Deranged Exchange by Goddess_Lucy_tinycrusher

Hey bugs~ it's your goddess Lucy back with another story for all you little guys, enjoy~!

Samantha is just your average teenage girl, all except for her nano fetish. Lucky for her, half the population in the world is nano sized, unlucky for a school of nanos this girl just got exchanged to their school for a few weeks. And she plans on ruling the school.

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Chapter 1 - The Exchange by Goddess_Lucy_tinycrusher
Author's Notes:

Mostly standard exposition, next chapter we start getting into the real fun still. Stay tuned my little bugs~<3 or you just might get squished. 

In a separate universe there is a world much like our own, all except for one key difference. The people of this Earth tend to be more varied in size, with some of the population being nano, less than half an inch tall, while the other half are the normal size you'd expect to see. Despite their differences society runs fairly normally, though they often keep separate. Almost all buildings in the country except for houses are designed to accommodate those big and small. Most schools even offer mixed classes to promote teamwork and keep people from being segregated based on size.
In this instance we'll be looking at what happens when a high school attended only by nanos gets a giant girl as an unexpected exchange student.

Samantha was just your average sixteen year old girl, she played soccer, had friends, a nice family and home. She was a little shorter than some of the other girls and had straight black hair, but the biggest thing that set her apart from her peers was hey she nano fetish. Now inter-size relationships were a thing, but what she was interested in wasn't all lovey-dovey. She loved the idea of torturing them, nothing quite turned her on like bullying or nearly crushing them under her. Unfortunately though, she lived in an only normal sized neighborhood, so she could only satisfy herself with online videos that didn't quite get the spot. That is, until she saw her school was offering an exchange program with a nano school a few cities away. She begged with her parents for days until they finally agreed, she told them it would be because it'd look good for college. She finally arrived late on Sunday to her host family and their house which was only a little bigger than they were; still less than an inch. They were nice people, even made her dinner, even though at her size it was barely even a crumb worth. The whole time Samantha was incredibly turned on, seeing the tiny house and people down at her shoes. Of course she wouldn't actually be staying inside of the house, the exchange program set up a tent behind the home for her to sleep and she'd be given food over the next few weeks until the program ended. When they all went to bed Samantha decided to have a little fun to start off her little vacation, so she “accidently” fell asleep with her feet outside the tent, all night they towered over the tiny house, worrying the time man and woman inside, but they didn't want to disturb her being a guest, and being nano they couldn't even hope to wake her.

In the morning Samantha woke up still in the tent and got dressed in her school uniform, as they were required by most schools in the district. She pulled up her long black socks and slipped on her dress shoes before stepping outside the tent, her first step nearly crushing her guest home and the couple inside it, but luckily for them she remembered they were there and barely avoided them but still making the house shake. Samantha thought it'd be good to walk to school, get a look of a nano neighborhood, besides that it was her only option. She looked around and it looked like she could see for miles, Samantha was obviously the biggest thing around, except for the school that is. All public schools had to be able to accommodate students both big and small by law. Not houses though, and in nearly every direction she could see possibly hundreds of tiny houses all lined up next to little streets. She was walking on one of the larger sidewalks all cities were required to have to keep nanos safe. Even though the sidewalk was for the normal sized people, as Samantha looked down she saw what looked like nano teenagers walking besides her, staring up at her as she passed; they've probably never seen a giant before. Samantha smiled, she could tell her steps were shaking the ground for them, making them stumble and nearly panic. For the first time in her life she felt like she was living her ultimate fantasy, for the first time in her life she felt powerful, for the first time in her life, Samantha was actually excited to go to school.

Chapter 2 - Homeroom Havoc by Goddess_Lucy_tinycrusher
Author's Notes:

Alright bugs, now it's gonna start getting good. Hope you enjoy your time at this school~♥a039; I know I am. 

Four days later…

Inside the classroom things were quiet, none of the students were talking to each other but their hearts were beating fast. There were nearly 120 in the class, around the same with every class. Because the schools had to be big, and nano areas around them were so densely populated, each classroom was usually packed full of students. So the students could actually see the teachers there was a camera positioned at the teacher’s desk which projected them onto a larger screen above. To help accommodate the new exchange student, a larger desk was brought in and sat near the door on the left side of the room. Suddenly, from outside they could all hear what sounded like pounding, the steady sound of clacking shoes. Some of the students started freaking out, mumbling “oh god she's coming oh god she's coming” under their breaths. The steps stopped outside the giant door, a moment later they all heard a sound that chilled them to the bone: the doorknob turning and the creak of the opening door. A gigantic girl stepped in, smiling as she looked around at the terrified faces looking up at her.
“Good morning everyone~”
Samantha said, bending her legs back and taking off her shoes. When she got them off the placed them near the door she came in, in front of the smaller door used by nanos, making escape impossible. When she was done there she started walking towards her desk, her socked feet shaking the desks of terrified students as she passed. Before she sat down she frowned slightly and looked towards the head of the class.
“You know… I think I'll sit more in the center of class today~”
Not a second later the screeching of her desk as she pushed it forward flooded the room. As she went the legs of the desk pushed some of the nano ones out of the way, many of the students tried run but ended up getting shoved by the legs or barely missing them. As Samantha walked she could feel the crunch of the tiny desks under her socks, snapping them all like tiny sticks as students screamed and ran. A handful of them, however, couldn't escape in time as a giant black shadow fell over them, right before getting smothered in Samantha's black socks. Many of them lay face down on the ground after getting stepped on, still alive but feeling like they had a house dropped on them, though there always was an unlocked three or four who found themselves stuck to the fuzz of their classmate's sock. When Samantha finally reached a spot she liked she stopped moving her desk and looked back at the path she took. She could barely even see all the desks she crushed, the ones that were spared she saw what looked like little bugs hesitantly returning to. She sat down in her desk, satisfied at the havoc she's wrecked not even five minutes into class. She set one leg on top of the other and took off both of her socks, not even paying attention to the small frames she could barely see trying to escape them before tossing them to the other side of the room, landing on another group of people like a thick black tarp. It was now their job to escape before Samantha came back for them at the end of the day, or else they'd be stuck with her for who knows how long.
As Samantha turned to the front she looked under her desk and saw some students who didn't try to run, thinking it safer to stay where they were. She smiled as they looked up terrified from their desks, unsure if they should run and draw attention to themselves. Samantha raised her feet over them, still smiling. The students screamed seeing the bottom of her sole above them, filling the sky with flesh that could come down at any moment.
“Don't move.” She commanded the nanos under her. They screamed even louder seeing the feet come closer, a girl near the center even trying to make a break for it. But she was too small and the sole was coming down too fast, she was one of the first nanos to be smothered under Samantha's goddess-like feet. Samantha could barely even feel the squirming of the seven or so nanos she trapped under her soles, but there had to be seven or eight of them at least, all squirming and screaming, begging to be let out.
So pathetic, she thought smugly, putting extra pressure on the tiny girl who tried to run, don't they know who's in charge here? They're lucky if I don't crush them. But who wouldn't want to get crushed under me?
Samantha looked back towards the head of the class, enjoying the feeling under her feet as her captives kept struggling. After the whole show seemed to be over, the teacher, though almost paralyzed with fear, began the lesson. But nearly every eye was fixed on Samantha, how she was smiling and playing with her hair as she listened, seeming so careless as she casually tortured some of their classmates, it made all of their nano hearts pound.

This was what became the normal day at the nano high school. Before Samantha arrived, most of the students were actually excited to see a giant person up close; maybe they would get along well. But that's not what happened at all. On her first day in homeroom, a group of nano friends welcomed her to the school and asked if she'd like anything to feel more welcome. Samantha looked at them for a moment, already turned on from her nano fetish, and said she'd probably be more comfortable if they sat on her desk her during the first day. Halfway through the lesson Samantha was already tapping them down with her finger, smothering them and making them squirm and yell. When class was over, the teacher spoke to her and said she'd report her to the principal for abusing her classmates. The teacher, however, spent the rest of the day inside Samantha's shoe for threatening her like that. She did the same with another handful of teachers, and even the tiny principal; she wanted to make it clear she was the one in charge now. On Wednesday, the senior class president decided she'd had enough of what Samantha was doing. While the nano was telling her off, saying that she would call the authorities about her extreme abuse of them, Samantha casually lifted her barefoot and stomped on the tiny older girl, who let out nothing but a short scream before popping under the force of Samantha's sole. She was the first to go, the first example Samantha made that she was the boss and they were nothing but bugs and playthings, and just what would happen if they disobeyed. From there things only got worse, more people ended up under the gigantic exchange student as she had her fun, every moment seemed dedicated to torturing someone until they screamed for mercy. You'd think they would just stop coming to school, but Samantha said if they did she'd take a nice relaxing walk through the neighborhood, or on it to be more accurate. And that brings us to today, where the exchange student now rules the school.

As Samantha listened to the teacher, she began getting bored. The squirming under her feet had more or less stopped, either from her captives getting too tired or passing out from lack of oxygen. She decided to have some more fun as she reached next to her desk and grabbed a handful of more classmates. Again she heard the sweet sound of tiny screams as they sprawled out onto her palm. She gave them a big toothy smile before sitting up in her seat and lifting her skirt with her free hand. After it was up, Samantha let her classmates roll out of her hand and onto her seat, directly under her Titanic sized ass. They looked in horror and screamed again, “NO!!! SAMANTHA!! PLEASE DON'T DO THIS!! NO NO—AAAAHHHH!!” *BOOM*. Samantha barely even listened to them as she sat back down, but their screams were turning her on as she felt them smush under her bare ass. She felt some cracking as she adjusted her sitting back to normal, she thought it must be one of the desks she grabbed with her classmates, either that or one of them getting crushed. She hoped it was the second one.

Chapter 2.5 - Obey The School Queen by Goddess_Lucy_tinycrusher
Author's Notes:

Hey bugs, loving all the support and reviews I'm getting lately~. So glad you're all enjoying yourselves<3

After roughly another hour Samantha’s first class was over, she stretched and yawned for at least a couple seconds, having gotten tired of looking at the projection screen for so long. She felt some squirming under her ass as she sat up. Oh good, she thought, some of them are still alive. As she continued to stretch, taking her time doing so, the rest of the students around her made a break for the door, many of them climbing over desks just to be fast enough. They all thought it was safer by the door, against the wall maybe, somewhere where Samantha wouldn’t step and crush them; many already knew what that was like and didn’t want to know it ever again. Samantha swung her legs around in her seat to stand up, but first she checked the bottoms of her feet. She set her right foot on her knee and she could clearly see some smashed bits of desk sticking to her sole, along with the tiny barely moving bodies of some other students. A couple tried to lift their heads and breathe some fresh air, but they found their bodies plastered and stuck to the sticky surface under them.

Samantha looked at the ball of her foot and saw the girl who tried to run away after she commanded them to stay put; she would have to be punished. The tiny girl had somehow managed to get her arm free from the sole and began hitting it, trying to pry herself off. She got her upper free when massive fingers came down on both sides of her, making her scream again in a high pitch as they came together, squeezing both of her sides and peeling her completely off the sole. Samantha brought the now screaming and squirming girl up to her face. The girl squirmed and tried to push Samantha’s fingers apart, thinking that falling to the floor and breaking a leg might be better than whatever Samantha had planned. She looked up and saw her massive classmate smiling, her heart nearly stopped as she saw Samantha licking her lips. “S-SAM!! PLEASE DON’T EAT ME! I-I’M SORRY I RAN JUST PLEASE DON’T DO IT!! I DON’T WANNA DIE!!!” the tiny girl cried out, struggling harder and harder as Samantha brought her closer and closer to her mouth, opening it and extending her tongue. She teased the girl at first, licking her body with the massive tip of her tongue, coating her in saliva and making her scream bloody murder. When she was completely wet, and Samantha incredibly turned on, she stuck her tongue out and pressed her little captive into it with only one finger. The tiny girl couldn’t stop screaming as she frantically tried to push against the red slimy surface of Samantha’s tongue. When the finger finally raised the girl quickly sat up and quickly looked around. She was on the center of a huge red floor covered in wet saliva and small bumps, she saw ginormous teeth rising as big as she was leading towards the back of the mouth, a dark slope leading down the throat with a giant uvula hanging. The girl turned back towards the opening of the mouth and started crawling towards the light, screaming, “PLEASE NO!!! SAMANTHA!!! NO NO NO!!!!” she reached desperately for the outside before the upper teeth came down with a loud CLACK. Not a second after the teeth closed the girl was forced upward by Samantha's tongue, slamming against the roof of her mouth. Samantha was having fun, for the next few seconds she was swishing her new little treat all around her mouth, knocking her against her teeth, hitting her with her tongue and pinning her under it. The small girl screamed the entire time, trying to find something to hold onto, but there was nothing; like a ragdoll the was flung everywhere inside Samantha's mouth, until finally landing near the back of the tongue. She laid there for a moment, hoping she would be spit out soon as a warning, but then she noticed she was sliding backwards. She screamed louder as she frantically tried getting a grip on the slippery tongue. “SAM NO PLEASE! I'LL BE GOOD I'LL BE GOOD! JUST DON'T WANT ME! NO!! AAAHHHhhhh…”. Too late. *GULP*. The nano girl was sent sliding down Samantha's throat, squirming and screaming the entire way before landing in the massive girl's stomach.

