'DaiOnna' by midnightwriter85

A shrinking story told from the perspective of Billy Little. An odd character, that happens to stumble into something that will dramatically change his life forever. It's an extremely detailed depiction of his nightmarish episodes. This is just the beginnings of something so much bigger than Mr. Little. Because, before he realizes what's actually happening, the entire world has already changed into a completely different humanity.

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Chapter 1 by midnightwriter85
Author's Notes:

...and, so it begins...

'Dai on' na'

Is Japanese.

* This was the absolute first word of Japanese that I was taught. Dai on' na, ...and this single word, has become first, and foremost in my mind. This is the story of a man, who used to have a normal life. No longer...



  As I suffer from many drastic changes, and as I drift further and further, into this mind-boggling world, I'll attempt to bring you along with me. The phenomenal changes that I have to live with, in my new life, has become something that most people could not even imagine... 

    This is my story.

  Jumping out of the Yellow Cab, I threw the driver a ten spot and stepped away from the vehicle. I stood there in the wet, drizzling mist, watching him drive away. Turning around, and looking up at one of the windows on the very top floor of the giant building, I lowered my bill-cap and started in that direction.

  Shaking some of the rain away from the bill of my baseball cap, I hurriedly, made my way up the smooth cement steps that lead up to the front doors.

  The huge office building was definitely a well-known benchmark nestled within the heart of the city, and Ms. Maxine, or 'Dr. Harrison's practice', was on the very top floor.

  I swiftly walked through the double doors of the entrance to the Murphy Building and stepped inside like I had done this every day of my entire life, ...although, this was actually, the very first time that I had ever been here.

  Being the last week of October, in New York City, ...it was quite cool for this time of year. I quickly stepped inside the wide entryway and slowly found my way to the elevator.

  Seventeen floors below, I stood in the lobby, ...looking up at the large framed, peg-board chart, that made up the Murphy building's, 'Physical Directory'. I was looking for room 69, on the eighteenth floor.

  A long, cement block corridor, spreading out before me in both directions; I paused, trying desperately to collect my thoughts.

  My appointment time was set at three o'clock on this evening, and I looked down at my watch and checked the time: (two-thirty p.m.)


   Something deep inside me told me to turn around and RUN, Just Leave... Something, just didn't feel 'quite' right; if I could have returned to this point in time, once again, I would have burst through those doors so fast that I would have removed them from the hinges!


  Dr. Harrison would actually be the very first 'Qualified Psychologist', that was actually 'Certified', and had ever been 'recommended' to me, by my own Physical Care Provider: P.C.P.

  ...and, I felt just a little bit apprehensive about the whole idea because this wasn't something that I considered to be absolutely necessary.

  However, my Family Doctor, 'Dr. Michele Bentworth', had scheduled this appointment especially for me and, she also informed me that Dr. Harrison was simply 'the best',    

  ...and, if I didn't keep this appointment with her, the good doctor would most definitely 'black list' my name, and I would never again get the chance to see her, ...ever!

I thought that I had better take Michele's advice, and keep the appointment...


  Stepping into the empty elevator, I turned around to find a double row of those solid steel buttons. Each one numbered to their respective floor. I started searching out the one with the number '#18', boldly marked in large numbers. I hesitated, before slowly pushing the cold steel button.

  The stainless steel doors slowly closed, effectively sealing me off and separating me from the rest of the world.

  My breathing became labored and my stomach queasy, as the thought of being trapped inside of this metal box instantly filled my head. Suddenly jerking downward, then rocking around, it slowly speeded up with the sudden lifting motion, going straight up, taking the carriage by some rusty steel cables, and, ...lifting me up through this shaft, that would take me all the way up to the very top floor.

  I hated these things! These confining little boxes, ... these deathtraps. I couldn't breathe, until the doors finally reopened, allowing me to swiftly walk through, and step out into the carpeted hallway.

  However, what I didn't expect was the sudden exposure to the toxic chemicals that had just been released! Apparently, a cleaning crew must have just finished up on the top floor, and as the elevator doors opened up, I was instantly hit with a very strong odor! It was some type of morbid, cleaning solution!

  I started coughing uncontrollably. Stubbing my toe, I stumbled and staggered, while taking the first few steps down the narrow hallway.

  I had to stop and blow my nose. I paused for a moment, awkwardly clearing my throat, I looked around in the empty hallway and found that nobody else was around to witness this awful assault on the senses.

  The pungent aroma, lingering in the air, continued to annoy me as I started looking for the Lady Doctor's room number, ...slowly, I continued on down the hall. Stopping briefly, though, to rub my eyes, ...as the acrid toxins started to burn my eyelids.

  Half pissed off, about not being forewarned of this toxic assault, I staggered directly toward the over-sized desk counter at the end of the hall, handkerchief in hand...

  Approaching the huge 'Reception Area', I caught movement behind the waist-high, counter-top. Instantly, directing my focus on an extremely young looking, blonde-haired girl, who appeared to be enraptured by her daily routine.

  She twisted around in a large leather office chair, picking up material from the floor and stuffing it into its appropriate place.

  Abruptly, she turned to the side and sneezed, followed by a round of coughing, she then, quickly turned back around again to resume her task. She seemed to be completely oblivious to the fact that I was standing right there watching her the entire time.

  Pausing to fiddle with some No.2 pencils, she simply set them aside, returning her focus to her work; quickly stuffing loose paperwork into a large brown manila folder.
As I quietly stepped up to the desk, I watched her slender body with a mixture of arousal and slight embarrassment. She looked as if she had just gotten off of a school bus, and I knew that she couldn't be more than twenty years old.

  Wearing an aquamarine colored, knee length skirt, with of a pair of form-fitting black leggings, her long blonde hair coiled up on the top of her head in a tightly rolled bun; she looked slightly confused as she attempted to organize some very important looking papers.

  Not wanting to startle her, I stood there waiting for her to look in my direction.

    Watching her, busying herself with a pile of paperwork that appeared to be the overflow, from several days of unkempt files, she looked completely confused as she nervously gathered up these random forms and stuffed them into a folder...

  I started looking all around behind the counter, and noticed that the computer monitor was on, and the dark green screen was open to a website that had the image of a giant woman standing in the center of a large, wide-open field.

  The giantess was holding a tiny little person in the palm of her hand. She was dressed in a formal looking, business suit, with a very short skirt. The tiny little 'man', (that she was holding,) was sitting naked inside her open palm, looking down at her feet far below...

    ..."What-the...?", I mumbled...

    "Excuse me?", the girl said, suddenly spinning around in her chair and standing up to face me.

    "I'm So Sorry, Sir!", she blurted out. "I didn't see you there, ...May I help you with something?"

  The sound of her sweet voice instantly drew my complete attention. There was something about the way that she acted when she noticed that I had been looking at the computer monitor.

    "I uh, ...was looking for 'ah, 69?", I muttered, my words sounding weird.

    "With Me?", she curtly answered, raising one brow with a look of wonder...

    "No, no, no, ...I mean, I was looking for a room, ..uh, ...'Room' number, 69, I mean."

    "Oh, ...I see. Well, it's right down the hall there, the one, well, the one at the very end of the hall, ...wait a second, and I'll inform Dr. Harrison that you're here, ...what was the name, please?", she asked.

"Bill. uh, Bill Little.", I said, trying to refocus on why I was here.

"Did you have an appointment, Mr. Little?"

"Yes. um, three o'clock.", I sounded stupid, ...I felt so intimidated by her, ...

  God, she was just a young girl, and yet, ...here I was stammering as I spoke! It was as if I was right back in grade school again, standing in the corner, in front of the entire classroom. (Punishment for not paying full attention in class), waiting for her, (The Teacher) to tell me what I could, ...and couldn't do!

  The young receptionist picked up the receiver and held it to her ear, she punched a couple buttons and tilted her head to the side. Lifting her shoulder up, she pinned the receiver into her neck, and held it there like that, so she could free her hands up,    ...she glanced back up to face me, with a warm smile.

  Her hands went to work on the keyboard, ..and I noticed that the computer monitor went off. The receptionist never paid it any mind, ...however, it was obvious that she had just turned it off; The screen flicked off and instantly went black. The power indicator light, stayed on; waiting for its mistress to give it it's next command...

  "Dr. Harrison? Yes, ...this is Amy. Um, your Three O'clock is here, ...Okay, I'll tell him.

   Yes Ma'am, okay, ... RIGHT. I will, alright, Yes. ...Thank You", she sounded so sweet. 

  Amy reached up, and removed the phone receiver from her ear and replaced it down behind the counter. She looked up at me and smiled. A slight blush flooding around her cheeks; she glanced back at the computer monitor, ...and then looked quickly back to me,

"Dr. Harrison will see you now.", she sweetly whispered. 

  I tried to smile back at her. Only, with, (...what I knew), ...was a stupid looking smile.

  That dumb looking smirk that always appeared on my stupid face whenever I was around a woman. Or, a pretty girl, Or, even a little girl, ...sometimes even; any female, for that matter, ...I was just a stupid ' lump', whenever I was near any member of the opposite sex! God, ...I hated it, whenever I acted this way!

    "Mr.Little, ...are you alright?"

    "Oh, ...I'm, uh. Yes! Yes, thank you very much.", I stammered.

  Walking away, I turned and headed back the way that I came...

    "Sir?", Amy said, raising her voice. "Ms. Harrison's office is down that way", she said. Pointing the other way from the direction that I was going.

    "Oh Yeah, ...69, that's right. I'll just, ...um, go the other, ...I was just uh, ...um, thanks, Ms, Thank you, ...uh, Amy!", I continued stammering, as I headed down the hallway in the right direction to room 69.

  I heard Amy giggle softly, as she sat back down. Her laugh reminded me, (...as the laughter of a girl always did...) of that sinking feeling inside. That, strange, aloneness...

  I felt it coming back again, and I had to get somewhere alone. I had to find a bathroom, ...or someplace where I could pull myself together...

  I stopped and looked down at the floor. That smell off of those chemicals, still lingering in the air, ...I could feel that same old creeping sensation, that I always did, but this time, the feeling was much worse. Stronger. It seemed to completely take my breath away.

  I hesitated, and just stood there looking down at the floor. Suddenly, my head started spinning and everything swirled around me faster and faster and faster, ...until

  I just collapsed right there in the middle of the hallway!

  I must not have been out for very long, because when I felt someone holding my head up, and wiping my face with a wet cloth; I felt like I had instantly reawakened,

  ...I couldn't have been unconscious for very long...


  My social anxiety was something that I'd had to contend with for most of my life. Growing up with an overbearing mother, who found it impossible to allow me to do things on my own; constantly finding fault with everything that I did manage to do, she would go out of her way to 'Correct Me', blatantly demeaning me with her loud, and sharp words.

  Right in the middle of the Supermarket, or where ever we were, it didn't matter where, she would scold me, "Billy!", her ear piercing voice scalded. " Get over here, Right Now!"

  Her open-handed slap would quickly redirect my full attention, whenever I started to slip into my 'Quiet Place', and her harsh belittling tone would always quickly put me in my place!

  My father was always working, and he had no idea of the borderline abuse that she was dealing out to his youngest son, ...and, he was so tired from working a difficult laboring job that he was sound asleep in the days when he was at home.

  Dad made very little money, and was too proud to ask for any type of public assistance, and we did with what we had,... and we settled for less, and we were proud to get whatever we had. We didn't compare ourselves to anyone else, and therefore, we were content, at least that was what I was told, ...and that was what I was supposed to believe, too, ...or Else!

  ....our home; a small two bedroom mobile home parked inside a trailer court on the outskirts of town. My brother left home at sixteen and never came back. He was four years older than I was, and we never really got to know each other too well, ... he always seemed to be slightly jealous of me, and he didn't really want to be around me all that much either.

  I always knew, that I would leave home too, ...just as soon as I could. My mother seemed to realize this, though, (especially, after my older brother had left) and with me, ...she redoubled her efforts; tightening up the strings so to speak.

  Her overbearing presence was a force to be reconned with, on a continuous basis. The ever present Titaness, (That was my Mother) dished out the overly aggressive, threatening, and personally insulting abuse on a daily basis.

  Finding fault with most everything that I did, she would stand directly over me and stare me down, ...towering above me with her physical size being twice as much as mine; she boldly took advantage of the 'size-difference' and seemed to enjoy the fact that she could so easily, force me to do as she ordered; "Keeping me 'In Line", that's what it was, she was 'Training Me".

.  ...that was, what she was doing. Training me, to be a good boy. A well behaved little man.

  That's what she was doing, ...wasn't it? Everyone should be trained like this, and the world wouldn't be such a terrible place! That's what she said, and that was the reason that she treated me like this; that was her excuse for the actions that she took, and the methods that she used, the practice that she followed.

  My bare ass would be raw, with red blistering welts, from her thin leather belt, ...as she held me naked in her arms, ...cradling me within her bosom, as I cried my eyes out, ...

    "I wouldn't have looked at that girl in the shopping center, if she hadn't talked to me first, Mommy!"

  By the time I graduated high school, I couldn't even make simple eye contact with a member of the opposite sex, ...the female, (didn't matter who), ...as far as I was concerned, was an entirely different species. An anomaly, to be particularly wary of; to highly 'Look up too', and always treat, with the utmost respect.

  Most girls, though, they tried to get to know me. After we actually tried to have a simple conversation, ...well, they thought, that I was avoiding them on purpose, like I was being stuck up, toward them, like, I didn't want to be around them! But, ...but, I had missed dozens of opportunities with very beautiful women because of this 'Problem'. My life was severely disrupted to the point of complete ruin...

    I had no idea 'Why'...


    "Mr.Little, ...are you alright, ...should I call an ambulance or something?", a soft spoken female voice asked.

    "eh, ...I don't think so.", I said. slowly lifting my head up, and sitting upright.

  The solid floor was so hard and cool. I placed my hands down on my hips, to brace myself, as I looked up to see who it was, that was squatting down next to me.

  The instant that I saw her face, I suddenly started to panic all over again!

     "Mr. Little, are you sure that you're Okay?", she asked. Sweeping a loose strand of hair away from her face...

     "Let's get you into my office so that you can lie down for a bit, ...alright? Do you think that you can stand?"


Chapter 2 by midnightwriter85

'Dai on' na'

  My head still spinning, I finally looked up and saw her pretty face, and just as I did, she simply grabbed my forearms -firmly- and swiftly lifted me up onto my feet!

  Upon standing, I was slightly confused to find that I was at least a half a foot taller than her, but really, ...I just couldn't believe how effortlessly, this petite little woman had just simply lifted me up from the floor, as if I were no bigger than a small child!

  Her dark eyes and shiny black hair accentuating her Asian complexion; perfect posture, and calm, focused demeanor, gave me the initial impression of someone that I definitely needed to respect. Knowing that her reputation, within her field, held the top space on the list of accomplishment; the extensive, and worldly experience that she had, was second to none.

I stepped back and tried to take her all in...

  Standing with a wide, solid stance; Ms. Maxine's polished, black, four-inch pumps, were jacking her up, ...adding that sweet curvature, with a powerful essence to her perfectly shaped little frame. Her white, button up shirt, with the tiny purple bow tie, looked like she only wore this type of outfit for work, ...the tie was crooked, and the white shirt was starched.

  That tight, black, mid-thigh skirt, seemed to crease in just the right places, and as she took a slight step forward, rocking her hips and relaxing her grasp on my forearms, I felt like she was slowly relinquishing her control,

  "Are you sure that you're alright?", she firmly asked. Slightly tilting her head to the side.

  "I, ...um, I'm not entirely sure yet?", I said. My head still spinning with a ringing in my ears.

  "Mr. Little?", Amy, the blonde receptionist, stepped in from behind and took my other arm,

  "Let's get you into the room so that you can lie down, alright?"

  I let the two of them walk me into Dr. Harrison's office. The large room had dark cherry wood siding on the walls and all of the furniture was leather. The black carpet gave the room an expensive ambiance.

  I found that Amy's grasp was nearly as powerful as the shorter doctors, and the two women together easily shuffled me into the psychiatrist lair.

  Her office was her sanctuary, it was plain to see that it was entirely her space; the instant that I sat down, I glanced around the room and realized that I was trapped inside this room, and being so weak, I had no way to escape this confusing situation.

  The moment that I found myself sitting on her couch, I began to realize that something was physically happening to me...

"Am I getting smaller?"

"What's that, Billy?", Amy asked me. Bending down before me, standing directly in front of the couch.

  Her short flowery skirt billowing out in the back, as it slid up her legs in the front. Her black leggings ending at her ankles, giving her creamy white peds, ...a striking contrast. The black strappy open-toed pumps elevated her a good five inches. Her bright green nail polish sparkled within the tight space of the open toe shoes.

    "I, ...uh, I ...am, I am getting Smaller!", I blurted out!

  Noticing the belt around my waist loosening up, I grabbed at it with both my hands and pulled it out away from my body! The Pants were getting bigger, and my shoes suddenly fell off onto the floor!

  Looking up at the two women standing over me, they suddenly seemed to grow taller! The room stretching out around me, and the floor spreading out. The space all around me expanding and growing larger by the second, I scooted back into the couch cushion and felt my shirt collapse down around me!

  My socks came off as they quickly outgrew my feet, and I felt the elastic band of my underwear slipping away. I felt my naked body falling backward into my oversized clothing as I shrank down further and further, ....and quickly became smaller and smaller!

   "Help Me, HEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLP! ", I Screamed Out!

  The air rushed in around me as I felt my giant shirt pulled away. The light flooding in suddenly opening up the sky. Frantically, I scampered to my feet and climbed up onto the pile of cloth that was my gigantic pair of pants!

  Looking up at the now, towering pair of giant women, I fell back in shock as they simply stood there looking down at me! I was looking up at two giants!

  Had I dreamt of this before? I had a sudden flash of gray memory; it was something that seemed familiar, but not so real that I couldn't quite place it...

    "Oh, my God. I can't believe this!", Amy said. Covering her open mouth with her left hand.

  "What happened to him?", she whispered, glancing over at the female doctor.

   "I don't know. I've never seen ANYTHING like this!", she said. Shaking her head in disbelief!

  I suddenly felt a cold draft, pulling my knees up into my chest, I wrapped my arms around them, curling into a ball and sitting there looking up at these two enormous women, ...I suddenly began to realize, just exactly, what it felt like, to become completely helpless!

   "Mr. uh, Little?", "...don't be frightened, okay, ...I'm going to pick you up. I'll be very careful, so don't be alarmed", the giant-sized face of the female doctor spoke.

   "Now, just let me get you, .....", she paused, as her huge, slender fingers, silently drifted in around me, slowly, they became curled around my miniature body.

  The cool surface of her large fingers wrapped around me and just slightly squeezed. I felt my heart racing as her hand swallowed me up completely. I couldn't get a full breath, as my mind went into overdrive!

  The fingernail of her pinkie finger, slipped around behind me, just slightly grazing across my left butt cheek, ...the solid feel of that hard shell, sent a pang of fear through my stomach. I froze within her grasp, ...as she ever so slowly, continued to tighten up her grip.

  Like sitting in the forks of a large tree, the doctor's hand took me up slowly above the couch seat and gradually continued elevating, until I was brought up between their two giant faces.

  Not wanting to freak out, ...I simply avoided looking directly at her. I closely inspected the surface of her skin, instead, ...soft, and so supple, like suede leather; thick, but puffy and warm, creamy softness. The doctor's giant thumb, curved around, encircling my entire front; at least as long as one of my arms. Her shiny nails, done up with a perfect french manicure.

  Although, in my peripheral vision, I could most definitely see her; her huge tanned face filling nearly all of that open space, ...I couldn't force myself to look directly at her.

  Amy's face filled the space on the other side. I couldn't look at her either; the wind shifted and I felt the room spin round.

  A sickening sweet perfume hit me in the nose like a punch in the face. An extreme fragrance of some Celebrity Brand, it burned my eyes and scorched my nasal passages nearly as bad as the cleaning solution from earlier!

   "Okay, Hon, Just hang tight for a sec. Kay? ...and, I'll get you over here, where you'll be more comfortable?",

  The giant, Asian woman's voice, sounded extremely powerful. She looked visibly shook up, as she carried me along inside her single hand. I glanced up at her face, trying to gauge the situation; to catch a quick look at her. She seemed to be a little nervous.

   Her feet, ... taking giant steps, sent tremors throughout her entire body. Slight, but very definite, the solid jolts of impact reverberated up through her hand.

  Floating through the sky, like a bird in flight, the gigantic room drifting past me as I flew across the small end table, and sailed by another huge leather chair. My flight was over, fairly quick, though, as I was swiftly brought in for a landing down among the scattered debris that made up the clutter, upon the surface of the lady doctor's desktop.

    Releasing me, with an unexpected quickness, I suddenly found myself sitting naked next to a very large, shelf type desk organizer. Pens, paper clips, post-its, and huge drawers of staples and colored markers, highlighters and file markers...

"Wha, ...Wha, Wha, WHAT HAPPENED TO HIM!", Amy's voice erupted from high above the huge desk counter! ".....Is He CONTAGIOUS!"

"I don't think, so... Maybe? But, No. I think not. This had to be something chemical based and not a viral type thing. We should be safe, ...I think..."., Dr.Harrison spoke with a slight bit of difficulty.

    In all her years of study, Maxine had never before witnessed anything so bizarre.
She had observed people, who had cut their own limbs off: she had treated women, who had a strange compulsion to eat bugs, and insects (They also greatly enjoyed swallowing small reptiles alive): she had talked people down, who were about to commit suicide: she had seen a woman whose legs were five feet tall, and a man who was just barely two feet tall, but she had never before seen a man shrink down to four inches tall, right before her very eyes!


  Several weeks back, Maxine had received all of Mr.Bill Little's complete medical records. His regular doctor had sent them by fax, and Maxine had gone over everything inside his folder with a fine tooth comb. Bill, was just a simple case of extreme Social Anxiety Disorder, and she had 'specifically', cured several cases that were very similar to his, ...but, he did seem to be an extreme case.

   ....and now, Ms. Maxine, ...didn't quite know, just exactly where to begin!

  Knowing full well, though, ...that she 'should', "report this to the authorities". And, ...she was 'required', to do so, ...by law... .

  However, after actually holding, ... Physically Holding. ...this fully grown man, (as if he were just an insignificant little specimen) ...so easily, right inside the palm of her single hand, ...something deep inside her core, ...told her differently. She just had to keep him, ...she just had too!

  Keep him, and study him, ...observe his reaction to different types of stimuli; he would become her newest 'little' test subject, ...Yes, ...she could do very specific type things, with this tiny, little, miniature human being. Things that would be completely impossible to do with a normal sized person.

  A whirlwind of incredible possibilities suddenly began swirling within the lady doctors magnificent brain! She hadn't been THIS excited, about anything, since maybe her trip to Africa; where she had gone there to study the effects of acute malnutrition, and basically: Starvation. _ on a small group, from a Pygmy Colony, that dwelled along the banks of the Amazon River.

There was only one problem...

  Maxine looked up at her newly hired receptionist, 'Amy Prodowsky'.

  This girl might present somewhat of a problem, ...she realized. The good doctor would have to convince this young girl, to keep this little secret completely confidential. A 'secret', just between the two of them. And, she also knew that she would have to use some type of leverage against her; she would have to reinforce the fact, that absolutely 'nobody else', could know about this, it would have to be their little 'Secret'...between, just the two of them...


Chapter 3 by midnightwriter85

'Dai on' na'

  Amanda Prodowsky, ...or 'Amy', ...had just turned 27 years old, and had only just recently graduated from Wesleyan. Not the University, but the two-year accredited school. ...with a four-point G.P.A., and finishing in the top of her class, the beautiful young blonde was extremely proud of her two-year Associate Degree.

  During the last month, Doctor Harrison had interviewed several candidates for the position of her assistant, and with more than just a few, very qualified individuals to pick from.

 However, after an extensive amount of research, and some background checks, the lady psychologist had finally made her decision, and she picked Amy. Hiring her strickly on a temporary basis, until she passed her probationary period...

  But, it was all really just 'fluff' and only just a formality, some unspecific 'Red Tape' that expressed the nature of her type of practice, ...although, Maxine had already made up her mind, Amy was working out just fine...

  Amy, just starting her new office job, ...this very week, had been something that she had been waiting for and her new position, was working at the front desk as the head of -'Record Keeping'- and, as the full-time Personal Assistant/Receptionist, for the world renowned, Doctor Maxine Harrison.

This job would be the perfect stepping stone that Amy needed. She wanted to get out on her own, and finally be able to get her own place...

 She couldn't wait to get started. Moreover, in Amy's life, she had another 'full-time' job as well - at home - she had an eight-year-old daughter, named Jazzy.

  Being a single mother, this new job meant 'everything' to her, and it was her ticket to get out from under her mother's wing, and finally, ...start doing things for herself, and, ...start looking for something better.

  Jasmine, or 'Jazzy' - (Amy's daughter) had been, her biggest responsibility. Until now, she was allowing her mother, to take care of the little girl, while she was away at school, ...but as soon as she got her new job, and her new place, Amy would be bringing her along, too.

 Moving her daughter back in with her and getting her enrolled in school, ...that, was her next priority!


    "Amy, could you go over there and get me some of those folded napkins from inside of that cabinet, there, if you would please, Darling.",

  Maxine asked the tall blonde assistant while pointing across the room towards the storage area inside her expansive office.

  "Yes, ma'am, ...how many do you want?", Amy asked. Still starring down at the smallest living person that either one of these two ladies had ever seen.

   "Just bring me one whole package."

    "Alright", Amy said. Slowly turning away, as if she had to force herself, to pull herself away from the incredible sight of me, sitting there next to the doctor's note pad.

  As Amy walked away, I looked up and watched her swaying across the room.

  Maxine remained peering down at me with a look of complete fascination. I couldn't speak to either of them, it was just Too Much!

  I had tried to ask her a question, but my nerve quickly slipped away. My brain had just frozen, at the very moment when the giantess Doctor released me down upon her desk, and in that same moment, ...I began to fully realize, just how freakishly small, I had actually become...

  This huge, Oak Desk Top, was suddenly like an enormous tennis court. A simple work space for this lady doctor, ...was like the inside of a warehouse, filled with over-sized objects, that could easily pose a real threat for someone that could sit comfortably within a package of handi-wipes!

  I wanted to ask her why she hadn't called the police and reported this bizarre incident! I wanted to know why, we were still here, inside her office, and not on the way to a hospital somewhere!

    I wanted to know what she was going to do with me!


  "Here ya go.", Amy said, as she returned with a small package of tissues.

   "Thank you, Amanda", the doctor said. Instantly ripping the plastic covering off, and removing the fresh stack of neatly folded tissues.

  "What do you suppose caused this 'shrinking episode'?", Amy softly whispered to the shorter doctor.

  It seemed like the gorgeous young girl was trying to talk above me, thinking that I couldn't hear her, ...or, that I couldn't understand what she was saying any longer...as if, after I had shrunk, I had become something less than human; no longer able to understand the the English language?

  The giant doctor leaned over her desk and gently released a few single tissues down next to me on the yellow note pad. I grabbed one of them up and wrapped it around my body like a toga.

  Her large hands held the big stack of soft tissues like a deck of giant cards. Her soft hands squeezed them tightly, working her powerful fingers around it, as if she were crushing all the air out of it.

  Then, she simply placed the stack down next to me, ...I looked at it as if it were a huge, soft bed, ...and, I suppose, that was what the doctor had intended it to be, ...for ME.

    "Well, let us assume that ...he must have come into contact with some sort of chemical mixture. It had to be something, that was 'two completely different' compounds, and the two were somehow mixed up, at just the right amounts, to create this strange phenomenon."

  The giant, Asian woman smiled, ...lowering herself down. Sliding her hands down on her knees, while bringing her face down level with the surface of the desk. The gigantic doctor smiled at me curiously, softly, raising an eyebrow in a droll, comical nature. Mockingly, she slightly twisted her expression strangely, ...simply watching me moving about upon her huge desk, apparently amused her...

  Slowly drifting away, Maxine pulled herself back up, returning to her full standing height, she continued,

  "Also, he could have been subjected to some other source of molecular, or bio-compound, that could have taken place long before, now, ...and with certain types of viruses, that exist in today's society, ...who knows, maybe this is just the tip of the Iceberg. Maybe, other cases are popping up all over the world, right this very minute."

    "Wow, do you 'really' think so?", Amy seemed enthralled with the idea.

    "Anythings possible, Amy. Now, it's nearly dinner time, let's see if we can get some food, and then, we'll need to figure out how we're going to deal with this thing, and, ...most importantly, keep this our little secret, too."

    "You mean, ...I can't tell 'anyone' about this?", Amy asked. Appearing slightly confused.

    "Absolutely NOT, Sweetie ...we can't tell anyone at all, about him, or ...what happened to him, or anything at all about this entire situation, ...or else the authorities will come and take him away. And, ... Sweetie, if they do that, then I'll have nothing to work with in solving this problem. Understand?", Maxine explained.

    "Do you mean that we're going to just 'Keep Him' as our little secret, ...Like, from now on, and never tell anyone else about him, ...at all?"

  "That's right. We have to keep him here, SAFE, with us. Or, we'll never get another chance to help him, or, figure out what CAUSED this, -bizarre thing' - to happen to him".

    "What if this is some type of 'Genetically Engineered Super-Virus', or something like a 'Dirty Bomb', then what, ....what do we do about it, then?"

    "Amy, let's just take this one step at a time, and keep our heads together, Okay?", Maxine stopped the girl from starring at me, by grabbing her arm and gently tugging her away from the edge of the desk.

    "C'mon, ...he'll be safe 'there', for now. We'll get some dinner, ...and bring him back something, too, ...Alright?"

    "Alright, but, ...I wonder if he's afraid of us... Doe's he, TRUST us, to take good care of him? I know, if it were HIM, ...I'd be so frightened that, ...I don't know if I'd trust anyone at all!"

    "Mr. Little, here, ...has some other issues that may cause him a great deal of stress. I'll give him a sedative, to help him relax, and we'll just leave him alone there, to give him a chance to settle down."

    "Do you think, that he'll get any smaller?", Amy whispered.

    "I surely HOPE not. At the size he is now, it's probably a little more difficult for him to breath. And, the effects of the lessened amount of gravity, will most likely take him some time to adjust, ...just getting used to his new size will surely be enough for him to deal with, right now... I don't want to cause our 'little friend' any additional stress, so I think that, if we just let him be, there, for a while, ...then he should start to recover a lot quicker."

  Pausing, to glance away from her tall blonde assistant, the Asian Doctor opened up her top drawer on the desk and quickly retrieved a small pill box. Her dexterous fingers wrapping around the plastic container as if she were intentionally trying to crush the life out of it, ...her thumb pressing firmly on the lid, her hand squeezing harder, as she talked to Amy...

    "Amy, ...You can, go on down to the cafeteria, and order us something to eat, alright? I'll give him something to drink, and a mild sedative. I'll make sure that he's safe, 'right here' on my desk, and then, I'll meet you in the dining room, Okay?"

    "Okay, Doctor Harrison", Amy said, stepping toward the door.

  "By the way - They're having 'Chicken Fingers' today, ...doe's that sound good?", Amy asked as she reached out to grab the door handle.

    "Just a large salad for me, okay, ...and, maybe some of those wheat crackers, Oh, and a Pint Size Bottle of skim milk, too! And, - also, order a plain hamburger -

  Maybe some protein in the beef would sustain our little patient here, ...he's bound to be dehydrated, so get a couple bottles of water and a glass of ice.",

  Dr.Harrison continued talking, as she opened the pill bottle and poured out a single white pill.

    "Oh, ...And, - Amy?, ...when there are no patients around, or in the office, you may refer to me as 'Maxine', or Max. That's what my closest friends, call me...", the Doctor suggested,

    "I think we're going to become very GOOD friends too, ...Sooooo, Yeh, just call me, Max, alright?"

    "Okay, Dr. Max? or, Ms. Max.??", Amy blushed, delighted to be allowed to refer to this highly respected, and World Renouned, 'Psychologist', ...as her personal, and close, 'FRIEND'!

  The tall, slender blonde, shivered as she felt a tingle; squealing with a shrill bark of delight, she quickly slipped through the doorway and disappeared into the hall.


  The heavy steel door finally clicked shut, with an audible - 'CLUNK!' -, closing behind Amy's reluctant departure.

  I was now inside the office, all alone, with my Colossal Psychologist.
Squatting low, upon this big yellow writing tablet, I shivered uncontrolably. My brain screaming inside my head, yearning for answers, and my physical body trembling so; I begged for some type of relief from this terrible situation!

   With the sudden loss, of so much of my former body weight, the impact of this magnifcent situation, had just tore into my psyche like nothing I'd ever experienced,

  ...leaving me spinning in the aftermath, without a clue, as to what I could expect was going to happen to me next! ?

  Maxine's enormous figure silently approched me from the left side of her desk, her huge profile, lingering so high above the level plateau; the surface of which, spreading out around me like a cluttered up tennis court.

  I hunkered down and held my arm up protectively, ...unable to fathom what her giant hands could actually do to my puny figure, if she so desired, I would be nothing but a stained tissue paper crumpled up, and lying inside the bottom of her giagantic waste basket.

  Speaking low, and in a very soft tone of voice, Maxine lowered her face down closer and began exagerating her words, ...almost rediculously, - S L O W, ...the giant Face, of the lady doctor spoke down to me, very, S L O W L Y.

    "Alright now. Billy. Let's just calm down, ...and try to just, relax. Okay."

  I started to tremble like a Toy Poodle, watching this huge set of female hands. Just her simple motions, and mere gestures, ...were simply incredible from where I was sitting...

   I had to remind myself to breath. Her long slender fingers, were just so graceful, and eleagant. I became quickly captivated by the bewitching fashion of her huge, but glorious, feminine hands...

  Just the sight of her, this enormous woman, from the top of her desk was just amazing... I was shaking so uncontrolably that it was apparantly visable to her, and she was trying to help me calm down, but, her intimate attentions only seemed to intensify my fear!

  Maxine's soft voice filled the air all around me.

    "Mr. Little, if you could just, eat some of this white powder here, it will help you to settle down."

  The smooth feminine fingers appeard before me like something from a dream. Her giant-sized, right hand, turned around and her long slender index finger unfurled, bending slightly, as it simply touched the paper. Dumping out a minute amount of crushed up medicine from the tip of her fingernail, she tapped her finger on the yellow page and pulled her hand slowly away.

    "It's just a slim dose of crushed up Xanex. The same as your regular perscription, I divided the dosage down to just 1/12 of your regular dosage, so let's just see if you can get some of it down with a bit of water here..."

  Just as the giant hand left, it quickly returned with a bottle cap full of clear water. Her huge fingers tentively released the small white cap, and slowly lifting away...

    "I'm going to go, now, ....alright?, Maxine smiled and stepped away from her desk.

(I wanted to yell at her! I wanted to Scream at her! I wanted to grab her, and shake her!)

    "You just try and relax, Okay. ....I'll be back in about thirty minutes, or so. Don't worry, everythings going to be just fine. I won't let anything happen to you. This office is very safe, nobody can get in here."

    And with that, the initial espousal was over. I had been accepted into this strange Matriarchy without so much as even getting to introduce myself...


Chapter 4 by midnightwriter85

'Dai on' na'


  As I sat there, completely covered with a single facial tissue, using it as easily as a bed sheet; I was thinking about everything that had happened to me leading up to this point.

I nervously glanced around the enormous space, that was actually the surface of this lady Doctor's desk. Slowly getting to my feet, I wrapped the stiff, white tissue, around my waist and tried to secure it a little bit tighter.

Looking over at a large gold framed picture, sitting diagonally at the right-hand side of the doctor's desk. It was a picture of the doctor, wearing a rubber scuba diving suit and, she was standing on a large boulder in the edge of the ocean somewhere,

  ...the sky was clear blue, and the bright sunlight was glistening across the surface of the rippling waves... a much younger girl was with her too, I wonder, does she have a daughter...

  Stepping closer, my bare feet felt the cool surface of the solid polished wood. I tried to get a better look at the lady doctor's face. The picture wasn't very clear and I couldn't really get a good look at the detail of her face. Although, her shapely, and muscular physique was well on full display, and I quickly felt an overpowering sexual emotion!

  Quickly pulling myself away, from the nearly 'Lifesize Picture', (from my standpoint,) and stepping across the soft paper of a giant notepad; walking away, so that I could instantly divert my attention to the medicine that the giantess had left for me.

  Knowing, full well, that I was already addicted to the anxiety medicine, I stepped across the lines of the yellow page and squatted down next to the small pile of powderize Xanax. I reached down, scooping up a tiny amount on my index finger, and then carefully, standing back up on the huge tablet, I stepped over to the big bottle cap.

   Squatting down again, I instantly thought of the way that most people perform the act of drinking Tequila, ...with a lemon and some salt, - I actually chuckled, as I licked the Xanax from my finger - and then, quickly dipped my hands down into the bottle cap of clear liquid, I retrieved a palm-full of luke warm water and instantly slurped it into my mouth.

  Nearly gagging from the intensity of the bitterness, I gulped the harsh powder down quickly enough to chase the chemicals into my dry throat. I swallowed hard, and my throat clenched up; I choked from the horrible taste but managed to get it down without too much trouble.

  "Horrible Taste, ...I wonder if that was more than what I normally Take?".

  Standing once more, I slowly walked to the edge of the desk. Looking out across the huge room, I couldn't believe the actual distance that I was seeing...

  The coal black carpeting, down below, was at least a thirty-foot drop. The huge doorway, all the way across the room, had to be nearly a half mile away. I noticed that she had left a pair of high heeled shoes lying on the floor next to the corner of the desk. The blood-red soles had instantly caught my eye, drawing my attention to the spike heels, ...the size of them, caused my heart to skip a beat...

  ...the yellowish-tan colored leather, on the giant sized pumps, softened the brightness and gave the shoes a fancy looking appearance. I wondered if she was married, or divorced... I assumed that she was single because I hadn't noticed any rings on her fingers...

  A few magazines were scattered across the coffee table by the sitting chair. 'The Outdoors', 'People', 'The Greater New Yorker', and the 'Vanity Fair' were instantly available from the middle of the short little table. The glossy images on the front covers were like billboard signs from where I'm standing.

  I couldn't imagine how small, I was, that I had so suddenly become this little Ken Doll! This was just so freaky! I wondered if maybe I was just dreaming all of this, ...couldn't be real, could it? Could a person just 'SHRINK'??

  Was I, the very first 'Shrinking Man'? Couldn't be... No Way, ...if this WAS real, then, there had to be more people shrinking like this, ...Right? Was I the only one?

  What was she going to do with me? Why, would she want to just keep me here? Shouldn't she take me to a hospital somewhere? Why did she just, instantly decide, to just keep this whole thing a big secret! Was she just going to keep me, for her own, ideas...

  What could she possibly 'want' from a tiny little man, ...who couldn't even get down from the top of her desk! This wasn't right, ...were her 'intentions' something, that I should be concerned about?

    'What 'WAS', this giant, Woman, Doctor, planning on doing with me?

  My heart had finally started to settle down, until my panicked thinking, quickly restarted it again, ...my entire body suddenly became so weak that I had to sit back down.

  I let my legs hang down over the edge of the front of the desk. I sat in the very center most area, right where the giant woman would be facing me, ...if she were sitting at her desk working; the thought of how BIG, she actually was, now, ...instantly filled my mind.

  I imagined her sitting there, and my heart started racing at the image that I had created.

        My God! What was she going to do with ME!

  ...anything that she wanted...That's what! ...and, I couldn't do anything at all, to stop her!

  Her huge desk chair was pulled out and turned slightly toward the door, I looked down at the leather seat cushion, ...a slight impression within the softness of the suede cover revealed the massive size, of the lady Doctors butt...

  Her weight, ...her massive weight, could crush every bone inside my puny body, and she wouldn't even notice!

"What the Hell am I going to do!", 'my head started getting fuzzy, and my ears started ringing again.

  I noticed that my voice was slightly different; like the tone, was several octaves higher, the vibration in my throat had changed to a mere hum. Also, I felt like I weighed nearly nothing at all. The air felt heavier than before, too - thicker, and more humid.

  How could I live like this? Could I actually do anything to support myself, now? What could I do? I had barely been able to make a living before, ...and NOW! What could,

...I do Now! NOTHING! Nothing at all, ...not a fuckin' thang!

  Was I just a simple Freak? Maybe. Was the Giant Doctor going to put me on a display somewhere? She could charge people money, to walk through and look at me,

  ...I could see it already, an endless line of curious on-lookers, peer through the bars of my tiny cage, gawking in at me and laughing at how small I was, little girls wanting to touch me, little boys wanting to put me inside of a toy cars, and shove me down a makeshift race track.

  Hundreds of giant people, crowding around to take a look at the smallest man in the world.

  Is that what my future would hold? Just a tiny spectacle, to be laughed at, and gawked at, stared at, mocked... Looked down upon, by stupid people who felt more powerful about THEIR miserable life, whenever 'they' looked down upon someone who was small enough to fit inside their shoe?


  Looking down, at the distant floor, my heart pounding so hard inside my chest, ...when suddenly, I was distracted by the sound of the huge office door clicking opened; female voices began echoing through the ceiling...

  I quickly jumped to my feet and ran back toward the rear of the desk. The clattering sound of extremely large footsteps entered the floor space, followed by the door closing with a solid clunk...

  Talking as they entered, Amy's giggle drew my complete attention, "Oh, I Know! I Know, that would be so, ...Awesome!"

  "The way that he looked at her was just so weird, ya know, ...I told her he was nothing but a cheater, but she wouldn't take my word for it!", Maxi's voice, resounded with a shrill laugh, as she continued telling Amy something that had to happen over the past weekend.

"Just wait, you'll meet her, ...she's REALLY nice, but, ...like I said, she's a little tipsy!", both women burst into a full roaring round of laughter!

  Their tremendous voices filling the entire room. A shrill, feminine, cackle, a girlish chippering laughter, it made my ears cringe from the penetrating volume.

I covered my hands over my ears and squatted down next to a giant stack of post-it notes. Hunkering down and lowering my head, I started rocking on my heels; praying that they would just forget about me, just leave me alone.

  After a short while, the chattering started to settle down. I could feel the effects of the sedative beginning take effect. I tried to relax, and took a deep breath, slowly lifting up my head to look around.

  The strong aroma of cooked hamburger filled my nose, I looked toward the front of the desk area, and...

  "ARE YOU HUNGRY, BILLY?", Amy's voice erupted,

  the large blushing face hovering just above the surface of the desk.

  "I'll BET, you are, ...aren't you, Little Guy!", Amy spoke so sweetly to me like she would with a small child.

  Her overly expressed delightfulness revealed in her large perfect teeth. Her rosy cheeks, swelling around her broad set smile.

  Her wide sparkling eyes darting to and fro, excitedly dancing with curiousness, she leaned forward, and partly opened her relaxed mouth, her tongue peeked out and lightly touched the inside corner of her lips...

    "C'mon, sweety, ...why don't ya just try and EAT SOMETHING, for ME!", she spoke way too loudly, the volume nearly blasting my ears out!

  Her large, elegant, right hand, moved forward, gliding toward the styrofoam cup that held a plain, single burger. The top bun had been removed, and the lid of the cup had been torn away from the package. The meat had been chopped up into small manageable chunks.

  Amy's large hand swept in above, and her index finger uncurled from her closed fist, casually pointing out toward the white cup, she effortlessly pushed the entire thing across the desk, ...shoving it closer, and moving it slowly toward me; like a Bull Dozer, pushing an entire car!

   "I Know You MUST BE, very Hungry, aren't cha, Yes? C'mon little fella, DIG IN!", she encouraged me like she would with a frightened child.

  I wanted to yell at her, and tell her to 'Shut the Hell UP!', her voice was way too loud, and every word that burst from her tremendous face nearly ruptured my eardrums!
Just then, Maxine came up from behind her and leaned in from the side. Her huge shadow swept across the surface of the desk like a cloud floating over a football field,

  ...her enormous figure filling the sky; I cowered before her as she peered down at me. She looked on with curious eyes.

  Her looming presence, lingering above, the giant Doctor quickly evaluated the situation and slowly drifted away.

    "Let's give him some space, Okay. I think this little guy is still trying to figure out what's going on. It's going to take him some time, he's just a slight bit confused about all the changes thats happening to him", Maxine slowly pulled Amy away, taking her by the arm, she shushed her, and quietly removed her from the desk area.

  I watched in amazement, as the two giant women stepped away, moving over to the couch and silently sitting. Amy crossed her legs elegantly, and the Doctor sat with her knees together, ...folding her hands in her lap, she smiled and winked at the younger girl and the two of them both looked back at me with loving eyes...

  Whispering softly, Maxine looked back to her new assistant, "So, any plans for tonight?", she asked.

  The tall slender blonde, uncrossed her legs, and then shifting her weight, she recrossed them once more, leaning closer, she whispered something so very quietly, that I couldn't make it out. She smiled, directing her gaze back toward the desk, scrunching up her face, she puckered her mouth and made a kissy face...

  Maxine giggled, "Now, it's just the first week, so, ...how did you like it, so far?", she asked.

  Amy spoke too quietly now, I couldn't hear a single word that she said, ...her whispers were like hot, juicy, hissing splinters; excited spluttering, ...I watched her mouth, trying to read her lips...

  Maxine giggled softly and grabbed her by the leg. Gripping her knee with a squeeze, she caused the younger girl to laugh with much more vigor, teasing her with a quick harder squeeze. Amy had to push the Doctors hand away to protect herself from the taunting of her New Boss.

  The lady Doctor slowly stood, and gradually stepped back to her sitting chair. Amy stood up and walked around the couch. It seemed that the two of them had agreed to some type of secret liaison, to which I was not privy...

  Maxine sat down and spoke across the room as Amy walked toward the office door.

    "Have a good weekend, and I'll see you on Tuesday!", the female Doctor said.

    "Yeah, ...I'll be here 'bout eight, and I'll bring Breakfast!", Amy answered.

  Stepping through the heavy door, the tall slender blonde disappeared into the hallway and the door fell shut.

I ST00D UP AND, silently stepped barefoot over to the giant white box that held the hamburger. I stopped and looked out across the open space between the front of the desk, and the Lady Doctor's sitting chair.

  She was sitting in the chair holding a small paper bowl with a few greens still left from her dinner. She was picking out small pieces of veggies and crunching bits of wheat crackers with delicate fingers.

  Her attention seemed to be fully absorbed within her salad; her legs flexed as she casually kicked off her flats and began rubbing her stocking feet into the black carpeting.

  I watched her take a small leaf from the salad, and carefully inspect it. She examined the dark colored leaf, and turned it around very slowly, she held it closer and closer to her mouth, until finally, she slowly placed it between her lips and pushed it inside her mouth.

  Her jaws flexed, and she slowly started to chew. She seemed to be in deep thought. Chewing excruciatingly slow; her mouth working effortlessly, her lips sealing shut, her teeth macerating the large salad leaf...

  I felt a sudden stab of pain in the pit of my gut, the thought of being eaten alive by that huge set of teeth, caused me to step away from the hamburger and duck down behind the paper box.

  I wasn't very hungry anyway, and the thought of placing anything into my mouth just turned my stomach. I couldn't eat. How could I? I didn't even want anything, at all...

  The huge room was a little bit chilly, ...cold, for me, and when I sat very still, I started to shiver from the cool air. The smell of the cooked beef, just made me want to puke. I couldn't eat. Not like this, ...I didn't even want anything to drink...

  I just wanted to know what in the HELL, she was planning on doing with me! She didn't even seem to be concerned any longer, OR, the slightest bit interested, in doing anything to help me get back to normal!


   Why was she so calm, about this whole thing? Was this something that she was familiar with, ...I seriously doubted it, but, ...Maybe, she had seen this, ...before, and she was just waiting, ... but, waiting for what?

What was she waiting for?

Chapter 5 by midnightwriter85

'Dai on' na'


  Maxine Harrison ; ( Harrison: an acquired, American Name) was nearly forty-five years old. However, her youthful appearance deceived most everyone. Most people would assume that she was so much younger, ...she looked to be about thirty-five...

She had grown up in the orient, and for many generations, her entire family had been farmers. Living on, and working with the land. Growing rice and maintaining a very large apple orchard, too. Maxine had four sisters and three brothers who were only a year apart in age, and they all worked together and played together. Their lives revolving around the work of taking in the harvest each year, and going to the open markets in Kanto.

Helping out their parents, along with their Aunts and Uncles and a slew of cousins as well. Their lives were perfectly clean, healthy and youthful. Maxine was as innocent as the driven snow, ...untarnished and pure.

Maxine had just barely become a woman, only 12 years old when she was so abruptly taken away; she sorely missed her family. So young, when she was separated from them, she had been taken away by some people that she didn't even know.

Taken away in the middle of the night, dragged away from their family home, kicking and screaming! Kidnapped, by slave traders, and sold into the underground markets!

  Her life, so drastically ripped away, her youth interrupted. And, as she would soon realize, it would never be the same again...

 The American soldier that had found her on the street, helped her out and took her in. Extracting her from the gutters of the slum, he saved her, giving the young girl a second chance at having a successful life.

Essentially, rescuing her from that brothel in Kanto (inside Tokyo); He brought her back home with him and adopted her. She loved him very much, and when he died in the hospital with lung cancer at age forty, he made Maxine promise him that she would continue with her schooling and graduate from college.

Maxine tried to block out most of her past. She had thrown herself completely into her studies, and decided that she would become the best Doctor that she could be, ...and after thirteen years of college, she had completed her degrees, And, kept her promise.

She knew about the ways of the world, long before most girls her age were even thinking about dating. And, her past experiences had caused her to look upon men, as not only the opposite sex but, also, an opposing force, that she wanted to instantly correct!

To say that Maxine, "Hated Men", would be an understatement, ...although, she didn't despise all of them, just 99 percent of them, it seemed; the few men that she had known, in her young life, and that she actually had at least some respect for,    ...were usually older men; Already married, with a life and a family of their own.

   At age thirty, she had begun to worry about being all alone in the world. So, three years after graduating from college, Maxine had decided to adopt a child that she could call her own, and raise her, all by herself, ...at least, she could have someone in her old age to be with her whenever that time came...

She had returned to Japan and sought out a female child to adopt and take back to the states with her. And, with little difficulty, Maxine found 'Daina Lee'. Or, maybe it was Daina Lee, who had found 'her', ...Maxine, wasn't too sure? The young girl had ran and jumped into her arms, the very instant that she saw her, ...and the two of them instantly bonded!

Maxine had signed the paperwork, and, ...had the little girl on an overnight flight, back to New York , and, well,...

...that was five years ago, ...and little Diana was now getting ready for her sixteenth birthday party.


    Maxine walked briskly across the open parking lot. The cool autumn air was swirling through the brownish, fallen leaves, lifting a few up, and tossing them around in the air, spinning them, and twisting them all around like some strange, wild, dance.

The lady Doctor hurried toward the building carrying the small wire cage in her right hand. The entire cage was covered over completely with a heavy pillowcase. She walked into her apartment building and headed for the elevator.

Bumping into Joyce Amble, ...her old roommate from college several years back. Maxine was forced to stop and talk with her, while she waited for the elevator to arrive.

She had lived together with Ms. Amble, for nearly her entire college career, and they had been extremely close for the entire duration, ...although, Maxine didn't exactly approve of everything that Joy did, she didn't judge her for her actions outside of their school life, ...what she did on her own time was none of her business.

  Joyce Amble stood five-foot-eleven and had short red hair, her long legs were almost always on display; wearing either a tight pair of shorts, or a super tight miniskirt, she could turn every head in the bar, and crossing the street, she could always 'Stop Traffic'.

   ..and with very good reason. Her legs had been her meal ticket throughout college, and even yet, she still made some serious cash at the strip club only working on one night per week.

  Joyce Amble, ...or 'Ambrosia' , ...that, was her stripper handle at the clubs. And, her name was very, well know, throughout the inner-city nightlife. She always produced an entirely packed house, every, single night, that she danced at the any of the night clubs, ...she could actually pick and choose, where-ever she wanted; and whenever she wanted, to dance!

Her red hair was naturally blonde, and she had started to notice a few gray strands, ...so that's when she had decided to go red,

She worked as a part-time receptionist for Maxine, and another family doctor in the city, but she only filled in for their regular, full-time receptionists, whenever they were on vacation or took a sick day...she hadn't ever needed to hold a 'full time' job, she was very smart with her money, and seemed to have plenty of it to go around...

    "What's in the cage, Maxie, ...did you buy yourself a bird?", Joyce asked. Reaching out to lift the edge of the pillow case.

    "Oh, ...No, no, no, ...it's just an empty cage. I wanted to hang it in the apartment for decor." Now, Joy, ...you know we're not allowed any PETS!", Maxine said as she pulled the cage around to the other side of her body, taking it away from the curious fingers of her 'wide-eyed friend'.

    "So, you got any "dates" planned for this weekend Girl?", the taller woman asked with a firm stare, unblinking and narrowing her eyes.

    "I've got some friends coming over tonight, ...But, - Oh, Diana's birthday party is tomorrow! And, you know that 'You're' Invited', Too. So, just bring something nice, and not too 'Over-the-Top' like you did last year, Joyce. Just get her something Nice, Okay?", Maxine told her, holding the cage well away, from her former roommate's reach.

    "Sweet Sixteen, ...oh, she's growing up so fast!", Joy said, standing back, allowing Maxine to step into the elevator in front of her, as the doors slowly opened up.

    "What time doe's the Party start?", Joyce asked. Quickly stepping inside behind her, and turning around to lean back against the rear wall of the elevator.

    "Oh, I don't know, ...we'll have the Cake, at around three, and Diana can open her presents up, about four o'clock - or so, ...just come on over whenever you want, Joy. You're just like a sister to me, ...and you know that you're always welcome!"


 Meanwhile, inside the cage...

    "What the, ...where am I?", Groaning quietly, and sitting up to look around.

  Shifting my weight, as the entire floor tilted to one side. I braced myself and held tightly to my loosening toga. The whole room slightly spun round, and I caught my breath while trying to keep from sliding across the slippery floor!

The round space that I found myself inside, was floating around like a ship tossing about in an angry sea! I could hear voices coming from high above the top, and I recognized only one, ...Maxine.

The other voice, I didn't know. But, the giant woman doctor seemed to be very familiar with her. Her tone of voice was slightly different as if she didn't really care for this individual, and she was just, simply, humoring her, ...I could tell already, that she wasn't going to introduce this one to me...

Suddenly, the motion of my prison started swinging around more roughly, and I could hear the solid impacts of heavy footfalls. The voice of the stranger, fading into the distance, I could tell that Maxine was going further away from her as they continued talking.

    Maxine said, raising her voice, "See ya' Later, Joy".

The faster pace, of my giantess captor, forced me to lay back and, spread my feet wide apart. Desperately trying to steady myself during this fluctuating ride, I had nothing to hold on to, and the erratic nature of this twirling trip was nothing if not completely terrifying!

    "Help!", I yelled out. Just to try and get her attention.

  It didn't make any difference, and as my carriage shifted to the right, and suddenly whipped back the other direction, I suddenly realized, that my outburst had effectively made things much worse! Whipping around, ...causing me to lie back, while desperately trying not to slide across the floor!

A half turn and my world spun around the other way, ...then, switching once more, it whirled around the other way! I sprawled out, barely able to maintain any type of balance, while trapped inside of this run away washing machine, ...I could only lie back, and try and steady myself!

The dimly lit space, offered very little sense of direction and the constant spinning motion created a sensation that I hadn't experienced, since the last time that I rode that Famous 'Roller Coaster', that was referred to as, 'Space Mountain!'

The swirling and spinning, eventually settled, and I decided to just stay still and remain quiet. Opening my mouth had been a big mistake, and I would most definitely, think long and hard about doing it again...

This, 'shrinking' thing, was so unusual and strange. I began to realize that there was going to be a whole world of changes, and for me, ...it was going to be so much different.

It would be, just as if, I had been transported to some other world; a world, within this WORLD, a 'fantastic' and new, situation; One that had never before been experienced by anyone!

  How could I prepare myself for what was happening to me? There was nothing like this in my imagination, and, ...I had no idea of the things to come...

I couldn't even imagine what was about to happen to me, but still, ...I desperately tried!


    Without warning, the cage suddenly stopped moving. Dropping down heavily against a solid floor, my ride bumping abruptly and coming to a sudden halt; the constant spinning motion instantly stopping, ...leaving my head still spinning, and dizzy, ...and for a long while, I felt like I was still moving, ...but, quickly realized that Maxine must have reached her destination.

Settling down, and listening to the ominous sounds all around my enclosure, huddling within the center most area of the round cell, I pulled my tissue paper Toga up around my naked body and melted into the dimly lit space...

I could hear doors closing, and swishing footsteps; sweeping motions, large shadows moved past the walls of my cell. Huge flashing motions, ...every sound accompanied with an extending vibration.

A ringing bell sounded off, somewhere in the distance and heavy footsteps quickly rushed past my cage. The outside world was suddenly a rush of clambering motion, ...an explosion of quaking, and bustling calamity!

I heard a strange voice, coming from the doorway, and then I heard Maxine's voice speaking excitedly,

    "There's My Girl!", she rang out! "Get in here, ...take off your Shoes."

    "Hello, Mommy. Did you leave work 'early' today?", the young girl's voice sounded soft and quiet.

Maxine spoke much louder than usual, she seemed to be overly excited about talking with this young girl.

    "Oh, yes. I had to get home before YOU did, - so that we could, ...get everything ready for tomorrow, ...you'll have to do all of your homework, quickly - so that we'll have the rest of this three day weekend to enjoy ourselves!"

    "Oh, ... No, Mom. Can't the 'Homework', Wait. I'm Too Tired. ", the girl said. Extending her voice with a whining sound. Sighing, and stepping through the light past my cage.

I felt the motion, as she swept by, a large shadow rolling across the curtain that enclosed my cell. I held my breath, waiting to see what was going to happen next...

    "Diana, we've already discussed this, and you know the rules..."

    "Okay, Mum. But, I want to get changed first and get something to drink. Today was just a waste of time, anyway, we didn't do anything at all, after lunch, ...and the entire day was just, so stupid! ...I just wanted to get out of there and get away from those people!"

    "Don't you feel well?", Maxie lowered her voice. "I hope you're not coming down with something..."

    "If you're sick, ...then we'll have to call everyone and postpone your birthday party."

    "No, ...no, I'm NOT sick. I just Hate it, when the teachers don't have anything for us to do. They just let everyone 'set around' and talk, doing nothing, and just wasting time. It just, ...just, ...wears me OUT, Mommy!"

    "I know dear, ...but, let me tell you. Enjoy yourself Now, ..because, as you get older you'll find that these days, - 'like this' - won't come as often, ...and you'll wish that you had a 'Free Day' to just waste, like this!"

    "Alright Mum, ...I suppose you're right.", the young girl stepped further away, her voice fading, "I'm going to take a shower."

I felt the rustling of motion next to my cage, and then everything grew quiet. I waited.


  Nothing seemed to be happening and I started to get curious. My stomach was completely empty, and I heard that familiar squishing sound coming from deep within my gut. I should have eaten some of that hamburger, that Amy had tried to give me...

I decided to try and get a peek out of my cage. I could easily reach through the bars and lift up the cover. I silently stepped over to the bars and reached through, ...grabbing the soft cotton, I squatted down lower and reached down as far as I could, reaching down to the lowest edge, I grabbed it, and with little effort, I easily managed to pull it up so that I could see out from underneath.

The tan carpeting spread out in all directions. A large, flat screen, digital T.V. was mounted on the wall above a fake, fireplace mantle. A large black vase set centering the shelf just below the wide black screen.

I could see almost into what was probably the kitchen area because the floor was a clean white block tile. The brighter light coming from inside the room was a giveaway, that the Lady Doctor was inside there with a light on...

I could hear dishes rattling gently together, she must have been washing them, or preparing something for a late dinner. I faintly detected the sweet aroma of boiling vegetables and the savory scent of smoked pork.

I heard the sudden pop, of a wine cork, and my stomach started to groan a little bit more. I was starving, Now. And, the hunger pangs were starting to get to me!
In the opposite direction, I faintly heard the sound of the shower running, ... the bathroom must have been around the corner, seemingly some distance down a long hallway. The water suddenly shut off, and I heard a door latch clicking, ...then, I heard quick footfalls coming directly toward the living room...

I dropped the curtain, and scooted back into my cage! The rushing motion swept past, and the gust of wind swirled across the covering like a spinning dust storm! I held my breath as the young girl giant briskly shuffled by, simply walking into the kitchen after getting her shower...

    "Some 'thing', ...smells Soooo, Good!", the young girl spouted! "I'm Starving!"

Chapter 6 by midnightwriter85

'Dai on' na'

  The sound of heavy dishes and giant chairs, ...the clanking of, fork to plate, ...the clinking of glassware, ...the quiet, whispering voices blending into the background of the late dinner hour. The smell of warmth and deliciousness, ...savory aromas, filling the air all throughout the entire house.

  Maxine and her daughter, Diana ...working together on the girl's homework. Enjoying their late evening meal; I wondered if this was normal for them, and... It appeared as though it was...

  I heard the young girl laughing, ...giggling, and whispering with delightful excitement. Her mother laughing along with her, much more than usual, her voice deeper, and womanly.

  I paced around in a wide, lazy circle, stepping barefoot across the diameter of my round prison cell. I felt like screaming, ...but, kept my mouth shut. I didn't want to do anything to arouse suspicion, ...my hunger pains had actually started to fade. ...so, I just kept walking in small circles, trying to stay calm until something happened, ...something, but what?

  My mind lingering, ...wondering what fate had in store for me...

  Trapped inside of the Penalty Box. My mind drifted back, taking me all the way back to middle school, ...the teacher, Mrs. Miller - calling attendance; the entire class would look toward me whenever she got to the 'L's, ...Lang, Richard Lang, ( Here ) Louther, Mark Lother, (Here ) ...Little, Billy Little! ...Little, Billy Little! Little, Little, Little Billy! (Here) Little Billy's Here.

   At least two hours had gone by, as I was left here to wait. The time spent, was beginning to whittle away at my nerves, and I felt like trying to get Maxine's attention, ...I wanted to get out of this cage, and, ...well, I needed to use the bathroom...

  I had to pee, really bad. I didn't want to just pee on the floor, either, so I wondered if the giant Doctor would be angry if I yelled out, just to try and her to get her attention...

  Would she be angry, if I did pee on the floor?

  The image of my mother suddenly entered my mind. I felt weak, and my head felt fuzzy, the thought of angering the giantess frightened the hell out of me! I couldn't imagine what she would do to punish me...

  I didn't want to find out. If she got mad at me and lost her temper with me, ...what could she be capable of... I did NOT want to find out what she could do to me!

  After being so easily, picked up, ...and held up, entirely within her single, right hand; so effortlessly carried across her office, ...the thought of this gigantic woman, being angry with me, was completely terrifying!

   She could do anything she wanted to, ...and I had no idea what to expect from her!

   I have to pee. I just have too, and I can't hold it any longer!

I step to the edge of the cage and kneel down on the floor and lift up my toga.

Aiming it out into the bottom part of the heavy cotton cloth that covers the cage.

I let it go, and trying not to spatter anything on the floor...

Its flowing out of me in a heavy stream. It felt so good, I was so relieved to just let it go, and relax; releasing everything that was in my full bladder. I felt like the stream was never going to stop. It just kept on draining and draining!

    "Damn, what a relief", I breathed.

I held a constant flow for nearly five minutes! I started to worry about her noticing the yellow stain, and I tried to adjust my aim. Pointing it further along the edge, I worked my way along, moving around the floor and aiming at the drier areas of the heavy curtain.

The further I moved along, the more worried I became! I couldn't stop it, though, ...I had held it for so long, ... I knew it would actually hurt to stop, and I would probably get it all over the floor, ...I knew that I just had to let it all out!

    "God, ...I hope she doesn't notice this!"

The cold metal floor was hard on my knees. I finally finished draining, and quickly stood back up, I looked down at the large wet spot on the edge of the curtain,

    ...Maybe, she wouldn't notice it...


  A long while passed, then suddenly,

Something outside my enclosure moved. I swiftly stepped across the metal floor and moved over to the other side of the cage. I hunkered down and wrapped my arms around my knees.

    "What's the bird cage for, Momma?", the girl's voice was directly above my prison.

    "Go ahead, Dear, ...take a look see...", Maxine spoke from some distance away.

I felt all the blood draining away from my face, as the curtain slowly lifted up...

  The light entering the floor, then, slowly climbing up across my enclosure, ...bright light flooding in, sweeping across the entire space, spreading out, and completely swallowing me up!

Fully bathed in the white, brightness, ...the whole cage seemed to melt away and disappear into nothingness. Leaving me, sitting there, squinting, ...and looking up at the huge sparkling eyes of this giant teenage girl!

She was wearing a loose pair of baggy sweatpants with large front pockets. A long sleeve sweater, that had a low cut neck; a heavy purple material that had the school's team logo printed across the chest, - "Panthers" - the picture of a snarling cat, showing it's large teeth.

She slowly stood up, while carefully removing the pillow case from the cage. Her face slowly drifting away with a slow changing expression, ...her eyes doubled in size, and her mouth dropped open.

Her long, black braid's of hair, twisted up tightly, on both sides of her head. Thick, double twisted, braids. Lengthy pig-tails, falling like two heavy ropes, dropping all the way down to her waist, ...ending with two, matching, twin tassels, that appeared like over-sized paint brushes...

She dropped the cage cover and bent down closer to the bars. Her hands flew up and covered her mouth, she gasped, ...and caught her breath with a sudden shock of surprise!

    "Oh, ...My Gosh!", she exclaimed! "Is THAT, ...A Real Person?"

    "How did he, ...how, ...how, Is HE REAL?"
    "Wow!", the girl squealed with joy!

    "Mom?", she squatted down. Lowering herself down closer to the side of the cage.

     "Is That a, ...Real Person?", she asked. Staring intently in between the bars of the wire cage.

Maxine carefully stepped forward, squatted down on the other side of my prison cell. Smiling wider, her face glowing with radiance, the woman doctor reaching out and grabbed the trembling girls shoulder,

...shifting her weight on her hips, the giantess knelt down on one knee,

With overly expressed excitement, she said, "Happy Birthday, Diana!".

The girl's face lit up. Had her mother, just announced, ...that this little person, was actually her gift?

  She paused briefly, just a moment before, unexpectedly falling across the open space between them, ...wrapping her arms around Maxine's shoulders and effectively trapping her with an incredible squeeze!.

Hugging each other, the giant doctor laughed, as this excited young girl squeezed her as hard as she could!

    "Oh, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!"

Nuzzling her face and cheek into Maxine's neck, cuddling up against the larger woman, snuggling closely, and squeezing her up ever so tightly, ..."Oh, ...He's just so cute, and, Just what I always WANTED, Too - Momma!"

Maxine smiled, "His Name is Little Billy. ...or, Billy. "Little". Billy Little *(hee, hee)*, And, he's all yours!"

I sat there looking up at them, ...watching with complete confusion as this, giant, lady, doctor, had just "apparently", ...given me away, ...to her daughter, ...as a 'Birthday Present!'

I couldn't even breath, as I watched this taking place. "What the "HELL" was I suppose to DO NOW?"

Both of them burst into a fit of glorious laughter! Turning toward the cage, they both peered into the enclosure with extreme delight. Gleaming down upon me with glimmering eyes, ...laughing at the stupid look on my miniature sized, little face...

Finally, I just lost it! Suddenly finding my voice, I screamed out as loud as I could!

    "You Can't Do This To Me!", I yelled up at them!

    "Oh, ....what's this? Billy? Did, you SAY something, to ME?"

The voice of the young girl, suddenly drew my complete attention, ...she was looking directly at me, and, ....I felt my heart exploding inside my chest!

    "He said something, ...DIDN"T HE?", the teenager leaned down closer, turning her head to the side so that she could place her ear right up next to the bars...

    "What's that, ...say again, Please!", she raised her voice slightly...

I felt my blood running cold, as I looked up at this giant sized, teenage girl's, huge, head! Her left ear turned directly toward me, it was easily larger than my entire head! Her smooth neck, extending out, as she craned it to the side so that she could get as close as she could to the wall of the cage.

    "Don't be scared, ...I won't bite. Just tell me what you said, I promise, I won't Bite!"

I stepped back in fear, as the full measure of her magnificent being filled up my entire view! I backed up, until I felt the bars behind me, and then, I slowly slid down to the floor and sat down, ...pulling my knees up, I huddled against the wall, and tried to melt into the floor...

    "Aw, ...he's so scared... Momma, ...may I take him out of there, and just hold him?", the young girl whispered to her mother.

   "Well, ...just be careful, sweetheart, ...he is extremely small, and you could hurt him without even knowing it. Just be very gentle, and don't squeeze him too tightly, Okay."

    "I'll be 'EXTRA' careful with him, Mom.", Diana said. Reaching out to unhinge the flimsy metal door.

I couldn't get away, from her huge hand, as it silently floated into my entrapment. Her fingers separated, flaring out and opening up her hand, she gently enclosed her warm appendages around my shivering figure and slowly tightened up her grasp.

I closed my eyes tightly, as her warm hand enveloped my entire body. Her fingers gripped around me, and I felt my body lifting away from the floor!
I didn't want to be this young girl's plaything! I just wanted my old life back!

What was she going to do with me?

Her face filled my entire view, I opened my eyes and found that I was looking directly at the bridge of her cute little button nose.

Her eyes blinked a few times, quickly flashing, ...then slowly widening and enlarging, as her blushing cheeks swelled up, forming a huge smile; fully displayed, was her giant teeth!

    "M,m so sweet!", she purred.

Lowering me down slightly, and then quickly raising me back up, ...enjoying the fact that she was holding me entirely within her soft palms.

Huge teeth, the front two were perfectly straight, ...but, the right incisor was slightly protruding, creating an uneven bite. - I noticed a slight space between the front two bottom teeth, ...her huge lips, peeling back, as she smiled delightfully at me, holding me perfectly still, ...right in front of her tremendous mouth...

    "What is that, a piece of tissue paper?", she whispered softly.

Closely inspecting my make-shift Toga.

Her breath smelled sweet, like lemons and green Peppers. Her pinkish colored tongue, flicked around as she spoke, ...spittle flashed across my face, speckling it with a fine splatter of sticky girl spit, ...I dared not wipe it away, in fear of offending the young giantess...

    "I have a few old 'Barbie' clothes in my room Mother. Let me see if I can find something else for him to wear, ...I'll bet that he would much rather have a pair of pants on, then that old, ...piece of tissue paper?", the giant girl said.

    "Would you, ...like, that, ...hm? Little guy? Would ya?", slowly, getting to her feet, she held my huddled figure up toward her mother's looming face.

    "Do you think that' ...some of my ole', 'Barbie Doll' clothes would fit em', Mom?", she excitedly said, standing up to her full height, carefully holding me within both of her cupped hands.

    "I don't know, Diana. Why don't you take him with you, and go and try some of them on, and see if he likes them, Okay? ...I'll be in after a while, I have to get the kitchen put away... and make a few calls. You two go on, ...see what you have in there, ...and, have Fun!"

    "Oh Goodie, ...C'mon Billy, Let me show you My Room!"

I felt like I was actually inside of, one of those larger type 'Hang Gliders', you know, ...the kind with a seat, where you can sit back, and just glide away,

...only, this one swayed around, and actually defied gravity, ...taking me up, and then sweeping around in a wide descending circle, and then back up again, only far too quickly, ...then, plunging down way too fast!

I held on tightly to the large curled pinkie finger, that was partly wrapped around my front. Diana's stiff thumb, sticking up, gave me an emergency handle to cling to, whenever she decided to take a sharp dive, directly toward the floor!

I screamed out, as she took me at breakneck speed, headed straight toward a huge whiskey barrel flower pot, ...she giggled and swiftly swerved out around it, making a strange engine sound with her fluttering lips...

    "Vroooooom, br-Roooom, Ba-Rrrooooozzzzzzzzz!", her mouth making the Zoom-Zoom sound.

I held on tighter, as she '"Ba-Roooommmed"', passed the bathroom door, and spun completely around in a full circle, suddenly switching back, and turning around the other way, then, unexpectedly whipping into an open doorway, swooping down too sharply, she took me into a false tailspin, and we both crash-landed inside of this colorful room; Strangely, we landed softly, down upon her gigantic bed...

Her giggling face directly above me, as I looked up from beneath her chin, ...she looked down at me and burst out laughing, so hard, that she dumped me out of her hands and allowed me to fall onto the gigantic quilt cover!

I have to say that, ...although I was extremely hungry, ...it was good that my stomach was completely empty, or else I would have ejected everything right at this very moment!

My head was spinning around, and my eyes were rolling back into my head! I caught a quick breath and tried desperately to settle myself down, but it was like I had just gotten out of a washing machine that was set on rapid spin!

The whole room was twirling around as I tried to steady myself, ...standing there naked, in front of her huge face, stumbling around on her enormous bed spread...

    "What the, ....Are you trying to give me an HEart-AttaCK!", I screamed!

This must have sounded very funny, because of this, 'really' caused her to lose it! She was bowled over, by my drunken state of being, and she overflowed with an explosive fit of wild, girlish giggling!

    "It's NOT, Funny!", I screamed up at her!

She roared even harder! Choking, and rolling around, ...her legs jerked up into the air as she rolled onto her back, awkwardly allowing her spread legs to just fall away to the sides, spreading open, and her knees wide apart, dropping out to the sides!

    "Stop It!" I said, "This isn't funny, ...you could have killed me! What is it with you,   ...are you CRAZY?", I was getting even angrier than before, ...how could she think that this was so funny?

She could have tripped, and fallen down. She could have dropped me. She could have crushed me beneath her as we fell onto the bed, ...she could have KILLED ME!

Still laughing, but trying to pull herself together, Diana rolled onto her side and propped her head up with her right hand. Her entire body spreading out before me like an extended mountain range, ...her hip rounding over, being the second highest bluff, just below her head.

Her giggling voice, rumbled, ...rolling across the floor under my knees as I squatted next to her. She blushed, refocusing her gaze directly at my now naked figure, ...somehow, she had lost my tissue paper Toga, and I suddenly realized, that I was sitting there in front of her, 'Completely Naked'.

    "Oh, Billy! You're, ...You are, so funny, ... Please, ...don't be mad at me, though, ...I wouldn't let you get hurt or anything, ...I PROMISE!"

I covered my exposed crotch with both hands and crossed my legs at the ankles, sitting down, within the center of some huge random, design, that looked like an enormous picture of some type of pink flower...

I was about to ask her, what had happened to my Toga, ...when, she suddenly lowered her face down, closer, ...and instantaneously, ...brought her hand down so quickly that I didn't even see it coming, ...I was swiftly taken up within her soft grasp, and scooped up into the air several feet above the surface of the bed!

Her body rolled back, and I was swept over, up above her, as she held me up directly over her chest! Her hands closed together around me, and I found myself being wrestled in between her fingers like a little toy soldier...

    "Diana, ...please, What are you, ...doing?", I yelled out. Confused, and suddenly overwhelmed!

My arms were pulled back, and pinned together behind, as she easily spread my legs apart and forced me to expose myself to her...

    "Diana, ...Let Me GO!", I yelled,

Screaming directly into her giant face!

    "H'm, I think you need a bath little man.", she simply said. Wrinkling her nose, and moving me back further away...

      "Wait, ...What?", I screamed!


Chapter 7 by midnightwriter85

'Dai on' na'

  "Nooooo!", I screamed up at her huge intimidating face!

  "HUSH!", she firmly said. Mouthing with a tight pucker, and frowning with a sour, disapproving, look of complete dominance,

Diana's heavy pig-tails, arcing out from both sides of her head, the slightest look of amusement dancing within the corners of her dark eyes...

Large, conforming hands, fondling my naked body while holding me securely trapped within her slender fingers, ...the giant girl slowly immersed my struggling form down into the heated steam, ...gently but firmly, holding my limbs apart, she continued to slowly lower me down into this deep pool, of soapy sink water...

Just behind me, the rush of a gushing torrent thrust into the depths; lathered up and submerged into this huge foaming basin. A sparkling over-spray, creating a foggy mist all around the entire area...

  "Diana, ...Please, ...Be Careful!", I screamed!

Terrified of drowning, I desperately clung to one of her extended fingers, holding on for dear life, as this giant sized, pretty girl, effortlessly held me up, entirely within her open palms, and easily manipulated my figure with very little concern.

The entire situation was completely hopeless, this giant, teenage girl, was going to give me a bath, and there was absolutely nothing, ...that I could do about it!

  "Stop squirming, Billy, ...let's just get you washed, first, then, I'll find you something to wear, alright?", she whispered down to me, not expecting an answer,

...and going about her busy work, as simply as she would have washed one of her dolls.

I was dunked several times and lathered up by her large fingertips. Squished, and squeezed, and rubbed and scrubbed within her powerful hands. I was slathered and twisted around, held tightly, and gripped within thumb and finger; my feet were rubbed, and my face was scrubbed.

I felt like I was being attacked by a whole gang of wild kittens, and they were wrestling me around and licking me all over my body!

The blunt end of her thumbnail brushed along my outer thigh; I felt the sharp edge as it slightly scraped across my skin...

I screamed, " Hey, watch it!", my voice was abruptly cut off, as the pad of her large, but slender index finger, pressed across my face, just before I was swiftly plunged back down deeply into the heated pool!

Diana, instantly raised me back up, and out of the soapy water, only to carry me back and hold me directly in, underneath of the surging flow of the running faucet, ...the harsh blast of cooler water, instantly rinsed away the foamy suds, and swiftly awakened my stagnant brain!

  "All Done!", she announced.

Quickly dropping me into a heavy white bath towel.

I was then squashed up within the thick fluffy folds, and bound within the confines of the absorbent material. The heavy cotton slowly pulled the excess water away, and within a short while of excessive squeezing and rubbing, I was simply dumped, right back out, into the open palms of my new owner...

Unbeknownst to me, she had already walked back into her bedroom, as she was drying me off, ...and as she stepped up to her tall, chest high, dresser; she suddenly released me to stand barefoot and buck naked on the wide open space, I quickly stumbled backward, stepping away from the daunting, cliff-like edge!

As I looked around, attempting to cover up my nakedness, I found that I was standing next to a large plastic model of a shiny black stallion. The molded form was mounted within a heavy base, made up of more of the same color plastic. It appeared that the large horse was rearing up on its hind legs, ...the image was startling, to say the least, from my distorted perspective, and, for me, ...it was 'Larger-than-life', appearing to be at least twelve feet tall!

The huge, towering dresser, stood high above everything else in the room, ...like a high mountain peak, within the giant girl's bedroom. The small, single bed, sitting back against the wall, gave the girls room much more floor space, and she had plenty of room for her favorite pastime, ...Yoga.

A large, brown rubber mat, covered the pink carpeting in the far corner against the exterior wall. A few pillows and a square rubber block was stacked neatly in one corner. A few folded towels were nicely arranged, ...and a small set of plastic coated playing cards were set off to one side, ...it was obvious that space was well used, as the rest of the room was completely clear of any clutter.

The room was very clean and smelled like a fresh ocean breeze. The bed was lifted higher than the standard height, allowing for the straight row of plastic storage boxes hidden underneath, ...I could just barely make out the labels on each one, and it was very apparent that Diana was an extremely well organized young woman.

My attention was quickly shifted back to the teenage giantess, as she dropped something down next to me, I instinctively ducked, throwing my hands up protectively, as Diana intentionally moved closer, and brought her face in directly above me,

  "Here, ...Try those ON, Billy", she said, as if she were merely making a suggestion,

She had removed her heavy purple sweater, and only wore a silken training bra, the white color contrasting against her tan colored complexion, ...her long rope-like pig-tails, dangling about, swinging freely around her shoulders...

Glancing back and forth, between me, and the depths of her top drawer, she continued to retrieve the miniature pieces of clothing and repeatedly threw them into the pile...

  "...and these, too, ...Oh, and maybe, THESE one's, Too!", she continued, as she began to create a huge pile of the miniature articles of tiny sized clothing.

I looked down and watched with sheer amazement, as the pile grew larger and larger, ...it looked like a - 'Yard Sale for Barbie Dolls', and the shocking part was, that, it was All, Girls CLOTHES, ...surely, she didn't expect ME, to wear these things, ...did she?

However, to the contrary, I did see a pair of black nylon shorts that looked like, they might actually fit me, so I stepped over to the pile and picked them up. The material seemed to be so much thicker, to me, ...although, everything seemed to be that way, now, ...though, and I was starting to get accustomed to this fact.

I steadied myself on one foot and awkwardly stepped into the short-shorts, ...I slid them up around me and pulled the waistband up into place.

  "Hey, ...These aren't Too Bad!", I yelled up to my giant owner!

  "See, Billy, ...I told you that you might find something that you could wear, ...it's better than using a piece of toilet tissue, isn't It!", she casually spoke to me, as she continued searching through her dresser drawer,

  "I thought, ...that I had a little pair of 'overalls', that you might like, ...Gosh, I hope that I didn't give them away, with all of my other stuff...", she whispered softly, thinking 'out loud', she mumbled something else, but I couldn't understand what it was...

I suddenly began to feel a bit more comfortable. The pants fit fairly well, although, they were a bit loose, they did make me feel a little more normal.

I stood up a little straighter and began to walk around the pile of clothes, not even considering that this 'girl giant', was still there, tossing more and more clothing into the huge pile...

I had begun to trust her, ...and after she had bathed me, ...and, hadn't done anything to harm me, ...I was beginning to enjoy her company, too. She was just a young girl, and she seemed to be extremely intellectual. Surprisingly, quite understanding with my particular problem as well-

At first, ...I considered that I might be in some real, 'serious trouble',

...after Maxine, had just suddenly decided, and just so casually, given me away to her young daughter, ...thinking those horrible thoughts, that, some youngsters would want to play rough, ...and well, enjoy the idea of being so much more powerful than a fully grown man,

And, ...use that 'Unusual Size Difference' to empower themselves, and well, just blatantly abuse the hell out of me for her own selfish enjoyment!

She was very understanding, though, when I asked her to take me down from the high dresser top and put me down somewhere closer to the floor- (because, I felt just a slight bit awkward, being up so high off the ground,).

She didn't hesitate, and simply picked me up, and carried me over to her Yoga mat and carefully released me, allowing me to stand upon one of her rubber support blocks.

I was suddenly offered up, a tremendous view of this towering teenager, I stood in awe of her magnificent form, as she slowly stood up, and stepped back across the room, walking back over to her dresser drawers.

I was completely unaware, that she had removed her baggy sweatpants, too. And, was now, only wearing a tight pair of high legged thong panties, that were purely made of the finest silk material, ever made,

...her muscular, globes, swelling out from the straining binding of the hem in the back panel, ...her incredible bare body was nearly perfect, and fully displayed before me...

Looking up at her immense figure; I knew that I shouldn't be thinking these thoughts, but, Diana, was just so, ...incredibly beautiful! I hadn't gotten a chance to fully realize this, being so extremely close to her and only seeing her, as this gigantic monster, ...unable to fully appreciate what this gigantic young girl actually looked like...

Seeing her now, ...as a normal sized person would see her; I could only now, fully respect the fact that she was just so extremely, gorgeous!

  "My God, she's amazing!", I said, staring at her like a Deer caught in the head lights, of an oncoming car!


A quiet pecking sound drew our attention toward the door, as Maxine suddenly stepped into Diana's room, appearing as if from out of nowhere, ...the giantess instantly began searching me out, ...her eyes falling onto me, she smiled and seemed to be a bit relieved.

Her towering figure stepping into the room, filling up the doorway and drawing our complete attention. She had just stepped in to inform her daughter, that a couple of her friends were going to stop by for a visit, and, ...Diana, ...was to keep me out of sight, and inside of her room for the duration of the evening,

  " ...and, don't let them see him, either, ...even if they would 'just happen' to, come into your bedroom...".

  "Okay, Mama. I'm going to go to bed early tonight, anyway, ...I've got track practice early tomorrow morning, and, ...I have to be there at six, for the five 'K' run.", she told her Mother.

Even though it was her 'Birthday', tomorrow, she still wanted to participate in all of her sporting activities at school, ...just like her Mother, the young girl wanted to be the best at everything...

  "Okay, Dear. Have a Good Night, ...and sleep well.", the giant woman kissed Diana on the cheek and turned toward me, ...before exiting the girl's room, she stepped over closer to the Yoga mat and squatted down.

Her tremendous body looming before me, in all of its glory, she had changed into a sheer white nightgown, that was almost 'see-through', and her incredibly beautiful, womanly figure, was an amazing sight to behold...

  "Are you getting along any better now, sweety?", she whispered.

I felt my entire body tingling, as a prickling surge of rushing goose bumps coursed up across the entire length of my spine, ... "G'night Billy, I'll see you in the morning, little guy!"

Maxine's smiling face filled my view, then slowly, began to rise up, as she gradually stood back up to her full, standing height, ...simply winking at me, affectionately, ...and blowing me a wet kiss, as if she were just saying goodnight to another of her own children...

...I stood there, ...looking completely dumbfounded, ...as she slowly stepped away, quietly closing the door behind her, vanishing from Diana's bedroom, the gigantic aberration seemed to just fade away...

  "Okay, Billy. We have to find someplace safe, for you to sleep tonight",

...the pretty face of my new owner, lowered down extremely close to me, her sparkling eyes glistening like a pair of polished, dark stones. She lay languorously on her stomach, propping her head up underneath both hands, ...placing the heel of her palms beneath her chin, absentmindedly looking up, her eyes wondering, as if in deep thought.

I looked down along the side of her glorious body. Her bare skin smoothly spreading along her magnificent female figure; the long, length. Completely Incredible!

Bending both of her legs at the knees, just to casually uplift her bare feet. Diana's tremendous thighs slightly straining, as she began randomly flexing, so slowly, she started pumping her beautiful thighs.

Her legs, slightly swelling with immeasurable power, the giant girl began randomly alternating her legs, as she allowed her high-arched feet to sway around, drifting freely above her butt, unconsciously, wriggling her toes and flexing her ankles.

In an arcing motion, ...Diana's creamy bare feet, lazily began free floating around above her perfectly rounded dairy aire', ...rotating her ankles in a slow relaxing rolling motion, ...that I couldn't even attempt to pull my eyes away from, ...her smooth, glorious legs, were simply amazing!

Feeling a bit more relaxed and somewhat, at ease, ...I decided to strike up a conversation with this beauty, and see what I could find out about her Mother, ...I wanted to know if I had any chance at all of persuading either one of these two giant females, to get me to a hospital somewhere, and get me some help with this 'Little' problem that I seemed to be having...

Although, looking at this incredible giant girl, lying there outstretched before me, It was extremely difficult to concentrate on what I was trying to say, ...my mind was tattered, and I couldn't even begin to form a simple question,

I stammered as I began to speak, and my voice felt strained. I felt that awkward feeling, suddenly returning, and I knew that I might as well just forget it for now, ...and just see what Diana was going to do with me...

Chapter 8 by midnightwriter85

'Dai on' na'

  The floor of Diana's enormous bedroom was much cooler, down here, than it was before, sitting atop the girl's giant dresser. I felt a slight chill, as I sat on the edge of the rubber Yoga block, and watched this pretty young girl sorting through several bottles of different colored nail polishes.

I couldn't pull my eyes away from the bare skin of her smooth right hip, as she sat crossed-legged and bending forward, trying to select just the right color from her stash of glass bottles.

  I pretended to be focused on the task at hand; searching through this pile of Barbie Clothes, that she had so innocently selected for me to choose from, ...but, my eyes kept on going back to her enormous figure, sitting just a slight distance away, going about her business, without a clue as to my secretive obsession.

  The way that her Gluteus Maximus flexed, as she slightly adjusted her weight, leaning forward, (subconsciously, tending her balance,) the large muscular mass, quivered and swelled at each tiny movement. Her long, slender, thigh muscle, ...so smooth, and so perfectly strong. The full measure of her dazzling magnificence, well beyond my comprehension...

  I sat there, in complete amazement of her sheer size, alone, ...the enormity of this beautiful girl, was simply mind-boggling...

  My beady eyes scanned the entire expanse of her smooth, bare skin. Only wearing the white training bra, and the 'barely there', thong panties, ...both matching; and, made of the finest silken material ever made, ...she was nearly naked,

...except for just the most private areas, of her extremely fit, and truly magnificent, female body.

I felt slightly ashamed, as I struggled to ignore this gigantic girl. Due to the presence of her undeclared beauty, and her unabashed natural integrity, so pristine and angelic...

Diana's cherubic nature, and dazzling smile, simply took my breath away, as I gazed upon her monolithic state, ...she was just simply amazing to behold, ...and I couldn't keep myself from staring!

    "Billy? Would you like to give me some assistance?", Diana's sweet voice suddenly pulled me out of my beguiled state of mind.

Swiftly, and shamefully, jerking my eyes upward, away from her relaxed and underlying dairy aire'. I instantly found that her dark eyes were finely tuned and completely focusing on my subsequently, blushing embarrassment...

    "Billy, ...what were you doing?", she inquired. Slowly, leaning over closer to me, ...her shadow sweeping over my miniature form.

  "I uh, ...was just uh', ...jus', ...um, ...looking at, uh, ...that - uh, uh, uh, ...mole, Yeah, ...that Mole, there, on your leg!", I suddenly said, nervously pulling that one out of the air!

    "What, ....what Mole?", Diana said,

  quickly looking down at her hip, and shifting her whole body to the side, leaning around to try and get a better look at where I was 'apparently' gawking, ...excitedly, searching out this mysterious imperfection, that she didn't even know existed!


  I caught my breath and cautiously stepped down from the rubber block. I took a few steps closer to the giant, Teen Goddess, and with my heart exploding within my swollen chest, I approached her with everything that I could possibly muster.

It was completely obvious, that this giant, teenage girl, had all the control in this 'physical' situation, ...and, as I tried to focus and clear my head, I began to realize that I just had to do this, ...I could not simply allow this young girl to completely take my soul, ...and have the 'mental' advantage, as well... I had to maintain and keep my mental track.

As I walked closer to the giant, Diana, ...I was suddenly and unexpectedly taken aback, and reminded of that, -1933 - 'classic' remake', of that, 'King Kong' Movie, where Ann Darrow, (Played by, Naomi Watts) -had actually formed this strange, but affectionate bond, with her enormous, simian captor.

Although this situation, was completely reversed, and turned upside down, from the similarities of the motion picture, ...that same, static electric suspense, that seemed to surge within the air all around me, ...gave me that same exact sensation, and that same sense of complete helplessness, ...that the little actress was experiencing as she bravely walked up to that giant Ape, and reached out and touched him...

I walked over to Diana's hip, stopping within arm's length of her massive leg, and I began to uncontrollably tremble, and shake, ...as I inspected the smooth, cupped area, right where her hip socket formed that slight indentation, ...that mere, incurvated hollow, that filled in the side of her hip, I reached out and touched it, with an extremely trembling hand.

    "I don't see anything Billy, ...where is it?", she impatiently urged me to point it out to her!

    "Um, ...right there. Can't you see that!", I pointed at a small tan colored spot, that was only barely noticeable, ...even for me.

    "I don't SEE, any MOLE. What are you doing, ...teasing Me?", she smirked, her smile turning the right side of her mouth up, in a one-sided twist...

    "No, ...Right, There! Diana, ...can't you see that 'hideous' looking imperfection!", I firmly said, while maintaining my firm stance, and hoping that I didn't piss in my brand new pair of 'Barbie Doll Pants', ...that is, if this giant girl, found my little trick, to be something that angered her...

I tentatively reached out and touched the smooth spot, about halfway up, on the side of her hip. The act of actually coming into full contact with her glorious body, and doing it all, on my own volition, without any resistance from this magnificent goddess, ...simply, took my mind into a strange state of complete and unexpected bliss!

