Big Bunny by Goddess_Lucy_tinycrusher

In a world where humans are tiny and all the other mammals have evolved into humanoids, one bunny girl has some fun with her new little"pets"

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1. Chapter 1 by Goddess_Lucy_tinycrusher

2. Chapter 2 - The Perfect Game by Goddess_Lucy_tinycrusher

3. Chapter 3 - Bunny's Pets by Goddess_Lucy_tinycrusher

4. Chapter 4 - Punishment by Goddess_Lucy_tinycrusher

5. Chapter 5 - Dressing by Goddess_Lucy_tinycrusher

Chapter 1 by Goddess_Lucy_tinycrusher
Lily walked into her apartment happily, her long bunny ears just grazing the top of the door frame. In her hands she held a small brown box with small holes in the top, a little present she?d gotten for herself that day after getting off work. She kicked off her large shoes at the door before stepping into her living room; she wore size 12 flip flops, around the average shoe size for female rabbits her age. As she strode towards the couch she could hear what sounded like tiny yelling coming from inside the box.

?Let us out!? A male voice yelled; a female voice cried, ?what's she going to do with us..??. ?I hope she's nice and fluffy!? another female voice called called out, sounding much more cheerful than all the others.

Lily sat down on her large brown couch, wiggling her toes excitedly as she set the box onto the coffee table in front of her. She took off the lid with her her furry fingers and set it aside. Peering inside, she saw five tiny humans, each slightly smaller than an inch and dressed in small jeans and t-shirts. They all trembled in fear seeing the gigantic bunny girl smiling above them; all except one anyway, a blonde girl was standing up straight, smiling and actually waving to the giant bunny.

?Hiiiiii!? She yelled.


Now for some exposition. This is a world populated by anthropomorphic mammals. They come in most species you would naturally find in the normal world; cats, lions, bears, and bunnies just to name a few. They have all evolved to have more human-like bodies while keeping some of their key features. For instance, bunnies still have long ears and feet, deer still have antlers, and most species still have tails.

Humans also exist in this world as well, but now at miniscule size. They were discovered a long time ago living in tiny villages in forests and jungles. They were all gathered up and are now available for purchase at special stores. Most often they were purchased as pets, though they were found to have many uses. Lily had read online that the rich often had them as expensive snacks, that people even used them as living action figures, or that they could be used as tiny squirming sex toys.


Lily had always wanted to own humans, even if she only had one. But her parents would never let her buy one, they always said humans were too expensive and that she'd lose them in a week. But now that Lily was on her own at nineteen years old, she'd finally saved enough money to get a small box of them. She wasn't able to get a proper cage for them yet so she hoped the box would do for the first few weeks, and that they could survive on and crumbs and leftovers she didn't eat from her meals.

Lily now faced the seemingly infinite possibilities of what she could do with her new little pets; though she'd always had a fun little idea ever since she was a little bunny.

?Hey everyone!? Her voice finally boomed above the tiny creatures in the box, ?so, um.. I'm Lily, but I guess you can just call me 'Goddess?!*.
Chapter 2 - The Perfect Game by Goddess_Lucy_tinycrusher
The tiny human looked up in fear (all except one) at the smiling bunny above them, taking notice of her large ears and buck teeth. After a few seconds, the cheerful looking girl stepped up and again waved at the bunny.

?Hi Lily!!!? She shouted, ?I'm Sarah!?. Sarah gestured over to one of the males, the tall one with black hair, ?That's Mark! And him with the red-ish hair is Axel! And the guy in the glasses is Dwayne! And the other girl is named Cindy!?

After Sarah gave the cheerful introduction, she smiled brightly at the group. She'd been at the pet store only a week before this and was actually thrilled to be bought, thinking it now meant she'd be taken care of and get to play lots with a new master; though she had hoped for a big fluffy dog master. Sarah looked back up to Lily, but all she could see was a big furry finger. She gave a little surprised yell as it crashed into her, knocking he to the ground on her back and nearly smothering her in the white-grey fur.

