Ryan’s Secret by Silentnomad50

Ryan has kept his secret fetish to himself for years, until now. What will happen when he finally decides to let his wife know what he’s been holding back for years?

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Chapter 1 by Silentnomad50
Ryan rubbed his eyes tiredly as he sat in front of the dim light of his laptop. He glanced at the time.

1:25 am

?Just a few more minutes,? he thought as he went back to his search. The sheets next to him rustled slightly with movement. Ryan shut the laptop closed quickly and held his breath.

?Stay asleep, stay asleep, stay asleep...? he prayed.

After a few tense moments. His wife didn?t move anymore and he could hear slow deep breaths, convinced she was still deep in sleep, he opened the computer back up to his research.
A bad feeling came over him, he didn?t enjoy hiding things from his wife. He loved her more than the day they got married and she was his best friend, he couldn?t stand the thought of hiding his one and only secret from her.
Jenna was everything an average guy like him could hope for. She was a inspirational fitness model, with a major following on Twitter and Instagram.

Jenna was perfect in every way to him.

She had long auburn hair that framed her shapely face. Her fierce green eyes were framed by high cheekbones and a thin shapely face,softened by her full pillowy lips. She was taller than the average woman, standing at 6? 2? barefoot. With all that natural beauty, people assumed she was full of herself, was high maintenance and were easily intimidated by her stature, but Ryan knew otherwise. Ryan knew she was an introvert by nature and enjoyed a simple life, preferring to cuddle up on a couch reading a good book and nursing full wine glass of Sauvignon Blanc.
Most people on the street, mainly instagram, would categorize her as ?thicc?, which in this day and age isn?t a big deal. However, growing up she was constantly antagonized by her friends and family for being overweight. To counter all the hate thrown her way, Jenna spent countless hours in the gym.
Over the course of her college years, she had gone from an unshapely, shy girl to a sexy, curvy and confident woman. With all the fat stripped from her body from years of cardio, her voluptuous hips measured at an impressive 55? at their widest, combined with her G cup breasts made for one beautiful tall hourglass shape. Unfortunately, this made doorways a bit of a challenge for her.
It wasn?t long after she graduated that talent scouts discovered her working at a local popular bar where she bartended since her sophomore year. It was during that time, through the encouragement of her clients, she started her own social media presence. One thing led to another and she was quickly a sought after model for numerous fitness brands and magazines.
Ryan was assigned as her first photographer and was immediately smitten with her. Sure he?d seen his fair share of beautiful women and definitely slept with many of them, but Jenna was different from the start. It was during their sessions he discovered she was just as timid as he was. Before too long thy hit it off and the rest was history. Fast forward three years later, through an engagement and an awesome sex filled honeymoon in the Bahamas, here they were.
Ryan tapped away into the search bar and opened up yet another forum. Ryan hoped this one would provide more insight than the others. He scanned the titles.

? My girlfriend and I share the giantess fetish, ask us anything you?d like to know.?

He looked at the comments underneath, not much helpful there again.

Yes, his deepest secret he kept from his wife was his giantess fetish.

To this day, he could not bring himself to tell her. They shared everything in the world, she had shared her deepest fantasies, how she enjoys biting, being tied up and role playing. They explored all of her fantasies together and it only brought them closer together for it. Yet somehow, he was still unable to bring up the subject when she asked about his fetishes and desires. Every time he lied and every time he felt terrible.

He felt the bed move as she shifted, once again he slammed the laptop shut and quickly placed it on the floor as he turned over. He tried to slow his breathing down and hope that she didn?t realize he was still awake.
?Babe,? Jenna breathed sleepily as she wrapped her long arm around him ?I want that dick of yours.? Before Ryan could roll over, she had pulled him towards her. He felt her soft naked breasts press into his back. Jenna?s hand found its way to his penis and began stroking his veiny shaft slowly. Her moans increased with the grinding of her hips. Ryan wasted no time as he flipped to face her, he pushed her against her pillow as he slid on top of her large frame. He began kissing and sucking on her hard nipples, massaging the other breast with his left hand while his right grabbed his dick and ran the tip around her clit. Her strong arms wrapped around his smaller frame and her nails dig into his back as he slipped his dick into her wet pussy. He bit her lip as he thrust, eliciting a new set of moans. Jenna entertained her legs in his as he slid his head in between her breasts.
Ryan imagined, her large body expanding around him as he continued to thrust his dick faster and faster into her right pussy. Within moments, he was ready to burst. Pulling out quickly, Jenna pulled him up, letting his pulsing dick spew hot sticky cum all over her abs. Ryan collapsed in her arms and Jenna sighed in satisfaction as their bodies relaxed. His dick pulsed lightly against her hard abs, he gave her one last passionate kiss.

?Tomorrow I will tell her.? Ryan promised himself as he drifted off to the sound of her heartbeat.
End Notes:
Had some great feedback from my very first story, which was really great for my confidence, a big thank you to this awesome community. Let me know what y’all think about my newest story!
Chapter 2 by Silentnomad50


Ryan woke with a start as his alarm clock beeped, rolling over lazily he grabbed his phone and shut off the noise. He rubbed his eyes and let out a yawn as he stretched. The bed was empty except for him, Jenna had mentioned something the other day about having somewhere to go early in the morning. Ryan picked his laptop up from where he had dropped it late last night and lifted the screen. The webpage was still open from where he was investigating ways to tell Jenna about his giantess fetish. He scanned the page a few more times, hoping that something would come across as more helpful but, nothing seemed to be sticking out to him. Disappointed, he shut the laptop again and made his way to the bathroom to shower.

  Jenna was walking briskly down the street lost in her thoughts concerning this weeks major shoot and listening to music as she made her way to her hair appointment. The occasional passerby shot her a stare as her long legs, wrapped tightly in a pair of black leggings, propelled her  forward. Jenna was used to it, she was easily head shoulders taller than most and every bit thicker in the body. Stares and sideway glances were now just a normal everyday occurrence for her, in fact, she had started relishing in the attention shortly after she began her modeling career. It had become a game for her to see how many heads she could turn when she would be out running errands, this morning she had picked her leggings and an equally tight blue tank top as her choice for head turning, although this early the sidewalks in Oklahoma City were all but empty save for a few others. Her long hair was pulled back into a ponytail, revealing her strong bare shoulders and giving all the attention to her full bouncing bosom. Her cheap black flip-flops, slapped against her bare soles as she continued on her way.
  She stopped at the crosswalk and leaned against the light pole as she waited the light to turn. A light tap on her right arm drew her from her thoughts, she looked to her side to see a well dressed young red headed freckled faced boy smiling up at her. Jenna pulled the headphones from her ears, " Are you lost little boy?"

The boy shook his head no, still smiling.

" Is there something I can do for you?" She asked gently

The boy, who had been holding his hands together in front of him, lifted up his arms towards her and revealed a small bottle of clear liquid, no bigger than a bottle of perfume.

" For  you." He simply said.

Leery, Jenna took the small vial from his outstretched hands and brought it to her face to further inspect it.

The small vial had maybe 3oz of liquid and a simple label that just read, " If you think it, it will be."

Confused, Jenna looked back down at the boy to ask him what it meant, however, he was nowhere to be found. She looked all around but didn't see him anywhere, the street was empty. Thrown off, Jenna continued inspecting the bottle as she stepped off the curb, her focus completely on the recent weird event. A loud honk from a truck, startled her causing her to drop the vial, she was unable to grab it before it landed on her bare foot and smashed to pieces. The small amount of liquid quickly absorbed into the skin on her foot.

"Shit!" She yelled angrily and jogged to the other side of the crosswalk before bending down and inspecting her foot.

Everything appeared normal, it was dry and her skin wasn't burning or anything.

" How about you back that nice ass over here and I'll give you a another reason to bend over."

Jenna stood straight up and whipped around to look at the cat caller. The older man, sitting in his little Honda Accord quickly realized the impressive size of the lady he had just harassed, without a word he sped off.

"Ugh," she moaned. " I guess today is not going to be my day."

Jenna started back down the street and made her way into the hair salon. She was greeted by her hairstylist, Brittany. The short brunette, had her hair done in her usual flashy '50s style and sported bright red lipstick to bring out her thin lips.

"The usual today hun?" Brittany asked as Jenna sat down in the chair.

"Actually, I'm thinking something I'd just like a trim on the ends and I'm thinking a new color to help me stand out more. Maybe red to help my eyes pop even more?"

Brittany nodded in agreement, " Of course babe, I think that would really make you shine."

Jenna held her phone up with the camera switched around, " A quick pre-selfie for the Instagram page before we get started."

As Brittany got to work, Jenna's mind wandered to how she'd look once her hair was red and slightly longer.

"So what's ne..." Brittany started before noticing Jenna's hair slowly flowing down the back of the chair and subtlety changing to a brighter red.

"Um, Jenna. What just happened?" Brittany asked nervously.

Jenna opened her eyes and looked in the mirror, to her surprise everything she had just imagined about herself was looking right back at her in the mirror.

" Britt, did you already do something to me?" Jenna asked in disbelief.

"No, I haven't even finished getting everything together for you and how could I possibly add natural hair to you that quickly?"

Jenna flipped her hands through her new hair. It was definitely hers and definitely real.

"Britt, I don't know how this happened but I absolutely love it!"

Brittany could only continue to stare, still bewildered by what she had just witnessed.

Jenna stood up and gathered her things, " Thank you dear, you always do the best work." Jenna pulled out a wad of cash and handed it to Brittany before heading out. Brittany watched the beautiful woman walk out, with a light skip in her step. Shaking her head, she turned back to the counter to put the cash in the register and went on about her day.

Jenna walked happily back towards her apartment where Ryan should be up and waiting for her by now. Although she was unclear as to how her hair changed so quickly, she didn't let that spoil her good mood. Every chance she got she would look at her reflection in the windows of the stores as she walked by, the brighter color combined with her already bright green eyes truly made her beautiful face stand out even more. Jenna kept one eye on the pedestrians she passed by, even they were glancing at her more than usual. This made her feel even better about herself and a little horny, she really hoped that Ryan was ready for some action the moment she walked in.

  Ryan stepped out of the bathroom feeling clean and refreshed after his shower. He put on a pair of gym shorts and a white t-shirt and made his way into the kitchen to start on breakfast. As he was finishing up the scrambled eggs, he heard the door open and close.

"Hey babe!" He yelled.

"Hey honey." Jenna said seductively as she came around the corner, " Notice anything different?"

Ryan immediately noticed, but decided to play with her. " Hmmm. Your breasts are bigger?"

Jenna rolled her bright green eyes and flashed a smile. " No silly, my new hair color, what do you think?"

Ryan smiled, " I think it looks stunning on you."

Jenna smiled back and leaned down to give him a kiss, as she bent, she let her right hand lightly grab at his dick through his gym shorts. A light zap, much like static electricity, made him jump slightly.

Ryan brushed it off and  feigned shock, " Why Jenna, how could you? You haven't even had your breakfast yet."

Jenna bit her lower lip and wrapped his now harder dick completely in her hand, " I'm feeling like having a big piece of sausage."

Ryan blushed, " I'm not sure I have enough sausage to satisfy your hunger."

She led him towards their couch on the other side of the breakfast bar and laid down, with one hand she pulled his shorts and underwear off and pulled him on top of her with the other. Ryan found himself straddling her torso just behind her mammoth breasts, his hard dick throbbed against the thin material of his shorts and pulsed against the soft flesh surrounding it. Jenna pulled her tank top off, releasing her breasts, her soft pink nipples pointed up towards Ryan's face. Without another word her grabbed hold of one with his mouth and began sucking slowing and slid his seven inch cock into her cleavage, rocking his hips back and forth.

Jenna's breathing increased with the rocking of Ryan's hips, she could catch slight glimpses of the tip of his reddening dick between her breasts as he would buck slightly harder whenever she let out a moan. Jenna imagined what it would be like to be able to suck his dick while still rubbing his shaft with her breasts while he sucked on her now swollen nipples.