I had never before touched a girls leg, like this, ...even when I was 'Normal Size', and to do this now, ...was simply 'off the scale' on my temperance monitor, and I could actually 'Feel', every hair on my miniature body, standing straight out, and twisting around into a thousand little, tiny, knots!

    "There's NO, ...Mole, ...Billy, ...you're 'Teasing Me'. ...aren't ya?", she seemed to sound genuinely amused, ...and not the least bit upset, about my little test.

    "No, ...I'm dead serious, ...LOOK, it might be something that you should have a Doctor take a look at, ...could be something 'Very' serious...", I tried to sound concerned, but, ...her inquisitive suggestion, and her quick wit, caught my little jig as easily as she could snatch me up inside her hand, ...and, ...that's exactly what she did!

  I was swiftly enveloped within her sudden grasp, and vaulted straight up into the sky like a rocket shot into space, ...and I had to close my eyes as the wind was instantly squashed from my lungs, and I suddenly stopped, ...right in front of her squinting, narrowed eyes!

    "You, ...Little BUG!", she tried to sound 'Mean', but, her gorgeous giggle instantly gave her away...

    "I should just, drop you into the toilet, ...and just leave you there, for the rest of the night!", she said, as she suddenly got to her feet, and started walking slowly around her bedroom.

Using just a mere constriction, with her feminine fist, my entire midsection held firmly compressed and perfectly centered within her mighty grasp; I gasped with surprise, as she simply swept me around in a full circle, and turned me completely upside down!

She had fallen down onto her bed, and was lying out flat on her back, letting her head hang down over the side, and holding me out in front of her face, ...the whole room, completely inverted, and turned around... I felt the blood, all rushing to my head!

Her heavily, braided, pigtails appeared to be sticking straight up from the sides of her head, as her head hung down toward the floor, ...her cheeks starting to flush, she smiled, and her blinking eyes looked to be slightly protruding.

Her neck swelling up, as I noticed a large vein on the right side, just below her ear, expanding, and pulsing with the sudden shift in pressure.

Quite some distance away, I looked down, ...toward the ceiling? Then, quickly looking up, I looked above my head, I saw the floor? ...only about ten feet above my head!

I pulled my right arm free of the giantess' grasp, frantically reaching out toward the pink carpeting...

    "Diana, ...don't let me FALL!"

    "What's the matter, Billy?", she teased.

    "Please, Diana... Don't drop me!", I frantically screamed out!

    "Oh, what's that?", she slowly began to loosen up her fingers, allowing me to free up both of my arms!

My entire body started to slip away from within the warmth of her hand, and I desperately tried to hang on to her soft fingers!

    "Drop You? Now, I wouldn't do that, ...would I?", she teased. Her cheeks swelling, and her blinking eyes, flashing with delightful amusement!

  Diana allowed her entire body, to just gradually slide down over the edge of her bed, slipping down off of the side and pulling her head up, while craning her neck, she slowly lowered the back of her head down into the pink carpeting, allowing her shoulders, to settle down onto the floor...

Gradually releasing my body from her grasp, and allowing me to gently drop free, into the fluffy pink carpeting; I gathered myself up, and quickly got to my feet,

...just as I looked up, to see the rest of the giantess' body roll across the sky above, directly overhead, and awkwardly come crashing down onto the floor,

...her long, lengthy, legs, seemed to go on forever, ...as they swept across the sky, and recoiled into a crumbling crash, some distance well away, from the side of the bed!

Now, I looked up to her, ...her entire body forming a bridge across me. She pressed her hands down, like she was doing a push-up, and got up onto her hands and knees, ...completely filling the ceiling above me, ...I was standing directly beneath her expansive bare stomach!

Her bare skin seemed to glisten in the low light on the floor, as she lowered her head down to search me out, ...her daring eyes quickly found me. Tauntingly, she wriggled her hips playfully in response to my confusion, ...she was playing with me like I was her little pet, ...her giggle, vibrating across the floor, as she spread her knees apart, and slowly began to lower herself down upon my miniature figure!

    "No, ...Stop That!", I cried out, as I realized what this giddy young girl was attempting to do!

Her white panties instantly caught my eye, as she began to gradually lower herself down as if she were going to just, ...Sit Right Down, on top of ME!

    "Diana!", I screamed in a frightened panic!

    "Oh, Ooh,...watch Out Beloooooow!", she playfully announced!

  Suddenly, just as she was about to crush me beneath her 'V'-Shaped pantie crotch, ...a stark, pecking sound distracted the giant girl from her playful ruse, and her hand quickly came down between her legs and swiftly snatched me up, ...whipping me around behind her back, as she simultaneously, swept her legs back together, and whipped them around to one side.

I ended up, facing her butt crack, as she sat with her legs folded to one side, holding me within her fist, with her arm around behind her...my arms pinned down to my sides, as I was forced to press my face into the top of this vase-shaped space, just above the tight elastic band of her pantie strap!

    "Hello?", a woman's voice spoke, as the door popped open, and slowly swung away, revealing the visitor on the other side,... "Diana? You still awake, Sweety?"

    "Yeah, ...Joyce, I'm still up, ...What's S'up?", Diana answered the tall red head.

    "Oh, ...goodie, ...I just wanted to say hello dear, ...and see what you've been up to?"

    "Nothin' much, Joy. I was just getting ready for bed.", Diana yawned,

  ...as she stretched out her free arm, and pretended to be extra-tired, ...keeping her other hand tucked away behind her back, she kept me securely trapped tightly up against her bottom, and hopelessly unable to do anything about her buttcrack, stuffed directly into my face!

Still sitting with both her knees together, she relaxed on the floor next to her bed, as this tall long legged woman stepped into her room, and squatted down in front of her, ...her curiosity, causing her to quickly glance around the entire room. Smiling wide, with a look of wonder...

    "So, ...turning the Big, -'One' - 'Six'- huh, ...do you 'Feel', like an older woman, Now?", Joyce tried to sound serious but cracked a goofy smile, chuckling with a gruff smoker's voice, a form of slight lung damage from years of smoking cigarettes.

Her question, just a simple ice breaker, as she turned her knees to the side, and sat down in the exact opposite position as the much younger girl.

    "I don't know, Joy. I DON'T feel any Different, ...why, am I suppose to?",

Diana, humored, the older woman, not wanting to offend her, ...she naturally played along with her, attempting to be as polite as she could, while wishing that this woman would just leave her alone so that she could go to bed and get some sleep...

    "Diana, ...Your mother told me that you're going to start driving this summer, ...have you decided what kind of car you'll want to buy?"

    "I haven't really given it much thought, Joy. I was kinda busy running this year, and I was hoping, to at least finish this year, without dropping out of any of the runs, ...there's quite a bit of competition at school, and I have to run almost every day, just to stay up with the top runners."

    "Oh, ...I see. Well, have you ever ridden in a 'Mini Cooper', one of those little cars, ...you know? I think, there like owned, by BMW, and there built over there in the U.K. -there a tiny little car, ...kinda like a Volkswagon?"

    "Yes, ...I've seen one of those cute little cars, ...yea, I like 'em, ...why?"

    "Oh, ...No reason, I was jus wondering' if ya ever saw one before, or ridden in one..."

    "Oh, ...I'd sure like to ride in one! But, no, ...I haven't yet, ...Why, are you going to buy one of them?"

    "Maybe, dear. Well, I'll let you get to bed, now. So that you can get up real early and hit the track with a good start!", Joyce said. As she scooted her feet out, and got up onto her knees...

    "I'll see you tomorrow, though, right?", Diana asked, smiling up at the tall woman.

Climbing onto her feet, Joyce stood and steadied herself upon her three-inch heels. Turning toward the door, she stepped part way through, and turned back toward the young girl,

    "Oh Yes, ...I wouldn't miss it for the world!", she said, as she slowly closed the girl's bedroom door, "G'night Sweetheart"

    "G'night Joy!"


    "Let me GO!", I screamed.

    "...Okey-dokey, Lil' Pokey", Diana teased.

Turning me around, and slowly pulling me away from her soft butt cheeks. I couldn't stand it any longer, ...and was about to start screaming before that tall redhead had gone, but, I didn't want to risk getting 'sat on', by Diana's enormous butt!

    "I'm sorry, Billy, ..but, I didn't have time to put you anywhere else, because she came into my room so fast, that I had to hide you quick, and that, ...unfortunately, was the only place that I could find!"

    "Just, ...put me down, now, ...Please!", I begged.

    "Don't you like being close to my great big Butt?", she whispered devilishly, smiling with a playfulness, that caused my heart to start pounding.

Chapter 9 by midnightwriter85

'Dai on' na'


  The crush velvet lining, filling the pre-molded space of this splendid little make-up box, was just perfectly designed for my miniature size; it made the most comfortable bed!

Diana had removed some of her shoes from a storage shelf inside her walk-in closet, and made a space at floor level, where she inexplicably created a small but comfortable living area, perfectly designed just for me!

  I couldn't believe that Diana had taken so much time to do this for me, ...fixing it up, so that I would have a nice, clean, comfortable spot, to just relax and get some sleep, ...and, still be down at the floor level, where I would then be able to come and go as I pleased.

  In return, ...for my laboriously, time-consuming efforts, in helping her with the most delicate task of detailing her exquisite nails, ( I had always had a bit of an artistic flair, and knowing that I could draw, fairly well.) I just did my best to paint as naturally as I could, ...her toenails, and fingernails, with the most intricately designed pattern that I could imagine...

  Evidently, it turned out most effectively, ...apparently, with my miniature sized perspective, the tiny flowers that I painted, ended up becoming the most fantastic detail, that she had ever seen displayed on her nails, ...on anyone's fingers, or toes, for that matter, and to which, I had no 'idea' of this kind of result, ...and when Diana was so overjoyed with what I had done, she simply loved the miniature paintings, so much so, that she just had to show me how much, ... by planting several huge kisses all over my bare chest and body!

  I had just simply used an older brush, (that Diana was going to dispose of), and I cut away most of the damaged bristles, ...then, I had to twist the single strands into a tightly fitted braid; after that, ...I was left with a feather-like paint brush, that I then used to simply paint the finest detailed portrait, of three overlapping rose blooms.

Diana was simply delighted with what I had painted, and I agreed to replicate the design on all twenty of her nails...

She trusted me enough, now, ...to allow me to venture out into her bedroom, all on my own. However, she had made it very clear, that I was not to leave the bedroom. She placed a red plastic cup, (with a piece of tissue paper stuffed down into the bottom), just inside her closet, where I could use it as a toilet, and I had already tried it out just after she had gone to bed, and it definitely served the purpose!

I climbed into my (make-up case), 'bed'...and, picked up the small piece of dark chocolate that Diana had left there for me on my (cotton ball), 'Pillow', ...she was trying her best to make me as comfortable as she possibly could...

I felt a bit ashamed, of the way that I acted with her, earlier, ...but, I don't think that the young girl had even given it, all that much thought, anyway. She had just merely assumed, that I 'WAS', just teasing her,(about that suspicious looking 'mystery mole') and, it had actually turned out to work in my favor.

Although, ...I did actually 'enjoy' her vengeful, (but, playful) reaction, to what she figured was just my 'joking' way of tormenting her and it was truly something that I'd never expect to happen to me,

...I mean, who would ever consider becoming the plaything for a teenage girl who could simply put you inside her pocket, ...and, completely forget about you, even being there!

This definitely posed a serious threat...

I had barely escaped getting caught staring at her ass, ..and I was so glad, that she hadn't picked up on that, ...I enjoyed her respect, and I didn't want to ever jeopardize it!

A tiny book lite with a wide clamp on the back of its base, (Something that a regular sized person would use to read, while in bed at night,) ...was simply clamped to the top of my room. (The bottom most shoe shelf, on the back wall inside of Diana's closet) The small light worked perfectly for me, ...I could easily, switch it on, and off, with a just a simple push of a button on the back of the fixture.

I left it on for a while, and just laid there in my bed replaying everything that had happened to me, on this first day of being shrunken down to a mere four inches tall.

I heard some soft music coming through the back wall, (inside of the closet) it was right next to the dining room, where the sounds coming from the living room could easily be carried through to Diana's closet, ...I knew that Maxine was still awake, and evidently, Joyce and two other women were in there drinking and having a good time, ...I looked over at my clock, (the wrist watch, that Diana had strapped around the corner of a support post on the side of my room), it was 1:00 am, and it sounded as though the party was starting to wind down...

I took a small sip of coffee from the (Barbie Doll dish set collection) Coffee Cup, that Diana had prepared earlier for me, (...after I had just simply, Asked for it...) and she had been delighted to get for me, and I broke off a small section of the chocolate bar and popped it into my mouth, ...I heard the front door in the living room closing, and the heavy latch being bolted into the locked slot.

  listening intently, for any other sounds that might reveal what the giantess Doctor was up to, ...but, several minutes passed, without any other distinguishable noises, that I could use to decipher what the giantess was doing, ...I was just a bit concerned, that she might come for me after her visitors had gone home for the night...

  Knowing, that I couldn't take any more handling by these gigantic females, I had been played around with enough for one day, ...and I prayed that Maxine didn't wonder into her daughter's room, expecting to find me, and take me out to play with me; just to simply satisfy her own sexual curiosities.

This fascination they seemed to have with me, now, laid heavily on my mind. Considering how my evasiveness, would most definitely arouse a woman's attraction to me, enticing her to explore something that had to be an intriguing absorption within her feminine fancy.

Diana hadn't told her anything, about fixing up this space inside her closet for me, and the young girl was now, ...sleeping very soundly; I could hear her subtle breathing as she laid on her side in the huge bed, just outside my door.

Surely, Maxine wouldn't wake up her daughter so that she could get to me, ...but, I wasn't completely sure of that either, ...and I couldn't fall asleep, until I was sure that the giant woman had gone off to her own bed, and the threat of her abducting me was long, since passed...

Just to be sure, I waited until I heard the hallway light switch off, and then, I was pretty sure that Maxine was down for the count!

I looked at my clock one last time, before I shut off the light, ...it was. 1:49.am. and I pulled the pink handkerchief up around me and snuggled up, into my soft, comfortable bed.


The next morning came with a thumping sound that sounded as if someone was pounding a fence post into the ground without digging a hole first!
"Wham! Wham! Wham!

I sat up and turned on my light. I rubbed my eyes and squinted to look over at my clock; 4:30,am. I yawned and stretched, before rolling out of bed and standing up.

I walked to the edge of the huge closet door and peeked around the corner to see what Diana was doing, ...she was sitting on her Yoga mat, completely naked, ...doing leg lifts...

Her heels would occasionally hit the floor, and that was the heavy thumping sound, that had so suddenly, awakened me from my deep sleep!

Instantly, pulling myself away from the sight, of this beautiful young girl's magnificent body, I forced myself to walk back over to my bed and sit down. Like a snapshot, inside my brain; the image of her naked figure continued to linger in my mind's eye,

...I closed my eyes and continued to enjoy it. I had to force myself to stay on my bed, and not sneak back over there to watch her glorious nudity, as she obliviously performed her morning workout routine.

I sat there, trying to think about anything else, as the breathtaking image of her beautiful body kept on returning to my mind, ...she was lying back, with her round, smooth, heels, pressing firmly together, her perfectly aligned little toes, pointing straight out, aiming directly toward me, ...her powerful upper body straining to arise, ...as she held her feet up just a few feet off the surface of the mat.

Her taut stomach muscles drawing up so tightly, displaying the well-defined six-pack, so easily discernible across her bare abdomen.

Her magnificent little bum, flattening out beneath her weight, pressing into that rubber mat; the beautiful teen goddess, smoothly performing her yoga pose - leg lifts .

I instantly went back to yesterday evening, on the floor of her room, when she was about to sit on me... I wondered if she had considered what she had actually done to me...

Without so much as a single thought, as to the actual effect of her teasing, ... when she had nearly taken the liberty to lower herself down upon my miniature body, and sit down, ...right on top of me, ...with that spectacular little butt of hers!

That simple act, still lingering in my mind, had left a permanent scar... The image of her well-defined muscle tone, ...her giant booty was nothing, if not mind-blowingly impressive!

Her long, slender legs, held out perfectly straight, ...not even a single imperfection, (Or, even a single, tiny mole.) could be found, anywhere, ...upon her magnificent feminine figure.

I felt a stiffy forming in my short-shorts, and drew a deep breath, desperately trying to will it away_

    "God! This is complete, ...and total, torture!", I said, reaching down and taking it within my hand.

    Thump! Thump! Thump!

    "Oh God, How am I suppose to LIVE, Like This!"

  This was just so Crazy! My entire body wasn't even as big as her 'foot', and yet, I was yearning to be touched by this beautiful young girl, and there was undoubted, ...that I could allow her, -this beautiful teen giantess- to ascertain, what she was unintentionally doing to me!

Knowing that, if she fully realized the effect that she was having on me, I would lose that little scrap of dignity, that still yet remained...

No, I couldn't afford to allow that to happen, ...not yet anyhow! I had to keep my edge, no matter how difficult it would be! I didn't want to be looked upon by her, or any of these gigantic women, as this little, smitten mouse, ...that they could so easily, manipulate and control, ...no, I had to remain an enigma and keep what little respect that I had left!

I didn't know if my mental resolve would hold out, long enough to make it through an entire day. It had only been one single night; 12 hours, ...and, I was beginning to wonder, if I would be up for the challenge of an entire day, as this, perfectly formed, little, miniature man...

Had my entire life, building up to this point, ...just been a prerequisite for this amazing transformation? I mean, ...I'd had no idea, that this thing was about to happen to me, and the strange 'unimaginable' changes, that were about to unfold...

Was this some type of test? We're the Gods, just toying around with me, ...or, was this just a simple manifestation of my own mental stability, slipping away, ...as I was just beginning to drift into complete madness...


    "Billy? ...you up yet?", I heard the sweet sound of her whispering voice.

She seemed to be directly above me, her voice amplified, filling the entire ceiling. I jerked my hand away from the inside of my pants and opened my eyes to find her standing in the closet doorway, nearly filling up the entire opening...

    "Sweety?", she slowly opened the door up and allowed more light to flood into the closet.

    "Are you, ...Awake.", she stepped inside and squatted down.

    "Billy? ...Sweetheart, are you Up?"

I reached up and switched my light on. I turned over on my side and pulled my blanket, (A Pink Handkerchief) up around my lower body, ...so that the giant girl wouldn't notice my straining erection forming a tent pole inside of my Barbie Doll Short Pants, ...I groaned and coughed a few times to make it sound as though I'd just awoken...

    "Yea, yea, ...I'm up, ...what is it?"

    "It's five thirty, and I'm about to take off. Would you like some breakfast, sweety?"

She lowered one knee down onto the floor, and moved her upper body in closer, ...bringing her face down directly over my bed, ...her pig-tails tied back and rolled into a tightly fitted bun, she had tucked them away like a bobble sitting atop her head.

The shiny black hair combed straight back, and pulled tightly, gave the impression that she didn't even have much hair, ... and with it all tied up like that, it elongated her bare neck and shoulders, making her appear even more beautiful than I thought possible!

    "I've made some oatmeal with strawberry jam, and a, ...I poured you a glass of O.J. in your little cup, ...here. I didn't know if you wanted toast or not, ...so, I just took the liberty of buttering a small wheat cracker and put a bit of blueberry yogurt on the side, ...I hope that's enough, ...I thought you might be hungry?"

She was wearing a cut-off tee-shirt and a pair of bright red jogging shorts. She had a bright yellow skirt pulled on over the top of the shorts, but it appeared like she was wearing just an extremely short mini-skirt, ...her incredible legs fully displayed for the world to see, ...I felt my heart begin to start racing, as my eyes slowly traveled down the long curvature of those tremendous pillars of strength!

    "...Might be Hungry? That had to be the 'understatement' of the year,

   ...Starving, ...was more like it!", I said to myself, ...slowly getting up, and putting my feet out onto the floor, ...still unable to get up, without causing myself a bit of undue embarrassment.

    "Yea, Okay, ...Diana, ...that sound's Great! But, uh, ...when are you coming BACK?", I asked her.

  I instantly felt a tremendous twang of fear! I suddenly felt as though, I couldn't catch my breath! I steadied myself, on the edge of the bed, as I felt my boner quickly wilting away.

  I was fading in and out, and, ...was suddenly back in grade school, ...only eight, or seven years old, ...my mother, had taken me out of school early that day, because it was picture day, and she didn't want to spend that kind of money on something so ridiculous, ...so she just told them, that I had to go to the doctors for an appointment, and I wouldn't be there for the class photos.

She stopped off at a shopping mall, somewhere in the city, and we walked into the huge entrance way, ...she looked down at me and told me to "Stay Right HERE, with Me!"

She then, just took off walking so fast, that I could not keep up with her, ...she just disappeared, ...vanishing into the large crowd of people, (Mostly, women shoppers) running off, and leaving me, completely all alone, wondering around within the forest of legs, lost within the bustling crowd!

I stumbled around and found myself venturing deeper and deeper, into the hustling mob... The powerful scent of hundreds of sweet perfumes, all blending together,

...the brightly lit fluorescent lights flooding the massive store with a blinding luminescence, ...I started calling out for my mother, ...but, I couldn't find her anywhere!

I started to cry, ..and was struggling to catch my breath! I kept on searching for her, but, she was nowhere to be found! I ran down a long isle of women's underwear, and ran right into an extremely tall woman wearing a tightly fitted mini-skirt, with her long legs fitted inside of some purple banded stockings, that gave her an extended elongation, ...her towering figure looming above me, seemed to grow into an enormous giantess!

I felt her take a hold of my shoulder, and I jerked away from her and ran back the other way!

The woman ran after me and easily caught up to me, ...she grabbed me more firmly this time, and I couldn't get away from her!

    "What's wrong, little guy? Are you LOST?", she said. Looking down at me with a look of confusion, ...which to me, ...appeared like an angry expression!

    "No, ...Let me Go!", I screamed. I whipped my arm away from her and took off as fast as I could run!

Joyce by midnightwriter85
Author's Notes:

After this chapter, the coming events will begin to stay in present time.  Billy's memories and past experiences will still happen, but only not nearly as much,  I hope that my writing is sufficient? 

'Dai on' na'

  The huge shopping center was like this strange and 'Other-Worldly', alien planet.

  These giant women, all around me, ...thousands of them, ...everywhere! I couldn't get away from this one, that had captured me, ...and she was holding me tightly by the wrist, taking me deeper and deeper into the depths of this cold, gigantic, alien world!

I started crying and screaming, but she just kept dragging me along behind her towering pillar-like legs, ...pulling me along behind her, as I fought to get away from her...

Dragging my feet with every step that she took, I pulled and struggled, yanking away at her vise-like grip, ...but she was so much stronger than I, and she easily held my wrist clamped within her tightly gripped fingers, simply dragging me along, as if it were nothing, but just another normal day!

  "No, ...No, lemme Go!", I cried out!

  "We're gonna get someone to help you, ...just relax, little man. It's alright, ...I'm not going to hurt you!", she told me, squeezing my wrist even tighter, squishing my tiny hand even so much more, 'firmly' than before!

The blood was draining away from my face, and the tears were streaming down my cheeks; her grasp was like an ever tightening tourniquet, and my entire hand was quickly becoming completely numb, my fingers were starting to get cold, and tingling,

...the tall giantess woman, took incredible strides with her long limber legs, ...I fell to the floor, kicking and screaming, ...but she just simply kept on dragging me along behind her, effortlessly dragging me down through a long shadowy tunnel!

  "Momma, ....Help Meeeee!"


    "Billy? Are you ...alright, Sweety?", Diana's tender voice spoke 'hesitantly', but 'loudly', down upon me from directly above, ...instantly yanking me back into the present time!

    "What's wrong Billy, ...are you feeling alright?", inquisitively, trying to investigate what was happening...

    "Yea, ...uh yea, I'm Okay Diana, ...just a bit tired that's all. When did you say that you were coming home?", I quickly asked her.

  My heart still pounding wildly within my heaving chest, I sucked in a deep breath, and just held it for a long moment, as I listened to her speaking down to me.

  Her angelic voice had a calming effect, and I forced myself to settle down, and just listened to this beautiful goddess.

    "I'll only be gone for about three hours, ...but, Momma will be here, ...she'll be in to see you as soon as she get's up, ...I'm Sure! So, ...just try and get used to your new digs, and I'll be back before you know it, ..Alright, Billy.

Here, ...just eat your breakfast, and try on some more of those clothes that I
picked out for you, ...Okay, Sweetheart?"

    "Sure thing, Diana. Thank you. I'll see if those jeans fit, and uh, ...maybe, I'll take a run myself while you're away, ...I can run a few laps around your Yoga Pad there..."

    "Sure, sweety, ...but, remember, I'm going to leave my bedroom door open, but, don't you go out of my room, Billy. If my Mom doesn't know that you're out there, ...she might accidentally, step on you!"

    "Okay, I'll stay in here, thanks for making my breakfast.", I yelled up to her as she slowly stood back up, to her full, standing height, her looming figure, casting a wider shadow up across the back interior wall of the closet.

  Diana stepped away from the open door and went over to her bed. She threw a few things into her duffle bag and collected her small leather handbag. She gathered up her things, and smoothly swung the duffle bags, handle straps, up over her shoulder. Casually hefting it up onto her hip, she bumped it around sideways, with a shift of her hips, and turned around and quickly walked straight out of her room...

The girl's large bedroom suddenly grew quiet. It seemed to expand in size, ...it seemed to just slowly start to enlarge, and grow steadily bigger, and bigger. The ceiling slowly lifted up, rising higher and higher...

I stepped back, and walked over to the large pizza pan that Diana had used for a tray, to carry my breakfast on. I walked right up and stepped right into the pan. I walked over to that little cup and reached down and picked it up and took a large drink.

That tart, blast, of glorious orange juice tasted so good! The cool flavor slid down my throat and quenched my thirst, almost instantly! I quickly finished it off, and sat down to dig into those oats!

My breakfast was gone in nothing flat, ...and I gathered up the dirty dishes and the cup, and carried them over into the very center most area inside of the large pizza pan.

I walked back into my room, and sat down on my bed, ...looking over at my clock, it read: 5:45 am. I laid back down and stretched out on the bed, ...I closed my eyes, and within a few minutes, I was fast asleep, ...a deep, and satisfying sleep...


Slowly opening up my eyes again, ...I had no idea, how long I'd been asleep. -I heard something swishing across the carpeting within Diana's room. Rubbing my eyes, yawning and stretching, I quickly began trying to wake myself up. I slowly sat up, still groggy, ...I forced myself to look around, with blurry eyes, I caught a quick glimpse of someone's giant foot swiftly sweeping by, ... a single foot - stepping past the slightly opened closet door.

    "Who could that, ...Be?"

It looked like a cherry red, high heel shoe with extremely tall spike heels. Wearing a dark colored pair of nylon stockings, the contrasting colors clashed against the bright red color, causing the spiky shoe, to drastically stand out!

I didn't think that Maxine, would wear such a shoe and my heart instantly started racing as I began to wonder who the giantess intruder could be... I didn't get a look at Joyce, but I knew her voice, ...but, this person seemed to be alone, and wasn't talking, or saying anything in order for me to rule her out, ...I listened closely and tried to hear what she was doing...

A few moments passed, and nothing happened. I quietly slipped out of my bed and silently stepped around it, ...sneaking out of my room, I crept quietly across the pink carpeting and made my way over to the open door.

I peeked out and looked across the open floor space, ...the red shoes were parked very close together, and standing directly in front of Diana's dresser. Standing there, going through her drawers, was a towering, red-haired woman, wearing an extremely short skirt!

Her long, stocking covered legs, sprouted up out of those jacked up, high-heels, and shot up in front of the dresser drawers nearly three-quarters of the way! Her hips were just below the top, and her towering figure, above the waist, was well past the flat plateau, where the black stallion stood.

Damn, this woman was tall. Even for 'normal' standards! She must have stood at least six - two, maybe six - three? She was a real tall drink of water, to say the least!

Just then, the woman twisted around and looked directly toward the closet, she spun around on the balls of her feet, suddenly taking an enormous stride forward, ...heading straight from the dresser, directly toward my new home!

    "Holly Shit!", I screamed. Lunging away from the open closet door, I ran back to my bed and jumped completely over it, quickly rolling down next to the side, I tucked my body in against the edge of the bed as tightly as I could!

Just as I did, the bright light from the ceiling lamp flooded into the enclosed space, completely enriching my surrounding area with boldly enhanced illumination!
It didn't take me two seconds, to fully realize, that I was 'easily', a sitting DUCK!

All this woman had to do, was simply look down, ...and she could see me, nothing was so terrifying as to see this gigantic red-head, peering into my little room with a curious look of complete fascination!

Her large, ghostly blue eyes, widening out and growing two times larger, ...her long, curled, lashes, seemed to stick straight out, and as, ...her mouth fell open, and the brightly painted red lipstick, instantly forming an oval shaped heart, -while sucking in a sudden gasp of surprise - she threw up her hands to completely cover it up!

    "Oh, ... My, ... GOD!", she blurted out!

  ---Her voice, ...yea, ---it sounded just like this Joyce, woman, from yesterday!
She glanced back toward the bedroom door, and then, quickly looked back down to me, then back toward the door, ...then, again, ...back down to where I was trying to hide...

She slowly crouched, dangerously wobbling around upon her spiked heels, teetering precariously, the gigantic woman reached over and poked me in my belly with the sharp tip of an extremely long red-painted fingernail!

    "Ouch!", I yelped. I covered my mouth, but the sound had already reached her sharply peaked, over-sized, ears!

     "What in the, ...world?", she murmured.

Leaning down closer, while reaching up to brush away a stray strand of hair, ...she moved her face in directly above and, lighting up with a terrifying look of complete amazement, her mildly wrinkled mouth, puckered up and started talking!

    "Hello there, 'little fella', ...now just, ...where did YOU, come from?", her southern twang scared the living shit out of me!

She reminded me, of one of those 'Flirty Type' southern Belle's, that were only interested in one thing...

    "What-cha' do'in in-there, Lil'-man? Aren't cha-jus-th-Cutest-lil-thang,

    ...Tryin' ta- Hide From-Me, Huh?", she cooed, ...drawing out her words with the most sickening twang that I'd ever heard!

Her sheer size was completely overwhelming! The sudden realization of how much 'bigger' she was, -comparatively speaking; daunting. She was easy, twice the size of my beautiful young Diana,

...and her clumsy awkward movements, caused me to nearly piss my pants, as she started to reach out toward me, and had to, suddenly, jerk her hand away and grab onto the edge of the wall, ...just to catch herself from falling face first right into the closet on top of me!

    "Oop's, ...'ha-awl'-'ha-awl', ...*cough-cough*...", gruffly chuckling; hacking a few times with a smokers cough, -apparently- from years of sucking on those long, slim cigarettes...

Righting herself, she attempted to reach out for me once again, ...this time, a bit more sure of herself, she quickly reached down with her thumb and finger, and pinched up my right ankle, and effectively taking hold of it strongly, ...she squished her fingertips together, ...and swiftly took me straight up into the air!

Lifting me up, straight up, higher than my bed, ...several times higher than the second shelf, ...this giant red-head simply brought me right up to her eye level, and simply just allowed me to dangle there, helplessly, swinging around by my ankle, right in front of her smiling, 'clown-like' face.

The heavy coating of brilliantly red, paste-like lipstick, was bleeding into the minuscule little wrinkles outlining the corners of her thin, curving lips, ...her cheeks, plastered with a thick layer of powdery concealer...

The orange-ish red colored hair, ...so fake, and so 'over-the-top' -she instantly gave the impression of an out-dated, Los Vegas stripper, that was just getting home from a 'very' late night...

She let me dangle there, in front of her face, - like a thin piece of naked Sushi- ...my arms hanging down, and my free leg, kicking around aimlessly, ...taking her time to enjoy the incredible sight of a fully grown man, simply dangling from her brightly painted fingertips, like a helpless little worm.

    "I 'knew' that Maxie, had SOMETHING, ...inside that cage!", she brightly said, -still holding me there, extremely close to her parted lips.

Softly whispering, she lifted me up higher, tilting her head to the side, moving it strangely around,

    "H'm, ...I could, most definitely, ...think of several things...", her voice gravely and taunting, slowly faded out, ...drifting into a mumbling murmur, gushing with a slippery tongue...

  -she moved her face, (and eyes) down underneath me, looking up at me from below, ...examining my miniature little body from all angles, she slightly adjusted the elevation by raising and lowering her hand, while simultaneously moving and shifting and her face all around; rolling her blue-gray eyes, with the cold, dead look of a hammerhead shark, searching out it's next meal...

    "Diana's coming home, Any MINUTE NOW!", I screamed out at her!

Her hand instantly moved, just slightly, but jerking away from her face; in surprise, -as my sudden, and unexpected outburst- caused the excited giantess, to have an interruption from her most detailed assessment.

Holding the open palm, with her free hand, directly underneath my dangling figure. She held me out above it, and slowly lowered me down, ...allowing me to reach out and slowly drop into her waiting hand.

Her fingers, instantly releasing my ankle, I pulled my foot away and curled up within the center of her open palm.

    "Put me DOWN!", I yelled!

    "Well now, ...what makes you think that I'm anyway near, finished -playing with you-, yet?", she whispered, with hot breath, ...chuckling so softly, the congestion in her heavy lungs, rattling with a sickening sound...

    "You're Not supposed to be, IN - here!", I yelled up to her daunting face.

Her huge mouth puckering up, shrinking down her brightly painted lips, transforming into a perfectly formed pout, ...she lowered her chin, and blinked a few times, ...feigning a concerned look.

    "Well, if YOU don't tell anyone, ...I Won't tell anyone", she whispered, giving me a     'Wink', and smiling wider...

  I looked toward the bedroom door, quickly pointing my finger in that direction, I excitedly said,

    "I think, I hear, someone Coming!?", I didn't, ...actually, ...But, I was frantically trying to bring this terrible situation to an early end!

    "No, ...I don't think so, ...Maxie went out to get something, and Diana won't be here until Nine. It's just, ...You-N-ME, Baby, ...and, ...I'm not Ready -ta put-cha-down-yet!", she formed a huge glorious smile!

    "I 'think', ...yur, jus' about the -'Purt-E-ist, Lit-eL-thang, ..*hee-hee* THAT, I've EVER SEEN!", she purred seductively...

  Suddenly, lifting me up higher, up above her face, - she politely held me up clear of her mouth, as she hacked a few rattling coughs, and turned her head directly downward, toward the floor...

    "Ha-ack, Ha-ack, ...Ha-ack!", her lungs emitted a thick, rattling sound.

I grabbed onto her palm and looked down over the side, I considered jumping, ...but, quickly changed my mind!

She finished coughing, and made a growling sound, ...evidently, trying to clear her throat, she grumbled, and barked a couple more times, then, ...slowly lowered me back down in front of her face.

    "Sorry there, Lil Fella, ...didn't want ta' {cough} right-in-ta yur FACE!" Ha-ha,     *cough-cough* - she turned her head away and coughed a few more times, and then seemed to be back in control once again.

    "Please, jus' PUT ME DOWN!", I screamed!

    "Aw, don't be such a little 'Spoil Sport'. Joy, Just, want's ta take-a-look-at-cha?", she said. Lowering her voice, into a raspy whisper,

    "I could, JUST, ...eat you ALL UP!"

  Her hands came together, forming a large bowl all around me. I knelt down in the center, and put my hands out to both sides, sitting freely within-her-palms, I felt the warmth of her soft dewy skin beginning to gradually increase, a fine slick of moisture beginning to form, I felt the wet sweat getting my bare knees wet...

Slowly rising up, she stood up and turned around. Carrying me out in front of her, she stepped out of the closet and stepped carefully over to Diana's bed. She slowly leaned forward, and bent down, -bringing her, mini-skirt, clad -dairy aire'- daintily down onto the edge, she gradually sat down, and crossed her long, stocking legs, bringing her hands down onto her lap, she lowered me down and smiled.

Tilting her head, she lifted her bare shoulder up and rested her head on top. Her uplifted foot started bouncing, at the ankle, as she excessively smiled and squinted down at me.

I felt my blood running cold, as I sat there inside her warm palms, trembled uncontrollably. Her strong perfume, filling my head, I was shaking so bad, that her image seemed to vibrate...


I felt myself starting to fade out, ...and I suddenly felt that rush of blindness coming over me.

Suddenly, I was back in my mother's kitchen. She had left me stranded inside a high-chair, sitting parked in front of the kitchen sink. A strange, elderly woman was sitting at the table, reading a hardback book. I was only about 3, or 4 years old. I can't remember exactly, but I was far too little to get down from this high-chair on my own.

With the solid wood of the desk-like, table top, firmly secure and locked into place, I was trapped up there in that tall, towering, high-chair, ...without any means of escape. I looked around the room for my mother, ...but, she had gone again, ...and I was left here with this gray-haired woman, that seemed to be completely oblivious to the fact that I was even here...

She lit a cigarette and turned the page in her book. I watched her, as she placed the smoking stick, in-between her red lips and took a slight drawl. The smoke encircled her large face, and she squinted as it rolled into her eyes. Her head was very large, and with her gray hair, all wrapped up into a 'beehive' style, hair-do, ...she looked like an evil version of Marilu Lou Henner, only slightly more developed in the breast department.

Her leopard print, horn-rimmed glasses, gave her face an everlasting angry expression. No matter her mood, she seemed to be pissed off about something... all the time.

Chapter 11 by midnightwriter85





'Dai on' na'

    I was starting to get tired of sitting there, in that straight-back chair and my legs were starting to get numb, ...my butt was hurting, and, I just wanted to get down from there and let the blood return to my feet again.

Her name was Martha, ...or, Marta? I screamed out and yelled her name. I wanted down, now, and she was my only hope of getting free of this torture chamber of a chair!

She completely ignored my desperate cries, and as if she couldn't even hear me, she simply turned another page and took another drag off her smoldering cancer stick.

I held my breath and pushed as hard as I could on the front edge of this wooden desktop. The solid section of the table didn't even budge, as I pushed on it so hard, that my back started to hurt from pressing it into the back of the chair.

I cried out again, and started screaming from the chair! I wanted down; out of this terrible pain, and no matter what, ...I was going to try and get this angry woman's full attention!

I screamed again, ...and nothing. She just sat there, like I was so 'tiny' that she couldn't even hear me! All the way across the room, she sat there reading her book, simply allowing me to struggle in pain, as my legs started to feel like they were stuck inside of the sharp teeth of an iron bear trap!

I tried as hard as I could to pull my legs up, and out of the tightly fitted chair, but no matter how I tried, the area inside of the seat compartment didn't allow enough room for me to get my legs out!

The gray-haired woman, turned her book around and adjusted her position, as she sat with her legs crossed, she uncrossed them and turned to face the other way, swiftly re-crossing them again, she pulled the cigarette away from her mouth and quickly snuffed it out in the nearby ashtray.

Turning slightly in her chair, she placed the open book down onto the table top and leaned forward to continue reading...

I screamed out again, ...only louder this time and as my legs felt like they were about to explode, I started crying and crying...

Tears of pain, streaming down my cheeks, the pain was simply unbearable! I continued to suffer there, without any assistance, as my only source of help completely ignored my struggling and pleading!

    "Ahhh!", I screamed and screamed, ...as loud as I could!


She couldn't hear me, it seemed that I was just So Small, ...that no matter how loudly I screamed out, ...she couldn't hear me at all...

An hour went by, and I was still sitting there, but by now, ...the pain had intensified to the point of complete delirium!

The intense pain had evolved into an entire body numbness. My legs had gone cold, and my back was breaking! I couldn't do anything to get out of this trap, and the more I tried to move, the more the pain intensified!

Another hour or so had passed with a slow and extreme severity and I was nary able, to get this giant woman to even acknowledge that I even existed, let alone, getting her attention, ...no matter, how hard I cried...


  "Hey, ...hey there, Lil' fella? You Alright there, ...little guy?",

Joyce's gruff voice, suddenly thrusting me right back into the butted palms, of her warm, wet, giant-sized, hands!

  "You Okay?", she asked, - uplifting her hands, raising me, ...up, way up, higher, up above her lap.

Taking me up to her largely, over-sized face, ...it was like one of those balloons, at the Macy's Day Parade, ...her lovely, -overly done make-up-, gave her extreme close up, - that superficial look of a much younger woman.

Only, from my perspective, she was this grumbling older woman, with a thing for taking control of a much smaller, and younger male partner.

Her breath swirling around in my face, ...she held me up, way too closely to her ominously infelicitous mouth.

  "What's your name Lil' fella', it's Not, ...'Ken'. Is it?", her words came with a speckling of hot splatter!

Her sticky red lips stretched and contracted with each infectious syllable. Her squirming tongue, flicking and flipping around inside the cage of her teeth; the deeply hollow, and largely growing, mouth, ...speaking with that twisted slang of hers.

  "What's the matter, ...'Joyce-got-your-tongue'?", she chuckled, her lungs giving up that thick rattling vibration.

Looking in, at her slightly yellowing, but - perfectly straight teeth, I felt my heart racing inside my chest, as I took this position as a potentially 'serious' one, and I knew that I would just,

'''-Jump from her hands, FIRST! '''

- If, this gigantic woman decided to kiss me with that 'communicable' mouth of hers!

  "William, or Bill, -Billy-, ...Bill Little, ...that's my Name, ...what's your's?", I decided to try and cooperate with her, and see if that would divert her attention. At least temporarily.

  "Well, Now, ...that's 'much' better. Hello there, Mr. Little? (Are you serious?)

  "Yeh, 'very serious', ...I know, I know".

  "heh, -that's pretty funny there, Lil' Billy?"

  "Yeah, Ver- Very Funny Ha Ha??"

  "I'm sorry Lil' guy, I didn't mean to strike a teenie-weenie Nerve?"

  "I'm, ...uh, Joy. Or, Formally; Ms. Joyce Amble. Maybe, you've heard of 'Ambrosia?', she asked.

  "Uh, ...Ambrosia?"

  "Nevermind, sweety. Doesn't matter, ...jus' call me 'JOY', alright? We're all friends here, right?"

Staying down on my knees, I raised up and crossed my arms, folding them in front of me with a defiant pose, ...I suddenly felt like I had nothing to lose, so I just simply decided to see what this woman really wanted with me...

  "Yeh, sure thing. 'Joy'. Any 'friend' of Dr. Harrison's, ...is a friend of mine, I guess..."

  "Oh, ...little man, ...you've no Idea, how 'well' I know, Ms. Harrison, ...we Go, way back, sweetie, ...way, Way, Back!", she snickered, with a huge smile.

  "So then, ...She knows that you're IN here, right now, snooping around in her daughter's bedroom, while she's away...? ?", I decided to be, so politely blunt!

  " well, ...Not exactly, ...but, what she doesn't know won't hurt her, will it?", she retorted!

  "I don't know, but, ...I don't think that Diana, would like it very much if she knew that you were in here, while she was away, ...I mean, I certainly, wouldn't! - (No offense...)"

  "...oh, ...you're jus' a little 'Nipper', aren't ya?", she whispered.

Closing her fingers up, all around me, smoothly enclosing her hands, and trapping up my entire body inside of her cupped palms, ...only allowing, just my head ...to stick out from between the base of her thumbs.

  "Just, what, ...makes you THINK, that she'll even find out?", she whispered directly into my face!

  "...oh, ...and, ...by the way, 'No offense taken', Little one", she said, slowly continuing to tighten up her hands...

Frantically, I started looking all around, twisting my head around trying to see what she was doing, ...or, about to do...

  "I'm sorry, ...I didn't Mean, ...'anything', ..I swear, I won't say anything, if YOU don't, ..heh, heh", I suddenly lost my nerve, and started back peddling; faster than a baby duck about to go over the falls, at the famous waterfalls of Niagra!

  "Well, that's alright, ...I could just slip you into my back pocket and take you home with me, and then, ...I'll be sure, that you can't SAY, -Anything, ...at all, couldn't I?", she said, firmly squashing her palms together...

  "No, no, ...you don't have to do that! I promise, ...I won't even say anything, just put me back down, and I'll act like you were never even here, ...at all!"

  "...or, I could take you out into the kitchen, and put you down on the floor, and just trample you under my heels, ...I'd just tell Maxie, that I mistakenly thought that you were a little 'mouse', and I just 'squished' you. Real Good! ...stepped on you, and squashed you, before I realized what I was doing?"

  "No, ...Please, Joy. I swear, Please don't, ...I'll keep my mouth shut, I promise!"

  "Well, ...I don't Know?", she loosened up her grip, just slightly.

Her palms were becoming very sweaty, and I was quickly beginning to get extremely overheated!

  "Please, Joy. I'll do anything you want, ...just don't do anything like that, ...Please?"

Joy uncrossed her legs. Taking, her left leg down, and adjusting her seat, she switched her legs and re-crossed them once more. This time, crossing the right leg, over the left one.

Her long legs rubbed together, grinding the fine nylon and creating a scruffy friction in between; I felt the heat rising up as she loosened her grasp, and allowed me to slip free of her hands and fall out onto her right leg.

Her short miniskirt had ridden up, rolling up at the hemline, pulling up around her hips like a curtain, completely exposing the giant woman's dark-colored pantie hose. I could see everything, that was 'formerly', hidden beneath her short skirt,

...and, as my eyes instantly went into that deep, dark valley, between her shimmering thighs; my heart nearly jumped right out of my chest, ...as I saw that she wasn't wearing anything underneath her nylon pantie hose.

Her sheer, nylon stockings, seemed to draw me right in...

I held my breath, as she slowly pulled her hands away, leaning back on Diana's single bed. She placed her hands around behind her back, and reclined there, for a moment, leaving me sitting there atop her heated thigh, sweating, ...and trembling like a tiny, little mouse!

That heady aroma, lingering within those sheer nylons began to escape and I began to breathe the steam-like scent of her tremendous body. The intoxicating smell filled my head and I felt something happen as I sat back and attempted to balance myself upon her wide thigh,

...a slight bouncing, started happening when Joy casually flexed her uplifted leg, rocking me gently in a rhythmically taunting motion... as she twitched the toe of her foot, allowing the red high-heel shoe, to slip away from the heel of her foot.

I actually heard it, ...the sound of it, as the shoe broke free from the heel of her sweaty foot, ...the vacuum sucking away, making that 'popping' smack, ..."Th-wunk"...

Her excessive body heat was having a strange effect on me, ...it seemed like the scent of her perfume was doing something to me, too; 'Physically'. I felt myself getting hard, and I scooted back and pulled one leg up, to try and conceal it from Joy's view, ...she seemed to know already, what I was doing, and she softly giggled and started bouncing her foot a little bit more!

That slight smile on her face, seemed more like a smirk, ...or an expression of sexual arousal, I couldn't tell which, but, ...by the way that she was staring at me, I knew that I had better start telling her what she wanted to hear, or else I was in some deep trouble!

  "Joy, ...Please, I swear, I won't say anything about this to either one of them, Okay?", I begged her, crawling along her leg, I slowly began making my way up toward her hip.

The entire bed shifted slightly, as she picked up her right hand from behind her back, and brought it around in front of her chest. I couldn't believe my eyes, when she just casually reached up, (while still staring directly at me) and hooking her thumb into the embroidered low-cut, neckline, of her tightly fitted sleeveless top, she just simply, and expertly, removed her left boobie, and allowed it to drop free of her top!

The large breast hung down overtop of the black top, and the nipple looked as firm as my growing erection! I caught my breath with a quick surprise, as her hand suddenly reached down and scooped me up with her fingers, and swiftly brought me right up to her face!

  "I want you to kiss my boobie", she whispered.

  " ...I want to 'feel' those tiny lips of yours!", she said. As she moved me over closer to the giant nipple.

I started to protest, ..but, quickly decided against it, and as she slowly moved me over to her breast, I reached out and instinctively grabbed hold of it with both hands...

   "M'm, yes'ss. That's it, Billy. Come to momma, kiss it - little man. Kiss that boobie.",she cooed.

I couldn't stop myself, I mean, ...I didn't have any other choice, right?

The only thing that I could do was try and please this gigantic woman, and as she moved her hand around, carrying me within her conforming fingers, she positioned me perfectly, allowing my arms to move freely and wrap around that bulbous appendage and start licking it as if my life depended on it!

The huge, firm, nipple, quickly enlarged, ...growing to the size of an 'other-worldly' watermelon. The brownish-red, areola, swelling up and warming to my touch; feverishly, I gripped it, like a starving piglet suckling at the teet of its over-sized mother...

The huge controlling hand wrapped around my entire waist. Holding me firmly, but comfortably; allowing my entire upper body to freely move about above her fist. My legs were slightly cramped within her slick fingers, the sweat soaking in between my legs, feeling a bit like I was sinking into a greasy pit.

Her thumbnail, pressed into the back of my head, ...forcing my face right up against her burgeoning nipple. As her thumb, (working around freely,) independently operating and separating from her gripping fingers, - the thumb, floated around my head, controlling it, and forcing it into the exact position that she so desired...

  "Oh, ...yes. Suckle it, Billy. C,mon, Lil' Man. That's right!"

My nylon shorts were soaking wet with her sweat. My legs were dripping, my straining cock, tightly trapped against the inner folds of her encircling fingers,

...I felt completely helpless within her grasp, entirely out of control and unable to do anything else but bend to her will...

Joys strategy, playing out in her favor, I had suddenly become this little toy; just merely an object of simple pleasure, 'a plaything,' for this bewitching dominatrix.

Looking up to take a breath, ...I paused, momentarily, to take a quick glance around the room. Looking down next to the head of the bed, I noticed a picture poster sitting on the back of Diana's night stand. I hadn't noticed that, before...

It was a picture of an oriental landscape, with the image of a towering Japanese woman standing in water up to her knees. The giantess was holding a tiny man in the palm of her hand, and she was looking down, her eyes closed, caressing her naked breast with her free hand, ...standing out in the middle of a picturesque Lake, ...wearing a white sheet, wrapped loosely around her beautiful, but colossal, figure.

The picture was framed neatly within a bold metal frame, one that you might find at one of those high-class women's clothing stores, but, ...what really stood out, was the single word that was written across the top...

-At the top of the poster, written out in large, bold script, was the word: 'Dai on' na'. I didn't ever recall seeing that word, before today, ...but, somehow, it seemed to have a preference, foremost in my mind...

A preeminent, and utmost supremacy, within my subconscious mind. I didn't know what it meant, but somehow, I knew that its meaning was something that I was supposed to know, and it felt like something that I should, not only appreciate, but most definitely hold in the highest regard!

...but why, didn't I know this word? I felt like, I already 'Knew' what it meant...

Chapter 12 by midnightwriter85

'Dai on' na'

  Suddenly, my head was smooshed up betwixt Joy's thumb and finger, squashing firmly, her rigid nipple thrust into my face!

Nearly smothering me, with much more avidity and fervor than just moments before, ...the giant redhead, gasped,

    "Oh, ...stop TEASING me, you little BUG!"

With heated breath, ...smashing me into the softness of her massive breast, ...groaning, urgingly,

    "Ugh, ...Lick it, ...little man. Lick it CLEAN!"

Straining my neck, while extending my mouth open as much as possible; feverishly, I started lavishing this enormous, protruding gland. Licking, for all I was worth, desperately, attempting to appease this raging red-headed goddess; this manically obsessed female giant!

Strenuously and excessively, flicking away at the turgid, 'nippular' gland, with just my tiny flicking tongue. I tasted something being released into my mouth...

Just barely detectable, my taste buds picked up on the diluted secretion that was nearly absorbed away by blending in with the salty sweat of her immensity, but,

...still, taking a strong precedence over it, ...the mild flavor sending its biochemical stimulus directly into my miniature, but exquisitely immaculate, bloodstream.

The muscular appendage, surging with a mild pulsation, ...throbbing, growing harder, and thicker, ...straining for a precious, minimal taste, of her supreme essence: just a minute taste of her maternalistic embellishment.

Joy's large red thumbnail stabbed into my low back, I cringed with pain, as I was sharply driven deeper into the soft embrace of a massive wall of breast flesh, compressing into the warmth, and shoved deeply into it, I held onto the solid nipple, and tried to caress the giantess.

Using all of my strength, and every ounce of energy, I threw myself completely into her magnificent mammary, ...snuggling my face into the unforgiving mass, nuzzling, and rubbing my open mouth over the slippery mound of her large feminine bulb.

My cock straining and bulging inside my sweat soaked shorts, her huge fingertip nearly squashed it, as she gripped me around the waist, simply to place my tiny figure into a different position. I yelped with pain, as her thumbnail raked across my thigh, scraping the skin, as she impatiently corrected me into yet, another new position.

With fervor, and a sudden passion, ...I licked until I felt my tongue going dry. Steadily increasing; I felt her chest rising and falling, ...Joy's powerful heart, pounding like an over-sized bass drum, ...throbbing, within her huge upper body.

    "Uh, ...uh', ...uh, ...uh'. - M'm ...uhg. Ugh. Ugh! ", groaning, and grunting a beastly sound.

    "Ah, ...Ah, ...Ah, ...uh - Uh - uh, Uh, M,m, ...uh,", holding back the impending...

Her heart beating; thudding, like an explosive underwater blast, repetitively reverberating within the depths of her monumental being. ...carrying me up, and down, with each incredible breath she was taking.

    "Uh, ...uh', ...uh', ...uh", her entire body rocking, and bucking; quaking!

    "Ah, ...Ah, ah, ah, ...Ah, ...Ah, ah, ah, ...Ah, ...Ah, ah, ah!", grunting, unrelenting urgency!

Her desire, ...seeking that impending pleasure, holding back, as she fingered herself.

Far below, ...down between her open thighs, I could hear the wet squishing, slurping sound, of her fingers, frantically working between her legs, ...working faster and faster, to pleasure herself, ...finally, and suddenly, coming to an explosive orgasm...


Slowly, but awkwardly, taken away from the slippery, giant nipple, ...her sweaty fingers unfurled and finally allowed me to go free. I fell backward, and landed down between her boobies, ...my upper body wedged down tightly into the slick narrow space.

I hadn't noticed that she had removed both of her breasts, as she had, ...apparently.

Pulling the top down underneath of them, and untucking them by pulling down on her top, and pushing it up under, she pulled the tightly fitting black top, out, and around, while holding them firmly together, the top still yet, supporting them, ...but, the naked twins, now hung freely, and openly...her nipples standing out so proudly!

Upside down, -and squished up, I started struggling around attempting to pull myself out of this heated pocket, ...my head was stuck, down inside of this deep crack, ...and the further down I slipped, the tighter it become!

"Help! Joy, ...HELP ME!", I screamed, with a muffled sound, my voice somewhat submerged within her cleavage!

I felt her fingers fishing around for one of my ankles, and finally, she succeeded, and easily yanked me upward, pulling my sweaty little figure out of her slippery wedge...

    "Oh, ...THERE - you are! I wondered where you had gotten off to, ...-heh",

...blushing with an intensity, the giant woman teasingly said, while holding me upside down, by my right ankle, out in front of her blushing face.

Quickly closing both of her hands around me, manipulating my limbs, working until she had me turned right-side up, once again. Then, she carefully lowered me down below her waist, ...I instantly found myself staring directly into the open space between her legs, and beneath the edge of the top of her coiled up miniskirt.

I felt her fingers, as they slipped around my chest, ...a greasy, sticky, musk covering them, completely coating them, ...a powerful, slippery twang... an overwhelming aroma, nearly taking my breath away!

Her left hand, had been very busy, it seemed, ...coated with her honeydew, and now, -she was rubbing it all over me!

I coughed a few times, gagging; ...she chuckled with envy, ...breathing very hard, her large chest rising and falling, high up above me...

She casually continued to rub those sticky fingers all over me, ...spreading that sticky goo all around, smearing it across my chest and belly, ...up and around, and over my face, rubbing it into my hair, spreading it all around, completely covering my entire body with it.

I looked up at her with a complete look of total confusion, ...she smiled back, with a look of domineering possessiveness.

    "Mm, ...doesn't that smell goood?", she purred.

Her hands, casually continuing to slather me with her tangy cream, ...I knew that there was no use trying to avoid it, or struggle, Joy was determined, 'Obsessed' with, the idea, to cover me up, in her, ...her scent, ...and, I knew that she wouldn't stop, until she had covered my entire body with it.

My nylon Barbie shorts were completely soaked in her sweat. My wilted cock, safely tucked away inside, ...until, just when I thought, that she had finally satisfied herself, she simply picked me up, with two fingers and a single thumb....

Gripping me up around my waist, ....she just simply, and firmly, rolled them down over my legs, slipping my pants down, and effortlessly rolling them, right down, and right OFF!

    "Hey, ...Wait a minute!", I yelped!

    "Oh, ...well, now, ...Just, What do we have HERE!", she whispered.

    "No Joy, ...Don't, Please, ...don't do this, ...Wait, STOP!", I screamed!

    "O' Ho, ho, ho, ....what's wrong, ...don't cha' wanna play some more?"

    "No, no, no, ...Please, Joy, Don't Please, ...Stop it, don't do this!"

    "Aw, so sweet, and So Cute!"

Her wide thumb pad nearly covered my chest. Two fingers pressed across my back, and she simply held me like that, ...holding me down between her legs. Her face hovering above me, holding me in her right hand.

Her single, pointer finger, with a bright red nail; slipped up through the space between my thighs, and squished firmly against my tiny balls, ...I yelped, as she, lowered her face and leaned down a little closer...

    "Please, Joy, ...just lemme Go!", I begged her, "... Please, please, let me Go, now..."

    "M'm, ...but, ...I'm not DONE with you yet, little guy."

    "C'mon, Joy. Please, ...You don't have to do this, and, ...I don't want to, Okay?"

    "O' ho, Ho, Don't what? What do you 'think', I'm gonna DO, H'm'?"

She brushed her fingertips all around and over my chest, ...sliding the edge of a single fingernail, up into the crack of my ass, she parted my clamping cheeks, and worked the tip of her finger into the slight space!

    "Stop It, ...No, Quit That, ...Joy?" Just, Stop it, Right Now, Okay? That's NOT Funny!", I cried out!

    "H'm', ...Okay, Right, so sorry, Billy, ...didn't mean to 'PRY' ?!"...

    "Just lemme GO, JOY!", I screamed, as loud as I could scream! "STOP, Just Stop It!"

    "Okay, okay, jus, Teasin', Billy, I was-jus' Teasin' - I wanna see what you like, okay?"

    "No Joy, Just stop, Lemme go!"

    "Not Yet, ...Just, Let's just, um, then, Let me see if, I can just, do this.....then,"

Joy's fingers quickly released me, dropping me to fall into the space directly between her mid-thighs, just a few feet away from the cliff-like edge, of the side of the huge mattress.

Trapped, inside of this strange triangle shaped area, nearly as big as a two-car garage, I looked up across her waist and high up across her bare breasts.

Her smiling face suddenly lost all expression. I looked all around, I couldn't see over the top of her smooth wall-like thighs, they were just slightly higher than my head.

...dropping to my knees, ...I instantly placed my hands together, interlacing my fingers, and got into a praying position!

Joy leaned slightly forward, casting her shadow over the entire area. I cast my eyes downward, into the shadowy cove directly in front of me, ...the dark colored, nylon pantie crotch, glistening within, had a much darker area, right in the very center most part of the double-layered panel.

I caught a strong gust of warmth, and the intense feminine aroma filled my head once again.

Staying down on my knees I began to beg her for mercy, ...crying out to her and pleading for her to just leave me alone!

I begged her to put me back down on the floor, and just let me go back into the closet.

She just simply ignored my constant begging, staring down at me, with a careless and blank expression, ...I couldn't understand what this giantess expected of me, ...and, I didn't want to know! I just wanted her, ... to let me go!

I wanted to get away from her, and how was I going to get out of this mess?
She seemed to be enjoying herself, just watching me, trapped right there, right there, right there, where, I had nowhere to go! Down, between her legs; I'd nowhere to hide, and I couldn't get away from her either!

Slowly, and smoothly, Joy started to close her thighs together, ...moving them closer, she formed a much smaller area; I stopped begging, and was about to just get to my feet and take a dive right off of the side of the bed, when suddenly, out in the main part of the house there was a noise at the front door,

.... instantly snatched up, with such overwhelming velocity; I was taken up and swept out across the room, so fast, ...that I thought my neck was going to snap off!

The next thing I knew, I was thrown back to my closet space, and dropped directly into my bed! ...my head still spinning, I pulled myself together and looked up to see Joy, standing tall up so high above me, towering overhead, ...standing up to her full, gigantic height, looming over me, standing just outside the closet doorway...

..She spoke downward, toward me, with a much deeper commanding tone,
"Not a word, ...little man!", waving goodbye with just a single, sharp, red painted fingernail. She smiled, ...and then she was gone...


I climbed out of my bed and listened, someone had entered the apartment and when Joy heard them coming in the door, I was finally 'Saved from her lustful abuse', and, unknowingly 'rescued' by, 'whomever' ...it was, ...and, I figured that it was either Maxine or her daughter, Diana.

However, I heard Joyce talking with them, but I couldn't understand what they were saying, or even who the voice was, ...it was just too far away to tell which one it was...

After a few moments, I realized that I was standing there stark naked. So, I walked over to the pizza pan and decided that I would try and get myself cleaned up a bit. I had lost my short pants and now, I would have to find something else to wear, as well...

Looking around, I realized that I had some water left over, that was in a large, soup bowl, that Diana had placed there next to that pan. I was going to try and wash away all that sticky crust that was drying to my skin, and pasted all over me, ...I had to wash this stuff out of my hair before it completely dried.

Although, I didn't want to take too much time, so I threw one leg up and over the side of the bowl, pulled my other leg up and over, and slipped down into the waist-deep water; when suddenly, I was interrupted by the sound of Diana's urgent voice, calling out to me, from just beside of her bed,

    "Billy? Billy, come out here, would you, ...Please. Are you okay?",

...her sweet voice sounded so soothing, and inviting, that I hurried up and dunked my head down under the water and quickly tried to get all that, ...'Stuff', ...washed out of my hair, ...before she saw me like this...

I swiftly rubbed my fingers through my hair, and vigorously, scrubbed my head, as best that I could, trying to wash my arms and legs and, quickly brushing my hands all around, swiftly giving myself the fastest bath that I had ever taken!

    "Billy? Are you in here?", Diana sounded very worried. I could tell by the sound of her voice, that something was bothering her...

    "Billy, ~ ...where ARE you? Are you IN HERE? ..Billy?",

Diana cautiously pushed her head past the edge of the closet doorway. She seemed to be watching her steps, extremely close, ...trying to avoid, any unfortunate accidents, the young giantess, was looking down at her feet with each and every step that she took...

    "Diana! Hey! Down here!", I yelled up to her, Waving my arms high above my head.

    "WHEW! ...Thank Goodness!", she said, ~ aloud. Sighing with relief, releasing a long extended breath!

So relieved, to see me sitting there inside of that soup bowl (taking a bath), she suddenly bent forward, lowering herself down closer to me and onto the closet floor, ...easing her butt down while smoothly pulling her left knee up, she bent her right leg around behind her and sat in some sort of strange, Yoga pose,...resting her chin down upon her knee, smiling down at me...

Slightly tilting her head to the side, blinking her dark eyes with a strong admiration,

    "Mom said, that Joy was in here, while she was down at the supermarket? And, I was wondering if you were okay, ...I knew that if she saw you, that, ...well, she could be a Big Problem?"

I knew THAT, was coming, ...and, I had to force myself to 'protect' Joy, but, ...I didn't want to cause any trouble on my very first day living here, so I just acted aloof, and as if I didn't even realize that she was even inside the apartment.

    " So, ...I'm glad that she didn't see you, ....or find you, did she? ...she didn't SEE you, DiD She, Billy?",

Diana excitedly stammered, still trying to settle down, after finding out that I might have been in some 'real trouble', (the 'understatement' of the year)

...Joy was an old friend, but, ...Diana, never really felt that comfortable around her,

    ...she was just a little bit crazy sometimes.

Chapter 13 by midnightwriter85

'Dai on' na'

* Starting out, with just a tad bit of back story, ...so if you were wondering why, Ms. Maxine, would just allow her friend Joyce, to be all alone inside of her apartment, ...while she was gone for nearly two hours...


  -Backing up to the begining of the day, we'll wake up with Maxine...

Just waking up and about to get out of bed, Dr. Maxine Harrison was thinking about her daughter turning '16'. It was just breaking dawn and Diana, had already left for school.

Maxine wanted to get up and go and check on Mr. Little, ...she hadn't wanted to put him under any more stress than was absolutely necessary, so she had decided to wait until this morning.

However, directly afterward, she would be going out to get a few things for Diana's Birthday Party, maybe, she would even take Mr. Little along with her.

She was just about to get out of bed and go and check on her little 'secret' patient, just to see how he was getting along so far, see if he was made comfortable, and if he needed anything else. She was also curious to take a look at how Diana had prepared his little living space inside of her closet.

Much to the ladie doctors surprise, her old friend Joyce, 'unexpectedly', just showed up! Frantically knocking at her apartment door, excitedly peering through the window glass, like an overzealous 'used car salesman' suddenly noticing some unsuspecting customer, pulling into the used car lot!

Maxine had to get out of bed, and go and let Joyce in, before she got a chance to check on Billy.


After opening the door, and greeting the tall, long-legged redhead, allowing her entry, the two of them sat down at the breakfast table and had a cup of coffee.

That's when Joyce, told her to look out the window at the cute little car parked down in the parking lot,

...a giant-sized, pink ribbon, strapped across the hood, ...the lady Doctor already knew that Joyce had done it again! She just had to, ...do something, crazy, ...and, get Diana something completely 'Over-the-top', ...once Again!

Anyway, after getting some breakfast, and doing a little bit more chatting up,

Maxine tried to figure out how she was going to go out, and get the things that she needed for the party, while Joyce was there with this 'fantastic' new birthday present!

Joy couldn't leave the little car there in the parking lot, without someone keeping an eye on it. Having no license plates on it and, with the push button starter, and the high-tech personal entry system, ...it had to be personally synchronized to the 'New Owner'!

So, ...until Diana configured the 'Fingerprint' I.D. contraption and activated the new system, Joyce was going to have to stay with the car until she gave it to the Birthday Girl.

So, Maxine had no other choice,

She had to allow Joy to stay there at the apartment, all by herself, while she went into the city...

Hopefully, she thought, that her old friend wouldn't snoop around inside her place, too much, ...and awkwardly stumble onto something, or 'someone', that she didn't want anyone else to find out about,

...but, ...that's how it ended up happening, the way that it did and it was too late now to do anything about it.

Joyce had discovered, Maxine's little secret, 'Friend', and the fact was Joyce had some other ideas too!

However, the lady doctor just didn't know it yet...


    Back to present time, (where the last chapter left off)

...sitting at the wide, dining room table, inside of her kitchen, Maxine Harrison lifted the butter knife away from the edge of a large, chocolate, Birthday Cake.

Raising the knife up to her mouth, she stuck out the tip of her tongue and slowly licked the excess icing off...

    "M'mm, ...I know what you mean Joy, that girl 'has' grown up, very fast!

Really... I'm very proud of her, though, you know, ...she's been doing extremely well in school. And, she simply loves doing Yoga and taking care of herself", Looking over the top of the Cake, at her old college roommate.

Maxine knew that Joy and herself had a lot in common, only their lives were very separate, and so very much different on the outside...


Ms. Joy Amble, ...sitting with perfect posture, crossed her long legs comfortably. Sitting directly across the table from Maxine, she was carefully slurping the top off of a steaming hot cup of Black Raspberry Tea.

Closing her eyes, while daintily slurping, ...the slightly disheveled looking Joy, sucked at the top of the small tea cup, inhaling the hot steam while drawing in a tiny bit of tea from the surface of the little ceramic cup. Making that distinct, but irritating noise,


  "So, yeah, ...I'm just glad that we got to watch it happen, ya know, ...I mean, It just seems like 'yesterday', that.... Well, I can't wait to see the look on her face, when she sees that cute little car!", Joy whispered.

  "Yes, but, ...she's going to be disappointed, though, when she finds out that she can't drive it yet!", Maxine said, using a stronger tone of voice.

  "I wish that you had just gotten her a sweater or something, ...why did you have to get that girl something so expensive? I wanted her to earn the money herself to buy her first car, and then you, You,...turn around and just buy her one..."

  "It'll be alright, Maxine. Still, she'll have to buy the gas for it, ...and last I heard, that stuff's not cheap!", Joy adjusted her short miniskirt and turned toward the window.

Getting up from her chair, casually swaying her wide hips, she walked over to the large kitchen window and looked outside. The large, park-like setting, several stories down, spread out across a huge lawn of neatly trimmed grass and manicured shrubbery, ...the apartment buildings parking lot, held just a few staggered automobiles, parked around in random, open parking spaces.

Joy looked down at her birthday present, ...that, she had so discretely, 'parked' out away, in the furthest parking space, ...she smiled, softly... her mind on an entirely different aspect, of her latest endeavors, ...she shifted her wide, perfectly shaped hips, and felt the short skirt-tail of her mini-dress, bouncing against her prominently displayed dairy aire'...

  "So, not to ''change the subject'', but, uh, ...'anything' GOOD, happening at the office lately', ...any 'Juicy Stuff', ...that you're NOT supposed to tell me about?

  You Know, ...that kinda stuff, ...that's supposed to be kept quiet, or ...with that, uh, ...what is it called, that um, 'Patient ~ Doctor', confidentiality, crap?"

Purposely trying to sound indifferent about what she was actually referring to...

Maxine simply grunted, turning away with a smirk, ...suddenly distracted, she glanced away, looking over at her front door.

She could see out from her kitchen, all the way through her living room to the front door of her apartment.

Someone was tapping a sharp fingernail on the small window pane, that was affixed to the side of the door frame.

Maxine had been expecting company, and she calmly stepped away from the table and excused herself, stepping quietly through her living room to see who it was, knocking at her apartment door.

  "I think, ..it's Christina, ...one of Diana's friends from school?", Maxine told Joy, as she stepped across her living room, casually walking toward the front door.

Making a joke, Joyce yelled back, "I thought that you enrolled her in a 'PRIVATE SCHOOL?'"

  "Yeh, he-heh, ...ver-Funny Joy!"

Opening the door, Maxine looked out to greet Christina Brinker. A very well rounded, larger than average looking brunette, with thick eyebrows and a full head of curly hair, ...a large, pink colored book bag, thrown over her right shoulder,

...wearing a skinny pair of ripped blue jeans, than appeared to be far too small, and a set of suede leather, spike-heeled, ankle boots, that had sharp pointy toes...

Wrinkling her nose, she smiled politely,

  "Hello, Doctor Harrison, I'm here for, Diana's Birthday Bash",

The girl looked past Maxine, and with curiously, darting eyes, peeking around beside her, the heavy set young girl was trying to see into the living room, past Maxie's shoulder, ~ "...is she here?", she sweetly asked.

Slightly shocked, at the girls larger size, Maxine stepped back, "Yea, ...come on in, Christina, I'll tell her you're here, ...have a seat, mum, and I'll go and get her, sweetheart".

The young girl smoothly stepped into the room and dropped her book bag next to the door. She pulled off her jacket and dropped it on top of the bag, reaching up with both her hands, she swiftly swept her hair out of her shirt collar, and back into place.

She walked around the coffee table, and found a seat in the large armchair next to the window, glancing up at the wire bird cage, Christine quickly stood back up to closely inspect the interior of the large metal cage, ...Wondering if there was something inside of it, that she couldn't see where she was going to sit,

...finding it completely empty, she exhaled a sharp breath and promptly reseated herself with a casual look of slight boredom...

Joy had been peeking around the corner, watching her, and she smiled at her when the girl finally spotted her from the chair and the two of them briefly smiled at one another, before awkwardly looking down at the floor, ...sweeping her hair away from the side of her face again, the young girl looked up at the ceiling, and rolled her eyes...


Maxine knocked twice, on Diana's bedroom door before twisting the knob and letting herself into the girl's bedroom. She found Diana sitting cross-legged on her bed, holding both hands down between her legs, looking up with her mouth hanging partly open and her eyes wide, with a strange look of bewilderment on her pretty face...

  "Diana, ....your friend, Christina? is here? Whatcha' doin'?" , Maxine softly asked, not intending to barge in on her teenage daughter.

  "Oh, ...whew! I didn't know, who you were, here, Mom, ...take him...", reaching out with both of her hands, Diana pulled her hands out from down between her legs and held this tiny little man up within her fingers, raising him up higher, holding him out, waiting for her mother to take him from her...

Maxine hesitated briefly before carefully reaching up and collecting my little miniature figure, effortlessly taking me up against her left breast, holding me gently within just a single hand.

  "Oh, ...O- Kay?", Maxine looked slightly confused.

I must have looked so differently, dressed up in a little pair of bib-overalls, and wearing this cute little baseball cap?

  "Keep him in 'your' room, Momma, ...just while Christies here, alright?",

Diana whispered, a slight urgency in her tone, ...she didn't want to force me, to stay inside of her closet the entire time while her friend was visiting, forcing me to stay out of sight, and just waiting around in the dark.

  "M'mm, alright Diana. I'll take care of it, just go and see your friend sweety, I'll give Billy here, a good place to hang out for a while."


  I wasn't, ...at all, ...prepared, for what was about to happen,

  "There you go, little fella'", Maxine calmly said. Gently releasing me, to sink down into a mass of fluffy softness.

Placing me down into this oversized, wooden drawer, ...allowing me to drop freely into the softest collection of fine, white, silken material, ...that I've ever laid eyes on, let alone, ...ever actually 'touched'!

...nearly causing me to go into sudden cardiac arrest! I caught my breath, ...as I slowly sank down into this large, fluffy cloud, of Maxine's lacy underthings...

Maxine's face, just above, she had to slightly raise herself up on her tippy toe's, to look down inside, from nearly her chin level. Smiling, while peering into the largely filled top drawer of her chest type dresser, ...I looked up at her beautiful image with my mouth gaping open...

  "Comfy?", she whispered, "Aw, Hang on Billy, ...I'll be back in a few minutes", she quietly said, and turned and disappeared from my distorted perspective, ...leaving me to stare up at the ceiling with my heart pounding inside of my chest!

I looked around, and back up to the edge of the drawer. I closely estimated that the drawer was opened about six feet, (only about 4 inches) and I started to wonder just how safe this was, especially being up so high up from the floor!

Also, unable to see out, if someone else, happened to walk into the bedroom, and I couldn't even see out into the room either, ... I had to move some stuff around so that I could climb up on top of it, and get up there closer to the top edge of the drawer.

Maxie had dropped me down upon a pair of neatly folded, white bikini type panties, and as I crawled across them, the strong fragrance of her perfume began to swell out and fill the stuffy air around me.

I found myself becoming slightly aroused, at just the thought of, where exactly, and what sections, these particular garments, had been worn on, (upon her giant, naked body) and, as I crawled over the narrowest part (the crotch panel) of a single pair of frilly, white lace, ones; where the fabric felt somewhat thicker, I felt it with both of my tiny sized hands, I felt my loins start to burn with a tingling sensation...

I steadied myself and slowly got up into a standing position. I found my bare feet planted firmly inside of the back panel, section, ...of a single pink colored thong, I felt my balls tingling, as I stepped over them, it took four full steps to cross them, and made my way across the entire length of the interior of this magnificent drawer.

I felt nearly overcome with strange lusty arousal, as I staggered to the other side. My cock straining in my pants. I had to get up above this lusty pit of giant sized underwear and get some fresh air!

Climbing up onto the large cone-shaped cup, ...of a bright red brassiere with tiny pink and white flowers, I tried to use it to climb up onto the top part of the drawer, but as I attempted to jump up, my weight, no matter how little, was just enough to cause the foamy cup to collapse beneath me...

I sank down inside the large cushion, and it suddenly reversed its shape, instantly popping out, ...and open, causing me to fall deeper into an open space between two rows. I tumbled down into this deep space and landed roughly on the solid wooden floor.

I must have been down, at least ten feet deep in dozens of pairs of Maxine's underthings! My head started spinning, and my cock was twitching! I was struggling to try and climb up over them. I had to stop and rest, and I noticed, right there in front of me was a stained pair of well-worn panties, ...they must have been tucked away, down into the bottom of the drawer, long forgotten!

However, they couldn't have been for too long, because the remarkable scent that wafted around my face was simply intoxicating!

Chapter 14 by midnightwriter85

'Dai on' na'

Diana's, 'Sweet Sixteen' Party, slowly gathered steam; Maggie, another of the young girl's friends came to join the annual celebration, ...and, two more of Maxine's friends arrived, 'Jessica and Marova'.

They would only be staying for a short time, being just about to graduate from college, ...they had really just popped in, to touch base with the lady doctor; merely to maintain a connection, and have something else to add to their resume'.

Over the last five years, Maxine had mentored several of the students throughout their university incumbency, giving them a reference, and suggestions that would help them get off to a better start.

The moderate gathering (of seven), ...crowded into the living room and gave Diana her birthday presents, after she quickly opened them, they all sat around and watched a few short video clips that Maxine had uploaded to U-tube.

Everyone had a slice of Diana's chocolate Birthday cake while sipping punch and mixed drinks, they watched the flickering videos taken over the Mother/Daughter's relationship, ...playing out across the big screen, the images reviewing only the most precious of their moments together.

Diana was most surprised, though, with the tiniest gift of all, ...only about a mere, 2-inch cube, just a tiny little box that held the smallest and the most wonderful gift.

Diana squealed with delight, as she opened the package, and removed the single set of plastic coated car keys, ...jumping up and down and collapsing onto the floor with overwhelming excitement!

    "Oh, Thank You, ...Joy! Thank you, Thank You. - So Much!"

    " Well, what are we waiting for? Let's just go out and take a look at it!"

Joyce said as she opened the front door, ushering the entire group to follow her out of the apartment, to eventually reassemble down in the apartment buildings parking lot.


  Maggie and Christina, fell right into line behind Diana, walking too closely, they pushed open the door and stepped out into the hall. They ran to the elevator and took it down to the lobby. As soon as the doors opened up, they were out, and across the room, sprinting to the side door, ...the parking lot, was at the side of the building, about two hundred yards away, and within, nearly ten seconds flat, ...all three of the teen girls were standing around the little car, smiling and checking it out, dancing with excitement and bouncing on their pretty little heels,

...Joy finally walked up and opened up the driver's door...

    "There you go, ....it's all, Yours!", she proudly announced!

Maggie, just seventeen, smiled wider, her face lighting up - 'an extremely bright colored hue of the most unforgettable blue eyes'; her blonde hair, reached her lower back, with natural golden highlights.

Her family lived out in the country, two hours away from the City, New York. So, in order to attend the more prestigious New York City School, Maggie stayed with her grandmother during the week, so that she could attend the much better High School there.

She had four sisters, that were very close in age, but, they were all going to their local country, High School, and remained to stay at home, with their parents on a small sixty-acre farm in upstate N.Y.

She felt a little jealous of Diana, (one of her closest friends) but, ...mostly, just very happy that she would get to enjoy riding in this wonderful little car!

Cautiously, the delighted teenager stepped closer to the side of the car; bending down to slowly brush the palms of her hands down over the front of her legs,

...smoothing out the snuggly fitted black yoga pants. She peered into the interior of the boxy little vehicle and smiled when she imagined having the prospect of actually driving it herself, possibly, someday soon, ...Too!

Brilliantly displaying her athletic figure, wearing the short, -extra-small'- jean jacket - it lifted up and away from her waistline -across her lower back-, as she bent forward, ...fully exposing her tight, muscular, definition... so well displayed. Her perfect little bum; an outstanding feature of her prominent female beauty.

...having to deflect a constant barrage, from nearly all of the male students at their High School: on a daily basis, Pretty Maggie was assaulted with dozens of phone numbers, and twice as many personal invites, from the endless hoard of teenage boys.

She was learning very early on, the right, and wrong way, ..of just how to fend off the sexual advances from the mindless swell, and constant frenzied pursuit, _her attitude toward the male gender was gradually becoming quite resentful towards any, and all, ...Men.

Once, she had told Diana, that, if she could get away with it, she would love to kidnap one of those lusty pricks, take him way out to her farm and put him inside a cage in the basement. Just give him enough food to keep him alive, and, every single night, she could squat over his little cage and relieve herself, all over him...

Diana nearly agreed with her, as she herself had suffered some of that same treatment, simply because she was one of Maggie's friends, they pawed at her like she was a consolation prize, ...Christina, though very much, your typical Tom-Boy, felt the same way also and was in total agreement with her two friends. Although, the three very much enjoyed all of the attention. And, all three of them, did have some respect for a couple of the guys that they liked, and the ones that Maggie liked, Christine and Diana did too!


Diana slipped into the leather driver's seat and grabbed the steering wheel. She adjusted the seat to her preference, and quickly adjusted the rearview mirror, ...she watched as Joy climbed into the passenger side, and they both buckled up and prepared for a short trip around the large parking lot.

The cooler fall breeze beginning to signal the change in seasons, sweeping some dusty leaves up from the curb, blowing them around in a small whirlwind, ...the warmth, still fulfilling the early autumn air and with so much less humidity, it was an extremely nice evening.

Everyone got a chance to take a ride in the little car, and then Joy helped Diana set up the new high-tech security system. They filled out the title work, and Joy took it with her, when Maxine used her own car, to drive Joy back to her place on the other side of the city.

Maxine's other two friends, Jessica and Darleen, had to get an early start. So they were first to leave because they both had a long drive back home; a two-hour trip, back - upstate, ...and the rest of the party headed back into the apartment.

Christina, Maggie, and Diana went back upstairs to the apartment. Diana, holding her new set of car keys; after she added her apartment key to her brand new set, she held them tightly in her palm, forcing herself to get used to handling the now larger set; they were much heavier than what she had previously been used to...

The three teen girls walked back into the apartment and headed into the kitchen to get something to drink. Maggie headed down the hallway, she had to use the bathroom,

...Christina kicked off her boots and flopped down in one of the kitchen chairs,

    "So, how long till your Mom get's back?", she asked.

    "I don-know, ...they'll probably take their time driving and stop off someplace to catch up. Mom usually stays for a while whenever she goes out with Joyce.", Diana told her friend.

    "Cool, ...let's turn on some music!", Christina suggested. "Where's the remote?"

    "Over by the corner stand there, ...next to the lamp.", Diana told her, as she grabbed a few glasses and popped open the fridge door.


Meanwhile, Maggie had never been inside of Diana's apartment and she was just a little bit curious about what her best friends, mother's, bedroom looked like,

...knowing, already, that Diana's Mom was this, famous 'Lady Psychologist', the tall blonde teen just had to poke her head inside the door, just to take a quick look see...around, inside of the bedroom.

She had already finished using the bathroom, and as she washed her hands, she thought that she could easily, have enough time to snoop around just a bit...

There were only the two bedroom doors in the hall, aside from the bathroom door; Maggie peeked inside of Diana's room, and then turned to look at the other door, ...the door was closed, so she felt just a bit nervous about taking the liberty, but her curiosity forced her to open it.

She took a quick glance back toward the kitchen, she could hear a Taylor Swift song playing, (Shake-it-Off), and she quietly turned the doorknob to Maxine's bedroom door; in a spur of the moment, the young girl just suddenly decided to slip inside and take a good look around.

Silently closing the door behind her, Maggie flipped her hair back and nervously sank back against it. Her heart pounding, while looking over at Maxie's bed.

The tall blonde teen, let her eyes soak in the aura of the entire room. The prestige of the lady doctors decor drew the young girls eyes directly toward the large, wooden, Chest of Drawers.

She tip-toed closer to the large dresser, noticing that the top drawer was slightly open, ...she just had to take a quick look... Just what, would this famous woman doctor have inside of her most private drawer?

'What she was about to see was something that she would have never imagined to be possible', ...but, seeing was believing, and yet, ...here, inside this lady doctors underwear drawer, was this little doll sized Person?

Sitting there calmly looking up at her, ...just 'Sitting' right there, on the edge of the wooden facing on this dresser drawer, ...staring up at her, wearing this cute little baseball cap turned around backward!

Maggie chuckled and then stopped.   "What The, ...?"

The girl caught her breath and just stood there looking down at him, just, ...staring. For at least a whole minute, she just stared down at this little, miniature sized person?

Her heart started racing. Her eyes locked open. She stood there in total amazement!

She couldn't even take a breath; she tried to reconsider just what she was actually looking at, ...was he 'Really Real?'

She hesitated to even move, or do anything, ..but, eventually, she regained her nerve, and released a long slow breath. The small little man awkwardly climbed down from the Drawer facing and stumbled around inside of Maxine's drawer.

Maggie found this so fascinating, that she softly smiled, and then started to giggle, ...his tiny sized figure was just so small, and so perfectly authentic, ...he was everything that a full sized person would be, ...only, so very, VERY tiny!

     "Hello?", she softly spoke directly toward me. Slowly moving her face closer to the opening above the drawer.

I tried to get away from her, but she suddenly reached into the drawer, and placed her open hand directly into my path, ...blocking my escape to the interior, inside of the large open drawer.

    "Who are You?", the girl's words sounded heavy, her breath smelled like boiled chocolate, and blueberry pie.

    "Are YOU, r e a l ? Like, ...a real person, ...huh?", she spoke louder.

"...where' did ya come from?", she blurted out, her voice steadily growing bolder, ...her presence, an overwhelming predicament!

I didn't know what to do! Where in the hell had Diana gone? Maxine had just come in a while before, she had brought me a nice thin slice of chocolate cake and a bottle cap of milk.

She quietly told me to sit tight, " Diana will be in to check on you shortly...", she whispered.

I didn't know what was happening, Or, who THIS PERSON was, ...where did she come from?

I had never before seen this one, and I was afraid to say anything in fear of what might actually happen...

I staggered backward, away from her large, outspread hand. Redirecting my path, I started to go around it, but she effectively blocked my way once again, ...I suddenly decided, to just dig straight down into the underwear, and try to conceal myself deeper into the folded fabrics, ...that didn't work out either!

I was swiftly caught up inside of her huge fingers, grasped up and trapped within her warm smooth hand.

Maggie's fingers gripped around me and clamped tightly enough to effectively stop me from getting away from her. Her hand held perfectly still, for a long moment, and then slowly started to lift upward.

    "Hey, lemme down!", I yelled out!

The girl's giant fingers loosened a bit, as the hand stopped with a sudden jerk, ...she hesitated for a moment, and then continued to lift me up the rest of the way, ...right up in front of her surprised face!

If the eyes are the window into the soul, ...then these girls were just like a huge movie screen inside of an enormous theater! The cool blue depth, drawing me inside...

    "I, I, I, .....won't hurt you, little guy. Don't be scared, ...I, I, ...jus, wanna, look at you."

Her giantess hand was shaking intensely, trembling. An incredible, vibrant, quivering motion, completely distorting my vision. The entire room appeared to be vibrating. I felt her trembling fingers slightly loosen up, just a bit and her thumb lifted away, allowing me just a bit more room to get comfortable within her grasp, ...as she was getting a much better look at me as well.

    "Don't DROP ME!", I yelled! Clinging more tightly to her uplifted thumb!

Maggie's big blue eyes, grew even wider, as she drifted her hand all around, bringing me up closer to her frozen face,

    "Whoa, this is, ...I can't even, BELIEVE THIS?", she bluntly stated! "You, "ARE" real, you're a REAL - live, ...PERSON!"

    "Where did you, ...how did, ....oh my, ...I can't believe this..."

Pressed against my crotch, firmly pressing, with more than enough pressure, so she could actually 'feel' what was underneath of my new overalls. Long slender fingers spread apart and reassembled, adjusting her grasp, suddenly squeezing her fingers firmly, I felt a sharp nail, dig into my right leg!

    "Hey, watch it, ...you're hurting me!", I started to protest a bit louder, when suddenly- -

    - - rubbing her fingers all around, the spidery appendages curling and compressing, feeling, my entire body...

I was swiftly turned sideways and stuffed roughly into the darkness underneath of her open jacket! Abruptly stuffed back into the dark pocket of her overheated, sweaty Arm Pit!

    "Hey, Lem'me Outta HERE!", I screamed!




Chapter 15 by midnightwriter85

'Dai on' na'

 "Hey, lemme out'ta here!", I screamed!

Suddenly, I was yanked back out into the light, ...held up and turned all around, and then whipped around sideways!

 "What are you doing in here?", Diana said, her tone sounded strange.

Maggie stepped forward, as she swept her hands around behind her back. Holding me awkwardly, upside down, pressed firmly up against her smooth black yoga pants...

  "I was just looking at your mother's room, It's really nice."

  "Well, come on Maggie, ...let's just go back out into the living room, Okay?"

As loud as I could, I screamed,   "HELP ME!"

Maggie's butt jiggled slightly, as she abruptly stopped. I was squeezed more tightly, and my head was forced into the black soft pants...

   "Hey, I can't/ *

Diana stepped closer; instantly grabbing her shoulders. "Stop, ...Maggie?"

  "No, ...Diana, HE's mine!"

   "ah - ah', ...Maggie, NO! JUST, ...Stop it, let him GO!"

   "No way, ...I want to keep him!"

   "You Can't, Maggie, ...Put him down, Now!. You're going to HURT HIM!"

  "NO, I won't, ...He's mine, ...I found him, and I want to keep him!"

    "He's not 'Anyone's' to have! He's a real person; an actual 'patient' of my Mom's! ...you can't have him! Put him down!"

  Suddenly, I was whipped back out, and around. Held up between the two towering teen girls!

        "Either YOU, let me HAVE him, ...or, I'll 'squish' him!"

  Just then, Christina stepped into the open bedroom doorway, she quickly stepped around between the two other girls. Separating them by shoving them apart, ...her rough strength and the element of surprise, allowing her the advantage.

  Effectively pushing Maggie back onto Diana's mother's bed!

    "What are you guys fighting about?", Christy said. "What's going on in here?"

I landed on top of Maggie's breast, tightly held within her fist, as her free hand came up and covered me over, ...pressing me down firmly into the softer warmth of the girls giant bust.

I could feel the pounding of her tremendous heart. The rapid thudding, vibrating throughout her chest. Her warm body enveloping mine, sweltering heat consuming my face as her fingers enclosed all of me.

Their roaring voices filled the room, ...my head swooned and I felt that strange overwhelming sensation coming over me.

  Slowly fading into blackness, I drifted off into the past...


  I was struggling to catch my breath, as this heavy weight pressed down firmly upon my head!

The laughing voices filled the entire room, I struggled to try and lift the weight off, but my head was stuck beneath of this heavy piece of furniture.

I was nine years old, ...staying at my cousin's house for a few days, after my mother had dropped me off there. She always found someone to 'babysit', so that she could go out on a shopping spree with one of her sisters.

My cousin Jane was at least twice my height and about five years older than me. She had long brown hair that hung straight down. Being an extremely tall, tomboy type, that always wore a pair of faded blue jeans and a sleave-less tee-shirt.

Always pinching me, or kicking me, I just figured that she just simply hated me, ...because, she was always 'setting me up' to take a fall; ...holding a firecracker, as she lit it, letting it go off!

Or, forcing me into the old lopsided bobsled, and being the very first one to go down the steepest hill that she could find, ...anything, that she could do to me, seemed to be her thing...

Jane's laughter was always something, that I only heard whenever I was in some type of pain or, ...suffering a humiliating situation. Like this particular time...

She had this brand new rubber ball. One of those hard rubber 'tennis ball sized', colored balls, you know, ...like the ones that you used to find inside of those quarter machines at the shopping center? Anyway, she was throwing it against the wall and catching it. Repeatedly, throwing it over my head and bouncing it off of the wall, catching it as it bounced back to her.

I wanted to try it, and she tossed it to me, and said, "Okay, Billy." "Here, but don't lose it, or you'll have to buy me another one!"

I was playing with it, and as usual, something happened and it bounced the wrong way and ended up stuck beneath of this large couch.

Jane looked underneath and told me that she was just far too big to fit underneath of there. "You're just a puny little runt, ...go under there and get it! 'mouse-boy'!"

