A Business Venture by Notkent

With a recent outbreak of a shirnking virus being kept under wraps by the government, a pharamaceutical company tries to find a cure ... or a solution. A young boy tries to survive in a  scary new world. 


Story contains little side stories to add some action along with the main tale.

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1. Chapter 1 by Notkent

2. Chapter 2 by Notkent

3. Chapter 3 by Notkent

4. Chapter 4 by Notkent

5. Chapter 5 by Notkent

Chapter 1 by Notkent

 “Ryan, you’re making me late again!” Liz yelled from the bottom of the stairs. flicking her dirty blonde hair back in a huff, her hands firmly on her hips. Dressed in jeans and a loose-fitting t-shirt, she had a backpack slung over her shoulder, weighing her down with her notebooks. Carrying slightly more weight than she’d like to, she filled out her top with breasts more fat than flesh, forming a balcony over the slight bulge of her abdomen. 

Plush lips pouted as her brother rushed down the stairs, sporting an unbuttoned shirt over a white top. The resemblance between the two was uncanny, with identical wavy hair that red the line between blonde and brown, muddy brown eyes and low-hanging cheeks that fit okay on Liz, but less on her lanky brother. With cheeks peppered with freckles and thin eye brows, they could have been twins, but Liz had had the fortune of being born a year earlier. 


“Took you long enough,” she mumbled as the two left the house, stepping into their mother’s BMW. Michelle Turner tapped impatiently on her steering wheel as she awaited her children. While she herself was often complaining that they were too old, at 16 and 17, to be getting lifts to school from their mom, there was no way she was going to buy them cars.


“You wouldn’t have to wait if I had my own car,” Liz said, noting her mother’s subtle sign of impatience.


“Hush. That’s not happening,” Ms. Turner said. Unlike most children, Ryan’s height had come from his mother, a towering 6-foot woman who took no nonsense. But unlike her son, Michelle was no beanstalk, carrying an impressive 126kg of weight on her body. She had the driver’s seat pushed almost all the way back as he body struggled to fit in the chassis of the vehicle, her thighs and buttocks filling all available space on the seat, “You can buy a car when you can afford it. It won’t be a hand out.” It was unfair to say that Michelle was mean, but when she divorced her husband, kept his name but went back to miss, it was as if she took his name as well as everything else. Mr. Turner hadn’t been to see his children since the day he left. 


She dropped Liz and Ryan at the high school gates and drove off without so much as a goodbye. They entered the school separately, each preferring not to be associated with the other. Ryan slunk off down the corridor towards his first class, as Liz met up with her entourage. 


“We were getting worried …” Laurie started, but was immediately cut off.

“I’m here aren't’ I? God,” Liz shot, walking past the other girl without a glance. Laurie was an inch shorter than Liz but weighed a little more. her milky white skin complemented her light brown hair, pale green eyes set on a round face that had never quite lost its baby fat. What Laurie lacked in conventional beauty, she made up for with a monstrously rotund ass, currently stuffed into a pair of bleached jeans. Still, and as Liz often pointed out, she didn’t have much going for her in the boob department. She had always secretly been proud of her above average bosom, but as Liz always reminded her, fat girl boobs don’t count


Choosing to ignore Liz’s remark, Laurie stepped in line behind her, entering the hallway behind her, followed close behind by Valerie. The taller, blonde girl said nothing, but this was normal in the group. She was the quiet  one, who was merely there to make up the numbers. The girls  went to their class together, moving as one, like always.




Ryan was day dreaming by the time the morning bell rung. He was tall for 16, with a little stubble on his chin was his most prominent sign of puberty, with the normal male characteristics of husky voice, muscles and BO left out of the equation. He wasn’t bad at school, but he never really stood out, coasting his way through classes with B- averages. Ryan had missed the grouping part of high school, and found himself petting through each day mostly by himself. Even in class, he tried to sit at the side of the room, keeping to himself. 




“Learn to hold the door! God!:” Liz yelled, slamming the door behind her as Ryan climbed the stairs to his room. A she watched him retreat, Liz huffed. Her day hadn’t gone as planned. First she had only gotten an A- on her history report, and that bitch Laurie was the one that beat her. Then her P.E. top hadn’t fit so she had to fake being sick to get out of it. She looked down at her breasts, which evidently had gotten larger since the New Year. Cursing her mother for her genes, Liz waltzed into the kitchen. 




Not really knowing why, Ryan was in bed before he knew why. He thought that the day had just taken more out of him than he thought. He didn’t feel well. He thought he was going to be sick and his body felt like it was burning. He launched himself off his bed as he felt the vomit rise. Where had this  feeling come from?  He felt his world spinning as he hobbled out of his room. He knocked on his sister’s door. There was no answer. There were only two bathrooms on the 1st floor, and both were ensuite connections to bedrooms. Ryan ran to his mother’s room and tried the door. She wasn’t home yet and the door didn’t give. He had to get downstairs. The 16-year-old thunder down the stairs in his haste.



“Are you going out?” Liz yelled from the kitchen upon hearing her brother’s charge down the stairs. She didn’t wait for a reply, already having made up her mind to rat him out to her mother. She tore open a pack of pop tarts and tossed them into the toaster. She leaned against the counter and took out her phone as she waited for the tarts. 




A distant bell roused Ryan from his sleep and a moment later the panic flooded back into him. I was  running. Why? Where was I going? He tried  his hardest to remember but was drawing a blank. He breathed in deep and tried to centre himself. Where am I? He remembered coming home from school so he had to be at home, logically. He looked around quickly but didn’t recognise where he was, although it seemed too empty to be his home. Where am I? The floor was an off-white collar and thick, allowing his feet to sink into the fibres that … Why am I naked?! 


Ryan’s hands shot instinctively to cover his privates and he suddenly felt very exposed. He began to shiver, partly from the chill that seemed to blowing across him from afar, and partly from  being so open, with no barrier to hide behind or protect him from the elements. He started to look up when he realised that he had been hunching over, the awkward stance  with which his body was so familiar, but he straightened up to see as much as he could and allow his head to face the sky, or rather in this case, the ceiling. 


While he couldn’t see a blue or even a grey sky where it  should have been, he could make out the definitive edges of a white plaster-coated ceiling, impossibly high above him. Rays of distorted sunlight cut the air as it penetrated the vast space through squares on one of the walls. Following this wall down, Ryan could make out a gap between its base and the ground, easily high enough for him to walk under, and from beyond this was a source of light too bright to keep watching. He turned.


The fluffy floor, looming walls and bizarre ceiling all added up to the same impossible conclusion; he was still at home. Just then the ground shook. Only slightly, but definitely enough for the vibrations to crawl up Ryan’s body, ushering in chills at the thought of what could be causing them. He turned to face the one open side of the hall he knew, the one which led to the kitchen, as a second tremor made him jump. The third quake was enough to knock him off of his feet, causing him to land on his backside on the scratchy carpeted floor. 


A shadow fell over him from the kitchen as an impossible figure appeared almost from nowhere. Ryan swallowed hard as his eyes tried to capture the behemoth before him. New red Converse were planted a mile apart, slightly out turned. They were too far away from him to be sure, but the scuffed white base of the nearest shoe was easily several times his height, and the massive crimson forms seemed almost comically large. Above the familiar star on the ankles, a small gap of skin showed two towers of pale flesh, connecting the shoes to the jeans. A particularly pale pair of white-washed denim rose several miles into the air, bulging out from the bottom like two tornados, the fabric clinging tightly to the flesh beneath. After some slack at the knees, two monstrous thighs like gargantuan melons pushed out against the denim once more, pulling the fibres apart and threatening to burst out of their prison. A few fashionable tears on the thighs shows more white skin, too far away to see in detail, and too high up for Ryan to comprehend. Her thighs seemed to shoot far out to the sides before abruptly coming in at the waist. While a loose sheet of black cotton hung around her, Ryan could see the profusions of mass that hung over the waistband, the largest of which was directly in the middle, lurching forwards and just sagging to hide the button on her jeans. The higher he looked, the more of this beast he could see. The shirt hung so cleanly over her belly only because it was pushed forward and held firmly by two planets on her chest. Each breast was larger than a building and swayed a little, buffeted by the momentum from the previous movement. Ryan recognised the vague logo of a band that his sister had talked about once but it was horribly contorted by the mounds beneath. 


And above all of that was Lizs face, looking over him towards the stairs. In her left hand was a plate, but it was too high up for Ryan to see what was on it. She took another step. The movement was deceptively fast given the size of his body, the leg travelling miles in a single stride towards Ryan and crashing down with the force of a bomb on the carpet. Ryan felt him body rise off the ground and fall back down, thrown by the force of his colossal sister’s wake. By the time he regained his sense, her other leg was already in the air.


“Liz! HELP ME!” he screamed, at the top of his lungs. Unfortunately those lungs were the size of an water droplets and his puny voice didn’t reach Liz’s ears. The tiny boy’s body rocked in terror as the shoe fell, violently shaking him world and moreover bringing the giantess of his sibling closer to his own defenceless form. As her foot came towards him, Ryan wanted desperately to run, but his body refused to move, overcome by the worthlessness in trying to escape his imminent demise. The sole of Liz’s shoe came into view, dominating his field of vision. He could see the trees in the rubber like hallways in a maze, mounds of dirt and mud larger than he was, flattened and broken into them under her weight. The foot came down with astonishing speed and he closed his eyes, waiting for it all to be over, to be crushed out of existence by his older sister’s carless step. 


