Crushing Cameron - Nanoverse Story by Goddess_Lucy_tinycrusher

Commission story from DA I decided to post here.


Cameron is just your average 2mm tall giantess fan, but now that he's in front of one of his favorite gigantic authors (yours truely), he's more terrified than happy... What is she going to do with him?

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1. Chapter 1 - The Beginning by Goddess_Lucy_tinycrusher

2. Chapter 2 - The End by Goddess_Lucy_tinycrusher

Chapter 1 - The Beginning by Goddess_Lucy_tinycrusher
[This story takes place in my created world, the Nanoverse, where normal people, Giants, live alongside Nanos (tiny 2mm tall people)]

Cameron woke up from his sleep as if he?d just woken up from a nightmare, his heart raced and sweat covered his shirtless body. He sat up and swept his longish hair out of his eyes. He looked down at himself, then at his surroundings.

?Where am I?? Cameron thought, ?how?d I get here? And why am I just wearing pants???

Nothing made sense right now, the last thing Cameron could remember was walking home from the local Nano store with a bag full of groceries when something big fell on him, that?s when everything went black. But where was he now? It was too dark to see anything around him at all, just his own body and the floor under him, and barely at all at that. It looked like all his clothes had been taken off, his jacket, shirt, shoes, all except his pants for some reason. The floor under him was cold, hard beige tile, one tile big enough to fill a whole Nano street and then some. The rest of the room was a mystery to Cameron, nothing but dark shadows all around.

That is, until the lamp was switched on.


Light flooded the room and Cameron was blinded for a moment as his eyes adjusted, throwing his hands up to shield his eyes. As he slowly uncovered them, he could faintly make out shapes and more of the floor. The tile lead smoothly all the way to towering white walls that seemed to rise as high the sky, with a plain white ceiling to match. There was a small wooden table to his right against the wall, perfect for a student doing homework, he thought. As Cameron turned around?????...

His heart nearly stopped.

Before him was a gigantic wall of flesh nearly seven times his height, with horizontal crevices as high as his feet to his shins. It wasn?t just a single wall though, there were four more of them, one on the right being much larger than the others, which got progressively smaller to the left, but the smallest was still enormous compared to the tiny Cameron. He fell onto his ass in surprise, no nano ever wanted to see this. It was the right foot of a Giant. His eyes drifted upward slowly, hoping to see the face of someone looking down at him in concern, someone who wanted to help him. All he saw was the smirking face of a brown haired girl in glasses, she looked like she was trying as hard as she could not to laugh. Her hair went just around her shoulders and looked like an uncombed mess, the glasses completed a look that just screamed weird bookworm. On her legs she wore a pair of dark flannel pajama pants that looked nice and loose, and above that was a tank-top that fit snugly on her body. Her arms and stomach looked a tad on the thin side but not completely like she was trying to be thin, and by the look of her face she was somewhere between 17 or 19. She was sitting on a chair that looked suspiciously more like a black throne, one side had a chain that looked like it turned on the lights on both sides of the throne that looked almost like torches. The cushioning was red of course, it looked like the throne used by some demon king, or at least an old movie prop bought at a pawn shop.

After a solid minute of staring at each other the Giant girl finally broke the silence with a laugh, or more accurately, an awkward cackling sound.

?GAHA! LOOK AT YOU!? she yelled loudly, ?Oh god I LOVE that look, that pathetic little look right there, THAT LOOK! HAHAHA! Cracks me up every time!!!? she began talking in a mocking baby voice to the tiny man, ?Aww, you look so scared little buggy~, you lost? Need me to find your owner? Or did I step on your itty bitty house~??

Cameron scooted back a couple feet (to him) as fast as he could, confused and terrified at the same time. What the hell was this lady on about??? Where the hell even was he?

?You?re probably wondering, who the hell is this lady? Where the hell even am I? You are aren?t you? God you bugs are so predictable.? She gave a short chuckle and, for some reason, winked seemingly to no one.

?Anyway, you pathetic runt, right now you?re in my little playroom, don?t you just love the decorations??

Cameron looked around the room, expecting to see something but still only seeing white walls and the desk. Was this girl insane or just messing with him??

?Moving on,? she began again, ?you probably know who I am, I?m kind of a BIG deal in some circles. HAH! Puns.?

What the hell was this big dork saying? Cameron never met anyone like this before in his whole life? But something was vaguely familiar about her..

?I? I don?t know who the hell you are! W-why did you take me?!? Cameron yelled as loud as he could.

?Hmph, that almost hurts to hear. Guess your memory is just as pathetic as the rest of you. I?ll give you a big hint, the whole hint in fact, I doubt you could work with anything less anyway. I?m?.? she paused as if for dramatic effect before straightening her back completely in the throne she sat on and striking an anime pose with a peace sign near her face ?GODDESS LUCY!!!?

