XMart's New Product by tallie
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A story of a professional and a new hire in a highly erotic field.

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1. Introductions are in Order by tallie

2. Breaking in the New Toy by tallie

3. The Personal Treatment by tallie

4. Challenge Accepted by tallie

5. An Unauthorized User by tallie

6. Three's a Crowd by tallie

7. The Other Shoe Drops by tallie

8. Enter Becca's New Sensei by tallie

9. The First Lesson is Always the Hardest by tallie

10. You and Me and Bad Dragon Makes Three by tallie

11. A Bit Late on the Meet-and-Greet by tallie

12. What Goes Around Comes Around by tallie

13. A More Experienced Audience by tallie

14. A Second Helping by tallie

15. Please View the Table of Contents for a Better Description of Fetish Content by tallie

16. A Proven Training Method by tallie

17. Basic Training by tallie

18. Basically a Reprise of the Last Chapter by tallie

19. A Toy Broken by tallie

20. The First Real Lesson by tallie

21. Mistress and Mini by tallie

22. A Real Party by tallie

23. Chaos for a Toy by tallie

Introductions are in Order by tallie
Author's Notes:

In which we lay the ground rules for some very explicit content later on.

"So, everyone, we’ve pulled together some money from the last few months and bought a new toy for the house,” Suzy said. “I would like you all to meet the newest member of our house.” She held up, for everyone to see, the naked, six-inch tall woman, who stood proud and unashamed in her hand, although she did have a little trouble keeping her balance at the sudden motion. “Holly.”

The little girl waved at the crowd of thirty or so sorority sisters in front of her. Once a six foot tall, amber haired twenty year old, she had taken a job with X-Mart at the introduction of their human sex toy line. They paid an exorbitant amount of money for her to live as a shrunken-down woman for a few weeks at a time, free to be used as a sex toy by the clients who rented her. She got to choose who her clients were, and she had so far limited herself exclusively to women. This was her first gig in a college town, though. Where she was from, her clientele had largely been wealthy housewives and lonely single women. Keeping this many women happy would be quite the challenge.

Holly had smooth, tan skin, hairless from the neck down; a fortunate side-effect of the shrinking procedure. She had a thin, athletic figure, with relatively wide hips and shoulders to match. Her muscled legs ended at her hips in firm, round buttocks. Her slender stomach and thin waist led up to a pair of grapefruit-sized breasts that hugged tight to her chest, with lean, strong arms. One of the benefits of the procedure was that, while she was shrunken, she aged much slower, if at all, and her athletic figure was much easier to keep.

“Holly is our living sex toy, on rent from X-Mart,” Suzy continued. “She’s very comfortable with nudity, as you can see, and she wants nothing more than to make you happy. We have her for the semester, but we’ll see how things go, and whether we want to keep her.

“She’s completely invulnerable, so she can keep up with whatever you want to do to her. But, remember, she’s a human being. She’s not a slave, she’s not an inanimate object. You should treat her as a member of the house, not humiliate her, not intentionally torture her, and don’t do anything to her that she’s not comfortable with.”

Suzy grabbed Holly’s profile off the table to read the restrictions. “So there are some things that she’s not supposed to do, here… Okay, she’s not supposed to be eaten, trapped in anyone’s shoe or sock, or anything involving urine or feces, or anything that is intentionally humiliating.”

There were a few surprised murmurs, and Holly turned to look at the woman holding her and said, “It’s come up before.”

Suzy looked somewhat shocked and amused as she repeated, “She says it’s come up before.”

“But anal is okay.”

“But anal is okay… Oh, wow.”

There were a few ‘oohs’ and giggles from the crowd, and Suzy seemed a little uncomfortable, but she continued. “Uh, what else… Okay… She has to go back to X-Mart every Tuesday, so one of us will have to take her there. If she misses two weeks in a row, we’ll get fined, so make sure you do it.”

Holly was still smiling, but nearly lost her balance again when Suzy lowered her back down and let her jump out of her hand onto the table. Suzy leaned up against the table as she continued, and Holly eyed her ass, half-seated on the table and wrapped in hip-hugging jeans. It wasn’t the first time she had served women so uncomfortable talking about sex, but chances were that she’d be in those pants soon. At least it was a nice ass.

“So we have some controls for her,” Suzy picked up the remote that Holly had been delivered with. It didn’t have many controls, but it was about the size of a laptop. “We can control her size…” Suzy grabbed the slider and dragged it down to a minimum, and Holly shrank down to a fraction of an inch in a second. “She goes down to an eighth of an inch…” She dragged the slider all the way to the top, and Holly rocketed up to a hundred times the size. She was tall enough now that her head almost met Suzy’s shoulders. She wasn’t used in this height often, but she could almost live a normal life like this. “And up to two feet.” Suzy left her in this size, comparing her remote to the page of instructions. “The green button that says ‘freeze’ makes her completely immobile…”

Suzy pushed the button, and suddenly Holly was completely unable to move. She could stare all she wanted, but her muscles were locked in place. All she could do was turn her eyes and breathe. Not that she particularly needed to; it was another one of the benefits of the process.

“But you can control her limbs, move her any way you want,” Suzy said. She grabbed Holly’s body in one hand to hold her steady and lifted her arms over her head with the other. The amount of force she had to use to move her locked limbs would have broken her arms in a dozen places if she had been this size normally, but she didn’t feel a shred of pain.

Frozen solid with her arms raised over her head, she watched Suzy as she turned back to the remote and said, “The other button, the blue one that says ‘loose,’ makes her completely limp.”

She pressed it, and Holly collapsed like a doll with its strings cut. Her limbs a tangled mess, her head bent at an awkward angle. She could, again, only move her eyes and breathe. Suzy scooped her up by the waist and held her up for all to see. She hung helplessly from Suzy’s hand, arms and legs hanging loose, and, when Suzy flipped her over, she folded forward, staring upside-down at her legs that dangled uselessly off the other side of the woman’s palm.

The exhibition would have been humiliating, but what shame could a sex toy have? If anything, she was a bit excited, enjoying the somewhat carless way that the giantess handled her. A certain wetness started to develop between her legs as she considered all the things the woman could do to her in this vulnerable state.

Unfortunately, Suzy didn’t decide to just start having her way with Holly in front of all her sorority sisters. She delicately placed her back down on the table, then his the ‘cancel’ button. “The red ‘cancel’ button,” she explained, “Frees her from both of the other states.” Holly climbed to her feet and waved at the crowd again, beaming. “But the instructions say, ‘We think you should leave your toy free to move as they like. Our toys love their jobs and know how to make you happy. Tell them what you want and they may surprise you.’”

Holly was proud to say that it was true. She had only ever taken female clients, and she had gotten exceedingly good at figuring out what got them going. This many woman could be a challenge, but she was confident that she would be each of these women’s favorite toy in short order.

“Uh, on the top,” she reminded Suzy, prodding her arm.

Suzy flipped the remote up and saw the other button. “Oh, right. The grey button on the top cleans her off. Clothes, dirt, anything, it all disappears and she’ll be left clean and naked.”

Suzy pushed the button, but there wasn’t really much to change. She was already naked, and she cleaned herself not long ago. Her skin felt a little cleaner when she did it, hough, but the mild wetness between her legs persisted. That was the one place that the cleaning didn’t touch.

“So, uh, that’s it, sisters. Keep her in your rooms when we have guests over. We don’t anyone trying to kidnap her,” Suzy added. “And remember to share.”

Holly beamed proudly at the women assembled before her as they started to disperse, wondering to herself who would be the first to use her. There were twenty, maybe thirty girls in front of her, all young, beautiful, and curious. She had been in their shoes not long ago, but she hadn't had a living toy to help her explore her blossoming sexuality.

It was going to be a fun month.

Breaking in the New Toy by tallie
Author's Notes:

In which things start to get hot, as our star plies her craft. Vaginal insertion, giantess masturbation, moderate crush, and some lesbianism.

As Holly suspected, it was a few hours before any of the sorority girls felt comfortable enough to use her. She spent the intervening time learning her way around the sorority house, taking advantage of her two-foot height that allowed her to make her way around much more easily. She was keenly aware of the stares of the sisters as they passed by her, but that was to be expected. Her bouncing breasts and naked ass would have been a thing to be ashamed of if she had been trying to be a normal person, but what use did a sex toy have for modesty? They would eventually get used to her making her way around stark naked. When she wasn’t serving one of them behind closed doors, of course.

Eventually, one of them, a tall redhead with fair skin and a narrow face, wearing shorts that exposed her long, skinny legs, came up to her and kneeled down to met her face-to-face. “Hey, Holly,” she asked, a bit timidly, “Do you mind if we… uh… You know…”

“That’s what I’m here for,” Holly replied warmly. “Why don’t you go grab the remote so we can do this in private?”

The woman seemed a bit at a loss for words, but nodded and strode away to where they had left the remote. Holly tried to follow, but the woman’s strides were far larger. A few seconds after she disappeared around the corner, Holly shrunk immediately down to eight or nine inches. She wouldn’t be able to make it very fast now, so she stood to the side of the hallway and waited for the redhead to return.

Remote in one hand, the woman reached down and grabbed Holly in her fist with the other. She raised her arms over her head just before being picked up so they wouldn’t be pinned to her sides. 

“So what’s your name?” Holly asked the girl as she started making her way upstairs.


“Amber? Well, it’s nice to meet you,” Holly said. Amber was holding her at around chest level, and she had fairly sizable breasts tucked up under a clingy T-shirt. At this size, they were enormous, and it was difficult not to stare at how they bounced ever so slightly with each step. “Are you nervous?”

Amber smirked. “A little,” she confessed.

“Don’t worry about it, Amber. We’ll talk about it.”

“Actually,” she said, as she swung open the door to her room. “I’d kinda prefer if we didn’t.”

Well, then. Holly stayed silent as Amber shut and locked the door, setting her and the remote down on the bed. She watched as Amber stripped her pants and her panties, revealing a thin, pale abdomen, her hipbones just barely visible, and a small triangle of reddish-gold hair above her crotch, matching the shade on her head, but a good deal curlier.

She left her shirt on, though, and climbed over Holly onto the bed, sending her bouncing up and down as her weight hit the mattress. She dove under the covers, hit the ‘freeze’ button on the remote, and grabbed Holly’s motionless eight inch-tall body.

Amber bent Holly’s limbs the way she wanted carefully. Extending and locking out her legs, straightening her back, and crossing her arms across her chest. Then she lifted the covers and put Holly under with her naked body.

It was already getting hot under the covers, and the heat increased as Amber brought Holly down to her crotch. She could smell the delicious, musky odor, and could see, despite the darkness, the swollen red lips and glistening wetness. Another one of her powers. She could see, even in absolute darkness, so she could see what she was doing to her clients.

No need for that here, though. All it did for her was allow her to watch the quick, almost mechanical way that Amber brought her down between her legs, resting her face on her crotch as she shifted her hand. Then, without a moment’s hesitation, Amber brought Holly’s head down to her vagina and plunged her in.

The walls of Amber’s vagina were tight, and coated in a milky white, salty lubricant. It filled what little space there was, and ran down Holly’s throat with every breath. She felt the hot, sticky substance filling her lungs, but there was no reason to panic; she could stay in here for days breathing the woman’s fluids.

The soft, slick walls were deeply textured, but Holly was big enough to stretch the walls, turning the texture into tight wrinkles that grabbed at her body. No time to get comfortable, though. Almost as soon as Holly was inside Amber’s vagina, the giantess started to plunge her in and out, using her as a dildo.

Holly watched the tight walls slide up and down her body, felt her lubricant-exposed skin exposed to the relatively cold air up to the neck on every outstroke, and felt the muscled walls envelop her body all the way to her knees, where Amber’s fist gripped her tightly, on every instroke.

Amber didn’t move ferociously fast, nor did she savor the motion. She was quick, repetitive, but efficient. Holly was a little disappointed; a rubber dildo could have done her job; but every girl liked something different. Maybe Amber would be more intimate with her in the future.

The giantess finished in about five minutes. Her legs closed up, her vagina clenching quick and powerfully around Holy’s body a few times as her whole body shivered. A shuddering gasp escaped her lips with every contraction, and the orgasm finished and she let out a shaky, pleasured sigh of relief, ripping Holly out from between her legs and placing her soaking wet, frozen body on the covers.

Holly just watched as Amber lay on the bed, her chest rising up and down with her heavy, pleasured breaths. She didn’t particularly like being frozen, but it was better than spoiling that blissful state. Better the woman think of her as a sex toy, and ignore the fact that she was being watched by her toy.

After a few minutes, Amber seemed to finally notice her, and rolled over and pressed the cancel button on the remote, allowing Holly to move again. She climbed to her feet as Amber tossed off the covers, rising out of bed and throwing her pants and underwear back on, sliding a pair of panties on over her still-wet vagina.

Amber ignored Holly as the tiny woman climbed over the lumpy blankets to where she had left the remote. The giantess left her room, leaving the door open, as Holly struggled with the remote. The Clean button was probably the worst design, a rubber pushbutton that she couldn’t get any leverage against when shorter than full size. She had to press her entire body weight against it before she felt it click, and the slimy bodily fluids disappeared from her skin.

She pushed the slider all the way up, returning her height to the more practical two feet, and slid off Amber’s bed to explore the second floor of the sorority house, which was too difficult to reach tiny.

She made it no further than the hallway, though, before Suzy came up from behind her and kneeled down beside her. “Hey, Holly, I got half an hour before class. Do you mind?”

Holly wondered how long it would be before the women stopped asking and started just grabbing her and running to her rooms. To be honest, she kind of preferred being treated like an inanimate object. Everyone coming up and asking her if she was okay doing her job was an awkward and inconvenient way for her to do things.

She acted friendly, though. Eventually, the women would open up, and it would happen faster if she was friendly and eager. “Not at all,” she replied, smiling up at the woman’s massive face. “Amber left the remote in her room.”

Suzy stood up, walking into Amber’s room, and emerging a few seconds later with the remote. Standing over Holly, she shrank her down to six inches, maybe a little less. Then she scooped her up in her hand, holding her in a sheltered cup that she could stand up in, and started down the hallway to her room.

Holly stood in Suzy’s palm, holding onto her fingers for balance as she made her way to her room. She waited until the door was shut before she looked up and asked the giantess, “What do you want to do?”

“I don’t know… What do you think we should…” she trailed off.

“I want to suck your clit,” Holly told her.

A smile started to grow on Suzy’s face, and she said, “Okay.”

She set Holly down on her desk and quickly stripped off her shirt and undid her bra. Her breasts, now free, sagged slightly as she tossed the bra to the side. They hung a little lower than Holly’s, and had dark brown nipples in the center, with wide, bumpy areolae. They dangled freely as she unbuttoned her pants and leaned down to slide her pants and panties down to her ankles.

She stepped out of her clothes and crashed into her computer chair. She grabbed Holly in a fist and placed her on the chair between her legs. There were grooves in the chair where her legs went, and a lump in the middle that Holly could stand on. If Suzy slouched a bit, her whole pussy was presented to Holly, washing her in a hot and powerful fishy odor.

She was clean shaven, which came as a surprise, given her timidity. She clearly cared enough to keep herself presentable. Her dark, wrinkly brown labia were spread ever so slightly, revealing light pink, glistening wet flesh beneath. Holly could barely see the bell of her clitoris, right at head height.

On either side of her rested Suzy’s legs, massive columns of smooth and tan skin. With her legs in the chair, they flattened out to fill the grooves in the seat, but they were by no means fat. Her entire body was lean, muscular, but few women were built for definition. Her legs were perfectly smooth and firm to the tough. Her breasts bounced a bit and her legs jiggled briefly as she scooted up to present her pussy.

She had a stark tanline on her upper thighs met her hips, and pale triangles from her bikini over her breasts. Her crotch, due to the blood flow, as a little darker than the rest of what would have been covered by her panties; it was almost as if it were tanned.

Holly walked carefully up to Suzy’s crotch and placed her hand on her labia, fully aware of the fact that the giantess was staring down at her. She took her other hand and slid it up between her labia, feeling her way up to the woman’s clitoris. Then she brought her whole body in, pushing herself between Suzy’s lips and embracing the soft, burning hot flesh underneath. The giantess' bodily fluids coated her skin immediately, and she rocked back and forth, working her way through the tight folds of the woman's labia to the pink, sensitive skin below. With hetr body below the shoulder trapped between the lips of Suzy's labia, Holly planted her mouth on the hooded bulb of her clitoris, and started to lick, suck, and squeeze it with both hands.

She started slow, watching the woman’s response as best she could while half-buried in flesh as she slowly picked up the pace. She heard the woman gasp quietly, and felt her pelvic muscles give a quick, involuntary squeeze, and she knew that she had found the right rhythm.

She kept going, trying to keep the speed constant, rocking herself back and forth between the woman’s labia, burrowing herself as close as she could to the wet, sensitive flesh underneath. Above her, Suzy’s gasps grew more frequent, and she found it harder and harder to keep still as the pleasure started to mount. Her back arced, her shoulders squirming as her hands rubbed up and down her thighs, squeezing white-knuckle tight in as her occasional, involuntary contractions caused a sudden and sharp release of pleasure.

There was no need for Holly to do anything complicated. Suzy was enjoying herself plenty. She only had to keep going for a few more minutes, the build-up of pleasure taking more and more control from the giantess, to the point that she started to kick and shake, but still had the presence of mind to keep her hips still so her toy could work.

Then she came. Her clitoris retracted into its hood as her powerful pelvic muscles clamped her vagina shut. Suzy’s abs stood out through her stomach when her back arced, thrusting her breasts forced as her mouth opened in a silent scream, unable to breathe in or out with her entire body tightened. Her hands shot to her crotch, pushing Holly against her pussy with all her might, and her legs slapped shut around them, forcing the tiny toy even harder agains the soft, soaking wet flesh.

For a long moment, Holly was unable to move, completely enveloped in the heat, the softness, the wetness of Suzy’s vulva. Her head was pressed mercilessly against her clitoris, as it retracted into its hood, then reemerged to slap her in the face.

Then the orgasm finally ended, and Suzy’s legs opened, her hands pulling away. She wasn’t nearly done, though. Without warning, she sat up straight and scooted forwards, bowling Holly over onto her back and riding straight over her with her pussy. The motion was so sudden that Holly let out a shout of surprise, but it was lost immediately to the tons and tons of flesh that weighed down on her.

Then, with Holly securely pressed into the seat by the pitiless weight of her crotch, Suzy began to grind her hips up and down. All Holly could do was lay there as her vulva rubbed over her face over and over again. Holly’s face was pressed into her clitoris one second, and was staring into the folds of flesh that led to the dark maw of her vagina the next.

This was way hotter than servicing her the way she had. The loved the taste of the woman’s flesh, but being used like this made her incredibly horny. A thick layer of lubricant coated the flesh that squeezed down on her, soaking her from head to toe, leaving her nothing to breathe but bodily fluids, which she inhaled eagerly, savoring the sensation of them sliding down her throat and filling her lungs. The woman tasted sour and salty, secreting a thick, slimy fluid that refused to free itself from her mouth and throat no matter what she did. 

Suzy rubbed on her for a few minutes, picking up pace and pushing down harder as she approached orgasm. Then she finally came, and Holly got to watch her vagina squeeze tightly shut right over her face, squeezing out the lubricant that had filled the empty spaces. Suzy’s hands clenched the chair almost tight enough to rip the leather, and she let out a short scream of unimaginable pleasure.

Then she just sat there for a second, straddling Holly’s helpless body and breathing heavy. Holly didn’t move; the recovery was the last thing she wanted to spoil, and it wasn’t long before Suzy seemed to remember her and stood up off the chair. 

She kneeled down on the ground in front of the chair and met Holly at head height as the shrunken woman climbed to her feet out of a puddle of lubricant. Holly was thoroughly soaked, a long, thick strand of mucousy fluid refusing to disconnect from her hand to her hip. She didn’t bother trying to clean herself off, though. A sex toy should enjoy everything about being used, and, to be honest, she kinda did enjoy being coated so thickly in sex juices.

“Sorry,” Suzy said, grabbing the remote off the desk. She hit the clean button, and everything vanished from Holly’s skin. The tail of fluids that Suzy had left behind on her chair remained, though. “I got carried away.”

“I’m glad you did,” Holly smiled back. “It’s good to see you enjoying yourself.”

“Are you sure? Are you okay?”

“I’m a little tougher than you think,” Holly assured her. All of Suzy’s weight had barely even registered as pressure. One of the many benefits of the process. She was functionally invisible. “You feel like going again?”

“No, I… uh… I should get going.” Suzy quickly threw her pants back on. But, as she fumbled with her bra, she seemed to remember Holly again. “Oh, right.” She grabbed the remote and slid Holly back up to two feet, letting her jump comfortably to the ground off the chair.

Holly watched, slightly regretting how quickly Suzy had cleaned her off, as the giantess hastily dressed herself. Suzy pulled still-wet panties up to her waist, and Holly idly wondered what it would be like to be a part of the crotch of her underwear. She admired the massive woman as she pulled on a pair of hip-hugging jeans, and then Suzy disapeared without so much as a thank-you.

That was part of being a sex toy, she supposed. Women never failed to enjoy using her, but rare was the one who would thank her for her efforts. She was a professional, though; she would take the orgasm as thanks enough.

The Personal Treatment by tallie
Author's Notes:

In which our co-star makes her appearance, and gives us the first hints of the depth of her depravity. Panties entrapment, vaginal insertion, human plaything, and orgasm. 

When Suzy left, Holy set back to exploring the sorority house. Only a few of the girls had their own rooms. The rest shared rooms with one, two, or even three others. By the middle of the day on a weekday, most of the house had left for class.

Except one, apparently, Holly shrank down to four inches without warning, the sudden transition causing her to trip and nearly fall flat on her face. When she recovered, she heard footsteps behind her, and turned to see one of the sisters. She was relatively short, probably five and a half feet tall, with straight brown hair cut to the shoulders. Her round face and bright, eager smile had brilliant green eyes to match.

She wore a tight shirt that showed off her flat belly and sizeable breasts. Below the waist, though, she wore a pair of white-and-pink striped panties and nothing else, exposing short, lean legs that jiggled just slightly with every step. Her skin was smooth and tan, at least where one would expect the sun to shine, and her thighs were just barely separated where they met the crotch of her panties.

Holly looked up admiringly at her, waiting to see what she would do. She didn’t disappoint, either. Looking down at Holly like she was no more than a toy, she bent down and scooped her up in her right hand. The sudden motion was incredibly disorienting, the unexpected pressure of the giantess' grip knocking the wind right out of her. It was an effortless motion to her, but it turned Holly's world upside-down, and she immediately felt absolutely helpless in the massive woman's grasp.

Holly was able to get her bearings just enough to watch as the woman pulled the waistband of her panties with her left hand, then brought Holly, trapped in the woman's fist, down to her crotch. Without a second’s delay or so much as a word of greeting, the woman dropped her feet-first into her underwear.

Holly landed on the fabric immediately, her feet wedging in between her cleft. The woman was shaven completely clean, not a single hair between her legs, and, when she let her panties snap shut, the flesh that Holly was pressed up against, normally sandpapery from regrowing hair, was largely smooth and deliciously warm.

Two of the woman’s fingers dug into the waistband of her underwear and pressed down on either of Holly’s shoulders, forcing her down into the crotch of her panties. Holly’s body bent with the curve of her crotch, and her feet, already fallen between the woman’s brown lips, led her body between her labia. She felt the flesh, heat, and subtle wetness wrapping around the front of her body as she was pushed down. And, before she knew it, her face was pushed right up against the giantess’ clitoris, the rest of her body sinking deep into her vulva.

The heat was incredible, the fishy stench overwhelming. She opened her mouth and sucked in more flesh and fluid than air. Soft, slimy skin pressed up all around her, making it hard to move, and she had to fight the natural urge to panic. 

Now, that was the kind of treatment she was hoping for. She had never gotten it on her first day, though. This woman was either incredibly horny, or kinky beyond anything she could have hoped for. 

The woman, a twenty year old named Becca, removed her hand from her panties, satisfied with her toy’s placement, and gave her a playful press on the head through the cotton over her crotch. She felt the tiny features of the woman’s face press into her clitoris, and shuddered a little. If these toys were as good as advertised, it wouldn’t be long before she lost control of herself for pleasure.

She continued over to her room and put on a nice, tight pair of jeans, making sure they rode up enough to keep pressure on the toy, before leaving for her class. She examined herself in the mirror from all angles, including bent over and sitting with her legs spread wide. There was no way to see the toy woman through her jeans, and she was so deep in between her labia that she was barely even visible through her panties. The little, living toy, who had already started to squirm around a little against her pussy, would be her little secret.

This wasn't the first time Holly had found herself in a situation like this, but it still took forever for her to get used to. The heat and the pressure, the unbelievable stench of the woman's genitals completely overwhelmed her senses.

She knew, to some extent, that she was lying down, faceup, but every step the giantess took, every move she made moved her crotch around. Most women didn't even notice it, but to Holly, it was pure chaos. She sat down, stood up, wiggled her ass into a tight pair of pants, and every second of the ritual was a dizzying, nauseating blur of motion to the tiny woman.

Eventually, things calmed down enough that Holly was able to get her bearings and understand what was going on. After a while, she realized that the woman was simply walking, a pattern she recognized from years on the job. There was a subtle vibration, a deep thud, and the woman's crotch shifted suddenly, with a pause before the process repeated.

Holly wasn’t really sure what the woman wanted. It had probably taken the better part of ten minutes for her to get her bearings, but nothing had happened to her yet. Besides the little tap on the back of her head, the giantess had largely left her alone. Did she want an orgasm, or did she want to just feel a tiny person squirming against her pussy for a little while? She lay there, squeezed by the woman’s labia for a few minutes, feeling her hips sway back and forth as she walked about, before she decided she should at least start off with the latter.

Careful not to stimulate her sensitive clitoris too much, Holly started to squirm around, as if she was trying to escape from her fleshy prison. Twisting her legs, wiggling her feet and toes around in the opening to her vagina, rubbing her hands up and down the flesh underneath her labia. There was little response from the woman, but she noticed, as time went on, that she started to grow increasingly wet between the legs.

She was enjoying it, clearly, but there was no more obvious response than her arousal, despite the fact that she was going at it for almost a full hour. From time to time, she felt the motion of the woman walking around, and felt a bit of extra pressure whenever she sat down, the flesh pressing up around her.

She didn’t want to rush things with this woman, but she had been stuck in her panties for more than an hour now. Holly kept her body squirming around against the soaking-wet flesh, but raised her hands to start rubbing her clit. She started slow and soft, but the response, with all the buildup, was immediate.

Becca was sitting in class when the toy started to stimulate her clitoris directly. After more than an hour enjoying her move around in her panties, she had gotten so worked up that a spike of pleasure jolted through her like a spike of electricity the moment the toy laid hands on her most sensitive organ. She jumped and let out an involuntary gasp, her eyes bulging. It attracted a few stares, and she tried to cover it up with a cough.

Only a few seconds later, though, she felt the pleasure building, and her pelvic muscles squeezing hard without her consent, causing another sharp bite of pleasure to take her over. She bent over at the waist, trying very hard to hold back a gasp or a yelp, until it subsided.

