A Frightening Night by Chinaislitfam
Summary: Choose the story via different chapters.
Caleb was shrunk during the night without knowing the cause of it. He must seek help to find a way to his normal size.
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Growth: Titan (101 ft. to 500 ft.)
Shrink: Minikin (3 in. to 1 in.)
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Chapter 11 - Stephanie’s Goodbye by Chinaislitfam
Author's Notes:
Caleb was pushed deeper inside of Stephanie’s anus, forgotten about.
I woke up and I was still inside of Stephanie’s ass. She was still asleep so I tried to make my escape. I was tired from being fucked by Trip’s giant dick. Never in the world would I have though that I would be inside my evil sister’s ass. I crawled outside of her ass and I could finally breathe fresh air again. I scrambled through her nightclothes, trying to find an opening. I eventually got to ger tits, but I didn’t notice what they were until I got to the nipples. I slipped off of her right nipple and in between her boobs. She rolled over in bed right as I fell, so I was squished between her breasts. This was worse than her crushing me with her ass, she was unaware of this so she couldn’t have stopped it! I was barely able to crawl my way from under them.
I got to her face and she was snoring like a lion. I was accidentally sucked in when I walked under her mouth. I felt the air turn from cold to insanely hot. Her tongue covered me and I was covered in wet, sticky saliva. I pushed her tongue out of my way and I slipped on my saliva covered feet, and I fell towards her uvula. I grabbed on to it by reflex so I wouldn’t fall, but that woke Stephanie up, making her violently sit up. This was my fate, making me fall into her throat. She swallowed some saliva, pushing me down farther. She was completely unaware of what was happening. I soon fell into her stomach acid, burning me like a chicken on a barbecue.
I quickly scurried onto an undigested piece of food. I ate some of it so I could survive a little bit longer. The food was slowly dropping and I was going to be in the ass again soon.
I tried to see if there was a way I could climb up the walls of her stomach so I could survive, but there wasn’t. I would have to suffer my fate.
The piece of food I was on sunk into the acid, and so I swam downwards towards the place where all the shit was. It burned like hell, but I had to do it. I had grown used to the smell after being put right next to it for so long.
I was eventually inside the ass again and just in time for Stephanie to use the restroom. I was shit out of her ass, and I was in the toilet. My last glimpse of life was seeing my giant sister’s ass as I was drowned by the toilet water after being flushed.

Okay, I know some of you are gonna be mad with this ending. But this was the bad ending.
Go back and choose Emily or Sarah’s story! Emily’s will be the longest one, and Sarah’s will be the 2nd longest.
Hope you enjoyed!
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