Samantha closed her eyes and gave a little moan of satisfaction.
“Mmmm.. tasty~”.
The remaining students that weren't either stuck to her sole or under her ass looked at her in terror. Many were still running to the door, just passing her feet as she stood up. The ones under her ass were completely stuck to the soft flesh, with one noticeable red smear that used to be a student; it only got worse for them as she pulled her gigantic panties out of a wedgie and covered them with it, sealing them in for good.
Samantha looked back over at where she tossed her socks and thought she didn't want to have to come back at the end of the day to get them. She started for them, moving past her desk and crushing dozens of smaller ones under her bare soles. Students screamed as they ran away from her path, luckily almost all of them escaped by the door. Almost all of them, except for the ones trapped under Samantha's socks. As she reached down and picked up her socks, all but three of them were stuck in the fabric as she lifted them up to her feet, putting them on as the caught nanos screamed to be let go and the ones that were free bolted as fast as they could to get away. Samantha pulled her socks up tight, forcing the nanos hard against her foot. She started making her way back towards the door and her Mary Jane shoes that went with her uniform. The people by the door ran away from her shoes as she approached, they couldn't wait until homeroom was over and they were in separate rooms. Samantha slid her shoes towards herself, about to put them on when they all rushed for the door, pushing and shoving to escape their ginormus classmate. Samantha smiled as they yelled and ran, thinking they looked more like little ants running away than fellow students. She decided to have a little more fun with them though. She reached down and scooped several of them up in her hand, they struggled and screamed for her to stop but she didn't listen, she dropped them all into her shoe. They tried climbing the heel but quickly stopped as they saw her massive toes heading towards them. They all ran as fast as they could towards the toe of her shoe as she slid her foot in, the light slowly fading out. Many of them got trampled under her sole as she squeezed her shoes on and she thought she felt a couple of them pop. It was orgasmic for Samantha. Nothing pleased her more than feeling tiny crunches under her soles, the screaming and begging of her tiny classmates as she lorded her power over them. She was their queen.
Samantha stepped outside the massive door, her other classmates had already run off in separate directions. She'd already had her fun with them though. She was on her way to P.E. class. She walked cheerily, smiling as she felt squirming under her sole and struggles against her ass.

Chapter 3 - Locker Room Doom by Goddess_Lucy_tinycrusher
Author's Notes:

Man I'm bad with these titles xD. Hope you're all enjoying~

Samantha breezily made her way to the gym, nearly stepping on a few more students who were lucky enough to jump out of the way in time. The gym was easily one of the largest rooms in the school, taking even Samantha a moment to get across the room. As a result, the student and the coach usually stayed in a small corner of the room by the doors that was equipped with a nano basketball hoop; the rest of the room used only for endurance running, and no one could get even halfway to the other side.
As Samantha came in the majority of the class was already waiting. Her footsteps were much louder in here, echoing throughout the room so loudly the students could barely hear themselves think, or their pounding hearts. She stopped walking when she reached her assigned place on the floor for the coach to take roll, which just happened to be in the center of the group. Her shoes taking up four or five whole rows alone.
The coach walked in, terrified to see Samantha again. He'd been one of the unlucky teachers who got to spend a day locked away her her shoes. Somehow he managed to summon the courage to tell them all to go get dressed in their gym clothes before quickly running back towards the wall. Many of the students did the same or went in the opposite direction as Samantha's shoes began moving as she walked towards the locker room.
It'd become a daily routine to avoid her feet for nearly every student in the school. Even if they didn't have the same class as her she wasn't above shipping whichever one she was and taking a stroll through the halls, or even inside the rooms; crushing hundreds on desks and sometimes decorating the bottoms of her shoes in tiny red blotches. After all, who could stop her? They already saw what happened when the last person in power defied her. She became the first stain.

As Samantha walked into the locker room she was very hesitantly followed by a group of nano girls. To save money the school combined both the nano and giant locker rooms, not seeing any problem that could come out of it. While Samantha was stopped at her locker putting in her combination, the scared students tried sneaking past her to their lockers, running as quickly and as quietly as they could so she wouldn’t notice them and give them more “personal training” like last time. When they made it a foot or past the giant’s shoes they thought they were in the clear, but their hearts stopped and they all let out a short scream as a giant black shadow fell over them and they were all trapped under a massive white tarp.
“Hey girls~” they heard Samantha say as they all struggled to escape, “sorry about that, I’ll get that shirt out of your way~.”
Samantha bent down and did what she said, picking up the shirt and setting it on the bench along the lockers, carrying the girls with it. They felt themselves being lifted high into the air, supported by nothing but the thin white fabric of their classmate’s shirt. They were dropped onto the bench and only one girl tumbled out, a petite little redhead named Bree. She fell out of one of the wrinkles in the fabric and landed on her ass. In a slight daze she looked around, seeing where she was at when she saw the gigantic Samantha right in front of her, and shirtless at that. She’d already gotten her black gym shorts on, but on her upper body she wore nothing more than a white bra holding her massive breasts in place. Any other girl would have run away as fast as they could, but Bree knew that was a one way ticket to getting crushed or trapped in her shoes. Instead, she got on her knees and put her hands together as if she were praying, nearly sweating with fear she took in a deep breath and shouted as loud as she could.
Samantha looked down towards the bench while she was getting ready, seeing a tiny dot of red and hearing her name being squeaked. She bent down closer to the nano, a little confused, this was the first time any of them actually WANTED her attention.
“What do you want?” She said, slightly interested at what the nano had to say. She soon was a little surprised at the answer.
After the initial surprise of Bree’s confession, Samantha gave her a big smile.
“Awww, so the little buggy girl has a crush on me~”. Samantha extended her hand towards the kneeling nano and squeezed her between her fingers, lifting her up to her face.
“Y-YES!” Bree yelled, barely even squirming in the giant girl's grip, “I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! YOU'RE MY WHOLE WORLD! THIS PAST WEEK HAS BEEN THE BEST OF MY LIFE!!”
“Tell you what sweety, you survive this and still feel the same, I'd be happy to be your girlfriend~.”
Bree felt like she was walking on air, even though she was literally in the air. She smiled wide, almost brought to tears that she'd been accepted by her love. Her feelings soon faded as she realized…
“Wait… survive what..?”
Bree only got a giggle from Samantha before she opened her mouth wide, extending her massive tongue.
But her cries were ignored and her face slammed against the wet surface. She thought she was going to get eaten like the others, but then felt the tongue slide up, smoothly scraping against her body as she was just licked, still held tight by Samantha's fingers.
“Now~,” Bree heard her say, “like a good girlfriend, I'm gonna keep you nice and close to my heart.”
Samantha put her free hand down the left cup of her bra, opening it slightly before dropping the tiny redhead in. Samantha had been fortunate enough to grow a big plump pair of breasts, but for Bree they made her feel like she was getting crushed against the bra by a big fleshy bounce house.
Samantha pulled her bra tight against her breast as Bree squirmed around. Suddenly she saw something out of the corner of her eye, she looked back down at her shirt and saw the nano girls under her shirt escaping. Two of them had gotten out from underneath the fabric and were holding up the opening for the other girls.
“Well well~” she said stepping forward, casting a shadow over the girls and making them look up in terror, “you girls ready to exercise?”

Chapter 4 - Warming Up by Goddess_Lucy_tinycrusher
Author's Notes:

Hey there little ones~ sorry the wait, weekend stuff. Hope you're all enjoying these~ planning on wrapping this one up in 3 or so more chapters but we'll see. Don't forget to follow and leave a little little review for your goddess~!

Samantha walked back into the gym with a smirk on her face. Feeling the squirms of the tiny girls who tried to escape inside of her hand. For good measure she also tossed a couple into her gym socks before putting on her sneakers. She said she was going to make them exercise, and any exercise with Samantha was a test of endurance, of both body and mind. Which basically boiled down to seeing how long they could go without getting smashed like a grape or going mad from fear. The rest of the school was always subject to this, but especially her gym class. Samantha always lead the class in exercises, and last time she had them run laps around her bare feet. She had them run for a solid hour, and if she thought any of them were slowing down she'd lift her foot over them and pin them down, along with anyone close to them. Sometimes they'd be lucky and only break a rib, other times they became new little stains for the rest to avoid. It was all her idea of a penalty.
Samantha would be leading class today too, not like the teacher could stop her anyway.
“Alright guys!” She said, trying to project her voice (though at her size it wasn't necessary), “I think we should warm up with some jumping jacks! Sound good?”
She didn't wait for any response, all she did was bend over and dump the girls out of her hands, letting them roll onto the floor in a pile before they quickly got up and ran to their spots, thinking that was safer than staying near their colossal classmate and her massive sneakers. Some of the boys noticed that some of the girls were missing from their spots, their blood ran cold imagining the worst; “she must be in a crushing mood”, they thought.

One of the missing girls, Bree, was currently trapped in the bra of the giant Samantha, getting squished by her breast. She bounced gently with every step Samantha took, terrifying her that she might just pop there. But at the same time she felt blessed, her love confession didn't get her crushed immediately, and all she had to do was survive the next hour and a half of gym class, then she'd Samantha's real girlfriend. The girlfriend of a real sadistic giantess. The very thought made her wet, along with just thinking of the domination Samantha was imposing on her right now.
For years Bree loved everything giant, finding them all so interesting until one day while browsing the internet she happened upon some giant tiny domination videos, once she saw her own kind getting picked on and crushed under beautiful goddess-like giants she was hooked for life; nothing could ever turn her on as much as that. When Samantha had been transferred there earlier that week, Bree was excited but at the same time expected her to be one of those boring nice giants she'd seen on TV all the time. Imagine her surprise when she heard the new student actually smothered a group of students under her finger and actually put the teachers and principal in her shoes! Bree was ecstatic, she nearly fell to the floor drooling when she saw Sam crush the senior class president under her sole, luckily someone caught her and just thought she fainted from shock. From there Bree loved Sam even more, but it wasn't until Wednesday when it was fully realized. Bree skipped her homeroom class to spy on the exchange student that turned her on so much, seeing her in action was like a drug for her. She stared through the door window into Samantha's class the entire time as she played with the tiny bugs of students under her seat, this made Bree giggle and rub herself gently. But after a while something changed. Bree noticed that she wasn't staring at Sam's feet anymore, but at her beautiful smirking face. All the fetishising, sizes and violence melted away as Bree just watched Sam. At once she realized something amazing, this giant was the most beautiful girl she'd ever seen. She noticed the way she laughed (while crushing students) and fell in love with it and her sense of humor. She loved seeing how her black hair just spilled over her shoulder and down her back like a beautiful waterfall. It was the size of a waterfall too. Bree loved how playful Samantha was. Bree realized she was actually in love with Samantha. After the end of the day, Bree made a promise to herself that she would confess her feelings by the end of the week. She'd have too, if she waited too long it just meant a higher chance of accidently getting crushed anyway. Now Bree was so close to getting exactly what she wanted, Samantha. Hopefully her body would last until the end of class.

On the outside, Samantha made everyone get back in place for warm ups. She stood in her own place instead of at the front of the class this time, she was sure they could all see her example anyway. The tinies closest to her on both sides were terrified though, they knew once the jumping jacks started they'd most likely get squished immediately under Samantha's giant sneakers, but if they ran their punishment might be something much worse.. They decided to take their chances and hope she'd miss.
Samantha called out that they'd be doing twenty jumping jacks, though again the projection of her voice wasn't necessary, it even made some students cover their ears as it echoed through the oversized gym. She counted off so they all started at the same time, starting on three. The first few Samantha did were small, as if she was barely moving her legs at all; still her jumps shook the ground under everyone else like an earthquake, making it almost impossible for them to keep jumping without falling. The two nanos next to her were relieved they weren't crushed yet as they tried keeping in time with Samantha. “Eight, nine…” they chanted, glad to be nearly halfway done when suddenly a shadow came over then, they looked up and screamed as loud as they could as the white underside of Samantha's gigantic sneakers came onto them. They were crushed immediately into tiny red stains on the smooth hard floor, like stepping on an ant with a satisfying crunch. Samantha giggled feeling it. “Two down so far,” she thought, “let's see who else doesn't make the cut~”.

