A Family of Titans by ReyRiles

As a runt in the last family of giants, Ryan just can't help feeling a little inadequate. Of course, compared to what the giants once were, his whole family are runts. Perhaps a return to glory is in order.

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1. Chapter 1 by ReyRiles

2. Chapter 2 by ReyRiles

3. Chapter 3 by ReyRiles

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7. Chapter 7 by ReyRiles

Chapter 1 by ReyRiles

My mother told me and my siblings bedtime stories of our ancestors. How we were descended from gods that once walked across the mortal world, gods that could pluck a great dragon from the sky and swallow them whole. They were said to have eaten the magic of the world itself. Ancient humans would have been the smallest of ants to them. And like ants, many were forced to live deep underground or within mountains to avoid being trodden upon.

No one knows what happened to those original titans. Perhaps they moved on to another world to consume, but we do know they left behind a few of their colossal children. While godlike beings in their own right, each generation lost a bit of stature. Over time, the initially seldom perceived humans went from being the size of flightless gnats to eye-catching snacks that were actively hunted.

However, not all giants hunted humans. Some thought it their mission to guide the intelligent little creatures, protecting them as long as they stayed in their domain. It was probably the only reason humans survived as a species at all. Regardless, for most of history the majority of humans were slaves or a food source for the giants.

A respite came for more humans when the giants became too numerous for the world to support them. Giants fought and killed each other over food. Many starved. Adding insult to injury, a rare giant disease began to spread, dwindling the population to a mere handful. Even those that survived the disease found that it manifested in their children, often making them much smaller and more susceptible to dying of old age in a couple of centuries.

Taking advantage, humans experienced an explosion in their numbers as the bodies of fallen giants helped provide rich nutrients to the dusty ground. They eventually acquired more advanced technology, ultimately inventing weapons capable of mortally injuring giants. Their spreading cities worried less and less about giants seeing them as a feast. All the while, most giants being born simply resembled slightly larger humans. Their time of supremacy had ended.

In the last five centuries, the last giants died off one by one. Finally, one was left. At three hundred and fifty feet tall, Frank Strider did not have a giantess to have has his own. At least, not until he turned thirty. He received word that a young girl in the south was growing to full giant size. A last gasp for his kind. He sent an invitation down to her family. They agreed to let him meet her when she turned seventeen.

Of course, the budding giantess herself had some say in the matter. Too excited to wait much longer, the sixteen-year-old Jessica convinced her parents to let her see Frank early. The two last giants met and quickly hit it off. Frank owned the last giant farm located near his home, which was carved into a mountain range. On the huge swath of land he raised thousands of elephant sized cows and some crops.

Over the next few years, Jessica actually surpassed Frank in height by fifty feet, and the duo had lots of earthshaking sex. A giantess was not often fertile, so it took several years for their amorous deeds to produce children.

I came out at the same time as my sister, except I was still inside a large amniotic sack. You see, while Rachel came out at twenty-five feet long, I was not so lucky. I was a measly thing at four feet long. My protective sack had to be carefully opened by the human doctors present during the birth. My parents named me Ryan. With my mother’s womb still very receptive, my brother was born ten months after the twins. Alex was luckier than me, for his size matched my sister’s.

Since it was how I grew up, being raised by a family so much bigger than one’s self didn’t strike me as especially odd. Not at first, anyway. It helped that my parents did not treat me with contempt. I wondered whether it would have been different if I was an only child, but I also figured they were happy that my mother could conceive at all with the limitations the ever present disease placed on them.

My siblings also didn’t give me too much of a hard time. Of course, there was a lot of teasing, but nothing malicious. My parents reinforced the idea that I was still Alex’s older brother and should be treated as such. Making sure more than anyone that I was involved with games and activities was my mother and sister. I suppose the girls simply couldn’t help thinking of me as adorable. That attitude kept me close with them, but it didn’t exactly encourage me to see myself as a real giant.

Thankfully, I was at least much more durable and stronger than a regular human, meaning neither they nor I were too worried about getting injured if I was handled too roughly or was accidentally dropped from a bit too high. Still, to make certain my brother and sister had good control over their considerable strength, our parents gave them live human prisoners to practice with.

Mom and Dad took advantage of an old deal between giants and the human leadership. In exchange for not eagerly killing any human that looked at them funny, human governments from around the world willingly handed their most violent prisoners over to the giants to do as they pleased. This meant a fairly steady supply of snacks and slaves every two or three months.

I vividly remember as a hundred foot four-year-old girl played with a man about my size. As one would expect, she innocently treated the live person as though he were a doll. The man screamed and begged, but with our mother’s serene face looming far above, Rachel was encouraged to experiment. Bones cracked as my sister twisted his limbs. He vainly tried kicking her when she put his legs in her mouth and sucked them like two reedy lollipops. She liked his taste, but she preferred to use him like a toy until he passed out. From there I humorously saw him fly after a frustrated Rachel threw him far away.

Another human had the misfortune of being pulled by both Rachel and Alex. A bloody mess erupted from the torn body. As we matured, the games with the humans became more complicated. Freeing groups of human prisoners into the area and hunting them was basically a fun family affair. I couldn’t eat or squish them, but I still had fun tracking, catching, and bringing them to their ultimate doom.

I really liked bringing those I found to Rachel. She enjoyed involving me in their myriad of deaths by asking me what I would like for her to do with them every step of the way.

“What do I do with this one, brother?” asked the new teen.

She sat cross-legged with the middle-aged, chunky man dangling upside-down near her face. A yellow shirt that showed her stomach and pink shorts covered her athletic, two hundred foot tall frame.

“Well, the last guy was pretty straightforward, sis. Take your time with this one. What did he do?”

Rachel shook her prey. “What’d you do, little guy?”

“N-nothing! I swear! Please, let me go!”

The young giantess rolled her blue eyes. “Little guy is being troublesome, Ryan. Can I just eat him?”

“If he’s not going to play along, sure.”

Hearing me, the prisoner said, “No! I’ll play along! I-I killed a couple of cops!”

“Oh, so you’re like one of those old timey outlaws!” said my sister. “Were you on a horsey?” She giggled as she bounced the inverted outlaw on an imaginary horse. “Oopsie! I guess you wouldn’t ride them like that.” She flipped the dizzy man over. “Okay, mister outlaw. Time to undress you.”

Her nails nimbly tore off his dirty orange jumpsuit. When she wasn’t being careful, those same nails often acted like swords, slicing and dicing pieces of skin and appendages with ease. This man was lucky she was actually paying attention. She sniffed the naked man.

“Smell good, sis?”

“He’s okay.” We all heard her stomach grumble.

I laughed. “Your belly seems to think he’s better than that. I guess it’s time for a growing girl to get her nutrients.”

Without fanfare, she shoved his screaming form between her lips. I heard his muffled pleas as his legs flailed in midair. He might as well have been fighting a twister. She chuckled at his pitiful attempts to free himself. He begged for some kind of mercy, but his heart wrenching exclamations only upped the amusement. She relished the power she wielded over her sentient meal. Her jaw and cheeks moved faintly as the giantess’ mouth suckled on the human candy. He must have choked on her saliva, since his protests lessened to little more than a gurgle.

After a minute, she pulled him out to get a look at him. “How clumsy of me. It looks like I sucked out his eyeballs.” She shrugged and put the entire coughing man back in his soggy cage. Her snowballing suction placed an incredible amount of pressure on his frail body, likely shrinking it as she sucked out blood and his other fluids. After only a few seconds of it, she said, “Aww, he died. Do I chew or swallow whole?” She opened her mouth wide to give me a glimpse of the dwindled body on her half-rolled tongue.

“Eh, if he’s not awake, it’s better to get all the flavor you can. Chew.”

She smiled while closing her deadly maw. She crunched the limp bag of bones with her powerful teeth, which, appropriately, were about the size of tombstones. He wasn’t going to come close to satisfying her epic hunger, but this was more about further solidifying the relationship of a brother and sister. The crunching noise was soon subdued as the human became nothing more than a fine paste.

After she swallowed every last ounce of the former human, I asked her, “How was he, sis?”


Along with Jessica, Rachel enjoyed keeping me in her soft, toasty hand as she slept. I mostly liked it as well, but since my sister also preferred long slumbers, I often had to stay trapped in her grip for a couple of hours until she awoke. Mom was better at sensing when I was too sweaty for my own good.

Playing or sleeping on the giantesses’ bodies was innocent at first, but as I hit fourteen and fifteen, I began to notice more and more how Rachel’s body was developing a lot like Mother’s already erotically curvaceous figure. When I discovered masturbation, it was the image of Jessica’s bouncing, jiggling tits and swaying, round ass that prompted the most cum out of me. Rachel’s still slimmer frame was not far behind, of course.

Additionally, my other senses became more attuned to the sounds and smells of recent sex between my giant parents. The sexually active couple usually made love away from home, but as we grew older, they seemed to care less that their children were close by. They were not prudes to begin with when it came to how well they covered up, except now we were attaining more than glimpses of giants in the nude.

The first true example that my parents had shed practically all pretense of keeping modest occurred not long before I turned sixteen. I had worked extra hard on the farm that day, doing the kind of work that a real giant found too delicate and that our human workers found too tough. My mother, walking past, spotted my fatigued self and scooped me up in her loving hand. After giving me some food to eat, she brought me to her room. She sat on her stone bed, which was overlaid by numerous custom-made fabrics several feet thick.

We simply spoke for a few minutes. That is, until my father entered the room. The bearded man was completely naked, his shorts at his feet. Unable to help my eyes, I saw his primeval cock at its fully terrible size. It bobbed up and down as he stomped over to my mother, vibrating the foundation of our mountain home. The electric lights flickered at his approach.

Jessica, curling her hand to protect me from a fall, said in a giggle, “Frank! I have our son in my hand! Calm down!”

My father grunted a chuckle of his own. He forced his giantess backward as he did not stop his charge at all. I heard them sloppily kissing from my warming hand-prison. A short while later and they were moaning. I was shaken around a bit as my mother moved, though I was largely immobile since her grip was somewhat tight. It did not take them long to transition into proper fucking. I heard as the rock that made up the room groaned and cracked as the smacking of partially wet flesh progressed faster and faster.

It all suddenly stopped when Dad growled out a long groan. Mom briefly held me tighter while she moaned for the same length of time. A loud thud came when a giant’s body collapsed on the bed.

“Whew!” said Frank. “I needed that! I’ve been holding it in all day.”

“Poor baby,” said Mom. “I bet you still have too much in you. Let me take care of that.”

Her body shifted. When she finished moving, her palm opened up. I was dropped on to the fluffy sheet, instantly cooling me. A quick glance showed that Mom had positioned herself to face Dad’s hips. She pushed back some of her golden rays of hair and dove her head down to the wet, half limp dick of her husband. Her pouty, dark pink lips kissed along the long shaft. At the rounded peak, her mouth opened, sucking in the expanding tip.

I was left in stunned awe at the vision of the horizon-encompassing blowjob. My hardness was so sensitive that I blew a load when my tip twitched against my boxers. I got hard again, mimicking Dad’s own member as it grew back to fill his wife’s mouth. The greedy side of me wished one of them took the time to take off Jessica’s shirt. In any case, despite how often Mom must have done this, the giant offered his many gallons of white seed within a couple of minutes. My mother gladly gulped the offering into her gullet.

As Mom licked and smacked her lips clean, I noticed Dad’s gaze on me. He said, “Your mother is one fine whore, isn’t she?”

The giantess playfully slapped my father’s slightly spherical but still solid gut. “That’s because the only thing useful about you is your dick. What’s a big girl to do?”

That event helped spark the last of my puberty. In the next six months I grew a foot and a half, putting me at twelve feet tall. That added to my bulk as well. Moreover, my hormones increased with my size. Unlike Dad, I did not have a woman who could so easily satisfy my urges. At one time I may have been small enough to fuck a regular sized girl, but now that I needed the release, my cock was way too big to fit in the roomiest human vagina.

The best I could do was catch an amatory romp between my parents to feed my mental lust and inspire my hand. They knew I sometimes watched their erotic display, and never did they say anything against it, and as much as I wanted them to, neither one invited me to join them in some way. Worse yet, someone I thought might help ease my sex-based loneness was interested in a man closer to her size.

Alex was looking and acting more like Dad every day. And just as Mom got a kick out of it, so did Rachel. They were off alone together more often and for longer periods of time. They were touchy-feely and whispered often. I foresaw a future where not only were my siblings fucking like overgrown rabbits, but perhaps they would join in on our parent’s favorite pastime. The idea both excited and depressed me. Maybe I could join in some “small” role, but I would be closer to a toy to pass around than a lover.

I didn’t try getting in the way. The last thing I wanted was to be seen as resentful to the people I loved. I could not risk them pushing me away in favor of maintaining an unabated happiness that burst with immeasurable pleasure. I needed to grin and bear it, as it were. Easier said than done.

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Chapter 2 by ReyRiles

Every time I was left out of my siblings’ secret bonding time, I felt another layer of bitterness being added in my heart. Nevertheless, there was always a day that just belonged to me and Rachel—our birthday. Thankfully, our seventeenth was no different. I took off from doing any farm work and she took me down a path into a forested spot we considered our own. It was by a large lake at the foot of a mountain. Here we partook in our favorite activity. Our parents let us have fourteen prisoners to ourselves, and we set them loose on an all-day hunt.

