Teenager's Playthings by GhostWriter44

A teenager has the ability to shrink objects and decides to use it to shrink people to use as playthings.

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Story Notes:

My first ever giantess story!  Been a long time reader on here but this is my first time writing! I hope you enjoy it! Constructive criticism is appreciated.

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The Bathroom by GhostWriter44
Author's Notes:

My first ever giantess story! Constructive criticism appreciated.

With her long fingernails freshly manicured, Caitlin sat in the stall of the Walmart women’s bathroom, idly scrolling through her various social media profiles.  Every now and then, she would glance down at her brand new sandals.  She was always proud of her footwear and this pair was no different.  Resting atop her shoes were her perfectly shaped toes, the fresh white paint shining off her nails.  Truth be told, she was not in there to use the bathroom.  In reality, she was busy patiently waiting to capture unsuspecting victims to play with when she got back home.

From a very young age, Caitlin had learned she had unique abilities that no one knew about, not even her parents.  By the time she was 11, she figured out she could magically shrink any object she wanted to at will.  She started off with small things.  Books, flower pots, chairs.  Gradually, she ventured off to bigger things like parked cars (since she could shrink objects by staring at them, she could just look out the window and shrink a car parked down the street into oblivion without anyone ever knowing it was her).  It wasn’t until she was 12 that she tried her powers out on a living person. 

She actually hadn’t meant to do it.  It was like any other weekend.  Her parents were going out for a date night, so that meant they were going to leave a babysitter to watch over Caitlin.  This infuriated the preteen.  She felt she was old enough to be left at home alone and didn’t need this babysitter, Rachel, to take care of her.  It wasn’t Rachel’s fault; it was just a product of the rebellious nature of a preteen girl.  As Caitlin’s parents pulled away in their car at roughly 7 pm, they had no idea that by the time they got back at 10, the babysitter they had hired would be deep in the stomach of their daughter.  They had just figured she had bailed and made a note to never hire her again.  From then on, Caitlin had found a new interest in her abilities.

Caitlin looked up from her social media induced daze as she heard someone walking into the quiet bathroom.  The young girl promptly opened the door to her stall.  She noticed the stranger was walking to the nearby stall.  Before she was able to, Caitlin focused her energy on her and just like that, the girl had seemingly vanished.  But Caitlin knew better.  As she was going to look down in search for the shrunken girl, she noticed her own figure in the mirror.  For a 15 year old, Caitlin had matured astonishingly well and had a body that was on par with many women well in their early 20’s.  With her tan skin and a dark grey tank top and black leggings on, she was definitely a head turner for many guys.  After admiring her body, she decided it was time to check out her newest victim and soon-to-be play toy.

Ashley had just gotten off a double shift at Starbucks and stopped by Walmart to get a few groceries and then head back to her dorm after a long, exhausting day.  She was not looking forward to her college midterms the next day.  Before beginning her shopping adventure, she decided to make a pit stop at the women’s room.  As Ashley made her way to one of the stalls, she was thrown aback by a young, yet mature looking girl.  Before she could react, the world around her became gigantic. 

Looking around, Ashley tried to come to terms of where she had seemingly just teleported to.  Looking in front of her, she noticed large, skin colored boulders that stood taller than her.  On top of each were what she could make out to be white structures that jutted out slightly over the top edges of the boulders.  Fear quickly rose up within her body.  She made a deep gulp as her eyes quickly travelled up the length of what was attached to these boulders.  Long, thick pillars that were the same color as the boulders rose up like Sequoia trees until the color abruptly changed to black.  Ashley’s eyes snapped straight up the rest of the way and what she saw made her burst out out a bloodcurdling screech of terror.  Two, giant blue eyes were staring down into her soul and a smile the size of a billboard was beaming down at her.

Over the past 3 years of periodically kidnapping strangers to use as playthings (who were mostly women, since the bathroom was the easiest way to capture them without getting caught), Caitlin had discovered that one of her favorite parts in the hunt was the look on her victim’s face as they realize that they are in the presence of a goddess and to see the fear swell up in their eyes as they realize that they are powerless.  This tiny one was no different.  The giant teenager couldn’t help but smile while looking down at the puny thing in front of her gigantic toes.  Her smile grew bigger as the miniature victim turned and began bolting towards the floor in the opposite direction.  Where she planned on going, Caitlin did not know.  She decided to play her game and patiently wait to see where the tiny girl would run.  To make things more fun, Caitlin quickly dropped her hand down in front of the girl’s path, forming a wall to stop her.

Ashley felt the tears well up in her eyes as she tried to outrun this nightmare she was in.  She honestly had no idea what her plan would be or where she planned on going, but she just wanted to escape the giant teenager.  She felt like she was making some leeway on the monster of a girl that was behind her, but as soon as she had that hope enter her body, an enormous, wrinkled skin-colored barricade appeared directly in front of her.  Her fear would not allow her legs to stop running in time and she soon collided with the surprisingly soft and vanilla scented wall.  Not wanting to find out what her captor had in mind, Ashley quickly got up, tears now flowing down her cheeks, and began running whichever way her legs would take her.

Caitlin was amused watching the tiny plaything try to find a way to get away from her, but she decided it was best to end this game before someone else came into the bathroom.  Slowly reaching her thumb and pointer finger out towards the fleeing girl, Caitlin carefully pinched her arm and effortlessly lifted her body from the floor.  Ignoring the loud pleas and begging, she slowly raised her arm and brought her newest capture up to her face to quickly examine.  The girl’s face was red and Caitlin could tell there were dark spots on her tiny barista uniform where tears must have landed.  Quickly, the giant girl placed her new prize into her huge palm and closed her fingers around her, forming a cage.  Now, it was time to patiently wait for her next victims.

By the time Caitlin had gathered as many victims as she wanted, she had 5 tiny women in the palm of her hand, and she decided it was time to leave the bathroom before her mother began to wonder where she was.  Before she was able to do so, she was caught off guard by the annoying screeching of one of the victims.  Most of the others had gotten to a stage where they were quietly whimpering to themselves, but this one was just overbearing.  Upon further examination, she determined it was actually the last woman she had caught.  Using her free hand, she plucked the tiny body from the vast landscape of her palm and brought her up to her face.  Holding her by her ankles, Caitlin noticed that this was a woman in her late twenties or early thirties.  There was no way she could carry this one out in her hand without her mom or someone else hearing.  Staring at the dangling woman, she made a quick decision on where to place this tiny.

Julie had no idea how things had gotten to where they were at this moment.  One moment she was in a Walmart bathroom, and the next she was screaming at the top of her lungs while being dangled upside down in front of the face of a giant young girl.  As the blood started rushing to her head, she could feel the warm, minty smelling breath of the colossus wafting over her trembling body.  Julie felt like she was going to be held there forever.  She quickly wished that were to have happened as she saw the gigantic, pillowy lips on the massive face in front of her slowly open.  As the mouth that was big enough to fit an entire theater opened up, Julie began pleading for her life to the gigantic teenager.

“Please don’t do this! I have a husband! And a kid!  For the love of God, please don’t do this!”

Caitlin could hear the pleas but proceeded to bring her little treat to her mouth.  As it got nearer, she stuck out her saliva covered tongue and gently touched the tiny woman’s face to the surface.  The annoying crying and begging was immediately silenced.  As an added measure and just for fun, Caitlin drug the tiny victim, with her face pressed against her taste buds, down the length of her tongue in the direction of her throat.  She got a little taste of the salt from the woman’s tears and sweat.  She then drug her back the other way towards the tip of her tongue and then lifted her up and away from her pink, wet muscle.  Caitlin let out a quick chuckle as the fits and screaming immediately resumed once her prey’s face, now slimy and covered in saliva, was free from being smothered.  Caitlin then completely let go of the ankles and let the tiny woman’s body free fall the short distance into the abyss of her mouth.  As soon as her tongue felt contact, she quickly shut her jaws and her lips and left the woman in darkness. 

Enjoying the taste of her treat, Caitlin began idly swishing her around in her mouth with her tongue and sucking on her body as one would a piece of candy.  She figured this one would be a fun one to play with once she got home.  With one victim being tortured in her mouth, and the other four in the warm, slightly sweaty palm of her hand, she ventured out of the bathroom.  As she went searching for her mom in the store, the sadistic teenager began plotting ways she was going to have fun with her new playthings. 


End Notes:

Let me know what y'all think! 

In The Mouth Of The Beast by GhostWriter44
Author's Notes:

In honor of my 21st birthday today, here is Chapter 2! Hope you enjoy it! Feel free to leave reviews and let me know what you think.

Julie thought back to the night just before her current predicament.  She had been snuggled up with her husband, Derek, of two years.  They had a one year old daughter, named Penny, tucked away in her crib.  The warmth from her partner’s body and the darkness of the room was very cozy and soothing to the 28 year old.  Now, the current warmth and darkness filled her with dread. 

Julie sat atop of the 15 year old Caitlin’s tongue.  She had cried more tears than she had thought possible.  If not for her own tears fogging up her vision, the thick moisture in the air of the adolescent’s mouth combined with the lack of light caused her to have a hard time to gain her bearings.  Every breath she took was just recycled breath from this gargantuan teenager.  After being in a fetal position for what felt like an eternity but was only a few seconds, she tried to stand atop the slippery surface.  The taste buds that covered the entirety of the plain she was on felt more like mini boulders rather than simple structures on a girl’s tongue.  Suddenly, Julie’s world began to shift as the tongue she stood on began rising in the air.  Julie screamed at the top of her lungs as what little footing she had was lost and she was thrown through the air like a rag doll.

