Don't Lie, Master by Goddess_Lucy_tinycrusher

This commissioned sorry takes place in the Fate anime/game universe .I don't own it. 

Pixon tries to summon his first servant. He's got someone in mind, but he may have gotten more than he bargained for.

Short little commission, hope you little bugs enjoy~

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1. Chapter 1 by Goddess_Lucy_tinycrusher

2. Chapter 2 by Goddess_Lucy_tinycrusher

Chapter 1 by Goddess_Lucy_tinycrusher
Pixon continued to chant, his arm stretched out over the glowing light on the ground. The summoning circle, drawn in black intricate arcane patterns, shone a bright blue as Pixon?s words echoed around him. Wind blew in a rage through the forest trees, knocking some branches to the ground.

Pixon was a young Master, fresh from his training and eager to summon his first servant. He came to the forest in the dead of night, hoping to summon one that would serve him well in battle. He?d made all the necessary preparations; the summoning circle, memorizing the chant, and finally his long white summoning robes that?s been passed down through his family for generations. He?d studied for years exactly how to do this, so tonight he couldn?t fail.

His brown hair whipped around in front of Pixon?s eyes as the wind became stronger. The energy before him felt amazing and powerful, bigger than anything he?d ever felt before. Was this what it was like to finally summon? Pixon could sense this energy flowing throughout his entire body.

?Come forth!? Pixon shouted as he felt the moment was right, energy welling up inside him, ?I summon you, Kiyohime!!!?

With those words a tunnel of pure light erupted from the circle in a massive explosion. Pixon was tossed back against the nearest tree behind him from the sheer force of the blast, his vision of everything blurred by the blinding light. He expected pain, but instead all he could feel from the blast was a complete release of the pent up energy inside of him, flowing out and through the symbols on the ground. Soon, Pixon?s power began to fade as it continued to leave his body. The pillar of light too began to fade with each passing sencond as it lost its power source. Pixon vision became blurry from exhaustion, never had he experienced such powerful feelings ever before in his life. After being pushed against the trunk of a tree by the magical blast, Pixon now found himself on the ground, panting on his hands and knees as his own strength slowly returned to him.

?Did?. did it work..?? Pixon said to himself slowly. In all the excitement he wasn?t even sure if he?d summoned anyone or just performed a magical light show. In his own haze he thought he saw something in the light, some kind of human form, but with horns. For his first summon he wanted to get the dragon maiden, Kiyohime. She was a legend that not a lot of people knew, but Pixon heard she was as powerful as she was beautiful if summoned by a great Master. He?d put all of his strength into studying for this chance, surely he had to be worthy of her now, right?

As his ragged breathing and pounding heart slowed down to a more steady rate, Pixon thought he could hear something above him. It was a sound like the wind, but constantly shifting, almost like? breathing?

Still exhausted, Pixon slowly raised his head to look at the summoning circle, but to his confusion, all he could see was a fuzzy white wall.

?Huh?? he said aloud as he looked around. There before him was a white wall that seemed to be almost as tall as he was. Looking to his right he could see the wall sloped down considerably, with a large crevice between the largest section and the lower ones. The wall itself looked very fuzzy, like it was made out of some kind of fabric, in fact, they almost looked like giant tabi Pixon thought. (Tabi are traditional japanese socks with a split between the big toe and the other toes, in case you didn?t know.)

As Pixon?s eyes drifted upward he could feel his heart fall. Above the white wall was what looked like the gigantic bottom of a teal sash. Pixon's heart began beating faster as he continued looking upwards, to two massive white pillars thicker than any tree he'd ever seen, leading to almost bulging areas the same color as skin.

?What the? hell?? Pixon gasped out as he realized; these were legs. The walls before him, gigantic socked feet. Did he actually summon someone? Why were they so big? What went wrong? These thoughts raced through Pixon's head as he peered even higher, craning his neck back to see.

The girl before Pixon wore a blue-green traditional Japanese dress, with a black sash around her stomach and a segment splitting off down between her legs and off to her sides. Her skin was white and creamy, looking soft as the clouds. As he could finally see her face he saw two golden eyes staring back at him above a smile. He took special note of the white horns at either side of her head, with golden ornaments just below them in her hair.

It was Kiyohime. The dragon maiden.

Pixon could only stare, in both amazement and fear, at the towering behemoth before him. He'd done it, he thought, but.. why was she so big?

Pixon tried to say something, anything, but he was in shock and still too exhausted from the summoning. Then Kiyohime spoke, breaking the forest silence.

?Are you my Master?? She said in an elegant but loud voice. She could've been heard from miles.

?Y-yes!? Pixon shouted out, as loud as he could.

?Oh wonderful,? Kiyohime said, closing her eyes with a big smile. She seemed to relax and adjusted her footing. She lifted the foot closest to Pixon, only a little bit to her, but high enough to easily sail over Pixon's body. Her foot slid over the air, landing finally on a mass of small trees.