Cameron?s heart nearly stopped a second time, he grew pale and almost stopped breathing completely. Goddess Lucy??.. She was an author he?d been following online for the past few weeks. Cameron had something of a Giant fetish, as a lot of Nanos do, but his was more geared towards the cruel side of the spectrum, more BDSM and death oriented. Now it?s not that he actually wanted to get seriously hurt or crushed or eaten, he just found the idea of it to be incredibly sexy for him. He?d heard stories of those things happening to other Nanos, some he?d even previously gone to school with, how some were stepped on at the beach by women in bathing suits or accidently eaten if they got too close to Giants during lunch; but after each story he couldn?t help but whisper ?lucky bastards? under his breath. Cameron was one of Lucy?s bigger fans, liking and commenting on most of her stories and photo collages she posted, or at least he hoped they were just edited collages? Her stories were incredibly life-like too, making him wonder if these were just stories or things that had actually happened to Nanos like him? The idea was terrifying, but exciting all at the same time.

Now here she was, sitting right in front of him, calling him pathetic and demeaning him in nearly every other sentence. Half of him wanted to get on his knees and start kissing her giant toe, while the other half wanted to run screaming knowing what her mind was capable of. For the time being he just sat and stared, almost hypnotized by this gigantic presence.

?Aww, can?t say anything? Too bad, I know how much a fan you are of me. After all, that?s how I found you!?

Cameron clutched his bare chest, feeling like he was having a heart attack. ?Found? him??? Sh-she was looking for me??? He thought in terror.

?Aww, you?re face right now is so cute! And utterly pathetic for an insect. What? You scared of me now, worm?? Lucy sat back in her chair, a smug plastered on her face, ?anyway. Yes, I found you. I had my nerdy computer friend look into your account or however he did it, I?m not very technical so I didn?t care really. He found out you actually lived pretty close to me so finding you was just a matter of looking down and paying attention. I was so happy to find you so close that I invited my nerdy friend over for lunch earlier today.? Her smile changed slightly and she licked her lips, a sadistic grin growing on her face. ?He was delicious. For a pathetic little shut-in that is, almost like a pizza crumb. Oh but the way he squirmed?? Lucy moved as if a shiver had run down her spine just remembering the event, ?let?s just say you could really tell he wanted out.?

Cameron must have been bone white, he felt cold enough that the tile underneath him felt hot. This was BAD, this was beyond bad. Stuck in a closed room with this psychotic sadist. What the hell was he going to do?

?Now,? Lucy said, snapping herself out of her pleasure daydream, ?how should I play with you~??
Chapter 2 - The End by Goddess_Lucy_tinycrusher
Author's Notes:

Hey bugs, just wanted to let you know here that I'm now doing commissions! Very limited for right now until I get into the swing of things, but the going rate is an easy 5 dollars. I accept payment over Paypal right now. Just email!

?Aww, look at that pathetic little face again, so cute! I can just tell how terrified you are. What?s wrong? This girl a little too big for you~?? taunted Lucy, the girl whose toe was in fact larger than her captive Cameron?s house. ?Too big? was the understatement of a lifetime.

Cameron was still scared stiff staring at the enormous Lucy, too nervous to respond or to even move. Even in his perilous situation, he still couldn?t help but feel amazed that here was one of his favorite authors, taking such interest in him of all people. But why him? What did he ever do to deserve this?? Should he ask her or would that not be appropriate for the situation?

While his mind was racing with these thoughts, he didn?t even notice Lucy lean down in her chair and extend her fingers down. He only noticed when he heard crashing on both sides of him, sounding like enormous stones falling only feet away from him. In terror he tried crawling forward to get away from them as the fingers slowly came together, not even bothering to take the time to stand up.

?W-WAIT! LUCY! WHAT ARE YOU-... AHH!!!? is all poor tiny Cameron could say before Lucy?s fingers closed, luckily just getting both of his legs between them, causing his upper body to dangle as she slowly lifted him off the floor.

The view was like being in a helicopter above a city, or rather, outside of the helicopter. The drop below Cameron soon seemed like miles as he just went past Lucy?s knees as she sat up on her throne. Soon he found the drop was less, and over her soft looking thighs, then another moment later he felt even safer (relatively) being just over her soft looking breasts, though her cleavage and the idea of getting stuck or shoved inside filled him with dread. He?d known this girl wasn?t afraid of doing such things. Instead, he found himself face-to-face, or at least face-to-eye with Lucy?s massive blue eye. The pupil itself being just double his height in the dimly lit room. When she spoke, her voice boomed all around him.

?Heh, y?know I never get over just how tiny you little Nanos are~. So small, I can?t imagine why all of you haven?t been crushed by now under our feet. It?d be really easy too, I could even do it; just take a nice walk through your pathetic little Nano neighborhoods and crush every house block by block, and anyone who decided to run would be my little snack.?

Cameron couldn?t believe it, he felt like a character in one of Lucy?s stories, pathetic and helpless, and worst of all dangling in front of her mouth while she?s talking about vore? He kicked his legs as best he could trying to get them free, not even caring where he would land.

