A Little Chemistry by BugBoy518

Jake is short, nerdy, introvert in high school who would much rather spend time with a teacher than his fellow classmates. However, after an incident before chemistry class, he'll find himself getting closer to a teacher than he ever bargained for... Jake will enter a big new world way over his head, literally. 

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Just Another Day... by BugBoy518
Author's Notes:

I'm a long time lurker/reader and this will be my first ever story on here, so please give any criticism! This chapter and the next will mostly be setting up characters.

Jake had walked through the school doors, yet again. It was just another school morning like any other day, kids and fellow classmates were flooding the halls, as Jake made his way to his locker.

It was kind of hard for Jake to maneuver through crowds, because even though he was a junior in high school, he was only 5’3. He would generally get eye-level views of shoulders and chests most of the time, but he had grown used to it by now.

Finally, his locker was in sight and he needed to get a textbook for his first class. Suddenly, Jake felt something pull his foot back as he tried to step forward. He lost his balance and fell facedown, fortunately he had caught himself with his hands before faceplanting the ground.

Jake looked ahead of him on the ground, and to his surprise, there were a pair of big feminine feet mere inches away from his face. They were sandal-clad, light brown skinned, her toes were long with bright red nail polish. They were big, yet beautiful and soft looking, Jake couldn’t help but stare from his viewpoint.

Ever since his adolescence, Jake had discovered he had a thing for women’s feet, he could never explain to himself why. However as Jake was admiring the feet that could easily belong to a Greek supermodel, he managed to snap out of it, albeit too late as the huge feet took a small step back.

He tilted his head up and his eyes ran up along this girl’s feet to her tight yoga pants shaped nicely around her calves and thighs, up past that was her upper body covered by a hoodie with the school’s mascot. He couldn’t help but notice the large bust size and even through the hoodie, he could recognize the curves on this girl, he was beginning to realize whose feet he had been ogling…

Finally, his eyes had reached her face, and more specifically, her eyes. This had confirmed his suspicion, it was Ashley Anderson, the star player of the girl’s high school basketball team. The star player, because of her height, she was easily a foot taller than Jake, the tallest girl in the school in fact. She was no string bean either, but she wasn’t fat, just muscular and fit, like an amazon, and from Jake’s vantage point, she truly looked like an Amazonian warrior ready to stomp him out. She had long black hair tied up in a ponytail; her brown eyes were glaring back at Jake.

 “You get a good look, freak?!”  Ashley had a look of disgust on her face. She had clearly seen Jake staring at her feet.

“Oh uh… No! I didn’t- I wasn’t- I mean, sorry I uh fell, heh.” Jake pleaded awkwardly.

“Whatever, weirdo.” she replied brushing him off, already looking ahead, and walked past him going about her day.

“Geez… What a woman…” Jake thought to himself, as he picked himself off the floor, although he knew a short guy like him would never get a tall popular girl like her, he still dreamed about it. He then heard a familiar giggle erupt behind him, Jake sighed, ”Jesse.”

He turned around and as expected, his friend Jesse was laughing at him. Jesse had long brown hair and eyes to match, she was wearing pants and a t-shirt, with a jacket on. Unsurprisingly, Jesse had tripped him, she was always pulling these teasing antics on him. Jesse and Jake had been friends since middle school, when they were roughly the same height. Now however, Jesse had 7 inches on him, standing at 5’10, and she never let him forget who was taller.

“Thanks for that.” Jake said sarcastically, Jesse still laughing. She stepped closer to Jake, throwing her arm around his shoulders.

“I’m sorry, shrimp, it’s just… you’re so fun to push around!” she said while leading Jake to his locker, easily swaying the short guy with her size.

“Good to know I’m just a target for your teasing.” Jake replied as they got to his locker.

“Oh but you’re much more than that!” she hugged Jake tightly as said that, and ruffled his hair up a bit.

“Yeah, yeah… Whatever.” Jake says while fixing his hair back. Jesse let him go and leaned against a locker next to Jake’s. She reached in her jacket pocket and pulled out a bag of gummy bears she had been snacking on earlier. Jake had hardly paid attention, focusing on shuffling things around in his locker.

“So, Jake-y boy… You finish your chemistry homework?” she said as she shoved a couple gummy bears in her mouth.

Jake sighed. “Let me guess… You didn’t finish?” he turned and looked at her, eye level with her mouth, she was obnoxiously chewing her candy, he already knew what she wanted. He couldn’t help but look at her open mouth chewing though, then she stopped and smiled real wide, tiny chunks of gummy candy wedged between her perfect pearly whites could be seen.

“Please? Por favor?” she said in her most angelic expression. She knew that he knew what she wanted, her copying Jake’s homework had become quite too common since they started high school.

“Fine, just be quick about it.” Jake answered as he dug his homework out of his bag. Jesse plopped another gummy bear into her mouth while Jake was fishing through his bag. “Here… Take it.” He handed the paper to her.

“Thanks Jake! You know there’s a reason we’re the bestest of friends!” Jake had been looking at her mouth again, watching the gummy bear inside hopping up and down and getting thrown around by her tongue as she spoke. He looked up into her eyes to see a look of delight. Jesse smiled and stuck out her tongue, the chewed up gummy bear resting on it. “Ithsa gumwi behr!” Jesse tried to say with her tongue out. “Would you like one?” She brought her tongue back in her mouth.

“Uh no, I’m good.” Jake answered.

Jess stuck her tongue out again, and pinched the slobbery gummy bear between two fingers and pulled it out. “Oh come on, Jake-y boy! I chewed it up just for you!” she brought the gummy bear close to his face, but Jake swatted the hand away. Jesse however persisted, “Open up for the gummy plane!” she advanced on Jake, backing him up to his own locker.

“Stop Jesse!” Jake commanded, to no avail. She had her two fingers with the saliva covered, mutilated gummy bear inches away from his face. Jake had his arm on her wrist, desperately trying to push it away. Jesse was stronger however.

“Come on, you know you want it… Hehe!” Jake now had both his hands on her wrist, trying to push it away. Weight wise, Jake wasn’t very big, he was scrawny in fact, and his 5’10 friend was overpowering him. The gummy bear almost made contact with Jake’s face, when Jesse finally relented, laughing. “Fine, shrimp…” she took a step back from him. “But you can have it for later, if you want.” She stuck the still very wet gummy bear to the inside of Jake’s locker door. “Consider it a ‘thank you’ for the homework.” Jesse smiled. She began to walk away, “Now go have fun being the teacher’s pet!”

“Hey! I’m not a… eh, whatever.” Jake stepped forward to rebuttal, but Jesse had already been halfway down the hall. Jake turned back to his locker and grabbed his chemistry textbook, then he couldn’t help but look at the chewed up gummy bear stuck to his locker for a moment. Jake sighed, and shut his locker door.   


End Notes:

The shrinking should happen at the end of the next chapter!

"Teacher's Pet" by BugBoy518

Jake was making his way to the science room, he was thinking about what happened with Jesse. Jake didn’t have many friends, none at all really, thanks to his diminutive size, he’d either get bullied or ignored altogether. But Jesse however, was his best friend, despite the way she treats him now, and she was definitely easy on the eyes, heck he’d probably have a crush on her if it wasn’t for their brother-sister type friendship they had built over the years.

Jake and Jesse had met in the 5th grade, mainly over their love of comic books. They’d have sleepovers at each other’s houses, play video games and watch movies all night, and they’d play pretend superheroes outside during the day. Those were the good times, Jake thought, but like all things, they come to an end eventually. High school came, and the two split up in the social chain, Jake become a nerdy introvert who would much rather converse with the teachers than his fellow classmates, and Jesse, with her height and good looks, flourished in the social scene, scoring multiple dates and friends along the way. Jesse had still hung out with Jake at times though, if not just to tell him about her dates… and the sex.

The perks of being in the friend zone, but Jake didn’t mind it, at least not completely, and sure the teasing would get annoying at times, but he’d rather a pretty girl tease him then some douchebag jock. Still, Jake had been thinking about that ‘teacher’s pet’ comment Jesse made. Jake did enjoy being in the company of the teachers, but more specifically he liked being around Ms. Turner, the science teacher. Jake had been infatuated with her since day one of high school, she was always so nice to him and always seemed to be in a happy mood. As far as Jake could tell, she couldn’t have been more than ten years older than him. Jake would always show up before class to see if she needed help setting up, or merely just to talk to her about anything, she always obliged him.

Jake usually skipped breakfast, instead opting out to go to the science classroom in the mornings. He was already well on his way to the classroom, the door was on his next right. As he turned to enter, someone was leaving the room at the same time, surprising both at the same time. The other person yelped after being startled, it was a girl.

“Sorry about that.” Jake said. It was Shelly, one of Jake’s classmates. She was roughly the same height as Jake, she had black hair that went down to her neck and pretty green eyes that Jake would stare into for this brief moment.

“Oh, hi Jake,” Shelly responded, “That’s ok, I just got startled a bit.” She said smiling, while brushing some of her hair behind her right ear. “So uh, did finish last night’s homework?”

“Uh yeah… It was fun!” Jake awkwardly said. ‘Did I really just say that?’, Jake thought to himself. Still, he managed to get a slight chuckle out of Shelly, followed by a brief moment of awkward silence.

“Well I’ll see you in class, Jake!” Shelly said, as she started to walk away.

“Yeah, see you Shelly!” Jake walked into the classroom. Jake always thought highly of Shelly, she was his intellectual rival in the class, and she always said hi when she saw him, of course that was all Jake thought of her, oblivious to the fact that she does have a interest in him.

 The classroom looked the same as it always did, the teacher’s desk was just right of the door, with a few rows of tables facing the teacher. To the left of the door was a closet full of supplies and Ms. Turner’s private office, and to the further right of the room, past the student tables was the lab area.

Jake entered the room and could see that Ms. Turner was sitting at her desk in the front of the room, she was on her laptop while jotting some notes in what he presumably thought was her planner.

“Good morning, Ms. Turner!” Jake said to the sitting teacher.

“Good morning, Jake.” She looked up at Jake, giving him a polite smile. She had her dirty blonde hair wrapped up in a bun, with a few loose strands hanging on the side of her head and down her forehead. Ms. Turner was looking at Jake through her glasses with her light blue eyes.

“How was your morning?” Jake politely asked.

Well, other than Butters throwing up in the bathroom this morning, it’s just been swell.” She said sarcastically. Butters was her pet cat, they both shared a chuckle over that last statement. “So how has Mr. Summers been faring this morning?” She asked Jake, Jake Summers being his full name.

“Not bad, could’ve been better.” Jake joked; Ms. Turner smiled at him for a bit. The two had some back and forth banter for a minute, talking about current events in the news, and what they watched on tv last night. Finally Jake asked her if she needed any help with anything. “Do you need help with setting up class?” He asked.

“No, everything is ready for class this morning…” She paused for a moment. “But I did get a new supply delivery this morning, if you would like to stock them?” She asked.

“Certainly!” Jake answered eagerly. Ms. Turner smiled and stood up from her desk and began walking toward Jake. She was wearing nicely fit capris and a loose fitting top to match.

‘She’s looking amazing today as always’, Jake thought to himself, he noticed she was wearing her black flats today, he was always in for a tease when she wore those. More often than not, when she wore those flats in class, she would take them off mid-lecture and stand around barefoot, and man… If they weren’t the most amazing feet he’s ever seen in person, even beating Ashley Anderson’s by just a hair(or toe?). Ms. Turner’s feet were big, and expectedly so as she was just slightly taller than Jake’s friend Jesse, maybe 5’11, but Jake wouldn’t be surprised if she was 6’0 even, or taller than that honestly.

Her feet are perfect to Jake; though he couldn’t necessary explain why. When she would show them off, her toenails were usually unpainted, yet clean and well taken care of, and the skin looked very soft and smooth. Jake never stared at her feet, but he got as many subtle glimpses as he could, trying his best to get the image of the feet engrained in his head, as they became the subject of many of his faps. He’d frequently daydream of riding on her big toenail like a bull as she wiggled her toes playfully.

Jake snapped out of his brief daydream as Ms. Turner walked past him, happily looking up at her. She was heading back to her office and Jake began to follow, he would catch a view of her butt as he did so. Ms. Turner had a nice big booty as well, Jake couldn’t tell if it was natural or if she worked out for it, maybe a bit of both he thought to himself. God, this woman was just perfect in Jake’s eyes, looking at the curvaceous woman in front of him. He could tell she played sports throughout all her schooling and college years; there was no doubt that she still works out everyday.

