Forgetting Amy by Luidgi

Amy and Catherine were born twins. However, Catherine wanted to get rid of her sister. And she did, thanks to a fortune teller. What follows is a story about confinement, and foot slavery. 

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1. Left for dead by Luidgi

Left for dead by Luidgi

Back in 1985, a woman was told by a fortuneteller in a fair that she would get twins and that she would lose one. When time came, the woman gave birth to twin girls and named them Amy and Catherine. Beautiful blonde girls grew up together in happiness until they reached age 8. The girls were always fighting each other for their parent’s attention and since they were twins they were always trying to be “the one” their mother loved the most. Each year, their mother would go to the local fair see the fortuneteller and would get the same answer: she would lose one of the twins. But that year, she decided to bring the girls so they could see the fortuneteller. The gypsy woman in her early 40’s named Esmeralda asked to see the girls alone, one by one. That is when things changed.

Esmeralda asked the two girls separately what their greatest wishes were. Amy said she would like her sister to leave her alone. On the other hand, Catherine said she would like to get rid of her sister. Esmeralda quickly chanted and cursed the two girls one by one without them knowing of the other’s curse, granting each of them their respective wishes with the forgotten magic she was empowered with.

From that point, Amy became invulnerable and Catherine was given the power to shrink Amy as soon as she would say “I hate you” to her sister. Esmeralda smiled and let the family go.

At the end of 1993, on a sunny afternoon, little Catherine screamed “I hate you” at Amy, and the little blonde girl shrank instantly to 1 inch tall. Surprised, Catherine walked up to the pile of clothes and found her tiny sister in complete shock. “Finally, my dream is coming true” Catherine thought and she raised her foot to crush her little sister. She gave Amy several stomps with her barefoot and, realizing Amy would not die, she put on some sneakers and continued to stomp on her sister. Amy was being pounded over and over again, feeling the pain, her body resisting each impact. She could only scream in fear and wish for this to be a nightmare.

After a few more minutes, Catherine found out she could not kill her sister whatever she would do. The only thing that crossed her mind was to hide her sister away forever. She picked up her tiny sister and told her “time to disappear”. She placed the little girl in a glass jar with a twist cap and went into the backyard. Amy could not believe what was happening. Her twin sister was digging a small hole into the ground with a kid’s shovel and when the hole was deep enough, she placed the jar inside. She then used her both feet to push dirt back in the hole, sealing Amy in her coffin, alive. Catherine then trampled the ground on top of the hole to make it even and even jumped on it to compact the earth and finally walked away in blissful happiness as she finally got rid of her annoying twin sister.

In a way, Amy’s wish was granted as Catherine literally left her alone and Catherine’s wish was granted as she was now the only of the two twins left.

Days passed, police never found the missing girl. The family was completely torn and destroyed. The twin’s father divorced and moved to another state leaving Catherine and her mother alone. Months passed and life went on like it usually does.

Buried in her hole, Amy could not die. She was invulnerable. She was left alone in the darkness for a year when light finally poured in. A shovel tip hit the jar and her glass prison was lifted out of the ground. Catherine never truly forgot about her sister and she decided one day she would check on her. She opened the jar and found her sister, alive inside. “You’re still alive in there?” asked Catherine to her twin sister who apparently did not age while she herself aged one year. She was now 9 years old. Amy could only cry of joy to finally see her sister again. “Get me out!” screamed Amy. “No.” said Catherine. She twisted the jar cap back on and placed the jar back in it’s hole. Catherine sealed her twins sister back in the ground, trampled the earth over her and walked away again.

Another year passed and it was now summer of 1995. Catherine could never get rid of the lingering thoughts about her own twin sister but she would never tell her secret to anyone. Life had been good without Amy and she was the only child of the family and she would get everything she would want. But deep inside she could not forget her sister and decided to dig her out again. When she did, poor Amy was still alive inside, her heart pounded so fast to finally see light again. She had no idea how many days had passed but it felt like forever. Catherine was now 10 years old and peered inside the jar at her tiny sister who seemed to still be 8 years old physically. She would not age.

“Please Catherine, get me out!” screamed Amy at her giant cruel sister. “No” replied Catherine. “Please, I beg you!” said Amy at her impassible sister looking down on her. “No, but I will give you something to be entertained.” With that, Catherine placed the jar on the ground and removed her sneakers and socks. She stuff her socks in the jar and sealed it thigh again. Amy screamed as her sister’s giant smelly and sweaty socks were pushed down on her taking most of her already small living space. Catherine placed the jar in the ground, and buried it again without mercy. She felt a tingling sensation. Making her sister suffer was making her happy.

