Advanced Duality by AnonWriter

Two girls perform an experiment - take a group of tinies, set them in their natural habitat, and see what the effects of having a cruel and gentle gods are on their development.

The results are more than interesting.

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Setup by AnonWriter

"I still can't believe I have to work with her" Ashley muttered as she approached the lab. It was a cool March day, and the wind lightly slapped against her face, moving the few strands of her straight light blonde hair not tied back with her wide black hairband onto her bright blue eyes. Her pink lips turned to a frown as she watched her step, making sure not to step into the puddles of melting snow with her mary janes, or else she'd both soak them and her white thigh highs, and the last thing the tinies would respect was a "goddess" in a soaked black skirt and muddy grey sweater. She approached Robins, where their setup was, and scanned her id, allowing her to make her way to the secluded room in the basement.

Mandy was hard at work at the work bench, finishing the last touches on the last house she had to build. Behind her was an entire diarama of lush green plains and in the middle was a miniscule village where this house would go. She had just gotten up to place the house when she heard the door swing open. She quickly turned around to see her lab partner come in, she seemed upset.

"I just finished up the last house, these tinies are gonna love their new world!" Mandy proclaimed with an air of pride.

Ashley grunted. "Lets just figure out our roles and get it over with." Ashley ordered as her partner stood up from the desk where she was working on whatever stupid thing. The gray eyed brunnette stood slightly below her by a few inches, and she was blissfully smiling.

"Okay, lets flip a coin, heads, I'm the mean one, tails, you are. Sound good?" Ashley didn't wait for an answer before flipping a coin which quickly dropped to the floor.
Bending down to see the reuslt, Mandy's eyes grew wide in astonishment as she read the result "Tails."

Both girls stood speechless for a moment. Thoughts raced through Mandy's head - what was she going to do? She had just spent the better part of the day making the village, now she had to terrorize it? Work hard to undo all her work?

Ashley meanwhile was resenting the result - she had secretly wanted to torture the tinies, show them that she was in control of their lives while Mandy simply had to feed them. Now she was stuck with that role. She HATED it. She stomped her foot angerly.
Mandy jumped at the sound of her partner's shoe slamming on the floor.

"Careful!" Mandy squeaked. "The tinies are already there, you don't want to scare them."

"What do you care?" Ashley poked her partners chest. "You're the mean one now."


Aron was woken up by a sudden slam that echoed throughout his village that startled every one of its inhabitens.

"Les?" He shook the half nude woman next to him, and she woke.

"Yes?" She muttered, half awake.

"Did you hear that boom?" Aron was worried.

"No." She muttered "And if that's all you wanted me to hear, then I'm going back to sleep."

Aron suddenly noticed something... This room felt... Off.

"Les wake up" He shook his wife again.

"Aron, please, let me sleep, we have a long day of hunting tomorrow, we can talk about it on the trail, okay?"

"Les I don't think we're going to be hunting tomorrow."

"Why not?"

Aron went white "This isn't our house."

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