A rhythmic prodding against her lips, brought her out of her day dream, when she opened her eyes she couldn't believe what she saw. There, tapping against her lips was her husband's engorged penis, except that it was twice as long and much thicker. Ryan had yet to notice as he was still working his magic on her arreolas. Not wanting to stop or draw his attention, Jenna quickly enveloped his penis in her mouth. The shudder of pleasure from Ryan's body was easily felt as Jenna began sucking him off.

" Oh, honey. Keep. Going. Don't. Stop, what...ever you're doing." Ryan gasped.

Jenna kept up the work with her mouth and tongue and worked the shaft of his new long penis with her hands and breasts. With a loud UGH, Jenna quickly found her mouth filling with the familiar salty warm cum of her husband. She swallowed, load after load until his body slumped against her chest quivering.

The rock hard penis slowly softened and  pulled itself back towards its owner through the crevice that was her cleavage, still pulsing from the massive ejaculation. Ryan gazed lovingly at Jenna, still euphoric from the unbelievable orgasm he just had.

"I knew you were awesome at this, but honey that was amazing."

Jenna smiled lovingly back at him and wiped a  drop of cum rolling down the corner of her mouth. " If you want to see something truly amazing, you should stand up and look at your dick."

A puzzled look came across Ryan's face as he pushed himself off of her and stood up. Ryan couldn't believe what he saw, there dangling between his legs was a much larger version of his dick.

He grabbed it with one hand feeling the weight, " Jenna, I don't understand. I've never had a dick this big and it certainly wasn't like this earlier this morning."

Jenna could only shrug her shoulders. " The only thing I can think of, and you're gonna think I'm crazy,  is on my way to Brittany's this morning to get my hair redone, a young boy came up to me and handed me a vial of some strange liquid that I ended up accidentally spilling on myself. Shortly afterwards, I thought about my hair being this way and when I opened my eyes here I was. Just now I thought about your dick being able come through my cleavage to my mouth and lo and behold."

Ryan stared at her hard in thought for a silent few minutes before collecting his thoughts.

" So, what I'm gathering from your story is, you can think of anything an it will just magically happen because of this liquid?"

Jenna shrugged again, " I guess so, I'm not sure really how it works but so far these two things have happened right after I was thinking of them."

Ryan nodded, " Sounds like it's time to experiment a little more with this. Today is both of our day off, might as well see what we can make happen together."

Jenna put her tank top back on and brought her knees to her chest, forcing the flesh further out the sides.

" I don't know Ryan, it seems pretty crazy and I'm not sure how safe this is."

Ryan's heart sunk a little, he was already focused on his thoughts of bringing up his giantess fetish, if what Jenna had already told him then his dreams might could just become a reality if he could convince her.

" You're probably right dear." Ryan hesitated looking around and building his confidence.

"There's something I'd like to share with you and it may or may not affect your decision about all of this."

Jenna met Ryan's gaze, " You know you can tell me anything."

Ryan nodded and averted his eyes in embarrassment as he began.

" For a long time, as long as I can remember being sexually aware I've always had a particular attraction to one thing."

Ryan paused, slightly shaking.

Jenna cupped a hand to his face,  " You don't have to be afraid, I won't love you any less no matter what you are about to say."

Ryan smiled weakly and place his hand over hers.

" I have what is called a giantess fetish. It's where I am sexually attracted to.."

Jenna cut him off

 " Towering women that destroy puny men and entire cities. Yes, I'm aware babe." She stated matter of fact like.

Ryan was in shock, his mouth still open trying to finish the sentence he had started and at the same time he couldn't believe what his ears had just heard.

" H-How.." He stammered.

" Shh. I've known for quite some time. You're not very good at hiding everything you do on the internet and some nights I watched you masturbate to giantess videos through half closed eyes. Albeit, they really aren't the best quality, I'm more proud of you for your vivid imagination. You'd really think with all these amazing movies they have at the box offices they could at least do one giantess woman movie some justice."

Ryan couldn't believe it, just like that, what he thought was his deepest and darkest well kept secret had been known to his wife all along. Most importantly, she wasn't acting weird about it, she had even watched him get off to it.

Jenna cocked her head to the side and with a half grin said, " Didn't you ever wonder how all of the sudden I began buying taller heels and forced you down lower during sex?"

" I guess I didn't really think about it that much, I know I enjoyed those things, I took notice but I never put two and two together that you could possibly know. I've been so afraid of my fetish for years because I was worried how a woman would perceive it. There's many out there that are concerned enough about their size that they believe it's more of an insult to imagine them hundreds of times bigger. I was especially worried about telling you, considering your past. The last thing I want is to hurt you, I just want to treat you like the goddess that you are."

Ryan could see Jenna's smile brighten up as tears formed in her eyes. She pulled him close to her, arms wrapped tightly around him.

"Babe, I would never be upset with you about something like that. To know that you want me as the center of your fetish is the greatest compliment a woman could receive and who would throw away the chance at being all powerful and worshipped everyday?"

A relief swept over Ryan, unlike anything he'd felt in years and just when he thought he couldn't love her anymore, his heart found more room. Jenna truly was his soulmate.

Jenna pulled away and smiled coyly at Ryan.

"I'm guessing that since you led with your giantess fetish, following our recent discovery, that you are wanting to experiment more into that realm?

Ryan's face began to turn red once more.

Jenna laughed, " Stop turning so red!" She said as she slapped his arm.

Ryan laughed and held his hands up in surrender, " Alright, Alright you win. I'll stop acting childish about it."

" Good, now let's start brainstorming how we are gonna navigate this. I've seen the plots of those videos you watch and quite frankly I'm unimpressed. If we are gonna do this, we're gonna do this right, because you deserve this. I deserve to be worshipped even more and I'm sure there's plenty of other people in this world that would love to see a real life house crushing woman."

Ryan felt his new dick start to re-harden, " I may have an idea or two on where to begin with this."



Chapter 3 by Silentnomad50

Ryan sat pensively, a wave of emotions coursing through his mind. So many ways they could take their newfound discovery, the options seemed limitless. Jenna had gotten up from the bed and left him to his thoughts, when she came back in she was drinking from a glass of water which she offered to Ryan as she lay on her side facing him. Jenna patiently waited Ryan?s plans as she played with the band of her Calvin Klein panties, her naked breasts jiggling lightly with each snap.

Finally, Ryan met her gaze.

?Before we do anything involving the rest of this city, country or world, I want to shrink down and have time alone to explore your body and see parts of you just for myself. I need to know you can make me indestructible, otherwise my fun will be really short lived.?

Jenna nodded in agreement, ?I agree to that and I have some stipulations myself. First, you will only be able to start and stop orgasming when I say. Second, your penis is mine and mine alone. It will not penetrate any other females unless I give the authorization. Otherwise, any and everything is game, clear??

Ryan leaned over, his lips almost touching hers and whispered, ? Every fiber of my being is yours to have and to do with as you see fit my goddess.?

A shudder of pleasure washed down her back as goosebumps raised across her skin, he could still make butterflies dance in her stomach. She kissed him deeply, sealing their agreements, their tongues danced inside each other?s mouths.

Finally pulling away, Jenna couldn?t help but smile at her husbands ginormous erect penis.
?Time to test out our agreements and see if I?m really all that powerful.?
She pushed him back onto the bed and straddled him with her ass just inches above his face.
?First and foremost, we need to make sure you?re invincible.?

Ryan had a confused look as he tried to see around the mounds of tanned flesh above him.
? what do you....mmmhm.?
His voice was abruplty muffled as she sat her heavy ass onto his face and clamped down with her cheeks, sealing him off from any air.

Jenna hummed and played with the tip of Ryan?s still hard dick. She occasionally shook her ass pressing his face further into her crack. Several minutes passed and he continued to fight against her. Satisfied in her experiment, she sat up and turned around.

Ryan?s face was completely purple and his eyes were bloodshot ad he shot her a sour look that quickly faded into a huge smile that turned into a laugh.

They were both laughing before too long, neither one of them could believe it. Jenna truly was capable of making anything come true.

Ryan caught his breath, ? That is one dangerous ass you have babe.?

Jenna shook it one more time, ? You can?t even imagine my dear. I have one more experiment to test and then we can let you have your miniature fun. It?s time for this cowgirl to ride that horse of a dick and see if you?re more than just a one shot Johnny.

Ryan eagerly flopped down onto his back again and waited. Jenna straddled him once more and with one hand she slipped her panties over to expose her perfectly hairless vagina and with her other hand she maneuvered his swollen dick into her waiting moist lips.
?OH, yeah. OH, YEAH.? Jenna yelped as she eased onto his dick and engulfed it completely in her pussy.

They could both feel the tip of his dick bunched up inside of her at the back of her uterus.

?I?m not to big for you am I?? He asked worried.

Jenna looked up at him her eyes showing slight pain. ?One...sec....don?t close....your eyes.?

Her growth was almost imperceptible, but she had grown just enough that Ryan felt her uterus open up around his shaft. Jenna?s face relaxed and turned to one of pleasure. She leaned forward to kiss him, her face though originally bigger than he was, seemed and was even larger. Her upper lip covered the tip of his nose as her lips met his and her tongue forced his back and filled his mouth.

Jenna sat back up and began bucking her wide hips. She lifted her body up and down the length of his shaft, squeezing and releasing her vaginal muscle throughout. Ryan knew at any moment he would pop, she had him right on the edge, yet he couldn?t. He tried to focus on cumming but his dick would not obey. Harder and faster Jenna rode him, running her larger hands across his body. He felt like he was in agony and ecstasy all at the same time. Finally Jenna paused and leaned down towards his ear. Her breasts hung heavy, covering his face and trapping him from air once more.

With a light lick of her tongue in his ear, she whispered ever so softly. ?You May cum now.?

Ryan swore he went blind, the force of his ejaculation and the constant waves of pleasure rolled uncontrollably from his dick.

Jenna felt the eruption of his dick deep inside her and she did her best to hold on. Clamping her vaginal lips as tight as she could, she did her best to take in every bit of semen he let loose inside her. It wasn?t long before she felt the semen make its way into her bladder and eventually backing further through her intestines. Within a minute, her belly began expanding as gallon after gallon of warm sperm filled her innards. Her belly expanded so much she lost sight of her abs and her expensive Calvin Klein high waist panties couldn?t take it anymore. With a sharp snap they fell away from her steadily growing belly. Jenna?s gag reflex kicked in when she felt the sperm make its way up to her throat and before she could tell Ryan to stop. Warm white cum flowed out of her mouth, splashing onto her belly. The pain was becoming unbearable, her system wasn?t accustomed to working in reverse, at least not past her anus. With a hard lean to one side she was able to fall over and slip off of the volcano that was Ryan?s dick.
With Jenna off, Ryan?s dick became a geyser if cum. It slammed into the ceiling and rained down, coating everything. After several seconds of vomiting cum, Jenna was finally able to speak.

?Stop.? She commanded.

An exhausted Ryan finally lay still against the floor. His once stiff penis, gently retreating back to a flaccid state. Ryan looked over at his larger than normal wife and mouthed thank you through a smile. Jenna winked and diminished her size back to her normal large frame as she crawled over to her husband.

?Looks like we?re in business my love.?

He nodded, ? Time to see what that beautiful landscape of your body looks like up close.?

?Shhhh, just close your eyes for a moment. You need some rest after that load you unleashed.? Jenna ran her hand down his face shutting his eyelids and then began to rub her hands over his body, slowly massaging him to sleep. Once she was sure he was out, she began shrinking him down until he was only three inches tall. She watched his tiny chest slowly rise and fall as she marveled at her power and his diminutive size.

?One thumb.?

The thought flashed into her mind like thunder.

One thumb is all it would take to end her lover?s life. The idea was intoxicating to her and the more she watched his tiny form the more she was aroused.
?All in due time.? She told herself as she gently picked Ryan up with her thumb and index finger.