Ms. Turner led Jake to her office, and turned to a stack of boxes on the ground, she bent over and picked one up between her hands. Those hands, Jake thought, were pretty big as well, but not man hands in the slightest. The fingers were long but not too slender, palms were big and wide, but not too fat, and her nails were long and also unpainted. She could probably crush Jake’s much smaller hands in her grip if she wanted too.

“Here, just take these boxes into the supply room and stock accordingly, if you don’t mind, kind sir.” She handed the box to Jake, giving a friendly expression.

“You know I don’t, Ms. Turner.” Said a smitten Jake, with a cheeky smile on his face.

“Thanks Jake.” She smiled. “Well I’ve got to run down to the office for a moment, I’ll see you in class.” She said, and then she left the classroom.

It was kind of cool how Ms. Turner trusted him like that to leave him alone in her office, Jake thought. After some time of going back and forth, he had stocked all the delivery boxes, though he went back into Ms. Turner’s office to see if he had missed a box. Just as he had suspected, he had finished with the boxes, having a moment to himself, he causally looked around her office, all the knick-knacks and do-dads on her desk, when something had caught his eye.

‘Is that a toy?’ Jake thought to himself, as he grabbed this device from the far end of Ms. Turner’s office desk. It looked like some kind of barcode scanner you see at grocery stores, however there was a clear canister attached to the bottom of it, with some kind of green liquid in it. Was it a water gun? No, maybe a cleaning spray bottle? Jake started to fiddle around with it, as the device had buttons on it. Suddenly the device started to beep, Jake started to fiddle around with it even more to get it to stop, but the beeping got faster. In a panic, Jake put the device back where it was, and tried to step back, but it was too late. The device had sprayed the green chemical on him, on his clothes, his skin, his hair, and his backpack.

Jake started to cough uncontrollably; his head was spinning, what the hell was that? He began to step out of Ms. Turner’s office and into the class, and stumbled into the doorframe, leaning against it.

“Ms. Turn…” He tried to yell, but he felt too nauseous and fell to his hands and knees, suddenly a flash overcame his sight, and his body shook for a moment, and then it stopped. He finally opened his eyes and looked around, where was he? He was obviously somewhere different, as he was now in a huge room, like airplane hangar huge, only bigger, way bigger. Was he teleported? No, he was sprayed by that green stuff, surely that didn’t… Wait, something caught his eye, something huge, make that SOMETHINGS. Huge objects were in front of him, skyscraper huge, but what were they? They looked like… tables… tables and chairs, only scaled up by like a thousand times. Jake looked behind him, only to see the ground stretch forever, then to the sides to see gigantic walls going up hundreds of feet in the air. Was that… Is this… Ms. Turner’s office doorframe?

Jake had stood up, staring everywhere, trying to comprehend what exactly was going on here. ‘Did… Am I… Small?’ Jake thought to himself. Finally after a moment of realization, and putting two and two together about that stuff that sprayed him, Jake came to the conclusion of the situation and summarized it all in one word, “Fuck.”

Suddenly he heard a noise, loud and very echo-like, like some kind of whale noises, but amplified. He looked to the direction it was coming from, and to his horror he realized what he was hearing… His classmates.


End Notes:

Finally, the shrinking! Now the next chapter is where the fun begins.

A Big New World by BugBoy518

Jake couldn’t believe his predicament, he was absolutely miniscule, and he could hear his classmates coming down the hall. Jake began to panic, he started feeling himself up, hoping he was just in a bad dream, but he wasn’t. Instead he was in a real nightmare. Fortunately, Jake just now realized he still had his clothes on, it seems they shrunk down with him, along with his backpack. Yes, that green liquid had been sprayed all over him, Jake remembered.

Suddenly, it happened, the moment that will forever be burned in Jake’s memories, the very first time he’d see a normal sized person from his diminutively small stature. It was absolutely terrifying to Jake, who just stood there on the ground just a couple feet from Ms. Turner’s office and just barely in the classroom, and probably completely unnoticed by a glancing eye. It was a girl, Jake was too scared to try and think who it was, but she was absolutely colossal. She must’ve been 500 feet tall to Jake, maybe even more; she was a walking skyscraper to him.

Thankfully she was just in the entrance currently and not walking his way, instead she would take a right toward the tables. Her small footsteps to her were slightly small tremors and loud thuds to Jake, even with the distance between them. Jake just continued to stare in a shocked awe, she was like a moving mountain in the distance, but perhaps the most scary and unsettling thing about it was that she moved so incredibly fast. It completely boggled Jake’s mind to see something so huge, move so undeniably quick. Jake felt like he was going to puke.

Then more titanic classmates walked into the room, a boy and another girl, both followed the first girl to the tables and to their seats. The tremors from their footsteps were getting more frequent. Jake was in the wide open, straight in the walk zone, and he knew it wouldn’t be long before someone would walk his way to sit at the table in front of him. He had to move and get out of the open, but where? He looked ahead at the tables, he could hide under there, but then he’d be vulnerable to his classmates’ feet… He thought back to that, a girl’s foot would be gigantic to him now; he could go spelunking on one just like he always dreamed…

No! Jake snapped out of it, he could also be crushed flat by a gigantic foot. He turned around, looking at the opening of Ms. Turner’s office, that was his safest bet as of now. Suddenly the tremors started getting wild and the sound of footsteps became over bearing. Jake dared not look, and instead took off in a dead-sprint toward the empty office, however he wasn’t covering much ground. The tremors then started to feel like full on quakes, someone was walking toward him, he was sure. Jake was running as fast as his tiny legs could take him, but he felt like he wasn’t getting anywhere, the quakes were so intense now. A giant foot had stepped where Jake was before he started running, he didn’t look back though, absolutely terrified, but the force of the foot step had caused Jake to stumble. “Oh Shit!” Jake yelled aloud.

It was like a building had dropped right in front of him, as he saw a wall of blackness fall from the heavens right in front of him, the force of the impact sent Jake flying backwards, putting him on his back. He quickly got back to his feet and looked at whatever it was that blocked his path. It was a giant black sandal-clad foot. The foot was so ginormous, it could fill two basketball courts, maybe three, it could easily crush Jake’s house and his neighbor’s house completely flat in one step. The skin was lightly brown, Jake could make all the cracks and ridges of the foot in great detail, he noticed the long big toe too, and the brightly red color of the toenail. Jake recognized this foot from this morning.

He looked directly up, and there she was, Ashley Anderson, literally standing over him. Her legs covered in black yoga pants, were planted in front and behind Jake like two big towers reaching into the sky, two sexy muscularly toned black towers. They were so tall and stood high in the air, reaching her curvy hips and massive crotch area, Jake stared like a deer in the headlights. Ashley was just standing there, texting on her phone. Jake couldn’t even move a finger; he was paralyzed with both fear and amazement, but mostly fear.

Ashley was moving her thumbs rather quickly to get her message typed out; she had no clue of the tiny boy standing between her feet. She pressed send, and put her phone in her hoodie pocket, she looked at the table to her immediate right and moved herself over to take her seat.

 Jake was still staring at the goddess-like Ashley above, mouth agape, he felt like he should get on his knees and worship her, less she snuff his insignificant tiny life out. Then he heard a loud screeching noise, he immediately looked to his right at the goddess’s left foot and it was shifting toward him. Ashley’s foot then lifted off the ground, Jake couldn’t do anything as his knees buckled under him and he fell into fetal position. The giant foot seemed to float over him, casting a very big and dark shadow. He could see all the dirt and filth underneath the sandal sole, and he was going to be just another speck on it, or so he thought. Jake closed his eyes, ready for his end, but it never came as the foot stepped over him and landed away from him with another giant thud.

Jake watched as the unknowingly merciful giantess took another step, and pulled a giant chair from the table and sat in it. Such benign and small movements to Ashley, but a superior sight to behold for Jake, she could move mountains without even trying, he thought. He was so distracted that he didn’t notice another series of quakes approaching until it was too late. Jake looked at the approaching giant. “Shelly.” He whispered.

Shelly was walking toward him at a quick pace; her converses were shaking the world around Jake. Unfortunately he was still in fetal position as his humongous intellectual rival was about to crush him. Now this was truly his end, Jake thought, as Shelly’s right foot landed and the left rose up in the air. It was coming right on him, he looked up at his would be killer, she was just looking ahead, smile on her face, not a care in the world. Jake continued to stare at her face that was so far up in the air, until his vision was filled with nothing but the bottom of Shelly’s left foot. It seemed like slow motion at first, but then the foot came crashing down on him, darkness enveloping him, this was it, ‘goodbye world’ he had one last thought, and then complete darkness.

Jake felt enormous pressure on top of him, it hurt a bit sure, but he was still alive, or was he? Did he die? Was this the afterlife? Just darkness? And then he saw light again; the gigantic foot on top of him had let off of him and went traveling into the heavens again. What? How? Jake was sure he would be dead by now, looking back up at the sole of Shelly’s shoe, he realized that his tiny body had just barely fit into one of the ridges of the sole, thus he wasn’t completely squished.

Jake couldn’t believe it, he had survived being stepped on by his Godzilla sized classmate! He started to laugh, a bit hysterically, but was once again interrupted by more tremors and quakes, more giants incoming! ‘Nope, not again!’ Jake thought, as he got to his feet and took off again to Ms. Turner’s empty office.

He finally made it to (temporary) safety, after what felt like forever, but at least he had no more near death experiences for the time being. Jake stood by one of the doorframes, now he was no athlete, but somehow he felt like he could run a mile, like he was energized or something, weird. Jake took this time to properly assess the situation, as his gigantic classmates made their way to their seats.

‘Okay, some device shrunk me, a device that had to be Ms. Turner’s, so I have to get her attention, to turn me back, if I don’t die first,’ Jake was thinking to himself, ‘but how small am I exactly?’ Jake looked ahead at the behemoth that was Ashley Anderson, when he was at her feet, he notice he was about half the height of her sandal, and her sandal must’ve been around an inch tall. So Jake was roughly half an inch tall. “Just fucking great.” He muttered to himself. Jake was the size of an ant.

“GOOD MORNING CLASS!!” Jake heard a loud but still familiar voice it was Ms. Turner, she had finally returned, closing the classroom door. The class settled down, and she started to speak again, her feminine voice sounding like thunder to Jake. She was doing the roll call, calling students’ names, and then she finally got to Jake. “JAKE!! JAKE SUMMERS!!” it was like the voice of god, or goddess I should say, was calling out for Jake. Jake started to yell as loudly as he could, but it was useless, even Ashley couldn’t hear him.

“ASHLEY!! COULD YOU SEE IF JAKE IS IN MY OFFICE, PLEASE!!” Ms. Turner asked the star athlete. Ashley then stood up and took a couple steps toward the empty office. Jake was instantly terrified, as he back himself against the doorframe, hoping to avoid her killer feet. He watched as Ashley stood between the doorframes and peaked in, he got a good side view of her hugely fit ass from where he stood, now that looks like a good place to go spelunking, Jake thought. Ashley scanned the room briefly before turning back around. Jake thought about trying to get her attention, but quickly decided against after he remembered the many times he’d seen Ashley go out of her way to crush a bug, and to her, that’s pretty much what he was, so he waited instead.

“NOPE!! I DON’T SEE HIM!!” Ashley said loudly, causing Jake to fall on his knees covering his ears. Ashley then walked back to her seat.

“THAT’S ODD!!” Ms. Turner replied back. “I GUESS HE WENT TO THE RESTROOM, MAYBE?!” She asked herself, but then continued with the roll call.

‘Okay, so I need to get to Ms. Turner she’s the only one who can help me at this point, anyone else may just mistake me for a bug and step on me.’ Jake thought, ‘Well, now is a good time as any!’ Jake then started to run to the front of the room along the wall keeping out of sight and away from feet.

From the sound of it, Ms. Turner had begun her class lecture, and Jake was that much closer to his beautiful teacher. He had made it to the classroom door, and looked to his left, and there she was, Ms. Turner standing tall in front of the class, like a benevolent goddess gracing the world with her presence. This was the homestretch for Jake; he just had to get to her now.

Jake started to run again, when a loud clinging had disrupted him, it came from the classroom door someone had opened it. Jake had stopped dead in his tracks as the door flung open, and another giantess had stood before him, or more like over him. It was his best friend, Jesse.


