The Film Industry by lolarexx

This story follows Allie as she enters the Tiny Adult Film industry. Along the way she is forced to make some diffcult moral decisions.



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A star is born by lolarexx

It was a hot summer day, sun beaming down on the fresh asphalt, as Allie turned into the parking lot of the new office complex.

"Wow, this is nicer than I imagined it would be, " she thought to herself as she climbed out of her shoddy Camry and double-checked the address on her phone.

As she walked into the office building she noticed the modest sign overhead reading "Tiny FilmsTM". She was greeted by a beautiful, red-haired receptionist, no more than 24 years old.

"Hi, may I help you with something?" the receptionist asked with a smile.

"Yes," Allie squeaked as she nervously fumbled with her phone trying to find the email she had received, "I have an appointment to meet with Mark Fogarty today"

"Oh wonderful, you must be Allie!" the receptionist replied, "Mark is the second door on the left."

"Yes that’s me, I'm a bit early though," Allie said feeling slightly less anxious.

"Nonsense! Mark is waiting for you, you can go right in," the receptionist interjected with a smile.

"O-okay," Allie stuttered as she made her way down the hallway towards the second door on the left. The office was surprisingly very clean and welcoming; it seemed to be a fairly new building.

She reached the second door on the left and noticed a gold plaque, with the name "Mark Fogarty" inscribed into it, bolted on the center of the door. She was nervous but so far everything had been very inviting. She took a deep breath and knocked on the door.

"Come right in!" a voice bellowed from the other side of the door.

She entered the room and was greeted by a well-dressed man sitting behind an ornate wooden desk. In front of the desk was a black leather chair, which was facing in her direction. The chair seat was puffy and dimpled, containing five indentations arranged like the five-side of a die.

"So you must be Allie Bates," the man said as he stood to offer her a handshake, "I'm glad you decided to come in for an interview!"

Allie approached his desk timidly. As she got closer she noticed how muscular Mark was, his arms bulging in his tight fitting dress shirt. He was bald headed, with a five-o-clock shadow highlighting his strong jaw line.

"And you're Mark?" she asked as she shook his hand. Despite his physique, he was very gentle with her hand.

"That’s me," he chuckled, "Now if you'll have a seat we can go ahead with the interview."

Allie took her seat in the chair, her butt sinking into the plush leather. She was surprised by how comfortable the chair actually was, but was still wary of letting her guard down.

"Alright, so I'm just going to run through your application with you to make sure everything is accurate," Mark said as he pulled up Allie's application on his computer.

"Says here you're 5'2'', 115 pounds, wavy brown hair, hazel eyes," he said looking up to verify, "Looks about right."

Allie sat with her hands in her lap as she listened to Mark. Her eyes scanned the room until she came upon the security camera mounted above the desk.

Mark saw her staring at the security camera and commented, "Allie, you seem a bit nervous. I'm sure you think this will be like those casting couch videos but I assure you it's nothing like that. That camera is only there for security purposes, and at no point will my clothes come off during this interview."

"Oh, I-I'm sorry, I just didn't know what to expect" she stammered, her eyes snapping back to Mark.

"Relax, it's just an interview," Mark reassured her as he returned to her application information, "So it says here that your hobbies include jogging, hiking, and volleyball?"

Mark's reassurances had soothed her a bit as she replied, "Yea, I love running and I've been playing volleyball since junior high school."

"Very nice," Mark said "And you are 18, right?"

"Yea I turned 18 three months ago," she answered.

"Wonderful, have you ever starred in an adult film?" he asked.

"No, but I joined with a cam site when I turned 18." she replied.

"Oh really, what was the reason behind that?" he asked.

"Its just been an easy way to make some money while I'm in college." she said, starting to feel more comfortable.

"Ahh I see, that makes sense," Mark said as he turned away from the computer and took out a small notepad, "So how did you hear about us?"

"One of my regular customers from the cam site actually recommended you guys to me, and after looking into the company I was a bit interested," Allie said as she leaned back in the chair and put her arms on the armrest. The room was fairly warm, and the black leather was causing her to sweat a bit. She repositioned herself slightly, hoping that she wouldn't leave sweat stains in her white booty shorts.

"So what do you know about the Tiny-Adult Film industry?" Mark asked as he scribbled notes.

"Not much really, I saw in my research that you had worked out a deal with the government to take shrunken inmates and use them in videos but that’s about it," she replied.

"Yea that's right," Mark said, "Shrinking technology was discovered about two years ago and was originally intended for extremely sensitive medical procedures. We knew there was a market for Tiny-Adult videos and managed to work out a deal with the government because of the current overcrowding of the prison systems."

"So do you kill them?" Allie asked, almost not wanting to hear the answer.

"Not always actually, but in general kill videos do pay a lot more," Mark responded calmly, "So, I don't want to creep you out but I am going to have to see you naked to make sure you are the right fit for us."

"Uhhhmmm," Allie muttered, unsure of what to do.

"Don't worry, I won't even move from my chair. You can just stand up there and strip down," he reassured her as he watched intently.

Allie stood up from the chair, her legs peeling off the leather. She nonchalantly began unbuttoning her floral crop top, lifting it up and over her head. As she dropped it to the floor she snuck a glance at Mark, he was staring at her body, seemingly sizing her up. A small smile started to appear at her lips as she reached behind her back to unhook her lacey yellow bra. She let out a soft moan as her bra slid down her arms to the floor and her perky C-cup boobs swung free.

"Very nice," Mark said, feeling his member hardening at the sight of Allie's young, fit body.

Allie, growing more confident, used her left to massage her right tit as her right hand unbuttoned her shorts. She slowly unzippered her shorts while fondling her breast, soft moans escaping her lips. Her shorts fell to the ground, revealing her tight yellow thong. She used her foot to kick the shorts aside, twirling to face the door in the process. Her thumbs hooked the sides of her panties and began to pull them away from her intimate area. The sweat soaked gusset clung to her underside for as long as possible before peeling away. She bent further and further down as she lowered her panties to the ground, making sure to keep her legs straight and her ass in the air. Finally at the ground she gingerly stepped out of her panties, tossing the aside as she turned to face Mark again.

"Wow," Mark exclaimed as he watched her voluptuous ass spread wide then snap back together as she turned to face him, "You really do have an amazing figure"

"Thank you," she said with a cute smile.

"Do you mind spreading your legs so I can get a peek down below?" he asked carefully.

"Uhhmmm," she mumbled looking around the room, unsure of how best to show off her goods.

"Feel free to sit in the chair," he said quickly, "I'll have it cleaned after the interview."

Allie, feeling a bit frisky, repositioned the chair so that it was directly in front of the desk and sensually lowered her ass onto it. Normally she would be self-conscious about the sweat marks she was sure to leave on the leather but at the moment she was embracing her playful side. With her asshole resting right above the center dimple she leaned back in the chair and spread her legs. She sucked the pointer finger of her right hand before allowing it to gently probe her folds.

"Is this the right fit?" she asked confidently as she allowed her finger to slide into her tight cunt.

"It certainly is!" Mark said with a laugh as he opened a drawer and retrieved some paperwork from his desk. He had seen quite a few girls since he started this recruiting job but Allie was a teen-aged Goddess. Her body was amazingly toned, but curvy in the right places. Her ass was divine, a perfect example of a bubble-butt. And on top of all that she wore very little make-up, giving her an amateur look. She might actually be the most attractive girl he had cast so far.

"Well I am prepared to offer you a contract, there is a lot of legal jargon here but basically it requires you to do one video with us. After that we'll give you the option to resign if you liked the experience." Mark said while he reached to hand her a pen.

Coming back to reality Allie closed her legs and scooched closer to the desk. She started skimming the confusing text of the contract.

"I'm still not sure, what do I have to do for the video?" she asked, not wanting to tie herself up in something she wouldn't enjoy.

"Well since you've never done a scene before, and we only want to introduce you to the field, you're first video would be a solo masturbation scene," said Mark, "The tiny would be sewn into your panties and you'd be using a vibrator to pleasure yourself."

Allie fiddled with the pen in her hand while she thought it over. She wasn't sure how she would feel having a person inside her panties but a solo masturbation scene would be easy for her.

"Oh I forgot to mention," Mark interjected, "We'll pay 3k for the first video, and there will be a 1k signing bonus if you do choose to re-sign with us."

"Oh my god," Allie blurted out. There was no way she could turn down that kind of money. She firmly grasped the pen before signing on the bottom line of the contract.

"Awesome!" Mark exclaimed as he handed her a copy and filed away his own, "We're all set, I will be in touch to set up your shoot."

