A Shrinking Game: The Ascent by tinygirl

Katie ventures out into the world. Part four of A Shrinking Game.

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Read the first three first.

1. A Shrinking Game: The Ascent by tinygirl

A Shrinking Game: The Ascent by tinygirl
Previously in A Shrinking Game: Jessica bought her girlfriend Stacy a game for their anniversary at the sex shop. The two went to the shop to complain after they finished playing because it nearly resulted in Stacy's death. Stacy got in a fight with the clerk, Katie, who turned out to have been using magic to create the games herself. They duel, and Stacy loses. Jessica is surrendered as a prize, and Stacy is shot. Soon after, Megan tries to pick a fight with Katie, but she also loses, surrendering her life to Katie. Katie pitted Megan and Jessica against each other, and split them up after Megan lost. Now Katie is ready to go out with her powered up magic and Megan is left a micro in Katie's thong.

A Shrinking Game: The Ascent

Katie locks the door to her shop behind her as she leaves with Megan up her ass and Jessica strung up around her neck, dangling between her breasts. She smiles, looking down at the nice outfit she put on and her new pendant hanging between her breasts. She checks her watch. "Seven thirty-two," she mumbles to herself as she starts walking down the sidewalk. "I didn't realize how late the sun has been setting. Guess this won't be too hard." She scans the people she passes as she walks around. The street isn't very populated, but there's easily enough people to unveil her latest creation.

She reaches the local bar and sees a few people hanging out on the stoop. A few of them have drinks in hand, and all of them seem at least a little intoxicated. One couple is nearly falling over themselves drunk. She walks over to them and says, "Hey, how's it going?"

"Wha-bla?" the very drunk woman responds.

"Fine," a young-looking man adds, with a hint of derision, "Are you trying to get in?"

"No," Katie says, "Just out for a walk. But I saw you guys out here and was wondering if you'd be interested in a little bet."

The man replies, "No, we're fine. We need to get Emily home."

A punkish woman interjects, "She can wait. What's the bet?"

Katie answers, "You'll be more interested in what I have to offer. The bet is just a little game I'd like to play. If you win, I'll give you fifty thousand dollars. Each. If you lose, you just have to live with the consequences of the game. Don't worry, though, I've played many times and have come out completely fine."

The woman responds, "Fifty grand? Fuck yeah I'm in. Guys, come on!"

Three of her friends stand up, and the man says, "No, we really need to get Emily home."

"All or none," Katie says.

"Shut the fuck up, Derek," the punkish woman says, "We're all in. Unless Derek wants everyone to know his little secret."

"Goddammit, fine," Derek says, standing up.

"We're going to need a little space for the game. Mind coming into the alley?" Katie says.

"Sure," the punk says. The group stands up and follows Katie into the alley.

"What if this isn't safe," Derek asks quietly to his friends.

"It's fine. There's six of us and only one of her," one of the other women in the group responds.

As they all get into the alley, Katie turns around and explains, "So the game is simple. I'm going to draw cards from this deck and we're going to follow the instructions. Anyone who reaches zero loses. If all of you lose, I win. If I reach zero, you all win. So you really do have the easier time of this. I'll mention right now that if you disobey the cards or use excessive force, you'll be dearly penalized."

"What the hell do you mean penalized?" Derek asks.

"I think it'll be much easier to understand once we start. So I'm to go ahead and draw," Katie says. She puts the deck in her belt holster and pulls the top card. She clears her throat and reads aloud: "Sex: Shrink someone to 6 inches and let them try to get you off. If they do then return them to whatever size they were and continue the game. If they cannot within fifteen minutes then they remain at six inches, or their original height, whichever is shorter."

The group at first stands in silence, unsure of what to think. "You have to be kidding," the punk girl says, "Is this a joke?"

"No joke at all," Katie says. "What's your name, dear?"

"Melanie," she says. "Now what's the big idea?"

"Well, Melanie, let me show you first hand," Katie says. Melanie feels a tingle throughout her body. She flinches, and when she opens her eyes, she's in a pile of her clothes on the ground. Katie walks towards her, but one of the other women from the group steps in the way. "Out of the way," Katie says. "You can't interfere with the game."

"Go fuck yourself," the woman says, and pushes Katie back.

"Suit yourself," Katie says. She crosses her arms and raises her eyebrows, just waiting for the penalty to strike down. The two stare each other down, but after several seconds pass, the woman feels a strange tingling in her body. Her eyes widen, and Katie grins at her onset of fear.

"What the fuck are you doing to me?" she screams. Her clothes start to feel looser and everyone seems taller.

"Just get out of the way and it'll be over," Katie says.

"I'm not letting you use Mel as a, ugh, sex toy, you psychotic bitch," she shouts.

Not wanting to see her friend shrink farther, Melanie walks out between her legs and over to Katie. She turns and says, "Here, I'll be fine." She turns back to Katie, "Give me your worst."

Katie unbuttons her pants and lets them slide to her knees. She bends over and wraps her fingers around Melanie who stands with her arms up, waiting for her fate. Katie stands up, disorienting Melanie with the quick rise. She drops her in the front of her thong and pulls her pants up a bit, her pubic area still visible to the group who looks on in confusion and disgust.

Melanie looks up at the giant pussy above her. This woman's scent is incredibly powerful at this size and this close. She quivers a little bit and then reaches up to pull the labia apart. She can still easily manipulate them, at least. She reaches up for the clit and starts massaging it, rubbing her arms together in circles. Progress is slow, and keeping her arms raised is tiring. Suddenly she's forced upward by Katie pulling her pants up. She's pressed against the pussy, one leg fallen outside the thong, and the other bent under her. She keeps rubbing, hoping for the best.

Outside, drunken Emily decided pick a fight with Katie. Out of nowhere she burst from her lover's arms and charges Katie. Katie pulls her pants up and backs up. The alley looks big enough to keep a safe distance. Thinking letting the drunk defeat herself could be more fun, she then stays in place. Emily lunges forward and swipes at her, missing her swing and falling forward. As she falls she grabs Katie's unbuttoned jeans and pulls them down. Katie looks down, unphased by her exposed thong, and laughs at Emily. Emily shrinks a little bit, but she was pretty short to begin with. Confused by the tingling from the shrinking, Emily screams, "What's happening to me?"

Her lover yells out, "I'm coming for you, Em," and stumbles forward, trips, and falls on top of her.

Meanwhile, Melanie continues working at Katie's clit. The space is tight, but Katie's pants being removed gave her some breathing room. Even still, Katie's pheromones were overwhelming. She starts licking at the dampening pussy, burying her face more deeply into it. She moves her arms more vigorously, and presses her body against the labia. She squirms, becoming ever-more excited, and kisses Katie's cunt. Katie simpers and her hand finds its way to her pussy. She presses Melanie harder against her pussy. Melanie is overcome with attraction and pulls herself yet closer. Katie's labia engulf the front half of Melanie. Her leg now free, she kicks it up into Katie. She continue rubbing and kissing. Katie gets lost in the moment and is caught off-guard when the drunken man on the ground pulls her leg out from under her. She falls back, only one hand free to catch herself. The guy shrinks a little, too, but Katie and Melanie are too caught up in their pleasure to notice. Katie hits the ground as she reaches climax. She lets out a moan of pleasure injected then with a tinge of pain. She lies on the ground and recovers from the fall, and with her fingers pulls Melanie out of her thong.

Melanie finds herself now on the asphalt, covered in Katie's sex juices. The tingling feeling returns, but different this time, as she grows back to normal. She shivers, and meekly walks over to her pile of clothes. "Are you okay?" her friend asks.

"Yeah," Melanie says, "That wasn't too bad."

"Not too bad?" Lucy exclaims, "She made you tiny and defenseless and put you inside of her!" She turns to Katie who's standing back up. "Now what the fuck is your problem?"

Another woman, Ashley, from the group chimes in, "I don't like this. I'm out. I don't care about the money, there's no way I'm doing that."

Katie responds, "Don't worry. Each card is unique and that one is used up now. Besides, if you quit, you instantly lose."

Ashley says, "So what if I lose?"

Katie says, "If you want to quit, be my guest. But I can promise you the consequences of losing are far worse than anything in the game."

"I thought you said it was safe!" Lucy interjects.

"I said I've never been harmed. I haven't lost a game yet," Katie says.

Emily rolls over and says, "Lucy, I don't. . .I don't think you should fuck with with her."

Lucy raises her eyebrows at Emily and turns up towards Katie. As she starts to speak, Katie says, "Now I think you'll like this next card. The point is degradation. You each get to give me a command. If I disobey, I shrink six whole inches for each command. But if I obey, I get a little prize from you."

Derek starts to speak, but Lucy interrupts, "Alright, then. Lick Melanie's pussy."

Melanie blushes. She says, "No, Lucy, it's okay, really."

"No," Lucy says, "I want this bitch to repay you." She turns to Katie and continues, "Now get on your knees and start licking."

"Screw you," Katie says. She shrinks six inches on the spot, now almost eye level with Lucy.

Melanie looks in amazement as the woman before her is now much shorter than herself. Emily blurts out, "I want you to lick her pussy, too!"

Katie chuckles. "I guess I have to, don't I? Alright, Mel, lift your skirt up."

Melanie narrows her eyes and lifts her skirt. Katie gets on her knees and takes a long slurp from her cunt. "Yummy," she says, and stands back up. Melanie puts her skirt back down, feeling mildly violated.

"What the hell?" Lucy demands, "You were supposed to eat her out, not take one lick."

Katie retorts, "The command was just to lick."

"Fine," Lucy says, "Then eat her out."

"You already used your command," Katie says. She turns to Melanie, "Alright, Mel, your turn."

"My name's Melanie, not Mel," Melanie responds, shaken still. She looks around and notices Emily is now much smaller, and her clothes are draped over her. She turns to Lucy and says, "We need to think of something she will refuse to do. I like being bigger than her right now."

Lucy thinks to herself for a minute. "Okay," she says, "Maybe she has a power fixation. Really degrade her. Make her feel small."

"Got it," Melanie says. She looks down at Katie and commands, "Lick the sole of my boot and call me your Goddess."

Katie smirks. "That's it?" she says as she gets down to her knees. "Alright, lift your foot up."

"Excuse me?" Melanie says, "The command was for you to call me your Goddess. You have disobeyed my command." As she says this, Katie shrinks again, now even smaller than Lucy.

"Shit," Katie grumbles. "Alright, quiet girl," she says, pointing to Ashley, "What do you want?"

Ashley perks up, surprised to be addressed. "Um, I didn't think about it."

Katie turns to the drunk guy, "How about you, drunky?"

Derek answers instead, "I dare you to get naked and roll around on the pavement."

Katie sneers, "Tsk, tsk, you only get one command." She unbuttons her jeans and tugs them down with her thong. As she does this, Megan, having been in Katie's thong this whole time, is inundated with air and light. She rolls over and looks up at her goddess, stretching miles above her. Katie steps out of her pants, giving Megan a view of the sky beyond her ass. She looks around for the nearest escape, but even getting off the thong will take time. She starts walking to the side to at least not risk being put back in Katie's butt.

The group's eyes are fixated on Katie as she removes her shirt, revealing her massive tits. She unclasps her bra and her tits come free, revealing the tiny woman tied up around her neck. Lucy says, "What the fuck is that?"

"What's what?" Katie says.

"Is that a tiny girl tied up as a necklace?" Lucy asks.

"Oh this?" Katie says, picking up Jessica and twirling her in her fingers, "Yes, this is one of my recent prizes. If you're jealous, I can let you spend some time between my lovely breasts as well. Although it looks like he's coming down to size, first." She smirks, pointing at Derek who now stands eye-to-eye with Lucy. His shirt now drapes over his torso, the neck drooping down his chest.

"Goddammit!" he yells.

Lucy continues questioning, "Why did you tie her up and turn her into jewelery?"

"Enough," Katie says, "two of you need to get on with your commands so we can move on."

Lucy says to to the drunk guy, "Alright, Alex, you need to help us get her down more. Finish Derek's command."

"Nahh," Alex slurs, "I want her to suck her own tit."

Katie raises an eyebrow and lifts her breast up and sucks on it a bit."

"What the hell?" Lucy shouts.

"I always wondered if girls with bib boobs could do that."

"Goddamn, you moron! Now we only have Ashley's turn left," Derek says, "Now Ashley, pick a good one for fuck's sake."

"Um," Ashley starts, "Stick your tongue up Melanie's asshole."

"What the fuck? No!" Melanie shouts.

"Okay," Katie says, walking towards Melanie.

"Why would you do that?" Melanie shouts at Ashley.

"I thought it'd degrade her," Ashley says. "Besides," she mumbles under her breath, "it sounds kinda hot."

Katie pulls Melanie's skirt up again and pulls her panties down. She's careful of the rough alleyway pavement under her bare knees. Melanie quivers as she feels Katie's tongue slide inside her. She jumps away in shock, tripping and landing on her hands and knees. Katie stands up behind her and looks over at Ashley who's face has turned pink and her clothes loose. She walks over to her pants and pulls out the deck of cards from her pocket. She draws the next card and reads it to herself. Then she says, "This next one is going to let me enjoy myself, now. I get five minutes of any fun I want. You can surrender early, but there's a price to pay. Also, if I get off, you get a penalty as well. So let's go."