?I told you,? Lily said, feeling the tiny girl squirm beneath her finger, ?call me Goddess.?

?O-okay Godde-...? Sarah tried to sputter out, but her mouth only filled and became muffled by fur.

?She's.. she's sorry!? the tall black haired guy, Mark finally said, stepping up to the finger. ?It was just a mistake, Lil-... I mean, Goddess!?

Lily smiled again and took her finger off Sarah, who got onto her knees and began coughing, breathing raggedly.

?Sarah are you okay??? Mark asked, running to Sarah and helping her up.

?Yeah, that was great!? She said back, again smiling wide. Sarah thought that was fair, she did seem to forget literally the first thing her new master told her to do.

?Well, it's good to see at least one of you can follow directions.? Lily said. She'd read before that with humans you need to be firm and tough with them, or else they'll never learn. She also enjoyed just picking on them personally, and feeling Sarah squirm under her finger felt heavenly. Never before had she had so much control over something or someone else. It was amazing.

Lily grabbed the sides of the small box and, without any warning to the ones inside, slowly began tipping it over in front of her. The tiny humans slid and all slammed against the wall, Lily giggled and kept tipping the box further until they all spilled out, tumbling onto the hard table. They all slowly stood back up as they looked around at their surroundings. It was a massive (at their size) apartment, the walls were white and the carpet was a light brown shag. They could easily see a kitchen section from where they stood on the wooden coffee table. The tinies could also see the rest of their new master. Lily towered over them while she was only 5?7 feet tall and sitting on her dark green couch; she had a red tuft of hair between her long ears, she also had bright purple eyes and buck teeth. She wore a plain white shirt and jeans; Dwayne looked down from the edge of the table and could see her massive feet. They were human-like than rabbit, except that they were covered in white-grey fur with red painted toenails. The feet themselves must have been at least four buses long at the tinies size and her toes alone must be as tall as they were. This made Dwayne shiver, they were like grapes that could be stepped on by this bunny, this terrified all of them. Well, all except one.

?Wow! Your house is so big!? Sarah shouted, a little louder than necessary; bunnies have excellent hearing. ?We could have so much fun in here! What are we gonna play first??

?Play?? Lily said back, ?I'm a little too old to be playing games, sweety, and too big.?

Sarah's smile faded a little and she looked down towards the table; she'd been excited to play giant-sized games with her master ever since she got to the store. But as Lily said her next words, Sarah's smile came back.

?Actually, I do have something kind of fun I'd like you all to to do for me.?

?Really!? What is it what is it!!!? Sarah yelled.

?Well,? Lily began, a smirk growing on her face, ?I've heard from my friends that go to the spa that humans are great for personal care, you know like massages, applying facials, and my favorite idea, foot rubs~.?

?Foot rubs??? Axel asked, not sure if he heard that right.

?Mmhmm. Your tiny hands are just great for getting into every spot~
Chapter 3 - Bunny's Pets by Goddess_Lucy_tinycrusher
Author's Notes:

Hey guys! Hope you're liking this story as much as my others . Sorry if this isn't the best chapter, still getting over some allergies. Still tell me what you think

Sarah squirmed between Lily's toes, each one holding her so tight she thought her bones could snap at any minute. It'd only been ten minutes since she was stuffed under there but Sarah was already drenched in sweat. The fur of Lily's toes made it like an oven; Sarah tried pushing against them to free herself, but she only pushed deeper into the flesh. She kept trying to scream or beg Lily to let her out but her voice was always muffled by the thick fur that surrounded her.

Outside, Lily was enjoying what little squirming she could actually feel between her toes, but there was something she now enjoyed even better. Mark, Axel, Dwayne and Cindy were right at work worshipping their new master, or goddess, as she liked being called. There were two at each of the massive soles, Mark and Dwayne at one, Axel and Cindy at the other. They were all terrified and felt utterly humiliated to be so small and made to rub this bunny's feet, as if they were nothing more than service tools. But it soon got even worse.

