Dying for Booty by Pizzatime2300

A series of short stories that are heavily inspired by BootyPartrol's Death By Booty. It will heavily involve Scat and Watersports, along with various other kinks.


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Hope you enjoy ;)

1. A Cruel Turnaround (M/f) by Pizzatime2300

2. Irony can cruel sometimes (F/m) by Pizzatime2300

3. A Foul Grave (M/F) by Pizzatime2300

4. Duchess in the Dumps (F,M/F) by Pizzatime2300

5. Breton Booty (F/M,F) by Pizzatime2300

6. Tricked and Jarred (M/f,m) by Pizzatime2300

7. Engulfed and Entombed (M/f) by Pizzatime2300

8. Turned Into Paste (Part 1) (M/f) by Pizzatime2300

9. Turned Into Paste (Part 2) (M/F) by Pizzatime2300

A Cruel Turnaround (M/f) by Pizzatime2300
Author's Notes:

This chapter will involve a male giant.

There's only one thing more lame than being stuck at home because you're grounded; It's being stuck at home with your stupid brother. A girl like you should be at a party, living up your last year in high school. But no, one video surfaces of you, aptly titled "Veronica gets shitfaced." And because of your goody-two-shoes younger brother, Geoff, showing your parents, you're stuck in the house for the weekend. 

While texting your friends and browsing social media, envious of the parties going on this weekend, you've been sitting around on the couch watching the dull cable selection. You find yourself drowsy, and figure taking a nap to pass the time would do you some good. At least it will pass the time.

You wake up in a vast landscape. It looks like a giant leather beach. You think it's a dream, but when you pinch yourself and rub your eyes you seem to be awake. You look at your surroundings. Strangely enough, it seems to be a giant version of your house. Copied down to a tee. Then you start to hear an odd set of booming noises around you. It's just then as you see your chubby brother turn the corner. But he's huge! He has to be at least the height of a skyscraper, maybe taller. It then clicks in your head. The house is huge, and if memory serves you this is where the couch would be. The world isn't giant, your small!

As you get lost in thought, you fail to realize what's in front of you. Your colossal brother's rump is set right in front of you. Just as you realize what's going on, it's too late. Your chunky brothers' butt is starting to rocket towards you! You definitely don't plan to die a stain on your brothers rear, so you pick up some speed and start running. You realize that you're not going to make it. 

As Geoff sets his heavy ass on the couch, your surprisingly still alive. It would seem that he's only wearing a tight set of boxers, and you're caught right in the crease of his cheeks. You can't move an inch and no light peers in from Geoff's figure. Desperate to get his attention, you begin to wriggle around. Unbeknownst to you, this was a great error.

Geoff must have felt it. But instead of getting up and checking under his rump, he decides to shift himself back and forth to get rid of this tingle. This spells disaster for Veronica. 

You feel the world shifting around you. As Geoff drifts his body back and forth, you are sent further into the cavernous depths of his buttcheeks. It appears he was satisfied with his work because after you get moved unto his cheeks he stops his movement. 

It's at this point you start to smell something repugnant. With some simple deduction, you realize it has to be the scent of Geoff's ass. This is just great, not only are you stuck under your brothers' butt but now you're forced to smell his disgusting odor. As if something is out there to show the utmost cruelty towards you, you hear a guttural rumble coming from Geoff. As if instinctive, you start to shift and writhe. But nothing was stopping Geoff from ripping this one. A bassy fart blasted from his ass. Followed by a sigh of satisfaction from the maestro himself.

As the gust of wind blows past you, you are left with an abominable stench is left with you. Gagging starts naturally, you feel vomit incoming. But before you empty out your stomach, the world around you shifts again. 

Geoff takes one whiff of his stench and decides it's time to move. That fart was stinky even for his standards. He decides to go back to his room and play some games on his PC. 

As Geoff gets up, you can't take the lingering effect of this stink and vomit. The measly amount of puke flies of on to the couch. But then you realize you are stuck in Geoff's cheeks. Your entire lower body is stuck in. This is almost fortunate as it means you won't fall to your death. But calling anything fortunate in this situation just seems wrong.

You peer from his backside and it appears he's going to his pigsty of a room. When your "ride" enters it becomes apparent that his room smells almost as awful as his gas. It looks like he hasn't cleaned it in years. Bottles, chip bags, and other trash lay everywhere in sight. 

All of the sudden Geoff stops and just stands still for a moment. You are facing his nasty bed at this moment of pause. All of the sudden your brother releases another torrent of wind. You are blasted towards his bedsheets by the sheer force of the fart. Luckily you land on the bed with no apparent injuries. You hear him mumble "Man I'm gassy today." What an oblivious dummy, you've had to suffer through it!

You see Geoff eye his PC, but then he lets out yet another audible blast, this time it sounds wet. He then says to no one but himself (the weirdo) "I think I gotta take a shit." Gross, who just announces that to the world? Strangely enough, he starts walking to his bed. You start to jump in order to get his attention. 

Geoff stumbles towards the bed, cutting through the layer of trash on his floor. His massive hand passes right over you, and you see his phone was the target. Then, as you are trying to get his attention, it seems fate would will it. You feel his stare gaze upon you. His head rings closer and he starts to give a close inspection of you. You yell "Geoff please notice me! It's Veronica! Please!" He looks at the minuscule thing in front of him, has a curious look about him then you see his hand peer down towards you. Finally, he's noticed you. He can take you to somewhere to possibly reverse this strange condition. Or so you hoped.

As you are captured into his huge palm, you feel relief that this is over. Hell, this is something you could tell stories about. Then Geoff's deafening voice sounds off right near you "What are you doing in my room bug? Think you can just stay here without me finding you? I don't think so!"

Your chest starts to pound as you yell as loud as you can, trying to explain that your not a bug. "What's that? Squeaking for mercy?" he teases " there's no escape for you, you pest!" You've never seen your brother like this, he's always been kind to the point of stupidity when you see him. 

"How shall we end your life hmm" Geoff taunts "Maybe I'll step on you and get it over quick. No, but that would be no fun." You're terrified, but it's not like you could go anywhere. If you jumped it would mean certain death. Then his hand rises towards his face, centering on his lips. "Maybe I'll eat you, you could make a tasty snack!" Before you could process the insanity of what he just said, a thunderous fart is put into the room. "Oh, I know exactly what to do with you." He snickers.

He cups his hands, leaving you in darkness. "Where is he taking me." you thought. You start to bang on his hands, and he seems to respond. As he moves his other hand that was shielding the light, you have a bright light peer into your eyes. As you adjust, you realize that your in the bathroom. What does he want in here?

"You know bug, I'm going to give you a real treat. You bugs all like being covered in shit don't you?" he vexed. "No, not like this," you thought. Why was Geoff acting like this? He's a monster! "I had some hot wings earlier, and my stomach really didn't agree with that. So I'm about to dump ass," He then drops you into the frigid waters of the toilet "and you get a front row seat!" 

You are immediately shocked by the freezing water. It was like swimming in a lake in February. Then a looming shadow falls on you. You look up to see Geoff's chunky ass. Alongside is his bus-sized cock, swinging like a pendulum. "Oh bug, I truly do feel bad for you, but at least you get to die to what feels like it's going to be impressive shit." 

Time slows down for you as his rear gets closer to the bowl. When it plops down, the light is completely sealed from the toilet. First, you hear a waterfall like sound near you. A suction force starts bringing you closer towards the center of the bowl. The stench of urine demolishes your senses. Then only a few drips trail off and you are left to swim in the dark. Then the titan lets out a booming fart, that gets reverberated by the toilet. The sound deafens you to the point of having to hold your ears. As you recover, you hear a growling sound above you. Then you are blasted back, realizing that one of Geoffs' logs just barely missed you. 

You start to swim frantically as you hear turd after turd drop in. Then the giant speaks "That was round one bug, I wonder if you survived that. If you did, then you surely won't survive this!" A wet fart lets in through his anal cavity and a mulch of shit is released at an incredible rate. You are instantly splashed with feces and pulled underwater by it. But as you try to resurface, you can't seem to break through the thick layer of shit. 

You start to panic as your tiny body doesn't even have the strength to move shit. Desperately you try to dig your way out, but you can't budge. You are running out of oxygen, and your starting to lose consciousness. As you fade into sleep your last thoughts are of terror. You can't believe you were destined to be your brother's plaything.


Geoff spends at least 30 minutes on the shitter. Those hot wings were delicious at first but came back to bite him. He wipes and looks into the hurricane of diarrhea he left in the toilet. He loved to tease and kill the bugs he found. Looking one last time into the toilet he couldn't even see the bug he plopped in there. He let out a giggle of a job well done. He flushed the toilet. You were never to be seen again.


End Notes:

Any feedback is welcome. I hope to drop a new chapter out from time to time. Hope you enjoyed. (P.S next story will be a female giant)

Irony can cruel sometimes (F/m) by Pizzatime2300
Author's Notes:

As stated, this will be a female giant. This story contains a Mom/son thing. Not incest necessarily, but if you're really not into that, here's a fair warning. 

Being an only child sucks. It's even worse when your mom still treats you like a baby. Saying things like "Aww, who's my big boy? Ethan is!" You're in high school now, there's no reason to be treated like this. It's enough to make you upchuck. 

If any of your friends were available to hang out today, you'd be there in a heartbeat. Unfortunately, that's not the case. You just get home from school and lay around. You usually watch TV, but even that has become stale. 

As your day wastes away, you hear the door open to find that your mom, Debra, has returned from work. "How was school munchkin?" she asks. Not wanting to have the same conversation about the baby talk, you just retort with "Fine". "What's the matter honey, someone picking on you? If they are I'll make sure to give their parents a call." With this again, it feels like asking this is her daily routine. "No Mom, why do you always have to ask me that?" you state in an angry tone. "I'm worried about you Ethan, you come home and just leave me. Sometimes I get worried sick!" she replies. "I'm not a kid anymore Mom," you yell "I'm 15, I can take care of myself!" 

She looks at you in a worried tone, with her long brunette hair parted around her face. "If you need someone to talk to Ethan, I'm here ok." "Whatever, Mom," You say, standing up and walking into your room. You slam the door, proceeding to sit on your bed. You glance at the nightstand next to your bed. A picture of you when you were in the little league around 5 years ago stands. Feeling a little guilty for yelling at your mom, but tired from school; you decide to take a nap. 

Waking up groggy, and with a splitting headache, you peer around your room. But somethings up, this looks like your room, but everything's huge. Your bed itself looking like a desert of blankets. With the pillows being mountains in the distance. 

You get up and start walking around. Strolling towards the edge of the bed, to see if you could climb down and get some help. The door to your room then opens and enters your mom. "Ethan, I wanted to talk to you." She states "Ethan?" She moves towards your bed. As she walks closer, you are astonished by her sheer size. She wasn't just a giantess, she was a titan. She reaches her hand down at your photo on the nightstand. "What happened to you Ethan, you used to be so little." If only she realized the irony of that statement. 

As you gaze at her near the edge of the bed, an unforeseen action occurs. She turns around and faces her butt towards you. You realize she's going to take a seat right on you! Not wanting to become mushed by your mother's jean-clad rump, you start to run. Time slows down as you think you might not make it. Just as you were about to get sat on, you make the furthest leap you could. The ASSteroid (ha see what I did lol) misses you by just centimeters. You get up and look back at your colossal parent. You had two options; live the rest of your life as a pest, dodging feet and apparently butts. Or you could try to get her attention. The choice was obvious. 

You inspect your route. Get atop of the brim of her jeans, climb her shirt, and get next to her ear. It might be a suicidal mission, but it's your only option. You begin the climb on the butt that almost just crushed you. Luckily the jeans were easy enough to climb. Many inlays and designs dot the rough terrain. It takes you a few minutes, but you make it to the top. It's just then when you pick up the sound of sniffles and sobs. It appears that your mother is crying over the little tantrum you threw earlier. Now you truly feel the guilt rise to your chest. You shake the feeling off; you figure you can't apologize if you're a stain on the ground. 

You see that a large jump is necessary if you want to climb her shirt. With no running start on the thin rim of her jeans, you have to put all of your might into this jump. Before making the jump, you can't help but peer down. You see the gross fact that your mom is wearing a very tight thong. It's not like she has anyone to come home to, why does she need those? When you finish staring at your moms' ass, you focus on the situation at hand. 

Getting into as optimal position for a jump you can, you leap. Again, by some blind luck, you make it over the cavern. Hoping on to the shirt. Then you realize you made a miscalculation. The shirt wasn't climbable like the jeans were; the material was just too thin and there was no rock like textures. Looking down to your demise, you can't believe that your destiny was to slide into your moms' ass. Just as you are dropping into the vast jeans, Debra decides to get up. This causes a small hole to open up on top of her lingerie. Apparently, you weren't as lucky as you thought.

Sliding into the inner bowels of her tush, feelings of contempt towards the world and embarrassment of situation sweal inside you. You land in her crack and begin to slide down, as your mothers' action of getting up spread her cheeks slightly. Just enough for you to slide down and land in the dead center. When she finishes standing you are immediately smushed from all sides by her two cheeks. Any light that was coming from the top of the jeans ceased. 

When she started walking, it was like being mashed from side to side by the softest walls. It didn't hurt that much, but it was straining. You could smell the stench of her ass clearly. Working all day had caused her to sweat quite a lot. Outside of your ass-prison, you heard clanging of metal. You guess she's in the kitchen. This was confirmed by a sizzling noise. You couldn't smell what she was making, for the overbearing scent of ass was all your senses could take. 

After a spending some time thinking of an escape plan, it appears that your mom was done with cooking. You feel your world tilt upside down. Then with a sudden stop. With that stop came her thong riding higher up her ass. You proceeded to be smushed up further into her depths. Just as you stop you realize what you're in front of. The pulsating of her anus was giving you the shivers. It was large enough to gobble you whole.

Your mother seemed to be in an uncomfortable position, so she scooted up a little. A little to her, but this caused the thong to press you right up against her beastly poop chute. There was some disgusting layer of film on it. It appears that she didn't wipe well enough either, as when you were plopped on her asshole you got a mouthful of aged shit in your face. You started to hurl, but you couldn't seem to. Nothing was in your stomach to upchuck. Instead, you lay there dry heaving. 

You begin to lose all of your will to live. Even if you survived and were brought back to normal size, the scars of this experience would haunt you till you die. As you wallow in your sorrow, a slight shift shakes you back into reality. Your world tilts once again, this time towards the side. You feel the monstrous anus pucker in front of you. A blast of scorching wind hits you like a truck. You hear a slight giggle come from the mouth of your mom. Then the smell of all the sewer systems assaults your nose. Your mom just passed the worst smelling gust of wind you've ever smelt. You begin to pass out, probably due to lack of oxygen. Your only hope is that you don't wake up so that you don't have to deal with this hell anymore. 

In the cruelest fashion, you awaken to the tone of another butt blast. It seems your mom had her favorite side dish, Brussel Sprouts. It reeks of their handiwork. You hated the farts she left when you were normal sized. But now that you're pressed against her filthy asshole; you would gladly smell a thousand of those farts over this one. 

You wait for ages and no movement happens. You figure she's asleep. This might be your best chance to free your self from the bondage of her assholes' gunk. You begin to try to push yourself out, but even with all your strength, you can't. You lay back down on it; you're almost used to the feeling of shit staining your face. As you rest your head on the dormant hole, it convulses. You try desperately to back up from it but to no avail. You hear a moan come from your mother. The gaping maw ahead of you opens. Her asshole is trying to swallow you!

You try to overpower it, but being stuck in this gunk limits your movement. The anus accepts it's gift and swallows your lower half first. Screaming for your mother, you start to writhe in agony from the pressure of the anus' grip. Unknowingly you just told it to swallow more. It starts to squirm, swallowing you at a surprising rate. Your face passes away from the outside world, into Hell.

When you plop into your mothers' rectum, you realize that the stench of her farts was nothing compared to this befouling and guttural odor. It was so bad that it caused you to have an almost 'high' effect. Dazed and confused by the stench your body starts to drift off into the unknown darkness. You couldn't help but walk ahead due to this effect. It was like a chemical weapon. If you were conscious enough, you might have felt the wall of gunk ahead of you before you blindly walked into it. When you hit the sticky substance you tumble down. 

Your head becomes clear, and you shake off this strange high. Only to realize that you're stuck to the ground. You couldn't confirm, but you knew; this was your moms' ass gunk. It was like being plastered to a wall, no matter how much strength you put into it, the shit coating wouldn't budge. It's then when you felt a soggy substance hit your feet. Again, it doesn't take a genius to realize what this was. A turd was slowly sliding down your mothers' anal cavity. Over the next hours, you could feel the log slowly devouring you. As it reached your torso you realized that this was it. The culmination of your life, all events were leading to this. What sort of cruel being would let this fate befall you?

The turd reached your neck and you just accepted your fate. The worst thing was, you never got to apologize to your mom for being a shithead. You suppose this was an appropriate punishment for that. The shit washed over your face, leaving you to slowly suffocate in your own mothers' feces. In the end, you were pushed far enough into the turd to not even be noticeable from the outside. Ethan died swallowing his own mothers shit, with no hope left for his life. 

Debra awoke groggily. "Another day at the office she thought." It was then she felt a familiar push in her backside, and it wanted out bad. She proceeded over to the toilet and sat. She was happy to add more fiber to her diet, it made these bathroom breaks so much less 'messy'. After passing some nauseous gas and urinating for a little, the main event was at play. Debra grunted, as one massive turd slid from her anal cavity. It was an impressive size, probably the largest she'd ever laid. The massive log dropped with a little 'plop'. She was happy to be rid of it; just another turd to be thrust into the sewers. She wiped and stood up, turning around to view her handiwork. "Wow" she stated in awe "now that's impressive." She reached for the leaver and flushed it down just like any other turd. If only she knew that her sons' remains were packed tightly up in that log. And that he died a broken man. Throughout all the search parties Debra sent out, they would never find the tiny remains of Ethan in a sizable turd.


End Notes:

I hope you enjoyed ;) Any feedback is welcome.

A Foul Grave (M/F) by Pizzatime2300
Author's Notes:

Well here's a chapter on a story I bet you all thought was forgotten. Regardless I hope you enjoy.

Lauren had a relatively normal upbringing. Her mom and dad were divorced when she was young, and her mother got the majority of custody. Her father did his best to support her and her mom, but it just wasn't enough. He used to be and still is quite the drunkard. His habit tends to take a toll on both his personality and his ability to pay child support. Her mom, Sally, eventually allowed Jim to see Lauren every other summer. This started when Lauren was 7, and she very much enjoyed her summers at her dad's house. She loves her mom but also wants to see her dad. It also helped that he usually let her stay up late and play video games.

Lauren had just finished 7th grade and was set for her dad's place for the summer. She was just glad the year was over, and that she would have a good summer. In middle school, she was subject to a lot of bullying for her bright red hair and for generally being a nerd. Her ginger complexion only worsened the mockery, and she would often dream of being a pretty, normal brunette. As per the usual, her mom asked her if she really wanted to stay at her dad's for the whole summer and reminded her that if she wants to leave for any reason that she just call her. Lauren found this quite embarrassing and tried her best to nod her head and say yes till she unlocked the car. After leaving the vehicle and shutting the door Lauren sighs in relief and starts to walk to her dad’s apartment. She realized it wasn’t the best place, but she couldn’t help but smile when she saw his front door. After walking up to it she gave the same jingle in her knock as always. After the knock, she heard her dad yell for her to just come in. Hearing the order, Lauren opened the apartment entrance. The one bedroom apartment was always spotless before she came over.