Jenna imagined the softest pair of black silk panties on her lower body. Without missing a beat she slid her free hand down and immediately felt the soft waistband. Praying it up with one finger she slid Ryan gently under the soft material with only his shoulders up exposed. Blowing him a kiss she laid back and began working on his big adventure.
Chapter 4 by Silentnomad50
Ryan slowly opened his eyes, groaning. His body had been racked pretty hard by his bigger dick?s marathon ejaculation. Muscles he didn?t even know he had were sore.
He ran his hands over his face massaging the sleepiness away. Blinking rapidly he looked around for Jenna.

?Jenna.? He called

His voice sounded unusually high and whiny to his ears.

?That?s weird.? He thought.

?Jenna!? He called out once more and louder. His voice sounded even tinier to his ears this time.

?What the hell?!? He squeaked.

Confused, Ryan stood up and looked around hoping to see and Jenna. Perhaps she had changed his voice while he was out as a joke. As he scanned the room with more attention, he began to notice that his voice wasn?t the only thing that was unusual.

His very next clue was directly underfoot. The material on his bare feet felt nothing like the hardwood of their apartment floor. He glanced down past his naked body at the soft, black spongy material his feet slightly sank into. He looked around the material and found a foot long contrasting gray line in the material. Kneeling down and reaching out he felt the material. Not far from the foot long gray line was another one and another one. He followed it as far as his eyes would allow.

?It?s a stitch.? He thought incredulously.

He looked around the room as he began to realize where he was. Larger than life dumbbells and plates loomed in the distance.

?I?m in the workout room.? He deduced.

A booming ?UMPH!? followed by the familiar clanging of plates landing on mats startled Ryan from his detective work.

He whipped around just in time to see a larger than life version of Jenna. Her red hair was pulled up into a tight ponytail. She was breathing heavily, her shoulders rising up and down rapidly with each breath. A barbell with 115 lbs lay at her bare feet. Jenna?s gray adidas sports bra was soaked in sweat. Ryan watched giant beads of sweat roll down her flat, tan stomach and soak into the band of her dark purple, skin tight bikini bottoms.

Jenna turned towards him, hands on her hips. She looked right at him and shot him a toothy grin. Picking up a towel she made her way over to him, drying herself off. As her large frame came closer, more and more of Jenna filled his vision until he could only see the tanned skin of on of her shins before him. Ryan was able to see every pore on the surface of her skin, it was mind blowing to him.

Jenna knelt down until her face was even with the weight bench that Ryan?s three inch form stood on.

?I see you?ve managed to wake from your cum coma.?

Ryan was forced to plant his feet and brace himself against the rush of noise and hot wind that threatened to blow him off the bench. Jenna?s pearly whites were almost blinding this close up, even more so they were terrifying. He was barely much bigger than one of her front teeth. Vore had never really been the most satisfying of the giantess/shrinking fetish to him. He never imagined being chewed up by a giant mouth in his fantasies. Being swallowed alive was more of an inevitability since a woman had to eat eventually. Ryan shuddered slightly, a mix of fear and awe creeping into his mind at the mere thought of being torn apart by her mouth.

?You look like you are getting a good workout in.? Ryan squeaked nervously at her, hoping to keep the conversations n away from any potential mouth play.

Jenna, furrowed her brow. She could see that Ryan had said something to her but she could only barely make out a light squeaking noise.

Jenna leaned in closer and turned her head so that her ear was in front of him.

Ryan realized that she wasn?t able to hear him as he looked at the cavern that was her ear. He took in as deep a breath he could and screamed.


Jenna was still unable to make out what he said. Shaking her head she pulled away to be able to look at him once more.

?I?m sorry, but you?re too tiny. I can?t understand a thing you?re saying pip squeak.

Jenna could see the defeat in his tiny shoulders as he slumped.

?How about you just listen and play along. It?s more fitting for a tiny slave such as yourself anyways.? Jenna cooed slyly.

Ryan gave her look but nodded.

Jenna nodded back. ?Good, now hop on.?

Jenna held her hand out, palm up.

Ryan studied the side of her palm and ended up utilizing the lines in her hands as grapple points to heave himself up on the soft flesh. The world rushed around him as Jenna moved. He fell backwards and felt his bare ass hit something hard. Looking around his ass he realized he had fallen onto a callous. Jenna had always been proud of her callouses and never attempted to save her hands from them. She said they were a reminder of all the hard work she had accomplished to achieve the body she had today and the motivation to keep it. Soft hands equaled a soft body and mind according to her.

The world slipped back into focus as her giant hand slowed and came to rest on the mat. Ryan slid off the side of her palm and onto the black rubber, before he could turn around he felt her giant fingernail slap his ass. Grabbing his cheeks he whipped around and shot her a look.

Jenna pulled her hand away and laughed at her tiny husbands attempt to give her a mean look. She rolled her eyes at him and sat on her ass, sliding away until she could her legs out and place her sweaty bare feet directly before Ryan who was still rubbing his red ass cheeks.

Ryan quickly forgot the stinging pain in his backside as his wife?s bare soles planted before him. The smell almost toppled him over and yet at the same time, he felt his dick begin to twinge as blood rushed to it. He stared in awe at her dirty heel just inches from him. He could feel the heat from the skin of her soles, reaching out tugged and pulled at a large piece of dirt stuck in the crevice that was one of many wrinkles spaced across her mountainous foot. With one final heave he was able to dislodge it.
?Fuck, I hope she doesn?t expect me to pleasure her in anyway at this size.? He breathed heavily.

Jenna?s left heel tickled slightly as she watched Ryan. She also quickly realized that if she wanted any pleasure out of this deal he was much to small at the moment.

? I want you to listen to me closely dear, I?m going to grow you just enough to be able to actually make a difference when you massage my feet. I need you to also understand that even though you will be bigger, you are not to speak unless given permission.?

Jeanna took a small breath and within a single thought, she soon saw the top of Ryan?s head begin to poke over her toes. His growth stopped once he was just an inch taller than her big toe. Ryan smiled meanly at her. Jenna blew a kiss at him and pointed one manicured finger at her foot. He nodded his understanding and got to work on her left sole.

Jenna laid back and closed her eyes, letting his work ease out the aches in her foot. A flood of dopamine washed through her body as she let out a small sigh. She let a smile spread across her lips as she felt a third appendage tap lightly against her foot just below his working arms and hands.

Several minutes had passed since Ryan?s slight growth. He was surprisingly grateful for the extra size, three inches, he realized, was much smaller than he thought he?d enjoy being. His current height however, felt perfect. Before too long, his naked body was drenched in sweat as the work got harder. He bounced from one sole to the other, the rubbing becoming increasingly more challenging as her sweaty feet dried and he lost lubrication. His hands began hurting from the increased resistance and friction. His rock hard erection even began wavering as the head of his penis began to chafe from rubbing against her wrinkled soles. When he thought it couldn?t get any more difficult, he heard Jenna?s booming command.


His dick shot straight out and gushed. Ryan barely managed to stay standing as a flood of pleasure overtook his body. Splat after sticky warm splat covered his hands and ran between Jenna?s toes, cascading down her foot. He shifted his hips and aimed his spewing dick at her right foot, drenching it from tiptoe to heel. Warmth spread across Ryan?s feet as his continuous to orgasm caused a growing pool of his sperm around the base of her heels.


As quickly as it began, his dick dried out and deflated. Ryan grabbed hold of her slippery big toe before he fell down. His face was pressed into the wet underside, his nose assaulted with a mixture of his own unique smell and her foot odor. To his own disbelief he watched his dick twitch at the circumstance.

He felt a slight movement from Jenna. When he looked up he saw her beautiful face hovering above. She wore an amused expression as she pointed at him.

? Guess we need to add giant cum covered, dirty feet to your list of fetishes.?

Ryan nodded, ? We?re all learning something new today.?

Jenna feigned shock, ? I don?t believe I gave you permission to speak and rules are meant to be followed. Don?t you move one muscle while I dish out your punishment.?

Ryan pressed his lips tightly together.

?Yep forgot that rule.? He thought to himself.

Next thing he knew his world was getting darker. He glanced up, still clutching onto her big toe. What he saw scared him half to to death. Jenna?s ginormous mouth was open, her lips formed a perfect soft circle as they lowered towards his head and the toe he was attached to. Before he could think of letting out a scream he was completely covered in her moist and humid mouth. The wet sounds of sucking were deafening and all Ryan could think about was her getting to rough and bringing her teeth into play.

Jenna lowered her mouth until she had covered her toe to its base, she could feel his head and chest just inside. She began sucking and sliding up and down, playfully slapping his head with her soft pink tongue. She would stop and circle around her toe with her tongue until it rested over his face, then quickly whip it around the other way to tap his head on the other side. She opened her mouth wider, bringing the rest of her toes into play. The renewed taste of salt and tanginess increased her salivating. Satisfied she had cleaned her left foot thoroughly she pulled away and let Ryan get some air.

Ryan was hit by daylight and wasted no time in taking in the fresh air. Once he had his breath he angrily let go of her toe and faced her.

?Jenna, I don?t care about the rules for one moment. I hate anything involving the mouth, I get that I?m indestructible but nothing about being tossed around by your tongue turns me on. Please, find anything else.?

Jenna?s eyes widened and he could tell she felt truly awful.

?I?m so sorry baby, I won?t do that again. I made a bad assumption.?
Jenna grabbed her towel from earlier and wiped off her other foot as she looked around the weight room. Her gaze settling on the barbells just to the right of her.

?I think I know how to get you back in the mood.? She said as her eyes lit up.

?Stay right there.?

Jenna got onto her feet and stood up. The visual was stunning to Ryan, he had already forgotten the mouth incident as his dick began to twitch in anticipation once more.

Jenna took a few steps back, giving Ryan an amazing POV shot up at her large gorgeous body.

?Just let me set the scene for you real quick and I think you?ll enjoy this.? She held her hands out in an indication to continue to stay put.

Ryan waited patiently as Jenna ran to the weight rack and began moving plate after plate off and onto the bar. She struggled with the forty-fives but with some effort she was able to slide them on and stack more on to them. Eventually she had no more room and placed the weight clamps on the ends. He watched her walk in front of the bar and attempt to lift the nearly four hundred some pounds of weight. The bar never moved.

? Guess I?ve got too much weight on their huh?? She asked Ryan.

He nodded, ? Clearly, although I don?t see why you would have attempted something that heavy. You know you can?t lift that, he?ll there are plenty of powerlifters that could barely get one.?

Jenna nodded in agreement, ?True. I do believe I remember seeing an uncleared search history that led me to a video entitled female muscle growth...?

Jenna let her sentence trail off as she saw the realization dawn on his face.

?Now he gets it.? She thought.

?The vast amount of searches you?ve done for it really tell me something too babe.?

?W-what?s that??

?None of those muscle women you?ve jacked off too, have a face as beautiful as mine and you clearly haven?t been able to find one with large enough muscles. I?m gonna make that steroid Russian woman you favorited look like a pre-pubescent girl when I?m through and still have this lovely voice.?

Ryan?s jaw dropped as his stunning athletic curvy giantess wife, began fulfilling one of his deepest fetishes.
Chapter 5 by Silentnomad50
Author's Notes:

Thank you to all that read and keep me motivated to come back to this story. I was unsure if I should write another one after my first story, but I felt like this one hit home a little more for me. Anyone (male or female)  keep their fetish(es) a secret from their significant other or do you share? Drop a comment and let me know :) 

Butterflies filled Ryan’s stomach as Jenna started her transformation. Noticeable defined lines appeared across her frame as muscle began to grow. Jenna was no stranger to weights, but he couldn’t help but get excited as her toned bikini body made the change to that of a female bodybuilder.

Jenna stopped her transition.

Ryan stared, awestruck at the muscular giantess above him, he figured she could easily compete in the middle-weight body builder contest and easily win.