"Okay," Allie said with a smile as she stood up from the chair, her skin once again peeling away from the sticky leather. She glanced quickly at the seat and noticed the sweat imprint her ass had left. She hurriedly dressed herself and left the office, waving to the receptionist on her way out. She sat in her car and paused for a moment, unsure of the choice she had just made...


Mark waited until Allie had left before paging the receptionist.

“Tori, yea lock the front door and come here for a moment,” buzzed Mark through the speaker.

Tori entered his office moments later and walked up beside the black leather chair.

“So how was she?” Tori asked as she noticed the sweat stains on the seat of the chair.

“Absolutely phenomenal” Mark replied, eyes glued to his computer screen.

“And the tinies?” she asked excitedly.

“The two on the front dimples are dead, suffocated under her thighs,” claimed Mark, “but the one on the center dimple managed to get enough air to stay alive. And the footage is insanely good”

Tori crouched down low to look over the surface of the seat. She looked to the front right dimple first, but it wasn’t until she got very close that she noticed the limp body of a tiny man, no more than half a fingernail tall, tied to the button at the center of the dimple. On his head was what looked like a miniaturized GoPro rig for shooting from his point of view.

“Dipping them in black paint was a great idea, you can hardly see them” Tori said as she carefully untied the man. She then plopped the limp body in her mouth and swallowed him whole. She then did the same for the limp body on the front left dimple. On each of them she could taste the salty sweat Allie had left behind.

“May I finish the last one?”  Tori asked eagerly, her eyes fixed on the center dimple of the chair.

“Yeah sure, whatever” Mark mumbled as he watched the footage on his computer. He put it in slow-motion to watch Allie’s bare ass descend onto the man on the center dimple. He could see her puckered little asshole coming right for him. Then her ass connected with the chair, smushing down until her asshole was millimeters away from the helpless man. It was truly glorious.

Tori brought her face down close to the center dimple, brushing her nose up against the button. She inhaled deeply, filling her nose with the scent left behind by Allie’s taut little asshole. She loosened the string holding the tiny man in place, but did not pluck him up. Instead she left him there and watched him struggle to break free. She smiled devilishly, he was almost free of the string but it was a hopeless effort. Before the tiny man could make his escape she lowered her mouth to the button, allowing her lips to form a seal around it. She remained like this for almost a minute, relishing in the fact that the man was doomed. She then allowed her lips to slowly come together, gently sucking on the button and pulling away. Her lips met and she pulled away from the leather with a smooch. She looked back at the button to see the man wasn’t there before swallowing him alive.



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Fancy camerawork by lolarexx
Author's Notes:

Bit of a boring chapter..

Ned laid silently in his holding cell, staring into the darkness. It was hard to keep track of time with the utter absence of light and sound, but he figured he had been in this cell for almost two days.

Most of the time he sat in silence, completely forgotten by the outside world. At times he even questioned his sanity, unsure if his new life was reality or some kind of twisted dream. But the occasional shift in gravity that sent him flying around his small cell confirmed that he was not dreaming.

“I didn’t know my life as a tiny would be like this,” he muttered to himself through tears of frustration as he recalled when he had signed a contract with the Tiny Film Corporation.

“I was scared of serving life in prison, the deal was so enticing, but this is torture,” he sobbed.

Several moments later he heard the loud popping noise of the lid to his cell, followed by the blinding light of the outside world. His senses took some time to readjust before he saw the gigantic face of a gorgeous red-headed girl looming above.

“Using these old film canisters as holding cells was a great idea Mark!” Tori exclaimed cheerily while eyeing the quivering tiny at the bottom of the cell.

“Yea, they’re cheap and perfectly sized for the little guys,” said Mark from elsewhere in the room, “Don’t give them too much now, the interview is in a couple of days.”

“I know hun,” she replied as she used an eyedropper to leave a droplet of water beside the tiny captive. She then used a pair of tweezers to place a small crumb of bread opposite the droplet of water.

“Wait, please I’ve changed my mind!” Ned pleaded while he watched the tweezers recede from his cell, but it was no use. Tori didn’t even acknowledge his cries, likely because she didn’t hear them, and proceeded to recap the canister. Ned was once again plunged into darkness, his senses dulled and fading.

“I DON’T WANT THIS!” he screamed, banging on the canister wall until he passed out from exhaustion.


Ned was beginning to lose his mind, his body forced to endure another grueling amount of time in pure solitude. He was hungry, thirsty, and craving interaction as he lay on the floor of his cell when suddenly he was thrown against the wall. Someone was moving his cell, and he was being thrown about like a rag doll as a result.

After what seemed like an eternity of shifting and pausing for various amounts of time, the lid to his cell was popped open and he tumbled to the outside world. Battered and beaten, he struggled to move but was able to turn his head and observe his surroundings.

He seemed to be on a wooden desk, the surface stretching for hundreds of feet in every direction. To one side of him he could see what looked to be a giant bowl, and on the opposite side he saw his open cell, along with two other opened cells. Above him was a bright light, probably a lamp being directed right at him. And even further above that was Tori staring intensely at him.

“If you don’t struggle this will be much easier on you,” she said before reaching down to pluck him up.

He was powerless to fight her, but was surprised by how gentle she held him between her pointer finger and thumb. She proceeded to briefly dip him in the bowl of viscose black paint. She then laid him on a sheet of paper spread eagle and blew forcefully on him. The black paint spread evenly around him, leaving only small clumpy spots in several places.

She hummed to herself while using a Q-tip to clean away excess paint.

Ned coughed viciously, but was too weak to fight her. The paint clung to his body like a skin tight suit, but at least she had cleared most of the paint from his head.

Tori allowed him to dry while she moved on to the next part of the process. She carefully used a Q-tip to apply a small amount of glue to one of the miniature GoPro rigs that Mark had given her.

After a short while Ned gathered the strength to stand up. He was still wobbly when Tori presented him with the camera rig.

“Put this on your head,” she said with no emotion whatsoever.

Ned stared up at her, making no attempt to put the camera rig on.

“You don’t want to make me have to do it,” she said, grabbing the tweezers and pointing them at him menacingly.

Not wanting to anger her, Ned shuffled toward the gear and strapped it tightly to his head.

“Good boy,” cooed Tori as she once again plucked him up in her fingers. She then placed him on the button of the center dimple, holding him in place with one finger as she skillfully tied him in place.

Ned watched passively as she looped the fine thread around his body and through the button countless times, restricting his movement to slight motions of his head. She then pulled away and he was able to get a better view of exactly where he was.

It appeared as though he was sewn onto a seat cushion, judging by what looked to be the back of a chair jutting way into the sky behind him. All around him were leather walls, and he lay at the bottom of a dimple in the chair’s seat.

“All three cameras are working perfectly,” Mark said to Tori from his chair, “This will really be some amazing unaware footage.”

“Only a couple hours until Allie’s interview,” she replied playfully as she walked out of his office. She unlocked the front door and sat at her desk patiently, the vision of those helpless tinies being smothered by some unaware teenage girl playing through her mind…

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The mysterious beauty by lolarexx
Author's Notes:

Allie took another drag from her cigarette, the hot summer sun warming her lightly tanned skin as she thought over her situation for the hundredth time. Her jean shorts struggled to contain her plump bottom which pressed firmly against the hood of her shoddy Camry. The hot metal burned against bare thighs, but it was no more than a dull pain as her mind was elsewhere.

?What am I so nervous about??, she mumbled to herself, ?It?s just some fucked up criminal, honestly I?m doing the world a favor?

The ember of her cigarette glowed bright as a gentle breeze blew through her wavy brown hair, dragging it down across her face. She stared blankly out at the rest of the parking lot, watching people enter or leave the various offices but paying them no mind.

 ?Even if it?s a criminal.. they were still a person once,? she mumbled again, ?I mean they?re still people now too I guess, just.. small?

She remained lost in her thoughts until a girl approaching the TinyFilms office caught her attention. Her black leather boots thudded against the hot asphalt with each stride towards the office. Allie?s eyes traveled up her body, taking in her unique sexiness and forgetting her troubled mind for a moment. Black thigh highs hugged her thin legs until a brief gap exposed her pale skin momentarily before it disappeared beneath the pitch black boy shorts seemingly strangling her lower body. A black corset with red lacing accentuated her hourglass figure, and allowed her hips to pop in a hypnotizing manner as she walked. Allie?s gaze continued up the girl, noticing her straight black hair with a touch of purple at the tips and thick black eyeliner surrounding her eyes, though she couldn?t make out their color. She squinted and leaned forward absentmindedly in a subconscious effort to find out her eye color.

 ?Hey, you wanna say something??? the girl yelled out to Allie. She had made it about halfway to the office but now turned to face the girl ogling her.

