers.

Predictably, Jackie didn’t want me lingering in the hands of Audrey, so before long, she scooped me out and cupped me in both her hands.

“I think that’s enough shrinking for tonight.”

She proceeded to wipe me and her boobs off with a hand towel until both of us were completely dry. She then she stuck me inside her tits for the rest of the night.

Chapter 21 by johnbart37
Author's Notes:

Desmond wakes up in the middle of Jackie's tits. She measures him to be just a foot tall now, but Desmond questions how their relationship can progress in a healthy way.  

Chapter 21:

The day after the Jenga fiasco, I was miraculously the same size. My dick had a mind of its own lately and being in between Jackie’s tits didn’t really help. But after a short while, I fell asleep stuck in her shirt. And it was the best sleep I’d had in a long while. To be cradled like that by two things softer than any pillow was just magical.  

I woke up still in between them, but I was lying sideways. Well, more accurately, she was lying sideways on her bed. I was just a part of her now. I stretched my arms out and yawned.

“I was wondering when you’d wake up,” she cooed from behind me. 

She was still in her bikini from the night before. The odor of sweat and sex filled my nostrils. But it was her smell. Her beautiful smell. And due to my proximity to her, I was Jackie-smelled.

“Did you and the girls stay up late?” I asked.

“I think ‘til 3.”

“Wow, I must’ve been really knocked out, because I wasn’t up for that long.”

“You did a lot yesterday, my little hero! You went to a party, you climbed my body, and well, you know…the other thing.”

I smiled, “Yes, I do. The famous tit floss.”  

“I’m talking to the back of my boyfriend’s face. Turn around and face me.”

My head was peeking just above her cleavage. I twisted myself. At least, I tried. All of my attempts to turn around to see my girlfriend’s face were pathetically unsuccessful. It was official. Her boobs were stronger than me. 

“Am I too much for you?” she laughed as she watched me writhing in between her boobs.

“Yes. I think so.”

She reached down into her cleavage and took hold of my shoulders. With one quick motion, she spun me around. Her cleavage expanded to allow for my change in position, but once I was right where she wanted me to be, facing her, her boobs snapped back to cradle my body.

“I love that I’m too much for you,” she said with a penetrating glare.

“I love it too, baby.” I reached up to try to kiss her, but her tits might as well have been a vice. She graciously lowered her head and gave me a short kiss. I wasn’t satisfied. I pushed forward and kept my lips on hers. I thrusted my tiny tongue past her lips, darting around inside her mouth. My tongue was on an expedition, and it was determined to map out the entirety of Jackie’s beautiful mouth. 

Jackie surprised by how passionate I was being, pulled away to catch her breath. Her eyes shone with excitement and adoration. 

“Desmond, let’s measure you! I wanna see how tiny you are now.”

“Can we keep kissing? I—”

She sat up in her bed, “Hush up, titty boy! It’s time to see how much my boobs shrank you last night!”

I was pulled out from her breasts like I was her little doll. She effortlessly dangled me from my wrist, carrying me to the “measuring corner” as she’d dubbed it long ago. 

She set me down, regarding me with the same amount of care you’d give a fragile vase. Come to think of it, by that point, I was probably was just as fragile as a vase. 

“You have to weigh less than a pound now, Dessy! You wouldn’t believe how light you are!” she said, sitting down in front of me. 

“Oh, I believe it.”

She grabbed both of my shoulders and moved me in front of the measuring tape. She flattened my hair so she could see the numbers behind me. 

“Oh my…” was all she said at first. She kept staring behind me with a look of total bewilderment. 

“Jackie! What?!”

“You’re… You’re…”

“Spit it out!”

“You’re a foot tall, Dessy poo,” she said, “A foot.”

“You’re joking,” I laughed nervously. 

I turned and looked to see for myself. My eyes were level with the 11-and-a-half-inch mark. I turned back around to see Jackie beaming with effervescent giddiness.

“You are TWELVE INCHES TALL, Desmond! Isn’t that great!” she said in a singsong voice.


“Yeah! We can do things now that we could never do before.” She stood up to her full height, making me quiver in fear.

“Like what?”

Without bending down even a little bit, she said, “I think now that you are just a foot tall, it’s time we changed some things. Like how you talk to me for instance.”

Talking to her like this was downright frightening. I was standing at the foot of a 20-foot statue, only she wasn’t a statue made of marble. She was a dynamic, living, breathing woman who was the size of a statue to me. She might’ve had a point in implying that we weren’t equals anymore. 

“What’s wrong with how I talk to you?” I asked.

She slapped her hands on her hips, the noise making me jump. “Nothing. But I think you should really tack on a ‘Goddess’ after everything you say to me. It’s a little more fitting for our current circumstances, don’t you think? Besides, we’ve already had some practice with you calling me goddess.”

Not knowing what to say to that, I just said, “Uh, sure.”

“Sure, what?”

“Sure, Goddess.”

She sat down on the floor, putting her face into view. Her smile was knowing, but more than that, it was dirty. It was as if she knew something I didn’t. And if she was hiding something from me, it didn’t even matter, because I was too afraid to ask her.

“What’s the matter? Scared of your big goddess?” she asked with faux concern.

“Uh huh,” I nodded. My dick was throbbing as I stood naked in front of her.

“Your mouth is hanging open, little guy. And your pee-pee is twitching. Fear isn’t the only thing you’re feeling.”

“You’re…You’re right, Goddess. I wanted to know what other…things we could do that you had in mind.”

“Here’s something.”

She sprang to her feet at a speed that made me flinch. She bent down, grabbed my torso with a single hand and held me near her crotch. I took in the stunning sight in front of me. 

I couldn’t see a single hair, and her pussy was already glistening with pre-wetness. As she moved me closer, the walls of her vagina seemed to part on their own. Could she move her vagina at will?

Jackie rubbed my face haphazardly against her vulva, making my face shiny and sticky with her juices. Her pubic mound swelled noticeably as she got more aroused. Her moans were slow and dignified in their cadence. 

I didn’t usually take charge in situations like these, but I could tell Jackie was itching for release. Last night, she made my dreams come true pulling me in and out of her boobs. So now, I was going to make her dreams come true. And I had a fairly good idea of what she wanted.

I took hold of her pussy lips with my hands and pulled them away from each other. That got a response.

“Ohhhhh!” she screamed.

I pulled with all my might, and I when I saw an opening big enough, I shoved my entire head neck deep into her pussy.


When I let go of the outside of her pussy, her vaginal walls constricted around me, keeping my head firmly in place. I couldn’t see a thing, and there wasn’t a millimeter of air to breathe. 

From inside her, I felt Jackie’s fingers wrap around my ankles and my waist. Not soon after, I went deeper into her. She was pushing me inside her pussy! 

In the span of just a few seconds, my shoulders disappeared up her pussy, then my nipples, then my belly button. I was pulled out just as fast as I was shoved in. 

“Do you like this?!” Her voice resonated through her body. 

I stupidly tried to say something, but when I opened my mouth, it was flooded with her juices. Thankfully, she pulled my head out so I could breathe. I gulped in as much air as I could.

“Oh god, Jackie. Give me…one more…second to…catch my—"

“Nope! Time to go back in! Goddess ain’t done with you yet!”

She slammed me headfirst back into her pussy, splashing her juices all over her legs. Not only was she shoving me in and out of her vagina now, but she was bucking her hips all about. It was a violent, wet ride. 

“Touch me with your fingers!” I heard her say.

Up until that point, I had kept my arms at my sides, assuming she wanted me to be more like a dildo than a human boyfriend. But apparently, she wanted a dildo that had hands to touch her on the inside.

With all the strength I had, I lifted my arms up and off my sides, and rubbed the inner walls of Jackie’s vagina. When she didn’t respond with louder moans, I elbowed each side repeatedly. 

“Fuckkk,” she whined.

Now, I was struggling to breathe. Sure, Jackie had trained me well in the art of eating a woman out, but up to this point, she hadn’t trained me in the art of being a human dildo. 

The only chance I had of not losing consciousness inside my girlfriend was to make her cum now and hard. Knowing I was way too weak to possibly hurt her, I balled my fists as tight as they could go and began punching the inside of Jackie’s pussy. 

“Oh god, keep doing whatever that is you’re doing!” she yelled from the outside.

Every time I went back into the depths of her pussy, I threw another punch. I tried to make the blows harder each time, but after 10 punches, my arms were basically putty. With nothing left to do, I used my head. Not to think my way out of this situation, but to headbutt my girlfriend’s vagina.

“Ugghh, that’s even better! Dessy, I’m gonna, I’m gonna!”

Cum, you fucking bitch!

A torrent of fluids gushed at me, filling my mouth, nose, and eyes, then propelling me straight out of Jackie’s pussy and into the palm of her hand. I coughed profusely, spitting up her juices. 

She graciously let me recover in the palm of her hand for a few minutes. I simply laid there, getting my breathing under control. When she noticed I was shivering from how soaked I was, she wrapped me in a paper towel. I was surprised with how warm it was at this size. 

Once I was relatively dry (still sticky), Jackie recaptured my attention. She brought me up to her face, letting her fingers clasp me in place. 

“Ok, was that not an incredible experience?!” Jackie asked.

“It was certainly an adventure. I’ll give you that,” I said.

Jackie gritted her teeth and her grip on me tightened ever so slightly. “I know you’re still getting used to your new size, but when we’re alone, I want you to call me Goddess, ok?”

“Yes, Goddess,” I said, my voice strained from her squeezing me with her fingers. I could tell she was still just playing, but her tight grip on me was nothing to scoff at.

“Good. Now, I know you’re not going to love this, but your baby-sized bed is too big for you now. So, I’ve set up an alternative for you. I think it may actually be cozier!”

“Can I take a look, Goddess?”

“Of course, my little dolly!” She twisted me around in her hand and presented what looked like a Nike shoebox on her night table. Size 14 men’s. 

“Don’t tell me I’m going to be sleeping in your shoe, Goddess.”

“Of course, you won’t be sleeping in a shoe! Although, that gives me ideas for later.”

I looked at her with confusion, scared about what she was suggesting. 

“So, where will I be sleeping?” I asked.

She jokingly bopped her own head with an open hand, poking fun at herself for getting so lost in her thoughts.

“Oh yeah! You’ll be sleeping in this shoebox!”

She lifted me with one hand, and flung open the shoebox with the other, revealing the inside. Jackie had cut a piece off of my crib mattress to fit perfectly inside the box. In addition to that, she’d also cut my sheets to size. And scattered about were a million tiny decorative pillows, probably from one of her old dollhouses. She even had a mini ladder I could use to climb inside my new bed. 

“Jackie, this is just…amazing.”

“Really?! I put so much work into this!”

“Yeah, it’s so nice,” I said, “You really are the best girlfriend a guy could ask for.”

“The best Goddess you mean?”

“Yes. Yes, Goddess.”

Still sitting in her hand, I looked up at her massive face and saw a different person in Jackie. When we first met, she was intimidating, but I could see myself being on relatively equal footing as her as a human being. How could I see us as equals in a relationship now? She was almost 7 times taller than me, and she was hundreds of times heavier than me. 

Then a thought came to me. Were Jackie and I doomed to fail as a couple? Could we even be considered a couple anymore? What kind of a boyfriend is able to sit in his girlfriend’s hand without weighing it down even a little bit? What kind of a boyfriend can be stowed away in his girlfriend’s cleavage? What kind of a boyfriend sleeps in his girlfriend’s shoebox?

All of these questions of inadequacy came to head right at that moment, and I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep my feelings hidden from Jackie. I opened my mouth to cut off the choked-up feeling that was rising through my throat.


“Goddess, Desmond. Goddess.”

“No. I want to talk serious with you for a minute. If that’s even still allowed,” I said.

She put me down on her night table next to my shoebox and sat down on her bed. She was still way taller than me sitting down. “Of course, it’s still allowed. I’m sorry if I’m going a little overboard with the whole ‘goddess’ thing. It’s just that when you first called me your queen, it turned me on so much. And then when you called me Goddess, oh god, it got me so wet.”

Jackie had no idea what can of worms I was about to unleash on her. I was nervous, but I convinced myself that it had to be discussed.

“Well, that might be a problem. Don’t you think?”

“What? You calling me ‘Goddess’? No! I don’t think it’s a problem at all.”

I remained composed, knowing if I had any chance of explaining what I was feeling to Jackie, I needed to be gentle with my words.

“It’s just that—I don’t know how—I want to—ahhh! I don’t know how to say this!” I said, struggling with a way to articulate my feelings.

She stroked my stomach with a single finger, “Just say it as simply as possible.”

“Ok fine. Here it goes… How can your Goddess be your girlfriend at the same time?”

She squinted her eyes in confusion, and her finger conspicuously retreated from my stomach. Clearly, I hadn’t done a good enough job elucidating what I was trying to say.

“Jackie, think about it. How can a mortal man be in an equal relationship with someone that is so much more superior in every way?”

“Desmond, I’m not literally a goddess. You’re really taking the fun out of all this,” she dismissed me, flipping her hair behind her shoulder.

“I know you’re not a goddess in the literal sense of the word, but to me, you basically are. I mean, you are huge compared to me. You could crush me to death just by sitting on me! Do you really think two people so imbalanced could have a healthy relationship?”

Now, with an emerging scowl on her face, she flipped the question back on me, “What do you think? Do you think we’re too imbalanced to be a healthy relationship?”

The truth was: I didn’t know. I had no idea if we could realistically go the distance with this size imbalance. I couldn’t say yes to her question, but I couldn’t say no either. So, I straddled the middle.

“Not yet. I can still talk to you and do stuff with you and pleasure you sexually, but what happens when I’m an inch tall? What happens when I’m ant-sized? What happens when I’m even smaller than that?! We won’t be able to do anything together anymore! Hell, I won’t be able to do anything with anyone anymore! I’ll live a lonely life in your shoebox, or in your purse, or in your tits. That’s not the kind of life I want to live, Jackie. I want to make money, be my own man! I want to commute to work every day from my tiny studio apartment. I want to buy a house, have some kids, save some money, and die in peace someday! I don’t want to die like this! Shrinking away into nothing! I can’t die like that! And YOU are willing to let that happen!”

Never did I think all of that would come out of my mouth. I actually ranted in front of Jackie. And she didn’t even stop me. She let me berate her with a guilty look on her face. That scared me more than if she were to clamp my mouth shut and threw me back into her pussy.

“Desmond. You have to believe me when I tell you. I’m not willing to let that happen. I will never let that happen. Ever,” she said in a grave tone.

“What are you talking about?! You have no idea what’s even happening to me! Nobody does!”

She had an even guiltier look now. Her lips were tightly pressed together, and she couldn’t make eye contact with me, a doll sized man. 

“What?!” I shouted at her, “If you have something to say to me, say it!”

Looking like she was on the verge of tears, she said, “This is going to be hard to say,

Desmond. It’s about time I be honest with you, because healthy relationships are built on honesty, right?”

It wasn’t the time for her to be asking me questions.

“Tell me…what you were going to tell me,” my voice shook with irritation.

Jackie crouched down in front of the night table until her head was level with me. Her fingers gripped the edge of the table. She looked down to the floor, presumably gathering the cohones to tell me whatever she was about to tell me. 

“Ok, you want the truth. Here it is. Our first meeting wasn’t exactly spontaneous. It was planned.”

I was already utterly confused. “Planned? By who?”

“The volleyball team. They scouted out a bunch of different guys for me to choose from, all of them freshmen. And I chose you.”

“So…your teammates got the information of a bunch of guys—”

“Ten to be exact,” she interjected.

“Ten guys,” I continued, “And out of those options you chose me to be your boyfriend? I mean, that’s pretty weird, but what does that have to do with—”

“I’m not done, Desmond.”

Where is she going with this?

“Ok. Go on,” I said.

“So, when we first met, remember that note I gave you?”

“The note with your phone number on it?”

“Yeah. The ink I used has special properties, Desmond.”

I scoffed, “Special properties? What? Was it like one of those erasable pens?”

“No. When that ink comes in contact with skin, it can alter physical matter. The user can manipulate the matter of another human being.”

I was starting to get an idea of what she might be saying, and I didn’t like where it was going.

“What did you do, Jackie?”

She took a deep, gulping breath.

“When you first touched that ink, that was the beginning of the shrinking process.”

I stormed away from her, stomping my tiny feet as I went, and punched my shoebox in a fit of absolute rage. I took a few calming breaths to ready myself for what was next.

I walked back to her with as much poise as I could muster. Tears were rolling down her cheeks. 

“Are you telling me that you are the reason I’ve been shrinking this entire time? Please tell me that’s not true, Jackie.”

She wiped her eyes and sniffled. “I’m sorry, Desmond. I’m so, so sorry. You have to understand I—”

I didn’t let her finish. I wasn’t ready for some sanctimonious explanation as to why it was completely justified for her to shrink me. I fell to my knees and screamed at the top of my lungs. But my anger didn’t last long. My capacity to yell only lasted me a few seconds in fact. My off-the-charts anger was quickly replaced with a crushing despair.

My head fell down to the table, and I bawled into the wood, wetting it with my tiny tears. 

Jackie tried to pick me up to comfort me, but I slapped her fingers away with all the strength I had. I didn’t want to talk to her. Not after what she did to me.

“Desmond! Please let me explain!”

Anger crept back into me. Jackie really thought she was entitled to have me listen to her ridiculous excuses for shrinking me. 

I stood up and pointed a finger in her face, “No! Get me my phone!”

“Why?” she said, still choked up with tears. 

“I’m calling Maggie to pick me up. I’m staying with her for a few days. I can’t fucking deal with this right now!”

“Desmond, please don’t leave me! I love—”

“Don’t you dare say that to me right now! Ok?! Because nobody shrinks a person that they love! That’s not something you do to someone you love!”

Jackie was fully crying now. Without another word, she got up and brought me my phone. She placed it flat on the night table in front of me.

I tapped into my phone and called Maggie. 

“Hey Desmond, what’s goin’ on?”

“You need to come pick me up at Volleyball house,” I said. “You need to come right now, you hear me?!”

“Ok, ok! I’m coming right away! What happened?!”

“I know something I didn’t know before, Maggie. Something big. I’ll tell you when you get here.”

Chapter 22 by johnbart37
Author's Notes:

Desmond spends a bunch of his time with Maggie, who becomes his de facto babysitter for the week. He meets with Jackie to attempt to hammer out a reasonable deal.

Chapter 22: 

I spent the next few days exclusively with Maggie. For pretty much every waking moment, I was with her. I slept next to her in the shoebox Jackie had made for me. She would wake me up by tapping my little head with her giant finger. She would drape me in a washcloth she had since I was too small for any of my clothes. She would then put me in her backpack to go to the gym. She said she didn’t trust leaving me in her room alone. 

Going to the gym at a foot tall was certainly an intimidating experience. If I felt like a weakling at the gym when I was a five-foot nothing shrimp, I was a hundred times the weakling now. Big guys walked past all the time, making me feel even more inadequate. But the thing that surprised me was that whenever I would make eye contact with one of those hulks, they never laughed or made jokes at my expense. Instead, most of them looked at me with sympathy. Others’ eyes would dart away as if they’d made eye contact with a carnival freak. 

During the workout, Maggie would stick me in between her breasts just like Jackie did when I shrank. I spent the whole time trying not to get a boner as she ran on the treadmill. Of course, I failed every time, and it was awkward to say the least.

“Don’t take this the wrong way, Desmond,” she said one day. “This would be a whole lot easier if you were like a couple inches smaller.”

I didn’t know if she meant that I was a bit too big to be comfortable inside her shirt, or if she meant that my shrunken little hard-on was poking into her boobs. Either way, I was thoroughly humiliated.

After the gym, we’d go back to the dorms for a quick shower. Then we’d go to the dining hall, grab some grub and go to my first class. Maggie’s classes miraculously didn’t overlap with mine at all, which meant she was able to take me to all my classes and sit there with me without missing any of her lectures. The catch was, I had to come to all of her classes.

“I’m not letting you out of my sight, you hear me?” she had said after I told her about Jackie shrinking me. “We don’t want that crazy bitch snatching you up and kidnapping you.”

After all of our classes let out, Maggie took me to the library and helped me catch up on my loads of homework. Homework was getting hard for me to do now. At a foot tall, I was too small to use a normal laptop efficiently. I could sit right in front of the computer and reach the trackpad, but not reach the keyboard. So, Maggie was gracious enough to do all the typing for my online homework assignments. And now since the average pen was half my height, she also volunteered to help me with all my written assignments. I told her what to write, of course, but it was a painstaking process. And Maggie, being her usual headstrong self, always had suggestions—suggestions that weren’t really optional—more like commands. She ended up molding a lot of my assignments into her own, which, for the most part, made them a whole lot better.

After my homework was done, we would go back to the dorms, and she would start on her homework. The first night I was with her, I tried to help her with her homework to repay her favor to me, but immediately found that I was of no use to her. She was pre-med, and I knew nothing about medicine. 
For the nights to come, after my homework was done, Maggie would simply tuck me into my shoebox bed and send me off to beddy bye. 

Every morning, I’d wake up to see a million missed phone calls and text messages from Jackie. Since it was nearly impossible to lug my phone around (it was half my height now), Maggie decided to leave it on her desk. So, I ended up giving my mom Maggie’s number if she ever wanted to get in touch with me. One night during the week, my mom called Maggie, who then handed the phone off to me.

“Desmond. Remember, parents’ weekend is coming up. I’ll be down with your sister and your father if he gets off of work.”

“Yeah, mom. Can’t wait.”

She could hear the lack of interest in my voice.

“Are you ok, sweetie? I can come down earlier if I need to. Did you see those doctors I recommended to you?”

My head was swirling. A part of me wanted to tell her what Jackie did, but I knew that wouldn’t be productive. She would lose her mind, and I needed time to think this through.

“I’m fine, mom. I haven’t had a chance to call the doctors. I’ve been super busy over the past few weeks. Maybe you can take me when you come to visit.”

“Ok, honey. First thing.”

Not long after that we ended the call. I genuinely felt horrible for not telling her the truth, but I wasn’t sure she needed to know. Not yet, at least.

Five days into my self-imposed quarantine with Maggie, I knew I had to face my problems. I needed to talk to Jackie. 
I agreed to meet with her on Copley Lawn–right in the center of campus. It wasn’t enough time for me to really get over what she did to me, but I needed to talk to her, nonetheless. I needed to know how to reverse this. I needed to know why she lied to me for so long.

I chose a public meeting spot because I didn’t trust her not to simply put me in her purse and walk away nonchalantly. I also chose to bring Maggie with me, because even with the prying eyes of the public, I still didn’t feel safe enough to be alone around Jackie. 
Maggie carried me on her shoulder all the way across campus, with my makeshift loincloth covering my chest and nether regions. Heads rolled, but I was over it by now.

As we got close to the top of Copley Lawn, Maggie asked, “Are you sure you’re ready for this? I’m here to back you up, but if you’re nervous just—”

Atop her shoulder, I said, “Are you kidding? I’m shitting bricks right now! But I still have to talk to her, don’t I?”

“Yeah. If you ever want to grow back,” she said bluntly.

If there was anything I wasn’t ready for, it was Maggie’s brutal honesty. If this meeting didn’t go well, Jackie could easily just deny she ever shrunk me and never grow me back. Hell, I didn’t even know if she could grow me back! That thought gave me a mini panic attack. 

But a part of me knew that Jackie was fully capable of growing me back. While my trust in her was severely diminished, I still trusted her enough not to shrink me without knowing how to grow me back. She had to have an explanation for all of this. 

I didn’t have a concrete strategy going into this conversation with Jackie, so I asked Maggie for input.

“Hey, should I just kiss her ass? Beg her to grow me back?”

“No,” she said.

“But what if I come off too aggressive, and she takes offense? Then she’ll never grow me back!”

“Dude trust me, girls hate it when guys act all wimpy. Just act cool.”

“But what if I am wimp?” I pouted.

“Then don’t act like one.”

I had no adequate response to that, so I just stayed quiet. My silence ended when I saw Jackie sitting underneath the biggest tree on Copley Lawn. She was staring ahead blankly with her hair looking flat and uninspired. Her phone was next to her, lit up from all the texts she was getting. As listless as she was, her phone was still blowing up. She was still popular. She had status. I was nothing compared to her. And that was enough to make me terrified of her.

“There she is! Oh god, I’m gonna fuck this up!” I said.

Maggie squeezed my cheeks together with one hand and took me off her shoulder. She held me in the air by my face, cutting off my ability to speak.

“She’s told you she loves you! If that’s the truth, when it comes down to it, she’ll do the right thing.”
Maggie sat me back down on top of her shoulder and walked over to Jackie with a swagger. For the first time ever, Jackie looked small.

She was alone under that giant tree trunk, and it made her look tiny. But more than that, the expression on her face was one of defeat. In that moment, things became crystal clear. When I walked out on her, it devastated her. Guilt was pooling in my stomach, but I reminded myself of one thing.

She shrunk you. Don’t get sucked into her pity party. No matter what, you have to grow back.

I couldn’t risk being manipulated by Jackie, so that became my mantra.

When Maggie and I were about 15 feet away, Jackie saw us and waved sheepishly. Maggie sat down with a thud, causing me to almost lose my balance and fall off her shoulder. Thankfully, I grabbed a strand of her wickedly dark hair at the last second. 
We sat in silence for a moment. No one knew how to begin. Fortunately, I didn’t have to talk first because Maggie beat me to it.

“I’ve talked to Desmond about this whole mess for a long while, Jackie. I’m mad. Mad at you. Mad at him for not seeing through your act. Hell, I was going to get in your face and demand you grow him back right now! But he told me to keep my cool. And let me tell you, he is the only reason I’m not telling the whole world what you did to him. I’m here for him as a friend, and you are not going to take anything else from him. Do you hear me?”

Throughout Maggie’s entire rant, Jackie couldn’t bring herself to look at her or me. And when she didn’t answer Maggie’s question, Maggie didn’t let it slide.

“Do you hear me?!” she asked once again.

“Yes, I hear you.” Jackie’s voice audibly quivered. 

I got down from Maggie’s shoulder, by rappelling down her body using a piece of her hair. I was light enough now where pulling on a girl’s hair didn’t even hurt her anymore. Maggie was sitting crisscross apple sauce, so I stood in the middle of her legs. It was embarrassing, but I was so short that even with her legs nearly flat on the ground, her knees rose higher than me. 

I didn’t let that height comparison get to me though. Amid the towering mass of Maggie’s legs, I looked up at Jackie and tried to be as gentle as possible with my words.

“Why did you do this to me?” I asked. 

She returned my eye contact, her cheeks already glistening with tears. 

“I did it because I wanted to lift the volleyball team up and be popular with the girls. I know it was wrong, Desmond. Oh god, I know! I can’t believe I did it!”

Maggie was irate. “Well, ya did do it! Get to explainin’ missy!”

Shocked out of her excuse-making by Maggie’s brazenness, Jackie began an explanation that would soon put everything into perspective. 

Jackie said that on one of her first nights at early volleyball practices over the summer before she started college, she told her fellow volleyball girls that she could shrink people and redistribute their size. Her grandma had given her a special ink that could rewrite a person’s body structure when exposed. All she had to do was get me to touch that ink, and that was the moment I was destined to shrink. 

I tried to press her on how her grandmother got this ink (did she make it, or did she have it made, and what was in it?). She said she didn’t know. I believed her.

“So why would your grandma give you something like that?” I asked.

“Before I left for college, she said if there was an emergency, like if someone was trying to assault me, I could spray it on them and shrink them so they couldn’t hurt me.”

