A Situation by Giga

Kathy is nice and all, but she just a little weird. Fearing a second date, Jermy tries to break it off.  

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1. Unfortunate Guest by Giga

2. Too Comfortable by Giga

Unfortunate Guest by Giga
Author's Notes:

Jermy thinks this will be easy

She was tall, voluptuous, all around gorgeous 22 year old blond. Kathy was breathtaking, but there was just one problem. She wanted to get married, after one date. Jeremy liked her, but upon getting to know her, found that she had a tendency to be very clingy and intrusive. Overall she was just too weird.

So there he stood, at her doorstep, hoping to get laid before he broke things off. A sleazy move, albeit one he found he couldn't pass up. She lived in an old stone house, with a beautiful garden. All around Jermy were vines and plants. As he knocked the old wooden door just opened. As he stepped inside, he was about to call her name when he tripped. As he fell Jeremy felt himself get smaller. At his current size Jermy felt as though he was skydiving towards a countryside of shag carpet. He tumbled through giant furry mounds and eventually reached floor of this forest. In all directions giant 20 ft light blue shags curled over him.


A huge tremor shook the ground. Then another. Jeremy crawled to the base of a shag avoiding the falling dust and lint. The tremors got bigger and louder. Then everything got darker. Jeremy was about to look up when a giant foot crashed down next to him smashing the shags to him right completely. At this size the smell of Kathy's foot was horrible. Her colossal socked foot has giant brown smears all over the base. The heat of the sock made Jeremy sweat. The smell almost caused him to throw up. He followed the colossal foot upwards and saw the biggest ass he could imagine. The fat of her enormous cheeks hung askew as her huge leg swung overhead. She was now standing with her back turned to him. He could just make out the dark brown highlight in her ponytail. Her ass could barely be contained by her red and white panties. Suddenly,

"I know you're in here." Kathy bellowed.

Jeremy was rattled by her huge voice. The shadow around him got darker, Kathy's huge cheeks started lowering. As her asscrack spread Jermy was assaulted by must smell of sweat and fart. It was very humid and hot under her titanic cheeks. His sky was a huge black abyss of red and white. As far as he could see Kathy's cheeks engulfed his view, it was dark. In the distance he saw her hand come down and pick two tiny bugs off the ground.

"Ah - HA!" Kathy promptly crushed the tiny bugs between her fingers. Her massive ass started to lift up and taking with it the smelly darkness. Above him Kathy grinded her fingers above the carpet. Jeremy was shook by what he just saw, in front of him lay chunks of someone's arm and an eye. The giantess stomped off, leaving behind the smell of her stinky feet. Jermy little blue carpet fibers tickle his arm.. he had to wade through them as he attempting escaping this jungle. Eventually the foot odor got stronger, and so did the amount of bugs Jermy encountered. Soon he reached a collapsed wall of shags. As he claws his way up this relatively large hill, the guts of dead bugs trapped between the shags make Jermy slimy. At top he is beholden to a gruesome, awesome sight. A titanic footprint, stretching out into the distance. Jermy drops down into the warm and smelly valley. All around his little bugs that survived Kathy are wriggling out of the "ground".


Kathy walks by, her thick thighs dominate the sky as she approaches. Jermy panics, he has nowhere to hide. The sky turned dark again as Kathy's huge legs soared over him squashing another 50 acres of carpet.


"Forgot to close the door, oops" Kathy says to herself.


The door slams shut knocking Jermy to his butt. From here he can see Kathy's giant cute face. Her big blue eyes looked distant, but she seemed to be staring right at him. Jermy tried to jump up and down. He wondered if this was even a good idea. Suddenly Kathy blinked and smiled.

She started walking in Jermy's direction. Her titanic steps creating stronger and stronger earthquakes as she approached. Jermy didn't stop jumping up and down, he started yelling "HEY DOWN HERE HELP". There was a foul odor that preceded Kathy as she lumbered closer.

As Kathy loomed overhead, Jermy's screaming was drowned out by the sound of a wind tunnel. Jermy's eyes started to sting and he started coughing. He could taste her butt in his mouth. Her huge foot slammed down knocking Jermy over. He was lucky he paused, her big toe now bare hung over his entire body. One flinch and she'd crush him.



The smell of Kathy's foot was nothing compared to the smell of this hurricane. Kathy's huge toe shot up into the air. Jermy was sprawled on his back trying his best to breathe. He could see Kathy's buttcheek flex as her display of flatulence continued.

Kathy walked and farted, dusting the carpet with her horrendous gas.

Jermy couldn't breathe anymore, his vision was blurry. He stumbled around choking until finally passing out.