After putting her bag on the couch Lauren yells for her father, “Where you at dad?”. Quickly her father's voice returns with an answer, “In the bathroom, be out there in a minute.” Lauren shrugged and took the remote off the couch and flipped the channels on the living room television. As per the usual, there was virtually nothing to watch. After a few minutes, her dad walked out of the bathroom after washing his hands. He looked pretty much the same as Lauren last saw him; a forward facing cap on top of his bearded head. He always kept his outfit simple, usually t-shirt and jeans. He had always had a noticeable beer gut and was a little on the heavier side. As he walked toward her they both shared a smile and hugged. He got on his knee and lifted the 13-year old up, remarking “God you get heavier every year darling.” She smiled and the comment and lashed back with a “You too dad.” They both laughed at the playful banter sat on the couch. After a while of catching up with each other, Jim asked Lauren if she wanted to fight him in a round of Mortal Kombat. It was her favorite game and she obliged to the challenge.

Lauren enjoyed peace at her dad’s place in the summers. Her mom is a busy businesswoman and hardly has time to pay enough attention to her. After a few weeks of fun at her dad’s apartment, he brought up that he was going to have a woman over and that he didn’t want for her to feel awkward while she was there. So he offered her his room for the night, so she could close the door and play until she left. After thinking it over, Lauren agreed and was set to meet, and try to avoid this girl her dad was bringing over.

The night came and a knock was heard. Lauren stayed on the couch as her dad answered the knock. He was dressed a little nicer, in a white button up and some black jeans. Lauren was curious to see what this lady looked like. As Jim opened the door, a curvaceous woman with long brunette hair stepped in. She was so pretty even Lauren was taken aback by her look. Both her dad and this lady shared a hug and a kiss, then Jim started to introduce the two. “Emma, this is my daughter Lauren.” The voluptuous lady introduced herself, speaking in a high pitched voice, “Hi Lauren, I’m Emma. I’ve heard so much about you.” Lauren was used to this boring kid talk and just played the conversation out until they wanted to leave. Before the couple went out Jim took his daughter aside and reminded her that if she has any trouble to call him, or the police if need be. After giving her a kiss on the cheek and saying see her tomorrow, Jim locked the door behind his date and him and was off towards the bar. Lauren was glad to be here by herself and secluded to her dad’s room. The room was slightly less picked up than the rest of the house, with clothes scattered about and a filled trash bucket. She wasn’t worried about the mess and focused on playing some video games. She turned on the PlayStation and chose her account.

Lauren had stayed up till 11:00 pm playing a variety of games and decided to hit the sack. Before crawling into bed she went into the rest of the apartment and made sure all the lights were off. After flipping all the switches she returned to the bedroom and got in the bed. Just before she fell asleep she heard a strange noise emanate from outside the room. It sounded a like something straight out of a sci-fi movie. Getting out of the bed, Lauren goes to check the disturbance. As she opened the door she saw a strange light illuminating from the T.V. It was a faint green, and seemed to have a strange static noise accompanying it. As she approached the screen, Lauren felt hypnotized by its glow. She couldn’t look away from the Verdant glimmer of the screen. As she got right up to the T.V she kneeled down and stared into it. It was almost speaking to her, but in words, she couldn’t understand. She started to feel dizzy and her eyes rapidly blinked. She looked as if she was experiencing a seizure. After laying down, Lauren was put into a strange sleep.

A sudden crash woke the young teen up from her strange slumber. As she looked around she realized she was in the dark with no light. The surface she was on was semi-soft. As she looked towards where the loud noise came from, she saw two pairs of giant legs walking forward and closing a humongous door. Surveying the landscape again, Lauren saw that she seemed to be in the living room. Except everything was huge. The couch behind her seemed to be a huge mountain-like like structure. The T.V set ahead was looming over her. Then she remembered the T.V and the strange glow. The figures at what looked to be the entrance of the apartment were Jim and Emma. Lauren stared at the giants as they walked into the apartment. They both were stumbling and kissing each other as they moved to the couch. Their giant footsteps shook the floor below Lauren, and she was immediately intimidated. The giant Emma spoke first in a drunk horny tone “What do you say we take it to your bed hmm?” Jim hesitated in the heat of the moment and said “No, my daughters in there. But we’ve got the whole rest of the house to ourselves.” After sharing a sensual laugh the hot couple continued to french. Lauren was both shocked and mortified, seeing her dad go dirty on a lady like that. Shaking her head, she realized she had to get help somehow. With a begrudging thought, Lauren decided to march her way towards the couch. Her size was about equal to a pencil eraser, and she didn’t make a very quick pace across the carpet. After a while, the couple on the couch started to get more heated, as they undressed each other while on the couch. First to go was their tops. Jim quickly ripped the button up shirt off and helped his fuck buddy take her bra off. After her tits popped out, Jim stood up to get his cock out. Lauren saw his huge sole approaching her rapidly and she started to run back. As the foot landed she was only inches away (to her) from being stepped on. She looked up to see her father undo his belt and pull his pants down. After kicking them away he got closer to Emma who was already naked. He let her pull his boxers down, revealing his large dong. Lauren couldn’t help but stare at the scene above her. The T.V was playing some late night talk show that provided light to the intercouse going on ahead of the minuscule girl.

Lauren once again shook herself out of her stare and forwarded onward. He heard the large woman spit and looked up to see Emma insert her dad’s junk into her mouth. Loud gags were heard as the man's cock had its personal polish. Finally, Emma got to the bottom of the couch and was quickly dismayed as she looked up. It seemed like a climb that would take forever and wasn’t sure if it was worth the risk. She didn’t want to be caught under the lovers as they fucked. So in better judgment, she decided to wait until they were over. Eventually, the business moved from a blowjob to banging on the couch. Lauren was terrified as the couch above her started to move in a pattern, creaking with every stroke of the lovers above. It was rather demeaning to Lauren to be stuck under the couch as his dad fucked some bimbo. After a long while, they picked up the pace. The moaning coming from Emma got louder, and she yelled in the sensual moment “Blow your load on my tits baby” Jim just shook his head as he was focused on the moment. He retracted his dick from her pussy and took aim at her chest. After a few strokes, his creamy load was shot out onto her supple breasts. He let out a satisfying moan as he climaxed. After the couple reeled from the intercourse, Jim said “I’ll get something to clean you off, hold on” As he lept nakedly over the couch and walked into the bathroom, Emma sat there and brought her purse to her. Lauren waited for the couple to be done with their ‘buisiness’ and decided that now was as good of a time as any to try to get Emma’s attention.

Lauren walked out from under the couch and got a good angle of the naked woman on sitting. She walked over towards her purse laying on the ground. She figured she’d have to look at the bag eventually. Lauren started to jump up and down, yelling frantically. As if by pure luck, the giant woman turned her eye towards the bag and seemed to lock onto her. Then the worst started to occur. “Eww, a bug,” said the naked lady. She rose her hand up and pointed her thumb out, guiding it towards the bug by her bag. Lauren was terrified and started to run for it. She couldn’t nearly match the speed of the incoming finger. The shadow loomed over Lauren and she almost excepted getting smashed into paste. But just before the giant could finish the job a voice chimed in saying “got you some paper towels.” Emma retracted her thumb and turned her attention to the offer. Lauren was immensely glad to be alive. She ran as fast as she could back towards the underside of the couch. After getting under she took a breather, she could feel the hairs on the back of her neck stand up in fear.

After Emma cleaned herself she threw the paper towel in the trash and patted the seat next to her to invite Jim to sit. He obliged and was wearing a new pair of underwear this time. He grabbed the remote and started to flip channels. They both sat there cuddling as they watched the boring late night shows. “Oh, by the way, I saw a bug on the floor, might want to check it’s not an ant infestation or something”. Jim replied with “Oh no worries I got a spray around the apartment that keeps them from moving in. It was more than likely just one by itself.” Emma accepted the explanation and continued to cuddle. Lauren decided she wanted to wait until Emma left to get her dad’s attention.

After a half hour or so Emma declared that she better get home. Jim sighed and said he had a great night with her, and that they should do this more often. Emma agreed and got dressed. After dressing they kissed briefly and exchanged goodbyes. After Emma exited Jim locked the door and sat on the couch watching T.V. Lauren got out from under once again and decided that if he found her on the floor he would likely mistake her for a bug, taking that option off the table. She reasoned that climbing his hairy leg was the best course of action. She wanted to get his attention before he fell asleep. So walking to his massive foot, she began the climb. It didn’t take very long to get atop the foot, and she was quickly climbing the forest of leg hair. Due to her size, he didn’t seem to feel her bug-sized body climb up his leg. As she climbed up she heard him yawn. She hopes he doesn’t stand and cause her to fall back to the ground. This fear made her climb even faster, and in a short time, she made it to his knee. After making it on top of the mountain like a knee, Lauren needed a breather. She cannot believe this was happening and was hoping that she would just wake up and end this strange nightmare. After catching her breath she marched onward. As she walked down her father's thigh, she heard a loud gurgle come from his stomach, it sounded upset. She looked up to see that his face was mostly unfazed by his upset stomach. Afraid, but determined, Lauren braced onward towards his waist. Lauren reached his hefty stomach. The gut was hairy all over. Lauren thought to herself that the hair would provide good assistance for climbing, and began the last leg of her journey.

As Lauren reached the belly button, she smelt a disgusting smell coming from it. Then she heard something weird come from the T.V. The sounds from the television was changed to an ‘adult’ channel and was playing some good old fashion porn. Lauren could hear it going on behind her. She noticed it immediately from the cheesy music and dialogue. As she made it over the putrid belly button, dad started to shift. He brought his hand down to his boxers and lowered them down. Lauren looked back and saw her fathers pillar sized dong come out of the boxers. The air around her started to smell of his sex, and he was clearly still horny. He gripped his right hand around his girth and started to stroke it to the porn on the T.V. The rapid motion shook the man's gut, causing Lauren to start to lose balance. She tried to cling on to the hair but had no luck. She was slowly being bounced off of his belly, in the direction of his hard cock. Lauren had no control as she slid downward and eventually was flung off the belly toward her own father’s private parts. She fell a great way before landing in the space between his legs. She luckily avoided falling on his hand or his penis.

Looking up, Lauren saw the tower sized dick stroke up and down. The smell down here was 100x more potent, and she was starting to sweat due to the heat of the organ ahead of her. His giant ballsack was right in front of her and was being shaken vigorously. The shaking down here was to the point that she couldn’t stand. The weight of the man ahead of her was pressed on the couch, causing the cushion to fold in on him. This caused Lauren to be bought closer to the giant hairy balls ahead of her. Her naked tiny form was covered in sweat, both hers and his. As she rolled down the slope, she eventually stopped at the balls. She was being shaken violently and wished for this hell to stop. Jim was feeling his climax coming and adjusted his cock, lifting it and getting into a better position for his sore wrist. This lift caused Lauren to be cast under his balls.

As she was being smothered by the pivoting testicles, Lauren’s senses were in disarray. The stench of her dad’s balls had been washed over her, getting into her eyes and nose. She felt like vomiting, but could barely muster up the energy to breath. The ballsack was crushing her over and over as Jim was wanking away. Each stroke put great pressure onto the tiny form stuck below the testicles. Jim eventually felt started to climax, as the porn reached its the best part. As he climaxed he felt some of the drinks backfire in his ass and had some gas to relieve. Being alone he nonchalantly released the fart. Lauren heard her dad release the gas and screamed. They used to play games on who could release the worst gas, and she knew his farts were the worst after he drank. Unfortunately, she was stuck under his balls as he released the horrid gas. After climaxing and releasing the pent up gas Jim felt like just sitting here for a while. He got some of the leftover paper towels on the couch from before and half cleaned his shaft.

Meanwhile, under the balls of her dad, Lauren started to smell the foreign gas as it invaded her nostrils. The fart smell was added to the sweaty stench of his balls. The combination of these both caused convulsions in Lauren’s stomach, and she threw up what was in her stomach. The vomit only layered on top of her as she was facing up, with her face to the hairy skin. As the vomit cascaded down her chest and washed over her face. Lauren’s body tried to throw up more but only caused dry heaves. As the little lady was stuck as a crumb under her dad’s balls, she didn’t think it could get any worse. This was until he started to move.

The tired, drunk man stood up to put his underwear back on. Lauren was unfortunately plastered onto her dad’s sack because of the sticky sweat and unwashed semen. She was lifted as she was still stuck to the balls. She could finally breathe and tried to pry herself off of the testicles. This proved to be a fatal error as the man rose his underwear upwards. Lauren thought she was free when she pried herself off of the ballsack but only ended up falling towards the boxers. She briefly turned and got a brief glance at her destination as she plummeted. Her luck just wouldn’t turn. She landed on the underwear near the ass side, and before she could fall down towards the bottom the cloth rose quickly. She looked up as the hairy asscheeks of her dad flew towards her. She could see that her destination was the asscrack. Before she could protest, the underwear was pulled up. Lauren was driven towards the hairy abyss. The tight boxers morphed to Jim’s ass, and as a result, Lauren was swiftly inserted into his asscrack.

The stench around Lauren was too much to handle. It smelled as if she had tripped and fallen into the deepest sewer. Then to make matters worse, her carrier sat down again. This caused the meaty cheeks surrounding her to close in, making a sandwich out of her body. The tight cheeks squeezed her mini form to the point that she couldn’t move at all. She could smell the bowels ahead and was covered in his fecal matter by the residue caught on his ass cheek hair. It was darker than ever, but Lauren sensed a heat in front of her. She knew that her dad’s gross asshole was inches from her. Jim laid down on the couch and began to try to get some sleep. Luckily he didn’t have work tomorrow and could spend all day with his daughter. Little did he know, he was currently about to be his own offsprings humiliating undoing.

Lauren was stuck in the cheeks for a long time. She assumed that her dad fell asleep on the couch, and was laying on his back. Through the night her father would shuffle and move to get a better sleeping position. Each of these movements caused his boxers to get more and more wedged into his ass. Lauren detected this and was horrified as she approached the chocolate starfish ahead. Then after a final movement, the boxers wedged in just deep enough for Lauren to be plastered on the man’s hairy butthole. As she touched it convulsed in a strange manner as if to greet her. She felt the strange texture of the hole all over her and was left in this manner for some time. The feeling of defeat washed over the glorified ass crumb, and she couldn’t think of a solution to this problem. Then, a deep rumble was echoed from the hole ahead. Lauren shook her head as much as she could in protest. She yelled in protest as the gas reached the man’s colon. Jim’s sleeping body sensed the fart coming. The mixture of beer and wings had made war in Jim’s gut. His body was desperate to release the pent up gas and didn’t hesitate to do so. The hole she was plastered to opened and Lauren winced in terrified anticipation for the gas bomb. Little did the tiny victim know, it wasn’t just air being released. A wet 6-second toot was released slowly from the man’s pucker. At first, Lauren was hit by just gas. Then a horrid liquid was dispensed from the hole, and subsequently onto the tortured young teen. The brown sludge spared Lauren none, and she was covered from head to toe in her dad’s shit juice. The smell was deathly, and she even got to taste the butt gunk as it intruded into her mouth. This was hell, no doubt about it. Lauren tried her best to shake and pound around, anything to make this stop. The shaking caused the pucker ahead to tingle. Jim smiled as something in his rear started to stimulate him slightly. Lauren watched as her efforts were not just in vain, but worsed the situation ten-fold.

The asshole Lauren was glued to by its special sauce started to open. She felt her legs get sucked in first. She was being slowly eaten by the gluttonous hole. As it wrapped over her waist the asshole suffocated the tiny. She felt as if she would be cut in half by the pressure of the closing pucker. But her life wouldn’t be so quickly snuffed out. The hole eventually swallowed all of its meal and sealed itself once again. Lauren was dropped into her father's rectum and was assaulted by the offensive odor around her. Once again she found herself heaving, desperately trying to vomit. Many squelches could be heard ahead, and she knew that her father's bowel movement was approaching quickly. She desperately banged on the only exit she had. The other side of the pucker didn’t seem to mind the stimulation but offered no openings in return. Lauren broke down and started to cry. “NOOOOOO! I can’t end like this. I’m not a turd I’m a human!” She continued to scream as her fate approached her from behind. The smell seemingly changed as she heard something sliding down the tunnel behind her. It sounded wet and smelled even more awful than any previous showings. She looked behind her and only saw a dark shadow. Although she couldn’t see it, she knew what was there. The log of shit slowly slid down the man’s sleeping colon. Lauren didn’t give up and kept banging on the hole, hoping it would show her mercy. Unfortunately, her father’s anal cavity was intent on making her part of its next deposit. Lauren felt liquid shit hit her ankles as the large load of shit behind her encroached upon her. She turned around and stood up, then reached her arms out to see how close the approaching turd was. It was less than arm's length away from her. Lauren stood no chance against the turds might. Before she could turn around once more to give a last effort on the exit, the huge fecal train lurched forward and engulfed Lauren. Her body was smashed onto the exit, and she started to choke. The turd itself was mushy and wet. The more the turd was pushed, the more Lauren was inserted into it. She tried to hold her breath but eventually caved. Shit was washed into her nose, mouth, eyes, and ears. She was quickly running out of oxygen, and the turd had none to spare. After a few minutes, Lauren’s body began to spasm as a result of being suffocated. She tried to swallow the shit in her mouth, but couldn’t bring herself to do so. It wasn’t long before her struggles ended and her mortal coil was severed. Her last thoughts were of panic and confusion. Her lungs and mouth were filled to the brim with her father’s liquid waste, and she ended up drowning in the butt gunk. Her body laid in the turd for many hours, being slowly mixed in with the waste.

After being cooked by the heat of her father’s anal cavity for a whole night, the turd that once was a living girl was what woke Jim up. He felt a huge load in his ass as he woke up, and he quickly ran to the bathroom. He let out a wet fart as he swung the door open, and dashed to the toilet. Turning around and quickly taking his underwear off, Jim slammed his butt down on the toilet and started to relieve himself. A mixture of piss and sloshy shit washed into the toilet first. Jim felt immediate relief as the liquid dung washed out of his pucker. But he could sense that it wasn’t just liquid in there. Jim pushed hard as he felt a massive turd escape his ass prison. His pucker cut it off in segments as the continuous log leaked out into the smelly bowl. Lauren’s body was encased in the first turds front. Her once pale skin is now lathered in shit. Almost her whole body was surrounded by the turd, and only her right arm and part of her head stuck out. After her body encased in the turd fell it was followed by an avalanche of other logs. Lauren’s body ended up at the bottom of the bowl, being toppled over by the rest of her dad's diarrhea. After the rest of the logs were shat out, Jim sat there to make sure he was really done. He pushed and another squirt of poo was released. He had really messed up eating those wings. He got a whiff of the smell and covered his nose. He was starting to feel bad for the toilet. After sitting for an extra few minutes to get the last of the shit out, Jim unraveled the toilet paper and began to wipe. It took three separate attempts to get a satisfyingly clean ass. After dropping the shit soaked toilet paper in the bowl Jim got up and wrapped his boxers back around his waist. He turned around and examined his creation. He was shocked when he saw the size of the load in the bowl. He didn’t even think he could fit that much in his ass. He cracked a smile and was strangely impressed by the size of this shit. After admiring his load, he put his hand on the toilet’s lever and pushed. He watched as the large liquid load sloshed down the toilet, but was too large for one flush. He wasn’t surprised it needed two. On the second flush, the rest of the shit was washed into the sewers and Jim felt satisfied and walked away from the bathroom happy. As for Lauren, her tiny body would remain engulfed in her own father’s shit. She would never be found in the sewers and was nothing more than a turd now.

