You Live to Bring Me Pleasure by tallie

Imagine your life cut abruptly short by being made into a sex toy. Follow Paul and his shockingly intimate experience with women he thought he knew.

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1. A New Beginning by tallie

2. The Unwitting Second Actor by tallie

3. The Tedium of Being a Sex Toy by tallie

4. The Livestream by tallie

5. A Luxurious Ride by tallie

6. A Little Carried Away by tallie

7. Our Last Night Together by tallie

8. This Video is for Premium Subscribers Only by tallie

9. Livestream at the Gym by tallie

10. A Quickie in the Car by tallie

A New Beginning by tallie
Author's Notes:

In which you get a very sudden introduction to your new life. Crush, giantess masturbation, and mild foot stuff. 

I woke up completely underneath the blankets. It was dark, it was hot, and it smelled like parts of my body that I didn’t care to think about. I moved to bring the blankets down, but found that, no matter how far I reached in any direction, I couldn’t find the end of them. Something was wrong, but I couldn’t know what until I could see what was happening, so I began to crawl forward, hoping that there would be an end to the blankets soon.

The second I was free from the blankets, blinking in the bright sunlight that shone in through Renee’s bedroom windows, I realized that I had, inexplicably, shrunk. Her bed stretched out before me like a limitless plain, and her pillow towered over me like a mountain. Everything in her room seemed massive; I could scarcely be any taller than six inches now.

It was just then that I noticed the woman I had fallen asleep with, my roommate, Renee. She was shorter than me, but now she seemed a giantess. She stood by the side of my bed, donned in nothing but her underwear, and her hands were behind her back, working at the clasp of her bra. She was young and beautiful, with a strong, athletic figure despite her relatively short stature. She had once been a gymnast, but retained her lean muscle and powerful thighs even now. Despite my bizarre situation, my eyes lingered on her body, the massive columns of her legs supporting her broad, curvy hips. God, I had felt like the luckiest man in the world taking a girl like that to bed, but I didn't realize that there was apparently a catch.

Now, garbed in only her silk underwear and towering high over my head, I got a full appreciation for exactly how strong she was. Smooth skin was stretched tight over well-toned muscle; what little body fat she had gave her strong, seductive curves in her hips and around her breasts, and smoothed the definition in her leg muscles.

Renee finally undid the latch on her bra and let it fall to the floor. Her breasts sagged only slightly when released, hugging tight to her chest. “I’ve waited a long time for this,” she declared, looking down at me. I tried to avert my eyes, and she said. “No, you might as well look. It doesn’t matter now.”

So I looked. Her breasts hung down as she bent over to slide down her thong, and jiggled slightly as she shook her leg to kick it away. Her nipples were erect, and I couldn’t help but notice that she had shaved all her pubic hair off. With her feet askance, there was only a small space between where her thighs met her hips that I could see her labia, swollen and red. With the size of her leg muscles, she could have hidden her entire crotch by bringing her feet together, but she stood with her feet apart, hands on hips, proud of her body and looking down at me with a strange smile.

With a start I realized that I was naked as well, and sported a stark erection to boot. I scrambled to cover myself, and Renee almost laughed. She sat down on the bed beside me, and I nearly slid down into the deep impression her body weight made on my mattress. She sat with her back up straight, offering me a profile of her body as illuminated by the sunlight streaming in through the window. She was perfect, and the small irregularities on her otherwise smooth skin made her that much more beautiful.

I had enjoyed the appearance of Renee’s body before, it was impossible not to, but I could have never imagined that her raw, naked body would look quite this good.

“You won’t die,” she said to me, though she was looking up at the ceiling. Her breathing seemed unusually heavy. “Though you might not think that’s a good thing.”

With that, she swung her legs onto the bed, placing one on either side of me and presenting me with a line shot to her crotch. I only had a second to admire it from a distance before she brought her feet together around my body, clapping me between the smooth but tough soles of her feet, then drawing them towards her.

I sped towards her crotch at what felt like a blistering pace, though her actual motion did not seem particularly quick. Still, in only a second, I was brought up face-to-face with her vulva, radiating heat and covered in a fine sheen of lubricant. My arms and legs were pinned together between her feet, and there was nothing I could do but stare at the mass of flesh folded on top of itself.

She slid her left hand down onto her crotch and, with her index and middle finger, slowly spread apart the lips. Textured pink flesh seemed to leap forward, exposing her clitoris and the tight, dark entrance to her vagina.

My fear had quelled my erection before, but it was back, and rock hard. I squirmed in discomfort, trapped between her feet, but I was powerless to resist whatever she wanted to do with me. Her feet only parted when her right hand came down and wrapped around my body, and my split-second opportunity to move was gone before I could even consider escaping. One moment, I was trapped between her feet, the next, her hand held my arms and legs together with even greater strength.

She pulled me forward and, as she raised her knees to lift her vulva further above the bed, she pressed the entire front of my body against her crotch, forcing me mercilessly against the soft, hot flesh. Her left hand was gone, now caressing her own breasts, and the folds of her vulva enveloped my body like quicksand. 

And, before I knew it, she had begun to slide me up and down. Scrubbing her vagina with the front of my body with all the cold, merciless strength that she would a sponge. Unlike so many of the women I had pleasured, back when my body was larger than a dildo, Renee did not seem fond of savoring the rise to climax; she abused my body, and her vagina, in a quick, businesslike manner.

And it would have been fine if the force of her rubbing didn’t hurt so much. She pressed me against her crotch with such speed and force that, even with the lubricant, the heat was unbearable. The smell was overwhelming, and, every time I tried to gasp for a lungful of fresh air, I took in more fluid than oxygen. Also, without my hands to hold my erection to my body, it caught against every fold in her skin, bending around in a way pleasurable enough to be arousing, but not enough to bring me to orgasm.

It was torture, but the plus side to Renee’s cruel strength and speed was that she reached orgasm quickly. Her chest heaved, and her left hand fell behind her to prop her up. She scrubbed me against her crotch with even greater rapidity, if that was possible, and I could feel the powerful pelvic muscles that wrapped around her vagina contracting, pushing her vulva forwards and forcing the soft, hot flesh to well up around me.

But her climax was no reprieve. I knew it came because I felt her entire crotch squeeze forward against the front of my body, and a new fluid, opaque white and sticky, came from the depths of her vagina to mix with the lubricant that surrounded me.

I heard her rattling gasp, and her legs snapped together. The strength of a gymnast’s thighs immediately squeezed full force around her hand and my body. Muscles and tendons I didn’t even know existed pushed at me from all sides, seeking to crush me. I don’t know how they didn’t kill me.

When Renee’s orgasm finally passed, she lifted me into the air, right in front of her eyes. Her face was flushed, and she was breathing like she had just run a mile. Even after being treated to a front-row view of her vagina during orgasm, she still seemed stunningly beautiful. “Let’s see how invincible you are,” she said.

Then she placed me between her thighs, just a few inches away from her crotch. She wasn’t flexing, I knew because her flesh still yielded somewhat when I pressed against it. Her hand came away, leaving me trapped between her thighs. Perhaps, if I wriggled just right, I could...

And then she squeezed. She squeezed with force like I couldn’t even imagine. It could have killed me even if I had been full-sized. That it didn’t immediately crush me like a ripe grape was astounding, but I felt like it should have. I couldn’t breathe, I could only hear the sound of the blood pumping in my ears, but, through the haze, I could see the vicious smile on her face.

Then she began to rub her thighs together, the same way one rubs their fingers together to destroy a spot of grease. If the clenching of her thigh muscles didn’t destroy me, this surely should have. I was twisted and rolled around, contorted into painful shapes, and all the while compressed between the vice grip of her thighs. The tiny amount of lubricant that had spread from her crotch to the inside of her thighs was the only thing that kept this process from tearing me limb from limb.

It only lasted a few seconds, but it felt like forever. Afterwards, Renee plucked me from between her thighs and held me upside-down by my legs above the bedsheets, studying my fluid-soaked body curiously.

“I’m impressed,” she said. “Well, get ready, because that was just the beginning.”

The Unwitting Second Actor by tallie
Author's Notes:

In which you more fully explore your role as a sex toy. Vaginal insertion and giantess masturbation.

"I'm impressed," Renee said, her voice deafening at her massive size. She held me upside-down between thumb and forefinger, and my inverted visage of her face seemed to fill my entire world. "Well, get ready," she said, her voice clear even through the viscous layer of lubricant that coated my head, "Because that was just the beginning."

I barely had the energy to groan. Renee shifted her hand so that she held my legs fast together, then brought me down to her crotch. Instead of pressing me against her clitoris again, however, she leveled me out with both hands, resting my head against the wet folds of flesh between her legs.

For a second, I was offered a view of tons and tons of smooth, toned skin leading up to the underside of her breasts, and then she pushed, and I slid into her vagina with almost no resistance.

It was dark, incomparably hot, and incomprehensibly smelly. Every breath I took brought in more fluid than air, but, besides the feeling of mixed lubricant and ejaculate sliding down my throat, there didn’t seem to be a difference. Renee forced me all the way into her vagina, until my head hit the tight opening to her cervix at the end.

The walls of her vagina wrapped around me like a living, throbbing latex glove, pressing against every curve of my body. When that elastic force wrapped around my cock, it was the most satisfying thing in the world, but, now, it was suffocating, it was terrifying, but it was also the most erotic thing I had ever experienced.

No sooner had my head struck the bottom of Renee’s vagina did she begin to pull me back out again. My entire body, all the way up to my neck, squeezed out of her vagina, and then she pushed me back in. My erection was bent painfully far downwards by my reinsertion, and kept there as I was dragged out again, but the sensation was the closest thing to intercourse I could hope for, and, slowly but surely, I could feel the pleasure mounting.

Aided by the seemingly limitless flow of lubricant from the walls that wrapped around me, I slid bodily in and out of Renee’s vagina with just as little resistance as my penis would have. And, then, in the first step towards climax, her pelvic muscles squeezed.

Had I been the one fucking her, the sensation would have just been a pang of pleasure around my cock. But, as I was buried upside-down, all the way to my ankles, in her vagina, the pelvic muscles of a gymnast wracked my body with pain as they turned the walls that surrounded me rock-hard.

It was only for one split-second, but it felt as if she had placed me in the palm of her hand and clapped. It forced the air from my lungs, and, when the giantess’ womanly muscles relaxed, I gasped in pain, taking in a lungful of slippery lubricant and sticky ejaculate.

And that was only the first of many contractions. At first, Renee would have to drive me deep into her vagina nearly thirty times before another contraction wracked my body and hers alike. But, with time, they grew more and more frequent, until every third penetration was accompanied with a painful, enduring squeeze on every inch of my body.

I had long since orgasmed from the stimulation, and my pathetic squirt of semen had long since been lost to the oceans of vaginal lubricant. I was no longer aroused, but terrified. I hadn’t lasted this long, not by a long shot. How on earth was she doing it? Was she fighting the orgasm? What would happen when it finally came? When she finally came?

I would find out soon enough. Eventually, nearly every time I was squeezed through the vice grip of her vagina, Renee would have to forcefully extract me from the power of the contraction that grabbed at my body. But lubricant helped, and, even though I felt like I was being forced through rollers, the giantess persisted.

And, finally, Renee forced me so powerfully and so deep into her vagina that my head was driven against her cervix, and she climaxed. High above my head, she screamed, her back arcing, her legs shaking, her toes curling, her hands grabbing futilely at her thighs as clear fluid shot from her crotch. But all I experienced was a contraction that made my torture between her thighs feel like child’s play. An enduring, powerful contraction that forced the walls of the woman’s vagina to clench around me like a hand crushing a hard-boiled egg.

The orgasm soon subsided, though Renee left me buried in her vagina for the whole set of contractions that came with it. Each came later than the one before, but was just as strong as the first, and each caused her entire body to shake. Soon enough, though, the hand wrapped around my feet again and, unbelievably, the massive woman began again.

She tore me in and out of her vagina even faster than before, and the contractions came with greater frequency than they did the first time. The flesh around me was a pink blur, powerful muscles ravaging my body. I was never pulled out far enough to see the bright light or taste the fresh air of the outside, though at times I could feel that only my head was wrapped in the elastic flesh of the giantess’ vagina.

Renee had her feet behind her head, her left hand massaging her clitoris as her right hand moved with lightning speed, ripping me in and out of her vagina with speed that should have definitely killed me.

Her next orgasm came quicker, and it hurt even more than the first. But it passed just as quickly, and before I knew it, Renee was pumping her vagina furiously again, working her way to a third orgasm.

She was strong and she was merciless. After her second orgasm, she took her time working her way to her third, occasionally leaving me buried all the way to my ankles in her vagina just before she would have climaxed, subjecting me to a long, bone-crushing set of declining contractions, then starting the furious penetration again. Sometimes, she slowed down, quickly dragging me out of her vagina, slamming me back in, then leaving me buried deep, with my head pressed against her cervix, as a powerful squeeze of her pelvic muscles emptied my lungs and forced my arms and legs together.

Forced that deep into her vagina, with nothing but my feet sticking out, only my head escaped the ravages of her contractions. The walls of her vagina clenched tight everywhere but in the tiny space around her cervix. But that meant that all the fluid that had built up on the walls was forced upwards to fill the tiny cavity. The hot, slippery, translucent white mix of bodily fluids completely submerged my head. Sometimes, the contractions were so enduring, holding my head under this salty fluid for so long, that I could not help but take a lungful.

