Nick VS Highschool by Frizzle

Born into a life of chaos, Nick and his friends desperately face the overwhelming odds to end the nightmare that has befallen them all.

(This is the first story inside the kempverse, a universe that I created in which most my stories take place in)


Story contains fictional minors that are as young as 13 years old. Story contains explicit content that may be disturbing to some readers. Any and all names used do NOT relate to anyone in real life, and any names that you recognize is by pure coincidence. If you feel sickly at all during your read, please stop reading and find the nearest barf bag. Enjoy the story!


WARNING: The following story contains, or will eventually contain the following.

-Hard/Extreme Vore

-Actions or events that can be mentally disturbing

-Sexual references, inuendos, and actions


If any of the above you find disturbing, you may want to either skip over certain chapters, or not read the story at all. Any tags you see related to the story that you have not yet seen take place, WILL be added at one point or another. Thank you. 

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Author's Notes:

**Best order to read the stories in (in terms of Kempverse stories, so the rest are irrelevant from this list)**

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Technically Their Little Secret is part of the Kempverse, HOWEVER it hosts massive spoilers technically in a way that kind of ruins Nick VS College even though it isn't even written yet.... So I've decided to make it NON CANON and thus you can read it after the rest of above.

All other stories on my page are not in the Kempverse and dont' spoil anything. You can identify my kempverse stories by looking at the story summary. You will see this pasted on every story tied to the Nick universe

**(This story takes place in the kempverse, a universe I created in which Nick VS Highschool takes place, and thus you may find hidden easter eggs/recognize characters from other stories that also take place in the kempverse)**




Hi there! My names Nick. I am here today to tell you the story of my life through High School, and the hardships I faced. However you must first learn why any of this even matters. So here goes!


I was born just like any other baby, and grew like any other baby... well at least for 6 years I did. Once I turned 6, I started shrinking, or at least so my mother told me. Over the course of the next several years, I never stopped shrinking. From as far back as I can remember, I used to be 3 feet tall! Or something like that.


Middle school was the worst. I was a foot tall when I started middle school, and was always bullied and picked on for my meager size. The football team would always pick me up against my will and sneak me into the 8th grade girls locker room. They would of course duct tape my hands to my legs so I couldn't break free, and they would duct tape my mouth shut.


They would then leave me there, trapped. The girls would come back in after gym class and get dressed into their regular clothes. They always tossed their dirty gym shorts and tops into the dirty hamper without even looking. Next thing I knew I was buried under forty 8th grade girls dirty clothes, helpless and reeking of sweat.


The football team would always come back and retrieve me, laughing at me and asking if I enjoyed it. However one time they forgot to come back for me. I was buried as usual, and no one ever came. Hours later, and many many more piles of dirty shorts later, I was buried so deep that I assumed the hamper was overfilling. Next thing I knew the hamper was moving. My foot tall meek body just couldn't move under the pressure of the clothes, and being duct taped together didn't help.


The school had invested in a rather large washing machine. Quite large actually. The girls Coach, Ms. Susan, had decided to take the hamper to the washing machine to clean the clothes for the next day, unaware I was trapped in the pile. She pushed it against the machine, and opened the washer door. She then heaved to push the end of the hamper up, to dump all the clothes inside.


Next thing I knew I was tumbling face first into more clothes tumbling into the machine. I tried to scream for help but my mouth couldn't penetrate the tape. More clothes piled onto me as Ms . Susan kept dumping the clothes, whistling the whole time, non the wiser she had just dumped the foot tall student into the load.


Once she was finished, she pushed the hamper back, poured two cups of soap into the mix, and shut the door to the washer. She set the load on heavy, and set the timer for 30 minutes. Ms. Susan then left the room, turning off the light and shutting the door. Leaving my fate to the washer machine, the rather large one.


Don't worry, I survived. The football team had eventually remembered they left me there, and when they found out Ms. Susan had already put the clothes in the washer, they scurried to the room to make sure they didn't inadvertently kill me. I was in there for 10 minutes, and when they pulled me I was coughing up soapy water. Ms Susan was horrified when she learned she nearly drowned me that day. Needless to say the students were suspended for a week.


By 7th grade I was half a foot tall. I noticed students began to notice me on the ground even less, and in some instances walked into me, kicking me by accident. I was still shoved in lockers, and now I was even tossed in trash cans during lunch as a joke. People would toss their lunch remains in the garabage, and I would get gravy, corn, half eaten pizza, whatever was served that day all over me. It was quite gross.


One time I had been tossed in the garabage, and a girl had the flu that day. To my luck she had eaten a full meal, and her stomach decided to reject it. Of course out of the five trash cans in the lunch room she chose mine to barf in. My mom spent an hour scrubbing me that night trying to wash me off.


I even had some close calls with the trash compactor, because the students never got me out of the cans, and if I couldn't climb out fast enough I would sometimes be tied up with the trash to be tossed out. I would always chew a hole in the bag to escape, but sometimes I was almost not fast enough.


By 8th grade I was just barely and inch tall, and that's when I stopped shrinking. All of 8th grade I remained the exact same size. Though my mom was relieved I had finally stopped shrinking, being an inch tall really made my life that much more dangerous. My sisters Lucy and Ashley stopped viewing me as a human, and more as an annoying insect. My mom found it extremely exhausting trying to keep me out of danger.


First day of school, I was walking to my first class and next thing I knew a shadow loomed over me. I looked up to see a giant bare foot. I also saw the face of the weird girl whose name no one knew. She always wore the same ragged looking dress to school, and she smelled sort of bad too. And she always walked around barefoot. She claimed it connected her to mother earth.


But anyhow, I looked up to see her face, and her enormous bare foot rising above me. She was looking straight ahead, and had no idea I was underneath her looming foot. I remember her foot was lined with dirt, however her sole was very smooth looking. Maybe one or two wrinkles, but that was it. Her toes were slender, and kinda long, and her foot looked really big, probably a size 13 at the least, which was big for a girl only in 8th grade.


Next thing I knew the foot slammed down, and I closed my eyes thinking it was the end. Nope, I lived. It hurt like a bitch, but I survived. She had stepped on me, and kept walking. I stuck to her foot like a piece of gum, probably because of all the sticky dirt on her feet. She didn't even flinch when she stepped on me, she just kept walking as if nothing happened. My face kept lifting off the ground, then hitting the ground with pretty painful force with every step the girl took. It was a never ending foot coaster of horror!


Her foot had a pretty bad stench, reeking of sweat, dirt, and something like that of a burp. It was gross. I wondered how she couldn't notice me stuck to her foot, but then I figured she probably steps on a lot of things with her barefeet, and is probably used to it. I was stuck to her foot for three whole classes, until finally something happened.


The girl had walked into her next class, and had sat down and brought her foot up and set it on top of her thigh. I was finally able to breath for more than three seconds long as I layed on her foot, stuck to the dirt and sweat. I couldn't move still, but at least she was done pressing me into the ground for now. She scrunched her toes a bit, and sorta bounced her foot a bit as class went on.


Finally the bell rung, and without lowering her foot, the girl bent over to grab her backpack, and that's when her eyes met mine. She giggled a bit as she saw me stuck to her foot, and raised an eyebrow as if trying to flirt with me by eye contact. I just stared into her eyes. They were bright blue, but for some reason I never really noticed. She slowly reached towards me with her index finger and thumb, and carefully peeled me from her foot and brought me up to her face.


For some reason I saw her in a totally different light. Instead of a smelly ragged student, I saw a stunningly beautiful face of light and glory. All from her eyes.


"You seemed to hitch a ride with me huh?" she asked in a mockingly yet jokingly tone.


"Well, technically you stepped on me," I replied trying to defend myself, "you should look where you're going!"


She giggled, as if amused by my statement.


"Well it's not my fault your only an inch tall, and if I were you I'd be thankful I don't wear shoes," Chloe remarked, winking at me.


And that's how I finally got my first friend. Chloe Sullivan was her name, and we became best friends quickly after that. I later learned that Chloe had been held back two years due to bad grades. She was actually two years older than me. But I didn't care, she was actually much smarter than the public gave her credit for.


After my mom found out about the incident of me being stepped on, she flipped out. Telling me I should stay close to the walls to avoide be crushed and killed by a pair of heels, nikes, or anyones shoes at all. But lucky for me, Chloe ended up being my feet for me. She carried me to my classes very gently, and protected me from students who sought to torture and bully me. Chloe had made the last year of middle school very easy for me, and we became very close friends.


Being stepped on was not the only new danger I faced at this height, however. One weekend morning my older sister Ashley had her 18th birthday party, a sleepover no less. My mom had approved of it and wasn't actually there to supervise. I was told to stay in my room, and that's what I did, at least for the night I did.


When I woke up, it was like seven AM in the morning. I knew the girls had stayed up late that night and were sound asleep, so I decided to go grab a quick bite to eat from the leftovers before they woke up. I slipped under the crack of my bedroom (my mom wanted me to feel like I was still normal by letting me keep my enormous room) and started to climb down the carpet stairs. As I reached the bottom, I noticed that one of Ashley's friends was passed out cold in the middle of the hallway, and was blocking my way to the kitchen.


I sighed, and continued forward. I'd just have to climb over her. She seemed motionless, and I was sure she wouldn't wake up. She had no shirt on, just her bra. I wasn't sure what they did last night, but I just wanted to get some breakfast. Her arm on the floor, with her palm up. I climbed into her palm and started to walk up her arm. It was very smooth, and I was careful not to fall. I began to reach her chest, and saw her enormous breasts in front of me. I tried to be mature and look away and continued past them.


I reached her stomach and started to walk to the opposite arm of hers to try and get lower to the ground to jump off safely. However I was interrupted when she moved a little. I froze, to make sure she hadn't woken up. Next thing I knew her hand was above me. I ducked for cover as she violently and quickly scratched the area I was just in, then proceeded to go soundly back to sleep. I quickly ran to the end of her bare stomach and jumped off, not wanting to risk anything. I landed with a thud, but was otherwise fine.


As I looked up to continue walking forward, I saw a plate of food on the ground, just sitting there. It had several chicken bones, and then a side of mashed potatoes. Whosever plate this was, they sure loved chicken but apparently didn't even touch the mashed potatoes. I knew the potateos would be cold, but they might still be good to eat. I walked over and climbed onto the plate, and scooped a finger full of mashed potatoes and took a bite. As predicted they were cold, but still tasted fine.


I proceeded to take several more bites, and started to climb onto the mashed potatoes without really thinking about it. As I got near the top, I hit a soft spot and my waist quickly sank into the potatoes. I was stuck! I tried to move about but it was useless.




A toilet was heard in the distance, when I heard the bathroom door open. Another one of Ashley's friends started walking back into the room, her eyes droopy and her moanings tiresome. She had black hair, long eyelashes, and hot pink painted nails. She had a slight gut, but otherwise seemed pretty slim. She looked quite tall, probably 6'2. She had some lip gloss on, but it was sorta smeared, probably because of whatever went on last night during the sleepover.


She also had no shirt on, just a bra, and very short pajama bottoms with a tomato design all over them. Her bra was almost see through, and had a black lace around the edges. I looked down to see her slender size 10 feet. Her nails painted hot pink as well, and her toes rather shorter than the normal persons.


She walked unbalanced in my direction, stumbling here and there. I tried yelling out to her to grab her attention, thinking she could help me out of my potato problem. She looked right at the plate I was on, and I smiled, thinking she saw me. Her footsteps were heavy, as she boomed closer to the plate. She hovered over me and the plate as she looked down. Staring at the mashed potatoes I was in. I stopped waving thinking she had seen me, but she just stood there staring.


"Hmmm, I don't particularly care for cold mashed potatoes..." she said, barely awake.


I tilted my head in confusion, did she not see me? I was an inch tall, but not invisible. She should see me stuck at the top of the mashed potatoes.


"... but I've got the munchies, so might as well finish the plate." The girl shrugged and bent over, picking up the plate.


I was a bit worried at this point, she just said she would finish the mashed potatoes, but did she not clearly see me stuck in them? I figured once she set the plate back down she'd pull me out before eating. However to my dismay I found out that wasn't the case.


She walked over to the couch, and fell butt first onto it. She was quite tired, and still a little groggy from all the weed she had the night before. She hadn't noticed Nick at all in the mashed potatoes, mainly because he was wearing his white shirt and white pajama bottoms, but Nick had forgotten about that. She grabbed the remote and turned on the television, making sure to keep the volume down so she didn't wake up the others. The girl then began eating the potatoes with the spoon on the plate.


I was horrified. The girl had begun to eat the mashed potatoes, and quite voraciously at that. She hadn't looked down at the plate once to see where she was spooning from, she just kept digging in while her eyes were glued to the T.V.


I started screaming for her attention at this point, but between her headache and the T.V., she just couldn't hear my cries. Ashley had woken up about a minute prior, and had just left her bedroom to go downstairs. Ashley saw her friend Jordin eating the mashed potato leftovers, and the two began chatting.


"Leftovers are gross, you are such a pig," Ashley prodded.


"Well I'm hungry so I don't really care," Jordin had replied.


Jordin then spooned up another mass of mashed potato, picking me up with it. She brought the spoon slowly to her mouth, as I dreaded my fate. I kept crying out for help but Ashley's big mouth drowned my tiny voice out. Jordin payed no attention and prepared to shove the spoon full of mashed potatoes and Nick into her mouth. Her gloss smeared lips parted, and so did her white teeth. I looked into the maw of this giant sexy woman, as her tongue slid out to slide the potatoes off the spoon and into her mouth. I saw potato remnants scattered on her tongue, and saliva strands going from the roof of her mouth and onto her tongue. Her throat widened, and her uvula perked up a bit. I was terrified.


Ashley was watching the T.V., when she got a sudden feeling that something just seemed wrong. She looked at the ceiling, trying to pure into her brothers room. She knew he was always up early, and she also knew he was a early morning snack monster. She was curious as to how she hadn't seem him awake yet. She shrugged it off  a bit and looked over at Jordin, and Ashley's eyes for some reason looked directly at the spoon full of potatoes Jordin was about to shove into her mouth. Ashley saw her tiny brother, barely, just barely in the potato spoonful. And saw the spoon go into Jordan's mouth.



"NO!" Ashley screamed, but it was to late, her brother had slid down Jordan's tongue, and down her throat along with the mashed potatos.


"What?" Jordin asked confused, right before belching loudly and rubbing her stomach, feeling satisfied.


My sister had explained to Jordan that she had ate me, and they both thought for sure I had died in the pit of Jordans stomach. Luckily however Jordin decided to throw me up, sticking her fingers down her throat and barfing all the potatoes all over the floor. I was covered in potato, bile, and a bit of stomach acid, but I survived. It was quite terrifying in Jordans stomach, it was hot, sticky, and burned like a bitch. I was only in there for maybe two minutes, but it was terrifying. I kept thinking I would be digested alive by my sisters friend, as a piece of food. Luckily my sister spotted me at the last minute, and Jordin was able to barf me up.


Needless to say, my mom wasn't happy to find out.


Several months later I finished middle school, and it was time to move on to the next chapter in my life. High School. I wondered if I would be treated any better in High School, and I wondered if my sisters and mother would ever treat me like more of a human being. They always looked out for me, sure, but they also were always so cautious around me, that they tried to avoid me so they didn't have to be so cautious all the time.


I hope High School will be different, I sure as hell hope so. Besides, I have Chloe to protect me, what could possibly go wrong?




Chapter 2 - First Day Of Many (Part 1) by Frizzle

My mind was racing, as it usually does. I was about to step forward to a new journey. I've endured a lot throughout my life, mostly because of the fact I have shrunken slowly to an inch tall up to this point. To me, it was normal. But to others, I was a freak of nature. Who would ever have imagined it possible that a boy like me could defy the laws of science and logic at 1 inch tall? Well I did, I have, and I will continue to do so for probably the rest of my life. I have had several close encounters to demise, yet in every situation I seem to find a way out of it. Being an 1 inch tall is certainly dangerous, but it has it's perks too.

For instance, if I'm really pissed off and want to be alone? Not a problem, I can hide under the couch, or in a shoe, or even in the ventilation system! I can pretty much go places that no other human being can. People also seem to think that my height would give me a severe speed disadvantage, but that is also quite incorrect. Though I could never run as fast as a normal sized person, I typically can ran almost as fast as a garter snake, and a little faster than a house spider! It's quite unbelievable to people, but for me it's always been the norm.

I wasn't however, fast enough to escape our household cat, when it finally decided I was the perfect size for a late night meal. The little shit pounced on me and was about to scarf me whole when my mother manage to snatch me up just in time. Needless to say, the cat was found a new owner the following day. Ever since the divorce, my mother had too take double duty on Nick Watch. I guess my father just couldn't handle me anymore, why else would he have left?

My mother's name is Harley, Harley Kemp. She has long brunette hair that goes almost down to her waist, and she has dark green eyes. She isn't very tall, standing at 5'5. Which is ironic to say considering my own height. She has two daughters, my sisters, and me her son. Ashley is the eldest of the family being 18 years old as of the last couple months. Her hair is also brunette, but slightly darker. She stands at 5'10 and also has green eyes, only they are a bit brighter than moms. Then there is Lucy, who is one year younger than me and the youngest of the family. She is 13 years old and has blonde hair that only goes to her shoulders. She is rather petite, and loves to cram food into her mouth whenever possible. Her eyes are chocolate brown, and are the only eyes in the family that aren't green.

I love my family, I really do. But ever since our father left, my family has slowly treated me less as a person, and more of a task for the day. Every time my sister Lucy steps on something on the floor, she shrieks aloud thinking she squashed me under her foot. Everytime my sister Ashley takes a bite of food and feels an odd chunk in it, she spits it all out thinking she had chewed me up by mistake. And every time a guest comes over, my mom is constantly telling them every couple of minutes to look out for me because I'm so small and easily unnoticeable. I have become an anchor on my family, and whether they admit it or not, my 1 inch height has really had a negative impact on their lives.

But here I stand, after years of mistreatment from my peers in middle school, and years of being a nuisance to my family, it's time for me to start becoming a more independent person, or tiny person that is. High school starts today for me, and I couldn't be more prepared! Besides, it couldn't be nearly as bad as middle school, right?


"NIIIIIIIIIIIIIICK! TELL YOUR FRIEND TO STOP RINGING THE DOORBELL LIKE A MANIAC!" yelled my mother from inside the bathroom downstairs.

Chloe Sullivan, my best friend. Every time I saw her face I felt as if I was ten times safer. Her beautiful blue eyes, her very short dirty blonde hair, and the eccentric and odd dresses she always wore. Sometimes they reminded me of clothing from the 1800's! And did I mention she always walked around barefoot? She just hates shoes for some reason, always claiming to people that they make her more connected to the world. She isn't very tall either, only standing at 5"1. We are in the same grade, both freshman, but she is two years older than me being 16 years old. She got held back twice in a row for failing her biology and science classes, she always liked to argue with the teacher and say they knew nothing about the subjects.


My mom bust out of the bathroom door, quite annoyed. I had been sitting on the coffee table the entire time, my legs crossed and my chin resting in my palm as I stared at her. She gave me an angry look as if silently asking me why I haven't answered the door  yet, then she smacked her forehead with her palm when she finally realized...

"Oh.. duh you can't open the damn door..." she stated, even though it was quite obvious that being 1 inch tall sort of disallowed you from reaching high enough to open the door.

I silently giggled to myself as my frustrated mother made her way to the door. She opened it and of course the culprit behind the crazy doorbell ringing was none other than Chloe.

"Hello miss Kemp!" Chloe said with a hearty tone.

"Chloe, please, you must not ring the doorbell like that, it really gives me a headache!" my mother pleaded to the girl.

"My apologies miss Kemp, I will try to remember next time not to ring your doorbell to the tune of Jingle Bells next time, I am truly sorry for disturbing you," Chloe said with what seemed to be an apologetic tone, but I couldn't really tell if she was being sarcastic instead.

My mother turned her head slowly at me, raising an eyebrow that said "what the fuck is wrong with her?" without actually saying the words, and just turned around and walked upstairs. As soon as she was gone I burst out in laughter.

"Do you find something funny?" Chloe asked, a smile on her face.

"Yes actually, you should really work on your doorbell Jingle Bells, it sounded off a by a few keys!" I burst into more laughter, utterly amused by the entire matter.

"Ha ha! Very funny Nick," Chloe replied, trying not to giggle herself.

Chloe came over and carefully picked me up, and placed me inside a hand sewn pocket she made herself to my specific height and width. She had sewn such a pocket to almost all her dresses, so that I could comfortably and safely go about with her. As Chloe began to take me out the front door, I looked back to see Ashley at the bottom of the stairwell, staring at me and exhaling a sigh of what seemed to be relief. For the next 7 hours she didn't have to worry about me. Summer was over, and she would finally not have to constantly keep an eye on me literally all day.

Chloe closed the door behind us, and continued to walk to the bus stop. The stop was about three quarters of a mile away from my house, so it took about 10-15 minutes walk time for Chloe to get us there. I didn't really live close to any main streets. The trip was quiet for the first five minutes, until Chloe decided to break the silence.

"Your mom does not particularly care for my personality, does she?" Chloe asked out of the blue.

"What do you mean?" I replied, quite confused.

"What I mean, is that your family thinks I'm odd and different, and they don't seem to accept me for who I am," Chloe explained, no assured tone of sadness in her voice. It was as if Chloe was stating a fact more than reacting to her emotions.

"Well, you are different Chloe, but you being different is why you're my best friend," I told her, "you and me were both born different, and have never been seen as equals among others, however what you and I have is much more real than any other petty High School friendship!"

Chloe smiled briefly, but then replied "True, however what does one do when the world bands together to abolish the single being whose decided to be different from them? How does two different people make an impact on the world when the world looks down upon thee?"

Silence. Nothing more had to be said, she was right. She continued walking to the bus stop with me in her pocket. Every man or women I've ever met has always seen me as different, and they assume since I'm different that makes me inferior to them. I even sense my family has begun to see me this way, maybe even for a while now. Unfortunately there is nothing me nor Chloe can do about other people's opinions. We simply must fight forward and defend ourselves against the judgement of others.

Just as we reached the stop sign, the bus appeared. It's creaking brakes squealed as it stopped for us. It was off to high school, a new beginning. A fresh start. I would be damn sure I made the best of this new opportunity. My mom had moved to a new neighborhood shortly after middle school, so every student I encounter from here on out will be new and unknown to me, and me them. Of course the school has already addressed that a 1 inch tall student would be taking part in the school program, but what I mean is that it will be a place where people can see me for the first time, and get to know me for the person I am, and not the size that I am.

As Chloe sat down on the bus, I felt the heavy eyes of all the anxious students staring relentlessly at me, completely in awe of what their eyes beheld. The bus drove on, the students slowly began to stop staring, and I felt the excitement increasing as we neared closer and closer to the high school.

This will surely be an adventure to remember.


Chapter 3 - First Day Of Many (Part 2) by Frizzle

The principal Ronald Waters was very happy to hear that the famous 1 inch tall boy would be attending his school out of all the schools out there. He was quite nice, and even designated Chloe as my personal "keeper" you could say. The best part? He allowed me and Chloe and to share the same class schedules so we could stay together. It was definitely a great start, and it made me all the more excited to begin my first day of Highschool.

And here I am, in a hand sewn pocket made by a good friend who would never let anything happen to me, and we are finally going towards something that could really change our lives. The high school was in clear seeing distance now. It was one massive building. An enormous American flag sat at the top of the high school. The bricks that built the walls to the school were so large, that I had to guess they were the size of a 20" computer monitor at the least. Two big doors stood at the front of the school, allowing entry to it's students. The campus was lined with several round patches of grass, each with an apple tree in the center. And the flowerbeds outlining the entire campus was filled with beautiful tulips of many colors.

You might be wondering what the name of the high school is? Eagle High, "Let Your Dreams Soar" is the slogan.

"Alright, everyone off!" Yelled the bus driver.

I was so entranced by my surroundings, I hadn't noticed the bus had stopped. Apparently Chloe didn't either, because she jumped a little when the bus driver yelled. Her startle had bumped me up, and out of her pocket. I held my breath as I hurtled towards the floor, I knew this was gonna hurt like a bitch. *Plop* I landed right on top of Chloe's big toe. I sorta just layed there, staring at her toes. They... they were painted? Chloe has painted her nails neon blue, which is truly incredible because Chloe has NEVER painted her nails a single day in her life, or at least since I've known the girl.

Chloe wiggled her big toe up and down. She was teasing me, she usually did once in awhile with her feet. One time I had just gotten out of the shower with the help of my mom, and I as I headed downstairs Chloe purposefully pinned me under her big toe. Her smooth yet somehow callous skin rubbed over my naked body, and she had giggled as she carefully applied pressure in a teasing sensation. I ended up with a boner, not sure why, but Chloe had noticed. She ended up blushing and apologizing to me. That didn't stop her from foot play every now and again though.

She bent over and carefully plucked me into her palm. She started to walk off the bus as I sat in her palm just staring forward. I was so excited to start my day.

"Are you hurt?" Chloe asked, a very affectionate tone in her voice.

"Wha.. oh NO no I'm all good," I stuttered, still thinking back to that memory of getting a boner under Chloe's feet.

Chloe stepped off the bus, and fresh warm air hit our faces. She started walking towards the big doors, the entrance to a new beginning.

"I'm nervous," Chloe said, not sounding nervous by the least.

"That's funny, you seem totally chill," I replied.

"Just because something appears to be, doesn't make it so," Chloe responded.

I sighed, "Well then why are you nervous?"

Chloe stopped in front of the giant doors, me in her palm still. Students however continued to flow past us and inside the building.

"What if they don't accept me again," Chloe asked me.

"Who cares if they do or don't?" I responded.

That didn't appear to be the answer she was looking for. She closed her eyes and looked down a bit in disappointment. I sighed, and stood up in her palm and looked at her intently.

"You listen here," I demanded, "Whether they do or don't, it doesn't matter. I accept you Chloe, I have since the moment I met you, and if these nut sized brain fiends don't see you for the beautiful and awesome person that is before me right now, then fuck em'!"

Chloe opened her eyes, and a cheerful smile spread across her plush lips.

"Thanks Nick."

I sat back down on her palm, and together we crossed over to the other side.... of the door that is. As we entered Eagle High, the building seemed to triple in size from the inside. The ceiling was was so high, I couldn't even comprehend how terrifying it'd be to drop from such a distance. There were three floors in total, and literally bridges several feet up in the air to connect each floor. The bridges crossed over the entire commons. It was just magnificent. Banners were everywhere, students were flocking about. It was just purely incredible.

"So, where's are first class?" I asked Chloe.

"Let's find out," she replied, scurrying over to a nearby table to sit down.

There was two girls already at the table, sophomores I think, and when Chloe sat down and set me on the table, I found they had both dropped their jaws in awe as they stared me down. Chloe was thrashing about in her backpack, trying to find the schedule. I felt the sophomore girls eyes burning a hole in my back, so I decided to say hi.

"Hello," I said, nodding at them.

One of the girls started to giggle a bit. I wasn't really sure what it was about, but I was about to find out.

"You're pretty damn small," one of the girls exclaimed.

"Yeah, I've been..." I was interrupted

"That means your cock is small too!" The girls burst out in laughter, staring at me while laughing hysterically on their high horse.


Chloe's open palm whacked the table so hard, the sophomore girls both jumped and stared at her, frightened. Chloe had a very serious look on her face, but then she smiled and lifted her arm back off the table. I was quite startled myself.

"Careful girls, a small cock may not be so bad, after all, the bigger the cock you take, the more ripped open and disgusting your vagina gets, I can refer you to my gynecologist if you'd prefer?" Chloe informed the girls with the utmost sarcasm.

"You're seriously gross!" One of the sophomore girls exclaimed.

"Oh honey..." Chloe said, a fake frown on her face, "not as gross as that thing on your face, or.... wait, I think that IS your face!"

And with that, the opposite sophomore girl burst into laughter, as the other one stared at her friend with a face so red, I wondered if her head my explode. She grabbed her hysterical friend and angrily dragged her off, leaving me and Chloe to ourselves at the table. My eyes were glued on Chloe, never had I EVER seen Chloe make such sexual remarks before, and to mock another person no less! Chloe then looked down at me.

"What?" She asked.

"I've," I stuttered, "I've just never seen you do something like that before"

Chloe smiled, "Nick, this is a new start, and I'll be damned if I let anyone treat you any less than the great person you are. Besides, my comeback wasn't really that good anyways."

"Well of one of them thought so!" And with that we both chuckled.


Me and Chloe immediately looked out to the center of the commons. A circle of students had surrounded one senior and another freshman, a freshman that was currently wincing in pain on the ground. I assume that the senior had just punched the freshman in the face.

"Flirt with the cheerleaders again, and it won't stop with one punch you little fuck," the senior said in rage.

I stared at the senior, something seemed sinister about him. He had short, semi wavy dark brown hair, and he was quite tall standing at 6'5. His eyes were so dark brown, they almost appeared black. He was ripped too, his arms were the size of my head, or at least that's what the phrase is for people of normal size. He had wicked written all over him. His eyes then slowly shifted to the right, and his eyes set directly onto mine. My breath stopped, as I was caught off guard by our sudden staring contest. He stared at me, studying me carefully, then smiled and walked away. Leaving the freshman on the ground in pain. A chill ran down my spine.

"That would be Kristin Karn."

Me and Chloe both jumped, as a random student emerged from behind us. We both just looked at him.

"The names Tyler," he said as he reached out his hand to shake Chloes.

Chloe shaked his hand quickly, and slowly wedged over a bit on the table to get closer to me.

"You don't need to worry, I'm not your enemy, in fact I'm actually quite excited I get to meet the famous 1 inch tall Nick!" Tyler exclaimed.

"You, you know who I am?" I asked.

Tyler laughed, "Know who you are? The whole school does I bet haha!"

Chloe interrupted the introduction, "Who is Kristin Karn?"

Tylers face got a bit more serious, "Well, let's just say he isn't someone you wanna fuck with. Not only is he a roid rage, but he runs the K Klub here at the school."

Me and Chloe both looked at each other quite confused.

"What's the K Klub?" I asked.

"The two K's represent Kristin's first and last name," Tyler explained, "and the club takes place in Tessa Mongoyas classroom after school, but they lock the door and shut the blinds so no one knows what they talk about or do in there."

I was sort of taking it all in. Instead of a football team harrassing me in middle school, it'll probably be replaced by this so called "K Klub". They will probably confront me at some point, if I'm as famous as Tyler proclaims.

"Just try and avoid Kristin as best you can Nick," Tyler warned, "but regardless, Kristin will probably confront you sooner or later."

And with that final statement Tyler walked off to class. I had just realized I was now sitting down on the table, and got up to my feet. I looked up at Chloe, who didn't have a single look concern. It kinda worried me actually. She looked down at me.

"There's tissue just on that stand over there, I'm going to blow my nose, I'll be right back," Chloe told me.

I nodded, and Chloe began to walk over to the stand. I walked near the edge of the table. Students were still frantically scattering about. I looked up at the giant clock on the wall. It was 7:54 AM. The bell would ring any second now. I ended up peering down at the floor, to end up seeing a pair of bright green flats. They were just sitting there. I leaned a bit closer, sort of curious as to who left their shoes in the open, or why.

Two rushing students accidentally collided into each other, causing one of them to back up and bump the table I was on. With no warning, I immediately lost my balance and found myself tumbling down towards the ground. *THUD* I his an odd foamy like surface. It was rather gooey feeling, only it wasn't sticky or anything. I got up on my feet, I appeared to be fine. Then I realized where I had landed, directly into one of the flats.

"Great..." I said to myself.

I walked up to one of the edges of the shoes, and was about to climb out when I noticed something rather odd. I couldn't reach the top of the edge. I was concerned, being 1 inch tall isn't short enough to disallow me from reaching the edge of a shoe, I've done it many times before. Is it possible that my body is still shrinking? I didn't have much time to think about it, as an enormous thud rang throughout the flats and I held my ears in pain. I looked up to see a red headed girl. She wasn't slim by any means, but wasn't necessarily overweight either. One might say she had "curves". She was rather attractive, but what I noticed immediately was that she was wearing an astonishingly short skirt, and she had no panties on at all. I stared right at her vagina. It was shaven perfectly as if not a single stub of hair was in sight. Her pink pussy lips were so tender and clean, one my guess she was a virgin. Looking at her figure, she was definitely either a junior or a senior.

She was on her cell phone chatting with someone. I had no clue who. She had lifted her foot into the opposite flat, and raised her other foot to put it into the flat that I was inside. Her foot had perfectly shaped wrinkles, but an attractive kind of wrinkles. I couldn't see her toenails, but I was pretty sure they were painted. Her feet seemed of average size, probably 10's if I had to guess. I didn't even struggle, I knew what was about to happen, and there was no avoiding it. Her foot neared closer and closer to the shoe, and soon the sole of her bare foot would rest upon me as she put her shoe on. I could only hope she would notice me inside her flat.

Right before the ginger put her shoe on, I looked over to see Chloe had returned, and was frantically looking all over the ground for my tiny self. I was about to scream for her attention but it was too late. With one quick slip of the foot, her foot flattened me under her sole, as the girl moved and wiggled her feet comfortably in her flats. I'm not sure how, but the ginger didn't seem to know she had a tiny passenger under her wrinkly feet.


The bell had rung, and the girl walked to her first period. Every step was heavy and unbearable. This girl walked like a bloody elephant, no care in the world. At least when Chloe walked all over me it was with class, and finesse. At least the ginger's feet didn't smell to bad, but regardless it was painful with every step she took. I found it hard to breath. This wasn't what I had envisioned on my first day of highschool.



I searched frantically for him, but I just couldn't find him. I looked around to see if anyone might have taken him. I saw a couple boys packing up their bags to go to first period, some random redhead girl on her phone walking down a hallway, but no sight of Nick. I looked under the table again, Nick wasn't there. I walked over to the trashcan and looked around it, Nick wasn't there. I checked inside the trash can, no Nick. I looked around and saw a group of girls standing around talking, even though the bell had already rung. I ran over and started shoving my hand in their pockets and emptying their backpacks, no Nick.

"What the fuck are you doing bitch!?" one of the girls screamed.

I paid no mind to her, I just kept scattering around the Commons, frantically searching for Nick, but he was nowhere to be found. I never should have left him alone, how STUPID of me! I had no choice but to go to the principal's office and explain the situation. He could help me find Nick. I just hope he hasn't gotten himself into too much trouble.

I walked towards the office, quite frantic about the situation. This was definitely not how I envisioned my first day of highschool.


Chapter 4 - Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind by Frizzle

I've learned a lot by being so different. I've learned that people dislike others who do not represent themselves in some way or another. I've also learned that people argue and attack things they just simply cannot comprehend. For instance, who could ever comprehend the reality of someone only an inch tall? The smaller I shrunk throughout my life, the more I was attacked, not physically, but verbally and emotionally. People never understood me, I defied logic after all. Doctors could never figure out the mystery that was Nick Kemp. Even my family has slowly started to avoid me in their own ways. I always have this deep feeling that whenever I'm out of their sight, I'm also out of their minds.

And here I am once more, out of sight and out of mind. I had been stuck under this beautiful redheaded girls feet for at least twenty minutes by now. I had learned she was indeed a Junior, because the teacher was giving a lecture about how to type resumes and how to send letters. This class was likely Business 101, which is a class you can only take as a Junior in this school. I only know this because I read over the choice of extra curriculars to take with Chloe when we chose are schedule together. The red head girl had seemed to have crossed one leg over the other, because I felt almost no pressure, and haven't for about five minutes. But that won't last long.

Initially her feet had an odor, but for some reason it's like someone sprayed strawberry febreze all over the inside of her shoe, because that's what I smelled right now, strawberries. I was still pinned tightly under her sole to the insole of her flat. No wiggle room. It wasn't pitch black either, as her shoes seemed just a size too big and the sides of the flat bent a little, allowing light to flood the sides of her flat. The outlines of her wrinkles covered my body, and I could literally feel the texture of her foot. The last time I was under someone's foot, it was Chloe's, only then her foot was dirty and smelly, unlike the foot I'm trapped under now. One thing I did notice for sure was that the girls feet appeared to be getting a bit wet, sweat I assume.