“So then how come I didn’t shrink immediately when I touched the ink on the note?”

“Because I added a trigger device into the ink. That trigger device is less than a millimeter wide, and it’s somewhere deep in your body. The device protects you from the effects of the ink, but when you ejaculate, the device’s protective shield is deactivated. When that happens, a notification is sent to my phone, and I can input how long I want the shield to remain deactivated for, and that directly affects how much you shrink.”

This was all too much for me. Even when she told me she was responsible for shrinking me, I never could’ve dreamed that she had this much direct control over how small I got. 

“Shrink ink, trigger devices, and protective shields, huh? Is there anything else you did to me that I should know about?” I asked with hurt in voice.

She looked directly down at me and said, “No. I promise. There’s nothing else I did.”

“Why did you do this though? Why shrink me?” 

“Me and some of the other people on the volleyball team wanted to get an edge on our opponents. The thing is, the mass I took away from you isn’t gone. I have it. And I can give your size to everyone on the team. We can make ourselves bigger and stronger and taller with all the shrunken mass from you, Desmond. And hopefully, we could win that way. I was totally against it at first, but once Vicky heard about my abilities, she wanted to shrink someone. And there was no way I was going to say no to the captain of the volleyball team.”

Maggie was fuming. “Are you trying to cast yourself as the victim in all of this? Do you really expect us to feel bad for you?”

Jackie looked down at the ground, clearly ashamed of herself. Perhaps Maggie didn’t feel bad for her, but I did.

“Maggie, lay off, would you?” I told her, “We’re trying to figure this out. Everyone just…calm down.”

Jackie’s reasons for shrinking me were shockingly not as self-serving as I thought they would be, though on some level, they certainly were. She wanted to make herself bigger, along with the rest of her teammates. And then I remembered something.

“Hey!” I said, “Jackie, when your boobs exploded out of your robe when we were in the bathroom that time, did you—”

“Yeah,” she cut me off, “I transferred some of your mass into my boobs. I thought it would be fun for us. I thought you’d like it.”

“I did. I did like it. It’s just…wild, you know?”

“Yeah, I know.”

“So why haven’t you made the girls bigger yet?” I asked. 

“I was waiting until you were small enough to not notice. And, once the season was over, I was going to start growing you back, little by little.”

That was the heart of the discussion. When was Jackie going to grow me back? I was the size of a ruler, and I was standing comfortably in the middle of Maggie’s crossed legs. It felt like I was in a courtyard. Jackie looked like she was dozens of feet tall, even as she sat wistfully against that big tree. 

And at that moment, I realized something. I kind of liked the way things were. I had gotten used to beautiful women carrying me everywhere, pampering me, and taking care of my every need. I had also gotten used to being utterly dominated at every turn. I liked being dominated. It seemed like all the women in my life knew better than me anyway. 

So, I started thinking the unthinkable. Did I even want to go back to five feet tall? I mean, of course I did! That was the whole point of confronting Jackie in the middle of Copley Lawn, or so I thought. 

In my head, I formulated a compromise. It was going to delight one of the girls. The other—not so much.

“Ok, here’s the deal, Jackie. I’m hurt that you lied to me for this long, but I don’t think you deserve to fry for this. You were just trying to seek Vicky’s approval, and I got swept in along the way. I get it,” I said. “But I want to be returned to my normal size at the end of the volleyball season, and I want you to promise that you’ll return me to five feet tall in writing. Is that fair to you?”

From Jackie’s emerging smile, she seemed ok with my compromise. Maggie, though, threw an absolute fit.

“Fair? Desmond, what is wrong with you?! She could put you back to normal right now if she wanted to! Volleyball season doesn’t finish until the end of the semester! Why are you still helping her?”

Jackie interjected before I could say anything.

“Actually, Maggie, I wouldn’t be able to return him to his normal size at this moment. Desmond would have to shrink down to 1 inch tall, because that’s his target height. Once he hits that height, then I can transfer his size back to him.”

“You’re kidding!” Maggie said.

“No. I’m definitely not kidding. If he doesn’t have another orgasm and shrink down to 1 inch tall, Desmond will never grow back. He also must remain an inch tall for at least a week, or else the shock of regrowth will most likely kill him.”

Maggie started to get up, “You have some nerve, you know that? You take everything from this boy, and you have the nerve to act all high and mighty.”

That was a poor choice of words, because it prompted Jackie to stand up to her full height. As she rose, Maggie trailed off. She didn’t even come up to her shoulder from what I could see wallowing down at both of the girls’ kneecaps. 

“Go on,” Jackie said to Maggie, “I’m ‘high and mighty’. What else am I?”

It took her a second, but Maggie regained her southern fighting spirit. She cocked her chin upwards, giving Jackie uninterrupted eye contact. She put her hands on her hips. Maggie was ready to get sassy.

“You don’t get it. You think shrinking him was a flimsy little mistake on your part. No. You’re evil and ruthless and you manipulate people weaker than you into doing your bidding. That’s what you’re doing right now. Desmond might not be able to see it, but I can see it. It’s clear as day.”

Jackie wasn’t going to let that stand. She bent over in the same patronizing way she always did to me.

“You don’t know a damn thing about what goes on between Desmond and I. Things aren’t as simple as you’re saying. He likes being small. Has he told you that?!”

Maggie shot her a look of disbelief, she then directed her attention down at me, hoping I would side with her in thinking Jackie was crazy. My face remained blank.

“I guess he didn’t tell you. Yeah, he loves it. I liked Desmond before I shrank him. And I shrank him because I liked him. I thought it would be better to shrink someone I liked than someone I had no connection with.”

“That’s bullshit!” Maggie interrupted, “You could’ve picked anyone. Hell, you could’ve picked a 7-foot-tall basketball player and your stupid team would’ve gotten even taller! Why didn’t you?”

“Because it’s not all about the team for me! I wanted to have a shrunken companion that I didn’t hate. In fact, I love Desmond! Someday, I want to marry him! This whole shrinking thing is a blip in our relationship that we’re going to get over! Ok?!”

Maggie was stunned into silence, and so was I. Neither of us saw the marriage thing coming. 

Jackie got down all the way to her knees to address me once more. On her haunches, she was still able to cast a shadow that engulfed me completely.

“Desmond, I’ll sign whatever contract you put in front of me. You just need to promise me that you’ll stay an inch tall until the season is over, and that you’ll tell no one outside of Maggie that I shrunk you. Do you promise?”

I stuck out my puny hand and grabbed a hold of her finger, shaking it.

“You have a deal.”

After we were done with our finger handshake, Jackie, out of instinct, went to grab me. She stopped herself though, knowing we weren’t ready to reunite yet. She smiled wistfully at me, as if to say, I regret how things turned out. 

I regretted how things turned out too. I wish I hadn’t blown up and refused to talk to her like an adult until five days passed. I wish she hadn’t lied to me for weeks about what was happening to me. 

“Bye, Dessy. I’m gonna miss you a lot,” she said as she stood back up. I watched her rise like a skyscraper being built in seconds. 

“I’m going to miss you too,” I said from the ground.

Maggie’s hand came from behind and wrapped around my torso, lifting me up to her eye level. Once I was safe in her grip, she delivered Jackie a nasty final blow. 

“We’ll deliver you the documents you need to sign soon. Until then, stay away from him. I don’t want to see you around our dorm. And if I do see you, there will be problems. Do you understand?”

Even though Jackie towered over Maggie, she looked utterly demure and powerless. 

“Yes. I understand.”

“Good,” Maggie said. 

And with that, she walked off with me in her hand. 

A few minutes passed with neither of us talking. I knew what she was going to say, and I was simply waiting for to vocalize it.

“I can’t believe you,” she finally said. “You had the option to demand to be regrown as soon as you hit one inch tall, and you left it on the table! Do you really like being that small? What is it? A sexual thing?”

How do I answer this and not sound super weird?

“I don’t know, Maggie. Shit changed when I started shrinking. My desires shifted as I got smaller. Maybe it is a partly a sexual thing.”

Her face wrinkled with disgust. “Please don’t tell me you…like the size difference between me and you.”

“I’m not into you like that,” I quickly said.

“Ok, good. Because that would be weird. I’ve been putting you between my boobs at the gym, and I could’ve sworn I could feel something poking into me.”

“Come on! That’s a little different, don’t you think?! Being between a girls’ tits is an inherently sexual activity!”

“Ok, you’re never going in there again.”


It didn’t take much longer for us to get back to the dorms. Maggie swiped into the elevator. She stepped out of the elevator onto our floor with me still in her hand.


I looked up to see my mom, my sister and a couple I didn’t know. 

“Mom, what are you doing here?” I asked as Maggie walked closer.

“It’s parents’ weekend! I called you about this.”

Shit, I forgot they were coming!

I put two and two together and realized that the couple I didn’t know were Maggie’s parents. Maggie politely greeted my family, then handed me off to my mom (literally). 

“Desmond, we’ll talk soon. Ok?”

“Yeah,” I said.

She then absconded away with her parents, who looked at me with absolute confusion. 

I sat in the palm of my mother’s hand, and both of them were gawking at my new size. I believe the last time Amanda saw me; I was around four feet tall. Three feet was a lot to shrink in that small of a time. 

“You have some explaining to do, Desmond. This cannot continue. You fit in the palm of my hand. This is insane,” my mom said.

I was shocked that she wasn’t more pissed. But I knew I wasn’t going to be able to keep secrets from her anymore. 

“I know. I’ll explain everything. To you,” I gestured at my mom. “I don’t trust Amanda to not tell the whole world.”

My mother took no issue with that. “Wait in the hallway, Amanda.”

I was about to tell my mom the truth about Jackie, and there was no telling how poorly she would react. The door shut behind us, and it was time for me to explain. 


Chapter 23 by johnbart37
Author's Notes:

Desmond finally tells his mom the truth. His mom also buys him some doll clothes in an attempt to make him feel more comfortable. Amanda, as always, is a thorn in Desmond's side.

Chapter 23:

“It was her. Jackie was behind this the whole time.”


Still in the palm of my mother’s hand, I closely monitored her reaction to this. She could be hotheaded at times, but she didn’t explode this time.


“Desmond. I’m so sorry.”


“Sorry?” I was confused. “Why are you apologizing? This isn’t your fault.”


“You liked Jackie. I know you did. I’m sorry she did this to you. And this is partly my fault. I should’ve known. I should’ve taken you back home away from her.”


I didn’t see this coming. My mom was the one in desperate need of consolation.


“That wouldn’t have changed anything. She has control over my height on her phone. That’s what she told me. I don’t know exactly how it all works, but I know she’s running the show.”


My mom paused, no doubt thinking about what our next move should be. She set me down on top of my desk. She was sitting on my bed.


“I think we should sue Jackie and her family for all they’re worth,” she said.


I hadn’t been studying law for too long, but even I was smart enough to know that that was not a wise course of action.


“Mom, I don’t think any jury or judge would entertain this. There’s no case law for this. It would be thrown out immediately. And besides, Jackie’s family has unlimited resources. They could buy the White House’s legal team if they wanted to. We would get crushed. Listen, I have a plan already, ok?”


“Plan? You have a plan?” she asked, sounding surprised.


“Yes. But it requires you and Amanda to keep your mouths shut about this. Jackie told me she would sign a legally binding contract that orders her to return me to my normal height once the volleyball season is over.”


Predictably, my mom flew off the handle.


“No! That is not what’s going to happen. She’s going to get you back to normal now!”


“Mom, please calm down. Can I just explain my rationale here?”


“Fine, go ahead.”

I explained once again to my mom that bringing suit against Jackie wouldn’t work. But if she signed a legally binding contract like she promised she would, Jackie would be forced to grow me back at the end of the season. For that to happen, I explained, she and Amanda would have to pretend to know nothing. I further explained that this was deal I worked out with Jackie, and she wasn’t likely to compromise past that. I told my mom that I was willing to be very small for another month or two. I told her that Maggie and/or Jackie could help me with my homework, or that I could apply to get a professional notetaker, since I couldn’t take notes on my own anymore.


After I laid that all out, my mom calmed down, and actually jumped on board with my plan. She seemed to realize that this was our best worst option. So instead of going to a doctor, we went to a lawyer.


Of course, that required me getting in the car, and my mom had no idea how to secure me in my seat. I ended up in the clutches of my sister for the whole 30-minute ride to the lawyer’s office.


Amanda held me with one hand and smugly glared down at me almost the entire trip. Occasionally, she would give my torso a little squeeze, reminding me that she could crush me into human paste if she so desired.


Her fingers were thicker and longer than my legs. I thought about what it would be like if she challenged me to an arm-wrestling match now. She could crush me entirely with only her forearm. Perhaps a thumb war would be fairer, but then I looked at her hulking thumb and concluded it would be a humiliating defeat. Even her pinky had more muscle in it than I had in both of my arms.


She could see me measuring up her hand, and I could tell that she loved how quickly I was realizing that I literally had no chance against her anymore.


“Are you sad that I can crush you with just one hand, little bro?” she said.


I nodded instinctively, not wanting to incur her wrath. But at the same time, I was waiting for my mom to jump in and scold Amanda for belittling me. No such condemnation ever came. She most likely had too much on her mind, and probably wasn’t even listening to our petty sibling squabbles, even though Amanda was sitting right next to her.


We called ahead to the lawyer’s office, which allowed us to get a meeting right then and there. Only Mom and I went into the office. Amanda sat in the lobby while we drew up the contract.


The lawyer was initially in awe of my tiny size, but we quickly got over that hump. For the next hour, we carefully drew up a contract for Jackie to sign. We made sure there were no loopholes. Mom especially didn’t want her escaping her responsibility for this.


The crux of the contract was this; provided that Maggie and I were the only ones who knew about the shrinking, Jackie would grow me back at the end of Georgetown’s volleyball season. Our lawyer was gracious and said he would keep it quiet that both my mom and sister knew about all of this.


Once the contract was drafted, printed and sealed inside an envelope, we drove all the way to Volleyball House, and stuck the sealed contract inside the mailbox.


“Whose house is this?” Amanda suddenly asked.


She was preoccupied by her phone this entire time, I thought I wouldn’t even have to lie to her. Luckily, Mom did that for me.


“Another lawyer. One your father happens to be acquainted with. We want as many opinions on this as we can get before we go forward,” she said.


“So, we know who shrank Desmond?”


My mom didn’t immediately have an answer at hand. But after a few seconds of thinking, she came up with something.


“We have an idea, Amanda. But it’s better if fewer people know our plans. It gives us more time to prepare a case if need be.”


This was gibberish basically. But it was enough to shut my sister up.


I felt better after serving Jackie with the contract. It felt better knowing that I’d actually done something to change my current predicament.


However, my mom wasn’t going to feel at ease until I had some normal clothes to wear. So, we went to nearly every doll store/emporium in Washington in search of doll clothes I could wear. I tried to tell my mom that I would be just an inch tall very soon, but she wouldn’t hear it. She wanted me to have respectable clothes now.


Miraculously, we found a parking spot on the street in D.C. I was in Amanda’s hands, but she handed me off to Mom suddenly. It was an odd experience getting traded from one giantess to another.  


“I lost something,” Amanda told my mom. “I’m gonna try to find it for a second. I’ll catch up with you guys.”


“Ok, sweetie. Don’t take too long, alright,” Mom said.


She shut the driver’s side door and began walking down the street with me in her hands. Just like Amanda said, she caught up with us a minute or so later.


“Did you find what you were looking for?” Mom asked.


“Yes. Yes, I did,” she said with a self-assured smile.


By the time we’d hit our fourth store (an American Girl Doll outlet), Amanda was getting on Mom’s nerves, so she gave her forty bucks and told her to explore the city. Normally, Mom was like a saint with Amanda, so it was surprising to see her explode like that.


We also hadn’t found any suitable clothes for me up to that point. My mom did buy some doll furniture though: a dining chair, a table, a few plastic plates, and a whole dining set complete with forks, knives, and spoons. We were making progress, but my mom wouldn’t quit until she found me an outfit to wear.


After Amanda left American Girl, my mom approached a saleswoman. She tapped her on the shoulder, and asked, “Do you have anything for my son to wear?”


She was holding me in her hand, and I waved at the saleswoman.


“Whoa! Where did you get that doll?” the saleswoman asked when I waved.


“This isn’t a doll, miss. Like I said, he’s my son, and he’s caught the shrinking disease. Do you have any clothes for him?”


By now, this was the fourth time I’d had to deal with this kind of thing, and I was starting to get a kick out of it. I looked at her nametag: Kelly. Kelly was probably 5’4” and had short curly hair. She was pretty for being in her mid-thirties. So, I thought I’d give Kelly a good story to tell her friends.


“Hi, Kelly. I’m Desmond,” I began in the most self-assured tone I could muster. “I’m a customer just like anyone else in this store, and my dear mother is simply inquiring as to whether or not you have clothes that would adequately cover my tiny body. Still convinced I’m a doll, Kelly?”


As I spoke, I watched Kelly’s face go white. When I was finished, I relished in her attempt to find the right words to say.


“Uh, oh my god. I apologize to both of you. It’s just that…you’re so small and…wow! I mean, gosh, I’ll try to find you something that’ll fit. How tall are you Desmond?”


“I’m a foot tall.”


Kelly’s eyes nearly popped out of her head. She put a hand to her mouth to prevent herself from blurting out whatever she was thinking.


Once she regained her composure, she brought us some bad news.


“I’m sorry to inform you, but most of our dolls are 18 inches tall. Our smallest doll in stock is 14 inches tall. But that’s, um, two inches taller than you, so I don’t know if her clothes will fit you. Also, all of our dolls have very feminine clothes, so I don’t know if that’s really your style.”


My mom, lacking patience, cut in with a terse request.


“I don’t care if he has to wear a dress or a skirt. I want my son to have real clothes instead of a washcloth. Would you mind going in the back and getting your smallest doll so he can try on her clothes? Thank you.”


Without another word, Kelly raced for the storage room to find what my mom asked for. And just a minute later, we saw her briskly walking back with the doll in hand. My mom put me down on the display table next to us, which had a bunch of dolls standing on it. I was dismayed to learn that every single doll on the table was head and shoulders taller than me. If I was lucky, I reached the dolls’ chests. More often though, I was the same height as their hips.


“Ok guys, I have your doll. I’ll take off her clothes so Desmond can try them on. We don’t have changing rooms. Would you like me to find a private place for him to try these on?” Kelly asked.


“No, that won’t be necessary, Kelly. I’ll put the clothes on him right here.”


Apparently, I was so small that nobody cared if I was nude in public. Kelly didn’t object to my mother dressing me up right in the middle of the store. I was like a baby, only the average baby was much bigger than me now.


As my mom stripped the clothes off the doll, she noticed Kelly was still standing behind her watching this unusual thing play out as if it was a reality show. My mom turned around to Kelly and said, “Don’t you have a job to do?”


Kelly got the hint and left us alone, her heels clicking and clacking as she walked away.


The outfit that the doll had was feminine to say the least. The doll had a pink, polka dotted dress with lace hem lining the outer rim of the sleeves and the neck. It was also wearing thick, white stockings with black shoes. The whole ensemble was definitely not ideal.


Without warning, Mom stripped away my washcloth, leaving me nude in the middle of this doll store. Luckily, there weren’t that many people around.


“Arms up,” she said.


Fuck, she actually wants me to put on this dress.


I raised my arms and allowed the frilly doll dress to float down onto me. When I thought things couldn’t possibly get any more embarrassing, they did.  


The dress adequately covered my body, but it was noticeably too big for me. On the doll, the dress fit snugly around the neck and the bottom went to its knees. For me, the neck hole was almost as wide as my shoulders, and the bottom of the dress almost went down to my calves. It got more humiliating when my mother acknowledged it.


“It’s a little big, but it’ll do for now,” she said.


She slipped on the stockings for me, but we found they were much too wide for my pencil-like legs. The fabric simply wasn’t tight enough to hug my thighs.


“Don’t worry, Desmond. We’ll throw these in the dryer on high and let them shrink.”


She then slipped the shoes on to see if they would fit. Once they were on, she asked me to walk. I almost tripped in them they were so big. 


“Well, shit,” she said.


I looked up at her from where I was standing. She was stumped. But I was grateful that I had a mother like her. In the face of any problem, she never gave up. I would’ve been content with a washcloth for the foreseeable future, but she had standards for me. Even if the best she could do was American Girl doll dress.


“Do you want to buy this, Desmond? I know this isn’t ideal, but I’m sure you don’t want to go to another store.”


She was right, I didn’t want to go to another store. If I had to wear a dress until my mom left, that was fine by me.


“Yeah, we can buy this.”


She stuck her hand out in a ‘C’ position. I stepped back and allowed her fingers to close on my body. She walked over to the register with me in one hand and the naked doll in the other. My mom explained our predicament to the lady at the register, and she was less than sympathetic. She said we couldn’t just buy the clothes. We had to buy the doll as well.


“This doll is 100 damn dollars! And I don’t need the doll, I just need the dress and the stockings!” my mom said emphatically.


“Miss, I’m sorry. This is store policy. We can’t just give you the clothing off the dolls. No one’s going to buy a nude doll. That’s why we have that policy.”


My mom slammed the doll on the counter, nearly breaking it. I was still in her hand, and I detected some sweat emanating from her palm. She was livid.


“Listen, I realize that you have rules. Let me give you $50 for the clothes.”


“I’m sorry ma’am. We can’t do that.”


“Offering you half for these doll clothes is pretty generous. Just give us a break. This is a hard time for our family.”


“I don’t know what to tell you, miss. I really can’t do that.


“Go get Kelly.”


“Miss, Kelly’s not going to be able to help you. She’s going to say the same—"


“Go. Get. Her,” said my mom.


Two minutes later, Kelly came to the register. And predictably, she said the exact same thing. My mom then asked for the manager. The manager said the same thing.


“All of you have not a shred of empathy for what we’re going through here! Here’s your damn money!”


She slapped a $100 bill on the counter and left without the doll. Once we were out on the street, my mom found a restaurant she liked and called up Amanda.


“Come meet us at the Japanese place near the American Girl Doll store. I’ll shoot you the address if you need it,” she said on the phone with my sister.


In no time, I was whisked over to the Japanese place my mom spoke of. I didn’t catch the name of the restaurant as we walked in through the double doors. Not surprisingly, it was a bit hard to read signs when I was in Mom’s hands as she pumped her arms back and forth.


The restaurant had an open concept, with regular tables in the middle of the floor and booths lining the floor-to-ceiling windows that made up the perimeter of the building. Like any Japanese restaurant I’d ever been to, this one had a fancy bar. It almost made you want to drink.


It was past peak lunchtime, and there weren’t many people in the restaurant. Mom, still keen on having privacy, chose a booth. As she scooched in and got comfortable, she put me down onto the table and reached down into her purse. She pulled out my doll chair, my doll table, and my doll cutlery all with one hand. Once the table was set and everything was in place, she pulled out the chair for me. I sat down in it, lifting up my stupid petticoat, and she pushed me in.


I was genuinely amazed sitting down at this doll table though, because if I blocked everything out, it felt like I was normal sized again. I even felt a bit bigger than I used to be sitting at tables. All of the doll stuff was perfectly scaled to my new size, and there was a sinking feeling in my stomach knowing that I would eventually have to abandon all of this. I would eventually have to shrink down to an inch tall, and I would be too small for doll items.


When we were all settled, the server came to our table and asked how many menus to leave (he was confused about how to handle me).


“Just leave two menus. One for me and my daughter. She’ll be here soon,” Mom said.


“We can make your son a small portion free of charge, ma’am. If that would be satisfactory,” he offered.


“Oh, that won’t be necessary, sir. He’ll eat off my plate. I’ll get something he likes.”


And with that, the server smiled and walked off. That whole exchange served as a brutal reminder that I was totally insignificant. Mom didn’t even let me choose my own meal. I was so tiny that the server could offer me scraps for free. And now, like a little kid, I was eating off my mother’s plate. She might as well have said, “Only big boys get to have their own dinner.”


My sulking was cut short by the arrival of Amanda. I was looking down at my empty plate when the impact of her ass slamming into the booth caused the whole table underneath to rumble like it was an earthquake.


“Cute outfit, lil’ bro. It really suits you! If you ever grow back, we should get you a full-sized dress and enter you as a contestant into the local beauty pageant!”


I hated her. I hated how ugly she was, and I hated how she could hide that ugliness with her outward-facing beauty. There was no denying it. Her emerald green eyes were that of a succubus. Her light brown hair was that of a princess. Her pink lipstick made her intimidating somehow. It seemed like I was the only one who could always look past the mirage into the evil center. My mom could sometimes see it, and so could my dad. But they forgot a lot of the time, and it was always on me to remind them how she tormented me day in and day out.


Her pink lips formed a giddy smile after her demeaning comment. Her eyes were hungry— hungry for my reaction. But in that moment, a strange enlightenment washed over me. I was no longer going to give my sister what she wanted. If she wanted to give me backhanded compliments, I would simply pretend they were straight up compliments.


“Thank you, sis!” I said sarcastically, “You know, maybe I’ll take you up on that offer! Maybe it’ll help us bond.”


When she didn’t get the angry reaction from me, she stirred in her seat. Her smile faded, and she looked down at her phone.


“Phone away, Amanda. You know we don’t use them at the table.”


This lunch was going wonderfully so far. My sister had been thoroughly put in her place. Her little act wasn’t working anymore. It was driving her crazy by the dirty looks she gave me throughout dinner. Amanda even got scolded by Mom for giving me dirty looks! It felt good to feel untouchable for a little while. But if I knew Amanda, the next time we were alone, she would get back at me. That gave me shivers.


The conversations between the three of us consisted mostly of Mom asking questions about school, and Amanda and I answering them like robots. It was not particularly pleasant, and I was already longing for the weekend to be over so I could be back in Maggie’s custody.


My mom ordered a heaping plate of sashimi, which she cut into tiny little pieces for me. She then dripped a couple of drops of soy sauces on my microscopic pieces of raw fish.


I picked up my fork for the first time, and what a great feeling it was. I was handling a fork like I’d never shrank. I felt normal for the first time in a long time. That sense of normalcy was quickly ruined when I ate my first piece of soy-drenched fish. That was because I reached for a glass of water that was nonexistent. My mom forgot to buy a glass for me, and I was reminded that I was shrunken freak.  


“Mom, um, can I have some of your water?” I asked.


She looked over and realized her error. She put her hand up to her forehead and cursed herself.


“Shit! I totally forgot to get you something to drink out of. Hold on, I might have something in my purse that you can use.”


She rifled through her purse for a few seconds before pulling out something. She seemed to be washing it in the palm of her hand, and once it was clean enough, she placed it in front of me.


It was a thimble.

That’s right. I had shrunk down to a size where I now had to drink out of a thimble.


I tried to convince myself that it was better than nothing, but honestly, it was such a painful reminder of my current lot in life that I couldn’t look past it.


“I don’t wanna drink out of that!” I cried, “Can you see if they have smaller glasses?!”


Mom tried to console me by running her finger down my back. “Honey, this is the best we’ve got right now. I’m sorry I forgot to buy you a glass, we’ll do that right after we’re done here, ok?”


“I will not drink out of that!”


Her sympathy for me ran out.


“Fine, Desmond. It’s either you drink out of that, or you stay thirsty. What do you want?”


I sat there in silence for a minute, pouting. I couldn’t bear to look up at Mom because I knew she was looking at me with that disappointed look.


“Don’t act like a little kid, Desmond. Do you want me to pour you water into that thimble or not?”


Relenting, I decided to give up my pride.


