A Mother & Her Son by Frizzle

Justin has had a fantasy in regards to his mother since he was very young, and once he gets his hands on one of the fabled shrinking pills, he finally gets to live out his dreams!

(Commissioned by Anonymous)


Story contains explicit content that may be disturbing to some readers. Any and all names used do NOT relate to anyone in real life, and any names that you recognize is by pure coincidence. If you feel sickly at all during your read, please stop reading and find the nearest barf bag. Enjoy the story!


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1. Chapter 1 by Frizzle

Chapter 1 by Frizzle
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This is a commissioned story, and there will be no digestion apart of this story as it was not part of the commission. Thank you. Enjoy.

It couldn’t be real, it just couldn’t be. Or at least that’s what Justin though to himself when he ripped open the tiny package that had been addressed to his home. He did his best to conceal this purchase from his mother, as he had to use her credit card to get his hands on it. It came in a prompt two days, and he knew that if he waited any longer his mother would discover what he was up too.

He ripped the package to shreds until he pulled out a tiny prescription bottle. It wasn’t actually a prescription, the bottle was merely the means to transport the illegal sales of a new pill call Shrixx. The pill was supposedly manufactured and tested by an ingenious scientist with the giantess fetish, who used his brilliance in an attempt to make his fantasies come true. Rumor around the forums was that he was very successful, and was selling these supposed “shrinking pills” for a hefty price amongst the giantess community.

Justin had heard that many people had used the pills to shrink themselves for an assortment of fantasies. Some lived out their foot worshipping dreams while others used the pill to end their life under the feet or asses of their family, girlfriends and coworkers. Justin wasn’t interested in all of that however, he specifically focused on the rumors of people using this pill to be devoured alive by people that they knew in their life. He even read one story where a man supposedly shrunk himself at a thanksgiving dinner unbeknownst to his family, and he was swallowed whole by a spoonful of mashed potatoes that his aunt had been eating. Whether or not these rumors were true remained to be seen however, and Justin planned to discover it for himself.

He popped the bottle with haste and took a look inside. To his dismay he saw only one pill, and a tiny note folded up inside. It wasn’t clear on the amount of pills he’d receive, but in the end his plan only really involved the use of one pill anyways so he guessed it wouldn’t matter too much. He unfolded the note and read it carefully as he held the pill in his free hand.

“To the consumer of this illegal and highly dangerous product… Be weary as this pills effect is not only permanent, but shall reduce you to size that may be unnoticed to most. Unless you wish to reach a demise, it is highly suggested you use this pill with a trustworthy individual who can act as a chaperone for your safety. Thank you for your purchase and good day.”

The note had no name or anything, likely to assure that nothing could trace back to him to expose his illegal scientific experiments. Justin had no interest in that however, the only thing he wished to do was use this pill to finally live out the fantasy he has obsessed over since he was but a child. He does not know why or how this obsession came to be, all he knows is that he has a deep desire to be devoured by his own mother. Yes that’s right, Justin wants to be swallowed alive by his own mother on a one way trip to her stomach, and with this pill he may be able to do just that.

Justin was no fool, he knew that his mother Catherine would never agree to such a thing unless he could convince her. How exactly he was not sure, but he planned to tell her his fantasy before using the pill, in which he would then shrink himself before her. He felt bad that he would almost be forcing his mother into a corner, but he needed to live this out. It had driven him mad for many years, and all he craved was to feel what it would be like to slide down her gullet and into her gut. He’d say whatever he had to for his dream to come true.

While Justin thought of how to approach his mother, Catherine was downstairs cleaning the house. She had just finished the kitchen and was now in the living room. It was pretty early in the day, so all she was wearing was a short top that she wore to go to sleep along with some silk pajama bottoms. Her feet were bare, toenails painted rose red. She was bent over as she dusted off the coffee table, ass high in the air as it twirled about from the motioning of her hips as she hummed to herself.