The teacher babbled on and on about business ethics and how to properly enter an interview and blah blah. His voice was putting me to sleep, which wasn't helping. A sudden movement made me shiver in fear. The girl was uncrossing her leg and set her foot back onto the floor, and not softly either. Her foot slammed onto the ground, and I'm pretty sure it cracked a few bones. I winced in pain, this was really starting to get serious. I needed to get out, but I just have no wiggle room. Then my worst nightmare came true, the ginger fucking crossed her opposite leg over the one that I was currently trapped under. The pressure increased even more and my head started to sink into the flesh of her foot. I was starting to have trouble breathing.

I began to wonder where Chloe was. I knew she was looking for me, and probably hysterically too. The question is, will she find me? Because if this absent minded ginger doesn't sense me under her foot with all this pressure applied to my miniscule form, then she probably won't notice me at all until she gets home. And that is no buenos! I started wiggling frantically, or tried to at least. I was so tightly pressed under her sole, I could hardly move at all. I found it even harder to breath with every breath I took. My eyes started to grow a bit heavy, and my sight started to fade. Chloe, where are you...


I had entered the principal's office to explain what had happened. He wasn't to happy to hear that the one designated person to watch Nick had left him alone for even a split second. Mr. Waters was quite angry about it. He had me follow him to another section of the school and into the security room. Mr. Waters had the school police officer pull up the camera feed for the school commons. They asked me when it happened and I told them. It took only a minute to find the correct camera, and the exact timestamp of when I had left Nick alone.

"Right there! That's him on the table," I pointed vigorously at the monitor.

Sure enough, there was Nick. We all watched the monitor carefully as Nick was seen wandering near the edge of the table. We then saw two students bump into each other, one backing into the table and knocking Nick over the edge. About thirty seconds later a red headed girl walked up, and did something on the ground with her feet, before heading to class.

"Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh HAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!" I exclaimed very loudly.

"What is it miss Sullivan?" asked Mr. Waters.

"I remember that redhead, she had put on a pair of shoes on the ground whilst I searched for Nick, but I didn't think nothing of it until now!" I explained. "Nick is most certainly inside her shoes!"

Mr. Waters seemed to be in disbelief.

"Inside her shoes? Don't you think that's quite a leap young girl?" Mr. Waters argued. "Besides, certainly the girl would notice something inside her shoes?!"

"Well I've accidentally stepped on Nick multiple occasions and I never seem to notice," I mumbled.

"Well still... wait what?!" Mr. Waters stumbled in confusion.

"Nothing! But I assure you that Nick is most certainly with the red head chick, find out what class shes in!" I demanded in a manly tone.

Mr. Waters didn't appear to have any interest in arguing with me, as he pulled out his phone to make a phone call. I knew that redheaded bimbo had Nick under her foot, I just knew it! Don't worry Nick, I'm coming for you!


I was nearly out, my vision had pretty much gone so I decided to keep my eyes closed to refrain from straining my eyes. My body ached and was sore all over. The girl still had her leg crossed over the one I was trapped under, and her feet were sweating a bit now. I found it extremely hard to breath. I wished so desperately to be in the gentle caring hands of my friend Chloe again, to be SAFE again. I hated this part of my life, always in danger without constant protection. I want so badly to be independent, but I have to be honest with myself, how could someone so small ever hope to be independent? Without Chloe, I'm a sitting duck in this world of oversized, careless oafs.

"Yes Abigail?" said the teacher.

"May I use the restroom?" she asked.

That voice, it was so close. In fact, I felt the vibrations of her voice. Abigail, that's the name of the girls foot that I'm currently pinned under. That's the name of the beautiful redhead that has me trapped in her flat. At least I can pin a name to my tormentor now, not that it really solves anything.

"Yes, but please hurry, I'd like to start a presentation once you get back," the teacher said.

More movement, and for a split second all pressure was relieved before a cringing pain shot down my back as Abigail stood up. After being under so much pressure for so long, I was about to just give out. Abigail started taking steps to the door of the classroom. The first step knocked the wind out of me. And then another step, and another, and another! Life paused for me, the next step abigail took would surely be the last I could handle. I closed my eyes hoping for the best. I felt her leg pick me up with the shoe and her foot, and start to descend to the ground yet again. I braced myself for the worst when it all stopped. It stopped instantly, and I felt a new pressure being applied to my body, only instead of it being caused by Abigail's foot, the pressure was being applied from UNDER the shoe, and it wasn't the floor, it sorta felt like a hand.


After a couple minutes, Mr. Waters finally got off the phone and came back over to me and the officer. A look of content on his face, he knew who the girl was.

"The girl in the video is Abigail Lionheart. She's a Junior and is currently in Business 101. Let's gra..." but Mr. Waters was interrupted.

Before he could finish, I was out the door and running down the hallway. For every second Nick was trapped under that girls foot, the more Nick's body would give out. I know this because I've done it many times myself, by accident of course! I rushed into the commons, and saw the hallway that the girl had walked into when I was still looking for Nick earlier. I bolted into the hallway and went down the corridor.

"Business 101... Business 101... Busin... AHHHH HA! There it is!"

Sure as shit, Business 101 was the last door on the left at the end of the corridor. I rushed up to the door and peaked into the window. I looked around, trying to spot this Abi-goat or whatever her name is. And sure as goldilocks there she was! She had just stood up, and started walking to the door. I could tell just by looking at her that she walked very heavily on her feet. OH HELL NO! I burst into the classroom, and with one faithful leap I landed on my side and grabbed her foot just as it was about to hit the floor.

"What the fuck is your problem?" Abigail said, quite in shock at what just happened.

I pointed my finger right at her shoe. "You missy, have a hidden passenger within your shoe!"

"What the hell are you babbling on about?" Abigail said, quite frustrated.

"Well I WILL show you!" I exclaimed, and with one quick motion I swiped her flat right off her foot.

"HEY! GIVE IT BACK!" Abigail reached for her shoe back, but I grabbed her face and pushed her back.

"Hold on you red headed bimbo!" I yelled at her.

Abigail flung her arms down, like an 8 year old throwing a tantrum. But nonetheless she finally stopped fighting me for the shoe back. I held the shoe over my palm, and carefully tipped it upside down.


After a series of violent jerks and bumps, I found myself falling upwards, only I soon realized the shoe had been tipped over. With one quick plop, I found myself in someone's palm, but I recognized it immediately as Chloe's, mostly because it was smooth and lined with dirt. Abigail stood back in horror, she was in shock to learn that the new one inch student had been under her foot this whole time. The whole classroom was staring at me now, I had everyone's attention. I thought everything was finally going to be ok, given that Chloe had saved me from my torment, but of course when life gives you lemons.... it punches you in the fucking face too.

"Why were you in my shoe you little freak? You have some kind of foot fetish or something? Oh God GROSS you didn't pleasure yourself too did you!?!?!" Abigail screamed, having no clue that the whole thing was one big accident.

The classroom burst into laughter. Students started mocking me, calling me the small foot freak. One of the male students yelled "Wanna smell my FEET freak?!" before laughing hysterically with his friends. A tear rolled down my face, I was utterly embarrassed. It was middle school all over again, only this time the entire class knew about the incident. This was sure to spread across the school, and it hurt knowing that it would.

The teacher never stepped in, he had watched the entire ordeal and just stood their, never stepping in at all. I guess I don't blame him, he has a lot on his plate dealing with over two hundred students each day. But it still hurt knowing not even the teacher was willing to step in to help me, or stand up for me. Chloe simply left the classroom, getting me out of their as quick as possible. As she walked up the hallway, she looked down to say something, but I gave her the look, and she knew I wanted to hear none of it. The rest of the day went by pretty quick. We went to our scheduled classes, and thankfully Chloe kept me VERY close to her, to assure that nothing would happen to me again. Despite everything went smoothly after the incident, I still had gotten a bit depressed.

I thought everything would be different in high school. I thought I'd be more independent. I thought I'd be able to make friends, and be noticed for once. I thought I'd finally make progress to have people see me as a human being, and not this 1 inch bug. Or am I even 1 inch tall still? I wasn't able to escape Abigail's flats before she put them on, but I SHOULD have been. Is it possible I'm still shrinking? That's not another issue I need on my plate. Everything is opposite what I expected. I'm not independent, I'm dependent. People don't want to be my friends, they want me as the bug on the carpet that no one notices because it's to painful to look at without wanting to squash it! Life was spiraling down, and it's only been the first fucking day of highschool

The final bell rang, and it was time to go home. The day had zoomed on by, I could hardly even remember what any of my teachers were talking about. Chloe had gotten a locker combination during gym class though, so she had to make a pit stop to drop a few things off. I was sorta zoning out, so I didn't pay any attention to the student lurking behind us. Chloe spun out the combo on her locker, and took the lock off. She grabbed the hinge, and lifted it up, and started to open the locker.


With one quick motion a student had slammed the locker back shot. Chloe jumped in alarm, and turned to see who it was. I turned my head too, and my eyes almost bulged out of my sockets. When life gives you lemons, it punches you in the fucking face.... and THEN it lights you on fire after spraying kerosene all over your balls. Or at least that's how this day felt.

It was Kristin, Kristin Karn. Tyler had warned me that Karn might seek me out, and sure as fuck here he stands.

Chloe was about to speak "I..."

"Shut up bitch, you speak when I allow you to," Karn snapped, his eyes glaring with fire into Chloe's very soul.

Needless to say, Chloe kept her mouth shut, afraid and confused as to why Kristin Karn stood before us. I kept replaying the moment in the commons, watching that poor freshman on the floor cringing in pain. Karn only punched the kid once, and it was enough to almost knock him out cold. And who knows if Karn even used his full strength!

Karn looked down and into my small eyes. "Abigail told me what happened in first period today," Karn informed me.

I gulped, hard.

"You might be wondering why I care about some pervert jacking off to some random girls feet while inside her shoe," Karn asked the question for me, how generous of him.

I stared blankly at him, no words able to leave my mouth.

"Well I wouldn't..."

A huge amount of stress lifted off my shoulders as Karn said those three final words. I was almost thought that....

".... if she wasn't my girlfriend" Karn finished.

Chloe immediately balled me up in her fist and held me behind her back, barricading herself between me and the brute.

"Whatever she told you isn't true Kristin, Nick accidentally fell into her shoe from a table and I have the security footage to prov..."

Karn snatched Chloes throat in a mere instant, interrupting her. He wasn't choking her, however his grip was very tight, and I could feel Chloe squirming as she tried not to let go of me. I was terrified.

"Listen here you blonde whore with your ragged ass clothes, if your 1 inch bitch steps ANYWHERE near my girlfriend, or her cheerleading squad, you don't even want to begin to know what I'll do to him," Karn threatened.

"I could flush him down the toilet, I could toss him in the trash, I could step on him like the bug he is, and I WILL, if he EVER goes near Abigail or the cheerleaders, DO YOU UNDERSTAND!?" Karn was in a rage.

Chloe struggled in his grip, but Karn let go shortly after his statement. Chloe took her free hand to rub her throat, a tear running down her face. She kept me balled tightly in her hand.

Karn turned around about to leave, but stopped to say one last thing.

"And my mother runs the board of directors for the entire state school districts, so I'd keep your tongues in your mouths... unless you don't want to graduate that is."

And with that Karn walked off, turning a corner and vanishing from sight. We spoke no words. I was lost in thought, and Chloe cried the entire way back home on the bus. After we got off, Chloe started to walk to my house. She looked down at me with tear dried eyes.

"I guess we just weren't meant to fit in, maybe we should just drop out, I don't know if I can handle this kind of evil Nick," Chloe said, saddened.

I looked up at her, but not with sorrowful eyes, my eyes were that of someone who was determined.

"Fuck em'," I said.


"I said FUCK! THEM!" I yelled even louder.

Chloe looked at me in surprise.

"I went through 3 years of hell in middle school, and I surely gave up then. But then I found YOU Chloe, and you gave me the hope and salvation I needed to make it to where I am now. Giving up now means that every bully, every moment of humiliation, it all wins! Giving up now means that evil wins over me and you, and I won't allow that to happen!" I preached.

"Chloe, we can make it, together."

Chloe smiled, and wiped the dried tears from her face. She said nothing, but I knew my speech had brightened her mood. She dropped me off at home, and we said goodbye to each other. She'd be here again tomorrow morning to pick me up for our second day of school.

It's like they say, second time's the charm!


Chapter 5 - Midnight Menace by Frizzle

Kristin Karn. Abigail Lionheart. Both major problems I will be facing tomorrow for sure. And I still haven't told anyone about the incident in which I may have shrunk even more, but I'm too scared to tell anyone. Chloe just dropped me off from our first day of school, and even after the speech I gave her I still didn't have the guts to tell her that I may not be done shrinking yet. Chloe deserves to know, but I'm not sure I can tell her. It would worry her a lot to know that I could still be shrinking.

The thought of "what if he shrinks into nothing?" is a thought that me and my whole family has had. I'm sure Chloe has thought of it at some point too. And maybe it's true, maybe I will just shrink into nothing. Honestly only time will tell, I just hope that luck will be on my side. At this point in my life, I have learned that everyone and everything is a potential danger, and the list could go on and on.

After Chloe had dropped me off, I entered the house via a very tiny door that was made of plastic. My mother had hired a worker to personally install a series of tiny plastic doors and tiny plastic ladders all around the house, as so I could access hard to reach places. She had this done after I had shrunk to 4 inches tall. Thankfully they all still work well even at 1 inch tall, or at least if I'm even an inch tall anymore.

I walked into the main room, there was the open space kitchen on the left, and another open space living room on the right. My mom always like that about our house, that way she didn't have any extra doors to have to walk through. In the kitchen there was a mini plastic ladder that led all the way up to the island countertop, where a mini table and chair was located for me to sit and eat my food. My bedroom also had a ladder that climbed up to my bed, and another than climbed to the top of my dresser which had another mini dresser so I could access clothes that actually fit me. It was really cool actually, a whole set of doors and ladders built for me and me only. Perks of being tiny I guess.

On the wall to the left of the front door, was a string, which was connected to some machine that beeped throughout the house, to let my family know I was home, also installed by the same worker. I tugged the string and sure enough the *BEEP BEEP* sound rang throughout every room in the house. I waited for some kind of response, but only silence greeted me. I tugged the string again, but still no sign of life. My mother and sisters must be out and about. I shrugged, guess I get the house to myself for awhile.

I kicked my tiny shoes off and started heading towards the kitchen. My mom would always leave out a plate of dinner on the counter if she knew she'd be gone while I came home. It always took awhile for me to get around the house, given how small I was. Usually a couple minutes for me, which would only be a couple of seconds for normal sized people. After a couple minutes I reached the ladder to the island counter and started my climb. You might be thinking it would dangerous to climb such a height when I'm so small, but these aren't just straight ladders. These ladders had a dome around the edges to assure I wouldn't fall backwards, which was quite convenient.

After about two minutes of climbing, my arms were pretty tired. Thankfully I had already reached the top by then. As I walked out onto the countertop, I saw the plate of dinner my mother had made. Cut up meatloaf and some mash potatoes. My mother always made a full plate, I assume it was because she didn't want me to feel different. Whenever I finished, she would dump the rest of the food into a container for leftovers. Speaking of such, it appears she had left the container out in the open as well. It stood there, the lid taken off and set to the side. They must have been in a rush I guess.

My stomach was gurgling at this point, I was really hungry. I started walking to the plate so I could dig in. I never was able to get ahold of any tiny utensils, so I always ate with my bare hands. My mom always left a paper towel spread across the counter so I could wipe my hands off after I finished eating. Then I would just later wash my hands before I went to bed. After so many years of shrinking, my mom had pretty much figured this all out ahead of time. If my mother didn't seem to distant from me, I'd almost think she cared about me. I'm not saying she doesn't per say, however given how distant my family seems to be from me, I can't help but feel like they've given up on me.

Right as I was about to dig in however, I heard a loud thump. I quickly turned around, but nothing was there. I stood still, listening carefully. I heard it, I know I heard it. *THUMP* There it was again, it sounded like someone budding up against glass. *SHHHHHHRRRRR* Ok, now it sounded like someone was opening up a window!

"Shhh, we don't want to alert him!" said a voice. It was a male's voice.

"What is an inch tall bug gonna do? Dial the police?" That was definitely a female's voice.

Someone had broken into the house, my family must have left a window unlocked! I didn't know what to do, I frantically looked around trying to figure out what to do. At my size, I was defenseless. I heard their footsteps down the hall, they were walking towards the main entrance. I looked up the plate, the mashed potatoes raised up pretty high, almost as high as the container of leftovers. I didn't wait around to find out if I could make it, and I immediately started climbing the mashed potatoes. The footsteps grew louder, and I felt the counter shake by the heavy steps they left behind. Just as the intruders came into view, I had hopped off the potatoes and right into the container of leftovers.

"See, I told you there was no one home, or at least us normal sized folk," said the female intruder.

"I am just being cautious Zelena," said the male voice, "if we get caught Kristin Karn won't be happy."

I was infuriated, but concerned at the same time. These two twats are here because of KARN!? I dug a hole into the potato leftovers and hid inside, but still high enough to see what the intruders were up too.

"Why do you and the K Klub members call him Kristin Karn?" Zelena asked the boy, "that seems a bit unnecessary don't you think?"

"Because we respect him, and the least we could do to respect him is call him by his full name," answered the boy.

"Whatever Bucky, I think it's weird and stupid," said Zelena.

"That's because you're his sister, you don't serve under him like we do." Bucky responded.

Zelena and Bucky, I wonder if Tyler would know who they were, he seems to know quite a bit about Kristin himself. I'd have to have Chloe track him down for me tomorrow so I could find out more about these two.

"Why did Kristin Karn have me come here with you Zelena?" Bucky asked, apparently confused of why he was at my house.

"You are the scapegoat in case we get caught," Zelena answered, "My brother told me you would be more than willing to take the blame if anything went south."

Bucky paused for a second, apparently disheartened by this truth. But he nodded at her as they kept looking around the house.

"You're not upset by that?" Zelena asked him.

"Of course not," Bucky responded, "I'm his right hand man, if anyone is willing to scapegoat for Kristin Karn it would be me."

Zelena chuckled to herself, apparently amused by this statement.

"Well good then, now let's find this bug so  I can take him home with me," Zelena said.

Take me home? With HER!? I was confused, I thought they were here to take me to Kristin Karn if anything. Well either way, I definitely didn't want to go home with HER! Zelena had pure black hair, and her eyes seemed to glow a fluorescent red. She surely had fake contacts in to change the color or her eyes. She was quite slim, but was wearing a sleeveless top showing her extremely toned muscles. She surely worked out. And she was definitely not in High School, she seemed older than bucky by at least two years, maybe three. I had a pretty good guess than Karn was her younger brother. She wore six inch black heels, followed by black leather tights and an even tighter leather jacket over her sleeveless top. Her jacket was sleeveless to. She wore two four inch gap hoop earrings, which were white gold or silver, I couldn't tell. She had thick eyeliner on, and her eyelashes seemed to be an inch long! She had "trouble" written all over her.

Bucky had semi long hair going down to his shoulders. His hair was also black, not a bit brighter than Zelena's. He wore a brown leather jacket, and a pair of carhartts with big brown boots on. He wore a pair of leather gloves with no tips for the fingers. He seemed like the biker type almost.

They had split up, Bucky entering the living room and Zelena entering the kitchen. Bucky began to look under the couch cushions, and other tight places. He was pretty much looking anywhere a one inch boy would hide. Zelena got dangerously close to the island counter, and I quickly laid back to make sure she didn't see me in the leftover food in the plastic clear container I was in. I heard her heels clicking with every step, as she scouted the area. She spotted the plate of untouched food, and walked up to it. I sure was glad I didn't hide in there! Zelena stared at the contents of the plate, the cut up meatloaf and the mashed potatoes. Zelena eyed it maliciously and intently as if trying to decipher code or something.

"This plate," Zelena stated.

Bucky looked over at her, "What about it?"

"The food has been mushed up, and left here in the open," Zelena said.

"And?" Bucky questioned.

"He was here, there are tracks trailing up the potatoes," Zelena said.

My heart dropped. She knew I was close now! This bitch really knew how to track insects! Which unfortunately is me at this current moment. Zelena began to tap her long black nails on the countertop, as if purposely fucking with my head.

"Oh how I've always wanted my own personal tiny man," Zelena proclaimed.

"Ever since I heard the stories about you, I always fantasized about having you to myself," Zelena chatted on, "Even though you are quite younger than me, it's none the matter, you're still a bug."

I was terrified. She knew who I was, and has for awhile according to herself. I didn't want to find out what would happen to me if I ended up in her clutches.

Zelena picked up the spoon that was next to the plate, and slowly slid it into the mashed potatoes. She twisted it for a couple seconds before scooping a solid pile of the potatoes onto the spoon. I watched cautiously as she slowly lifted it to her lips, in which black lipstick had been applied. She slowly opened her mouth, and very wide. I watched in horror as she slipped the massive spoonful of mashed potatoes into her mouth, before closing her lips around the entire spoon itself. She slowly slipped the spoon out, leaving the mashed potatoes on her wet tongue inside her maw. And with one swift "GULP" the single massive spoonful of mashed potatoes was sent down her throat. I flipped out and started pressing so hard against the mashed potato hole I was in that it started to squeeze past my body and cover me.

Zelena took her right index finger and started sliding it down her throat.

"If you were in my food," Zelena whispered, "I would swallow you alive."

My eyes widened in horror. The thought of Zelena swallowing me whole terrified me. I had been swallowed once before by Ashley's friend Jordin, and it was horrifying indeed. However if THIS bitch swallowed me, she would have no intentions of freeing me!

"I'd be so horny as you slid down my throat, and plopped into my stomach," Zelena continued on.

"And as you squirmed to be freed inside my stomach, I'd masturbate to the pleasure of having you digest inside me."

A tear ran down my face. I was terrified for my life now. Basic home intrusion turned into psycho bitch wants to eat a human being by devouring him alive!!!

Zelena had been rubbing her stomach now, as if fantasizing about digesting me inside her belly. Then she stopped and looked around again.


"Zelena what the hell is going on?" Bucky asked.

Zelena had become infuriated, as if she had actually expected me to willingly come out of my hiding place and accept to be her fucking meal. What a dumb bitch!

"I know you're close by Nick, I'll find you," Zelena threatened, "My brother promised me I could do as I pleased with you as long as you no longer attended Eagle High!"

I guess Kristin Karns whole family is insane!

"Zelena, you need to quiet down!" Bucky begged, "Someone is going to hear you!"

Zelena slammed her fist onto the counter, and I the entire container I was in shaked. She twisted her head towards Bucky with her red glowing eyes on fire.

"Listen bitch, you are with ME now!" Zelena exclaimed, "I won't be lectured by a fucking 17 year old little girl!"

"Fuck you bitch!" Bucky challenged, "You are only 20 years old, stop acting like you are some great goddess!"

In an instant Zelena leapt across the ground in a single bound and wrapped her fingers around Bucky's throat. Her nails dug into his skin, and he immediately used both his hands to try and stop her from choking him to death. She then rose him off the ground entirely, using her pure muscle to overtake Bucky. This obviously scared the shit out of me.

"You fear what my brother may do when you disobey him," Zelena threatened, "But trust me when I tell you that I am far worse than my brother Karn!"

Bucky choked and gasped for air, but managed to nod at her. She dropped him and he fell to the floor on his knees, coughing violently. Zelena stopped and held her ear high. Bucky managed to get on his feet and he stared at her.

"A car," Zelena said, "They are home, let's go."

"What about the little guy?" Bucky asked.

"We will have to come up with another plan, one that will be on our turf and not his," Zelena told Bucky.

I sat, frozen in fear. I heard Zelena and Bucky bolt down the hallway and I hear the window open and close again. Even though they had left however I still found myself unable to move mentally. I was to shocked by what had just happened. After ONE day of school, my whole life has been threatened by one senior and his band of psychopaths. I heard car doors shut, and I heard the pattering of steps all the way up to the front door. Next thing I knew, keys were jiggling and I heard the front door unlock. My mother and sisters had come home.

I wanted to scream and tell them everything that had just happened, but my body was still unable to move. I was just to terrified at the whole ordeal. My sister Lucy tossed her backpack onto the couch and ran upstairs, not sure for what. Ashley walked over to the island counter and sat down on one of our stools while on her phone. My mother had walked over to lift Lucy's backpack off the couch and place it to the side where she would remember it later. I looked up and saw Lucys face, still glued to her phone. I tried to yell out to her but for some reason my body was fighting me on it. Ashleys eyes diverted around her phone at directly at the container I was in.

"Mom, you left the leftovers out," Ashley said aloud.

My mom looked over at the counter and realized she was in such a rush she totally forgot about it. I watched as my mother came over to the kitchen.

"Ashley, can you go upstairs and turn on the bath for me?" Our mother asked, "I feel like relaxing."

Ashley sighed, but got off the stool and headed upstairs as her mother had asked. My mom looked ahead at something, and walked by the island counter and past the container I was in. I couldn't see her anymore, she was behind the hole I made in the mashed potatoes and out of my line of sight. My body had begun to relax a little, and the shock was starting to wear off. I took a deep breath and wiggled my body out of the potatoes. I needed to tell her what happened immediately. I started to climb out of the hole in the potatoes when the hole collapsed. The next thing I heard was what sounded like a hailstorm!

"I wonder if Nick will ever be able to finish his plate," his mother joked lightly as she dumped and scraped the remains of his plate into the container of leftovers.

My mother was putting the container away, and I was still inside. I tried to dig my way out of the food, but there was too much piled on top. I was trapped.

"I'll just give it to Chloe tomorrow when she picks Nick up, she always eats his leftovers," My mother said to herself.

I started screaming, trying to get my mother's attention, but she just couldn't hear me through all the food I was trapped under. I heard her put the lid on tight, and I felt my entire world move. My heart began beating very fast. How stupid of me, why do I always make the worst decisions? I heard my mom open the fridge, and sure enough she placed the leftovers inside to make sure they stayed cool and fresh. I heard the fridge slam shut, as my mother left me alone in the dark buried under food. This was the first time I've gotten into a situation like this.

My thoughts started racing. Would I die of hypothermia? Or would I die of a lack of oxygen first? Or maybe the tiny hole dome I was currently in would crumble and I'd be buried alive under mashed potatoes and mashed up meatloaf! I was terrified. I avoided the two crazy intruders to only be trapped in a fucking refridgerator like a piece of leftover food! I so badly wanted to blame somebody, but it was my own fault I ended up where I am.

I sat down in the tiny dome hole that was formed around me and just waited. That's all I could do was wait. If I somehow survived the night, I should be good. My mother did say that she would give Chloe the leftovers in the morning, which means Chloe would find me whenever she decided to shove her face full of meatloaf and potato. Unless she accidentally ate me. I thought about Chloe unknowingly swallowing me alive as she shoved masses of food down her gullet, not even paying attention to what was in her hands as she ate it all. I usually wouldn't even think of such things, but after hearing that crazy Zelena bitch wanting to eat me alive, I have suddenly been thinking back to Jordin.

Being in Jordans stomach is something I'll never forget. It was dark, moist, slimy, and singed my skin no matter where I tried to move. I remember thinking I would die in the pit of that girl's stomach without her ever knowing she had devoured me alive. But thankfully Ashley spotted me in time before I went down Jordin's esophagus. When Jordin puked me up, I felt gravity disappear, as my the stomach walls fell around me. Next thing I knew I was being forced through Jordin's throat and all over the floor with her bile. I had forgotten about it up till now. Thanks Zelena, you have brought back my worst nightmare!

As time went on inside the container, it got colder and colder. I could occasionally hear my sisters and mother outside the fridge, but only when they were close. They were wondering where I was, and they had assumed that I was over at Chloes. It would have been nice of them to call and make sure, but of course they didn't. So inside the refrigerator I remained. Waiting for tomorrow to come so I could get back into Chloe's gentle hands. Chloe wouldn't accidentally eat me, I was over reacting. Chloe used to be a huge clutz, and still is in some ways, but ever since becoming my friend she has become more aware of time. I guess that is what happens when you are best friends with someone who's an inch tall.

Hours passed, I know they have. It had to be past eleven, because my mom is always up watching T.V. in the living until eleven O'clock but there was absolute silence. Everyone was asleep, I was sure of it. Unfortunately for me I had a lot of trouble sleeping. My eyes were dozing off, but then a chill would run down my spine waking me up again. It was freezing now, but my body warmth kept the tiny dome hole I was in warm enough to make sure I didn't freeze to death. Lucky me, and I haven't even had issues breathing yet, so that's a bonus I suppose.

My eyes began to doze once more, and I finally began to drift asleep. I started to have a dream, only it was more of a memory inside of a dream. I remember being awakened at night every now and again, hearing noises at midnight from downstairs. It only happened a couple times a week, but when it did I was terrified. I always feared it would be a burglar, or some scientist who came to steal me in the night and experiment on me. I would always get off my bed as soon as possible and hide under it, waiting for the mischievous noises to go away. I had named whatever made those noises the Midnight Menace, and it sorta helped me cope with it a little by giving the noises a name.

As time went on though, I stopped waking up in the middle of the night. Either the noises stopped, or I began to sleep through them. I was never sure, all I knew was that the noises never woke me up again...

...Until now. I heard light pattering of steps, and many thumps. My eyes opened wide. My past came back to haunt me all over again. I heard some closing of cabinets, and the sound of some kind of object hitting the counter. Had the intruders come back? Or is this some sick game my mind is playing on me? I heard more footsteps, and they stopped right in front of the fridge. I waited, wondering what would happen next, but whatever was out there had stopped moving.

As if right on queue, I heard the refrigerator door open very slowly. I saw the light from inside the fridge leak through the food I was in. My container suddenly shifted, and I felt myself being pulled out of the fridge. I wasn't sure what was going on. Maybe my mother had realized she had left me in the refrigerator? I wasn't sure. I heard another drawer open, and the clattering of metal. I assumed it was silverware. I heard another object drop on the counter before I felt the container being gripped by something. *PLOP* The lid was off. I heard them pick up one of the silverware and next thing I knew a huge chunk of food had been lifted out of the container, and allowing to my poke my head through the food now that some weight has been lifted off.

It was my sister Lucy. I looked over at the microwave, it was twenty minutes after midnight. It appeared Lucy was having a midnight snack. Could Lucy have been the Midnight Menace this entire time? That would certainly explain the noises every other night all those years ago. I kinda laughed to myself. I was always terrified of what might be lurking in the shadows downstairs, and it turns out it was probably just my silly sister Lucy grabbing a bite to eat every now and then! All of a sudden I felt myself being lifted up. I looked around and realized Lucy had scooped me up with her spoon. She probably didn't notice me in the container with it being dark and all. Next thing I knew she flung the spoon over and dropped me and the leftovers onto her plate she had set out. I fell face first into mushed meatloaf with mashed potatoes falling on top of me.

I wiped the potato from my eyes and lifted my head out of the mass. I tried to move but couldn't, the food was mashed together from sitting in the fridge for so long. I looked up and saw Lucy dipping her spoon back into the container. For a 13 year old she sure piles her plate! She never finishes either, she always has plenty of leftovers at the end of every meal. Her eyes were very dark, and only half open. She seemed really tired, I wonder what caused her to wake up so late? Before I could ponder that question any further Lucy had dropped another massive spoonful onto her plate, and directly onto me. I was totally buried. Ugh, does anyone pay attention to the inch tall boy? Then again, I guess I can't blame her, after all my whole family assumes I'm at Chloe's house right now!

I heard Lucy put the lid back on the leftovers container and shove it back in the fridge, closing the fridge door behind her. At least I wasn't going back in there! My plate then suddenly lifted, Lucy must be ready to dig in. I felt her movements as she walked, but they halted after only a few steps. What was she doing? I heard a *click* followed by the pressing of some kind of electronic buttons. Oh no... she isn't... is she? I felt the plate of food I was on move forward, and land on what seemed to be a piece of glass. Then I heard something slam. And then I heard something even more terrifying, another *beep*.

I started spinning in circles along with the food I was buried under yet again. I was in the microwave. Lucy had decided to heat her food up. I frantically flailed my body, desperately trying to break free. This was it, I was a dead man.

"LUCY! I'M IN HERE LUCY PLEASE HELP ME!" I screamed as loud as I could.

Of course Lucy didn't hear me, and did nothing to stop the microwave from heating the entire plate. It went from fifty degrees to one hundred and twenty degrees. I felt the inside of my body start to melt, as I felt myself expanding. I would have cried, but my tears evaporated instantly. The food became so hot it burned my skin as I felt myself about to pop. This was by far the worst feeling I had ever felt in my entire life, worse than being stepped on, worse than being in Jordin's stomach, worse than being tossed in the trash and worse than being thrown in the washing machine with dirty clothes. This literally felt like hell, a raging hell that wanted to blow me up and scatter my innards all over Lucy's food.


In an instant it was all over. Lucy had set the time for only fifteen seconds, but to me it felt like a millenia. The food was searing hot though, and still burned my skin. I was motionless, breathless, and weak. I was unable to scream for Lucy's attention as she opened the microwave and pulled the plate out with her now warm food. And I was unable to move and try and wave towards her. Lucy walked over to the living room and plopped herself onto the couch. She grabbed the remote and turned on the T.V.

My nightmares came true. The Midnight Menace was real. However it wasn't an intruder, and is sure as hell wasn't no scientist. The Midnight Menace was my own sister Lucy. She watched T.V. on a quiet volume as she began eating the leftover meatloaf and mashed potatoes, slowly digging her way towards me, and not even once looking down at the plate. I loved my sister, but she was the menace. I was going to die if I didn't act soon. She is simply too tired to be aware of anything, which means I have to do something or I will die. I got lucky in the fridge, and even luckier in the microwave, but my body was physically drained of all energy.

Then my mind brought images of Karn, Chloe, and Zelena to my thoughts. I thought about how wicked Zelena was, how evil Karn was, and how lonely Chloe would be without me. Chloe left alone to deal with the horror that is the K Klub. I have learned enough that they are more than a simple group of jocks, they are dangerous, and they are most certainly up to something devious. Chloe has already crossed hairs with them because of me, which means they will most likely use Chloe to try and find me, which means Chloe is in danger. I have to warn her, but I can't do that if I'm chewed up and swallowed up by my sister.

But regardless I still found it impossible to find the strength to move, however I wouldn't give up. I'd find a way, I always have. I'll make it through this... right?


Chapter 6 - One Trick Pony by Frizzle

When I turned 9 years old, I was about a foot and a half. It was the time in my life where the shrinking was quite slow. I was obsessed with puppies at that time in my life. Every time I saw a dog I would shriek and want to run over and pet it. I remember asking for a dog constantly but my mom would always tell me no. Back then I never really understood why not, however now I realize it was because my mother never knew how small I would get, and she was afraid of my safety in the years to come if we ever dig get a dog. They were just too hyperactive and she was afraid that it could injure me later on. Plus we already had a cat, and you already know how THAT ended up.

However that christmas I was met with an amazing surprise. My mom had apparently researched about a Toy Fox Terrier. They usually weighed around 3-6 pounds. Very small dog indeed. After I had opened all my gifts, my mother had walked into the room with him to surprise me. Needless to say I was ecstatic. We named him Tiny Tony, but I always called him Tiny. He was so friendly at cheerful all the time, and having him in my life at that moment had made me completely forget about the current shrinking situation I was in. My mother would always take me and Tiny on walks together, and she even tried to help me train him how to do tricks.

Unfortunately Tiny just never quite got the whole trick thing down. He never learn to sit, he never learned to stay, the little nutball couldn't even fetch! We eventually got him potty trained, but I wouldn't necessarily call that a trick. After months of trying we gave up, and just accepted him for the absent minded goofball that he was.

By the time I started middle school a few years later, I was only a foot tall. And of course Tony had grown to his full size, however I still towered over him a bit. As months went by, and I shrunk even more and more, Tony had eventually caught up to me. By the time I was in 7th grade I was five inches tall. The shrinking had sped up significantly in the past year than it had since I was six years old. The doctors couldn't figure anything out, and my mother was worried sick. That was the point in my life when my family started to feel distant. The day they knew I would never be anything like them, was the day they no longer viewed me as the son and sibling they once had.

Tiny was on the bed with me, and I was very sad and depressed that day. Tiny then gave me this very odd look, and cocked his head and started howling at me. It was the first time he had ever howled, and I felt as if he was feeling the pain I had deep inside. Tiny then did something I never expected. He had walked up to me and started nipping at my shirt. I kept pushing him away but he kept doing it over and over. I was so confused, he had never acted like this before. He then lied down and started cocking his head to the left over and over. I stood up and walked over to his side and placed my hand on his back. I wasn't sure what he was trying to tell me.

