Dying for Booty by Pizzatime2300

A series of short stories that are heavily inspired by BootyPartrol's Death By Booty. It will heavily involve Scat and Watersports, along with various other kinks.


All recognizable settings, characters, etc are not my property. This story is purely for entertainment purposes, not for monetary gain.

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Story Notes:

Hope you enjoy ;)

A Cruel Turnaround (M/f) by Pizzatime2300
Author's Notes:

This chapter will involve a male giant.

There's only one thing more lame than being stuck at home because you're grounded; It's being stuck at home with your stupid brother. A girl like you should be at a party, living up your last year in high school. But no, one video surfaces of you, aptly titled "Veronica gets shitfaced." And because of your goody-two-shoes younger brother, Geoff, showing your parents, you're stuck in the house for the weekend. 

While texting your friends and browsing social media, envious of the parties going on this weekend, you've been sitting around on the couch watching the dull cable selection. You find yourself drowsy, and figure taking a nap to pass the time would do you some good. At least it will pass the time.

You wake up in a vast landscape. It looks like a giant leather beach. You think it's a dream, but when you pinch yourself and rub your eyes you seem to be awake. You look at your surroundings. Strangely enough, it seems to be a giant version of your house. Copied down to a tee. Then you start to hear an odd set of booming noises around you. It's just then as you see your chubby brother turn the corner. But he's huge! He has to be at least the height of a skyscraper, maybe taller. It then clicks in your head. The house is huge, and if memory serves you this is where the couch would be. The world isn't giant, your small!

As you get lost in thought, you fail to realize what's in front of you. Your colossal brother's rump is set right in front of you. Just as you realize what's going on, it's too late. Your chunky brothers' butt is starting to rocket towards you! You definitely don't plan to die a stain on your brothers rear, so you pick up some speed and start running. You realize that you're not going to make it. 

As Geoff sets his heavy ass on the couch, your surprisingly still alive. It would seem that he's only wearing a tight set of boxers, and you're caught right in the crease of his cheeks. You can't move an inch and no light peers in from Geoff's figure. Desperate to get his attention, you begin to wriggle around. Unbeknownst to you, this was a great error.

Geoff must have felt it. But instead of getting up and checking under his rump, he decides to shift himself back and forth to get rid of this tingle. This spells disaster for Veronica. 

You feel the world shifting around you. As Geoff drifts his body back and forth, you are sent further into the cavernous depths of his buttcheeks. It appears he was satisfied with his work because after you get moved unto his cheeks he stops his movement. 

It's at this point you start to smell something repugnant. With some simple deduction, you realize it has to be the scent of Geoff's ass. This is just great, not only are you stuck under your brothers' butt but now you're forced to smell his disgusting odor. As if something is out there to show the utmost cruelty towards you, you hear a guttural rumble coming from Geoff. As if instinctive, you start to shift and writhe. But nothing was stopping Geoff from ripping this one. A bassy fart blasted from his ass. Followed by a sigh of satisfaction from the maestro himself.

As the gust of wind blows past you, you are left with an abominable stench is left with you. Gagging starts naturally, you feel vomit incoming. But before you empty out your stomach, the world around you shifts again. 

Geoff takes one whiff of his stench and decides it's time to move. That fart was stinky even for his standards. He decides to go back to his room and play some games on his PC. 

As Geoff gets up, you can't take the lingering effect of this stink and vomit. The measly amount of puke flies of on to the couch. But then you realize you are stuck in Geoff's cheeks. Your entire lower body is stuck in. This is almost fortunate as it means you won't fall to your death. But calling anything fortunate in this situation just seems wrong.

You peer from his backside and it appears he's going to his pigsty of a room. When your "ride" enters it becomes apparent that his room smells almost as awful as his gas. It looks like he hasn't cleaned it in years. Bottles, chip bags, and other trash lay everywhere in sight. 

All of the sudden Geoff stops and just stands still for a moment. You are facing his nasty bed at this moment of pause. All of the sudden your brother releases another torrent of wind. You are blasted towards his bedsheets by the sheer force of the fart. Luckily you land on the bed with no apparent injuries. You hear him mumble "Man I'm gassy today." What an oblivious dummy, you've had to suffer through it!