The boom deafened him as the sneaker his the ground, millimetres from his insignificant form. He was tossed into the air, only to come crashing down in a heap at her feet. Ryan could smell the rubber of her shoe and as he looked up, slowly unfurling his body from its fatal position, he was staring directly at the front of Liz’s shoe. The great whit rubber wall towered over  him, maybe three stories high. He hadn’t realised it but he was in tears, his body shaking from the fear that was coursing through him. He was breathing hard and his heart was racing, willing him to run, to be anywhere but beside the horrific demise he so early underwent under the hellish shoe, He sprung to his feet and started to run, forcing himself towards the front door, what his base instincts saw as his best chance of survival. 


He turned to gauge how much time he had until the next earthquake, but Liz had stopped. Placing a toe against a heel, the titanic girl was removing her shoes. Ryan stopped running, forcing himself to breathe. He wasn’t safe yet. The towering colossus of his sister loomed over him still, at any second threatening to descend upon him. He had to keep moving. He had made his mind up to keep going for the door when a shadow passed over him. 


The titanic sneaker crashed onto the ground before him, the impact knocking him onto his back. He stared, trembling, up at Liz, who had just flicked her shoe over him, nearly smearing him out of existence. The monstrous figure was now shifting, readying to take off the other shoe. Ryan knew he didn’t have much time. The second sneaker was about to come flying towards him, and there was no way to tell where it would land. His brain kicking into autopilot, he rushed towards his one chance at salvation. He ran towards the open top of the shoe. Having landed on its side, Ryan was able to launch himself into it before the other half of the pair came sailing towards him. He got his entire body into the cavernous space before the other shoe hit, knocking his prison to the side. Ryan’s body tumbled onto the sole of the shoe as it came to rest the right way up, bruising his shoulder, but he was alive. 


Gasping for air from the effort of trying to stay alive, Ryan gagged as he sucked in the festering stink of Liz’s feet, the stale odour of sweat smothering him as if a solid. He didn’t have much time to complain as Liz picked up her shoes to put them against the wall. The sole pitched forwards and Ryan fell towards the toe section of the Converse, rolling to a rest against the worn rubber, dips having formed where Liz’s toes had compressed the shoe, over and over again. The force of his collision was too much, combined with the heavy air leaking of feet, Ryan felt his consciousness slipping and the dark cave became darker, then black.  




Jim’s world was black. He tried to move but was veritably stuck in the most embarrassing of places. The 35-year-old carny was still trying to get his head around it, but it was the only possible explanation. He had arrived early for his shift and had started up the machine, then began filling the bags to make it easier for when customers arrived. Then he had felt sick, but putting it down to a bad takeaway from the night before, he had persisted. Then everything had gone black. 


Now, he definitely felt the hard surfaces all around him, the uneven edges and corners dining into his body. But he was in near complete darkness, pinned in place. Thankfully the gaps in the enormous white shapes provided enough air for him to breathe. He tried to move and felt the slightest give in his prison, but ultimately he was stuck. He could hear muffled voices far above, but more than anything he felt the shaking. 


Like bombs going off far away, the world was constantly shaking to the beat of dozens of rhythmic blasts, each one mild but threatening. Suddenly, Jim felt everything shift, the kernels around him moved and he felt a strange weightlessness. He swallowed hard as his mind came to a conclusion his heart had been dreading: someone had picked up the bag. 


“Hurry up Em,” Mandy called, walking towards the theatre door, popcorn and drink in hand, while her friend was still paying. She stopped at the threshold, deciding that she should really wait for her friend. She propped her drink in the crook of her elbow and reached for a handful of popcorn. 


Jim heard rustling above him and cried out for help, only to have his tiny lungs fail to project his cries to anyone. After a few seconds, there was more shifting, and suddenly, he was on his back looking directly up at the ceiling fo the movie theatre where he worked. A second later, a monstrous hand descended into the bag of popcorn towards him. The fingers were each larger than his whole body by several times, and the enormous palm eclipsed the light above him. He screamed again as the buttery flesh met his body and the fingers dung in around him. He felt himself rising into the heavens, but he knew he was going somewhere far less appealing. 


Without a second thought, Mandy showed another fistful of popcorn into her mouth, her eyes fixed on her friend. 


The hot swamp of her oral cavity enveloped Jim and he  was suddenly able to move more freely. He landed on the rippling surface of her tongue, the size of a field, but was only able to feel the slobbering power of it for a second before it moved and he was tossed beside it. Jim’s limbs thrashed as he fell into a pool of saliva that rose to his waist, his mouth screaming without his knowledge of any of it. 


He looked around him on steady legs as a piece of popcorn four times his size was pushed onto the porcelain surface of one of the giantess’s teeth. The only light in the cavern came from the partly parted lips of the beast, but it was enough for Jim to watch the jaw snap shut and eradicate the popcorn in an explosion of white corn and spit. Before he could fully understand how doomed he really was, the Goliath serpent of a tongue nudged him from behind, onto the chopping blocks. 


As the tooth above him rushed to meet him, Jim rolled to the side from instinct, then shrieked out in pain, saliva flooding his mouth as he did. He had survived but only just. He couldn’t feel his left arm anymore, bar the overriding signal of pain. As the teeth parted, he felt relief from his arm, but not his torso. He shook as he saw the bloodied stump of his arm, leaving the slightest stain of red on the enamel of her tooth for an instant, before being washed away by her saliva. 


He was stuck, his body mercifully wedged between Mandy’s gargantuan teeth, but he wasn’t done yet. He noticed a pause in the chewing, as the 16-year-old realised  that something had caught in her teeth. Her friend arrived beside her and the two set about finding their seats, Mandy unconsciously flicking at the object with her tongue. Instead of dislodging it however, Mandy’s tongue did the next best thing. Jim screamed as the powerful muscle crashed into his legs and with the force of a truck. The little limbs were mashed out of existence as her tongue pulverised his fragile lower half, eventually dislodging him from her teeth to fall onto her slime gums. Jim could feel himself losing consciousness, but just before he did, he noticed a large tube enter her lips, which sealed around it.


Mandy slurped up a long drink from her slushy, washing the tinny man’s body away with it. His tiny form sloshed down the teen’s throat, disappearing forever without a soul knowing where, eventually to be digested and incorporated into the girl’s figure. 

Chapter 2 by Notkent

Ryan stirred as the ground thundered. He opened his eyes and panicked as he still saw nothing, but they quickly adjusted once more to the darkness of the shoe. He quickly looked himself over in the dim expanse, and was relieved to find himself unharmed, but the sound outside was getting louder. He stood shakily as he tried to process everything that had happened. He looked down at his naked body and was shocked to find his penis fully erect. Surely the terror should have rendered it flaccid in a heartbeat, but he had after all just woken up. 


The tiny boy walked towards the only source of light and air in the old Converse, walking softly amidst the dunes formed by gargantuan feet. A thousand thoughts were racing through his head but he tried to stay focused, tried not to get lost in his own panic.


How had he shrunken?  How had he survived on the floor at such a tiny size? What had happened to his clothes? How had he slept for so long? What had knocked him out? How the hell was he going to get anyone’s attention without being seen? 


The latter was predominant on hi mind when he reached the heel indent in the shoe and looked up into the blinding sky of his hallway. His eyes were struggling to adjust, when a shadow fell over the warehouse-sized shoe. A single finger enters the gap and pressed against the back wall of the shoe, pinching it between that and another outside. The shoe was jerked into the air by the heel and Ryan tumbled back down its length to the toe section. 




“HELP! STOP!” shouted someone in the distance before another deafening boom silenced them. Jeremy dared a glance over his shoulder while forcing his legs to keep him moving. The monstrous figure of the woman was still far too close for comfort. Her dark green flat was as wide as a four-lane highway, and rose two stories into he air, yet it struggled to contain her plush foot in its canvas walls. The pale white flesh rose to form a thick tower of an ankle before disappearing beneath a tight pair of green trousers, rolled up at the bottom. The emerald fabric flared out as it rose to accommodate the giantess’s broad hips and sizeable ass, a single copper button struggling to hold its waist closed. Her top was cropped and loose fitting, showing off a soft, undefined belly, the tiniest hint of auburn hair peaking out from over the waistband. 


Annie Johnson stepped into the FoodBarn, a small whole foods market on the corner of a city block. The faded sign outside was welcoming enough, but the store itself was not in the best of conditions. With only four real employees, it was a small business to be sure, but as Annie walked in for the morning shift, there was no sign of anyone present; certainly not Jeremy, the owner and Kyle, who worked in the stock room. Seeing that the shelves were full however, the 26-year-old woman thought nothing of it. She took another step towards the closet that served as a staff room, her cruelty-free coat in one arm and her backpack slung over the other. 


Jeremy barely recognised his employee, but her long, fiery hair was unmistakeable, even if her normally 5’7" stature was now several miles tall. The 54-year-old man couldn’t help but lust over the planet sized breasts that pushed out her loose green top for a second longer, before deciding that life was worth more than a cheap ogle. He continued to run towards the shelves, hoping that he could take some shelter from the fate that his stock-room boy had suffered.


Annie hadn’t heard the infinitesimal crunch as her food had landed, and now as it rose, and imperceptible streak of red rose into the air, the stain of Kyle’s body all but wiped clean from the floor as her foot ground it as it rose. The remnants of his existence clung to her sole, only to be smashed into the floor again, each time leaving sa smaller mark until he was nothing. 