When she recovered, she crossed her legs and squeezed down hard with her thighs, trying to discretely get the toy to stop. But she was too deep in there. Too many layers of cloth protected her, too much flesh surrounded her, sheltering her from anything she did. Even if she leaned forward and tried to put all her weight on her crotch, the little woman continued unabated.

And she stood no chance of holding them back, either. She stood up to leave before things got out of hand, and a third spasm of pleasure caused her to shoot out of her seat like a rocket, her back stiff, legs flexing and fingers splayed out, eyes wide and biting hard on her lip to keep the gasp from escaping.

When she regained control, she hurried out of the classroom as quickly as she could, making her way to the bathroom. No sooner did she make it in, slamming and locking the door shut behind her, did another shock of pleasure send her shuddering to the floor, her back to the door. She sat there, enjoying it for a second, before she started fumbling with her belt, trying to get her pants off before the orgasm hit.

Too late. Just as she got the button undone, she felt the pleasure build beyond the point of no return, and she closed her eyes, her hands gripping her thighs white-knuckle tight, as wave after wave of ecstasy flowed through her body.

Holly got the giantess to come relatively quickly, though it was clear she was resisting. She could feel the woman’s legs shift and cross behind her, felt her hips tilt as she put all of her weight on her crotch, trying as best she could to slow her down. But all it did was cause the hot, soaking-wet flesh around her to squeeze in tighter, and made her responses to Holly’s efforts that much more obvious.

The woman’s orgasm was signaled by her clitoris sliding in and out of its hood in a rhythmic fashion. In, out, in, out, pushing against Holly’s face then receding, in time with the pulsing contractions of her vagina. She felt the flesh tighten and push forward, squeezing up against her feet, then falling back, at the same time that her clitoris drew back.

The next thing came as a surprise. The woman’s fingers dug between her legs and scooped her out from her vulva, ripping her right out of her pants and holding her at head height.

God. Holly thought that being put into the woman's underwear had been disorienting, but this motion was so sudden that it should have killed her. Without warning, her naked, fluid-soaked body rocketed a thousand feet into the air, torn from the heat of the woman's crotch and into the cool air.

As best she could tell, she was in a bathroom, but all she could focus on was the giantess' face. Gooseflesh crawled up and down her skin at the sudden rush of cold air, and she was unable to keep the look of fear and surprise off her face as her view shifted almost instantly from the pink, wet flesh of the giantess' pussy to the massive features of her face.

She had a round, cherub-like face, high cheeks and a smooth chin. She wore a small amount of shadow under her bright, green eyes, and her hair was pulled back from her forehead. Her cheeks shone bright red and she was breathing heavy, her full pink lips parted slightly to reveal bright white teeth. That was the view that she couldn't tear her eyes from. It would be all too easy for this woman to open her mouth, place her on her tongue, and swallow her whole. Then she would be stuck on a day-long trip through the giantess' intestines.

“What the hell are you doing?” she demanded, her face flushed with pleasure, but her voice half-angry.

Holly shrugged in the woman’s fist, smothering her initial instict of terror and trying to act professional. “Helping.”

“I’m in class!” the giantess exclaimed, though there was a mischievous smile on her face and a half-laugh in her voice.

“I can’t tell from down there,” Holly replied. “Your pussy was just so delicious, I couldn’t help myself.”

“You haven’t even begun to taste it yet,” she promised, her eyes growing hungry as she stared down Holly. “You can’t do that again.”

“Is that a challenge?”

The smile grew broader, and the giantess said, “Maybe it is.”

With that, she pulled open her panties and shoved Holy in headfirst, sliding her face across her vulva, between the lips of her labia, until she was staring directly into the dark, fleshy hole of her vagina. The woman didn’t waste any time. She immediately pushed Holly, headfirst, directly into her vagina, sliding her in up to her waist on the first push, then putting her fingers against her feet and shoving her in as deep as she could.


Challenge Accepted by tallie
Author's Notes:

In which Holly earns her keep, and Becca is shown the erotic skills of a professional. Vaginal insertion.

Becca was able to get her fingers down to the second knuckle before she couldn’t push Holly any further in. She drew her fingers out, stroked her clit a few times, and plunged them back into her pussy for good measure. She felt the tiny woman’s feet when she did so, and, satisfied with her toy’s safe storage, she pulled her hand out and pulled up her pants again.

Her fingers were coated in a thick layer of lubricant when she looked at them. She was wetter than she had realized. That poor woman would drown in there if she was able. Curious, and a little horny, she licked the clear, sticky fluid off her fingers. Salty, a little slimy, and definitely not a taste she enjoyed. She spat it out in the sink and washed her mouth out with some water, eying her face in the mirror to see if her orgasm had ruined any of her makeup.

She couldn't imagine what it was like for the tiny woman, literally swimming in that revolting stuff, but the thought of it gave her a wicked pleasure. Her lips curled up in a sultry smile and she gave Holly a little squeeze with her pelvic muscles. God, it was satisfying to know that her pussy was the little woman's entire world.


Holly was small enough that she didn’t completely fill the giantess’ vagina. The woman pushed her in until Holly’s head pressed against her cervix, and there was still clearly enough room for her fingers to fit in. The textured walls pressed in tight on all sides, the space formed by the ridges completely filled with lubricant. Holly was covered from head to toe in the hot fluid, tasting it, breathing it. There was nowhere she could go to get fresh air; she was completely enveloped in the woman’s body.

The soft, fleshy walls that held her fast absorbed her every motion like quicksand. If she tried to gain leverage in any direction, the elastic walls just enveloped her arms and legs. Above her head, the mound of the woman’s cervix, with the tiny, dark, hole in the center, was the only hard surface, but it was risky to play with that. Most women were extremely sensitive up there, and too much stimulation could be excruciatingly painful.

There were women who enjoyed it, but some women’s cervix dilated and plunged down with orgasm, seeking to scoop up as much sperm as possible into the womb. Holly wasn’t small enough to get completely sucked up in there, but it would be very easy for it to clamp down on her head, and she would be unable to escape on her own.

After she got her bearings, she wondered what she could do to make this woman come from here. Her challenge had been pretty damn clear, but she wasn't in the best spot. The most sensitive part of a woman's vagina was near the entrance, and she was buried headfirst up to the woman's cervix. Her feet might be in the right spot to stimulate the more sensitive areas, but kicking blindly might be anywhere from aggravating to painful for the giantess, whose name she honestly still didn't know.

She could try to turn herself upside-down, or work her way down, but the only thing she could really get leverage against was the woman's cervix. If stimulating it was really painful for her, then she'd be put out of the mood immediately, and Holly would spend the next hour struggling and massaging for no reason, just aggravating her mistress.

Some women just enjoyed the feeling of dominance; typically middle-aged housewives, they got off on merely knowing that there was someone who was a slave to their body. This giantess definitely got an erotic thrill off that kind of control, but Holly got the impression that she wouldn't be satisfied without some sort of sexual release. But, from where she was, there were no easy ways to give it to her.

She looked up again at the smooth, glistening flesh of the woman's cervix. It wasn't ideal, but there was only one way to know what kind of woman she was dealing with. Holly lifted her hands over her head and pushed up on that firm lump, gently, hoping that she could at least push her way down to the more sensitive parts closer to the entrance of the woman’s vagina. Almost as soon as she put pressure on it, though, the woman’s pelvic muscles seized fiercely, and the walls of her vagina turned to steel and clamped down, hard.

Her lungs were forced empty, and her arms and legs were twisted around by that much pressure. She was frozen solid for a second, then the muscles relaxed, and Holly was left surrounded by the throbbing walls of the giantess’ vagina, gasping lungfulls of bodily fluids in surprise.

So she was a woman who enjoyed a little bit of play on her cervix. She enjoyed it a lot, it seemed. She probably didn’t know that about herself, but an involuntary contraction of that strength probably corresponded to an eye-popping wave of pleasure. Odds were that she had barely even gotten her pants back on.

The challenge she had been given was far too easy. Holly had a job to do, though, so she started vigorously massaging the woman’s cervix, rubbing and prodding at it, moving as fast and forcefully as she could through the viscous liquid that surrounded her.


Becca was still getting her belt back on when she felt a sudden and powerful pressure deep inside her, a sensation that was accompanied with a pleasure so strong that she let out an involuntary shout and bent over at the waist, her hands snapping to her crotch.

What the hell was that? She stood there, gasping for air and staring at her own feet as the pleasure slowly faded. How the hell was this toy so good? What was she doing to her?

Another wave of pleasure rocketed through her body. Her pussy clenched so hard around the toy that it hurt, and her entire body shook, a scream escaping from her lips that slowly turned into a shaking, laughing moan. She started to take off her pants and underwear, but they were only around her ankles when another pang of pleasure sent her hand back to her crotch, palms clapping against wet, hot flesh.

She shifted slowly, bare-assed, to the floor, unable to do more amidst the pure sexual ecstasy. By the time the next one came, she was on her back, pants and panties still tangled around her ankles, bare crotch exposed to the air, and a tiny woman inside her, giving her the sexual experience of a lifetime.

She screamed, writhing on the floor, hands clutching her naked buttcheeks like they were the only thing anchoring her to the world. By the time the pleasure faded, she felt herself already approaching the point of no return, the climax slowly building to an unstoppable level.

She let it happen. Her hips lifted, unbidden, off the floor as an explosion of pleasure rocked her entire body. Her legs shook, her back arced, and a sudden and powerful stream of clear fluid rocketed out of her crotch, spraying across the floor.

She had never seen that before. Every ounce of ejaculate that came from between her legs felt like an orgasm. She could barely breathe amidst the torrent of ecstasy, and, when the squirting finally stopped, the release was like nothing she had ever felt. She just lay there, thrusting her hips up and down, gasping and moaning desperately and incoherently. She had completely lost control.


The giantess’ pelvic muscles clamped down hard on Holly, so hard that she was completely unable to move. At the moment of climax, the fleshy prison that wrapped around her turned to steel and pressed in on all sides with bone-cracking pressure, and held there for an impressive amount of time.

At the same time that the walls squeezed shut, the woman’s cervix opened up and lowered into her vagina. Not far, but far enough to grab Holly’s hands, and the walls held so tight that she was unable to move her arms out of the way, and, when the woman’s vaginal walls relaxed, her cervix did as well, snapping shut around her wrists and forearms and pulling her a few inches upwards.

There was nothing she could do to escape now. She couldn’t get the leverage to pull her hands free, and she wasn’t strong enough to begin with. The hole in the woman’s cervix was extremely tight; it would have shattered her arms if she hadn’t been invincible. All she could do was lay there as the giantess’ pelvic muscles spasmed around her over and over, feeling the woman’s hips heaving in the throes of orgasm.

By the time she felt the giantess stand up and start walking around again, she had been subjected to over two minutes of the woman’s climax recovery, and another two minutes of just lying there, the walls of her vagina twitching around Holly and her rapid heartbeat booming all around her. After she started moving about, though, she didn’t dig into her vagina and fish Holly out like she had been expecting her to. For the time being, it looked like Holly would have to get comfortable.

So Holly didn’t bother stimulating the giantess any further. If it went at all like last time, she would only get herself further trapped inside the woman. If she got lost inside of the giantess’ womb, it would be a very long and uncomfortable time before she figured out how to recover her. It would be better to wait.


Becca decided to leave the tiny toy in her vagina until she got back from class, secretly hoping that she would start up again and give her another orgasm like the last one. She wasn’t so lucky, though, so she decided to go back to her own place. The house wouldn’t notice if the toy was missing for an hour more, right? At least, they wouldn’t know who took it. 

As she continued about her day, she found it almost impossible to ignore the tiny woman inside her, even though she never really moved. Maybe she had decided that one orgasm was enough for now, or maybe she had actually died. Fuck, Becca had come so hard that she wouldn't have been surprised if her pelvic muscles had crushed the toy like a bug.  In any case, Holly's body sitting inside her started to be an uncomfortable pressure in her pelvis. It came to the point where she started to get aggravated, feeling like the toy wasn't really earning her keep. She gave the tiny woman a squeeze or two, hoping to elicit a reaction, maybe get a little stimulation out of her, but she didn't budge. Her sore pelvic muscles complained at the exercize, so she let the tiny woman be.

Her family was in town, including her fifteen-year-old sister Carina. She couldn’t afford to have the little woman giving her an orgasm in front of her family, but she couldn’t put her family off all day. So she got home, went into her bedroom, and took off her pants.

She tried to grab the shrunken woman while still standing, and, though she could get a grip on her legs, the sensation was far too intense for her to continue. So she collapsed, naked below the waist, onto her bed. She spread her thighs wide and slowly drew the tiny woman out of her body, shivering at the powerful spike of pleasure that came with it.

Becca held Holly up to her face, the tiny woman soaked head to toe in a clear, slimy layer of her bodily fluids. It was remarkable how the tiny girl, scarcely five inches tall, had done so much to her. Becca would be more than happy to enjoy her efforts for a little while longer, but she had shit to do.

She cleaned the shrunken woman off, then pressed the ‘loose’ button on the remote. She told Holly that she would be back soon, then threw the little woman into her underwear drawer.

An Unauthorized User by tallie
Author's Notes:

In which Holly spends some quality time with an unexpected younger customer. Masturbation, panties entrapment, and insertion.

Holly was a little disappointed by how things went with the giantess. Not only did she not bring her back to the sorority house, but she had just been tossed into the woman’s underwear drawer like a plastic dildo, unable even to move. She lay there for a few minutes, then, without warning, light flooded the drawer as someone opened it up.

Holly couldn’t even see what it was until a hand wrapped around her leg and pulled her out into the open. Before she knew it, she was hanging upside-down, staring at a young, brown-eyed, dark skinned girl with a long face and a short, scrawny body. Holly eyed the girl’s figure and realized with a shock that the girl couldn’t have been more than sixhteen years old, probably still in High School.

The girl recognized what she was, unfortunately. “Oh my God!” she exclaimed. “You’re one of those living toy things!” She looked around guiltily, then reached over and locked the door. “Where’s your remote?” she asked, digging around in the other woman’s underwear drawer. Unable to find it there, she picked up the woman’s pillow, and found the remote. “There it is.”

She lay Holly on the ground, still limp, and quickly stripped off all her clothes. Her face, smooth, round, and innocent, was the best indication of her age. Besides that, her breasts were fully developed, thin stubble of recently-shaved pubic hair growing between her legs. Tossing her clothes in the corner, she sat down, cross-legged with the remote in her lap in front of Holly. “So are you guys real? Can you talk?”

Holly was unable to respond, so the girl frowned and looked down at the remote. She grabbed the slider and pushed it all the way to the top, and gasped when she looked up at Holly’s two-foot tall body. She was almost half the girl’s height now.

“Wow,” she said, leaning forward and grabbing Holly’s leg. She stroked Holly’s skin, then grabbed her breasts. “You feel so real,” she remarked. She reached her hand behind Holly’s back and down to her ass, lifting her legs off the ground. Her other hand reached down to Holly’s crotch, and she slid her finger into Holly’s pussy. Even the teenage girl’s bony finger, at this size, filled her vagina in a very satisfying way. She would have gasped if she could have.

The girl drew her hand away quickly, inspecting the the wetness on her fingertip. “Ew,” she remarked, wiping Holly’s vaginal fluids on the carpet. “So this controls your size,” she said. She grabbed the slider again and shrunk Holly down a good bit, bringing her back down to three or four inches, then picked her up off the carpet.

Holly couldn’t really see what was going on as the girl swung her about carelessly in her fist. Then she was tossed face-up into the crotch of a pair of underwear, staring up at the young girl’s skinny legs, stubby crotch, and gawky, adolescent figure. 

The girl was looking down at her, her expression worried and hungry at the same time. "I don't know if you can hear me, but you'll hang out there, okay?" Holly had no response, so, with a shrug, the girl pulled her underwear up rapidly, and Holly was suddenly buried in the smooth, dark-colored flesh of the girl’s vulva.

That would never fail to be shocking. She was pressed up against hot flesh, elastic cotton at her back, and it had all happened in an instant. The woman's vulva was a tight, thin crack surrounded by dark, wrinkly flesh. The woman had pulled her underwear up so fast that Holly's entire left side was squeezed in between the soft, pliant lips, and she felt the slimy heat of the flesh beneath. It was a terrifying sensation; every instinct told her that she was being eaten and that she should fight for her life, but Holly suppressed those thoughts, forcing her body to stay still and breathe deeply. The air that filled her lungs was impossibly hot and moist, thick with the heady, musky smell of the girl's genitals. It was the perfectly suffocating counterpart to the pressure and heat that she felt, but Holly was able to force down her panic and analyze her situation like a professional.

There was a lot of moisture here, and the girl wouldn’t have put her in her pants if she didn’t think that she would enjoy it. Part of the training that she received was that, sometimes, younger girls would experiment with their sexuality. She had been told that she would be a gift to young, inexperienced women, or, in a less savory capacity, a training aid to aspiring 'barely legal' porn stars. In any case, the best thing she could do was help, and not make the girls feel ashamed just because of their age.

It was just a bit off-putting. Holly had been young once, too. She had experimented sexually, but offering a stranger such incomparably intimate access to the most sacred parts of her body had been a bridge too far until she was well into her twenties. This girl... This woman didn't seem to have a problem with it, though, and she was a goddamn professional. She would do her job, despite her squeamishness.

She tried to move, and discovered with surprise that she could. The girl must have unfrozen her while fiddling with the remote. She didn’t want to shock the girl by starting to work her to orgasm without warning, but why else would she put her here and unfreeze her?

Best to start slow and see how she responded, Holly figured. She reached up with both hands and slid them between the slightly-wet, silky-smooth folds of her vulva, working around in the soft flesh underneath until she found the girl’s clitoris. The lips parted willingly at her touch, revealing vivid pink flesh underneath, appearing even brighter from the contrast with the darker color of her labia.

She wasn’t aggressive, just starting gently patting with her fingers. The girl’s response was immediate, though. She felt her entire body jump as she gasped, her vagina convulsed, shaking her entire vulva, and her hand shot to her crotch. Holly was shoved right into the soft flesh by the girl’s massive hand pressing against the fabric at her back, but she kept massaging.

Without warning, the girl dug into her panties and ripped her out. “What was that?” she demanded. She had gotten a shirt on, but her pants were still bunched up around her ankles. Holly didn’t respond, afraid that revealing herself would frighten the poor girl. The girl’s shocked look went away, and her left hand drifted down between her legs. Holly couldn’t see what she was doing from the angle, but her fingertips came back wet, and a smile started to creep across her face.

She dropped back to the ground and stripped her underwear, spreading her legs and revealing her smooth, pink vulva to the open air. The hand that held Holly was quivering with excitement and her breath was shaky as she laid Holly down between her legs and slowly slid her into her vagina.

The last thing Holly noticed before she disappeared inside the girl was that her hymen was gone. That could mean any number of things, but the most likely was that this girl had already experimented sexually. But the eagerness and guiltiness with which she played with Holly meant that her previous experiences had been lacking. No surprise; Holly had been in her shoes once, and she knew from experience that teenage boys were the worst creatures in the world. 

But then her head passed between the lips of her labia and slid effortlessly into her body. The walls of the girl's vagina were incredibly tight, slick with moisture, rough in appearance but smooth on her skin. Holly could hear her rapid heartbeat through the walls. The girl’s shaky fingers pressed against her feet and pushed her all the way in, until her entire body was enveloped in hot, twitching flesh. Sized down to only about three inches in height, the girl’s vagina was a bit bigger than she was, so she was surrounded from head to toe by the tight, elastic walls.

Holly knew what the girl wanted. She couldn’t help but hate herself for doing it, but she tried to remind herself that she was a professional. So she reached up and started to rub her arms and legs against the girl’s insides, squirming around against the muscles that wrapped around her from all sides.

The girl was sensitive. Only a few seconds in, her muscles contracted, snapping shut around Holly like the teeth of a bear trap, then relaxing immediately. She was surprisingly strong, and it was incredibly rapid. If Holly hasn’t been invincible, it surely would have killed her, or at least broken a few bones.

But she worked through it. It only took her a few minutes to bring the girl to orgasm, and, when she felt the powerful, long-lasting contractions of climax followed by the repetitive, weakening contractions of her recovery, she lay as still as she could while being buffeted on all sides by the young girl’s pelvic muscles.

When it was all over, several minutes after Holly had stopped working, the girl dug Holly out of her vagina and hurriedly tossed her back into the other woman’s underwear drawer, throwing the remote on top of her and slamming the door shut.

The girl had definitely enjoyed it, but there was always that shame that followed when you were young and stupid. Holly, significantly smaller than the remote that lay on top of her, and every inch of her skin coated in the girl’s vaginal fluids, tried in vain to free herself for about thirty minutes before she was finally able to burrow into the underwear underneath her and dig herself clear.

She cleaned herself of and restored her size to around where Becca had left her, then pressed the “loose” button and collapsed back into the pile of underwear. She wanted to be discovered the same way she had been left; odds were that the little girl had been the woman’s sister, and Holly didn’t want her to be accosted for exploring her sexuality.

Only about ten minutes after she had left herself motionless in the dark underwear drawer, the drawer flew open, and the giantess’ face appeared, staring down at her. “Sorry to keep you waiting,” she said, grabbing the remote. She didn’t seem to notice that it hadn’t been in the drawer before. She picked up Holly in her other hand, and shrank her down to the minimum size. The woman’s hand instantly became a vast field of skin, with fingers that looked like distant mountains. “We’re gonna go meet my boyfriend,” said her booming voice.

Then she picked Holly up between her thumb and forefinger and brought he down to her waist. She pulled open the waistband to her panties and pushed Holly deep into her vagina with her forefinger.

That motion may have been casual to the giantess, but it was terrifying to Holly. She sped towards the massive woman's crotch at incredible speed, then was suddenly surrounded by flesh, fresh air replaced by heat and an overbearing fishy odor. All sound was replaced by the deafening pounding of the woman's heartbeat, and all sight was replaced by the pink of the giantess' vaginal walls.

At this size, the woman's vagina was an endless cavern of bright pink, each ridge a mountain. A thin layer of moisture coated the walls; not the thick coating of lubricant that preceded sex, but it was still enough to keep Holly's tiny body clung to the walls even after the giantess’ finger pulled away. The walls were tight enough to touch each other, but the texture left small open spaces, and Holly had been left in one of these. It seemed, to her, like a small cave.

About a minute later, Holly was free to move again. Not that it did her any good. She could hardly tear her arms and legs from the sticky wall, and, when she did, she just tumbled down to where the walls were squeezed tight together and stuck there, her limbs tangled in the flesh that surrounded her.

What had the woman said? She was going to visit her boyfriend? If she had planned what Holly thought she did, then she might have to add another restriction to her contract for her next client.

Three's a Crowd by tallie
Author's Notes:

In which we discover that a month between updates is unacceptable. Couples, sex, insertion, orgasm, fluids, entrapment, and some reckless abuse of anatomy.

Becca buttoned up her pants and released the toy’s movement. She couldn’t feel her moving around, so she gave her a little squeeze. No response. She must have made the little woman too small. Any bigger, though, and she would risk her boyfriend finding her too.

She drove over to his house and more or less rushed him straight into bed. It wasn’t hard. Her shirt was still on when he climbed, naked, on top of her, and her panties were still twisted around her left ankle. His right arm holding her left leg over his shoulder, he grabbed his cock with his left hand and slowly, carefully slid it into her.

She gasped as it entered her. She had spent so much time trying to feel the tiny movements of the shrunken woman inside her that the sudden bulk of his dick came as a huge surprise. She wrapped her arms around his back, willing him to go deeper, and he did, sliding himself into her as far as he could go.


Holly felt the woman’s vaginal walls getting wetter, and her fears were realized when a massive penis, so large that the slit in the head was twice her height, came plowing through the walls that surrounded her, effortlessly pushing aside the elastic walls that had held her immobile.

She knew immediately that there was nothing she could do but ride it out, and hope that being this small would not leave her in the woman’s womb or trapped underneath the man’s cock. So she just lay there, silently regretting her career choice, as the head of the man’s dick slammed into her face and drove her deep into the woman’s vagina.

When he pulled back out, the sticky residue of his cock held onto her until he was more than halfway out, where a fold of the woman’s vaginal flesh caught her and dragged her off. Then, next time, when it came back in, she was sucked underneath the head and dragged facefirst across the walls of the woman’s vagina, the rock hard body of the boyfriend’s cock pressing her mercilessly into the pink flesh.

The man pulled out again, and Holly was caught underneath the head, her faced shoved into the walls of the woman’s pussy until the man’s foreskin folded over her, enveloping her in a soft layer of wet, veiny flesh.

Fortunately, his foreskin was dragged back on the thrust back in, and Holly was yanked out, rolled between the body of his cock and the walls of the woman’s vagina like a mote of dirt between someone’s fingers.

The man picked up speed, and Holly was lost to the whirlwind of motion, unable to tell which way was up, whether she was inside the woman or not. One minute, she was being dragged in and out by the man’s dick, the next, she was being pressed pitilessly against the elastic walls as his dick just rode over her. 

Then she found herself faceup deep inside the woman’s vagina, staring backwards towards the entrance as the massive, pink head of the man’s dick came crashing back through the walls. He got as deep as he could just as his dick reached Holly, and the head bent down, his urethra spreading slightly by how much his cock was being stretched. It enveloped Holly’s head, and she was unable to escape as it snapped shut around her when he withdrew, grabbing her like a vice all the way down to her waist. She was yanked straight out of the woman’s vagina as the man pulled out.

On the next thrust, the head bent down in the same way. Except, instead of freeing her, her feet were pressed down agains the walls of the woman’s vagina, and the man’s urethra plunged down to swallow her entire body.

The pressure was unbelievable, the walls smooth and painfully hot, but she was spared the chaotic motion of the two fucking. She could still feel the back and forth movement of the man thrusting, but it was comparably pleasant.

But it only lasted a few minutes. She was already swimming in milky white precum; the man had to be close to finishing. But, even though he kept thrusting, and at the same speed, no less, Holly was stuck inside his dick for at least two more minutes before he climaxed.

The man’s cock flexed, and a torrent of fluid shot up from underneath Holly with incredible speed, shooting her from the tip of the man’s dick in a flood of thick, white ejaculate. She hit the walls three times, carried along with the stream of cum, until she finally came to a stop somewhere underneath the head of the man’s dick.

He pulled out as it started to soften, and Holly was dragged out underneath the head until his foreskin folded back over her, trapping her under his dick as he drew it all the way out and let it hang limp between his legs.

This was exactly what she wanted to avoid. She tried to struggle against the man’s flesh, but the thick, sticky fluid that was too viscous for her to move against, and the pressure of the man’s foreskin kept her from getting much leverage at all.

If she was lucky, the giantess would try and return her to size before the man left. Otherwise, she might find herself washed down a shower drain or trapped in a septic tank.

Becca lay there, breathless, as her boyfriend rolled out of bed and started to put his underwear back on. She hadn’t felt the little woman inside her at all, but knowing that she was there had been enough for her. The thought of her being helpless between the thrusting, pulsing genitals of giant lovers made her horny even now. And the image of her living toy swimming in an ocean of lubricant and sperm almost made her start fingering herself.