Caitlin roamed around the store in search of her mom.  When she finally caught up with her, her mom said something about cooking supplies or whatever.  Caitlin honestly didn’t really care.  She just rolled her eyes and went back to being focused on her cell phone and silently bullying the tiny woman in her mouth.

Up was down and down was up.  The large tongue flipped Julie left and right.  When she thought she was going to get a break from the torture, she was flung about once again in the opposite direction.  All the while, she was bawling and praying for it to end.  She had no idea how long this had lasted when suddenly, she was pushed up to the palate and the tip of the gigantic tongue held her there while her face was being pressed tightly against the roof of this stranger’s mouth.  The woman desperately screamed again, hoping that someone, anyone, would hear her and rescue her from this hell she was in.  Just when she thought the tongue was going to pop her body against the roof, she felt the pressure release from her and she plummeted back down into a pool of saliva at the bottom of the mouth.  She began kicking her legs through the sea of thick saliva as one would try to swim through a pool they just dove into.  Julie honestly had no idea where the tongue had gone but her questions were answered as she felt an enormous creature the size of a small whale landed directly on top of her.  She began crying profusely as her situation began to sink in.  Not even an hour ago, she was a normal sized human being, carrying out normal human being tasks such as shopping at a Walmart.  Now, she was reduced to being effortlessly trapped underneath a teenager’s tongue.

Caitlin was having such a great time tasting her terrified treat in her mouth.  She really couldn’t remember having a tiny plaything ever tasting this great.  In all honesty, not much of the food she ate on a daily basis tasted as good as this tiny one did.  She made it a vow to herself to keep this one in her mouth as long as possible and maybe even keep her for a couple of weeks. 

Once her and her mom arrived at the car and loaded the groceries, Caitlin made sure to tighten her fist around the tiny women to ensure no tiny pleas or noises escaped yet not enough to crush them. As soon as she sat in the passenger seat and the car was started, she made sure to quickly turn up the radio to help drown out the whimpers of her captives.  Once the sound issues were taken care of, Caitlin turned her attention to the tiny one in her mouth.  She used the tip of her tongue as a spatula to scoop the woman up and quickly skyrocketed her to the roof of her mouth.  She held her there for a while, pleased with the fact that she could physically feel the pitiful thing screaming out.  The vibrations tickled her palate and almost caused her to giggle.  The feeling of domination of this stranger was too good to just end it, so she held her there as her mom drove down the street and into a McDonald’s drive thru. 

Once her mom asked her what she wanted, she decided she had to readjust the plaything in her mouth to be able to speak properly.  Quickly sliding her tongue across the roof towards her throat, she allowed her victim to plunge down.  She felt the tiny woman splash down into an ever increasing pool of saliva that Caitlin hadn’t noticed had built up at the bottom of her mouth.  She didn’t bother rescuing her from the sea of spit as she slowly laid her tongue back down in its normal position, resting atop the pitiful woman.

Julie’s body was exhausted, but her mind would not let her rest as she was desperately trying not to drown while being forced by the all-powerful tongue on top of her to wade around in this ever flowing lake.  Suddenly, Julie caught a quick whiff of a familiar fast food hamburger.  She and Derek would take Penny here all the time to get Happy Meals.  The tongue unexpectedly began squirming about above Julie.  To the tiny woman, a structure that massive moving at such a speed and with such agility was horrifying.  She dreaded to think about what the cause of this was, but putting two and two together, she realized the teenager was eating a burger with her right under her tongue!  The sounds of tons of ripping meat and sloshing of gallons upon gallons of saliva deafened the miniscule victim.  She felt tears swelling up in her eyes as once again, she was reminded of how insignificant she was even to a girl half her age.

“Please Derek, please find me somehow…”

Caitlin felt she was pretty clever how she had maneuvered her little victim underneath her tongue.  That way, she could eat her meal (even though McDonald’s was not her favorite) and not have to worry about chewing and killing her plaything.  She had many more plans for her delicious little treat!

If it wasn’t the size of this giant young girl alone to make her feel insignificant in this horrifying new world she had just recently been thrust into, it was the tiny crumbs of hamburger meat that made its escape from going down Caitlin’s throat and ended up surrounding Julie.  Pieces that were almost bigger than her own head collided with the miniscule woman, soggy from the giantess’ saliva.  All of the struggling from inside this stranger’s mouth had made Julie exhausted and made her build up quite an appetite in such a short amount of time.  Julie hadn’t realized this until she first smelled the fast food.  It made her sick to her stomach what her body was about to have her do, but she was in fear of if her captor was even going to feed her once they arrived at whatever destination they were headed to.  When the next piece of saliva-drenched meat swirled by her head, Julie stuck her hand up and caught it.  She looked at it, and imagined how the girl whose mouth she was in probably hadn’t even noticed it had made its way under her giant tongue.  Yet in her hand, it was the size of a full sized burger.  Hunger and exhaustion got to her.  She bawled as she lifted the secondhand meat to her mouth and began slowly nibbling away at it.

Once Caitlin had finished her burger, she intentionally let out a loud belch and closed her mouth to trap the filthy air in with her tiny victim.  Smiling as she did so, she once again used her tongue to scoop up the woman and began swishing her around her mouth once again.  She was almost home, and the struggling against her palm made her quietly giggle to herself in excitement.


End Notes:

If you have a suggestion for anything you want to happen in this story, let me know in a review or message me.  I can't guarantee it'll end up making it into the story (since I have a pretty good idea of what all is going to happen for the most part), but it'll certainly help if I ever come across writer's block!

Also, let me know what you think of the story! Constructive criticism is much appreciated.

The Fun Begins by GhostWriter44

Caitlin was ecstatic to finally be home.  She quickly went upstairs to her room and hastily used her hand that wasn’t holding five human beings captive to lock her bedroom door.  Her bedroom was pretty good sized for a 15 year old’s bedroom.  The theme was pink.  Two of the walls were a hot pink color and the other two were white.  Posters of the hottest new bands were hanging all around the room.  Her desk she often sat at to do homework and play on her laptop most of the time was lined against the wall opposite of the door.  Her own personal bathroom was on the right as soon as you walked in.  Her massive queen sized bed was excessively big for her 5’6 frame.  Just further proved how spoiled she was by her parents.  Pink and black bed sheets draped over the edge and matching pillows were resting at the head of the bed.  The floor was covered in thick, dark colored carpet.  It was so thick that Caitlin was delighted to feel the soft fibers reaching up over the edge of her sandals and lightly rubbing against the sides of her soles as she made her way over to her desk.

Once she made it to the large, wooden desk, she opened up her hand and deposited her playthings onto the surface.  She pulled out her chair and, with a sigh of relief that hit Julie full force, took a seat.  Even though she was overjoyed to be home and was eager to get to her room, Caitlin made no quick moves to choose her first victim to torture.  She carefully and slowly looked over the tiny women as someone would look over a menu at a restaurant.  Every single one of them showed obvious signs that they had been crying.  Their makeup was smeared and mascara ran down all of their faces.  Hair was messy and she could hear their tiny whimpering loud and clear. 

One of the tinies quickly got down on her knees and began pleading for her life to the gigantic teenager.  Caitlin slowly lowered her head down so it was level with the desk and inches away from the tiny woman, who felt like a building was leaning down in front of her to stare into her soul.  Caitlin loved hearing the pathetic begging, even though she wasn’t really paying any attention to the actual words the pitiful thing was saying.  After about a minute of enjoying this, she slowly reached her hand up to the begging woman, with her middle finger curled up against her thumb.  Quickly, she let her finger flick towards the tiny victim and her perfectly manicured nail struck the woman straight in the face. 

Brooke was a college grad student.  She was excited to be almost done with school and to start her life as a certified nurse and helping people.  Unfortunately, all that changed when she found herself huddled against three other women in the gigantic fist of a young girl.  The vanilla scent coming from the palm of the massive hand was the only thing Brooke could register in the pitch black darkness.  Suddenly, a bright light washed over her.  A sudden hope built up within the 24 year old even though she knew not to trust it for a second.  Her and her peers were quickly falling through the air.  The landing on the rough surface was not too pleasant.  Looking at the new environment, Brooke was taken aback by how truly enormous everything was now.  By the time her eyes came across the teenager who was the size of a skyscraper, she already had more tears flowing down her face.

Without even really telling her body to do so, Brooke broke down to her knees in front of the giant being in front of her, pure fear driving her body into action.  The begging just blurted out of her mouth before she could even think about what she was saying.

“P-p-p-please! Just let us go! Let-let-let us go! I’ll do anything, just please! I have money, I have….Please!  Oh god, this can’t be happening!”