  Jenna picked up her right foot and placed it behind Ryan as she crouched down, resting her weight on her left knee. Just above Ryan’s head, her hamstrings bulged through the skin and her quads cast a shadow upon him. The bottom of Jenna’s workout shorts dug deep into her pussy. Her visible camel toe hovered enticingly above his head, just barely within reach. The smell of feminine musk washed over him as trapped heat escaped the sides of the tight black fabric. She was clearly aroused herself and the air was slowly becoming more humid as a result, forcing him to breathe harder through the thickening air.

“Does this look familiar to you?”

  Jenna’s voice boomed above him in, slightly deeper in tone and raspier. It was enough to pull Ryan from the large labia before him, though reluctantly. He found himself staring at the giant screen of his Iphone and quickly his stomach sank and his dick went flaccid. Illuminated, clear as day, was his secret Instagram account he used solely for the purpose of finding women who fit his fetishes.

“No words to say?” Jenna asked.

“I-uh…I…” Ryan stammered.

A giant index finger covered his face.

“Stop. I told you before, I’ve known this stuff for quite some time now. You’re terrible at covering your tracks. If I was upset with you, I would have done something many years ago.

A look of relief swept across Ryan’s face.

“Are you sure babe?”

“Of course, my love. Now….”

 Jenna turned the phone back around and started scrolling.

“There’s plenty of interesting material you’ve found on here, and it really gives me some great ideas. You’re quite the kinky man.”

Embarrassment crept across Ryan’s face once more. “I hope there’s nothing too kinky on there for you.”

Jenna scoffed. “Please, nothing is off the table with me dear and not to worry, we will cover everything on here in due time. First, I’d like to explore this muscle fantasy thoroughly first. Let’s give this one a shot.”

She turned to phone screen back to him once more. Ryan easily recognized the bodybuilder in her light purple bikini, Skykinz, wearing her signature backwards black trucker hat atop her matching purple hair. In this particular photo, she was leaning against a wooden rail posing, her right arm up and grasping the back of her head, giving an impressive shot of her large traps and developed chest. Her right arm down to her side sporting a half sleeve tattoo and grasping a shaker bottle, no doubt full of some product she was sponsored by. The only thing not tight on her perfect body was the very top of her bikini bottoms, the band laid gently against the v-shaped bottom of her amazing abs, no doubt only loose due to her pose. It was one of the most magnificent pictures he’d ever seen of her and one of the few actual pictures he ventured to actually favorite.

Jenna brought one of her giant fingernails to Ryan’s erect penis and lightly stroked it.

“Yep, I think I’ve already found the perfect one.” Jenna said playfully.

Jenna tossed the phone aside and stood up, she leaned against the squat rack behind her in the same pose as the girl on Instagram. She imagined herself exactly like the woman, save for her actual face.

The all too familiar warmth spread throughout her body, she could fell the changes taking place and when she was done, a newfound sense of power coursed through her.

She opened her eyes and examined her work; her gaze was first drawn to her reformed chest. Massive pectorals jutted just below her collarbone, her once all-natural breasts had been replaced with perfectly symmetrical perky breasts that protruded unnaturally from her pecs. A light purple bikini now cradled her massive implants. Jenna looked at her arms, a fresh tattoo was now decorating her left forearm and bulging biceps scraped the sides of her breasts.

“This will never cease to amaze me.” Jenna thought in awe.

With her hands, she went about the task of spreading her massive breasts apart, with her new unobstructed view she saw her husband.

Ryan was in complete shock as he watched his wife transform once more and right into one of the women he masturbated regularly too. He watched as Jenna studied her new form and figured he might even be able to get a stroke or two in. Grabbing his cock with both hands he got to work stroking his long shaft. Suddenly her massive breasts parted and they looked each other in the eye. She nodded her approval, let go of her breasts and let her hands wander down the front of her chiseled abs. Ryan watched intently as veins moved through the tight skin, pushed aside by her equally veiny hands headed his way.

Jenna stopped just above her bikini bottoms, with one hand she pulled back the tight band and let the other towards her new vagina. What she thought to do next surprised her and equally excited her.

“How do you like my new form babe?” She asked seductively.

“I absolutely love it baby,” Ryan huffed as he continued stroking his penis.

“I bet I can make this form even more interesting for you. Please come forward some more.”

Jenna beckoned to him with her finger and sat on her muscular ass spreading her legs and creating an effective leg wall around Ryan’s body, trapping him between her giant calves and the purple fabric of her bikini bottoms.

“Perfect stay right there for me and don’t let go of that cock.”

Ryan continued as told and gawked at his beautiful wife before him as the space around him became smaller and so did he

Jenna’s body was becoming even more muscular and he was shrinking once more.

Ryan’s smaller bare ass and back were hit by her growing calf muscles and her giant quads pressed into his shoulders making his stroking motions more difficult, but it was what he saw before him that truly took his breath away.

A round form poked lightly at first and then pressed firmly against the soft fabric directly above her pussy lips, eventually pushing so hard that it pulled the fabric of the bottoms away from her skin and continued until it was brushing against his face. Strands of the fabric tickled his nose as the giant pulsing pressed into his face again and again. Ryan realized quickly that he was effectively trapped between her muscles and whatever was now covering his face and upper body.

“It’s now time for you to stroke me.” A deep almost bass like voice boomed.

Wide eyed, Ryan looked up best he could. If his jaw could’ve dropped anymore it would have right then and there. He caught glimpses of tanned mounds of muscle and protruding veins everywhere he looked.

What disturbed him the most, was her male-like voice.

“I thought you said you wouldn’t change your voice, please change it back.” Ryan pleaded.

“No, you’re my slave now and I will do as I please, besides, it seems more fitting for my new powerful form. If I were you, I’d be focused less on my voice and more on pleasuring my giant clit.”

A gargantuan muscular finger descended to Ryan’s right and snapped the string of her purple bikini bottoms. The fabric fell away partially revealing her a very foreign looking vagina.

“W-What happened to your vagina!?” He blurted out.

 “I merely adopted hers and improved it, now stop wasting my time and get after it puny human.” The deep voice responded.

In the blink of an eye, the purple bottoms had completely disappeared giving him a full view of the vagina before him. Giant pink labia lay flapped open like giant flesh curtains where before Jenna’s outer lips hid her flaps. Brown moles were present just next to the vaginal opening, where before smooth perfect skin had been. That wasn’t the least of the changes, where a woman’s clit should be hidden under a hood of skin sat the giant head of her enlarged and elongated clit, the source of the fabric tugging and face slapping.

Jenna sensed his hesitation and grew her leg muscles once more, pushing him further towards her pussy and almost toppling him over when his face slammed into her enormous clit.

Ryan quickly got the hint as he recovered and began stroking her clit in the much smaller space. Her giant muscular body quivered with each stroke of his hands, but he was quickly tiring. Grasping onto the folds of the clit, he climbed on top and straddled the penis like member. Deep moans filled his ears as he continued pleasuring her, the entire encounter leaving a bad taste in his mouth.

“I didn’t want this extreme, I don’t want her to almost be a dude.” He breathed. Little did he know though, that Jenna had increased he hearing range and picked up his little remark.

“You may cum.”

“Oh n...” Ryan was cut off and his limp dick sprung to life into its cum geyser state.

Jenna bit her lip and moaned more as his little dick covered her extra sensitive clit and rolled down the folds of her pussy lips.

“Oh!” She managed to let out. Reaching down she pushed his body off her clit, leaving him to continue spewing against her thighs. She began rubbing her clit herself, bring her other hand around she began thrusting her fingers in and out of her sopping wet vagina.

To Ryan the scene was almost downright terrifying. His ears felt like they were going to explode from the constant slapping noise of her lips against her fingers and to make matters worse he found himself floating in a mixture of his cum and her juices and with her increased bucking, rogue waves of sexual juices threatened to overtake him.

Jenna felt herself orgasm multiple times as she watched her tiny husband to stay afloat in the pool of their juices. The feeling was completely intoxicating and she quickly began to feel bad.

“I think I got too carried away and forgot this was supposed to be his moment.” She thought to herself.

The wave of sexual energy finally subsided and she was able to think clearly once more. Jenna spread her legs open and let Ryan go free. She grabbed his limp body, still ejaculating, and brought him before her face.

“You may stop.” She commanded.

On cue his dick subsided and his body went completely still.

“He must be completely exhausted.” She thought.

Jenna grew him to roughly the size of toddler and cradled him in her massive arms, pressing him against her fake breasts.

Jenna glanced at the phone she had tossed aside.

11:03 p.m.

“You get your rest and, in the morning, we’ll get back to focusing on you my love.” She whispered softly.

Jenna found one of her old yoga mats and laid him gently on it, covering him in the towel she had used earlier.

“Time for me to get something to eat and get my beauty rest too.”

After planting a gently kiss on his head, she straightened up and headed out of the room. Catching a glimpse of herself in the mirror, she abruptly stopped to take her new form in.

“Massive.” Was the only word that came to her mind.

Everything about her was massive, from her wide neck down to her feet. She was a walking she-hulk and she felt every bit as powerful. She could easily see why Ryan found this so attractive, she was arousing herself once more as she flexed her amazing muscles.

A rumble from her stomach brought her back from her daydreaming. Jenna gave one last flex of her enormous biceps headed towards the kitchen.







Chapter 6 by Silentnomad50
Author's Notes:

Fair warning, there is some slight anal/defecation at the end. 

Jenna opened their fridge only to be extremely disappointed, it was at that moment that she realized it was Monday when they usually went shopping for the rest of the week. A louder rumble radiated from her empty stomach. She rubbed her strong abs, silently debating her next move.

“I guess I have no choice.” She finally settled to go out.

She made her way to their bedroom to throw something on and it wasn’t until she had to turn sideways to fit her broad shoulders through the doorway that she remembered there was no need to even mess with it.

“You’ve got an unlimited mental closet you idiot.” She scorned herself.

She thought for one moment of going back to her original form, but she just didn’t quite feel done with this form yet. She went back and grabbed Ryan’s phone, opened the Instagram account back up and scrolled through skykinz profile once more. She scanned her clothing choices and decided on a red tank top, gray leggings and red high tops. A quick thought later and she was clothed exactly like her picture, albeit, Jenna was the same frame with three times the muscle.

“Thanks for the wardrobe ideas, Ms. Kinz.”

She locked the phone screen back and tossed it on the floor and made her way out the apartment and to the street level.

Ryan and Jenna’s apartment sat on a kind of square in the heart of Bricktown in Oklahoma City. Jenna walked out to Reno Avenue and headed east towards IHOP located just up the way on Joe Carter Avenue. The summer air was actually rather pleasant this late at night, so she definitely didn’t mind the walk. Plus, it was late enough that most people were pent up in bars or already home so she had the streets to herself. It was also just what she needed to clear her head and think about her next move.

“I need a little more fun with this body before I move on and I’m afraid I’ve worn Ryan out of this fetish for the moment.” She stewed.

She was still lost in thought when she came upon the IHOP and no closer to deciding on what to do.

“Maybe after a stack or two of pancakes and I’ll be able to think a little clearer.” She concluded.

Jenna made her way inside of the empty restaurant and was greeted by an astonished hostess. Clearly, she had never seen a woman as impressive as Jenna before, Jenna politely asked for a booth for one. The server seemed to snap from her astonishment.

“Yes of course, right this way please.” She motioned her to follow and led her to a booth around the corner in a back room where a group of firefighters were sitting not far away.

The group of men reminded her of the meerkats on the discovery channel when they spot a predator. One by one their heads whipped up and around to stare at her, some in awe others in clear infatuation.

Jenna thanked the hostess as she sat down. She noticed she was just a little too thick for the current space of the booth, with one good breath she shoved the table forward with her abs.

“There, that’s much better.”

It wasn’t long before a waitress made her way over to get her drink order.