?Oh uhhhh..? Allie stammered, flustered from the realization that she had been staring at this girl, ?I didn?t..?

?You got a cigarette for me?? the girl asked.

?Huh? Oh umm,? Allie said fumbling her words a bit. She pulled out a cigarette and held it out towards the girl, ?Yea sure?

Allie watched as the girl walked towards her noticing a skull printed on the front of her boyshorts, though it was cleaved down the middle by her cameltoe, which looked as if it were consuming more and more fabric as she walked. Her eyes followed the crease of the cameltoe back towards her asscheeks, which, due to her wonderfully full but not particularly toned ass, flashed into her line of vision for a few moments with each step. Allie was amazed that such a thin girl could have such a voluptuous behind.

?Lighter?? the girl said as she plucked the cigarette from Allie?s hand and sat on the hood beside her. She sparked it and took a drag, holding the smoke in her mouth for a moment before exhaling slowly, ?So what are you doing exactly??

?Oh, I was just thinking,? Allie said realizing that she probably looked weird sitting on her car all alone for so long.

 ?Bout what?? the girl asked between puffs.

 ?I signed up for something kind of crazy,? Allie replied, unsure of how to explain her situation.

 ?You thinking about working for TinyFilms?? the girl asked.

?Uhhh..? Allie stammered, not sure whether she wanted to tell the girl or not. She hesitated, but judging from how she was dressed Allie guessed the girl probably worked with TinyFilms anyways, ?Yea actually, you know about it??

?Yup, I?ve been doing films for them for a few months now,? said the girl before taking another long drag from her quickly depleting cigarette.

?And you like it?? Allie asked, hoping that this girl would ease her mind. 

The girl took a moment, staring at the asphalt and pondering the question before she replied, ?At first I did it for the money.. I thought I?d just do a few scenes and save up a bit for school.?She turned towards Allie, looking into her innocent green eyes before lustfully whispering, ?But then I realized I liked it..?

She slowly leaned in closer, ?the feeling you get when they realize their entire life is in your hands, when they beg you to stop..?

Out of the corner of her eye Allie noticed the girl?s hand over her crotch, her middle finger gently rubbing against her black boyshorts, tracing up and down her cameltoe, ?That feeling of becoming a Goddess is just, uhhhh?, she moaned seductively, as her eyes rolled back and her mouth opened lazily. 

The girl?s bold attitude had Allie?s mind racing through thoughts of nervousness, anxiety, and fear, but strangely she also felt.. excited, to the point where she could feel her nether region begin to moisten. As the girl moaned Allie caught a quick glimpse of her mouth, perfect white teeth surrounding a cute pink tongue with an oddly shaped matte black ball bearing piercing at the center. She looked closer, seeing the piercing appear to move before realizing it was a tiny person. Her eyes widened in shock, caught completely off guard by its presence.

 ?Oh, did you see my friend here?? the girl asked, sticking out her tongue to display the helpless man. Allie saw him cough several times, then gasp for air before screaming for help, though his screams were mere squeaks to the giant girls.

 Allie was frozen, unable to even speak as she tried to process what just happened. She tried to say something, eventually stuttering, ?H-how long h-has-?

?About 3 days,? the girl said after pulling her tongue, and with it the helpless man, back into her cavernous maw. She reached into her mouth and fiddled about, moments later pulling out the ball bearing pinched between her thumb and forefinger.

 ?See, he?s got string holding him to it,? she said pointing to the restraints on his hands and feet which held him face down against the spherical piece of jewelry. 

?And they said that the string dissolves in sperm,? she said almost cheerfully, a look of genuine excitement on her face. Allie watched as the girl reattached the ball bearing, an overwhelmingly feeling of nausea stopping her from speaking as she realized that the girl was probably on her way to do a scene where she would blow a guy, letting him finish in her mouth to kill the helpless tiny. 

The girl, not noticing Allie?s concerned look, leaned forward peeling herself off the hood of the car, ?The funny part is he went to jail for murdering a bunch of gay people, and now he?s gonna die in a pool of cum! Or maybe he?ll survive long enough to die in my stomach, guess it depends on how hard he fights,? she said with a chuckle before reaching her hands to the sky and standing on her tippy toes to stretch herself out. Her beautiful, shapely ass clenched firm before loosening as she relaxed herself again. 

?Thanks for the cigarette? she said glancing back towards Allie for a moment before heading towards the office, leaving Allie alone on the hood stunned, confused, and oddly aroused..


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Contracts are binding by lolarexx
Author's Notes:

So here's another chapter for you all!

This was supposed to catch us up to "A porcelain grave" but I got carried away so there will be at least one more chapter before we are caught up. 

 Allie’s mind drifted off again after the encounter with the mysterious girl. She had such mixed feelings about this whole situation, but deep inside her was a lurking fascination which was only further excited by the girl’s words. Unable to make up her mind, she lingered on her car hood for another half hour.

Chirp chirp

The buzz of her cell phone startled her back to reality. It was a text from Morgan:

Hey where are you? I haven’t heard from you today.

She locked her phone and slid it into her back pocket as she stood up.

“I need to get on with this,” she thought, making her way across the parking lot towards the office, “I’ll just wear the stupid panties, do what I have to, and be done with it.”She pushed open the glass door and saw Tori sitting at the front desk, presumably going through some paperwork. Tori glanced up at the sound of the door, noticing her shyly enter the office. 

“Hi there Allie, come on in,” Tori said brightly, “Are you here to fulfill your contract?”

“Yea I am,” she replied, walking up to the desk. She noticed Tori’s boobs prominently displayed as they fought to escape her tight button-down shirt, each button strained to its absolute limit. Her shirt tucked into a black miniskirt which clung tightly to her lower body, snugly holding the curves of her toned ass. She sat upright in her chair with her pantyhose clad legs narrow and her back stiff as she typed some information into her computer. Allie couldn’t help but think that her rigid posture was a bit odd. 

“So, let’s just go over your contract really quick,” Tori said, glancing at her computer screen, “you understand that you have 24 hours from when you take the panties to masturbate in them?”

Allie nodded.

“Good. If the tiny is to die in an accident that is not your fault before you are able to accomplish this then you will be liable to re-do the scene with a different tiny,” Tori spoke robotically, as if she’d given these instructions countless times, “If it dies, and you are at fault, then we reserve the right to take legal action. Understand?” 

Allie nodded again, a bit taken back by the emotionless nature of the interaction. 

“Okay. Now, this is very important,” Tori said, turning away from her computer screen to make eye contact with Allie, “Once you are finished with your scene you need to dispose of the tiny. It cannot, under any circumstances, be allowed to escape. We prefer for the actor to do this shortly after the scene.”

“I thought I wouldn’t have to kill it?” Allie interjected.

“You don’t have to kill it as a part of your scene,” Tori said. She noticed the anxiety building in Allie’s face and tried to comfort her, “Listen it’s really easy, you can just plop him in the toilet and flush him away!”

“But to be honest, I would highly suggest swallowing him whole,” Tori said enthusiastically as her mind wandered, “The feeling of a tiny sliding down your throat is like nothing you’ll ever experience. They know what’s happening, that they’re sliding down closer and closer to their death, and they fight so hard. The squirming feels just.. incredible.”

She looked back at Allie who was clearly frightened, “If you absolutely cannot do it then we allow you to bring the tiny back here, where we will dispose of it, though we charge a $300 fee for this because there is far greater chance for escape than if you just do it yourself,” she said begrudgingly, “Really it just comes down to you, alright?”

“Yea,” Allie said sheepishly. She wasn’t sure what she was going to do, but would have to worry about that later.

“Alright, that’s all the boring stuff,” Tori said with a smile, “Now lets talk about the incentives on your contract.”

“What do you mean?” Allie asked. 

“Most contracts we write have incentives,” Tori said, “Basically, they’re things that you can opt into doing that we’ll pay you extra for!”

“Oh wow,” Allie replied excitedly. She was already getting a lot of money for this, but she would love to get even more, “So what are they?”

“Well, the first is to wear the panties for at least 24 hours straight, starting now,” Tori said reading from her computer, “That would get you an extra $500.”

“Holy shit, that’s so much,” Allie exclaimed, “I can take them off to shower though, right?”

“No hun, it specifically says you may not shower either,” Tori replied. 

“Shit, I haven’t even showered since yesterday and I had practice today. I’m probably so gross,” Allie said, hesitant to accept the incentive. 

“Well you can only accept this next one if you also accept the first one,” Tori said, “But the second one is to spend at least two hours exercising, and it would get you another extra $500.”

“Wait, so an extra $1000 total you mean?” Allie asked, not believing that they would actually offer her that much extra money. 