Whether she was making any difference to the giant girl, Brooke had no idea.  Her tears completely blurred her vision to where she couldn’t see anything clearly.  Just an hour ago, she had been thinking about her future she was sure she was going to have and about going on a date with the cute guy from class, and now she was on her knees begging for her life to a gargantuan teenager.  She wasn’t sure how long she was going to have to keep pleading, but nothing could have prepared her for the tree sized fingers that made their way to her miniscule body.  Suddenly, her face exploded in a blast of pain. The impact from the fingernail that was about the size of her whole body caused her to fly back a couple of feet (in her perspective) and land roughly against the hard surface.  Upon landing, the pain from the hit increased rapidly.  Reaching up to her face, she could feel tiny blood drops come down her nose.  Fortunately, she was pretty sure it wasn’t broken.  But her vision was now even cloudier than it was before.  She prayed the cruel girl wouldn’t punish her body any further.

Now that the action had been initiated, Caitlin quickly grabbed up the tiny body of what looked like the oldest women in the bunch.  She looked to be in her 40s.  Caitlin had been walking around all day at school and then shopping with her mom and with it being spring in Texas, her perfectly well kept feet had built up a nice layer of sweat.  Luckily, she had a brand new personal foot rag currently in her hand.

Sliding her bare feet out from her sandals, she propped her foot onto her knee.  She then brought the bawling woman to her sweaty foot and forcibly pushed the tiny woman’s face into the damp surface of her bare sole.  A sigh of pleasure escaped Caitlin’s mouth as she could feel almost every detail of her victim’s face.  The woman’s microscopic tears were mixing in with her foot sweat.  The playful teen promptly began sliding the plaything’s body across the vast plain.  She could feel the pathetic thing trying to scream and she giggled to herself from knowing that a woman who was obviously way older than her was now not even able to scream properly because her entire body was being covered by the bottom of her foot. 

Caitlin drug the woman’s body down the arch of her foot to her heel.  Once she had reached the heel, she lifted her victim away from her sole to give her a chance to breath.  She didn’t want her dying just yet! She had just started having some fun.  After giving her about five seconds to catch her breath (she didn’t deserve that much of a luxury), she quickly placed the tiny face to her sole again.  The loud screaming was instantly silenced, but once again tickled the surface of her foot.  Caitlin was enjoying the feeling too much.  She pushed the tiny body harder against her worn out feet.  She wanted to make sure to get every drop off of her sole, using this woman’s body.  She was delighted to feel the pitiful punches on her thumb and forefinger.

Once Caitlin had made her way to her toes, she stuck the struggling body into each of the spaces between her toes.  To Caitlin, the tiny thing should be thankful that she was allowing her some more time to breath, even if all the air that was available for her was tainted by her smelly toes.  She spun her human foot rag all around the tight spaces to make sure to get any of the excess sweat that had built up.  The merciless girl could hear the tiny thing begging for her to stop but honestly she couldn’t care less.  It only made her more forceful with her torturing.

The 44 year old Barbara couldn’t escape the smell of this young girl’s feet.  She wondered what she did in life that made her deserve this.  She always thought of herself as a kind and caring woman who was very social in her neighborhood and community.  She had three kids, who were all high school age or older.  She and her husband were very much in love as the day they had met.  Which part of that made her deserve to have her face plastered against the sweaty foot of a 15 year old?

If it weren’t for the fact she couldn’t even breathe, she would be begging for it all to stop.  She tried screaming for help even though there would be no one to hear her, but she couldn’t even get that out with the mountain of foot flesh pressed tightly against her face.  She desperately attempted at taking swings at the gargantuan fingers that were holding her body tightly in place and rubbing her deeply across the bottom of the sweaty sole.  She didn’t think the girl was even feeling her desperate attempts at escape.

She prayed to God that this torture would end soon.  Not even in her worst nightmares could she have imagined anything like this.  Suddenly, she was lifted away from the hell.  She quickly took several quick deep breaths as she frantically gasped for air.  Between her fits of wheezing, she uncontrollably screamed in absolute terror.  Before she could even catch her breath, she felt the powerful digits holding her captive quickly move her body back towards the horrendous surface. 

Caitlin was having a blast.  She had been going at it on one foot for a while before she realized her other foot wasn’t getting any attention.  Pulling the little lady from her foot, she quickly slipped her other foot out of the sandal and propped it up onto her knee.  She had a great idea.  Her voice boomed down to the little plaything and instructed her to stick out her tongue.  When she wouldn’t do it, Caitlin threatened to tear her limb from limb.  She was thrilled to see the itty bitty tongue stick out from the mouth.  Eagerly, the teen pushed the tiny face against her still sweaty sole.  Now she could feel another source of moisture but she knew it wasn’t just from the tears.  She made sure the tongue passed over and cleaned every inch of her dirty foot.  After a while, she actually began to divert her attention to her cell phone to check her friends’ Snapchat stories and resuming her torment of her little treat in her mouth.  All while still mindlessly rubbing her foot sweat all over her victim’s body.

Barbara had just had to endure tasting the sweaty foot of a girl much, much younger than her for God knows how long.  She was not sure how much more she could be pushed before she lost her sanity.  By the time her captor placed her on the carpeted ground of this gigantic room, she could barely muster up any pleas.  Her mouth was too worn out and she was just too mentally exhausted.  Feeling the softness of the carpet fibers against her sensitive skin, Barbara prayed the torture was over.  Seeing the gigantic feet she had gotten to know very well sitting directly in front of her, she felt like puking.  As soon as she saw one of the pair of monsters raise up off the ground, the terror within her body skyrocketed as she realized her torture wasn’t over yet. 

Immediately jumping to her feet, she began sprinting in the opposite direction, but the thick carpet made running for a woman her size near impossible.  She stumbled several times in her desperate attempt to escape her fate.  The tiny woman was surprised by how far she had actually gotten.  False hope led her to look back to see if the giant girl had not come after her after all.  That hope was quickly crushed as she saw a huge, wrinkled sole forming a gigantic ceiling above her fleeing form, and it was slowly being lowered onto her.  Now profusely bawling, Barb quickened her pace, yet this only caused her to stumble to the ground.  She felt like this 15 year old girl was going to squish her like a bug beneath her bare foot.  She screamed at the top of her lungs as she frantically crawled backwards in a desperate attempt to get away from the foot.  Unfortunately for her, it was too fast and the soft sole she had come to dread finished its descent and rested atop her tiny body, with her face and stomach pressed against the sole once again.

Caitlin put her foot rag down on the ground in front of her.  Staring at the little thing for a bit, she realized that she had picked the perfect job for it.  She loved the feeling of her body under her foot too much.  Deciding what to do next, she raised her right foot off the ground and began raising it over the woman.  She smiled as she saw the poor thing try to run away.  If only she knew there was no escaping.  Caitlin brought her bare foot down slowly over her, relishing the wails and screams. 

As soon as the bottom of her foot felt the fleshy contact of the tiny body, she closed her eyes in absolute joy of completely dominating this woman who was probably even older than her mother, with just her bare feet alone.  Her foot now rested flat on the ground, with just the tiny woman’s body keeping her entire sole from feeling the soft carpet.  Once again, she admired her long, freshly pedicured white toenails.  She decided she’d keep her little toy down there for a bit.  She had other tinies to keep her busy for now.  Turning back to the rest of the group, she noticed they had all been too petrified to even move while all the action had taken place.  With a big smile that tripled the fear in the small group of women, Caitlin addressed the group for the first time.

“Who’s next?”


End Notes:

I promise that there will be a death in the next chapter! I had originally planned for it to happen in this chapter, but once I started writing, the ideas just started flowing out and I thought it’d be best to save it for the next one.  Hope y’all enjoy it and leave suggestions and/or criticisms in the reviews or by contacting me!

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And The Fun Continues by GhostWriter44

Caitlin stared down at the puny things that were completely at her mercy.  The only thing she loved more than toying with shrunken people is choosing who to toy with.  This particular instance was no different.  In fact, having a woman being continuously tortured in her mouth and another woman being completely smothered by her bare foot, Caitlin was more excited than usual to pick who to play with next.

Taking a headcount of which of the diminished group of women were still on the desk in front of her, the teen noticed that there was the tiny barista, the girl she had flicked in the face not much earlier, and one last tiny she hadn’t messed with yet.  Looking over at this last one, Caitlin noticed that this one was younger than all of the rest.  She couldn’t tell if she was the same age as her or older, but the little terrified girl reminded her of someone from school.  Sasha Freeman.  She knew the girl wasn’t her but it wouldn’t hurt to pretend it was.  Well, it wouldn’t hurt Caitlin.

Sasha was one of the most stuck up, bitchy girls in school.  She was a grade younger than Caitlin.  She always dressed in black clothes and dark makeup, had jet black hair, and was pale as a ghost.  All of the physical attributes that Sasha had, Caitlin’s new plaything also had.  The giant teenager really didn’t care if the tiny thing was anything like Sasha personality wise, she was just going to use her imagination. 

Reaching a gigantic hand in the direction of the girl, Caitlin placed a long, white fingernail on her tiny face.  With a gentle push, she knocked her onto her back.  She then watched, with a big smile stretched on her face, as the pathetic little thing tried to stand back up.  Giggling, she brought the tip of her nail to the girl’s torso and shoved her back down to the ground.  Her laughing steadily became stronger and louder as she became more and more amused with tormenting the little plaything.  While she waited for her little victim to try to stand back up, Caitlin began tapping her fingernails onto the wooden surface, creating loud tapping noises that rang in the tiny girl’s ears.