She strode to the staff rom and tossed her coat onto an empty shelf. It was odd that there were a pair on the shelf above, but she thought nothing of it. Tussling her auburn hair, she smiled at herself in the mirror, a slightly round face with soft hazel eyes and a gleaming row of upper teeth smiled back. She slipped her phone into her back picket, having to dance around to stretch the already taut jeans for any give, before skipping to the door and flipping the sign to "open." 


Jeremy cowered at the foot of the shelves as the thundering of Annie’s steps passed by, shaking the world like a series of meters colliding with the earth. He knew that each one could have spelt his demise as his mind kept replaying the sight of Kyle’s death, replaying the horrible crunch as his body was churned to a pulp under a single careless step. He would have to be careful if he wanted to survive, but he needed a plan. Annie was the only one in the store so she was his only hope … for now. 




Ryan had barely gotten up when he felt the shoe shake. Looking up he could see a terrifying sight: the colossal form of a sock-covered foot, sliding in through the opening. Ryan screamed for Liz to stop, but inside, he knew that she wouldn’t hear him. INstead, he stood, mouth gaping, as the beastly toes approached him. He could see them flexing and relaxing, bulging with destructive power, as they shot towards him. In a desperate attempt to stay safe, Ryan rushed  to the end of the shoe and pressed his little body against the canvas, praying that there was a little room between him and where the toes would stop. 


Little was just the word. The grinding monsters of Liz’s toes settled millimetres from Ryan’s hyperventilating body. The behemoths sinking into their usual grooves in the sole, but threatening to collide with him at any moment. While the faintest scent of soap still clung to the giantess’s skin, even the few steps it had taken  her to get down the stairs had already spurred the production of beads of sweat between her gigantic toes. Ryan could smell the heavy door in the air, and he knew that it would only get worse. HE was determined to stay as far from the toes as he could, but just then Liz finished putting on her shoes and stood up, shifting her foot with enough force to knock Ryan off his feet. He tumbled face first onto the nearest toe, his nose slamming against the tough, pink fabric. The smell of her foot flooded his very being and Ryan gagged, only to be thrown up against the roof of the shoe with his titanic sibling’s next step., He fell onto the top of her toe, barely having time to catch his breath before he was thrown forward, landing on the sole, dangerously close to the toes that could grind him out of existence. He scrambled to get away but was thrown around again, each step assaulting his  body, and bruising him all over.


After what seemed like hours, the foot settled, and Ryan could feel a vibration all around him. His tiny body was picking up the unnoticeably small shaking of the car that Liz was now sitting in. While the shoe muffled his hearing, he could make out voices far above him.


“Where's Ryan? Is he late again?” he heard his mother ask.


“I saw him go to a friend’s house yesterday,” Liz replied, “I think he’s staying over there and going straight to school.”


“Did he say that?” Michelle asked.


“Pretty much,” Liz replied.


“Then he’s coming home tonight?” the woman asked again. Ryan’s heart fluttered, his mother would notice that he was missing, at worst by the end of the day. He only had to stay safe for that long.


“Maybe. Maybe he’s working on a project and staying there tonight too. I don’t know,” Liz shrugged. And just like that, Ryan’s hopes crumbled. How long would he have to endure whatever hell this was? Would his mom look for him? He tried to calm himself down, but he was sweating, and not just from the already swampy air inside the shoe, or the heat radiating from his sister’s foot.




It was a hot day. Jeremy was still slumped at the foot of the shelves and had nearly given up hope. The little fan on the ceiling was too far away from him and certainly too small to dispel the heat of the spring morning. While it had been chilly earlier, the sun was beating down and turning the city into an oven. He was distracting to worry that he would die from dehydration before being crushed at this rate. He had been unlucky, choosing to run to a shelf stocked with organic liquor, in the middle fo the shop. He had already seen several customers come through but none had even stepped in his direction, pounding along with their heads miles above him, their eyes not searching for his tiny form. It was far too risky to venture out towards another shelving unit, but how long would he have to wait before someone would notice him. 


Annie was content at the counter, her eyes fixed on her phone and occasionally scanning the store. Luckily it was largely open plan, so they didn’t need cameras to stop shoplifters. There were only a few people in at the minute anyway so she could carry on scrolling through her social media. She made a mental note to post something later, perhaps with a quote from one of the many unread books that sat by her bed at home. She was still thinking about this when two teenagers walked into the store. 


Like a bad caricature, Cindy and Jenni were polar opposites. At 16 years old, Jenni was all but anorexic. She rarely ate and when she did, she insisted that it was the most responsibly sourced. it didn’t help that she was 6 feet tall and her body needed more food than the average girl. As a result, she was extremely skinny, with skin the clung to her bones and cheeks that were on the brink of caving in. With dark hair that was thinner that it had once been, falling to her shoulders, she looked like she was ill most of the time, but still was too active for her own good. Her friend was a different case entirely. While Cindy totally shared her friend’s disdain for eating, she had a bad habit of binging when she got too hungry … or when she wasn’t hungry. The strawberry blonde was thus on the heftier side, with a waist almost three times that of Jenni and an almost comically opposite plum figure. The teens crossed the store trying to make minimal eye contact with the cashier, as they walked down the farthest isle. 


Jeremy watched the youth walk by, their enormous boot clad feet pummelling the floor as they went. How could even teenagers be so huge? As he pondered the true helplessness of his situation, he noticed a shadow fall over him. He looked up at the immense tower that was Jenni’s body come towards him, having to back up as the heavy black boot fell like an anvil before him. The building sized shoe would certainly have killed him and it smelled of rubber. The sweater she wore hung off her gaunt frame like a tarp and Jeremy was somehow reassured that she was less of a threat, despite being several hundred times his size. Suddenly, as if to challenge his calm, she squared down, and the tiny man was stunned. Would he be found. He stood up and started to scream for help.


Jenni crouched down to find the cheapest alcohol she could. They  had pulled the same stunt at dozens of other places but just in case, she didn’t want to spend more money than she had to. As she pulled to a bottle of something called Cleanse, she could swear she heard someone screaming. 


Jeremy wasn’t sure what he had expected. He was trying so hard to get the titanic girls attention, yet doubted that he would succeed, so when she did look down, he was too stunned to react. The massive head tilted down and a pair of car-sized eyes scanned the floor at the foot of the shelves before locking onto him. Jeremy could see the pupils dilate and constrict as they took him into focus. then the eyes lit up.


Before he knew what was happening, a colossal hand shot down towards him, long, train-like fingers enveloping him, engulfing him in darkness. Jenni snatched up the little man and stood up quickly, pausing for a second as she got dizzy. She glanced around quickly to make sure that no one had seen what she had found, then darted towards her friend, her little prize clasped firmly in her left palm. Jeremy’s ears popped as he was lifted from the ground and then shaken as the giantess walked off with him in her hand. The tiny man  could feel the tense muscles in her hand as he was pressed into her warm, slightly clammy palm.


“Cindy! Cindy! Look what I found,” Jenni whispered excitedly, opening her palm to her friend where she hoped no one could see them. 


Jeremy was blinded as light returned to his eyes. He found himself sitting on the giantess’s palm and looked up to see another. Jeremy recoiled as this second giantess came into focus. Unlike the first, this one seemed very threatening. Instead of a skinny, girlish frame, the blonde teen was humongous, with plump cheeks and an enormous torso. From Jenni’s hand at was it level, Jeremy could truly appreciate the vastness of the girl’s breasts, stuffed into a black top that did little to hide their volume. She fixed her gaze on him with a hungry excitement. 


“NO WAY! DID YOU STEAL IT?” the second giantess boomed.


“NO, I JUST LIKE FOUND IT? the first replied.


“DO YOU THINK IT WORKED HERE?” the second asked.








“WHY DO I HAE TO TAKE HIM?” Cindy demanded.




Seemingly begrudgingly, the second giantess accepted, and Jeremy felt himself falling as he was dropped from the skinny girl’s hand into the waiting palm of the larger giantess. Without so much as a warning, the hand closed around him and and he felt himself fly around the teen.


When the hand opened, he was held between a plump thumb and  index finger, his feet dangling as his body was smothered between the two plush pads of her finger tips. And then he fell. His world seemed to slow down as he took in his surroundings and began to understand what was happening. He saw the store around him rising as he fell, and looked down. Instead of the floor, below him was a triangle of fabric. He could see the tower-like arm of the giantess pulling back the tip of the fabric, the waistband of her jeans .. and her underpants. The material seemed strained to the point of nearly tearing and the tiny gap that formed between her gargantuan buttocks and her finger was just large enough for two of Jeremy’s body lengths to fit. He fell past the waistband and his world became darker. He saw the horribly strained cotton of the panties fly past as he approached his destination. The crevice formed by the teens butt cheeks was at least a mile high, and at its base were two rolls of sustainably sourced lip gloss, one resting firmly within the canyon, and the other poking out of the cotton cover. 


Jeremy opened his mouth to scream, but at that moment, Cindy released her clothing and the space she had created snapped back to lie flush against her skin. Jeremy was just at the level of the first lip gloss when the walls around him closed in. His body was violently slammed against the teen’s skin, wedged between it and the plastic container of the gloss. His left arm was bent at an angle around the cylinder and he felt it stretch. 


“Ready?” Jenni asked impatiently.


Cindy took a step, tentatively testing to see if her stolen goods  were secure. As the thick, constrained cheeks  slide past each other, Jeremy’s arm rolled along the container. The tiny man shrieked as the upper arm snapped, the make up proving stronger than his little body as the giantess’s ass compressed his body. His scream was lost however, as his open mouth was instils filled by the pallid flesh of the teenager’s rear, muffling his cries and all but cutting off his oxygen. 