She truly was the embodiment of what a milf in the eyes of every horny teenage boy would be, which included her own son considering his deep desire to end up as her morsel. After she finished dusting the coffee table she pranced about the rest of the room, dusting off the television and it’s accorded oak stand. She then patted down the sofa to fluff it up while then proceeding to dust the picture frames assorted on the wall above. She hummed softly to herself, unaware that her son was nervously standing behind her with his hands behind his back.

“Hmm mmm, la la la laaaa,” Catherine hummed and sang, as she turned around only to have a short fright from the sudden appearance of her only son.

“Justin! By golly you nearly gave your mother a heart attack you!” she joked, a precious smile spread across her lips as she saw her nervous son trying to tell her something, “Is somethin’ on your mind dear? Well come on now, spit out now!”

“Uh… I needed to… Uh.. Tell you something,” Justin stuttered, trying to find the will to force the words from his mouth.

“Well clearly now don’t yuh? Come on Justin, tell your mother what’s on your mind,” Catherine insisted, giving her a son a loving smile.

For years Justin had held this desire within the darkest and deepest depths of his mind, molding and shaping his fantasy into the twisted and obsessive desire and living his final moments deep within his mother. He could only ever imagine what it was like to be sucked and savored like a piece of candy within his mother's mouth, as she poked and prodded him with her salivating tongue as she tasted her little boy. To imagine how it felt for the base of her tongue to shove him into her gullet, where he would slide down her tight esophagus until he arrived with a splash inside the pool of stomach acid within the walls of her slimy and sticky hot stomach.

No longer could he keep it to himself, for he had reached the limit for which he could keep quiet. Not only was he going to tell her everything, but he wanted to finally live out his fantasy now that he had his hands on the pill. He knew the only way to even come close to convincing his mother to go through with the act would be to force her into a corner. Once he expressed his darkest fantasy, he’d swallow the pill and shrink before her very eyes. Once she realized it was permanent, he hoped that he’d have a shot at coercing his mother into eating him.

“Mother… I want you to eat me!” Justin finally said, years of weight upon his shoulders lifted in a second now that he finally had told her aloud.

“I want to shrink and I want you to taste me like I’m a piece of candy! I want you to savor my taste and swallow me whole!” Justin blurted further, getting it all of his chest, “I want to be inside of you mother! I want to become apart of you after I end up in your belly!”

Catherine merely froze, taken aback slightly by the random outburst of her son. After a few moments of silence however, Catherine began to giggle aloud as she slapped her leg with amusement, “Oh Justin! Eighteen years old and you still think of the craziest things to say to your mother!”

Jessica continued to laugh and snort, while Justin felt embarrassed that his mother had dismissed his true feelings, “Mother I’m being serious!”

“Justin, you ain’t an inch tall darlin’, you’re a fully grown man now how am I supposed to do any of what you said?” Catherine said, continuing to giggle lightly to herself.

Justin knew that once he had swallowed the pill and shrunk himself that his mother's perspective on the matter would change quickly, so without any hesitance he revealed the pill from behind his back and promptly popped it into his mouth. With one gulp he sent the pill down, and waited for its effect to take place. Catherine stood and watched, curious as to what her son was up to. A few moments passed, and Justin began to grow nervous.

Had the pill been a fake? Was it all a sham? The results online said the pill would take effect nearly instantaneously. Nothing was happening though, and Justin began to wonder if his fantasy would forever be out of reach.

“What on earth are you doing honey? What was that pill you swallowed? Are you… Are you alright sweety?” Catherine was growing concerned now, the silliness of her son's outburst starting to dissipate.

Justin let out a disappointed sigh, “Yeah mom… Everything’s fine. Just, forget I said anything at all ok?”

Catherine stepped up to her son and placed a hand on his cheek, “Oh Justin, were you being serious with all that shrinky talk? Would you really want your own mother to eat her son??”

Justin was still embarrassed, but being confronted by his mother about what he had said urged him to be truthful with her, “It’s true mother… I’ve had this fantasy for a long time now…”

Catherine was surprised to learn that her son had such a dark fetish. She tried to imagine what went through her sons mind when he thought about being devoured by her. She certainly didn’t understand the appeal to such an idea, but she loved her son and felt bad that things hadn’t necessarily gone his way.