After they finished jumping, Samantha decided they weren't quite done yet with her warm-ups.
“Alright! Now push ups!”
Without any further warning she knelt down, put her hands on the ground and spread her legs outward. Fortunately for the nanos in the back row, her legs spread out a long ways past them, the entire class itself only went about half her length in their rows. The nanos at the front however, weren't so lucky. As she set her hands against the floor, at least six other students were trapped under them. They all squirmed and one popped as she held her body off the ground. She giggled as their struggles tickled her hand, they felt just like squirming ants; and to her that's exactly what they were. She let her body go low as she did the push up and another scream came from under her as she got close enough that her large breasts touched the ground. More students were now being squished under her bust. As they screamed one nano near her left cup heard something odd; another scream was coming from inside Samantha's bra. It was Bree, screaming as she was firmly squeezed by Samantha's major breasts, during the rest of the push ups she felt like she was going to pop, her ribs creaked and all the air was forced out of her with each movement Samantha took. Before Samantha finished, she took notice of a nano boy just under her face quietly yelping in fear every time he face came down. On her last fall downwards, just when he thought he was safe he felt a gigantic wet mass hit him on his back, a second later he felt himself getting raised higher and higher. Rows of teeth became visible to him as Samantha brought her tongue into her mouth. He barely had any time to yell or struggle before she put her hand on throat and swallowed, trying to feel him squirm as he slid down her throat.
“Mmmmm… protein~.”

Chapter 5 - The Crushing Climb by Goddess_Lucy_tinycrusher
Author's Notes:

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Samantha stood up and looked around at her feet, there were still plenty of nanos to play with, she estimated around a hundred were still alive. She also accounted for Bree in her bra, who's squirming slowed down since the warm ups, and the girls she tossed into her sock. Feeling them squirm gave her a wonderful idea.

?I think,? she said to the rest of the class, ?today we'll be doing some climbing~ sound fun??

She stepped over everyone to the front of the class, her sneaker landing only an inch or so away from the terrified gym teacher. He ran away, scurrying like a scared little bug against the wall, after all, what could he do? He could only stand and watch as his students were tormented by the giantess exchange student, and hope that he wouldn't be her next toy.

Samantha sat down, her large ass falling to the floor sending another thudding shockwave through the floor. She reached down and untied her shoelaces before taking off her shoes, keeping them together as she slid them against the wall; trapping the teacher between the heels. Samantha smiled as she stretched her legs out, her heels getting dangerously close to the front row. Some panicked and began crawling as fast as they could in the other direction until her feet came to a stop just a few inches away. For a minute all the students just stopped and stared at Samantha's massive socked feet, both seeming like their own fuzzy massive skyscrapers. For gym she switched into a pair of clean white ankle socks, she thought they looked cute, but to the others there was nothing more terrifying in that moment.

?Well?? Samantha said in a teasing tone, wiggling her toes slightly, ?you guys better start climbing fast~. Whoever doesn?t reach the top is gonna going under them.?

This got their attention. Over half the class sped to their feet, most running to get to Samantha as fast as they could and practically jumping onto her heel, grabbing tight to her sock. Others were still laying on the floor, their eyes transfixed in terror at the bottoms of her soles; the last thing many students would ever see. The students climbed, the fastest making it to the arch of her foot in a couple of minutes. As one of them climbed they noticed a larger looking lump inside the sock, he decided to ignore it, thinking it just another fold or stretched out part of the sock. Suddenly it let out a terrified scream as he passed, the scream of one of the girls who didn't return from the locker room. It scared him so bad he flung back and lost his grip on the fabric. He tried reaching for it before he fell, but it was too late and he began to free fall. On his way down he knocked into another student, a friend of his, and they were both sent down, falling from higher than seven of their houses stacked on top of each other. They landed on the hard ground with a satisfying crack that made Samantha giggle.

?Hehe, losers~,? she said, feeling superior as the two boys weren't moving anymore, all from falling off her foot.

The others let out a scream seeing the horror but kept climbing nonetheless. They knew even worse would happen to them if they stopped. Some even considered the fallers to be the lucky ones in all this, at least they weren't stepped on. Eventually, some students finally made it to Samantha's gigantic socked toes. Just when they thought they'd reach the top and win they felt the world shake and they almost lost their grip. Samantha was giggling again as she wiggled her toes. Another student fell, but luckily she tumbled onto her heel, grabbing it before she hit the ground.

Finally one made it to the top of her toe, he struggled to make it without falling; her big toe like a massive soft boulder. He crawled up the slope on all fours until he thought he was at the top, he started waving one arm around to make sure Samantha could see him while he hunched over exhausted. Before he could raise his head and look, what felt like two giant soft boulders surrounded him, pinching him tight and lifting him off the toe and up into the air. Soon Samantha's gigantic face filled his view. She gave the tiny winner a smile while he dangled over her cleavage.

?Well well~,? Samantha said, her voice booming around him, ?looks like there's at least one of you that isn't completely pathetic. Guess I gotta let you go then, little winner.?

Samantha reached over to her side and dropped the tiny boy next to her ass. He tumbled to the ground from the fall but quickly got up and made a break for it, running as fast as he could to the locker room door.
Meanwhile the other nano students just kept climbing, hoping to make it to the top and be spared as well. Suddenly they found themselves moving again, but not from Samantha moving her toes; now it was her whole leg. Samantha was slowly bending her knees, bring them back and tilting her feet to stand up. The nano students screamed in terror as they were forced to cling to the rising sock.

They held on as tight as they could, not wanting to fall to their deaths as they were tipped, hanging horizontally over the floor. Three students lost their grip and fell, again landing on the floor with a dull thud. This time however, one of them was still alive. The tiny survivor screamed as loud as she could as a massive shadow grew darker over her; but she was drowned out by the dozens of other cries as the sock drew closer to the ground.


Samantha's foot landed with a thud on the cool hard floor. She giggled feeling all the squirming. There must have been eighty or so students under there, enough that Samantha could actually feel them struggle like dozens of ants.
Samantha slowly stood up, and as she put her full weight on her feet she could feel her nano classmates popping and snapping under her heels and the balls of her feet, becoming nothing more than tiny red stains on her soles.

?Hmph, losers~.? Samantha said smugly.

At that moment the room was filled with the echo of the school bell, signaling it was time for everyone to get changed.

?Well guys, it's been fun,? Samantha said, still feeling a few nano sized squirms under the arches of her feet and between her toes, ?but I better get to lunch, I've got a little date~.?
She tapped her left breast lightly before feeling something squirm against her nipple. Samantha was satisfied feeling Bree was still alive, maybe this little bug was good enough after all.

She lifted her feet off her classmates as she headed towards the locker room. The majority of the students who weren't turned into specks of blood were flattened and barely moving on the floor, aside from some slight twitching and moaning. The ?winner? from the climbing contest was still running for the door, but he was only half way across the floor when he felt the floor shake with Samantha's steps again. He tried turning around to see how close she was, but before he could he was slammed to the ground and immediately crunched under the same massive toe he climbed.
Chapter 5.5 - The New Power Couple by Goddess_Lucy_tinycrusher
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Bree held on tight to the massive strand of black hair next to her, trying to keep her footing on Samantha's shoulder as she walked through the halls. Samantha had changed back into her normal uniform and into her Mary Jane shoes, which now clacked through the halls; each step panicking tiny students trying to cross the massive hall. Most students stayed to the sides of the halls as they traveled, but for two reasons. The first being Samantha herself, she enjoyed being the center of attention for everyone so she mostly walked in the spacious center. The other reason was the train. Because students had such a long way to walk just to get to the classroom nextdoor, the school had a miniature train going to every room in the school. This was fairly standard in most places; stores, office buildings, they all had them to accommodate nanos.


Bree was shaken out of thought hearing a loud crack, followed by an odd crunching sound.

“Haha! See that, Bree?” Samantha laughed. She had just crushed a student who wasn't fast enough getting away from her shoes. He was now nothing more than a red decoration against the black underside of her shoe.

“N-no! I didn't! Sorry!.. Do it again!” Bree yelled back towards Samantha's ear. She was still busy adjusting to her new position in the school. When they got back into the locker room after P.E., Samantha stayed true to her word and accepted Bree as her new girlfriend. Bree felt her heart flutter hearing that, maybe Samantha actually was a gentle person, deep down; to anyone except nanos that is… Since then Samantha had placed Bree on her shoulder, completely out of harm's way. Bree felt like the queen of the world being that high.

Earlier that day she was just another bug, not just to Samantha, but to some of her classmates as well. For the past few months Bree had been teased relentlessly by her classmates, for both her short size and her giant fetish being discovered and spread throughout the school. Eventually everyone began making fun of her for it, saying she must enjoy being short then, so everyone looks like a giant to her. Eventually she found herself being the favorite target for two bullies at school, the biggest fear of everyone, before Samantha came of course. The bullies were Adrian and Betty, they were boyfriend and girlfriend, and their favorite thing to do together was to torment Bree. They'd follow her around making short jokes at first, then they have her terrible sounding nicknames like “buggy Bree” or “the little Bree-tle”. They wouldn't let up, eventually shaking her down for her lunch money, but the worst thing they did came the week before. They held her down in the lunchroom and forced her to lick the bottoms of their shoes. After that somebody told the principal and they both got suspended for a week, which just so happened end today.

As they walked down the halls together, well with Samantha walking and Bree riding on her shoulder, the two started chatting and found they some things in common. The most obvious was their shared fetishes and love for whenever Samantha would crush someone under her feet; which happened quite often on this walk. They both loved playing soccer and some other sports and even joked about playing against each other, even though Samantha's foot could probably cover the entire field. They were both very bright girls, and eventually they both felt a strong bond join between them. This moment had to be cut short however, Samantha had noticed the nano train coming up behind her on her right and felt the urge to have some more fun. She always had trouble controlling urges like that.

Inside the train there were around forty students, most waiting tiredly until arriving at their next room or to the lunchroom to eat; others were working on homework between trips. The trains weren't very long, the school didn't want people waiting a long time for them to pass by at crossings so they decided multiple short trains moving throughout the school would be more efficient and safer.

Imagine the students’ surprise as a girl on the train screamed and pointed out the window. They all looked and saw a massive black wall rising up from the tracks. The driver panicked and hit the brake as the students held on as tight as they could. Sparks flew from the wheels as the train tried slowing down. But it was already too fast, and the wall too close, until SLAM! The train hit with a large amount of force, enough to throw the students around and bend the very metal out of shape.

As everyone was beginning to calm down and check themselves for injuries, which there were surprisingly little, they felt the train suddenly rock and shake side to side. They all screamed once again as the entire train was lifted high into the air by some unknown force. When they stopped rising, a few tried standing up the looking through the windows, but all they could see was a massive blue eye. It was Samantha, and what they had hit was nothing more than the heel of her shoe. They all have yet another scream of terror, the last thing they ever wanted to see was Samantha looking straight at them. They all tumbled around, trying to find a way out of their metal prison, but Samantha wrapped her fingers tightly around the train, blocking the emergency exits and windows. They were trapped.

As Samantha kept walking she laughed with Bree about how pathetic they all looked, screaming and crying for the mercy of a sixteen-year-old girl. Bree laughed too, thoroughly enjoying seeing the panicked faces in the windows between her giant girlfriend's fingers. She recognized some people who had teased her before, and was looking forward to what was going to happen to them now. And Bree could guess at what exactly it was going to be, as Samantha kept walking in the direction of the cafeteria.

Chapter 6 - Lunch Date by Goddess_Lucy_tinycrusher
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Samantha's shoes clacked loudly against the floor as she entered the large cafeteria. In her hands she held her pink lunchbox she'd had ever since she was little, and still clinging to the hair on her shoulder was her new nano girlfriend, Bree. In the room the majority of floor space was occupied for nano students with lunch tables barely even taller than the width of a toothpick.