But she had to figure out what had happened to the toy. They had been at it for about fifteen minutes, and she had kept the woman inside her the whole time, unable to feel her presence for more than an hour beforehand. Holly could be anywhere at this point.

Becca rolled out of bed, reached into her purse, and grabbed her remote. She immobilized the woman and started to slowly slide her upwards. A second later, her boyfriend shouted “Fuck!” and struggled to rip his boxers off. The minute he did, a living, six-inch tall woman, naked and glistening from head to toe with bodily fluids, fell to the floor with his underwear. He jumped away like a giant spider had fallen out of his pants and exclaimed, “What the fuck is that!”

Becca threw off the covers and snatched the girl off the floor. “Don’t worry about it,” she responded.

“Is that one of those living toy things?” he asked. “Holy shit, babe, what did you do to her?”

“Nothing! I just had her inside me while we were having sex.”

“Holy shit.”

“It’s her job, she likes it,” Becca told him, gesturing with the living woman in her hands.

“And how expensive is that, anyway?”

“The sorority paid for her,” Becca replied, looking down at Holly. The woman’s eyes were locked with hers, but she couldn’t move otherwise. “It’s just my turn to use her. I thought you’d like to try it out.”

Becca’s boyfriend, fortunately, seemed interested. “Like how?” he asked.

“Well,” Becca put the woman down on the bed, pressed the ‘clean’ button, and sized her up to two feet. “I want you to put her on your dick and fuck me with her.”

Her boyfriend seemed unsure, but his dick was starting to get hard once he looked at Holly’s naked figure. Becca felt a sudden pang of jealousy, but quickly suppressed it. The little girl was a toy, not a person; the fact that she had a hot body was just part of what made her such a good one. She just resolved to be grateful that her boyfriend was able to come back so quickly. “You sure? She’s okay with this?”

“She loves it,” Becca promised.

“Why can’t she move?”

“She’s… uh… she can’t. Not for another few hours. But she told me it’s fine.”

“Alright,” he said. He grabbed Holly’s thighs, easily wrapping around them with his hands, and spread her legs, bringing her loose body towards him. He pressed the head of his cock against her crotch and carefully pulled her onto it, pushing deeper and deeper into her. Becca saw Holly’s chest rising and falling with greater speed, and could even see the bulge in her abdomen as her boyfriend’s penis, almost as wide around as her arm, slid into her.

“She’s tight,” he grunted. “How the hell does that fit?”

“Just wait,” Becca said, grabbing the remote. She shrunk the girl down to about six inches, moving the slider slowly and watching as Holly shrunk while mounted on her boyfriend’s dick. By the end, her torso was wrapped around his cock like a condom, the shape of it clearly visible through her skin, and it penetrated her all the way up to her chest.

“Holy shit,” he said, wrapping his fist around the tiny woman and squeezing her playfully. “That’s unbelievable. Does it hurt her?”

“Not at all,” Becca said. She walked slowly around him, watching the shrunken woman that was mounted on his dick, then pushed him onto the bed. “Enough talking,” she said, and climbed on top of him.

Her boyfriend held his dick in one hand and her hip in the other, and pushed her down. She felt Holly’s head slide through her vulva as he got things into position, then he slowly slid her, and his cock, inside Becca.

The woman’s head was large; even after the pounding she had received earlier, it stretched her uncomfortably far. Fortunately, while on top, she could control the speed, and slowly slid up and down, enveloping the tiny toy in her vagina until she felt her head press against her cervix, and slowly slid her back out.

But her boyfriend was not content with this, and, in one violent motion, flipped her on her back, driving himself between her legs. With a firm grip on her thighs and her ass, he immediately started thrusting with all the force and speed he could muster.

In the midst of the overwhelming, unbelievably satisfying mix of pain and pleasure, Becca screamed.


Holly couldn’t handle the pleasure. When she had been two feet tall, the sensation of the man’s dick inside her, stretching her vagina to three times its normal size, would have left her shaking and moaning in pleasure if she could have moved.

But now she was only a few inches taller than his dick. Her vagina had expanded to accommodate it, and it filled her body up to her chest. She was little more than his condom, and the normally dull, fleeting pleasure that came from vaginal penetration was now an electric ecstasy that completely blinded her.

For however long this lasted, she was only vaguely aware of what happened, lost in a cloud of sexual bliss. She wanted to scream, to squirm, to tighten every muscle in her body against the cock that filled her beyond the normal human limits, but she couldn’t move.

She just had to lay there, barely able to even breathe, her body a thin layer between the man’s cock and the woman’s vagina as the two fucked. She did not know how long it lasted, only that, when they finished, the man unleashed such a torrent of sperm into her insides that it came shooting out from between her legs.

Eventually, she was torn free, and left floating in a pool of bodily fluids inside the woman’s vagina. The pleasure had so robbed her of her senses that she wasn’t really able to process what was going on until she found herself shrunk down even further to a fraction of an inch, trapped in a thick layer of bodily fluids, on the walls of the giantess’s vagina.

They must have finished and shrunk her down to her minimum size. God only knew what they planned to do with her now, but she knew, as the tingling sensation of orgasmic pleasure slowly faded, leaving a feeling like pins and needles on her skin, that this giantess was going to get a stern talking to once she got back to X-Mart.

The last thing that she expected was for the couple to continue, so she was caught completely off guard when the man’s dick, every inch of its surface glistening with fluids, came crashing through the walls of the woman’s vagina and barreled right over her, grinding her mercilessly into the flesh of the giantess’ vagina.

Exhausted, she just lay there and let it happen. Thrown about inside the woman’s vagina like a piece of dirt. Sloshed around with the foamy mess of lubricant and semen, dragged against the walls of the giantess’ vagina by the relentless motion of the man’s cock. She was caught underneath the head of his penis, she was jammed underneath the flesh of the woman’s vulva, she was flung onto the opening of the woman’s cervix, then picked up again by the moistened tip of the man's dick for even more abuse.

The giant couple finished together, though it was likely the woman’s fourth or fifth orgasm. Holly was stuck to the fluid-soaked head of the man’s penis, her arms trapped in the slit of his urethra through some fluke in the chaotic whirlwind of motion that had come before. The man’s cock thrust deep into her, dragging Holly along with it, then exploded, issuing forth a torrent of sperm at incredible speed.

Holly was thrown about inside the woman’s vagina, carried along with the flow, until she came to rest in a thin layer of fluid deep inside the woman’s vagina. She realized that she was right next to the woman’s cervical canal, and that her cervix was fully dilated, drawing Holly deeper with a sea of cum and lubricant, into her womb. Holly was helpless against the torrent of bodily fluids, falling into the woman’s uterus just as her cervical opening snapped shut behind her.

Holly groaned, carried along with the flow of the fluids as it threw her against the walls of the giantess’ womb. The red, twitching walls were smooth, but covered in a layer of bodily fluids that had been sucked up from the residue from her sex. Nothing seemed to flow out; things only flowed in. It was going to be a very long time.

The Other Shoe Drops by tallie
Author's Notes:

In which we learn the consequences for being irresponsible. Some giantess/toy playing, panties entrapment, and masturbation from the GTS POV.

Becca sat beside Holly across the table from Holly’s boss. She didn't know what she had expected this man to look like, but he didn't look like either the sex toy-peddling creep that his job suggested, nor the stuffy suit that his expansive office and fancy desk implied. If anything, with his ragged beard, close-cropped hair, and Volcom polo, he looked like a business student only a year or so out of college. 

One thing was for sure, though, he did not look pleased. Becca knew, the moment that she had realized that the shrunken woman had gotten stuck in her uterus, that she was going to be in a lot of trouble. And now the other shoe had dropped. 

“So I hope you understand that you violated the contract between your sorority and X-Mart,” the man told her. “Allowing your underage sister to use her sexually, and the way that you used her while you and your boyfriend had sex is considered deliberate humiliation. Since your sorority has refused to pay for the month that Holly had to spend inside your body, and since you cannot afford to pay for the time, we have arranged for a means by which you can pay for the lost time through employment in our ‘Living Toy’ program at X-Mart.”

Becca’s jaw dropped. “What? No way.”

“Well, the only other option is for us to defer the debt to a collection agency. The other issue is the breach of contract by deliberately humiliating Holly, for which she would be well within her rights to press charges. If found guilty, damages could be upwards of a million dollars.”

Becca was speechless, but Holly’s boss continued. “Holly has agreed to drop the charges, however, should you agree to employment as a Living Toy. We have several clients lined up for one-month contracts that you could fill. Any obligation beyond that would be at your discretion, and you would be paid for the time.”

Becca was having a hard time swallowing her pride, but it really was her only option. “Who are the clients?” she asked nervously.

“Well…” he typed on his computer for a few moments. “Tri-Delt sorority is interested in a one-month, which would be under the same conditions that your sorority took. We have a gentleman named Derek, which would be an ‘anything goes’ contract. It’s day-by-day, but you would have to go the entire month, if he so desired.”

“What if he doesn’t?” Becca asked.

“Then you owe the extra time at a later date. Derek has requested monthly services, but our girls have refused his services since his first month.”

“What happened?”

“It’s a private matter. Nothing illegal, just… unsavory. The third is, well, Holly herself. A one-month, anything goes deal.”

“You should take that one,” Holly said. Becca had been pointedly ignoring the girl sitting next to her, and couldn’t bring herself to make eye contact even when she spoke. It was too embarrassing to look at her and think about her being trapped in her womb until her period, which had come late that month of all months, dragged her out.

“Honestly, Holly is right. She’s one of the best at what she does, and she can teach you should you consider continued employment.”

Becca didn’t like any of that. To be used, day in and day out, as a living dildo by a hundred women? She knew some of the Tri-Delts. She couldn’t imagine being stuffed into their vagina like a dildo, and she couldn’t bear the thought of facing them once she was returned to normal. And then there was that Derek guy. God only knew what kind of perverted shit he got up to.

But what if Holly wanted revenge? Becca had used her basically without regard for the fact that she was a real person. Holly could do literally anything she wanted in reprisal. But, even with that, it was still better than being an entire sorority’s plaything for a month.

What choice did she have? "Fine," she said quietly, looking down at her own feet, "I'll go with Holly."

"Great," he replied. "Just drop by tomorrow morning, we'll have some paperwork for you to sign and shrink you so you can get started."



"So I guess you already know how the whole thing works," Holly told her. Becca sat, six inches tall, in her cupholder as Holly drove home. "Nothing can hurt you, nothing really hurts at all, actually. No need for air, water, or food, though you proved that."

Holly paused, looking down with an amused smile at the tiny woman struggling to keep her balance amidst the irregular motion of the car. Eventually, she fell onto her ass, with a tiny yelp that was more of a squeak. Holly had to suppress a laugh and looked back up out the window. 

"It's actually kind of fun," she continued. "It can be dangerous, sure, because you can find yourself in situations you can't escape from, but it can be fun."

Holly grabbed the remote from the passenger seat and hit the 'clear' button. Becca had worn her clothes to the shrinking, despite the advice to just come naked. As soon as Holly hit the button, her clothes completely disappeared, and she immediately tried to cover her breasts and crotch, letting out a frightened shriek.

"You're just going to have to embrace it," Holly said. "Forget about modesty. You're going to be intimate with people in a way that their husbands or boyfriends could never be. There's no point trying to keep them from seeing you naked."

Becca didn't seem persuaded, curling up in side of the cupholder in a pathetic effort to keep herself covered up. Holly had to keep herself from rolling her eyes. "Look, you etiher get comfortable naked, or I freeze you and tie you to the grill for the rest of the drive."

Becca was still unwilling, but decided to uncover herself, slowly drawing herself to her feet and presenting her naked body to Holly. She still looked uncomfortable, constantly glancing down at her own body. The 'clear' function had wiped away her pubic hair as well, and, to be honest, she was an attractive young woman. Her short build meant that her breasts and hips would be even more pronounced if she were raised to dildo size. Holly felt a little stirring between her legs just thinking about it.

Stopped at a light, she admired the tiny woman for a few moments before she started moving again. "See? You're a sexy girl. You've got a lot to be proud of."

That seemed to encourage her a little bit, and she stood up straighter, at least until Holly hit the gas again and she stumbled over. "In case you were wondering," she said, "Derek had a friend of mine for a month. For that entire one month, he would shrink her all the way down, stick her into his dick, masturbate into his own mouth, swallow her, and size her up and force her to pass through his intestines at about five inches. Then he would shit her out and do it all over again." Holly spoke casually and flatly to freak the little woman out, but, honestly, the concept gave her the creeps as well. She had been eaten once or twice before, and it was one of the worst experiences of her life. She couldn't bear to imagine a month of it, continuously. "He's been on the waiting list for almost two years since then, even though we made it so that you have to reapply every month to stay on."

The car was silent for a minute, then Holly said, "Honestly, I thought about taking the Tri-Delt job, and leaving you with him, but I didn't think that anything was going to come out of making you miserable. You and I, we're going to have a lot of fun together. In fact," she started to unbutton her shorts. "Why don't we start now?"

She grabbed Becca out of the cupholder with her right hand and pulled open her panties with her left. One eye on the road and the other on Becca, her knees holding the steering wheel, she pushed the tiny woman down, headfirst, into the crotch of her underwear, shoving her face against the already moist, smooth flesh of her vulva. As soon as she was satisfied with the girl's position, she let her panties snap shut and put both hands back on the steering wheel.

"Just do your best down there," she shouted; she knew from experience that, once the pants were buttoned up, it could be hard to hear what was going on. "I want to see what you can do."

The tiny woman was reluctant at first, probably disgusted. Holly felt her squirming, but it wasn't even remotely pleasurable, only the sloppy scrambling of someone trying to escape. Holly gave her a minute before giving her an encouraging tap through the crotch of her shorts. "Don't be afraid of it," she said. "We've all got one, you should know your way around. Show a little love!"

Still nothing. If anything, the tiny woman seemed to settle down. Eventually, Holly reached her right hand down her pants and pressed her middle two fingers against Becca's back, dragging her up and down across the flesh of her vulva a few times before sliding the woman headfirst an inch or so into her vagina. She held her there, buried up to her shoulders inside Holly's pussy, and gave her a playful little squeeze before pulling her back out.

To her, it must have felt like she was about to die. Holly remembered her first time inside a woman's vagina. The heat, the smell, and the flood of moisture had been suffocating. Feeling those muscled walls closing around her had sent her into a claustrophobic panic.

And, sure enough, Becca started to flail around, struggling wildly against her two fingers. It was awkward, amateurish, and really not all that pleasurable. It might have been barely worth her time if she had been in the right mood, but, now, it was barely enough to distract her from the road. Holly pulled Becca back out and left her resting right in the center of her panties. But, the moment she did, the shrunken woman stopped struggling.

"Hey!" she called, "Don't stop, that felt kinda good!"

No response again. Holly licked the salty fluids off her fingers, then gave Becca a little tap through the fabric of her shorts again. Eventually, Becca reluctantly started to massage and squirm aginst Holly's vulva. It felt alright; there was a lot of sensitive flesh down there, but it wasn't anything to write home about. Her feet brushed against Holly's clitoris a few times, but she never bothered trying ay penetration. She was at a bit of a disadvantage from how Holly had placed her, but she could have done a lot of she hadn't been afraid to push her hands into Holly's vagina.

Holly let her go for the rest of the ride home, thinking more about ways that she could help improve the woman's abilitities than actually enjoying her efforts. When she swung her legs out of the car and started walking into the house, Becca stalled, apparently assuming that she was done, but Holly gave her a gentle reminder to continue with a tap on her crotch.

She hadn't been home in a month, so she had to go around making sure that all her things were in order. Her roomate, Paige, kept the place neat and tidy while she was on long jobs, but she worked in the same program with XMart as Holly did. Sometimes, if they didn't time their jobs right, their house could go unattended for months at a time.

She made her way around the house, making sure that everything was in order. Everything should have been exactly as she left it, and she had no reason to believe otherwise, but it was hard not to get paranoid when you had been more than a month away from home. Also, she got a bit of a thrill out of exposing Becca to a giantess' routine; every time she bent over or crouched down, her shorts hugged tight agsinst her ass and rode up into her crotch, and she could feel Becca being pushed harder into her vulva. It didn't make her efforts any more effective, though. 

Paige wasn't home, and everything seemed to be in order. So Holly made her way to her room and casually stripped her pants and tossed them into the corner. With a sigh, she collapsed into her chair in front of the computer. She dug the tiny woman out of her underwear, then slid them off, sitting her naked ass on the cold leather chair.

Holly pressed the 'clean' button on the girl's remote and set her between her legs. "So, you showed me that you know your own body, but things are a little different when you're down there, aren't they? And every woman is a little different, too. You need to figure out how to play around, gague their responses, and react accordingly. Did you notice anything in the last half hour that may have seemed like an orgasm?"

Holly didn't bother trying to listen to the little girl's response. "You didn't," she said. "Because there wasn't one. You got me good and wet and that's it. You'd probably make a good dildo right now, but I'm gonna give you another chance."

She put a single finger against Becca's back and slowly pushed the tiny woman towards her crotch. "Don't be afraid to get in there. It may seem claustrophobic at first, but you don't need to breathe, and nothing I can do can hurt you. You have free reign over my body."

Becca took a step back from where Holly had pushed her, her face showing clear revulsion at what was surely an overwhelming assault of smell and sight. Holly remembered her first time, too, but this girl had to learn her place eventually. "I have free reign over your body, too," she reminded her. "If you don't do what I want, we're going to test exactly how invincible you are, understand?"

That threat did it. The tiny toy, with no small amount of hesitation, approached her crotch and started to tentatively massage the outside of Holly's labia. If anything, it was even more boring than before. "Focus on the clit," she said, rubbering her middle finger over it to show her. "And watch what happens there when you do."

Holly watched as Becca started nervously rubbing her clit, but it really wasn't doing much for her. Performance anxiety, probably. She put a pair of headphones in and pulled up some porn. She might as well judge her toy's results, not her stage skills.

After a little while, it started to work for her. Her hips began to rock, unbidden, as the pleasure started to spread through her body, and her left hand wandered up to her breast and started to grope. "Harder," she gasped, trying not to bowl the little woman over with her hips.

She clicked through her video lustily, watching a woman writhe on a bench, screaming through a gag and straining against her binds as she was forced into orgasm over and over again. The pleasure of the little woman working between her legs spread through her body, and she had to fight against the temptation to bring her hand down and finish the job herself. 

She finally came about fifteen minutes later, her entire body seizing up and a pleasured shout escaping her lips. Her thighs clapped together around the tiny woman, and her hands gripped the chair white-knuckle tight as a wave of pleasure shot from her head to her toes.

Then the climax passed, and she slumped back in her chair, spreading her legs and looking down to find the little woman on her back. She giggled, reaching up only briefly to pause the porn. "Sorry about that, but that's something you'll have to get used to. Some women can't really control themselves at the peak. But it didn't hurt, did it? Bet it was a surpise, though..."

She breathed a shaky sigh and ran one hand through her hair. "That was good," she said. "You did good. You saw how the vagina responds to stimulation like that, you hear and felt how I responded. That's the kind of cueing you look for. Find the spot and the pressure and the speed and keep at it until the job's done. Clitoral orgasm is a guaranteed for any woman, but there are other ways."

Holly put her hand against Becca's back and pushed her unceremoniously into her vagina. Feetfirst, sliding her up to the waist. "Just hang out in there for now. See if you can't find one of the other ways."

With that, Holly placed a finger on her head and pushed her in, until she felt the woman's feet bottom out. She turned the porn back on and started masturbating again.

Enter Becca's New Sensei by tallie
Author's Notes:

In which Holly gets some small amount of payback. Masturbation, insertion, some mouth play.

All Becca could think, as her legs were shoved into the giantess' vagina, unable to fight agains the monstrous strength of the woman's hand, was how this woman had been once been no more than a toy to her. Less than three days ago, really. And now her vagina, longer than she was tall, hungrily absorbed her up to her waist.

"Just hang out in there for now. See if you can't find one of the other ways," Holly told her. Her tone of voice was casual, almost bored, but the size of it was booming. Becca could feel it in her bones. The woman put a single finger on Becca's head and shoved her bodily into her vagina.

She had already experienced what felt like a lifetime of torture under this woman's pussy, but it had only been thirty fucking minutes. And it wasn't any better now. She had been able to suppress her revulsion long enough to bring the giantess to orgasm once, hoping that it would earn her a reprieve, but things just got worse and she didn't even have the energy to fight anymore.

The smell had been offensive, the heat oppressive when she had been between Holly's legs. But, in that moment before Holly pushed her all the way in, she could feel that it was about to get so much worse. Her legs all the way to her waist, and even her forearms stuck to her sides, were smothered completely in slimy heat. Her first instinct was to pull her hands out and try to worm her way to freedom, but she didn't even get the time to move before she was shoved all the way in.

It was like she had been transported to a world of infinte heat and flesh. The walls that surrounded her grabbed her tight, squeezing against every curve of her body like a latex glove. The flesh was heavily textured, glistening with a thick layer of slimy lubricant. It filled every space, clinging to her no matter what she did to escape it. She tried to get a breath of fresh air, but the thick fluid filled her mouth and slid down her throat with every breath, frothing as it mixed with air that was so heavy with the musky scent of the giantess' sex that it felt like fluid itself.

It didn't choke her, though. She didn't even feel the need to cough as she felt the fluid filling her lungs. In a way, it calmed her suffocating panic, but the heady, savory taste was nauseating, and the feel of it clinging to her throat, the heat filling her lungs, was terrifying in its own way.

It made no sense that she could see at all in here, but she could, staring at pink flesh that pressed up against her face and at the frothy lubricant that filled its textured gaps. She felt hemmed in and violated at the same time, resenting every hot, fluid-filled breath. She thought it had been bad in Holly's panties, she thought it had been bad when she was forced to massage the woman's genitals to orgasm, but this was something else. The distant, bassy drum of her heartbeat, the walls quivering with every pulse, the hot, sticky feeling of the woman's cervix under her feet. It was overwhelming, absolutely disgusting, and it had scarcely been a minute. How was she supposed to endure a month of this?

Then, unbelievably, the giantess started to masturbate. She could feel it from the way that the walls of her vagina started to jerk around, her fingers bending and stretching the pliable flesh of her genitals as she massaged her clitoris.

She was rough, and she was quick. Becca was twisted around with the giantess' vagina as she rubbed a circular pattern over her clit, and, in a few minutes, Becca felt herself moving back and forth as Holly began to rock on her hips.

Becca was a helpless prisoner to all this; she may as well not have been involved at all. She couldn't even move under the pressure of the muscular walls that enveloped her helpless body. All she could do was endure the ride as the giantess massaged her clit.

Then, without warning, she came, and her vaginal muscles clenched down hard. Becca had masturbated before, she knew what happened when she reached orgasm, but she never could have imagined living it like this. Her world was already a ceaseless hell of heat, flesh, and pressure. But, when the giantess climaxed, the elastic flesh that surrounded her turned to steel and clamped down hard. Becca was frozen in place by the pressure, and all she could hear was her own heartbeat pounding in her ears.

Then, finally, Holly's pelvic muscles relaxed, and Becca was afforded one brief, fluid-filled breath before they squeezed again, powerful muscles pushing the breath out of her. The contractions came one after the other, squeezing her helpless body like a muscular trash compactor. When the giantess' pelvic muscles let up, she couldn't help but gulp down a lungful of the slimy fluid, at least until another contraction slammed down and drove it out of her again.

The giantess' orgasm only lasted fifteen seconds, but it felt like an eternity from Becca's position. Eventually, the giantess relaxed, and Becca laid there, surrounded by flesh and heat, swimming in fluids that were now a little more opaque than before. 

Now what? As far as she could tell, Holly was still seated in her computer chair, gasping deep breaths as she recovered from her orgasm. But what was next? Would she fish Holly out? Would she start masturbating again? Or would there be something worse? But, for the next few minutes... Hours... Days? Nothing happened. Becca felt Holly moving around, heard the rapid pounding of her heartbeat settle into a more smoothing rhythm, but, beyond that, nothing happened. Nothing that served to distract her from the ceaseless heat and pressure of the giantess' vagina, anyway.

God, it was awful. There was no way to describe it. The heat was incredible, though it was impossible to tell how much sweat had eked from her skin when every inch of her body was coated in vaginal fluid. The blood was pooling in her head, but she could barely even move her limbs against the fleshy pressure around her; she stood no chance of righting herself.

Becca could kind of tell when the giantess went from standing to sitting from the way the pressure shifted around her. When she walked, the unmistakeable swaying of her hips rocked her back and forth. Then she heard, or felt, the vibrations of her speaking. Who was she talking to? Was there someone else out there?

What was she supposed to do here? "See if you can find one of the other ways," she had said. Was she supposed to make the woman come from in here? Holly had been able to do it to her, but Becca had no idea how. Maybe, if she hunted hard enough, she could find the girl's g-spot.

She tried to pull her arms from her sides, probing the soft flesh around her. God, it was like trying to move in quicksand. Hot, fluid-soaked quicksand. In short order, she was panting from exertion, heedless of the fact that she was sucking fluid down her throat instead of air. She felt like she was getting close, though. Right around where her own was, right? A few inches in, about at her waist level.

Holly put a stop to it immediately with a powerful contraction. It was so sudden and so strong that Becca let out a gurgling scream, half in surprise, half in pain. When it passed, she stopped trying. Apparently, Holly didn't want it even though she said she did.

Becca felt her speaking again, then the walls around her seized and bucked as she heard the giantess laughing. God, this was awful. The giantess was torturing her on purpose at this point. A whole month of this? It had hardly been a day. Maybe she should have just paid the penalty. 

Suddenly, she felt the walls shifting, and there were two fingers in there with her. They reached in, effortlessly pushing the walls apart, and pressed down hard on her chest. Then she was dragged out. In an instant, her world of flesh disappeared, and she got a flash of Holly's shaven pubic area, the damp gusset of her panties, the entire length of her body, then she was hanging in midair, held up by a finger on either side of her head.

But it wasn't Holly she was looking at. It was another girl. A skinny black girl, with short, wavy hair. She was taller than Holly, with a skinnier face as well. Her brown eyes regarded Becca with an eager, almost hungry look. She wore short shorts and a clingy T-shirt, showing off perky breasts, a tight waist, and long, athletic legs. Her skin was very dark, and her teeth seemed almost brilliantly white as her lips parted in a smile.

"Hello there, little girl," she said. "Holly has told me all about you. We are going to have so much fun together."


Paige worked the same kind of job as Holly. She had worked it for two years longer, and was the one who had recruited and trained Holly to begin with. Her last job had been with an unimaginative couple that she had worked with for a week and a half to rekindle their sex life. By the end of it, they were into some pretty freaky shit, very little of it size-assisted, but Paige had had a lot of fun with them anyway.

After her traditional first-day-big lunch at Chipotle, she went home to find that Holly had returned from her job as well. She had heard that her job had gone south and ran long, but her boss hadn't explained more than that. So she was interested to ask what had happened.