?Now lick.? They all heard Lily command from behind.

After a moment of hesitation, Mark and Dwayne were the first ones to obey, they went from roughly stroking the role of her foot to slowly putting their faces to it and giving fast little licks. Axel and Cindy were the slowest to begin, and the worst with rubs. They were both very hesitant to even touch the gigantic bunny's soft soles, this was mostly due to Axel being the rebellious type (but not stupid) and Cindy being scared out of her mind. But eventually, Lily saw that all of them were busy licking her soles, getting the tiny pieces of dirt that slid there from her flip flops. She wiggled her toes in satisfaction, and also to maybe scare the little ones when she noticed there was still a tiny squirming underneath her toes. Lily squeezed her toes together harder until she felt something was going to snap, the wiggling grew intense until Lily suddenly opened her massive toes wide open, making the tiny pathetic body of Sarah to plop out.

Sarah lay on her stomach, breathing heavily and raggedly. She began crawling away from the toes until she could see her friends, too exhausted and hurt to walk. Mark was the first to see her, ran and shout to the others.

?Guys! Sarah's hurt!?

Everyone else quickly stopped licking and ran to where Mark was helping Sarah to her feet. The best she could manage though was getting onto her rear end. Dwayne, who had some knowledge about injuries, looked Sarah over and noticed that she was absolutely drenched in sweat; but he had a feeling it wasn't all her own. Dwayne began feeling around her ribcage when Sarah winced.

?OWOWOW! DON'T DO THAT!? Sarah yelled, obviously in pain.

?Sorry, sorry?? Dwayne apologized, ?it's broken, you're going to have to rest for a while so it can heal.?

?You mean?? Cindy began, shivering and pointing at the massive sole next to them, ?that bunny broke her ribs with just her TOE?!?

Mark was the first to answer, ?well it could have been a lot worse, Cindy. Let's just count ourselves lucky Sarah's still here.?

?ARE YOU OUTTA YOUR F***ING MIND?!? Cindy exploded, ?weren't being tormented by this giant bunny! There's nothing lucky about this!! We have to get the hell out of here or we're all going to die!!?

?How the hell are we supposed to do that, Cindy?? Axel finally cut in, ?you think we can just run off the goddamn table and be fine? You don't think she's gonna be watching us like a damn hawk? It's damn stupid of you to think we can just?,? Axel was cut off as they all heard the voice from above.

?Awwwww~, did the big bad bunny break one of her little toys??

The small group turned around, only to see the massive smiling face of their bunny goddess.

?L-Lily!? Dwayne shouted, ?Sarah broke a rib! You need to take her the vet to get help!?

Like any other pet, humans could very well be taken to a veterinarian if they were sick or hurt; which either happened very often, due to their small fragile size, or was never reported.

?Nah, I have a better idea,? Lily said, a teasing smirk growing on her face as she looked at Sarah, ?I think I'll just wrap you up in a little band-aid and stick you back under my toes while I sleep. Sounds comfy, right~??

Sarah finally looked terrified as she began crawling backwards, ?N-No! No please don't put me back there!!? She tried standing up, her legs shaking under her, ?s-see? I'm fine!?

?We'll see if you stay that way,? Lily said giving a wink that chilled them all to the bone, ?now, time to decide to losers~?

Cindy screamed again as behind them the balls of Lily's giant soles were sliding closer together. They touched just a few feet away from the group, Lily kept her heels far apart so she didn't close them between her arches, instead forming a little pen shape making it hard for them to run in any direction but one.

?Now let's see?? Lily began thoughtfully, extending her arm out so her fingers were wavering over her little pets, ?I'm gonna choose?. You?

There was a loud scream as Lily's fingers swooped down and plucked up the tiny form of Cindy, who's legs kept kicking as she was lifted and dropped into her other open hand.


