Their Little Secret by Frizzle

When Richard Parker mistakenly uncovers an ongoing affair between his female employer Jane and his best friends wife Ashley, his life takes a huge turn in the complete wrong direction.

(This story takes place in the kempverse, a universe I created in which Nick VS Highschool takes place, and thus you may find hidden easter eggs/recognize characters from other stories that also take place in the kempverse)


This story is an original creation, and all text is of my own creation. If anything seems similar to another work, it is by pure coincidence.

There may be graphic descriptions within this text, and if you feel disturbed at any point, it's recommended you stop reading. I am not responsible for any damage done mentally, you are responsible for your own mental health. Again, if you begin to get disturbed while reading, please do not continue!


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*Volume I* Chapter 1 - On The Q.T. by Frizzle
Author's Notes:


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Technically Their Little Secret is part of the Kempverse, HOWEVER it hosts massive spoilers technically in a way that kind of ruins Nick VS College even though it isn't even written yet.... So I've decided to make it NON CANON and thus you can read it after the rest of above.

All other stories on my page are not in the Kempverse and dont' spoil anything. You can identify my kempverse stories by looking at the story summary. You will see this pasted on every story tied to the Nick universe

**(This story takes place in the kempverse, a universe I created in which Nick VS Highschool takes place, and thus you may find hidden easter eggs/recognize characters from other stories that also take place in the kempverse)**



The air was filled with warmth, as the cool summer breeze blew between the apartments and condos throughout the street. It was the crack of dawn, and the traffic had already begun to pile as men and women alike rushed to get to work.


Richard stirred, as he slowly opened his eyes. The alarm was blaring at his bedside, and he reached over to hit the snooze button. Aside him was his loving girlfriend, and Richard turned over to face her. She too was awake now, and she gave him a warm hearted smile.


Richard looked into her beautiful green eyes, as her long and silky brown hair rested upon the pillow in which she was resting on. He smiled back at her, and leaned in to plant a kiss on her plush and soft lips.


“Good morning,” Richard said, giving his girlfriend a sly wink.


Richard’s girlfriend smiled vibrantly, “Morning to you as well!” she chirped, before flinging the covers off of her body and turning to get out of bed.


“Getting up so soon?” Richard asked flirtatiously, getting out of bed himself.


“I have to get to class,” his girlfriend told him, “and you have work, sexy.”


Richard let out a laugh, as he walked up behind his girl and grabbed her by the waist. He pulled her back close to his chest and leaned his face in close to her neck. Kaya bit her lip, as Richard smooched her on the neck. He then brought his lips up to her ear, his soft breath hitting her sleek flesh.


“I love you… Kaya Morgan,” Richard proclaimed, giving Kaya a little nibble on the lower earlobe.


Kaya moaned quietly, “I love you too, Richard Parker,” Kaya let out a small giggle and turned around to embrace Richard. The two gave each other a quick but meaningful kiss, before parting from one another to get dressed.


Richard walked over to the closet, pulling out a white collared shirt and a blue tie. He pulled out his black slacks and his black dress shoes and began to dress himself. After he slipped his slacks and shirt on, he walked over to the mirror in the corner of the room as he began to button up his collar. He then began to do his tie, as he focused to make sure he got the length just right.


“Did you know it was my birthday today?” Richard asked, keeping his focus on his tie as he finished the final knot, “I’m turning 24 today… I can’t believe!”


He stepped back and took a look at himself, pleased with his outfit for work. He turned around, still waiting for an answer from Kaya. He stopped halfway, seeing Kaya already facing him with a wrapped gift in her hand.


“You didn’t actually think I’d forgotten?” Kaya blew a kiss to him, “come on open it! We have some time!”


“I should have known you’d remember!” Richard winked at his girlfriend, setting his dress shoes on the bed as he reached out to grab the present.



“Sit down!” Kaya suggested, sitting on the edge of the bedside. Richard followed her, and sat next to her.


“What is it?” Richard asked, shaking the box jokingly as he looked over at Kaya.


Kaya rolled her eyes, a smile forming across her face, “just open it yuh goofball!”


“Ok ok,” Richard started to rip the wrapping paper apart, which revealed a small box. It was about the size of his hand, width and length wise just about.


He opened it up, and inside was a silver chain with a half heart pendant on the end. It was the left half of a two piece set, and his half contained the inscription ‘ve You’.


He looked up, just in time to see Kaya pull her half of the necklace out from under her shirt. She had the right half, which had the inscription ‘I lo’. Kaya put her half right next to mine, and the pendant’s conjoined read ‘I Love You’. There were tiny red ruby’s that filled in the letters.


“I know it’s sorta girly… but…” Kaya muttered.


“Not at all,” Richard interrupted, “this means a lot, really!”


Richard put the chain around his neck. Kaya had bought him a chain that was less feminine, which he appreciated. The fact that she had boughten him something so loving was more than enough to bring a tear to his eye.


“You really love it?” Kaya asked, holding her hands together as she saw the genuine appreciation in his expression.


“Kaya, I love you so damn much!” Richard quickly leaned in and planted another kiss on Kaya’s lips, and her face flushed red.


“I knew it…” Kaya whispered.


“Knew what?” Richard asked, getting up from the bed to put his shoes on.


“I have the best boyfriend on this planet!” Kaya proclaimed, standing up and walking back over to the dresser.


“I am pretty awesome, aren’t I?” Richard joked, slipping his last shoe on and walking over to the end table to grab his keys and wallet.


“So you have any plans after your class at Harvard?” Richard asked, grabbing his wallet and keys off the table.


“Just going to go hang out with some friends,” Kaya answered, slipping on her flats.


“Which ones?” Richard asked, as he slid his wallet into his back pocket.


“Nick and Chloe,” Kaya answered, grabbing her phone off the dresser.


“Nick and Chloe?” Richard looked at her with a confused look, “I’ve never heard of them… have I met them?”


“You’ve never met them,” Kaya told him, “they are kind of… private people really…”


Richard shrugged his shoulders, “honestly, all your friends are ‘private’ people,” Richard chuckled.


Kaya rolled her eyes at him teasingly, “maybe that’s true, but at least I HAVE friends!”


Richard’s phone began to ring, and he pulled it out of his pocket. The caller was Adam Godrick, one of Richard’s closest friends.


“No friends huh? Then I wonder who's calling me right now,” Richard teased, winking at Kaya before answering his cell phone.


“Hey Adam, how’s it going?” Richard greeted.


“You did!? That’s amazing! Uh huh? Oh my! That’s just fantastic! Good for you dude! What? No she’s busy tonight, but I can make it! Ok cool, sounds fun!” Richard hung the phone up after concluding his conversation, and had a huge smile on his face.


“What’s going on?” Kaya asked, as she headed into the master bathroom to do her makeup.


“Adam’s most recent news story just blew up on social media! He’s an absolute hit!” Richard explained, “multiple news outlets are dying to hire him!”


“Wow! Good for him!” Kaya responded, “He’d better be careful though, with that kind of power he could twist the public against anybody!”


Richard chuckled, “I tell him that constantly, but Adam’s a good reporter, he wouldn’t release a story unless he had all the facts.”


Kaya poked her head outside the bathroom doorway, “that’s the thing, the facts aren’t always so obvious!”


Richard gave her a wink, “well I’ll tell you a fact I know for certain,” Richard teased, “you ain’t gonna look any hotter, no matter HOW much makeup you put on!”


Kaya stuck out her tongue teasingly, and pulled her head back inside the master bathroom. Richard grabbed his jacket off the dresser, and headed towards the bedroom door, “I’m off to work,” Richard said.


“Ok love you!” Kaya answered.


Richard was about to leave, but stopped as he remembered something, “Oh! And Adam’s invited us to a double date with him and his wife Ashley! You down for that?”


“When is it?” Kaya shouted from the bathroom.


“Tomorrow night, I figured it’d be good since you don’t have class tomorrow,” Richard said.


“Yeah sounds good!” Kaya agreed, “have a good day at work! I’ll see you in the morning!”


“See yuh!” Richard said, before finally leaving the bedroom.


Traffic flooded the streets, and pedestrians scrambled down the sidewalk. Richard hated traffic, and since his job was pretty close to home he would normally just ride his bike to work to save money on gas. Besides, it wasn’t much longer of a trip anyhow.


He hopped on his bike, and began his journey to work. Richard was an assistant for one of the executives at the biggest fashion company in the world, Glamour Corp! He had attended a four year college degree in fashion design just after graduating, and finally got his foot in the door to start out as an assistant. He loved clothing, and he loved fashion, thus the job was definitely a dream come true; even if it was as a lowly assistant.


He swerved between the pedestrians as pedaled down the street. If he had taken his car, the trip could have taken up to fifteen minutes. On bike however, the trip only took about ten minutes, because bikes tended to go faster in his area.


Without breaking a sweat, Richard eventually reached the main courtyard of the enormous building. The building was utterly massive, and hosted about eighty floors in total, not including the garages below the building for employee parking. The courtyard was flooded with red maple trees, and there were park benches everywhere. People would often take their dogs out to the courtyard to play fetch and what not, and children loved to play frisbee. It was very glamorous, which was to be expected for a company with such high standards.


Richard finally reached the main entrance, and dragged his bike over to one of the many bike racks. He put his bike into the rack and made sure it was locked up tight with his bike lock. Once it was secure he continued towards the entrance, and entered the building.


The main plaza was quite beautiful itself. The carpet was almost like red velvet, and tourists and fashion designers littered the floor as they all tried to make appointments with different fashion executives and what not.


Richard huddled past most of them, trying to work his way to the employee elevator. Once he finally fought through the crowd, he swiped his employee card and waited for the elevator to come down.


Richard could overhear a conversation behind him, a woman talking on her cellphone. He tried to ignore it, but the woman was being extremely loud, which was likely a result of the noise from a thousand men and women rushing past one another.


“Are you kidding!?” the woman shouted into the phone, “Glamour Corp will make GenetiCo’s stocks look like swiss cheese once MY design hits the shelves!”


GenetiCo, Richard recognized that company all to well. It was about seven years ago that the company had some kind of explosion, and the building was left in ruins. It was all hush hush though, and nobody really ever knew what happened.


There were rumors that some giant woman destroyed the place, and that the CEO was some crazy nutjob genius. They were just rumors however, and Richard didn’t believe them to be true. He figured it was the crazy anarchists spreading lies to make sure GenetiCo wouldn’t come back from it’s ruin.


They failed however, because just two years ago GenetiCo hit an all time hi in the stock market, causing an economic boom throughout the country. Richard was rather fascinated with GenetiCo’s history more than anything, but he was a fashion designer, and thus his interests had quick limits.


The elevator door opened, and Richard got inside. The elevator brought him up to the fiftieth floor, where his boss would be waiting.


As the elevator arrived at the fiftieth floor, the doors spread open. Richard was about to walk out but was surprised to find his boss already waiting for him. His boss had a stack of papers in his hands, and the man looked absolutely swamped.


“Oh Richard! Thank God you are here!” his boss said, “Since I ran into you, can you please take these to the top floor? And give them to Jane?”


Richard took the papers, slightly confused, “Jane… as in Jane Conover? The CEO!?”


“Yes! Please! I have urgent matters to attend to!” Richard’s boss was begging him at this point, as if Richard even had a choice.


“Of course… I just never thought I’d meet the bloody CEO!” Richard exclaimed, hoping he could make a first good impression.


“Thank you so much! I swear, keep showing up at opportune moments like this and I’ll give you a fucking raise!” Richard’s boss said as he began to rush down the hall.


Richard smirked, feeling great that his boss had given him such a great compliment. He pushed the button for the eightieth floor, and the doors closed as the elevator brought him further towards the top floor.


He loved his job, his boss was amazing, he had the girlfriend of his dreams…. Richard was feeling pretty great about how his life was going. There was simply nothing on this planet that could ruin how great his life truly was.


The elevator doors opened, and he rushed down the hall of the top floor towards the Jane’s office. He made carefully sure not to drop any of the documents, and the stack was quite large and awkward to handle.


Finally he reached the end of the hall, and saw Jane’s name plastered on her office door. He carefully reached his hand out, and opened the door as he shuffled inside.


“Jane Conover? I’m here to…” Richard stopped in his tracks, and his jaw dropped as he dropped the entire stack of documents on the office floor.


Spread across Jane’s desk was Ashley Godrick, the wife of Adam Godrick… which was Richard’s closest friend. Behind Ashley was the CEO of Glamour Corp, Jane Conover. Jane had a nine inch strap on attached to her, and it was deep inside of Ashley’s pussy.


“Oh fuck…” Ashley murmured, smacking her head on the table after recognizing Richard.


“Who the fuck are you? Why didn’t you knock!?” Jane was enraged, as she pulled the nine inch strap on out of Ashley’s vagina. Ashley sat up and covered her breasts, extremely embarrassed and frightened to see Adam’s friend having discovered their little secret.


“I-I… I-I’m here too…” Richard found himself speechless, and frankly shocked to learn that Ashley was having an affair… with a woman no doubt!


“You know this twat?” Jane hissed, looking at Ashley dumbfoundedly.


“It’s Richard Parker… he’s best friends with my husband,” Ashley revealed, slapping her forehead with her palm as she realized she was in deep shit.


“Ashley..” Richard stuttered, “Adam… loves you!” Richard felt a sense of anger wash over him, realizing that this cunt was cheating on a man who took VERY good care of her!


“Oh no…” Jane shook her head, “I’m sorry young man… but you’ve simply walked into something that you shouldn’t have…”


Richard looked over at Jane confused. She was about thirty five years or so, much older than Ashley who was only twenty two. Jane had curly red hair that came down to her shoulders, and her eyes were a vibrant amber. She was a tall and full figured woman, and any man would certainly fall for her with ease.


Ashley was a brunette, and a little shorter than Richard. She had hazel eyes, and her hair came down to her elbows. She was a bit slim, but still had some meat on her bones.


Jane reached into her desk drawer, pulling out an odd looking gun of some sort. Richard stepped back, terrified that Jane was about to shoot him or something.


“Please! I won’t say a word! I promise!” Richard held his hands up, wishing he hadn’t run into his boss on the elevator. If only he was a few seconds later… his boss would have ended up delivering the documents instead.


Jane shook her head, as she raised the odd looking gun at him, “You are friends with a very renowned reporter, who happens to be the husband of my beloved…” Jane scowled, “You are far to great a risk… don’t worry though, I’m not going to kill you.”


Richard took a couple more steps backwards, terrified of whatever it was Jane was about to do, “please…” he whispered.


“I’m not going to kill you… but I’m not going to let you go either…” Jane gave a crooked smile, “this one will be on the Q.T. Ashley, another little secret of ours… one that will spice up our sex life a bit more.”


Ashley looked at Jane with a dreaded expression, but dared not intervene with her decision. Ashley simply looked at Richard with a look of sorrow, “I’m sorry Richard… but you really should have knocked first…”


Before Richard could react, Jane fired the odd looking gun, and a ray of light washed over him. He life flashed before his eyes as the world around him bent and contorted in all sorts of directions. Richard felt a gut wrenching pain, and he felt like had to vomit. He was unable to however, and his vision began to stir. Just as quickly as it had started however, it had also ended.


Richard fell to his knees, the ground feeling a lot chunkier than it had before. He looked up, and his eyes nearly bulged when he realized what was going on. Jane now towered above him like a giant, and the ground was a vast landscape before him. The furniture was titanic sized, and his mind nearly exploded as he tried to comprehend what the hell was going on.


“He looks smaller than the last…” Ashley murmured, looking down at Richard as she placed her chin in her palm.


“I set the size for three inches instead of five this time,” Jane snickered, “You’ll see why later…”


Richard began to freak out at what he was hearing. The last!? Three inches!!? What the hell was going on!


Richard turned around and began to sprint towards the office door. Jane was heard laughing maniacally from behind, as if she had no remorse for what she had just done. She took her black heel and rose it over Richard’s tiny body. Richard looked up in horror, thinking that Jane was about to crush him. He wasn’t even sure if this was all real, but it sure felt like it!


Jane’s heel passed him, and crashed onto the ground just in front of him. An earthquake ensued, and Richard fell on his back. Jane hovered over him, a wicked smile spread across her face.


“Run again, and my heel won’t miss next time,” Jane threatened, “you fucked up Richard, and now you belong to us…”


Richard looked up in horror, as Jane’s hand reached down for him. Her fingers extended like one of those claw machines descending to grab it’s prize. Richard nearly had a panic attack, as he watched the now colossal Jane reach down to pick him up.


This is not what he had planned, nor expected. His life was heading in such a perfect direction, and now it’s made a complete one eighty in the wrong direction…


As Jane’s hand finally reached him, Richard’s heart sunk. He wished he was with his girlfriend again, or Adam, or anybody except these two. Richard knew he was in big trouble, and he had no idea how to get out a situation such as this.


Needless to say, Richard felt helpless.




End Notes:

Chapter 2 - These Are The Rules by Frizzle
Author's Notes:

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Adam sat at the bar patiently, taking light sips of his beer. He checked his watch multiple times, wondering where Richard was. He had told Adam he’d show up, and Richard was not the kind of person to be late anywhere.


Adam let out a deep sigh, and decided to give Richard another call. He clicked Richard’s speed dial and held the phone up to his ear as he waited patiently to receive an answer. Richard never answered though, and he never would.


Adam was slightly concerned, because again… Richard was never late to anything unless there was some kind of an emergency. Adam decided to give Kaya a call instead, in the hopes that Richard was with her, and that his friend had simply forgotten about their get together.


Kaya was walking down the street, after just getting out of class. She was on her way to meet up with her two closest friends, when her phone began to ring. She pulled her phone out of her handbag, and saw that it was Adam Godrick. Adam never called unless it involved something with Richard, so Kaya quickly answered.


“Hey Adam, what’s up?” Kaya greeted through the phone.


“Hey, I was just wondering if Richard is with you?” Adam asked.


“He’s not, I’m heading out to go see some friends, why do you ask?” Kaya asked with curiosity.


“Well Richard was suppose to meet me at the Salty Splatoon downtown, but he hasn’t shown up,” Adam explained.


Kaya stopped walking as she heard the concern in Adams voice, “Maybe he just got caught up with work or something?” Kaya suggested.


“I’m not so sure,” Adam doubted, “Richard is never late, and if he were going to be he would have definitely sent me a text at the minimum.”


“Yeah, you’re probably right,” Kaya realized, “Why I don’t I try giving him a call then, and see if I can get a hold of him?”


“That’d be great, really!” Adam thanked, “text me if you manage to get ahold of him… I’m worried.”


“I’m sure he’s fine,” Kaya reassured, “I’ll text you when I hear from him ok?”


“Ok thank you Kaya, have a good evening!” Adam said his goodbyes.


“You too,” Kaya hung up the phone.


Kaya thought about Adams paranoia, and though she was sure that Richard was fine, she couldn’t help but feel slightly unnerved now. She pulled out her phone, and speed dialed Richard, waiting to get a call from him. But as the phone rang and rang… Richard never answered.


Kaya let out a sigh of disappointment, hoping that whatever Richard was up to, that he was alright.


As Kaya continued to walk down long sidewalk to accompany her friends, all the way on the other side of town, just into the suburbs, was Jane’s vehicle just pulling into her driveway. Ashley accompanied her, in her hands a passed out Richard. He had fainted after Jane scooped him up in her literally gigantic hands.


“You should have just let me store him in my thong,” Jane retorted, stepping out of her car.


Ashley also exited the car, being very careful as to not drop Richard, “I didn’t want you to hurt him,” Ashley whined, “I understand this had to be done… but I mean he’s still a human being isn’t he?”


Jane rolled her eyes in annoyance, walking up to Ashley and grabbing her by the waist. She whipped Ashley’s waist right up to her crotch, and leaned her face in close to hers. Jane leaned forward swiftly and began to make out vigorously with Ashley. Ashley nearly dropped Richard from all the commotion, and held onto him tight as Jane’s tongue forced itself into her mouth, as the two made out ferociously.


After several minutes, Jane finally pulled away; a flirtatious smile on her face, “I know you feel bad for his situation,” Jane said, “but he’s three inches tall now, and human beings aren’t three inches tall.”


Ashley looked down at Richard, who was still passed out, “I just don’t want him to suffer… he was Adam’s best friend.”


“To hell with Adam!” Jane hissed, “Richard is mine now… and he is yours as well! He is nothing but our little toy, a slave… that will do as we say or be punished!”


“I just don’t want what happened to the last one we had… I don’t want Richard to get hurt like him…” Ashley said with concern.


“The last one chose to disobey me countless times,” Jane explained, “the fucker even BIT you on the foot! He deserved it, and you know it! As long as Richard accepts his fate within the next couple of days, I promise he’ll live a long life as our little play thing… ok?”


Ashley let out a sigh, and nodded solemnly, “Alright. I love you Jane…”


Jane smiled and held Ashley’s cheeks in her palms, “I love you too darling…”


Ashley’s phone began to ring, and she pulled it out of her purse to see that her husband was calling her, “Oh shit, it’s Adam!”


“Remain calm,” Jane held a finger up to Ashley, “just remain calm, you’ll be fine.”


Ashley smiled faintly, before answering her phone, “Hey honey, what’s up?” Ashley greeted, a nervous sweat forming upon her face.


Adam was just leaving the bar, after realizing that Richard was not going to show up. He was just about to get into his car when he called Ashley, “I’m just leaving the Salty Splatoon, Richard never showed up.”


Ashley’s heart sank, “Oh… he never showed up huh?” Ashley looked over at Jane with terrified eyes, and Jane tilted her head and gave her  a stern look.


“Yeah, I’m not sure where the hell he is,” Adam said, “I’m free now, so if you’d like to grab some dinner I can pick you up.”


Ashley looked at Jane, as if to get permission from her first. Jane nodded her head, not wanting Ashley to act overly suspicious, “Uh… yeah sure, that’d be great honey…” Ashley said, trying to sound as normal as she could.


“Ok great, are you at home?” Adam asked.


“No…” Ashley stuttered, “I was at a friends house, but I can meet up with you.”


“Sounds great, how about the italian place just across town?” Adam asked.


“Sounds fine…” Ashley rolled her eyes. She hated the italian place, and they literally ate there every weekend.


“Ok cool, cya there love,” Adam hung up the phone.


Ashley put her phone back in her purse, slightly annoyed. She wanted to stay with Jane to make sure Richard was taken care of, but now she had to act normal and go see the man whom she did not love. She regret marrying the man nearly every day of her life.