“Ok, I’ll drink out of it,” I said, barely audible.


She took her glass and poured for less than a second to fill my thimble. And the messed-up thing was, I probably wasn’t going to drink all that water. For my mom and Amanda, that amount of water wouldn’t even ameliorate cotton mouth, much less quench their thirst.


For the rest of the time, we silently ate. Embarrassingly, both girls finished 10 minutes before I did. And I never even finished. I was stuffed with two pieces of fish left.


Eventually, my mom stood up and told us she had to go to the bathroom.


“Can I go with you?!” I blurted out.

Both Amanda and Mom looked at me like I had three heads. What I meant to say was that I didn’t want to be left alone with Amanda.


Without addressing my odd request to join her in the ladies’ room, Mom asked Amanda to watch me.


Fucking perfect.


As soon as my mom was gone, my sister took out her phone and began tapping away angrily. She didn’t say a word, but I had a feeling whatever she was doing on her phone had something to do with me.


And sure enough, when she was done typing, that fear was confirmed when she turned her phone around to show me what she was about to do.


On her screen was a draft of a tweet that read…


The mystery behind the incredible shrinking man has now been revealed. @Dessypoo is getting shrunk by his girlfriend and D1 volleyball star @Vballjackie. She’ll deny it. But she’ll be lying if she does. If you see her, go ask her about it!


I was reminded of two awful things. Jackie changing my twitter handle to the embarrassing “@Dessypoo”, but more importantly, I was reminded how evil my sister was. Her finger was hovering over the blue ‘tweet’ button. With a tap of a button, Amanda could trap me at an inch tall for the rest of my life.


“Have anything to say before I tweet out the big news?” she asked.


How the fuck did you find everything out?


That’s almost what I said. But I didn’t. I needed to deny first.


“None of that is true.” I kept my cool and didn’t snap at her.


She gave me a teasing tap with her finger that nearly made me fall out of my chair. Her growing smile indicated that she saw through my denial.


“Let’s not dance around the real issue here, Desmond. Your girlfriend shrunk you. And personally, I think that’s hilarious!” she barely finished her without laughing.


That was it. I couldn’t hold back anymore, I stood up out of my chair and angrily pointed at her. Unfortunately, my vigorous finger wagging at my sister wasn’t at all intimidating judging by her reaction: more laughter.


“No one’s going to believe you!” I shouted at her.


“First of all, this is an anonymous account. And second of all, there’ll be enough people that will believe it. And even if only a few believe me, I’ll still be raising questions that your prissy little girlfriend will have to answer. Your shrinking story already has some traction in the national media in case you didn’t know. And if this tweet goes viral, like I think it will, Jackie is never going to make you big again. And when she leaves you for betraying her, I’ll be home waiting for you. Ah, I can already picture it! You, tending to my feet, painting my toenails, rubbing sunscreen all over my body. You’ll be my shrimpy slave forever!”


There was no doubt anymore. She knew somehow that Jackie shrunk me.


“How did you know Jackie did it?”


“Are you serious, Desmond? Mom was screaming about it in your room! I also found the other copies of the contract in Mom’s glove box. That pretty much confirmed it.”


It all made sense now. I remember thinking it was weird that Amanda stayed behind to look for “something.” She must’ve seen my mom put the other copies of the contract in the glove box and read them as we were walking away.


Not knowing what else to do anymore, I fell to my knees and clasped my hands together. Begging was the only course of action I had left.


“Please don’t send that, Amanda. Please! I’ll do anything! Please!”


What I didn’t realize at that moment was that Amanda had already made up her mind. She tweeted it right in front of me and made me watch it load up onto her home feed.


She took a finger and tussled my hair. “I can’t wait until you’re smaller than my pinky.”

That was it. I would never be normal again. And it was thanks to my evil sister.

Chapter 24 by johnbart37
Author's Notes:

There finally comes a turning point in Amanda's relationship with her Mom. Jackie still looms large, and Desmond brainstorms a way to get back to his normal size. 

Chapter 24:

“I can’t believe you did this.”

I fell onto my hands and knees and screamed obscenities. When my voice eventually went hoarse, I got up in a fit of rage and kicked over my doll table and chair. In my peripheral vision, I could see my sister giggling. 

I had had enough. I balled my fists.

“What the fuck are you laughing at? You just ruined my god damn life!” I said. 

She put both of her hands up and pretended to be the innocent little sister. “What? You looked funny kicking your little dollie furniture. Especially in that dress!”

I charged. It was not advisable. Hell, it wouldn’t have been smart to charge at my sister when I was five feet tall. She could kick my ass then too. But it didn’t matter how tall I was in that moment, because I all I could imagine was strangling her. Of course, I couldn’t do that, but her arm was laying on the table. That would be my target. 

Not the least bit fazed, Amanda kept her arm in the way of my warpath. When I arrived at her forearm, I threw the hardest punch I could. It had less than the desired effect.

I immediately recoiled in pain and shook my wrist out. Looking up at her face, Amanda was letting out another girly giggle. She was making a mockery of my pathetic attempts to hurt her. 

“Is that all you got, you little shit?”

I ran back up to her arm with a new strategy. If I couldn’t wound her, I would instead cause her irritating pain. I grabbed a hold of one of her arm hairs. It was barely visible with the sun streaming into the restaurant. But I could see it well enough to wrap my hands around it and yank it out of her arm. 

“Yow!” she yelped in pain, “What the hell, asshole?!”

She brought her other arm down and flicked me like I was a paper football. Her fingernail slammed me right in the stomach and sent me spiraling through the air. I landed halfway across the table. I tried to get up right away but realized that I couldn’t. Then I gagged. She hit me so damn hard I almost threw up my lunch.

My mom caught the tail end of this—well, whatever this was¬—I don’t think it was fair to call it a fight. More like a massacre.

“Amanda! What the fuck did you just do?!”

“Mom, I—”

“No. I don’t want to hear it! You’re grounded for a month when we get home, and you will not touch Desmond until he’s big again.”

I stood up, focusing mostly on keeping my food down. I was still reeling from Amanda’s flick. But I wasn’t about to forget what happened. I pointed at my sister. I was done covering for her. 

“Well, about that,” I said as I caught my breath. “I don’t think I’m ever going to be big again. Thanks to her.”

Mom looked down at Amanda with a smoldering intensity, “What…did…you…do?”

“Why don’t you show her?” I told my sister.

She snuck in a death glare. But nonetheless, she did as I said. She scrolled to the top of her twitter timeline and showed Mom her tweet. 

Mom stared at her phone for a long time. An oddly long time. After a while, I could tell she wasn’t reading anymore. She seemed to be thinking about what to do next. In a whirlwind motion, my mother grabbed my sister’s phone, ripping out of her hands, and throwing it to the ground, immediately shattering it to bits.

“What the hell was that for?!” Amanda asked. 

My mom leaned in close to Amanda and whispered with gritted teeth, “Clearly, you are not mature enough to have a smartphone. You have no right to share our family’s personal struggles on the god damn internet! When you have enough money to buy your own phone, you can get one.

But until then, you’re stuck with that bratty mouth of yours! Now, pick up the pieces of your phone and go throw them in the garbage!”
As Mom tore into my sister, I gleefully watched as terror crept into Amanda’s face. Her lips shivered. Her eyelids twitched. Her skin went ghost white. Seeing her haunted by my mom was genuinely uplifting. And it was even better to watch as Amanda, dutifully and without complaint, picked up each and every piece of her now destroyed phone and empty the shards into the garbage.

As my sister dealt with her former phone, Mom sat down in the booth to comfort me. She stuck out her finger, and I wrapped both of my arms around it. A finger hug. 

I was surprised at how much muscle was packed into a single one of my mom’s fingers. Her finger was almost definitely stronger than either of my arms. 

“I know it seems like all hope is lost,” Mom said as I rubbed my face against her finger. “But it’s not. I will make sure you get back to normal. I’m your mother. It’s my job to look out for you, and I should’ve kept Amanda on a tighter leash. And for that, I’m so so sorry. But trust me, you will get back to normal. We will figure this out.”

And I believed her. There wasn’t a hint of doubt in her voice. I needed her confidence more than anything right now. To express my gratitude, I kissed her pointer finger.

“Thanks, Mom. I just—she went too damn far this time.”

“Yes, she did. And I’m going to send her home on a plane. I’m going to stay here in D.C. until I get you back to normal.”

“But Mom, where are you gonna live? And your job? Don’t people need you?”

“You let me worry about all that,” she said. “You’re more important than a stupid job. And I’ll find a cheap place.”

And just like my mom said, my sister got on the next flight back to Gloucester and we stayed in a hotel for the night. We spent the night looking at apartment listings together. It was actually surprisingly fun. My mom kept gushing over the fact that she was going to be living in a studio apartment again, just like she did “in the ‘90s.” My mom reveled in nostalgia while I leeched off her body heat, cuddling up next to her chest as close as I could. She said that cuddling with me reminded her of when I was a toddler, only now, I was even smaller than a toddler. 

Of course, the cuddling couldn’t last forever. My mom eventually tucked me into the other bed. 

“I don’t want to crush you if I roll over,” she said.

Maggie called my mom in the morning, telling her that I’d received dozens of messages and phone calls from Jackie. I’d totally forgot that I left my phone in her dorm room. 

Both of us knew we couldn’t ignore Jackie for too long. We drove back to Georgetown to see what Jackie wanted to say to me. And Maggie wasn’t lying. There were countless messages saying: “We need to talk” or “Don’t ignore me” or “Get your ass over to the house.” I immediately noticed that Jackie wasn’t mentioning any specifics about what we needed to “talk” about. After sitting in between Maggie and my mother on Maggie’s bed and taking in all of Jackie’s vague messages and strangely emotionless voicemails, I knew exactly what was going on.

“She’s already has legal counsel,” I told both the two women. “She would’ve been mentioned the shrinking under normal circumstances. She’s already lawyered up.”

“No lawyer would advise her to send you all those messages, Desmond,” Maggie argued.

“Yeah, you’re right. But she doesn’t listen to anyone if she doesn’t want to. And she’s smart enough not to leave direct evidence in texts.”

“Desmond, I think it’s time to call your father.”

My dad was a good lawyer, but I never thought I would need him in his professional capacity. 

As soon as he was brought up to speed by my mother on the phone, she gave the phone to me. Well, more accurately, she held the phone up for me since it was half my size. I couldn’t even hold my phone in my hand anymore. 

“Hey buddy. We’re gonna fix this. That’s what good lawyers do. We fix things.”

“Thanks Dad. I’m sorry I ever let this happen. I could’ve—”

“Coulda woulda shoulda,” he cut me off. “This was your first relationship. There are red flags that we all ignore in our first girlfriends. I did it myself. Unlucky for you, the red flags you ignored caused this whole shrinking fiasco. There’s really nothing you could’ve done differently. You happened to meet a girl who can shrink people. That’s not your fault. It’s her fault for doing it to you. And now, we’re gonna fix it. This is your first case as a fledgling lawyer. Don’t screw it up.”

My dad always found a way to bring levity in times of despair. I let out a reserved laugh, but really, I was taking him literally. This really did feel like my first case. The only difference was that I was the lawyer, the plaintiff, and the defendant all at the same time. I was going to have to defend myself and attack at the same time. 

My first case was here. And it was to determine whether or not I would remain an inch tall the rest of my life. 

“Well, that certainly makes me feel better,” I told my dad. 

“Listen, I’m jumping on a plane tomorrow morning to Reagan. We’ll figure all this crap out, trust me. How’s your mother been? A little stir crazy?” he asked. 

I rubbed my forehead, hoping my mom didn’t overhear him say that through the phone. “Yeah, that might be an understatement.”

My mom playfully slapped my head. She did hear it apparently. 

“Did I hear that whack?” he asked. 

“Yeah, she hit me,” I said in between chuckles.

“Chill out, mama bear! Daddy’s a comin’!” he yelled to her.

Mom rolled her eyes, but I could tell she was glad to have Dad in our corner. She was getting very stressed about my predicament, and she needed a pillar of support. Dad was that pillar. 

“Alright, man. I gotta go pack up. See ya tomorrow. Don’t let your mom lose her mind before I get there, got it?”

“Yeah, Dad. See you.”

When my mom eventually left to go back to her hotel, I set up a meeting with Jackie and her lawyers. I made sure I stayed as dispassionate as I could on the phone with Jackie. 

“I’ll see you tomorrow, Jackie.”

“See you tomorrow, cutie,” she said.

She hung up. Man, she just doesn’t get it, I thought to myself. Maggie took the phone away, put it on her desk then scooped me up in her hand. 

“Where am I going?” I asked her. 

“To bed.”

“What? It’s only 8.”

She let out an exasperated sigh as she held me over my shoebox bed, which was sitting on top of Maggie’s night table next to her bed. 

“I don’t want to have this conversation,” she said. “I have a lot of work to get done, and I need some peace and quiet. Just get some rest, ok? Your little body has to be tuckered out by now.”

I wasn’t tired at all. In fact, I wanted to stay up all night with Maggie and talk about how afraid I was about tomorrow’s meeting with Jackie. But I was the size of an action figure. And at night, action figures get put away. I was getting put away by Maggie and seeing the bags under her eyes convinced me not to fight back.

“Yeah, now that you mention it, I am a bit tired.”

“Ok then, good night Desmond.”

The next thing I knew I was inside the shoebox with the lid on top. I heard Maggie plop her butt back down into her rolling chair. She let out another gaping sigh. 

She must have a lot of homework still left. I should’ve just gone out into the hall with my mom, maybe she would’ve been done by now and we could’ve talked, I thought as I lay against my pillow. 

Fifteen minutes passed, and I was restless and feeling a bit claustrophobic. The shoebox wasn’t too small, but it wasn’t expansive enough to be super comfortable. Ironically enough, if I shrank a couple more inches, it would probably be perfect. 

I lifted my head from my rose-pink pillow and sat upright. My head was grazing against the lid. Curious about my strength, I tapped the lid with a modicum of force. It didn’t budge. It was a shoebox lid for crying out loud! It didn’t even weigh a pound. But even if it weighed half a pound, it probably felt like lifting 12 pounds if the proportions of my body had stayed perfectly the same throughout the shrinking process. But I knew that wasn’t true. I was almost twice as skinny as I used to be now, and in turn, twice as weak. 

As I kept pushing up on the lid, all of these toxic thoughts about how weak I was swirled around in my head. It pissed me off that Maggie could easily walk back over to me and take the lid off without breaking a sweat. Meanwhile, I was practically slamming it, and it wasn’t moving at all. Also, the fact that she hadn’t noticed my slamming reminded me how small and insignificant I was.

After several minutes of these futile attempts to escape my shoebox, I lost it. Instead of trying to hit the lid off, I threw my entire body into the side wall of the box. For a second or two, I was overjoyed. I’d finally budged my stupid shoebox! Moments later though, I was teetering on the edge of Maggie’s night table. 

The last thing I wanted to do was call Maggie for help. I wanted to do something myself for once. So, I tried to body slam the opposite side of the shoebox. As I stood up and prepared to charge like an offensive lineman, the balance of the entire box shifted off the table. I flipped backward and my stomach lurched. I fell off Maggie’s night table. At my current size though, it was more like falling off a three story building. 
The box flipped upside down as it fell, and my back was up against the lid, which somehow, was still tightly secured.
I landed on the floor back first, and all my pillows caved in all around me, leaving me completely trapped. That’s right. My attempt to escape my shoebox left me paralyzed. 

I’m such a moron.

I lay for a couple of seconds there wondering if Maggie even heard me fall. I was extraordinarily lucky because I heard her feet thumping toward me almost immediately. The box was lifted, and light came streaming in. The doll pillows inside spilled out onto the floor, lifting most of the pressure off me. I threw two of the pillows covering my face to the side and saw Maggie’s disapproving eyes. I thought I would get a little sympathy at least.

“Did you do this on purpose?” she asked.

“I was feeling claustrophobic,” I said. “And I’m nervous about tomorrow. I’m antsy and I can’t spend the entire night in a damn shoebox that

Jackie made for me! It’s just too much!”

Maggie plucked me up out of the mountain of pillows I was under and held me by just arm for a moment while she got comfortable sitting on the floor. Once her legs were crossed, she sat me down on her knee. My butt didn’t come close to spanning the area of her kneecap. It was also impossible for me not to be amazed at how her legs stretched in either direction seemingly forever. And this was a mere 5’6” girl.

“Why didn’t you just tell me all of that? I wouldn’t have locked you up in the box. Although, I kinda figured you were able to get out on your own.”

“Yeah, well I ‘kinda’ thought the same thing,” I said with a scowl on my face. 

“Oh, don’t pout. Listen, tonight, you don’t have to sleep in the shoebox. You can sleep somewhere else. But if I put you there, you’re gonna have to take a shower in the morning.”

“Why?” I asked.

“Because it gets sweaty in between my boobs.”

Chapter 25 by johnbart37
Author's Notes:

Desmond and Jackie battle it out. Who will win? Where will Desmond up? I can assure you, Desmond's life is about to transform.

Chapter 25:

An artificial, chilly wind blew in my face as we walked through revolving door. My mom, my dad, and I were in the lobby of Jackie’s father’s high-rise company headquarters. The building was smack dab in the middle of D.C. and doubled as a luxurious apartment building. Jackie’s father had quite the success story.

Frank Donahue, her dad, was born a poor man. By no means was he expected to succeed to this extent. He went into debt going to business school, and he must’ve really applied what he learned because five years after he graduated, his debt slate was wiped clean. He was already running a successful real estate business.

Fast forward a decade or two and Donahue made hundreds more millions of dollars, married a socialite named Rudy and had a child with her. Fast forward another decade and that child grew up to shrink her college boyfriend.

Being in the lobby was intimidating enough. The hugeness of it shocked my system as a tiny person. The white marble floors and walls bounced every little sound we made across the expansive room.

I was being cradled by my mom, who was wearing a black blazer and a black business casual skirt. My dad was ahead of us in his navy-blue suit, already waving at the receptionist. I didn’t really fit in with their attire. I was still wearing my American Girl doll dress from the day before.

I made a point in my mind about how I was going to closely watch everything my dad did today so I could learn from him. And the lesson was starting now. Being nice to the front desk person was only the smartest thing you could do 

After what seemed like a three-minute-long walk, we finally arrived at the front desk. My dad looked down at the receptionist’s name plaque. He smiled warmly in her presence and greeted her as if we were off to a low pressure, routine meeting.

“Hi Miss Sterling,” he said. “We have a meeting with Mr. Donohue and Mr. Sullivan.”

Mr. Sullivan was Jackie’s lawyer.

The receptionist smiled right back at my dad and looked at her computer, scrolling for a few seconds.

“Yep! I have you penciled in at noon on the dot. Head to the 60th floor conference room that’s where they’ll be. Room 60145.”

Without issue, we were let past into the elevator and whizzed up 59 floors. While in the outrageously big elevator car, I began shivering in my mother’s arms.

“Desmond, are you cold? You have goosebumps,” Mom said.

Instead telling her that I was scared shitless, I just said yes—I was cold. She wrapped me up in a blanket, swaddling me. She brought me close to her torso to keep me warm.

My dad knew better though. From the way he was eyeing me, he knew I was shitting my guts out in fear. Looking at him, I couldn’t help but notice how confident and snazzy he looked. He had his still-black hair gelled and swept to the side. He was rocking a classic side part cut, a favorite of men his age. He had a sympathetic face, and a smile that could stun just about anyone. He was still relatively thin and fit. The wrinkles on the sides of his eyes were endearing Middle age had been awfully kind to him.

Taking in my dad’s calm and collected appearance, I wondered if I would ever have as confident an aura as he had.

Even if I wasn’t nearly as bullish as him, his reassuring head nod brought me back down to earth, even though my legs were dangling several feet off the ground.

The elevator dinged.

“Ready?” Dad asked.

“Not remotely,” I said.

“Not with that attitude you’re not. Loosen up,” he said. “You’re gonna be fine. We’re here to protect you.”

I tried to shake the nerves out of me, but it simply wasn’t working. I was terrified of what Jackie would do. Mostly because I knew she had almost all of the leverage. We had no direct evidence that she was that one who actually shrank me. This meeting was only being held so I could extract concessions. The amount of leeway I would be granted would depending on how generous she was feeling. I wasn’t too sure she was in generous mood after I left her and barely returned her messages for days.

Before long, Mom and I followed Dad into the conference room. The walls were lined with acoustic paneling, making the room completely soundproof. Large flat screen TVs hung all around the room, allowing you to see a video presentation from anywhere in the room. The table was 20 feet long with what seemed like dozens of chairs. With all the equipment, furniture, and technology in that room, the value probably totaled somewhere around $100 thousand. And there was likely a room like this on every floor. So, multiply that number by 60.

Frank Donahue was absurdly wealthy, and that was clear without him ever saying word.

Mr. Donahue sat at the head of the table, and without a moment’s notice, he sent his burly bodyguard to pat us down.

“Daddy, they’re not carrying weapons. Go easy,” Jackie said, who was sitting on his right.

Seeing Jackie again for the first time in days was heavenly but at the same time, daunting. She looked taller than ever, wearing charcoal gray blazer with matching pants to go along. I’d never seen her so buttoned-up and official-looking. Her golden hair was tied into a comically large bun at the top of her head. She was more beautiful than ever.

And she looked concerned for me. She gave me a glance communicating how much she missed me, but her eyes darted away quickly, probably because she wanted to be emotionless for her father’s sake. Yet, she was already failing to do so by taking umbrage with the way her father’s bodyguards were handling us.

“It’s just a precaution, dear. They’re also checking for recording devices,” Mr. Donahue said.

After we were thoroughly patted down, the bodyguard stuck his hand out.

“Hand over your phones,” he said. “This meeting is not be recorded, at Mr. Donahue’s request.”

Mom and Dad both handed the six and half foot-tall man their phones, and we took our seats at the opposite end of the conference table.

“Greetings, Mr. and Mrs. Ford,” Mr. Donahue said, addressing my parents. “May I call you by your first names. I hate formalities.”

“That’s fine, Frank,” Dad said.

“Good. So, Brian and Natalie,” he pointed at my parents, making sure he got their names right. “I’ve heard some very outlandish accusations being hurled at my daughter. Explain to me what you think my daughter did to your son, and we’ll take it from there.”

I tried to speak up, but my dad cut me off. He gave a clear and sober explanation of all the facts pertaining to how I shrunk. He recited all the details I’d given him perfectly.

Mr. Donahue didn’t take kindly to his recitation. His face went sour, hanging his head at the particularly damning details my dad revealed. It seemed that he already knew that Jackie did this to me, yet it was still hard for him to hear.

He turned to Jackie when my dad was done, “You told me this was an accident. Is that not true?”

“No. I did it on purpose. Just like he said. I’m sorry.”

He took his daughter’s cheeks in his hands, “Sweetie, you can’t just go around doing this to people. Do you understand how much nonsense you’ve put this family through?”

“Yeah, I know that know, but I—”

“You didn’t think! Think before you act!”

Jackie was a kid again. A kid petrified of their father’s wrath. She cried inaudibly, devastated that she’d disappointed her father.

I actually felt bad for Jackie. I wasn’t expecting Mr. Donahue to be this sympathetic to me. In fact, I was expecting him to defend his daughter rigorously. 

He turned back to the three of us when he was done yelling at Jackie.

“What do you want?” he asked. “What are your terms?"

“What are my terms?” Mom asked rhetorically. “My son walks out of here today his normal height!”

“Ok, fine. Those are your terms. What about this? Your son gives the rest of his size over Jackie for the remainder of the volleyball season. Once the season is over, win or lose, Jackie will give back Desmond’s height. I know this is an inconvenience, but—"

Mom shot back, “An inconvenience?? That’s what you call this? No way! This isn’t acceptable, Frank. You’re lucky that we’re not pressing charges right now!”

“Quiet!” Dad said.

My father didn’t raise his voice often, but when he did, it packed a punch. Everyone shut up. And he talked.

“Frank, you have to understand something. My son needs to get back to normal. He still has schoolwork. He wants to have a social life outside of his girlfriend. He’s just a kid. He doesn’t deserve to have his first semester at college ruined over this. If Georgetown Volleyball can’t win without my son boosting their height, then is it really a win? Jackie, don’t you want to win fair and square?”

Jackie was stunned. She didn’t expect to have the spotlight turned on her. She wiped her still wet cheeks, but before she could answer, I spoke up on her behalf.

I couldn’t lie to myself anymore.

“Dad, this is all wrong. I didn’t tell you the whole truth. This is gonna sound weird, but I like being small for Jackie. I want to help out her volleyball team because I care about her. So, if she wants me to be small for the next month and a half, I don’t mind at all. In fact, I’m happy.”

I let out an exhale of relief. For too long, I’d been keeping that truth from my parents.

“Desmond,” my mom began. “I will not let you ruin your life like this. I feel like we’re going in circles! I thought we were on the same page here! Our goal was to get you back to normal!”

I turned around in my mom’s lap to face her. “I’m sorry I didn’t have the guts to tell you about this until now. But I like being like this. I really do. And I will grow back. It’s only for a little while longer. And the goal still is to get me back to normal, just on a delayed timetable.”

My mom’s mouth was hanging open. My dad was facepalming. Jackie’s dad had no idea what to make of this. Jackie smiled at me. She was happy I stuck up for her. For the first time in a while, it seemed like we were on the same wavelength, even if our parents didn’t understand our unorthodox relationship.

My dad stood up abruptly, still rubbing his face with his hands, clearly exasperated. He had no more leverage. If his own son wanted to be shrunken, what was he to do? He only had one option left. Give in.

“So,” my dad began. “You’re telling me that in two months’ time, my son will be returned to normal?”

“Yes,” Frank said.

Mr. Sullivan stepped in to explain that they had already written up a document that said Jackie would return me to my original five feet tall at the end of the volleyball season.

My dad snatched the document out of Sullivan’s hands and read the whole thing. Everyone sat there in awkward silence for 15 minutes while he read every section and subsection contained within the dozens of pages. I would glance over at Jackie once and a while. When she’d reciprocate my glances, she’d grin innocently. I thought about the fun times I’d had with her. I should’ve just talked it over with Jackie, and never told my parents what Jackie did.

Once my dad was finally done reading, he put the document down and sat in silence, contemplating what to do next. Then he passed it over to me and told me to read the top.

“You tell me if you’re OK with all of that.”

At the top of the document, there was a summary in not in legalese. The terms were bulleted.

There were a number of other innocuous terms, things basically confirming our life as a couple would return to the way it was before. But the last bullet point was different.

Mr. Sullivan and her father were asking me to lie for her. When my eyes came up from the paper, I directed my attention to Sullivan.

“What would this public denial look like?” I asked him.

“It would be aired on national TV,” he said. “I would write a script for you and you would read it.”

It was one thing to simply not acknowledge what Jackie did but to actively lie? It didn’t feel right. But I didn’t appeal to her lawyer on a moral basis. I appealed to him on a strategic basis.

“Won’t a scripted public denial from me come across as robotic? Something that was forced on me? Will people even put any stock in my denial? Can we just not address it instead? I think that would be better for me and Jackie.”

“I understand your concerns,” Sullivan said. “You don’t have to issue a scripted denial. But this contract will stipulate that you have to issue a denial in some form.”

I looked over at Jackie. She was expressionless. They weren’t budging on this one, and I was done fighting.

“Fine,” I said. “I’m OK with that.”

My mom piped up, “You’re OK with covering for her?!”

I didn’t want to say it in such stark terms, but she asked me. So, I answered truthfully.


My dad put his hand on my mom who was thoroughly shell shocked.