She walks towards Melanie who's still on the ground from the fall. Katie grabs her by her choker and throws her over. She plants her pussy on top of her face and grinds. Already wet from round one with Melanie, she doesn't take long to become excited again. She gyrates her hips in a circle, taking full advantage of the woman under her's facial features. She lets out a heavy moan and Melanie becomes a bit smaller under her.

"I'm out," Ashley says, shrinking immediately after, now much shorter than even Emily.

"Aww," Katie says, "I guess I should share the fun while I can. Who's next?"

"Not me," Derek says.

"Me too," Alex chimes in. Both men also shrink a foot and a half.

"Bring it on," Lucy says.

"Yeah, we can take you!" Emily cheers.

Katie continues to grind on Melanie's face, moaning deeply again. She says, "Or I could stay here. Melly-belly is a really fun ride. Maybe you all should try her sometime."

"I'll ride her if you get off," Lucy says.

"Ohoho," Katie laughs. "Alright, go ahead." She stands up and gestures towards Melanie.

"Wait, really?" Lucy says.

"Yeah," Katie answers, "But hurry up and get your clothes off. Time is wasting."

Ashley hides her bright red face, leaving only her eyes revealed to be able to see her two friends go at it. Lucy unzips her pants and pulls them off. Katie suggestively rubs her own clit. "Nice ass," she says to Lucy. "Now plant it on Melly."

Lucy pulls her panties off and then kneels above Melanie's face, one leg on either side. "It's for all of our sakes, Melanie," she says right before sitting down. She faces Katie to glare at her and as a result sits with Melanie's mouth under her pussy and nose up her ass.

"Aww, this is great, I love seeing friends get along," Katie says, moaning in pleasure again. This time Lucy shrinks a little bit. "Just in time," she says, "Time's up. I guess you're free."

Lucy stands up and scurries to her pants. Melanie breathes heavily, panting for air. Katie meanwhile walks over to the deck to pull another card before they can recover. She reads it and says, "Hold up Lucy. This card says I get to take your clothes." She walks over to where Lucy is and snatches the pants out from under her.

"Fine," Lucy says, "Then I'm taking your pants."

"Be my guest," Katie says, smiling at her little secret. Megan sees a shadow fall all around her. Two legs on either side of her, but they don't look quite like Katie's legs. She realizes she was so focused on her trek out that she didn't pay enough attention to the booming voices on the outside. She braces herself as she's suddenly whisked upwards. The movement throws her, destroying her progress. She tumbles towards the front of the thong, ending up pressed tightly against her new mystery goddess's snatch. She curses her luck, but takes some small relief in being in a better smelling place. On the other hand, as much as an evil bitch as she is, Katie is probably her only hope to be restored. The clothes fit loosely on Lucy after having shrunk a bit, but alas she pulled them up tight in her fit.

Meanwhile Katie draws another card. "Goddammit," she says, "I shouldn't have planned so far ahead." She shrinks a foot on the spot and tosses the card in anger and draws another one. She reads it to herself and then start stepping back from the group. She says, "So this card says if any of you can touch the top of my head in the next minute, you steal a foot back from me." She then grabs the deck off the ground, pockets it, and starts sprinting away, farther into the alley. Lucy and Melanie are quickly after her, and gain on her fast. Melanie being closer reaches her first, dives, and grabs her ankle. Lucy comes shortly after and touches the top of her head.

"Kiss my ass, bitch," Lucy says, feeling a surge of power as she grows back to her full height as Katie shrinks smaller than anyone.

"No thanks," Katie says as she draws another card.

Melanie stands up and places her foot on Katie back. She taunts, "Not so big now, are you? Looks like you're going to be paying up."

"Yeah," Lucy says, "and then we're turning you in for this sick game you've come up with."

Katie starts to speak, but Melanie interrupts, "Tell you what. If you surrender now and kiss our asses, we'll leave you alone."

Katie says, "I think I'll play out this next card. For five turns one of you has to obey my every command. Unless you want to shrink again. So who should it be? Hmm. I think Lucy, you can be my slave this time."

"Fuck you, I'm not a slave," Lucy says.

"Hey, suit yourself," Katie says. "Now get Melly off of me."

"No, I rather like the sight of you under her boot. Kiss it and I'll consider asking her to move," Lucy says. Melanie snickers and grinds her foot into Katie's back a little. Suddenly Lucy feels a sharp sensation shoot up her spine. Her vision flashes and suddenly she's much shorter than everyone.

"Now, are you going to be a good slave?" Katie taunts.

"Just pick your next card," Derek says.

"Fine," Katie says as she draws, "but I want Lucy here to kiss Melly's boots and ask her real nice to get off."

Lucy grumbles and drops to her knees to kiss Melanie's boot. She looks up at her much larger friend with a bit of resentment. "What's it say?" Derek asks.

"This is an interesting one," Katie says as she starts shrinking, "I'm going to be cut in half now, but from now on all of your penalties are doubled." Katie shrinks out from under Melanie's boot and stands up, now several times smaller than Melanie. Her clothes have fallen completely off and her pendant is now far too large to carry around her neck. She commands, "That's enough, slave. Now take off your clothes, too."

Megan once again finds herself blessed with fresh air. She gasps as the thong is removed, freeing her. Puzzlement comes over her as she sees the thong disappearing downward. Then she realizes she must be stuck to the goddessly snatch that's been torturing her. The small amount of moisture is enough to keep her stuck. She is truly insignificant.

"Good," Katie says. "Now I want some payback for earlier."

"You still have to draw," Lucy and Derek protest.

"Fine," Katie says as she draws another card. "Slavey, go grab Melanie's ankles for me." Lucy grumbles and obeys, puzzled. Melanie reluctantly stays in place. Katie walks towards her. She says, "So this card gives me some height back if I can knock you down."

"Fuck that!" Lucy says and lets go of Melanie's ankles. Again she sees a bright flash and suddenly she's no taller than Melanie's boot. "What the fuck?" she screams. Melanie gasps at her now smaller friend, and Katie takes the moment of shock to tackle her, knocking her back. She tries to hold her off, and Derek tries to hold her up. She stumbles around and accidentally kicks Lucy. She screams as she's launched a few feet away. She tumbles over to Emily.

"Aww," Emily coos, "you're so little! Like a mini-Lucy." Meanwhile Ashley comes over to help pull Katie off, but trips and pushes everyone over.

"Dammit, Ashley!" Derek yells. Melanie shrinks under Ashley, Derek, and Katie, and Katie grows a bit. Ashley stands up first and scoots away. Katie continues to lie on top of Melanie.

Katie looks over and sees Lucy lying on the ground. She commands, "Here, you're small enough to be a buttplug now. Come crawl up Melly's ass while her skirt is still up." Lucy lies on the ground, still stunned from the kick.

Hearing her skirt is up, Melanie reaches down to fix it. "What the hell kind of demented fuck are you? I don't want my friend up my ass!" Melanie says.

"Well, since you took away her opportunity anyway, you've made my work a lot easier," Katie says. Melanie looks over and sees Lucy get even smaller. Katie stands up and laughs at Melanie.

Meanwhile Derek continues to berate Ashley. "Why the hell did you push us over?" he yells.

"I was trying to help!" Ashley says, her eyes welling up.

"You're a useless twit sometimes, Ashley. Just stay out of the way and let us win this," he says.

Katie picks out a new card and reads it: "Coin Slot: Slide someone down someone else's asscrack." She walks over and picks up Lucy.

Held at chest level, Lucy can see eye-to-eye with the pendant, Jessica. The pendant looks now nothing like a pendant to her and just a normal woman, bound and gagged, unable to move. She sees the mix of struggle and defeat in her eyes. As Katie taunts her, she says softly to Jessica, "Hey, I see you. We'll take down this psycho." She's cut off as she's suddenly slid down someone's asscrack. She was too distracted by Jessica to get a good look at who.

Katie draws another card. She says, "I'm a little sad I won't have my slave after this turn. Well, for awhile. You'll all be my slaves soon enough."

Derek and Melanie's eyes widen. The drunk couple seems now too far gone to notice what's going on around them. In a stupor they look vacantly at the game unfolding. Derek says, "I'm not going to be your slave. And we're not going to lose. Now take her out of her butt!" He starts walking over.

Katie retorts, "Go ahead. If you cheat, you suffer a severe penalty."

Derek continues, but Melanie restrains him. She says, "We can win without cheating. Cheating hasn't worked for us anyway."

"Glad you see it my way," Katie says. "Now this next card just says you guys have to lick up my sweat."

Meanwhile, Megan had fallen on the ground when Lucy shrank smaller than three inches. Finally free, she sighs in relief. The pavement is rough, and at her size is impossible to traverse for long. Her only possible refuge is to cling to someone, she realizes.

Katie feels herself. "Well," she says, "Not much, but my armpits are a little wet. So you two, get over here and lick them." She lifts her arms. Derek and Melanie walk over begrudgingly and each give one broad lick. Melanie's face goes sour after licking, and Derek's does after taking a bite. "Hey!" Katie scolds, "No undue violence is allowed!" Derek regrets his show of defiance as he's now even shorter.

"Well, slave, I guess you're a free woman now," Katie says. "Well, you're a slave to a woman's ass right now. But no longer are you under my command. At least until the game ends and you become mine."

The drunk guy suddenly falls over, the last of his liquor hitting him. Emily turns and slurs, "Oh no, Alex, are you okay?"

Derek says, "Leave him. We have more important things to do."

"No!" Emily shouts, "I'm not leaving my boyfriend."

"You'll have fun with this next round, then," Katie says. "We're going to play tag. I'm it. We'll go for five minutes. Whoever is it at the end loses half their size. Twice for you guys, as you'll recall. If you leave the alley, you lose the game, by the way. No running away." As soon as she finishes talking she runs to Derek and tags him. She runs off too quickly for him to tag back, so he starts chasing her. She's still much shorter than him, and she realizes this when he tags her. She curses and spins around when tagged. She sees Alex lying on the ground and smiles. She runs over to him and tags him.

"That's below the belt!" Melanie complains.

Katie stops running and responds, "He's it. If he's still it in two minutes, he shrinks. He's free to get up."

"He passed out," Derek says.

"Not my problem," Katie says.

"Melanie, do something!" Emily cries.

"Just leave him. He's useless to us now, anyway," Derek says.

"No, screw you! I'm helping!" Emily says. She picks up his hand and tags herself. "Now I'm it." Katie chuckles at the foolish sacrifice.

"So are you guys going to let her do that?" Katie asks.

"You know what?" Derek says, "I don't care. If she wants to shrink, so be it. Unless you want to get Ashley out of the way." Ashley steps back from the other four hearing this. As she moves, her pants finally come loose enough to fall off, and she trips back.

A massive shadow comes over Megan and shortly after a pantsless woman's ass follows. She braces herself for the worst, crying a little for fear of the end. In a twisted stroke of luck, the land lands around her. The shockwave gives her a boost of air, directly up between the asscheeks. Not again, she thinks. The woman stands up and pulls up her pants, trapping Megan in yet another woman's ass.

As the time runs low, Katie asks, "Hey, Emily, before you shrink, did you leave anything in your back pocket?"

Emily pats her back pockets. "No," she answers.

"Oh okay. Well, time's up," Katie says.

"If time is up, why isn't she shrinking?" Derek demands.

"She wasn't it," Katie states.

"Um, who was?" Melanie asks. Katie raises her eyebrows in response. "Oh no, you didn't."

"Indeed I did," Katie said.

"What?" Derek asks.

Sombrely, Melanie answers, "Remember? Lucy was in there."

"Goddammit, you sneaky whore!" Derek yells.

"Am I really that sneaky?" Katie asks, coyly. "Well, I guess that'll help with this next card." She starts walking towards Derek, and he steps back. He asks what she's up to and she says, "Oh, I just need to piss all of a sudden. And anyone who I piss on is penalized." Derek continues walking back, but Katie stops.

"Emily, look out!" Melanie shouts, seeing Katie stopped in front of her. Still at hip level to Emily, she is easy to miss. Melanie's warning is too late, though, as Katie lets loose and hits Emily's foot. As soon as Katie sees the shrinking start, she turns around and dashes towards Melanie who runs away. Derek and Ashley also scatter. Feeling her bladder near empty, Katie turns back and dashes to Alex. Emily tries to get in the way, but trips, tangled in her own clothes. She slides out of her pants, freeing Lucy from her ass. Katie just makes it to Alex, leaping over him to ensure some of the piss hits him. She lands on the other side and smiles as she sees him shrink into his shirt.

"Well, that was fun," she says. She then starts walking back to where she left the deck. The others, seeing she's stopped pissing turn around.

"Actually," Derek says, "I feel a bit safer back here. Emily, come join us."

"I guess there's no rule that says you have to stay by me. This card does say from now on the smell of my feet shrinks you." She laughs heartily and plucks up another card. She continues, "And today is just not your day! Every turn now you lose three inches of height. Plus you still have that doubled."

"This isn't fair!" Melanie yells.

"At least you don't lose on the next draw," Katie says.

"What do you mean?" Melanie asks.

"Six inches per turn, Melly," Katie explains, "means anyone smaller than that loses." She reaches down and pulls another card. As soon as she does, everyone in the group of friends starts getting smaller. Lucy stops after a very short time. Katie walks over, still only a little over half of Melanie's height, and picks up Lucy from the ground.