“ I think one of the lip gloss things is loose,” Cindy said, reached behind her just as the teens approached the counter.


“Shut up!” Jenni hissed, “Just forget about it. Hi, just this Cleanse please.”


Chapter 3 by Notkent

The car ride seemed to last a lot longer than usual. Ryan had to fight to stay away from the toes that were bullying him at every given chance. It didn’t help that Liz seemed to shift her foot every few seconds; her brother was only grateful that she wasn’t tapping her toes. When the vibrating finally stopped, signalling their arrival at the school parking lot, Elizabeth Turner hopped out of the car, slamming the door behind her. The little jump felt like a flight in zero gravity for Ryan, as his body rose with a strange weightlessness before slamming down on the insole of the shoe, dangerously close to her toes. As he pace quickened, keeping away from her foot  became a lot more difficult. The noise outside was muffled, but Ryan could ell that he was no longer in the relative safety of his home, but the shoe he was traveling on had taken him into a much larger, much busier battlefield, teaming with giants. 


“Morning  Liz,” Laurie called from the top of the steps to the front doors, “No Ryan?” 


“Can you stop stalking me? Why do you care where  my brother is?” Liz shot back.


Laurie was silent, opting instead to follow her friend into the school along with Valerie.


As the morning bell rang in the distance, the three girls walked into their history class, taking their usual seats in the middle row, Liz sitting closest the window. Slumping down into her chair, Liz bent forward to get her note book out. Having fallen behind, Laurie frowned as  Valerie took the seat next to Liz. The bold girl did not meet her eye and Laurie sullenly sat on the third seat, enraged by the blatant attack on her position in the group. Beside her, Valerie  placed her book and pencil case down with a satisfied smirk, flicking her hair over her shoulder in triumph.


Inside of his giantess sister’s shoe, Ryan was in hell. Her walk down he hall had really heated up Liz’s foot and the front of her sock was already stained with little islands of sweat. The weight of the air was pushing his body down, all but forcing him to slow down, the heat was making him dizzy and the smell of her feet was getting stronger every second. He knew that he had to get out, but his mind was screaming that he was safer here than outside in the world of beings far bigger than he. Still, as the lesson started and Liz’s monstrous foot began  to fidget, Ryan knew he had no choice. He waited patiently for a chance, when her foot was set down … and pounced.


Throwing his body forward on the canvas insole of the shoe, Ryan leapt at the gap between two of Liz’s gargantuan toes, grabbing onto the sock like a net and pulling his body up. The sock sagged slightly, bringing him between the two beastly columns of flesh, which only served to motivate him to climb faster. He quickly called the mesh of cotton to reach the top of Liz’s foot. He cursed as he saw both the expansive distance he would have to traverse, but also how the shoe seemed to come towards her foot until it touched near the ankle: he was going to have to crawl. 


Despite his repulsion at the thought of getting any closer to her foot than he had to, Ryan dropped to his hands and knees and  began to crawl, shooting along the uneven cotton surface of the sock, and trying to breathe through his mouth to keep his nausea at bay. It took almost 15 minutes, but the little being eventually reached the point where he could crawl no more. Reluctantly, he lowered his face further, getting flat against the scratchy, now smelly sock that mercifully separated his body from his sibling’s slimy skin. Closing his eyes, Ryan pushed forwards, pulling his naked body along the fabric, He could feel the tension in the shoe’s material, pushing him against the sock without remorse. He felt every muscle contraction that rippled through liz’s foot, even when  she didn't’;t move it. 


After what felt like  an age, he felt the pressure lessen. He opened his eyes and saw a surprising amount of light, shining down from above. He had reached the opening. Here, the incline of the foot increased sharply to form the vertical tower of his sister’s ankle, soaring through the opening in the shoes and up to a pair of jeans, high above. But Ryan had a problem. How was he going to climb out. The ankle sock ended just shy of his freedom, but he could at least climb it until there. He hauled his little body upwards, becoming more and more aware of how big his  sibling really was. Upon reaching the end of his cotton climbing frame, he looked up towards the edge of the shoe, the brink of his escape. To his eye, the ledge that he would have to get over was about 3 feet above him, and maybe 6 feet away from his positioning against he skin. It would be a miraculous jump if he made it. 


Ryan was still contemplating his chances when he felt the titanic foot move. He clung on desperately to the sock as Liz’z foot soared into the air, then came crashing down again. He had crossed her leg over her knee. It was just the chance he needed. With the shift in angle, Ryan's jump was a lot more verical, and he felt that he could make it with enough of a swing. The only problem was the height. He knew the the shoe was no much further from the ground, but he didn’t have time o think through every little detail. Liz could move her foot at any moment and eradicate any hope of his escape. So he started swinging side to side.


The work was unimaginably taxing on his body, but after a few swings, he let go of the sock, launching his body towards the bright outside of the classroom, towards freedom. He sailed past the brim of the shoe with a millimetre to spare, and then he fell. Ryan landed hard on his shoulder as he tried to absorb the impact of the fall. He rolled onto his back, breathing hard as he grimaced through the pain. Looking directly up, he followed the back of Liz’s leg miles up until it reached the underside of her chair.  He glanced over at his arm and moved it a little. Deciding that he was well enough to move, he got to his feet and looked around.




They had approached the counter and the cheery redheaded woman behind it stepped up to the till. She took the bottle from Jenni as her friend shifted uncomfortably behind her. Jeremy’s body was now lather in the nervous girl’s sweat, helping to adheres his body to the lip gloss. He felt the bottle below moving however, more of it sneaking out of the panties.  


“That'll be $3.99, and I’ll need some ID,” Annie said.


“Uh, we … I forgot my ID at home,” Jenni stuttered, not making eye contact.


“I'm sorry girls, but I can’t sell you alcohol without ID,” Annie shook her head.


“Oh, uh … that’s okay, we’ll come back,” Jenni stammered, “Let's go Cindy.”


The two turned to leave, heads facing the floor, hiding their smirks. It worked every time; no one suspected that a failed alcohol purchase was actually a cover for shop lifting. They were only a few feet from the door now. *Click*


The girl’s froze. The container of lip gloss that had rolled out of Cindy’s pant leg rolled on the floor away from the door. The cashier was already on her feet.


“Excuse me girls, but it looks like you dropped something,”Annie said, shaking her head.


Both girls gulped. The woman walked up to the lip gloss and picked it up, wiping it against her pants leg.


“A little sweaty, I wonder where you were stashing it,” Annie said. She stood between the blushing teens and the door, arms folded across her chest. “The rest please,” she said, stretching out her hand and glaring right through Cindy., reducing her to a sweating mess. Her hadn’t trembling she reached behind her back. Jenni was silent. 


The air had gotten hotter and Jeremy was suffocating from both the heat radiating off Cindy’s body and the sweat that was seeping into his mouth from her ass. Just as he thought he was going to pass out, the waistband was stretched above him and a trickle of fresh air shot down to him. He wasn’t grabbed, but he felt himself rising as Cindy pulled out the lip gloss, to which he was now stuck. The air around him cooled quickly as he was withdrawn from her pants, and tossed carelessly into a waiting hand. Before Jeremy could get a look at who it belonged to, soft fingers closed around the cylinder, trapping his body against it. 


“I'm going to have  to take your photos and put it on our shoplifters board,” Annie said matter-of-factly, “go stand by the counter.”


The teens obeyed without question, their heads held low.. Annie tossed the lip gloss cylinders onto her chair and pulled out her phone to snap some pictures. Jeremy mercifully landed on top of the cylinder, groaning as his broken arm was tugged and shaken from the impact. The shock was enough to dislodge his body from the plastic, and he came to rest on a softer surface. The tiny man was exhausted, but still managed to get onto his knees. He looked around and swore as he realised where he was.


The surface of the chair was curved so that the massive silos of lip gloss were at the centre and he was a little further up the left incline. The mauve fabric cushion was firm enough for him to walk along, but he wasn’t sure yet how mobile he was. HIs left arm was still a mess, bent at an awkward angle above the elbow, but strangely, didn’t hurt too much. Maybe it was the adrenaline coursing through him that made him ignore the minor injuries, preferring instead to stay alive. He got to his feet o survey his surroundings, but shook at what he saw. The chair shook with minor vibrations as the two teenage giantesses left the store, and Annie turned to face the chair. Despite being significantly higher up than when he was on the floor, Jeremy could still appreciate the colossal scale of his employee. 


Her wide hips swayed as she approached him, her hand already reaching behind her for her phone. Jermey started to wave his good arm but it was no use; Annie was already lost in her device. Jeremy only fully understood the danger he was in when Annie was standing next to the chair. The colossal thighs rose like cliffs before him, bulging forward and threatening to burst through the tight denim that enclosed them. Each one was as thick as a building, and seemed as heavy too.


As one would, Annie turned around to face away from her chair, giving her boss a not altogether unwanted view of her sizeable rear. To Jeremy, the planet-sized prominences of her ass cheeks were unimaginable; their shadow completely enveloping him, causing him to tremble. The green jeans were stretched to their limit, struggling to contain the orbs of soft, meaty flesh. Her crop top allowed him to see the  arch of her lower back, the milky white skin in stark contrast with the dark, forest tones. 