I crawled under and found the ball, and I was about to crawl back out when suddenly the frame of the chair dropped down a few more inches! Pinning me underneath of the heavy couch. The chair had an adjustment setting, it was one of those reclining type couches and Jane had set me up again, ...trapping me underneath of the couch and then jumping into the seat cushion, sitting directly on top of me! _Crushing me down even More!

Laughing and laughing, and laughing... she bounced up and down on top of me, laughing at my mournful cries of distressing pain, she kept me there for nearly an entire afternoon. Just making fun of me, for being so stupid and so very tiny,

  ...she called me mouse boy, and told me that she was going to feed me to her cat!

The frame of the chair was solid wood, and the rough edge was sitting against the side of my head, pressing it down against the floor; it was so tight that I couldn't get free, and so tight that after a few minutes the pain was starting to really hurt!

She only allowed me to get free after my Aunt and Mother returned from shopping, but just a few minutes before they actually walked into the house. I was crying when my mother came in, and as she saw me, she looked over to Jane, and asked what happened?

As Jane walked by me, she grabbed my hair and pulled it, "Oh, we were just having some Fun, right, ...Mouse Boy?"


    "Diana! ...how, could you keep this a secret?", Christina asked.

Sitting across the table from her two friends, Diana and Maggie, "I can't believe that you weren't going to tell me about this, ...I mean, look at him!"

Maggie had her arms folded in front of her, sitting with a sour look of defeat. Staring down at me, as if she had just lost the winning lottery ticket. Scowling across the table at the other two girls, she was obviously very upset that she didn't get away with kidnapping me!

Christina, apparently, had wrestled Maggie down onto the bed, allowing Diana to rescued me from her grasping hand, ...but, only after a long face sitting session, that had nearly squashed me beneath of the giant girl's leg!

I was now squatting down next to an enormous slice of chocolate cake. I was trying to fix my bib strap, - that had been nearly ripped completely off - during the struggle and, I was attempting, to tie a knot in it and re-affix the shoulder strap.

My head was still spinning, ...I didn't even remember being taken away from Maggie or carried back out into the kitchen.

    "We can't tell anyone about him!", Diana said. Trying to sound serious., "My mom could get into a bunch of trouble with this, ...and, she could lose her practice!"

    "oh, we're not going to tell anyone, are we, ...Maggie...", Christy said. Giving the prettier girl a firm look, ...a threatening stare, and then with an uplifted brow, "Are WE?"

Maggie shook her head, "No, I'm not, ...I swear, I just want to take him with me for a few days, though, ...that's all. But, No, Diana - I won't tell anyone about this, ...I promise."

Christy looked down at the clean cut slice of cake, then glanced over at me, she stuck a fork into the corner of the square cut slice, effortlessly separating a small, bite-size chunk, ...a square cut section, that was easily as big as a foot long sub - casually raising it up to her open mouth- and holding it right in front, -for just a brief moment- before quickly, shoving it inside and closing her mouth. Sealing her lips over the fork tightly, she slowly pulled the clean fork back out...

    "M'mm - yes, I'd like to 'borrow' him too, but, ...I wonder what your mom's going to say about all of this?",

Christy said while mashing her mouth around, savoring the mouthful of chocolate cake.

    "Actually, she said that he's all mine, to take care of - until she can do some more tests and figure out what caused this thing to happen to him ~ I'm in charge of him ~ so, I guess that he's mine."

    "How long have you 'had' him, ...is he 'like', your little 'pet'?", Christy asked while forking another chunk of cake.

    "Just since yesterday, ...but, he's already starting to get used to his new home, and I think that he's not as frightened as he was when it first happened to him..."

    "What do you do with him while your at school?", Christy asked. Placing another big chunk of cake into her mouth.

    "He just hangs out in his little space that we fixed up together, he likes it, I think? He doesn't really have any other options, though, considering his condition and all..."

Maggie started to relax. Uncrossing her arms, she sat up straight and looked over at the fridge, "Hey, do you have anything stronger than this fruit punch?"

Diana looked away and pointed toward the cabinet above the sink, "There are two bottles of Rosa' in there if ya want to open one..."

Maggie got up and headed for the sink, "Cool, ...something to drink would be nice", she whispered.

I couldn't help but watch Maggie, as she arose from the table and stood up. Her towering figure rising up so high above, her skin tight yoga pants leaving nothing to the imagination as she stepped away from the table and casually walked across the kitchen.

Her bare arms swinging from her sides, (she had taken her jacket off) her waist barely covered by a tight leather vest. Her lower back slightly exposed as her hips swayed from side to side, shifting so gently like an incredible wave of fluid motion, ...I felt my head swirling as my eyes fell upon her amazingly developed dairy aire', ...her ass was so perfect...

I felt my cock twitch, as I watched her flex and rise up on her tippy-toe's in order to reach the high cabinet above the sink.

I felt something hard poke me, ...I quickly spun round, to find the blunt tines of Christie's fork floating waist high, in front of me,

    "What ya' lookin at, Cutie? Something interesting over there?", she whispered secretively.

Maggie, turned around, glancing over with an innocent look, holding a clean glass, she smiled,...then smoothly turned back to pour herself some wine.

Diana, and Christie both giggled, watching my face turn a brighter shade of pink. Quickly stepping away from the giant fork, and walking around to the other side of the plate, I caught my breath. Stopping on the further side, I looked back at the remaining pieces of Christie's chocolate cake and tried to act like nothing was going on.

Drawing out her words, Christy smoothly leaned back and smiled,

    "He is so Cute! "God", ...couldn't you just, 'Squish Him?' He's just the right SIZE!"

Maggie laughed, "Don't squish him, he's too little to squash, ...I think he'd rather be naked, though, ...he doesn't look right wearing those goofy looking 'Farmer's Pant's', ...let's find him something else to wear?"

Diana stood up and walked around the table, she hesitated by the archway and leaned against the edge, "I'll bring some other things out, and we'll play 'Dress Up!".

The whole kitchen burst into a rush of glorious girlish giggling!

I felt my heart sink, as I watched Maggie slowly stepping back toward the table, carrying a full glass of red wine; swaying her hips seductively, and smiling like the cat that swallowed the canary...


    "What is it, ...are you 'self-conscious' or something?", Christina announced, "Believe me, 'Little Man' ~ You have NOTHING at all, to be ashamed of, there, ...does he, Diana?"

    "I told him that, Too. But, he just seems to be, so very shy, ...I wonder if he's ever had a 'girlfriend'?"

Maggie smiled down at me, "M',m I think, ...he's just 'Perfect'!"

My heart was racing as I looked around. I was surrounded by all three of these towering female faces. They were simply delighted to be playing 'dress up', with an actual living doll, ...and, all that I could do was simply go along with anything that they wanted me to do!

    "Here Billy, ...try, these ON."

    "No, ...Not Those, Maggie. ...put THESE On, ...they'll make you look like a little Gentleman."

    "Yea, ...here, put these pink panties on, too, ...and then we'll see if this little mini-skirt fits ya'?"

    "Ha-ha, ...yeh, ...let's see if those cute little ballerina flats fit, too!"

    "Hold him up, ...point your legs out straight, now. ...Billy"

    "Hold still, ...there, ...how's that, ...set him down, Christie"

    "Aw, ...LooK-at-em', Sooooo Cute!", Christie sounded like a little girl. "I wish that I could shrink down, too; jus-so, 'I' could try 'those ones' on!"

     "Yea, I like those blue ones, Too. ...and, those shoes, Too!", Diana added.

Taking up a pair of white high heels, though they were far too large, to fit me, ...they still stuck them onto my feet and admired their handy work.

I had begun to lose my recently formed trust, with my new owner, as Diana seemed to become more and more interested in what these two giant girls thought, rather than asking me, anything at all, about what I Thought!

    "Here, Billy. Let me take those Off", Maggie said,

...as she suddenly reached down and wrapped two fingers around behind my backside, swiftly sweeping me off of my feet, and taking me up above the table several feet high, holding me just above her wine glass, she casually started to strip off the little pink dress.

Holding me within her delicate fingers, I was simply amazed, at how easily she could manipulate my entire body, ...with expert precision, she stripped me naked, and held me up in front of her smiling face.

    "Such a good little Man. M'm, I really like you. You Know THAT?",

...she spoke so sweetly, and so closely, ...her sour breath wafting across my face, brushing my hair back with a single fingertip, she licked her wet, red lips and puckered up to press them firmly across my entire chest!

    "M'm, mmmmmmmm-wha! 'Smack' - her huge puffy lips 'popped' as she swiftly pulled them backward.

Aw, did I get lipstick on you?", she mocked my surprised look and giggled with gleeful amusement.

Chapter 16 by midnightwriter85

'Dai on' na'

  The gigantic television screen was like an enormous drive-in movie theater.

The flickering pictures flashed across the screen, while I sat there uncomfortably pretending to watch Reese Witherspoon; I tried to settle down, ...although after being treated like a little girl's toy doll and having been so casually handled by these giant teen's, my only concern was simply surviving until Dr. Harrison returned.

The overwhelming feeling of these nimble, giant fingertips, squeezing and softly gripping me as they dressed and undressed my miniature body, continued to remind me of just how insignificant my life had become, it was as if, I were no more than an object, I was simply, and casually released when they were through playing with me.


Standing in the center of the coffee table, inside the middle of the huge living room, I looked around with an ever-increasing, consuming anxiety...

Wearing this brightly colored pink sweatshirt and a loose fitting pair of over-sized nylon stretch pants, that didn't fit very good at all, I really didn't like this place. And, I was actually starting to feel extremely uncomfortable.

Standing there in between the crossed ankles of Christy and Diana's naked feet. Their bare feet rising up like bookends on either side of me.

Pretty, blonde haired Maggie, sat on the edge of the coffee table opposite from me, crossing her long legs in those black yoga pants. She was leaning over to pour everyone another glass of wine.

'Legally Blonde' was playing on the Oldie's Channel, but the girls had muted the sound on the T.V. and were playing one of Joy's mixed C.D's in the dusty old C.D. Player.

The sound of a heavy bass guitar nearly shook the entire room, as a Jamaican, Reggae Style beat, thumped out of the surround sound speakers.

Maggie arched her back and flexed while bouncing along and keeping a steady tempo with the heavy rhythm. Bouncing her upper body. Lifting her shoulders, as if she were dancing a slow motion style dance while sitting down, ...she was starting to catch a buzz, and her actions were becoming more and more excessive.

Diana laughed, "I think you'd better slack off on the juice!", she yelled over the loud music, "You're going to make a mess if you spill that!"

I watched with slow, but ever increasing concern, as these young girls became more and more exhilarated. Diana had even allowed herself to partake of the alcohol, which I found to be quite surprising, and as she sipped it down after eating a larger piece of her chocolate birthday cake, ...I was starting to wonder where Maxine had disappeared to, and if this, 'All Girl Party, was about to get out of control!

Just as the thought crossed my mind, Christina lit up a hand-rolled cigarette and took a full, heavy draw. She held her breath for a long time and then released her smoke directly toward me, she passed it over to Maggie, and ...the thick cloud of smoke drifted my way and I instantly detected the powerful, but sweet aroma, ...of some unmistakably, strong weed.

I couldn't believe my eyes, when Maggie passed it over to Diana and she casually took a slight hit off it, before quickly passing it back to Christy, ...the joint went around three times, and each time they hit it, they exhaled their smoke directly toward me!

Even though Diana hadn't 'taken in', quite so much, and though it was a lesser amount, it still hit me like a ton of bricks! I coughed and wheezed while trying to hold my breath, desperately attempting to fan it away; the powerful thick smoke billowed all around me, filling my lungs several times before the roach was finally snuffed out.

Within moments, I started to feel the vibration of the music in a much different way, ...the heavy beat sounded so mellow and smooth, and the guitar, it sounded even better...

My eyelids felt heavier, and I finally started to completely relax. This was just what I needed! Finally, I could actually take a full breath, and slowly let it out, ...Man, to think that 'this', ...was all that I would have needed to relieve my compounding anxiety!

    "Whoo Hoo", Maggie yelled. "This is great!"

Sitting up to suddenly pull her vest off, quickly tossing it away, just before ripping off her tight cotton blouse; she stripped and began twirling the white shirt all around. The tall blonde beauty jumped to her feet - standing to her full height - towering over the coffee table, ...completely topless!

I looked up in utter fascination, ...her gigantic upper body completely naked towering so high above me!

Her small, but firm breasts, standing up proudly as she worked her shoulders around and casually rotated her hips, ...rocking her body; her nipples drew tiny circles in the air, high above me...

    "Oh yea, ...let's Dance!", Christina exclaimed with a loud voice!

Stripping off her tee shirt, she tossed it away and stood to dance with Maggie. Only wearing her ripped blue jeans, Christy shifted her wide hips, bouncing to the heavy beat, the two of them were like two backup dancers at a topless bar! I felt the heavy weighted footfalls, as they stomped and stepped around and kicking and dancing to the music! Their huge hips shaking around just above me, the tremendous size, simply terrifying!

Diana stood up and joined them, too. Although ...without removing her shirt, ...she was laughing so very hard, as she attempted to start, 'Twerking?'

Her tight shorts were very revealing, as they slipped up into her smooth little asscrack. The sight of her firmly developed legs, drew my full attention, forcing me to look away from the bouncing boobies high above; I watched with complete fascination as my little angelic owner started doing the 'nasty dance', ...quaking with girlish, giantess giggling, and shaking her bootie directly above me!

Unable to resist all of this overflowing estrogen, I dropped to my knees and ripped the ugly ass, pink colored shirt off and hastily flung it away, looking up at the three of them, I let loose and started to get into the soothing music!

    "Hey hey, ...our little dude is starting to loosen up!", Christy yelled!

    "Yea, ...look at 'em! He's really getting into it!", Maggie yelled!

Suddenly, I began to feel so good, that I stood up and whipped off those oversized sweat pants and kicked them away, too! ...dancing as best I knew how I made my way over closer to the edge of the huge coffee table.

The sight of these beautiful, giant girls, dancing above me like towering supreme Goddesses, seemed to cast a spell of overwhelming desire.

Although I was still far below the bend of their knees, I did my best to dance with them. And, they were really enjoying the fact that I was, too! Looking down at me with smiling faces, blowing me kisses, winking at me, and standing directly over me; I danced naked on that huge coffee table, ...like it was something that I always wanted to do!

It just simply felt so good, to just let go, ...and forget about everything that had happened to me. It felt so strangely wonderful, as I looked up high above me, and saw these three giant teen girls, dancing with me!


Eventually, the Reggae tune ended, and a Pink Floyd tune began to play; the air was feeling a bit humid and thick. Maggie's arms were sweating, so she stepped off, swaying her wide hips as she quickly walked away from the large living room, turning down the hall, to go and get a towel from the bathroom.

I squatted down next to Christie's folded up, black bra, settling down to catch my breath, ...the room felt as though it was slowly spinning around, ...I steadied myself, reaching over and grabbing the edge of one of the large foamy breast cups, ...the overpowering aroma of feminine sweat infiltrated my head.

Diana was laughing excessively, and she kept on looking down at me as if she was about to ask me something.

The next thing I know, I'm gently wrapped up inside of a huge set of slender fingers. The hand instantly forms a complete fist, and I'm slowly taken up high into the air!

Without the slightest bit of concern, ...the huge female hand, swings out, and lifts me way up high!

    "Dive Bomber!", Diana yells out!

Suddenly, I'm swooping downward, headed straight toward the shocked looking expression, on Maggie's beautiful face!


The pretty blonde, smiles slightly, and then acting as if she were about to scream, she plays along, and pretends to act like she's Diving out of the way, ...just before I was just about to crash into her; with this tiny, little, (Pretend) plane. (Diana's comfortable fist)

Moving in slow motion, both girls pretending, ...acting as if she was about to be hit, ...and then, she suddenly changes. Maggie begins to make a sound like a Dinosaur,

    ...'Growling' she does her best to mimic the sound of a Jurassic Park, style ~Indominus Rex~ sound effect!


Clinging as tightly as I can, I hold my breath as the swiftly descending flight takes a sudden turn and starts to climb back up again, ...with breakneck speed, I'm rocketed back up, and quickly turned back around!

    "No, NOOOOOO, Diana! Don't do this!", I yelled out!

As I suddenly shot back towards the snarling face of the waiting Maggie! The tall blonde growled again, and slowly swiped her claw-like hand towards me, sweeping it passed me as if she were attempting to swat my tiny plane out of the sky!

Her blonde hair flipping out to the sides, Maggie spins around while squatted down, growling again and standing back up, she swipes her claws right passed me and growls again!

Christina steps in from the side and grabs me away from Diana's fist. Awkwardly grabbing me up within her fingers, she lifts me away, and I'm swept downward, lowered down to her waist.

    "Alright you guys, ...what's the deal with that?", she says. "Come on, let's find something else to do with him."

Slowly swinging and swaying, back and forth, with my right hand pinched up tightly between her thumb and finger, Christie casually strolls across the room. Lifting me up to her chest height, she loosely releases me to drop into her open palm. I quickly grab onto her extended pinkie finger and wrap my legs around her thumb. My sweaty naked body pressing firmly against the center of her open hand, the moist dew feels slick, and wet, as she continues around the corner, turning to head down the hallway,

  "Wad-da-yah' wanna do now?", Maggie asks, curiously...

    "Let's take him back to your room, I want to see where you keep him.", Christy says, looking back and forth between the two other girls.

So relieved, to be so quickly rescued from Diana's wild plane ride, ...I slowly release a long, slow, breath, ...but now, I wonder what this tall, curly haired Tomboy, has in mind as a 'Better' Idea.

Sitting down on the edge of Diana's bed, Christina casually glances around the room, while randomly fondling my nakedness within the entrapment of her roaming fingers,

    " I like your room, Diana."

Maggie stands directly in front her, with her hands on her hips. Her bare breasts still prominently displayed, her broad hips floating freely as her wide stance seems to take on a dominant pose, ...smiling down at me, ...her sparkling eyes filled with wonder.

    "Let's see some of your shoes, Diana!", Christy suddenly says's. Noticing the stacked shelves inside the open closet.

    "Alright, I have some new ones too!", Diana excitedly say's!

Maggie continues to stare, ...watching with fascination as Christy casually holds me inside her relaxed palm, pinning me down with her thumb and finger,

    ...while lightly stroking my legs and stomach.

Diana steps across her large Yoga mat and opens her closet doors all the way up. She steps back and squats down in front of her shoes. Reaching into a square, she removes a black pair of strappy sandals and holds them up delicately between her fingertips,

    "I just got these last weekend!", she say's, dangling the shoes out in front of her.

    "Oh yes, ...I like those, put them on!", Christy says.

    "Here, I'll put these on, and you can wear these...", Diana says, as she reaches back into the closet to grab up another pair of red colored heels.

     "Their size '8', what size are you?"

     "I usually wear a '9' but, I think I can fit into those...", Christy say's, casually releasing me to fall onto the bed next to her hip.

I swiftly scramble to my feet and try to run, but I'm quickly abducted by the lightning quick reaction of the towering blonde goddess, ...she traps me beneath her flattened fingers.

Maggie quickly sits down, as Christy gets up, filling the space left behind by her huge butt. The tall slender blonde sits; relaxing her weighted hips down, allowing her black yoga pants to contrast against the light colored bed sheet, sinking into the soft conforming mattress.

Pulling myself free of Maggie's long fingers, I watch as Christy joins Diana on the Yoga mat.

The two of them sit down to try on the high-heeled shoes, Maggie's smiling face, still hovering above me, watching me, with a strange possessive curiosity...

Christy unbuttons her waistband and wriggles her hips out of the tightly fitted jeans. She folds them up neatly and promptly drops them onto the foot of Diana's bed. Standing there, now, wearing only a tiny white pair of tightly fitted thong panties, she looks like a slightly over-developed, little girl, with just a hint of baby fat, but her exquisite figure is absolutely breathtaking!

She slips on the spike heel shoes and struts around in a full circle. Her well-rounded glutes lightly rubbing together, her powerful bare thighs now on full display, I have to look away once again, ...looking up, directly overhead, to find the giantess Maggie staring down at me with a slight smirk, ...her left hand fondles her right breast, pinching the stiffening nipple between her fingertips.

Diana removes her pants as well, and slips on the black high heels, she does a similar strutting walk around the yoga mat and stops to park her feet, in just the right way; a perfectly displayed pose, ...forming a 'V' with her toes pointing out.

    "M,m nice, ...I wonder what little Billy thinks?", Christy asks.

Glancing over at me, as she stands next to Diana, posing her feet in a similar fashion.


      "Bring him over here, Maggie, and set him down on the floor."

Chapter 17 by midnightwriter85





'Dai on' na'

  Sitting with her long, lean, legs, smoothly crossed over. Her tight, black yoga pants, contrasting against the lighter colored bed sheet. While casually leaning directly over me, Maggie slips her fingers around me gently, enclosing me within her soft hand and effortlessly taking me slowly up past her naked breasts.

Smoothly lifting me up higher, gradually taking me up to her beautiful, but, giant sized, face.

Smiling, with an extremely passionate smile and with a wide set, of the most pristine, sparkling aquamarine, blue eyes, ...she flutters her lashes, with a brilliant flashing of snappy blinks.

Knowing that she has a slight affection for me, I gaze into her huge eyes with sheer fascination; her slippery sweat sticks to my naked skin, as I watch her puckering mouth, ...forming a tightly compressed kiss.

I tremble at the sight of her face, so close, ...she slowly moves her lips closer, and proceeds to mash them firmly against my bare chest, ...struggling to resist, I press my hands into her puffy bottom lip and uselessly attempt to free myself.

    "Stop smothering him and bring him over here!", Christy says.

I watch with awe, as I'm so easily lifted up and carried across the room. Maggie slowly lowers me down to the surface of the yoga mat, (squatting down, and kneeling on her right knee) she reluctantly allows me to slip free of her warm palm.

    "I wasn't smothering him, ...was I Billy?", she speaks casually, using a childish jibberish,

    "I wash, juss, givin' my Lil' man some lo-oven kissie kisses'", she purrs...

I slide out and drop naked onto the thick rubber mat. The huge, flat plane, spreading out all around me, I look up at the giant figure of the towering Maggie, standing there before me, ...she appears like an enormous goddess, slowly rising back up to her full height.

Her huge feet are so pretty. So smooth, and so unbelievably huge! Her toenails glisten in the sunlight coming through Diana's window glass, ...the bright ray of intense light forms a slanted square shape across the front edge of this gigantic rubber field, ...I stand in complete amazement of this towering blonde behemoth, ...her sheer size simply dwarfs me.

Swirling within the air all around are these tiny floating particles; microscopic threads of Strange little specks of flying shapes, ...they aimlessly drift around within the large ray of sunlight, dancing within the spiral of wind created by these gigantic teen girls...

I can't resist allowing my eyes to travel up across her legs, and linger upon her wide set hips. The skin tight, black leggings, revealing a slight bit of slack within the centermost area between her smoothly expanding thighs,

...the air inside, must be sweltering; I quickly imagine being trapped inside of that heated pocket, fully encased within her panties, trapped tightly inside; simply because I'm small enough to easily fit, and, ...after noticing that the material seemed to be forgiving enough to allow just enough room.

I can't help myself from imagining such bizarre thoughts, since becoming this new miniature-sized version of my former self, ...I allow my subconscious to take over, and suddenly start to fall into a dream-like state.

I imagine myself shrinking even more, ...shrinking down to nearly nothing, ...falling between the enlarging holes that were formed into this gigantic rubber platform!

I feel my heart pounding in my chest as the vivid image of an enormous female toe, slowly begins to descend upon me, filling the entire sky ...the underside of it, casting a wide shadow all around me, ...then, as if I actually stand a chance, ...I start running out across the overspreading field of distorted rubber landscape, ...suddenly, and with a blast of rubber scented warmth, a huge gust of wind swirls around my face, ...whipping me back into my present state!

Then, in one swift motion, another much larger female foot appears, ...then another, and another! Diana and Christy step up next to Maggie and form a large circular barricade all around me, ...I stumble backward, and gaze up into the high ceiling, peering up at these tremendous god-like beings...

They smile down at me like giant angels, ...I stagger around and fall backward onto Diana's left foot. She giggles and slightly bobbles her toes, causing me to bounce around and roll off!

I scrambling to my feet, stepping backward once, then twice, staggering around; only to fall down again, ...this time upon Christie's larger set of toes.

Her cooler foot, slightly rises up, lifting me up slightly; she grunts and chuckles with a slight giggle. I have to frantically grab onto the inner side of her third and Big toe. The quick lifting motion, (...such a strange sensation), grabbing on tightly, (in order to hang on,) as I'm suddenly elevated straight up,

...the floor drops away from beneath my bare feet, as the giant teen girl playfully picks up her foot!

    "Hang on, Billy!", Christie teasingly says. Wriggling her toes playfully.

    "Don't fall, ...it's a long way down!", she snickers, clucking with a throaty chuckle.

The thin skin, on the top of her foot, feels so much cooler, and smooth, ...extremely smooth, so smooth that, trying to hang on to it, is a bit more difficult. I squeeze my tiny fingers around beneath her third toe, just inside of the knuckle, and try and grip at the edge of the ridge-like crease that's formed there; the skin underneath feels thicker, and more leathery...

A fine dew of moisture, coating the underside, has a slight but distinguishable odor about it, but nothing that I would consider offensive in the least, ...her huge foot wobbles, and gently sways around above this rubber field. I cling tighter and try not to slip off.

    "Let him down, Chrissy. He might get hurt if he falls!", Diana says, suddenly squatting to hold her palms just under the foot, and directly beneath mine.

Chrissy slowly lowers her foot down allowing me to escape. She steps away, placing her foot back into the high heel shoe, she squashes the rubber surface under the spiked heel, taking a few side steps, adjusting her weight, while finding her new balance.

Diana, protectively hovers, holding her open hands out on each side, guarding against any potential danger that could arise...

Dropping softly down onto the solid rubber, I'm relieved to have my feet planted firmly on the rubber mat, I hold my hands up above me, looking up into the glaring sunlight.

The heated warmth intensely illuminates a wide space all around me, ...my naked skin instantly feeling the powerful rays scorching through the window pane.

Much to my surprise, ...I look down to find that I've sprouted an erection, ...my frustrated cock standing up, ...I turn around to face these, huge, Intimidating, Giant, Girls...

I look up to find my owner, Diana, staring down at my crotch with those black, Asian eyes, ...sporting a befuddled look, ...her mouth slightly agape, ...her eyes widening, frozen with a blank stare.

Maggie's enlarging face appears, just to her right, ...gradually moving closer, and closer... their oversized faces, suddenly taking on shocked expressions, ...the two of them together, lowering their heads down, (holding their breath), focusing directly upon my fully sized, manhood, ...I can actually 'feel' their huge, devouring eyes, bearing down upon my swollen cock.

Slowly shortening the distance between us, ...I'm suddenly forced to back up a few steps as their humongous faces push too closely, ...Christy squats back down and lowers her face in directly above, filling the sky overhead, her voice sending vibrations straight down,

    "Oh, ...LOOK, ...has Billy got a, ? ", Christy halts her words, instantaneously, as the sudden realization completely forms within her mind, ...just moments after her mouth received the message/ ...coughing a couple times, ...then closing her mouth tightly; blushing with an intense flush of deep pink...

A long lingering silence seems to fall across the room, I can hear the faint music coming from the distant living room, ...a soft rhythmic tune filling in the sudden silence, barely detectable above the sound of the apartments cooling unit.


Maggie is first to react; slowly reaching out with a single finger. The long, slender length, of the giant finger, easily as long as my one of my legs; her giant fist floats in front of me, stopping within a few inches, ...the sharp nail shining in the bright sunlight, ...the wide, broad tip, of her giant fingernail nearly touching my fully engorged cock,

Pointing directly at my twitching erection, "Look at it, ...it's really, ...kinda Big , huh!", Maggie utters, whispering her words down close to the floor.

Her steamy hot breath, flowing across the rubber mat and swirling around my bare feet...

    "M'm, mah, ...our Lil' man, is just a mini-stud, ...dang, if he were normal sized...", Christy whispers with a blushing expression, her eyelashes fluttering with profound inflection.

    "Yeh, who would have guessed that Billy was packing something like that?", Maggie agrees, nodding her head while glancing away toward Chrissy.

Diana just continues to stare, ...unsure of what she's seeing, she just continues to gaze directly at my firmly standing salute. Her tongue swipes across her dry, bottom lip. Moisture lingers on the inner surface, as her mouth hangs slack, ...her unblinking eyes, locked onto my stiffy.

    "I think he likes our feet?", Christina blurts out! "Billy, do you like looking at my pretty toes?"

Their faces all seem to confirm what Christina has just said, ...taking a second, to look down at the high heels, and then back to my swollen rod.

    "Oh, ...you're in Luck, Billy, ' b e c a u s e ', ...just look, at what you've got, right here in front of you!",

Christina proudly announces, while confidently dropping back and sitting on her butt, allowing the huge, nearly naked mass of ass flesh, to compress against the rubber mat; slowly sliding her feet up in front of me!

Her uplifted knees slightly parting, allowing her legs to tilt away, she puts her hands around behind her back to prop herself up. Her feet slide forward. The soles of the large shoes scooting across the firm rubber surface, creating a heavy friction, ...the heated scent floating up around my face, ...the warm aroma of heated rubber lingers in the air.

    "You can touch them, ...Billy. " "Go on, ...touch them...".

My eyes attempt to take in all of Chrissy's toes, ...her larger feet, are almost too big for Diana's shoes, and her humongous feet appear to be slightly cramped within the thin straps, her skin showing a slight reddening just beneath those tight bindings, my cock twitches at the mere sight of it...

Her demanding request, infiltrated with an infatuating tone, the largest of these three giantesses', instantly becomes fully absorbed in her newfound realization,

...her toes flex tightly against the sole of the shoes, gripping firmly and squeezing down with powerful force...

Christina stares intently, as she tingles with a strange, but arousing sensation. Her naked breasts on full display, hardening her taut nipples; her obvious arousal reflected deeply within her sparkling eyes.

    "C'mon Billy. Climb up onto my foot.", the giant girl squints her eyes, urging me to respond to her impending request.

    "It's alright, ...C'mon, ....let's PLAY!"

Blushing profusely, as I look upon Christina's enormous feet. My face flooding with a brightly colored flush of red. I gaze up at Christina as she impatiently begins wriggling her toes in overwhelming anticipation!

Considering what this giant girl is asking me to do, sends a rush of fear down into the pit of my stomach. Looking down at the tremendous giantess foot, I instantly imagine being crushed beneath it!

If I had to do this, ...I would much rather be doing it on Maggie's feet, or even Diana's, ...but, the two of them seem to be completely fascinated with this newfound discovery, and neither one of them, hasn't a single clue as to what is actually happening!

In fear of insulting this gigantic, teen girl, I force myself to approach her huge feet. My stiff erection wobbles back and forth as I walk, taking longer strides in order to lessen the effect, I quickly find myself standing just before the toe of Chrissy's right shoe.

She slides her hand down her leg, pointing her finger out and pressing it down on top of her ankle, she glides it slowly forward, teasingly pointing out where she wants me to be...

    "Right here, Billy. Climb up here!"

Her vice-like grip, squeezing her ankle, ...she leaves a single finger pointing toward her toes,

     "Come on, ...climb up here and hug my foot."

     "Okay, but, ...Hold your foot still!", I yell up to her!

     "Oh, don't worry, I won't let you fall.", she whispers back.

     "Okay, Chrissy, ...here I come..."

Looking up between her outwardly tilting ankles, and through the open space in between the high arching spiked heels, ...my heart skips a beat, as I find myself looking directly at her seated behind.

The tightly compressed lower butt cheeks, flattening out and relaxed; her enormous glutes pancaked out and softly pressing down into the slightly forgiving rubber flooring.

The stark contrast, of her triangular, shaped, white thong panties crotch, ...so brilliantly displayed, from directly between the smoothly tanned flesh of her expanding inner-thighs.

I can barely make out the slightest bit of wetness, seeping through, darkening a slight crease within, ...a moist, darkening splotch, ...highlighting her tightly concealed, neither lips, ...hidden just beneath.

My balls tingle, as my rigid boner slightly bounces up and down. I reach out, with both my hands and place them down upon her giant toes. She giggles, creating a slight, but very discernible quaking motion.

I pick up my right foot and place it down on the edge of the giant shoe. Quickly bending my left leg, I pause for just a brief moment before I jump up, and hoist myself up, hopping up onto the top of Chrissy's huge foot!

Landing on my belly flattened out across the top of this giant girl's huge foot, I feel my boner pressing into the thin, cool, skin, of her enormous feminine foot.

End Notes:

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Chapter 18 by midnightwriter85

'Dai on' na'

A slight breeze swirls gently, ...while drifting around me - a cooler wave of air rising up from the low floor vent. Completely covered in sweat, my bare skin glistening in the bright light of Diana's bedroom window. The dark curtains are pulled all of the way back and securely tied fast with a matching pair of crisp white bows.

I can tell it must be getting later in the evening, the sun slowly going down casting its last rays of crimson across the low horizon.

Shivers coursing along the length my spine, my muscles straining, painfully struggling to cling to this thin leather strap so tightly wrapped over the top of Christina's over-sized foot.

Their soft laughter resounding, as the giantess Christina effortlessly bobbles the toe of her giant high-heel, ...forcing me to hold on much more tightly, while precariously saddled up within the slight bend of her smooth ankle, ...cheerfully watching me, with some strange demented satisfaction, ...so casually controlling my, 'Wild Bronco' ride, with just a simple flick of her foot!

Diana and Maggie, are sprawling out on the rubber mat, lying on their sides lazily watching, comfortably enjoying the floor- (foot) - show. As I am struggling to hang on like a naked Bronco Buster!

Maggie, holding a glass of wine; Diana, absentmindedly picking at the frosting on another slice of her chocolate birthday cake.

A few scattered potato chips have been left randomly lying about on the large rubber, Yoga mat; a few have been accidentally crushed, ...and the others simply abandoned to lie and wait, ...their meaningless existence, only there for some unknown reason. Their time is limited, and their fate unknown, much like myself, I can only hope that I don't end up in the same situation.

As long as Diana is near, I don't feel completely abandoned. It's only when she steps away to get something, or to make a trip to the bathroom, that I become just a little bit concerned.

Just a moment ago, Maggie wanted some more Potato chips and the small bag that they had from earlier, had been literally devoured, ...so, Diana went out to the kitchen to get a couple more bags of chips.

The moment that my owner exited the bedroom, Christina lifted up her foot and crossed her legs; bringing the one that I was sitting on, up, and placing that ankle across her other knee.

Tilting her foot, slightly, in the act of doing so, leaving me awkwardly hanging off to the side, barely able to maintain my straddling position on the top of her smooth ankle.

I didn't have to worry for long, though. Because the very moment that I was within her reach, I'm firmly plucked away and instantly brought right up to Chrissy's smirking face!

    "Are we having fun, Yet?", she whispered. Her hot breath gushing into my petrified face.

    "Yeh, please, ...don't squeeze me so tightly, though!", I managed to utter out, while her large thumb pressed around my ribs with a bit too much pressure.

    "Oh, ...I'm sorry. I Really Didn't realize, ...is that better, Billy?", she instantly released some of the pressure, allowing my compressed ribs to return to their normal shape.

    "Yes, much better.", I answered.

Maggie scooted closer. Abruptly moving her, large, but extremely pretty face, just in front of me,

    "Let me hold him for a while now, Chrissy. You've been playing with him for a long time, give me some playtime, Too!"

All the while, Maggie had inadvertently stumbled upon my little 'Barbie Doll - Baseball Cap'. She had discovered it lying on the floor next to the bed, she picked it up and began fiddling with it, nonchalantly...

Absentmindedly, fiddling with it, the beautiful blonde teen, held the miniature cap between her thumb and finger, ...casually twirling it around on the tip of her fingernail's, occasionally flipping it like a coin, spinning it, and allowing it to flip around several times before recapturing it between her slender fingertips.

My poor balls, had turned a much darker shade of blue, almost purple; and with the stiffest hard-on, that I'd ever had, ...these giant girls were simply delighted to behold it, in it's most solid form, ...not content to ever allow it to relax, they constantly find little ways to fuel the fire, ...painfully, without ever actually touching it!

    "Alright Mags, ...here, I'll let him go, ''right here'', (pointing to her knee cap) and let him slide down my leg, ...but, you have to catch him?",

    ...she offered me up, but only with this new type of physical challenge...

  "Okay, ...but, wait-a-minute, ...I'm not ready yet!", Maggie excitedly said!

While Chrissy sat with her leg's crossed, on the foot of Diana's single bed, she held me there upon her right knee, facing her, ...while holding me firmly within her fist, ...forcing me to straddle her wide, smooth, knee cap.

Maggie got down low, on all fours, with her knees folded under her, ...spreading them out wide, she took on the look of a huge feline hunter, like a cat...

Her bare naked back, just below me, I couldn't help but, to notice just how beautiful her magnificent body is, ...so perfect, and so gloriously well defined. Her heart-shaped behind on full display, the sight of it in this position nearly causing me to lose it, right there, on Chrissy's knee-cap!

She looked as if she were preparing to pounce on her prey, she lowered her upper body close to the floor, craning her neck to look up the long length of Christina's smoothly displayed lower leg.

I looked down the long smooth slide that suddenly appeared before me, as Chrissy firmly pointed out her toe, nice and straight, ...stiffening her calf muscle, and holding her foot perfectly still. She turned me around, - creating an erotically displayed inclined plane, that looks to be at least, thirty feet long!

...and waiting at the very bottom, the huge, smiling face, of this beautiful, giant blonde, ...grinning from ear to ear!

    "Okay, let him GO!", she said.

    "Alright Maggie, ...get ready, ...here he comes!", Chrissy announced.

Trying to squeeze on, with my bare legs, trying to grip around her huge leg, I press my knees down tightly and attempt to remain sitting atop this wide, rounded, knee cap!

The thick, smooth skin, feels loose, ...but just beneath the surface, the hard solid bone, of this large disk-like cap, barely allows enough to get a hold of,

...taken up, and turned around within her huge fingers, repositioned upon, where, this giant, over-sized female leg, suddenly taking on the appearance of - sitting atop this terrifying roller coaster ride!

My legs spread out, as wide as I can spread them, I wrap both my arms completely around the large cap, hugging it as tightly as I can. My slippery skin is coated with sweat, and I start to slip away! Chrissy uses the tips of her fingernail's to lightly pry around the edges of my clinging limbs, ...gently working them around me, to loosen up my grip, she continues, diligently picking away until I start to break free and slide loose!

    "He's trying to hold on, ...aw, hee- he-he, ...don't be so scared, ...God, he feels just like a little bug!"

Looking back over my shoulder, I hold on as tightly as I can, but this huge girl's leg, gradually tilts downward, as her powerful knee tightens up. Bending her leg slowly, the giant teen girl delightfully giggles, as I slowly loose my grip and begin to slide down the long length of her smoothly shaven leg...

    "I'm gonna FALL!", I desperately scream!

Sliding backward, and sharply downward over this smooth, warm skin, ...hugging as tightly as I can, ...regretfully, ...scooting along on my painfully straining, rock hard erection! My balls sliding up beneath me, the warmth of the increasing friction quickly becoming an uncomfortable, burning sensation!

    " 'aah, ...Chrissy, Help me, ....I'm gonna fall off!", I yell.

Trying to allow enough pressure to hang on, but yet, trying to separate my crotch, from keeping too much contact with her soft skin!

As soon as I slide down onto the narrow ankle section, I'm instantly tackled within the firm grasp of Maggie's large fingers, ...scooping me up quickly, pulling my slippery naked body away from the saddle of Chrissy's wide ankle.

Gasping profoundly with such a welcomed relief, (that I had actually stayed upon her leg, without falling off) but only allowed, for just a second, ...before I'm snatched up tightly, and squished up inside Maggie's consuming hands!

    "I got 'em!", she yells!

Excitedly holding me within her cupped palms, ...holding me up and rising up on her knees, bringing me up to her beautiful face,

    " God, he just so, ...Little!", she excitedly squeezes her fingers all around me.

Squashed up so tightly, and lifted up to her face, the giant blonde smiles with an enormous set of glistening teeth, as a rapid round of girlish giggling erupts from her throat, her delightful laughter, filled with overflowing pleasure,

    "Oh Wow, ...I just adore this little, MAN! God, ...he's just so, ...So Cute!"

I can only just barely move a single muscle, as her large, slender fingers, envelope my entire body. Maggie tilts to one side, carrying me up, lifting up her right leg while leaning over, awkwardly getting up onto her feet.

Suddenly standing up, and adjusting her balance, the giant teen beauty, swaying around slowly, and gradually steadying herself, ...I feel like I've just been taken up to the very top floor of an enormous skyscraper!

Her naked breasts directly before me, ...the perfectly matched set of teen boobies, fill my entire view. Her hands forming an open bowl around me, her fingers allowing me to sit freely within her cupped palms.

She carries me around the bed, moving over to Diana's bedroom window. Holding me up closer to her face, she glances out the window and then looks down to me with an inquisitive expression.

    "Would you like to come home with me, Billy?"

My eyes are frozen to the tip of her rounded nose. The slight but noticeably imperfect scar just above her left cheek, right below her huge, sparkling blue eye.

Her full thick eyebrows, slightly arching upward as she awaits an answer, ...her breath flowing around me, the scent of the cherry wine filling my head, ...the scent of her powerful perfume clouding my vision.

I'm suddenly lifted up just a little bit higher, in a swift rise, ...as she impatiently takes me closer,

    "Billy?", she whispers softly, "I want to take you home with me, ...please?"

Her huge lips, right there in front of me, those same full, plush lips, that had been so mercilessly kissing me! Her dimpled cheeks swelling out, as she smiles immensely!

Her fingers slowly flutter around, making an adjustment with her hands, the warmth of this open bowl becomes more noticeable, the space becoming slightly smaller, ...her large eyes flashing as she quickly blinks...

    "Come on, ...please, say Yes!", she impatiently urges!

I don't know quite what to say. Would I stand a better chance of getting some help, with Maggie? Or, would I be putting myself into a more complicated situation, ...even if I did say 'Yes', I don't think that Diana, or her Mother, would allow this to happen, anyhow...

    "I, I, I don't know. I guess'so...?", I quietly mumble across the bridge of her huge thumb.

She turns her head to the side, after asking me to speak a bit louder, "What's that, ...I couldn't hear you, very well?", she urgently asks.

    "Ask Diana, first!", I yell out. "See what she thinks about it, ...and, then, ...I guess, if it's okay with her, ...and her mother, then, 'Yes', ...I'll go home with you for a couple of days!"

    "Og- ald' YES, Yes. Yes. yes-yes-yes !", Maggie splutters out in sheer joy!

My whole body is suddenly squashed tightly into her left breast! Crushed firmly into the smooth wall, the heated warmth of her tremendous body consuming me inside!

Just then, ...Diana walks back into her room. Holding two bags of chips, and a bottle of orange juice.

      "Where's Billy?", she curiously asks.

Chapter 19 by midnightwriter85

'Dai on' na'

  Tossing two bags of potato chips out onto her bed, Diana quickly stepped into the center of her bedroom. She saw Maggie standing by her window, holding her tiny pet, (Billy), just a little, too closely, ...up next to her chest. He was just barely able to peek out from above her hands.


    "My Mom's home!", Diana said, whispering urgently!

    "...she'll be coming up, in a just a few minutes, ...she just pulled into the parking lot!"

Maggie started searching the floor for her tee shirt, holding me out away from her upper body. Chrissy jumped up and quickly started searching around for her shirt and pants,

    "Oh Crap! Where's my pants?"

    "I think you left them out in the living room!", Diana told her. Hustling her out of the bedroom doorway and shoving her out into the hall!

Maggie quickly released me, carefully setting me down on the huge pillow at the head of Diana's single bed. I crawled toward the soft center and sat down.

Instantly feeling the cooler air inside of this huge room, ...after being so close to Maggie's warmth, I shivered.

Slightly relieved to be set free, but only for a moment, ...as I watched the sudden rush of activity when these giant teen girls started bustling around grabbing up their clothing and hastily trying to get dressed.

Diana came for me, awkwardly crawling onto her bed and swiftly collecting me, she rolled off onto the floor and stood up, ...holding me firmly in her hands, she stepped around Maggie and walked toward her bedroom door.

    "Hurry up, she'll be here in just a few minutes, ...I'll have to let her in...", Daina said.

It was nearly midnight and Diana knew that as soon as her mother walked into the apartment, she would have to tell her about what had happened, while she was away, ...and she wasn't very happy about telling her mother that both of her friends had found out about this little tiny man.

  Diana carried me into the living room. She held me comfortably inside both hands. We watched Christina buttoning up her pants and slipping her shirt on. The three girls gathered inside the kitchen and sat down at the table.

Still completely naked, (as if it was something completely natural?) I was left standing nervously on the edge of the countertop, by the coffee pot, waiting.

Diana told me to stay put, ...as she released me there, ...whispering quietly down to me,

    "Stay there, Billy. Don't say anything about the 'weed' either, or I'll get into BIG trouble!"

  Her words were strongly emphasized with a serious expression. She stared at me for a long moment, allowing her lingering gaze to impress me with a definite warning... Her huge face holding this blank determined expression, ...the young girl most definitely got her point across...


  Maxine tapped her finger on the window glass, drawing everyone's full attention, and Diana slowly walked to the door to open it up for her Mother.

    "Hey Mom, I saw you parking the car.", Diana spoke softly, a bit of trepidation in her whispering voice.

Maxine could sense, something was up. She kicked off her shoes and slipped out of her jacket. Walking into the living room, she turned to look up at her teen daughter,

    "Everything, ...alright sweety?", she curiously asked.

Diana glanced away, pointing toward the kitchen, ...she gave her Mother a side glance and softly cleared her throat,

    "We need to talk."

    "Alright Diana, just let me use the bathroom first, okay?"

Diana walked back into the kitchen and took a seat between Christina and Maggie. The tall blonde looked over at her with a light smile, shaking her head with a slight blush of embarrassment.

    "Is she going to be Mad?", Maggie asked.

    "Probably, ...I'm sure, that she'll not be too happy about it"

    "Just tell her that it's 'all', my fault, then, okay. I shouldn't have been 'snooping around' inside her bedroom, ...I'm really sorry, Diana!"

    "No, we're NOT going to tell her, about that, ...just be quiet, let me do all the talking,"

    "What are you going to say....?"

    "Just be quiet, ...I'll take care of everything"

Maxine walked through the kitchen doorway and silently stepped over to the dining room table. She looked over to the breakfast counter, and instantly saw me sitting there, next to the coffee pot; suddenly realizing, what this was all about,

    "Alright girls, I see that you've discovered our little secret. Diana, ...you've got some explaining to do, young lady".

    "Mom, ...it's not what you think! Billy escaped from your bedroom, and tried to get away!", she raised her voice, using an overly expressed tone of anger!

    "He almost 'Did', too! If Maggie hadn't caught him, trying to get out from under the front door, he would have made it out into the hall, ...and been outside of the apartment!"

I couldn't believe, ...that my sweet, Diana, had just 'lied' like that, ...and so easily, Too!

My mouth fell open, my heart skipped a beat, I stood there next to this giant-sized coffee pot, shaking my head in disbelief, ...was she blaming ME? And, protecting her friend, ...pretty Maggie?

Maxine quickly looked over at me, ...redirecting her focus fully upon my miniature face. Her hands slowly slid up and came to rest upon her wide set hips, ...slightly gripping them, she stood with a dominant stance, ...narrowing her eyes and drawing a short breath, she just, just intently stared at me!

I was just as surprised, as she was! -though, ...hearing this unbelievable explanation! And, coming from someone, that I was just starting to form a bond, and a slight trust with, ...my heart sank as I watched the towering form of the giantess, Maxine, ...glaring at me, she looked just as betrayed, as I felt!

    ...and, her cold stare did nothing to relieve any of my sudden tension!

    "Well, well, ...it looks like our little 'pet', ...has been a very Bad, little man", Maxine whispered.

I urgently wanted to try and explain everything; defend myself. I wanted to 'scream', and yell out! I wanted to call her a 'big liar', I wanted to protect myself!

Maxine took a slow step toward me. Wearing a short pair of black silken shorts and a sleeveless matching nightie, ...her well-toned legs and arms, fully on display, she silently padded barefoot, stepping closer to the wide countertop; closing the short distance between us, and growing larger with every small step...

I really wanted to tell this 'giant woman' that her beautiful young daughter, was twisting the truth, ....just making all of this up! Just creating this absurd falsehood, ...blaming everything on me, in order to keep Maggie from getting into trouble!

Maxine took another step and was growing even larger as she approached me, ...her black hair sparkling within the brighter kitchen lights, her low-cut blouse revealing a deep, and inviting cleft within her cleavage, ...easily large enough to completely swallow me up!

I really wanted to, actually, call this sweet, little Diana, 'A big Liar?'

Maxine's broad, rounded hips, shifted to one side as she slanted her posterior,

...relaxing on one foot, the other casually slid up along the supporting leg,

...slowly, and smoothly, sliding her barefoot up to the inside of her opposing knee, she stood on a single leg, in some sort of weird Yoga stance; her hands still firmly gripped, bracing upon her narrowing waistline...

    " I'm screwed!", I thought.

There's no use trying to say anything about this at all! And, I'm just going to have to take the consequences, take my punishment, sacrifice myself in order to support her; my lovely Diana, ...protect her, ...in her attempt to protect, her 'Friend', ...her 'normal-sized' friend, ...that she apparently held in a much higher regard than she did for me...

    "Well, ...Billy, you know that this type of behavior, simply 'cannot', be tolerated.

  You'll have to be corrected for this, we can't allow this to ever happen again.", she firmly spoke down to me.

  Narrowing her eyes, and lowering her gaze, she boldly confronted me as if she were about to swat me like a minuscule little insect. Her huge figure standing directly before me, just an arm's length away, her widening shadow, darkened a large area all around me, swallowing up nearly all of the wide countertop.

Her highlighted cheekbones, and cat-like eyes reflecting the shimmering glow of her contained anger, ...towering above me with little more between us than just a few inches.

    "You'll be staying with me from now on, Billy. No exceptions. And, ...You can just forget about 'ever' getting away from here, ...because, there's no chance at all!", she relaxed her leg and lowered her foot back down onto the floor.

    "You're going to have to face it, and just accept it. You're never going anywhere, Billy!"

    "You're just 'too tiny', ...to survive on your own. So, you're now just our little pet, and you'll have to learn to understand that. I can't allow this wonderful thing that's happened to you, to just, just go to waste, Billy", she silently stepped right up to the edge of the countertop, leaning against it.

    "This is just too good to be true, ...and, I'm sorry that you don't like it here, and that you're 'stuck' like this, but, ...there's just nothing else that I can do about it, ...your just 'my', little pet, now, Billy, ...and you're going to have to stay that way, like it or Not!"

  Just as I saw her reaching down to pick me up, Christina interrupted her, breaking the mood, and drawing her attention.

With cold presentiment, Christina suddenly broke into the one-sided conversation. Drawing Maxine's face away from my tiny, cowering figure; boldly making an attempt to take charge of the situation,

    "I think that WE - should just share him... Maxine, - I mean, ...I'd like to have a little man to play with, sometimes, and I'm sure that Maggie would, too. Right Maggie? We could take turns, ...you know, and that way, you wouldn't have to worry about him, all of the time, and worrying about him getting away from you!",

      Christine glanced away, looking toward Maggie for support.

  Maggie joined in, "Yea, I'd love to take him home with me for a few days, too. I'd make SURE that he didn't get away!"

  Maxine could easily see the contained excitement in these teen girls eyes; their sudden interest, and complete and solemn devotion to helping out. She gathered her fingers up around me, and gently took me up into her hands.

Maxine thought, of herself as an independent woman, and she could easily see through what the girls were attempting to do. ...just so selfless.

  -To sacrifice so much of their valuable time to simply watch over this poor little man? (She softly giggled) ...their concern was so overtly obvious, so unnatural, so deliberately false...

    "Yes, I do appreciate your concern ladies. And, if we need your help, we'll be sure to give you a call, okay?", Maxine didn't want to completely extinguish all of their hope.

    "But, for now, ...I think that we can take care of little Billy, ourselves, without any additional assistance from anyone else, ...Diana, and I, can make a few changes and Billy won't be given any more chances to try and escape."

    "I think Billy will be with me for tonight. You girls better get some sleep, and we'll take this up again in the morning."

  With that, Diana took Maggie and Christina into her bedroom and figured out how they were going to sleep, ...Christina ended up on the couch, and Maggie slept on Diana's Floor, on her Yoga mat.

Maxine carried me into the living room and while holding me inside her single left hand, she walked over to the bird cage and removed it from the hook. She carried it along with her, as she walked down the hallway towards her bedroom.

I squirmed within her grasp as she firmly squeezed, and as she stopped to open her bedroom door, she bent down to temporarily place the cage down. Tilted around within her bosom, and stuffed tightly between her breasts, ...she opened the door, and reached back down and collected the wire cage.

Stepping inside, she set the cage back down on the floor and turned to close the door; I was gently removed from her breasts and lowered down near her waist. She stepped across the room and walked back over to her dresser.

Lifting me up, she slowly allowed me to climb out of her soft hand and step off onto her dresser top.

Looking at the top of her dresser, Maxine took on a puzzled look, her fingers still firmly resting upon the dresser, her huge hand lingered there, so alive, and so very large and intimidating...

      "How did you get down off of there, Billy?", she asked.

I stood up and walked backward a few steps, finding my balance and quickly glancing around the large area. Suddenly, I felt so trapped, and yet I felt this strange comforting feeling, ...Maxine's huge face lingering before me, just beyond the edge of the cliff-like dresser.

    "I uh, ...just 'climbed down'?"

    "Climbed down, ...where?"

    "Uh, ...right there, I just uh, ...grabbed onto the corner and climbed down the side there..."

Maxine looked confused. She slowly pulled her hand away, and stepped back from the dresser. Brushing her fingers through her hair, she took a breath, ...pausing momentarily to look at the sharp corner of her tall dresser.

    "You just climbed right down huh?"

    "Yeah, I just climbed down right there, and got down onto the floor?"

    "Okay, ...Show Me!"

I looked down toward the floor, and my heart started pounding. It was at least a forty-foot drop, and as I contemplated trying to climb down this sheer high wall,

I knew that I couldn't do it, and I knew that Maxine already knew as well...

Chapter 20 by midnightwriter85





'Dai on' na'

  The giant woman smiled with a knowing look. An understanding expression lingered within her eyes... Her soft expression said it all, as she placed me down upon her pillow and stepped back to enjoy the strange sight of my miniature figure sitting there on her enormous bed.

Seemingly relaxed, she didn't say a single word. Intently watching me with hungry eyes. My tiny naked body barely the size of her hair brush, she softly moaned with a low, subtle sound.

I felt her weight sink into the giant bed as she slowly sat down at the side. Finishing up, with a quick stroke or two, she hastily rushed through brushing her hair; casually slipping her top off, and smoothly sliding back into her bed.

Leaning over, the giantess woman doctor, casually turned off the bed side light and slowly snuggling in beside of me, ...lying her head down, right next to me, I felt the weight on the pillow.

    "G'night Billy"

Her large, soft fingers, found me in the dim light and carried me down to her soft belly.

Her tremendous body; an oasis of serenity. Steamy, perfume filled air, formed a warm, soothing cloud all around me. I could feel every ounce of her divine warmth absorbing into my skin.

    "Mm, ...are you comfy?" , her soft voice vibrated from beneath- rumbling down around me, she spoke, with only just a soft whisper,

     "I hope that you're nice and warm,...", she asked.

     "Uh-huh, yeah, ...very much", I spoke up, so that she could clearly hear me.

I felt like I had to raise my voice, just a bit louder, so that she could hear me above the sound of her throbbing heartbeat.

    "Mm, you feel so nice", yawning softly. "Oh-Mm, um"

Her heated breath wafting down from above, softly swirling around me with a slight tickling sensation. Rolling onto my other side, awkwardly attempting to pull some of the thin satin cloth up around me, I felt her heated, bare naked skin, just beneath.

Propping myself up, I scanned the landscape. I trembled at the sheer size of her. A shiny black sea of lustrous hair, overflowing across an enormous pillow. Her smiling face lay just above the rise of two small hills forming her naked breasts.

Adjusting my position in the softness that surrounded me, a large crumpled hill of sheer satin, formed a slight ridge along my right side. I squirmed around a little bit, feeling myself slowly sinking into this mountain of soothing warmth.

Lying on her back, with her legs slightly parted, her incredible upper body looming so far above me; adoring me, ...as I rolled freely within the widening depression of her lower stomach.

The -s l o w- motion, of her simple breathing, -carrying me so gently- in an everlasting rollercoaster ride, perpetually fluctuating.

Shivering with arousal, her right hand down inside the front of her panties, gently caressing my legs with the fingers of her other hand.
Although it was not apparent to Maxine; for myself, the sound was quite noticeable, a constant reminder of her tremendous weight and size, ...the sound of the huge bed creaking beneath her. The large coiled springs withstanding the load of her tremendous weight.

I felt the vibration of her stomach. Digesting the remains of her last meal, gurgling and squishing, continuously working to dissolve the contents within, ...a shiver of prickly goosebumps coursed down my spine as she traced the length of it, with just the tip of her fingernail...


  As if, I was lying directly on top of an enormous swimming pool cover. One of those large plastic sheets stretched out tightly over the top of this huge pool of warm water. Directly below me, her large intestines gurgled, - I tried to avoid imagining it - this large amount of masticated pulp, filling the devouring bile pit...

Being at this miniature size, just under four inches, -I wouldn't even equal a little snack- and, it was difficult to completely relax while lying here on this soft, wide expanse of magnificent belly flesh!

I wondered, had either of them even noticed, (or cared) ...that I was losing, even more, weight. My body was becoming even smaller in size. I hadn't eaten anything since breakfast, and the way that my miniature metabolism had changed,
...It seemed to be burning off every ounce of extra fat so quickly, that I was starting to look a bit emaciated.

My muscles were still quite strong, though, and I was beginning to feel like this new physical body might have at least some advantages. My anxiety toward women had become something that I just couldn't deal with, ...and now...


  Closing my eyes, I tried to relax so that I could get some much-needed sleep. My entire bed; her immense 'belly', gently floating so softly, slowly, floating down, and rising back up, over and over, and over... her gentle breathing should have been lulling me into sleep. Only, this was something that I just couldn't quite get used to...

I felt myself sinking down. Deeper and deeper into this heated pocket of warmth. Sweat covered my naked body. I tried to pull myself up and out, but the more that I moved around the deeper I sank down, ...it was like I had fallen into a dry pit of warm quicksand.

  Out of nowhere, a huge motherly hand enclosed around me, slightly enveloping my entire body within its gentle grasp the large fingers forming a barricade. A protective enclosure all around me, (her unconscious actions being somewhat awkward) she unknowingly pressed her index finger against my flaccid cock.

I reached out and tried to push it away, but her thumb pressed down from the other side and squashed up against my butt, ...the pressure slightly increased as the two forces came together, gently gripping up my junk in between.

I felt my balls tingling as her huge fingertips gripped them, she could easily crush them, if she applied too much pressure, ...I couldn't breathe until she finally released them and readjusted her fingers.

I remained very still. Hoping that she didn't accidently squash me, I tried once more to fall asleep. Her breathing carrying me up and down, up and down, ...I wriggled over into the center of her belly.

Lying right next to the large 'belly-button', I couldn't help myself from reaching down into it. Brushing gently and lightly caressing the interior skin inside the small depression, I felt the course and slightly rough knob just at the very bottom. I let my fingertips slide along the inside surface.

Suddenly, slightly shaken as the giant woman's stomach stiffened, instantly tightening up her softly relaxed abdominal muscles, ...jerking me upward in a sudden springing motion!

Jerking my hands away, in a quick recovery, I rolled over twice to get away from the quivering button hole! Maxine's large pelvis tilted, as she gently bucked her hips, ...shifting her weight and readjusting her butt upon the giant bed!

I was thrown up into the air and tossed around! Landing farther down lower on her belly, I bounced back down into her warm skin. Her fingers instantly captured my floundering figure, tightly squeezing up around me, ...I caught my breath, as I was swiftly taken up, away from her belly and swept out from her body and swiftly carried up across it!

Suddenly crushed against her bare breast, I found myself being squashed into the softness of her magnificent boobie! My hands pushing down into the forgiving mass, as my face was pressed tightly into it, ...held firmly for a forceful moment, and then gently released to face the large protruding nipple!

I hesitated to move, simply gauging the sheer size of this incredible organ. It wasn't nearly as large as the giant redheads were, but, just as aroused and proudly standing up so firm!

This was Maxine's nipple. This gigantic breast belonged to this amazing female doctor! I just couldn't believe, that I had found myself in this position, ...and, I wasn't quite sure if this was actually happening to me, ...or if I was dreaming?

Was this beautiful woman going to use me, ...simply to 'pleasure' herself? I couldn't believe it! I felt my tingling cock respond with a twitch, and as it quickly grew into a full erection, pressing into the folds between Maxine's gigantic fingers, I struggled to pull it away...

A slight vibration rumbled up from deep within her chest, as she softly moaned and compressed her shoulders together, ...squashing up her relaxed bosom, and pressing them inward. Her large full breasts ballooning up, and swelling into a larger mass of spectacular beauty.

I reached out instinctively, grabbing onto the rigid nipple. The large barrel-like form, solid and like gristle. My tiny fingers gripping it up with both hands, I pulled as hard as I could and twisted it back and forth a couple of times, ...massaging the hardening gland with all of my strength...

The result, being a sudden uplifting motion, ...as I was quickly elevated up and along with the rest of her upper body, ...spasming, like I had shocked her with one of those electric tasers!

An overwhelming scent of strawberry body wash, intensified, quickly filling my head. The blossoming essences, an astounding explosion of floral fragrance...

The heated warmth increasing, so much, that I felt a few light trickles of sweat racing down my bare back. Still holding tightly, I twisted the huge nipple again, ...and, I was suddenly squashed directly into it, pressed tightly against the consuming wall of womanly flesh!

    Swallowed up within Maxine's grasping hands, her body so magnificent in size, I wriggled around within her giant fingers; my legs crushed together, my feet sticking out from the bottom of her fist. Attempting to free myself, quickly vanquished, as my entire upper body was stuffed into the heated warmth.

Her powerful fingers manipulating my 'puppet-like' figure, the giant lady Doctor, swiftly re-positioned me into a prone placement; lying flat, and outspread across her heated breast.

Thrusting my waist into her hard nipple with such force, that my whole body was bent backward and squashed, ...the thumb and two fingers of her single hand, hastily controlling me, she started pressing down harder, crushing me into her giant boob!

Forcing me to hug her giant breast. I held my hands out to try and brace myself. Her overwhelming strength, easily taking full control, I heard her massive heart-rate building as the heavy beats started getting faster; the soft skin of her incredible giant body began to moisten with a fine mist of slippery dew.

Her hand flattened out, firmly pressing down across my entire back, she began to 'roll me', smashing my naked body onto her hardening nipple, squashing me into it, and forcefully rolling me across it, ...back and forth, wallowing me like a tiny rolling pin.

    "Oh, Billy, ....you make me feel so, ....empowered", her voice softly rumbling.

    "Maxine, ...Please, you're hurting me!"

  "Oh, ...God!"

  "I can't breathe!"

      "Ah, Billy, Mm, ....you, feel so, soft."

  "Maxine, Please, wait-a-minute, I can't breathe!"

  Struggling to survive, while being manhandled by this gigantic woman, my mind suddenly went blank, ...I felt my whole body being squashed in-between her giant breasts and I couldn't seem to catch a single breath of air...

Forcefully crushed within these twin walls of massive softness; I felt everything around me slipping away...

  I drifted into a heated pool of dark liquid, ...an enormous sea of complete darkness consumed me. I was silently floating within this vast body of water, ...drifting along slowly and effortlessly.

  I couldn't seem to move a single muscle! I had become completely paralyzed! Silently drifting into nothingness...

The heated air, all around me seemed alive with sparkling flickers of strange flashing orbs. The soft drifting motion taking me along, ...deeper, and deeper...
The warm pool of black oil-like water began to swirl around. Slowly forming a large whirlpool, it quickly started to become a huge hurricane, ...swirling around faster and faster!

I was starting to get sick, my head began to swoon and my stomach started to clench. The swift swirling speed, gradually becoming faster and faster, ...taking me around in a sudden explosion of sinking spirals , ...downward, sinking into the center of the swirling mass, pulled down and swallowed up, ...engulfed into this monstrous pit!

      "Nooooooooo!", I screamed!


  Suddenly, a cooler blast of fresh air exploded into my face, Jerking me back into reality!

    "Billy, ...Are you Alright?", Maxine's voice blasted into my face.

  "Where am I?"

    "You're alright, ...whew, ...thank goodness!"

    "I'm sorry, ...I nearly squashed YOU!"

  "What? Where am I?"

  A dimly lit desk lamp illuminated the small end table next to the gigantic bed.

Maxine held me within her clasped hands, gently conforming around me and holding me up next to her naked breasts, ...I quickly glanced around the huge bedroom and realized where I was...

My entire body covered in sweat, I sucked in a deep breath and looked up into her glowing face. She had a concerned expression, as she impatiently waited for me to gather myself and collect my thoughts.

I attempted to cover my nakedness, and huddled down within her cupped palms. She smiled and let her head slowly sink back into the huge pillow. Resting her elbows at her sides, she lowered me down next to her waist and slowly pulled her warm hands away, ...casually releasing my miniature figure back down onto taut stomach.

Awkwardly stumbling back onto my bare butt, I flopped down and sat upon her velvet skin. The slight bit of soft belly fat, felt soothing to the touch as my feet sank into it, and pressed lightly against it.

I started to get to my feet, and was suddenly startled to find her flexing muscles jerking at my touch, ...her lower stomach twitched, ...jerking upward, in a quick flexing surge, ...throwing me backward, in a slight yanking motion!

Just the simple tightening of her lower abdominals, ...jerked me back two or three feet!

Maxine by midnightwriter85
Author's Notes:

This will be a two-part chapter, sorry I couldn't get it all into one...


'Dai on' na'

  What was happening to me? Was this woman ever going to help me? What was going to become of me, if I stayed here, ...just a tiny little pet for this gigantic female doctor, and her playful teenage daughter...

    Sitting on top of her chest between her huge breasts, she smiled with a slight chuckle and reached up and cupped her hands around me.

Maxine's long delicate fingers easily wrapped around my entire midsection. Squeezing gently enough to hold onto my tiny naked body, the oversized hand slightly lifted me up. Her giant thumb pressing into my chest, she slowly began taking me down across the length of her lower body.

My legs hanging down, she allowed my bare feet to drag along her soft skin. My toe's smoothly gliding across her soft belly, the warmth of her massive being sending waves of heat up over my bare skin!

The narrow elastic waistband, on the thin black nylon panties, suddenly lifted up, ...as her free hand pinched up the top edge, forming an open pocket directly in front of me; pulling the stretching elastic away from her soft lower belly, I was slowly pushed down inside and released,

    "Wait a minute, what, 'Hey', Maxine, ...are you, ...wait, wait" - "Maxine?",

Dropping into this soft bed of curly black tangles, I felt my bare legs sinking down into this fuzzy warmth of her most private area. Getting up off of my butt, I scampered up onto my bare knees!

    "Please, wait a minute, ...what are you going to do?"

Slowly and gently releasing the top edge of her panties, the darkness within swallowed me, ...the surrounding heat swelled, instantly filling my lungs!

    "Maxine! No, ...don't put me in here! I can't breath!"

The sudden heat, completely encompassing. Devoured within her damp panties, I struggled to try and crawl back out. Her huge fingertips pressing down upon the wet panties, pressing on my back she forced me back into place,

....sliding my entire body through this thick hairy tuft of curly strands. Scooting me down to her moist lips and firmly squeezing me between the inner walls of her gigantic thighs!

Slippery juices coating my entire body, I felt my chest and belly soaking into the ultra-soft skin of her incredible pussy. My legs stuffed down into a tight narrow wedge. Tightly fitted inside the binding of these giant-sized black underwear, ...a heady aroma swirled inside. Gasping the steamy air, I fought to take a slight breath. A sudden movement of her colossal body, lifting me up entirely within the entrapment.

Shifting in slow rocking motions, her lower butt cheeks rounding out underneath of my bare feet. The continually lifting and lowering of her huge hips,

....struggling to crawl back up across her firm pelvic bone, my entire body becoming completely saturated within her hot, juicy, lubricant. I gasped for a heated breath and felt myself getting very hot.

Reaching out with my arms, roughly plunging my hands into the furry patch above.

I felt around in the nearly total darkness, trying to get a hand hold. Huge feminine fingers, gripped gently around my sides, holding me firmly against her seething pussy. I pulled my knees up and struggled to get away, ...her huge fingers quickly capturing me, retaining my miniature figure within her overheated sex, firmly pressing me into her opening lips...

    "Maxine!", I yelled as loud as I could!

My voice muffled within the heated pocket of her soaking wet panties, I sucked in a steaming hot breath desperately fighting against her conforming fingertips!

    "Oh, ...Billy!". "I want you!"

I cried out, "Maxine, ...NO!", as she hastily forced her powerful fingertips down upon my naked back, pressing my entire body into her tight, slippery lips... both of my hands sinking into the hot meaty walls, the slippery flesh slightly separating.

    "Maxine, Please, I can't breath!", frantically fighting against her, attempting to prevent her from shoving me inside!

Her gigantic, overwhelming size, allowing her to effortlessly control me, easily overpowering my feeble attempts to get away... My resistance, only urging her on, I braced myself against the soft opening, ...burying my knees into each side, firmly spreading my feet apart,

    "Maxine No!", I screamed, "Please, ...don't do this to me!"

Sticky, sweat soaked underwear, holding me trapped against her huge body, ...the hot space becoming even more unbearable...


Maxine wanted this tiny, little, miniature man. She wanted him, so bad!
She had thought about it a lot, especially after her new receptionist Amy, had first mentioned the idea to her, back at the office...

She could so easily, ...just, PUT him inside her, ...but, she wanted to feel his hot little body crawling inside, all on his own. She wanted to 'feel' him crawling into her, feel him struggling within her tight vagina, ...but, she didn't want to force him to, ...she didn't want to use him, like one of her toys.

...she wanted him, to 'want' her, just as much as she wanted him...

She knew that Billy couldn't get away from her tight panties, and she could just leave him in there and force him to sleep there for the entire night.

...she didn't want to smother him again, though, and she knew that he might, ...it had to be extremely hot in there...

Maxine slowly pressed her fingertips down upon his miniature figure. Feeling him through the thin black underwear, tracing the outline of his tiny naked body, she wriggled her hips and adjusted her relaxed legs, ...opening them up wider, she allowed her tiny slave as much room as she could offer.

Keeping his tiny body centered within her hot muffin, she held her breath as she felt him start squirming around, ...attempting to pull himself away, his tiny hands felt so wonderful, as they pressed against her trembling lips.

Her female intuition, told her that he had to be getting aroused, ...but, as hot as her pussy felt, she also knew that he might be fighting for air, ...her thighs wanted to crush him inside her, but she fought the urge and continued to lie very still, forcing him to stay put, right where she wanted him.

Fondling her miniature pet, with the tip of two fingers, she slightly touched his tiny butt. Pressing a sharp nail into his tiny ass, Maxine gasped with a sudden tingle as she felt his small body twitching around.

    "Oh, Billy, ...you're driving me up the wall!", she whispered.

She slowly continued to tease his miniature ass. Slowly dragging a fingertip up across his tiny back, stabbing his tiny ass with a quick jab, ...just enough to get him to move,

    "C'mon Billy, ....you know that you want this!"

Maxine felt herself becoming very wet. This was just SO perfect, on so many levels that it simply felt awesome. Her entire life had finally come full circle. She had been abused as a child by so many men, and now, ...she had this miniature man, totally at her mercy, trapped inside her panties and unable to get out until she let him out.

Unfortunately, she had to focus fully on the fact, though, ...that this particular man, Billy Little, had absolutely nothing to do with her past, and as she thought about how easily she could squash him, ...she had to remind herself, that crushing him, would do nothing for her, except make her feel bad about herself.

Although, that wasn't going to stop her from having some fun with him. He was just so small. So completely dependent upon her, ...so helpless.
She felt a sudden tingling sensation fluttering up across her spine. She pulled her knees up, and opened her legs wide apart, ...feeling her pantie crotch pulling tighter and tighter, pinching her rigid nipples, she held her breath and reveled in the blissful wonderfulness of this most incredible sensation!


Attempting to suck some fresh air through the finely woven material; the huge pair of black underwear, held me trapped against her magnificent pussy. The steaming sweltering heat inside was nearly unbearable. I felt my slippery skin sliding across hers, and the heated juices that soaked through completely covered my entire body!

My eyes were burning with sweat. I realized that Maxine wasn't going to allow me to escape until she was finished with me. I didn't know how I was going to survive inside of this sweaty pocket, but I knew that I had to do something soon, or I was going to pass out from the overwhelming heat!

The aroma of her immense body, and being so close to her, my head felt like it was going to explode; I felt the most incredible wave of uncontrollable desire...

Unable to control my most primal senses. My most basic animal instinct told me to try and satisfy this gigantic woman. The tough tight fabric of these oversized panties wasn't going to allow me to escape, ...and, I had to try and do something...

The small bit of humid air that I had to breathe, filled my head with the tangiest aroma; the flavor of her immense female body - a mixture of her arousal and the faint flavor of stale cum.

Her huge body creating so much heat, I could slide into her without much effort at all, ...and, if I wasn't careful, I might accidently get sucked in!

I clung as tightly as I could to a few straggling hairs, matted down at the top edge of the oozing slit, ...each time that I pulled on them, her huge hips flexed and lifted me up.

I gagged at a large amount of sticky creme that overflowed. The giantess' huge body had the most pristine effect, ...it had started to actually taste good, no matter the sour flavor, it started to give my miniature body an extra boost of pent up adrenaline!

Although I had never before had sex with a woman, I decided that I was going to try and please her, ...I didn't really know what to do, so I just slid my right hand inside of the top and slowly started to rub the inner walls.

Her instant reaction was frightening! I felt my entire arm drawn in; the vacuum created inside nearly pulling me into her! I braced myself while continuing to explore the inner walls of her aroused vagina.
The large meaty lips swelling up, enlarging and becoming so slippery that I felt my hands becoming wrinkled, ...the huge woman spasmed and jerked, bucking her hips and flexing her glutes!

Compressing her powerful muscles, ...clenching her lower butt cheeks, vibrating my world; quaking with tremendous power!

I caught my breath and the heated air swelled around me as her huge hips flexed, grunting like an enormous female beast; Maxine's frustrations boiling to the surface like an impending volcanic eruption. I braced myself in fear, as her monstrous voice released the most guttural sound!

Feeling the powerful vibration beneath my feet, I felt like a tiny mouse, trapped inside of an enormous bear trap!

My mouth filled with the humid taste of her giant body, I was quickly getting drunk on her powerful twang, ...the overwhelming sensation nearly driving me wild, I stuffed both hands into the heated orifice and swirled my fingers around in slow figure eights...

Her massive hips jerked and twitched, bucking forward and clamping down, her huge butt jumped up several feet and bounced back down, taking me up in a sudden lift, and dropping me back down within her sweltering pit.

Her incredible size, just so mind-boggling! How was I suppose to do anything for her? She was just so huge, so big, ...so gigantic!

    "Maxine, ...Please, ....Let me out'ta Here!", I yelled out through the wet nylon fibers!

    "Oh Billy, ...get inside me. Lick me, little man!"

    "Please, ....I can't breath!", I screamed!

    "Oh, Billy, Lick My Pussy!"

Cont. next Chapter.

Maxine Pt. 2 by midnightwriter85





'Dai on' na'

    " Chisana otoko ", she whispered.

I felt her large hips tilting and rolling forward. Her tremendous size carrying me along with her, like a tiny passenger trapped deep down inside her sweltering belly...

Barely able to breathe while face down within Maxine's steaming hot panties, I found myself looking up across her swollen pubic mound. Peering out, through the hairy tuft of wet tangles, I lay prone across her giant wet pussy, melting into its magnificent heat.

Maxine's large thumb smoothly hooked into the top edge of the giant panties, gently pulling them open.

Lifting my face up, as a mild rush of cooler air swept across my dripping wet face, I gasped with relief, while taking in a much needed breathe.

Looking up, past her giant hand, ...I could see out into the dimly lit outside world.

A soft glow, coming from the light of her bedside lamp, I watched with consuming fear, as her entire hand slipped inside, filling up my confinement; the tight space coming alive with four very large fingers.

Spreading out her long, slender spears, ...plowing the sharp nails down through the thick, ...separating, the wet sparkling strands of hair.

Her large hand entered into the panties, ...forcing me back out of the way and deeper down, into the tightly fitted pocket of the sweat-soaked nylon entrapment.

Plunging her middle finger into the center of her overheated sex, instantly sinking it past the first knuckle. Her third and first fingers working together to separate the meaty lips. The slippery opening, easily accepting the single finger, ...in response, expelling several quarts of clear, hot, pussy juice.


  Huddled down, and cramped up inside the tight space of her sweaty butt-crack, I felt my bare feet pressing into her wrinkled butthole! My hands pressing against the rounded walls of her massive lower butt cheeks, I squatted before her heated anus like a miniature slave, holding back the twin walls with as much strength as I could possibly bear to muster up...

The twitching ring crimped and puckered, flexing with tremendous strength, ...I pressed my tiny toes into the heated pit and tickled her giant anus with both of my slippery bare feet!

Watching the large, wrinkled, orifice, instantly responding to my minuscule touch, I was instantly overcome with a sudden giddiness, realizing that I could cause such a quick response, ...I poked my big toe deeper into the rounded crevasse and giggled as it swiftly drew itself up. The large muscular ring instantly reacted, ...sucking inward, trying to avoid my quite insignificant touch,

I suddenly felt like, I had just a slight bit of control over this extremely large, but sensitive muscle, and with much apprehension, I couldn't stop myself from tormenting her. The idea of teasing this beautiful giantess, so easily, gave me just a bit of deranged satisfaction...

  ...although nobody could possibly hear me, I laughed out loud with a spluttering madness!

  Poking my big toe in deeper, and harder, I watched the large wrinkled ring, jerk away in an instant response. I giggled like an idiot, pressing my big toe into her giant butthole! Her wrinkled manhole clinched up protectively; so very tightly, ...trying to seal itself off and keep my miniature toes from entering the forbidden zone within, ...I chuckled, (insanely) as I continued to tease her, ...I couldn't help myself!

This was the first time since I had shrunk, that I felt like I actually had some type of dominance over 'someone' or 'something'.

I had my bare back pressing against the webbing of the black nylon panties, using it for leverage, I pushed myself into it, pressing my toes deeper into Maxine's flexing butthole!

Her response was simply astonishing! Her instant reaction to my teasing, caused my entire body to lift up, ..and jerk backward, ...swiftly lifting me up and setting me down a few feet further down on the gigantic bed!

Her wrist holding the panties partially open, allowing cooler air to swirl inside.

Her hand appeared like some strange, oversized insect, sitting inside the petals of an enormous pink flower.

The middle finger working furiously within the glistening, fully open blossom, ...the pumping motion becoming faster and faster. Her finger plunging vigorously into the squishing lips of her gripping vagina, ...her moaning pleasure rippling overhead like an animalistic Fem Fatale.

I caught a quick glimpse of her huge breasts, far beyond the opening of her tightly fitted underwear; her face turning from side to side, as she frantically pleasured herself...

Glancing back and forth between her pumping finger and her wobbling breasts, I found myself becoming so aroused that I had to take it in hand and join her. My feet sinking into her heated butthole, I sank down between the narrow space of her massive cheeks and quickly brought myself to completion.

Soon after, her gigantic body jerked and spasmed with a jolting orgasmic tidal wave! Her whole body, convulsing with magnificent recoiling spasms. Her blissful pleasure showing in her face, her reddening complexion, and sweat soaked hair. Her gigantic female landscape jerking me around and down into the wadded up section of her tightly fitted panties.

A sopping wet puddle formed around my waist. I could barely see in the shadow of her gigantic ass, but the small pool of sticky juice that filled the pit of her pantie crotch rose up around me and threatened to cover me up to my chest.

I caught my breath and attempted to crawl out of the over-heated wedge. My feet slipping against her large lower cheeks, I couldn't get a solid footing. Her movements slowed, and I soon realized that she must have fallen asleep.

I couldn't stay here. The sticky wetness was beginning to dry around me, and I didn't want to remain in this awkward position for the rest of the night, ...the darkness had swiftly returned as she pulled her hand away, removing it from her panties and plunging me back into complete darkness.

Attempting to pull myself up, I reached up and felt around and above her sagging wet lips. The sweaty skin of her huge body was so slick that I could not find anything to get a hold of, ...the wet tangles of curly hair offered nothing but a slippery strand that I couldn't even hang on to at all!

Her whole body suddenly moved. Turning to the side, she scissored her thighs together and rolled over, ...turning up to the right, she turned my world around and squashed me up tightly under her tremendous thigh!

The heavy weight of her massive leg muscle, smoothly slid up on top of me and squashed me gently into her heated skin, ...the warmth quickly returning, I found myself sandwiched tightly in this massive wall of ultra-softness!

I felt the tremendous weight of her incredibly large leg, and my mouth popped open as I screamed out to try and get her attention,


I could barely take a single breath, ...the heavyweight held me firmly stuck against her gigantic body, ...and the sticky juice drying around me, held me firmly in place, ...I had nowhere to go, I was trapped inside her panties and about to be suffocated!

    "Maxine, ...I Can't Breathe!", I screamed as loud as I could!

She didn't move. I screamed again. Still nothing. I felt her huge thigh muscle relaxing completely, ...allowing more and more weight to slowly compress around me...

    "Maxine! I can't breathe!"


I awoke to the sudden splash of an enormous wave of cold water! The bright light blinding me from high above, I coughed and spluttered as I attempted to catch my breath!

    "Billy?" ~ Maxine's voice sounded far away.

I started kicking my legs and throwing my arms around in the cold water. Splashing the ice cold waves away, I caught my breath and quickly realized that I was sitting within Maxine's huge palms.

    "Oh Billy, ....you're alright!", she excitedly spoke down from directly above.

Suddenly lifted up, swept around to the side and dropped down into a huge fluffy towel. Both sides folded up around me, in one swift motion, and I was instantly swallowed alive within the heavy cloth material.

Shaking uncontrollably, I huddled up within the conforming cotton towel and collected myself, struggling to get my breath, I drew my legs up and wrapped my arms around my knees. Pulling myself into a tight ball, I felt like I was freezing!

I felt the movement of her huge hands as she squeezed them up around me. Carrying me within her hands, I could sense that she was moving, ...walking motions were easy enough to figure out, the weighted motions of her gigantic legs were something that one could easily remember, ...her gigantic size was just completely amazing!

    ...I didn't think that I would ever get used to it!

I huddled up and tried to get warm. The huge, dry, towel, felt so good - after being thrown into that freezing cold water, I suddenly realized that I must've passed out while I was stuck inside her hot underwear.

I had no idea how long I had been in there, but, thankfully, I had survived the entrapment and actually made it through my second night, ...at four inches tall.

I felt her hands release the towel and I could feel that she had placed me down onto a solid surface. I heard the solid clank of some type of metal, ...it sounded like the door to the wire cage, ...I figured that she must have put me inside it for safety, and I knew then, that I must be back inside her bedroom...

  I relaxed and let myself sink into the comfortable towel, ...my body quickly warming up, I felt myself falling asleep, ...drifting into a soft cloud of soothing warmth...

The air was sweet smelling and cozy, I started to get warmer and I took a deep breath and let myself totally relax. I heard a door close somewhere in the distance, and I released a long slow breath and fell asleep.


Maxine stepped into the kitchen and poured herself a hot cup of coffee. She looked up at the clock;(( 6:00 am)). Her eyes drifted over to the Birthday Cake.

'Sweet Sixteen' scrolled across the top, ...only half of it had been cut away, ...she sliced off a thin section and quickly popped it into her mouth, -shoving the entire thing into her hungry lips, she squashed her tongue up through the frosting and enjoyed the sweet taste.

Sipping her coffee to wash down the cake, she looked out into the living room and saw Cristina sleeping soundly. Her long legs stretched out across the full length of the couch.

Maxine wondered what those girls had done to Billy, and she knew exactly what she had to do, ...she would have to get him out of her apartment for a while. She couldn't keep him 'here' any longer, ...not after all of them had found out about him!

She picked up her phone and punched a few buttons, ...the screen lit up, and she placed it to her ear,

    "Amy? Yeah, ...did I wake you?"

    "No, no, no, ...everything's fine. I was just wondering if you're free this evening?"

    "Okay, I'll be over sometime around two, if that's okay"

    "Yeah, ...he's fine. I'm going to bring him with me too"

     "Okay sweetie, ...see ya later, then. Buh-Bye!"

  Flicking her fingers across the screen she placed her phone back down onto the table and turned to get up, ...she grabbed her coffee cup and carried it with her to the kitchen window.

Her face blushed slightly as she considered what Billy was being subjected to, ...she didn't mean for any of this to happen, ...it just kind of, got out of control, ...she didn't really expect her feelings for him to be this way, but, she just couldn't control her innermost thoughts and deepest desires...

Billy would just have to get used to it, ...any woman that laid eyes on him would most likely want to have him, ...and the way that it made her feel to actually pick him up and hold him was something that she just couldn't quite describe, ...it just felt so wonderful to hold him!

*Next Chapter - Amy gets her chance, ...but, Billy might not be ready for this!



Moving In with Amy by midnightwriter85

'Dai on' na'

"No, but really, ...I wasn't going to let anything 'bad' happen to him..."

"Diana, I told you not to worry about it, Okay? Now, just forget about it!"

" But, Mom! Please don't take him back, I promise, I won't let anyone else see him!"

"We can't keep him here any longer."

Maxine looked down at her blushing sixteen-year-old daughter. "Now that those girls know, they'll be sure to say something to someone else, ...and, there'll be others wanting to see him..."

" But, Mom?! Please!!"

"No, He has to go. I'm sorry, but, there's no other way around it!"

Wearing a white, terrycloth robe, the short length barely reaching her knees, the giant lady Doctor looked more like a teenage girl than the middle-aged woman that she was; as the two giant females stood next to each other, at the foot of her bed, they appeared more like sisters than mother and daughter...

It was pouring down rain. Strong thunderstorms, and heavy showers coming down so hard against the rooftop, I became just a bit concerned. The thought of what it would be like to be outside in that terrible storm scared the living crap out of me!

I watched the giant, Asian Doctor, nervously looking out through her bedroom window. I could hear the heavy sheets of gusting rain blowing against the side of the building.

Glancing back at me, I could tell that Maxine was more than just 'slightly' concerned. She pulled the curtains back together tightly and quickly stepped away from her window,
...just as she sat back down on the edge of her bed, a loud 'CRACK' of lightening exploded!

She jumped, as the brilliant light flashed, lighting up the bedroom window!

"Oh Crap!", Maxine yelped. Leaning back onto her elbows, she pulled her feet up off of the floor and wrapped her arms around her knees!

I huddled down deeper into the large blanket-sized towel, watching from the floor inside of the metal birdcage. Sitting on the floor in the center of her bedroom, the small wire cage looked slightly 'out-of-place', ...but, I must have looked even more 'out-of-place', as I sat inside of it, naked and shivering, ...while wrapped up in a small, pink, hand towel.

Diana was wearing a bright red pair of pajama pants and an extra large white tee-shirt. She quickly and smoothly slipped into her mother's bed, ...sliding over next to Maxine, the young girl wrapped her arms around her shoulders and hugged her tightly,

"Oh, Momma, please don't let anything happen to Billy,... I'm sorry that I let 'them', see him."

"It's alright, Sweetie. I don't think that anyone would believe them if they did tell, ...I mean, who would believe it? Right?"

"I know, ...it has to be the strangest thing, ever!"

"Well, either way, ...I'm going to get him out of here for a few days, just in case.

"Don't punish him for trying to get away. I lied about that, Momma", Diana said.

"It was Molly, she snuck into your bedroom and tried to kidnap Billy, ...but, I caught her in the act, and made her give him back. But, by the time that I did, ...Christine, walked in and she saw him, too ...and, there was nothing I could do about it, ...so, I just let them look at him and we started playing with him, ...and..."

Maxine blushed, as she considered what they had done with Billy. She knew that the girls didn't hurt him, ...and, she also knew that Billy tried to protect Diana, (by not saying anything about her 'made up story' where she had said, that he tried to escape.) he was a good-natured person, she knew that, ...anyone that would take the blame and go along with this young girls lie, had to be a caring individual.

"I know Diana, ...I already knew what had happened. Although, Billy still tried to cover for you guys, did you know THAT?", she informed her teen daughter.

Looking down at me, Maxine took on a motherly expression. A slight smile formed across her perfect lips, ...I longed for her to take me up into her bosom, as she held onto her teen daughter and huddled into the center of the large bed.

I watched with complete fascination; witnessing this somber affection, I wondered what Maxine had in mind, ...for me. I didn't get any say in the matter it seemed, though, that she had become not only my guardian but my Goddess, too!

...she controlled every aspect of my insignificant existence, and whatever happened to me was solely at her discretion.

Another loud crack of lightning flashed across the window. The following thunder-clap, sounded like it was directly overhead! 'CRACK!'

The sight of these two giant women, easily ten times bigger than me, trembling and frightened at the sounds of the torrential thunderstorm, made it seem so much worse than what it actually was, ...I had been outside in storms like this a bunch of times and I didn't really let it bother me too much. Of course, at my normal size I had just a little bit of control over what I could do to protect myself...

Initially, being casually given to her teenage daughter, as a miniature pet, was so strange for me to understand but, it had only been two days since this weird shrinking thing had happened, and I had begun to realize that Diana was actually doing a great job of taking care of me, ...I mean, considering what most teenagers would have done, ...I wondered what else could possibly happen to me, ...if Maxine was going to put me in the hands of her younger friend, Amy?

It must have been late afternoon when the rain finally subsided. I was awakened to the sound of the front door closing, heavily! Their disgruntlement made known, a loud slam shook the entire apartment. (Maxine's discretion to keep the tiny little man to herself, apparently didn't go over too well.) Diana was taking Molly and Christina home in her new car, and the thought of getting to drive the brand new Car easily overtook most, or at least some of the indignation.

Maxine had to tell the girls that Billy would be going to a large scientific medical center out of state, and they would most likely never get to see him again, ...she lied...

The three girls had only been gone for a few minutes when the giant Asian doctor took me out of the cage and set me down on the top of her dresser.

"Well, let's find something for you to wear, shall we?", the giant woman spoke so matter-of-factly.

"Amy has a little girl, and I'm sure that she wouldn't want 'her', to see a little-naked-man, no matter how small you are!"

I stepped across the huge dresser. My bare feet feeling the cool surface beneath them, I casually strolled along as if I hadn't a single care, ...trying to act as cool as I could, I didn't want to make her feel any more motherly affections toward me. Even though I was completely naked, ...it didn't seem to bother me as much any longer. I guess that I was beginning to get used to it...

I started to consider my situation a bit differently. I wanted this giant woman to see me as a man. A man who was only four inches tall, but still a real man. Not a child, or someone that she had complete control over, ...I wondered, what could I do to make her take me more seriously...

"Here ya go. Try these on, Billy."

I looked up at her giant feminine hand. Her large fingers held onto a small pair of doll-sized blue jeans. The small size of the pants made her hand look so gigantic, ...I cautiously stepped closer to the edge of the dresser, ...holding her hand a bit too closely to the steep, cliff-like ledge, (inadvertently, forcing me to step right up to the edge). Without hesitation, I carefully reached up and took the pants from her clamping fingertips.