He started barking cheerfully, and I looked at his back. Some feeling inside me caused me to hop onto his back, my legs on opposite sides of his back, and Tiny bolted off the bed. I immediately held onto his fur and he dashed out of my room and down the stairs. He pranced around the living room and dashed into the kitchen and back and forth. He was having a grand ole time. I was literally riding him like a horse! It was Tiny Tony the pony! I was laughing hysterically as he jumped all over the place, and I felt light wind rushing past my body. It was quite the experience. He was never smart enough to learn any regular dog tricks, but this was far cooler than any other trick he could have learned. Tony may have only been a one trick pony, but I loved him and I knew he loved me too.

The front door had opened, as my mother had arrived home. She had gone to get Ashley her very first car for getting her driver's licence. Tony immediately bolted out the door the second it opened, with me on his back. He was dashing towards the driveway when his butt bounced me off and I fell into the grass. I started laughing, but Tiny kept dashing. He dashed straight into the road when my sister Ashley ran him over with the new car she had bought. She had followed my mother home.

Horror was all that was on my face. Tears came rushing immediately as I heard the quick whimper before silence. Tiny Tony's body never moved. He died instantly. My sister Ashley felt really bad, but never apologized or even bothered trying to say anything actually. My best friend died that day. He was the only one there for me in my times of trouble. The one I could come home to when things at school were bad. Never again.

However Chloe has taken Tiny Tony's spot now, as my best friend and the one person I can count on to be there for me. He would be forever missed. The worst part for me about his death was that my family never really cared. All the times they played with him and cuddled him and it seems like none of his moments mattered to them. They moved on the next day. I sometimes wondered if they would ever notice me if I was gone one day, if they would care. What would happen to the Kemps if they lost their one inch son? Well the answer to the question might be answered quite soon.

My body still burned, still ached, and was still weak after the being cooked in the microwave for almost 15 seconds. My sister Lucy had no clue I was in the leftovers she piled onto her plate. This whole night had gone to shit, and it was because of Karn's sister and his right hand man that broke into my house earlier. They forced me to go into hiding, and of course stupid me chose the WORST place to hide ever!

Lucy had almost finished half the plate of leftovers, all the while still watching T.V. on a very low volume. She didn't want to alert anyone upstairs. It occurred to me that Lucy has probably been having midnight snacks for the past couple years now. Unfortunately I am currently on the menu. She had eaten all the food that was piled on top of me, and I calculated that I would probably be the next bite to eat in the next few spoonfuls.

From what I heard, Lucy was watching spongebob squarepants. Ironically I loved that show. Her eyes had been glued to the screen the entire time. She never once looked down at her plate. And I still found myself frozen in time, unable to act in any way. My heart was pounding. I watched Lucys mouth as it moved up and down, her teeth mashing the leftover meatloaf and mashed potatoes into mush. She then swallowed and I watched as the bulge moved down her throat, and into her stomach. There it would be digested, and used for nutrients to bring life to Lucy. The remnants would be flushed down the toilet after her business.

In an instant, Lucy's spoon dug into the food, and I felt the spoon slide under me. It was my turn. I watched in horror as Lucy lifted her hand, bringing the food off the plate and towards her mouth. I tried desperately to move but the pain was just too unbearable. The spoon was brought closer and closer to Lucy's lips, and her mouth began to open. My eyes widened in horror as I saw Lucys pearly whites spread apart, prepared to rip apart it's next bite. In the back I saw Lucys oddly large tonsils, and her dangling slimy uvula between them. Her massive saliva covered tongue slowly slid out of her mouth to accept the spoon full of food. I once again found myself in front of a hungry salivating mouth, only this time I may not escape what comes next.

The spoon began to enter Lucy's mouth, as her teeth began to rise over my head. I tried frantically to move, but my body was just in so much pain, and I was so weak. I couldn't believe my sister was about to eat me alive, her own brother, and she would never even know. Or what if she did find out? What if she tasted something odd and spit my remains out, only to be horrified and scarred for life at what she had done? A newfound sensation covered my body. If my sister ever realized she had killed her own brother by eating him alive, it would ruin her life forever. She would never forgive herself, she would never recover. I couldn't let that happen.

With every ounce of strength I had, with the very little willpower that remained within me, I screamed as loud as I could.


The spoon stopped, and in an instant it withdrew from Lucy's mouth. It took everything I had to scream her name, and it completely drained me of any energy I had left. My vision began to go black. The last thing I saw was Lucy squinting at her spoon in the dark, as she saw me. I slowly passed out from the exhaustion, the last words I heard being "Nick?"

Then I awoke. I had an enormous headache, and then immediately sprung to my feet and started looking around frantically. I was alive? I was no longer in the living room, I was on a bed now, only it wasn't my own. I turned around to see two crossed legs with two enormous feet attached to each leg. They were Lucys. Her toenails were painted blue, I never noticed before. She was sitting on her bed with her legs crossed staring down at me with a very sorrowful look. It appeared she brought me to her room.

After I realized I was no longer in danger, I took a deep sigh of relief and fell on my ass on the soft comforter. I could feel Lucy's eyes piercing my skull, but I tried hard to just avoid eye contact. I don't know what was going through her mind at the moment, but I wasn't about to tell her what torment she had put me through. I couldn't tell her, it would devastate her. Despite me trying to keep a silence in the room, Lucy decided to break it.

"Did... did I hurt you?" Lucy asked, her voice almost cracking as she tried to hold back tears.

I ignored the question, and closed my eyes. I began to hum to myself, doing whatever I could to try and get Lucy to drop the entire thing and move on. She didn't seem to give though.

"You were in the leftovers container weren't you," Lucy asked me, pressing harder.

"You were in there when mom stashed the container in the fridge too, weren't you," Lucy went on, and I grew more irritated as I frantically tried to just drop the entire issue. A tear ran down Lucy's face.

"And... and I put you in the microwave too didn't I," Lucy started to cry, tears dripping down her face.

"And I was about to eat y..."

"ENOUGH!" I shouted.

Lucy covered her face with her hands, crying heavily as she connected all the dots. She was too smart not to piece it all together, me trying to drop the entire thing was stupid. Lucy was smarter than I gave her credit for. I sighed, and walked over to her enormous foot, and I rested my little hand on her pinky toe.

"But you didn't," I reassured her.

She cried for a couple more seconds before uncovering her face and wiping away the tears.

"I'm so sorry Nicky, I'm so sorry!" Lucy begged for forgiveness.

"If I had only known you were there!"

I rubbed her pinky toe a little bit, hoping it would sooth her if she felt it. It wasn't Lucy's fault, it just wasn't. It was a freak accident, and I wasn't going to blame my sister for it.

"I managed to get your attention Lucy, that's all that matters," I told her.

"Are you going to tell mom?" She asked, her eyes still teary.

"No." I answered.

"It was an accident, nothing she needs to know about."

Lucy wiped her eyes again, and uncrossed her legs. She set both legs on opposite sides of me as she stretched them out. Her legs were smooth, and very huge looking given how close I was to them.

"I'm gonna go to bed, have a good night Lucy," I told her.

Lucy needed to sleep, best case scenario she would wake up thinking she dreamed the whole ordeal. If I was lucky.

"I'm afraid to sleep by myself," Lucy told me.

I stopped and turned around. She seemed frightened, but why I did not know.

"I know this is weird, but would you sleep with me tonight? I don't want to be alone Nick," Lucy begged me.

I smiled at her, and for the first time in years I felt connected to my sister again. It had been so long since I felt like my sister actually was my sister, instead of someone who was looking over their shoulder constantly avoiding to do harm to their 1 inch brother. I no longer felt distant from Lucy, I finally felt close to her again.

I nodded at her, and she smile faintly as I saw the trembling in her body slowly fade away. She slowly reached her hand down and allowed me to climb onto her palm. She then lied down on her back, and carefully placed me on her bare stomach. She had been wearing pajama shorts and a pajama top that exposed her stomach a bit. Her belly was very warm, and I walked over to her belly button where I sat in and rested my head down. I tilted my head to see Lucy with her eyes already closed, and trying to sleep. She slowly brought her hand up and over to cover me, blocking the moonlight from the window to help me sleep better. I felt so close to my sister, not physically, but in terms of family bonding.

The rest of the night was peaceful, and silent. I did not dream that night, as I slept on the stomach of my sister. I was very thankful to be on the outside of her belly, rather than be on the inside. Once again I found a way out of a nasty situation. Tomorrow though, I'd have to find my way out of another. Karn has shown to be quite an issue in my life after only one day of highschool and one simple mistake of ending up in his girlfriend Abigail's flats. The only way to solve this problem would be to face it head on. I had to pull the one trick I had out of my sleeve if I was going to get out of his line of fire. The skill of persuading people.

I had always been good at persuading people by manipulating their wants and desires to make certain choices sound appealing to people, when said choices would typically not be their ideal choice. I had to find out what Karn wants most, more than me being "disposed" of. If I can find the answer to that question, I can get Karn off my back, and that will auto solve the Zelena and Bucky problem. I was gonna have to get ahold of Tyler tomorrow at school, he is the only person I know who seems to know anything about Karn, or at least that I know of.

When I woke up that morning, Lucy was gone. She had left me to peacefully sleep on her pillow, how she did so without waking me is unbeknownst to me. I rubbed my eyes, and looked at her clock. It was six in the morning, Chloe would be here soon to pick me up. I climbed down the bedsheets and got closer to the ground, before jumping onto the floor. After several minutes of walking I made it under her door and down the stairs where my mother was cooking breakfast. Lucy and Ashley were both already dressed. Mom was cooking pancakes.

"Morning Nick!" Lucy said cheerfully.

Mom and Ashley both looked over and saw me coming into the kitchen. Lucy was smiling at me, I hadn't seen such a smile from her in a long time. It's as if we both had a life experience that brought us closer together.

"Would you like some pancakes Nick?" My mother asked.

I nodded at her, with a big smile on my face. My home life would be better from here on out, as I felt apart of the family for once in my life. A feeling I craved for so long but could never attain, until now. She served us breakfast and we all dug in. Lucy helped me upstairs to get dressed so it wouldn't take me to long, and she brought me downstairs to wait for Chloe. Soon enough the doorbell rang. Chloe picked me up and we were off to attend our second day of highschool.

Chloe looked down at me in her palm as we were walking towards the bus stop. She noticed I was in a good mood this morning.

"You seem cheerful this morning," Chloe said, "had a good morning?"

I looked up at her, my smile not fading.

"Perfect," I responded, "It was perfect."


Chapter 7 - Bosoms, Biology & The Moon by Frizzle

The morning hadn't started off to well, but not that I wasn't expecting it to be any better. I learned quickly that what happens in high school, rumors to everybody in one day. As soon as me and Chloe stepped on the bus, we were met with pointing fingers and profanity as students scolded and mocked us. I was being called a pervert for jacking off to Abigail's foot inside her shoe, and was accused of having a foot fetish. Though none of this reigned true, I merely ignored it as Chloe and tried to find us an empty seat.

The seats were able to hold two passengers each, however given my size it could hold three. Only the problem was that every seat that had an extra opening, the other passenger glared at us, almost threatening us if we sat there. The entire bus was full of enemies, no friends were there to aid us. It's like we were public enemy number one. Chloe eventually found an empty seat near the back, and she sat us down.  Just as the bus took off, someone squirted liquid into the air out of a lotion bottle and it landed all over Chloe's partially exposed breasts. It was the dress she was wearing, she wasn't a slut or anything like that.

Chloe opened her mouth a bit in shock as she just held up her hands looking down at the mess on her boobs. I was in her lap looking up at her, feeling the embarrassment with her. Everyone was laughing their ass off, and the bus driver just ignored it all. Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse, someone sneakily snatched me up from under the seat and off Chloe's lap. She didn't notice. It was some sophomore girl. She had blonde hair and green eyes, and was wearing black tights and a sleeveless black top. Her hair looked like that of a punk rocker and there was a streak of red dye throughout the blonde.

Someone tapped Chloe hard on the back of the head, and she turned around to see who had done it. As Chloe turned around, the punk girl holding me captive sprung into action. She quickly flicked me off her thumb, and I was sent painfully skyrocketing into the air... straight into Chloes cleavage. I was now covered in the lotion that was all over her boobs, and I quickly slid between the masses getting stuck at chest height. Chloe felt me and looked down again to see me stuck between her tits. I stared up at her, and a semi smile crossed my face. I was so embarrassed it was killing me, I WAS IN MY FRIENDS BOOBS!

Chloe didn't pull me out however, instead she met my semi crooked smile with another semi crooked smile herself, as if trying to find humor out of this nightmare of torment. The other students scoffed and laughed hysterically at me and Chloe, incredibly pleased with the punk girls quick thinking. One student even started screaming "FAP TO HER TITS DUDE!" over and over again, as if I would actually do it because he kept repeating it. This bus ride sucked.

The students eventually settled down a bit, but me and Chloe were still met with glares from the other students. Chloe had left me between her boobs, and had just wiped a bit of the lotion off with her shirt. I never realized how big Chloe's breasts were. They weren't like HUGE or anything, but definitely bigger than I had thought. If I had to guess, I'd say a size C with a little over bust. They were certainly big enough to get me stuck between them. I stopped wiggling as not to draw too much attention from Chloe. She was embarrassed enough as is. Her breasts were very soft, and jiggled a little every time the bus hit a bump in the road.

What was weird though, is that I had never really ever considered to see or think of Chloe in a way that was sexual. We were just best friends, it never crossed my mind that I would have a crush on her. Well, I mean I don't, is what I meant. We are just friends, period. Besides I highly doubt if I even DID have a crush on Chloe, that she would reciprocate the same feelings. We just never considered each other that way I guess, I really don't know how to explain it.

The rest of the bus ride went by pretty quickly, and soon enough we arrived at Eagle High for our second day of school. This ought to be interesting. In a small huddled circle, I saw a group of kids wearing literally the EXACT same clothes, I kid you not. They all wore muscle shirts, TIGHT muscle shirts. They were also all quite muscular. Every shirt had the letter "K" on it in bold lettering, and the word "klub" in lowercase and small font right below the enormous "K". I assumed they were all K Klub members. They all wore similar saggy jeans, and brown boots. One could confuse this gang as a bunch of over entitled rich boys.

As our bus stopped at the drop off zone, the group broke the huddle and formed a line, as if waiting for something. I was gonna originally find Tyler to try and make a meeting with Kristin Karn, but it looks like he sent his gang already. I wiggled around a bit in between Chloes boobs, and couldn't budge. I started slapping the top of her left breast when she peered down at me, while grabbing her backpack preparing to get off the bus.

"What is it?" Chloe asked me, wondering why I was slapping her tit.

"See that group out there?" I pointed to the group outside the window.

A look of concern crossed Chloes face, "Shit, that's the K Klub isn't it?" Chloe asked me.

"Yeah, I think Kristin sent them, pull me out of here so I can talk with them," I asked Chloe, awaiting her to pull me from her mammograms.

Only she didn't, and instead of pulling me free she actually pushed me so far between her boobs that they completely closed around me, nearly smothering me and cutting off my oxygen.

"Chl...mff, whamfff the hellmff!" I muffled, trying to yell at her fluently in frustration.

"We don't know why they are here," Chloe warned me, "I'll see what they want first just to be safe."

Chloe proceeded to walk off the bus, eyeing the group of K Klub members the entire time. I couldn't see a thing, as I was utterly trapped between Chloe's breasts. I honestly can't believe she hasn't gotten me out yet, I am LITERALLY invading her privacy and she is stowing me away in her tits, I just don't get it. I couldn't have gone in her self made dress pocket like usual?

The moment Chloe stepped on the sidewalk, all the other students scattered away from the group of K members. They group walked up to Chloe as a figure stepped out from behind the group to confront Chloe face to face. Chloe didn't recognize him, however the moment he said a word I recognized him immediately. It was Bucky, the guy who broke into my house.

"Where's your little friend?" Bucky demanded to know.

"Tell me why you care, and maybe I'll tell you?" Chloe responded, a sort of diabolical tone in her voice as if she was tormenting a victim of some kind as she withheld the utmost darest information the world couldn't afford not to know. Wait what?

"I don't have time for this shit," Bucky spat at her, "Karn has demanded a meeting with him. After the final bell at the school flag pole. He better be there."

Bucky said those last words and didn't wait around at all for any kind of response. He immediately whistled and the group of K Klub members followed Bucky into the school. Chloe had started to sweat anxiously, wondering why the K Klub took such an interest in me. Then she remembered the whole Abigail incident, and that Abigail turned out to be Karn's girlfriend. But who would want to date that monster? Probably another monster.

I squirmed tirelessly, trying to breath and not eat Chloe's boob sweat at the same time. I tried to pound one of her boobs but I was just too stuck. Thankfully she didn't keep me between her breasts much longer, as I felt two fingers pinch my back and chest and pull me out from between the monstrous booooooobs. Or at least they looked monstrous to me considering my size.

"You can't go to this meeting Nick," Chloe begged me, the fright in her tone quite obvious.

"If I want to settle the quarrel between me and Karn, I have too," I told her, "and besides, I need to find out why his sister and Bucky broke into my house."

Oops, that wasn't suppose to come out.

"THEY WHAT!?" Chloe blew up, and a few students actually looked over at us wondering what the hell was going on.

"Look, some crazy bitch named Zelena and another guy named Bucky broke into my home trying to find me, but they failed," I explained, coming clean with the truth, or at least part of it. Chloe didn't need to know that Zelena was some crazy fetishist that wanted to swallow me whole, probably best I kept that to myself for now.

"The guy that you just spoke with is Bucky."

Chloe closed her eyes, and her forehead wrinkled a bit. She was thinking.

"This is all the more reason you shouldn't go to this meeting," Chloe added, trying desperately to change my mind.

"Chloe, putting off a confrontation with Kristin will only make things worse," I tried to reason with her, "the sooner I try and strike a deal with Karn, the better off we will be. Our school life has been hell so far, and it's only the second day of school! This can't be put off, it has to be dealt with!"

Chloe sighed, and took a small breath. She nodded quickly at me, signaling that she accepted my opinion. She adjusted her hand and closed her fist around my body to more securely hold me, and we took off inside the school. The bell was gonna ring any second now. Our first period class together was science, or more specifically Biology. Our teacher for that class was Miss Garner, a forty nine year old woman who looked about ten years younger. She wasn't half bad looking for a women her age to be honest. She always wore a long dress with flowers, and her dresses NEVER showed any cleavage God forbid. She always wore three inch black heels that exposed the sides of her feet and her big toe only. She had a large diamond wedding ring on her ring finger. Her hair was bright red and very curly, kinda like that girl from the disney movie brave, only longer. She had large rectangle framed glasses, which were indeed a little nerdy. However all the students in the school loved her, she was apparently an awesome biology teacher.

Soon enough the first bell rung, and Chloe and me took off to our first period Biology class. Miss Garner's class was located in the west hall, which was conveniently across our second period class, but that was an hour away. The Biology room was rather large, with taller tables and barstools as chairs. A single countertop outlined the entire classroom against the wall, which is where most projects and assignments would be completed I assumed. Miss Garner's desk was obviously at the front of the class, her desk perfectly in the center so all students could see her. A white screen was tapered against the wall behind her desk, where the monitor attached to the ceiling projected the images from whatever source was being used. The countertops against the walls had stations with microscopes, torches, and other miscellaneous items that would be required for studying and testing. Pretty marvelous sight when you're only an inch tall.

On my first day of school I never really paid too much attention to my classes, after the whole Abigail situation. However examining it now, it looks much more magnificent than I remember. As we entered the class, we appeared to be the first ones to show up. Miss Garner was writing something on the whiteboard at the very front of the class next to the white screen. Chloe walked over to a nearby barstool and carefully placed me on it so she could open her backpack. The barstool felt cold under my feet, and wasn't very pleasant. As Chloe was about to start pulling out her binders, Miss Garner called her to the front of the classroom.

"Chloe, come here please," Miss Garner asked.

Chloe stood up and looked down at me, holding up her finger indicating me to hang tight. As Chloe was walking between the tall tables, I found myself staring at her butt. The dress she wore today was kinda tight, and very bright grey with faded stripes circling around the dress. You could kinda see the outline of her ass from inside the dress. I snapped out of my trance, and smacked myself. You pervert, she's your best friend and you're staring at her ass! That's what I kept telling myself.

A huge shadow overcast me suddenly, and I turned around to see what had caused it. I looked up to see the single most beautiful brunette girl I had ever seen. She wore the cheerleaders uniform, which was a one piece short sleeve/mini skirt combo that was brown like an eagle, and had white stripes around the sleeve openings and the end of the skirt. It had the Eagle High logo on the front. She was putting her bag down near Chloe's, but I was to focused on her beautiful dark blue eyes, and her wavy long brunette hair. She took her hand and threw her hair back. My dick got so hard I could hardly contain it. This girl was utterly amazing, and I think I had developed an immediate crush. I was about to wave and say hi to her when I stopped myself. Karn doesn't like other students mingling with cheerleaders, I probably shouldn't.

When I looked up again however it totally cut my train of thought. I looked up only to see the moon.... the moon of this girls ass that is. She wore very thin panties that were black with rainbow polka dots all over them. And her pantied ass was hovering over me. Once again I come into contact with a girl who doesn't fucking pay attention to her surroundings. Next thing I knew her ass was descending upon me on the barstool. With one quick slap of the butt cheeks, her ass fell on my body like a rocket launcher. Thankfully her ass was a bit bubbly, and it wasn't as painful as I thought it would be. I was trapped right between her anus and pussy, totally pinned and unable to move.

Chloe had come back to sit down, and noticed the cheerleader took her seat. Chloe looked around for me, but couldn't see me. She went over and touched the cheerleaders shoulder. The cheerleader looked over at her with the biggest adorable eyes one could imagine.

"Can I help you?" The cheerleader asked in the sweetest tone.

"Yes, that was my seat you are sitting in," Chloe stated, trying to be straightforward.

Chloe had worried that this girl had planted her ass on me. She was correct.

"Oh I'm so sorry, allow me to move!" The girl apologized, more than happy to move to another seat.

"Oh... uh thanks," Chloe said back, rather surprised she wasn't met with a rhetorical remark.

The cheerleader put her legs down, causing more pressure to be applied to me. As the girl slid forward, I started to slide right between the cheeks of the girl under her panties. As the girl stood up, her cheeks tightened, trapping me between the cheerleader's ass cheeks. What a day this has been! The cheerleader grabbed her bag and turned around to reach her hand out to Chloe.

"My names Bridgette," the cheerleader informed, "Bridgette Packman!"

Chloe reached out and shook the girl's hand, quite pleased that for once a student was showing respect instead of mockery.

"My names Chloe Sullivan," Chloe shared back.

Bridgette bowed her head slightly, and continued on to another barstool. Her cheeks bounced and slid against each other as she walked, her hips swaying back and forth. Her ass cheeks were rubbing together against me as if trying to start a fire. This was truly an eventful day. Every bit of me wanted to scream, but at the same time I didn't want to get caught in another situation like this again, especially since it's with ANOTHER cheerleader! Bridgette found another barstool and firmly planted her toosh onto it. It crammed me much farther into her ass, and I could start to feel her anus from the outside of the panties. Thankfully, she seems to keep herself clean, cause so far I didn't smell anything awful.

Chloe looked around for me, but couldn't find me, and was a little worried about where I might be. As Miss Garner began to talk and educate, she froze for a second to stare at Chloe who was still looking around at the floor.

"Miss Sullivan, is there a problem?" Miss Garner asked.

Chloe straightened her back up immediately, her hands on her lap.

"No Miss Garner, no problems," Chloe responded.

Miss Garner went back to her lecture, and I became more and more distraught as I tried not to make any sudden movements. I really couldn't afford to have this girl thinking I was perving on her, it would blow any chances of mending things with Kristin Karn. Unfortunately I suddenly had an urge to sneeze. I tried so desperately to hold it in, however that didn't last to long. "ACHOO!" My whole head sprang forward into the left butt cheek of Bridgette, and she jumped a little at the sudden motion. She started wiggling her butt around on the chair to try and get comfortable, but she had finally noticed that something was wedged between her ass cheeks. Bridgette kept wiggling, looking behind her trying to see what it was she was sitting on.

"Is there a problem Miss Packman?" Miss Garner asked.

That seemed to be her favorite question.

"May I use the bathroom?" Bridgette asked.

Miss Garner sighed, but nodded. Bridgette quickly got off the chair and headed out the classroom door. She was moving at a fast pace, and her cheeks slid more violently, rubbing against my entire body. I never thought I'd get this close to a girls ass, and now I kinda wish I hadn't. Bridgette entered the women's restroom, and found a private stall. She closed the door, and slid the latch to lock it. She then lifted her skirt and looked behind her, but she still couldn't see anything. She then reached her hand under and between her legs. I felt to soft fingers pinch my leg and pull me out from her ass cheeks. I was brought from under her skirt and she held my leg and drug me all the way up to her face so she could see me.

"I swear it was an accident!" I yelled at her immediately, hoping for the best.

Bridgette raised an eyebrow, and a smile formed on her face as she began to giggle to herself.

"I must have sit on you by accident, I guess I didn't notice you I'm sorry," Bridgette said, apologizing for the trouble.

"You're not mad at me?" I asked, slightly surprised.

"Of course not silly! It was my fault not yours," Bridgette said, still giggling at the thought that a one inch boy was stuck in her ass.

She squinted to get a better look at me, and flipped me over and placed me in her palm. She stared at me for a couple seconds.

"You are pretty cute," Bridgette flirted.

I blushed, this girl thought I was cute!

"Well you're bea.. utiful!" I stuttered back, slightly stupefied at myself.

Bridgette giggled some more, and winked at me.

"I'll be sure to hand you back to your friend Chloe, but you should hang out with me sometime," Bridgette insinuated, "if you ever feel like you want too that is."

I couldn't believe it, this girl was practically asking me to go on a date with her. And she was HOT! I was utterly in disbelief.

"Oh, uh yes most certainly!" I responded, "I'd love to sometime!"

"Great! Now we better get back to class," Bridgette said, winking at me one last time before carrying me back to class.

As Bridgette entered the classroom, she kept me out of sight from Miss Garner. She slowly crept up behind Chloe and sneakily dropped me on her lap, and then tapping her shoulder to get her attention. Chloe looked up, then looked down to see me on her lap. I saw a huge sigh of relief come from Chloe, now that she knew I was safe. Bridgette sat back down at her stool, slyly winking at me every now and then. This girl was amazing, but I still had a lingering fear of what would happen if Kristin Karn found out. But who cares, he doesn't need to find out. Not if I keep it a secret!

The rest of class went smoothly, and the bell rang about forty minutes later. As Chloe left into the hall, I saw Bridgette leaving to her next class. She turned her head around, and waved her fingers at me one last time before disappearing into the commons.

"What was that all about?" Chloe asked me.

"Bridgette," I responded.

"Just Bridgette."


Chapter 8 - To Be, Or Not To Be by Frizzle


Me and Chloe's second period class was Algebra. Chloe hated math, and I did too even though I was pretty decent at it. Thankfully it was literally across the hallway from Miss Garner's Biology class, so the trip was non existent almost. As Chloe carried us into the classroom, it had an entirely different structure than that of the biology room.

There were about twenty single student desks, all in forming a perfect square shape. The desks were about two and  half feet across from each other, and two and a half feet behind and in front of one another. I assumed this was to give just enough space for students to walk by the desks. At the front of the class room were three connected whiteboards spreading from one side of the wall all the way across to the other side. On the ceiling was a white screen that could protract from inside its tube like any other for whenever the overhead projector would be turned on. The teacher's desk was not in the front of the class, but actually at the back. It was on the far right of the room, near the window. Her desk was piled with binders and papers, only God knows what they all were.

Chloe and me arrived so early in fact, that not even the teacher was in sight. Seats had not been assigned on the first day of school in this class, so Chloe found a seat near the back and sat down, setting me on the desk. She had been awfully quiet for the past couple of minutes, and I found it rather unsettling. She would often be mumbling random things, sometimes I'd find said things utterly hysterical. Chloe was quite good at sputtering nonsense, and it was one of the things I liked about her, however recently she has been more serious in tone, and quite reserved. I was about to bring it up, until the class door opened. Students started flooding the classroom, and the empty seats started to fill up. Then the teacher walked in.

Tessa Mongoya, the teacher that every male student in the school wanted to fuck. She was only twenty eight years old, but frankly looked a couple years younger. Like Miss Garner, Tessa too had red hair, although it was far brighter colored than Garners. Her cheeks blushed red slightly all the time, probably because of makeup, and she had the cutest little nose ever. She wore a dark purple wrap dress, but also exposed her back. Her enormous size D breasts showed quite visibly from her exposed cleavage. The dress came down right above her kneecaps, exposing her silky smooth legs. I can see what the fuss was about.

"All students grab your things and step up to the whiteboard and form a line," Tessa ordered, and I quickly realized the tone in her voice was that of a drill sergeant.

The students immediately grabbed their things without question, and rushed to form a line across the whiteboard. Chloe took me with her, grabbing her things to rush to the front of the class. Chloe was about to stand in line when Tessa stepped in front of her. It was at this moment I realized how truly tall Miss Mongoya was, towering over Chloe at 6'6. Chloe just peered up at her.

"In my class, you will no longer be responsible for Mister Kemp," Tessa informed Chloe, as she reached her open palm out.

"But..." Chloe started.

"Must I repeat myself?" Tessa didn't leave this up for debate.

Chloe felt defeated, and carefully placed me in Tessa's palm. Her hand was totally different than that of Chloes. Tessa had many noticeable ridges in her hand, making it rough. Yet at the same time it felt as if I was dropped into a field of roses, I was so confused. Chloe stood in line with the rest of the students, and Tessa kept her hand perfectly balanced as she turned around to reach for a sheet of paper from the overhead projector table. Not even Chloe could balance me in her palm this well, I was rather impressed I must say!

"Today you will be assigned your permanent seats for the remainder of the semester," Tessa explained, her voice in a dominating tone. It was quite arousing I have to admit.

"As you sit at your desk, there are four rows going across, and five going back," Tessa continued, "you will move your desk and pair it with the person of whom you share that row with."

As she said that, I became concerned. Does this mean I was being paired with another student? Given my status of the school that was probably the single worst idea I could think of.

"Any questions?" Tessa announced loudly, looking back and forth from the line of students.

One student raised their hand, and Mongoya nodded at them.

"Why is the small dude being separated from his guardian?" The random student asked, as if he cared about my well being for some odd reason.

Chloe seemed to be happy that someone else had asked the question for her.

"Because given the event of yesterday, which all of you have probably heard about by now, I don't think Chloe is fit to watch Nick here in my class," Tessa answered the student, and boy did her statement infuriate me.

Chloe has been the best guardian to watch over me than my own family, so this teacher can go fuck herself and her opinion for all I care! I could just see the sadness in Chloe's face at Mongoyas answer, which only made me even more angry. Regardless, I kept my mouth shut, I didn't want to start another problem for my high school days.

Tessa began reading the names off a list, and assigning them to their retrospective desk numbers. Students began to go to their seats, and started pairing the desks together as Tessa had depicted. The line against the wall got smaller and smaller, until it was down to me and Chloe. Ironic.

"Chloe you will be paired with Tyler," Tessa informed her.

Tyler? I quickly turned my head around, and no shit sherlock there was Tyler in the front, an empty desk paired to his. Tyler saw me eyes set on him, and he gave a nod as if confirming it was him. Tyler was a junior, why was he in my algebra class?

"And Nick will be seated with Sally," Tessa interrupted my train of thought.

The whole class began giggling as Tessa said the name "Sally". In the very back of the class on the left side was a rather large freshman girl. She had very long and dark brown hair, and her eyes were hazel. If I had to guess she had to of weighed at least two hundred and fifty pounds, and she didn't look taller than 5'5". In fact, as Tessa began walking me over to Sally's desk, I noticed that Sally was staring intently at me. I felt as if her eyes were penetrating my soul. I had a deep feeling she was the odd person out, in popularity I mean. She seemed very odd and didn't seem to have a lot of social skills.

Tessa placed me on Sally's desk, as my own desk would have been a little much I guess. Tessa told Sally she would be my guardian in her class throughout the semester, and walked back towards the front. This was unbelievable, I already disliked this teacher, although I can't lie her looks were pretty fly.

I sat down and started listening to the lecture. Tessa went on and on about blah blah and important blah blahs. My mind was so scattered on the several different issues I currently had that I couldn't even pay attention. At least Tyler is in my class, maybe I can talk to him about Karn before the supposed "meeting" he has set up for me. I have a gut feeling that I should make Karn meet ME on my terms and not his. A chill suddenly ran down my back.

I turned my head around slightly, and saw that Sally was STILL staring at me. I could almost feel her eyes penetrate my skull. I smiled half ass and made a half attempt to wave at her, kinda creeped out. I turned my head back around to try and focus when I felt a sharp jolt of pain in my back. I immediately turned around and saw that Sally had poked me with her fingernail. I almost wanted to shout at her, but I didn't want to upset Tessa, so I just glared at her and turned my head back around. If I had to deal with this on a regular basis, I'm gonna blow a fuse.

"To be, or not to be," Tessa said loudly, her heels clicking as she walked back and forth.

"Are you going to be the wolf, that moves in for it's prey? Or are you going to be the sheep that will fall victim to the predator?"

Gee, this sure sounded like some philosophical lecture rather than math, but I guess I'm not the one being paid to spew stupid from my mouth now am I?

"In order to... *sigh* Yes Sally what is it?" Tessa was lecturing until she noticed Sally's hand raised in the back.

I turned around and saw that Sally was raising her head, and she also had finally stopped staring at me.

"Nick said he has to use the bathroom, can I help him really quick?" Sally asked.

Uh, I never told Sally anything, what is she doing?

"Yes, but hurry. And bring him into the female's restroom, he's small and nobody will notice," Tessa instructed, shrugging her shoulders as if there was nothing wrong with a one inch boy in the girls bathroom.

In a flash I felt Sally's chubby fingers wrap around my body, and it honestly felt as if Sally was trying to bolt out of the classroom as fast as she could. This all happened so fast I couldn't even get a word out in protest. I just went along for the ride and Sally sprinted out of the classroom and down the hall. What the hell was this girl on, cause drugs seems to be the only explanation right now!

Sally stormed into the women's restroom, and stopped. She had her ear up high, and was concentrating so hard I couldn't bare to interrupt her. I just stared at her, wondering why I had to deal with this crazy bitch. Sally then moved to the very end stall, and got inside, locking the stall behind her. She went over and sat on the toilet seat with both lids down. Now I found her staring at me again, ever so intently. I finally managed to say something.

"What are you doi..." I was interrupted.

"I'm sorry, but I can't resist," are all the words Sally said before immediately shoving me into her mouth.

The expression of horror on my face, I would never be able to describe it well enough. In the span of a second I was completely engulfed in her mouth, and her enormous pink tongue was slathering itself along with her saliva all over me. She tossed me from side to side, and flipped me over countless times as she licked and lapped on me like a fucking tootsie pop. Then she started using her tongue to start taking my clothes off. She somehow used her tongue to take my shoes, shirt, and then pants, spitting each article of clothing out of her mouth and into her hand. Each time she spit, a wave of saliva washed over my now naked body, and oh god I couldn't even describe it well enough.

As badly terrified as I was, I was oddly aroused for some reason. Her spit stank, and her mouth didn't smell good in general. However her saliva was warm, and so was her tongue. She began giving me a tongue job as she licked my dick back and forth over and over. At first I thought she was going to swallow me, but instead she's treating me like a jolly rancher. She started sucking and savoring my small form, and I was all to powerless to resist. I was completely lost on whether to fight it, or give in to the odd pleasure that I felt.

I began to hear moaning, and it got louder and faster the more it went on. I think she was masturbating. Well, I was about to find out anyways. Next thing I knew Sally's tongue carried me past her lips, and slipped down, dropping me on her palm. I tried to get up but Sally immediately pinched my body and started bringing me down. Oh no... oh god no! Without any warning, or time to catch my breath, Sally plunged me head first into her warm and wet vagina. All oxygen was cut off and Sally pushed me in and out over and over and over again. Her moaning was so loud I wouldn't have been surprised if every classroom heard it. Just when I thought I was going to die from lack of oxygen, Sally pushed me in one final time, and very deep inside her too. A blast of orgasmic fluid shot out of her vagina and all over the floor.