Realizing that the little victim was taking a little longer to try to get back up this time, she decided to rush the process.  Pinching the tiny body between the long nails of her thumb and forefinger, she forced the girl to stand back up.  Once she knew she would stay standing, she lifted her fingers away and then quickly pushed the crying girl back down to the ground.  She repeated the process, delighted with being able to kill time playing with Sasha’s toy-lookalike.  And to think, she chose this girl to torment just because she bared a similar appearance with someone Caitlin didn’t like at school.

Samantha had just had to witness a woman much older than her be used to wipe the sweat off a skyscraper-sized girl’s foot, and now her whole body trembled as she saw the enormous eyes set sights on her tiny form.  Sitting on the hard surface of the desk, her body was too terrified to move as she saw the gigantic, perfectly manicured nail reach her face.  Fearful from seeing her flick the other girl’s face with such vicious velocity, Samantha tensed up in preparation.  But the nail gently pushed her and yet, it was enough to make her fall flat onto her back.  Glancing up at the ceiling with her vision blurred from the tears in her eyes, she frantically made an attempt to get back up to her feet.  Those attempts were cut short as she felt a force push her back to the ground. 

Again and again, she was shoved to the ground from a force impossible to fight back against at her size.  After what seemed like an eternity, Samantha was allowed a break from the Hell.  She laid there sobbing profusely as she just wanted it to be over.  For a second, she actually thought she was going to have her wish granted.  The tiny girl slowly raised her head to see if her prayers had answered.  It took her a bit to finally be able to see past the tears that filled her eyes.  But once she saw the massive palm of the gigantic girl’s hand raised high above her tiny body, she screamed louder than she thought possible.

After a couple of minutes of continuously knocking the tiny girl to the ground (while her mind also drifted down to her cell phone from time to time), Caitlin decided to end the fun.  She was thirsty for some bloodshed.  Plus, the tiny thing reminded her too much of Sasha, and the world didn’t need to be plagued with two Sasha’s.  So the sadistic teen lifted her hand off the desk and high into the air.  She was delighted to see the girl was too busy crying to notice that her time was almost up.  In fact, she was going to hold her hand up above the girl’s body until she realized that she was about to be crushed by the palm of a girl’s hand.

Caitlin only had to wait a couple of minutes before her prey lifted her hands from her tear-covered face.  Her thick, black mascara ran wildly down her face, and her clothes were slightly torn and rustled from being pushed around like a rag doll.  Caitlin almost let out a moan of pleasure as she heard the high pitched wails from the little girl as she saw the gigantic hand raised high in the air.  Pleased with the helpless screams, the sadistic teenager quickly slammed her hand down on the hysterical, tiny girl.

The other two girls on the table were thrown a short distance off their feet by the shockwave from the impact.  They felt their hearts drop to their stomachs as they witnessed one of their peers be crushed by the soft palm of the young, gigantic teenager.  It was one thing to have to watch someone be tortured and tormented with, but to see someone be straight up murdered was too much for the tiny women.  They all had a glimmer of a hope that they would just be tormented and then somehow make it back home to their friends and loved ones.  Seeing the massive hand turn one of their peers into a smear obliterated that hope completely.

Caitlin was thrilled to feel the tiny bones of her tiny victim crack and splatter against the palm of her hand.  With her palm flat on the desk, she slowly rotated her hand back and forth to make sure to scatter the crushed body.  As she lifted her hand, strands of guts and tissue clung to her palm.  The tiny mess of blood and gore was hardly recognizable as a human being.  She made a disgusted face as if she had just crushed a bug, rather than snuffing out a human life. 

She needed to wipe off her hand, but the paper towels were in her bathroom.  She quickly lifted her foot off of the tiny below it and quickly reached down and scooped her up with her clean hand.  Glancing over her for a second, Caitlin noted how her clothes were a disheveled mess and she was drenched head to toe from her foot sweat.  She seemed too out of it to scream or beg at the moment.   

Smiling with delight, Caitlin stood up and spotted a pair of dirty, pink ankle socks strewn lying on the floor beside her bed.  Careful not to drip any of the blood from her hand, she picked one up and held the tiny woman above the opening.  From here, even Caitlin could smell the rancid smell of the dirty sock.  She waited until her victim began struggling against her fingertips and begging for it to end before quickly dropping her body into the sock.  Once she felt the woman land at the bottom, she walked to her closet to fetch a pair of tennis shoes.  These shoes were used when she would go running in the morning or during athletics, so they were definitely on the smelly side and made for the perfect prison for her little plaything.  Stuffing the sock that contained her tiny prisoner into the shoe, she shoved it to the toe section and then closed the closet door.

Once she made it to her bathroom, she took a few sheets of napkins from the sink and began to wipe the crushed remains of her latest victim from her palm.  When she was satisfied with her work, she tossed the cluster of napkins into the toilet and pulled the level to flush.  As the toilet water swirled around and flushed, Caitlin felt a tightness in her stomach.  She realized she needed to relieve her bowels. 

Pulling down her leggings and squatting down to sit on the toilet, the blonde teenager checked her phone to check her Instagram feed.  Letting out a loud, non-feminine fart, she also began playing with the tiny woman who, by now, must’ve been in her mouth for almost two hours.  Caitlin had allowed the woman to rest by letting her lay on the top of her tongue while she focused on the other playthings, but now that she was alone on the toilet, she figured she would get back at it.  Flicking her tongue up, she catapulted the resting woman up to the top of her mouth and allowing her to collide with the roof of her mouth.  Using the tip of her tongue, she began flipping the miniscule body over and over several times without stopping.  She continued this process for a while, overjoyed to feel the tiny tickling caused by the tiny screams of the helpless creature. 

Having too much fun with this, she went to the camera app on her phone and put it in selfie mode.  Sticking her tongue out, she viewed the sight of her plaything.  It was not a pretty one.  Her hair was a mess, there were tiny cuts here and there where she must have been rubbed too roughly against one of her teeth, and her body was completely soaked with her saliva.  She looked like Hell and Caitlin loved the fact that she could make a grown woman’s life a living hell with just a flick of her tongue.  If this tiny, pathetic thing ever was to escape her clutches, she was sure to need years of therapy for the things she’s had to endure for the past two hours in her mouth. 

Once Julie was coherent enough to realize she was being basked in the light of the bathroom and not the darkness of the teenager’s mouth, she opened her eyes and was shocked to see the screen of a gigantic phone in front of her.  On the screen, she could make out an image of a giant pink surface.  On top of that surface was something she was not prepared to see.  It was an image of her!  Although, she did not look like anything she’d ever thought she’d see.  She began letting out a desperate shriek.  Not in pain or agony of being tortured by a giant tongue, but because of absolute fear of how different her reflection looked.

As soon as her tiny victim began screeching again, Caitlin quickly pulled her tongue back into her mouth and shut her mouth.  The screaming was muffled yet again.  Then, all while staring at her image in her phone’s camera, she pushed her tongue back out with the little, screaming passenger still on board.  Pulling her tongue back in, she repeated this process of sticking her tongue out then back in.  She was amused by hearing the screaming of the tiny woman becoming muffled and then clear again, all while being able to see a clear image on her phone. 

Realizing it was time to finish using the bathroom, Caitlin pulled her tongue back to her mouth and deposited Julie’s body back onto the top of her tongue.  She then began pushing in order to empty her bowels.  Once she was done, she stood up and looked down at her work.  Caitlin was surprised to see how massive the logs she had created were.  It had to be one of the biggest to ever come out of her body.  Maybe she should cut down on the Chipotle.  Maybe not.  Suddenly, she had an idea.

Remembering the tiny begger that she flicked in the face, Caitlin quickly walked out of the bathroom, her leggings still down around her ankles.  Noticing the two remaining women still on her desktop attempting to comfort one another, she reached down and carelessly broke up the cute pair by plucking up the girl who was begging for her life earlier.  Carrying the pathetic thing by her arms, Caitlin strolled back to her bathroom.  Once she was there, she become excited for what she was about to do.

Brooke had mostly recovered from the flick to the face earlier.  After seeing a woman crushed right in front of her, she needed her remaining peer on the desktop to help carry on without completely breaking down.  After being able to huddle with the other girl for a few minutes while their captor was in the bathroom, Brooke was yanked from the surface of the desk.  Kicking her legs and feet frantically, she was forced to look down at the floor many, many feet down below.  Her wrists were filled with pain as they were being pinched in the fingertips of the gigantic girl.  She did not know where she was being carried to, but it was difficult to think it was going to be a good place.

Caitlin arrived back in the bathroom.  She could already smell the aroma from her latest bowel movement.  She scrunched her nose in disgust.  Holding the tiny thing in her fingers up to her face, she began to smile knowing what she was about to force this woman to endure. 

Bending down, Caitlin reached her hand into the opening made by the toilet seat.  As soon as her little plaything realized what was happening, the struggling against her fingertips increased tenfold.  She giggled as the feeling felt similar to holding a tiny, wriggling worm.  The tiny woman’s destination was quickly approaching.  As soon as the small feet made contact with the giant teenager’s log, the screeching rose up an octave or two and became more and more helpless.  Caitlin shoved the woman’s body down further until the legs became wedged in the mound of feces.  The teen grabbed hold of the lady’s head to avoid allowing her fingertips to touch her own crap and continued thrusting the bawling and hysterical woman down all the way.  She finally came to a stop when she was up to her chest in the massive pile of shit.  Delighted with her work, Caitlin smiled down and taunted her little victim.