“You can take my car,” Jane offered, “here’s the keys.”


“What!? No I couldn’t, I can just take a cab!” Ashley insisted.


“If you insist… whatever you want,” Jane leaned in and gave Ashley a final kiss goodbye, as Ashley handed Richard to her and walked down the street. She pulled out her phone to call a cab, and Jane took the still unconscious Richard inside her home.


The house was enormous, and quite literally a mansion. Her kitchen was the size of four living rooms of an average home, and she had three floors. She had fifteen bedrooms, ten bathrooms, three master bathrooms, an enormous kitchen, two living rooms that were also large, two family rooms, five different rec rooms, a backyard that was twenty acres, a garage that could fit her entire sports car collection of fifty two different models, and this was only one of her thirty two vacation homes!


Jane became the CEO of Glamour Corp. just five years ago when she turned thirty, after a vote cast by the board of directors to remove the previous CEO worked in her favor. Since then she has made Glamour Corp. the largest global fashion industry the world had ever seen, and she was probably the richest woman on the planet.


Jane entered the kitchen, carefully placing Richard’s unconscious body on the island countertop. She took a moment to glance at his limp body, and snickered at how silly he looked spread across the counter. The shrink ray had worked just as well as it did the previous time for her, and literally shrunk everything on him.


His shirt, his slacks, his shoes… even the necklace around his neck that Kaya had given him for his birthday. It had all shrunk along with his now diminutive form.


Jane walked up to her cabinet full of unique glassware, and pulled one of her glass cups from the cabinet. She then walked over to Richard, and placed the cup over his body. She opened a drawer below, and pulled out a metal fork. She smiled wickedly as she raised the fork up to the glass cup, and gave it a solid tap.


Richard’s eyes burst open, as a deafening ringing sound reverberated throughout the glass cup. He held his ears in pain as the ear shattering noise pierced his ear drums, and nearly cause his mind to implode. He quickly stood to his feet, as the noise quickly faded just as it had so suddenly occurred.


Jane laughed maniacally, looking down at the helpless Richard who took in his new and intimidating surroundings, “you are so squeamish! I love it!” Jane taunted.


Richard fell on his ass, as he looked up through the glass to see the slightly distorted image of his gargantuan employer. Richard had hoped it was just a dream, but he found himself waking up to a shocking reality. He felt his body, and he felt the ground and the glass cup. It was real… it was all real, and panic began to overtake the poor young man.


“I’m going to lift the glass cup,” Jane said, “and you will NOT attempt to run…”


Richard heard the booming voice from outside the glass, and it terrified the hell out of him. Jane lifted the cup away from him, and Richard immediately began to run away.


Jane rolled her eyes in annoyance, extending her arm over Richard, and bringing her titanic fist down just in front of him. The ground quaked as Richard lost his balance, falling down on the slippery and polished granite countertop. Her fist was more than big enough to obliterate his existence, and the sight of such a thing caused him to piss himself.


Jane leaned in over the counter, bringing her face close down to him. Richard turned around to see her giant eyes peering down at him. He was so terrified, he couldn’t even move.


“These are the rules…” Jane hissed, “Rule number ONE. If you run away again… I crush you!”


Richard’s eyes widened in horror at the threat Jane had given him, and remained absolutely still in the hopes of not angering the gigantic woman any further. It was clear he was far to small to outrun her, and he wasn’t about to test his luck otherwise.


“Rule number two…” Jane continued, “you obey! You do as I ask, you do as Ashley instructs. You disobey ANY of our commands… and you will be severely punished!”


Richard couldn’t comprehend his situation. This woman was in her mid thirties, treating Richard like some kind of child or some shit. He was still grasping the fact that this was even real at all, instead of some horrid nightmare.


“Rule number three,” Jane said, “you have three strikes. Each time you do something naughty… you get a strike. Three strikes… and you’re OUT! Understand?”


Richard gawked up at Jane, not even sure of how to respond to such a statement. Jane rolled her eyes in annoyance by Richard’s silence, “I said… do you… UNDERSTAND!?” Jane’s voice echoed throughout the mansion, and Richard jumped in fright.


“Y-yes!” Richard stuttered.


“Good,” Jane smirked, her eyes suddenly focusing on Richard’s slacks, “oh for fuck’s sake… did you piss yourself!?”


Richard blushed with embarrassment, holding his crotch as if to block the view. Jane narrowed her eyes in frustration, “I can’t have you walking around with defiled pants… take them off! In fact… take it all off! All of it! Right now!” Jane ordered.


Richard froze yet again, wondering if Jane was joking or not. Jane rested her hand a few inches away from where he stood, as she began to tap her nails on the countertop, “did I fucking stutter? STRIP!” Jane was becoming impatient.


Not wanting to break a rule so soon, Richard swallowed his fear and quickly began to strip naked. He pulled off his soaked slacks, and quickly removed his shirt and shoes. After all his clothes were removed, the only thing that remained was the necklace that Kaya had given him.


Jane noticed it, though it was small, and narrowed her eyes at the young man, “the necklace too…” she hissed.


Richard shook his head, a tear welling up under his eye, “Please… my girlfriend gave it to me… please let me keep it…” he whined.


Jane tilted her head, contemplating Richard’s pleas. Any other day, and she’d have punished him for not doing as she said, but she remembered that Ashley didn’t want to hurt the young man, and decided to give some leniency this ONE time.


“Fine,” Jane whispered, “you may keep the necklace… as long as you obey me.”


Richard let out a sigh of relief, “thank you…” he whispered.


“I know you are terrified,” Jane continued, “but you must understand, that if Adam Godrick were to learn of his wife and I… he could have a story powerful enough to destroy me… and the reputation of Glamour Corp.!”


Richard merely stared at the woman, as she leaned her face closer and closer to where he stood, “I love Ashley… but I love Glamour Corp. even more!” Jane attested, “I’m not willing to lose either one of them… and that’s why you are here. Do you understand?”


Richard felt that he could do nothing but nod solemnly, not interested in angering his captor. He knew he had to escape at one point or another, but as of right now he was too confused and terrified to do anything.


“You are no longer Richard Parker, employee at Glamour Corp.” Jane proclaimed, “you are now just Richard… my brand new toy… Ashley’s brand new toy… a slave to us both, that will do exactly as we say!”


Richard began to tear up even more, as he heard those words come out of Jane’s mouth. He felt hopeless, and it hadn’t even been a whole day at his new size yet. The coolness in Jane’s tone, as if she was so certain that Richard’s life was over, it completely destroyed his spirit.


“Richard…” Jane snapped her fingers, and Richard looked back up towards Jane as she got his attention, “I want to hear you say it,” Jane said.


“Say… say what?” Richard was confused, and must have blanked out for a second.


“I want to hear you say it,” Jane hissed, “tell me that you accept your new life. Tell me that you are my slave, and a toy to me and Ashley. Say it.”


Richard looked up at her dumbfoundedly, and Jane was becoming impatient.


She slowly raised her fist yet again, as if to taunt him, “Say. It.” she hissed, her fist moving closer to where he stood.


“I.. I-I…” Richard was stuttering, as Jane’s fist moved ever so close to where he stood, “I’m… I’m nothing but a slave…” he muttered, “and… a-and a toy…”


“To whom?” Jane snapped.


“You.. and Ashley..” Richard’s tears dripped down his cheeks as he said those final few words, and Jane smirked devilishly as he said it.


Good…” Jane praised, “that’s a great first start… Richard.”




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Chapter 3 - Encumbrance by Frizzle
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Kaya entered the coffee shop, which was located only a few blocks away from her apartment with Richard. The temperature had begun to drop, and Kaya found the warm embrace of the coffee shops summer calefaction quite relieving from the bitter cold.


She looked around the shop, many visitors sitting at the plethora of tables littered throughout the cozy building. In the far corner sitting at a booth she found her two friends Nick and Chloe. Chloe noticed Kaya enter the shop, and eagerly waved her over. Kaya smiled with joy, and swiftly headed over to the booth, sitting down next to Chloe.


Nick was on his laptop, as usual. Chloe had just received a caramel macchiato, warm with whipped cream on top; her favorite. Kaya and Chloe embraced in a hug, very happy to see one another.


“I’m glad you showed up! Ever since you’ve started dating that new guy we hardly see yuh anymore!” Chloe teasingly complained, giving a sly wink.


Kaya rolled her eyes, a smirk crossing her face, “Oh please, I see you guys at least once every couple of days!”


“Yeah… but it used to be EVERY day!” Chloe snickered, giving Kaya a pinch on the cheek, “I bet I give you way more attention than he does!”


Kaya gave a faint grin, looking away as she blushed slightly, “oh trust me… he gives me a lot more than his attention…”


Chloe gasped, a wide open smile present, “Kaya! Oh my! You need to give me the gritty details RIGHT now!”


“Later! Not with Nick here silly,” Kaya laughed, Chloe laughing concurrently.


Nick looked up from his laptop, looking over at the two snickering woman, “What now?” Nick was clueless to their conversation.


“Oh look! Nick being clueless as always,” Kaya teased.


“He needs to put that laptop down every now and then, seriously! You should see him when he comes over! All he does is surf on that darn thing!” Chloe mocked jokingly.


Nick let out a wink towards Chloe, “well when you see what I’ve learned, you won’t be second guessing all the time I’ve spent ‘surfing’ as you so like to call it.”


Kaya leaned in, a curious expression now consuming her face, “Wait, did you find something? Is it connected to GenetiCo like we presumed?”


“I’m not sure if it’s connected to GenetiCo quite yet… but a less renown research institution had a break in about two months ago,” Nick revealed, “they aren’t revealing what was stolen, but I think I have a clue as to what it could be.”


Chloe raised a finger to her chin, “how do you figure that?”


Nick flipped the laptop around to face the two women, “Look, the tech was stolen from the sizing research chamber…”


“How did you find this out?” Kaya asked, wondering how Nick was able to get such information.


“I have a friend who hacked into their files for me, a recent friend actually, you don’t know him,” Nick explained, “but if that stolen tech has anything to do with size augmentation, or maybe even size reduction… it might be worth trying to learn who is behind the theft.”


“Well it wouldn’t be the first time we’ve had to track down a thief for stealing similar tech…” Chloe proclaimed, “I only wish that size tech was destroyed… for good!”


“I feel that with every passing year, it gets harder and harder to keep this tech out of the wrong hands…” Kaya griped.


Nick and Chloe both looked at Kaya, a sudden look of curiosity crossing their faces, “have you told Richard about us yet? And what the three of us do?” Nick asked with a raised eyebrow.


Kaya shook her head, “I haven’t, I’m afraid he’ll think I’m crazy.”


“You’ll have to tell him at some point… unless you plan on leaving the gang in the near future,” Chloe reasoned, “what makes you think he’ll doubt you?”


Kaya let out a sigh, “I don’t know… it’s just that no one believes what happened at GenetiCo anymore after all these years… it’s like people have suddenly forgotten about the shrinking crisis, and I just feel like it’d be a hard pill to swallow for Richard considering he doesn’t believe in shrink tech…”


Nick nodded his head, thinking carefully, “well whatever the case may be, maybe one day you’ll feel comfortable to share the truth with him. I know you care about him.”


Chloe leaned over and gave Kaya a great big hug, “chipper up toots! From what you’ve told us about him, he sounds like a loving guy! Whether you tell him or not, you’re the best thing that’s ever walked into his life guaranteed!”


Kaya flushed red, a coy smile spreading across her face, “Awww, you guys are the best! I love you both so much!”


“We love you to Kaya, you’ve always been a family member in our eyes. That will never change!” Nick assured.


As the three friends laughed and enjoyed one another’s company, across town was a yellow cab that drove up to the curb aside the italian restaurant Toscano’s. It was a fairly respectable establishment, however Ashley had grown tired of the place after being taken there over a thousand times by her husband who adored the place.


The entire ride she had flooded thoughts of Richard, and the poor fate that he bestowed upon himself for entering Jane’s office at the most inopportune of times. Ashley however felt most of the responsibility, blaming Jane and herself for not locking the office door like they had every single time before. In fact, Ashley was never quite comfortable with the idea of screwing around in Jane’s office to begin with; but it was Jane’s favorite place to fuck… and Ashley didn’t want to let her down.


Adam was already waiting outside the italian restaurant, as Ashley exited the cab upon paying the cab driver. Adam let out a huge smile, glad to see the love of his life. Ashley feigned the best smile she could, staring at the man whom she fell out of love with nearly half a year ago. She often wondered why she never just divorced the man in the beginning, maybe then she wouldn’t be stuck in an endless secret that could never be uncovered.


“How was your day?” Adam greeted, embracing his wife as he planted a kiss on her lips.


Ashley reciprocated for the sake of the act, smiling back, “it was good, just ran some errands and whatnot,” Ashley said.


Adam escorted Ashley inside, and the two sat down at the table that Adam had reserved before arriving. Adam ordered a glass of barbaresco, and Ashley ordered a glass of white zinfandel like always. Adam began to look at his menu, which slightly annoyed Ashley because the two of them practically had the menu memorized by now.


“So many choices… what to get…” Adam whispered to himself.


Ashley let out an annoyed sigh, as she began tapping her fingers on the oakwood dining table. She looked off into the distance, and out a window that revealed the blistering cold air. She’d much rather be with her lover Jane. Not just because she loved her, but also because she feared how cruel she might be acting towards the newly shrunken Richard. Ashley could only pray that Richard didn’t try to run away more than once, considering what happened to their last toy…


Adam peaked around his menu, and could tell that Ashley was bothered by something, “honey, you alright?”


Ashley snapped out of it, looking over at a concerned Adam, “Huh? Yes, I’m fine…” she said insincerely.


Adam put his menu down, knowing his wife to well when she wasn’t being truthful, “come on, you can tell me. What’s on your mind sweety?”


“I told you I’m fine, really!” Ashley retorted, clearly unable to tell the truth regarding her situation.


“I didn’t pull you out from something did I?” Adam asked curiously, “if you didn’t want to eat dinner, that’s ok with me.”


“Why do you do that?” Ashley snapped, crossing her arms and looking at Adam with sharp eyes.


“Do what?” Adam was lost, “Honey… did I do something wrong?”

Ashley took a deep breath, “We eat here twice a week almost,” Ashley complained, “you never take me with you to see your friends, you take me to the same restaurant all the time… you almost never flirt with me! And to top it all off, you consume yourself with work and have almost never made time for me when I really needed it!”


Ashley stormed onto her feet, her palms on the table as she glared at a shocked Adam. Half the restaurant looked over at the commotion, and Adam adjusted his collar nervously at the unwarranted attention.


“Ashley… you’ve never told me about any of this,” Adam whispered, “why didn’t you just let me know? I could have done something…”


“That’s the problem Adam,” Ashley scoffed, “you never do anything! Anything but work!”


Tears began to well up in Adam’s eyes. He hadn’t cried since he was a child, but the sudden outburst from Ashley sent his emotions into a chaotic state. Had he truly failed her as a lover? She had never expressed such concerns, and now that he thought about it… Ashley had seemed a bit odd for the past couple of months.


Ashley grabbed her things and stormed out of the restaurant, unable to stand another moment with Adam. She just wished she could end it right there once and for all… but by doing so she risked ousting her relationship with Jane. Jane’s reputation at Glamour Corp. was everything to her, and Ashley knew that. She would never intentionally act in a way that could threaten everything she worked for; she did love the woman after all.


Adam was left alone at Toscano’s, trying to regain his composure as he raised his hand for the check. As poor Adam was left alone to sulk in the sudden change of his relations with Ashley, a three inch tall Richard was still trapped inside Jane’s mansion.


After making the rules very clear for Richard, she decided to give her little toy some time to accept his new life. She had placed Richard inside a glass Voss water bottle that had been emptied and dried, leaving it towards the end of the coffee table in her main living room. She had turned on her Samsung 110-inch Ultra HDTV, which had just recently been released on the market. She had built in surround sound throughout her entire home, at the speakers blared loudly from the action music and sound effects from the movie she was watching.


Richard sat with his knees to his chest, watching the movie since he literally had nothing else to do. He thought about trying to knock the bottle over, but he wouldn’t even attempt such a thing with Jane nearby. Her titanic feet rested on the coffee table only a foot away, and she could easily snatch him up if he tried anything. After hearing the strict rules she gave him, he wouldn’t dare break the number one rule unless he was sure he could succeed.


The movie was some kind of action mumbo jumbo, and the movie was filled with unnecessary explosions and shitty dialogue. Richard had heard that the movie was just as terrible as it’s prequel, and it sure seemed like it. He was trapped in a glass bottle though, so he didn’t really have much choice but to watch it.


Richard could see outside through a few windows, and it was clearly dark out. At this point, he assumed that he had been shrunken for most of the day at this point. It took him all day to realize the reality of his situation, but he was finally coming to terms with it. Of course he still wished it was some kind of sick joke, but he knew that wasn’t the case inside his heart.


Jane tilted her head back, groaning annoyedly at the awful movie she was watching. She picked up her remote and flipped the television off, twiddling with her hair as she looked around the room. She set her eyes upon the glass bottle where she had placed Richard, and gave a fiendish smirk.


“I’m bored…” Jane announced loudly, kicking her feet off the table as she leaned forward to grab the glass bottle.


Richard’s world became unsteady as he felt himself lift into the air. The next thing he knew his glass prison flipped over as he found himself tumbling onto the hardwood surface of the maple coffee table below. He shook his head as he tried to get his senses back, and stood up as he held his elbow in pain. He had landed on it, and it was slightly sore.


Look at me,” Jane ordered from above, her stern voice echoing throughout the mansion.


Richard immediately looked up at the enormous woman. Richard thought to himself… in hostage situations, the best thing to do is obey your captor, and do as little as you can to upset them… if he follows that mindset, he just might get out of this situation.


“I’m bored, I want you to entertain me!” Jane commanded, crossing her arms and staring down at her little slave as if he was supposed to magically know what to do.


Richard felt that this mature woman was acting rather childish, but he went along with it anyways, “What… do you want me to do?” Richard asked, hoping not to anger the gigantic woman.


Jane held a finger up to her chin in thought, realizing that Richard had asked a legitimate question, “Hmmm, I didn’t really think about it,” Jane contemplated, “I want to watch you squirm…. Yes! I want to see you writhe in agony!”


Richard’s heart sank, and he knew those words didn’t mean anything good at all. He was correct, and Jane began to lift her colossal thighs into the air. Her knees rising above her chest, her feet now hovered over the coffee table.


Her feet were incredulous, and had to be a size twelve at the least! Her feet had perfect wrinkles lining down the bottom of her foot, her toes bending back and forth as she teasingly brought her foot down. As her toes bent downward, Richard could see that they were painted midnight black, small specks of glitter glossed over. How fitting for such a dark souled witch!


“J-jane..!?” Richard fell onto his back, as he held his arm up in terror as Jane’s titanic foot lowered down upon him.


“J-jane! J-jane!” Jane mocked, snickering maniacally as she tormented her little toy. She absolutely loved to torment those beneath her, and what better way to do such a thing with somebody who is LITERALLY beneath her!


Jane brought her toes down on Richard, her middle toe smacking him right in the face. She applied a firm pressure, the smooth texture of her skin rubbing over his entirely nude form. Richard felt humiliated, being pressed into Jane’s feet. He wanted to fight her so bad, but he feared that if he tried that she would only make it worse. He laid still, and allowed Jane to press her toes down on top of him.


Jane noticed that her little toy wasn’t fighting, OR writhing… It annoyed her, and took away from the pleasure. She began to scrunch her toes, completely trapping Richard’s head between her middle and big toe. He found himself cut off from oxygen as the flesh of Jane’s toes sandwiched him. After only a few seconds, he completely lost it and began flailing about as he tried desperately to breath.


Jane could now feel Richard writhing between her toes, and she finally felt satisfied. She could tell Richard was a brave one, and she was going to have to work hard to break his spirit. She only hoped that Ashley wouldn’t go to soft. After what happened to their last toy, she knew Ashley had an enormous amount of uncertainty regarding Richard’s new fate.


Richard was becoming light headed, as he violently fought to remove his head from between Jane’s scrunched toes. He couldn’t breath, and the sweet honey aroma emanating from Jane’s feet, that had previously filled his lungs, was gone as she suffocated him to death.


“I suppose that’s enough…” Jane scoffed, finally releasing Richard’s head from between her massive toes.


Richard let in an enormous gasp for air, his vision blurry but recuperating. Jane had lifted her foot completely in the air, but still hovered toes threateningly over his head. Richard churned onto his stomach, taking it constant breaths of air as he hyperventilated. He had tried to cooperate, but it was almost as if Jane wanted to see him struggle for his life! If this is what was instore for Richard, he most certainly didn’t want to stick around to see what else the cruel woman could do to him.


“Actually…” Jane whispered, “I’m not satisfied yet!”


Just like that Jane’s sole came down upon Richard’s entire body, as she applied even more pressure than before. Her soft wrinkly skin enveloped his entire body, and he found himself unable to move even his fingers! Once again air was nearly impossible to obtain, as Jane’s monstrous barefoot crushed him into the hardwood surface of her coffee table.


Jane tilted her head back in ecstacy, becoming soaking wet as the act of crushing Richard turned her on. She slipped her hand down her pants and began to rub her clit ever so carefully, as she continued to apply pressure onto Richard’s body. She began to thank God that Ashley had left, because she knew Ashley would have instantly protested such an act.


Richard once again attempted to squirm as the pain sent chills throughout his entire body. He felt his bones creak, and his skull felt as if it would shatter into the hard coffee table. He wanted to cry, but he couldn’t even do that. All he could do was writhe in agony, and in vain. Jane’s silky skin pressed down on him so much, that he was moments away from passing out. He could only pray that Jane wouldn’t kill him, and that he’d hopefully wake up.


Jane loved feeling the impression of Richard against the sole of her foot, and she began to slide her fingers into her snatch as she began to masturbate. The power, the pleasure… it overwhelmed her. Ashley would often let her indulge in her dominative fantasies, but this was unlike anything she could ever live out with Ashley. This was something special, and she planned to take advantage of it in every way. Her feet, her ass, hell… maybe she could even shove the little bitch up her vagina like a miniature dildo! She’d never done that one before!




Jane froze, and looked to her side to see Ashley standing only five feet away. Ashley was holding the spare key that Jane had given her a month or two back, and she had totally forgotten about it. Jane slowly remove her hand from her pants, and removed her foot from on top of Richard.