She opened the door to see Holly watching TV in her panties and a pajama shirt, curled up on the couch with a bag of pretzels. She greeted Paige with a smile,

"Hey, girl! Welcome back!"

"You too," Paige replied. "How'd it go?"

"Not that well," Holly told her. "This girl had her boyfriend fuck her with me in there and I got stuck in her womb for the rest of the month."

"When was this?"

"Like, the first day," she answered.

Paige grimaced. Nothing really gained from a job like that. "That sucks. So what happened?"

"Well, the store covered my lost pay, but the girl couldn't pay up for the damages. So we offered her to pay on the job."

"No way. Where is she now?"

A pretzel in her hand, Holly raised her eyebrows and smiled, shifting her legs a little. Paige burst out laughing. "Oh my God, you bitch! For how long?"

"A month," she said, her sultry grin not moving an inch.

"That's awesome," Paige said, sitting down on the couch beside her and grabbing a pretzel out of the bag. "Can I share?"

Holly shrugged. "It's anything-goes."

"Does she hate it?"

"Probably," replied Holly. "I haven't really done anything with her yet."

"Give her to me, I'll make her hate it."

Holly took a deep breath through her nose and shifted her legs again, thinking about it. "Boss said she might work for us when we're done."

"It's nothing she wouldn't see on the job," Paige promised. 

"Hmmm..." Holly thought for a moment, then her grin broke into a full smile. "Okay!" she said, jumping off the couch to grab the remote aross the room. She moved to hand it to Paige, but held back, her eyes narrowing. "But I get to play with her too, okay?"

"Just say when."

"And not the horse thing, either."

Damn. "Not the horse thing."

"Seriously, that's just..." Holly paused, her eyes rolling up. Her grip tightened around the remote a bit. "Mmm. I think she found the spot."


"She's no good at it. She knew her own body well but she's helpless down there." She looked down at her own crotch. "Stay quiet down there!" she yelled.

"Punishing her for trying? That's hot."

Holly laughed. "The bitch deserves it. Just not the horse thing, okay?"


"Okay," Holly handed Paige the remote and licked the salt off her fingers. Then she dug into her underwear, looking thoughtful for a moment, and produced the tiny girl, holding her up for Paige to see.

She was a cute one, even looking like a soaked rat, her skin flush with the heat. It took her a moment to process was was going on, and she finally seemed to notice Paige, her expression shifting quickly to fear. The look on her face put a smile on Paige's; oh, the innocent ones were always the best.

"Hello there, little girl," she said. "Holly has told me all about you. We are going to have so much fun together."

She didn't even give the girl the chance to react, she just wrapped her mouth around her and sucked her right off of Holly's fingers, playing with the taste of Holly's pussy that coated the tiny woman.

"Oh my God!" Holly exclaimed with a giggle.

Paige grinned in response. She could feel the tiny girl struggling, it even seemed like she was screaming, so she pushed her hard against her palate. That put a stop to that. Holly looked almost disappointed, "No, don't just eat her," she said.

Paige held up a finger, playing with the little girl in her mouth. She bit down on her playfully, shoving her up into her cheeks and tucking her up underneath her tongue. Then, stifling a giggle at the tiny woman's helpless, flailing limbs, she moved her to the back of her throat and swallowed her with a single gulp.

"I'll bring her back up," Paige replied now that her mouth was clear. "Just giving her the crash course."

Paige sized her up a few inches, feeling her stomach grow fuller as she did so. She wasn't likely to pass through at that size, but it didn't hurt to be safe, and that would be days wasted with her toy traveling through her intestines.

"I think she's fighting," Paige said, giving her belly a loving tap. "Keep it up, girl! You've got a long month ahead of you."

The First Lesson is Always the Hardest by tallie
Author's Notes:

In which we explore the full potential of being tiny. Vore from the tiny perspective, domination, and anatomical impossibilites. The content of this chapter may be somewhat objectionable. 

Fighting against the giant woman's tongue was helpless. It was one giant muscle that was bigger than she was; it would have her way with her, slathering her with spit in the process. But that fact, even the knowledge that she was completely invincible did nothing to stop the surge of fear that siezed her when the woman opened her mouth underneath her.

The woman closed her lips around Holly's fingers and sucked her off, and Becca fought with every ounce of her strength, mindless in the face of the primal urge to escape before she could be eaten alive. She may as well have been trying to wrestle a T. Rex. The girl's tongue did exactly what it wanted to her, and it didn't even have to try. Becca didn't even realize she was screaming until the tongue surged up and pressed her against the roof of the girl's mouth, squeezing all the air out of her lungs.

The giantess played with her for a few seconds, but it seemed like eternity. Her breath quick, her heart beating furiously, Becca fought ceaselessly and futilely to escape, one eye always on the dark pit of the woman's throat behind her.

Eventually, the woman's head tilted up, and Becca slid helplessly to the back of her throat. She didn't even have time to scramble for a handhold. A single, exhausted "No" escaped her lips, and the woman's throat clamped down on her legs and dragged her into her stomach.

The trip down her fleshy, muscular esophagos was quick, so quick that she couldn't process the suffocating pressure of the massive woman's throat muscles. Beore she knew it, she was in the pit of the giantess' stomach. 

Her panic settled into a more manageable dread, but there was still no fighting the woman. Her stomach writhed and squirmed like a living thing, defying her efforts to get to her feet and making sure that she was quickly coated in clear slime. She knew that it was acid and she should be dissolving right about now, but the most she could feel was a subtle tingle on her skin.

Then, without warning, her surroundings seemed to shrink. It took her a second to process that her size had been changed, but, by that time, the giantess' stomach was uncomfortably small. The pool of half-digested food was now a puddle at her feet, and there wasn't even room for her to sit up straight. The wrinkled pink flesh of the stomach walls pushed at her from all sides, jostling her around gently but incessantly, like it was trying to get her attention.

She kicked feebly back at the walls, unable to get the leverage to put any real strength into it. It felt like trying to punch quicksand. The walls of the giantess' stomach yielded to her motion, then pulsed, chewing hungrily on her foot.

Unable to do anything else, frustrated and scared, she screamed. The air she breathed was hot and humid, everything she could touch and see was flesh, and, over the steady pounding of the woman's heartbeat, she could hear the muffled sound of her voice.

Was this really any worse than being in her vagina would have been, though? At least there was room for her to move, if only a little. At least there was air to breathe, even if it reeked of half-digested food. It wouldn't be a terrible place to spend a month, but being eaten had been the most terrifying experience of her life.

Becca eyed the bottom of the woman's stomach, where the grey puddle of food slowly drained into her intestines. There was more to this woman, much more. She couldn't pass at this size, but there was no telling when the giantess would shrink her down and send her on a tour through her digestive system. Even if her stomach was practically a hotel compared to her vagina, did she really want to go on that trip?

Just five minutes ago, she had been buried head to toe in the vagina of a giantess. Now, she was sitting in the stomach of another. She had no control over her fate; she was just coming to understand that. If either of them felt the whim, she would shrink down to an eighth of an inch and slowly work through every twist and turn of the woman's intestines, drop out of her asshole with her shit as the final humiliation. 

"No intentional humiliation." She understood that a little better now, and she hated herself for giving in to her horny urges. If she had just left well enough alone, she would probably be in class right now.  She could feel the woman walking; her heel striking the floor was marked with a dull thud, and the irregular pace bounced her up and down. Gravity shifted and she bent over, and Becca wound up with her feet over her head when she straightened back up. She had to fight for five minutes to right herself, cursing at the giantess, whose name she still didn't know, the entire time.

That seemed like deliberate humiliation, to eat someone without introducing yourself to them. Like she was just food. But this was 'anything goes,' as they said. Anything goes. For an entire month.

An entire fucking month.




Paige went to the bathroom after letting Becca stew in her stomach for about ten minutes. She was vaguely aware of the shrunken girl moving around in her stomach, fighting back against the involuntary actions of her body, and she could feel the very distinct weight in her belly shifting around as she moved. The sensation was uncomfortable; a bit nauseating; like she had eaten too much and gone for a run. She shrank the tiny woman all the way down and stuck her fingers in the back of her throat, bringing her back up along with a few ounces of what was left from lunch.

She wiped her mouth, sized the woman up to an inch and cleaned her off, then plucked her out of the sink. She crouched down and rested her chin on the sink, meeting the tiny, naked woman eye-to-eye. She was so close and so small that Paige could have lapped her back up with her tongue. And, judging from the look on her face, she knew that.

"Hello, Becca." Paige said cheerfully. The sound of her voice must have been unbearable from her perspective, because the woman cringed and scrambled back. Paige giggled, then said, "I work at X-Mart too, but my job is a bit different than yours; I teach women like you how to do their jobs, so you can think of me as your boss. You ready?"

Becca didn't respond, and Paige didn't wait for her to. She stood back up and grabbed the tiny woman with her right hand, keeping her confined in her fist, the remote in her other hand, as she went to her bedroom.

Paige threw Becca carelessly onto the bed, followed with her remote, then locked the door. She pulled her shorts off and left them on the floor, then her panties. She tossed her underwear on the bed after Becca, and giggled when they landed on the tiny woman.

As Becca fought to work her way out of the discarded panties, Paige grabbed a dildo, a Bad Dragon number that was about nine inches long and as thick as her wrist, and climed onto the bed. She hid the dildo behind her back when she sat up, legs crossed, and pulled her panties off the shrunken woman.

"Peekaboo!" she exclaimed, and laughed. "Okay, show me what you can do!"

The tiny girl didn't respond initially, looking up at Paige with shock, then her gaze shifted to her crotch. Paige knew what she looked like. She had gotten laser hair removal and even, once upon a time, surgery to trim down her labia. Her body was her craft, and it was worth the money to get a tight, smooth black pussy that belonged in pictures. Almost every job she had taken with a man, even the married ones, resulted in her getting fucked while tiny multiple times a day. 

"C'mon!" she urged the girl, bringing a hand down to pull her labia open. Dark flesh parted to reveal a sliver of the bright pink underneath. Becca was so tiny that she could probably get lost between her labia and not even enter her vagina. Paige could fix that in an instant, give the woman a fighting chance to actually please her, but that wasn't the point.

Slowly, hesitantly, Becca approached Paige. She gave the shrunken woman only five seconds, then she made a big show of sighing, rolling her eyes, and grabbing the remote. Becca stopped and looked up with fear as Paige uncrossed her legs, backing away from her before she sized her up to the full two feet. 

"On your knees," she ordered sternly. Becca obeyed, getting on her hands and knees. "Turn around."

Becca hesitated before she turned around, presenting Paige with her ass. She had a nice pussy too; she probably wouldn't need surgery, but she could stand to bleach her asshole. Paige leaned forward and put her left hand on the woman's head, pushing her facefirst into the mattress, then slowly slid the middle finger of her right hand into her vagina.

She heard the woman gasp, but ignored her. Even at a full two feet, Paige could fill her with just her finger up to the second knuckle. But that wasn't the plan.

She pulled out a bit, then worked her ring finger in as well. Becca moaned at that, and Paige talked over her. "I don't know if you figured this out from when I ate you, but you're invincible. Most people don't really know what that means. What you can do with it."

Paige started rapidly flexing her fingers, aggressively fingering the girl. She let loose a choked, pleasured scream, and Paige pushed her head harder into the mattress to muffle her. She could feel the tiny woman's vagina spasming around her fingers, but she kept going, heedless of her orgasm.

After about five minutes, Paige felt that she was loosened up enough, and her vagina was so well lubed that it was staining her ass. She pulled her fingers out and produced the dildo, waving it in front of the tiny woman so she could see it. "I was going to do this with a horse. Yes, an actual horse. My friend has a farm. But Holly made me promise not to."

Becca was struggling now, but Paige had her pinned good. She didn't even have to try hard to keep her from moving. Her ass waved back and forth in protest, but she couldn't get her knees out from under her unless Paige let up. 

She wasn't going to. It was going to get so much worse for the little girl. She placed the tip of the dildo, wider around than one of her legs, against her pussy, then slowly started to sink it in.

Paige could feel the girl sobbing underneath her hand. "This is just getting started, baby," she promised. She twisted the dildo as she slid it in further, inch by inch. By the time she got to the first ridge of the head, the girl's belly had distended and her hips had widened impossibly to accomodate the dildo's girth.

It was already deeper in than the length of her vagina, but her organs would stretch to prevent injury. Paige kept pushing deeper and deeper, until there was just enough left outside for her to keep her grip on the base. The dildo had entered the shrunken woman all the way up to the chest, pushing aside organs and pressing through her skin so clearly that Paige could see the individual ridges of the dildo.

She could see the pleasure on the girl's face. She was hardly able to breathe as orgasm wrecked her body. Her gaping mouth and flushed, vacant expression were almost cartoonish. Paige stood her upright by lifting the dildo and dragging her along with it. The woman's entire body stiffened, and fell limp; if Paige hadn't been holding onto the dildo, Becca wouldn't have been able to stand on her own two feet.

Paige reached over and grabbed the remote, then shrank the girl all the way down. Every part of her body shrank to nothing, but the dildo was still inside her. Just like when she was two feet tall, her vagina would expand as necessary to admit the dildo, but the rest of her body was irrelevant. In an instant, Paige was no longer holding a person, but a dildo with a thin, flesh-colored condom.

She grinned. She had done this to herself a few times, with dildos, people, and once with the horse. Feeling something come inside you at the end was incomparable, and the horse was the best time she had had in months. Not because of its size, but because, when it was done, its cock would retreat into a sheath, and she had spent the next few days trapped in a world of flesh and limitless pleasure. She knew the horse must have pissed with her on its dick, maybe even fucked a mare, which was kind of gross to think about, but she didn't remember much. The whole experience was one orgasmic blur; she thought she would have been doing Becca a favor in letting her try it out.

Oh well. Next best thing. Paige straightened up, positioned the dildo, and slowly lowered herself onto it. She didn't have the blessings that Becca did, so she'd have to ease herself onto this nine-inch monstrosity. She felt it slowly enter her, and moaned in satisfaction, wondering to herself whether the shrunken woman had the presence of mind to realize what was happening to her right now. If it was anything like her own experience, there was nothing left in her world but sexual ecstasy, no sensation left but pleasure.

You and Me and Bad Dragon Makes Three by tallie
Author's Notes:

In which our trainee's new boss shows us her true depravity. Anatomical impossibilities continue with masturbation from the GTS and tiny POV.

When the dildo was inside her, stretching her body to impossible proportions, Becca was fighting to keep conscious in the midst of incredible pleasure. Her entire body seized as another orgasm hit her, and she struggled to draw enough breath even to moan.

She could see the woman reaching for the remote, and she felt a pang of fear at what could come next before it was drowned out by another orgasm. Then, as she slowly recovered, the giantess shrank her all the way down, and her entire world was replaced by pure pleasure. 

For all her life, 'orgasm' was a goal, an end state. A pinnacle of pleasure that meant she had accomplished what she meant to do. Whether it was a dick inside her, a dildo, or her own fingers, orgasm was the brief but powerful flood of pleasure that she had sought that meant that she was done.

But not now. There were no words to describe what she felt now. The overwhelming sensation of orgasm, the wave of pleasure that stole her senses from her and left her gasping helplessly, unable to control her body; that was her entire existence. Her vagina was filled in a way that overwhelmed every sense of penetration or clit play she had ever experienced. 

Ecstasy filled her, controlled her, consumed her, leaving nothing left but pleasure. She was vaguely aware of her body, every muscle from head to toe seizing up with as much force as it could muster, but that was a footnote to the orgasm. Her breath came in short, desperate gasps, more fluid than air filling her lungs as the giantess slowly lowered her vagina on top of her, but that was only the backdrop to the electric sensation that rocked her body.

She knew what was happening to her. She could watch as the woman, whose name she still didn't know, lowered her body onto the dildo that filled her like nothing she ever knew. The dark-skinned ass and legs of the giantess filled her field of view, and the tight lips of her pussy parted and replaced everything with pink, wet flesh. None of it mattered to her, though. It was background noise, elevator music, a screensaver to her life as she lay naked in an endless field of pleasure.

Did she come? Had she come already? Was she coming now? Did it matter? Maybe she was screaming, expelling more lubricant than air from her ruined throat. Maybe she was squirting, her body dispelling its pathetic fluid-based surrender to the infinite pleasure. She couldn't tell.

She was the dildo. She was the giantess' vagina. She was the orgasm. Reality was meaningless. Her own sight, touch, smell, and taste were all filled with the claustrophobic, overwhelming sense of the giantess' vagina, but it was only the background to her endless orgasm.

One tiny part of her brain, the only remant of her mind that remained lucid in this endless world of sexual pleasure, was aware of the giantess' actions. It watched as she brought her ass down on the dildo that filled her body, and it suffered as she bounced up and down on its massive bulk. Eventually, she knew, the massive woman would finish, and the next torture would follow.

But, for now, none of that mattered to her. All she knew was pleasure.


Paige took about a minute to lower herself onto the dildo. It was gigantic. She could never really handle this dildo without a little bit of warm-up. The marbled blue rubber was replaced with the fleshy pink of the tiny woman, but that didn't make its size any easier to handle. 

Eventually, she could feel the head pressing against her cervix. She let out a gasp, but kept pushing down, slow but steady. It was almost painful. It took about ten minutes, pulling off a bit before she pushed down again, letting her vagina expand to accept the massive dildo and its helpless passenger. But, eventually, she was able to get her ass over the knot and onto the dildo's rubber fascimile of a ballsack.

She let out a relieved sigh, wiggling her hips a little as she thought of what the little girl was going through down there. Lucky little bitch didn't have to work to get satisfying penetration. Being used as a human condom on a dildo may seem humiliating, but she knew from firsthand experience that humiliation would be the last thing on her mind at that moment. 

Paige, on the other hand, had to work for ten minutes to get something big enough inside her that she could feel the subtle but insistent pleasure that signaled the build to orgasm. Her breath came fast and heavy, and she felt her pelvic muscles squeeze unbidden, seeking some kind of reprieve from the pressure of the massive dildo inside her.

"Mmnh." Wait, was that her? She had made that noise? She giggled despite herself; that really was all that needed to be said; she could cum just sitting here. But, lest she forget, she had a passenger, and her helpless audience deserved a show. 

Slowly, both hands clamped on the base of the dildo, she lifted herself up, savoring every inch of it as it left her body, until it finally popped out. She let out a relieved breath, her pelvic muscles squeezing again, then sat back down on it. Another moan escaped her lips as she felt it enter her; it slid in so much easier this time; and she drove her hips further and further down until her ass hit the ground.

Oh, God, that felt good. She could just sit here, let the bulk of the dildo do the work and enjoy the rise to climax, but a hunger had settled in the pit of her stomach, and it would not be denied. Slowly, well aware of the limits of her own body, she started to bounce up and down. Only a few inches each way at first, but...

Jesus Christ! The orgasm hit her hard and fast; her entire body seized up, and it was all she could do to keep from falling down on top of the dildo. Her arms and legs shook, and she couldn't breathe in or out as pleasure washed up and down her body, until suddenly she heard herself cry in ecstasy, and then all she could do was gasp for air as she slowly came down.

Oh, fuck yes. This thing was worth taking the time to stretch for. Before she had even recovered all the way, she slowly slid the dildo all the way back inside her, then started humping it again. More and more length, with greater and greater speed each time. She hoped Becca had made herself comfortable down there.

She was in for quite a show.

A Bit Late on the Meet-and-Greet by tallie
Author's Notes:

In which Paige explains her intentions to Becca. Micro pussy entrapment/insertion, mouth play/soft vore, and the unfortunate trappings of story development.

Becca's slow return to consciousness meant that the ceaseless, mind-numbing pleasure had finally come to a close. The first thing she could really feel was a deep, profound soreness in her pelvic muscles. Everything below the waist screamed at her in exhaustion, the dull, deep-seated burn of a great workout but in places that she had never felt it before.

Her vagina still tingled. She could feel her own heartbeat down there, and each pulse was a brief throb of pain that made her grimace. Fuck. How long had she been mounted on that goddamn dildo?

Other senses came back slower. She was eventually aware of the heady stench of sex, filling her mind with a heat that belied the cool feeling of the air on her fluid-coated skin. The savory, almost fishy taste of the giantess' bodily fluids still filled her mouth. She smacked her lips and spat, a futile effort to clean her mouth of a taste that sank into the pores of her skin.

Fuzzy shapes and indistinct colors slowly resolved themselves into something distinguishable. The dark color of her new torturer's skin was the first thing she recognized, and her heart sank; her thin hope of having escaped this nightmare was dashed almost as soon as she had dared to feel it. 

Eventually, she was able to tell that she was lying on a soft, pink bedspread, the thin, black-haired goddess who had trapped her in that sexual nirvana looming over her. She sat cross-legged, naked on the bed, the rigors of her sexual exercise still evident on her face. Sweat beaded her forehead, and her flushed cheeks glowed through the dark color of her skin. She held something small, a soft white glow cast on her face. Was that her phone? When she noticed that Becca was coming to, she tossed it behind her, looked down, and smiled.

Last of all, Becca became aware of half-breathed moans escaping her mouth with every breath. She swallowed them down, suffering the persistent throbbing of her vagina in silence. 

What the fuck could she do? She doubted that she would even be able to walk, let alone try and run away. The giantess was still breathing heavy, recovering from the torture in her own way, but Becca could do nothing more than lie there, spread out like the fucking sex toy she was, on the matress and wait for her to determine how next to brutalize her.

That's all she was at this point, she realized with a sinking heart. A sex toy, a human dildo, a human condom, a living, breathing aphrodesiac to be used however her masters saw fit. She would have to endure this for an entire month, and she'd be lucky if she came out the other side with her sanity intact.

The giantess above her finally took a deep breath, and let it out in a giggly sigh. "Whoo," she breathed, scooching up a little closer to Becca. Her little motion rocked the bed profoundly. The tiny woman bounced up and down like a canoe in a hurricane, bedsprings creaking underneath her. Still, she could barely muster the energy to move, and just bounced helplessly with the motion of the mattress.

"I think you enjoyed that more than me," she said. Fuck you, Becca thought, though all she expressed was a slight frown. As an experiment, she tried to lift one of her legs, but it could barely hold its own weight, and collapsed back down onto the bed.

"Yeah, I've been there before. It's a load of fun, but that's the last you're gonna get of it for now." She sighed again, deep with satisfaction. "Oh! Where are my manners?" She leaned forward and, with one, massive finger, poked Becca in the nose. "My name is Paige. I'm going to teach you how to be tiny."

She had thought that a name would do her some good, but she didn't even feel like it had helped to resolve her hatred. Paige was still the black giantess who had cranked the dial on her sexual torture; her name didn't matter one way or the other. 

Paige reached behind her on the bed and produced what Becca recognized as her remote. God, she hated that thing almost as much as she hated this woman. With the remote in one hand, Paige reached down and scooped Becca up from the bed. Her stomach dropped as she flew through the air at a frightening speed, and found herself face-to-face with the giantess. Each of her eyes was bigger than she was, and she couldn't tear her gaze from those giant brown pupils as Paige's deafening voice echoed around her. "I'm not gonnna use you as a dildo right now, but you've got a lot of my body to explore."

With that, the massive woman shifted her grip, and Becca was hanging upside down in front of her face. The giantess lifted her up a little more and opened her mouth, and her hot breath washed over Becca. White teeth ringed a pink, fleshy maw, her tongue twitching and the darkness of her throat leading down to places unknown.

Terror lent her weary limbs strength, but it was useless. She struggled to the best of her ability, but it didn't stop Paige from lowering her tiny form onto her wet, hot tongue. Her fingers let go, and Becca got one last breath of fresh air before Paige closed her mouth.

In an instant, the outside world was replaced with the overwhelming heat and noise of the giantess' mouth. Her breathing was a steady wall of sound, her heartbeat a constant, booming pulse. The moment Paige closed her mouth, her tongue surged up, pressing Becca against her palate and writhing underneath her. It felt the curves and explored the taste of her flesh, determining if she was a morsel worth swallowing.

Becca fought with everything she had, which wasn't much against the massive bulk of muscle that was the giantess' tongue. Her weak punches and kicks hardly made a dent as Paige rolled her around and deposited her in her cheek.

Her mouth closed, and Becca was just barely able to pull her limbs clear before her jaw came slamming shut. Her tiny body was pressed helplessly against the hard bulk of the woman's teeth by the unyielding pressure of her cheek. 

But that only lasted for a few seconds before, without warning, she shrank yet again. Suddenly, she was microscopic, swimming in a pool of saliva between Paige's gums and her cheek. The woman's teeth were as tall as she was now, but she barely had time to process it before the purple monster of her tongue came slithering between her jaws and pressed her mercilessly against the giantess' cheek.

But, as soon as the tremendous pressure drove the air from her lungs, Paige's tongue shifted, moving a wave of saliva around, and Becca found herself swimming around in a pool of the hot fluid in the center of her tongue. Before she could even gain her bearings, Paige's jaws opened, and Becca fell, along with a seemingly infinite quantity of fluid, into her open palm.

The sudden transition from the heat and stench of the giantess' mouth into the outside world was so shocking that she didn't realize that she had been regrown until she was a full six inches tall again, coughing up spit into the massive woman's hand.

"You want to be eaten?" Paige asked, her voice almost painfully loud. "You are pretty tasty..."

Becca felt the giantess' fingers pinch her waist, and she was hoisted into the air to stare down at Paige's open maw again. This time, she squirmed and fought with everything she had, and it didn't make a lick of difference.

After a second's consideration, Paige closed her mouth, and lowered Becca into her other palm, still slick with saliva. "I'd show you what a full tour was like," her booming voice said as Becca fought to right herself, "But we don't have that time."

Paige's grip shifted, her fist wrapping around Becca's tiny body and bringing her in a whiplash motion up to eye level. She had faced those fiercely intelligent brown eyes half a dozen times in the last ten minutes already, but that didn't stop them from being absolutely terrifying.

"Here's the God's honest truth," she said. "I could use you as a Kegel workout or as a buttplug and there is nothing you could do about it. You deserve it, too, so we'll get to all that, but I think it's important you get a taste of your own medicine first."

Paige drew Becca even closer to her face, to the point that it was clear that her pupil was larger than her head. Becca couldn't help but recoil, but there was nowhere to go when she was trapped in the giantess' fist. "My boyfriend's coming over," Paige said. Her voice was so loud that Becca's squirming was nothing but a futile effort to cover her ears. But her hands were trapped. She just had to endure it.

"He's better. Better than anything you've ever felt, and I am going to enjoy it while you get to experience it firsthand," Paige said. "You're going to be jealous of what you did to Holly, and, when we're done, I'm going to start the real lesson."

Without warning, Becca shrank to the point that Paige's hand was an infinite field of flesh. Her fingers were mountains that stretched to the sky on a faraway horizon. The tiny layer of fluid in her palm turned into a pool deep enough for her to swim in. Then, the seemingly immobile monolith of her middle finger came crashing down with incredible speed and slammed into her.

The pressure should have killed her. She honestly would have sworn that it did, until she came to and found herself trapped, spread-eagled, in a thin layer of fluid as the world around her whipped by with terrifying speed.