And yet I didn’t drown. I almost wished I could have, just to be released of this sexual torture. Renee’s first orgasm had taken almost half an hour to reach, her second no more than five minutes. But she skated on the edge of her third for an hour, two hours, maybe more. It felt like an eternity.

How could she stand it? Being that close to climax for that long? She must enjoy torturing me more than the actual sexual pleasure. At this point, the halt in motion of her orgasm would have been a welcome respite, the body-breaking contractions of her herculean pelvic muscles notwithstanding.

Or so I thought. I was halfway into Renee’s vagina, buried all the way to my thighs but with most of my legs sticking out, when I felt the distinctive powerful, rhythmic contractions of her orgasm. This time, my head was not spared, and the elastic walls around me turned to stone against my face, seeking to crush my skull. I could feel the pressure in my very ears. My joints cracked as they were twisted together by a crushing force that even her legs could not have matched.

And, just as soon as the muscles around me relaxed, they squeezed tight again, with only a brief second between for me to gasp in pain and prepare for the next contraction. I could hear Renee’s racing heartbeat through the elastic walls around me, and, when the contractions came, her vagina pushed so close that I could feel her pulse against every inch of my skin.

Eventually, the contractions grew weaker and less frequent. Renee’s hand wrapped around my legs and finally tore me all the way out of her vagina, flinging me down onto my bedsheets, which had been darkened by the fluid of her orgasms. As I lay there, coughing up my lungful of all the fluids that her body had submerged me in, I saw that Renee had wound up with her legs behind her head. Her entire body shook from the aftermath of the orgasm, and she untangled her legs to bring herself up to her knees, scooting forward until her thighs towered over each side of me. Heavy, viscous drops of lubricant formed on the lips of her vagina and fell down to the bed, some landing on me.

“You’re still alive?” she asked, shocked and breathless. Her face was flushed, and red scratch marks were on the backs of her thighs. Her skin from the waist down glistened with fluid, as well as parts of her upper body that she had grasped at with her free hand. There was a very clear handprint on her left breast.

“Definitely worth what I paid for,” she said aloud, as if there was someone else in the room who could hear her. A pause, then “Well, Tentacious, you win. Hope you like your new home, little guy.”

With that, she reached down and grabbed me again, lifting me all the way to her mouth. She stuck my head and shoulders between her lips, then pushed me in slowly with her finger. When all but my feet was in her mouth, my head so deep as to be staring down the dark maw of her throat, she pulled me back out, sucking her own vaginal fluids off every inch of my skin on the way out.

I wasn’t dry when I was back in the open air; lubricant had merely been replaced with spit, but it was good enough. Still, it didn’t seem like I would be clean for long, as Renee widened her split a little and brought be back down between her legs.

This time, I went into her vagina feet-first, and slowly. The glistening lips parted readily at my presence, and hungrily consumed my lower legs, my thighs, my waist, all the way up to my chest as Renee pushed me in by my head with just a single finger.

“You’re going to be in there for a long time,” I heard her say, though all I could see was the perfectly smooth skin of her inner thighs and the well-lubricated flesh of her vagina all around me. “Maybe you’ll live long enough for me to use you again.”

With that, she pushed me the rest of the way in, until my feet bottomed out and almost my entire body was buried in her vagina. Even after her sexual exercise, my body was still longer than her vagina, and, with her legs spread wide, my entire head was still out in the open air, though my view was limited to her inner thighs, her labia, and the pelvic mound that led up to her stomach. It was a view I would have paid anything for not that long ago.

She brought her feet back together as she stepped off my bed. Her legs were large enough that the tops of her thighs folded over her vulva no matter how she stood, unless her legs were spread completely apart. It meant that her massive thigh muscles closed over my head, pressing as mercilessly around my skull as the walls of her vagina did around the rest of my body, and darkening my view of what she was doing.

Every now and then, she shifted a little so that I could see out. I got a glimpse of Renee’s room as she bent over to pick up her clothes, and a completely unimpeded view of her sliding her thong up her legs, right up to the point where the soft cloth pressed up against my face, coloring everything a pink hue. And then the world went dark as she got her jeans on. When she stood up, I was suspended completely upside down, but neither gravity nor the gallons of lubricant that surrounded me helped me slide downwards. I writhed back and forth to gain a little purchase, hoping to slither my way out of her vagina, but a single gentle squeeze of her vaginal muscles, nowhere near the full force that had wracked my body before, pulled me all the way back in. 

Despite my humiliating position, despite the pouding of Renee's heartbeat and the squelching of the flesh that surrounded me, I could hear her voice quite clearly. "Well, that's it for me. Hope you enjoyed the show, see you next time!"

The Tedium of Being a Sex Toy by tallie
Author's Notes:

In which you learn the more boring parts of your new life, and you meet an unexpected third character. Insertion, masturbation, panty entrapment, and lesbian sex

And so Renee went about her daily business, with me trapped helpless in her vagina. I could hear her speak every once in a while, but her voice was too muffled for me to make anything out. The lubricant slowly dried out, eliminating what little chance of escape I had, and the walls of her vagina, expanded from hours of sexual abuse, began to close back together, trapping me ever tighter.

When the woman sat down, I felt her vulva  squishing up around me, the hard seat pressing up against my face. When she crossed her legs, her thigh muscles bundled around the front of her crotch and pushed me even deeper. When she slept, she kept her legs too close together for me to even try escaping. I could feel every step she took, and her vagina, with me trapped inside, shook with the swaying of her hips.

She rode a bicycle to class, the bike seat pushing up between her legs with every bounce, which pushed my feet against her cervix. She played volleyball, apparently, gyrating and jumping so enthusiastically that it took a little squeeze of her vagina every few seconds to hold me in. She even masturbated once, riding the washing machine until she orgasmed so hard that she fell off, and subjecting me to every little texture of her climax.

It was days before I finally saw the light of the outside world again. I never grew hungry, never grew thirsty, never seemed to need a breath of real air, and, unfortunately, never grew sleepy. It meant long, boring nights where even my most furious attempts to escape would only give her whatever the female equivalent of a wet dream was. I learned quickly not to move too much when she finally fell asleep; it was far too easy to bring her to orgasm, and far too difficult to wake her up. Her vaginal muscles were already inclined to twitch slightly while she dreamt, but making the mistake of pleasuring Renee in her sleep would bring untempered, bone-crushing clenches.

And, when she pulled me out for the first time, it wasn’t even to use me as a sex toy. She grabbed my head by her finger and thumb and pulled me out fairly quickly. She was naked, and sopping wet from the shower. I hadn’t even noticed that she was in the shower. I just took the scrubbing and pressing over the front of her vagina to be another quick attempt at pleasuring herself.

She held her phone out at arms length, and I saw in my brief glimpse of the screen that she was recording video. Despite the shocking light and cold of the outside world, I still had the presence of mind to realize how weird that was. What was she filming this for? Was there a chance that someone would see it, recognize me, and save me? I tried my best to gesture to the camera for help, but she moved me around too fast, her grip shifting on my body to pin my arms to my sides, squeezing so hard that I couldn't breathe. In a few short seconds, she held me just below her hips, forcing me to stare up at the dark, wrinkled cleft between her legs. 

“I think he's tired of being upside-down,” she said aloud. Was it to the camera? Then, in a sudden, nauseating motion, she fell into a deep crouch. The lips of her labia parted as she did so, revealing the bright pink flesh underneath.

A new pair of panties were halfway up her shins, and she carefully lay me in the center of them, presenting me with an ant’s-eye view of her beautifully-formed body from her legs to her breasts. The phone was still there, and I could clearly see myself, sprawled awkardly in the cotton hammock of her underwear.

And then she pulled the panties all the way on before I could react. One second, I was laying face-up on the stitched gusset of her panties, the next, my face was buried in the flesh of her crotch. The odor was overwhelming, the heat oppressive. And, when she stood up, her vulva tightened up, and her panties wedgied into a cameltoe, trapping me between her labia.

After that, Renee went about her business once again. I didn’t realize how sheltered I was from the ravages of her daily activities inside her vagina until now. Every time she sat, her full weight pressed tons and tons of hot flesh around me. When she biked, the seat seemed to be willfully pressing me into her body. When she exercised, the heat doubled and the odor of sweat was almost as strong as the odor of her vagina.

I only earned reprieve when she stripped her panties to go to the bathroom, and, even then, she planted her foot down on me to prevent me from escaping, and then it was back into the folds of her crotch I went.

The next time she switched my position, she put me underneath the back string of her thong, burying me deep between the cheeks of her ass. Facing away from her asshole, thank god, but every step she took pushed those powerful muscles together around me. And, sometimes, she would flex just for the fun of it, crushing me with a power unrivaled by anything I had been subjected to when she had been having sex with me.

And, another time, she slid me between her breasts before putting on a tight sports bra and going for a run. The sweat poured around me, and, even with the sports bra, I was still bounced around uncomfortably with every step.

But the majority of my time was spent inside Renee’s vagina. For a full two weeks, she never once masturbated with me again, though she did use the washing machine once more and, twice, shoved the showerhead between her legs until she climaxed.

Sometimes, she wore long dresses without panties, and, when I was upside-down, I had enough of a view of the outside world to see her titanic legs stretching down to the ground far below, but little else, and, despite my writhing, I made no progress towards escape. Sometimes, she would punish my attempts by squeezing her pelvic muscles tight, pulling me all the way back inside her as she crushed me alive.

It was difficult to keep track of time, but I could count the number of times that the woman fell asleep. It was fully a month after she first slid me into her vagina that something finally changed, besides my position. For her period, she had slid me between her ass again. My best chance for escape had been then, when she was sleeping, but Renee apparently slept on her back. Even if I had managed to work my way out from between her glutes, I would have found myself trapped beneath all of her weight.

But, about a week after her period had passed, I felt her vagina lengthen somewhat, and fluid began to eke from the walls. A gentle squeeze of her pelvic muscles pulled my head under, depriving me of my view, but I could tell that she had lay down.

The lubricant was all but flowing from the walls around me now, filling my mouth with a taste I had not experienced in weeks. I felt Renee’s vagina shift in a way that meant she had just lifted her legs up and spread them wide, and then her fingers came down to her crotch and picked the lips of her vagina apart, letting in light.

The first thing that I saw was the massive pink tongue another of my roommates, Kristi. Did she know I was here? Ignoring the stunning revelation that the two women were lesbians, if she found out where I was, she could help me. I tried to shout, but the elastic walls surrounding me clenched tight, cutting me off before I could even inhale.

The contraction pushed me forward, forcing my head and shoulders out of Renee’s vagina. Kristi, whose longer, paler face was right in front of me, didn’t even look surprised. Her head came down again and her mouth closed around me, her tongue working its way between my chest and the walls of Renee’s vagina. Another contraction pushed me further out, and the tongue worked its way down to my waist. It curled between my legs, then pulled me completely out of Renee's body.

She was surprisingly dextrous with her tongue. With my body all the way down to my knees in Kristi’s mouth, the tongue worked its way across my torso like it was a living organism, slavering my body with spit but also removing Renee’s smelly, salty natural lubricant.

Then Kristi grabbed my feet and plucked me out of her mouth. For the first time, I saw her naked body. She was less tan, but more slender than Renee, and her body showed somewhat more definition. It was clear that she was well-muscled, but there was even less fat on her than there was on Renee. There was a space between her legs, even when her feet were together, and I could see that her vulva was clean-shaven as well. Her skin was soft and fair, and her slender stomach, well-rounded breasts, and smooth crotch showed no sign of tan lines.

Renee was on her back on her bed, her legs spread wide, and Kristi was kneeling just in front of her. Kristi surveyed me for a second, holding me upside down, then leaned forward and brought me back between Renee’s legs. She placed her left hand on Renee’s waist, and she rubbed my head up and down the thoroughly-lubricated outside of Renee’s vagina, tantalizing the sensitive flesh with my body. I heard a soft moan come from one of the two woman, then Kristi set my head against the opening to Renee’s vagina, and pushed me in.

She had a firm grip on my legs, though her hand only grasped up to my knee. She forced me in as deep as she could while maintaining her grip, and I was stunned to find that my head bottomed out, striking the giantess’ soft cervix. The walls even seemed to grip me tighter, though Renee’s pelvic muscles were still relaxed. Had I grown larger? Did these women have the power to control my size?

I didn’t get the chance to follow that train of thought for too long, however, because, no sooner did my head strike the mucous-covered entrance to Renee’s womb did Kristi began pumping my body in and out of her lover’s vagina. She ripped me in and out with savage force and unbelievable speed, striking Renee’s cervix with my head so hard that it even hurt me, then tearing me almost all the way back out again, with nothing but my neck still inside the massive woman’s vagina.

I was fully penetrating Renee twice a second, moving so fast that I could barely tell when her vaginal muscles were contracting. But the speed was lifting her to orgasm quickly, and her vagina did squeeze tight, both trying to deny me access and hold me in. But Kristi was relentless, and forced me in and out of Renee’s body that, despite the lubricant and despite the contractions, every fold and feature of her vagina was moving back and forth with me.