Lucy looks up at the face of her towering goddess. She's scared silent, waiting for the worst. Katie starts, "So, slavey, you're the first loser. And what a mean player you were, too. I need somewhere to keep you safe while we play though. And I have just the idea for you." She closes her fist around Lucy before she has a chance to respond. When Lucy can see again, she finds herself hurling into a sneaker. At this size even the imprint of Katie's foot is very noticeable. Moreover, the smell of her feet is completely dominating. Worse yet, she feels a tingling, still affected by the foot curse.

"Now unfortunately some of the fun has to come to an end," Katie says.

Melanie interrupts, "What the fuck do you mean? Give me Lucy! We're not leaving without her." Derek and Emily cheer in agreement.

"Now, now," Katie says, "Nothing like that. This card just washes away all of the old effects. It lets us start with a sort of fresh slate. But not to worry: I'm sure the next card will have even more fun for us all." She quickly draws another card and continues, "Aha! This one says to put someone inside me. Someone still in the game, of course. So Little Lucy stays in my shoe. Since none of you come close to fitting, I get to pick two of you. One to shrink small enough to go inside the other, and the other to put you in. But if it makes you feel any better, however much I shrink someone, I have to shrink the same amount." The group remains aghast at the new challenge before them. Katie ruminates, "So let me see if I have you guys right. Derek is the asshole of your group, Lucy was his foil, Melanie is the openly countercultural girl, and those two are a couple who have had a bit much tonight. Ashley over there is the outcast of your group who I don't understand why she bothers with you guys. Now as much as I would love to cut Melanie down to size, I don't have the height to do that. I also can't really do anything with Derek. Alex would be the cheapest option for me since he would already be dildo-size if any of us were normal-size. Emily could also be made smaller. Melanie's cunt is probably also the biggest hole around, so someone should go in there. Alex going in Emily doesn't actually sound very interesting. Neither does Emily. Really, if I could, I would put Derek inside Ashley. Still, Ashley hasn't had much fun yet, and she seems like the gal I could have some fun with, so I choose Alex to go inside her."

Derek and Melanie just stare at Katie for a moment as Alex is reduced to a Polly Pocket and Katie becomes a bit shorter, yet. Ashley hesitantly starts walking over to him. "No!" Emily yells while blocking Ashley's path.

Derek walks behind her and picks up Alex. He hands him to Ashley. He says, "Don't fuck up again, Ashley."

"She was right," Ashley says as she takes Alex, "You are the asshole of the group. I wish it were you instead of Alex right now."

"Ashley, stop!" Emily yells, grabbing her arm. Derek pulls her out of the way.

"Hurry up and do it," he says. Ashley bites her lip and lets her pants drop. She uses her free hand to spread her lips. Alex ended up a bit smaller than he needs to be, she thinks. She finds herself surprisingly wet from the whole endeavor thus far and so has an easy time getting the tiny guy in.

"You're a bit of a natural at this, aren't you?" Katie asks. Ashley just blushes, unsure whether to leave Alex in. On the one hand, he's her friend and she should let him out. On the other, he feels kinda good and is unconscious anyway.

Megan just got another relief from being inside someone's pants, but due to sweat this time she finds herself stuck to the lower part of someone's ass, ready to drip out the crack at a small provocation. She sees some small stubble and clings to it, not wanting to have to pray for another savior.

Excited by her new playmate, Katie already has another card ready. She says, "This one says if I'm under eighteen inches tall, I grow back to four feet. And as it turns out, that little sacrifice to shrink Ashley's new pussy pet brought me down to sixteen." She grins, grabbing another as she shoots back up to four feet tall. "Still not my full height," she says, "but taller than any of you. Now this next card also looks fun. It has a few effects. The first being that if anyone is under a foot, I can choose one to be my new dildo. Which is already fun. But the bonus is that if anyone is under two inches, they get to be in whoever is my dildo." Ashley starts to pull out Alex. "Now, unfortunately Alex is the only one under a foot, so I don't get to have any more fun with anyone else." Ashley walks over and hands Alex to Katie, who proceeds to slide his unconscious body inside herself. Meanwhile Megan is shaken about as Ashley walks. As Ashley turns around, Megan loses her grip from the acceleration and is flung off.

Katie thrusts Alex in and out a few times, licking her lips at Ashley and Melanie as she does. Emily's face grows redder and redder until she screams, "Let him go!" She runs at Katie at full drunken speed. Melanie and Derek take after her, only gaining by their being twice her size. They both grab a shoulder and knock into each other's heads. They fall over, pulling Emily to the ground with them. Emily falls ass-first on Megan. Her ass cheek is soft enough that while squished, she's not killed.

Yawning, Katie says, "When that was more entertaining than the current round, it's time for a new card. Unconscious dildos don't have the same appeal, you know?" She winks at Ashley. She picks another and smiles. "So for this next one, two of you will be at my feet, smelling them. You both have to masturbate, and whoever orgasms first wins."

"What do they win?" Derek asks, standing up.

"Six inches from the loser," Katie says. "And as a reward, I also get six inches from the loser. And they have to lick my feet." Derek starts to respond, but Katie continues, "Now who should I pick, hm? I think Alex should have to face off against Emily."

"What? No!" Emily yells. "He's unconscious, that's not fair!"

"Hey," Katie says, "like I said, it's his own doing anyway." She pulls him out and drops him by her left foot. "Now get over here before you're penalized for holding up the game."

"Go on," Melanie says, "you don't want to shrink for nothing." Emily crawls over to Katie's other foot and looks longingly at Alex.

"You know, Emily," Ashley says, "if you get him off yourself, you'll be fine. It's him who's at sake here."

"Yeah!" Emily says, "You're right!" She reaches over and grabs his tiny dick between two of her fingers, keeping her nose against Katie's foot. Katie lifts it a little and smiles down at them. Emily realizes the dryness is making it harder, so she licks her fingers. She soaks them in her spit, and then soaks most of his lower body in her spit.

"Remember to masturbate, yourself," Katie says. Emily reaches down with her other hand, leaving her lying awkwardly on her side against the rough ground. The rest of the group stares on, Melanie and Derek plotting while Ashley stands off to the side.

Emily's scent as she fingers herself makes its way back to Megan. This giant woman's ass and pussy are somehow both dominating her world at once. She crawls closer in, afraid now of the outside world. At this point at least I'm safe she thinks. At least I can't be crushed in here. I just hope she doesn't have to shit anytime soon. Maybe I should get to her pussy.

As Emily continues to work up Alex's unconscious body, her side starts hurting. Forgetting Katie's warning, she holds herself off the ground with her spare arm. Realizing she's not getting Alex off, she goes a step farther and pulls away from Katie's foot and turns to him to use her tongue to do the job. She starts shrinking as she twirls her tongue around his now throbbing cock. "Emily, you're shrinking! Stop!" Melanie yells. Katie laughs at the foolish sacrifice.

"Forget him. Save yourself, now, Emily," Derek adds.

Emily stops shrinking, Alex having gotten off into her mouth. Emily then starts shrinking again as Alex grows. She goes from many times his size, looming over him, to not even a seventh of his size, standing on his stomach. She looks up and gets dizzy seeing Katie now a giantess to her. Before any of the others can intervene, Katie pulls another card. She looks Melanie in the eye and says, "This one says we get to play the same game again. Lovely. I think I'll let the boys play this time. Derek, get over here." Derek walks over to her. She commands, "Now get on the ground." His face takes an expression of sheer derision as he gets on the ground. She places her other foot on Alex's face. Derek spits on her foot and she kicks in response. "Bad foot-sniffer!" Ashley cannot help but laugh. Derek looks over at Alex and Emily and starts masturbating. Keeping his nose in Katie's foot, he admires Emily's tiny, naked body. He fantasizes about her being on his dick instead.

Emily starts rubbing against Alex's dick. "Don't worry, I'll get you off!" she shouts. The dick is nearly as big as her. Having just gotten him off, she has trouble getting him up again. Meanwhile Derek is already hard and throbbing. He gazes on her, and she doesn't even notice. The idea becomes more and more appealing to him until in a sudden moment of pure lust he reaches over, grabs her tiny form, and places it on his much larger penis. She screams as he continues to stroke himself. He erupts, and the cum hits Emily from under. She's launched off his dick and onto the ground in front of him, now covered in his cum. He starts growing, his legs closing in on her. Meanwhile Alex starts shrinking away to nothing.

Katie looks down at the mess. "Derek," she says as he recovers, "he didn't have enough left for both of us, so we'll have to split the prize." She bends over and picks up Alex. "A shame, too, now he doesn't have to lick my feet. Well, I guess he couldn't anyway. But I'll make sure to give him the opportunity to make it up to me, later." She walks over to her shoes and drops him in the other one. He lands with a thud in the imprint of her heel. She walks back over and says, "But we did get ahead of ourselves. Little girl, you still owe me a lick." She places her foot on top of Emily. "I know you can't move since this dick tried to drown you,but I'll just put my foot down and you can stick your tongue out." She places her foot on top of Emily and the puddle, waits a moment, and picks it back up. "Good enough."

She picks up another card. She picks up Emily and another card without reading, ready to go. "So now," she says, "I get to tangle you up in my pubes. How lovely for you." Emily continues to cry at the loss of her lover as Katie nonchalantly tangles up her limbs. She dangles far above the ground, the heat from the cunt eminating above her. She looks at the other card she drew. "Interior fun," she reads, "I place the smallest player in my pussy. And you get to stay there until you orgasm. So I guess you better stop crying and finally get yourself off." She untangles Emily's limbs and then pushes her inside. Emily can't stop crying, and only now does Derek finally get up. As he does, Katie pulls another card. Derek walks towards her to confront her. She reads, "Breasts of doom. For the next minute, if my breasts touch you, you lose six feet."

"Holy shit!" Melanie exclaims. Before Derek can react, Katie lunges at him, hitting him with her sizeable chest. He starts shrinking rapidly. Ashley and Melanie make a run for it. Melanie takes some solace knowing Emily is at least a little safer inside Katie than outside right now. Katie chases after Melanie, allowing Ashley to break off in the opposite direction. The running causes her ass to bounce and the quick movement catches Megan by surprise. She thanks herself for having crawled in deeper, but the running making Ashley sweat threatens her existence. A drop of sweat many times her size envelopes her and carries her to Megan's pussy.

Melanie gets to the boundary. "Remember," Katie says, "if you step out of this alley, you lose anyway. And I'll have even less mercy for you."

She stops and looks out. A couple of women are walking down the street, holding hands. "Help!" she screams. The two look on and see a screaming naked woman being stood down by a much larger naked woman. They rush over.

"What the hell is going on?" one of them asks.

"Welcome to the game," Katie says. "By entering this alley, you are now players in our game. So welcome." She walks over to the one who asked and touches her with her boobs. She immediately shrinks away to almost nothing.

"What the hell did you do to her?" her lover asks.

"This," Katie says, and touches her. Nothing happens. "Damn, out of time." She reaches down and picks up the little woman and displays her to the lover. Her eyes widen at the sight of her girlfriend the size of a small insect on this weird woman's hand. "I'll explain. We're playing a game were I get to draw cards and we all do as it says. And if you leave the alley, you lose anyway."

"What happens if I lose?" she asks.

"You end up the same as her," Melanie says. "We have to win to put an end to this psychotic bitch's terror."

"Psychotic bitch?" Katie gasps, "Well I am offended! You'll see how psychotic I can be." She walks over, scared, small little woman in her fist. She haphazardly deposits her in the shoe with Alex and then grabs a card from the stack still on the ground. "Restore Tiny," she reads, "Anyone under six inches is restored to six inches." She suddenly feels a growing presence in her pussy as Emily grows large enough to fill much more of her up. "Ooh," she moans, "this is alright. But let's see if I can teach that bitch a thing or two before enjoying myself too much." She reads the next one, barely loud enough for anyone else to hear, "Shrink someone to half your size if she is not already that short." She raises her voice, "Melly Jelly, looks like you're going down." Melanie and the lover, Kari, walk closer, Melanie shrinking as she walks.

Derek looks up from his spot on the ground, still trying to figure out how to get to safety given the game going on between the goddesses far above him who don't even notice him. He direly hopes Melanie remembers him. As he stands wishfully, a shadow comes over him. He turns around and sees Melanie's foot coming right for him. He braces himself for death, and a deafening slam shocks him. He opens his eyes and sees he ended up right between her toes. He can barely see beyond the opening between them. Even the scent of her unwashed feet is unable to penetrate the level of fear still pulsing through him.

"I'm not done," Katie says. "Another one. This one lets me stop any card I want. Another one." She keeps drawing. "This one lets me steal four inches from someone. I choose you, Melly Pelly." Melanie shrinks a little more and Katie grows a bit, but she remains unsatisfied. "Finally, a fun one! I shrink someone to one millimeter tall. Then whoever inhales them through their nose first gets to grow half of the height the dust was before. I of course choose you." Melanie rapidly shrinks even more, to the size of a piece of dust. The heavens above her become incomprehensible, but only about ten times her size, she rejoices to see Derek right in front of her.

"Derek!" she shouts. "You need to help me! That bitch is going to inhale me." Derek stands still stunned by nearly being crushed. She runs up and pounds against his legs.