“It’s alright Justin, I think your little fantasy is completely ok,” Catherine assured him, “Here, I bet you’ve probably wanted to see it for a long time now then huh?”

Justin gave his mother a confused look, “Huh?”

Catherine simply answered his confusion by opening her mouth wide. Justin’s eyes swiftly widened as he watched the lips of his mother part wide, her perfect white teeth glimmering in his eyes. Her mouth was pristine, saliva strands sticking from the roof of her mouth to the base of her tongue. Her tongue was pink and wet, and looked very soft. She had no cavities, and Justin felt his eyes get drawn towards the back of her throat. It was a small dark pit with her uvula hanging from above. Oh how he wished he could dive down that tight, pink throat of hers, but alas the pill seemed to have failed.

Catherine closed her mouth after she felt Justin got a good look, “You like mommy’s mouth Justin?”

Justin felt himself get hard, as he looked into his mothers loving eyes, “Mother I… You didn’t have to do that…”

Catherine smile softly, “Oh Justin, I’d do anything to please my son.”

Catherine leaned in and puckered her lips, planting a firm and soft kiss upon his forehead with her lips. Just as she did so, she felt her son vanish from her lips. Her eyes opened abruptly only to find that her son had vanished.

“Justin??” Catherine called, looking around to see that Justin was nowhere in sight.


Justin had felt an odd sensation as his mother kissed his forehead, and before he knew it the world flashed all around him as he found himself on a very different terrain. It took him all but a second to realize what had happened, because he was quickly met with the colossal view of his mothers soft and painted toes. They were wiggling before him, and he could hear the booming echoes from above caused by the calls of his mother.

“Oh my… It does work…” Justin mumbled to himself, looking up at his now goddess mother who towered above him as a skyscraper.

Catherine was very concerned, feeling her son vanish was extremely odd and concerning. She was frozen however, and found herself unable to move. She just looked around the living room like a madwoman, trying to comprehend what was going on. Then it crossed her mind, her son mentioning his desire to be shrunk and then swallowing that odd pill. There was no way… But in the back of her mind something was telling her to look down at her feet.

Very slowly she tilted her head downward, her eyes wide with awe as she saw a diminutive figure before her wiggling and nervous toes, “No… No way this happening…”

Justin waved up at his mother, glad that she had so quickly spotted him. He could see the terror and confusion in her eyes, and she remained ever so still as she was afraid even the slightest movement would result in the injury of her child.

“Mother!” Justin shouted up to her.

“J… Justin!? How??” Catherine finally moved, ever so carefully kneeling down to get a closer look at her now one inch tall boy.

“See! I’m an inch tall! You can help me live out my fantasy now!” Justin beamed, remembering how his mother had just said she’d do anything to make him happy.

“What!? Absolutely NOT!” Catherine stated firmly, “I never thought you’d ACTUALLY end up this small!”

Justin pouted, “But… But you said you’d do anything to make me happy!”

Catherine let out a sigh of annoyance as she carefully plucked her son between her fingers, being ever so gentle with him to assure he would not be squashed by accident. She raised him in the air and gently placed him on her open palm.

“Justin… This is insane. You can’t expect me to literally eat you!” Catherine scolded, “Why on earth would you do this to yourself? Change back right NOW!”

Justin shook his head, “Mother it’s permanent… I’m stuck this size for good now.”

Catherine began to freak out, “Justin! You can’t live like this! Why honey WHY?”

“This is my dream mother… I want to be devoured by you. I’m an inch tall and it’s not going to change so you might as well indulge my fantasy. Please?”

Catherine shook her head, “Justin I’m not going to eat you, my stomach is a one way trip! And it’s absolutely dangerous!”

Justin let out a disappointed sigh, “Mother… I’m begging you, this is all I’ve ever wanted and it’s finally possible! To be devoured by my gorgeous mother would the most fulfilling sensation I could ever imagine! At my size you are my goddess, and all I want is to digest in my goddesses belly!”