Sally slowly pulled me out, slightly moaning while she did it. She quickly started wadding up toilet paper and began cleaning herself, the toilet, and the floor. Eventually she got to me, sucking on my to clean off her fluids, then drying me with the toiler paper. Finally my brain caught up to me, and I just looked up at her. All I was met with were the same staring eyes as before. What the fuck just happened?

"If you tell anyone, I'll swallow you whole," Sally threatened.

Her threat caught me off guard, and immediately reminded me of Zelena. Was it possible Sally too had the same weird fetish that Zelena had? I wasn't sure, but either way I didn't take Sally's threat lightly, my life was literally in her hands every day during second period for an entire semester now. I simply nodded at her, to confirm that I understood her. She then hurried to get me back to class.

As Sally sat down and placed me on the desk, I saw Chloe turn around to look at me. I gave her the look, the look I give her when something is not right, and Chloe immediately understood what I was signaling to her. Sally was going to be a future issue, she done it once, she done it again. And I'll be damned if I allow this fat bitch to rape me twice.

Eventually class ended, and Sally stared at me as she left until she was out of sight. Everyone else had left the classroom to go to their next class, even Tessa vanished off to somewhere. Tyler and Chloe walked up to my desk.

"Chloe told me you have something to say?" Tyler asked me.

"Yes, can you send a message to Karn?" I asked.

Tyler raised a brow, "I can, is there something he needs to know?"

"I want you to tell Karn that I'll attend his meeting, on one condition," I instructed Tyler, a plan brewing in my head.

"And what condition is that?" Tyler asked me.

I turned my head at Chloe, and she cocked her head in confusion. She had no idea what I was about to say. I turned back to Tyler.

"I want you to tell Karn...."


1 Hour Later After 3rd Period


Sally had just finished her Spanish class, and had headed towards her locker. She was ready to eat some lunch, and was quite hungry. She kept fantasizing about swallowing Nick alive, and how sexy it would be to feel him kicking inside her stomach trying to escape. But she knew that would be murder. At least she was able to scare him into not telling anyone what she did to him in the bathroom. Oh god Sally loved every second of it. She never thought her fantasy would come true!

As she turned to head to the commons, she froze. Bucky was standing right there, blocking her path.

"What does Karn want now? I kept my promise, I convinced Tessa to assign me as his 2nd period guardian!" Sally pleaded, wondering why she was being confronted by the K Klubs second in charge.

Bucky scoffed, "Oh Sally, that's not ALL you did though is it?"

Sallys eyes bulged, Bucky knew, but how?

"We told you to watch and report, not catch and fuck," Bucky scolded, his eyes glaring into her soul with disappointment.

Sally dropped to her knees, "Please I beg you I'm so so sorry it's just..."

"Shut up, and listen," Bucky demanded.

"You will go to Mr. Waters tomorrow and do whatever it takes to switch your second period teacher, and if you don't..." Bucky grinned at her, "... Well, if you DON'T."

"NO! OK I SWEAR I'LL DO IT PLEASE NO!" Sally screamed in terror at what Bucky had suggested, as she knew what it was, and she also knew she didn't want to end up next.

Bucky stepped aside, and Sally ran down the hallway to rush to the principal's office. Bucky pulled out his cell phone and made a call.

"It's done." Bucky informed.

"Good, let Tyler know," Said Karn over the line.

"I'm looking forward to having a chitchat with our tiniest and newest student this year."


Chapter 9 - Dodgeball? NO IT'S SOCCER! by Frizzle

With the help of Tyler, I was able to send Kristin Karn a message. I was to have him take "care" of Sally, the bitch that raped me in the womens fucking bathroom. I felt bad, considering what Karn and the K Klub would do to her at my request, but I tried not to think about it. Sally definitely has impulse control, and probably some strange fucked up fetishes like Zelena, and that's a risk I'm not willing to take. So yes, I  had Tyler tell Karn to have her back off. Befriend your enemies right?

Anyways, the meeting was official. It would take place after third period, which means I had an hour to prepare. First, I need to find a way to get on Karn's good side, that way he is no longer a threat to me. Second, I need to be assured that his crazy ass sister Zelena will never come near me again, because I already know what that psycho wants to do with me! Chloe was against it all, as she was very concerned that Karn has a trick up his sleeve, and maybe he does. I don't know to be honest, and that's why I need to have a backup plan in case all else fails.

After second period math, Chloe was taking us to our third period class, which was gym. It was kinda vague in the description, but it pretty much sounds like physical activities and exercises to keep the students active I suppose. I wasn't sure what to expect to be honest. What could I expect? To get wedged into some girl's ass? To be tossed around a girls mouth like nothing more than a piece of candy to suck on? All bets were off at this point, anything could happen to me. Anything.

Chloe and I headed into the commons and merged into another hallway that led to the gym and the locker rooms. Technically we were supposed to go to the locker rooms first to change, and THEN head to the gym. However since it was the first day, straight to the gym it was. As Chloe brought us into the gym, it was simply enormous. No words could describe how big it was. Not only was it bigger than a basketball court, but it was so large that it was able to fit 24x24 rows of bleachers on opposite sides of the gym, and it STILL had an enormous amount of room! I was assuming they must use the gym for school events as well.

Many students were already in the gym, and they had all left their backpacks against the wall. Chloe decided to set hers against the wall too, trying to follow the program. Many groups of kids were all around the gym floor, just sitting around and chatting before the teacher would arrive. I overheard a few students talking about a new gym teacher this year, but I didn't really pay too much attention to what they had to say. As Chloe held me in her palm, standing near the wall, my eyes wandered throughout the gym. Right then I saw her.

It was Bridgette, the girls whose ass I was wedged in. I was a bit surprised to see her, but then I remembered she was a cheerleader. It only made sense she would have a gym class. However it seemed against the odds we would end up in two periods together. I just stared at her, and all her beauty. Her eyes were still dark blue, very intoxicating. And her brunette hair still perfect. Oh how she beautiful! Bridgette had waved at me after first period, indicating that to some extent, she liked me. Or at least I assumed. The big shocker was that she was a cheerleader. I guess they aren't all bitches.

Speaking of bitches, in the same group as Bridgette, was Abigail Lionheart, the girl whose shoe I got stuck in, and then she made a laughing stock out of me on the first day of school, yeah, that Abigail. She was Kristin Karns girlfriend, which makes her a threat. I oughta steer clear of her.

"Nick? Hey!" Bridgette yelled from across the gym.

Uh oh, I'm not suppose to mingle with a cheerleader, yet Bridgette seems to disregard that rule entirely. Does she even know Kristin Karns influence at all? Obviously not, because if she did I doubt she'd be risking my life confronting me, considering she seems to care and all that.

"Uh, hey!" I shouted back, as quietly as possible but not just loud enough not to show disinterest.

"How was your second period?" Bridgette asked, the most beautiful and legit smile I've ever seen in my life on her face.

Chloe shifted her eyes at me, seeing what I would say.

"It was good!" I answered, trying as hard as possible not to get to involved into the conversation.

"Bridgette! Come here," Abigail shouted, a faint irritation in her voice.

Bridgette looked behind her and held up a finger, indicating to Abigail to wait a second.

"But hey, I am throwing a party tomorrow on saturday," Bridgette informed me, "You should definitely come!"

"I don't know..." I hesitated, trying really hard not to answer.

"Stop by, Chloe can come too!" Bridgette insisted, not backing off, "I'll see you saturday then!"

With that, Bridgette jogged back over to her group on the other side of the gym. Chloe scoffed a bit, and I looked up at her.

"We just got invited to a party," I told her.

"We can't go Nick, Karn would flip his shit, and he'll probably be there too!" Chloe spat at me, seemingly irritated about something.

"Well I'll mend things with Karn at the meeting, I'm sure he won't mind if we go if I can sort it all out," I tried to contemplate.

"Nick, she's popular," Chloe hissed, "The losers don't hang out with the popular kids, you are nothing to them. A speck of dirt on their heel!"

My heart sank, and I closed my eyes and looked down at her palm.

"Is that how you see me?" I whispered.

"Oh, Nick of course not!" Chloe immediately responded, "It's just they don't see you the way I do."

I sat down on her palm, feeling rather stupid about the whole thing. I hated to admit it, but maybe Chloe was right. I just don't know.

"Alright chaps, everyone stand across the border line at the center of the court and prepare to get a locker number and appropriately fitted gym clothing for this class throughout the semester!" Said the gym teacher.

I perked up, I recognized the voice immediately. Only it had been a year or two since I've heard it. It was Susan Simmons, my old 6th and 7th grade gym teacher! She must be the new gym coach the students were mentioning! I guess she transferred from the middle school to the high school.

Susan had shoulder length black hair, and green eyes. Her nails were always painted and polished a semi dark purple, probably her toenails too I'd assume. She was rather petite, and probably stood at five feet and eight inches. She was pretty fit too, and her muscles were very tone. She was wearing tight sport pants made of a thin flexible fabric, really showing off her petite bubbly ass. I swear I could also see the barely visible outline of her camel toe. She wore a thin sleeveless black vest, which mostly concealed any cleavage.

Chloe, me and the rest of the class were all lined up in the center of the court on the border line. I was still in Chloe's palm. Bridgette had slipped her way on the line right next to me, and winked at me as she blew air at my body to get my attention. If she keeps this up I might just have to set her straight. I really can't have cheerleader attention right now, no matter how badly I want it. With Karn and all.

After everyone was in a line, Susan had began calling students names to hand them their locker number and combo, and an the proper size for their gym clothes, after of which they would head to their designated locker room to get changed and then come back. It suddenly occurred to me that I might be left to fend for myself in the men's locker room, and that didn't sound too appealing.

"Nick Kemp!" Susan announced.

Chloe walked me up to Susan, as obviously I couldn't do it myself.

"You won't be assigned into a locker room, instead you will be changing in my office to make sure that you are safe," Susan told me, "so Chloe please drop Nick off at my office whenever you head to this period, and I will take care of the rest!"

Chloe nodded, as Susan handed Chloe her locker and combo with a pair of clothes. Susan carefully picked me up out of Chloes palm, and set me in her vest pocket. It sorta caught me off guard. I heard Chloe walk off to the women's locker room. After Susan had handed out the rest of the combos and clothes, I felt my world move as Susan headed somewhere, probably to her office. I heard a few doors open and close before I felt Susan's hand pull me out of her pocket and place me on her desk.

The office was rather small, just a desk with assorted paperwork, and a ton of sports photos of the team that Susan used to coach in middleschool, such as volleyball and tennis. She sat down in her chair, and stared right at me. I felt there was something more to this than meets the eye.

"Hello Nick, it's been a few years," Susan greeted herself.

"Yeah, how have you been?" I asked, trying to be friendly.

"I've been good," Susan responded, "but I just wanted to let you know that I won't let the same abuse happen to you again that had happened in middle school."

I was totally relieved to hear that, it made sense now why she didn't want me in the locker rooms.

"And Nick..." Susan stuttered for a quick moment, "do whatever it takes to get on Karns good side."

Susan nearly whispered those words, and she gave me a look as if telling me not to say a word back to her. I simply nodded, and knew that Susan had information of some kind. It was starting to piece itself together slowly for me, Kristin's influence was far beyond anything I could comprehend. But what was it? Why was he so dangerous that even teachers knew not to get on his bad side? I'd have to find out eventually, however first I need to attend this meeting and swoo Karn.

Susan carried me back to class in her palm, and all the students had returned in their gym clothes. One student was holding some kind of clear ball, which seemed to have some kind of gadgets on the inside out, it almost seemed like a hamster wheel combined with a hamster ball. Then it hit me, oh for fucks sake I knew exactly what was about to happen.

"On the first day of class all we did was an orientation, however I would consider today to be your first day of gym class," Susan announced to all the students.

"And on the first day of gym, I like to start off with a fun game."

A student raised his hand, "Is it dodgeball?"

"No," Susan replied, "It's soccer, only in this game, the ball will be moving."

Susan nodded at the student with the clear ball, and the student walked up to me and plucked me off Susan palm and dropped me in a small door. I landed inside the ball, yup I was right.

"I had this ball made specifically for Nick, meaning this is the only class who will get to experience this game with him!" Susan kept explaining, "This ball will allow Nick to run much faster, about as fast as a regular sized person!"

The entire class oohed and ahhed at her explanation. However I was completely unexcited about what came next.

"Nick's objective is to make your game as difficult as possible, as you try to kick the ball into the other team's goal, just like soccer only twice as hard!" Susan went on.

"But won't he get hurt?" Bridgette asked, rather concerned. How touching.

"Not at all, the inside is layered with a half inch thick gel that will void any serious impact he might receive!" Susan exclaimed.

"Those that have a red gym shirt, go to the rear of the gym, those that have blue shirts, go to the front."

As it so happened, Bridgette and Chloe appeared to be on the same team, which was blue. Chloe had said nothing, but I saw the look in her eye, she was completely uncomfortable for my safety. I would be too, however after the conversation I just had with Susan, I knew I probably had nothing to fear. The student shut the latch on my ball, and placed me in the center of the gym. The goals were then set up on each side of the gym. Both teams took positions, and Chloe just so happened to be assigned as the goalkeeper. Of course, the red team's goalkeeper ended up being Abigail, Karns girlfriend. How fucking ironic. Good vs evil, only I'm the mediator.

"READY..." Susan began the countdown to the start of the game.

I took a deep breath and closed my eyes.


Maybe I am the mediator, but that doesn't mean I can't try and help Chloe and Bridgette's team with a small advantage, no pun intended. But I'd have to think of something that wouldn't have Susan calling a foul. Hmmmm.

"GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Susan blew her whistle.

In an instant both teams players started charging me. Right then and there I froze. I looked left, and then right, as both teams began charging me, or at least the ball I was in.

"Run Nick run!" Chloe shouted at the goal post.

Oh right, I need to FUCKING GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM THESE FUCKS! I started running, and to my bewilderment I ran faster than I could have ever imagined. I was running almost as fast as the students chasing me down! Adrenaline shot through my body, maybe this would be a little bit of fun after all!


My body flung back into the wall of the ball, as a student kicked me towards the blue team's goal. I tried to center myself to try and run the opposite direction, but I was immediately kicked again by some dude on the blue team. He launched me in the air and onto the red team's turf. The entire horde of red players swarmed me, all trying to kick me back to the blue team's post, but next thing I knew Bridgette ran up and kicked me out of the swarm, and towards the red team's goal. Just as I thought I was gonna enter the goal, Abigail sprung out of the corner and grabbed me and the ball in one foul swoop.

"You think I'm going to let you and your whore friends win?" She whispered to me, "think again you fucking pervert."

And with that she drop kicked me into the air, and I landed all the way with a thud on the blue team's turf. Unfortunately a red team member was waiting, and immediately kicked me into the blue team's goal. Chloe sprinted to try and block it, but she just wasn't quick enough.

"Red team gains one point!" Susan shouted.

The entire red team began to bump chests and cheer on Abigail, but the blue team said nothing, they only gave Chloe a glare of disappointment. Chloe looked defeated. She looked up at me, and I nodded at her, trying to tell her to keep fighting. Chloe picked me up in the ball, a new look of determination on her face. She ran forward and drop kicked the ball back out to the field. Good to know she wasn't worried about me anymore.

As soon as I landed I quickly started hustling around the legs of the boys and girls trying to kick me, which I wouldn't have taken personally if it wasn't that the whole school hated me for the lies Abigail had spread about me. I could just see it all on their faces. Oh boy, here we go.


A red team member kicked me so hard, I flew past all the blue team members and right into the goal again.

"Red team now has TWO points!" Susan announced.

Chloe quickly kicked me back out to the field, but as soon as I landed on the ground a red team member was waiting and kicked me straight back into the goal.

"Red team has THREE POINTS!" Susan announced.

This was disheartening, not only was I completely useless, but Chloe just wasn't quick enough to dodge any of the balls.

"Teams huddle together, you have one minute!"

The red team huddled together, and the blue team came to the goal post. Even though I wasn't technically on a team, I rolled over to the blue team's huddle.

"They are whooping are asses," said a blue team member.

"Well if Chloe could fucking block the balls we would be winning!" Said another.

"It's not all Chloe's fault, we just need to work together and try to make a game plan," Bridgette tried to intervene.

"Fuck off Bridgette, your popular, we aren't," Said another, "Why you are even on this team is beyond me!"

All the blue team members began agreeing and scoffing at one another, complete insanity ensued. I became infuriated, do these sacks of twats want to win or not?

"ENOUGH!" I screamed at the top of my lungs.

All the students stopped bickering, and looked down at me, surprised I had the courage to shout at them.

"Is Chloe a god awful goal keeper? Maybe so!" I yelled at them.

"But is she the reason you are losing? FUCK NO! Are you popular? FUCK NO! But who the fuck CARES! Bridgette is not like the red team, so stop treating her like it! She is on your side, Chloe is on your side, and I am on your side as well! I may not be able to cheat for you, because I am the mediator, I may not be able to give you an advantage either, but if you guys stop bickering over your differences, and come together as a team, then you can beat these red shirted fuck faces! Don't you see this is what they want? The popular only want the unpopular to be separated, because that way the popular gain the upper hand. However the day you stop acknowledging popularity, is the day you realize that popularity is a figment of our imagination! We are all human beings, all made equal, so stop acting like you aren't and GET THE FUCK OUT THEIR AND KICK SOME FUCKING ASS!"

The entire blue team started screaming in cheer and chant. I had totally come unhinged in anger, but it appears that the blue team agreed with me.

"WE CAN DO IT!" Bridgette shouted, raising up Chloes hand to get her pumped and excited too.

Everyone began to scream and chant, and they picked me up in the ball and started jumping up and down. I was in shock, they were cheering for me! I couldn't believe it. I looked at Chloe, who gave me a wink and a very large smile.

"Now get out there, and KICK ME INTO THEIR GOAL!" I shouted, hoping it would stir the excitement even more.

And I was correct. They rushed me to the middle of the court, and both teams took positions again. This time however, I finally saw the newfound fire within their eyes, the look of determination. It was time for the blue team to step up and beat the red team's ass. And I would do the best I could to help them to some extent, because I really did not want to cheat.


This was it, I was done being the loser, and I'm positive the blue team was too, considering they were all mostly nerdy and geeky types.


I looked over at Susan, and found she was also staring back at me. She was smiling at me, and nodded at me as if praising me for my speech to the blue team. I nodded back at her, it was time to fuck this red team UP!


Once again both teams started charging me, but this time I was prepared. Just as a red team members foot began to descent towards me, I kicked the ball to the left and his kick swung up so far that he fell on his back. It caught the whole red team off guard, as they all looked at me in disbelief at what I had just done.

"Catch me if you can, hoes," I said, followed by a sinful wink at Abigail.

"UGH!" Abigail shouted in exasperation, "DESTROY THAT LITTLE SHIT RIGHT NOW!

The red team snapped out of it and started charging me, along with the blue team. I swirled in and around their feet, as they all tried to kick me around. I finally got the hang of this damn ball! I saw a red team member start to kick her foot, and I also saw another blue team member coming up from behind her. I had an idea, and this technically wouldn't be cheating either. With a quick swirl and I hurled around the red team members foot, and lined myself up perfectly for the blue team member. He then kicked me straight towards the red team's goal. But Abigail was waiting, and as I drew closer to the goal I knew I had to do something if I was gonna miss her.

I began to run around the ball in midair, changing it's course of direction as it went towards the right just enough to throw Abigail's guard off.


Abigail fell the ground in defeat, and looked at me with contempt. I grinned at her, and it really pissed her off. She charged me and kicked me so hard my head hurt a tad bit after. I was back out in the field, and was immediately kicked by a red team member. The kick was so hard it once again flew by the entire blue team. Bridgette and her team members all looked in horror as the ball went to their goal. Just as it was about to enter, Chloe rose her foot so high I'm surprised it didn't snap from her hip! Chloe had managed to stop the ball with her bare foot in MID AIR! The ball dropped to the ground, and the whole blue team cheered. Chloe then lifted her leg back and kicked the ball hard into the air, and it landed on the red team's turf.

In an instant blue team members were working together, kicking me to one blue member to the other, and they ended up scoring another goal. I no longer needed to help them, they were finally working together to demolish the red team!

"Blue team now has two points!" Susan shouted.

"Red 3 - Blue 2"

Abigail was getting very infuriated, and kicked the ball back out to the field.

"Get your shit together guys! They are catching up to us!" Abigail shouted in fury.

The red team began to pile on me, but the blue team was just too quick now, and their morale was to high. They stole me from the red team again and scored another goal, as Abigail leaped into the air to try and block it only to fail miserably.

"Both teams are tied now, three to three!" Susan shouted.

"The bell rings in less than a minute guys, that tie breaker better be gone by then!"

The red team was determined now, they started to spring towards me along with the blue team. Both teams collided at the same time, as me and the ball flung into the air by the collision. I landed on the red team's turf, as Bridgette got out of the mess and sprinted towards me to launch the final goal. She was totally open. I didn't even move, instead I stared and smiled at Abigail. With one swift kick, Bridgette launched me towards their goal, but with no hesitation or faulty, Abigail reached her hand out and caught the ball one handed.

"Nice try Bridgette, but you oughta kick it more like this," Abigail taunted.

With one motion Abigail launched me into the air, and as I came back down she nailed the ball with her shoe. I was shocked, this was by far the hardest kick I had experienced yet. She kicked me so hard that the ball cracked a little, and I was stuck to the wall by gravity as the ball went over both teams in the center and right towards the blue team's goal. Chloe sprinted to try and and block it, but out of nowhere a red beam of light crossed over Chloe's eyes, blinding her for a split second. The ball then paled her right in the face, and knocked her flat on the ground.

"CHLOE!" I shouted in desperation.

I turned around to see who had caused the light to blind her, and I saw Abigail with a small mirror in her hands, and an evil grin on her face. My face turned to hatred, that bitch cheated! I began to sprint towards her, in a fury of rage. I ran so fast, that the ball sped faster than anything anyone had seen before. Both teams stared in amazement as I zipped by them at ten miles an hour in the ball.

"Nick, DON'T!" Susan shouted.

In one quick motion, I jumped and held my leg out. I kicked the latch on the ball open and flew threw the air super fast. Abigail didn't see it coming, and I landed on her nose. Her eyes crossed to look at me, and she was totally in shock at the feat I just portrayed.

"YOU HURT MY FRIEND!" I shouted in anger.

I immediately jumped and grabbed onto her eyelashes, and began to repeatedly punch her in the eye.

"AHHHHHHHHH GET HIM OFF GET HIM OFF!" Abigail shouted in horror.

Her eye closed, so I began ripping out her eyelashes instead, doing whatever I could to get back at her for what she did to Chloe. I wasn't paying attention, but Abigail's hand had snuck up behind me to swat me. I looked behind to see her hand coming for me, and I froze, knowing this wouldn't bode well for me. But Bridgette grabbed Abigail's hand in an instant, and quickly plucked me from Abigail's eyelashes.

"That's enough you two," Bridgette declared, stepping back and holding me in her palm tightly to ensure Abigail couldn't get to me.

"WHEN MY BOYFRIEND FINDS OUT ABOUT THIS!" Abigail began to say, but was interrupted by Susan.

"If he finds out," Susan said.

Abigail looked at her, holding her eye with her hand.

"If?" Abigail was confused.

"If you tell Karn what happened in class today, then I will have no choice but to tell Principal Waters that you assaulted a student, that could end up in suspension..." Susan threatened.

Abigail shut her mouth, and glared at Bridgette and me.

"Fine, I guess I deserved it, but the next time you pull something like that you little shit, Karn WILL know!" Abigail threatened me, and she immediately ran out of the gym to the locker rooms, she was totally embarrassed.

The entire blue team started cheering at me, and a couple of them went over to help Chloe off the ground.

"Dude, you are like the coolest and most brave person EVER!" One of the students proclaimed.

"Yeah man! If you ever need anything at all, you can count on us and our groups to back you up man!" Another said.

"You really helped us stand up against the popular kids, no one's ever given us such a heartfelt speech like that before, you really came through for us!"

I smiled at them, knowing I had earned their respect.

"Even though we lost?" I asked.

"We lost because of a cheater Nick," Bridgette stepped in, "But you taught us to be winners against all odds through your belief, I mean for gods sake you are an inch tall and just beat up someone fifty times your size!"

Everyone began cheering for me again, and praising me. I looked at Chloe, but Chloe had tears in her eyes. She was holding her head in pain, and she turned her back to me and walked out of the gym. I wanted to say something, but the students were too loud in their cheers. Chloe left me with them, and I only wish I knew what was going through her mind. I didn't understand her anymore, she always keeps things to herself now, and I just don't understand why.

I had no time to think about it right now. I had a meeting to go too now, as the bell had rung. I looked up at Bridgette and the rest of the blue team members.

"Karn has arranged a meeting for me," I told them.

"Whoa really? Are you gonna go?" Asked a student.

"Yes, and I think I have a plan that could benefit us all," I answered.

"What did you have in mind?" Bridgette asked.

"I'm not sure this is a good idea, Karn is a dangerous dude!" Another student said in fear.

"Don't worry about his influence," I told them, "The plan I have would require you and your friends, all of them. If all goes well, Karn will never be an issue for any of us ever again."

I should feel bad, considering I was technically using them. However a plan crossed my mind, and I would need a mass amount of people for it to work. Hopefully my newfound admirers could come through on their end. Bridgette agreed to carry me to the meeting, since Chloe disappeared, and I slowly formulated a plan that would work to the benefit of all the unpopular kind at Eagle High. I only hope it will work...


"You said he would be MINE!" Zelena shouted, feeling betrayed.

"And he will," Karn replied calmly.

"Yet you arrange a meeting to try and mend things? Have you gone soft brother?" Zelena hissed.

Karn snapped at her, "How dare you question my motives, have you forgotten that your whole family abandoned you Zel? If it wasn't for me,  you'd still be scraping scraps out of the dumpsters."

"How dare you talk to me like that!" Zelena was infuriated.

"Have faith in me sister, for after the meeting, Nick might think all is well, but I will not rest until he is out of the picture..." Karn stared at the bottle of whiskey in his hand, spinning it in circles as he contemplated his plan.

"Nick threatens to undermine everything we have built together sister, he doesn't have the obedience the rest of those pathetic losers have, he has the potential to fight back, and I'll be damned if I ever let that happen."

Abigail walked into the empty class that her boyfriend and his sister were in, a look of anger on her face. Karn knew something was wrong.

"What happened?" He asked.


Chapter 10 - Deal Or No Deal? by Frizzle

The meeting was upon us. We had only a few minutes before the five minute bell would ring, and lunch would begin. And after lunch began, I had only ten minutes to show up to the west corridor. I had concocted a plan, and if everything panned out as I suspected, then Kristin Karn would no longer be an issue.

The group of unpopular teens that began to adore me after last period came through on their end, sort of. Though small, they managed to get several more students to back me up at the meeting. They were just numbers, which I planned and hoped would add intimidation, as long as I came through on MY end. Tyler had agreed to help me, so as long as I guaranteed my plan would work, which it will. Tyler would take me to Tessa Mongoya's classroom, which was also the K Klub get-together place after school. I was positive that K Klub information would be there somewhere, and knowing Karn, there would definitely be dirt on him.

Bridgette was assigned to keep a very close eye on Karn for me, as secretly as possible. Since Abigail was threatened by Susan not to speak about the gym class showdown, Karn shouldn't know about Bridgette and me in any way or form. If anything seemed off, Bridgette would report back to me pronto. Everything should work beautifully. Tyler would help me, Bridgette is our eagle eyes, and the rest of the gang that is backing me will stay low until the meeting begins.

After we had all agreed my plan would work, we split up as quietly as possible, trying not to alert any K Klub spies. Karn had secret eyes everywhere, or at least that's what Tyler told me. According to Tyler you can't trust NO one. Anyone at any time could be a snitch, and that was a risk I didn't tread lightly.

Tyler helped me get my lunch, as we wanted to look like we were acting as normal as possible. After getting our lunches we nonchalantly walked down the corridor leading to Mongoya's classroom. We chit chatted and spoke about random topics, it was critical we didn't raise any attention. After three minutes of acting, we finally reached her classroom door. Tyler looked back and forth repeatedly, assuring the hall was empty. After he was certain no one was around. He quickly dropped and slid me to the floor, and I immediately sprinted and dove under the crack of the door. Tyler immediately walked down about five feet, then sat down and started eating his lunch. He wanted to make sure no one suspected anything if anyone turned around the corner.

I was inside, and looked around carefully to make sure the room was empty. Not a soul in sight. I started gazing around the enormous classroom, looking for anything that might lead me to clues or dirt on Karn. If I was going to get leverage over him, it was gonna have to be something truly awful, which I didn't think would be to hard to find. It would have to be something so incriminating, that even his mother wouldn't be able to stop him from being expelled. But what could I find that would allow such a thing?

Two minutes had gone by, and I had only looked around at so little. This was gonna be harder than I thought.


That was the five minute bell, which means I have ten minutes to find something or we are all fucked!


Nick had asked me to keep an eye on Karn for him, and I just couldn't refuse. Karn always was a bully, and he also thinks he can keep all the cheerleaders to himself, which of course has never stopped me. Nick seems like a good guy, and the way he bravely stood up to Abigail, well that was just incredible!

Without a doubt he was right however, that Karn is a menace and needs to be put in his place! I had spotted him entering the lunchroom shortly after the first bell rang for the five minute break time. After the bell rings again, it'll be lunch time and Nick will have ten minutes left to get to the meeting. Karn wasn't acting strange at all, in fact he acted like there was no problem in the world. He simply got his lunch and sat down at his table with the K Klub members. Bucky was there too, looking around the cafeteria.

Bucky had spotted Tyler and Nick, as they were walking towards the hallway that lead to Mongoya's classroom. Bucky eyed them carefully, but Nick and Tyler seemed to be playing it off as if they were just chit chatting. As they disappeared in the hallway, Bucky didn't say a word. It seems Nick and Tyler's acting approach made a victory.

A few more minutes went by, and Karn and his gang just talked. I couldn't hear them. Just when I was about to change my position, the bell rang.


As soon as it rung, Karn held up his hand at the group and got up from the table. He alone began walking my direction as the group stayed at the table. I quickly pulled out my cell phone and pretended to text someone. Karn walked past me, not even looking at me. Phew, that was close. Karn was heading towards the gym, and curiosity peaked my interest. What was he doing? I followed him at a distance, being sure not to be spotted.


After the incident at the gym, I was just overwhelmed. My face swelled in pain from being hit in the face by the ball. Abigail had kicked it at my face after scoring the final goal against us. I've tried so hard to be strong and brave, all for Nick's sake, but I just couldn't handle it anymore. Middle school I was tormented by the taunts and remarks of others, and I didn't care at first. But it has dragged itself into high school too, and then there's people like Karn to make it worse.

I had literally cried a river as I ran from the gym and outside to the front school patio. The bell rung on my way there. The patio was huge by the way. I sat down on the brick edge of the patio, and stared at the clouds, my eyes still dripping tears down my cheeks. My life was almost worth it, with Nick being in it that is. I couldn't give a damn about the rest. My family, my tormentors, they can all go to hell as far as I'm concerned. I've tried to be myself, but it always backfires. Only Nick accepts me for who I am, and even that may not be enough to save my lost soul.

I felt bad for leaving him alone back there, but his newfound "friends" would take care of him I'm sure. Besides, his new best friend "Bridgette" can carry him to the meeting, since they seem to like eachother so fucking much!


I jumped a little, startled by the voice that came out of nowhere. I turned around to see Sally, the girl from Mongoya's classroom, the girl that.... Oh geez.

"Are you ok?" Sally asked, sitting on the brick edge near me with no invitation.

"No, I'm not. Why do you care tubby?" I snapped at her, a little pissed off now that she presented herself.

Sally backed off for a second, clearly insulted by my remark, but then she frowned and sprung back forward.

"Tubby? You're gonna have to come up with something better than that if you want to throw an insult that I haven't been called before," Sally stood up for herself, "and I thought someone who is bullied like you would understand someone like me of all people!"

I wiped the tears from my eyes. She was right, I was letting my anger get the best of me. Whatever happened between her and Nick, should just stay between them I guess. She seems friendly enough now, maybe Nick just over reacted the whole thing? He's been known to do that before.

"You're right, I'm sorry," I apologized sincerely, "I've just had a tough day."

Sally patted me on the back, which made me slightly uncomfortable but I did nothing to stop it.

"There there, what happened?" Sally asked, trying to console me.


Karn had made his way down the hallway, but he passed the gym and instead headed into Susan's office, the gym coach. I heard shuffling and rustling, but couldn't see what was happening. I decided to get closer to try and see what Karn was up too. I got near the door and barely peeked inside. Karn was tossing several binders off a shelf, trying to find something. What the hell was he doing?

Karn then grabbed a binder and opened it up. The binder had said "Assigned Locker References." What did he need locker references for? Was it to find the locker Nick was in? Nick didn't even have a locker! This whole thing made no sense. Karn began cleaning up the mess, trying to cover up his tracks. I slowly backed up trying not to alert him, but once I turned around to walk away I bumped right into Bucky. It caught me off guard and scared me so badly that I barely pissed myself.

"Going somewhere?" Bucky asked, a smile spreading across his face.

I trembled, completely frightened and trying to scramble an excuse in my head.

"I was just... uhhhh.... looking for... I mean heading too..." I stuttered.

Bucky grabbed my wrist, and pulled me close.

"The answer I'm looking for is NOWHERE," he responded, his grip on my wrist tightening.

My head turned around, only to see Karn with his arms crossed near his hips, the folder in his right hand. His eyes gazed into my soul, as he frowned in disappointment.

I was utterly fucked.


I found that Sally was incredibly easy to talk too. She listened to every word as I told her the troubles me and Nick had faced in only TWO days of school. Sally nodded and shook her head, and giving her impressions in between my statements. I felt comfortable around her.

"Man, you two have been through a lot in your lives haven't you?" Sally asked me.

"Yeah, but me and Nick always get through it together," I responded, "were a team!"

Sally smiled, but then frowned.

"Chloe... I want you to know that I did something terrible," Sally told me in confidence.

"What is it?" I asked, tilting my head in curiosity.

"It's about Nick," Sally started to say.

"I know all about it, Nick told me, and don't worry about ok?" I told her.

Sally looked in astonishment, unsure of what to say next.

"So what if you gave Nick a little taste," I joked and laughed, "I've pinned him under my barefeet from time to time, I like the way he feels under them!"

I couldn't believe I had just said that. It's a secret I've kept my whole life, and not even Nick knows. Yet I told this random tubby girl?

"Wow! I've always had a vore fetish myself, I've always had trouble telling someone, but after you opened up to me I felt compelled to tell you!" Sally blurted, seemingly excited to shove that bit of info down my throat, no pun intended.

"Not that I would EVER eat Nick, I mean NEVER that would be murder!" Sally quickly defended herself.

I raised my hand, "No worries, I trust you Sally!"

Sally smiled, and nodded at me.

"Say, wanna walk me to my locker and we can eat lunch together?" Sally asked me, giving me puppy dog eyes.

"Sure! I am pretty hungry!" I responded.


"Well look at that! It's the lunch bell, just in time haha!" Sally announced, "Let's go to my locker quickly so we don't have to wait in line to long for lunch!"

I nodded at her, and began to follow her as we walked to her locker. Sally had really put me in a good mood, something not many people are capable of doing. Who knows, maybe Sally would end up being a good friend of me and Nick?


Minutes ticked by as I frantically scattered across the room, trying to find any indication of where to look for ANYTHING that could help me get leverage over Karn. Desks were empty, floor was clean, walls were picture perfect. It's like the K Klub did nothing but talk during their gatherings, which honestly doesn't make any sense. Karn is hiding something, and where best to hide it than the most secure classroom at school. According to Tyler, Tess Mongoya always keeps her classroom locked, maybe in accordance with Karn, who knows.

Just as I was about to give up, I suddenly thought about searching Tess Mongoyas desk. I hadn't looked over there cause I didn't think anything would be there. I decided to take a quick glance. I scurried as fast as my legs would let me, and eventually got to her desk. At first I didn't spot anything, but as I looked around I spotted something peculiar. A small locked drawer was was close to the ground of her desk, just barely allowing me to touch it. It said "K Klub" on it, and it was locked, I may have just found the jackpot!