The orgasm still took ten minutes for Renee to reach, and, when it came, Kristi didn’t even give her a moment to breathe. She did slow down, but, instead, she started twisting. She turned me back and forth as she pushed me in and out, making the same motion that she would with a screwdriver. I was only moving half as fast, my head striking, and then twisting into Renee’s cervix only every second or so, but it was even more torturous.

The twisting exposed every side of my body to the strength of Renee’s vaginal contractions. Normally, there was a way that I could face that better accommodated the shape of her vagina, but, with the twisting, there was no such relief. A squeeze would crush me, and then I would be turned into it, my legs and arms twisting around as my body was exposed to the strongest axis of the contraction, then turned back.

Renee was unprepared for this new motion, and her second orgasm only took two minutes. It seemed like forever, and, when it came, Kristi held me still, buried so far into Renee’s vagina that her cervix dilated and wrapped hungrily around the top of my head. I was forced to ride out the contractions, which came with every one of her rapid heartbeats and didn’t seem to lessen in strength for a full sixty seconds.

Kristi had only released me because Renee had forced her hand away, bringing her legs together to stop the other woman from continuing to penetrate her so that she could savor this orgasm. It took a while, but, when it was finally finished, it was Renee who grabbed my legs and pulled me out of her vagina.

And, when she did, I saw that Kristi was lying on her back now, her head on the pillow and her legs raised up. Renee was standing on her knees when she pulled me out, and swung me about as carelessly as if I were a lifeless toy as she switched positions. She swung one leg over Kristi’s head, then settled down, pushing her crotch against Kristi’s face as she leaned forward, carrying me down the length of Kristi’s body as she did so.

Renee wrapped one arm around Kristi’s left thigh, pulling it even further to the side, then brought me down between Kristi’s legs. I had one last view of Renee’s face, biting back the pleasure of Kristi exploring her crotch with her tongue, then I was plunged deep into the hot darkness of Kristi’s vagina.

The other woman’s insides had a different texture, a different color, a different strength. If anything, the elastic walls seemed to clutch at my body with even greater force. Her vagina was deeper; Renee was able to push me in all the way down to my shins before I struck the quivering, mucous-covered cervix at the end. I was pushed up against it and then left there for a second, feeling the fluid flowing over my skin, the heartbeat pressing through the walls, and then Renee began to penetrate her lover with my body.

The speed was unbelievable. Before I knew what was happening, I was out, then in, out and in, out and in, faster than the time it took to describe it. My body filled Kristi’s vagina, and then was gone in a split second, letting the elastic walls close back together with a squishing sound. I penetrated the giantess with unparalleled speed, force, and depth, Renee’s hand moving back and forth against Kristi’s vagina faster than I would have thought safe for her.

Needless to say, Kristi was brought to orgasm by my body faster than would have been possible even with a machine. Her muscles squeezed tight, pushing up against my body and pressing my limbs together, after no more than a few seconds. And, before the contraction had even subsided, I had been torn in and out of the massive woman’s vagina twice. Renee was unfazed by the resistance her lover’s pelvic muscles offered her, and had no care for my body as she whipped it back and forth. 

The next contraction came right on the heels of the first, and the next came even faster. It wasn’t long before, at the speed with which I was torn in and out of that woman’s vagina, it didn’t even seem that the contractions were discrete anymore. And, not long after that, Kristi’s orgasm finally came.

It was only then that I knew what a full-bodied orgasm actually felt like. I was in the giantess as deep as I could go, my head pressed against her cervix and with fluid flowing all around, and then the muscles around me squeezed together with unbelievable force.

I felt the hand tug at my legs again, but, for the first time, I didn’t move. I couldn’t. Neither of the women would have been able to crush me so completely with any other part of their body. Even putting me under heel and pressing down with all their weight would have felt pleasant compared to this. Muscle turned rock hard, elastic flesh bundled up around every curve of my body, and lubricant flowed rapidly to escape the collapsing voids that it filled.

The only thing I could feel through the contraction was Kristi’s heartbeat. As quick as a rabbit’s, but powerful enough that I could feel it pressing up against my skin even through the tons and tons of flesh that wrapped around me, crushing me.

Eventually, the contraction finally subsided, and Renee tore me out of Kristi’s vagina before another one could follow. Then she took the front of my body and rubbed it savagely up and down across Kristi’s soaking, seizing crotch. My face was pressed against the hot, soaking flesh as each contraction made it bunch up forward and press around my body. Her clitoris retracted into its hood with a contraction, then slapped against my chest with the release. The muscles of her vagina pushed outward, letting out a squirt of lubricant onto my face, then fell back into a deep, dark maw.

And there was no rest. As soon as Kristi stopped writhing underneath Renee’s weight, her legs stopped kicking and her pelvic muscles stopped contracting, Renee leveled me out, pressed my head against the woman’s vagina, then pushed me back in, once again beginning the savage process of bringing her lover to orgasm.

The two women continued at this for longer than I could believe possible. Renee brought Kristi to orgasm dozens of times, and Kristi, in turn, explored her lover’s genitals with her tongue. I, on the other hand, was plunged in and out of Kristi’s vagina over and over again, then rubbed furiously between her legs as she rode out another climax.

Eventually, both women rolled onto their back on the bed, gasping in exhaustion. Renee still had her hand wrapped tight around my body, rubbing it idly up and down her stomach.

"I think he's all tuckered out, you guys," Renee said. Who was she talking to?

“Give him to me,” Kristi said. Renee obligingly passed me into Kristi’s hand, who spread her legs wide, and, holding my legs together with two fingers, pushed me headfirst into her vagina.

She did it slowly, and yet it still elicited a small but powerful squeeze from her pelvic muscles. I could hear the squelching as the wet, elastic walls absorbed my body, see the lubricant welling up and pouring out as my body displaced it. Soon, everything but my feet were inside her, and my head was pressed up against her cervix. I was in as deep as I could go.

And, with that, she sat up, cross legged, on the bed. Her vagina was directly underneath her, and my feet were being pushed into the blankets as the weight of her body pressed down on me. She slid back and forth, clearing lubricant from between her legs and shifting me around inside her vagina.

And then she stood up again. Kristi had a gap between her legs when she stood, just wide enough that I could feel the cool air blowing around my ankles. Just enough space for me feel the cloth of her panties as she slid them on, feel it slowly growing moist as it absorbed the fluids that dripped down the walls around me. And, with that, Kristi went around her day, with me trapped inside her vagina.

The Livestream by tallie
Author's Notes:

In which you learn that you're more than just a toy, you're the star of the show. Vore,  a playful giantess, and some light insertion. 

It took some time before Kristi even bothered to touch me again. Days, even weeks. It was impossible to figure how much timen passed while trapped head-to-toe in the giantess' vagina. Her heartbeat pounded out an irregular rhythm, sometimes fast, sometimes slow, depending on what she was doing. Her body moved with frenetic energy sometimes, then held still for hours at a time. The oppressively boring nature of her pussy combined with the chaotic variations in the rhythms of her body made it impossible to figure out the passage of time. 

All I knew is that it had been less than a month, and I only knew it because she hadn't had her period yet. I imagined, though I couldn't know for sure, that it would be abundantly obvious to me when she started menstruating. After all, I was buried bodily inside her vagina, within arms reach of her cervix. I had no idea what her period would look like from this perspective, but I was sure that it would be obvious when it happened. 

I wasn't looking forward to it; this woman's body was disgusting enough already. I had spent this entire time breathing the heady stench of her pussy, sucking down frothy lubricant with every breath, feeling the slimy touch of hot flesh against every inch of my skin. I didn't really want to add blood dribbling from her womb to this miserable experience.

I lived in fear of her period for the entire time I spent inside her. Every time she ran, I feared that it would shake something loose. Every time she lay down, I feared that she would fall asleep, and then wake up to a deluge of period blood. 

My fears seemed to be unfounded. After some indeterminate period of time, I felt her fingers dig between her legs, grabbing me by the ankles and dragging me abruptly into the outside world. The sudden transition from the dark heat of her body to the blinding light and chilling cold of the outside world was overwhelming. I struggled for a moment in her grip before I was able to gain my bearings.

I was hanging upside-down in front of Kristi's face, at a level with her stunning blue eyes. It took a moment, though, before I realized that those eyes weren't even looking at me. They were focused on something else, something behind me. I tried to twist around to see what it was, but I couldn't really get that kind of control while dangling by my ankles.

She was on a bed, lying on her side, propped up on her elbow, stark naked except for a lacy black garter around her left thigh. Even though I was finally outside of her body, the heady, fishy odor of her pussy still tainted my every breath. I was coated head-to-toe in vaginal fluid, I would probably never escape the smell.

"He's kinda cute, isn't he?" she asked. Who was she talking to? She shook me up and down a bit, an effortless flick of the wrist for her, but it threw my world into chaos for a moment.

She giggled. "So what should I do with him?"

Nobody answered her question, and I wondered for a moment if she was speaking, in some weird way, to me. And then I saw her eyes, looking beyond me, scanning something as if... reading? She was talking out loud, but someone was responding in text? I tried to twist to see what she was looking at, but still couldn't manage it.

Then her grin split wide and she lifted me up a bit further, tilting her head back. Her eyes were on me this time, and she asked, her voice deafening from so close, "So how does my pussy taste, little man?" She brought me down a little close, until all I could see were her lips. When she spoke, it was frightening to watch them move so quickly when they seemed so big. "Mind if I have a taste?"

She opened her mouth wide, and I let out a startled yelp watching the dark pit open up underneath me. Her toungue reached out, as if it was a living thing with a hunger of its own. I realized, staring down her throat, that she could eat me right now. She could swallow me whole, there would be nothing I could do about it, and nobody would care. Shit, whoever she was talking to was probably egging her on.

Then she let me go. I was in freefall for a single, terrifying moment, then her mouth snapped shut around me. In an instant, I was plunged into heat and darkness, her tongue pushing up against my back and holding me against the roof of her mouth. My legs were still sticking out of her mouth, but her lips held them tight, pinning them together and creating an airtight seal. 

Her tongue pushed me up harder, and my ears popped as all the air was suddenly sucked out of her mouth. My lungs were drawn empty by the rapid pressure change, my mouth working futilely as I struggled to draw breath while held in a death grip between her tongue and the roof of her mouth. Her tongue worked expertly against my body, drawing off the sticky fluids that still coated my skin, mixing them with saliva and drawing them to the back of her throat. Then, with a tremendous, fleshy noise of her powerful throat muscles slamming together, she swallowed. 

I was still held in place by her tongue, but I had a front-row seat to her throat closing up and swallowing down the fluid, and I knew that I would be helpless in the face of that strength.

Then a hot wash of air came up from her throat, and her mouth opened somewhat, letting out a satisfied "ahhh." The sound was deafening in here, the wash of light from her lips parting was blinding, and the sudden return of air pressure made my ears pop again. It was so quick, so disorienting, that I didn't even realize that I was screaming until I was cut short by her tongue pressing me hard again against the roof of her mouth.

Her tongue seemed to have a will of its own, and it was much stronger than I was. She rolled me over, between her teeth, into her cheek, then back onto her tongue again, face-down this time. It worked me further back, pulling me all the way into her mouth, until my head was dangling down her throat. I scrambled for purchase, trying to push away, but her tongue had absolute control over me, effortlessly blocking everything I tried to do. 

Then her tongue surged up and pushed me bodily out of her mouth. The cold air and the blinding light hit me like a brick wall, and it took a second for me to get my bearings. As I cleared the saliva from my eyes, I finally got a good look at who she was talking to. Or, rather, what she was talking to.

For one disconcerting moment, I saw me, dangling upside-down, my legs held between her thumb and forefinger. Then I realized that it was a video feed, recorded by a camera that sat on the desk. On the screen with the video feed, new messages scrolling through at an alarming rate, was a chatbox. I couldn't read much of it upside-down, but I did see one phrase repeated a lot. "Swallow him."


"Mmm," Kristi said from behind me. "He tastes pretty good. Should I eat him?"

The response from the chat seemed to be overwhelmingly in favor of it. Fuck me, how many people were watching this? How many times had I already been a toy for her eager audience?

"I don't know..." she said, swinging me around thoughtfully. "Then I won't be able to play with him any more."

Yes, don't listen to them. It seemed like I was immortal, but the last thing I wanted to do was test that inside her intestines. I had a terrible image of dying in the darkness of her stomach, gasping for air, stomach acid burning through my skin.

A notification popped up on the screen. I couldn't make out what it said, but it prominently displayed a dollar value. It seemed like quite a lot. 

Kristi laughed an airy laugh, "Fine, you win, stubborn stain." She flipped me around, looking me in the eyes. "How about you, little guy? Do you want to be my dinner?"

What the fuck did it matter what I thought? She was just milking these idiots for money, and I wasn't going to make a show of struggling for them. She didn't really wait for a response, though. She just shrugged and said, "Maybe a little seasoning first."

Her legs parted and her hips tilted until her ass was on the bed. Then, in a nauseating blur of motion, she brought me down between her legs, pushing my entire body facefirst into the fleshy, pliant lips of her pussy.

Her fingers at my back, she rubbed me mercilessly back and forth, up and down, working me between the lips of her labia and into the wet, pink flesh underneath. Once the front of my body was thoroughly coated in slimy lubricant, she placed her finger on my head and slid me, facefirst, into her vagina.

