Nick VS College by Frizzle

Following the events from GenetiCo, Nick finds himself in an entirely knew environment as he tries to cope with Chloe's fate, and the emerging feelings he has for Peyton. With his friends divided, and his life in chaos... will Nick have to face the forces of evil alone? Or can he repair the shattered remnants of his family and friends in order to defeat the most challenging foe he has ever encountered?

Find out... in NICK VS COLLEGE!!!

(If you have not read Nick VS Highschool, then you will be greatly lost and confused as you read this story. PLEASE READ NICK VS HIGHSCHOOL first in order to understand what is going on)

(This story takes place in the kempverse, a universe I created in which Nick VS Highschool takes place, and thus you may find hidden easter eggs/recognize characters from other stories that also take place in the kempverse)


Story may contain fictional minors, none of which will be younger than 16 years of age. Story contains explicit content that may be disturbing to some readers. Any and all names used do NOT relate to anyone in real life, and any names that you recognize is by pure coincidence. If you feel sickly at all during your read, please stop reading and find the nearest barf bag. Enjoy the story!

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-Hard/Extreme Vore

-Actions or events that can be mentally disturbing

-Sexual references, inuendos, and actions


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This story is a sequel to Nick VS Highschool, thus if you haven't read Nick VS Highschool you will be totally lost in regards to the plot. If you only care about the fetish stuff, that's fair... however for those who actually like to enjoy a story you will not understand anything at all without the context from my previous story (if you are too lazy to read all 63 chapters, you can skip the first 20 chapters and still get a solid understanding of the plot)

You have been WARNED, so any complaints in the reviews about "this doesn't make sense" will be kindly ignored/deleted. Thank you!

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Volume I - Chapter 1 - Requiem by Frizzle
Author's Notes:


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Technically Their Little Secret is part of the Kempverse, HOWEVER it hosts massive spoilers technically in a way that kind of ruins Nick VS College even though it isn't even written yet.... So I've decided to make it NON CANON and thus you can read it after the rest of above.

All other stories on my page are not in the Kempverse and dont' spoil anything. You can identify my kempverse stories by looking at the story summary. You will see this pasted on every story tied to the Nick universe

**(This story takes place in the kempverse, a universe I created in which Nick VS Highschool takes place, and thus you may find hidden easter eggs/recognize characters from other stories that also take place in the kempverse)**



Letting go of the ones we love is a task not so easily undertook. Maybe you lost a distant relative, and you give them a moment of silence for you did not know them very well. Or perhaps you lost a friend that was a bit closer to you, and you grieve for awhile as you remember the good times you had together. Or maybe you lost your mother or father, and you grieve for many years as you try to fill the void that was left in your heart as you struggle for guidance in the world.


The one you love however… will leave you with a heart so empty that you couldn’t possibly fill it up again. You loved them, you nurtured them, and you only wish you had but a few seconds to let them know how much you miss them since the time of their demise. Those few seconds never come however, and you are left in wretched agony as you try to find the will to move on to another soul. But how could we? For those who know of the love they have for their significant others, you just might truly understand the essence of just how painful it would truly be without them.


I flipped through the pages of my high school yearbook, something I had bought during graduation simply to reflect on those I had met in the past. Tyler, Abigail, Kaya… all were good friends to me as I progressed each year in highschool. Even though Abigail had grave issues with my decision to let Kristin Karn roam free from his prison sentence, I believe that deep down she understood why I had to do it.


I kept flipping through the pages, before settling upon a picture of my freshman year. My heart sank, and my mind suddenly focused. It was a picture of Chloe and I, smiling happily at the camera as she held my one inch self in her smooth and tender palm. A single tear slid down my cheek, as I reminisced the past before all the chaos had ensued.


I closed the book in my hand, and carefully set it down upon the surface of my desk. I walked over to the other end of the room, looking out through the window to the open plains before me. I took in the peaceful view of the clouds, the wind causing the tall grass to rustle about. I took in a deep breath as I slowly allowed my mind to relax.


You may be wondering what is going on right now, your mind filled with questions. It’s been awhile since I last told you the tale of my high school years hasn’t it? Well allow me to clarify the obvious questions right away… Yes, I am not a one inch tall boy anymore. Are you upset that I’ve spoiled this for you? Don’t be, my size is irrelevant at this point anyways. As I talk to you in this very moment I am many years beyond my college years. I remember them well, and they were just as chaotic as high school if not even more so.


You are probably a bit confused now, even more so than just a few minutes ago. You see, I’ve been narrating my story of which took place many many years ago. In the present, I am not in college but in fact I am actually retired. Obviously this shows you that I survived my college years, however that is a rather broad way to put it…


Allow me to move on from this pointless introduction, as further details will merely clutter your mind with countless questions. I promise that whatever details you feel you are missing, will eventually be handed to you as I tell you the second part of my life story. So… without further ado, here is the story of my college years. It certainly doesn’t have a happy start, and I’d be a liar if I said it ended in happiness…


“Nicholas Alan Kemp, is that your full name undoubtedly?” asked the FBI agent as he looked down at the equipement before him.


“Undoubtedly…” I mocked, crossing my arms as I looked around the unpleasant room I resided in. The room reeked of terribly burnt coffee and a hint of sweat which I assumed was from the overweight agent before me.


“Yes or no answers please,” the agent scoffed, narrowing his gaze to express his impatience.


“Yes…” I muttered.


The agent calibrated the lie detector, before asking his next question, “You are the age of eighteen?”


“Yes,” I responded, trying to get through this bullshit as quickly as I could.


The agent finished his calibrations, and proceeded to the actual questions, “You were present the day of the terrorist attack on GenetiCo correct?”


“If you are labeling the terrorist as Auron Karn then yes,” I retorted.


The agent simply glared at me, and I rolled my eyes before muttering, “Yes.”


“Several witnesses have identified Chloe Sullivan as the titanic woman who devoured and murdered hundreds of innocent victims, would you say that they are correct?” the agent glanced up at me, waiting to see how I would answer.


My mind froze, my heartbeat speeding up like crazy. A nervous sweat began to form atop my forehead, as I contemplated the answer I would give him. For days the media had been plastering Chloe’s name internationally, labeling her the colossal giantess that wreaked uncanny destruction. I wanted to say ‘no’, as it pained me to incriminate her even though the claims were true. But what could I do? If I lied, the agent would know. If I wanted to help Chloe, it would have to be some other way.


“Yes…” I murmured.


The agent looked down as he began to write in his notepad. The room went silent as I tormented myself over the fact I had probably just given Chloe the death penalty… that is if she ever awoke from her coma.


“Final question,” the agent said, “were you aware that Auron Karn’s corpse was found seventy two hours after the attack on GenetiCo?”


My heart stopped, and it took every ounce of power I had not to completely freak out. Of course I knew, considering that I watched Regina kill her brother Auron herself. I didn’t realize they had found his body so quickly however, and I would use that to tell the ‘truth’ since the agent hadn’t asked if I had any direct involvement.


“No,” I answered, my eyes peering over to the lie detector to see what would happen. Nothing… nothing happened.


