0.06 Percent by BorrowerEllie

All Ellie wants is to see her boyfriend again, but when a teleport goes wrong, she may never see him again. 

A shrinking woman story.


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Story Notes:

My first story after being a long time reader.

1. Chapter 1: The Portal by BorrowerEllie

2. Chapter 2: The Desk by BorrowerEllie

3. Chapter 3: The Palm of his Hand by BorrowerEllie

4. Chapter 4-Plugged in by BorrowerEllie

Chapter 1: The Portal by BorrowerEllie
Author's Notes:

Chapter 1 introduces Ellie and her quest to see her boyfriend. Nothing really happens except an introduction. 


“Goodnight.” I say solemnly to the computer screen.


“Good morning.” Is the slightly sarcastic reply.


I had been talking to my long-distance boyfriend. I always felt bad that he would stay up all night, even though it was barely 10pm for me. He was sweet about it and would always let me know that it didn’t bother him. Things were about to change, though. Everything would be better in the morning.


“Wake up, Ellie!” My roommate is shouting excitedly. I have slept in again, like always. “We finally get to test it today! We are going to be rich!”


“Stop shouting. I need coffee and a shower before we test anything…”


A cup of coffee, a bagel, and a long hot shower later….


“Using the internet as a teleport. Some said it couldn’t be done. Some people think I’m crazy. But the internet is a massive connected universe for storing and sharing data. If we can simply convert ourselves into data, then we can travel on the same network that you use to watch porn.” My roommate is waving his hands excitedly in front of a whiteboard filled with equations. Sitting next to him is something not unlike a stargate, plugged into his computer through every cable he could attach.


My job is to film his exciting science project, edit it, and send it in to every news station and clickbait website I can think of. I also have my own interests in this project, as should be clear by now.


He pushes a few keys on the computer, and the portal slowly builds itself. It looks like a purple fog settling in place behind the frame. We wait in suspense until the fog is so dense that we can not see the other side. My roommate picks up the object we agreed should be our first test subject. (A pop vinyl of Eleven from Stranger Things) He tosses in into the portal, and then we run.


In my own bedroom a portal manifests itself right next to my computer. We arrive just in time to film the pop vinyl fall onto my bed, and the portal snap shut. We cheer for our victory, and I turn off the camera.


“Something is a little bit off about this…” My roommate says to me. He is holding up the Eleven pop right next to another one in his collection. It is ever so slightly bigger. “0.06 percent size increase.” he informs me. “I will have to make the appropriate size adjustment before the next test.


0.06 percent. I mark that number in my head. I will not be waiting for his next test. I need that portal to work for me tonight.




Our apartment is now quiet. My roommate went to sleep hours ago with the excitement of testing his new teleport again in the morning. I very quietly sneak into his room in my pajamas. I have dressed up for the occasion; wearing only a short skirt, skin tight top, and very sexy lingerie underneath.


I power up his computer and I am relieved to see that he has left the program running in the background. I dig through the code until I find what I think is related to portal size, and I punch in the 0.06 percent. Everything should be set now for my journey. Since we use the internet as our way of travel, I only need to connect to my boyfriend’s computer, and I should be able to teleport myself right into his bedroom as a surprise.


I watch the purple fog start to gather again inside the round frame. I know better than to try and risk it before all the data is complete. But once it looks thick enough, I make my jump into the portal.


Introducing: Michael


Michael is your average 22 year old geek. He doesn’t partake in any sports, and he often has issues talking to girls. However, this does not mean that he is unattractive. He is tall, thin, and has nice sandy blonde hair. His skin might be a bit pale from lack of vitamin D, and his glasses as thick rimmed as the stereotypes would have you believe. His bedroom is covered from wall to wall in movie posters, figurines, and other collectables. One very significant thing about Michael.


He is not my boyfriend!


He is enjoying himself on this particular night sitting in front of his computer screen. He has one hand resting somewhere in between a bottle of lotion and his computer mouse, his other hand is wrapped around his dick. He was having trouble sleeping, and he turned to his favorite video for some entertainment.


It is at this moment, a small purple portal opens itself right above his desk.




End Notes:

Will Ellie be able to reach her boyfriend?

Chapter 2: The Desk by BorrowerEllie
Author's Notes:

Ellie and Michael meet. Things become R rated in this chapter. Some non-con sex.

I fall out of the portal onto a hard wooden surface. “Odd.” I immediately think to myself. “That was almost instant. I felt nothing” I look up expecting to see the surprised face of my boyfriend. Instead, I am greeted by the surprised face of a giant stranger. He is looking at me with a mix of three things. Shock, confusion, and… lust?

I quickly look around for escape. I see his laptop towering over me to one side, and what looks like a bottomless pit on the other. Behind me is a wall with the biggest Star Wars poster I have ever seen. In front of me is this giant boy.