She swished my latest catch in her mouth. If the man wasn’t so terrified, I was sure he would at least take some pleasure from her dexterous tongue. Of course, the same could not be said of her teeth. Her first bite sent the man howling like mad. She had become quite adept at chewing off exactly what she wanted from her food. If she wished someone dead at once, a quick decapitation was in order. A slower death called for only bits of limbs to be severed at a time. This time, she stuck out her tongue to show me she had chomped off his lower legs. Then, with a tilt of her head, his still squirming body fell behind her throat.

She clutched two victims in her hand, the last ones available. Her previous kills had come from crushing them in her fist, squashing them under her skirt so that her bare ass felt them pop, eating them alive, and two others I made fight to the death for her amusement. All that was to warm her up. I decided to be more proactive about what I could offer her sexual cravings. I didn’t have a giant dick to stick in her or the lips to kiss her properly, but I did have an imagination.

“Are you wet, sis?”

She cocked her head. With a sly smile, she answered, “Uh-huh. Playing with humans like this always gets me going.”

“Then it’s time to find you a release. Take off your top.”

A full grin spread on her lovely lips. “Yes, sir.”

With one hand, she grabbed the bottom of her pink top, lifted it, and tossed it on to a tree. For the first time ever, I clearly witnessed her massive orbs of fleshly bliss before me. Unlike Mom’s lighter, smaller nipples, my sister’s were darker and puffier. Several locks of Rachel’s dark blonde hair swung to cover half her face, making her look even sexier.

“Godsdamn, sis. You look fantastic.”

“Thank you, Ryan. I was beginning to think you didn’t think I was pretty.”

“What? Do you think I’m insane?”

“Well, I know you think Mother is pretty. You’re always spying on her now. Mother thinks it’s cute, but I never caught you doing that to me.”

“Oh, but how can I? You’ve been out with Alex so often, how could I follow? Anyway, I’m sure a real giant touching and kissing you is more fun than me just staring from a distance.”

Her eyebrows rose. “Wait, do you think Ryan and I have been having sex?”

“Uhh, yeah.”

“But we aren’t!”

“What? Why not?”

“Because I want you to be my first! We’re twins! It’s only right that you and I share each other’s bodies before anyone else gets to.”

“Wh- I mean, if that’s true, what have you two been doing, then?”

She giggled. “Well, at first we were curious about our bodies. We got naked for each other, but it felt wrong that I was letting my younger brother go that far without his older brother getting his chance, so I stopped it from going further. Still, we found fun in other ways. For one, Alex still loves jerking off while he watches me play and practice with humans. He also likes me telling him what to do with people. I got that from you. He kinda likes being dominated, I think.”

I laughed, both from hearing that my giant brother likes to be ordered around, and that my sister was being so damn considerate. “Crap, sis. I had no idea. I… I was getting jealous of you two. I thought you were…”

“Gods! I’m so sorry! I was going to say something earlier, but when I thought you were more interested in a more experienced giantess, I figured you were happy enough.”

I shook my head and laughed in relief. “I feel a lot better. You have no idea how much I love you right now, Rach.”

“Oh, Ryan, I love you too!”

Her hand reached down and snatched me up. She shoved my upper body on to her moist, plush, puckered lips. I was able to kiss her upper lip in return. Her tongue soon exited its lair, and a coat of her sweet, mildly irony saliva covered most of my head and shoulders. I didn’t mind. Her lips and tongue kissed and tasted my upper body for several heavenly moments.

I lied on her palm when she stopped our first kiss. I needed exaggerated breaths to recover the air I could not easily gain smothered by her all-encompassing love.

“You know what will get me even wetter right now?” she asked. “If I can taste your cum.”

Her deeply feminine tone transfixed me. I removed all my clothes in a jiffy, getting her to see my manhood in all its glory. It was barely noticeable to a three hundred foot girl, but our suddenly stronger connection made me feel much bigger and prouder. She slowly licked her lips before sending them down to my waist. Feeling her lips graze my dick for the first time almost had me cumming right then, but I held firm, desperately not wanting it to end so soon.

She savored my taste, as she used more tongue than lips when she lapped down to my thighs. She even took my left leg in her hot mouth for a while, then went back to work on my waist. Her writhing tongue pushed my legs apart at the thighs. Its very tip cradled my balls, painfully engorged with my seed. The adept tongue fondled them. Her powerful muscle easily lifted my lower body so that her mouth could take in more of me.

Her lips closed around my dick and balls, my feet grazing her cheeks. Her tongue then really went to work. She gently licked my cock and balls, and a mild sucking pressure was placed upon them. I couldn’t help grunting out an extended whimper from the most pleasurable sensation I had ever felt. It took less than twenty seconds before I creamed into her mouth, more than I ever had, though to her it would merely be a couple of drops. She licked my limp cock for a few seconds before releasing me.

As I recovered from my orgasm, I asked, “Did you actually taste anything?”

“I can taste when a man is barely sweating, so of course your cum makes an impact. It’s like a sour drop of fruit juice or something, and I want more.”

She restarted her kissing session with my body, reactivating my cock in no time. However, she first wanted more of my overall flavor. Her tongue turned me over so that it now had access to slither all over my backside. It kinda tickled when her solid wetness glided over my ass. My cock rubbed the softly tough skin of her palm.

“Hey, don’t give your cum to my hand, silly! It goes in my mouth!”

“It will, but first I want you to lie down.” Curling her fingers around me, she obeyed. “Now put one man on each nipple.” Her fist hovered over her right tit. She dropped a man on that firmly supple hill. The second man dropped on the other a second later. To those men, I said, “Use all your energy to stroke, lick, bite, or pinch her nipple. Don’t do it and she’ll just eat you now. Make her happy, and you have a chance to live. Begin!”

The frantic men listened to their instructions. Rachel moaned in approval.

“Put me on your lips, Rach.”

She lowered me on to said spot. Even without smiling her lips were almost as long as I was tall. I laid on them lengthwise. Too absorbed in the moment to think about how funny I must have looked, I started thrusting my man-rod between her lips, essentially fucking them. The thin skin here felt better than her palm.

“Take off your skirt and underwear. Once I cum, I’m going to make you cum next.”

I watched her hands go toward her rising waist. It required a bit of shaking that wobbled her miniature mountains, but she hurriedly slipped off her clothes. Like most giantesses, she only had to worry about a patch of fine pubic hair, so it required nothing to special to keep it cleanly shaven.

Not as sensitive as before, I grazed my cock along her precious lips for a couple of minutes. I then blew my newest load as deep in her mouth’s crevice as I could push. Sensing it, my sister poked her tongue out to sexily lick her lips clean.

“Put our slaves deep in your pussy.”

Aching to have something in her hungry lower mouth, she used both hands to seize her toys that had been valiantly keeping her nipples hard. They screamed as she pushed them into her soaked cave.

“Now I want you to push and rub me against your clit until you cum.”

Her fingertips plucked me off her flushed face. I flew over her delectable looking tits. A quick sixty feet farther down and my front side was being body slammed against the steaming folds of her pussy. I could smell the pungent, sharply sweet heat emanating from her opening. I expected her to use my body like a dildo or something, but she was tender as she buffed her outer folds with me. I got coated in a fluid more viscous than her saliva pretty quickly.

Her slow rubbing stopped completely. Taking the hint, I used my hands to caress her slightly loose and stretchy skin. She quivered from my measly touch. I heard at least one of the unwilling cave divers still bawling. My fingers unfurled the hood protecting most of her clit. My slick fingers traced the borders of her melon sized bulb. She gasped a little when I did this, prompting a round of shallower, faster breathing.

Not wanting to be too rough before she was ready, I tested her sensitivity. First I stayed near the base of the clit. The next step was to run my fingertips over it. She squeaked out cute pants here. Next, my whole hands massaged the smooth, taut redness. Her grip on me tightened. Her free hand squeezed her enormous breast. She shouted in ecstasy when I kissed her clit as my hands bolstered their barrage. Several moments later, I felt her hips thrusting up to meet an invisible cock.

“Ahhhh! Ryan! Kiss me there again! Just keep kissing it!”

I kissed and licked her thrilled bulge. I was sweating like crazy, but I only had my concentration on her pleasure. I manipulated both hands to squeeze as much of her clit as possible. With one long lick, she screamed. Her entire form went stiff as something beneath me pulsated. The hand that had been on her tit crashed into the earth so she could dig her powerful fingers into the soil. Her climax was so overwhelming, she could not keep me in place. She released me and let me slide to the ground.

For the next couple of minutes, I simply heard her hard breathing and watched as some of her frothy cum leaked out of her. Unable to help myself, I dipped my finger in her sticky juice and tasted it. The pre-cum on me was neutral tasting compared to the tangy nectar in my mouth now.

Ultimately, my lover sat up to get a look at me. She smiled with the afterglow of someone satisfied to the fullest. For a second I thought her hand was coming for me, but her fingers mined inside her pussy. They came back out holding two lifeless toys utterly saturated in her bubbling cum. With only one use left, she popped the dead men in her mouth and grinded them down to delicious atoms.

After she swallowed, she picked me up to plant the most adoring kiss I ever received. I tried returning it. When she pulled me away, I saw her eyes gleaming with a watery sheen.

Noticing that I noticed, she produced a wet chuckle. “I’m sorry. I didn’t think I’d get this emotional.”

“I’m glad to see I’m not just an extra big toy to you.”

“Shhh! Don’t talk like that. I love you as my twin and now as my lover! How can anyone be more important to me? Just because you’re not my size doesn’t mean I can’t possibly love you more than Alex or our parents. And you did make me feel amazing just now. I can’t wait to get you in my pussy.”

“I can’t wait to cum inside it. I’m just not sure I have much more to give right now.”

“I bet you do.”

She lightly pressed her lips on my hips. Her tongue came out to rewarm my body with her muggy slickness. Every twitch of my cock made it harder and longer. I felt a little raw down there, but in an offbeat way, that added to the buffet of sensations more than detracted from it. She flicked her tongue roughly over parts of my body that could take it, but became much gentler on my face and cock.

She stopped the licking to lean back, supporting herself on an elbow. She then lowered me on to her pillowy left tit. Her three foot tall nipple had deflated a tad, so I knew what my job was. Like I had done to her clit, I rubbed my hands around the base of the big nub. When my hands stroked the bumpy skin upward, I leaned over to kiss the top of the nipple. I tasted a bit of salty seasoning that came from her sweat.

After a happy, guttural moan, Rachel said, “You’re so strong. Your hands feel like the weight of ten men.”

Heartened, I risked a neck cramp by moving my head back and forth to give her swelling lump a nice shine with my tongue. I risked carpal tunnel syndrome by putting all my strength in my kneading fingers. She responded with endearing squeaks. With her teat at its most erect, my teeth joined with my other actions. I bit down hard, not fearing I could break skin or discomfort her. She yelped and bit her lip. Her hand reached down to scrub her clit.

“G-go to my other nipple,” said Rachel’s shaky voice.

Eager to not leave her untouched for too long, I dashed to her twin tit, my hands and feet sinking somewhat on her giving skin. I bounded my way to her second stiff protrusion. I embraced it and tried to lift it off her. I was barely strong enough to tug it a couple of feet. She still enjoyed the effort I put in. I bit down and pinched all over the erect nipple. I garnered a chorus of moans and little yelps from her.

When I guessed that she was revved up all the way, I said, “Sis! Put me in your pussy!”

It felt more like gravity itself pulled me down rather than her hand. In a flash I was struck by a blasting heat wave. Her exposed pink flesh was exposed a little more as she spread her legs apart to insert my body. Her folds gulped me down head first. She was so wet that I slipped in easier than if I dove into a pool, if danker and far darker. Her inside was a furnace that would have boiled a normal human. I almost felt sorry for the two guys that had been in here.

Keen on getting her off before I dehydrated, I concentrated my movements on my hips and arms. I hoped to learn her weak points eventually, but I was too disoriented and new to this to do more than haphazardly feel her out. I humped her quivering vaginal wall and stroked the gooey inner flesh with my hands. I spun around and did the same thing to a different area. A greater trembling occurred right then. Her muscles contracted and the boiling fluids coming out increased in thickness and quantity.

Taking that as a good sign, I shifted my focus to my dick on this spot. I pounded against the wonderfully weird, semi-liquid cunt. She rippled and constricted all over me. I only realized I was cumming because another hormone induced surge fried my cognizance. Her cunt pulsed and squeezed me for an undefinable amount of time, threatening to melt me so that I could be one with her cum.

My first real awareness of myself came when I found myself coughing on the ground. Then I felt myself being lifted. I turned to see a very sweaty, red Rachel looking at me with embarrassed concern.

“Are you okay, Ryan? I didn’t mean to keep you in for so long. It’s just my orgasm kept going and going, and-”

I laughed. “I’m fine, sis… I’m glad to hear… I gave you a good… orgasm.”

“Maybe it was more than one. Look how dirty you are. Let me help.”

Like a cat licking her kitten clean, she lapped up her cooling juices off me. Of course, while I was left cleaner, I wasn’t exactly clean. Neither of us were. She didn’t feel like walking all the way to one of our home baths, so she ambled to the lake for a quick dip.

When we came out of the water, she kept me in her cupped hand. I was dead tired and dozing off. With the inbound twilight shimmering off her fair skin, I put all the love of a brother and lover into an “I love you.”