When Samantha was a few steps in she felt a slight tugging on her hair and stopped. It was Bree trying to get her attention. Samantha tilted her head towards Bree, so she wouldn't have to yell as loud for her to hear. The nano students who already started eating could only sit and watch as a smile slowly began to spread on the giant girl's face; some of them getting a bad feeling and already trying to run for the doors. They didn't get far until a massive black shadow covered the floor under them, they tried looking up but it was too late, the sole of Samantha's Mary Jane shoe came down on them. The surrounding students let out what sounded like high pitched screams before they met with the sole of her other shoe. It just so happened that Bree suggested they take a slight detour on their way to the giants table, which there was only one of in the center of the room reserved for the only giant student in the school, Samantha.

Bree was enjoying her position immensely as she heard the screams from far below and all the crunching of both the tables and the bodies of her classmates.

“Hehe~ you're all just pathetic little insects, aren't you?” Samantha chuckled to herself. This gave Bree a shiver down her back.

‘Insects…’ she thought, ‘we're not even human to her.. just bugs she screws around with..’. But this fact didn't scare her so much as it made her wet. She looked towards Samantha's smiling face then back down to the violence below. She felt like she was standing on the shoulder of an actual goddess. No, Samantha was her goddess, the goddess that accepted her pathetic love request when she could have easily been crushed like any of the others right now. But why didn't she? Would she still do it if she felt like it? Bree didn't know, but it didn't bother her, she was happy enough being where she was now, miles high on her goddess of a girlfriend.

When they finally made it to their lunch table Bree looked back at the path they had taken and saw Samantha had left nothing in her wake. Bree saw the path now as demolished wooden tables and masses of tiny red stains she could barely even see, along with what looked like hundreds of nanos trying to flee from the path of destruction. Bree nearly drooled seeing the imprints of Samantha’s shoes in the destruction, imagining herself as one of those tiny blotches of blood under her goddess. She adored just how casually Samantha could, and did crush them all, the slightest movement could be an instant death; Bree loved that thought and just how pathetic her puny body was. She was, however, content being safe on Samatha’s shoulder; then she could clearly see all the fun going on.
Luckily for the both of them, the school was populated with thousands of students, possibly near half a million. Nano populations in areas were always extremely dense, which meant severely crowded schools due to the excess room. So unless Samantha went out on an intentional stomping spree for a week (which was always a possibility), she would have plenty of playthings to keep her busy.

Bree looked back towards their table as Samantha set down her lunchbox, making a loud clacking sound as the pink metal hit the table that could be heard throughout the room. She put it onto its side and opened it up, there was a piece of pizza, a milk carton, and a cookie. The pizza and milk had been from the exchange program, since nano meals would barely even be a crumb to a giant; the cookie was from Samantha’s mom, who made her a batch before she left. Samantha also reached into her pocket and pulled out a small plastic cylinder. It had small holes in the top, secured with a cap, and originally was filled with sprinkles; now it held the forty or so students from the hallway train. The girls had stopped by Samantha’s locker before going to the cafeteria to pick up the container, it was much easier than carrying around the whole train and it kept them all secure. Samantha simply tilted the train and the majority of them spilled out into the container, the rest were foolishly trying to hold onto the seats and vertical bars; though they came off with a little shaking. There were only two who were still on the train after that, but Samantha didn’t notice, nor did she even care; she already knew what she was going to do next. She brought the train up to her mouth, dangling like a tiny gummy worm between her fingers before finally letting it drop onto her tongue. She brought it in and sucked on it for a second. Inside the train, the two nanos who had stayed were now being flooded with saliva, before ultimately getting swallowed along with the train.

The trapped students could only watch Samantha inside their plastic prison, they pounded uselessly against the walls and begged for mercy. Not that Samantha could hear them, she was too busy getting her pizza out. She also brought her hand to her shoulder and pinched Bree between her fingers, she did this gently as not to hurt her favorite little girlfriend, not intentionally anyway. Bree was dropped onto a clean white napkin Samantha had set aside, and from above Samantha dropped a small crumb of her cookie for Bree. The crumb was the size of a car for Bree, but she took a piece off of it and ate it nonetheless.

Bree watched in amusement as Samantha picked up the tiny container of students, now screaming louder as she opened the lid. She almost burst out laughing as Samantha tilted it and saw how they all tumbled out over each other and landed onto her hand. Samantha brought them up to her eye, and on her palm she could see some trying to crawl away, others were on their knees praying to her and begging, a few only looked up in terror with tears in their eyes. They all were flung against the hand as Samantha moved it across the table and over to Bree, tilting it so her nano sized girlfriend could see them all tumble around.

“Anyone you know~?” Samantha said with a smile.

Bree smiled even wider as she could clearly see two distinct faces in the jumble.

“Oh,” she said, almost giggling already, “Just two little bullies~.”

Chapter 7 - Picking on the Bullies by Goddess_Lucy_tinycrusher
Author's Notes:

Hello insects~ taking more time with these I'm afraid, but I'm still trying to get these out to you all. I think this story is gonna be closing up not long after a few more chapters, I'm running out of ideas and I don't want this to be a twenty chapter nightmare that scares away new readers .But for my loyal slaves I'll happily go on until its conclusion~ enjoy <3

Adrian and Betty trembled as they huddled together on the napkin, staring up at Bree who was now sitting on top of the car sized cookie crumb with her legs crossed. She looked so satisfied seeing the scared faces of the two who had bullied her for the past few months; now Bree was the one with power. Behind them they heard Samantha chuckle slightly, seeing these bug sized students and how the tables have turned on them was amusing to her; she always loved a classic reversal scene like this.

?Well?? Bree finally said in a smug tone, ?get licking, peasants~?.

She began dangling her black Mary Jane shoes above Adrian and Betty, revealing that there were actually remnants of cookie stuck to the sole, (she had to climb the crumb herself while Samantha picked them out of her hand).

?What the fuck? No way man!? Adrian yelled, sounding slightly confused by the order. Adrian, like all the other boys, wore the typical boys uniform for the school, which included a navy blue v-neck sweater with a red tie, black dress pants, and brown dress shoes. He was one of the tallest students at the school, standing at six feet tall. Though that was at nano scale and before Samantha had come along, his size didn't even compare to hers, he could barely even reach halfway up her pinky toe.

?Babe, just shut the hell up and do it?. Betty, Adrian's girlfriend, whispered back to him. Like all the other girls, Samantha and Bree included, she was dressed in a blue sweater and tie that matches the boys?, but the girls were also wearing dark green shirts that went just above their knees. Except for Bree however, who always preferred going around in her jeans. The girls were also required to wear Mary Jane shoes, this rule Betty ignored, always wearing her stylish peeve toed heels that showed off her red nail polish. Bree was also one of the taller girls at the school, about a foot or more taller than Bree, though that was with the heels on. These two were the ones who had made Bree?s days hell for the past few months, now it was payback time.

Betty and Adrian hesitantly got onto their knees before Bree, who lifted her legs until they were at eye level to her ex bullies. They both stuck out their tongues and, on command, pressed them up against the cookie covered bottoms of Bree's Mary Janes. They both licked long and hard against the sole, quickly getting past the cookie and getting to the rubber. Adrian looked over to Betty and saw she had tears in her eyes; someone like her licking the ?Breetle?s? shoes, she felt humiliated, they both did. But this was nothing compared to the life-threatening monster behind them. They knew what she did to the others, there was no way in hell they were going to make it out of this.

While they licked, the ?monster? Samantha was actually getting bored watching the scene. She loved the reversal of it, but where was the domination and suffering? Bree was making them lick her shoes, but that was it, she wasn't kicking them or talking down to them anymore. And to top it off, her soles were covered in cookie bits! What's so bad about licking up cookies? And once they got past that her soles were very clean, after all, she'd been riding on Samantha's shoulder for a while now. Samantha loved Bree, but she just had to shake her head at what a beginner her girlfriend was to domination. She decided she'd have to intervene to make it it even slightly amusing.

?Alright bugs, my turn~,? Samantha?s voice boomed from above.

Before they could turn around, Adrian, Betty, and Bree?s ears were filled with screeching as Samantha slid her chair out. Samantha smiled gaily as she lifted her feet up and slammed them against the table, shaking everything and everyone on it. Adrian and Betty were thrown forward by the force and face planted directly into the cookie crumb; Bree fell backwards and tumbled down the back side of the crumb. When they all recovered they looked back and saw Samantha?s towering soles before them. She was now sitting with her soles against the rim of the table and her heels dangling down, they could see the bottoms of the balls of her feet, and it wasn?t pretty. The bottoms were black and they could tell they were also rubbery, like their own, but soon they could also make out red stains on the sole that looked to be around their size. They could barely tell, but the bottom of Samantha?s shoe was practically polka dotted with these tiny red stains. There was the occasional sweater or bone stuck in a crevice or on her sole, but the remains of the crushed classmates were either completely obliterated or scraped off with the next step.

Adrian and Betty went white seeing this, it was like a mural of death and senseless murder, one that they could just as easily be added to. Betty fell back against the cookie crumb in horror, covering her mouth to keep herself from throwing up. Adrian on the other hand began running in the opposite direction, away from the massive towers of soles as fast as he could. After a moment Adrian stumbled, feeling the table move again. He looked back towards Samantha and saw she?d taken one foot off and was now licking her finger, he panicked, knowing exactly what she was about to do. But he didn?t want to die. He ran faster, looking around for some place he could hide. But he was too late, Samantha?s massive wet finger came down from the sky and pressed Adrian down against the table, hard. He squirmed as hard as he could trying to escape, but the pressure was too much, he felt like his ribs were going to cave in if she kept this up. He felt himself sticking to the saliva on the finger and soon found he was trapped by the back of his sweater. Samantha lifted him up into the air using only her finger and held him him close to her eye. He tried prying himself free, but the spit held him tight like glue. He kept panicking and even started to cry a little.

?Hmph, how pathetic,? Samantha said in a condescending tone, ?you could barely even get two inches away. And to think you?re one of the little insects that?s been picking on my Bree. Well, now I think you should have a taste of your own medicine, or at least feed it to me~.?

Adrian let out a scream as Samantha opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue. He could feel her hot breath wafting down on him and the pools of saliva that filled the bottom of her mouth. Massive white teeth over double his size dripped and shined like rocks in a cave. Adrian tried screaming again but was cut off as he was slammed into the tongue, he nearly drowned in the spit that clung to it, but was able to lift his head after Samantha's finger was lifted off of him. For a second he was face-to-face with the terrifying red slide to the back of the throat before quickly turning around and trying to crawl towards the giant girl's lips; just like everyone else she'd ever eaten.

Outside, Betty was crying, terrified and in shock as her boyfriend was being eaten. Suddenly she heard what sounded like moaning next to her, she looked, and saw that Bree had sat against the cookie and was looking up while she rubbed herself and drooled. Bree couldn't believe this was happening to the boy who kicked her and called her names just last week; this was too perfect. They both saw Samantha tilt her head back, place her hand against her own throat and swallow; that was the end of Adrian. The tilting, however, was unnecessary, as the boy was even smaller than a piece of rice; but Samantha thought it'd be sexier. And it was, enough to make Bree immediately cum in her panties. Betty screamed again as the table shook one last time and once again she saw the tall black and red soles of Samantha, the queen of the school.

?Now little bug, lick.?
Chapter 8 - Their First Kiss by Goddess_Lucy_tinycrusher
Betty stared helplessly at the two massive soles before her, Samantha's shoes were like skyscrapers; no, triple that. They would have been a solid black if not for the countless red stains of blood that covered them.

?I said lick, bug! Yeesh it's like you want me to crush you.? Samantha finally said, sounding annoyed and snapping Betty out of her daze.

Betty looked back over to Bree, who was still laying against the cookie crumb, dazed and drooling with her hand still against her crotch. Betty looked back to the massive walls and gave in, she began crawling towards them; she was afraid if she didn't she'd be immediately killed like Adrian, or worse. She made it to the bottom of the closest Mary Jane shoe and looked at it disgusted, it was covered in blood and large bits of wood, she recognized them as pieces of the lunchroom tables she stepped on coming in. Tears began flowing from her eyes as she starting giving the sole big long licks, lapping up the bitter blood of her pathetic classmates who'd been crushed. Samantha giggled, she couldn't even feel Betty down there, so small and pathetic. But then again, she could barely even feel it when she stepped on the nanos. Speaking of nanos, Samantha looked between her shoes and could see the tiny crumb Bree was still laying against; she thought it was time to see how she was enjoying her little show. Samantha leaned forward, careful not to move her feet and crush Betty, she wasn't done with her yet. She plucked up her tiny girlfriend between her massive fingers and brought her up to her eyes. Bree had pretty much gone limp in Samantha?s grasp, still exhausted from her little enjoyment session. Samantha smiles seeing Bree in this state, exhausted and, of course, utterly helpless; maybe it was time to have some fun with her.