Duchess in the Dumps (F,M/F) by Pizzatime2300
Author's Notes:

This is something I cooked up in my head today and decided to put to words. It's sort of different from the norm, but will stll involve heavy odor and scat, Hope you enjoy :)


Duchess Anita was the third daughter of the royal Worthington family. She had already been married off to the Duke of a sizable land at age 16 and was living the posh royal life she was bred into. Anita’s husband was busy leading an army down on some rebellious town, meanwhile, she was stuck in the castle with only her servants. Even after a year of moving away from her family, she still hadn’t got used to the position she was in. She could, and often did treat her servants like nothing. The power of being a Duchess had swelled to her head, and to pass the time Anita would boss her servants to do something demeaning. The tasks varied from massaging her feet, feeding her grapes, or even acting as a footrest when she sat on her throne. It was truly gratifying to belittle her servants, and Anita cherished every moment of being royalty.


As the Duchess was getting prepared for her midday meal, she sat on her throne bored. Peering her eyes around the throne room, she was suddenly spooked when she felt a tingle on her leg. Standing up and lifting her dress revealed a strange yellow spider, no bigger than her fingernail, had just bitten her. The Duchess yelped at the sight of the arachnid, and she proceeded to brush the spider off towards the floor with her hand. After the spider fell she lifted her high heeled shoe and leveled it above the tiny bug. Without hesitation or mercy, she stomped as hard as she could, then twisted her shoe back and forth. After a few seconds, she lifted her shoe and looked down at the mess. There was simply no more spider, only a green splotch of it’s remains was left. The Duchess was happy to see that the pest was dead, and sat back down on her throne. She felt her hand around where the spider had bit her. The bite was close to her milky thighs and had left a small welt. The strange thing is she’s never seen a spider like that one. Many critters and pests hide in the corners of her domain, but none were bright yellow spiders. Shrugging the thought off, Anita got up and started to walk towards the dining hall. Luncheon was about to start and she was eager to see what her servants had cooked up for her.


As Anita walked through her castle her heeled shoe patter echoed through the stone walls. She suddenly felt sickly, and as she approached the stone staircase Anita had to sit and rest. She wasn’t sure what brought this feeling upon her. Feeling her head, she was sweating profusely, and rather hot. Her vision was starting to blur and she began to pass out. As Anita sat on the bottom step passing out, her form started to shift. No one was around to notice, but she started to shrink. Her body quickly reduced in size. Her puffy purple dress swallowed her completely and eventually, her form was the only the size of an index finger.


When Anita awoke she was surprised to find she was naked. She felt a massive headache hit her as she took in her surroundings. It was completely dark, and she felt as if she was surrounded by an ocean of silk. She began to yell for help, “Hello, anyone! I seem to be lost. It’s dark and I can’t see!” After getting no response she began to walk around aimlessly in the dark silky room. It was rather soft but stuffy at the same time. There was a strange lingering scent around her. It smelled distinctly like unwashed undergarments. It wasn’t very potent but merely added to the strangeness of the situation. Suddenly loud bangs were heard all around. It sounded like footsteps were approaching, except they were as loud as thunder.


“Hello, my lady! Lunch has been prepped!” said a disembodied voice. It seemed as if it was coming from above her. The voice sounded like one of her servants. Anita yelled with all her might, “Servant! I’m right here!” Jumping up and down, she wasn’t sure why she wasn’t heard. The house lady continued to call out, and the footsteps were getting closer and closer to Anita. The Duchess continued to squeal, desperate to get attention to her unknown situation. “What’s the Lady’s dress doing here on the stairs?” announced the voice from the sky. Anita wasn’t sure what her servant meant by that, and continued to wriggle around to get attention. It seemed as if the voice was directly above her now, “Hmm, well I suppose she just left it here.” announced the servant girl. But as the servant began to pick the dress up she heard something emanating from it. Being quite curious, she opened the head hole and peered in.


Anita felt the world around her shift. Her silk feeling surroundings quickly rose and caused her to stumble and fall. Then a light shined in from above her. Peering up at the heavenly light, she first thought it would be god himself sent to judge her. But as her eyes caught more of the visual details, she was very surprised to see the giant head of one of her servant girls. Anita let out a loud scream as the head above her surveyed her surroundings. Anita saw as the pair of eyes locked onto her. Her chest started to pound in fear, she wasn’t sure what the hell was going on but she hoped it was just a strange dream. As the eyes focused on the tiny Duchess a shocked look appeared on the face of the servant. The servant clearly wasn’t sure to make of the tiny form she was staring at. “Lady Anita, is that you?” the giant head questioned. The head was so large that the words she spoke rang in Anita’s tiny eardrums. She jumped up and yelled towards the servant for answers, “Servant, what in God’s Bones is going on?”. The servant’s head left but was quickly replaced by a huge hand. The menacing hand wrapped around the Duchess, and she screamed in protest.


As the grasped hand rose up Anita was getting light headed by the sudden change in altitude. The hand around her unwrapped and revealed the same giant face in front of her. The servant girl’s eyes glowed as she saw the tiny figure in her palm. “Gadzooks! It is you.” announced the huge head in front of Anita. The Duchess continued to scream at the giant servant, “What has happened? Why am I so minuscule?” The servant girl looked around and picked the dress up with her other hand. “By Mary, what happened to you? You're a nymph!” the servant said mockingly. Anita didn’t take kindly to the mockery of her situation and continued to yell. To the servant, her voice sounded small and high pitched. She clearly couldn’t hear any words she was saying. After checking her surroundings once more, the servant clenched the tiny in her hand again and proceeded to leave towards the kitchen. Once again Anita was engulfed by the sweaty hand of her giant servant. Footsteps are heard and eventually the sound of a door opening is heard.


The light returned to her Anita’s eyes. She stood up and looked at the hand opening. Around her was the huge kitchen placed in her palace. The servant girl called to someone in another room, “Harriot, come here. I need to show you something.” “Just a minute,” the voice answered. Out of a door entered Harriot, another servant to the Duchess. “What is it you want Marcella?” Harriot quizzed. “Look you bloke.” responded the young servant. As Harriot looked at the hand presented to her, she noticed the figure standing on it. A curious look was painted on her face and she asked Marcella what it was. “I think it’s the Duchess.” Marcella divulged. “What do you mean it’s the Duchess, it’s the size of a bug.” the older servant trotted out. Marcella began to explain the situation, “I was walking around the castle looking for the Duchess to tell her lunch was ready when I stumbled upon her dress” the servant expounded, “The dress looked to be left there and I was going to pick it up and bring it to the washroom when I heard a noise coming from the dress. I peered into the empty attire and found the Duchess inside. Except she’s so tiny.” After the explanation, both women looked to each other and back to the tiny.


Anita was no longer yelling, for the loud voices coming from the giant’s was washing over any attempt to do so. After their talk, she saw as the two ladies look at her with the same look a wolf gave its prey. Once again the hand wrapped around her and she was flung into another walk. After a few minutes, the hand released its grip and revealed the servant’s quarters. Both ladies giggled and whispered to each other as Anita took in her giant surroundings. “Don’t worry, I have just the place for her,” said Harriot as she walked over towards her bed. She returned with a wooden box the size of a large book. Anita was shocked as Marcella grasped her in between her thumb and index finger, and lifted her up. She was brought over the wooden box and dropped in. She landed on her stomach, knocking the wind right out of her. The box was set down on Marcella’s bed and the two women began to discuss what they were going to do. “Well I don’t think we should do anything,” said Harriot. Marcella quipped back with “What do you mean Harriot? Do nothing? This is our chance,”. “Chance at what?” Harriot questioned. “It’s our chance to get revenge on this wretched lady. For the last year, I’ve put up with every request to massage her feet, scrub the floor she walks on, and act as a personal footrest. I say that we return the favor, and then some.” Harriot thought about it briefly and responded, “Ah I couldn’t, but I’ll tell you what. Whatever you do to her, your secret is safe with me.” The two nodded to each other and Harriot left the room.


The tiny Duchess couldn’t believe what was spoken by her servant. Immediately, Anita screamed in protest as the giant Marcella approached her wooden prison. “What are you getting is a fuss about?”, asked the approaching giant. Marcella got on her knees and peered directly over the tiny woman in the box. “Oh my, I’ve waited to get some revenge on you for some time. You are by far the worst woman I’ve ever laid eyes on.” the giant said in a quiet but stern voice. “I just don’t know where to start with you,” Marcella said in a demeaning tone. “Ah, my feet are sore from all this work you have me doing. I think it’s time someone got to that.” the giant teased. Marcella stood back up and started to take her shoes off. She slipped the first one off and sighed in relief. Her feet are drenched in sweat, and the cold air felt nice as it washed over her toes. After her shoes, she peeled her socks off. Anita watched in rage as the servant got into a more comfortable attire. After watching her take her footwear off she saw the giant woman clutch her sock in her hand and look toward her. Anita saw the hand come for her once more and was ever vigilant in her efforts to yell the problem away.


Anita was dropped onto the middle of the servant's bed. She stumbled around as the servant crawled into the bed. As she sat down the bed quaked and made it impossible for the pixie-sized woman to stand. After the giant got onto the bed, she presented her feet directly in front of the tiny. “My feet aren’t going to clean themselves,” Marcella stated to her former ruler. Anita wasn’t about to massage the feet and looked around for an exit instead. Then the familiar pair of fingers grabbed her by the hair and lifted her. The pain from being held in this manner was immense, and Anita yelped in protest. The tiny was being lifted to eye level and stopped inches from the face ahead. “Listen here you useless wretch, I’m not going to ask twice when I order something. You will lick my feet clean, or you will be punished by being put in here,” said Marcella as she lifted up her steamy sock. The giant loomed the tiny in her hand over the stinky sock for a little bit. Anita could smell the horrid stench clearly and definitely didn’t want to end up in there. She was brought back down towards the bed and dropped next to the titanic feet. “Start licking” ordered the huge figure.


Anita approached the smelly feet with hesitation. The smell was enough to make her queasy, but she knew that it was either this or the sock. The tiny tongue was scrapped up and down the giant’s foot. The tiny only came up to half of the foot’s height though. The taste was as if you squeezed a sweat-filled rag into a cup and drank it. The salty taste complimented the gross smell perfectly. Anita would gag every third or fourth lick and clearly not giving it her all. “If you don’t start actually putting some effort into it your going in the sock,” Marcella announced. This put an extra push into Anita’s efforts and she worked as hard and fast as she could. “That’s more like it”, the giant said in approval. Anita licked all up and down the foot, reaching as high as she could. After cleaning the bottom of the foot she went to the other and started licking. After a while, she even got used to the taste, but certainly didn’t enjoy it. This ‘foot massage’ lasted for what seemed an eternity. Anita’s tongue was sore and dry, but the punishment wasn’t over. The giant saw that the lady was tired, and decided that she just wasn’t trying hard enough. “So it seems like you’d rather be in the sock,” said Marcella. Anita protested and tried to lick faster, but saw that the hand was approaching. “No please! Don’t do this!” begged the tiny in the giant’s hand. Anita was being held by her legs upside down as the giant placed her above the sock. “It’s a good thing too because I have a lot of chores to do. And I think the thing I need is a little foot licker while I do them.” Unceremoniously, the tiny was dropped into the sock. The tiny fell into the stinky linen cave below, screaming the whole way down. She rapidly fell through the sock until she hit the bottom. Then from the outside of her sweaty prison, she heard her torturer say “Well, looks like it’s time to work a sweat up.” After giggling in a creepy fashion the giantess moved her sock toward her right foot. Slowly, she inserted her foot inwards. Anita was backed up against the end of the sock. As the foot reached her she tried desperately to punch the monsterous toes enclosing in on her. In response, the toes wriggled the tiny woman below them and kept her under them. The giant servant stood up carefully and put her other sock and shoes back on. She planned to take a long walk around the keep, maybe pay Harriot a visit and tell her where she’s got the ‘royalty’ stored.

After hours of laying below the toes of the giant, and being trapped by the scent, Anita eventually passed out. Her body lay unconscious as Marcella went through her daily chores. The giant seemed happy with her foot prisoner and wriggled her toes all day. As it neared nighttime, Marcella decided she should pay a visit to Harriot and tell her about her new pet. When she got to the chambers she noticed Harriot peering over a book. Harriot was one of few people in the castle that could read. Anita said her hello’s quickly and brought up the stowaway in her shoe. Harriot agreed that she wanted to see the Duchess’ condition. After taking her shoes off and putting them up, Marcella unwrapped her right sock and dumped the tiny into Harriot’s palm.


Anita awoke to the gaze of a giant pair of eyes. “Golly,” Harriot announced, “looks like you really did her good. Are you planning on letting her go?” questioned the middle-aged servant. “Let her go? No, of course not. I’ve got so much more to do with her.” Marcella said defensively. “Well, I suppose you won’t get caught if she’s this size, just be careful,” Harriot spoke in a serious tone. “Of course. By the time I’m done with her she’ll never be seen again.” Said Marcella. Anita was placed back in Marcella’s palm. They both exchanged goodnights and Marcella went of towards her bed. She was careful to not wake any of the other servants as she crept onto her bed. Anita was exhausted by the day-long trip in the giantess’ sock, and couldn’t bring herself to scream anymore. She laid in the fetal position on the palm of the giantess’, covered in a mixture of dirt, her’s and Marcella’s sweat, and tears. She only got minimal sleep in the ever-swaying foot of one of her own servant girls. The giant laid down after undressing to her nightwear. Anita couldn’t bring herself to look her captor in the eyes. The rage she felt for this monster was only matched by her fear. Anita was set back in the wooden box and laid underneath her bed. She was just glad that there was now a possibility to get some rest.


After almost a full rest, Anita awoke to the box she was encased in moving. The box’s roof opened to reveal a dark room above. Then the face of her captor entered the view. The massive face closed in on the box and started to whisper to Anita. “Just to let you know, I’m going to have to get rid of you today,” the Giantess confessed, “If I have you for too long someone might find out and turn me in. So instead, I will ponder a fitting way to rid of you.” Anita started to yell and cry, and for the first time, the giantess listened. The giant hand picked the mini-duchess up and brought her closer to her ear. Anita started to plead, “Please, I beg of you. Spare me and I’ll get you anything you want. I beg you!” The giantess smirked and tossed the tiny back in the box with a little flick. Anita landed on her tailbone, causing her to wail in pain. “Sorry ‘your highness’, but I’ve dreamed about getting rid of you myself for a long time. Now I get to be rid of you, for good,” proclaimed the giantess. On that note, the box’s lid clamped back down and Anita was left in silence once more.


The Duchess’ mind was racing to find an answer on how to get out of this hell. She wasn’t tall enough to reach the roof; which didn’t matter because she was too weak to lift it regardless. The thought she might make a break for it when she gets out of the grasp of the hand, but it would prove pointless because she has no chance of out-running the titaness. Many ideas crossed her mind, but none seemed a good match for the situation. It wasn’t long before the box was picked up again and opened. Without looking, the giant’s hand grasped around the tiny woman and lifted her up. The hand opened to reveal Marcella in just her undergarments. “I thought I was just going to step on you, maybe feed you to a wild animal,” the giantess mocked, then brought her hand close to her maw and opened, “I was almost set on eating you. But I came up with something even better.” The tiny woman screamed until she was out of breath, begging for her life to be spared. “Actually I really didn’t even think of the idea, it just sort of came to me as I passed some morning gas. I’m going to get the most pleasure out of you as possible. First I’m going to stick you up my pooper, and when I need to relieve myself I’m going to pass you out as well. Then whoever comes by to do their business will be shitting on the royal turd you are.” Anita was gasping at the words she heard, unable to comprehend the cruel idea. The hand was once again clasped as the giantess walked toward the changing room. As when she entered the barred the door with a chair and let the tiny watch her show. Anita was placed on a dresser, still feeling the aching tailbone from earlier. She tried getting up but ended up falling down due to her pain. The giantess watched the tiny form squirm in front of her and was sad to be forced to let her go. But if she had to kill this heartless wench, then she had to give her a deserving death of her attitude.


Anita watched as the giant turned around to face her rear towards her. She shook her head from left to right and repeatedly said “No, please”, but the giant was determined on giving her a big dose of revenge. The buttocks in front of her started to shimmy and the linen underwear was dropped to her knees. Then the giant bent down, looking back at her victim. Anita got a good view at the servent’s asshole. It was stained brown and pulsing as she stared. The woman walked back a few steps, putting her ass directly on the dresser. “You are going to suffer the fate you deserve. Being shat on by the people you shat on daily. Every time I look at the chamber pot I’m going to snicker. Oh, and I, of course, will be the one to dump the chamber pot. On yesterday’s walk I found the perfect spot next to the rest of the animal shit, so you’ll fit in well.” As the onslaught of mockery dragged on Anita was infatuated by the pulsing anal door in front of her. It was as if it was getting eager to devour her. Then without warning, the anal door opened and released some of its gas. “Silly me, didn’t mean to let that one out”, said the giant figure in a fake emberresed tone. “Well, it’s time for you to get in my rump, you little pest!” the giantess announced. Anita was still recovering from the gas attack when Marcella grabbed her and brought her closer to the baited creases of her pucker. As Anita touched the anus, it convulsed in an unnerving way. Then the hand tilted and laid her legs parallel to her hole. The tiny kicked and shook around hopelessly. The hand forced the feet down first. As Anita’s legs were inserted she heard a moan escape the giant’s mouth. Panting ensued as she was roughly shoved up the anus with no sort of lubricant. She got down to her waist and could feel the hole convulse. A rush of steamy air flew past her, followed by an eggy muffled fart that reverberated throughout the body of the tiny Duchess. The small figure cried as she felt some sort of warm substance splash her lower body as it was stuck in the rectum. Tears were falling from her face. Partly because of the odor, and partly because of the madness of the situation.


After the gas escaped the process continued. The anus was slowly swallowing her, and she could do nothing to solve it. One more gulp resulted in her tits being swallowed into the abyss. Right after, her shoulders were gulped down. Anita’s was now neck deep in the woman’s rectum, the smell around her was of raw and unfiltered death. The stench was so heavy she started to taste it. It was clear that her servants either didn’t clean properly or at all downstairs. The cheeks of the giantess folded inward as she stood up straight. Anita’s already musky situation turned 10x worse as she was surrounded by the flesh globes. The underwear lifted up and the already dim light shining through the crack of her ass was replaced with darkness. Anita tried to wriggle free but only ended up pleasuring her killer. The continuous stream of tears only served to add to the misery of her situation. The giantess began walking, causing the cheeks to grind around her. This grinding quickly generated sweat. A drop slid directly in front of her, causing her to vomit suddenly as it touched her lips. The taste was somewhere between unfiltered sewage and poison. She screamed her lungs out at her current state. Never in the Duchess’ life would she think she’d experience a hell such as this on earth.