“Natalie,” he whispered to her. “Let’s go outside and talk about this.”

He led her outside, and they convened just outside the door to the conference room. My dad was doing most of the talking. I knew he’d already made a decision and was simply explaining it to my mom. She’d allowed him to take the lead on this, and he was the more experienced of the two.

When they came back in, my mom was crushed. Utterly defeated. She looked at me not with disgust. Not anger. But with massive disappointment. And that hurt more than anything else she could throw at me. I was betraying her. I made her look like a fool. I’d never intended for all of this crap to unfold this way.

“We’ll sign the contract,” my dad said. “But we need to add some amendments.”

Sullivan stepped in to ask my dad, “What kind of amendments?”

“My son’s safety needs to be maintained. I want my wife or myself to be able to visit Jackie’s college residence whenever we want, unimpeded by anyone, to check on Desmond. Also, no one has been shrunken down that small before, so any unforeseen medical issues need to be reported to my wife and I as soon as they present themselves.”

When my dad’s speech lulled, Frank made sure his daughter was paying attention.

“Are you listening, Jackie? You’re getting a sweet deal. Desmond’s parents are going to agree to not press charges against you for what you did.  All of Brian’s concerns are very reasonable, and you’re the one who’s going to follow his rules.”

“Yes, Daddy. I’m listening,” she said unconvincingly.

My dad rattled off a bunch of other demands, but they were immaterial. I zoned out and began staring at Jackie again, lusting over her. Her tits were burgeoning out of her tight business-style clothes. She was the largest presence in the room, easily 5 inches taller than the next tallest person in the room.

I got lost in my thoughts when my mind inevitably began comparing our bodies. Her arms had to be 3 times longer than my entire body. Her pinky was beefier than my biceps. Her hair bun alone was over four times the size of my head. Just like the first time I met her, I was losing my mind over the size difference between us. Now, of course, it was just a lot more pronounced.

“Do you agree to all of that?” my dad asked Jackie.

“Of course,” she said.

Sullivan allowed my dad to add his amendments in to the official contract we were signing. And once the amendments were added, everyone signed. Me, Jackie, Mom, Dad, and Frank. This was to be a two-month excursion as a tiny person. An inch tall to be exact. I couldn’t wait to see how Jackie would do it—how she would jack my remaining inches from me. The mystery of it was so fucking hot to me. Would she rub my dick with two fingers until I orgasmed? Would she suck my dick until I had a tiny eruption in her mouth? Would she slide me in and out of her tits again?

I couldn’t wait to find out. And I was ready to submit to her. My tantrums were finished. My male pride was no longer keeping my sexual desires pent up inside me. I was delighted to give up my last 11 inches of height over to Jackie. From my perspective, she had more use for those 11 inches than I did.

At the same time, I’d broken my mom’s heart and crushed my dad’s opinion of me. He must’ve thought I was so weak for what I did. But he was wrong. I was brave. I actually admitted what I wanted, even if it sounded alien to him and Mom. They could survive two months of me being a little different.

A newfound anger bubbled up within me. My parents had tried to discourage me from exploring my greatest desires. Put it this way, going back to my normal height at that moment would’ve been like going to vacation in France. You get there. You’re in the airport. You explore France for all of a day, and then you’re forced to go home by your parents. You barely got to explore the country. And that’s how I felt at that moment. I’d barely gotten to explore my sexuality with Jackie. Sure, we’d already had a lot of mind-numbingly tantric sex, but I wanted more. I wanted to navigate her body when I was the size of a fingernail. I wanted to curl up and take a nap inside her bellybutton. I wanted to play with her toes. I wanted to go inside her mouth and feel the strength of her tongue as it dwarfed my whole body.

But most of all, I wanted to know what it felt like to be a possession. Because at an inch tall, no matter how nice your partner is to you, you can fit in their pocket. I was going to become a toy, and that thrilled me. Just the thought of being so small that she could enclose her hand around me sent pleasant tingles all throughout my body.

Thoughts of my future with Jackie were swirling around in my head, and I couldn’t take being even an inch away from her any longer. I hopped off my mom’s lap, walked under the table over to Jackie (yes, I was small enough to do that now), and lovingly hugged her leg.

“I missed you,” I said.

“I missed you more,” she said, scooping me up into her arms.

Close to her, I felt safe. Safer than I felt with anyone. I looked up into her eyes. She returned my gaze, looking into me. That look she gave me—it was one of complete understanding. She, more than anyone, knew how much I loved our little arrangement. It was then that I made my decision. I didn’t care if Jackie somehow ended up breaking the contract. As long as I was with her, I would be a happy man.

Chapter 26 by johnbart37
Author's Notes:

We pick back up with Desmond and Jackie back at Volleyball House. Jackie is determined to make Desmond an inch tall by the end of the night. Will she succeed?

Chapter 26:

“Sooo, do you wanna shrink all the way right now? Or do you wanna go a little slower? It’s your choice, my love.”


Jackie and I were back at Volleyball House in her bedroom. She was nude, and I was sitting in her hand.




“Very well then,” she said. She tapped her phone a couple of times. “How does 6 inches sound to you?”


I tried to think of what that meant: 6 inches tall. It was such a small number. And I didn’t care one bit.


“Sounds perfect,” I said.


Jackie immediately reached for my pencil dick with two fingers (that’s all she needed nowadays).


“Wait!” I said.




“Can I, um, how do I say this?” I said, struggling to find the right words.


Jackie smiled as I timidly stirred in the palm of her hand. “Dessy, honey. We’ve been dating for a while now. Your sexuality isn’t something to be embarrassed about. Just tell me what you want. Tonight, I’m your dream girl.”


I hugged her thumb. “You’ve always been my dream girl, Jackie.”


“Oh, god. You always know just what to say to a get a girl going,” she said, her face getting hot with desire.


I cast aside my sheepishness and was honest with Jackie.


“OK, dream girl. Can I… Can I cum in your face.”


She quickly said, “No.”


“Jackie, I’m sorry I—”


“Just kidding! Of course you can, my big strong man!”


“You’re a bitch, you know that?!” I said, blushing.


“Well, this bitch wants less talking and more ‘doing it,’ OK?”


With one finger, she pushed my body flat onto her palm, then closed her fingers around me. She hopped onto her bed and laid on her back. She effortlessly tore the fabric of my American Girl doll outfit into pieces, leaving me nude. She stared at me for a few seconds, as I dangled directly over her head. She had this vacant look, like she was staring straight into me.


“What’s wrong, Jackie?” I asked.


“Nothing at all. You’re just so fucking hot.”


Her hot, passion-filled breath emanated from her mouth and up to me. My cock twitched in anticipation. I fixated on her lips. I couldn’t help but stare at them. They were thicker and fuller than ever. She was also wearing different lipstick than normal; purple. And it suited her. My obsession with her lips crystallized in that moment, and it was then that I knew how I wanted to lose my 6 inches.


“I want to fuck your mouth,” I said.


“You sure you can handle this?” she asked as she licked her lips.


“I don’t know, but I don’t care.”


She gave an approving look, gently dropping me onto her naked chest. I was so light that I bounced off her boob and rolled off her onto her bed. Just another one of our bedroom mishaps.


Since this was my fantasy, I shooed away her attempts to help me back up onto her body. I took in the sight in front of me. I savored it. I reveled in it.


Jackie’s bust was at least 3 or 4 inches taller than me, even as she laid flat on the bed. I remembered thinking how amazing it was that she was taller than me on her knees. That couldn’t compare to how I felt at that moment. She was literally taller than me lying down. And soon, there wouldn’t be a single comparison that I could boast about.


I walked over to her neck, which was almost twice the thickness of my torso. It was also half my height, making it a little easier to climb than her massive boobs.


Once I climbed up, I was standing on her neck, looking down at her face. She wore a blasé facial expression, even I stood right on her throat. I was too light to have even a slight effect on her.   


I hoisted myself over her chin and got on my knees. She unsealed her lips, and I watched as her cavernous mouth opened. That alone was intimidating. Then, her tongue came out and expertly licked my cock, instantly getting it soaking wet with her saliva.


“Come on, big boy. I’m thirsty for you,” Jackie said.


That was all the encouragement I needed. I dove on top of her closed mouth, my body parallel with her lips. I positioned my cock right in the middle of her lips. Almost immediately, she enveloped it. At its hardest, I guessed that it was only 1 and a half inches long. It was so small compared to her mouth that it felt like I was sticking it into a cave. Though, her lips were so thick that it barely even made it past them. Her lips glided over the entire length of my cock as she sucked on it, and she tickled the tip with her tongue.


As she did all this, I realized that she was doing most of the work. So, I managed to grab a foothold on her cheek and readied myself to thrust into her.


She momentarily spit my dick out to say, “Oh, so you really wanted to fuck my mouth?”


“More than anything,” I said.


And I thrusted into her mouth, humping away for the next ten seconds or so as I tried to maintain my balance atop her face. Every time I thrusted, her lips responded in kind, sucking even harder and tighter than I could imagine. A small part of me was worried she’d suck my dick clean off.


I grabbed handfuls of her cheek and tried to ram my cock past her lips and into her giant mouth. My thrusts quickly got more violent and frenzied. I was enjoying being active and in control during sex. Sure, I enjoyed being thrown around like a rag doll, but this was a nice change for me.


My control over the sex took a timeout when Jackie unexpectedly lifted me off her mouth and began squirting ungodly amounts of lube on me. Surely, I didn’t need that much; she just enjoyed watching me get all slimy.  


She then abruptly dropped me back down. The lube she covered me in made it hard for me to stay on top of her, so she held me down with one finger as I re-entered her mouth.


I had to admit, it felt better with the lube all over me. The lube also sped up my orgasm considerably. After just a minute more of shoving my cock in between her lips, I was starting to tingle all over. I was really close.


I stood up on Jackie’s chin, and for the rest of the way, I stroked my cock. I stared into her beautiful blue eyes and her golden hair. I wanted her eyes and her hair to be covered in my cum.


And with one epic final tug, standing on my girlfriend’s face, I ejaculated straight onto her nose first, then onto her right eye. Soon after I came, I slipped on account of all the lube and landed back on her mouth. My cock landed first, which caused it to squirt out the little bits of cum up onto my own face. It was the most pulse-pounding orgasm of my life. I could barely move because wave after wave of pure euphoria thrashed at my soul. I simply let out an exhausted sigh and passed out.


I felt a few nudges on my head and woke back up. I was still laying on Jackie’s mouth.


“Did I shrink yet?”


“Not yet, but you’re about to,” she said. “Stand up, I want to feel you shrink in my hand.”


Upon getting up, Jackie’s hands quickly snaked around my whole body. My feet left the ground, and she held me directly above her still cum-soaked face.


“I can’t believe I came that much,” I said.


“You’re pretty virile for a guy who’s a foot tall,” she said. “Can I wipe it off now, my big burly man?”


“Not yet, wench.”


She tried not to smile, but her half grin indicated that she still found my quip at least a little bit funny.


“You’re pushing your luck.”


“Sorry, I was having fun not being totally submissive for once.”


The all too familiar feeling hit me right then. I was shrinking. And this wasn’t like any other time I’d shrunk. In one go, I was losing half my height. My body couldn’t keep up with how fast I was shrinking. One second, my legs were poking out from her grasp, and the next second, they were swallowed up in her giant hand. At a foot tall, her fingers were slightly bigger than my arms. As I shrunk, her fingers gradually became like pillars of immovable steel. I had absolutely no hope of moving them.


As I shrunk further and further into her hand, the soft, smooth skin on her palm rubbed across my cock. It got me dangerously excited. I wondered if she could even feel me getting hard anymore.


When I finally reached 6 inches, the last stop before I hit my target height, everything around me became exponentially bigger. For instance, Jackie’s fingernails were almost the size of my face. Her pointer finger was wider than my torso. Her middle finger was over half as long as my entire body.


I, of course, wasn’t the only one who was gushing over our comical size difference.


“Oh my god, look at my little toy boy! Isn’t it amazing that we have to measure you in inches now? No feet for little Dessy, just inches!”


“That is amazing,” I said without a hint of irony.


“Hey, since it’s kind of silly for us to do height comparisons now, let’s compare you to some household objects. I want to see if you’re still taller than my favorite multicolored pen!”


Before I knew it, Jackie plopped me down on her desk. She sat in front of me, her giant breasts spilling over onto the desk threatening to crush me. I actually had to dive back to avoid them.


“Stand up straight, Dessy. We want an accurate measurement now, don’t we?”


I simultaneously loved and hated it when she used her sexy, condescending voice. It was like she was my mom, and I was her three-year-old son. It shouldn’t have turned me on, but it did.


“Yes, Jackie.”


Her hand descended with the pen between two fingers. She put me back to back with it. Soon enough, she was bouncing in her chair overflowing with excitement. Her boobs bounced too, sending shockwaves through the desk that threw me out of kilter.




I looked back for myself, and sure enough, yes, I was the same height as a pen. She yanked it away, and I couldn’t help but look at the pen in her hand. It looked so tiny surrounded by all that healthy womanly flesh.


Do I look that small in her hand?


Then I had an idea.




“Yeah?” she asked.


“Can you put that pen in between your boobs?”


For a second she was confused, but then she smiled when she realized.


“You want to see how small you look in my cleavage, don’t you?”


I nodded.


“OK!” she said, “Here goes nothing!”


She wedged the pen in her boobs. She was so tall that I couldn’t see the pen. Her tits were simply too high up.


“Could you bend down? I can’t see,” I admitted, my face blushing.


“Oh my gosh, I can’t get over how tiny you are.”


She took her boobs off the desk and arched her back forward until I could see the pen. I could barely believe how insignificant it was smushed in between the most massive breasts I’d ever seen. Just the end of the pen was visible, and I was sure that the other side of the pen didn’t even reach the bottom of her cleavage.


“That’s what you’d look like in there, my little toy,” she cooed at me. “A tadpole in a pond far bigger than you can ever fully explore.”


“Well, I can try, can’t I?”


“You can. But I think you’ll find yourself getting quite overwhelmed, little man.”


She let me climb into her hand, and once I was up at the top of her chest, I used her fingers as a slide. I dove headfirst onto them and careened straight into Jackie’s cleavage.


“Men are so silly,” I heard her say as I fell.


As soon as I made contact, I sank in between her breasts. It was like being surrounded by gelatin. I kept tumbling deeper and deeper, bouncing back and forth. I had no control over how I moved anymore. I was falling too fast and too hard.


My fall came to an abrupt end when Jackie squeezed her tits together with her hands, freezing me in an awkward position. When I was falling, I could breathe. But now, with my face smushed up against her boob, air was in short supply. And because she was covered in dried lube, I was glued to her.


Thankfully, Jackie began moving her breasts up and down. And every time the breast I was stuck to came up high enough, I gasped for air, knowing I’d be shoved back down into her cleavage soon enough.


“I love those desperate little gasps of yours,” Jackie whispered.

She kept fondling her boobs as if there weren’t a person struggling to breathe inside of them. After getting bored of going up and down, she began smashing her boobs together with me still thoroughly fixed on one of them. She wasn’t knocking them together hard enough to break my bones, but I was certain I’d wake up the next morning with some gnarly bruises.

To prevent any more pain, I tried to unstick my face from her sweaty skin. With strongest effort, I was able to get half of my face free. So, with my partially covered mouth, I shouted a muffled plea to Jackie.


“Jackie! Please stop!”


“Please stop!” she mimicked me in a childish voice.


Her boobs colliding every second or two diminished the effectiveness of my retort, which wasn’t that clever to begin with.


“You’re…gonna…crush…me!” I screamed intermittently.


“You’re gonna crush me!” she repeated.


“I…don’t…sound…like that!”


“Ok, fine. I’ll stop. I don’t like it when you get cranky. I told you that the twins would be too much for you.”


She put a finger between me and her boob, prying me off her sweaty skin and dropping me into her hand. She held me close, and I cuddled up against her cheek. Her body heat alone was enough to almost dry me off. It was like being up against a radiator. It was nice. It wasn’t explicitly sexual. It was romantic. I needed some romance in that moment.


“You’re so warm,” I breathed.


She laughed, keeping me up against her delightfully smooth, tanned skin. She nudged me over to her lips for kiss on my head.


“Imagine how warm I’d be when you’re an inch tall,” she said.


She was eager to shrink me again, but I wasn’t quite ready.


“Not yet,” I said, rubbing my head against her like a pet, “I’m enjoying just sitting here with you.”


So, as an accommodating girlfriend, Jackie generously allowed me to stay at my towering height of 6 inches for a little while longer.


She compared me to more household items and found that I was smaller than many of them. The list of things I was smaller than was quite astonishing to me.


First, she compared me to an envelope, which was 2 inches longer than me. She dropped me into the envelope and sealed me inside with ease.


“Who should I mail you to, Desmond? You know, I think my Aunt Delilah in North Carolina would appreciate you.”


“If you keep talking craziness like that, I’ll just mail myself home to Massachusetts,” I said.


From inside my stationery prison, I heard her titter. After ripping the envelope open and pretending she’d ordered me online, she compared me to a whole host of other objects: a pair of scissors, a stapler, and a TV remote. There was no greater humiliation than watching Jackie giggle at the fact that I was smaller than all of them. Hell, I could fit through the finger holes of the scissors! And the buttons on the TV remote were bigger than my feet!

Surprisingly, I was around the same size as many other items, including Jackie’s phone and her index cards. I didn’t admit it to her, but I was actually a little bit proud that I wasn’t smaller than everything in sight. Of course, I would be very soon, but for now, I was happy I was still wasn’t smaller than a standard smart phone.


But then, we did the ultimate comparison. The one that I was sure I was going to lose, but one that Jackie still wanted to do anyway.


“Lay down in my hand, Dessy. I want to see if its officially longer than you now.”


Without protesting, I laid down, making sure I stretched as tall as possible. But judging by Jackie’s chuckling, my efforts to make myself taller didn’t amount to much.


“I can’t be that much smaller than your hand. Am I really that small?” I said, still on my back.


“Yes, you are, my little man. My hand has to be over 3 inches longer than you.”


She pulled out the tape measure and nodded.


“Holy shit,” was all I could muster.


“Holy shit is right,” she agreed.


We looked at each other for a while, communicating without saying a word. A smile was forming on the corners of her mouth. It was contagious, and soon we were grinning at each other stupidly. She unlocked her phone and let me watch her type in my next size. 1 inch.


“I love you,” I said.


“I fucking adore you.”


She leaped back onto her bed with me in her hand. I had no idea what she had in store for me. The first thing she did was throw me down onto her bed like I was a baseball. I bounced once and rolled to a harsh stop against the footboard.


“I know you like it rough, Dessy. Don’t lie to me.”


I said nothing.


“Now, come here,” she said in her most domineering voice. “I have a little demonstration for you before we actually do this thing for real.”


I approached cautiously, stepping over the wrinkles in her comforter like they were speed bumps.


Once I was close enough, she grabbed me by the leg and held me upside down.


“I know how much you love to be humiliated, even if you won’t admit it. So, I’m gonna show you what we’d have to do if I wasn’t on birth control right now.”


She let go of me, and I fell a few inches into something rubber. It was thick and clear.


Holy shit, am I in what I think I’m in?


I stood up to my full height and found that I did not even come up to the top of the condom I was now trapped inside. If Jackie was trying to emphasize just how small I was, she’d done it in fabulous style.


“This is the biggest condom in the store, right?!” I shouted up to her. I immediately regretted asking that question when she began laughing. And it wasn’t a girly giggle. This was a deep belly laugh.


“Oh man, you’re killing me, Desmond!” she said as she calmed down. “Holy shit, that was hilarious. No, this was probably a mid-to-small sized condom.”


Jackie’s taunting laughter and patronizing insults only made my cock rock hard. I couldn’t deny how much of a turn-on it was to be smaller than a normal condom. But I think the hot part about it was that Jackie could have any man on campus, but instead she chose a guy that started out almost two feet shorter than her. It was even hotter that she was sticking with that guy even when his whole body fit inside a condom.


Apparently, I was silent in thought for a long time, because Jackie eventually leaned down and asked me what I was thinking about.


“I was thinking about how amazing you are,” I said.


She put her hand on her heart. Or on her boob more accurately. She looked at me through the rubber with adoration.


In one swift move, she plucked me out of the condom and maneuvered me down to her beautiful, waxed pussy. My heart was soaring as I figured out what was about to happen.


“Any last words, tiny?” she asked.


“Jeez! I’m not getting executed! I thought this was supposed to be sexy!”


“You don’t find it the least bit sexy that I could probably crush you to bits with my pussy?”


She raised her eyebrow, practically daring me to lie to her face. I couldn’t.


“Yeah, that is pretty hot. Which scares me.”


“Don’t worry, honey. I don’t think I’ll crush you.”


And before I could even utter word of caution, I was thrust headfirst into my girlfriend’s vagina. It was the sort of sensation that wows a person and changes their life forever. Regular sex couldn’t rival it.  


It felt like being rammed down a waterslide, then getting pulled back up. Her juices coated my entire body instantly, and the walls of her pussy contracted around me. I was getting hugged by her pussy as she jammed me in and out of her. It melted my mind.


But as mind melting as it was, it was terrifying too. And that was with Jackie’s weeks of oral sex training with me. Every night, I serviced her for what seemed like hours. Sometimes my skin would get wrinkly because I was wet with her juices for so long.


This was what all that training was for. It was to make me a more competent human dildo. And if there was anything that my training taught me, I had to do most of the work. But right now, it was hard to focus. I was more turned on than I’d ever been in my life. My cock was so hard that it hurt. And as I slid back and forth with my hands at my sides, I realized that I wasn’t doing my job. So, I tried to spread my arms and legs.


That garnered a response from Jackie. Amazingly, I could hear her moans from inside her. My arms were almost fully outstretched, and my legs were extended as wide as I could manage with her pussy bearing down on me.


“Keep doing whatever you’re doing, Desmond! Swim around in there, I’m going to let go!”


Her hands left my ankles, causing me to immediately slip all the way inside her. To prevent myself from falling any farther toward her cervix, I stuck my arms and legs out, slowing my descent.




I guess she likes that, I surmised.


So, for a little while, I just wriggled my body around inside of her. With the particularly violent shakes of my body, she would convulse with pleasure. I gradually ramped up the jerkiness of my motions, trying to be unpredictable.




I kicked. That’s right. With my inch-long leg, I kicked her right in the vagina. And she loved it. She couldn’t get enough of it, because I could hear her outside begging me to do it again. But I was starting to run out of air, so I began swimming to the opening. That process required plenty of kicks and arm strokes, which inevitably allowed my cock to freely rub up against her vagina. I had to use every last bit of my willpower to stave off an orgasm.


After a minute of intense paddling, I saw the light. I stuck my hands out and pulled my head up and over. I sucked in several desperate breaths before Jackie’s pussy, seemingly having a mind of its own, pulled me right back in. The walls of her vagina constricted around my entire body, and my cock couldn’t hold it any longer. I exploded inside of her and my body went completely limp. I was barely conscious, but her frenzied screams returned the vigor back into my heart.


“Keep going, you little worm! I’m so close!”


After getting pulled into her pussy with Jackie laying a finger on me, I realized that if she wanted to keep me in forever, she probably could. So, not wanting to suffocate, I knocked it up a notch. I started throwing punches and kicks to her pussy.


“Oooh, god! That’s it!”


Several more minutes of nonstop assault to her pussy finally caused a volcanic orgasm that shot me straight out onto her bed. It was a process so violent and sudden that I almost orgasmed as I was shot out and again when I squelched onto her sheets. There wasn’t a single part of my body not covered in her thick, sticky ejaculate. In fact, I was so slimy that I was completely stuck to her sheets. I couldn’t even unstick my arm to wipe my face off.


As I laid there with my eyes closed, I hoped that in her orgasmic daze, Jackie wouldn’t forget about her 6-inch boyfriend who was firmly glued to her bed. I tried to call out to her, but her juices ran into my mouth, filling it in seconds. I was forced to swallow it all, because I lacked the strength to spit it out. A mere orgasm from Jackie was now enough to render me completely motionless and unable to speak. Her power was unnerving.


Finally, her finger glided across my skin, instantly collecting the fluids off my backside.


“Enjoy yourself, Desmond? I sure enjoyed myself,” she said while I was still face deep in her sheets.


Stupidly, I tried to answer her and got another mouthful of her ejaculate. I dutifully gulped it down once more.


Not hearing a response from me, she asked, “Did you pass out again, little one?”


I tried to shake my head, but gooey trap I was in made it impossible.


“You know, it’s pretty funny actually. Seeing you stuck to my sheets. You couldn’t move if you tried, could you?”


Now, she was just talking to herself.


“Ok, little guy, I’ll give you a helping hand.”


I felt four fingers slither underneath me, popping me free from my sticky prison. She held me close to her face, and asked, “Would you like to get cleaned off, Dessy? You look like a little slut, you know?”


“Yes, please,” I croaked in an unrecognizable voice.


“Curl up.”


Once I had contorted my body into a tight little ball, Jackie popped me into her mouth. She sloshed me around like I was her own personal gum ball. I bounced again and again off her tongue, flying every which way. I eventually fell underneath her tongue, and she closed it down over me. Her tongue was soft and mushy as it pressed into my back, pushing me harder and harder into the bottom of her mouth. When she got bored of that, she lifted her tongue and sloshed me around for a little while longer.


It was so chaotic, but indescribably pleasant at the same time. The warmth of her saliva was oddly comforting.


Before I could get my bearings straight, I was spit back out into her hand completely coated in her spit. She expelled hot breaths onto me, acting as a human blow dryer, and in a matter of seconds, I was practically dry.


She allowed me to sit in her hand for a bit and regain my wits, and once I was back to my normal self, I stood up in her hand.


“Well, I don’t think I ever need to take a shower again! You can just throw me into your mouth and give me a good wash!” I said.


Jackie gushed laughing. The force of her laughter knocked me right back onto my ass.


“Yeah, I guess if we’re in a hurry, and I don’t have time to wash you in the sink, then maybe,” she said.


“You could put some soap in your mouth,” I ventured.


“Ok, the next time I cuss, a bar of soap and you are going in here,” she opened her mouth and pointed.


“Fair enough.”


There was an awkward silence between us. She reached for her phone. I knew what she was about to do.


“Hold on, Jackie. Can I, um, kiss you one last time, before I get too small for that too?”


“Of course, little guy! You never have to ask for a kiss!”


“Well, I kinda do when I’m standing on your palm and still can’t reach your lips.”


Her hand traveled up to her lips and before she kissed me, she said, “You have a point.”


She made the first move toward me, connecting her lips to my tiny face and upper body. I tried to purse my lips and kiss back, but it was really no use. Kissing Jackie was more like hugging her lips. But I liked the all-encompassing feeling of being dwarfed by them.


“I love you,” she cooed after she was done rubbing her lipstick off on to me.


“I love you too.”


“Let’s do this thing, Dessy.”


With one tap on her phone, my fate was sealed. For a whopping two months, I would be an inch tall. After she pressed the shrink button, I immediately felt myself dwindling down as I stood in her hand. I blazed past 5 inches in seconds, then 4, then 2 and a half. After that, it slowed down, which was good because I was starting to get nauseous from shrinking so fast.


“Look at you go, Dessy! You’re getting so so small! But you still have a ways to go. Hang in there!”


I tried to keep my eyes open as I watched the world around me swell to a size I never thought was possible. Standing in the middle of Jackie’s hand was like having my own fleshy dorm room. And being inside Jackie’s bedroom was like being inside gigantic airplane hangar. And Jackie’s face was now approaching the size of all of the heads on Mount Rushmore combined.