Richard took in yet another deep breath, gasping for air even more desperately this time over the last. He began to cry profusely as his body ached everywhere. He couldn’t even comprehend the amount of pain he felt, and for a split second he actually thought he was going to die.


Ashley looked over and saw that Richard was on the table, and immediately put two and two together as she realized what Jane was doing. Jane looked at Ashley, worried that she had upset her lover.


“Ashley… I…” Jane stuttered.


Ashley raised a hand, “No need,” Ashley assured.


Jane raised an eyebrow, surprised not to get a scolding. Ashley stepped forward, walking up to Jane and slowly putting her hands on her waist. Ashley looked into Jane’s eyes, a glimmer in her eyes.


Fuck Adam…” Ashley whispered.


Jane slowly inched her face closer and closer to Ashley’s, ready to start making out with the woman.


“And fuck his friends…” Ashley hissed, narrowing her eyes over to Richard, no longer caring about her husbands closest friend.


“R-really?” Jane was now centimeters away from Ashley’s lips, becoming horny from the words that Ashley was speaking.


“Let’s have some fun,” Ashley teased, biting her lip as she looked into her lovers eyes.


“Oh Ashley…” Jane moaned, as she touched lips with Ashley, her tongue forcing its way down her throat as the two made out ferociously. Ashley began to strip off her outfit, Jane starting to do the same.


Richard, slowly regained himself mentally and physically, turning over to see the events unfolding before him. He had only heard some of what the two had said, but he was to disoriented to really understand any of it.


The two stripped themselves naked, Jane shoving her fingers up Ashley’s pussy as the two fell backwards onto the sofa in front of Richard. Ashley began to lick from just above Jane’s belly button, sliding her tongue up her chest, between her breasts, and up to her neck. Her right hand fondled Jane’s right breast, her fingers carefully rubbing Jane’s hardened nipple. Jane moaned passionately, as her lover pleased her in ways she had craved for awhile now. It was as if Ashley suddenly decided to take the reigns, forcing herself on Jane for a change instead of the other way around. Jane welcomed it, and enjoyed every second.


Richard watched in awe, and wasn’t sure whether or not to look away. He blushed red, and his dick began to get hard. He hadn’t even thought about it, nor realized what his body was doing. He just couldn’t believe how sex crazed these two women were.


As Ashley was about to lower herself down to Jane’s nether region, Jane glanced over for a second to notice Richard gawking at them. Jane snickered, and grabbed Ashley’s hair to get her attention.


“Look, I think our little toy is a bit jealous!” Jane teased, “I think he’s upset that we excluded him…”


Ashley looked over at Richard, a devilish smile crossing her face, “look at his little prick! It’s all hard!” Ashley laughed mockingly, as Richard took a few steps back in embarrassment. The two were demoralizing him, and though he took bantering oftenly well… this time seemed to be different.


Jane wanted to continue with Ashley, and decided that he was no longer being amusing, “Ok now, you’ve seen enough! Fuck off now, can’t you see we’re loving each other!?”


Richard immediately covered his eyes, and turned around to respect his captor’s wishes. Ashley had a different plan however, and a brilliant thought crossed her mind.


“Wait,” Ashley intervened, “I have the perfect idea…”


Jane looked at Ashley curiously, wondering what her lover had in store. Ashley smirked wickedly as she reached over and plucked Richard off the table without warning. She held Richard up to her eyes, looking at the helpless being between her fingers.


Richard looked up at Ashley, an expression of melancholy clear as day upon his face. The sadness in his eyes, the humiliation, the hopelessness… for a moment Ashley’s heart began to break for the little guy. But just as quickly as her heartache came, it also faded not a moment faster. She didn’t love Adam, nor did she find it in herself to care about him. So why should she care about some loser assistant? It’s not like anybody would miss him… right?


“You’re gonna help me please my lover,” Ashley instructed, gazing into Richard’s soul with her glimmering hazel eyes, “you might want to hold your breath…”


Richard’s heart sank as he heard those words. He had already held his breath enough, and doing so again wasn’t something he desired. This night had already become a nightmare. What went from a shitty movie inside a glass bottle, turned into a horror show underneath Jane’s giant foot! And now God only knows what Ashley had planned for Richard. He thought she might be the gentle one, but clearly he was wrong.


As Ashley began to lower Richard from her eyes, he felt himself flying through the air. As Ashley moved him closer and closer to whatever it was she had in store for him… all Richard could do was let out a whimper, as he began to cry.


He just wanted to be home… he just wanted to be with his girlfriend… he didn’t want any of THIS…


… but it seemed he had no choice.




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Chapter 4 - Erotica: Oral Dexterity by Frizzle
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Ashley straddled Jane just in front of her vagina. Jane gripped the edge of the sofa as she eagerly awaited whatever Ashley was about to do. Ashley was slowly bringing Richard down, before letting go of him entirely. Richard’s body felt a quick rush as he free falled, quickly landing on a soft and fleshy surface. His hands pressed into the sensitive skin, which was coated in Jane’s oral juices.


Richard slipped as he tried to stand, and fell face first into Jane’s snatch. His legs had already slipped between the lips of her pussy, and he struggled to hold on as he lost his grip on anything he took hold of.


Ashley looked up at Jane, licking her lips teasingly before slowly lowering her mouth towards Jane’s crotch. Jane tilted her head back, already moaning before Ashley could even start.


“Oh Ashley…” Jane moaned, “this is the hottest thing you’ve ever done for me…”


“We’ll see about that,” Ashley smirked, her long and salivated tongue protruding out of her mouth as she opened wide.


Richard turned his head around after a shadow loomed above, and his eyes widened in horror at what he saw. Without warning, Ashley’s tongue slammed into his gut, forcing his entire body to press against the warm and dripping wet pussy of his captor.


Ashley eagerly forced Richard against her lovers snatch, and her entire mouth began to go to work as she gladly pleased the woman she loved. Her tongue bent downward, as she began to slip the tip of her tongue between the lips of Jane’s vagina; licking all the way up to her clit and covering Richard in a coat of saliva as her tongue slid over his naked body.


The rough yet soothing buds on her tongue was more than enough to get him hard yet again, even though such an act was the last thing he had hoped for. As Ashley’s tongue passed over him completely, he looked upwards to see Ashley’s tongue licking the tip of Jane’s clit. Ashley was showing off her oral dexterity, and she was forcing Richard to join her act.


Jane did her best not to squirm, but the intense pleasure she felt was intoxicating. She could feel her little toy moving about against the lips of her cunt, and adding Ashley’s flexible tongue to the mix sent her over the edge.


Ashley brought her tongue back down, another coat of saliva washing over Richard as it mixed with the orgasmic juices from Jane’s steaming hot pussy. At this point Richard had given up, and just allowed the two woman to use him the way they desired. It was humiliating, and demoralizing… being used like a sex toy, and being disregarded as a human being. Richard would give anything to be back home with Kaya at this point, anything.


Ashley’s tongue reached just below the lips of Jane’s snatch, as the tip of her tongue slipped in between them once again as she worked her way back up to Jane’s clit. Richard yet again felt the odd sensation of Ashley’s enormous tongue sliding over his naked body, the buds on the surface massaging his little cock. This time he felt an odd sensation, and he realized that Ashley was inadvertently getting him off. Richard teared up again, praying to God that he could keep his bodily functions under control. The last thing he needed was to ejaculate all over Ashley’s tongue.


Ashley had reached Jane’s clit once again, licking it more vigorously this time. Jane’s knees kicked upward, her grip now shifting to her hair as Ashley gave her arguably the best oral she’d ever received. The maneuvers, the art of her tongue movements, it was utter bliss!


Ashley’s tongue once again began to slide back down, continuing the back and forth motion of which she was engaging in. The backside of her tongue rubbed over Richard’s body, once again causing an odd sensation to wash over him. He was on the edge now, and he knew that there was little to no chance of containing his urge.


Ashley’s tongue finally reached just below the lips of Janes pussy, as it once again began to slide itself between them in an upward motion. Richard squeezed his eyes, and clenched his fists. He had to try as hard as he could not to blow a load, for he feared that a punishment might follow such an act.


Ashley’s tongue once again washed over Richard’s naked body, her moist wet tongue rubbing against his hard member. That was enough, and without an ounce of control Richard shot an enormous load of cum that splattered all over Ashley’s tongue. Ashley’s eyes looked down as she saw Richard’s sperm launch out of his cock, coating her tongue in his tiny and insignificant juices.


Ashley’s tongue parted away from Jane’s crotch, Ashley’s eyes locking with Richards. Richard let out an audible gulp, as he stared frighteningly at the colossally intimidating young woman. Ashley raised her head slightly, her tongue still stuck out, the visible stain of Richard’s cum still present.


As if to mock him, Ashley slowly retreated the tongue behind lips. She sucked the cum off of her tongue, and let it slide down her throat as she swallowed the diminutive load. Richard saw what she did, and he wasn’t sure whether it was a good sign or not.


Jane tilted her head forward, looking over her massive breasts to see what was going on, “What’s going on? Why did you stop?”


“Our little toy just blew his little load all over my tongue,” Ashley said in a baby voice, “I think my gigantic, soaking wet tongue was a bit much for him.”


Jane let out an annoyed grunt, “Are you pleasing him? Or me?”


Ashley’s hands came down upon Jane’s thighs, gripping them tightly. It caught Jane off guard, and she feared that she mistakenly hurt Ashley’s feelings. But as she looked into Ashley’s eyes, she realized Ashley wasn’t angry at all. Instead Ashley had a huge and devilish grin, as she looked teasingly into Jane’s eyes.


“I never gave him permission to cum…” Ashley stated, “So I think a punishment is in order…”


Jane grinned wickedly, and Richard let out a disappointed sigh. He didn’t even know what to expect, but he wasn’t prepared for what Ashley would do next.


Richard found Ashley’s tongue exiting it’s dungeon once again, and before he could react the tip of her tongue slammed into his body, and pushed him even further between Jane’s pussy lips.


Richard struggled as Ashley’s tongue pushed him all the way inside of Jane, and he found her orgasmic juices to be even more overwhelming. Jane was absolutely drenched, and he wasn’t sure how the woman hadn’t orgasmed by now.


Jane moaned louder than ever before, as Ashley’s abnormally long tongue slid all the way into Jane’s pussy, pushing Richard about a quarter of the way inside. Ashley began to suck and slurp at Jane’s orgasmic fluids, gulping it all down like a slurpee. She loved the taste of Jane, in every aspect… and this was no different. Jane loved it too, she loved how Ashley drank her juices like a club soda, it brought her pleasure.


Richard was coated completely in her juices now, as even more of the fluid rushed passed him as Ashley sucked it into her mouth. Richard felt slightly afraid for a moment, wondering what would happen if Ashley slurped him up along with Jane’s fluids. Of course he couldn’t comprehend Ashley ever actually eating him, but for some reason her slurping brought him a feeling of uneasiness.


“Oh fuck,” Jane moaned, “Oh fuck… OH FUCK!”


Ashley ignored Jane’s loud moans, and kept slurping and licking the inside of her lovers deep cavity. For her it tasted faintly like sweet honey… like eucalyptus honey to be exact! Of course Ashley knew that many other woman didn’t have such a taste to their ‘regions’... but Jane was the CEO of Glamour Corp… so of course she was going to smell and taste amazing! It was literally her career! Perfumes, fashion, body lotions and soaps and conditioners, they marketed it all, and Jane had quite the collection!


“Oh my… I’m gonna cum,” Jane was on the brink of an orgasm, and eagerly awaited for it to come.


Poor Richard was still stuck near the opening of her pussy, Ashley’s tongue slapping him in the feet over and over again as she slid her tongue in and out. Without warning however, Ashley suddenly stopped as she pulled her tongue from Jane’s now pulsating vagina.


“What! No!!” Jane was heartbroken, after nearly reaching climax.


“Hang on,” Ashley insisted, “I want you to finish while screaming with pleasure…”


Jane watched with a frown on her face as Ashley hopped over the sofa and into the distance. Richard was left inside of her, and she could feel him squirming. It was arousing, but not enough to get her off. She crossed her arms in annoyance, hoping that Ashley would come back soon to finish the job. She had never received such an amazing oral job before, and she was thrilled to know that Ashley had begun to grow a bit more bold in their sex life.


Though Jane loved being the dominatrix she was, she had to admit that having Ashley dominate her for a change was rather pleasureful. Jane usually did the pussy eating, the dildo inserting, and pretty much everything. Ashley had been a bottom since the dawn of their relationship, always being so coy with Jane. Jane didn’t mind, and still loved her wholeheartedly, but this was a very pleasant change in Ashley’s behaviour, and she hoped it wouldn’t end after tonight.


Ashley returned, her melon sized tits bouncing up and down as she jumped back over the couch. Ashley was holding something behind her back, and she had the widest grin Jane had ever seen.


“What?” Jane asked, confused and ancy to know what Ashley was doing.


Ashley whipped out the pink strap on, the one that Jane had deep inside Ashley’s pussy earlier that day when Richard stumbled upon the two. Jane couldn’t help but give a little snicker, already knowing what Ashley was going to do.


“I’ve always wanted to try this for a change,” Ashley smirked, “let’s see how deep I can force our ‘toy’ inside of you!”


Ashley put the twelve inch strap on around her waist, and positioned it accordingly. Jane bit her lip as she eagerly awaited for the fun to begin. She could already feel Richard about a quarter of the way inside her pussy, but he was about to go much, much deeper. Ashley lowered the tip of the strap on directly in front of Jane’s opening, and shoved it inside of her full force.


Richard had been lying inside of Jane’s snatch the entire time after Ashley’s tongue made it’s exit. The space was tight, he had little air, and Jane’s honey tasted juices kept forcing themselves into his mouth every time he tried to take in a deep breath. It was extremely uncomfortable, but at least he wasn’t suffocating to death.


As if the forces of evil had to torture him further, he felt the fleshy walls of Jane that surrounded him shift, as the woman adjusted her body. He could hear muffled chats from outside, but had no clue as to what the women were saying. Were they done? Had they finished? Richard didn’t recall Jane reaching orgasm… but it appeared the two had wrapped up their session. He only wished that they wouldn’t forget him inside of Jane’s tight cunt…


He felt the walls of Jane’s pussy stretch near his feet, and he looked over his chest hoping to see the fingers of Ashley or Jane reaching inside to retrieve him. His eyes widened in horror however, upon seeing something far more treacherous. He saw the tip of an enormous dildo, or strap on… he wasn’t sure. It had forced its way inside, and rammed into his diminutive body like a freight train. In a moment’s notice, the jelly textured dildo shoved him a lot deeper into the depths of Jane.


Ashley shoved the strap on so forcefully, that she nearly sent the entire twelve inches inside of her lover at once. Jane’s hip bucked upwards in both pain and pleasure, as she let out a howl of agony.


“Holy FUCK!” Jane shouted, “God damn that was hot!!!”


Ashley smiled, relieved to know that Jane enjoyed it. Ashley slowly pulled the strap on back out, until just the tip of it was against Jane’s oral opening. As she did before, she rammed it back inside full force, causing Jane’s body to shift backwards by the sheer force of Ashley’s waist shoving the dildo forward. Jane moaned in utter pain, the arousal bringing her back to the edge once more… the feeling she craved for Ashley to bring back to her.


Richard was slammed yet again by the enormous sex toy, which shoved him a little bit further. Richard’s body was bruised and sore as the giant dildo rammed into him a second time, and it nearly knocked him unconscious. This far inside Jane was even worse than before. It was tighter, it was filled with a river of Jane’s orgasmic fluids, and he was starting to suffocate from a lack of oxygen.


Ashley pulled the strap on out yet again, before shoving it right back inside of her lover’s now dripping wet vagina. Jane’s head was twisting back and forth as she screamed with pleasure, a climax just around the corner.


Ashley pulled the strap on out once again, before giving one final forceful push. The dildo rammed so deep this time, Richard being shoved so far… that one could consider him an unborn child as he neared dangerously close to that part of Jane’s inner body.


Jane let out a scream of pleasure, as she finally reached climax. Ashley pulled the strap on out from Jane’s snatch, as a river of fluid poured out of her sensitive member. Richard felt the last of his air leave his lungs, as a river of orgasmic juices washed over him, every orifice of his body being flooded. Richard’s eyes slowly closed, as he became unconscious… the last thought crossing his mind being the face of his girlfriend Kaya…


“Holy shit…” Jane heaved, “that was fucking incredible…”


Ashley pulled the strap on from her waist, walking across the sofa with her knees as she brought her own pussy up to Jane’s chest, “I know it was…” Ashley stated, “because who's the best lover in the world?”


Jane looked up at her, biting her lip, “You are…” Jane whispered sensually.


“You’re damn right…” Ashley gave a wink, before throwing her knees over Jane’s body and off of the sofa as she stood to her feet.


She grabbed a hair tie from her pants pocket, and put her hair back in a ponytail. She proceeded to put her thong back on, along with her pants as Jane’s feet swung off the couch as she laid back against the sofa.


Ashley gave Jane a confused look, looking down at her dripping vagina, “Aren’t you gonna fish him out?” Ashley asked.


Jane let out a single laugh, giving Ashley a wide smile, “Fuck it, I’m just gonna leave him in there! He’s probably weak and useless now anyways… he’s served his purpose.”


Ashley frowned, a glare in her eyes, “No…” Ashley said solemnly.


This caught Jane off guard, as she looked up at Ashley with a confused expression, “Huh? But… you put him inside me… you didn’t care that I pinned him under my foot… I thought..”


“You thought what?” Ashley interrupted, “You thought that meant I’d allow you to kill him?”


Jane was at a loss for words, realizing she was having literally the first fight with Ashley since they first started seeing each other. Ashley walked up to Jane, looking down into her eyes as Jane sat on the sofa dumbfounded.


“I had a shitty evening,” Ashley stated, “I needed to blow off some steam, and Richard played an arousing part of that… but mark my words,” Ashley threatened, “you will NOT kill him… do you understand?”


It broke Jane’s heart to see Ashley so upset, so she decided not to argue with her. If Ashley preferred to keep their little pet, why argue? Jane smiled up at Ashley, as she spread her legs apart flirtatiously.


“Ok then… why don’t you grab him for me then? I’m a bit… exhausted,” Jane winked at her lover, and Ashley couldn’t help but flush red at the sudden tease.


Ashley wanted to be angry at Jane for being so eager to allow Richard to die inside of her snatch, but she had to admit… Jane’s sexual advances always calmed her right down. It’s like Jane cared more about making her feel like she was in control, and at least Jane listened to her concerns. Jane may be heartless with others… but Jane was loving to Ashley, and that’s why Ashley loved her.


Ashley kneeled in front of Jane, smiling up at the woman as she reached her fingers inside her pussy. Ashley shoved them as deep as she could, but she couldn’t feel Richard’s legs.


“I don’t feel him…” Ashley said with concern, hoping Richard would be in one piece.


“Well you’re the one who rammed him in so deep…” Jane taunted, “so you’d better find him… otherwise my cunt will be his grave!”


Ashley knew Jane was teasing her, but she also knew that Jane would have no problem allowing Richard to remain inside of her. Jane was obsessed with domination, and Ashley felt that having Richard die inside of Jane’s cunt would bring Jane an enormous sense of pleasure.


“Well if that’s the ultimatum…” Ashley whispered, “then brace yourself…”


Jane’s eyes widened as Ashley forced her entire hand inside of Jane’s vagina, and her head whipped back in pain. It hurt like a bitch, but she had to admit that pain was making her horny as fuck.


Ashley forced her hand inside as deep as she could, Jane shivering as she tried desperately not to squeeze her legs together. Jane never imagined that Ashley would be this bent on saving the life of one meaningless desk jockey!


Ashley wiggled her fingers all about inside of Jane, but she just couldn’t find Richard anywhere. Just as she was about to give up however, her middle finger barely brushed against Richard’s tiny feet. Ashley let out a sigh of relief, as she pinched his tiny foot between her fingers as carefully as she could, and slid him out of Jane’s vagina.


Ashley held Richard in her palm, looking down at the soaking wet and unconscious little man. He wasn’t breathing, and Ashley feared that it may have been too late. Jane couldn’t help but let out a cruel laugh.


“Wow, the little bitch couldn’t even handle a trip in my snatch!” Jane snickered with cruelty.


“It’s not funny!” Ashley retorted, glaring at Jane in anger and frustration.


Jane held up her hands, “Don’t get mad at ME! You’re the one who put him there! Not me!”


Ashley began to tear up, as the realization began to set in that she may have just killed a man. She looked down at the three inch Richard, as she sobbed over what she had done to him. Jane let out a sigh of dismay, realizing that Ashley just wasn’t capable of the heartlessness that resided in her own soul.


“It’s ok Ash…” Jane put a hand on Ashley’s back in an attempt to soothe her.


“I-I Killed him!” Ashley cried, “I killed him! All because I was angry at Adam tonight!”


“What do you mean?” Jane was confused, “what happened with Adam? Did he find out about us!?”


Ashley shook her head as tears dripped down her cheeks, “No… I just blew up on him! I was so furious! I hate keeping this secret! And now I have to keep ANOTHER secret! We had Adam’s friend in our clutches… and I fucking killed him!”


Jane let out another sigh, realizing just how heartbroken Ashley was over the situation. Jane decided to try and mend things, and picked up Richard’s body from Ashley’s palm.


“W-what… w-what are you doing?” Ashley stuttered over her own tears.


“Hush,” Jane held a finger up to her mouth, before lowering the same finger down to Richard’s chest. She began to press against his tiny chest with the tip of her index finger, as she attempted to do chest compressions.


Ashley realized what Jane was doing, and she waited nervously to see if it would work. Jane continued to do the compressions, and literally within a couple of seconds Richard’s eyes shot open. Richard tilted to the side in Jane’s palm, coughing up buckets full of her nearly dried up fluids. Richard breathed in as much air as he could, falling onto his back again as he looked up into Jane’s terrifying amber eyes. Richard thought for sure he would die inside of Jane, but it appeared that his terrifying captor had decided to bring him back to the land of the living.


“You did it!” Ashley jumped up and down with excitement, the sadness gone.


“Here you go,” Jane held Richard out to Ashley, who carefully picked him up and placed him in her palm.


“Are you ok!?” Ashley looked down at Richard, as he simply sat up and looked around.