Jessezilla by BugBoy518

Jesse stood over her ant-sized friend, all 600 (approximate) feet of her. Jake never thought he’d ever see a Godzilla-sized Jesse Womack, that being her full name. Jake stared up at his colossal friend, the thought of her actually being 600 feet tall honestly put a shiver down Jake’s spine. Jesse was his friend sure, but she had a wild teasing side to her, she could be downright mean if she wanted to, and if you scale that up times a hundred, she really would be Godzilla… Jessezilla, if you will. He knew for a fact she’d take a delight in toying with a miniature live city, stepping on buildings, cars, people, everything; and then she’d love to get her hands in the mix as well, squishing ant people between her large pale fingers, and crushing whole buildings in her in her gigantic fists like dried up leaves.  

He remembered the times when they were kids, and she would always love to destroy an anthill when she’d see one, usually spitting a loogie or two on them. God, a loogie of that magnitude would be enough to drown a few ant people, and that’s all everyone would be to her, ant people. The world would be her anthill… No, surely Jesse wouldn’t be that downright evil, she was still his friend, Jake thought. She had shown moments of compassion to Jake and others plenty of times in the past, but he has also been a witness to many of her mean doings as well, whether it was he or someone else. Honestly, she could go either way.

“I’M SORRY I’M LATE FOR CLASS, MS. TURNER!!” Jesse exclaimed, Jake falling to his knees again covering his ears from the deafening voice above. “I WAS!!… USING THE RESTROOM!!” Another lame excuse, thought Jake, she was always tardy for class.

“BE THAT AS IT MAY, YOU HAVE EARNED YOURSELF A TARDY SLIP!! I SUGGEST YOU START GETTING TO CLASS ON TIME!!” Ms. Turner replied. Jesse let out an annoyed grunt, as she stepped forward into the classroom.

Jake heard Ms. Turner scold Jesse as he stood back up, suddenly he saw Jesse’s feet shift, and he took off running again. Running from giant feet was quickly becoming a habit, one he’d hope to break as fast as possible. Jake had been sprinting directly away from Jesse, not the brightest idea, considering he should’ve kept running his original direction and he would’ve been fine, but like a deer crossing the road directly in front of a car out of fear, he ran right into danger. Jake noticed a big shadow over-encompassing him as he was running, though he believed he could out run it, however that belief quickly dwindled as the shadow grew around him, and darkness was right on top of him. “No!!” He screamed before he was stepped on by his best friend.

The shoe completely crushed him; there was no gap or ridges under the sole that saved him this time. Jesse had unknowingly put her foot directly on the ant-sized Jake, her comparatively massive body weight coming down on the tiny half-inch boy beneath her foot for a brief, yet never ending moment. Jake should be dead, turned to nothing but a blood splat on the bottom of Jesse’s shoe, but he wasn’t. Jake was still very much alive, but he was in immense pain, the most excruciating pain he’s ever felt in his life, living in a moment of darkness between the floor and Jesse’s shoe.

Jessie casually walked to her usual seat, taking quite a few footsteps, she dropped her bag on the floor next to her table, pulled her chair out and put her left foot in the chair, then brought her other leg around and sat on the chair with her left foot wedged between her right thigh and the chair, essentially sitting on her left leg. She looked to her right at the empty chair beside her, where Jake usually sat. ‘How weird?’ Jesse thought, ‘That nerd actually skipped class, it’s about time… wonder where he’s playing hooky at?’

Jake was compressed into the ground, flattened like a pancake surrounded by darkness. Finally light came into his world, as he was lifted up and the floor seemingly pulled away from him. Jake quickly realized he was stuck to the bottom of Jesse’s shoe, like a wad of gum, only a super small wad of gum. Jake looked to his right, and saw a glimpse of Jesse’s right foot; he was stuck to her left foot. Just as quickly as Jake was lifted into the air, he felt himself moving back down, the air blowing his face back, the ground coming back at him just as fast as it had left. Jake started screaming, he was pressed into the ground just like before, the familiar pain, and then he was lifted up again, he was still screaming. This happened again, and again, and again after that, this was complete hell for Jake. He stopped screaming after the third footstep; by the sixth he had lost consciousness.  

Jake came too, his body was still plastered to the bottom of Jesse’s shoe, thankfully he wasn’t face first into the ground with a thousand tons of force pushing down on him. His vision was quite blurry though, he couldn’t make out what his surroundings were, and his head was quite groggy. His whole body was in pain in fact. How the hell did he survive all that? After a few minutes, his vision cleared up, he was looking directly at his empty chair, where he should be right now, not stuck under the foot of his friend. Jake could see some classmates in the distance, their subtle movements still shocking Jake. He could hear Ms. Turner’s voice giving the class a lecture. 

Snapping out of it, Jake came to the conclusion that Jesse had her foot on the chair and she must be sitting on it. His body had seemed to heal, although it was still quite sore, he was able to move his arm and legs, still being stuck to the shoe however. He now needed another plan. He could get himself free and try to find a way back to the ground, but after looking down, the fall would definitely be fatal. His next bet would be to try and climb up to Jesse’s ear and get her attention. Jake contemplated his choices for a moment, he decided to try and get Jesse’s attention, what could go wrong there? Plenty, Jake thought, but seeing as he was already in close proximity of Jesse, he’d have a better chance of getting her attention more than anyone else, plus she was still his friend.

With a plan in motion, Jake had to enact it, easier said than done of course. Jake started to pull his right arm from the shoe, slowly he was able to peel it off, and then he would do the same with his left. He then started to work on his right leg, pulling on it with both his arms until it was free. After doing so, Jake felt his whole body peeling off, he looked down only to see the ground hundreds of feet below. Suddenly his left leg came loose and he fell for a brief moment, before he reached his tiny hand out and managed to grab in between the grooves of Jesse’s shoe. Hanging by one hand, he looked back down; he gulped trying to avoid another nasty situation. He swung his other arm up and caught another groove; he then started to scale the gargantuan shoe. Jake never did a pull-up in his life, but here he was climbing the grooves of Jesse’s shoe with relative ease as if he were rock climbing. He reached the top, or side of the shoe if you want to be technical about it. Jake climbed over and got to his feet, immediately in front of him was Jesse’s thick thigh, like a huge curved wall of denim 70 or so feet tall.

After about a minute of climbing up the giantess’s thigh, he finally reached the top. He just survived being stepped on multiple times, something that logically should kill an ordinary person. Jake also just displayed to himself some athletic prowess, something he’s never done before. Maybe that chemical that shrunk him, also gave him some incredible durability, as well as some superhuman strength? Hey, Jake was now a half an inch tall, at this point anything could be possible to him. It was the only explanation Jake had at the moment.

Jake stood on her thigh and slowly looked up his friend, if she wasn’t big before… She was so massive now, Jake couldn’t help but stop and stare. Jesse was too preoccupied to notice an ant-sized person on her leg with whatever was on the table before her, probably doodling on her notebook. Jake also couldn’t help but notice Jesse’s breasts, he never really looked at them, but holy shit! These were some knockers that could squish a skyscraper in half; any man would be super lucky to have his view right now. Jake gulped again, he was going to have to climb over those.

He began to trek forward on her thigh, this was so surreal to Jake, he was walking on an actual person, a living being, as if they were a landscape, and to make it more weird, it was his close friend. Jesse was his ground, a living breathing land goddess, yet potential savior, and potential destroyer. If she actually knew that Jake was walking on her very thigh, she might be disgusted, pluck him up between two gigantic feminine fingers and give him a piece of her mind. Jake had to be very careful on how he’d approach her.

Jake was getting near her hip when something fell from the sky. It looked like a cookie, but half his size, he stared for a moment before realizing it was a crumb, a crumb half his size… Jake looked up and Jesse was eating some kind of cookie snacks, this girl just ate a package of gummy bears! Now she was snacking again? Jake thought. More crumbs came raining down around Jake, as the titanic Jesse above shoved mini-cookies in her huge mouth. He couldn’t help but cower in fear of being hit by a crumb his size. After a few moments, the crumbs stopped falling, Jake peeked around, seeing the crumbs around him like mini hay bales in a field.

Suddenly he felt like he was being watched, the hair on the back of his neck stood up. Jake regretfully looked up, only to see Jesse staring back in her lap, he didn’t dare make a movement. Did she see him? Her eyes were scanning the area more than looking directly at him, and then just as quickly as her eyes moved, her hand came into view. Two gigantic fingers descended on him, Jake cowered from them, fortunately they only landed near him, and he watched the giant fingers, her thumbnail being long as twice his height. The intruding fingers gathered some of the crumbs up, pinched between thumb and forefinger, Jake watch as she brought those fingers to her mouth and dropped crumbs roughly his size into her gaping mouth. That could’ve been him, Jake thought.

Jesse was enjoying her cookie snacks, shoving one after another into her mouth; too bad she was a bit of a messy eater, as she realized she had dropped some crumbs in her lap. She looked down at her lap, there were a lot of crumbs down there, she thought. Oh well, they didn’t touch the ground, so they’re still good. She gathered some in between her fingers and dropped them into her mouth, not exactly a mouthful, she thought. So she went for more crumbs.

Jake was relieved he didn’t get snatched with the crumbs, and then he realized her fingers were coming back for more. This was a total nightmare! Jake just decided to run down her thigh, but his path was instantly blocked by a wall of pale flesh with detailed grooves in it, Jesse’s fingertip, Jake turned around, only to see her giant thumb tip blocking that way as well. “Fuck!” Jake muttered.

The gigantic fingers started closing in on him, in a desperate last ditch effort, Jake tried to jump down into Jesse’s crotch area, but it was too late. The fingers had squeezed together on him, pinching his leg between her fingers along with some crumbs. He was lifted into the air, dangling upside down. Even with how quickly he was being effortlessly carried through the air, it felt like everything was in slow-motion. Jake looked to his left, pass the gigantic thumbnail, and could see Jesse’s shirt going down, passing her stomach, he was going to be on the other side of that in just a few moments. Some alternative rock band’s logo was plastered over Jesse’s immaculate breasts, one of the last thing’s he’d ever see, and next came Jesse’s throat filling up Jake’s view. He thought about all the shredded gummy bears and chewed up cookie snacks that had travelled down this giantess’s throat, and he would be no different.

Jake started to scream and flail about desperately trying to get his oblivious captor’s attention, but Jesse was paying no mind to her tiny friend pinched between her fingers, her eyes weren’t even looking at the gathered crumbs between her fingers, instead her eyes were on Ms. Turner in front of the class. The dreaded moment Jake most feared finally arrived, Jesse’s lips came into Jake’s full view, as Jesse’s fingers stopped for a moment. Her mouth was already slightly agape, Jake could see her tongue moving around her mouth, rubbing against her top row of teeth and then the bottom row, followed by the left cheek and then the right cheek, she was gathering any runaway crumbs in her mouth that might be hiding between her gums or stuck to her teeth. Jake was absolutely terrified, and what was worse was that he could hear her tongue moving and the saliva swished around, the slimy sound attacking Jake’s ears. Jesse’s lips then shut, and Jake heard a loud gulping noise.

Jesse then began to raise her hand in the air again, she titled her head back and brought her fingers over her mouth. Jake was still flailing about, trying to get free before the unthinkable happened. And then, another event that would stick with him forever happened, an image he would never forget. Jesse’s mouth opened wide, and Jake was getting an up close and personal view while dangling upside down over the death pit like he was being sacrifice to some ancient goddess. It was something Jake had never seen before, the mouth was big enough to put his house in, so wide and spacious, she could put a handful of tiny Jakes in there. There were several strands of saliva connecting the top and bottom rows of her teeth, those teeth, they were all as big as him, if not bigger, and perfectly white and ready to chew his body into dust.

Her monstrous behemoth of a tongue slid its way over the bottom row of teeth, Jake could still see some bits of cookie spread out over the vast pink slimy surface, the taste buds popping out at him, ready to taste and break his puny body apart. Then he looked into the far reaches of her throat, the seemingly endless darkness that would lead to certain death, like an immense cavern ready to swallow him up forever. Jesse then let out some breath, Jake was met with a big gust of hot air, and rank morning breath. Jake might’ve thrown up if he wasn’t so busy panicking and trying to kick himself free. At any moment she was going to drop him into her hungry mouth, he didn’t want to go out like this, I mean getting stepped on would’ve been humiliating, but it would’ve been quick… If he actually died, but digesting in one’s stomach is something else entirely. Dangling upside down, Jake looked straight up, which is actually down, and if he swung himself with enough momentum when she let go, he could maybe land on her bottom lip.