The day of her captor resumed more or less normally. She did her daily chores and she heard the news that the Duchess was missing. She acted ignorant and shocked towards the scandal, never giving off a scent to anyone besides Harriot. She had made it to lunch after tending to the chickens. She ate the typical porridge they serve, even asking for seconds. Fortunately, she was good friends with the scullion and got her request granted. After finishing the two servings she was stuffed. Then as she continued her duties she had plenty of gas to pass. Anita was tortured by the continuous barrage of sweat beads dripping down, the stench of the leftover ass residue plastered around her, and the frequent farts released from the depths below her. Eventually, the farts became more frequent, and a sticky wall started to engulf the Duchess’ lower half. It was clear that her tormenter felt her bowels asking her to relieve them, and she headed towards the most popular chamber pot. She knew it was clean because she made a point to do so earlier. After closing the door, she presented her ass to the hole below. Anita saw the panties that encased her in darkness drop down. She could only see what was below her when the cheeks parted while Marcella began to sit. Just as soon as the trapped tiny saw the image of the chamber pot ahead of her, darkness once again approached.


As soon as the cheeks reached the hole, urine was released into the bucket below. Marcella sighed in relief as she pissed. A fart sputtered out of the asshole, and Anita felt herself being forced out by the log of shit being pushed by her captor's anal muscles. A large grunt escaped the occupied servant and she felt a short log pass out of her cheeks. Anita fell on her back once more as a mixture of a fart and the log tossed her out of the anus. When she landed she was immediately startled by a loud *plop* noise. A log the size of her hall’s table fell just below her. As she tried to crawl back to avoid the avalanche of scat being dropped, the cruel hole above let out a wet toot. This wet fart let out a large spray of liquid gunk. The ass gunk splashed all over Anita’s body. She started to cough as the shit sprayed in her eyes and mouth. Before she could vomit a crushing force slammed down on her legs. A queen bed sized turn had fallen from the sky and landed on her. She felt her legs snap as the log of shit fell on them. Reeling in pain, she tried her hardest to push the log off of her, but her hardest couldn’t even move a mere turd. Then a rapid fire of similarly sized shit logs descended upon her. The log piled on her lower body, and she was miraculously still alive. She laid on her back, with the urine soaking into her hair. The logs turned into a liquid that sprayed all over the bucket. After one last wet fart, Marcella raised up and turned around. Anita couldn’t even see the smug grin that her previous servant gave her. She saw the moving from under her log pile and was satisfied. She then left to give her fellow servants a chance at shitting on the Duchess.


Shortly after Marcella left the door could be heard opening and closing. Through her shit covered vision, she could barely make out the form above her. It looked to be the servant girl that her tormenter talked to. “Gosh, she wasn’t kidding. She really did it.”, said Harriot. Briefly, Anita thought that the woman would save her. But this hope was quickly dashed as she turned around and shook her bottoms down. Her ass was very round, and as she sat it engulfed the chamber pot’s hole. A grunt could be heard as a wet fart echoed in the toilet. One very thick, snake-like log slithered out of Harriot’s poop chute. It covered up the previous load left by Marcella easily and piled around the opposite side of the bowl. After the turd dropped a stream of urine started to fill the bucket. The pee raised the ‘water’ level and Anita started to panic as piss washed over her mouth. She leaned forward to bring her head out of the piss, causing excruciating pain to jolt down her broken legs. The ass rose from the seat and left without peering back in. Anita couldn’t stand the pain and just wished that God would end her suffering. The turds crushing her lower body were unliftable, and every attempt to do so only ended up in painful failure for the Duchess. Her eyes started to itch because of the sloppy shit stuck in them, and her mouth was full of the nasty substance.


Once more the door swung open and a figure approached the toilet. It was her husband’s personal cook. He was a large, fat, and sweaty; but he made the Duke’s favorite meals. As he looked in the chamber pot he grimaced at the stench coming from it. Shaking his head, he turns around to reveal his plump bottom to his unknown victim. As he sat down he released a mixture of diarrhea and piss into the bucket. Anita was splashed by the liquid wastes washing down on her. There were no logs in this dump, only a hot liquid mess. For a few minutes, the cook sweated as he grunted. Each push caused another splash of brown juice to be let out. Anita was smothered in the man’s waste by the end of his bowel movement. When he stood up he looked down to see his liquid shit layered over all the bucket’s bottom. He was still panting as he looked away and walked out the door. By some cruel fate, Anita still wasn’t dead. Her face was covered, but she was able to cough enough to get some breath into her lungs.


Almost immediately after the scullion left the door opened once more. Anita was ready to accept her fate, but this time it was her tormenter to come and finish the job. Anita couldn’t see at all but felt the bucket being lifted. The shit inside the pot washed back and forth over her as it was carried. After a few minutes, the bucket stopped moving. Marcella looked into the shit-filled pot and pondered, “I wonder if she’s still alive in there; Probably not.” After getting into the castle’s pig pen, she wondered over toward the manure pile. The pile was huge and was used as manure for the farms in the Duke’s ownership. “Well, only one way to see if she’s still living.”, Marcella said. She tilted the bucket down and dumped the shit on top of the pile; then waited to see if her victim was still alive. Eyeing the pile that was dumped, she looked for a few seconds. Just before she thought there was nothing left of the Duchess, she saw the tiny crawl out with her arms under the turd pile. Marcella was shocked to see her still alive and was ready to enact the last part of her plan. “Oh, you lived. I must say I’m surprised. After the cook entered, I was sure his shit would kill you. But it looks like you’re tougher than you look. Anita coughed in desperation as the giantess above her spoke. “Well I, unlike you, have a list of chores to do. Hmm, if I recall I was supposed to pick up after the pigs today. Well since I’m in here I might as well.”, stated the giantess. She took the shovel from the corner of the room and walked towards the pigs living area. She saw a fresh turd on the ground and proceeded to pick it up with the shovel. As she brought the steamy pig turd towards the pile of manure she had a twisted smile at the thought of this bitch’s final fate. “Oh, look, the perfect place to continue the pile,” she spoke cruelly, “looks like you just can’t escape getting in shitty situations today.” Marcella vexed. “Well, I got a job to do, and it looks like you're okay with it, seeing that you’re not moving. Goodbye ‘my Lady’, I hope you have fun being apart of pig manure,” Anita was still gasping for air, crawling with her elbows at a snail’s pace. She heard the giant mock her and raise the shovel above her. As the pig shit fell onto the tiny form she wasn’t crushed, but instead encased in the turd. After Marcella piled the first turd on the pile she continued to pile the rest of the shit on top. After gathering it all she looked at the new part of the pile. She smiled and rested the shovel atop the shit mound. She began to compact the shit into the rest of the mound with the flat end of the shovel. Anita was already being compacted by the mountain of turds above her. She couldn’t breathe and started to suffocate. Before that fate could take her, a great pressure pushed down on the shit she was encased in. This caused her to be pressed between the two different piles. She screamed in agony as her minuscule form eventually popped under the pressure. Her crimson juice and viscera were pushed out of her mutilated corpse but altogether didn’t add much to the pile of feces. She was left in the pile for about a week until her compressed form was re-shoveled and introduced into the ground. Her tiny body added to the soil around some grain, never to be seen again.


Breton Booty (F/M,F) by Pizzatime2300
Author's Notes:

A chapter set in The Elder Scrolls universe. I hope you guys enjoy! ;)

Torlack sat in the bushes next to the road going from Whiterun to Markarth. He’d been a half-dozen separate bandit clans in the past year. He preferred being the night watch or scout, work he could do alone. It was hitting nightfall on a cloudy day. Perfect conditions to mug some unsuspecting fool. He’d watch the bigger carts go past, needed to be a lonely target. After waiting for a few hours he saw the perfect target on the road. It looked to be a short Breton girl, in a red cloak. Torlack looked for a brief second to see if she was armed. After confirming she didn’t have a weapon strapped, he snuck up. The brawny Nord pulled his steel sword out of his hilt silently and approached the hooded woman from behind. After getting close he put his blade to her back and announced: “Hand over your valuables lady, and you won't get hurt.” She slowly turned around with her hands up. Torlack was taken aback by the woman's impressive cleavage popping out of her shirt. She had pale skin and black hair, with what looked like eyeshadow around her emerald green eyes. “Oh please, don’t hurt me. I’ll give you anything!” she announced sounding scared. Torlack smirked as he noticed a strange necklace with a glowing blue gem encased in golden metal. Not hesitating, the brash Nord reached his hand toward the boobs and gripped the fancy chain. As soon as he touched it a strange tingle echoed through his body. It felt like his whole body went numb. He focused in on the Breton beauty and saw a devious smile curl up her face. She grabbed Torlack’s hand and unwrapped it off of her necklace and pushed him over. Torlack was seemingly paralyzed, and no matter how much he tried he couldn’t move anything except his eyes. He fell to the floor with his arm stuck in the air. He looked at the woman walking over his body, giving him a peak under her black dress. “Well, well, well. Looks like you picked the wrong person to try and mug. Looks like I have another plaything for tonight.” the titillating Breton cooed. Torlack watched as she pointed her finger towards him and a green beam of magic shot out, making a strange noise. As the spell hit his chest he was helplessly wrought with pain. As he tried his best to scream, the Nord noticed the Sorceress that stood above him seemed to be getting further and further away. After a few seconds, the beam stopped. Torlacks environment changed before his eyes. He was shrunk rapidly and was swallowed by his own studded armor.

Torlack laid their briefly, terrified and paralyzed. “Oh, you poor thing. Let me just get you out of there,” said the Breton before bending down. The shrunk Nord didn’t even feel the hand wrap around him in his paralyzed state. He was lifted out of the leathers and quickly brought to eye level with the gorgeous woman's face. “You’ll add nicely to today’s collection,” said the woman. She brought his tiny form down to her waist, and with her other hand opened a satchel on her hip. Torlack saw the satchel open to reveal other similar sized people to him. He was dropped into the pile and the satchel was closed. The people around Torlack weren’t paralyzed and started to strike up a conversation.

“Oh good, one more body to add to this airtight prison.” snarked someone in the crowd

“Oh stop complaining you milk drinker, were all in this together whether we like it or not” replied a boisterous Nordic voice

“By the Divines, we’re all going to die, aren’t we!” screamed an elvish female voice.

“Don’t think like that, we can make it out of this.” said the same Nord voice from before

After a few more minutes of banter, Torlack was freed from his stupified state. He suddenly convulsed and shook around. He couldn’t see anyone's faces in the dark satchel and started to feel around. “Hey watch what you’re touching!” the sneering voice from before yelled. Torlack realized he wasn’t going to be able to figure out all of who’s here and gave up feeling around. After many minutes of silence, the loud sound of rushing water could start to be heard. “We must be near Markarth,” Torlack said. “How do you know?” said the elvish female. “I was on the road going from Whiterun to Markarth when she got me,” Torlack answered. The sounds got louder and louder. The sounds of other peoples footsteps around them gave them hope. The bag’s prisoners started to scream and shake, hoping anyone would hear them. Then the giantess stopped walking briefly as another voice started to speak. “Why are you coming into the city so late, Breton?” quizzed the voice. “Left Whiterun a little later than I should of, luckily there were no bandit’s about.” answered their captor. “Well don’t make it a habit, Breton, I’m not supposed to let you in at this hour said the gate guard. “I won’t” she replied quickly as the guard opened the gate. The sorceress marched into the Dwarvish built city and walked to her house, Vlindrel Hall.

The group of shrunken people heard a door open, and shut. The sounds of Markarth’s mill and clatter of the people in the streets died down as the giantess walked further in. They heard the sounds of her taking her boots off along with her red cloak. The satchel was taken off her belt and placed somewhere, causing quite the earthquake for the occupants. Shortly after the satchel was lifted and being carried somewhere. “Mmm, can’t wait to get started.” said the Giantess. The bag was suddenly turned upside down, and the flap was opened. Light poured into Torlack’s eyes as he fell out of the bag. He and everyone else in the bag fell onto what seemed to be a large bed with a green blanket sprawled onto it. Torlack braced for impact but was relieved to see the bed had some cushion to soften the fall. After everyone was dumped from the bag, they all stood and turned around towards the perpetrator. Instead of the cloak and dress, her body was only covered by a tight cloth bra that could barely hold back her massive bust, and undergarments that were swallowed by her massive posterior. On her flat stomach was a tattoo of a black hand. “Oh wow, it looks like I got more of you than I thought.” said the giantess as she sized up the tinies on her bed. Altogether there were five shrunken figures on the bed, each of them the size of a small doll. The Breton brought herself onto the bed, and everyone started to run towards the other side. The problem being it lead only towards a dead end. The crowd pushed and shoved each other to get there quickly, but they all ended up against the stone wall. “Oh no, there’s nowhere to go. You're stuck here to pleasure me,” said the giantess in a seductive fashion. She rubbed her hands on her supple bosom and proceeded to rip the bra off. She got on her stomach and crawled forward towards her victims. “Well I guess we can put business before pleasure,” announced the monster before Torlack. She sat up and rubbed her breasts momentarily. Then, with her left hand reached out toward the crowd. Everyone panicked as the hand wrapped around the Altimer woman.

Torlack watched in horror as the hand lifted the screaming elf towards her face. “You were the only one I actually had a contract on, so I suppose it’s only fair I get rid of you first.” the giant announced to the screaming woman in her clutch. Her other hand moved down to her pussy, and she slowly started to rub around her privates. “How should I end you, hmm, well I suppose we’ll start simple.” cooed the woman. The screaming Altimer only increased her volume at the giantess’ words. The giant woman stood up, still rubbing herself. Torlack followed the scene with a morbid curiosity. He didn’t even notice his member rise as he watched the giantess stand and bring herself to the left side of the bed. “Hmm, don’t want you running away do we, let’s just fix that,” said the giant. She took her right hand off of her pussy and brought it towards the doll-sized being in her hand. The hand opened and the elf started to scream as the other hand’s index finger and thumb wrapped around her left leg’s knee. Then with almost no force, the fingers snapped the leg forward. A sound similar to stepping on a twig was heard and the Altimer shrieked in misery. Then the giantess moved her fingers toward the other leg, this time taking it between her fingers and squeezing. The leg stood no chance against the pressure and snapped off completely. The Altimer howled once more and was about to pass out from the pain. Then without warning the hand flipped and dropped the crippled elf. Torlack followed the falling elf with his eyes and walked up to the edge with everyone else to see if she was still living. The giant Breton licked the blood off of her fingers and zoned in on the tiny elf by her foot. “Another contract fulfilled, may Sithis take you to the void!” said the woman as she rose her right foot above the wounded bug on her stone floor. The Altimer raised her arms in desperation as the shadow of the foot consumed her. Then with a mighty force added to it, the woman stomped as hard as she could on the tiny creature. When the foot reached the target, a large splash of blood squirted out from below it. The woman continued to crush the bug by moving her foot around. The blood spread everywhere, and the giantess once again returned her hand to her genitalia. After being satisfied with the mess under her, the huge Breton lifted her foot to reveal the sticky, bloody remains plastered on her foot and floor. “Hmm, didn’t pop quite like I wanted, what a disappointment.” said the giantess in a flat tone. She took a cloth off her table next to her bed and wiped the stain off her foot, then turned back towards the rest of the tinies on her bed.

Torlack and the rest of the crowd were still frozen in shock from what just occurred. The annoying Redguard was the first to run back as the giant woman once again turned her attention back at the group. “Oh you, that’s right. The most annoying, pompous, and idiotic Redguard I’ve ever seen.” says the giantess as she climbs back on the bed. The Redguard didn’t nearly get enough distance before her hand was wrapped around him. Picking him up, the giantess moves him toward her belly. “Listen in there, do you hear something?” questioned the titillating giantess. “Uhh, no I don’t. I demanded to be let out at once! I am Whiterun nobility!” screamed the man in her clutches. “Oh, how fate seems to change. One day you’re nobility, then in a matter of a few hours you’re just a snack.” said the woman. The crowd gasped as the words escaped the full lips of the Breton. Bringing the Redguard to her mouth, he screams and yells for all the Divines as he hears her. “That’s right fool! You will be joining my lunch soon, so if you have any last words I’d say them now.” mocked the Breton. “No, please! I beg you, don’t eat me! I’ll give you anything!” screamed the doll in her clutches. “Anything? Hmm, I guess what I really want is just a taste of you first!” she announced. Her lips parted revealing the pearly white teeth behind them. She inserted the man’s lower half into her mouth and began to suck. The Redguard looked a mixture of terrified and hopelessly aroused. As she sucked on him she smiled and let him out. “Mmm, you do taste good. I bet you taste even better on the inside.” threatened the woman. The Redguard tried his best to escape, but couldn’t stop his captor from putting his left arm in her mouth. She fully inserted the arm and started to suck on it. The tiny figure began to scream in agony, and with one chomp, the arm was severed. The giantess stuck her tongue out at her victim, revealing his lost arm on her tongue. After mocking him, she closed her mouth and began chewing on the limb. She looked satisfied with the taste and swallowed shortly after. “Mmm, get in here!” she said impatiently. Quickly, she popped the man in her mouth and began to slosh him around. Turning her attention to the crowd again, she got closer and laid once more on her stomach. Then, in front of the aghast crowd, opened her mouth to reveal the bloodied Redguard below her chompers. Moving him with her tongue, she placed his legs below them. Then to give a show, she chomped on him again. The crowd got a view of his blood and bone being ground in her mouth. After chewing on his legs she flipped him and brought his head into her deathtrap. The Redguard screamed as he saw the teeth stained with his blood above his head. “No please, don’t!” were his final words before her molars came down. His head popped like a grape under her bite, brains, and blood spilling over her mouth. The other Nord besides Torlack screamed out “Shor’s Bones, she’s a monster!” The crowd could do nothing but watch as the lifeless torso slid down her gullet. “Mmm, maybe I’ll have just one more of you before supper,” she announced to the spooked crowd.

The three that were left ran in different directions on the bed. It was only Torlack, the other Nord, and a quiet Dunmer that hadn’t said much on the ride here. “Ohh, you think you can escape?” cooed the naked woman. Quickly thinking, she launched her hand out at Torlack and the other Nord, grabbing them both in her left hand. Then she grabbed the Dunmer just before he could jump off the bed. “Oh no, you're going nowhere I’m afraid.” cooed the woman, “luckily for you Dunmer, you won’t be chewed alive.” She brought the man up to her face and smiled. “No, I think I’ll eat you alive,” she said, finishing her statement. She opened her maw, revealing the bloodstained inside to the Dark Elf. “Don’t wriggle around in their too much, or you’ll give me gas OK?” she asked in a childish tone. The elf wriggled fruitlessly as she brought his legs into her lips. She tasted him for a few seconds then sucked him in more. Only his head was sticking out, screaming for mercy. The giantess moaned in pleasure and brought the Nords in her hand towards her neck. She held them in separate hands as she began to swallow the helpless Dunmer. The two Nordsmen watched as a gulping noise sounded off, and a bump quickly traveled down her throat. The Nords shared a look of peril at each other as the woman swallowed the Dunmer.