Quickly slipping into those loose-fitting pants, I hooked the tiny strap that fastened the fly together. I had to roll the cuffs up on the legs, but they actually felt pretty good, considering what limited choices that I had, ...I mean, this was definitely better that walking around completely naked.

"Here, Billy. This should fit you, too."

I reached up as she tossed a white tee-shirt toward me. I caught it and stumbled back a few steps, ...the heavy weight of it, seemed strange, as I caught the large tee-shirt. It was the thickness of the material, it was like it was made out of some type of rough fibrous hemp stock, I slipped it on and pulled the tail down over the waistband of the jeans.

I looked up to see Maxine's reaction to my new outfit; her smile said it all, ...she smiled so broadly that her dimples formed; I had not even realized how pretty her huge smile was!

She acted as if nothing had taken place the night before, ...just as if, it was a normal thing for her to do, ...sleep with a little man trapped inside of her panties...

I still felt like I could smell her incredible scent, it had absorbed into my skin, leaving behind a powerful but tantalizing odor; the sensation reminded me of something but, I couldn't quite remember what it could have been...



Busying herself, with unpacking more of her things, and settling into her newly rented, across-town apartment. Amanda, or 'Amy' Prodowsky, smiled over at her 8-year old daughter.

She watched the little girl mimicking her own actions, ...unpacking her own things from a smaller cardboard box.

"Jazzy, don't get that paint out yet. Take that box into the kitchen first, okay?"

"Alright Momma", the little girl said. Picking up the box, she carried it away, stepping across the living room still wearing her pink pajamas.

Reaching into a much larger cardboard box, Amy withdrew a stack of hardback books. Setting them down on the floor at her feet, she reached back into the box to grab another stack.

Wearing a tight-fitting pair of gray-colored sweat pants and a sleeveless, tan-colored top, her long blonde hair tied back into a loose, slightly tangled, pony-tail. The tall blonde was just finishing up getting everything moved in.

The new apartment was just perfect for her and her little girl; the ground level flat gave her a nice view of the parking lot, which she liked very much because it was only a short distance to get to her car. She was lucky to get such a nice place and to be able to walk out the door and to her car was just a real treat...

The four bedroom was a real bonus, too. She hadn't wanted that many rooms, but when the building manager offered it to her, for the same price as a two bedroom, she couldn't refuse it. The manager said that he liked the idea of her having the ground floor, and being closer to the parking lot, ...he had been a very insightful about the fact that her young daughter would be catching the school bus right out in front.

With everything nearly done, Amy fastened the bookshelf to the wall and started placing the books into it, ...it didn't take her but a few moments to fill it completely up. She stood back up and admired her handy work.

The kitchen had been thoroughly cleaned and all of her appliances had been set up. The bedrooms were all cleaned and set up too. Jazzy picked the bedroom closest to the bathroom, and Amy had the larger of the bedrooms, ..at the end of the hallway, next to a small storage room.

Inside the storage room, is where Jazzy would keep her Hamster Cages. The little girl wanted to have several Hamsters, too! She was completely fascinated with the idea of having her own separated room just for her pets. She wasn't allowed to have any pets when she stayed with her grandmother, and she was more than ready to get some and start taking very good care of her little animals.

The little rodents would definitely have it made with Jazzy as their owner, ...she would feed them the best food and always buy them different types of treats, just to keep them curious, she wanted to frequently change their cage's around and put different climbing toys in and create different hiding spots within the large 'Habitrail' set up.

The plastic tubing that led from one cage to the next would offer the tiny creatures an ample amount of spacious living area, ...it was more that enough room for at least a dozen Hamsters and Jazzy simply couldn't wait to finally get her first one!


The floor needed vacuuming after all the foot traffic from carrying everything in, and Jazzy wanted to use the brand new sweeper. Amy let her use it in the living room and hallway; the worst of the dirt.

The little girl was very tall and skinny, and she wanted very much to be treated like an adult, ...she responded well to intelligent conversation and she was extremely smart as well.

The doorbell ringing was a sound that neither of them was familiar with, ..."Ding-Ding, Ding Ding"

Amy hesitated for a moment before she realized what that 'sound' was? Then, in an instant, she glanced toward her open door and saw Maxine waving at her!

"Come in, come in, ...it's opened!", she called out to her new Boss.

Waving her arms to get Jazzy's attention, she told the girl to shut off the sweeper and put it away, ...she then walked to the door and let Maxine come inside.

"Hi, Maxie!", Amy squealed!

"Hello, Amy, are you all moved into your apartment yet?"

"Yes, yes, we are.", she motioned for her young daughter to come over.

"Maxine, ...this is Jasmine. Jazzy, this is my new Boss, Maxine!"

Maxine bent down slightly to reach out her hand to the young girl.

Jazzy reached out and took Maxine's hand. The two of them gently squeezed their grasp.
Smiling at each other, then quickly releasing their hands. Maxine instantly noticed how tall the eight-year-old girl was, ...she was way taller than most boys are at that age.

"Well, you're a tall little girl aren't you?", Maxine commented.

"I'm eight years old, and five-foot-two inches tall!", Jazzy proudly announced.

"Yeah, she's taller than her third-grade teacher", Amy added, affectionately patting the little girl on top of her head.

"Mr. Pentsky is only five-foot tall and he always gets me to help him put the high stuff away on the tall shelves...", Jazzy excitedly commented.

"Would you like a cup of coffee Maxine? ...Or, something to drink?", Amy asked.

"Sure, maybe a glass of lemon water,...I , or we, ...just had a bit of breakfast before we stopped in. I met your landlord, down at those mailboxes at the end of the street, he told me which apartment that you were in and, 'I can see that you've really lucked out getting this one!"

Amy walked toward the kitchen, motioning for Maxie to follow her, she headed straight for the fridge and opened it to remove a large gallon jug of spring water.

"Yes, we like it, don't we Jazzy?", Amy said. Trying to include her daughter into the conversation, ... looking around, she realized that the little girl had disappeared,

"Jazzy? Jazzy, ...where did you go? ...she must have gone to her bedroom, she really likes it here too, though ", Amy said, turning back to Maxine, and pouring some water into a drinking glass.

"It's just as well, ...I think that you know why I'm here.", Maxine said.

Reaching into her shirt front, and working her fingers down in between her breasts, digging around for a brief moment, before she awkwardly, pulled me out by my ankle and dangled me upside down above her open blouse, ...carefully collecting my flailing limbs within her free hand, she turned me around and held me up high above the table.

"I need you to keep him here for a while Amy. Some of Diana's friends found out about him and I had to get him out of there."

"Sure thing, Maxie. He can stay here as long as you want, ...we'll take very good care of him!", Amy whispered.

Her eyes lighting up with surprise, the tall blonde's mouth fell slightly agape as she locked her focus directly upon my huddled figure.


Slowly lowered down and released upon the wide table top; dumped out in front of the smiling giantess, Amy, ...I awkwardly flopped down on my butt as Maxine's large hands flew away, leaving me alone and on full display directly before this beautiful Blonde.

Her large face looming above me, she smiled like a shark staring down at a minnow! I suddenly felt a cold chill ripple up across my spine, ...something told me that I was in for some very different type of treatment!


Jazzy's Play Room by midnightwriter85

'Dai on' na'

There I was, sitting on this gigantic kitchen table.

Amy seemed to be completely overjoyed; so thrilled to just look down at me. Emotionally, I felt like I had been thrown all the way back to square one, (Like I was going to have to start all over again).

Just one look, at this beautiful Blonde and all of the confidence that I had just recently built up, was completely wiped away!

Reaching down with a giant, green painted fingernail, Amy briefly fulfilled her curiosity by watching my reaction to the closeness of the sharp tip, tapping the hard edge of it down in front of me in a rhythmic drumbeat.

After realizing that I was simply terrified of her emerald green blade, she halted her intimidation and gave me a little more room, ...It didn't last too long, though...

The tall blonde giantess simply flattened her hand out, and purposely, scooted me over a few feet. Gently sliding my butt across the slippery surface, like I was nothing more than a simple kitchen utensil!

"Excuse me, Billy. I need to write something down here, Okay?"

Suddenly dropping a yellow notepad down in front of me, she swiftly started scribbling something down across the top line of the page. The tip of her pen scratching across the yielding paper, the solid metal tip digging into the soft sheet, cutting across the surface like a blunt paring knife.

"let's see, ...we'll need something soft for you to sleep in, and, some type of container for you to use as a toilet."

The giant blonde smiled down at me as if she could read my mind. Her soft, red lips, looked so large and inviting, I actually imagined myself, falling right into her mouth. Her make-up wasn't all completely finished; she looked considerably different from the way that she looked at her reception desk when I first saw her, ...aside from the fact that I was a normal size that the first time.

Her large eyes seemed more relaxed, and not quite so colorful. Her actions were more confident than before, and she seemed to be enjoying the fact, that I was sitting there watching her every move. Looking up at her like a wide-eyed child, fascinated by her, hanging on her every word, completely enthralled by her perplexing beauty.

Her earrings were small golden apples. Tiny, and shiny, like two sparkling jewels affixed to her soft lobes by the sharp spikes, impaled directly through the softest part of her perfectly shaped ears,

"Where did that come from?", she whispered, glancing over my head.

Reaching over me with her right arm, her long, bare arm, smoothly extending far across the table, she simply reached out and plucked something up off of the wide flat surface.

Balling it up within her fingertips she casually flicked it away, with little indifference about exactly what the 'thing' was; so small, and insignificant, it didn't really matter, it must have been a speck of dust or something?

Her eyes returned to the yellow notepad, while her fingers continuing to grind away at the remains of 'whatever it was', that had fallen prey to her expert vision.

I sat motionlessly, one knee pulled up and the other lying flat, propping myself up with both hands behind my back. Looking around in the large kitchen, I could see that most everything in the room was practically brand new. A shiny new Microwave Oven with chrome metal and a matching Toaster Oven right beside it. The fridge was Chrome as well, a double door with a small freezer on the bottom. The large gas Oven looked to be a few years old, but it was sparkling clean, neatly arranged, with all the needed accouterments, lined up perfectly across the wall directly behind it.

The large kitchenette was simply immaculate. The tall blonde had freshly scrubbed the entire room with a mild bleach; I could smell the toxic fumes burning my sensitive sinus. The tightly fitted tee shirt that she had on, revealed that she wore no support for her ample bosom, and the slight indication of her protruding nipples shown through like twin bullets, slightly circling around as she moved; her weighted boobies wobbling, as she adjusted her position within the chair,

"Billy, ...do you need anything?", she turned her face directly toward me.

I felt like a bomb went off inside of my head! I felt a sudden surge of anxiety, and my heart started pounding wildly!

I sat forward and tried to pull myself together, but the sudden panic had come on so suddenly, that I hadn't considered needing to prepare myself for it!

Like a prisoner, about to be executed, I caught my breath and tried to swallow my impending fear, ...the tension building, so much so, ...the air in my lungs felt like hot steam!

Totally unaware of what was about to happen, I was suddenly tossed up off of the table top, several inches, as an abrupt impact from somewhere on the other side, sent a powerful shockwave across the surface!

'WHAM!', a heavy impact hit the table!

"What's THAT, Mommy?"

I bounced back on my butt, and quickly turned around to see this huge girl! The expression on the child's face took on a shocking look of sheer delight!

"Easy there, Jasmine. Don't scare him."

Amy spoke softly, reaching out to block the little girls advancing approach. She knew that she would have to be very careful about allowing her young daughter to be around this vulnerable little person.

"I wanna SEE, I wanna See, ...Let Me, Seeeee!"

"Jazzy, this is, ...Mr. Little. He's going to be staying with us for a few days. He's a nice little man, that has to be 'protected', all of the time. Maxine wants us to help her out, and keep him here with us."

"Can I, Play with him?"

"Yes. But, you'll have to be 'very careful', Jasmine. You could accidently Harm him, without even meaning to, ...he's very delicate, ..you'll have to handle him, very gently..."

"How did he get so LITTLE?"

"I don't know, dear. But, he, ...um, he's really scared, and we need to be 'extra careful' with him, Okay."

"Is his name, really, ...'LITTLE?'

"Yes. I know. He's so small, that his name suits him well. Doesn't it?"

I felt like I wanted to puke. My stomach twisted, and churned as I thought about this new danger that I was forced to deal with, ...the teenagers, had been terrifying, but this was going to be something totally different...

The little girls face grew larger as she slowly moved in closer to me; hovering it, just above the table top, she gradually drifted closer and closer.

"Hello, Little Man", she proudly said.

Reaching out her hand, she flattened out her fingers and placed her palm out right in front of me, ...offering it up, like an organic construction elevator, waiting to take me up into the clouds.

"C'mon, Mr. Little. Let me, take you for a ride!"

I didn't know what to do. Every muscle in my body was trembling so bad, I wondered if either of them noticed, as I tried so hard not to lose my nerve, and throw up right into the palm of her giant hand, ...the thought of sitting directly inside this little girl's palm, sent a pang of intense fear down through my gut!

I didn't want to upset the young giantess, though, ...or, offend her mother, so I slowly got to my feet and started to step over next to her large, waiting, hand.

The sight of her open palm, the long fingers slightly parted, extending far beyond it, her lengthy forearm stretching out for hundreds of feet, elongating into her upper arm, which lead up to her rounded shoulder, ...her face residing just behind it, her chin resting on the smooth, rounded, shoulder.

Her smile glowing like an expected mother waiting for one of her babies to take its first steps, ...I started shaking awkwardly, as I lifted up my barefoot and carefully placed it down upon this living platform of warm soft skin, ...the slight movement of it, reflecting her excitement; she released a soft cooing sound as I stepped into her warm palm and quickly sat down right in the center of it.

"Oh, He doesn't weight anything at all, Mommy!"

She slowly elevated her whole hand, taking me up high above the table and suddenly swinging me around in a wide half circle, ...carrying me out over the floor, far below!
"Can I show him my toys Mom?"

"Alright, but be very careful with him, Jazzy!"

"I will, ...we'll just go, real, real, real, S L O W, Okay?"

"Don't drop him. Let him hang on to one of your fingers, Sweety!"

"C'mon Mister, I'll show you my Hamster Cage's!"

"Jasmine, ...watch where you're going, ...don't Fall Down!"

"I won't!", the little girl's breath wafted across my face.

She was holding me up too closely to her face as she walked so carefully through the kitchen. The living room sped past, as she suddenly started to pick up speed, ...her steps sweeping out across the floor, taking longer and longer strides, she quickly stepped down the hallway and swiftly turned into her bedroom.

Dipping and rising her hands, she effortlessly- 'gestered' - using me, as she carried me up to her Habitrail set-up, ...the sound of her excitement was easily expelled within her whispering voice,

Here, ...SEE. Look, This is MY Hampster's House!", she pointed out!

Lifting me up, and lowering me down in front of it, slowly sweeping me all around; as if to show me every, single detail, as she moved her hand all around the entire set up. From the comfort of her soft palm, I was escorted across the entire length and carried along the whole span of each and every plastic tube, the site of it was most impressive, to say the least; especially, from my perspective...

There were four cages in all, connected together by a network of yellowish-tan-colored, clear type, plastic tubing. Inside one of the large glass cages was an elaborate maze. In the center was an exercise wheel large enough for two animals side by side, the next cage was a feeding area with three large water bottles and a couple of ceramic bowls. The next one had a row of climbing ladders and what appeared to be a couple round sleeping beds, another had a row of boxes lined up with cedar chips covering the floor inside it.

I was held up close to the glass and carefully allowed to see inside,

"See, that is the breeding boxes. That's where the mommies will have their babies inside of, ...and, the daddies won't be allowed in, ...they would eat the babies if they get around them..."

The strong smell of cedar wood chips filled the air. I was swiftly lifted up and carefully released on the screen rooftop of one of the glass cages. Jazzy stepped back and bent forward, sliding her hands down her legs until they came to rest just above her knees.

Bringing her face down level with me, she expectantly waited for my assessment of her elaborate display, ...I looked down through the fine wire screen of the cage cover and hoped that it was strong enough to support my weight.

"Well, do ya like it?", Jazzy asked.

Brushing her hair back from her face, she smiled wider and watched me attempting to get to my feet. The thin screen slightly sank down beneath my weight, as I carefully stood up and started to walk over closer to the edge, where the side would be more stable.

"I could put you inside it, and let you see. Do you want to get inside, Mister Little?"

"No, no, Jazzy. I don't want to go inside the cage."

"Why Not?", her voice raised an octave. "It'll be FUN!"

"No, I don't want to, I don't want to go into the cages."

"Oh, it's alright. They are very clean!"

Suddenly, I was grasped up tightly inside her warm fist, lifted away from the top of the cage, ...carried downward, and turned around to see a small open ended tubing coming up to meet me, ...I was pushed face first through the open end and shoved inside!

Turning around to look back, I saw Jazzys smiling face staring back at me. Her bright eyes sparkling with delight, she quickly sealed up the opening behind me with a rubber stopper!

"Go On, Mr. Little, crawl through the tube and go into the maze!", her voice became strangely distorted from the outside of the plastic tubing.

Speaking much louder, her suggestion's instantly sounded more like a command. Her large figure stood up, overshadowing the entire space inside. Her hands resting on her hips, she took on a domineering pose, giggling softly she shook the side of the cage...

"Hurry up! Mr. Little! Hurry, Hurry, Hurry!"

The vibrant sound of her tremendous voice bounced off as she shook the entire structure!
"Hurry up, You only have a few minutes before the time runs out!", she excitedly announced!

"Time's running OUT!", she repeated.

"Time?" "What the hell was she talking about?", I thought, "...this is ridiculous"

"You better hurry up! Or, the Big Scary Monster will get you!"

Shaking the cage more roughly, Jazzy giggled, as I jerked slightly around the inside of the long tunnel. The wobbling length rocked around as I quickly started crawling through the plastic shaft.

I told her to stop, but she couldn't hear my contained voice. Her large face moved around outside, as her distorted image completely filled the sky above!

"Hurry up, Mister!", she threatened.

Still shaking the long tunnel, her fingers gripped up around the sides and she casually interrupted my awkward crawling, ...occasionally, giving it a more violent quaking by harshly rocking my enclosed tunnel!

"It's gonna GIT YOU!", she roared! "Arrrrrrh!"

"STOP IT!", I screamed!

"Arrrrrrh, Arrrrh"

"Jazzy don't do that!", I yelled through the enclosure of the plastic tunnel!

"Hurry Mr. Little. It's coming, ...the great big Monster is coming to get YOU!"

I watched with complete confusion as this little girl entertained herself at my expense, using her gigantic size to her favor, ...she simply delighted herself by teasing me.

The tunnel quaked as I tried my best to make it all of the way through, ...the connecting sections had a ridge where the two parts fit together, and I passed through three of them before I finally reached the other end.

The maze was just like I had expected it to be, ...only, with this gigantic little girl prodding me along, I had to hurry through the twisting turning halls and the narrow passageway in the tunnel was much safer... as she couldn't poke me with her finger, as she continued to do, nearly knocking me down!

"Hurry Mr. Little, I'm gonna Git YOU!"

'Hide and Seek' by midnightwriter85

'Dai on' na'

  I cringed at the thought of actually becoming Jasmine's new plaything, and this new predicament, presented a whole new aspect of danger, ...where in the hell was Amy!

Ducking and weaving through the tight space that made up this over-sized maze, I cowered away from this gigantic youngster. I barely slipped by her maliciously haunting fingertip. I fell down, crawling as quickly as I could to avoid her repeated attempts to capture me. Her giant size; completely terrifying.

Her long straight hair pulled back into a loose ponytail, her neck seemed to stretch out from the opening of her red sweater. Her mouth tinged with blood red stains, the 'Kool-Aid' mustache formed around the outside lines of her puffy lips; her adolescent teeth looked too large for her mouth.

The sight of a missing top tooth, in front, gave her that wild child look, and the spittle leaking out over her bottom lip appeared like sticky red glue.

Running wildly through the narrow halls of this intricately designed chamber, I struggled to stay, just, ...out of her reach...


Her fingertips brushed down over my back, slightly knocking me forward, I stumbled and lunged to catch myself, ...turning a sharp corner, I quickly dashed to the other end of the short, boxed-in space.

Her laughter bellowed out across the sky, an eruption of high-pitched, mind-numbingly shrill, girlish laughter! Exploding inside my head, the blasting sound of her paralyzing voice nearly caused me to collapse in sheer agony!

"I'm gonna 'get' you"

She seemed to be fascinated by the fact that she could frighten me, so easily. I had suddenly just become the most fascinating 'new toy' that this little girl had ever had.
I didn't understand how Amy could have been so neglectful, ...didn't she realize how dangerous this was for me...

  "Why did she just let her little girl take me away with her?"


  "Arrrrh, Arrrrrrrrh!"

The short sections of these connected hallways, forming together into this elaborate maze, giving me nowhere to go but around in circles! The only thing that I could do, was just keep running around until I finally found the opening at the other end.

Looming above me, her threatening size, taking on the 'Monster' - that she was pretending to be- I jumped out of the way of her pinching fingers and lunged sideways, avoiding her repeated attempts!

"Arrrrh, ARRRRRH!"

Ducking down, and quickly slipping past the tip of an over-sized pencil eraser, I felt the wind off of her breath, as she laughed and giggled at my futile attempts to get away from her!

Giggling maniacally, Jasmine tried her best to poke me directly in the center of my back. Using the rubber end of a giant pencil, she relentlessly poked it at me as if she were trying to kill a tiny bug! I swiftly swept past her fingertips as she hastily attempted to snatch me up!

"I'm Gonna Get You, Little Man!"

Over and over again, I scrambled through the short sections of connected halls, all the while, vainly attempting to avoid the giant-sized little girl! Swiftly taking a right turn, and running to the other end, then turning left and sprinting across another short section.

With the open roof top allowing her to look down directly upon me, I ran wildly, scampering beneath her predatory gaze, ...she playfully enjoyed this new, 'fascinating' little game!

"I'm Gonna Squish You"

The sound of her voice echoed within the narrow hallways, "Arrrrh, ARRRRH!"

I ran across another short section, and I was beginning to see that this wasn't going to get me anywhere; I realized that I couldn't keep this up any longer. I decided to just stop, and give up, ...she could have easily caught me, ...but, she waited for me to catch my breath...

    "Isn't this FUN!", she excitedly spoke down from directly above me.

Her hot breath puffing down onto the top of my head. The smell of hot cherry 'kool-aid' filled the air in the narrow space around me,

    "No, this isn't any fun, ..for ME! Please, Jasmine, ...I don't like this game.", I said, as I desperately tried to catch my breath.

    "Okay, ...let's play another game, ....how 'bout, ...'Hide and Seek'?"

I quickly decided that 'Hide and Seek', sounded like the perfect game, ...I wanted to get away from her, and this would allow me to do exactly That!

    "Alright, that sounds like a lot more fun. Let's play 'Hide and Seek'."


      -It was like flipping a switch, her expression instantly changed- (Switching to a 'new game', meant that Jasmine became this totally different person. She was very comical in nature, and I almost laughed as she 'instantly' became so different).

She swiftly bent down and reached out to pick me up. Without warning, I was suddenly snatched up inside her powerful fingers and lifted up out of the Hamster cage.

The tight grip of her hot little hand nearly rendered me unconscious, but I sucked in a deep breath, the very moment that she quickly released me, ...down on the floor directly between her bare feet.

Setting me down beneath her enormous, bare feet, the size of them, like two flesh colored mini-vans, threatening to spring up into the air and come crashing down upon me, or anything else that she wanted to smash, ( anything, that was within the entire area around for at least thirty feet!) in the time that it would take for her to pick up her foot!

Looking up at her, her towering figure appeared like an enormous Titan-ess, her tall, long legs, so gigantic in size, that they were easily long enough to cover two football fields!

  "Okey Dokey, ...I'll go hide, and you start counting, ....count to fifteen, and then see if you can find me!", Jasmine ordered.

Steep towering pillars suddenly swept past me, as the gigantic little girl stepped by, ...I held my breath until she disappeared out the doorway...

She didn't say anything about any limits, or where she would be, ...so, I started counting and walking across the huge room. The soft carpeting was a plush and low pile; it was like walking across a freshly cut lawn.

The distance to the door was about a half mile away and I took my time getting there, ...trying to settle myself down and looking around for someplace to hide.

As Jasmine's giant footfalls bounded away, I could feel the vibration of another much larger set, coming toward the doorway, the heavy impact was more spaced out, and further apart.

  "Jasmine, ...slow down. No Running inside the house, Sweetie!", Amy's voice sounded like she was using a bullhorn!

  "Where's Mr. Little?", she yelled.

  "We're playing a game of 'hide-n-seek', he's in the spare room, counting, ...and, I'm going to 'Hide' from him!"

Amy took a few more steps, and she was suddenly standing directly before me, ...looming high, her amazing figure suddenly filling my entire view!

  "Billy, ...where are you, ...are you okay?"

I ran toward her huge bare feet. Green painted toenails highlighting her beautiful feet, the toes moved independently, slowly wiggling, as she stopped and paused to look all around on the floor, ...searching me out, with those large blue eyes...

  "There, ...you ARE!", she excitedly announced! "Are you having fun, playing with Jazzy?"

I wanted to scream at her! I wanted to tell her to 'Go to hell'! I wanted to, ...I wanted to...

        "Please, Amy, ...just get me outta here!"

  The super-tight, gray sweatpants that form-fitted to her incredible body, left nearly nothing to the imagination, ...as she slowly squatted down, to lower herself closer to my tiny sized level.

  The bend of her knees pulled up the fabric even tighter around her hips, and the sight of her tremendous thighs spreading open in front of me, nearly took my breath away, ...I instantly noticed the straight seam directly between her legs, the large, puffy, camel-toe, on full display, ...I stopped and gazed up between her widening thighs like a tiny little bug, suddenly caught in the web of an enormous spider!

  "Aw, ...Look at you, aren't you just the cutest little thing!", she affectionately said.

Tilting her head to the side, she smiled like an adoring mother, peering down at me with the most beautiful set of perfect white teeth.

Placing her hands down onto the floor, she lowered her right hip down and gently sat down on one cheek, ...bending one leg up beneath her, she tucked her foot underneath her ass and propped herself up on one hand, ...slowly lowering herself on down, she came to rest on her elbow, ...her long blonde hair, just about to touch the floor, it swept around in a slow sweeping flow as she slightly flipped it around to the side.

I ran to her hip and stopped just beneath her looming breasts. Her billboard sized face smiling down at me, ...I dropped to my knees and clasped my hands together, ...looking up at her like I was kneeling before a supreme Goddess, I yelled out as loud as I could,

  "Amy, Get me away from her!"

  "What? What are you talking about? Did she DO something to you?"

  "No, ...Yes, ...I Mean, well, She was trying to KILL ME!", I screamed!

"Jazzy?, ...tried to KILL you? Mr. Little, ...I don't 'Think', that, Jazzy tried to KILL you, did she? C'mon now, ...I know my little girl and I don't think that she would do a thing like that!"

    "Amy, please, ...just get me away from her!", pleading with her, tears streaming down my face.


  I suddenly felt like I was back in grade school, begging my mother to stop beating me for looking out the window at the neighbor's teenage daughter, ...she was sunbathing outside in the back yard.

My mother caught me, and grabbed me up by the hair of my head and dragged me into the kitchen and started beating me with a leather strap.
I had to promise her that I would never ever, look at that girl again, ...especially, when she was out there wearing nearly nothing at all!

My ass stung for nearly two weeks until the welts finally started to heal up, ...and then, she would find something else to punish me for, ...there was always 'something' that she could find that didn't fall into her strict set of rules!


  "Alright, Billy", she whispered. C'mon, I'll take you back out to the kitchen with me, (raising her voice, slightly,) - And, you can help me decide what we're going to have for dinner, tonight?"

  "Oh Amy, thank you-ou, AMY!", I blubbered. "Thank You, Thank You, ...just get me away from her..."

Lowering her hand down, palm up, she waited for me to climb into the center and sit down. The cooler surface compared to the little girl's hand's, was much more comfortable. The swiftness of her motions wasn't as smooth as expected, though, taking me straight up and holding me out and away from her body, ...slightly whipping me around as she got to her feet.

Grabbing onto her index finger, I admired the shiny shell of her thumbnail; curled inward, her large thumb hovered next to me, ...higher than my head.

The quick trip back to the kitchen seemed so strange; I closed my eyes tightly and tried to hang on to her finger. She sat down at the table and lowered me down in front of her.

The table top suddenly appeared beneath me, ...I slowly looked around the wide, flat surface, regaining my bearings, I carefully crawled out of her hand and stood up.

Her hand flew away, disappearing beneath the table. She leaned forward, lowering her face down closer to me, her shadow swallowing me up, covering an area as large as a single car garage,

  "Should we tell Jazzy, that you're not playing the game any longer?", she whispered.

Her smirking face, looking down at me expectantly. I tried to regain my composure, but I was still pretty shaken up, ...this situation could get out of hand, and I didn't really know how to deal with this. I felt so pathetic...

  "I guess so, ...she'll probably get 'mad' at me, though. Please Amy, ...just keep her away from me, Okay!"

I just couldn't handle the idea of that 'giant' youngster. She didn't intentionally do anything out of the ordinary, but, taking me up inside her hands and squeezing me so tightly, she could have easily killed me!

  "Jazzy, would you come in here for a minute, sweetie!", Amy yelled out across the table top!

I covered my ears with both hands, as her voice nearly blasted me off of the table! She straightened up, leaning back into her chair, ...the tall blonde suddenly appeared like one of those female judges on some daytime T.V. show. Only much larger, and a whole lot prettier...

  In contrast, I felt like one of the contestants on, 'Let's Make A Deal', only I didn't see any way to 'win' at this game.

Jazzy ran into the kitchen, curiously looking around to see if I was there, the moment that she laid eyes on me, her face drooped, she suddenly looked as though she'd been betrayed,

"What is it, Mom?"

"Mr. Little doesn't feel good. He doesn't want to play any games right now", Amy told the little monster.

"Okay, Mommy. We can 'Play' later when you're feeling better Mister Little."

  The look on her face really made me feel bad. I felt like such a wimp, ...I mean, why couldn't I have just put up with it for a while longer and maybe it wouldn't have been so bad.

Now, I just felt like I had lost any chance of becoming Jazzy's friend, but the security of being closer to Amy easily outweighed any guilt that I had, ...I just didn't think that the little girl was mature enough to realize just how careful she needed to be!

    "You can both help me fix dinner, Alright!", Amy tried to lighten the mood, and change the situation to a better one. "Let's make some Pancakes!"

'Breakfast at Amy's' by midnightwriter85

'Dai on' na'

  Suddenly, I looked up at this gigantic female figure. Appearing like some 'strange' aberration; her large shadow pouring out all around me, ...pooling out in a huge wide space.

Trembling at the mere sight of her, ...seeming to just 'materialize', directly in front of me. Her huge head tilted down, bringing her face closer and looking down directly at me!

Pinching her long index finger up against her fat thumb-pad, holding her large but frail hand up before my frightened face, ...I slumped forward, and fell backward - cowering down before her huge, squatting figure!

Looking down at me with a glimmer in her peaked dark eyes, the old woman spoke in her native, Japanese language,

    "Ritoru OTO Kon ko", the old woman said. (Little Boy.)

Her shriveled fingers pulled away a single strand of frazzled thread. Gently pulling it through an open slit at the edge of my pants leg, she glanced away to look out across the wide open space surrounding us, ...a large metal bird cage sat with the door open next to a small round table.

    "Watashi Hoshi desu Kipu Chisai Otoko". (I want to Keep you, small Man. )

Her gray-colored teeth, looked like they were made of wood, but her shiny black hair was full and lustrous. Her loose fitting camisole draped over her slumping shoulders like a huge, over-sized tarpaulin. She spoke to me 'resentfully', snorting and smirking as she meticulously used her frail, aging hands, to slowly strip all of my clothes away.

Pulling much harder on an unraveling thread, she continued until she had completely stripped me naked!

Suddenly, glaring at me with terrible anger in her darkening eyes, her voice seemed to roar across the sky like a quaking thunder-clap,

    "Watashi Hoshi desu to Kipu Ritoru Otoko!" (I Want to keep you, Little Man!)

  "What do you Want?" I screamed!

Instantly noticing that her voice sounded so strange. It sounded like some kind of otherworldly earthquake. I couldn't understand what she was saying, the whole earth quaked beneath her tremendous weight!

All of a sudden, I felt like I had been drained, my mind drifting into a strange dream state, and into a blurry, confused, reality," ...was this some kind of weird premonition?"

She suddenly stood up. Rising up from her squatted position on the floor, growing larger and larger right before my very eyes! Or, ...was I getting smaller? I was, ...I was, slowly becoming smaller, and smaller!

Her giant hulking movements were like that of a monstrous beast. Only, she appeared to be extremely weak, so thin and frail. Turning to face me, with a sudden look of vengeful spite in her boring eyes, ...her large hand opened up as she drew her arm back and lifted it up high above her head. She looked as if she were about to slap it down on top of me!

    I quickly jumped away!


I jumped out of the way, just as her open palm slapped down hard against the flat surface! Her face grew larger as she bent down from above, her grimacing expression a terrifying image; her blasting voice reverberated like a strange rolling thunder!

    "Watashi Kipu Ritoru Otoko!", she roared! (I will KEEP you LITTLE, Man!)

I screamed and started running away! The solid, polished cement floor, beneath my bare feet, spread out before me like a never-ending plain of barren dessert, ...I could hear her heavy footfalls bounding behind, ...I sprinted as fast as I could!

Her thundering voice filling the sky overhead,

    "Watashi Tsu Kuri masu SHURINKU Chisora!" (I will make you SHRINK smaller!)



Amy's whispering voice sounded so far away, ..."Billy?", gradually, it began pulling me away from this terrible dreamscape....

   "Billy? Wake up little fella, ...you must be dreaming...", her soothing voice drawing me back to reality...

   "Are you awake little guy?", she gently touched my cheek with just the tip of her index finger.

A strong smokey odor of burnt pancake batter lingered in the air. I jerked my head up, and sat up straight, glancing around the huge table, I tried to gather myself, "What happened?"

  "You must have fallen asleep Billy. Don't worry, it was just a weird dream." Amy said.

  "You must be VERY tired, ...why don't you have something to eat, and I'll let you take a nap with me, Okay?"

Jazzy's voice interrupts from the other side of the table, "Yeh, bad dreams keep me awake sometimes, too".

I must have been screaming pretty loudly, for the two of them to notice. Looking around, I watched as the young girl scooted a small saucer across the table. Sliding the whole plate toward me with little effort, Jasmine smiled as she watched me, ...I looked over at the large stack of fluffy, six-inch thick pancakes.

The young girl seemed to be generally concerned about me. As if she herself, might have been suffering from some bad dreams, too. She didn't act like she was 'pretending' any longer, just very concerned about my dire condition, ...I still felt that I couldn't completely trust her, only with her mother right next to her, did I feel safe.

Four layers high, the cakes just barely fit onto the small saucer. An ample amount of sticky syrup drained down from the edges, ...the stack of pancakes had a large, single strawberry sitting on top.

Jazzy giggled at my reaction to the huge plate, she sat back down and picked up a fork. Settling in behind her own plate, she started chopping away at one of the pancakes, ...I looked back over at Amy and realized that I must have been asleep for quite some time.

    "Go On, EAT!", Amy said. Smiling at me, with puffy cheeks as she chewed on a mouthful.

I watched her eating. Chewing, and swallowing; for a brief moment, my stomach started to grumble. I almost forgot where I was sitting, ...for a moment, it felt like I was normal size again.

  Just sitting there at the table with them...

    ...her hair had been tied back, and she had changed out of her shirt and pants into a thin looking summer Sun Dress. The bright color instantly took my eye, she looked like she had been working for a while, a light bit of sparkling moisture glistening on her brow, and her cheeks rosy red.

  Jasmine had changed her clothes as well. She kept on smiling at me, affectionately from across the huge table; her purple top had a picture of a white Unicorn on the front. She had her hair all combed down and smoothly parted over her shoulders, ...she looked very pretty, the two of them together looked like a 'Before and After' picture, on one of those age progression charts.

  Jazzy took another bite, then reached out for a glass of milk. Her puffy cheeks pumping as she chewed, she slurped some milk from the small clear glass, and when she pulled it away, her top lip was coated with a foamy white coating. She smiled and swallowed, leaning forward she placed the glass back down and started cutting away at another random pancake.

  I almost chuckled, as I watched her casually enjoying her food; I couldn't get over how much bigger they were than me, ...it just seemed so strange to watch this little girl stuffing such a large amount into her mouth. Just a single bite, for her, was enough for me to eat in an entire meal!

  I stood up and walked closer to my huge plate. I didn't see any other way to do it, so I simply reached out and tore off a small piece from the edge of the top pancake, ...it ripped roughly away, but easily enough; I couldn't imagine what I looked like from their perspective.

I had to be a strange looking sight... I couldn't handle a normal sized fork, and neither one of them had offered me one...

The sweet syrup tasted so good, the large air bubbles inside of the fluffy cake made it at bit difficult to eat. I had to smash it up with my hands first; packing it together between my palms to squeeze all of the cake together. I managed to eat several large pieces and drank some milk from a spoon that Amy placed down next to me.

I nearly ate a whole single pancake, and I couldn't eat another bite. The spoonful of milk was nearly gone when I finished and Amy simply picked it up and stuck it inside her mouth, holding it there as she cleaned up the table.

Jazzy helped her mother, she carried their dishes to the sink and rinsed them off. Afterward, she filled the sink with hot water and added some soap to it, ...Amy took over and sent Jazzy to get her bath, ...I was left there, sitting cross-legged on the table, watching the tall blonde swaying as she casually did the dishes.

Her dress had small white flowers on the print, and the thin material was nearly see-through, as she stepped into the sunlight from the kitchen window. I watched her like a dog, trying to undress her with my eyes, ...she was just so beautiful. Her long legs and perfectly shaped ass held my full attention. I couldn't seem to pry my eyes away, no matter how much I tried!

With her back to me, and not paying any attention, ...I stared at her amazing figure like a starving man, looking into the window at an Amish Bakery on Pie Day!

God, she is just so, damn gorgeous! I imagined myself climbing up the tail of her short dress, ...I imagined myself trying to hang on to it, as she stood there washing the dishes.

I imagined sliding down those long legs like a fire pole! I imagined, taking a Nap with her!
Suddenly, it just occurred to me, did she say that 'we' could take a 'Nap' together!

Just then, she turned around and stepped back over to the table. She released a long slow breath, as she slid back into her chair. I stood there looking up at her like an idiot, ...my God, she was so pretty, ...so very pretty!

Resting one elbow down on the edge, she used her other hand to wipe a towel over the table top. Sweeping some crumbs away, she swiftly swept the towel all around me, leaving me standing there in a small area. The damp towel had quickly moistened the entire area all around me, ...she smiled and moved her face in closer,

    "Look at you, Billy. You're going to have to get a bath too!"

I looked down at my hands and realized that I had sticky syrup all over my arms. I wondered if Amy was going to help me, or if she was going to put me in the kitchen sink.

'Breakfast at Amy's -con't' by midnightwriter85

'Dai on' na'

  Towering over the wide open expanse, of the huge, dark wood table, the giant Blonde Beauty smiled down at me. She appeared as if she were fifty-feet tall; while leaning down over me with both her hands pressing down on each side of me. I stood mesmerized at the sheer sight of her gigantic figure. Looking up, watching as Amy slowly filled the sky above.

Allowing her hair to softly slide over her shoulders and dangle down around me like an overflowing blonde curtain of golden streaming waves.

  "C'mon, 'Little-man'. Let's get you cleaned up. Then we'll take a nice refreshing nap together."

Amy's whispering voice taking precedence over my entire world. Her glorious smile revealing a perfect set of glimmering, white teeth, that were easily large enough to chew me up and grind me into a mushy pulp...

I trembled at the sight of her sheer size, alone; the towering figure of this, beautiful, young mother, did something to me that I just didn't quite understand...

Her large, well-developed breasts, filling out the flowery dress front and barely allowing the slightest bit of transparency; her black satin bra showing through, outlining its magnificent payload, ...I could only imagine what her stupendous mammaries would be like, unrestrained by that lacy black Victoria's Secret Bra.

Purposely, shimmying her shoulders, the beautiful blonde giant giggled at my reaction. Causing her tremendous boobies to wobble around - jiggling just enough to take my full attention, ...her blushing complexion, reflecting her contained excitement.

I felt my knees getting weaker, looking up at her with my racing heart pounding so hard that I could feel it in the soles of my bare feet!

Giggling and lowering herself down closer, Amy's giant upper body seemed to fill up the entire room,

  "What do you think, Billy?", mischievously whispering, while slowly rolling her shoulders. "Sound Good?"

Her dimpled cheeks, highlighting her large, resplendent mouth, ...her big blue eyes sparkling like an extravagant set of matching crown jewels.

Amy chuckled. While making kissy-faces and puckering her lips. Blowing her hot, sweet breath, across my confused looking face - she laughed, as I staggered around between her large hands.

Her enormous figure, casting a wide spreading shadow across the smooth, flat surface - nearly covering half the open plain of wide open space. The long blonde strands of hair sweeping around in slow motion... flowing like brilliant spun gold.

Boastfully taunting me with her overwhelming size. Delighting herself, in the fact that she could so easily take my breath away, ...like a boiling hot blast furnace expelling wave, after wave, of hot steamy breathe. Her large, heart-shaped mouth, opening halfway; her face, completely filling my view - her partly open, relaxed mouth, directly in front of me...

  "This could be 'Fun', Billy.", she said. Whispering softly, "Here, ...Let me 'Help' you.", her huge fingers maneuvering around me. She giggled, "I'm sure you'll be easy enough to bathe."

Warm, sultry air, swirling all around her nose and mouth, I began to feel like I was trapped inside of a steamy, sweet, fog.

A sweet, syrup flavored cloud wafted all around me. Taking hold of the back of my shirt collar, directly between my shoulders, her finger and thumb pinched up the material.

Yanking straight upward and taking me off my feet, she playfully continued pulling until my shirt awkwardly slipped off over my head!

Casually releasing the tiny article of clothing, (giggling)-like a little girl) as if it were nothing at all; discarding it as if it would no longer be needed - it silently dropped from her fingers and drifted slowly back down onto the table-top next to a four-foot tall pitcher of Maple Syrup.

I backed away, as my bare feet once again came in contact with the wide open surface of the huge table top; stumbling sideways, as her large, powerful fingers, dropped the shirt and instantly returned to surround my waist, ...hastily attempting to unfasten my pants!

My bare arms were sticky and smeared with the thick syrup, and after Amy had noticed it, she simply decided that it was her duty to get me clean...

Her large, green-painted fingernails, clamping up around my hips, -firmly- holding on to me. With two fingers and her thumb, her other hand moved in from the front of me and started to try and undo my waistband. She had instantly stripped my shirt off and was now, getting ready to rip off my pants!

  "Wait, Amy? What are you doing?", I screamed at her large delighted face!

   "Hey, ...wait-a-minute, Amy. I can take off my 'own' pants!"

  "Well, then, take them off , ...and I'll wash 'em for ya, too."

  "Okay, okay, ...just give me a sec. alright!"

I didn't really like where she was going with this. Amy seemed to be just a little bit, too aggressive. And, I wasn't completely prepared for what she was trying to perform; she just acted like she was handling some type of child's toy, or a tiny doll.

However, she did seem to be enjoying herself; watching me getting undressed. I pulled off my pants and dropped them into her waiting hand. Her eyes glittering like a fading fluorescent light, she appeared to become extremely fascinated with the fact that she had such control over me, a grown man. A tiny, miniature sized, fully grown man.

Without looking away from me, she casually picked up the shirt, together with my pants, and tightly squeezed them up within her powerful fist. After a few moments of squashing them tightly together, ...she simply tossed them toward the kitchen sink; the tiny set of clothing flew perfectly into the dishwater and splashed almost silently with a slight plop.

Treating me like a child, she couldn't seem to resist making me blush; she cooed and awed at my miniature size... my soft dangler started to firm up as her heated breath swirled across it.

I tried to avoid becoming sexually excited, but this entire situation was definitely arousing me; the thought of her large fingers giving me a bath was all I could think of, and within just a few moments of standing there before this gigantic blonde, my pole drew her complete attention.

  "Aw, ...did I do 'That?', she smiled wider. Uplifting a single brow and winking like the cat that swallowed the canary.

Smiling with her eyes, she slowly moved her hand closer, extending a single pinkie finger, ...just the sharp tip, of her large, green-painted nail, her smallest fingertip slid between my legs and gently cupped my balls.

She whispered softly, "So tiny. But, so - very Nice!" , hot steamy breath swirling around my waist.

  "M'm, very nice Indeed", her mouth so close.

Her other hand reached up, unfastening the top two buttons on her colorful dress. Her sparkling eyes never leaving the object of her obsession, I watched her large fingers working from memory; expertly unbuttoning her dress. Opening the front, allowing a much better view of her smooth, bare chest. The warm inviting space between her ample breasts looked to be so warm and soft.

  "Billy? Are you 'turned-on' right now?", she lowered her face down even closer.

I felt her blunt fingernail pressing against my tingling balls. The solid shell separating my thighs. The sharp edges forcing me to bend my knees and squat down slightly.

Her huge face drifting closer, her large mouth falling open, ...allowing a slow heated breath to flow out all around me. The steamy air nearly suffocating me with a heavy wave of invisible gas swirling over my naked body, I started to feel dizzy.

Amy snickered a high-pitched girlish giggle. Her sharp voice shattering my ears. I clutched my hands to the sides of my head as she brought her huge mouth down directly in front of me.

I couldn't move, as her large fingernail held my balls firmly trapped, ...the solid cupped shape of her smallest finger easily kept me standing before her like a little mouse caught in the paws of a playful kitten...

  "Amy please, be 'Careful' you could really hurt ME!"

  "Oh, I Know, ....I've got you right where I want you, ...haven't I?"

  "Amy, ...please, let Me go. You're scaring Me!"

   "Aw, ....there's nothing to be afraid of, ...Little guy. I just want to look at you. You really are a very good looking, little man, ...did you 'Know' that, Billy?'

I felt my aching balls, squashed up more firmly. Her large fingernail nearly as big as a regular sized garden spade. I tried to get up onto my tip-toes, ...while still maintaining a squatting position.

Amy's beautiful eyes sparkling like pristine diamonds; curiously watching me - as I squatted, attempting to straddle her fingertip.

Her smiling mouth moving closer and closer, purring and cooing - watching me struggling before her - she seemed to be delighted to keep me standing there, trapped and helpless, teetering on just the tip of her fingernail.

Her snake-like tongue slithering around within the narrow space between her teeth. Slipping out from the inside of her soft lips, the pinkish tongue, silently swept over her teeth and extended outward. Slightly opening her mouth allowing it to lick my face.

In one quick swipe, slurping all the way up to my chest!

  "Hey", I caught my breath, and threw my hands up to protect myself!

  "Hey, watch what you're doing, Amy!",

 ...yelling up at her, while quickly wiping away at the dripping slather of her sticky sweet saliva.

  "Oop's, ...Sorry Billy. ...I couldn't resist."

  "Look what you Did, ...ya got your 'spit' all over My face!"

 Her smile, spreading wider. Her nose flaring, she chuckled and sucked in a sudden vacuum of quick breathe; (Snorting) - the suction creating a much cooler wave of swirling air currents to flow around my bare feet.

Amy attended to my trembling balls. A firm squeeze from her firmly planted fingertip. I stiffened up and looked at her with complete confusion, ...what was she going to do to me?

  "Oh my God! You're just so, ...Cute!"

  "Please, let me go."

  "Aw, ...so helpless."

  "Please, Amy! Just Let Me Go!"

  "Oh, No. I think, I 'REALLY' really, like this, Billy. You're just so, ...so, Adorable!"

Swallowing hard, her over-flowing salivating juices pooling inside her wet mouth; with a wet squishing sound, her throat flexing as she swallowed.

   {*Squa - swish*}

  "M'm, ...good" , she swallowed once more, even louder.

    {*SQUA -Swish*}

  "Oh, Billy! Please, ...I think that I need to, just, take another little, tiny, taste."

Her slippery tongue slipped out and pressed firmly into my belly. The heated muscle flexing and contorting in a strange motion, ...it seemed to have a mind of its own - taunting me, swelling up and narrowing down, ...like it was flexing; showing me how 'strong' it could be...

Suddenly, the knobby tip turned up at the very edge, ...slurping up across my chest, stopping at my neck. Working sideways, it coated my skin with a thin layer of sticky fluid. Then, in a slow ticklish motion, she wriggled the squirming appendage over my entire front!

Her hot, wet tongue, moving so slowly across my chest, working its way downward. My cock surged, as it felt her large, wet lips, completely engulf the entire thing! For a moment, I thought that she was about to swallow me alive!

Her large fingers wrapping around my backside, forcefully pressing me into her, ...struggling to breathe, I started fighting for air and pressing my hands into her huge upper lip, my head right below her nose!

Puffing her heated breath as she giggled at my struggling escape attempt, ...her closeness so complete, so large! Her opening mouth releasing a hot breath of steamy heat.

Nearly sucking me inside, her soft lips closing around my waist - wildly fighting against her attacking tongue, pressing as hard as I could into her gigantic lips, I felt her massive tongue wrapping around me, slathering me with its slippery juices...

  Wollowing me into her hot, wet mouth, "Yumm, ...yummy, yummy..."

I couldn't do anything to resist her! She was devouring me alive, and there was absolutely nothing that I could do to stop her!

Gripping up my waist with two fingers and a thumb, she picked me up. Holding me like a naked Candy Bar, ...she slathered me from head to toe, taking very little precedence in the fact that I was completely humiliated and quite terrified by her extreme actions!

  "Amy! Please, Stop this, ...I can't Breath!", attempting to escape her, I started kicking and screaming.

Her supercilious affections continued without hesitation. My resistance only seemed to spur her on, ...she became more, and more, ravenous, as I struggled around within her gigantic fingertips!

  "Ar Rummm, yum yum, ....M'm, so tasty -N- Sweet!", she gobbled my legs up and shoved me inside!

  "No, no Amy! Please don't EAT ME!"

  "Oh, oh, oh, ....Ha ha ha ha!", she slathered my entire waist!

Laughing and giggling with me inside her mouth, she shoved her tongue between my thighs and twirled it around. My whole body inside her mouth, all the way up to my chest, I felt the extreme heat of her enormous being!

Her fingers easily holding me trapped inside, she giggled as she played with me. Keeping me contained inside her wet lips, she toyed with me like a playful little girl, ...I started to get weaker and could no longer resist her overpowering actions and she closed her lips around my midsection and started sucking...

I felt my feet on the back of her tongue. I could feel the slick roof of her mouth, closing down over me, ...I could feel her throat flexing, and compressing around. Her stomach gasses engulfing me...


Breakfast at Amy's - Pt. 3 by midnightwriter85

'Dai on' na'

"Suh-a Swee-Ta T-weet, ...Mm -hum!", Amy tried to talk, mumbling her words.

Holding me firmly inside her steaming hot mouth; Amy's tremendous voice rattling my brain, ...her heated breath gushing around my naked, saliva soaked skin. Speaking with garbled, distorted words, while her tongue kept dancing around my tiny naked body.

My bare butt, bouncing on her powerful tongue's muscular middle. My entire existence, depending on the capricious nature of this giant female's tongue. And, Amy's playful attitude had me second guessing everything that I had originally thought about her...

Casually holding me inside her mouth, my miniature-sized body trapped between her hard, solid teeth, ... she relentlessly continued attempting to speak,

"Aw ya weddy fo yo Baff wittle one?", her words mutated around my naked figure.

Spittle spraying across my face, I gripped my hands onto her top front teeth and held on tightly, ...my head hanging out of her mouth, resting on her bottom lip. Looking straight up into two almond shaped nostrils, ...her hot slippery tongue wriggling beneath me; I felt like a human lollipop, ...slowly melting inside her hot humid maul. ...if she bit down and closed her teeth together, I would be instantly decapitated...

The thought of dying inside this beautiful blondes slathering mouth somehow gave me a strange arousal, ...I began to think that maybe, this was my destiny...

Closing her lips around my neck and puckering up, the powerful draw of suction created within her hot mouth made my skin feel like a wrinkled up piece of dried fruit - the sensation was unexplainable, ...a heavy deep pull all around my body; my blood surging and my heart racing, ...I felt like my legs were going to explode!

The powerful vacuum drawing all around me, ...Amy sucked harder, and I felt my skin stretching and contracting inside her heated concealing entrapment. Just my head free of the oven-like heat; I wondered if she could actually devour me, Alive!

Slipping my bare feet up along the inside of her large molars, bracing myself; I felt the sharp edges scrape against my soles. The sound of her voice vibrating throughout my entire body!

"I donna teep yew in here all day, itty bitty wittle mon, ....so T-asty, Mmm yummy!"

The tight, heated pocket surrounding, so humid and wet, I could barely keep from sliding down her slippery throat!

Her hot breath, gushing past me with a swift slurping gush, the sweltering turbulence of just her simple breathing, was something that I would have never expected to be so powerful!

Her soft tongue completely covering my bare back, lying across it entirely, ...the flexing soft bed, constantly in motion, I could only set my feet against the slippery plate of the cupped top and pray that Amy didn't accidently swallow me!

The soft innermost area along her cheeks felt so strange. I run my fingertips over the soft lining and could only imagine what the inner lining of her devouring stomach would be like, ...I did NOT want to find out, ...and, I could no longer maintain myself. ...I started kicking and screaming!

"Let Me Outta Here!", I screamed!

Flipping her tongue, twirling me around. Her large, sharp teeth, clamping down over my chest and shoulders, ...gently closing together, playfully teasing me as if she were about to chew me up and spit me out!

"eww Taste sooo Doood!", she roared with a vibrant sound!

Just my head allowed to remain free of her humid mouth, she stood up from her kitchen table and walked over to the sink counter.

I watched the huge room spin around, as this dominant beauty held me within her conforming jaws. Toying with me, like a Hawk, would, with a freshly caught Trout- holding it inside its sharp talons, ...I was just about to scream out, once again, when Amy suddenly opened her mouth and allowed my naked figure to drop out into her open palms.

"Wasn't that exciting? I'll bet you've never had a 'french kiss' like THAT!", Amy spoke down to me with a brightly blushing complexion.

Her cheeks were glowing and her eyes looked like that had doubled in size! It was like she had just discovered something about herself that she never knew existed, ...she was clearly enjoying herself more that I was, and she didn't appear to be anyway near finished with me!

The towering, blonde beauty, looked down at me with a curious look. Her hands swiftly closed together, sandwiching me in between and squashing my nakedness within her firm clasp.

She lifted me up before her face, holding me tightly, she slowly opened up her hands. Her huge face filling my view, she looked at me like a hungry woman looking at a Roast Beef Sandwich - contemplating, just where she could possibly take her next 'bite'...

Almost vibrating with sheer excitement, her sparkling blue eyes, twitching rapidly back and forth ...the intensity of the moment holding me spellbound within her gaze...

I instantly felt the cooler outside air chilling my slathered skin. The slight gust of her heated breath was almost a comforting sensation, ...I didn't ever, want to go inside her mouth again, though, but with the sudden chill, I began shivering uncontrollably.

Amy smiled, and without saying a word, she slowly lowered me down into the soapy dishwater, ...I welcomed the fragrant scent of the warm water. And, as her large hands dipped me into the pool, I instantly kicked away and swam across the surface.

A few lingering soap suds, floating on top the water, appeared like miniature icebergs sparkling in the brightly lit lights of the overhead kitchen sink. I dog-paddled past a blue cereal bowl with a picture of a cartoon-like kitten painted on the outside. Bumping into a huge coffee cup with a giant lipstick print on the edge, ...it was the same color as the lipstick that Maxine wore... the half-moon shape of her bottom lip perfectly displayed on the very edge of the huge ceramic cup.

My mind instantly flashed to her image, ...as she pressed my face into her lips. Her giantess kiss permanently branded into my mind's eye, ...I wondered if she was actually going to try and return me to my normal size again.

Looking up, I watched as Amy's hands dove into the water. Her fingers wrapped around a wooden spoon and quickly swished it around inside the water. Her other hand held a wet washcloth and she simply started washing the remaining dishes left inside the huge basin.

I tried to avoid her giant hands, and the dirty dishes submerged beneath, but she worked so quickly, ...I was swirled around within the whirlpool of activity and drawn into the gradually foaming soap suds, ...Amy was keeping an eye on me, though, and she would occasionally splash me as she scrubbed one of the huge dinner plates.

White bubbles raining down and warm water draining away from the huge dinnerware, as she lifted them up above the open water. I dove down beneath the surface and swam across the shiny bottom, ...the stinging burn in my eyes reminded me to keep them closed.

Re-emerging, next to the edge of the metal skillet that she had used to cook the pancakes. I climbed up onto the side and rubbed my eyes. Sitting naked on the edge, attempting to clear away the burning soap suds, ...I heard Amy's laughter as she carefully picked up the spatula and bumped me into the center of the huge pan... I quickly jumped out and splashed back into the water.

"Be Careful Billy. I'll flip you over like a little 'pancake' and scoop you up!"

Her soft giggle, echoing within the stainless steel basin. Her towering figure looming directly above, ...I swam around freely, enjoying the tingling sensation from the warm soapy water.

As she continued to remove the dishes and rinse them off, she placed them into the nearby drainer. The large stainless steel basin slowly became less and less crowded; the frothy suds floating on the surface, gradually opening up a wider space around me.

Treading water, completely naked and floating in the center of this huge basin, watching with amazement as Amy's arms moved about above. She worked almost in a mechanical nature, her delicate fingers working with these giant-sized objects just seemed so unnatural, ...so freakishly large.

She handled the large dishes and plates so gently, ...yet so quickly and expertly. I was expecting her to drop one of them, or accidentally crash them together, ...but, she swiftly scrubbed them down, rinsed them off, and with such lightening quick speed, ...delicately, and precisely, she simply placed them into the nearby drainer.

I watched with sheer fascination, at the speed of which her giant hands moved around. It was something that really forced me to begin to fully realize, just how much different everything was now...

For this giant young mother, this everyday routine and mundane task of simply washing the dishes didn't even require a second thought, ...she almost did it without even thinking...

...but, from my perspective, she was performing the work of an entire crew of men on an all-day construction job! The size of these objects that she was so casually handling, would have to be strapped down to a heavy duty fork truck and moved around so, that it would take at least an hour just to get one giant dish out of this huge sink!

For her, she simply reached in and took them up and all the while, ...smiling down at me and watching me, ...as I floated in the center of her kitchen sink...

Finally, she found my shirt and pants floating on the surface. She swished them around violently and then squeezed them up tightly inside her hands, ...ringing them out, and shaking them loose, ...she simply set them aside on the counter top and swiftly reached out to collect me from the dirty dish water.

I was instantly taken up out of the suds and swiftly held under the running faucet. The cooler force of the clear water instantly swept all the slippery soap away. I clung to her finger and thumb, as she swiftly rinsed me off and carefully dropped me into a clean, dry, dish towel.

I flopped down into the comforting bed of fluffy cotton. Drying myself off as quickly as I could. I waited anxiously, watching Amy silently standing above me, ...casually looking down at me, as she dried off her hands with another huge dish towel.

She had unbuttoned her dress top, completely, and the opened front, allowed me to view the entirety, ...of her sleek, black, satin bra.

Drawing my complete attention, ...the contrast in color, displaying so vibrantly against her creamy white flesh; her large, ample breasts, were so perfectly shaped. large enough for me to conceal myself between them, ...so magnificent in size that she could easily tuck me inside and hide me, ...nobody would have any idea that I was in there...

She shimmied her shoulders again, making them gently wobble around above me, ...the sheer size made them appear to move in slow motion...

"Feel Better Now?", she quietly whispered.

"Yes, thank you, Amy!, I raised my voice so that she could clearly hear me, "Much Better!"

Her broad smile widened, as she slowly leaned forward, "Let's go and lie down for a bit, Okay?"


Her huge bedroom seemed like I had been transported into a completely different world, to me, ...her large queen-sized bed was angled into one corner, off-setting against the huge bay windows, ...the outside light coming in, adequately illuminating most of the room, ...until she pressed a button on the wall, and the mechanical blinds slowly went shut.

Her hands cupped around me, still holding my naked figure inside. She held me up to her chest and walked slowly into her bedroom.

As the room gradually grew darker, she slowly stepped over to her bed and carefully released me to fall out of her conforming hands. Softly dropping into an extremely large, tan colored pillow, I slightly bounced on impact and caught myself with both hands...

Frantically, looking all around, I watched her intently, as she stepped back away from the bedside. Slowly working her shoulders around in a wide circle, allowing them to slip free of her dress top.

Rolling her shoulders around slowly, while wriggling her hips, the thin summer dress was allowed to fall down around her fantastic body. I heard a slight swishing sound as it fell to the floor, sliding down around her waist and hips, dropping freely down over her towering legs, ...piling up down around her beautiful ankles...

I felt my cock rising as I took in the sheer sight of this magnificent female body. Her towering figure rising back up after she had casually bent down to retrieve her dress.

Stepping out of the puddle, with her 'high - 'spiked'- heels', she stepped back once again, and slowly bent down to pick up her dress.

Turning away, she stepped over to her dresser and draped the shimmering dress over the edge, slowly turning back toward me....with a naughty look on her shadowy face!

I couldn't believe how long and smooth her magnificent legs were, ...so shapely, and tall!

Her black thong panties, barely covering her front, ...and from behind, it appeared that she had nothing on at all!

Her ass was incredibly toned, and her thighs were simply perfect. Her narrowing waist was slightly pudgy around the middle, ( ...a slight muffin top; left over from childbirth), but nothing that would take away from her absolute beauty.

The muscles in her lower ass cheeks slightly jiggled as she stepped around the room. I tried to take her all in, ...but, found it impossible to do without bulging my eyes out of my head!

I could feel her footfalls as she stepped across the room, ...the heavy weight of her magnificent size, sending vibrations all throughout the house, ...only, for me, it was quite noticeable. For anyone of normal size, it wouldn't even be anything at all...

TBC, next week...

Thanks for reading!

'Respect' by midnightwriter85




'Dai on' na'


  The air inside the giant bedroom seemed to come alive. Tiny floating particles, fluttering all around her, ...sparkling flashes of brilliant blue lights appeared to be swirling within a slow-motion whirlpool, floating through space and encircling her magnificent figure.

  She appeared like an other-worldly Goddess, ...so beautiful, and with the lighting, just right, she looked like the living statue of Aphrodite.

  Kneeling down, on this huge pillow, I tried to conceal my arousal by folding my hands together over my lap. Struggling to hide my growing erection; I didn't seem to have much control over it since I had become this small, ...and all of these women had become so gigantic!

Amy stepped backward, slightly dropping down in height as she slipped out of her spike heels, ...swiftly kicking them under her bed, she turned her magnificent backside around toward me.

I gazed at the top part of her hips, the string of her thong panties. Allowing my eyes to trace it to the middle part of the small of her back; following the waistband to the intersection where the string extended straight down, disappearing into the tightly fitted groove between her massive glutes, ...the left one, slightly wobbling, as she flexed her hips and started to sit down.

Lifting up her left leg, level with her waist; bending her knee, she shifted her weight on her hips and softly sat down on the side of her bed, ...just a few feet away from the pillow that I was kneeling on.

Her bended knee sharply pointing out to the side, she sat on her foot, cradling her left butt-cheek within the conforming sole. Leaving her other foot flat on the floor, while spreading her thighs wide apart. Her back perfectly straight, her shoulders pulled back, her beautiful, rounded butt, planted firmly into the large forgiving mattress.

Reaching around behind her back, with her right hand, she jutted her chest out and unhooked her bra strap, allowing it to fall free of her ample bosom, ...my breath caught in my chest, as I gawked like an idiot at her huge, naked breasts!

Perfectly shaped, and now, hanging freely; her perky, firm nipples, standing proudly and pointing straight out, ...swirling around and tracing tiny circles in the air as she adjusted herself on the bed. Her long blonde hair spilling down around her smooth shoulders.

Flinging her head to the side, gracefully sweeping her flowing, blonde mane around in a wide circle, ...she tilted her head sideways, playfully watching me like an enormous cat.

With a blank expression on her face, Amy moved over closer to my pillow, she looked down at me with sleepy eyes. Fluttering her long lashes, ...her huge movements, slightly creating a rocking motion. As I attempted to steady myself on the large pillow, I felt the entire bed rocking as the giantess allowed her full weight to settle down.

    "Did you like, ...ever, get to be with a woman before you, um, ...well, 'Shrank' down, to this tiny size?", Amy asked. Casually, glancing away to look over at her right knee.

    "I 'actually' never have, ...unless, well, ... No, not really...", I said, hearing myself, just talking to her, even made me nervous, (Aside from the fact that she was a giant) just being a woman, made me feel extremely uncomfortable.

Supporting herself, with her left arm, she propped herself up slightly leaning over me; her right hand reached up and started caressing her left nipple,

    "So, you mean like, you're 'still a virgin?", she whispered. Raising an eyebrow, curiously focusing in on my miniature figure.

Pinching her nipple, and gently pulling on it, ...she casually stroked it, slowly teasing it until it firmed up.

    "I guess, ...if you want to call it that?"

    "Well, I've never heard of a 'guy', still being a virgin at your age, ...I mean, don't you like girls, Billy?"

  Do I Like Girls! - Did she actually, just ask me if I didn't 'LIKE' girls?

I steadied myself, awkwardly getting up onto my feet. My solid erection wobbling back and forth as I turned directly toward her, ...I would have never even considered, doing such a thing at normal size, but, ...when Amy asked me such a strange question, like that,

I just had to 'simply' -show her, just what she was doing to me!

    "Yes', ...I like girls. I just get all 'weirded out' whenever I'm around them, ...especially, the pretty ones, ...like yourself..."

Amy smiled, her cheeks blushing as she slightly turned her face away from me. For a moment, I thought that my bulging erection had embarrassed her, ...but, on second thought, it suddenly became clear, that it was what I had said, that had carried the impact.

Her hand flew up to her face and she covered her eyes for a moment. Then she pretended to rub her forehead and glanced back toward me, still maintaining a slight smile...

    "Do you, ...think, that, I'm 'Pretty', Billy?"

The word, 'Pretty.' - absolutely - did not justify, ...in describing this natural Blonde. Amy's beauty was on a completely different scale! A whole 'other' scale, from which I was not used to being around, and even for most of the female population, ...she was in a class by herself!

I felt my knees growing weaker, as I tried to figure out what I was going to say to her,

...I really didn't want to reveal how I felt toward her. Amy was not patiently waiting, she was expecting an answer, and awaited it, most anxiously, ...her leg, that was on the floor, began to gently sweep back and forth, from side to side -(a slight rocking motion) - revealing her anticipation to my reply.

    "Yes, Amy. I think that you're a 'very' beautiful woman." , raising my voice very clearly.

    "Oh, so, if I'm so beautiful, ...then, why aren't you 'crawling all over me', like most other guys would do whenever I'm alone with them?"

    "I'm not like 'most' other guys, Amy. I'd have more respect for you, than that!", I said firmly.

    "Oh, C'mon Billy, really, ...'respect' - you don't even know me? I could be a real mean person deep inside, you don't know what I'm really like..."

I hadn't thought about what I would actually do if I were normal size. Because I had never been given a chance with a girl like her, and if I had, it would most likely depend on how she responded to my advances. I would never do anything with a girl that she didn't want me to do, ...and, actually, I would be doing everything that I could, to try and make her feel good about herself.

    "I don't think that you could possibly be anything else, but Nice!", I said.

    "Well, then, why don't you get over here and show me some of that 'respect' that you're talking about."

Slowly attempting to step down off of the huge pillow, I slipped and fell backward onto my butt, I slid down off the side and dropped down onto the sheet. I quickly got back up and tried to settle myself down.

So fantastic in sheer size, her huge leg was simply breathtaking to behold... I started to make my way over to it, as it relaxed across the side of the bed. Her smooth, inner thigh, seemed to be twenty feet long and twelve feet high, about the same size as a semi trailer.

As I attempted to consider the massive strength that it could produce, ...I slowly took it all in, allowing my eyes to traverse the entire length of it...

With her left foot tucked neatly underneath her bare butt cheek, her black thong panties, stood out brilliantly within the center of her large, wide opened legs. The puffy black triangle filling up the v-shaped patch, just barely covering her most private area, ...I noticed it had a small wet spot darkening the material on the inside.

Amy giggled, as she watched me slowly approaching. Her looming figure, so large that just the slightest movement from her caused a quaking motion across the entire surface of the enormous bed.

I had to hold one arm out to the side as if I were walking a tight-rope; the occasional random rocking motion, caused by Amy's unsuspecting movements, had me walking so awkwardly that I must have looked like I was half-drunk.

Amy chuckled at my stumbling walk. She purposely caused me to stagger around after she realized that she could shake the entire bed, so easily, ...her feminine giggle sounded so sweet...

I walked closer to her left side. Her foot, tucked underneath her butt, leaving just the top part of her lower leg smoothly extending outward toward her bended knee. I felt my heart pounding, as I stepped up within reach of her huge, gigantic, leg.

A static electric field surrounded her magnificent figure. I felt the slight buzzing, and the magnetic pull, ..her incredible being was so gigantic that I felt like a tiny bug standing next to her leg.

For a moment, I imagined being trapped beneath all of her tremendous weight, looking at how deeply her huge body sank down into the soft mattress, ... just the thought, sent a chill down my spine.

The sound of her breathing drew my attention, ...she seemed to be a little excited about this situation. Her heated breath swept down across my face,

Leaning forward she lowered herself down in front of me, "Com-meer Billy", she whispered.

    "Wait a minute, Amy!", I threw both my hands up to protect myself from her swiftly approaching hand.

In a single, sweeping pass, she simply scooped me up inside it and took me up. I was lifted up higher, and suddenly, squashed, ...smoothly pressed, into her conforming breast, ...the sudden smothering effect of warm flesh, against my whole body, caused me to catch my breath so quickly, stuffed firmly into this huge wall of softness!

    "M'm, Billy. Look what you're doing to me?", Amy snickered with a hot whisper.

Both my legs were hanging out below her fist, as she pressed them against her soft skin, squashing me forcefully into her huge boobie, I struggled against her powerful squeeze, ...her huge hand, wrapping completely around my upper body, my throbbing cock squished firmly into her warm skin... her hard nipple pressed up between my legs...

    "Amy wait, ...slow down a minute!", I screamed.

    "Aw, such a tiny, little, man. What's the matter, I thought you said that you 'Liked' girls?"

Her large, rigid nipple, nearly the same size as my thigh, ...I felt the heat of her body, and the sweet smell of her shampoo. Sucking in a deep breath, I tried desperately to cling tightly to one of her big fingers.

Spreading my legs, she forced me to straddle her nipple. Her powerful grasp controlling my whole body, she simply used me like a tiny doll, ...forcing me to hump her giant nipple!

Her sharp fingernails, aligned along my back, slightly digging into my skin, ...she gripped me up and pressed my body into her boob, ...squashing me firmly into it, mashing my hips together and crushing my cock directly into her giant breast!

Looking up into her huge face, I nearly fainted as I gazed into one of her gigantic eyes. The colorful pupil dilated with full focus, and the long blonde lashes flicked across the surface with lightening quick speed.

    "I have you now, Tiny one", she purred.

I felt her grasp loosening up around me, and I was slowly allowed to slide down over her breast, ...ever, so slowly, she let my body smoothly slide across her hard nipple. Her fingers readjusted, and worked around me, controlling me with her large fingertips, she repositioned me to the side, ...once again, forcing my whole body into this wall of super-softness!

    "Lick it, Billy. Lick my giant tit!", she whispered with a wave of hot breath.

Lifting me up, she spread my legs once again, setting me down across her nipple. I felt her fingers loosening up, and I tried to grasp at her warm fingers as I started sliding down.

    "Amy, please, ...don't let me fall!"

Her fingers manipulating around me, I found myself being roughly squashed against her huge breast, ...carrying me over to the other one, I was instantly crushed into it, and firmly mashed into it.

    "C'mon Billy. Suck on my nipple!"

I tried to grab onto the rubbery appendage. The heated warmth, coming off her skin quickly started to become slippery and moist, ...her scented perfume filling my head, I scrambled to get hold of the giant nipple as I started sliding down over it!

Amy giggled, as I struggled to hang on to her breast. She playfully squashed me into it and wollowed me around firmly within its softness. I had to hold my breath, as she squashed my whole head into the pillowy mass.

    "M'm yeah, that's right, Billy, ...lick it clean, little pet."

I could barely catch my breath, as she handled me like a fascinating new toy. Her over-excited actions, taking very little concern for my awkward position, ...she forced me into her huge boobies and nearly suffocated me!

Holding me up to her mouth, she blew her heated breath across my face,

    "Oh, Billy, ....you're making me so, Horny!", she erupted!

Suddenly, I was swept downward between her large thighs. The powerful, feminine fingers, of her single right hand, tightened up around my naked body, she used her other hand, ...and opened up the top of her black panties.

I felt the humid heat rising up around me, as she slowly pushed me down inside. The narrow, tight pocket, enclosed around me, ...sealing off all of the outside light.

A powerful twang of steamy air swirled around my face, as her fingers quickly released me. I fell down into a slippery wedge of darkness. Her waistline disappeared, as the panties closed against it. I was trapped inside her thong panties, ...and in complete darkness!

Her large body moved around. I could feel her repositioning herself. My whole world was shifted around and roughly turned about, as I tried to figure out what was about to happen.

Almost instantly, the heated pocket became unbearably humid. I fell into a soft bed of curly hair covering her pelvic region, the heady aroma that filled my nose made me feel a little bit sick.

I brushed my hands around through the thick carpeting of wiry strands. The dewy sweat that coated them slowly covered my entire body, ...I found a softer open area just below and I pushed against the black material of the thong and tried to wriggle my way deeper into the smoother area.

I felt her thighs close together over me, ...slowly squashing me into her heated skin. I felt the heated air swirl around my face, as the powerful force of her wall-like thighs, firmly pressed it away.

The sound of her moaning seemed to be so far away, ...she groaned, and shifted her hips; a bucking motion jerked me backward, and I braced myself- pressing my bare back against her furry thatch- she responded with a quick jerking motion!

I grabbed a handful of wiry hair and hung on as tightly as I could. The huge set of hips flexed and jerked, causing me to jerk backward with a swift humping motion, ...she was trying to fuck me!

I couldn't get a very good breath of air inside this heated pocket, and with the sudden jerking motion nearly snapping my neck, I couldn't do anything but try to hang on as tightly as I could!

TBC, ...hopefully, if Billy doesn't suffocate in there...

'Reflections' by midnightwriter85
Author's Notes:

Reflections - will be a continued chapter too.

'Dai on' na'

  Amy rolled her eyes into the back of her head, gasping with intense pleasure, tossing her head back and quietly releasing a high-pitched squeal, ...a powerful, tingling sensation, rippled up through her core. Spreading her legs, just enough to slide her hand down over her wet panties.

Groaning with a low growl, ...she squeezed her thighs together, firmly, ...capturing her hand in between and squashing it... Contorting with mind-numbing pleasure, the beautiful blonde couldn't keep herself still.

Swinging her knees back and forth, in a slow rocking motion, she desperately tried to contain her overwhelming urge to scream out in sexual frustration!

Grunting, and groaning, she stuffed her face into her pillow and growled. She didn't want her daughter, Jasmine, to hear her, ...so she tried to keep herself from completely letting go.

Pulling her knees up and squeezing them tightly together, she inched her way down across the soft mattress. Using her elbows, and sliding on her backside down across her large bed.

Scooting her butt over the soft, cotton sheets. Nearly halfway down, she threw her arms out to the sides and swiftly turned her head, back and forth, ...closing her eyes tightly, she tried to keep from screaming!

The sensation was just so incredible! She had only dreamed of actually doing something like this, ...and until now, she thought that it was absolutely impossible...

She had always found herself fantasizing about it, though, she visited a few 'Giantess Websites' most every weekend, and she loved to immerse herself in a good, well written, shrinking fantasy. Her favorites, about a beautiful young woman capturing a miniature man; she thought that she could only 'fantasize' about it; however, actually doing it, was something else, entirely!

After cumming a few times in overwhelming frustration, Amy slid herself out of her bed and planted her bare feet down onto the floor. She felt like her whole body was humming.

Drunk with overwhelming arousal, she awkwardly stood up, swaying her hips excessively, she slowly stepped over in front of her full-length mirror, ...only wearing her black - 'Victoria's Secret' - thong panties, she stood to gaze at her beautiful image in the dimly lit bedroom.

Shifting her weight, exaggeratingly slow; moving her shapely hips back and forth, tightening up her glutes and squeezing them tightly. She could barely contain herself, as she felt him squirming around inside her skin-tight panties.

She could see the slight impression of her miniature male captive, tucked neatly into the pocket of her black panties, ....she traced her fingertips across his back, forcing his little body into her swollen pussy. Beneath her touch, his desperate and futile struggling, sent the most wonderful sensation rippling up through her trembling loins...


  The tightly fitted space, that I was trapped inside of, allowed very little room to move around. After several failed attempts, I quickly realized that I couldn't get out of here on my own. Being so extremely humid, inside this tightly fitted elastic material, I felt like I was starting to melt into her enormous female body. Almost instantly, I became covered in the mixture of slippery sweat; hers and mine blending together - along with another slippery juice that seemed to be coming from her swollen pussy.

Her oversized movements forced me around and squeezed me, every time she moved, even just the slightest, little bit, ...I was squashed and shifted over to one side, or the other.

Her huge fingertips, pressuring against my naked body, I had to spread my arms and legs to keep from getting shoved inside her!

I had no way of knowing it, but I thought that she had stood up and started walking, ...the shifting motion seemed to feel like that, ...but, I really couldn't tell for sure.

Feeling around with my hands inside of the heated darkness, searching for some way to get out, only caused her movements to become more aggressive, ...I quickly figured out, that if I tried to remain still, ...I didn't get punished quite as much.

Like being helplessly 'stuck', inside of a wet, slippery, sleeping bag, ...zipped up tightly over my head; a pulsing wall of smooth, overheated skin, beneath a thatch of curly, wire-like, hair. Only a smooth, ultra-soft area, down lower directly between her legs, gave me a smaller clear spot away from the rough curly hair.

Her giant body, heating up several times to the point where I thought that I was going to smother from lack of air, ...the explosive effect of her overheated sex, was like a juicy wall of giant wet kisses...

The humid air inside of her panties had a sour fermented-like taste. I felt her stomach muscles contracting, so smooth and large; her huge legs working together, shifting me back and forth as she moved. The taste inside my mouth made me feel like I was drowning, ...my mind shifted back to an earlier time...


  ...it had to be well over a hundred degrees outside. The public swimming pool was bustling with teenagers, ...everyone from my whole school was there that day. The sun was shining brightly, directly overhead, and I was laying on a green bath towel next to the lifeguard stand.

  Emily Brant, a tall, long-legged brunette, that had been the lifeguard at the pool for the last three years and she knew most everyone at the pool. Being a senior this year, it would probably be her last summer as the lifeguard.

Trying not to be obvious about it, I casually looked up across the five steps that extended up the ladder. Leading up the tall, tower-like, lifeguard stand. The seat where she sat, seemed to be a mile high. Her chair was covered with a large pink beach towel, the tail of which fluttered in the breeze, as she sat wearing a dark pair of Sunglasses. Her long legs loosely crossed over, resting her elbows on the armrests like the 'Queen of the Entire Universe'.

I could only just barely see, the ultra-smooth underside of her well-tanned, muscular thighs, ...I felt like a tiny, little Ant. Hopelessly trapped beneath her giant chair, trembling with fear, and excitement, ...as she sat there, oblivious, and completely unaware of my minuscule existence far below...

I felt my cock growing stiff against the soft ground. I took a quick look around, to make sure that nobody else was watching me, ...I had to turn slightly, and change elbows, as I pulled my eyes away to take a glance around the sitting area.

Looking across the large swimming pool's, deep-end, on the other side, ...my stomach tightened up as I noticed the four of them, standing together, ...the 'Self-Proclaimed', "Mean Girls".

  Brandy, Roxanne, Mary-Beth and Sherry.

 The four of them were like the thorn in my side; they looked like a throw-back, to an old eighties style, 'All Girl - Rock Band', who had been frozen in time; carrying on the look like a torch, and yet, still rejected from the rest of the world.

  Roxanne, or 'Rocky', ...noticed me first. My heart sank, as she pointed me out to the others and they started to make their way around the pool. Swinging her hips excessively, her snickering laughter resounded as the four of them swiftly circled the pool.

I tried to clear my head, and wilt my boner, ...but, it was too late; within moments, the four of them were standing over me, surrounding me completely, ...casting their dark shadow across my green bath towel.

Rocky's shadowy form, created a huge head shaped blob directly over me, kicking me in the ribs with the toe of her left sandal, she stepped on the edge of my towel and started taunting me,

  "Wha-cha doing, Dickweed?", she smarted off, ...setting off a burst of girlish laughter all around me.

  "I'll Bet you're down here, looking for 'some', huh?", she whispered secretly.

Mary-Beth stepped over me, her one-piece bathing suit had ridden up into her crack, on one side, and she didn't even act as though she cared in the least. She straddled me, standing directly over me, ...I wouldn't have found this to be quite so bad, but, ...she was the heavier one of the bunch, and her fat, over-sized butt-cheeks, wobbled around like two sixty-pound garbage bags filled with green Jello, ...threatening to squash me into the ground at any given moment!

  "Leave me alone, you guys. Don't you have anything else to do?", I grumbled. Lowering my head, and covering my face.

Sherry, the tallest one, had bright Red Hair, and a nose piercing that contained a chrome ring through her right nostril. Wearing a white two-piece Bikini with extra long drawstrings, ...she squatted down in front of me, ...her open thighs directly in front of my face,

  "No, ...oh, No, Billy?. We came all the way down here, just so we could 'play' with you!", she whispered.

Gently brushing her fingertips through my hair, Sherry giggled, quickly jerking her hand away, before I could grab hold of it...

I quickly attempted to catch her by the wrist, but she was too quick, ...swiftly pulling her hand away from me, just in time,

  "C'mon you guys. Leave me alone!"

  "Aw, ...don't you want to 'Play' with us, Little Billy?", Sherry teased. Reaching out to grab a handful of my hair.

Jerking my head up roughly, while holding a fistful of my hair, the tall, commanding bitch brought her face right down in front of mine,

  "How 'bout, ...YOU, buy all of us a Coke, and we'll smoke some dope, ...ya wanna get high, Billy Boy?", Sherry said, lowering her face down closely so that nobody else around us could hear what she said.

  "Get outta here, ....leave me ALONE!", I yelled. Jerking my head back, and trying to make Sherry let go of my hair!

  Suddenly, I felt my legs pushed together and a huge amount of weight pressing down upon them, ...Mary-Beth had sat down on my legs, and she was holding me around the waist with her arms, ...she looked like she was simply hugging me, from behind, but, in reality, she was holding me down while the other three could torment me!

Brandy Rose, was the pretty one. She sat down right next to my head, wrapping her hand around my face, she pulled my head over next to her hip, and started to smack me in the face with her free hand, ...quickly slapping me in a fast clapping motion, ...not very hard, but repeatedly, and faster and faster, literally 'spanking me' in the side of my face!

Brandy was wearing an extremely tight, Leopard Print, String Bikini, that was at least two sizes too small, and her plump, lower butt-cheeks swelled out around the hemline as if they were about to burst free!

Her well-rounded breasts, pressing up out of her Bikini Top, took on the same effect, ...and, anyone that walked past her, either blushing or staring at her with embarrassment or lust.

With Sherry still holding me by the hair, Brandy enjoyed continuing squeezing my cheeks with her single hand, ...I felt like I was completely overtaken by them, ...I couldn't get away no matter how much I tried!

  "Let's get his wallet!", Mary-Beth said, pointing to my shoes.

Rocky reached over and picked up my tennis shoes, quickly dumping everything out of them: my watch, and all of my money, ...a crisp Five Dollar Bill.

  "Is THAT, all that you've got?", Rocky whined, seemingly all disappointed that I didn't have more!

She pocketed everything and sat back down next to my head, enclosing the only open spot around it, ...completely surrounding me and blocking out my view of the surrounding area.

I tried to scream for the Lifeguard, but I was swiftly smacked in the face with the bottom of Rocky's barefoot! She had sat down next to Brandy, and was settling into completely surrounding me, ....encircling my face, and crowding around so closely, that no one else would be able to see what the four of them were doing to me!

The next thing I knew, Rocky's bare feet were pressing into my face. Her red-painted toenails had chipped and worn away most of the red nail polish, and her toes appeared like blood splattered peanuts, forcefully stuffing themselves into my face and mouth!

  "Poor Little Billy, ...he just got beaten up by a bunch of girls, and now he's going to start crying!", she teased. Poking me in the eye with her big toe, ...wriggling her other toes just inches away from my mouth.

  "Stop it, you guys! Why are you always picking on me?"

Rocky pressed her foot down over my face, completely covering it and forcefully shoving my head down into the soft grass.

Brandy giggled and slapped me a few more times. Grabbing a handful of my hair, she pushed my face around and shoved it over closer to Rocky's bare feet, ...Rocky giggled and pressed her toes into my mouth, ...her big toe and two smaller ones!

  "Look at 'em. I think he likes this, ...she reached down and pulled my shorts down around my hips, exposing my raging boner!

Mary-Beth had gotten up and was standing over me again, ...she let me roll over onto my side before she sat back down and pinned me under her weight, once again!

Crushing down on my right hip, Mary-Beth reached down and took hold of my cock, like it was the last, 'powdered' donut', left inside a fifty-pound bag.

I cringed in frustration as the over-weight girl, delighted herself by stroking my hard-on with both hands, while her other friends smothered me with their stinking, dirty feet!

I coughed and choked, as their filthy toes forced their way into my mouth! I couldn't get away, ...and, the more that I struggled, the more Mary-Beth squeezed me, ...it was beginning to really hurt, when suddenly, the Lifeguard stepped in and separated the four of them from around me!

I quickly jerked my shorts back up, before Emily Brant could see my privates. The tall senior Lifeguard had just saved me from these savage bitches, and their relentless torture treatment1 And, she didn't even realize it, ...at the time, but, she had literally, saved me from being smothered by them!

Standing with her hands on her hips, dominantly, towering over all of us, Emily took charge of the situation with a demanding order,

  "Alright, there will be no more 'Horse-Play', all of you! : Please Leave the Pool, Right Now!"

I quickly stood up and stumbled backward a few steps. Catching my breath, and adjusting the waistband of my shorts, ...I grabbed up my towel and shoes and swiftly ran away. I ran into the boy's locker room and hid away inside one of the stalls, ...two hours later, I sneaked away and made my way home.

...it was well beyond dark outside when I walked back home that night. I had to take a different route through the city, knowing that Rocky and the other girls would be looking for me, I had to swing way out around the usual way that I would have gone, and it was very late when I finally got to my house.


    Amy pulled her waistband away from her stomach, she looked down at me, between her naked boobies. Smiling with her bright blue eyes, shimmering in the dim light, she slowly shifted her hips, from side to side, ...swaying slowly, in a slight rocking motion.

  Her huge body, shifting me back and forth, as she casually alternated her huge glutes, rhythmically rocking, from side to side, ...chuckling softly while looking down at me like a huge cat that had just captured a helpless mouse...

  "Oh, look at you in there, ....Get used to it, Billy. I don't think, that I'll EVER, let you out of there!", she growled with exquisite pleasure, slowly relaxing her hold on her tightly fitted panties, allowing them to gently close over me!

TBC, if Billy survives...

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'Bath Time' by midnightwriter85

'Dai on' na'

"Now, let's get into bed, and try and get some sleep, okay Sweetie. You can play with your car in the morning.", Amy said.

Trying to maintain her motherly role, standing dominantly, with her feet wide apart, ...her hands on her hips, her well-developed butt, prominently rounding out from behind.

Jazzy hopped into the center of her bed and giggled. Holding her favorite stuffed animal, a rabbit, affectionately called, 'Jack', - a large, pink, fluffy thing, - that she slept with every night. She held it awkwardly, with her arm wrapped around its neck, ...it's legs dangling around loosely as she crawled beneath the covers and wriggled into her pillow.

"Where's Billy going to sleep?", she asked her mother.

Amy stood next to her daughter's bed. Wearing a white cotton bathrobe that barely reached her knees, along with a large, over-sized pair of fluffy white slippers.

She looked like one of those old-time movie posters, featuring the 'lonely' but extremely horny, housewife; the only thing missing was that she didn't have any large round curlers in her hair...

"I'm going to let him sleep in my room sweetie, ...with me, he's not feeling very well, and I'm going to make sure that he's okay before I go to bed.", she said, slowly squatting down beside her daughter.

"I sure hope that he's feeling better by tomorrow. I want to play with him, more, ...and, I wanted to let him ride in my RC Car!"

"I don't know about that, Jazzy. You'll have to ask him, first, and see if he really wants to. He might not feel like doing anything for a few days, ...you'll have to wait and see, alright?"


I listened, intently, as this beautiful giant woman put her giant daughter to bed for the night. Although just slightly muffled, I could plainly hear everything that the two of them were saying, ...being just close enough, that I thought that I could smell the fresh, warm scent, of the little girl's shampoo.

The bright, bedroom light, inside Jazzy's bedroom, barely allowed a slight glow to break through the stretchy underwear. I wriggled around and adjusted my position; getting my face turned away from the soft outer area around her most sensitive spot.

The tight fitting, underwear, that held me bound to her enormous body, kept me firmly positioned directly between her huge, inner thighs. I was starting to become accustomed to the heated space. My naked skin sealed tightly against hers. Although this whole ordeal was quite overwhelming, there was a strange, comforting sensation about it, ...I somehow felt safe. ...like I belonged here...

Whenever the giant blonde moved, I was firmly squeezed off to one side or the other. Depending on which way she allowed me to remain, I usually found myself lying on my back, in the 'hammock-like' pouch. Perfectly centered in the middle of the double-layered, reinforced crotch panel.

Casually pressing her fingers along my back, she easily placed my body where she wanted it, ...I felt her sharp fingernails stabbing into my butt...

The slippery warmth of her giant pussy, constantly pressing against me, completely filling up the entire front section of the lacy black panties.

Her tremendous thighs, working together so perfectly. She walked through the hallway leading back to her bathroom. Her magnificent glutes, so powerful - wobbling slightly,

...her hips gently swaying - the constant scissoring motion - back and forth - working together and pressing against me, - like two powerful pistons - shifting in an alternating motion.

Amy's magnificent pussy, ...like an enormous, wet mouth, constantly teasing me, trying to swallow me alive, ...kissing me, over and over, and over again!

Reaching the bathroom, Amy stepped inside and looked over into the bathtub. Jazzy had drained and rinsed it out, ...sparkling clean, and ready to be used - the tall blonde squatted down and reached over to plug the drain.

Turning on the hot water, she stood up, slowly turning back around to sit down on the toilet seat, (a fluffy pink colored, padded seat cover). Amy felt her tiny prisoner squirming as she stepped sideways.

Lifting her bathrobe up around her waist, she slowly began lowering her bare naked cheeks down into the fuzzy softness, very slowly.

Carefully, allowing her full weight, to gently compress down into the furry pink pillow. Spreading her knees wider and arching her back, the tall blonde smiled, slowly squashing her tiny passenger, ...her tingling, wet pussy, instantly pulsating, spasming, ...around this tiny, miniature man.

Amy trembled with pleasure, as she slowly leaned forward, relaxing her glutes; gradually separating her thighs, tightening up her stomach and rolling her hips.

Adjusting the pressure, by only allowing so much of her full weight to settle down upon him. She knew that she could easily crush him if she wasn't very careful.

She caught her breath, 'instantly' feeling the struggling; the G-string started twitching, pulling tighter inside her butt, separating her ass-cheeks - her miniature pantie prisoner wildly squirming around inside her hot pussy. She felt her whole lower body tingling.