Eventually some ants came to take away the remains of this man. Jeremy, still shook, manages to grab onto one. With all his strength he pulls free of its jaws and up on this car sized creature. The ants move in a line and eventually reach hardwood floor. To Jeremy's right is a huge fluffy gray wall. He assumes this is the back of the couch he saw earlier. Up ahead he can make out the light to a kitchen. All around him are tiny dead bugs and giant dust bunnies. Tiny ants creep in between the planks of the floorboard. They are now in the living room where Kathy is sitting by the TV. A shiver goes down Jermy's spine as the group teks across this open plain. He almost feels as if he is overexposed. Clinging to his new ant friend he hopes for the best and tries to forget his fears. Luckily for Jermy, the ants don't have to much trouble bridging the gap between floor boards. A feat at this size. While in the crevice betweens boards Jermy hears thumping. The ants stop as the thumping turns to quaking. Suddenly everything is black and shaking. Above Jermy and the ants is Kathy's sole. It goes away and is replaced by a shadow. The ants scurry out of the crevice, taking a terrified Jermy with them. Directly above them hangs down Kathy's blond hair. She is on her knees. Directly behind the group are Kathy's titanic thighs. Her huge hands come down like lighting around them. Her quick jabs crush many of the group's legs. Some of them are close to death, including Jermy's ant.

"Ooh what a good catch! You lucky little guys are gonna be my special babies". Kathy boomed.

After a fair amount of shaking Jeremy and the ants tumble into a jar resting on a nightstand. Luckily Jeremy manages to stay on his ant and avoid getting tossed too much. In front of the crippled group is Kathy's huge gleaming face. The jar opens and two fingers drop down and pick up your ant and some others. You lay in the palm of her hand, her gigantic cleavage zooms past you as she brings you up to her face.

"Hi there! You're all going somewhere fun..." Kathy giggled

She started by picking the ant on your ant's right. The poor thing squirmed before it disappeared from view as Kathy dropped it into her cleavage. He could barely make out it's form as it sank into her mass. Kathy sighed, you noticed her skin glistening. The fingers around you slowly started encompassing you and the group.

"I think I'm gonna lay down" Kathy said to herself.

The next time her hand opened it reeked. Jeremy looked up to see the underside of Kathy's chin. The humidity around him was likely caused by the sweat emanating from Kathy's colossal bust. They seemed to be on an endless white expanse. Likely Kathy's pillow. Her giant hand came down again and he witnessed another ant go to it's doom. The giant bed squeaked and groaned as she rocked and  huge thighs back and forth and reached back to give herself a wedgie. Her giant eyes were calm and uncaring. Jermy felt a gust of wind and heard a SNAP as the ant was secured in its meaty tomb.

"Jeremy??" Kathy boomed


Jeremy looked up and noticed Kathy was staring right at him.


"Wait hold on...I'm sorry this will only take a second" Kathy beamed


Her titanic hand pinched and shook Jeremy's ant's leg violently until Jeremy fell off. She scooped it up and sat up a bit. Jeremy watched in awe as Kathy's mountainous cleavage rose up and with it her pudgy belly. Kathy sat on her heels and brought her hand around her butt. Jeremy watched from the pillow as Kathy loomed above him.


"I'm sorry we have to start our life together like this, please don't think I'm gross." Kathy whispered.


With her other hand Kathy brought Jeremy up to her lips.

"I'm so glad you came to visit..and I'm even happier we're moving in together!" Kathy boomed sweetly, nearly deafening Jermy.

Her giant pink lips pursed as she gave Jermy a titanic kiss. Then another. Jermy could barely breathe as she slammed him against her cushy wall of lips.

"Muah muah muah" She mumbled

Kathy's saliva was sticky and made it hard to move. Luckily she stopped kissing and started lifting Jermy way above her head. Jermy was terrified from here he could see everything. Her entire bedroom looked almost normal. Down below  he could see her huge bust and peeking out from her back were her massive cheeks. Kathy looked up at you and smiled. Her cheeks started shaking up and down. Kathy started to do a sexy dance. Kathy started to get sweatier, the heat from her body was starting to reach Jermy. The titanic cheeks jiggled up and down slowly, calming down a little.

"Hold your breath little guy, I'm a little gassy" Kathy teased innocently

The cheeks flexed a bit and jiggled as a huge explosion burst from her butt. Kathy blushes, and smacks her butt sending huge tremors across the cheek. Jermy holds his nose as he is suddenly dropped at the sound of a loud clap. He falls straight down into Kathy's bust. Like quicksand Jermy starts to sink. His mouth is full of Kathy's boob sweat as he slowly begins to fall into her. Just as he was about to give up, Kathy's voice shakes his entire body.

