A Frightening Night by Chinaislitfam
Summary: Choose the story via different chapters.
Caleb was shrunk during the night without knowing the cause of it. He must seek help to find a way to his normal size.
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Shrink: Minikin (3 in. to 1 in.)
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Chapter 1 - The Night Begins by Chinaislitfam
Author's Notes:
This is an introduction and beginning point for the story, I will add the Chapters soon. Go ahead and decide which sister to choose while I work on the different storylines! Also chapters will be pretty short because they will be branching paths.
I woke up that night around 2:30 AM. I could barely see a thing and I was covered by some type of fabric. I then noticed that I was inside my own clothes! Though they felt much, MUCH larger. I crawled out of them to find out that I was a mere inch tall!
I needed to find help to return to normal size, though I couldn?t do anything now that I was so tiny. I would have to deal with... my sisters.
I have 3 sisters and my mother. My dad died a few years ago and my mom became an alcoholic and hasn?t stopped since. My dad worked for the police force and one night he got shot and killed.
My oldest sister, Stephanie, is 18 years old. She enjoys working out and texts on her phone a lot. She has a huge ass and average sized breasts, and I kind of like her a little bit. I?ve had a crush on Stephanie for a few years now, but it would be weird to have a brother/sister relationship. Though she has caught me taking peeks at her ass sometimes, and she is a fierce lion when that happens!
My middle sister, Emily, is 13 and likes to dance and is a ?Gamer Girl.? She?s kind of scary to me, and I think she wouldn?t mind playing around with me if she found me at my size. She does have GIANT boobs though! I seem to have crushes on my two older siblings, but I like Stephanie a lot more.
My youngest sister, Sarah, is 8 and she doesn?t do much. She just watches TV and plays with her dolls. I thought she would?ve outgrown them at this age but I guess not. She would be the scariest to come across at this size, she probably wouldn?t even recognize me! She could try to eat me thinking I was food. Or she could think I was one of her toys and make me have tea parties with Barbies.

All my sisters would be scary at this size, I mean what if Sarah put me inside her dollhouse and made me one of her doll slaves?! She is very rough with her dolls, though she can?t help it, she?s only 8 years old. Emily could force me to go to her dance recitals, and she is TERRIBLE at it! I hate going when I could be home doing other things. Stephanie could accidentally step on me, as she is a pretty tall girl, 6?4 to be exact. She wouldn?t even see me! I would have to get her attention another way if I needed to get her attention. I will have to choose one to help me.

*Now the story will be told as a choose your own story. One of the 3 sisters will help Caleb, though each sister will be fleshed out in multiple chapters. If you want Caleb to go to Stephanie, go to Chapter 2.
Emily - Chapter 3.
Sarah- Chapter 4. Choose the sister you wish to seek help from.
End Notes:
First time writing, tell me what you think!
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