The pink, muscular flesh parted effortlessly, wrapping tight around my entire body down to my ankles. She didn't waste time, though. As soon as I was fully inserted, she grabbed my feet and pulled me back out, carrying me back up to her face coughing and sputtering.

"Make sure you struggle, little guy," she said. Then her mouth opened wide, her tongue reaching out and sliming up against the entire front of my body. I did struggle this time, primal fear seizing control of my body, telling me to fight to the end of my strength in the face of being swallowed alive.

It did nothing. She dropped me into her mouth and it closed down on me, and her tongue made a plaything of my entire body. She rolled me around, pushing me all around her mouth until I didn't even know which way was up anymore. Then she stopped, and I felt her moving around for a moment. Oh, please, don't swallow.

She opened her mouth, and the sudden light was blinding. Blinking away the slimy mix of saliva and lubricant, I found myself face-to-face with the camera. My last chance to escape. I reached out, trying to grab something to pull my way to freedom, and her mouth snapped shut again.

No, no, no, no, no. Her tongue pulled me back further into her mouth, and, without delay, her throat clamped down on my legs. In an instant, I was dragged helplessly into her throat, sliding slowly down the wet walls of her esophagus. Muscles worked at every part of my body, crushing pressure that was even more brutal than being inside her pussy, carrying me inexorably down to my fate in her stomach.

A Luxurious Ride by tallie
Author's Notes:

In which Kristi finishes up her show. Exclusively vore.

My trip down to Kristi's belly was short and painful, an overwhelming assault on all of my senses. Everything seemed to happen all at once, and it was over before I could even scream. It was probably only in memory that my brain organized everything into discrete events.

The muscles of her throat squeezed hard around my tiny body, forcing me down, down, down. I could hear her heartbeat pulsing through the fleshy walls, a deep, rapid thumping. I came to an abrupt, jarring stop, pressed in on all sides by flesh, and then her muscles squeezed again and sent me the rest of the way down. After a few seconds, I found myself in the dark, squirming pit of her stomach. Acid splashed at me from the twitching walls, but it didn't do more than make my skin tingle.

That was a depressing realization by itself. I could sit in the giantess' stomach forever without consequence. I thought, I feared, that being sent into Kristi's inside would be the end of me, that I would dissolve into her stomach acids and become food for her massive body. But, despite the deep-bodied panic that sent my limbs thrashing as she toyed with me, the thought that I would die was a kind of release. This nightmare of being her slave, waiting for her to get bored or horny enough to masturbate with me, would finally be over. Dying was a second favorite to the slim chance of escape offered by survival, but it was close.

But, as acid coated my skin with every movement of the massive woman's body, I realized that my situation was much more hopeless than mere death. I was truly immortal; I'd be stuck here until... What? Could I even pass into her intestines at this size? I didn't know enough about biology to say, but I knew that whatever came next could not be pleasant.

It seemed like she made money from making me miserable. For some reason, people were willing to pay to watch her sexual torture, and they paid a premium to tell her how best to abuse my tiny body. How on earth could she get away with what she was doing with that many people watching? This was rape. Shit, it was worse than rape, but there were people out there who paid to watch it happen.

Without warning, Kristi shifted. Gravity was suddenly in another direction, and I tumbled into my back, a slowly-growing puddle of acidic fluid sloshing after me. A bit of it splashed in my mouth, but, besides the sour taste making me gag a bit, it didn't do anything to me, an impolite reminder of my unwelcome immortality.

I struggled to my feet, trying to figure out what she had done. The way the walls of her stomach writhed and squirmed all around me made it difficult to keep my footing. But, placing a hand on the densely-textured, pulsing walls, I steadied myself and tried to gain my bearings. Her esophagos, the tight hole I had passed through to get here, was on one side of me, and the funnel that led down to her intestines was on the other side. So she was lying on her back.

Then, through the infinite flesh, I heard a pleasured moan. That was the piece that made sense of the puzzle. Lying on her back, her heartbeat so rapid that I could barely tell the beats apart, and now this. She was masturbating, and I was going to experience it from inside her stomach. 

After my time with Renee, I knew the rhythms of a woman pleasuring herself. I could picture it clearly in my mind, Kristi lying on the bed, her legs spread wide for the camera, attacking her clitoris with a will. There were probably hundreds of perverts out there too, masturbating along with her, thinking about me trapped inside her stomach.

The thought made me furious, and I kicked angrily at the walls around me. As if in response, Kristi's hips bucked, another gasp of ecstasy accompanying the motion, and her stomach rocked violently around me. I fell straight on my ass, and the motion of her body threw me up into the air, landing me facedown onto the wall of her stomach. 

Her body kept moving after that, making it impossible for me to get back onto my feet. Every time I tried, an unexpected surge would toss me right back to the ground, or whatever passed as the ground in this place. After the first five or six minutes, I stopped trying, and just rode it out, spread-eagled against the blazing-hot surface of her stomach. Acid splashed up from all directions, coating every inch of my skin, filling my nose and mouth, but it didn't even leave a mark.

I could hear her, even from here. Her moans came quicker, grew more desperate. The motion of her body was more rapid, and reached a pace where it never really ceased. I was tossed relentlessly up and down, slamming painfully against the walls of Kristi's stomach with every surge of her hips. Acid completely soaked my body at this point, a thick, slimy layer that I was completely unable to clear from my skin.

Finally, she came. I felt it in a sudden, violent shudder of her body, and heard it in her muffled, choking gasp. Waiting for the whole ordeal to end, I rode out the desperate seizing of her body while stuck to the wall of her stomach.

She finally calmed down, and I heard her relieved, exhausted breathing. Then, without warning, her entire body shifted, and I fell forward. I wound up upside-down, struggling to right myself as the walls of her stomach pulsed and seized around me. 

As I fought to regain my bearings, I heard the muffled sound of her voice, but the details of consonants and vowels were impossible to hear from here. She was definitely speaking, and I could only imagine that it was to her Internet audience.

Then she moved yet again. The rapid motion dunked me headfirst into the fleshy funnel that led to her intestines, and I had to kick and squirm to free myself. The moment I managed to climb to my feet, though, her entire stomach seized up. The fleshy walls squeezed hard, shoving me headfirst back into her throat. 

Another violent contraction followed, and I was propelled through the tight, fleshy tunnel of her throat, out her mouth, and into the bright, cold air of the outside world. It was so terrifyingly fast; the massive motion, the relentless pressure of her muscles, the flood of light; adrenaline surged in my veins, and I was on my feet almost the moment I hit the ground, ready to run.

That fight-or-flight energy whithered away instantly when I saw Kristi staring down at me. Her face flushed with pleasure, her forehead beaded with sweat, she leaned over me, breathing heavy. There was a smile on her face, and I didn't like the look of it at all. I realized, belatedly, that I was in her sink, and there was nowhere I could have escaped to even if I tried. I stood in a thin pool of vomit, coated head to toe in stomach acid, surrounded on all sides by steep, white, porcelain walls. 

"Hey there, little guy," Kristi said, her face splitting into a smile. "Oh, look at you, you're so tiny!" she exclaimed. She made a gesture with her thumb and forefinger to show me exactly how tiny I was, and I responded by flicking her off. She frowned. "Now, that's not nice."

Her left hand came out of nowhere and bowled me over. My head hit the porcelain of the sink with a solid thunk, and, dazed from the impact, I didn't realize what she was doing to me until I was hanging upside-down in midair. She held me by the ankle, staring at me with the same expression of a bored student watching fruit flies breeding. My eyes met hers, but there was no indication in her face that she even saw my eye contact.

Finally, she spoke. "So you're my little toy. I don't really care if you want to be or not, just stay pretty for the stream."

With a sudden flick of the wrist, she tossed me into the air. I flew what felt like miles, then, in a moment of weightlessness, I started to fall. It all happened faster than it could be explained, and I struck the palm of her hand with an impact that drove the wind from my lungs. In that moment, her fist closed around me, enveloping me in darkness.

"I can do whatever I want with you," she said, her voice seeming to come from everywhere. "There's no escape. Fight it, enjoy it, I don't give a shit, but they like it more when you struggle."

Light came flooding in as she opened her fist. Her face was right there, filling my field of view. Her eyes were almost close enough to touch, and there was a look of cruelty in them that made my skin crawl. "I own you," she said. "You might not really know what that means yet, but you will soon."

A Little Carried Away by tallie
Author's Notes:

In which Kristi does another little show. Some mouthplay, insertion, and masturbation with one of the fancy dildos.

"Okay, everyone, looks like our little guy has figured out that he's the star of his own show," Kristi said, her voice bubbly and her face cheerful. She looked at looked at me as if she expected me to respond favorably, even though she held me upside-down from my ankles. When my miserable expression didn't change, she looked back at the camera. "This happens with all the little ones eventually, but I think we should celebrate." She looked back at me, her expression as happy as if I had just wheeled out her birthday cake. "We're gonna have a fun little game today."

Fuck me running. Would I even get any mileage out of begging for my life? With my time spent inside Kristi's intestines, I had come to the realization that nobody who voluntarily spent money on this disgusting, pornographic display of human slavery would bother reporting it to the authorities, so I was trapped here until I managed my own escape. But, until I figured my way out, I had to suffer the experience, and it sounded like it was just about to get worse.

Kristi held me upside-down, both of our faces pointed at the camera. I let my arms hang loose and only occasionaly looked down at her insanely attractive naked body. She had surprisingly large breasts, given her slight figure, to the point that I would not have been able to see the rest of her torso if she had raised me any higher. But, as it was, I was able to see her flat stomach, the barest shadow of abs showing through the fat, and the clean-shaven mound between her legs that led to paradise.

No, not paradise. I had experienced it firsthand and I knew that it was torture when you weren't just trying to shove your dick into it. But, even so, I couldn't stop but find that dark, wrinkled gap attractive from where I was. I was sure I would regret my biological instincts in a moment.

"In honor of my little buddy learning his role, we're gonna give him a challenge," Kristi said. She twisted me around to look directly at my face, but her airy expression didn't fade as she continued, "He's got five minutes to make me come. If he does, the popular vote decides what I do with him. If he doesn't, the top donor decides."

I glanced down between her spread legs, then back up at her. Her grin seemed to grow, and her off-hand drifted down between her legs, rubbing casually at her clit. "I'll give you a head-start, little guy," she said, sexual excitement practically bleeding from her face. "You ready?"

Does it matter, cunt? I asked myself. But, clearly, it didn't matter, because her hand opened, and I fell to the ground, just a few inches away from her groin. I hit the bed so hard that I saw stars, but I still heard her say, "Ready... go."

It took a while to recover, which was frustrating because she had already proved that I was immortal; this little fall should have been nothing. By the time I had my feet under me again, I heard her booming voice say, "Time's running out, little man."

Fuck you.

But, all the same, I drew up close to the giantess' crotch, which was presented before me like a painting at a museum. A hot, stinky painting in a room whose walls could slam shut around my body at any moment. Not happy about it, but sure that the 'top donor' would be the greater sadist than the masses, I started aggressively massaging Kristi's clit. I dug my hands underneath the wrinkled flesh of her vulva and wrapped my fingers around the fleshy bulb of nerve endings, squeezing and tugging at it in an effort to bring the woman to orgasm.

I heard a moan above me, and felt a brief sense of victory. I could do this. The 'popular vote' might not be great, but I already knew what happened when the 'top donor' chose my fate, and I had no interest in suffering another week in the giantess' intestintes.

Then, without warning, the giantess' fingers slammed up against my back and pressed me mercilessly into her pussy. Fresh air was replaced with flesh and lubricant, and my entire world became a chaotic blur of pink and brown, unbearable heat permeating every inch of my skin.

In seconds, she was masturbating with my body, and there was nothing I could do but wait it out. She rubbed me up and down, mercilessly forcing me into the soft flesh of her crotch, using the texture of my body to lift herself to orgasm.

If five minutes was her limit, she lost, or so it felt like. I heard her throaty gasps growing more rapid, I felt her pelvic muscles squeezing up against my face, and I knew that her hips were rocking in pleasure even if I was moving to fast to feel it. Eventually, amidst the wet, noisy torture, the giantess finally came, and just let me go, allowing me to crash backwards onto the bed and watch her pelvic muscles twitch in the afterglow of her orgasm.

"Ooohhhhh, God, I'm sorry," she said breathlessly, "I'm so sorry, guys, I got carried away."

She leaned forwards, and the hot red flesh of her vagina came crashing down towards my face, until she yanked me out from underneath it at the last moment, holding my fluid-smeared body up for the camera. "That's my fault, guys, but I think our little guy deserves a reward, don't you? What do you think we should do?"

I had just the barest view of the screen, but I saw plenty of words that were profoundly disturbing. 'Ass,' 'eat,' and 'condom,' among others. Please, lady, I begged, don't let these fucking perverts control my life.

Kristi made a face. "You guys are nasty," she said, and I felt my body deflate in relief. "I've got a better idea," she continued, her voice husky enough to bring terror back into my soul.

She leaned back, reaching for something off the bed that was outside my field of view. After a few moments, she finally produced a bizarrely complicated contraption of a sex toy. The shape of the dark blue dildo in her hand was obvious, although it looked downright alien, with weird ridges and a scaly texture. It seemed like the dick of an impossible, human-reptile hybrid. From its underside ran a clear tube, connected to a fist-sized plastic capsule.