The agent nodded, and wrote down some final notes before closing the notebook and reaching across the table to unhook me from the equipment, “that’ll be all, you are free to go Mr. Kemp.”


I stood up from my chair, as I turned around to exit the room. I could hear the agent as he began to set his equipment up for the next interviewee, of whom I already knew it would be.


I exited the room, and was immediately met with the familiar face of Abigail Lionheart. Her curly red hair rested just below her ears, and I realized she must have gotten a haircut. Her eyes looked up and met mine, her expression turning to one of disgust as she nudged me with her shoulder before slipping by me. I would have tried to say something, but she gave me no chance. I simply looked over my shoulder and watched as she entered the interview room. The door closed, and I turned back around to see Tyler already standing in front of me.


“I see she’s still pissed at me…” I mumbled.


Tyler scowled, “Well it’s not like you let a fucking psychopathic murderer loose or anything!”


“I told you… I had my reasons..” I responded.


Tyler crossed his arms and narrowed his eyes, “that’s the problem Nick. If you had any GOOD reasons you’d fucking tell us! But instead you keep it a secret, because clearly Abigail and I wouldn’t fucking approve of it!”


Tyler was right, he wouldn’t approve of my reasoning at all. I had used Kristin as a means to get to Auron. I recruited Regina simply to ensure my safety, and to get the revenge I desired for Chloe’s tragic outcome. Yet again I faced the possibility of losing yet another woman I loved… as if Bridgette’s loss hadn’t been tragic enough now Chloe’s life both medically and worldly were in jeopardy.


“Everything I did was for Chloe…” I tried to explain.


Tyler held his hand up to indicate that he wasn’t so foolish, “even if that’s true, it doesn’t justify whatever the hell it is you are keeping to yourself. Auron is loose, and Kristin is a free man. I blame YOU for that!”


I shook my head, “Auron is dead…” I corrected.


Tyler gave me a confused look, “Wh-what?”


“They asked me if I knew anything about his corpse that they found, so supposedly he’s dead,” I informed Tyler, leaving out the details in which I was responsible for his death.


“And how did he die?” Tyler asked, to smart for my own good.


“They didn’t tell me,” I answered.


“Oh really?” Tyler crossed his arms and gave me an expression of study, “and I don’t suppose YOU have anything to do with that?”


“I don’t…” I lied, realizing I probably should have just kept my mouth shut.


“You know, Nick… the biggest mistake you ever made was when you stopped consulting your friends before doing something stupid,” Tyler said, “ever since Zelena’s murder, you’ve only acted independently. I hope one day you realize how much damage could have been avoided if you had simply trusted us!”


“I do trust you!” I argued, trying to defend my actions.


“No you fucking don’t!” Tyler shouted, and I could suddenly feel the eyes of others looking towards us. Tyler was making a scene, and it started to worry me. I looked around to see the eyes of strangers giving us strange looks as they wondered what the hell was going on between the two of us.


“If you trusted us, Chloe wouldn’t be in a coma! Hell, maybe Bridgette would still be alive for fucks sake!!! Zelena, Auron and Kristin would be in jail where they BELONGED!” Tyler finally stopped shouting, and all I could do was look up at him with a heavy heart. I really had lost his trust entirely, and realized it wasn’t only Abigail who I had hurt gravely.




I turned my head down the corridor as the strange voice whispered my name. The hall was empty, and for a moment I thought I had completely lost my mind. I turned my head back to face Tyler, but my heart sank when he was nowhere to be seen. I began looking around frantically, as I slowly started to realize that everybody that was in the hall was now gone. The doors were gone, the windows were gone, there was simply nothing.


My heartbeat began to race, my body sweating profusely as I looked around frantically for any sign of life. The lights began to flicker as a cold chill began to rush down my back.


“Hello!?” I shouted, hoping to receive an answer.




I whipped around to face the direction that the voice had come from, but my eyes merely widened with horror when I saw the source of the sinister voice. My jaw dropped as I saw Zelena only a few feet away, her body melted and her face deformed. Her eyes were gone, and most of her skin was dissolved down to her bone. Her jaw was partly unhinged, as it hung as if she were some kind of zombie. She slowly raised her melted arm, pointing her bony finger towards me.


Yoooouuu ddddiiiiiddd ttthhhisss tttoooo mmeeee…”


I began to step backwards, wondering what kind of horror I was looking at, “I’m… I’m sorry! I take it back! I TAKE IT BACK!”


I wwwiiillll ddeeeevvooouurrrr yyyoooouuuu…”


Zelena’s ungodly face began to twist and turn, her mutilated mouth suddenly growing wider and wider. Gravity began to fade away, and I felt myself slowly starting to slide forward on the smooth tile towards the monstrosity before me. I quickly turned around and began to sprint full force in the opposite direction to escape the nightmare I was trapped in.


Her mouth became a vortex, sucking everything inside of it. The walls began to fragment, pieces flying into Zelena’s black hole for a mouth. Was this my punishment for allowing Chloe to devour her? Is this why she was so deformed?


I found my feet unable to run any further, as the vortex had become to powerful. My feet left the ground as I reached ahead of myself to grab onto anything. Unfortunately the hall was an abyss, and I found myself slowly flying backwards as Zelena’s mutilated and melted mouth closed around me, sending me to the depths of where she had wanted me all along.


“Mr. Kemp?” the agent looked down at me with grave concern, “are you ok?”


I suddenly snapped out of my horrish trance, looking around as I realized where I was. I looked down at my tiny hands, which were attached to my tiny body. I was one inch again… I should of known I was having a nightmare…


“Mr. Kemp???”


I looked up at the enormous agent, who was clearly confused and concerned, “Wa… oh! Yes I’m fine, you can start anytime,” I stated.


The agent seemed a little skeptical, but slowly nodded and sat back down in his seat, “well then, you were present the day of the terrorist attack on GenetiCo correct?”


I nodded, “Yes I was.”


The agent wrote some notes in his notepad. I suddenly realized that there was no longer a lie detector on the table, which I assumed must have been a fabrication of my disturbing dream.


“Many witnesses place Chloe Sullivan as the colossal woman who is responsible for the devouring and murder of hundreds of victims, does this sound accurate to you?” The agent looked down at me, waiting to hear my answer.


My heart froze, my mind stalled. I had already lived this terrible moment, the moment in which I made the decision to either continue my streak of lies, or finally tell the truth regardless of the consequences. There was no lie detector, only myself and whatever answer I chose to give the agent. Would lying only bring me down a path of darkness, one of which I couldn't return? Or maybe I could just tell the truth, and try to regain a sense of morality.


I loved Chloe with all my heart, more than she or anyone else will ever know. I’d give the world to her on a silver platter if I was able, and I’d kill anyone who threatened her life. Unfortunately however she was in a coma, one that doctors say she may never come out of. If she does… then she faces the penalty of death for the crimes that have been pinned on her, even though they weren’t necessarily her fault. My decision was tough, but I made it regardless.