“Mhmm, a whole ‘nother thousand for not that much extra work,” Tori replied smiling at Allie, “honestly I would take the incentives girl, money is money.”

“Okay fine, I’ll do both of them,” Allie said, for the first time not even considering the tiny and just acting on her own behalf. 

“Great,” Tori said as she reached down below her desk and pulled up a small black box wrapped neatly with a pink bow, “You can go ahead and change in Mark’s office, he’s out doing a scene right now.”

As Allie grabbed the box she thought back to the mysterious girl, wondering if that was the scene in question. She shuddered a bit as she remembered the girl’s wicked thoughts.

 Upon reaching Mark’s office she stepped inside gingerly. She walked over to his desk, placing the box down and pulling off the ribbon. As she placed her fingers under the edges of the box’s lid she stopped for a moment, her mind darting between feelings of fear and curiosity. She lifted the lid, peering inside the box to see a neatly folded pair of black panties sitting upon lush, red velvet. She grabbed the panties at either side and holding them up to examine them. From the outside they looked like a normal athletic fit thong for the most part. The backside was a bit thinner than most of her sports thongs, and they seemed to be a bit high-waisted, meaning they would likely ride up on her more than normal. She held them below her face to look at the inside, which at first glance also appeared very normal. Looking more carefully she found the tiny man, sewn into the fabric of the gusset near where the top of her pussy would be. His body was stretched vertically with his hands restrained above his head and his feet restrained as well. It also appeared that lines of fabric were sewn across his face to gag him. 


Tom stared up at the beautiful face of the giant teen as her sexy green eyes scanned along the panties, finally resting their gaze upon. He remained motionless while she observed him, unsure of what he should do. “I want you to know that I’m very sorry for what I am about to do,” he heard her whisper, though to him it was a deafening roar. He felt weightless for a second before his world shook with a crash. His orientation was screwed up, it seemed like he was parallel with the ground. To his left he could see what looked like a desk, and as he scanned to his right he saw the edge of the desk followed by the giant girl standing in front of it. He watched as she turned around, her ass now facing towards him.

Despite the panic looming over him he marveled at her body. Her legs were thick but well defined, the kind only achievable through hard work. They led up a plump ass, currently being strangled by her tight denim shorts. Her asscheeks spilled out from underneath the high cut of her shorts, a strip of denim separating each glorious rounded globe. As she bent over to undo her sandals he watched that strip of denim crawl deeper and deeper into the cleavage of her ass, accentuating her womanly curves.

“The things I could do to that ass…” he thought to himself, becoming engrossed in her seductive body. 

Her hips swayed back and forth as she tossed each of her sandals to the side, her ass mesmerizing him with its subtle jiggling. He watched the strip of denim plunge into her asscrack as she righted herself, slowly being swallowed by her shapely cheeks. 

“I bet she’s such a little slut,” he thought, noticing how petite the jean shorts were. 

For a moment her ass loomed motionless before him, tantalizing him with the thought of what lies beneath while she unbuttoned her shorts. He watched her hands grab either side of her waist before plunging her shorts and panties down in one go. Her ass lunged towards him once again as she bent down, this time her beautiful womanhood exposed and in full display. As she bent further and further down her waist inched ever closer towards him, and he stared longingly at her luscious young pussy already glistening with her juices. It wasn’t until she had reached the lowest point in her bend that her tightly sealed pink folds spread ever so slightly, strands of her sticky cum bridging the gap between her parting lips. The sexual display had completely overtaken his mind, his eyes remaining glued to her body as his cock throbbed with excitement. 

He watched her right herself, her plump ass filling his view once again before she twirled to face the desk. He was face to face with her womanhood for a moment, completely overcome by his sexual urges he was startled as the feeling of weightlessness engulfed him again. His entire world shifted, the sudden burst of motion disorienting him. Each passing moment felt like an eternity to him while his mind tried to process the overload of information, still not accustomed to his new size. He caught a fleeting glimpse of the Goddess’ face, her innocent green eyes distinguished amongst beautifully sculpted features and her faint freckles giving her an utterly irresistible aura of pure attractiveness. 

After admiring the Goddess’ eyes for what seemed like forever his world lurched again. Her face faded back farther from him before a giant bare foot eclipsed his view. The foot descended towards him with frightening speed and he watched as the tender sole whizzed by his head, leaving a wall of flesh to his side. Before he could even snap out of his daze the second foot appeared from the heavens, descending even faster than the previous one. It flew past his head, slamming the ground with a dull thud which he both heard and felt. Surrounded by pillars of flesh to either side of him he looked up to see the bare womanhood of the young teen nestled between her bubbly ass seemingly miles away from him. His sightseeing only lasted a moment though before he felt his body being thrust towards he sky with ungodly force. The pillars of flesh seemed to sink into the ground and the shapely ass of the Goddess fast approached, beckoning him to feel its warm embrace. His mind was still in a sexual trance, effectively dulled to the gravity of his situation, but the force of her pulling her panties up forced his eyes shut as he braced for impact. 

Instead he came to a halt a mere couple inches away from her hungry slit. He opened his eyes to see her vast womanhood engulfing his entire vision, taking his time to truly appreciate it now that he could see it up close. Her thick, puffy outer lips were shaved nearly bare though a slight stubble persisted, highlighting her amateur nature. They encased her thin inner lips, which pressed tightly together to form a vibrant pink slit already glistening with her natural juices. Atop the slit her lips joined to form a neat clitoral hood, beneath which rested her prominent clit begging to be stimulated. Altogether she had what some may call a picturesque pussy, the kind that would have a man throbbing before she even laid a hand on him. 

“I guess I should let you see it before I cram you up in there,” he heard the voice boom from above before watching her titanic middle finger slide down her body, coming to rest near her vaginal opening.

He could hear her moist lips engulfing the finger as she probed inside herself. He could nearly take no more, his cock was begging for release despite him not being able to stimulate it. A moment later her finger retracted, taking a slimy coat of her juices with it as it exited her panties. He was left staring at her now more swollen clit, though not for long as he one again lurched forward, this time impacting the Goddess as he was pinned against her body. 


Allie finally pulled the panties against her body, tugging at the waistline so they fit snugly around her curves. They were a bit small for her, causing the soft material to hold almost skintight against her. But, besides that they felt nice, and the thick material seemed as though it would be thoroughly absorbent. She noticed the sensation of the tiny man who was pressed squarely against her clit. He was slightly larger than her clit, though she wasn’t sure if that would be true when she got truly excited. She could feel him squirming, his motions faint but amplified by her sensitive pleasure center. She allowed her finger to trace the bump on her panties from the tiny, gently exploring the new sensations. She was already somewhat aroused from before, but the subtle tingling on her clit was starting to really rile her up. She let her finger press gently on the tiny.

“Oh God,” she moaned, “This actually feels good”.

She honed in on the tiny, trying to focus on his movements, and noticing that he wasn’t exactly squirming. Instead he was moving rhythmically, back and forth, almost like he was..

“Wait, you little freak.. Are you humping me?!” she said aloud, surprised that the tiny man would do something so bold. The feeling of his tiny humps didn’t stop. 


The sound of her hand slapping against her meaty pussy was louder than she expected. She felt nothing for a few moments, though before she was satisfied, the tiny humping started up again. She was angry, and horny, and not entirely thinking straight.

“Fine let’s hump then,” she said as she walked over to the chair behind Mark’s desk.

Straddling the arm of the chair she laid her tender pussy down before grinding into it. The panties slid back and forth on her skin, and she could feel the tiny helplessly sliding between her slick lips. She started grinding harder, her pussy oozing cum as her sexual urges took over. Lost in the moment she felt her orgasm building, rapidly approaching climax before she was startled by a moan which emanated from the computer speakers. With feeling of embarrassment instantly flooding her mind her head snapped towards the monitor..


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It's Showtime! by lolarexx
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I'm sorry I can't write regularly but I don plan to continue this story as I have the time. This chapter contains male content so if you don't enjoy that this chapter won't appeal to you!

Allie blushed as she looked towards the monitor, worrying she may have been caught in the middle of her naughty behavior. She noticed the monitor was all black, but she could hear sounds coming from the computer speakers. She listened closer, hearing this strange squelching sound repeating over and over. 

Squalllckk Squallllck Squalllckk Squallllck

“Hnnnnnnn fuck,” a voice moaned through the speakers, “Stop before I cum”.

The sound of a voice piqued Allie’s interest and she watched intently as moments later the monitor brightened from its darkness. As the video lightened the camera focused, and a gigantic throbbing cockhead consumed the center of the screen. As more light shown on the camera Allie could make out what seemed to be enormous rows of teeth on the upper and lower parts of the screen, but this only lasted a second before the Goddess’s mouth closed and darkness once again filled the screen.