"Oh," he gasps, brought to attention, "Melanie, I need to get you to safety. I don't think we have anywhere to go, though." Katie's face comes over them, her eye alone a heavenly body to Melanie. She cowers behind Derek.

"Oh, there you are, Derek," Katie says. "You're out of the game now, so there's no rule saying I can't crush you if you don't get out my way. So get out of my way." Derek backs away, cowering before Katie. She looks hungrily down at Melanie and says, her voice booming, "Looks like you're all mine, now." She snorts, and Melanie lifts off the ground with ease, pulled into her nostril. She flails about, trying to get a hold of anything. She manages to snag on a hair deep in her nose, stuck on just a bit of snot. Katie chuckles, the chuckle reverberating through her head, vibrating Melanie to her core. "Now I guess I get some of your former glory." Her voice is to Melanie like an omnipotent demoness.

Kari stares on, only a foot away. Katie says, "Looks like you don't have much backup." She walks back to the deck, leaving Derek stranded alone again. "And now this card will clear things up a bit. Every one of you will now shrink six inches. Or lose, if you can't go that low." Katie feels her full pussy become less full as Emily dwindles from a sizeable dildo to a small speck carelessly lost in Katie's sex juices. Melanie hears the decree and sighs in relief that it's over at least, but to her great disappointment, she doesn't grow back upon loss.

"Fuck this, I'm calling the police," Kari says.

"Oh really?" Katie says. She swiftly snags another card. "Yes! This card lets me paralyze you for five turns." Kari's body suddenly stiffens. She tries to dial her phone, but finds herself unable to dial. Now unable to hold her pants up, they fall, and her panties barely stay on. "Now, let's see if you can last that long. This next card is Panty Guessing. Me and a player of my choice put on panties if not wearing any. Then we drop anyone small enough into one of our panties and both of us remain quiet. The tiny is then removed and must guess whose they were in. If they guess wrong, we place it in the panties of whoever they guessed. Sadly, nobody is small enough, so I'll just have to put on my panties." She picks her panties off the ground and pulls them on. Now larger than she started, she has to stretch them a little to get them on. "Not my best draw," she admits, "but I have four more turns before you can move." She picks up a card. As she bends over, her panties start to tear slightly.

"Ooh, I like this one," she cooes. "It's called 'Ass Play'. I'm going to lay on my stomach and put two people on my ass cheeks. Since there's only two of you, this will be easy. Ashley, get back here." Ashley sheepishly walks out of the shadows and over by Katie and Kari. She continues, "Whoever kisses my asshole first, within ten minutes, is let go and returned to your original height. Whoever loses will be trapped between my cheeks until a card lets you out." Both Ashley and Kari find themselves shrinking. Kari remains unable to move, and Ashley blushes at her secret excitement. Unable to hold her phone as she shrinks, she drops it, and it smashes again the pavement. She would flinch if she could. "Oh, that's too bad. But there's more to come," Katie taunts. She picks the two up when the each reach three inches in height. She lies down and places them each on one of her panty-clad asscheeks. Kari falls over and rolls down to her crack. Not to be outdone, Ashley leaps forward and dives between her cheeks. She finds a hole in the stretched panties and tears it open. Katie's ass jiggles as she giggles at the excited tiny. Ashley makes quick work of the challenge, reading the giantess's asshole in under a minute. She puckers her lips and kisses. Then she starts returning to her previous height. As she does, she finds her way out from Katie's cheeks and picks up Kari when she's big enough. She grins, overtaken by desire, and pushes Kari into the hole in the panties. "Well, you're an excited little one, aren't you?" Katie asks. She stands up, squeezing Kari between her cheeks. She looks down at Ashley who stands under a third of her height. "We still have more fun."

Ashley just stands, timid before the amazon. Taken aback by her sexual outburst. "If you liked that," Katie says as she reads the next card already, "You might like being even smaller. Since there's two of you, you both lose half of your remaining height." Kari tries to scream as the ass around her goes from oppressive to utterly consuming. Ashley still remains caught in her own confusing thoughts as she dwindles to only a little bigger than a Barbie doll. Katie looks at another card. She looks down at the small girl before her. "So, Ashley, this one lets me transform one of you into any piece of clothing, and then I put it on. And whoever it is stays this way until a card requires their participation. Since you've been such a good sport, I'll let you choose." Katie smiles, wondering whether her butt prisoner will soon be a pair of socks, a thong, or something fun she hadn't even thought of."

"Um," Ashley stammers, turning blood red, ". . .can I be your thong?"

"What?" Katie says. "You really want to be my thong?"

"Yeah," Ashley says, quietly.

"Haha," Katie laughs, "I like you. Here we go." Ashley then finds her body morphing. Her muscles tighten and her arms and legs connect. She become smaller yet and softer. Within a few seconds more she completes the transformation into a thong. Her senses are all over, yet concentrated in spots. Katie's soft, delicate fingers pick her up by the band. She looks up and sees the beauty's pussy and ass quickly approach. She kisses, or wishes to kiss at least, the pussy as she is pulled tight against it. She swoons inside as she slides up the heavenly ass. And better yet, she feels Kari's paralyzed, trapped body pushed deeper inside by her. Katie finishes adjusted the Ashley-thong to be comfortable, inadvertently pressing Kari close against her asshole.

During the transformation, Megan became deeply confused as she clung close to Ashley, hanging on by a hair, the sweat drying. Then the body she clung to began to warp. As it contorted she managed to hold on, and as it compressed she became stuck. As the compression continued and the goddess turned to cloth, Megan found herself interwoven into the fabric of the thong. Her vision became obscured by the cloth in front of her, but she could see well enough she was going, once again, into a giant woman's ass. This time the scent was all-too familiar. She weeps in the cloth, once again in her torturer's rear.

Katie plucks a card that shrinks anyone else taller than four feet and tosses it since it does nothing. Kari feels her paralysis fade away, and with her regained powers, starts struggling intensely against her prison. Katie draws again, ignoring the struggles, and curses as it only heals her injuries, of which all are negligible, at the cost of sixteen inches. She plays her cancellation card when she's about to shrink, preventing the shrinking. "Another uninteresting card," she laments, to nobody in particular. "This one lets me swap all the remaining effects of some future card. I guess this could be handy, at least. Alright, another one." She bends over to grab another card, pulling Ashley-thong and thus Kari tight against her asshole. She reads, again to nobody in particular, "This one is Feet Cleaning. I pick someone to lick my feet clean. If they refuse, they lose a foot of height and I get to pick someone else." She reaches around and pulls Kari out of her ass, to Ashley-thong's disappointment. She dangles the tiny woman in front of her. "So, you have two options. You can lick my feet and keep this going, or you can surrender your life to me, and still lick my feet because you'll be my slave." Before Kari can respond, she places her at her feet and lifts one up. Scared by the threat, Kari quickly licks at the dirt on the giant, bare feet. Each one is twice her size, and after the first one she runs low on saliva. "Aww," Katie taunts, "your tongue feels dry. Here, let me help." She lifts her foot up and spits on it then returns it to Kari. Kari cringes, now having to also lick the spit up. There's a lot of it, so she ends up having to swallow quite a bit.

Kari finishes finally and then falls down from exhaustion. Meanwhile Katie's already drawn a new card. "Haha," she laughs, "this was a close one for you. Anyone under three inches tall I get to chew up and eat." Kari tremble in fear. "Lucky you, though. You're precisely three inches tall. So you're still safe for now." As Katie reaches down to grab another card, Kari makes a break for her phone. She sprints across the vast pavement towards the rectangle nearly twice her size. "Smother," Katie reads as Kari reaches her phone. She starts lifting it to flip it over. "Sit on someone's face." Frenzied, Kari throws the phone over. The screen is slightly cracked, but it still turns on. "If you can push me off or last ten minutes, I let you go and shrink a bit." Kari uses both hands to operate the touch screen. She goes to hit her emergency contact, but she's already trapped in this insane game. "If you surrender, you lose two inches per minute remaining. If you pass out, I steal half of your height." Kari frantically pulls up the contact info of her friend who lives nearby. Katie's footsteps draw closer, and then suddenly Katie drops her ass on Kari. She struggles for a few moments, but loses oxygen quickly under the colossal ass cheek. She pants heavily and then passes out, shrinking again, letting Katie grow slightly.

Katie picks up the phone and looks at the contact. "Zoe Smiley-Face," she reads. She hits the call button.

Zoe answers, "Hello?"

"Hey," Katie says, "Kari's in a real bit of trouble right now. She's passed out in an alleyway. Can you come help her out?"

"Yes, of course!" Zoe responds. Katie waits out the rest of her ten minutes, texting Kari's friends to all come to the alley because she needs help. Then she picks up everything and moves deeper into the alley. Everyone in the shoes are thrown to the toe section as she picks them up. When she puts the stuff down, she hears a call. "Kari? Where are you?"

"We're over here," Katie calls back. Zoe comes running over, stopping when she sees Katie standing apparently alone and wearing only a thong. "Oh, how rude of me," Katie says, "I should get dressed." She picks up her pants and shirt. They barely fit, but she stretches them a bit until they work.

"Where's Kari?" Zoe demands.

"Oh, she's right here." Katie reaches down her pants and peels off Kari who's stuck to her ass. She extends her palm and reveals her. "Now, I should tell you that you've been entered into our game now. And it's time for me to draw another card."

"What the fuck are you talking about? This isn't funny!" Zoe says.

"This round is Oral Escape. Two players shrink to one inch for the turn and I put you both in my mouth. Whoever escapes first grows back to normal. The other is chewed up and swallowed." Zoe then shrinks on the spot. Katie reaches down and pulls her out of her own shoe. "Clear? Good," she says. She tosses both Zoe and an unconscious Kari into her mouth. Zoe frantically breaks for the exit, too focused on survival to remember her friend. Katie wrestles the two around with her tongue for a bit, but then lets Zoe out. She starts falling to the ground, but regains her full size. Katie waits for her to get up and then starts chomping on Kari. Kari wakes up just in time to see giant molars come smashing down on her, turning her into a bloody mess. Katie swallows, exaggerating her gulp.

"What the fuck? What? No! Fuck you!" Zoe screams. Then a group of people walk over from behind. Zoe turns around and sees a group, mixed with friends and strangers alike. They turn out to be the friends Katie texted from Kari's phone. Zoe recollects what she just witnessed as Katie picks another card.

"Size freeze," she mumbles. "Not what I need, but handy." She picks again as the group stands in silence for a moment, unsure what to do next. "This is good," she says to herself. She turns to the group. "Welcome, everyone. As I'm sure Zoe has explained, you have all just volunteered yourself to our fun little game in the alley. A few ground rules: If you are violent without a card prompting, you will shrink. If you hold up the game, you shrink. If you leave the alley, you lose instantly. If you dwindle to nothing, you lose. If you lose, you become my property. Now, we must obey the cards, lest the magic destroy us all. So, no introductions necessary, here is the first card for most of you. It's called 'Biggest Boobs Ever'. It says I pick someone in the group. You and I will shrink to a single centimeter for the round. Then whoever in the group who has the biggest boobs, that's you," she points to someone, "What's your name?"

"Hannah," the large-breasted woman says.

"Hannah, you'll put us both in your bra. Whoever escapes first wins. And as a prize, if you win, you take from me to get back to normal. But if I win, you'll only grow back ten inches smaller. So, you," she points.

"Samantha?" the woman she points to says, startled to be picked.

"Yeah, Samantha, whatever. You shrink now." Samantha then very suddenly shrinks.

"Why aren't you shrinking?" Zoe demands.

"I drew a card last round that protects from shrinking for five turns. Now, Hannah, please place Samantha in your bra." Hannah meekly obeys, picking Samantha off the ground. Samantha is startled again at how truly massive her friend is. Suddenly without comfort she's deposited on what is indeed the largest boob she has ever seen or even imagined. Katie places her hand down Hannah;s shirt on the other cup. "Go!" she says. Already resigned to failure, Samantha just clings to the giants breast, embracing the warmth and softness. Despite being terrifying, being this close to a soft part of her friend is nice. Bored, Katie pulls her hand out. Samantha then starts growing back to normal. Hannah pulls her out of her shirt and throws her, mildly damaging her when she hits the ground. Samantha grows back to almost normal, but Katie grows, ripping her clothes off. Only Ashley-thong remains to cover her, and even she's being stretched.

"Are you done?" the guy in the group demands.

"Yeah, yeah," Katie says. "You must be Chris. Don't worry, there's fun for you, too." She pulls another card. As she leans over, she realizes the string holding her pendant is getting awfully tight. "In fact, this next card is Ultraviolence. The ban on violence is hereby revoked. If you surrender, you lose half of your height to whoever you surrender to. The round ends when everyone but one has surrendered." As soon as she finishes speaking she walks over to Chris and slams him in the face. He is flung back. She walks over and stomps on his face.

"Okay!" he yells, "I surrender! Please just stop." He starts crying, but after surrendering he shrinks, and Katie leaves him alone. Her pendant snaps right off, and her thong is stretched to its limit, the threads of Ashley-thong tearing apart. His girlfriend, Rachel, comes up to defend him.

"Leave him alone!" she yells, punching Katie.