0.06 percent. I adjusted the portal to 0.06 percent of its total size, making myself just under 4 inches tall. And now I’m standing on a strangers desk!

I am so busy looking for a way out that I don’t see his free hand reaching out to pluck me into the air. I scream as the wave of vertigo hits me. My whole body is tucked into the fist of this boy with only my head peeking out. I continue to scream as he brings me towards his face, which is still twisted into the same expression.

“What are you?” The boy says quietly. I can feel the hot wind from his mouth as he talks. “Are you fae? A borrower? Some kind of interdimensional being?”

“I’m human.” I manage to squeak out.

“You don’t look like it. Humans are supposed to be bigger, and they’re usually not so cute.” His words reach me. It is at this moment I scan up and down the giant body before me. I see his face; long hair, green eyes, glasses, fairly nice set of lips. I see his torso; thin, lanky arms, pale skin, not a lot of muscle, but no fat. And then I see his other hand, still wrapped around an enormous penis. My attention snaps back to his face. His lips curl into a slight smile, and I feel my cheeks get hot.

“Well whatever you are, you arrived at a rather convenient time. I suppose I should get a better look at you.” He unwraps his hand, leaving me lying in his open palm. “Very nice.” He says as he lifts his other hand away from his member. He starts poking and rubbing my whole body with a single finger.

“Please. Put me down.” I start to plead with him as his finger begins to explore my more private parts.

“I’m afraid I can’t do that. You see, in order for me to understand what you are, I’m going to need to examine you.” He starts to tug at my clothes. First he attempts to remove my thigh high socks, but he can’t get a grip on them without pinching my whole foot. He decides he doesn’t need to see my feet, and starts working on the top. I am kicking and fighting the whole time, but it’s pointless. I am literally in the palm of his hand, and I am powerless to stop him.

It takes him no time before he rips my skimpy top from my body, and even less time for the skirt. I am left in a very lacy pair of panties and a bra, as well as my socks.

“Wow… You are beautiful.” Michael breaths hot air over my body as he says this. His fingers start to prod my body again. He pokes along my butt and thighs. He pinches one of my breasts between two fingers. I am trying so hard to fight it, but at the same time I am beginning to like his touch. He is gentle and careful with each little thing. I hold my breath as he trails his index finger from my breasts down my stomach.

“So soft…” he mutters to himself. He stops right as his fingers are at my crotch, but doesn’t go any further. Then, out of nowhere, he dumps me back on the desk.

“Take the rest of it off.” He commands.

Instead of doing his will, I start looking for a way out. I run to the edge of the desk, and then over to the wall. There is no escape.

“I said take the rest of it off.” He commands again. This time using his hand to scoop me close to him. I’m right at the edge of the desk, and if I were to fall now it would be onto his lap.

I take a few steps backwards and start fumbling with the clasp of my bra. Then I pull each sock off one at a time. Then finally I slowly scoot my panties off until I am standing there naked. The whole time I am stripping, Michael has resumed playing with himself. Watching me intently as he jerks off.

Michaels breathing starts to quicken, and he lets out a long moan of pleasure. Somehow I can’t look away. I’m watching this giant masturbate to my naked body, and I am almost enjoying myself. Until I see the hunger in his eyes. He wants more than a show.

He stops himself and reaches up to pump lotion into his hand, and then, unexpectedly, scoops me up in the same hand. I can see myself being pressed face first into his massive member. I fight, wiggle, and shove against the flesh in front of me, but I can hear him moaning. I know that I am only helping to pleasure him. The lotion has made me nice and slippery, so there is nothing I can do as he starts to speed up. My boobs are being rubbed on his skin, and I can feel the heat and the throbbing. In a last effort to slow myself down, I wrap my legs around his shaft.

“That feels so good” I hear muffled above me. I’m not going to lie. With my legs up, it was hitting me in a few nice spots as well. I was trying so hard not to enjoy myself. Then I was suddenly plucked away from my warm perch, and placed in front of it. I knew what was going to happen. I braced myself as warm, sticky cum rushed out of his cock and covered my whole body. I couldn’t wipe my face off as it was everywhere.

Michael sat there in bliss for a few moments, enjoying his work, before he lifted me again, and we walked towards the bathroom.


End Notes:

What is going to happen in the bathroom? Is Ellie going to be okay? Chapter 3 coming soon.

Chapter 3: The Palm of his Hand by BorrowerEllie
Author's Notes:

A lot more R rated stuff as well as some polite conversation. 

I can feel movement. I know we’re heading somewhere, but I can’t be sure of anything. The cum that is covering my body is starting to cool down, and a thick musty smell is assaulting my nose.

Footsteps. Door open. Door closed. Water. Splash splash. Falling. Bigger splash.

