A Trip to Forget - Nanoverse Story by Goddess_Lucy_tinycrusher

A group of Nanos (2mm tall) fresh out of high school take one last trip together to Germany! But as you'd expect, things don't go quite as planned. 

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Chapter 2 - A Busty Kidnapping by Goddess_Lucy_tinycrusher
It took nearly an hour before the bus of friends saw the light again. Them and all of their luggage were tossed around on the floor from all the shaking of the bag, each step their kidnapper took swung them in a new unpredictable direction. As they peered out the window, the ones who could stand at least, they saw that they were set on a wooden desk in what looked like a teenager’s bedroom. The bag they rode in was carelessly tossed onto an unmade bed with pretty pink sheets and a red blanket, above hung posters for pretty-boy pop groups and wall stickers that said German words none of them knew, though they assumed they were inspirational. The desk they were on was riddled with papers at the opposite end and a few soda cans here and there. The floor, or at least what they could see of it was smooth hardwood.

Standing near the bed, the Nanos finally noticed, was the huge form of their captor. They hadn’t noticed her for a moment both because they were disoriented and because her red shirt blended in with the surrounding wall. That is, until she took it off. The Nano group, especially the guys, watched closely as they watched this girl, who looked to only be a year or so younger than them, lift her shirt above her head, exposing a pearly white bra and a slightly sweaty and glistening upper body. She wasn’t the skinniest girl they’d seen, but she wasn’t necessarily chubby either, somewhere between that gave her lovely curves. Her bra held back a rather large bust, definitely in the D cup range if not larger. As she tossed the shirt aside, the girl’s hair spilled back down, covering the sides of her breasts with blonde curls that nearly blocked them from view.

It was then when the massive girl turned her face back towards the bus, as if she’d felt their eyes on her. She smiled smugly, as if remembering that she’d even picked them up. As she walked towards the bus there was another worried panic among the Nano group, the girls were screaming about what they were going to do and the boys were trying to hide their erections, as if that were the important thing in this situation.No one ran out of the bus or even tried, they’d been through enough drills from their parents and from nano schools to know that if they were ever taken by a giant the worse thing they could do was try to make a run for it; after all, where could they go, the nearest window was too high and locked to boot. The girl pulled out a swivel chair that was next to the desk and sat down, not even taking her eyes off the bus. Even as she sat down she towered over them, the top of the table only making it to her stomach. That is, until she leaned down and adjusted the chair, lowering it almost uncomfortably until her breasts sat on top of the desk if she leaned forward, which she did.

“You stupid Americans,” she began, pounding her elbow on the desk and setting her chin in her open palm as she slouched and looked down, “to think, you all were so fooled by my little… How you say.... Tourist trap?” She looked confused for a moment, wondering if that was the correct word or not, then deciding it didn’t really matter with these Nanos, they weren’t even worth that thought. “Now I have your money, and new toys~.”

As she finished that last sentence she reached down with her free hand and picked the bus up again between her fingers. Screams were heard as the tinies were flung around the bus once again at relatively fast speeds. They all stopped only when they were before the giant girl’s mouth, her red lips in a massive smile, but what the nanos took notice in were the walls of teeth, easily big enough to bit the bus, and anyone inside, completely in half (if not swallowed whole).

“By the way,” she began, “I’m Mia. Not that it’s going to do you insects any good.” She brought the bus up to her eye, which alone took up most of the Nano’s view, “and I saw you horny little americans staring at me while I was getting my clothes off. You like that, yes? Why don’t I give you a better view~.”

Mia sat up straight in her chair, ignoring the cries and begs of the Nanos in her little toy bus. “Let us out!” one screamed, “Please don’t do this to us!” went another. Really after the few dozens of times she’d done this plan she’d already gotten used to the screaming, but she never got over how it all felt. Having buses of tiny people at your disposal, and all their money they sent over in advance for the “tour”, only to find out that the only trip they’d be taking was to Mia’s room, doing whatever she wanted with them. This one was special though, because this was the first time she’d suckered Americans into the deal, it gave her the kind of feeling one could get only from dominating the Nanos of a pompous world superpower. And now here she was, opening her large cleavage up with two fingers as she slowly slid the bus inside, the residents of the bus screaming bloody murder (and maybe another kind of excitement from the males) as they went. Fleshy walls closed around them until there was no light. The bus itself was was barely even two centimeters long, so it fit snugly between Mia’s breasts.

Once completely inside, the screaming died down after some minutes, after the group had finally realized that, no, the inside of the bus was not caving in and crushing them. Toy buses were pretty sturdy, at least between such soft breasts they wouldn’t break easily. After a moment, they all fell deathly silent, wondering what else this girl had planned for them. The only sound that could be heard was Mia’s heartbeat, which boomed all around them. The bus still moved as Mia was jiggling them around slightly with her hands, but it wasn’t as before. Outside the glass, some could see beads of sweat bigger than beach balls drip down the windows.

A girl passed out near the head of the bus, she was one of the few who kept panicking. Maybe getting shoved between breasts that could easily crush her house was too much for her. As several of her friends came to try and help her, the bus began shaking again…
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