Meanwhile another woman, Kayla, takes the other five aside and strategizes. She says, "Look, if all of us surrender to one of us, then one of us will be big enough to take her on. Chris is already out. Lauren, you're already the tallest, so maybe we should go with you.

"But Rachel is the strongest," Lauren says.

"I want a swing at her," Zoe demands. "Let me do it."

"I don't care who does it, just please hurry," a smaller woman, Sarah, says.

"Zoe, your being angry isn't what will win here. Size is really what's going to do this, and Rachel is distracted, anyway," Kayla says. "Here. I surrender to Lauren." Kayla starts shrinking and Lauren growing to tower over the others. Sarah quickly follows suit, making Lauren grow even bigger and bursting the seams on her clothing. Now at 11'4", Lauren stands even taller than Katie. Seeing this, Katie pins down Rachel and starts brutalizing her. Lauren sees this and charges at Katie. She takes her by surprise and manages to topple her over. "Hurry," Kayla says, "Hannah, Zoe, Sam, give your power to Lauren." Hannah and Samantha heed the command, each giving half of their size to Lauren.

Lauren becomes even bigger, now able to easily keep Katie down. Katie looks up and gets lost for a moment as she sees the most beautiful woman she's ever seen. Smitten for the moment, she lets Lauren move Rachel out of the way. Kayla then tries to convince her to surrender to Lauren, but Rachel fails to understand the plan. Lauren punches Katie in the face, snapping her out of her affliction. She uses her legs to flip Lauren off her. "Ashley, surrender to me now!" she commands. Ashley wills her power to Katie, letting her grow slightly. Then she walks over to Kayla and Rachel bickering and kicks both of them. Zoe punches her in the leg, and she reflexively kicks her over. She picks her up by the ahri and starts swinging her around.

Zoe screams in pain, "Stop!" She covers her mouth, realizing what she said. Katie lets go of her, letting her fly through the air a little, knocking over Kayla. Lauren comes from behind her and grabs her hair in turn. Katie winces in pain, bearing through it to grab Rachel off the ground.

Katie says, "Let me go or I'll tear her legs off." Lauren lets go. "Good girl," Katie says. "Now surrender to me, both of you." She holds each of Rachel's legs in each hand and starts tugging them apart.

"Don't do it!" Kayla shouts.

"Stop!" Rachel screams, the pain too severe. Katie drops her on the ground, the hit bumping her head pretty hard. Katie grows now a little bit taller than Lauren. The two continue to fight, Lauren preoccupied by her friend. The group cheers her on as she struggles against her tormentor. She knees Katie. Katie goes to return the strike, but again is too smitten to hurt her. She pauses before punching her nose in and then instead says, "I surrender."

"What?" Lauren says, confused.

"Indeed. I can't punch that pretty face of yours. But I do have a card here that I saved that lets me reverse the remaining effects. So you will be giving me half of your height instead.

"That's fucking cheating!" Chris yells. Rachel runs to his side and holds his arm. Lauren starts shrinking, though still three times the size of the rest of her group. Katie grows to almost reaching the roofs of the smaller buildings. As she does she removes her thong.

"Here, it's your size, now," she says, offering it to Lauren. Despite being worn by someone else, Lauren is embarrassed by her nakedness now that the heat of the moment has passed. Ashley relishes in the new taste of another beautiful woman. Megan clings to the threads that are wearing away by the larger titanesses. She finds herself yet again inside a new butt.

Derek in this time found a rock to hide by. At least any footfalls will avoid the rock or be impressed by the rock instead of him.

Katie draws another card as the group regathers, angry, embarrassed, and confused. "So, that was an honorable display of teamwork you all did. Unfortunately for you this next card halves the height of anyone under three feet." Several of them scream in protest as Zoe, Samantha, Kayla, Rachel, and Sarah all fall to already under two feet. Lauren positions herself between the group and Katie as she procures another card. "This next card is called 'Rain' because if I get you wet, you shrink. How much depends on how wet you get. Now, gorgeous, please get out of the way."

"No," Lauren says, "If you want to hurt them you have to go through me."

"I don't want to hurt them," Katie says, walking closer until her crotch is inches from Lauren's face. Lauren steps back but is bounded by the position of the group. "I just want to get them a little wet." She leans over Lauren and spits on the group. Being fifteen times their size, the blob of spit is enough to make Samantha and Rachel both pretty wet. Chris holds Rachel closer, inadvertantly getting some spit on himself. Lauren lifts her hands up to be in the way. Katie grabs one and gives it a big, wet kiss. "Ah, you are lovely," she says.

"Are you. . .hitting on me?" Lauren asks.

"No," Katie says, sheepishly for the first time, "just admiring you." She stands back, ending the round. She turns red and draws. "This one lets me grow," she says softly.

Kayla tugs at Lauren's ankle. Having her attention, she says, "I think we can use her apparent infatuation to our advantage. We know she won't hurt you. And it seems you can make her like this."

"I don't like this," Lauren says. "It makes me uncomfortable."

"Do it for everyone, please," Kayla pleads.

Their conversation is cut short as Katie reads, "For this one I choose someone to give a razor. They have to shave a body part of my choice. Every cut I get to steal six inches." Jessica cringes hearing this card, remembering it was her doom last time. Katie scans the group. "You, chatty," she says, pointing to Kayla, "get over here."

Kayla walks forward. Lauren interjects, "Can I do it?"

"You want to do it?" Katie asks.

"I'd love to. Shaving is so relaxing," she says.

"Um. Okay. Where would you like?" Katie asks.

Lauren scans Katie's body. Kayla backs up and very gently suggests, "Her armpits look mostly shaven already."

Lauren shakes her head. "I'd like to shave your legs," she requests. Katie acknowledges her request, and a razor appears in her hands. She walks up to the woman towering over her and works on the legs, carefully working around the corners at her knees. "You have very nice legs," she says.

"Oh thank you," Katie says, turning bright red again. "As do you." Lauren finishes the job without a problem. Katie quietly thanks her and picks another card, avoiding the gaze of the beauty. She scans it and announces, "This one is Hide and Shoe Seek. First we put anyone small enough to fit in my shoes in them. Nobody does at the moment. But then I grow them big enough for me to wear." They start growing where they are. "And then I can put anyone who does fit now into them. And then grow a bit more if you guys fill it up." She walks around Lauren to the group and picks up Zoe and Hannah and carries them to her shoes, dropping one in each. Seeing little Jessica on the ground, still strung up, she tosses her into a shoe, too.

In the right shoe, Lucy sits in the toe section, growing used to the smell and awaiting a way out. Suddenly a large woman falls in, the fall throwing her against the wall. At her size she doubts she can get attention, but she starts working her way over. Jessica lands on top of Hannah, right between her breasts. Hannah picks her up. "Who are you?" she asks. Jessica just struggles against her binding. Figuring it out, Hannah pulls off the gag and unties her.

"Thank you!" Jessica cries. "She's been using me as jewellery all day. She's been torturing all of us." She continues to explain, starting with her gift to Stacy, through the duel at the sex shop and the game with Megan. Their conversation is cut off as Samantha is tossed on top, but they continue after Samantha crawls to the side.

In the left shoe Alex is waking up, still a little drunk. As he stands up, he sees a woman, Kari's lover, weeping in the corner. He walks over. "Hey," he says, more cognizant now, "I've been out. What's happened? Who are you?"

She responds, "I'm Taylor. My girlfriend and I were walking down the alley when someone screamed for help and now we're in some deranged bitch's shoe." Taylor starts crying again. Suddenly a gust pins them both against the wall as Zoe falls into the shoe on the other end. Taylor recognizes the hair and starts running toward her. "Zoe, it's me! Look up!" Crossing the shoe takes a while, and as she draws near, Kayla is tossed in, once again blowing her against the opposite end.

On the outside, Katie continues towards Chris, Rachel, and Sarah. Lauren gets in the ways, but Katie says, "If you don't move out of the way you'll start shrinking. Trust me, you can't mess with this magic." Her voice was oddly matter-of-fact and lacking its usually playfulness or vindictiveness. Lauren steps aside, letting Katie pick up Chris. She pries Rachel off his side and puts him back down and picks up Sarah. She again drops them in each shoe, interrupting each group again. "Now one more thing. I'm going to need that thong back."

"The thong?" Lauren asks. "Why?"

"It's actually another player who transformed into one. Willingly, I might ass. And she'll fit inside, so she has to go in."

Lauren looks positively horrified knowing her efforts at modesty actually put another person against her crotch and up her ass. "Oh my God, ew!" she shrieks, quickly taking it off and throwing it at Katie. Katie shies away, taking the thong and stuffing it in a shoe.

In the right shoe, Sarah and Hannah readjust themselves and keep Jessica tucked safely between them. Lucy remains cowering in one of the toe grooves. Ashley-thong falls on and blankets them all with the smells of the undersides of Katie and Lauren presented very clearly to them, Jessica most of all, remembering Katie all too well. The fall was enough to finally free Megan. She fall off the thong and right between Jessica's boobs. Even though Jessica's small, Megan is still smaller. Each boob is still a massive hill, and she has little hope of getting attention. She starts walking, anyway, hoping to have some effect. Hannah and Sarah pull the thong off at Jessica's request, stuffing it back into the toe section. As their hands are up doing so, they are pinned in place as Katie places her foot inside, compressing them all. Hannah and Sarah brace themselves for death, but find themselves oddly able to withstand pressure.

In the left shoe, Rachel falls on top of the pile, throwing Taylor back again. Rachel instead crawls toward the back and feels the two tinies under her fingers. "Are you people?" she asks.

"Yes!" they both shout. "Help us!"

She picks them up and then rolls onto her back, placing them on her forehead. Zoe asks, "Who are you talking to?" Taylor and Chris tell their names to Rachel who passes them on to Zoe. "Oh my God, Taylor? Pass her here." Rachel again obliges, not aware of who either of the tinies are. Before Zoe and Taylor have a chance to catch up, a giant foot appears over the light hole and then smothers them all. They scream in agony from the crushing, but the big ones are able to compress. Taylor and Chris fall off their respective bigs and are safe that way.

"You're going to crush them!" Lauren objects. Chris airs a similar objection, but goes unheard.

"Don't worry," Katie says, "They'll be fine. The magic will keep them safe." She walks over in her new shoes, jostling them about under her. Each step compresses them a bit more. The impresses of her foot slowly form in their bodies. She picks up a card, noting to herself she should really make a deck that changes size. As she tilts forward, a groove on the front of her shoes pick up a small rock and its resident, Derek. She reads the new card and takes her shoes off. She looks up to Lauren and says, "Now they're all going to grow to almost normal, and you'll see they're fine." She forces a smile, and Lauren gives her a weird look. Chris is the first to noticeably grow, standing now less pathetically next to Lauren. A ruckus is heard from within the shoes as everyone grows too large to fit.

The growing shoe prisoners all scurry out. Hannah grabs Jessica on the way out. Megan slides down her chest and falls in her navel where she hides out, still angry at Jessica for betraying her, but needs the refuge too badly. Sarah climbs out right after, leaving only Ashley-thong and the covered Lucy inside the right shoe. Zoe climbs out of the left shoe, forgetting Taylor who had fallen down into her navel as she grew. Samantha and Kayla follow after. Rachel comes out last, not sure where Alex had fallen. In fact he had grabbed onto her hair and gotten wrapped in the curls. The group all runs to Lauren rejoicing, except Lauren herself disappointed at her shrinking back to normal.

"How cute," Katie says. "Looks like everyone is back together again."

"We're not going to lose to you," Kayla shouts.

"Well, I guess we have an interesting game now, don't we. And better yet, it's Hide and Seek. No shoes this time, unfortunately. The rules are simple, though. You all hide, and I count to twenty. If I find you in ten minutes, you lose three quarters of your size," Katie explains.

"We just got it back," Chris complains.

"There's nowhere in the alley to hide," Kayla complains.

"Not my problem," Katie says. "After that, I'll hide, and you all get five minutes to find me or else you start shrinking some more."

"This is rigged!" Rachel complains.

"One, two, three. . ." Katie starts counting.

"Just go!" Kayla commands. She starts sprinting around looking for a hiding spot. Not many options present themselves, and she's running low on time. Off near the street she sees a dumpster. She runs over and throws herself in. She gags being naked in a pile of trash, but deals with it. Chris and Rachel stick together. They run in the opposite direction. They see a fire escape ladder a little up the wall. Chris helps Rachel up and then she helps him. They climb the ladder and then flip around behind it. Lauren takes the chance to retrieve her clothes, and Samantha joins her. They burn a lot of time doing it. As Katie nears zero, they bury themselves in the pile of clothes. Sarah tries being coy and hides behind where Katie is standing. Hannah asks Jessica where to hide, and Jessica suggests using the shadows to her advantage. Zoe just keeps running to the opposite end of the alley. She reaches the end as Katie hits zero.

"Well, I found you over there," Katie says, and Zoe shrinks back to 1'3". Katie starts walking around, aware but unconcerned with the time. She scans the alley for obvious hiding places. She sees the dumpster and throws it open effortlessly. She sees Kayla and taunts, "So you like being trash? I'll keep that in mind." She slams it shut as Kayla shrinks as well. "This is too easy, guys," she announces. She walks around to the other end and notices no obvious hiding spots. Thinking they must be low to the ground, she gets on her hands and knees, her massive tits now hanging barely off the ground. She picks up her shoes and shakes them. The thong falls out. "Guess I found you. Haha," she laughs. Lucy remains tangled up in the threads of the thong. In the light she has an easier time getting them off but chooses to keep a hold so she doesn't get lost. Derek is thrown off his rock, landing right next to Lucy.