She got brief flashes of the giantess' body. Small tits that hung close to her chest with the dark brown splotches of her nipples resting in the middle. A stomach that was tense with muscle despite her cross-legged, slouching posture. Dark brown, silky-skinned thighs that led to a crotch that was so smooth that it seemed like it had never worn hair at all. Blood rushed to her groin, turning her labia almost black save where it parted, offering a sliver of the bright pink flesh underneath.

Her left hand came down as well, spreading her vulva and turning the tight sliver into a wide pink petal of wet flesh. Becca had one last view of the intimate sight before she went rocketing towards it. The heat multiplied tenfold, and she was pressed mercilessly against the flesh, her world replaced by an endless field of pink wetness.

Paige didn't move her around much, but each twitch was a mind-boggling blur of motion, soft flesh ripping across Becca's face. Finally, she came to rest in a tight pocket of flesh, pink skin surrounding her and the giant fingers of the giantess stretching into the distance just beyond. She just barely had the time to realize where she was before Paige pulled her left hand away, and her labia came snapping shut, replacing her view of the outside world with one of pink, wrinkly flesh stretching in every direction, pressing down on her from all angles and holding her helpless against seemingly infinite pressure and fluid.

Becca knew exactly where she was. She knew her own body enough that even the brief flashes she got of Paige positioning her were enough. There was a tight little pocket, usually ignored, at the bottom of a woman's vulva just below her vagina. Paige could have spread her legs and her vulva as far as she liked, and that tiny pocket would have still been hidden away, pooling up whatever fluids her pussy oozed out. 

This was the worst place to be, Becca realized. She couldn't escape, and if the giantess decided to have sex, she would be at ground zero. And what had she said? You get a taste of your own medicine.

She cursed, fighting futilely at the tons of flesh that surrounded her. This was going to be miserable.

What Goes Around Comes Around by tallie
Author's Notes:

In which we revisit a familiar scenario, and Becca gets her due on day one. Couples sex, vaginal insertion, an unaware giant and a bit of bodily fluids.

Paige waited almost all day before she even bothered inviting her boyfriend over. Holly didn't need to be party to this, anyway, so, with only a bit of persuasion, she got her roommate to finally leave the house and head to the movies. She had more than a month of missed culture to catch up on, after all, and what better way to start than The Avengers?

About two minutes after she heard Holly's car pull out of the driveway and drive off, she heard another car pull up. She slid her shorts off, kicked them under the bed, and raced towards the door just in time to leap on top of her boyfriend the moment he stepped inside.

He struggled not to fall over as she clamped her legs around him. If he fell, so be it; she'd drag him inside and sit on his face. But he grabbed the doorframe and managed to stay on his feet. When he regained his balance, he grabbed her head and pressed his lips up against hers. She felt his tongue worming up into her mouth, and she returned the gesture, sucking on his face and breathing deep like his scent was the only air she could breathe.

Before she knew what was happening, she was sitting on his face anyway, her pants and panties off, hands on either side of the man's head as he sucked insistently on her pussy. She didn't even think about the tiny girl stuffed away down there; Becca would either wind up inside her or she wouldn't, and she could figure it out from there.

Besides, it's not like she and her boyfriend hadn't played with tinies before.

Becca's first glimpse of light came hours later, and she knew immediately that she was about to have a miserable time. Paige had spread her legs far enough that the slit of her pussy had parted, just barely, and a thin sliver of the outside world was visible beyond the seemingly infinite field of flesh that she was trapped in. 

And all she could see was the face of another man beneath her, and she got a glimpse of the hunger in his eyes just before Paige lowered her hips and planted her crotch right on his face.

Immediately, his lips clamped down on her clit like he was trying to pull the soul out of the giantess, and he started to suck and lick with a will. His chin was so close to Becca that she could almost reach out and touch it. It would have been a sexy, almost inspiring thing to see if she hadn't been so tiny, if she hadn't been so close. One violent movement and she would tumble down onto the man's chest, or if he decided to explore the giantess' inside with his tongue, she might very well end up falling down his throat.

So, despite herself, she kept trying to tuck herself even deeper into the folds of the giantess' flesh, watching the gyrations of the giant's mouth with fear. 

Suddenly, the flesh underneath her seized up, and, over the squelching that was happening right in front of her, she could hear Paige let out a little moan. The bundled-up flesh that led down to the dark maw of her vagina pressed hard together and pushed outwards, squeezing Becca further down into her little pocket. 

The first of many contractions, she knew. And, sure enough, a few seconds later, it happened again, her view briefly and partly obscured by the way the giantess' vagina pushed fiercely outwards. God, her pelvic muscles were incredible. Becca knew that her own body wasn't capable of that much strength, and she knew from firsthand experience that Holly wasn't either.

She realized with growing dread that she'd probably be suffering under that strength eventually, probably very soon. But there was no escape for her, and, even if there was, she wouldn't take it. The horror of being swallowed by the giantess was still present in her mind, and she did not want to relive it, least of all in the gullet of a man who didn't even know she was there. 

She definitely had a new appreciation for what Holly had experienced when trapped in her womb, but, unfortunately, she couldn't end this with a meek "I have seen the error of my ways and I am sorry." She had to endure this shit for an entire month. Be it in Paige's vagina or the stomach of the giant man who was sucking on her clit like the answer to life's questions was in there. If she had the choice, though, she'd rather spend it with someone who actually knew she was there.

She didn't have a choice, though. Far above her, Paige finally reached climax, and all Becca could do was hang on as muscles infinitely stronger than she was bucked and seized all around her. Whatever she did didn't even make a difference; a thick layer of fluid held her fast against the heat and stench of the giantess' crotch, and, though her tiny limbs were far too weak to fight against it, all the man had to do was lick her up, and she would be sent on a one-way trip down into his stomach.

Eventually, the contractions finally finished, and Paige got off of the man's face. Becca's tiny window to the outside world disappeared as the giantess' closed her legs, but the sudden sensation of motion told her that the woman had stood up. Over the gentle thudding of her heartbeat, she could hear the massive booms of her feet hitting the floor, and then, without warning, gravity shifted ninety degrees. Becca had been facing down, then she was suddenly standing up, gravity gently carrying her downwards through the fluid and deeper into the bottom pocket of the woman's labia.

Paige had laid down, Becca realized, and on her back. Things were about to get much worse, she realized, and her fears were confirmed when Paige spread her legs just enough to offer Becca her narrow view of the outside world again.

She had already sunk far enough down that she couldn't see much more than what was directly above the giantess, but what she saw was enough. The man was completely naked, his hard cock seeming impossibly long. His massive, muscular body loomed over the giantess as he brought his dick down. He tapped it twice against her pubic mound, and then all Becca could see was the wrinkled, purple head as he slowly brought it down against Paige's vagina, and slowly, purposefully slid himself inside her.

Paige gasped at the sensation of entry, as Becca had before, but the shrunken woman didn't really hear it. All she saw and heard was the tremendous bulk of the man's penis effortlessly spreading tons of flesh apart, sliding with a wet noise deeper and deeper inside. Every fold of Paige's vulva followed it, including the tiny pocket that Becca was sheltered in. 

As the man pushed slowly deeper and deeper, Becca was drawn closer and closer, riding helplessly along with the elastic flesh of the giantess' pussy as it expanded to accomodate her lover. By the time he came to a stop, his pelvis barely an inch away from her crotch, Becca was so close to his dick that she could literally reach up and touch it. 

She couldn't see any part of the outside world anymore. It was just the pink flesh of Paige's vulva and the veiny bulk of the man's cock. Just an inch deeper and she would have been dragged in. All she could do was pray that she would be able to ride it out from here.

But no such luck. As slowly and deliberately as he had penetrated the giantess, the man pulled his dick out of her. The flesh that held Becca bent along with the motion, but didn't bring her any further away from the massive member, and didn't offer her any view of the outside world. All she could see was the veiny flesh passing by her, ripping through the giantess' vagina like it wasn't the insurmountable muscular beast that it was at her tiny size.

Then, at the last second, the mushroom head of the man's penis popped out, and it was just big enough that it caught Becca up under the ridge, and the thin layer of lubricant that now coated his dick snatched her up and carried her off of Paige's vagina. 

Oh no. She was fucked. But before she could even try to struggle her way to freedom, the giant plunged his dick back inside the giantess, and started to drill her with ferocious speed.

The heat and the sound was multiplied tremendously. At first, Becca couldn't see anything but the cock that pressed against her face, and could only suffer as the flesh of the woman's vagina pressed her mercilessly into it. But it only took a few thrusts before the sheer violence peeled her out from under the man's cock and deposited her inside of Paige's vagina.

There was no safety there. There was no safety anywhere. Every thrust was a whirlwhind, incomprehensible pressure accompanied by nauseating motion. She was driven deep into the woman's vagina, then pulled all the way out. She had to endure the ridges of the man's cock sliding mercilessly over her face, then she was rolled between vagina and dick like dust between her fingers. She endured brief, blinding flashes of the outside world, then had to suffer on the tip of the man's penis as the giantess' cervix slammed against her face over and over again.

In only a few minutes, she was personally acquainted with every inch of both the man and the woman's genitals, with speed and force that should have torn her to shreds in seconds. But she was doomed to survive, and to suffer through every painful minute of it. It seemed like it took hours, but there was no way to tell. She screamed futilely, slimy vaginal fluids escaping her mouth instead of air, but drowned out by the deafening, wet sounds of the giants' lovemaking.

The man came without warning. Becca was trapped underneath the bottom of his cock when it suddenly flexed, and she was small enough that she could feel the fluid moving through it. She gagged, and the man started to pull out, as quickly as he had before. The tons of lubricant that surrounded her kept her from being carried along with it, and she had to suffer as its bulk dragged over her face and finally departed, leaving behind it a massive pool of thick, white semen.

But the man wasn't done. Through the milky haze, Becca saw his cock flex one more time, and another torrent of fluid shot out, sending her whirling around in the mix of bodily fluids. Then he drove himself back in, once, twice, three times. Each time, he pushed his little pool of cum deeper into Paige's vagina, and Becca was carried helplessly along like driftwood.

Finally, he pulled out, and even that motion was unbelievably chaotic to Becca. She was carried along with the fluid a little bit towards the outside of the giantess' vagina, but as the walls came closing back together, they displaced the salty mix of cum and lubricant, squeezing Becca back into the depths of the giantess' vagina. 

She eventually came to a rest in a pool directly underneath the massive woman's cervix. The tiny chamber at the end of her vagina pulsed impatiently, hoping for more, but, thankfully, the giant couple was done. All Becca could do was sit in the sweltering heat, swallowing lungful after lungful of the slimy, sticky fluids, and listen as the giantess' heartbeat slowly began to calm.

Jesus Christ. It was a miracle she wasn't dead, but, to be honest, it was all she wanted right now. It wouldn't be a dignified way to die, but it would be better than living this miserable life, even if it was only for a month. 

But they were done. Finally. That's what mattered. No matter what torture Paige came up with next, it would still be better than this. All she had to do was wait for the giantess to let her out. 

She would let her out, wouldn't she?

A More Experienced Audience by tallie
Author's Notes:

In which Becca is introduced to a couple familiar with the intimacies of shrunken toys. Sexual content is relatively toned down here; very mild insertion, but with a casually intimate interaction between lovers that would surely make for an MA rating on cable TV.

Paige and her boyfriend both lay in bed, naked from head to toe, breathing hard with satisfied smiles on their faces. Eventually, Paige let out a deep, contented sigh and said "That was fun."
"Yeah..." her boyfriend agreed quietly. After a moment, he asked,

"You have a little dude down there with you?"

"How'd you know?"

"I saw him when I ate you out."

"You didn't swallow her, did you?" Paige asked, suddenly worried.

"Oh, it's a 'her?' New coworker?"

"Kind of," Paige said, wriggling her hips a bit. "But seriously..."

"No, I didn't eat her."

"Okay, good." Paige rolled over onto her side, laying her arm across her boyfriend's chest and wrapping a single leg around his torso. "Why do you ask?" she said in a husky voice.

He looked at her, the mischevious look on his face matching the one on hers. "I have a few ideas."


Her boyfriend put his head back against the pillow and crossed his fingers behind his head. Paige couldn't help but notice the firm lump of his bicep that bundled up when he did so. She let her finger drift gently across it as he said, "I'll tell you in a bit."

"Mmm," she agreed wordlessly, drawing her body against him. The heat of his body was a reassuring refuge against the chilly feel of the air on her sweaty skin.

For a long moment, he lay there, his eyes closed, and Paige just watched his chest slowly rise and fall. Eventually, in a quiet, almost sleepy voice, he asked, "Are you tiny too?"

"Mm, not today," Paige said softly.

Her boyfriend made a quiet sound of assent. Then, after a few more moments of silence, he asked, "Are you punishing her?"

Paige grinned. "A little bit, yeah."

"That's good."

Paige let her leg drift a little bit further down his body, until the inside of her thigh was pressed up against his crotch. She felt it stir ever so slightly at her touch, and she asked, "Why?"

"I don't think I can tell you," he answered. "I have to show you."

That sentence set her heartrate up all on its own. She felt a stirring between her own legs, and her hips ground up against him almost unbidden. "Well? What are you waiting for?"

He shot her a grin. "Where's the remote?"


After a long, almost regretful sigh, he climbed out of bed with a grunt. Paige could see in his sluggish, sloppy movements that he was fighting back sleep already. Best to seem eager then; she rolled onto her back, lifting her knees and presenting a crotch that was still wet with fluids. Her boyfriend went and grabbed the remote, studying the buttons. A pang of worry crossed her mind. "Careful," she said sternly. She had no idea where the shrunken woman was, and sizing her up too quickly could rupture something, turn this romantic afternoon into a hospital trip. 

"Don't worry," he assured her, and slowly, almost painfully slowly, started to move the size slider up.

The pressure developed so subtly that Paige barely even noticed it, until the bulge in her pelvis was visible. "Stop, stop, stop," she urged, placing a hand gently on the bulge. The tiny woman stopped growing instantly, but Paige couldn't really tell where she was from the sense of pressure alone. A brief wave of panic hit her; had she let the tiny girl get lost in her womb? God, that'd be the entire month wasted.

But then the tiny girl moved, and Paige let out a sigh of relief. The sensation came unmistakeably from inside her vagina, which meant that she could recover the tiny woman with a pair of fingers and a bit of digging.

But her boyfriend beat her to it. He had his hand between her legs before she could stop him, and slowly slid his middle two fingers up inside her vagina. The feeling of entry really was like nothing else, and Paige let her head fall back, a gasp escaping her lips.

After a few seconds of pushing deeper and deeper, her boyfriend managed to grab Becca by one of her tiny limbs, and slowly drew her out of Paige's body. The shrunken woman had grown enough that the mere sensation of her exiting Paige's pussy was pleasurable, and her pelvic muscles gave a light, involuntary squeeze. Paige let out a giggle; the bitch would be feeling a lot more than that very soon.

Her boyfriend drew the tiny woman all the way out and held her up by her ankle, leaving her dangling upside-down, fluids practically dripping from her skin. "Babe, you've got her so wet," he said. 

Paige moaned in agreement, waiting for what he was going to do next. And he didn't disappoint. With the hand that wasn't holding the tiny woman, he gripped her ass and tilted her hips up as far as he could. Then he climbed up on the bed and put his knees under her ass, propping her hips up so that everything from her clit to her asshole was exposed to the open air.

Paige's legs wrapped around her man instinctively, and he spread her asscheeks with one hand and brought the tiny down with the other. Then, making a kissing noise with his mouth, he slowly slid Becca headfirst into Paige's asshole.

Paige let out a bit of a moan. It wasn't comfortable, but it wasn't completely without pleasure, either. If anything, it made her hornier, feeling the woman's body slowly sliding into her ass. Push her in, she begged silently. Push her in all the way. I want her to live there.

It was probably for the best that her boyfriend didn't hear her thoughts, though. He pushed Becca in down to her knees, then let Paige's ass fall back to the bed. Even the pressure of the woman's upper body inside her felt incredible, and she knew exactly what was coming next. 

She spread her legs wide, biting her lip and meeting her boyfriend's eyes. She spread her legs as far as she could as he walked up, erect penis in hand, and slowly slid himself inside her.

It was fun to think of what the poor tiny woman was enduring inside her, but only for the first few moments. Not long after her boyfriend started his diligent work, Paige forgot about everything but the profound intimacy and pleasure of the moment.

One thing she knew for sure, though. Becca would never forget it.

A Second Helping by tallie
Author's Notes:

In which Paige and her boyfriend conspire to make Becca's life that much worse. Anal insertion, giant couple sex, and a little bit of dialogue.

God, the stench. Becca wanted to scream, but she didn't want to breathe. In the few moments before the man had slid her into the giantess, she had smelled it, a preview of what she was about to experience, wafting up from between her spread asscheeks. Nausea had set in even before her head was pressed against the tight black wrinkle of Paige's asshole, but she could never have known how bad it would be on the other side.

Oppressively hot, slimy flesh wrapped tight around her body, seeking almost to pull her deeper. She could feel the thick fluids on her skin, and her instincts told her to recoil, but there was nowhere to retreat to. The massive woman's heartbeat was deafening, the skin around her pulsing gently with every beat, veins clearly visible through the pale-pink flesh.

But nothing compared to the smell. It was foul. She gagged, squirming and twisting, but there was no escape. If anything, she just made it worse by disturbing the flesh around her. Every breath carried a hot, heady taste, and her own body wouldn't just let her hold her breath to avoid it.

She was vaguely aware of the motion of the giantess' body, of the fact that her legs below the knees were bent down as the massive woman's ass hit the mattress. The assault on her senses was so profound that she didn't really notice what was going on, and she didn't care. At least until the man, who had already spent the last thirty minutes torturing her, slid his dick into the giantess.

In her anatomy texbook, all the diagrams showed the anus and the vagina right next to each other. It was something she knew, but not something she had ever thought about. But now that little bit of biology was eminently, painfully clear. She could practically feel the ridges of the man's cock sliding over her face, pressing the walls of Paige's asshole up against her. The flesh around her, already tight, pressed down even harder, making room for the giant's bulk. Slimy fluid forced its way into her mouth, and the awful taste made her spit and cough ferociously.

When the man started fucking his giant lover, he did so with deep, deliberate strokes, and every one felt like getting run over by a truck. Over, and over, and over, and over again. When he picked up speed, it just got worse. Becca was held fast in her position, unable to move further into or out of the giantess' body by the sheer weight that pressed down on her. 

Paige's asshole flexed around her knees, with growing frequency and strength as the man drove in and out of her. Over the deafening pounding of moving flesh and rapid heartbeats, she could hear the massive woman moaning, muffled by the tons of flesh that surrounded her.

God, it was awful. Becca swallowed a mouthful of the slimy fluid that surrounded her, and immediately started coughing, but the driving force of the giant's dick forced more fluid into her lungs with every breath. It never got any better, and the stench, the taste of it never got any less sickening.

It was hopeless; all she could do was pray for a death that would never come. And to think that all this was happening because she couldn't resist fucking her boyfriend with a tiny passenger.

Eventually, the man finally finished. Had it been an hour? Two? Five minutes? All Becca knew was that the motion finally stopped, followed by a distant, but distinctly male grunt. Finally, he pulled his dick out of the giant woman, leaving Becca to stew in the horrible stench and slimy fluid of Paige's asshole.

It was awful. Fucking awful. But it was still relatively pleasant.

Paige lay there, her legs still spread wide, gasping in the fading glow of pleasure, barely even noticing the tiny woman inside her. Her boyfriend stood over her, triumphantly looking down at her like an artist would regard his masterpiece. She felt his gaze on her bare crotch, on the thin trickle of fluid that oozed out of it, and she let him look. Two runs in thirty minutes, and more orgasms than she could count. Fuck, he was good.

Finally, with a sigh, he collapsed onto the bed next to her, draping an arm across her chest. Paige didn't move, her legs still spread wide, but eyed his flushed face with a smile. 

"Oh, fuck," he breathed.

Paige's smile widened, and she giggled. She felt a bit more fluid eke out as she did, and the little woman seemed to struggle a bit. "Yeah," she agreed.

"Now what?" "What? You had this big plan for her."

"That wasn't enough?" "I've got her for a month, babe," Paige replied, her grin turning sultry.

Her boyfriend groaned, rolling onto his back. "Fuck. You'll wring me dry."

Paige rolled over on top of him, straddling his waist. She put both hands on his chest, feeling even more fluid drip out of her vagina. Christ, his flesh felt almost feverishly hot under her hands. "Come on," she said in a husky voice, blowing a strand of hair out of her eyes. 


She started sliding her hips up and down a little bit, savoring the feel of the tiny woman moving around inside her as she ground her crotch against his. He was soft, and she could barely feel even the slightest twitch. "Come on," she insisted.

Both of his hands clamped onto her ass without warning, and she froze, letting out a little squeak. He spread her asscheeks wide, and she let him, tilting her hips a bit to give him better access. His fingers found Becca's legs, and he pulled the tiny woman out carefully. Paige let out a subvocal moan as the shrunken toy left her body, and her boyfriend brought her up between them, holding her by the ankle.

"What do you think... what's her name?"


"What do you think, Becca? Should we go again?"

The tiny girl was hopelessly disoriented, a panicked look on her face as she tried to process the sudden shift in her surroundings. Paige knew that feeling; it only went away with practice. Eventually, she shook her head, her eyes wide with fear.

"That's two to one, babe," her boyfriend said.

Paige grabbed his hand, the one that held the shrunken woman, and shoved it down into the mattress. Her body followed, pressing up against his, their faces only inches away. "She doesn't count," she whispered.

Her boyfriend closed his eyes, though his contented smile didn't fade. "I can't, babe. Sorry."

Paige made a show of rolling her eyes, and straightened up. She brushed her hair back, then gave her boyfriend a grin, a little note to say that she wasn't really that disappointed. "Where's the remote?"

He reached back, his hand groping into a pile of pillows; apparently, they had tossed the remote about a little bit. Eventually, he produced the little box, and Paige eagerly snatched it from his hands. She pressed the 'clean' button, and, hand on the size slider, said, "Give her here."

He raised an open palm, presenting a four-inch naked woman struggling to get to her feet. Paige plucked her up between thumb and forefinger, then sized her all the way down.

"Seems like my boyfriend is tired," she said, speaking to the mote of dust between her fingers. She scooted back a bit, and lowered the tiny woman down to the man's cock. It glistened with bodily fluids, and she grabbed it and pulled back his foreskin. "See if you can't wake him up."

She placed the woman under the head of his dick, right on the thin tissue that ran down from his urethra, then rolled his foreskin forwards. The woman vanished under the soft flesh, and there was nothing left afterwards to indicate that she was even there.

Paige got up from the bed with a sigh. "I'm going to go clean up. Let me know if that works."

Please View the Table of Contents for a Better Description of Fetish Content by tallie
Author's Notes:

In which Becca learns that casual abuse is so much worse. Panty entrapment, and the barest hints of GTS blowjobs.

This was still just the first day. That's all Becca could think about as she lay, immobile, trapped underneath the unforgiving pressure of the man's foreskin. She had barely been at this for eight hours, and she already wanted to die. Did she really have to deal with a whole month of this?

The heat was incredible; she never seemed to get used to how hot it was. The only sound she could hear was the man's booming heartbeat, the only thing she could see was the dark skin of the giant's cock pressed up against her. Every breath came with a struggle against the pressure, and it filled her lungs with the hot, slimy mix of lubricant and semen that the man had carried out of Paige's body. 

She tried, briefly, to struggle, but realized immediately that her best efforts would not even budge the flesh around her. Worse, the thick, salty fluids that enveloped her kept her from gaining purchase against the smooth skin of the giant's dick. All her kicking and flailing did nothing but wear her out.

Fuck. Now what? Paige had put her here very deliberately, so she could only imagine that she had even more perverted torture in the works. She didn't want to think about it, but she couldn't stop her mind from speculating what new and inventive things that Paige could do to her.

She had already done so much more than Becca would have thought possible, and then there was that thing with the horse... She said she had promised not to, but who could say what would happen in a month? Just the idea of being fucked by a barnyard animal, no matter what size she was... And she'd have no say in it at all; she'd have to endure whatever it was until Paige got bored.

Becca kicked at the flesh around her, again, to no effect, and screamed in frustration. She was fucking tired of being helpless. She was a human being, goddammit, not a toy. But her fiercest struggles did nothing; it was immediately clear that there was nothing she could do, no matter how indignant she was. 

She lay back, furious at her helplessness. Then, at that moment, the man's foreskin drew back, washing her body in light and cold air. She twisted around, pulling herself partially free of the residual fluids, and saw Paige's mouth closing around her.

Becca screamed, but Paige had already clamped her mouth around the giant's cock. The massive woman's tongue slimed up against her back, pressing her against the flesh before it dragged her free. It all happened so fast. One moment, she was face-down against the dark skin of the man's penis, the next, she was rocketing into the air, Paige's tongue at her back, as the giantess' lips closed around her.

The last thing she saw, before she was plunged into the darkness of the giant woman's mouth, was the naked body of the man who had tortured her for the last hour. To her surprise, he was sleeping, his flaccid cock lying limp between his legs.

Then Paige's mouth slammed shut, enveloping her darkness, heat, and the stench of her spit. The giantess' tongue surged up underneath her, and, for one, terrifying moment, Becca thought she was about to be swallowed. She flailed wildly, trying to escape the darkness of the woman's throat behind her, but it was useless; Paige's tongue was ten times her size, anything that happened to her was only because the giantess willed it.

Then Paige's mouth opened, her tongue reaching out into the open air, and her thumb and forefinger reached up and plucked Becca off the wet, saliva-soaked surface. 

The motion was quick and dizzying. Becca got a glimpse of a dimly-lit bedroom, disheveled bedsheets, a naked man asleep, a naked woman standing, and then her vision was filled with the giantess' piercing gaze. Dark brown eyes, each larger than her, stared her down with a hungry expression.

Paige's lips twitched briefly into a smile, then she spoke. At this size, her voice seemed like the word of God, "So, what do you think?" she asked. "Inside or outside?"

Becca tried to get her bearings, flailing uselessly with her body trapped between the giantess' fingers. She barely even heard the question. Inside or outside?

Paige rolled her eyes and tossed Becca down onto the bedsheets. In an instant, she soared miles through the air and landed like a comet on an infinite landscape of cloth. She hit the surface so fast that it drove the wind out of her and left her gasping, smooth cotton seeming as hard as rock at that sped. She was only vaguely aware of the giantess, holding the size remote in her hands and staring down at her.

Then everything around her seemed to grow smaller. It took her a moment, coughing from the impact and trying desperately to catch her breath, to realize that the giantess had sized her up. Not much, only to three, maybe four inches, but it was miles above where she had been before.

Paige leaned down, her hand slamming down right next to Becca. The tiny woman fell straight onto her ass, staring up at the giantess' face in terror as she spoke again, "Inside or outside?"

"Wh... What?" she stuttered.

Paige rolled her eyes. Then her hand, with terrifying speed, scooped Becca up off the bedsheets and lifted her to the giantess' face. "I want to come," the massive woman said patiently. "So how are you going to do it? Do you want to be inside me or outside?"