Then they started to fall. It was all happening too slowly to be real, but Jeremy couldn’t move either. As Annie  tapped away on her phone, the titanic woman sat down, her enormous ass descending with haste on the chair, and her decrepit boss. The green mounds fo her buttocks shot down towards him, and all he could do was raise one  arm to defend himself. Annie’s right butt cheek struck the chair like a meteor, hitting Jeremy’s puny body without the slightest deceleration. The helpless man’s insignificant  bones gave way without a fight, allowing the crushing weight of the giantess’s rear to shatter them. His body crumpled under her weight, and as she leaned back into her seat, what was left of his flesh was compressed. His organs exploding into the tiniest red spot on the vast expanse of her ass. A little shift her butt smeared Jeremy’s remains across the chair, erasing him from this world with a carless wiggle of Annie’s titanic rear. 




At once, Ryan realised the danger he was in. While a classroom was intimidating at normal size, being only a few millimetres tall made the whole thing terrifying. The door seemed a week away across the tiled desert, littered with titanic chair legs and table legs and the legs of giants. On Liz’s left was a wall, rising quickly to a window about 3 miles in the air, a slight gap at the base allowing a breeze  to filter through the otherwise sealed room. Turning his head, Ryan looked up the desk behind his sister. Tight denim-clad legs crossed at the knees, emphasising the width of a gorgeous, curvy waist, the left ass cheek slightly raised off the chair. Most of the girl’s body was hidden from Ryan by the desk, but he could definitely make out her face. A round, tan face with with soft features, carrying a little more fat than the rest of her body. Her eyes were fixed on the desk before her, occasionally glancing up at the teacher. Ryan waved his hands but saw not even the slightest hint of being seen: he was too small, he wouldn’t get noticed from afar. 


To Liz’s right was another desk. Ryan had almost certainly seen the girl before, but he was hard pressed to remember her name. She was very attractive. Ryan stared at the golden locks of hair that cascaded over her shoulders, the bare skin peaking out from over the brim of a grey blouse that hugged her deltoids. Without a strap in sight, the entire thing had  to be held up by the elastic top, and the giantess certainly had the figure for it. A sizeable pair of perky, perfectly rounded breasts held up the garment, and this coupled with the cropped bottom, made it seem more like a loose fitting bra than a top. Ryan gazed at a soft abdomen, a few creases showing from her bending forwards as she wrote at the desk. 


Her seat was at the  height of a mountain top, the plastic frame supporting a sizeable ass and gigantic thighs, shooting quickly over its course to developed calves. Unlike Liz, her feet were quite still, and her jeans led all the way down to the tops of her clean, white Nikes. She was quite far away as it was and it seemed like his best option at being discovered, so Ryan carefully stepped out from under Liz’s chair. 


Ryan had definitely had a nightmare about being caught naked in a classroom, but now, walking between the desks, bare to the elements, he wasn’t worried about decency. The class was going on oblivious to his presence, his minute stature not enough to catch the eye of a single person, student nor teacher. The floor was cool under his feet, and he had to fight the urge to run. There was danger all around him, but it would be a futile effort, it was too far to run. 


As the lesson drew on, the giantess grew ever larger as Ryan approached, passing under the  shadow cast by her desk, he finally arrived at her feet. The shoes that had look so easy to scale now stood before him in all their might. The thick rubber base looked clean, but there were enough marks in the material to provide holds for Ryan to climb it, so as the unaware titan took her notes, the tiny boy began his ascent. 


He rapidly climbed over the toe section and found himself on the top of her sneaker. Despite the apparent cleanliness of the shoe, Ryan was assaulted by a stale smell of sweat; the shoes belonged to someone athletic. Pushing the thought aside, he continued on his pilgrimage towards a saving grace, walking down the length of the shoe towards the ankle. The shoe was uneven, but even so, Ryan seemed to be getting  the hang of moving through the vastly more difficult world of a shrunken human. He reflected on how fortunate he had been to not be hurt, but then that wasn’t entirely true. He should have been badly bruised from the hellish ride in Liz’s shoe. He should have at the very least dislocated his shoulder from his landing on it earlier. Yet he seemed to be unscathed as he reached the giantess’s leg; he was recovering from injury a lot faster than normal.


The smell coming from the sock was ten times worse than the shoe, forcing the boy to breathe through his mouth to avoid gagging. Still, determined not to end up at foot level again when the giantess eventually stood up, Ryan doubled his resolve and began climbing again. The cotton provided an excellent rope ladder and the boy shot up past the joint to meet the cut of the jeans. The sock didn’t quite reach, but Ryan was determined to continue. He  could see how the denim was flush to the goddess’s skin; all he would need to do was get under it and he could climb freely with just the tension holding him against her. He shakily stood atop  the brim of the sock, a thick, white sports accessory, and reached up.


He couldn’t quite reach! Suddenly, he heard a terrifying sound. Chairs scrapping against the ground: class was over. While his mind couldn’t reason how he had spent almost an hour walking and climbing, he knew he had a more pressing concern. A book slammed shut above him and the foot he was on started to move. He was on the brink of salvation, but one tumble and he could easily end up underneath the 1000-ton shoes he had just climbed. With a desperate burst of hope, he bent his knees and then sprang up, reaching for the denim that would save his life.


HIs left hand made contact as the leg swept to the side and nearly batted his little body away. his fingers dug into the hard material and he held on. The impact swung his body out, only to crash it back against the firm flesh once more, mercifully striking between the goosebumps where hairs had recently been pulled. Summoning all his strength, Ryan threw his other hand up and clasped the jeans before pulling  himself up. With super human will, he managed to tuck one arm under the jeans and the get his head in, then his other arm. The giantess’s leg swung and he felt weightless as it flew through the air, his little legs dangling outside the jeans. With an all mighty groan, he pulled his body up, completely disappearing under the 16-year-old’s pant leg. 


The denim pinned his body against he skin, a pale tower of hairless ivory, populated by sparse bumps. He guessed that she had waxed recently but aside from that, the skin was only a frame to climb. His stomach jumped around as she stepped, her foot rising then crashing down on the earth. His body shook each time, but he remained pressed against her. Deafening himself to the noise and tensing against the vibrations, Ryan began to pull himself up. Each time the powerful muscles in her legs contracted, the air would be squeezed out of his lungs, but he persevered, determined not to end his life suffocated against a girl’s calf. The air was getting hotter and heavier as he rose up her leg, the material of her jeans not allowing much circulation through it.


He finally reached her knee and was forced to stop. The giantess was still walking and each step caused the great lever of her knee to bend, compressing the denim behind it with uncaring force. Ryan knew that if he were in those folds, his body would be crushed with ease. He had to find another route. Moving horizontally, he started to curve around the top of her calf, eventually moving around the leg until he reached the side. He had no way of knowing if he was on the safe outside of her leg, or the more dangerous inside. Judging himself as  being as safe as he could hope to be, he continued his climb, his course being forcefully shifted with each step, as the colossal knee continued it motions.


Suddenly, the rhythmic bending and straightening of the leg stopped. Ryan froze up, thinking that the giantess had noticed his puny movements. The thigh then began to shift, flexing and expanding to fill the space inside the jeans. Ryan felt himself being pushed firmly into her skin, the almost unnoticeable hairs on her body leaving a pattern of marks on his. Her leg seemed to continue to grow until Ryan felt like his lungs would explode from the pressure of the tight denim on his back, smothering him against her flesh. A mighty rattle spread through the leg as the giantess sat down with a pronounced groan from a chair. The tiny boy thanked his stars that he hadn’t been calling the back of the monstrous leg that was now crushing down against the chair. 


The musk radiating from her leg was lighter than the smell from her socks. Ryan struggled to turn his head to the side, freeing his nose and mouth from the embrace of her thigh, sucking in as deep a breath as he could. She was sitting, which meant that he wouldn’t have to worry about the leg movement, but Ryan still had to climb out from the now sauna-like jeans.


Chapter 4 by Notkent

It was a lot harder trying to scale her leg sideways. Ryan was doing his best to keep his feet from slipping too far down and being trapped under the weight of the giantess’s thigh, but this meant that he was only making the smallest of strides. Still, as the boy slowly made is way up the titan’s leg, he noted that his environment was getting hotter and hotter. There was a definite curvature to her thigh, and soon enough, Ryan reached what he was worried about reaching; her crotch.


Finally separating his tiny body from her slightly sticky, sweaty skin, he collapsed onto the ridge of denim before her. The centimetre gap between her panties and the jeans provided a much-needed break from the incessant squeezing that his body had undergone on his climb. Ryan wiped some sweat from his brow, but he couldn’t be certain whether it was his, or residue from the warm, moist flesh of the giantess’s inner thigh. Ryan was gasping still as the sweltering heat from her crotch bathed him in a  heavy, uncomfortable blanket of humidity.


The cave he found himself in was awfully confined and dimly lit, but through the gloom, Ryan dared a glance at the giantess’s crotch, tantalisingly within reach. Her panties were monochromatic, but with was too dark to see what colour they were. Still, pulled tight against her body, the thin fabric did little to capture the heat, nor the scent of her biblical vagina. The thick odour all but physically pulled him towards her, his minuscule penis standing fully erect and throbbing at the prospect fo being so close to her sex. It helped that from what he had seen, she wasn’t hard on the eyes either.


He stood at the end of the canyon formed by the giantess’s thighs, his eyes scanning for the best means of climbing out. He thought of scaling the creases of skin where her thighs met her hips, but the meaty legs of the giantess obscured these completely, the protruding crotch pushing the panties to form tight seals. HIs only way up was going to be up the thighs, or up her crotch. Wiping his brow again, he stepped forward on the even denim, pushing through the wall of heat towards her sex.