Catherine found herself unable to speak. Her son was calling her gorgeous, and a goddess. Is this how her son saw her? A goddess meant to devour it’s willing sacrifice? The thought of her own son falling into the pit of her gut unsettled her, but the begging of her son unsettled her even more. His size was permanent apparently, and living a life at one inch wasn’t much of a life at all. She began to question any morals that dwelled within her as she pondered the insane idea of swallowing her one and only child. It all just seemed so surreal.

“Justin… Don’t you realize that once I eat you, there’s no coming back? Once you go down my throat, it’ll be the last time you ever see the light of day! You’re my only son.. Do you really expect me to devour the one and only son of whom I love with all my heart??” Catherine reasoned, a look of sadness showing on her face.

“Mother if you truly love me, wouldn’t you do anything to make me happy? There is no life I want to live that doesn’t result in a trip to your stomach. My only dream, my only purpose is to be the tasty morsel for my goddess mother! It’s all I have ever wanted!” Justin explained, doing his damned best to convince his mother to go through with the fantasy.

“I can’t do it… What you are asking is that I end the life of my own son…” Catherine said, trying to understand how her son could be so hellbent on becoming a meal for his own mother.

“You’d be ending it the way I’ve always wanted,” Justin responded, “I’ll be a part of you forever, can’t you see that’s what I want?”

Catherine let out a deep sigh, her body shaking with fear at the thought of eating her own son. She realized there was nothing she could say or do that would change his mind, and as he stood in her palm looking up at her she could see the desperation in his eyes. If his new size was indeed permanent, and his sole desire to be swallowed alive by her, then would it be wrong of her to deny him this dream come true? She didn’t know what was right or wrong, she only knew how she felt and what her son felt.

She felt as though this was the most wicked thing she could ever do to a living being, to devour them as if they were nothing more than a piece of food to digest. Her son however made it seem as though it was the greatest honor, to become a part of something he loves dearly. She never knew that Justin considered her a beautiful goddess, and on some level it was extremely flattering to hear even if it was from her own son.

“Justin… I…” Catherine murmured, trying to find the right words to say to her now shrunken son.

“Shhh,” Justin hushed, patting his mothers soft skin, “I know this is a troubling idea to swallow, but I just want to tell you that I love you so much and just seeing you from this insignificant size has been truly incredible.”

Catherine blushed, “Oh Justin… You truly are the sweetest. I never could have asked for a better son.”

Justin smiled up at his colossal mother, her ocean blue eyes glimmering down on him her long golden brown hair swayed with the motion of her turning head as her cheeks turned red. She was truly the most gorgeous woman he ever knew, and it was the precise reason his fixation to be eaten was on his own mother. Her plump breasts, her full figure and her fine ass were always admired by him, even though it was his own flesh and blood. What was he to do? Ignore how luscious his mother was? Nonsense, Justin never felt bad for the way he saw his mother, and he felt that she surely deserved it.

“I… I hope that…” Justin was choking on his words, “Will you do this for me mom?”

There was yet another silence, as Justin awaited the final verdict of his mother. Catherine studied her son closely, while pondering what she should do. She was very mixed on all of this, but her sons flattering and straightforward behaviour had broken down her protective barrier. Perhaps the right thing to do was to allow her son to fulfill his one and only dream, after all mothers were supposed to encourage the dreams of their children were they not?

“Though I don’t fully understand this fantasy of yours… I… I suppose that…” Catherine was finding it hard to speak, as Justin crossed his fingers as he waited to hear the magic words escape his mothers lips.

“I’ll do it Justin… I’ll do it because I love you and I want to help you live out your dream,” Catherine finally stated, “I love you so much son, and it’d be an honor to fulfill your fantasy.”

Justin beamed with excitement as the realization washed over him. Was this really happening? Had he really convinced his mother to go through with it? The joy was overwhelming, and thought of finally being able to be eaten by his mother after only dreaming of it for so many years was intoxicating.