“Mmmm not yet baby,” a girl’s voice boomed through quick flashes of light, “He hasn’t had enough fun yet.”

The monitor once again brightened, this time the screen filling with the sight of an enormous ballsack which crept closer and closer. The camera hastily turned to the side, showing a glimpse of a plump tongue floor leading out to the fleshy inner wall of the Goddess’s mouth and two rows of pearly white molars before the monitor was once again engulfed in darkness. The sounds of sensual sucking came from the speakers, intermittently interrupted by overbearing moans of the Goddess as she continued to pleasure the Giant. A soft pop rang from the speakers as the camera lightened showing the larger than life testicle hanging just outside the Goddess’s mouth. A moment passed before the camera lurched forward, the Giant’s manhood passing overhead until the crack of his well-toned ass centered on screen. It grew ever closer until the camera collided with the Giant’s skin as the Goddess pressed her tongue against his underside. The subtle sound of her tongue sliding along his skin emanated from the speakers as she ran her tongue from his asshole along his taint and to the underside of his balls. Light briefly filled the screen as she flicked her tongue off the Giant’s sack before repositioning to lick his taint again. Allie watched as this repeated for several minutes, entranced by the sensual show she had stumbled upon. She was extremely aroused, subconsciously grinding her womanhood into the arm of the chair as the tiny man struggled in the now-soaked gusset of her panties.

“I want you to fuck me hard before you cum in my mouth,” the Goddess’s voice once again boomed.

A moment later Allie heard the sound of the Giant grunting followed by an oof from the Goddess as the camera rambled about. Shortly after it steadied Allie could see the sheets of the bed beyond the open mouth as the Goddess was bent over the edge of the bed.

“Wait, I don’t know abou- Oh!” the voice of the Goddess boomed before her mouth snapped shut. Dim light filled her cavernous mouth as she grimaced, sucking air through her clenched teeth.

“Unnnnh, oh Goddd,” she moaned, a nervous tone in her voice. She started breathing in short, quick bursts for some time before Allie heard the loud thwap of the Giant’s body colliding with the Goddess.  

Thwap thwap thwap thwap

The sound of the Giant pounding against the Goddess radiated from the speakers, only overshadowed by her moaning. Her once nervous tone was now replaced by lustful moaning as the pounding grew more intense.

“Unnnnh yesss, fuck my asss,” the Goddess cried out.

“Ahh fuck I’m so close,” the Giant said through heavy breathing as the sound of the pounding stopped.

The camera turned, now facing the ceiling for a brief second before panning down to the enormous pale tits of Goddess. Allie watched the Giant overhead as he squeezed some lube in between her cleavage. As the goddess spread the lube about the Giant repositioned her at the edge of the bed with his throbbing cock just below her luscious tits before leaning dominantly over her.

The Goddess held her mouth open with her tongue slightly out, patiently waiting for the Giant’s thrust. The camera centered on her enormous tits which she held smushed together with her hands. Moments later the Giant thrust his hips forward, his cock sliding briefly along the Goddess’s chest before penetrating her fleshy cleavage. Allie saw the cock head erupt from the between the pale tits before colliding with the camera as the Goddess sensually worked her tongue along the underside of the cock. There was a soft pop, then light flooded in once again allowing Allie to see the enormous cock head retreat between the mountainous tits for a moment before rocketing out from between them once again. The thrusts continued for some time before Allie saw the throbbing cock head come to rest on the Goddess’s tongue.

“Unnnh fuckkkkk,” the Giant grunted as he finally released his load.

The gigantic slit of the throbbing cock rested menacingly towards the bottom of the screen before lurching upwards as it exploded a line of thick cum along the Goddess’s tongue. The monitor hazed as the now cum-engulfed camera shifted back and forth with the Goddess’s tongue while she worked out the rest of the Giant’s massive orgasm. For some time Allie could not see much on the screen, for the camera was now surrounded by a pool of thick cum.

“I can feel him swimming around in it,” the Goddess giggled as she played with the huge load in her mouth.

“Good, that means the string dissolved,” the Giant said, clearly out of breath.

“Well I think he’s had enough fun,” the Goddess gurgled.

Allie heard a loud gulp and watched the dark screen as she imagined the helpless tiny soaked in cum sliding down the Goddess’s throat into her awaiting stomach. She had worked herself into a sexual frenzy and unknowingly was oozing all over the arm of the chair when she was startled by the sound of a knock at the door..


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Caught Red-Handed by lolarexx

Knock knock

The rapping on the door shocked Allie out of her sex-crazed stupor, stumbling as she removed herself from grinding on the arm of Mark’s chair. Her now soaked-through panties had left a smear of her juices on the plush leather, though she didn’t notice as she fumbled to grab her jean shorts from the ground. She managed to grab them just as the door opened, but wasn’t quick enough to put them on.

“Hey Allie, are you okay in he- Ohh..” Tori muttered with a concerned tone as she slid into the room before seeing Allie standing sheepishly next to Mark’s desk, jean shorts held over her crotch in an attempt to look decent.

Allie was terribly flustered now as she stuttered, “I’m s-sorry, I just got c-carried away..”

“Don’t worry about it sweetie,” Tori said as she approached Allie, “Seems like you were enjoying yourself!”

“Y-yea,” Allie squeaked as she timidly watched Tori approach then sit atop the desk.

“Feel free to put your shorts back on,” Tori said passively as she looked about the desk, coming across the darkened monitor. Reaching to the keyboard she pressed escape, and noticed the window that appeared was titled She glared over towards Allie who was currently squeezing her plump ass into the suffocating jean shorts.

“So, you caught a sneak peak of some of our videos?” Tori asked, making eye contact before nudging her head towards the monitor.

“Ohh, uhh, yea it was on and I.. I’m really sorry,” Allie stammered.

“Oh, it was on when you came in? Well don’t worry about that, Mark sometimes forgets to close the streams after doing camera checks,” Tori said, her mood clearly lightening, “How do the panties feel?”

Allie noticed the shift in tone and felt a bit suspicious, though she couldn’t tell why. Tori’s presence had distracted her from the tiny pressed snugly against her clit, but she soon focused in on his feeble movements. His weak struggles were generally arousing to her, but her lustful mood had eased quite a bit. She adjusted her shorts, gyrating her hips to get a better feel for the panties themselves. The fabric felt like very high-quality material, and they had a sporty fit, though she noticed the backside was a bit thinner in width and girthier than she would have liked. It almost felt like she was flossing her ass with bit of climbing rope, but nonetheless they weren’t a bad pair of underwear.

“They feel nice,” Allie said shyly as she rocked back and forth nervously, unsure of what would happen next.

“Well that’s wonderful!” Tori said as she shuffled around to the front of the desk.

 “I’ll tell you what, I’m gonna to send you some of our videos since you were so clearly enjoying them,” she said glancing quickly at Allie to flash a smile before turning back to the monitor, “What’s your email again hun?”

“Oh you really don’t have to but, uhh, its alleycat23 at gmail dot com,” Allie said, not entirely sure of what to think about her current situation.

“Alrighty then, all set,” Tori said as she turned back to look at Allie, “I think you’ll really like those”

Tori slowly approached her, carefully eyeing every inch of the young teen. She couldn’t help but appreciate how truly gorgeous she was, even if Mark’s obsession did make her a bit jealous. She stood dominantly in front of the girl, a few inches taller than her solely due to her high heels.

“So, if you’re all set we can get you out of here,” Tori said after a moment, then turned towards the door.

“Wait, just one question,” Allie snapped suddenly causing Tori to freeze mid-step, still in front of the girl.

 “Sure, what is it?” Tori said, the slightest hint of impatience peaking through her tone.

“Do you and Mark often act in the videos?” Allie asked firmly.

“Yes actually, we do act in a lot of the videos. It turns out we both quite enjoy tinies, and its often easier for us to know what our customers want rather than teaching an actor,” Tori said as she leaned in closer, reaching out to rest her hands on Allie’s well-rounded hips, “Maybe I’ll get to do a scene with you soon”

She held her seductive gaze into Allie’s eyes for a few moments before turning towards the door once again. She took a couple steps before noticing a tube of chapstick on the floor. Seizing the moment as an opportunity to show off her assets to the young Goddess, she bent over straight-legged, arching her back to accentuate her shapely ass as she reached for the tube.

Allie watched as Tori bent over, her tiny mini-skirt slowly rising until it crested her rump. Allie’s eyes scanned the beautiful secretary’s toned backside, noticing her cheeks parting as she continued her bend. As they spread even further Allie realized that Tori wasn’t even wearing panties, as she started to see her neatly clasped labia through the sheer material. As her gaze drifted upward she noticed a small lump where Tori’s asshole should probably be.