Then, unexpectedly she let go in that moment, Jake tried to maneuver himself in mid-air to land on her lip. He almost made it on the lip, as he landed with a thud onto Jesse’s front bottom teeth, getting saliva all over his backside. Jesse still had her mouth open. Fight or flight, Jake thought. With quick thinking and moving, he started to climb up on her bottom lip, looking up he could see the top lip closing down causing him to move faster. It was like an Indian Jones moment, as Jake had escaped the dangerous cave that was Jesse’s mouth just by the nick of his hair. Jesse had closed her mouth, Jake however had made it on her bottom lip, but thanks to Jesse’s saliva he was now stuck on her bottom lip. He could hear the crumbs behind him being swished around.

Jesse had dropped another pinch of crumbs in her mouth, and she sealed her lips shut working on swallowing the crumbs, then she felt something on her bottom lip, must be another crumb, she thought, she then opened her mouth to let her tongue retrieve the said crumb.

Jake was trying to peel himself off of Jesse’s lip, but this was much harder than freeing himself from her sole earlier thanks to the spit now covering him. Then he felt her lip moving, he managed to turn his head back a bit and saw that she was opening up again, and the tongue was slithering upon him. “No!” he yelled, as he was struggling to get unstuck. The massive tongue started to push on him, Jake thought to use this to his advantage, as the tongue freed him. In this briefest of brief moments, Jake then made a split second decision to jump off the tongue, he was NOT going to be eaten today.

Jake was now free falling, he looked down to see his potential landing zone, he only saw Jesse’s gigantic bust coming at him fast.

Jesse tried to get the crumb from her bottom lip with her tongue but she felt it drop away instead, she looked down immediately and perked her chest up, in that split moment, Jake had made contact with Jesse’s left breast as soon as she perked her chest, causing Jake to painfully bounce off the ginormous boob. Jake was airborne again, it’d honestly be fun if Jake wasn’t so worried about the pain, and looking at the table below coming at him incredibly fast, the pain was indeed coming. Jake managed to move himself in the air to land on his feet, bad idea. As soon as Jake landed his ankles snapped from the impact and fell on his face, he couldn’t help but wail in pain.

Jesse was looking down, she felt something hit her left boob, but she didn’t see anything, she did however see some more crumbs on her pants. She took a couple more pinch-fulls of the crumbs into her mouth casually.

Jake was in pain yet again face down on the table; with nothing to do he began to craw forward, he had a bad feeling being out in the open like this.

Jesse put one last pinch of crumbs in her mouth as she sucked her fingertip in her mouth, licking it clean of cookie crumbs. While doing so her eyes wandered up to the table, when she noticed something small slowly moving. ‘What kind of bug is this?’ she thought, as she pulled her finger out of her mouth.

Jake was still trying to crawl ahead, when he felt that feeling of being watched again. He flipped himself around and his heart stopped, Jesse was looking directly at him her giant hand not far from her face, and those big brown eyes completely dead set on him. It felt like time froze, as he was staring back at her, it was like in this moment only her and him existed in the universe. Jake was too scared to make a noise, this was the first time anyone actually noticed him. Jesse’s head tilted to the right slightly, a slight smirk on her face. Suddenly her giant hand came at Jake with uneasy quickness. Jake let out a yelp, and cowered behind his arms. Her hand stopped in front of him for a moment.

“Jess… Jesse it’s Jake.” Jake tried to raise his voice, but was still very scared. Her index finger then extended above him. Her finger alone was massive and long, Jake started to crawl backwards, the finger then curled back causing Jake to flinch, looking he began to realize what she was about to do. “No! Jesse, please don’t! Its me! Ja-“ is all he got to say as the finger tip flung forward and her fingernail flicked him a ways across the table.

Finally some fun in this boring class, Jesse thought to herself, as she put her left elbow on the table, and resting her head on her left hand. She reached her right finger for her new bug victim she was going to toy with for a bit.

After rolling on the table a couple times, Jake came to a stop in a face down position. He was starting to crawl again, but then he suddenly felt immense pressure coming down on him, Jesse had placed her fingertip on top of Jake, then she began to drag the ant sized boy along the table back toward her. Being dragged across the table really burned and scraped away some of Jakes skin, he screamed in pain. And then the giant finger let off of him. Jake wanted no more part of this, as he forced himself back on his feet,  doing so only invited Jesse’s finger back as she knocked him over a few feet, and her finger came back around and knocked him the other direction. “WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME JESSE?!” Jake screamed before he was knocked over yet again.

Jesse was mildly entertaining herself as she batted the little ant, or whatever bug it was, back and forth with her finger. Every time the bug would move she’d knock it down again, she did this until it quit moving. “Boring.” She muttered to her self, looking at the bug not putting up a fight anymore. “Oh well, lets get a better look at you now.” She said almost whispering. She then pressed her finger down on the bug, pivoting her finger on it a few times, grinding it into the table. Jesse brought her finger tip up to her eyes, looking at the mangled mess of a bug stuck to her fingertip. “Ew!’ she said out loud, as she proceeded to ball the little bug up between her fingers and then flicked it off somewhere toward the empty part of the classroom. After she did that, the bell rang. “Finally, this class is sooo boring.” Jesse said as she and the other students got up and left.

End Notes:

This is not the end of Jake! He will return, he has proven to be hard to kill after all.

Hot For Teacher by BugBoy518

Jake was in complete pain, being effortlessly tortured by his giant malevolent friend. He had decided to stop moving, in fact he probably couldn’t move even if he wanted to, Jesse’s gargantuan finger had taken its toll on Jake’s ant sized body. After being beaten and battered by a single finger, he just laid there barely breathing, then he heard her voice from above that surrounded him and sent shivers down his spine.

“BORING!” Jesse said quietly, but still loud enough to send vibrations through Jake’s tortured body. Jake couldn’t do anything but wince at her voice. “OH WELL, LETS GET A BETTER LOOK AT YOU!” her whispers were like words of a goddess bearing down on lowly peasant. He was an injured mess face down on the massive surface of the table, his head pointed to his left. However, even from his laid out view he could see a shadow approaching, he could only imagine Jesse’s hand coming down on him again. Suddenly he felt pressure all over him, already causing terrible pain, the pressure slowly built up, more and more weight began pressing down on him. It felt very similar to being stepped on by this girl not very long ago, funny; Jesse had stepped on him, and now was crushing him with her finger, first the foot, now the hand. Not to mention almost being dropped into her mouth like a crumb of food, and bouncing off her boob like it was the world’s biggest bouncy house. What’s next? Her butt?

As beat up as Jake was, he still managed to scream while Jesse’s fingertip was crushing the life out of him, he even felt himself being ground into the table, as the finger moved him clockwise, then counter-clockwise, then clockwise again, and so on. Jake heard his bones breaking, limbs snapping, and he felt wetness around him, his body covered in blood he was sure. He was on the verge of passing out, when the pressure lifted off, but so did he as he was lifted into the air. His bloody body was stuck to the bottom of Jesse’s finger. Jake managed to look down with only one half good eye left, he could see the bloody mess there on the table, where he was crushed mercilessly, it looked like a bloody snow angel. However, his view would quickly change.

Jake’s heart stopped, as he found himself looking directly at Jesse’s godly face. Sure he got an up close and personal look with Jesse’s mountain-size face earlier, but this was a new ordeal, this time the mountain was staring back. Those eyes, those big beautiful brown eyes were locked on him. Jake never paid much attention to Jesse’s eyes, but now he could see the beauty in them, the light reflecting off her brown iris, almost giving off a greenish color, and he could see the blood vessels clearly within the whites of her eyes. These fine details he was making out would go unnoticed by a regular sized person, but he could see them clearly. The eyes were alive, it was almost as if these eyes were a separate entity from Jesse, like some extra-dimensional being straight out of science fiction. And it was looking directly at him, studying him, deciding his fate.

Jake had never felt more scrutinized in his life, like God himself… or herself, was looking upon him, about to pass some judgement. Instantly, Jesse’s facial expression went from one of curiosity to a complete look of disgust. Her eyebrows arched downward, eyes squinted, mouth parted open a bit, all these subtle movements on Jesse’s mountain face were terror inducing to Jake. Being up this near to her face, it was like watching a rockslide up close and personal, such fast movements from something so huge.

“EW!!” Jesse’s deafening voice, now loud more than ever, sent pain towards Jake’s miniscule ears.

“Je… Jesse…” Jake managed to squeak out a whisper in a last vie for Jesse’s attention, but it was no use, she never even heard his screams. He just remained helpless, stuck on a girl’s fingertip like a bug. Unexpectedly, Jake felt something peeling his feet off the fingertip, looking down it was Jesse’s thumbnail attempting to scrape his body off. Soon, Jake found himself in a folding chair position, his head between his legs, he yelled in pain. Here he was stuck between Jesse Womack’s giant thumb and forefinger, one of his only friends, and she was treating him like just like another bug. Jake then felt the strong force of the fingers smashing him in between, the pain was too much, he lost consciousness and blacked out, his body wadded up into a little ball and flicked away like it was nothing.

Jake’s wadded up body laid somewhere amongst the vast open world of what was the science classroom floor. Ordinarily, a regular person would’ve been dead way before Jake found himself here, but Jake was no longer ordinary. Jake was ant-sized sure, but his strength and durability had significantly increased as well as having fast regenerative healing like a comic book superhero. It was that chemical, something in that chemical had made him superhuman, and unbeknownst to the unconscious but still alive Jake, his body had already begun repairing itself, healing such fatal wounds at unimaginable rates. In just a few mere hours, Jake’s body would be good as new, a bit on the sore side though.

Jake opened his eyes, vision blurry, mind hazy, and it felt like a truck had hit him. “What happened?” Jake said to himself, feeling his own head. “Last thing I remember I…” Suddenly Jake sat straight up, heart immediately going a million miles an hour, it all came back to him in a rush of flashbacks. Him shrinking, avoiding danger, then danger finding him, then pain, the most pain he ever felt in his life, all from Jesse. Jake sat there on the ground breathing rapidly trying to calm himself down. “Jesse…” he muttered. He would never look at her the same again if he got out of this and returned to normal size. ‘IF’ Jake thought, he still couldn’t believe his situation right now. Why would Ms. Turner have a device that can shrink people? Jake was thinking to himself. Quickly Jake then snapped out of his deep thinking at the thought of Ms. Turner, remembering his situation and where he was at, he put all his attention to his surroundings.

Jake looked around at his immediate surroundings only to find he wasn’t near anything, he must be in the middle of the science lab floor as he could still see tables and lab chairs but they were off in the distance, like a mountainous landscape. The next thing Jake noticed was that there were no sounds, at least from any giant people. He looked off to the classroom side of the room and as far as he could tell, there were no people in the room. ‘Is the school day over?’ Jake thought, maybe he had been unconscious all day, but the lights were still on.    

And then he saw it, or her more like, he saw her move in the distance. Ms. Turner was leaving her office, casually walking across the classroom to her desk in front of the room. A moving mountain in the far distance to Jake, but even from this great distance, Jake could still recognize the great beauty of his former teacher turned titan of Greek mythology. He watched as she took a seat at her desk, ‘It must be her break hour’, Jake thought. With nothing else to do, and with the classroom vacant of gigantic classmates, Jake decided to make a run toward Ms. Turner, get her attention, and get out of this mess of a situation.

After about ten minutes of non-stop running, Jake had finally made it to the base of his teacher’s desk. The desk had four legs, but three coverings, walls to Jake, on each side of the desk except for the backside where a person can sit at. Fortunately, the desk sides didn’t touch the ground, so Jake was just small enough to crawl underneath the closest side as opposed to walking around the entire side. Crawling his way through, he had made it to the other side, brushing himself off after getting back on his feet. Jake would then look up and see quite the spectacular sight.

Jake had a great view of Ms. Turner’s building sized legs peacefully sitting in a chair, her upper body hidden from his view, but what really got his attention was her feet. She was barefoot! Her empty black pumps were sitting on the other side of her feet, while Jake was on their far right. Jake’s little heart had started beating rapidly, thoughts racing through his head like a bees’ nest, he just had to go in for a closer look.