“Hmm, what to do with the two of you?” the giant said to herself, “I think I’ll decide over supper.” she decides. “But first, a little stimulation,” she says. Torlack yelped as he was brought towards the nipple on the woman's hill sized right breast. “You, suck on my nipple.” barked the giantess. Torlack did so without question. He was still rock solid downstairs and this event was simultaneously the worst and best experience of his life. As he suckled the nipple in his mouth the woman moaned in pleasure. Looking at the other Nord in her hand, she states in a seductive fashion, “You’ll be going downstairs, little one.” Torlack saw the hand holding his fellow Nordsmen descend towards her nether region. She inserted his head first, cooing at the satisfaction. Then, without reprieve, she began to insert him over and over again. She gripped her hand around Torlack and her breast, knocking the wind out of the tiny Nord. Torlack just continued suckling the nipple, trying his best to serve his captor. She picked up the pace, moaning louder. “Oh yeah! That’s right. Squirm little man, squirm. Pleasure your goddess!” the giantess said in a sexy tone. She then fully inserted the Nord into her gaping pussy and started to rub her clit. Her grasp around Torlack was even firmer, making it hard to breathe. He was being pressed into the soft tit, and couldn’t help himself from cumming. His measly load shot onto her tit without her noticing. After a few more moments of moaning, the giantess climaxed. Her back arched up as she squirted out her feminine juices onto her bed. After a loud moan, she fell on her back and started to come back from extasy. After panting briefly she brought her hand to her pussy and picked the Nord out of her pussy. She held his body by the leg, dangling him. He is coughing heavily from the suffocation he just endured and completely covered in her juices. “Mmm, I just can’t resist.” she cooed as she brings him toward her mouth. She sits up, causing Torlack to fall on her leg. He watches as she dangles her prey above her mouth, looking at him with horrible glee. The Nord could do nothing but cough and wriggle around while being dangled above her gaping maw. He was dropped into her mouth and just after she shut it. Torlack was still reeling from his own orgasm and yelped when she picked him up after dropping the other Nord into her jaws. She brings him up to her mouth and opens. The Nord inside was squirming and clawing his way towards the exit. “No don’t let me die!” he screamed in desperation toward Torlack. Before Torlack could even think about helping, a *gluck* was emanated from her maw. “NOOOOOOO!” the Nord screamed as he began to fall into her esophagus. He saw the helpless man in her mouth slide down her tongue and disappear into her throat. After swallowing the tiny victim, the Breton patted her belly in satisfaction.

After licking her fingers, the giantess looked back towards the tiny in her hand. “So, you’re the last one. Good for you.” the giant says mockingly. While holding him, the giantess stands up and walks outside of her room. This reveals the living area and kitchen of the Dwarven built house. She stopped walking as she approached a fine looking chair placed in front of a table. She drops Torlack on the table and says to him, “Don’t move now, I’m going to go get my supper.” Torlack knew that even if he ran he wouldn’t get far. He stood waiting, admiring the giant Bretons figure. She began cooking a stew in a hanging pot above an open flame. She put a mixture of leeks, cabbage, and venison into the stew. After getting all the ingredients into the pot and briefly stewing it around, she walked back towards Torlack and stood above him. “I think I discovered your purpose for tonight, little one,” she announced to the tiny on the table. “It’s a surprise I’m sure you’ll love” she continued in a mocking voice. After walking back to her stew and finishing cooking it, she put a few spoonfuls into a metal bowl and walked back towards her chair. Before sitting she once again turned towards the terrified Torlack. Without a word, Torlack was grabbed by the giantess and put onto her nice fur chair. Torlack looked up to see the woman swaying her hips from side to side, hypnotizing him with her ‘asset’. “Oh yes, my butt is quite the beauty, isn’t it? I was thinking you could be my cushion for tonight. Hope you're ready!” she says as she claps her cheeks in front of the little man on her chair. The big butt in front of Torlack began to draw closer. He decided to lay down to prevent her weight from crushing his legs under him. Before laying her ass atop him the seductive Breton’s stomach made a strange noise. “Oh, I told that Dunmer to not move around. Well, looks like you’re doubling as a fart sniffer!” she said before planting her ass on the toy below her. As the giant tush engulfed Torlack, he felt her shift above him. At first, he was under her left cheek but after her shuffling his head was inserted directly into her crack. The giantess started to eat her stew and giggle at the wriggling of her victim trapped under her ass. “Uh oh, I feel something brewing in there.” the giantess said as she felt some gas needing to be released. Torlack’s struggle increased as he heard a guttural rumble from above. The cheeks Torlack were stuck in rumbled as the fart was released from the Breton’s bowels. Hot air rushed past him, immediately followed by an awful smell. It smelled like cabbage farts, causing the tiny to squirm and beg for mercy. Torlack felt his stomach upheave, but release no vomit. “Ahh, that one stinks.” the foul woman says in a sarcastic way. She continued to eat her stew, gulping down spoonfuls quickly. After finishing her meal she let out a feminine belch and placed the bowl down on the table in front of her. Torlack was still being bathed in the gasses from the previous ass blast when he heard another rumble in front of him. With a cute grunt, the giantess once again passed an air bomb out of her ass. Torlack wriggled with all his might, but couldn’t get his head unstuck from the asscheeks grasp. The smell washed over him was similar to the last fart, but warmer and even stinkier.

The giantess continued to fart on the helpless man below her for a whole hour. Her stomach had a noticeable bulge from her meal and was satisfied with her gassy torture. She was just going to fall asleep on her chair before she got a devious idea. Lifting herself up from the couch, she noticed the tiny man’s head was wedged into her cheeks. She laughed at the little creatures miserable situation. Torlack was picked out of the foul woman’s asscheeks, barely still alive from the lack of oxygen. He was brought to her nose and sniffed by the giantess. “Woah, you smell little Nord. Did you enjoy my farts?” she asked him. Torlack couldn’t respond and was just enjoying the fresh air. “Well, I hope you did because you’re going to my fart sniffer, and butt plug for tonight.” After hearing the statement Torlack began to shake his head and say ‘no’ as loud as his meager voice would carry. “Oh yes, you will be up close and personal to my butthole. It’s truly an honor for a useless wretch like you to be suffocated by my gas. You should be grateful.” she said to the man in her hand. “But first, you need to be a little bit smaller,” she said before shooting a beam of green magic at him. This beam had the same effect as the last, shrinking him down to the size of a cork bottle stopper in her palm. “Perfect. Now you’ll fit nicely in there.” said the giant as she moved her hand towards her ass. Torlack watched as she slid her cloth panties down, revealing her jumbo-sized ass. “This will probably be the last time you smell fresh air ever, so suck it in while you have it.” the giantess snarked. Slowly, the hand carrying Torlack approached the cheeks. With her off hand, the Breton spread her cheeks apart, revealing her brown stained pucker to her butt plug. As soon as the cheeks spread before him their scent escaped once more, reminding him of what he was missing from moments before. “Here’s my parting gift to you.” said the giantess. After the taunt, she grunted and released another cabbage fart onto the mini-man. As Torlack was being assaulted by another butt bomb, the hand holding him tilted him face first towards the anus. As his face touched the hole he got her leftover shit smeared all over his face. Coughing and crying, Torlack was helpless as the woman rubbed his head all around her anus to stimulate it. After being thoroughly smothered in her butt gunk, the anus opened slightly due to the arousal. The cruel mistress waisted no time shoving Torlack head first into her eager hole. When Torlack breached through the anus and entered her rectum, the smell was set from bad to worse. Inside her anus, Torlack was going through a nightmare to his senses. All around him he could hear sloshing and grumbling, as well as the distant heartbeat of the gassy Breton. The smell in here was simply unbearable, and every breath was like lighting his lungs on fire. The anus was clasped around his belly, and every time he moved it seemed to clench in macabre satisfaction. Torlack felt her cheeks clamp around his legs, signaling she was standing once more. He heard her climb into bed and yawn, “Good night little butt plug, see you tomorrow morning.” said the tired woman as she fluffed her pillow out.

Torlack started to panic when he realized she was asleep. Every inhale of her ass air seemed to subtract years from his life. A noise resonated from the bowels ahead, and the air became even more unsuitable. Gas was trapped in the woman’s anal cavity as she was asleep. A common occurrence for her, but to Torlack it was a death trap. The cabbagey stench assaulted his lungs and eyes. He was crying from the stench of her trapped fart for what seemed like an eternity. Then the pucker holding him in suddenly opened briefly, and the air was pushed past him in one cruel gust. With the gas flowing past him, he was also sprayed with some of the anal juices lingering on her walls. The liquid shit splashed his face, going into his mouth. The taste of her feces was about what he expected, terribly awful. He quickly realized that this wasn’t even close to the last of her anus’ torture, as yet another fart began to build up in the tight space. The smell began to physically hurt the booty bandit, his eyes couldn’t take the steamy air in here and Torlack couldn’t open them anymore. Not that it mattered, for he couldn’t see anyways in her stinky rectum. The next fart blew past him without mercy. Had he anything in his gut, he would have already thrown it up. After many cycles of this over hours, Torlack was on the brink of death. He laid there, lodged in this cruel woman's anus. Wheezing in pain from her simple ass gas. His consciousness was fading as he heard a strange noise ahead of him. It sounded as if something was slowly sliding down the rectum, something he dreaded. It was her lunch from lunch the previous day. But instead of a delicious stew, it took the form of a large mushy turd. The smell coming from the turd was sinful to the senses, causing Torlack to dry heave as it slid down towards its exit. Torlack started to pass out from the toxic air, but the cruel woman’s body had other ideas for him. The turd slid down the rectum and approached the reeling Nord. As the turd hit the Nord’s face, his head was swallowed by the large, sloppy object. As it moved forward it swallowed the rest of his torso and started to exit the anus prematurely. Torlack was suffocating in the turd as it was edged out of the woman’s anus. The Breton’s sleeping body felt this disturbance and with one quick convulsion, sucked the tip of the log back into her rectum, along with the rest of Torlack’s body. Torlack started to take his final breaths in the shit log, he was ready to die. The anus granted his wish in a painful manner. Another huge log entered the rectum, pushing the log ahead of it with some force. Torlack screamed as the shit surrounding him was being compressed against the tight walls of this Breton’s anus. His body encased in the turd folded under the pressure, and his head popped like a grape. His brains and blood seeped into the turd, and the man Nord once known as Torlack was no more. His lower half was still hanging out of the turd lifelessly. It would stay there until the Breton had to relieve herself.


Evelyne woke up with to the tone of her own gas. After stretching on her bed, she got up to go use the chamber pot. “Sound’s like someone wants to get out,” she said groggily. She felt that the tiny man was no longer lodged in her anus, “You didn’t escape did you? I promise you won't get far if you did,” Evelyne said to herself as she pulled her drawers down and sat on the chamber pot. She grunted and released the first torrent of turds into the pot below. Piss splashed down concurrently with her shit, and she moaned at the relieving feeling of emptying her bowels. Turd after turd escaped her ass, plopping down into the pot. She could smell her own creation and laughed as she caught a whiff of its wretched stink. After dropping her full load into the pot, Evelyne stood up and pulled the pot from below to examine. She plugged her nose and took a peek into the pot, revealing it to be smeared in her butt gunk. Then she found her target. Sticking out slightly was the legs of her target. Judging by the lack of movement, she assumed he was dead. “By Sithis, do you stink! Gonna have to empty the pot to get rid of this smell.” said the Breton in a nasally voice as she plugged her nose. She took the pot and brought it towards the sewer grate in her bathroom. She didn’t care for the cities stone exterior but sure loved that she didn’t have to go outside to empty the chamber pot. Lifting the sewer grate up revealed the same pipe she had seen many times doing this. “Well, you had a good run Nord but looks like it’s time for us to depart,” said Evelyne before dumping the pot’s contents down the drain. Torlack’s body was helplessly thrown down the pipe with the rest of the shit. In the end, his small form would be washed below the surface into Markarth’s ruins below, to never be thought of again.

End Notes:

Next story will more than likely involve a male giant. Thank you all for reading, have a nice day!

Tricked and Jarred (M/f,m) by Pizzatime2300
Author's Notes:

Hey yall! Just gonna posta new story on here. Tis almost exclusivley M/f, with lots of gas and scat. Enjoy ;)

Earlier today, Alyssa and her fiance Raymon mysteriously shrunk. Raymon brought home a strange DVD home that came with 2 pairs of cheap paper 3-D glasses. The case to the video was all white with one line of plain text that said, ‘Test #13’. Raymon worked at a Bookmans and his boss said the video had been in the store for over a decade and decided to give it to him. When watching the video with the glasses on, the couple shrunk down in a strangely fast manor, landing on the floor in front of their couch. They were about the same size as a toy army man. They decided that trying to go to the hallway of the tall apartment building and getting their neighbor to help was the only option. The walk to their door, crouching under the crack at the bottom of it and getting to their neighbor’s door took about an hour. Raymon insisted that he go in and scope their neighbors’ apartment before Alyssa go in. After all, it could be dangerous being this small. Alyssa agreed although she wasn’t sure she wanted to go in there. Her next-door neighbor was a strange person. His name is Joe or Jim? Alyssa honestly forgot because he was so shy. He had only spoken to her a handful of times. He always ends the conversation as soon as possible and tries his best to leave his apartment only when necessary. He always smells funny too and was quite fat as well. Needless to say, she wasn’t even sure if being caught by this slob would be a good thing. But, after waiting for Raymon for three or four hours, Alyssa had no choice.

 Sneaking under the door crack of the humongous door as she did before, Alyssa army crawled into the unknown room before her. The apartment layout was identical to hers, with one bedroom and one bathroom. The kitchen and small dining area were on the far side opposite of her, and to her left was a couch with her neighbor sitting on it. The smell of eggs was lingering throughout the room. She couldn’t smell this behind the door, but as she got further in it sure was making her hungry. She hurried over to the couch, were in front of the giant neighbor was a T.V blasting some let’s play of a game. Alyssa got a better look at the giant man on the couch. He sat in just some boxers and a loose stained wife-beater, with a plate of what the distressed tiny assumed was boiled eggs on a small table before him. “Whew, keep your cool Alyssa. You just have to get his attention. Simple enough, just yell and jump up and down, he’s bound to notice you”, Alyssa said to herself. She walked straight toward the heavyset giant, with intentions to do just as she thought. But, as she was walking on the carpet, before she could yell or anything the large slob seemed to lock eyes with her. Alyssa looked at him, and his eyebrow curled. She knew he’d spotted her! “Heeeey! Heeelp! It’s your neighbor, Alyssa!” the tiny woman yelled. The giant stood up and began to close in on Alyssa. His fat feet created large quakes for Alyssa. She stood still and took in the sheer size difference between this humongous man and her. Her more primal part of her brain was telling her to run, but her legs just wouldn’t move. Then suddenly, the hand of the giant descended from the heavens. 

The index and thumb of the godly hand wrapped around Alyssa’s tiny arm and she was quickly lifted what was quite a distance for her. She immediately got vertigo from the sudden change in altitude. Before she could recover the giant’s voice boomed, “Uh, you look just like a little human. Wait, You’re Alyssa!.” The little speck of a woman couldn’t believe it, he recognized her! She was saved! “Oh my god, thank Jesus! It is me it’s Alyssa.”, She yelled. The giant placed the little being in his palm and brought her close to his face. The cavernous mouth before Alyssa opened saying “Hhheeey”. Alyssa immediately collapsed onto the palm as the awful eggy stench of his breath wafted over her entire body. She coughed and choked on the smell. The giant man pulled his hand away from her and apologized “Oh my, I’m so sorry. I didn’t realize that... “ the giant trailed off. Alyssa was repulsed by the breath but realized that she still hadn’t seen Raymon here. “Hey, don’t worry about it bug guy, but have you seen another shrunken person over here!” yelled the tiny lady. The giant brought her close to his ear to listen and after a few more attempts the giant lowered her once more and placed his free hand on his chin. “Hmm, another tiny person. Oh, ye-yeah now that you mention it I think I saw him. Here, let’s go look for him.”

The giant walked over toward his kitchen and placed the tiny on the countertop next to the sink. “Here, let me retrace my footsteps. Where did I see him?” the giant said out loud. Alyssa gave him a strange stare but just stood on the counter in anticipation. “Ok, so I was making boiled eggs. And as I was cutting them up, oh yeah I got some bread,” the giant began to seemingly recount his day. “Then, as I was spreading the mustard on the bread I saw something crawling on the floor.” continued the giant. The giant walked over toward the counter with Alyssa on it and ominously looked down at her, then continued to speak. “Oh yeah, I remember. I picked up the little man, he just seemed so helpless, so small. Almost bite-sized even…” spoke the giant while peering at the helpless woman before him. Alyssa looked up at the giant fat man and started to realize that getting his attention was a bad idea. “Ya see, I made way to many eggs, and I cut some up and put it in my sandwich but as I took the first bite I realized that something was missing.” uttered the giant as he lowered himself to face level with the tiny woman. “So I thought to myself, ‘Ya know Jimmy, this little guy is just expecting me to help him, but wouldn’t it be so much more fun to.. Eat him.”      Alyssa started to cry, partly from the giants’ fetid breath, but mostly from the news she just received. The giant smiled at the little lady, “Oh and he was so delicious. The first bite of him was just his legs, but they crunched rather nicely and gave a good flavor to the rest of the sandwich. But when I ate the rest of him is when I really started to notice his flavor. His body was reduced to paste along with everything else, but it was the best sandwich I had in a while”. Taunted Jim as he rubbed his bulging belly. “YOU BASTARD! I can’t believe you ate him! G-go Fuck yourself!” exploded the tiny grieving woman. Alyssa felt so helpless, she was really stuck in this situation. “Well, Alyssa, what do you say? Why don’t you be my girlfriend? I mean, now that you’re available.” asked the towering man. “What the fuck? You fucking monster, you kill the love of my life and expect me to be with you? I’d rather die!” Alyssa yelled back. “Oh, I see. You probably just want to be reunited with what’s his name. Ok, I can do that for you.” said the colossus as he reached his hand down toward her once more. 

“No, let me go fucker!” screamed Alyssa as the huge hand wrapped around her. The giant walked back toward the couch and stopped with him and the little lady facing the seat. Abruptly, the hand lowered the tiny lady and dropped her on the seat. Before the tiny lady could catch her surroundings once again, the giant faced his fat ass toward the couch. “You have no idea how easy it would be to just sit my big ass on you and crush you,” said the giant before picking up another deviled egg from the table and sinking it into his maw. “Mmm, but that would just be uninteresting. I mean, I’ve only got you left now that your boyfriend is being turned into more fat. I wonder, will he be added to my ass fat, or somewhere else?” the giant relentlessly teased before facing the couch once more. “No, I’ve got something much more… malevolent in mind.” asserted the man. Alyssa’s eyes were immediately drawn to the giant’s drawers. His shlong was popping a huge tent that stuck outward to Alyssa. His left hand wrapped around his meat, rubbing it while releasing a turned on moan. “Oh, I can’t hide it from you anymore little Alyssa!” sneered Jim as he pulled down his boxers, unshackling the beast within them. His cock was an impressive size for someone normal-sized. To Alyssa, it was like a humongous freight train, it’s veiny mass seemed to throb in enjoyment. The giant man squatted down in front of the couch, bumping down the little girl down to her knees with his mighty cock. “Oops, sorry. So little girl, since you don’t want to be my lover,” said the giant as he wrapped one hand around his cock, and reached the other toward the tiny girl. He brought her body to his face and announced her fate, “You’re going to be my cute little ass toy.” 