‘Naughty of her to be wearing a buttplug at work,’ Allie thought to herself before she saw the lump start to fidget about. It only took her a second to realize that it was a tiny stuck in the devilish red-heads tightly puckered rear-end. Speechless, Allie watched Tori’s firm cheeks once again devour the tiny’s head as she righted herself, followed by the miniskirt covering up any trace.

After grabbing the chapstick Tori turned back towards Allie, extending it towards her as she said, “Come on now, we need to get going. I’ve got some paperwork to finish up.”

Snapping out of her momentary stupor, Allie grabbed the chapstick and followed Tori out of the room. Tori walked towards her desk while Allie headed for the door. As she left the office she heard Tori wishing her a goodnight, but her mind was once again wandering. It was getting to be late in the evening, but the summer heat was still thick in the air. As she walked to her car she could feel the panties riding up, wedging themselves deep between her asscheeks and crawling into the crease of her tender pussy.

She plopped down into the seat of her car, the exhaustion from her long day finally catching up with her. Despite the craving for release she had felt in the office, she thought it best she go home and sleep. She knew tomorrow was going to be a wild ride.

Several minutes after Allie had left Mark made his way towards his office, stopping to talk to Tori at the front desk. Tori immediately noticed he was covered in sweat and had a very tired demeanor.

“Looks like you shot a good scene,” Tori exclaimed, her bitter tone lost on Mark’s exhausted brain.

“Yea well, you know Jill gets a bit crazy, but goddamn is she hot..” he responded, “How did Allie’s contract go?”

Tori subtly rolled her eyes before responding, “It went well I’d say, she agreed to everything.”

Mark’s eyes perked up a bit.

“Oh, and you left a stream of the scene you were filming up on your computer. I caught her watching it when I went to check on her,” Tori said sternly.

“She was watching the stream??” Mark asked quickly, “Did she look at any of the videos?”

“I don’t think so, but I did send her some videos to make sure she doesn’t ask questions,” Tori replied.

“Good thinking,” Mark said, “Obviously you didn’t send her interview videos, right?”

“Of course not.. I’m not an idiot Mark,” Tori said, her frustration building.

“Okay, okay. You did a good job babe,” he said as he leaned over and kissed her on the forehead before heading into his office.

He sat down, scooching up to his desk before noticing the glistening juice coating one arm of his chair.

‘No way,’ he thought to himself as he clicked into Allie’s folder and found the file He opened it to a black screen, then hastily started jumping back through the timeline. He stopped near the beginning when the screen showed the face of the young Goddess looming overhead. Mark watched as her eyes darted around before locking onto the camera.

‘I seriously don’t think she noticed,’ he thought to himself as he skipped a bit further ahead.

When he next stopped the screen was filled with the wonderous sight of her picture-perfect pussy, her luscious pink lips clasped tightly together creating a seam leading up to her growing clit. Despite his exhaustion Mark couldn’t help but become aroused. Skipping a slight bit ahead, the screen now showed the camera pressed right up against her swollen clit before fading to darkness for a moment, then repeating the cycle.

‘Holy shit, she actually was grinding on my chair,’ he thought to himself as he wiped his finger along the arm of the chair before putting it in his mouth. The womanly taste of her savory pussy juice was like none he had experienced before, and his member instantly became rock-hard. He quickly closed out the video and found the file Greeted again by a black screen he began jumping around the timeline.

Towards the beginning he once again watched Allie’s gorgeous green eyes dart around, yet this time they never looked at the camera. Skipping ahead a bit, the screen was now filled with the shapely orbs of her ass, with the camera centered on her smooth crack. Skipping ahead just a bit more, the video now flashed with alternating screens of mostly darkness and the brief showing of her tightly puckered asshole before the camera was shoved up against it again.

Mark leaned back and grinned, content that the second tiny seemed to go unnoticed for now. He was excited for what tomorrow would bring…


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A generous deal by lolarexx
Author's Notes:

This chapter was supposed to follow Allie's day spent wearing the panties but i got distracted. I promise we will get some story progression soon!


Mark had just finished composing an email to one of his clients when he noticed some movement from the streams playing on his other monitor. He leaned back in his chair and turned to watch, running a hand along his stirring crotch through his tight-fitting slacks. He then grabbed a black canister, popping off its lid and dumping the contents onto his desk. Out tumbled a tiny naked woman who, after bouncing a bit off the wooden desk, scurried to her feet.  

The sudden burst of light and thrashing confused Molly as she impacted the ground. She quickly stumbled to her feet, trying to assess her situation. After a moment her eyes adjusted and she could see a gigantic well-dressed man sitting in a chair at the desk she was currently standing on. He glared down at her, a mischievous smile emerging across his chiseled face.  

"Hey, I want to see a lawyer," she screamed out to him, "I was tricked into this deal and I want out!" 

Mark's hand swooped down, grabbing her swiftly before bringing her closer to his face.  

"Oh really, and how were you tricked?" Mark replied kindly.  

"Listen I hated being in prison, especially cuz I took the fall for my shitbag of a husband," she yelled up to him, "I couldn't do 40 more years in there." 

"But how were you tricked?" Mark retorted as he took a second to look over the two-inch tall woman. She looked to be in her early 40s, but was in great shape. Her straight black hair and sharp facial features hinted that she may be Italian. She had perky little tits with a tight stomach that preceded her shapely hips.  

'She's probably one of the hottest tinies I've had so far,' Mark thought to himself.  

"Some government people came through the prison talking about a special program, abut all they told me was that I could get out of prison sooner if I did some adult videos," she yelled frantically, "They didn't tell me I'd be fuckin shrunk!!" 

"So you didn't read the paperwork, but you signed the contract anyway," Mark said smugly, "Sounds like this is your fault then.." 

As Molly started screaming at him again he set her down on the table before opening a side drawer and pulling out a fleshlight. He undid the casing, pulling out the silicon sleeve inside and setting both pieces on the desk. He reached back into the drawer to pull out a tub of lube before closing it.  

"Listen, listen!" Molly screamed, "I know I fucked up, but please help me. Is it sex you want?? Please grow me back, I can fuck you way better than some toy pussy!!" 

Mark stopped what he was doing and grabbed her once again. With one hand he pinched her arms together raising her up so she was dangling in front of his face. His eyes scanned her body, thoroughly inspecting her features.  

"Hmmm, you don't have great tits," he said analytically, "But you do have a toned little tummy." 

"And I have a great ass!" Molly squealed, desperately trying to incite the sex drive of her giant captor, "And a tight pussy, I swear I'll fuck you like nobody ever has!" 

Mark grabbed her legs with his other hand before twirling her around and stretching her out to get a good look at her bum. He didn’t appreciate it before but now he could see she really did have a divine ass. Her hips widened perfectly, winding back around her waistline to create that sought-after hourglass figure. Her asscheeks bubbled out, giving her butt some nice volume, but were well toned and clearly maintained through a rigorous workout regimen. Bending her into an L-shape he could see her cheeks part delicately to reveal her little asshole, with her labia peeking through underneath. He noticed she seemed to be arching her back to make her ass pop even more.  

"Wowwww," Mark exclaimed, "You really do have a fine ass, I bet you'd be one hell of a fuck.." 

"Yes!" she screamed. Sensing some hope for her situation she tried to edge him closer, "I can't wait for you to fuck me so hard!!" 

"But I already promised a fleshlight video," Mark pondered, "I tell you what, let's make a deal. I'm gonna put you in the bottom of the fleshlight, then reattach the case so the only way out will be through the top." 

Molly fell to her knees as the color drained from her face, "Whaa- No.." 

"Then I'm gonna watch these streams over here until I'm nice and hard, but I'm not gonna touch myself," he explained casually to the now terrified shrunken woman on his desk, "If you can crawl your way out before I'm ready to use the fleshlight then I'll grow you back to normal size so we can fuck. If not.. Well you know.." 

Mark paused for a moment after describing the deal, letting the situation sink in for the helpless tiny. Upon seeing her horrified expression, he couldn’t help but smile as he uncapped the tub of lube. He lowered her into the greasy lube, relishing in her screams and frantic struggling to break free. After using her to scoop out a lump of grease he ground her between his thumb and forefinger to ensure she was fully coated. Grabbing the pink fleshlight sleeve with his other hand he positioned her at the bottom hole, gently pressing her head through the hole. It was a fairly tight fit past her shoulders, but with the grease he was able to slid her snugly into the tight silicon. Once her feet were flush with the bottom he placed the sleeve back in its jacket, screwing it in to seal the bottom exit.  