As he got closer, Jake couldn’t shake off the super surreal feeling enveloping within him. The already big feet got bigger and bigger as he drew near his teacher’s colossal feet. This was absolutely crazy to Jake, like he was put into a state of the art virtual simulation of his wildest dreams. Jake stopped moving toward the objects of his desire about 20 feet away, well what would be 20 feet scaled to his size anyway. Ms. Turner’s feet were perfectly monolithic, they were big, almost as much as Ashley Anderson’s feet from earlier, the main difference here though is Jake was nowhere near as terrified now as he was then. Ashley’s feet were beautiful, but they were moving, almost alive and awake ready to destroy and flatten anything smaller than them within in range, just a pair of devastating colossal monsters. Here though, Ms. Turner’s feet were still and unmoving, almost peaceful like, like a couple of sleeping dragons, beautiful but dangerous if woken up.

Jake stood in awe of these feet, the skin was slightly pinkish and smooth all around, perfect complexion, and the toenails were unpainted but looked strong and healthy. He stared at her pinky toe, which was still quite larger than him; the toe could easily overpower him. Jake started to get hard, he began to walk around the foot for a closer look, he was obviously beginning to think with his other head now.

He made his way to the front of her feet. Both of her feet were flat along the ground and positioned perfectly parallel to each other, Jake stood just maybe ten feet away from her big toes, perfectly centered between them. He looked straight ahead into the space between her teacher’s building sized feet, it was like he was standing at the base of a canyon albeit a small and tight spaced canyon made of flesh, but an amazing, almost landscape-like sight nonetheless. He looked up towards the legs that toward into the sky ending at her knees, then he noticed the big toes that stood to his right and left of him, they were about three times his own height and about 20 feet long, give or take 5 feet. It was big enough to destroy his house all by itself, Jake thought. The smelly aroma of Ms. Turner’s feet was also overwhelming Jake. He had a full hard-on now, perverted thoughts overflowing his mind. Jake stood there, pitching a tent in full force, staring at the toe to his left, looking at the top, Ms. Turner’s big toenail was hanging over the edge like a roof of two-story house. He was strongly considering taking his dick out and stroking it until he was content. No! This was wrong! He shouldn’t do this and be a total creep! Ms. Turner was still a person, although a gigantic person to him, but still it’d be extremely perverted and messed up to jack off right in front of her… But, how often does one find themselves in a situation like this? Jake’s dark side began to try and justify such a heinous act. Her feet are right here, he doesn’t even have to make contact with them, plus she doesn’t even know he’s down here, and never has to know that he fapped right between her big toes. To her Jake is just a bug, or a speck of dirt at her feet, his actions will have no effect on the giant goddess before him.

Jake found himself in a state of internal conflict. Well, at least he could walk up and touch her foot, her big toe, I mean he’d have to anyway in order to climb up and get her attention. Jake walked right up to Ms. Turner’s big right toe and held his tiny hand up to it, hesitant at first, but then he placed his hand on the side of her toe, it was amazing, the flesh was soft yet solid, hard to explain. He then placed his other hand onto the toe, and then started to rub it with both of his hands, and then almost instinctively without thinking, he went in close to the toe and kissed it. Jake had just kissed his gigantic teacher’s toe.

That’s it. Jake was sent into a state of euphoria after kissing this toe, he just had to do it now. He unbuttoned his pants and zipped down, while looking in all directions, as if someone was going to walk from the other side of her toes and get him in trouble for masturbating. He pulled his underwear down and whipped out his dick, and immediately and shamelessly started to working on it.

First 15 seconds went by, and then 30, Jake was trying his hardest to save himself for the biggest, and maybe best, cum of his life. His thoughts and view were all about Ms. Turner’s huge foot in front of him, the thoughts of climbing it, and exploring it filled his mind like an overflowing glass of water. Jake was coming near ejaculation, really close, when something moving from above caught his eye. Ms. Turner’s gigantic hand! It was coming down toward her right foot. Was Jake spotted? Was she about pluck up the tiny boy masturbating at her feet? Jake just stopped and stood motionless, like a T-Rex was trying to spot him, his hand still gripping his member. The monster of a hand came down fast, but it all went by slow in Jake’s head, he thought it would come after him, but instead the hand came down on the right foot, scratching at it and rubbing it. Jake was in awe. Ms. Turner had the biggest most beautiful hands Jake had ever seen on a woman, but now they were just godly, the cracks and lines on her soft hands and fingers were very noticeable.

The big feminine hand looked gentle, but at the same time it looked strong enough to rip houses out of the ground and crush them easily within her massive palm. Her thumbnail was about three and a half the length of Jake’s body, her slender fingers were longer than any bus. Jake went back to stroking himself, staring at this beautiful hand lightly scratching her foot with fingernails way bigger than he was. He was nearing his climax again, as he began to imagine being picked up by her thumb and finger and then getting rubbed all over her foot, guided by her giant fingers along the soft skin of the giant foot, and in between each toe. Jake couldn’t hold it anymore at the thought of that situation playing out, he began to cum on the floor beneath him, Ms. Turner’s lovely hand lifting back into the sky as Jake was winding down.

Jake dropped to his knees breathing heavily as he just had the greatest cum of his young life, but he wouldn’t get much of a rest as the left big toe behind him crept up on him. It was too late when Jake noticed the huge toe closing in on him as he backed up only to have his back hit against the other toe. Jake was stuck as Ms. Tuner’s big toes closed in on him. With nowhere else to go but up, Jake desperately tried to climb up the toe behind him, he made it part way up the toe before he was completely mashed between the big pink piggies. Jake was now completely immobilized, helpless, as the toes began to rub up against each other.

Meanwhile up top, Ms. Turner was busy on her laptop and jotting down notes and planning for tomorrow’s classes no doubt, completely ignorant of her tiny student between her feet as she had her left foot playfully rubbing against her right.

Jake was being rolled up like a handful of dough between two baker’s hands, except these weren’t hands rolling him, but two house-sized toes. After what felt like minutes of torture, the left foot finally lifted away, as Jake rolled onto his back trying to catch his breath. Jake got his bearings back and realized he was laying on a hard surface. Was he on the floor again? No, he wasn’t. Jake stood up on the hard surface to realize he was standing on his teacher’s giant toenail. “Holy shit…” Jake said to himself. He had just survived another ordeal with a gigantic human, and was on the human like she was a landscape, just like with Jesse earlier.

Being on the foot itself, Jake could truly see just how gargantuan this foot was, he also realized his pants were halfway down his legs. Right, he totally just jacked off to his giant teacher’s feet… If he had a “No Way In Hell” bucket list, he’d have that checked off now. Jake pulled his pants back up and buttoned them back up before looking ahead at the vast foot he was standing on, the top of the foot looking like the bottom of a massive hill valley that would lead straight up to the heavens. He was feeling a bit guilty from his actions, but at least he was thinking more clearly now. Back to his mission, Jake stepped off the toenail on onto the long toe of his teacher crush, time to climb on up.


Climbing Mt. Turner by BugBoy518

Jake found himself with awkward footing trying to walk on his teacher’s long toe, it was like walking on top of a wide fleshy hill with long drops to his left and right, if he walked too far on either side he would surely stumble and fall off the toe. Still, Jake pressed on, being no bigger than an ant, Ms. Turner’s foot was so massive that Jake felt like he was in heaven. The vastness of space before him that was the top of his teacher’s foot, was so spacious that Jake could just build a house on it and live there forever. To live the rest of his days as a speck on a beautiful woman’s foot, Jake felt oddly contempt about that thought, there are worse ways to live he thought to himself.

Unexpectedly, Jake tripped over a wrinkle on the giant toe, it was like a rug crumpled up instead of lying flat. He fell face first onto the flesh and his body started to roll to his left thanks to physics. Quickly, Jake tried to grip onto the toe flesh not wanting to fall off the toe. His body managed to stop, his arms and legs spread apart, desperately clinging to the right side of Ms. Turner’s right big toe. Jake then stupidly decided to look down at the dark space between his teacher’s giant toes, if he fell between there, Jake didn’t know if he could get himself back out. After a short moment, Jake started to feel himself slipping down the toe. Jake would have none of that as he began scaling the toe quickly like he was Spider-man.

Ms. Turner was peacefully finishing up her plans for her classes tomorrow, she checked her watch, almost lunch time she thought. Good, she was starting to work up an appetite from her morning classes. She then felt a small tingle on her toe, but not enough to look at it as she just wiggled her toes at the mild sensation.

Jake had almost made it to even(as even as it could get) ground, when the gigantic toe beneath him abruptly lifted into the air, sending tiny Jake flying up and then crashing back down into the skin of this building sized foot. The toes behind him continued to move up and down like larger than life waves, as Jake couldn’t help but cower and stay low in his newly acquired position. Finally the titanic sized toes stopped, and the ground(Ms. Turner’s foot) stopped shaking. Jake managed to stand back up and get ahold of his surroundings. He noticed that the toe had launched him forward up the foot, well at least there were no backtracks this time, he thought to himself, and then a movement from the sky caught his attention, perhaps he thought too soon.   

Ms. Turner’s godly hand was reaching from the heavens again, though this time it was her left hand. Jake stood motionless, watching the hand descend, even though it wasn’t coming for him, Jake still couldn’t move a muscle. His teacher’s big beautiful hand that could shake the world, had Jake so entranced that he couldn’t help but stare. He watched as the almost seemingly leviathan like creature descended to the floor, to the left of both of her feet. Jake realized that she was reaching for her flats as she then lifted them up so effortlessly. It was so amazing to Jake, he could never hope to even budge those building sized shoes at his size, but Ms. Turner lifted them up easily without half a thought. Jake watched as the titanic shoes were being hoisted above him, like two cruise ships soaring overhead, and then he saw the ship-sized shoes enter a frightening freefall, as Ms. Turner’s fingers released the shoes in front of her feet.

A huge gust of wind blew upon tiny Jake as the flats fell through the air and ended with a loud deafening sound when the flats landed on the tiled floor. Such little benign movements to Ms. Turner, were so life-threatening events to the miniscule Jake. She truly was a goddess to him now, he began to wonder about an actual 600-700-foot-tall Ms. Turner, the world at her feet, the ant like people scattering from fear while she just flashes a beautiful smile to her tiny subjects. Would she be a gentle goddess? A peaceful benevolent protector of the world? Or a violent goddess? A wrathful malevolent ruler of the world? Perhaps a bit of both? Yes, a fair goddess who would have fun with the tinies and nurture them but crush any wrong doers and enemies as she sees fit.

Jake was getting another hard on already at the thought of his teacher becoming an all-powerful, gigantic, overseeing goddess of the world. However, that thought was quickly put to rest as Ms. Turner’s left foot lifted into the air so hastily, causing Jake to lose his balance and fall on his backside. She was slipping her left foot into the corresponding left flat Jake would find out. “Shit.” Jake said to himself, realizing that the right foot, the one he is currently standing on, would be going inside the other flat next.

Not wanting to spend, God knows how long, the time stuck inside Ms. Turner’s shoe, Jake quickly got up and took off running toward the base of her foot, up toward her ankle and away from her toes where the flats would enclose. As Jake was running he could feel the foot beneath him move, suddenly his path got steep and he couldn’t help but fall face down on the foot. He could feel the foot being lifted, the force of gravity pressing down on him keeping him against the foot only until the foot stopped, but the stop of such movement, as subtle as it was for Ms. Turner, had launched Jake up in the air again and sent him tumbling backwards towards the teacher’s toes.

“No!” Jake managed to scream out as he was falling backwards towards the toes, his flea like body plummeting down the gigantic foot, like a pebble rolling down a mountain. His momentum came to a slow as he hit her big toenail, his body was still sliding across the hard surface of the toenail however as he tried his best to grip on to the rock-hard surface. Just in the nick of time, Jake stopped himself from falling off the toenail, but now he found himself desperately clinging on to the edge of this massive toenail, like he was hanging at the edge of a cliff. Looking down, Jake realized the toes have reached the inside of the black flat, he quickly brought both his arms up and over the nail, climbing on top of it as fast as he could. Getting his legs over as well, he looked behind him and could see the darkness of the inside of the flat closing in on him, she was putting her foot inside the flat!