On the underside of the box, were staples sticking out a little, probably loose staples that were never taken out during the desks design I assumed. Thankfully they would help me out. I obviously couldn't get into the box on the outside since I had no key, nor did I know where it was, and who knows if I could even lift it or get it that high. Luckily, behind the box was a small slit, like with most desk drawers. I hoisted myself up using the staples, and carefully climbed into the box from it's rear.

I landed a few inches below. The drawer literally had a single folder, rather thick too. I climbed up onto it and looked at the labeling. "Kristin Karn." No fucking way, there was no way in hell I was this lucky. Could this folder contain the leverage I needed? I was going to find out. I was about to hoist the folder open, but I heard the jostling of keys, followed by a door opening. It had to be Tess. I stood still, waiting to see if she would leave. I heard the clicking of her heels as she walked over to her desk, and I heard her let out a sigh as she sat down.

The drawer began to move, and I heard a key enter the drawer, she was opening it up! I sprinted and leaped, barely catching onto the slit I climbed in from, and rolled over and out as Tess opened the drawer. That was close! I landed on the floor pretty hard, and it took a second to catch my breath. I looked over to see Tess grab the folder from the drawer. She opened it up and placed a document inside. She then placed the folder back into the drawer and locked it up again. I knew it, Tess was definitely in cahoots with Kristin Karn. The question was, what the fuck was in that folder, and why is it so important that it has to be under lock and key?

Without warning, Tess slipped off her shoes and moved her feet forward. Next thing I knew the teachers left foot landed on my body. I heaved in pain, as Tess pinned me under her toes. For a moment I thought I had been discovered, but Tess flexed and wiggled her toes with no indication that she knew of my presence. Tess sighed loudly, running her fingers through her hair as she looked up at the ceiling. She was contemplating something, but I wasn't sure what it could be.

I wanted to wiggle myself to freedom, but I couldn't risk getting caught. Her toenails were painted a very sexy red, and her feet didn't really smell too bad either to be honest. However her toes were a tad sweaty, and her toes sweat was soaking my clothes. How is it I always end up under some girls foot? Like really, it's almost like some asshole is writing a story about me and making my life miserable or something!

Tess pressed down on her toes, squeezing the breath out of me. Then I felt her foot twitch, and quickly lift itself off of me. I took in a deep breath. Tess put her shoes back on and quickly left the classroom, locking it behind her. She seemed in a hurry. She had also stalled me, and I knew time was short. I gathered my remaining strength and stood up, oh boy that could have gone way way south.


I was in Susans office, in a chair. Bucky had sat me down to have a chat with Kristin Karn. Sweat was dripping down my face, I didn't know what to do. Kristin stood his back against the wall, arms crossed, gazing at me.

"So you've grown a little close to Nick it seems," Karn hinted, gaze unbroken.

I shook my head repeatedly, "No, we just have a few classes together, we just talk about homework and stuff." I tried to counter his question.

Karn thought about what I had said, "you know the consequences of students who mingle with Abigail's cheerleaders don't you?" Karn nonchalantly threatened.

"Kristin, Nick is nothing more than a loser, honestly we talked like once, and I wasn't even really listening, it's not a big deal!" I put on the best face I could, I was also lying through my teeth.

Karn nodded slowly, gaze still upon me. He looked over at Bucky, as if wanting his opinion. Bucky stayed silent however.

"I believe you," Karn said.

My heart lifted, thank god! I smiled and gave a nervous shrug, unsure of what to say.

"You can go," Karn told me, "tell Abigail hi for me."

I nodded at him, quickly getting up, but also not trying to look suspicious. I started to walk out of the office before Karn interrupted my leave.

"And Bridgette...."

I stopped, and looked over at him, meeting his gaze as best I could.

"Keep out of trouble."

I nodded at him again, and left the classroom.

"You let her go?" Bucky asked, " But Abigail...."

Karn interrupted, "Bridgette doesn't matter right now, all she needs to feel, is that she is safe."

Bucky didn't argue, and simply nodded.

"Besides, right now we have a more important problem to deal with," Karn informed.


As I left the classroom, Tyler was there waiting for me. He quickly sprinted to his feet and quickly picked me off the ground.

"What'd you find?" Tyler asked, his curiosity killing him.

"I found a folder with Kristin Karn's name on it," I told him, "it was in a locked box."

"Really! What was in it?!" Tyler asked, his excitement very high.

"I have no clue," I said.

Tyler frowned, "You found a folder with his name on it and you found NOTHING!?"

"Mongoya interrupted me, she opened the folder and placed some document inside, I didn't have enough time to look," I defended myself.

"Well fuck, what are we gonna use for leverage then?" Tyler asked, feeling helpless.

I pondered that thought, and a back up plan developed in my brain.

"We may not know what's IN the folder... but we know OF the folder," I responded.

"I have a plan Tyler, take us to the west corridor, I'm ready to face Kristin Karn."


Tyler brought me into the west corridor, and as expected Karn was already there waiting for me. Karn had many K Klub members behind him, more than I anticipated, and Bucky was at his side. Karn smiled, and was about to speak when the unexpected happened.... for him that is. All the unpopular kids started to come into the corridor, and began to back themselves behind me. We almost outmatched Karns gang. Strength in numbers. Karn frowned, clearly not expecting the crusade.

"You had something you wanted to say?" I asked him, being a smart ass.

"I thought we could come to an agreement to calm the void between us," Karn responded, "a way to... patch things up if you will?"

What was with the way he talked, it was out of character for him. Something didn't feel right, he seemed to confident. But I was sure the plan would work.

"You humiliated my girlfriend Nick," Karn stated, "twice actually."

I said nothing, I only stared at him. Abigail told him, I knew she did.

"Being a pervert in her shoe is one thing, however to assault her because she won a game fair and square is rather daft, especially for someone so vulnerable such as yourself."

"She assaulted my friend, that's on her not me," I defended.

"Either way, you've pissed me off," Karn said, his voice becoming more irritated, "and there is an easy way for you to fix what you've done."

"And that would be?" I hissed at him.

"Susan has a certain something that belongs to me," Karn explained, "I simply want you to steal it for me, then all will be forgiven."

What could Susan have that Karn would want so badly? I didn't know, and I didn't care. I wasn't going to do anything Karn asked of me.

"I know about the folder, in Mongoya's classroom," I stated.

Karn's frown turned into a scowl, but he tried to hide it. He lifted his head slightly and raised an eyebrow.

"Do you now?" He asked.

"I do," I assured, "and unless you want the whole school to know your secrets, you will disband the K Klub and leave the school  and it's students alone."

Karn laughed a single breath, looking down towards the ground, as he thought about what I had told him. He waved his hand up and signaled to his Klub members.

"Bring her out," Bucky ordered.

Next to our gathering, was a door to some teachers physics class, however it was empty at the moment, or at least I thought it was.

The door opened and my heart began to race when I saw that it was Chloe. Sally was behind her, holding Chloe's bound hands. A tear was running down her cheek, she was frightened I could tell.

"I'm sorry, I had no choice..." Sally pleaded to me, but I had no interest in what she had to say. I was livid.

"Read me one thing from the folder," Karn asked me, "and I'll let Chloe go, and do everything that you asked of me."

I froze, I had no cards left to play. I had the unpopular kids as backup, but that meant nothing if Karn had Chloe!


I held my ground, I couldn't lose this battle, I couldn't!


Why was he counting down?


I said nothing.

Karn turned his head to sally and nodded.

Sally was terrified, "I'm sorry!"

Sally coiled her fist back and punched Chloe square in the gut. Chloe heaved in pain as she fell to her knees.

"NO!" I yelled, helpless to do anything.

"READ ME ONE THING FROM THE FOLDER!" Karn screamed at me.

I said nothing.


Sally punched Chloe in the face, sending Chloe all the way to the floor, her left eye black and blue.


I couldn't lose this battle... I couldn't lose this...


Sally was about to kick Chloe in the stomach.

"I NEVER READ IT!" I shouted, desperate to stop the assault on my best friend.

Karn raised his hand to his ear, "What was that?"

"I... I never read it...." I admitted in defeat.

"Mmm, as I suspected," Karn nodded at Sally, who then picked Chloe off the ground and stood her back on her feet. She could hardly stand, and was trembling in her legs. Her face was swelling badly.

"You will do this task for me, you will steal what I need from Susan, or next time Sally won't stop with two punches," Karn threatened, stepping forward towards me and Tyler.

"And in case you don't get the memo...."

All of a sudden, I was plucked from Tyler's hand. Bucky hand picked me up. I looked in horror as Karn grabbed Tyler's Nick, and began to beat the ever living shit out of him. Tyler was on the ground in two hits, but Karn kneeled over him and punched him repeatedly. My heart sank in defeat as Karn punched Tyler over and over. His knuckles began to bleed, but not as much as Tyler's face. Karn beat him for a solid minute, with no hesitation. Tylers face bled and swelled, his body near lifeless on the floor. Karn had literally beaten him to within an inch of his life.

I was helpless, I was only an inch tall, I could do nothing. I failed.

Karn stood up on his feet, and a K Klub member handed him a cloth to wipe his hands off. All the unpopular kids had run off, abandoning me and my friends. The K Klub members started dispersing, leaving Chloe where she stood. Sally left in a hurry too.

Bucky put me on the floor, and walked off. Karn started to follow him, before stopping and turning towards me. He held up his finger at me.

"Don't miss the party this saturday," He said, "I'm sure... Bridgette... would love to see you there."

With that, he walked away, leaving Tyler's limp body, Chloe's trembling self, and my broken heart. Chloe put her back against the wall and slid down onto her butt. She began to sob, tears dripping down her eyes. Tyler was gasping for air. And I sat there, defeated, broken inside.

What.... what have I done?


Chapter 11 - The Party (1) by Frizzle

The rest of Friday was difficult. When the nurses asked what in the crazy fuck had happened to Tyler, I simply said "Karn". That was enough to get them to shut up about it. They also treated Chloe, who had said nothing to me the entire time, only sadness in her eyes. They urged me to continue going to class, which was a fucking joke because the only three people I trusted right now were in no condition to help me, or at least two of them. I had no idea where Bridgette was, and she never came to the meeting. That was probably a good thing actually.

I assumed Karn had something to do with it considering his final words before departing. I am being driven insane. The meeting backfired, tremendously. Not only will Karn likely move the folder to a more secure location, but he who knows about what he may have his sister Zelena do now. I couldn't help but think that this "mission" of his was a distraction to a much larger purpose. What could Susan possibly have that Karn would want so badly? It had to be a trick, it had to be. He is playing mind games with me I swear. His mother could have me expelled in an instant, but obviously that's not what he wants, so what is it he wants then?

The rest of the day went by, and I stayed with my friends. The principal had ended up calling our families to come and pick us up, considering we were in no condition to ride the bus. Tyler was the first to be picked up, his mother screaming in confusion at why her son had been beaten so senselessly. The nurses lied through their teeth saying that some kid had beaten him up and run off with no witnesses. They had to protect themselves from Karn, which I no longer questioned.

Shortly after Chloe's parents had arrived. Allison and Harvey Sullivan. I had only seen them on rare occasions, such as this one. They walked into the nurse's office, a look of disappointment in their eyes. They said nothing. Chloe had gotten off the nurses bed and slowly limped over to them, tears in her eyes still. Her mother had sighed at her, as her father took her hand and led her out of the office. Chloe said nothing to me as she followed her parents. Allison stopped and looked over at me, a look of anger in her eyes. She seemed to blame me for it, for all of it, which I couldn't blame her for. It's like Chloe's mother just knew that I was at fault somehow, even without knowing the circumstances.

Right before they left, my sister walked in. Ashley had come to pick me up herself, probably because our mother was busy. Harvey took Chloe and passed Ashley out of the office, not giving her eye contact. Allison stopped right in front of Ashley, and put her hand on Ashley's chest stopping her in her tracks.

"If your brother is responsible for this," Allison threatened, "there will be hell to pay."

Ashley just glared back at her, her eyes beginning to flare. Despite me and Ashley's differences, she never did take threats lightly. Allison left the office, following her husband and daughter. Ashley walked over to me, as I was sitting on the counter next to the sink. Ashley looked down at me, eyes heavy.

"Are you ok?" She asked.

I nodded at her, unsure of how to explain the series of unfortunate events that have unfolded.

"What happened?" She prodded.

I didn't respond, how could I? I couldn't drag my family into this mess, I couldn't risk their safety. I was terrified to be honest, I finally knew just how insane Karn was, and I couldn't bear the thought of what he may do to those closest to me, or at least something he hasn't already done.

Ashley picked me up, no longer expecting an explanation. The ride home was quite awkward. There was utter silence. Ashley had her eyes focused on the road, as I merely sat in the passenger seat contemplating what to do next. How would I even break into Susan's home? Would I hitch a ride secretly in her purse, or shoe? Maybe her pockets? Would Karn send an escort with me to assure the job got done? I have no idea, he gave me no details. I'm sure he would send someone to explain the mission as it neared the time to do so, but the anticipation was killing me.

All of a sudden the car pulled over to the side of the road and came to a stop. I looked up at Ashley, wondering what she was doing.

"Lucy told me everything," Ashley stated.

"Told you what?" I asked, unsure of what she meant.

"Told me about the night before, when she almost..." Ashley didn't finish the sentence, I don't think she could to be honest.

She looked over at me, a tear in her eye.

"Nick, I'll admit I've grown distant from you, and I'm sure mom has too," Ashley admitted.

"Your condition has really put us through a tough spot."

I looked down, not sure how to respond to those words.

"But Nick..." Ashley started, "the thought of you being taken away from us.... whether it be an accident or on purpose... I just can't go through that again."

I began to tear up, she was starting to wrench my heart a little.

"Dad left because of you, I can't imagine what I'd go through if I were to lose you too."

At that moment, I realized just how much my family loved me. I always felt distant from them because I was different, but I failed to realize that they felt the same way this whole time. I saw it in Lucy the night before, when we opened up to each other, and I see it in Ashley right now as she opens her heart to me. But I said nothing, because I simply had nothing to say. Maybe it was my arrogance, maybe it was because I couldn't find the right words, regardless of the reason, I simply said nothing.

Soon enough we had arrived back home. My mother and Lucy greeted me, very relieved to know that I was ok. We all had dinner together that night, and I never spoke a word. Deep down they knew something truly awful had happened, but none of them were brave enough to ask what it was. The rest of the day vanished, as time sped past everything. The day was gone the moment the meeting occurred, and the only thing that was on my mind, was why Karn wanted me at Bridgette's party tomorrow. Why. Was it sarcasm? Was it sincere? Or was it some kind of psychological mind game he was playing? There was only one way to find out, I had to go to that party.


It took some convincing, but in the morning I convinced my mom that the thing I needed most was to blow off some steam. I still wasn't exactly sure as to why I decided to go to the party, but I made the decision to go. Bridgette had agreed to pick me up at my house, so all I had to do was wait until then. The party wasn't till 5PM, but the day went by quickly. All I did was sit in my room, sorta depressed as I thought about all the mistakes I've made up till now. At this point, I wasn't afraid to make mistakes anymore. Maybe someone will put me out of my misery at the party, not to be all grim and shit. Just the mood I was in. I'm sure I'd have fun, as long as the K Klub wasn't there.

Eventually the time hit 4:30 PM, and the doorbell had rung. Bridgette was invited in by my sister Lucy, who showed her to my room. I was already dressed and ready, and when Bridgette entered my bedroom my whole mood had enlightened. She had that smile on her face, a smile that would turn any dark soul into the brightest of auras. I said goodbye to my family, telling them I'd see them tomorrow, and with that Bridgette took off with me back to her house. As we were driving in the car, Bridgette decided to ask me something.

"How'd the meeting go?" She asked, she had no idea what had happened.

I couldn't tell Bridgette the truth, it would only put her in danger.

"It went great," I lied.

"Really? So you settled terms with Karn?" She asked, extremely excited to hear the made up news.

"Yup, we are all good now, he won't bother us again," I lied again.

"Well great! I'm sure Tyler and Chloe were very happy about the outcome!" She assumed.

"Yeah..." I muttered, knowing full well what happened to them because of my failure.

After about twenty minutes, we made it to Bridgette's house. Her house was utterly enormous, or at least for a normal sized person. She literally had an entire acre for her front lawn. Ten foot tall hedges lining around the entire perimeter followed by a steel fence lining the outside of the hedges. The grass was freshly cut and as green as could be. The house was three stories, and I had to guess it had about ten rooms at the minimum, maybe more. To access the house you had to enter a code on the front steel gate, which Bridgette accessed to get us inside. There was a road driveway leading towards the house and expanding into an enormous circle. Cars were parked everywhere, all here for the party I assumed. From around the corner you could see the backyard was quite large too, probably a couple acres if one had to guess.

Bridgette parked her car and carried me inside her house. Music was bassing and bumping every wall and floor. They were playing EDM, and people were jumping up and down the halls like baboons. Disco lights littered the ceiling, colored dots flashing everywhere. I'm surprised it's not seizure central in here. The entire floor was a polished marble, and the staircase leading to the next two stories spanned an entire circle as it led up to the sky. This was definitely going to be interesting.

Bridgette walked me into the kitchen, where several people were digging into the variety of delicious meals people had brought. There was a chicken casserole, an enormous tub of mashed potatoes home made, bags of chips, cups with soda everywhere, bowls of assorted candy, pie, pizza, the list could go on I swear. Bridgette walked through another door leading to an enormous game room. An enormous 80" 4k 3D Smart T.V. was plastered on the wall playing Captain America: Civil War, and the families huge an enormous surround sound system was blasting Animals by Martin Garrix. Perfect song choice for the perfect environment I guess.

A girl jumped up from the floor to approach Bridgette as she walked in the room. The girl had brunette hair, and was pretty slim, other than her slightly pudgy stomach. Typical of a girl who is active, but eats a LOT. She wore heavy eye make up and her shirt was hardly a shirt at all. It only covered her breasts and came down an inch below them. Her entire stomach was exposed, which though was a little pudgy, was extremely sexy I thought. She was wearing a very short green skirt as well, and one could just tell that she had no panties on. She had a budweiser in one hand, and a bottle of Fireball in the other. She raised them both in the air screaming in excitement.


"Hey Cecelia, I have a friend I want you to meet!" Bridgette told her friend.

Cecelia looked around frantically, wondering who Bridgette was talking about. The girl was clearly drunk.

"He's in my hand Cecelia," Bridgette giggled at her a bit, holding her hand up with me in it so Cecelia could see me.

Cecelia bent forward, bringing her eyes incredibly close to me. Her eyes were blue, and stared at me intently.

"Oh, he's really hot!" Cecelia blurted.

I back up a bit, a little worried she might try and pick me out of Bridgette's palm.

Another girl walked up to Bridgette and Cecelia, also bending forward to look at Bridgette's new guest. The girl was rather short, I'd guess a couple inches shorter than Cecelia and Bridgette, and was rather slim. She wore all black, which matched her black hair. Her shirt was slightly raised just to show her belly button but nothing else. However it dragged a bit, showing that she had no bra on. She was wearing black jeans, and her toenails were painted black. At this moment I realized they all three were barefoot. Not sure why that stood out.

"Mmmmmm," the girl moaned.

"Macy, be polite now haha," Bridgette joked.

Macy, Cecelia, and Bridgette. Hmmmm, I gotta admit I was surrounded by hotties! However I was definitely most attracted to Bridgette, but she has nice looking friends. Bridgette then introduced me to two other guys, Reilly a sophomore, and Dustin a Freshman. I found out that Cecelia was a Senior and Macy was a Junior. Reilly had black hair, and a black trench coat on. Dustin had dirty blonde hair and was wearing a hollister shirt along with jeans and converse on. These apparently were Bridgette's closest friends.

The whole group was really cool as I began to settle in. We played twister, even though I couldn't for real. But it was fun watching the girls bend in overtly sexual ways. I could have sworn at one point that Macy's boob popped out. After twister the whole party began to sing EDM songs. A personal favorite of mine was Watercolour by Pendulum. The song was rather depressing in the context, but it was a song that I could relate to considering the circumstances. If you're not familiar with the song, look it up, it's good. Wait... I mean uhh what? Who am I talking too? Definitely not someone reading my story, because that's certainly not possible! I'm real, not some fake made up character in a book, sheesh, now take a hike dude!

We danced, we ate, we danced, we sang, danced some more, and holy shit the amount of girls trying to flirt with me was unbelievable. For the first time I felt like I fit in. They all made me feel so welcome, and didn't seem to care that I was only an inch tall. Throughout the night I had forgotten about Karn, about Zelena, about all my troubles, I forgot about it all. I just simply enjoyed myself. And I couldn't have asked for more than that.

I began to wish Chloe had showed up, I knew she would have had a good time with all these awesome people. But I also knew that she was in a lot of emotional pain. My heart really went out to her, I wish I could have done more for her.

"Hey sexy," Cecelia said, giving me a wink as she scanned my body from top to bottom.

I looked up at her, a smile crossed my face out of politeness. Cecelia suddenly and slowly lifted her skirt up, and put one knee on the couch's arm rest that I was sitting on.

"You looks like the perfect shize for shomething," Cecelia hinted, licking her lips as if to try and turn me on.

"Uhhhhhhh," I couldn't mutter a word, this girl was literally showing me her vagina, which I have to admit looked very tempting. But I just wasn't that kind of guy.

I looked around trying to find Bridgette to help me, but she was nowhere in sight. Cecelia took a finger and began running it across her clit. She was definitely smashed now.

"Wanna... wanna know what I means?" Cecelia hiccuped after speaking.

What she did next happened so fast I couldn't have reacted fast enough even if I tried. The enormous girl hovered her vagina right above my head and descended on me in one swift motion. Her vagina engulfed over me as if I was it's next meal. Next thing I know I was knees deep in this girls pussy. I felt her two fingers insert themselves inside, as she pushed me inside even deeper. Oh my god she was soaking wet. Her orgasmic juices soaked me everywhere. I did my best to keep my eyes and mouth closed, but eventually I gasped for air, you guess what happened next.

On the outside Cecelia had lied down on the couch, masturbating heavily with me inside her vagina. I was pretty sure she had released sexually before even inserting me, given she was already drenched in orgasmic fluids. Eventually I started to black out. The pressure was unbearable as she fingered herself over and over, shoving me so far up her pussy that I couldn't even see the light anymore. Finally she stopped, and withdrew her fingers. I felt myself begin to fall asleep, and I wasn't sure if I'd be waking up this time. The girl had literally drowned me inside her vagina.

Cecelia had finished, and had sat up. Unfortunately for me however, she was so drunk that she totally forgot why she was masturbating in the first place. She stood up and went back to join the party, completely forgetting that I was still deep inside her vaginal canal. Just when I thought things would get better, they get worse. It was a never ending rollercoaster of unusual sexual encounters. Most men wish they could be in a position like mine, only they don't fully recognize the consequences of being so fragile.

As Cecelia continued to dance and move about, I slowly gasped for air, her orgasmic fluids going down my throat. The smell, the taste, it was so overwhelming. Finally I couldn't stay awake any longer, and I slowly embraced the dark. I kept thinking in my head, that maybe this was for the best. If I died inside this girls vagina, at least I wouldn't have to see what Karn might do to me and my friends one day. Maybe this way, everyone else I cared about would be safer? Or maybe it was my life flashing before my eyes, as eternal darkness descended over me.

Bridgette had entered the room again, and walked over to the arm rest where she had left me. Only I was no longer there. She looked around casually, wondering where I ended up. She shrugged, assuming someone had taken me to get a bite to eat or something. She walked over to her friend Cecelia, who was dancing like an ape.

"Alright Cece, I think that's enough alcohol for you!" Bridgette said, taking the bottle of beer out of her hand and laughing at her.

"Shay, hey! It'sh a partay and I likes to.. drink till...." Cecelia stumbled around a bit.

"It's alright, I got you," Bridgette told her friend, helping her to stay on her feet.

"I... I don't feel sho good," Cecelia told her friend.

"You need to go lay down," Bridgette said, helping her friend over to the couch and sitting her down.

"Where's Nick?" Bridgette asked.

Cecelia just dazed around, but spoke "Nicksh the besht toy ever."

Bridgette raised an eyebrow, curious to what that meant.

"What do you mean by that?" Bridgette asked, now slightly worried for Nicks safety.

"He felt... sho good.... inside me," Cecelia muttered, before falling on her back to the couch and passing out.

Bridgette stood up quickly, and looked down to her friends skirt. Did Cecelia.... No, she would never! But then again she's drunk as fuck right now. Bridgette contemplated whether she should see for herself or not, and looked around the room frantically. Everyone was intoxicated and was paying no attention to her. Bridgette sat down and put her hand under Cecelia’s skirt. She had to know for sure.

She slowly started to insert her index and middle finger into her friends vagina. It made Bridgette really uncomfortable, but she needed to make sure Nick wasn't trapped in there. She inserted them about halfway, but felt nothing. She was about to withdraw them and assume Nick wasn't there, but she decided to push a bit farther just to make sure. Her fingers were nearly all the way inside Cecelia’s pussy, and that's when she felt to tiny little legs. Cecelia wasn't joking, she had literally shoved Nick all the way up her vagina! I couldn't believe it, I knew I shouldn't have left him alone!

Bridgette pushed as deep as she could into her pussy, barely grabbing one of Nick's legs and carefully extracting him from the pussy prison. Heh... pussy prison, that's a little catchy now ain't it? Ahem... anyways Bridgette had pulled Nick all the way out and held him up close to her face in her palm. He was knocked out cold, or at least she hoped that's all it was. She freaked and quickly headed to the kitchen. She set him on the counter, worried about what to do. God knows how long he was trapped up inside of Cecelia! Damn her, she was always such a fucking slut!

Bridgette turned around and headed off to try and find some medical supplies to tend to the bruises Nick had, making the same mistake all over again of leaving him alone.

I opened my eyes, coughing and sputtering out orgasmic fluids. I looked around, my entire body sore. Cecelia must have taken me out and put me on the counter. I laid back down, and took in an enormous sigh of relief.

I honestly thought I had died.


Chapter 12 - The Party (2) by Frizzle

You know what sucks... really hard? A vacuum. HAHAHAHAH! HA... HA.. ha.... no? Not funny? Ok then... on with the story.

There I lay, on the kitchen counter surrounded by bowls and plates of food that people had helped themselves to in the most animalistic way possible. It was like a pack of wolves ripped out a lamb's internal organs and splattered it's blood all over the ground. That might be a little over dramatic, but do you know what ISN'T over dramatic? Being forced into a girls tight vaginal canal and being left inside to choke and gag on the orgasmic fluids. That's what I just went through, all thanks to Cecelia, Bridgette's drunk ass friend.

I couldn't recall how I ended up on the kitchen counter, I just assumed that Cecelia had decided to finally pull me out of her drenched pussy. My body was sore from the pressure of Cecelia’s vaginal muscles tightening around my body like a fucking anaconda. This was the second time I've been raped! I mean.... it IS rape right? Well it doesn't matter, the point is that TWICE a girl has used me like some personal dildo of theirs, and I've had enough it! The party was fun at first, but it's slowly turned into a nightmare. This is what happens when you give alcohol to minors without parent supervision.

I looked around, hoping to find Bridgette. Unfortunately she was nowhere in sight. Where the fuck was she? It was her party and it's like she left everyone to fend for themselves. Or more specifically ME. I slowly got onto my feet, and began to stumble around the counter, wondering how'd I get down onto the floor. I accidentally tripped on a fork and fell backwards landing on the handle of a spoon. Ouch, that sorta hurt.

"Oh Dustin.... you are so goooooood," moaned Macy, as she and Dustin were making out and backing into the kitchen.

I believe they were the other two friends Bridgette introduced me too, other than Reilly who I haven't seen since. Dustin pushed Macy against the kitchen counter, her hand falling back and landing on the spoon. It caused the spoon to fling the handle up, launching me a few inches into the air. With a "splat" I landed into the dish of chicken casserole, which was about half empty. It was still mildly warm, and the sauce drenched my entire body, which still reeked of pussy. Gross.

Dustin and Macy didn't even notice me it seemed, as Dustin shoved his hands down her shirt to fondle her tits. Macy reached her hand under his junk and gripped it hard, as she began to grope him. The two moaned like two beluga whales, it was rather disturbing to be honest. I tilted my head back into the casserole, staring at the ceiling trying as hard as I could to ignore the hookup going on right in front of me. As if God answered my prayers himself, Cecelia came stumbling into the kitchen, looking extremely sickly.

"Oh Cece, you don't look so good," Macy pointed out, very concerned that her friend may have had one too many to drink.

"I... I'm hungry...." Cecelia muttered, her eyes on the food that littered the kitchen counter.

"Here, I'll grab you some!" Macy pitched in, cheerful to help her friend in need.

You'd think that after so many close calls I've encountered in such a small amount of time, that I'd have learned my lesson about positioning myself. I was so out of it that I never really questioned whether or not I should have moved out of the casserole. I really need to start thinking about these things.

Before I could react, yet again I found myself being scooped up onto a plate. Macy had brought the spoon under me, not noticing me since I had been drenched in the sauce. I blended right in, how fucking lucky of me. She plopped me right onto a plate, followed by one more scoop. Macy didn't want to over feed her friend, fear that she may just puke it up if she ate too much. How considerate of her.

"Now now Cece, sit down," Macy ordered, grabbing a chair and sitting Cecelia in it.

Cecelia was handed the plate of food and a fork. Cecelia just stared it down at first, contemplating whether or not to eat it. Macy left her there, and continued where she left off with Dustin as the two headed upstairs, most likely to fuck. There I was, left all alone on this plate of chicken casserole with a hungry Cecelia looking it over. I would have moved, but I was extremely sore, and to be honest I was rather doubting that Cecelia would take a single bite. She had drank so much, that even one bite of this casserole and I was sure she'd puke it up. I convinced myself I didn't have anything to worry about.

As Cecelia still pondered whether or not to touch the food in her hands, Bridgette walked back into the room. She immediately noticed Nick was gone, and saw Cecelia sitting in the chair.

"Where'd he go?" Bridgette questioned, assuming Cecelia was responsible.

"Who?" Cecelia muttered, looking up in confusion.

"NICK! Where'd he go!? I left him right here!" Bridgette pointed at the kitchen counter.

"Oh... uhhhh.... I don't know," Cecelia answered, looking back at her plate of food.

Bridgette was back, good. I decided I just yell at her to get her attention, then I'd be safe again. This night sure was a woozy. I opened my mouth to yell, but Cecelia had decided at that moment to stir her food around with her fork. An avalanche of sauce poured over me, entering my mouth and forcing itself down my throat. I found myself choking on fucking casserole sauce, really? The galaxy really fucking hates me.

Bridgette didn't think Cecelia had anything to do with my disappearance, as she figured it probably had to be some other chick with the hots for Nick. It was at that moment that Bridgette first started to sense those feelings, feelings for Nick. But she was so focused on finding him she shrugged those thoughts away and walked back into the living room to search for her friend once again. Unfortunately I was already close by, just unable to alert anyone to my presence. Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse, Cecelia had made her decision about her food. She decided she was gonna have a few bites.

She was fairly slow however, slowly bringing her fork down, and then slowly bringing it up to her mouth where she chewed quite patiently. Her lips moving from side to side, her jaw going up and down, and her tongue appearing every now and then to lick the remnants from her plush lips. I sorta got mesmerized by it. She did this for three more bites, slowly chewing, taking her time, before lifting her tongue back to swallow the mass of food she was chewing to pieces. I watched her throat as the bulge of her esophagus moved the food down her throat and into her stomach, where it would be digested for nutrients and what not. Why I was so mesmerized about it was beyond me, Cecelia just seemed to have a certain.... Hmmm, I'm honestly not sure. She just seemed different when she was calm, and something about it soothed me. That may have been the cause of what happened next.

I was so entranced by this goddess, and her calm nature compared to her erratic behavior just thirty minutes ago, that I failed to realize how much danger I was really in. Cecelia had brought her fork down in my direction, and I failed to realize it at the last second. I was too late to react. One of the prongs impaled me right in the gut, entering my body but not going all the way through. I screamed in pain unlike anything I had before. One might think that my screams would have alerted her, but I forgot how loud the music truly was, I had just gotten used to it I suppose. Cecelia had picked up two thick chicken chunks along with a side of Nick and some sauce. She was still quite fazed, and had no idea that she had just impaled me.

I held onto the prong, trying to pull it out of my body, but the pain was unbearable. This girl was causing me more misery than she even knew. I felt the blood rushing in my veins, and I also saw the blood gushing from my wound. My hands were covered. I turned my head around, only to wish I hadn't. In front of me were the lips of this goddess, Cecelia. Her lips slowly parted, and her tongue slowly slid out of her mouth to meet the bite of food, to meet ME. I saw her pure white teeth, a couple bent out of proportion with the rest. I saw her dangling uvula, as it slowly lifted expecting to have a victim soon. Her tongue was covered in a thick coating of sauce, from the other bites she had savored. Twice before I found myself in this situation, only something deep inside of me told me I wouldn't be getting out of this one.

I felt Cecelia's tongue come under the fork, and her lips washed over the fork like a tornado engulfing everything in it's path. Next thing I know her lips closed, and darkness ensued. With one swift motion, she pulled the fork, and her lips trapped everything inside her mouth as they pulled every last bit of food, including me, off the fork. When the prong removed itself from my gut, I wrenched in pain, as I fell back and landed on the tongue of this goddess. What in the hell was I going to do... could I... could I even do anything? I heard a soft moaning vibrate from down her throat, as she prepared to chew and savor the bite of food she had just deposited into her gaping maw. I was fucked.

Saliva dripped down from the roof of her mouth, as Cecelia savored the chicken and sauce she had just deposited into her mouth. Her tongue quaked and trembled in sweet agony, as she tasted her meal with her tongue. It moved around, tossing me from side to side of her mouth. Little did she know that she was also savoring me. How did she not notice the taste of blood? Now that the fork had removed itself from my gut, blood was gushing out, and I felt faint as I lost more and more blood. Her teeth began to descend, preparing to mash the food to an unrecognizable paste. Her tongue shoved one of the enormous chicken slices between her molars, and I watched in horror as they slowly ripped through the chicken as if it was nothing but foam. My eyes bulged.

She chewed slowly, ripping the chicken to shreds, and then moving the second piece of chicken to the other side of her molars to work on that piece as well. Her tongue has also scooped me up with it, forcing me on top of her enormous teeth. I looked up in horror as her teeth descended upon me. No... I wouldn't give up, I would not let myself give up! I didn't make it this far in life to end up as this girls late night snack, fuck that! I quickly rolled over and between her molars and her enormous pink muscle just in time as her teeth collided, ripping through the second piece of chicken. The sauce oozed from between her teeth as she applied pressure.

I climbed back onto her tongue, pounding on it with all the force I could, hoping it would grab her attention. But the only response I got from her was more moaning as she enjoyed the taste of the chicken casserole she was chewing. Her tongue slipped back and I fell face first into the sauce coated and saliva soaked tongue of Cecelia. She began to swish the mashed up casserole around her mouth, which picked me up with it and mixed me into the paste. She then began to center it onto her tongue, as she started relocating it to the back of her throat. She was ready to swallow.

"CECELIA!!!!!" I screamed in a futile last attempt to get her attention.

The only response... a quick lift of the tongue as Cecelia began to swallow. My heart sank as I looked forward, her lips sealed. It was over. The food slid down her throat and past her uvula, and me along with it. I was done for.

On the outside, Cecelia patted her pudgy belly, satisfied with her meal, as she rested back into the chair to try and rest her erratic and hazed mind. All while I slid down her esophagus. Going down her throat was rather uncomfortable, as it squeezed me and the paste of casserole down into her gut. Within seconds I found myself free falling into the ever recognizable pool of stomach acid. The paste landed on top of me shortly after. I was immediately met with a burning sensation, as her stomach acids had probably been active for awhile as it tried to digest and consume the beer, whiskey, and its new food that had just arrived.

I tried desperately to stay afloat, also trying to gasp for air. Stomachs had little to no air, and the excruciating heat and burning from the stomach acid only made it worse. Her stomach gurgled and churned as it slowly digested me and the paste. The wound in my gut burned and singed as the acid irritated and burned it. I had never been in so much pain before. It began to rain from the heavens, which I had to assume was beer or whiskey that Cecelia was drinking again. Did this girl ever stop drinking?