“Hello, my name is Amanda and I’ll be serving you tonight. What I can start you out with to drink?”

“Coffee and a water please.”

 “Yes, uh…ma…sir?” The waitress looked completely embarrassed.

“I’m so sorry, I just know this is a more accepting world and based on your voice compared to your body. I’m not really sure how to address you, please don’t be upset.” The waitress said apologetically.

Jenna quickly reverted her voice back to its normal pitch.

“You’re fine dear, I was just messing with you. I’m clearly all female.” Jenna flexed her pecs sending her implants into a continuous wave as an added emphasis.

The waitress blushed once more, “Thank you, I’m so sorry again.” Amanda glanced once more at her massive chest and hurried away.

Jenna smiled and shifted her gaze back to the group of firemen and began to study them. They were continuing to check her out, averting there gaze every time she made eye contact.

Amanda brought her the coffee and water she ordered and as she turned to leave, Jenna took one large hand and patted Amanda hard on the ass.

“Thank you, Amanda.”

Amanda turned around gave her a small smile that revealed slightly imperfect teeth, the unfortunate compliment to her overall homely appearance. She figured that one slap on her ass was the most affection the poor girl had been shown in some time.

Amanda made her way over to the group of firemen and Jenna studied how they treated her. She could tell they were talking to her and from diminishing glow on Amanda’s face, they weren’t saying very nice things. Anger began building inside of her and it was at that moment she realized what she was going to do.

“I’ll teach those firemen a lesson, they should know better than to treat any member of the public with less than the utmost respect, regardless of their looks.” She thought angrily.

“First, food and then fun.”

Amanda returned once more with her two orders of pancakes.

“Here you go, careful there still pretty warm. Can I get you anything else?”

“One thing dear.” Jenna motioned for her to lean in.

Before Amanda could react, Jenna put one large hand behind Amanda’s head and pulled her in for a deep kiss. Jenna’s lips covered most of Amanda’s face and her tongue barely fit into her small mouth. As she held her in place, she completely overhauled Amanda’s appearance. When she let go of her a blonde bombshell stood where the homely woman had stood before.

Jenna imagined five hundred dollars in her hand and quickly thrust it at Amanda.

“Take this and get out of here, go do whatever you dream of doing and stay away from pigs such as those over there. You deserve this girl.”

“I don’t know what to s…” Amanda started, however, Jenna cut her off.

“Enough. Go. Leave for someplace else and make sure you get some new clothes, you’re going to need them.”

Amanda scurried away as Jenna dove into her food and demolished it. It wasn’t long before Jenna sat back and patted her stomach finally satisfied.

Taking one last sip of her coffee she began to get up and that’s when she noticed the firemen getting up too.

“Good.” She thought.

“I can hook up with them, maybe get them to show me their trucks back at their station just across the way.”

The biggest fireman, a head shorter than her, of the group made his way to her first. The name on his shirt read J. Holtz.

“Excuse me miss. I can’t help but say what an amazing body you have, I don’t care if it is steroids or not.”

Jenna mentally rolled her eyes, outwardly she flashed him a smile.

“Why thank you, you and your crew look like you all enjoy some heavy lifting yourself. You wouldn’t mind if a girl like me got a little tour of your station, would you? I’ve always admired firefighters and I’ve never had the chance to see one up close.”


The shortest man, wearing a white shirt, piped up first almost too eagerly.

That seemed to settle it rather quickly for the rest of the crew.

“Follow us, you can ride with the real firemen in the Engine.” Holtz motioned towards the door.

Jenna followed the group of nine men out to the almost empty parking lot where two big red trucks were parked, one had a massive ladder going down it.

Jenna pointed, “You have to show me that one, it’s huge!”

The man to her right, Sims, proudly boasted. “That baby is mine, we’ll take you the abandoned parking lot just across the way and take you up if you like. It makes for a great view of Bricktown.”

Jenna followed four of them to the Engine and climbed into the back. Jenna found that although the cab was pretty big, she was having some trouble squeezing into her seat. Her massive frame made for quite a tight fit. The other two firemen she rode with, Nelson and Stall, seemed a lot shyer around her, especially since her massive arms were practically pushing them against the sides of the cab.

It was a short ride to the small empty lot where they all climbed out of their trucks. Jenna scanned the area; the only hint of life was the occasional car driving by on the overpass nearby and the glow of lights from their fire station across the way.

“This is the perfect spot to teach them a lesson and have a little more fun.” Jenna thought to herself.

She turned to Holtz, who was just stepping out of the right side of the cab.

“Can we please put the ladder up? I’d love to see how high it gets.” Jenna begged.

Holtz smiled and nodded. “Of course, that baby is a hundred-foot ladder and it’s a bit of a climb up if you don’t mind. I’ll get Sims to get her up.”

Holtz ran over to help Sims start raising the ladder. Meanwhile, Jenna looked back down at the two firemen she had ridden over with.

“You boys are awful quiet for such good-looking men.”

They both smiled sheepishly and muttered their thanks.

Holtz was back over and the ladder was nearly done extending.

“Your boys are awful shy Mr. Holtz.”

“Yes well, they are probationary firemen. So, they are more inclined to keep their heads down and do as they are told until they have completed their time. If you don’t mind, please follow me and you can check out the ladder.”

Jenna followed him over and stared up in awe, the rest of the firemen gathered around her.

“A hundred feet you say?” Jenna inquired

“Yes ma’am, I hope you aren’t afraid of heights.”

Jenna started stretching and popping her neck, “The real question would be, are you all?”

A confused look flashed across every man’s face, a look that quickly changed to astonishment as the large muscular woman began growing out and up.

Jenna watched as she passed rung after rung on the ladder truck, pain quickly spread across her body as her clothes, which she forgot to grow with her, cinched down across her strong body. The pain was over in a matter of seconds as the material was no match for her growth. Her feet exploded out of her high tops and she was forced to take a step back to keep her toes from hitting the truck before her. In a matter of seconds, she was a head taller than the bucket of the ladder before her face. At her massive feet, stood the still confused and shocked firemen.

All eyes were on her massive, naked form towering above them.

Jenna took a moment, reveling in her first time growing large. 

"Growing giant is much better than shrinking someone." She concluded

"It's a shame Ryan isn't here to experience this with me, but he will soon enough, this is just a good test run." 

She studied herself once more, marveling in her sheer size compared to the rest of the world around her. It seemed both amazing and somewhat humorous at the same time and yet was so arousingly powerful. She wiggled her toes, giving her a thought.

"Let's see what these pretty feet can do." 

Jenna brought one foot up and placed it behind the group and kneeled down, surrounding the men with her left foot, her right knee and the ladder.

“Don’t think for one second that I didn’t see the way you treated that poor waitress back in the restaurant. How can you call yourselves good people? Your community looks up to you and you treat them back like garbage. I see your ugly side and it’s the last time any of you will act in such a way.” Jenna scolded

“All of you on your knees, now.” She commanded.

Without a peep the nine men did as they were told, some of them had clearly pissed themselves. One, Holtz, clearly had a boner.

Jenna eyed him, “You like big strong beautiful women Mr. Holtz? Perhaps you’d like to fuck me?”

Holtz shook his head no.

“Oh really? So, you haven’t been thinking that all along? You clearly thought you’d take me back and impress me and then boot your buddies out while you fucked me at the top of this ladder truck, didn’t you? Tell me!” Jenna snarled at him.

Holtz meekly replied, “Y---Yes.”

Jenna nodded, “I thought so. Congratulations, it’s your lucky day. You get to fuck the big giant woman.”

Jenna reached down and grasped the big man in her right hand and brought him before her face.

“You are the man in charge as well yes?” She asked.

Holtz nodded again.

“Good, then you are the one that is responsible for their lives and you can die knowing this is all your fault for creating an environment where women are treated like pieces of meat.”

Jenna stood back up, “All of you to the top of the ladder right now.

The firemen looked back and forth at each other.

“The ladder is only rated for a few men at a time, not eight, it’s not safe.” Holtz spoke up.

“Fair enough.” Jenna shrugged.

Lifting her right foot up she slammed it down on top of Nelson, his scream cut short by the sickening sound of his bones crunching under the weight of her massive wrinkled sole. The other firemen, horrified, could only watch as the giant veins in her foot pulsed from the grinding motion of Jenna’s foot as it dug Nelson’s crushed body further into the ground.

"This is amazing!" She thought, " I can't believe how easily my feet can kill." A shudder of pleasure emanated from her vagina and throuhout her body.

“No please, no more!” Holtz screamed at her as he struggled against the tight grip of her hand.

His pleas fell on deaf ears as Jenna was intoxicated with her newfound power and might. Once more she lifted her foot and slammed it up and down quickly on the remaining firemen before any of them could escape. The few that had survived her quickly foot falls, screamed in agony as most of their bodies were crushed from the quick hits they took from her sole.

Jenna tightened her grip on Holtz, “Listen to their screams, their deaths will be much more painful, but not near as painful as yours.”

Holtz could only sob.

Jenna opened her hand and placed Holtz before the top rungs of the ladder truck.

“Get off and stay right there.” She commanded.

Holtz did as he was told, his face still fixed on his dying men below.

Jenna grabbed hold of the hose on the truck, it felt like a small rope in her hand. She pulled it out and tore off a section with her hands and used it to begin tying Holtz against the rungs of the ladder.

Pressing her face close to his she whispered, “I don’t want you to miss a single part of this, you’re going to get exactly what you wished for.”

Satisfied with her knot, Jenna stood up once more accidentally stepping on one of the firemen again.

“Oops, I guess he got lucky.” Jenna said as she studied the sole of her foot which was now covered in blood, adipose tissue and bone.

Placing her foot back down, Jenna placed her hands on her hips and looked at Holtz.

“What do you say we have a good fucking?”

Jenna slid her hands from her hips in towards her vagina. She separated her large labia with two fingers and began rubbing the giant head of her clit with her other hand, meanwhile, she doubled her height.

Holtz watched in fear as the already giant of a woman, grew even larger. The giantess’s moans soon were louder than the yelling of his poor crew down below. Although it didn’t matter, what was left of their suffering was soon over as her massive heel rolled over their bodies and snuffed what life they had left out.

He couldn’t believe what was happening, it was an utter nightmare. What he thought would be a fun quick fuck had turned into a horror show.

While he was lost in his thoughts, Holtz missed the giantess straddling the ladder truck, her massive ass facing the cab. A giant glob of sticky water slammed into the top of his head, making him see stars. Thrust from his thoughts, Holtz looked up best he could, just in time to see a giant wrinkled hole being revealed as the canyon of flesh spread open. Two of her large fingers were guiding her vaginal discharge towards her anus for lubrication, while the rest she let drip down on him. Any remaining light around him was soon gone as he was surrounded by the fleshy walls of her ass crack and the sickening sound of her lubricated asshole taking in the bucket of the ladder and soon him.

Jenna eased her ass down, relaxing her asshole and letting the ladder penetrate as she continued to rub her clit. It had been too long since she had done anal and took her a minute to ease the rest of the ladder up her ass. Ryan had never been a fan of it and Jenna had let the issue go, tonight though, seemed the perfect reward for herself and for the piece of shit fireman now engulfed in her rectum. She occasionally felt the small struggle of him between the waves of pleasure flooding her body. It wasn’t long before she felt he poor ladder truck give under the weight of her ass ramming up and down. Pieces of the flattened truck flew off and hit her calves on either side and signaling the end of her riding.

“Ugh, I guess they don’t make them like they used to.” She sighed to herself.

She paused for a moment and pinched off the ladder in her asshole, sure that she was free she moved into a squatting position. Her stomach ached from her food earlier and the stimulation from the ladder was too much. In seconds she had released a massive shit over the devastated area. Jenna uprooted a tree and wiped her ass and then turned around to see her handiwork. Before her lay the remains of two fire trucks covered in shit, blood and the occasional bone. Jenna dropped the makeshift toilet paper tree on top of the pile and walked away, a satisfied grin on her face.