She dropped the dildo between her legs and grabbed the little capsule. She gave it a tiny squeeze, and I saw thick, white fluid flood into the tube. My eyes widened, and I offered a token struggle before I realized that the effort was useless. The giantess noticed, though, because she giggled, "Looks like he recognizes it, doesn't he? The little pervert."

I didn't get to see the response, but her provocation was infuriating nonetheless. You're one to talk, I thought, cum lube was made for perverts, you little bitch. Would you want to drown in it?

She straightened up the dildo, making sure that I was angled so I could see the whole thing, and placed the little lube container directly underneath it. I knew what would happen; her weight would compress the lube capsule, and, every time she drove down on the dildo, another little squirt would force its way into her. She'd be dripping with the fluid in minutes, and she'd have a nice little creampie for her horny audience. And I would be caught in the middle of that hot, white mess, pressed between the flesh of her vagina and the hard rubber of the dildo, trying and failing not to let the lube into my lungs.

I had no desire to be a part of it, but I had no choice. She lowered me down onto the dildo, and I realized, with a shock, that it seemed to be larger than it should have been. I had been almost six inches tall, able to reach her clit from the bed, and now a dildo that could fit comfortably in her hand seemed four, maybe even five times as tall as I was. I couldn't believe it, but there was no denying what I saw with my own eyes. She had control over my size?

Before I could explore the consequences of this terrifying new reality, she shoved my feet into the narrow hole at the head of the dildo. Her fingers, now so large that her fingernails were bigger than my head, pressed down on my shoulders, and I slid painfully into the smooth rubber canal.

The dark blue rubber was cold, and squeezed me on all sides with incredible force. Kristi's pelvic muscles were nothing compared to this, even at the height of orgasm. The rubber wrapped tight around my entire body, and I simply couldn't move, no matter how hard I tried. I could barely even breathe. It may have been soft and pliant to her, but, at my size, it was as hard as stone. The tube was meant for a thin stream of fluid, and she had shoved me into it. How the hell was I supposed to get out?

I should have known what would have come next, but it still came as a surprise. Impossibly, the pressure increased massively, and I felt it come down from my head to my toes in a wave. It was as if the dildo was trying to swallow me, and I felt myself pushed down an inch against the smooth rubber. But I knew that the giantess had just finally slid her body down on top of the dildo.

The force of her vagina wrapping around the dildo passed my feet, and then I felt warm fluid suddenly start to well up from underneath me. The sensation was like sinking into quicksand, but it only took seconds. The panic that rose in my throat could not be denied, but I could barely move a muscle against the pressure that surrounded me. Warm, sticky fluid shot up from underneath me and covered my entire body, rising up to my neck in an instant.

But it stopped there. I felt the pressure lessen, the relief rising from my toes all the way to my head, and the fluid drew back a bit, falling down to my chest. My brain gave a sigh of relief, but I knew exactly what was happening. She sat up, and, in a moment, she'd come back down, and shit was going to get a lot worse.

She drove the dildo back into her, and, not only did the pressure from the walls that surrounded me grow to a bone-crushing level, the warm, sticky, opaque white lube shot up past my head with such force that I was pushed almost a foot upwards along the tiny tube in the dildo.

I drew a lungful of the lube at that moment, gallons of the sticky, salty fluid sliding down my throat. I coughed instinctively, but there was no fresh air to be had, just more lube. The stuff was more or less flavorless, but was thick and sticky, coating the inside of my mouth and throat like a layer of paint. I wasn't sure if I'd ever be able to cough it all out when I finally got a breath of fresh air. It got everywhere immediately; I couldn't even see the blue rubber that was pressed against my face through the opaque white fluid.

Slowly, she pulled the dildo out and pushed it back in again, and, this time, surrounded by lube, the sudden surge of pressure from beneath my feet pushed me an entire body length upwards. I realized then what was happening. The tube was so tight and my body was so large, relatively speaking, that I was essentially a human fluid seal. A shitty one that left plenty of leakage, but she still wasn't going to get the creampie her perverted fans wanted until I was shot out of the dildo, directly into her waiting pussy.

She seemed to realize it, too, because she starting bouncing violently up and down on the dildo, but seemed to be sparing her weight on the lube capsule, because very little of it came from below me, and I only moved a few inches at a time from the waves of pressure that descended down on me every time she penetrated herself.

I could just barely hear her moaning, and her pace quickened, pausing only briefly to reposition herself. Even after my short time with her, I knew the rhythm of this. Her moaning increased in volume and pitch, turning into choking, squeaky gasps for air, then, finally, she slammed all her weight down on the dildo and the capsule underneath it. I was launched from the tip of the dildo like a bullet from a gun, a massive gush of sticky fluid following behind me.

In the rush of fluid, the sudden heat of her body, and the hard impact I had with the walls of her vagina, I didn't quite hear the noise that she made when she came. Through the thick white of the lube, I could just barely see that I was nestled in a little pocket between the head of the dildo and the hard pink mound of her cervix, suspended in a bubble of fluid that couldn't go anywhere because of the dildo filling her vagina.

Then, slowly, she drew the dildo out, and the fluids followed, oozing down the muscular walls as they drew back together in the absence of the massive bulk of the fake reptilian cock. Between the workout from the dildo, her position, and my new, smaller size, I wasn't large enough to be trapped between the walls, and I was carried along with the fluids until they thinned out enough that I finally stuck to the wall.

She giggled, and her vagina squeezed shut as she did so, forcing more fluid out of her pussy and driving me further out, until I could just barely see the light of the outside world. She straightened up, and gravity did the rest. I saw the head of the dildo directly underneath her, glazed in thick white lube like sugar on a cinnamon bun, and then I fell directly on top of it. If I had been stronger, I would have been able to climb back into the hole. I almost wanted to try, just to spare myself whatever her next move was.

The lube had thinned out enough that I could vaguely see what she was doing, far above me. Her pale, thin figure, flushed from pleasure and exertion, was straddling the dildo, her right hand slowly working in circles over her pussy. Strands of cum lube stretched out between her fingers and smeared all over her groin.

Kristi looked down at me, then smiled and walked herself backwards. Still on her knees, she leaned forwards, deliberately arching her back to keep her ass in the air, until her face was right over me. Then she opened her mouth and brought it down on the head of the dildo.

The outside world was quickly darkened, and the noise of her gentle moans was deafening in here. Her breath was hot, and her tongue, as it slimed over the head of the dildo and picked me up along with plenty of lube, was even hotter. She ran me around the inside of her mouth, tasting my lube-soaked body like a piece of living candy.

I thought, for a moment, that I was crazy, but it quickly became clear that, as she tossed me around the inside of her mouth, that I was growing even smaller. Soon, my entire body was smaller than one of her teeth, and she demonstrated that by depositing me on one of her molars, pressing down playfully with her jaw before pulling me out and tucking me under her tongue.

Then she sucked everything out, an experience that was terrifying and excruciating. The pressure dropped to nothing, and my lungs were completely emptied, air, lube, spit, nothing, leaving me gaping like a fish out of water. She sucked my skin dry, leaving nothing but a thin layer of saliva that seeped from the walls around me.

Then she tilted her head back, and, in a deafening, fleshy noise, swallowed everything. Everything but me, tucked safely away under her tongue.

I gasped for air as the pressure returned, but there was little to be had under her tongue. Just heat and spit. I saw light and heard, as if it was the voice of God himself, her satisfied, "Ahhh...." Then, her voice so loud that it felt like it was drilling directly into my ears, shaking my very bones, she said, "That was tasty. See you guys later."

Our Last Night Together by tallie
Author's Notes:

In which Kristi enjoys some alone time with her toy. Intimate, same-size sex, and some vaginal insertion to follow, with the natural attendant bodily fluids.

Kristi spat me out onto the bed only a few seconds after delivering that last line, presumably having closed her livestream. Greedily gulping down the first taste of fresh air I had in what felt like hours, wiping slimy bodily fluids from my eyes and trying to adjust to the sudden brightness of the outside world, I didn't notice the giantess' face hovering just over me at first. But, when I did, the surprised, terrified response I exhibited was apparently amusing to her.

She did have a nice smile, though.

It was only a moment later that I realized that it was absolutely outrageous that I should notice her smile at all. But, before I could continue that train of thought, she spoke, and the earth-shaking volume of her voice stunned me into submission. My vision narrowed, and all I could focus on were the words coming out of her mouth.

"So," she said, her tone playful. "I have to give you back to Renee tomorrow. We'll play together on the stream for a bit, but this is the last day we get to be together... Alone."

She tossed her hair back, and, when some strands fell back into her eye, she brushed them aside thoughtlessly. She didn't seem to realize that, at her size and at this distance, she was speaking with the voice of God. Instead, she was talking like they were engaged in just regular, playful pillow talk. "God, you're just so cute!" she exclaimed, her smile broadening, reaching forwards with her thumb and forefinger pinched together. Her hand drew close enough that those two fingers completely obscured my vision before she pulled back.

Her smile faded a bit as she shifted to cradle her head in her hands. "So, do you want to have a little bit of fun?" she asked, tilting her head a bit.

Was she looking for a response? In any other circumstance, the answer would have been a wholehearted 'yes,' but how the fuck was I supposed to answer that question when there was no response that didn't end up with me used as a living dildo? I hesitated, not sure exactly what was the right answer, but Kristi didn't seem to care. "I'll be better then Renee, I promise," she said breathily. Her gaze scanned up and down my tiny body, and her expression grew a little too lusty for comfort.

She chewed on her lower lip for a moment, then straightened up. She waved her hand over me, quick, but, at the same time, precise. There was a deliberation to her gesture that I didn't catch on to at first. Then, without warning, she started to shrink. Or, rather, I started to grow. It was hard to tell the difference at first, but, after a few seconds, the reality was clear; Kristi had control over my size.

I wasn't sure if this was a good or a bad thing. Quickly, my surroundings shrank around me, and it occurred to me that I no longer had any clue as to what size was normal. As I grew, and Kristi's body seemed to shrink, I had no idea how to process my surroundings. Fear paralyzed me, and, in a few short seconds, I found myself on my back on the bed, staring up at Kristi's bare-naked body.

It took a moment, but I realized quickly that I had been grown to full size, or near enough to make no difference. Kristi straddled me in an uncomfortably erotic way, the warmth of her crotch pressed up against my own. I tried to suppress my erection, but instinct would not be denied. The blood rushed down and I felt myself slowly growing hard. Whatever we had done before didn't seem to matter anymore; she was right there, basically asking me to fuck her.

Kristi, still staring at me, grinned. "You like, that, don't you?" she asked.

She leaned forwards and ground her hips up and down, the soft wetness between her legs sliding over my slowly-hardening cock. Against my will, I stiffened at the sensation, and the primal voice in my head that told me to fuck her raw grew to a deafening volume. I considered tossing her off me and trying to escape, but, from where I lay, it didn't seem even remotely possible. It was illogical, I knew, but the two of us, naked, together, in this position? There was only one way this could end.

It wasn't lost on me that, barely minutes before, I had been inside that woman's mouth, ready to be swallowed like a piece of food. It did not escape me that, if she could grow me to this size, she could likely shrink me back down to morsel-size at a whim. But those realities seemed insignificant next to the eroticism of the woman straddling me. My hands drifted up and grabbed her ass, guiding her down to my now fully-erect dick.

Her smile grew, and she let me take control. When I felt her pussy slide over my cock, I let out a tiny moan, and she breathed a curse at the same time. I slid her down, slowly, all the way to my hips, reveling in the pleasure on her face. Then, when I was as deep as I could get, I shifted my grip, just a bit, to get the best leverage, and started to drill her as hard as I could muster.

Her expression of shock lasted only a moment, and, it shifted into something that told me that she loved what I was doing. She looked down between her legs, seeming to marvel at the dick that penetrated her over and over and over again. She shifted her hips a little bit and eagerly played along, rocking her body back and forth against my rhythmic thrusting. Her whole body writhed against mine, hands clutching my shoulders hard, fingernails digging in. Her head fell backwards, her mouth agape, silently screaming her pleasure as the heat between us intensified with every thrust.

After barely two minutes, maybe three, to be generous, I came hard. My whole body tightened and stars danced in my vision as my very soul seemed to shoot out through my dick. I could barely draw breath to let out the scream that I wanted to, but I could see Kristi's face, bound in pleasure, eagerly driving her hips up and down, and sucking up every last drop of cum that shot out of me. That expression on her face, the very idea that I had made her cum, seemed like the hottest thing in the world to me in that brief moment.

Then it all came crashing down. A ragged, involuntary moan of ecstasy escaped my lips as clarity and regret washed over me. What the fuck was I thinking? Kristi had handed me a chance to escape, and I had wasted it having sex with her. I had already been buried from head to toe in the woman's vagina; shit, I had spent days as a living, breathing tampon for another woman. Why the hell did I toss away my chance at regaining my normal life just to make my dick happy?

Maybe there was still a chance. Maybe I just had to take a swing at her and hope that I could knock her out and get out of here. But, by the time I had that thought, I was already shrinking. Kristi still straddled me, her face flushed and her body sweaty, but I wouldn't have been able to reach past her breasts anymore. Seeing the lock of shock on my face, Kristi giggled, biting her lower lip like she expected even more sex.