...she was right on the edge, she could feel an impending orgasm about to happen...


Fighting desperately for a quick breath, while hopelessly trapped inside of Amy's tightly fitted panties, ...I started to panic, as I felt her immense body weight crushing down upon me, ...was she trying to kill me!

Slowly leaning forward, then gradually rolling back. Then, forward, ...squashing me beneath her massive size. Squirming underneath Amy's hungry, sweltering pussy, the tight space inside the giant panties becoming so overheated, that I felt my whole body was melting into her; slowly riding me, humping me, drenching me with her sticky juices.

Her meaty pussy lips, swelling up and pressing down over me, slurping across my entire length, sucking my bare naked skin. Drenching me in her sticky juices. Soaking up everything all around me, the black material of the giant panties, conforming to her tremendous body, completely saturated, sticking to her skin and sealing up around me in a vacuum-like heat.

Suddenly, a juicy mist started gushing from her frustrated clit!


I awoke lying inside her open cupped palms. Her huge face hovering directly above, ...she smiled with a wide toothy smile, as she realized that I was coming around,

"Billy? Oh, thank GOD!", blasting her voice directly down upon me!

"I thought, I'd suffocated YOU, ...I'm so soory! Please, forgive me, little guy. I just got so freakin' HORNY!"

I instantly sat up, frantically trying to look around.

Raising my hands up protectively, the brightly lit bathroom causing me to squint my eyes. Amy's resounding laughter, echoing within the canyon-like tile walls; filling the air all around me - with a shrill, girlish giggling...

Feeling so strangely different, instantly discovering that I was outside of her panties. ...I felt like I was being held up way too high! I braced myself, and tried to get my bearings!

"Oh, Billy... You are so, ...Cute!", her voice reverberating inside the solid walls.

I heard the dribbling overflow draining away from her cupped palms, raining back down into the huge pool, just below.

I quickly looked all around and discovered that Amy was completely naked now, and sitting in her huge bathtub, holding me carefully just above her waist...

The water level, coming up just above her blonde pubic patch. I looked down and realized that the steamy air smelled a whole lot better, out here than inside her over-heated underwear, ...I was glad to be free of them, even if was for just a little while...

Her huge boobies were directly in front of me, right at eye level. I brushed my fingers through my hair and flipped some of the excess water away. The warmth of her huge hand conforming around my bare butt, and the bottoms of my feet.

I sat naked inside her giant palm, ...her fingers curled up around me protectively, guarding me against falling out of her grasp.

Wondering what she had in store for me next, as the steamy, warm air, drifted up from the bath water, clouding my vision, ...like a heavy fog, the steam so thick that my skin was dripping with a new coating of sparkling dew.

I braced myself against her wide palm, as the huge woman smiled over at me, appearing as though, she had something else in mind.

Amy's huge, round, twinkling blue eyes, suddenly enlarged, slowly moving me over closer to her prominent left breast. Her single hand, clasping all four fingers, completely around my entire midsection, ...squashing me into the soft center of the giant boob.

Her other hand instantly swept away; reaching over to a small shelf, made right into the wall of the shower. She grabbed up a tall, skinny, pink colored - plastic bottle.

Holding the bottle directly above me, she pointed the nozzle at me and pressed the plunger down, quickly splattering me with several cold squirts of liquid soap; a tingling shiver coursed down my spine, as I quickly began to realize just what she had in mind...

Becoming completely exhausted, I gasped with overwhelming pleasure as her slippery fingers forcefully began to massage all around my entire naked figure!

I caught my breath quickly, gasping in sheer, paralyzing pleasure, as her giant fingertips slithered between my legs and slipped up through my thighs.

Firmly and roughly rubbing my tiny butt. Separating my naked cheeks and squashing my balls with her large fingertips, ...swiftly soaping up my entire body!

Quickly becoming her bath sponge, Amy giggled delightfully as she pressed her fingers around me and gave my hardening little cock, several, slow strokes...my twitching erection was soon throbbing between her giant fingertips!

Sweeping her fingers across my bare backside, slowly gripping up around my knees, ...squeezing firmly, and slowly sliding down my legs. Gently squashing up my entire lower body inside her heated fist, working her way down to my feet, squeezing them inside.

I wriggled around inside her palms. As she forcefully pressed me into her soft breast, squashing my tiny face into her hard nipple, forcing me to kiss it.

Lathering me up; completely covering me in an enormous amount of frothy suds, I struggled to catch my breath, ...slowly drowning, within this enormous mountain of white foam!

All around her huge upper body, her armpits, her neck, her massive breasts...her soft bosom, ...consuming me into this huge, ever-growing, cloud of white.

Clinging tightly, to one of her fingers, I strained to wrap my legs around her thumb, ...my face, completely disappearing into this soapy wall of bubbles...

Her giant hands taking me down through the center, 'the valley of her huge breasts', rubbing my entire body over her slippery, warm skin, ...sliding me, in between, and rubbing my entire body over her smooth softness.

I felt her fingertips clutching my balls, ...just as I exploded, cumming all over her huge body!

Amy giggled, her voice shaking my whole body, as she carefully held me up to her chest and squashed me against her, ...hugging me, tightly...

I felt my whole body sliding down across her stomach, ...slowly slipping down over her belly and stopping right between her huge thighs...


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'Bath Time - con't' by midnightwriter85

'Dai on' na'

Holding me around the waist with just her fingertips, she casually lowered me down into the water. Amy had my whole body tingling in bliss, ...she had just used me to soap up her gigantic breasts!

Amy's luxurious blonde hair, softly sweeping down over her shoulders, surrounding her pretty face, ...the long golden strands flowing so softly. I found myself looking up at her in sheer amazement, I didn't want to reveal how fearful I had become, from being handled so casually, ...but, I was also beginning to realize that Maxine probably didn't have any intentions of ever restoring me to my normal size.

I wondered if Amy realized just how terrified I was? Did she fully understand, that I was a real person? She was very careful with me, ...but, I wondered how long she would continue to treat me like a regular person...

The corners of her mouth, curling up with a slight smile; beaming down at me with those large, gleaming blue eyes - she traced a single fingertip along the edge of her knee and giggled softly.

In the foggy mist, inside the steamy bathroom, Amy's magnificent image appeared like that of a gigantic Goddess. Her voice, ...even in a soft whisper, sounded as though it was amplified and intensified; I was utterly in awe of her immense figure, and the sound of her reverberating voice, contained within this glimmering white-tile bathroom, adding this fantastical touch to the bizzare conception.

Knowing that I couldn't get away from her, even if I wanted to, I couldn't help myself from constantly thinking about it, Amy's actions toward me were slowly changing... she was becoming more, and more aggressive...

After being gobbled up and held inside her hot mouth, and then, ...trapped inside of her tight panties, ...I felt like my whole body, had just become this miniature little toy.

Amys bewitching beauty and possessive actions, relayed to me that she could have any man that she wanted, given the chance, and I was literally blown away by her magnificent beauty!

I looked up at her, trembling with fear, ...as her wide smile continued to grow larger, reflecting her intentions. She was completely infatuated with the idea of dominating me and if I showed any sign of resistance to her playful teasing, I was treated with an ever-increasing manner of imaginativeness.

The beautiful blonde giantess was sitting back comfortably inside her bathtub. Completely naked, she looked so, ...so 'Brobdingnagian!' Looking down at me, with a devilish smile, her amusement of this bizarre situation, was beginning to make me wonder, just - how much more of this I would be able to withstand...

She was having the time of her life with me, and what I didn't know or understand, was that she was actually living out some of her wildest fantasies.

Amy's giant fingers moved away, after releasing her grip from around my lower legs and feet, ...they flew up across her body, and casually started fiddling with her perky nipples.

I instantly tried getting away, ...suddenly finding myself floating freely in the warm soapy water, just above her incredibly amazing - legs - 'her gigantic submerged legs', so extremely long; my tiny, bare toes, almost touching down onto the smooth skin on the top of her mid-thighs.

The foaming soap suds, forming different shapes and large mounds, all across the surface; I floated around within the soapy waves, treading water between her knees.

...she forced me to ride this artificial wave.

She scooted her large figure backward, moving her legs sideways, ...separating her knees in such a way, that she easily began creating a 'mini-sized' tidal-wave; sweeping across the soapy surface of the water, ...instantly forming a turbulent whirlpool, directly between her legs, ...the huge pool of water swept around her legs, rushing back toward me, ... swirling over, and underneath her huge leg muscles, uplifting me on the rising tide.

Rising up with the swell, I was lifted up nearly five feet and then equally lowered back down, as the water quickly returned to the same level.

Bobbing and dipping around in the soapy foam, I stayed above the surface and tried to avoid getting pulled under, ...Amy giggled and spread her legs a little faster, I was instantly sucked down and drawn into the current.

Just the simple movement of her long legs, bending at the knees, ...causing the water to rise up, swirling around me, and sweeping me up into this miniature, but a torrential current of swift soapy water!

Giggling maniacally, Amy's tremendous laughter constantly echoing off the hard tile walls, relentlessly teasing, and toying with me!

I swept my arms around in a wide sweeping motion, just trying to stay afloat in this strange whirlpool of rising and lowering tide. I started looking for some way to get away from her, but I was completely surrounded by her, ...trapped between her enormous legs!

The soapy water level forming a crest just above her waist, I couldn't see anything between her thighs, but I already knew what was there, ...I had already been hastily introduced to her hungry vagina, and I had a feeling that she and I would most definitely meet again!

Her long luscious thighs seemed to go on forever, ...extending up out of the water and leading up to her smooth rounded knees. Arching up into the air, on each side, I felt like I was completely surrounded by this gigantic blonde giantess!

Turning around, I tried swimming away from her. Using the backstroke, and pretending to be enjoying myself, I started heading down toward her feet, swimming across the inside of this huge pool of heated bathwater.

The white foam, completely surrounding me, I kicked my legs and swam forward. Raising my head up, I tried to see above the glistening hills of sparkling white bubbles. The warmth of the soapy water felt soothing as it swirled around my naked body.

Amy had stopped moving her legs, curiously watching me, she allowed the water to settle down. Opening her legs wider, she waited to see what I was going to do...

With the tall side-walls, being solid white, and unable to make out where the edges of the bathtub were, It appeared like an enormous ocean spreading out before me...A thick fog of heavy steam rising up around me, creating the impression that there was no end to this enormous pool.

I backstroked my way across the soapy surface, ...treading water, and floating slowly passed her gigantic legs. Turning back, I looked up across her waist, and on up to her magnificent breasts.

Amy was endlessly playing with her nipples, her cheeks blushing with a pinkish hue, ...her breathing was coming faster and faster, ...she glanced down at me with huge, possessive blue eyes.

I floated over toward the tubs chrome faucet, resting underneath it, I looked up at one of her feet. Her nails were perfectly manicured in a pretty french style. Her largest toe looked bigger than my head.

The wand of a large plastic, hand-held showerhead, hung down from the long white hose, dangling into the edge of the water. The rounded head floating on the surface of the bubbles could actually be an escape route for me if I could climb up before she caught me, ...I pretended not to notice it and continued floating toward her toes.

I took a couple strokes toward her foot and floated right up to it, ...I was instantly met with a swift impact, ...she wrapped her toes around me, and squeezed me up inside a powerful grasp!

"Got Ya!", she roared!

"Thought you could get away huh?"

"No, ...no, Please Amy, Don't do this, ...let me go!"

"C'mon Billy, kiss 'em." Kiss my pretty toes, little man!"

Her aggressive attack was completely unexpected! I was suddenly squished between both of her feet, sandwiched between the surrounding toes and forced down into the warm soapy water, ...I tried to wriggle away, but the tremendous power of her huge feet easily took me down and pressed my struggling figure into the smooth bottom!

I fought against her grasp and awkwardly broke free. Only to swim up to the surface and get caught again, ...her huge toes grabbing me around my head and shoulders, they squeezed me up, and wriggled all around my face!

"You can't get away, that easy, ...Billy Willy!"

Her powerful feet were easy, twice as tall as I was, ...I wrapped my arms around her smooth arch, and clung tightly, ...she giggled, and lifted me up out of the water.

"Aw, ...I didn't know that you 'cared' so much, Billy!", her giggling laughter resounding around the tile walls,

"Look at you, ....so Cute!"

Gently shaking her foot, back and forth, Amy pretended that she was actually trying to shake me loose from her foot, ...though, only playfully shifting me with a gentle side to side motion,

"Ew, ....get away! Little Bug!", she teased.

"I've got a little bug sticking to my toes!", giggling softly, while still lightly shaking her foot around.

"Git away, Git away, ...Little Bug!"

I hung on tightly to her foot. Wrapping both arms around the base of her toes, hugging the ball of her huge foot, ...my face pressed tightly against the leathery sole, the skin so very thick where she carried most of her weight when she walked, ...although it was the toughest skin on her entire body, it still felt extremely soft and smooth.

Wobbling around, and rubbing against the wrinkled sole of her bare foot, I hugged as tightly as I could, ...regardless of the fact, that she was actually enjoying this, ...I couldn't help myself from attempting to hang on!

"Ha ha, ...can you hang on, Billy?", she giggled, whipping her foot around and propping it up on her other foot.

Placing her feet, heel to toe, Amy lifted me up higher away from the top of the water. Balancing her heel on the toes of her other foot, I was slightly shifted as her foot teetered around on the other one, ...I looked over and saw that the hose leading up to the shower head, was easily within my reach,

If I could reach it, I could take a chance and try and jump over to it and grab it.

Without thinking about the consequences, I threw my arms out and lunged toward the large water hose. I grabbed hold of it, and quickly started to climb up the long plastic tube!

Amy leaned forward and giggled, "What do you think you're doing, Billy Willy?

She started clapping her hands and giggling louder, as she watched me climbing up out of the tub.

"Are you trying to get away little bug?"

I didn't even look at her. If I could make it just a few more feet, I would be well above the side wall of the tub, and if I could jump free of it and land on the flat edge, then I might be able to actually get away from her!

Amy started laughing louder, she leaned back and picked her feet up out of the water.

She reached out toward me with her left foot. Splaying out her toes, she pushed them up against me, and gripped them up around my waist!

"Ahhh, Let me go!", I screamed out!

"Oh, Billy! You are so FUNNY!"


A New Attitude by midnightwriter85
Author's Notes:

Sorry for the long wait.  I finally got started again and I should be uploading at least once per week.  Hope to get several more chapters with Amy, ...and Billy, of course, has no idea what she's really like... 

'Dai on' na'

"Oh, Billy. You are SO, FUNNY!"

Amy's amplified giggling continued ringing in my ears.

I squirmed around clinging to her toes, grabbing on as tightly as I could. Awkwardly, managing to get both my legs wrapped around her smooth, slender arch. Bear-hugging it and hanging on with both my arms. Her foot tilted upward, turning me back up into a prone position.

Amy giggled, as she effortlessly began to slowly elevate her foot, raising me up higher.

"Hang on, Billy. Hang on tight!", Amy teasingly warned me.

Lying on my stomach, stretching out across her smooth skin, I spread my legs and hugged the sole of her giant foot as tightly as I could!

Sitting perfectly in the saddle of her firm heel, my legs spread wide, resting my knees on the bone solid structure of her rounded ankles. Twisting around, she casually flexed her foot and turned me around in all directions...

Just by simply straightening out her leg, ...Amy slowly took me up higher above the huge 'swimming-pool-sized' tub.

The skin on the bottom of her foot wrinkled up as she pointed her toes out straight. I felt my hips grinding against her smooth skin. I hugged tighter, holding onto her large feminine toes.

Pushing my right hand between two of her slippery appendages, wedging my forearm in-between them, I used my other hand to grip at the inside bend of her largest toe.

Scrunching up her nose, Amy giggled and pointed her foot straight out. Pulling her knee up toward her body, she snickered deviously at my frightened reaction.

Swiftly lowering me down and turning me upside down, she simply turned her foot around, laughing as I squeezed my arms as tightly as I could!

"Kiss 'em, Billy. Kiss my little tootsies!", she whispered.

The giant blondes naked body on full display, she started giggling, while holding me up and drifting me around directly above her sopping wet pussy!

"I think that you owe me that much, little man. After feeding you, and giving you a bath, I would think that you would feel obligated to me, ...I mean, I think that it's your turn to do something for me, ...now!"

Amy gripped her toes around my hands and squeezed them tighter. Extending her leg and taking me back up high above her, ...my skin was all pruney, and the muscles in my arms and legs were aching from all of the strain.

I wasn't sure if I could hang on, for very much longer, ...riding her foot like some strange mechanical bull, I was effortlessly taken up and swept into the air, ...floating around so high above the huge bathtub!

"Oh Billy, I think you better start showing me some respect!", she teased, wriggling her toes in my face.

"I mean, I could just give you back to Jazzy and let her play with you, ....and, let her do whatever she wants with you... She would be so thrilled to get to play with you again."

Without thinking, I grabbed the rounded bottom of her third toe and started kissing it for all I was worth, ...licking the bulb-like pad, I started ravishing the soft giant toe.

Amy gasped and released her clenching grip. She turned her foot so that I was lying out flat across the bottom. My cock pressing into her soft arch, I gently humped it as I made out with her large toes.

I felt like I was floating on a cloud, as she slowly drifted her foot around. I kissed and licked all four of her pretty little pads, ...tickling in between them as I moved from one to the other, I held my breath and tasted the salty sweetness of her essence.

Amy continued to play with her nipples as she easily held me up above her, ...she drifted me around like I was nothing more that a little bug stuck to the bottom of her foot.

The water in the tub was starting to get cold. Amy lowered me down and allowed me to slide off of her foot. I dropped into the water and quickly paddled away, swimming over beneath the faucet.

"C'mon Billy. Let's get out and dry off. I think that it's time that you did something for me. Unless you want to play with Jazzy, ...Again. "

I took a deep breath while floating on my back. Trying to get my strength, and looking up at her; I caught my breath in my throat, the moment that the giant blonde Goddess, stood up and started rinsing off with the hand-held shower head.

I didn't know what she wanted me to do, but I knew that I didn't want to become a plaything for that little girl!

Draining the tub, Amy set the shower head to a pulse setting and stood towering over me; washing away all the suds that were sticking to her magnificent figure. She turned and posed as she rinsed the soap away from her magnificent body.

I looked up in awe, as she casually prepared to exit her bath. The glistening wet skin on her glorious backside, sparkling in the bright lighting, ...her gigantic legs looming so powerfully over me, she cautiously stepped around inside the draining bathwater, clearly enjoying herself as she glanced down toward me.

Swirling around in the soapy water, while staying afloat and spiraling around the open drain; by the time the water all drained out I was completely covered in foamy lather. I found myself sitting on this round metal grate, as the gushing swirl dwindled down to a tiny stream.

I watched Amy stepping out of the tub.

Leaning over slightly and lifting her left leg out, her tremendous figure stepped away. With a wide sweeping side step, the towering blonde giantess lifted up her enormous right leg, and simply stepped out of the huge basin.

The muscles tightening up, as her incredible glutes tightened, her elongated calves stiffening up, her bare feet lightly touching down onto the pink colored bath mat.

Ignoring me, she brushed her teeth and then she undid her ponytail and brushed her hair, ...wrapping a towel around her waist, she sat down on the large toilet seat and crossed her legs. Looking over, and down into the tub, Amy smiled and settled her sights upon me.

I was sitting crossed legged on the drain with my arms folded in front. I could do nothing but wait for her to figure out what she wanted...

Starting to chill from the cooler air, I shivered naked inside the giant bath tub. Amy pulled her hair back into a ponytail and fastened it with a rubber band. I gazed up at her with amazement as she allowed her naked breasts to hang freely.

"Wow, I can't even imagine what this must be like for you? I mean, for you, I must look like this enormous Giant or Giantess ...I guess, I can see why you might be afraid of me, but I wouldn't do anything to intentionally hurt you, Billy."

She leaned forward and focused directly on me. " I think that you're just about the most incredible thing that I've ever seen before, ...You know, I really think that we could do some things that most people could never imagine."

Reaching down into the tub, she wrapped her fingers around my tiny waist and slowly took me up in her grasp. Lifting me up, she held me beneath the faucet and swiftly rinsed me off.

The cold water instantly gushed out, blasting all the soapy bubbles away. I caught my breath and clung to her fingers as she moved me around through the cold water.

I suddenly felt the gripping of long slender fingers sliding up around me as she tightened up her grasp and lifted me on up away from the faucet.

"Well now, my little man. I think It's time that you earned your keep. I've aways wondered what it would be like to have a tiny little man worshiping my ass, ...you know, Billy. I've often fantasized about this, a lot."

Uncrossing my arms and looking up at her pleadingly, I held onto her finger as she lifted me up to her face.

"Let's go", she whispered.

Holding me up in front of her naked breasts, she grabbed up her dirty underwear and dropped them into the hamper. She picked up another towel and wrapped it around her upper body.

Carrying me carefully, she walked out of the bathroom and headed down the hallway toward her bedroom. I held tightly to her finger as she opened the door and stepped inside.

The warm colors inside the room seemed to create a whole other atmosphere, the idea of being inside this beautiful woman's bedroom did something to me, ...I felt my heart racing and it wasn't just from being so cold.

She placed me down onto the top of her pillow and stepped back from the side of the bed. Standing there with two towels wrapped around her, she looked like a living version the 'Statue of Liberty'. I watched with a lump in my throat as she slowly removed the towels and carefully spread them out flat on her bed.

Next, the naked giantess walked over to her nightstand and removed a plastic bottle of some type of lotion. She stepped back over to the side of the bed and slowly sat down on top of the towels.

looking down directly at me and raising her brows with a serious expression,

"Alright, Billy. I want you to put this lotion on me. And, I want it rubbed in real good, little Man!"

Her determination was suddenly becoming quite clear, she was getting extremely horny and my being there was just what was making her so hot...

I started to get up onto my feet when I was suddenly snatched up inside her hand and carried around behind her back.

"I want you to do everything that I tell you, ....and, I want you to do it now. I want you to be my little 'slave' Billy. Do you understand what I'm telling you?", her tone of voice was suddenly deeper, huskier, ....more demanding.

"If you don't do as I say, ...I'm going to give you back to Jazzy and let her do whatever she wants with you, ...is that what you want?"

Without waiting for me to answer, she swiftly stretched out on her stomach and quickly released me on top of her naked back. I stepped barefoot across the warm, soft surface, of her creamy skin. Quickly flopping down onto my bare butt, I had to sit down to keep from falling off of the space inside the slight depression of her smooth low back.

Shifting me around as she moved her huge body, she slightly shifted to the side. Adjusting herself on the bed, she wriggled into a comfortable position. Lowering her head down, and resting her forehead on her upper arm, she flexed her hips and settled into the soft mattress. Her bare back created a soft incline all the way up to the back of her head, her blonde ponytail curled around her neck and fell down onto the sheet beside her.

Her right hand came up from the side of her hip and squirted a small amount of white lotion onto her right buttcheek, ...she moved the bottle over to her left cheek and squirted out another small glob.

"Alright, Billy. Get to work. And, you better do a good job too!"

I crawled across her large, rounded, butt-cheek. Cautiously making my way up to the small puddle of creamy white lotion. Looking down at the back of her thighs, her skin shivered beneath my hands and knees, ...her muscles flexed slightly, causing me to stop and regain my balance.

I tried to keep from tickling her but, I could feel her instantly respond to my touch. Her skin suddenly became covered in a fine coating of small bumps, ...I couldn't help to notice the sudden growth of expanding goosebumps.

"Stop it, Billy. You're tickling me!", she said. Her voice slightly muffled from high above and coming from the pillow.

How was I suppose to move without tickling her?

"Be careful down there, ...I might squish you if don't watch yourself!"

Her large rounded butt muscles flexed and tightened up; drawing together, as she gently clinched the powerful twin globes, ...I was slightly jerked sideways; inward - toward her smooth crack, as she squeezed her giant cheeks together, pressing firmly and then slowly releasing them...

Suddenly realizing that it was the way that I was moving and touching her was causing it; I would have to lie down flat on my stomach and spread my arms and legs out. The skin on her large butt cheek quivered beneath me, as I spread out across it.

The large muscle wobbled slightly, shifting me around, ...like a huge mound of soft warm jello...

I swept my hands through the puddle of cool lotion and started spreading it all around. Sweeping both my hands out and smearing the sticky lotion as best that I could, ...I worked quickly and tried to rub it in real deep.

Doing my best, and covering as wide an area as I could, I had to scoot down across the huge bubble-like muscle. I let my bare feet come to rest on the crease at the bottom of the large muscle mass.

Her lower cheek relaxed, the soft cushion of warmth allowed me to place both feet into it. I rubbed harder and harder, ...trying to spread all of the lotions out across her giant buttcheek.

I looked over to the narrow space between her smooth thighs. The length of it was several times longer than my entire body, ...I felt my cock growing stiff as it pressed firmly into her soft skin.

The back of her knees dipped down, the smooth expanse of her elongated calves lead down to her turned out ankles, ...her toes curled inward, the soles of her feet wrinkled up...

I looked back up toward her huge, relaxed butt. The heavenly space in between the large muscles seemed to elude me, ...I wondered how warm it was, ...I could do nothing to her that she wouldn't allow, ...I wanted to crawl inside and stuff my face into her sweltering pussy!

I felt my balls tingling as I imagined being stuffed inside her...

Suddenly, she interrupts my drifting thoughts,

"Come on Billy. Do the other side, now!", she whispered softly.

I slithered back up across her rounded cheek, sliding through the fresh coating of warm lotion. The heated skin sent a foggy haze up around my face. I slid across her butt crack and made my way over to the other one.

The dry skin caused me to stick to it. I had to get back up on my hands and knees in order to get across. The new sensation caused her to flex her muscles, and she swiftly jerked me sideways, and I fell over and rolled down into her buttcrack!

"Oop's, what happened Billy?"

I landed face down in the heated space of her dewy ass crack. The slippery skin on my naked body, stuck to hers, and I had to struggle to try and climb back out!

Suddenly, I was crushed tightly inside the vise-like space! I pressed against the gripping walls with both hands, ...the mighty muscles came together like two soft lips!

"Amy Help me!", I screamed!

Her muscles trembled and quaked, ...shaking my entire body like a tiny insect caught in the jaws of an enormous beast!

Slowly releasing their grasp, I was gradually allowed to get free of the heated entrapment. I quickly climbed out onto her soft thigh and rolled onto my back to catch my breath!

"He-he ...I told you to be very careful Billy!"

I slowly crawled away from the huge set of bubbly muscles, ...cautiously making my way across her smooth thigh, ...the skin quivered at my touch, and I stopped and sat perfectly still, hoping that I didn't cause her to jump again!

"Hurry up Billy. I'm waiting for you to do my other cheek. If you can't do it, then I guess I'll have to just give you back to Jazzy!"


End Notes:

Thanks for reading!  Feel free to let me know what you think.  

A Second Chance by midnightwriter85
Author's Notes:

Here, we start to see a more demented side of this beautiful blonde...

'Dai on' na'

  The beautiful giantess, Amy, waited for me to crawl over to the other side of her large, bubble-butt. My twitching boner, rock hard as I pressed it against her warm skin, ...not fully realizing that she could actually feel it. If she did, she didn't seem to care.

  Her patience was beginning to wain; she squeezed her bare naked butt cheeks together, tightly - clenching the smooth, powerful muscles.

    "Hurry up, Billy. You better start doing better than this, ...or I might have to make you do something else. And, let me tell you, it won't be as 'easy' as putting on a little lotion!"

Watching the instant formation of a matching set of hip dimples, just above her swollen glutes, I hurried away from the narrow separation that lay between her massive cheeks and quickly started to spread out the other puddle of creamy lotion.

Sprawling out on my belly, I spread my arms wide and started smearing out the white splattering; working diligently - as if my life depended on it- I swiftly smeared it all around across her huge ass cheek.

    "That's right, little Bug, ...rub it in real deep and don't let any of it go to waste.", Amy snickered softly, slightly turning her head to the side to glance back over her bare shoulder.

I looked up, gazing at her model-like profile, ...the smooth skin around her neck and the side of her face; her high cheekbones; her jawline just lightly highlighted with a fine growth of thin blonde peach fuzz.

The tiny blonde hairs were hardly noticeable and only just barely visible, even for me, ...their presence, revealing her healthy, overwhelming, superfluity.

    "That's right, Billy. You better do a 'real' good job, too - Little Man!"

After realizing, how easily she could have suffocated me within her powerful butt, I felt more inspired to attend to her, ...aside from the very real 'threat' of her giving me back to her relentless little girl, ...the thought of getting squashed alive inside her beautiful asscrack, suddenly gave me the extra energy that I needed to get back to finishing my task.

Spreading out her smooth, giant thighs, her bare feet floated up overhead and drifted around above me. I looked up, as their shadow swept over the soft hills of her smooth, rounded cheeks, ...bending her knees and picking up her feet, Amy casually began swaying them around just above her glorious behind...

    "M'm, that feels So, good, ... Oh yes, Billy. Don't stop!", Amy's voice vibrated through her body.

I couldn't help, feeling so humiliated by her sheer size. She was just so, beautiful. It was like putting lipstick on a pig... Her legs alone were longer and larger than a semi trailer!

Although, she seemed to be enjoying the fact that she could control me, so easily. And, tell me what to do, ...I had just started to trust her. I had allowed myself to believe, that she would eventually start treating more like a real person. I was beginning to think that she understood how I must feel...

However, she was slowly beginning to reveal her own selfish needs, and I was starting to realize that this was her fetish. And, she expected me to fulfill something that had been building up in her since puberty, ...and this entire experience was going to be at MY expense!


When she opened her thighs wider, the narrow space between her massive cheeks parted a little more, ...relaxing her magnificent glutes and allowing them to soften, they appeared like two huge hills...

I rubbed my hands across the wide expanse of her soft skin. I could feel of a few slight imperfections; a few stray hairs, ...a small mole, here and there, ...only, without being so close, the minuscule little spots were barely noticeable.

My eyes glazed over, as I scanned the entire surface of her gigantic figure, my heart pounding wildly inside my chest. The thought of being so close to this beautiful woman set my head into a tailspin, ...looking down, into the tight seam between her mighty glutes, I felt like I was risking my life if I didn't do exactly as Amy commanded.

Deep inside I could see the darker skin that surrounded her small budding anus. Her giant vagina just behind it, a slight space in-between that looked slightly darker.

I thought back to the toilet seat. Remembering getting squashed into that hot tight groove.

Her giant pussy has a pretty little shape. A small outer set of lips, that gave it an evenly framed heart-shape. I found it to be so intoxicating, ...the scent of it, the overwhelming smell nearly driving me wild.

My heart racing as I recalled the heavy weight of her gigantic body. Her suffocating juices gushing out all around me, I had nearly been crushed under her giant pussy, and I was so turned on at the same time!

If I were normal size, I would have loved to shove my tongue deeply into her, and lick every square inch of that puffy little muffin!

However at this miniature size, that beautiful giant-sized pussy could easily swallow me up, completely, ...eat me alive!

Both of my hands were shaking uncontrollably. I worked even harder to appease the enormous blonde.

A living landscape outspread before me, constantly moving, ...in soft, gentle waves, of almost imperceivable motion, ...however slight, the constant movement was just enough to remind me of the immeasurable strength of her humongous being!

I felt like I was lying across a huge sand dune on some strange alien beach; only this landscape was very much 'alive', ...and her massive naked body felt so smooth and soft beneath mine.

In my mind, It was becoming difficult to separate - the size difference between us. It was beginning to be a foggy, blurry line, that eventually fades away after an extended time of staring at it...

I felt a like a tiny, little animal caught in a mousetrap, and although it keeps trying to get away, while desperately dragging the huge trap along behind; the numbness overcomes, which has given it this weird, temporary sense of painless reprieve.

It continues to try and survive, ...not realizing that it's already dead, it's only just a matter of time...

Suddenly, a large shadow swept over me. Amy's hand flew passed and she interrupted my dire thoughts,

    "Do my legs now, Billy.", her voice vibrated through her tremendous figure.

    "I want that cream worked into my skin, 'real good', too!", she giggled, as she felt my tiny hands working to spread out the creamy lotion.

She had already squirted out a small glob of lotion down next to the inside bend of her knee. I wriggled on my stomach and slid through the freshly coated paste. Making my way down across her soft butt-cheek, slowly sliding on down her broad thigh.

My entire body was now coated in the thick lotion, I could slide around across her skin and slip freely. The large thigh muscle tightened up, lifting me up slightly, as she continued to casually bend her legs at the knee and sway her feet around, ...the constant motion causing her huge thigh muscle to slightly flex.

I slid down to the bend of her giant knee and started to smear my hands around through the fresh pile. All of a sudden, her calf muscle closed down over me, ...squishing my entire body against her thigh!

    "Got Ya, ...('he-he-he'). Now, what are you gonna do?", Amy giggled, her entire body quaking with delight!

    "Ah! You're crushing ME, Amy!", I screamed!

My face was squashed between the compression of her giant leg muscles. The creamy lotion plastered all over my head, ...I closed my eyes tightly to prevent it from smearing into my squashed face.

    "Aw, ...poor little 'Bug Man'. What's the matter, ...are you stuck?"

    "Amy, ...you're hurting me!"

    "Oop's, I'm sorry Billy.", she slowly lifted her huge foot off of me. " ....now, you better get busy. I want my legs finished before you start on my feet".

I quickly wriggled away from the soft bend in the back of her knee.

    "Hurry up, and finish doing my legs, I want to feel your hands, too!", she casually whispered as she turned her head back around.

I started feeling some anger toward her when she ignored me. My frustration began to get the better of me, ...suddenly, I didn't feel so intimidated,

    "No, ...I'm not doing this anymore!", I yelled.

Wiping the creamy lotion away from my face, I sat up on my haunches and looked back up across her long, naked body.

    "Go ahead and DO whatever you want, ...give me back to your spoiled little Brat!", I lost my cool and started yelling at her. "I don't care anymore!"

    "You can't treat me like this!", I screamed!

Amy slowly lifted her head back up, and just waited there as if she were waiting for me to finish my little rant. Rolling over to turn around and fully face me. Her huge legs tightened up, as she slowly turned up onto her side.

    "What's this, ...are you simply REFUSING to do as I say, Billy?", she softly whispered in a calm voice.

I had to crawl up onto the inside of her soft thigh, as she slowly rolled her legs over.

I hastily sat down and folded my arms across my chest. Looking up across her giant thigh, I now had a perfect view of her blonde bush, ...and the cozy little crease nestled within.

My anger increased, as I suddenly realized that I had already crossed the line with her, and there was no point in trying to contain it now...

    "Fuck You, Bitch!", the words left my mouth before I could even think. "I don't have to do a fucking THING that YOU say!"

Amy smiled, her eyes grew a bit larger. She chuckled a little and slowly started to sit up.

I was forced to slide off of her smooth thigh, dropping down onto the damp towel that spread out beneath her.

She pulled one leg up and tucked it under her butt. She shook the entire bed with her tremendous weight, ...I started to panic, as her huge shadow swiftly covered up half the towel.

    "So, ...after I fed you, gave you a bath, and protected you from my little girl -who's too young to realize what you are- ...And, keeping you from being taken away to some government facility where they would most likely 'dissect you', for scientific study", she cleared her throat and continued to talk down to me.

Adjusting her weight, the whole bed rocked beneath her; shaking me around on the edge of the giant bath towel, I had to throw my hands out to keep from getting knocked over!

    "You're going to call ME, ...a BITCH!", her voice raising louder when she said BITCH!

Suddenly, I was snatched up and squished tightly within her fist! Whipped up into the air and brought up directly in front of her giantess face.

Her large eyes were solid blue, ...her blonde brows creased, pulling together tightly. Crushing her fingers around me, as she squeezed my entire midsection inside her fist!

    "You little SHIT. I should just, ...I should just, ...'squish' you for that!", her hot breath puffed into my face.

I had definitely gone too far. I realized it now, but Amy was 'furious' with me, and I didn't know what to say!

I couldn't speak, anyhow, ...my chest was caving in from her powerful, vise-like' fingers and I couldn't catch my breath!

    "Ew, " She growled, " ...you're going to pay for that little remark, Billy.", Lowering her voice down to a soft whisper, "When I'm done with you, you're going to understand what RESPECT IS!", she hissed!

My entire world suddenly spun around. It was as if I were caught up in a Hurricane force wind! The next thing that I knew, I was dangling from her fingertips, hanging upside down above her open toilet bowl!

Amy's long legs were like twin pillars, standing astride the open bowl. Her fingers clamped around my ankles! Both my arms flailing loosely, the angry blonde giantess casually swung me back and forth above the ice cold water, ...taunting me, by slowly lowering me down closer.

    "Amy, NO! Please Don't, ...I'm SORRY! I didn't MEAN any of that!", I cried out, as she dangled me loosely.

    "Oh, ...what's that you say? You want to go for a 'swim'?", she teased. Slowly loosening her grasp on my ankles,

    "Please, Amy! Don't! Please, I'll do anything you want! Just DON'T drop me!", I felt her soft fingers releasing their hold, and I suddenly feared that I was about to fall straight down into the cold toilet water!

She squatted down, resting her free arm on the edge of the giant toilet bowl. Lowering me down, just above the water, Amy smiled. An evil look swept across her face, resting her chin down on her forearm, she pursed her lips. Watching me struggling around within her fingertips, she seemed to be enjoying herself,

    "Well, ...if I don't, ...then, what are are you going to do for me?", she asked.
I hung upside down, just above the cold water, dangling from my feet. I quickly started to try and think of something to say,

    "Amy, ...I'll do ANYTHING! Just TELL me what you want, ...AND, I'll do IT!", I begged the giantess!

    "Well, ...I don't know, I really don't like being called a BITCH, Billy!", Amy snarled. "I think, you better come up with something fast, ...or, maybe I'll just flush you down the toilet!"

    "I'll put lotion on your 'FEET', I'll put lotion 'all over you'! I'll rub that lotion on you, ...anywhere you want!, I pleaded with the giant blonde!

    "Alright, Billy. I'm going to give you, ONE MORE CHANCE!", she said. Her voice echoing within the ceramic basin,

    "You're going to prove yourself to me. And, if you don't do exactly as I say, ...you're going IN!"

I slowly rose back up out of the white bowl and floated around before her pretty face. She gradually took me up and got to her feet. The giant bathroom spun around, as she slowly turned away and started to walk back toward the door.

Turning me back up, she allowed me to sit down inside the palm of her other hand.

Shifting me forward, and lowering me down, I was swiftly tucked beneath her bare breasts as she walked through the doorway and slowly headed back toward her bedroom.

I was still trying to catch my breath, as she entered the room and closed the door behind her. She casually walked back over to her bed and sat down.

Crossing her legs, she set me aside on the edge of the towel. Her large hips sank down into the huge bed and she straightened up and stuck her chest out, ...her prominent bosom jutted out, the magnificent mammaries looked so extremely large...

    "Okay, Billy. Let's try this again. And, I don't want to hear another word out of you!"


~Punishment~ by midnightwriter85
Author's Notes:

A quick re-cap, then we'll return to Amy's apartment.  This beautiful, blonde giantess, is beginning to let all of this power go to her head!

'Dai Onna'

  Originally, I thought that this strange 'shrinking' phenomenon was something that the giant lady doctor might be able to fix. I heard her talking with her receptionist, Amy - (who now held me at her apartment, for safe keeping) - about how, she wanted to try and figure out what needed to be done, and that she hoped to 'exclusively' do some research and try and figure how this had happened...

  Maxine seemed to think, that there might be some way to get me back to normal size, ...and, she acted like she wanted to help me, at first.

I didn't know what Maxine had in mind, though, and as far as trying to 'help me', get back to my normal size, the giant woman doctor hadn't really attempted to do, 'anything' in that manner, and it seemed like she was just waiting too long to do anything about it!

This giant lady doctor was supposed to be 'protecting' me, and although I was completely terrified of her, I really didn't have any other options...

The giant Asian woman took me home with her and decided that she would be keeping me with her and her daughter, Diana. However, not realizing that the giant teenage girl would have a couple of her friends over, and they would eventually discover me, the whole situation suddenly changed...

So, after Maggie and Christina, those two friends of Diana's had found out about me, and wanted to 'borrow' me, take me home with them for a 'little while'.

Maxine wouldn't allow this to get out of her control, and she expected those two girls to do something in some way or another, ...in revenge, for not allowing them to have me. So, the lady doctor figured that - 'just in case' - she would get me out of her apartment for the time being.

  ...if those two girls got angry, and decided to turn her in, anyone from the government, or an authority of the local law enforcement, would come and investigate; she couldn't allow anyone to try and take her little pet away from her.

So, she brought me here and gave me to this beautiful blonde - the lady doctor's receptionist, Amy. She and her daughter, Jazzy, were more than happy to let me stay here with them for a long as Maxine wanted.

Directly afterward, when I was first shrunken down and taken home with Maxine, I was simply terrified of the teenage girl, Diana. I trembled at the thought of being trapped inside this young girl's bedroom, (and held prisoner by her) and even just the thought, had nearly driven me insane for the first few nights being held as her tiny pet!

However, after some days passed, I soon began to understand that she was just a really nice young girl, and I didn't really have to worry about anything bad happening with her.

To the contrary, however, Amy was very different from Diana, and I wasn't really expecting her to turn out this way! At first, I thought that Amy would be nice, too! Boy, was I ever wrong; first impressions can be very deceiving...

...she seemed to be just as bad as that, red-haired, 'Joyce', who had sneaked into Diana's bedroom when Maxine had left her in the apartment all alone, and searched around until she found me. If she hadn't been interrupted - I fear that what she was about to do to me, wouldn't have been anything that the lady doctor, or her daughter, would have ever found out about...

The teenage girls, that were friends of Diana's, seemed to be quite fascinated with the likes of me, ...and, the one named, Maggie, wanted to take me home with her! I think she wanted to 'Keep' me' - she did try kidnapping me! - and she almost got away with it, too!

Without Diana, I had 'absolutely' no say in anything; my opinion didn't seem to be of any importance 'what-so-ever'. All of these gigantic females were like giants! Towering female gods, standing before me, towering over me. So gigantic, compared to me; I just couldn't seem to get used to this strange new situation!

What was so strange, was that fact that I was just so extremely SMALL! All of these women and even the little girls were like huge giants, and to make matters worse, I was completely dependent upon them to look after me, and take care of me!

Maxine and her daughter Diana had taken very good care of me. (Which I fully realized, Now) Diana had actually gone through a lot of trouble putting together a nice little house inside of her bedroom closet.

And, she fed me really well, too. Allowing me to have a wide selection of different sets of miniature clothing ...I didn't realize at the time, that I was so much better off with Diana than I would be, staying here with Amy.

Being the size of a little mouse, ...and small enough to fit inside a woman's shirt pocket, was something that no man would ever get used to...

I didn't want to 'ever' be this small, but, somehow I had been shrunken down to this tiny size.
I now knew that I needed to get back with Diana. She was my only hope, and I started to wish that Maxine would return, and take me back home with her...


The scent of Amy's creamy lotion had a soothing effect. I couldn't help myself from breathing it in. The warm steamy air surrounding me, drifting up off of her ever spreading skin, ...smelling of fresh mangos and fragrant lilac; I crawled along her magnificent body allowing the intoxicating scent to penetrate deep into my lungs.

Amy seemed to be really enjoying herself. She liked the fact that I was so much smaller than her, and she could make me do anything that she wanted...

I wasn't allowed to speak, ...the blonde giantess had made that very clear and I didn't want to get flushed down her toilet, ...so, I bit my tongue and hoped that this beautiful, young giantess, wouldn't inadvertently squash me, ...as she playfully forced me to massage her giant legs.

"Remember Billy. Not a word!", Amy warned me in a soft whisper. Stretching out on her large bed and relaxing,

I set to work once again, spreading out the creamy mass of giantess body lotion.
Her enormous body being completely naked, I desperately tried to maintain my nerve.

My mind seemed to go numb as I crawled across this giant-sized, female body - determined to satisfy her, I attempted to focus all of my energy on rubbing my hands into her soft skin.

My small erection twitched between my legs as I smoothly slid across her giant legs.

"Hurry up, little Bug. Rub harder, I want to feel those little fingers, too!", she sarcastically announced.

I made my way down across her soft thigh. Working my hands into her vast, ever-spreading skin. Spreading out the creamy lotion as best I could, ...it seemed like the harder I worked, the more I had to do!

I finally finished with her right one, and she set me over on her other leg. I finished it, and she reached down and picked me up.

Rolling over and sitting upright, the giant blonde held me up in front of her naked breasts. Softly rubbing her thumb against my tiny legs, she gently held me; cupping my naked butt in the center of her warm palm.

Smiling down at me, Amy slowly loosened her grasp, ...allowing me to sit freely inside her hand.

Closely inspected my tiny, miniature figure, ...her sleepy blue eyes flickering with delight. She acted as though she were about to devour me alive...

"Alright Billy, I want you to do my Boobie's now.", she whispered.

Holding me up close to her giant mouth. I could feel her hot breath washing over my entire body.

"I want you to use your whole body, Billy.", she paused and studied my little figure. " Oh Look, ...your little cock ...it's sooo -hard!".

Slowly moving me in closer, Amy looked down at me with an expectant, overwhelming look of extreme fascination; her eyes bore into mine as she intently watched my reaction.

I was slowly carried closer and lightly pressed in between her large breasts. She carefully released me. Slowly leaning back and settling into her pillow. I felt slightly off guard as she slowly tilted me backward, taking me with her as she gradually relaxed.

"Oh, Billy. Am I turning you on?", she softly asked.

I was told not to speak, so I was afraid to answer her, ...she had already warned me...

Amy's incredibly large hands, left me in the warm, soft valley, right between her proudly displayed boobs. I slid down in-between them and found myself perfectly centered on top of her stomach.

Feeling the heavy vibration of her giant heart, beating beneath my feet; carrying throughout her whole upper body. Softly resounding underneath her breastbone, the feeling was quite overwhelming... the size of it was just so confusing...

The slippery lotion still covering my entire body, I slid down between her massive breasts and found myself kneeling on top of her soft belly, just below her incredible bare boobs!

Amy giggled, squeezing her boobs together firmly. My miserable little-naked figure squatted down on her taut stomach, watching as her large arms pressed against her breasts and crushed them together tightly.

    "That TICKLES!", Amy erupted with a fit of girlish giggling!

The quaking vibration of her enormous body shook me so hard that I bounced up and skittered across her belly!

Lowering myself to crawl on my belly, I quickly slid down across her soft skin and the next thing I knew, Amy's huge leg suddenly shifted and I fell right down between her legs!

    "Billy! You little BUG!"

Opening her legs wider, she separated her thighs and released me, allowing me to drop on down onto the bed between them. I scrambled to get up and quickly ran down toward her feet.

Looking up across her entire body, ...her naked figure, extending so far across the vast distance, ...how was I suppose to do this without tickling her?

    She seemed to be ticklish, 'everywhere'...

I started to touch her foot and stopped. What if she kicked me? I hesitated to do anything and waited to see what would happen, ...maybe, she might fall asleep and I could take my chances and try and get away...

Kneeling down, next to the curled toes of her left foot, I started to get nervous as I thought about her actually flushing me down the toilet, ...would she 'really' do that to me?

    I wondered, ...she wouldn't do that, ...would she?

  Was she just trying to scare me? Show me how easy it would be to get rid of me?
She could do a thousand different things, that would be far worse, ...and I could think of a few, that made my skin crawl!

The giant beauty was lying back with her head resting on her huge pillow. Her eyes were closed, and she stretched out her legs and groaned, ....flexing her feet and clenching her toes, she relaxed her hands and they dropped down onto her lap.

  As I squatted there, next to her bare foot, I waited to see if she noticed that I wasn't doing anything. After a few minutes slowly passed, and I could tell a difference in her breathing, I realized that she was taking longer, slower breaths, quietly releasing them in long extended exhales.

  ....was she asleep? Could I actually get this lucky? I wasn't so sure, ..she might be testing me, to see what I would do if I thought that she was asleep, ...I waited.

Her large body remained nearly motionless, except for her deep breathing, and I had waited long enough to be sure that she most definitely was asleep...

...I waited a few more minutes, just to be sure, and then slowly stood up and started to look for a way to get down off of the bed without making any noise.

With the fear of being flushed down her giant toilet, lingering foremost in the back of my tormented mind, I slowly looked around the huge bedroom. Constantly looking back at her, to see if the giantess had reawakened, ...I slowly stepped away from the side of her giant foot.

Taking it very slowly, while cautiously making my way over to the edge of the enormous bed. I was finally able to look down to the floor, and see how far it really was.

It appeared to be at least, thirty feet down to the carpeted floor. I could grab onto the comforter and repel down without much trouble, ...but, once I started, I also knew full well, that there would be no turning back!

There would be no way for me to get back up here on my own, and once I made up my mind to do it, I would have to swiftly find someplace to hide.

I squatted down and turned around backward. My butt sticking up, I grabbed onto the thick material in the huge comforter and started sliding my lower body down over the edge.

I took one last look at the giant blonde. She seemed to be fast asleep, ...I released my hold slightly and started to descend down the cliff-like face of the enormous queen sized bed.

Swiftly sliding down, the friction between my fingers instantly started to burn. As I made it passed the half-way point, I gritted my teeth and continued to slide straight down toward the carpeted floor.

The floor came up to meet me, much sooner than I had anticipated. When my bared feet suddenly impacted - with a heavy thud - I buckled in pain, falling onto my back - crumpled like a broken rag doll - I cried out in pain, as I quickly curled into a tight ball!

"Ow Ow Ow, Oh - shit -shit -shit!", squealing in agony, as my left ankle started stinging in pain!

I must have sprained my ankle, somehow!

I sat down and pulled my left foot up onto my lap. The pain was nearly unbearable as I grabbed it, and started rubbing it. Trying to sooth the throbbing down, "Oh No, ...what was I going to do now?"

Suddenly, I heard movement coming from the huge bed. A creaking sound inside the springs of the giant mattress, ... Amy had woken up!

She was rolling across her bed! I looked up just as her large face appeared above me, ...looking down directly at me, ...her eyes slowly growing larger!

"What are you, ...doing?", she whispered.

"Oh SHIT!", I jumped up and started running as fast as I could!

Hopping on the good foot, (three or four times), then in order to keep my balance, touching down with my bad foot. "Ouch, Agh!"

Three more hops on the good foot, ...and, I heard Amy giggle. The movement of her gigantic figure caused the giant bed to creak from underneath...

The bedsprings groaned louder, collapsing from her weight, and a swift shifting pressure.

Then, with a sudden crash, her huge bare foot slapped down - suddenly wafting down right in front on me!

"Hold IT Right, ...there!", Amy's voice boomed down from high above!

Looking back, and up, I ran into the huge female foot and fell backward onto my butt! The smell of the fresh body lotion suddenly returned and her huge foot completely blocked my path!

I started to get up, but was quickly enveloped by the soft skin of her giant fingers!
My entire midsection squashed up within the vise-like grasp. Squished up firmly, and so tightly, from my shoulders all the way down to my knees!

...slowly, lifted up away from the floor and carried right on up to Amy's huge, smiling face!

"Going Somewhere?", she asked a smirk curling up the corners of her mouth.

Her hot breath washed across my face as she exhaled a full breath. Her long blonde hair fell down around her face as she leaned down over the side, her eye's darkened as she slowly brought her little escapee up before her.

"Hm, well, ...I didn't want to do this, ...but, if you're going act like a child, then I guess you'll have to be punished"

I screamed up at her in fear, "Please Amy! I don't want to die!"

Thinking that she was about to flush me down her toilet, I started crying and begging her not to do it!

"Please don't flush me down into the sewers! I won't do it again. Please, Amy! Don't kill me!"

Amy sat up on the side of her bed, holding me tightly wrapped inside her fist. She looked blankly across the room, as if she were thinking about something, ...her eye's twinkled with delight as she contemplated some new way to punish me.

I struggled inside her powerful fingers, and I could feel my sprained ankle throbbing with intense pain!

I don't know if the giant blonde realized that I had hurt my ankle. Her face turned back toward me with a look of sudden satisfaction; her perfectly formed lashes fluttered as she smiled down at me.

Her breath washed against my face as she spoke directly in front of it,

"Alright, Billy. 'IF', I'm going to have to keep you with me, all the time, then, ...I might as well get something out of it, ...Right?", she whispered.

"Answer me!", she commanded, squeezing me a little tighter!

"YES, Yes, ....I'll do anything that you Say, Please Amy, ...please, forgive me!", I begged the beautiful giantess!

She suddenly stood up and walked over to her dresser. She opened up the top drawer and looked inside, ...a slow smile crept across her face as she reached inside and slowly pulled out a pair of pink thong panties.

"I've only worn these a few times, Billy. They fit really well, and I didn't want them to lose their shape so, ...they might smell a little bit...I haven't washed them."

Holding me up next to the giant pair of frilly underwear, she loosened her grasp around my body and slowly moved me over into the front panel of the pink material. Placing me in the satin-like front, she seemed to be measuring my size against the thin, see-thru undergarment, ....I didn't fully understand what she could possibly be doing, but the soft material felt very nice against my naked skin...

"You don't mind, do you, Billy?", she asked.

Not expecting an answer from me, ...she knew that I had no idea what she was referring to...

"Oh Yeah, these will do nicely. Like 'em Billy?", she spoke very softly and sweetly, in a very sexy voice.

"Answer ME!", she squeezed me again!

"Yes, I like these, ....um, Yes, they're very pretty!", I quickly said, trying to appease her, but feeling a little confused as to what she was doing...

Amy giggled and laid me down on top of her giant dresser.

I didn't know what she had in mind, but I was hoping that the giant blonde was eventually going to forget about punishing me. She hadn't taken me into her bathroom, so I felt that there might still be some hope... Little did I know, I was about to suffer something much worse!

"Alright, Billy. I want you to lie very still while I fix these panties. You're not going to move a single muscle while I do this or, you might get stuck, -

"Stuck, with this!", she said.

Suddenly raising her voice, and holding up a sewing needle pinched between her finger and thumb!

The needle was easily as long as my leg and the sharp point glistened in the light like a mid evil dagger!

She quickly forced me down on top of her dresser. Placing me face down within the front panel of the frilly pink underwear. Forced to spread my legs wide, as she positioned my body the way that she wanted, she worked quickly but very precisely, ...and, after a few moments I felt the sharp needle slide against my ankle!

I screamed out in pain as she barely missed my skin while sliding the long needle along side it, she slowly wrapped a taut piece of thread around my ankle and drew it up tightly!

"Oh Hush, ...I'm NOT hurting you!"

I tried to remain still, as she completed several wraps around my throbbing ankle. She finally finished and pinched her fingertips around my other leg. I held as still as possible as she did the same thing to the ankle of this leg.

"I'm not finished yet, Billy - Hold very still!"

She grabbed my sides and squeezed her fingertips along my ribs. Holding me in place, the giantess worked the needle through the fine material and pushed it passed my body. I felt the thread sliding along my chest as she stuck the needle through on my other side and grabbed it up and pulled it snugly against me, ...it was completely wrapped around my chest!

After several more complete wraps, the next I knew, ...she was holding me up in front of her naked body. I dangled from the pink panties, hanging upside-down inside the frilly front section of the pretty little pair of thong underwear.

Awaiting her, to inspect what she had just done to me, I swung loosely inside the front section. She casually held it up in front of her waist and stood in front of her mirror to get a full view.

Upside down, and tucked inside the pink netting, I felt my ankle throbbing from the pressure. I tried to shift my weight so that I was hanging from my good foot. Firmly affixed within the pink thong.

My chest was tightly strapped into the front panel too, so I was able to turn my body slightly to lessen the pressure on my bad ankle. Turned upside down, my head was forced into the narrow crotch. The way that she had drawn up the thread, I was tied in tightly and my legs were spread wide.

My arms and head were free, but I couldn't really do anything with my chest strapped in so tightly, ...she had sewn me into this underwear and, I wondered what she was going to do next!

What was she trying to do?

Wait a minute, ...'Keep me with her?' - 'all the time...?"

Was Amy going to, ...put them on!

I bent forward and looked up at her. She was stalling, waiting for me to figure it out, ...she didn't have to wait very long!

"Amy! No, don't! You're not going to, ...put them ON, are you?"

"Oh Yes!", she snickered. "And THAT way, I'll know exactly where you ARE!"


End Notes:

...sorry Tom.  I couldn't fit the rest of it in, ...continued next chapter!  

'Trapped' by midnightwriter85
Author's Notes:

  Sorry for the extended wait.  I've been going through a lot of stuff lately and this just kept on getting moved back.  Hopefully, I'm back on track once again.





'Dai Onna'

  I couldn't do anything to stop her. Amy, the beautiful blond giantess, had easily held me down with a single finger and firmly sewn my chest and ankles into a frilly pair of her thin, lace panties.

It was as if I had been tethered into a large, pink colored sheet of soft mesh. The weight of the entire piece felt like about fifty pounds of wide soft cloth. I could easily stand up and carry it with me if given another chance to escape. Although, I already knew that she wasn't going to allow that to happen again...

Her excited voice whispered from high above,

"Oh Billy, I've always wanted to do this... God, you have no idea!"

Inside the sanctuary of her bedroom, all alone with her, ...it was like she had changed so much... not only was she a whole lot 'bigger', - it was like, she had suddenly allowed her true self to finally immerge from deep inside.

When she was working at the reception desk for the lady doctor. She seemed to be so sweet and innocent as she talked with me, ...so nice, so pretty, ...so young.

Now, she was so much different. It was easy to see that all of this power had gone to her head. She was simply delighted to have complete control of me. Treating me as her little pet, and as I recalled what it was that she was looking at on the computer that day. ...she was more than enjoying herself, Amy was living something out that she always wanted to do...

The giant blonde stood towering above me, completely naked, preparing to put the huge pair of pink, thong panties 'on'... and wear them, ...with ME, strapped securely inside!

"Ew, Billy, I can't wait to 'feel you' trapped inside my tight undie's!"

My fear started to compound as I speculated what this enormous woman was about to do with me. Why would she want me trapped inside of these thin lacy panties? What was I suppose to do? Was this some kind of strange punishment? I might suffocate inside them, ...would I be able to breathe? What did I do to deserve this?

I tried to jerk my feet loose, but the tightly wrapped twine held firm. My eyes went wide with fear as I looked up across her looming figure!

Amy giggled as she held me out in front of her and inspected her handiwork. I fit almost perfectly inside this oversized triangle of pink silk. My head resting inside the slightly cupped strip that was designed to cover her most private area, ...my legs spread wide, fastened tightly with some type of heavy cord. My chest was firmly tied to the middle.

My head positioned so that it would be tucked just inside of the pointed section where the string attached to the thong; coming to rest, deep inside of her soft butt cheeks. I could reach up and grab onto the sides but as I struggled to move, my sprained ankle started to throb and sting.

I could only wait, holding my breath in anticipation.

Frantically looking all around, I became instantly humiliated (suddenly noticing that there was a petite little white bow attached like a centerpiece on the front of the giant panties). I could see it, down below my bound ankles, through the interior of the woven pink mesh - I suddenly felt just like that little white bow - just a part of this giant woman's frilly pink underwear...

The giant blonde looked down with a slight smirk. I hung upside-down, just weakly letting my arms hang down; the giant blonde beauty smiled wider as she intently watched me dangling in front of her wide set hips.

Speaking in gibberish, Amy raised the pitch of her voice and teasingly spoke down to me,

"Now don't be scared 'wittle' Billy. I'm going to slide you right up, and see how your tinie little body fits against mine!"

Her giant thighs slowly drifted passed, growing taller, as she casually lowered me down toward her feet. Bending forward, carefully laying me down on the carpeted floor.

The large pink thong collapsed around me, as she gently laid it out flat, allowing me to slowly come to rest on my back.

Firmly attached to the soft lining, inside this thin pair of underwear, I slowly began to realize that she was actually going to put them on! Her huge hands carefully lowering me down in-between her smooth arches.

She couldn't do this to me, I thought, ...I'm a real person, not some little 'toy' that she can just use and - "How could she treat me like this?"

I looked up between her smooth, towering legs, I could see the powerful muscles in her magnificent thighs flexing; her smooth calves, flattening as she slowly squatted, lowering herself over me.

My heart racing, I peered up into the neatly trimmed patch of wiry curls that lay prominently tucked away between the smooth inner walls of her tremendous legs. A few of the golden strands, glistening with a fine dew of escaping moisture. The smooth lips were hidden beneath, swelling out into a puffy mound.

Struggling helplessly, as she squatted directly over me, Amy's magnificent body slowly swaying around in a gentle rocking motion. She reached back behind her head and released the rubber band that held the ponytail. Settling down on her heels, she shook her hair loose and whipped it around.

Her squatting figure came forward with consuming size, as her long blonde hair fell down around her face - she giggled like an innocent little girl - her face hidden beneath a curtain of shimmering blonde.

Directly beneath her squatting figure - her sheer size alone, taking my breath away...

Spreading my legs apart, the giantess pulled the pink material out straight on the soft carpet.

Her sharp fingernails flicked across my bound body while adjusting the position of the pink thong.

Standing back up, her huge shadow cast across the bedroom floor. Awkwardly stepping around as she attempted to put her bare feet inside the opening of the leg holes.

I quickly realized that she was about to step into the panties. Her large sole passed overhead, as she started to bring her foot up above me.

I continued to stare up at her huge form as she loomed above. Her tremendous feet looked so big. So enormous, ...easily large enough to crush me like an insect!

From down on the floor, I could do nothing but tremble at the thought of getting crushed beneath them!

Her size was clearly the only thing on my mind. As she stood above me nearly reaching the heights of the ceiling. She appeared to be sixty feet tall! I froze there, looking straight up at her incredible naked body!

She could easily crush me under her feet, my mind went numb as I tormented myself, ...attempting to estimate the factor of her massive weight.

My eyes nearly rolling back into my head, as she picked up her foot and swayed it around above me. The ball of her foot and the smooth sole floated over my face. Then the large round heel swept over me, coming within inches of my miniature body, ...I held my breath as she started to lower it down next to me.

Suddenly, she shifted her weight to one side, as her huge foot crashed down with a heavy thud - vibrating through the floor underneath me...

"Oop's, I 'almost' stepped on you!"

The sight of her large, soft, thigh muscle, wobbling from the sudden jolt, - reflecting the massive size of her enormous figure - then, as if it were nothing at all - Amy lifted up the other foot and floated it through the air above me.

Staggering a bit, she awkwardly began lowering it down right next to me. I was shaking so bad, that she had to notice my trembling,

"Aw, don't be so scared, Billy. I promise not to step on you!"

Slowly shifting her weight to the other side, she adjusted her feet and regained her balance. Her wide-set hips swaying across several feet of open space, drifting casually so high above me...

Once again, Amy casually picked up her foot, carefully lowering it down closely on my other side. Her hands reaching down and sliding along the length of her legs. Smoothly taking up the edges of the giant pink thong, she slowly started to lift it up around her ankles.

Looking to the sides, I watched with consuming fear as her huge soles settled into the carpet on either side of my bound form.

Jerking forward and bracing myself, I felt my lower body being lifted back up. I felt my ankles pulled straight up, as the thread around my chest slowly pulled up with the pink material. I started struggling to try and break free but I was slowly inverted and my world suddenly upended!

Slowly taken up and turned back upside-down, I slowly began to glide back up along her legs. Only this time, I was trapped directly between them!

Suddenly, I started struggling, even more, realizing that my face was going to be forced directly into her enormous butt-crack!

I tilted my head forward, reaching up and grabbing onto the edges of the openings (where the front of her thighs would soon be), - peering up through the frilly opening in the waistband - I watched with shock, as her hands gripped at the sides and began to firmly pull.

Hunkered down directly above, the crouching figure of this tremendous woman hovered, half squatting. I held my breath, as she slowly slipped the delicate panties up around her incredible legs. Gently sliding them on up to her crotch... gradually straightening up her legs and taking me right up between them; stopping just beneath her pussy.

Along the way, I was gradually turned up into a flat position - strapped down on my back. A warm breeze swept up around me - rushing up through the 'ever-so-slowly' - disappearing leg openings. Intentionally pulled up, into the ever-narrowing space between her tremendous inner-thighs.

Slowly returning to a standing position, Amy's powerful legs stiffened up - the soft, thin material, pulled taut all around my bound body. I was stretched out beneath her - perfectly centered, underneath her glorious ass. Looking up into the shaded area nestled between her inner thighs, ...I caught my breath and held it, as her fingers gripped around the encircling elastic band - alternately tugging at the sides, Amy casually adjusted the thong - forcing me tightly into her heated crotch.

The large twin globes of her tawny behind filling my entire view, blocking out the light and gradually swallowing up the g-string above my head. Holding up my hands protectively, bracing myself for the impending - both my hands disappearing into the heated engulfment...

Pressed into the tight space between her gigantic cheeks, swallowed up into the heated swell - my face swallowed up inside her gigantic butthole.

Gasping, I caught my breath with a quick gulp - struggling within the slippery moisture surrounding me... the warmth consuming my entire body as I was forced into the center of her snuggly fitted crack. The heated space instantly devouring my entire body!

Curly strands of wiry blond tendrils wrapping all around my naked body; form-fitting all around me and tangling up around my arms and legs.

Tremendous pressure pulling me into her, I held tightly to the sides of the thin material and felt myself slowly drawn in; sinking into her massive bottom - the size of this swollen mass and warmth, ...the softness surrounding me - I could only catch a quick, desperate breath before her magnificent butt swallowed me up!

The heated air surrounding me smelling of sweet perfume and laundry soap. The slight twang of her overheated sex entered my nose and sent a twinge of tingling sensations rippling up through my body.

The wrinkled relaxed ring, forming her little brown buttonhole, suddenly coming alive - flexing in response to the touch of my tiny fingers. I felt the rubbery skin contracting, tightening up as if it was clamping down.

My face crushed against it, as Amy pulled up on the waistband and firmly held me trapped inside her ass.

Softly and smoothly, enclosing around me, the sides of her mighty globes closing together all around my bound body. The slight space allowing me only enough room to breathe; I covered my face with both of my hands, holding my body together as best I could. The feeling that came over me was like I had been swallowed alive!

Breathing the heated air, I felt her massive cheeks shifting; alternating in motion, the sliding walls shifting against me, ...rubbing together and grinding against my sides, the enormous female ass wollowed around me as she started to walk around...

The string pulled tighter, forcing my head into her butt. I held my hands up and covered my face; the hot rubbery skin puckered out and pressed firmly against them. I held my breath and wondered how long I would be able to survive...


'Air Tight' by midnightwriter85

'Dai Onna'

From Amy's - 'regular sized' - or normal perspective, it must appear like we're performing the most exquisitely 'cute' little '69'. Only thing is, I'm the very 'tiny' little number six and, she is a very 'enormous' number nine...

Lifting my head up, to try and see out of my entrapment, just to try and take a look around. I quickly find that the G-string, just above my head, is wedged far too deeply to budge. I allow my butt to sink down into the crotch panel. Managing to look out over the edge of the double layered gusset. And, pressing my head up into the separation between her lower cheeks, I can barely see out through the screen-like threads of the front panel.

I catch a glimpse of the inside of Amy's long legs, casually flexing as she walks. Her powerful thighs scissor past, alternately working together, as I'm carried along just below her giant pussy. Her magnificent glutes, gently swaying to the right and then shifting back to the left.

A slight bouncing motion in the lower portion of her glorious globes - dipping down - then swinging over and swinging back - swaying and shifting, swaying and shifting; drifting along so lazily. The inner-cheeks, lightly rubbing together around my miniature body; the giantess slowly making her way along, just casually walking across her huge bedroom floor.

The scent of this magnificent woman's body gradually awakening something deep inside me...

Peering out through the pink nylon, I can barely make out the sight of her magnificent legs, ...looking down the length of them, I quickly reach up and grab hold of the course netting - turning my head back around - I must be thirty feet high! My butt sinking down a little more, ...I suddenly realize that the panties are bagging down from my weight and I feel like I'm sitting inside a large pink hammock...

Amy abruptly stops walking. Shifting her hips in an awkward sideways jerk, I am swiftly lowered, dipping down - just as her mighty thighs slightly spread apart. Then, with a quick jerking motion, I'm swiftly drawn back up inside, tightly squashed right back into her crotch, ..."Ugh".


Hopelessly trapped inside of this tightly sealed pocket; my ankles bound and my chest strapped into this giant pair of panties. Covering my face with my hands and struggling to get my breath - I strain against the tight bindings.

Just fully realizing that I'm permanently bound to this beautiful, giant pair of frilly pink underwear, and finding myself deep within this hot embrace. My entire body stuck tightly down between the deepest part of Amy's soft, pillowy behind...

The warm embrace of her conforming glutes, wrapping completely around me; the massive weight of her incredibly beautiful - and quite prodigious ass - crushing in on my minuscule figure ...closing up all around me. The firm squeeze; an immense but pleasurable pressure - almost becoming unbearable. I stiffen up my body and try to stop myself from squirming.

Pressed down inside this slippery wedge, I must feel like a tiny naked worm - squashed, and crushed - squeezed up tightly into this sweltering vise-like maul, ... I thought for sure that I was about to die...

A constant squeezing and shifting compressing all around me. I can only just barely breathe and at times, I have to hold my breath for far too long.

Holding my naked figure like a 'living' wedgie, trapped between her gigantic cheeks, I was quickly becoming saturated with Amy's slippery butt-sweat.

She must be sitting down - the pressure suddenly increasing and then, subsiding - squeezing together around my bound and naked figure - crushing my legs and squeezing my entire body.

The conforming pressure coming from above, then switching and coming from both sides - a powerful force from below - pressing up, ...then shifting and squashing down on me. I can't get my bearings from within this dark entrapment. I can't even tell if she was still standing up?

The oven-like heat inside these lovely panties becoming more and more intense - I can only save my breathe while focusing on keeping my face away from the rounded mouth of her butthole. The oily gland, ...flexing at my touch - this large rubbery ring, right in front of me, ...the giant muscle of Amy's sweet little butthole...

The heated space, - inside this small pocket - a 'bowl-shaped' gap around her flexing anus, becoming wet and slick. Trying to protect my face and only breathe through my fingers, but the sour taste of her huge booty eventually finds it's way into my mouth. A sour burning tang scorching the tip of my tongue - the powerful aroma filling my head and burning my eyes...

Although, as terrible as it sounds, her beautiful ass is very clean and amazingly soft, it's quite humiliating to discover, but ...I'm beginning to relax and accept what my new life has so drastically become...

Keeping my face away from the center opening, I find very little space to move around. My hands covering my eyes and mouth, ...I cough, gasping for a quick breath of steamy air.

The powerful effect of her anal musk is making me dizzy with a strange sensation; I am suddenly overcome with these dormant emotions, ...I feel like I want to pleasure her by licking this monstrous gland... I feel my solid erection sinking into the opening at the bottom of her slippery snatch.

The motion of her huge body forcing me into her; her groping fingers slowly sliding down across my backside, pressing firmly over the front of her panties - (my exposed and very vulnerable butt becoming her central focus)- squishing my hips together and shoving my waist into her overheated pussy. Is she standing up again?

Both of my bare legs soaked and slippery, my whole body pressing tightly against her huge, pillow-soft pussy mound. I tense up with tingling pleasure. A hot prickling wave sending a tingling sensation created from the golden wet tangle of wire-like bristles, curling around my limbs causing me to nearly convulse ....the sensation is overwhelming...

My ankles, tightly bound to the underwear; sewn into the threads - holding my legs spread wide apart - my bare naked ass completely exposed, pressing snuggly into the stretchy elastic gusset.

Sewn into this giant pair of frilly pink underwear, I've become permanently attached to it. Amy can easily position my tiny body however she pleases. Her powerful thighs squeezing together, then just as quickly, releasing and opened up... her weight settling down below me, and then, ...I slowly realize that she must be lying down.

I hear the bed springs straining under her weight. The sound coming from beyond my entrapment, I listen intently from between her separating cheeks; space slightly opening up - allowing for a little more room to draw a full breath.

She can easily pull on the G-string and slide me in deeper - she can pull on the front of the waistband and slide me out ...she can do anything she wants with me and position me exactly where she wants.

I scream out in fear, and the tips of her sharp nails dance across my tiny ass, tracing an outline around my bound body. Her breathing slowly becoming faster and deeper. She softly moans, gently starting to shift her pelvis in a slight -humping motion- moaning with desire.

I rise and fall in a slow gentle wave of circular motion. Her huge hips carrying me, lifting me up and lowering me down - I hold up my head and try and see back over my shoulder, ...an attempt to look up across her magnificent belly.

I can barely see through this pink colored haze; the constant rocking created by her smooth flexing abdominals - tightening and relaxing - the sheer power of her gigantic size is so mind boggling; I feel like this whole experience is just some strange dream...


Suddenly, I find that my head and neck are able to move a little more freely. I can barely see through this pink-colored netting; the sight of her giant-sized hand, the relaxed palm floating directly above me, casually guarding the space on the other side...

...toying with my bound body in a teasing fashion, her smallest fingernail presses against my butt and playfully pokes at it.

I jerk in response and she giggles - a squeaky snickering - like a little girl, curiously teasing her tiny pet...

With my hands-free, I press my upper back and shoulders into this stretchy nylon crotch panel. Carefully placing both my hands against the outer rim of her giant butthole, I try and make a little more room to breathe. Although, the act of pushing myself away, suddenly causes my giantess captor to quickly close her thighs back together!

"Oh YES!", she squeals!

Bucking her hips and clamping her knees shut, I'm quickly squashed right back into her swallowing buttcrack!

"Mm, Billy. Keep wriggling like that!"

I instantly stop squirming; an act of rebellion - my personal satisfaction - still held in regard to her sheer size. What have I got to lose? She can't take anything else away from me, can she?

Her raspy feminine voice, sounding deeper and more commanding. The interior wall of her large thighs closing around me forcefully, trembling with an intense and powerful compression.

The heated air, quickly escaping from within the tight pocket - swirling around my head, just as I am swiftly crushed right back into her puckering butthole!

I scream out into the muffled hollow of her conforming butt.

"A-ah, Amy - 'PLEASE' - You're Crushing Me!"

Resting across this taut nylon structure - my stomach forced into the raised ridge in-between - I feel her opening pussy lips swelling up, becoming slippery wet. The excessive overflow of her aroused vagina soaking into my bare belly.

...my face trapped between her gripping muscle mass - the thread is still securely wrapped around my chest, hopefully keeping me from getting sucked in!

"Oh Billy, C'mon little guy. Wriggle for me!"

Highlighting the 'pretty little' pink-colored, thong panties... Both of my legs straddling her furry muffin. Strapped in, just inside the edges of the panties front panel.

My tiny feet just above the top of her huge vaginal mound.

The strength in her glorious legs, hugging me so effortlessly between those magnificent thighs, ...I can't even move my head... How could someone so beautiful, be so heartless?

Is she really going to keep me 'trapped' inside her panties?

"You better start moving little man. Or, I could just squish you and shove you up inside me and never let you out!"

Continued next chapter...

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'Air Tight - continued" by midnightwriter85
Author's Notes:

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'Dai Onna'

Chapter 38 ~ 'Air Tight' continued from chapter 37



The humongous size of it, ...Is, ... just, so 'freaking' incredible!

  It's so hard to comprehend my dire situation; hopelessly stuck, (so tightly) down between these gigantic female muscles. The massive proportions of her glorious butt - so majestically beautiful. So smooth and shapely, and yet, at the same time, so dangerously gigantic.

It just doesn't make any sense... In my worst nightmares, I could have never imagined such a strange and precarious situation. This beautiful nightmare has become my new reality.

Something else that just doesn't seem possible, is that she could have such a precise muscle control. Being that these two matching twin globes are just two simple muscles.

However, her acute ability to flex her cheeks with that 'power-house' of tremendous strength, and control the amount of pressure - so effortlessly - has shown me that she could easily flatten my entire body like a little bug!

On the other hand, she can just as easily torment me, by playfully teasing me with just the right amount of pressure.

The sheer size of this magnificent woman's ass is just so, ...so, completely unimaginable and she has such delicate control of every little movement.


  As I struggle to breathe and stay alive between these monstrous mounds - I've discovered that there's a small amount of flab in the lowest portion, (and thankfully) from my imprisoned position inside these large panties - she doesn't seem to have any control over.

When she teasingly squashes her cheeks together in a full-on clamping force - I can allow myself to sink down in-between those soft lower cheeks and manage to avoid most of the debilitating pressure.

  Although, when she rolls over, that's no longer the case...

  Lying on her belly with her knees slightly spread, her large body directly on top of me; she playfully picks up her feet and sways them around just above her butt.

Randomly, and unexpectedly, crushing her dimpled cheeks together with such overwhelming force that I'm squished down so hard, pressed so tightly - that I'm slipping free of those biting smooth-skin lips. Ejected from within the vise-like grips - and popping out like a purple grape/ ....left hugging her immense butt-crack like a tiny little mountain climber, ascending the tight space between two matching walls; clinging to a huge, rounded gulch on the face of some strange alien mountain side.

The sheer force of her incredible squeeze causing her entire body to tremble. Her soft apple bottom, ...becoming a rock hard, dimple covered, muscle mass vibrating with overwhelming power...

Her shameless giggling resounds from above, reminding me that she isn't nearly finished torturing me, yet ...she casually swings her bare feet around in a lazy circle and bounces them against the sides of her hips as she casually lies on her huge bed.

Taunting me, Amy employees her curious nature and begins to show off her innate abilities. Simply 'twitching' the individual muscles. She starts out with her left cheek, ...just on her left side - she bounces it against me -flexing- and instantly pushing me over into the softer right side.

Twitching in a twerking fashion - flexing the right side so taut, she traps me in-between them! I kick and scream, and she slowly releases her hold, ...the right side starts to casually twerk and I'm pressed back toward the left, ...she playfully giggles, and I'm tossed upward and caught between her over-heated glutes. Clamping shut around me with such force that all of my breath is swiftly squished out!

She snickers with delight, as she begins to start all over again, ...gradually speeding up and using more and more aggressiveness - flipping my naked little body back and forth like a sweaty little ping-pong ball!

The g-string pulls tighter and I'm drawn into her. Her heavy globes are covered in a moist dewy sweat. The tightness so snug that I'm nearly smothering between her massive glutes.

Amy chuckles with an evil laugh, as she pulls gently on the g-string and forces me deeper inside. Her little game, consuming all of my energy and strength, barely taking any extra effort on her part, but a slight two finger tug at the back of her frilly pink thong - effortlessly, dragging her tiny male prisoner right back into her most sensitive area.

Flexing her right cheek, I'm jerked to one side, bumping me over into the relaxed left globe. The left cheek twitches, tightening up, and the right side becomes soft - I'm bumped back and forth; left - right -left - right - and then, suddenly squashed tightly within a firm grasp.

The surge of supreme power so effortlessly executed, ...while she rests on her elbows and twirls two fingers around a wisp of her blonde hair. I'm completely helpless within her powerful trap. The greasy coating, of a warm slippery sweat, keeps me from getting a hand hold. I can't do anything to prevent myself from succumbing to her playful whims. She bounces her hips and giggles, laughing at my desperate wriggling... My wild struggling must be tickling her sensitive skin...


  I awaken cold and naked, lying in a large white basin. The buzzing sound of an electric motor catches my attention. A stiff wind flowing across the room, creating an unpleasant chill down my spine. A shiver sweeps over my naked skin. I look up and feel the cooler outside air.

  Rubbing my eyes and straining my sore muscles, I awkwardly try to get to my feet.

Across the room I catch movement in the corner of my eye, ...it's her, she's standing up with one foot on top of the toilet seat. Still completely naked, Amy is bending down to run a small electric razor over her smooth bare legs.

I watch with a strange fascination, her tall athletic figure standing before me, only a short distance away, ...she hasn't yet realized that I'm awake and watching her.

Barely able to see out of the huge sink bowl, I stand up and back up as far as I can. Leaning against the cold porcelain wall, suddenly realizing that I'm free of the giant panties.

My ankle is still very sore, but I can walk without much pain. I look back toward the giant blonde with overwhelming trepidation. She seems to be blissfully enjoying herself with me as her miniature prisoner.

Softly humming an eerie little melody - her soft, feminine voice, amplified within the bright tile walls. The upbeat manner in which she moves her body; bouncing in rhythm to her simple little tune, reflecting her present state of sweet satisfaction.

The sound of her humming sending a chill down my spine; she has been enjoying herself. left here inside this bathroom sink basin - with no possible way to get out on my own. She could put me in any number of places, with little regard for my well being and there was absolutely nothing that I could do about it...

This feeling of complete despair was becoming far worse when I began to wonder if I would ever get away from her. Amy seemed to be such a nice person - given my first impression - but, I now realized that she could do anything she wanted with me, and she was starting to realize that too!

I didn't trust her any longer. She had given me to her daughter and didn't even seem to care what that little girl did to me! I was extremely lucky that nothing really happened while she was playing with me, ...she could have easily killed me - or worse, crippled me for life by little more than a simple accident...

I had to find some way to get away from here before Amy got completely out of control; my own fear of what she could possibly do to me was eating me up inside, and the more that I thought about it the worse it was!

I looked up at the shiny chrome faucet sticking out over the sink. It was the only way to get out, and it was way too high for me. There was no way to reach it, and I couldn't even attempt to try and jump for it with my ankle being so sore.

The sudden movement from the beautiful goddess distracted me away from my thoughts - her large ominous shadow swept over the sink basin, casting the entire bowl into a dimmer light.

Catching my breath in my throat, I huddle down next to the drain and shrink away from her glorious image, ...her wet blonde hair clings to her neck and shoulders. She fills up the sky above me, simply by leaning down over the counter top.

  "Well, well, well, I see that you're up on your feet again?", she smiles, whispering down into the huge bowl.

  "How's my little PET doing?", lowering her face down directly above the sink.

I cowered down, and hold up my hands protectively - attempting to guard against her.

The huge advancing being, slowly growing larger as she lowers her face down closer to me.

  "Aw, so pitiful. Look at you, such a defenseless little thing. I'll bet that you're wondering what I'm going to do to you next, aren't you, Billy?"

Folding her forearms across the front of the sink, she rests her bare breasts on top of them and squashes them down slightly, casually bending forward and looking down intimidatingly into my entrapment.

I flinch, as she quickly reaches over to the faucet and pushes down the plunger. Plugging up the sink drain, and watching my confused reaction. Amy softly giggles, slowly turning the hot water on.

A small stream of clear water begins to form a puddle around my feet. I feel the cooler sensation, before it has a chance to heat up - I cross my arms and shiver from the icy chill, ...Amy giggles again, fluttering her lashes innocently.

Her beautiful eyes sparkling with delight, amused at my reaction to her domineering presence. My hopeless situation has become even more intimidating as I begin to realize what she is about to do...

Her warm breath suddenly flows all around me - she has cupped her hands around her mouth and starts blowing a blast of warm breath,

  'Whoosh' -   "Don't worry Billy - it will warm up in just a few minutes"

  I feel her warm breath and the scent of it nearly causes me to faint - instant tingling sensations course across my bare skin. I huddle down and watch her huge face floating directly above. She seems to be delighted to watch me cowering before her.

I feel the water quickly rising up around my knees, and I stand up and wade over closer. My frustration begins to compound and I decide to try and let her know how I feel about all of this.

Although my anger has gotten me into trouble a few times before, I feel an instant rush of adrenaline. I look straight at her large face and suddenly find my voice.

  "What are you doing? You don't have to treat me like this, Amy!"

    "Oh?", she pulls her head back slightly. "And, why NOT?"

  "Because you know, that this isn't right!", I yell up directly into her eyes.

    "So What? You're all dirty now. So, I'm going to get you all cleaned up. I've made you all sweaty and nasty, ...and, you don't think that I'm going to play with a stinky little man, do you?"

  "Just Stop It, Amy!", I scream. "I can wash my own body. I'm not stupid, just very tiny!"

Amy smiles, swiftly reaching over to adjust the water temperature. Turning on the cold - she places her fingertip under the faucet and feels it - causing the overflow to splatter all over me, I throw my hands up to cover myself, but I still get completely soaked before she can pull her finger away.

  "Oop's! Sorry, Billy. I keep forgetting how ridiculously small you are!"

    "C'mon. You did that on purpose, didn't you?"

  "NO!", she snaps. "I didn't, but, ...I can splash you if I want to. Do you want me to splash you again?"

Suddenly I'm getting drenched with the over-spray from her index finger. She simply holds the tip of her fingernail directly inside the flow and tilts it in the right direction - I try and step away but the water level is now up around my waist.

  "Ha ha, ...I've got you!", she squeals. "Here, want some soap?"

Next, she squirts a large glob of liquid soap all over my head and chest. I fall backward into the water and quickly try and wipe it away.

The next thing I know, I feel her giant fingers smoothly wrapping around me and gently closing up, I feel her hand take me sideways, then shifting and carrying me backward - taking me straight back underneath the powerful force of the giant sink faucet!

I cough and spit, trying to keep the blast from getting into my nose and mouth. Amy's childish giggling explodes directly above me, ...I squirm around inside her fist and the large smooth appendages swiftly close up around me - holding me more tightly and forcing me to endure the full force of the water jet!

Attacking me with two extremely agile fingertips, her large thumb pad clamped over my thigh, she effortlessly keeps my naked body where she wants it - adjusting her grasp and spreading the soap all around - I'm instantly lathered up and completely covered in a huge cloud of foam!

    "Amy, I can't see!", I scream out.

The potent soap suds burning my eyes and getting into my mouth, I cough and splutter, spitting and gagging!

  "Aw, what's wong wittle buggy?    Billie boy, doesn't like taking baths?", her voice purring like a huge kitten.

She closes her fingers more tightly and turns me upside down. Shifting her thumbs around over my waist, the large soft pad squashes my cock and balls and works them around in a back and forth massaging motion.

I have turned back around and my legs are swiftly spread wide. Amy's clamping fingertips quickly adjust, and I feel my growing erection being pinched up between her finger and thumb!

      "Amy, please, DON'T DO THIS!

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'Rewards' by midnightwriter85
Author's Notes:

This time, Billy finally gets to relax.

'Dai Onna'

Barely able to see anything beyond her huge, smiling face. I find myself lying naked and stretched out across her soft uplifting palm. I reach out and grab onto the sides, as she casually holds me as easily as she would her cell phone.

Her unsteady hand, carrying me up closer to her piercing blue eyes. My bare butt sinks into the cushy softness. The conforming skin, so soft and wet, soapy and warm - my entire naked body almost nearly fills her single hand.

Her giant, grasping fingertips, clamping tightly around my tiny, straining erection. I hopelessly peer up at her huge looming face, begging her to, "Please Stop!" - and she squeezes it even tighter, ...pinching my cock and squashing my balls! Amy's incessant laughter, quaking all around me, she delights herself by tormenting my helpless miniature body.

Laughing at my minuscule erection - the giant blonde flicks it with the tip of her fingernail - giggling obsessively at my frustration. Her large open mouth directly above me, her huge teeth shimmering with wet, her pink tongue undulating and slithering within - bowing up inside her hot mouth - threatening to attack my tiny helpless figure!

"Oh, ho, ...this is soooo, much FUN!", she takes a break when she notices that I'm about to pass out again.

"C'mon, Billy - I thought that you were 'tougher' than THAT?"

Pushing out her lower lip, she pouts and rolls her eyes in frustration. Her hot breath washing over me when she releases a long, slow, sigh...

"In your wildest dreams, did you ever imagine that you would ever 'get into my pants?"

Her eyes brighten up with a quizzical look of curious fascination - sparkling, like two crystal-blue pools - her iris's enlarge as her brows uplift, arching up higher on her forehead. Her smile slowly grows wider, just before she explodes into a brilliant fit of giggling laughter!

My eardrums strain from the thundering sound of her tremendous voice! I grab my ears and cover them with my hands, she laughs even harder as she notices my grimacing expression!

Stopping to allow me to catch my breath; she exhales over me with a long slow gasp. Her fingers return to slightly stroke my throbbing cock. I struggle under her huge hand and desperately try to hold back.

Nearly visible, the thin cloud of steam from her excessive breath, casting a wide swath all around me, ...my vision fades into the sweet fog and my face is covered with a fine slick of dewy moisture - wiping my eyes, I catch my breath and taste the sweet/sour essence of her magnificent being.

Returning to a soft, gentle stroking, she switches her tactics and lightly brushes her fingers all over my legs and stomach - teasingly slow - her light touch covering every inch of my tingling skin.

The soap forms a pungent aroma, foaming up all over me and soaking into my skin. I squirm against her, straining to break free of her grasp. My trembling hands uselessly grabbing at her giant fingertips, but having no actual effect in stopping her from abusing me.

"Aw, so sweet. Look at you, ....oh, Billy! You're such a little, CUTIE! I could just Eat-You-All-Up!"

Her single fingertip, exploring every square inch of my naked body, sliding across my legs and in-between them. She easily flips me over. Rolling me over onto my stomach, the giant fingertip glides over my back. Then dipping down, and stabbing in between my buttcheeks, forcefully swirling over my balls - pressing firmly - then, gently sliding up around me, scrubbing my arms and going over my shoulders.

Rolled back over onto my back, she kisses my belly - covering it entirely with her huge pillowy lips...

"Mmm, maybe I'll dip you in chocolate syrup first, ....I'll bet you'd taste even better"

The large thumb pad and index finger firmly squeezing around my entire shaft - pinching it - and pumping up and down in a swift, but smooth motion, ...driving me wild with overwhelming pleasure.

Gasping for breath, I attempt to hold out. My balls clinching up, ...I strain to hold back. It's no use, ...the head of my pulsing cock explodes. Spurting, and squirting, jet after jet of white hot cumm- spraying it all over her giant fingertips.

She continues to pump me dry, quickly stroking my firm cock. Her thumbnail slightly digging into my hip, rubbing deeply, her large fingertips slowly come to a stop. Lifting her hand away, and raising it up to her mouth - she licks away the splatter and closes her lips. Closing her eyes she smiles and licks her lips - swallowing hard - she slowly opens her eyes again.

"Mmm, so tasty!"


I slowly awaken in a very dim light. I feel that my wrists are bound - the tightness around my hands feels like my fingers have gone numb.

I feel like I'm being pulled apart in all directions...

Both of my shoulders are burning with intense pain. My wrists are tightly bound, and my arms are pulled straight out to the sides. My legs are spread wide, and my ankles are bound as well. I manage to open up my eyes and find that I'm pressed up against a smooth, warm wall of female flesh...

"What the hell?"

A soft silken fabric is stretched tightly against my backside, and I can feel an overwhelming heat rising up all around me, ...a huge wall of soft skin fills my entire view. Although there is very little space in between, I can easily turn my head and see my immediate surroundings.

"Where am I?"

A powerfully sweet fragrance fills my head. I recognize the prolific perfume. It's definitely hers... The last thing I can remember was being scrubbed between Amy's giant fingertips.

Gently washing my entire body, and stroking my cock, ...with her constant laughter, seeming to go on and on, forever...

I must have passed out after being nearly suffocated; the careless, and deliberate actions of the giantess blonde - taking me within her huge hands and using me however she pleased...

The dim light, coming through the thin material from behind, allows for a slight illumination inside this tight space. Straining my neck to look down, my vision begins to adjust.

The sight of a soft, thick, curly tuft of blonde tangles, twisting around my body and rising up directly below my face. Completely covering my chest, and filling up the entire space between my wide spread legs.

"Oh My God! Not Again?"


Typically, Amy really isn't a mean person, either. Although, her desire to torment me has completely taken over! She can't seem to restrain herself from abusing me. It's like, once she fully realized that she can actually hold all this power over me, and she could do just about anything... she just couldn't help herself.

Sewing me into her underwear was a punishment for attempting to escape, but if that was her idea of a 'punishment', ...I'd hate to see what her idea of a reward would be!

Being a very gentle and caring person, the tall, pretty, 26-year-old mother, usually had her thoughts focused on her responsibilities. She hadn't really done anything for herself in so long that her life had become too repetitive.