“Be a good doll and stay there for a little bit, will ya?”

Brooke was  an absolute mess.  Once a proud woman who was loved by many, she was now being reduced to being stuck in a pile of a young girl’s waste.  She had never been this disgusted and horrified in her life.  She did the only thing she could think of and began pleading for her life to her giant captor.

“Fucking please don’t leave me in here!  I’ll-I’ll do anything!  I p-promise!  I don’t want to be here please! Pleeeeeeeeeease!!”

Caitlin heard the tiny pleas from her tiny plaything, but she rather enjoyed the comical view of seeing a tiny head popping out of her shit.  So she decided to leave her there.  Turning around, she left the toilet lid up so her victim could see exactly where she was being left at.  She pulled up her leggings and began walking out of the bathroom, her thundering footsteps causing tiny ripples in the toilet water around the tiny woman surrounded by feces.

End Notes:

Sorry, I just really love mouth play/vore, so I just can’t seem to let Julie leave the story just yet x)

Hope y’all enjoyed the death in this chapter and as always, leave suggestions and let me know how you’re liking the story!


Playing With Her Food by GhostWriter44
Author's Notes:

Sorry for the delay!  I've just been busy with college work and attempting to have a social life.  But anyways, here's another chapter.  Hope you enjoy!

Ashley sat on the massive surface with her knees tucked against her chest.  She was beyond horrified.   The giant teenager had gone to the bathroom, which gave her time to reflect on what exactly had transpired.  The thought that only a few hours ago, her biggest fear was her upcoming finals further pushed her to the brink of insanity.  She glanced over to her side only to have her sights once again be caught on the bloody remains of the woman she never even knew the name of, crushed by the palm of an unforgiving teenager.  This view caused the tiny woman to begin bawling once more, further smearing her already smeared mascara.

The miniscule girl’s heart dropped to her stomach as she felt thunderous earthquakes, alerting her that her tormenter was entering the room once more.  The sensation reminded her of the few rock concerts she had attended when she was normal sized.  And to think that it was being caused by a young girl’s casual footsteps as she casually walked back into her bedroom made her feel sick to her stomach.  When she finally mustered up the courage to glance over at the giantess walking, she was startled to see that she was no longer holding the girl she had grabbed from the table just a few minutes ago.  She did not want to think about what her peer’s fate was.  Her whole body trembled in fear, knowing that she was the last little woman on the table.  The last victim who the gigantic girl hadn’t played with yet.

Surprisingly, the girl did not walk back to the desk.  In fact, she didn’t even glance over in Amber’s direction.  The little woman sighed in brief relief that she would be spared a little longer from the torture.  However, this relief was very short-lived as the giant girl walked over to a mini fridge that was leaned up against one of the walls in the bedroom and pulled out a plastic Dr. Pepper bottle full of the soda.  As she twisted off the sealed cap and let the pressure from the bottle out, she immediately glanced up directly at Amber and her mouth curled up in to a big, evil smile.

After playing with four of her five new tiny playthings and relieving her bowels, Caitlin realized that she was pretty thirsty.  Luckily, she had a mini fridge set up in her bedroom that allowed her to store whatever drinks or food she wanted and could retrieve them without having to ever leave the room.  As she opened up the bottle to one of her favorite soft drinks, she realized that she had not had dessert yet from eating earlier. 

Walking back to her desk with the drink in hand, Caitlin made sure to make slow exaggerated steps as she stared at her last plaything left on the table.  Being careful to deposit the battered woman still in her mouth underneath her tongue to keep from drowning or being swallowed, she lifted the soda bottle to her full lips and took a couple of gulps.  By the time she reached her seat in front of her desk, she had already finished a quarter of the soda.

Ashley whimpered as her tormenter sat down with a boom that sounded like a skyscraper taking a seat, which wasn’t much of a difference than what actually happened.  Staring up as the girl took a couple more swigs from the gigantic soda bottle, fear consumed her and motivated her to try to escape.  She knew she had no chance but she could not think properly for fear of being crushed like a bug, as she had witnessed just a few moments earlier.  Getting to her feet, she began sprinting away from the giant girl, with not destination in mind.  Her tears once again made it hard to see as she ran, but she still tried nonetheless.

Caitlin was amused to see the tiny one trying to get away.  She loved when her victims tried to escape.  None of them had ever succeeded.  She had remembered this specific one as the first one she grabbed in the bathroom earlier that night and she recalled that she had tried to run away from her then too.  She smiled, knowing that this woman would make a great dessert.  Maybe she’ll last longer than others in her stomach.  She loved the feeling of her treats struggling in the depths of her belly as they are slowly digested.  However, she couldn’t just eat her dessert without playing with it a little bit first.

Reaching her hand forward towards the running and screaming woman, Caitlin quickly clamped her index finger and thumb on one of the tiny, flailing legs and gently yanked back.  This caused the horrified woman to fall forward.  Caitlin very slowly drug her tiny, pathetic victim back towards her, allowing her body to be drug across the desk surface.  The woman frantically waved her arms in every direction, desperately trying to grab onto anything to keep her from being drawn any closer to the giant monster.  Her throat was hoarse from her screaming and she resorted to desperately dragging her nails into the wood of the desk but with no success.  The power and strength of the massive teenager was too much for the tiny college student.

As Caitlin continued to slowly drag the woman’s body towards her, she took several more gulps from the soda.  She was thirstier than she had realized.  Releasing her grip of the woman (who was directly in front of her now), she placed her fingertip of her index finger on the tiny, flailing body.  She giggled as her entire fingertip was enough to completely cover the entire body of the woman.  Her amusement grew as she felt her struggling to lift the mammoth finger up.

Placing the soda bottle back on the table top, Caitlin reached over to her tape dispenser she had on the corner of the table.  Ripping off two small lengths of tape, she lifted her finger off of the tiny woman.  Before she could stand up, however, Caitlin used her long, acrylic nail to force her right arm to the ground.  Using one of the pieces of tape, she taped the struggling arm against the tabletop and repeated the process for the other arm.  She now had her victim nice and secured before her, exposed and helpless for her to do whatever she wanted.

Ashley’s fear escalated tenfold as she was no longer had control of her arms, thus immobilizing her.  She prayed to God that maybe someone she must have noticed she was missing and somehow traced it back to this giant, evil teenaged girl.  She did not want to die.

Sitting back in her chair, Caitlin took a long look at her restrained victim, admiring her own handiwork.  Grabbing her soda again and taking a couple more sips, she had an idea.  Keeping some of the soft drink in her mouth, she leaned forward until her lips her positioned over her captive and released the contents of her mouth (minus Julie) onto the victim.  She giggled as she watched the tiny woman frantically struggle against her restraints on her arms to try to keep from drowning in the mixture of soda and spit.  Her legs kicked desperately all around.  Caitlin thought it’d be amusing to use her fingertips to hold the legs down, so that her victim could do virtually nothing to escape the sticky liquid that surrounded her whole body.

Ashley was in hell.  She saw the massive lips that were bigger than her whole body fill up the sky above her but she was not expecting the waterfall of soda and saliva to rain down on her trapped body.  She could feel the carbonated water in the soda sizzle around her body, but luckily the saliva mixed in with it helped neutralize the effects.  Her face, however, was completely submerged in the pool.  She had to quickly consume gulp after gulp to attempt to create any kind of air bubble to breathe in.  Her arms fought violently against the strips of tape holding her hostage and her legs kicked uncontrollably in the air.  However, she felt a great weight push down on her legs and keep them pinned against the table.  This caused her struggling to increase greatly as she felt more and more helpless and in fear that she might actually drown.

Caitlin felt she was entertained enough by the desperate little thing drowning in a pool she herself could’ve swallowed in a mere sip.  She didn’t want the poor victim to drown; she preferred her tasty treats to be alive.  Leaning forward once again, she pursed her lips and placed them gently on the tiny body still struggling.  Quickly, she began sucking up the liquid up through her pursed lips.  A loud sucking sound could be heard as the soda/spit mixture was quickly drawn back into the giant mouth from which it originally came from.  Caitlin brought in just enough of the drink to clear the tiny victim from being submerged and then brought her head away from the desk and in a single gulp, swallowed the entirety of what was once drowning a human being.

Ashley was momentarily relieved to be able to breathe air again as she watched the giant teenager lift her head up from the tabletop.  She took in deep breath after deep breath as she realized her body was still sticky from the soda that once surrounded her.  Suddenly, she heard an audible gulp and looked up just in time to see a slight lump travelling down the giant girl’s throat.

“You’re a fighter.  I like that.  Fighters taste better.”

The tiny woman gasped as she was addressed by the giant girl for the first time.  Shock quickly turned to dread as she realized what the words meant.  Her struggles were recuperated as she saw the giant white nails that were bigger than her whole body peeled the tape that entrapped her off from the surface of the table.  She felt slight pain as the tape was peeled roughly off her skin.  Suddenly, she felt her body become weightless as she was quickly raised high into the air.