Yes…” I murmured, “it is one hundred percent accurate…”




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Chapter 2 - The Great Galitsky by Frizzle
Author's Notes:

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“Good morning nation! I’m Natalie Portman with today’s updates in regards to the recent terrorist attack at GenetiCo! With us we have Tucker Carlson from Fox News network! Tucker, can you give us any information regarding these supposed updates?”

“I sure can Natalie! The final body count has been confirmed as one hundred and thirty seven fatalities. Many of the bodies were impossible to retrieve considering the way they died.”

“Dear lord Tucker, that sounds awful. For those of you watching who are unfamiliar, it has been confirmed by the united states government that GenetiCo was attacked by a woman over sixty feet tall! She crushed and devoured innocent women, children and men alike. Tucker, has the FBI released the suspects identity yet?”

“They have indeed Natalie! The woman has been revealed to be a young girl by the name of Chloe Sullivan, who would have graduated just a few days after the incident occured. She is currently in a coma at Saint Erickson’s hospital under FBI watch.”

“Has there been any indication of how exactly she grew to such a height Tucker?”

“Afraid not Natalie, however according to the local police department there seems to be some sort of conspiracy between the strange attack and Auron Karn himself, the CEO of GenetiCo who was found murdered near the docks just a night ago! With the testimony of Nick Kemp, it has been revealed that Auron was responsible for it all, which set Kristin Karn free from his pending charges. Although, Kristin Karn has also appeared to go missing, as he was last seen at a bar before dropping off the FBI’s grid.”

“Hot tamale Tucker that sure is a lot of information to take in!”

“Why yes it is Natalie, this has been an odd week for us all!”

“Well one thing is for sure Tucker, we can all rest easy knowing that the monstrous terrorist, known as Chloe Sullivan, is in a justified coma! And should she ever wake up… hopefully get the penalty of death!”


Peyton turned the television off, disgusted by the news anchors coverage of the ordeal. Though Peyton couldn’t blame them for their ignorance, it wasn’t like anybody could understand what truly happened that day. Unfortunately Chloe made an ill decision in an attempt to save our lives. Though she was somewhat successful… she also caused a lot of carnage.

Kaya twiddled her thumbs, contemplating her life up to this point. Though her heart ached for the death of her father, she couldn’t help but feel as though she was perfectly content with it. Of course she loved her father dearly, and his loss will forever loom over her. However after all that had happened, Kaya was a far stronger woman than her father could have ever hoped for.

Peyton thrust the remote across the room, agitated and impatient as she waited for my sister Ashley to bring me back to her. The FBI had requested a debriefing, and of course we had to comply in order to maintain our cover. There were a lot of lies we had to cover for, and refusing to cooperate with the FBI would only put a target on our backs.

Kaya was driving herself mad with thought, looking up at Peyton as she began to run questions through her mind. Peyton could see Kaya’s tiny head peer up at her, and her eyes shifted downward to rest upon the tiny woman.

“What?” Peyton asked, wondering why she was getting the staredown, “I know it must be weird to be living with me now… but I promise you that you are safe with me ok?”

“I’m not afraid of you,” Kaya responded as she continued to stare into Peyton’s eyes.

Peyton rolled her eyes in annoyance, “ugh, I already told you I’m not gonna eat you ok? That was years ago, get over it already!”

Kaya stood up to her feet, “would you though?”

Peyton raised an eyebrow, “what!? No of course not! Fuck me, you must be really paranoid or something!

Kaya shook her head, “you misunderstand what I am asking you…”

Peyton tilted her head in confusion, wondering what her little roommate was going on about. Peyton hunched forward as she hovered her head above Kaya. She studied the tiny woman carefully, trying to figure out exactly what she was trying to tell her.

“I’m asking you if you would eat me,” Kaya clarified, “as in… would you do it if I gave you permission?”

Peyton was surprised to hear Kaya asking such questions. Of course Peyton remembered the time she convinced me to let her swallow me whole. She masturbated with ecstasy as I moved about inside her gut… regurgitating me back up after she was finished. Peyton knew that I wasn’t into her vore fetish however, and she was starting to wonder if there was more to Kaya than she was aware.

“Why are you asking me this?” Peyton asked, “first you were utterly terrified of me, and now you’re asking if I'll gobble you up with your permission? What gives little one!”

Kaya didn’t hesitate to answer her, “Chloe swallowed me… whole.”

Peyton’s eyes shot open, “What!? When!?”

“I’m not sure exactly…. Couple of weeks ago I suppose…” Kaya answered.

Peyton looked around the room, making sure her roommate Alana wasn’t around even though she knew she wasn’t, “ok you seriously need to fill me in on what the fuck is going on with you! Does Nick know??”

“Chloe and I sort of developed… a vore fetish… obviously on opposite sides of the spectrum…” Kaya explained, “and no… I haven’t told Nick. Probably never will after what happened to Chloe at GenetiCo.”

Peyton honestly didn’t know what to think. Was Kaya telling her this because she wanted to use her to fulfill this fetish of hers? Peyton remembered her promise to me, the promise that her vore days were over. But were they? Peyton fulfilled her fantasy on me after all… and now she had the chance to fulfill it as many times as she wanted with the all too willing Kaya Morgan.

“So? If I ever gave you my permission… would you?” Kaya asked again, waiting to hear Peyton’s answer.

“I…” Peyton wasn’t sure how to respond, “I..  I…”

*Knock* *Knock*

The two’s conversation had been interrupted by a knock at the door, both Kaya and Peyton’s heads turning towards the source. Peyton had left the door unlocked, and shouted for whoever it was to enter, “come on in!”

The door opened, revealing my sister Ashley and I. She was carrying me in her palm, closing the door with her other hand as she escorted me inside of the apartment. Peyton’s face lit up with excitement as she jumped off the couch and rushed over towards Ashley and me.

“Nick! Are you ok!? How did it go at the debriefing!?” Peyton was filled with questions, however she quickly replaced those with thoughts of worry as she saw Ashley’s concerned look.

“I had another episode…” I revealed, “it was so bad this time… so bad that I actually thought it was reality…”

“Wh… what happened this time?” Peyton asked, as her and Ashley walked over to the couch and sat down. Ashley placed me atop the coffee table near Kaya, where I looked up at the two to explain what had happened in detail.

“It started off so normal… I was a normal height again,” I started, “I was being questioned… me and Tyler had an argument… and then everyone just vanished.”

“So far this sounds like the last time,” Peyton responded, “everyone vanishes, you hear a strange voice, and then you snap out of it.”

“I didn’t snap out of it this time…” I interrupted, “this time the voice got louder…”

“Do you know whose voice it was?” Kaya asked, joining the conversation.

“Yeah… it was Zelena,” I revealed.

Peyton and Kaya looked at one another in confusion, “you saw Zelena? But why?”

“I’m not entirely sure,” I answered, “but she was deformed… her skin melted. It looked as if she had…” I remembered the horrific image, and found myself at a blank as I failed to finish my sentence.

“As if she had what?” Peyton asked, wondering if I was ok.

“She looked as if she had just escaped Chloe’s stomach… it looked as if it was Chloe’s stomach acid that caused her to look so hideous…” I finished.