Valerie bit her lip, still writing down her teacher’s last sentence. She had an itch, a tiny niggle on her crotch, and she cursed herself for wearing jeans. She didn’t want to draw attention to herself, but she glanced at the wall clock. She still had almost half fifteen minutes until the end of the lesson, until she could slip to the bathroom. She crossed her legs, squeezing her thighs and hoping to distract herself from  the itch.


Ryan was making good progress up the soft, moist material, pulling himself up by his arms and pushing off with his legs. His feet sunk easily into the panties, exerting little points of pressure on her skin beneath. He was hopeful of reaching the top and finally getting free when everything started shifting. At first he thought the giantess was going to get up again, but suddenly, the massive thighs on either side of him shot together. Ryan could only gasp as the immense walls of flesh slammed together expanding and pushing him firmly against her crotch; then they began squeezing. The air was forced out of his lungs as his face was buried in the soft meat of the goddess’s pussy, suffocating him in her heat. Mercifully the tender area hadn’t smeared his limbs, but he was completely trapped, encased in her flesh. He was wasn’t going anywhere, and worse still, he was struggling to breathe. He felt lightheaded and his chest was burning, but there was nothing he could do. The giantess was simply pressing him against her, and in doing so removing his right to air. He felt himself slipping out of consciousness, his futile efforts to push his face away from her growing weaker by the second.


After a few minutes, Valerie un-crossed her legs, tentatively testing whether or not the itch had subsided. Feeling no more discomfort, she carried on with the lest few minutes of the lesson with a small smile; crisis averted.




Michelle Turner stepped out of her BMW right outside the main entrance to the building. Despite being located in the middle of the city, the towering 30-story building had a secluded carpark away from the street, and Michelle’s parking space was right at the front. Despite her size, the imposing woman rose easily from inside the low set vehicle, dressed smartly in a knee length business skirt, loose-fitting blouse and blazer. Her burgundy, 3” high heels matched her collar scheme and clicked as she walked away from her car, crossing the sidewalk to pass between the automatic doors into the Bayside Pharmaceuticals headquarters.


“Good morning Ms. Turner,” her secretary said, standing as Michelle stepped out of the elevator on the 20th floor, “Your coffee’s on your desk.”


“That's what I pay you for Nina,” Michelle replied matter-of-factly as she walked by, despite standing, her personal assistant was almost a full foot shorter than her in her heels, her little head only coming up to Michelle’s armpit. “There's also something from R&D in there for the meeting at 10h30,” Nina called.


Michelle swiped her key card and entered her office, a large rectangle with two tinted glass walls. One gave her a one-sided view of the city, looking over most buildings and a park some distance away. The other gave a similar view into the office. Closing the door behind her, she strode across the marble floor to her desk, where her large coffee stood on a coaster (as specified to her assistant). But at the centre of her desk was a box marked fragile.


Michelle walked around her desk to her chair and spun it towards her so that she could sit, she then fixed her gaze at the box from Research and Development, and noted to her disgust that one of the corners had been torn. She was going to have to fire Nina if that damaged any of the materials. Still, she would wait until the meeting to find out what was in the box, so she pushed it to the front of her desk, clearing her workspace.


Ten minutes earlier, Jackson had triumphed over his prison. The bruised 23-year-old had had enough; someone was going to find out about how he and the others had been treated, and then Bayside Pharma was going to pay. In a deranged fervour, he had managed to tear through the corner of the thick cardboard box and as light broke into the darkness, he escaped. But the light was blinding and the few scenes he could make out, made no sense. He knew that he was less than an inch tall, yet he was catching glimpses of the city skyline. His confusion only grew as he stumbled forward disorientated. Then he fell.


He hadn’t noticed the edge of the desk and tumbled a great distance before he landed on the cool surface of something leathery. The air was knocked out of him and her felt a sharp pain in his back. He tried to stand but his legs no longer obeyed him and in a panic, he realised that he couldn’t move anything below his neck. He wanted to scream, but the sound got stuck in his throat as an electronic beep sounded through the room, and a door opened in the distance.


Jackson froze as something clicked against the stone floor, the sound cutting through the silence just as the vibrations shook the surface he was on. He craned his neck to see sideways but it was non use. Without moving, he was forced to stare at the brightly lit ceiling of the room, making out only the edge of the desk above him. The sounds grew louder, taking on a much more powerful tone as something approached him. Jackson was breathing fast as a shadow fell across him and he made out a person.


This was not the first giant he had seen. Or were they normal sized? Whatever the case, he shouldn’t have been surprised about the size difference, if not for the fact that this monstrosity was something  else entirely. The dirty-blonde behemoth was as if double the size of any of the scientists that had imprisoned him; both in stature and size, and her red blazer gave her the distinct appearance of a movie villain. Jackson’s gaze fixed on the gigantic protrusions of her chest, the rotund breasts pushing out against the white blouse like small planets.


Suddenly, the surface he was on spun around, placing the giantess directly in front of him. Looking down his body, he could properly make out the enormousness of this woman, her hip flaring out to match the width of the black desert he lay on. The office skirt did little to detract from the shear size of her ass, bigger than anything he had ever imagined. The African-American man was mesmerised, forgetting his situation and letting his mind want only to get closer her delicious booty.


Unfortunately, his wish was granted. Jackson realised too late that she had her back turned to him and with unexpected speed, she began to sit down. Michelle was more graceful than the average person her size, but to the minute man on her chair, her ass came crashing down with little grace nor mercy. Jackson only saw the burgundy skirt expand as it shot towards him, hitting his body with a thump. His body was instantly buried in the fleshy beast of the woman’s gargantuan butt, the meaty mass filling the entire surface of the chair. As her weight fully came down on hi, he heard the chair groan and so did his body. His ribcage shattered with a tiny pop and the air rushed out of him as his chest collapsed. He felt the squish as his abdomen liquified under the pressure and dissolve in the heat. His arms and legs splintered as they were forced to curve around her now iron-like rear. HIs head only remained, smothered directly between her butt cheeks, smothered by her skirt.


Incredibly, Jackson was still conscious, but that only lasted for a moment. Michelle leaned ever so slightly to one side, but the tiny movement shifted her massive ass across the chair, and Jackson’s face was smeared between her and the leather chair, reduced to a little red droplet on her crimson skirt. The sweltering heat beneath Michelle was reducing his remains to nothing, barely a noticeable stain was left of the man that disappeared under the goddess’s butt.




Ryan woke up with a start, gasping for air. His chest ached from where he had been lying, and he froze as he realised where he was. With his arms on one side, and his legs on the other, Ryan was straddled across the crutch point of the giantess’s  jeans, once more in the gap between the denim and her crotch. Ryan sucked in the hot, stale air in the cavern, thankful to be able to breathe again. As  she took another step, he swayed, and grabbed desperately to stop himself from slipping. He managed to wiggle himself to straddle the crutch point with a leg on either side, trying to shift his weight to counteract the movements of the gigantic girl.


“What do you think we’ll have this term?” Laurie asked, as the three girls walked along the first floor to the changing rooms. The corridor had glass panes on one wall, overlooking the gymnasium. There were a few students already in their Phys. Ed. clothes sitting about, waiting to start.


“I just hope we don’t get stuck on something stupid like track,” Liz said, swinging open the door to the near empty changing room. They always waited until most of the other girls had finished. No one dared question Liz about why. They chose a corner and chucked their bags onto the bench, ready to get changed.


Ryan suddenly felt the giantess stop, before he could manoeuvre himself, he heard the pop of a button and a zipper fall. The tiny cavern flooded with light and Ryan felt a sudden drop. The denim ridge he sat on suddenly shot down. It came to a stop and Ryan could see. The jeans bunched up and he could now see the bright lights overhead, as well as a bit of the room. From the base of the cup formed by the denim, Ryan could make out a row of hooks on the wall before him, which could only mean one thing. They were in a changing room.


On either side of him rose the towering walls of the giantess’s tanned thighs, stretching the jeans between them. Above his, he could see the panties, to which he had only moments ago been so near, now miles away. But instead of just the crotch, Ryan now gazes at the entirety of the divine creature’s pelvis. While the mauve panties were stretched across the front, the fabric was hopelessly twisted and bunched towards her rear, disappearing between the two colossal mounds of her ass. Ryan had only a moment to appreciate the view before a titanic hand grabbed the jeans and pushed them further down. The motion violently shifted the ridge he had been sitting on and the boy was thrown backwards. Curling himself up, he rolled down the newly created decline and off the edge of the jeans.


Ryan closed his eyes as he felt his body plummet a great height, he was sure this would be it, but when he finally hit something, it wasn’t the concrete floor he had been dreading. His fall was almost completely cushioned by a bunched up ball of cloth. He opened his eyes, shaking from the terror he had just experienced and saw the towering figure before him, hunched over and reaching into a bag, her back to him.


Unlike the giantess who had brought him here, the beast he now gazed on was colossal. He could only really see her bottom half, but that told him more than enough about the size of this monster. Her legs were bare, thick meaty columns of pallor. Impossibly, they were thicker than the previous giantess’s had been, but had a softer tone to them. The skin seemed looser and was dotted with creases and cellulites. They shot up like telescopes, growing into a pair of thighs that met near the knees and then pressed together all the way up to her grotesque rear. A loose-fitting pair of pink panties did little to cover the hellish ass that jiggled was she moved. As she straightened up, the pink cotton disappeared, as if being devoured by her cheeks, the gargantuan mounds squeezing together firmly. Her bare back attested to her having removed her top, and Ryan quickly realised that this was what had saved him from the fall.