The last thing I heard from her was a symphonically fading “I love you too."

End Notes:

If anyone wants another of my tall tales, I put up a twenty thousand something word story on Amazon's Kindle Unlimited program. It's called An Enticing Apocalypse. Check it out if the following summary intrigues you.

The gorgeous giantess arrived without warning and with clear intentions. She wasn't interested in speaking with world leaders or do anything she considered tedious. However, as Derek Bennett soon discovers, she is not entirely callous. In the midst of her crushing, erotic play, and eating, the mortal man and goddess learn more about one another and form a bond that benefits them physically and mentally. If Derek can keep her amused, he might just live long enough to see his entire world crumble beneath her massive feet.


Chapter 3 by ReyRiles

The following few months had me feeling a lot less depressed. As often as we could get away with it, Rachel and I shared more intimate sessions. They only got more euphoric as both of us gained the experience to please each other the way we liked. She still did not neglect her time with Alex, but she promised that since I waited to seventeen to be with her, that he would wait the same amount of years. So, theoretically, we had each other all to ourselves for the next several months. Of course, in practice, bigger people would have a say on that.

I was finishing working with the cattle when the familiar rumbles of giant footfalls came near. I was near a thick chain-link fence that ran alongside a huge footpath the giants used to not pointless crush the farmland. While my family never intentionally hurt our human workers, their incoming presence often unsettled them, for they were still sometimes played with in some manner. It was why they started moving away from the footpath when they felt my mother coming. I knew it was Jennifer since her causal steps always felt the most powerful.

Her head rose above the horizon. The next step brought her tight yellow top into view. Her bare, flat stomach and blue shorts appeared next. Finally, her open toe sandals filled most of my vision as she closed the distance. She squatted right next to my position. Her hand reached for an old bull. It sprinted away, but it was no match for the speed of her stretching arm. She grabbed her four ton prey like a grape. Once it entered her salivating mouth, the apex predator proceeded to roll it all over her tongue. I loved watching as her full lips contorted as she tumbled the bellowing beast in her maw.

I waved up. “I thought you went with Dad to pick up some supplies.”

Keeping the animal against her cheek, she said, “Alex went with him. I’d rather do something else on this lovely evening. Here…” Her hand lied flat on the ground, palm facing up. “Get on. You’ve worked up enough of a sweat.”

I obeyed the largest being in the world. She ascended as I did. Level with her neck, I saw the temporary lump she created when she swallowed her morsel whole.

Beginning her stroll to our mountain home, she said, “Now then, I think it’s about time we openly talk about your blossoming relationship between you and your sister.”

“Yeah? Do you think something is wrong?”

“Wrong? No, of course not. Frank and I knew it was inevitable. What was less inevitable was my curiosity. Rachel has recently opened up to me about you two, and I was honestly surprised at how much she gushed over your… prowess. It’s gotten me curious.”

Despite knowing what she meant, I still asked, “Curious how?”

She chuckled. “First you have to tell me if you even see me in the same way you do Rachel.”

“Mom, I saw you that way before I saw Rachel in that way. The only thing is, I don’t want to try anything with you without telling Rachel first.”

She cocked her head. “Aww, how considerate of my little giant.” She lowered her head and lifted me higher to playfully rub the tip of her nose on me. “I don’t want to slight any of my babies in any way, so of course we’ll talk with Rachel first. In fact, I’m interested in what she can do as well. That’s where we’re going now. To meet her.”

My harder thumping heart pumped blood faster throughout my body. I had fantasied about Jennifer using me in the same way Rachel did, but I could never read how interested she herself was in the concept. She knew I sometimes watched her and Dad go at it, so she could have easily invited me to join at any time. It seemed it took Rachel talking well about me to inspire her carnal enthusiasm.

Mom’s lengthy strides swiftly brought us into the mountain entrance. Mom called for Rachel, who replied from the dining room. Here we found my twin eating from a bowl filled with plant life, fruits, and vegetables. Mom sat down on an immobile stone chair and placed me on the stone table in front of her.

“Sweetheart, I’ve been thinking quite a bit about what you told me about you and Ryan. How difficult would it be for you to share him?”

Rachel stopped chewing for a moment. After gulping down her food, she said, “Sharing Ryan? With you, Mother?”

“Yes. I wish to feel the unique pleasure he gives you. I would also like for you to be a part of it, though you don’t need to if you’re not keen on being with me that intimately. In any case, Ryan tells me he will feel too guilty to play with me if you don’t agree to share him. So it’s up to you.”

Rachel’s engaging amber eyes fell on me.

I shrugged. “Whatever you want, sis.”

Reddening, Rachel needed a couple of tries to lock eyes back with our mother. “I mean, someday I’ll be with Alex, and Ryan already said that was fine with him, so I guess I’m fine with Ryan being with you.”

Mom outstretched her arm so that her hand enveloped her daughter’s. “Thank you, darling. Now, how do you feel about sharing him at the same time? Sharing each other?”

My giantess twin briefly shrank as she blushed harder. “I-I’ve never really thought about it. I’ve thought about Ryan, Alex, and Daddy, but I didn’t know you were like that, Mother.”

“I was surprised at first too, but when I learned you were loving your brother in the most physical way possible, I suddenly saw my little girl for the beautiful young woman she’s grown up to be. And I can’t help but keep daydreaming about the both of you. It excites me.”

“What would we do?”

“Anything you feel comfortable with. Do you just want to kiss me? Suck on my breasts? Do you want me to finger you?”

“I want a hug right now.”

The giantesses slid out of their seats and stepped up to embrace one another. While Rachel had grown these last few months, the top of her head was still only able to reach Mom’s neck. That meant her face was buried in two tits bigger than her head. Even disregarding the context, their hug turned me on.

Mom’s finger tilted Rachel’s chin upward. Sensing her daughter was receptive to the experience, Mom dipped her head to give Rachel much more than a peck on the lips. Unsurprisingly, the incestuously lesbian display tented my shorts further. I had never seen Jennifer so effortlessly magnetic. It’s not like she needed to try all that much to get Dad going. It made me think that Mom enjoyed getting Rachel under her spell as much as the actual kiss itself.

When their lips separated, Mom turned to be. She lowered her hand, inviting me to it and the promise of satisfying my brimming lust. With me on one hand and guiding Rachel by the other, Mom led us into her room.

“Now, your father and younger brother should be gone for two hours. If we did this when they were here, they would undoubtedly rush everything. That’s all well and good when us girls just want to be fucked silly, but right now it’s all about taking our time to explore each other.” She sat on the bed, getting my sister to sit beside her. Mom pushed back some strands of her daughter’s shoulder length hair. “Or do you want to rush?”

“No. Slow is good.”

Once again Jennifer succeeded in gaining access to Rachel’s body. Her hand fell to her shoulder, then glided to her bulbous breasts. She gave them a little squeeze.

“Oh my. Your breasts are wonderful, sweetheart. They’re certainly firmer than mine.”

Eager to check for herself, Rachel reached out with both hands to cradle Mom’s gigantic tits. Her hands looked so small as they roamed and mildly massaged the bigger woman’s mammaries.

After a giggle, Rachel said, “Your boobs are sooo soft! But they’re still plenty firm, Mother, not to mention so, so big.”

“If you can reach my height, then yours will just about match mine.”

“I doubt you two will be able to hug when that happens,” I said.

Mom chuckled. “We’ll worry about that when the times comes. For now, I want to see my son’s cock. Can you take it out for mommy?”

I nodded. Sticking with the idea of not to rush things, I took off my shorts first before wiggling out of my boxers. Mom brought her hand up to study me more acutely than she ever had, making me a tad self-conscious.

“What a man my boy has become. I doubt you’re finished growing, and already your cock appears to be taller and thicker than your father’s.”

“Not as useful, though.”

Mom frowned. “Your father and I have worked hard never to make you feel inadequate about yourself. Did we fail, honey?”

“No, mostly not.”

“Hmm, I suppose we couldn’t prevent you from feeling a little small sometimes. No matter, I will do my best to make you feel like you’re more than worthy to gratify me.”

“And me!” added Rachel.

“Yes, let us both show you how much we love you.”

I saw Mom’s lips overtake my vision. With them puckered, they essentially engulfed my entire stature. I was pressed into her palm as her powerful kiss pushed against my front side. At one point, her lips parted, sending me into her mouth. The humidity was strong, but being in my sister’s pussy got me used to much wetter and hotter environments.

Through a slight gap, I observed as Rachel’s lips expanded in size. They collided with Mother’s, and like a never ending car wreck, I was jolted back and forth as two tongues writhed in and out. I soon realized that I was moving along the tongues and entering from one mouth and into the other. One woman would suck on me for a bit before giving me up to the other. I heard them both purring and moaning as they French kissed with two relatives at the same time.

It was easier to tell which mouth I was in due to the size difference. Mom also had better control of me. Her tongue would quickly get my front side to hug her cheek so that she could move me back and forth or up and down along her slippery skin, thus getting my cock to rub along her inner cheek’s surface. And since Jennifer wanted to taste my cum, she was the one to get me off.

After cumming, Mom spoke in a soft tone, though it was still mostly inaudible to me. I was allowed to move on my own while whatever happened outside my moist chamber happened. I took the opportunity to lay on my back and caress her tongue by making a pretend snow angel. I suppose it was technically a spit angel. Anyhow, a low, deep, booming chuckle told me she appreciated it.

Mom’s mouth opened. I heard a human woman screaming. I looked to see giantess fingers pushing a nearly bald, tattooed woman into her mouth with me. A second scream came from a man Rachel was putting into her mouth. The woman was dropped near me. She tried scrambling back out, but the extremely slimy surface made her clumsy. Of course, even the most graceful human could not escape Mom’s closing jaws.

Once again the giantesses started kissing, sucking, and wrestling their monstrous tongues. A trio of bodies were now being traded continuously. I often felt the humans as they wildly tried clinging to anything in their vicinity, but the spit forced us apart pretty easily. They screamed, cried, and begged, but then they would cough from the saliva they inexorably got in their mouths.

I never sensed such a connection with the giant experience before. To know beyond a shadow of a doubt that these people’s lives were nothing but nibbles to be savored until wholly forgotten about by beings markedly greater than themselves. I pushed the woman back the next time I felt her. She skated toward the back of Rachel’s throat. The little thing flailed for a second before she slid so far back that my sister had to swallow her. When I was in Jennifer’s mouth, I did the same to the male prisoner.

Shortly after those pair of criminal-aphrodisiacs were gone, the kissing slowed to a romantic pace. That gave me the chance to grind my hips on Rachel’s tongue so she could get a spurt of my sperm.

Mom spoke. Rachel’s tongue pushed me out. I expected to fall on to a palm, but the surface was slightly bumpier, firmer, and darker. Wanting more stability, my hand jutted out to a blurry, roundish shape. I let my eyes adjust. When they did, I recognized that I was on Mom’s left areola. Next to me was Rachel’s face, her lips tugging on Mom’s right nipple. My spit coated self went right to work as well.

Per my usual technique, I started off at the base of the nipple and stroked upward. At the top of a stroke I would choose between kissing, licking, pinching, or biting. As the pattern progressed, I would put more muscle into it. Of course, the most minor movement of Rachel’s lips far exceeded what I could do in terms of coverage and strength. Regardless, I tried not letting that fact bother me. That became easier to do when I got so horny watching my mother bite her bottom lip and close her eyes in the new sexual rush her children were giving her.

To Rachel, Mom said, “Cup your hand over my pussy, sweetheart… Yes, just like that. Now slowly start rubbing… Do you feel how hot I am? Gods, my babies are making me feel so good… so loved… Rub harder, both of you. Rachel, please put a finger inside me. It’ll make mommy so happy… Ah! Yes! Just like that. I’m so fucking wet… Two fingers, baby, please… Mmm… Faster, babies, faster.”

The giantess earthquake under me required my arms to embrace her bobbing nipple. Seeing that I had gone as far as I could to please her teat, Mom pushed her entire breast up to her face. Her mouth consumed her nipple to slurp me off it. Powerful moans and vibrating hums rattled my muscles as she sucked on me with an intensity that forced my eyes shut or risk losing them.

Her orgasm ultimately came. She wanted to scream, but was limited to an extra gaudy groan with her son right by her throat. She kept me in there as she recovered her breath. I overheard the smacking of tongue-less kisses. The only tongue involved came when Mom pushed me toward Rachel. From my sister’s mouth I was transferred to her palm.

“What shall we do next?” Mom asked us.

“Ryan is always good at deciding.”

“Is that so? So what do you want us to do, master?”

No one had ever sounded so erotic. I shivered from her sexy tone more than the cooling effect of the air.

“Are there more humans?”

“Two more.”

“Okay… I want both of you to cum. I want you to eat Rachel out while you finger yourself, Mom.”

“I see. What else, master?”

“I want one human in your pussy and the other in Rachel’s.”

“And where will you be?”

“Also in your pussy.”

“Perfect. Lie down and spread your legs for me, sweetheart.”

As Rachel listened to her instructions, Jennifer opened a part of the mountain wall. In the hollow were the two remaining humans. Mom’s hand gently wrapped around them. Her other hand lied flat near Rachel, who reassigned me to Mom. Without caring at all who went in, Mom pushed in a human into her daughter’s claustrophobic cave. Her head then occupied the space between Rachel’s thighs. My sister was quick to cry out in elated surprise at her mother’s tongue licking from the bottom of her labia to the top.