Richard was dazed, and confused, and only remembered passing out inside of Jane’s vagina. He remembered choking on her fluids, before losing the last of his oxygen. But instead of his torment coming to an end, he was brought back in a cruel twist of fate… forced to endure even more of whatever the fuck these two were capable of. It was to much for him to handle, and his spirit had finally broken…


“Are you ok Richard??” Ashley asked again, after not receiving a response the first time.


Richard slowly looked up at her again, before immediately breaking down into an ocean of tears. Ashley gasped silently, as she watched the little captive cry his heart and soul out. Richard huddled his knees up to his chest, as he crossed his arms over his knees and cried in a huddled position.


“I-I… I-I just.. J-just want… t-to… go home!” Richard sobbed, his arms already soaked from his tears.


Ashley turned her head away, unable to look at the helpless young man in her palm. Jane didn’t know what to do. On the one hand, she found her slaves whimpering to be utterly annoying… but she knew Ashley’s heart went out for the little guy, so she decided not to intervene.


“I’m truly sorry,” Ashley whispered, a tear welling up under her eye as she looked back down towards Richard.


“I wish we could let you go… but if we could before, we certainly can’t now…” Ashley reached for the glass Voss bottle on the coffee table, as she brought it up to Richard.


“I know it’s tough, but this is your life now…” Ashley stated, “and as hard as that is to accept… for the both of us…” Ashley nearly choked on her words.


“We simply have no choice.”


With that final statement, she dumped Richard inside the bottle, and placed it back upon the coffee table…




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Chapter 5 - Samantha by Frizzle
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The front door to Richard’s and Kaya’s apartment unlocked, and opened wide as Kaya walked inside. It was pretty late, and she had returned from the coffee shop with her two friends. She had really started to become worried about Richard, after attempting to call him twice on her way home. Both times she was sent to voicemail, something Richard never did once let alone twice in a row.


She walked over to the dresser and began to undress, deciding to get into something a bit more cozy. She kicked off her shoes and pulled down her pants. She put on a fresh pair of underwear before slipping on her pajama bottoms. She put on one of Richard’s baggy t-shirts, after removing her bra.


She stretched her arms and let out a yawn, as she then began to rub her eyes as she  headed over to the bed and sat down. She raised her hand up to her necklace, the second half to the one she gave Richard as a birthday gift. She just hoped that Richard was ok, and that he’d appear soon.


A knock at the door was heard down the hall, and Kaya slipped her feet into her bunny slippers aside the bed as she headed towards the front door. She took a look through the peephole, and to her surprise she found Adam waiting patiently for an answer. His eyes were red, as if he’d been crying. He had an expression of sorrow, and Kaya could tell that something was wrong.


Kaya opened the front door, as Adam raised his head to meet her vision, “Adam? What’s up?” Kaya asked, wondering if it had something to do with Richard.


“It’s Ashley…” Adam said with a hint of dismay, “I think she’s going to divorce me…”


What?” Kaya was shocked by what she heard, “Come inside, we’ll talk more.”


Kaya ushered Adam inside, quickly closing the door to stop the blistering cold from overtaking her apartment. Adam walked over to the sofa and sat down, his palm resting under his chin as he continued his pout of depression. Kaya flipped the switch to the heater in the tiny living room, and quickly joined Adam on the couch.


“Why do you think Ashley wants to divorce you?” Kaya asked.


Adam let out a deep breath, “I took her to Toscano’s… and I felt that something was off with her,” Adam explained.


“Off how?” Kaya asked, raising an eyebrow with curiosity.


“I’m not sure,” Adam responded, “but the moment I pressed for details she blew up on me! She said I always take her to the same stupid restaurant, and that I bury myself in work and have never given her the attention she’s needed…”


Adam began to tear up again as he remembered the hurtful comments Ashley had shouted at him, and he covered his face with his hands as he began to sob.


“I l-love her Kaya…” Adam cried, “I-I Can’t l-lose her!”


Kaya placed her hand on Adam’s back in an attempt to soothe him, “it’s gonna be ok Adam,” Kaya assured, “maybe you just need to remind Ashley how much you love her.”


“B-but how!” Adam cried, looking up to face Kaya, “the look in her eyes… it’s like she despised me! What could I possibly do to win her back?”


Kaya shook her head, “Adam… you can’t give up that easy,” Kaya scolded, “Ashley wouldn’t have blown up like that if she despised you… quite the opposite in fact! She probably has deep and complicated feelings for you somewhere in her heart, and she probably feels that those feelings aren’t be reciprocated.”


Kaya smiled, adjusting her position on the couch as she lifted her feet onto the sofa, “you need to show her that she’s wrong, show her what you are willing to do to make her happy! You can’t expect everything to just be ok all the time… I understand how important your work is to you, I really do… but if you love Ashley then you will put her first always.”


Adam nodded, as he wiped away his tears, “You’re right,” Adam agreed, “I’ve been to buried in work… and then I expect Ashley to just drop whatever she’s doing and have dinner at a restaurant that we’ve gone to literally every week in a row!”


Kaya looked around, not entirely sure what a restaurant had anything to do about this… she smiled anyways and nodded.


“I know what I’m gonna do!” Adam proclaimed, “I’m gonna take some time off work! And dedicate that time to Ashley!”


“That sounds like a great idea!” Kaya said, “get her some flowers, and a box of chocolates! And take her somewhere fresh and exciting!”


“Thank you Kaya,” Adam thanked, “you’ve really put things in perspective for me! Richard sure is lucky to have yuh!”


Kaya’s smile turned into a frown, as she was suddenly reminded of Richard’s absence. Adam realized something was wrong, “Kaya? What’s wrong?”


“Richard,” Kaya answered, “I haven’t heard from him still, and I called him twice on my way home only to get sent to voicemail.”


Adam was becoming concerned now as well, as he had just assumed that Kaya would have gotten ahold of Richard by now, “so neither you or I have heard from Richard all day then?” Adam asked.


Kaya nodded, “Last I saw him was this morning, after he left for work.”


Adam held a hand up to his chin in deep thought, “hmm, maybe he went out with some friends?”


Kaya rolled her eyes, “Adam… you are Richard’s only friend!”


“Really?” Adam was surprised to hear such a thing, but it made him feel special, “Richard’s such a friendly guy, I’d figured he’d have a whole lot of friends!”


“Why do you think I’m so worried?” Kaya responded, “He’s neither with you or me… and he’s definitely not at work because his shift ended over five hours ago! So where the hell could he possibly be?”


“Family maybe?” Adam suggested.


Kaya gave Adam a confused look, “Adam… Richard’s family all live in Montana…”


Adam slapped his forehead, “Oh right… I remember he mentioned that once.”


“I’m really worried Adam…” Kaya whimpered, once again grabbing onto her necklace as she thought about Richard and where he could possibly be.


“It’s only been a day,” Adam said, “why don’t you get some sleep, and I’m sure you’ll see Richard in the morning!”


“I hope so…” Kaya whispered, “he’ll sure have some explaining to do once his ass gets home!”


Adam placed a hand on Kaya’s shoulder, “damn straight! A whole day of no contact, sheesh! You’d better punish him for that one!”


The two giggled with laughter, as Adam decided it was time to go home and get some much needed rest. As Kaya greeted Adam out the front door, across town inside Jane’s mansion was a glass Voss bottle… which hosted the shrunken lover in which Kaya sought.


Richard’s spirit was undeniably gone, as his knees pressed firmly against his chest as he buried his face into his arms. His eyes were red sore from the intense tears that had been rushing down his cheeks for most of the night. He had been left inside his freezing cold prison, the surface and walls of his prison cold to the touch.


He had been abandoned inside the Voss bottle that was placed upon the coffee table in Jane’s main living room. Shortly after they entered the bedroom Richard was able to hear the not so quiet moaning from Ashley as Jane no doubt shoved her prized strap-on into Ashley’s vagina; but that was about an hour ago, and they had long since been silent.


Richard had nearly died inside of Jane’s vagina not to long ago, and he wished his pain could have ended there. Unfortunately Jane had to bring him back to life, and Richard wasn’t sure why the cruel girls couldn’t just let him die. He could only guess that they wanted him to last as long as possible, or some other sick agenda of theirs. If only he hadn’t stumbled into her office… if only he had arrived just a minute later to the elevator… maybe then his life would have continued it’s smooth course.


Richard’s ears perked, as he heard the light pattering of footsteps in the distance. He hadn’t heard a peep since Jane and Ashley had seemingly fallen asleep, and he prayed to God that whoever was walking about wasn’t coming for him.


Unfortunately his prayers went unanswered, as the lights to the living room flicked on. Brightness overwhelmed Richard’s vision, and he had to squint his eyes as he looked up towards the opening of his prison. A pair of hazel eyes stared back at him, before his prison was lifted and tipped in one swift motion. Richard found himself sliding downwards as the bottle tilted, and he fell out onto the hard surface of the coffee table.


He quickly began to crawl backwards in fear, as he looked up to see that it was Ashley who had come for him, “P-please! Not again! PLEASE!” Richard began to cry like a baby once again, fearing that Ashley had come back for more.


“Shush!” Ashley gave Richard a stern look, as she raised her index finger over her luscious lips, “I’m not here to harm you… I just want to talk…”


Richard looked at Ashley with skepticism, wondering if she was lying to him or not. He slowly calmed down, as he began to take slow deep breaths. Ashley let out an exhausted sigh, as she slowly sat back onto the sofa. Her eyes were locked onto Richard, and the tiny young man could see the distress in her eyes.


Richard realized Ashley was indeed being truthful, and it seemed she had a lot on her mind. Richard finally calmed himself, and slowly stood up to his feet as he looked up at the woman who had nearly killed him less than two hours ago.


“Richard…” Ashley spoke softly, “I want to tell you… how deeply sorry I am for what I did to you.”


Richard was dumbfounded, “R… Really?”


Ashley nodded softly, “Adam and me got into a fight…” Ashley revealed, “Well… technically it was just me shouting at him… but an argument nonetheless…”


Richard suddenly remembered the complexity of his situation, the reason he had been shrunk to begin with. Ashley was cheating on Adam, and from the looks of it… for quite awhile. It was easy to forget such a minute detail when your captors crush you under their feet, and shove you deep inside their cunt…


“I was so angry with him… that I let it consume me,” Ashley continued, “and I took out my frustration on you… and nearly killed you as a result. I’m just thankful that I convinced Jane not to let you die…”


Richard was shocked to hear what Ashley had said. Jane was going to let him die? It was Ashley that convinced her to revive him? This was a shocking twist in his eyes for sure… and he suddenly realized that Ashley may not be as sadistic as he originally had thought.


“Ashley…” Richard spoke.


“What is it Richard?” Ashley asked, leaning in closer to him to be able to hear him better.


“Please let me go…” Richard begged, looking up towards Ashley with desperate eyes, “I swear to God… I won’t tell Adam, the police… I won’t tell anybody!”


Ashley let out a deep sigh, and leaned back as she shook her head with frustration.


“I miss my girlfriend… I miss my life! Please! Please don’t take me from her! She’s all I have right now!” Richard’s plea continued.


“Richard…” Ashley interrupted, “My heart breaks for you… it really does… but you simply don’t understand the risk you pose to Jane.”


“Risk!? I’m only three inches tall for fucks sake!” Richard shouted, starting to become impatient.


Ashley gave Richard a stern stare, and Richard quickly backed down as he didn’t intend to push his luck.


“Jane is the CEO of a multi billion dollar fashion industry… one that tops all other industries on a global scale,” Ashley explained, “you think she’d risk letting you go? And having you tell the world of her and I’s affair? Not to mention what we’ve done to you… her career would be ruined, and she could be put in jail. It’s like I said before Richard… if we couldn’t let you go before, we certainly can’t let you go now… there is no use trying to fight this!”


“And if I continue to fight it?” Richard asked, deciding to test Ashley’s patience again.


Ashley sighed as she gave Richard an expression of grief, “Then… then you’ll end up like Samantha…” Ashley whispered.


“Who is Samantha?” Richard asked, wondering if this ‘Samantha’ was the tiny captive that Jane and Ashley had referred to earlier.


“Samantha was Jane’s ex lover…” Ashley revealed, “one day Samantha used her spare key that she still had to enter Jane’s home to try and sway her mind about breaking up with one another.”


Ashley paused and looked around, making sure Jane was still asleep in bed. Certain they were alone, she turned back to Richard to continue the story, “needless to say… Samantha stumbled upon Jane and I fucking eachother on this very sofa…”


“And Jane shrunk her…” Richard could fill in the details.


Ashley nodded, “I was certainly surprised, it was the first time Jane revealed her shrink ray to me!”


“Shrink ray? Are you telling me that’s what Jane used to shrink me?” Richard remembered the odd looking gun in Jane’s hands back at her office just before he had shrunk.


Ashley nodded in confirmation, “it is…”


“So what happened to Samantha?” Richard asked, wanting to hear the conclusion to Ashley’s story.


“Jane tried to brainwash the little woman, and turn her into a slave and sex toy as she has done with you,” Ashley revealed, “but after two weeks of failure, Samantha continued to resist and verbally assault both Jane and I. Samantha ended up calling me a stupid whore, and Jane flipped out in a rage over it.”


“So Jane killed her?” Richard wondered what kind of cruel death his CEO could have possibly come up with.


“She gave the poor girl a fate worse than death,” Ashley showed a face of contempt as she remembered what Jane had done, “she took out her shrink ray, and shrunk Samantha to only a half inch tall… she then dangled the screaming woman over her mouth before dropping her in…”


Richard’s eyes opened wide with horror, “are you telling me…”


Ashley interrupted him, “Yes. Jane… swallowed her alive…”


Richard was horrified to hear such a thing, and it make him sick to his stomach. He heaved for but a moment as he thought of Samantha helplessly sliding down Jane’s tight esophagus… like nothing more than a morsel of food whose fate was to end up in Jane’s gut. The horrors of Jane’s stomach viciously tearing apart the flesh of Samantha ran rampant throughout Richard’s mind. What kind of sick and demented witch could do such an ungodly act?


“How… How could…” Richard found himself at a loss for words.


“How what?” Ashley asked, watching Richard with concern as he bent over as if he were going to vomit.


Richard finally managed to get himself under control, and slowly turned his head up towards Ashley, “How could you… possibly love… such a monster…”


Ashley wanted to scold him for what he said… but deep inside she knew that Richard was right. Jane probably was a monster, in his eyes at least. But Jane still treated Ashley better than anyone in her life ever had… and she couldn’t throw away the feelings she had for Jane simply because she was a bit different… right?


“I love Jane…” Ashley retorted, “I don’t expect you to understand…”


“I understand completely…” Richard snapped, “I understand that you are willing to let her torture me… just as long as she gets you off at the end of the night!”


Ashley dropped her jaw in shock, unable to evoke a proper response. Richard wasn’t finished with her yet though, and he suddenly found himself to be a bit bold.


“That’s why you cheat on Adam right?” Richard shouted, “because he doesn’t fuck you good enough!?”


Watch it…” Ashley whispered, trying to keep her composure.


“Here’s an idea… maybe just break up with the poor guy instead of dragging him along! Instead of shrinking his best fucking friend and shoving him deep inside his bosses fucking VAGINA!” Richard continued.


Stop…” Ashley was becoming irritated, and her patience ran thin.


“Jane is a fucking monster! And you’re certainly no better! Adam deserves to know the kind of demon he’s been married to all this time!” Richard was finally interrupted as Ashley reached her tipping point.


Ashley gritted her teeth in rage, her hand extending outward in an instant as her fingers wrapped around Richard’s tiny body. Richard’s bold attitude faded into the void as his eyes gaped in horror. Ashley brought him right up to her face, as she peered into his soul with a fiery rage.


“You know NOTHING!” she shouted, “You think I ENJOYED watching Jane MURDER that woman? You think I WANT to cheat on Adam!? Adam doesn’t even fucking LOVE ME! What am I supposed to do!? I can’t DIVORCE him either! Because I dropped out of COLLEGE to move to this shitty ass state and be with him!! I have NO degree, NO job experience! I’d be kicked to the fucking STREETS!”


Ashley finally stopped, as her enraged eyes turned to eyes of sorrow. She quickly placed the terrified Richard back onto the coffee table, as she lifted her feet up onto the sofa and buried her face in her arms. She cried loudly, and Richard began to wonder if her situation wasn’t as cut and dry as he thought it was. Ashley certainly wasn’t in the right… but maybe she got herself into a situation she wasn’t entirely equipped to handle.


“I’m sorry,” Richard whispered.


Ashley peeked up at him, tears dripping down her cheeks, “no you’re not!”


“I am…” Richard assured, “I didn’t realize you gave up your college education to marry Adam… he never told me that.”


Ashley wiped the tears from her eyes, “I loved Adam.. I gave him my life… and now all he does is work… and never includes me with any of his activities unless it’s that stupid italian shithole!”


Richard slowly sat down on the table, crossing his legs. Ashley placed her feet back onto the floor as she started to gain control of her emotions.


“I was at the library when Jane first approached me,” Ashley smiled, “I was reading a book on how to apply make-up properly… because I wasn’t very good at it. Jane laughed at me, and told me the author of the book was an idiot!”


Ashley and Richard both giggled softly, agreeing that Jane would certainly make such a comment.


“I asked her what book I should read instead, and she handed me a copy of her own book… and she sat down with me and read it. She gave me tips, pointers, and she just talked to me in a way Adam never had…”


Ashley let out a deep sigh, “we became friends… and as we continued to have dinner with one another, and go out to bars and casinos… one thing led to another… and eventually…”


“I understand,” Richard said, listening carefully.


Ashley looked at Richard, studying him. She leaned in close once again, “I know this is hard for you… but…”


Richard shook his head as he raised his hand to interrupt her, “Ashley… you must know that I’ll never accept a fate as Jane’s toy… it just won’t happen no matter how hard she tries to brainwash me…”


Ashley let out a weak smile, as she looked at Richard with doubt in her eyes, “you will…” Ashley assured with dismay.


You will…”




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Chapter 6 - The Next Day by Frizzle
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As the bright morning sun arose across the horizon, the warm light cast the blistering cold wind apart like a hot iron. Light seeped through the curtains of Jane’s bedroom, slowly washing over Jane’s heavy eyelids. Her eyes slowly opened, as she stirred about in her bed. She smiled softly, as she extended her hand over to the other side to feel her lover’s bare skin.


Ashley had awoken as well, still a bit tired. She turned her head over to face Jane, who was smiling peacefully at her. Ashley squinted her eyes from the bright sunlight, as she stretched her arms and yawned.


“Morning…” Ashley whispered softly, Jane’s hand sliding towards the center of Ashley’s stomach.


“Morning my love,” Jane responded, leaning over and giving Ashley a kiss on the lips.


“What time is it?” Ashley asked looking around for the clock on Jane’s bedside table.


Jane turned around to look at the clock, seeing that it was just past eight in the morning, “It’s eight o’clock,” Jane answered, “you seem really tired, did you get enough sleep?”


Ashley nodded, not wanting to let Jane know about the secret conversation that she had with Richard during the night, “I did, but I’m always tired so…”


Ashley and Jane giggled, as Ashley sat up and leaned her back against the bed frame. Jane followed suit, and sat up as well. The two sat there silently for a moment, as Jane pondered something that had been on her mind since last night.


“Ashley…” Jane looked over at her.


Ashley looked at Jane with a smile, “Yes?”


“I wanted to thank you,” Jane said.


Ashley tilted her head in confusion, “Thank me for what?”


“For scolding me about Richard,” Jane explained, “about leaving him to die deep inside my pussy.”


Ashley was surprised, Jane never apologized for anything unless she felt that she were wrong… and Jane never thought she was in the wrong.


“You were right, it wasn’t the right call to let him die,” Jane smiled, “I’m glad you convinced me otherwise… because then we wouldn’t have him anymore!”


Jane leaned in close to Ashley’s face teasingly, and Ashley simply looked into her lovers eyes, “last night was just so amazing… that I couldn’t have cared less about our slave in that moment… but now that I’ve had time to contemplate that decision I realize that was a grave mistake!”


Ashley let out a relieved smile, and lifted a hand up to Jane’s cheek, “I’m so glad you see it that way!”


The two kissed passionately, before looking into one another's eyes once again, “and to think… if I left him to die inside my snatch, then we wouldn’t get to play with him anymore! Ugh how foolish I was being!”


Ashley simply smiled at Jane, not really sure of how to respond to her. She was glad that Jane came around in regards to Richard’s life, but she knew that didn’t mean his life would be any easier. Jane was a voluptuous and beautiful woman, and she also had deep sexual cravings that she had to fulfill. Of course Ashley did the best she could to fulfill such cravings, but it would be ten times easier to please her lover with the help of their little toy.


“I have a board meeting today, so I think it’s time we put our slaves other uses to the test today!” Jane proclaimed.


“I’ll stick around for awhile, if you don’t mind,” Ashley asked.


“Of course I don’t!” Jane retorted, “you can stay here as long as you like! Just make sure you don’t  have any more arguments with Adam once you get home… I don’t want him wondering why you’ve grown so distant!”


Ashley nodded in understanding, “I won’t, I promise.”


Jane smiled, “good girl!”


Jane kicked her feet over the side of the bed, and strode over to her wardrobe. As she began to get dressed, Ashley got out of bed herself. She was wearing fuzzy pajama bottoms, and had only a silk lace bra on. She grabbed her shirt off the floor and put it on, before scanning the floor for her socks. She found them a few feet over, and picked them up and slid them on each foot.


Jane had finished dressing, as she slid her laced Prada jacket on. She slipped on a pair of her six inch heels, while walking over to her extra pair of heels on the floor. She picked them up and held them high as she flipped around to face Ashley.


“Let’s see how good he’ll be at cleaning my prized set of heels!” Jane snickered, biting her lip as she looked over at Ashley.


Ashley laughed, “what? You gonna shrink some windex and a towel for him to use?” Ashley laughed even harder at the silly idea.


Jane raised an eyebrow, “why not?”


Ashley slowly contained her laughter, studying Jane’s expression as she realized her lover wasn’t joking, “wait really? Can you do that?”


Jane shrugged her shoulders, “if the shrink ray can reduce men in an instant, it stands to reason it can shrink anything else!”

“I guess so,” Ashley shrugged, Jane making a fair point.


“Let’s go see how our toy is doing this fine morning, shall we dear?” Jane smiled vibrantly as she ushered herself out the bedroom door. Ashley followed closely behind, as the two walked down the incredulous hallway towards the main living room.