“So… Do I just… Do I just do it right now?” Catherine asked, unsure of how to proceed. She knew nothing of the particulars in regards to this fantasy of Justin’s, and she was hoping he could help guide her on how to do it in an appropriate manner.

“Well hold on, before that I’d like to ask you something else first, if that’s ok with you?” Justin asked, twiddling his fingers nervously as his alluring mother gazed down at him.

“Oh.. Of course what did you have in mind?” Catherine asked, wondering what it was that her son so deeply desired.

“Could I… Could I see your stomach first?” Justin requested, hoping to get a view of his destination before making the descent.

“Oh? Well of course sweety,” Catherine smiled softly at her son, lowering her palm to position Justin just in front of her shirt where her stomach was concealed behind it. With her free hand she slowly lifted her top, and Justin felt himself begin to drool as the silky smooth skin of his mothers exquisite belly was revealed before his very eyes.

“You like?” Catherine asked, pleased to see that her son was so amazed by something as simple as her stomach.

“It’s absolutely perfect,” Justin announced, wishing he could touch the perfect skin of his mothers gut with his own hands. Catherine must have read his mind, because Justin felt himself draw closer to her stomach as Catherine pressed her palm against her stomach.

Catherine giggled innocently to herself, “There we go, a much closer look!”

Catherine pressed her palm flat against her smooth and tone belly, Justin pressed firmly against her soft silky skin. He began to sweat excitedly as he felt her warm flesh engulf his miniature body. It was a sensation unlike Justin had ever felt in his entire life, and to share this moment with his mother was all he could have ever dreamed for.

Suddenly Justin could hear the deep moans and growls from within her stomach, and they were so audibly loud that even Catherine heard the cries of her hungry stomach, “Oh my… I haven’t yet today, my stomach must be hungry!”

Justin craved so badly to be inside his mothers hungry gut, in the pool of her acids as he was digested as her meal, “You’ll love it mother,” Justin spoke in a muffled voice between his mothers palm and stomach.

“Hmm? I couldn’t hear you darling one moment,” Catherine pulled Justin away from her smooth belly and raised him up to her face once again so she could hear her son more clearly, “Now what was that?”

“I’ll be the most delicious morsel you’ve ever tasted!” Justin exclaimed, “I promise that when you eat me you’ll be more than satisfied! And I think your growling stomach might agree!”

Catherine wasn’t really sure how to respond at first, but as she pictured what it would be like to have her son in her mouth she slowly began to wonder what it’d be like to taste her own son with her pink wet tongue, “You think so darling?”

Justin nodded assuringly, “Absolutely! Make sure to taste me awfully good because once you swallow me it’s over!”

Catherine blushed yet again, “Oh Justin, you make yourself sound like a tasty little strawberry!”

“Well I sure hope I am! I wouldn’t want to disappoint my sexy goddess!” Justin responded.

Catherine felt butterflies within her, a nervous shadow hovering above. Her son had just called her sexy, and she wasn’t sure what to think of it. It was very flattering, and it brought her immense pleasure to know that her son had viewed her in such a beautiful manner, but it was her son after all.

“Oh Justin…” Catherine whispered, desperately trying to think of what to say.

“It’s ok mother,” Justin interrupted, “I know a son ought not to speak of his mother that way, but I just can’t help myself. You truly are the most gorgeous woman that this earth has to offer!”

Catherine smiled modestly, “Oh Justin, you really  know how to make a lady smile!”

Justin kicked his foot around anxiously as he held his arms behind his back, “Just speaking the truth ma’am. Could I… Could I possibly see your... Yuh know?”

Catherine gave her a son a confused look, “See what Justin?”

Justin was flushed red as he looked down in shame, “Could I see your… Your magnificent breasts?”

Catherine held her free hand up to her chest in awe, surprised that her own son had asked such a thing. She wasn’t sure what to think, but after being called sexy and a goddess she was more than flattered already. Her guard had come down, and she found that she was more willing to do things now than she ever thought she would. Without even giving her son a clear answer, she set Justin down on the coffee table before slowly beginning to lift up the bottom of her shirt. Just watched with his jaw ajar as his mothers top slipped over her massive tits, both of them popping out with magnificent splendor revealing that his mother was not even wearing a bra.