Alyssa struggled in the giants grasp, trying everything, even biting him. But her best efforts had no effect. But when she heard his plan her efforts picked up once more. “Oh god, No! What the Fu…” Alyssa was cut off as the giant placed himself on the couch, bending over and placing his rump in the air. Alyssa got the first view of the giants spread ass cheeks and gagged. His ass was plastered with hair, and you could tell he never cleaned properly down there. His brown stained orifice was hidden but still visible behind the jungle of hair. But worst of all, the smell. It was clear that Jim had been marinating these boxers with his stench for a long time. It smelled as if he hadn’t bathed in months. Alyssa’s body tried to breathe the toxic stench in, but only gagged and revulsed. Without warning the cries of the helpless bug were cut off by a loud grumble coming from the stomach of Jim. “Ohh, man, those eggs aren’t sitting right. Maybe it wasn’t a good idea to eat so many boiled eggs, I always forget they give me the WORST smelling farts.” said the cruel god holding Alyssa. His hand closed Alyssa into her fate, placing her face, and pretty much entire body on his pucker. “Oh, I’d take a deep breath if I were you,” Jim announced before grunting and summoning up the gas. ‘BPBBTPBPTBPTBPTPPBPPBPP’ The huge hole that surrounded Alyssa puckered and started to flap as a wet 6-second egg fart was unleashed onto her. Alyssa screams in agony as the putrid eggy stench washed into her. She was crying, with the heat of the blast giving her a strange high. She could barely piece out Jim laughing and jeering at her agony. “Phew, that was a juicy one. Lordie, the smell. Gosh, I am soooo sorry, how rude of me.” derided the torturer. “Oh man, I feel like I’m going to be gassy all night! Well, how lucky for me that I have a brand new fart sniffer.” Said Jim as he stood up once more. Alyssa was to busy hacking up her lungs to notice the giants hand separate his closed butt cheeks, with her being guided straight toward it. The tiny fart sniffer was shoved deep into the cavernous crack, being forced right next to his dirty hole. Alyssa yelled and gagged, but could do nothing against the wishes of the man. The giant then bent down and pulled his boxers back up quickly, giving himself a wedgie. Alyssa was now engulfed and sealed in this man’s gas chamber. There was little breathable air in this prison, leaving Alyssa to take deep breaths of his unique brew. The small girl stuck in the gas chamber heard her captor’s voice, although it was muffled. “I can feel you struggling next to my hole. Is there not a lot of air to breathe in there? Well here, I’ll be generous and give you some air. “Nooooooo! Please no more!” Alyssa begged. ‘PSSHSHHBTPTBPTPBTBBBBBPHSHHHHHH’. An airy and very hot blast of gas was let loose onto the entombed tiny. “Ahhhh, so satisfying. There’s nothing like sharing my gas with someone who can really appreciate it.” said the giant before releasing yet another butt bomb. This one was a stream of very warm and potent gas that passed the tiny lady rather silently. All she heard was the Hiss of the ripe air exiting as the small woman was forced to breathe in this deadly gas. The giant then took a seat and continued to blast his victim stuck in his stink cheeks. One after another, there was seemingly no end to the stink. After many minutes of this Alyssa’s body couldn’t take this overwhelming olfactory assault. She passed out from the stench inside the giant’s boxers, with the gassy Jim being none the wiser. 

Alyssa awoke looking upward. Surrounding her was the kitchen, except she was in some sort of huge jar. It seemed to be one of those bulk-sized pickle jars, but it was completely clean. She could hear the television in the distance, and as soon as her senses came to her she realized she still reeked of the disgusting man’s stench. “Goddamnit! Where the fuck did that bastard go?” Alyssa said. She was entirely unsure of how much time passed after she blacked out. She noticed that there were paper towels placed on the floor around the jar she was trapped in as well. Before she could piece together what was going on she heard and felt the large man’s footsteps approaching. He approached completely naked, with his cock hard once more. “Oh, you’re finally awake little girl. You are just in time! I’m finally going to reunite you with… Ramone? That was his name, right?” Said the giant as he placed himself some distance away from the jar. “First, let me play a little game. I want to see how good my aim is.” Alyssa could only gander at the giant’s erect cock as it twitched, then began to shoot out a tsunami of piss. The giant’s aim was dead on, and the stream of warm pee was unleashed in the tiny’s jar prison. Alyssa was very quickly flooded and splashed around, riding the yellow liquid’s current. She was now drenched from head to toe in the warm urine, stinging her eyes and having its own unique pungent odor. “Ahhhhhh” the giant Jim let out a satisfactory moan as he emptied his bladder. The stream started to die down after around 15 seconds, leaving the giant no other choice than to get closer to the jar to get the pee in its target. As the stream began to dribble its last drops a bassy blast was let out of the giant’s ass. ‘BPPPTBPTPBTPBPTBPBBB’. “Looks like your little bug boy is eager to rejoin you. I can feel him, or should I say the shit he turned into bulging out.” announced the humongous man. Alyssa was hip-deep in the giant’s piss and was desperately trying to climb the glass walls of the jar to no avail. The giant took a few steps forward and left his ass looming directly over the jar. Alyssa got the view of a lifetime as she looked up toward the full show Jim gave her. A loud grumble escaped Jim’s stomach, and he moaned in anticipation. “Alyssa, oh sweet little Alyssa. I’m afraid this is goodbye. There is no possible way you are going to survive this, trust me.” said the giant before beginning to squat down. His asscheeks spread and revealed his twitching hole. Right before his rump touched the glass jars’ top a ripe pre-dump fart was released. ‘FFFFBBLTBLFLFBFLFBBFF’. With the release of the toxic gas, Alyssa was now sealed in the jar with its stench as the pasty ass cheeks closed around the only exit. “Grrrrrnnn, here it comes!” Jim pushed, feeling the massive load travel down the poop chute. The tiny woman, coughing and puking from the previous fart was shocked when the brown snake began to curl out of the huge hole above her. The first log was so thick that Jim was having a hard time trying to pinch it out. “Hmmm,” he groaned, trying his best to unload his dump. Luckily, since it was being released so slow Alyssa had no trouble dodging the tip of the turd as it fell into the piss puddle. Yet, the log was of such size that it began to wrap around the jar. Alyssa just barely dodged the descending, building-sized shit. But unfortunately, it wrapped completely around her, leaving her surrounded. “Ahh, that was the first log, now for the real show,” announced Jim as he uncomfortably sat on the jar. Alyssa’s tiny eyes once again locked upward, looking at what monster was in store for her next. For a moment the tunnel opened and the next behemoth turd was revealed, but the hole shut once again. “Oh god, this one’s going to require some real PUSH. HNNNNGGGG” Jim focused all his force on getting this turd out. The first few inches pushed out of the stained hole but was stuck again. Alyssa couldn’t believe her eyes, on the tip of the log of feces, was a stained white bone, probably an arm bone. The stench and shock of her situation were too much, and this last reminder that she had nothing to live for had Alyssa doing nothing but cry in agony as her doom slowly was pushed out. With one more grunt, the rest of the brown mass was launched out of the giant’s ass. It hit the wall of the jar with some force and immediately fell downward. Alyssa excepted her fate as the turd dropped onto her. Unfortunately for Alyssa, she wasn’t killed right away. The mass of stool landed on her and mixed her in with the rest of the piss and shit, but only buried her in it instead of crushing her immediately. Shit and urine were forced down her mouth and on the entirety of her body. After this log was dropped the man had nothing but liquid shit to add to his creation. What were hundreds of gallons of feces to the suffocating bug were piled and mixed into the waste jar, only adding insult to injury. Alyssa was long dead before the giant finished his dump. He was stuck on the jar for at least 20 minutes releasing every drop of waste from his bum. He took a few of the paper towels and wiped his dirty hole, throwing them into the jar. Alyssa’s body was stuck at the bottom of the jar, being compressed by the man’s shit.

Jim picked up the jar and looked around it, trying to find his little victim. As he looked in it he could barely stand the smell of his own creation. But as he lifted the jar up and looked at the bottom of it he busted out laughing. He saw the shit covered body of Alyssa rather clearly. It looked as if the pile that toppled onto her was so heavy that her limp body was being squeezed dry. Her body was cut in half by the pressure as he watched it, spilling her guts that only mixed in with the rest of the waste. Jim placed the jar down on the counter and smiled. He got the lid to the jar and topped it, sealing the smell and woman inside. “Well, that was fun, but now I’m hungry again,” he thought before storing the jar along with his others.

Engulfed and Entombed (M/f) by Pizzatime2300
Author's Notes:

Yeah, I have no excuse. I know I don't upload frequantly, or at all basiclly. I'm sorry for that. This is another M/f chapter. I'm sorry for those who don't enjoy that, it is simply my favorite scenario in macrophilia. But for those who do enjoy, a very big thanks to you! ;) (FYI this one just kinda skips most of the story and gets into the action)

Waking up in a nauseous haze, Jocelyn, a tall blonde, was sweltering in the heat. Many sensations hit her at once as her brain was struggling to remember where she was or how she got here. She couldn't see anything but felt herself being compressed on all sides around her. She was completely Drenched in sweat, and the heat was immense. Just as she started to recall her last memory a very loud noise resounded all around her. GRRRRGGLLLRLRBB. The strange sound almost sounded like a stomach gurgling, except ten times as loud. The last thing Jocelyn recalled was clocking out of work. She worked the night crew and clocked out around midnight. She went to the break room to gather her stuff when her coworker, Barry stopped her. Barry is a very chubby and tall fellow, that always acted very shy and timidly toward Jocelyn. He started some small talk that concluded with him offering her a piece of gum. Jocylen’s memory draws a blank on anything that happened after starting to chew the gum, however. As she contemplated her strange predicament she began to get assaulted by the smell of whatever this dark prison was. It was as if ten-thousand gallons of sweat had been dumped onto her, but there was something else to the smell. Something even more rancid typical B.O. 

Suddenly a wheeze was echoed in the distance. This was quickly proceeded by the room encasing her shifting and pulling her in what to her felt like forward. GGGGRBRBLRBLRBRLB. Yet another earth-shattering grumbling shook Jocelyn’s world. This gurgle was different, however. It wasn’t just a sound, but the whole room around her rumbled and gyrated around her. She used all the force she could muster to reach around her and feel for anything. There was some sort of wall ahead of her with a strange wrinkly texture. The wall had also had a large hole in it. As Jocelyn reached forward toward the foreign wall, it happened. The wrinkly wall opened up briefly and let out a harsh wind. The blonde was immediately taken aback by the hot blast that hit her face. The air pushed out with such a velocity, the soft walls surrounding her quaked and rumbled as it passed through. FFBLBLPBPLBTLBTLTTT. As soon as the violent earthquake happened Jocelyn was pulverized by the shaking walls around her. Before she could even register the pain she felt around her body, her nose was immediately struck with a godawful stench. The young 20 something was paralyzed and helpless as the wretched smell of raw manure flooded into her lungs. Her stomach convulsed and without any thought, she began to vomit but swallowed it back down as to not cover herself in it. In her frenzied haze, her mind began to scrape some of the pieces together. The sound that accompanied the quake and wretched stench was unmistakenly a fart. Somehow she was in some sort of ginormous ass crack, like a piece of lint. Her body still ached as she began to try and comprehend the situation, but yet another sudden shift occurred. 

While the wretched gas was still burning through her oxygen, Jocelyn was suddenly squished and contorted toward what was her left. The world around her was turned upside-down, and a huge sense of nausea washed over her. This on top of the horrid smell made the lady feel far past queasy. The wall in front of her opened once again, once again letting loose a blast of hot steamy air. FSSSSHHHSHSHSHHFHFFFF. Instead of a violent rumble, this (what Jocelyn assumed was at least) fart simply rushed straight past. But this awful wind was far warmer than the previous and carried with it a truly fiendish concoction. The last blast merely brought the lady on the brink of puking; this stench gave the hapless woman no choice in the matter. The blonde couldn’t take this nightmare anymore, begging and pleading to escape this revolting hellscape. After upchucking her last meal all over herself, a loud noise could be heard by Jocelyn. “Mmnnnmnmn”, a strange groan echoed into her ears, startling the young lady. Suddenly a few boisterous coughs were let out, and the wall directly ahead of her shifted and undulated. The ginormous hole ahead of her opened up and closed back down directly on Jocelyn’s neck. Immediately the woman started to choke due to the pressure. She desperately gasped for air, then promptly regretted it. The air siphoned into her lungs was far beyond foul. It was heavy, thick, and horridly putrid. Yet she had no choice but to suck in the fetid fumes. She screamed in agony as her situation went from awful to dire, sucking in even more of the horrid stench. Worst of all her face began to be layered with some sort of strange slime, which she could not wipe of because her arms were still stuck outside the hole. The ooze slipped into her eyes and mouth and instantly gave her the answer to what it was. Shit.

Out of the blue, a deafening voice resonated all around the tortured girl, reverberating on the walls and all through the dank, slimy hole she found herself in. “HMMMNNNMM. I FORGOT ABOUT YOU LITTLE ONE”, the voice proclaimed. The hole around her neck flexed and widened, giving the lady a chance to breathe properly, albeit still with the horrid stench. Yet not a moment passed before she felt something brush her feet. This brush was instantly turned into a huge push of force. “I SEE YOU ALREADY PUT YOURSELF IN MY ASS A LITTLE. LET ME HELP YOU GET ALL THE WAY IN”. Jocelyn had her worst suspicion confirmed by her gigantic captor’s voice. But before she could process any more of her situation, the giant’s finger began pushing the shrunken Jocelyn to her final destination. “MMMNNMNMM, YEA SQUIRM BITCH. I WANNA FEEL YOU SQUIRM INSIDE ME!”, the giant said in a half-awake, yet horny manner. Jocelyn’s body was forced inside the man’s wretched rectum. Her face was dragged along the slimy walls inside the man, coating her in even more of his slime. His index finger was pushed all the way inside, forcing the shrunken woman deep inside, too deep to escape. All this time while being pushed the woman made a desperate struggle of pushing and writhing. Her efforts were in vain, however, only stimulating the man even more with her movements. When the giant was satisfied with her, he retracted his finger, leaving his toy several inches inside him. “WELL, THIS IS GOODBYE THEN. BITCHES LIKE YOU DESERVE TO BE EATEN BY MY ASS, JOCELYN. I’LL SEE YOU TOMORROW MORNING… IN MY TURDS!”.

  The giant’s words reverberated all around the crying bug-lady, repeating inside her mind over and over after they were spoken. She was really going to die in Barry’s rectum, to be flushed away with the rest of his poop. The desperate woman was still struggling in vain, but as she reacher her arm above her it was suddenly stopped and submerged in a huge, slimy mass. It was already too late for her, as she heard the snores of the now sleeping colossus she was stuck in. The huge mass of shit was slowly inching its way toward her, with her arm already submerged in it. Suddenly a large blast of warm wind blasted past her, the giant’s last gift to her. The fart pushed the huge log over the woman’s upper body, causing it to cover her up to her torso. Jocelyn was suffocating under the weight of the mountain of shit. The brown, disgusting substance got into her mouth almost immediately, causing her to asphyxiate. There was no air to spare for the hapless woman whilst imbedded in her tomb of shit. After just a few moments the woman lost the will to continue struggling. Her throat and nose were completely engulfed in feces, and her fate was to more or less drown in shit. Her last spasms of life weren’t even felt by the man who did this to her as he was deep in slumber. She died confused and powerless to stop her demise.


Barry woke up in a really good mood. As he groggily lifted himself out of bed his ass let out a very warm and wet fart, signaling that it was time to release his little toy. Although, since he had done this many times before, he knew she was long gone. He walked himself toward the porcelain throne and plopped his ass on it. Immediately the torrent of piss and shit was let out of him, falling toward the water below. He was having trouble with the huge mass stuck inside his rectum, but after one large push, his asshole widened and released the ginormous brown mass. “Ahhhhhh”, he moaned in great pleasure as his prisoner was released. After a few smaller logs along with some liquid was released, the man wiped his ass and rose up to look inside the bowl. The water was stained brown, he also noticed that there were some fresh stains along the side of the toilet. His eyes scanned and he couldn’t see the small lady’s corpse anywhere in his fresh creation. The reason for that was the huge turd Jocelyn’s b dead body was lodged in was pushed under the rest of his waste. In The end, Barry just shrugged at his inability to find her. She was probably just fully lodged inside one of his stinky excretions. His hand tilted the knob on the toilet and Jocelyn, along with the rest of his morning shit was flushed down toward the sewers. As he got into the shower all he could think about was giving the next pretty lady he met another piece of gum.

End Notes:

Thanks for reading! :)

Turned Into Paste (Part 1) (M/f) by Pizzatime2300
Author's Notes:

I'm aware I'm posting pretty much only M/f stories now. It's just what my mind is drawn most to. But I have part one of a two part story here, also includes some vore. I hope Y'all enjoy :)

Kristy awoke on a cold smooth surface. As her eyes adjusted in her tired stupor, she took a look around her environment and she immediately realized she was not anywhere she’d seen before. There was a ginormous unknown room around her. She couldn’t very well believe her eyes, but she was sure she was stuck in some sort of massive glass jar. The flask she was captured in is sat on a table with a computer on a desk across from her. As she glanced around her environment she saw a door and a glass stool in front of the table her glass prison was on. How could she be this small, she was sure she was dreaming. She could see her reflection on the smooth glass surface in front of her. Her long blonde hair was let down and messy. Her body was completely exposed, with nothing around to cover her naked body. 

Just as Kristy stood up she heard a quiet alarm start to go off from somewhere in the giant house. As the incessant beeping continued, it grew louder and louder. Kristy stood up and tried her hardest to break the humongous glass structure she was stuck in, giving it all her strength didn’t do anything to the cylindrical glass prison. Suddenly the alarm was shut off with a loud thud. After a minute footsteps rapidly approached her location, before she saw who was the origin of them. The large man had no shirt on, showing his portly, hairy gut. He scratched his tummy and yawned as he lazily walked towards Kristy's prison. He was partly balding, with a 5’0clock shadow. Kristy was awestruck at the size of this Colossus. Her heart rate jumped as he slowly approached, and her first instinct was to scream at the monstrous man. He looked down upon her glass prison, and his eyes pivoted directly at her. She fell onto her back and yelled up at her ginormous captor. "Well look at little you, awake before me. I'd tell you what happened, but I'd bet you could guess that yourself. The better question is what am I going to do with you?" The man made his malevolent intent clear, causing Kristy to beg and plead for her release. The man didn't even seem to know or care she was yelling. The size difference between them was massive. To him, she was about the size of a Polly Pocket doll. 