She quickly reverted herself back to her original form, no giant muscles and no giant woman. She had her fun for the night and it was time for bed. When she finally arrived back at her apartment, she glanced once more in the direction of her destruction unable to see anymore what she had done. However, she could catch a faint smell of shit in the air and she knew that it wouldn’t be long until someone discovered the horrifying scene. Without a second thought of it, she made her way into their apartment, making a bee line for their bed where she flopped down and immediately fell asleep.








Chapter 7 by Silentnomad50

Ryan lifted one groggy eye open, barely able to distinguish a thing around him. Closing it back, he let out a breath and rubbed both his eyes with his hands. This time he was able to open both eyelids and see his surroundings a little clearer. He studied his naked body; his once massive penis was back to its original length and girth.

“Looks like I’m back to normal.” He thought.

He sat up on the floor and looked around at their makeshift weight room and everything seemed to be back to it’s normal size from his perspective. The first bit of light was just beginning to make its way through the part in the curtains. Ryan guess it to be roughly around seven, letting a yawn escape he made his way to his feet and made his way to their bedroom to find some clothes.

 Ryan was met with the beautiful original form of his wife, who was sprawled out like a starfish, one bare tan leg hidden underneath the comforter. He peaked around at her face smooshed against the pillow, Jenna was fast asleep. Her mouth was partially open and drool was pooling on the fabric just below. Ryan leaned in and gave her a gentle kiss on her head and went to put some underwear on.

 Once he had slipped on a pair of black Saxx underwear, Ryan made his way to the kitchen. He made himself a bowl of cereal and flipped the television on, just in time to catch the early morning news. What he saw next immediately made him turn the volume up.

“…upon a horrifying scene early this morning, where a group of firefighters were brutally murdered and covered in massive amounts of what smells and looks like human waste. Authorities say that they are unclear how such a heinous act could have been committed. If you have any information, police are asking for your help. On the scene, on the story News 9.”

Ryan paused the television on a close up of what looked like a giant piece of shit crushing a firetruck.

“What the hell? Surely she didn’t….” Ryan was in disbelief.

He quickly scarfed down the rest of his cereal and turned to wake Jenna up and find out what the hell had happened last night. When he looked up he saw her standing in the doorway to their bedroom. Her auburn hair was a mess and partially covered her brilliant green eyes, that were currently fixated on the television. She was biting her lower lip, studying the paused the screen.

“Well?” Ryan asked

Jenna broke her gaze and made her way towards her husband, wrapping him tightly in her arms and kissing him.

“Yes, my love, that was my doing. You were tired from your fun and I wasn’t quite ready to call it a night, besides I was starving and we didn’t have a thing to eat. Speaking of, is there any more cereal left?” Jenna bounced over to he cabinets and began making her own bowl.

“Hold on now, you’re telling me you went out after I fell asleep, ate something.”

“Pancakes.” Jenna interjected.

“…okay, pancakes and then went and took a massive killer shit on some poor firefighters?” Ryan asked.

“Well, that quite an oversimplification, but in a nutshell yes. I was starving, decided on some pancakes and my waitress was being harassed by the group of firemen there. I gave my waitress a little help on the beauty front and then took it upon myself to dole out a little justice. Oh, Ryan, you should have seen the looks on their faces when I grew taller than that ladder truck.”

Ryan shook his head slowly, “I can get past the other stuff, but to turn into a true giantess for the first time and I miss it? That’s just cruel, I bet those stupid guys didn’t even appreciate what they were getting to see.”

Jenna laughed, “They were pretty terrified and I honestly felt bad that you weren’t there to see it.”

 Did you have to take a shit on them though?”

“Well…I didn’t have much choice after I shoved the whole ladder up my ass….” Jenna trailed off quietly.

“Y-you did what now? You jammed their ladder up your ass? I thought you didn’t like anal?” Ryan asked confused.

“What?! I thought you said you didn’t like it?” Jenna threw back at him.

“When? The last time we tried it, you acted kind of funny about it and I didn’t want to bring it up.”

“Babe, I loved it. I thought you were freaked out by it and I didn’t want to bring it up either.”

After a brief pause they busted out laughing, quickly easing the tension between them.

“Guess we have a lot of exploring of that backdoor we need to do.” Ryan raised his eyebrows at Jenna knowingly.

“Mm, that we do. However, I think we should leave our adventure today, up to chance. What do you think?”

“What do you mean? He asked.

Jenna spotted Ryan’s phone laying on the edge of the counter where she had tossed it last night. Picking it up she opened Instagram once more and turned it to where they could both see.

“I’m going to scroll down as hard as I can and press something. Whatever I land on will be our theme for the day. Sound like fun?” Jenna asked playfully grasping at Ryan’s dick.

“Go for it babe.” Ryan said as he tried to grab Jenna’s quick hand and pin it against his hardening dick.

Jenna rotated the screen back to where it was just her that could see it, flicking her finger down the screen as quick as she could. Pressing her finger down before the scroll could finish, she opened the picture.

“Well, let’s see what you think.”

Jenna selected a picture and turned the screen back to Ryan; her left hand was pinned against his semi-hard dick. Ryan studied the picture and within seconds, Jenna felt his member start to move against her palm as it started to swell.

Jenna laughed.

“Looks like lots of socks and bare soles are in your future my handsome man.” She said as she gave him a wink, placed the phone on the counter and took a step back from him.

Jenna placed one index finger on his forehead and simply said, “Shrink.”

Before Ryan could blink he was just over a head taller than Jenna’s toes, staring at the top of her barefoot. Jenna sat down on her ass, the heels of her feet on the floor.

“I want you to describe the perfect foot to me.” Jenna asked.

“You want what?” Ryan asked confused.

“You describe the sexiest foot you can imagine and I will change my feet to match.” Jenna replied.

“Well, first off babe, your feet are the sexiest fee…”

“Stop. That’s not what I asked and if you don’t start it will become a command. Now, begin.” Jenna cut him off as she wriggled her toes.

“Okay, well...” He paused thinking.

“Long feet, but not narrow with equally long slender toes and they should curve ever so slightly with the shape of the foot. The balls of the foot should be soft and smooth rolling into perfect arches with just the right number of wrinkles crisscrossing the soles and finishing with supple round heels. No callouses to be found, a slight triangular shape to the pads of the toes topped off with purple manicured toes.

“You sound like you’ve put some thought in to this one.”

He shrugged sheepishly and quickly stopped himself when she gave him a look.

“Just enjoy this.”

Ryan nodded and watched as his wife’s feet slowly began to take the shape of every detail he just described.

Her feet and toes elongated slightly, Jenna fanned her toes out so that he could watch as each one slowly changed. Her skin, already soft, took on an even more supple appearance as a few more wrinkles played themselves out across the bottom of her feet. The dark purple toenail polish washed across each toenail, finishing her foot transformation.

She wriggled and arched each foot seductively before him before quickly clothing them in thick black and pink striped no-show socks.

Ryan stepped back a few paces taking in the full view of her now clothed feet he had helped create. He was just far enough back to see that the bottoms of her black and pink socks spelled out “Fuck Off”.

Jenna began rubbing her feet together slowly and watched as Ryan brought one hand around to massage his erect dick.

“Stroke it slow for me.” Jenna commanded.

Ryan nodded and slowed his masturbating as Jenna continued to slowly rub her socked feet over one another.

Jenna reached out and grabbed her action figure sized husband.

“Stroke a little faster, I’m letting you climb inside.”

Jenna opened the band of her left sock and slid Ryan in.

Ryan felt the warmth of her skin touch his body he slid under the heavy cotton band. Ryan stopped stroking his dick and began working his way down the top of her foot, using her veins as handholds, the pulse of her foot reverberating through his chest. It was tricky work as he soon found out; Jenna was flexing her foot causing the massive veins to move, making his handholds difficult to grasp. Before too long, the air around him was getting heavy and he started slipping on a mixture of his sweat and the sweat Jenna’s massive foot was producing from being in the thick socks. By the time he made it to her toes, Ryan was drenched and his nose was starting to wrinkle up from the odor that was increasingly assaulting it.

Jenna watched as the lump in her sock that was her husband slowly worked its way to the base of her toes. Her panties were drenched from watching his small form struggle through the thick black socks. She felt Ryan pause just at the base of her toes, unmoving.

“I thought I told you to stroke quicker little man, not stop.”

Ryan heard Jenna’s booming voice, slightly muffled.

He reached out to try and wrap his arms around her index toe for a better hold before stroking his dick again, however, the harder he tried to larger around her toe became. He quickly realized that she had shrunk him down once more.

“Now you understand that not listening, has its consequences.” Jenna laughed.

Jenna raised her heel off the floor and pointed her toes towards the ground.

Ryan caught off guard once again, slipped forward until his face slammed into the toes of her sock and he was resting on her purple colored toe nail. He grabbed hold of the edge of her toenail just in time. He felt his world rocking once more.

Jenna felt him grasp her toenail and immediately lifted her foot straight up, resting the backside of her heel on the floor with her toes vertical once more. Ryan’s body was struggling against the skin of her toe. She could just make out some small movement at the top of her sock.

Jenna subconsciously increased the heat and sweat her feet were producing, within seconds her socks were soaking wet as if she had been running a marathon.

Ryan felt the air get heavier and more humid, the odor his nose had gotten accustomed to hit his nose with a vengeance. It was becoming all he could do to hold on to her toenail and when he started gagging he let go, sliding quickly between her wet sole and moist sock. He closed his eyes and grimaced, his body tensing in preparation for hitting the floor. To his surprise it never came and he felt his descent slow and his body start to grow. When he opened his eyes, he found his head was between her big toe and index toe and his tip toes were just barely brushing the bottom of her sock. The rest of his body was digging into the soft wrinkly sole of her foot.

“One slam of your foot…”

The thought penetrated through her mind, cutting through her lusting.

“One slam of your foot, a revocation of his invincibility and his little life would be a sacrificed to the power of your foot.”

Jenna was both more aroused and horrified at the thought that finished in her mind, she knew she could never do that to Ryan.

The idea...was still intoxicating.

Ryan let out a breath of relief. “That was a little scary.”

Jenna clenched her toes around his neck and made her socks vanish, casting Ryan back into fresh air.

She could see him gulping in the clean air, his arms now flailing to grab the sides of her foot and his head the only thing visible from her viewpoint.

“How was your time sliding around my foot?”

“It was both terrifying and amazing babe.” Ryan smiled at her.

“We’re not through yet my love.”

Jenna slid her feet in towards her until she was pressing the sole of her right foot against Ryan’s back.

“My poor feet feel awfully neglected and smelly. Please me a dear and help oil them for me.”

Jenna produced a small bottle of baby oil and began drizzling it over his head and across her feet.

She emptied the entire bottle, tossed it aside and began rubbing her slick shiny feet around his body. She was unable to maintain her toes gripping his head as he fell out from between them and was lost in the rubbing of her feet together.

Ryan was quickly enveloped in a world of slick, soft, wrinkled flesh. He could feel the lines of her soles running smoothly over his body as he rotated everyway, forced around by the massive feet imprisoning him.

He loved every minute of it.

Reaching down, he slipped his underwear off, letting the oil coat his hard penis from the rubbing of her skin against the sensitive shaft.

Then he heard it, “Cum.”

On command his cock erupted, shooting a steady flow of jizz all around him. He was quickly overcome by his own orgasm as a mixture of baby oil and hot sticky cum coated her soles and ultimately him. He didn’t even mind being drowned in his own cum as wave after wave of pleasure shot through his body with each pulse of his penis.

Jenna licked her lips and moaned as she rolled Ryan’s tiny form between her feet, warm cum and oil flowed from between her toes and occasionally she would catch sight of an arm or a leg as she moved him about.

After several more minutes, she commanded. “Stop.”