“Perhaps you are just having these as a result of remorse?” Kaya asked, trying to walk me through the possible reasons for these strange visions.

“But I have no remorse,” I said, “what I did may not have been morally right… but I certainly don’t regret it. If anything, I’m more concerned for Chloe’s sake in the matter.”

“So you saw a deformed Zelena, is that it?” Peyton interrupted.

“No actually,” I answered, “she kept saying she was going to devour me… and the next thing I knew her mouth turned into a vortex, devouring everything in its path…”

The room went silent, as the three girls gave one another a short glance of concern, “well it’s just a dream right?” Ashley finally spoke up, “look little brother, just keep yourself in working order for me ok? You’ve been through a lot… please just take it easy!”

Ashley stood up to her feet as she began to head over to the door, “make sure you call me if you have anymore freaky dreams ok!”

“I promise,” I responded, giving my sister and unbeknownst wink.

“Thanks again for bringing him back,” Peyton thanked.

“No problem,” Ashley responded, turning around giving Peyton a narrow glare, “my brothers had a lot of heartbreak these past couple of years… you’d best make sure you take care of him! Got it?”

Peyton flushed red with embarrassment, glancing down at me to see my reaction to my sisters supposed threat. I could feel her eyes burning a hole in my back, and I chose not to return eye contact for her own benefit.

“I-I promise!” Peyton answered nervously.

Ashley instantly wiped the narrow glare off her face, turning it into a huge and pleasant smile, “good to hear! Have a good one you three!”

Ashley thrust the door open, exiting the apartment as she headed home. I turned around and looked up at Peyton, who gave me a half smile out of shyness. I winked at her, an attempt to ease her embarrassment. It seemed to work, as Peyton’s cheeks turned red as she slowly regained her posture. For a blunt and rash woman, Peyton sure had a soft spot.

Of course I was fully aware of Peyton’s feelings for me, and the fact she was pretty much in love with me. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have any feelings in return, but also keep in mind that I love another. Chloe is held closest to my heart, and it pains me every hour of every day as she lies in that hospital room in a coma. I wish I could wake her up this instant. I wish I could relieve her of all the pain and guilt she must be feeling inside. I wish I could clear her of all the charges she faces… but I could do none of those things.

Kaya was about to break the unnerving silence, but was interrupted by yet another knock at the door. It caught me off guard a little, and I found myself jumping slightly by the booming knocks.

“Weird… I’m not expecting anyone today…” Peyton got off the couch and headed over to the front door.

She looked through the peephole, a tall and slim young woman on the other side of the door. Peyton wasn’t sure who it was, but decided to open the door and see what the lady needed.

“Uh… hello?” Peyton greeted, giving the young woman a strange glance.

Kaya and I couldn’t see the woman from where we stood, as Peyton blocked her view. The girl smiled vibrantly, thrusting her hand outwards to shake hands with Peyton, “you must be Peyton Larson!”

Peyton glanced down at the girls hand, ignoring it entirely, “who are you and what the fuck do you want?”

The girl smirked slyly, “golly me, how rude of myself! I am Alexandra Galitsky, a sponsor of Eagle University!”

Peyton simply glared at the woman, “Alexandra who now!?”

“Galitsky!” Alexandra answered, a huge smile on her face.

Gallsky?” Peyton was half joking, but wasn’t entirely sure how to pronounce the girls name.

“Gal-its-skee,” Alexandra clarified, getting slightly annoyed, “is Nick Kemp with you?”

Peyton turned around to face me, and I shook my head to make it absolutely clear that I had no clue who this stranger was. Peyton rolled her eyes, but slowly moved to the side and welcomed Alexandra inside.

Alexandra’s eyes quickly spotted me and Kaya on the table, and her eyes lit up as if she had just seen the two most incredulous things she’d ever laid eyes on, “well I’ll be damned! If it isn’t the great Kemp in person!”

“I’m sorry, is there a reason you’re here?” I asked, also getting a little annoyed by the sudden intrusion.

“Ah yes, I understand it must be strange to get a weird visitor at a time like this!” Alexandra quickly reached into her purse, which had been hanging over her shoulder. It was leopard print, and very distasteful. She pulled out an envelope, and held it out towards me.

“Uhhh….” I simply glared at her, waiting for her to realize what she was doing.

“Oh… right you’re to small!” Alexandra giggled to herself, turning around and handing the envelope to Peyton instead, “I have a gift for the three of you!”

Peyton took the envelope from Alexandra's hand, opening it begrudgingly as she wished for this strange bimbo to leave her fucking apartment already. Peyton’s rude thoughts quickly subsided however, as she pulled out three pieces of paper. Her eyes slowly widened in amazement, as she slowly began to realize what they were.

“I’m aware you already attend Eagle University Peyton,” Alexandra said, “however this should cover your expenses for the remainder of your needed courses!”

“Wait, what’s going on Peyton?” I was suddenly very confused.

“She… she just handed me three scholarships… for the three of us!” Peyton lowered the papers as she looked up at Kaya and I with a grin so wide I thought her face would shatter.

“Wait, seriously!?” Kaya nearly jumped out of her skin from the news.

“Consider this a personal thanks! Because of you, GenetiCo and it’s terrible CEO have been decommissioned!” Alexandra proclaimed.

“I… I don’t understand…” I wasn’t entirely sure what was going on.

Alexandra giggled, “Mr. Kemp, the world might be as naive as the average house rat… however I’m not so foolish. Auron Karn was a vile and twisted man… and it was evident that he was manipulating the company for his own personal gain for years on end! The government of course did nothing… until you ousted him of course!”

Was this possible? Did Alexandra know more about the incident at GenetiCo than the average citizen? Was that a good thing though… or a bad thing? How much did she know exactly?

“Alexandra…” I muttered, trying to figure out what to say.

Hush,” Alexandra held a finger up to her mouth, “no need for details, you’ve been through enough! I simply want to help you get your life back on track, and this is my way of saying thank you for your outstanding services! The world may never know how truly close it came to its end… but I’ll never forget the sacrifice you made!”

Alexandra walked up to the coffee table, bending over and looking down at me. I looked up at her in awe, her pure height alone was indistinguishable… even at my size. She gave me a warm hearted smile, one that seemed to cast away any doubts I had in regards to her intentions.

“I understand this is confusing,” she said, “you and miss Morgan deserve a chance at a normal life… and that starts with a good college education! I run the college board, so if you ever need anything at all I’m just a call away! Hope to see you soon… please don’t turn away this great opportunity!”

Alexandra winked at me, standing upright as she strode over to the front door. Peyton was simply gawking at the scholarships in her hand, her head finally peering up at Alexandra as she walked out the front door. She turned around one last time, giving Peyton a final wink before heading towards wherever it was she had come from.

“Is it just me… or was that completely and utterly random?” Kaya asked, looking between me and Peyton to see what we would say.

Peyton slowly closed the front door, before looking at the scholarships yet again in her hand. This day couldn’t have gotten any stranger.

“I… I don’t even know what to do,” I said softly, looking up at Peyton to see what she would say.