Amy was stuck in the jar with her giantess sister’s socks for another complete year. Catherine grew up, and once each year she would dig out the jar, taunt her sister trapped inside, change the old socks for “fresh” ones reseal the jar and bury it back. Amy remained in her 8 years old tiny 1 inch tall body while her sister grow up and become a teenager. Each year, it almost felt like a blessing when Catherine would finally dig her out and she could see her beautiful twin sister again for a few minutes. Amy learned to live without any comfort, any social interaction, any light, with only her sister’s smelly socks for company. It almost became something she would look forward too during the long years inside her dark prison. Each year her sister’s socks would smell slightly different and it would change her prison’s state for a complete year.

Some years Catherine would ignore the little girl. Some other years she would talk to her a bit, telling her about the life above, how their father disappeared, how school was nice, how many friends Catherine had, and how much fun playing soccer would be. Then, she would cram her socks in the jar, seal it tight and bury it again.

In 1999, Catherine was 14 years old. She was a dashing beautiful blonde girl who looked cool, confident, and attracted guys. She was the best on her soccer team, she had good grades, a good life with her single mother. She had the perfect life while Amy her twin sister was still 8 years old looking, buried in the backyard with her sisters socks. 6 years had passed since Amy was left for dead by everyone except her cruel sister. Catherine was having a hard time entering teenage years with such a terrible secret. She really wanted to truly get rid of her sister but could not find the courage to do so. She decided to make her sister’s life even more miserable. Catherine came out in the backyard and dug out the jar. She took out her own socks and looked down at her sister. Amy was happy, smiling to see her beautiful sister like if she was looking at a goddess, an angel granting her a bit of light in her miserable life.

“Amy, this year I have a surprise for you! My soccer socks!” Catherine crammed her old worn and extremely smelly soccer socks she had just worn for a game into the jar. The long socks wouldn’t fit in but Catherine pushed harder and managed to twist the cap on the jar. Amy had no more space to move and felt all the darkness around her take place again. She could hear the all too familiar sound of earth being poured on the jar and the muffled sounds of her sister trampling the ground above her. Amy’s miserable life became even more terrible as she was stuck unable to truly move, with two giant soccer socks that smelled very powerful. To add to her predicament, Amy was left in there for more than 3 years without seeing light. She had completely abandoned hope and wished she was dead.

Catherine’s life was busy. She had almost forgot about her sister but nearing her 18th birthday in 2003, she decided she would get her sister out of her hole. She was now almost an adult and felt like she had to apologize to her sister for what she had done. She dug out the jar, and brought it to her room. She opened it and removed the soccer socks from inside. Amy was still there, unable to adjust to the bright light and her goddess looking sister.

“Did you have a good time with my soccer socks?” asked Catherine.

“Yes goddess”, said Amy as loud as she could. Catherine took a few seconds to think about what her sister just said. She did call her goddess. Amy understood she screwed her sister’s life forever. Her sister was a 1 inch tall 8 years old girl, who had never been in contact with anything else but her. Amy’s life revolved around the smell of her socks, and the thoughts of Catherine being the ultimate goddess, having full power over her. Catherine felt it was too late to make amends, too late to be sorry, too late to apologize and too late for things in Amy’s mind to change. She had barely no education, no sense of what the world had become. Catherine simply couldn’t bring her sister back into the world like this and thought for a moment that she could just bury her back and forget about her for good.

“I… I am sorry Amy, but I cannot release you. Look at me, I’m almost 18 now. I have a life. You will never know what life is, it’s too late!”

“Please! Goddess! Give me your socks!” screamed Amy from the bottom of her jar. Catherine looked at her feet. She was wearing platform chunky black shoes with white cotton socks and jeans that would scrap the ground at the heel’s base. She thought about something. 

“Amy, you like my socks?” she asked the tiny girl.

“Yes!” screamed Amy.

“I could place you inside my shoes maybe.” Catherine pondered. Amy’s eyes grew wide and her heart started to pound in great expectation. Was that finally freedom? Was Catherine thinking about freeing her from the jar? “I mean, you could be my own little foot slave and live in my shoes under my feet forever…”

Amy couldn’t believe what she was hearing. It sounded like heaven.

“Would you like that?” asked Catherine.

“YES, please goddess, please!” screamed Amy. Catherine smirked at her idea.

“Okay then. But if you ever try to escape, I’ll put you back in the jar and bury you for another 5 years. I want you to obey everything I say, all the time. You will live inside my shoes all the time and you will not complain. I want you to shut up, no word, no sound. If you ever do anything that displeases me, you’re going back in your tomb, got it?”

Amy nodded in pure ecstasy while Catherine looked at her sister with disgust. “Whatever” she finally said while removing one of her black chunky shoes. She turned the jar upside down above it and Amy fell inside the shoe, rolling and tumbling down the heel slope. Catherine stood up and dig her socked foot inside her shoe, twisted her ankle until her foot would slip completely inside the shoe, pressing her sister under her socked toes. She wiggled them and stomped a few times on her sister and walked away, leaving Amy in pure heaven.


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