She could feel his body relax as; a pool of cum and oil was pouring out from around her feet. Grasping her ankles, she leaned in until her nose was almost poking through the hole her arches formed. Inside, she could just barely make out her husband catching his breath. Letting her tongue roll out of her mouth, she began lapping at the sides of her feet, occasionally slipping the tip in to slide along Ryan. The familiar salty taste played across her taste buds as she continued stroking her tongue along her feet. She opened her feet slightly so she could reach his entire naked form, running her tongue along his body from head to toe.

Ryan, relaxed as he let his wife’s massive tongue work over his body. Every stroke of her massive pink tongue sent more waves of pleasure across his body.

Satisfied, Jenna leaned back and grew Ryan to a size of a toddler.

Ryan sat up and Jenna motioned for him to come closer.

He walked in between her legs, feeling the warmth and catching a whiff of her arousal emanating from her soaked panties. Jenna wrapped her arms around him and gently lifted him against her breasts as she engulfed the lower half of his face in a warm passionate kiss.

Ryan could taste his own cum in his mouth as her tongue forced its way into his, her tongue easily overpowering his tiny one. She finally pulled away and held him firmly against her chest.

“We’re going to need much more oil for our next experiment.”



Chapter 8 by Silentnomad50

 Ryan relaxed against the massive mammaries surrounding him, the vibrations from Jenna speaking pulsed across his body. He was barely able to make out what she had said to him, but he was able to guess that his next exploit would involve somewhere between her massive ass cheeks.

Light began pouring around him as she eased her squeezing and he began slipping down until he found himself prone on her belly. Ryan struggled to sit up as he kept slipping in the oil, Jenna help prop him up until he was straddling her belly. Ryan caught her gaze in-between the slow rise and fall of her chest as she breathed.

“Pure love.” Ryan thought.

 The love they shared and the moments they had spent together these last two days only sealed it in their hearts more. Ryan could not have imagined in his wildest dreams ever being able to share something so personal with his wife and her being such a willing participant.

“Can I guess that we are ready to explore anal?” Ryan asked.

Jenna cocked her head to the side, a look of concentration on her face.

“No, not quite yet actually. I think we are ready for something more than this, there will be plenty of time later to explore our newfound love for the backdoor.”

Ryan’s eyes widened.

“Are you thinking it’s time?” He asked hopefully.

Jenna nodded, “I believe so my love. I’m ready.”

Ryan could barely contain his excitement. “I’m ready as well, just please grow me back to normal first. I’d like to see this from my normal height.”

“Of course.” Jenna began to stand up letting Ryan slip down her belly and fall down between her legs.

Once she was on her feet she was met by him growing to meet her face to face. Ryan pulled her in close and gave her another passionate kiss.

Pulling away he asked, “Please wear some clothes as well, it would be that much better if you were able to burst out of them.”

“I have an even better idea. How do you feel about shopping for some new clothes?” She responded with a wink.

“I’ll go get cleaned up!”

Ryan ran off to their room. Jenna watched her naked husband bound off as she began forming her plans for growing in her head.

Jenna had already formed leggings and an oversized shirt by the time Ryan met her in the living room, his hair still wet from his quick shower. Jenna looked him up and down, he had on a black v-neck and gray sweat pants that hugged just enough in the crotch to show his impressive package.

“Ready to go?” He asked.

“Absolutely, let’s run over to the Dillard’s at Penn Square mall. At this time of day, there should be plenty of people there shopping.”

They headed out of their apartment, to their car and were on their way. They drove in silence, looking at the unaware city around them. Jenna felt anxious, albeit a good kind and she could feel the same tension coming from Ryan. She reached over and began to rub her hand along Ryan’s crotch until his bulge began twitching against the soft gray fabric. She could hear Ryan’s breath quicken as he squirmed in his seat, still trying to focus on driving.

Jenna leaned over and breathed lightly in his ear as she continued toying with his dick. The car jerked to the left before Ryan recovered his composure.

“Babe, I’m trying to drive.” Ryan feigned frustration.

Jenna pulled band of his underwear and sweats down to reveal the base of his erect penis, the long veiny shaft extended down his right leg and she could see a wet spot pooling out on his pants where the tip was releasing precum. She bent over and began lightly kissing just above the base, easing her way down around the side and giving top of his scrotum a light nibble before letting go of his pants and sitting back upright in her own seat laughing.

Ryan laughed with her, “Are you sure you can’t just grow now? I’m so fucking horny and ready babe.”

“All in due time honey, this has to be perfect. We want our first giant experience together to be extra special.”

Ryan pulled into the parking lot and found a spot near the back. He left the keys in the ignition and they both got out and made their way towards the Dillard’s entrance.

Jenna led the way, practically running towards the women’s underwear section, Ryan was doing his best to keep up with her long leg stride.

Jenna quickly grabbed a few pairs of underwear and turned to Ryan.

“I want you to leave the store, go to another part of the mall and wait, you’re going to want to see the results.”

“I was hoping to watch you burst through your clothes.” Ryan replied, a touch of sadness in his voice.

Jenna brought a hand to his caress his face, “Babe, I love you and want to give you everything you desire, but you must trust me. You must trust your Goddess, this will be much more exciting than seeing some regular old clothes tear to shreds. You’re thinking only about those growth videos you’ve watched for years online, it’s time for something better than clothes tearing.

Ryan looked disappointed but did as he was told and made his way out of Dillard’s towards the center of the mall.

Jenna watched him leave, once he was out of sight she went and found a lady that was working nearby.

“Excuse me miss? Would you mind showing me the closest changing room?” Jenna asked politely holding up her hands full of skimpy underwear.

“Of course, please follow me. Did you find everything okay?” The lady asked her.

“Yes, I’m sure one of these will really bring the building down.”

The lady made a face, not completely understanding Jenna’s choice of words.

“Right through here, I’ll be nearby if you need anything else.”

Jenna smiled at her, “Thank you, that won’t be necessary. I’m sorry in advance for any trouble.”

Once again, the sales lady made a confused face, but she quickly smiled, nodded and made her way off.

Jenna made her way into a changing booth and stripped down naked minus her black sports bra. She scanned the pile of underwear she had scooped up and settled on a glossy black pair of thong panties. Shimmying into them, she turned and studied her body in the mirror, slapped her right ass cheek and watched her ass jiggle slightly.


Closing her eyes, she visualized her entire body plus her underwear slowly filling the small dressing room and the rest of the mall. In mere moments, a warmth spread across her entire body and she soon felt her body pressing against the sides of the tiny room. In no time, the creaking of the thin walls gave way to the increasing pressure of her growing body and she fell onto her back. From outside the room she could hear the sales lady that had helped her.

“Ma’am, is everything okay?”

Jenna remained silent and let her body do the talking.

She laid her right arm down and allowed it to grow towards the entrance to the dressing room, her other hand she slid beneath the front of her tight black thong to begin massaging her pussy that was becoming wetter by the moment. Her right hand just cleared the small door and she grabbed hold of the startled lady. She could feel racks of clothes being brushed aside as her growing fist continued along its path, muffled screams emanating from under fingers as her hand grew around her victim. She imagined that the poor sales lady knew exactly how the white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland felt when he was confronted by Alice’s growing body, albeit Alice was much nicer than she would ever be.

The rest of her body forced itself through the walls and out into the rest of the mall area. She could hear multiple screams and felt points along her legs where people were taken by surprise or ran into her. The soft flesh of her breasts pressed into her chin until they covered her mouth and nose until they finally forced their way through the drop ceiling and began filling the second floor. She heard a yelp of surprise as someone who had been in the dressing room above fell into the mound of growing breast flesh that had burst through the floor beneath them. Jenna turned to her right shoulder and tried to keep her growing body within the confines of the mall building, doing her best to wrap around the complex in hopes of blocking most chances of escape by those left inside without bringing the whole building down just yet.

Jenna’s growth slowed and finally stopped once she had wrapped her head around the rest of the bottom floor of the Dillard’s sales area. She felt her feet pressing against a wall on the far side of the mall, her toes scrunched against the roof of the building.

Ryan could feel the building shake around him and he watched in awe as the people around him tried to figure out what was happening. A sense of confusion gave way quickly to panic as soon as he saw parts of Jenna’s body bursting out and around the entire mall. When she finally stopped, Ryan was directly facing Jenna’s two-story high hips and watched through a broken department store wall as Jenna’s enormous left hand vigorously rubbed her clit underneath the glossy black fabric of her panties. The familiar musky smell of her vagina filled the air, causing many to begin coughing and holding their noses. He noticed a shopper who appeared to be stuck, her arm was caught just below the side band of her panties and under her hip. The poor blonde teenager was crying and pulling as hard as she could trying to free herself from the immense weight of his wife.

She wasn’t alone however, many other were trapped or completely crushed by her body in many areas around the mall. Ryan scanned the exits around him, every escape route he could see was cut off by a part of her enormous body, he could just make out one of her feet at the far west entrance as she wiggled her toes against the roof of the mall. Ryan could feel his rock hard penis throbbing against his thigh as he took it all in. Around him, literally hundreds of people were trapped in the middle of the mall still trying to figure out what the hell had just happened.

Ryan made his way through the crowd and back towards what was left of Dillard’s. He was able to squeeze through an opening by her neck, the heat from her body radiated around him and made his way to her right eye.

A giant smile greeted him as soon as he was in her view.

“You look a little uncomfortable there dear.” Ryan yelled.

Her voice boomed, “You look a little happy my little man.”

Her eye moving slightly towards his penis jutting out.

“Can you blame me?”

“Of course not. Now my love, you might want to get away. This girl has outgrown this pathetic building and it’s time to let the real fun begin.”

Ryan smiled as he nodded and made his way outside through a hole in the wall.

“This will be epic.” He thought to himself.



Chapter 9 by Silentnomad50
? One last thing my love.? Jenna called after Ryan sweetly.

? I need you to gather a few people for me, I feel like a little demonstration after I release myself from this building.?

Ryan grinned at her, ? Of course, I might need a little help if you don?t mind.?

Jenna grew Ryan until he could just barely see over the top of the mall.

Ryan?s clothes tore away as he rapidly expanded to almost 25 feet tall. He could make out cracks along the sides of the building where Jenna was pressed against.

He took a deep breath,.

? This is amazing.? He thought to himself.

He noticed she left his underwear on, his dick pushing hard against the stretchy fabric.

?Time to get busy, I don?t want to keep her waiting.?

Ryan stepped around to the entrance where a group of shoppers and gathered staring at the larger than life feet creating a barrier before the doors.

The shoppers were startled from their gawking by the presence of Ryan?s body standing over them.

Ryan couldn?t help but smile.

?Everyone line up to the side of the building, y?all are being hand selected to be close to your new goddess.?

Ryan quickly became irate when no one moved. Picking up his foot he kicked a teenage boy, throwing him across the lot.

?NOW.? He growled.

Quickly the rest of the crowd made their way to the wall and cowered.

Ryan pushed several cars against the people pinning them into place.

?Stay.? He commanded the fifteen cowering people.

Ryan turned and made his way back to the hole he had crawled out of, leaning down he yelled back to Jenna.

?I?ve gathered several for you and we are all ready.?

?Wait by them and be ready.? Jenna said eagerly.

Ryan stood back up and waited by his captives. With one hand he reached down and began stroking his dick enjoying the moment. Pre-cum was already oozing out his tip and dripping onto the people below.

Jenna pushed herself up destroying the parts of the mall around her as she stood to her full height.

When the dust settled she could see Ryan beaming up at her next to her new playthings. She could see the front of his underwear soaked in pre-cum.

She looked around at the scene around. A bit of disappointment overcame her when she saw that she had only grown enough to cover a small portion of the mall and not the majority she was hoping for.

?Dammit, I never was the best at measurements.? She thought disappointedly.

She looked across the parking lot and could see multiple police and emergency vehicles parked all around.

Her mood improved. ?Just in time for a little show.?