Meanwhile, the last human was carefully shoved into Mom’s wet slit. It was then my turn to join him. I went under a pussy still dripping its juices. The vertical mouth emanated an aroma stronger and, I dare say, more inebriating than Rachel’s. I slipped upward through her squishy folds. As soon as it was dark I heard the first entrant gurgling out terrified shouts. My mother’s finger pushed me toward the ruckus.

I had gotten better at guessing where I was within a pussy thanks to Rachel, but I probably needed another year before I felt confident that I knew any cunt like the back of my hand. In any case, thanks to the squelching sound that came from Mom inserting and extracting her fingers, I had a rough idea where the entrance lied. With that knowledge, I could swim-climb to her depths.

I bumped into the human on my way there. On finding him, I shoved him on ahead. With a strong grip on his ankles, I dragged him along the undulating walls I was once born out of. Literally a tunnel of life for me, and a tunnel of death for anyone else.

Jennifer trembled internally. Her contracting walls were almost twice as potent as my sister’s. Her lava-hot slush speedily drowned the human unused to such situations, but his limp body was still a useful puppet to grind across her sensitive skin. Cracking his bones as I fortified my grip, I held on to him as the onslaught that was my mother’s constricting, palpitating orgasm arrived.

Fingers pinched my ankles when the passionate fluctuations calmed. I was pulled out of Jennifer’s cunt by the woman herself. I hung upside down, the dead human dangling under me. When the soggy corpse and I entered mouth’s mouth, I let go of the body so that she could gulp him down. When Jennifer’s licked off her own greasy juices off me, she put me on her palm so that her darting tongue’s blunt tip roused me to climax.

“That was… that was amazing, Mother,” said a panting Rachel. “I think I’ll faint if Ryan is in me at the same time your tongue is on my clit.”

“But something we have to test sooner or later, hmm?” To me, Mom asked, “Where do you want to rest?”

“Your ass.”

“Not even hesitating! I do have a great ass, so I can’t blame you.”

Mom lied facedown alongside Rachel and set me on her giant left ass check. It was remarkable how it was able to be so bouncy, soft, and firm all at once. I splayed my body to feel as much of her as possible. Then, seeing a chance to be enveloped by two spongy cheeks, I crawled, then rolled, toward the center. My mother giggled when she felt her son enter the warm crevice of her heavily plump ass. Messing with me, Mom wiggled her butt and clenched her meaty cheeks. Lying on my side, I actually found a comfortable position to take a nap.

Chapter 4 by ReyRiles

Over the next several weeks, Rachel, Mom, and I participated in more threesomes when the giant men were busy. I frequently caught myself simply appreciating the tremendous sight of the giantesses mashing their voluptuous tits together as they made out either gently or roughly. I was more hands-on when they ate each other out.

With Jennifer having access to a giant’s cock more often than not, I was not really a sexual option without Rachel. However, since she could not get enough of my taste, Mom now went out of her way to find me whenever she hankered for “the most scrumptious boy toy ever,” as she once put it. I transformed into a living piece of everlasting hard candy that could be found in her mouth if I was missing elsewhere. I did less work as a consequence, but getting to use my compactness to please my mother was preferable to almost anything not involving actual sex. And it wasn’t as though Jennifer neglected to pleasure me as a reward.

It was a fantastic part of my life that successfully checked my frustration at being so small about ninety percent of the time. That ten percent, ironically, mostly materialized as I thought about the very sex that I partook in. I wanted to fuck my lovers properly, and I simply could not do that at my size. Regardless, I was far from miserable about it.

A month before I lost Rachel’s full erogenous attention, I was working a little after dawn when my radio messaged me about someone wanting to speak with me in the visitor’s center at the edge of our property. I drove in my specially made truck to the visitor center, which possessed a nearly four hundred foot tall tower for when my giant relatives met with those who came over. I just entered the smaller adjacent building, where a worker led me into an office I only used when I wanted to be alone.

Sitting in a human chair was an old man with short white hair and a short white beard. He was dressed in a plain blue dress shirt and black pants.

“Who are you?” I asked.

The man stood up and exaggerated his slight hunch with a quick bow. “Ah, Ryan Strider, it’s been a long time. You were shorter than I was when we first met.”

“I guess that means it was soon after I was born.”

“Right at that moment, in fact. I am Doctor Jeremy Freeman. I was part of the team that oversaw your mother giving birth for the first time.”

“Oh, I see. Do you think she’s pregnant again or something?”

“No, young sir. I’m here because much of my life’s work has been based on that birth. Namely, the data I received from your blood sample.”

“My blood?”

“Yes. Standard practice stated that I was only allowed to draw one syringe’s worth of blood from you to test and hold for official projects. However, I risked another syringe for my own purposes.”

“And what purposes are those?”

“To bring back your kind. Really, not just bring back, but to unlock your true potential. All my life I’ve been fascinated by genetics and giants, so when I obtained the rare opportunity to gather my own little supply, I took it.”

“Wait, you’re a human who wants to help giants? Why?”

“Why? You’re closer to the gods than humans are. This world was rightfully yours for ages and ages. Because helping your kind return to relevancy will make me the most influential human in history. Maybe I’d feel different if humans were obviously better at looking after the world, but all we do is release pollution, destroy nature inconvenient to us, drug up everyone in sight, and kill each other over shiny rocks or black muck. Frankly, it feels insulting to be ruled by humans when we can potentially have the might of giants again.”

“I’m guessing most humans wouldn’t agree.”

“Less than you would think. There are already cults that worship just the idea of bringing your kind back to their legendary size. I’m not in one, for I’ve been too busy working to make it a reality, and I think I’ve done it.”

I nodded unconvincingly. Still, I was curious enough to go take a seat in my chair. He sat back down as well.

“Now then, doctor, what do you think you accomplished?”

“I believe I’ve found the gene that limits your growth. More than that, I believe I’ve figured out how to reactivate it.”

I rose an eyebrow. “How did you discover it?”

“Trial and error. My greatest breakthrough came when I pinpointed how the giant’s malady effected the genetic makeup of the small giants still out there. Of course, their blood became mixed with humans. Your purer blood helped further refine what genes belonged to humans and which belonged to giants. To put it simply, I created a genetic roadmap, and it was the disease that helped guide me to the handful of genes that the Titans must have also had. Indeed, I’ve dubbed the gene I wish to reactivate the ‘Titan’ gene. If you let me, I wish to reactivate that gene in you and your family.”

My heart skipped a beat. Now my mind was beginning to process what this little doctor wanted to do.

“I’ll admit,” he continued, “I doubt you’ll attain the heights that the Titans were said to achieve, but I have no doubt that if it works to any degree, you will experience growth. Your family’s genes will be a little different, so I suspect they will not be affected as dramatically. Nevertheless, however much it works, I believe any risks to be minimal. If anything, any pain or illness will likely be a result of your body expanding. So if no growth happens, then no side effects will transpire. Is this something you believe worth a try?”

“It might. What would you do, exactly?”

“Your skin is tough, but I can inject the needed viral carrier with a special metal syringe in you. As for your family, they’ll have to absorb the carrier through their skin using pads you can stick somewhere on their body. The thinner the skin, the better. We can keep up the therapy once a week until the gene activates or we determine there is no effect. If you need some time to think it ov-”

“Do it.” My brain only realized I said it after I heard the words.


“Begin the therapy on me. If it works, then I can convince the others to try it.”

“Only on you? Hmm, if you suddenly begin growing, that could alarm some people. People will begin snooping and wanting to undergo tests. We may not be able to get the rest of your family the therapy if you’re under such scrutiny.”

“If I begin to change, then I’ll hide out in my home for as long as I can. I doubt I’ll grow a thousand feet overnight. Anyway, if there are going to be any unforeseen side effects, I want to go through them, not my whole family. I can’t budge on that.”

“Er, well, yes, that is understandable. Forgive me. I’m just excited to see my work flourish in all of you. But it will be sensible to start with one willing subject. Thank you.”

“When can we get started?”

“I’ll make another house call in four or five days.”

The doctor left after a couple of other details were explained. He left me anxiously excited. My father would tell me not to trust a human, but I couldn’t see how lying would benefit the doctor. Any sign of negative effects would have me not trust him to genetically modify my family, so it’s not like he was going to give me a drug that he hoped would kill me. Most humans expected that giants would die out on their own anyway, so there was no major contingent that wished to anger us by going out of their way to kill us. And if the little bastard got my hopes up for nothing, I was going to offer him to one of the girls.

The doctor made his house call three days later. He brought with him a steel syringe. He did not have the strength to plunge it through my skin, so he showed me how to accomplish it. I pointed the sharp tip at the crook of my elbow and pushed it in, propelling the plunger toward me. This was how the therapy went over the next four weeks.

Except for some lightheadedness that occurred a few hours after each shot, I did not feel all that different. Well, maybe I began eating more, which I believed may be a sign that my body wanted to store more energy for a growth spurt, but it never came. Mom also flippantly mentioned how I felt stronger, but that could have been due to how much exercise I had to put in when imparting my version of sex to her and Rachel. Doctor Freeman insisted that we continue the therapy for another month before deciding whether it was a bust or not.

Rachel and I were at our spot near the lake. It had been a week since she and Alex had sex, and I had to ask.

“So, sis, how was it with Alex?”

She giggled. “Sort of fast.”

“But it was real sex. His dick in you must feel quite a bit different than me in you.”

“Yeah, but don’t go getting jealous. It’s just a different kind of pleasure. And really, if you’re going to be jealous of anything, it’s not that his dick is bigger than your whole body, it’s how much cum he can squirt out from it. I just wish his cum tasted less… I don’t know, meaty? Yours is fruitier. I wonder how Daddy tastes? Ah, that doesn’t matter right now. I want you right now, Ryan. Isn’t all that matters now?”

“It is. Believe me, it is.”

I didn’t quite believe it myself. Alex starting to fuck Rachel, Rachel reaching Frank’s height, and the gene therapy not working soured me somewhat. Even as I embraced her mind-altering tit my sourness failed to sweeten. When Rachel stuck me inside her pussy, all I could think about was how much I wanted to fill her. I wanted to be the one whose seed impregnated her. I wanted to carry her in my arms. I wanted to fuck my mother’s big round ass while fingering Rachel at the same time!

Rachel’s pussy had become incredibly tight. Had I slipped into a cranny I did not know about? I rolled, but I mostly stayed in place. I climbed forward, only to find that place even tighter. I crawled backwards, but that’s when the writhing walls leaked out my sister’s juices all at once. Strangely, her cum felt thinner than usual.

I was pulled out and left to drop on the ground. I heard Rachel essentially wheezing and still groaning. With wobbling legs, I stood up. I instantly recognized something was off. Normally her clit would be out of my reach, but right now it looked like going on my tiptoes would get my fingers within stroking distance. I glanced up and down a few times to confirm what I concluded. I had grown!

Rachel sat up, still breathing deeply, but more controlled. “Ryan, what was…” Her head cocked. “R-Ryan? Are you bigger?”

“I think I am, sis.”

Her hand, at first hesitant, grabbed my sticky form. A quick observation showed that I was just a little shorter than the length of her hand. I was like a small doll rather than one of those plastic soldier toys.

“Wow, you’re even kinda heavy. How did this happen?”

“Uh, I may have an idea. But first, can you wash me off?”

Clearly intrigued by my larger physique, Rachel paced herself as her slithering tongue licked and sucked off her own extract. She then let me wash off in the lake water. Afterwards, I went ahead and told her everything about what the doctor did to me and what he and I hoped he could do to the rest of the family.

My twin was both captivated and troubled, expressing both when she said, “Ryan, I’m glad it looks like it’s working so far, but you should have at least talked to me first, or anyone!”

“Sorry, but I nothing anyone said was going to change my mind.”

“As long as things go well, I guess you’ll be forgiven. Do you even know how big you’ll get? Getting a little bigger won’t let you get your whole body inside me anymore. Or, gods, what if you become way too big for me?”

“That’s why you and the others should take the therapy too. It’s supposed to unlock all our full potential. I’m assuming that means everyone will be roughly equal sizes.”

“You’re assuming a lot, Ryan.”

“I know, but I figured if we found a way to make love when I’m barely bigger than a human, gaining any size should be easier to adapt to. Didn’t you just cum hard as I ever seen?”

“Maybe. I just felt you taking up more and more room within a few seconds. I’m glad you stopped when you did. I was so close to having to pull you out.”

“Heh, yeah. I guess I’m pretty good dildo size. Still, I want to get bigger. I want my cock to fill you as much as I did a few… minutes… ago…”

My eyes kept getting blurry. I shook my head. Rachel exclaimed my name. The fuzziness in my mind’s eye dissolved. I looked up to see that my sister looked closer, yet smaller at the same time.

“Ryan! You grew again!” She was right. I was now twice as tall as before. “You were talking about growing and you grew… Ryan, were you thinking about growing when you were in my pussy?”

“Yeah, a lot, actually. Do you think that’s it? I just had to think about it?”

“Try it.”

I did. I thought about my cock just barely able to enter her wettest cunt. There was actual vertigo this time. I felt my energy get sapped, but I pushed through long enough for Rachel to say, “It’s working!”

Too dizzy to focus, I halted the growth. I must have been a hundred feet tall. I fell on my ass.

“Whoa, are you okay?”

“Sure… It just takes energy and concentration.”