Richard had an awfully brutal night. After the conversation with Ashley, he had been left yet again inside the freezing cold Voss glass bottle. It was so unbearable, that he got no more than maybe a solid thirty minutes of sleep at best. His feet were freezing, as was every other part of his body that came into contact with the freezing cold surface.


His heart sank even further when he heard the chipper footsteps of his two captors as they cheerfully entered the living room. Richard hoped that they’d leave him alone for once, but he knew all too well that it was a silly thing to wish for.


Jane walked up to the coffee table, as she peered down into the glass bottle. Richard begrudgingly looked up to see Jane’s colossal set of eyes peering down at him. He let out an annoyed sigh, not even sure what to think. Jane let out a wide and devilish grin, “well now, seems like he’s already awake!”


Jane picked up the glass bottle, and tipped it to its side as Richard fell out yet again onto the hard maplewood coffee table. He shook his head as he regained his composure, and slowly stood to his feet as he gazed up at his colossal ex employer. Ashley stood behind the sofa, looking over it to see if Richard was ok.


Jane studied Richard carefully, and immediately noticed that he was deprived of sleep, “you’re tired, aren’t you?” Jane asked, her voice ringing in Richard’s ears.


Richard let out a sigh, “Yes…” he murmured.


Jane placed her hand on the glass bottle, realizing that it was pretty cold to the touch. It wasn’t THAT cold, but she imagined at three inches tall it could be considered freezing.


“I didn’t realize it’d get that cold,” Jane said in dismay, “how careless of me!”


Richard rolled his eyes surreptitiously, wondering how she could mention carelessness when she literally almost left him to die in her gaping cunt the night before.


“I’ll strike you a deal,” Jane smiled wickedly as she looked down at Richard.


Richard’s attention had been caught, as he looked up at Jane skeptically, “a deal?” he said.


Jane nodded, as she revealed the pair of heels that were in her hands as she slowly placed them on the table near Richard, “I’m going to a board meeting today,” Jane explained, “if these heels are perfectly shined by the time I get home, I’ll give you a new place to sleep at night.”


Richard’s heart lifted for but a moment, before he realized he’d be a fool to think that Jane didn’t have some twist waiting for him, “what new place?” Richard asked, an expression of doubt on his face.


Jane rolled her eyes in annoyance, “Guess not then… and it would have been so warm too…” Jane mocked as she shrugged her shoulders and began to walk away.


“No wait!” Richard held out his arm in desperation, “Please! I don’t want to sleep in the bottle anymore! I just wanted to know where the new place would be…”


Jane looked over her shoulder and down at Richard. She could see the distress in his eyes, and she loved it, “well…” Jane muttered, “what I’ll tell you… is that it’s where our ‘old’ toy used to sleep!”


Ashley’s eyes widened, as she glared down at Richard from behind the sofa. Richard looked at her for but a moment, realizing Ashley was trying to tell him something. Ashley shook her head a little, and spoke a few words silently with her lips. Richard wasn’t quite sure what she said, but he was sure it was something along the lines of “don’t tell her you know.”


Richard understood now. Ashley didn’t want Jane to know that she had told Richard about Samantha and her cruel fate… so Richard decided to do a little acting, “about this ‘old’ toy of yours… what happened to them?”


Jane’s smile quickly faded, “that’s none of your business… you’re a toy, I don’t need to tell a ‘toy’ anything!” Jane hissed.


“Sorry…” Richard apologized, looking down as he tried not to anger Jane any further.


Jane rolled her eyes again, “so do you want my old ‘toys’ sleeping arrangement or not?” Jane was now tapping her foot impatiently.


Richard nodded, “yes please…”


“Then clean the fucking heels,” Jane snapped, “I’ll give you a few things to help you out, I can’t imagine you cleaning them to my standards with just your tiny grubby hands!”


Jane walked over to the other end of the living room, stepping in front of a small painting. Richard watched as Jane removed the painting from the wall, revealing a hidden safe that was behind it. She entered in a combination, before opening the safe door and pulling out an odd looking gun. It was the shrink ray!


Richard couldn’t believe it, is that where she stored the thing? He didn’t remember Jane putting it inside the safe when she brought him home though… He was starting to wonder how it even ended up inside there. Maybe she had two of them? Oh god he hoped not…


Jane closed the safe door and placed the picture back over it. She then walked over to the open kitchen. She walked up to the island drawers and pulled out the very bottom one. She pulled out some black polish, and a clean rag as she then came back over to the coffee table. Richard wasn’t sure what she was doing as she placed the black polish and the rag next to him.


Richard looked at them, before looking back at Jane in confusion, “am I supposed to use these? I’m to small…” Richard complained.


Jane rolled her eyes in annoyance, “are you this small minded all the time?” Jane mocked, before raising the shrink ray at the rag and polish as she pulled the trigger.


With a quick flash, and a beam of light… Richard watched in utter amazement as the rag and polish instantly shrunk to the perfect size… the perfect size for him to use that is!


“I should be making you LICK my heels clean… but because I nearly suffocated you last night inside my pussy I’ve decided to cut you some slack today,” Jane said, “so don’t squander it!”


Richard nodded, having no intentions of arguing with the woman. Jane smiled again, as she bent over and brought her face just over Richards body, “now… tell me who you are,” Jane ordered.


Richard was confused for a second, but quickly remembered what Jane had done yesterday evening after initially bringing him to her home, “Oh… Um… I’m your toy…”


“And?” Jane snapped, not satisfied with his answer.


“I’m your toy and your slave…” Richard completed.


Jane nodded in satisfaction, “that’s right, good job!”


Jane turned around to face Ashley with an enormously proud smirk, “I can’t believe it! He’s learning!”


“Well would you look at that!” Ashley responded, glad to know that Richard was cooperating with his master.


“Well, if you’re gonna stick around feel free to use our toy however you’d like!” Jane insisted, “I’d better get going, I’ll see you later!”


“I’ll come over again tomorrow I promise,” Ashley leaned in and gave Jane a kiss as Jane hurried to her garage. Ashley and Richard could both hear Jane’s lamborghini roar it’s engine, as she sped out of the garage and raced down the street.


Richard just sat down, completely exhausted and wishing he could have had a better night's sleep. Ashley walked around to the front of the sofa and sat down, crossing her legs on the couch.


“Aren’t you gonna get started?” Ashley asked, seeing Richard sit down.


Richard ignored her question, “where did Samantha sleep before Jane ate her?” Richard asked.


Ashley shrugged her shoulders, “I don’t know… I never saw where Jane put her when we went to bed. She was very argumentative with Jane… and we never really got the chance to ‘use’ her because of how defiant she was.”


Richard nodded in dismay, “I see… so for all I know it could be the fucking toilet…”


“Well I’ll tell you one thing for certain… reward or not if you don’t clean her heels before she gets home she’ll punish you for defying her,” Ashley warned.


“I thought she gave me the option?” Richard was confused.


Ashley giggled, “Option? You’re our slave… you have no options silly!”


Her comment infuriated him, but he decided to let it go. Richard let out an annoyed sigh, as he got up and begrudgingly walked over to pick up the polish and rag. Ashley watched as Richard struggled to open the polish can’s lid, and watched as Richard quickly became infuriated.


“Damn thing won’t open!” Richard hissed, struggling to get the lid off.


“Stop prying it!” Ashley said, “you’re supposed to twist it.”


Richard stopped prying, and twisted it open with ease. He rolled his eyes and tossed the lid to the side. He dipped the rag into the polish and walked over to one of Jane’s massive heels. Her heel was the size of an SUV, and he dreaded how long it would take to polish two of them!


He walked over to the toe portion of Jane’s heel, and began rubbing the polish in circular motions. After finishing just the small portion, he found his arm already sore and tired.


“This is bullshit!” Richard threw the rag to the ground, “why am I even DOING this!? I’m not a fucking slave dammit!”


Ashley giggled, holding her hand up to her mouth as she tried to contain her laughter. Richard noticed, and gave her a sour stare, “what!?”


“You get angry super easy don’t yuh?” Ashley tilted her head and winked at the little guy.


“Angry!? You shrunk and kidnapped me! Am I supposed to be happy??” Richard crossed his arms, giving Ashley a staredown.


Ashley rolled her eyes teasingly, “yuh know… most young men like you would LOVE to be the toy of such beautiful woman…”


“I already have a woman!” Richard retorted, “and you gave me a sincere apology last night… or have you changed your mind yet again about whether or not you feel sorry for me?”


Ashley shook her finger back and forth, “I apologized for taking my anger on Adam out on you… but I also told you that you’d have to accept your life as Jane and I’s toy… or did you not remember that part?”


Richard held his hands to his head in frustration, “talking with you is pointless… you completely disregard me as nothing more than an animal!!”


Ashley slipped off the couch and sat on her knees, leaning up against the coffee table. She looked down at Richard and her heart went out to him for the distress he felt, “I get it, you’re ours now… and it feels shitty. But how do you think Jane and I feel? You literally have the power to make her a poor woman… and possibly an inmate! Not to mention me along with her…”



Richard tilted his head back in frustration, “You’ve told me this already! And you think I care!?”


Ashley gave a faint smile, “No…” she said, “I don’t think you care at all… so why should me and Jane?”


Richard found himself speechless, the cold hard truth hitting him like a sack of bricks. He couldn’t believe it… Ashley was right. He knew all too well that were he to escape… he’d immediately alert the authorities and oust Ashley to Adam. Who the hell wouldn’t!? Ashley knew it, Jane knew it… and thus Richard found himself stuck with the both of them.


Ashley stood up and sat back onto the couch, looking down at Richard. Richard decided it was pointless to continue the argument, and slowly walked over to the rag he had tossed on the ground. As he was about to pick it up, Ashley decided to strike him a deal of her own.


“How about this…” Ashley said, as Richard looked over at her, “I’ll polish Jane’s heels for you myself… in return for a favor.”


“What kind of favor?” Richard asked, holding a finger up to his chin with curiosity.


“I have a fetish… one that Jane has never seemed too interested in indulging,” Ashley revealed.


“Wait really? That’s shocking…” Richard responded.


“Jane loves dominating me with her feet… but she has never cared for the roles to be reversed,” Ashley explained, “It’s simple… I’ll polish Jane’s heels spotless, and in return you’ll worship and lick my feet!”


Richard froze, “W-what!?”


Ashley nodded, “I’ve always wanted to indulge in this fetish… and I think you’re the perfect man for the job! Of course I’ll masturbate while you do it… cause I’ll probably get soaking wet… but I promise that once I reach climax you can stop.”


Richard couldn’t believe it, but he was seriously considering Ashley’s offer. He looked over at the SUV sized heels, and remembered how sore he got after only polishing literally a fraction of the enormous heels. He figured Ashley might reach orgasm pretty quickly, and that instead of polishing for over three hours he could simply indulge in her fetish for maybe ten minutes or less. It was a fair offer, one he wasn’t sure he would pass up.


“Do your feet… do they smell?” Richard asked, contemplating his answer.


Ashley smiled, “No spoilers!”


Richard looked down to the ground, holding a finger to his chin as he began to pace back and forth. He finally made up his mind, and decided ten minutes of foot rubbing and licking had to be much easier than hours of polishing some stupid pair of heels.


“Deal,” Richard agreed, Ashley’s expression showing a hint of excitement from his answer.


“I’ll do it… I’ll rub and lick your feet… so long as you keep your end of the deal!” Richard hoped he could trust Ashley to keep her end of the bargain.


Ashley nodded, “I promise!”


“Well… ok then…” Richard gulped audibly, as he looked up at Ashley’s titanic form. She smiled devilishly, as her knees began to lift.


Richard seriously hoped that he made the right decision.




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Chapter 7 - Between A Foot Rub & A Warm Place by Frizzle
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Ashley bit her lip in anticipation as her knees rose in the air, lifting her massive feet as they rose over each side of Richard. The shadows under her legs shifted above him, as his head slowly tilted upwards as he gawked at Ashley’s smooth and colossal legs. In one effortless motion Ashley let the heel of her feet come crashing down on each side of Richard, the coffee table letting out a ground shattering earthquake in Richard’s perspective.

Richard fell back on his ass as he lost his balance. Ashley giggled teasingly as she slid her heels backwards towards the edge of the table. She positioned her left foot just in front of Richard, and the little man looked up in awe as he watched her bend her toes seductively. Richard didn’t have a foot fetish… but Ashley was certainly able to convince him otherwise.

“Well?” Ashley raised an eyebrow, “I thought we had a deal? Get to work my little toy…”

Richard mumbled under his breath, “don’t call me toy…”

Richard reached out both of his hands and placed them against the flesh of her arch. Her feet weren’t as large as Jane’s, but still massive nonetheless. Her feet were smooth as silk, and they had an aroma of what appeared to be either kiwi or strawberry… he honestly couldn’t tell.

Ashley licked her lips as she felt Richard’s tiny hands touch her foot, and she was already getting wet. Richard did as they agreed, and began to rub her feet in circular motions. He was extremely thankful that her feet did not stink, and he was feeling pretty good about his decision now. He rubbed up and down, side to side, and tried to get every inch he could. Though it was a little demeaning, he was willing to set aside his dignity if it meant he wouldn’t have to polish Jane’s stupid heels.

Though Richard’s tiny hands could hardly be sufficient enough to give her a decent foot rub, Ashley didn’t really care about that. She just couldn’t believe that she had convinced him to rub her feet willingly, and the sheer size difference between her foot and Richard’s body sent pleasurable chills down her spine. She could easily pin him under her foot, or make him eat the crumbs that could reside between her toes, oh the sheer power overwhelmed her.

She finally began to slide her hand towards her panties, as her fingers slipped under the garment. Just as she was about to begin pleasuring herself, she suddenly remembered a tiny detail that she realized Richard had apparently forgotten.

“Hey!” Ashley spat, “I can feel you down there, you aren’t lickin’!”

Richard poke his head around the corner of her foot, giving her an annoyed look, “I thought you were kidding?”

Ashley tilted her head back in laughter, “kidding!? You think your tiny hands are gonna give a good foot rub?” Ashley snickered some more, “as if! I want you to worship my feet! And I want you to lick them clean as ‘we’ had agreed!”

Richard let out a defeated sigh, but decided it was still a better alternative to hours of polishing, “ok… I’ll do it.”

“You’ll do what?” Ashley grinned devilishly as she gave Richard a teasingly wicked stare.

“I… I’ll worship your feet…” Richard said solemnly.

“Worship who’s feet? Who am I to you?” Ashley was gonna make Richard work for it.

Richard’s heartbeat began to raise, as he realized Ashley’s other side was starting to poke out. There was kind and loving Ashley, and then there was cruel Ashley. He decided it was best that he comply.

“Your feet…” Richard complied, “the feet of my… master…”

“Good boy,” Ashley praised, “that’s a good little toy! Now chop chop! I’m horny and soaking wet! This pussy ain’t gonna please itself!”

Richard swallowed his pride, as he stuck out his tongue and closed his eyes shut. He slowly leaned in as he prepared to place his tongue against Ashley’s sole. Ashley waited eagerly, not wanting to begin pleasuring herself until she knew that Richard was doing as she had instructed. She didn’t have to wait long however, as only a few seconds later she instantly felt his head press against her sole. Though she could hardly feel his tiny tongue against her massive feet, it still turned her on beyond comprehension.

She quickly slid her hand all the way inside her panties, and immediately began to rub her clit. Richard on the other side was licking her foot up and down, and left to right. He was trying to rub simultaneously, but it was hard to do both at the same time without losing momentum. He had expected her foot to taste like sweat and dead skin flakes, but to his pleasant surprise that wasn’t even remotely the case.

Her feet tasted like strawberry, confirming that the odor he smelt was strawberries and not kiwi. The more he licked, the more he found himself actually enjoying the taste. He couldn’t even believe how incredible her foot tasted, and he found himself licking more and more vigorously as he heard Ashley begin to moan. Ashley was so horny, that she felt as if she’d orgasm any moment now. She wanted to wait though, as she preferred to keep Richard busier than only five minutes of worshipping.

“Other foot!” Ashley shouted, trying to hold back her orgasm.

“Huh?” Richard poked around the side of her foot.

“I SAID OTHER FOOT!” Ashley was in so much distress as she fought to hold back her orgasm, that she had lost all patience.

“Yes mistress!” Richard quickly ran to her other foot, seeing that Ashley was in no patient mood.

Ashley heard him call her mistress, without instructing him to do so… and it really pleased her. Was Richard finally accepting his role? Or maybe he just slipped the word out of his mouth by mistake? Whether it was one or the other, Ashley took it as a sign that Richard was coming around.

Richard quickly began to lick and rub Ashley’s right foot now, as ordered. Her moans became louder, as did her frustrated grunts as she tried to contain her orgasm until just the right moment. She had never struggled so hard in her life, and this proved to be quite the challenge.

Her right foot also tasted like strawberries, and whether it was some kind of lotion or soap brand, Richard thoroughly enjoyed it. He became lost in his thoughts, as his mind focused solely on the task at hand. He forgot about how humiliating this was, and how cruel his situation really was as he fought to please Ashley the best he could. It was almost like… for a split second… that Richard had temporarily accepted his role as Jane’s and Ashley’s tiny toy.

Ashley found herself seconds away from reaching climax, and decided she could no longer hold it. She didn’t want to waste her orgasm though, and decided to alter the agreement that her and Richard made. Smirking devilishly, Ashley parted her foot away from Richard, who looked up at her in confusion.

“I’m altering the deal…” Ashley stated, as she quickly snatched Richard off the table.

“Wait whamphfm!!” Richard felt himself fly across the air as he saw Ashley pull him closer to her soaking wet and pulsating vagina. His eyes widened in horror.

“NMPF!!!” He tried to shout, but it was in vain.

Ashley pressed him firmly against the soft skin of her cleanly shaven pussy, and rubbed Richard’s tiny face against her clit. That was enough, and it was the final push she was hoping for. In an instant, she finally reached an orgasm as her fluids rushed out of her cunt and enveloped Richard’s entire body.

Richard began to cough and sputter as he finally managed to catch his breath. His body was now soaked in Ashley’s fluids, and he looked up at her in anger. This wasn’t what they had agreed upon, and he began to wonder if Ashley would keep her end of the deal at all.

Ashley looked down and rolled her eyes when she saw the face Richard made, “Oh come on! Don’t look at me like that!” Ashley said, “what? You don’t find me attractive?”

“I told you… I already have a girl…” Richard muttered.

“A girl who you’ll never see again,” Ashley stated, “so why not try and evoke an attraction to me instead? Considering you despise Jane so much…”

“Can you just put me down!?” Richard snapped, “I’m tired of arguing with you! You never listen to me!”

“Oh toots,” Ashley could see how upset Richard was, “look, I’m sorry for altering the deal… but it was just SO satisfying to cover you in my juices!”

Richard rolled his eyes, “glad to know I bring you so much pleasure…” he said sarcastically.

“Here, I’ll clean you off!” Ashley smiled, as she brought Richard up to her face.

Richard was brought just up to her lips, and his eyes widened as her lips parted slightly. Her enormously large tongue slithered out of it’s cave, the same tongue that had assaulted him the other night. Her tongue protruded downward, as the tip of her tongue began to slide up Richard’s entire body. In seconds he felt the bristles of her soft, yet oddly rough tongue wash over him. It was moist just as before, and he was helpless as she coated him in her saliva.

Ashley licked off every last inch of her orgasmic fluids from Richard’s tiny body in one large motion, before retracting her tongue back inside her mouth and swallowing her own fluids. She smiled seductively at him, as she licked her lips, “Mmm… you taste delicious!”

“Thanks… I guess?” Richard wasn’t sure whether he’d want to be covered in her spit, or her cum at this point… so he just decided to thank her anyways.

Ashley nodded in acceptance, and carefully placed him back onto the coffee table. Richard let out a sigh of dismay, as he walked back over to the rag to continue polishing Jane’s heels.

“What are you doing?” Ashley asked, looking at him in confusion.

“I… I thought?” Richard looked up at her with a look of misjudgement.

“Thought what?” Ashley laughed, “Just because I altered the deal, doesn’t mean I won’t keep my end of the bargain!”

Richard watched in awe as Ashley’s fingers carefully picked up the tiny polish, her pinky finger dipping some of it out, “though I’ll admit, I wish Jane left the shrink ray here so I could return this damned polish to it’s normal size…”

Richard stepped back, as Ashley picked up Jane’s heels. She quickly and effortlessly rubbed her pinky throughout every inch of Jane’s heels, using the polish carefully to make sure she didn’t use it all prematurely. Richard watched in amazement as Ashley made quick work of Jane’s heels, and within a few minutes Ashley had already finished.

Ashley placed the heels back in the same position as before, so that Jane wouldn’t get suspicious. The heels glistened, and they had the perfect polished shine! Richard couldn’t believe it, and he smiled vibrantly with excitement.

“You honored the deal!” Richard said with relief, “Ashley… thank you so much!”

Ashley blushed, “Awe… I love nothing more than seeing my toy so excited!”

Richard’s smile slowly faded, as he looked down in frustration. Ashley noticed immediately, “what is it? I thought you were glad?”

“Why do you have to call me ‘toy’?” Richard asked, “I have a name you know…”

Ashley gave a faint smile, as she kneeled down before him, “Look, I know that you may not like it… but for all intents and purposes that is exactly what you are to me and Jane now… a toy.”

Richard looked up at her with a heavy heart, “so you aren’t kidding then… you’ll never let me go…”

Ashley shook her head, “I know you may have mistaken my kindness the other night as a glimmer of hope… but that was simply me trying to make amends for going overboard last night.”

“I see…” Richard sat down in dismay, a feeling of sadness washing over him yet again. He wanted to cry as he realized his situation was totally fucked, but he didn’t even have the willpower.

“I promise I’ll take care of you,” Ashley assured, “I’ll make sure Jane doesn’t go to far when I’m able too… and I promise I’ll always be gentle when using you.”

The willpower factor vanished, and hearing Ashley speak of ‘using’ him made him feel even less as a human being. Tears began to well under his eyes, as Ashley’s words smacked him in the head with the reality of his situation yet again.

“I know it’s hard to accept,” Ashley soothed, “and as a normal man I wouldn’t have wished this upon you… but unfortunately you’re not a man anymore. You’re just a three inch toy now, a three inch pet for me and Jane to have fun with.”