Molly's mind was racing, she couldn't truly comprehend what was happening to her. Viciously writhing against the giant fingers that held her, she went to scream at the top of her lungs just as she was plunged into the grease. Her piercing scream was muffled as she was encased in the thick lube. She kept trying to scream, swallowing mouthfuls of grease as she was smeared with the grease between the lustful giant's fingers. After a few moments she stopped trying to scream, though she continued to writhe as she saw herself approaching the bottom of the giant fleshlight sleeve. Her head easily fit through the small hole, and at once her entire world was tinted pink. She once again screamed for her life as she felt herself being nudged into the sleeve, the tight silicon squeezing hard against her shoulders and compressing her like a full body bear hug. She continued to scream as she felt herself being pushed further into the toy until even her feet were encased in the giant sleeve. Her arms were pinned at her sides and she could barely move lest for some slight wiggling. A moment passed before her pink tinted world got considerably darker, and she could feel the sleeve being screwed into its jacket. Looking up she could see the shadows from the ribbing of the sleeve along her sex toy prison. Straight above her she could see the slit-shaped light at the end of the tunnel, the rippled silicon pussy lips casting their shadow down on her.  

Looking straight down into the pocket pussy Mark could see the woman desperately squirming for her life as he said, "I really hope you make it out of there babe, I'd love to pound that fat ass of yours." 

Glancing back over at the streams he could see some movement, it looked as if Allie was finally getting out of bed. He stared longingly at the screen showing the taut little teen asshole of the Goddess seemingly trying to consume the tiny camera as he murmured to his tiny captor, "But I would hurry if I were you.." 


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Daydreaming by lolarexx
Author's Notes:

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Bzzzrrttt Bzzzrrttt 

Allie awoke to the sound of her phone alarm chirping from her bedside table. She lazily reached over to silence it before arching her back to stretch her tensed up body. She hadn't slept well, plagued by a weird nightmare in which she was trapped in a dark room with seemingly no way out. She remembered endlessly calling out for help, but never hearing a response. After some time she remembered the walls started closing in on her as she desperately searched for a way out. The room eventually got so small that she felt she was in a coffin, restrained to barely being able to move her hands and feet right before she woke up.  

She sat up, scooching her butt to the edge of her bed and letting her feet fall to the floor. As her ass glided across the sheets her panties pulled tight against her womanhood, inciting some movement from her tiny captive. The tingling sensation in her crotch jump-started her memory and she thought back to the contract which she had to fulfill.  

'I hope I can make it through this' she thought to herself as she let her fingers brush against her crotch.  

She could feel the tiny lump pressed against her clit furiously moving despite her gentle touch. She placed her middle finger on the lump and pressed down with some force, grinding the tiny man into her soft flesh.  

"Listen, this will be much easier for both of us if you don't squirm so much," she said firmly before releasing the pressure on him. He didn't seem to be moving afterwards.  

'Well, at least he's a good listener,' she thought to herself before heading off to the bathroom. She walked up to the toilet, hooking each side of her panties with her thumbs before stopping herself.  

'Will I break the deal if I slide my panties down without taking them off?' she thought to herself thinking of the $500 incentive in her contract, 'Ugh, whatever. I'll be safe just in case.' 

Instead of lowering her panties, she grasped at the gusset and pulled it to the side before plopping down on the toilet. She let out a sigh of relief as she relaxed her bladder, letting a torrent of warm piss crash into the water below. She could feel a slight rumbling in her guts so she grabbed her phone and started perusing her instagram to pass some time. After a moment her stream died down and her tightly puckered asshole started to widen. With a few light grunts she started pushing out a long, creamy log of shit. She kept pushing out the mushy stream of poo for a couple seconds before her butthole cinched, cutting off the stream and letting the log fall into the water below with a small splash. Satisfied, she reached over to grab some toilet paper quickly noticing that there was barely more than a square left. She stretched to open the cabinet under the sink but didn't see any rolls under there either.  

'God damnit,' she thought to herself, 'Morgan is such a pain sometimes.' 

Folding the singular square of toilet paper, she briefly patted her pussy dry before trying her best to wipe her asshole clean. She managed to get one good wipe, though she knew she had left behind more than she wanted to. Still holding her panties to the side, she stood up, straightening her legs to clamp her cheeks shut. She could feel the sticky sensation of a poorly-cleaned bum as her cheeks smushed together at her asshole.  

'Whatever,' she sighed to herself, 'the guy is up by my clit anyways, and I probably already smell awful down there since I couldn't shower.' 

After convincing herself that cleaning her bum wouldn't make a huge difference she let go of the gusset, letting the panties snap back into place. She pulled them down a bit to reorient them before grabbing the waistband and hiking them up snug against her. She wiggled her butt back and forth, allowing the backside of the panties to slide up tight between her cheeks until it was comfortably flossing her bubbly ass. She took some time to wash her face, brush her teeth, and generally tidy up before heading back to her room to get dressed for the day. 


Mark sat at his desk staring intensely at the streams showing live feeds from inside the teen-aged Goddess's panties. It had been rather uneventful most of the morning, but just as he had finished preparing his fleshlight trap it seemed as though Allie was waking up. On the left stream the camera was centered on her barely swollen clit, which looked as though it was probably around as big as the tiny cameraman. The camera darted around as the tiny man squirmed helplessly. Mark's eyes widened as the clit lurched forward, seemingly engulfing the entire man as he was pressed hard into it. Through the speakers he heard the young teen speak, her high-pitched voice telling the tiny not to squirm in an assertive tone.  

'Oh Allie,' Mark thought to himself as he watched the enormous clit shrink away from the camera as the pressure eased off the tiny, 'you're driving me crazy.' 

Turning to watch the other stream he saw her wrinkled brown eye completely dwarfing the screen, with the camera nearly centered on its midpoint. With each step the Goddess's sphincter warped, crashing against the camera in a sultry rhythm. Completely entranced by the hypnotic dance, Mark was like a kid in a candy shop staring longingly at what he desired. He would give anything to feel this beautiful teen's asshole wrapped tight around his shaft, her heavenly asscheeks cupped in each of his hands. His imagination caused a stir in his loins. He slid down his slacks a bit, letting his dick flop out through opening in his boxer briefs. Suddenly, both streams went dark, causing Mark to sit up in his chair. While he was mousing over the streams to check if they were still live he heard the torrent of liquid gushing from the girl.  

'She must've pulled her panties aside to use the bathroom,' he thought to himself, once again leaning back in his chair, 'she's such a good girl.' 

Mark's breathing got heavier as he listened to the sounds of the Goddess relieving herself. The screens were black but his imagination was racing with the thought of her perfect body ridding itself of waste. For some reason, the thought of this insanely beautiful girl simply using the toilet turned him on wildly. After some time, the screens seemed to shake a bit before the cameras reoriented to their respective positions. On the right stream Mark could once again see the screen engulfed with the glorious wrinkled asshole of the teenage girl, though it was now dirtied with specks of her poop. As she pulled the panties tighter the camera got a closer look, showing the creamy shit stuck amongst the folds of her tight hole.  

'Holy fuckkkk,' Mark thought to himself as his dick sprung to life at the thought of being smothered against her filthy hole. The camera continued to approach until it was once again snug to her now-tainted puckered hole, and was smeared against it as she went about her morning. As the camera rubbed against the greasy hole of the Goddess, Mark reached over to grab the fleshlight. It had only been a few minutes since he made the deal with Molly, but his cock was currently throbbing out of control. He brought the sex toy down towards his crotch, resting his cockhead on the rubbery slit and gently pushing inside, but quickly stopped himself.  

'No, no. It's still too soon,' he thought to himself as he placed the toy back on the desk.  


'Only have to make it through two classes,' Allie thought to herself while slipping into her form-fitting gray yoga pants, 'then hit the gym and I can spend the rest of the night at home.' 

She slipped on a neon blue tank top, then grabbed her bag and headed out. She tried not to think about the small man stitched into her panties, and surprisingly the day started proceeding pretty normally. Since the tiny wasn't moving around much it was easier for her to ignore him for the most part. After the drive to campus and a short walk to her Physics class she had pushed her situation out of mind.  

They started the class by going over the homework, which did a good job keeping her focus off the tiny man strapped to her clit. After that the professor gave a lecture on optics. This was a new topic so Allie was trying her best to take good notes, but her tired state was catching up with her. Towards the end of class, the lecture started to drone on a bit, and the monotonous tone of her professor started to lull Allie to sleep.  