Pixon could only wince at the loud sounds of branches snapping, even tree trunks bigger than himself broke like twigs as her sole came to a rest. Kiyohime didn't seem to notice, to her it only felt like stepping onto tough grass.

More branches cracked as the colossal dragon girl bent down. As she got closer, fear came over Pixon, in a second he flung backwards trying to get away. If she could crush trees so easily, what could she do to him? His heart pound as her face loomed over him.

?Hello Master,? she said as she completed her bow, ?I am Kiyohime, the Dragon Maiden.?
Chapter 2 by Goddess_Lucy_tinycrusher
As the newly summoned Kiyohime rose from her bow it looked like her horns could have touched the stars.

In his head Pixon kept repeating, ?why is she so big, why is she so big,? while still staring in awe and a little in fear at the gargantuan priestess before him. With a single step she could probably crush him just as easily as the trees under her feet, and the robes he wore already offered little in the way of armor.

?K-Kiyohime! I am your Master!? Pixon said trying to sound brave and authoritative, ?W-with you by my side, we'll never lose in any battle!?

?Of course not, darling,? Kiyohime said with a sweet smile. She bent down and pet the top of Pixon's head, sending him to the ground, ?especially with such a cute little Master. If all our enemies are as small as you they'll easily perish under me. I'll serve you till the end of time Master, so long as you always stay truthful to me.?

Pixon did his best to stand up to Kiyohime's massive finger, but the giant appendage hit his head with all the power of a falling tree. Pixon fell to the ground on his stomach and grunted as he was slowly rubbed against the ground as he was 'pet? by his summon.
Forget what he thought earlier, all it would take was her finger to smash him into Oblivion. Even at her normal size, her strength must have been incredible. Against the pressure, Pixon wasn't sure if he'd get squished now or not.

When her finger lifted off, Pixon could only make out the last few words of what she said. Something about being truthful, but he couldn't quite make it out as he quickly stood up.

With dirt covering the front of his once white robes, Pixon didn't really feel like the one in charge in this relationship. He summoned Kiyohime, yet now here she stood, tall as a mountain and just as powerful. Finally he decided to ask.

?K-Kiyohime! How did you get so big!?? He asked, shouting loud enough she just barely hear him.

?Oh?? She said, looking around, ?well, this happens at times but very rarely, just when a summoner uses too much of their own power and put a wrong symbol on the summoning circle that limits that sort of thing. A very novice mistake.?

So that was it, Pixon thought, it was all because of a stupid error he made because he wasn't careful enough? already Pixon could hear his friends laughing as such a stupid mistake. Pixon looked down to the ground in embarrassment, somehow forgetting the gigantic priestess before him for a moment until she spoke.

?But it's okay Master, it might even be more beneficial I stay at this size if we're going to battle, yes?? Kiyohime squat down, getting closer to Pixon trying to cheer him up. ?you aren't afraid of me at this size, aren't you Master??

Looking up once more, Pixon saw the giant dragon priestess squatting next to him. From his view he felt like a bug she found in the grass, easily crushable and at her mercy. She seemed nice but for Pixon, there was still an overwhelming sense of fear inside of him, that at any second she'd decide to crush him or even eat him. She was big enough to do either quite easily.

?N-no!? Pixon lied, not wanting to hurt her feelings or do anything to anger Kiyohime, ?I've just uh? never seen anyone this big before!? Pixon looked back down at the trees already demolished by Kiyohime's socked feet and a chill ran up his spine. ?Hey!? he shouted, ?I'm staying at an inn just a few miles behind me! Let's head over there and get settled for the night!?

Kiyohime squinted her eyes, looking in the direction Pixon said, ?I think I can see the village, Master. It's a small mass of lights. Would you like me to carry you there??

?N-n-no!!? Pixon sputtered out immediately, fearing what would happen if those massive fingers tried pinching him, ?I-I'll just walk! It's uh... better to stay active after all that work summoning!?

Kiyohime seemed to be satisfied with that response, and Pixon began walking away from her, almost disappearing between the mass of trees. As he walked Pixon felt he could breathe easier the farther he got from Kiyohime. Summons were powerful enough on their own, but at this size it was mind-blowing, she could easily demolish the village he was staying in or most enemies he'd face in battle, so one misstep and he could be a goner.

As Pixon continued to walk soon he heard a very loud rustling from above. Branches shook gently near him, and the air grew still.


A giant white wall bust through the later of leaves. Pixon jumped away to the left, just barely avoiding it and more falling branches. As Kiyohime brought her foot down complete, and what she thought to be a gentle step, instantly snapped the trees under her, crushing and flattening them like twigs. She had no idea how close she was to crushing Pixon, as the leaves were too thick for her to see.

Pixon lay there, his back against a tree and his hand on his heart. He breathed hard as his life flashed before his eyes in those last seconds. All the walking he'd done so far, all the distance between them he made, was undone in a single step for the giant priestess.