Meanwhile, on the outside of Cecelia’s hellish stomach, she had gotten up and continued to take more shots and drink more beer. She had began dancing again, making the pool of mixed alcohol and food inside her gut swim in circles. Back inside her stomach I was constantly shoved under the pool of stomach acid as waves formed from her erratic movements. I was helpless to do anything as this girl literally took my life away. I could actually feel myself dying from the outside in as the acid ate away at my body. Tears began to drip down my face, as I began to accept the fact that I had become this girl's meal. First her dildo, and now her fucking MEAL!

I began to hallucinate, imagining that Chloe came to my aid to save me from this girls bellys. But I knew that wouldn't happen. I never should have come to this party.


The noise was ear deafening, a noise that I had also recognized from an earlier trauma of mine. A noise that warned it's host that it was about to do something truly disgusting.

Cecelia crouched in pain, and a familiar taste emanated on her taste buds. She began to feel very sick, and the food she had eaten did not help at all. Cecelia knew what was about to happen, and she had to find a toilet asap. She rushed to the bathroom across the hall, giving no hesitation and threw open the toilet seat lid and crouched over to prepare for the worst.

Gravity seemed to vanish, as I felt myself rising along with the remnants of alcohol and food inside Cecelia’s stomach. It was at this moment that I realized what was happening, and the tears of sadness turned to tears of joy. In a split second I felt myself being raised back up inside of Cecelia’s throat, and back out of her mouth.

Cecelia had vomited all of the alcohol and food into the toilet, along with me. With a quick plop I found myself swimming again, but thankfully it wasn't in the acids of the senior girl, rather the toilet she had puked into. Next thing I knew a torrent of more vomit washed over me, as Cecelia puked a second time into the toilet. The smell was awful, and the water thick with the girls bile, but I was just happy to still be alive. The pain of my wound began to lessen, as the acid was no longer eating away at it. I watched as Cecelia slowly got up, and stumbled out of the bathroom. Thankfully she didn't flush. It's as if with every unlucky twist that is thrown my way, an equally lucky prayer is answered at the same time. Wow, what a night.

I waded in the pool of toilet water and puke, looking around. I was trying to figure out how I'd get out of the toilet. Unfortunately, my pain and suffering wasn't going to come to an end quite yet. A shadow came over the bowl, and I looked up to see Macy. The girl that was fondling Dustin just moments ago. A look of disgust filled her face, as she looked at the disgusting mix of vomit and alcohol that her friend had just left to stink up the toilet. I tried waving a hand at her to grab her attention, but the only answer I got was her back being turned to me.

Macy began to pull down her pants, followed by her panties. I got a full sized view of her ass and the underside of her pussy. I knew exactly what was about to happen. COME ON!!!! Her ass descended onto the toilet bowl, once again blocking out the light. I waded around, as silence ensued. I wondered what would happen, but then an answer came shortly after. A torrent of piss began splashing into the bile filled toilet water, as Macy relieved herself. It seemed to last forever, the torrent of piss. Droplets splashed about, hitting me in the face and I had to close my eyes to avoid any getting in them.

Then I heard the single worst sound of my life, that of which sounded like a fart, only it was much worse. I heard her wheezing as she squeezed, pushing the largest piece of shit I'd ever seen in my life. With a plop it landed in the water, causing the entire bowl to send waves going here and there. I did the best I could to avoid being sucked under the water, that was something I didn't want to happen. This night was truly disgusting. I looked up to see what was happening, and unluckily for me she had another one coming. She released a turd about half the size of the previous one and it landed right on top of me, knocking me under the bile, piss, and shit filled water. My lungs were aching to breathe in air, but it took everything I had NOT to open my mouth while under. I managed to rise up to the surface and took in a huge breath of air.

Macy seemed to have finished, and began to wipe the shit from her asshole. Perfectly folded squares of toilet paper began to fall into the water, shit all over them as Macy wiped her anus. I swam as close to the edge of the toilet bowl as I could, avoiding being covered. Macy then lazily grabbed another piece, but snapped it off to short, the rest landing in the toilet while still connected to the entire roll. I suddenly realized this would be my only chance. I swam frantically towards the piece of toilet paper, in hopes I could climb up it and out of the toilet. Macy began to pull up her panties, and her pants. I only had a couple seconds. I just barely managed to grab onto it before Macy flushed the toilet.


The water began to form vortex, as it sucked everything down into the hole of no return. The paper I was on began to get drenched, and started to tear. I began to climb frantically, as it dissolved below me, disappearing into the depths of the sewage line. Right as the paper tore, I leaped up just barely grabbing the edge of the toilet seat, as I watched the rest of the paper I had climbed get flushed down below. I had made it... I MADE IT!

I climbed up onto the toilet seat, which was still warm from Macys ass. I began to jump and cheer, impressed with myself. I literally defied ALL ODDS! I couldn't wait to tell Chloe! Err... actually maybe I won't tell anyone, that's probably the best course of action. I leaped towards the toilet roll and grabbed onto the end piece, as it began to slide towards the ground like an elevator. I safely landed on the bathroom floor, and began to run towards the doorway. I needed to find Bridgette right now, this party was turning into a horror movie.

Just then Bridgette walked in front of the doorway. I looked up at her, a smile crossing my face. Wow, that was easy! I opened my mouth to call her name, but before I could Bridgette lifted her bare foot to step into the bathroom. She didn't notice me on the floor. Fuck me sideways.....

Her toes slightly wiggled as she lifted her foot to take a step forward, as she too had to use the bathroom. The sole of her foot descended upon me, her smooth silky wrinkles, and her slender long toes. In fact, they sorta reminded me Chloe's feet, only cleaner. Wait... why was I thinking about Chloe's feet? I shook my head, I needed to act quickly. My body was in agonizing pain after being impaled with that fork, and I had no energy to leap out of the way. Then it hit me, no not the foot, I mean a plan, a plan crossed my mind! Every time I've been stepped on, by Abigail, by Chloe, I always survive because I end up flat. That's IT! I immediately fell to my back, hoping it would allow no further damage to my body. I closed my eyes and braced for impact as Bridgette's foot slammed into me.

My face sank into her smooth silky soles, the smell of her foot resembled that of strawberries almost, probably because she uses lotion. I felt her toes wiggle, as she felt something under her foot. She noticed it, which means I would be discovered! And I was right. Her foot lifted off of me slowly, still dangling in the air over my limp body. I merely stared up at her, and her at me. Her eyes widened as she realized that it was me.

"NICK!" Bridgette screamed, quickly setting her foot down and onto the side.

Bridgette quickly picked me up, and I wheezed in pain. She saw the wound in my gut, and held a hand up to her mouth in horror.

"Oh my gosh... what happened!" Bridgette asked in horror.

So yeah, I could go into the details after that, but it's fairly straight forward. I caved in and decided to tell Bridgette everything that had happened. Being impaled, being eaten alive, and then the toilet.... She even cried in horror every second of it. I felt bad, but she needed to know, and she wouldn't let me off the hook without telling her. The night ended right there and then, as she disbanded the party and sent everyone home. She never confronted Cecelia, as I had asked her not to since she was to drunk to remember any of it anyways. So pretty much Macy and Cecelia would never find out the torment they caused me long story short. After everyone left, and Bridgette had patched me up, she was about to take me home. I asked her not to though, I didn't want my family to find out.

So instead Bridgette let me stay the night, since her parents weren't home. She carefully brought me up to her bedroom, and set me down. She walked over to her closet, and began to get dressed into her pajamas, or at least that's what I thought.

"Nick...." Bridgette whispered.

"Yeah?" I responded.

She began to unbutton her shirt.

"I'm so sorry for what happened tonight, I never should have left you alone," Bridgette apologized.

"It's not your fault," I responded.

She dropped the shirt to the floor, along with her bra. What was she doing?

"I have a confession Nick...." Bridgette began to admit.

I froze, not sure what she was trying to tell me.

"Nick... I think I like you..." Bridgette told me.

My jaw dropped. Like... as in like like?

She slipped off her pants, along with her panties, before turning around to reveal her splendid naked appearance. My eyes widened, and I partially looked away, not sure what to do. Her tits were quite large, and very firm and supple. Her vagina was so innocent looking, and shaven clean. Her slender stomach caught my attention, and I couldn't help but wish I could sleep on it. She was purely magnificent.

"Nick, I want you," Bridgette told me.

She began to slowly walk over to the bed. What was happening? This was all happening so very quickly. Bridgette rested a single leg onto the bed, the other still on the floor. Her vagina was so close to me I could literally feel it's warmth. Her hand slowly picked me up, easy not to cause me any pain. She slowly brought me close to her pussy, as I layed back and stared in amazement. She then began to slowly bring me up, rising above her stomach and then past her amazing breasts. Eventually she brought me up to her mouth. Her lips were even better than Cecelia’s, the sexiest I could have ever imagined. They perked up and planted a kiss right onto my face. I felt at ease.

"Nick...." Bridgette started.

"I won't hurt you, I won't do anything against your will, I promise," she spoke.

"Would you allow me to.... lie with you...." She asked me.

My heart began to race, but more as if a relieved racing. Bridgette could use me as she pleased, against my will if she wanted. But here she was, asking me for my permission instead. Part of me wanted to say no, in fear of what Karn would do if he ever found out what was going on here tonight. But I began to grow bold once more. Fuck him, fuck Karn. Fuck the K Klub. Fuck em' all.

"Yes," I responded.


Chapter 13 - Chloe by Frizzle

I know what you're expecting. You want to know the slimy, gritty, down to the bone details of me and Bridgette's hot and steamy night, right where I left off in the last chapter huh? Sorry, that is gonna have to wait. Because while Bridgette tries desperately to avoid hurting my currently super fragile body all the while of making me hard, there is a story going on inside the Sullivan house, a story about Chloe. Did I say story? More like a harsh reality that not even I was aware of at the time. As I said before, I had hardly ever been to Chloe's house, and when I had it was usually because her parents weren't home. I've also hardly ever met Chloe's parents. I never begged to ask the question however, as to WHY Chloe kept her home life such a secret. Eventually I learned the truth, but by that time it was far too late.

After her parents had picked her up from school, they were hot headed the entire way home. Chloes face still bruised and black from the beating from Sally. Chloe knew deep inside that her parents always disliked Nick, or me that is, because her parents felt that being around me all the time only pushed her farther away from society. I was only an inch tall, and they didn't consider me normal, therefore they didn't consider Chloe normal either. One might think that Chloe's parents are a bit close minded. Chloe wouldn't argue with that statement.

Going years back, even before middle school, to get a clear picture of why Chloe is who she is. In elementary school, there was a renaissance festival at a local library. The entire school had gone as an event, and that sparked Chloe's interests wildly. She was so fascinated by the way people dressed in that era, and she fell in love with it. I remember Chloe telling me that she had begged her teacher to let her take home one of the outfits, of which the teacher caved and made a deal with one of the festival staff. Chloe had tried the gown on, and fell in love with it. However the tread of her shoes constantly would catch on the outer rim of the gown, and it kept tearing the bottom up. Thus Chloe decided to take off her shoes. She kept her socks on, but quickly realized wearing socks on the slippery granite surface was quite slippery, so she took off her socks and decided to walk around barefoot.

As the weeks went by, Chloe began to fully enjoy her barefoot ventures. Her parents and peers would beg her to wear shoes again, but she just simply refused to put them on.  In 5th grade Chloe convinced her parents to take a sewing class, where she began to learn how to create her own old fashioned gowns. She fell in love with it, and decided she liked dressing and acting differently than the rest of her friends. It made her feel special. Her parents never accepted her for it though.

One night they had a sit down with her, where they told her she needed to stop acting like a child and grow up. They told her that only babies don't wear shoes, and only babies wear silly gowns such as the ones Chloe had made herself. It broke Chloe inside, to hear that her parents didn't support or care about her own interests. Chloe never changed, but neither did her parents. And things didn't become easier for Chloe in middle school.

When 6th grade arrived, Chloe was laughed and mocked the moment she walked into the school on her first day. For the first couple months, the torment was unbearable. She would come home crying her eyes out, in the arms of her mother Allison. Allison tried to say something to console her broken daughter, but she knew that she had nothing to say that would cheer her up. One day, when Chloe was getting dressed in the girls locker room, the other girls had stolen her gown. Chloe covered her body as the rest of the girl's body shamed her, and called her fat and ugly. None of those were true, as I can assure you. Chloe is very beautiful, and those girls spoke lies that day. Unfortunately Chloe believed every word. It broke her spirit.

By 7th grade, Chloe had began to grow an iron shield around her heart. She simply ignored it all. She no longer cared about what others thought about her. She couldn't take the pain any longer, so she locked it all away. Or at least she thought she had. Little did Chloe know, that the first day of 7th grade was the day she would make her first real friend. Me. When she finally discovered me stuck to the sole of her bare foot, after she unknowingly had stepped on me. The iron barrier she had made, immediately broke apart as she looked into my eyes. As I had stared at her, truly amazed at the beautiful eyes she held, she too was mesmerized by me.

We became friends of course, as you all know. And we formed an iron bond as we helped each other emotionally and physically through the rest of middle school. I never knew it, but Chloe had developed feelings for me over the course of those two years. She never admitted her feelings for me. I wish she had, I really do. It's too late now unfortunately, given the course of events that have unfolded at Eagle High. You might be thinking that this chapter is in the same timeline as the previous, but you would be sadly mistaken. As you might know, I wasn't at Chloe's house that night, and thus I didn't find out the truth about what happened until years later after Chloe's parents told me the truth. By then, it was too late. Chloes fate had already been sealed. A part of me thinks, that had Chloe told me how she had felt about me to begin with, that things might have ended up differently. For instance, I never would have chosen Bridgette.

The Sullivans had arrived at their house, and Chloe exited the car to go inside. She didn't want to hear what her parents had to say, she already knew what they thought. Chloe entered the house and immediately went up the stairs and into her bedroom. Chloe walked up to the mirror up against her wall, and stood in front of as she looked at herself. A tear rolled down her face, as she wondered what made her so different. The way she dressed? The fact she hated socks and shoes? Why did anyone else have to care? Chloe gritted her teeth, as she looked at her now deformed face. Sure, it would heal, but the fact that other people would be judging her for it, that's what made her upset. She balled up her fist and punched the mirror in one stroke, shattering it to pieces. Blood dripped down her knuckles, but she didn't care.

She looked down towards the floor. The shattered remnants of the glass scattered around her toes. She saw her broken reflection within the shattered pieces. That was her soul, that was her spirit, shattered into a pieces because of the judgement of others. Why did she have to care so much about what others thought about her? She didn't know, but she did know that she hated it. She wish she could just shut out all her feelings, but Chloe knew that if she did that, she may shut out her feelings for Nick. And that was something she couldn't bring herself to do.

"Chloe! What's going on up there?" Allison shouted, hearing the ruckus up in Chloe's room.

Chloe shut out the words of her mom, replacing them with memories of her and Nick (Me). Chloe remembered the time she had surprised Nick on his birthday back in 8th grade. Of course she was the only one who actually came to his birthday. She had jumped from behind the corner of the stairwell and surprised Nick, who didn't know she was there. She then pinned him under the sole of her right bare foot. It was the first time she had ever done it, and she immediately liked it. She never knew why, it just made her feel powerful. She would wiggle her toes over Nick, and it sorta turned her on. Of course she never hurt him, she could never do that. But ever since that day she would randomly tease Nick with her toes. Nick was none the wiser, never realizing the odd fetish Chloe had developed. And Chloe never planned to tell him either.

"Dammit Chloe, ANSWER ME!" Her mother yelled, as her heavy footsteps could be heard coming up the stairs.

Why couldn't her mother just shut up and leave her alone? Chloe never understood why her mother had the overwhelming nature to always pry into her business. It was quite ironic to her actually. Her mother always acted like she was there for her, yet was never there for her at all. Empty compassion, is what she called it.

The door barged open, and Allison stood in the doorway, arms crossed.

"You broke yet another mirror?" Allison hissed, not impressed with Chloes tantrum.

"I bought it, so why do you care?" Chloe snapped.

"You will watch your tongue with me, you ungrateful little shit!" Allison did not take Chloe's statement with ease.

"It's all this Nick kids fault, he's been a bad influence on you Chloe!" Allison began to accuse.

"Nick has been more of a family to me than you ever have!" Chloe remarked.

Allisons face became red with rage. Her arms uncrossing and balling into fists by her side.

"How.... DARE YOU!" Allison slowly crept forward.




"Yet you judge me for who I am," Chloe said calmly, a tear rolling down her face.

"You don't accept me anymore... and that's why I hate you."

Allison froze, her face in shock. Chloe stared up at with her an unforgiving glare. Allison turned her head away, not sure how to respond. Then she slowly turned her head back towards her daughter. She lifted her hand.


With one swift motion, Allison slapped her daughter across the face, right on the already bruised cheek. Chloe winced in pain, but refused to hold her hand up to her bruise. She simply glared at her mother, as if daring her to do it again. But Allison didn't.

"As of now, you will no longer see Nick," Allison stated.

"And I will be pulling you from Eagle High, and putting you into a different school program."

"WHAT!? NO!" Chloe shouted in retaliation.


Allison was at the doorway, and turned her head slightly towards Chloe.

"Watch me, you ungrateful child."

With those words, Allison slammed the door behind Chloe, locking it behind her. Yup, Allison and her husband Harvey punished Chloe by locking her in her own room. The fucked up part? They barred her window so she couldn't escape. That is what happened on a regular basis in the life of Chloe, and I never knew. Not until years later once the Sullivans came forward with the truth. But as I said before, by then it was too late. Chloe was gone already.

Chloe bashed and banged on the door in frustration. Cursing at her parents. Why were they doing this to her? Were they really going to strip her away from the only friend she's ever had? Nick was not only family to her, but he was her crush as well. She wholeheartedly loved him, and couldn't bare to think of a world where she could not be with him, even if it was just as friends.

"I HATE YOU!" Chloe shouted, tears rolling down her face.

She banged her head on the door repeatedly, but her parents never came. They simply ignored her, leaving her locked away in her bedroom prison. Why couldn't her parents just love her? Chloe crawled into a corner and got into the fetal position. She rocked back and forth as she cried and cried. If Nick had been there, it would have been a bloody river.

But then the sadness stopped. The anger stopped. The hatred stopped. Chloe stood up. Her emotions gone. Her feelings gone. She looked behind her, at the broken mirror. She no longer saw her broken shattered self. She had made her final decision. She decided to lock it all away, even if it meant sacrificing her feelings for Nick. She bent over, and picked up a shard of glass. She then walked over to her door. She laid a hand on the door, feeling it carefully. With one quick punch, the door bent and cracked at the pressure. Her brows furrowed, her eyes acute. She repeatedly began to punch the door with the same fist, over and over, until eventually she punched a hole all the way through. Her knuckles were badly bruised, and bleeding, but she no longer felt pain. She reached her hand threw the hole and unlocked the door.

As she began to head down the stairs, her parents had run towards the stairwell to see what the hell had been going on.

"What in the hell do you think you are doing!?" Harvey snapped at her, as he saw his daughter's bloodied hand.

He began to move forward to grab her, but Chloe held the glass shard up, which made him back off.

"Chloe, put it down...." Allison begged, fearing for the worst.

Chloe turned her head towards her mother, a grin crossing her face. A grin of no emotion.

"You are no longer my parents, I have decided to disown you." Chloe informed them.

"Chloe.... you are sick, you need help..." Harvey tried to reason with her.

"No, it is you who needs help," Chloe responded.

"I am going to walk out the front door, and I am never going to look back. I expect you will do the same."

Chloe began to walk forward, her parents backing up as they feared that Chloe might harm them. Chloe opened the front door and was about to leave, before turning back towards her parents frightened faces with confusion.

"Why are you so shocked?" Chloe asked, as her parents looked at her like a crazy person.

"You always treated me like I was insane, I'm just simply accepting the role now," Chloe told them, smiling sarcastically as she left the house.

For the first time in a long time, Chloe finally felt free. Her parents were right about one thing, being around Nick made her weak inside. Her feelings for Nick had exposed her to feel emotions based on the judgement from all mankind. But no more. She wouldn't abandon Nick, of course not. They were still friends. She just simply locked away the feelings of love she had for him, as it was the only way she could handle the trauma she had experienced. It was the only way.

She began to walk towards Nick's house, as she knew that his family would accept her with no problem. Or at least his sisters would, they always liked her. Nick's mother always found Chloe a bit odd, but never seemed to shun her for it.

But then again, she was different. She wasn't like other girls. Her personality differed from most. Why?

Because shes mother fucking Chloe.


Chapter 14 - Friendship by Frizzle

The party was truly an event to remember. I mean, who could possibly forget being swallowed alive and then pissed and shit on followed by being stepped on all in one evening? I sure wouldn't. However that wasn't the only  activity going on that night. Bridgette had decided to tell me she had feelings for me, and proceeded to ask if she could "do stuff" with me. Despite the fact I had been impaled in the gut with a fork, and had burns all over my body from the acid, I just couldn't say no. I had actually said yes.

Bridgette had worked carefully with me, doing her best to avoid removing the bandage work she had done to my body that consisted of paper towel cut outs and thin tape that she had cut accordingly for my size. She had stripped naked in front of me, exposing her incredible body. Her breasts were so firm, yet supple at the same time. She was thin, yet full figured at the same time. It's almost like she had the perfect figure, I just didn't know how to explain it. She had sprawled herself out on her bed carefully, trying to ease my pain. I could sense in her eyes that she wanted to let me rest, but I knew at the same time she couldn't wait.

She set me on top of her stomach. For a split second I could hear the groaning and moaning with her belly, and it sorta terrified me as I remembered being inside Cecelia’s gut after she had eaten me. But her skin was smooth, and I slowly crawled on my stomach and rubbed her belly gently, and I began to calm down inside. Bridgette kept almost perfectly still, to make sure I didn't feel pain by any erratic movements. She began to fondle her breasts and rub her nipples, biting her lip as she peered down at me. A smile crossing her face.

"Please me Nick..." Bridgette whispered.

I looked behind me, and towards her genitals between her legs. I looked back at her as if to get permission, even though I knew she wanted it. She winked at me, and I assumed that was a yes. I slowly began to walk across her stomach, reaching her hips and eventually reaching just the tip of her slit. I saw her right hand come down to her thigh and began to rub it. She was getting ancy, and I had a feeling she didn't want to wait much longer.

After being raped twice in a row by crazy teenage hormonal girls, I'll be honest, I was hesitating. Bridgette hadn't made any sudden moves to indicate she would force anything upon me, but I still just felt uncomfortable. Bridgette could sense it in me.

"We can stop if you don't want to...." Bridgette soothed, not wanting to speed things up if it meant taking away my comfort.

That's all I needed to hear, and I realized that I wanted it as badly as she did. Because Bridgette wasn't like the other girls. She was gentle, patient, and wouldn't take advantage of me.

I fell on one knee, wincing a little in pain and I had to bring a hand up to my wound to try and help dull the pain. I took my free hand and set it right on the top of Bridgette's vagina. I heard her moan a little, as she anticipated what I would do next. The pain began to subside a little, and I began to crawl on top of Bridgette's pussy with my whole body. Bridgette fought as hard as she could not to buck her hips upward, and she fought hard. Her vagina was very moist, and I had a feeling it would get soaked after I was done with it. I reached her clit, and began to softly massage it with my hands. Above I could see Bridgette gently playing with her nipples, trying to amplify the pleasure.

"Don... Don't stop...." Bridgette moaned, enjoying the soft vaginal play.

I then decided to bring my mouth down to her clit, and began to lick and suck at it, while rubbing my hands up and down her slit. Her hip bucked slightly, as she caved into her pleasure. She quickly eyed me to make sure she hadn't hurt me, and I nodded at her to let her know I was ok. And that's what we did for the next hour. I had a feeling she wanted me inside of her, but she knew I wouldn't want that, and she would be right. I've been inside a vagina before, and both times it was a rather horror show considering the circumstances. Bridgette respected that about me, and I appreciated it very much. It was in that moment, that night, that time.... with Bridgette. It was during then, that I realized I too had feelings for her. I wouldn't say love, but I definitely had strong feelings for her. She was the only girl, other than Chloe, who had ever given me gentle and caring attention. Not including my family of course.

The following morning was rather swift. Bridgette had gotten a call from her mother that her mom and dad would be home that day. So of course Bridgette had to take me back home quickly so her parents wouldn't see me. Apparently they were very religious, and Bridgette couldn't have them thinking there would be anything between me and Bridgette. I sorta understood, but it seemed like Bridgette was covering something else up at the same time.

The entire car ride back to my house was rather interesting, as Bridgette had constantly kept looking down at me and winking at me slyly. She actually told me that maybe one day, if I wanted too, she could keep me in her bra. She said she would let me do whatever I want inside it as she went on trying to fight the pleasure. It was a rather interesting notion, but at the same time it felt like Bridgette was rushing the whole thing. It began to worry me, and I realized I had to tell Bridgette the truth. I couldn't have her publicly announcing that me and her had sex to the entire school. Not given my current status with the K Klub.

"Bridgette...." I started.

"What's up toots?" Bridgette said, giving me a look of sexy. Whatever the fuck that even means.

"I lied to you...." I informed.

Bridgette raised an eyebrow, curious as to what I meant.

"Lied about what?" She asked, quite confused.

I told her everything. I told her that I failed to find the leverage I needed over Karn, and that Karn had Chloe and Tyler beaten. And that Karn threatened her indirectly. I told her that Karn wanted me to steal something from Susan's house, our gym coach. Bridgette had slammed the brakes and pulled over to the side of the road, staring at me in terror. She never said a word in response to the truth I had told her. She just looked at me with frightened eyes, knowing that she was still in danger. After an awkward pause of silence, she finally spoke up.

"Nobody needs to know," Bridgette said.

"Know what?" I asked, confused.

"About us Nick, we can just keep it a secret," Bridgette told me.

How could Bridgette still be willing to see me knowing full well the dangers it puts us in?

"Bridgette... but Kristin Kar..." I was interrupted.

"Nick, I've been attracted to you since I first saw you," Bridgette admitted, "If I have to keep us a secret to be with you, then I'm fine with that, no matter the risk."

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. This was all happening way too fast. I didn't know how to respond to what she had just said. And I don't think she expected me too. She started the car back up, and continued to drive me to my house. The rest of the drive was absolute silence.

Eventually we pulled up to the front of my house, and Bridgette walked me up to the front door and knocked. As we waited, she looked down at me.

"If you want to split ways, I understand," She told me.

"But if you are willing to make it work, so am I."

I smiled at her. She felt so genuine.

"Same," I responded, smiling up at her.

The door opened, my mother standing in the doorway.

"Hey misses Harley! I am just here to drop Nick off," Bridgette said, greeting my mother.

"Oh thank you! How was the party?" My mother asked, smiling at the both of us.

Me and Bridgette looked at each other, a smile of awkward spread across our faces. We both looked back at my mother.

"It was perfect! Smooth as a sail!" I answered.

"What's with the getup?" My mother asked me, noticing the tape and paper towels on my body.

"Uhhh.... I forgot my shirt at her house," was the only half baked answer I could think of, but my mother didn't question it.

Bridgette had left me, and got in her car to drive back home. My mother had brought me into the house and set me on the coffee table in the living room before sitting on the couch. I was about to ask her how her day was, before I noticed that next to my mom, was Chloe, who was also sitting on the couch. I became confused, what was Chloe doing here?

"Chloe? You're here?" I asked, confused.

"Yeah, Chloe stopped by and asked if she could stay a few nights to study with you!" My mom answered for her, "I didn't think you would have an issue with that."

"Um, no... of course not," I responded, smiling at Chloe.

Chloe didn't smile back at me, she just gave me this look. A look I hadn't seen in a long time. Something didn't seem right, not at all.

Chloe took me up to my bedroom, carrying her stuff with her. She set me on the bed and walked over across the room and sat on the lounge chair that was in the corner. She just stared at the ceiling, void of emotion. I had seen this look in her eyes only once before, the very moment I had ever met Chloe... right before she stepped on me. The first time she ever set eyes on my, was the moment I saw feelings fill her bright eyes. But now I see the same empty soul that I first saw back in 7th grade. Something was wrong.

"What happened...." I asked her.

She looked down at me. Smiling a crooked smile.

"What do you mean?" She asked, in a taunting tone.

"You look empty inside Chloe.... I'm worried for..." She cut me off.

Chloe stormed onto her feet, a look anger in her eyes, frustration.

"You don't recognize your best friend Nick?" Chloe stated, trying to taunt me.

"Why are you acting like this Chlo?" I asked, very concerned for my friend.

She stormed towards me, her footsteps heavy. She loomed over me like a colossus, and I trembled in fear. My body began to ache in pain as it shook, irritating the burns and wound on my body.

"Am I scaring you NNNick?" She prolonged, glaring down below at me.

I fell on my ass, staring up at her, why was she acting this way?

"Chloe.... I care about you...." I tried to beg, but she had none of it.

"Do you? Is that why you let Karn hurt me?" She held a finger up at her face.

"Do you want to know what it felt like Nick?" Chloe threatened.

I only stared at her in fear, she was right, I let it happen. I was helpless to stop it.

"Let me show you...." Chloe reached a hand towards me, picking me up.

I didn't fight it, I merely winced in pain as Chloe squeezed my body. She held me up to her face, her eyes glaring at me. My face portrayed terror, as I looked in her enormous eyes trembling before her. I hadn't felt this afraid since I last came into contact with Zelena. I saw Zelena in Chloe's eyes at this very moment, and that scared the ever living shit out of me.

Chloe loosened her hand, sending me plummeting towards the carpet. I landed painfully in front of Chloes giant toes. I screamed in pain as I gripped the wound where the fork had impaled me.

"Chloe... you're hurting me..." I begged, but Chloe ignored my pleas.

"This is how it felt when Sally beat on me...." Chloe told me, raising her foot over my body.

"Why..." I sputtered, unable to comprehend what was happening.

"Because I can...." She responded, before descending the sole of her dirty bare foot onto my body.

She began to press my body into the carpet with her foot, putting an immense amount of pressure onto my body, more so than she had ever done before.

"This is how it felt.... the pain..." Chloe taunted.

My face and body sank into the skin of her foot, as I felt her foot twisting left and right as she squished me into the carpet. My body began to feel as if it would explode. Add that with the wound and the burns and it was truly unbearable. Maybe even worse than when Lucy put me in the microwave. I couldn't take much more. But I accepted the fact that I might deserve it.

"I'M SORRY!" I shouted, as I began to cry a river.

"PLEA.... PLEASE FOR.... FORGIVE ME!" I managed to shout, as the pressure increased.

Chloe paused. The pressure stopped. Chloe froze, as thoughts raced her mind. No one had ever... had ever said.... Sorry. Chloe removed her foot, and she realized that she had caved into her inner demons. Chloe fell to her knees, hovering over my limp body. I saw it, I saw it once again. The light, the brightness, in Chloe's eyes. She teared up, as she finally let her feelings flow back within her. It was at that moment, that I realized what Chloe really was. Chloe was a person, constantly at war with her inner self. The only question I couldn't answer, was why.

"Nick..." Chloe whispered, unable to comprehend what she had just done.

I used all my remaining strength to sit up, and I held my palm up at her to silence her.

"Say nothing." I said.

I stood up, holding my gut as I winced in pain. I looked up at her, and walked over set my hand on her skin.

"I'm sorry, what happened to you was my fault," I told her.

Chloe began shaking her head.

"It's not..." she tried to say.

"It is..." I interrupted.

Chloe reached down and carefully picked me up, finally noticing for the first time that I was completely bandaged up.

"What happened to you?" Chloe asked, trying to stop crying.

"It's a long story.... it doesn't matter right now," I responded.

"Chloe, I want you to know that I will always be here for you, and I'll never fail you again. I promise."

Chloe slowly nodded at me, wondering how she could have ever allowed herself to stop her feelings she had for me. Of which I still didn't know she had. Chloe felt compelled to admit her true feelings, but she fought them. She just couldn't bring herself to tell me, afraid that I would reject her.

She ended up setting me back on the bed, and she laid there with me. We just laid there, being there for one another in our time of need. It was a much needed hashout that had to rear it's ugly head. I think our friendship came out a bit stronger because of it, or at least that's how I view it. I help but get this overwhelming feeling that Chloe was hiding something from me, as I felt there was more to her episode than meets the eye. I wanted to pry a bit more, but I knew that was probably not in her best interest. If she wanted to tell me, I'm sure she would have already.

After a short nap, I had awoken quite quickly. Chloe had seemed to pass out along with me, and was still sound asleep. I was only an inch tall, so my movement wouldn't wake her up. I walked over to the edge of my bed, and towards the ladder near the bed post. I was a little hungry and decided I'd go downstairs to grab a bite to eat. I lowered my leg down towards the top step of the ladder, but noticed it wasn't there. I looked behind me, and saw the top step right there, only it was farther away than usual. In fact, the entire ladder looked as if it was longer for some odd reason.

I still managed to climb down the ladder, but it definitely seemed a lot harder than usual. The steps were farther away than usual, and the ladder seemed a tad bit wider. Something wasn't right. As I began to head towards my bedroom door, I turned around back towards my bed. Chloes bare foot was dangling off the side, and I couldn't help but stare at it. The way Chloe pressed me into the carpet.... even though it seemed out of anger... it also seemed out of lust and desire. She seemed to enjoy it. It was the first time she had ever intentionally harmed me. I was gonna have to be a bit cautious around her from now on, which really hurt me inside because I just didn't seem to have that full fledged trust in her anymore. She seemed.... unstable.

I hated to think of my best friend in that way, but unfortunately the past couple of events we have encountered together seem to have destabilized things. As I feel like our friendship has grown stronger after today, I also feel as though my trust has dwindled greatly. I felt conflicted inside, and it hurt.

I had eventually made it downstairs, and over to the kitchen counter. The ladder on the counter also seemed slightly longer as the one in my room. Something felt off. I began to climb it, and as I climbed it I felt an odd sensation in my body. The steps of the ladder began to spread apart, and my grip began to fade. My eyes bulged as I realized what was happening. My hands lost their grip and I fell about ten steps down to the floor with a thud. It hurt like a bitch, and my wound stung in pain.

The ladder wasn't getting bigger, I was getting smaller.


Chapter 15 - An Ever Shrinking Dilemma by Frizzle

I was really starting to become overwhelmed. Every time I began to regain my courage to stand against the world, another weight would fall on my shoulders. The first of these weights was knowing that the older I got, the smaller I would become. Every year since I was 6, the world got larger and larger to me. Literally. The second of these weights, was the overbearing fact that I would never fit in. Ever again. That was until I met Chloe Sullivan, of whom became my best friend. Yet now I feel as if Chloe is crumbling within, and adding her burdens to the weights of Kristin  Karn and my now furthered shrinking crisis, the world is beginning to crush me. Slowly but surely.

My mind throbbed and ached as I tried to comprehend the situations at hand. I felt like it was all out of my control. How was I supposed to help Chloe fix herself, all the while fighting off the K Klub and solving the mystery that is Nick Kemp? I had no answers, and I couldn't formulate any either. No one could, no one. I was on the edge of surrender, surrender that could end up in a manner of ways. Suicide. Caving into the demands of Kristin Karn. Accepting the fact that my life is no longer what is used to be. All possible surrender scenarios. None of them I wanted. But one of them I would have to chose. I couldn't prolong the inevitable loss of the battle. It was time for me to chose a surrender. It was time for me to to chose which direction I wanted my life to go, for the worst. I simply saw no brighter outcome anymore. It faded away, along with Chloes sanity it seems. Why couldn't things go back to before?

The fall was not fatal, only painful. My sister Lucy had come downstairs and found me writhing in pain next to the counter. Next thing I knew she was screaming the worst blood curdling noise one would never want to hear again. Chloe and my mother came running down the stairs, Ashley would too if she was home. She left to hang out with her friends I think, I couldn't remember. Lucy had set me on the counter carefully, keeping her eyes on me to make sure I hadn't broken anything. She was extremely worried, and so was I. The ladder had grew in my hands, or more so me shrinking before my very eyes. The feeling was that of hopelessness. It felt as if I had fallen down the abyss of death. I had sincerely thought my shrinking days were over.

"Nick! Are you ok?!" My mom was frantic, running towards Lucy to see what had happened.

"He fell off the ladder! I think he's hurt!" Lucy panicked, unable to keep a calm mind.