I am submerged underwater. I gather my senses and swim to what I hope is the surface as quickly as possible. I gasp for air before trying to decipher my surroundings. The walls seem to be smooth and white. I look up right as a massive drop of water lands on my head. I close my eyes for a moment to pray. “Not the toilet. Not the toilet. Not the toilet…” Opening my eyes again, I realize it is thankfully just the sink.

The wide eyes of the giant are peering at me from above. Somehow it seems as though they have lost their edge.

“I’m sorry about… all of that. It’s just that I was in the middle off… and you were there… and… uhmmm… I’m Michael by the way.” He sounds quieter, and much more awkward all of the sudden.

“I’m not interested.” I said stubbornly. I felt like I was turning down some looser at a bar, not confronting the giant boy who had just used me for target practice. I splashed some more water on my face and started scrubbing with my hands.

“Let me help you with that.” Michael reaches to put his hands into the water with me. I have already had quite enough of being handled for the day, and I try to stop him. Of course, there is nothing I can do when his hands wrap around me once again. He adds a little bit of soap to the water, and starts to gently scrub my little body. The whole time, he continues to try and start some awkward conversation.

“I’ve never been so good with women. And I’ve never felt so powerful as I just did when… well… you know.” He continues to fumble over his words. “If you’re not going to tell me your name, I suppose I should find something to call you. Dolly?.. No. That’s too derogatory… Arrietty?... Too obvious. How about Mia? My little Mini Mia. I like that!”

I roll my eyes listening to this boy talk. Why have I suddenly found this boy so non-threatening? Maybe it’s just the warm water causing me to relax. Or maybe it’s the fact that his fingers have been gently massaging my ass for the last two minutes and I haven’t even noticed. I wiggle myself away from his touch again, and finally register what he’s been saying.

“Why do you need to name me? I’m not staying here!” I shout upwards.

“Well it’s not like I can let you leave. It’s dangerous out there. Unless you can zap yourself out of my room the same way you came in.”

His words struck me. I had originally planned on being full size after using the portal. I would have been able to contact my roommate and he could get me home. Now I couldn’t even use a phone, and I don’t know if he could ever find where I had gone in the first place. I felt Michaels hands wrap around me again.

He lifted me out of the water. I was lying on my back in his hand. No more struggling. I was feeling tired and a bit broken at this point. I was his Mini Mia now. Ellie was a past life.

I was wrapped in a small washcloth and carried back into the bedroom. Michael gently pat me dry, and let me sit on the desk in the cloth. It was very warm. He was careful with me, and sometimes so gentle that he seemed to miss entirely. After I was dry enough, he stopped touching me altogether, choosing instead to stare blankly into his computer screen.

“Mia?” He finally said.

I looked up at him questioningly. “Do you mind if we talk? I have a few questions.” He places his hand, palm up, on the desk next to me. An invite to be held instead of being grabbed. Not knowing what else to do, I climb aboard.

“See. It’s not so bad.” Michael tries to comfort me as he brings me to eye level. I am still naked, and his hand is warm and soft. I sit down and pull my knees to my chest. What might he want to ask me? If he doesn’t believe that I am human, and he has chosen a name for me, what comes next?

“So before. When I was disrobing you… And again in the sink. I couldn’t help but notice you seemed to be enjoying it. Maybe this doesn’t have to be so… one sided.”

You do me, and I’ll do you. Is that what he was getting at? The idea partly terrified me, and partly excited me. I knew that the slightest touch from him was electric on my more sensitive skin. I also knew that I was just about the size of his finger. If he was like most guys, he was going to try and penetrate me in some way. Despite all of my fear, I was almost curious to know more.

I relax myself into his palm a little bit more. “What are you trying to say?” I ask him with anxious anticipation. Instead of a straightforward answer, he starts to stroke my back with a single finger. I get chills.

“I just can’t stop touching you, Mia. You’re so soft.” He uses his finger to explore my body a little more. Rubbing my shoulders, sides, and even legs just a little. His index finger traces the outer side of my right leg. Starting at the hip, passing the knee, and stopping at my foot. He hesitates, and then starts going up the inside. He is moving much slower, waiting for me to make a decision. As he reaches my knee, I part my legs to allow him access to my more private area. No words are said as he gently presses his finger into my vulva.

There are no words to describe this new feeling. Something so massive, and yet alive pressing itself onto my sex. Michael’s lips twitch into a half smile at this new development. He tries to rub a little circle, but quickly realizes that he doesn’t have the dexterity to do anything so delicate.

He switches to his little finger, rubbing up and down very slowly. I start to lift my hips in time with his motion. He takes this as his cue to speed up a bit, and push a little harder. I let out a low moan of pleasure. His smile increases as does the speed at which he rubs my tiny pussy. I close my eyes in an attempt to lose myself in the feeling. I wiggle my hips side to side, trying to have him touch as much of me as possible. There is movement beneath me, but I pay no mind to it.