Catherine blushed anxiously as she cupped her arms inward, pressing her breasts firmly against one another as if to show them off to her son, “I… Do you like them?” Catherine wasn’t sure what she was asking, nor why she was doing this at all. She had suddenly become very shy, and began to regret doing all of this. It felt so wrong, yet her flattering son seemed to be talking her into all sorts of things.

“Mother… You are the most beautiful woman I have ever laid eyes on,” Justin exclaimed, entranced by the view of his mothers perfect bosom.

Yet again, her sons flattering statement only brought her guard down once more as all thoughts of regret seemed to slip away from her mind. Catherine fell to her knees and hovered her colossal tits above her tiny son, allowing him a closer look. She cupped the bottom of her breasts with her palm as she massaged them in circular motions, biting her lip as she began to work herself up. She was starting to take to the idea that her son was so obsessed with her in this seemingly sexual manner. She began to forget how wrong it felt and began focusing on the pleasure it brought her. The penultimate sin.

“Mother… I have asked so much of you already but… But you are just too gorgeous,” Justin whispered softly, “Could I… C-could I….”

Catherine held a finger up to her own lips to hush her son, “Shhh… I know what you want my child.”

Catherine slowly stood to her feet, her gigantic tits rising above as if two moons were flying away into the stars. Justin watched in mesmerization as his mother then began to do precisely what he was going to ask for. Catherine gripped the waistline of her bottoms and slowly began to sway her hips back and forth as she worked her bottoms off slowly. Justin's eyes then grew wide in bewilderment as the top of his mother’s slit came into view, until her entire vagina was visible by the time she had kicked her bottoms aside with her foot. She was not only braless, but pantyless as well. He assumed it was for comfort in the middle of the night, but nonetheless it sent him over the edge as he began to sweat profusely.

“Justin… Being such naughty little boy…” Catherine began to whisper, slowly swaying her hips forward and back as if to tease her son.

“I… I’m a man…” Justin whispered, too entranced by the beauty of his naked mother to really say anything.

“You’ll always be my little boy Justin,” Catherine soothed as she bent over, lowering her head all the way down until her eyes were just above her son.

“Does your mother look irresistible?” Catherine bit her lip, raising an eyebrow as she waited to hear what her son had to say.

“I…” Justin was extremely nervous, he wasn’t sure what to do or say, “I… You…”

Catherine smirked maliciously, forgetting entirely that this was her own flesh and blood and taking pleasure in the fact that Justin was totally submitted to her as a goddess. The power she felt over him was starting to become clear, and she couldn’t help but smirk as her son failed to spit out his words.

“Can you… Can I feel your stomach again?” Justin finally blurted, desperately trying to press things forward in an attempt to avoid his mothers overtly sexual question.

Catherine nodded, “Of course you can! Kinda like feeling you against it too to be honest…”

Catherine quickly snatched her son off of the coffee table and pressed him against her gurgling stomach yet again, and this time she could feel him moving repetitively. Justin decided to unhinge his desires in entirety as he massaged, licked and kissed the incredibly silky skin of his mothers plush belly. It tasted like vanilla and cherries, and it helped get the previous conversation off Justin’s mind.

“Oh Justin… You are quite ancy down there aren’t you dear?” Catherine giggled yet again, as she began to move Justin in circular motions against her hungry stomach, which gurgled and growled as it requested something to digest. It’s wish would be granted soon enough.

Justin loved the sensation of his body being rubbed against his mothers stomach, and though he didn’t want it to end, he knew that it was not what he had shrunk himself for. He was now ready to fulfill his greatest fantasy, to become a satisfying meal for his goddess mother and live his final moments within her gorgeous gut.

Justin tapped his mothers palm as she found herself enamored with rubbing him against her tummy. Catherine could feel the nearly unnoticeable taps of her one inch son, and promptly raised him up to her face to see what it was he was trying to tell her.