"Lucy.... go to your room," I ordered, eyeing my mother.



Lucy slowly backed away, unsure of what was really going on. Nonetheless she obeyed me, for the first time ever. She quickly sped up the stairs and you could hear the distant closing of her door. My mother and Chloe both turned their heads to me, knowing that what I had to say wasn't going to be good news of any kind.

"I'm still shrinking..." I threw it out there. This was a serious matter, and I'd be a fool to keep this to myself.

"WHAT!?" My mom held her hand up to her chest, as if she almost had a heart attack.

Chloe stepped back, her arms falling to her sides as she gazed at me in horror.

"I fell off the ladder because it grew in my very hands, I'm certain it's because I shrunk a little," I explained.

My mother stepped back a bit, pulling the chair from under the island counter and slowly sitting down in it. She was trying to piece together the situation. Chloe turned around, quite dramatically at that, holding her palm up to her face as she too couldn't believe what I was telling her. This is why I sent Lucy to her room, because it would break my sister if she found out I would be getting smaller all over again.

"How.... how much..." My mom muttered, hardly able to speak a word.

"I don't know..." I answered.

"We need to take you to a specialist...." My mother suggested.

"Who could possibly specialize in a case such as my own?" I questioned, unsure that a doctor could do anything to help me.

"We need to do something Nick...." My mother begged, trying to suade me.

"No... going to the doctors won't solve anything," Either it was my pure arrogance, or my distrust for my suddenly caring mother, but either way I had made my decision.

"Nick... pleas.." My mother was interrupted.

"NO!" I shouted firmly.

My mother opened her mouth to speak, but froze. We just locked eyes, and my mothers began to tear up. Silence ensued, as no one said a word. We were unable too. What could we even say? Chloe seemed to have that answer, as she turned back around and glared at me.

"You're going to the hospital Nick," Chloe asserted, "it's not your choice, it's ours."

"Excuse me? It's my life Chloe!" I argued back, shocked that she would side with my mother.

"No, it's our lives," Chloe shot back, "what if you shrink into nothingness? What if you shrink to a crumb, and we never see you again? It's not just your life that would be affected, it'd affect us all."

I tried to say something in defense, but I backed down. As much as I disagreed with the doctor route, Chloe made a convincing point. I guess it couldn't hurt to give it a shot.

"Fine..." I muttered, "but don't say I told you so if it doesn't pan out."

And that had been the final decision. My mother had called a friend to come and sit Lucy while we were away. We had all seemed to agree that Lucy need not know what was going on. Nor Ashley for that matter. It was better to just keep it between the three of us until we got a better idea of what was really going on.

Chloe came with us, carrying me in her palm while she sat in the passenger seat of my moms car. I rested on my back in her soft palm, to ease the pain I felt. The burns were healing, however the flesh wound in my gut would take awhile. The plus side to going to the doctors was that I could get some proper bandaging for it. Bridgette did an O.K. job of patching me up, however there was only so much she could do with paper towels and tape. And now that I've shrunk a little, it's all falling apart.

The drive wasn't very long, maybe thirty minutes at the most. My mom wanted to go to a well known hospital with doctors who would be specialized in Biology of some kind. That way they would sort of understand how to treat me. I hadn't seen a doctor since I was ten years old. That was when they told my mother that I would keep shrinking until my body had decided to stop.  For years we knew that my shrinking would eventually halt, we just never knew what size I'd be by the time that happened. After 7th grade, we thought it was an inch tall. But after today, that's obviously not so.

After we had found parking, Chloe held me close, not wanting to draw too much attention from anyone. Any time people saw me in public, they tended to flock to me in awes and ooos. And right now we definitely didn't need that. As we were walking towards the front door, something didn't feel quite right. I had this overwhelming feeling that I was being watched. I turned my head towards a bench near the front hospital entrance. There was a girl in all leather sitting there reading a newspaper. She had the entire newspaper held up to her face, so I wasn't able to make out her facial features. Something about her seemed familiar for some odd reason. She had a sleeveless leather top on, exposing rather large muscles for a female. Not like crazy big, just rather large than most females you'd see that would work out.

I eyed her for a bit as we walked in, but just shrugged. This shrinking crisis I'm experiencing is having me paranoid. Once we had entered the hospital, my mother led us up to the front check in desk. The nurse held up a finger, indicating us to wait a moment while she did some doctor stuff on the computer. We waited patiently, but it felt like we were waiting longer than we should have. Eventually she looked up from the computer and smiled at us.

"How may I help you?" The nurse asked, a wide grin that almost seemed forced.

"It's better if I just... show you," my mother suggested, nodding at Chloe to put me on the edge of the counter.

I had to gain my balance as Chloe dropped me onto the counter, and I looked up at the nurse with a half baked smirk. The nurse widened her eyes, and immediately recognized who I was.

"Oh, of course say no more! I know all about you guys, let me check  you in with someone specialized for someone like your son," the nurse asked us.

My mother cocked her head in confusion.

"Someone like my son?" My mom asked with curiosity.

"All your questions will be asked once the specialist calls you in, please wait over there you are all checked in," the nurse pointed to the waiting area.

We decided to just wait like the nurse said, even though all three of us had a billion questions now running threw our minds. We sat down, and Chloe balled me up in her fist to block anyone else from being able to see me. We had waited awhile, as doctors continued to come out and call other patients names. Dory, Enrique, Alexander, but none had come out to call for Nick. We had waited up to about twenty minutes at least before a male doctor came out and called my name.

"Nick Kemp?"

My mother waved her hand up at him, and Chloe followed behind her with me in her hand as we entered the door and into a nearby treating room. Chloe set me on the patient bed covered with a long sanitary cover, and stood next to me as if to make sure no one would harm me. I got the overwhelming sensation that Chloe was trying to make up the "argument" we had not so long ago. Regardless, I let her do her thing and tried to focus on the task at hand.

"What seems to be the issue today?" The doctor asked.

"Well.... it's my son..." My mother told him.

"Ahh yes, I know all about your son Misses Kemp," The doctor informed her, "started shrinking at age 6, and stopped shrinking by the time he was 7th to 8th grade yes?"

"Well, that's what we initially thought, but he shrunk again today!"

I started to wonder if my mother or Chloe was even remotely shocked that the doctor had somehow knew my entire life story. We had never met him before in our lives, how did he know so much about me? My mother must be so desperate to get me help that she is ignoring the most basic of questions.

"He shrunk again? After a year of no activity?" The doctor seemed to be intrigued.

My mother nodded her head, confirming his statement. He then walked over to a cupboard and pulled out a ruler. Why he had a ruler was beyond me, but none the less this man had one and he brought it over to me. I stood up straight, knowing what he was doing. He was measuring my height.

"Well... I'm sorry to inform you that  your suspicions are correct, Nick is actually 3/4 of an inch according to this ruler," the doctor explained.

No shit sherlock mister doctor genius! Is what I would have said to him if I wasn't a well mannered young man. Well... not THAT well mannered.

My mother was horrified, she had no clue what to expect. And neither did Chloe, who was completely silent the entire time my mother and the doctor talked.

"Is there anything we can do?" My mother asked.

"Yes actually, you and your blonde friend here can leave the room so I can talk to Nick in private," He answered.

My mom looked at him like he was crazy. And Chloe's eyes squinted at him. I too was rather confused.

"I have a possible solution for Nick, however it is of utmost confidentiality," the doctor explained, "I'm afraid from this point forward I can only talk to Nick about further treatment."

If I had known my mom any better, this would have been where she would jump out of her chair and strangle the ever living crap out of the doctor. However considering she was losing all hope for her sons dilemma, she simply furrowed her brow, nodded at Chloe, and walked out of the room. Chloe hesitantly followed behind her. I looked up at the doctor, quite confused as to why my mother and friend had to leave for whatever he had to tell me.

"Nick, I need you not to react to what I'm about to tell you," he told me, "What I share with you from this point forward, must be kept in utmost secrecy by federal law. Do you understand?"

FEDERAL LAW?! WHAT THE HELL WAS GOING ON?! Regardless of how terrified I now was, I nodded at him.

"Nick, you are not the only one with a shrinking crisis."




"Many families have come forward with children that have spawned random shrinking episodes at various ages throughout the last 2 years, in fact, we actually believe that YOU yourself was the very first child to experience this crisis."

"I'm...." I couldn't mutter the rest of the words, my heart had stopped and my body in shock from what I was hearing.

"We have been designing a formula over the past year to halt the shrinking, and prevent it from continuing," he went on.

I couldn't comprehend what was going, was this some kind of enormous hoax?

"The formulas not perfect yet, as it doesn't cure the host, it simply stops the shrinking for a short time, until the formula wears off and the shrinking continues. Unfortunately we haven't been able to design a formula to reverse the effects and grow the host back to a more normal height to live like the rest of us."

The.. the REST of us?

"To be honest, you are the only child that has ever shrank to such a small height, the rest of the cases we were able to prevent from shrinking below a foot tall, unfortunately the technology we have today just didn't exist when your case first presented itself," the doctor finished.

He looked at me, expecting me to be asking a lot of questions. But he had answered them all for me. No, there was no hope for me. Sure, I could temporarily stop the shrinking crisis, but as far as it goes the shrinking is permanent. And if no other child with the shrinking crisis has gotten as small as I have, then that means I'm still the only 3/4 inch tall person alive. That's all I needed to hear, for me to lose all hope. I knew the doctors was a waste of time. What was I supposed to do with all this useless newfound knowledge? All it did was make me feel even more hopeless...

"Thank you for your time, please let my family back inside so they can take me home." I asked, no interest in furthering the visit.

"But... we can help prevent you from getting any smaller!" He begged, profoundly shocked by the fact I was ignoring all that he had said.

I raised my hand towards him, "I'm going home. Thank you for your time."

The doctor stood back, incredibly amazed that I was turning down his help. I didn't want a temporary fix, I wanted a cure. I wasn't going to latch onto false hope, it would only drag me down even more, and I already have too many problems I have to deal with. I wasn't going to add this to my list. I decided to drop it.

".... I'll go grab your family then," he said, walking out the door and leaving me in the room alone.

I sincerely hoped that my mother and Chloe would understand, but then again, I wasn't allowed to tell them a single thing at all either. So great, now I have to keep secrets from my close ones as well. Well, not like I haven't been doing that every here and there anyhow....

I heard the door crack open, and the sound of footsteps walking into the room. I looked up to greet my mother with a smile, however that smile melted into terror and fright. 4 inch gap hoop earrings, all leather, sleeveless leather top, fluorescent red eyes, thick eyeliner, pure black hair, inch long eyelashes! A hand was reaching towards me, nails razor sharp and painted blood red, just like her lipstick. The hand quickly latched around my body, slowly bringing me up towards the face of this demon. Her grin spread like a virus, the grin of satan himself. Horror filled my body, as I had recognized her immediately, the same girl as before that was reading the newspaper, but most importantly....



Chapter 16 - Zelena by Frizzle

Time seemed to slow by. The confines of my half baked prison, of which I currently reside, was rather dark and had very little room to wiggle around in. In fact, I pretty much had no room at all. My heart was racing, as a thousand scenarios ran through my mind of what was going to happen. Was she going to torture me? Crush me under her heels? Squeeze me with her bare hand? Or worse... swallow me whole as she claimed she would do if she ever got her hands on me. It had been a couple days, and I completely forgot just how threatening Zelena truly was.

She had plucked me off the patient's bed in the hospital and sneakily placed me deep between her two breasts. Her bra must have been a tight fit, because I was completely gripped between them. With all the leather she was wearing, she must have been super hot, because I could feel sweat emanating from her skin between her tits. As I wiggled frantically trying to escape, I could hear her taunting giggles. She definitely felt me in her bosom. To top this all off, it was confirmed that I was indeed 3/4 of an inch tall, and my body was still poorly wrapped in Bridgettes half baked bandages. I had forgotten to ask the doctor to replace them.

The pressure between her boobs gravely pained my wound. I would have grabbed it to try and help ease the pain, but my arms were pinned at my waist. I could literally feel her boobs bouncing up and down as she left the hospital and got into her car. I heard the engine start and zoom off to god knows where. I was utterly terrified, I had no idea what to expect. By now Chloe and my mother must know that I'm missing, and no doubt they will blame the doctor for it. They will have no clue at all as to why I'm missing. Fuck.... FUCK! This day couldn't have gotten any worse.... oh... wait... IT ALWAYS GETS WORSE!

The motion of the car shook and trembled my booby prison.... heh.... "booby". Err, as I was saying, the motion of the car shook and trembled my booby prison. I could feel her enormous tits jiggle around my body. I felt my penis begin to get hard. As terrified as I was, I was pressed between two female breasts. How was I supposed to control my inner carnal nature? I tried to keep my mind off my current situation, I had to plan an escape route the moment Zelena put me down, that is if she ever DOES set me down.

After about forty minutes, the car finally stopped. I felt Zelena's movements as she walked somewhere. I heard the jostling of keys and the creak of a door lock turning. Zelena had opened a door and entered into a building, house, apartment, I had no clue to be honest. I couldn't see anything. After a few minutes more of Zelena moving around, I felt the familiar sharp nails poke my back, as Zelena carelessly plucked me from between her breasts. My eyes were wide with fear, as Zelena held me up between her eyes. The fluorescent red contact lens she was wearing really made her seem that much more evil. I guess she enjoyed playing the role of satan. Her crooked smile spread across her face, as she glared right back into my soul.

I was fearing for the worst, however Zelena then simply lowered me down onto a long coffee table, setting me down. It was then I realized I was in a house, HER house. Or maybe her parents house, Zelena didn't look that old and I doubted she could afford a house of her own so early in her life.

"Welcome to my home," Zelena couldn't but laugh wickedly after announcing her welcome.

"But for you, it's more of a dungeon."

A thick coat of saliva was sent down my throat followed by a "GULP" at her last statement. I guess this was Zelena's home, which only made my situation worse. No one to stop her, god forbid she does something cruel to me. Zelena took a step back and slowly planted her butt on the couch that was in front of the coffee table, making sure not to take her eyes off of me. She held a finger up to her lips, biting down on it as if to try and hint towards something. The moment she looks away, I'm sprinting for my life.

"Rule number one," Zelena started, "if you run, you die."

The moment she looks away, I'm staying put. Because I certainly don't want to die, or at least I don't think I do. Is possible for a human being to snap their own necks with their own bare hands? Maybe I'll try that.... yeah cool.

"Rule number two," Zelena continued, "I ask, you do. If you don't do what I ask, then you die."

I nodded, I wasn't sure why I nodded, but I did. I guess I just wanted to make sure that Zelena knew that she would have my full compliance. I hated cowering down to her like this, but I had a feeling that she had no intentions of killing me, even if she threatened that she would. I remember clearly what Zelena had said the last time we crossed paths, I know exactly what she wants to do with me. She wants to eat me, and if she hasn't done it already then there is a reason. Which means she won't kill me, but that won't stop her from torturing me. And given the weak state my body was currently in, the last thing I needed was more torture. My poor body couldn't handle anymore of that.

"Why am I here...." I mumbled, not wanting to speak to loudly in fear that it would set off this giant mad women.

She grinned widely, slowly leaning towards me. The all leather outfit squeaking as she moved.

"Karn has asked of me to help you get to Susan's house," Zelena came forward, "as insurance that you wouldn't try and defy him."

Of course... it's always Kristin Karn. I guess I don't blame him for wanting to make sure I went through with his little house heist, considering I tried to blackmail him into surrender. Unfortunately that plan failed big time.

"The heist won't be until tomorrow however," Zelena stated, "it will be Monday and Mrs Susan won't be home. That way you won't be disturbed"

Of course, that makes sense.

"My family and friends think I'm missing right now," I blurted, not sure why I had to say that. STUPID.

Zelena raised an eyebrow, her smile turning into something weird, in fact I had no fucking clue what facial expression she was trying to make at the moment. It must be something truly evil, yeah.... we will go with that. Definitely not because the author of this story is having trouble finding the right word or anything, nah, just a truly evil facial expression and that's about all there is to it. Period. Pronto. Pronto? Si..... Nein?

"They will see you again after you bring Karn the document on Monday," Zelena answered.

Document? So that's what Karn wants me to steal? A document?

"How will I know what document it is?" I asked

Zelena glared at me, as if I had asked the wrong question.

"You will know when you see it, no more questions," She hissed, and I immediately kept my mouth shut.

"As soon as Susan leaves the house, you will enter it, steal the document after you have found it, and come back to me. Then I will take you to the school and deliver you to Karn."

Zelena lifted her right leg over and onto the coffee table, her 6 inch black heel landing right to my side. A second later her other foot came up and over, landing on the opposite side of me.

"Until tomorrow morning however...." Zelena began, smirking devilishly, "you will be right here with me."

I gulped hard, and as sexual as that sounded this was no joking matter! An entire evening with ZELENA!? I feared immensely to what was going to happen from now till tomorrow morning. I didn't want to know what Zelena had in store.

Zelena could see my body trembling with fear, and she rolled her eyes at me with a long drawn out sigh.

"Relax my darling, I promised my brother I would not harm you," Zelena crept in a bit, her heels skidding on the table as her waist pushed forward. Her long razor sharp nails gripped the edge of the table, scratching back and peeling the paint from it.

"But that doesn't mean I won't have fun with you," Her smirk faded completely as she said that last statement. She sat back against the couch again, kicking off her heels over the rest of the coffee table. I heard them smack the carpet behind me, and I jumped slightly as the landed on the ground. Her now exposed bare feet stood before me. I gazed at them in astonishment, they were utterly enormous. If I had to guess, they had to be at least a size twelve. Her feet weren't chubby, but not overly slim either. They were about full figured, in the sense of a person's body weight. The best way to describe them would be "evenly shaped". Her toes gradually got larger from her pinky toe to her big toe just as most people. Her toenails were polished blood red, to match her lipstick and red contact lenses. There was a faint odor coming from the souls of her feet, but it wasn't overwhelming. Zelena was playing with one of her four inch gap hoop earrings as she studied my reaction to her enormous feet.

"Like them?" She asked tauntingly, "I take rather good care of them."

I didn't respond, as I figured she was thinking of the many different ways she could crush me with them at any moment she felt like it.

"I've always fantasized about a man with a foot fetish licking and sucking my toes and the soles of my feet," Zelena went on, "do YOU have a foot fetish my dear?"

I shifted my head from left to right, an indicator that someone uses to another human being to tell them NO in silence.

"A shame...." Zelena feigned a pout, "but lucky for me I don't care."

And that was it. Her right foot came down so fast I had no time to prepare. It forced me onto my back, pinning me under her toes. My head stuck out, but the rest of my body was pinned. She wiggled her toes slowly, teasing me under her feet. I closed my eyes as she slowly applied more and more pressure, causing the wound in my gut to go haywire with pain.

"I just love the feeling of a tiny bug under my feet," Zelena taunted, "they just never know when they might go squish."

She immediately applied an immense amount of pressure, as if to present what she meant. Her teeth gritted and her eyes burned with fire as she tortured me under the sole of her foot.  I winced and gritted in pain, and I could feel blood wetting the poorly taped paper towel over my wound. She was reopening the wound. It was so immensely painful, I couldn't take it anymore. Tears began to drip down my eyes, and I began to cry like a baby.

"Please stop! Please!" I begged for mercy, tears running a river down my cheeks.

The pressure almost instantly vanished, but her foot still pinned me to the coffee table. Zelena was looking down at me with her eyes squinted.

"Oh come on!" Zelena hissed, "You can't be that big of a baby!"

"I... I have an.... injury...." I tried to mutter threw the pain.

Zelena lifted her foot off of me and took her feet off of the coffee table. She leaned in all the way to get a closer look. She realized my getup was tape and paper towels. She was wondering how she hadn't noticed that before.

"What the fuck!?" She shouted.

Zelena used her sharp nails and ripped the bandages to shreds, tearing it all off and removing it from my body. I looked down in horror as I saw blood gushing from the wound of which I was impaled. I began to scream in fear.

"Oh my god Nick, shut the fuck up!" Zelena shouted in frustration.

"It's just a minor flesh wound!"

I tried as best I could to keep quiet, I really didn't want to upset her, but I was in so much pain. Tears were still rolling down my cheeks as I fought back from yelling and cursing aloud.

"Ugh.... I didn't sign up for this shit," Zelena hissed, getting up from the couch and walking around the corner.

Did she abandon me? Did she leave me here to die? I had no clue, but I feared I may die on this coffee table from all the bleeding. I heard a few cabinets open and then close, followed by the sound of running water. It sounded as if she was in a kitchen.

Soon enough Zelena walked back around the corner, with a handful of what seemed to be medical supplies and a shot glass filled with water. Zelena took some sort of pill and smashed it into dust between her thumb and forefinger, and sprinkled most of it into the water filled shot glass. She took what was left and quickly sprinkled it onto my flesh wound.

"AHHHHHHHH!!!!" I screamed in pain, it hurt unlike anything I could have ever felt.

"Oh stop being a little bitch and take it," Zelena hashed at me, "It'll numb the fucking wound in a couple of minutes you big baby."

I was confused, was she... HELPING me?!

Zelena opened a roll of what looked like a long strand of stitches, followed by a pair of scissors and some kind of ointment in a tube.

"These are dissolvable stitches, however considering how small you are, they will probably hurt like a bitch when I put them in," Zelena explained, "So don't fucking move or I could accidentally kill you."

At first I thought she was insane to attempt to put stitches in me, however as she cut a small strand off and held it close to me with a pair of tweezers, I realized it wasn't at thick as I thought it would be. In fact, these stitches might just work if done properly. I held as still as possible, despite the extreme amount of pain that I was in. Could Zelena actually do this? How did she know so much about this kind of stuff?

"Hold still," Zelena demanded, a tone of extreme anger and frustration at her current situation.

"I was hoping to have some fun with you, I didn't expect you to have a big fucking hole in your body! Lucky for you I made a promise to my brother...."

With a swift flick of the finger, Zelena pushed the stitch into one end of the wound. I jolted slightly, as the pain was extreme. It took every ounce of will within my body to not jump. As Zelena had said however, the powder from the pill she put over my wound did in fact begin to numb it. Every couple of seconds the pain began to lessen more and more. Zelena ended up putting in a total of three stitches, as that's all she could manage with such a small wound and a small patient. I swore that I could actually feel the stitches on the inside of my body, and wondered if they might fuck anything up on the inside. Zelena then took some ointment from the bottle and rubbed just a bit of it onto the now stitched up wound. She then took a tiny alcohol cloth and cleaned the wound, smearing the ointment in at the same time.

Zelena then took some scissors and cut out a thin but long piece of wound dressing, and expertly wrapped it around my stomach and covered the wound completely. Once she was done I managed to stand up onto my feet. I was pretty weak, but I had to be quite honest, Zelena did a pretty good job of patching me up. She seemed to know exactly what she was doing.

"I've never stitched someone as small as you before, so I guess you will find out if dissolvable stitches work on someone like you," Zelena explained, extremely upset still, "the dressing should last you until you heal, considering you won't bleed that much compared to how much it can soak up from a regular sized person."

I turned around, looking out towards the window. As much as Zelena was a crazy psychopath, she did just possibly save my life. Even though she nearly ended it herself just a second ago. I had to give credit where it was due at least.

Out of nowhere, every hair on my body stood up and I jumped upwards as I felt a large wet and slimy object touch my back. It was Zelena's tongue. She moved her tongue all the way up my body, licking every inch of my legs and back. Her tongue had a lot of texture to it, and was extremely slimy and damp from her salivating mouth. I think she was tasting me! Eventually the tip of her tongue reached the top of my head, and slipped off and curled backwards as her tongue crept back into her mouth.

"Mmmmm," Zelena savored the moment, "if it wasn't for my brother, I'd have swallowed you whole the moment I caught you."

Like I said.... a crazy, psychotic, evil, devilish women. Zelena plucked me off the coffee table, this time being extremely careful. I think she was trying to avoid harming me, now that she knew I had a serious injury. However I didn't mistake her "kindness" with "duty". She set me back between her breasts, this time keeping my upper body above the cleavage. She walked upstairs and into her bedroom. She went to her closet and pulled out a pair of pajama bottoms. Surprisingly, they were not leather.

She pulled out a short black tank top and tossed it onto the pajama bottoms that were now on her bed. She pulled out a fresh thong as well, tossing it with the pile. I think she was getting ready for bed. It couldn't be that time already could it? Maybe the day went by faster than I had thought it did. Given my current situation, I couldn't blame myself. Zelena then plucked me from her bosom yet again and set me up high on a dresser. Nothing was nearby it, so if I fell off it would mean certain death. I think that's why Zelena placed me there.

She then went into her bathroom and shut the door behind her. I slowly sat down to get a bit more comfortable as I waited for her to get back. When Zelena first caught me from the hospital, I thought for sure I would be tortured and killed, but I guess it wasn't my time yet. If Kristin Karn hadn't specifically asked to keep me alive, then I have a feeling I'd be in her gut by now. No doubts about it. And I was still terrified of that outcome. What if I hand Karn the document and he decides to backstab me and let Zelena swallow me regardless? Could I really trust Karn? He had my best friend and Tyler beaten in front of me, Tyler almost killed. Even the fucking teachers fear him. I didn't trust him, at all. I sincerely believe that Karn is capable of murder. I wouldn't be shocked if he's killed someone already.

The bathroom door opened up again, and my eyes widened as Zelena strode into the bedroom butt naked. Her eyes were closed as she pulled her hair back and put it into a ponytail. It made her look a little less frightening. She then opened her eyes, and I noticed immediately that her red fluorescent contacts had been taken out. For the first time I saw her true eye color, a very bright green. Probably the most beautiful green eyes I had ever seen in my life. I almost couldn't believe that someone as evil as Zelena could have such beautiful eyes. Her tits were as large without a bra as they felt when I was trapped between them, confirming that they must indeed be implants. They still looked great though... am I seriously attracted to Zelena? SHES EVIL WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH ME!?!?

Zelena stared over at me, smirking wickedly at me as her left hand played with her boob. She rubbed and massaged her nipple, trying to taunt me. Her other hand rubbing her stomach, as if hinting that she wanted me inside of it. I tried to look away, but I feared if I did that I would offend her. Zelena walked up to the dresser, towering over me and looking down at me.

"Want to fuck?" She blurted.

Wait what? Did she just ask me..... to FUCK!?

"Well?" She patiently awaited an answer.

I couldn't believe it, she was being serious! Did she honestly think I would want to have sex with HER!? After all the shit her brother and her have put me threw!?

"N... No thanks...." I whispered loud enough for her to hear, hoping my answer wouldn't enrage her.

Zelena shrugged her shoulders, and strode over to her bed.

"Eh, your loss," Zelena stated, "normally I wouldn't even give you a choice, but I won't risk killing you if you're not willing."

If having sex with her would risk my life, then I don't even want to KNOW what she sex with her would be like. I was just thankful she wouldn't force anything upon me, I don't think I could mentally handle another raping.

Zelena fell back onto her bed, getting comfortable. She left me on the dresser, so she must be certain I wouldn't try jumping to my death. Which I slightly considered.

She then began to play with her boobs, and slowly reached her left hand down towards her vagina. Wait... was she going to...

"Mmmmm, uhhhh..." Zelena began to moan faintly.

Oh my god.... she's masturbating?? In front of me??!! She doesn't even care!

Zelena rubbed her clit furiously, all the while pleasuring her tits. She moaned loudly and even from the dresser I could see her pussy getting extremely wet. God knows what she was masturbating too, probably me being swallowed or something similarly sick.

"mmm... if you.... uhhh.... had said yes..." Zelena was trying to talk while masturbating, "I.... mmm... would have shoved you..... mmm uhhhh..... so far up my pussy.... ahhhh mmmm."

I turned away from her. I was extremely disgusted by this women. How could something so beautiful, be so sick and demented at the same time? I sat back down on the dresser, wishing that someone would just put an end to my misery. Painlessly of course. I considered doing it myself, but I didn't have the courage to go threw with it. I had no courage at all anymore.

For literally an hour straight, Zelena pleasured herself. I never would have thought it to be possible that one could pleasure their own SELF for a fucking hour straight. That's like a world record or something. After she had finished, she got up and went back to the bathroom. I heard her turn on the shower. She was in their for about five minutes before I heard the shower head turn off and heard her fumbling around. Eventually she re emerged, and walked over to her bed. She tossed on her thong, followed by her pajama bottoms and then her tank top. She then looked over at me, holding her hand up to her chin as she contemplated what to do with me.

"Where can I put you.... that will ensure your obedience...." Zelena pondered.

She looked at the floor in thought, before finally getting an idea.

"I know exactly where to put you!"

Zelena walked to her dresser and pulled out a pair of socks. She walked back over to me and set one on the dresser.

"I'd put you in my thong, but then I'd have to masturbate again... you get the memo," Zelena smirked, knowing full well it would get to me.

I hesitated, the thought of being trapped against her bare foot for the entire night seemed harsh, and I actually pondered the other option just briefly.

Zelena sighed, "I just took a shower, my feet have always been rather soft, it'll be like sleeping on a queen sized bed, now get IN the sock!" Zelena was becoming impatient.

I didn't hesitate any longer, Zelena's demanding goddess like appearance scared me. I quickly got into the sock, which would probably just barely reach Zelena's ankles. They seemed like they would be a tight fit, which was probably Zelena's plan. Once I was inside the sock, Zelena lifted it up, and peered down inside.

"I'll sleep with my soles facing upward, to make it more comfortable," Zelena rolled her eyes as she said that, "but only because you got stitches you insect!"

Zelena may not have realized it, but I actually was extremely grateful for the consideration, even if she had no good intentions. I saw her face disappear, and I felt the sock lower before her foot emerged above. She slowly slid her sock on, and it the sock pulled me close the sole of her foot. My face slightly pressed into the skin of her sole, as she pulled the sock on tight. She had hardly any foot wrinkles, and her foot was smooth all considered. Maybe it wouldn't be as uncomfortable as I thought it would be. Her foot actually smelled like maple soap, probably because she just took a shower.

Zelena didn't set her foot on the ground, instead she dropped her butt back on the bed and thoughtfully lifted the foot onto it without stepping on me. Karn must have been serious when he said not to harm me. He probably wanted me at full strength for the heist tomorrow morning. Now I know who has the leash in the relationship.

Zelena seemed to fall asleep quite quickly, and she was very calm. I wondered how someone so evil and wicked could sleep to peacefully. It's as if she has no nightmares or thoughts about anything and all that she has done in her life, is that even human? I managed to wiggle onto my back, resting on the sole of her foot. I have to admit, it was quite comfortable, minus the sock pressing into my body from the top.

Fear surged through my body about what my fate would be if I successfully found the document in Susan's house, or if I failed the mission entirely. I had no idea what to expect tomorrow.

The rest of the night was long, and after a few hours I slowly began to drift to sleep. I thought about my family, I thought about my friends, and I thought about what could have been if I had never started shrinking in the first place. What my life may have been, could have been, for better or for worse, whatever it may have been. It sure would have been better than this, it would have to be better than this.

I wished... for anything.... but this.


Chapter 17 - Susan's House Heist by Frizzle

The following morning I was awoken by Zelena's erratic movements. Her soles stretched and her toes bent as she yawned, adjusting herself over onto her ass. Her leg bent inward and her hand rubbed the bottom of her sock, to make sure I was exactly where she had left me. She then peeled her sock from her foot, and dumped me out onto the bed. She rubbed her eyes, moaning miserably to announce how badly she wanted to go back to sleep. She spread out her legs, causing me to end up between them, and she scooted her hip forward a bit as she fell onto her back again. I stepped back a little, as her crotch had scooted up quite close to me.

The clock read five in the morning, it was extremely early. Susan would probably leave her house around six thirty, so we had to be ready by then. Zelena got dressed in her usual leather get up, and put her red fluorescent contacts back on her eyes. She slipped her barefeet into her six inch high heels and came back over to the bed to retrieve me. We exchanged not a single word, I was only met with a devilish wink before she picked me up and stuffed me back into her bra. It was obvious she had some sexual pleasure stuffing me between her breasts, why else would she do it?

Zelena had gone downstairs and opened the fridge, grabbing a leftover slice of pizza from who knows when. She began munching down on it. My stomach began to gurgle, and I realized just how hungry I had been. I looked up at her, watching her as she ate the pizza, boy did I wish I could get a bite. Zelena peered down at me, giggling to herself when she saw that I was staring at her.

"Want some?" Zelena asked

I nodded, begging that she would give me a bite of it.

"Then eat the crumbs, if any fall into my bosom that is!" Zelena chuckled to herself, apparently impressed with her own cruelty.

She began to munch viciously at the pizza, as if forcing herself to make a mess. Of course, crumbs came raining from the heavens, bouncing off of Zelena's boobs and falling all over the place. I managed to capture a few, quickly scarfing them down. Zelena hadn't fed me up till this point, so I had gone almost a day and a half with no food. I was starving. Zelena was studying me as I frantically collected crumbs of pizza and shoving them in my mouth.

"How pathetic.... how does Karn expect such a pathetic sack of shit like YOU to complete this heist?" Zelena mocked, doubting that I had the ability and skillset to complete the mission.

"Maybe if you fed me properly I'd have the energy necessary..." I snapped back at her, a newfound courage.

That was a mistake however. Zelena immediately took one of her razor sharp fingernails and slashed it across my cheek. I held my hand up to feel the scratch. It wasn't deep, however it was bleeding. I immediately shut my mouth.

"Stand up to me again, see what I do next," Zelena taunted, almost begging me to do it, so she'd have a reason to end my life.

I was quiet the rest of the way to Susan's house. Zelena drove us there and we arrived about fifteen minutes till six thirty. Zelena parked across the street, as to not draw any attention from possible witnesses. My heart was speeding up a little bit. I knew that Susan would be gone during my visit, however I couldn't help but feel as if something would go terribly wrong.

"Remember you little twerp, run away, and I'll hunt you down and kill you myself," Zelena threatened.

"Try and escape with the document, and I'll kill you. Read the document, and I'll rip off your legs."

I nodded at her, to assure her that she had my complete cooperation. We waited about ten minutes, until finally we spotted Susan walking out of her home. She had black tights on, and her usual coach jacket on. Her black hair had been tied into a bun. Susan whipped out her keys and unlocked her car, and before long she was driving down the road to head to school.

"About time, are you ready little man?" Zelena asked, raising an eyebrow at me as she questioned my ability.

I looked up at her, seeming to be motivated by her mockery.

"I'll find the document. How long do I have?" I asked.

"As long as it takes, I don't expect this to be a short visit considering your height," Zelena responded, confused why Karn was forcing me to do this instead of herself.

"Personally I'd do this myself, but my brother INSISTS that it's you who collects the document," Zelena told me, "it must be a test to see if he can trust you to obey him or not."

Zelena appeared to be done talking after that statement, because afterwards she plucked me out of her cleavage and exited the vehicle. She looked in all directions to assure that no one was watching, and she quickly brought me up to Susan's front door before dropping me in front of it.

"I'll meet you right here after you come back, understand?" Zelena asked me.

I nodded, and proceeded under the crack of Susan's front door. Finally I was away from that women, and I could be at peace for a little while. As I walked into Susan's home, it wasn't overly enormous. In fact, it was rather smaller than I'd thought. To the right was the living room, a little further the dining room. Even further on the right was the kitchen, and on the left of the kitchen an even bigger family room. Past the family room was another small hallway leading to a bathroom, of which the laundry room was connected to. The entire house has hardwood flooring. On the left side of the hallway appeared to be a door leading to Susan’s bedroom. If Susan was hiding an important document on Kristin Karn, it would probably be there.

I began to make my way across the flat landscape. Unlike my house, which had built in ladders and other designs to make my home life more suitable for me, Susan's house was not equipped with such. Climbing things could be dangerous, and who knows what lurks in the cracks and crevices of her house. Even though my wound was now patched up and stitched properly, it was still very sore. I didn't hurry at all during my travel, as I needed to retain as much strength as possible throughout my time searching for this document.

My thoughts wandered over what my mother and Chloe were probably going thru right now. Chloe was probably angry at herself for allowing me to vanish, and my mom was probably devastated thinking I may have been killed or what not. Hopefully I'd be able to safely return to them after I did this stupid task for Karn. I know deep down however that Karn will never let me off the hook. It'll be task after task, or he'll toss me to the wolves after he's used me for my purpose. I didn't trust him at all, nor Zelena for that matter.