She screamed out one more time before Lily closed her hand, pinning Cindy in the mass of fur and flesh. Lily just wanted her shut up, her screaming every two seconds was beginning to annoy her and her sensitive bunny ears.

?And how about?? Lily said, hanging her fingers again over the cowering humans, finally stopping over Axel, ?I was going to choose you, but?? her fingers fell from the sky again, only this time landing on Dwayne. ?You called me Lily earlier instead of Goddess, you pests gotta learn you place.?

Lily pinched her fingers together and lifted Dwayne up to her now open palm. Cindy lay there huddled near the creases in the hand, having no clue what was about to happen to them.

?Now, time for punishment~? Lily said.

All of their hearts dropped as they saw her lick her lips.
Chapter 4 - Punishment by Goddess_Lucy_tinycrusher
Author's Notes:

I'm baaaack~. Busy as F*** with work and school lately .Trying to get back into the swing of writing, but I've gotten a lot of great ideas in really excited to try soon ;)

?Hey!? Axel shouted, ?let 'em go!?

This was of course ignored by the towering bunny, Lily, as she now held the tiny Cindy and Dwayne in her palm, both laying back against the thin coat of fur and staring up in dread at their goddess. They could all see how she licked her lips while eyeing them as if trying to decide which candy to eat first.

?I said let 'em go!? Axel yelled again as he ran to one of Lily's soles and began hitting it. His punches barely even made it past the thicker layer of fur on her feet, and if anything gave off light tickle. She must have felt something though because after a few more blows the heels began to move again and slowly come together.

?Damn it, Axel! Look what you did!? Mark shouted as he held Sarah tight. The three huddled close to each other and quickly made their way to where they wouldn't get squished badly; the arch. They already knew it was too late to completely escape, and being between the heels could easily mean getting crushed.
As the feet drew closer, the two men went to the opposite sides of Sarah, still injured from getting time between Lily's toes, and tried pushing the furry arches out further, giving Sarah as much room as they could. Mark and Axel again could only barely make a dent in the thick fur, but it was enough to let Sarah relax slightly, or at least as much as they all could at that moment.

?Let's see?? Lily began, hovering her finger again over Cindy and Dwayne as they lay petrified, ?eenie meanie minie?? she trailed off. That's all it took for her to decide the fates of these tiny humans, a simple child's choosing rhyme.

?Meenie minie?? Lily said again at the end, her finger hovering over Dwayne. This meant her choice would be Cindy, and the small girl knew this.

?AAAAHHHH! NO NO NO! GOD PLEASE NO!? She kept screaming as she shot up from her seat and began quickly climbing over fingers.

The last thing Cindy ever wanted was to be eaten. She'd heard stories in the human shops about animals coming in and gobbling them up in boxes; she'd been scared of that since she was younger. Cindy had always thought it was only the meat-eating animals that ate humans, like wolves, dogs, or tigers; but not a bunny, never did she think she'd be scared of a bunny's mouth. That's why when she saw a bunny buying humans she shoved herself to the front where they scooped them up. Even going so far as pushing another girl aside and taking her place.
But what Cindy didn't know was that the bunnies did, or at least could eat some meat; all to help their larger bodies grow naturally, though they had a lower tolerance for how much they could eat. The main meat in the world was, of course, non-mammals that had not evolved over the years, such as birds or fish.

Cindy kept climbing over the fingers, screaming hysterically the entire time. Lily reached with her other hand to pick up the tiny girl, but she was too late; Cindy had crawled right off the pinkie finger and was falling towards the ground. She just kept screaming as the ground came closer, it was shag, but she?d hoped that at over a ten story drop it?d still be able to kill her. That?s what she wanted in that moment, to just die and get away from Lily; to not have to go through whatever torture or death the bunny had planned for her.
Cindy hit the ground with a hard thud, her body compressing into the pieces of shag, but she was still alive. She screamed in pain as she lifted her upper body; she?d broken at least two ribs and twisted her right ankle. Cindy looked up terrified as she could see, between the shadows of her massive thighs, Lily was staring down at her looking a little surprised before her lips spread into a wide smile. Cindy tried crawling away towards the door, but with her injuries, it was a pathetic display, anyone else could have walked circles around her in a second.