“Didn’t you say it’s best to not give away your new size?”


“But if you can grow, maybe you can shrink back down.”

“Oh, maybe. Hold on.”

The shrinking loosened the knots in my stomach, which I did not realize had formed. It also felt like the energy remaining was becoming denser, letting me recover my bearings faster than if I just stayed big. It felt so good to regain all my wits about me, I wanted to see if I could get even smaller than my original size. However, I merely stopped dwindling when I reached twelve feet.

“Aww, my original brother is back!”

“But I’m Ryan two point oh now!”

I focused on growing again, but this time only to show that I could, so I stopped at a shameful twenty feet. That was much easier on my mind. It seemed I would need energy and practice to master my potential. Forgetting about the future for the time being, Rachel and I were excited to try out my mildly bigger body.

What a difference a few feet made! Rachel could have accidentally swallowed me whole beforehand. Now, even if she tried she couldn’t. Before, getting her cunt excited required all of my vigor every time. Now I could be a bit lazier about it. Of course, I didn’t discard the techniques I learned, I merely did not have to expend so much energy accomplishing them. My decision to risk the therapy paid off when I made my gorgeous, deserving sister cum almost as hard as my even larger self had done.

It may have been my elation at the proof of a new future, but I too was satisfied better. Rachel’s tongue could actually suck my cock. My enthusiastic sister sucked it fairly hard. It was on the verge of being painful, but the pleasure was far more overwhelming. I could not fucking wait to fuck her like a true giant. Like a true Titan.

Two days later, I surprised Mom in the same way I surprised Rachel, though on purpose. Her puissant orgasm wanted to squeeze all my atoms into a fusion reaction. Fortunately, I came out unscathed. I loved Mother’s rosy, wide-eyed expression as she held my larger body. She so rarely surrendered to bewilderment. She looked at her naked daughter, who smiled knowingly in return.

I described the events that led to this moment. As expected, Mom chastised me a bit, but with the results so obviously positive, she wasn’t going to discipline me or anything. I therefore told her that the doctor gave me the therapy pads for the rest of the family the day before.

“Imagine if your size now is your smallest one, Mom,” I said. “I mean, Rachel already says she wants to try it, so if you’re comfortable having your little girl a lot bigger than you…”

“Hmph. I know what you’re trying to do, young man. Is this true, Rachel? Do you want to go through the therapy?”

“Yes. I think Ryan’s progress speaks for itself, doesn’t it? How could I not want to get bigger and control my size?”

“I do see the allure. I only wish I had gotten to speak to this little doctor before my son subjected himself to his treatment. But what’s done is done. You truly do not feel any ill side effects, darling?”

“I would not hide that from you, especially since I want you to go through with the treatment too. Growing definitely makes me hungrier, but I like eating, so I would not count that as a bad. And I’m sure once I get more energy and practice, the dizzy thing will go away.”

“Hmm, shrink back for me.”

I did. Mom popped me into her mouth. As she was being meditative this time, I tumbled slowly as she and Rachel blithely made out.

When I was spit back outside, Mom said, “As soon as any negative side effect arises, that doctor is mine, okay?”

I laughed. “Yeah, Mom, I already knew that.”

“Then get the pads.”

I had Rachel take me to my room so I could get two pads. After some discussion, it was decided that the pads’ drug could be best absorbed on their clits. The small mats would be lost or ineffective just about anywhere else. As long as they did not fuck for a day or so, the pads could be tucked under their clit hoods safely enough. That of course meant the male giants needed to be informed about the treatment next.

Alex would be easy to persuade, and while Frank would require more coaxing, I believed Mom’s wiles and the fact everyone else would be undergoing the therapy would bring him around. Finding a place to put the pads promised to be trickier for them, though. Their cock heads were kinda like clits, but they were much more unstable. I figured they would have no choice but to put the pads on their eyelids or something.

I was secretly glad that my father and brother may not get to benefit as much from the therapy as the girls and me. I at least wanted the chance to become equal to them—if not outright outdo them—and that could not happen if they unlocked their full potential easier than I did. My own therapy would continue for as long as the doctor possessed the means and ingredients to administer it.

Chapter 5 by ReyRiles

I ate as though I were training for a food eating contest. As I got capable enough to hold my bigger sizes, I began eating the smaller animals the farm raised to bring variety to my family’s meals. To absorb as much of their energy as their bodies could give, I gulped down the chickens, turkeys, rabbits, dogs, and cats whole. It was so amusingly odd to feel them thrashing in my stomach when I got enough animals in there. Still, with animals being eaten all the time in nature, it was nothing too special beyond the tickling sensation. Only one creature could comprehend the existential horror of becoming a greater being’s lunch.

My next leap into giant-hood came when I grew a little over two hundred feet tall, or a size I believed I could gobble up a person without much trouble. Reading my mind, it was Rachel who gifted me with four prisoners for us to share while in her room one afternoon. I grew to the two hundred feet and sat on her bed. She dumped the box of prisoners between me and her. They only wore their boxers.

“Which one will be your first?”

I studied the little guys for a minute, Rachel’s hunting fingers keeping them from running away. The tallest, fattest of the group attracted my attention the most.

When I went to pick him up, Rachel snickered and said, “I had a feeling he would be the lucky one.”

The human howling and floundering between my fingertips brought goosebumps throughout my skin. Who knew the soles of one’s feet could experience that shiver? A man who would otherwise be considered intimidating to a human was about an inch and a half in my palm. Nothing ever looked so pathetic.

I shook the fucker to get him to be quiet a few seconds. I then rose him to my nostrils and sniffed him. My stomach growled from the salt tinged aroma his steak-like musk emitted. I switched just flipped in my brain. I felt as though I had been lost out in a dessert for weeks, and now there was this life sustaining grub right in front of me.

I hurriedly tossed him in my mouth, coated him in a thick layer of saliva, and swallowed him head first. My immediate impression was thinking that he tasted like a uniquely seasoned chunk of rare steak. He struggled of course, but my inner muscles easily pushed him downward. I sensed him fall into my stomach. He instantly gave me a boost in mood and energy. A current member of the world’s ruling class was now helplessly trying to stop himself from being dissolved in my acids.

“Congratulations, brother. You’re now a man-eating giant. How was he?”


The giantess, who was still dressed, noted my exposed hardness. “It can be even more so. Take another tiny in your mouth. Just suck him while I suck you off.”

I grabbed all three convicts and plopped one of them on my tongue. Darkness and intense moisture enclosed all around him. Stumbling on all fours, he tried running toward my shut lips, but my tongue curling upward rolled him toward my throat. He stopped before the fall, giving me my chance to push his body on a row of teeth. I pressed down lightly, not intending to chew him, not yet, anyway. I just wanted him in place as I sucked his salvia drenched skin.

Speaking of sucking, Rachel’s own mouth had completely taken in my cock. I felt my head brushing against her soft, soggy throat. She sucked it all at once and whipped her fantastic tongue back and forth. I groaned noisily. The screaming new flavor in my mouth and the sublime sheath my cock was encased in speedily ferried my orgasm from my balls to my sister’s throat. While I came, I ingested my succulent stimulant. Rachel’s cheerful moans as she swallowed my cum helped send even more seed her way.

When my cock wetly popped out of her mouth, she said, “Gods, Ryan, you taste so damn good. I don’t know why you taste better than Alex or Dad, but please don’t change.”

With strong breaths, I said, “You’ve tasted Dad, too?”

“Yeah, just two days ago. He wanted to fuck me, but I’ve been saving myself for you the last three weeks, so I just blew him.”

“You’re saving yourself for me?”

“Uh-huh. It turns me on so much knowing you and I will soon get to fuck for real, and I don’t want to dull that feeling with replacements. I’ll just be thinking of you, and that’s not fair to Alex and Dad.”

“That last part sounds like Mom.”

“Yes! She’s the one who suggested the idea. She even says she’ll also resist fingering me or eating me out until you and I release all our pent up desire.”

“Ah, that’s why Mom hasn’t blown me lately. In that case, just like you helped me not get too pent up, let me return the favor. Open wide!” She opened her mouth. “I meant your other mouth, but here’s one snack for you.”

Her oversized lips kissed mine after my present went behind them. As we made out, she slipped off the clothes covering her healthy hips. She spread her vertical lips so that I could shove the last victim inside her, as well four fingers. How bizarre be a hundred times more powerful than I ever had, yet still feel like my sister’s plaything!

Our much smaller plaything was shared from one mouth to the other, mixing that matchless human flavor with my twin’s own fleshly zest. I pushed my hand deeper into her cunt until my upright thumb reached her clit. I wiggled my fingers against her inner self while my thumb’s tip rubbed her clit. My other hand groped her heavy tits.

After several moments, Rachel pushed the man in her mouth into mine, the said, “Eat him. You need your energy!” I opened my mouth to show her the exhausted man lying on my tongue. The next time I opened my mouth, he was gone. “Now use your extra energy to get me off, shorty.”

The giantess lied down so that I could not reach her lips or boobs. She wanted me to focus on her clit and cunt, so I cajoled her to spread her legs wider to give me easier access. I shrank to the point that my whole hand and forearm fit snugly inside her. There was never getting any used to how hot she was in there, but being this big made me sweat a lot less than sticking my entire body within the living boiler.

Like my dick would soon do, I pulled my arm back and then pushed it in. I felt the human I left previously, but cared nothing about what happened to him. I started the motions achingly slow to tease her. My tongue whirled around her clit to underscore the provocative game I played. When I sensed that her rasping breaths were becoming more frustrated than pleased, I upped the pressure and speed of my arm and tongue.

I kept up this pattern of gradual escalation until I got her sopping wet and yelling my name. The sheer power of that thrusting must have turned that human to less than pulp. On seeing her head unable to settle to one side, that’s when I did something my cock could not do—I wiggled my fingers to tickle the ceiling of her cunt.

If I were any weaker, the tightening of her snapping pussy would have broken my arm. As it was, the grip on my tired arm gave me the excuse to rest it. The work my tongue did stopped shortly afterward. Her long, tense climax quaked me through our intimately personal connection. The instant she loosened her clutch, I slipped out of my lover.

Now free to look about, I saw Mom and my brother. Alex’s back was against Rachel’s doorway as Mom sunk her tongue down his throat. Our twin lovin’ had clearly inspired the mother and son duo. Rachel eventually noticed the progressively incestuous display when she sat up. She and I watched as Mom pulled down our brother’s shorts to pop out his ready cock. Compared to the largest member of the family, my brother’s monstrous member looked more than manageable for my mother’s mouth.

She slurped and sucked him for several minutes, getting him to the edge before sliding the engorged dick back out. Mom next walked over to a chair by Rachel’s desk and leaned over it. Even still in her shorts Mom’s bubble butt was so fucking irresistible. It almost motivated me to waste all the energy I had gathered to grow big enough to push Alex aside and take Mom for myself.

However, Alex was currently more motivated than me. He stomped over to Mom and pulled down her shorts so that he could jam his face in her pussy. With Alex’s slowed growth making him a little shorter than Rachel, his head was dwarfed by his parent’s great ass cheeks. Nevertheless, Mom’s moans told us that she enjoyed her son’s mouth action on her wet pussy lips. Alex was far too wound to merely keep tasting my mother’s juices. He needed to do more than stroke his erection with his hand. He rose and lined up a cock still thick with Mom’s spit. It thrusted inside her without any friction at all.

With no possibility that I could join, I shrank back down and watched the show with a hardening rod between my legs. Always there to add to my excitement and relieve it, Rachel scooped me up to kiss, lick, and suck me all over for a minute. Then she placed me on the part of her tongue that stuck out her mouth. I stared at my fucking mother and brother as I grinded my balls and cock on the tip.

My brother’s slackened thrusts and loud grunting hinted at the orgasm now conquering his body and mind. I wasn’t far off. When she tasted my little drops of cum, Rachel drew me in her mouth and shut it. There wasn’t too much activity while inside her sultry mouth, so I was able to hear the muffled bustle still happening outside.

I discerned that my family wasn’t done fucking yet when their voices and murmuring came closer. Rachel’s bed splintered and cracked from the increased weight being placed upon it. Rachel lightly began kissing somebody. As there was no tongue involved, I assumed it to be my brother, especially when I head Mom’s more distant voice a while later.

Something giant thudded the bed repeatedly. More kissing commenced, but this time another tongue did join in. It snaked me into Mom’s mouth. The original tongue fought back for its prize. I was passed around in this way for who knows how long.

Jennifer’s mouth ultimately kept me as her growling throat articulated her inbound climax. Her unconfined squeal rang my ears, and the prolonged moan afterward rumbled my bones. Once the girls cleaned themselves up, they put on their pads for that week.

As it turned out, I needed to get therapy pads for myself when I couldn’t get the needle to pierce my skin. Doctor Freeman was thrilled about this development. It meant that the therapy wasn’t merely working on the size gene, but ancillary ones as well. And while I wasn’t as thrilled about no longer being able to receive the purest form of the therapy, it was good to know that even at my smallest size I was evolving into a superior being. I wondered what it would now take for something to make me bleed if even I couldn’t prick my own skin with something sharp.

My progression did not stop with increased invulnerability. Another change happened a few days later. Actually, when recalling what I felt, the gentle tingle that sometimes delighted my skin probably happened as far back as the week before, it was only that I began to really notice the sensation when I realized it occurred while I grew outside. More precisely, it happened when the sun’s unobstructed rays tanned any part of my skin that wasn’t clothed.