Becca gaped. What the fuck... 

"God, you're useless," Paige decided. "Try it on the outside. If you can't, well..."

Paige opened her hand, and Becca was suddenly falling. Falling, falling, falling, seemingly forever. She saw the giantess' body pass by her, her smooth belly, her naked crotch, her thin legs, and then she hit the ground.

The impact made everything go dark for a moment, and, when she came to, she was gasping like a fish out of water, trying to catch her breath from the fall. 

The giantess stood above her, straddling her tiny body. She could see the seemingly infinite dark columns of the woman's legs leading up to the swollen lips of her pussy, the muscular folds of her ass. Even further above, past her tight, flat belly, were the sizable lumps of her breasts, big enough to hide her face completely.

It was one hell of a view. Then, with terrifying speed, the giantess leaned forwards, placing her hands on either side of her feet. She made eye contact with Becca for a brief moment, and gave her a little wink.

Oh, fuck. Becca realized what was happening just a second too late. She wasn't on the ground, she was lying face-up in a smooth, cotton hammock, and the giantess had a grip on either side of her. Becca twisted, and saw that she was lying square in the gusset of the massive woman's panties.

The moment Becca realized where she was, Paige pulled her underwear up, and Becca watched the giantess' crotch come flying at her with terrifying speed. In an instant, she was buried in the hot, soft flesh, the fresh air of the outside replaced immediately with the heady, fishy smell of the massive woman's pussy.

Overwhelming heat surrounded her, and she started to sweat immediately. There was no reprieve, though; hot flesh enveloped her entire body, pounding with the giantess' heartbeat. Becca squirmed helplessly, trying to grab a breath of cool, fresh air, but she was trapped. She was cocooned in wet, pink flesh, and every breath she took was thick with salty lubricant. There was no way for her to be more a slave to Paige's pussy.

The giantess took a step forward, and her entire world shook; Paige's hip lifted up with her leg, and Becca felt the motion like she was strapped to the underside of a roller coaster. Then Paige's foot hit the ground with a deafening boom, the force rippling up through the giantess' flesh and shaking Becca's entire world.

The next step followed immediately after, before Becca had even recovered from the first one. The motion was rapid, irregular, and, combined with the overbearing heat and stench, she started to feel a little nauseous.

She had been here before, with Holly, and that giantess had given her the same task. She had failed then, and she had no idea how she would succeed this time. With her face buried so deep in Paige's vulva that all she could see was the pink flesh hidden beneath the dark folds, she had no chance of finding her way around. Even worse, the pressure exerted by the panties at her back, and by the flesh around her, made it almost impossible for her to really move. She couldn't imagine how she would stimulate the woman to orgasm in this spot.

She was still outraged at how helpless she was, and she didn't really even want to try. She didn't want to give the giantess that satisfaction. A month was a month, and it would be miserable if she did what this massive woman wanted her to, or if she was just used as a helpless toy the entire time. She could at least get something out of having held out for the whole awful experience.

The arrythmic pounding of the giantess' gait suddenly cut short, and she heard the woman's voice, far above her, shouting to be heard through the tons of flesh that surrounded her. She felt it in the vibration through Paige's body more than she heard it. "Hey!" she demanded. "Are you even trying down there?"

Becca offered a savage kick in response, but she couldn't get any decent leverage. Her foot just slid between the massive woman's labia and stuck there. The giantess' response to this was muted, barely audible at all, "Well, you know what'll happen if you don't..."

Fuck. Fuck this. "Fuck you!" Becca screamed. Or, at least, she tried to scream. When she took a breath, she drew in more fluid than she expected, and was reduced to a violent coughing fit for the next minute. Paige started walking again while she sucked down and hacked up bodily fluids, and Becca finally got control of herself, punching and kicking futilely at the spongy skin that surrounded her.

When she tired herself out from thrashing around in fluid-soaked, quicksand-like flesh, she just lay there, breathing the slimy lubricant and not even caring, her body twisted around at awkward angles. You know what? she thought. Fuck you, and fuck your twisted shit, bitch. 

The sentiment was fine, but there wasn't much she could really do. She wasn't about to squirm her way to freedom, and, even if she did, she would just fall to the ground, and Paige would scoop her up as she lay gasping from the impact that followed the fall. Her fury at her helplessness just kept her rage alive and impotent. 

After a few minutes, when she had finally caught her breath and started trying to push herself into a more comfortable position, her world was flooded with light, and a blessed gust of fresh air washed across her face. She twisted around, and saw the giantess' ebony fingers reaching down past the elastic waistband of her panties to grab her head.

In a dizzying blur of motion, Paige ripped Becca out from the crotch of her panties and brought her tiny body right up to her giant face. Becca was completely overwhelmed by the sudden transition, but the giantess gave no time for her to recover. Her face was quite level, and her voice lacked expression, but the words she spoke sent a shiver of fear down Becca's spine.

"Time's up."

A Proven Training Method by tallie
Author's Notes:

In which Paige shows us how to make a happy toy out of a rebellious slave. Vaginal insertion and near-impossible anatomy, all from the GTS POV. A hearty thank-you to the anonymous administrator that decided to make this story 'featured.'

Becca was meant to fail, but, honestly, it felt like she had tried harder than Paige expected, at least for a little while. Without any real direction, though, it wasn't much more than vaguely pleasurable. Paige wasn't too surprised; the girl was new at this, and probably wasn't all that willing, either.

Only time would solve the first problem, but Paige wouldn't get any real results unless she also solved the second. To that end, she had a proven method. For all her talk about punishing the tiny girl, there was really only one way, in her experience, to make an unwilling woman into a willing toy.

The principle was straightforward enough. Why did people so eagerly share their favorite music? Why did people take it as a personal offense that you didn't enjoy the book they recommended? People get personal satisfaction from sharing experiences that they enjoyed, and sexual gratification was no different.

The problem was biology, along with cultural and moral hang-ups that almost everybody had, that kept people from expressing the same opinions about sex that they had about a movie they loved. Paige, however, suffered none of those biases, and Becca's unique situation, with her size and her resiliency, meant that Paige could work through those physical barriers that kept people from enjoying sex any more than their body demanded of them.

In part, it was why men were so rare in her field. Their experience with sex was of biological imperative followed by abrupt release, the 'little death,' as the French put it. The only men she knew with her job were the ones with the discipline to work literally past the point of 'death.' Male applicants at XMart were innumerable, but men who actually made it past the trial period that she and her female coworkers administered were incredibly rare.

Paige relied heavily on a single tool to get the job done when she had an unwilling female toy. A small, pill-sized bullet vibrator, the smallest she could find, connected by a thin cord to a battery pack that she had customized for extra capacity. It was extremely tiny, and, due to its size, not all that strong, either; if she left it nestled right up against her clitoris, she might get one orgasm before the battery died. It was just cheap Chinese shit trying to capitalize on women looking for a 'discreet' way to pleasure themselves, but it suited her perfectly.

She dug the vibrator out from her sock drawer as the tiny woman in her panties tired herself out. The batteries were dead, so she had to give Becca a few more moments to calm down and catch her breath before returning to her room. She tossed the vibrator down on the bed right next to Becca's remote, then reached into her underwear and pulled the tiny woman out by her head.

She transferred the shrunken girl to her other hand, holding her in a fist in front of her face, and eyed her tiny body. Her skin, soaked in lubricant, was flushed from the heat, and her eyes were wide and scared. 

"Time's up," she said, trying not to grin.

Becca's expression, if anything, seemed to grow even more fearful, and Paige flicked her tiny body onto the bed, right in view of the remote and the vibrator. Then she leaned forward, slowly to make her relative size seem that much more intimidating, and placed a single finger delicately on the tiny woman's size slider.

She waited until she could see the fear in Becca's eyes, then, letting a half-smile creep into her expression, she slid the tiny woman all the way up to her full two feet. The look of shock on the woman's face as the world shrank around her was absolutely worth the theatrics. 

But it didn't escape her that the little toy was bigger than she had been in a while, and had total freedom of movement. An ill-conceived escape ettempt was inevitable, so Paige preempted it by slamming her free hand down on the woman's chest, pinning her to the mattress.

She could hear the other woman's shout of surprise and pain, and tried to ignore her tiny hands grappling helplessly against her giant fingers. If she realized, maybe, that her struggles almost felt like bugs crawling on Paige's skin, she might be a little more careful. Paige's grin widened at the little woman's helplessness.

She grabbed the bullet part of the vibrator with her other hand, barely an inch tall, and held it between thumb and forefinger for the tiny woman to see. "Look at this!" she said cheerfully. "I got this special for you to enjoy. You tried to pleasure me, and that's good, but you failed."

She licked the vibrator, covering the silicone with a thick, glistening layer of her spit, "You're not that great, but this should keep you squirming." She leaned forward, until she could tell from Becca's expression that her face consumed the tiny woman's entire world. "I like it when they squirm."

She pulled back, and shifted the hand holding down the shrunken toy so that she held her down by the waist, and used her thumb and forefinger to push her tiny thighs apart. At two feet in size, though, her legs competed in strength against Paige's fingers, and it took enough effort that she had to say aloud, "It will be worse if you fight it."

That got her to calm down, at least a bit. Paige took the bullet vibrator and slowly shoved it into the tiny woman's vagina. She saw Becca's eyes widen and heard her shocked exhale; the vibrator was smaller than a tampon at her size, something that no woman would think twice about putting inside herself, but it was the shock of the unwilling violation. Paige could empathize, but that was the whole point.

With the vibrator safely inserted, only the cord still visible, Paige let go of Becca's legs, and they snapped reflexively together. She tried to twist away, but Paige still held a firm grip on her waist. "Ah, ah, ah, we're not done," she said, placing another finger pointedly on the size slider.

This time, she heard the tiny woman speak. "Please, no," she begged.

Paige shook her head. "You lost your vote when you failed to do your job," she told the little toy. "This ends when I want it to."

With that, she shrank the woman almost instantly down to four inches, a comfortable size for her to stow in her vagina. Becca, who felt a tampon-sized object seemingly grow to be a foot long, and wider around than her wrist, collapsed into the bed, her eyes rolling back and her mouth falling open. Paige could clearly see the bulge of the vibrator inside her, stretching all the way to her belly button, and still a little bit of it stuck outside of her after the shrinking.

She chuckled, and placed a single, delicate finger on the part that was sticking out. Becca squirmed helplessly under her grip, and she shoved the vibrator all the way in. 

The shrunken woman let loose a choked scream, audible even despite her size. Paige just shook her head, "Oh, you poor girl," she said aloud. "You have no idea what you're in for."

Becca was already writhing helplessly, trapped in the throes of pleasure. That kind of penetration was not something that every woman could handle, and even the ones that could handle it could only do so after plenty of preparation. What Paige did to her should have split her open like an overcooked hot dog, but the invulnerability that came with the shrinking opened up so many possibilities. 

Just like what she had done with the Bad Dragon dildo, Becca would be forced to experience penetration far beyond her body's capacity, for as long as Paige felt was necessary. But, unlike her playtime with the Bad Dragon toy, it wouldn't just last until Paige came. Honestly, even with how violently the girl was squirming, Paige might not even reach orgasm; she was pretty good at suppressing it unless she wanted it.

She scooped the tiny, writhing figure up from the bed and, lifting one of her feet up onto the mattress, slowly slid her head-first into her vagina. A pleasured exhale escaped her lips, her pussy still too sensitive from the good fucking her boyfriend had delivered earlier. 

When the woman was safely nestled away, hidden head to toe inside Paige's body, the giantess lowered her foot to the ground and lifted up the vibrator's controller, held by a narrow wire to the tiny, living toy inside her. Her finger lingered on the button for a moment, thinking about what it was like for Becca right now. She had been in the tiny woman's position before, and, to be honest, she kind of envied her.

"Well," she said to herself, "It's bettter than the horse."

She turned the vibrator on.


Basic Training by tallie
Author's Notes:

In which Becca suffers, and Paige savors, the process of initiating a new toy. Vaginal insertion (from the tiny and GTS perspective), and orgasm torture (is that a tag that people are familiar with?).

The unbearable heat, the suffocating pressure, the slimy taste of lubricant sliding down her throat, all of it was a distant footnote to the fog of pleasure that held Becca's mind and body captive. Her entire body flexed, hips rolling unbidden, limps thrashing helplessly as pure sexual ecstasy overwhelmed her.

She was vaguely aware of her screams, lost to the infinite tons of flesh that surrounded her. Salty bodily fluids flooded her lungs with every inhale, but she couldn't help herself; her body demanded that she vocalize her pleasure.

The orgasm seemed almost constant, no opportunity to recover from the last climax before the next crashed down on her. The vibration inside her was powerful, it shook her bones, and the feeling was beyond description. Just a few seconds, squeezing it as hard as she could, fighting back the climax with all her might, and she came with a desperate, choking shout. The wash of pleasure blinded out the world for a brief moment, and she almost forgot where she was. Then, just as her senses started to recover, she felt her body building towards another orgasm.

It was hell. It was heaven. A distant, lucid part of her brain knew where she was and what was happening to her, and was disgusted by it, but the rest of her body responded with limitless desire. She was a slave to her basest instincts, and they demanded that she follow the same rythm: fight the overwhelming stimulation with everything you have, then savor the inevitable orgasm.

Then, suddenly, it was all over. The vibration stopped. She lay in the giantess' vagina, twitching helplessly as her heartbeat slowly stopped pounding in her ears. The sheer bulk of the vibrator inside her was still entirely too much, but it was at least something she could handle. As her senses recovered, sudden and diminishing waves of pleasure causing her entire body to shake, she tried to take stock of where she was, and how long it had been.

How many times had she orgasmed? A hundred? A thousand? It was all just a formless fog of ecstasy in her memory. Every muscle in her body was sore, her nipples almost painfully tender. She had a tendancy to squeeze them as she rode the ride to climax, but that muscle memory wasn't meant to last for this long. How long it was, though, she couldn't tell.

She was lying sideways, that much she knew. As she slowly regained control of her senses, she realized that Paige's heartbeat, each pulse slightly vibrating the elastic walls that wrapped around her body, was remarkably slow. So the woman was asleep. It had been at least the entire rest of the day. An entire day of thrashing around that violently, and the giantess hadn't even noticed? She had fallen asleep with a toy writhing around inside her?

No, not a toy. Becca had to correct her first thought. She wasn't a toy, she was an unwilling slave. At least this experience brought the end of her month of slavery that much closer, she thought. It had to have been days at this point, there was no way that this could have been the first time that Paige fell asleep with Becca inside her.

A small part of her kind of missed it, though. Just forget about the world and let sexual pleasure overcome you, lifted to impossible heights of ecstasy by the immunity offered by the shrinking process. But, no, she wasn't a sex toy. She had dreams, an education, goals in life. At least she got something out of her time spent with Holly and Paige and whatever other sexual deviant they felt like sharing her with, but she would never let herself want to come back.

Her body still nagged at her, though, as she lay there. Boredom inside the motionless body of a sleeping woman, and the subtle demands of a sex drive that had gotten used to constant climax, and she found herself with her hands between her legs, slowly massaging her clit. 

The vibrator inside her was so large that she could feel its shape as she ran her hand over her belly. The unyielding pressure of that constant penetration, combined with the extra stimulation of a self-massage, was enough. She came once, on her own terms, her lungs pumping hot lubricant in and out of her body as she gasped in pleasure.

Then, without warning, her position changed. She went from lying on her side to sticking straight up, and she realized immediately that the giantess had woken up. Maybe after a nap, maybe for a midniught piss, maybe for the day, she had no way of knowing. All she knew was the rhythmic shaking of the massive woman's hips, the quiet thudding of her foot against the floor. Her heartbeat rose as her body started to move around.

Then she stopped. Becca waited, desperate for clues as to what the woman was up to. Would she hear a stream of urine through the walls? Would she feel her wriggle her way into a pair of pants? There was no way to know, and, to be honest, she was more curious about it than resentful. After all that time living in the throes of limitless orgasm, what did this giantess have planned for her next?

Suddenly, the vibration turned back on, and Becca let loose a raw scream.

The battery died overnight, like Paige had expected. She woke up the next morning to a powerful need to pee, and a toy who had stopped struggling inside her. She yawned, sliding a hand under the waistband of her sweatpants to scratch her ass. "Was it good for you?" she asked the tiny woman, still trapped in her vagina, speaking in the quietest whisper. Her question was barely vocal, asking more for her own amusement than anything else; she didn't want to wake her boyfriend, who still slept next to her.

Well, first things first. A few brief periods of orgasm denial were part of the process, but the shrunken woman would build up resentment if left alone for too long. Paige climbed carefully out of bed, trying not to disturb her boyfriend, and made her way to the kitchen. She walked carefully on the balls of her feet, trying to keep from making too much noise, as she looked for where they kept the AA batteries.

Probably should have done this before the batteries died, she thought. She finally produced a fresh pair from the junk drawer, and dug out another two before slamming the drawer shut and pulling the controller from the pocket of her sweatpants. 

"Hope you enjoyed the time off," she said aloud as she popped the old, dead batteries out of the controller and placed the new ones in. "Because it's back to work for you, bitch."

She turned the vibrator on. She could barely feel the vibration, but she could feel the tiny woman's response almost immediately. Becca's entire body spasmed the moment she hit the switch, and she started to squirm against the flesh that enveloped her. One of her tiny limbs pawed against her G-spot, and Paige let out a little moan. But, after rubbing her legs together and shifting her hips a bit, the shrunken woman's struggles moved away from the more sensitive areas, shifting from pleasurable to mildly enjoyable.

"There we go," she muttered, putting the controller back in her pocket and making her way to the bathroom. She could feel Becca's writhing with remarkable sensitivity, and she knew that every move the tiny woman made was purely involuntary. Even so, at her size, she didn't have the power to make Paige lose control. For the next few days, the added stimulation would just make her a little happier and a little hornier.

She had been in this tiny woman's position before. She had been an involuntary recruit, and this exact same process had turned her into a willing employee, one of the company's best. She wondered if the tiny girl had any idea how absolutely meaningless her full-body struggles were.

Five days. That was enough for almost any woman. Paige would tack on another two to cover Becca's experience with Holly. Her roommate was a fantastic toy, but she had no idea how to train a new employee. Her brief playtime with the shrunken woman had probably baked in a lot of extra resistance to the concept as a whole, but an extra two days spent in the throes of limitless pleasure would likely solve that problem. Paige carried about her morning routine with a sultry smile. She could go anywhere she liked, and there would be a tiny woman buried head-to-toe inside her who was slave to an endless train of orgasms. Nobody would ever know, and that was the kind of power that made her happy.

Basically a Reprise of the Last Chapter by tallie
Author's Notes:

In which the training quickly begins to take effect; seven full days may not even be necessary. Continuing with the orgasm torture, vaginal insertion, and giantess masturbation.

Becca struggled constantly to keep her grip on her senses, to maintain her view on what was going on in the world around her, even if it was just the pulsing, lubricant-soaked interior of the giantess' vagina. But pure, electric pleasure assaulted her entire body, and it was impossible to maintain her focus.

She had brief, exhausted moments of lucidity, but they were short-lived. A sudden, violent wave of orgasm would take control of her entire body, and she would be blind to both space and time until she recovered, seemingly hours later. And, even then, a relentless, pulsing force of unrelenting pleasure quickly stole away her senses, She kicked, she squirmed, she screamed, but nothing could stop the constant pressure of ecstasy that seemed to push in from every direction.

Focus, girl. Focus. It's your body, take control, push it back, just... Oh, FUCK!

Her legs twisted together, her back arcing as another orgasm seized her entire body. She fought it, clenching her fists and grinding her teeth, but her body's imperative wouldn't be denied. When she regained control, she let loose a frustrated scream. Come on! Get control of yourself! You're a person, not a sex toy!

She reached between her legs and tugged on the cord, but even that tiny motion of the vibrator inside her sent a spike of pleasure through her body. She suppressed it as best she could, focusing on her anger at how Holly, and now Paige had treated her, stoking her fury to keep the pleasure at bay. It worked, just barely, but the relentless vibration built up the ecstasy until it would not be denied. Her vision blurred with tears, her fingernails digging into her palms, as another climax sent every limb quivering like she was posessed.

By the time her senses recovered, her whole body shook with sobs. "Please, stop," she begged, to the giantess, to nobody, to her own body. "Please... Just... Oh! Oh, fuck!"

Another orgasm hit her, and it hit her hard. Her right hand shot unbidden to her breast, pinching at her nipple, at she hated herself for it. By the time she managed to pull her hand away from her tender nipples, the orgasm had already passed.

Christ, how much more of this? Did she even have a choice here? She had always thought her orgasms were purely mental, that she had to put herself in the right place to finish. But she couldn't push this unadulterated pleasure back even if she tried. What was wrong with her?

Another climax hit her. Both her hands were on her breasts immediately, twisting her nipples hard, mixing the tiniest bit of pain into the seemingly limitless pleasure. Every muscle from head to toe tightened, and she couldn't breathe deep enough to let out the scream that her body demanded of her.

Don't fight it. 

She thrashed in the throes of climax. Who said that? The words were crystal clear, but they seemed to come from everywhere. With the tons of flesh surrounding her, it couldn't have been the giantess, not and still sound that clear, so who was it? Did she even recognize that voice? Was it her own voice? Was it her mind?

She fought the rising pleasure with only a token effort, letting the ceaseless vibration push her into the next climax. In that moment, she went briefly blind to the heat, the pressure, the seemingly endless field of pink of the giantess' vagina.

Enjoy it.

Ohhhhhhh.... fuck..... She came to, briefly, with one leg at an odd position. She had kicked, rather forcefully, without even intending to. The elastic flesh that surrounded her body had absorbed the motion like quicksand, but the vibrator's cable had tangled around her leg. She didn't have time to right herself as the pleasure built again, and her entire body was seized in the grip of orgasm.

You can't escape it. It'll be worse if you fight it.

That voice... She didn't know where it came from, but it was right. How long had she been fighting these orgasms? A minute? A day? A year? She was immortal; tender nipples, sore vagina, none of it mattered. All that measured was the pleasure, and the brief trips to normalcy that she made between climaxes. She could handle that, couldn't she?

Another orgasm grabbed control of her body, and she didn't fight it this time; she felt a scream rip its way from her throat, but she didn't care.



Paige left the little girl to her own devices, and carried on about her life as if she wasn't even there. Becca continued struggling, stronger and more resiliant than she expected, ignoring very pointed contractions of Paige's pelvic muscles, but the larger woman could suppress the pleasure of the constant stimulation.

At least, she thought she could. But, when she slept, she could barely stay down for three hours before she jolted awake with a pleasured gasp, all her muscles sore and her crotch soaking wet. She had come in her sleep, she was sure of it. She changed her soiled underwear and lay back down on her back, hoping that the extra pressure would calm the girl down, but it still took more than an hour for her to fall back asleep.

She awoke again, an hour before her alarm, with her chest heaving and a massive wet stain in her panties. Fuck, she had climaxed again in her sleep. She used to be able to sleep through the night with a squirming toy inside her; either this tiny girl was especially lucky, or she was getting rusty.

"I hope you're happy," she said aloud, rolling out of bed with a groan. No falling back asleep now, might as well get an early start on the morning routine.

Her underwear, the second pair of the night, she noted, were already ruined, so she masturbated in the kitchen as she waited for the coffee to brew. The tiny girl's thrashing inside her body helped her along quite a bit, and she fell against the counter, gripping the edge with white knuckles.

As her bare chest heaved; she rarely slept with a bra on; it did occur to her that she had come twice overnight, and she still felt compelled to seek release. Was this tiny woman inside her going to keep her this horny the whole time? She could handle that, but it definitely would get messy.

She could still feel Becca inside her, her limbs thrashing about involuntarily amidst the throes of limitless pleasure. She envied the tiny girl a bit, but, though her memories of days spent lost in ceaseless bliss made her warm inside and put a naughty half-smile on her face, they probably didn't help keep her sex drive at bay.

Fuck, this was going to be annoying. Sure, it was going to be frustrating to put up with the constant stimulation when she had shit to do, but, even worse, the only real release she could get was rubbing herself off. Still bleary-eyed from having just woken up, she had already been horny enough to masturbate once, and, despite that, all she wanted to do was dive back into bed and wake her boyfriend up by wrapping her thighs around his head.

Holy shit. When she had properly broken this girl, she was going to do terrible things to her. She'd teach her everything she knew in twenty-four hours. She'd spend an entire day in bed with her boyfriend, and take every hour, from morning to night, to show Becca everything there was to know about her new job.


A Toy Broken by tallie
Author's Notes:

In which Becca learns to appreciate the finer things in life. A third part to that weird orgasm torture, masturbation, and giantess insertion.

Becca was completely lost to a fog of pleasure, floating along in seemingly permanent ecstasy. She was only vaguely aware of the oppressive heat of her surroundings, or of the desperate thrashing of her own body. The orgasms came one after the other, over and over again, so rapid that she just didn't have the time to handle any of her other senses.

Occasionally, she would break the surface of lucidity with a brief pause in the vibration. She could feel the soreness in every limb, the raw feeling in her throat from her ceaseless screams. Her heartbeat pounded in her ears, louder than the steady thump-thumping of the giantess' heartbeat that permeated the walls around her. In those brief moments, she remembered who she was, and her very first, instinctual response was resentment. She didn't want to know who she was, she just wanted to return to that land of ecstasy.

She wanted more. She tried to bring her hands between her legs to do the job herself, but she couldn't. Her pussy was so, so sensitive; she could barely touch her clit without her entire body heaving. Her pelvic muscles screamed in exhaustion, a deep ache in a part of her body that had never felt sore before. Her entire body begged for relief, but her mind wanted nothing but to return to that place of bliss.
Maybe, given more time, she would have recognized that desire as a weird, lascivious twist to Stockholm syndrome, and learned to overcome it. But she didn't really have the opportunity to think past her body's first, hormone-fuelled desires; not long after she had regained the mental capacity to wonder why she had fallen from heaven, the vibrator kicked back in to full strength and brought her right back.

When the vibration started again, the brief minutes of deprivation made it seem so much stronger. Within a few seconds, she returned to near-continuous climax. Her entire body shook, and she screamed in desperation, but there was no reprieve.

She started to enjoy it, or even to expect it. At the very least, she started to view the occasional breaks as nothing more than well-deserved breathers. She savored the opportunity to take those deep, exhausted breaths of relief, laden down with hot vaginal fluids as they were, but could only pray that the pleasure would return before her senses came back to full capacity, delivering a much-delayed punishment for the abuse and neglect that they had suffered over the past... How long had it been? Hours? Days? Weeks?

Honestly, it could very well have been months. Paige could have left her here as a living tampon, sucking down bright red period blood like air, and she really wouldn't have cared. In fact, the thought that Paige would let her remain in this limitless world of sexual ecstasy even throughout the inconvenience of menstruation seemed like a kindness. After all, she probably didn't make for a very good tampon.

However long it had been, Becca was growing increasingly confident that it would last forever. It was really all she could ever want. This sexual pleasure was the most pure, most visceral experience she could ever hope for, and it was completely unceasing. She never wanted for food or water, and her nauseasting, claustrophic surroundings were barely an afterthought to her. What could be better?