Like a bat out of hell, Jake sprinted as fast as he could away from the enclosing doom. He made it off the nail and was running up the toe when he felt something big and heavy hit him in the back as if it were a truck. It was the top of the flat, it had to be, and it was taking him with it, pushing Jake forward before trapping his body between it and his teacher’s foot flesh. Jake was now pinched in between Ms. Turner’s flat and foot, fortunately it was just his legs though, as his upper body had remained free in the open.

Finally, it was lunchtime, Ms. Turner grabbed her pumps and sat them in front of her feet, casually putting them on. She stood up from her desk and started walking toward her office, where she had her homemade salad packed away. She was ready to dig in!

Jake was having a ride of his life, as Ms. Turner’s foot was moving at a very fast pace, up and down, up and down, like a high-speed roller coaster his belly filled with butterflies each time. It was a bit like when he was stuck to the bottom of Jesse’s shoe, but this time Jake wasn’t experiencing excruciating pain, it was kind of fun for him. The huge world around him was moving past so quickly, Jake couldn’t tell where this giant foot was taking him. Finally, the motion came to a stop and Jake was gaining back his senses, he realized they were now in Ms. Turner’s office from looking around at the huge surroundings. Then the ant boy looked up at his oblivious would-be captor. It was like lying next to a skyscraper and looking up at it, only this was a person, a beautiful ginormous living person. Jake still wasn’t used to this miniscule perspective of the world, he didn’t know if he ever would be.

Jake had been watching his giant teacher from the confines of her foot and shoe. She had dug around in a gigantic bag for a moment and pulled out bowl with a lid on it that surprising looked small in her huge hands, it must be lunch time Jake thought. Then she began on the trek back to her desk in the classroom, taking tiny Jake on another thrilling ride.

Ms. Turner had made her way back to her desk, happily placing her bowl on it and taking a seat back in her chair. She pulled out a drawer underneath her desk and grabbed herself a plastic fork among many that she placed in there awhile back. She opened the bowl while humming a tune to herself, and she also made herself more comfortable in her chair, crossing her right leg over her left. The teacher stabbed through the salad with the fork and brought a small chunk of it up to her mouth and gladly took a bite.

The movement had finally stopped, Jake thought it the best idea to wait until Ms. Turner sat back down before trying to free himself, and the moment finally came. Jake started to shimmy and wiggle out of his entrapment, slowly but surely making progress, and then he felt the foot move again. The small island of a foot lifted off the ground for a moment and then settled a bit lower. Jake looked up ahead to see what happened, he figured she had crossed her legs in a sitting position, as her leg was now at an angle as opposed to being near 90 degrees. This was a good thing for Jake, because it meant he could easily walk up the leg now and not have to worry about climbing it like a wall. With an easier path to follow ahead of him, Jake was now trying even harder to free himself, until finally his left foot was free and then his right.

Jake stood up on the foot hoisted up in the air, surveying the venture before him, the path leading up to her right knee. Better hurry before she moves her legs, he started walking up her foot, yet again. Jake had made it up her foot, now walking atop her ankle he could see the bottom of her capris were about a football field away from him, of course that may be an exaggeration by Jake, but considering how small he was on his teacher’s body, a game of football probably could be played here in this space of skin.

Jake was getting closer to the clothing, and closer to getting this giantess’s attention, at that thought Jake started to move up the ankle faster, and then on top of the shin. He was at a decent pace when a shadow surrounded him out of nowhere. He looked up and saw Ms. Turner’s gigantic hand coming right for him. Fear overtook Jake and he went into a dead sprint ahead, the image of the hand, the long reaching fingers, and the massive palm behind them, were all he was thinking about. The fingertips touched down somewhere behind Jake, he didn’t know where, he didn’t want to look, but he heard the impact as well as the nails scratching her skin. ‘Shit! She must’ve felt me moving on her leg!’ Jake thought to himself. That was indeed true as Ms. Turner had felt a mild tingle down on her right ankle and reached down to scratch it with her left hand, such a mild act was hell for the tiny Jake.

Jake was running as fast as he could in the shadow of his teacher’s godly hand, he could hear the scratching going on behind him, and could even feel the impacts, but he somehow remained on his feet moving ahead desperately. He looked up only to see a giant palm fill up the sky like a dome over a stadium, so massive and moving, like a giant monster hovering over a city. Jake screamed as he was almost to her capris, but then the large fingertips were closing in on him, causing the skin underneath him to move so rapidly like an earthquake. Jake could no longer keep his balance as he flopped to the ground, Ms. Turner’s leg skin, and went into a fetal position hoping to survive. The large fingernails came through and scratched all around the area, creating a deafening sound to Jake, who was miraculously left unscathed and untouched by the mega claws.

Ms. Turner, satisfied that the itch was now gone, brought her hand back up and calmly went back to eating her salad. Down below on her leg however, her tiny student got back up on his feet, lucky to still be there and not a bloody smear on his teacher’s leg and fingernails. Having lasted through another giant ordeal, Jake pressed on, though this time more cautiously.

Finally, Jake reached the capris and climbed on to them, looking ahead he knew he still had a long journey to go, but at least it’d be a lot harder for Ms. Turner to feel him on her now that there’s a thick layer of clothing between him and her skin. Jake moved up the leg at a quick pace and after a minute or two he was climbing over her knee where he stood for a moment for a breather. He took in the view of his Teacher’s thick thighs before him, so huge and wide that a whole neighborhood could fit there in her lap. The tiny student started making his way along his teacher’s humongous thighs.

Jake couldn’t believe it, Ms. Turner was perhaps his biggest crush, and now here he was, getting so close to her in ways he never thought imaginable. He is literally walking on her thigh right now getting closer to her hips, yesterday Jake wouldn’t even fathom the events of today, now he was standing at the edge of her inner thigh with a clear view of Ms. Turner’s crotch area directly in front of him. Jake stood there, admiring the view, when the thigh he was standing on started to move unexpectedly. She was uncrossing her legs! Jake was losing his footing, and in a split-second decision decided to leap forward as the thighs below him moved apart. He hit the surface hard, but managed to cling to it, to Ms. Turner’s crotch.

Here was tiny ant-sized Jake clinging to his gigantic teacher’s crotch, with just a couple layers of clothing and panties between him and her comparatively massive vagina. If young Jake were to die today, he’d want to be here afterwards, but with no clothing involved of course. Perverted thoughts aside, Jake looked up and saw a view that only escalated such perverted thoughts. Although Ms. Turner was wearing a loose-fitting top, Jake could see the underside of her boobs so big that he couldn’t see her face at all, as well as her flat toned abs peaking underneath her shirt. He had a big dumb smile on his face for the longest time before he snapped out of it and remembered his mission.

Jake was climbing up Ms. Turner’s massive crotch like a tiny spider, a dumb smile was still plastered on his face, the smell was overwhelming him, and he was admittedly hard as a rock, but he still pressed on climbing up the crotch and eventually reached the belt buckle up top. Jake was small enough to stand up on the buckle with no problem, he looked up and ahead at the seemingly stone-carved abs of his teacher, she definitely worked out on the daily. Then he looked at the flowing fabric that was her shirt, directly above him, that was going to be his method of climbing.

Climbing had never been Jake’s strong suit, hell he was never athletic to begin with, but after today, after being sprayed by that stuff, it was like he was Captain America now, but with less muscles. Jake leaped up and grabbed onto the bottom of the shirt and began his climb, this would take him awhile, Jake was sure. After a few minutes of climbing, Jake had made his way around Ms. Turner’s right breast, surprisingly suppressing his perverted thoughts as he had focused purely on the climb.

After a few more moments, Jake had reached the top of the boob, climbing on over and standing up on the vast oversized bust, he surveyed the view. It was breathtaking, he could see the entire otherworldly classroom in all it’s entirely from this height, it was so surreal because he’s seen this classroom many times, but this time it was like standing up on a mountain looking down a great valley and seeing the entire landscape. Jake was tripping out, then he looked down at the desk where Ms. Turner’s giant hands were typing away at her laptop, her empty bowl pushed off to the side. ‘Oh good, she finished eating’, Jake thought, he didn’t want another mishap like with Jesse earlier, not wanting to be mistaken for a piece of food and be forced to go on an unwanted field trip inside Ms. Turner’s body… at least not through her mouth anyway, as the perverted thoughts struck again.

Jake then looked over the massive bust he was standing on, talk about football fields, this space was massive and appropriately curved. He scanned the cleavage as well, the darkness between her breasts, he honestly wouldn’t mind diving headfirst into that cave, and then something else caught his eye. It was a small heart-shaped golden pendent about four times his size with a thing golden chain letting it hang around her huge neck. Then he continued looking up the neck and reached her gigantic face, even from this angle, she was still so beautiful. “Wow…” Jake said aloud. Ms. Turner was focused on her laptop, completely oblivious of the tiny person standing on her boob.

 “Ms. Turner!” Jake yelled in an attempt to get her attention, but there was no reaction from her. “MS. TURNER!!” he screamed even louder. Ms. Turner stopped typing and looked away for a brief moment. “MS. TURNER!! DOWN HERE!! I’M DOWN HERE!!” Jake yelled out as loud as he could. The giant woman looked to her and then her right, she swore she heard something. “IT’S JAKE!! I’M DOWN HERE!!” he yelled again. The teacher shifted her eyes suspiciously, then brought her finger up to her ear to dig into it in an attempt to hear better. “DOWN HERE!!” Must’ve been nothing she thought, as she went back to typing.

It was no use, even from her chest, his teacher couldn’t hear him, he’d have to get closer to her ear. He looked at her right ear trying to formulate a plan, she had her hair up in a loose ponytail, looking more closely he could see some strands of hair falling to her shoulder and neck, that was his ticket for her attention. Jake took his first step on the boob, and another, and to his surprise it was like walking in a bouncy house. He skipped his way up her shoulder until it got too steep, then proceeded to climb the rest of the way.

Jake had now made it on Ms. Turner’s shoulder, getting his bearings together, looking back down was giving him a slight case of vertigo, he actually forgot that he was so high up in the air. He had climbed a mountain, a living, breathing, sexy mountain, but nevertheless, he was quite proud of himself. He had survived many dangers and he was almost to his goal, he sought after the strands of hair, “Just a little bit to go and I can go back to normal.” Jake said to himself as he wrapped himself around the strands and began to climb up.

After a minute of climbing, Jake found himself dangling by Ms. Turner’s ear. Even her ear was absolutely gargantuan compared to Jake’s tiny self. He gulped, kind of nervous about what to say, he had to be careful to not freak her out and cause her to do something drastic. Finally he gathered up the courage and yelled out “Ms. Turner! Don’t be alarmed! But it’s me- AHH!“ Jake was suddenly interrupted by sudden complete darkness enveloping him as he let out a scream.

Ms. Turner was scrolling through her emails, answering those that need answering. Suddenly she heard a buzzing by her right ear that sounded like a voice. “Ms. Turner. Don’t be alarmed…” She heard faintly before she instinctively reached her hand by her ear and gripping it into a fist as if to catch an annoying mosquito buzzing around there. She heard a squeal when she did that and then nothing. She brought her fist to her face pulling the strands of hair from her fingers but keeping her catch in her fist. She stared at her fist for a moment. ‘Weird… that sounded like actual audible words…’ She thought to herself. Finally, she opened her fist palm up, and scanned her hand for what she assumed would be a bug.

There! She spotted it dead center in her palm. Is it a bug? Is it even alive? She brought her hand closer to her face, with that movement the tiny thing started to move away from her face. “So you are alive?” She gently whispered, eyes locked onto the miniscule creature. “Let me get a closer look at ya, little fella.” She said nicely as she brought two of her fingers from her other hand toward the tiny thing, that really caused the bug-like creature to scurry away, but it was no use as her fingers had pinched around the small thing as gently as she possibly could. When she was sure she had the thing firmly, but gently grasped between her fingers, she brought it up to her eyes. Pushing up her glasses with her now free hand, she squinted her blue eyes at the small life between her fingertips trying to identify it. And then it hit her, as her eyes widened, and she gasped.

“Jake!... Is that you?”


In Her Hands Now by BugBoy518

Jake was surrounded by darkness and sudden heat, like he was stuck in a small hot cave, his body forcibly curled up into a ball from the pressure coming from all sides. His tiny heart was going a million miles per hour, the last thing he remembered was trying to get Ms. Turner’s attention and now he was trapped in heated darkness. After a few moments to calm down, Jake came to the conclusion that he must be in his teacher’s fist, the heat coming from her skin and the fact that he couldn’t move so much as an inch meant he was probably stuck in a fleshy prison of her fingers and palm. Suddenly blinding light filled the darkness as the pressure all around Jake was released, and his body sprawled out on whatever he was lying on.