After some tests, I guessed that the sun was supplying me with a bit of energy. It wasn’t much, but when I focused on it, it made it easier for me to grow past my previous limits, if at a much slower rate than simply going for it. With some mastery, I figured I could use a constantly cloudless day to grow incredibly massive. I hoped my family obtained the same ability.

There had yet to be a breakthrough on getting the girls to grow at will. I figured their much grander bodies and less effective delivery method needed more time to change them. No one was too hung up about it, though. They saw gaining more height as a bonus more than anything life changing like I did. It was perhaps that very mindset that held them back. With the goal of making sure it wasn’t their own state of mind restricting them, I brought it up next time a nude Rachel and I were at our spot.

“What do you mean?” asked my twin.

“I mean, when I was basically feeling desperate to grow, that’s when it first happened. I imagined myself bigger and stronger to please you. I’m not sure you really want to grow all that badly.”

“I guess you could be right. I’m definitely not desperate.”

“Well, maybe you don’t have to feel as desperate as I was, but it helps if you want it.”

“I do want it! I think it’ll be so amazing to be big enough to use get bigger!”

“But why?”


“Yeah. What do you want to do?”

A giggle. “I think it’ll be awesome for you to get as big as I am now, only for me to get so big that you still fit on my hand like you do now.”

“Heh, all my hard work for nothing. That’s funny, but that’s not enough. Getting bigger for me meant loving you like I imagined, to give you Titan children.”

“Aww. You already want to give me babies?”

“Lots of them. I want to start a true race of Titans with you. Don’t you want that?”

She grinned, brightening the gloomy evening sky. “I do.”

“Then we have to be Titans ourselves. We have to be so big and strong that no human army could ever threaten their new, rightful lords. I want you to be my Titan queen. Can you close your eyes and imagine that for me?” Those amber gems became cloaked under her eyelids. “Do you see yourself as my queen?”


“How big are you?”

“We’re both huge. We’re sitting chest deep in the ocean. Our children are playing with those human military ships like they’re bath toys.”

“We can get closer to that scene if you can grow right now. Grow, Rach!”

My command echoed off her body. A crisp silence pervaded the world around us for exactly two seconds, then I felt her feminine physique pulse under me. I fell back on her palm as she expanded in seemingly one instant burst. She yelped. This quick explosion in size continued in a slower, if still noticeable, progression. The yelp converted into a low moan. To not interrupt her, I stopped my instinctive shout by clasping my mouth shut. I just wanted to see how far, how high, she could take herself.

The rising giantess shook her head a few moments after the growth started. I knew then she was experiencing something similar to the mild vertigo I felt when pushing myself to my limit. Nevertheless, even decelerating her progress further gave her dozens of feet a second. I saw myself becoming smaller than a human had once been to her. The average tree around us shrank to look like those little bonsai ones. Her nipples, puffing up from both the growth and some arousal, extended to be almost as long as I was tall.

Finally, she exhaled a breath she had been holding in, cueing the end of her spurt. I estimated that she had grown more than three times her original size. She opened her eyes and looked down at me, her now ant sized brother. A buff ant, but an ant nonetheless. She gasped, then looked at her reduced surroundings.

With a booming undertone, she said, “Ryan… it worked! I’m sitting and I’m taller than I was standing. Look how cute you look! You didn’t just shrink on me, did you?”

“I think the shrunken world should tell you I didn’t. You look sexy as hell, sis.”

She looked down at her ballooned boobs. Her free hand groped them. “Thank you. I have to enjoy being bigger than Mom before she figures out this growing thing.”

Letting go of her boob, she reached for a tree. Plucking it like a flower, she brought it to her face. The plant would have been able to brush her knee beforehand, but now it was down her throat in a couple of chomps.

“Mmm, interesting,” she said.


“Trees weren’t really my thing, but this one tastes pretty nice. Did your tastes change when you grew?”

“I’m not sure. I didn’t eat trees and humans before I could grow.”

“Humans! My tongue has to do a few experiments on them.”

“They’ll be even smaller than me right now.”

“Then I need a bunch of humans.”

“When you’re a true Titan queen, you’ll have a supply of billions.”

“I can’t wait! First, I’ll see if you taste any differently.”

Her hand rose me to her protracting tongue. The reddish-pink appendage briefly slid along her palm before its saliva stuck me to its surface and retracted back into its refuge. If I didn’t already have the ability to grow, I would have been a tad afraid. I trusted Rachel, of course, but being this tiny made me susceptible to an immense amount of pressure that came from some light suction and being pressed against her cheek or the roof of her mouth. And as in control as she was, there was only so much dexterity one could attain with something no bigger than a seed.

Fortunately, my sister was aware that she could not go all out on me when she did not know exactly how much more power her new size granted her. So, after only a few tumbles and gentle suctions, I was back outside.

She licked her lips. “Delicious! Even so small, it was like you were twice as tasty as before. I bet that goes for humans, too.”

“Still, we’re gonna need scientific evidence.”

“Then let’s go get some! I bet Mom has some people stashed away. We should go surprise her. Or should I shrink? Do you think anyone has noticed my bigger self yet?”

“Part of the reason I wanted you to test your growth now was because of how cloudy it is. The humans can’t see us from their satellites and most of the workers are gone by now. We should be fine. Go ahead and walk home at this size.”

“Will do! I’m gonna stand up!”

I heard a kind of repressed grumbling that I believed originated from her muscles working to lift her gargantuan frame. Her breasts jiggled in an almost slow motion manner. The quick elevator ride took me to a view only the tallest of skyscrapers could beat. She took in the view as well before picking up her clothes and taking a thunderous step toward our home, covering the distance of a football field in that single stride. She was going to show the rest of our family what a true sense of purpose could get them.

Chapter 6 by ReyRiles

We drunk in the shocked faces of our family as they looked up at the lofty Rachel. They barely reached her lower thigh, and even crouching she towered over them. The match of inspiration was lit. It came as no shock to me when, just a few minutes after explaining what triggered Rachel’s surge in stature, Mom began gaining height. Rachel had to step back as Mom filled more space. The maternal giantess’ evolution stopped a hundred or so feet short of her daughter.

Mom laughed when her scanning eyes caught her short husband and youngest child looking up at her in another layer of awe. Her hands went from her hips to her substantial breasts, pushing them upward. Letting her tits drop back down in a hypnotic wobble, she sighed in deep satisfaction. Looking at my twin’s hand, Mom said, “This is amazing, darling.”

“And it’s just the beginning, Mom.”

“Yes, it is. In fact, if we’re going to reach our potential, I say it’s about time we start to gather energy in mass. We have thousands of animals at our disposal, don’t we? Rachel, let’s begin our feast. You boys better hope we leave some for you!”

The girls stomped and giggled their way to the open field where we currently kept the majority of our cows. A relative handful of their incredibly long strides brought them to their purpose. They kneeled on the ground and each woman started picking up all the cows they could. Not wanting to worry about carrying me, Rachel set me down. Hoping to obtain my own energy, I grew to two hundred and fifty feet. I sprinted away from the overwhelming giantesses with the aim to eat my fill of animals before they could get to them.

Our all-out gorging lasted beyond the dawn. Many of the larger fields and buildings that kept more livestock were emptied of our valuable occupants. I never burped so often in my life. I met several of our human workers early on when I opened up the first building I came across. I figured our workers deserved a chance at eventually proving themselves subservient to the Titan cause, so I told them to collect in my room or risk becoming part of our banquet. They used their radios to spread the message to the rest of the night crew.

I saw the silhouettes of my bigger family early in the morning. I went up to the field they occupied with a stomach that was almost too full. My acids as a giant should have been strong enough to dissolve steel in a few minutes, so the fact that I still felt the final thuds of dozens of little animals inside me suggested that they stood on the gory leftovers of their earlier consumed brethren. Mom and Rachel were sitting down, their legs outstretched in front of them. I assumed their very next pang of hunger would allow them to finish off the fields and buildings farther north.

As I walked up to them, the two women leaned into each other and began kissing. Kneeling by their gigantic bare feet were Alex and Dad. My brother was massaging Rachel’s foot while Dad was working on his wife’s. The male giants looked to have gained some height as well, though nothing drastic. My sixth sense told me I could match or surpass them if I desired, but I did not know by how much or for how long I could hold such a size. The timing also felt wrong. If I was going to expend my energy, it was going to be because I knew it was going to be worthwhile.

I put my hands on Rachel’s right sole. She scrunched her toes in response. Her foot faintly secreted the natural fragrance of freshly cut grass, a dash of rich soil, and saltiness. I looked toward Alex to see him lining his dick up between his older sister’s big and second toes. He humped her foot without Rachel taking much notice. She was engaged with Mom’s lips, both pairs. Her kneading hand had slunk down to Mom’s pussy. Slowly, her fingers amassed Jennifer’s pre-cum and idly slathered it over her labia and clit.

Well after my brother spewed her toes with his seed, my sister and mother were locked in their languid foreplay.

Warmed up enough, Mom said, “I want your tongue in my cunt, sweetheart.”

“I bet I can get a lot more of my tongue in you if you shrink a little for me,” replied Rachel.

“It’s like you read my mind.”

Mom shrank until she was all the way back to her original size. Now overpowered by her daughter, she could not stop Rachel’s tongue from going for her tits first. She coated her entire chest in saliva before taking an entire boob in her mouth. Mom’s chuckle transitioned into a moan as Rachel licked and sucked for a few moments. Only after she tasted both breasts did Rachel move down to the main course.

My sister’s salacious lips kissed Jennifer’s snatch all at once. I overheard the light smacking that came from the contact. A weighty tongue darted out of its den to insert it into another hole. Mom’s whole body shuddered. Offering yet more pleasure was her husband going up to kiss her and feel up tits wet from his daughter’s spit. I was so engrossed by the sight that I didn’t notice Rachel’s hand coming for me.

As I was tenderly trapped in her grip, she said, “My tongue is a bit too big to go all the way in Mom, so be a good toy for your mommy.”

Getting the message, I shrank. As soon as I became the wanted size, Rachel popped me in her mouth. I did not stay in her for long, for she used her tongue’s tip to push me in our mother’s red-hot cunt. With her tongue taking care of Jennifer’s front half, I worked on the back half. The sheer amount of stimulation hastily drove my mother crazy. Her hips kept bucking against the tongue and her convulsing pussy walls never got so wild so fast before.

Normally, being so deep inside meant an orgasm wasn’t quite enough to spill me out of a giantess, but this one was accompanied by my sister sucking out Mom’s juices. I was thus pulled and slurped into my sister’s mouth. I grew while in there so that I could get the strength to rub my dick on her tongue until I came. My sister ultimately dumped me between the heaven of Mom’s bountiful tits.

“Look how cute my little family is!” declared Rachel. “I bet y’all look even cuter if you were smaller.”

To check to see if her assertion was true, the colossal young woman took up more of the horizon and sky.

“Focus on the sun, Rach!” I said. “It can give you more energy!”

With her eyes closed, I could not be certain that she took my advice seriously. In any case, her recently gained energy surely assisted in making her mind-bogglingly large. She was on her knees, yet our six hundred foot tall father looked smaller than a toddler by the time she stopped expanding. She had to be over half a mile tall now.

After opening her eyes, she said, “Holy shit! I’m bigger than I expected.” Her voice alone juddered the ground. Ravening eyes sized everyone up. “Alex! You look good.”

A hand that could crush a plane lifted a giant like a doll. If I was standing, I would have fallen on my ass when my twin fell back on hers. Her legs spread to enclose her family and reveal pussy lips glistening from the arousal gained from eating our mother out. Without ceremony, the godly sister inserted her brother’s strong legs in her cunt. Knowing we were not delicate, Rachel roughly handled her living dildo. She shoved him in up to his waist and pulled him out at a rapid pace, her fingers wrapped around Alex’s head and torso.

In the meantime, Dad settling himself in front of Mom partly blocked a good view of what my sister was up to. For the first time since their early years together, Frank was bigger than his wife. His head plowed right into her left breast, his mouth engulfing her nipple. Due to my proximity, I heard him slobbering all over it. His teeth tugged at the nub while he used his fingers to do the same to the other. His nipple play rocked her tits, which rocked me in turn. I rolled to my side to let the roiling mammaries rub against my cock and backside.

I got close to cumming, but Frank stopped stirring the breasts so much when he drove his stalwart pole in Mom’s snatch. Craving my interrupted release, I crawled out of my mother’s tits and moved toward her head. I also grew, as I needed to be bigger for what I had in mind. I let my legs straddle her neck, then I stood up when my feet touched the ground. I then leaned over so that my upper body lied over Mom’s face. Easily understanding what I desired of her, Jennifer opened her mouth so she could take in my throbbing dick and swollen balls.

There was so much damn sex in the air with my sister treating our brother like a dildo, an assertive husband pushing his wife’s legs up to plow her deeper, and a mother sucking off her son’s cock at the same time. As my mother swallowed the cum I jetted into the back of her mouth, the thunderclaps of Rachel’s wailing orgasm overcame all else. By comparison, our father’s grunting climax sounded as though a porn video was put at a volume barely above mute. Cooling off, Rachel picked Alex up to her mouth so she could lick her own gluey sap and get him to cum. With those goals accomplished, she set him down by the rest of her family.