Then, suddenly, the vibration cut short for the last time. It took a minute, every muscle from head to toe twitching uncontrollably, residual pleasure plucking at the strings of her body, for her to even realize that it had happened. 

Muscle memory seemed to expect a return to the unending pleasure any moment now, and her body seemed to periodically prepare for it. Her entire body would tense all at once and without warning. Her hands began to twitch, seeking out the sensitive flesh of her nipples. After a few minutes, one of her hands began to find its way between her legs, but the flesh there was so raw that it drew back immediately in a sudden shock of pained pleasure.

Eventually, her ecstasty-addled mind began to wonder. Was it over? Her senses slowly recovered, the overwhelming stench of the giantess' vagina hitting her first, the heat that enveloped her body coming second. Time crawled along, and she slowly regained control of herself; the vibration should have kicked back in by now, she thought. She shouldn't be deprived of pleasure for this long. Had she done something wrong?

The vibrator was still inside her; she moved her hands to her belly and felt the distinct lump there. But, at this point, the sheer bulk of it just felt normal. She wanted to go back, to feel that limitless pleasure, but she didn't dare bring her hands between her legs. Her pussy was excruciatingly sore, throbbing pulses of pain washing across her body with every heartbeat. Touching that sensitive flesh would be more painful than she could handle.

She was exhausted. Every muscle in her body cried for relief, and her pelvic muscles seemed to be the focus for it all. She could barely twitch around the bulk of the vibrator inside her without tears welling up in her eyes. 

Christ, the giantess had really done a number on her tiny body. But, even so, all she really wanted was for that vibration to kick back in. Sore muscles and sensitive flesh be damned, she wanted to return to that place of endless orgasm. But she couldn't do it on her own; Paige controlled the vibrator, and that was the only thing that would overcome her body's limitations and return her to infinite pleasure.

Then, suddenly, Becca felt the giantess' fingers on her feet. She let out a yelp of surprise, but it happened too quick. A rush of pink flesh, a blast of cold air, and she found herself sprawled out on top of silky bedsheets. A thin wire led from between her legs to Paige's fist, still hanging loose, at least for now.

Becca took a breath, then doubled over in a coughing fit. Her lungs were full of sticky lubricant, and her body, desperate for air, demanded to expel it. After a minute of violent coughing, she finally recovered, the bedcloth below her stained with the giantess' fluids. She looked up at the massive woman, a little ashamed of what she had done, but still well aware of the fact that her entire body, from head to toe, was still coated in lubricant; she was still a sex toy, and she had no illusions about that fact.

Paige looked down at her impassively, waiting for her to recover. The giantess sat on the bed, her dark brown legs raised high above, and Becca sat only a few feet away from her crotch. It was a dangerous place to be, she knew. She could imagine a sudden hand on her back forcing her headfirst into that wet, fleshy slit, but, to her surprise, the thought wasn't entirely disgusting. If anything, the mental image sent a warmth between her own legs. 

When Becca had finally calmed down, gulping down fresh air like a drowning sailor, Paige leaned forward a bit, brandishing the vibrator's remote like a sword. "Oh, Becca, I'm so happy you're back."

Her hand came down with terrifying speed, slamming her back into the bed. For a moment, she thought that Paige was about to pick her up, then she pushed down even harder, and she felt the vibrator inside her start to move.

She screamed. Good God, no... It was too big... But her palm pushed down, and she felt the massive bulk of the vibrator start to slide out of her body. 

Ohhhhh.... Fuck! Her entire body squirmed, kicking and punching against the overwhelming sensation. Her breath came quick and desperate, and she was about to let loose another scream, then it suddenly ended.

The vibrator came loose from her body, and Paige lifted it up, depositing it in the same hand that held the remote. Becca's chest heaved, her body completely overwhelmed by the incredibly powerful sensation of her body emptying so profoundly. Her vision was filled with stars, but, as it slowly recovered, she noticed the giantess' massive face looming over her.

"Did you have fun?" Paige asked.

Becca barely had the presence of mind to realize she had been asked a question. But, after a few seconds of grasping, she finally met the massive woman's eyes and gave her a brief, exhausted nod.

Paige's face split into a wide grin. "That's good!" she said. "Do you know how long it's been?"

Becca had to think about it for a moment, slowly pulling herself to her feet; she had vague memories of having contemplated how much time had passed, but no real frame of reference for what was going on outside her nearly-endless world of sexual pleasure. Eventually, she was forced to shake her head. "No," she said, although she wasn't sure that Paige would hear her at this size.

"It's been nine days."

Holy shit.

"I know that doesn't seem like much," Paige continued, her voice growing husky, "But I bet it felt like a lot longer."

Paige breathed deeply in through her nose, and then let it out as a heavy, almost moaning sigh, dropping the vibrator and the remote off to the side. Becca could feel the wind of her exhalation like a hurricane. The force of it nearly knocked her on her ass, but she managed to hold her ground. Then, in a voice so loud that it rivaled the thud-thud­ of the heartbeat that had pervaded her world barely a minute ago, she said, "There are a lot of people who don't get to enjoy what you experienced, you know."

Paige's right hand fell down to her crotch, and she ran her middle finger downwards between her labia. Slowly, so Emma could hear the wet sound of flesh on flesh, and see the dark brown walls part to reveal the bright pink underneath. She had to admit that the sight was a bit tantalizing, but she wasn't sure if she was comfortable about that fact yet.

The giantess paused at the bottom to quickly slide her finger knuckle-deep into her vagina. A soft, expectant exhalation accompanied the squelching of lubricant-soaked flesh, but Emma was distracted by just how deep the woman was able to get in there, and so effortlessly, too. 

Paige's finger was easily as tall as she was, if not taller, and she had just sunk it all the way to the hand into her own vagina, and then drew it out as if it was nothing. Becca couldn't shake the thought that being in there, surrounded by the other woman's warmth, and being actually lucid enough to enjoy the experience would be the hottest thing she could imagine. 

Paige pulled her finger slowly back upwards, tracing the same, slimy path up between her labia, and paused on her clitoris only to draw a lazy circle around it. "Come on," she moaned, lust pouring over her words, "Show me what you felt."

Becca didn't even wait. She fell facefirst onto the woman's labia, pulling apart the fleshy walls with eager hands to clamp her mouth on the clitoris. She pushed away the probing finger, looking to do the job herself. She knew that her strength could never outclass the giantess', but Paige acquiesced anyway.

Becca licked, sucked, and bit at the sensitive organ, doing whatever she could to make up for the fact that it was almost the size of her head. Her tiny body and its miniscule weight couldn't really make an impression even on the soft flesh between Paige's legs, and her arms started to tremble from the effort of holding the massive, pliant walls far enough apart that she could get at the juicy bits.

Paige answered her unspoken weakness by placing her middle and forefingers on either side of her pussy and pulling the flesh apart. Her labia parted like the gates of heaven, and Becca dug into her task with a renewed will, bringing both her hands down to massage the parts that her mouth could not reach.

Maybe she was just horny, but the way that the giantess could so effortlessly manipulate the world around her was so fucking hot. At any moment, Paige could take over and obliterate all her efforts, turn her into a living toy, and there would be no way to stop it. The idea was so erotic that she drew her hips hard up against the hot, wet flesh that presented itself in front of her. Fuck, she couldn't wait for that to happen.

Paige didn't disappoint, either. After Becca maybe intentionally reduced the intensity of her clitoris massage, she felt the massive woman's fingers strike her back like a punch from a gorilla. In an instant, she was buried up to her hips in the warmth and pressure of the giantess' vagina. 

She savored that view for a moment, a perspective that she had never really appreciated. The seemingly infinite expanse of the giantess' body, framed by the dark brown lips of her labia and the bright pink sliver of flesh that was hidden beneath. All she wanted was to be all the way inside her, her tiny form fully entrusted to Paige's gorgeous black body.

She got her wish barely a second later. She felt a finger on her head, and another on each of her shoulders, and, with the insistent pressure of a giantess, she sunk bodily into the muscular flesh of Paige's vagina.

The First Real Lesson by tallie
Author's Notes:

In which Becca finally internalizes her role as a sex toy. Vaginal insertion from the GTS perspective, and panty/underwear entrapment.

    Paige knew, from the behavior of her tiny toy, that she had already succeeded in breaking the little woman. Little Becca would want nothing more than sexual excitement, and she would be happy to accept the vicarious reward of bringing her mistress to orgasm. Now she was in the test phase; if the shrunken girl was able to maintain that attitude for more than a few days, then the process was complete. If not, then Paige would have to shove the vibrator inside her for a few more days to stew in that enviable world of limitless pleasure.

    She'd only ever had to do the second breaking phase once. She did not doubt that her new toy, or, to be more accurate, her new coworker, would capitulate after the first. This moment was when she tested that theory, where she introduced the woman to her new job and determined whether she was ready for it.

    Becca didn't know it, but she was in the middle of the job interview of her life.

    Paige pushed the tiny woman feetfirst into her vagina, then laid back on the bed, waiting to see what she would do. She had felt the sloppy struggles of a toy trying to escape, and she had felt the more deliberate motions of an amateurish prospective coworker trying to please her. She knew the difference, and now was the moment of truth for her aspiring new coworker.

    Shortly after she laid back to wait, she felt something brush forcefully against her G-spot. She couldn't stop her entire body from tightening up, her hips rising slightly off the bed at the sudden pang of pleasure. She managed to hold back the moan, but fat load of good it did her with her subject buried inside her body.

    Her body's involuntary response was clear as day to the shrunken woman, and Becca redoubled her efforts. Paige felt the surge of motion inside her, and tried to harden herself against it, but the little girl was too close to her most sensitive parts. Only seconds later, another wave of pleasure took control of her body, leaving her gasping for breath, her hips squirming around on the bed.

    "God, girl..." she whispered, caught in ecstasy. Then there was another forceful push against her G-spot, and she uttered a curse through clenched teeth. She rolled onto her side, legs pressed together, both her hands pressed up against her crotch. She drew deep, desperate breaths, trying to hold back the building pleasure.

    But the ceaselessly squirming toy inside her would not be denied. As she lay there, trying to regain control of herself, the shrunken woman shoved herself up against her G-spot, over and over and over again. Paige's gasps turned to screams as the pleasure built and built. Her entire body tightened up, straightening into a line, and she felt her pussy clench with a will around the living toy.

    But there was no stopping it. Only seconds later, she came. Her body broke like a guitar string, her back arcing, toes curling, face contorted in pure pleasure. Every muscle from head to toe siezed up in the throes of orgasm, leaving her gasping desperately for breath that would not come.

    She could have died in that moment and been happy, but it came to an end quickly. She heard herself, as if from outside her own body, moaning desperately in pleasure as she came down from the height of orgasm. Her body writhed around, her pelvic muscles clenching helplessly against the tiny woman inside her.

    Finally, she regained control of her senses, and felt the tiny woman still struggling inside her pussy. In the afterglow of her climax, the stimulation was entirely too strong. Moaning in desperation, she spread her legs and slid her fingers into her vagina, seeking out the tiny woman. Even that little penetration was enough to make her gasp, but she couldn't stand one more moment of Becca's ceaseless writhing.

    She managed to close her fingers around the tiny girl's torso, and dragged her out into daylight. She did it as slowly as she dared, but it still elicited a sensual gasp from her overstimulated body. You lucky bitch, she thought. You enjoyed this for a week, and I can barely stand it for ten minutes.

    She was a wreck, and she knew that she couldn't afford to show herself, not in this state, not at this stage of the process. She dropped the woman onto the bed, then scooted forward, bowling her over under the muscular steamroller of her ass.

    She felt the hard, struggling body of the shrunken woman under her right asscheek. She was happy with her there for now, but her time was limited. She wasn't a torturer, she was a teacher, so she had to make a lesson out of all of this.

    Paige wiped her face and brushed back her hair, trying, in the few seconds she had, to make it look like she hadn't just experienced the orgasm of her life. No time for mirrors or selfies, she just had to trust that she had it right.

    She scooted backwards, freeing Becca from underneath her ass, looked down at the tiny girl, and said, "Hey, you did good!"

    The giantess' weight lifted off of Becca as abruptly as it had come crashing down on top of her. It had happened so quickly that she was almost sure that it had been an accident, but how could Paige forget about her? She had brought the giantess to an orgasm so powerful that she could feel it from within her pussy. And then she had just forgotten her underneath her ass?

    Becca had done odd things in the wake of an orgasm, too, she supposed. Maybe Paige had her own weird quirks. She'd try not to read too much into it.

    The giantess was an infinite wall of brown flesh. Becca lay, soaked in slimy vaginal fluids, between her thighs, themselves the size of redwood trees. She could see the smooth texture of her skin, the bumpy surface of her clean-shaven crotch, and the thin sliver of pink that protruded from between her labia. The whole mess of it was absolutely soaked in fluids, glistening and radiating heat from the sexual experience. She could even see the little spot of fluid on the back of the woman's thigh where she had rolled over Becca just a second ago.

    She had been inside that barely a minute ago, but she couldn't help but see it as an inviting, warm embrace. A voice inside her told her to rush in and try to get deep, deep in there, but she knew that Paige had pulled her out for a reason. She didn't really want to invite any punishment from the massive woman.

    The massive woman leaned forward, and Becca watched in admiration at her abdominal muscles flexing underneath the dark, slightly sweaty skin. She brushed ebony hair out of her face, her face noticably flushed, and smiled that smile of a woman pleased. "Hey, you did good!" she exclaimed.

    Becca beamed, and wiped a drop of fluid off of her forehead, unconsciously mirroring Paige's motion. The giantess straightened up, looking down at her over the mound of her breasts, and continued. "I think you've got what it takes, but I can't have you doing that all the time, okay? I've got to go to the store, do you want to come with?"

    Uncertain, but happy that the giantess was happy with her, Becca nodded. The massive woman let out a deep, pleasured sigh, the afterglow finally wearing off, then tossed her legs over the side of the bed and stood up.

    To Becca, the motion was tremendous. Her train-sized legs flew over her head at an incredible speed, and then her titanic body sprang up off the bed, traveling hundreds of feet in an instant. With her weight removed, the bed sprang upwards, and Becca, partially distracted by watching the graceful, sinewy motions of the black giantess, lost her footing.

    Paige went over to her closet, her ass flexing and jiggling with every step, and started digging out clothes. Without even looking back at Becca, she said, "You decide how you want to go."

    It took a second for her to realize what the woman meant, but the moment the first piece of clothing sailed over her shoulder and nearly struck Becca in the head, she realized.

    A tight cotton t-shirt, a pair of pink ankle socks, grey boyshorts, a matching sports bra all flew at Becca in a few seconds, barely missing her. The black athletic pants that came last actually did hit her, and she had to spend a minute getting out from underneath them.

    She noticed, as she struggled from underneath the soft fabric, shedding most of the lubricant that was still on her body, that the pants had pockets on the side. Nice.

    When she emerged, she saw Paige standing over her, still naked, her hands on her hips. "This is part of it," she explained. "It's not all sex, all the time. A lot of time you just have to wait. You don't always get the choice of where, though."

    Becca looked at the clothes scattered around her, realizing the breadth of her options. She could spend the rest of the day against any part of Paige's body that she wanted, on one side of the fabric or the other. None of the clothes seemed like they would offer her much room to move around, so she'd have to pick a comfortable spot.

    She entertained the idea of making it about sex and picking the center of the woman's panties. The heat and the smell permeating her entire life, lying in a position of control where she could, if not actively try to bring the woman to orgasm, at least keep her hot and bothered. But, like Paige had said, it wasn't all sex, all the time. Trying to make it that way might bother her and actually turn her off.

    Her eyes scanned up and down the giantess' body, trying to imagine being up against every part of it. Pressed into the silky smooth dark flesh, absorbing the heat and the scent of her. Did she want to be in facefirst or get the chance to see the thin shadow of the world through the fabric?

    She ultimately walked over to the boyshorts and stood in the middle of them. "Really?" Paige asked her, crossing her arms over her chest.

    Becca nodded, "Right on your ass," she said, slapping her right buttcheek in case her tiny voice didn't carry to the massive woman.

    Paige nodded. "You got it," she said. She grabbed the panties off the bed and slid them on, eyeing the shrunken woman with a sultry smile. With a snap of the waistband, she tightened the underwear against the curve of her body, the crotch darkening slightly as it absorbed the fluids from her pussy. Then she picked Becca up off the bed, holding her upside-down by the ankles.

    Becca was moved at a dizzying speed across a seemingly impossible distance. She wasn't really able to get her bearings until she was looking down along the curve of the woman's back, staring down at the waistband that Paige had pulled open with her offhand. She realized with a start that the giantess wasn't going to be careful about where she put her; she was holding her waistband open by the center, and the only thing Becca could see was the crack of her ass. That was not where she wanted to be.

    No time to struggle, though. The giantess let go and Becca tumbled facefirst down into her panties. She bounced once off the springy flesh of her ass, sprang back off the elastic of the panties, and wound up nestled upside-down right underneath the curve of the woman's left buttcheek, a body length above where her butt met her leg, and just outside of arm's reach of the crack of her ass.

    She managed to twist herself around so that she was facing outwards just before Paige let go of the waistband. The grey elastic fabric rushed at her immediately, wrapping around her with a snap and pressing her relentlessly into the soft, muscular flesh at her back. If the giantess had been wearing a thong, she wouldn't have been covered, but she was close enough to the danger zone, or so to speak, that a pair of cheeky underwear would have caught her.

    She could see the world relatively clearly, though upside-down, through the fabric. It squeezed against her even harder as the giantess leaned forward, and then she pulled up the athletic pants. The extra layer of fabric darkened her view enough that she could only make out shapes, and the form fit pressed her even tighter into the giantess' ass, sealing her prison.

Mistress and Mini by tallie
Author's Notes:

In which Becca enjoys an almost completely non-sexual experience with Paige. Strictly panty entrapment.

    When Paige was fully dressed, she gave her little panty pet a playful slap before she stepped out the door. When she checked in the mirror, she saw that the tiny woman was printing pretty clearly through the fabric of her pants. Not so clearly that you could make out the shape of her body, but clearly enough that anyone who cared to look would realize that something was in her pants. Anyone who knew what she did would know what it was, so she decided to own it and changed into one of her XMart t-shirts. Put in a little advertising, and, if she was lucky, she'd leave the grocery store with a prospective client along with a prospective coworker.

    Becca had far exceeded her expectations. For even the most eager women, that first moment when Paige called them to prove themselves from inside her body was an awkward, halting experience. Even the ones with the most promise weren't really sure what to do with themselves, but they gave it an honest effort, and she knew what that felt like. She had expected, at best, a clumsy, blind pawing at the inside of her pussy, not enough to bring her to orgasm by itself, but enough to intensify an orgasm she made happen on her own.

    But what she did not expect was the shrunken woman eagerly digging in and driving directly into her g-spot. She did not expect Becca, barely five inches tall, to be even remotely capable of bringing her to orgasm. She did not expect a new prospective coworker, barely minutes after emerging from the 'breaking' phase, to dive so eagerly into her role as a sex toy. The tiny woman had given her an orgasm so intense that it made her wonder why she bothered wasting her time with men.

    Becca's attitude could change in the coming days, so she had to carry forwards with the plan, but, right now, she couldn't dare allow the shrunken woman the opportunity to stimulate her the way she had before. She had offered a place for Becca to stay, but she had no intention of obeying her wishes if she had selected somewhere that could cause Paige to lose control. When Becca had chosen a spot in Paige's ass, she was relieved; no need to fight back an orgasm for the next few hours, and no need to seem unnecessarily cruel.

    Her careless placement of the shrunken girl had been more of a lesson than it was explicit cruelty. In her experience, no matter how accommodating your clients were, they did not appreciate how significant the smallest movements of their body could be to a person so small. In that spirit, she had tried to put the tiny girl where she had asked, but hadn't been careful to ensure it was exactly where she had indicated.

    But she still expected the girl to select something a bit less... torturous. She was more than familiar with sexual intimacy, so a spot in Paige's panties or in the cup of her bra was an easy choice. But choosing to live in any location that would subject her to the massive weight of Paige's body was a sign of pure masochism. The only place she could think of that would be worse than the one Becca had chosen would be inside her shoe.

    But she couldn't judge her new prospective coworker for her kinks. She just had to sit back and watch them manifest; if they got nasty, she could intervene, but, given her career field, the standard for what was acceptable was pretty low, occasionally even treading the line of what was legal. The worst that could happen was that she'd have to turn the training over to someone who could handle the shrunken woman's fetishes.

    Given how Becca had responded so far, that was unlikely. She still had a few more weeks with the woman, but Paige had the impression that she would be more of a willing participant for the remaining time. She could hand her back off to Holly after she had proven herself. Maybe, if she did really good, Paige could even let her go early.

    The prisoner in her underwear didn't struggle much under her weight as she sat in her car on the ride to the store, only responding weakly when Paige wriggled around playfully in the seat. She was a patient passenger as well when Paige was up and walking around, almost to the point that she forgot about the shunken toy.

    Almost. Every eye that she caught glancing at her ass was a reminder, a little exhibitionist thrill, and the look of recognition in a few faces when they saw the XMart logo on her shirt was even better. They may not necessarily have known what was going on, but they certainly knew what she did for a living.

    There was not universal approval; the most judging looks she got were from the other women, in fact. It didn't bother her that much, not with the knowledge that many of these women were the same ones who would recruit her services. Men, on the other hand, largely did not seem to notice or care.

    Except the one who grabbed her ass in the dairy aisle. He got a good grip, too, the kind she wouldn't even tolerate in public from her boyfriend. Paige jumped away and around, outrage burning on her face, in time to see the look of confusion on his, then the horror of realization as his eyes glanced down to her shirt.

    He looked like a typical fraternity guy, almost to the point of being a cartoonish stereotype, complete with boat shoes. It tickled her to see him recoil like that. She smacked his hand aside, although he had already pulled it back, and yelled, "Don't fucking touch me, perv!"
    He muttered his apology and retreated, disappearing around the corner. Paige was still furious, but she had to admit it was funny. Becca had chosen that spot of her own volition, but it had completely creeped out a creeper. He had run from her as if she was a witch and was about to shrink him down too. She kinda wished she had that power in that moment; leave an empty pile of clothes in the middle of the store and take home a new toy that she, Holly, and Becca could all entertain themselves with.

    The fabric of her pants was sheer enough that, even though nobody could see in, Becca could probably see out. She wondered what the tiny girl thought of the encounter from her perspective.

    The crushing weight and suffocating heat of the giantess' body, in the thirty minute or so car ride to the store, made Becca start to regret her choice of position. But, when Paige finally stood up and started walking around, she had to admit that she enjoyed it. The gentle, swinging motion of her step, followed by the hard impact of her foot and the flexing of the massive muscle at her back. The way her view of the world rose up and down with the massive woman's gait. The almost-rhythm of it was practically soothing.

    The other part was the thrill of it. Though the motion was a bit disorienting, and being stuck upside-down didn't help at all, she got to be a passive witness to the routine of the giantess' life, from one of the most intimate parts of her body. The brighter light of day made it easier to see than in the dim confines of her bedroom, so she was clearly able to see where she was and what was happening.

    The first thing she noticed was the sheer number of people who looked at Paige's ass. Becca had felt those eyes herself, and she knew that Paige was a beautiful, sexy woman, but she had no idea how bad it was. Everyone, man or woman, took at least a glance when her back was turned, and more than a few let their eyes linger to observe the swing and bounce of her step, the ride that Becca got to experience firsthand.

    She wasn't sure how obvious her position was from the outside, so maybe they were seeing her. She wondered what would happen if she gave them a wave when they looked. But it was more entertaining for her to consider herself invisible, a living, breathing, seeing part of this gorgeous woman's ass.

    She saw the frat guy, the fixated way he ogled Paige's backside, and the intent in his step from clear across the aisle. She knew exactly what was going to happen, but couldn't do anything but lie there and watch it.

    His hand grabbed Paige's ass, fingers cupping Becca's little hiding spot, and, the gall of it, he actually squeezed. There was no way he didn't feel her there. Paige's reaction was dizzying in its speed, jumping away from the man's grip so violently that Becca actually slid a bit down the inside of her underwear.

    Damn, girl. She could empathize with her furious reaction, but Becca kind of enjoyed it. It was a doubling-down of the sensuality, the subtle exhibitionism of her position. It was one thing to experience sexual assault in an innocent setting here, but what she wouldn't do to be in the same position when Paige spent a night at the club.

    By the time Paige turned her back on the man again, he was long gone, clearly scared off by her violent reaction. Becca couldn't help but feel a sense of loss, even though she knew what the guy had done was wrong on so many levels. She wanted the whole world to know where she was, and she wanted them to be jealous.

    The giantess returned to the routine of grocery shopping, and Becca returned to savoring the almost-rhythm of her gait. Step-flex, step-flex, step-flex. Pause, flex, step, flex, pause. Step-flex, step-flex, pause. From where she lay, there was no way for her to know what was coming next, and that was just part of the erotic excitement of it.

    'Erotic' may not have been the right word. She was in an exciting place, and there was no denying the thrill of the voyeurism, but it didn't make her horny. If she tried hard enough, she could probably masturbate here, but she didn't really feel the need to. She just enjoyed the closeness, the intimacy of being effectively a part of Paige's massive body.

    But she wouldn't object if the giantess decided to start masturbating. Either on her own or using Becca as a living dildo, it didn't matter to her. She just wanted to see her mistress be happy.


    She wasn't a slave, was she?

    Why did she think of Paige as her mistress, then?

A Real Party by tallie
Author's Notes:

In which Paige introduces Becca to her real job. Blowjobs, vore, insertion, couples sex, and a tiny bit of plot.

    Paige remained bothered by the jerk who had grabbed her ass in the supermarket for far longer than she should have. She knew that she should have forgotten about it already, but she couldn't. She made a livelihood of accepting, of being a part of strangers' sexual kinks. She had been inside more people, both men and women, than she could count. There was no call for her to be offended this deeply, especially after she had sent the man scurrying away.

    She decided to chalk it up to the fact that she wasn't in 'work mode,' or so to speak. She knew already that her job required a different mindset than the in-the-bedroom, curtains-drawn 'in the mood.' It wasn't an eagerness to explore new things for sexual gratification, it was a willingness to accept whatever happened to her, and a presence of mind to guide an uncertain customer along. But, while blissfully living her own life, she was nowhere near that kind of mindset.

    If anything, with Becca riding in her panties, she was in the opposite mode. She was in power, the goddess who had another person under her total control. It was a position she rarely was able to enjoy, and that anonymous asshole had come along to rudely remind her that, no matter what she did, she was still a woman in a man's world.

    Her first impulse was to take her frustration out on Becca, trying to find a way to blame her, and her conspicuous spot in the seat of her pants, for what had happened. But she knew, deep down, that the shrunken woman couldn't be blamed for the inexcusable actions of an anonymous pervert any more than Paige herself could. Punishing Becca for it would only be counterproductive, especially since she was, notionally, trying to train her to be a willing employee of X-Mart.
    Paige knew that, if she wanted to groom a new colleague, punishment was not the thing that she needed right now. At this stage, she needed reinforcement. Empowerment. Becca needed to learn that pleasing her giantess, being ready to fulfill her every whim, was a good thing, and rewards would follow from doing so. For Paige, the rewards were strictly monetary, but her experience had shown that the promise of a paycheck did nothing for prospective new employees.