To say I was overwhelmed at my new size was an understatement. I was freaking the fuck out. I was so small that everything in sight was like a mountain to me. Even the ridges in Jackie’s hand were noticeable depressions to me now. And her face loomed large in my point of view. If she got any closer, she would be the only thing my tiny eyes could even see. She dominated my entire field of vision in a way that I had only dreamed about up to this point. I couldn’t even escape the outlines of her face with my peripheral vision. She was just so huge. And then she said something that almost made me pee myself with fear.


“Now that you’ve reached your target height, do you want to watch me grow to my maximum height, little guy?”

Chapter 27 by johnbart37
Author's Notes:

I know people have been waiting for the next chapter of this story for a long ass time. Here it is finally. I really hit a roadblock after finishing Chapter 26, but I fought through it, and I think subsequent chapters will come much easier for me. So, I'm thinking I'll be able to update this story way more regularly from here on out. Thank you all for your patience! In case you don't quite remember what happened last, basically, Jackie shrank Desmond down to his target height of one-inch tall, and now Jackie is going to grow to her maximum height. Get ready for Giantess Jackie everyone!

Chapter 27:

“Your maximum height?” I muttered in disbelief.


“Yup,” she said.


“How tall can you get?”


“Oh, you’ll see.”


I was sitting in the middle of her palm. Then, it hit me. We were having a conversation. How was that possible at my size?


“Wait? How can you hear me?!” I shouted up to her.


“Well, remember that trigger device that’s in your body? It has a nifty little feature where it amplifies your voice for me.”


“So, you have no trouble hearing me, like at all?!” I yelled.


“Nope, so you don’t have to scream, squeaky,” she giggled at her new nickname for me.


I didn’t care that she was making fun of me. My curiosity outweighed any offense I normally would’ve taken from her jibe.


“Will other people be able to hear me? Or will it just be you?”


“Just me, little guy. I’m the one who shrunk you. So, for the next two months, we get to spend all the time in the world together! Perfect timing if you ask me,” she said, rolling her eyes ever so slightly.


“What do you mean, perfect timing?”


“Don’t take this the wrong way, Desmond. I know you love me. And you know I love you. But recently, there have been too many female distractions in your life.”


“Audrey?” I interjected.


“Yes. Audrey. Maggie. Your mother. Your sister. These upcoming months are going to be crucial for us to grow as a couple. And during this time, you will learn how to be the best boyfriend you can possibly be. And that’s because, you’ll have nothing to focus on but me, the giantess that looms before you.”


As frightening as she was delivering that speech, I couldn’t deny how viscerally it turned me on. She was a giantess dictator. A hot giantess dictator. Her radiant blonde hair draped down like wistful curtains. Her wondrous blue eyes staring into me pacified me instantly. Her smile, complete with giant, brilliant white teeth and purple lips disarmed me even more than her beautiful eyes. Just the idea of relying on such a gorgeous, giant woman for literally everything and being unable to escape her wrath made my cock rock hard.


Trying to stifle my sex drive for a moment, I mustered up a response. “But what if I, um, have to talk to my mom? Or a professor? Or—”


Jackie, like a puppeteer, took a single finger, and laid it over my entire body. It silenced my nervous ramblings in an instant.


“Quiet, toy,” she said, her bus sized pointer finger still resting on me. “We will have the boring conversations later. I want you to forget about everything, and just enjoy watching me grow. Does that sound good?”


“Yes, Goddess.”


“Good toy,” she said, slowly raising her finger off me. “Now, I’m going to put you on the ground, so you can get a real idea of how big I am and how small you are.”


She gently and slowly lowered her hand down to the hardwood floor. It took me about 20 seconds to walk from the center of her palm to the end of her fingers. I hopped down from the end of her pinky (it was like a four-foot drop to me at this height). After only a few seconds, my feet grew cold from standing barefoot on the floor. It seemed I was very sensitive to temperature at one inch tall.


“Jackie, could you move me to the carpet?! This floor is cold!”


“Remember, you don’t have to scream. I can hear you at any volume,” she said. “And yes, of course I can move you.”


She bent down over me, blocking the overhead light. Now, I knew why people went to the ends of the earth to see solar eclipses.


She hooked her finger in front of me and held it there.


I guess she expects me to climb on, I thought.


Her finger was half as tall as I was, so I had to run and jump in order to grab on. It took a lot longer than I thought it would to get myself up. I was literally struggling to climb a finger. That was a sobering thought.


“Snug?” she asked.




She whisked me over to the rug in the center of her bedroom 20 times faster than I would’ve been able to get there if I had been using my own two feet. And the mode of transportation was a girl’s finger.


I hopped off and felt my whole-body sink into Jackie’s shag carpet. It was still a pristine white. I did a slow turn to take in my surroundings. All I could see for miles was white.


Turning back around, I got to see how big Jackie really was. She was standing as straight as an arrow, presumably to make me feel as small as possible. That wasn’t really necessary because I was only a little bit taller than her big toe now. I had to look up at a 90-degree angle to see the upper half of her body. Her house sized tits completely obscured her face. It really was like looking up at a skyscraper now. And she was about to get bigger.


“Time to take all that height I stole from ya and put it in me!”


She said it so flippantly. As if what she did to me was a casual thing. Her nonchalance was enchanting.


I studied her feet, and in an instant, they expanded, almost knocking me over. This was unreal.


“Stand back, little guy! Wouldn’t want to crush you by accident!” she giggled.


I heeded her advice, charging backward so as not to get squished by her ever-expanding toes.


I’d spent so much time shrinking that I’d never even considered what it would be like to watch a person grow. Let alone the person I loved. Obviously, it was intimidating. For one, she was getting so big that she could accidentally crush me if she wasn’t careful. But the more intimidating thing for me was that I would be responsible for loving every inch of her. Did I have enough love to give?


To put it in perspective, Jackie was like a midsized skyscraper before she grew. As she grew, she quickly surpassed the height of any man-made structure from my perspective. I watched as her toes began to swallow up more of the carpet underneath them. It was hard not to at least imagine how my body would simply pop if I had been under even her pinky toe.


At her maximum height, she was more goddess than human. My knees buckled. When a person over a hundred times taller than you is standing right in front of you, then you’ll understand.


When I composed myself, I couldn’t contain my curiosity any longer. I walked over to her warehouse sized feet, and they were far taller than me. Even her pinky toe was taller than me!


Climbing up her foot took some mighty effort, but it was doable. I quickly discovered that even her toenails were far larger than me. I sat down on her big toe, taking in the view. My perspective had certainly shifted since I was first in Jackie’s room. The rug was more like a white ocean than a rug. And her desk looked like it was miles away, even though I knew it was only several feet.


I was lost in thought, but not for long. The wind of Jackie’s knees bending down whooshed past me, almost throwing back down into the carpet. She put her hand next to her foot, beckoning me climb aboard.


I rode her hand all the way to her face. She was grinning from ear to ear. Her cheeks were rosy with excitement. Her eyes were vibrant and playful. God, she was sexy.


“Wanna know how tall I am?” she asked.


I nodded.


“I am 11 feet 8 inches. Isn’t that insane! I’m the tallest person ever! I should just keep all this height!”


I wished she could. It would simply be too obvious that she stole all my height for herself. And she seemed to know this, because even if she loved being the tallest person in the world, Jackie wasn’t stupid.


“So, here’s how this is going to work going forward. After we have a little fun tonight playing Giantess vs. Tiny man, I’m going to distribute your height to the rest of the volleyball team. The starters are each going to get a whole 5 inches from you. The rest of the girls will get a little more than 3 inches each. Think of it this way, a whole team is borrowing your height, and once the season is over, everyone will give their height boost right back to me, and I’ll give it right back to you. It’s that simple.”


While I knew Jackie wasn’t stupid, she seemed to overlook a huge flaw in her plan.


“Won’t they want to keep their new height once you give it to them?”


Jackie brought me close to her enormous mouth. Her hot breath got me damp, and the delightfully feminine smell of her lipstick wafted into my nose.


“I won’t let them keep it, Dessy,” she said.


“What about Vicky?” I asked.


“I can handle her.”


I turned away and paced back and forth in the palm of her hand.


“Are you sure?”


“Yes. I promise. I have total control over the situation. Besides, as long as the girls are within a 5-mile radius of me, I can take back their height any time I want.”


“OK, I trust you,” I told her, looking her directly in her brilliant blue eyes. “But you have to understand, this is serious shit. This is my size we’re talking about. And I’m trusting you with it.”


“I won’t let you down, little guy. I promise. Now, I’m gonna set you down on the floor again. I wanna try something.”


This time, she didn’t waste a single second. She simply dumped me out onto the carpet. Once I reoriented myself in the white, fluffy jungle, Jackie was in the process of lying down stomach-first in front of me. Her face was about a foot away from me probably, and wow, was she something from this angle. It was hard to believe she was real. Just her head alone was taller than 60 of me stacked on top of one another. If I looked straight ahead, I was looking at her chin; to look her in the eyes, I had to crane my neck. Hell, even her lips were far out of my reach.


“Are you ready?” she asked.


“I don’t know! What are you going to do to me?!”


She rolled her gigantic blue eyes, smiling.


“Nothing! I just wanna try something, now start walking toward me.”


“That’s it?”


“That’s it, tiny. Chop chop!” she clapped her hands, almost giving me tinnitus.


I took a high step forward. Getting my feet over the puffy material of the carpet wasn’t easy. My eyes were down, making sure I didn’t trip and fall like an idiot. But then, I felt a warm breeze. Then a gust. Then a straight up windstorm like I’d never experienced in my whole life. Before I could even evaluate what was happening, I was thrown back what felt like two dozen feet to me. When I finally landed, I grabbed a thick tendril of the white carpet and held on for dear life.


It was a good thing the carpet was soft, because if not, the landing would’ve caused some major damage to my already-weak body. When the wind ceased, I stood up, rubbing the pain out of my back and neck. Then, I heard faint laughing.

It was Jackie, of course. I pieced it together. She had blown me with her mouth. She created the epic hurricane that swept me right off my feet and into the air.


“Enjoy the ride?” she asked, snickering, “It’s a game I like to call, ‘Blow my Boyfriend’. You know, that sounds pretty dirty now that I’m saying it out loud.”


I was too shaken to even respond. I didn’t know if I was shivering out of fear or out of cold, but either way, I was beyond overwhelmed by my giantess girlfriend. I retreated into the carpet, draping pieces over me to keep my naked little body warm.


“Oh my god! Did I scare you, Dessy? I’m so sorry. Please come out of there and let me apologize.”


She did scare me a little with that stunt, so I stayed right where I was. Second thoughts were racing through my mind. For the next two months, Jackie was the only person I’d be able to talk to. At first, that sounded divine, but we had only been together for weeks. Was this the right thing for our relationship? Was I stupid for jumping in so early?


“Dessy, please talk to me. If I scared you, you have to tell me. I don’t ever want to feel frightened around me.”


I stood up from my carpet hideout and made the trek over to her. She was right. I had to talk to her about this.


She saw me struggling to walk through the carpet, so she offered her finger. I hopped on and she whizzed me right back in front of her towering face.


“What’s wrong?” she asked.


“I’m afraid that we went too far with this,” I said.


“What? Why?” she asked, looking genuinely shocked and hurt by what I said.


“I don’t know, Jackie. I didn’t know that I wouldn’t be able to talk to anyone except you. My mother is going to be furious when she can’t hear me at all. Could you maybe grow me to three inches? I could stand in people’s ears and talk to them at the height.”


Her facial expression soured. I had already lost the argument. I could tell.


“No, Desmond. You will not grow another inch until the volleyball season is over. Do you want to compromise?”


Seeing as a billboard sized woman just told me ‘no’, I nodded my head emphatically.


“Once a week, if you want, I can shrink down to 2 inches tall, and we can have a date night.”


“Why can’t you shrink down to my height?” I asked. “That would be cool, I could look you straight in the eyes for the first time ever!”


She smiled, lifting my spirits immediately. The last thing I wanted was to get a nearly 12-foot-tall woman upset.


“I would love to, but unfortunately if I shrink myself down to that size, I wouldn’t be able to grow back immediately to my normal height. It would take a week, maybe even longer.”


“Well, ok. Hear me out, Jackie. What if the entire volleyball team mysteriously shrank down? Then the NCAA would have to cancel the game, right? You could put them all in my old shoebox with some food and water, then you and I could have the most romantic week ever. Think about it, I would finally be able to carry you! I could take you in my arms and show you my manly strength!”


She lifted me with two fingers, a naughty smile plastered on her face. She held me at the height of her mouth, and she said, “That sounds wonderful, Dessy. But you got one thing wrong in that little fantasy of yours.”


“What?” I asked, looking straight ahead at her red, luscious lips.


“If we were the same height, I’d still be way stronger than your skinny little ass.”


I shivered at her saying that. Probably because it was true. But I wasn’t ready to give in quite yet.


“I guess we’ll just have to test that theory, won’t we?”


She brought millimeters away from her mouth. Her tongue darted out, and she licked me from head to toes, coating me completely in her wonderfully warm saliva.


“I think you made it official, my dear. I think there is a week next month where we have no games at all. That’ll be our week, little guy. And we’ll have a wrestling match to see who is really stronger.”


Unable to keep in my excitement, I shouted, “I can’t freakin’ wait!”


“Me too, gorgeous. But until then…”


She put me down on the carpet and stood up to her full height, reminding me of what my true place in this world was for the next two months.


“You’re stuck with Giantess Jackie. Now, worship my toes. And if you miss a single spot, you’ll spend the rest of the night in my mouth.”


“Yes, Goddess Jackie!” I yelled up to the skyscraper woman before me as I ran to give her toes the worshipping they deserved.

Chapter 28 by johnbart37
Author's Notes:

I decided to write a cute, little romantic chapter between Jackie and Desmond. Enjoy!

Chapter 28:

Jackie commanded me to kiss every millimeter of her giant feet. That might not seem like a huge task but trust me, it was. Her feet were as long as a basketball court would’ve been to me when I was still five feet tall. Imagine kissing every single spot on a basketball court. It’d take a while. 

For me, kissing Jackie’s one foot was a three-hour long task. Sometimes she watched me with a lovey-dovey look in her eye, and the rest of the time she caught up on her homework. The first two hours of foot smooching, I enjoyed myself wholeheartedly. I put an enormous amount of effort in, really pressing my lips against her skin so she would feel me. 

“Do you feel me?” I asked every few minutes to make sure.

“A little,” she said, smiling down at me each time. 

For the last hour, my lips were getting sore. I slowed down enough for her to notice and point it out. 

“Are you getting tired?”

“No, Goddess,” I breathed heavily. 

“You’re getting tired. Take a rest.”


“Nope. Get back to kissin’. I’ll be done in a few minutes with this assignment. Then we can do something else.”

The way she toyed with me was so fucking hot. The casual authority she projected sent tingles of pleasure all throughout my body. From then on, I had no problem pushing through my exhaustion.

As I continued kissing her feet, Jackie was clacking away on her laptop keyboard. Since our mutual size kink normally dominated our conversation, I decided to show some interest in her assignment.

“What are you working on, Jackie?” I asked. 

She looked away from her computer screen and down at me. She was surprised. Surprised that I’d even asked her. 

“Do you really care?”

I was almost offended. How shallow did she think I was? I paused my foot worship and stood up to return her gaze. Right then was perhaps the first time I saw real insecurity on her face. Her eyes were shiny with the first showings of tears. She was neither smiling nor frowning. She was waiting. Waiting to see what I would say.

“Of course I care! Lift me up so I can proofread whatever you’re doing!”

She wiped her eyes, wetness spilling over onto her gorgeous white cheeks. She smiled once again, her insecurity melting away with my enthusiasm for something other than her looks or her size. 

“OK,” she said in choked-up voice.

She plucked me off her foot and sat me in front of her computer screen. She was working on a story for the school newspaper, The Hoya. It was about how the school was unfairly sparing athletes from tickets when they parked illegally. My interest was piqued even though I couldn’t even drive a moped, let alone a full-sized car.

Jackie actually had to zoom in so I could even see the words, because my tiny eyes couldn’t read the words from what was around 50 feet away for me. 

She let me read the whole story in silence, scrolling down when I told her to. When I was done, I turned to her and said:

“Will you let me give you feedback without squashing me?”

She rolled her eyes at my joke. “Yes, Desmond. I won’t squash you.”

“The body of the story is great, Jackie. You have all important facts and information. But you don’t have a strong lede or a strong kicker. You have to draw people in, then leave them with something pithy.”

Her mouth hung open. “You’ve been listening when I go on and on about what I learn in my journalism classes?! Ledes, kickers? You know about all that?” 

“Yup, I know all about it. Ledes are introductory statements that are meant to give all the most important information, and kickers are the ending lines that summarize the whole story.”

She fell back in her chair, staring at the speck sitting on her desk that was her boyfriend. I could tell she was genuinely impressed.

“Wow, you really do listen when I talk. You’re so different than Carter.”

“Your ex-boyfriend?” I asked, trying not to sound panicked at the mere mention of the man she used to date. 

“Yes, he is.”

“So, I listen better than he does?”

She straightened herself in her chair then leaned over me, covering me in her shadow. “Much better, Dessy. I would tell him about my day, then next thing you know he was texting his buddies about mountain biking or going to the gym. He was always so scatterbrained. Never able to focus on one thing at a time. Unless it was beer or mountain biking. God, did he love that stupid bike of his.”

Ironically, as she was talking about how well I listened, I wasn’t really listening. All I heard was mountain biking, going to the gym, and beer. That was enough for me to categorize him as more manly than me. All I ever did when I was five feet tall was play video games, read books, and get my ass beat by my younger sister. 

When she was done soliloquizing about her strapping ex-boyfriend, I blurted out a question I regretted as soon as I asked it.

“Why didn’t you shrink him?”

She didn’t seem too perturbed by that question though. She saw it as an opportunity to flirt. 

“I didn’t shrink him because, unlike you, he wouldn’t have been able to handle it.”

I was elated. “Really?”

“Are you kidding? Before I had my epic growth spurt that made me five whole inches taller than him, Carter was a twig. Just like you. I mean he was a lot taller than you, but that’s beside the point. He saw that I was getting bigger and stronger than him, and he felt he needed to compensate. That’s why he went to the gym constantly. To get bigger and to avoid his girlfriend, who he knew could kick his ass. Carter was never secure about our relationship, and that’s why I dumped him when I went off to college. In fact, I should have dumped him way sooner.”

“Well, what about in the limo to the party for me when you said you’d entertain striking up a romance with him if we didn’t stay together?”

“Oooh, you remember that?” she asked, tutting her tongue at me. She poked me playfully, knocking me on my ass. “Do I sense a bit of jealousy here?”

“No! I just, um, wanted to, um, know why you said that.”

She picked me up and dropped me into her palm. I zoomed right up to her eye level, and her gorgeous, shiny blonde hair closed like curtains around me and her giant face. This level of intimacy could only be achieved between an inch-tall man and a damn near 12-foot-tall woman. 

“Dessy, you have absolutely nothing to worry about, OK? I said that to him to placate him. Carter was not, is not, and will not ever be the guy for me. You are.”

I blushed, feeling silly for betraying my envy. “OK.”

“You do realize that if I shrunk Carter, all he would do bitch and moan about not being able to reach the handlebars on his bike and how he couldn’t do deadlifts anymore and how I was so much taller than him. Ughh, it would be horrible! But you never complain. You…like being smaller than me.”

“And you like being bigger than me,” I said. 

“Yes, I do.” She kissed me, rubbing my naked body all over her lips. Her lipstick began coating every inch of my skin, but I didn’t mind. All I cared about was having my face pressed up against her pillowy lips. 

But she stopped making out with me quite abruptly, moving her palm out of the sanctuary her hair provided me, and rested it back on her desk. I climbed off at her direction. 

“So, I know we both wanna keep kissing, but I’m on deadline here. So, tell me, how can I make my story better, my little copyeditor?”

Chapter 29 by johnbart37
Author's Notes:

The time has come for Jackie's volleyball team to grow. With Desmond's help of course.

Chapter 29:

The next morning, I woke up atop Jackie’s right breast. I could tell she was back to her normal size because she fit in her bed. Well, kind of. She had to sleep diagonally. Perhaps she had kept some of my height after all. 

I stood up and made the trek over to her nipple. I was going to give her a reason to wake up. 

As I walked, I noticed how firm her breast was. I was so small now that it was practically a solid surface. Her flesh barely sank from the impact of my footsteps. I decided to see what would happen if I jumped. When I landed, I bounced up several inches in the air, and to me, that was really high.

I bounced around for a while, doing flips and trying to stick the landing. I kept failing because her tit was so bouncy. I had trouble landing flat on the ground. One of my jumps sent me flying too far in one direction, and soon, I was sliding off the curved descent of Jackie’s boob. I was about to plummet onto her taut stomach when something appeared underneath me breaking my fall. 

It was Jackie’s finger. She lifted me above her boob so she could see me. 

“Hi,” I said, blushing. 

“Hi,” she said back. 

I looked away, moderately embarrassed that Jackie had to rescue me from her dangerous, bouncy boobs that almost sent me careening off the edge. 

“If you want to use my boobs as a trampoline, at least tell me before you go on hurting yourself. OK?”

“Yes, goddess.”

“OK, enough with the goddess thing. We have shit to handle today.”

“What kind of shit?” I asked. 

“First on the list is to grow the team. I already shrunk down to 7’2”. Now it’s time to give that leftover size to all the girls.”

She closed her fist around my body and walked into the bathroom. She deposited me on the vanity and did her business. When she was done, she filled the sink up with warm water. I slid down into the bath she had set up for me. Jackie then squirted some soap into the sink and got it all sudsy so I could wash off the smell of sex from the night before. 

The sink was so tall that I couldn’t even see over the top. I knew Jackie was getting in the shower, but it was impossible for me to watch, which was a bummer. Unable to free myself from the thought of her beautiful nude form, I began touching myself. I thought about her boobs mostly. How bouncy they were. How warm and cozy they were to sleep on. How rubbing my cock on them for even five seconds guaranteed an instant hard-on, and how rubbing it for another twenty guaranteed climax. 

I continued stroking my cock absentmindedly, until an unmistakable shadow consumed me. I looked up and saw Jackie staring down at me. She was bursting at the seams, ready to laugh at me for jerking off right there in her sink. 

“You just can’t get enough, can you?”

I stopped momentarily. Her wet hair was swept straight back. Her big blue eyes were piercing through me, her pupils widening at the sight of my erect cock peeping just above the water. I could tell she was smiling only by the wrinkles around her eyes. Her boobs were in the way of her gorgeous mouth. And when my gaze settled on those massive tits, I resumed jerking. 

In about ten seconds time, I splooged everything I had built up from the few hours I slept. I fell back into the water, utterly satisfied. 

“I can’t tell you how much of a confidence boost it is to literally watch you whack it to me,” she said.

“Glad I could help.”

Jackie plucked me out of the water and toweled me off with a ripped-in-half wash cloth. With the combination of the warmth of her hands and the cloth, I was dry in seconds. 

Realizing I hadn’t brushed my teeth, Jackie casually popped me into her mouth while she brushed hers. I wasn’t expecting it because she never warned me that I was about to go in. Once I got over the initial shock, I simply sat on her tongue and waited for the toothpaste to seep into her mouth. And soon enough, I was drowning in white, minty liquid. Knowing it wouldn’t be pleasant to get it in my eyes, I closed them as tight as I could manage. 

When she was finally done brushing, two fingers reached into her mouth and grabbed me. She dropped me back into the sink water to wash the toothpaste off. When I was out of the sink and dry, Jackie finished the rest of her morning routine. First, she blow-dried her hair until the natural waviness reappeared. Her hair was amazingly thick, and it was darker at the roots, getting blonder and blonder as the strands went down. She endlessly toyed with each and every lock, not giving up until it looked perfect. If only she knew how perfect she looked before she put in the half hour of effort. 

Next, she went back into her room and got dressed for the day. And judging from what she put on, important things were on the agenda. On top, she wore a sleek, white blazer and a satin turquoise dress underneath. Then, she put on pantyhose and high heels that matched her blazer. With her blown out hair and that professional-looking getup, she looked like she about to conquer the world. 

Finally, Jackie took me downstairs. I was surprised to see that the entire volleyball squad was awake and congregated in the foyer. Faith, my favorite girl on the team besides Jackie was the first to notice us coming down the stairs. Well, she noticed Jackie, not me. I was too small to be seen from the distance she was standing. 

“It’s about time you got down here!” Faith said. 

The rest of the girls echoed Faith’s sentiment. It was a raucous scene. All the girls were shouting. Some in excitement, some in frustration. Then when they all witnessed the new Jackie, their mouths hung open.

“Did you grow? You are so freakin’ tall!” Faith shouted.

Jackie remained on the bottom step of staircase, lording over her fellow teammates. “I did. I’m 7’2” now. Seven foot six in these heels.”

The girls were captivated. Their eyes were wide with curiosity and desire. I wondered how they would react if they knew Jackie had been close to 12 feet tall the night before. 

“In a minute, you’ll all be a little bit taller, courtesy of Desmond. And then you know what we’re gonna do?” Jackie asked.

“What?” Faith asked.

“We’re gonna win the Big East!”

The ocean of girls cheered and threw their hands in the air. Jackie was about to finally do what she’d intended from the start. Grow the volleyball team and become totally unstoppable on the court.  

I watched from Jackie’s hand as Vicky plowed through the crowd of girls. The red headed captain was smirking. This couldn’t be good. 

“Me first!”

I craned my neck to look at Jackie’s face. She was frowning. Vicky never failed to get under her skin. 

“OK, that’s fine,” Jackie said, “But let me explain how this process will work to everyone before we start.”

Basically, she was going to divvy up my transferred height to the starters first, then to the rest of the team. The six starters would each get a five-inch boost, and the other nine players would each get an over three-inch height boost. 

It was hard to wrap my mind around the fact that my height would be going to an entire volleyball team. Up until now, it was something that was only theoretical. Now, it was about to happen. 

When she was done explaining, Jackie beckoned Vicky to come closer to her. The captain obliged.

“Are you ready?” Jackie asked her.

“Do it,” she said without hesitation. 

Jackie needed two hands, so she handed me over to Vicky while she set up her phone, and her hands were freezing. Since, I didn’t have any clothes on, I curled up in the fetal position to stay warm. 

After some taps on her phone, Jackie nodded, signaling she was ready. She gently placed a hand on Vicky’s shoulder and several things changed instantly. First, I felt myself rise as soon as she touched Vicky. Vicky’s hand didn’t move her hand at all, but it rose, nonetheless. She was growing.  Second, Vicky’s hand warmed up. It seemed that whatever energy Jackie was pumping into her teammate was heating up her body. Third, Vicky was moaning. And she wasn’t moaning from pain. Whatever Jackie was doing to her was inducing an orgasm. 

As Vicky topped out to her new height, she screamed. I winced and covered my ears.

“I just…” Vicky started to say.

I glanced down at her shorts. She was wet. 

“It’s not uncommon for people to have an orgasmic experience when they grow.”

“Well, it was the best fucking orgasm I’ve ever had, and there wasn’t even a dick involved! I could get used to this!”

The whole team burst out laughing. Vicky smiled and handed me back to Jackie, opting not to torment me for once. Instead, she leaned down, stuck her face inches away from mine, and thanked me. 

“Thanks, little guy. I’m fucking 6’10” now! Isn’t that amazing? With your help, we’re gonna beat everyone,” she turned her attention to the rest of the team, “Especially Villanova!”