Caitlin was ready to taste her dessert.  Before her victim could fully recover from almost being drowned, she quickly peeled the tape up and pinched the tiny woman by the leg and lifted her up above her head.  She tilted her head up and was delighted to see the absolute fear in her victim’s face.  She opened up her mouth and blew her warm, Dr. Pepper scented breath the tiny body.  She smiled as she saw the tiny one’s hair blowing in the wind created by her. 

Just for fun and to give her treat a little taste (pun intended) of what was to come, Caitlin closed her mouth and used her tongue to scoop up Julie out from underneath it.  Pursing her big, glossy lips, she used the tip of her tongue to push on Julie’s butt so that her head collided with the inside of her lips.  Very slowly, she continued to push with her tongue until Julie’s head gradually slid out through her pursed lips.  She was delighted to hear the tiny wailing once again coming from her mouth slave.  She was worried the tiny woman would be too worn out to struggle or scream anymore.  She would be allowed to live for a little longer now.

Keeping only Julie’s saliva covered head outside, she lowered Ashley’s body down towards the captive in her mouth, just to see if they wanted any quick interaction among victims.  She lowered the tiny in her hand until she was inches (to Caitlin’s perspective) away from the tiny between her lips.  She could hear high pitched chirping but it was incoherent to the giantess’ ears, but she was still amused to hear it.  Caitlin began to feel pushing on the inside of her lips.  She quickly realized that it was her little mouth slave trying to push her arms outside of her mouth!  Feeling playful, she played along and allowed the action to take place.  Now, both of Julie’s arms were outside the moist, humid cave of Caitlin’s mouth.  Caitlin continued to hear high pitched chirping but still couldn’t understand any of it. 

Not only was it intimidating and truly dreadful to be held upside down by her leg above a face that was easily the size of a house, but now she noticed something happening between her captor’s lips.  It was a head!  All of a sudden, she was quickly lowered toward the mouth.  As she got closer, she could hear the other tiny woman’s pleas and wails.


As Ashley was brought face to face with the other tiny captive, she could quickly tell that she had been put through much more pain and torment than any of the others so far.  Her face was coated in a layer of thick saliva, her hair was drenched, her makeup was long ago completely stripped of all makeup, and her face was red from shouting and profusely crying.  Her pleas up to Ashley started becoming incoherent as words transformed into helpless cries for help and bawling.  Ashley felt completely helpless.  Any fear she had for herself went momentarily out the window as soon as she realized what kind of torture this other woman had already been through and will most likely continue going through. 

Slowly, Ashley noticed movement around the pursed lips that held the woman captive.  Eventually, she saw the lady’s arms be released from being inside the mouth!  Julie now had her head, arms, and chest completely out of the cave. Quickly the captive woman frantically threw her arms up in Ashley’s direction and the pleas were revived.


Ashley knew she had no chance of helping the woman, let alone herself, escape.  But she couldn’t refuse the desperate pleas of a tortured woman who was right in front of her so she reached her arms out in an attempt to grasp the flailing arms of the other woman.  Before she was able to do so, she suddenly heard the woman’s screams increase greatly.  Confused, she looked up to see what was happening.  Horrified, she watched as the Julie’s body was slowly being slurped back into the dark confines of the mouth, through the pursed lips of the giant teenager.  A loud slurping could be heard as the tiny woman’s body rubbed tightly against the slick lips like a strand of spaghetti.  Before anyone could do anything, the Julie’s neck was tightly constrained by the opening of the mouth and only her arms from the elbow up were sticking out of the teenaged girl’s mouth.  Ashley could see the woman’s horrified expression on her face just as her head was brought back into the torturous cavern.  Now only the arms were left outside, which flailed desperately trying to find a hold on anything but the lips were too slick from spit and lip gloss that not ground was gained and with an audible slurp, they passed through the tightly pursed lips and the woman was not visible any longer.

Caitlin was having fun allowing her playthings to have some bonding time until she felt the one in her hand slowly reaching for something.  She quickly looked and realized what was happening.  Her mouth slave was trying to reach out to her dessert and escape!  She then decided to slurp the woman back into her mouth before she got too comfortable with the ideas of escape.  Once back inside, she placed the woman’s body underneath her tongue once again, her rightful place.  It was finally time for dessert.


End Notes:

I honestly went into writing this chapter expecting to make it a vore chapter, but as I continued to write, other things came up and well, let's just say that if you were hoping for vore in this chapter, then you'll love the next chapter :)

Constructive criticism and ideas are welcome, as always.

Just Desserts...And Bug Crushing by GhostWriter44
Author's Notes:

Well this one turned out to be a long chapter.  I could've split it up into two, but I didn't want it to be turned into too much of a vore/mouth play centered story so I made sure to add some other content at the end.  Don't forget to leave a review with your thoughts on the story, good or bad.  Hope you enjoy!

Ashley screamed louder than she ever expected to scream in her life.  After having to see someone who had been tortured in a giant mouth for hours, she was about to be put into the same mouth.  She saw her tormenter slowly lick her big, plush lips, as if she was about to eat a piece of chocolate.  That’s all she was now.  Just a small snack for a teenaged girl.

Caitlin decided it was time to end the games.  The meal she had recently had been satisfying but it was already beginning to digest so she needed something else in her stomach to hold her over a little longer.  Plus, she rather enjoyed eating little people, almost more than actual food.  She loved knowing the fact that this tiny woman in her grasp had hopes, dreams, and a family.  All of that was going to be taken away by her digestive system, her body only recognizing her as just another piece of food to be digested and absorb nutrients from.

As Caitlin lowered her tasty morsel down towards her salivating mouth, she extended her tongue out to greet the new guest.  Like the red carpet before her, Ashley was placed on top of the wet tongue.  She felt the gigantic fingers release their grip on her leg, which would’ve been a relief had she not been deposited on the very place food normally goes.  She quickly scrambled to get up to her feet.  She looked up and saw the long, red surface she was placed upon and like a long runway, she could see it stretch off into the distance until finally she saw the tip.  If she could only reach it, she could manage to maybe leap off and have some hope of escaping this impending nightmare.  It was a long shot, but she had to try.

Before she could bring her tongue back into her mouth with its new passenger, Caitlin could feel her the little woman struggle to stand up.  Amused, she decided to play along with the game and allow her to try to do whatever she was going to try to do.  The miniscule hands pushing on the surface of her tongue, as Ashley tried to regain her balance to stand up, made Caitlin giggle a little, causing the terrified lady to fall down directly on her face.  With her face now right up against the surface, Ashley could feel the tiny taste buds all around her.

Not wanting to waste time, Ashley used her hands to bring her body, now smeared with saliva, back up and began running the best she could to the tip of the tongue.  She knew the giantess must have been playing games with her to allow her to get this close to the end, but she tried not to think negatively.  With her feet sloshing in small puddles of saliva upon each step, Ashley momentarily remembered back to memories of running out in the rain as a little girl and wanting to splash in all the puddles that were found all over the ground outside.  These memories quickly faded away when she was snapped back to reality – which was that these puddles were not created by storm clouds.  The puddles were created by the saliva glands of a 15 year old girl about to devour her like snack sized candy.

Before she knew it, Ashley was nearing the tip of the tongue!  Maybe she could make it after all!  Tears began welling in her eyes as she could almost physically taste freedom.  Maybe, just maybe she’d be able to see her friends and family again: Brooke, her best friend from class.  Her mom.  Her dad.  Pete, the guy from work she secretly hoped she’d be lucky enough to date.  She could go back to her normal nights of staying up late in her bed watching shows on Netflix while eating ice cream.  Tears turned to sobs as she began to take the leap off the tongue, not even having a plan after that.  Only wanting to be out of the gigantic mouth.  But before she could take the leap of faith, her hopes and dreams of seeing her loved ones were shattered in a million pieces as she felt the surface she was running on quickly curl up high into the hair, forcing her to fall back onto her butt.  “NOOOOO!!!!” was all she could scream as she was quickly forced into the darkness of the very place she saw a fellow woman being tortured within.

Caitlin didn’t want her tasty treat to jump off her tongue and injured before she could swallow her.  She liked her meals to be fully functional when they landed in her stomach.  Once she felt the woman reach her tongue, she hastily brought the tip of her tongue up, flicking the girl back until she landed in the middle of her tongue and then slowly drew it back into her mouth.  Once her tongue and her snack were within the confines of her mouth, she shut her mouth hard enough that it made her teeth make a loud clink.

Now thrust into darkness, Ashley began bawling and hyperventilating.  She had no plans of how to get out of this.  She was doomed to just be a piece of food.  The inside of the mouth was muggy, the temperature had increased by several degrees, and every breath Ashley took was now just recycled air from this gigantic girl.

Lying on the massive tongue, the only sounds Ashley could hear were her own sobbing, the soft dripping sound of saliva, the giant girl’s heartbeat, and there was something else that Ashley was hearing but she couldn’t quite make out.  She momentarily ended her crying to try to find out what it was.  It seemed to be coming from underneath the gigantic surface she was on.  She listened hard to hear what the source of the sound was.  It sounded like….screaming?  That’s when she remembered the tortured girl she saw previously in the mouth before her!  She was tucked underneath the gigantic tongue she was currently laying on and was now screaming for help!  The helplessness of knowing she had no way of rescuing the helpless woman, let alone herself, caused her to go back into her crying fit as she curled up into a ball and wishing to be back home.