Jake sat up quickly, breathing heavily, he realized he was all sweaty from that brief time held in darkness. After rubbing his eyes, he looked at his current ground, a vast space of human skin with huge lines and wrinkles covering the fleshy ground all around him, then he looked up, he almost wished he hadn’t. Up above, his teacher’s godly face filled the majority of his aerial view, but that wasn’t what made his heart stop, it was her huge blue eyes already staring at him. So beautiful and awesome, yet so terrifying, Jake couldn’t help but stare back, frozen in fear. The eyes of this blonde goddess blinked a few times, her expression remained blankly, which didn’t make Jake feel any better. He didn’t have a good experience the last time a giantess had looked at him so closely with that same blank expression on her face. Jake had no clue what his giant teacher was thinking.

Then without warning, Ms. Turner’s strikingly beautiful, yet unbelievably huge face moved closer to Jake, as if the moon pulled near to the planet Earth. This abruptly snapped Jake out of his fear-stricken trance as he tried to move away but wound up stumbling and falling backwards instead, this is when he realized she wasn’t bringing her face closer, she was bringing him closer with her gigantic floating island of a womanly hand. Still Jake managed to create just a little bit more distance between him and this godly face eyeing him down.

“SO YOU ARE ALIVE!” Ms. Turner’s planet-eating sized mouth opened up and a gust of gentle, but still very loud words, hit Jake like a wave of water. Jake could only stare back in awe. “LET ME GET A CLOSER LOOK AT YA, LITTLE FELLA!” Her words vibrating through his micro body. Her other hand suddenly came into view to his right, her gigantic thumb and forefinger stretching out toward him and approaching closer by the second. Jake was in disbelief as the huge digits were fast approaching, she was actually going to pick him up! He could see the ridges of her fingerprints in great detail and looking at how close her fingers were from each other really put how small Jake really was into perspective, she could just make him vanish between her fingertips if she wanted to, and those long nails on the sides could easily slice him in half if she wasn’t careful.

Jake finally reacted to the incoming monstrous fingers and turned tail and bolted off, however he quickly realized there was nowhere to run to with Ms. Turner’s other thumb in his way like a rigid wall of pink flesh. Any escape attempt would be futile for Jake in this situation, as Ms. Turner was bigger and faster than Jake by a thousand-fold. This theory was proved correct when Jake found himself caught between the giant digits and rendered immovable.

Jake’s arm and legs were pinned to his side thanks to the walls of finger flesh pressing from both sides, his head remained in the open however. He wasn’t in pain, but he wasn’t exactly comfortable either, he felt like a tick being pulled off human’s body. Sandwiched between two feminine fingers a thousand times bigger than his own, Jake was whisked up in the air, the world blazing past him.  He closed his eyes in this moment unable to handle the view, but when he opened them again, he was gazing directly into two of the most gigantic, divine, sky-blue eyes he had ever seen, and they were gazing back at him.

The two seemingly otherworldly eyes blinked a couple times and squinted at Jake through a pair of the world’s largest glasses. All these subtle movements still blew Jake’s tiny mind and freaked him out, he would probably never get used to the fast movements of something so huge. This is his teacher who he had a normal conversation with earlier that day, face-to-face, and now here he was pinched in-between her now monolithic fingers like a tick being scrutinized to the extreme, face-to-tiny-face. He was honestly quite fearful, but her eyes were so pretty, the blue irises locked on him, her perfectly groomed blonde eyebrows arched toward him. She was like some colossal angelic goddess giving a lowly mortal undeserved attention. Yes, she was his goddess now, as the power she had over him was astronomical. Jake would only hope this goddess was a merciful and gentle one.

Without warning, Ms. Turner’s larger than life eyes widened and eyebrows shot up in only what Jake could assume was a shocked expression. He heard a loud gasp from below followed by ear-splitting words that made Jake wince in his constrained position.

“JAKE!!... IS THAT YOU!?!?” the giantess asked the ant-sized boy between her fingertips. After Jake came to from the loud booming voice, he answered her, but she obviously couldn’t hear him fully so she brought him up to her ear.

“Yes, Ms. Turner! It’s me, Jake! I’m glad I got your attention!” He yelled out into her ear hole, she then brought him back in front of her face. A feeling of great relief washed over him.

“OH MY… YOU ARE SO SMALL…” Ms. Turner’s words were now gentle again, she was rotating her hand around trying to inspect Jake from different angles. “HOW DID YOU…” She paused for a moment, thinking back to earlier that day when Jake was helping her, then her eyes squinted at Jake again, this time not out of curiosity, but more like she was about to scold him. Jake’s mood changed from relief to dread because of the look his giant captor was giving him. “MY CONDENSER… YOU SPRAYED YOURSELF WITH MY CONDENSER, DIDN’T YOU?” She asked sternly.

The condenser? That must be the device with the spray that shrunk him, Jake thought. Jake gulped loudly, he never felt so nervous, unable to speak and with his body still pinched between the giantess’s fingers, all he could do was nod rigorously in hopes that she would see. Ms. Turner’s stern eyes stayed locked on Jake for a moment, a true moment for one to piss himself, fortunately Jake’s bladder was empty at the moment. This was not how he imagined this would go down.

After what felt like the longest terrifying seconds of Jake’s life, Ms. Turner’s intense stare finally broke as she let out a sigh. “I’M SORRY JAKE… I KNOW IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT… YOU DIDN’T KNOW WHAT YOU WERE MESSING WITH… I SHOULD HAVE NEVER LEFT MY CONDENSER ALONE LIKE THAT…” Ms. Turner said to her tiny student and began to ramble on for a moment. “SEE, I THOUGHT I HAD LOCKED IT TO BE UNUSEABLE… IT HAS THIS LOCK MECHANISM I DESIGNED SO SOMEONE COULDN’T JUST PICK IT UP AND USE IT, AND I THOUGHT I HAD LEFT IT LOCKED… STILL I SHOULDN’T HAVE LEFT IT OUT IN THE OPEN LIKE THAT…” Whenever Ms. Turner rambles on in her lectures, she usually moves her hands around as she talks, and this was exactly what she was doing with the hand she was holding Jake with, forcing Jake on a wild ride that was making him sick and woozy. Ms. Turner noticed this and stopped her movements and gently dropped Jake into her other cupped hand.

Jake’s body tumbled into the soft flesh of his teacher’s hand, in her palm face up to be exact. Looking up, to his right were Ms. Turner’s adjoining fingers positioned straight up like four towers of varying heights, and to his left was his teacher’s monumental face, but at least with some empathy in her expression this time.

“LISTEN JAKE… I APOLOGIZE FOR THIS UNFORTUNATE… INCIDENT.” Ms. Turner said almost nonchalantly. “THIS WASN’T SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN… NOT TO YOU ANYWAY…” Jake slowly realized how calm his teacher had been during this whole ordeal, almost as if this has happened before. Ms. Turner brought her hand up so she was eye-level with her tiny student deposited in her palm. “THINGS ARE GOING TO BE DIFFERENT FROM NOW ON, JAKE… I NEED YOU TO KNOW THAT.” Ms. Turner’s demeanor suddenly turned serious. Jake was starting to feel uneasy… He had no clue what his giant captor’s intentions with him are, if she would even turn him back to normal. Jake wanted to say something but he knew this was a one-way conversation, as she probably wouldn’t hear him.

“JAKE… THIS ISN’T GOING TO BE EASY, BUT… FROM NOW ON, YOU’RE GOING TO BE M…” The giantess teacher couldn’t finish her sentence as she heard some students coming from the hallways. She looked to the door and reflexively closed her hand into a fist.

Little Jake was hanging onto every word coming out of his teacher’s colossal mouth, as it definitely seemed to concern his immediate future, when her attention turned to her left, towards the door and darkness was overshadowing him, it was her fingers from behind him! They were coming down on him so quickly that Jake couldn’t help but stumble backwards helplessly. Jake was once again in his teacher’s fist, although this time it wasn’t as tight as he could actually move around more freely and some light from the classroom was making its way in through her fingers.

Jake was now just a prisoner in this fleshy prison, he had reached his goal and got the attention of the teacher he had a blatant crush on, but she had not reacted in a way that he thought she would. Unexpectedly his prison then moved around abruptly, causing Jake to be tossed and flipped around within his teacher’s building sized fist. She must have moved her hand down by her side. He could hear the words of his captor, presumably to the students that walked in.

 “WELCOME KIDS! TAKE YOUR SEATS AT THE DESK, I JUST NEED TO TAKE CARE OF SOMETHING IN MY OFFICE!” She said to her class cheerfully. Jake then felt the fist swaying as he was trying to maneuver himself to comfortable position among her fingers, she must be walking. As quickly as he found himself a decent position to sit, the giant hand then moved again, sending Jake tumbling on his back. The fingers around him lifted up into the air, leaving him in the open in Ms. Turner’s vast palm. His teacher’s face floated directly over him as she began to whisper to him.

“WE’LL FINISH TALKING ABOUT THIS LATER, BUT FOR NOW I NEED TO KEEP YOU SOMEWHERE SAFE…” She said to him as she brought something up to her palm with her other hand. Jake looked at the object between her fingers, it was the small gold heart that hung around her neck, he had seen it earlier, but this time he could spot some holes on the sides. ‘Where was she going with this?’ Jake thought. Then he saw her giant thumbnail click on a hatch along the side and heart split in half, opening up like a cage door.

Ms. Turner placed the open pendent at the edge of her palm. “GET IN…” She commanded. Jake was hesitant, he just stood there and stared at the small cage his teacher wanted him to get into. “NOW!” She said more sternly than ever before. Jake didn’t need to be told twice, he made his way to the heart-shaped cage and crawled into it.

“GOOD BOY!” She said as her huge fingers closed the heart pendent, snapping it together with Jake safely trapped within. Ms. Turner then gently lowered the golden heart back to her chest and walked back into the classroom to get her class started.

Now Jake was really a prisoner, literally stuck in a cage, a tiny cage hanging from the neck of his absolutely colossal teacher, right on top of her ample cleavage. A thousand thoughts were running through Jake’s mind, about Ms. Turner. She talked like this had happened before, like she has shrunk people down to this size before. Was this why she had this pendent? To keep a tiny person on her while in public? And she did actually have a working shrinking device, called ‘The Condenser”.

But why? Why would she shrink people down? Did she have a dark side that no one knew about? She definitely showed Jake an inkling of a different side of her in that short moment he had with her. One thing was for sure, Jake was scared, he had no idea what she had in store for him, he didn’t want to know. He just wanted to go back to normal, but now that seems further away than ever before. Ms. Turner was his goddess now.


End Notes:

Getting to the meat of the story here, slowly, but surely!

The Truth Hurts by BugBoy518

Jake sat in his heart-shaped cage, his arms and legs hung out of the holes on the side. The cage would rhythmically rise up and down with every breath Ms. Turner would take, her gigantic bust pushing him up and down, he could probably fall asleep to it if it wasn’t for the noise everywhere. His giant captor’s loud voice frequently filled the air, and even when she or her classroom was quiet, all Jake could hear was Ms. Turner’s heartbeat behind him. Thump… Thump… Thump.

With nothing else to do, Jake just stared out at the world, his world now, two fleshy hills of boobs covered most of his bottom view. Most guys would probably be happy to be in his position, to be positioned on top a cleavage of mountainous proportions that belonged to a near 6-foot stack of blonde hotness who could probably pass for a cover model. Hell, Jake probably would’ve masturbated by now had he got precariously placed here on his own terms, but he didn’t, she practically made him get in this cage like some kind of… pet. The worse part was that she did it by command, by words. Not like Jake could do anything anyway, being the size of an ant, she could’ve easily shoved him into the heart pendent using nothing but her pinky finger, breaking some of his bones while doing so. Still, Jake’s self-esteem had been shot, his whole life he was bullied and pushed around because he was small, and now in a moment when he desperately needed help from a friend he thought he could trust, she too talked down to him like a lesser being and treated him as such. It’s humiliating and degrading to be trapped where he is and worn like a piece of jewelry, to see the world around him, but the world couldn’t see him. Even after all he’s been through today, Jake never felt so small.