The ground shook ad the new giantess turned towards him, exposing a soft belly than hung off her front, puckering at the centre into a belly button large enough to swallow him. Breasts large enough to cover small towns hung threateningly over it, restrained by a black bra. She was close enough to him that they obscured his view of her face, but Ryan was more worried about the foot that now reached for the top he was lying on. He turned to try to get out of the fabric desert but struggled against the shifting ground. He caught a glimpse of the other giantess, the beautiful blonde; her bare feet just centimetres from him, then he was whisked up.


The larger giantess carelessly flicked her top, with Ryan in tow, into the air and onto the bench which stretched the entire length of the room. Ryan came to rest underneath the mound of cotton, unable to see what was happening around him. Terror rose up within him at the prospect of something heavier being thrown on top, so he started to try to find a way out.


“You guys ready?” Valerie asked, stuffing her remaining clothes into her bag.


“I am, just waiting on the whale,” Liz remarked, nodding at Laurie who was struggling to get her obscenely short Phys. Ed. shorts on. With an almighty tug, she pulled the fabric up over her buttocks, the green material only just able to stretch over her entire rear.


“I'm ready,” she mumbled, thrusting her feet into her shoes and looking up, her face red from the effort she had already put in to get changed. She pushed her pile of clothes against her bag and walked out with her friends.


Ryan was bundled into the ball of clothes and roughly pushed aside, thwarting his escape. He heard the muffled voice of the giantesses far above and could have sworn he recognised one of them, but after a brief discussion, the thundering quakes around him fades as they left, and Ryan was left alone in the tangle of clothing. He worked out that he had about an hour before the end of Phys. Ed. An hour before the giantesses returned. An hour to find somewhere to be found, or to hide.


Chapter 5 by Notkent

“Sorry I’m late ma’am,” the newcomer apologised as she entered the meeting room. Dressed in a knee length skirt with beige tights beneath, she walked with the air of someone who was often in a rush. This infuriated Michelle to no end. Tossing a yellow cardigan onto the back of an empty chair, the other woman placed a box onto the table. She then removed a shoulder bag and set it aside, passing to straighten her white blouse. Her green high heels (that matched her skirt), carried her to the front of the room, where she fixed her glasses and turned to face her audience. She took a deep breath; this was a big moment for her.


“Let's begin,” Angela Wycliff said, smiling. She was addressing no only her direct superiors; the heads of the Bayside Pharmaceuticals Research and Development Program, but also the regional manager of the headquarter branch; Michelle Turner. A few the people were in the room as well, secretaries and personal assistants, but that was unimportant.


“I'm sure you are all aware of the recently classified Griffiths virus  that had been  increasingly affecting the US population,”  Angela said, pressing a clicker to start her slide show. It showed a complex set of molecular diagrams, “For anyone just hearing about this, don’t worry, we’ve been under order to not disclose information about this in the interest of avoiding inciting mass panic.”


“The virus in question,” Angela continued, pulling towards her a second box that was already on the table, “has a very long and variable incubation period, so we have no idea how long it takes between exposure, and the start of symptoms. I should say, symptom, because the main one is …”


She tipped open the box and out tumbled six tiny bodies. There was a gasp from some of the secretaries, but the heads of R&D, and Michelle, only stared. The diminutive figures were struggling to get up on the wooden surface of the table, naked and shaking.


“… shrinking,” Angela finished. Reaching forward, she plucked one of tiny figures between a finger and thumb, careful not to pinch too tightly. The minuscule woman thrashed about, but was helplessly smothered between her finger pulps. 


“On average, our tests have shown that individuals will be reduced in size to around 5mm, maintaining normal proportions,” Angela continued, “Please fell free to examine the specimens but don’t touch.” 


She turned from the desk to continue her presentation, the tiny woman remaining in her hand. She was screaming into Angela’s finger, but the giantess was paying her no attention. She started to roll the woman’s body between her fingers, fiddling with her like a small stone. 


“Before you ask, don’t worry, these subjects have been strictly tested to ensure that their virus is inactive and cannot be spread,” Angela reassured, “So  we can come to the point of this talk.”


“Before the government will allow us to disclose the existence of this disease, they wanted a viable cure or treatment,” Angela said, “Bayside has been working on it, but so far, we haven’t been able to counteract the effects. However, we have come up with something. If you will look at the data on the slide, we’ve been trying to reverse the shrinking as much as possible. In doing so, we’ve managed to isolate a formula that can at best, increase an individual’s size by 200%.”


“So 2cm? That’s the best you can do?” Michelle interrupted, leaning back against her chair. She had handled one of the little things on the table, and was not shocked. She had known or at least suspected that the virus was real, but of course she had had personal experience. She had been hoping for a result  with the pharmaceuticals, but 2cm was not ideal. 


“Well, 2cm is all we can get to for now, but there is something else,” Angela tried to claw back her presentation, “In addition to the substantial increase in size, we have also managed to render the subject more durable. To face the imminent dangers inherent to their reduced size and visibility.”


“Meaning?” one of the heads asked.


“Meaning that the treated individuals will be able to withstand and recover from significant force, such as falling from around table height, or impact from a shoe, for example,” Angela explained, now if there are no more questions, I can continue.”




The suddenly amplified shakes of the ground alerted Ryan to the fact that he would no longer be alone. The door to the locker room burst open and a stream of girls poured in. Randall had chosen his position as best as he could, having tunnelled through the mountain of clothing, he crossed the plastic bench towards the blonde giantess’s backpack. Unlike the fatter one’s  the bag was on its side and Ryan managed to climb into the mesh pocket on the side. From inside, he was more or less sheltered from sight, but he could see through one of the gaps, the teenager boy in him not willing to pass up the opportunity to see inside a girls’ changing room. 


The titanic forms of the 16 year old beauties walked by him, toned legs and enormous asses moving right by him. The next pair of legs that came into view stopped. Ryan gazed up the length of the familiar thighs, following them to a tight pair of “shorts" that were little more than glorified panties. The dark green shorts were stretched across her hip, seemingly boosting the natural curves of her waist. Ryan could make out the gleaming bass of sweat on her exposed legs even from a distance, the glisten unmistakeable. Within seconds of the young women arriving, the air in the room changed. The once relatively fresh air was replaced with a heavy film of humid, stale, sweaty air. 


Despite the reek, Ryan still found himself fully erect, his penis throbbing as the giantess turned her divine rear towards him, the glorious heart-shaped mass filling his field of view. Despite the imminent danger, his only thought was to try to get closer to the goddess before him, his primal lust for her ass all but making him leave his hiding spot. His frustration only grew when the giantess began to disrobe.


Never thinking twice about her routine after Phys. Ed, Valerie slipped her thumbs under the waistband of her shorts, catching her panties as well, then tugged them down. She bent forwards as she slipped out of her clothes, sticking her bare, beautiful ass right in the direction of her bag, and the tiny boy shaking with arousal inside it. Her cheeks spread, putting on display a tight asshole and toned glutes, as well as a sparsely haired pussy. 


Wiggling her shorts off her feet, Valerie removed her top and bra in one movement. She let them drop to the bench with her socks. Reaching into her bag, she fished out a towel and shower gel. Stretching the muscles in in her back, the girl walked off towards the shower block. 


He was deaf to the noise now. The colossal beings and their movements didn’t seem to scare him so much. Ryan was climbing out of the pocket before he knew what he was doing. He was on the bench in a moment. The plastic surface shook as different people placed and removed great weights on and from it. All he had eyes for were the giantess’s clothes. He had seen the way her body had glistened, and his animalistic brain was unstoppably drawn to her. The raw power of her size and the sexual pull of her features was overwhelming. Ryan crept along the bench towards the pile of her discarded clothes. 


Suddenly, a great shockwave rocked the bench and Ryan was snapped out of his trance. Incalculable tonnes of weight landed on the surface less than a foot from his goal. The massive rear end belonging to Laurie forced the plastic to bend beneath her weight, groaning as it supported her. Ryan gazed at the mountain range of her thighs, her belly rolling as she bent forward to remove her socks. Bare  breast hung from her chest, resting on her abdomen in all their glory. Her light brown hair fell over her face, the odd strands crossing her shoulder onto her chest. 


Her thigh was easily over  ten times as tall as he was, and strangely excited Ryan. Still, the tiny boy’s mind pulled him towards his initial goal. Quickening to a jog, he arrived at the upturned bra. The scent of the giantess was overpowering. The strength of her body odour brought Ryan to his knees. He was still drawing in lungfuls of her when the bench moved again. The larger giantess had risen and  was now walking to the showers with a towel around her torso. 


He tentatively took a step onto the brassier. The soft cushion of the inside fo the cup was like a mattress. His steps barely made an indent as he walked from the edge towards the centre, towards where her heavenly tit would have been pressed. He had barely enough time to savour the moment before he felt an immense presence over him. He turned to catch a glimpse of a blue towel, but before he could once again look upon Valerie, the bra was folded. The other cup was brought on top of Ryan, the two soft cushions smothering him as Valerie packed it into her bag. The tiny boy was trapped in darkness, flooded by the scent of the girl. 


The item of clothing was only loosely packed, and as it expanded, Ryan was able to breathe freely again. The inside of Valerie’s bag was spacious enough, a few books on one side and a pencil case hastily stuffed. The bra was shortly followed by a pungent pair of socks and then Phys. Ed. clothes. Ryan was pressed tightly into the clothing, but thankfully, a combination of the cushioning from the bra and sufficient space in the bag kept him from being crushed. He heard the sound of a zipper as the bag was closed, encasing him completely in darkness. 