Where'd you gooooo..."

Jermy feels like he is about to pop. His mouth is filled with Kathy's sweat. The more he tries to spit out the more he swallows.

"Oopsie" Kathy giggled "There you are baby."

A light parts above him, and Kathy's massive digit drags Jermy's limp body out of her enormous cleavage. Soaked and barely breathing Jermy can only see a huge tan blurry form above him. As he wipes his eyes there is a marvelous sight in front of him. Encased in a black and pink bra Kathy's mountainous bust looms over his feeble form. Jermy didn't know if he was drenched from his sweat or her sweat anymore. he had to cough in order to breathe. The mattress cushion he stood on had huge wet spots all over it. They were speckled throughout the landscape. Before he could move he felt himself being shot upwards. Kathy's titanic face zoomed into view once more.

"How do you feel?" Kathy boomed,


This was Jermy's chance, he looked right up at her huge smiling red lips. Coughing a bit, Jermy tried to take deep breaths despite the overpowering fart smell and Kathy's now potent B.O.




Jermy didn't think now was the best time to break things off, considering he was literally in the palm of her hand. Cowardly he looked up at a giant pair of frowning lips. Then to his surprise she started smiling again. Wiping the sweat from his brow he looked at his feet...

"Of course baby, this will all be normal soon!"

Jermy felt his heart drop.

"Think of it this way, now there's nothing that can keep us apart. It's an ideal relationship!"

Jermy was petrified, this is wack job behavior. He stood there, ears ringing realizing that he was either trapped or dead. He felt cold, not even Kathy's gust of words warmed him

"As my new boyfriend can you me a butt massage? Please?!

Jermy was too stunned to feel anything, before he knew it she was leaving you at the base of her giant miles-long cheek. Kathy's giant hand spread her cheeks apart, taking out her wedgie. At Jermy's scale this was a galactic event. Before him the giant mountains that loomed over him shook and parted. The horrible smell of the fart somehow got worse when she did that. It was already hard to breathe. Jeremy could barely walk in this bog of sweat.The land itself was quaking violently. Jermy fell flat on his back onto Kathy's sweaty flesh. 

"There I aired it out a bit" Kathy laughed








End Notes:

Pardon the edits, I'll do better 

Too Comfortable by Giga


Jermy couldn't see anything above or around Kathy's titanic cheeks. The smell was almost unbearable. He was directly in front of her massive canyon. The waistband of her underwear was almost as tall as Jermy. He weakly attempts to pry himself up. Getting a face full of soggy cloth material in the process. It seems material has the smell of Kathy's ass embedded in it. Now he is officially at the base of her mountainous rump. Before him a steep slope of giant red and white patterns.

"If I don't feel anything soon, I'm gonna fart on youuu~" Kathy teased

Jermy starts sprinting. He didn't want to believe she was serious. However from his experience this girl was clearly delusional. Jermy didn't think he could survive another one of those atomic bombs. Jermy pulled himself up one handful at a time up Kathy's left buttcheek. The cheek itself was enormous, he felt as though no progress was being made. All Jermy had accomplished in the last 10 minutes was getting the smell of Kathy's previous fart ingrained in his being. Sometime later, Jermy finally got a point where he wasn't climbing vertically anymore. He crawled up on his belly and grabbed two handfuls of panty, hoisting himself over the curve. He lye face flat into a smelly moist material.

He was still very close to Kathy's buttcrack. If Jermy wasn't careful he would plummet into her dark abyss. It was a grand divider that he might never cross. Much further ahead, at the peak of her cheek the crack was the widest. It was there that the underwear was most consumed her the titanic cheeks. It was also the closest area with bare skin, and Jermy's best chance.

"Tick tock"

Kathy's sweet voice resonated all around Jermy. Behind him, in the "sky" Kathy's ponytail swished, as she looked down at her butcheek. A little speck was slowly wriggling up her left cheek.

Jermy felt an intense pair of eyes behind him and noticed Kathy's looming gaze.  

"Here's a little help,...for a little guy!" Kathy bellows

As she giggles to herself the cheek Jermy is desperately clinging to begins to jiggle. He holds on tight. Suddenly, two giant arms flash past him and pinch the horizons to Jermy's left and right. The cheeks begins to quake again, Jermy feels the cloth he is holding onto get swiftly pulled. He continues to hold on tight as the ground itself is drawn towards Kathy's canyon. It dawned on Jeremy that she was giving herself a wedgie. However should he let go now he would go flying into her crack. Unable to decide Jermy could only watch as he gets closer to the abyss. The odor of her sweaty asscrack rivaled the fog of fart Jermy.