"Holy shit, thank God I found you!" he exclaims after recovering from the fall. The two reunite, over their tensions, as Katie continues to search. Sarah is unable to stay behind her and is caught. She passes right over Lauren and Samantha. In the shadows, Hannah sneezes, blowing her cover. Several more minutes pass. Kayla remains unable to escape the dumpster. Hannah apologizes to Jessica for failing. Jessica advises she round up everyone who's shrunk, so she starts walking around to find them. The remainder of the time passes.

"Alright," Katie announces, "Now I get twenty seconds to hide." Everyone counts, but she doesn't move.

"Um. We found you," Rachel says, off the ladder.

"Yeah, I didn't think I'd be able to hide. Good job to those of you who hid successfully," Katie says. Lauren and Samantha stand up and hand Chris and Rachel their clothes. Hannah, Zoe, and Sarah rejoin them. "Unfortunately for those of you who failed, this next card is Ultra Punishment. The smallest player is reduced to one inch and then crushed with my foot."

"But they'll be compressible again, right?" Rachel insists.

"Well," Katie says, "you'll find out. Since it's a tie, I get to pick. You," she points to Sarah. "You're boring." Sarah then shrinks down. Katie brushes everyone away with her foot and then puts her heel down on Sarah. She grinds her into a small, bloody mess on the pavement.

"No!" several of the friends cry.

"She was boring. Don't be like her. Be like Ashley," Katie says, not explaining who Ashley is. "Now the next card is Footwear. Sadly it only works when someone is under six inches. I suppose now is a good time to mention that if you die, you lose."

"We don't care about your fucking game," Rachel says. "You're a sick, twisted psychopath."

"That's not very nice," Katie says. "Maybe you would like to be the next contestant. The new round is Mouthplay. I'm going to open my mouth, and you are going to get in. Or else you suffer a severe penalty."

"Fine!" Rachel says, "I don't care. I'm leaving." She starts stomping off and shrinks as she walks. She trips on her face as her clothes loosen. Chris rushes after her to see if she's okay.

"Being a bad sport isn't going to help you. If you don't want to play, you can try to walk out of the alley. You'll just shrink down to a microbe. Maybe after I put you up my ass as penance," Katie lectures.

The group is again silenced, harrowed by the depravity before them. Even Rachel stops and turns around.

"That's what I thought," Katie says. "Now the new round is Shoe. Two of you will get to fight it out on the rim of my shoe. Whoever falls in loses. The winner gets to steal some of their size. Rachel, Chris, you're up." She picks up her shoe and places it in front of the group. "Since you have to fit, you might get a little smaller." Despite her shoe being massive, over three feet long, the style still have a thin rim, so both are made only five inches tall. She places them both on the rim. "Go!" she announces.

"I don't want to hurt you, babe," Chris says.

"Well I don't want you going down, either," Rachel insists.

"I love you," he says. He kisses her on the forehead and leaps in. She grabs his hand to stop him, but ends up falling in, too.

"Cute," Katie says as they fall in. "Now I get two little shoe slaves." Others in the group shudder, again their side conversations silenced. Inside the left shoe, Rachel starts growing, to her dismay. She stands up and picks up Chris. She snuggles and comforts him.

"We're going to win this," she assures him.

"A lovely round, but I can tell you all are getting bored," Katie says. "Not to worry. Now it's time for Foot Grab. If you pick someone up with your foot, you steal half their size." She reaches her foot forward and picks up Zoe. Zoe kicks and screams and is then let go, smaller than before. Before Hannah can react, she finds herself, too, picked up and tossed by a giant foot wrapping its toes around her. Lauren and Samantha start running the other way. Katie then picks up the hugging couple, squeezes them between her big and little toe, and lets them go as they fall.

Chris falls out of Rachel's arms and to the bottom of the shoe. "Here," he says to Rachel, "pick me up with your foot. It'll make me harder to notice and give you a little more to work with."

"I don't know," Rachel says, worried.

"Please, trust me," Chris says. Rachel bites her lip and reaches her foot over slowly. She places her dirty foot gently on top of him. She wraps her toes carefully around his body and lifts. She feels a brief surge and then sets him down. "Good," he says, "now escape while you can." She gives the tiny guy a big kiss and then climbs her way out of the shoe.

Lauren and Samantha reach the end of the alley. "Please, I don't like being small!" Lauren protests.

Katie continues to pick up Samantha with her foot and place her away from the two. "Kiss my foot, then," Katie offers. Lauren steps forward and kisses Katie's toe. Katie smiles. "That's a good girl. I guess I'll let you stay. Can't have a pretty thing like you too small to see, anyway." Lauren sighs in relief and starts walking back. Katie turns and opens up the dumpster with her foot. Kayla bursts out, right into the space between Katie's toes. Then Katie lifts up and drops her back into the dumpster and slams it back shut. "You're still trash. Now you're just smaller trash. Maybe later I'll bag you up." Meanwhile Lauren makes her way to the giant thong lying on the ground. She lifts up a bit of it with her foot, to no avail. She waits to see if it just takes a minute to feel it since it might be small, and then Katie comes up behind her and lifts the thong herself. Lauren is pulled up into the air with it. She feels a growth followed by suddenly shrinking. She screams as she's pulled into the air. Katie comforts her: "Don't worry, you'll be fine." She sets the thong down and the loosely-clothed Lauren with it.

As Lauren recovers from her scare and Hannah, Rachel, Samantha, and Zoe make their way back to her in the middle of the alley, Katie picks a new card. Hannah sets Jessica down since she's no longer a good size for carrying around. Derek and Lucy did their best to hold onto the thong as it was lifted into the air, but were unable to keep a good grasp. They finally lucked out, though, landing on Lauren. They clung to her back pocket and make their way to her pocket. The curve of her ass makes the first part hard, but past the curve is a lot easier. As the group reconvenes and Jessica shares more of the stories, Katie interrupts. "We're now going to play a new game called Body Tag. Here's how it works: I lie down, and all of you are placed on my body. You play tag. The last one it loses six feet. Second to last one it is returned to normal height. If you fall off, you become it. Now let me get trash girl." She walks over to the dumpster and retrieves Kayla. She pinches her between her fingers, trying not to get trash on herself. She places her back with the group as she lies down. She rests her hands by the group. "Hop on," she says. They oblige and she places them all on her stomach.

"When does it end?" Kayla asks as Katie grabs Ashley-thong and places it on her stomach.

"You really can't stop running you mouth, can you? It ends when I say it ends," Katie says. "Now start," she commands. Nobody moves at first, uncertain how they want to play. An idea hits Lauren and she tags Ashley-thong. The group applauds her decision, but then Katie picks up up Ashley-thong and tosses it on Zoe, making her it. Then she lifts it with her arm outstretched. "Nice try," Katie says, "but no. Now Zoe, either tag someone or I end the game and you become my new plaything. I think using you to wipe my ass with Kari's remains would be nice."

"What, what?" Lauren says.

"Oh, did she not mention that Kari is right below you in my stomach right now?" Katie says.

Overcome with anger, Rachel pushes Zoe out of the way, making herself it, and storms up Katie's chest and jumps onto her face. Katie opens her mouth and sticks out her tongue. She holds Rachel upside-down with her teeth. Rachel flails about in her mouth. Chris announces, "I'm coming for you!" and starts his own charge. At only two and a half inches high, he doesn't make much progress.

Lauren picks him up. Kayla says to everyone, "Look, I'm as torn up about this as you guys are. Kari was a good friend of mine. But we need to work together. If any of us can beat her, maybe we can figure out a way out of this. Chris can use the return to normal the most, so let's give it to him."

Lauren responds, "Okay, but Rachel's it and she's in the psycho's mouth. Let's focus on helping her first." Then Taylor hops out of Zoe's navel. Her size restores slightly. She stands still a very tiny woman even to Hannah, Kayla, and Zoe.

"Everyone," she yells, "we need to save Kari!"

"Um," Zoe says, sombrely, "she was chewed up first. I'm not sure anything can. . ."

"If someone can turn into a thong," Taylor says, "then she can be reformed."

"I don't even know for sure that that thong is really a person," Zoe says.

Meanwhile Katie spits Rachel out onto the ground, then stands up, sending everyone tumbling to the ground. "That's it," she announces. "I got bored and this one got too excited. So we're moving on." Rachel screams as she dwindles away to almost nothing. Lauren run over to collect her, holding her in her hand as she shrinks to fit in one of the crevices on her hand. Alex meanwhile flew out of her hair and is again forgotten, now on the ground.

"We'll avenge you," Lauren promises. Meanwhile Zoe grows back to her full height, enough to tower over the others.

"Good timing, Zo," Katie says, apparently already ready for another round. "Now all of you get the change to donate up to a quarter of your size to anyone under half your height."

The group convenes. Lauren says, "I know things look bleak, but we must avenge Rachel. And Taylor. And, of course, Kari. Taylor's right: if she really can turn someone into a thong, she can undo all of this. So let's get to it. Kayla, you're the strategist here."

Kayla says, "Yes, I agree. I think having Zoe full size is worthwhile, though."

"What about Chris?" Lauren asks, holding him in her palm.

"I chose this," he shouts, "so maybe we'd have an advantage with a small person."

"It's risky," Kayla says, "but thank you for making the risk for us. I really don't think we have any benefit to doing this. If we could all pile our strength into one person, I'd suggest that, but splitting our power won't help much."

"Alright," Zoe says to Katie. "We're going to pass."

"Interesting," Katie says. "I hope you picked right. This next card says it's time for a Double Round. So whatever happens next will be doubly strong." She draws again. Everyone holds strong together. "Destiny Bond. For six turns, every time I shrink, everyone shrinks. Doubled, that means for the next six turns all of my shrinking hits you all doubly hard. Let's see if I can end this now. I think I've gotten big enough, anyway." This worries the group. They wonder what she means. They worry that any real shrinking for her will wipe them out. She reads the next card, "Vore. Eat anyone who you can fit down your throat. Steal all of their height." Her grins widens and shows her teeth. She reaches down and picks up Hannah. Her friends scream in protest, but to no avail. She slides down Katie's throat, shrinking all the way. She plops in a vat of acid. "I guess she could have used that height, eh?" Katie taunts, growing even larger. She reaches and plucks up Kayla as easily as she does the cards. "I guess your little strategies didn't work, huh?"

"There's still four of us left," she spits.

"How rude of you to not count Ashley," Katie scolds right before sliding her down her throat. Kayla, too, shrinks as the muscled tube pushes her down. She splashes in the dark sac of acid. Katie looks down at the group. "Now he won't do me much good, but the magic will not be happy if Chris isn't thrown in my mouth." She lowerers her head and extends her tongue to Lauren.

"She's right," Jessica says, "we really have no choice. It's him or all of us, sadly. I'm sorry, Chris."

Chris nods. He says something to Katie, but he's far too small for her to hear. He hops off Lauren hand onto her tongue. She swallows him. He follows the other two down, easier in her throat than the others already being so small.

"We will avenge them, too," Zoe says.

"Well, the next card is also not that interesting. or it could be very interesting. I ask a question. If you lie, you drop a foot," Katie says. "Lauren." Lauren turns her head up to Katie. "I've already told you you're beautiful. On a scale of one to ten, how would you rate my attractiveness."

Without pause Lauren responds, "One."

Katie pauses for a moment. "Oh," she says, noticing Lauren doesn't shrink at all. "Next card, then." She draws and reads. She perks up a bit seeing it. "Pick three cards. All three will take effect at once for this round. I hope you're fucking ready, Lauren." Lauren feels her gut drop. Katie picks three and reads them. "So, Ashley, Lauren, Samantha, Zoe, here's how it's going to go. On this turn each one of you may at any time but only once choose to steal six inches from the next smallest one of you. If you forgot Ashley again, the order is me tallest at 32'3.0625", Zoe next tallest at 5'5", Lauren next at 2'9.75", Samantha in third at 2'6", and poor Ashley in last at only 7.5" when she's not in thong form. For fairness, I don't get to pick, and also Ashley cannot since nobody is smaller than her. During this we will play Humiliation Gauntlet. I will run you five tortures to humiliate you all. You can surrender, at the cost of one foot per torture. Finally throughout this all, because I drew a Critical Hit, I get to make half of you lose instantly. Now let's begin." She begins by bringing Ashley-thong to her mouth and spitting.

Samantha says, "I still don't believe that's really a person. So I'll take my six inches." She grows. Katie proceeds to spit on her and then Zoe and Lauren, too.

"One down," Katie says. "Lauren, will you be helping yourself to some of Samantha's growth spurt?"

"No," Lauren says, "but Zoe should take mine. Kayla was right."

"Right," Zoe says, "I shall." Zoe grows taller than she's ever been. "Now hit me with your best shot."

"I will," Katie says. She leans over them and drops Ashley-thong around them. Her nostrils flare and the three brace themselves. She sneezes, snot hitting all of them. Inside the strings of snot, Melanie finds herself finally free from the constantly gales of inhaling and exhaling. She end up stuck to Zoe, but is unrecognizable in the snot. The gale is enough to knock smaller-Lauren's pants off. "Everyone aboard for round three?" Katie taunts.