Caitlin allowed the woman to rest atop her tongue before she began her torment on the little thing.  She felt a pool of saliva build up around the poor thing.  When enough spit gathered, Caitlin decided to give her captive a little water ride.  She brought her tongue up and to the side, depositing the tiny body between the inside of her cheek and her bottom gums, towards the back of her mouth.  Using the tip of her tongue, she drug her plaything from the left side cheek to the front and finally to her right side cheek.  She could physically feel the screams coming from the helpless woman.  She then scooped Ashley up with her tongue and brought her up against the inside of her cheek.  If someone were to have been sitting with Caitlin, they would’ve been able to see a faint outline of the tiny woman on the teenager’s cheek. 

Ashley was in absolute hell.  She never imagined her throat could handle her screaming so much.  Her face was plastered up against the smooth, damp surface of the inside of the gigantic teenager’s cheek.  She tilted her face as far to the side as she could just to be able to get some breath.  Finally, she was forced all the way up to the roof of the mouth.  She squirmed against the tip of the ruthless tongue that effortlessly held her captive. 

Caitlin grew tired of playing with this woman, as she had already played with her other mouth slave for a while.  So she decided it was time to end this game.  She immediately dropped her tongue down from pinning Ashley to the roof of her mouth.  Immediately, she gathered the pool of saliva and before Ashley could process what was going on, she swallowed with and audible gulp.

Ashley felt the last bit of hope that she possibly could have leave her body as she felt herself being forced down a dark, slippery tube.  She tried her best not to think about the fact that this tube was a 15 year olds esophagus, but the fact of the matter was that she was never going to see her friends and family again.  Never get to live out her dream of becoming an artist, falling in love, growing old with a husband.  No, she was now only going to serve the purpose of momentarily satisfying the hunger of a teenaged girl.  Ashley felt her body free fall as the tube opened up to a vast cavern that she unfortunately knew was the girl’s stomach.  She landed with a splat in the middle of previously chewed and swallowed food.  From the smell of it, it smelled like a mixture of burger and fries.  Ashley just laid there on her stomach in the pile of digesting food and used her last moments of life to bawl her eyes out.

Closing her eyes with pleasure, Caitlin felt her treat slide down her throat.  She very faintly felt her enter her stomach and she rubbed her belly in delight.  Swallowing this plaything brought a little fire within Caitlin.  She needed to have fun with one more before she went to bed.


Barbara sat in the confines of the smelly sock.  She had tears in her eyes but she was too exhausted from the foot torture she had to endure to fully cry.  All around her was the strong smell of foot odor.  As much as Barbara hated being in the shoe and sock, she thanked the stars that she would at least be able to survive the night. 

Suddenly, she heard loud movements.  It sounded like a door the size of a skyscraper being opened.  Barbara feared that the teenager was back!  Her fears were soon solidified as the shoe she was in was quickly lifted up.  She got a sense of vertigo from the sudden increase in altitude.  Before she knew it the sock that held her captive was brought out of the shoe and she heard a loud crashing sound as her captive must have dropped the footwear back onto the ground.  However, she was not pulled out from inside the sock.  Instead, she remained within as she was carried to God knows where.

Caitlin strolled back to the closed door of her closet and swung it open.  Brining the shoe with her foot slave up, she lifted the stinky sock out and was delighted to see the tiny bulge caused by the tiny woman’s body.  Carrying the sock and captive in her hand, she walked towards her bathroom.  She didn’t want to get her carpet dirty, considering what she had in mind.

When she got back to the tiled floor of her bathroom, she was thrilled to see her other captive still trapped in her pile of shit in the toilet.  The poor thing didn’t seem to be making any progress, though she was still struggling hard.  Caitlin then brought the opening to her sock down and shook the miniscule foot slave out onto the hard surface of the ground.  With her plaything out in the open before her bare feet, she stood back up to her full height and stared down at the tiny woman, as one would a pesky bug, and addressed her.

“I originally planned to keep you until tomorrow but unfortunately for you, I’ve changed my mind.”

Barbara’s body was already sore from the torment she had received earlier, but now it stung from being carelessly dropped onto tile floor.  However, she could hear and understand the booming voice from high above her perfectly clear.  The words spoken to her by a true goddess caused her body to be filled with fear and adrenaline.  Looking up from the ground, she saw the familiar sight of the slightly tan feet of this gigantic 15 year old girl, with her white toenails painted in all.  She dared not look up at her full skyscraper body, for fear that her legs would shut down from sheer awe.  As quickly as she could, she got to her feet and ran the opposite direction from this monster. 

Caitlin smiled as she saw her foot slave run to escape her.  She allowed her to gain some ground away from her before she slowly brought her right foot into the air and, much like what she did with Ashley back in the Walmart bathroom, slammed her foot down sideways in front of the fleeing woman.  Barbara could not slow down in time to avoid running into the cream colored, sweat scented side of the gigantic teenager’s foot.  Caitlin giggled as she felt a tiny impact from her little plaything colliding with the inside side of her bare foot.

Barbara now laid on her back staring directly up the smooth, athletic leg of this teenaged giantess.  She wanted to try to get up but her body was aching from all the torment she had been put through, combined with the amount of fear in her body.  Her crying turned to screams of horror as she saw one of the gigantic bare feet being lifted into the air above her.  She could see the wrinkled sole of her captor, lined with particles that must’ve been picked up from walking around the room barefoot. 

Slowly, she saw the foot being lowered down towards her.  She tried to crawl away, while still being on her back, as she screamed in pure terror of being stepped on like a bug.  The foot however, easily followed her path and quickly approached her.  As soon as it got within reaching distance, Barbara raised her arms up in the air to try to helplessly ward of the soft sole.  After effortlessly overcoming any of the poor woman’s desperate efforts, the gigantic bare foot settled on the ground, without putting too much pressure to crush the little one just yet.  With slightly damp foot flesh completely surrounding her whole body, Barbara began struggling with all she had for air and for freedom.  Her only thoughts were about her three kids and loving husband.  What started out as a normal day was going to end with her being stepped on by a 15 year old girl.  The thought made tears flow out of her eyes and she pushed up against the smooth, smelly sole as hard as she could.

Caitlin reveled in the fact that she had a woman old enough to be her mom beneath her bare foot.  Looking down, she couldn’t see a trace of the tiny woman because her foot completely covered her body.  The struggles from the puny thing brought a smile to Caitlin’s face.  Crushing a bug AND a foot massage.  This was turning out to be a good end of the night.

After leaving the poor woman to smell and struggle under the weight of her foot, Caitlin decided it was time to end her games and call it a night.  Bringing her foot back up off of the woman, she lifted it high into the air.  Smiling down at the horrified and exhausted lady, she gave her a goodbye wave.  Barbara knew what this meant and began begging.  “No, no, NO, NO, PLEASE! DON’T!  I HAVE A FAMILY!”

Caitlin’s smile grew even bigger as she heard the pathetic pleas of the bug before her.  Satisfied by the loud begging, she very forcibly slammed her foot down as hard as she could onto the woman’s body.  She could feel the pitiful body collide with the heel of her foot and the body explode on impact.  Blood squirt all around beneath her.  It always amazed Caitlin just how much blood a human body could have.  Feeling the skeleton of the lady be completely pulverized by her bare foot alone, Caitlin let out a quick moan of pleasure.  Twisting her heel side to side to make sure none of the remains of the woman could be recognized, just for added measure.  Once she made sure of this, she placed her foot flat on the ground and playfully wiggled her perfectly shaped toes upon the ground with glee at her actions.

Lifting her soft foot off the ground, she was delighted to see that some guts and remains of the once living and breathing woman (mere seconds ago) were still attached to the heel and sole of her foot.  Grabbing some tissue, she wiped the bloody remains from the bottom of her foot and the ground and threw them in the trash can.  She would throw it away later the next day – she didn’t want to give the pathetic plaything in the toilet TOO much company for the night.  Looking down into the toilet at the tiny woman still screaming and struggling within her log of crap, Caitlin smiled down.

“Good night, bitch.”

After leaving the toilet seat up and the bathroom light on, Caitlin walked back into her room.  Finding her empty Dr. Pepper bottle, she pursed her lips and wrapped them around the opening of the bottle.  Bringing Julie up from under her tongue, she pushed her body through the opening of her lips.

For the first time in a long time, Julie felt air that was not the same recycled air from her giant captor’s mouth.  However, she found herself in a free fall into an unknown container.  Falling down, she let out a shriek as she looked up and saw the round opening of the bottle and the inside of Caitlin’s mouth slowly growing further and further away until she landed with a thud at the bottom.  The surface of this container was sticky and she could see tiny puddles of leftover soda.  She was in a soda bottle!  She quickly stared up in time to see her imprisoner staring at her gleefully from outside the bottle before moving away and out of sight.  Julie sat at the bottom of the bottle with her knees tucked to her chest.  At least she wouldn’t stay the night in the teenager’s mouth.

After Caitlin spit her mouth slave into her new makeshift cage, she strolled over to her bed.  As she lay down, she rubbed her stomach, knowing her dessert snack must be beginning the processes of digestion.  She tried to feel any kind of struggles within, but to no success. Still, she rubbed her belly with satisfaction knowing three of her five playthings were dealt with, one was held captive for the night in an empty soda bottle and the other was entombed waist deep in a pile of her waste. 

