Babysitter's Playtime by Goddess_Lucy_tinycrusher

Jackson hates that his parents are making him stay with a babysitter for the weekend, and it's even worse that she's in the same class as him. When she arrives he thinks he's getting lucky spending his time with a cute girl, but he has no idea what fun this babysitter has planned.


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Chapter 1 - Just the beginning by Goddess_Lucy_tinycrusher
Author's Notes:

Just setting up the story in this part, and trying to squeeze in some action (last paragraph or so). Enjoy!

"But Mom, I'm too old to be having a babysitter! What the hell?"Jackson was arguing with his mother again for the fourth time about their plans tonight. His parents had to go out of town for the weekend and they insisted he have a babysitter, so they called one of his classmates to see if they could come and make sure he didn't burn the house down. "Now hunny, you know we just want to make sure you're okay. Lucy is a nice and responsible young lady, so you be on your best behavior now, okay?""But she's only a year older than me! And only by a couple months! It's embarrassing and I can take care of myself!""It's already settled Jackson, no use arguing. You know we can't leave you alone after what happened last time."That's where she got him, Jackson had to agree last time did end up pretty bad; the evening ended with a visit from the police, a downed power line, and their cat getting accidently shaved. This was the first time they left him alone since so they didn't want to take the chance again. The more Jackson thought about it the more he began to like the idea of Lucy coming over, what was the problem with having a pretty girl like her stay the night?"Well... Fine, whatever.."Jackson said finally giving in sitting on the couch. A minute later there was a ring at the door. "Oh that must be here, we're leaving now, sweety! We'll see you Sunday!" His mother shouted as her and his father went to the door with their bags. Jackson just gave a little wave, not even looking back from the couch. When his mother opened the door she was greated with a pleasant smile from Lucy."Hi Miss, I'm here to watch Jackson"Lucy was in Jackson's science class, they've hung out a little before and he always thought she was kind of cute. She had straight blonde hair that went about to her shoulders, today she was wearing a nice red top that was maybe an inch too short since you could see her belly a little, jeans and light blue flip flops with red painted toe nails. She stood at about 5'9, one of the taller girls. "Alright sweety he's over in the family room sitting on the couch, you just make sure you call me if anything goes wrong."And will that Jackson's mother and father hurried to the car and left, they were already running behind having to argue with Jackson and had to go as soon as possible. 

Lucy walked into the family room where Jackson was sitting and sat down on the other end of the couch. The TV was on in front of them but she was just looking around, getting a feel for the place. It wasn't until a few minutes later until Jackson scoot closer to her and awkwardly tried to start a conversation."So uh... Sorry you had to come and do this, my parents are sorta.. protective.""Oh it's fine," she answered sweetly, "I didn't have any plans for this weekend anyway. Besides, I thought we could have a little fun of our own~"This got Jackson's attention, he felt his face getting red as he shyly tried looking away. "Well.. what did you have in mind?"Lucy stood up and walked in front of Jackson, making him look like at her face."Close your eyes."Jackson was a little confused by the request, but he did it anyway; who'd argue in this situation? With his eyes closed he waited, expecting to feel something, but all he felt was a weird fuzzy feeling suddenly coming from his chest and all he could think of was, is this sex?"Hey uh, Lucy? What are we gonna—" Jackson stopped mid sentence as he opened his eyes. Something definitely seemed off as he stared ahead at a gigantic blue wall that looked strangely like... jeans? His heart sank as he thought it was moving closer, and it was. All he could do was look up in terror as it came and *BOOM*. Jackson felt the entire world come crashing down on him as he was pressed deep into the couch. He tried pushing against the wall but his hands only pushed deeper into it. As he struggled he heard what sounded like giggling, but it sounded... Huge."Hehe~ you know, your parents really picked out a good couch~ nice and comfy!"Jackson kept struggling for several more minutes before he felt the wall move again, this time lifting off of him. When he could finally see light he struggled for a moment to get his breath back, but he couldn't believe what he saw. For what seemed like miles above him was the now gigantic face of his babysitter; and she was smiling. "Aww, what's wrong little guy? Am I playing too rough?"Lucy giggled as she reached down, squeezing Jackson between her fingers tightly and bringing him up to her face. He estimated he was about an inch tall between her fingers, maybe even less, but all he could concentrate on was how the hell she got so big as she set him down in her palm."You scared little guy? I told you we were going to have some fun didn't I~?""L-Lucy!" Jackson cried out, "what the hell happened!? I thought you meant..—". Before he could finish he was interrupted by the tip of Lucy's finger pressing down on his chest, it was like getting crushed by a mattress. "You thought what? I was actually gonna have sex with you? Why do you boys always so horny.." she began rubbing his body gently for a moment while she spoke, only to notice a tiny bulge coming from his pants. "... Well well, what have we here~? Are you actually getting hard with this? Being all tiny in my hand?""N-no!" Jackson yelled, "Lucy! I-it's not what you—" this time he was cut off by Lucy's booming laughter. "Hahaha!!! Oh god you are! Wow, you little boys are so pathetic~. Let's get on to the real fun now."

Jackson felt a little relieved hearing this, maybe she was going to let him go? No.. his heart sank again and then was filled with terror as Lucy raised her finger off of him only to start tilting her hand up, raising it straight and making him slide towards her wrist. Before he got close, Lucy put her mouth against her wrist and let her tongue out. Jackson let out a scream, she was going to eat him like candy! He twisted around and tried to grab onto something to keep him from sliding but there was nothing to grab onto. As he got closer he could feel her hot breath on him like a sauna, and he could see the pools of saliva now dripping inside Lucy's hungry mouth. Within moments he could feel her tongue under his shoe as he just kept sliding towards it, now his legs were on it, his whole lower body before she finally moved her hand away, letting him fall completely onto her tongue."LUCY NO!" He screamed as she brought him fully into her cavernous mouth, reaching for the last light he could see before *SLAM*! Lucy closed her mouth and everything went dark.

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