"You don't scare us!" Zoe shouts back. Katie turns around, spreads her ass cheeks with her hands, and lets out a thunderous fart. Lauren and Samantha are knocked over by the wind. Lauren's fall flings her pants up, rolling Derek and Lucy out of her pocket and into the puddle of snot below.

Katie turns back around as they stand up. "Two more. I don't think you'll like them."

"Lauren, Zoe, I don't like this," Samantha says.

"Please, hold strong for us," Lauren says. "There's three of us and one of her. And only two more rounds."

"Okay, I guess," Samantha says. Meanwhile Katie's stood up and placed one leg on either side of the four, her pussy nearly pressed on Zoe's forehead. Zoe exclaims in protest, but Katie ignores her and starts pissing on all of them. The snot is washed mostly away, and Melanie, Derek, and Lucy are washed away by it. They try their best to keep their heads above the surface as the torrent push them away. They hit up against Ashley-thong and all hold on at slightly distant spots as the piss flows under. Taylor and Rachel, too, are unable to resist and meet the same fate. Jessica clings to Lauren's leg.

The torrent ends and Katie steps back. "One more round, and it only gets worse," she says.

"How the hell can it get worse?" Lauren screams. Katie turns around and starts to squat. "Oh fuck no, I'm out," Lauren says, walking away. Jessica remains behind by Samantha and Zoe. Lauren shrinks as she walks away.

"Either of you two?" Katie asks. "No? Good." She starts taking a shit right on top of Zoe. She screeches in disgust, ducking her head to keep it off her face at least. It trickles down onto Samantha, then finally onto Jessica and Ashley-thong. After just one bout the humiliation game ends and Katie stands up. "Well damn, my thong is shitty now. Oh well." The giant shit in the middle of the alley smells the whole place up. Zoe helps pull Samantha free. Jessica remains stuck to Ashley-thong.

"We beat your sick fucking bouts," Zoe says.

"Oh, but you forget, I still have my Critical Hit. And I choose you two." She points at Zoe and Samantha.

"You cheat whore!" Zoe yells as she shrinks. "You won't get away with this. Lauren will save us!"

"Sure," Katie says as they dwindle to nothing in the shit. She turns to Lauren, "Now it's just us and Ashley," she says. "This next card says strip, but neither one of us has any clothes left. But let's see the next one, shall we?" Reminded of her clothes, Lauren walks over to the pile of clothes and starts to dry herself off. "Now, what was that you rated me?" the giantess asks.

"A one," Lauren says, flatly.

"Well, speaking of one, according to this card, that's how many millimeters tall you're going to be now," Katie says. Lauren shrinks rapidly to 1mm. The clothes fall on her, covering her completely. She's only thankful she ended up under clothes for now. Katie reads the next card to herself. The unaware card, she thinks, someone will go unconscious for a minute and someone else shrinks to an inch. The tiny is placed on the unconscious. If I knock out Ashley then I have to grow Lauren. If I go the other way, well, then I just drop a shitty, pissy thong on Lauren. Good.

Lauren suddenly passes out. Katie gets down and pulls the clothing pile off her. She looks very closely and finds her. She moves her to the opposite side, away from the clothes. Then she picks up Ashley-thong and drops it on top, covering Lauren again in the mix of piss and shit. The tinies holding on cling tightly, but end up jumbled up in the mess. None of them able to move under the shit, Jessica, Megan, Lucy, Derek, Taylor, Zoe, Samantha, Rachel, and Lauren are all in a world of shit. To add insult to injury, Katie says, "I wonder if Kari was part of that shit. It has been awhile." She looks around and realizes the game has gone on for quite awhile and the streetlights have come on. She picks the next card. "Well, I guess all good things must come to an end. I'm going to lie down and, Lauren, you have to find the card on my body. You lose an inch after a minute. If you can even get to my body from out of that mess." Lauren starts crying, realizing her failure.

Suddenly blue and red lights flood the alleyway. Five people dressed in blue pile out of their three cars. "Freeze!" one of them yells. "This is the police. Put your hands up."

Katie raises her hand and smiles. She says, "So glad you could join me in my game." She walks towards them, revealing just how massive she is to the five. "Perhaps you would like to play my exploration game. I'm going to hide this card right here," she places it between her toes, "and you just have to come it."

"No games, ma'am. What are you up to?" the first officer asks. Two others run around her and find Ashley-thong.

"Time is ticking," Katie says.

"We're only going to ask one more time," a fourth officer asks. "What are you and what are you doing?"

"Maybe I should explain the rules," Katie says. She's cut off as the fourth officer fires her gun. Katie moves her head to the side, and the fourth officer apparently vanishes. "As I was saying, excessive force will result in instant shrinking. As will leaving the alley." The first officer loses an inch due to the explorer card. Katie plucks up the now foot tall fourth officer and places her on her foot. "Now touch the card if you understand.

The second and third officers run back. "Magnuson, we have a big problem back there."

Magnuson responds, "We have a bigger problem here. Jones just shrunk."

"You have to be kidding," the second officer says.

"No, she's not," the fifth officer standing back says. "And the giant woman says if we fire our guns or be violent at all, we'll shrink too."

"Bullshit," the second officer says and fires his gun. Katie dodges again and he shrinks. She plucks him up and places him on her other foot. He looks over and sees Jones. "Goddammit! What is this shit?"

"Look," Katie says, "we can keep playing around and shrink all of you right now, or you, Magnuson, can come touch the card and play nice." Magnuson reluctantly approaches Katie, gun pointed on her the whole time. She touches the card and Katie smiles. "Good girl," she says. Now let's see what the next card holds. She shakes the two officers off her feet and walks over to pick up another card. "Dang," she says, "this one just costs for orgasms. Too many new players." The officers look on in puzzlement. "Alright, new one. Hacky Sack. One of you will shrink to three inches. Then we play hacky sack. If you screw up, you become the hacky sack. If anyone is the hacky sack three times, they lose and stay that way." As she finishes reading, the fifth officer gets in his car and starts to drive off. He shrinks as soon as he leaves the alley to a tenth of an inch. The car crashes in a building across the street and alarms start going off. "So I guess I'll let you start us off, Maguson."

A force shoots the fifth officer back into the alley. "Hold it!" a booming voice shouts across the way. A dark vortex appears behind the police car, blocking off the exit. Dark walls block both exits to the alley, and out of the first one a woman clad in a shining midnight blue gown steps through standing thirty feet tall. "Katie, do you realize what you have done? The whole town is going to be on you now."

"Who the hell are you?" Katie asks.

"Furthermore," she continues, "you have wantonly abused your powers. Now, I will join your game, and we will see how well you fare."

Katie squints her eyes at the intruder. "Alright, Magnuson is up." She kicks the three inch Magnuson at the intruder. She kicks back, and then Katie kicks over to Jones who misses. Jones shrinks and Katie picks up Jones and kicks her to Magnuson.

"You're a little cheat aren't you?" the intruder says as Katie repeats the process, kicking each officer at their squadmate until finally Magnuson is the ball for the third time and stays small.

"Who are you to criticize me?" Katie demands.

"I'm Mai," she says, "the only real witch around here."

"Are you here for some sort of magical turf war?" Katie asks.

"Do you not know anything about magic?" Mai says.

"I know plenty. I got myself to this point, didn't I?" Katie says.

"With reckless abandon, I see. How long did you plan to stay out here, hm? Did you have a plan for when all the police forces in the area stormed you? Or when the military decides to fire missiles at the monster?" Mai says.

"I don't need to take this!" Katie says. She draws another card. "Let's see how you like Tables Turned!" Her expression drops instantly.

"Go on," Mai says, "read it."

Katie continues, "I shrink to the size of the smallest player. And they grow to my size."

"Hahaha, this is perfect," Mai laughs. Katie starts shrinking. She turns around and sees Lauren growing. The beautiful woman bursts out of the thong. She starts walking towards the action. Katie continues to shrink, feeling incredibly diminutive standing one millimeter tall between two goddesses. One goddess intrudes on her game and the other insults and rejects her. She looks up in admiration and despair at Lauren and hate at Mai. "And who might you be?" Mai asks.

"I-I'm Lauren. What just happened?"

"Katie here drew a card that swapped your sizes. Oh and would you look at that," Mai says, "she didn't even make the deck change with her. I guess I'll deal with it. Anyway, we have to finish her game, but then I promise I can get you back to normal."

"Can you help my friends, too?" Lauren asks.

"Friends? What happened to them?" Mai asks.

"This psychopath shrunk several of them, swallowed some, chewed up one, and apparently turned one into a giant thong!"

"That's. . .horrible," Mai says. "Alright, we will finish her off and then I can work on restoring you to normal."

"What about us?" the third officer asks, having recuperated his squad.

"Yes, you too," Mai promises. "Now onto the next card." She uses magic to make one reveal itself. "Fun with Boobs: For everyone you can hold under your boobs, everyone in the mass loses an inch. I guess that one won't be doing much. What's next? Bath Time: If someone is small enough to fit in your mouth, give them a spit bath. Otherwise give someone a piss bath. I guess since nobody is small enough to fit in your mouth, you can piss on my toe." Mai bends over and picks Katie up with the tips of her paints fingernails. Katie stiffens, scared by the massive height. She's deposited on Mai's foot where she begrudgingly takes a piss. The smell of feet at this size is overbearing. She mentally smacks herself for including such an idiotic card. She hears Mai continue. "Well, this is an oddity. Reversal: You shrink to the size of the smallest person left in the mass or six inches, whichever is shorter. If you do not orgasm in the next ten minutes, the whole mass is reduced to your height. Regain your old height. I guess that brings you back up to an inch." Katie feels a small bit of relief as she grows from nearly nothing to a piece of dust. Suddenly she's picked up and in front of Mai's face. A massive tongue comes out and starts rubbing on her. It's too big to actually get under her, though.

"Hold on," Lauren says, "I know she's deeply infatuated with me."

"Excellent," Mai says handing over the tiny.

"Is this what you wanted so badly?" Lauren asks as she slides Katie inside of her. She places the tiny torturer on the tip of her finger and slides it inside of herself. She pushes as deeply as she can and then retreats, leaving her inside.

"What are you doing?" Mei exclaims. "We need to get her off."

"After all she's put us through," Lauren says, "I want her to experience the torture, too. She's been after me since I arrived, so this is only fitting."

"We'll all be reduced to her size if she doesn't get off," Mai says.

"I'm sure she'll get herself off in there," Lauren says.

"She knows what the card does," Mai says. "She's going to wait it out, even inside you. Now get her out before we all shrink."

"If I get her out, will you go free my friends?" Lauren asks.

"Where are they?" Mai asks.

"They're all trapped in that shitty thong over there," Lauren says.

"Sure," Mai says. She walks over to the thong as Lauren works on getting Katie out of herself. Mai kneels down, not seeing any people in the shit. A darkness exudes from her hands and the people in the pile levitate out. "Holy shit, she has done a number. She restores Jessica, Melanie, Lucy, Derek, Taylor, Megan, Zoe, Samantha, and Rachel to one foot each, costing herself. She moves them away from the thong. "Hello, everyone, I'm Mai. I'm here to take down Katie. Lauren is over there working to shrink her, now."

"Give her to me," Zoe says, "I'll fucking kill her. I want to grind her into a bloody pulp."

"No, me," Rachel says, "I'll chew her up and let her dissolve in my stomach."

"We can't, yet," Mai says, "because the game is still on. But when we win, I promise we can give her everything that is coming to her."

Meanwhile Lauren struggles to retrieve Katie. Every time she reaches her, Katie kicks away. She tries then to pin Katie against the wall, but as she tries to drag her out, she slips away. She ends up scratching herself in the attempt, making her less able to pin Katie anymore. Several more minutes pass as Mai calms the group and Lauren continues to try to get Katie out. "How's it going?" Mai asks. A bad feeling comes over her. "Shit, has it been ten minutes already?" She and her robe shrink to one inch high. Katie slips out of Lauren as she also shrinks to a single inch. Katie falls back to a millimeter, and the officers fall to an inch, as well.

The group of one-foot friends walks over. Mai reveals the next card to the three very tiny women. It reads: "Tissue: Shrink someone small enough to fit in a tissue and blow your nose. If they can escape in thirty seconds, they regain their height. Anyone else who blows their nose into the tissue onto the tiny will gain three inches."

"Ohoho, what do we have here?" Zoe says, looking down. "It looks like the tables have turned."

Katie says, too small for anyone to hear her over Zoe, "I choose Lauren." Lauren feels herself shrink even smaller. Katie, the millimeter-torturer, is now many, many times her size, and has a tissue appear in her hand. She reaches down and picks Lauren up. Lauren braces herself. "This is what you deserve, now." She blows her nose right into Lauren and then quickly balls up the tissue. She grows three inches, three times larger than anyone else in the game. She squeezes the tissue in her hand, keeping Lauren captive. She turns and looks up at the group of nine very angry giants. "How did you all get so big?"

"Mai made us bigger," Zoe says, "and now we will crush you." She raises her foot above Katie and stomps it down. Katie extends her arm up to her and as soon as her foot touches the hand, Zoe shrinks to fit on the finger tip.