The team cheered once more and practically stampeded toward Jackie, eager to get the same treatment as Vicky. 

“Form an orderly line! Starters first!” Jackie said. 

My girlfriend put me in her blazer’s pocket, so I could watch her teammates grow from a better vantage point. The fabric of the blazer jutted out considerably because of her massive breasts, but I was still relatively comfortable. 

I draped both arms over the front of her pocket to hold on. From looking down inside, it was around five inches deep, so if I fell in, I wouldn’t be able to see anything. There would also be no hope of escape without Jackie’s help.

Faith was after Vicky and grew from a respectable 6’4” to Jackie’s old height—6’9”. In Jackie’s pocket, I was at the height of Faith’s nose. I saw her mouth, then her chin, then her neck rise higher than me in a matter of seconds. And as she grew, she closed her eyes and moaned just as Vicky did. But hers were quieter and more reserved. I was getting aroused listening to her high-pitched squeals. And just like Vicky, she climaxed when she hit her target height. She nearly collapsed from the force of her orgasm, bracing herself on the wall next to her.  

“That…was…divine,” she panted, trying to catch her breath. 

One of the girls hauled her away and had her sit on the couch. 

“Alright, who’s next?” Jackie asked. 

One by one, the girls stepped up and let Jackie pump my size through their veins. Damn near all of them came in their pants. I was so turned on that I stopped holding on with both hands and started jerking off with one hand. That quickly backfired when one of the girls hugged Jackie after she grew. The slight impact of the girl pressing her body into Jackie’s was enough to knock me back and cause me to fall to the bottom of her pocket. Now, all I could see was a faint glimmer from the overhead lights. 

Jackie didn’t even seem to notice that I had fallen. She continued growing the rest of the team as I patiently waited inside her pocket. It was probably better if I stopped watching anyway. My cock hurt from the constant masturbation I had subjected myself to in the last day or so. 

When Jackie was done growing everyone, she socialized with her newly minted giantess teammates for a while, leaving me to stew in her shirt. 

She does know I’m in here, right?

Finally, Faith asked where I was. 

“Oops, he must’ve fallen down where no one can see him,” I heard Jackie say.

She took a finger, stretched her pocket open, and peered down at me with a cheeky grin. I smiled back sheepishly. She plucked me out with the same ease she would a tiny piece of lint and let me sit in her palm. 

“Can I talk to him? Will I blow out his eardrums?” Faith asked. 

“No,” Jackie said, “You just won’t be able to hear him. He’s too small.”

“Wait, so you can’t talk with him?”

“No, I can. You see, Dessy and I have a special bond,” she said, affectionately rubbing my back with her enormous finger pad. 

“Awww, that’s so sweet! I just want to say one thing to him, OK?” Faith asked. 

“Of course! Go right ahead!”

Instead of having Faith bend down, Jackie raised her hand up to her face. As usual, Faith had her gorgeous hair tied into a messy bun, only now, it was 20 times my size. As unnerving as that was, I was more focused on her wonderful looks. She was even more beautiful after growing five inches. Her cheekbones were high, maximizing her attractiveness. Her skin was smooth and flawless, not a pockmark in sight. Her nose still looked small and cute somehow, even though it was double my size. But it was her smile that got me. It was so reassuring. So understanding. With it, I felt utterly safe in her presence. 

“Hey, Dessy. It’s a bummer that we can’t talk like normal people anymore. But after this season is over, and you grow back to your normal height, we are gonna party for a week straight. And guess what? You’re going to be our little king.”

I stared up at her and gave a thumbs up. Faith squinted, struggling to even make out my gesture at first, but smiled warmly at my reaction. She then rubbed my head with her pinky finger. 

“Yup,” Jackie said, “You, little guy, are going to be the hero of Georgetown Volleyball when we win the conference.”

Holy shit! I’m gonna be a hero! And how could they lose? They’re all giants now!

Vicky suddenly barreled into Jackie, causing her to stumble a bit. Instinctively, I held on tight to Jackie’s hand, knowing that a fall from this height would be fatal.

“Hey! Be careful, alright! Desmond is in my hand! Until I have a safer way to carry him, you all need to be aware of bumping into me. You just might crush him by accident.”

The thought of a girl absentmindedly crushing me just by bumping into Jackie made me shudder. 

“Sorry, OK. I’ll be more careful,” Vicky said.

Jackie was just as surprised as me to hear Vicky be the least bit remorseful. That was a first. 

“OK. Apology accepted,” Jackie said, her voice wavering in uncertainty. 

Just then, Vicky snapped her fingers a few times. In a few seconds time, all side conversations ceased, and everyone paid attention to their captain. It was another testament to how much she was respected. Jackie always told me how she wanted to develop her leadership skills. And now, I could see how much she both looked up to and despised Vicky. She looked at her with hesitant respect. Even though she consistently poked fun at Jackie, one day, she wanted to command a room with Vicky’s level gravitas and power. 

“I want everyone’s attention,” Vicky said, putting a hand on Jackie’s shoulder, “This freshman has contributed more to this team than any other freshman in Hoya history. In fact, she’s probably contributed more to this team than most upperclassmen ever have.”

Vicky looked directly at Jackie, having to lift her head to meet her eyeline. 

“You risked a hell of a lot to shrink Desmond for the team’s benefit. You could’ve gotten sued. You could’ve gone to jail. And that pressure was squarely on your shoulders, girl. I’ve never met a more courageous person in my life. I’m damn proud of you, Jackie. Everyone else is too. I want you to know that. And that’s why I’m proud to present you with a special award that has never been offered and will likely never be offered again.”

Two girls approached Jackie with a 3-foot-tall gold-plated trophy in hand. It depicted Jackie holding a tiny man, me, in her hand. She was in a triumphant pose, her hand raised high in the air and the wind blowing her hair back. The plaque at the bottom read:

The Jaclyn Cunningham Award: for players who go above and beyond

For a moment, I was a bit offended that the award wasn’t named after me too, since I too was a crucial part of the team getting bigger. But when I looked up and saw Jackie tearing up at this genuine act of kindness from Vicky and the rest of the team, my self-centered thoughts melted away. I was so happy for her. The fact was, she went through a lot of stress to do this for her team. I still didn’t approve of how she lied to me for so long, but I understood why she did it. I never would have agreed to be the volleyball team’s secret weapon. But after she shrunk me and made me realize how fun it was to be tiny, I had no trouble contributing to something bigger than me. Handing my size over to an entire team of women so they could grow into amazons, actually made me feel like a pretty big man.

Even though I wasn’t being presented with a shiny trophy or heaps of praise by the girls I had made into amazons, I was still proud of what I did. And I knew Jackie was proud too. That was good enough for me. 

Chapter 30 by johnbart37
Author's Notes:

Desmond gets a new mode of transportation. Read on to see how Jackie will carry him around from now on. 

Chapter 30:

Jackie could barely tear herself away from the team. The girls wanted to hit the bars and pop champagne before noon to celebrate their new height. It was hard for her to turn it down, but Jackie and I had business to take care of. 

The first order of business was for me to unequivocally deny that Jackie shrunk me. After seeing how happy the volleyball team was after growing, I had no reservations about routing all suspicion away from Jackie. I had no doubt in my mind that the girls would use my height for as long as they needed it, then return it after they inevitably shellacked every other volleyball team in the conference.

We got in Jackie’s Jeep to drive to the press conference that her lawyers had concocted. She casually slipped me back into her blazer pocket when she sat down in the driver’s seat. She held the pocket open to talk to me because if she didn’t, the fabric of her shirt would snap back to the contours of her enormous tits, slamming me into them. I was facing her as she looked down at me with her expressive blue eyes. 

“Stay in there until I tell you it’s safe to come out.”

Standing at the bottom of the pocket that was five times deeper than I was tall, I shrugged my shoulders at her. “I don’t think you have to worry. I wouldn’t be able to get out of here if I had Lebron’s vertical.”

She sniggered, remembering how small I actually was. She could stow me away just about anywhere she wanted. Then, suddenly her eyes glimmered as if she had a realization. 

“Hold on, I almost forgot!”

She buried her face in her purse, digging around for something. Whatever it was, I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to be excited or nervous. The last time she surprised me like this, she put me in a chastity cage. 

Soon, my fears were extinguished when I saw what she was holding above me. She grinned wide and said, “Look, Faith had some doll clothes lying around at her parents’ house! We couldn’t have you going on TV naked, now could we?”

I shook my head no.

“OK, so the dolls were two inches tall. Super rare! But she altered their clothes so they’d fit you better. Remind me to have you write out a thank you card for her. I’m sure it was a bitch to work with fabric that small.”

I imagined trying to write a thank you card with a pen quadruple my size. I wondered how that would work. I could only hope Jackie would allow me to dictate what I wanted to write in the card to her, so I wouldn’t have to wrestle with ballpoint pen. 

“I will,” I said.

She lowered the single piece of fabric down into the pocket I had resided in for the majority of the morning. It was a crocheted light blue dress. 

At least it isn’t pink, I thought. 

As Jackie turned the key in the ignition, I got into my dress. I found it to be surprisingly comfortable. I might have to get Faith to make me more of these, I thought. 

Once she saw that I had the dress on, Jackie let go of the pocket, and sure enough, I was thrown back against Jackie’s boob, face first. The fabric of shirt was too tight for me to even budge, so I lifted my head up so my mouth and nose weren’t muzzled.

Soon enough, we were on our way to wherever this press conference was. I wasn’t one who easily got motion sick, but I had to admit that all the movement that came with a speeding car and an over 7-foot-tall girl made me a bit queasy. The force from the car going 40 miles per hour pancaked me against Jackie’s breast. Even worse, her breasts jiggled with every pothole, speedbump, and sewer grate. And occasionally, a bump she hit would be enough to knock her boobs together, sending me flying sideways. 

“Hey, do you have to hit every bump on the road?!” I shouted up to her.

She didn’t hear me. The combination of her speakers blaring Maroon 5’s “Girls Like You” and the sound of her roaring engine drowned me out completely. So, I closed my eyes and tried to ignore the many bumps to come. 

Further into the ride, I was getting used to the frequent shockwaves that had me ricocheting off her boob to the inside of her pocket, then back to her boob. I closed my eyes and pretended I was doing bumper cars at a shitty amusement park. And when my eyes were shut, it was really easy to forget that I was an inch-tall man inside his girlfriend’s shirt pocket. I could almost convince myself that I was at the Jersey Shore ramming into other bumper cars. I renamed it “Bumper Boobs” because the only thing ramming into me was the giant orb of flesh that I practically worshipped every day. 

The game of bumper boobs came to end approximately 30 minutes later when Jackie finally stopped the car and shut off the engine. She opened the pocket once more, letting light stream in. Now that I had room to move somewhat freely, I stretched my arms and legs. 

“We’re here, Dessy. I’m gonna keep you in there until you’re ready to speak. You know what you’re gonna say, right?” she asked.

“Yep,” I pointed to my head, “I got it all up here.”

It was true. At her request, I had prepared a statement. I didn’t have it memorized word for word. But I knew what I was going to say. 


The pocket snapped closed and my world went dark again. Since my sight was cut off, I was completely reliant on the sounds around me to place where I was. I heard the leather seat squeak as Jackie got up, then heard the door open and close behind her. Her stilettos whacked against what I assumed was the paved parking lot. 

Thankfully, the up and down motion of her walking was far more pleasant than being in the car. It was rhythmic and predictable. Her breast jiggled up…then down. Up…then down. Easy. No surprise bumps. Unless she tripped. I tried not to think about that. 

After a minute of her walking, her steps changed, causing the jiggle of her breasts to change. The up and down momentum was magnified. I bounced higher and fell further, faster. It was still not as bad as being in the car. Eventually, I figured out that with each of Jackie’s steps, we were going a bit higher. I concluded that she was walking up stairs. 

Eventually, the bouncing and the jiggling calmed down, and Jackie was finally standing still. She was talking to some people, probably her lawyers. It didn’t matter to me because it didn’t concern me. I had one job to do. 

Jackie opened the pocket and peered inside. “You ready?”


She stuck her pointer finger inside. “Grab on.”

I wrapped my arms and legs around what might as well have been a tree trunk. Only, it was a girl’s finger. 

“Hold on tight!”

She elevated me out of her pocket, and it felt like I was getting airlifted out of a deep canyon. I glanced around at my surroundings. It appeared that Jackie and I were atop the steps in front of some sort of building, with a gaggle of about ten reporters below us, eager to ask intrusive, embarrassing questions. I also saw big news cameras pointed directly at me. Looking over to my right, I recognized Mr. Sullivan, Jackie’s lawyer, standing next to her. There were also two other men in suits I didn’t recognize. Probably other lawyers. But they all looked downright diminutive next to the 7’6” goddess that was my girlfriend. I could only imagine what I looked like in comparison to her. 

There were probably a hundred other things that I would’ve otherwise noticed if I wasn’t so damn small. My surroundings were so big that it was hard to take it all in like a normal person would. I processed as much visual stimuli as I could without overwhelming myself. 

In front of me was a towering, wooden lectern. Jackie placed her finger on top of it and motioned for me to let go. She pointed out the tiny microphone that I could speak into. I positioned it in front of my mouth and began. 

I got right to the point. 

“Hello everyone. I just want you to know that Jackie Cunningham did not shrink me.”

For the first time in a while, I heard my own voice through speakers. It was a grating experience to say the least. I wasn’t quite Mickey Mouse, but my voice was still awkwardly high-pitched. I pushed through my distaste for my own voice and kept speaking. 

“How would an 18-year-old college student taking 18 credits and going to volleyball practice 6 days a week ever have time to figure out how to shrink people?” I asked rhetorically.

My speech progressed along that same vein. I repeated over and over that it was ridiculous to think that a busy college student would ever want to or have time to shrink a person. I explained how much Jackie had to do to take care of me. No thinking person would inflict all those responsibilities on themselves, I reasoned. 

Every so often, I turned to look at Jackie to see how she was reacting to what I was saying. But every time I looked back, she gave a quick gesture of the head telling me to face forward. She didn’t want it to look like she was coaching what I was saying (even though that was exactly what was happening).

As soon as I was done speaking, there was a cacophony of questions from the reporters. I thought I had anticipated all possible questions, but clearly, I wasn’t thinking like a journalist. 

“Do you really think it’s just a coincidence you only began to shrink when you got to Georgetown and met Jackie?!” one blurted out. 

Another one shouted, “Is there anyone else who’s shrunk on campus that you know about?!”

I approached the mic to try to answer, but I was snatched up by Jackie’s fist.

“Hey!” I shouted, offended that she thought she could just pick me up whenever she wanted to without any warning. She haphazardly threw me upside down into her pocket. I was shrouded in darkness, once again. 

“Desmond won’t be taking questions. And neither will Jackie,” I heard her lawyer say into the microphone. 

Stepping away from the microphone, her lawyer told her, “Get out of here. I’ll stay behind to talk to the reporters.”

“Thank you, Carl,” she said. 

With the press conference concluding, the trek back to the car commenced, only this time, I was upside down up against Jackie’s boob. The jiggles induced by her walking were far less comfortable the way I was oriented. My head kept slamming into the bottom seam of her pocket. I wanted to yell, but I just stayed patient. Besides, she likely wouldn’t hear me anyway.

Back in the car where it was quieter, I tried to get her attention, but as soon as I opened my mouth, the engine revved up and the music turned back on. I would be upside down for however long she drove. 

Finally, we stopped. When the car shut off, I immediately said, “Jackie! I’m upside down!”

The pocket snapped opened, and I was able to reorient myself. “Sorry Dessy, I was in a hurry to get away from the paparazzi. You told them everything they needed to know, and I didn’t want to get caught up in any more crap.”

I wanted to stay mad at her. She tossed me in her pocket like I was nothing but a possession of hers. She gave absolutely no thought to how I would feel getting snatched up and whizzed 20 miles an hour into dark crevice. But I couldn’t. Not with the face she had. My anger was all but extinguished when I stared into her blue irises. She blinked, batting her long eyelashes at me. Just that was enough for me to forget about the uncomfortable car ride.

“I forgive you,” I said. 

“I’m glad,” she said.

“Are we home?”

She looked up through the windshield. “Nope, we have an errand to run. Remember how I said last night that for the next two months you’re gonna learn how to be the best boyfriend you can possibly be?”


“Well, lesson one starts now, little guy. And lesson one is…you buy nice things for your girlfriend every so often to keep the relationship interesting. And vice versa of course. I buy things for you too.”

“OK,” I said. 

She wiggled what looked to be a debit card above me. Then I realized. It was my debit card. I used to carry it in my pants, and now it was bigger than me. 

“You’re gonna buy me something at this jewelry store with this card. How much is on it?” she commanded. 

That came out of nowhere for me. One minute I was giving a speech to save her from criminal prosecution, and the next minute she was ordering me to buy her things. Was this how relationships worked?

The last time I had a job was over the summer. I had a couple hundred dollars in my checking account, but I wasn’t exactly thrilled to spend all my hard-earned cash on something I would never use. So, I asked the obvious question. 

“Maybe like…$500. How much are you going to spend?”

She shook her head and tutted her tongue in disapproval. “See, this is where the learning comes in. You don’t ask how much I’m going to spend. You are supposed to trust me with this card. Now try again.”

I racked my brain. Why did she even need my input? She was going to use the card whether I liked it or not. But I didn’t question her.

“What do you…want to buy, sweetie?” I asked. It sounded quite forced, but Jackie rolled with it. 

“Well honey, I’m so glad you asked!” The sarcasm was dripping off of her. “I’ve been in dire need of a nice necklace for a while now. I might need some new earrings too. Do you wanna treat me?”

Like a gentleman, I said, “Of course.”

She reached down into her pocket and gave me a light tap on the butt. “That is just sooo nice of you, you know that?” 

Feeling more pussy whipped by the second, I decided to just give in completely. 

“Anything for you, darling.”

She rubbed my head lovingly, mussing up my hair with her tree-trunk sized finger. 

“Awwww!” she cooed. “You’re so cute when you’re obedient! Now, I’m gonna let the pocket close. Give me, let’s say, 45 minutes, K?”

Forty-five minutes? How could this possibly take that long?

Just like she said, the pocket snapped back against her boob, slamming me into it for the thousandth time that day. Not only did I have to spend my own money on things I didn’t care about, but I was being humiliated in the process. And when I thought about it like that, I noticed my cock hardening. 

Am I getting off on the fact that she’s…draining my bank account?

My arousal continued to build as she walked into the store, and as a result, I became very aware of the giant tit that I was being smooshed up against. It was hard to think about anything else other than Jackie’s boobs when one of her tits was literally right in front of me. I could feel the warmth radiating from it. It was actually starting to make me sweat. With all my might, I removed the doll dress to cool down. It was hard to do when the fabric of the pocket was crushing me against the firm surface. 

It turned out; Jackie wasn’t lying. A girl could easily spend 45 minutes in a jewelry store. I assumed she was bouncing from display case to display case trying to set her heart on something. I would come to understand later on that she was looking for something rather specific. 

When I heard Jackie finally say goodbye to the sales associate she’d been talking to and exit the store, I was in a precarious situation. I was drenched with sweat from the heat coming off her boob. My cock was practically bursting at the seams because I was so turned on. And I was convinced that I was getting dehydrated from this whole ordeal. 


The pocket opened.

“Oh, thank god! Get me out of here!”

She offered a finger lift. I grabbed on, and immediately I felt better outside of her shirt. It was just way too hot to stay in there for an extended period of time.

“Oh, Dessy, you are sweating bullets! Were you hot in there? I’m so sorry!”

I nodded, conserving the energy I would’ve used to speak. She held me in her palm.

“Sit up and take deep breaths. I’ll pour you some water,” she said. 

I did as I was told. Before I knew it, Jackie put a bottle cap full of water in front of me. Not caring how I looked, I dunked my head in. I was surprised to find I could completely submerge my head in the bottle cap. After my head was cooled off, I drank. As I sipped, Jackie simply held her hand in place, courteously waiting for me to finish. She was so still that I almost forgot I was sitting on a palm for a moment. 

She made sure I was fully hydrated before she took the cap full of water away. I told her I was fine. 

“So, now that you’re cooled off and your thirst has been quenched, would you like to see what I bought? I know jewelry sounds like it’s only for me, but really, it’s for you too.”

I had no idea what she meant by that but questioning her made things more difficult. So, I just said, “Yeah, let me see.”

One hand continued to hold me, while the other went rooting in her shopping bag to find what she wanted to show me. And out came a necklace. At first glance, it was like any other necklace I’d seen girls wear. It was made of shiny metals that accentuated the female neckline. But I soon picked up on the unusual pendant that hung from the chain. It was a tiny cage. 

“You see that?” she asked, pointing to the cage at the end of the necklace, “I’m gonna line the back with some tiny cushions, and when I go out, you’re gonna go in there.”

“You’re gonna lock me in a cage on your neck when you’re out in the world?”

“Don’t think about it like that, Dessy. With this, you won’t have to sweat to death in my bra. You were having a hard enough time in my blazer pocket.”

“But won’t it be weird to have a little man hanging from your neck in public.”

“You know, you’d be surprised, but you’ve never really gotten to see what you look like from a regular person’s eyes. You…are…tiny. Trust me, from a distance, people will have no idea you’re even in there. And I’m super tall, so that’ll make it even harder for people to see you.”

I thought about it for a second. “Well, I guess you’re right.”

“But before you get sold on getting locked inside a cage necklace, I have another necklace that could be fun for us.”

Her hand went back into the gift bag and pulled out a different necklace. It was normal, it didn’t have a cage attached to it. 

“So, for you to be able to use this one, you’re going to have to be strapped into a harness that attached to the end of the necklace. Which is good, because…I ordered you one!”

Out from her pocketbook came the harness. It was exactly my size, and I wondered how she ever found that online. 

“So fun fact, this is actually a guinea pig harness. I actually put it in the dryer on high until it was small enough to fit your little torso. Also, the length of the necklace is adjustable, so if you want to hang above my tits you can. But if you want to hang in between my cleavage for some more privacy, you can do that too,” she said, winking. 

This was a lot for me to take in. Getting worn as a necklace seemed awfully exhibitionist. I wasn’t sure I was into it. 

“You’re awfully quiet,” she said, rubbing my cheek with edge of her finger. “What do you think about all this?”

Afraid to speak up, I simply responded, “It’s um…interesting. Very interesting.”

She smiled. She could sense the apprehension in my voice. “Listen, Dessy. I know this is a little odd, but I happen to think this is the best way to carry you safely. You’re up near my face, so I can check on you whenever I want. I can easily take you off the necklace if I need to. Do you understand?”

“But…can’t I, I don’t know, go in your pocket.”

“You almost passed out from heat exhaustion. It’s not safe.”

“But, I—"

She pursed her lips and shook her head. “No, sweetie. I’m sorry, but we’re not going to debate this anymore. It’s decided. You are going to be my necklace when we’re in public. Now, cage or harness?”

“What?” I asked. 

“Cage or harness? Would you like to be in the cage necklace or be in the harness?”

“Oh, you’re gonna do this now?”

“Yes, Dessy. We’re in public. And I have a few more errands to run. So, what do you want to do?”

Not wanting to be seen by anyone, he chose the cage, as demeaning as it was to be locked away. Honoring his one choice, she clicked the cage necklace around her neck. Then she picked him up by the arm and gently lowered him into the cage. She closed the door with one finger. He was amazed at how roomy his cell was. Three of him could fit inside. 

“I know it’s a bit hard in there. When I get a chance, I’m gonna put some soft cushiony material in there so it’s more comfortable, OK?”

“Yes, Goddess.”

She smiled when I called her that. I was pretty sure she took pride in being a goddess. Jackie turned on the car and we were on our way to the next errand. 

Chapter 31 by johnbart37
Author's Notes:

Desmond and Jackie adjust to their new lives and sizes. Some old issues in their relationship resurface and causes a rift between them. 

Chapter 31:

My life changed substantially after being reduced to an inch tall by Jackie. The first consequential life change came with schoolwork. Jackie decided that I wouldn’t be doing any coursework for the rest of the semester. A short, skinny guy named Lionel would do it for me. I watched from inside my necklace cage as my girlfriend expertly toyed with him.

“So, Lionel,” she said in a breathy voice, before leaning down and letting her tits graze his nose, “Can you do this for me? I promise, I’ll make it worth your while.” 

He shivered visibly at her touch. And without a moment’s hesitation, he shouted, “Yes! Of course!”

And as soon as he said that Jackie retreated from him and plopped all of my heavy textbooks into his spindly arms. 

“Now, you know that my Dessy is taking 18 credits, right? He has a lot of work to get done, and a grade point average to maintain. What is your GPA, shnookums?”

Realizing she was talking to me, I tried to remember. It had been weeks since I’d even checked my grades. Thankfully, she answered for me. 

“Ha, you wouldn’t be able to hear him anyway!” she giggled, tapping my cage. “He has A’s in every single class. If you let a single A turn into an A minus, let alone a B, our movie date will be off. Also, you will be forever banned from Volleyball House. And remember what I said about emailing Dessy’s professors. If you have to, run the email by me first. If it’s acceptable, you can send it.”

She leaned down again, causing her necklace (and me) to fall abruptly and harshly. When the bouncing of my cage finally calmed down, I got to see the look of absolute terror in Lionel’s eyes. I couldn’t tell how tall he was or skinny he was, but I had to guess that he wasn’t much bigger than I was when I met Jackie. I understood his fear. 

“Do a good job, Lionel. You don’t want to disappoint me.”

He nodded. The words he probably wanted to say were caught in his throat. I felt so bad for him. I had implored Jackie to find another way to help me with my homework, but this was the route she chose. 

“Run along, Lionel. You don’t want to overstay your welcome.”

Coming back to earth after staring at Jackie, Lionel darted out of her room, struggling to carry all my textbooks. 

The second consequential life change came with my shrinking social orbit. Audrey was no longer welcome at Volleyball House. Neither was Maggie. My parents were the only ones allowed to visit me. She would supply me with a pack of index cards and tiny pens so I could communicate with them, since they wouldn’t be able to hear my voice. When it came to text messages from other people I knew, Jackie would be responsible for answering them. She told me she would either do it as herself or as me. I agreed because there weren’t really that many people out there trying to text me. Audrey, Maggie, and maybe Pauline from the university health clinic. If my parents texted me, she and I would have to agree to a response. 

I didn’t think that all of this was reasonable, but it wasn’t my decision to make anymore. By agreeing to shrink down to one inch tall, I had effectively agreed to let Jackie run my life until the end of the semester. And Jackie made sure to remind me that, even if I didn’t always like to admit it, I liked when she took control. 

“Don’t lie to me, Dessy. You get off on this as much as I do. Me, towering over you and making all the decisions in your life. And besides, it’s only until the end of the semester, unless you want it to continue after that.”

Every time she said that to me, I had to fight off my instinct to agree to being her inch-tall boyfriend forever. Everything was so wonderful at this size. I had grown to like being attached to Jackie. Sure, there was a lot of bouncing associated with being someone’s literal necklace, especially someone with boulder-sized boobs. But, overall, it was a fun, exhilarating experience hanging from her neck and between her tits. 

But, when she felt particularly naughty, she stored me in her panties. You see, with the remaining balance on my debit card, she bought herself some lingerie. And the panties she bought had pockets. The pocket was right on her vagina. All I had to do was move a little bit to stimulate her down there. I got to get her all worked up in class, at practice, and when she was hanging out with friends. It seemed she was able to hide it well enough because no one had caught on. 