I can not tell if the room is getting warmer, or just me. Suddenly, the large digit is gone. Replaced by a cold empty space. I open my eyes to see a huge nose just above me, and the biggest pair of lips practically touching my feet. I start scooting my way backwards as a gigantic tongue creeps out of the lips and straight for me. It fights its way in between my legs, and leaves a trail of saliva on my thighs. The very tip of it touches my slit, and gently flicks upward.

I lose myself in the sensation as each flick of his giant tongue sends waves of electricity through me. Each approach becomes more intense. It sneaks its way under my ass and gives a good hard lick all the way to the top, touching all of my most sensitive areas with each taste bud.

I gasp and moan and buck my hips until finally I explode in orgasm. The juices are lapped up by Michaels tongue, as I collapse into the palm of his hand.


End Notes:

Probably going to wrap this all up in the next chapter. Hope you enjoy.

Chapter 4-Plugged in by BorrowerEllie
Author's Notes:

Final chapter. I will probably write some more stories along the same idea, but with different scenarios. Please feel free to suggest.

In this one we get a little more playtime, before a little bit of a shock.

I finish gasping as Michael brings me away from his face. He has a smug, satisfied look to himself as he rolls my body back onto the desk.

“I think we have come to an agreement, haven’t we, Mia?” He continues to smile to himself. “I don’t think that we are quite finished yet, however. Holding you makes me feel so powerful, and I just can’t help it.” Michael starts to stand up. I can see his body rising before me like a skyscraper. My eyes pass his chest, stomach, hips, and once again rest on the fully erect cock at my eye level. It looks even bigger at this angle. “It’s your turn to help me out again.” The voice booms from high above me. I can hardly tear my eyes away to look up at his face when he’s talking.

He starts to pump his cock in my direction. Thankfully he hasn’t grabbed me as an aid yet. I’m so exhausted that I might be torn apart if he tries that again. With his spare hand he is fiddling with something on the other side of his computer. I am confused when he takes out a pair of headphones and doesn’t plug them into his computer. Instead he brings the jack over towards me.

He is holding the headphone jack in between his thumb and pointer finger. Reaching for me, he then separates my legs with his middle finger. A cold realization hits me, right before the cold metal is inserted inside of me. I gasp from the shock and start to protest, but he pays it no mind.

“I want it to feel like I’m fucking you, Mia.” Michael says in a darker tone than before. He moves closer to the desk so his penis is almost above me. I watch as he thrusts his hips into his hand, at the same time pushing his headphones into me. He keeps his rhythms in sync. With each thrust, the metal jack goes in.

In and out, as he pretends to have sex above me, and I still have to feel the movements.  He picks up his pace. Moaning and talking dirty. “Tell me that you love it Mia.” He says.

“Am I interrupting something?” A familiar voice comes from behind Michael. His eyes pop open as drops the headphones.

He whips his body around to face the unknown intruder. “Who the fuck are you? How did you get in my room?” He then glances back at me. “This isn’t what it looks like!”

“And what, exactly, does it look like?” The sassy remark clues me in to exactly who it is. My roommate, come to rescue me. “Step away from her. I need to take her home for a good scolding.”

Michael, completely in shock, retreats to the other end of his room. My roommate gets a good chuckle from the state I’m in; sitting there on a desk with a pair of headphones plugged into me.

“Perhaps, this is enough of a punishment.” He giggles. I toss the headphones away from me and climb willingly into the palm of my roommate. “Lets go home, little one. You have proven very useful in my tests.” With that, a purple portal pops open and we pass through back into our own apartment.

After some calculations, and a pass through a couple more portals, I am returned to my normal height minus two inches as a “reminder” from my roommate to not meddle with his stuff.

“How did you find me? I thought I was stuck like that forever!” I exclaim.

“Well you used my computer and my teleport to do this. I had all of the data sitting there when I woke up to pee. Plus I guessed you would do something so reckless; It’s why I chose you as a test subject in the first place. I hadn’t guessed that you would fudge the size settings that badly though.”

“Test subject? I thought I was here to film it?” I am shocked by this new development.

“Yeah… Well… Whatever.” He brushes it off. “Anyway since we know it’s relatively safe, when will you be ready to try again? I’ll even let you see your boyfriend this time.”

“Maybe tomorrow night. But I would like to try fiddling with the size settings again.” I wink at my roommate as he rolls his eyes.

The End!


End Notes:

Thank you for reading my first story on this website!

As mentioned previously, please feel free to suggest other scenarios that I could toss Ellie into. She can start small, shrink, or be found by giants. Just never a giantess herself. 

I hope you enjoyed!

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