Back in her dream world she was once again trapped in the dark room. This time she had just enough space to be on her hands and knees, but not enough to stand. She once again began crying out for help but there was no one there to save her. She pressed forcefully against the front wall, and to her surprise it started to give a bit. Pushing even harder now, she started to notice a change in the texture of the wall. It began to feel squishy and almost moist. She was frightened, but she desperately wanted out of the room so she continued to push. The squishy wall became slick as it started to ooze some thick, creamy substance. Allie brought an ooze-covered hand to her face, recognizing the strong odor as something familiar though she could not put her finger on it.  

Suddenly, a crease opened along the middle of the front wall. Allie pressed her hands against it, gradually increasing her force until she started to slide into the slit. Despite the tight fit and weirdly soft texture of the tunnel, she continued to press herself into it. Her arms were completely consumed now, her head just barely making contact with the crease when she paused for a moment. She felt weird, as if the tunnel was trying to swallow her, but this was her only way out. Plunging her head into the moist slit she began to wiggle forwards, making slow progress through the tiny tunnel. As she went further the texture evolved, becoming softer and more irregular. The walls seemed to pulse now, clamping down on her body in a rhythmic fashion.  

Allie was terrified, but her will to escape this dark prison drove her forward. She squirmed for what seemed like forever before finally seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. As she wriggled towards the light the walls became more animated, pulsing around her body and oozing with the creamy substance. When she finally reached the opening, she plunged her head outside the tunnel, gasping for fresh air and letting her eyes adjust to the blinding light. It was when the fresh air hit her nostrils that she finally recognized the scent of the goo coating the tunnel; it was the pungent scent of a woman's nether regions.  

Shocked by her realization she recklessly wiped the goop away from her eyes. She saw the enflamed labia of an enormous vagina surrounding her, which was headed by a clearly swollen clit. Looking past that she saw the face of her Goddess, who she instantly recognized. She had bright blue eyes, which were currently glazed over in a sexual frenzy. Her wavy red hair hung down, framing her face as she sucked passionately on her middle and ring finger while staring at Allie. With a pop she pulled her saliva coated fingers from her mouth, her cherry red lipstick contrasting perfectly with her now-visible pearly white teeth.  

"TORI PLEASE DON'T," Allie screamed as the giant hand approached her.  

Her screaming did nothing to stop the sex-crazed giantess, and Allie watched as the slimy fingers collided with her. She heard the squelch of moist flesh all around her as she was pushed back inside Tori's pulsing vagina. She watched the fingers retract, pulling a trail of womanly juices with them until they disappeared outside the enormous pussy. Allie began squirming towards the light again, this time even more frantically than before. She was almost at the exit when the light faded. Her heart dropped and her face contorted into a horrified expression as she looked at the gigantic throbbing cockhead eclipsing her exit. She started crying, which evolved into blood-curdled screaming as she watched the walls of the tight pussy expand around the slowly approaching dick, conforming to its massive size. She tried squirming backwards but its slow approach was gaining on her. Soon she felt its soft hot flesh press against her when.. 

"Ms. Bates, are you alright?" Professor Yundra asked Allie.  

Startled by her sudden return to reality Allie looked around seeing the entire class focused on her. Her eyes widened and her face grew beet-red with embarrassment.  

"Y-yea s-sorry, may I be excused?" she squeaked, overwhelmed with anxiety.  

"Class is almost over so.." Professor Yundra replied before noticing how shaken the young girl was, "Uhh yes, you may be excused." 

Allie quickly gathered up her stuff and hurried to the bathroom. Locking herself in a stall she sat on the toilet holding her head in her hands. Her breathing was heavy as she recounted the dream, and the looks from her classmates. She remembered that feeling of helplessness, the terrifying lack of control that comes with being at the mercy of another person. That feeling scared her, but in an odd way she appreciated it. It was like going to watch a scary movie. That feeling of complete lack of control tickled her brain just right, and she craved more of it. She always knew she was a submissive person, and this was the epitome of submission.  

She heard the bell ring so she took a moment to regain her composure before heading to her Psychology class. Sitting down in class she glanced around the room before making eye contact with some guy. He had greasy brown hair and the faint outline of facial hair. He was skinny, but fit in a "maybe he runs cross country" type of way.  Upon locking eyes with her he quickly looked down at his desk. Allie couldn't remember his name, but she knew he had been in her Physics class when she had her outburst.  


Henry stared down at his desk, clearly shaken from being noticed by the teenage beauty. He had a massive crush on Allie but was terrified of talking to her. Despite them having multiple classes together he was pretty sure that she didn't even know his name. He sighed, navigating on his phone's internet explorer to He had deliberately sat in the back corner of the room so he could entertain himself during class. Making sure his sound was off, he started browsing the active streams. You had to pay by the minute for access to a livestream, but it was well worth it for him to enjoy his fetish. He scrolled through the various titles until one caught his eye.. "Stuck in the gusset of a teenage Goddess's panties". 

He clicked the link, and after inputting his credit card information he gained access to the live feed. He propped his phone up against the desk in front of him so that no one else could see it. Satisfied, he glanced back over at Allie who was opening her notes in preparation for class. He watched her elegantly brush her wavy brown hair over her shoulder. His eyes traveled down her neon blue tank top, hovering on her perky tits for a moment before continuing down to her luscious ass. Her gray yoga pants swelled where her ass made contact with the seat as they tried to restrain her voluptuous rear.  

'God, how I wish I could be in your panties Allie,' he thought to himself before looking back at the stream.  


Mark was getting a little frustrated. For the last couple hours he had been alternating between watching Allie's pussy stream and her asshole stream, but there was a clear lack of action. The tiny man pressed against her clit had seemingly heeded Allie's warning in the morning. During her first class he could see that she was getting horny. He watched her clit swell, her lips beginning to moisten, but it passed and nothing eventful happened. His once rock-hard dick laid nearly flaccid on his thigh.  

'I need to spice things up a bit,' he thought to himself grabbing his computer mouse. He clicked through a few menus in the program he was running until his cursor hovered over a button labeled "pulse". He clicked it, sending an electrical shock into the cameraman pinned to Allie's clit via the camera rig mounted on his head.  

A mere second after clicking the button Mark saw the camera on Allie's clit spaz out. He watched it slowly calm down for a while as the cameraman stopped flailing around and once again remained still. He waited about a minute before clicking the drop-down menu next to the button and highlighting the option for "x3". He clicked the button again and watched as the camera spazzed, stopping for a moment before spazzing again, then stopping for another moment before spazzing for a third time. Mark could see Allie's clit growing, her labia becoming swollen to the point of engulfing the camera. Smiling devilishly, he once again opened the drop-down menu, this time highlighting the option for "x20". He rapidly clicked the "pulse" button, building up a huge que of inputs before leaning back in his chair to watch the fun.  


Henry wasn't paying attention for most of the class, alternating between watching his stream and glancing over at Allie. The stream of the giantess pussy had worked him up a bit, but it was his imagination of being trapped in Allie's panties that was really getting him horny. He looked around to make sure no one was watching before feeling his growing member through the fabric of his shorts.  

Towards the end of class, he noticed Allie fidgeting around a bit. He remembered last class she had fallen asleep and started making weird noises, but this was different. She was clearly awake this time, and her face was becoming blushed. Looking back to the stream he noticed the camera moving around much more than before. The guy in her pants was clearly fidgeting, and the girl from the stream seemed to be enjoying it a lot. Her pussy was fully engorged now, moist with juices and begging to be played with. He gently squeezed on his growing member as his imagination filled with thoughts of a giant Allie smothering him inside her pussy. Suddenly, the camera from the stream seemed to get clenched down upon.  

 'Mmmm yes, squeeze me into your pussy Allie,' he thought to himself while continuing to caress his cock.  

Allie's fidgeting was getting more pronounced, and in the corner of his eye he watched as she nervously uncrossed her legs then re-crossed them the opposite way. Still focused on the stream, Henry saw the environment of the camera soften before being clenched down on again. His eyes widened in suspicion as he glanced over at Allie rocking uncomfortably in her chair, then back to the fidgeting camera of the stream.  

'I must be going crazy,' he thought to himself before an idea sprung to his mind.  

He rifled through his bag, finding his headphones and anxiously trying to untangle them. Getting them most of the way free he plugged them into his phone, then put one bud in his ear. He pushed his volume up to max carefully listening to the stream audio. He heard a muffled noise in the background, but it was indistinguishable. He looked over at Allie just as she uncrossed her legs and began to gather up her stuff hastily. She tried to shove her notebook into her bag and stand up at the same time, but ended up dropping her notebook. It hit the ground with a SMACK, which reverberated through the classroom, but more importantly came through the stream audio and straight into Henry's ear. His mouth dropped in pure disbelief, and he watched her scurry out of the classroom... 


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