My perspective continued to fall as my body continued to shrink, and Kristi watched it happen with delight written across her face. In seconds, I went from full height, to half her height, to staring up at her crotch hanging far above me, a foamy mix of cum and lubricant hanging under the fragile force of surface tension from the narrow slit that led deep into her body. From sexual ectasy and then to regret, I immediately grew angry. I had filled that woman the way a man should, and this was how she treated me?

But anger dissipated quickly as well, giving way to fear, as I realized what was coming next. The giantess scooped me up off the bed and lifted me up between her legs, holding me faceup in her hand. That I could fit bodily in her palm was humiliating enough, but then I saw her crotch twitching, her pelvic muscles squeezing, and a thin stream of creamy white bodily fluids came pouring downwards, directly onto my face.

That was my own cum. No man would even voluntarily taste it, but I was being drowned in it. I heard the giantess giggle, and even more came gushing out as her pussy twitched with every breath. I coughed and sputtered, trying not to vomit as I thrashed around, looking for an escape, a single breath of fresh air. But it was impossible to get; I was too small. Every breath drew warm, salty, viscuous fluid down my throat, which set me into a coughing fit, which just drew more bodily fluids into my lungs.

Very quickly, my lungs were filled with hot fluid, a thick, salty taste filling my mouth and throat. It seemed inescapable, but, even so, I heaved and squirmed, disgusted at the fact that I was breathing my own cum. I was only vaguely aware of the giantess lifting me further up, but it was impossible to ignore the immediate heat and pressure of her shoving me headfirst into her vagina.

The sudden transition from the outside world to the inside of the woman's body was so shocking that, for a moment, it overrode my disgust at being trapped in an ocean of my own semen. But then, with her heartbeat pounding deafeningly at me from all sides, I realized that this was the pit into which I had blown my load, and the thin dribble that had drowned me already was just the smallest sample.

I let out a desperate, frothy shout, muted by the relentless pressure of Kristi's vaginal walls surrounding my body. I could feel burning-hot bodily fluids filling my lungs with every breath. My entire world was a cloudy mix of white cum, diluted by vaginal lubricant, and bright pink flesh. I had been taller than Kristi just a minute ago, and now I was so small that my own load seemed like an ocean. I wasn't sure if I was dreaming it, but I was pretty sure I could feel the tickle of individual sperm squirming against my skin.

Amidst my disgust and claustrophobic panic, I came to one, definitive conclusion. I would never let myself get used like that again. If the barest chance to escape ever emerged again, come hell or high water, I would do everything I could to blow it wide open.

This Video is for Premium Subscribers Only by tallie
Author's Notes:

In which you are an unwilling prop in a corny Pornhub video. Foot play, vaginal insertion, giantess masturbation, and ass entrapment.

I had no idea how much time passed trapped in Kristi's pussy. It could have been hours, or even days. Her heartbeat was a persistent, almost soothing rhythm, but, even if I tried, it was no way to count time. I didn't need to eat, or drink, or even sleep; the oppressive heat and pressure of the giantess' vagina was my only reality. After enough time, that world of flesh and fluid seemed almost normal to me. She said that she 'had to give me back to Renee tomorrow,' but, from my perspective, it could very well have been weeks. When she pulled me out of her body, the sudden shock of light and cold air was too painful to ignore.

I had a brief view of the camera, of Kristi and Renee standing next to each other, both naked as the day they were born, before my stomach dropped and I was falling to the floor.

I hit the ground hard, the impact driving the air from my lungs. Gasping for air, I stared up at the giantess' intimidating figures. The massive pillars of their thighs drew up towards eternity, leading to naked hips and the women's impossibly slender bodies. Standing beside Renee's, with her dark brown skin and jet black hair, Kristi's fair complexion seemed almost ghostly by comparison.  With a brief pause, they both eyed the camera, making sure that it was running, then leaned down to start their theater.

"Oh my God!" Renee exclaimed, "What is this?"

"Is that a little man?" Kristi asked.

"I think it is," answered Renee.

"Is he trying to spy on us?"

"What a little creep!" Renee exclaimed. She made no effort to cover herself.

Kristi crouched down, her hips driving downwards with terrifying speed, and the thick, fishy smell that emanated from her bare crotch followed shortly after with a wave of warm air. "Did you think we'd find you, little guy?" She reached forwards, knocking me back onto my ass with her forefinger. "Huh? Did you? Did you think we'd find out?"

"He probably thought he was so smart," said Renee.

"Well, what are you gonna do now, little guy? Huh?" Renee's foot came out of nowhere, driving me mercilessly into the hardwood floor. Through the massive weight of the giantess' body, I could still hear Kristi's muffled words. "You can't run, you can't hide, so now what?"

Renee lifted her foot, and, as I gasped for air, I saw the two giantess' staring down at me with pure malice. Kristi had lifted herself from her crouch and was now standing over me with her hands on her hips. Was that look part of their script, or was it genuine?

"Ooh, he's tougher than he looks," Kristi giggled.

"Do you like that, little man?"

"I bet he does, little perv."

"Yeah," Renee agreed. She brought her foot over me, holding it for a moment over my head so I could see the pale, wrinkled skin of her sole, tiny debris clinging to the soft flesh. Then she drove her heel down, shoving me back down into the ground. Over the blood pounding in my head from the tremendous pressure, I could hear her yelling at me. "Do you like that, little guy? Do you like my hot, sweaty feet?"

When she lifted her foot, I clung to the bottom for a moment before falling back to the ground.

I scrambled to my feet, knowing that there was no point in running but looking for a way to escape anyway. The knowledge that I was more or less invincible, the fact that I had already survived her stepping on me twice, did little to quell the animal fear of being underfoot between such titanic figures. My instinctive panic probably made good footage for the audience.

"What do you think we should do with him?" Kristi asked.

"Maybe he can just live in my shoe," Renee suggested. "My little foot slave. How does that sound, little guy?"

She brought her foot back again, this time planting her heel and bringing her foot just far enough down that she could tap my head with her big toe. Harmless though it may have been, it was still forceful enough to knock me back onto my ass.

"Mmm, no, I think he'd actually like that," Kristi said. "Maybe just eat him."

"But I want to keep him," Renee pouted.

If I had been in an position, at any size other than where I was right then, the hammy porn-acting dialogue between the two women would have been almost comical.

"Where can you keep him?"

"Oooh," Renee purred, "How about in my vagina?" she giggled and dropped to her knees. The impact shook my entire world as her weight slammed into the ground on either side of me. She lowered her right hand between her legs and spread her pussy open, revealing the bright pink flesh hidden beneath the dark brown lips. "That's what you wanted to see, isn't it? You want to get up close and personal with it?"

Kristi leaned forward, a grin on her face. I couldn't help but notice the way her breasts sagged when she did so. "Ooh, I like the sound of that. Do you think you could make her come, little man?"

Definitely not how normal people talked, but normal people didn't stand around completely naked talking to shrunken people either.

Renee made a show of how horny the thought was getting her. "Mmmm, yeah," she said, biting her lip. With her right hand, she started to run slow circles over her clit. "I bet you'd feel good squirming around in my tight, wet pussy, wouldn't you?"

"It's too good for him," remarked Kristi.

"I don't care," Renee moaned. "I want him now."

She leaned forward, reaching out with the hand that was not currently occupied. It shot forward at such a tremendous, terrifying speed that I instinctively jumped back, but it didn't do anything but make Kristi giggle. "I think he's trying to run away!" she exclaimed.

I was smaller than her fingertips, and Renee grabbed me between her thumb and middle finger, pulling me towards her in a dizzying blur of motion. She held me up to her face, staring at me with eyes that seemed as big as swimming pools, speaking in a voice that I could feel in my bones. "Oh, you don't want to be in my vagina?" she asked. The way her lips and tongue moved as she spoke, those massive muscles flexing and moving, the knowledge that she could just toss me into her mouth and I would be utterly at her mercy, was absolutely terrifying. "You wanted to see it so bad before. This is just the up-close view."

With that ridiculous line, she brought her hand, and me in it, down between her legs, giving me a tour of her upper body that was so quick that all I could process was dark brown flesh. Then she held me to linger just inches away from her vagina. Her other hand rubbed patiently at her clitoris, tugging on the soft flesh and showing brief peeks of the bright pink that hid beneath the dark brown.

"Did you think you would get caught, little guy?" Kristi asked from out of view.

Renee had no response to offer, and they certainly weren't looking for one from me. With a moan, she slid me between the lips of her labia, and my entire world was replaced with soft, pink heat. With a squelching, wet sound of flesh and fluid and more flesh, she guided me, pinned under her middle finger, towards her vagina and pushed me as deep in as she could.

Her finger retreated, and I was left alone in the sweltering confines of her vagina. At this microscopic size, it was less crushing than it would have been, but the claustrophobia of hot, wet flesh pressing in on me from all sides was just as bad. Maybe even worse, with the knowledge that I had what felt like hundreds of feet of the same sexual prison chamber between me and the fresh air of the outside world.

I could hear her talking, occasionally laughing, but it was too muffled to make out what she was saying. The flexing of her diaphragm was accompanied by gentle, and occasionally not-so-gentle twitches in her pelvic muscles, which squeezed my tiny body tightly with the fleshy walls that seemed to stretch forever around me. Those brief contractions were merely a hint at the full, brutal force that her body was capable of.

But I knew how this ended. After a few lines of cheesy dialogue and a couple of shifts in gravity, indicating the giantess was moving about, I could feel her start to masturbate. Even this deep inside her, the ferocity with which she attacked her clitoris was clearly evident in the tug and pull of the pliant flesh that surrounded me. Her heartbeat, pulsing at me from all sides through the hot flesh of her vagina, rose quickly in pace, and, in short order, her pelvic muscles squeezed hard with the first contraction on her rise to orgasm.

Soon, I could feel her hips rocking. I could hear her moans through the flesh that surrounded me. Her pelvic muscles squeezed over and over again, harder and harder every time, and her heartbeat grew to a feverish staccato. I was little more than a mote of dust, completely helpless amidst her body's natural responses, so every twitch of her muscles seemed like a titanic force to me. When her vaginal muscles squeezed, the chaos of the flexing elastic walls and the fluid-filled gaps between them tossed me in unpredictable directions. After only a few minutes, I had no idea where I was or what was happening; I could only guess from the pitch of the giantess' muffled voice how close it was to being over.

Despite what I thought was increasing familiarity with the rhythm of the giantess' sexual labors, Renee's climax came as a surprise. There was little that I could have done to prepare for it, but I was regardless caught completely unprepared. The walls around me squeezed with ferocious intensity that was painful even at my miniscule size, then held there for three, four, five seconds. My heartbeat pounded in my ears as hers pounded from all around me, and her squirming hips carried me for a wild roller-coaster of a ride.

Then she finally came down, a rhythm that I was much more familiar with because both Renee and Kristi experienced it much the same way. I could even visualize what it looked like from the outside, although I knew that that was not something to be proud of. Still squirming, still gasping, her pelvic muscles squeezed around me again and again, but with rapidly decreasing strength and more and more time between each contraction. Finally, she let out a deep, shuddering breath, one that I could feel in the twitching of the walls surrounding me, and it was all over.

A moment of calm. This wasn't a great place for any person to be no matter the circumstance, especially in the fluid-soaked, blazing hot aftermath of her orgasm, but it was somehow a relief to finally be finished with her sexual torture. At least for now. They were recording a video, so who knew what would happen next.

I heard Renee talking, a question, probably, but I couldn't make out what she was asking. I couldn't hear anything of whatever Kristi's answer was, if there was one at all, but Renee spoke again after a few seconds, then gravity suddenly shifted again. At this point, I couldn't even tell which way was up anymore.

Her finger came barreling towards me out of nowhere, from the direction that I thought would have been deeper into her vagina. Fuck, I had really gotten turned around. Her fingertip plunged past me, squeezing me harder into the soft walls, and then began to probe around with surprising dexterity. The elastic flesh of her vagina, which could have held me fast forever, no matter how hard I fought, parted willingly before her giant finger. There was no escape.

Her fingertip pressed me forcefully against the wall of her vagina, then, in one smooth motion, drug me painfully across what felt like miles of flesh and out into the open.

Through the blurring layer of fluid that held me to her fingertip, I could see Kristi holding the camera barely feet away from me, looking up from underneath at the giantess' crotch, and me held on her fingertip right beside it. "Mmm, there you are," Renee moaned.

"Look, he's all wet now," said Kristi.

"Do you like that, little guy?" Renee asked. "Do you like the taste of my pussy?"

"Maybe you should keep him locked up in there like a prisoner," Kristi offered.

"Oooh, I like the sound of that," Renee agreed. "But what about..."

Renee turned around, holding me in more or less in place so that the camera, and I, could get an up-close view of her ass. Kristi laughed out loud; I couldn't see her, I could barely see anything but Renee's ass, but she was definitely close. That laugh of hers was deafening. "Yeah, how about that, little man?" She reached forward from behind me and grabbed Renee's butt, pulling apart one of the cheeks, offering me a brief view of the giantess' dark, puckered anus before letting go.