Peyton met eye contact, giving me a soft smile, “I guess it’s as simple as she made it,” Peyton said, “you must really have a guardian angel watching over you or something…”

The words hit me like a ton of bricks. Peyton in no way meant any ill will, however it didn’t stop what she said from affecting me. Did I have a guardian angel? I lost Bridgette, and I lost Chloe. Kristin Karn is a free man, and I’m responsible for two murders whether they were justified or not. Did that really count as a guardian angel? It was hard to believe than an angel had been looking over me at all… considering the circumstances.

“So what then? We accept the scholarships and just go to college?” Kaya asked, looking at me and Peyton.

“Haven’t we all been through enough?” Peyton asked, “I think this will be a fresh start for you both, not to mention it’ll help me out financially!”

“But what about everything that’s happened?” Kaya asked, “Are we supposed to just move on and go to college? I’m not even sure what I’d major in… and how would you get us to to our classes? It’s not like we’d all be majoring in the same courses! How could you manage such a thing?”

“I don’t know! We’ll figure it out I guess…” Peyton responded, “I just don’t know…”

There was a moment of silence, and we were all left to our own thoughts. The thought of attending college so soon after the chaos was a strange thought indeed, but maybe it was for the best. Bridgette was gone, Zelena and Auron are dead. The council is in ruins, Regina is in hiding while thought to be dead. Kristin has gone AWOL according to the media, and Chloe is in a coma for probably the rest of her life.

What was the point in postponing this great gift that we had suddenly received? It’s not like I could just get a job, not at this size. Though it was my own decision to shrink myself again… I did it with the best of intentions, for Kaya’s sake. But why should that matter? Maybe this was God’s way of giving us a fresh start. If not now… then when?

“Let’s do it…” I finally spoke up.

Peyton looked at me with a look of relief, and I could hear Kaya give a confused grunt, “but Nick…”

“We’ve been given a chance at normalcy,” I interrupted, turning around to face Kaya, “why sulk about things that are now in the past? Someone has recognized us, and given us a great gift…. Let’s not squander it ok?”

Kaya nodded solemnly, realizing that I was probably right, “well… alright then. I guess we’re gonna be college students…”

Peyton was jumping up and down with excitement as she rushed over to the coffee table. She fell onto her knees and hovered close to the two of us, “Oh Nick! I cannot express how excited I am! Eagle University is great! You are both gonna love it I promise!”

“I’m sure it’ll be great,” I smiled.

Peyton set the scholarships down on the table, and Kaya walked over to them to read them herself. Peyton hopped onto the couch, and plucked me off the coffee table with glee.

“Woah…” I mumbled, a bit unprepared for Peyton’s sudden grip.

She held me close to her slightly freckled face, her bright blue eyes staring back at me. Her smile was as warm as the sun itself, the two of us locking eye contact almost as if we were in a trance. I suddenly found myself slowly being pulled forward towards Peyton’s large and luscious lips. Of course I felt conflicted, but I didn’t protest as Peyton slowly puckered her lips and closed her eyes, preparing to kiss me. I felt tense and tingly, and I also closed my eyes as I slowly let things take their course.

“Hey guys!” Kaya shouted, as Peyton quickly pulled me away from her lips. My eyes shot open, and I snapped out of the strange trance I appeared to be in. Was I about to let Peyton kiss me? My feelings for Chloe were still wildly strong… why would I allow myself to be so easily swayed?

“Wh… what is it Kaya?” Peyton mumbled, regaining her composure as she looked down towards the coffee table.

“Did you realize that these scholarships come with passes to the campus sorority?” Kaya pointed out, looking up at Peyton.

“What!? How did I not notice that?” Peyton was surprised, and pulled one of the scholarships off the table with her free hand. She held the paper up close, and realized that Kaya was indeed correct.

“I guess this means you’ll save money on rent now huh?” Kaya chirped.

“I… I guess so…” Peyton murmured, “hell… Alexandra even managed to get Nick cleared for the sorority! She really thought of everything…”

Peyton seemed to be a little weary, which was honestly a bit surprising considering how excited she was just moments ago.

“What about your roommate Alana?” I asked.

“I guess she’s on her own… I don’t really see how we could pass up such an offer.”

“Wow,” Kaya exclaimed, “I can’t believe I’m gonna be a sorority girl! This feels… so strange…”

“Yeah… it sure does…” I whispered.

Peytons weariness had begun to pass onto me. I was starting to think about it more and more, the timing of it all. What did Alexandra know? How did she know so much… and why was she so thankful? How could such a young girl be so aware of the kind of man Auron truly was? Whoever Alexandra Galitsky was, and whatever her motives are… I began to realize that caution would be wise.

Sure, I’ll take advantage of the gift she has given us… but if I’ve learned anything over my high school years…

… You never trust anybody.


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Chapter 3 - Goodbye by Frizzle
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There I sat, on the edge of her bedside. I almost forgot why I hated seeing her like this… how utterly lifeless she appeared. The beeping from the machines drove me insane, as they worked hard to ensure that she remained among the living. It was hard seeing somebody you loved in such a condition. Why did it have to be her? Why did she have to drink Auron’s growth serum? If she didn’t perhaps I’d be dead… but I guess I’ll never truly know what would have happened.

“I’ll leave you alone with her for a bit…” Peyton whispered, looking down at me with dread as she wondered what kind of pain was meddling about inside my heart.

“Yes… please…” I whispered back, unable to shift my eyes away from Chloe’s pale face.

Peyton let out an almost unrecognizable sigh, before turning around and quietly exiting the hospital bedroom. We were on our way from our apartment to go see Allison Ali Alan and my family, and deliver the good news that we would be attending college with a full scholarship. But before I could do such a thing… I had to say my final goodbyes. The university was far out from the city, and once Peyton, Kaya and I were settled… I knew that I’d probably not get the chance to see Chloe for a while, if ever…

I walked across the hospital bed, atop Chloe’s leg which was covered with a warm cotton blanket. I reached the tip of her fingers, which were nestled peacefully at her side. Tears began to well up in my eyes as I laid my tiny hand upon her enormous fingertip. I craved her touch… her womanly touch of comfort and grace. Chloe was there from the start… as far as friends go. She took care of me when my family didn’t, and she protected me when others couldn’t. Though Chloe had lost a few battles of her own… it didn’t stop her from always trying her hardest to protect me.

“Do you remember when we first met?” I whispered to her, forgetting for a moment that she was unable to hear me, “you literally stepped on me… with your big ol’ barefoot.”

I let out a small and depraved giggle, “you hadn’t even noticed… and you took me to class with you as I hitched a ride stuck to your sole. I’ll never forget that look in your eyes… when you finally noticed me. The pure beauty I saw as I looked up at you… it made all my worries disappear…”

The tears began to drip down my cheeks, as my heart began to twist and ache, “I loved you from the moment I saw you… but I was to foolish to recognize it… out of all the people who’ve ever been in my life… no one has loved me like you have… cared for me as  you did… and I’m so sorry for what has happened to you…”

The tears fell off my cheek, and landed on the tip of Chloe's finger in which my hands now clutched tightly. I was sobbing, profusely. I wanted to stop. I wanted to get a hold of my emotions. I wasn’t able too however… but it didn’t matter because my sad little scene came to an abrupt end as I heard the slow and sarcastic clapping that came from the rooms entrance.