Ashley stood to her feet, as Richard sobbed into his palms, “besides champ, it’s only been a day! After a couple of weeks, you’ll start to adjust to your new life!”

Richard ignored her, and continued to sob. Every time he felt like Ashley was becoming reasonable, she’d make a complete one eighty and his situation went back to square one. Sure, she had apologized to him and attempted to make him comfortable… but he didn’t want to be ‘comfortable’... he wanted to go home to the woman he loved.

“Well I need to go home, and try to make amends with Adam for the sake of Jane and I’s secret,” Ashley said, “so back in the bottle you go!”

Ashley picked up the sobbing Richard, and carefully dropped him into the glass Voss bottle. Richard landed on the cold prison floor, and it only caused him to burst into more tears. Ashley was about to leave, but suddenly remembered that neither her or Jane had fed their pet yet, and she quickly ran over to the pantry.

She couldn’t really find anything that she could feed him, except for an open box of poptarts. She decided she was hungry anyways, so she opened one of the pop tarts and ripped off a good size chunk that she felt was more than enough to sustain her slave until Jane returned home.

Ashley dropped the piece of poptart into his prison, and he ignored it as he continued to sob. Ashley really did feel sorrow for the poor guy, but she expected that after a few weeks he’d finally come around.

As Richard sobbed against the cold confines of his prison, and as Ashley grabbed her purse to head out the front door of Jane’s apartment… Jane herself was nearly done with her board meeting.

The long oval table was filled with ten board members including herself, and they were arguing whether or not to expand their horizons to North Korea and Russia.

“North Korea is responsible for absolute chaos!” shouted a board member, “we’d be spitting in the face of all americans by setting up footholds there!”

“North Korea is no different from any other country! They just want to have assured safety!” Shouted a different board member, “besides! Think of all the money we could be making!!!”

“Screw North Korea!” Shouted a female board member, “What about Russia!? The amount of wealth we could make in that country tops North Korea’s profits by hundreds of millions!”

“Russia is JUST as corrupt as North Korea!” Shouted the first board member.

“You’re letting your politics get in the way of business!” The female board member yelled.

“Business IS politics you daft broad!” The man replied.

EXCUSE me!?” The female stood up in fury.

Jane had enough of the pointless bickering, “SILENCE!”

The entire office froze, as the heated board members sat down and regained their composure. Jane narrowed her eyes around the room, realizing that their decision was clearly divided among many of the board members.

“I understand the moral dilemma some of you face inside of you,” Jane said, “and I also understand the amount of wealth we stand from such a choice.”

Jane stood up from her chair, as she began to pace around the room, “but I urge you all to remember… we are Glamour Corp, a global multi billion dollar fashion industry! Russia and North Korea have craved our commerce in their countries for years now, and despite whatever questionable acts they are responsible for… this IS a business about making money!”

The male board member grunted in discontent, “and what about the image of this corporation? Imagine the backlash we could receive!”

Jane smiled, “we have many subsidiaries that could mask our presence, and take the fall should they need to.”

“And you have no moral qualms for doing such a thing?” The man asked with concern.

Jane scowled, and placed her hands upon the oval table as she stared at the man, “do not forget…” Jane threatened, “you were nothing on the streets… and I gave you this position of power!”

The man held his hands up in defense, and backed down, “you are right Miss Conover… but it is my duty as a board member to warn you… and to advise you against something foolish…”

Jane narrowed her eyes, “warning noted…” Jane whispered, “Board meeting adjourned, I’ll see you all next week.”

The board members gathered their things as they all began to exit the room. Jane let out a sigh, as she was quite stressed. She walked up to the giant pane window, and looked out across the city. Though her job as a CEO came with questionable decisions, she felt she was more than equipped to handle them.

“Misses Conover,” a man behind her waited patiently as he got her attention.

Jane turned around, seeing that it was an executive. She recognized him instantly, “Truggard, it’s good to see you! How can I help you?”

“It’s an employee of mine,” Truggard said, “I sent him to deliver a stack of papers to you yesterday, but he never returned.”

Jane raised an eyebrow. Clearly he was referring to Richard, “Oh? Well yes some young man did deliver a stack of papers yesterday.”

“Oh ok good,” Truggard was relieved, “I was worried, because he suddenly vanished! I haven’t seen him yesterday OR today since then… I’ve tried calling him but no answer.”

“That’s because I fired him,” Jane interrupted, facing back towards the window.

“You… you fired him?” Truggard was shocked, “fired him for what?”

“He told me that he hated you, and that he wanted me to fire you,” Jane lied.

“What? Richard!? But he’s the best assistant I’ve ever had! It’s hard to believe he’d say such a thing…” Truggard couldn’t believe it.

“Well he did… and I fired him for it. No one speaks ill of my executives… nobody!” Jane couldn’t really think of a better lie, and decided to stick to the poor one since she had already committed herself to it.

“Man… I wish I knew what I did to upset him,” Truggard was pretty upset about it, “he was such a good worker, it’s honestly a shame. I don’t think I’ll find another assistant quite like him!”

“You will,” Jane interrupted, “I’m going to head home early today, I’m exhausted.”

“Of course Miss Conover, thanks for informing me about Richard,” Truggard thanked, as Jane smiled and nodded before gathering her purse and exiting the boardroom.

As Jane snickered under her breath for the cruel lie she had told, across town Ashley had just arrived to her house via cab.

It was about mid-day now, and the small heatwave quickly began to turn into the blistering cold as it was the night before. She walked up to her front door as she fiddled about with her keys, before finally finding the house key. At this time of the day, she knew Adam would be at work. She figured she’d take some personal time and watch a soap opera or two.

Ashley opened the front door, and as she walked inside she was quickly hit with the incredible smell of honey ham and mashed potatoes, her absolute favorite dish.

“What the…?” Ashley was surprised, and quickly kicked her shoes off as she made her way to the kitchen.

She walked down the hall and entered the archway into the kitchen, and to her astonishment she found Adam home and cooking! On the dining table she found a vase with fresh roses flooding out of it. Two plates were set next to each other, with silverware aside each. Near the center of the table was a big plate with a cooked ham, aside it a bowl of mashed potatoes with a pitcher of gravy beside it. Ashley was breath taken, as she turned back to face Adam who had just noticed her presence.

“Oh you’re home!” Adam lit up with excitement, “I know ham isn’t really a lunch item, but I knew it was your favorite!”

Ashley looked at him with a confused expression, as she looked back towards the dining table, “Adam… I…”

“You don’t need to say a thing,” Adam interrupted, rushing up to Ashley as he placed each hand on her shoulders, “I know that I’ve neglected you… and you really woke me up to the reality of your situation.”

Ashley looked back at Adam, seeing the man she fell in love with for the first time in over six months.

“I’ve taken two weeks off work, time that I want to dedicate to you and you only!” Adam exclaimed, “though if you’d rather go and do something else… I totally understand. I realize that I’ve alienated you, and I want to prove to you that I still truly love you!”

“Adam… this is really unexpected…” Ashley wasn’t even sure how to respond.

Adam nodded his head, “I know… I just ask that you sit down and eat with me. That’s all I ask… afterwards if you want to leave I won’t stop you. I love you Ashley… and I want to show you just how much that rings true in my heart!”

Ashley had to admit, she was genuinely pleased to hear that Adam was taking responsibility for neglecting her… but she wasn’t sure if that would be enough to save their relationship. Regardless, she decided to allow Adam this moment to shine, and nodded as she agreed to partake in this surprising meal with him.

Ashley sat down as Adam pulled out a chair for her, salivating as she eagerly waited for Adam to serve her. Adam had already sliced up the ham, and put a pile of ham on her plate before scooping up some mashed potatoes dumping them next to the ham.

“Would you like some gravy?” Adam asked.

Ashley gave him a teasing glance, “are you kidding? Drown my plate in it!”

Adam laughed, “I knew you’d say that!”

Adam picked up the pitcher of gravy and poured it over the mashed potatoes, making sure to drench every inch of her plate just as Ashley liked. He set the pitcher down before serving his own plate, and he sat across from Ashley as she started to pile the food into her mouth. The ham was utterly perfect, as were the potatoes.

“You haven’t cooked for me since…” Ashley was interrupted.

“Since our honeymoon? Yeah I know… and that’s going to change!” Adam proclaimed, “from now on, I’m going to cook us dinner every single night, whatever your heart desires!”

Ashley blushed, butterflies tingling in her stomach. She was starting to get a feeling she hadn’t felt in a very long time, and she was starting to wonder if she might still have feelings for her husband after all.

“I also have a surprise for you…” Adam brought up, as he reached into his pocket.

“You mean this ISN’T the surprise??” Ashley couldn’t comprehend what else Adam could possibly have up his sleeve.

Adam pulled out a voucher from his pocket, and slid it across the table towards Ashley. She gave him a perplexed smile, before picking the voucher up and taking a look at it. Her eyes widened, and her jaw nearly dropped to the table.

“Are these reservations to Hotel Magnifico!?” Ashley couldn’t believe it.

“Yup!” Adam confirmed, “only the greatest resort and theme park in the world!”

Ashley was overwhelmed, unable to wipe the enormous grin off her face, “Adam… reservations there are super expensive! How did you afford these!?”

“I got a bonus from my last article,” Adam explained, “a very big bonus… and I used it to get us reservations there.”

Adam adjusted his position in his chair, “however… if you don’t want to go with me I understand… you are welcome to take whoever you’d like to go with you.”

Ashley froze, as she looked up at Adam with a puzzled look. It was a grand gesture, she’d give him that… but she now faced a dilemma she never thought would happen. She loved Jane, wholeheartedly. Was one day of change enough to save her and Adam’s relationship? She just wasn’t sure…

“Adam… this is nice… it really is… but…” Ashley was interrupted again.

“Honestly,” Adam spoke, “it’s ok… at the end of the day I just want you to be happy. If that means a life without me… I understand…”

Adam leaned in, “use the reservations. Take a friend, I honestly don’t mind. Just take some time away from me if that’s what you need, and just have a great time. I just want you to be happy Ashley, I’ve always wanted you to be happy.”

Ashley smiled faintly, wondering if this was some kind of test, “you… you really don’t mind if I go with someone else?”

Adam shook his head, “not at all! I planned on it actually! It’s like I said, you can use that voucher however you see fit.”

Ashley smiled, touched that Adam had done such a thing for her. She wondered if Jane would like to go with her, because she knew that Jane had been to Hotel Magnifico before and absolutely loved the place.

As Ashley and Adam began to finish their plates, they had a great conversation that they had not had for many months. As the blistering cold air began to take over the city yet again, Jane had soon arrived back home. It was probably just after one o’clock, and she was eagerly excited to see if her little slave had accomplished the task she had given him this morning.

Jane entered the house, and flicked the hall light switch. She kicked off her heels, exposing her bare feet as they slapped against the hardwood floor as she made her way down to the main living room. She flicked the living room switch on, and looked over to see Richard inside his glass prison.

“Ashley must have put him back after he finished… good girl,” Jane said to herself.

Jane smiled as she walked over to the coffee table, picking up the bottle and tilting it to its side. She giggled as Richard slid out onto the table, landing on his ass. He looked up at her, a look of fear in his eyes. Jane smiled, pleased to see the look of terror in his eyes. She then looked over towards her heels, pleasantly surprised to see them shine like new.

“Well now… I have to admit, I hadn’t expected you to do such an astounding job!” Jane picked her heels up to examine them. She was truly pleased with Richard’s work.

“Ashley didn’t help you, did she?” Jane tilted her head back in laughter at the joke she made, as Richard let out a nervous laugh himself hoping Jane didn’t take that idea to far.

“Well, a deal is a deal,” Jane stated.

“So… no more glass bottle?” Richard looked up at her with hopeful eyes.

“No more glass bottle!” Jane smiled down at him, “you’ve earned it! I’ll allow you to sleep in the toasty warm place where our old ‘toy’ slept!”

Richard smiled, wondering what it could possibly be. A sponge with a makeshift blanket maybe? Or maybe inside her dresser among her toasty clothes in her heated bedroom? He couldn’t be sure, but anything would be better than the freezing cold glass bottle!

“In fact, I was feeling a bit tired anyways, so maybe you could accompany me in a nap!” Jane smiled, as she began to undo her belt and pull her slacks down.

Richard gave a confused look, as Jane began to strip completely naked. Jane kicked her clothes to the side, her titanic breasts nearly covering her entire face from down below.

“Well, you ready to see your new sleeping arrangements?” Jane snickered, looking at Richard with a wicked stare.

“Uh…” Richard didn’t have a chance to answer.

Jane’s hand wrapped around his tiny body in an instant, and he struggled desperately as he saw her hand begin to bring him close to her snatch.

“No!” Richard screamed, “Not your vagina! Not again! PLEASE!”

Jane paused, giving him a confused look, “my vagina?” Jane tilted her head back in laughter, “Oh silly toy, my vagina is NOT where our old ‘toy’ used to sleep…”

Richard’s eyes nearly bulged as he watched Jane in horror. She had reached past her vaginal opening, and brought him to her underside. He looked up at her immense ass that now towered over him, it’s perfectly smooth and colossal form looking back at him.

This, is where the old toy used to sleep…” Jane laughed maniacally, “hope you like it! Sleep tight!” Jane laughed even harder at the stupid pun, before bending over to spread her butt cheeks as wide as she could.

“NO! GOD NO! PLEASE!” Richard struggled harder than he ever had before, horrified as Jane’s gigantic ass cheeks spread apart to reveal her perfectly round and wrinkled ass hole.

Jane let out a wicked laugh, as she slowly tilted Richard head first towards her hungry anus. She had flashbacks to when she would shove Samantha inside, and how utterly fucking satisfying it was! She could finally feel that pleasure once again! In all honesty, whether Richard polished her heels or not… he was going to end up in her ass anyways. At least she got him to polish her heels beforehand, the sucker!

Richard’s face was brought closer and closer, as he screamed in horror and struggled in vain. The heat emanating from her ass hole started to hit him in the face, and he began to sweat profusely as his face nearly reached the opening of her anus. The tight hole looked like a locked door, one that Jane was about to force him into. He couldn’t even comprehend what her asshole would be like, considering how he nearly died inside her pussy the other night.

“Mmmmm,” Jane let out a soft moan, as she finally pressed Richard’s face directly into her ass hole.

Richard continued to struggle, as tears began to pour down his cheeks. His face was shoved directly into the wrinkled opening, as the faint smell made him heave. It wasn’t as bad as he would have thought, but still repulsive.

Jane shivered with pleasure as she slowly began to push Richard inside her. Richard screamed, his voice becoming muffled as he was shoved into her asshole face first. His body twitched and convulsed as he reached the edge of his sanity, trying desperately to fight the overwhelming grip that Jane had on him. It was useless however, as Jane was far more powerful than his insignificant form could ever be.

Jane bit her lip as she closed her eyes trying to imagine the fear and horror in her slaves mind. It brought her pleasure, as she laughed to herself at the idea of her little toy expecting some kind of ‘reward’ for his task. He’d have never guessed that his ‘reward’ would be a one way trip inside her ass!

She took her index finger and placed it at Richard’s feet, before giving him one final push. Richard’s body was shoved all the way inside her butt, as he struggled in vain. The walls were slimy with some kind of disgusting mucus. He hadn’t the faintest clue about the anatomy of an asshole, so he wasn’t sure what it could possibly be. The pressure surrounding him was immense, and he found it difficult to breath.

The smell was overwhelming, and he hacked multiple times as he failed to get the smell out of his nostrils. This was singlehandedly the most grotesque thing he could have ever imagined, and he cried in vain as he was left inside his new ‘sleeping’ arrangement.

Jane’s finger removed itself from her anus, and she smiled wickedly as she strode over to the hall. She could still feel him squirming defiantly inside her, and it made her dripping wet.

“Perhaps I’ll pleasure myself before taking a nap…” Jane contemplated, as she walked down the hall towards her bedroom.


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Chapter 8 - Defiant Little Shit, Aren't Yuh? by Frizzle
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Jane thrust her bedroom door open, as she leisurely headed to her bedside. Though she planned on napping, the constant squirming and desperate struggles inside her bowels were arousing her greatly. She bit her lip as she hopped onto her bed, and quickly planted her face into her pillow as she lifted her ass into the air. She brought her fingers right over her slit, as she began to insert them into her dripping wet pussy.

“Oh fuck yes…” Jane moaned, taking pleasure in Richard’s futile attempts to escape his new prison, “Mmmm, yes… keep squirming you little bitch!”

Richard had run out of tears, and was simply in panic mode. He felt claustrophobic as the tight muscles of Janes anus constricted him. He tried desperately to crawl towards the opening of her ass, but her muscles were simply a thousand times more powerful than him. He wanted to scream in frustration, but he knew that if he did such a thing that his mouth would invite an unwelcome guest.

Her ass was scorching hot, and he found himself sweating profusely as he cooked inside of her anus. Jane certainly wasn’t kidding when she mentioned a warm place to sleep. Richard certainly missed his glass prison now…

Jane was masturbating furiously, moaning so loud that the neighbors might have heard her. She thrust her finger in and out her pussy so quickly that it sent chills up her spine. She bit her lip so hard, it began to bleed a little.

“Oh fuck! OH FUCK!” Jane convulsed with pleasure as she finally reached an orgasm, her juices dripping onto the bed sheets. She let out a pleased moan, and her eyes began to get heavy. She smiled softly as she slowly began to pass out from her own exhaustion, her ass falling to the bed as she fell asleep.

Richard was stuck inside her tight ass, as Jane slept comfortably on her bed. Richard had finally given up the defiance, and slowly came to a halt as he himself became exhausted. He simply sobbed to himself, as he took in small breaths to conserve his oxygen. Just when he thought it couldn’t have gotten any worse, Jane had to prove him wrong.

As Jane slept soundly inside her bedroom, running water began to run all the way back at Adam’s home. He had turned the faucet on as he and Ashley began washing the dishes together in silence.

As Adam rinsed off the dishware, Ashley would place them in the dishwasher. Adam handed Ashley one of the plates, as he decided to start a conversation, “So… would you like to watch a movie tonight?” Adam asked, handing another plate to Ashley as she put it in the dishwasher.

Ashley let out a sorrowful smile, “Adam… I’ll admit this is a great turn in the right direction… but I just don’t know if it’s enough to amend the heartbreak you’ve caused…”

Adam nodded solemnly, as he handed Ashley a pair of glassware, “I understand,” he nodded.

“I think I’m going to stay at a friends for a few days… maybe a week…” Ashley mentioned, “I just need some time to process.”

Adam was clearly hurt to hear what she said, but he also knew that he got himself into this mess to begin with, “I understand… if you want to talk or do anything, I’ll be home. I promise.”

Ashley put the last of the dishes in the dishwasher, before adding the soap and closing the door shut. She started the dishwasher, and looked up at Adam with a look of concern, “Adam, we had a great thing once… but I’m just so conflicted right now… but please know, that I am truly grateful for how understanding you’ve been about this.”

Adam nodded. He knew that it wouldn’t be easy to win Ashley back, but he didn’t expect tonight to end with her leaving for a week. He didn’t know what to do, and he wished he knew what to say to change her mind.

Ashley grabbed her bag, putting the voucher that Adam had given her inside of it. She gave him a faint smile, as she began to head towards the front door.

“Ashley…” Adam spoke.

Ashley stopped and looked behind her, waiting to hear what Adam had to say.

“Just remember… you can use the voucher with any of your friends, please use it. Just consider it a gesture of good faith,” Adam gave Ashley a solemn smile, as Ashley nodded and left the house.

She began to walk down the sidewalk, pulling out her phone to call a cab. She was extremely conflicted with her feelings in regards to Adam, especially after tonight. Did her outburst at Toscano’s spark a fire under his ass? Was Adam finally changing for the better? But what about Jane? Ashley couldn’t deny that she loved the woman… but now her feelings with Adam were coming to the surface yet again… Ashley just didn’t know what to do.

Regardless, she planned to use the voucher that he had given her, the reservations for Hotel Magnifico. It was located only twenty miles out of the city, deep into the suburbs. It was a magnificent resort, hence the name… and Ashley thought that a trip to such a grand resort could really help her recuperate from all the stress she was dealing with. She’d invite Jane of course, who she knew would go in a heartbeat!

As Ashley called up a cab, the cold wind blew down the streets to the heart of the city. The Salty Splatoon was open, and customers flooded in and out of the bar both drunk, tipsy and sober. At the far end of the bar was Kaya, who sat in dismay as she downed her shot of tequila. She looked down at her phone again, the twentieth time in just fifteen minutes as she waited to hear back from Richard. It had nearly been two days now, and not a single word.

If she wasn’t to worried before, she was certainly concerned now. Richard had never gone a day without notifying her, let alone nearly two. Kaya rose her hand in the air, and the bartender nodded over at her.

“Another shot of tequila please,” Kaya ordered.

“Coming right up toots,” the bartender nodded, before reaching for the bottle of tequila on the top shelf.

He poured Kaya another shot, and slid it down the counter towards Kaya who caught it quickly and immediately gulped it down, “another please.”

The bartender let out a laugh, as he poured her another and slid it down the counter. Kaya caught it, and immediately gulped it down, “Another…” she muttered.

The bartender gave her a confused look, and slowly walked over to where she was sitting. Kaya rested her chin atop the backside of her wrist, looking down at her empty shot glasses in sorrow. The bartender could see that something was clearly bothering the poor woman, and he poured her another shot.

Kaya reached over to quickly down it, but the bartender put his hand over the top of the glass, “are you sure you want to be doing this?” He asked, giving Kaya a concerned stare.

Kaya glared up at the man, “who are you? My fucking father?”

“I’m just saying…” the bartender was interrupted.

“I’m fine… I don’t need you parenting me… my parents are long gone, I don’t need a new one…” Kaya hissed, forcing the shot glass out of the bartenders hand and downing it in one swift gulp.

“What’s bothering you?” the bartender asked, “because I’ve seen you in here before… only it’s with a man, and you always order a coke.”

Kaya let out a mocking laugh, “ha! What are you fucking stalking me too?”

The bartender rolled his eyes, “Geez, fucking forget it… just trying to be courteous.”

The bartender turned around as he began to go back to his post, but Kaya let out a sigh and stopped him, “Wait…” she spoke up, “I’m sorry… I’ve just had a shitty two days…”

The bartender turned around, and walked back over to her, “shitty two days huh? What’s going on? Broken heart?”

“Something like that,” Kaya whispered, “my boyfriends been gone for nearly two days now, no word or nothin’...”