Renee was totally into it, or at least pretending like she was. She leaned forwards, rocking her hips left to right slightly, showcasing both her ass and her pussy to the camera. She ran her free hand up her thigh slowly and slapped her ass. Though I was far beyond the point where I could consider anything about these women erotic, it was somewhat entertaining to watch it jiggle like that.

"Do you want to live in my ass, little guy?" Renee asked, straightening up and looking back over her shoulder.

"I bet he does," Kristi responded, "Who wouldn't want to live in that juicy booty?"

"Do you like staring at it, you little perv?" asked Renee. "Well, here, let's get you up close and personal."

She leaned forwards again and, with her free hand, and even with the other fingers of the hand that held me, she pulled her ass far apart, showing everything hidden beneath. Her tight asshole, surprisingly clean, and her fluid-soaked pussy that I had been trapped in not minutes before. She brought me closer, and closer, and closer, heat and stench overwhelming me as I was lifted to face an asshole that was larger than my entire body. God, please, don't put me in there.

Renee giggled, and her asshole twitched. The smell was horrific, shit and sweat and everything else that came from below her waist all mixing into a nauseating, sour soup of body odor. "Have fun!" she exclaimed. Then smeared me onto the soft, wrinkled flesh just above her asshole.

Rolled between her finger and the flesh, I was left facing outwards, stuck to the sweaty, stinky skin as her finger pulled away. I had a glimpse of the camera, and Kristi behind it, before Renee let go, and her ass came crashing in around me.

Even at my size, the pressure was crushing, worse than anything I had experienced inside the giantess' vagina. Those massive muscles at the tops of her legs were not abstractions that lent the curves to a shapely ass, they were a real, living force that pressed me into her body with a will. As she swung her hips from side to side, I not only had to endure the chaotic, unpredictable ride, but also the flexing of the muscles on either side of me, pressing me relentlessly into the other one.

"Mmmm, I can feel him squirming in there," Renee moaned. I could hear her as clear as day, despite the seemingly infinite flesh that surrounded me.

"Do you think he can feel you moving around from there?" asked Kristi.

"I hope he can," Renee said. "If I squeeze..." Both of the walls that surrounded me turned immediately to steel and pressed hard on my tiny body. "Oooh, I bet he felt that."

"He's probably so squished in there," Kristi remarked.

"It's probably so tight. This is what you get, little man," Renee yelled at him. "I hope you enjoy your new home!"

Livestream at the Gym by tallie
Author's Notes:

In which you are an unwitting workout partner. Anal insertion, masturbation, and the first part of the story told from the giantess' perspective.

It wasn't long before the giantess finally fished me out, but even those few moments were excruciating. The stench and the heat were overwhelming, and Renee's normal gait was absolutely brutal. Her hips shifted with every step, rocking me back and forth like some kind of perverted carnival ride. Every time her foot hit the gorund, I felt it in a deep, distant thud, and the muscle on one side of me quickly tightened, pushing me mercilessly against the soft flesh against the other side, before it abruptly let up. And then the process started all over again.

I felt like a ping-pong ball, tossed back and forth between the unyielding muscles of Renee's ass. The whole time, I was subjected to the stifling heat and suffocating stench of her most intimate parts. It wasn't erotic, it wasn't enjoyable, it wasn't even tolerable, and it wasn't long before I wanted nothing more than to die.

Fortunately, the massive woman finally pulled me out. She leaned forwards far enough that I finally saw daylight between her buttcheeks, a pale incandescent light that could be anywhere; a bathroom, a bedroom, a porn studio, who knew? Her hand, terrifying in its size, came forwards and sought me out with frightening dexterity. She pinched me painfully between her thumb and forefinger, and lifted me with dizzying speed out into the open world.

Fresh air, finally. My god... Her fingers shrank slightly around me as she sized me up, but the growth stopped too soon; I was still barely an inch tall. A disorienting blur of motion, and I found myself face-to-face with the ginatess. In that moment, faced with her massive face; eyes that were larger than I was, a mouth that could swallow me whole without a second thought; terror seized my entire body. I froze, staring at her with eyes wide; I had all but forgotten my brief ordeal in her ass; all I wanted was not to die.

Renee studied me for a moment, then spoke. The deafening volume of her voice, with the terrifying motion of her facial muscles, kept me from processing what the hell she was saying for the first few seconds. It was just noise. Noise and the threatening motion of a predator's maw.

" is something for me," the giantess said. I had no idea what she had said befoire, but her expression didn't give my any reason for optimism. Her eyes, previously locked to his, turned sideways, and she shrugged her naked shoulders. "Maybe I'll stream it, who knows? It could play well, but you're not gonna like it either way."

What the hell did that mean?

Renee lowered her hand in another dizzying blur of motion, leaving me dazed and confused until my perspective finally settled on a tiny mold of clear plastic. Disoriented by the sudden, chaotic shift, it took a moment for me to recognize the pointed mushroom shape. The moment it clicked, Renee turned it over and dropped me into a narrow opening at the bottom.

Holy shit. It was a buttplug. A hollow one, with space for a shrunken prisoner. I knew immediately what would come next, and I pounded against the walls of the plastic prison in vain. Please, please no, I begged.

Renee didn't care at all. She grabbed the base off the floor and screwed it back into place, sealing me into the stale air inside the toy. At my size, my protests, my desperate struggles were completely impotent; the giantess could do whatever the hell she wanted with me, and the plastic prison that I was trapped in. She flipped it over, and I tumbled helplessly around like a die in a cup, slamming painfully against the walls.

Renee produced a thin bottle of lube and cracked it open, oozing a clear fluid over the plastic, then smearing it across the surface with her fingers. Every tiny motion of the buttplug tossed me back and forth, making it impossible for me to keep my footing. Finally, satisfied with the lubrication, Renee crouched down and brought her toy, and me along with it, under her crotch.

Through the thin haze of the lube, I could see the full intimate expanse of flesh between the giantess' legs, the sliver of pink between brown labia, and the dark, puckered hole that I had just been suffering next to. In a brief moment of bizarre lucidity, I realized that that woman had been sitting on my face not a few days ago, and I loved it.

She pushed the plug up against her asshole, and I watched from inside as it parted slowly, her body enveloping my prison inch by inch. The dark, fleshy tunnel beyond filling more and more of my vision until, in a sudden jerk, the rest of the plug slid in, sealing me into her ass.

I could hear her heartbeat, steadily thumping at me from all sides, I could feel her movement, the gentle swinging of her hips, and the thumping of her feet hitting the ground was a deep, bassy sound accompanied with a subtle shake of my tiny prison.

I didn't bother trying to gain my footing with all that unpredictable motion. The inside of the butt plug was rapidly heating up with her body pressing in on all sides, but it seemed to be sealed from the foul air inside her asshole. That was the one silver lining: I could see where I was and I could feel the heat, but I couldn't smell it.

No bodily fluids, no crushing pressure, no suffocating stench. Compared to what else she could have done to me, it was relatively pleasant. Maybe this would be a new normal, and I could spend most of my time free of her torture.


"So he can't hear us, but he's up there," Renee said, lowering her phone down to her ass. She wiggled her hips a bit, then brought the phone back up to her face. "I'm sure he's loving it. Who wouldn't want to be in this tight butt?"

She giggled, but kept the phone camera on her face as she walked. "He gets to come with me while I work out. How's that for motivation?" She bit her lip and looked around conspiratorily. "Do you wanna see him? I could..." She suddenly noticed someone watching, and her tone shifted. "No, nope. It'll wait." A grin started to creep across her face. "You'll see him eventually."

Renee walked with a confident swagger into the gym. Leg day, a favorite for the "family-friendly" platforms. She could edit out any naughty bits; and there would be naughty bits; and save them for the people who paid her to see them, but there were hundreds of thousands more people who liked to see her ass doing squats in compression shorts on Instagram. And plenty of them would get excited to hear that she had a tiny guest along for the ride.

If not, well, there was a filter for those tags.

She was at the gym super early in the morning, when there would be almost nobody else in. She didn't intend to get naked on the gym floor, but she could use the equipment and set up the camera without anybody interfering.

She did her workouts, squats and deadlifts, taking time between sets to move the camera around to get footage from different angles. From the front, the side, the back, even underneath. She was fairly confident that the shot from underneath would show the buttplug sticking out from her skintight shorts, which might not survive long if she put it on Instagram.

A brief run, with only a little footage since nobody wanted to watch a woman run for twenty minutes, no matter how good the ass shot was, and then she hit the showers. This was why she got here so early; nobody would be in there so she could play the giantess angle a bit without weirding out any strangers.

She stripped her top, put the phone down on the bench, and hit 'record.'

"Do you think he liked that? I bet he loved it, that little perv," she said, turning to the side and flexing her butt. She ran a hand down her leg and slapped her ass, "Did you feel that, little guy? How you holding up back there?"

Renee leaned forwards into the camera, as if sharing a secret with it. "You know, he asked me to put him there. He wants to stay there all day." She bit her lip and looked away, making a show of thinking naughty thoughts. "Do you want to see?"

She turned around and bent over, knees together, showing her ass to the camera, and slowly slid her shorts down, rocking her hips as she did so. She stopped just when her pussy was exposed, and reached up and tapped the bottom of the buttplugg with her finger. "That's him in there. My cute little butt prisoner."

She knew that they couldn't see him; the cap on the buttplug, the hole that she had deposited her shrunken prisoner into, was a heart-shaped pink plastic gem. She didn't even need the shrunken man for this bit, frankly, but it turned her on knowing that there was one there, and the knowledge that the opaque cap literally kept him in the dark about what she was doing made it that much better. Maybe an attentive viewer would see the moisture between her legs.

"I couldn't stop thinking about him," she purred. Spreading her knees just a bit, she reached her right hand between her legs and slowly slid her middle finger along her pussy, parting her labia to allow the camera to see the pink underneath. "I can feel him moving around in there."

She dunked her middle finger into her vagina and moaned. "Oh, God. It's so much better than a vibrator, and it's quieter."

She stood up abruptly and turned back to the camera, getting up close to it once again. "Nobody here suspects a thing," she whispered, and giggled. "Come on, let's go take a shower."


Very quickly, the air inside the buttplug had gone from stale to sour. Whatever hostile stench existed inside her asshole had not yet entered my prison, but my constant breathing had poisoned my tiny air pocket. It was uncomfortable to breathe, but I still suffered no ill effects. No headache, no pain, and fully alert the whole time. I already knew that this weird invulnerability had kept me alive in situations where I should have been killed instantly, but it seemed more like a torturous curse than a good thing at this point.

Renee was working out, that much was obvious. The repetitive motion, her deafening, rapid heartbeat, and the incredible heat were all proof of that. It was unpredictable and insufferable, but it was still better than having to smell it. I could hear her speaking from time to time, too. And to whom? Probably hamming it up for her goddamn stream. Fuck, I had to get out of this.

When she ran, it was the worst. The constant pounding, slamming, and bouncing turned my tiny world into absolute chaos. I was tossed around like a roulette ball, slamming painfully against every wall of the buttplug over and over and over again, unable to tell which way was up. And it seemed to last forever. Holy shit, is this bitch running a marathon?

Finally, it stopped. She was done, thank God. Her heartbeat slowly started to cool down and I realized, with a breath of relief, that she was finally finished with her workout. Now just leave me here, I thought. Forget about me and go about your day.

More walking, more movement, more talking. I couldn't hear what she was saying and I couldn't see what she was doing, but she definitely had a real monologue going this time. Probably more camera work.

Then there was a sudden and unexpected shift, and a new noise I had not heard before, drowning out all the others. The buzz of a vibrator, and it was deafening. It took a minute before I realized that Renee was masturbating, and had shoved a dildo all the way into her vagina, its bulk pushing up against her colon and shoving me and my tiny prison aside.

You whore, I thought. I hope you never get a job with all this porn you're putting out onto the Internet. It would be a small consolation to my position of abject slavery, but it would at least be something.

It didn't end, though. I expected her to cum quickly and pull the vibrator out, but it didn't happen. Time passed, and the vibrator modulated repeatedly in strength over and over again. I could hear her moaning, and I could feel her moving, but I had no other indication of what was happening. What the fuck was she up to?


Renee let the stream go live; nobody would see the footage from before until she uploaded it herself, but she started the live stream while she was in the shower. She washed herself for a few minutes, biding her time, waiting until she had a few viewers, then decided to start the show.

"Hey, guys, guess what I've got?" she asked over the roar of the shower water. She turned her back to the camera and spread her buttcheeks, showing the plug. "Our little guy has a new home now. We're having lots of fun together. But...." She turned around and produced the other toy, the one she had been hiding in her gym bag. The pink, silicone vibrator was intended to be used as a panty vibrator, with a short, thick plug that went inside her and a thin, flexible antenna that doubled as a clit tickler. "He hasn't met his new neighbor yet."

She pressed the button on the antenna and it started vibrating gently. She grinned and brought the vibrator close to the phone so they could hear it. "He's gonna stay in there for a while," she said, "And his neighbor is moving in for the long haul as well." She closed her eyes and moaned as she slid the vibrator into her vagina, the vibration was subtle, but effective. It felt good going in, but she could probably go about her day at this level without anybody noticing.

"Every dollar lets you control it for one second," she purred into the camera. The vibrator was synced to her phone, and she could give control to her viewers. "Subscribers get two seconds. Just be nice to the neighbors, okay?"