You see Geoff eye his PC, but then he lets out yet another audible blast, this time it sounds wet. He then says to no one but himself (the weirdo) "I think I gotta take a shit." Gross, who just announces that to the world? Strangely enough, he starts walking to his bed. You start to jump in order to get his attention. 

Geoff stumbles towards the bed, cutting through the layer of trash on his floor. His massive hand passes right over you, and you see his phone was the target. Then, as you are trying to get his attention, it seems fate would will it. You feel his stare gaze upon you. His head rings closer and he starts to give a close inspection of you. You yell "Geoff please notice me! It's Veronica! Please!" He looks at the minuscule thing in front of him, has a curious look about him then you see his hand peer down towards you. Finally, he's noticed you. He can take you to somewhere to possibly reverse this strange condition. Or so you hoped.

As you are captured into his huge palm, you feel relief that this is over. Hell, this is something you could tell stories about. Then Geoff's deafening voice sounds off right near you "What are you doing in my room bug? Think you can just stay here without me finding you? I don't think so!"

Your chest starts to pound as you yell as loud as you can, trying to explain that your not a bug. "What's that? Squeaking for mercy?" he teases " there's no escape for you, you pest!" You've never seen your brother like this, he's always been kind to the point of stupidity when you see him. 

"How shall we end your life hmm" Geoff taunts "Maybe I'll step on you and get it over quick. No, but that would be no fun." You're terrified, but it's not like you could go anywhere. If you jumped it would mean certain death. Then his hand rises towards his face, centering on his lips. "Maybe I'll eat you, you could make a tasty snack!" Before you could process the insanity of what he just said, a thunderous fart is put into the room. "Oh, I know exactly what to do with you." He snickers.

He cups his hands, leaving you in darkness. "Where is he taking me." you thought. You start to bang on his hands, and he seems to respond. As he moves his other hand that was shielding the light, you have a bright light peer into your eyes. As you adjust, you realize that your in the bathroom. What does he want in here?

"You know bug, I'm going to give you a real treat. You bugs all like being covered in shit don't you?" he vexed. "No, not like this," you thought. Why was Geoff acting like this? He's a monster! "I had some hot wings earlier, and my stomach really didn't agree with that. So I'm about to dump ass," He then drops you into the frigid waters of the toilet "and you get a front row seat!" 

You are immediately shocked by the freezing water. It was like swimming in a lake in February. Then a looming shadow falls on you. You look up to see Geoff's chunky ass. Alongside is his bus-sized cock, swinging like a pendulum. "Oh bug, I truly do feel bad for you, but at least you get to die to what feels like it's going to be impressive shit." 

Time slows down for you as his rear gets closer to the bowl. When it plops down, the light is completely sealed from the toilet. First, you hear a waterfall like sound near you. A suction force starts bringing you closer towards the center of the bowl. The stench of urine demolishes your senses. Then only a few drips trail off and you are left to swim in the dark. Then the titan lets out a booming fart, that gets reverberated by the toilet. The sound deafens you to the point of having to hold your ears. As you recover, you hear a growling sound above you. Then you are blasted back, realizing that one of Geoffs' logs just barely missed you. 

You start to swim frantically as you hear turd after turd drop in. Then the giant speaks "That was round one bug, I wonder if you survived that. If you did, then you surely won't survive this!" A wet fart lets in through his anal cavity and a mulch of shit is released at an incredible rate. You are instantly splashed with feces and pulled underwater by it. But as you try to resurface, you can't seem to break through the thick layer of shit. 

You start to panic as your tiny body doesn't even have the strength to move shit. Desperately you try to dig your way out, but you can't budge. You are running out of oxygen, and your starting to lose consciousness. As you fade into sleep your last thoughts are of terror. You can't believe you were destined to be your brother's plaything.


Geoff spends at least 30 minutes on the shitter. Those hot wings were delicious at first but came back to bite him. He wipes and looks into the hurricane of diarrhea he left in the toilet. He loved to tease and kill the bugs he found. Looking one last time into the toilet he couldn't even see the bug he plopped in there. He let out a giggle of a job well done. He flushed the toilet. You were never to be seen again.


End Notes:

Any feedback is welcome. I hope to drop a new chapter out from time to time. Hope you enjoyed. (P.S next story will be a female giant)

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