 "Well, I know what I'm gonna do too little you!" The fat middle-aged giant announced, "but first I need some breakfast." The man walked off, out of the room. Kristy was crying in fear of whatever this sick man had in store for her. In all her life she would never have thought shrinking was possible. The last thing she remembers was being at a huge block party and getting piss drunk with her friend Alex. The man was gone for what seemed like forever to the little blonde. She smelled something really good in the house. It smelled like a delicious breakfast, bacon, and eggs. It made her hungry body yearn for some sustenance. Getting a better chance to look around, the room she was placed in was surprisingly bare. Besides the huge computer monitor on the desk to her right and the stool on the floor to her right, she noticed a small rag on the computer desk, with a large brown stain on it. As her mind wrapped around what that brown substance may be, the man stepped into the room once again. He had something he was dangling from his fingers as he advanced toward the jar. As he stepped closer it became clear that it was some other shrunken person in his grasp. He sat on the stool, still just in a stained pair of white boxers that hugged his thunder thighs. His hand that held the other prisoner was dangled in front of the jar. Kristy got a better look at the person in his grasp and gasped when she saw who it is. Her best friend, a chunky Asian girl named Alex, was caught in his fingers, screaming for her life. She cried out Alex's name in vain, praying for her safety. 

     Without any warning, Alex was swung up towards the giant's face. "I almost forgot about the other one I caught last night." He said as he dangled her by her feet. "Well I only need one of you for the video, so it looks like I get to do whatever I want to this one," Kristy yelled at the fat giant, demanding he takes her instead. One more, he didn't even care to give her any attention. He just sat there staring at the helpless woman. "Well, that breakfast was pretty good, but I ain't ever tried one of you little shrinkies before." Alex, already crying and weeping only continued her pointless struggle as her limp body was raised toward his mouth. "Mmm, yeah, I bet a little lady like you would hit the spot." His jaw parted revealing his pink, wet cave. His teeth are stained yellow, and as he breaths onto his snack, she is affronted by the stench of eggs. Suddenly he closes his mouth and his cheeks puff up slightly. UUUURRRRRPPPPP. A humongous belch blasted out of his mouth onto the woman. It had a horrific stench due to his eggy breakfast. While Alex was writhing in his stench she screamed as she was suddenly popped into his mouth. "Noooo Alex!" Kristy begged for her friend’s life. The man started by sucking on her tiny form, shifting her from one side of his mouth to the other. Kristy noticed his tongue shuffling her shrunken friend around his mouth, left to right several times. He scooted the stool close to Kristy's jar and opened his cavernous maw. Saliva strands hung around the now coated Alex. His breath caused some perforation on the glass, but little Kristy could still see her friend’s dire situation. "Heeeeeeellllp!" Screamed the plump Asian squirming in his smelly maw. Without warning, while still keeping his mouth open the giant yellow stained teeth quickly chomped down with incredible force. Alex’s right arm and leg were caught directly on his bite and were instantaneously turned into a red paste. Alex let out a harrowing cry for help as her limbs were ripped up and torn off in a single bite. Kristy yelled and cried, but the man just continued. Quickly his teeth rotated down and his tongue pushed the helpless snack over his teeth. Her torso directly on his molars, she didn’t even have time to scream before his jaw clamped down on her. Blood and guts spurted all around his giant mouth, and he decided to close his mouth to chew up the rest. MMMNNNNMNnnnmnmmn. The giant moaned in complete enjoyment of his snack. Kristy fainted in utter shock at what was in front of her, falling back toward the hard glass surface. Tears flooded down her cheeks as she heard a disgusting *GLUCK* signaled the giant swallowing her friends pulverized remains. His tongue searched around for any leftover bits of the tiny snack for a moment, then he stood up, putting his junk in direct view of his little bug in a jar.

"Oh my goodness, you little woman are to DIE for. Soooo good! Damn crunchy, but tasty." The giant man expressed, focusing his gaze upon the tiny blonde. Kristy yelled harsh terms at the giant, once again in vain as he cut her off with his much louder voice. "Well back to what I'm gonna do to you now." The giant turned his attention once again towards Kristy. "Ya see, I didn't decide your fate little girl, it was actually my fans that did." Kristy didn't understand what the man meant but continued cautiously watching as he pulled out his phone. "When I said I knew what I was gonna do to you, I lied a little. I’m not deciding how you die, my fans are.” Kristy was still in shock and this giant’s booming voice was very loud to her tiny ears. The giant looked at his phone and smiled, “Yeah, I’m not gonna lie, you aren’t gonna like what they chose. My fans are… well I’d say ‘Particular’. Just for fun, I’m not gonna tell you what it is. But, Since I’m generous I’ll give you a real Good Hint.” The giant stood up and turned around, giving Kristy a full view of his fat bottom. His white undies stained faintly brown near his ass crack, and they were slightly see-through giving Kristy a detailed look at the giant smelly abyss. Kristy shrieked as his hand was suddenly wrapped around the jar and brought it directly to the center of his ass crack. Kristy fell rapidly toward the bottom of the jar. As she breathed she noticed an immediate difference in the quality of the air. It was heavy with his stench, as his brown stained undies sealed up any air from the outside. The heavyset man let out a concentrated moan, immediately after an ear-splitting noise was let out of the man’s asshole.  PPPPTTTTTDTDDTTPPPPPPPRRRRRPP. The airly blast echoed as it was unleashed into the glass jar. The noise was deafening to the tiny woman, she gripped her ears in pain. Then the smell hit her. An atrocious mixture of the eggs digesting in his stomach now, and whatever he had to eat yesterday. "Ughhgghh, damn that one was warm." The man announced. Kristy immediately heaved up what little was in her stomach. Her lungs desperately rejected the fetid air, causing her to go into a fit of dry heaving. "I could just keep you right here and end you now. You would die, suffocating on my fart!" mocked the giant. "But I gotta go to work. You're just gonna have to wait here while I'm gone."


 The giant suddenly put the jar back on the desk and faced Kristy once more. She heaved and coughed endlessly from his wretched stench. She was shocked as she looked ahead and saw the cruel giant dropped his drawers to the ground and picked them up. She was having a hard time seeing through her tears and coughing but was still confused as she looked on. The man started to floss the underwear through his ass cheeks. “Here another one comes,” the giant announced. BBBTRRPPTPTTTFFF. He unleashed another fart into his stained garment. The rumble was slightly muffled but sounded very wet. The fart carried a small amount of brown, pungent liquid that was shot onto the underwear. "Here, something to remember me by while I’m at work." He dangled the stained underwear over the jar. His fingers parted and his stained cloth was dropped onto the top of the jar. The giant’s hand forced the cloth in the jar and directly atop his victim. Kristy, unable to support the weight of the giant stained garments, is toppled by the humongous cloth. The brown stain the man's shart left had been pushed directly on top of the poor lady. The stench was like ten thousand of those farts put together. Her whole body was soiled with this brown liquid, even getting in her mouth. But she had no hope to lift the underwear, just shuffle around in the rancid darkness. "I gotta take a shower, I'll see you tonight little lady." His footsteps faded away until she could no longer hear them. Seeped in the stench of his underwear, and desperately trying to get the taste of shit out of her mouth, Kristy realized she was stuck like this until he got back. She could hardly move, and her body was pancaked by his awful gunk covered wall above her. She wasn’t sure she’d survive until he got back, but then maybe it’s better she dies before he commits whatever foul deed his satanic fans cooked up. Unfortunately, the tiny woman could do nothing but breathe in the awful stench of shit until his return...

Turned Into Paste (Part 2) (M/F) by Pizzatime2300
Author's Notes:

Tadaa! I feel real good about this one! I sure hope yall like it! 

Time for Kristy had melted into nothing. In the dark, smelly prison the little woman was kept in, time wasn’t a factor she could feel. Hours? That’s what she knew to have passed, but to her shrunken form, as she was plastered by dry shit to a pair of gross undies at the bottom of a jar, It felt like an eternity. Enough time for her to think about where it all went wrong. The more she thought about it the more she realized that the party she went to was very sketchy. Not as many people there as advertised and the free drinks did seem rather generous. But she and Alex both recently turned 21 and had been going around to every party they could find. Alex… she didn’t want to recall her name but had no choice. The awful fate that wretched man gave her had scarred into her mind. The sound of her bones being ground down by his huge teeth played in her head nonstop in the completely silent room. She had cried for hours over the loss of her friend leaving her with no more tears to offer, just an existential dread of whatever this man was going to do to her. After waiting for so long, a noise was heard by the trapped bug in the distance. The sound of the front door to this unknown building opening then closing echoed from far away, muffled by all surrounding cloth. Her heart rate jumped up swiftly as shuffling and footsteps were rampant around her darkened surroundings. Desperately she kicked and wriggled to try and escape her sticky situation. “Hmmm Hmmm”, she heard her tormentor humming a happy tune just outside the room. No matter how much effort she put into breaking free, the dry shit that wrapped around the front of her body wouldn’t budge. *THUD THUD THUD THUD*. The giant’s footsteps encroached upon the room before the door was abruptly swung open. “Well, well, well. I’m back from work my little toy.” the giant eagerly announced as he entered. He made a slow walk towards the Jar, staring at it with devious intent. Kristy could do nothing but writhe and pointlessly yell as she heard her captor outside the glass structure. 

Without warning the messy cloth the tiny blonde was stuck on started to raise upwards very fast. In an instant, Kristy was lurched upward and out of the jar. Her eyes winced as she was drowned in bright light which she hadn’t seen for hours. Still stuck upon this man’s skid mark, she yelled and screamed as he brought her to his eye level. He’s dressed in a plain white shirt tucked into his jeans, which are being held firmly by a black belt. As the giant looked upon Kristy immediate laughter was let out at her situation “Hahahahahah! Look at you, oh my god. I totally forgot I did that to you. Awwww, I’m ‘sooooooo’ sorry, heh.” The man’s boisterous laugh burst the tiny Kristy’s poor little eardrums. She barely registered his sarcastic comment due to the pain but was obviously still terrified as he held his underwear in his grasp. “As fun as it’d be to leave you there to suffer, I still have a video to film, and YOU,” he said as he grasped his fingers around her stained form, “are a VERY important part of that.” His right-hand index and thumb wrapped around her tiny 2.5-inch form and began to pull her off the dried poop stain. Kristy’s hair was half stuck into the dry shit, however. And as he pulled, both her hair and skin started to peel with it. His forceful and imprecise hands had no way to register her pain, but with one tear he managed to rip a huge chunk of her hair off. “AAAHHHHHHHHH”, Kristy screamed in serious pain as her hair was seized off her head and left to rot with the dry shit. The man simply tossed the soiled undies to the other side of the room and put his entire focus onto Kristy. He held her with his index and thumb wrapped around her stomach, just smiling at her as he held her inches from his face. “I’m going to clue you in on a little secret, my little toy,” the man’s overbearing voice reverberated in Kristy’s ears as she was forced to listen, “I have another shrunken woman being delivered here pretty soon; probably within the hour. So now I have a predicament. I have two little toy ladies, and only one video to film.” The man raised his right eyebrow at Kristy as if she got what the hell he meant. “So that means one of you is going to die in the video, and the other,” the giant paused his words and brought Kristy’s tiny form lower down, stopping in front of his stomach. “The other will spend their last moments here, in my stomach.” Kristy’s mind was still a little raddled when he suddenly swooped her far down to his tummy but still heard his ultimatum. Before she could get her thoughts clear she was once again dragged along by this giant’s grasp, this time further down to his crotch. “I suppose in the meantime then, until my new arrival, or snack, I should say gets here, there’s no harm in having a little fun with you.” The other hand swooped downward and unbuckled his belt in one swift motion. It worked quickly and eagerly to get his pants off. After he unbuttoned his pants they fell down to his ankles, and once again his underwear was revealed to the tiny Kristy. This time, however, there was a horrendous stench clouded around them. As soon as his pants fell his sweat-soaked bottom was finally allowed to breathe after 8 hours of lifting and running around in the grocery store, and the stench was heavy to the little lady in his grasp. This smell was different from his gas, not necessarily better or worse though. She could smell his sweaty balls well enough, but when he used his finger to peel open the front of his underwear a huge waft of his sex washed over Kristy. Her vision was in a haze and she couldn’t stop coughing as he rose her 2.5-inch form over his opened underwear. “I’m gonna make myself something to eat while we wait for my new snack to arrive. In the meantime, be a ‘doll’ and wriggle around in there would ya?” 

As the giant finished his statement his fingers unclenched and let go of the helpless maiden. Kristy fell directly toward the dank abyss, which only got a worse smell to it as she landed directly on his thick, semi-chubbed cock. Kristy let out a howl of desperation when suddenly the elastic waistband above her snapped back, sealing her in his warm genital sauna. The heat got to Kristy right away, as she was immediately damp with sweat. She began to writhe and kick around the moist, dark environment when she was suddenly lifted and pushed against the cloth wall. She knew that her thrashing had done the exact effect this cruel man wanted and now she was being pressed against the wall by his aroused and erect penis. Kristy couldn’t breathe at all in these conditions, and what little air that she did take in was tainted by his raw B.O. “That’s right little girl, you keep on struggling in there.” the giant reassured his little pet before starting to meander toward his kitchen. Inside his underwear, the giant walking spelled immediate chaos for the tiny prisoner. His hard cock bounced upward then downward as he took each step, crushing Kristy with each movement. After a few steps though, she was let free of its hold on her. As soon as she wasn’t being pressed by the giant’s member though, Kristy fell straight downward in the smelly cave. The tiny lady fell all the way to the bottom of the front side of this man’s underwear and was aghast by the increasingly murky stench. She noticed that she landed on a hairy, smooth surface, which could only be this wretched man’s testicles. Kristy didn’t learn her lesson and began to thrash and beat all around her, maybe her primal brain just couldn’t help but try and dig for an exit. Suddenly the wall from the outside caved inward and began to crush her face and body directly onto his sweaty balls. The giant placed his grasp around his balls as he felt a rush of excitement from this powerless slave’s desperate struggle. “Uhhhhooooohhhh Fuuuuck! That’s right little bitch! Squirm! Go ahead and squirm, but you can’t do anything when I do this!” Kristy felt the space around her plummeting downward. Then, without warning everything around her got compacted and she was planted down firmly onto the man’s sweaty balls by the cloth wall behind her. Her face was mashed onto the disgusting, wrinkly surface, causing her to forcibly intake some of his ball sweat. She realized he must have sat down, causing everything to fold inward. She couldn’t feel or move her legs one bit, coming to the conclusion that they were stuck under the heavyweight of his balls, and were being pressed down by them. Her hypothesis rang true when the man shifted his weight forward suddenly, and her legs were suddenly being compressed by the ungodly mass. “OH GOD! PLEASE DON’T, NO NO NO DON…”, Kristy begged as she felt her legs start to give in to the immense weight of his sack. CCKRKKRKKCKKKK. “AHHHHHHHAAAAAAHAHHHHHHHHH!” Kristy let out a harrowing scream as her legs broke under the pressure from above. The two twig-sized appendages were bent completely inward, almost causing her bones to rip out of her skin through her calves, but not quite. Her breathing picked up heavily from the intense pain and she was once again getting light-headed as she greedily inhaled in the room’s toxic fumes. It certainly didn’t help that his genitals plus her were mashed together in this tight space; meaning a nonstop assault of sweat, both hers and his being washed over her helpless body. The man just held his weight forward for a few seconds before Kristy was introduced to his reason for shifting his weight. BBBBBRRRRRBRBRBFFFFFFRRRRTTTT...BBLLPPpbpbprrbblbllblbtt. The noxious assault started off meaty and wet, but as the man pushed the gas out his fart began to taper off and turn into a shart. The whole blast was over ten seconds long and reintroduced the tiny Kristy to his smelly flatulence. The man reshifted himself to a comfortable position, fortunately placing most of the weight off Kristy’s legs. But now, the tiny captive was stuck with the invading odor of his moist, hot fart. The second the wind was released the already hot environment went from warm to sweltering, the helpless girl was trapped in his miasmic sauna. Kristy tried to hold her breath in for as long as she could, but it didn’t last long. As her lungs inhaled his wretched stench she caught a coughing fit like none other before. The stench was like no other; Incomparable and unignorable, the contaminated air in here caused Kristy’s body to try and puke up anything, but nothing was there to let out, just horrid wheezing and a little smidge of stomach acid. “Oh ho ho, that one was soooo fucking warm. *Sniff Sniff* Daaaammnn that one reeks, phew. What do you think little one, do chili dogs make my farts smell? Why don’t you take a few deep whiffs and get back to me with the answer!” the giant sneered and mocked as he watched TV while munching on a cold slice of pizza. Kristy couldn’t stop the wheezing and coughing no matter how much she tried. She thought she could just hold her breath in once again, but the only air being inhaled was fetid and downright unbreathable. In her head, she thought she might die here. To die from this man passing gas, Kristy couldn’t muster up the energy to even push or fight it. This was it, his mere fart was enough to snuff her existence.

*DING DONG*. In the last moments before Kristy passed out the doorbell suddenly sounded off. “Awesome! She’s finally here!” the giant jumped up off the couch and set his food down. The sudden lift from the giant knocked some sense into Kristy. A light descended from the heavens as the elastic band was peeled back again. His right hand reached inward and dug around for Kristy. The tiny woman squealed as her sweat-drenched hair was put into the giant’s index and thumbs grasp and pulled upward. As she was lifted up she got a look at her legs in the light of the room and gasped in utter horror. Both of them were bruised all over, both internally and externally. It wasn’t until she saw her disfigured form that Kristy really began to feel the pain of her two limp, broken legs. On top of that horrid pain, she was now being hoisted up hundreds of feet (to her) by her already torn hair. She whimpered and cried for a mercy death as the giant proceeded to drop her onto the paper plate that held the half-eaten slice of leftover pizza. Still wearing his white shirt, the giant pointed his finger at the little woman and spoke, “Don’t you even think about moving little bitch, I’ll be right back.”. Kristy couldn’t even walk if she wanted to, and the giant’s meaningless threat acted more like a slap in the face to remind her of the pain. She watched the towering figure quickly scamper off toward what she assumed to be his front door. Before Kristy even realized the giant walked excitedly back into the living room. A familiar sight befell Kristy, the giant dangling yet another shrunken victim in his hand. He sat down on the couch and just stared at his new toy with a vicious, hungry stare. Suddenly he dangled the shrunken woman over the plate and dropped her directly next to Kristy. The woman was even skinnier than Kristy, sporting a brunette pixie cut with C cup boobs.  When the two ladies locked eyes the new inductee immediately started yelling at Kristy. “Who the fuck are you, bitch?”, the brunette posed to Kristy before getting a queasy look on her face. “What the fuck, you smell sooo bad. Jesus.” The brunette gently walked backward toward the huge slice of pizza before the giant’s hand swooped down and grabbed it by the crust. The swift action startled the clearly agitated woman and she began to yell once more. “Listen here you fuck, I want to know what the hell is going on here. I was at the club last night, and I sure as shit didn’t see you there! Hey, are you even listening!” the brunette yelled fruitlessly at the giant scarfing down the pizza. “Ma’am, you need to get out of here, this guy is going to kill us!” Kristy advised the woman while still laying down helplessly on the paper plate. “What the fuck did you just say? This guy doesn’t know who he’s crossing! As soon as I get out of here, this motherfucker is gonna wish he didn’t…” A shadow loomed over the plate, and the two women took cover as the giant pizza crust was unceremoniously dropped onto the plate. BRRRUUUUUUURRRRPPP. The man let a boisterous belch out as he finished his slice. The crust, fortunately, missed both of the ladies, but now he had their undivided attention. 