?You enjoying the show, sweety~?? Samantha said in a sweet voice. Bree nodded tiredly, smiling with her eyes barely open. Suddenly Bree felt herself sway and realized Samantha was moving her.

?S-Samantha..! What are you doing?? Bree said, getting nervous as she saw her girlfriend?s massive lips come closer. Samantha?s lips puckered as Bree came closer, Bree just hoped they didn?t open. Bree gave a loud yelp sound as she was slammed into the full red lips. They were massive, the bottom one she hit must have been about twice her height and they were incredibly soft. Bree felt like she was being smothered as she was pushed deeper into the soft lips, but now she knew what was going on. She wiggled and squirmed and tried kissing Samantha?s lips as hard as she could, hopefully enough to get her to notice. After a few more seconds Bree was pulled away from the titanic lips and brought back up to Samantha?s massive brown eyes.

?Sorry babe~,? Samantha boomed, ?didn?t mean to scare you with that little kiss.?

?I-it?s okay!? Bree shouted back, ?I liked it!?. She hoped Samantha could hear her, she wasn?t sure exactly how loud she had to yell to be heard. Being smaller meant her voice was much quieter than Samantha?s, forcing Bree to yell and Samantha?s voice seem to boom all around her whenever she spoke. Which wasn?t completely bad, Bree loved hearing Samantha?s voice, and feeling the vibrations coming off it made her feel even more insignificant.

?Oh good~? Samantha replied with an ominous smirk on her face, ?then how about another with tongue this time~??

?W-what!?? Samantha yelled hearing the word ?tongue?, that?s what she was afraid of. She didn?t want to be anywhere near that thing right now, not during lunch. Bree shrieked as she was swung away from the eye and directly onto Samantha?s monstrous tongue. She panicked, squirming to and fro as Samantha pressed her down deeper with her finger. Bree could barely breath as her face was shoved into the red flesh, she tried screaming but her mouth only filled with tongue and spit. She stayed pressed tightly against the tongue for a full three minutes, nearly passing out from lack of air. When Samantha finally took her finger off the tiny girl Bree found herself still stuck to the massive slimy tongue. She tried lifting herself up but could only get her upper body free; and all she could see was the slope leading down to Samantha?s throat her her uvula dangingling free. This was the thing of nightmares.

?S-Sam!! D-Don?t swallow! Okay!?? Bree yelled, hoping Samantha could hear her. She looked back towards the opening of the mouth, and as the finger she arrived on finally left she could see lips closing, then the teeth.

?SAM!!! SAAAAM!? Bree yelled, thinking she was actually about to be eaten. She was finally able to free her legs and started awkwardly running on the soft slimy surface as fast as she could towards the opening. She barely got anywhere before the teeth clacked shut. Bree kept running until she reached the building-sized teeth and began pounding her fists against them.

?Samantha! Let me out!? Bree begged, standing on the rim of the gums before the teeth.

From behind she suddenly felt a waft of air hit her back. Bree turned around and saw that Samantha's tongue was raised, and the tip was pointed directly at her. All Bree could do was let out a scream as the enormous tongue slammed her against the Ivory towers of teeth. She felt like she'd be smashed against the tooth and be crushed with all the force the tongue was putting on her; it began rubbing her back and forth against the teeth, very gently. A moment later Bree could hear what sounded like loud moaning; it was Samantha. Bree could hear it for a few more seconds before all sound was drowned out as she was submerged into the rising pool of spit. Again Bree thought she about to pass out when, instead of slamming against the tooth again, she felt it move down, with her and the pool traveling over the massive teeth. Through the gel-like saliva, Bree thought she finally saw daylight again, or rather the lightbulbs of the cafeteria. Bree struggled to swim in the pool of spit, trying to reach the top and breach the surface; but when she got close she felt the whole world tip onto its side. The tongue extended and slammed Bree into something different this time, she felt smushed against something softer than a tooth, and strangely familiar. The tongue dragged across her, spreading the spit so she could sit-up and breath again. Her breathing was quick as she looked around in a daze, she was on Samantha's hand, covered head-to-toe in saliva. Bree looked up hesitantly at Samantha's face and saw she was blushing slightly, and giving her a big toothy smile.

?Hehe! First tongue kiss, huh?? Samantha laughed. That's all it had been, a simple French kiss that nearly ended Bree's life several times.

Bree kept staring up in amazement, she wasn't scared anymore, no. What she felt right now was utter love. Her heart (and her panties) were about to explode just thinking about how scared she had been only a few minutes ago. How pathetic she had been being pushed around and nearly killed by her girlfriend's tongue. She was nothing more than a bug to this goddess, or even below that. Bree once again felt blessed to call this goddess her girlfriend and so happy to be used as a mere plaything for Samantha's mouth. Her happiness only grew as Samantha said her next words, licking her lips.

?Mmmm.. you know, I'm starting to get kind of hungry,~? Samantha glanced over to her slice of pizza next to the small container filled with the students from the train.

?Let's see what's for lunch~.?
Chapter 9 - Lunch by Goddess_Lucy_tinycrusher
Author's Notes:

Hey there my little insects~ . Hope you pathetic little things are enjoying this still enjoying this. I know no matter how high the view count is in total, my real cans are you guys that made it this far. Fair warning, these may be the last chapters I do for this sorry, but I'm still planning on using this "nanoverse" I've made for possibly more stories. Also don't forget to check out my other work in progress, Big Bunny, first three chapters already out.  

Samantha leaned forward in her chair, careful not to move her feet too much and crush Betty who was still at work licking the giant girl's bloody sole. Bree was now laying on Samantha's shoulder, still soaking wet with saliva (and her own cum), sitting up only enough so she could see what was about to happen. Screams erupted from the small sprinkles container as Samantha's fingers gripped its top. The students inside began running around and punching the plastic hoping to break it, but it only caused a vibration that the massive girl could barely even feel with her fingertips. With her free hand Samantha opened her lunch box again and took out her slice of pizza, setting it on the napkin which earlier had held Bree and her bullies. The cookie crumb they'd been near was flattened just by the weight of the slice. After setting down the pizza, Samantha also took out her carton of milk and opened it, setting it nearby. When her meal was all set she finally lifted up the small container and brought it to her eyes, she smiled and licked her lips seeing all the students panic. They kept running around and hitting the sides, some looked like they were praying on their knees and crying, others were actually bowing in complete submission. If she freed them now they'd probably all worship her as a merciful goddess, but then she'd miss out on having her favorite lunch toppings.

?PLEASE LET US GO!? She heard them keep screaming through the small holes, ?DON'T EAT US,? a louder voice cried.

?Oh? I thought you'd all kill for a chance to have lunch with the most popular girl in school. Here, I'll even share my lunch~.?

More screams erupted as Samantha began tilting the container over her pizza, making the students slide ever closer to holes in the top. The students tried holding on but the sides were too slick, they all built up in the cap, some even falling through the holes but grabbing their rim.

?Don't be shy~,? the gargantuan girl giggled as she began gently shaking her classmates. One-by-one they began slipping and falling down until they smacked against the soft cheese of the pizza. When they finally managed to sit up, they each found themselves stuck in the cheese and grease; and even if they could walk their shoes only stuck in deeper under their own weight. Only one student landed close enough to the edge to jump off the gigantic pizza, he landed hard against the table, twisting his ankle and slowly trying to limp away. Samantha didn't notice him, she was all too busy with the remaining classmates in the container. After the majority had fallen onto her lunch she thought she'd put the rest somewhere else. She shifted the container to dangle over her milk carton as the rest of the students fell out; they all landed in Samantha's milk, terrified and trying to swim in the thick white drink.

Samantha giggled, and Bree felt like she was going to cum again seeing how her girlfriend had turned a train full of people she possibly knew into mere lunch toppings. Now they were nothing but part of this goddess?s food to be consumed with great pleasure. The lucky bastards, she thought. As if on instinct, Bree turned around and began kissing and licking Samantha's wall-like neck, she held the skin tight and made sweet love to it, it was the skin of her girlfriend, her goddess, her very world; the warmth radiating off of it was all she needed that moment.

Samantha didn't notice this however, she had finally noticed the nano limping boy trying to run away. She smirked as she licked the tip of her finger and planted it onto him, making him scream in pain as his ankle (and leg) broke under the force. She lifted him up to her gigantic hungry lips, which she licked before speaking.

?Oops, hate to waste any part of my lunch~.?

The boy gave one final scream before he was quickly licked up and swallowed by the massive girl. On her shoulder, Bree had seen the whole thing, and came once again in her panties as she felt the neck move with the swallow and thought that she heard the actual scream of the boy as he slid down her throat.

With that taken care of, Samantha again turned her attention to her pizza. She licked her lips again as she grabbed the crust beneath her fingers, lifting it up and setting a free finger closer to the tip to keep her ?toppings? from falling off. They all screamed and struggled frantically in terror as they were brought to the girls waiting mouth. The lips parted and they could all see inside, the last night of many, Samantha's gigantic red tongue with strings of saliva connecting it to the roof of her mouth; she'd been drooling extra just waiting for this.

Screams of terror could be heard as Samantha wrapped her giant red lips around the tip of her pizza. Darkness shrouded over the nanos nearest to her as they found themselves inside of her mouth. Samantha's titanic white teeth came down and separated them from the rest of the pizza, which was brought away from her mouth so the remaining nanos could see her smiling face as she chewed. The students in her mouth screamed as the teeth came up and down again, gently crunching the pizza between them. Most of the screaming tinies were safe, but three of them were eventually crushed under the teeth, their blood becoming nothing more than extra pizza sauce. The screaming continued to echo throughout her mouth until Samantha finally brought them all to the back of her throat. Bree could again hear the screaming as she felt her bug sized classmates slide down Samantha's throat.

This continued, bite after bite until the entire pizza was nothing but crust. All the students who has only been wanting to ride the train to their next class ended up in the stomach of the school queen.

The nanos in the milk were beginning to lose their strength as they continued trying to not drown. Suddenly there was a rumble. The drink began to sway to and fro, massive wanted started forming as they were all lifted into the air. The nano students looked up to see what was going on as they began tipping, the open sky above them was now replaced with a dark mouth with Samantha's red upper lip. They screamed and tried swimming away, but the small carton was like a giant lake to them, they went backwards as they screamed before falling into the giant girl's mouth like a waterfall. When inside they kept trying to swim away and beg for mercy. Their pathetic cries weren't even heard as they were quickly gulped down. Bree again felt this, and with her face red hot, came for what must have been the fourth time in the past half hour.

With her lunch finished, Samantha took her feet off the table. Betty still lay there in shock, having heard the entire thing transpire. She'd been licking the entire time, blood staining the sides of her lips, but her heart swelled up into her throat as she saw Samantha frowning as she looked over her work.

?The fuck? You call this clean? I can barely even see the spot you were licking! So damn pathetic.?

Samantha scowled as she picked up the tiny former bully. Betty screamed the entire time.


She was ignored as Samantha simply threw her to the floor. The nano girl's legs broke on impact, her ribs all nearly breaking as well; it was like falling out of an airplane. Betty reached up as a gigantic shadow fell on her. She opened her eyes and saw nothing but the bloody sole of Samantha's Mary Jane shoe. She let out one final scream before it came rushing down, landing with a satisfying crunch as the nano girl exploded with the sudden pressure. Betty's bones crunched to dust as Samantha ground her sole against the floor.

Despite the poor service, this had been a great lunch.
Chapter 10 - Pool Party by Goddess_Lucy_tinycrusher
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6 months later?

Samantha lay on the ground inside her tent looking up at the ceiling. Her feet again hung outside slightly and absolutely dwarfed her nano hosts? house. The couple stayed inside, nervous, though over the months they've slowly gotten used to the new view outside their windows, and the shaking from whenever Samantha would play with the roof with her toe. At this point, they didn't think she'd really harm them, or at least not kill them. A few weeks ago she'd gotten a little more frisky than usual. Saying they were like her host parents, she offered to clean their car; but she, of course, did it while they were inside. They had both arrived home one night only to be lifted and tossed into Samantha's gigantic mouth and licked like a sucker with a chewy center. They screamed while they were tossed around, only to be spit out into the girl's hand a few moments together. They were safe, at the moment, and the car was clean as promised, but it had massive dents from just the tongue alone. It's safe to say that they haven't driven inside of the car since that night, for the obvious reasons.