Stepping out of the rubble she placed her large dirty feet in front of her current victims, straddling her man. He was a few feet shorter than her knees and she could feel his eyes ogling her thong sparkling in the sunlight.

Jenna allowed him to cum just enough to spurt out the front of his underwear and bring him to his knees.

She surveyed the faces of the fifteen others before her as she sat down crunching a small car underneath her ass.

Her dirty eleven foot tall feet stood proudly before the people.

?Whoever does the best job of cleaning my feet, gets to survive. Let them free.?

Ryan?s head cleared from his small orgasm and stood back up. He felt his ass smacked hard by Jenna?s large hand. In his head he heard her voice whispering.

? I want you to make sure none of them get to touch my feet, be creative.?

Ryan thought back. ? We can talk to ourselves like this??

Jenna?s voice came back louder in his head. ?Yes, nothing is impossible for me. Now get to work.?

As you wish my goddess.?

Ryan started towards the people. He felt his muscles growing and pure strength flowed through his body. His underwear ripped away as his member became too much for the already strained fabric. He could feel his mammoth balls fighting for space between his much more muscular thighs.

?Holy shit babe.?

He heard her snort as she said back, ? Just because you have a fetish for this doesn?t mean I don?t get to have some enjoyment too. Maybe I?m into giant men?

? Really?! Will I get to be a true giant as well perhaps??

?Quiet! You will be what I want you to be and right now I want to see some little people sacrificed.?

?Of course my love, I?m sorry.?

Jenna watched as Ryan?s newly muscular form got to work tossing aside the cars he had pinned the people with as if they were nothing more than tissue paper.

Her pussy ached watching his muscles contract and his even larger erect penis swing from side to side. She slid a hand down to her pussy and began rubbing her clit slowly, biting her lower lip.

Ryan three aside the last car and took a step back, he pointed towards Jenna?s feet. The now freed people glanced nervously at each other before bolting towards her feet.

The five quickest were quickly stopped by Ryan?s massive dick falling on top of them. Their blood splattering around the sides of his thriving shaft.
Eight of the slower runners slammed into the side of his dick and quickly recouped pushing and shoving their way around the tip.


Without a word she let him cum.

Gallons of cum stopped the eight in their path as they were quickly overcome by his warm sticky jizz.

The last two attempted sneaking behind him and were quickly caught by Ryan?s ass as he sat down.

Jenna heard the crunch of their bones as his smooth shredded glutes snuffed the life out of them.

Jenna moaned and said aloud,

? Good work my servant. Now you have the sole honor of treating your goddess?s feet.?

Ryan stopped cumming and stood up. As he neared her feet he could feel his strength leaving him and the world grew around him. By the time he reached her massive soles he was barely a head taller than her dusty heel now back to his normal self.

Jenna could tell he was disappointed.

? This is my moment slave. Not yours no...?

Jenna was cut short by the sound of a gun firing.

Jenna was quickly pulled out of her lustful state and she angrily looked in the direction of the sound. While she had been involved in the current events, more police had arrived and we?re surrounding them. While they had assumed they were getting the drop on her, they had just made the mistake of drawing her ire.

She looked back at Ryan, with a fire in her eyes.

?Climb into my thong now, while I deal with these assholes.?

Ryan didn?t say a word began running between her legs. He felt the heat of her pussy washing over him as he approached the front of her thong. A large manicured finger pulled aside the shiny fabric sending a wave of her scent over him as he slid his body in resting his back against her very wet and very warm labia.

Jenna released the fabric, holding Ryan in place. At her current size he was currently able to easily see over the band of her skimpy underwear, but that was about to change.

Jenna thought to him.

?Hold onto the band. I?m about to show these fools a true goddess.?
Chapter 10 by Silentnomad50
Ryan did as he was told and gripped the soft band tightly, his excitement growing.

Jenna turned towards the approaching law enforcement and placed her hands on her hips.

The officers stopped, forming a semi circle before her, guns trained upwards.

A man with a bullhorn stepped forward.

? Miss, my name is Clint with the Oklahoma City Police. I?d like to speak with you for a moment before anymore civilians or...uh...buildings get hurt.?

Jenna?s eyes narrowed as she quickly modified her voice several octaves lower.

?You have all my attention, Clint.? Her new raspy voice boomed.

Ryan watched as the officers shifted their eyes back and forth between Clint and Jenna.

Clint lifted the bullhorn slowly back to his mouth, clearly shaken by the power from her voice.

? Thank you. We all would like this to end as quickly and peacefully as possible. What should I call you??

? Your Goddess will be the only term you will use when addressing me...?

Clint interrupted, ?I?d feel better talking to you on a more personal level such as your first na...?

A ground shaking foot slamming onto the pavement ended Clint?s interruption.

Ryan almost lost his grip from the movement.


Everyone below slowly stood back up, having flinched away by the mini earthquake of her foot.

? We understand, Goddess.?

Jenna slid her foot back. ? Good. Now. I am pleased to inform you that there will be no resolution to this. This city, this state, this country and even this world are mine and my slave?s to do with and everyone in it is nothing more than our playthings and servants. Whatever you do and whoever you are is now insignificant. My powers are beyond your comprehension.?

? Surely there must be something we can come to terms with. I don?t know how you or your male friend ended up this way and I?m allowed to tell you that you both will be compensated very well by getting involved with research. The last thing we want is for this to end in anymore unnecessary bloodshed.?

Ryan shook his head. ?What an idiot.?

He could feel Jenna?s body tremble and heard her deep laughter.

? You are in no place to make demands Clint and you can die knowing this was all your fault. Ya?ll are fucked.?

Ryan could see Clint talking to the officers around him and knew they were about to try something stupid as the semi circle around them tightened.

Jenna sighed and set to work.

She watched as the advancing officers and the rest of the responders gathered abruptly stopped in their tracks.

Ryan watched in amazement at what unfolded. Guns fell to the ground as all the male officers dicks and balls rapidly grew out of their pants slapping down onto the pavement. The women?s breasts grew so large they could only lay on top of their now massive chests. Everyone was quickly immobilized by their now gargantuan parts. They could only sit there stunned.

Jenna stared Clint struggling with his mammoth hairy genitals. His bullhorn laying just out of reach.

Jenna leaned forward and cupped her hands as she scooped him up. Standing back upright she began lightly stroking Clint?s dick. It immediately jumped to attention.

? Looks like you can?t even resist your goddess Clint. I bet you?d like to fuck some big tits with this new dick I gave you huh??

Clint glances nervously at her massive chest.

? Oh please,? Jenna laughed, ? You will never get a chance with me. Let me find someone more suitable for you. One moment while I adjust myself. Gonna need some bigger hands for this.?

Jenna imagines herself growing to almost two hundred feet.

Ryan felt her warm skin stretching across his back and he quickly lost his grip on the growing thong band. He slipped below the band, his body becoming trapped in a mix of the fabric and her soft wet labia growing around his back. He could feel her clit pulsing against his upper back.

? Mmm. That clit is all yours babe, it?ll give you something to play with while I deal with these toys.? Jenna?s voice said in his head.

Ryan forced himself around and was able to wiggle his arms to where he could begin rubbing.

Jenna?s body shook around him. Ryan smiled as he continued his work.

Jenna felt her knees go weak as Ryan began massaging her clit. That coupled with the feeling of her growth was almost too much. She soon regained her composure and moved the much smaller Clint to one hand as she scanned the women below for a suitable woman to play with.?

Looking down at the much further away ground was intoxicating to her. Her feet had grown considerably, crushing vehicles and the much too close officers from earlier. She could see blood oozing around her toes. Faints screams of the others still trapped made there way to her ears. Jenna adjusted her vision to see the people more clearly.

She finally settled on an overweight brunette with enormous aureolas sobbing near the road. Reaching down with her left hand she picked her up and brought her before Clint.

? You ready to release a little of that tension Clint?? He brought the heavy set women before her. Her large breasts sloshed around before him.

Clint shook his head no. ? Please don?t do this. Please.?

? It?s too late for negotiations Clint.?

Jenna pushes Clint?s hairy dick in between the woman?s breasts and slowly thrust his dick in and out. She squeezed the woman?s tits with her fingers applying more pressure on his shaft and began rapidly increasing the speed of her thrusting.

Jenna smiled as she watched both grown adults now crying. After a few more minutes, she pulled his dick out from between her breasts. His shaft was rubbed raw from the friction.

? What?! You haven?t cum yet??

She inspected his shaft closely.

? Oh, I know why.?

She giggled, ? It?s too dry, Ryan was always telling me to keep it lubed. I?ll fix that.?

She brought the sobbing woman?s face over his dick and rubbed her chubby face across his shaft using her tears as lubrication.

? There we go.? Jenna said as she saw his reddened dick now glistening from the woman?s tears.

? I?m still not seeing even a drop of pre-cum Clint. Is she not big enough for you? No problem.?

Jenna grew the woman?s breasts even larger. Her dark aureolas stretched even bigger and spilled over the sides of Jenna?s massive tanned fingers. The chubby woman became even fatter as Jenna piled on layers of fat. The woman?s clothes sloughed off her fattening body.

She brought Clint?s dick back to the woman and winked.

? Almost hard to tell where to insert you now.?

She pushed his dick into the pile of fat that was the woman and thrust him as hard as she could. In a matter of moments , Clint?s dick finally came.

Jenna quickly jammed the tip into the woman?s mouth and pinned them. The woman?s body flailed as hard as she could against the rush of cum. She eventually sagged lifeless having drowned in Clint?s orgasm.

Jenna pulled his dick out of her mouth. Cum flowed out and into the folds of fat around her, coating the woman and her fingers. Clint could only sob.

Jenna brought the woman to her nose and sniffed.

? You smell pretty salty Clint, could thing I like salty snacks.?

Jenna opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue running it along her body.

?Oof. That?s pretty awful Clint and I usually enjoy the cum.? Jenna said with a face.

Jenna tossed the dead woman behind her and brought Clint before her face.

? I warned you Clint, but you wouldn?t listen.? She admonished.

Clint felt her warm breath blow across his face. Her pearly white teeth and red lips filled his vision. He felt his own body betray him once more as his dick spring to attention again.

Jenna noticed.

? That?s cute, but your fun is over. Your last memory will be seeing the pools of blood that was your team as you fall to your death. You should never have tried me Clint.?

Clint screamed as he fell to the ground.

Jenna smiled and stretched feeling Ryan still working in her panties. Dopamine flooding her system, her horniness coming to a peak.

She scanned the horizon and settled her gaze on the Devon tower in the distance.

? That will make for the perfect dildo.? She mused to herself.

Her pussy quivered at the thought of fucking a building.

Jenna pulled open her thong revealing Ryan.

Light flooded Ryan?s vision as the band of the thong pulled back. He let go of her clit and lounged back into the fabric, his dick rock hard. Jenna shot him a smile.

? I hope this is to your liking babe.?

Ryan nodded. ? I couldn?t have asked for better.?

? How do you feel about watching me fuck the Devon tower??

Ryan?s excitement grew even more.

? As long as I get to watch the action this time.?

? Absolutely my love, in fact you?ll play a key part.?

An enormous tanned and wrinkled palm reaches down and wrapped around his body pulling him from her underwear.

Jenna brought him before her lips and planted a large kiss on his head.

? Before that, I need to cleanse that disgusting man?s cum from my mouth. He tasted awful.?

Ryan looked hurt. ? Did you...?

Jenna cut him off. ? Of course not. I licked it off a woman I made him cum on and it was the worst idea.?

Ryan looked puzzled.

? A lot happened while you were pleasing me. I?ll tell you on the way.?

Ryan shrugged and stood up in her palm, pulling his underwear off.

Jenna opened her mouth and let him cum. The familiar taste of his warm cum filled her mouth within moments. She stopped him, wrapped her hand around him and began sloshing his spunk around her mouth before swallowing the large load.

? Let?s go make a real statement.?

Ryan smiled and gripped onto her thumb as she made her way towards downtown OKC.
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