A Trip to Forget - Nanoverse Story by Goddess_Lucy_tinycrusher

A group of Nanos (2mm tall) fresh out of high school take one last trip together to Germany! But as you'd expect, things don't go quite as planned. 

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This was a request by the lovely LEYLAGTS here on giantessworld, I liked it so I decided to do it. I really hope she, and all of you little insects enjoy it. 

Chapter 1 by Goddess_Lucy_tinycrusher

[This story takes place in my world called The Nanoverse, a world much like our own, but with two separate races of humans. Normal sized ones known as Giants, and another much smaller race around two millimeters tall called Nanos. Now, we're going to look at what happens when a group of Nano friends decide to take a trip to Germany.]

After grabbing their bags, the group of twelve Nanos made their way through crowds of similar sized people and outside of the airport. The Nanos were a large group of friends, all recently out of high school that decided it would be “fun as hell” to take a group trip to Germany together before separating to different colleges. They'd all had part time jobs before and their parents helped them pay the rest of, knowing how important this would be for them.

They all looked around at the street in front of the airport after exiting through the small Nano door. The sidewalks were busy, with not only other Nanos, but also the thunderous crashing of Giants passing by. Most of the Giants weren't even trying to watch where they were going, so the group could also see other Nanos running to the other side of the sidewalk or madly trying to dodge the feet as they ran. A shudder ran through their spines seeing a man almost crushed under a business woman’s high heels.

The tiny group looked nervously across the sidewalk they had to travel and also at their watches. After booking the flight, they all signed up for a “fresh off the plane Nano Germany experience tour” they found online. The cost was an over the internet payment of only $5 per person, which most thought was an absolute steal. Across the way they thought they see it, a bright red bus with a sign on the side that said “Nano Germany Tour”, and being the only bus around at this time it could only have been theirs.

After waiting a few moments for a lull in activity, the miniscule group started off for the other end of the sidewalk. Amazingly, they ran into very little trouble, aside from the occasional piece of chewed bubblegum on the ground or the easily avoided steps of a woman in flats speeding to catch her plane.

When they all arrived at the bus, not even one of them missing, they all hurried inside to avoid anything on the outside that could go wrong (even though inside a tiny bus that danger doesn’t completely go away). The bright red color shone in the evening light as if it had just been cleaned. All Nano vehicles had to be very bright, or were at least advised to be so they were more easily noticed on the road. Travelling was still very dangerous for Nanos, however, very few Giant roads were equipped with Nano lanes and driving even on the curb had its dangers of bikers or, as in many cases, Giant teenagers carelessly walking on the side of the road, oblivious about how many cars they’re stepping on.

The bus was empty when the group entered, and there still was no sign of a driver even after they all had placed their bags in the overhead or under their seats. They all sat for several minutes, growing slightly worried for the driver, if something happened to him, and what they were going to do if he didn’t show up soon; the bus was their ride to a Nano hotel they were staying at.

Just then the floor began to shake underneath them. A twang of worry ran through the group, maybe someone was just stepping onto the curb to hail a cab. The shaking grew louder until it was right next to them. The Nanos seated by the window peered out nervously, hoping it wasn’t what they thought it was. The majority of their view was dominated by the giant white wall of lining on a girl’s pink sneaker. A girl screamed at the sight as they all crowded around the windows of the small bus, trying to get a view of what it was. Above the sneakers they began to see blue jeans, wrapped around thick thighs and a large looking ass. Above that was a plain red shirt that covered a body that looked curvy and smooth to the touch. The shoulders were draped in long pure blonde hair that went halfway down the girl’s back, spilling down like a waterfall of gold. Her face was a beautiful sight as well, her skin was even and free of any blackheads or blemishes, her lips were scarlet red, and her eyebrows were drawn on beautifully, just above a pair of intelligent eyes trained on the tiny red bus.

The Nanos inside didn’t take much notice in her looks however, just by the fact that she was looking at them… And smiling. A boy near the front tried racing for the bus door but only slammed against it as a massive thumb covered their only exit. Screams erupted as the entire bus was lifted up by the gigantic girl, tossing the tiny captives too and fro as they knocked around from their unsteady ascension. It wasn’t long before they reached the girl’s face, it was then that they’d noticed that they were actually higher off the ground than normal, this girl was tall, a few inches higher than six-feet. She smiled seeing the Nanos look at her from inside the bus, each one a panicked expression on their faces, praying that this was some kind of misunderstanding.

“Hmm ... was haben wir heute? Französisch? Englisch?” She said, speaking in German.

[translation: “Hmm… What do we have here? French? English?”]

“Ooooh!” She said after another moment of staring inside the bus, “Americans~.” She now spoke english, but kept a heavy German accent in her speech. “You’re going to be fun for me this night~.”

Screams erupted once again as they heard her, now they knew this girl was not going to help them. The screams continued for a good few minutes after the massive German girl slid the miniscule bus into her handbag as she walked away. This was not going to be a fun vacation.

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