Mia strode to the ladies room, her dark heels clinching on the ground as she walked. Each step swayed her hips, hugged by a grey pencil-skirt over black tights. A white blouse under a small grey coat covered her ample breasts and torso. They wobbled as she walked, hands free, having just finished a very interesting meeting. After stashing her laptop with the minutes at her desk, she was on her way to conduct her won experiment. For a science department, the speaker of the meeting really hadn’t had a great attention to detail. The strawberry blonde entered the washroom and waited a moment, listening for anyone else being present. As no sound could be heard, she found herself a stall. 


Locking the latch, Mia out down the seat and listened again for anyone else inside. She was satisfied that the recently fitted, floor to ceiling walls and door would stop anyone from interfering, so she reached into her shirt. Parting her cleavage, she found her prize. Glued to her left breast, buried in the soft flesh was a tiny, 2cm tall woman. She was breathing hard, fighting to stay conscious in the hot canyon. Reaching inside with manicured fingers, Mia pinched her tiny body between her thumb and index finger, and plucked her out, letting her breasts swing back together, sealing her cleavage. 


Elodie gasped as her lungs were filled with fresh air for the first time in almost an hour. The giantess had seemed friendly enough, with kind looking brown eyes and long, dark, wavy hair. She reminded Elodie of one of her neighbours, a nice middle-aged women who had babysat her once in a while. However looking now into the hungry eyes of the young giantess, she felt none of the warmth that had initially drawn her to Mia. After having been stuffed into her cleavage, Elodie had been fixed tight until just now, so she was rejoicing in her new found freedom, despite being still firmly in the giantess’s grasp, several thousand feet above the ground. 


The dimly lit space was unfamiliar to her, but as Mia continued to observe her prize, Elodie made out the white form of a toilet. She swallowed hard, starting to shake.


“Please, you don’t have to do anything to me. Just … let me go, please,” she begged, trying to make eye contact with her captor, but only able to look into one enormous eye at a time. Mia smiled. Then giggled.


“That was too cute. Sorry hun, but this is too good a chance to miss,” she replied softly, keeping her voice low enough to not risk being overheard, “I couldn’t help but wonder what you little things could do. We didn’t get much of a practical demonstration now did we?” 


Elodie slowly shook her head, not wanting to displease the goddess, but her submissive nature only further aroused Mia, whose smile broadened, “Now you want me to get a good understanding of how you work don’t you? I mean that’s the first step to acceptance isn’t it?” 


Elodie was beyond confused. What was this woman talking about? She didn’t want to be accepted! She wanted to be back to normal! Wasn’t that what this stupid company had promised her? Hadn’t they said that they were her best chance of getting back to normal? It was all she could do not to scream as she recalled the weeks of humiliation and … well, torture she had endured as a guinea pig for the sadistic scientist who had brought her to this office. Now this woman, who had no idea what she had been through, was talking about acceptance. Her shaking now came from a mix of fear and rage.


“Now, let’s find out what you’re good for,” Mia suggested, turning around and bending over. She carefully placed the diminutive creature on the seat, causing her to squirm as her bare skin touched the cold, filthy plastic. As the secretary stood upright again, Elodie had to crane her neck to look up at the towering figure. Mia’s hips dominated her line fo sight, far wider than she had ever seen before, especially compared to the skinny scientist; the shrunken woman had no chance of seeing beyond the titan as she stood with her legs apart, looking down at her from above the balcony of her breasts. The skirt rose like a sheer face, bulging out ever so slightly at her belly. The massive moons of her boobs obscured her face from the tiny girl, hanging over her like orbs in the sky. 


Elodie watched her gigantic arms reach around her sides and hike up her skirt. The tiny woman backed away, then stopped dead as she felt the toilet seat curve. Glancing back, she froze as she saw the edge of the plastic, a few millimetres away from the fatal drop into the artificially blue water in the bowl. She gulped and turned back to the giantess, now with her skirt bunched up around her tummy. 


In the later spring heat, she wore no leggings, instead showing the minuscule girl her bare, tan legs. Soaring into the air, the thick columns of smooth flesh met at their zeniths at a black thong. Elodie’s eyes widened as she observed the tiny triangle of fabric covering her clean shaven pussy, the thin strip below it disappearing between her asscheeks. She stepped towards the tiny girl, her heels clicking against the bathroom floor.


“Well, what do you think? Think you can show a girl a good time?” Mia giggled at her puny prisoner, swaying her hips from side to side. Elodie gulped as she gazed up her legs and at the startlingly large crotch above her. Without waiting for a reply, the secretary reached down and scooped up the tiny woman, ignoring her minute yelp as she pinned her between her middle and index fingers. Between the two towers, Elodie watched her legs come shooting towards her and the fly past as she was lifted along them. 


Mia giggled as the she drew the little thing towards her sex. Finally reaching the thong, Elodie was assaulted with a thick, mixed musk; the growing door of sweat sneaking under the thin coat of her deodorant. The giantess seemed to be taunting her, holding her just out of reach of the colossal crotch as her hips continued to sway. To Elodie, the movements were like tidal waves, immense and breathtaking in their sheer magnitude. 


Mia’s other hand arrived on the scene, one finger tugging the triangle of fabric to the side to reveal the grand gorge of her vagina. The pink skin folds were each several times larger than Elodie was, out-turned and bright like a flower. At the upper tip of this display sat her clit, a protuberance that Elodie though looked a lot like the head of a penis, only larger. The tiny girl reckoned that Mia’s clit was at least as wide in diameter as her abdomen, the warm skin radiating heat from a great distance. 


“Don't be shy,” Mia whispered seductively. She chuckled at the thought of the tiny creature having any control over what was about to happen. Her massive fingers rushed towards her pussy, carrying Elodie between them. The minuscule girl screamed as her body was suddenly buried in hot, moist flesh, and she found it hard to breathe. Mia jolted a little as the little one’s skin met her own, awakening some primal pleasure from the contact. She pressed the helpless thing deeper into her skin, smothering her and enjoying every little squirm as it tried to fill its burning lungs with air. 


Mia pulled back, allowing a red, gasping Elodie to catch her breath. The giantess couldn’t help but laugh as she peered down the length of her gorgeous body at the pathetic little woman, barely breathing after suffering at her fancy. The power was fantastic … but it was time to get serious. She didn’t have all day and someone would soon notice that she wasn’t at her desk. 


Shutting her eyes, Mia thought about what the little woman would be enduring as she once more, brought Elodie against her. The tiny girl shrieked as the fingers took her back against the unbearably hot, slimy pussy. This time taking her higher, and pushing her right against the goddess’s clitoris. The two fingers landed on either side of the bump, pushing Elodie’s entire body against it. The pressure being put on her chest was enough to empty her lungs, despite her face remaining free of the skin. That all changed as Mia started to rub.


Elodie continued to groan as the two fingers began to move her in a circular motion, forcing her body against the most sensitive part of the titan’s womanhood. At the peak of every circle, the diminutive woman found her face smothered against the giantess and she shook with all her little might to try to get free. The motions were getting faster. Mia was in a state of bliss, as her flailing prisoner sent jolts of pleasure through her with every desperate thrash. She rubbed her faster and faster, now rather forcefully buffeting her clit as her excitement built.


Elodie could hardly breathe, the minute intervals where her face was freed not long enough amidst the brutal pace of the carnal act. Reaching a peak of speed, Mia abandoned the circles to merely flick Elodie across her clit from side to side, battering her pathetic little body to feed her sexual pleasure. The tiny girl felt herself losing consciousness as her body was thrown from side to side with terrifying force, her little brain rattling around in her head as if she was in one car crash after another. As her breathing started to slow from her dazed confusion and exhaustion, Mia came, moaning softly as she pushed Elodie firmly against her throbbing vagina. The shrunken woman was buried in the pulling skin, exhausted and suffocating; she blacked out. 


Mia leaned against the side of the cubicle, panting as she let the waves of pleasure slow. She withdrew her hand carrying her little toy, letting her thong slip back into place over her twitching pussy. She smiled broadly at the limp body between her fingers, coated in a thin film of her vaginal juices. She was about to tuck the little thing away for use later when a knock on the cubicle door startled her. 


“You done in there?” asked a rushed voice. In her panic, Mia turned quickly, and Elodie slipped from her fingers. The giantess swore as the tiny girl fell hard against the toilet seat, bouncing with a sickening little crack before tumbling into the bowl.


“Just a minute,” Mia said, rushing over to the bowl and reaching into the toilet, her fingers heading for the floating body. She stopped just short and realised that she had no where to put her. Mia really didn’t want to keep the toilet-water-soaked thing on her person. Standing up, she decided to cut her loses. The giantess tore off a wad of toilet paper and tossed it in over the tiny body. The cold water made Elodie’s eyes open, gasping before the thick white sheet fell over her. Mia turned and unlocked the door, making some apologies or other to the woman waiting on the other side. 


Meanwhile, Elodie was fighting for her life despite her exhaustion. The toilet paper was soaking up water like a sponge and with each second, sinking further into it. Spread over the tiny woman, the sheet was dragging her down, stopping her from floating. Drowning her int he toilet bowl, a last punishment from the uncaring giantess who had just used her. Abandoning any hope of getting around the toilet paper, Elodie began to tear, using all her strength to break through the layers of wet tissue as her lungs burned, threatening to gasp in the foul water at any second. She paid no attention to the shadow falling over the toilet seat. 

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