?What's wrong?? a small voice asked, speaking into Samantha's ear.

Samantha didn't answer for a moment, she just kept looking up. ?You know what's wrong, Bree,? she finally said, and even she had to admit her voice sounded flat and depressing.

?Yeah?? Bree answered back. She knew well what was getting to Samantha, it's exactly what had been eating at her for the past few weeks.

The exchange was ending, and Samantha was going home the very next day. Her bags were all packed and there was no more school she'd be attending. Bree was with her now, as she almost always was all this time, this time trying to make Samantha feel better; maybe cheer herself up as well. The past few months had been amazing for both girls and a traumatic one for the rest of the whole town. There was school, where now only half the students remained (which is still a high number, in the hundreds of thousands), the rest were either eaten or crushed by Samantha in some horrific, but to her and Bree, very sexy way. The teachers almost all went insane with the amount of death they had to sit through, and all the weekends stuffed into Samantha's socks with nothing to eat but sock fuzz and sweat. The younger neighborhood kids, around ten to twelve, who wanted to play hide-and-seek with the giant girl; they soon found out what happens when a giant finds you, she swallowed them all when she found them like micro-sized jelly beans. The grocery store where, after getting hungry once, Samantha swallowed whole, not caring about the people begging inside. Indeed, this had been an amazing time, full of crushing, swallowing, and best of all, plenty of orgasms. Now it was all coming to an end, Samantha would go back to living among people her own size; which sounded completely boring to everyone who enjoyed what she did. This was her last day to play like a true queen.

?Hey,? Bree began, snapping Samantha out of her melancholy thoughts, ?I hear they're throwing a party over you leaving a few neighborhoods over. Wanna go for a walk and check it out??

Samantha replied, ?a party? All about me? Okay, sounds like fun.? A smile slowly crept across Samantha's face, she looked towards her brown purse that was hanging on a hook nearby. She was coming up with a wonderful and sexy idea, one that might take her out of this slump and keep the party going for much longer; she couldn't believe she hadn't thought of it sooner.


A few miles away at the party, or more accurately a brisk walk away for Samantha, the party was already in full swing. It was being hosted at the house of one of the class presidents, mostly because he was the one with a pool in his backyard. The yelling was so loud you could hear it clearly a few blocks away; they were all just happy to be screaming out of happiness for the first time in the past few months. A few of them had brought alcohol to celebrate, relatively large kegs of beer that to any giant would be only a drop, the side even saying it was 0.00001 fl oz. The boys were jumping in the pool, making waves and splashing some girls who lounged near the poolside. Obviously, this wasn?t a party for the entire school, though more parties were being held at the same time this was by far the largest; taking up nearly the entire block of backyards. This was the party for the most popular, beautiful and elite. Even though they had all suffered under the wrath (and soles) of Samantha, the school queen, it was still a school full of groups and clicks. They all continued to laugh, party and drink without care, not even know noticing the tremors or ripples in the water.


Samantha ambled towards the house, watching the ground closely, she could tell which house it was because of all the lights, the yelling was barely audible, and from far away it looked just like a busy bunch of ants, just smaller. Bree looked down as well, again what felt like a mile high. Bree stared at Samantha's feet, now adorned not in her school shoes, but pretty light-blue flip-flops that seemed somewhat familiar in the back of her mind. Ignoring the feeling, she watched as Samantha stepped through the neighborhood. Though a more accurate statement would be that she stepped ON the neighborhood. Houses crunched under Samantha?s rubbery blue sole, screams could easily be heard from below as lives were so casually stomped out without a second thought. The party-goers heard none of this however, they were blasting their music still in celebration. The party continued for another few minutes as Samantha drew closer, until finally there were screams of terror from inside the pool. A girl had finally noticed the titaness coming closer, the worst nightmare of the entire school, and tried frantically to swim out of the pool and get as far away as she possibly could, flopping like a fish during her attempt. The panic only spread from there, causing a neighborhood-wide panic. Teens tried climbing over fences, bushes, hiding in cellars, but it was too late, they?d all been spotted by the queen.

Bree blushed. She?d never gotten over how insanely hot this scene was, even after having seen it unfold hundreds of times. Seeing the students below them both running in fear for their very lives (mostly from Samantha (okay entirely because of Samantha)) was the most arousing thing in the entire world. Bree only wished she could join Samantha in her fun, stomping out countless lives with single steps, to actually be bigger than another living thing was a secret dream of hers. But enough of that, now the show was starting.

Samantha smiled widely as she stepped closer, her feet only inches from the pool most of the students were in; all trying to push past each other but only slowing themselves down.

?Hey guys~,? the giantess girl said, even though her voice was inaudible to the screaming masses below; she reached inside her purse, ?sorry I can't stay for the party, I've got some packing to do. So I'll just go ahead and grab my little going away gift~.?

Samantha pulled a clear cylinder shape from her purse. It was the very same that at times held what she called her ?special toppings?, they all knew what this meant, they've seen it dozens of times before and it never looked good.

This was the beginning of The End
Chapter 11 - The End by Goddess_Lucy_tinycrusher
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The screaming continued as Samantha knelt down beside the pool, nano students kept trying to get out of the pool and the ones that were out were in terror as they ran past her flip-flops; it was made worse by her ass now looming over as she knelt, seeming perfectly round in her shorts.

Samantha brought the top of the container to the pool and scooped up some of the screaming, flailing students along with a good amount of water from the pool. She did this a good couple times, getting over a hundred or so in a few scoops. But there were still more. The ones who had been caught screamed inside their new prison, all the water, when spread across the bottom of the container, only went up to their ankles. But that was only for the moment, as they kept getting shaken each time she scooped up more students. Once the pool was empty Samantha kept grabbing more people, now only pinching them with her fingers before dropping them in, grabbing almost forty at a time. Some were easily popped as soon as they were pinched, and a few didn't survive the drop, but enough made it that there was plenty of others to break the fall.

Samantha saw a small girl in a bikini trying to run inside the nearest house. ?How easy are they going to make this?? she thought to herself, smiling. She reached over and pinched the sides of the house with two fingers and lifted it up into the air. Screams continued from inside Samantha pinched the top of the house with her other hand and ripped off the roof. She saw the tiny girl now cowering and screaming on the couch, surrounded by maybe ten others that were packed inside. Samantha gave a toothy grin, they'd all trapped themselves so easily, it was so stupid. She stuck out her tongue and without hesitation tilted the house upside down over it, causing both people and furniture to come crashing down on her gigantic warm wet tongue. They were all stuck near the tip, the girl in the bikini being the first to recover and lift herself up. The scene inside the giantess?s mouth was completely different from outside, it was hot and humid, the only sounds that could be heard was Samantha's breathing and the lapping pools worth of saliva that surrounded them.

Samantha tossed the rest of the house aside, the pieces landing far away on other people's houses, and picked up the shaker bottle once more. She eagerly brought her tongue inside only halfway, causing screams to erupt from inside the little bottle. Her tongue moved forward until those who were stuck to it found themselves pressed hard against the clear plastic. Oh, the view from below must have been amazing to see. Samantha lowered the bottle, scraping her tongue against the rim and skimming off all the nanos into a small bit of spit. They screamed and struggled as they slowly slide downwards, trapped in the spit.

This scene went on for some time. Samantha looked at her bottle again and saw she'd amassed an amazing collection of tinies, about a quarter of a bottle all stacked on top of another; she estimated there were about four-thousand inside, all wiggling and squirming like bugs just begging to be let out. It was almost adorable how they all pleased and cried. She put the cap back on the shaker, sealing it and their fates. Samantha's attention now turned towards the ones still stuck on the ground, roughly five hundred were still running, screaming or hiding from their gigantic classmate. She stood up completely again, setting the bottle in her purse. Samantha thought about leaving, letting these ones go and tell everyone about the nightmare until a tiny voice yelled in her ear:

?Don't let them go, Sam! You have to crush them! They're so pathetic it's like they're begging for it!? Bree yelled, completely in heat from watching the entire time and almost about to cum.

Samantha smiled again, immediately kicking off her flip-flops. They landed not far from her at all, but their weight and size alone caused some houses to be crushed and the road to now be blocked. Samantha wiggled her toes excitedly, her last rampage, where should she start? She took the most basic move and lifted her foot forward, setting it onto a larger group of nanos. She could feel it all under her soles, the crunching of bones, the squirming of the still living insects, a tree snapping under her, the destruction of a fence. Everything. She pressed down hard until the squirming stopped, lifting her sole to find there were no survivors, only red stains. She repeated this action, again and again, giggling as she did; she loved this feeling the most. There was almost nothing left of the surrounding area when she was done, all that was left was dirt and patches of red.

Samantha smiled, seeing her job pretty much done here. That is, until she heard moaning coming from her shoulder. She had an idea.

?Hmm, looks like there's only one bug left~, what to do..? Samantha said, instantly getting a reaction from her shoulder.

?Crush ?em!? Bree shouted, scanning below for who she was talking about.

?Okay~,? Samantha said reaching to her shoulder and pinching Bree up.

Bree screamed in fear and confusion as Samantha quickly lowered her to the ground and dropped her a couple feet onto the flattened grass and dirt. Bree tumbled but quickly recovered, only to look back at Samantha and see her gigantic sole raising. She'd seen this before, nearly a hundred times in a week, this was a death sentence for insects. Bree turned and began to run, screaming, ?SAM NO! NOT ME NOT ME!!!?. It did nothing. She kept running but soon saw the moonlight under her completely blocked out, above her hung Samantha's massive toes. The sole slowly came down, giving Bree enough time to run even faster. She gave another loud scream as she tripped and tumbled onto her back, staring up at the pinkish foot above her. It came down again with a soft but loud *FWOOM*, causing dust and dirt to spread. Bree was fortunate enough to have gotten far enough that only her head and arms were free. She looked up, seeing what she could between the toes into Samantha's smiling face. She smiled as if she was crushing any other bug or student.

?S-SAM!? Bree yelled, now trying to keep calm as her lower body was pinned down, ?C-C?MON! LET ME GO! PLEASE!?

She was scared, what it Samantha was actually planning on crushing her? After dating for so long this could be a great girlfriend crush, even Bree had to admit being under her like this was hot. But? she didn't want to die, not right now.

?Lick,? Samantha said suddenly, a wicked smile still on her face.

?Please Sam!? Bree started, giving the sole that trapped her long licks, ?I wanna stay with you!?

?Oh you'll stay with me, little bug~,? Samantha smirked, ?how about as my favorite little foot stain? That's where you're headed if you don't lick harder.?

Bree did as she told, not knowing what else to do. She grabbed onto the ball of Samantha's foot tight with her free hands and started aggressively massaging them. All the while shoving her face into the sole, her head nearly between her toes but slightly under them. Bree's red hair began to go wild from moving her head from side to side, licking deeply into every crevis or tiny wrinkle. She was scared, but this was heaven for her, her face became almost as red as her hair and she moaned pathetically while licking, tasting every inch she possibly could of Samantha's sole, the dirt, the blood, anything that was, at that moment, Samantha. In Bree's head the same words kept repeating, ?I'm a pathetic bug, I'm a pathetic bug,? again and again; she actually felt like a pathetic bug under Samantha, like the thousands of other students that were blessed enough to even grace her heels, she loved it all so much.

Bree was nearly going to cum again when the sole lifted off of her and two enormous fingers pinched her up again by her lower body. Still turned on into blind lusting, Bree immediately began licking the fingers, any part of Samantha was holy to her at this point, she didn't care. She didn't even notice Samantha blushing face or large eye as she stared at her.

?Mmm~, I think I'm gonna keep this bug after all,? Samantha's free hand came down to her left breast and opened her bra. ?Tell you what, you survive this and in a few years I'll make you my wife.?

Still blushing, Samantha dropped the little lust girl into her bra, only to have her immediately begin licking her already hard nipple. Samantha began walking back to her tent in the distance, feeling the girl squirm in her bra. She just hoped she'd stop soon, if she came now her cum might flood some houses?

Screams continued to echo through the neighborhood as Samantha's bare feet crushed more houses and stomped out the lives of dozens of nanos, all without even a thought by the towering teenager. Before entering her tent, Samantha looked back and saw all the nano houses around her, all surrounding the school which for the past few months had been like a playground to her, where she was the Queen. She'd always hoped it'd never end, and as she looked at her purse, she thought maybe it didn't have to so soon.