Some moments of rosy reflection later, Rachel said, “I want to go for a swim so bad, but I don’t think any lake nearby can hold me, and I don’t want to shrink. How far is the ocean from here?”

“A little less than a thousand miles west, baby girl,” answered Frank.

“I’d guess you can walk there in an hour,” I said.

Mom sat up. “That will probably force the humans to take action. I doubt you can walk all the way to the sea without stepping on some of them.”

“Or eat some,” said Alex.

“Exactly. We could force them to take drastic measures. I think we should gather a bit more energy and master our size changing ability for a while longer. For one thing, Ryan, did you say something about the sun earlier?”

“Oh, yeah. At least for me, I think I can absorb some energy straight from the sunlight. It’s not a lot, but it helps stabilize my growth spurts.”

“See, we all need to figure out whether we can do this as well. If the sun alone can bring us a few thousand feet on its own, we won’t need to waste so much energy from our food.”

Mom was right. Therefore, we all shrank to more manageable heights and decided to use the next few hours to train in converting sunlight to size.

It was obvious early on that I was the best at taking advantage of the sun’s donation. Without implementing any internal energy at all, I could steadily keep growing until I broke my concentration, which happened about every minute. Each of those stints gave me fifty feet or so. The rest of my family added about half that in the same amount of time. It was a slow way to grow, but I foresaw that the sun would be our main source of growth when we were too big for humans to offer much energy.

Near noon, I remembered that I was supposed to meet with the doctor. I invited the others to come meet the human who unlocked our potential. With all of us around four hundred feet tall, we went to the visitors center. We boys lagged behind the pert girls to specifically gawk at their swaying asses. Since they knew of our overt intentions, they embellished their enticing movements for us. I was disappointed to see our short journey end.

The doctor came up to the top floor of the visitor’s tower within a few minutes of arriving. We had much to discuss, so we took him to our home. He and I had recently discussed hypotheticals concerning what to do once the Titan gene proved to be all it promised to be, but now we needed to go beyond hypotheticals. It was time to begin the process of making the world our own.

With the humans always keeping mechanical eyes on us, the word of our ability to grow soon got out. It wouldn’t be long before the antagonistic humans called for militaristic measures to be placed upon us. The good doctor and many of our workers already left to begin organizing our human supporters. This meant getting into contact with the cult-like organizations that the internet claimed several million people were a part of worldwide. They did not officially state that they would mindlessly follow our orders, but it was kind of implied. These cults frequently sent my family food of the nonhuman kind, but we had not thought about them much otherwise.

The long-term plan for the cultists was for them to become the world’s new human leaders once my family took care of major resisters. A reward for believing in us before we subjugated the others. For the short-term, we just really needed them out of the way so we didn’t accidentally crush or eat them whenever our romping rampage started.

There was no need to go running amok just yet, so I was with Rachel on her bed. The last few days of growing took a lot out of the family, so everyone was currently resting bodies sore from our distinctive workout. I kept my size equal to Rachel’s own. This allowed me to spoon her like a true lover. Despite what my dick snuggled in the crack of her splendid booty suggested, my mind was not interested in fucking her. I was merely exceptionally happy to hold my giantess twin in my arms, watching as she peacefully drifted off to sleep.

Chapter 7 by ReyRiles

I groggily awoke to an incredibly wet warmth enclosing the top half of my cock. My dream became reality when the haze in my eyes cleared to reveal my gorgeous sister dunking her mouth on my dick. A sunbeam filtered through the skylight window reflected off her golden hair and gave her a divine glow.

A swirl of her tongue jolted me to wider consciousness. Her hand cupped and cuddled my balls. I moaned my gratitude. At equal size, my cock was too big to engulf wholly, so she adjusted her height a bit. Now with the room to permit it, I thrusted my hips upward, getting my waist to meet her lips.

At the bottom of my humping, she would do that tongue swirling thing and move her head up as she sucked. Then I would hump again. This dazzling cycle could have sustained itself for half an hour or something, but after several minutes, she upped her gusto. She sucked harder and pressed her tongue more roughly on my mushroom head. I blasted my love into her thirsty mouth. So much cum came out, some of it dribbled out of the corner of her luscious lips and slid down my shaft. My cock lost little of its hardness, but it was enough relief for now.

“Gods, you’re just getting tastier,” she said as she stretched her arms up, jutting out those enchanting breasts of hers. Her hand grabbed mine and pulled it up. I sat up. “Come on. I want that swim now.”

“You sure? We might end up starting a lot of trouble.”

“That’s what I’m hoping for. That’ll give us an excuse to eat humans and grow even bigger. I think we’re ready to take on anything. After all, it’s a bright day.”

I smiled. “And I guess it’s best not to keep our supporters waiting. Let’s sneak out. I just want it to be us.”

So as quietly as two skyscraper sized beings could, we tiptoed out of our home. The instant the sunlight struck our skin, we began converting it to size. Strolling across our farm, or what was left of it, we held hands. There was no rush, but that still meant a couple of hundred miles an hour, and it only became faster as our strides gradually got longer.

Notable examples of human civilization kept well away from our farm. It was thus a scenic saunter through nature, scaring a lot of birds from their perches. We went around the familiar grounds of the mountain range, our feet expanding to the point they pulverized hundred foot trees in an explosion of harmless splinters.

The glimmer of glass and steel clusters ultimately reached our vision. Most of the buildings looked to be ankle height or less. We found a road and let it guide us to the town. Based on how many cars ran off the road and crashed, our mere presence was causing numerous injuries and deaths. My sharp eyesight also detected that the miniature earthquakes our steps produced cracked the pavement and felled any pole not secured too deeply in the ground. Lucky for the town, we stayed at the outskirts, as we were not going to go out of our way to bring destruction just yet.

Passed that little town, we saw others dotting the flat landscape in denser and denser fashion. Even if we wanted to go out of our way to avoid destruction, it would have proved impossible. As it was, our feet carelessly plowed any road or structure they came across. Unsurprisingly, wooden buildings felt like cubed trees. Brick and concrete crumbled as though they were made from a mixture of compact sand and tiny pebbles. Steel crumpled like thick tinfoil, though we had not come across much of it up to now.

Humans were mostly squished when they were in their cars or in an edifice, so we could not feel them much. Even when we caught a few out in the open, our dreadful size made it so that their insignificant bursting bodies barely registered physically. However, the popping humans mentally stimulated us plenty. It was impossible to get rid of my hard on as I surveyed all the chaos we wrought.

I clasped my sister’s hand tighter. She turned to flash me a knowing smile. We stopped walking to get in some kisses and clutching gropes. Rachel glanced down to see a ten story bank between us. She lifted her right foot and gently settled her sole on its roof. Windows shattered and debris fell. Some people ran out, even if they probably didn’t know exactly what was happening. I rose my foot and set it on top of hers. With a stomp, I sent both our feet through ten floors in half a blink. The shockwave from that act blew anything not nailed down a hundred yards.

“It’s just so easy,” said Rachel. “Even at my original size that little building would have been no problem to flatten.”

“Well, from up here I can see a shiny sparkle bigger than the others. Has to be an actual city.”

“Then what are we waiting for!”

She giggled and leapt out of my arms to begin skipping toward the brightest twinkle. What an innocently devastating vision she was. Every footprint she left seemed to create fires and smoke from burst gas lines or compromised gas stations. The whirling wind in her wake formed unstable tornadoes that flung terminal rubble every which way. I followed her annihilating footsteps, though made sure to not retread exactly on them. No point in having giant feet if I was just going to step on an already trampled area.

At another town over, Rachel ceased her frolicking when something on the ground attracted her attention. She bent over to pick it up, indirectly mooning me. It was a long, thin object dangling between her fingers. A passenger train.

“It’s like a fat spaghetti string filled with people!” she said. “Wanna share?”

I took her up on the offer. I picked up the end near the ground and observed the entombed morsels within. As expected, those still conscious were screaming at the sight of the great eyeballs penetrating their panicked souls. They had just been average folks worried about getting to their destination on time. Now there was only one destination they needed to concern themselves with.

Both ends of the train entered a mouth. The bland taste of steel did nothing for me, so I chewed through it a bit at a time. With this method I got the viscera of splattered people exploding on my teeth and tongue. Nevertheless, big sections of the train cars remained largely intact when I swallowed for the first time, so I imagined several people were alive when they arrived in my dark stomach.

My extended cock made contact with Rachel first, followed shortly by my lips. Our tongues battered the pieces of train lingering in our mouths. We didn’t stop kissing until every crumb was down one of our throats. My cock just kept stabbing and running up her thighs and stomach, getting streaks of pre-cum over her.

Wrapping her hand around my member, she asked, “Wanna fuck me now?”

“Yes, but I really wanna fuck you in a city. I want millions of people watching us. I want our lovemaking to squash thousands of people at once.”

“I don’t know how you restrain yourself. Alex and Daddy just can’t wait to stick their cocks in me and Mother. You like the buildup, don’t you?”

“I think it makes for a better fucking. I want our first real fuck to be perfect.”

“How romantic.” She planted an approving kiss on my lips. “I want it to be extra special too. We’re sooo close to the city. Let’s go invite it to our special fuck!”

The chase began again, her creamy ass cheeks my goal.

Soon we encountered the first true city. Bands of buildings here actually surpassed our hips, and the chorus of terror coming from sirens and screams could be heard without having to bend down. A swath of suburbia was trodden upon to get closer to the tallest edifices. The biggest, nicest looking homes that represented and held all the hard work their owners put into it were literally beneath our notice. Foot shaped imprints up to twenty feet deep was all that was left after their decades of effort.

“It’s kinda pretty, isn’t?” asked Rachel.

“Yeah. It’s almost like they made it just for us to break.”

I put a hand on her shoulder and turned her to me. We locked lips and wrestled tongues, this time with the added spice of knowing we had the attention of millions. Her awesome tits smushed against my chest, her stiff nipples denting my pecs. I grabbed her ass and pulled her hips to mine, putting my upright rigidness between us. Our aggregating excitement made our kisses rougher, noisier, and wetter.

While taking one of my peeks as I made out with her, I saw a plane taking off. Tracing back its burgeoning flightpath led me to the nearby airport, giving me an idea. Not breaking off our lips, I pushed Rachel backward. Her lower legs blindly bashed into several towers, though none more than thirty stories tall since I directed us away from the center of the city. Those handful of obliterated buildings no doubt doubled or tripled the number of lives we ended.

Curious about where I was taking her, the Titaness halted our kissing to look around. “What are you doing? We’re moving away from the city.”

“The city isn’t going anywhere… but some of these planes are.” I stopped us by a large patch of flat, mostly empty gray land. “Can’t let too many people escape.”

“Ooo, I bet some are filled with human snacks!” Rachel separated from me to take her own directed steps to the aircraft lined up by the airport terminal. She plucked up a winged tube and inspected it. She laughed, probably bursting most of the eardrums within the toy plane. “It’s full of terrified little people!”

“Perfect aphrodisiacs, sis.” I grabbed another plane. “Lay down.”

Her plump ass cratered the ground and rocked the delicate planes nearby. As she supported her upper body with her elbows, I kneeled by her. I next pinched my plane in the middle and pulled it apart. I hovered the front half over Rachel’s rosy face. Recognizing what was coming, she opened her mouth and stuck out her slightly curled tongue. I tilted the plane almost ninety degrees, getting dozens of people to plummet toward their horrendous doom. Most made it to her tongue, but a few missed it or bounced off the edges to fall and splatter much farther down.

I shook the broken tube extra hard to make sure any laggards that had somehow found a way to prevent themselves from losing to gravity were loosened. If a few managed to keep alive after that, I doubt they lived much longer after I tossed their section of the plane into the terminal. Rachel did not swallow yet. She waited for the back half of passengers to be dipped into her mouth as well before gulping them all down.

Seeing that someone opted to escape their plane, I took the plane that suddenly activated the emergency escape. Not wanting for too many to get away, I picked this one up next. I figured I could use this one to feed a different mouth. I tore off the wings and lowered the fuselage to the burning region between my twin’s thighs. Anyone in the cockpit got an excellent view of her gorgeous pussy lips opening up to accept them. The makeshift dildo smoothly slid inside her. Before it went all the way in, I pulled it back out. The surface was already getting fairly crinkled.

As I kept up that pattern, Rachel rose the plane in her hand to her mouth and began chomping down on it ten yards at a time. Halfway done, she sucked out the rest of the contents.

The small dildo was becoming severely compromised. Its crumpling ripped open several large fissures, not to mention every window was surely shattered. The giantess’ lubricating fluids were flooding the interior by using these breaches. By rolling the plane, I know I must have gotten many of the survivors stuck on a nicely even layer of pre-cum. Perhaps some had drowned in it already. What a pathetic way to die. It was just as likely the roasting heat also knocked out some humans.

Sensing that the plane was less useful inside her, I pulled it out completely and put some of it in my mouth. I sucked on the wreckage to lick up its sultry taste. Keeping half the aircraft in my mouth, I leaned over to bring the other half to Rachel. Our kissing crushed the humiliated object into less than scrap.

Meanwhile, I was brushing my cock’s head on her outer lips and clit, getting both of us to moan. I teased her by only barely getting my tip through her lips before pulling out. I probably tormented myself more than anything.

Alleviating my need to tease further, Rachel said, “Gods, just fuck me already!”