I was thoroughly enjoying all the alone time I was spending with Jackie, but I knew that at some point, I would have to resume my life as a five-foot-tall man. I couldn’t simply be a necklace, or a pussy toy for rest of my life, could I?

That was something I thought a lot about after I hit my target size. If I loved being Jackie’s necklace and pussy toy so much, why should I have to give it up? If I loved her being in total control, why should I have to give that up? I thought about telling her how I felt, but I decided to wait. For now, another month and a half of being Jackie’s tiny toy was enough. If I wanted it to continue, all I had to do was tell her. 

After a few days of being an inch tall, I fell into a sort of routine. I slept on her night table. And in true Jackie fashion, the humiliation never stopped. That was because my bed was literally a condom filled with water and my blanket was a pair of her panties. And it was a surprisingly comfortable setup that had the dual effect of constantly reinforcing how tiny I was. 

My favorite part about lying next to her at night was feeling her warm breath envelop me as she slept. She acted as a space heater, but her heat was pleasantly minty.  

Jackie woke me up a few minutes before she had to leave for campus. She was already showered and ready to go. She donned a pair of light blue jeans that could barely contain her ass and a loose black and white striped blouse that almost managed to disguise her massive bust. It didn’t quite do the job. I could just barely see her nipples digging into the fabric of the shirt. Then she turned her head and showed me the back of her head. Her hair was tied into a fancy low bun, something she knew drove me wild. 

“Like my bun, Dessy?”

I stared at it, barely able to contain my arousal. My dick stiffened to full mast in a matter of seconds. I had no idea why hair buns did it for me, but they just did. 

“Yes, Goddess,” I said.

She kneeled down in front of me, amused by my entranced demeanor. “Well, if you like it so much, how would you like to spend the day in it?”

I stumbled and fell to my knees. My dick was so hard it hurt. 

“Let me take care of your little problem for you,” she cooed. 

She handled my tiny body like an expert. Her finger pads gently touched my back and chest, then she flipped me onto my back. I was now lying on top of her fingers. Her other hand came down and pleasured me. Well, her finger pleasured me. That was all it took now for her to jerk me off. A single finger, usually the end of her pinky. She didn’t want to exert too much pressure on me and injure me. 

I came hard and fast onto my own chest. My body went limp inside her hand. I was half conscious. The last thing I took in before blacking out was Jackie leaning down millimeters from my chest, licking up my semen in one go, and saying, “You are such a dirty, dirty boy.”

I woke up in unfamiliar surroundings. I could tell I had my doll clothes on. The ones Faith had fashioned for me out of her old toys. I could also tell I was on Jackie’s person, and she was walking. I felt the yellow ropes that surrounded me and realized where I was.

I was tied into her hair bun. A bun 20 times larger than I was. And I was so deep inside the bun that I was sure no one from the outside world would be able to see me. All I could see was thousands of strands of blonde hair and glimpses of the blue sky above peeking through.

The bun shook with every step she took, but not as much as her boobs. It was a rather pleasant ride. Except for the fact that my cock was ridiculously hard, and I couldn’t reach down to touch it because my arms were restrained by her hair. That was torture. It kept throbbing and throbbing.

Suddenly the rhythm of Jackie’s steps ceased. I was motionless. She had stopped. And I could hear her talking to someone. I tried to wiggle my way up to see and hear better, but it was no use. She tied me in tight. Not tight enough to hurt me, but tight enough so I couldn’t budge. My curiosity ended when it became clear any effort of mine to move from my current spot was futile. However, my ears perked up when I heard Jackie say, “Maggie.”

She was talking to Maggie. I couldn’t totally hear what the two were saying to one another, but before I could try to refocus and listen to their conversation, Jackie was already on her way. 

“Damn it,” I whispered. 

After five more minutes of walking, the slight chill in the air was replaced with warmth. I concluded that she was inside. A minute later, Jackie’s ass slammed into a seat that was probably far too small for her. Even up inside her hair bun, I could hear the chair groan with every slight shift in her weight.

I tried to listen to the lecture. Maybe I could have something to talk to Jackie about later, or maybe I would actually learn something new. But it became a fool’s errand. 

Firstly, I was painfully aroused and unable to do anything about it. My hands and arms were still tied into the expanse of her hair. Being that turned on made it pretty much impossible to listen to a detailed lecture on “journalistic integrity” or whatever the hell the professor was talking about. 

Secondly, I could hear all of Jackie’s bodily noises, which distracted me. Her breathing, her throat clearing, and her stomach rumbling. Strangely enough, all of these noises only aroused me more. Especially when her stomach grumbled, which scared me. 

I was in my own little world that she fashioned for me. I was unable to escape or focus on anything else but her. It was exactly what she wanted. But I wasn’t sure it was what I wanted. 

Jackie had four more classes that day, and I spent all of them tied neatly into her hair bun, with no one being the wiser. My erection never died down, and I had two orgasms just sitting inside her bun. She likely didn’t even notice I leaked onto her hair. 

She walked out of her last class, and asked me, “What do you want for lunch? I’m getting takeout for myself.”

Usually, Jackie just stopped by the dining hall, slipped me a tiny piece of meat and I was happy. But today she was treating herself, and me, by extension, to non-dining-hall food. 

“Can we go to Epicurean?” I asked, still inside her bun.

It was the first place Jackie and I ever ate together at. I don’t know if I’d call it our first date because my mom derailed it by tapping on the window as we were eating. I was just under four feet tall back then. I could still sit in a chair, even if my feet didn’t touch the floor, and eat a full meal. The remembrances of a bygone era.

“Sure, sweetie,” she said.

Just like the first time we went to Epicurean, Jackie didn’t ask me what I specifically wanted to eat. She just got her food and would offer me a tiny scrap that would fill my belly until tomorrow. 

She drove back to Volleyball House with the takeout. Finally, she let her hair down, and I was free. Without thinking, she put me down on the hard, cold granite of the kitchen island. 

“Jackie! It’s freezing!” I hopped up and down.

“Oh, I’m so sorry, little guy!”

She put down a napkin and lifted me onto it. Much better. I got cold much easier these days. I was definitely frailer than I used to be. I was skinnier, much skinnier than I used to be. And I was pretty skinny when I used to be five feet tall. That was probably contributing to my sensitivity to temperature. 

Jackie opened a takeout box that roughly 100 of me could fit inside and pulled out a piece of pork. She ripped it in half a few times until she had a strand that would be small enough for me. She put in front of me on the napkin and smiled. 

“What did you get?” I asked. 

“Oh, just some pad thai. Do you want a noodle too?”

“Yes, please.”

She cut off the end of one of her noodles. When she placed it down in front of me, it was still far too large for me. It was the length of my leg.

“Oh, is that too big? Let me cut it in half.”

She cut it in half. Then again. Then again. After all of her halving, I still wouldn’t be able to finish it, but it didn’t really matter. Jackie wouldn’t even miss that little piece of noodle. 

I alternated bites. I ripped off a piece of juicy pork, then sank my teeth into the thickest noodle I’d ever eaten. To me, it had a slightly larger circumference than a pool noodle. It was amazing to think that once, I could slurp it up without a second thought. But now, this delicious starch was an adequate hug partner. 

Of course, I didn’t hug my noodle. I tried to eat at least half of it before Jackie finished her entire meal, but alas, she scraped more food into her mouth in one go than I could eat in two weeks. In what must’ve been three minutes, she was already done. She leaned over me, eclipsing me in shadow.

“You can finish eating in the necklace, OK? I’m running late for practice.”

For once, I actually was still hungry. So, I nodded.

She was already wearing the cage necklace, so all she had to do was lean down until the cage was lying flat on the counter in front of me. I lifted up my pork and noodle onto my shoulders and walked right inside my home for the next few hours. Luckily, in the week or so since she’d purchased the cage with my money, she put extra-soft padding on the bars so I wouldn’t hurt myself when she ran around on the volleyball court. That’s right, she’d taken a keen liking to wearing me during practice and games. She had also taken to calling me her “good luck charm.”

Before stepping inside the cage, I looked up at her. She looked a bit impatient, which was confirmed when she shoved me forward with her pointer finger. 

“I don’t have time to exchange longing glances with you right now, Dessy. I cannot be late for practice again. Coach’ll kill me!”

I wasn’t mad because I knew her words weren’t spoken in malice. They were spoken in fear. And I was the reason she was late to her last practice. I had begged her for a quickie, which meant her shoving me in whichever orifice she chose. That day, it happened to be her pussy. She and I got so caught up in the whirlwind of sex that she was a half hour late. I felt so sorry for her. Buried deep in between her breasts, I heard her coach lay into her. She was a hard ass, and Jackie was broken up about it all night. 

I had to remind myself that she was doing what she had to do for the team. It wasn’t a reflection of how she thought about me. That alone got me through the rest of the day. 

After practice, I was once again relegated to the sidelines. Jackie had to do her homework, so I just sat on her desk watching her type vigorously on her laptop. Eventually, I got bored, so I asked her, “Can I help?”

“Not right now, Dessy,” she said, now hitting the delete button. I must’ve distracted her.

“Please? I’m bored.”

She sighed, stopped typing and threw her hands up in annoyance. “Are you going to do this every night? I’m sorry, but I’m in college. I have work to do. You need to occupy yourself somehow.”

My eyes welled up. Jackie had never talked to me this way before. Was this our first fight? 

I couldn’t even bring myself to say anything in response to a girl hundreds of times my size. I literally collapsed into fetal position and cried.

“Desmond, you may be small, but you’re not a baby. Stop crying. Stop crying now!”

I wiped my eyes and sniffled.

“Stand up!” she barked.

I jumped to my feet, trying my best not to regress into a whimpering child once again.

“Listen to me. You need to find something to do when I’m catching up on homework. If you don’t, I’ll just throw you in my hamper and let you think about your attitude. Do you understand?”

I looked around her desk briefly. There was nothing on it small enough for me to even use. By now, my tears were gone. I was pissed off. 

“How do expect me to occupy myself, Jackie? There’s nothing for me to do. I can’t use a phone. I can’t turn the pages of a book. Hell, I can’t even eat an entire noodle, and you expect me to just be able to ‘occupy myself’ while you do grown up stuff?”

She was taken aback. Rolling back in her chair, she said, “How about you occupy yourself like you always do in your cage. By pleasuring yourself!”

She wasn’t wrong. I did jerk off frequently when I was in the cage necklace. But what did she expect? I was in between a pair of tits!

“You are unbelievable, you know that?!” I shouted, “You shrunk me down, and when my size is convenient for you, i.e. when I’m in your pussy, you just love it! But when I’m bored and have nothing to do because you took my social life away, you get angry with me!”

She shot right back. “I took your social life away because Audrey and Maggie were getting in the way of our relationship!” 

“Speak of the devil! Maggie! What did you and her talk about? I’m curious,” I asked with my fingers stroking my chin.

She slapped her thighs in frustration. “Oh my god, are you serious? It was idle chit chat! See, that’s the problem right there! Why do you care about Maggie or what she has to say? All that matters right now is that I’m your girlfriend and I know best. I’m gonna show you how to be an actually good boyfriend. And it starts by not flirting with other girls!”

“Is that really what this is about? You’re jealous of me being friends with other girls?”

“Is that what you call the dynamic between you and Audrey? Friendship? I see the way you look at her Desmond. You have a little crush on her. Don’t you lie to me.”

I hesitated. I didn’t answer fast enough. And that was my downfall.

“I knew it,” she said, rubbing her eyes, “Did you think I forgot the fact that you came back to Georgetown a foot shorter after spending all that time with her? For all this time, I gave you the benefit of the doubt. You’re a good for nothin’ cheater, Desmond Tracey.”

“No! I didn’t cheat on you! I swear. I’ll tell you the truth, OK. Please, just give me a chance!” I said. 

There was a deafening pause. 

“Well, go on. Explain! Did you just masturbate to the thought of her? Is that it?!”

“No, not exactly. I jerked off on the bus ride home to Gloucester. Then, I accidentally, you know, got excited in her presence.”

“What? How many times?”


“Oh, I can’t believe you! When I caught you with cum in your pants, you specifically told me that was the first time that happened when you were with Audrey!” she slammed her fists on the table. “You’re a little liar, Desmond. And do know where little liars go?” 

“Where?” I asked, trembling.

“In their girlfriend’s nasty, smelly, disgusting hamper.”

“Wait, wait! No! Don’t do that! Let’s talk some more! Please, Goddess!”

Two, meaty, monstrous fingers descended and picked me up like I was an unwanted prize at an arcade. She held me in front of her face and said, “Don’t ‘Goddess’ me.”

She walked across the room, dangling me hundreds of feet from the floor. I made sure not to wriggle too much, knowing that if I caused her to drop me, I would be doomed. 

Jackie opened her wicker hamper, and the musky smell immediately filled my nostrils. And I wasn’t even inside yet. 

“Enjoy yourself in there, worm.”

And just like that, she let go of me. I was in free fall. First, I was oriented so I was looking at the sea of dirty laundry below me. Then, I flipped back around. Jackie’s hand was on the lid of the hamper, ready to close it once I landed inside. With a dirty smile on her face, she waved goodbye to me. As I landed on a pair of panties, she slammed the lid shut, sending vicious shockwaves throughout the whole hamper. 

I heard her footsteps going away from the hamper and her butt sitting back in the chair. 

“You’re not coming out of there for a loooong time, mister. I hope picking a fight with me was worth it,” she said, chuckling to herself. 

Chapter 32 by johnbart37
Author's Notes:

It's been a while since the last update, so here's a short recap. Jackie just found out that Desmond has had orgasms when he was with Audrey. She also knows that Desmond has something of a crush on her. This enraged Jackie and she views it as a betrayal. To punish him, she throws him into her hamper for the night. Now, we resume where we left off.

Chapter 32:

I spent the night in Jackie’s musky hamper. It wasn’t pleasant at first. Every smell was magnified by 200 times to my tiny nose. Just the stench alone incapacitated me for a couple of hours. Eventually, I disrobed because it was brutally hot.


But by the morning, I grew accustomed to the smell of her dirty clothes. In fact, I was more than accustomed, I craved the smell. Turned on by it even.


Jackie opened the lid of her hamper in the morning to the sight of me violently sniffing her pinkest, frilliest pair of panties. I looked up and tried to block the overpowering light from my eyes.


“My, my. Look at what we have here,” she said with a raised eyebrow.


I backed away from her panties, walking on top of dozens of other garments that formed a floor.


“Obviously, this wasn’t a good enough punishment for you, since you’re actually enjoying yourself and being a perv in here.”


She reached inside and grabbed my naked little body. I offered absolutely no protest. I didn’t want to risk making her angrier.


“Since I can’t seem to punish you right, I think I’ll leave you with someone who can.”


My eyes narrowed in confusion. “Who?”


Jackie smiled. “Wouldn’t you like to know.”


She dropped me into her cleavage. Freshly showered, she was wearing a white tank top. Since I slick with sweat and other wetness (likely from me and the clothes in her hamper), I slid right to the bottom of her boobs. I couldn’t see a thing. All I knew was, she was walking somewhere. And soon enough, I heard the unmistakable sound of her knocking on someone’s door. I could tell she hadn’t gone downstairs. So, it was a bedroom door she was knocking on. A few seconds after the knocking, I heard the knob twist and then open.


“What do you want, Giraffe?”


Oh no, this can’t be happening, I thought.


“Hey, Vicky. I need you to do me a favor,” I heard Jackie say.


“Oh, anything for you, Giraffe. After what you did, I think all of us on the team will be in your debt forever.”


“OK, for starters, how about you stop calling me ‘Giraffe’?”


I was proud of Jackie for standing up for herself. Even if she was about to pawn me off to Vicky to punish me.


“Fine,” Vicky said. “What can I do for you, Jackie?”


She explained our fight to Vicky. She told her that I had a crush on Audrey, and that I’d creamed myself three times in her presence and lied about it. She even told her that I had just been sniffing her panties.


“Oh my god, I always knew he was a total perv.”


“Well, he’s scared of you, Vicky. I was hoping you could take him for the day. Teach him a lesson. I’ll cover for you at practice.”


“Oh, it would be my pleasure. Where’s he at?”


She pulled me out from her cleavage. Vicky was still in her bra and panties. Clearly, she was in the process of getting dressed, and I had no complaints. She was just stunning. You could break a log over her washboard abs. Her arms weren’t huge, but they had a scary level of muscle definition. If I was sitting on her bicep when she flexed it, she could probably send me flying. Her tits were not nearly as big as Jackie’s, but they were less in the way when it came time to hit the volleyball court. She had a true athlete’s body.


Jackie put me in Vicky’s palm. She told her that I was stronger than I looked. Even though she was angry at me, she still told Vicky not to be too violent with me.


“No broken bones,” Jackie said, “Or I’ll make you his size, with the snap of my finger.”


For the first time in my life, I saw fear in Vicky’s eyes. Instinctively, she cupped my body with two hands rather than one. She was actually being cautious.


“You could really do that?” she asked incredulously.


“I gave you your height. I can just as easily take it away. Don’t test me.”


Vicky took a step back, wilting in the face of Jackie’s threat. There was also some perspiration forming on her palms.


“Now, anyway, here’s some index cards and a pen for Dessy if you need to communicate with him. I want him back in one piece, but that doesn’t mean you can’t give him some harsh discipline. I want him to be afraid to look at or even think about another girl besides me.”


With that said, Jackie left. She appeared totally unfazed. It was like nothing happened between us. She was ready to go to class and tackle whatever challenges came her way without me by her side (or in her boobs).


As I watched Jackie prance away, darkness enveloped my field of vision. Vicky closed her fist on me. From what I could gather, she was slipping on a pair of jeans. I heard the denim struggling to squeeze around her thick legs and ass. Once the jeans were on, her fist opened. She slid me into the back pocket of her jeans and told me to “stay put.”


The insanely tight fit of the jeans made “staying put” pretty easy. In fact, her ginormous ass rendered me motionless. I was like a mouse stuck on a glue trap. Luckily, my head was peeking out the top, so I could still breathe. 


Vicky finished getting dressed, and finally took me out of her pocket. Without saying a word to me, she held a sock under me and dropped me inside.


“What are you doing?!” I screamed as I fell into Vicky’s black athletic sock.


When I hit the bottom of the sock, I bounced a few times, but landed relatively safe and sound. I was shaken, but I was more scared of what would come next.


“I heard some little squeaks from you, Desmond,” she said, “But I can’t understand you. Here’s the deal. You’re gonna spend the day in my sock. Since you like spending time in dark, smelly places, it’s what you deserve.”


“What? No!” I screamed.


“Again, can’t understand your squeaks, but get ready for the longest day of your life. And FYI, I didn’t wash my feet this morning. I am soooo sorry.”


She cackled loudly, filling my ears with terrible noise. But her laughs were the least of my worries. Moments later, her foot came charging into the sock. The walls of the sock took shape around her giant foot. Knowing I couldn’t let myself get caught in a bad position, I jumped as her foot slammed into the bottom of the sock. Her toes smushed against my face, pushing me hard into the top of the sock. It wasn’t pleasant, but at least I wasn’t underneath her sole.


She wiggled her toes against me. They pummeled me over and over again into the tight fabric of the sock. It was hard to believe that a girl’s toes were kicking my ass. I couldn’t stop her toes from wiggling if I tried.


“I feel you, little guy! Now, it’s about to get a lot tighter and a lot hotter. So, brace yourself.”


I could tell her foot was on the move. Where to? I didn’t know yet. But moments later, my body grazed against something soft and cushy. Then as I moved further, the soft surface was replaced by a harder, meshy surface. And just like she said, everything got tighter and hotter in an instant. It didn’t take long for me to piece together what was going on. Vicky just put her sneakers on.


Vicky said something that I didn’t hear, but it really didn’t matter. I couldn’t respond anyway. Even if she could hear me, I had a mouth full of toes anyway. Surprisingly, they didn’t smell too bad. That began to change when she walked for a while.


The feeling of being inside her shoes while she walked was like nothing I’d ever experienced. If I had to describe it, it was like being in a sauna that smelled and tasted like feet. But at the same time, it was like going on one of those free fall rides at an amusement park. Her foot went up, then slammed back to the ground three times as fast. By the time she made it to her first class on campus, her foot sweat covered me from head to toe. I had also slid down a fair bit. Half of my body was above her toes, and the other half was underneath. I’d spent the majority of the walk trying not to fall below her toes, but the sweat everywhere made it hard to anchor myself in one position. Right now, I was resting my head on one of her middle toenails.


I spent the next, however long, relaxing against her toes. It was hard to truly relax when the smell kept assaulting my nostrils. Inevitably, as the sweat kept trickling down her foot, I slid down further. Now my face wasn’t atop her toenail, it was right up against the tip of her toe. Now whenever I tried to breathe with my mouth, I just tasted her foot instead of smelling it, which was worse. So, I kept to breathing with my nose.


After a while, Vicky began wiggling her toes again. This was bad news because the movement up and down made it nearly impossible to hold onto the tip of her toe. Millimeter by millimeter, I slid more and more underneath her foot.


This bitch is trying to crush me, I thought to myself.


But there was nothing I could do. Her toes were too slippery and too strong to move on my own. Once my face was underneath her toes, I resigned myself to my fate. The rest of the day was going to be spent as a speck getting crushed by her soles. I hoped I would survive to never tell the embarrassing tale to anyone.


For now, there were small spaces between Vicky’s toes that I could take shallow breaths through. However, the soles of her feet were crushing the air out of my tiny lungs. I started to panic as it became harder and harder to breathe. I fell closer and closer to the middle of her sole as she continually moved her foot. I took a quick last gasp before my face disappeared underneath her sole.


She’s gonna kill me. I’m going to get crushed underneath a girl’s foot.


I tried to take a breath, but I couldn’t. With all the strength I had left, I rolled my body to the side. I took a huge, deep breath, and to my astonishment, air actually went into my lungs. I must’ve created an air pocket with the way my body was positioned. But I had watched enough movies where people are trapped in collapsed caves. If there were no holes for air to get through, eventually you’d run out of air. This was the exact situation I was in. If I didn’t get back to her toes where air was more abundant, I would die.


I took another few deep breaths and prepared myself for the trek I was about to make. I estimated that I was in the middle of her sole. In a strange moment of mental clarity, I figured that if she was a size 12, her foot was almost 12 inches long. If I was in the middle, that meant I had about six inches to go to get back to her toes. That was six of my body lengths.


So, I began shimmying my way back. I took it slow, not wanting to slide even further down. If I ended up underneath her heel, I’d be done for.


I took advantage of the wrinkles in her foot and used them as places to grab. Every so often, her foot would come down hard on the bottom of her shoe, practically crushing me flat. I wondered if she was doing it on purpose or if she was just absentmindedly tapping her foot. Either way, it didn’t matter. I was making progress on my journey to Vicky’s toes. After about 5 minutes, I guessed that I was halfway there. But the air was getting thin. I needed to hurry.


And hurry I did. Just a minute or two later, I could feel one of her toes with my hand. I couldn’t believe it. I was almost there. I just had to go a little further.

Then, tragedy struck.


With a simple tilt of her foot, Vicky sent me careening back down to the middle of her foot. In the span of two seconds, I was right back where I started. I couldn’t be sure, but I believe I started crying. I wasn’t sure because my face was already so wet with foot sweat that I couldn’t even feel my tears.


The air was dangerously thin now. I laid my head down and closed my eyes. As I ran out of air, my thoughts ran wild. And the only person that came to mind surprised me. It wasn’t my mom, or my dad, or my sister, or Maggie, or even Jackie.


It was Audrey. Images of Audrey flooded my mind. Her face, her tits, her gigantic ass. Her soothing, sensual voice eased me into the coming blackness.


“Everything will be alright, Desmond. Trust me,” she said, standing over me.


My vision went dark.




“Oh god, please wake up. Wake up!” a booming female voice roused me awake.


I was lying on a soft, thin surface. I was also pretty wet. My eyes opened a smidge, and I saw a lot of red. My vision was still blurry though.


“Are you opening your eyes?!”


The light was too much for me. I shut my eyes and turned my head away from the source of the light.


“Thank god! You’re alive! Jesus, I thought you were dead!”


I opened my eyes again, and things were clearer this time. I established my surroundings rather quickly. I was sitting on a napkin, on a desk, in a bedroom. The red I saw in front of me was Vicky’s hair, and now I was able to make out her eyes, nose, ears, everything. She was terrified. Her face was ghost white.


“Desmond, it’s Vicky. Can you hear me?”


I attempted to stand up, but my legs were jelly. I fell on my face.


“Desmond! Are you alright?”


Vicky had more concern in her voice than I’d ever heard. Normally, she was sarcastic and detached. But right now, she sounded almost like a doting mother. The fear of getting shrunken can really change a person.


I rolled over onto my back and nodded vigorously so she would perceive my motion.


“OK, good. We need to talk about what happened and what we’re going to tell Jackie. Here’s your index cards and your pen,” she said, placing the items next to me.


I got up from lying down and rested on my knees for a moment. I felt around places all over my body and found that I had nasty bruises everywhere. My chest, my shoulders, my back, one of my thighs. My most acute pain was in my mouth, particularly my jaw. I opened and closed my mouth, and immediately, a wicked pain raged in my face. But more than that, my teeth didn’t line up. I picked up the pen and wrote the first thing that came to mind.


You dislocated my jaw


She picked it up and read it. She looked down, appearing shameful and remorseful for the first time since I’d known her.


“Crap, the pressure of my foot must have screwed up your jawbone. Hold on, let me fix it. I had a cousin once who dislocated his jaw.” Vicky walked away for a moment.


Realizing she was probably going to try to knock my jaw back into place herself, I rushed for the pen and wrote another message on it.


Take me to a hospital, you can’t do this yourself! You’ll KILL ME!!!!!


I lifted the index card up onto my shoulders and then above my head, displaying it as prominently as I could. When she returned to her desk, she took the card from me, and scoffed.


“There’s no way I’m taking you to a hospital. How am I supposed to explain to them that you’re a one-inch-tall walking, talking man? But more importantly, I’m not bringing you to a hospital because I never want Jackie to find out about this. Understand?”


I nodded. I scolded myself for ever thinking Vicky’s concern for me was anything more than a simple desire to cover her own ass. And now, since I was in her possession, I had to trust this beast to relocate my jaw without accidentally snapping my neck or pulling my tiny head off my shoulders.


I saw her look at the clock on her nightstand. It read 6:00.


“Volleyball practice is already over, little guy. Your girlfriend is going to be home any minute. So, unless you want me to be your shrunken companion, you better let me fix your jaw.”


When she put it like that, I was more convinced than ever. Spending time with a shrunken Vicky did not sound appealing. No longer mincing her words, the giant redhead plucked me up and rested me in the middle of her left palm. I was amazed at how little space I took up. Her palm was as big as my living room back home. But another shooting pain in my jaw made me forget anything I was thinking about rather quickly. With a nonchalant flick of a finger, she flipped me onto my stomach, my jaw now facing away from her. Her thumb and pointer finger took hold of my mandible, as she felt around for the misalignment of the bone. When she was satisfied with her assessment of my injury, she leaned her head in real close until her lips were grazing against my sore back. I was beyond uncomfortable with her touching me like this.


“Whatever you do, don’t move. This is gonna hurt like a bitch,” she said, emphasizing the final word. Sizable droplets of spit spattered onto my back, getting it damp.


“And whatever you do, don’t become a doctor,” I said, fearless because she couldn’t hear me.