Kiyohime looked down at her foot and could now see her tiny Master, but what she saw she didn't like. With her well-trained eyes, she could see the look on Pixon's face, and he was terrified. She could see his heavy breathing, his hand on his heart, and even how fast his heart was beating, something that was very hard to lie about was the heart. He looked scared, scared of her, but this couldn't be, right? He'd already said he wasn't scared of her. But then again, his behavior has been odd, nervous to say the least. Could he have lied about being afraid? She'd given him the benefit of the doubt before.

?Master,? Kiyohime said, her expression growing serious, ?did you lie to me? About being scared of my size??

?What!?? Pixon shouted, his heart rate going up as he caught his breath, ?of.. of course not! I'm not afraid of you!? This was, of course, another lie, and in his exhaustion, Pixon's speech was full of unconvincing stammers and pauses.

?Don't lie to me, Master,? Kiyohime said, scorn rising in her voice as her eyes narrowed, ?your heart beats faster every time I speak to you, and just now you looked terrified of my foot.? Kiyohime kept staring at Pixon, her yellow dragon eyes seeming to burn into him. ?I'm sorry,? she finally said, ?but I don't think I can serve someone who always tells such blatant lies. How could I ever trust someone like that?? She slid her foot back, destroying more trees with her heel before lifting it back into the air. ?And I don't think I can let such lying scum continue to live either.?

?H-Hey!! Wait!!!? Pixon shouted as Kiyohime's tabi clad foot came closer above him. With just enough time to make it, Pixon began to run. Kiyohime's sole came down only barely missing Pixon, but the force of her step was enough to propel him forward, almost knocking into several trees.

As Pixon kept running sweat dripped from his forehead. Kiyohime followed him closely, each step aimed to kill, but the leaves were so thick she couldn't see her target well and kept missing. Pixon ran, narrowly dodging trees and the incoming stomps as he feared for his life. ?What the hell am I gonna do???? he thought, it's not like he could keep running forever, and if he hid she just might decide to take out the entire forest.

As he ran, nearly collapsing from exhaustion, Pixon soon found the footfalls fade. Did he actually lose her? When he thought he couldn't hear them anymore Pixon looked around, feeling lost until past some trees came the faint light of lanterns. The village! Pixon ran towards the light, at least there he'd be safer from the rampaging nightmare he unleashed.

Pixon ran out of the forest and into a wide clearing just beside the village, breathing in the fresh air and feeling rejuvenated. He was safe!



Pixon's blood turned to ice as he slowly turned his head around, glancing to night sky above the forest only to see Kiyohime stepping closer, her kimono rustling against the tops of trees and her horns pointing to the sky. Her face showed slightly pointed teeth in a frustrated expression as her and Pixon's eyes seemed to lock for a single moment. As the sound and feeling of footsteps drew closer Pixon tried running faster, his legs nearly giving out from under him.

Then came the stone on the ground.

?Gah!!? Pixon yelped as he tripped onto the grass, skidding for a moment before coming to a halt. He tried at least getting to his knees but soon a dark shadow fell over him. Pixon looked back and above but his entire view was filled with the growing view of Kiyohime?s dirt covered white tabi. He didn?t even have enough time to scream or take a breath before?


Kiyohime looked down at her sole, annoyed at the little creature wriggling and writhing underneath.

?Disgusting,? she said to herself, ?lies and their tellers have no place in this world.? Kiyohime gently increased the pressure on her foot until she felt something snap, ?but of course I?ll happily let you suffer for your lies before you die, you pathetic worm of a man.?

Pixon could hardly think, let alone breathe as he was slowly crushed beneath Kiyohime?s sock. The pressure was amazing as Pixon could feel the sole of her foot pressing into him and enveloping his body, until the sides around him were pressing into the ground. Soon the pressure built until he felt his chest couldn?t take it and one of his ribs painfully snapped. He tried screaming but whatever sound made it out was muffled against the grass his face was pinned against.

Just earlier that night, Pixon had only aspired to summon a servant and charge bravely into battle. Now here he lay, helpless beneath his ?servant?s? foot, all for a harmless little lie about nothing important.

Kiyohime, after a few minutes, felt the squirming subside and only a lump lay under her feet. Either Pixon simply stopped struggling or he passed out from suffocation, as if it even mattered to this vengeful dragon priestess. But she knew that now was the time to end this.

Kiyohime lifted the ball of her foot off the ground, keeping her heel planted to get ready for the crushing blow. Pixon, in his exhaustion and still somewhat conscious and in pain, got one last look at the small village where he had spent the previous night, the stars in the sky, and the massive foot falling straight towards him.


Kiyohime?s sole landed on Pixon with a satisfying crunch and splatter. The little liar had been dealt with. And with not even using much of her own strength, completely pulverized his body into the ground, creating a small creater beneath her foot and shaking the nearby homes.

As she twisted her foot, Kiyohime smiles softly to herself, ?you see ?master?? This is what you get when you lie to me.?
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