“How utterly touching…” said the sarcastic and almost hateful voice of a woman, who stood only a few feet away.

I turned my head around, caught off guard a bit as I looked at the woman with a look of confusion. She seemed young, but not quite so. She had short brown hair, and a pair of aviators sunglasses on. She was wearing a suit, and had an FBI badge planted above her chest on the right side. The woman removed her sunglasses, and folded them up and placed them in her pocket as she glared at me.

“I didn’t realize this monster had a lover… as if anyone could love such a beast,” the woman mocked.

I stood upright so quick I nearly fell. My fists were balled up in a rage as I glared at the woman with hate, “how dare you! Shut your mouth!”

The woman let out a single scoff, walking over to the side of the bed as she peered down at me. She bent her knees outward as she lowered her face down close to my position, “how dare I? I’m not the one who ate countless men and woman…”

I opened my mouth to respond, but found myself unable to speak. I simply looked up at this woman, of whom I had no clue who she was.

“Did you know this sick monster ate a woman and her child? At the same time? How terrifying that must have been for them… If I had it my way, I’d have shot this blonde bitch the day of!”

I’d had enough, “you know NOTHING! Chloe wasn’t even in control of herself!”

“Oh? I heard the testimony you gave… she WILLINGLY drank a growth serum correct? Designed by Auron Karn himself? And you claim she wasn’t in control of her actions… but do you know who else wasn’t in control?” The woman stared at me, as if waiting for me to answer her question. I simply glared up at her.

“The one hundred and thirty seven victims! They had no control of their fate as this woman swallowed and crushed them indiscriminately! Are you saying they don’t deserve justice?”

“She… she didn’t… she wasn’t…” I stuttered, realizing that no matter what I said, it wouldn’t change anything.

“That’s not why I’m here though…” the woman said, “my name is Rebecca Harris… and I’m the lead investigator into Auron Karn’s death.”

Auron Karn… great. Was he still finding a way to haunt me? Even after he was dead? “What about his death? I thought it was an open and closed case?

Rebecca laughed, “open and closed? Maybe for the FBI… but not for me!”

“Why?” I looked up at her in confusion.

Rebecca snarled her lips, giving me a look so dreaded that I actually was a little afraid for me life, “you think I’m stupid? You may have testified for Kristin’s release… claiming he was just some innocent pawn! But do you know what’s funny? I have two other witnesses who claim otherwise!”

Tyler and Abigail… it had to be. Who else would divulge the truth about Kristin? Abigail and Tyler weren’t particularly happy when I went behind their backs and struck a deal with him…

“You wanna know what I think Mr. Kemp?” Rebecca stood upright, crossing her arms as her gaze pierced my soul, “I think you struck a deal with Kristin… and I think you tracked down Auron Karn yourself and murdered him as an act of revenge!”

My heart began to race, “well… if you haven’t noticed I’m an inch tall…”

Rebecca smiled deviously, “you think I haven’t done my research? I’m well aware that Gary Morgan was able to restore your size… and I know that it wasn’t until after Auron’s death that you used Gary’s serum to shrink yourself again! The coroner's report is all the evidence I needed to confirm it!”

I frowned, my heart nearly beating out of my chest. Was this it for me? God only knows what else she might know by now…

“Though it won’t hold up in court… I’ll find a way to prove your guilt you lying little fuck! You and Chloe BOTH need to be put away… for LIFE! I don’t trust you, or any of your ‘friends’. I’ll be watching you closely Mr. Kemp…” Rebecca put her aviators back on, turning around as she headed to leave the room. I simply stood on the hospital bed next to Chloe, glaring at the womans back as I wondered why kind of trouble she might cause me.

Rebecca froze just as she opened the door, turning around one last time to face me, “Oh… I heard about your scholarship as well! Don’t enjoy it too much though… I doubt you’ll be attending very long.”

With those final words, she shut the door behind her. I was left on the bed, the cold hard truth hitting me in the gut like a ton of bricks. My nightmare wasn’t quite over yet… Chloe remained in a coma, this mysterious Alexandra knows a bit too much for comfort, and now I have an FBI investigator up my ass! I just wanted my life to revert back to some form of peace already…

I decided to shrug it off for now, as I needed to finish what I had come here to do. I faced Chloe once again, her face still pale and still. I bent down and placed a single kiss upon the tip of her finger, smiling at her as I said, “I love you… and I give you my final goodbye… that is until I see you again one day… I hope…”

I hate goodbyes. I had to say goodbye to my father as a child, when he left abruptly. I had to say goodbye to Bridgette, as her life was brutally taken from me in an instant. And now I was saying goodbye to Chloe… and I only hoped that it wouldn’t be forever.

“Nick?” Peyton cracked the door, poking her head inside to see if I had finished what I came here for.

“I’m ready to go…” I answered.

Peyton entered the room, walking over to the bedside to retrieve me, “I saw some FBI gal walk out of here, is everything ok?”

“She’s no worse than what I’ve had to deal with before… it’ll be fine,” I responded, as Peyton carefully picked me up and placed me in her palm.

“I hope you’re ok…” Peyton was concerned for me, as she probably should have been. Between saying my goodbye, and having to hear the misguided insults of an FBI lead, my day hadn’t exactly been chipper.

“I’ll be fine, we’d better get to my house before Allison and my family wonder what’s taking us so long,” I warned.

“Yeah, and I don’t think Kaya is enjoying the ride in my cleavage too much…” Peyton snickered a little, and I could hear Kaya’s muffled attempt at a comeback from inside Peyton’s bosom.

Peyton took me and Kaya out of the hospital, as we headed back to her car. Every step of the way I was flooded with images of Chloe. I missed her so much… though she wasn’t dead I still feared for her life and I still missed her more than anything in the world. It was hard for me to accept, it was hard for me to deal with. I simply wanted the woman I loved to wake up… so that I could feel her delicate touch once again.

The ride was fairly silent, and quick. Of course Peyton had pulled Kaya from her cleavage and placed her on the passengers seat right beside me… otherwise she’d probably have complained the entire ride. I felt Kaya’s eyes burning a hole through my skull, probably because she was worried about me.

After about ten minutes, Peyton had pulled up in front of my family's home. She scooped me and Kaya into her palm and exited the car as she escorted us inside. I could hear my two sisters arguing upstairs, which means that Ashley had stopped by. I wasn’t sure exactly what the argument was about… but it had something to do with a curling iron.

My mother was humming in the kitchen, and towards the right me and Kaya noticed that Allison was doodling on the coffee table with the miniature crayons my mother had boughten her. She sure seemed happy, which really made me happy. Allison’s story was a sad one, and it was nice of my mother to welcome her into the family.

My mother revealed herself as she exited the kitchen, raising her hands in the air with excitement, “hello my dears! So nice to see you!”