She was going to sleep well tonight. 


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A Flashback by GhostWriter44
Author's Notes:

Hey guys, I'm back! Sorry for the absence.  I've not left this website although it's been hard for me to write, between writer's block and college.

Anyways, here is the next chapter! Note: this is a flashback.  Just don't want any confusion.  Let me know what you think in the reviews and if you have any ideas!

As the bell to the last class rang, Rachel sighed.  It was almost the end of her last school year and she wouldn’t be able to spend her last remaining Friday nights hanging out with her friends because she had made prior arrangements to a babysitting job.  She needed the money.

The young 18 year old went about her day.  She drove home to get a snack, spoke on the phone with her boyfriend of two years, and then went to take a relaxing shower.  Before she knew it, it was time to head over to the house she was going to be spending the night babysitting at instead of going to her friend Erica’s party.

Pulling up into the driveway of the fairly large house, Rachel let out one last long sigh.  She really did not want to be working.  But money is money and bills are bills.  She stepped out of the car and knocked on the front door.  A man and woman both in their late 30’s answered the door.  They welcomed Rachel into the house and called for their 12 year old daughter to come down the stairs.  They said her name was Caitlin. 

When the kid she’d be babysitting finally arrived, Rachel was shocked by how mature she looked for her age.  It was hard to believe that this girl was as young as her parents said she was.  A face full of makeup from eye shadow to lipstick, a tight fitting black blouse with flower patterns, waist high blue jean shorts, and bare feet with black painted toenails.  Rachel could tell she must have gotten ready to go out somewhere.  Maybe that’s why she had such an upset expression on her face.

As the time rounded 7:00 pm, Caitlin’s parents headed out in their car.  Caitlin herself had already gone back up the steps to her room.  Rachel decided to just lay back and relax on the comfy couch in the living room.  She spent the first hour of the night texting and Snapchatting her friends who were out partying it up.  After a while, she got bored.  And thirsty.  Guiltily, she decided to see what this family had to drink in the fridge.  As she opened the door, the bright light from inside the fridge made her squint her eyes.  Rachel had expected this.  But what she didn’t expect was for the light to get brighter and brighter until she blacked out. 

Waking back up, Rachel did not know where she was.  It was pitch black.  All around her was soft, slightly moist walls.  If all that wasn’t enough to freak her out, the room she was in was violently shaking back and forth, as if she was on a roller coaster.  Not knowing what to do, she began hyperventilating.  Suddenly, the room quickly came to a halt.  Light crept into the darkness of her confinement.  The world she saw, however, would rattle her to her bones for the rest of her life (or what was left of it).


Caitlin could not believe what she had just done.  Granted, she had been frustrated beyond belief that her parents were having a babysitter watch over her.  She was almost a teenager for goodness sake!  But she had just shrunk a living human being! A person with a life, goals, dreams, and thoughts!  Caitlin had experimented on inanimate objects from time to time but never anything like this.  She had crept up behind the babysitter as she opened the fridge and her fate had been sealed.

Caitlin watched the girl quickly shrink down in size.  She did not know how far down she would go, but she eventually came to about an inch tall.  The thing was unconscious.  Caitlin quickly used her long, manicured, black nails to scoop her first ever victim up off the kitchen floor and deposited her in the vast landscape of her palm.  She then quickly closed her hand in a fist around the new passenger and quickly went back to her room.

By the time she got back, her new plaything had already woken up in her fist.  It was a strange sensation.  Caitlin had never cared to have a pet hamster or anything of the sort, but she imagined the feeling of holding one would be similar to what this felt like.  Although, the tiny babysitter was now even smaller than any average hamster. 

The kicking and scratching from the frantic being in her fist was tickling the soft, smooth skin of her palm.  Slowly, she opened her palm to observe her first shrunken victim.  As the light shined on the babysitter, it took her a few seconds to get a bearing on her surroundings.  But once it hit her, the shrieks of horror could be heard all the way up to Caitlin’s ears.

Caitlin let the poor thing get all of her screams out, which took longer than she had expected.  The preteen just stood there in the middle of her room with her hand outstretched with the source of the screams planted in the middle of her palm.  After the screaming had ceased, Caitlin decided to take a seat on her bed and have a little talk.

“What’s your name?”

Rachel looked up at the goddess above her.  Everything had happened so fast.  She truly still did not know exactly what was going on.  Had she passed out in front of the fridge and this was just a bad dream?  Once the booming voice from the giantess who held her captive rang down on her ears, her heart dropped to her stomach.

“R-r-rachel…..w-what are you going to do to me..?”

“Well, I honestly haven’t thought that far.  I’ve really never done this with a human before.”

“What’s…your name?” Rachel quietly asked, her voice sore from all the screaming she had just done and tears soaking up her cheeks.

“Caitlin.  But it shouldn’t matter to you considering I’ll be shitting you out tomorrow.”

The words paralyzed Rachel’s body in terror.  She couldn’t have heard that right, could she?  This really had to be a bad dream.  Her face heated up while the rest of her body felt cold as she was enveloped in fear.  She could see the skyscraper sized girl begin to smile big.  The thought of her being so happy after what she had just said shook her down to her core.

Caitlin never in a million years would’ve guessed how enjoying it’d be to have an inch tall human being so completely frightened and literally in the palm of her hand.  She relished in the power she had over her former babysitter.  It was intoxicating.  Slowly, she saw the helpless thing fall to her hands and knees in fear.  She could just barely make out the tiny impressions made on her palm.  Her sense of domination swelled back up deep inside her as she began to see her victim try to crawl away towards the side of her palm.  The sounds of pitiful wails could be heard loud and clear to Caitlin.  She decided to let the thing think it could get away off the edge of her hand.  Once it had gotten as far as Caitlin would allow it, she decided to have just a little bit of fun. 

Accelerating her hand up, she quickly tossed the girl up in the air like a rag doll.  As the tiny human passed by her face, she could hear the helpless screams even louder.  She could just make out the look of pure horror in the face of the plaything before her body was flipped over from the force of her falling back down to the giant palm.

Rachel screamed at the top of her lungs.  She had enjoyed riding roller coasters when she was normal sized, but this was completely different.  She free fell back down and there was nothing she could do to end this torture.  Looking down, she saw the large landscape that was the young girl’s palm quickly approach her.  With a thud, she crash landed back down onto the soft, pillowy skin.  Quickly, she got into a fetal position and quietly cried to herself, hoping for anything to save her from this hell.  Her savior would never come as she felt two treelike structures close in around her waist.  She screamed out once again as she realized she was being hoisted up by only two fingers from her giant captor.

Caitlin had actually built up quite an appetite.  But that wasn’t her fault – her supposed babysitter had failed to make her anything to eat.  Now, she was going to be the thing to eat.  And Caitlin had no problem with that.  Picking the pathetic, crying girl up from her hand, she slowly ran her saliva covered tongue over her lipstick covered lips.  Forming her lips in an “O” shaped, she inserted the tiny babysitter’s head.  Using the tip of her tongue, she licked the defenseless thing’s face.  Her first taste of a human snack was delightful.  She continued running her massive tongue over Rachel’s face and after a while began sucking on her head like a sucker.

Rachel cried and cried more than she had ever done before.  Why did she have to accept this job?  Why couldn’t she just have gone out with her friends like she had so many Friday nights prior?  She couldn’t die like this.  She was going to graduate and go to college in the matter of a few months!  She had her life ahead of her.  And now it was all going to be ended by one preteen girl.  Rachel quietly prayed to anyone who was listening and tried to hold on to what little hope that her captor would keep her alive.

Caitlin had no plans of keeping her former babysitter alive.  She was surprised she had kept her alive this long.  Quickly releasing her fingers from the tiny thing’s body, she let the tiny human dangle with just her head caught between her lips.  She then slurped her snack’s body through the opening of her mouth.  Her victim would never see the light of day ever again as Caitlin violently launched her to the back of her throat and with a loud gulp, swallowed her first shrunken human.

Lying fully down onto her bed, Caitlin basked in the afterglow of what she just did.  Closing her eyes, she felt the tiny babysitter travel down her throat and be dropped off into her stomach, where she will be gruesomely digested.  All because her parents didn’t trust her to stay home alone.  Not her fault. 

She pulled up her blouse from her stomach and softly rubbed her belly, trying to listen for any signs of her first victim.  Suddenly, she felt a pressure rising up her throat until a loud belch escaped her lips.  Giggling quietly to herself, Caitlin drifted off to sleep as her body tore apart an innocent high school girl and converted her to energy to be used by the giant preteen.


Arriving back home, Caitlin’s parents unlocked the front door.  Entering their house, they noticed that the babysitter was nowhere to be seen.  Marching up to their daughter’s room, they opened her door.  They saw Caitlin peacefully asleep with her light still on.  Smiling at how adorable their daughter looked as she slept, they turned off her bedroom light and closed the door.  After searching the entire house, they saw no sign of Rachel.  Just another babysitter they would need to remember not to hire they supposed.  They figured they could trust Caitlin to stay home alone now anyways.


End Notes:

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Thanks again and I'll try to have another chapter up as soon as I can.

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