The giant sat up and peered his gaze at the two morsels on his plate. “MmmMmmMmm, so good. Pizza is even better when it’s cold. Now then, it’s getting late and I have a video to shoot… but I don’t suppose there’s any harm in having one more little snack right?” the giant ominously stated as he locked eyes with the brunette. “Wha… What the fuck is this guy on?” the pixie haired lady turned around and posed the question to Kristy. Kristy noticed his hand reaching in toward the plate and yelled to her fellow captive, “Run, lady!”. Before the lady turned her head her feet were wrapped with his index and thumb, and she was yoinked upward toward his face. She screamed the whole way up, giving Kristy a horrid feeling of what was to come. The giant held the woman inches from his face, grinning silently as he sized up his prey. The brunette looked forward in utter disbelief and horror as his tongue suddenly stuck out of his mouth and was dragged all around his lips in a slow, deliberate fashion. “Mmmmm, the last one of you small ladies I ate I chewed up real good. Don’t get me wrong, she was delicious. But, I was thinking to myself at work, ‘wouldn’t it be so fun if I swallowed one of them whole?’.” The giant put his intention out to the brunette, causing her struggle to double in his grasp. The man smirked at the tiny snacks pointless struggle “Oh, you’re a feisty one then, huh? Good, make sure to struggle all the way down into my stomach, okay.” the giant insisted as his maw widened. He dangled her above his waiting mouth for a few seconds before lowering her slightly once more. “Makes me wonder though, how long do you think you’ll you survive in me?” posed the giant. He brought the captive snack directly in front of his throat and used his other hand’s pointer finger as a guide down his esophagus. “First I’ll swallow you, and you’ll slide down, and down. To you It’ll probably be quite the fall for someone as small as you, heh.”. The giant continued to use his finger to mark her inevitable path, stopping near his stomach. “This’ll be where things get tricky. I know food can take some time to digest in there,” said the man before bringing her back upward toward his eyes so he could get a better look at her. “That’s right my little treat. You are going to be, I assume, slowly melted inside my stomach. My stomach acid is going to burn right through your soft skin and eventually turn you into mush.” The giant used his poker finger to poke at the tiny woman’s stomach as he finished his sentence. “And then, my favorite part,” the giant put the woman real close to his mouth, to where she was touching his lips. “Then what’s left of your pathetic, melted existence is going to be mangled and ground up in my intestines. Then…” the giant grunted and Kristy could already sense his disgusting intention, she covered her nose prematurely. BBBRRRAAAAPPPPTBBBTB. The giant let out an average 5-second gas bomb before letting out a relieving sigh. “Then you, like the rest of my food are going to slide out of my ass, and into my toilet.” The pixie-haired brunette had seemingly lost her rebellious spirit and was now pleading and begging to be let go. “What’s that? Sorry, I can’t hear what those tiny lips are saying. Besides, you aren’t going to convince me otherwise. Your fate is sealed little lady, you are just food now. And food doesn’t decide when it gets eaten” The man stated before once again lifting her above his head. He looked up at her, “Prepare to die a slow and painful death in my tummy. Make sure to say hi to what’s left of that little Asian cunt I chewed up earlier.” The giant was merely playing with his food now, getting her as scared as he possibly can before devouring her. His mouth opened wide, letting out a forced ‘Aaaahhhhh’ as it did. The Brunette stared down toward the wet pit. His tongue was sticking out his mouth, and several strands of saliva were hung up in his gaping maw. “NOOOOO PLEASE! PLEASE DON’T EAT ME. NOOOOOOOO…”, the woman was cut off. The man’s grasp loosened and the little lady fell headfirst into his mouth. When she landed inside he closed his jaw shut and began to suck on her tiny form. Her little feet dangled out of his lips for but a moment before being slurped up into his hungry mouth. Kristy, still watching in sheer disgust was immediately pulled back to earlier today; to her friend’s similar grisly demise. Although, somehow she thought this was much worse of a fate. Were it her in that position, she’d much rather be chewed up and killed instantly that be forced to be digested alive in his stomach for god knows how long. After several minutes of suckling and tasting the helpless snack the giant tilted his head upward and a repulsive GLICK...GLULK was sounded off as he struggled to swallow her whole. For a moment, Kristy thought he might just choke to death on her, but this was short-lived as the final GLULCK signified her demise. She watched the random stranger descend down his throat as he sickeningly held his finger to the descending lump falling down his throat. “Mmmnnn, I still think I’d rather chew them up to get the full flavor, but she was still plenty good.” 

Kristy was still in wretched pain from her dismantled legs and was utterly mortified for what was about to come. The giant rubbed his stomach before standing up. The full towering shadow of Kristy’s torturer loomed above her. She stared him directly in the eyes in utter contempt as he spoke. “Well, what is it, are you broken or something? You haven’t even tried to run little one?” Kristy yelled at him as loud as her lungs could muster, “YOU BASTARD! YOU’RE A FUCKING MURDERER! FUC....” The giant suddenly turned around and squatted slightly, putting his ass dangerously close to the plate Kristy was stuck on. He put his hands around the elastic band and pulled his underwear to his ankles in one swift motion. Kristy immediately held her breath, preparing for another foul assault as she heard the giant whisper, “Ohh, here it comes.” Kristy was bracing for impact before she heard the man’s stomach churn unsettlingly. GGRURUGGGURGGGGLLGLL. “Oh god, my stomach is really brewing up something foul.” The man’s ass lurched so close it completely covered the plate, crust and all. It completely sealed in the air around the plate, spelling disaster for the victim inside. Kristy cringed as she saw the vague shape of his filthy, moistened anus flex before it let out its atrocious gift. FLFBLPRPLBPFBBFFBPRBRRPBPRBP. An unholy mixture of liquid and gas was showered over Kristy. “Uhhhh, fuck yeah” the giant moaned as he released the pent up gas. Kristy held her breath for just a moment as the fart was released, but as the blast ended a wet puddle of warm shit landed directly on her chest, splashing onto her face. She immediately lost the ability to function and seized up coughing and wheezing. Her mouth was flooded with the foreign sewage and instantly tried to heave it out of her system. However, her body was pinned down by the man’s enormous ass. The circumstance gave her no choice but to unwillingly swallow most of the putrid matter. The man just sat there for a solid minute, giving Kristy no chance to breathe any clean air. She felt her lungs searing in pain from the horrid, polluted stench invading her system. Kristy’s vision blurred and her senses were completely shocked. She felt herself passing in and out of consciousness from all the distress, and lack of oxygen. After just a few moments the tiny woman was unconscious, and she had no chance to defend herself from the giant’s devious plan.

Kristy was awoken in a strange, uncomfortable position. She attempted to lift her body up with her arms but there was a great resistance keeping her stuck to the surface. As she looked around at her surroundings she knew immediately where she was. Her lower half, right up to the center of her back was being pinned down by two ginormous patches of clear scotch tape. The surface she’s stuck to is the clear glass stool she’d noticed when she was in the jar. She could tell by the strange chemical smell and clear visibility through the glass that the giant man had cleaned the stool before placing her. Additionally, Kristy saw that she was surrounded by 2 separate cameras. One is directly below her placed on the floor looking up to her. The next just a few feet away from the glass stool directly in front of her. Although a few feet to a normal-sized person was like several football field lengths for the tiny trapped woman. Her legs were obviously still in pain, although she knew there was nothing to be done about that now. Kristy began to lose all hope of her survival. The minutes ticking by began to feel like hours as she knew that sick fuck would be walking in to do what he was going to do. At this point, she couldn’t even escape his house if she wasn’t taped. After 10 agonizingly tense minutes, she heard a noise from somewhere in the house. *THUD THUD THUD THUD* The overwhelming sounds of his footsteps getting closer and closer only made Kristy fear the inevitable even more. Part of her wished she was in Alex’s position instead. The moment she was dreading began when once again the door swung open and her executioner arrived. He steps directly over the glass stool, leaving his shadow to completely engulf Kristy. She could only see the giant when she peered her head as far back as possible. When she did, however, she got a glimpse of his massive cock almost pointing directly at her. “Well look who’s finally awake. *SLUUUUURRRRPPP*”, the giant clearly had some sort of drink with a straw he was siphoning down. “God you are such a pathetic fucking bitch, I can’t believe you passed out from just a little fart,” Kristy yelled once again, this time not even to spare herself. “Please God, please just end me! I don’t want to die like this, please Lord!” Kristy begged and pleaded for this to end. *SLUUUURRRRPPP* “Aaahhhhhh, god I love me a good chocolate milkshake. Stupid bitch, you were out for so long, I had enough time to slurp down this WHOLE milkshake.” the giant complained to his tiny torture victim. “Oh lordie, but in a way, this shake is kinda a punishment for you. You have NO IDEA what milk does to me. You think those last few farts were bad, girl? You haven’t smelled anything yet!”

“First of all though, I gotta start recording. Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you that one of the stipulations was that I had to be ‘unaware’. Of course, I know you’re there, but as far as the video’s concerned I’m just gonna play off me sitting on you like an accident.” the giant rambled to Kristy as he turned on a camera placed behind her she hadn’t noticed, then the others she had. As he walked around to the side of the stool Kristy’s head was facing she got her view completely engulfed by the man’s huge, hairy ass. He bent down to adjust the camera’s tripod and his asscheeks peeled open to reveal his dirty, brown-stained anus to the little lady. The horrid, shit-filled stench of his musky ass hit Kristy again, and it wasn’t the least bit less awful this time. That was what was going to be her end? “His ass is going to be the last thing I see, isn’t it?” Kristy said aloud to herself. She had passed high school with a 3.9 GPA, made it to college, got a decent job. All of that was going to be ended by this cruel, fatass’ behind? Kristy began to laugh in a clearly insane and tortured manner as the giant bent back upwards and waved his hand goodbye to her, not even exchanging a final word or taunt to her. The cameras are rolling and the show was about to begin. Kristy could help but hysterically laugh, for this was a truly hysterical moment. “3...2...1, and here we go” she heard the giant outside the door begin to count down to the video’s start. He walked in slowly, looking around the room in a fake ‘unaware’ way. He purposely kept his gaze away from her before stating, “Maaaan! That was such a loooooooong day.” He proceeded to rub his tummy with his right hand in a circular motion. “And I have all this fucking gas I need to let out too. Oh god, I can feel one ready to burst out right now.” said the giant before turning around and taking huge strides toward the glass stool. He stood over the stool, clearly looking down directly at his victim, but still playing off as he doesn’t. Kristy began to helplessly scream into the glass seat, but all she could see below was the uncaring camera lens below. “Thank goodness, I have this seat right here. I bet the glass will make my farts sound reaaaalllly loud!”. The giant turned around and started to slowly bend his knees, purposely lowering his ass as slowly as possible, “Not that I need help with that anyway.” His brown hole widened and let out a guttural sound. FFFBBBBRBRUBUFURBUBRUBRUBRBBBB. “MMMMNnnnnnnn. I love releasing all this pent up gas, so relieving!” The giant’s humongous cheeks loomed directly above Kristy and she thought for a second that the enormous globes might just crush her right away, sparring her from more of his odorous torture. The hope of a quick death was extinguished when the giant put his hands on his asscheeks and pulled them apart, opening up his cheeks. 

Kristy was purposely placed directly where his buttcrack was spread. As his ass touched the seat Kristy was poked by his ass hair from all around her. Then as he put his full weight down her body from her tits up was submerged under his gaping shithole. “Ahhhmmmm, oh this seat is so comfortable. I could definitely sit here and just…” the giant paused and the humongous hole resting on Kristy’s head began to flex itself open. FFPLBPLBPLBPLFBPBLFFFFFFFRRRRBRRBRFBRBBBBPPPPP. Kristy was in the epicenter of the giant’s awful explosion of gas. She screamed in agony as her face was pinned to the glass, it gave the upcoming audience a great view of her suffering. The stench of this fart far surpassed anything she had smelled ever. Taking a dive into raw sewage would be the closest descriptor to this new wave of stink. She was sure he must have been lactose intolerant, and that milkshake just made his wretched blasts even more odorous. On top of that, his cheeks completely engulfed every angle around Kristy aside from the hard glass floor she was face down upon. As his deep, rumbly fart was released it caused his fat ass to shake from the force. This rumbling was enough to cause Kristy great pain, especially in her already decimated legs. The last thing Kristy wanted to was scream and intake more of his rotten wind into her mouth. However, the immense weight was crushing her tiny form and causing her to involuntarily inhale more of the air, causing her to gag up and cough. This horrid cycle went on for a few minutes as the giant sat there, building up his next gaseous assault. Kristy’s senses were completely overwhelmed by the combination of her body being pressed down by someone who weighs one billion times her mass and the lethal tincture of gas that his oppressing asshole bellowed out. “Sheesh, I should probably get to the toilet soon. But, I don’t know, this seat is just too comfortable.” Kristy could hear the giant’s voice echo above her in a very muffled manner. “Y’know, now that I think about it I should of expected my gut to react this way. Asian for lunch, plus three slices of 4 cheese pizza, AND a milkshake. Shit, I can feel something warm bubbling in my gut. I need to just… let it out.”

GGGGRRRRGRGLRLGRGLRGRLLGGGGGGRRRRR. The man’s stomach cried out a desperate gurgle. It needed to exude it’s pent up pressure and didn’t care if it was all released on the tiny bug below. The giant suddenly raised up a few inches, giving Kristy an extremely brief glimmer of hope. She knew it was too good to be true though. She looked up and saw the dining table-sized anus flex and expand outward. BBBBBBBBPTPTPBRPRPRPFRFFPRBPTPBTRPBPPPPPP...BFFTT. A powerful twelve-second blast was forced out of the hole. A huge puddle of liquid scat was released out of his asshole as well, which was pointed directly downward upon Kristy. She felt the surprisingly warm sludge fall all over her upper body. It dripped and glistened all over her, falling downward and pooling directly where her head was more or less stuck at. She immediately tried holding her head up, away from the frothing excreta. However, she was met with an awfully similar taste in her mouth. Once more this man’s shit had forced its disgusting taste onto her pallet. Kristy writhed and spat out the gunk from her mouth the best she could, but the liquid had completely submerged her head in mere seconds. She was forced to hold her breath and close her eyes to avoid the feces from entering her. “Man, I have to shit so bad, I don’t think I’m gonna make it to the john. Looks like this chair is just gonna have to do.” The giant man said in a strained manner, clearly forcing out something impressive. Kristy couldn’t see the huge mass of waste turtling out of the man’s shithole, but she could hear it. ppptptppbllBBBBFBBFFFFFFPPPTTTTT. The ginormous double-decker bus-sized turd was struggling to fall out, at least until a huge burst of colon wind started to force the mass out. Its shadow was kast over the camera’s view as it pinched off and started to fall rapidly. Kristy was breathing in the shit heavily, completely unaware of the size of the mass that was to fall upon her. She let out a yelp as the turd 20x her size crashed directly on her. The huge, almost potato-shaped log did curve slightly and landed mostly on her legs and back. The audience might not be able to hear it, but as the log landed on the tiny woman several bones all across her body, including ones already bent from her earlier torture were abruptly smashed into a puzzle of fractures and cracks. Kristy couldn’t help but shriek in agony as her body was dismantled by the weight of the semi-solid mass that crashed down on her. This only lets the seepage enter her even more, leaving no time to escape the torture. “Phew, that feels sooooooo damn good to release that… but I really am still tired and need to sit down. I suppose there’s no harm in sitting in it as long as I clean up, right?” The giant man let nothing impede him and put his dead weight into his descent on the chair. Kristy was begging for mercy, and in some way, this was this man’s version of it. The shit-stained ass fell upon Kristy with much more force than she could ever handle. The camera below the chair had perfectly caught her final moments of desperation and sheer suffering. The Shadow of his hairy rump fell, and the once beautiful blonde’s screaming face was immediately pulverized into red goo as the giant put all his weight into his decline. Her body was entirely now just a crimson jam, mixed in with her guts that were being melded into his shit. The steaming brown substance flooded everywhere on the glass and pasted itself all over his pale butt. “Hmm, not as comfortable. Maybe I just need a better position. The man raised his ass and the bloody silhouette that was Kristy just a few moments ago was stuck to the man’s ass cheek. Several times the man raised and crashed his plump butt down onto the seat. Making a sickening splash of brown and red on the glass. After doing this half a dozen times the giant ground his ass on the seat, secretly making sure that there was nothing to be left of his tiny toy. PPPPBPPBPTPBTPTBPTBPPBTBBBBBBBBFBPFBPFPPFPBBBBBPBPBPBPBPBPPBPBPPPP. A massive 15-second post dump fart trumpeted out of the man’s shithole, adding insult to deadly injury. It added what to him was an insignificant amount of liquid to the pile below him. He just felt relieved that his stomach was starting to settle. 


“Man, oh man. I really made a stinky mess on this chair; I almost feel bad for it… almost.” the man added after his huge blast. Inside his head, he was truly impressed by that last fart. His cock was rock solid and bulging outward. He’d done things similar to this in the past. He loved the look he always got from his tiny captives, the way he could kill them in any sick way he wanted, and they could do nothing about it. He couldn’t take all this sexual tension, and a little cum drained out of his shaft. He had to hold his composure for the video however and decided it was nearing its end. He stood upward and looked at his mess. A light flashed in his head and he remembered the last stipulation. There was a teensy bit of guts and blood that sat in the puddle of feces, not really noticeable. But the last thing he was supposed to do for the video was to notice he’d accidentally sat on her and make a final comment about it. He grabbed the rag on his desk and squinted his eyes at the mess in a forced manner. “What’s this? Looks like some blood and guts mixed in? Well I know it’s not from the inside, so that means it must’ve been one of those fucking shrunken cunts I keep finding around here. I swear, first, it was that brunette bitch on my pizza, now this! A man can’t even shit in peace. Well good, stupid bitch got what she deserved. Teach her to come to my house!” The giant said before taking the rag to the messy chair. He pressed the rag all over the smear of mixed sludge, knowing that it wouldn’t clean it. It was for the effect, as he knew he was gonna end the video here. He cut the cameras, and after a solid hour of cleaning both the chair and himself, he returned to edit down the video and post it. He was getting paid a veritable fortune for making these. They were a little on the legal grey side, but the reward outweighed the risk as much as he outweighed Kristy. He sat in the same glass stool editing for a few solid hours. Of course, his ass was still noisy the whole way, and he couldn’t help think back to the brunette, pixie looking girl he swallowed alive. “Surely she’s dead by now? I wonder if she’s been fully melted, or is still kinda human-shaped?” the man thought aloud to himself. “Hmm, whatever the case she’s still no longer with us. Just a tiny bitch to be forgotten” he concluded.

End Notes:

Congrats on making it to the end, quite the long story for me to write TBH. I still really enjoyed writing it though, your guy's feedback and viewership are awesome, and really keep me going! Hope you enjoyed, and as always, have a remarkable day! ;)

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