“Nice to see you again Misses Kemp!” Peyton greeted back.

“Please, call me Harley! Kaya my dear, you look good! And Nick, I’m so happy to see you! It's been awhile!”

“It’s been a few days mother…” I said, blushing a little out of embarrassment.

“A few days to a mother is like a few weeks darling! I made some snickerdoodles for the lot of you, let me go grab them!” My mother rushed back into the kitchen.

Peyton placed me and Kaya on the coffee table with Allison, quickly turning around to rush up the stairs. I shouted out towards her, “Peyton, where are you going?”

“Have to use the bathroom, I’ll be right back,” Peyton informed me.

“Let Lucy know I’m home! I want to see her!” I shouted.

“Sure,” Peyton replied, hustling up the stairs.

I turned around to face Allison, who in case you had forgotten was not an inch tall like me and Kaya. Allison was five inches tall, so figuratively speaking she was like a giant.

“How’ve you been Allison?” I asked her.

“Good, your mother has made me feel so welcome here it’s just been delightful! And Lucy… well she’s practically a sister to me! Or at least she makes me feel like her sister… it’s just been grand!” Allison smiled with a vibrant expression.

“I’m glad you feel at home here Allison!” Kaya said, glad to see Allison was doing well.

“So your mother said that you called, you two are going to Eagle University?” Allison asked.

“Yeah! Some sponsor woman gave the three of us a full scholarship! Pretty rad right!?” Kaya answered.

“Wow! That’s truly amazing! I’m so glad for all of you!” Allison said.

“You know Allison, maybe I could try and get you a scholarship too! I’m sure I could convince Alexandra, and I don’t think she’d have an issue with it!” I offered.

“Oh, well I don’t know,” Allison held a finger up to her chin, “I really like it here with your mom… and I’m not sure I’m comfortable going to a college or anything…”

“I totally understand,” I assured, “if you ever change your mind just let me know.”


I turned around to see Lucy bustling down the stairwell, rushing over to the coffee table like a mad woman as she jumped up and down excitedly.

“I’VE MISSED YOU SO MUCH!” Lucy shouted.

“A few days… that’s all it’s been!” I repeated.

“A few days for a sister is like a few weeks!” Lucy retorted.

I rolled my eyes, “you and mom crack me up… seriously!”

“Cookies are ready!” shouted my mother, as she came around the corner and placed a steamy plate of fresh snickerdoodles on the coffee table.

“Yum!” Kaya looked at the enormous cookies with a face of lust.

“MOTHER!” Ashley stormed down the stairs, “Tell Lucy to give me my curling iron back!”

“It’s not YOURS,” Lucy groaned, “it just looks the same!”

“Then why is MINE missing!?” Ashley retorted, “you always take my stuff!”

Peyton had now joined the craziness, her nostrils filling with the cinnamon smell of snickerdoodle, “Ooooo, those snickerdoodles smell great Harley!”

“Why thank you Peyton! Help yourself!” My mother replied.

“MOOOOM!” Ashley interrupted.

“LUCY! Give it back for the love of God!” My mother spout, her patience thinning.

“FINE!” Lucy whined, running back upstairs as Ashley followed close behind.

I took in a deep breath, a little overwhelmed by all the commotion that had just ensued. So many people… so many conversations… it was too much for me to handle.

“So when do you guys start?” Allison asked, nibbling on a piece of snickerdoodle that Peyton had just tore off for her.

“Tomorrow actually… quite soon,” Kaya answered.

“Where will you be living?” My mother asked, sitting on the couch and reaching forward for a snickerdoodle.

“A sorority!” Peyton answered.

“What about my son?” My mother seemed worried.

“Alexandra already made the arrangements, he’ll be staying with us inside the sorority because of his size,” Peyton informed.

My mother shuddered as she took a bite of the snickerdoodle, “Mmm, well be careful with him! I was a college girl once… and sororities are filled with sex crazed lunatics I tell yuh!”

Kaya choked on her snickerdoodle as she began to giggle. I rolled my eyes out of embarrassment as I glared up at my mother, “Mom… I don’t think anyone wants anything to do with an inch tall boy… what I could I possibly offer them?”

My mother raised her eyebrow as she peered down at me, “Oh son… do you think I’m as daft as a duck? At your size I imagine there are LOTS of naughty things those deviants could do with you…”

Kaya had taken another bite of her snickerdoodle, and found herself choking again as she tried to contain her laughter.

“He’ll be safe Harley, I promise I’ll keep him close by!” Peyton assured.

My mother raised a finger as she pointed it at Peyton, “and be weary Peyton… my son has lost more than most… I’m counting on you!”

Peyton flushed red, peering down at me as if to see what I had to think about my mother's words. I simply gave her a half smile, to comfort her a little on the subject. Though blunt… my mother wasn’t wrong. Whether a dumb decision or not, I chose to use Gary’s serum to shrink myself so that Kaya wouldn’t feel alone. Peyton was are defense now… our ‘protector’ per say. But I trusted Peyton with my life… and she sure earned that right.

The night practically went as smooth as could be. We ate snickerdoodles, my mother shared her college stories, and my sisters continued to fight over Ashley’s stupid curling iron. Little did any of them know what kind of turmoil resided deep inside my heart. I was in pain… but I had become so good at hiding it that no one could possibly be aware of the kind of pain I was enduring emotionally.

College would be a great way to start anew, and to try and build some kind of life atop the remnants that Auron left behind inside me. My only hope… was that I could somehow find a way to be truly happy again… in the event that my goodbye to Chloe was…



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Chapter 4 - Incest Is Wincest by Frizzle
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The night was pretty restless as I struggled to get any sleep. Peyton, Kaya and Allison slept peacefully on my old bed inside my old bedroom. They clearly had nothing to be restless about, however I wasn’t so lucky.

The night was cold, and the breeze swift. I could hear the trees outside creaking as they swayed back and forth. My mind was cluttered with a great many things, mainly of which concerned Chloe and the aggressive FBI agent Rebecca Harris. It was hard enough trying to recuperate from my recent losses at the hands of Auron, but now I had to pick up the pieces and Rebecca wasn’t going to make it any easier.

I was turning about with these thoughts in my head, so distracted by my own mind that I hadn’t heard the creaking of the bedroom door. A set of feet stumbled silently inside, no rhyme or reason to the stumbling motions of their footsteps. The figure neared my bedside, being absolutely certain not to wake up Peyton or the other two girls.

I had the unusual sense that I was being watched, which of course I was. I opened my eyes, and turned my head over to see what it was. With the help of the moonlight pouring through my window, I was instantly faced with my sister Lucy. Something seemed odd however… she was peering down at me with a weird expression. I heard her hiccup, and it caused me to jump slightly.

“L-lucy?” I muttered, rubbing my eyes as I wondered what she was doing.

“Mmmm… hmmm…” she murmured, speaking incoherently.

I opened my mouth to speak, but was suddenly lifted into the air. Lucy had reached down and forcibly scooped me into her palm. It really jolted me awake, and if I had made any progress towards sleep, Lucy had certainly ruined it!