"You are all still mine," Kaite says. They all return to a single inch, the size of everyone in the game. "And now time is up for little Lauren. She throws the tissue on the ground. Lauren remains stuck. Rachel rushes over to free her as Mai reveals the next card.

"Looks like your luck is up," she says. Katie turns to the card. Meanwhile a button appears in Magnuson's hands with a roulette, a timer, a counter, the button itself, and a quit button. She presses the button and nothing apparently happens. The second officer does the same. The third officer hits and the quit button, and Jones tries the roulette, the third to have bad luck with the roulette. The button appears in Katie's hands. The counter reads four. Katie thinks to herself, if I press the button I have a bad chance of losing right now. If I quit, I lose anyway. She sighs and presses the button. It reads "+11" and she feels a sudden growth spurt. Her toys now look much more manageable. The button next appears on Ashley-thong. She feels a sudden ability to move very slightly and presses the roulette. Having only an inch to her non-thong self, she feels relieved when it reads "+2" though being far away, she isn't totally sure of what it means. Next it appears with Lauren, much smaller to fit. She presses it and grows ten inches. She hops out of Rachel's hand when she's big enough. She walks up to Katie and threatens her again. Finally it appears with Mai. She presses the button and grows only three inches, a dwarf to Katie and Lauren.

"My turn again," Katie says. She presses and gains four inches. Ashley-thong goes next and gains a full twelve inches. The counter sticking on four, it passes to Lauren.

"Wait, why is it on four?" she asks.

"You forgot about Ashley, again," Katie says. "That's really insensitive of you."

"Insensitive!?" she shouts. "You're in an alley kidnapping and torturing people!" The timer runs out and the roulette button presses itself. She lands a +9, growing past Katie. Mai goes again, pressing quickly in hopes of catching up, but loses two inches instead. Katie undergoes the same.

"You're in no position to judge me," Katie argues. "You don't know my plan. You just showed up in the middle." Ashley-thong hits the button and lands an 11.

Lauren gets the button again. She says, "Maybe this time I'll get big enough to squish you and your sick plan." Instead she loses six inches, bringing her down to Katie's size. Mai tries again, getting +10, bringing her up to nearly the same as the other three.

"My turn," Katie says. She grows another half-foot, fulling turning the tables on Lauren. Ashley goes again and continues her luck streak with a +11. Lauren gets the button next and gains three more inches. Mai gets the button and presses quit.

"Better to make sure I survive this," she says, shrinking four inches. The counter clicks down to three.

"I'm not so concerned," Katie says. She gets another +10. Ashley-thong also hits quit, tired of moving her thong-muscles and resumes being inanimate.

Lauren gets the button with the counter at two. "I'm not quitting until I can finish you off like I should have last time." She loses another five inches.

"Actually, now I'm good," Katie says, shrinking two inches. "Hope the mega roulette doesn't destroy you."

The button appears in Lauren hands again with the "inches" next to the roulette replaced with "feet". The quit button is gone. With the timer ticking down, she closes her eyes and presses the button. A growth feeling comes over her. She opens her eyes and sighs in relief at the +2 displayed. Katie grumbles at the roulette result and walks over to the cards. She picks one up and laughs.

"Well I guess that was all for nothing, she says as Lauren and Mai becomes only four inches tall again.

"What the hell?" Lauren screams. Her scream intensifies as a toilet emerges from the ground under them. Mai and Lauren fall right into the bowl. Katie picks up Ashley-thong and throws her in, the shit on her washing into the water.

Katie sits on the rim and laughs. She says, "You all get four minutes before I go." Mai starts levitating, but Katie reaches in and slaps her down. "Using your magic is cheating!" Mai grumbles and tries instead throwing Ashley-thong over the ledge.

"What are you doing?" Lauren asks.

"If we can get this up there, it can be a rope."

"Won't it fall back down?" Lauren asks.

"Do you have any better ideas?" Mai asks, trying again in vain. Meanwhile Katie picks up her collection of toys and one by one throws them in. Mai keeps trying, but as more tinies accumulate and argue, discussion becomes impossible.

"Time's up!" Katie says cheerfully. She turns around and sits down, holding herself up against the back cover. Everyone covers themselves with their hands the best they can as she rains piss down on them. She laughs maniacally at their powerlessness and humiliation. She finishes her piss, everyone soaked in it and hops off. The chaos then resumes in the bowl as everyone fights even more. Her face reappears over the top of the bowl as she climbs up. "This next card is called Feet! Normally it just involves the smallest player, but since that's all three of you, I get to choose. And I choose our little witch down there. You get ten seconds to run. Then whoever can stomp and pin you with her foot first gets a six inch prize while everyone else will lose half of it. One, two, three. . ." she starts counting. Mai looks around and sees the chaos has not settled. After a few more seconds Katie slams her foot down, pinning Mai and a few others under it. She laughs again. "Looks like Lauren and Ashley weren't up to it." She disappears again, Lauren and Ashley now the same inch size as almost everyone else swimming and standing around in the piss water.

The face of torment appears above once more. She says, "So for this one I choose two of you to hang on my nipples. You each become only a quarter inch tall. Whoever falls off first stays that size. Really I envy you," she laughs, "my tits are pretty nice. Now, I think I'd like Mai and Lauren to be my little bits of jewellery." Jessica shudders hearing this. Katie picks out Mai and Lauren and they shrink as promised. She holds each one in a hand below her nipples. "You better hold on, unless you like being this small." Mai grabs on and the giant finger falls out from below.

Lauren says, "No, screw you! I'd rather stay this way than play your stupid game!"

Nobody can hear her because she's so tiny, but after a few more seconds, Katie says, "Alright, I guess that's it. Mai wins." Mai grows back to an inch, though still on Katie's nipple. Katie tosses Lauren back into the bowl. She lands with a small splash, catching the brief attention of the group. Katie walks over to the deck again, Mai still hanging on, and draws. "Oh no," she says to Mai, "look." She shows the card to Mai. "Now I won't be able to look inside the toilet." She, Mai, and Lauren all shrink to half of their previous sizes. Still next to the deck, Katie tries again. "Here we go, Scissoring. If any other women are in the game, I scissor with one of you. And anyone who will fit between us does. Whoever gets off first gives a foot to the other. And I know just who to play with." She pulls herself up onto the toilet and retrieves Lauren and Ashley thong. She puts Lauren and Mai into Ashley-thong and puts on Ashley-thong. She shivers from the cold water and then starts fingering herself through Ashley.

Ashley basks in the warmth of her goddess. Finally somewhat clean and warm, she feels much better. As kinky and fun as the game has been, the shit wasn't so pleasant. She feels sexual arousal all about but cannot do anything about it. Her goddess rubs her into her clit and then slides a finger around and inside. Mai and Lauren are pushed inside as she does this. They're forced to swallow the increasing moisture inside. The moans reverberate all around them until finally she screams in pleasure. She keeps going as Katie takes the two remaining inches from Ashley. "Thanks," she says, "you've been great Ashley. You're my favorite addition to the collection.

Katie draws again. She reads it and pulls Lauren and Mai out of her pussy, seemingly effortlessly. She holds the two in front of her face as she reads, "Now one of you lucky girls gets to be my gum. You'll be all stretchy and squishy. I think I'll choose Lauren. Then after I chew you up, Mai and I both bite an end and pull. If I get the bigger part, Mai, you too become my gum." She tosses the card away and Lauren into her mouth. Lauren puts her hands out to resist as Katie's molars come smashing down on her. To her surprise, her arms compress, and then the rest of her body does. A giant, wet muscle pulls her away and drenches her in saliva. Then she put under another pair of molars. Katie's hot breath flows over her with every inhale and exhale. After a bit of chewing, a voice all around her booms, "Now, time for our contest." Lauren is expelled mostly from the mouth, her hands and legs stuck in Katie's teeth, some of her arms and legs between her lips. The rest of her body flops over and she feels a much smaller pair of teeth latch onto her back. Katie pulls back until Lauren snaps in two. A small piece of her back comes off with Mai, and the rest Katie draws back in. "Well, no surprises there," Katie says as she then tosses Mai into her mouth and excitedly chews the two together. They feel their bodies become one formless blob inside as Katie chews them together and molests them with her tongue. "You two are tasty," the voice from below says.

She bends over and picks another card. She reads, chewing between phrases, "Breast Enlargement: All breasts double in size for five turns. I guess this would have been more fun earlier. I'd like to see you with this, Lauren." Her already large breasts double in size, and she draws again. "The deck is getting awfully thin. Shit." She sees the Blind card and that it blinds her for three turns. She pulls her skip card to cancel it. Silently, she draws again, getting a card that makes the two other players grow to eight inches. The gum girls in her mouth get much bigger, making chewing harder. She draws again. She starts feeling a shrinking as brief memories come to mind with each burst of shrinking. "Fury of the Damned," she reads. Ashley remains a thong. Melanie, Lucy, Derek, Zoe, and Samantha are all in her piss water. Taylor and Rachel are no better off, but lost their lovers, too. Kayla, Hannah, and Chris are probably turning to shit at the moment. Kari, too, but she was chewed up. Emily is, to her knowledge, still in her pussy. Alex is lost. The five officers are probably all lost and confused. Sarah is a bloodstain on the pavement. Altogether the 20 losses culminate in a twenty-fold reduction. The gum falls out of her mouth as she falls to just over four inches. She falls into the gum and has trouble moving out of the sticky, wet mess many times her size.

Seeing the problem, Mai again uses her magic to flip over the new card. Katie reads, "Looks like for this one I get to give one of you a dare. And I dare Mai to kill everyone in the toilet right now." Mai tries to use her magic to move herself out of the gum blob, but her form is too intertwined with Lauren's. "Looks like you fail," Katie says. "Now it's just you and me, Lauren." Mai flips the next card, hoping for the best for Lauren. "Dammit! Fuck!" Katie exclaims, seeing the new card. She shrinks to a single millimeter tall again, this time in the Lauren-gum. On the bright side, the deck shrinks, too, and comes into her hands. She's hardly able to move, stuck in her own saliva to what appears to be Lauren's no longer enlarged boob. Running very low on cards, she hopes for the best. "Extreme Hiding," she reads, "I shrink to one inch and have five minutes to hide while you close your eyes. You have five minutes to find me. If you do, I halve your height and give it to you." She grows a bit, but still is utterly unable to move. Mai uses the most of her kinetic powers to constrict her. Neither Mai nor Lauren is able to speak, but both feel a bit of pleasure knowing for five minutes now Katie has to sit in dread, knowing she's about to become incredibly insignificant. With one lucky draw she'll lose and have a world of vengeance to repay. The spit on the gum trickles down Katie's body. She struggles, but after five minutes remains in place. Lauren touches her by default, and Katie reduces to half a millimeter. She's felt insignificant at earlier points, but this is truly the limit. She nearly breaks down into tears. A drop of her own spit slides her a little farther into her crater. She settles in where her foot was when she was just a little bigger. She draws another card. It makes all shrinking effects on her double for five turns, but if she avoids any, they're reversed. Now's my time, she thinks, to get my size back. She pulls again. She reads the card Kiss of Death. Any time someone in the group is kissed within the next minute, they lose six feet. She wonders where Lauren's lips are but then worries not and tries to kiss her. But at her current size and constriction, she's unable to get her lips to the flesh around her. As the minute passes she makes very subtle progress. Finally as the last few seconds tick, her lips make contact with skin. Nothing happens, though, and she realizes she must have kissed Mai instead. Unable to take the humiliation anymore, she starts sobbing. Through tears she draws again. She draws the Reshuffle card and the six-card-thin deck bulks back up to full size. Once again she draws, looks at the card, and this time sighs in relief. "Balance," she reads to herself as Lauren shrinks around her, "everyone in the mass is now half my height." Katie falls out of Lauren and steps away before Mai falls over on her. Lauren lies as a piece of gum half her size now. "Next one. Diminish Tiny: Everyone under three feet has their size halved." She and Lauren shrink again, now so small as to see every imperfection in the pavement. She stays by Lauren as to avoid losing her. "Next one. Size Poison: Everyone loses 3 inches per turn until healed."

"We're both way under three inches," Lauren says.

"I know," Katie says, preparing the next card, "so we play sudden death. Next one to shrink loses." She pulls a card, biting her lip. Lauren leans in with anticipation. She reads, "Extreme Hiding: Shrink to one inch. I have five minutes to hide while everyone in the mass closes their eyes. They have five minutes to find me. If they do, I halve your height and give it to the first one to touch me. No. No. No. This can't happen."

"Looks like you lost," Lauren says, regaining her human form. "Now how do I get back to normal?"

Mai stands towering over both of them and restores Lauren to an inch tall. Katie looks up at the two goddesses above her. Lauren raises her foot to squash her, but Mai stops her. "No, we can do far worse than just squishing her. Far, far worse." The dark vortex on either end of the alley cover the sky. A bolt strikes Mai, and she starts growing. She picks up Katie and Lauren from the ground. Katie trembles in fear as the goddess holding her gets bigger. After a few seconds she can see ever crevice in her hand and then fit in one. Lauren stares down, her derision burning through Katie. Mai summons her robe and a bag to herself. She drops Lauren and Katie in the bag. She turns to the bowl full of tiny people and smiles.
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