?How could this have gone any better,? Lily thought, seeing her injured toy try to make its escape. She wiggled the toes on her right foot excitedly. Axel grew white thinking of what she was about to do. He lost his grip pushing as Lily moved her foot, making him fall forward onto the table. Axel ran to the edge of the table, followed closely by Mark and Sarah.

Lily's foot was now hanging over Cindy, the toes still wiggling playfully in the air as if playfully threatening the tiny girl. Lily was enjoying this too much, she giggled seeing the terrified little girl raise her arm in fear, screaming and crying out ?no!? and ?please don't!?, it was utterly pathetic. This was why humans were at the bottom of the food chain, they were just so easy to toy with, and so fun. Lily's sole came down slowly, as if savoring the screams that got louder with each second of approach. Cindy gave her final scream as the foot came down with a muffled *FWOOM*.

Mark pulled Sarah back, not wanting her to see anymore; and not wanting to see it for himself. Axel stared, now growing white as Lily's toes scrunched up, making it obvious she was adding on pressure.

Just under the sole Cindy?s bones were creaking and beginning to crack. She tried screaming at the top of her lungs but even she could barely hear herself through the fur over her mouth. What was once a soft furry sole comparable to a pillow now felt like a truck being slowly lowered onto her.

Lily giggled again, feeling the pathetic squirming and struggles of Cindy. It was even better than she'd read. The internet had said that crushing these tiny humans was a great way to release stress; but now Lily felt something now, a sadistic pleasure that came only from making something writhe under you. The kind of feeling that tells you you're the one with absolute power, and she loved it. Lily pressed her foot down harder, nearly lifting her ass off the couch until she finally felt the squirming stop, along with a satisfying pop and crunching sound. She twisted her foot, feeling more crunching as Cindy, or what was left of her, was ground to nothing but a miniscule patch of blood on her beautiful sole.

?Mmmmm?? Lily moaned, ?god that felt great?. She lifted her foot back up onto the table, revealing a blood spot on her floor. ?Damn it? have to clean that up later? eh, worth it.?

The three remaining on the table and the single survivor on Lily's hand couldn't believe their eyes; they all felt sick. So close to them loomed once again the towering sole of their massive bunny master; and all their eyes were transfixed on the single terrifying red smear that, while covering only a tiny spot on the foot, was roughly the size of a human body.
Chapter 5 - Dressing by Goddess_Lucy_tinycrusher
Lily looked back down at the tiny Dwayne still in her palm, she could easily feel his shakiness as he stood peering over her fingers at the red splotch on her sole. Lily couldn't help but smile with the corner of her mouth.

?Man you guys squish real easy~,? she said, wiggling her furry toes for her audience. Dwayne looked back hearing her voice, only to be immediately grabbed between her giant fingers once again, this time by his legs, making him hang upside-down as he stared at Lily's smiling face. She was licking her lips again, this one wasn't going to get away.

?Hmmm.. I wonder how you guys taste. Rich people eat you humans all the time, so you must be pretty good.? all Dwayne could do was look at her in terror as his glasses kept nearly falling off.

?Oh wait!? Lily said, taking her feet off the table and standing up, ?I've got some ranch in the fridge, I wanna try dipping you in it.?

Dwayne tried to scream but his cries were cut off as Lily closed him into her fist, as she began walking, the force of her massive steps sent gentle vibrations through the floor; to the humans, however, they were like small earthquakes. The humans still on the table, Mark, Axel, and Sarah, crept back further onto the table as the bunny came closer before moving past them and into her kitchen. Lily began humming as she walked, and it could be heard on the table.