“Harsh,” the bartender shook his head in disappointment, “sounds like a flake.”

“That’s the problem,” Kaya responded, “he left literally ALL his belongings… and he’s never flaked on me once… I’m worried something’s happened to him…”

The bartender leaned over, and placed his elbows on the countertop, “have you called the police?”

Kaya shook her head, “they wouldn’t do anything… not until he’s been missing for at least five days…”

“That’s bloody awful ain’t it?” the bartender poured Kaya another shot of tequila, and set it down right in front of her. Kaya was about to reach for it, until the bartender yet again put his hand down atop the glass. Kaya looked up at him in confusion.

“Your boyfriend's gone missing,” the bartender said, “so what? You just gonna sit here and drink until your blacked out? Or are you gonna get your pretty ass up and figure out where the fuck he is?”

Kaya was speechless, surprised that the bartender was treating her this way, though his words rang true.

The bartender leaned in even closer, “I drank once… when my daughter didn’t come home…” he revealed, “I blacked out… and when I woke up I learned that my uncle had kidnapped her, raped her, and murdered her… and what was I doing as all that was going on? I was fucking drunk off my high horse… when I should have been looking for her…”

Kaya dropped her jaw, “I… I’m so sorry…” she wasn’t sure how to respond to what she had just heard.

“Don’t apologize,” the bartender stated, picking up all of Kaya’s empty glasses along with the shot of tequila, “just get off your ass, and find your boyfriend… because if he’s in deep shit, you’ll regret not doing something about it for the rest of your life…”

The bartender took away all the glassware, leaving Kaya to think about the things he had said to her. He was absolutely right, Kaya needed to stop waiting for Richard to make an appearance, and find him herself. She already knew something happened to him, because he simply would never disappear to begin with. The last she heard from him, he was on his way to work, thus she would start at Glamour Corp and figure out where he went after that.

Kaya grabbed her jacket off of the chair and rushed out of the bar into the cool night. She was going to get Adam, who she knew would help him in a heartbeat. As Kaya rushed into her car, she sped down the dark street, the cold air still hustling throughout the city. The wind carried the sound of her engine until it faded into nothing more than a faint whisper, a whisper that eventually turned into silence over Jane’s mansion.

The sun had set, and Jane slowly awoke to the sound of silence. She looked over at her clock, seeing that it was after four o’clock, and realized she had fell asleep a bit longer than expected. Her eyes then shot open, as she realized she’d left her little toy inside her asshole the entire time.

Jane quickly reached towards her anus, but stopped when she felt the subtle squirms of Richard’s little body inside her.

“Good,” Jane smiled wickedly, “I was afraid you might have suffocated in there… but I see you’re alive and kicking!”

Jane decided to leave him inside her ass, since he was apparently so comfortable. Jane stood to her feet, as she grabbed her nightgown and slipped it over her smooth and voluptuous body.

She retreated from her room, as she headed down the hall and into the kitchen. She turned on her coffee maker, which also had an option for hot cocoa. She grabbed some milk out of the fridge, as she began to pour a quarter cup into the machine. She then pulled out a packet of hot cocoa powder and put it into the filter. She turned the machine on, and waited patiently for the the machine to do it’s magic.

She heard the sound of her front door opening, and turned around to see Ashley coming down the hall into the kitchen. Jane smiled, pleased to see her lover return so soon. From the expression on Ashley’s face, she assumed everything had gone just peachy.

“How was your afternoon?” Jane asked.

“It was great!” Ashley exclaimed, as she pulled out the voucher from her jacket pocket, “and guess what I got!”

Jane turned around and rested her backside against the countertop, “what is that?” Jane asked.

“Reservations! FOR HOTEL MAGNIFICO!” Ashley was jumping up and down with excitement.

“What!? That place is awfully pricy! How’d you afford those??” Jane asked curiously.

Ashley didn’t want to tell Jane about Adam’s sudden transformation, as she didn’t want to worry Jane about her feelings for Adam. She decided to lie, of which she didn’t enjoy too much, “Uhh, a friend gave them to me! As a late birthday gift!”

Jane had no reason not to believe her lover, and smiled, “Well then, how nice of them! I suppose this is you inviting me to go with you?”

Ashley nodded, “Yes! Just the two of us! I’m so excited!!”

“What about our little toy though? He certainly can’t be left home alone…” Jane wondered what she might do with him while they were gone.

“Why not just bring him with us?” Ashley suggested, “besides, I’d love to fuck up those hotel rooms with some hot steamy passion!”

Jane bit her lip, as she slowly began rubbing herself at the thought of Ashley’s suggestion, “Damn… you really know how to turn me on! It’s settled then! We will bring our little toy!”

“I knew you wouldn’t protest the thought!” Ashley rushed over and embraced Jane, pressing her lips into Jane’s as they began to shove their tongues down one another's throat. After a few moments, they parted and Ashley gave Jane a slap on the ass.

“Oh! Oh my… Ashley you’re being naughty tonight!” Jane was becoming extremely aroused.

“I’m really horny…” Ashley explained, “I want to fuck you… like the other night…”

Jane raised an eyebrow, “well I won’t say no to that offer! Are we going to be using our toy again?”

Ashley shook her head, “No, not after what happened last time… besides I think he deserves a break.”

Ashley turned around to face the living room, seeing that the glass bottle was no longer on the coffee table, “Speaking of a break… where is the little guy?”

“Enjoying his new sleeping arrangement,” Jane smiled devilishly

Ashley raised a brow, “and where is that exactly?”

Jane slowly turned, facing her ass towards Ashley. She gave her ass a good pat, as she tilted her head back in maniacal laughter, “you should have heard his screams as I shoved him in head first!”

“You shoved him up your ass!?” Ashley was slightly concerned.

“Don’t worry, he’s still alive and kicking! It’s as I said this morning… I intend to keep him around for as long as possible! I’m just thankful I revived him when I did… I would have seriously regretted letting him die earlier!”

“I’m glad you saw the benefits of a tiny toy Jane… but are you sure that he’s safe inside your asshole?” Ashley wasn’t convinced.

“He’s been in there since one o’clock, and I can still feel him squirming, so I’m pretty sure he’ll survive no problem hun!” Jane assured.

“If you say so… I trust you,” Ashley stated, “but it’s almost six now, so why don’t you give the poor guy a break already?”

Jane rolled her eyes, “Ugh, and here I thought you were abandoning your soft side!”

“Oh come on! That’s not entirely fair… besides, I thought you loved my soft side?” Ashley showed an expression of hurtfulness from Jane’s statement.

“Oh sweets,” Jane placed her hands on Ashley’s cheeks, “I love you just the way you are! I’m sorry if I made you doubt that! You are precious to me… soft or not! I love you just how you are!”

Ashley blushed, “Aww… Jane you really know how to make a girl smile!”

Jane gave Ashley a wink, “alright, I’ll let our toy out now… I agree that he’s probably had enough for one day!”

Jane lifted her nightgown, as she reached her hand under her ass. She gave a light squeeze, as her muscles slowly started to push Richard’s tiny body out of her bowels. His feet slowly slid out of her wrinkled anus, as her muscles forced him out as if he were a turd. In one quick push, Jane squeezed Richard all the way out of her ass and he plummeted into her palm.

Richard let in a deep breath of fresh air, something he hadn’t received in over three hours. His body was covered in a gross mucus, and he smelt awful.

“Let’s wash you off, yes?” Jane walked over to her sink, and placed Richard under the running faucet. She took her index finger and rubbed him gently, as she cleaned off the gunk from his body.

Richard was boiling inside, an anger flowing throughout his body. Jane finished rinsing him and walked him over to the island counter. She placed him upon it as she smiled from above, “there, all better!”

Richard’s head snapped upward, his fists balling in anger. He had finally lost it, and he couldn’t take anymore of this nonsense.

“All better!?” Richard shouted, “ALL BETTER!?”

Jane’s eyes widened, as Ashley’s jaw dropped in shock. Ashley wanted to tell Richard to shut his mouth, but it was to late for that.

“You’ve kept me as a fucking TOY for TWO DAYS NOW!” Richard screamed, “You’ve forced your FEET on me! I’ve been rammed up your fucking VAGINA! And then you reward me for polishing your STUPID fucking heels by launching me in YOUR ASSHOLE!? And you call that ALL BETTER!??!?”

Richard was shaking with rage, as Jane simply stood above him and watched him go through with his temper tantrum. Ashley held a hand up to her mouth, knowing that Richard was making a grave mistake.

“You and your BITCH lover can go FUCK yourselves!” Richard shouted, “I’ve had ENOUGH of your shit!”

Richard finally paused, as he glared up at Jane in anger. Jane simply stared down at him, “You finished?”

Richard felt angered by that comment, “Finished? I guess not! Since I haven’t ended up like fucking SAMANTHA yet! You fucking cunt!”

Jane slowly looked over at Ashley, and Ashley looked away in shame. Jane brought her head back down to Richard, as she just stared at him expressionlessly.

“So Ashley told you about Samantha huh?” Jane murmured.

“She told me everything… you monster!” Richard shouted.

“Did she tell you WHY I did what I did to Samantha?” Jane glared at the little man, “she called my lover a stupid whore… and I don’t like it when my toys call my lover names…”

Jane whipped her hand out in an instant, grabbing Richard between her fingers. Richard was caught off guard, but kept his charade of courage going as he glared into Jane’s enraged eyes.

“You called Ashley a bitch…” Jane hissed, “I don’t like that… Not. One. Bit.”

Jane instantly raised Richard above her head, as her lips began to part. Richard’s eyes gaped in horror, as he realized what Jane was doing. Jane’s teeth parted as her lips did, and she revealed her dark throat down below. Her tongue parted outward, as her throat opened wide to accept its next meal.

Richard looked over to Ashley in desperation, “ASHLEY!” He shouted, “Don’t let her do this! PLEASE!”

Ashley turned away, ignoring his pleas for help. Richard looked back down into the dark abyss of Jane’s throat. He began to wriggle violently to avoid his fate. Jane slowly began to lower her hand towards the opening of her mouth, her sharp white teeth coming threateningly closer.

“Jane! PLEASE! I’m sorry!” Richard instantly regretted his outburst, and feared that it might be his last.

Jane brought Richard dangerously close to her mouth, his struggling feet hitting just the base of her tongue. Richard had broken out into tears once again, scolding himself inside his mind for so stupidly defying the woman who had the power to snuff out his life within a moments notice.

Just as Richard thought Jane would eat him, she closed her mouth. She slowly tilted her head back down as she brought her eyes level with his.

“Defiant little shit… aren't yuh?” Jane scoffed, “mark my words… this is your FINAL warning. You are my toy now, AND my slave… and the next time you defy me, I WILL swallow you alive… and you’ll die painfully inside my gut just like that bitch ex of mine did…”

Richard let out an audible gulp as he looked into his goddesses eyes in fear.

“Do you understand?” Jane hissed.

Richard nodded instantly, “Y-yes! I understand!”

Jane’s eyes shifted down to the necklace that was around his neck. The one he had begged to keep when Jane had ordered him to strip all of his clothing. She raised her free hand and pinched the necklace between her nails, and ripped it off his neck and held it in her palm.

“No!” Richard shouted, “Please! Please don’t!”

“Shut your fucking mouth!” Jane snapped, and Richard quickly complied.

“You defied me, and I need to show you that my threats mean something in this household!” with those final words, Jane crunched the necklace in her fist, the necklace crumpling into nothing more than a pile of bent up metal in her hand.

Richard wanted to speak out, but he had learned his lesson for good after today. He simply teared up, as he watched Jane’s hand flatten out, the now destroyed necklace in her palm. Kaya had given it to him only two days ago… and now it was gone. He began to cry, as Jane tilted her hand and let the shattered necklace fall to the kitchen floor for her to sweep into the garbage later.

“I hope you finally realize,” Jane said, “the reality of your situation…”

“You’re nothing now… you’re nobody at all… only a toy.”


End Notes:

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Chapter 9 - The Mountains Collide by Frizzle
Author's Notes:

Chapter 10 will be released in a few days.


Adam slouched on the sofa as he mindlessly watched the new episode of One Punch Man. Though he found the show to be quite entertaining, his thoughts were flooded with uncertainty regarding his wife. Though he was the one who gave her the option to leave, and use the reservations he gave her with whoever she desired, he couldn’t help but feel heartbroken.

Adam jumped slightly at the sudden echoing of his doorbell sounded down the hall. He looked over his shoulder down the hallway to see a shadowy female figure just outside the glass pane on his front door. It couldn’t be Ashley, because she would have simply let herself in. Adam got up from the couch and headed down the hallway to see who it was.

Adam unlocked the front door and opened it wide, surprised to see Kaya at his door, “Kaya? It’s pretty late, what’s going on?”

Kaya shook her head in dismay, “It’s Richard, I still haven’t heard from him.”

Adam was shocked, “Woah, really!? Damn, come  on in.”

Kaya entered Adam’s home, as she looked around, “Is Ashley home?”

Adam shook his head, “No, she left a couple of hours ago.”

“Uh oh… did things not go to well?” Kaya remembered that Adam was taking time off work.

“I’m not sure to be honest,” Adam told, “It’s too soon to tell I suppose. But we can talk about Ashley later, Richard’s a bit more important right now!”

Kaya nodded, as Adam escorted her into the kitchen, “would you like something to drink?”

Kaya shook her head, “No… I’m actually still tipsy, I just came over from the Salty Splatoon.”

Adam gave Kaya a look of concern, “I thought you don’t drink?”

“Yeah… well I’ve been freaked out about Richard,” Kaya muttered, sitting down at the dining table.

“I’ll just pour you a glass of water then,” Adam grabbed a glass out of the cabinet, and filled it up from the faucet. He walked over to the table and sat down, sliding the glass of water over to Kaya. Kaya eagerly took a sip.

“So you haven’t heard from Richard since yesterday morning then?” Adam wanted to confirm.

“Nope… and I think you’ll agree how utterly bizarre that is,” Kaya said, taking another sip from her glass.

“Have you called the police?” Adam asked.

“The police wouldn’t do anything, not unless he’s been missing for five days,” Kaya responded, “I’ll call them when it gets that serious, but for now I wanted to ask for your help in finding out where he might of gone after his shift.”

Adam nodded, “I’ll gladly help, what did you have in mind?”

Kaya finished the last of her water before speaking, “I want to head to Glamour Corp in the morning,” Kaya explained, “and I want to talk to Richard’s boss and see if he might know anything we don’t.”

“Sounds like a good idea,” Adam agreed, “his bosses name is Truggard, if anyone knows something it would be him for sure!”

“You know his boss?” Kaya was surprised.

Adam nodded with a smile, “Of course! I actually wrote a biography on the man about a year ago! I was part of the reason Richard got assigned as his assistant!”

Kaya hadn’t known that, “Oh wow! Well Richard loves working under him, so I’m glad to know you had a hand in that.”

Adam looked at his watch, “It’s far too late to head there now, why don’t you crash in the bedroom and I’ll sleep on the sofa? We can head there first thing in the morning.”

“I wouldn’t want to intrude between you and Ashley…” Kaya hesitated.

“You wouldn’t be, I don’t think Ashley’s coming back for a bit,” Adam said solemnly, “besides, It’d be nice not having to sleep in this house alone for once.”

Kaya smiled, “well alright… I suppose I shouldn’t be driving all the way home anyways, hell I probably should’ve called a cab here…”

Adam held up his hand, “don’t sweat it, the Salty Splatoon is only a mile down the road as opposed to your apartment… I’m glad you chose to drive here instead of all the way home! Besides, I’m more surprised to hear that you were drinking!”

The two laughed at Adam’s satirical comment, “but really, are you sure you want the couch? I honestly don’t mind,” Kaya assured.

“No really, you take the bed,” Adam insisted, “Please, I’d feel like a shitty host if I forced you to sleep on the couch!”

“Alright… well I sincerely appreciate it!” Kaya thanked.

As Adam and Kaya got ready for bed, Jane and Ashley were packing their bags all the way across town at Jane’s mansion.

Jane was super excited that Ashley had invited her to go to Hotel Magnifico  with her. Jane felt butterflies in her stomach to know that Ashley had thought of her when planning such a trip. Jane believed that Ashley’s friend had given her the reservations, however that was not true. Ashley had kept Adam’s gift a secret, as not to worry Jane about her underlying feelings for Adam resurfacing.

“Does this dress make me look fat?” Jane asked, holding a long black dress up to her body as she turned left and right to give Ashley a look.

“Are you kidding?” Ashley scoffed, “that dress would look fucking sexy on you!”

Jane blushed, “Aww, how sweet.”

Ashley slowly strode up to Jane, grabbing her by the hips. Ashley gave Jane a flirtatious wink, as she smacked her lips against her lovers and kissed her passionately. The two began making out furiously, while their little toy watched in the distance.

Richard had been placed atop Jane’s dresser, as he sat and watched the two engage with one another. He was surprised Jane had left him freely on the dresser, but then again after the clear warning she gave him… it wasn’t like he was about to risk it all.

Richard was slowly coming to accept his life. Even though it had only been about two days now, he had already endured enough. At least he’d have Ashley to hold Jane back were she to go overboard… maybe.

Jane and Ashley finally pulled their mouths apart, smiling vibrantly at one another, “Oh how I love you…” Jane whispered.

“I love you more!” Ashley said back.

Jane looked over to her little toy, who was sitting atop her dresser looking at the two of them. She smiled, pleased to see that he was behaving himself. She had only placed him there to see if he would be bold enough to run away, but he was sitting exactly where she had left him.

“Our little slave is behaving himself,” Jane snickered, “I think after so much stress, we should give him a little reward!”

Richard’s eyes widened, as his heart began to race. After his last ‘reward’ he wasn’t so sure he wanted another. Ashley was also slightly concerned, wondering what Jane had in mind. Jane could see the concern in her toys eyes, as she shook her head as she realized what he was probably thinking.

“Don’t worry my little thing,” Jane assured, “I promise the reward will be a bit more enjoyable this time…”

Jane slowly slid her pants off, followed by her shirt soon after. Jane gave Ashley a wink, and Ashley decided to follow suit. The two women eventually stripped completely naked in front of Richard, who simply gazed at their massive breasts in astonishment.

Jane grabbed Ashley’s waist and pulled her close, as she bit her lip while she watched Richard gawk at her sexy body. Though Richard held a disdain in his heart for his two captors, he’d be a fool not to be entranced by the sheer beauty of the two women. Jane’s breasts were slightly larger than Ashley’s, and at his current size they could be considered mountains!

“What are you staring at?” Jane teased, walking up to Richard, “are you staring at these things?”

Jane grabbed her massive breasts and juggled them in her hands just in front of Richard, who became nervous and looked away in shame, “Aww, look dear our little toy is shy!”

Ashley giggled to herself, starting to catch on to what Jane was doing, “well maybe you should help him lighten up then?”

Jane smiled down at Richard, “yes… I think I will my love.”

Jane raised her massive tits over Richards tiny body, as he looked up in horror. Her tits were so freaking large, that they covered the entire view of the ceiling from where he stood. Jane let her hands go, and in an instant her colossal boobs fell on top of him.

Richard flattened under her gigantic bosom, as the flesh enveloped his entire body. He was pinned between the dresser and her tits, and he was unable to move even an inch.

“Mmmm, are they too heavy for you?” Jane mocked, “I can’t even feel you under these damned things!”

Jane began sliding her breasts left and right, rubbing them across Richard’s little body. Her silky smooth flesh rubbed against his entirely nude body, and he couldn’t help himself as his blood began to rush to his lower member. Within moments he was completely rock hard, and he felt conflicted. Though this was against his will, he had to admit that it felt pretty good. Guilt washed over him, as he tried to picture Kaya naked in his mind as an attempt to wash away the guilt that he felt.

“Oh boy, that looks fun!” Ashley exclaimed, “can I have a go?”

Jane laughed, “Sure! I got him all nice and hard for you! I could feel his pathetic boner poking into my tits!”

Jane removed her breasts from Richard, as she stepped aside and let Ashley take over. Richard was a little disoriented, as he looked up in a daze to see Ashley smiling down at him with a devilish smile.

“Oh boy, he really is rock hard!” Ashley tilted her head back in laughter, “Man! I’d better finish you off then little man!”

Just like that Ashley plopped her tits down on top of Richard, who hardly had any time to recover. Ashley could feel his little prick poking her giant bosom, and it made her really horny.

“Oh man! This is hot!” Ashley bit her lip as she too began to rub her breasts to the left and the right as she smothered Richard’s little body under them, “You like that little man?”

“He’s not a man,” Jane said, “he’s a toy, toys don’t have genders sweety!”

Ashley rolled her eyes, “You know what I meant!”

Ashley lifted her boobs off of Richard, as she reached down and plucked him off the dresser. She grinned flirtatiously as Richard looked around trying to gain his bearings. Ashley dropped him just between her massive cleavage, before pressing her tits firmly against one another as she trapped him in between.

Richard’s groans were muffled as her colossal boobs crushed him from both sides, as Ashley rubbed them up and down and bounced them about. Jane watched with a pleased expression, happy to see Ashley not going too easy on him. Ashley loved feeling Richard between her tits, and she slowly turned around and rested her back against the dresser.

“Mmm… Jane!” Ashley moaned, “Jane! Eat me out! Right here! Right now!!”

Jane smiled, “R-really?”

Ashley was rubbing her tits vigorously, feeling immense pleasure as Richard’s tiny body was smothered between them. His little cock poking all about in between her boobs, “YES! Ugh… Oh… Eat me out, right NOW!”

Ashley was clearly impatient, but Jane had no qualms with it. Jane eagerly got to her knees, as she leaned in close to her lovers soaking wet pussy. Jane licked her lips as she looked hungrily at her lovers delicious looking cunt. Jane quickly rushed in, her tongue sliding deep inside of Ashley as she got to work on getting Ashley to reach climax.

Ashley shivered with pleasure, which only caused her to squeeze her tits even harder. The constant bouncing and rubbing was both pleasurable and painful as Richard helplessly slid about between Ashley’s giant tits. His dick was so hard, he knew that if she kept this up that he’d cum in only a few more minutes. He knew what happened the last time he came all over Ashley, and he certainly didn’t want to see what would happen this time.

Jane’s tongue was deep inside Ashley’s vagina, before Ashley grabbed her hair and pulled it upward. It was really painful, but Jane was enjoying the dominative behaviour that her lover was showing.