I thrusted all my weight into her hips, my balls slapping her ass at the end of it. My teeth gritted and her clenching hand crunched a plane on the ground out of existence. Despite my entire body being in her cunt many times, I had never been so encompassed by such warmth and love before. Rachel’s back dropped to the ground. After taking in the rippling feel of her soaked cunt for a moment, I partly pulled back out so I could pump into her again, and holy hell did feeling her softly rugged, leathery velvet wetness grinding all along my cock almost make me cum right then.

Simply wanting the amazing sensations to last longer than a minute or two, I was slow at first. I couldn’t even stare at Rachel for too long, since just looking at her playing with her massive titties was threatening to stimulate my load out of me faster than I wanted. When I thought I got a handle on myself, I upped my pace, which impelled more grunts and moans from each of us.

The fuck-quakes that came from me collapsed the terminal building into a cloud of dusty smoke. Hundreds of people fled out the building and from the remaining planes. Rather than being upset that they were escaping, I was glad to have them add to the considerable number of people watching me fuck my giantess twin sister. I certainly couldn’t get enough of the superbly irresistible view of Rachel’s face contorting into different shapes—some cute, some making her look like a tired whore.

Feeling that I was close, I pushed up my partner’s legs until her knees were smushed against her tits. I had seen my mother ask for this position, so I figured it was something a woman enjoyed. Going by Rachel’s squeaking yelps, it wasn’t a bad decision. Hoping it staved off my orgasm a tad longer, I grew. If anything, the tightening grip on my cock had the opposite intended effect, but it sent Rachel into another fit of screaming hysterics. When she told me she was cumming, it sent me over the edge.

Jumbo ropes of cum blasted into her deepest crevice. The high-pitched shout she released rang my ears, so I would not be surprised to learn that the sound wave liquefied the very brains of the nearest humans. Her elated cunt compressed every square inch of my fully inserted dick. Her mission was to squeeze out every last ounce of cum from me, and she was succeeding. I hoarsely grunted and yelled out her name as my overstimulated neurons fired all at once.

At the end of my cock’s twitching, my dazed head fell on her plush breasts. For the next couple of minutes, the only sensations I picked up were her fingers lovingly running through my hair and the softness of my impromptu bed. My first clear thought compelled me to seek out my lover’s mouth, so I lifted most of my weight off of her and crawled toward them. The mere fact that she accepted my kisses got a surge of blood back into my dick.

Taking notice of the recovering rigidity, she said, “Don’t stick that in me again just yet. My poor pussy still feels too tingly to appreciate your amazing cock if it goes right back in now.”

“Your fine pussy can rest easy, sis. I’d like to get in some fun in the city before we fuck again.”

“An excellent idea. Help me up.”

I got up and extended my hand down to her. She grabbed it to leverage herself to her feet. For the first time ever, she had to angle her head up to look into my eyes while we both stood. Rachel kept her hand clasped to mine as we strode through the airport terminal’s remnants.

With us bearing down on the city, I asked, “Any ideas?”

“My stomach has one.” She patted her belly, producing thunderous slaps for the city to hear. “Look, our earthquakes are getting a lot of people out of the buildings. So many little people are packing the streets…”

The half mile tall girl took a couple more steps, then she went on her knees. She scanned the streets for a moment, enjoying the chaos she caused by simply being. Her upper body dropped until her celestial face hovered a hundred feet over a ribbon of immobile cars and scurrying humans. Clumps of her hair were heavy enough to cause plenty of havoc to the exterior of smaller buildings. Several people were no doubt entangled in her strands if they weren’t outright crushed.

Pursing her lips, I heard the whistling disturbance of her sucking in air. Of course, it only started as air. Objects as heavy as cars instantly flew up toward her lips. The powerful suction attracted dozens of people, and a negligible crawl forward attracted dozens more. If anyone had a chance to escape her range, it came during the brief moment their hunter licked her lips clean, downed what she had gathered, and exhaled before restarting the living vacuum.

My attention was fixated on her wonderful ass pointing right at me. I wanted to start pounding it so badly, but I knew she would prefer more than a couple of hundred people in her stomach first. So, like a bird trying to impress his mate, I decided to help her get more food.

Once I studied the urban topography for a bit, I headed for an area just ahead and to the left of Rachel. I crouched. Just like walking, the act sent an acute gale in all directions. As expected, my presence coerced hundreds of tinies to run the other way. I was actually impressed at how fast their itty bitty legs took them, with the slower ones sometimes being trampled by the faster ones. It was funny to think that human feet could do so much injury to their own kind. And then there was my feet. A wiggle of my toes rumbled the ground hundreds of yards away. My settling soles could flatten the fattest man into a residue thinner than a paper sheet.

With a few finger pokes on some streets and buildings, I created impassable craters and walls of debris, further herding the alarmed human appetizers toward a small park. When larger groups of humans reached the park turned dinner plate, I stepped closer to it in order to carve out an artificial canyon around much of it, forcing them into a tighter ball. By the time Rachel got near the park, I had effectively gathered somewhere in the neighborhood of three thousand unlucky souls. Unable to help myself, a finger wet from spit dragged over the mob. Another quick lick promptly ended the hopes and dreams of dozens of wailing humans.

Seeing what I had done for her, my twin rose up to connect our lips in a grateful kiss. Far below, thousands of soon to be snacks saw as the giant roughly fondled the largest tits they had ever laid eyes on. They heard the giantess giggle when her nipples were pinched and lightly twisted. Next, the shadow over them became larger and darker as their goddess loomed her face directly above.

As the assembled horde was preparing to face life inside a giantess’ mouth and belly for the first time, I prepared to enter the inside of a giantess’ pussy again. I maneuvered myself behind Rachel and rubbed my pre-cum over her generous ass cheeks. When I heard her begin to suck up her meal, I grabbed two handfuls of that ass and rammed her slit. She stopped sucking to murmur her gratification. Feeling more animalistic, the giantess stuck out her tongue and slammed its tip down on several people. It then tilled the ground to harvest the mass of meat.

A thousand people were gone in a few seconds, and the others would have followed in less than thirty seconds if my doggy style fuck did not slow her down, since she would coo and moan for a few moments every few moments.

Ultimately, however, her small portion meal disappeared down her throat. I didn’t think there was much external stimulation available after that, but I was proven wrong when I felt some mild, warm pinches across my back. They kind of tickled, as though someone was rapidly tapping me with their long nails. A second later and I saw bursts of flame over Rachel’s back and on the ground around us. The pinches has been explosions. We were being attacked by the military.

While the physical consequences were more endearing than painful, it still grated me mentally that nigh insignificant humans were trying to interfere with our lovemaking. Plus, no matter how ineffective their violent acts were, the fact that they were trying to hurt someone I loved still pissed me off. I ended up using that anger. I seized Rachel’s waist and used the extra leverage to pound her cunt faster and harder.

“Fuuuck! Yesss! Just like that, Ryan!” A hand of hers tapped her clit as though it were a broken button she was urgently trying to get to work again. “Harder! Just a little harder!”

I “reached out” to absorb a chuck of the sunlight. In that moment, I think I was able to soak up some energy from the next wave of missiles. In any case, I paid greater attention to how the flexing cunt of my sister tensed as I grew. I laid my upper body on her back and slammed her planetary tits together. My cum shot forth from a cock in unending spasm. After four or five blasts of my seed lathered and bubbled her vaginal walls, she hollered her climax to the world. I felt my balls deflate as her enduring orgasm kneaded my cock with equal parts fierceness and affection.

This time, it was Rachel who collapsed. Her body fell forward, not caring that her head landed on top of a block of concrete, glass, and steel. All that engineering to her crumbled like a dry sand castle. Her hard breathing sucked in and blew out tons of rubble mixed with people. When I pulled out, her hips lazily crashed on top of what remained of the park, and a fuckload of cum spurted out of her pussy. I laid on my side next to the recuperating titaness, my prickly skin unable to discriminate between the hot flashes that came from missiles and those that came from my blood pumping and rushing throughout my bulk.

A row of explosions struck Rachel’s shoulders and the street in front of her face. Lifting her head and shaking it, she said, “How rude! They’re attacking us, Ryan!”

“Yeah. There are some jets somewhere in the sky. The missiles didn’t hurt, did they?”

“No, I’m fine. They felt like hard taps, that’s all. Still, I’d like to punish those dumb pilots.”

“We’d have to get a lot bigger to reach them.”

“Which means we need to eat a few cities. I could do that.”

“Didn’t you want to go for a swim?”

“Oh, yeah.” A giggle. “There are probably some humans trying to escape on their little boats. Let’s go catch them!”

We stood up. Hundreds of tons of rubbish clung to our sweaty bodies. Taking any excuse to touch her, my hands brushed off some of that filth. She did the same.

A few strides west brought us to the city’s wide harbor and docks. To avoid our stamping feet, dozens of panicked humans jumped into the water. Many of them quickly realized that our feet were not deterred by a shallow slice of the ocean. They could only shriek in terror when our soles darkened their world until they pushed them to the bottom in an instant. The depth of the water here barely registered as a puddle to us.

Even after several steps, the water barely surpassed the height of our ankles. Of course, the measly splashes we created in this glorified kiddie pool were translated to one hundred foot killer waves that crashed into the coastline. We weren’t even trying to make them as big as possible.

“How far do we have to go for the water to get any deeper?” Rachel asked.

“We could just shrink for-”

Streaks of smoke heading right for us interrupted me. Several impacted us two seconds later. When I waved away the annoying smoke that hazed up my vision, I saw that the smoke trails led to the ocean surface, not the sky.

“Hey, sis. See that? I think there are some military ships there.”

“Yes! No way they can escape us. Pretty dumb to attract our attention like that. Look! More tiny missiles!”

We strode forward, the projectiles that now came from the sky and sea doing nothing to discourage us. With worthier prizes luring us, we ignored the civilian craft we spotted, letting them capsize or fruitfully flee. And the navy ships did indeed look worthy. There were four on the horizon, each separated from the other by a mile. The sea floor near them dropped somewhat, but that only meant our knees now got wet.

A couple dozen helicopters hovered and fired their munitions from above. They were out of physical reach, but I knew those machines to be pretty susceptible to strong winds. Like I was swinging a baseball bat with one hand, I swung my arm in the direction of the densest cluster of aircraft. A distortion of air cracked the sky. In a moment, that shockwave just tore off most of the rotor blades, sending the expensive machines plummeting to the sea. Seeing what happened, a laughing Rachel copied me. That resulted in another five choppers spinning out of control.

“Just a little bigger and we can do that to the dumb jets,” said my twin.

“Patience, sis. We can take revenge on these boats first.”

She put her hands on her hips. “True, true. They do have a lot more humans in them, too.”

Rachel stepped up to the closest gray ship and gazed down at it with a haughty grin. The narrow vessel was jostled by the wave, but it remained upright. To the sailors still on the top deck, they stared up in awed dread as the hand of their goddess reached down for them. While about twice as long as her hand, the ship was only as wide as three of her fingers at its widest, so she felt no obligation to use both her hands to lift all that steel.

I was about to get my own boat, but Rachel said, “Ryan, come here. I have an idea.”

On getting back beside her, the giantess crouched, careful to keep her toy steady. Next, her free hand wrapped itself around the base of my half limp dick. After pumping it a few times, she guided my hard meat into her mouth. Her twirling tongue and deep suction got me to full mast. A flood of saliva glazed most of my cock before her mouth released it.

The ship came back into play when she tilted it, its bow pointing at my cock. Sailors dropped on to their new ship, easily getting stuck to my sister’s saliva. There weren’t a lot on the top deck, however. To fix that, a flex of muscles cracked the ship in two halves, revealing its many chambers and tunnels. One half was angled toward my cock, and the other to her mouth. The most sensitive part of me could just register the collision of people and unfastened items landing on my broad cock head.

In the moment nothing more came out, the giantess let that half of her broken toy rejoin the ocean. Hundreds of people squirming in their lagoon of spit suddenly beheld the top of a young woman’s mouth overtake their sky. Lives previously dedicated to the service of their country now led to being nothing more than to add a peppery spice to a titanic blowjob.

For a minute, Rachel was actually careful to not simply suck off the sailors all at once, and she kept her tongue to the bottom of my cock and its sides. I was so into the blowjob that it took me a bit to notice that the back half of the ship was being used as a dildo. I lost sight of that fact again when she finally did apply a great deal of suction and tongue play, instantly splattering hundreds of brave souls to the back of her throat. In the end, this first ship could not provide the orgasms we needed. The sailors were gone and her dildo crumpled too much to be useful. It was time to get another ship to finish what the first started.

I think the remaining warships were propelling away from us, but they were so slow that we did not have to worry about them actually absconding from us. Their ammunition also must have been running low, as we were hardly bothered by missiles anymore. Thus, the next batch of warrior seafarers, who wielded some of the most advanced weapon systems in the world, failed to stop us from using them for our sex play.

On this round, Rachel kindly handed me one half of the ship so that I could empty its contents in my mouth. The bursting flavors on my tongue combined brilliantly with my sister’s wanton tongue going to town on a cock hundreds of humans adhered to it. I was so close to jizzing, but it required a third ship to reach that point.

That left one vessel by its lonesome. It was a rectangular shaped boat that seemed to have been the carrier of the now lost helicopters and perhaps some of the jets far above. Just as Rachel went to pick it up, a flash of light starker than the unobscured sun blinded us.

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