Looking ahead, he could see the giant students of Ms. Turner’s classes, writing notes, answering questions asked by the voice above him, he even spotted most male students eyeing her breasts, even a female student or two. Jake wish he could call out for help from them, but it’d be no use, they would never hear him. Ms. Turner never really paid any attention to Jake since he was put into this cage, although on several occasions she had brought her giant fingers up to the cage and fondled it between her fingertips, trying to comfort the tiny prisoner inside Jake was sure, but it terrified him each and every time, the giant fingerprints pressing on the cage all around him. It had been this way for hours, the next class would come in and Ms. Turner would start up her next lecture, and Jake was stuck being a fly on the wall, or more like a shrunken boy held captive in a woman’s necklace.

All Jake could really do was think. Thinking about his teacher, who he thought he knew, and who she really was. He thought about her words, what was she going to say before she got interrupted? Jake knew it wasn’t good though, it gave him a sinking feeling in his stomach. What if she has shrunk people before? What has she done with them? She seemed to act dominant almost immediately after she found Jake, no doubt used to talking to a tiny person in her palm. Jake wondered if during the many times he’s talked to Ms. Turner, if she had a flea-sized man trapped in this necklace cage like he is now. The thought gave him a chill. Trying not to linger on those disturbing thoughts any longer, Jake began to think about his home and the good chance of never seeing it again. He thought about his family, his mom and dad, they didn’t talk much these days, but he knew they loved him, and he loved them. Now he may never see them again, he may never even see his normal life again.

After a few hours, Ms. Turner’s last class had all left the room. The teacher walked around the room making sure everyone had left, satisfied she walked toward the classroom door, shut it, and locked it. Jake saw everything she done from his vantage point, watching her femininely large hands easily interact objects he’d never hope to move. Jake was filling up with anxiety, it was just the two of them now, he was more nervous than ever about what she would do or say.

“FINALLY…” Jake was startled by the loud booming voice above him. “JUST THE TWO OF US.” The giant teacher said as her fingers fondled the tiny heart shaped cage again, and then brought the cage up right in front of her eye. Jakes world was filled with the view of his teacher’s giant thumb pad, and then suddenly he could feel his cage moving up, and the giant thumbprint was replaced with a giant blue eye focusing in on him.

“YOU DOING OKAY IN THERE, JAKE?” Her gentle, but loud words came from below, as her eye continued to examine him for a moment, then she brought the gold heart around to her ear to hear Jake’s response.

“Ms. Turner! Please turn me back to normal! Please! I won’t tell anyone about this, Ms. Turner! I promise I won’t say anything!” Jake immediately began to plead to the blonde goddess until she pulled him away.

“OH JAKE…” She said sadly, bringing the tiny cage in front of her mouth, giving Jake a full view of her godly lips, which were currently in a frown. “I JUST CAN’T DO THAT, JAKE… YOU’RE TOO MUCH OF A LIABILITY NOW.” Her irrevocably loud voice causing the tiny gold cage to vibrate with every word she spoke, her sweet breath hitting Jake like a slight wind. “RETURNING YOU TO NORMAL COULD BRING EVEN MORE COMPLITCATIONS… BUT LETTING YOU FREE AT THIS SIZE WOULD BE TOO DANGEROUS FOR YOU…” She paused for a moment, mouth slightly agape thinking about what to say, Jake could only peer into the dark abyss behind her lips.

“JAKE LISTEN… AS I WAS SAYING BEFORE… FROM NOW ONE, YOU’RE GOING TO BE MY…” Ms. Turner paused for a moment, trying to think of a word that didn’t sound so demeaning to the ant-sized boy. She stuck her tongue out of her slightly agape mouth, while thinking of what word to say next. Jake’s eyes were locked on the monstrous muscle moving along the top lip, like a hungry predator. The sight sent a shiver down his spine. Then the tongue retreated back into the damp and moist cave of no return.

“RESPONSIBILTY!” She exclaimed. “FROM NOW ON, JAKE, YOU ARE GOING TO BE MY RESPONSIBILITY… SINCE THIS IS MY FAULT, I’M GOING TO TAKE YOU HOME WITH ME, AND I WILL CARE FOR YOU AND LOOK AFTER YOU… YOU WON’T HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT ANYTHING ANYMORE.” Jake’s heart sank at those words, it was like his whole world stopped spinning at that moment. He knew there would be a great chance that she was going to leave him like this, but to actually hear her say it was a different story, Jake was in complete shock and disbelief. “DON’T WORRY LITTLE ONE, IT’LL BE FUN!... ONLY AS LONG AS YOU DO WHAT I SAY.” Her voice got stern again. “BUT YOU SHOULDN’T HAVE A PROBLEM WITH THAT, JAKE, YOU’RE A GOOD BOY! MUAH!” Ms. Turner sounded cheery and nice again as she brought the cage up to her lips and gave it a smooch. “TALK TO YOU LATER!” She said as she lowered the cage back down to her chest and went about gathering her things to leave for the day.

Jake remained in a state of shock while Ms. Turner tidied up the classroom and gathered up her things before leaving. He didn’t know what to think as she walked through the school halls passing fellow coworkers, saying goodbyes for the day. Jake was seeing a new part of this familiar big world, and giant versions of his teachers left and right, but Jake couldn’t care less about any of it. All that was going through his mind was the words of his now giant… owner? That’s right, she kidnapped him and there was nothing he could do about it, he was hers now. Ms. Turner was not the person Jake thought she was, turns out she’s a crazy psycho who shrinks people, and he belongs to her now. He wouldn’t get to see his family anymore. His normal life was gone as he knew it, taken, snatched away by his teacher, to live as her pet… bug boy. Slowly Jake started to sob to him self as the realization of his situation had set in.

 Ms. Turner finally walked out of the doors of the school, her work day being officially over. She made her way to her car, got inside, and started it up. She was relieved that she could now go home, unfortunately she was having a new guest over tonight. She glanced down at the necklace as she was pulling out of the parking lot, she hadn’t spoken to Jake since she told him that he was her responsibility. The poor boy must be so scared, she thought to herself, she truly didn’t mean for this to happen to him, but she couldn’t risk anyone finding out about her Condenser, not when she’s so close to perfecting her formula. She usually shrunk people that had no connections to anyone, or people that have done her or someone else wrong. Those people would be turned into her experiments, for the greater good of her plans, they’d be nothing but lab rats to her, useful for testing and easily disposable if need be.

Jake, however, was different, she actually took a liking to Jake. He was a nice kid who genuinely seemed to care about her and her class, although she knew he had a crush on her, as high school boys always tend to have on older women, Jake was a good and smart kid though who would’ve most likely became successful in life following the horrible social hierarchy of high school. But now, Jake was just another tiny person for her to look after, at least he was pleasant and obedient, heck maybe he’ll make for a good, loving, and fun pet, Ms. Turner thought. And he might even help her perfect her formula after giving him the good life he deserved, Ms. Turner was becoming optimistic about this whole negative prospect. She looked down at her necklace again, he must be absolutely terrified, she decided she would break the silence and try to explain things to him, to try and make him feel better.

“Listen, Jake, again... I am really sorry about this terrible circumstance.” Ms. Turner spoke out loud, she felt ridiculous like she was talking to herself, but she knew the bug-sized boy in her specifically made tiny person cage was listening to her words. “I would like to turn you back to normal, but I can’t… I can’t have anybody know about my Condenser… It’s… It’s my life’s work and it can… it WILL change the world.” She paused, trying to think of the right words to say.

“You see, one of the world’s ever-growing problems today is over-population and lack of resources… and I believe I found a way to keep the world’s population intact and ever growing, while sustaining all the world’s resources… I created a chemical that can reduce and condense the size of organic and inorganic matter, living and non-living… Just imagine, shrinking whole cities, or even countries, and keeping them protected and supplied with seemingly endless food, water, and energy, while the rest of us can have room to breathe and live. It’d do wonders for the environment too… The only problem is, tiny people are so fragile and aren’t meant to be so small, but I’ve been working on the formula to make the tiny durable and strong enough to survive the potential dangers they might face… This is history in the making, Jake, and you have now become a part of it… and you can continue to be a part of it, to contribute to its success! To save the world!... If you want to, I’m not going to force you to do anything you don’t want to, know that Jake… I’m not a monster, I’m just doing what’s best for the future…” She paused again for a moment, not quite wanting to end the talk with mentioning of her being a monster.

“And also, know this, I will care for you and love you for as long as I live. You will be my little man, and I will satisfy your every need and want to the best of my ability… even your manly needs… and if you’re a good little man… I’ll let you experience things boys, no MEN, can only dream of… You’ll never have to worry about a thing, you’re in my hands now, Jake.” Ms. Turner finished her talk with Jake, and turned the radio on, satisfied that things will work out with her and Jake.

Ms. Turner’s front door to house opened and she stepped inside, closing the door behind her. “Welcome to mi casa su casa!” Ms. Turner said out loud, walking through her living room to drop her bag off on the counter by the kitchen. Her home was decorated pretty, as one would expect a single woman to do. She walked over to a bookshelf back in her living room, and gently took her necklace off and placed the tiny cage on an empty space on the shelf and proceeded to open the hatch with her fingernail. “Okay, you can get out now.” She told Jake, then watched as his tiny boy crawled out and stood up on his feet and looked around his surely huge surroundings.

“You okay, Jake?” She gently asked him, as she brought her face in for a closer look of him. Looking at him she could barely see him nod his head. Ms. Turner smiled “Oh you’re so cute little one!” She brought her hand in to pet him, but he flinched at that so she quickly decided against it. “It’s okay, I’m not going to hurt you, Jake, but it will take some time to get used to your size, so I understand your feeling, just know there’s nothing to fear from me.” She sighed. “Well, I’ve got to go upstairs and slip into some more comfortable clothes.” She said as she grabbed a clear glass from another shelf. “Here this is for your protection, I don’t want you getting lost in here!” Ms. Turner smiled as she put the giant glass over Jake, effectively trapping him again. “I’ll be back soon.”

Ms. Turner climbed up the stairs and walked into her room, closing the door behind her. She let out another sigh, and began to undress herself, taking her shirt off revealing her well-endowed bra covered breasts. Then she kicked off her flats, wiggling her toes letting them breathe. She unbuttoned her capris and let them fall down around her ankles and proceeded to step out of them. She walked over to her full-size mirror in her bra and panties, admiring her well-toned physique, she did work out quite frequently after all. Scanning her own reflection, her eyes eventually locked onto her panties, she turned around and looked at her perfectly fit butt, she couldn’t help but notice a familiar shape wedged in between her cheeks. She smiled to herself and then pulled the back of her panties out and reached in there with her other hand, digging around in there.

“Ah there you are.” She said as she wrapped her fingers around a familiar shape in the back of her panties and proceeded to pull it out. It was a tiny two-inch tall man! She dangled him upside down in front of her face. “Ugh, ew you stink, Tom.” She gave the tiny man a quick sniff and then pulled him away from her face.

“So how you doing, Tom? Did you learn anything today?” The teacher sternly asked the tiny man dangling from her fingers. The tiny man was coughing up a storm, desperately trying to get some fresh air.

“Ye-yes I-I did… I… won’t dis-disobey you ever ag-again, Lisa, just pl-please don’t put me in the-there again!” The tiny man called Tom stuttered out to the blonde giantess. She let out an annoyed grunt.

“I thought I told you to call me ‘Master’!” She said in a frightening voice.

“Oh! Yes I’m so-sorry Mas-“

“It seems you didn’t learn a thing, Tom. First you said some pretty nasty things last night, and this morning as well, and after your whole day spent up my ass crack, you still don’t recognize me as your Master…” She interrupted Tom.

“Master! I’m very-“

“Shut up, Tom!” She flicked Tom’s tiny dangling body, causing him to scream in pain. “No… I think you’re going to do a pleasure session for me tonight, give you a chance to show your Master that you are so very, very sorry. Are we clear, Tom?”

“Ye-yes, Master…” Tom squeaked out.

“Good, now rest up, I’m going to need you in full force tonight!” She opened up a jar on her night stand next to her bed and dropped Tom’s body inside before closing the lid back.

Ms. Turner then went about her business nonchalantly, she took her bra off and grabbed a plain white tank-top out of a drawer and put it on. She looked back at her mirror, her reflection only wearing a white tank-top and black panties. This’ll get him excited, she thought to herself. Ms. Turner then left her room and went back downstairs to be with Jake.

End Notes:

Mad scientist alert! Emphasis on mad...

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