?Well, it's been fun,? she said, hanging her purse back up with the nanos still inside, ?I'll be seeing you pathetic insects again soon.?
BONUS Chapter 12 - A New Experiment by Goddess_Lucy_tinycrusher
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?As you can see, we have one of the most advanced labs available,? a scientist told Samantha and Bree as they walked through the white halls of the hallway. On each side of them were glass windows showing the insides of labs where other scientists dressed in white coats seemed to be combining chemicals and writing things down, all hard at work. Samantha and Bree were dressed in their casual clothes, with Bree riding on her girlfriend's shoulder; Samantha in her red tee shirt and jeans, complete with blue flip-flops; and Bree wearing a tiny dark green shirt with similar jeans and brown shoes. The scientist they were following, Dr. Hayner, was dressed similarly to the scientists in the labs, with thick black glasses, an obvious comb-over, and a pocket protector with nearly a whole rainbow of colored pens.

About a week ago Samantha and Bree applied to volunteer at the local research center. The ad said they'd needed a Nano and possibly a guardian to come and try a new drug they've been experimenting. They had said they believed they found a way to grow Nanos to normal size, but that it was still very experimental. There weren't many Nanos in the neighborhood or at least none who saw the ad and wanted to be lab rats; so Samantha and Bree were the first ones to call in.

?I hope you're enjoying our little workshop here,? Dr. Hayner said as they approached a lone door. Hayner took out his keys and began unlocking it, ?we've gathered the best scientists we could find for this project. We believe we've actually found a solution that will isolate and block the size regulating gene in a person's body. With this, we could actually loosen it for the Nano population and they'd be free to grow to, well, our size! Isn't that amazing?? Hayner asked, sounding incredibly enthusiastic.

?Oh, yeah it is!? Samantha said, trying to match his enthusiasm. She didn't really understand half of what he was saying, she wasn't a scientist type and was busy looking around. It was Bree that was really excited about the experiment. She got on her knees and literally begged Samantha to take her to try this out (though her begging was nothing they didn't do daily to have some fun). After a while, Samantha gave in and took her. Besides, it would be interesting if this stuff actually did work, her and Bree could go have fun with Nanos together~.

Hayner went into the room he'd unlocked and quickly came out with a two-liter bottle of a watery green liquid. The outside of the bottle was plastic and felt cold as he handed it over to Samantha.

?Now? Hayner began, ?as the Nano?s? oh I mean, Bree's guardian? my mistake. As her guardian, I'm putting you in charge of giving her her doses of the solution. You just need to give her a single drop of it in the morning and at night every day. We don't know how effective it is or if it'll even work so we're giving you this large sample. Keep taking it until she becomes normal height or if two weeks pass with no change. And don't worry, if one drop completely covers her it's totally safe to drink and still has the same effects.?

?Sure thing, Doc,? Samantha said, thinking she could keep track of that. And if not, Bree was hanging on to every word, she would have even brought a pencil and paper if she had one for her size.

The rest of the appointment past by pretty quickly, with Hayner having them sign some waivers and tell them how to give the solution with a medicine dropper. Apparently what Samantha had to do was give Bree only a tiny drop at first, enough that the tiny girl could spread it around her body like sunscreen while wearing her swimsuit. They agreed and signed and went back home, carrying the special solution as if it was soda Samantha had bought from the store.

Their home was Samantha's house, a two-story house in the suburbs, complete with a little tree out back with a swing attached. Samantha had brought Bree home with her after her fun at the Nano school being an exchange student. Bree had been sleeping either on Samantha's desk next to her or on Samantha somewhere; clinging to her nipple or in her sock while she slept were fairly normal and much loved. Some nights Samantha would forget she had Bree in her socks and would accidentally stick her in the sock drawer for the night. Samantha mother was fine with Bree living there, she saw it just the same as if her daughter was getting a pet bug. Her mother worked a lot so she wasn't home that much, so having Bree around made no difference to her. Samantha also had an older sister who was studying at a local community college, but she mostly stayed in her room listening to her music or being on her computer.

Samantha walked casually into her room with Bree holding excitedly on her shoulder. She looked out of her window and checked the clock, 11:30 AM, still somewhat early in the day.

?Hey Bree, it's still morning, you wanna try a little bit of that Dr?s growing stuff?? Samantha asked Bree.

?OH MY GOD YES!? Bree shouted back. She'd been counting the seconds until Samantha would ask her that. She was so excited to try out the formula, she wanted to be like Samantha, big and powerful, while still, of course, being an obedient girlfriend to her goddess. Samantha, on the other hand, didn't really think such a thing was possible. After looking at the solution for a minute it looked more like water with green food coloring, so she felt pretty sure the doctor was a quack. Still, she enjoyed seeing Bree this excited and was willing to humor her a little before they went back to having one of Samantha's little ?play sessions?. (These play sessions became more frequent when Samantha ate and crushed all the other students she'd taken from the pool party. It only took her two weeks and a hell's worth of restraint not to eat them all in one go).

?Alright then,? Samantha said as she picked Bree up between her fingers and set her on the desk. Bree quickly began taking off her clothes until she was left standing in her underwear, a pair of black panties and a matching bra (Samantha was kind enough to her miniscule girlfriend to buy her some new clothes every now and again). Bree could hardly stand still as Samantha opened the lid to the formula and took out a medicine dropper, getting barely even any inside, just enough that she could possibly get one drop off onto Bree. Samantha held only one eye open as she steadied it over Bree. She pushed the back only enough that a single small drop formed on the tip over Bree, who could hardly keep from squealing happily at the sight.

Samantha brought it down low, nearly touching Bree's head before saying, ?alright, let's see what this does.?
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BONUS Chapter 13 - Bigger Than Ever by Goddess_Lucy_tinycrusher
Bree could scarcely contain her excitement as the drop of serum dangled over her, only a tiny bit away from touching her head. This was the deciding moment, this one drop could change their entire lives if it worked; if it didn't then the rest of today (and this story) would be incredibly boring given the potential of this one drop.

At last, the drop broke free from the dropper and landed on Bree's waiting head. It soaked her completely, as if she'd just been hit with a gigantic water balloon. After opening her eyes, she did as the Doctor suggested and tried rubbing the liquid into her skin. When she was finished she stood back up and looked at Samantha while trying to look as tall as she could. The giant girl, who had been watching closely finally gave a bored and disappointed look.

?I don't think it worked, Bree..? Samantha said with a bit of disappointment.

?What?? Bree said, obviously devastated. She fell to her knees and looked down at her hands, ?damn it??

Just then, Bree saw her hands give a faint greenish glow, her body felt hot and she began to feel a little sick in the stomach. Bree gave an urk sound before falling over to her side. The glow continued as Samantha looked closely, very worried and unsure of what to do. It looked like Bree was dying of poison, but poison didn't make you glow. When Bree got up only a moment later, Samantha noticed something different about her.

?Bree? Are you okay?? She asked concerned, adding hesitantly, ?did it work??

Bree looked herself over but didn't feel any different. The sensations and glowing and stopped completely. She reached down and picked up her shirt before answering but stopped when she noticed something odd; her shirt felt smaller in her hands. She held it up against herself as Samantha watched closely, it was a few sizes smaller now, almost kid's size. Bree's face lit up almost immediately. She grew at least half of her original height. This was amazing for Bree, but Samantha could barely tell at all, it was probably a relative thing or because they only used one tiny drop.

?Sam it worked!!! Give me some more!!!? Bree screamed in excitement.

Samantha didn't answer, not because she couldn't hear, but because she was looking at the bottle of green liquid herself. It looked the same as it had earlier, but now a slick smile spread across Samantha's face as she grabbed to herself.

?Uh? Sam? What are you?? is all what Bree could say before Samantha quickly tilted her head back and began drinking the formula. Bree watched, almost in horror as Samantha kept drinking, but felt a little better one she'd stopped. Samantha only drank a couple mouths full before she began to glow slightly. Unlike Bree, most of the light was coming from inside Samantha's mouth and her insides, her abdomen giving off a slight greenish light. Then came the burning sensation; Samantha's upper body almost fell forward onto her night stand and onto Bree. The feeling only lasted a few minutes before slowly fading away like Bree's did, only now, something stranger was happening.

Samantha moaned as another sensation came over her body, she felt it flow through her entire body. Her clothes began feeling tighter and more restricting until her body was pressed tight in them. For a moment she couldn't breathe until her shirt and pants tore at the seams, coming clean off and leaving her only in her red bra and panties that grew along with her (because reasons ya pervs :p). Samantha stood surprised against the nearest wall as her room kept getting smaller and smaller. It was only a matter of seconds until her head bumped against her ceiling, forcing her onto her ass with her legs stretched out. A moment later her bare feet were pressed against the opposite wall, they were almost half the size of her door. She kept growing like this until the room couldn't hold her anymore, the ceiling snapped and broke, leaving a massive hole that was soon filled with Samantha's upper body as her head kept rising higher into the sky. Samantha got up to her feet after some more of the roof broke away and was now about to step over onto the street as she kept growing. At the moment she was somewhere around 70 feet tall but not showing any signs of stopping soon. After composing herself, she got a look around of her new surroundings. The houses she'd pass every day and even lived in were now the size of large doll houses, and getting smaller by the second. After getting past her initial surprise, Samantha began to enjoy herself, a large smile quickly grew across her face. She couldn't help but begin to laugh as houses soon came below her shin she soon past even her ankles. Neighbors were screaming in terror, but they were all drowned out by Samantha's laughter. She soon stopped her laughing and gave a satisfied moan as she stopped growing. On the ground her feet had grown massive, pushing past houses as they grew with her body and now spread past nearly three whole blocks. This gave her a sense of Deja Vu, because the ?Giant? houses she'd once lived in, were now the same size to her as the ones in the Nano town she stayed in during her exchange program. If anything they were even smaller. All around her people screamed in terror. Never had they even given an idle thought about there being any person bigger than them, they'd all grown comfortable being the taller race of humans. Too comfortable. Around her, Samantha could see tiny people running in terror, driving away in their cars, or younger people trying to bolt on their bikes.

?Hehe,? the new Giantess chuckled, ?ants~?. And that's exactly what they looked like to her. That is what every living thing would seem to her from this day on. Nothing but fleeing insects as this girl had her fun.

Speaking of fun, shimmers of light came to her eyes from glass off of skyscrapers in the distance. This got her attention. She smiled widely as she thought this would be a good time to go have a little fun with her newfound advantage.

As she walked towards the city, she carelessly stepped on and demolished house after house, block by block under her magnificent beautifully soft soles. Leaving only her own house behind her as she stepped. It was luckily spared between her feet as she had grown.

Samantha thought to herself as she walked, ?this'll be just like the good old days~?.
BONUS Chapter 14 - Tremors by Goddess_Lucy_tinycrusher
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Madison was sitting on her couch, comfortable in her little apartment room watching TV. One of her favorite shows was on, a celebrity gossip show that was talking about another celebrity breakup, but Madison wasn't even paying attention. At her feet were about six or so Nanos she found on her way home from work. Passing by an alley she found a box with them inside. She thought it must have been their idea of a home, or maybe someone put them there. Either way she didn't care, she'd had a long day at the office and decided to take them home with her. Now they were all at her pretty but aching feet, being forced to rub them for their new master.

?Please let us go!? a tiny boy, who looked to be roughly sixteen cried out.

?Aww shut it,? Madison replied, though she could barely even hear him the sound of his quiet but shouting voice annoyed her. She wanted to just relax. She couldn't help but smile, not even being able to feel their nanoscopic hands on her soles but still feeling the aching begin to fade. Now of course she had to crush two of them when she got home, how else would they know to listen to her? While what she was doing was kidnapping, she felt it was more like bug collecting, or even finding nice little toys out on the sidewalk, toys that could do whatever you told them to, given the proper motivation. One of the many advantages of being the biggest.

Her happiness, however, was again interrupted; not by the Nanos at her feet, but by her TV and lights shutting off.

?Damn it, the powers out!? she said, sounding very annoyed. She got to her feet, and again crushed two more Nanos as she stood up, carelessly and unaware of what she'd just done.

Madison walked in a huff over to her balcony, trailing light dots of red in her footsteps. When she got outside, leaving the door open, she saw that the weather was almost perfect, nothing but sunshine and light clouds over the city. She could see almost all of it from her apartment near the top floor, but she barely ever looked out, after a while the view got boring. It was boring today of course, that is, until the tremors began.