?Oh fuck?? Axel said to the others, ?Did you just see what she did to Cindy! Oh fuck fuck fuck??

?Calm down Axel!? Mark interrupted, holding Sarah close to him, ?We saw! Okay? But listen, I think we?re safe for now, she said only two of us would get punished.?

They heard Lily open her fridge and class bottles clatter a little as one was removed.

?She?s eating Dwayne just for saying her damn name!? Axel yelled, ?What if? what if she likes us? What?s gonna stop her from eating all of us?!?

?Do I taste good..?? Sarah asked, finally speaking up. She looked at her hand after asking, leaned forward and gave it a quick lick. She gave a slightly disappointed look, ?I taste like bunny hair??

?No one else is getting eaten!? Mark blurt out, ?remember? She said only rich people eat us that often, she's not rich! So she can't afford to buy more of us, so she's not just gonna eat us all in one day.?

?I hope not..? Sarah muttered under her breath.
They all let out a little yelp of surprise as the table began to shake again as Lily made her way back to the couch and sat down. Her right hand was still clenched, but the small onlookers could tell she was feeling something around in her fist; Dwayne. In her other hand and held a small plastic cup halfway full of ranch dressing.

Lily lifted her legs up once again onto the coffee table, her feet surrounding the tiny group once again. They all noticed that the red stain on her sole was less prominent, seeming to have worn down from just a trip to the kitchen; but it still sent shivers down their spines.

Lily smiled excitedly as she opened her hand revealing Dwayne, still being held by his legs between her fingers. His breathing was hard and ragged, and he sweating from the suffocating tightness of Lily's hand. Dwayne had lost his glasses on the way to the kitchen and could now only see large blurs of things; but he could easily recognize Lily.

?Please! G-Goddess! I'm sorry! I'll never say your name again just please don't do this!!?

?Awww, begging for your life now, little guy? So cute,? Lily answered, before quickly adding, ?too bad, down you go.?

Without any further warning Dwayne let out a terrified scream as he was rushed downward, his upper body landing in the center of the dressing cup, his legs still gripped tightly almost to the point of snapping. Dwayne tried to scream but his mouth immediately filled with the tang of ranch dressing, and his flailing was slowed by the thickness and by the fact that Lily was gently stirring him counterclockwise in the dressing. Lily giggled feeling his pathetic little struggle. After a couple more seconds she finally raised him out and held Dwayne in front of her mouth. He breathed heavily again and tried his best to scrape the dressing from his eyes. When he could finally open his eyes, all he saw before him was a massive red blur. As he slammed into it he realized it was Lily's tongue. Dwayne struggled, pushing against it with all his might, but he was only pushed harder into it. It was wet and red and covered in taste buds that felt like large balls to the tiny human. It was more of a humanoid mouth, only with flat teeth and large buck teeth in the front. He was lucky it wasn't a wolf, all the fangs would have ripped him to shreds. Dwayne was shoved inside the Bunny's mouth and instantly he heard her moaning with pleasure, tasting her snack and the delicious ranch that covered him from head to toe. He was shoved up against the roof of Lily's mouth and rubbed aggressively by the tip of her tongue, getting into nearly every part of his body, lapping up almost every drop of ranch. Dwayne kept pushing and struggling, but it was hopeless, nothing he could do would overpower only the tip of her tongue. This was the power of a master, this was the pathetic human race. Dwayne kept screaming as he was brought closer to the back of the throat, siding down the massive red tongue like a gigantic water slide. His pathetic cries were ignored as Lily swallowed him. She blushed happily, feeling him squirm as he slowly slid down her throat. She could feel it perfectly, inch by inch him trying to push himself up but only siding deeper before landing into her stomach.

Lily sucked on her finger for a second, getting some stray sauce that was on her finger. She looked down at her three remaining pets, seeing them cower up a huddle just between her feet. It was almost adorable how they looked so scared.

?Mmm?? Lily said satisfied, ?tasty~.?
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