    She tried her best to put it out of her mind on the ride home, seeking to recover her sense of domination by enjoying the feeling of the shrunken woman trapped under her ass as she drove. It worked. Mostly.

    The rest of the day was uneventful. Paige rarely interacted with
Becca, no sexual torture or humiliating punishment, barely even a passing word. That was deliberate. It was part of the lesson that, with rare exceptions, a good amount of time the job would be spent not really doing the job. More importantly, it helped to normalize an objectively extreme existance. Deprive the trainee of a normal person's reality, and they learn to accept their new reality.

    This was crucially important. She had to accept that her life as a shrunken sex slave was normal, or it would all come crashing down. This being a college town, the more brutal parts of the job were much more common. The Greek houses often put in long contracts that could be very demanding, much like the one that Holly had been on before Becca so clumsily hijacked it. Even better, there were plenty of bars and concerts with Bacchanalian revelry in the back room that would be a long, noisy, and fluid-filled night for the shrinkee. Paige was a frequent attendee of those; exhausting though they may be, they paid exceedingly well; but Holly was not comfortable with being a shrunken, more or less helpless member of such a chaotic, lawless party.

    Becca, however, wasn't going to have a choice. After the lull, around a day, maybe two, Paige was going to take on one of those jobs, and the partygoers were going to get a two-for-one deal. It would serve a dual purpose. It would reinforce her perspective that what she was experiencing was normal, and it would train her how to do her job as a shrunken toy. If she performed well, if the training took like Paige wanted it to, then she would be done with her.

    If not, then she still had time for another few days to break the woman. But Paige suspected that that would be unnecessary. She had already done so much that had broken better people; Becca would be a willing and eager employee by the end of the week.

    "Check it out, guys, they're here!"

    A cheer went up in the tiny room. At first glance, it would have seemed like a throwaway sex scene from a low-budget HBO miniseries. Topless women, wearing nothing but their revealing panties, were sprawled across the room with men who were almost completely naked but for their underwear. In a few cases, their flaccid dicks flopped out, practically inviting the women to suck it. Paige had to admit that, in another time, she would have taken the opportunity.

    A closer glance revealed an even more intimate reality, far beyond that of paid television. There was a man and a woman sprawled across a crouch, their limbs inseperably tangled, but his hand was clearly deep between her legs, and the look on her face showed that he was doing a great job. There was a woman who, bare-chested, had her face buried in a man's crotch, her head bobbing up and down in one of the most aggressive blowjobs Paige had ever seen. The man had his back against the wall, hands gripping her head white-knuckle tight, and legs clearly struggling to keep himself upright.

    It was a party that Paige would have willingly thrown herself into, but she was here on business, not pleasure. About half of the faces in the room turned to her when she entered, and the other half were too busy with their... business. Some of that business involved bumping uglies, but a decent amount involved pills and powders. "Hey everyone!'' she said cheerily. Her voice was lost almost immediately to the din of the music.

    She reached into her bag and produced a remote. It wasn't hers, it was Becca's. "Guess what?" she asked, raising her voice to make it heard. A few more heads turned her way. Comfortable with the attention she had, she pulled Becca's naked, squirming body out of her bag as well. "It's a two for one deal!"

    Another cheer went up. She tossed Becca onto a couch occupied by a woman who was about to pass out, wine in hand. The drunk woman looked at the shrunken girl, and waved cheerily before her head lolled back and her eyes fell shut. Becca's face was too small to read her expression from that far away, but her body language was of complete confusion, if not abject fear.

    "Oh, have a little fun," Paige said at her, even though she knew that the shrunken woman couldn't hear a word she said. She passed Becca's remote to the nearest hand that grabbed for it, a black girl wearing nothing but Crocs and a ball gag. She raised an eyebrow at the getup, and gave a look that prompted a low chuckle from those who were still paying attention to her.

    Then she produced the second remote, her own, and cast the bag to the floor. "Who wants it?" she yelled. A few hands went up, and she tossed the remote like a frisbee at the the densest cluster of hands.

    She wasn't sure who caught it, because she shrank to the size of an ant as soon as it landed. A second later, a giant came stomping up towards her, his footsteps shaking the ground. His surprisingly hairy body towered impossibly tall over her, but her eyes drifted towards his impressive dick, which swung loosely between his legs. When he came to a stop over her, hands on his hips, it continued to swing back and forth for a second, the fluids that coated it glinting in the dull light.

    Oh Christ, she thought. He bent down to pick her up, his thumb and middle finger closing around her like massive walls, and the world spun as she ascended unbelievably quickly. This was her kind of party. She could only hope that Becca would have as much fun as she did.

   Becca had no words to describe her feelings. The noise, the stench, the pure, unmitigated chaos. It was overwhelming. The writhing motions of a naked crowd packed so tightly together that she couldn't tell where any one person began or ended. It seemed impossible to her that anyone could actually enjoy this.

    The shock as she was torn from Paige's bag and into the brightness of the outside world. The panic as she was tossed carelessly through the air. The fear as she looked up at the hungry-looking, drunken giantess in the moment before she fell asleep. The confusion as she tried, desperately, to figure out what the fuck was going on around her.

    Suddenly, a massive hand scooped her up off the couch and closed around her, blocking her view of the outside world. Becca could figure out anything about who owned it besides the dark skin of the palm. Her world spun and her stomach heaved as her captor walked around, their arms swinging in their normal, rhythmic gait. In a few seconds, the light of the room came crashing in on her, and Becca dropped to the ground.

    No, not the ground. She looked around, trying to figure out what the hell was going on, and felt a sudden pulse from her 'ground.' At that moment, it clicked. The soft, purple texture beneath her, the overwhelming stench, and, most tellingly, the man whose massive body stretched out before her like a living mountain range. She had been placed directly on top of his penis.

    The man looked down at her and grinned, as a sense of deep foreboding settled in her stomach. Oh, God, what next? She looked up, and saw a dark-skinned ass almost directly above her, and the hairy pussy positioned to come plunging down on top of her.

    It happened without warning, and it happened in an instant. Her world went from the light, the pounding music, and the fresh air of the outside world to the oppressive heat of the giantess' vagina in a single moment. For a second, as she lay buried deep in the massive woman at the head of the man's dick, she felt a sense of excitement. This was what Holly had experienced. This is what she had experienced, but she hadn't really appreciated the beauty and intimacy of it at the time.

    Beautiful though it was, it was absolute chaos. There was a brief moment of peace where she held onto the head of the man's dick, buried deep in the woman's pussy and completely motionless. Then the pair began to fuck with a will. Becca was carried up and down, up and down, up and down by the man's ferocious thrusting, until the tight flesh of the giantess' vaginal walls caught her leg and dragged her off of the head of his cock, leaving her trapped between the hard bulk of his driving penis and the muscular walls of her vagina.

    The ferocity of their motion left her a leaf in a storm. She rolled around chaotically, catching on every feature of the couple's genitals. Heat filled her world, lubricant filled her lungs, and competing heartbeats filled her ears. When two thrusts came every second, a single minute felt like an eternity in this whirlwind of squelching motion. After what felt like a year, the man finally stopped.

    Becca was trapped directly underneath his penis. She had been in a sorority long enough to recognize that thin, dark ridge of skin. Over the deafening sound of wet, sliding flesh and rapid heartbeats that pulsed from all sides, she couldn't hear any voices, but she could feel the pulsing of the man's dick as he finally came. It flexed repeatedly, and she could actually feel his cum driving out of his cock, as if she was hugging a firehose.

    Finally, it finished, and he pulled out. The mushroom head of his dick grabbed her and dragged her along, until she fell unceremoniously onto the couch. A transluscent mix of lubricant and semen dripped down onto her face from the monolith of the giant's penis, as the giantess' ass swung completely out of her view.

    Becca coughed up a lungful of bodily fluids. Lubricant, sweat, semen, whatever it was. The salty mix came surging forth, and it took a few seconds before she could breathe fresh air again. It was pure chaos, pure humiliation, but there was only one thing she could really take away from it.

    That was the hottest thing she had ever done.


    Paige's first sight was of another woman, a round-faced, slightly-plump Asian wearing a collar; she couldn't see where the chain went; holding her mouth open wide, tongue sticking out. The man who held her had a sense of the dramatic, because he let her observe the scene for a moment before he let her loose.

    Her stomach dropped as she plunged downwards, and hit the woman's tongue hard. She was immediately assaulted by the stench of the alcohol on the giantess' breath, and the light from the outside world completely disappeared when the woman closed her mouth.

    The girl played with Paige for a few moments, tossing her from cheek to cheek, pressing her up against the roof of her mouth and tucking her under her tongue. Paige endured it without fighting, as her body buffeted constantly against one hot, wet wall of flesh after another. She had been here before, and she knew that there was nothing she could do to make it any better for the giantess.

    Finally, she found herself on the woman's tongue, and she opened her mouth wide, letting the fresh air and bright light come flooding in.

    Paige's first sight was the tip of the rock-hard, pulsing dick of the man who had picked her up in the first place. She had to admit, with its purple tip and narrow, wrinkled opening, it was kind of amusing. But that amusement disappeared as it came plunging into the giantess' wide-open mouth, and then came slamming down on top of her.

    Great. She was a blowjob toy.
    The adept muscle of the giantess' tongue held her fast in place as the giant shoved his cock down her throat over and over and over again. The noise was deafening and the heat was suffocating, but, amidst all of it, Paige held fast, the hard, rippling flesh of the man's penis driving hard over her face time and time again.

    It carried on far longer than Paige would have thought. The hard, textured flesh of the giant's cock riding rough over her face without remorse, as the giantess' soft, saliva, soaked tongue pressed her mercilessly into it. Thrust after thrust, second after second, minute after minute, passed in painful chaos, before the man finally came.

    Paige was pressed by the giantess' tongue hard against the underside of the man's penis, so she had the misfortune of feeling every drop of cum pulse its way out of his body. Finally, when he finished, she felt his heartbeat slow, and the rock-hard flesh that pressed brutally against her face started to soften.

    That was when he pulled out, and the giantess opened her mouth, tilting her head back. At her microscopic size, Paige tumbled backwards into a mixed pool of saliva and cum, plunging down into a world of hot, cloudy white fluid.

    The hot, sticky mess seemed to stretch on forever, and defied her efforts to swim through it. She couldn't see what was happening, she couldn't even tell which way was up and which way was down. Hopefully, the giantess wouldn't be stupid enough to swallow.

    A deafening, fleshy sound, and Paige's stomach dropped as she plummeted down the giantess' throat. The wrinkled flesh of her esophagos was clouded by the thick fluid that surrounded her, until she fell with a splash into the thin pool in the massive woman's stomach.

    Paige wasn't even big enough to stand here. She had to swim, treading water in the thick mix of bodily fluids. That stupid bitch had ruined a night of good fun. If she was lucky, someone would call her out on it and force her to throw up, but that kind of thinking was nearly nonexistent in this world of booze, heat, and hormones. In all likelihood, they would forget that Paige had even been there, and she was small enough that she would slip effortlessly into the giantess' intestines, and be forced to endure the long way out.

    She groaned in frustration. This was supposed to be a fun night, not one spent swimming in a cloudy mix of cum and spit at the bottom of some stranger's stomach. Maybe Becca was having a better time?

Chaos for a Toy by tallie
Author's Notes:

In which Becca experiences a lifetime of sex in a few short minutes. Giant couples sex, M/f sex, mouthplay, shrinking, and vaginal insertion.

Becca's arms pounded helplessly against the lips that were wrapped around her waist, holding her in place no matter how hard she struggled. She kicked and squirmed uselessly against the massive tongue that explored the gap between her legs. All she could feel was the wet heat on her crotch, rubbing her most sensitive organ with brutal persistence. She fought for a moment, moaning her wordless protests, riding high on impossible pleasure, before she finally came.

Her whole body tightened. She pushed mightily against the lips that held her body fast, her legs squeezed forcefully around the tongue that tortured her, and her core tightened so hard that she could barely breathe. Her vision blurred, the monolith of the giant's face above her turning into a flesh-colored abstraction. In that moment, time was both infinite and instant.

Finally, she settled down, and let out a desperate, raspy gasp. She leaned forwards, seeking some grip to steady herself, and found nothing. And there was no reprieve, with the man's massive tongue continuing to slime itself up and down, left and right against the raw flesh between her legs.

It was the fifth time she had orgasmed in this dude's mouth.

In the fog of desperate, blinding pleasure, she was vaguely aware of the fact that the giant was sitting on the floor, leaning his head back onto the cushion of a stain-soaked couch. She didn't notice the giantess positioning herself above them until her massive hand came between her legs and split her labia, showing the bright pink flesh of her vagina beneath.

Becca had a brief moment of lucidity; she was able to suppress the insistence of ecstasy, if only for a moment, with the shocking change in her surroundings. Above her, she could see the naked thighs of the darkest-skinned woman she had ever seen in her entire life. Those massive, smooth pillars of ebony skin led to an even darker gash right between them, which she had parted effortlessly to reveal a sliver of bright pink.

In that moment, it was all Becca could see. Legs, ass, and pussy. Whatever was above; the body, the face, the personality behind it; it was a mystery. In that moment, it was the most beautiful woman she had ever seen.

And then the giantess came crashing down. The thin slice of pink flesh suddenly became her entire world, and her whole upper body was buried in the giantess' vagina. The flesh around her was hot, tight, wet, and delicious.

That moment of lucidity slipped away, and Becca, driven by the relentless force of the tongue between her legs, came again. She screamed helplessly into the flesh that surrounded her, and her entire body spasmed in desperate ecstasy. Was that what the giantess wanted? Could she even feel it? Becca hoped that it did something, but there was no way for her to know that it did.

Soft, textured flesh slid up and down her body, but Becca hardly even noticed in her world of unadulterated pleasure. A rapid heartbeat pounded at her from all sides, muscles squeezed her entire body, but it seemed insignificant in her world of limitless climax.

Suddenly, a powerful, almost painful force shoved her upwards from between her legs. Her body, which had more or less lived halfway in some stranger giantess, was pushed instantly all the way to her ankles. The insistent, squirming pleasure against her pussy disappeared as well. She yelped in surprise, but her voice was lost to the tons and tons of hot flesh that surrounded her, and her lungs immediately filled with salty bodily fluids.

The walls around her tightened suddenly and violently at her unexpected entry. Flesh turned to stone, and Becca spent a precious few seconds completely unable to even draw breath. Finally, the walls relaxed, and she was able to take stock of her new surroundings.

'Take stock,' what a joke. She was buried head to toe in the vagina of a woman ten times her size, completely helpless to whatever happened to her. Be it the stranger manipulating her body with the remote, or the giantess and her lover-of-the-moment using her body as-is for their own perverted ends.

The giantess' pelvic muscles clenched hard again, squeezing brutally hard around Becca's body from head to toe, and forcing the air... well, fluid... from her lungs and twisting her limbs around each other. The massive woman's heartbeat pounded at her deafeningly from all sides, until the punishing contraction finally let up, and Becca let out a desperate, frothy breath of relief.

Relief was short-lived. There was a vague sense of motion, of the giantess doing something with her hips, but it was impossible to tell from here. The walls oozed fluid and pulsed with a rapid, desperate heartbeat. Breathy, desperate moans seemed to fill her entire world. And, in a few short seconds, the brutal punishment of the giantess' pelvic muscles came crashing back down on top of her.

Fuck! She couldn't let this giantess go it alone, whatever she was doing, right? If she just lay there and took it, she would be no better than some lonely pervert watching the thing in a porn video. Her world was one of pure sensory overload; hot, flesh, wet, pressure, stench, sound, chaos; but she could still do something.

She fought. She kicked, punched, whipped her head around and writhed her body aginst the tight, slimy walls of flesh that surrounded her. Her efforts were rewarded almost immediately, another violent, bone-crushing contraction that should have absolutely killed her had she been full-sized in the same context.

It lasted one second... two seconds... three... Then it finally let up, and she heard the giantess' desperate, pleasured gasps. She didn't let up, though, fighting like her life depended on it.

A faint light, a breath of fresh air, a sudden pinch around her ankles, and she was torn in an instant back into the outside world. A harsh, chaotic blur of motion followed, her stomach turning with half a dozen twists in gravity, unable to keep track of which way was up and where the hell she was. Finaly, she was suspended upside down in front of the giantess' face, black-skinned, brown-eyed, her face the picture of post-coital bliss.

"But she looks so tasty," the massive woman moaned staring Becca's figure up and down. Her voice was deafening.

"Give her here," another voice ordered. Definitely male.

Another hand, coarse in texture, meatier in form, came out of nowhere and wrapped around her body. Definitely male. Her stomach dropped at the sudden, violent motion, but it only lasted for a second. The giant's hand opened and she fell down to the soft surface of the couch.

She was already growing as she fell. She looked and saw her remote in the giant's hands, his finger on the size slider. The giant seemed like your stereotypical frat guy, with rough stubble on his chin and an erect dick that hopped around hilariously with every single motion. He had pulled her size slider all the way to the top, and it became clear, as she grew, that he was working with some slightly under-sized equipment.

But, at two feet tall, even four inches was a force to be reckoned with, and he clearly sought to prove that. He grabbed her legs and flipped her onto her face, spreading them wide and tilting her hips upwards. She tightened up against being so roughly and carelessly handled, but, the moment she felt the tip of his cock press up between her legs, she submitted wholly to him, tilting her hips just a little further.

What she didn't expect was the sudden, insistent pressure of his dick against her asshole. She let out a shout; no lube, no warning... please don't.

But he had a hand wrapped around each of her thighs, and, in that position, her will meant nothing. He pulled hard and thrusted harder, and his cock was all the way inside her in a single moment.

Becca screamed. That sudden, shocking penetration was far beyond anything she had expected. It felt good, but it was deeply uncomfortable, but it was also... something else. She looked down, gasping at the purely overwhelming sensation, and was stunned to see the clear and explicit details of the giant's dick through the tight skin of her distended belly. Fuck, he was all the way inside her, up to her ribcage.

The man let go of her thighs and straightened up. She screamed again as his penis, run through her body like a rotissere spit, raised her entire body weight into the air. Her legs squirmed and her arms clutched at her bulging belly; her core was tight, her breath came fast, and her pelvic muscles were spasming uncontrollably. She had never felt anything like this before...

The giant's cock flexed once, and Becca let out a gutteral moan of deep pleasure, only vaguely aware of the stream of fluid that squirted, unbidden, from between her legs. Paige had left her with a watermelon-sized vibrator inside her body for nine full days, but this... this was something else. How had nobody told her about this?

"Holy shit," she heard the giantess whisper. Becca struggled to raise her head

"No, check this out," the man responded.

In an instant, Becca was shrunk to her smallest size. In an instant, the dick that had filled her like nothing else suddenly became her entire body. In an instant, every single one of her senses was completely overwhelmed by the pressure of the bulk of that massive, rock-hard body inside her. Every muscle in her body squeezed hard in pleasure and desperation, but her struggles couldn't fight against the sheer, unyielding bulk of the man's dick any more than a bug could stand fast against the windshield of a bus.

The weird, confusing cocktail of pain, pressure, and pleasure overwhelmed her mind and blurred her senses. The shocked, horny look on the black giantess' face, the giant's satisfied chuckle, even the disorienting way that she bounced and waggled on the man's dick with every step he took, it all seemed like something she was watching on a distant television. It didn't affect her, it couldn't. After all, she was too busy.

Wow, that woman is really, very naked.

The only thing that really penetrated Becca's brain fog was the moment that the giant plunged his dick, with her mounted helplessly on top of it, into the woman's vagina. The bright, loud world of the outside transitioned suddenly and violently to the suffocatingly hot, enveloping pressure inside the giantess' body. All she could see was pink flesh, smeared with cloudy white fluid that seemed to stick to everything. The instant of transition was so sudden, so overwhelming that, for a brief moment, she was aware of what was actually happening around her, and then she collapsed back into her world of mind-numbing eroticism.

Motion. Friction. Noise. Motion. Heat. Fluid. Lots of motion. The world around her never stopped trying to demand her attention, but it was really hard to focus on any of it. Someone was having sex with someone else. She was vaguely involved. Who cared? She was savoring and struggling with penetration unlike anything she had ever dreamed.

Finally, buried deep in the giantess, the man's cock pulsed with orgasm. Becca could feel his climax in her core, and it was the only thing that fully shattered the barrier between reality and the incredible, mind-numbing sexuality of the moment. It wasn't the sudden way he froze, it wasn't the twitching of his dick or the rapid heartbeats that pulsed around her entire body, it was something far worse.

She was just too small. If she hadn't been impossibly turned into a living condom, she would have struggled to size up to a grain of rice. She had been stuck between giants making love at this size before, and the fluids that they produced in their frantic minutes of passion had been a churning ocean of hot slime to her. And, with the giant's cock buried incomprehensibly deep inside her body, its tip located somewhere so far inside her digestive tract that she could hardly tell where her body ended and it began, this moment was no exception.

The giant's penis pulsed, squirting out the pathetic quarter-ounce of semen that was the fruit of his desperate, sweaty efforts. At her size, Becca felt a torrent of blisteringly-hot, sticky fluid shoot through her entire body, well up inside her throat, and spray forcefully out of her mouth, sour and unbearably salty.

Oh God. Please, no.

The giant's cock pulsed once, twice, three times more, and each time Becca felt the sickening stream of cum enter her asshole and shoot out of her mouth. She couldn't escape, she could barely move, she couldn't even cough despite the overwhelming urge. The ejaculate shot out of her mouth with what seemed like incredible volume, filling her narrow vision of the inside of the giantess' vagina with its cloudy white opacity. To the extent that she could even breathe with her body's transformation into a living condom, she couldn't fill her lungs with anything but the sticky excretions that erupted from her mouth.

She had been able to savor the incredible feeling of penetration, of her body practically becoming the cock that was inside it, but that was gone now that she could feel the neauseating heat of the man's cum filling her entire body. If she wasn't mistaken, she could practically feel his sperm wriggling around against her insides. God, just get it over with.

The man pulled out of the giantess' pussy, finally, and sized Becca up to two feet again before pulling his rapidly-softening cock out her body. The sudden relief of being brought to a normal size relative to the member that penetrated her was orgasmic, rivaled only by the effortless way he pulled out of her. When he sized her up, her body grew but, fortunately, the fluids that had filled her did not, and she felt normal in an instant. With the return of the relative anatomy that she was accustomed to, her sense of disgust vanished as well, and she found herself looking hungrily at the giantess' vagina towering in front of her, swollen, bright pink flesh oozing a thin dribble of cum.

Her first instinct was to crawl forward and reach into it, or even shove her whole upper body in, and dare the giantess to refuse her efforts in those hyper-sensitive minutes after sex. The giant would probably be on board too, maybe he'd even pin the woman down to let Becca do her work undisturbed.

But it wasn't her place to take charge like that. Her size put her permanently in a subordinate position, a willing participant in whatever the giants around her came up with. She sat down on her heels, waiting. Her ass was still sore, which was somewhat surprising given what she knew about her invulnerability, but it was a small price to pay for the incredible abuse that she had just endured.

The giantess wasn't moving anymore. Cum dribbled from her naked crotch, but Becca didn't notice a single twitch. It seemed like she had passed out. She looked behind her, and found that the man that had turned her miniature body into a condom was slouched up against the couch as well, slipping quietly into a drunken stupor. The tip of his dick, soft and still glistening with fluid, just barely touched the leather of the couch. The party was still busy and loud as all hell, but these two were clearly spent.

"You done with that?" a voice asked. Female. Becca wasn't sure where it came from. There was too much noise. But, if this party kept going on like it had been, the woman who spoke would make herself known with a shocking display of her genitals.

The couch that Becca stood on rocked violently as the woman who spoke crashed into its back, wrapping her arms around the cushions. Becca recognized her VCR-sized remote in the giantess' hand a second before she recognized the massive woman's face.

Holy shit. That was her sorority sister.

Suzy looked down, her eyes locking onto Becca. "Oh my God!" she said, her eyes lighting up. "Becca?"

Becca waved uncomfortably. She didn't hate being a shrunken sex toy, but she certaintly wasn't prepared for one of her closest friends to see her like this. Suzy's grin grew wider, and she vaulted over the back of the couch. Her massive body moved with frightening speed, and Becca had no chance to escape; Suzy's bare ass followed her thin, muscular legs in a single, smooth motion of hypnotizing grace, and crashed down directly on top of Becca's face.

Becca's head hit the leather surface of the couch hard. She was dazed for a moment, but quickly came to, staring up at Suzy's impressive, massive body. Her head and shoulders were still free, but the rest of her body was trapped underneath the abiding heat of the massive woman's vulva, soft flesh wrapping eagerly around her tiny figure. From this perspective, Suzy seemed less like a person and more like a massive crotch with a tiny head attached; everything else was obscured by the soft, pale mound, waxed clean.

"You work for XMart, now?" Suzy asked. Becca was well aware that, to anyone else, it would look like the stark-naked giantess was talking cheerily to her own crotch. "We were wondering where you went!"

Becca's face burned with embarassment, her wild sexual abandon from not two minutes ago completely forgotten. One of her sorority sisters was not supposed to be here. Least of all Suzy! The shy, churchgoing girl, deeply uncomfortable even with suggestive jokes, seemed right at home in this noisy, smelly orgy of dozens of strangers. Fuck, was she wearing a collar?

"This party blows," Suzy told her. "Wanna go back to the house?"

Becca didn't have a say in the matter, no matter how earnest Suzy seemed to be in phrasing it like a question. She saw the giantess fiddle with the remote, and then Becca started to shrink. It was slow and subtle, but, at her size and in her position, she noticed it immediately. Her body fell into itself, everything around her seemingly growing in size; Suzy watched it happen, beaming, until Becca's head slipped completely underneath her crotch, muting the noise of the outside and replacing the light with the dark, wrikled flesh of her vulva.

Becca continued to shrink, the features of the hot, sensitive flesh around her getting larger and larger every second. She couldn't have been more than an inch tall when Suzy decided to wriggle her hips a little. At Becca's unfortunate size and in her unfortunate position, the motion caused the giantess' labia to scoop her up like a dog eating something off the floor. She was no longer in contact with the leather of couch, instead stuck in a world of hot, wet flesh, and still shrinking.

There was a surge of motion; the giantess must have stood up, and Becca was still dwindling into nothingness. The fluid that coated the soft surfaces all around her had previously just been a thin, grime-like layer, but it was getting thicker and thicker, harder and harder to move in. Even if she had the strength and size to escape at this point, she would have been lost as a speck of dust on the ground. Back to the house? Did she mean the sorority house?

Of course she did. The one place where she would be guaranteed to know most of the people who endeavored to use her tiny body as a sex toy. Fuck. Did Paige know what was going on? What happened if she had no idea where Becca had gone off to?

Oh no. Was she going to be a permanent sex toy now? At her own sorority? For her own friends?

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