“Let’s finish him together…” Ashley moaned, “let the mountains collide baby!”

Jane smiled wickedly, as she rammed her breasts forward into Ashley’s, their nipples rubbing against one another’s bare skin. The two began to make out once again, causing Richard to become trapped between their incredulous breasts. Richard wasn’t necessarily running out of air, more so just finding it hard to pause and breath as he was shuffled about indefinitely.

Ashley was getting very close to reaching orgasm, and she decided to throw one final surprise at her lover Jane. Ashley parted her lips from Jane’s, as she smiled deviantly while reaching down between their breasts. She dug between the flesh, and pulled Richard’s exhausted little body out. She saw the poor guy hadn’t even came yet, which slightly disappointed her. No matter, because what she was about to do would finish them all off fairly quickly.

Jane watched in awe as Ashley tilted her head back, and dropped their frantic little slave down into her mouth. Jane’s jaw dropped, never imagining that Ashley would ever do such a thing. Ashley grinned, while sliding Richard’s body around her mouth with her tongue.

“Ashley…” Jane was interrupted as Ashley’s finger pressed firmly against her lips. Ashley then slowly leaned in, as she prepared to make out with her lover while giving Richard the ride of his life.

Richard’s body was soaked in Ashley’s saliva, as his hands pressed into her soft tongue. He could feel the tiny bristles of her taste buds as they pressed into his palms and knees, and he was quite nervous as to what Ashley was doing. The ground shifted beneath him as Ashley’s tongue began pushing him to the side, the tip of her tongue licking up and down his crotch as she played and sucked on him inside her mouth.

Then light poured into Ashley’s maw, as Richard looked out in horror to see Jane’s massive tongue forcing its way into her mouth. Richard tried to scream, but was instantly smacked in the face as Jane’s tongue forced him aside to make room inside Ashley’s petite mouth.

The two massive tongues began to sword fight, as they wrestled for control over Richard’s diminutive form. Richard tried to dodge them, but his efforts were in vain as his body was assaulted and molested by the enormous muscles. Moans echoed from beneath Ashley’s throat, reverberating around him as he tried to cover his ears from the piercing noise.

As Jane fought to steal Richard from Ashley's mouth, she rammed her index and middle fingers up Ashley’s snatch, sending Ashley nearly out of her skin as Jane fingered her lover aggressively. Jane felt Richard just pass the tip of her tongue, and she decided that it was the perfect opportunity to steal him away.

Jane’s tongue slid under Richards body, as he was helplessly wrapped up in her tongue and carried away into her mouth. Richards head smacked Ashley’s top incisors as Jane pulled him out, and he was sent in a daze. Ashley noticed Jane’s move, and shoved her tongue deep into Jane’s mouth to try and win him back.

The middle part of Jane’s tongue ended up under Richard’s private region, as the struggle for control over his body caused her tongue to act as a vibrator as Jane inadvertently rubbed him off. Richard couldn’t contain himself anymore, and his load blew all over the two women’s tongues. Jane could feel the faint sticky substance squirt in her mouth, and it distracted her just long enough for Ashley to wrap Richard up with the tip of her tongue as she pulled him back into her mouth.

Jane parted her lips from Ashleys, giving Ashley a pouting expression, “not fair! You’ve had him long enough!”

Ashley gave a cruel smirk, “I’ll have him as long as I like!”

With that final statement, Ashley tilted her head back. Richard’s eyes gaped in horror as her tongue caused him to slide downward directly towards her throat.

“NO! PLEASE!” Richard screamed in vain, as his feet headed straight towards her gullet.

Jane’s jaw dropped in amazement as she watched Ashley effortlessly swallow Richard with a single gulp. Her throat bulging slightly as Richard’s tiny form slid down her esophagus. For Richard, Ashley’s tongue had forced him down her throat, and the tight muscles around him slowly dragged him down to her stomach. Richard struggled, screaming in horror as he was mercilessly swallowed by what he thought was his only ally. Ashley had sort of reigned Jane back from hurting him too much, however that appeared to be nothing more than a facade now. Richard remembered Ashley’s earlier promise as he slid down her tight throat in terror, the promise that she had now broken.

Ashley traced her finger down her throat, as she let out a small burp. She licked her lips, as her free hand slowly slid down over her clit as she began to rub it lightly, “Oh fuck… he was delicious!”

Jane was speechless, as she looked at Ashley in disbelief, “Ashley… you.. you ate him!”

Ashley shrugged her shoulders, as she grinned wickedly at Jane, “Yeah? And what are you gonna do about it?”


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All other stories I've worked on are also being put on hiatus... for now. Sorry :/

Chapter 10 - The Magic Words by Frizzle
Author's Notes:

Chapter ten, Volume 1 finale is here folks. I decided to upload it a few days early.


Richard felt claustrophobic as Ashley’s esophagus dragged him down towards the depths below. He was screaming and crying as he slowly descended to the pit of Ashley’s gut. He felt his feet push against a tiny opening, which then opened up and sucked him down even further. Next thing he knew he was free falling for a split second before landing in a blistering hot pool of Ashley’s stomach acid.

Richard immediately began flailing about in the hot sticky liquid, which smelt of bile and digested food. Richard could have sworn he smelt a hint of ham and mashed potatoes, but his mind quickly focused on other things as he frantically looked around in the utter darkness. He couldn’t see a thing, and all he could hear was the groaning and moaning of Ashley and her stomach.

Richard slowly made his way through the knee deep pool, and up to a wall of Ashley’s slimy gut. He began pounding like a crazy person as he desperately tried to get her attention.


Richard continued to pound the walls of Ashley over and over, but he never heard so much as a peep except the moans and groans. He gave up pretty quickly, as he slid down the wall and onto his ass as he cried and sobbed into his burning arms. The acid stung like a bitch, and the heat was immeasurable. He could hardly breath, and oxygen was nearly nonexistent inside Ashley’s wretched stomach.

As Richard suffered inside of Ashley, Jane merely looked at her lover with utter astonishment. The night had certainly taken a twist, one that Jane never could have suspected.

“I can’t believe you actually ate him,” Jane put her hands on her waist, as her eyes peered down at Ashley’s stomach, “you’ve been so hellbent on making sure I don’t kill him… and then this? Why?”

Ashley rolled her eyes, “oh please, I’m not going to leave him in my stomach… calm down.”

Jane gave a confused look, “you’re not?”

Ashley shook her head, “after you left this morning, I struck a deal with Richard.”

Jane crossed her arms, curious to hear what Ashley had to say, “I told him I’d polish your heels, if he rubbed and licked my feet!”

Jane’s jaw dropped in shock, “and he accepted!?”

Ashley smiled as she nodded, “Yup! Then I forced him against my pussy as I came all over him! It was fucking awesome!”

Jane let out a snicker, “That’s super kinky my dear… but what does that have to do with eating him??”

“I licked him clean, and he tasted surprisingly good!” Ashley revealed, “ever since I saw Samantha go down that gullet of yours… I’ve always been curious what she tasted like! I figured I’d find out!”

Jane laughed, “well, I’m glad to know you got a kick out of it! I never really thought about what she tasted like… I was too pissed and just wanted to make her suffer!”

“I know,” Ashley said, starting to pat her belly, “ugh… I can actually feel him struggling inside of me!”

Jane lowered her head down to Ashley’s stomach. She could hear her gut gurgling the meal that had just entered it’s stomach. Jane never imagined that her lover had such potential for cruelty, and it was really making her horny.

“If he keeps this up… I’m gonna get hornier than a prick in a strip club!” Ashley exclaimed as she rubbed her stomach.

“You spoke the magic words…” Jane lifted her head up to Ashley, and thrust her mouth forward as the two began to make out passionately yet again.

Ashley moaned in pleasure as she felt Jane’s hands fondle her breasts as she dragged her over to the bed. Jane threw Ashley onto the bedspread as she hopped on top of her, straddling her stomach as she leaned down and licked between Ashley’s breasts. Ashley bit her lip as she felt her lovers tongue slide between her bosom and reach her neck, where Jane proceeded to suck.

Ashley reached her hand under Jane’s nether region, as she began to rub Jane’s clit while her lover reached her lips and began to make out again. Jane was moaning in ecstasy as Ashley played with her clit. Jane then decided she wanted to feel dominance once again over her lover.

“Turn over,” Jane ordered, smiling wickedly at Ashley.

“As you wish ‘master’,” Ashley teased, bending over and raising her ass in the air.

Jane reached over to the bedside table, pulling the strap on out from inside the drawer. She quickly strapped it on, and positioned herself just in front of Ashley’s tight ass.

“I’m gonna fuck you so hard,” Jane teased, “I’m gonna make you scream, I’m going to make you beg for mercy!”

Ashley bit her lip in anticipation, “Oh yes… make me scream baby!”

Jane thrust the strap on into Ashley’s anus, as Ashley was thrust forward. Her mouth went agape, a loud grunt emanating from her vocals. Jane sure knew how to give a good pounding.

“Grunting already? I just started!” Jane mocked flirtatiously, as she retreated the strap on before thrusting it right back inside of Ashley.

Jane did this over and over, thrusting with all the power she had to make Ashley shriek in both agony and pleasure. Ashley rested her forehead into her crossed arms, her body thrusting forward and back with every pounding Jane gave her. Ashley bit her lip to contain herself, but every other pounding resulted in a loud howl, the pain overwhelming Ashley in all the right ways.

Richard’s world had suddenly become an unpleasant earthquake, as the ground and walls that surrounded him began to vibrate and shift unforgivingly. The hot acids swirled and splashed about, as drips of acid flew into Richard’s body. Richard covered his eyes, and faced his back away from the wall of Ashley’s stomach. Searing acid flew everywhere, as Ashley’s stomach rocked back and forth violently. He could only assume that Jane and her were fucking each other, taking pleasure in his suffering. It enraged him, but what could he possibly do about it?

Ashley had swallowed him whole like a piece of meat, a piece of meat that would digest inside of her until he was nothing more than a set of bones. Though he was faring quite well thus far, he knew that if he stayed in her gut too long that he’d eventually melt away with the rest of whatever Ashley had consumed. For now however, he simply tried to survive the barrage of hot acid that kept pounding him in the back as Ashley was pounded relentlessly in the ass.

Jane had thrust the strap on inside Ashley over forty times by now, and Ashley’s ass had taken it like a champ. Jane finally grew tired, and looked down to see a pool of orgasmic fluids on the bed sheets.

“You came!?” Jane dropped her jaw, not realizing that her lover had already came.

Ashley moaned and groaned, tilting her head over her shoulder with a weak smile, “I… I came like… thirty thrusts ago…”

Jane let out a snicker, “why didn’t you say something dear!? I’d have stopped if I had known!”

Ashley turned onto her back again, looking up at Jane with an expression of love, “I love the feeling…” Ashley whispered, “I love being your plaything… for you to dominate.”

Jane bit her lip, as she seductively leaned closer to Ashley’s face, “Oh? Well maybe I shrunk the wrong person then… hmm?”

Ashley raised an eyebrow, “Oh? Though our little toy doesn’t seem to enjoy it… I suppose it’d be rather interesting to give it a try!”

“Well then, why don’t you spit him back up then? Then we can give it a shot!” Jane smiled.

Ashley shook her head, “No.”

Jane gave another confused look, “No? I thought you weren’t going to digest him?”

Ashley smiled, “I’m not… but I want you to shrink me while he’s still inside me!”

Jane thought about it, wondering how weird that might be, “That’s quite interesting… but I suppose I could do it. I guess once I return you to a normal size then so will our slave… no harm done I guess!”

Jane planted a kiss on Ashley’s lips, as she turned around to head into the living room. Ashley waited patiently as Jane went to the safe behind the picture and retrieved the shrink ray from inside. She returned to the bedroom not long after, setting the shrink ray to the three inch setting.

“So what do you want me to do dear?” Jane smiled, “did you want to worship my feet? Be used as my little dildo? Whatever your heart desires!”

Ashley’s grin grew, “I don’t want any of that,” Ashley said.

Jane raised an eyebrow, “ok… then what?”

“I want you to swallow me… whole,” Ashley revealed.

Jane gasped, “What!? No! Never!”

Ashley crossed her arms and pouted, “Oh come on! I want you to suck on my tiny body! I want you to feel me go down your throat! I promise you it’s fucking amazing!”

Jane shook her head, “Absolutely not! If you want me to do such a thing, I’ll do it with our toy, not the woman I love!”

Ashley stomped her foot on the ground, “Not fair! This is the LEAST you could do! I’m letting you use MY reservations, come on be fair!”

Jane frowned, “Ashley… but what if you…”

“What if I what?” Ashley interrupted, “What if I die inside that sexy belly of yours? I won’t! I trust you one hundred and fifty percent!”

Jane rolled her eyes, “Ugh… fine! But I’m puking you up RIGHT after! No way in hell are you staying inside of my dangerous gut for more than a minute!”

Ashley smiled with excitement, “Deal! Oh Jane… you are gonna love this so much I promise!”

“You forget I’ve already done this once…” Jane muttered.

“You did it in anger with someone you hated!” Ashley retorted, “it’s a whole different feeling when you do it for pleasure! Trust me!”

Jane nodded, “I guess we’ll see, brace yourself darling.”

Jane raised the shrink ray, and pulled the trigger. In an instant Ashley was down to just two inches tall. Jane quickly set the ray on the dresser, and kneeled down in front of her now shrunken lover.

“Are you ok? How do you feel?” Jane looked at her with concern.

Ashley inspected her arms and legs, as she touched her stomach before looking up at Jane with a devilish smile, “I can feel him! He shrunk while inside my stomach!!! It worked!”

Jane grinned, “so I’ll be swallowing a woman who has swallowed a man? That’s kinda interesting now isn’t it?”

Ashley smirked, “It’s sexy, that’s what!”

Jane carefully wrapped her fingers around her naked lover, as she stood to her feet and raised Ashley to her eyes. Jane studied Ashley’s now tiny tits, and she couldn’t help but giggle at how tiny her lover was.

“Well… here goes I guess!” Jane said hesitantly.

“Make sure you suck on me good! I want to orgasm before I drop down your thick gullet!” Ashley gave a flirtatious wink.

Jane rolled her eyes with a huge smile, “Oh trust me… I’ll make quick work of you!”

With that final statement Jane tilted her head back, plopping Ashley into her waiting mouth. Ashley dropped as she looked down past Jane’s luscious lips, her soft wet tongue waiting for her to land upon it. Jane’s teeth were perfectly aligned, and perfectly white. Jane took good care of her mouth, so Ashley knew it would be a pleasant ride.

In a second Ashley’s buttox landed on the base of Jane’s tongue, as it immediately began to lick and savor her tiny form. Jane closed her mouth, as she began tossing her tiny lover all about with her tongue, coating her in her saliva as she tasted Ashley’s naked body. Janes tongue ran across Ashley's little tits, which sent chills up her spine.

Jane had to admit, Ashley tasted fucking amazing just as she said she would. When Jane had swallowed Samantha, it was purely to discard the woman. This however… was a whole different ball game. Jane forced Ashley to spread her legs open with her tongue, as the tip of her tongue thrust into Ashley’s tiny crotch as Jane pleasured her tiny lover.

Ashley tilted her head back in ecstasy, as she took immense pleasure while Jane’s tongue licked her cunt. The feeling was so fucking incredible, that Ashley came the fastest she ever had in her life. Her juices poured out of her like an ocean, coating the tip of Jane’s tongue in entirety. Jane could sense that Ashley had finished, and decided she just wanted to get this over with. Though she was enjoying it, she still felt nervous about swallowing her lover. Jane wasn’t entirely sure what Samantha’s experience was like as she died inside of her, but Jane remembered the frantic throbbing in her gut afterwards and knew that Samantha suffered greatly.

Jane positioned Ashley on her tongue, as she began to force the tiny woman towards her gullet. Ashley just laid on her back, smiling to herself as she peacefully slid feet first into Jane’s throat. Jane swallowed, her tongue forcing the rest of Ashley’s body down her tight throat. Ashley slid into Jane’s esophagus, as she held her arms up and shouted “Whee!!!” as she happily slid down her lovers throat.

Jane was feeling very anxious, as she held her throat, feeling Ashley descend towards her stomach. She could feel Ashley’s body moving, and she had to admit that it felt incredible. It was a feeling unlike anything she’d felt before, and to have the woman she loved sliding so peacefully towards her gut was making her horny. But Jane loved Ashley wholeheartedly, and she had no intention of leaving her inside her stomach longer than a couple of seconds.

Ashley’s feet hit some kind of slimy and tight opening, which then opened wide as the rest of her fell into Jane’s gut. Ashley landed in a pool of Jane’s hot and sticky acid, as she looked around in awe.

“So is this what’s it like inside my stomach Richard?” Ashley thought aloud, “Man… if it weren’t for the fact that I knew Jane would be retrieving me soon… I suppose this WOULD be pretty terrifying!”

As Ashley splashed about in the somewhat irritating acid, Richard continued to suffer inside of Ashley’s gut completely unaware of the events going on outside his prison. He had regained the strength to continue pounding on her walls, as the oxygen became scarce. He couldn’t explain why, but it seemed to get ever harder to breath after a couple of minutes ago. It’s like half the oxygen suddenly vanished, and it made him wonder what the fuck Ashley was doing. He didn’t really care however, he simply wanted the hell out of this hell hole. Luckily, his wish was about to come true.

Jane had already rushed to the bathroom, paranoid that Ashley was now in danger. She was glad that Ashley convinced her to give it a try, but her paranoia was taking over. Jane took her two fingers, and shoved them down her throat as she leaned over the sink. In an instant she hit her gag reflex, but she forced her fingers even deeper. Ashley was playing in Jane’s stomach acid like a child, before gravity suddenly evaporated as her body was flung upwards. She laughed uncontrollably as her body squeezed back into Jane’s esophagus.

Jane vomited into the sink, and was relieved to see Ashley come up with it. Jane let out a sigh of relief, and immediately turned the faucet on and began to rinse Ashley off, “Oh my… you were right that WAS amazing!”

“Told yuh!” Ashley smirked.

Jane began cleaning the bile off of Ashley’s tits, “what was it like? Inside of me…?”

“The acid was pretty hot! Kinda like a hot bath! It sorta stunk to be honest, like an overwhelming smell of vomit,” Ashley explained, “but I was too distracted to really care about the smell! I gotta admit, being your helpless victim as you swallowed me whole really turned me on! I used to feel sorry for Samantha… but I kinda envy her now!”

Jane rolled her eyes as she started to clean Ashley’s crotch, “well envy all yuh like, cause there ain’t NO way in hell I’m gonna digest you!”

Ashley giggled, “I know! It’s just a fantasy, it’s not like I would actually WANT you to eat me!”

Jane smiled down at her as she finished cleaning her lover, “Ok, enough play! We need to finish packing for tomorrow’s trip!”

Jane carried Ashley back into the bedroom, and placed her onto the bedroom floor. Ashley stretched and yawned, as Jane pointed the shrink ray at her again. This time she had adjusted the settings to ‘restore’, which she had never actually used. The shrink ray only shrunk objects, but had the option to restore any subjects that had been shrunk by the device.

Just like before, in an instant Ashley was her normal size again. Ashley studied her arms and legs yet again, and juggled her breasts as she looked up at Jane and smiled devilishly, “we gotta try that again sometime!” Ashley smiled.

“I don’t think so!” Jane laughed, “not for awhile at least! I’m still shaking with paranoia!”

“You worry to much!” Ashley snickered, “I’m gonna go let our little guy out, I think he’s starting to wear himself out.”

Ashley headed into the bathroom, leaning over the sink just as Jane had. She too shoved her fingers into her throat, and immediately expelled the contents of her stomach. Richard also found gravity disperse as his body suddenly flew upward. The leftover ham and mashed potatoes that had not yet been fully digested came up with him. In an instant he found himself landing in a pile of puke, along with the remnants of the ham and potato. Richard lifted his arms in disgust, but he also took in a relieved breath as he realized that Ashley had decided to let him out.

Ashley knew that Richard would be pissed, considering she broke the promise she made him literally this morning. But after giving it some thought, she realized that if she was to soft on Richard, he might continue to defy Jane. Though Richard would never know it, Ashley had actually done all of this to protect him. Of course she got immense pleasure out of it, but it was also to toughen him up. If Ashley could get Richard to accept his role indefinitely, then she knew that Jane would never discard him. After defying Jane just a few hours ago, she knew she couldn’t be to soft on Richard anymore. Richard might hate her for it… but she didn’t really care, not when his life was in jeopardy.

Richard looked up at Ashley, who was staring down at him as if waiting to hear what he had to say. He began to raise his fist, as he prepared to scream at her for what she had put him through. Ashley raised an eyebrow, a slight smirk beginning to form on her lips as she waited to see what he would do. Just as Richard was about to let her have it, he stopped himself. Though he thought Ashley was going to digest him alive… she didn’t. He was still alive, and he knew that if he lashed out at Ashley that Jane wouldn’t hesitate to kill him instantly.

Richard slowly lowered his fist, and he looked down in shame as he stared at the small chunks of digested ham floating next to him in the pool of Ashley and Jane’s mixed bile.

Ashley smiled pleasantly, “Good boy…”

Ashley turned on the faucet, as she picked up Richard and let the bile wash down into the pipes below. She began to clean him off, inspecting the small, but insignificant burns all over his body. She didn’t want to make him suffer too long, but she needed to convince Jane that she didn’t feel any remorse for Richard’s precarious position. After the heartfelt dinner with Adam, old feelings came to the surface once again, feelings that created conflict regarding her morals and Richard’s situation. She simply could never forgive herself if she allowed Jane to murder Adam’s best friend, and this was the only way she knew of to keep him alive.

“You did good today Richard,” Ashley smiled as she rubbed her pinky finger over his body to wash him, “all you have to do is play along… and you’ll survive this. Ok?”

Richard looked up at her in confusion, “Wh… what?”

Ashley shook her head, “Shh, don’t say a word.”

Ashley finished washing him, and turned off the faucet as she prepared to exit the bathroom. Jane had continued to pack their bags, as Ashley slowly exited the bathroom. Richard simply stared up at her in awe, wondering if Ashley’s little vore trip was nothing more than a ruse. He suddenly realized that Ashley might indeed be the ally he was hoping for… and that maybe there was a small glimmer of hope after all.

“Just be the toy Jane wants,” Ashley whispered secretly, “and maybe one day, you’ll get a chance to return home…”


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