Lost in her school work, while going to college, and then getting a job, ...all the while trying to raise her little girl - this was the first time in years that she had actually been able to sit back and take a break from everything...

She didn't really want to hurt me or purposely cause me any pain or suffering, she was just playing, at first.

However, the more that you do something, the easier it get's... growing bolder, and more careless, Amy looked down with an overwhelming sense of complete power. She had never before felt like this... Just holding, a fully grown man inside her hands - so easily - created feelings that she never knew existed...

Having such control over another living person - a tiny, miniature person - awakened something primal - a lust - a deep seeded urge, that came boiling to the surface - up through her core like a driving force that had been suddenly unleashed!

The reality of it all had been something that she had definitely fantasized about. After discovering that there was a multitude of fetish sites devoted to this very thing, ...this young, single mother, had allowed herself to become somewhat addicted to the fascination.

Always reminding herself that the whole idea was completely ridiculous, ...and, completely impossible - she had never really fully allowed herself to actually consider the real possibility.

...it was just a wild fantasy, nothing more, ...but now, ...it was real.


12:00 pm on Sunday: Amy's bedroom.

Lying stretched out on her bed, she propped her knees up and brushed her fingers through her hair. Flipping aimlessly through an old fashion magazine, Amy crossed her legs and giggled.

Feeling her little prisoner trapped inside her panties, she smiles softly as she feels him uselessly struggling inside.

"Oh, I think, someone's finally awake?, ...G'mornin' my little Pet!", Amy whispers softly.

The night before had turned into an 'all-nighter', she hadn't actually planned on staying up all night, but she was having so much fun playing with her 'New Toy' - the wee hours just seemed to fly right by...

After giving her little pet a good bath, and teasing him until he eventually passed out, she had taken it upon herself to tie him up again. Only this time, she fastened his little body in the front of a clean pair of white, silk panties - Afterall, there was no need to punish him any longer...

Now, she would be nice to her little playmate and allow him a little more space. Give him a chance to breathe a little easier. Although, she would keep him strapped in nice and snuggly until she came up with another little game to play.

At least this way, she knew right where Billy was, ...all the time!

She wasn't going to give him another chance to try and escape, ...in fact, all she could think about was coming up with some way to actually keep him. The thought of giving him back to her boss made her feel all empty inside. She wanted to keep this little guy all to herself.

She just had to come up with 'something' to tell Maxine. Some good story, that would keep her from losing her job. And, allow her to keep him.

Maybe, if she told her that the cops came and took him away? Or maybe, some FBI agent came and got him... What if, the little guy actually escaped from her apartment and someone stepped on him, Yeah, she could say that she found his squashed remains in the parking lot next to her car?

No, she couldn't say that... The thought of it, actually made her cringe inside and Maxie would want to see the evidence, anyway. So, No, ...she couldn't do that. She would have to think of something else to say, ...something, that wouldn't make Maxine suspicious, and yet, allow her to keep the little man all to herself...


Maxine's Undercover Experiments by midnightwriter85
Author's Notes:

This is a connecting chapter, a set-up for the following scene. And, a little bit more expectation as to what is coming...

'Dai Onna'

While standing over the kitchen stove, Maxine was doing her best to try and stay preoccupied. Disappointment filled her mind, as she searched for some alternative explanation.

Slightly ashamed of herself, for allowing all of this to happen in the first place. The little man didn't deserve being treated this way. However, she couldn't really blame Diana. The poor girl was beating herself up enough as it was and nothing that Maxine would say couldn't possibly make any difference.

The point though was that, whatever had actually happened to him, was something that should be studied further, this shrinking thing could be something that could be very useful in science, ...and, she could think of several other ways that made her tingle all over...

Finishing up with the wild rice and beans, she stepped away to add just a bit more cream to the mashed potatoes.

The entire apartment was overflowing with this amazing aroma. The bold flavors of good old 'Meat and Potatoes', came rolling from the kitchen.

An acoustical version of 'REO SPEEDWAGON's' famous single, 'TIME FOR ME TO FLY', could easily be heard all throughout the entire apartment - softly flowing out of the living room surround sound speakers.

"....I Know it hurts to say goodbye, but, It's Time for me to Fly, -time for me to fly - Time for Me to Fly!"...


Sitting on the floor, in her bedroom, stretching her legs out on her yoga mat.

Diana sits listening and leaning back against the foot of her bed. Staring into her closet, the young girl's eyes welling up; imagining what her tiny little friend, Billy, was doing right at this moment... a single tear rolled down across her cheek.


Back in the kitchen, Maxie was enjoying her second passion - cooking - as she wriggled her toes to the beat of REO's song.

Wearing a skin tight pair of black yoga pants, with a stylish ruching in the back and a v-neck, all-gray-color, sweatshirt; her shiny black hair, pulled up loosely in a long ponytail. The petite Asian Doctor, looked more like a teenager at the beach, rather than the renowned Psychologist that she actually was.

Using the potato masher with such vigor that she tightened up every muscle in her body. Her powerful legs, swelling out - the leggings reflecting the sunlight in the large window - the shimmering nylon, sparkling - highlighting her well-toned gam's, her bare feet graciously stepping around the small dining room table.

Shifting her weight from one side to the other, quickly turning the potato mash into a creamy blend of savory cream. The flavor would be amazing.

The thick gravy, simmering on the back burner, and the roasted beef loin would come out of the oven in about an hour.


Leaving the kitchen, Maxine made her way down the hall toward her daughter's room. The girl had barely left it during the entire weekend.

Sunday dinner was something that they always liked to do, too - giving Maxie a chance to spend some quality time with her daughter. And now, that she was getting older, they really needed to spend more time together, and these afternoon dinners were becoming further and further apart.

Raising her voice to be heard, Maxine casually looked up at the ceiling as she passed the girls closed bedroom door.

"C'mon Dai', come help me in the kitchen, we'll make some Blueberry Tarts for dessert.",

"Alright, Mom. I'm coming!", Diana yelled back over her shoulder.

Maxine turned into the bathroom to wash her hands,

"Well, hurry up.", she yelled. "I need you to go and get some things from the store, too."


Getting up, the tall teen girl reluctantly dropped a miniature pair of denim pants on the top of her dresser, before exiting her bedroom she turned around glancing toward the open closet door, wiping her eyes she sniffed and turned away.

Still wearing her baggy pajama's, she wondered down the hall toward the kitchen.

"I'll make the gravy, Mom"

Back in the kitchen, Diana had taken up the task of stirring the beef gravy. Although, the teenager had been so distracted all weekend, worrying about her helpless little friend, that she just couldn't concentrate on what she was doing. The thick gravy started sticking and beginning to burn.

"Oh, this stuff is too thick, Mom!", starting to cry, Diana stepped away from the stove and collapsed at the kitchen table.

Putting her head down on her arms, she cried,

"I can't do ANYTHING Ri-i -i- i- -ght!"

Maxine attempted to console her, but after two days of morning, she had tired of her daughters moaning. Deciding to give her a break and let her get out of the house.

Sending her to the grocery store, was just what the girl needed; a chance to drive her new car and get Billy off of her mind.

" Go ahead, Dia. You can take the car, go pick up some bread and milk from the market."

The young teen had been skulking around and, wondering if her friends would be able to keep their mouths shut about him, and not tell anyone else about their precious little secret... And, there was also a strong concern about Amy, too.

Diana knew the way that her, and her friends, had first reacted to him, and she worried that poor Billy might be in some kind of trouble, ...she hoped that it was all just her imagination, but there was still a constant fear...

Fully realizing the effect that Billy had on her, would most likely be affecting Amy as well...


After Diana left, Maxie was all alone in her apartment. She took everything off of the stove and turned the temperature down on the oven. Leaving the kitchen, she went to her bedroom. Stripping off her yoga pants, she pulled on a loose fitting pair of white terry-cloth shorts.

Opening her laptop, she took the time to check her emails.

Over the long weekend, she had gone back to the Morris Building and gathered some critical information that she needed in order to start discretely investigating this strange occurrence.

First, and foremost, she wanted to research those chemicals. The ones that were used in the cleaning solution at her office building. She had gone to the room where the supplies were kept and had gone through everything on the shelves.

She copied down anything that they used to do the floors. Everything on the buckets, and everything in bags, or boxes, she wrote it down, especially - anything to do with the mixture of the chemical makeup.

She found several small glass bottles and took a sample of each one. Filling up a cardboard box with the bottles, she placed the list inside and labeled each of the chemicals.

There had to be an answer somewhere. And, she was certain that it would lie within that list.

Back home inside her bedroom, she started experimenting: taking two of the most used formulas and blended them together. Then, she added some of a third chemical. Each time, keeping the mixtures separate - Test one, Test two. Test three.

In that progressive manner, she continued until she finally got the reaction that she was looking for...

The slow process, of mixing the long list took her most of the evening on Saturday, and well into Sunday morning.

A stray neighborhood cat had happened to come by her window. The short haired Calico had somehow found it's way out onto Maxie's terrace. Without thinking, the young lady doctor opened her window and let it in, ...the cat meowed, and cautiously entered her bedroom.

Maxine closed the window, and gave the cat a small saucer of milk, allowing it to stay in her bedroom while she tried another mixture.

The forty-fourth attempt, brought about the reaction that she was searching for; a strong burning reaction boiled within the glass beaker, she stood back and watched the foaming agent overflow from the pint-sized container.

Frantically, Maxie quickly set the beaker down on the floor and swiftly stepped out of her bedroom - leaving the cat inside - she closed the door and stuffed a rug underneath. Sealing the cat inside, while the chemical reaction took place and filled the room with the toxic fumes.

She didn't like the idea of doing this, but what else could she do? She had to find out what caused Billy to shrink, and if there was a better way to find out, she couldn't think of any...


Maxine smiled to herself, as she quickly glanced over the coming week's agenda. Scanning her latest e-mails, she noticed that she hadn't received anything from her new receptionist,

"Hmm, ...nothing from Amy, yet?", she whispered. "That's weird. I'll just see what she's up to..."

Clicking on Amy's email box, Maxine opened it up and started typing-

------ ------ ------
To: Amanda P.
From: Max H.
Hey Sweety, what's up? Have a good weekend? Everything alright?
------ ------ ------

After sending the e-mail, she clicked her local weather app. - The rest of the day would be very nice. Warming up, and clearing off with a temperature of 78 degrees. Reaching into her desk drawer she removed a small cardboard box.

Slowly lifting the lid up, she peeked inside and saw the tiny creature huddled in the corner. She wondered what her huge eye looked like from inside of the box...

The miniature cat hissed, and spit at her - frightened as could be - it still attempted to defend itself from this gigantic woman. Maxine slowly closed the lid and carefully placed it back in her desk drawer.

She wondered how Billy was doing. Maybe she would drive over there after dinner, just to take a little look around, make sure that everything was 'alright'. Her mind drifted back to the previous days, she couldn't help herself from remembering that feeling...

A rush of tingling pleasure swirled inside her, as she felt herself becoming wet, ...just holding him, made her feel like she was this Giant Goddess!

She quickly pushed away from her desk and stood up. Clearing her head and closing the computer, she stood up and stretched. She would have to go to the office first, before going over to Amy's place.

She had several clients coming in tomorrow, and one of them would be the perfect candidate for her next experiment.


Diana pulled out of the parking lot and turned toward the entrance gate. She drove slowly and carefully - she was a little nervous about going out on the road all by herself, but she was just going a few miles down to their local grocer.

She stopped in front of the tall metal gates. The heavy iron bars stood fifteen feet high, connected with a solid steel deadbolt, effectively closed. Diana waited for the security guard to recognize her.

A balding middle-aged man wearing a blue uniform was seated inside a small brick building at the side of the entrance way. Smiling Ed, he was called - he waved her through, and operated the electric switch that activated the mechanical system.

Diana watched curiously, as the tall gates magically released, allowing her to escape the confines of the apartment complex. Driving down Bridgemont street, she kept her hands at ten and two - remembering to glance up into the rearview - checking her mirrors, she started to get the feel of her little car.

She didn't want to be gone too long, she knew that her mother was expecting her back in less than an hour. The little car was very fun to drive and she enjoyed the feeling of being able to go places without having to have someone else drive her there; she could take her own car now, ...thanks to her Mom's friend, Aunt Joyce.

Thinking of Joyce, ...Diana looked across the parking lot and there she was - standing by her own car, parked next to the soda machines that lined the front sidewalk in front of the store.

Diana parked and jumped out of her car. She quickly locked it up and placed the keys inside her purse. She ran across the parking lot, quickly making her way over to where Joyce was waiting,

"Well, well, ...if it isn't the 'Birthday Girl'", Joyce excitedly announced.

"Hi, Joy!", Diana squealed. Reaching out to hug her middle-aged friend.

"Where's your Mother? Don't tell me, that you're out driving all around by yourself?"

"Yea, I guessso, ...I'm just running errands. Getting some bread and milk for supper
this evening, ...what are you doing all the way across town?"

"I was just bout to get some things for myself too. I was going to stop by, and see what Maxie was doing tonight... is she still so busy that she doesn't have time to go out anymore?"

"I don't know Joy. She's pretty busy theses days. She has a full schedule at the office next week, ...I looked at her calendar yesterday and I think she has a full day already planned."

"Hmm, we'll have to get her to loosen up a bit won't we Diana?"

Diana smiled, as the two of them walked into the store together. Hanging around with Joyce made Diana feel older, more mature, ...special.


End Notes:

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A Day at the Office by midnightwriter85
Author's Notes:

Billy struggles, Maxine discovers a new formula, and Amy has a pleasant drive to work.  Also, some new characters are born and Maxine begins to think of all the advantages of her new discovery.

'Dai Onna'

*Maxine updates her Log Book.


Subject: Mr. Willaim Little
Analysis: Proportionately diminishing in total size: 'Physically Shrinking'
Log entry #1


The actual effects of being exposed to this chemical reaction seem to be a complete physical transformation. The mass reduction, or shrinking process, is apparently something that has never happened to anyone, until now. I can't seem to find any other medical information pertaining to this strange metabolic phenomenon.

The subject seems to be suffering from no additional side effects. Obviously becoming overly terrified of anyone that he encounters, though, he seems to contain his fear and has adjusted quite well under these extreme circumstances; he hasn't become any smaller since the first measurement was taken. So it appears that the shrinking effect is complete.

Presently measuring at 4" tall, this tiny man is the exact same length of my index finger.

Understanding that our subject is quite extraordinary, Mr. Little, seems to be growing more accustom to his 'new' life; no discernible signs of extensive mental degeneration has been noted.

Further observation must be continued. To obtain a complete diagnosis, any and all distinguishable factors must be taken into full consideration.

More subjects will have to be affected with the formula, in order to get a more advanced knowledge of this incredible miniaturization process.


My experiment, with the crude mixture of harsh, cleaning chemicals, has ultimately lead to my discovery of the formula, for which has caused this strange molecular change. The shrinking seems to occur all at one time - almost instantly - shrinking the subject down to a mere fraction of its original size.

The chemicals involved are so rudimentary in basic makeup, that it appears as though - (given the fast reaction) - it's actually reversing the molecular cell division and, subsequently, setting off a chain reaction throughout the victim's entire body.

Effectually -shrinking- the subject down into an exact miniature of his former physical figure.


The stray cat has slowly come to accept it's new size. Confirming that, It has been noted in most medical research studies, that animals are much more adaptable than human subjects.

It wouldn't eat at first, but now, after some calming talk, and mild cooing, I have managed to get it to settle down. Its appetite has returned and it is quite voracious. After feeding it a small bottle-cap of milk the tiny little creature curled up on my thigh and started purring.

It's such an odd experience to behold, this little animal is smaller than the nail on my pinkie finger. It's like holding a little insect in the palm of my hand.

I must find a more suitable place to keep it, the cardboard box doesn't allow for enough light and if it should get away from me, I would never be able to find it...


Maxine closed her computer, slowly leaning away from the edge of her desk. Taking her reading glasses off, she rubbed her eyes. Glancing down at her roll-a-dex, she flipped over the top card and focused on her first appointment.

8:00 am - Angela Cooper.

A short, heavy-set woman with long blonde hair. She had a pretty face, with big hazel eyes - her shy personality and calm demeanor, concealing her most hidden desires - the deeper feelings; to the passer-by, she looked as though she didn't have a single care in the world.

However, hidden just beneath the surface, dwelling deep inside her inner-core, she wanted, she needed, for some type of physical release, ...the constant burning, was a distraction that was beginning to disrupt her day to day life... Hypersexuality brought about by an extended period of depression, Angela would be clinically diagnosed with Nymphomania.

Her entire life had been her work, much like the doctor herself, Maxine, had very much in common with her. Angela had been divorced twice, though, several years back, and she had never re-married.

Recently working at a large metro-area hospital in the inner-city. The fast paced environment had more than taken a toll. She had been temporarily suspended from her job for missing entire days from work and not calling in to report off.

Her personal problems needed to be addressed, and at age 45, she wondered why she had not been able to find the right man - her problems weren't uncommon in Maxine's profession. However, she already thought that she knew exactly what this woman needed. And, she had an idea on just how to remedy her 'problem'.
Maybe, if things turned out the way that Maxine figured, she would be able to 'Kill two birds with one stone' and deal with her in a much different way than ever before possible...

Although, that would greatly depend upon how her next patient panned out.


The second appointment would be a young, 'up and coming' lawyer.

Performing a quick background check, she discovered that he didn't really have any other family. He had been divorced three times, didn't have any dependents and he had even managed to break off all three of his marital separations, without owing any of his previous wives any alimony at all.

Maxine didn't want to jump to any conclusions, but she had already considered him an excellent candidate for her next experiment...

Thomas Speedman -- had made some poor decisions with his investments, and his client's money; his court ordered visit, would be paid for by the State and the City of New York's Appeals Court, had simply handed him over to Maxine.

Expecting for a mental diagnosis - before ultimately sending him away for at least fifteen years - if it were left up to them. His punishment would be largely based upon her decision alone... and, she could adjust or subscribe to anything that she wanted for a clinical diagnosis, (or a little bit of experimental testing) either way, the state would allow her to take him, and use him, however, she pleased - Tom's life was 'literally' placed in her hands.

Maxine was just a little more than apprehensive but very 'interested' in meeting Tom, ...she had known guys like him before, and she already had a bad taste in her mouth...


Amy stepped into Maxine's office after escorting Angela out into the waiting area. Quickly stepping over to her desk, she greeted her with a slight smile and a quick 'Hello'.

To Maxine, Amy seemed a bit quieter today, ...as if something was on her mind, ...she looked unsettled and her hair wasn't the best, slightly disheveled, she was wearing the same outfit that she wore last week.

Maxine didn't say anything to offend her, but she knew that something was off, she just acted so differently.

"Before bringing in the first appointment, wait-a-sec, Amy",

...she caught her attention and decided to ask her if everything was alright.

Motioning for her to come closer, Maxine beckoned the tall blonde receptionist back into the room.

Stepping into her office, Amy loosely brushed her slender fingers through her long blonde hair and leaned back against the edge of the desk. Releasing a slow sigh, she awkwardly stood bracing herself with both hands. Slightly slumping forward with a pigeon-toed stance, she looked over to Maxine's curious expression.

"Yeh, what is it?", she whispered.

"Amy, I sent you an e-mail yesterday. Didn't you get it?"

"Oh, yeah, ...I was going to reply to that but, Jazzy had a bad reaction to some frozen fish and I had to take her to the E-Z Care. The nurse gave her something and so, she feels a lot better today, thank's."

"Oh well, that's good. I was wondering about 'our little friend', though. Everything alright with him?"
"Ah, Billy? Yes yes yes, He's FINE... Just fine. I gave him some chores to do, to help him keep his mind off his condition, and he's been getting along 'real' good!"

"H'm I was wondering, Amy. I don't think we're going to have any trouble out of those girls. After all, they are two of Diana's best friends, and she assured me that they probably wouldn't say anything to anyone else."

Maxine stood up and walked over closer to Amy. She noticed that she was standing with her heels apart and her toes pointed inward - squeezing her thighs together. Her knees were slightly bent and rubbing together, and she had a long run in the right sock of her light pink stockings.

The short, flowery skirt that she was wearing, had a ruffle around the tail and there was clearly a sopping wet spot in the back.

Maxine quickly assumed what Amy had done. And, after coming to this sudden realization, she flashed back to the night that she spent with the tiny man, herself -- ...blushing, with a bright glow of red flushing cheeks, she swallowed hard while looking down toward Amy's high heels,

"Okay, Amy. I was just um, curious, ...that's all. You may go ahead and bring in Ms. Cooper."



I strained every muscle in my naked body. Clinging to my last hope, as the bindings that held me - completely covered in her hot, slippery sweat, hidden well beneath the folds of Amy's heavy skirt, I struggled to breathe inside this tight space.

Trapped inside, and sealed up within her sheer satin underwear, I felt my bound and naked body being mercilessly worked over by her tremendous thighs.

Just an hour earlier, while Amy drove into the city on her way to the office - her skirt was hitched up and her roaming fingertips attacked my butt - spreading her thighs wide apart while driving on the four-lane expressway, Amy came several times; using half my stomach and every part of my lower body - she held me like a tiny living vibrator and brought herself to orgasm.

After arriving at the office parking garage, Amy found a space in a shaded corner - she came once more, after parking the car. That was the one that almost drowns me!

Walking into the building, I slipped around like a greasy fish stuck tightly inside this nearly air-tight, pantie concealment. Clinging to my sanity, I held onto a few strands of curly hair and tried to remain intact. The constant pressure of being pulled apart in all directions kept me fully occupied - trying to concentrate on my bound limbs.

Constantly pulling me from left to right, in a slow, casual gate. Her huge hips - tilting - and then slowly shifting back. Bouncing slightly upon each lazy step, then springing up and shifting me back over.

The heavy swaying, ...almost mechanical in nature, easily carrying me along as if I weighed nothing at all.

Amy's magnificent legs, slightly flexing, as she took her time - just smoothly walking along - but, for me, ...it was like I was squished down tightly, deep inside the humid pocket of some enormous cheerleader! Cheering, and jumping up and down, doing splits and shaking her butt!

Her entire nether region swelling up against me, her humid overheated mound pressing against me with each rhythmic step. Fighting for air and swallowed up inside this thick cloud of heady sweet steam... curly strands of the golden thread completely encompassing my naked body - rubbing against me with a tough wire-like roughness.

The beautiful blonde behemoth suddenly sat down and crossed her legs. The pressure increasing tenfold - squashing the air from my lungs - her massive legs so conforming and soft, feeling my entire right side being pressed firmly into this massive wall of her inner-thigh...

I turned my face away, trying desperately to get my breath - Amy must have sensed my struggling, as she swiftly removed her crossed leg and slightly opened up the space between her stocking clad thighs.

Luckily, when she sat down, the welting in the top of her pink, nylon stockings, ended just below my waist. She would stand up momentarily, then sit right back down again, ...then, stand back up, then sit down and cross her legs, uncross them, then shift around in the seat and then stand back up again, ....I could hear her talking, through the wall of her soft lower belly, but I couldn't make out what she was saying...

All I could do was stay alive, breath. And, focus on keeping the muscles in my arms and legs tight. Preventing the powerful force of sudden traction from pulling me apart...

Ch. 42 'Tom' by midnightwriter85
Author's Notes:

Yeah, I know... I'm side-tracking a bit here, but after this chapter, you'll soon see where this is heading...

'Dai Onna'

Wearing a nicely creased purple blouse with an extremely tight fitting pair of tan cargo shorts; her black strappy high-heels -her favorite- adding a few inches to her height, ...Angela smiled inwardly carrying herself with that exaggerated feminine confidence.

Her smooth legs and bare ankles, smoothly leading down to her feet - the shoes - giving off that powerful look of supreme dominance. Her bright red toenails highlighting the black leather straps.

Ms. Angela Cooper had to make sure and keep her appointment with Dr. (Maxine) Harrison. She had been ordered to see this doctor, by the staff, at the hospital where she had been employed for the last ten years.

She didn't have to come, but if she didn't, she was going to lose her job.

The only other option that remained would be to start looking elsewhere for employment - and she really didn't want to start all over again, someplace new...

Looking like a slightly over-weight, Kristen Bell, Ms. Cooper, stepped into Maxine's office. Her short stature and a large butt didn't take anything away from her cute-attractiveness. She was more than comfortable in her own skin - and she knew that she was very attractive.

Instantly flashing her 'automatic' smile; her cheeks flushing, obviously ashamed of herself for the unfortunate circumstances for which she was here, she somewhat attempted to try and hide her slight humiliation.

Her four-inch tall, spike heels, cracking firmly out in the hallway, suddenly muted, as she stepped into the plush carpeting inside.

Clicking her tongue against the roof of her mouth, she stepped sideways in front of the couch. Smiling wider, she gave Maxine a quick look and graciously walked around the large leather sofa.

Shifting her shapely hips, sticking her butt out, slowly lowering her behind and gradually sinking down into the crumbling, leather, seat cushion.

Finally, she was here, sitting on the couch. She released a long, slow breath, casually crossing her legs. Awkwardly, attempting to try and get comfortable on this huge leather sofa, ...she glanced toward the closed door and felt a queasy feeling deep in her lower stomach.

Her belly was actually very slim, her waistline quite trim, for her size - not what you would call fat. All of her extra weight had managed to settle around her backside and on her thighs... Her wide set hips were nicely shaped and not excessive, but she really hated the way that her thighs slightly rubbed together...

Reaching up with her right hand, she turned her head and casually flipped her long hair back over her shoulder. Nervously scanning around the room; searching for the hidden camera, ...she knew that there had to be at least one... somewhere.

Her extra large bosom quite an asset; easily drawing different types of attention on a Friday night at the Club, ...not all of it was 'good' though.

She wasn't the best at talking about herself either, and knowing that Maxine already knew a lot about her, ...she wondered, what this woman doctor would want her to do about her problem.


Still imagining what tiny Billy was contending with, while Amy held his miniature sized form in her hot pants.

Maxine quietly cleared her throat and asked Angela the first question,

"So, Angela. How have you been doing?"

"Well, I really don't know. I started to say, 'Fine', but - I know that's not what you're expecting to hear...", she twisted in her seat and leaned forward.

"I haven't been doing my best at controlling this...", she whispered.

"The hospital wonders why I didn't call in... I didn't have an answer, and that's not like me. I usually call in to tell them that I couldn't make it, but lately... I just seem to be so careless. With everything, ...you know?", she gasped with frustration searching for an explanation.

"Have you been doing any drugs?", Maxine inquired.

"I don't do anything but drink. And when I drink, it sometimes helps me to maintain my urges, ...but most of the time it returns with a vengeance and I have to get off.", Angela blushed.

"Don't ask me anything more about my sex life. I have a big problem with that, and I already know that I need 'something' to help me with this constant urge... I haven't been able to go without - 'it' - for more than an hour - or so, before I have to, you know - 'do something', you know... about it?"

Maxine uncrossed her legs, leaning forward, she scribbled something down on her notepad.

Putting her readers back on, and sliding them down on the end of her nose, Maxine scribbled something else down, and then, she slid the pad and pencil down next to her thigh - stuffing the objects in underneath her leg - for safe-keeping - she crossed her legs.

"Alright, Angela. Let's begin somewhere in your past when all of this started." Maxine said.

"I really don't know where to begin. I guess I could start by saying that, most of the relationships that I've had were very short", she lowered her voice.

" I've been abused, ...in most of them.", Angela looked down. " My first boyfriend pushed me down in the street and I fell into a garbage can and broke my wrist."

"What did you do about that?", Maxine quietly asked. "Did you have him arrested?"

Angela smiled, "No. I went out with him for another month and he ended up getting arrested for stealing a car", she laughed.

"Did you see him any longer, after that?"

"No, not really. He called me from jail and my mother answered the phone. She didn't like him... she told him to leave me alone, and he never called again"

"Who did you date after that?

"My second boyfriend was in the military. A real man's man?" She chuckled. "He wanted to get married and take me out of school. I couldn't do that, and he got mad about it.", Angela giggled again. "He was so controlling... ".

"I hope that you didn't marry him?"

Angela leaned back into the leather cushion, "No. He ended up getting killed by friendly fire... somewhere, I don't really really remember what happened..."

"Who was your first husband?", Maxine tried to focus in on her.

"Who Mark? He was a nice guy at first, ...but, I soon realized that he was just as bad as all the rest. He had a hair-trigger temper and if I did something that he didn't like... Like, getting the wrong kind of milk, he would go off and completely trash the kitchen!"

"Did he ever hit you?"

"Oh, after a time, I got tired of his shit and I told him to clean up his own mess. He punched me in the face and split my lip open. I tried to call the cops and he ripped the phone out of my hands and smashed it!"

Angela started to cry.

Maxine decided to quickly change the subject, "Well, let's see if I can get this straight. The hospital wants you to stay and do a more light-duty type work. I can have that arranged for you if you like... I would like for you to continue working."

"Oh, that's great!", Angela perked up.

"So, is there something I can take that will tone it down?", she whispered.

Leaning forward again. "God, I just can't seem to satisfy the constant urge..."

Maxine spoke in a sophisticated tone, "I'd like to try something else, ...if you wouldn't mind. I have a new program starting up today. I would like you to be the first to commit to it. Would you be willing to try something a bit unorthodox, and might I say, experimental?"

"Yeah sure. I don't mind trying something new."

"Alright then, we'll call you back in, -maybe this afternoon- and I'll give you the details.", Maxine pulled out her notepad and quickly scratched down a few more notes.


Mr. Speedman casually strolled into the waiting area and sat down. Knowing that he might be going away for a very long time, he tried to configure in his mind what he was going to say.

This famous female Psychologist could ultimately be his saving grace. She literally held the power to keep him from being thrown into a prison cell for the next fifteen years.

He awkwardly attempted to act natural. Casually adjusting his tie, he reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out a stick of gum. Glancing over at the tall blonde receptionist that had greeted him when he first arrived - (Man, what a hottie_) he noticed her legs and had to pinch himself to pull his eyes away.

He swiftly tore the wrapper off the gum and wadded it up between his fingertips. Quickly placing the stick into his mouth, he slowly looked around the waiting area.

Normally, Mr. Speedman would have been trying to get this receptionist's phone number and try to take her out. However, under the circumstances, that didn't fall into his repertoire for the day.

He had to meet with this Famous Female Doctor, and try and get her to help him stay out of prison, so he thought that he'd better save his best moves for her...

Just then, Maxine's office door slowly came open. A cute little blonde stepped out into the waiting area. Timidly looking all around the room, she acted as if she was slightly embarrassed about being seen leaving the doctor's office.

Tom looked at her and smiled. She smiled back and quickly glanced away, ...her wide hips instantly caught Tom's eye. She quietly closed the door and started to walk in front of him.

He watched her shapely butt. Damn it was big, but it really looked great. He wiped some spittle away from the corner of his mouth as he watched her slowly stepping those spike heels across the hard polished floor.

That 'clicking sound', ...it always held his attention. That firm solid crack of a sharp female footstep, ...he watched her walk over to Amy's counter and casually coast to a stop. Her hips swaying slightly as she cautiously glanced back toward him.

After watching her sashay across waiting area, he just had to give her a big, goofy smile. (Damn, she's smoking hot_) She instantly looked away, then turned her backside toward him - unintentionally, offering up a straightforward view of her large butt - she seemed a bit shy about his being there, and Tom could sense it...

...he was even more drawn to her, now. He loved it when they acted so shy and submissive, ...Damn, if he just had more time, but he knew that his appointment was probably next so, he was forced to let this pretty little blonde get away, this time...

Tom suddenly caught movement off to his right, he thought that he saw something 'little' run across the floor... He turned to get a better look, but whatever the little thing was, had already disappeared underneath the corner lampstand in the opposite side of the room.

His attention was suddenly drawn away once again, by the sound of Maxine's door opening up. Abruptly clicking with that heavy clunk from the brass latch. He turned his attention toward the door just as Maxine stepped out and walked over to Amy's desk.

Tom watched her, he had not ever met her before, so he wasn't exactly sure who she was - he didn't know what she looked like. Although the fact that she was Asain made little difference, Harrison was an English name, but he quickly figured that she was probably the doctor...

He watched her bending forward to whisper something to the pretty blonde receptionist. Then, he glanced back to see if that little bug was still running around down there, ...he didn't see it again so, he shrugged and quickly looked back at the two women.

Maxine finished her private, and secretive conversation with her receptionist. Turning back toward her office door, she looked across the waiting area and focused on Mr. Speedman. Walking back over, she smiled at Tom, reaching out her hand, she introduced herself and gestured to him that she was ready.

"Mr. Speedman?", she asked. "You may come in now and we'll start..."

Tom attentively stood up, as if given an indirect order by the Angel of Mercy, he felt like he was standing there in front of his one and only personal Goddess...

"Yes, Okay.", he suddenly felt so strange that he had to tell himself to take a breath. She was having a busy morning, he could tell, but she still looked as comfortable as a lioness inside her den.

Her short, pleated miniskirt, flicked sideways with each step and her muscular legs flexing like two twin pistons. Her strong glutes predominantly displayed within the black material of the short mini, Tom's eyes scanned over her backside and quickly started to dry out from not blinking...

"Would you like something to drink, Mr. Speedman?", she asked.

"Um, Yes? You can call me Tom, though... No need for formalities.", Tom said as he followed her into her den.

"Well, Tom, what would you like? I have Spring Water and Tea. Or, I can have some Coffee sent up..."

"Tea sounds nice. Black Tea, with just a bit of cream and sugar", Tom replied, quickly figuring that she would most likely be having some as well.

He was right. (Damn, he was good_) "Yes, I'll have some too, then", she replied.

Without saying another word, Maxine stepped back into her small kitchenette and gathered some cups. She already had a pint-sized aluminum pot, boiling away on her single burner hot plate.

She strained the hot water through a metal holder and swirled a wooden stick inside the cups. Placing both cups onto a silver platter, she carefully picked it up and carried it with her as she came back over to the couch area.

"Here we are", she whispered quietly.

Placing the platter down on a low wooden coffee table.

"Thank you, Doctor Harrison", Tom said, as he reached out to take one of the cups.

As he took the first sip of tea, his mind was working hard to recall what he wanted to tell her, ...his eyes fell upon her shoes, and he couldn't seem to draw them away. Her pretty toes wriggled slightly. He noticed her shiny metal ankle bracelet, twinkling within the filtered light...

"So, you've gotten yourself into a bit of a jam with the banks I see, ...it appears as though, they want me to evaluate your mental status. I recommend some types of treatment, and they will ultimately decide what should be done with you.", Maxine started in with her opening.

Tom still couldn't pull his eyes away from her beautiful feet. He could hear her speaking, but something about the way that she wriggled her toes held him transfixed. The words that he was searching for, that would have normally spewed from his mouth like the trained speaker he was, just wouldn't come to mind...

Maxine giggled, "You like my shoe's?", her voice sounded child-like.

Tom just couldn't seem to look away. He had never before noticed anything so fascinating about a woman's foot! He felt confused. He was completely mesmerized by them, ...both of them, so petite and delicate, so incredibly beautiful!

Mindlessly, Tom sipped from the tea cup, while continuing to stare blankly at this amazing pair of feet. Her tan stockings, glittering in the light, just enough to create a slight shimmering effect.

He had been up late drinking last night, and he was very sleepy. Something felt so strange though, ...he felt like he was falling asleep...

A warm gust of air washed over him and he slowly closed his eyes...

'Tom' - continued by midnightwriter85
Author's Notes:

This chapter starts from a different perspective and continues, just a little bit beyond where we last left off...

Dai Onna


As I desperately fought for a shallow breath of putrid air, this steamy wedge of compressed space kept me tightly held fast. Hopelessly trapped, inside this over-heated pocket - I began to wonder when this horrific nightmare would ever end...

"Amy Please! Get me Outta Here!"

Completely covered with sweat and soaked in sticky oils, my naked figure bound in a spread out position - pressed tightly against this huge wall of a gigantic female.

This pertinacious young mother seemed to simply enjoy the fact that she could do anything that she wanted with me. And, she had me right where she wanted me, too. However, I knew that she had to go into the city to work at Maxine's office today.

So at first, I thought, "Great, this will all be over. Amy will be forced to set me free", but "God No", ...she didn't take me out!

"Oh No, you're not going anywhere Billy. I just love the way that you feel inside my pants."

Amy kept me tightly bound inside her panties while she drove into the office. I couldn't believe, that she was actually going to keep me in here all day!

Wearing a short skirt with a tight pair of leggings was Amy's favorite combo outfit. She liked the thrill of showing off her legs. And, she liked the way that her short mini never failed to turn heads.

The white sleeveless button up shirt gave her a professional look and the V-neck allowed her to display just a bit of her formidable cleavage. Her black strappy, spike-heeled sandals, gave her the extra confidence that she needed to pull it all off...


Sitting in the bucket seat of her car, Amy's oversized fingertips began sliding all around me.

Stroking my backside, through the front of her tight panties, probing down over the outside of the moist/silken barrier. The beautiful giant blonde quickly opened up her legs. Then very slowly, she closed them back together - gently trapping me, in-between her thighs with her cupping palm directly covering me on top.

Applying a little more pressure, she started brushing the tips of her roaming fingernails all across my back.

The swelling heat, welling up all around me in a hazy cloud of pungent steam. She could easily smother me if she wasn't careful, forcing my naked body into her giant wet pussy.

Pressing harder, Amy moans a little bit - squeezing me up against her heated crotch muffin. Beneath her tantalizing fingertips, I felt her huge hips flexing; a constant heat, emanating from the squishy wall.

A mechanical rhythmic motion - slowly rocking - I felt like I was becoming a part of her magnificent body - slowly - I began to realize that my whole world, now - only existed - within this giant pair of silken panties.

The tightly woven threading offered very little air, the silken entrapment heating up so much that I could barely see anything!

Her humongous body began trembling, quaking with an astonishing amount of tremendous vitality! Her chest pumping, her breathing becoming faster and faster, her giant voice erupted with squealing pleasure. An ear-cracking blast came out - just before another gush of heavy syrup spurted out all over me!

Her tensing muscles slowly relaxing, gradually, allowing me just a little bit more room inside.

Struggling to get my face away from the swollen, slippery mound, while desperately trying to wipe away the sticky mess; hastily rubbing my face into the soft tangle of blonde bristles predominantly displayed just above my head.

Once again, I had that sinking feeling. The thought of being Amy's miniature slave. Is this where I was supposed to be? Was everything that had happened to me, leading up to this point, ...had it all, just been some strange, random happening? Or, had all this been preordained, silently preparing me for just what I had become - a miniature sex slave for this gigantic blonde behemoth?

A solid collar of crusty, crystalline jelly, started to form around my neck. A sloppy rush of overflowing cream started to dry all over me and with my hands bound and my arms pulled out to the sides, I had no way to clear the stuff away...

Suddenly, a puff of cooler air rolled across my face. Light flooded in, and as I squinted to look up, I realized the top of the panties was pulled out and Amy was peering down at me over top of her sparkling wet bush.

"How're we doing in there, little man?", she softly whispered. "Having fun, yet?"

Her gigantic size - and the ambiance she created taking on the appearance of this enormous goddess. From my perspective, she loomed above me with such magnificent presence; her large blue eyes glowing; the beautiful blonde mane, encompassing her face created the most pristine image. Her large breasts heaving, she gasped for recovery from another blast of orgasmic pleasure.

Her mouth formed an oval shaped opening as she joyfully regained her breathing. Focusing all of her attention toward me... she smiled and softly giggled.

"You look so tiny down there!", snickering with delight, she wriggled her hips tauntingly, slightly shifting me around. Teasingly, wallowing me in between her magnificent thighs.

"I Can't Breathe!", my voice squeaked from within her tight crotch panel. "Lemme Outta HERE!"

Amy giggled, her voice shaking all around me. Gradually, she slowly released the waistband. Plunging me back into the dark, sweltering, oven-like heat.

"Noooo!", my voice suddenly muted, as her pressing thumbpad firmly pushed against the back of my head!

My face compressed, I felt the temperature rising as her rubbery clitoris firmly squashed into my neck. With a hot, sticky, slurping, the firming appendage grew covering the left side of my face; shoved at me with an uplifting, humping motion. Her gigantic hips, flexing with such overwhelming power. The sheer immensity of her glorious being completely obliterating everything else.


Slowly awakening from a deep sleep, I felt like I was sliding down a very steep incline. Rough cloth swept past me, in a steady rush - falling down - the sensation bringing me fully awake. The motion suddenly stopping, just as I sat up and tried to see...

Frantically, looking all around in the dark and feeling all around, "...I can't see 'anything' "What the hell?" "Where am I?", suddenly noticing that my surroundings felt very different.

Covered in some type of heavy, thick blanket, spreading out a good distance away. I attempted to pull it off, grabbing a handful and yanking away at it. Discovering that it's size, was way bigger than what I expected.

Rolling over, I got up on my knees, ...it was then, that I realized, I had been stripped loose from the bindings. I was free. My hands weren't tied and I felt the blood flowing again in my feet.

Head spinning, I caught a whiff of something strangely familiar, "It smelled like the perfume that Dr. Harrison had been wearing when I had first followed her into her office." "Wait a minute!" "What was I doing in her office?"

Listening intently, and being very quiet, I decided to remain still and wait for something to give me some indication as to where I could be, ...a soft buzzing sound coming from some type of electrical motor hummed in the vast distance, I couldn't identify what it was... though, the humming seemed to be far far away...

I had been trapped inside Amy's sweltering hot panties for so long, that I didn't even know what time it was, or what day it was, ...all I knew for sure was, I wasn't stuck inside there any longer.

Suddenly, a heavy metal door latch clicked, then a cool gust of wind swirled around my bare feet. I sat down and wrapped my arms around my knees - unable to see anything - I listened.

Someone was coming.

'Ka-thump - Ka-thump - Ka-thump'

Heavy weighted footsteps, impacted on the floor. The closeness, indicating that It sounded as though, I was up higher than the floor.

Coasting to a stop, the scraping, skidding sound, came from below - the giant footsteps casually halted with a few slow, dragging steps, pausing just next to where I was...

Another gust of the wind and the intoxicating fragrance of Maxine's perfume flooded into the space around me. The heavy blanket blocked out nearly all of the light, but I noticed a small space on the floor where a narrow slit offered a little opening.

Though it was several feet away, I slowly crawled across the floor and lowered myself down next to it, ...the light was dim, but I could just barely see through it.

The sight of a huge pair of female feet - standing close together - directly below me, on the hard tile floor. Bright red nail polish adorned her toes and the strappy high heels instantly revealed who the giantess was...

Pushing out on the edge of the blanket, I allowed for a bit more light to enter my confined space. Looking around, I could see enough to discover that I was inside of some type of wire cage.

It was the giantess doctor, Maxine - standing right next to me. She seemed to be doing something right next to my cage. Her feet shifted slightly, the toes pointing out as she shifted her weight to lean over and pick something up.

I was so happy to be left alone, that I dared not do anything to draw her attention. I slowly lowered myself down and relaxed on the floor of my dark cell.

Maxine started humming. A soft melody with an oriental tone, she seemed to be busying herself with something that required at least a bit of concentrated effort.

Her weight shifted again and she suddenly stepped off, stepping away from my line of sight. 'Ka-thump - Ka-thump - Ka-thump'

Just before the heavy door closed with a bump, Maxine's sweet voice sent a whisper flowing through the room,

"Alright, Mr. Speedman. You wanted to get out of going to jail, so there you are, ...you can thank me later, I'll be back in a little while..."

'Click-thunk' - the door closed.

"Speedman?", I thought to myself, "...who the hell is that?"

I crawled across the floor of the cage and found a small opening between the bars and stuck my hand through. Reaching out and taking hold of the black blanket - I lifted up the lower edge and managed to get a good look outside.

The cage, that I was inside of, was sitting on a shelf inside a small room.

Right next to my cage, was another smaller cage. A naked man, roughly the same size as myself was lying stretched out on the floor on his back with his arms and legs securely held down with rough cut pieces of regular sized sticky tape.

He appeared to be unconscious.

I didn't recognize him, but he looked like someone I had seen on the news, ...he was bound firmly to the floor of the cage - spread eagle - hopelessly trapped there until the Giant Lady Doctor returned for him.

"I'm glad it was 'Him', and not Me!", I thought to myself, "Maxine could be very demanding when she wanted something", I felt a shiver go down my spine. "Damn, I feel sorry for you, dude"



End Notes:

Tom might be in some serious trouble now.  I don't know, I didn't think that Maxine was all that bad, but then again, I'm not 'Billy Little', either, so....  Thank's for reading/reviewing, I love you guys! 

Ch. 44 - "Powerful Lady Lawyers" by midnightwriter85
Author's Notes:

Amy finishes up her first week, and as she doe's, she discovers something else that had happened during this same time that will reveal to her that more people were actually affected by those chemicals...

'Dai Onna'

Amy pushed herself away from her desk to stand up from her chair. Exhaling a long, slow breath, she gradually released a drawn out grown, abruptly ending with a sharp grunt.

Stretching out her arms and slowly reaching up higher, she exerted much effort in a good long stretch.
Tipping her head back, she looked up at the ceiling and released another soft moan.

"Oh, God. What a day!", she gasped.

Pondering all of the things that had taken place during the course of the past week. Placing both her hands back down on her hips, she bent slightly backward and flexed her low-back.

Slowly, stepping around the large desk, she straightened out the back of her short mini-skirt. Loosening up her hips, she shifted her weight lazily, feeling the tightness in her underwear as they clung to her body.

The emptiness in her pantie's, bringing about the wonder in her mind. The vacuity causing her to reflect on the past few days of incredible, orgasmic enjoyment, that she had had with that little tiny man... Although, she couldn't really think of him, as a man - being such a delightful little toy.

Amy thought of him more as just an insignificant little pet, that she could 'so easily' force to do anything that she wished... it was such an invigorating experience.

Reluctantly stepping away from her desk chair - her work area - the tall, blonde beauty, gave the whole workspace a quick once over. She looked around one last time, before preparing to leave for the long drive home.

The now, well-organized reception area, had taken on a more professional look. Her desk, the client's files, all of her personal things - a picture of her daughter, Jazmine - all neatly put away and arranged in their respective places.

Amanda was feeling a great sense of self-pride. An overwhelming sense of empowerment. Moreover, and now dwelling within her soul with even more resilience, was a much different, strange feeling, though - the sensation of being so much bigger in physical size than her male counterparts.

Her first week, finally concluded, and she felt as though she had reached that one eventful stepping stone in her individual life. That one 'major' stepping stone. That one, in just one single year before, she thought would never, ever come.

The entire week had gone by so quickly, though, and, had it not been for the sheer 'accidental result' from an indiscriminate mixture of some random cleaning solutions - and an unsuspecting man (Mr. William Little), coming into contact with the resulting combination of that toxic blend!

Those cleaning chemicals, that had resulted in this weird chemical reaction - to which, and through pure, random, serendipity, had created this amazing, human transformation!



Although, it was very 'un-fortunate', for the hapless victim - (physically shrinking his six-foot body, down into a mere fraction of what it was before) effectually, changing that poor, hapless galoot into a tiny version of his former self - so suddenly becoming shrunken down to a miniature-sized test-subject, for this beautiful, young, female doctor.

All sexual implications aside, this phenomenal discovery would most definitely, forever change the entire world.

If, and when, the Lady Doctor or herself, ever decided to go public with it...


Ms. Prodowsky - was completely mesmerized by this fortunate happenstance - the sheer randomness of actually being a part of it all... The overwhelming possibilities awakening feelings deep inside her, that she thought, could never be realized.

Her feelings toward the opposite sex, although she never openly told anyone, were well beyond even what most extreme feminist activists felt about them, ...she simply relished the idea, that of all the women on God's green earth, that they (Maxine and Herself) would be the ones, to suddenly unleash this astonishingly profound inoculation!

Eventually, becoming like real, actual Giantess, and in all actuality becoming the dominant gender within that of this new humanity. The species of man would be changed to 'Woman' and they would be the new leaders of the world.

...and now, with the chemicals that Maxine had, that could easily be set into motion...


Grabbing her purse, and gathering up her rain jacket, Amy folded it over her forearm and glanced back toward Maxine's office - a tingling sensation slowly rolled up across her spine.

She didn't like the idea of giving her little friend back to Maxine, but the thought of maybe, just maybe - getting the next one of Maxine's subjects to actually keep for herself, easily allowed her to simply hand him back over to her...

What a week it had been; Amy would have never, ever imagined, that such things were even possible, let alone actually being a part of it!

Over the previous weekend, Dr. Harrison had actually managed to discover the precise chemical combination. And, with some intense research, and the help of an unwary stray Calico 'cat', the lady doctor tested those random chemicals that had originally, and 'haphazardly', been mixed together by the cleaning staff in the office building.

Amy wondered, as she casually stepped into the elevator and pushed the button for the ground floor, "Why didn't those chemicals affect anyone else?"

She thought back to the day that she had noticed the two men who were doing the cleaning - the janitors - and, she remembered seeing them working in the main floor cafeteria. However, that had been over a week ago, and she still couldn't remember ever seeing them again, after that...

Suddenly, she had an idea, just as the elevator doors opened, she stepped out and headed straight for the lunch room.

The Janitor's quarters were down the hall from the cafeteria, just across the hallway from the larger restrooms. Amy slowly made her way past the door and listened for any type of sound that would reveal that someone was inside - she heard nothing - she walked on down the hallway and started to search around for any sign of either of the two male Janitors.

Seeing nobody inside the empty lunch room, Amy decided to check and see if the Storage room was locked. She strolled along, slowly - trying to act casual - just in case someone would happen to walk by. She didn't want to attract any attention to herself, knowing that, at any given moment, someone from management could be coming down to the lunch room.

Being a Friday evening, the Morris Building would be closing up for the weekend, and everyone knew, that any leftovers from the kitchen would be free for the taking. And, as all of the employees would be exiting through the front doors just across from the kitchen, the staff would be setting everything out on a table next to the windows.

The smell of baked beans and 'day old' hot dogs - Bread - Meatloaf - Hamburgers - French Fries. Coffee and Cakes. An odd assortment of different aromas blended together and filled the air all throughout the main floor.

Finding the Janitor's Storage room locked, Amy walked around the large cafeteria. She started looking all around on the floor. She noticed that it didn't appear to be freshly swept and she also noticed that nearly all of the trash cans were full.

"Something's wrong here, ...what happened to those two men?"

Amy decided to sit down in the far corner, well away from the front doors where she wouldn't be noticed. She decided to just sit there for a little while and watch and see what happened, ...if nothing else, she would grab a Hamburger and a Soda and relax for a few minutes.

Amy pulled out her cell-phone and selected an app for the game that she enjoyed playing, ...she glanced up from her phone and noticed two nicely dressed women coming down from the elevator.

Ms. Melanie Kershaw, and Ms. Twila Jackson, or 'Twinkie', as everyone called her - the two of them together represented the entire team of legal Professionals in the most prestigious firm on the east coast -- the Law Office's of Kershaw and Jackson, the top Law firm dedicated to the most wealthy people in New York City.

Wearing matching tan overcoats that stretched down to their knees, the loose belts dangling around their waist - the open front curtaining around them - opening up to reveal the short, black, pencil skirts that looked as if they were made of pressed lambs wool -carrying black leather briefcases in one hand, and a small black umbrella in the other.

The two Lady Lawyers walked over to the food tables and helped themselves to a couple of glazed donuts and a cup of coffee.

Taking a seat near the folding tables, the two women sat down in the lunch room and glanced over to notice Amy sitting there all alone. Ms. Jackson, or 'Twinkie' - waved her donut and smiled warmly; Ms. Kershaw coldly glanced her way and instantly frowned.

It was easy to see, who the more congenial of the two was, as Kershaw leaned forward and whispered something to Twinkie, ...making some type of gesture referring to Amy's outfit no less, ...both women giggled while pulling their coats off, sitting down with their free coffee, they started daintily nibbling away at the large donuts.

Amy tried to act aloof as if she were paying no attention to them. Focusing on her phone, she randomly popped a few bubbles with her thumb and appeared to be fully absorbed in the digital game.

After a while, she glanced back toward the two women. Leaning back in her chair, and holding the phone up to her face, she was easily able to look past it, without so much as simply shifting her eyes to the side.

She noticed the friendly one, Twinkie, fiddling around with her necklace - a golden chain with a glass tube attached to it - the over-sized necklace looked slightly out of place. Not really something that you would wear with the outfit that she had on, Amy thought.

The one that Amy, herself - was wearing - would have been more suitable for such an over-sized necklace like that?

"H'm, what is that necklace?" Amy wondered. "It's nearly five inches long. Maybe, it represents something from a case that they were working on?"

"Lawyers. They do like to dress boldly, though, but who would wear such a large necklace like that, with a crisp, neatly pressed business suit?", she thought.

Then, Amy suddenly noticed that Ms. Kershaw, had a very similar necklace as well, dangling around her neck.

"Strange?", Amy thought. "Could they be 'more-than-just-friends?"

Melanie, being the lead attorney. Had filed for the position of Circuit Court Judge in the County, and by the way that she presented herself in court - it was a 'no-brainer' - she would more than likely be the one to get it, ...the two other lawyers that had been running for the same bench were definitely less qualified than her, and being two grey-haired men, she already had them beat with her feminine beauty.

Ms. Kershaw glanced toward Amy and stuffed the glass tube on her necklace into the front of her blouse. Tucking it away between her breasts - she said something to Twinkie and picked up her donut and dipped it into the coffee.

Twinkie glanced toward Amy, and suddenly scooted her chair out. Standing up and smiling warmly, the more personable of the two women started walking over to where Amy was sitting.

With her coat off, Twinkie's tall slender figure towered over the tables as she slithered her way through, deliberately making her way over to the far corner. Her long strides carrying her along as if she were moving in slow motion, although, she swiftly moved across the room like a smartly dressed cougar hunting for its next meal.

Holding the necklace, casually within her tight fist, she quickly inserted into her cleavage and tucked it away.

Brushing her hands down over her hips, she stepped up to the other side of the table and smiled down at the seemingly preoccupied Amy - pretending to be fully focused on her phone- Amy feigned a surprised look as Twinkie spoke,

"Hello, are you new to the Building?", Twinkie asked. Standing with her left hand on her hip and the other covering up the front of her blouse - protecting her large glass necklace.

"Um, yeah. I'm the receptionist for Dr. Harrison. The Psychologist up on the top floor...", Amy whispered. Closing her phone and swiftly placing it down on the table.

"Oh Yes. She's very good. We know Maxine very well. Has she taken you down to the gym yet?"

"Well, No. Not yet!"

"Well, I'm Twila Jackson and she is Melanie Kershaw",

turning away to point her free hand back toward her partner, "We're the Lawyers here in the building. The area's best Law Office, you know. What's your name?"

"Amanda Prodowsky. But, everyone just calls me Amy, nice to meet you, Ms. Jackson"

"Thank you, Amy. And, you can call me, Twinkie. Everyone else doe's...", she giggled.

Amy started to stand up and Twinkie pulled out a chair and quickly sat down,

"So, if you know anyone who needs a good Lawyer, I hope that you'll keep us in mind?"

"Oh Sure. I will", Amy said.

Continuing to rise up from her chair, Amy slowly stood up.

Suddenly able to look directly down into the woman's low cut top. Amy got a good look at the woman's necklace.

Twinkie had to use both her hands to pull out the chair. And, as she leaned forward to sit down - her necklace was fully revealed between her large breasts - Amy's eyes widened with surprise as she caught the sight of a tiny naked man sealed up tightly within a test tube like glass container!

She could easily see that he was very much alive and pleadingly looking up at her! A petrified look of sheer terror on his tiny face, Amy caught herself from gasping and quickly looked away.

"Well, I have to get going now, Twinkie. And, I'll most definitely keep you in mind if I ever need an attorney!"

"Here, wait. I have one of our cards.", Twinkie said, as she reached into her pocket and started digging around.

Amy waited.

Awkwardly glancing back toward the other Lawyer who was staring her down with a glaring set of dark blue eyes, ...looking back, and lowering her eyes, Amy's focus directly found the necklace again, and she was inadvertently offered up the sight of the tiny prisoner trapped inside, banging his little fists on the inside of the glass. Looking up at her with a begging look of sheer desperation!

"Here it IS!", Twila said. "I knew that I had one here somewhere..."

Amy carefully accepted the card and excused herself. Making her way quickly toward the front doors, she casually grabbed a soda from the food table and swiftly headed for the front entrance.

Glancing back, she noticed that several more people had started to gather around the two lawyers, and Amy turned around and walked out through the front doors.

Making her way to the parking garage, she realized who the tiny men were, ...the two Janitors, it was them. Those two women must have found them, and they were keeping them for themselves! Ms. Kershaw must have had the other one trapped inside of her necklace!

A surge of profound tingling began coursing down her back. Just the thought of those two little men, being held prisoner - and, carried around as a 'living necklace' by those two powerful women...

Amy gasped, as she caught her breath - she just couldn't wait until she had another one to keep for herself, she would have to tell Maxine about all of this as soon as she got back home!


Ch. 45 'Prisoners' by midnightwriter85
Author's Notes:

This will ultimately be the beginnings of a new humanity, with Maxine discovering what she can now do, ...she can't help herself from imagining the possibilities...  

'Dia Onna'

With all of her office doors securely locked, Maxine needed to wait for at least another hour inside of her backroom storage area.

Allowing enough time, for the toxic fumes to eventually subside inside of her office.

The past two weeks had been very productive, to say the least, and with the chemicals refined into a small two-ounce bottle, she could easily make up a single dosage in no time at all.

Secretly hidden away in the back room, Maxine slowly paced back and forth in the narrow walkway between the wall and her storage shelves. Gently dragging her footsteps, lazily scooting the smooth, padded soles, of her leather pumps across the hard tile floor.

Her spiked heels smartly tapping with each perfectly timed step.

Sensuously walking alongside the long row of covered bird cages, she glanced down at her newest little prisoner. The miniature specimen, of a living breathing human male. Her eyes widening with anticipation, as she noticed that he was about to awaken from the mild sedation that she had so discreetly given him.

In the cage next to him, was another little man. His name was James - James Gibson, and the Lady Doctor had just added him to the growing list of her little captives.

A top salesman for one of the smaller Pharmaceutical companies, James, had fallen prey to the lady Doctors experiment when she offered him a drink, and he reluctantly took it, he was quickly taken back into her storage room and placed inside of an open cage.

She grabbed up another towel and carefully covered up Jame's cage. She didn't want to frighten him too much when he woke up...


Smiling to herself, Maxine was contemplating her next move, she felt her panties moistening as she imagined what his tiny eyes would see when he finally opened them up.

Shifting her tight, wide hips, and spinning around on the balls of her feet, Maxine continued pacing back and forth, softly snickering at the thought of what she was actually going to do with all of these little men.

Wanting to make the most of her first impression, Maxine had stripped down to just her bra and panties, with her dark blue pantie hose still connected by the straps, and wearing her black leather pumps, ...she found that their reaction to her, and the effect that her gigantic size offered when they first saw her, towering above them, was something so priceless that she just couldn't resist!

The wide shelf that held their cages, was affixed to the wall at a height that fell just below her waist. Making everything below her knees, disappear below the edge of the shelf, but everything above her knees, clearly looming directly over the tiny little prisoners.

She had covered up all of the wire cages with a black towel, protecting the rest of her captives from seeing outside. Trapped inside until they finally awakened, they had no idea of what had happened to them while they were passed out.


Tom Speedman, was the first one to wake up and as his tiny arms wriggled around, Maxine removed the cage cover and opened up the top.

He looked so pathetic, and tiny - Maxine had to secure them firmly, spread out and naked, with their little wrists and ankles bound, so that when they eventually recovered and slowly realized where they were, they wouldn't hurt themselves by trying to escape.

Seven little wire cages, about a one-foot square, sat on her utility shelf pushed tightly together. Each one holding her latest victim trapped inside. She had already removed Mr. Little - (Billy), and taken him back home with her the night before, she wanted to keep him separate from the other miniaturized men, and protect him from falling victim to anyone else - she had plans for Mr. Little, and she could use him to get information from the other tinies as well, if need be, she could place him inside the cages and use him to find out what her little pets were really thinking.

Her daughter, was quite pleased to accept the tiny little man, as the sixteen-year-old Diana, had already formed a deep companionship with him, and she was more than happy to have him back in her life. The young girl needed a father-type figure, and Maxine thought that Billy could be very useful as a male confidant. And, someone that the young girl could absolutely trust. At least, throughout her teenage years, and then, well, who knows what she could use him for after that...

Thomas Speedman, on the other hand, would also be separated from the others. Only, Maxine's intentions toward him were very much on the other end of the scale.

Amy, Maxine's beautiful young receptionist, wanted to have little Tom the moment that she saw him and the moment that she found out that the Doctor had shrunken him down, well, ...she wanted him, all to herself.

Amy squealed with delight and jumped up and down. She was seething with overwhelming desire to dominate this tiny little creature to the point where she could make him do anything that she wanted!

After a lot of begging and pleading, Maxine was finally persuaded by the insatiable blonde and with a slight bit of reluctantly, she eventually decided to allow her to have him.

Tom's life would now belong to this towering blonde behemoth, and for him, nothing would ever be the same again - he would eventually be listed as an escapee, as far as the courts were concerned. And, he would probably be added to the long list of missing criminals on, 'America's Most Wanted', ~ although, he would most likely never be found, and therefore becoming just a little, tiny 'plaything' for this magnificent female vixen.

Maxine knew that Amy wanted this one, too. Even more so, than poor little Billy. Because Billy didn't really deserve to be handled this way. And, Amy badly wanted one that 'deserved' to be punished, that way, she was going to play with him the way that she wanted, and the foreboding mental torture, that she could so easily dish out, was nothing for the faint-hearted.

The lady Doctor had wrapped him up inside a dirty pair of her silk pantie hose and muffled him away, deep inside the zippered pocket of her suede leather purse.

She texted Amy, telling her that she would be stopping by her apartment on her way home later on this evening. She had a surprise for her, with this amazing 'little gift', all wrapped up inside of a slightly used pair of her dark blue colored pantie hose...



Looking up at this gigantic, Asian Doctor, Tom's tiny mouth sputtered out with a long drawn out sound - that comparatively resembled something that sounded more like a long series of pleading cries, ...his slobbering words came gushing out like a string of piercing shrieks.

Maxine chuckled, before casually reaching into his cage. Her long professionally manicured nails appearing like long, sharp, blood-red-spades! Her slender fingers splayed out like giant spider legs; slowly enclosing, and lowering down upon him.

Tom pulled hard against the sticky tape and lifted up his head. As a huge shadow swept over him, he looked up and saw her huge body looming over him, ...dark blue panties filled the front of the cage, and above them was a smooth, wide, expanse of well-toned flesh that rose up high above the top of his jail cell.

Dark blue mounds floated on high, shapely round breasts that were so big that he felt they would crush him if they came down upon him. He screamed and struggled as he felt her huge hand touching down across his chest.

"Yaaah, Git away from ME!"

Wrapping around his upper body, large feminine fingers slipped around him, her knuckles arched upward as the large fingertips slipped around behind his back - the encroaching appendages enclosing all around his bare body.

Slowly, encompassing him, within her heated grasp...

Tom screamed!

"No, no, NO!" Tom squealed, "Please, Dr. Harrison, Don't Kill Me!"

The giant woman Doctor, quietly 'shushed' him, as if she were simply 'hushing' a small child, her giant fingers smoothly slid around behind him and pulled his wrists free of the floor, quickly followed by his bound ankles. The bindings popped free and Tom found himself enclosed inside her gripping fist as she slowly lifted him away from the cold metal floor.

The tape still remained sticking to his limbs, but her huge hand pulled him up and away, slowly carrying him upward and straight out of the opening at the top of the cage.

"It's alright little one. You're going to be 'just fine'. No jail time for you, Tommy.", she whispered.

"Oh no, Not for you, Little Man. My pretty young friend, 'Amy' (I think, that, ...you've already met her?) Well, she wants a little pet. And, I think that she'd simply love the idea of having someone just like you!"
Maxine snickered, as she slowly held him up to her face.

"But First! I have something that you need to do for ME, ...Mr. Speedman."

Her other hand went to work removing the sticky tape from around his tiny ankles. As swiftly as opening up a pack of chewing gum, the giant Asian Doctor had the tape ripped away and was loosely wrapping him up inside her warm fist.

Holding him up to her face, Maxine watched his fearful reaction. Tom glanced down the long length of her towering body. The wide space between her smooth breasts easily large enough to swallow him, he looked further down and realized the distance to the floor was so far away that if she dropped him down to her feet, he would surely die from the impact!

Her long legs shifted as she took on a wider stance and shifted her weight to one side. Casually standing with her tiny prisoner held up before her, Maxine smiled and slightly shook him to get his full attention,

"Would you like to do something for me, Tommy?", Maxine whispered. Her heated breath washing over him with the pungent, heated aroma, of her long past, last meal.

Her firm grasp, slowly tightening up, as she gripped around his arms and easily pinning them to his sides. His head bobbing around, she slowly tilted her head to one side and smiled like the Cat that had caught the infamous Canary.

Her sparkling dark eyes blinking like flashing lights, devouring him within them, as she slowly moved him in closer and closer.

Pursing her mouth tightly, while jutting out her bottom lip, Dr. Harrison's huge face took on the most innocent expression. The huge, Asian woman's complexion turned a deeper shade of red, as she attempted to portray the playful little act of an innocent little girl,

"Well, Could you? Pleeeeeease!"

As if she were asking her long, lost Daddy, so innocently, ...for another Chocolate-chip Cookie from the Forbidden Cookie Jar.

'I - Um, I, I, I - I, I, ", Tom stuttered. Suddenly finding himself at a loss for words!

Her grasp tightened up a little more. The smile on her face slowly faded away and it took on a blank expression. Her coal black hair reflecting the light in a strange colorful prism of flickering spectrums; the shimmering waves of blurry colors seemed to explode all around her huge head.

Tom tried to catch a quick breath, just before her thumb squeezed up around his neck and he couldn't see anything but the top of her head. As her eyes disappeared behind her fist, Tom felt himself struggling to breathe!

Gradually applying more and more crushing pressure, Tom started to panic, but he couldn't seem to move a single muscle! She tightened up her fist even tighter and the next thing he knew, she had carried him down and around behind her back. Lowering him closer to her large behind, she pulled out the waistband of her pantie hose with her free hand.

Tom screamed out in terror as he was suddenly dropped, straight down into the back of her pantie hose!

"Nooooo, Nooooo, Maxine! HELP ME! Please, Don't do this to me!"

Falling into the slippery nylon, he found himself sliding along on the roughly textured material. He felt the friction building up, as the contact swiftly started to burn his bare skin!

"Eee ee EEE-yAH!", he screamed out, as the burning pain scorched his bare skin, his head bumped into the side of her soft, left cheek, and he bounced off and slipped on down beneath her lower butt cheeks!

Flailing his arms and kicking his legs, he suddenly felt the falling sensation stop, and he shifted up and down slowly settling into the soft cradle at the bottom of her dark colored pantie hose!

"Now you stay in there and be a good little boy, Tommy", Maxine purred, as she gently released the waistband.

Closing her thighs together, as closely as she could, Maxine stood with her shoes pressed tightly up together. Trapping her tiny prisoner inside the dark colored crotch, she bent forward and inspected the tiny little lump inside her sheer hose.

Flexing her thigh muscles, in random jerking motions, she giggled at the immediate reaction that she got, when her tiny prisoner attempted to fight back.

Aw, that's so cute. Are you trying to get into my pantie's Tommy?", she laughed!

She held him in place between the softness of her inner thighs. He was stuck just beneath her pantie clad pussy mound, and she couldn't resist the temptation of squeezing him between her legs.

The sudden warmth enveloping him, Tom now found himself trapped inside this soft space. Wriggling around, he tried to pull himself up, but the tightness of her magnificent thighs held him trapped and squashed up between them!

When she started walking around, Tom wallowed back and forth like a helpless little ball caught in the jaws of this enormous wall of living muscle!

The air all around him, quickly becoming so warm and hot, heating up to an unbearable stammering heat. The motion of her enormous body forced him deeper into her, and he quickly realized that he was about to pass out!

The scent of her magnificent sex filling his head, he drifted off into a strange nightmarish world, ...the overwhelming sense of dread that overtook his mind shocked his tiny brain into an awesome overload!

He went limp inside the tightly fitted material and flopped loosely around inside...

Maxine returned to her pacing. Walking back and forth, as she felt her tiny prisoner stop squirming, she giggled softly as she then sat down to remove her pantie hose.


End Notes:

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'Toys' by midnightwriter85
Author's Notes:

Just a short tween chapter to aid in the introduction of Angela Cooper.

'Dai Onna'

Maxine smiled, a much larger smile than usual. A wide, toothy, 'dimpled-cheek' smile.

Slowly wrapping up her pantie-hose into a tight little ball, she slowly stood up from the padded stool.

Brushing some stray hair out of her eyes, while looking out across the room, she saw the bright red horizon outside her office window. The setting sun casting it's last rays of heated radiance back out across the fleeting landscape.

Still wearing her frilly bra and high-cut bikini panties, she strode slowly across the black carpeting; her bare feet sinking into the plush padded matting. Her dark silhouette stretching out, elongating across her entire office floor. Her shapely hips swaying wide with each lazy step - moving like a Panther carrying away a fresh kill.

Stepping over to her desk, she placed her purse down onto the seat of her office chair. Keeping a firm but a soft grasp on the rolled-up ball of pantie hose. Being nearly nude, her pretty Asian features, glowing in her face from the afternoon sunset.

Her muscular thighs flexing as she gently bent forward, placing the wad of dark blue nylon into a side pocket on her leather purse.

Carefully zipping it shut, her smile spread even wider as she brushed the tips of her bright red fingernails across the locking teeth of the little metal zipper...

"Now then, tiny-one. You should be quite comfy in there...", she silently whispered to her unconscious little captive.

Retrieving one of her colorful flowery sundresses, draped over the back of her couch, she quickly dropped it down over her head and allowed it to fall into place. The brightly designed mini-dress instantly took shape around her well-toned figure.

Looking down at the floor next to the corner of her lounge, she kicked out her black shoes. Bumping them around with her dexterous little toes, she positioned the petite little pair facing out in the right direction.

Flexing her arches and pointing out her toes, she pressed her perfect little feet into the stylish leather pumps. Shoving both of her heels down firmly into the four-inch heels, the vacuum-like 'sucking sound' clearly resounding, as ...all of the air escaped from around her beautiful feet.

Sitting down on the arm of the couch- straddling it - casually shifting her ample behind, she smiled even wider as her bare feet slid so comfortably back into those tightly fitted shoes.

Practicing her opening line, she glanced into her desk mirror:

"Alright Angela, ...I hope you're ready for this... but, it's time that you've discovered something about yourself."


Ms. Angela Cooper, R.N.:

Pulling her long blonde hair up around her left shoulder and slightly leaning forward, the short, pretty blonde, sat down at one of the small dining-room tables. Crossing her legs and wiping the palms of her sweaty hands over her right knee, she released a relaxing breath and unsnapped the waistband of her skin-tight blue jeans, ...snuggly hugging her wide, shapely hips.

She felt herself tingling deep inside her core, ...even the slightest bit of temperature change and she felt a slow building orgasm. The constant assaults of her impending sexual urge seemed to feel like a sensory overload - she currently felt herself building up to another unprovoked orgasm; her problem was gradually becoming more and more debilitating...


Holding a tall paper cup just a few inches above the surface of the table top, she sat sipping daintily from the hollow tip of a 'red and white' striped drinking straw.

Pulling the straw away from her lips with two pinching fingers, she gasped with relief, as she felt the ice-cold liquid soaking into the dried-out texture of her leathery tongue - her fingertip's, absorbing the moisture on the outside of the waxy paper cup.

She had another hour-an-a-half to kill, before her second appointment with the good Doctor.

Dr. Harrison had called her and asked her to come into her office at 7:00 pm. The temperature had crept up to an oppressive 84 degrees, and the heat, accompanied with a dreadful 87% humidity ~ felt very sticky - unbearable, to say the least, and for mid-October, it was extremely hot!

Angela was quite relieved to find the small, fast-food place, so close to the Murphy Building. She wiped some sweat away from her forehead with a restaurant napkin and quickly wadded it up into a tiny little ball, ...squashing it tightly within her clamping fingertips, she felt the air trapped inside gradually getting crushed out of it - she gritted her teeth and took a deep breath.

Trying to relax, Ms.Cooper slid down into the soft seat cushion and thoughtfully considered what this famous Doctor's secretive proposal could possibly be?

She claimed it was an 'Experimental New Concept' that she wanted 'Angela' to try, ...she wondered whatever, it could possibly be... And, why Her? ...why, was she was being so 'secretive' about it?

Taking another sip from the tip of the plastic straw, she quietly burped, ...slowly leaning back into the soft seat cushion. The air-conditioning felt so soothing after being outside, she leaned back and wondered what Maxine's idea was, ...could she be doing something that Angela should be concerned about?

Sitting in the back row in a booth-type chair, Angela sat in the rear of the fast-food restaurant. Smiling warmly, as she noticed two little girls playing with their newly acquired toy. Just recently taken out of the paper sack which had previously contained their, ...'most Incredible' - 'Slappy-Meal'.

The toy, a plastic figure about five inches tall. Made from a dark colored plastic; shaped into the form of a little, solid-looking male doll. Wearing a tiny pair of denim colored bibs and a little straw-colored hat - the comical little action-figure stood on the floor between the two little girls.

The youngsters were very much alike, and Angela instantly noticed that the two of them appeared to be twins, ...dressed in the exact same outfit, it was easy to see that they were nearly identical.

The girls sat crossed-legged on the floor at their mother's feet, as she, being the much larger of the threesome, sat at the table above them reading the newspaper and nursing a small cup of steaming hot coffee.

The little plastic man stood bravely between the two little girls, Angela noticed that he seemed to be staring off blankly into the distance. With his hands on his hips, he stood proudly, as if he were surveying the lay of the land.

In the shadows, beneath the table directly behind him, the mother's large feet were filling in the background with a pair of tan colored, suede leather pumps - her feet crossed at the ankles, relaxing and propping up against each other.

The little man-doll stood valiantly, seemingly oblivious to the fact that his tiny little figure stood dwarfed by these two twin giantess, sitting on their butt's, flanking him on each side.

Wearing flowery, bright yellow colored sundresses, that barely reached their knees and sheer white leotards underneath. Their hair twisted up into tightly braided pig-tails, their lively images looked like pretty little 'carbon copies' of their much larger mother, ...who sat above them -watching them- without really paying them all that much attention...

One of the little girls was holding a half-eaten flattened-out cheeseburger, still wrapped up loosely in the wax-paper.

Taking a nibble from the squashed sandwich, the girl giggled as she uncrossed her right leg and using her barefoot, she reached out her leg and swiftly bumped her big toe into the little doll, knocking him over onto his back on the floor.

The other little girl quickly snatched him up and cradled him tightly up to her chest, "Stop it, Ashley!", she growled. "That wasn't very nice!"

"Put him back down!", her frowning sister ordered. "He's NOT your's!"

The mother, instantly intercepted, and casually glancing downward, she hushed them, "Both of you, be quiet!", she snarled. "If you 'Can Not' learn to share, I'll take him away from you and neither one of you can play with him!"

Angela intently watched the little girl that had taken up the little doll and was so adamantly protecting him from her angry sister, ...she felt a strange connection to the little girl - she felt as though she would have been in that same position if she were sitting there on the floor.

Although, at the same time, she smiled over at the mother', when the little girl looked over at her, realizing that Angela had been watching them, too.


Meanwhile, Angela's purse was sitting on the floor next to her, the top left open, leaning up against the leg of the chair. As she sat there, enjoying her ice-cold drink, she had failed to notice the tiny set of little green eyes peering up at her from just inside of the side pocket of her heavy handbag.

Completely unaware of the fact, that this little-miniaturized feline, that Maxine had experimented on, only two weeks before, had somehow found its way into Angela's purse while she had been in the Doctor's office!

The tiny-sized, half-inch long, Cat - had somehow escaped from the cardboard box inside Maxine's desk drawer, and had been running around on its own for the past two weeks.

Maxine had already written-it-off as just another simple casualty, ...a side effect, of her budding experimental discovery.

Thinking that the tiny, little thing, had surely been killed by some gigantic shoe, unknowingly squashed - from some completely unaware, random, person...not realizing, that the little mini-cat had found its way around fairly well and had survived inside of her office the entire time!

Meanwhile, the tiny Cat had worked it's way up onto the narrow ledge at the very edge of the open zippered pocket.

Sitting atop the mountainous leather purse, tempted by the smell and allure of greasy burgers, the tiny animal was compelled to venture out of the seemingly safe environment inside of Angela's gigantic handbag and search out the source of that wonderful smell.

Single-mindedness and sheer determination, the tiny little tomcat summoned up the drive to try and get a chance to fill its empty belly.

Hunger, giving it the will to leave the relative security of Angela's huge purse, the little cat, clambered down the side of the leather cliff-like edge and dropped down onto the wide open surface of cool, smooth floor!

Suddenly discovering the vast and overspreading space of gigantic restaurant, opening out into a wide open plain of smooth unending terrain...

Looking out across the canyon-like space, the tiny cat noticed the vengeful 'twin', had abandoned her half-eaten cheeseburger, leaving it lying on the floor next to her mother's feet, ...lumbering off on a solitary expedition, only contained within the bounds of the large restaurants' walls.

Stomping her feet and growling, she pretended to be a monster from some 'Saturday Morning Cartoon'. Balling up her fists - she stomped her feet and released a high-pitched roar!


Casting her girlish squeal high up into the rafters of the ceiling, and then, ...in a sudden instant, her attitude just changed - to a more 'delicate type' character, sweetly jogging off toward the condiments counter... searching out someone else to annoy with her boisterous talent.

As the tiny tomcat realized that she had gone, it seized the opportunity, swiftly making a mad-dash across the wide-open space. Not much larger than a Japanese Beetle, the little spotted Calico, scampered out into the wide open area between the long row of colossal tables.

It's tail sticking straight out and bobbing up and down, it moved as quickly as it could. Running on all four's, the little bug-sized cat swiftly came across a huge abandoned french-fry. Instantly stopping right in the middle of the open floor to check it out.

Just then, a young teen-giantess, working as the restaurant hostess, was wiping off tables and picking up trash. She happened to come walking through just as the tiny cat stopped right in her path, ...the wide, heavy shoes, stepping down onto the floor looked like huge rubber-soled hammers!

"Wa- Fooom ! - Wa- Fooom ! - Wa- fooom !

Completely oblivious to the miniature Cat, the young girl casually walked past just missing the little animal with her left tennis shoe, the cat just barely survived the sudden smash of her enormous foot, swiftly dodging between her gigantic feet, it continued on scampering on across the wide open floor!

Sliding in between the towering table legs, the tiny Cat was still desperately trying to get to the giant cheeseburger!

The other twin girl had crawled back into the booth across from her mother and was playing with her new toy. Sitting on her feet, she slid back into the seat well away from the outside of the table.

The Cat couldn't really see her from the floor far below, and it quickly made it's way over to the partially eaten cheeseburger, consciously starting to nibble away at the huge chunk of brown meat.

The little girl in the booth started looking around for her sister. And, when she looked down underneath the table and noticed the half-eaten cheeseburger - she thought that she saw the wrapper moving...

"Was there something inside her sister's cheeseburger?", she though?

Still holding the little toy, the little girl smiled deviously at the thought of what would happen, when her unaware sister, Ashley, found something crawling around inside of her sandwich!

Assuming, that it was a little mouse or some type of large bug, the little girl smiled as she saw her twin sister returning to their table, ...she could barely contain her giddy anticipation, as she started to laugh at her approaching sibling.

Pointing to the sandwich on the floor, she smiled and started giggling, "You better get your sandwich! I'm gonna step right on it!", she squealed with glee, "I'm gonna STEP On It!"

The little girl, giggling harder, as she slid out of the booth and stood directly over the cheeseburger, straddling it, she lifted up her right foot and slowly started to lower it down...

"Mommy!", the advancing twin-girl screamed! "Annie's gonna stomp on my sandwich!"

Just then, the girl stomped her bare foot down onto the sandwich - flattening it out - into a thin pancake! "Ha ha ha ha ha"

The mother swiftly stood up and slid out of the booth. Reaching down, she picked up the flattened out cheeseburger and slowly placed it up onto the table.

"Alright, Ashley. Now, get up there and eat your cheeseburger!"

Angela stood up and stretched, picking up her purse while trying to ignore what was taking place at the next table over, she casually started to walk back toward the restrooms...

"I Said, ...Eat It!", the woman roared.

"But Mom!"

"I don't Care! Eat It, Right Now!"


End Notes:

Next up, we'll see what happens with the Cat and see what Maxine has in mind for Angela. 

'Toys' ~ Part 2 by midnightwriter85
Author's Notes:

I changed the Title name for the previous chapter to 'Toys' and I also updated the summary, to one, that I hope is more fitting... 

'Dai Onna'

"I Said, ...Eat IT!", the woman barked down at the twin girl.

"But, Mommy!"

"I don't CARE! I Said, ...you had better 'Eat' that burger, Or Else we're NOT going to the swimming pool!"

Still, inside the dining room, Angela stopped right beside a wide support beam. She didn't want to appear as if she were trying to overhear what was taking place, between the mother and her daughters. Although, out of curiosity she just couldn't help herself from staying there behind that post and continuing to listen to the conversation.

Still holding her large drink, she leaned back to peek around the corner of the post, trying to see if this little girl was actually going to eat that 'foot-flattened' cheeseburger...

"NO!" the little girl yelled!

Just as Angela looked around the side of the post, the little girl threw the sandwich toward the trash can, ...Angela flinched, being that the large, barrel-type, trash container was right next to her; placed up against the other side of the support beam!

Something came loose from the hurdling burger and flew out away from the wrapper, something very tiny _ an insect it appeared, _which had been inside of the wrapper; separating from the flying cheeseburger - during mid-flight - the tiny projectile continued on taking a path all it's own!

Being much lighter than the heavier cheeseburger, the tiny sized 'thing' floated upward, then slowly started to drift back down...

The small, fuzzy-looking thing, wriggling around as it flew across the room. Twirling around and spinning through space, flinging it's little legs as it sailed through the air in a high sweeping-arc, ...then, suddenly dropping straight down, landing perfectly, right on top of Angela's head!

Spinning around, Angela flinched once again, as she felt something softly bounce off of the top of her head!

Frantically latching onto this golden mountain of fluffy hair, the tiny cat was squirming all around! Slowly sliding down, while frantically digging into the thick blonde strands of Angela's long hair - desperately trying to hang on!

She quickly reached around behind her head and brushed her hand down over the back of her head. Hastily stepping away, Angela headed straight for the ladies room, ...not fully realizing, that she had this little miniature cat, ...still stuck in her hair!

Pushing the door open, she entered the rest room and rushed over to the bathroom sink. Quickly inspecting her hair in the mirror, she placed her purse down next to her on the countertop. Leaning over one of the sink basins, she awkwardly tried to find the little thing so that she could dislodge the tiny creature from the tangles of her hair!

She started frantically raking her fingertips through her long blonde mane. Slowly realizing, after several swipes of meticulously searching that, whatever it was, must have fallen out?

She shook her head, watching carefully for anything to drop free.

Nothing did...

The miniature cat had dropped down onto her shirt, and clinging onto it with all four's - it's nearly microscopic little claws clung tightly - as it slowly backed down over the colorful sheet of material and had inadvertently fallen off, ...right back into her open purse pocket!

Clambering down deeply, into the cavernous leather bag, instantly returning to the safety of its original hiding place! Disappearing within the clutter, the tiny cat curled up into a tight little ball, staying as still as it possibly could, ...it blended in perfectly with the leopard skin lining.

Angela didn't realize what had fallen into her hair, ...or, what had become of it - she couldn't feel anything in her hair, at all. Straightening up, she reached into her purse and removed her hairbrush.

She gave her long glorious mane a few sweeping strokes, then she washed her hands and decided to go ahead and walk across the street to the Murphy Building.

Just as Angela stepped out of the restaurant, she noticed this blue minivan pulling out of the parking lot. The twin girls in the back, and the mother driving. The van pulled up to a trash can and stopped where she then quickly reached her hand out the window and hastily tossed the little man-doll directly into the barrel.

One of the little girls screamed as she pulled away - continuing to cry as the van pulled off and drove away - speeding off down the road while rolling up the window.

Angela watched the van drive away, down a one-way street, going the wrong direction, ...she chuckled to herself, as she watched the right turn signal light suddenly start flashing...


It was a little bit early for her appointment, but she thought that she would just take her time and maybe, look around for a little while.

Alongside the five-story parking garage, Angela noticed that there was a small picnic area with a shaded canopy. As she looked over, she could see two women sitting at a table.

There were three other empty tables surrounding them, and she could see that there was plenty of room to sit down and relax for a few more minutes and finish off her drink.

The two women were sitting under the canopy leaning over their table looking down at something directly between them. Whatever it was, must have been very interesting, ...because neither of them had realized, that Angela had walked over to one of the other tables and quietly seated herself across from them, ...they never even looked up as she sat down...

"Don't let him get away with THAT, Twinkie. Flick him in the balls! Show him that he better not ever question you!", the woman said, in a deep and frightening tone of voice.

Angela listened intently, as the other woman attempted to defend her position.

"I don't want to hurt him, ...he's just so... tiny!", the other woman said.

"If he doesn't do what you tell him to, ...then what 'good' is he?"

"But, He so SMALL though, Melanie!", Twinkie moaned, "Ooooh, I don't want to punish him, ....he's just so, ...so, ...'Little' and helpless. He must be terrified of us, Mell !"

"He's just a little BUG!. A worthless little insect, Twinkie! They couldn't survive for a 'New York Minute', out there on their own?", Ms. Kershaw argued.

Pausing for a moment, Melanie lowered her voice to a whisper,

"This city would-would devour them...Alive! Without us, protecting them and keeping them from harm, who knows what could possibly happen to them, there's nothing, ...Nothing at all, that they could do to protect themselves, from even the simplest threat!"

Angela listened more closely, she couldn't believe what she was hearing? What in the world were they talking about?

"Oh, Alright. I guess you're right, Melanie. But, I just feel like such a big meanie treating him so roughly, you know? I wish that he would just realize that he needs to behave himself and just accept it, ...and, do what I tell him..."

She couldn't see what the two women had on the table without turning her head, all the way around, ...and, she knew that if she did, they would surely notice her sitting there. So she sat still and continued to listen a little longer...

"Alright Twink, Let me ask you this then? If YOU were the size of that little pest, and He was the one holding all the cards, ...what do you think that he would do with you? Hm?"

Angela glanced down at her watch, it was nearly six-thirty. She finished her drink and slowly started to get up, ...she was going to walk right past that table and see what those two women were talking about...

Just as she stood up, she saw them both gathering up their stuff and starting to leave. The taller blonde woman stuffed something into the pocket of her coat and picked it up. Swiftly rolling it up, she grabbed a black briefcase and stood up.

Wearing brightly colored short-shorts, and matching team colors, with cropped-top tee shirts. They both looked as if they had just left the gym. With their hair still slightly damp, and wearing clean, white tennis shoes, both carrying a small red and white striped duffle bag tucked tightly under their arms.

The bolder of the two woman lead the way, and the tall lanky blonde followed behind - both heading straight for the parking garage, ...walking quickly, toward the lower level elevator.

Their rubber soled shoes clapping across the cool cement, creating an echoing sound that profoundly reverberated within the large parking enclosure.

Angela followed, staying back a safe distance behind. She watched them both get into separate cars and drive out of the garage. A dark blue expensive-looking sports car and a dark green, Jeep Grand Cherokee. Angela wondered what they could have been talking about...

"Strange? It sounded like they were actually talking about 'Little People', but, that couldn't be possible, ...could it?", Angela lifted her purse up and threw the straps up over her shoulder, shifting her weight to one side, she felt her panties getting moist...

Stepping quicker, she walked to the elevator and pressed the button for the next level above; the floor where the main entrance door would be. She felt a strange feeling as she replayed everything that had just happened in the last couple of hours.

She felt like, everything that had taken place, was some kind of weird premonition... Her intuition, telling her that something very strange was happening all around her, but she just couldn't seem to figure it all out!

Her internal thoughts setting off an overwhelming emotional urge, "...she would have to find the restroom as soon as she got inside", Having just enough time before her 7:00 o'clock appointment, ... Oh, God! She hated the way that her sexual drive had taken over her life!

She hoped and prayed, that whatever Maxine had in mind could actually help her with this most disturbing problem.


End Notes:

If you're wondering about when we'll be getting back to Billy, then I'm still attempting to go about tying up some loose ends first, ...and with the introduction of Angela Cooper and Thomas Speedman, it might be a few more chapters...

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Unwinding at the End of the Day by midnightwriter85
Author's Notes:

Tom wakes up and slowly realizes where he is...

'Dai Onna'

Part of him wanted to stay right there. Just lay there, allowing all of this... to just happen...

Oh, yeah, he had dreamt of this before. Being shrunken down and captured by a beautiful giant woman. His mind instantly recalled some of his most secretive, and favorite fantasies...


Taken into the bathtub and used just like a little scrub brush. Painting their giant nails. Being used as a toe separator, painting her fingernails and being forced to paint his own toenails.

Getting a massage from those magnificent fingers, being used as a living sex toy. Being placed inside her cleavage and allowed to ride around as she did her shopping.

Easily sneaking him into the movie theater, carrying him around at the Mall. Showing him off to her beautiful girlfriends - passing him around - getting kissed and licked by dozens and dozens of them, ....oh yeah, toyed with and teased by these gorgeous gigantic females! ...this could be sooo goood!

....but wait a minute! This was 'actually' happening!


Tom suddenly felt a sonic rush of adrenaline; his terrified brain told him to at least try and get away from here! This giant doctor, Maxine - had already told him that she was going to simply, give him away, just - hand him over to her good friend, Amy...

But Why?

Just simply 'give him to her' - that beautiful receptionist? He saw her working at the front desk - Damn, she was hot, too. But, Tom didn't have any idea who she was, or what kind of person she is, ...she could be into 'Vore' - or worse, ...some weird kink that involved using candle wax, ...or, anal bondage - who knows, maybe she had a pet snake!

What if she were into pain, or cutting? What if she wanted to see how quickly she could completely break his mind and slowly drive him insane, ...what if she enjoyed hearing him screaming, and used him as a pin cushion!

She could literally 'crush him' inside her giant fist! Or, sit on him, and squash him! Oh, no, this was just way too much!

What if, she taped him down to her kitchen table and burned him with a cigarette lighter?

She could crush all the bones in his tiny body and keep him alive - completely paralyzed, and left on her desktop as just another silly little adornment to add to her collection; another silly looking little 'object' to clutter up her desk and add to her growing bricker-brack?

She could chop him up into tiny little pieces, ...bake him in a pie, or put him in a plastic bag and slowly suffocate him, ...watch him slowly die!

She could swallow him alive! She could chew him up! She could, ...she could, oh, there were so many things she could do to him and nobody... Nobody, would ever know anything about it, ...he was just so small, that she could just shove him into her tight panties and smother him!

Nobody knew that he was here, and no one would ever believe that he had been shrunken down to the size of an action figure, kept as a tiny little pet...

Tom wasn't so sure about this anymore. He didn't know what he was going to do? He figured that this might not be something that he ever wanted! Oh, No! Oh, God No! What was going to happen to him?

He wondered, desperately trying to control his fear, he tried to think it all over rationally; she couldn't be all that bad, could she? She looked so sweet and innocent, ...was this all some kind of 'divine intervention' Or, maybe, it could actually be his worst nightmare, but maybe he was just getting carried away...

This was all... just, so freaking weird, though!

How in the hell did she shrink him down, anyway? And, why did she do it?