In one swift, uniform motion, Vicky pushed up and to the left on my jaw. A surge of extraordinary pain and a loud snapping noise occurred simultaneously. I wailed in agony and collapsed into the rather soft skin of her palm. After giving myself a few moments to recover, I touched the bottom of my face and my cheeks to see if I was back to normal. And to my surprise, Vicky had done it. She’d relocated my jaw!


I turned up to face her. With her other hand, she put her thumb up to ask me whether I was OK. I returned her thumbs up.


“Good. Thank god. See, I told you I’d fix it! Now, take this.”


She handed me a tiny, tiny rubber band. It was so small I wondered where she found it. I knew that most rubber bands were not this size.


“Wrap this around the bottom of your jaw and the top of your head. It will let it heal and set properly. My cousin wore a bandage for a couple of weeks, but this is the best I’ve got. I think it’ll do the trick.”


I did what she said and put the rubber band on my head. It was tight. Tight enough to practically seal my mouth shut. Vicky leaned down again to take a closer look.


“Wow, the band is hard to even see on you, which is good. But if Jackie notices and asks about it, just tell her that I forced you to wear it. Make up whatever story you want, as long as she doesn’t hear about the dislocated jaw. Got it?”


I nodded. She put me back down onto her desk next to the index cards. I took hold of the pen right away. As I was scrawling my next message to Vicky, she said, “Listen, I know I give you a hard time. But I never wanted to put your life in danger. I guess I just got caught up in dominating you. Too caught up. I’m sorry.”


If she was trying to sound sincerely remorseful, she did a mighty good job of it. Her voice cracked several times, and her breaths were shaky and irregular. It was as if she were close to crying. But after all she put me through today, I wasn’t in a forgiving mood. I just wanted to know what the hell happened. I showed her what I wrote.


How am I alive?


Vicky explained that after I passed out in her shoe, she noticed I wasn’t moving after a while. She took her sock and shoe off and dumped my little body into her hand. Not knowing how to wake me, she abruptly left class and went home. She tried a bunch of things to wake me up: poking me, loud noise, water. Apparently, I woke up on my own time.


“Desmond, as far as I’m concerned, you got your punishment. When Jackie gets back, you’re gonna tell her I did all sorts of crazy shit to you. But you don’t tell her about this. Are we clear?”


I didn’t have much of a choice. Was I going to tell Vicky that I wasn’t going to cooperate? She already almost killed me by accident. I didn’t want to give her a reason to kill me on purpose. I nodded at her. I would go along with the lie.


“Ok, I’m glad we’re on the same page. I’m going to stay here with you and make sure you don’t get hurt. Get some rest.”


Exhausted by everything, I lay back down on the napkin. Before I knew it, I was unconscious again.


I woke up with both Jackie and Vicky standing over me. I was shivering. No one had bothered to put a blanket on me, and I still had some leftover wetness on my body.


“J-Jackie, I’m c-cold,” I said.


With no sympathy in her demeanor, Jackie threw a tissue on top of me. Vicky still looked awfully shaken.


“So, did you whip him into shape?” Jackie asked Vicky.


Still staring at me with worried eyes, she responded, “Oh, I don’t think he’ll stray from you ever again.”


“Good. Thanks, Vicky. I appreciate this more than you know. I’ll take him off your hands now.”


She scooped me up in her hand, the tissue still wrapped around me. Once we got back to her room, Jackie breathed on me for a couple of minutes to get my body temperature back to normal. She noticed my bruises and asked me if Vicky had been too hard on me. I told her no. Then she put me on my bed and left me alone, which I was perfectly fine with. I wasn’t remotely ready to talk to her. The truth was, I wanted some damn space from her. I wasn’t going to get it though. So, for now, I just enjoyed the quiet time I had on her night table.

Chapter 33 by johnbart37

Chapter 33:

For the next week or so, Jackie and I pretty much did our own thing. She still bathed me, fed me and wore me around her neck, but we weren’t enjoying each other’s company. We were merely tolerating each other. A good side effect of us ignoring each other was that she never asked about why I was wearing a rubber band on my head. The last thing I wanted to do make a lie of omission into a lie of commission.  

Audrey was on my mind more than ever. Ever since she appeared to me when I was on the verge of death inside Vicky’s shoe, she was a fixture inside my head. I dreamed about her at night and thought about her during the day. I wondered what she was doing and wondered if she missed me. I wanted to see her more than anything, and I was convinced that her being a part of my near-death appearance meant something. Finding out what it meant was more important than just about anything.

I still loved Jackie, but I was holding a grudge against her. A grudge I couldn’t even explain to her because Vicky and I agreed to keep what happened a secret. Luckily, Jackie was holding a grudge too. As the days wore on, I tried to forgive Jackie. But I couldn’t find it within myself to do it. The fact was, she left me in a situation where she couldn’t protect me. She claimed to love me, yet she let her anger at me get to her. 

Two days before Thanksgiving, Jackie decided it was time to hash out our differences like adults. Probably because we were going to her Aunt Delilah’s for the holiday break and she wanted us to be on good terms. She was on her bed, lying up against her light purple, upholstered headboard. I was at the other end of the bed, sitting atop a decorative pillow so she could see me better. I had to admit, she did look beautiful today. She was wearing her hair down and straight. The shining blonde locks framed her face perfectly and accentuated all of her best features. Her pixyish nose, her expressive blue eyes, and her wondrously thick, red lips. Her outfit only added to the mesmerization I was feeling. She wore a long-sleeved white shirt with brown buttons. The shirt left her shoulders and upper chest exposed. Her tanned-to-perfection stomach was also visible. Her denim short shorts struggled to cover her ass, but more importantly, they gave me a dynamite view of her mile-long legs. I was finding it pretty hard to stay mad at a person as beautiful as her. 

“I want to clear the air, Dessy,” she said. “I know you weren’t cheating on me. Audrey is a beautiful girl, and so is Maggie. I just got a little worried. And jealous. It won’t happen again.”

It won’t happen again because you’ve changed? Or it won’t happen again because you’ll never let me see Audrey or Maggie again?

That was what I wanted to say. But I held my tongue. The last thing I needed was another date with Vicky’s toes.  

“I appreciate that. And I could’ve been more honest with you. I’m sorry, Jackie.”

She let out a big sigh of relief. That’s what she’d been wanting to hear for a while. I was back in her good graces. So, I too, breathed a sigh of relief. Smaller than hers, but only because I was an inch tall. 

“It’s OK. But, going forward, we have to be more honest with each other. So, is there anything else we need to talk about? Anything at all?”

I hesitated for a moment. “No, we’re good.”

“OK, great. Well, it’s time to leave for Aunt Delilah’s. Will you be good to ride in the necklace?” she asked. 

I nodded. She crawled over to me and took me in her hand. She scratched me on the tummy, presumably trying to tickle me. I barely reacted. 

“Not ticklish, are we?” she prodded. 

First, it was hard to be tickled by a finger three times the size of my entire body. Second, I wasn’t in a playful mood. 

“No, Jackie. I’m not. Can you just put me in the necklace?”

Sensing my irritation, her finger stopped tickling, and she put me inside the prison I would spending the next five hours inside. 

Once she was in the driver’s seat to the Jeep, she asked me once more, “Are you sure everything’s OK?”

“Yes,” I said from deep within her cleavage, “Yes, everything’s fine. I’m just tired, OK?”

“OK, then try to get some rest on the ride down. I love you.”

“I, um, love you too.”

Predictably, I didn’t sleep a wink during the car ride to North Carolina. My mind was in overdrive. Finally, after Hour 3, I whipped my cock out and started jerking off to keep my mind off the more complicated problems I was facing. I relentlessly stared at Jackie’s pendulous boobs and slowly stroked my cock. After a while, I found myself imagining that I was in between Audrey’s breasts instead of Jackie’s. When I caught myself, I stopped jerking and tried to sort through the massive pangs of guilt. 

Around Hour 4, Jackie’s parents called her. Their voices were on the car’s speakers telling her that they couldn’t make it to Thanksgiving due to “a last-minute commitment.” Whatever that meant. Despite my grudge, I still felt awful for Jackie. Her parents were going to be absent from a family holiday because of some other engagement. What could possibly be more important than spending Thanksgiving with your daughter? But then, I realized that her parents not being there meant that Jackie and I would, by default, be spending more time together. Before the incident with Vicky, I would have been overjoyed, but now, all I wanted was for her to leave me alone and let me sleep in between her breasts for the entire Thanksgiving break. 

A faint whimper from above disrupted my thoughts. She was crying. My indestructible, no-nonsense girlfriend was actually crying. Her tears broke through my hardened heart for now.  

I tried to say something to comfort her, but right as I opened my mouth, she shoved a tissue down into her cleavage. It was wet, and it began to slowly drip on to me. I hoped it was just tears and not snot. Needless to say, I wasn’t in the right headspace to try to comfort Jackie when I was dodging rain drops from her giant tissue. 

Roughly an hour later, Jackie broke the silence. “We’re here!”

She pulled her necklace (and me) out from beneath her shirt and held it above the dashboard so I could get a good look at where we’d be staying for the next few days. There was a modest house up ahead, with a two-story red barn flanking it on the right. On the house’s porch stood a woman wearing a big sun hat, a flannel, and jeans. She had the farm look down. She was enthusiastically waving, and Jackie waved back. It must’ve been Aunt Delilah. 

Jackie pulled up right in front of the house and got out immediately to give her aunt a ferocious hug. I was almost touched by the family tenderness.

“I am so glad you’re here, Jackie. I’m sorry your parents couldn’t make it, but, well, that just means more food for us, right?!” Aunt Delilah said.

“You betcha!” Jackie responded. 

Delilah quickly noticed the necklace her niece was holding. Even from relatively far away, I could tell she saw me. It seemed that farmers had a pretty keen eye.

“So, you brought Desmond, huh? You sure he’s, um, comfortable in that necklace?”

“Oh, he loves it in there! Wanna give us the tour, Auntie?”

“Sure thing! Come on in!”

For the next half hour, Jackie whisked me around the house her mother apparently grew up in. Aunt Delilah was her mother’s sister and had taken over the deed to the house when Jackie’s grandparents died. I heard so many stories from Delilah about how Jackie’s mother was born a city girl and she, Delilah, always belonged on the farm. If I was this bored with her aunt’s stories hearing them the first time, I had to guess that Jackie was on the verge of snoozing. 

But I was wrong. Jackie loved these stories. She was always asking her aunt questions with a childlike wonder that was totally foreign to me. Jackie always seemed so adult and poised. And then I figured out why she loved these stories so much. Jackie’s mother didn’t tell her any of these stories because she barely spent time with her. I knew that, but it was deep in the inner recesses of my brain. Once again, I cut Jackie some slack and zoned out inside the necklace. 

Since Thanksgiving was the next day, Jackie set me up in the guest bedroom where she would be retiring to later. Luckily, since she was in her aunt’s house, she’d swapped my condom bed for a bed of cotton balls. Much more PG. 

“I’m gonna talk to Auntie for a while. You just get some rest. OK, Dessy?”

“Yes, Goddess.”

Force of habit.

“Good night, Dessy-poo. I’ll miss you,” she said, waving goodbye as she approached the door.

“Miss you too.”

The door shut behind her, leaving me in darkness. It allowed me to finally be completely alone with my thoughts. The first thing on my mind? It was going to be my mission this weekend to forgive Jackie for her recklessness. 

I didn’t sleep a wink for the next couple of hours. Eventually, Jackie tip-toed back into the guest room, trying to be as quiet as possible. I rolled over and pretended to be asleep. She stood over me for a few minutes, just staring. I could feel her warm breath on me. 

“I wish I could tell you all the plans I have for us after this semester,” she whispered.

I stayed painfully still.

“I know we’ve cooled off lately, Dessy. But I want to take a crack at a normal relationship. Well, as normal as relationship between a 6’9” girl and a 5’0” guy can be. I want to go your family’s house for Christmas. I want to spend New Year’s with you. I want to learn more about your hobbies and what you do for fun. I think our relationship has been too superficial so far, and I want to change that. I don’t know why I’m telling you all of this. But it definitely feels good to get it off my chest. Good night, little guy.”

“Good night, Jackie,” I said, snickering. 

She leaned down and got really close. “You little sneak! You were awake for all of that!?”

I sat up, propping my head against one of the many cotton balls I was surrounded by. “Yeah, I was. But I’m glad I was. Because I agree with you. We need a fresh start.”

“Well, how about a fresh start right now?” she asked. 

“What do you mean?”

“Just trust me. Let’s go out to the barn. I think you need a change of scenery.”

Her pointer finger and middle finger wrapped around my torso and rolled me into her palm. The walk to the barn took about five minutes. On the way, I got a little antsy.

“What are we doing?” I asked. 

“It’s a surprise, silly. Just trust me.”

I was finding it harder and harder to blindly trust her. But it didn’t really matter if I trusted her or not. I was at her mercy. 

Jackie flung open the red barn doors. They were so big and heavy that I probably would have had trouble moving them back when I was still five feet tall. Inside, there were several horse stables in the back. I could hear the horses snoring and stirring in their sleep. Piles of hay were stacked on the right side of the barn, and all sorts of farming equipment, including the most gigantic tractor I’d ever seen, was on the left side wall. 

But when Jackie bounded up to the second story of the barn, I was greeted to a delightfully quaint little hangout space. It was adorned with a circular, multicolored carpet and had a worn-in purple couch. Two bookshelves flanked the couch, and they were filled with old books, toys, and board games. Across from the couch sat a TV with bunny ears, something I’d only seen on old TV shows. 

“My mom and aunt used to hang out up here all the time. This is where they’d hide from their chores,” Jackie said. 

“This is super awesome, Jackie,” I said. 

“There’s more.”

She took me up a small flight of stairs to a lofted platform. There was a huge opening in the barn wall that allowed for a spectacular view of the southern night sky. Jackie sat in the opening with her legs hanging over the side. I sat in her hand, looking up at the stars.

“The stars are so much brighter here,” I said.

“Yeah, no light pollution from D.C. That’s why I’ve always loved it here. It gives me a break from the hustle and bustle.”

“So, is this the surprise?”

She laughed, “No! Do you really think I’m that boring? No, I have something wild up my sleeve.”

She put me down on the wood floor, then started getting undressed. I definitely wasn’t opposed to that. Her plaid button-down farm shirt came off first, exposing her heaving breasts which were still held up tight in a black bra. When she unclasped the bra buckle, the nylon undergarment blasted off her chest with a force that could have killed me. The bra flew out of the barn and landed on the gravel down below. 

“I think that one is a little too small,” she said, her hand over her mouth stifling giggles.

I poked fun at her a bit. “Uh, yeah. You think? Your breasts are still bouncing from the impact of the blast.”

They were indeed. Two swinging, milky breasts, each with the power to grind three hundred of me into dust. I was once again hypnotized by their magnificence and could barely believe a woman, even one as big as Jackie, could possess breasts as huge as hers were. To stop them from frantically bouncing all about, she put her hands on them. 

With her breasts lying at a resting position, she flung her belt through and out the loops. Of course, with hips as wide as hers, her jeans didn’t sag even a little without the belt. Starting what, to me, was an agonizingly slow process, Jackie unbuttoned her jeans and slid the zipper down all the way. Even that was a somewhat of struggle judging from the strained look on her face. Next her hands pushed down on the jeans, attempting to get them off her hips and butt. For seconds on end, she violently wagged her hips while pushing down. Amid the process, she smirked at me. 

“Bet you’ve never filled out a pair of jeans like this.”

My cock jumped at the humiliating jab. God, she knew how to get me going. 

Once she was nude, she lay down in front of me. She had her phone in her hand and was happily tapping away. I was confused. She was playing on her phone just after the outrageously sexy strip show she put on for me. What was her angle? Then, all of a sudden, I saw her recede from me. I thought she scooted back, but then I looked down at her arms and saw that they weren’t moving. 

I looked back up at her face. She was beaming. Her smile cut through the moonlight.

“Are you doing what I think you’re doing?”

She nodded. And right in front of my eyes, she shrunk again. She was still downright huge, but not as big. 

She got up off her stomach and stood up on her feet. Her body was now visibly getting shorter and skinnier. I couldn’t believe she was actually shrinking for me. 

But before I could get fully enamored with watching Jackie get smaller, my whole body rocketed upwards. My clothes ripped straight off my body like I was the Hulk. When I got a handle of myself, I saw that I was no longer shorter than Jackie’s big toe. I was now as tall as her ankle. Was I growing? That question was answered seconds later when I spurted up to the middle of her thighs. 

The rest of the process took just about thirty seconds, and my growth was smooth. I delighted in the now manageable curves of Jackie’s body as I got taller. Just a few minutes ago, her legs were the width of multiple tree trunks. But as I grew, her legs started to look like legs. Not tree trunks. It was a welcome change. 

The maximum height she allowed me was roughly 26 inches. I was about the height of her leg now. It had been a long time since I’d been that tall next to her. I almost felt like a real man instead of a toy. 

“Wow,” I said when both of us stopped growing and shrinking. “How tall are you now?”

“I am your old height. Five feet tall. I have to say, it’s a little intimidating to be this small.”

I hugged her leg and kissed the outer edge of her butt cheek. “Now you know what it’s like to be in my world.”

She kneeled down in front of me, giving me a face full of boobs. Boobs that weren’t the size of boulders, but more like the size of my head. A little bigger than my head. But they were normal boobs. 

“I don’t think I quite know what your world is like. Yet.”

She picked up her phone and began tapping.

“What are you—”

I was cut off by a familiar lurching feeling. I was shrinking again. 

Well, it was fun while it lasted, I thought. 

I was shrinking really fast which made it nearly impossible to take in my surroundings. To keep myself from getting too nauseous, I shut my eyes until I knew it was over. And when I opened my eyes, I didn’t see Jackie. 

“Jackie? Where are you!”

I panicked. Being stuck in this barn at whatever tiny height I was with no one around was not good. How would I ever get back to the house? How would I get Aunt Delilah’s attention without getting crushed?

My thoughts were quickly silenced when I was tackled from behind. I hit the floor hard, but the body on top of me slammed me even harder. I could feel her tits on my back. They were still heavy, but not like usual. 

“Ha! Gotcha!”

I picked my head up from the wooden plank underneath and saw that she was on top of me. But she wasn’t giant. She was like a normal girl. My eyes must’ve gone pretty wide when I had this realization because she laughed right in my face. 

“How tall are you now?” I asked, still not totally believing what was happening. 

Still strong as hell, she flipped me onto my back and held my arms down. 

“I am an inch tall. And so are you,” she said, unable to stop the excitement from overflowing onto her face. 

“You’re kidding!” 

“See it for yourself.”

She got off me and stood up. I was still sitting on the ground, for some reason nervous to see the truth.

“Come on, you said you wanted this, Dessy.”

I shook off whatever reservations I had and jumped to my feet. And just as I suspected, she and I were the exact same height. I was looking right into her eyes. Her wonderfully blue eyes. I scanned her body up and down. Her tits were still huge, but they would actually fit in my hands. Her ass was dynamite, but it belonged to a girl, not a giantess. She was a 10. Not a 10,000. And I loved it. 

“You are so gorgeous,” I said. 

I approached and cupped her right breast. It felt so delightfully normal. I didn’t have to climb on it just to reach her nipple. I could squeeze it with my hand and feel its weight. 

“Still pretty heavy,” I snickered. 

But then I remembered something. 

“Wait,” I said. “Didn’t you say it would take you a week to get back to your normal height if you went down to an inch tall?”

Her eyes darted away in shame.

“Jackie?” I slightly raised my voice. 

“OK, I might’ve fibbed. But listen, I—”

“So, you mean to tell me that you could have made me bigger so I could talk to my parents on the phone? And you could grow back to your full height right now?”

Slowly, but surely, she nodded.

I grabbed a fistful of my hair and tugged in anger. “What the fuck, Jackie! Why did you lie to me! For god’s sake, I could still be somewhat normal sized occasionally to do my homework. Do you like it when I’m useless?”

She walked up to me and stroked my cheek with her now normal-sized hand. I uncontrollably let out a sigh of pleasure at her touch. 

“No. That’s not it.”

“Then what is it?”

She sighed. “I guess I just got lost in the fantasy, Des. I will apologize up and down for the next week if it makes you feel better, but the fact is, I just came clean to you. Isn’t that worth something?”

Annoyed that she had a halfway decent argument, I pouted. “Yeah, I guess so. But from now on, I want some changes, OK?”

“Name ‘em,” she said. 

“I want to do my own homework. I hate it when you torture Lionel.”

“Oh really?” she said. “I like to tease Lionel quite a bit. In fact, mark my words, if you break my heart, I’m shrinking him next.”


“Fine, you want to do your own homework. That’s fair.”

“I want a bed that’s not a condom. It’s humiliating.”

“Fine,” she said.

“And I want to be regrown to at least a foot tall every night. You know, when you’re done with practice and don’t have any else left to do.”

“Six inches,” she bargained. 

“No, a foot.”

“Wrestle me for it,” she growled, suddenly.

That caught me off guard. “What? Wrestle you? I’m not gonna—”

“Wrestle me for the right to be a foot tall at night,” she said. “Otherwise, I’m gonna keep you an inch tall. You’re not gonna do your own homework, and you’re gonna sleep on a condom.”

I pushed her back, causing her to stumble. I was thrilled with my newfound strength. She didn’t fall, but I definitely showed her that I could be a match for her. 

“I’m gonna kick your ass, missy,” I said, motioning with my finger for her to come at me. 

“Oh, you are so going down, Desmond!”

She charged with dizzying speed, but to my amazement, my reflexes kicked in and I was able to sidestep her tackle attempt. Before she could run out of my reach, I turned, grabbed her by the shoulders and threw her down to the ground. She rolled to a stop, then got up. She was unfazed. 

Guess I gotta kick it up a notch, I thought. 

This time, I ran at her. I gulped when she started running too. One of us was going to go down hard. I was determined to not let it be me though. I got low right before we collided, and I grabbed hold off her legs. 

She didn’t stand a chance. I easily tackled her to the ground. Her head audibly hit the ground, but I discounted that. I scrambled to get on top of her. I held her down by her wrists and lay down on her chest. I stared into her, and for the first time, I saw defeat in her eyes. 

And it was glorious. 

“Gotcha!” I howled, hovering over her. 

Then the defeat on her face turned into a pained look. Instantly, I ceased gloating and asked if she was OK. 

“My head,” she moaned. 

“Oh, Jackie. I’m so sorry. Please tell me you’re—OWW!”

She kneed me right in the balls. Then kicked me in the stomach, causing me to roll off her. I writhed in pain on the ground. She stood over me with her tongue out. 

“Fell for the old ‘fake injury’, huh Dessy? How much of a weakling do you think I am?”

For once, I’m not going to let her win.

I tried my hardest not to focus on the blinding pain emanating from my ball sack. When clarity finally came, and I saw her continuing to laugh at me, I knew what I had to do. Still on the ground, I performed a leg sweep. I hooked my leg onto the back of her thigh and swept forward as hard as I could. She collapsed like a dropped sack of potatoes. 

I got up, brushed myself off and tried to recuperate from the blow to my junk. But she got up quicker than I expected. 

“Nice move,” she said, bouncing around on the balls of her feet.

“I really swept you off your feet, didn’t I?” I quipped. 

Apparently lacking an appreciation for puns, Jackie came at me once again. And this time, she got me. Still not recovered from the kick in the balls, I allowed her to bring me down to the ground. Her tits landed on my face, which she used to smother me. She positioned her legs under my legs and lifted them in the air so I couldn’t use them to get up off the ground. She also held my arms down with a great deal of strength. I couldn’t budge her. Not even a little bit. 

Realizing she had me beat, she decided to confirm it with me as I struggled to breathe with my head being smushed in between her melon-sized breasts.

“I win, right?”

“Yesh! You…win!” I screamed, muffled. 

“Who’s stronger?”

“You are!”

She lifted her tits off me and lowered her head so we were looking each other in the eyes. I was still catching my breath. But I still had one thing left to say. 

“The only…reason…you won…is because you kicked me in the balls. I still think I’m stronger than you.”

She rolled her eyes. “You have some nerve. If you can get me off you in the next five seconds, I’ll let you be two feet tall during our nights.”

Without a word, I started pushing upwards with all the strength I had. She still had my legs in that hold, making them useless. She even had my arms held down. I bucked my torso up and down until the five seconds were up, and I hadn’t even budged her. She just grinned at me the whole time. 

“Now, don’t you think that if you were stronger than me, you’d be able to throw lil’ ol’ me off you with no problem?”

I was still writhing underneath her even though the five seconds were up. It was one thing to be bested physically by a girl much bigger than you. But to be utterly humiliated by a girl your size was another thing entirely. I was finding it hard to cope with the loss.

“Come on, another five seconds! If you can get me off in the next five seconds, I’ll make you three feet tall, no! Four feet tall!”

It was funny how she’d made me believe that being four feet tall was a privilege. Nonetheless, four feet was a hell of a lot more than an inch, so I once again began wriggling under her like a madman. She counted down right in front of me, slowing as she got closer to one. She even started counting halves. She was patronizing me, and by one and a half, I was squirming harder than a four-year-old does when his mother is tickling him. 

Eventually though, Jackie got to zero, and I wasn’t any closer to getting her off me. There was no doubt. Even at the same height, I wasn’t a match for my girlfriend. My frown was unmistakable. 

“Aww, this is adorable! You really thought you were stronger than me,” she said in a fake pouty voice to mock me, “Trust me, sweetie, you’ll get used to it.” 

To make me forget about my wounded male ego, she grabbed my cock and gently squeezed. I jumped in response. All the piss and vinegar I had left in me evaporated. I might as well have been sitting right back in the palm of her hand because that was the level of control she had over me. 

“Your much stronger girlfriend is going to have her way with you. Do you have a problem with that, Mr. Macho?” she asked. 

I didn’t have much air in my lungs, so vocalizing anything was a bad idea. I simply shook my head no and gave her my consent to proceed. 

She took her hands off my arms and ceased holding my legs in the air. Slowly, but with purpose, she rose, sitting straight up on my stomach. She then did a spinning hop, her butt landing on my stomach. It knocked the wind out of me, but the good news was her ass was facing me. I had a world class view of her enormous cheeks as they grinded on top of me. She played around with my cock to get it to fully wake up. It didn’t take long. 

Jackie’s ass lifted up off my stomach and hovered over me. She began grazing the outer edges of her pussy against the head of my cock. The anticipation was almost too much to bear. 

When she finally allowed the length of me to enter her, I entered a sex daze. Her pussy was tight, god. The way it just hugged my cock was magical. Our sex never felt this way. It wasn’t better. It was different. But it was pretty damn good. 

I loved the sound of her ass cheeks clapping against me as she blissfully bounced away on my cock. She was going fast, and my control was slipping. I summoned all my mental fortitude to try to last just a little bit longer. I knew she wasn’t close to cumming yet. 

As I got closer and closer to orgasm, my cock grew inside of her which made everything even tighter. Thankfully, she slowed down her thrusts to accommodate the girth of my fully aroused cock. 

Feeling she was too far away, I reached up to put my hands on her hips. In kind, she placed her hands on mine, but continued working my cock. She moved straight up and down for a while, but then tried different angles. Every time she picked a new trajectory for my cock, she moaned louder, stimulating sensitive spots inside her. But it was just as good for me because I felt unique pangs of pleasure every time she changed angles. 

But it was her moans that were starting to really get me close to exploding inside her. When I was seconds away from doing just that, Jackie was practically screaming. Both of us were on the same schedule, and boom! 

We came simultaneously. We both screamed the other’s name. And when she was done, she fell into my arms. 

“That was the best sex I’ve ever had,” she said.

“Yeah, me