She didn't transfer control just yet. She cut off the shower, and made sure that everyone had a good view of her drying herself off. Finally, she stepped out and started to dress herself. Her panties went on first, eyeing the camera with a sultry look, but making sure that the antenna settled nowhere near her clit; she didn't need these people making her lose control completely. She slid a tight pair of shorts on after, and, topless, she smiled at the camera. "Alright guys, let's introduce our guy to his new neighbor."

She transferred control to the stream, and the vibrator immediately kicked into full strength. She gasped at the sudden, powerful sensation, and her hand shot between her legs. Struggling to regain her composure, she looked up at her phone and giggled. "Ooh, I think he liked that."

She had already harvested twelve hundred dollars, more than half of it from subscribers. Holy shit. The battery would only last for an hour at full strength, but she would be left writhing on the floor of the locker room if she let that continue. Breathing heavy, cheeks already flushed, she straightened up and smiled. Just keep it suppressed, tighten up, and think unsexy thoughts. You can do this. You can't afford not to do this.

More money flooded in, and a wave of ecstasy shook her entire body. Her knees buckled, and a yelp of pleasure broke unbidden from her mouth.

It was too early. She could not have expected this kind of response on her stream at four in the fucking morning. She struggled desperately to get dressed while acting like everything was normal, but she knew that nobody was buying it from the brutal and unpredictable patterns of the vibrator inside her. She longed to just shut if off but she wasn't sure she could do it discreetly. She just had to make it to her car and finish the ordeal in there.


A Quickie in the Car by tallie
Author's Notes:

In which you once again star prominently in Renee's stream. Anal insertion and panties entrapment.

The vibration continued, varying in strength and pattern, for far too long. It was annoying, but it wasn't really affecting me. For Renee, however, it was clearly doing something. I could hear her pleasured moans through the flesh and the plastic that surrounded me. I could feel her movements getting more and more erratic, I could even hear her heartbeat gaining in pace and volume.

There was nothing comfortable about my situation. My prison was just large enough that her every motion tossed me carelessly up and down, slamming my tiny body into the hard plastic walls that trapped me. The heat was oppressive and the air was stale, but the silver lining was that I didn't have anything to do with whatever stunt she was pulling with the vibrator.

She was climaxing for the camera. What else could it be? And she was drawing it out to milk as much money as she could from her viewers. It was pathetic, but I couldn't help but remember that I was her helpless, shrunken sex slave, trapped in a tiny prison that she had shoved up her asshole for fun. Was I really in a place to say that anything she did was pathetic?

I had endured Renee's orgasms countless times. I knew the taste of her, the smell of her, I knew everything about what turned her on, I knew the rhythm of her pelvic muscles at the moment of climax better than I knew the national anthem. Here, ensconed in the hard plastic bell of her buttplug, I was spared the brutal experience I had suffered before, the experience of being used as her personal sex toy, and I was relieved for it.

Do you want to be Renee's sex toy?

If you had asked me that question when the woman had first moved into my apartment, when I first saw that tight ass in short shorts struggling to move a mattress up the stairs, I would have said yes. Absolutely, yes. Yes, forever. The answer still would have been yes when I finally managed to coax that ass into my bed on a Tuesday night. Hell, the answer still would have been yes when I woke up the next morning to that ass sitting on my face. Breakfast in bed.

But now I was trapped, thimble-sized, in the tiny plastic chamber of one of Renee's sex toys, shoved directly up that ass. And all I could think was how grateful I was not to be involved with the sex toy that she was actually using at that moment.

What a miserable fucking life.

So many questions, though. Did anyone know, or care, what she was doing with me? Did they think I went missing, or did they know and just think it was consensual? You couldn't just disappear a person and not leave loose ends, and you sure as hell couldn't livestream that person's tortured existence as your sex toy and not have someone ask questions.

And the most obvious question was what the fuck had even happened? I had been shrunk! How was that even possible, and how had a pair of sports medicine undergrad students figured it out? Was it reversible? I didn't even know that shrunken person porn was a thing, but apparently it was a big enough business that both my roommates had an eager, paying audience. Did they have a unique advantage in being able to use an actual shrunken person as their plaything, or was there a whole world of size-related sex slavery that I had been unknowingly plunged into?

No answers were forthcoming, obviously. And I suspected that, if these two were smart, they would try their best to keep me from finding any answers. There was a way out of here, there had to be, I knew it, but I would have to fight these giantesses to figure it out.

It was hard not to feel helpless, though. I was trapped inside her buttplug, and she had complete control over my size; what fighting could I possibly do?

After about twenty minutes of on-and-off vibration, and a little less than five of overblown play-acting at sexual rapture, Renee finally came. I could hear it in her desperate gasps and the rapid pounding of her heart, and feel it in the writhing of her hips and the pulsing of her pelvic muscles. The vibrator cut out abruptly, and, when it was all over, I was finally left in blessed peace.

Relative peace, that is. Her body was still an endless source of noise and motion. Now that that was over, though, what did she have in store for me next?


Renee lay there in the driver's seat of her car, breathing heavy in the afterglow of an orgasm made that much more powerful by her attempts to keep it suppressed. Every second that she had been able to keep the vibrator inside her was more money, and, by her count, she had made more than a thousand dollars since stepping out of the shower. But there was twenty thousand on top of that that she would have no choice but to return.

Her hair was a mess, still damp from the shower, her face was flushed, and sweat was beading up on her forehead. She knew she looked like a mess, but she kept the stream live, looking longingly at the dollar value that she had passed up by not being able to keep her lust under control. But, then again, the number of donations that had come in would have kept the vibrator in her viewers' control for more than eight hours. Eight hours! She couldn't even imagine edging herself for that long, let alone subjecting herself to a vibrator as strong as this one.

Next time she'd use a weaker vibrator. Maybe keep her own control over it as well without telling anyone.

"Whoo," she gasped, looking at the camera with a sultry grin. "You really know how to please a woman..." She took a deep breath, and let it out in a sigh, and tilted the camera down to her crotch. Her shorts were around her knees, but her panties were still on, and the wet spot between her legs was plain for all to see. "That was just too much. If you didn't get a chance to control it, you'll get your money back, don't worry. But, for now..."

She lifted her hips off the car seat and, with her free hand, dug into the back of her underwear, spreading her legs as much as she could to get access to the plug still in her asshole. "Let's take a look at our little buddy and see how he's doing."

She pulled the toy out and crashed down onto the seat, setting the phone carefully on the dash so it could keep filming. A pungent smell followed the plug when she lifted it out of her panties, but nobody could smell it on the stream, so it didn't matter.

She unscrewed the base and tipped the shrunken man out and into her open palm. "Was that fun?" she asked him. "Did you enjoy working out with me?"

He didn't respond, and he didn't have to. She looked up at the camera, "I think he's jealous of the vibrator," she said. She lowered him down onto the seat between her legs and slouched forwards, presenting him face-to-face with a wet spot that was as big as he was. "I was thinking about you the whole time, little guy, do you see that? You got me all worked up..."

She pulled down the waistband of her panties, exposing her pussy to him, and to the stream. It was still flushed red, and smeared with slimy lubricant, from the furious ride to orgasm that she had titillated her viewers with.

She grabbed the phone and brought the camera down so that the viewers could see it, and him, up close and personal. "Don't worry," she cooed, "I kept it nice and warm for you." She stroked the flesh delicately with the back of the thumb that was holding open the waistband, "Mmm, and wet... Why don't you try a taste?"

It would have been best for her if he just took the fucking cue and stepped up into her open panties so she could wrap the stream up quickly, but he was still reticent. After a moment, she reached behind him and tapped him on the ass with her middle finger, and he tumbled forwards into the cotton hammock.

She let the waistband snap shut without even checking to make sure he was in the right spot, and giggled, "Oh my God!" she exclaimed, raising the camera to her face so nobody could see her reaching down to adjust him, "He just jumped right in! I didn't know he was that eager."

Once she had him safely tucked away between her labia, squarely situated right over the wet spot in her underwear, she lowered the camera back down to her crotch. "Can you see him down there? How are you doing, little guy?" she asked in a singsong voice.

"I think he likes it," she said, looking at the camera as she raised it to give her audience a view of her entire body. "I can feel him moving down there... Oh!"

She straightened up abruptly, letting out a quiet gasp in a totally fabricated moment of pleasured surprise. Even if her little toy was moving down there, she could barely feel him, and he sure wouldn't be able to work her to orgasm on his own. But the viewers didn't have to know that. With some convincing moans and spasmodic convulsions, she could convince them that the tiny man was pushing all of her buttons in all the right ways.

After cumming on camera once already, genuinely, she didn't even have to pretend to reach orgasm. She could just dangle his future as a pleasurable irritant out there, and people would lap it up.

"Oh, you are jealous of the vibrator, aren't you?" she asked. She let out another gasp and tightened up, gripping the car seat. "Ohh... Keep that up..."

She ground her hips around a little, knowing full well that she was squishing him between her body and the leather seat beneath her. She kept the camera close up on her gyrating hips, so people could see the torture she was putting him through. "He's definitely having fun down there," she purred. "But if he's not careful... Oh!"

She gave her hips a little twitch to accompany the gasp. If nothing else, she knew how to fake an orgasm. She let out a loose, husky giggle, "Oohhh, if he's not careful... Things might get really wet down there, little guy!"

Renee lifted the camera back up to her face, chewing thoughtfully on her lip and looking off into the distance. "I think... I think I can do this all day," she whispered, as if sharing a dirty secret. "If he keeps this up..." She closed her eyes and let out a shuddering gasp. "Oh, we're gonna have fun," she said, pouring as much lust into her expression as she could manage. "Tune in later." She was barely subvocalizing at this point, the camera only inches from her face. "We'll see how he does."

With the push of a button, Renee cut the stream and put the phone down. She transitioned from sex-desperate succubus to normality in an instant, sliding her pants all the way up and reaching to put her shirt back on. She didn't even bother addressing her little toy anymore; now that the camera was off, he didn't even exist to her. She'd cut up the stream later, publish it as a standalone video, and then start a new one later today.

She put her seatbelt on and threw the car into drive. Right. Workout done, stream done, but class didn't start for nearly two hours. Might as well grab breakfast.


Knocked unexpectedly in the back, I tumbled forwards into the giantess' panties, and, as soon as I hit the cotton surface, she let the waistband snap shut, and I was slammed brutally into the bulk of her body.

Renee wasn't done, though. I heard her speaking, but couldn't make out the words over the rustling of fingers against fabric, as she reached down to adjust my position to the most sadistic location possible. My back rubbed painfully across sandpaper stubble as she slid me down, headfirst, until my entire body had slipped between the lips of her labia.

The heat was incredible. Slimy fluid coated my entire body and filled my mouth with every breath. Soft flesh wrapped eagerly around my tiny form, as if it was trying to swallow me whole, and the wet cotton of her underwear kept me pinned up against it. Even if I tried to move to escape, or even to work my way to a more comfortable position, the slick flesh around me and the pressure of the panties at my face would conspire to force me to sink deeper in.

It was a miserable, miserable place to be. At this size, her vagina was an instrument of exquisite torture; the only saving grace was that I was facing away from it.

I could hear her speaking, at least a bit, and then her hips tilted downwards abruptly. Her weight shifted, and suddenly it was all centered on top of me. The soft flesh of her vulva bore down on my back like a car rolling over me. My ears rang, the blood pounding in my head at the sudden, massive increase in pressure, and all I could hear was my own heartbeat, competing with the one that pulsed insistently through the giantess' flesh against my body.

Trapped beneath her mountainous bulk, I could feel her speak more than hear it, and I was certain that it was little more than fake sex sounds. Oh, do you like that, you bitch? What part of this is getting you off? The fact that I'm not moving, or the fact that I literally can't?

Knowing her, it was probably actually the latter. Nothing like casually torturing your roommate, right?

After a few moments, she started to grind her hips around, probably still showing off for the camera. But, already pinned beneath all one million tons of her, and with her panties saving me from being rubbed brutally against the leather of her car seat, it wasn't that much worse. I could feel the motion, I could hear the deafening squeaking and rubbing sounds of her body against leather, and the blazing hot flesh of her vulva pressed down mercilessly on my diminutive figure. My life was miserable, but her moving around didn't make my life any more miserable.

But what I knew, what I dreaded, was that, in this position, I was totally helpless to her whims, and to the whims of her viewers. If she thought it would be entertaining to them, or even just pleasurable for her, she could reach down into my hot, fluid-filled world and shove my entire body into her vagina effortlessly. It was the only thing she could do to make things worse for me, but she could do it instantly and without warning.

So, every time I heard her speak, every time I felt her move, it came with a sense of dread, a fear that this would be the time that she decided to step it up. This would be the moment that she would confine me to the muscular prison between her legs. It didn't happen, not even when she fell silent and slouched down into her car seat, relieving me of the pressure of her body weight. But I still knew that she could, and that she would without warning and seemingly without reason.

I was already subjected to brutal heat, intense pressure, and a seemingly never-ending world of bodily fluids. Eventually, I just wanted her to get it over with. Just shove me into your vagina, you bitch, and forget about me.

I couldn't believe that that was my greatest hope right now. There had to be a way out of this.

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