“I’m ready mother,” Justin said, “I’m ready to be devoured by my goddess.”

Catherine blushed anxiously, pulling Justin in as her lips puckered and engulfed his entire body. His mother’s plush soft lips felt like heaven as she gave him the biggest and longest kiss he’d ever received. With a final wet smack Catherine finally pulled him away, her red lipstick smeared all over his body,  “Oh Justin… I never knew how highly you had thought of me until today. If only I had known how you felt before…”

Justin smiled as he prepared to respond to his mother, however he was cut off as he felt her palm raise above her head.

“But the past is the past… I hope this dream of yours is as satisfying as you have fantasized it to be for all these years my son. I love you…” Catherine gave her final goodbye, as she raised her son above her tilted head and began to part her lips.

Justin looked down below as his goddess mother opened her mouth wide, seeing that her tongue was covered in saliva. He wondered if he had appeased her hunger with the idea of his tastyness. He hoped that his mother would be satisfied with her meal, all he ever wanted was to satisfy his gorgeous mother.

Catherine felt the underlying fear that still remained inside her, as she prepared to dump her son within her cavernous maw in which the process of digestion would begin. Her sons assurances echoed throughout her mind however, and she found it quite easy to go through with the act after all that she had already done. She tilted her palm, and sent her son Justin tumbling towards her open mouth.

Justin watched as he slipped between his mothers lips, and past her perfect white incisors before plopping upon her soaking wet tongue. He was instantly coated in his mothers spit which had formed a great amount due to how hungry she had become. He could even hear the gurgling of her stomach echoing from down her throat, which really got him going.

“Mmmmm,” Catherine moaned as she closed her mouth while feeling Justin sprawled out on her tongue.

The echoes of his mothers moans rang throughout his ears, as he felt her tongue begin to shift and move as it began to savor his taste. He embraced it graciously as his mother pressed him firmly against the roof of her mouth as she took in the delicious flavor of her little boy. All thoughts of doubt washed into nothingness as Catherine began to dive into the passion of mouth play. It was a feeling she never knew she craved, and she began to crave the feeling of Justin sliding down her tight throat.

“Oh Justin… Mmmm.. Taste so… Mm.. Good,” Catherine moaned, barely able to speak while her son was tossed around inside her mouth.

Justin couldn’t respond to his mother due to the constant movement, but he didn’t even mind because to feel like a tiny morsel to be savored gave him immense pleasure. He was nothing more than his mothers little snack now, and soon she’d grow tired of playing around and would send him down below with her thick wet tongue. He didn’t have to wait much longer either, because Catherine had become enamored with it all and was beginning to crave him in her stomach as well.

Catherine never would have imagined how intoxicating this could be, and she had become so engulfed in the pleasure she never fully realized that she had done so with little thought other than to please her hunger. As Justin slipped towards the edge of his mothers throat, he watched as the base of her tongue rose in the air before forcing him into her esophagus. With a thick wet gulp, Catherine sent her only child down her throat.

Justin was forced into a tight and wet enclosure, as his body slowly descended towards his mothers stomach as the muscles of her esophagus worked the morsel of food down and down. Catherine moaned with immense pleasure, falling back as she landed on the couch. She groped her breast as she became hot and bothered, while tracing down her throat where she felt her son Justin descending. Before long she felt her son enter her stomach, as Justin free falled into a pool of hot acid inside his mothers gut. His dream had finally become fulfilled.

“Oh Justin… You were right all along… You were utterly tasty!” Catherine beamed, talking to her son through her belly in the hopes he could hear her voice.

Justin was inside of his mother, swimming around in her stomach acids while engulfed in the darkness of her gut. He wondered what his final moments would entail, but he tried to focus on the pleasure he had hopefully given his goddess mother. Catherine was resting on the couch, lightly rubbing her now satisfied stomach as she pondered the fate of her only child.

Deep thoughts of concern still lingered within her mind, thoughts about whether or not what she had done was right or wrong… But on the surface all that remained was the satisfaction she felt as her son digested inside of her...

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