What was this, 'Amy' going to do with him? He had no idea... Was he just going to lay there and wait to see what happened next, or was he going to at least try and save himself!

Was he losing his mind already?

He knew that he wasn't dreaming - because the tender skin on his bare-naked ass, was still stinging from that rough slide down into the back of Maxine's gigantic pantie hose!


Barely able to breathe inside of this thick wall of overlapping nylon, Tom wriggled around and started grabbing at the tightly wrapped layers. Overlapping and completely surrounding him, he simply started pulling down on the inner-most layer.

He knew, that he was working himself away from the more fragrant 'toe section', and if he thought that he had a chance, he just kept on pulling and pulling, he would eventually unwind this enormous stocking...

Using his hands and feet, he continued clawing away until he felt the wadded up ball under his feet start to increase in size. He was slowly unraveling the huge stocking, and he could feel that it was becoming looser and looser around him.

The excessive amount of length, piling up under his feet, he deliberately continued frantically pulling his way out, ...slowly unraveling the gigantic leg of this huge pair of pantie hose; wadding up a ball of nylon beneath his feet, it just kept growing larger, and larger.

Trying to pace himself, and just keep steadily working.

Slowly, he kept pulling as he worked his way further along. Realizing that he could feel more and more air coming in - and the looser the nylon netting became, the more air he could feel.

His sweaty, nude body, detecting the cooler air, instantly gave him the extra energy that he needed to continue.

Slowly getting a little more air, Tom pulled away at the sleek material and started feeling that he was just about to find the opening at the other end!


In almost complete darkness, and working as quickly as he could, Tom kept on pushing the wadded up nylon down under his feet. Shoving it back away from him, pressing it down, gradually unwinding the long leg of this huge pair of overwrapped stocking.

The material getting looser and looser, he knew that he had to be nearing the end, it had to be almost there, ...he stopped for a moment to catch his breath.

He found that he could breathe a whole lot easier, now. And, he started to get excited thinking that he was nearly out of this huge pair of pantie hose!

He felt a strange blissful satisfaction. An enormous wave of tingling sensations rippled up across his overheated body. Being surrounded by all of this excessive nylon, completely swallowed up inside of it... this gigantic stocking, he felt his whole body just 'Tingling'...

...it was so surreal!

His chest pumping, he stretched out and tried to relax. Wiping some sweat away from his brow, he tried to clear his head and figure out what he should do... after, he escaped...

One of his favorite Fantasie's came swirling back into his foggy mind. He tried to push it away, but it swiftly returned like a bad penny. The thought of being trapped inside of that giant blondes panties and worn around like a pantie liner.

He wondered if something like that could actually happen, ...now that he was the exact same size that he was in his imaginative dreams.

He had seldom ever actually considered what he would, really do... because he thought that it could never possibly come true and that it was just a very imaginative fantasy!

He started to get excited. Just allowing his mind to recall all of those short little scenes from thousands of porn vids and hundreds of short stories that he had read, ...the staggering amount of material that his poor brain had been forced to process all came rushing back to him like a tidal wave!

This was all just so surreal... He couldn't believe how small he was, ...his mind flashed back to the towering image of Maxine's enormous body as she stood before him. Those dark blue panties looming above his prison cell. Her huge hand gathering him up and so effortlessly carrying him up to her face. His first impression of her had been branded into his mind's eye.

This tremendous woman. This magnificent female giant - she was a gigantic behemoth, compared to him!

She had somehow made him this way, 'intentionally', so that she could just 'give him away' to one of her friends as a cute little gift? So casually, as if he were nothing but a little trinket...

It just made no sense to him that this brilliant Psychologist, this famous Doctor, had somehow figured out how to actually shrink an actual, real live person! Turning them into a miniature-sized little toy! And, ...she was just so, just so, casual about it?

Why did she do this to him?

Was she going to shrink more people? Could she be shrinking more people, right now! Was she Mad? Why was she doing this? He searched his bewildered mind for some explanations, ...there was nothing that he could come up with that could reveal what this woman doctor could possibly have in mind...

Just then, he heard a heavy thumping sound, vibrating through the floor beneath him. Frantically, he started pulling away at the remaining nylon and quickly dragged himself out of the opening at the other end. Feeling the heavier waistband in the giant pair of pantie hose, he realized that he had finally managed to get himself free.

'Ka-Thump' 'Ka-Thump' 'Ka-Thump'

The heavy sound of gigantic footsteps reverberated throughout the entire floor. He felt around, soon realizing that he was still trapped inside of something, ...the strong aroma of musty leather and a mild sweetness, ...was that spearmint flavored chewing gum?

Inside such a tight space, the warmth of his own body creating a more humid feeling; the scent of mold, and a slight odor of what smelled like, (to his analytical mind) nothing, other than money...

A purse! He was inside of Maxine's purse!

Feeling the warmth within, and the overpowering scent of moldy money. He suddenly realized where he was! It was a triumphant discovery for him, but quite compelling to say the least... Although, he now knew where he was, ...he was still trapped by this gigantic woman and he wasn't too sure about anything anymore!

While catching his breath, he struggled around and tried to make himself a little more comfortable.

Searching around and attempting to find a way out, a small hole revealed itself up above his head. He noticed a soft beam of filtered light casting a solid, although, 'narrow beam', down into his dark, cramped space - Tom knew that, that hole was his only way out!

Suddenly, a voice spoke down from above him. A god-like voice, very feminine, but quite tremendously powerful! An amplified earth-shaking soundwave of vibrating sound!

"Alright Angela, just have a seat there and we'll get started, alright?", Maxine's voice sounded so powerfully large - very close, too.

Tom listened intently to the heaviness of their movements, the sound of their huge motions. Two gigantic women simply sitting down - the obvious noises were quite apparent; crushing leather on a huge couch cushion and heavy crumbling as the huge furniture withstood their colossal size and weight.

He could tell that they were both right there next to him. And, if he was trapped inside of Maxine's purse, then he had no way to get out of there without being seen, ...he would have to wait and see if they left before he could actually try and climb out through that little opening.

'Angela's Surprise' by midnightwriter85
Author's Notes:

"Thomas Speedman meets Angela Cooper, ...will she like what she sees?"


  Still hopelessly trapped inside of this huge leather bag, Tom was suddenly thrown off balance - in a sudden pull - from this unexpected lifting sensation!

Instantaneously, shooting straight up while shifting across to the right, throwing everything inside over to one side!

He jerked around, just before he was swiftly pinned against the wall, pressed down by the intense gravity! Sliding over the soft floor, he found himself squashed right back into that softball of crumpled nylon, ...forcing him deeper into that huge cushion of pantie hose!

He nearly gagged, as the sudden pull of intense gravity, yanking him back - directly followed by an abrupt falling sensation!

-------- =

  "Okay, Angela. Let's get started then, shall we..." Maxine's voice resounded from above. "Have you ever felt this fabric before?"

-------- =

She must have taken up her purse, and moved it over, casually setting it aside with an abrupt drop! Tom had been moved as well, in the thoughtless process, and had nearly lost his cookies from the unexpected drop in elevation!

"Whump!", the floor impacted with a solid thump!

-------- =

  "It's 'imported' plush velvet. If you could just, hold onto it for a little while and just feel it while we talk, ...it seems to aid in helping you to relax, the soothing texture just feels good, too".

  "Um, alright?", Angela reached over and took the small square of fabric from Maxine's fingertips and instantly applied it to her face.

Maxine giggled. Angela began rubbing the small square of material on her face.

  "Feel Good?", Maxine whispered.

  "Yes, it's lovely!", Angela said, slowly rubbing the cloth in a circular motion on her chin and gently over her right cheek.

-------- =

  Right after the unexpected drop, he felt the hard floor slam up against him. Listening to them, as they casually went about their business, he rubbed his bruised behind. Staying very still, he waited to make sure that she was done moving her purse around!

-------- =

  After quickly snatching up her purse, and swinging it around beside her chair, (Unintentionally, and quite casually) she just dropped it to the floor, Maxine then picked up a small remote control - using her thumb, she pressed a button.

Just after the soft click, the whole room was suddenly filled with a crisp, intensified sound of gushing water... the surround-sound speakers, came to life - offering up the prerecorded sound effects of ambient music; a mountain waterfall.

The soft tones of Biosphere - 'Hyperborea' - began flowing out of the speakers. Maxine adjusted the volume and set the remote down.

  "Have you ever been in the desert?", she asked. Picking up the legal pad and crossing her legs she sank back into the soft leather chair.

  "Yes. A few years ago, my sister and I were out in Arizona. We had driven out to the dunes. We spent a few days camping beneath the stars - it was a wonderful experience."

  " I'll bet.", Maxine spoke calmly.

  "It forces you to realize just how, 'Small' we all are, ...doesn't it?", she cleared her throat. " The horizon so far off in the distance, ...and, the setting sun, so large - just hanging there in the sky."

  "Yes. The way it looks from the dessert is very pretty."

Leaning back and looking out through the doctor's Bay Windows.

She could see out through the open blinds; the distant horizon, glowing with the last rays of sunlight. The view from the eighteenth floor, at the top of the impressive Murphy Building, giving Angela a clear view across the entire Central Park. And, well beyond the outskirts of the Downtown area.

She finally started to settle into the moment and relax, ...she slipped her shoes off and pulled her right foot up onto the couch - placing it underneath her left buttcheek.

The relaxing sounds of ambient music seemed to calm her inner-being and she took a few deep breaths and slowly exhaled, ...her whole body seemed to relax. And, for her - that was something that almost never happened when she with a complete stranger.

She was just very nervous around people until she really got to know them.

  "Tell me something," Maxine said. "Whenever you have these sudden urges, are you under stress most of the time, or can they just arise at any given moment?"

  "Well, it depends. Usually, there has to be something happen that triggers it. If I'm sitting at home watching television and --I'm really enjoying what I'm watching, then I normally don't have any problems."

  "Oh, okay. Do you watch porn?"

  "Sometimes, yeah."

  "What do you like to watch?"

  "Um, well, what really turns-me-on, ...is that what you mean?"

  "Yeah, I'd like to know what you enjoy 'seeing' whenever you're relaxing at home. When nothing or nobody's around that could possibly distract you, ...are you normally alone whenever you watch porn?

"Well, I don't watch it very often. But, my girlfriend Tracy, used to stop by after work - and we would sometimes watch some X-rated movies from the Classic Era, ...mainly, just for the jokes and we found it amusing to make fun of them."

So, you don't watch anything when you're alone, then?"

Angela paused. She glanced up at the ceiling and rolled her eyes. Pulling her bare foot out from under her, she switched legs and stuffed her other foot up under her heavy butt.

  "I um, like to watch women dominate men. Tie 'em up, and make 'em beg. You know? I like to see a great big muscular guy, being controlled by a skinny looking girl - it just does something for me, ...I don't know what it is about that, but it just turns me on, so much!"

Maxine scribbled something down on her pad. She slowly began to smile. "I knew it", she thought to herself.

  "This could actually work!"

Angela started to blush, "Is something Wrong?"

  "Oh, no, there's nothing wrong!", the Asain woman's eyes blinked several times.

 "I think that I have the perfect solution for you."


  Maxine was a bit reluctant to bring someone else into this with them, but she also knew that this small group of people could be easily managed. Her daughter and her three friends already knew about it. And, Amy and her young daughter, already knew about it too.

That was seven people, including herself, that knew what she was doing, ...Angela would make eight people involved in this, and under the circumstances, she felt that using one of them to actually help one of her patient's was just an added benefit.

-------- =

  Attempting to try and make out what they were talking about, Tom listened closely, but that overbearing background sound, coming from her surround-sound speakers - nearly drown out everything but an occasional word or two, ...he had just started to climb up toward the tiny hole in the zippered pocket, when all of a sudden, he was almost thrown back down again, ...the huge purse lifted up and swung around in a wide sweeping circle.

Hanging on tightly, he was gently lowered down and the bottom of the purse softly came to rest on some other spot.

He heard the zipper slowly coming apart, and the outside light suddenly flooded in. He heard the giantess saying something, but then - her huge hand covered up the opening at the top.

He dropped down into the depths of the narrow pocket and tried to crawl beneath the pantie hose. He had just made it underneath when three large fingers entered the pocket and pulled the wadded ball of pantie hose out!

Tom remained there in the bottom of the pocket - frozen with fear. When the only thing protecting him had suddenly been removed, he huddled down in the corner and held his breath... sheer terror overtook him! He trembled as he heard Maxine's voice speaking from directly above!

  "Thomas?", she whispered. Her monstrous voice drifted back toward the opened pocket.

  "Are you still in there?", she quizzically asked!

Not expecting an answer, she pulled the pocket wide apart, lowering her face down directly over it, ...huge eyes filled the opening as she peered in!

  "THERE YOU are!", she abruptly announced! "Come on out here, Little one. I want you to meet someone!"
- As if he actually had a choice in the matter...


    Nothing could have prepared him for what was about happen...

  He had only briefly been with this giant doctor, (while fully awake and not unconscious) and Maxine didn't really give him enough time, or even a chance, to acclimate to his new miniature position, being so hastily reduced to this little five-inch action figure. The unexpected and quite overwhelming shock hadn't enough time to fully sink in...

  And, without really allowing him a chance to fully realize what he had so suddenly become, she had just simply dropped him down into the back of her steaming hot pantie hose!

Now, I don't know about you, but - here she was, cooing at him and talking to him, ...asking him so nicely, to come out from the safety of his hiding place and meet another giant woman!

...as if she were his best friend in the whole world, ...just staring down at him with two huge, dark brown eyes!

  "C'mon, Thomas. Don't be afraid. We're not gonna hurt ya! Angela here would just like to see what you look like, that's all..."

He couldn't even catch his breath. This huge matching pair of brown spheres, sparkling above the opening in the pocket - looked as if they were larger than a set of head lights on the front end of a Greyhound Bus!

Tom nearly pissed all over the floor of the leather pouch/pocket, whenever the sudden appearance of her bright red fingernails slowly curled around the edge of the opened at the top!

Larger than a garden shovel, three shiny red nails slipped down along the soft lining. Entering the pocket and slowly coming closer, ...the sight of those spade shaped blades and the thought of how easily they could cut him in half, caused him to scream out in sheer terror!

"No, Noooooooo! Get away from ME!"

"Aw, come on Now!", Maxine purred. "I'm not going to hurt YOU!"

"No, Don't touch ME!", Tom yelled up at those huge brown eyes!

"C'mon, Thomas. Don't be so scared, I just want to get you out of there, so that we can take a good look at you, That's all..."

"Ahhhhh, No, Nooooooo!"

  Tom screamed as loud as he could! But, it didn't make any difference to the giant fingers. Two long slender fingertips and a heavy wide thumb lowered down into the pocket and slid around his sides. The soft skin squeezed up around him and slowly squished together, ...taking him up, and lifting him out into the brighter light.

"Put ME DOWN!", Tom screamed.

Kicking his arms and legs in a frantic act of pure terror!

Looking down, he saw the cupped palm of her other hand coming up to meet him. He felt his bare feet touching down onto the soft padding of her warm skin, ...he struggled within her fingertips, as she slowly released him, allowing him to simply drop down into her waiting palm.

"There, We ARE!", she brightly announced!

Holding him up level with her face, he felt the slight pull of gravity as she gently lifted him. Her huge hand dipped and raised a few times as she adjusted his elevation - holding him precariously high above the floor!

Tom's stomach twinged, as he spread his feet as wide as he could. Trying to maintain his balance on this giant woman's soft palm. He felt her warm fingers spreading apart as she adjusted her hand to better display him for her anxiously awaiting guest.

Angela leaned forward, scooting up on the edge of her seat, she brought her face in closer to see this incredible little person!

"Oh, is he.... REAL?", she blurted out!

"As real as, You or Me!", Maxine answered.

"Angela, Meet 'Thomas Speedman', I think that the two of you are going to become very good friends!"

'Oh, my god, he's just so, ...so, Oh My! I didn't think that ...oh God, he's a little Man!"

Angela stammered to find the words to express her emotional reaction, but she simply stuttered with confusion as she intently inspected this amazingly - small - perfectly formed - little miniature person!

Sitting there, completely naked, inside of this soft feminine hand, he just looked so strange!Being that his tiny body fits perfectly within this beautiful Asian woman's palm. Her smooth, single hand, easily large enough to engulf his entire body. Angela, just couldn't believe what her eyes were seeing!

Completely spellbound, she continued to question what her eyes just couldn't quite understand, "He can't be REAL! That's Impossible, ...isn't it?"

  "Oh No, he's very much as real as he can be, ...just smaller!", Maxine whispered softly, holding him up a little closer.

Gapping, Angela's mouth fell open as she continued to burble, her eyes frozen and locked on to the sight of this little tiny person, ...just sitting there so petite inside the single hand of the lady doctor.

    "...are you, ...Serious?", she squealed with an ear-piercing blast!

Tom covered his ears with both hands and fell backward into Maxine's palm. Her fingers reactively curled around his miniature figure, protecting him as she reluctantly moved him away from the overly-excited Angela.

"Be careful, Angela ...his tiny ears are very sensitive."

"Oh, Sorry! I didn't realize! This is just so, ...amazing!"

"I know, um, he's really tiny, but he IS a 'Real Person', Angela. So, we have to be very careful. You could accidentally injure him without even realizing it.."

"Oh I know, ...I know. I mean, just look at him. He's so Small!"

Maxine slowly moved him back between them, gradually raising up her hand and bringing him up before Angela's face, once again.

Tom's heart was racing as he was forced to be put on display. He had never before felt so humiliated, ...he wanted to just jump out of her hand and run away but the distance down to the floor was far too much to survive the fall!

Angela was looking at him like a little girl would look at a fresh slice of chocolate cake with white frosting. Her eyes grew wider, and her heart started pounding - her face blushed a deep shade of red and she felt her body becoming overly aroused by just the sight of this tiny naked man.

She felt her nipples growing hard and becoming as rigid as steel bolts. Her ears felt hot, too.

She reached up and brushed her fingers through her hair, ...at the same time, she bumped her arm across her left boob and rubbed it with the inside of her forearm - using her wrist - she felt her hard nipples trying to press through her bra.

Her breathing was getting faster and faster. And, she felt her tingling pussy getting so warm, ...she uncrossed her legs and recrossed them a few times, ...trying to hide her arousal from Maxine.

Maxine broke the tension, "Would you like to hold him?", she quietly whispered.

"Just put your hands together and I'll let you hold him."

Tom started to panic. "What the hell was she doing?"

He didn't want to be some 'plaything' for this fat bitch. "I thought that she was going to give me to Amy?"

Angela scooted away, she shook her head and slid back deeper into the couch.

    "I don't know, Maxine?"

  Uncrossing her legs, she spread her knees apart and wiped her damp palms down over them - placing her feet tightly together, she squeezed her knees back together and shifted them over to one side; feeling her pussy start to swell, she tried to contain her building arousal!

  Tom had no idea what was going on and he wasn't a bit interested in being handled by this chubby giant blonde, she was hot, yeah... But, No. He didn't want her holding him like some little toy!

He was starting to get angry, at the thought of being used this way, and he turned around to look up at the looming face of his prodigious captor, ...Maxine was smiling down at him like he was some fascinating little decoration, that you'd find dangling from a supermodel's ear.

    "C'mon ladies just put me down okay. I don't like this! You're starting to scare me!"

  Angela's eyes grew even wider than what he thought possible. The sound of his voice was so "Miniature". She leaned in and lowered her face much too closely!

  "Oh My God!", she squealed!

Blasting him back into Maxine's palm with her loud voice, nearly deafening him in the process! Quickly pulling him away, Maxine lowers him down onto her lap. Her cupped palms enclosing around him, completely covering him up!

"Angela!", Maxine barked! "I thought I told you to be careful about that!"

"Oh God, I'm so sorry! I didn't hurt him, did I? Is he, ...is he, ..alright?"

Angela covered her blushing face. Cupping both her hands over it, she peeked between her fingers. Maxine slowly opened her's up while looking down to check on him.

Tom's ears were ringing, as he looked up directly at the giant woman. (He waved her away as if he had a choice in the matter), ...Maxine opened up her hands slightly, as she slowly lifted him back up.

"I think he's alright. But, Angela - you can't do that. You're going to need to remember that he is just so sensitive and delicate... that to him - You - are almost as big as the 'Statue of Liberty'. If you can imagine what that would be like, then you should realize how everything appears to him."

"I don't think I 'Like this' anymore, Maxine.", Angela sounded nervous. "This just doesn't feel right. Put him away, I don't want to hold him"

Angela crossed her arms and sat back into the couch. Maxine slowly released her hands from around the tiny captive. Allowing Tom to sit freely and completely naked upon her right thigh.

Moving her hands away and lowering them down next to her legs, she allowed him the freedom to look around and see them both from this new vantage point.

"He must be completely terrified of us! How did he get so, ...small, Anyway?", Angela started to realize the full extent of this bizarre new reality.

  "Where did he come from?"

------- =

Tom sat down. Awkwardly attempting to cover up his naked crotch, while sitting at the edge of Maxine's soft black skirt, he crossed his legs and leaned over. Reaching down with his right hand he tried to get to hold of the bottom edge of the thick skirt. Attempting to brace himself from falling off her long leg.

Her wide, soft thigh, felt so warm beneath him. However, keeping his full attention, was this slight but constant - shifting motion. To anyone else, they were simply imperceptible motion's - to anyone of normal size, that is. Tiny movements, that wouldn't even be detected in the slightest way.

However, for Tom, being only five inches tall, just the slightest movement - simply created by her living, breathing body, keeping him fully aware of just how gigantic she is!

Unintentionally, and unaware of her drifting leg, which was moving with just her normal body rhythms - causing her huge leg to slightly drift, ...moving back and forth, ...completely unconscious actions, though, for anyone of normal size. Something that we all do, whether awake or asleep.

From Tom's perspective, although, it was extremely noticeable. He felt as though she were intentionally wobbling her leg just to keep him slightly off balance, ...was she just tormenting him?

----- =

"He volunteered for this venture all on his own, Angela. Tom is a criminal.  He was going to be persecuted and sent away for more than twenty years. He was offered this chance to avoid going to prison."

Maxine glanced down at him with a slight glint in her eye's,

   "He was fully aware of the consequences, and yet, he decided to go ahead and offer himself up as a test subject for some new experimental procedure", Maxine didn't fully explain everything.

She failed to tell her, that she - herself, had been the one who had actually performed this experiment - and exposed tiny Tom to the chemicals - which had effectually caused him to shrink.

  "He knew exactly what he was getting himself into before all of this began, but yet he still wanted to avoid going to prison, so here he is - just as sweet as can be, I mean, just look at him, ...I think ...he like's it!"


End Notes:

TBC ~ this was one of the longest chapters that I've uploaded to this story, and probably the most dialogue, too.

Let me know what you think!  ;`)

Chapter 50 by midnightwriter85
Author's Notes:

Tom begins to wonder if he'll live to see another day...


Somehow, Dr. Harrison had actually figured out how to miniaturize people, and Tom's new reality had just begun to fully sink in. At first, he was simply elated, but after gaining a bit of perspective, his jubilation was short-lived...

Tom also knew that she had shrunken several other people as well, secretly imprisoning them inside of these small wire cages. Holding them captive, as easily as a child kept a Gerbil as a pet!

After he noticed that there were several of those cages all lined up along that shelf, he was beginning to wonder how many others there were that would be added to the lady doctors bizarre collection!

Now, Thomas Speedman wasn't one to complain about getting all of this attention from the opposite sex, but this was just so weird! ...so humiliating. He had often fantasized about this very thing! However, this giant woman doctor had simply dropped him down into the back of her pantie hose, and squished him between her cheeks! Smothering him inside until he eventually passed out!

Upon awakening, Mr. Speedman slowly realized that Maxine had trapped him inside of her purse, wrapped up inside of that same pair of pantie hose! Was she trying to smother him in there!

He wondered just what she could possibly be planning on doing with him, next. And, now that he was just barely big enough to defend himself from a common household insect, what other things would she do to him?

Was she going to kill him? Was she going to eat him? She could, you know. Just simply shove him into her mouth and, ...devour him!

He had no idea what to think about all of this, ...everything around him, was completely enormous...


Sitting on her knee...

The closeness; quite traumatizing. Trembling, Tom sat - fully naked - straddling this smooth wide leg. His knees sharply bent with his feet tucked under him, the warmth of her enormous leg created the most intoxacating sense of euphoria.

Looking up at these two enormous women - just sitting there, taking all of this so casually, talking to each other and ...as if Tom weren't even there...laughing and flipping their hair, glancing down only occasionally to give him the slightest smile.

He wondered what strange 'fresh hell' he was about to enter; it seemed that Dr. Harrison was trying to convince Angela to do something out of her comfort zone...

Sitting naked on this giant woman's lap, he felt rubbery, but hard at the same time. The sheer size of Maxine's huge, soft thigh -- comparatively; being five times the length of his entire body, ...he sat there gripping tightly to the edge of her skirt.

Saddled upon her mid-thigh, nearly eight feet wide - he felt so puny - looking down the long, overly extended - length - of her lower leg. The shiny surface of tightly stretched stocking, a slight purplish hue reflecting within the dark blue color.

The tantalizing essence of her magnificent body, brought his arousal to a whole new level, ...drowning him within her scent, he could barely conceal his solid erection.

As the two women sat there talking, Maxine's hands aimlessly started flittering around. Her gesturing motions; like strange, wingless birds, her right hand swooping down and whipping past just overhead. Tom could barely relax enough to take a single breath... she could accidentally swat him off her leg and he would be dead before he hit the floor!


Knowing that - 'he' - was the central point of their semi-private conversation, he still felt as though they weren't exactly giving him any type of recognition, ...speaking of him, occasionally gesturing toward him, but not really considering him a part of their ongoing discussion.

Tom felt an overwhelming sense of betrayal. Maxine was treating him more like a little animal, or a pet. He attempted to get her attention, several times, but she simply held her open hand down above him, blocking out the light and causing him to be reminded of how small and insignificant he had actually become...

...was this how it was going to be, for the rest of his life?

His body had he been changed so drastically, that ...he wouldn't be treated as a normal human being any longer?

"Oh, it was obvious that he was no longer their equal.", he reconsidered. "They could do whatever they wanted to him, and he didn't have any way to defend himself!"

He was beginning to think that, just maybe - prison - would have been better, ...if he had known exactly what he was getting himself into, he would have never allowed her to do this to him!

Angela, and Maxine's conversation being so particularly focused on this 'Other-worldly aspect' ... Maxine attempted to detail her intentions. Her explanation was quite profound:

"It was like, the most wonderful feeling of complete empowerment.", looking down, and pointing her finger directly at him,

"This feeling of being in complete control. Possessing another human being, him - the tiny miniature man", she whispered quietly - "Owning him."

Oh, he was 'real' alright. A real live human being - a real living, breathing, being...

... just so small that, ...that the sensation of holding him, just couldn't be quite fully appreciated, without actually doing it!

"...to hold someone - that little - you just feel like a Giantess!"

"But, Angela. ...the sensation is simply delicious", Maxine whispered seductively.


Angela was reluctant to even try and allow herself to simply touch him; after the excitement of seeing him for the first time.

Her excited 'reaction', causing her to raise her voice a bit too loudly. The sudden outburst nearly deafening the poor little guy!

The doctor simply wanted to observe Angela's first time, witnessing it from more of a clinical observation, or from the psychological standpoint. Watching her do this, ...would allow her to see first hand just how fascinating it was, and she relished the chance to watch this happening!

Not wanting to offend her, Maxine was reluctant but quite determined to get her to do this. She was going to be extremely patient with Ms. Cooper, wanting her to just relax and simply hold him, ...just to simply experience what it was like...

She wanted to watch the little man's reaction, too. This was something that could be studied - the human reaction to different types of stimuli; different subjects and different situations...

"...nothing could be more different than this.", she thought.

"Alright Angela," Maxine firmly stated. "Now, put your hands out. I'm going to gently place little Thomas here, right into your palm. Just hold him for one minute. That's all I want you to do, just hold him, Okay?"

"Alright, but I don't want to hurt him. How tightly should I squeeze him?", she asked with a quivering tone.

"Don't squeeze, Angela. Just allow him to sit there in your hands.", Maxine softly told her.

Tom instantly started shaking, as he felt Maxine's cool fingers smoothly wrapping around his entire body. He would have tried to cover up his straining erection, but the point was that they had already noticed it and didn't really seem to be very interested in the fact that he was aroused.

His miniature size is such a novelty, his puny penis appeared more like an added bonus. Angela smiled when she saw it, ...her eyes growing brighter as she felt his tiny form dropping into the center of her cupped palms.

"Hello, little man.", she softly whispered. Being extra careful not to raise her voice.

Tom flopped down onto his bare butt and sat up. Leaning forward to block her giant eyes from staring at his crotch. He had never before felt this way, being naked around a woman ...he normally felt very comfortable with his body. He wasn't ashamed of the way that he looked. In fact, he was quite proud of his larger-than-average endowment.

But now, none of that seemed to matter. Tom's full standing height was shorter than what his cock used to be when he was normal size!

Grabbing onto her thumbnail he braced himself and pulled himself up onto his knees. Tom felt like he was kneeling before an actual goddess, a real giant woman, ...her soft palms smoothly surrounding him.

"He barely weighs anything at all!", Angela whispered. "This is, ...so strange!"

Tom felt her huge hands slightly quivering all around him. He couldn't help himself from becoming more afraid of her. His heart pumping fast, he looked up at the sight of her huge chest looming above him. The heavy globes filling out the front of her blouse. A pure look of complete fascination in her sparkling eyes. He could now feel the slick, wet sweat, forming a fine coating within her palms.

His bare skin pressing against her heated palms; the warmth consuming him within her cupping palms. He had never feared such a thing, ...or thoughts of such strangeness, had never before entered his mind!

"She's just a woman!", Tom tried to settle his terrified mind.

Looking around, he noticed that Maxine had moved further away - sitting back into her chair, she was writing something down on her notepad. She was obviously studying what Angela's reaction was, and she seemed to be enjoying the results of her newest revelation.

Angela slowly lifted him up. Bringing him up closer to her face. Her eyes grew wider as she brought him up before her, ...Tom knelt down, lowering his head submissively before this supreme being.


Angela felt a tingling sensation within her panties. A powerful surge of swelling in her nethers. Her nipples started swelling, as she slowly allowed her knees to drift apart, widening her thighs slightly, ...she felt herself becoming very wet.

Slowly taking a deep breath, she brushed a single fingertip over his tiny cock and pushed it firmly against his belly.

"Oh, I see what you mean. He's so little, Maxine!"

Tom felt as though he had already been devoured! She was holding him in her hands and he couldn't get away from her if he tried, ...she could, so easily squish him - so tightly - that he didn't stand a chance!

Her huge face slowly moved closer, she smiled and blinked quickly. Tom attempted to move away as he noticed her looming facial features. Her large nostrils flexed. The base, drawing air and vacuuming a strong draft into her lungs. Sweeping around his naked body, her fingers began to roam around and explore.

Her heated breath swirling around him, escaping through her nose and mouth - a slight breeze began swirling - drifting through her palms. She was sniffing him.

The corners of her mouth quivered, slowly forming a smile, ...Tom sank down and felt his bare butt sinking down into the warmth of her powerful hands.

"M'm, I wonder, ... are you afraid of me?", she softly whispered. "Let me have a little taste!"

Tom instantly threw his hands out to the sides and grabbed onto her large fingertips!

The large appendages moved closer and gripped up around him. Trapping him inside her single hand, he saw her other hand drift away as she slowly enclosed him within her right fist.

Tom stiffened his spine as a pang of fear stabbed him in the gut! He felt her possessive fingers enclosing all around him, tightening up and constricting. Forcing his tiny arms down to his sides, Angela giggled at his squirming reaction,

"Aw, look at you. You can't get away from me, little Tom!"

Driven to panic, he wildly fought against her firm grasp. Suddenly realizing that he was caught up within this enormous woman's fist and the sudden fear of her lingering gaze frightened him to the core!

Was she going to eat him?

Her wet tongue extruded from between her large, puffy lips. Leaving a shimmering glaze of sticky saliva spreading across, slowly breaking the firm seal in between, sweeping the tip over her lower lip.

"Just a little taste, ....that's all. I just want to give you a little, ...Taste."

Tom almost screamed as he felt the tip of her sloppy wet muscle pressing against his entire face!

Tiny sized globs of sticky syrup covered his whole face! He felt the thick paste soaking into his hair, dripping down and dribbling over his shoulders, he screamed as loud as he could!

"Nooo!", his voice barely made a sound.

He could feel his heart hammering hard against her encircling palm. The firm grasp holding him tightly enough that his body felt like it was connected to her hand. Her solid squeeze sealing her skin into his, ...smoothly conforming to his entire length!

His feet protruding from the base of her gripping fist, his legs crumpled within the center; his head trapped inside the coil of her index finger and thumb... he felt the powerful strength within her fingers - each one - working individually to form a perfect alignment with his defenseless little figure. He had become mummified within her grasp.

Her tongue slipped across his face, slowly...this time - leaving a trail of sparkling glue, ...plastering his entire face with the sticky paste!

"Stop It!", he yelled!

Only able to barely turn his head away, he couldn't do anything to prevent her from licking him! Her tongue quickly returned to slowly slither over his face again. The rounded nodules that covered the surface, slid slowly across his entire face, slightly scraping the side of his jaw. He felt the tiny appendages cutting into the surface of his skin!

He felt the heated wetness soaking in. The fast drying saliva-absorbing deeper and deeper each time, ...his heart was exploding inside his chest!

Was she going to EAT him?

He screamed again, but she didn't even seem to notice. Her mouth opened up and her huge soft lips wrapped around his whole head! The air popped as she pulled her mouth away!


Her slathering tongue swiftly attached itself to his face and head, wallowing around and mashing firmly, compressing against him! Forcefully shoving his head back, smothering him! He felt the powerful compression and thought that he was about to be swallowed alive!

In a sudden burst of explosive wetness, her giant mouth pulled away and quickly closed! Smiling with a huge set of glimmering white teeth, Angela's face drifted away and her eyes returned to inspect her little captive.

"M'm, ..yummy", her breath puffed.

Tom had nearly passed out from the lack of air, but he managed to hang on until she finally lowered him down to her knee and slowly released him. He wiped his face and looked up to see Maxine staring down with a glint in her eye, ...she had her legs crossed tightly, squeezing her thighs together. Her short dress had ridden up around her hips and she was holding onto the arms of her chair.

Angela reached up and brushed her hair back with both hands, "Could I have him for a few days?", she asked. Looking down at her feet she noticed that her purse had fallen open and a tiny little cat was casually walking out of the opening.

"Oh, LOOK!", she said. Pointing down at the shrunken cat.

Maxine lowered her hand down and the tiny cat walked into her palm and sat down. She carefully lifted him up and sat back into her chair again, ...adjusting herself into a more comfortable position, she looked down into her palm and smiled,

"Where have you been?", she softly cooed.

Extending a finger, she gently began to stroke the miniature feline, ...the little cat purred and flopped down in the center of her giant hand - curling up into a little ball - and disappearing as Maxine closed her fist around him.

51 'Mr. Yum Yum' by midnightwriter85
Author's Notes:

Thomas begins to wonder if he'll ever see the light of day, and get away from these giant bitches.


Having no idea of the actual effect it had upon him, as she took him into her hot wet mouth. Angela simply couldn't help herself... Her overzealous actions brought about by the fact that she could do anything she wanted with him, and he couldn't do anything about it!

The slightly overweight blonde had nearly suffocated him. And, she was completely unaware of how close she had come, ...just simply giving him a playful little kiss; she really had no intention of harming him.

She didn't want to hurt the little mini-man, ...she was just simply trying to show him a bit of affection... giving him a little smooch. She loved the way that he resisted. He was just so, ...helpless!

Leaning forward, she smiled down at him and softly whispered,

"M'm, I think, ... that I'll call you Mister Yum yum. I don't like 'Tom', so from now on your name is Mr. Yum Yum"

She began to consider how useful this tiny man could be. Especially around the house, in the privacy of her own apartment, ...she could use him for so many things!

...cleaning her ears out, removing unwanted hair from hard to reach places.

Massaging her chubby toes, individually painting each one of her nails. Making him crawl into her mouth and floss her teeth, or force him to brush her tongue.

Using him, to do such things that only someone of his mini-size could actually do, ...crawling underneath large appliances to retrieve lost coins or fallen earrings. Oh yes, he could be extremely helpful for all sorts of things!

She could take him to work with her, make him stay inside one of her shoes. Hidden beneath her desk, nobody would know that he was down there, massaging her feet as she sat at the computer.


Mr. Speedman carefully opened up his eyes. They were burning with the sting of Angela's slippery spit. The skin on his face felt scorched and irritated.

Coughing, and nearly gagging, Tom smelled of rotting organic waste; lingering within the leftover essence of the giant blondes half-digested stomach contents.

He felt like his entire head had been double-dipped into a five-gallon bucket of rotten garbage. The acidic fumes burned his nose, he coughed and spit, wiping away some of the giantess' excessive slobber.

Using the back of his wrists, and his hands, he attempted to clear the sticky smear away. The smelly fluid was drying quickly, caking up and forming a fine paste all over his face and head. His fingers were sticking together and his hair was standing straight up.

He slowly felt the blood returning to his legs -- instantly realizing, just how easily this giant female behemoth, could have crushed him inside her single hand and simply swallowed him alive!

Nervously, he tried to avoid her large glaring eyes. Looking around, he pretended not to notice her. Glancing up across her wide thigh, he quickly wiped his hands off on her dry pants leg.


Now, with this miniature little man sitting naked on her wide denim-clad leg, she felt herself becoming more and more aroused; ...she felt empowered. Simply allowing him the freedom to sit there upon her smooth thigh without feeling repulsed by the simple fact that he was a naked man - and, he was not only touching her, but he was sitting on her leg!

The effect that she was experiencing, was nothing like she had ever felt before, her legs were tingling and her pussy was soaking wet, ...she felt a heated wave of pleasure sweeping up through her lower body.

To connect this to any one person, was something very different for her. Angela had come to despise most all men, and for her to have any sexual feelings toward him was nearly as shocking for her, ...as it was for him...

Just as Maxine had done - Angela sat watching him as he sat there on her knee.

She smiled. Her face filled with a look of complete satisfaction. She was becoming more at ease with this uncomfortable situation, and... with him... being so extremely vulnerable, and so easily controlled. She felt her pulse racing. Her hands, slightly trembling.

She had been so fascinated by his mere size, alone. But now, that was changing into a look of slight amusement!

Her wide smile, grew even wider as she watched him nervously trying to conceal the fact that he was wiping his hands on her pants.

Tilting her head to the side, trying to contain her laughter. Just a slight jiggle slipped out as she covered her mouth, her belly shook and her breasts bounced as she attempted to control herself from bursting into a fit of girlish giggling...


Maxine stood up to stretch her legs. Still holding her little pussy. She could feel the little feline squirming around inside her hand. She didn't want to frighten him inside of her enclosed fist, ...so she decided to take him back into the storage room and put him inside one of the open cages.

She needed to check on her other subjects as well, and she excused herself from Angela and slowly stepped around behind the couch.

"I'll be right back, Angela, I'm going to see if I can find something to put this little thing in."
Angela nodded in response, but her full attention was completely drawn to this amazing little figure sitting astride her left thigh.

Standing behind the couch, Maxine paused for a moment, she happened to think about her email messages. She decided to take a moment and give it a quick look. Stepping over to her desk, she dropped the little cat into her skirt pocket and leaned down to take a quick look at her emails.

She opened her laptop and typed in her password - 'D I A N A'.

Clicking the icon for her email she waited for it to open up. Then, she quickly clicked the 'next' button. Several messages popped up. The first was from her assistant , Amy.

@Maxine, URGENT MESSAGE- we need to talk. I've some "info" about those two lawyers in the building, 'Kershaw and Jackson'. I think that I know what happened to those two missing men from housekeeping. I'm waiting for you to stop by tonight, doesn't matter how late, I'll be waiting up for you. Pls bring T.S. I can't wait to see him again!

After reading Amy's urgent message, she remembered what the two of them had discussed earlier that day. Amy wanted to keep little Mr.Thomas, for herself. She had begged Maxine for the little criminal. Maxine hadn't really given it all that much thought, though, not really thinking that any particular one of them could possibly make any difference.

She had been so caught up in perfecting the shrinking process, configuring the exact amount of chemical dosage to work on a single subject, (and, shrinking two more victims just to test out her theory) - that Amy's preferred choice, of the tiny prisoners, just hadn't really occurred to her as anything of any real importance...

"Amy actually wanted little 'Yum-Yum' all for herself...", Maxine thoughtfully reconsidered.

She, herself, couldn't really see any difference in any of them. The only man she had any real compassion for was Billy Little. All the rest were just 'Little Men' - they're all the same, ...but, being shrunken down into little playthings, made them even more inadequate...

She felt a pang of guilt when she considered what had happened to Billy, though - and, for someone like him, he didn't really deserve being subjected to any of this...

"Oh Well, she would just simply have to grab another one for Angela to use.", she thought.

However, she couldn't show her inside the back room and, she didn't want her to know about the fact that she had several more of them imprisoned back there inside of wire cages designed to keep little rodents like Tiny Hamsters, or Gerbils.

Maxine 'logged off', closing her laptop, she stood up and spun around on the balls of her feet. Holding her single hand over the pocket on her skirt that held the tiny Cat, she softly patted it comfortingly, ..as she casually walked back over to the couch.

"I'm sorry about this, Angela. But, It seems that I've made a bit of a mix-up?", Maxine cleared her throat.

"Before I allow this to go any further, Mr. Thomas here has already been spoken for by another client. We'll have to replace him with another one.", Maxine attempted to explain her intentions.

"Aw, Why? I thought that he was, ...going home with me?", Angela inquired with a frown and a look of confusion. "I don't mean to be a 'spoilsport', but, I thought that he was the perfect solution for me!"

"After observing the two of you interacting, I think that I have one that'll be a much better fit.", she reached down, casually removing Mr. Yum yum/Thomas Speedman, from Angela's leg.

Maxine held Thomas up next to her chest. Holding him firmly in her right hand, she snuggled his face into her left breast.

"I'll just go back and get the one that I should have previously selected for you." Turning away, she squeezed the little man a bit tighter,

"C'mon Mr.Speedman. You're not getting off that easy. Angela here, wouldn't be the type of woman to keep you in line. But, we both know, exactly what type of woman you need? Right?"


TBC, I thought that I had better just go ahead and post this now...

End Notes:

Loved all the suggestions in the recent reviews! Although, ...I can't really say what will actually happen in the coming chapters, but, ...as Jessi Jackson used to say, "Keep Hope Alive!"  

Melancholy Daze by midnightwriter85
Author's Notes:

A new character is introduced and we find that this old world isn't quite as big as we thought it was...  


All around him, ...a slight humming sound seemed to radiate through space... or, was it his ears ringing inside his head? He couldn't be sure...

Slowly, opening up his eyes, he suddenly realized that he was completely naked and lying on a cold metal floor.

The large room, being taller than it's width, crudely covered over on the outside with a heavy black curtain. The high ceiling completely covered, shrouding him in almost complete darkness.

Just a slight glow of dimly filtered light drifting down through the crumpled cloth; the stark metal floor seemed to pulsate with a twinge of static electric.

Cool metal bars lined the interior walls. The air thick and heavy, a strong lavender aroma lingering within the still warmth...

Just over from him, on the outside of the bars, he thought that he heard someone groaning and softly moaning, ...he listened quietly, trying to figure out what was happening.

He felt like he had been hit by a speeding train; his neck sore and stiff. Sitting in the cool dark corner, his bones felt achy and sore. His skin seemed to be tighter and his hair wet with sweat.

He could barely hold his head up; at first, -- but he could feel his strength, slowly, -very slowly- beginning to return. At least, ...his head had finally stopped spinning! What was the hell going on?

Frantically, he began rubbing his hands up and down over his arm's, desperately trying to get warm. The fleeting of motion seemed to blend into the heavy air, ...slow fading trails followed his movements.

He couldn't figure out where he was, or, ...why he was here. How had he ended up - Here - buck-naked, and staring up at the ceiling of some dark, dank, jail cell... when he moved, it felt like gravity had become lesser; his weight had most definitely changed!

Denny, or 'Dennis Licpet', ...sat leaning up against the cold, solid steel bars.

He felt his skin tingling from the mild static charge, with the sensation coursing throughout the entire cell, he felt like it was slowly draining him...

Unable to see anything - clearly - within the dark space, he pulled his knees up into his chest and tried to gather up his scattered wits.

Rubbing his eyes, he started to recall what had happened to him, leading up to this...

The last thing that he could remember was sitting down with Dr. Harrison, she was about to begin their session when he suddenly felt his eyes getting very heavy, he tried to stay awake but he must have eventually fallen asleep... or passed out...


There were others around him, he could hear them moving about just next to his cell. He could hear their voices whispering through the bars. He remained sitting, trying to hear what they were saying.

"What the hell is this place?", he thought he heard someone say, "Where are we?" "Who did this?"

"How long have I been out?", someone else said.

Then, high above the ceiling, there was a heavy thumping sound. A rustling wave came from above and a slight amount of white light flashed across the walls. A sweeping rush of motion, then out of nowhere, the swooshing gust of wind suddenly removed part of the black curtain!

"No, no, no, Nooooo!", a man screamed!

A heavy clanking sound and then an abrupt snap, followed by another scream. "Oh, Nooo!"

Then, a different voice, - a whisper - a soft feminine voice, only much deeper in tone, it said something that really drew Denny's attention, the tone vibrated through the metal bars and caused the entire floor to vibrate.

" You wait here, Thomas.", the voice said. A vibration forming within the floor, "I'm going to need another volunteer"


After sitting down on Maxine's couch, he couldn't seem to remember anything, after that...

She must have had something to do with this, ...he wasn't too sure, but, he thought that he could smell her prolific perfume...

Sitting up, he felt his bare feet slide across the metal floor. The cold metal was very unnerving, ...the sensation seemed to soak into his ankles and his toes were painfully numb.

There was something wrong! Something felt strange, but he just couldn't quite put his finger on it, ...the air was humid and thick, but yet - he felt like he was freezing!

Maybe he had come down with some weird virus?

Or, was he suffering the effects of some strange new drug?

He didn't remember the lady doctor giving him any pills or anything? However, something just felt 'off' this weird physical sensation was completely overwhelming!

The muscles in his arms and legs were tingling. His lungs felt like they were barely moving when he took a breath, it was like the air was superlative, filled with an overabundance of pure oxygen.

He felt a little buzzed...

The sounds, coming from outside his cell, drew his attention.

Dennis instantly wanted to find out who they were! Maybe they knew something, anything at all, about what had happened, ...someone had drugged him, stripped him naked and thrown him into this cold, dark, jail cell... Had he been kidnapped? Who did this, ...Maxine?


After going through an extremely nasty divorce, which had ended his marriage after just ten short years; his wife, Stacy - had barely given the poor sot enough time to realize what was actually happening...

Dennis had never been more depressed than he was now.

Working at the DMV was a simple enough job and it really didn't pay too badly. However, it wasn't enough to satisfy his aggravated spouse. Stacy had started seeing other guys behind his back and had run off to Mexico with a man eight years younger than her.

Denny tried everything to fix it. He spent most of his yearly salary trying to 'save the marriage', but Stacy was through, ...she only waited around until his money ran out, and then she dropped the bomb and filed for divorce.

Dennis's lawyer, Ms. Melanie Kershaw, was supposed to be one of the best legal professionals in the state, but she didn't really do anything during the court proceedings and she allowed Stacy's attorney to take almost everything!

After it was over, Ms. Kershaw suggested that he make an appointment with this famous psychologist, Maxine Harrison. Ms. Kershaw seemed to think that it was the least she could do, especially after taking the last bit of his savings before finishing up the final divorce.

The finalized divorce had left him with only a few simple reminders of his failed marriage; a set of keys. A golden framed picture. An empty cigarette holder stained with the impression of her raspberry lipstick. Stacy, (his wife) had taken everything else - her lawyer, was more than relentless, she took the House, the Car, the Pontoon Boat... even his dog!

Dennis had managed to keep a few things, though, a half-carton of cigarettes. Some books. His truck. ...and, his pop-up type, 'Tag-a-long' Camper, which he had parked in his best friend's back yard. Just for the time being...though, Dennis would be 'temporarily' living in it... until he could find somewhere else to park it.

He had been in the process of preparing for a long distance run. He had lost ten pounds of winter weight and he had been working out on a regular basis. A 25K Marathon was coming up, and he thought that he would sign up for it and see how well he could do; maybe it would kill him if he was lucky...

His legs were stronger than they had ever been in his life, and his tall lanky frame was nearly a picture perfect display of an out-of-date cross-country runner.


Slowly getting to his feet, Denny held onto the bars and gradually pulled himself up into a standing position. Standing there for a little while, before he could trust himself to stay on his feet.

Just then, he heard a distant rumble. A heavy thudding sound carried throughout the entire cell, ...what the... it sounded like something huge and heavy had fallen down somewhere not far away...

The sudden burst of light entering his cell, almost caused him to close his eyes. The instant flash above him, revealing a huge towering figure! Instantly appearing as if from a Movie Theater Screen, the colorful display of colossal size - exploding above - completely filling up the sky!

"I think, you'll do nicely!", her whispering voice announced directly above!

Denny stood dumbfounded. It was Maxine alright, but she had grown into an enormous behemoth!

His eyes quickly adjusted to the light, only to find that a huge hand with bright red nails, swiftly came straight down after him - descending upon him, as if it were about to squash him!

He didn't have enough time to react before the smooth contact of large wrapping fingers completely encircled around his entire body and smartly squeezed him!

The floor drifted away, as the metal bars slipped out of his hands. He was swiftly lifted out through the opening in the roof and elevated up before her!

Maxine's voice seemed to pulsate directly into his face,

"C'mon Denny. I've someone who would be 'so delighted' to meet you!", she sniggered.

Her huge face filled his entire view! Her nose was two feet wide, ... her mouth opened up releasing a heated gust of almost sweltering steam, ...her smooth exaggerated features seemed to explode inside his head, her powerful grasp held him as effortlessly as one would pick up a coffee cup!

"Angela will be so happy to see you!", she whispered.

Denny watched the room spin around, as the huge hand carried him. His voice caught in his throat, he couldn't make a sound no matter how hard he tried - he was going into shock - the crushing grasp of four big fingers and a curled thumb - coiled around him - expertly adjusting their grip around his bound body.

He wanted to scream, but nothing came out. His head lolling limply within the soft crotch of her huge hand - the powerful momentum of her motions sending him into a slight spin.

"The rest of you better behave yourself, too!", she playfully announced.

Briskly walking past the long row of cages, she walked back to the door and stopped as she took a hold of the handle. Holding the trembling little male up before her face, she licked her lips and smiled,

"How are you feeling, Denny?"

The way that her fingers sealed up around his miniature figure, he felt like he been swallowed alive! The sensation was quite consuming, to say the least! Only his head was free of her tightly grasped fingers, and he found himself struggling to see, as the huge outer world swiftly flew past.

"Don't worry Dennis, I know exactly what you need now. So, just relax. Try and let yourself go, ...you're going to be so useful, now! "


Entering back into her office, Maxine walked in from the storage room door, carrying the miniature-sized Dennis in her single right hand; as easily as she could hold her cell phone up next to her face, she slowly walked around in front of her couch.

Angela was waiting impatiently, her legs crossed and her hands covering her mouth. She sat bouncing the toe of her uplifted foot, ...a look of anticipation filled her eyes. The overly anxious blonde couldn't stand it any longer, ...she wanted to see who Maxine was going to give her this time!

Dennis's eyes searched around the spectacular room, the sight of which, seemed only vaguely familiar, now. The huge gigantic furniture appeared like monumental rock formations, neatly lined up and perfectly positioned within the colossal room!

His heart skipped as beat, as he looked down and saw her, ...one of his ex-wife's best friends! Just sitting there on the couch looking up at him! It was Angela Cooper! He knew her all too well, she had been one of Stacy's best friends since the two of them were back in college!

Dennis couldn't believe it, ...she had spent the night with them several times just a few months ago!

He felt a pang stab him in the gut as he thought about how this woman had delightfully teased him while Stacy had her back turned, ...she was simply relentless. She knew that his marriage with her friend was very important to him, and she constantly tried to get him to look at her...

How the hell did she get involved in this? Was his ex-wife included in all of this, too? What was the hell going on here? Oh, Fuck! He was in deep trouble now!


End Notes:

Uh Oh, ...look's like someone's in serious trouble!  ;`)

Melancholy Daze - pt. 2 by midnightwriter85
Author's Notes:

This chapter finds Denny being given to Angela, and she gladly accepts, taking him home with her is the meat of the scene.  I've already continued into pt. 3  and it should be up by Friday night.


Maxine's voice suddenly changed -- raising higher in pitch,

"I found one!"

Sounding as though she had suddenly morphed into a young child, she quickly hustled back into her office. Her loud feminine voice amplified and coming down from directly overhead - the shrill announcement nearly shattering his ears.

"Alright Angela, are you ready for this?"

Stepping around in front of the couch, the delighted Asian woman held up the little-naked man.

Holding her newest captive up just in front of her chest, she sounded like a little girl,

"Here-we-are!'", abruptly introducing them by slowly lowering him down closer.

"Oh, my... Maxine?", Angela whispered. Leaning forward she uncrossed her legs and moved closer, "How many of them do have back there?"

Maxine shrugged, but didn't answer, she didn't want to tell her anything more than what she had to, ...although, after Angela accepted one of them as her own personal toy, she would then be just as guilty as the doctor herself and therefore, obligated to keep this little experiment discrete.

With her pre-existing relationship, between Denny and herself, this just added to the delicious promiscuity of the entire situation. Maxine could almost feel the sexual tension building as she held the little man up in front of her.

With the surprised look on Angela's now 'giant-sized' face, Dennis realized - that she had instantly recognized him. Gasping when he saw her scooting forward as if she were about to get up from the couch and snatch him up!

The curvy, full-figured blonde, looked as if she were sixty feet tall, and now with her relaxed inhibition - surely placed on permanent 'hold' - her impending affection for him, was no doubt bound to come, sending a chill down his spine... her voice seemed to permeate into his core.

"Dennis?", she softly whispered. "Oh, wow, this is just so incredible!"

The big thighs spread apart, as she scooted forward. Moving closer as she slid up onto the edge of her seat, the super-tight denim creasing around her knees and hips leaving deep ridges. The conforming lines highlighting her open crotch. Her heavy body sinking down into the leather cushion crushing it down nearly as far as it would go...

Struggling uselessly within Maxine's controlling fingers, Mr. Licpet attempted to hide his face. However, the giant Asian woman proudly held him up on full display; offering him up like a miniature sacrifice for this gigantic blonde behemoth.

Angela was more than fascinated by the tiny spectacle; this was a man that she had once known, Dennis Licpet. Her best friend's ex-husband, and here he was, ...sitting there naked and helpless inside this giant set of womanly hands.

Cupping around him like holding a little bird, Maxine smiled. Angela Cooper, simply couldn't believe her eyes.

"Well, what do you think?"

Blinking several times, she thought, " ...this wasn't really him. Could it be someone else? Someone that just happened to look like him? Could this little miniature person, actually be Dennis?"

"Dennis?" Angela whispered. "Is that you..."

It was Dennis alright, Angela thought, "But, now he's just a tiny toy!" ...just as cute as a little pink button, held out in front of Maxine's cleavage-bearing blouse!


Stacy, was one of Angela's oldest friend's. And, she had known them both for half her life. Dennis, was the quiet type whom she loved to be around, and after Stacy had asked her to tease him a little - just for fun - she couldn't resist continuing to tease him every chance that she got...

He was just so, easily embarrassed. She just couldn't stop herself from brushing up against him whenever she had to squeeze past him in the hallway or walk around him when they were together in the kitchen. She would firmly press her butt up against his thigh as she slowly slid past, ...allowing their bodies to remain to linger together for as long as she possibly could.

Angela simply loved to see Denny's blushing reaction, whenever she looked up at him, faining innocence to the 'deliberate' but seemingly 'casual' physical contact. She felt herself becoming more and more aroused as she teased the poor man, ...knowing that he wouldn't expose her actions to his wife, without causing a big argument to ensue between the two.

Knowing that he didn't want to create a rift to come between them, Angela relished the idea. She felt so, ...powerful, being able to flaunt herself before him and he couldn't do anything about it!

Once she had stayed overnight at their house and the three of them were partying late into the night. She had trapped him out in the driveway in between their parked cars, she forced him up against the side of his truck and laid a kiss on him that would have sucked the life out of a lesser man.

However, Dennis gently pushed her away, giving her a look of disapproval. He was deeply in love with his wife, Stacy, but Angela wasn't going to give up that easily.

Dennis loosened up a bit when the booze started flowing, but he really managed to maintain his wits. He prided himself on being a good husband to her, but what he didn't realize was that Stacy was beginning to lose interest. She wasn't happy being a married woman.

She longed to be single again and being around Angela only reminded her of the freedom that she was missing out on...

However, what Stacy didn't realize was, Angela, was intently jealous of her, and them, as a couple. Although, never allowing her feelings to show. Portraying the 'girl-next-door' who was simply delighted to see the two of them together, ...innocently admiring them and often praising them for being the 'perfect couple'.

Spending most of the cool evenings out on the back patio, their weekend parties were becoming a real thing. Drinking Scotch Whiskey, while grilling up anything that they could get their hands on; a good buzz going, Dennis would strum on the Fender.

If he had the two girls taking turns singing oldies from the 60's through the 80's era, i.e. The Stones, Zepplin, Bad Company and Bob Seger... he could go all night.

The summers flew by so fast, though, and when the buzz wore off and it was time to go back to the same old grind. Stacy began to realize that she wanted more. She loved Dennis, but she wanted out.

Dennis didn't want to change a single thing. He liked the way things were and, if he would have known that Stacy wanted out, he would have done anything to try and make her stay.

Stacy had confided in Angela. As one of her closest friends, she privately told her to do something for her, ...asking her to intentionally flirt with Dennis, just to see if she should be concerned about his fidelity.

Dennis never faltered, but Stacy was surprised that he actually didn't say anything to her, about what Angela was doing to him...

Why didn't he tell her? Her 'best friend' - Angela - was flirting with him, right under her nose, and Dennis was protecting her... Was he secretly hiding other things from her, too?

Stacy was just looking for some way to make it his fault - and take some of the blame away from herself so that she wouldn't have to feel so bad when she eventually did leave.

Dennis wasn't doing anything wrong, though, and Stacy knew that ... he was a wonderful husband, but that's what she really hated about him!

She wanted out. She didn't want to be a married woman. There was nothing wrong with him, and everything seemed to be slowly getting better. However, she wanted to be a single woman again and Stacy, always got exactly what she wanted...


"Here, take him, Sweetie. He's yours...", Maxine whispered. "Just take care of him, though, he's quite vulnerable being so small."

Her voice trailing off, as she looked down carefully allowing Dennis to drop free. Awkwardly flopping down into the open hands of the overly anxious Angela.

Angela smiled, tentatively placing the butt of her palms together as if she were about to receive a scoopful of buttery popcorn. Her eyes widening with anticipation as she felt his miniature figure awkwardly plopping down into her cupped palms.

"Whoops", she blurted out without thinking.

Maxine frowned, but before she could say anything, Angela reprimanded herself, "Quietly, Angel!", she harshly said while rolling her eyes.

Consumed within the warmth of her enormous hands, Dennis swallowed hard. The lump in his throat felt as if it could choke him... Compared to Maxine's, they were like a matching pair of pillowy pads. Slightly damp, with a fine coating of nervous sweat. The slight trembling made him more aware of the giant blondes tension.

The puffy softness of her huge palms smelled of coconut oil, slippery to the touch, as he awkwardly sank down between them and found himself hopelessly trapped in her grasp.

Her hair held a faded scent of strawberry lotion. Her huge face suddenly filling his entire view, a gust of steamy air wafting over him; auspiciously moving closer, slowly and deliberately, crowding him deeper into her encircling palms.

Large rosy cheeks flanking each side, her perfectly shaped lips curling into a wide smile. The flashing of her huge sparkling blue eyes, sent another chill down his spine. The dimpled crease on her chin right in front, close enough to reach out and touch - her possessive smile nearly taking his breath away...

"Hello, Dennis. Do you recognize me, little man?", she softly asked.

Her lips curling up on one side, her nostrils flaring. Simply delighted by the extreme size difference, Ms. Cooper felt herself tingling with an intense rippling sensation awakening within her pleasure center, she slowly drew a deep breath and cocked her head to the right.

"Don't worry Dennis. I won't tell Stacy about you."


The next few hours were like a whirlwind of activity. After dropping him down into the padded bottom of Angela's huge leather purse, he was swirled around and carried away like an out of control amusement park ride!

The constant motion, from the giant blondes casual movements, seemed more like she was deliberately taunting him; bumping the side of the bag against her thigh and twirling it around without so much as a single thought.

She must have been so preoccupied with where she was going, that it didn't occur to her what it was like for him - trapped inside this handbag!

Dennis couldn't see anything, the soft leopard print lining was a comforting landing place, as he was thoughtlessly thrown around within the heated space inside. It was quickly becoming much warmer, too.

Angela must have taken him and left the air conditioning of the Murphy Building and had gone outside, into a world that would no longer be the same for Dennis Licpet...

Her brisk walking pattern told him that Angela wasn't wasting any time getting to where-ever it was that she was going.

The constant swaying and swirling had started to take a toll, the tiny man felt his stomach churning from the unnatural spinning. Spreading his arms wide trying to steady himself between a large roll-on deodorant can, and a partially used tube of petroleum jelly.

He heard the frightening blast of what could only be the sound of an engine; an explosive rush of a giant car. The rumbling muffler sending out a rapid series of fast explosions, ...like a mechanical monster sweeping past them at an incredible speed, the fading sound of the speeding cars excessive noise was quickly replaced by another one, and then another, swiftly zooming past them way too closely for his tiny ears.

Next thing he knew, he was suddenly thrown off balance - abruptly thrown backward - he felt an instant strain. The excessive external force shifting the existing state of inertia into a quick jerking motion!

His giantess captor, just suddenly took off! Was she running? Tossing him backward and then swiftly uplifting - causing his whole body to float up off of the floor!

Bouncing and flopping around inside the dark entrapment. The hot leather purse was jolting and jerking, ...was she crossing the street? He couldn't tell for sure but, he could hear her shoes clipping across the heated pavement...

Slowly and gradually settling down and returning to a normal walking pace, Dennis sat sprawled out on the floor. The giant woman's tremendous strides, still quite the profound motion, had finally returned to a more stable ride.

Being at the mercy of this enormous female, Mr. Licpet didn't really have any other choice, ...he could only hang on tightly to the cool metal deodorant can, and hope that he wasn't killed by the unsuspecting actions of his new owner!


Upon arriving at the single-room flat, the first thing that occurred to her was the little man inside her purse. She instantly thought of his ex-wife, Stacy...

Angela wondered, how would her 'Best Friend' react to the idea of having "her", little Dennis, ...shrunken down, and transformed into this adorable little treat, ...so helpless and tiny, unable to do anything, but...

Although, she knew that she couldn't really do that, ...the thought of it aroused her like nothing she had felt before!

She actually owned him, ...now. Dennis was hers, finally. And hers alone. She could do anything that she wanted with him, and not Stacy nor anyone else, could do anything about it!

She sat her purse down on the seat of her armchair and walked into the kitchenette. Getting a clean shot glass she poured herself a whiskey and put the cap back on the bottle. Leaning against the counter, she held the short glass between fingers and thumb, looking back over at the leather purse.

She still couldn't quite believe that a tiny little Dennis Licpet was trapped inside of it, forced to wait for her to open it up and take him out.

Her fingers trembling at the thought, ...she felt a raw tingling inside that nearly caused her to gasp, slowly closing her eyes she lifted the glass to her lips and turned it up.


Dennis felt the floor flatten out beneath his feet. The huge purse settled down, coming to rest somewhere inside. He caught his breath leaning back against the metal can, he strained his ears trying to listen.

He heard the sound of a glass clinking and the solid clunk from what he knew was a bottle, ...she was pouring herself a drink? A sudden pang of fear consuming him, his mind started racing with a tidal wave of terrible thoughts.

What was going to happen to him?

He wasn't afraid of dying. He knew that she wouldn't intentionally kill him, ...hell, if she wanted to do that, he would have already been dead!

No, he wasn't afraid of that, he was more afraid of what she was going to do to him!


Melancholy Daze - pt 3 by midnightwriter85
Author's Notes:

 Dennis gets introduced into his new home...


The entire purse shifted. Unexpectedly moving, Dennis threw his hands out to brace himself. Suddenly, It rose up a few feet - then suddenly dropped back down - the whole bag roughly slid over to the side.

Scooting across the floor, a rough vibration shook the whole purse!

Up in the top, he heard that strange - but all too familiar, 'unzipping sound'. The long row of teeth, those alternating metal clasps, pulling apart and releasing that 'rippling' clicking sound; the metal zipper - ripping open - instantly allowing a burst of light inside the dark heated space.

Dennis covered his eyes. The cramped interior of Angela's handbag suddenly came to life, ...squatting low, the tiny little man hunkered down in the corner, awkwardly attempting to conceal himself behind a plastic package of handi-wipes.

Just then, a heavy crumpling sound coming from just beyond the opening, a huge cushion collapsing - getting squashed under something extremely large, crushing down and compressing it...

...instantly followed by the sound of Angela's soft voice releasing a slow, relaxing sigh, ...her extreme size, causing the weight to seem much more extensive than it actually was; casually sinking down into an unseen chair somewhere right next to her purse.

Dennis cringed at the thought, he knew that a giant version of Angela Cooper was staring down at him. He could feel her omnipotent presence looming above. Squinting, he looked up into the brightly lit vision of her huge face.

With just her nose and eyes filling the opening at the top, a gust of cooler air blending in with the strong aroma of whiskey breath and a mild fragrance of some overly used air freshener.

The pocket opened up wider, just before Angela's voice suddenly filled the air.

"C'mon Dennis, time to come out now.", her voice directed straight into the open bag, "I think it's time, that you got to see your new home"

The simple act of her huge hand plunging into the purse sent Denny into a sudden panic. Angela deliberately grabbing him, grasping her fingers around his head. Her thumb pressing into his chest and her ring finger sliding up between his legs.

His naked back pressed into her warm palm, as her fingertips enclosed around his upper body.

This was something new, "...oh shit, she must have had more than a few shots", Denny thought.

His legs were forced apart as she squeezed her fingers together. Gripping him up awkwardly within her single hand, she simply lifted him out of her purse and brought him up in front of her smiling face.

"Hel - low, Mister Licpet", she playfully said, tilting her head to the side, awkwardly forcing him to contort his limbs into an unnatural position.

"No, Angela!", Denny cried. "Please, you're hurting me!"

His unprotected groin, crushed inside the curve of her ring finger. Her single hand holding his naked body as easily as she could hold a domesticated mouse; her face filling his view - she smiled curiously and gradually loosened her fingers.

"Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to squeeze you!"

Her oversized, plump lips puckering up, she manipulated his limbs around and enclosed his naked body within both her controlling hands.

Dennis felt the cooler air, swirling around his sweaty skin. It was strange to be so suddenly released, from the heated purse, only to find himself sitting buck naked on Angela's huge hands.

"Would you like something to drink, Denny?", she whispered.

Her steamy breath smelling like an open whiskey barrel; the fumes alone - making him dizzy...

Sitting astride the tightly pressed seam between the edges of her palms, he pulled his knees up and sat there leaning back with his hands on each of her palms.

Looking up into her huge intimidating face; he swallowed hard,

"Uh-huh, ...yes, um, Yes please.", Dennis answered.

"What's that, ...I couldn't quite hear you.", Angela said, raising her voice up a little higher.

"Did you say, Yes?"

Forcing him to answer her, once again, she inadvertently lifted up her hands, swiftly raising him up close to her head. Turning her ear toward him, she tilted her head slightly.

Elevated so quickly, it was almost like she was trying to toss him up into the air!

... the top of her head, just a few feet away, he was forced to grab onto her middle finger and hang onto it for support!

Her huge head looked so intimidating, so close-up and personal; his vantage point a forced perspective. Her large ear lobe, hidden beneath a few loose strands of golden hair, he knelt closer, raising his voice a little higher,

"Yeah, ...Yes! It was very hot in there, I could use something to drink!", he said. His tiny voice quivering, "Th- th- thank you, very much!"

Angela jumped, swiftly turning her face back toward him. Her eyes glimmering with excitement. She looked as if she had just discovered him for the first time...

Hearing his miniature voice so closely, and so definitively - revealing the novelty of this new and fascinating reality.

Situating her hands so that he was forced to kneel down and look up at her, she lowered him down below her chest. Her smile spreading wider, her face contorting into an amused comical expression; instantly erupting with a long, drawn out string of quaking giggles.

Clinging tightly to her extended middle finger, he wrapped his arms around the knuckle and hugged it tighter. Her womanly laughter, causing the sudden eruption of tremendous vibration, slightly shaking his free-floating perch, ...the wide living platform of her cupping hands ...drifted back, as she slowly pulled him away ...holding him out so that she could more easily see him.

His new position, down near her lap, suddenly gave his tiny eyes a full-on, uplifting view of the giggling blondes massive mamaries. Her huge breasts completely exposed, naked and jiggling before him - giant boobs - floating above him like two fleshy bulbs, easily large enough to completely swallow his entire body; bouncing and gently wobbling... quivering, as she continued to chuckle with delight at the sight of his miniature figure.

The large areola centering each one perfectly. Her growing nipples firming up and pointing outward, gradually stiffening up, right before his very eyes...

Only wearing a tightly fitted pair of high-cut purple panties, ...her smooth thighs overlapped beneath him, extending out across the seat - her left knee crossing over the right - her long legs disappearing off the edge of her chair.

Looking back up at her face, she was laughing at him, ...amused by the fact that he was just so helpless. Holding him in her hands, her huge body spreading out beneath him like a landing strip at some alien airport...

A faded dark green tattoo drew his attention. Just below her right breast, a single star with a thin line tracing away from it, ...appearing to leave a trail - it was a single 'shooting star'. Below that, her smooth belly spread out before him.

Her small but deeply formed belly button, pierced with a tiny metal stud. The top of her panties barely covering the thick growth of curly hair beneath, the sides digging into her hips cutting deeply into the soft smoothness.

Denny slowly released his grasp from around her finger. Angela slowly stopped laughing and caught her breath, she leaned forward and started to get up, ...without warning, the platform beneath him dipped down, and suddenly rose up!

He jumped back and grabbed a hold of the finger again, this time, wrapping both arms around it even tighter! Suddenly rising up high above the floor, carried out away from her waist, held just in front of her shifting hips - the huge room sweeping past in a slow rush of movement.

Watching her pelvis tilt, as her hips swayed from side to side, he was carried away backward, across the room and swiftly uplifted to the edge of the counter top.

"Here you go, ...just wait here, Denny. I'll see if I can find something for you to drink.", she said.

Slowly and carefully releasing him from her enclosed palms, she spread them apart allowing him to slip down onto the cool stone surface.

Seeing her from a distance, just wearing the tightly fitted panties, her full wide-set hips instantly drew his complete attention. The slow sweeping sway directed his vision at the sight of her amazing size. Her slightly overdeveloped glutes carrying just a few extra pounds looked large enough to crush a house.

Her heavy thighs, slightly touching together when she walked, seemed to flex at the slightest movement, the rippling wave coursing down the length of supple flesh revealing the sheer massive power within the huge muscle.

Denny sat spellbound staring across the kitchen at this gigantic female figure. She looked so huge now, but just the same as before, ...she was still, Angela? Only' her size had changed. Her long blonde hair caressing her bare back, nearly reaching her waist - the tips sweeping across the middle in a gentle wave.

Her towering height, while standing at the fridge, seemed to switch back to normal size; comparing her with the fridge, there seemed to be nothing different about her, ...she grabbed a soda from the top shelf and swiftly closed the door.

Walking back toward him, his new reality instantly returned - she suddenly grew into the massive giantess once again, as she casually stepped over next to him and placed the can down beside him.

"There you go, I know you like 'Dew', so I always keep a few cans of it, you know - just in case you and Stacy were to stop by, ...Oop's sorry - I keep forgetting about that", Angela said. Matter-of-factly she glanced down toward him and gave him a pitiful look.

"You know, ...I still can't believe that she actually left you", Leaning toward him, she lowered herself down a little closer. "I mean, you guys were the perfect couple."

Dennis scooted back on the cool countertop. She had placed the soda can a bit too closely, and he really started to realize just how small he actually was, ...Angela seemed to be ignoring the fact that he had no possible way to even get that large can opened up, let alone drinking from it...

He sat there completely naked trying to conceal his privates from the towering female figure. Her huge face lingering before him, seeming to float just above him - her sparkling eyes glimmering in the sunlight from the small window above the sink.

He thought back to the way that she had teased him, back at his old apartment during the weekend parties that he and Stacy had, ...even then, she outweighed him by nearly five pounds and he often considered, that - given the right opportunity - she could have easily overpowered him and forced him to do things...

....but now, she literally 'owned him'. He was no longer able to defend himself, or do anything to prevent her from having her way with him, ...she could do anything that she wanted!

He just couldn't wrap his head around it, ...he belonged to her now. He had become like one of her toys, a 'possession' like an object, ...nothing would ever be the same for him again.

"Oh, you can't drink that, can you?", she suddenly said. "I'm sorry, Denny. Here, lemme get that for you, ...God, I'm such an Ass!"

Swiftly reaching down, her huge hands attacked the metal can and hastily popped the top open, "Pst-sssssssss" setting it back down with a hard crash, "Bang!"

"I'll just find something for you to, .....um, drink out of, sorry Denny. What was I thinking? This is just so, ....strange, you know? I Mean like, this is going to be so much different, now."

Rooting around in her utensil drawer, she searched around till she finally found a small measuring cup. The white plastic container was still quite large, but he could actually use it if he held it with both hands.

"Will this work?", she excitedly said. Swiftly placing the cup down in front of him.

It looked like one of those plastic cups that come with a bottle of cough syrup. The size was still quite large - like holding a small bucket, that a child would play with at the beach - the sound of the soda pouring into it drew his attention to the fact that his throat was extremely dry...

"There you go!", she brightly announced! Seeming to over exaggerate the simple action of pouring her tiny guest a drink.

"Go ahead, try it. If that's still too big, I'll see if I can find something else, ...maybe, a soup spoon or something else would work better?"

Getting up on his feet, and stepping over to the large cup, Dennis looked down into it, the sight of the carbonated liquid appeared like a boiling vat of chemicals - he'd never before noticed the bubbling action taking place in a soda drink. ...at least not from this perspective!

He was glad that she had only poured a small amount because he felt that lifting it might pose a bit of a problem, ...the fizzing foam was quickly dissipating on the surface as he squatted down and placed both hands on the sides of the cup.

He stood up, lifting the large cup up to his face, he placed his mouth on the edge and started to tilt it back, ...the sweet liquid met with his lips, but he couldn't taste anything? The large molecules within the liquid seemed to form a tight seal on the surface, effectively preventing him from getting any of it into his mouth...

The surface seemed to be connected like a magnetic chemical reaction. Small pea-sized bubbles were popping up off the surface and flying out over his head - splattering against his face and whizzing past his ears...

He had to actually, 'suck' at the edge to actually draw anything into his mouth, ...the large amount of sizzling soda spilled forth, entering his mouth and gushing down around his chin, he swiftly gulped down a few quick mouthfuls before he had to pull it away so that he didn't get it all over him!

"Wow, you must have been really thirsty, huh?", Angela said.

Her amplified voice reverberating across the counter top. Releasing a few soft giggling sounds, she reached for a paper towel.

"Do you need a napkin?", she whispered. "Maybe, a Bib? he-hee"

With a single swipe, her huge hand cleared the entire puddle away, ...sweeping past his bare feet with incredible speed. If she had accidentally hit him, he would have been knocked clear across the room!

Denny stepped backward a few steps and sat back down. He wiped his mouth on the back of his hand and looked back up at her. She stepped over to the waste basket to toss away the sticky tissue.

"I'll bet your wondering how you ever got so lucky, huh?", she casually said.

Turning back to face him, from some distance away, she appeared like an excited little girl getting ready to open up a surprise Birthday gift.

"You know Dennis, I've always had a big 'Crush' on you. And, now... look at you, sitting there on my kitchen counter..."

Dennis started to worry. This could get out of hand pretty quick and he had no chance to escape this awful situation, what was she going to do with him? He felt his heart racing as she slowly approached. Her naked breasts slightly shifting as she stepped back over.

Her shadow enveloping him completely. Her huge face looming directly above, she smiled down and giggled at the sight of his awkward reaction. Was he trembling?

She felt herself becoming very aroused, she knew that he was frightened of her, ...I mean, who wouldn't be? But, come on, he knew her very well, too. The two of them had been friends for years!

"What's a-wroung, little Dennis, ....don't you 'like me' anymore?", she teased.

Dennis looked away, quickly glancing out over the edge of the counter top cliff, the sight of which appeared to be at least several stories high, looking back, she had moved closer - slowly moving over and above him, she looked down at him with a slight smirk,

"Oh, Dennis. You're not getting away from me now, little man. You are going to be my little Licktoy. And, you're going to have to earn your keep too!"


End Notes:

Oh yeah, TBC ~ 

Melancholy Daze -pt.4 by midnightwriter85
Author's Notes:

The final chapter of Melancholy daze, but not the end for Denny. We find out a little more and learn a little too. We'll check back with Tom and see what's happening with him...


The ever-present sound of the giantess' perpetual breathing, and occasional snoring, nearly drown out everything else in his now, gigantic world. The buzzing of a passing car, every now and then, only temporarily drew his attention away from the sleeping giantess.

Angela lay sprawled out before him, ...sleeping soundly and completely oblivious to her tiny pet's tormenting thoughts.

After taking him into her bedroom and laying down, the nearly naked blonde placed him down on her soft belly. She appeared to be completely exhausted and ...just slightly inebriated, she rolled onto her bed and lowered him down between her legs.

"Stay right there", holding one of her hands right next to him, preventing him from going anywhere,

"Let's take a little nap, Denny. I'm sleepy"

Her eyes were heavy. She looked as if she were about to pass out. Casually releasing him down next to the waistband of her tight purple panties. His tiny feet placed just below her belly button.

Her voice groggy, and her eyes going shut, she yawned and stretched her arms up above her head,

" Don't go anywhere, little man - if you're not here when I wake up, ...well, it won't be very good when I do find you, ...I'll rip you apart".

Almost instantly, after closing her eyes the snoring began. She immediately fell asleep and her hands dropped down next to her hips.

She had been so excited to get him home, slowly beginning to realize that she could finally have him all to herself, ...she stripped out of her clothes and had a few drinks, too many, and she suddenly became so tired that she needed to take a nap.

It was still quite early in the afternoon; still light outside. The sun came through the bedroom window, casting a narrow slash of light in a long extended rectangle across the hardwood bedroom floor.

The room was big. The bed covered over with a crisp white sheet, a single pillow stuffed under her head, her long hair cascading all around it, her long body spreading out across the entire length of the bed - she looked like an angel, as she slept - only ten times bigger than what he had ever imagined...

After consuming several shots of straight whiskey, and carrying Dennis around her apartment; over excitedly showing him some of her more personal things, allowing him to see her - in various states of undress. Angela simply became too exhausted, and too drunk to play anymore...

All the stimulation of her most exciting day was just too overwhelming, it had taken a toll on her emotional reserve, ... placing her new toy down on her belly, she reluctantly fell asleep...


He felt like Gulliver, in Jonathan Swift's, 'Gulliver's Travels'. He had read that story for a book report back in High School. After he stood up before his class and gave the report, the class discussion seemed to focus on the satire of the Authors writing, but for Dennis, he was more fascinated with the imagined fantasy of being small. The Bromdignagians seemed to stick in his mind - the thought of 'Glumdiclitch' (the giant girl who kept him as a pet) and imagining other things that would have possibly taken place while she kept him as her guest inside a doll house placed inside her bedroom.

Slowly riding up and down on Angela's lower stomach, as she peacefully slept, listening to her soothing breathing motions - Dennis could have easily fallen asleep, too.

Although, the foreboding thought of being crushed beneath her enormous body weight wouldn't allow him to relax enough to drift off to sleep...

Trying to rest, Denny leaned back on his elbows and looked around. Angela's bedroom was nearly as large as the rest of the apartment. The two room flat was one of three only available to the residents that worked at the nearby hospital.

Sitting there on her wide relaxed belly, it was incredibly strange, ...he felt so small. The sensation was truly phenomenal. The idea of being here, with Angela, and being so small; totally at her mercy, and completely helpless without her... On some strange level, ...it gave the tiny man a sense of security. However, terrified at the same time... He actually felt safe.

After all, everything that had happened to him, after his divorce, just seemed like a foggy blur of meaningless happenings. If this hadn't happened to him and Maxine had never shrunken him, ...he could have gone on for years in this eternal slump, he really didn't care about much of anything after Stacy had gone...

Now, everything had suddenly taken on a new meaning!

Angela. Her long blonde hair fell down around the huge pillow, encircling her head like a golden pile of luxurious waves.

The softness of her supple belly and the slow movements of her relaxed breathing gave him a renewed understanding into this fantastic new world.

Her breasts were simply beautiful. The sheer size of them was a sight to behold. The perfectly shaped mounds of soft pillowy flesh barely sagging down as she lay on her back, gently floating upon her rhythmic breathing, ...her nipples firm and slightly tinged with a hue of pinkish color.

Her relaxed stomach stretching out before him like a soft, living sand dune, wide enough for him to use as a trampoline, ...watching it closely, he could barely make out the slight twitching pattern of her beating heart.

A slight indication of the solid bone of her lower ribs, hidden just beneath the upward slope of her tremendous rib-cage. The way that she turned her head and nuzzled her face into the huge pillow - it made him think of Stacy, she used to sleep soundly, too.

Suddenly, directly beneath him, a harsh but lively sound drew him away from the thoughts of his ex-wife,

...deep beneath him, within Angela's giant belly, the erroneous sound of her gurgling gut - the gestation taking place within her intestines; a chilling reminder of just how big Angela's body was...

Turning around and looking down toward her long relaxing legs, a pang of fear coursed through him. The purple triangular patch, that tightly covered her large pussy; a soft pillowy mound, ...the elastic-like material tightly stretching - conforming perfectly to her most intimate area.

Instantly drawing his full attention to the visible outline of her large pudendum - close enough to touch it, ...he had to restrain himself from reaching out... He felt himself slowly becoming strangely aroused, by just the sheer size of it.

A tightness in his loins. A sudden throbbing, ...his cock suddenly awakening from the magnificent sight.

Getting up on his knees, trying to move very carefully without disturbing her. He slowly made his way closer to the contrasting purple cloth, ...wanting to get off of her bare skin and sit down on the top of her panties, so that - at least, she wouldn't be able to feel his movements - as easily, he thought...

The move could be dangerous, ...if she sensed that he was trying to get away, ...she might get angry and wake up! Shaking with fear, he carefully crawled down closer to the puffy purple muffin.

Her wide smooth thighs suddenly came into view. Slightly spread, her knees barely bending; her feet turned inward, with the soles facing each other. The massive size of her beautiful legs nearly took his breath away...

Considering the immeasurable strength contained within those massive, whale-sized muscles, while sitting there on this living landscape, Mr. Licpet began to imagine the dire possibilities, ...she could so easily squash him, without so much as simply shifting her hips...

The incredible amount of energy contained within those smooth twin pillars could most definitely overcome the strength of a thousand men. Just the thought of it, ...strangely aroused him...

Her fingers were larger than his legs. Her single pinkie finger could easily hold him down without much extra effort, ...she could crush the life out of his miniature body with just a firm squeeze.

Couldn't help himself from imagining the consequences of being in the wrong place at the wrong time? And, he also considered the 'unthinkable' things, that she could so easily do to him for punishment...


Meanwhile, back inside Maxine's office, on the top floor of the Murphy Building... hidden away inside a cage in the back of the Doctor's storage room,

Mr. Speedman, or Tom, had been nervously counting his blessings; mixed as they were, he still felt somewhat 'lucky to be alive'. Somehow, he must have done something right. He had overheard the giantess Doctor saying that 'he', was to be given to someone else, ...and knowing who that someone else was, sent a pang of overwhelming excitement coursing throughout his tiny body.

If he was going to survive, Mr. Speedman considered, he knew that he was going to have to change the way that he looked at them...

The thought of being so helpless, around these towering, giant females, and being handled as if he were just a mere 'object', or a meaningless little pet; just randomly used as an insignificant toy, or a test subject, ...or other things, ...that made his skin crawl at just the mere thought of it, he tried to maintain his sanity as he looked around within the large metal cage.

Sitting there naked, in the corner of this strange looking jail cell, while trying to remain calm, and considering everything that could possibly go wrong, ...he suddenly realized that he wasn't alone...

Maxine had just hastily dropped him into the cell and he hadn't realized that there were others in there too. He jumped at the sight of movement - catching a motion in the corner of his eye - he huddled down protectively covering himself.

Thinking the worst, he imagined a giant rat, ...or a huge insect of some type. It didn't occur to him, at first, that Maxine could possibly have other little captives. He had only briefly seen Mr. Licpet, while Maxine made the switch, but he didn't realize that there could possibly be more, as well...

More victims, just like him. Tricked into thinking that this gorgeous female doctor was simply trying to help them, ...only to find out later, that they had been some of the first test subjects to be used in her secretive shrinking experiment!

"Hey there, ...are you okay?", a man's voice said.

Tom shuddered, the voice didn't sound familiar, ...he slowly got up and stood there in the corner.

"Hey, over here!", the voice said. "I'm in the corner!"

Tom squinted his eyes. In the other corner, opposite from him, stood another naked man. Nearly the same size as himself, ...Tom stepped forward and cautiously started to realize that he had finally found someone else that was in his same predicament.

"Yeah, I'm alright. Wait a minute, don't let her hear you!", Tom warned him. "I'll come over there"

Carefully and quietly Tom sneaked across the floor of the dark shadowy cage. He was curious to see who this person was, so he wasted no time getting close enough to see his face.

"Hey man, I'm James. James Gibson.", he said. Reaching out his hand toward Tom.

Tom was hesitant at first, he almost couldn't believe his own eyes. After being handled by these giant women, the idea of another person being as small as himself almost seemed impossible!

"Thomas. Tom. " Tom said. "Thomas Speedman"

He reached out and quickly shook hands, "Been here long?" Tom asked.

"Two days, ...I think?", James said. "That giant bitch has three more guys in that other cage over there, and I think that there's another one in this cage here, next to this one.", he added, pointing around in both directions.

Tom looked around, "Anyone else in here?", he asked.

"No, just the two of us. There was another one in here yesterday, with me, but she took him out late last night.", James said. " His name was Clark. He was in sales, too - like me. The two of us were just getting acquainted when that giant Bitch Doctor, came in here and took him away!"

Tom could see the fear in Mr.Gibson's eyes, looking closer at him, he could see a long scratch down across the length of his right arm. The long gash had healed over, scabbing up, but leaving a very significant mark on his muscular forearm.

"What happened?" Tom asked. Pointing to the man's injury. "Did she do that?"

"Yes, yeah, I tried to stop her from taking Clark, but she picked me up instead and put me inside her mouth and, ....and, ...and, Oh God! We Hav-Ta-Gett -- get, Outta Here, Man!", he suddenly said, erupting into a frantic fit of screaming!

"She's going to "kill"" US!"

Gritting his teeth, he started getting louder.

"She's gonna eat US! She's a Monster!

She'll eat everyone alive", he yelled.

Grabbing Tom by both his arms! "We Gotta Get Outta HERE!"

Tom had to jerk his arms loose from James's grasp! "Settle down, Man!" he yelled back. "She's going to hear you!"

"We gotta get the hell outta here Man!" he screamed!

"She'll eat you too! Just believe me, Man. She's going to eat everyone - Alive!"

Tom had to step away from him. The way that he was acting, and the look in his eyes, Tom knew that he was on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Tom wasn't as big as this man, and he knew that he probably wasn't stronger than him, ...the guy had a solid muscular build and he looked like he worked out on a daily basis!

Not knowing what to do, Tom stepped back away from him and squatted down. He looked out through the floor of the cage and realized that he could see out underneath the dark curtain.

As if on cue, the storage room door opened up. Maxine's long legs appeared - stepping into the room, her short skirt barely long enough to hide her butt. Her leotard covered legs, swiftly working together, stepping closer toward him with the dark skirt fluttering around her hips.

Casually, she turned and closed the door behind her, ...her quick steps soon took her right over in front of their cage.

The bright light, suddenly flowing into the floor, lighting up the entire cage, caused Tom to squint as he forced himself to look up at her!

"Hello, little guys!", she playfully teased. "Aren't you glad to see me?"

Her towering figure standing above them, as she looked down into the cage, taking on the appearance of an Asian, Amazon Goddess, ...her face all made up with some type of golden shade of makeup, Tom looked up in awe of the Giant Doctor!

"Alright Tom, time to go now!", Maxine said, "Oh, and I'll be back for you, James. So, don't get too comfortable in there...", lowering her voice to a soft whisper, she added, "I get extremely hungry at night, sometimes, and ...I just need a little snack, before bed, you know?"

Tom couldn't believe it! Did she really, just say that? Was Maxine going to eat him? No way! She must have been just teasing him, ...playing with his head, scaring the living shit out of him, more likely, but, just the same, ...she couldn't be serious, could she...

Her smooth fingers slipped around behind Tom's naked backside, carefully scooping him up, she slowly brought him up before her grinning face; casually closing and locking the cage with her other hand.

"Not you, Tommy, she whispered.

Looking back down into the wire enclosure, the giant lady doctor smiled wider, as her voice returned to the much louder normal tone, "Just him" she pointed out, "...there's not enough meat on your little bones to satisfy my ravenous appetite. But, 'Jimmy' here, ...well, he's going to be super Scrumptious!"

Jame's was screaming up at the two of them, as Maxine carried Amy's little gift out of the storage room, she closed and locked the door behind her, and held Tom up in front of her face,

"Just to clarify, Thomas. ...I'm not really going to 'eat' him. So, don't get your pantie's in a bunch, alright?", she told him.

"He's just a real douche of a man, always trying to sell me something that I did't want, and he would never take 'No' for an answer, ...so, I'm just having a little fun with him, but, No. I'm Not going to eat him."

End Notes:

Well, is this getting interesting yet, ...or not? ;`)

Angela Awakens by midnightwriter85
Author's Notes:

Here, Dennis discovers what his new life is like, .... and we, find out a little bit more about Angela.


For Angela, the soft comfortable pantie's, - the purple ones - were her favorite pair. Being nearly a year old, they felt so good and well worn...

For Dennis, the feeling was almost terrifying, and yet, at the same time, an incredible sensation. Slowly lowering his butt down, gently sinking into the soft texture. Just beneath the dark purple material, his bare feet feeling the crumbling cushion of pubescent fluff. His feet planted firmly, allowing them to gently sink into the puffy mound.

The heavy weave of purple thread, making up this giant pair of panties, stretching and spreading out beneath him.

The heated warmth of Angela's enormous body all around him, ... her magnificent hips, almost fifteen feet wide - rising up on each side. The rounded hip bones forming the edge - a slight curvature smoothly blending into her thigh. The sight was breathtaking - Denny could barely breathe from the sudden sexual rush that had taken hold.


Sitting there, so independently, barely even creating any indication of his miniature existence, ...his heart pounding, his chest feeling the pressure of overwhelming anxiety; his consternation barely able to reign in... His hands were literally shaking...

Unable to take his eyes away, and trembling uncontrollably, the miniature man could only just barely steady himself long enough, to draw a short, quick breath, ...the overwhelming sense of arousal that he was feeling, was definitely something that he'd never experienced before.