“Lucy what are…!?” I tried to shout, but she balled her hand up tight which muffled my voice.

At this point I wasn’t able to see anything, and I was greatly confused as to what was going on. I was wondering if she had grabbed me because she was afraid of the dark? She used to put me in her room with her when she was about twelve years old, because it made her feel more comfortable with the lights off. I always thought it was hilarious, considering I was only an inch tall… so it wasn’t like I could ACTUALLY protect her in the event of danger.

That was years ago however, and Lucy was now sixteen years old. She hadn’t been afraid of the dark since the age of fourteen, so I had a feeling that this sudden outburst was the result of something different.

I heard Lucy open her bedroom door, and I could feel the erratic movements of her steps. This entire scenario was bizarre, and I was hoping that whatever was going on with her I’d be able to solve.

Lucy’s hand opened, and I found myself landing atop her soft sheets upon her bed. I gained my sense of balance back as I stood up to look at her. Her bedroom light was on, and I was able to see her more clearly now. She looked very woozy, and her eyes were a tad dilated. I recognized drug use before, and this didn’t seem as if she were on drugs…

Lucy lifted her left knee onto the bedside, sliding it just towards my right. I finally noticed that she was wearing nothing more than a simple bra and a pair of panties. I almost instantly felt as if I should look away, but she was staring into my soul and I found myself in a sort of trance as I looked up at her in confusion.

“Ni- Nick… hic!” Lucy muttered.

“Lucy… are you… are you drunk!?” It finally hit me, my sister HAD to be drunk! The hiccups… the dizziness… the stumbling… what else could it possibly be?

“I’ve… hic… been a naughty… naughty girl!” Lucy mumbled, giving a half smile as her head spun in circles.

“Lucy? Are you ok! You’re scaring me! I think you should go to sleep…” I was very concerned for my sister. She had never ONCE rebelled like this before. Had she gotten in some kind of trouble with our mother? Was she trying to experiment or something? Or was she just curious what it felt like? Regardless, I had the unnerving sense that it probably wasn’t wise to be in my sisters presence like this… considering the lack of thinking that might occur.

I began to walk towards the edge of the bed, hoping I might be able to find a way down before my sister did something dangerous. I didn’t get far however, as Lucy noticed my attempt to leave and she quickly lifted her other knee onto the bed as she dropped her crotch directly in front of me.

I fell on my ass as her enormous panty covered crotch slammed upon the bed before me. I looked up at her in anger and frustration, “LUCY! You could have killed me! Stop it!”

“I… I want you… I want…” Lucy couldn’t manage a proper sentence, but she didn’t seem to care too much. She lifted her crotch and began to slide her panties off, and I immediately turned my head as my sister began to strip nude completely before me.

“L-lucy!? What the hell!?” I shouted, keeping my eyes in the opposite direction out of disgust and respect.

“Mmm… come on! Just… hic… just look!” Lucy groaned, whipping her hair to the side as she bit her lower lip.

It was at this point that the smell of alcohol began to wash over me. I hadn’t smelt it before, but I was certainly starting to notice it now! Lucy had also began to move her now exposed vagina closer and closer to my body, as if to try and tease me or something. I could tell because I began to feel the heat that emanated from it. This was my freaking sister, and she was drunk and naked and probably about to do something she was going to regret… I needed to get out of here, quick!

Without looking behind me, I began to sprint towards the opposite side of the bed. An adrenaline rush washed over me as I heard my sister pouting behind me. Clearly she wasn’t happy with my choice to bounce. I just needed to get out of here, and hope to God that she’d wake up with a hangover and not remember a damn thing that happened tonight!

I continued to run, hoping I could reach the bedside and slide down the comforter to the floor. I’d simply run underneath her bed, and wait until she passed out or something. Or at least this is the plan I wanted to happen… but none of this happened at all, nor would it!

My plan fell apart as Lucy reached forward and slammed her fingers all around me. I looked around as she trapped me, her fingers quickly plucking me off of her bedsheets.

“No! Stay!” Lucy hissed, her hand swaying back and forth in a drunken haze as she pulled me closer towards her.

She forced me around, and I was instantly met with her enormous figure. I was shocked to find that her breasts were rather large, larger than I’d ever care to notice. They had to be size D’s at the least, I couldn’t believe it! Lucy also had a solid set of abs, which I guess was the result of a workout regimen that I wasn’t aware of. Her pussy was clean shaven, smooth to the touch. It was the first time I’d ever seen her nude, and I have to admit that puberty had really done a fine job for her.

“Lucy… set me down! NOW!” I begged in frustration, trying to squirm out of her tight grip.

Lucy frowned, and shook her head, “No.. you’re… you’re my… hic!”

“Oh for fucks sake Lucy… how much did you have to drink!?” I shouted.

She completely ignored me, and I felt my body begin to descend as her hand shifted. At first I was confused, but my eyes quickly widened in horror once I realized what was happening. She was bringing me straight towards her vagina, and I didn’t even want to imagine why. Was this because she was drunk? Or did my sister have a secret that only now was revealing itself?

In one quick motion, my sister sent me deep inside her pussy as she used her middle finger to force my body inside of her. Lucy fell on her back and bucked her hips in pleasure as she forced her finger as deep as she could. I was instantly coated in her orgasmic fluids, which didn’t hesitate to force itself into every orifice of my body. I immediately found trouble breathing, and my eyes burned as my sister practically raped me.

Her finger slid in and out, her nail constantly slamming into my body as it forced me deeper and deeper inside of her. I tried to scream for help, but of course my efforts were useless. All I could do was listen to the deep moans from outside my sisters fleshy walls, as she used me as some kind of sex toy. My sister moaned and groaned as she drunkenly fucked her own brother, and me being inside her gave her total ecstasy.

The more I wiggled about, the more I stimulated my own sister… my own blood. It was a disgusting feeling to be fucked by my own sis, even more so to know she was doing it while drunk. I only prayed that she wasn’t totally aware of what she was doing, and I prayed even harder that I’d survive. It was in this moment that I regretted taking the shrinking serum… if I’d just stayed my normal size then this would never have happened! Or maybe… it would just have been a different victim…

Luckily it was only a few minutes before my sister reached her orgasm, her sticky hot fluids rushing past my body and forcing me out of her snatch. I was forced out of her cunt and onto the bedspread along with the rest of her fluids, and I took in a deep breath as I tried to recuperate from the nightmarish act.

I waved my hands about as I tried to get my sisters juices off of me, and I turned around in a fit of rage as I prepared to scold her. I quickly calmed down however, as I realized that she was totally passed out. The orgasm must have been too exhausting for her… probably a good thing.

Though I wanted to take an acid shower, I decided it was best just to move on. My sister was drunk… and I honestly didn’t want to get her in trouble. I’d confront her tomorrow morning… and if she remembers anything we’ll talk it over. God only knows the reaction my mother would have were she to find out… and honestly it just wasn’t necessary.

At this point, I just wanted to try and get some sleep again… tomorrow was going to be a long day… the first day of my new college life. Who would have thought it’d start with a little incest… bleh!


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