The ground shook once, almost causing Madison to trip over herself onto her ass. Cautiously she held onto the railing of her balcony, she was getting scarred. She thought there'd been an earthquake, a big one, and worried her building might come crashing down. But then it happened again. And again. And again. In a smooth rhythm, almost like they were? steps? She thought.

Madison thought they were coming closer, and she could swear she could hear screaming on the right side of her building. She tilted her head over the railing and looked past her building. The streets were packed with cars and people running, screaming, pointing at something behind them. When Madison saw it, she screamed. Behind them were nothing but walls of massive toes, the smallest maybe around the size of four houses tall. On top of the monumental toes Madison could see the rim of the nails, and they shone a bright shade of red. She tried looking up to see the face of whatever this thing was, but soon all she saw was the sole of a gigantic foot.

The next few seconds passed by in slow motion. The massive foot came down onto the apartment building, Madison screamed in terror seeing the top floor press into the apparently very soft skin of the sole, until, with incredible ease, the top floor caved in. The rest of the building came with it, going for a couple floors before the entire thing, Madison included, were completely flattened under the giant sole.

Samantha stopped after crushing the apartment building. She looked down at all the people, known as ?Giants? for being the biggest kind of human, now run like pathetic ants while she crushed them and the city she'd visited many times before. She wasn't even aware that what she crushed was an apartment building, or how many lives met their end at her soles, nor did she really care.

?Hey bugs,? she shouted in command, ?listen closely?.

Only a dozen or two people stopped in shock, looking up towards their black-haired monster girl, the rest simply kept running and panicking. This made no difference though, Samantha knew her voice could be heard for miles and by everyone.

?I'm your new Queen,? she said, smiling at the chaos below. She lifted her foot only slightly, but to the people on the ground they were now higher than a house on top of another house. She extended it over the street where cars were parked in deadlock and people tried to run. Samantha brought it down quickly, crushing dozens of cars and the buildings on both sides of the street. The people before her foot were paralyzed with fear.

?Now, lick.? She commanded.

And that is all she said, that's all that needed to be said. The majority obeyed out of sheer fear alone. No more threats were needed for them to obey. Because now, Samantha's very existence was a threat to anyone smaller than her. The ?Giants? were now the bugs to their now bigger Queen, and Samantha was now Queen of the world.

As the pint sized Giants either licked Samantha's toes obediently or ran away in fear, they noticed something that filled them with even more terror. The tremors had begun again.
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BONUS Chapter 15 - A New Age by Goddess_Lucy_tinycrusher
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Enjoy this double length chapter with the end of this wonderful story. Honestly I think this story has been my greatest work yet, can't think of how I'll top it. And really it's also all thanks to the support of you bugs. Thanks so much for commenting and all the love. Hope I can keep you all entertained with the rest of my stories, and hey, maybe this isn't the very last we'll see of this. But most likely it is because this turned WAY longer than I imagined at first. (originally was like 5 maybe but here we are at 17 (numbers because I stupidly did two .5 chapters as transitions)) anyway. Thank you so much.
The tremors kept shaking the ground, fueling the fear the tiny Giants felt. Was there another one? Were there even more than that? Samantha smiled and guessed it must have have been Bree.

The shaking stopped, and without taking her eyes off the bugs still licking her feet, Samantha said, ?Hey Bree, how's it feel being big~??

There was no answer.

?Bree?? Samantha said again with a small sense of concern. She turned around and nearly fell backwards in surprise. Before her was a gigantic wall of flesh, maybe three or four times her size. At the top Samantha could see the rim of an unpainted toe nail, and even higher, an at unimaginable height, she could now easily see Bree's freckled face, her red hair moving slightly in the strong wind high up. Bree seemed to be scanning for something on the horizon, maybe she thought she'd find Samantha at her size. Her attention was quickly moved down to her toe as she felt something touch it. It was Samantha, she'd moved over and began pounding on her toe to get the now titanic Nano?s attention, crushing more buildings and tinies as she made her way. Bree could barely feel the pounding, as if it was just an ant gently touching her toe. She looked down and saw something faintly red against the grey ground. Could it be? She thought.

Bree took a step back and got onto her knees before laying down on her stomach. Unaware to her, she was crushing thousands of ?Giants", the large City was nothing more than a patch of grey sand to Bree. Buildings were completely destroyed just under her jet black bra and colossal breasts; she didn't even feel a thing. She looked down at where her feet had been and could see the tiny, red bikini clad figure of Samantha looking concerned and very? very tiny.

?Sam? Is that you?? Bree asked the nearly speck sized girl.

?Yeah! It's me! Bree, what the hell happened to you?!? Samantha answered, yelling as loud as she could. This must have been what Bree had felt like all the time, only now the tables were turned.

?Oh..? Bree said, thinking back to what happened when Samantha grew. ?Well, when you almost fell on the table you knocked over the bottle and a bunch of the formula stuff spilled all over me. After you walked off I just kept growing and growing, I think I accidently swallowed the bottle while I was growing too.. hehe,? she giggled, a little embarrassed about how that accidentally happened.

While growing the bottle must have landed in her mouth while she outgrew the house, swallowing it like nothing more than a pill but still getting an incredible dose of its effect. She now closed one eye to get a better view of her massive, while relatively tiny to her, girlfriend. Bree couldn't help but smile.

?Wow.. you're soooo tiny, Sam! This must be what it's like being you around Nanos.? Bree's eyes looked down below Samantha, she squinted a little and could just barely make out the outlines of buildings and streets so thin, a single piece or two of her hair might be enough to fill it. ?Awww,? she continued, ?are those the Giants?? Bree lifted her index finger and poked the ground just behind Samantha, surprising the tiny girl slightly with it's size. To Sam, her single finger was much too big to even put her arms around, more like a gigantic redwood trees you'd see in those big forests.

Bree dragged her finger across the ground, destroying building after building, block by block with each tiny movement she made. She couldn't even hear the multitude of screams and the crashing of buildings against one another. She kept moving her finger until a long trench had formed, wide enough that Samantha could probably lay in it and have room to spare. It was just like drawing in soft dirt.

?Not so 'giant? are ya now, bugs~.? Bree said playfully.

?Hey watch it!? Samantha yelled, ?Don't kill them all! I'm their Queen! They have to serve me first!?

Bree looked back down at Samantha, at first she seemed apologetic towards her previously gigantic girlfriend, but as she now literally had to look hard to even see her, she realized something interesting.

?Excuse me?? Bree said, placing her hands on the ground to push herself up. Even more patches of the city were carelessly and almost unfeelingly flattened to dust by Bree's soft yet enormous body. Buildings the size of crumbs seemed to stick to the fabric of her bra and panties and, unknown to her, even in her cleavage were some humans trying to hang on after somehow surviving. They were smaller than anything else on her body, truly nanoscopic compared to her. She now towered up again in the air, her hands on her hips looking down disapprovingly at Samantha, who now felt an inkling of fear through her spine.

?Sorry, babe, but I think I'm the one calling the shots now,? Bree said before smiling again and taking a step forward with her right foot, landing it directly next to Samantha, who screamed for a moment and fell to the ground from the shake, ?and if you're a queen, then I guess that makes me a Goddess, right? And shouldn't a good little queen obey her lovely goddess?? Sam couldn't help but back away slowly from the colossal girl's foot, but it soon rose up and slammed back down again in front of her, crushing the city space she'd just ruled from. ?So why don't you start worshipping your Goddess, my little bug-sized Queen, or should I say, slave~.?

That was all Samantha could take of this. The small girl got to her feet as fast as she could and ran in the opposite direction of Bree and her titanic toes, screaming as she ran.


As she ran, she demolished dozens of buildings under her gigantic feet, even crushing more people as they continued to flee from her. After running for a couple of seconds, a shadow came over Samantha. She knew this too well.

?BREE!!! NO, DON'T!!? Was all she could yell as she turned back and saw the soft sole of Bree coming down towards her. She couldn't help but notice Bree was also wearing a toe ring that she couldn't see before, a simple metal band with fancy swirls in it. But now wasn't the time for that. Bree's sole came down softly onto the tiny fleeing Samantha, smothering her as she tried pushing it back while at the same time crushing city blocks like dust.

?Tsk tsk. Poor little Samantha,? Bree said in a superior tone, ?I thought you loved this kind of stuff like I did. What's wrong? Don't like it when the shoe?s on the other? foot?? She said this last part while wiggling her toes slightly. She could barely even feel Samantha under her foot, she felt more like an ant barely squirming than the girl who used to crush Nanos like Bree. Now things were different, Bree was on top now, and Samantha, whom everyone feared, who sadistically tortured, crushed, and ate every nano she could, was now at the mercy of the only person bigger than her, a Nano. This was too rich. This was nothing personal for anything Samantha had ever done, Bree was just a horny girl for this kind of thing, and what was better than a role reversal of this magnitude?

?B-Bree?? Samantha grunted, feeling her strength give and her ribs feel like they might crack at any moment, ?please? don't crush me!?

?Crush you?? Bree said, letting off some pressure, but only enough for Sam to breath easier, ?as much as I'd love having a queen sized stain under my foot, I've got an even better idea for you.?

Bree lifted her foot off the ground and bent her knee so she could see her own sole. Sure enough, there was the pathetically tiny Samantha, plastered like a bug to Bree?s gigantic sole, right where she belonged at that moment. Her hair was frazzled, her face was exhausted and around her were even smaller buildings Bree could barely even see as dirt spots. Unknown to both of them, one speck was actually the lab that made the formula that started this whole mess. Suffice to say, they won't be getting around to making an antidote anytime soon.

Bree took her massive fingers and pinched Samantha's lower body gently, peeling her off her sole and dangling her by her legs. Samantha screamed again being upside-down and now so high up. Raised up to Bree?s massive smiling face, Samantha thought she could see the ocean, which was a long distance away from her home, even at that size. Bree smiled and, confirming Samantha's worst fear, licked her lips as she looked at the tiny girl.

?You were a good girlfriend, that's why I want to keep you somewhere close to my heart. Like maybe? my stomach~.?

Samantha screamed even louder now, frantically trying to get her feet free of Bree's grasp. But it was too late for that. Bree lifted Samantha over her mouth and stuck out her tongue. She let go and quickly the girl who once ruled a school now landed face-first onto the wet hot surface of Bree's tongue. Bree brought her tongue back inside her mouth, but kept her mouth open long enough for Samantha to look outside, past the rows of teeth and hanging drool and try to crawl towards the opening.

?Bree! Please!!? were the final words Samantha would ever say. Bree's mouth closed with a slam and the rest were only screams as Samantha was suddenly flung every which way around Bree's mouth. The massive tongue pushing her against the massive teeth and licking her aggressively, or forcing her violently against the roof of Bree's mouth. This went on for some minutes. Outside, Bree couldn't help but blush uncontrollably as she tasted her girlfriend now snack, she was delicious, everything she'd ever thought a tiny human would taste like. So this is how Samantha felt eating them at lunch. Bree couldn't help but think back to that one lunch date where they'd first kissed and Bree thought she'd be eaten. This felt just like this but in reverse, and she knew this time there wasn't a happy ending.

Samantha's screams echoed in the cavernous mouth as she began sliding to the back of the throat. The dark abyss coming closer and closer, until the girl who'd ruled the school and almost the world, now slid down Bree's massive throat.


Bree licked her lips again as she felt Samantha go down with her fingers, squirming the whole way. What a delicious treat. Eventually she couldn't feel her anymore, and knew she must have fallen into her stomach. Oh well, that's the end of that she thought.

Her attention now turned towards the ground once again. Quickly, she got to her knees and looked down, squinting as hard as she could. All she could see in a tiny patch of grey, was a small almost invisible building standing almost alone, but it was obviously surrounded by buildings that she couldn't even see as anything but patches of grey. It finally donned on her. This was her old town, and that building was the school where she'd met Samantha. Bree sat up and gently pat her stomach.

?Hey Samantha, looks like I found some old friends, let's see if they can keep you company for a while~.?

Bree bent back down, arms outstretched holding her face just above the ground. She stuck out her tongue and with a single lick, scooped almost the entire Nano town and the school. It all felt like dust in her mouth, but she knew millions of people, who just that morning she was the same size as, were either getting crushed or drowning in even the smallest drop of her saliva.

Bree enjoyed the feeling and the thought as she tilted her head back to swallow.

Bree now looked around at the ground, nothing but more patches of grey that she knew held thousands, no, millions or billions of lives that could see her and fear her. With a single step she could crush cities, or if she got hungry she could just lick them all up.

These were now a god fearing people. And Bree, was their new goddess.
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