The idea of a vagina being large enough to take your entire body, was something that he just couldn't wrap his head around!
He had gone down on his ex, Stacy, a bunch of times, and every time he did, she would usually squirt after about a half-n-hour - but he really had to work at it, ...his tongue would be numb, and his neck so sore that the next day, he could barely turn his head.

Knowing that Angela, would eventually expect him to perform, at some point; sooner than what he would hope - he tried to figure out how he could possibly survive such an overwhelming task...


The largely swollen muff highlighting the front of the giant panties, he couldn't pull his eyes away from it, ...the sight of it was so intimidating...

She had been sleeping soundly for nearly two hours, and although he had considered attempting to escape, he knew that the idea was entirely ridiculous. Knowing that there was no way for him to get outside of the apartment, ...and, even if he did, then what would he do? He didn't have any clothes, and he was completely naked...

He could probably find something to wrap around his waist, and maybe even something to wrap around his feet, but, if he tried to escape, and Angela caught him, ...he didn't want to think about what she would do to him!

Punishment... She had already warned him, saying that she would simply 'tear him apart' and Dennis already knew about Angela's terrible temper, too.

She could get extremely upset if something didn't go her way. Dennis didn't ever want to make her angry, not before, ...and certainly not now.

He would never forget the night that the three of them had made a last minute plan to go out. Stacy, Angela, and himself went out to a Bar, the 'Fireside Lounge'. They had all decided to go out on a whim, it was a last minute decision to even go, but after they had unexpectedly run out of firewood for the grill pit, so they couldn't build a fire - and, they didn't want to sit around inside the apartment all night. So, ...

Upon arriving at the bar, the three of them noticed that there was going to be a local band playing there. The 'Monkey Spanker's" a well-known group, and several people had already shown up. The parking lot was about half full, and they quickly noticed that a long string of traffic was starting to form, ...all headed for the bar's parking lot.

Denny was driving his truck, and he didn't really want to park in a crowded parking lot, so he told the ladies that he would let them out at the door and find a good parking place somewhere else.
The traffic was streaming in as Denny let them out, and he started to pull away just as a group of bikers came riding in and started swarming through the crowded parking lot. Denny had to wait for the dust to settle before he could see to drive. Angela and Stacy waited patiently near the front door.

One of the bikers, a skinhead - with tattoos all over his arms - stopped right next to them and started to rag on them, yelling derogatory remarks and using general bad language - he appeared to be pretty drunk - and by the looks of it, the rest of them were well on their way to following suit.
He started to argue with the both of them when Stacy told him to go away, and when he started to get off his bike, Angela came around the side and hit him with her purse!
Before he could get up, she was standing on his chest with both feet, and pummeling him with both fists! The poor guy was getting his ass kicked, Angela was beating his face back and forth as hard as she could!
Stacy had to pull her off of him when she realized that the guy was completely unconscious, and Angela was still kicking him with her feet and hitting him with her purse, ...she didn't stop until she was so exhausted that she couldn't do it any longer!


Another gurgling vibration deep inside her body, sending a chill of goosebumps up his tingling spine, the effervescent action of her vast intestinal track, ...creating squishing sounds from the movement deep inside.

He glanced down at her smooth lower belly; temporarily drawing his attention away from the large wedge of material cramped firmly within the lips of this magnificent giant vagina...

Glancing up at her face, he shuddered - as he noticed her eyelashes flicker, she was beginning to arouse, ...the tip of her tongue popped out from between her lips and swiftly traced the insides of her mouth, slowly opening up, she gradually started to yawn and move her head.

The sun had set nearly an hour ago, and the darkening room took on an entirely different ambiance. A small light coming from her bathroom illuminated one corner of the bedroom.

Dennis waited for her to awaken, what else could he do? Getting up and turning around, he got down on all fours and braced himself, ...her sudden movements, slightly shifting her hips. Denny's entire world 'moved' underneath him, terrified of her sudden movements, he caught his breath and held it!

What if she had forgotten about him! What if she suddenly rolled over! What if she knocked him off and he fell down off of the side of the bed? What if she, ....what if she, ... ...suddenly, and unexpectedly, her right hip started to rise up!

Dennis firmly held onto the course pantie material. Poking his fingers down through the threading, he grabbed tightly to the inter-woven threads, trying to cling to the front of the giant pair of ladies underwear!

All at once, her tremendous legs drew up! Bending her knees sharply, she pulled both her feet up toward her butt and clamped her knees together, ...rolling onto her side, she raised her arms up above her head and stretched them.

Dennis was suddenly thrown to the side, the floor under him tipping over and swiftly turning on its side...

Her long drawn out yawn sounded like an enormous mountain cat, a low sweet sound vibrating throughout the entire bed, ...her hips flexed, and then she groaned with a long rolling rumble...

Dennis continued to hang on, his hands clinging tightly as her huge hips rolled up onto one side - shifting him sideways, he was suddenly hanging across the front, his feet hanging down still several feet above the bedsheet.

Her stomach muscles flexed, as she twisted to the right, and twisted to the left, ...her entire upper body pivoting in a twisting fashion, ...he desperately hung there grasping to the front of her tightly fitted panties.

Down below, her large smooth thighs started rubbing together, working back and forth in a slow squeezing motion, tightly, firmly, and powerfully compressing together. The sight was a terrific display of her feminine beauty. The motions, almost hypnotic, as she slowly flexed her body and gradually awakened.

Denny had turned back around and was lifted straight up - she rolled onto her back and uplifted her hips. Stretching her low back, Angela's powerful hips bucked forward and raised up, suddenly uplifting, so much higher off the surface of the bed.

Her shoulders pressing down into the mattress. Her muscles strained under her, a trembling vibration coursed throughout her body. Denny hung on tightly and tried not to scream as he was uplifted almost thirty feet, ...he feared the sleepy giantess had forgotten all about him!

Laying on her back, she relaxed, ...slowly lowering her hips back down onto the bed. Denny slowly rode her pelvis back down to a slow stop, ...the trembling stopped, and Angela's motions seemed to calm.

He felt his fingers straining to squeeze as tightly as he could. He had to force himself to release them. Still unsure if Angela was done moving, he kept his hands ready to grab on, just in case she suddenly stood up, or unexpectantly moved again. He started to think that, she must have forgotten all about him...

"Dennis?", she softly whispered.

"Oh, there you are!", she excitedly said. "I was wondered where you were hiding!"

Relieved for a brief moment, Dennis felt a sudden sense of wonder; looking up across her vast naked front, all the way up to her smiling face, ...her eyes were sleepy and slightly puffy, her hand silently came around from behind... suddenly wrapping around him and carefully taking him up into a firm grasping hold.

Forced to let his grip go, as her large fingers gathered up around him, taking his limbs and squashing them firmly together inside her hand.

Carried up to her face, he slowly drifted between her breasts and floated right up in front of her mouth, "Where were you?", she whispered.

"Were you being a good boy, Dennis?"

Dennis didn't know how to answer her, he felt like he was about to be eaten alive, her large lips parting as she whispered, ...her breath swirling through her fingers caressing his skin.

Her other hand plunged down between her thighs and hastily pulled the front of the panties open, Dennis was slowly lowered inside, ...smoothly placed into the heated pocket of purple.

The fingers relaxed around him and smoothly formed a pressure against his back. The large fingertips moved around, delicately repositioning him - manipulating his limbs like a little puppet, Dennis quickly realized that she was placing him down, directly underneath her pubic mound.

The sudden pressure coming from behind his back, startling him at first, but then the solid force swiftly pressed his face into the meaty, fleshy hood! He coughed as he took a quick breath. The prolific odor of pungent aroma filled his head.

She forced his face into the large swelling clitoris. Sucking another quick breath, just before he felt his whole upper body being shoved into the softly spreading vulvar.

Her giant thighs pulled apart, opening wider as she shifted her hips. Tilting her pelvis, she softly started to moan, her fingers carefully forcing his tiny head between her swollen lips, she worked his head up and down, smoothly manipulating him, rubbing his face across her slippery clit.

"Oh, man, I could get used to this", she groaned, "Ugh", yesses", her voice carried throughout his entire body.

"Oh Dennis, ...oh God!" moaning louder. "Oh, you're making me so, ... wet!"

The heated pocket quickly became even warmer. Slippery curly strands of hair scratching his arms and chest, ...she forced him deeper against her, using his whole front, she could feel him struggling wildly - trying to break free.

The large gripping fingers easily controlled him, roughly rubbing his face across the sweltering, slippery separation.

His head trapped between her overheated pussy lips. The sound of her breathing, and the draw of her lungs taking in heavy breaths, her chest rising, her thighs suddenly clamping together - crushing over her hand and forcing her tiny pet tightly up against her!

Trapped against the giant wall of womanly flesh, her powerful hips flexing as her thighs crushed him inside, ...he felt her fingers forcing him in deeper, and deeper inside her, ...he couldn't get away, and the more that he tried, the more she squeezed!

Sliding in, as his shoulders broke the dry seal, feeling a slight pop, just before he was firmly pushed in all the way to his knees, he thrust his arms out and tried to push himself out!

Her big fingertips held tightly to his calves and slowly started working his entire body. Pumping his whole upper half, in and out - with slow, but steady strokes.

Denny felt the slippery sides closing in all around him, squeezing his little arms down and squishing up against his shoulders!

The narrow space, completely swallowing him up, he reached his hands out and couldn't seem to find anything to get hold of, ...the inner walls were so slippery and wet that he could do nothing but allow the giant blonde to use him until she was through, ...the air inside was quickly depleting and he didn't think that he would last too much longer...

Angela Awakens ~ con't by midnightwriter85
Author's Notes:

Angela playfully satisfies her impending urges...


For her, Denny was better than any 'sex toy' she had ever had...

Her lower back supported with a large pillow, Angela sat naked with her thighs wide apart, her heels pressing into the soft bed.

Her right hand controlling his feet. Mindlessly, using her left hand to play with her nipples - using two aggressive fingers, and her pinching thumb, she slowly worked them around her rigid nubs. Feverishly pressing him into her wet puss, ...enjoying the overwhelming sensation of pleasure and empowerment. Totally ignoring his tiny cries of resistance...

Turning her toy so that he was facing up, ...her gripping contractions crashing all around him, her knees trembling. His tiny hands grabbing onto her tingling clit; she jerked at the twang of pleasure.

Holding the little man by his ankles, she could easily slide him out, ...or push him in deeper, his legs bending at the knees as she forced him to move the way that she wanted, ...teasing him, she slowly brought his entire body out, giving him a few moments to catch his breath.

"Oh, Dennis. You're never going to be anything more than a toy for me!"

Leaning forward over him, she smiled down between her legs at this naked miniature male figure, she knew him as her old friend, but the idea of making him into her toy was stripping away any form of recognition.

Then, pinching her fingertips around the back of his head she pushed his face against her stiffening clitoris - rubbing it, ...firmly, in a circular motion; manipulating his whole face against her rubbery clit - smearing it all around hastily; using his head to stimulate her throbbing pussy.

"C'mon little plaything - lick me." , she said. Harshly whispering between clinching teeth, "Lick my pussy, Dennis!", her breathing becoming faster and faster.

Forcing him to lick her growing clit until he simply couldn't feel his tongue any longer...

Only allowing barely a few minutes to catch his breath, the giant blonde roughly pushed his shoulders back through the opening and shoved him back inside, so deeply that just his feet were sticking out!

It was almost like he was able to sense when she was about to cum, ...wildly struggling around inside her, ...just at the right moment.

The way he moved, gave her the most incredible pleasure, ...with those tiny hands, grabbing around, aimlessly flailing. Creating the most exquisite sensations!

The pleasure. The blissful pleasure, an endless series of multiple orgasms, coming fast and hard, close together, and each one better than the last!


A living chasm, swallowing him up entirely... if it weren't for the air bubble that had formed around his face and head, he would have surely suffocated within minutes. The heated space becoming nearly unbearable - reaching well above one hundred degrees, Denny felt like a living dildo, being used and abused by this living mountain of female flesh.

In and out, in and out, ...steadily increasing the smooth sliding motion; pumping him deeply and thoroughly, trapping him perfectly inside, well within the core of her giant sex. Her over-heated pussy molding around his miniature figure. Crushing him within the inner-most strength of her powerful giant pussy.

Slowly building momentum and thrusting faster, then slowing down, ...slowly working him around - twisting him, and turning him in different positions. In and out, in and out - squeezing him with a firm smothering pressure.

The rigid inner walls grasping tightly, crushing around his shoulders. Denny held out, barely managing to remain fully conscious, ...while Angela's big fingertips clamped around his legs, forcing him into her sweltering hot oven.

Forcefully squeezing his ankles and pumping him inside her heated muffin. Cumming, over and over, and over again - shoving him deeply inside with wild abandon, ...drenching him with gallons of creamy thickness, nearly drowning him!

In and out, in and out, repeatedly stroking herself to cum, multiple times - each one slightly more powerful than the one before...

Seeming to know, just exactly when to pull him out - allowing him, to just briefly recover before she hastily forced him back inside again!

Over and over again, ...relentlessly abusing his tiny figure like a cheap two-dollar dildo!


After what seemed like endless hours trapped between her huge legs, the giant blonde gradually allowed his tiny figure to slip out. The large vaginal passage finally relaxing, offering it's tiny prisoner a temporary reprieve.

Denny was freed, slipping out and dropping into the slick puddle of overflowing stickiness ...releasing her hold on his tiny feet, slowly allowing Dennis to fall limply down between her large, glistening, butt cheeks...


Gasping for a breath, and plopping down onto the giant blonde's bed; splashing into the sloppy thick pool of cum. A widening puddle of splatter surrounding him, as he dropped down between the high inner walls of her magnificent glistening thighs.

"Oh", she gasped. Chuckling with a few hardy clucks of womanly amusement, "Look at you, Dennis. You're all sticky!"

Breathing hard, while trying to sit up, he sat leaning back against the inside of her large inner thigh - sitting in the crotch of her glowing legs - he instantly noticed the cooler outside air nearly causing him to shiver from the slightest breeze.

His head spinning, wondering just how long it would be before the horny giantess roughly grabbed him up again and shoved him back inside her, ...he coughed a few times and desperately tried to catch his breath.

Attempting to climb out, he found himself awkwardly rolling back down into the low depression, ...the mattress sinking down from the heavyweight created by her enormous size.

Her giant butt, tilting the floor below him, causing him to slide back into her pussy, ...he had to strain every muscle to climb up the slope away from her.

Crawling along the inside of her right leg, carefully trying to avoid the slippery mess, he lowered his face down to the sheet, quickly wiping away some of the excessive cream. The amount of Angela's overflowing essence, soaking into every pore of his body.

Regaining some strength, he fell down on his front, slowly gathering some energy. Resting beside the inside bend of her uplifted knee, he shivered at the sheer size of it.

Glancing down the length of her glowing calve muscle, all the way to her huge threatening feet - then turning to look back up across the entire length of her magnificent naked figure.

Angela' head collapsed into the pillow, slowly recovering her breathing from the blissful series of multi-orgasmic sessions. Her entire naked body, so gloriously displayed, her chest rising up completely covered in a slick coating of dewy sweat.

Catching her breath, she aimlessly began toying with the nipple of her left breast, ...glancing down toward her little pet, she smiled possessively and softly giggled,

"Oh, Denny. Where do you think you're going, hm?"

The entire bed rocked beneath him, as she simply leaned forwardly, reaching down and simply scooping him up. He uselessly tried to defend himself from her single fingertip, pushing it away from his face. She reacted by gently patting him on top of his head with it...

Giggling softly, she paused briefly allowing him to adjust himself, awkwardly getting seated within her open palm. She brought her hand up to her face and held her tiny little toy up closely.

"Well, well, Dennis. So much for your old life, hm?", she whispered.

Openly displaying her possessive attitude toward this whole thing. She seemed to be more than delighted by this fascinating new reality, ...knowing that he was terrified of her titanic size, she simply loved the idea of being in complete control.

"From now on, I am going to call you my, little 'toy'. My little 'Licktoy', ...you're just the right size to be my tiny little plaything!", she calmly spoke down to him. Teasing him, she playfully poked him with her fingertip,

"How do you feel about that, Denny?" "Does that turn you on?"

Her fingers loosely gripping around him, she playfully squeezed his shoulders and clamped her pinching thumb and index around his hips, ...squeezing harder, then releasing, she toyed with his legs and arms ...forcing him to move like a lifeless puppet.

"I want you to get used to this, Dennis - my little pet. Because this is going to be your job now. Pleasing me, and doing what I tell you, obeying me - it will keep you from getting into trouble."

Holding him even closer, examining his tiny naked body with those large sparkling blue eyes, - reflecting the image of his miniature body laying in her hand - within the wide oval spectrum of her beautiful large eyes.


Dennis felt his stomach pang as the thought of being her miniature sex slave suddenly dawned on him, he no longer existed as a real person, he was a tool, ...now, a sex toy.

He knew that Angela was becoming more relaxed with this situation, and his treatment would most likely become worse and worse as time went on, ...he could only imagine what her impending urges would develop into, ...and the thought of it terrified him!

She pressed her single fingertip against his lower belly, easily pushing him down on his back. Gently pinning him down within her soft, open palm, ...he felt the large digit sliding down over his tiny cock.

The surge of pressure against it sent a slight tingling throughout his loins. He threw his hands out to the sides and tried to scoot backward away from it, ...the finger followed him and simply pressed it back down, squashing into his crotch with a slight bit more pressure.

His balls were pushed up tightly and his cock squashed flat against his lower stomach. Releasing some pressure, she slowly began to rotate the rounded tip. Massaging his tiny cock with just the tip of her big finger, ...wallowing it around and crushing his balls.

The feeling was painful at first, and he cried out with a loud scream! Her eyes flickered, as the large finger rejected his tiny whimpering, happily continuing to abuse his miniature cock. He uselessly tried to push it away, but the large appendage easily overpowered his tiny objecting hands, firmly pressing on his little pecker with just enough pressure to arouse him.

His tiny legs were hastily separated, just by using her thumb, roughly spreading them apart, ...his vulnerable crotch completely exposed before her huge hungry eyes, ...she smiled delightfully; most pleased to continue, she playfully watched him as she effortlessly masturbated his tiny cock.

Her long green fingernails, like pointed dull spades, brushing over his bare skin as she used her wider thumb and single fingertip to carefully pinch it up in between, ...he gasped for an excited breath, as the tightly gripping fingertips started to stroke up and down.

His eyes widening with fear, as the shock of what she was about to do suddenly realized, the very instant the first feelings of tingling pleasure began to flow, he felt his balls getting squashed beneath her thumb.

His body felt like he was being raped by a giant bird! The soft stroking motion quickly hardening his mini-sized penis. The softness of his bed conforming to his backside, as her huge hand shifted around him. He strained to hold off as long as he could, and as hard as he tried, his cock swiftly surged to full attention.

Angela giggled. Her hot breath washing over him, making his eyes water from the intensity. Her overwhelming size was just so big, so gigantically huge, that he felt like he was laying in the hands of a playful Goddess!

- Just toying with her tiny pet, she giggled again as he desperately tried to get away from her.

Pinching her fingertips around his tiny stem, she could feel every nerve in his little body surging with overwhelming arousal.

She felt so powerful holding him there, ...she wanted to drive him wild, and she was surprised at how easy it would be...

Taking a firm grasp around his little tiny balls, she squeezed them up together with his throbbing cock, ...gently squeezing until he started wriggling and screaming - like a little worm, he uselessly tried to defend himself.

Angela laughed at how easily she could abuse him. The thought of what Dennis was feeling made her cum once again, she had all of the power, and he couldn't do anything to prevent her from having her fun, ...she felt her pussy tingling as she squashed his miniature junk.


'All-Nighter' by midnightwriter85
Author's Notes:

This chapter reveals what had happened to those two janitors; unsuspectingly creating the mixture of chemicals that eventually caused them, and Billy, to suddenly shrink. 


  Meanwhile, high above the foggy streets of New York - on the seventeenth floor of the Murphy Building, Ms. Melanie Kershaw sat hovering over her desk. Locked away, inside the closed Law Office of 'Kershaw and Jackson'...

The work surface of the large desktop, all cluttered with an entire day worth of well-organized files, several stacks of scattered papers; much resembling the aftermath of a very interesting court case.

Melanie, the lead attorney, looked more like a college intern, as she sat there at the large desk - dressed in a short, red colored, mini-dress with a shimmering pair of dark blue pantie-hose.

Sitting there so casually - with her posture perfectly straight. Her long legs, spread wide apart at the knees - effectively causing her skirt to roll up around her hips.

Her muscular, well-toned thighs, hugging the seat of the chair as if she were afraid that she might fall off. Sighing and leaning in, while haphazardly kicking off her high heel wedge's, she slowly released a long extended breath,

    "Oh, when I get done here, ...your work is going to be cut out for you, little guy!", she whispered down toward her chest.

It had been a long day at the gym, and she had been working out more aggressively to prevent the excessive anxiety associated with being in court all morning, ...her middle-aged body, felt the strain - but, her well toned muscular build looked every bit as youthful and sexy as any twenty-year-old girl...

With mild frustration, Ms. Kershaw released a sigh- uplifting her foot she hastily crossed her legs.

Bringing her left leg up onto her lap, she flexed her shapely ankle; pointing her toes out straight, wrapping both hands around it and pulling it up closer to her waist.

Rubbing her foot and relaxing she started using both thumbs, ...pressing hard into the nylon sheathed sole, ...squeezing the wrinkled pad, casually glancing down at her large necklace,

    "Oh, I should make you do this, ...if you had the strength to keep from getting squashed, I'd put you inside my shoe!", she whispered.

Her unbuttoned blouse, loosely falling open, allowing the cool air current to flow within her open cleavage. Her long hair pulled up into a tight ponytail - she wriggled her hips into the leather chair and tried to fully focus on her work.

If not for being alone in her office, the large chain hanging around her neck would have appeared strangely 'out-of-place' - to anyone else - especially with her shirt unbuttoned.

However, Ms. Kershaw felt quite empowered as she wore the necklace. The long, clear glass tube, dangling loosely between her ample breasts; it was more than a representation of something, it was more than a symbol of strength, ...it possessed something entirely amazing for the middle-aged legal professional.

It gave her something else, something so extremely extraordinary, that - not even in her wildest dreams, could she have ever imagined such an amazing thing!

The odd looking adornment, sparkling in the light, was just a simple 'glass beaker', like the ones that they use in a Chemistry laboratory.

However, it was what was inside of it, that made it so incredible. A tiny human figure of a naked man barely four inches tall, standing with his knees braced against the narrow inside walls. The glass steaming up from his breath... forced to wait, for his giant mistress to eventually release him from his narrow entrapment.


  Inside the clear glass enclosure, the tiny man in the tube was barely clinging to his sanity. He knew that he had been shrunken somehow, ...but, he didn't understand how this had happened to him.

His co-worker, Pete - had also been shrunken along with him. He could remember it well, the two of them had been working together waxing on the main floor, when they were both overtaken by the noxious fumes, ...nearly an hour later - they were woken up, laying on the wide open expanse of a seemingly unending floorspace, ...completely overwhelmed by the sudden shock of this fantastic new reality!

Suddenly realizing, that they were, ....naked, and laying just outside the entrance of the now, huge Cafeteria!

Heavy thudding sounds - coming their way, instantly drew their attention to the approaching pair of gigantic women, ...they stood up and started waving their arms, desperately trying to get their attention...

When they saw them coming down the hallway, they thought that they had been saved, but after the two of them were found by Melanie and her partner Twila, the two lawyers in the building, ...they quickly realized that they weren't going to be rescued...

They were both quickly snatched up and taken away, stuffed into a giant purse and carried off to Melanie's apartment. Afterward, they were split up - Melanie, taking him and Twila taking Pete.

With Melanie dictating what the two women did, ...both tiny men were ignored entirely of their constant pleading, humiliated and mocked - the two giant women just simply laughed at them, treating them more like little children; relentlessly teasing them and keeping them locked away inside of those long glass tubes!

Weeks had passed, since that awful day and after he had been so easily captured, by these two giant women, Mr. Easel - didn't even consider himself human, any longer... The things that they did to him, and the things that the giantess Melanie, forced him to do, ...were just so strange and confusing... being so small, nothing seemed to registrar in his mind as anything humanly possible... compared to his tiny miniature size - the other-worldly size of her gigantic body, was like an enormous Goddess. ...he was forced to crawl upon the living landscape of her vast and naked body, he knew that whatever he did, ...he didn't want to ever make her angry...


  His girlfriend, Susan, had helped him get that cleaning job. And, he had been working as one of the janitors in the building for nearly three years. Since then, he and Susan had become engaged and bought a house nearby.

After He and Susie were married, the two of them enjoyed the weekday mornings, driving into the office building together.

Well before that, though, before they were married, his wife Susan, was working as the full-time receptionist for these two lady lawyers. And, when Susan, learned of the full-time housekeeping position becoming available, she couldn't wait to tell her then, boyfriend, Jeffery, all about it!

They could ride in to work together and save gas. "Two checks and only one expense - what could be better!" Jeffery D. Easel, thought to himself, "Hell yes, I'll take that job!"

Looking back,  Jeff would have never dreamed such a thing would have even been possible, let alone, that it had actually happened to him!

    "Oh, Twinkie, Look at 'em! Hurry! Open your purse, quick! Hurry up, don't let anyone else see them!", Melanie commanded. "Here, ...take 'em, don't let them out of your sight until we get back to my place!"

However, after the two of them had been shrunken down to four inches tall, Pete and Jeff were easily captured by the two women and instantly became their prisoners. The two, beautiful lady Lawyers, had decided to keep them as pets!

Imprisoned by these gigantic females, Melanie Kershaw had chosen him. And, Pete had been taken by, Twila Jackson. The two men yelled and screamed for the giant women to help them, but they just ignored their tiny cries and zipped them up into the dark confines of Twila's purse.

They were instantly separated, secretly kept hidden away, and treated like some exotic, rare breed of domesticated dog - in miniature size, too!

He wondered if Pete was still alive, based on the way that Melanie was abusing him... if Twila was worse, he doubted that poor Pete had survived as long as he had...


  Melanie had been reviewing a new case, for a lawsuit which had simply just fallen right into her lap, she sipped at her black coffee and glanced back over at her wall clock.

Casually reaching up to the glass necklace, dangling from around her neck, she gently pinched her fingers around the base and gave it a slight twist, turning it back and forth as she casually studied the paperwork.

It was nearly three a.m. and she had been there in her office for over six hours. After closing time, she really hated pulling 'all-nighters', however, she knew that this case was very important to one of her oldest friends; a most respected business associate with all the right connections.

She brushed her bangs back out of her eyes and studied the latest data check on the background of the subject. It was the typical case for her and Twila, the only difference was that she was handling this one, alone. Her partner, ...Twila, (or, Twinkie) had decided to take a short vacation and fly down to the beach for a three-day real estate expo.

Melanie would have to ask 'Susan', her receptionist, to fill in for Twila. Maybe, handle some of the extra workloads with the case. And, knowing that Susie's husband, 'Jeffery' -had recently disappeared, just a few weeks ago, (which Melanie knew very well where the poor little man was), ...she wouldn't allow her, to find out anything about his whereabouts.

Susan had been her most reliable assistant, and she simply couldn't do without her help. On several other occasions, the forty-three-year-old Susie had always enjoyed getting the chance to earn the higher pay scale, whenever one of the attorneys asked for her.

Melanie would have to be sure that Susie didn't find out about her amazing little toy. Knowing that she had her tiny husband, dangling around her neck, she would have to find someplace else to hide him while they were working on the case together.

With Susie, ...being the little man's wife, Melanie would have to be extra careful, and not allow her to find out anything about what had happened to him...


  Finishing up with her research, she stuffed all of the appropriate files into a folder and carefully placed them all together inside a black leather briefcase. She clicked the latches closed and slid the case underneath her desk.

Scooting her chair back, she bent down and picked up her shoes. Slowly standing up, and carrying the open-toed, tan leather wedges - together - by hooking a single finger through both of the heel straps, Melanie stood stretching her legs as she stepped forward.

Walking silently, in her nylon stocking feet - swaying her hips wide - she casually padded over to her window.

The first rays of an Auburn dawn, breaking through the glowing clouds; the tall brunette shifted her weight onto her left hip and leaned against the window sill. Looking out at the vast horizon, ...once again, she had spent the entire night working on a legal case.

Six O'Clock - the timer on her 'Coffee Maker' went off, preset to her wake-up time. She always prepared the coffee maker ahead of time, whenever she had a large research project with a heavy workload such as the one that she had just finished.

The smell of strong coffee caught her attention, flowing through the room swirling in the air currents of the large buildings intricately designed venting system, ...the slight breeze felt nice against her face, ...the bold aroma of fresh coffee suddenly gave her the incentive to stay awake, at least until she could get back to her apartment.


  Poor Jeff. He had nearly fallen asleep, several times - but the sudden spinning motion every few moments prevented him from getting any kind of rest. Forced to stand up, trapped inside the tightly fitted glass tube, he had very little room to move.

Swinging around every time the giantess moved, rocking and jerking - sometimes bouncing and banging off of her immense body. If his giant mistress, moved too quickly, he was knocked backward and thrown around wildly!

Occasionally spinning, between her large grasping fingertips; hanging down between her huge bare breasts, ...she playfully toyed with him, dangling like an ornament from the neck of this gigantic, but very beautiful, lady lawyer.

Looking out through the convexed glass walls, Jeff could see the vast open space of the inside of her huge legal office, ...below him, filling his vision, Malanie's huge thighs parted wide, spreading out - covering most of the enormous seat of her chair.

The soft padding conforming to her tremendous weight, the sight of which, caused his tiny heart to skip a beat... the compressed padding crushed down with hundreds of tons of massive weight!

Her dark, pleated mini-skirt, wrinkled and creased - slightly rolled up around her waist, revealing the dark blue pantie-hose shimmering in the reflecting light. The sight of her open crotch directly below him, ...his spine tingled from the tremendous view.

The darker threads of the heavy stitched line, dividing the center of the pantyhose crotch, instantly drew his mind back to the nights that he had already spent trapped inside there! The tightly cramped space between her heavy thighs had nearly smothered him to death.

Melanie didn't even give him anything to eat or drink, she just told him to lick the sweat from her buttcheeks - or the inside of her large puffy pussy.

When she finally left the office and headed for her apartment, Jeff already knew that the torture was about to start all over again...


A Late Night Date by midnightwriter85
Author's Notes:

Here, we find Thomas finally arriving at Amy's place...


Later, on that same night...

Thomas Speedman thought that he had just barely escaped a great injustice, somehow...

He'd been granted a reprieve and given a chance to go to this doctor instead of getting slapped with a long prison sentence; avoiding Maxine's hasty decision to place him into the hands of Angela Cooper - was apparently his second opportunity to thank his lucky stars.

Maxine had taken him back into her storage room and placed him down into a large wire cage. About a half an hour later, she returned and quickly took him back out again, ...stuffing him into her breast pocket - she gathered up some more of her stuff and took him with her when she finally locked up her office and headed for the elevators...

...not that it would have been so bad - but, considering the alternative, ...the last minute change in plans, had been the most fantastic turn of events, ...or so he thought...

"'Amanda Prodowsky'" - ...the name-plate, on the front of Maxine's receptionist's desk, boldly stood out in his mind. He remembered her as she was when he had first walked into the waiting room of Dr. Maxine Harrison's Psychology office.

Standing up behind the counter, she looked so very beautiful. Tall and blonde, wearing a short skirt over top of a form fitted pair of black leggings, ...her larger than average bosom perfectly filling out the front of her colorful blouse.

Almost half of her long blonde hair pulled back and braided into a tight weave. The rest pulled up into a slight bun, with the braided portion coiled around the outside of the bun; an intricately designed weave forming into the likes of a Golden Tiara, ...she had a few sparkling glass jewels pinned inside for a finishing touch.

  "God, ...she is so beautiful!", Thomas thought. "At my size now, ...oh, God."


Maxine pulled in next to Amy's parking space and shut her car off. Looking over at her tiny passenger laying on the seat, she smiled down at him, softly giggling.

  "Look who's fallen asleep", She chuckled, her pussy tingled as she inspected his tiny naked figure; gently reaching over, she brushed a single fingertip across the side of his bare thigh.

She wondered how anyone could possibly fall asleep, whenever they were small enough to fall down in-between the cushions of the seat and get lost, ...or get squashed by some giant person suddenly sitting on top of him!

Thomas was different though, ...he seemed to be, just a little fascinated with this new situation. Maxine wondered if somehow, on some level, he actually 'enjoyed' being so small... Sure, he acted terrified whenever she was handling him, but Maxine could sense that he had become more than slightly intrigued by all of this attention...

Giggling at his delayed jerking reaction, she paused for a moment before slightly touching his leg again. Thomas jumped, awkwardly rolling over on the seat, groaning - he lifting up his head - mumbling something that she couldn't quite understand, he started looking all around.

  "If he was getting a kick out of this, ...he wouldn't be enjoying himself for much longer", she thought. If he only knew what was about to happen to him, he would have been begging, to go back to Angela and throw himself at her feet!

Amy had a kink, as well - only, it wasn't something that only pertained to the giantess fetish. There was something about being the 'Dominant Female' that really fascinated her sexual imagination, ...her inner desires were something that was quite rare for such a beautiful young lady.

For her, it was such an incredible 'turn on' to fantasize about actually becoming a real giant; or having a shrunken man to torture, and/or abuse, however she pleased. For the tiny 'victim', though... Well, they wouldn't find it very entertaining, at all...

Unless, of course, if they had some type of syndrome, like Stockholm, or a mixture of that and an extremely submissive sexual desire, ...where they could easily allow the giant woman to do anything that they wanted with them, even swallow them alive - and, actually enjoy being devoured by her!

Amy liked to watch videos that were supposed to fall into that very specific niche, a fetish within the fetish. An extremely unique flavor of the genre. Actual 'Vore' was simply not enough, though... she didn't want to devour the little male, ...she wanted to slowly suffocate him inside her panties.

Keeping him trapped inside her sweltering hot underwear, "Oh, the feeling of his desperate struggling as he fought for air between her sweaty butt cheeks", ...making him stay right between her thighs as she crossed her legs and squeezed the air from his tiny lungs... Oh, yes... the feeling of having such power over this tiny, living person - a real man - trapped between her smooth thighs. His life, totally in her hands, completely vulnerable to her whim, she could crush him into a fine paste with just a simple squeeze...


Maxine thought that it would be the most interesting way to allow her the chance to actually live out her fantasies with someone who actually needed to be taught a cruel lesson...

Confused, and still groggy, Tom slowly remembered where he was...

  "Wakey wakey, we're here", Maxine teasingly announced.

Wrapping her fingers around him, she smoothly scooped him up and gently held him within her hand. Lifting him up to her face she opened her hand and allowed him to sit in the center of her palm. Puckering her lips, she blew him a soft kiss, before carefully dropping him into her open front shirt pocket.

The sight of Maxine's huge lips - right in front of his face, suddenly awakening a rush of cold adrenaline. A jolt of fear coursing throughout every nerve; just managing to barely catch a glimpse of his surroundings, before she casually released her fingers and let him drop down into the softness of her right breast pocket.

Instantly surrounded by the warmth and soothing softness within this giant woman's pocket. Suddenly, he was feeling a little more than just 'comfortable'.

The large cotton shirt smelled clean and dry. The tightly stitched bottom seam felt cramped around his feet; he had to turn them awkwardly out to the sides in an attempt to stand upright and peek out over the edge. The large wall of intruding breast, pressing firmly against his back.

The heavy weighted bouncing motion compressed against him, suddenly lifting as she got out of the car and stood up to close the door, ...Wham!

The shifting sway, along with the forward motion pressing him back against her, drawing his tiny figure back into the huge 'bra-less' breast, Tom could barely see where she was going for all the bouncing, but whenever she suddenly stopped and stood still, ...he could see the huge form of an enormous doorway.

Maxine's right fist, lightly tapped against the wooden frame around the huge apartment door. Within a few seconds, the door swiftly swung inward. Sweeping open and instantly revealing the depth of Ms. Prodowsky's lair, ...the brighter light inside - and the sudden appearance of the beautiful, young mother, nearly took Tom's breath away - as she excitedly opened the door and hurried them to come inside,

  "God, I thought you'd never get here!", she said. Stepping back from the doorway, "C'mon in, hurry up, ...get in here!"

  "I had to finish up with Ms. Cooper's second visit before locking up the office", Maxine said. "Sorry I kept you waiting for so long".

Maxine walked into the front room and stepped back, as Amy shut the door. Stepping to the side across the room, she stood next to the coffee table, holding her right hand - protectively - over her shirt pocket.

  "Oh, that's okay. I'm just glad that you're finally here.", Amy whispered. Her eyes sparkling, showing that she was swelling with a bit of excitement. "We have to be very quiet, though, Jazzy's asleep in her bedroom and she has school in the morning"

Amy locked the door, turning back around to face Maxine, "...we can talk in the kitchen".

Wearing a tightly fitted, well-worn pair of gray sweatpants with a loose - baggy - tee-shirt, her hair wrapped up in a large pink bath towel; Amanda looked as though she had just gotten out of the shower. Padding her bare feet across the carpeted living room, she silently stepped toward her kitchenette.

Stepping smoothly through the room, she quietly led Maxine, and her tiny passenger, into her dining room,

  "Those two lawyers, on the seventeenth floor...", Amy started to say, before Maxine swiftly interjected, " ...Melanie, and Twinkie? Yeah?"

  "Well, ...I saw them with one of the janitors, ...and, he was...", Amy held up her right hand - using her thumb and index finger - in a pinching motion - she roughly displayed about four inches of measurement-- "Tiny", she urgently said.

  "They've probably captured both of them - at the same time!"

Stopping to remove the towel from around her head, while standing next to her stove, she swiftly folded the large pink towel and dropped it onto the edge of her table.

  "By the way that she was handling him, she's probably had him for quite some time.", she added - as the freshly washed hair fell down around her shoulders, ...bouncing with such spring, that it almost looked like a golden wave splashing around her head.

Stepping over to her table, pulling out one of her kitchen chairs, Amy offered Maxine a seat. Then stepping around to the other side to sit down across from her. Suddenly noticing that the pretty Asian doctor, protectively had her right hand up - overshadowing her left breast pocket.

With a wide-eyed look of fascination, Maxine's tiny passenger was fully engaged in the act of peeking out over the top of her breast pocket, ...desperately trying to see in-between the giant doctor's guarding fingers.

Noticing the tiny head - sticking out, ...a slow smile gradually formed on Amy's face. She leaned in closer, getting a better look at the tiny man; scrutinizing his facetiously awkward placement within the small skirt pocket on the front of Maxine's blouse.

Maxine noticed, returning the smile, she looked down - affectionately, glancing down into her pocket at the top of Tom's tiny head.

Slowly removing her hand, she turned her shoulder towards the center of the table, positioning her body so that her little 'stowaway', was much easier to see.

  "Oh, I see that you've noticed my little 'Pocket-Pal'!", Maxine whispered. "He's been sleeping in the car on the way over", she said, slightly giggling. " ...so, he might be a little grumpy."

Amy leaned in closer, bringing her face forward to get a better look at the tiny naked man. Flashing her best smile, she blinked, ...her freshly washed hair glistening like golden strands of wet silk.

  "Oh, ...is 'That', for Me?"

The room grew eerily silent. Tom could just barely hear Maxine's huge heart, thudding within the wall of her chest. He suddenly felt like, he could actually 'feel', the heavy presence of Amy's piercing blue eyes.

He had to pull himself together, when he looked up and stared directly into her amazingly beautiful face - so large, it was like looking up at one of those highway billboard signs...

Revealing her pretty smile, her perfect teeth slightly showing; her blushing high-cheek bones highlighting her shimmering blue eyes... they seemed to draw him right into them.

  "Hello, little Thomas.", she said. Raising a single eyebrow. Softly whispering - so quietly, that it sounded like a strong ocean breeze softly blowing through the edges of a huge patch of dry grass.

  "Did you come all the way over here just to be with little old, ...Me?", she playfully asked.

Shifting her head to the side, while slightly rolling her shoulders, she slowly swung her head around and threw her long hair around behind her right shoulder, allowing the left side to fall all the way down in front.

Maxine chuckled, as she felt the tiny man squirming around against her hard nipple. His tiny feet stepping around inside the tight pocket - the tingling - tickling sensation, had made its way from all the way down below her belt, all the way up to her breasts, both her nipples as hard as bullets, ...her fingers slowly reaching up to unbutton the next two buttons down, allowing for a little more air to get between her boobs.

At the same time, slackening the pocket that held her little prisoner. Tom felt the taut seam becoming saggier, and he had grab onto the top edge to keep from falling down into the pocket.

Just then, a set of large fingers wrapped around the outside of the shirt, and crushed the pocket all around him - trapping him inside - completely unable to see, or hear what was happening...

He could hear Maxine's voice vibrating within her chest, but he couldn't understand what she was saying, ...she must have been talking to Amy about something that she didn't want him to hear.

A long moment passed before he was suddenly released and Maxine's large fingers quickly returned to reach inside and conformingly squeeze up around his naked figure.

The next thing he knew, he was laying spread out, pinned down and surrounded by several large female fingertips! Amy's large hands flew around above - using short strips of masking tape - she effectively secured his wrists and ankles, fastening him down 'spread eagle' in the center of her kitchen table!

Maxine looked on - extremely focused, watching with fascination, while easily holding the little man down with a single finger; Amy swiftly strapped him down, allowing Maxine to remove her finger from his chest to prevent him from squirming.

Tom was stuck there in between them both - the giant female faces, flanking him on each side - looking down upon him with a strong look of dominant passion, ...aroused and hungry eyes - watching him; without regard to his measly struggling.

Maxine smiled, blinking quickly she lowered her hand down between her legs. Releasing a long, slow breath, ...she moved her fingertips over her crotch. Watching intently as Amy started to remove her sweatpants...

  "I wonder if anyone else other than them was affected that day?", Amy asked her.

  "I don't know, but - if there were - I'm sure that the girl's basketball team had already captured them before anyone else noticed"

  "God, just thinking about it, makes me so horny. ...already, my panties are so wet! I mean - just look-at-'em' _ I just want to 'Squash Him!'", Amy said. "I am going to - 'So, enjoy this!"

Maxine started rubbing her fingers more vigorously, opening her legs wider, she slunk down in her chair and lowered herself. Amy, stripped off her pants and was now standing there with only the oversized tee-shirt draped around her hips like an extremely short mini-skirt.

Taking a wider stance, slowly shifting her hips, reaching her hand down between her thighs, she slowly began rubbing her muff. Moaning with arousal and tilting her head back she released a long, drawn out sound of feminine pleasure.

Her huge towering figure, looming above the table, cast a long shadow over the tiny male captive, ...Tom had stopped struggling and was now sporting a full woody - his eyes locked onto the towering blonde giantess. Her voice drawing his full attention,

  "Oh, I just want 'Crush Him' right now!", Amy said. "I think I want to sit on him, ...I want to feel him under me"

Stepping up onto her chair, carefully climbing up, she placed her right foot down next to him. Then shifting her weight, she suddenly brought her other foot up. With a heavy thumping sound, she was suddenly standing directly over him, ...straddling him in the center of her table.

As her full weight born down, the vibration coursing across the surface like a mild quake, ...shaking from the massive weight, she gained her balance. Thomas trembling with fear, looked up at the gigantic towering figure of this magnificent goddess!

Maxine was rubbing faster, now. Watching closely as the tall blonde slowly removed her shirt and casually dropped it away, ...now standing completely naked, she slowly began caressing her breasts - slowly shifting her hips - swaying gradually around, in a long, slow circle, ...her dripping pussy floating right over the little man.

Bending her knees she started to lower herself over him. Her wide set hips tightening, as she gradually came closer. The tremendous thighs flexing - swelling up, as she lowered herself slowly over him.

Tom's cock stood throbbing and twitching, the sheer sight of her standing directly above him, sent a chill of overwhelming fear. He felt as though his entire body was about to be squashed!

She was simply huge! She had to weigh thousands of tons, and, ...she was about to crush him, but yet - his cock was twitching - solid as a rock!

The table shifted, as she slightly adjusted her feet; moving them closer to her little prisoner. Her toes wriggling attentively as she slowly uplifted her heels.

Slowly bringing her huge butt down and squatting directly over him, ...the unbelievable sight of her tremendous crotch floating just above him!

Tom suddenly terrified, completely overshadowed by the enormous ceiling of Amy's massive body, he began struggling wildly! Jerking around in an awful attempt to try to get free, ...the tape held firmly as he tried as hard as he could.

Jerking his wrists with all of his strength, he felt the tape around his right hand tearing loose.

His ankles wouldn't budge, ...the tape held fast. He just managed to get his right arm free, as he pulled it back and propped himself up on his elbow. Looking out across the table top, he saw Maxine watching from beyond the edge.

Smirking, she gasped with a sudden breath - gritting her teeth, she smiled, "Crush Him!"

Amy's large feet flanking him on each side - the heels uplifted - her toes compressing - the balls pressing down - bearing her full weight, ...the curvature within the high-arching soles smoothly displaying an unimaginable force.

The tremendous strength; the massive power - within those large and beautiful feet, easily large enough to crush his entire body, ...just by simply, resting down upon him.

Con't next chapter.


'Squashed' by midnightwriter85
Author's Notes:

...this is just a short one. Tom gets a little taste of being under Amy's control.


Straining to contain the impending release, deep inside her loins, Amy fought to hold off the impending waves of an ineluctable orgasm. The beautiful, naked behemoth, precariously hovered her swollen pussy, ...just a few inches above the little captive.

Gasping through clenched teeth, Ms. Prodowsky balanced on top of her kitchen table - on all fours, holding her bare bottom up, bracing herself, ...trying obsessively to restrain her budding climax.

Biting her lower lip and growling with frustration, she threw her head around and spread her knees apart as wide as she could...

"Ugh, gaaah!"

Straddling their tiny victim, the grunting blonde giantess tightened up her stomach muscles - presumptuously flexing her mighty glutes like a twin set of matching guns!

Her powerful feet planted firmly on the edges of the table, chest heaving, her prominent bare breasts, softly wobbling.

Unabashed turgid nipples tracing small circles in the dim kitchen light. Her entire body rhythmically bouncing - rising and falling... covered in a slick sheen of glistening sweat. Her smooth knees uplifted and spread apart.

Raising up her hips, pumping the tightening glutes; her movement quaking the entire table top.
"Mmuh, muh, ...mmh, muh, Oh, God, Maxie, oh, ...yesssss!"

Her taut stomach supporting her weight; her parted thighs quivering as she uplifted her jiggling butt.
"Oh, God. Maxine!", Amy squealed, drawing deep breaths. "Did I, ...did I 'squash him?"

A gooey puddle of creamy cum was smeared all over the bound little man. The sticky clear fluid, sparkling in the light. Amy's large shadow moved away as she turned to look down at him.

Uplifting her lower body, her hands gripping the edge of the table. Raising her butt up in a crab walk position, she turned her 'bridge-like' body to the side and tried to see underneath,

"Did I squash him, Maxine?"

Maxine, seated directly in front, gradually stopped pleasuring herself to slowly sit up. Leaning forward, she looked down directly between Amy's heels to inspect their little male prisoner.

He looked badly shaken his tiny chest heaving as he fought to regain a much-needed breath of air. Waving his one free arm, Tom appeared to be signaling for Maxine to stop this insane test of torture. Pleading hopelessly for her to rescue him from beneath this giant beauty!

The giant Asain doctor whispered with a slight amusement in her tone of voice, "Oh, he's fine, Amy. Sit on him. Crush his little bones!"

Showing restraint, Amy had only for a brief moment, ...just barely allowed her full weight to compress down around him. However, that was all that she needed...she came hard, ...plopping her wet sex down over him and almost instantly, her powerful thighs crushing together as she convulsed in a squirting blast of feminine release!

Nearly smashing his miniature body beneath her huge butt, she had to fight the urge to allow all of her weight to come down on him!

"Oh, God!", she squealed.

Nearly drowning him, hot splattering juices exploded all over him! Popping like an eruption trapped within a huge balloon, the great hydrant of gushing juices splattered out all around him. Her hips bucked, involuntarily uncontrollably, ...her thighs jerking - as she attempted to contain her impending urge to crush him...

Her glutes clamping - her tight thighs straining - her clamping pussy wanting to swallow the little captive, crushing him deeper between her cheeks!

"No, ...he's a real, ...person, ... I can't do it!"

Maxine leaned back and urgently began stroking her pussy again, "He's tougher than he looks, Amy", she excitedly told her.

"Sit on him, again!"

She had removed her pants and was still wearing a white bikini pantie - she was rubbing her wet mound with two glistening fingers. Her right hand holding onto the edge of the table, as she watched this tiny males entire body, being squashed by this, 'much larger' female body part...

The erotic image was incredibly powerful. Maxine couldn't hold back from pleasuring herself. Watching this beautiful, giant blonde, sitting on the tiny man was just something so, erotic - extremely powerful - and quite arousing.

Being very flexible, Amy lowered her butt down as she swept her feet out to the sides and brought them back behind her butt, ...pointing her knees out, she slowly lowered herself upon the tiny man.


For Tom, it was terrifying!

His entire life flashed before his eyes, as the sky above him grew darker. A living ceiling of magnificent beauty and perfectly shaped - female Ass - bearing down upon his restrained figure!

Struggling in his bindings, he uselessly attempted to get his other arm free - gasping, he started screaming in horror! The great mass of warm, soft muscle, slowly came down around his entire body!

The large impertinent mounds - like enormous lips - twitching individually, quivering with jelly-like softness - slowly coming closer to devour him alive! Swallowing him completely!

Unabated by his squeaking little cries, the mighty feminine glutes effectively compressed all around him. Pressing down, the heated space in between quickly evaporating, ...the giant blonde, hastily sat down - allowing her giant wet pussy to swallow him up.

Squashing him, forcing him down onto the solid wooden surface. The sweltering heat of the enormous vagina enveloped down over him!

Fighting to keep his free hand covering his face and mouth, Tom was forced to breathe through his nose. His legs struggling to endure the tremendous weight, he strained hard under the massive pressure!

Reaching up, he quickly began searching all around inside the slippery groove. The heated wetness, drawing his body inside, he knew that he had to do something fast or he was going to get crushed inside her giant pussy!

His tiny fingers slipped over the inner-most layers, sweeping upward and feeling around, he swiftly found the firming, 'rubbery muscle'. Grabbing onto Amy's giant clitoris, Tom firmly squeezed the large, growing appendage. Pulling hard and squeezing it, he yanked down as hard as he could!

The giant pussy suddenly lifted up and pulled away from him. Her giant body jerking backward, the sky opened up as she started bucking her hips - simultaneously - drawing away from him, ...'Slurp' He Did It!

He gasped for a much need breath, as her giant cunt drifted around just above him! The sound of her voice rumbled across the table top,

"Oh, You little SHIT!"

Tom looked up, just as the brightly lit ceiling above suddenly disappeared. Amy's huge foot came down over him with a hard 'Plop!'

"Eew, I'll 'squash' you - for that, ...you little shit!", she roared! "I'll crush your little Ass!"

~ 'POP!' ~

The beautiful blonde's giant bare foot crushed down hard! Cracking his bones and flattening him out into a bloody pulp!


....suddenly, Tom jerked his eyes open! He was lying naked inside the cupped palms of the enormous blonde. He frantically pushed her curled fingers open and tried to get away!

Lunging to the side, he started to jump out of her hand! Just then, her other hand swiftly grabbed his waist and wrapped him up inside her warm fist...

Lifting him up from her lap, she brought him up to her face and smiled quizzically, ...tilting her head to the side, she giggled, "Aw, did you have a bad dream?"


Late Night Date ~ con't by midnightwriter85
Author's Notes:

Amy continues to play with her new toy...


"Please, just let me Go!" His tiny voice squeaking, as her large fingers squeezed around him,

"Amy, please, ...don't hurt me!"

Flying through the air in a slow dipping arch, Thomas Speedman was trying to keep from vomiting as the blonde giantess slowly swept her hand around. Screaming as hard as he could, his voice straining to make it all the way up to her ears,

"Please, let me Go! I don't want to die!"

His whole body visibly trembling, struggling wildly against her large enveloping hand, Tom could feel every nerve in his whole body - tingling - as the huge feminine fingers crushed inward all around him!

Amy was humming a delightful tune - (something from Maria Carrie) - as she casually walked around, her towering long legs working as she walked - taking the tiny man around through her apartment, casually closing curtains and turning off lights. The large thighs flexing taut - then relaxing - to wobble slightly, before jerking taut once again. Each lumbering step appeared to be so effortless, ...her gigantic size from the tiny man's perspective, simply mind-boggling!

The towering giantess - Ms. Amanda Prodowsky, had apparently dismissed her late night guest, Dr. Maxine Harrison. And, from what tiny Tom could just barely fathom, was that the giantess was preparing to lock up and shut down for the night...

Maxine, the lady doctor- who had so haphazardly delivered him to her, wasn't here any longer - or so it seemed. She must have left some time ago, because from Tom's perspective, the way that Amy was acting, revealed that she and her sleeping daughter were the only one's there, her sweet and caring attitude had vanished as well, ...she had stripped off all of her clothes and was walking around nude, carrying him around in her hand like a left-over slice of pizza; checking all the rooms throughout the entire apartment.

Taking him into her small bathroom, the tall blonde closed the door behind her and locked it. Walking over to the giant toilet, the towering Goddess slowly sat down, releasing a long, slow breath,

....the inevitable dribbling sound revealed her intentions.


Smiling obsessively and looking down into her tight fist, she carefully sat little Tom on her smooth knee. Holding back her contained amusement, the Giantess Amy, slowly relaxed her grip, readjusting her fingers around him she enclosed his hips between her finger and thumb, ...gradually bringing her new toy up to her face.

Suddenly presenting him with a stern look. Her enlarging face so close - feigning a slight irritation, she scoffed. In turn, furrowing her thin blonde brows. The excessive frowning resulting in a dark, angry look... her ambivalence penetrating throughout.

Inside the soft lighting of the small washroom, her large looming face, (although, still extremely beautiful) took on a terrifying image for the tiny five-inch tall man. Her voice loud at first, then, gradually lowering in volume,

"I'm not going to hurt you, little bug. Why would I do that, ...you're just the perfect size for me, now..."

Calmly speaking down to her little prisoner, "Whatever gave you that idea... anyway? Why would someone as big as me, ...actually want to harm someone so puny and adorable?"

Quickly drawing a breath and trying to contain his swollen bladder, Tom grabbed onto her huge finger and squeezed it tightly... he knew that he was in serious trouble, but he really had no idea what this beautiful blonde giantess was planning; completely naked and sitting on her toilet. Holding him up in front of her pretty face...

"What was she going to do to him?", Tom thought, "Why did she have him inside of her bathroom?"


He must've fallen asleep earlier, he couldn't fully understand what was going on here, that dream was so real, though, that - he could almost 'feel' his whole body getting pulverized beneath her giant barefoot!

"You 'DO' remember me, don't you, Mr. Speedman?"

Slowly lowering her hand back down to her right leg, she carefully relaxed her fingers, allowing his feet to slip out, coming to rest upon her smooth knee.

Remember her? Oh, yeah. He 'remembered her' alright, she was so sweet working at the front desk, ...'wait a minute', ...had he saw her somewhere before?

He wasn't too sure... Tom looked up into her huge blue eyes. Every nerve in his whole body was on sensory overload - he hadn't ever laid his eyes on anyone so beautiful in his entire life...

...standing there so precariously upon her smooth giant thigh, ...No, he had most definitely, NOT - ever seen her before!

"What is it, Mr.Speedman. You're not afraid of me, are you?"

Her perfectly shaped blonde brows, slightly uplifted, peering down at her little toy with a slight smirk; her large eyes displaying a dazzling look of wonder, ...gently taking him back up within her hand, shifting it over - she carried him out over the open space between her legs,

"I'm not going to hurt you, little man, we're just getting started here.", she calmly whispered, "I think we might have to give you a bath, though", she wrinkled her nose with a cute little wink. Slowly bringing him closer to her nose, she sniffed him,

"Pew - you 'Stink!'" She blurted out, "Shoo-wee, where have you 'been' Thomas? You smell like my daughter Jazzy's, little pet Hamster!"

Tom couldn't smell anything. What the hell was she talking about!

He didn't, 'Stink' - did he?

Glancing down, noticing that her supporting fingers had slightly loosened from around him - giving him much more room to move. Although he couldn't really do anything, she was holding him directly over the open area between her long smooth legs. And, just below that, was the dark depths within the huge ceramic bowl.

Looking down between her glorious inner-thighs, the tiny miniature man could clearly see the cool yellowish colored water, glistening within the deep overshadowed pond down inside; giving the reflecting pool of acidic liquid that well-known 'golden glow'...

On the surface, the reversed image of her giant bare ass spreading out across it. If Tom hadn't fully realized, just how small he had become, then - seeing that image of her - from this anomalous perspective, definitively drove it all home!

His mind started racing with horrible thoughts, ...what could she possibly be thinking of doing to him? Just what was this giant woman, going to do, ...wipe her Ass with him... (or, what?)

Looking up, Tom's wide-opened eyes traveled all the way up across her bare stomach, ...the daunting distance from hips to her breasts was the equivalent of four times his height, ...and, the size of her over-hanging boobie's was simply unimaginable!

Just the incredible sight of her huge, magnificently perfect breasts -from this low-angle perspective - made them appear even larger! And, so much more deadly than anything that he had ever seen!

Her wide relaxed hips - covering the entire toilet seat - the soft smooth sides slightly extending beyond the edges, her wide - gigantic thighs - equally divided and slowly becoming narrower as his eyes traveled back to her knees.

Her voice suddenly lowering, she spoke almost silently. Her face became emotionless as if she were sending the tiny man an esoteric message,

"I want you to hang on as tightly as you can, Thomas", she told him.

Becoming slightly more commanding, Amy lowered him down between her legs and started to bring him closer to her fuzzy crotch,

"You better hang on, Tom!", she whispered, as her large fingers forcefully pressed his entire body into her damp pussy mound.

Tom reached out on each side grabbing a handful of golden curls. There was nothing else to grab! The nylon-like, wiry hairs, all tangled around his arms and chest as he desperately tightened his fingers within his tiny fists. In a whole-hearted attempt to desperately try and hang on, he pulled both his feet up and tried to use his toes, too!

Her large fingers released from around his waist and simply left him hanging there, ...twenty-feet above the yellow pool below...

"Don't let go!", Amanda playfully whispered, "If you fall in, I'm not getting you out!"


Just then, she spread her thighs a little wider, bowing her back and tilting her pelvis forward - her crotch turning upward, exposing it entirely and making it much more attainable to her tiny plaything.

Her movements, allowing little Tom to suddenly get a foothold; he quickly braced his feet against the compressed, pancake-like, lower butt cheeks.

Pressing his feet into her soft sweaty flesh - caused the giantess to giggle and quake. Her laughter crackling aloft, sending mild vibrations throughout her entire body.

Feeling his minuscule movements, her large glutes flexing on the hollow seat, taking her tiny passenger up and down in several pistoning compressions.

There wasn't much hair for Thomas to hang onto and he was forced to press his face directly in front of the giantess pussy. Her aroused clitoris, swelling in response to his tiny touch, as the tiny man clung desperately to her moist fleshy lips.

Her sharp fingernail suddenly dug into his backside, ...abruptly pressing his entire front into her heated mound!

"Amy wait!", Thomas screamed! "Please, don't do this!"

Her single fingertip ignored his tiny squeaking, insisting that he snuggle closer, it firmly pressed against his naked butt - causing him to push his waist into her giant pussy!

Unable to control his most primal reaction, his miniature cock sprang up and slipped between the soft slippery seam dividing the huge lips. The heated wall of enormous pussy was drawing him in, ...the opening growing wet, relaxing the swelling mountain of female sex.

"Oooh, yesss!", her tremendous voice resounded from high above.

Tom tried to fight back against her pressing finger, but she easily positioned him where she wanted, lining him up perfectly and pushing him firmly into her. Squeezing his waist with two fingers and thumb, she drew him back slightly and then pressed him back in again, ...forcing him to perform like a tiny mechanical toy!

"Do it! Do it, little man!", she commanded!

Working him back and forth into her giant mound, using her controlling fingers, she slowly forced him to enter her enormous sex, pushing his hips along in slow exaggerated pumping motions.

Fucking herself with the miniature man, Amy clamped her knees around the toilet seat and flexed her mighty thighs, "Ugh, Gaaah!", her voice grunting with sexual frustration, she backed up and scooted forward on the hollow seat.

"Mm, you better get busy little man!"

His heart pounding with sheer terror, the tiny man held as tightly as he could. Holding onto the curly strands of overgrown pubis, he struggled to keep from getting squashed into her gigantic pussy!

"Fuck me little BUG!", she commanded. "You better start humping, or I'm going to crush you between my legs!"

Without thinking, the frightened little male slave instantly began thrusting his hips as hard as he could! Driving his solid member deeply into her, ...his back flexing to the extreme - recoiling from the over-extension, he strained every muscle in his miniature body!

'Squish squish squish squish squish'

Hopelessly, attempting to appease this gigantic pussy, the tiny man-slave started humping for all that he was worth!

'Squish squish squish squish squish'

Her large hips moved forward, scooting across the toilet seat with a quick series of jittering pops, her sticky sweat-coated skin - sticking to the seat - producing a fast skittering sound beneath her ass.

The unexpected vibration, shaking him around - making him loosen his grasp, as his hands were beginning to wear out, ...the slippery sweat was becoming more, and more slippery.

Tom was suddenly distracted from his pointless humping, to discover that his hands were indeed slipping loose... he was going to fall off...

If Amy didn't catch him quickly - preventing the inevitable - he was about to slip loose and plunge down into the huge toilet bowl!

Amy's large thighs slowly came together, ...enclosing completely around him - just in time - saving him from dropping down into the toilet water. Huge ultra-soft walls squeezing around his tiny figure, securing his miniature little body in between and nearly blocking out all of the light.

"Alright Thomas, ...this isn't doing anything for me. We're going to have to find some other way that you can be useful, ...hang on, I'm going to get up now.", she calmly warned.

Suddenly rising up from the huge seat, Tom struggled to grab another handful of pubic hair and hanging on to it as tightly as he could, he was slowly taken up higher above the giant toilet.

Standing up and taking a wide stance. Tom was just barely dangling between her open thighs. Reaching down, she cupped her hand beneath him and caught him, just as he dropped away from her overheated crotch, ...flopping like a wet fish directly into the center of her palm.

Thinking that he was about to fall directly down into the toilet, Tom instantly started screaming, ...flouncing around and yelling out in desperation,

"Ahhhh, HELP ME!" , he cried out! Flopping all around and kicking his feet!

Amy couldn't help herself from bursting out into an enormous fit of glorious laughter! She casually carried the squirming man over to her sink and carefully sat him down next to the soap dish, ...her hand pulled away, awkwardly releasing him to drop down on his bare butt.

"Oh, Tommy! Stop it, you're making me laugh!", she urgently said. "...and, whenever I laugh like this, I get really horny!"

Tom suddenly realized where he was - sitting up safely on the solid sink counter - no longer precariously dangling above that enormous pool of filthy piss-water. Looking up at the giggling giant woman, his overwhelming fear of drowning - was instantly replaced with another sudden emotion,

"What the, ...you fuckin' bitch! You think this is FUNNY?!" - he screamed. "What the fuk's the wrong wit YOU!? I Could have Been Killed!"

Laughing harder, as she swiftly attempted to fill the sink with soapy water - Amy had to hug herself, wrapping both her arms around her sides, as she suddenly burst into another fitful round of feminine laughter!

"Stop it! Stop it, ...right now!", her breasts bouncing, "You're making me, ...incredibly aroused, I can't - I can't, breath, ...oh, oh, you're so funny", she struggled to tell him, "Oh, oh, you are so, ...so cute!"

Tom became furious! He suddenly stood up and walked to the edge of the counter top. He was about to jump off down into the softness of a frilly pink rug, when Amy's huge hand suddenly swept around and cupped him, ...scooping him up and carrying him over above the sink.

"Where do think that you're going, little mister grumpy?"

"Put me down, right now!", Tom yelled. "I'm not going to be treated like this, ...I'm a man, not some little 'plaything' for you to just use any way that you want - you can't do this to me, just let me GO!"

"Oh, what's wrong, now? I thought that you'd enjoy being like, my little plaything?"

"Leave me alone!", Tom just managed to say, ...before he was swiftly dunked down under and plunged into the depths of the hot soapy water, ...completely submerged and squished up tightly within her powerful grasp, he was forced to hold his breathe and endure the swift and encompassing compressions of several extremely large and quite nimble fingers!

Amy giggled, as she dipped her tiny pet down under the water. Her smile spreading wide as she felt his desperation - struggling wildly within her fingers - she playfully squeezed him and slowly brought him up for air.

Tom gasped and flung his head back to whip his hair out of his eyes. Slinging water all across the frothy pool, he reached up and pressed his fingertips over his eyes - wiping the soap away - he squinted and coughed as he quickly reached back down to brace himself within her enveloping hand,

"Let me Go!", he screamed.

"Aw, so cute!", the towering giantess said, "I remember giving Jazzy a bath when she was just a baby, ...but, she wasn't nearly as small as you are, Thomas.

I couldn't have given her a bath in this sink, ...she was far too big! ...even when she was a 'newborn' - (ha ha) she was ten times bigger than you are!"

Treading water and trying to gain his bearings, Tom struggled to get away from her grasp. The steaming hot water creating a heavy fog of steaming clouds just above the surface, he could barely see anything beyond his arm's length...

Her fingers easily wrapped around his waist, sliding over his back and swishing along the length of his legs, ...a finger and thumb - larger than his legs - pinched up his right foot and firmly clamped it tightly, squeezing it firmly, he was quickly upended, as her huge hand lifted straight up, turning him over and lifting him up above the water!

Handling him like a child's toy, the blonde giantess giggled. Holding him upside down just above the soapy pool, she dangled him by his right foot, ...just holding him there, upside down!

"Now what?", she playfully said. "What's the little bug boy going to do now, hm?"

Streams of soapy water rained down from her hand, draining down from his chest and dripping back into his face, he squirmed around and screamed,

"Stop it! Let me Go!", Tom screamed, "Leave me alone!"

"Aw, look at you now, Thomas. Such a little tough guy, ...aren't you? So demanding. So smart. How did you ever wind up in such a pickle, hm ?", she teased.

"I thought that you were supposed to be this real slick attorney, ...making your own rules and doing whatever you want, ...using those other women - and just dumping them like a piece of trash."

Tom squirmed around and tried to reach up and grab the side of the giant fingertip. He was quickly lowered down, and jerked back up, ...forcing him to drop back and hang there between her pinching fingers,

"Now, we're going to be going by a whole new set of rules, Littleman. Thomas Speedman no longer exists in this world. You're mine now. Just a little bug.", Amy swiftly lifted him up higher, taking him up closer to her face. " And, from now on, you're going to do exactly as I say, ...and, if you don't, ...you'll be severely punished."

Tom was getting dizzy from hanging there upside down, and with his blood all rushing to his head, he was gradually becoming even more frustrated - this incessant teasing was really getting to him, and his anger welled up.

"Fuck You!", he yelled! "Go to Hell!"

Jerking around and trying to break free, he started wildly struggling between her fingers as she held him up, ...clenching his fists and throwing wild punches, he lost control of his emotions and started wildly squirming all around!

Several long minutes passed, and slowly, he was becoming more and more exhausted. His red face glaring up at her with bulging eyes, ...he screamed up her as loud as he could,

"I'm not going to do a fucking thing that you say, ...you can just go fuck yourself if you think that I'm, going to be your little toy - well, you can just, ...just! ..."

Suddenly looking up at her large looming face, he noticed just how ridiculously big she was, ...her large mouth hanging slightly agape, her teeth glistening in the brightly lit sink - her eyes sparkling with a glint of amusement - her fine, thin, lips, curving up into an evil smirk...

"Oh, ...we'll just see about that...", she calmly whispered. "I'm going to really enjoy this, little man!"


'Twinkies Palace of Pain' by midnightwriter85
Author's Notes:

Here, we'll discover a few more things that had already happened. Told from Twila's perspective, we'll see what kind of life that little Jeffery has been living, as well.


Several weeks later, at Ms. Jackson's apartment...

It was just another lazy Saturday afternoon. The tall blonde, thirty-year-old, could have easily been mistaken for an eighteen-year-old high school girl, walking back into her large living room and swiftly grabbing up the remote.

Turning on her television, Twila glanced over the open 'T.V Guide' - making sure that her show was coming on. She loved watching the latest episodes of her favorite drama, 'CSI'.

Just freshly out of the shower, still naked and dripping wet - with only a large towel wrapped around her hair - she walked back into her bathroom and got dried off. Then to her bedroom, she hurried down the hallway - completely naked - she enjoyed the freedom of being nude.

She wished that she could just be naked, all of the time, ...she really loved the feeling. Whenever she was alone, and not expecting any visitors, in her apartment she often wore nothing at all, if it were up to her, everyone would have to be naked - especially during the hottest days of summer...

Selecting some old comfortable clothes, she reluctantly pulled them on and grabbed her phone. Walking back into her kitchen, she grabbed a bottle of water and poured some into a small tea cup. Placing it into the microwave, she did a few squats while waiting for it to heat.

After calling and ordered some home delivery, she stood next to her fridge slowly removing the towel from around her head. Dropping a tea bag into her cup she stood there next to her table waiting for it to steep, ...pondering the past day's events, she stood replaying some of them in her mind...


Discovering those two shrunken janitors, ...and then, three more little men, that were passed out just outside of the men's restroom. They had come along just in time... The three others were just barely able to defend themselves from being easily captured by some little girl.

The little girl, a cute little red head about seven years old - a daughter to one of the executives on the first floor; she had been playing in the playroom with several other kids and had left there to go to the restrooms.

Luckily, for her, she had just happened to be coming down the hallway at the very moment, that the three other men were waking up, ...if she had been given a few more minutes, she would have easily captured them all, and Melanie and herself, would have never even known about them...

However, when Melanie and herself came along - just after picking up the two janitors- they instantly saw the little girl squatting over three more shrinkies, ...suddenly realizing what was happening and what she was doing. They quickly intercepted!

Melanie told the little girl that they were her little men and that she had lost them, ...quickly snatching them up before they got away, - she thanked the little girl for finding them for her and the two women quickly stuffed them into Twila's purse and left before the little girl could protest.

It had been the most fantastic discovery for both of them, ...but, that little girl was very unhappy when they took them away from her...


Twinkie knew that Mel would be stopping over around ten o'clock and the two of them would most likely go out to some of the clubs around midnight... she always enjoyed listening to live music.

It had been the most amazing week, so many things had happened that she needed a little time to just relax and enjoy herself. So many things had changed. Everything would be very different, from now on... Twinkie was beginning to really enjoy, - finally - getting to be the one in charge!

Dropping the wet towel over the back of one of her kitchen chairs, she carefully picked up the tea and walked through her living room - making sure that she didn't accidentally step on anyone...

She giggled. Trying to contain her emotional excitement. Carrying herself in an odd sort of way, ...she was purring with sexual delight - she felt so, ...so 'Powerful' - like a Goddess.

Casually stepping across her large living room - glancing over the wide open floor space -yawning with a delightful sound -- releasing a long, drawn out, feminine moan, ...following it up with a cute little squeal.

She chuckled softly, swinging her wide set hips - deliberately teasing the captive audience down around her feet - pretending not to be aware of their presence as she walked past them...

Knowing that her return was most certainly acknowledged among them, she could almost feel their tension rising - her presence, alone - sending a chill down their spine.

Wearing an extremely tight, black colored, sleeveless tee-shirt, with a cut-off pair of jean shorts - her long luxurious legs so soft and smooth - wearing a nearly knee-high pair of fuzzy pink socks, pushed down and wrinkled up around her ankles. Placing the steaming tea cup down on her coffee table, she turned back toward the open floor.

Placing her hands down on her hips, she lazily shifted from side to side - surveying her territory with a predatory gaze, raising her voice she commanded some attention,

"Those shoes had better be spotless!", she said. Directing her voice on high.

"...because, if their NOT, (she finished in a sing-song fashion) ...you'll be sorry."

Suddenly falling backward and flopping down on her large cushy couch, she propped her feet up and crossed her ankles. Stretching her arms up high above her head, she allowed her butt to sink down into the large cushions.

Enjoying the feeling of her erect nipples pressing against the taut fibers of the conforming cotton shirt,

"Oh, I'm sooo hungry!", she blurted out - to no one in particular...

Wriggling her toes in the thick fuzzy socks, she chuckled again - wondering how her pink socks appeared to her miniature slaves, ...giant pink socks! (hee-hee)

Looking down on her floor - in the center of the huge, western-style area rug, ...three tiny, naked men - were diligently working away at polishing up a single pair of her black leather, high heel pumps.

Two more were standing on the coffee table - completely motionless - awaiting their mistress to give them her attention, ...trembling with fear, and trying their best to smile up at the gigantic blonde.

Back down on the floor, the huge pair of shoes - so dominating in appearance - dwarfing the other three miniature men, so much, that Twinkie chuckled with arousal and delight at the comical sight... they looked like little construction workers - sweating and laboring away at this most difficult task.

Smiling inwardly, she felt a warm tingling sensation stirring within her loins, she simply loved having so much power over these little men, ...it created the most bizarre blend of arousal and empowerment!


The pizza would be arriving any minute and she knew that she needed to hide her little pets, ...somewhere, near by - she really hated the fact that she would have to make them stop what they were doing...

"Alright, take a break 'little ones", breaking the silence.

"Come over here where I can see you, ...chop-chop!".

Leaning forward and turning toward them, she clapped her hands a few times to get their attention - then dropping both her socked feet back down onto the floor,

'BooM!' ~ exaggerating the effect - by letting them drop with a heavy thudding sound!

"Cmon, hurry up! I don't have all day!", she ordered. "One, Two, ...Three!"

The sudden crash of her giant feet hitting the solid wood floor, carrying out far and wide all across the room... sending a message that anyone under six-inches tall could easily understand...

Jeffery ran as fast as his bare feet would carry him, straight underneath the huge, glass top coffee table, and directly up to Twila's huge pink socks, ...skidding to stop, right next to the giant pink feet of his new (temporary) Mistress. He felt slightly better seeing that Twila had clothed herself, at least, she wasn't quite as frisky whenever she was dressed.

He knew that he didn't want to get punished again, the last time she had called them to come to her - he was the last one to get to her and his bottom was still very sore and painful from her punishment.

Threatening to burn him with a huge cigarette lighter, she held him upside down and flicked him with her fingernail! Spanking him until he broke down and started crying... warning him, that the next time he was last, she would use the lighter!

Melanie was his true Mistress - or, so he had been advised - and she had 'temporarily' placed him into the hands of her more 'gentle' friend, Twinkie. And, for the last few days, his life had been so much easier, (Although, still treated worse than a little animal) he knew that his true Mistress, would be back later tonight to collect him, and his mind was racing with an overwhelming fear!

Melanie had branded him. Heating up a thin piece of metal wire, Ms. Kershaw had burned a large 'M' on his left buttock, and a large 'K' on his right, ...the swelling had almost all gone away when Twila spanked him for not moving fast enough! Re-injuring the wounds with her spiteful flicking -- Jeffrey had never felt such pain!

He wished that he could just escape from these two, and somehow get to his wife, Susan. If he could get away from them, ...she would most certainly save him from these two demented witches and figure out some way to return him to normal size, again!

"Now, that's much better. When I call you, I want you to come to me!", Twila firmly spoke down to them.

Standing all around her feet, the three of them looked up at her with fear in their eyes. Wondering what demeaning task she had planned for them to do, ...they all hoped that it wouldn't be the foot massage again - that was the worst - she had nearly crushed Bobby underneath her right foot while Phil and Jeffery were rubbing the wriggling toes of her left foot!

She didn't speak to them directly. She simply ordered them as a group - telling the whole of them to perform something and then picking out one of them to punish for being the worst performer. This idea was working too, she had them competing against each other trying to do a better job.

"Alright Bobby, I want you guys to hide under the couch whenever that doorbell rings.", she firmly said. "If any of you try and get the Pizza guy's attention, I am going to punish Bobby! Got it?"

Twila leaned forward and without saying another word, she casually placed her hands down -palms up- on the coffee table. The two five-inch-tall, naked male slaves, instantly ran over to her and quickly climbed into her hands and seated themselves -- plopping down on their butts and crossing their ankles, they awaited the giantess to take them up.

"Very nice, little ones. You're doing so much better, ...maybe you won't have to sleep in my undies tonight?", Twinkie whispered. "Unless ...you'd really 'want to'?"

James and Sam, were two of the older guys that had nearly been captured by the little girl, not realizing that they would have been in much better hands, ...they had tried to get away from her - which, in turn, was what caused them to end up being noticed by Melanie and Twila...

Since then, they had been enslaved and abused almost continuously! Twinkie had been relentless for the first few days, ...keeping them stuffed inside her over-heated purse and only taking them out whenever she wanted them to pleasure her!

Then they were placed inside of the glass cigar tubes. Which they fashioned onto a large chain and hung around their necks like some weird over-sized necklace, ...plugging the tops with a rubber stopper - only a small amount of air could get inside.

Jeffery hated the glass tube. As hot as her giant purse was, he would have much rather spent the entire day inside it - rather than that narrow necklace tube! It was sheer torture, ...constantly wondering how long it would be for him to actually suffocate...

Melanie was in the process of moving out of her old apartment and while she was busy getting set up in her new place, she was forced to leave Jeffrey and her other little slave with Twinkie during the move.

Twinkie had a very nice place. It was right across from the park and had large rooms with plenty of extra space, she had offered her spare room to Melanie, but Mel wanted to have her own apartment - she liked her privacy.

The two women lawyers were the best of friends and did almost everything together. However, Melanie had her own life, outside of being the lead attorney of the best law firm in the state - she also wrote stories - GTS stories, that she posted on several different internet web sites.

However, now that she and Twinkie had discovered those real live - miniature men, and had captured them - Ms.Kershaw, could easily fill that empty space in her fantasy's, that she so badly desired to explore!

Her imaginative stories covered everything from vore to gentle tease, ...and, from friendly 'girlfriend', to revenge fantasy's that literally depicted domination to the point of raw torture!

She had all sorts of ideas that she wanted to explore. And, having five little subjects to play with gave her all that much more empowerment... she simply couldn't wait to actually do some of those things that she had written about...

Twinkies Palace of Pain ~ 2 by midnightwriter85
Author's Notes:

Jeffery makes a run for it...


Twila, or 'Twinkie', ...as Melanie usually referred to her - was just the silly 'nick name' that she had been given back in grammar school. Although, once she told her friend Mel, about it - it instantly became the more permanent handle for the easy-going blonde...

Twila didn't really mind though - but it did make her feel dumb - and she didn't really like it when Melanie called her Twinkie. Although, Melanie playfully continued teasing her, in a friendly way; she didn't ever call her by her nickname in any professional circumstances. Only when they weren't around anyone else did she ever call her the 'Twinkster'.

Her shy, introverted personality, making her appear as the less intelligent one and being gentle and quiet, a soft spoken type woman; very pretty and blonde, too. Most people expected her to fall into that category...

However, still waters, run deep.


Twila was just beginning to realize that she could explore new areas of her suppressed sexuality and do things, that she hadn't ever dreamt of, ...she could do absolutely anything that she wanted with these little men, and just the thought of it made her tingle with arousal.

Nobody knew what had happened to them. And, as far as the public was concerned, they had simply disappeared...

They were her's, now. ...and Melanie's, too. ...to do with as they pleased...

The idea of being in complete control of these five, little, miniature men, awakened something so very deep within her. Something that had been lying dormant... slowly arousing her with feelings that she didn't even realize existed.


Holding one in each hand, she sat there leaning back comfortably on the couch. Smiling with a soft giggle, she flashed her eyes - blinking her long lashes - an expectant look of child-like wonder filling her large dominating face; her expression changing from amused to aroused.

Releasing a heated breath, ...watching their fearful reactions. Teasing them, she squeezed. Their expressions were priceless, as she playfully squeezed her gripping fingers around their bare middles.

Holding them both, just above her smooth bare thighs, she slowly opened them up -spreading her legs; playfully teasing the two of them, while holding them just above her crotch.

The frayed denim from her cut off jeans, forming a ragged edge around the largest section of her well-toned thighs; the long, lean, muscular walls spreading apart to allow her large intumescing mound to bulge before them.


The doorbell's electronic chime rang out, announcing the arrival of Twila's previously ordered Pizza delivery. Smiling, she looked down at her two tiny slaves,

"Alright, little ones, you know what to do...", she calmly said.

Leaning forward, she bent down to lower them to the floor. Carefully setting them down in between her feet. Releasing James and Sam down next to the others, she gave them all a serious look,

"Well, what are you waiting for?", urgently peering down at all five of them.

Pete and Jeffery instantly ran underneath the couch, quickly followed by Bobby. James and Sam didn't hesitate to follow their naked brethren. Scampering aimlessly into the shadowy cavern.

The floor vibrated beneath their naked feet as the giantess Twila stood up and began walking away.

Walking over to her front door, she intently glanced back toward them before casually opening the door, ...smiling at the delivery driver and allowing him to step inside, she took the pizza box and carried it into her kitchen.

All five of the miniature captives quickly gathered together beneath the large couch. Watching nervously as the giant blonde's huge, pink-socked feet, silently lifted up carrying outward - drifting across a long distance, each step resounding, ...on impact, the solid heels sending heavy thudding vibrations coursing throughout the entire floor.

'Boom - boom - boom'

The short, dark-haired teenage boy, stepped inside and handed her the brown and red colored pizza box,

"That's twenty-two fifty, ma, am", he said, quickly unzipping his belt pouch to ready himself for making the change.

"Just a minute sweety and I'll get that for you", Twila told him.

Stepping back into her kitchen to place the box down on her table and get the boy a fifty dollar bill.

In the dimly lit, cavern-like space beneath the humongous couch, the five of them huddled together like a covey of quail. Bobby was visibly shaking. Knowing that he had been forewarned about any of them attempting to escape, or trying to get the delivery person's attention.

"Any ideas, guys?", Bobby whispered. "If we don't get out of here, ...we're fucked!", Jeffery said.

Jeff noticed that the other four men were just as tormented as he was, and as bad as he felt, he knew that they needed to do something. They didn't have enough time to form any kind of plan though, and he knew that whatever happened would require some quick thinking.

His butt was badly injured and still throbbing with stinging pain. The initials 'M' and 'K' - carved into his flesh - the dark black letters framed with a bright red border - the skin was slightly swollen and very tender.

'Melanie Kershaw'. M. K. The giantess had simply branded him - making him one of her possessions.

Twila had actually shown him a bit of concern. Noticing the swollen letters carved into his bare flesh while she was making them massage her feet, she allowed Jeffery to cover his wounds with some of her lotions. The cool medicated cream helped to sooth the burning sensation, but the constant stinging was still very painful.


Beneath this gigantic couch, the shadowy dark space took on an eerie atmosphere. The low ceiling, creating a dimly lit, dreary ambience; dust bunnies large enough to appear like strange alien plant life - scattered out all around - the sudden gust of wind swirling through from the opening door, brought some of them to life, ...rolling around and dancing in small twirling circles tossed up into the sudden gust of wind...

Looking back out across the vast ever spreading plain of Twila's living room, they could barely see anything above her knees as she walked to and from her kitchen, ...Jeff could only think of escaping when he smelled the fresh outside air. His brain instantly forming an idea, he grabbed Phil by the arm and pulled him to the side,

"C'mon, we've got to get out of here!", he whispered. "Now's our chance, we can get out through the open doorway!"

Gripping his arm tighter, he pulled his long-time friend back a little further into the dusty darkness, "C'mon, let's go!"

Phil stopped and pulled Jeffery's hand loose from around his arm,

"What about the others?" he gestured, "We can't just leave them!"

"Forget about them!", Jeffery said, "If Twila can't find us, but she still has them, ...she won't be so quick to start looking!"

"No, wait.", Phil said, "She'll catch you outside. There's nowhere to hide out there, I know what it looks like, it's nothing but a wide open cement parking area, ...there's nowhere to hide!"

"Fine, stay here then!", Jeffery barked, " But, I'm getting outta here!"

Jeffery took off running toward the open doorway. Swiftly jogging further back beneath the giant couch. Through the thick dust, and deeper into the dark. Making his way to the far edge; bright outside light drawing him to the freedom just beyond the massive door.

Just then, Twila returned to the entry way, "Here you are", she sweetly spoke. Handing the young boy her money. He quickly took it and gave her the change back,

"Thank you. Have a nice evening, Ms. Jackson", swiftly turning and stepping out the doorway.

Two seconds later, Twila closed the door behind him. Quickly locking the deadbolt, she turned back toward the kitchen and slowly walked back through,

"Oh, that smells so good!", she announced to her captive minions, as she passed through by the couch - not noticing that Jeffery, had been standing right next to her left foot the entire time, pressing his back against the wall; frightened and trembling from the sudden action taking place directly above him.

The Giants moving more quickly than what he had anticipated - leaving him standing there confused and nearly caught inside the closing door. His escape attempt foiled, he regretted his failure to move fast enough, ...his timing was delayed because of Phil, he should have just run right out through the door and never looked back!

He couldn't get through while the boy opened the door because there wasn't enough time for him to make it, and now, he was stuck there - fully exposed- pressing up against the wall right next to the door frame.

Frozen with fear, he prayed that the giant blonde didn't see him!

He couldn't move without her noticing. He stood perfectly still until the giantess walked away. Leaving him standing there, stranded right out in plain sight...

A heavy gust of fresh air blew swiftly across the floor, sweeping all around the tiny naked man.

Realizing that this brief opportunity had passed. Jeffery slumped to the floor, watching as his giant tormentress casually walked back into her kitchen.

Twila opened the pizza box and checked that her order was right. Glancing up at her wall clock, she noticed that it was almost time for CSI to start, ...she grabbed a small plate and a clear drinking glass from her cupboard and stepped over to her refrigerator.

Grabbing a two-liter bottle of Sprite she poured some into her glass and put the bottle back. She carefully pulled away the first slice and quickly placed it onto her plate. Instantly bringing her fingers to her mouth to suck the burning grease away.

"Mm, I'm so hungry!"

Placing two slices on her plate and grabbing her drink, she carefully walked back into the living room. Sitting her food down on the coffee table, she stepped back and looked down at the floor,

"Alright, you can come out now!", her high-pitched voice resounding through the entire apartment.

Waiting for her little pets, she tapped her foot. Her hands on her hips, she shifted her weight onto her right hip and stuck her chest out proudly,

"Hurry up!", she ordered. Her toes tapping impatiently.

Her taut nipples pressing narrow points into the thin cotton shirt. Her tight, jean shorts, form fitting around her perfectly shaped ass, ...her long glorious legs on full display - towering high above her miniature playthings.

Pete, Sam, James and Bobby, all cautiously walked out from beneath the huge couch and stood before their mistresses tremendous feet.

"Where is Melanie's little pet?"

Twila slowly squatted down, lowering herself above them, her moving shadow growing wider and wider. Her voice slightly raised, she commanded Jeffery to come to her.

"Jeffery!", she raised the tone. "Out here, right now!"

Slowly walking out, Jeffery stepped over in line beside of Bobby. His face blank of any expression and staring at the floor, he glanced up at her overwhelming image and quickly looked away.

"That's not fast enough, Jeffery. When I tell you to come to me, you must obey my orders or else you'll have to be punished!"

Twila had to stop for a moment. She almost didn't even recognize her own voice. Using this commanding tone was something very different for her, ...she surprised herself, it felt good to be so powerful...

"Come here Jeffery!", she growled.

Placing her open palm down before him, she flattened out her hand and waited for the tiny naked man to crawl into it. Frowning with disappointment, she hastily grabbed his miniature figure and snatched him up. Quickly standing, she squeezed the tiny man inside her fist and brought him up directly in front of her glaring eyes,

"What did I tell you about being the last one?", she snarled.

Squeezing her fingers tighter around him, she could feel his little legs straining uselessly against them, ...releasing and then swiftly gripping tighter, she playfully toyed with his miniature body.

His resistance gave her a challenge that made her tingle all over, ...a pleasurable rippling sensation slowly traveled up along her spine.

"So Jeffery, I'll give you one chance to redeem yourself, alright, little one?", she whispered. "If you can make me come, I won't punish you."

Bringing him closer to her face, "...or, do you want to be punished?"

"Please, don't hurt me. I'll do anything that you want Twila!", Jeffery pleadingly yelled out.

Smiling, Twila slowly began loosening her grasp, lowering her hand down next to her waist, she held the little man against her hip as she looked back down to the other four men.

"The rest of you, get over there and finish polishing those shoes."

Bending down, she quickly released the little man down next to her plate. He awkwardly stumbled backward as she pulled her hand away, ...standing back up, she hastily unbuttoned her shorts and wriggled her hips as she tugged down on the waist band.

Sliding out of her pants, she let them slip down over her long legs and crumple around her ankles. Stepping out of them, she sat down on the edge of the couch and pulled off her pink socks, ...dropping them to the floor, she reached over and grabbed the television remote.

Sitting there on the couch, in her black tee-shirt and matching thong panties, she turned the sound on the television and watched the screen to see if CSI had started yet, ...glancing down at Jeffery she smiled and winked... pausing for a moment to reach over and take a large bite off a slice of pizza.

Jeffery stood in silence, watching the giant blonde casually enjoying herself. He thought of Susie and wondered what she was doing at the moment, ...was she worried about him, was she trying to find him? He wondered if she was looking for him right now...

"Alright, Jeffrey. C'mere little man. I want you to make me feel good!", she whispered devilishly.

Reaching over, she hastily snatched him up with two fingers and brought him over above her waist, ...holding him loosely, just above her crotch, she slowly started to lower him down.

Allowing his feet to come into contact with the front of her panties, she dangled him there, just above it, forcing him to touch his tiny feet against her damp gusset, ...dancing his feet, all across the V-shaped mound of black material - dropping and lifting him at random, forcing his feet to press into the heated pillow, then - pulling him away, lifting him up slightly.

Forcing him to walk around on top of her warm panties, she giggled at his adverse reaction. Playfully making him step down as she wanted, then lifting him up again, ...her stomach muscles twitched as she giggled; watching him dance upon her overheated pussy.

Her thumb pressing firmly against his entire chest, two fingers covering his back - she suddenly released him, to fall onto his hands and knees, just below the frilly waistband of her tight black panties...

Reaching up, she grabbed the tail of her shirt and pulled it up over her head, swiftly pulling the shirt off, she tossed it away, ...freeing her ample breasts with one swift pull.

Jeffery's heart started pounding as he looked up across her smooth bare stomach - her large naked boobies softly bouncing into their relaxed position - slightly rolling back and forth from the sudden drop - as the giantess hastily yanked her shirt off - causing them to slowly fall in soft waves.

The giant blonde suddenly uplifted her chest, stuffing her hands behind her head, her elbows pointing outward - she relaxed her whole body beneath him and allowed her thighs to relax, ...spreading out longer, she stretched and yawned,

"Pleasure me, slave."

Jeffery couldn't move. He could feel the heated moisture seeping through the thin black cotton, his knees sinking down slightly, his bare feet feeling the heated warmth of her monstrous womanhood.

He knew that just beneath that thin layer of wet cotton material, her giant vagina awaited him, ...he could feel her flexing; the surging compressions as she clamped her inner core tightly, ...her abdomen rock hard, ...her nipples like flesh colored bullets.

Her slight smile, slowly fading into an intense look of frustrated sexual arousal. Her face looming above her relaxed bosom, ...her knees falling away, as her long legs spread apart, opening her overheated crotch to allow her miniature lover complete access...

"C'mon Jeffy. Pleasure me, little man. You know what I want, ...now get busy!"


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