?Aww, trying to get away? Good luck with that! There?s nowhere for you to go, bug boy! There?s no holes in the walls and the space under the door is blocked, so there?s no escape for a bug like you.?

?W-what are you gonna do with me?? Cameron asked, fearing the worst.

?Oh I dunno, toy with you a little, I doubt you?ll even last for a few more minutes, I usually bring in a dozen or so Nanos in here and spend a half hour crushing them. The clean-up sucks but those little red stains are worth it!? Lucy then raised Cameron a little higher until he was right above her head, ?Besides, wanna know why I took off your shirt and shoes??

Now instead of struggling, Cameron held Lucy?s finger best he could, he KNEW what was coming next, he did not want the answer to this question. All he wanted was to go home, get in bed, and read stories about this sort of thing happening to OTHER people. This wasn?t supposed to be happening!

?Because I hate tasting clothes~?

And with that Lucy opened her fingers and Cameron fell, not being able to get his arms around her finger to get a good grip. He fell in what felt like slow-motion as Lucy quickly opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue, a blush forming on her face seeing him flail in the air, lust evident in her eyes.

When Cameron landed with a thud on her tongue Lucy didn?t even take a moment's hesitation, she closed her mouth like a steel trap having captured its prey. Once she had him inside on the center of her tongue she went to work, licking his entire body, tossing him around like a helpless cookie crumb, subject to her tongue?s every motion.

?Mmm? Oh god you little bugs are so tasty! I can barely even feel you but you taste so good! With clothes on you guys just taste like lint in my mouth, but now you?re just a salty, sweaty little treat! Hehe, can you even hear me in there??

Cameron couldn?t understand a word she was saying, all he heard was her deafening voice ringing in his head as her tongue flopped around, smashing him into her pallet with each word. He thought each smack would either knock him out her crush him completely. Once she stopped she went back to simply toying with her pathetic little fan. She shoved him against her teeth, massive pearly white walls crashed against him as Lucy licked him furiously. Eventually he found himself sliding directly under her massive tongue. The giant red form dominated his very existence, sweeping him back and forth under it, pushing him down and submerging him in a rising pool of saliva. When it raised it took Cameron with it, just enough for him to get a quick breath of air, or at least the smell of Lucy?s mouth.

This went on for another ten minutes, the tiny crumb of a boy getting thrown around the cruel giantess?s mouth until he landed near the back of her throat.

?N-NO! PLEASE DON?T!? Cameron screamed for mercy as he slid back towards the dark pit leading towards Lucy?s gullet.

To his surprise, spit began to pool around him once more, and began sliding, but not towards Lucy?s throat, but to her teeth. It felt like the world?s most terrifying water slide as he slid down. More saliva pooled around him until he couldn?t breath anymore, he could barely even see teeth part to reveal puckered lips. Cameron pushed against them until a small hole formed big enough for his body, he passed along with a large amount of spit.

The light became blinding again as Cameron came outside of Lucy?s mouth, all he could see was the floor below him coming closer until he landed, along with a few swimming pools worth of saliva. He frantically swam up to the surface, nearly passing out from lack of oxygen. When he breached all he could see was Lucy?s smiling face staring back at him, drool still hanging from her lips.

Spit out by a giantess?

?Whay? Did you really think I?d even bother swallowing something so pathetic? Besides, I?ve already had my snack for the day, remember??

A shadow fell over Cameron as Lucy?s gigantic sole raised above him, the bottom slightly red and looking incredibly soft. He could just barely make out some pieces of dust and dirt near the toes that were probably just as big as he was. This was not going to end well?

?I?ve got an even better ending in mind for you~?

Cameron screamed as the sole slowly came down, giving him enough time to thrash around trying to escape before getting caught underneath the ball of Lucy?s foot. Cameron found himself hard pressed between Lucy?s slightly sweaty sole and the hard spit covered floor. He squirmed as hard as he could praying that he?d slip out of there, or at least make it between her toes.

?Hehe, that?s right, bug, squirm for me, SQUIRM!? Lucy shouted in heat, her face blushing as she had her puny little fanboy pinned under her sole. Now was the time, she thought, she needs to do it, now!

?Faster! Faster! And?. Crush~!? she said getting one last feel of Cameron?s pathetic wriggling.

Camoran tried his best, but as you can imagine, it wasn?t enough to survive even thirty minutes with Lucy, not even close to enough. He couldn?t hear her through the crushing weight of her sole or his constant struggle, but suddenly her foot came down hard as she put just the tiniest bit of weight on it, and Cameron found himself popping like a pathetic little bug against Lucy?s beautiful soft sole. He didn?t even have enough time to scream before getting crushed into a pathetic red stain. Lucy lifted her leg up, setting her foot onto her other knee to inspect the stain.

?Ha! Pathetic,? she said, ?I love it when the little fans pop like that~?

Lucy smiled as she took out her cellphone, opening the site where she posted her stories and went to her subscriber list.

?Now? who?s next~.?
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