He holds on tight as things get darker, and humid. The once overwhelming smell of fart has effectively replaced the air. Kathy's asscrack The panties take Jermy deeper until he can feel the Kathy's other buttcheek on his back. Above Jermy there is a crack of light running in both directions, the sky of Kathy's asscrack. He can barely move and breathe.It's pitch black here, in AKthy's warm embrace. He hears muffled sounds from far above. Following the muffled vibrations are what can only be called booty quakes. In Jermy's position they are enough to knock the wind out of him. Kathy was probably entertaining herself, a habit Jermy found odd and alienating.

Jermy manages to pry himself up to a place where he has an arms length of distance between cheeks. He is in a split position trying his best to keep from sinking lower into Kathy's ass. Suddenly the cheeks start vibrating again.

"Baby take a little longer I guess..because I love you" Kathy exclaims!

The words came through loud and clear. Jermy regained balance once more, he hugs the wall of this stinky girl's cheek and tries to crawl up. He looks up and sees that he has a way to go. Suddenly he hears a loud groan. Jermy pauses....

The cheeks suddenly clench up smushing Jermy between them. Kathy was giving him a hot smelly hug with her butt he assumed. He takes this opportunity to start climbing upwards and quickly. He claws his way up through the tight crack. Getting drenched in booty sweat in the process. He holds his breath fearing for the worst, and avoiding the smell of ass sweat that soaked his face. Far away, and below Jermy felt something move as the cheek vibrated a bit. A foul odor bursts through the canyon blowing Jermy's hair back and stinging his eyes.

The massive cheeks close in on him again and then part, leaving Jermy almost at the top. Coughing and wheezing Jermy wonders if this was the fart Kathy was talking about.

"I can't hold it in much longgggeeerr~" Kathy laughs

Oh lord she was serious, Jermy panics. The cliffside he's holding onto begins to shake violently, nearly throwing Jermy into the depths of Kathy's crack. Jermy holds on for his life as Kathy's booming laughter fills the sky. Jermy scrambles to get to the top grabbing handfuls of underwear as fast as he can.

"Little smelly boyfriend, my little smelly boyfriend" Kathy sings

Jermy is almost at the top, he swings one arm over and starts to climb over....

"HA HAHAHAH HAHA I gotta show you this Instagram video"


Kathy's burst of laughter shakes Jermy's world. He nearly loses his grip but manages to use the quake to his advantage and swing himself onto her right asscheek. As he catches his breathe another booty quake bounces his head against the ground.He tries to get up but is forced onto his knees. Jermy's entire world is shaking violently, all he can here is Kathy's booming laughter.

"Hehehee..ahaHAHA *purt*...hehehe"


The explosion vibrated Jermy to his core, a deep purt rung out nearly deafening him. The gust of wind accompanied by Kathy's "small" gas leak blew Jermy further away from the crack. He tumbled across the landscape of Kathy's butt eventually slowing to a stop.


"Are you okay baby? Sorry....a little one slipped out.. consider it a warning maybe?" Kathy giggled


Jermy struggled to catch his breath. All he could smell was Kathy's fart. It was somehow worse than the others. Jermy was worried that Kathy was going to actually going to let something big out. He stood there shocked, ears still ringing from the fart. There was nothing Jermy could do to avoid the smell of Kathy's fart. He could barely see, every time he opened his eyes they burned. The ground started moving again. He did his best to cling on, with what little strength he had.


"I think I have to pee" Kathy suddenly said, as she started getting up. "Hold on little guy we're going for a trip!"


Jermy held on tight to the underwear as the buttcheek he was on became a cliff. Below he could see and endless expanse of ass. It jiggled with ever move Kathy made. Eventually he felt himself get picked up and he finally relaxed. In the giant palm of Kathy's hand Jermy finally breathed fresh air.


"I guess I'll spare you..because you're cute~"  Kathy teased


Jermy could only tremble in response. His body was beyond its limit. He looked up at her gorgeous face. She was so relaxed. She seemed oblivious to my state. Carelessly she picked me up with her other hand before scratching her giant rump. Jermy watched as she mindlessly picked her buttcrack before sighing. Her gust of warm breathe washed over Jermy.



For nearly two seconds the titanic pass of gas assaulted Jermy. The horrible odor reached him in seconds. Judging from Kathy's facial expression it was enough to make even her grimace.

"Phewy, sorry I'm so stinky baby, you got lucky this time!" Kathy giggled

Behind them Jermy heard the enormous door of Kathy's bathroom shut.





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