I didn't have much of a choice, I could either steal the document and deliver it to Karn, and then be tossed to the side. Or I don't grab the document and don't deliver it, and I still get tossed to the side. It's a lose lose situation. This is really fucked. I had to come up with a plan by the time I find that fuckin piece of paper. I hoped I'd still be able to lift a sheet of paper, now that I'm a quarter of an inch smaller than before. I guess I'd find out soon enough.

After about a minute or two of walking, I made it to Susan's bedroom door. It was cracked open so I was able to slip right in without having to crouch on my stomach. Her room wasn't overly large either, which would make it a tad easier to navigate. In the far corner was her bed, which wasn't made and sheets were dangling over the side. Next to the bed was a small wicker night stand with a digital clock and lamp. On the other side of the room was her dresser which was fairly tall and would be impossible to reach the top. Down on the ground next to the dresser was Susan's laundry bin, which was overfilled with dirty clothes and a few even fell to the floor. Susan didn't really keep her room perfectly tidy as I would have thought she would.

Other than the furniture mentioned, the rest of her room was pretty much bare. I was quite relieved, it would be less areas to cover while I searched for this document. I was rather curious what it would entail. I decided to check under her bed first, to see if there'd be anything of interest underneath. Her bed had a decorative drop that blocked the entire view under her bed, so I had to walk all the way over to take a peak. It took a bit, but eventually I made it to the side of her bed. I put my hands under the drop, and it was pretty thick cloth. I had to lift pretty hard to rise it over me so I could get a better view under her bed. It was rather dark, however with the little light I had coming from the window, I managed to see pretty quickly that there was nothing at all under the bed.

Great, I can cross this place off my mental list. I moved back onto the outside of her bed. I noticed the wicker night stand had a drawer near the bottom, and decided I'd look inside there as well. I may not have been able to pull it open, however I just might be able to slip through the wicker itself. After reaching the bottom of it, I noticed a spot where the wicker wasn't tightly secure, and a small square hole was there just begging for me to use it. I couldn't have been more lucky. I hoisted myself up and got inside. There were a bunch of old trinkets and other junk that Susan seemed to pile into here, but I didn't spot a single piece of paper of any kind.

I noticed that there was a phone, and I walked over and continuously jumped on the center button until I managed to jump on it hard enough to activate. The screen came on, no passwords at all. The phone even had service. It must have been Susan's, maybe she left it here? I was almost tempted to make a phone call, but even if I did, Zelena was still outside and there'd be no way for Chloe or anyone else to help me out of this situation. I could call 911, but without any proof or evidence of harassment or violence, there'd be no way to ensure Kristin Karn didn't do anything to punish me for such a call. Probably best I did nothing.

I exited the wicker nightstand, and started heading closer to the bedroom door. I would have liked to inspect her dresser, but it was solid maple and there'd be no way to get inside of the drawers. I decided I would just have to search elsewhere. I was beginning to ask myself why Karn would want ME to steal this information, considering it would be done ten times faster if his sister did it instead. What if I simply lack the means to find it? Does that mean I'm fucked anyways even if it's literally impossible? That is just fucked. I was about to leave the bedroom when an unexpected sound began to take place.

I froze, listening carefully. Keys, it was the jostling of keys, someone was at the front door and unlocking it. Did Susan come back!? I looked around, I had to hide in case she comes in here! Why did she come back? Maybe she came back for her cell phone? An idea struck when I saw the clothes scattered on the ground near the overfilled laundry basket. That would have to do. I dashed as quickly as my weak and sore body would allow, and dove onto the first thing I spotted. I quickly grabbed the edge of it and folded up and over my body to hide me inside. I then began to notice a strange smell, that of fish. Of damn, did I just jump into and fold Susan's panties over my body? I think I did.... I would have found a different piece of clothing to go under, but I had already ran out of time.

I heard the front door creak open, and the sound of rustling footsteps go down the hallway. In the distance I could just faintly hear Susan's words... "Can't believe I almost forgot the ledger!"

That makes sense, Susan runs the high school volleyball team, just like she did in middle school. They were supposed to start practice today, but that wouldn't be possible without her ledger. I heard her footsteps in the kitchen I believe, before I heard them coming back down the hallway. Just when I thought she was about to leave, her footsteps stopped in front of her bedroom door. I saw her shadow creaking into the room, as she stood there. I wasn't sure what she was doing.

"Hmmm, I probably should start that as well before I leave..." Susan said, before walking back towards the living room.

I wasn't sure what she was doing now, but I wasn't going to leave my hiding spot until Susan was out of the house. I couldn't risk being caught, I feared for Susan's safety if she interrupted my mission. I heard faint echos of water running, but couldn't tell for sure. Susan was doing something in the bathroom I think, maybe she had to go? Eventually I heard Susan's footsteps pattering back towards the hall, and back to her bedroom. The water was still running in the distance, what was she up too?

Susan then pushed her door all the way open. Threw a small crack I formed in her panties, I managed to see her enormous nikes walk right up to where I was at. I held my breath as Susan stood there. She placed her hands on her hips, staring down at the pile of dirty clothes while biting her lower lip.

"What a mess, I should have done this days ago!" Susan exclaimed.

Before I could react, Susan reached down and began to push all the clothes on the floor into a pile. My whole world went upside down as she forced me and the panties I was into the pile. I was now tangled up, and couldn't really move. My head was spinning from the frantic movement. Right then I felt gravity evaporate as Susan lifted the pile of clothes. It felt like the graviton at a carnival, I heard that those things are quite the trip. Then I felt gravity slam back to me as Susan dropped the pile of clothes into her basket along with me. Holding the top of the pile with her chin to make sure nothing fell out, Susan lifted the basket and began to walk with it. I was near the top, and the pressure from her chin completely halted any movement. I think I know what was going to happen next.

The sound of rushing water became louder and louder as Susan began to walk around the living room and into the bathroom where the laundry room was connected. The sound of water was coming from the washer machine. She was filling it up to do a load of laundry, and I was at the top of the pile. Susan set the basket on the edge of the washer, and I prepared for the worst. With a tilt of the handles, Susan sent the entire load tumbling into the washer. As I fell, I slipped through a leg hole of the panties and dove head first into the couple inches of water that the washer had filled so far. Soapy water ended up getting into my mouth, and I hacked and spat it out. Susan must fill the soap in first before the clothes. Bubbles surrounded me, but so were dirty clothes. The pile kept getting larger and larger, and I dove towards the center of the washer next to the spinner thingie. Susan had dumped the whole bin of clothes and completely blocked me out of sight. She used her hands to adjust the clothes evenly around the washer, which only sent me under the water several times.

"There, I'll just dry them after I get back home," Susan said, before slamming the washer door down and leaving. She grabbed the ledger and her purse, and locked the front door behind her, getting into her car and heading back off towards the school hoping she wouldn't be late. Meanwhile Zelena was in her car across the street, studying Susan's facial expressions closely to detect if Susan had talked or seen me at all. Zelena didn't get any kind of gesture that her cover might be blown, and decided that Susan knew nothing. Zelena continued to wait for me, but unfortunately she might be waiting awhile.

Back in the washer, the water was getting higher and higher. I managed to get back to the center and rise to the top. The washer was about half full, and still rising. I began to climb the clothes to get higher above the water. If I didn't get out of here before the water filled to the top, the spinning motion of the water would suck me to the bottom and I'd drown. How come this shit always happens to me!? I frantically climbed smelly socks and perfume soaked tops as I desperately tried to stay above the water. I finally reached the top of the pile, the water only ten inches below me, and rising quickly. I looked at the center spinny thingie, of which I knew not the name, and it was about an inch above the pair of pants I was on. However the water was soaking the clothes, causing them to bend and fall down into the water. I felt the pants begin to do the same, and I had to act quickly.

In one quick jump I leaped with all my strength towards the center spinny thingie. I reached out my hand and just barely gripped onto the edge. I pulled myself up and surveyed my surroundings. The water only needed to raise about two more inches, before the washing would begin. Once the spinning started, it would knock me right back into the water. I needed to act quickly. In front of me I saw the soap dispenser, which was quite far. If I could somehow get into it, I could exit through the top of the washer machine. But how could I reach it? I suddenly got an idea. If I time my movement correctly, I could jump right as the spindle begins to spin, and it just might give me the push I need to leap the distance required to make it to the dispenser. Susan had just put soap in however, so it would be super slippery. I'd have to do it perfectly, or I'd end up in the rushing water and drown.

I stepped back towards the opposite end of the spindle, and prepared to run. The water was only about a half inch away from starting the machine. As soon as the water stopped, I ran full speed. At the last second, I jumped just as the spindle notched forward, increasing my momentum. I was mid air for about two seconds, which was all I needed. I landed perfectly on the dispenser, but began to slide down it and back towards the water. Shit... Shit... SHIT! Just as I slipped off, I gripped the edge of it with all the strength in my body. My fingers were sliding off, and I looked down below into raging spinning water below me. In a last ditch effort, I used my remaining stamina to hoist myself up, and slowly crawled through the dispenser. I fell into the dispenser cup, and was finally safe. That was too close.

I lied down, my heart pounding through my chest. How is it that I always managed to survive scenarios such as this? After being almost unknowingly killed so many times, it's a wonder that I'm still alive. I couldn't imagine the pain it would put my family threw, and Chloe. Just vanishing without a trace, and never coming back. They'd wonder the rest of their lives what would have happened to me. I never really thought about that either until just now. Maybe that's why I strive to survive, not for my own sake, but for the sake of the ones who love me.

I took a deep breath, and stood up. Though the lid to the dispenser cup was made of aluminum, it was actually considerably light. I managed to push it open with both hands and crawl out on top of the shaking washer machine. As I was about to find a way down, the machine began to jump and rock violently. The clothes must not be even inside. I ended up stumbling and fell backwards, falling right off the washer machine. I thought for sure I'd break a bone, but once again luck seemed to be on my side. Susan had apparently not noticed a sock fall from the load of dirty clothes, and it had fallen to the ground and folded over itself. By the hand of God I ended up falling right into the sock, which broke my fall entirely. Other than a minor head rush, I was totally fine.

I stood up and put a hand on my forehead. So much time wasted now, Zelena wouldn't be patient much longer. And I still had no fucking idea where to search for this document Karn wanted. I began to pace back and forth, as I thought about where to look. After coming up with no ideas, I decided to kick the bottom of the washer machine in anger. However the washer machine was lifted an inch off the ground by four metal pegs, and I ended up kicking air. My leg came out under me and I fell on my ass, only pissing me off some more. I ended up staring under the washer, and that's when it caught my eye.

I rubbed my eyes and squinted, to make sure that what I saw, was what I saw. A single piece of paper, pushed all the way against the wall under the washer machine. What in the hell was it doing there? I picked myself up and went to investigate. Could this be the document? No, it couldn't be, why would Susan hide it under her washer? Then again, I guess that is the last place someone would look. I sure as fuck wouldn't have guessed to look here. I only saw the paper by complete accident!

Upon reaching the paper, I began to read it to see what it entailed.

"Testimony Against Ruch Raping." A testimony? I kept reading. "I, Sally Buchanan, testify as a witness against Kristin Karn that he indeed was the perpetrator in the raping of Cecelia Ruch."

WHAT!? I couldn't believe what I had just read, Sally Buchanan is the same Sally that raped ME in the women's bathroom during third period! And wasn't Cecelia Ruch the girl that ALSO drunkenly raped me at Bridgette's party!?

"I watched as Kristin Karn forced himself onto Cecelia Ruch, who was drunk and tried to fight him off. He then beat her and raped her violently. Near the end of the raping, Cecelia had fallen unconscious during the altercation."

Is this why Sally was so afraid of Kristin Karn? And why was this testimony in Susan's house being hidden? In fact, why is this testimony being HIDDEN at ALL! Does Karn have leverage over them? Or are his threats so terrifying that they are afraid to release the testimony? And how come Cecelia herself hasn't come forward about this raping? Maybe she was too drunk to remember? Or maybe just afraid of the repercussions. I had no idea for sure what was going on here, however I had a fully SIGNED testimony and confession right here in front of me. This was definitely what Karn was after, and I was about to turn it into him and surrender the only leverage I'd ever see on him. But what could I do? He might kill me if I attempt ANYTHING other than handing over this document. I wasn't going to die to put Karn away, I couldn't. My family can't handle my loss, not right now when things are so sensitive between us.

I grabbed the paper and drug it out from underneath the washer machine. After ten minutes of huffing and puffing and pulling, I had finally reached the long hallway. The paper wasn't too heavy, it was just large and awkward to handle. After I had made it near Susan's bedroom door, I stopped. I remember that Susan never grabbed her cell phone from the night stand. I paused, wondering whether or not I should make the dumbest and riskiest move ever attempted before in the history of tiny men. I took out a deep nervous breath. I couldn't believe I was gonna go threw with this.


Ten Minutes later


I slipped back under the front door of Susans house, and began to jump and wave frantically at Zelena in her car. She spotted me immediately and exited her vehicle to come over to me. She walked up to me, her heels clacking as she did so. I looked up at her, fear setting in.

"Where's the document?" Zelena asked, distrust in her tone of voice.

"I found it, however it was out of reach, but I know what it's for," I responded.

Zelena snickered, almost angry at the same time, "That's not good enough, Kristin wants the document!"

"Well it was out of my reach, but once Karn knows what it's about, he can prepare for it," I was trying desperately to convince Zelena of this.

Zelena glared at me carefully, studying me. I did my best to keep my face the same. She pondered her options before finally breaking the silence.

"You better hope it's what Kristin wants to hear," Zelena threatened, "because the moment he snaps his fingers, I'm going to swallow you alive."

I gulped sneakily, trying to show now fear. This had to be the dumbest idea I've ever come up with, and after failing at the meeting, I sure hope that the second time's the charm. My life depended on it.


Meanwhile, with Chloe about 15 minutes ago


It had been a distressing day yesterday, as Nick had suddenly vanished from the hospital. His mother and me spent all day searching with the nurses and doctors to find Nick. Eventually they had found the security footage, which had been wiped right before Nick disappeared, and then started playing again after. It was definitely a kidnapping, and I assumed it was the K Klub immediately.

Nick's mother Harley  had been mourning in her room since yesterday night, and I heard her crying all throughout the night. She feared for the worst, not knowing at all why Nick was gone. But I knew, and I couldn't tell Harley. Nick wouldn't want me too. I was going to face Kristin Karn today at school, to find out why he took Nick.

I was about to leave the house when the home phone began to ring. I stopped and looked over, a random number that I was not familiar with on the screen. I was going to ignore it, but for some reason I felt the urge to answer it. And I heard no one else in the house coming to grab it, so I assumed Nick's family was all sound asleep. The phone kept ringing over and over, and I finally decided to answer it.

"Hello?" Chloe asked suspiciously.

"Chloe.... It's Nick!"

My jaw dropped. NICK!? How did he even manage to make a phone call!?

"Nick!? We are worried sick about you, where are you?" I asked in curiosity, wanting to go get him immediately.

"I'm at Susan's house, I need you to come and do something for me...."


Chapter 18 - In Defiance Of Thy Lord by Frizzle

Zelena was driving to Eagle High, to personally make sure I made it to Kristin Karn. I had managed to convince Zelena to leave Susans house and the document behind, depending on my own knowledge of what the document entailed. Zelena didn't suspect a thing from me, and thank goodness for it. I had concocted a new plan, and as long as Chloe came threw on her end, it just might fucking work this time. I prayed to god that it would. I had left the document under the wicker nightstand, and instructed Chloe on where to find it. I had ended up using the cellphone in Susan's night stand to call my house, hoping someone would pick up the phone. Chloe was to take the testimony and hide it safely, so Kristin Karn would never be able to get his hands on it. Now that I finally had leverage of him, the plan could work.

I simply convince Karn that I indeed know about the rape he committed, and that I have it safely hidden in case I need to use it against him. I had decided that I would not tell him about Chloe, as I didn't want to put her in danger again. So I had to make this plan work without detailing my instructions to Chloe to Karn. This whole mess was confusing.

Eventually we made it, and Zelena grabbed me and got out of her car. She carried me to the rear entrance of the school. Given the time of day it seemed to be, I had to guess that school was in third period, or maybe even close to fourth. I wasn't for sure. Zelena walked us into the rear entrance, and into the west wing hallway where are last meeting was. Of course, Karn and his K Klub members were already waiting for me. Does Kristin even go to his school classes? He always seems to be out and about. His gaze was that of a fiery rage. The first thing he had noticed, was that there was no document at all.

"Did you fail me...." Karn asked, drawing out a long sigh.

I just stared at him, keeping silent. Zelena peered down at me, wondering why I hadn't said anything. She slightly bumped her hand up to try and get me to say something, but I stood there staring.

"Did you.... find the.... doc-U-MENT" Karn slowly strut his words, his patience thinning.

"Yes." I responded.

"And where is it?" Karn asked begrudgingly.

"Safe." I answered.

Karn laughed a single breath, turning his head a little to the right and towards the ground. He closed his eyes as he tried to guess why I was being so vague with him.

"The deal was that you would bring it to me," Karn re stated.

"The only deal, is the one that I am going to offer," I responded.

Karn whipped his head back towards me, his eyes narrow, "oh really.... and what would that be?"

"You are going to disband the K Klub, and end your rule over this school," I demanded, "or the testimony of Cecelia Ruch’s rape that YOU committed will end up in the hands of the police."

Karn laughed nonchalantly. Shaking his head.

"You hid it huh? And who exactly is going to release this testimony?" Karn glared at me.

"I am," I lied, keeping Chloe out of the conversation.

Karn began to nod repeatedly, walking towards me as I stood in Zelena's hand. I felt her hand begin to tense a little, as she prepared to do something at the slightest demand of her brother. Karn walked right up to me, leaning his face in extremely close to my body.

"You left the only leverage you had over me back at Susans, and you thought you could barter that with your life?" Karn whispered.

Shit..... I hadn't thought about that. I was about to concoct another idea, but it was too late. Once again my poor choice of words led to my defeat.

"That's the last time you will ever attempt to strip me of my legacy," Karn announced, walking away from me. Zelena's hand immediately gripped up, trapping me in her hand.

"It's a shame really, here I thought that we could come to some kind of agreement," Karn continued, "it's surprising that the only person in this school brave enough to stand against me is the one that's only an inch or so tall. I admire that about you, but you have become a pest, and it's time the predator eats its prey."

Karn nodded at Zelena, as he waved to his K Klub members and they all began to leave the hall. I turned my head up and around towards Zelena, who was already licking her plush red lips as she gazed down at me. She adjusted her grip on me and lifted me from my shirt with her index finger and thumb. My clothes stretched a bit farther than normal, and I realized it's because I had shrunk a quarter of an inch and my clothes no longer fit properly. Funny, the things that you notice before your about to die. Zelena lifted me up to her face, a smile of evil across it.

"I must say my darling, as much fun as we have had in the past twenty four hours, it's amazing that I finally get to live out my fantasy," Zelena proclaimed.

"I finally.... get to swallow.... an actual tiny person! Oh how I've dreamt about it since the day I first heard about you!"

"You are a sick creep!" I shouted in her face.

She merely cackled at my statement.

"Don't bother fighting my dare, your fate is SEALED!"

Zelena lifted me over her head, as she held her head back and slowly opened her mouth. Her teeth were pure white, and her tongue I had just noticed had a ball piercing near the tip. Beyond her uvula was the abyss of death, which is somewhere I wasn't about to end up again. No way was I gonna let this psycho swallow me!

As Zelena prepared to drop me, I reached up and grabbed her finger, hoisting myself up and taking the biggest bite I possibly could into her skin. At first I wasn't sure it would work, as I feared I may be too small. However I sometimes underestimated the impact a 3/4 inch tall person can actually accomplish. My bite felt similar to a spiders, as my rows of teeth clamped onto her flesh as a spider's fangs do. Zelena felt it, and it caught her off guard. Zelena flinched her fingers back and yelped in slight discomfort at the odd pinch she had just felt. I immediately began to fall. I bumped onto her chin and bounced directly on top of her boob that was partially exposed from her tight leather jacket.

Zelena whipped her hand back and forth as she tried to get rid of the pain. I looked down her cleavage, and came up with a plan. If I jumped as close to the edge of her vest possible, I might just be able to ride her stomach down to the floor unharmed. It was worth a shot. I immediately jumped into the very small hole where Zelena's cleavage separated, and sure enough I hit her slim smooth stomach and rode it all the way down before grabbing her waistline to stop the fall. Zelena looked down, feeling sliding down her stomach. She lifted her leather sleeveless jacket and saw me gripping her waistline of her leather pants.

"Sly little fucker, aren't yuh?" Zelena snickered, reaching for me with her right hand.

I let go of the waistline just in time as Zelena barely grasped me. I hit the floor with a "thud" and quickly sprang to my feet and began to run.


The bell rang, and third period had ended. Students began to flood the hallway and empty the classrooms. Zelena temporarily lost me in the now flooded hallway, frantically searching the ground and shoving aside the students who got in her way. I froze in the middle of the hallway, flats, converse, flip flops, boots, all sorts of shoes were wizzing and flying around me. Not a single student was looking at the ground, because none of them knew that the tiny student was below. I was in shock, and fear for my life. My eyes shifted and met Zelena's, who was staring at me only a couple feet away.

"There you are! You little bastard!" Zelena hissed.

With no further hesitation, I turned around and began to sprint down the hallway. I used my size to slip under the steps of the rushing students, and to easily work between them. Zelena on the other hand was being shoved and forced aside as the students madly rushed to their classes. She was becoming infuriated as she attempted to catch up to me, but I had the advantage, or at least for now if I didn't get squished by a random student.

I finally made it out into the lunchroom, and turned towards my right. The espresso stand was open, that'd be a great place to hide! I bolted into the espresso room and darted to the nearest table. Two girls were sitting at it, one wearing flip flops and dangling them about. I made sure to stay clear, in case she decided to drop them to the floor. I wouldn't want to be underneath them. Zelena came around the corner shortly after, scoping the floor for me. I tried to stay hidden behind the table post, but the other girl slid her flats forward which startled me. I jumped away from them before they hit me, narrowly avoiding an impact. Zelena's eyes set on me yet again, as she spotted me.

Zelena sprinted and dove onto the ground, reaching her hand to try and catch me. I ran under the girl's flip flop that was at the table and Zelena's hand got tangled in it by accident.

"What the FUCK are you DOING!?" The girl shouted.

I continued to run, behind the counter and into the storage room in the back.

"Move aside you prissy little bitch!" Zelena punch the girl in the face, and tossed her across the room using her unusually muscular arms for a women.

After I had gotten into the storage room, I saw a shelf with a roll of string at the top. A long piece was dangling from it all the way to the floor. I ran over and tugged on it, to make sure it was steady, and it didn't appear to give way at all. I began to climb it all the way up the shelf. I then pulled the string all the way up as to not give Zelena any clues of my location. I proceeded to climb into the center of the spindle as my hiding place.

Not even a couple seconds later, Zelena barged into the room. She was breathing furiously now, frustrated and raged that she had managed to let me escape even though I was the size of her big toenail. She scanned the room carefully, wondering where I could have run off too.

"Come out... come out... wherever you are!" Zelena chanted tauntingly.

She immediately kicked a box out of a corner, thinking that I was hiding behind it. I kept myself calm, and lowered my breathing to make sure Zelena couldn't hear me at all.

"Pleeeeease come out?" Zelena feigned a beg, "I'm soooooooooo hungry!"

Zelena lifted a bucket that was upside down, looking under it to see if that was the location I was hiding. She then began to pure up at the shelves, none of which were out of her reach entirely.

"You know you WANT to be my food Nick.... it's your destiny to end up in my glorious belly!" Zelena mocked.

Did this crazy bitch really think talking like that would get me out of hiding? Or was she just trying to get under my skin? I couldn't tell.

"Tell you what... come out now... and I won't chew... deal?" Zelena offered.

Yeah, and slowly die and digest in your gut instead? Go fuck yourself Zelena! Her eyes were setting on the shelves, assuming even the most simple of hiding places. She then took a hand and whacked everything off a shelf nearby.

"I'll cripple you horrendously if I have too," Zelena threatened, "I don't need you in one piece to swallow you whole..."

I peered over the spindle, to get a glimpse of my surroundings. There was an open window about a foot below my shelf. An idea struck my head. Zelena however had turned around and saw my peeking head, and she grinned devilishly at me.

"Found you..."

I jumped out of the spindle and grabbed onto the string, jumping off of the shelf. Zelena zipped her hand forward to try and grab me, but missed by half an inch. The string caught onto her finger, and caused me to start swinging. I twisted my body and directed the rope perfectly, and I swung near the window before jumping onto the sill. I couldn't believe that just fucking worked! Zelena became entangled in the string, as she frantically tried to pull it off only making it get more tangled. She turned around and roared like a goddamn dragon, metaphorically speaking. She leaped towards the window but I had already jumped out.

I landed in the soil of the garden bed below, and quickly sprang out onto the concrete pathway. I was on the side of the school, almost towards the entrance. Chloe and me had lunch after third period, and Chloe always sits at the entrance. If I ran fast enough, I could make it to her! I began to run, but my hope had been to high. In a swift second, the enormous converse shoe of Kristin Karn landed before me, blocking my path and knocking me on my ass. The chase was over... they caught me. Kristin lifted his hand down, and plucked me from the ground, holding me up to his face. Zelena had just climbed through the window, walking up to her brother in anger and frustration.

"I must admit, you've got spirit kid..." Karn told me.

"As a reward for your courage to stand against my sister, I'll give you a fighting chance," Karn exclaimed.

"WHAT! HE'S MINE!" Zelena hissed, not wanting her brother to take away her prize.

Karn raised his hand to her, "SILENCE, you have no say in this Zelena!"

Zelena glared at him, turning and storming away, "You will pay for this BROTHER! YOU BROKE YOUR PROMISE!"

The other K Klub members began to circle around their leader, as Karn turned his gaze back onto me, as he held me between his fingers. I stared at him in reluctance and fear.

"Let's take a walk...." Karn stated.

The walk took about thirty minutes, as Kristin Karn and his K Klub followers dragged me far out into the woods that Eagle High was built near. The woods stretched on for miles on either side. I wondered what Karn was doing with me out here, but my answer would come soon.

Karn stopped, and bent down on one knee, holding me in his palm. I glared up at him.

"You seem to be a survivor Nick...." Karn told me, "so I'll allow you a fighting chance, out in the wild like a true survivor."

Karn tipped his hand, dropping me to the dirt floor below. I rushed onto my feet, confused and looked up at him.

"I won't last a day out here! There are predators everywhere you sick fuck!" I shouted at him.

He only smile down at me, "I know..."

My face filled with horror, he was gonna do it. He was gonna leave me out here to die. It's as if he wanted me to suffer. At this point, I was wondering if I'd rather have ended up in Zelena's gut or not....

"Nick...I want you to ask yourself this question...." Karn stated.

"Who's the best now?"

Karn held his arms up high as he laughed at me, turning around and signaling to his followers to head out. I'd have ran after them, but I'd never catch up. I had no idea how I'd escape from here. They had left me, alone. My plan never involved being left in the woods.

They had left me to die... alone.


Chapter 19 - Left To Die by Frizzle

It had been hours since I had been abandoned in the woods. I couldn't tell for sure, but by the lack of noise and the embracing silence over my soul, I estimated I was a mile or two, maybe even three miles away from the school. It was much colder out here for some reason, and I had little to no resources for heat. I had initially tried running after Karn and his gang, but in minutes their laughter and chit chat faded as they returned to the school. I was lost, and I had no way home.

I had grabbed a couple leaves off the ground, ones that I could lift with relative ease. I tied the stems together of about six leaves in total, which was no easy task. It took me almost thirty minutes I assumed, but eventually I got six tied together. I then dragged it to the closest tree, and crawled underneath. I pushed with all my strength and lifted the leaves upward, and then dug the ends into the dirt as much as I could to stop my now leaf tent from toppling over. It wasn't the best work, but it would suffice. It would hopefully trap my body heat, and also block me out of view from any predators, given anywhere in the area.

The school was known for several of it's brave and courageous wild life. Cougars being the most bold, they would often be found trying to snatch children at the elementary and kindergarten schools a mile down the road. They ended up building a fence around the perimeter to solve the issue, however one day a young lad had somehow climbed over it, and couldn't get back inside. By the time a teacher had spotted him, it was too late. The poor elementary student was snatched up by a starving cougar, and it drug him into the woods. The poor boys body wasn't discovered until a week later, and by then almost nothing remained. I remember that this story specifically always terrified me, because if a normal sized young lad could be so vulnerable to the wild at his age, imagine what an even smaller predator could do to ME at thrice the age.

Foxes and Coyotes were also sometimes spotted snooping about, but none have been reported to be as aggressive as cougars. One thing I have not mentioned, and that may interest you, is the high school's mascot. As you may have guessed, it is in fact the bald eagle. Though I haven't yet seen the eagle soaring over the school, it has been known to make appearances once every couple months. Though no one knows for sure, people have said that the eagle has only started to make it's appearances since about a year and a half ago, therefore people believing the eagle to be about two to three years old. Quite young for an eagle, and still growing.

It's rumored that the eagle only makes such rare appearances because of the vicious falcon that lurks our city bounds. The eagle has been around for a whopping twelve years, and has been seen numerous times ripping other smaller birds to pieces. Though a falcon would typically not stand a chance against a bald eagle, a fully grown falcon just may decide one day to feast upon an eagle this is quite young as the school's mascot.

However, thus far the bald eagle has lived on, flying over the school every now and then to inspire younger newcomers to soar as high as they can in life, and to never give up. I sometimes wish I could get the same inspiration, however I feared that I may not live long enough to see that magnificent bird.

I sat in the corner, against the leaf that was against the tree so I could have some support. I began to rub my hands together to try and generate some heat. It was so quiet, so much that I was praying for a racket of some kind. The echos of students walking down the hallway, the frustrated shouting of my mother when my sisters didn't do their chores, or the teasing and mockery from Chloe whenever she randomly decided to pin me under her foot. I prayed for anything, any noise at all. It never came. Only the dreading silence, the whistling of the wind as it swept across the forest floor, and that was it. It was driving me crazy.

I couldn't help but think about Bridgette. Our amazing night together, a night of intimacy and connection. I felt so close to her, as I pleasured her privates. I remember how delicate she was, even though she wanted to buck and bounce her hips around in pleasure, she forced herself to stay calm to make sure that I was as comfortable as possible. Something no one has ever cared to do, make me comfortable. By the time she had reached peak, she began to seep orgasmic juices, slowly coating me them. I remember that she plucked me from below, and gently ran her tongue all over my body to cleanse me of her heavenly juices. I had slept between her breasts the rest of the night, as her hand covered over me to protect me. I could feel her precious heart beating, a heart that gave life and hope and love. Thought we have hardly known each other, I sincerely feel a deep connection to her, and it pained me knowing I may never see her again.

I began to tear up, as emotion began to course through my body. How could I have let this all happen? Why did I have to try yet AGAIN to best Kristin Karn?! Why couldn't I have just done as he had asked, then none of this would have happened! But for some reason deep inside me, I felt a hatred towards that man. I hated his power, I hated his viciousness. I hated him in general. Why should a man have so much to gain, and take away from so many people? It wasn't fair, not to me and not to everyone else. But I let my desire to beat him at his own game take over, and I let all reason slide. The only way to beat Kristin Karn, is by pure strength, which I lacked severely. I was nothing to him, a grain of sand, a speck of dirt, a needle in twenty tons of hay. I was simply nothing.

I jumped in fright, when I heard the rustling of leaves. It broke my train of thought, and reality came rushing back. It was circling around, and I began to hear sniffing. I slowly crept forward, so I could peek through my leaf tent. As I peeked an eye out into the wilderness, my eyes bulged in terror as I saw a young fox. It was sniffing around, creeping closer and closer to my location. I immediately sprung back against the tree stump, holding my hand to my chest in terror. Was the fox sniffing me out? Had it gotten ahold of my scent? The fox didn't seem fully grown yet either, I would have to estimate that he was about fourteen inches long. If I had to of guessed, he probably weighed twenty five pounds or so, given his height.

I held my breath, as the patter of his steps rustled the leaves in his path. I could physically hear him getting closer, his snout sniffing about as it tried to find it's next meal, no matter what size it was. At this size, and my current location, I was just too vulnerable. I needed to do something, but what could I do? Then an idea struck me. I quietly moved the leaf aside that was against the tree. The bark was thick, but if I planned every move carefully I could climb the bark as if I was rock climbing. I was small enough, yet also large enough to used the ridges of the bark to climb the tree. I'd have to act fast, because as soon as I started climbing I'd be in complete view of the fox.

I glanced back out of the makeshift leaf tent, and the fox was circling close by. As soon as it turned it's back, I decided to start climbing. I quickly leaped and grabbed hold of the ridges at the very base of the tree. I quickly began scanning ahead and grabbing certain ridges that would help me gain as much height as possible with ease. I was doing pretty solid, and making good progress. I had probably climbed about a foot of distance in less than a minute. People always assumed that at such a small height, I wouldn't be able to move very fast. However they couldn't be more wrong. Based on my experience, I could actually run faster than most insects, aside from arachnids. I wasn't zipping around like Zoom, however whenever I made a run for it, I was always dropping jaws from nearby viewers.

I kept climbing, and after a minute and a half I was almost two feet up the tree. I decided to pause and look back down to make sure the fox was still turned around, however as soon as I turned my head, my body froze. The fox was only six feet away now, and he was looking directly at me. The fox's gaze was set, and it began to curl it's teeth as if to scare me. It slowly got into a sprint stance, and I knew what was about to happen. I forced my body to move, and quickly began to climb. I could hear the fox sprinting towards me from behind. I was terrified, but climbed as quickly as I could. I decided I needed to leap from where I was at as much as possible to gain a final height advantage over the fox. Just as the fox launched itself at me, I used all the strength in my body and jumped up about an inch, barely grabbing a ridge in the trunk just in time as the fox barely missed me and slammed into the tree. It fell back to the ground and made a noise that I had never heard in my life. People always ask "what does the fox say?" Well, I wish I could tell you how it sounded, but unfortunately words can't describe it. However it sounded pissed as fuck.

The fox began to circle the tree, and I climbed higher and higher. After a few minutes, I was a solid six feet off the ground, and far from the foxs reach. I managed to find a ridge that stemmed out about an inch away from the trunk, serving as the perfect platform to lay down on and rest. I looked over the edge of the bark to see the fox staring up at me as it circled around. Fantastic, this seneva bitch probably isn't gonna go anywhere any time soon. I stood up and began to kick the tree in anger, how am I supposed to find my way out of the woods with this asshat trying to maul me? As angry and frustrated as I was, I decided to sit down and rest. If the fox was gonna camp the base of the tree, I might as well wait him out. Besides, climbing five feet up a tree was exhausting, and I needed to rest.

My stitches had strained a little as I was climbing the tree, and I had to make sure my wound hadn't reopened. Thankfully it didn't, and the stitches were still on good. I was relieved, and rested on my back as I contemplated my next move. I could hear the fox still pacing back and forth. I stood up and decided to get a little higher, as the platform I was on was still quite small. I noticed that about half a foot higher was a broken branch that spanned out about four feet, and decided that would be a much safer vantage point.

I started grabbing the ridges in the bark and making my way towards the broken branch. I could hear the fox spring near the base of the tree, as it probably waited to see if it's prey would fall into it's jaws. However that wouldn't happen, not yet at least. I made it to the branch, and climbed on top. It was relatively flat, and not very round, making it suitable to walk on. I peered over the branch carefully, and of course the bloody fox was still circling below. This would probably take a few hours, so I guess I'm stuck here till the little bastard leaves.

I sat on my butt, and crossed my legs. I closed my eyes trying to shut out the noisy rustling of leaves below by the fox. As I had first craved the noise, I now begged for the silence to return. I tried humming different tunes to myself to distract me from the situation I was currently enfolded in. The rustling was still noisy, so I switched to whistling instead. I whistled as loud as I could, trying desperately to block out the damn fox, when suddenly I heard chirping. I opened my eyes, looking to the left, to see something quite magnificent.

It was a hummingbird, floating in mid air as it flapped it's wings faster than the eye could see. It stayed perfectly afloat and did not waiver in it's flight. It was responding to my whistling. I whistled more, and in response yet again the hummingbird matched my rhythm with it's chirping. I had a slight amount of fear within me, as I wasn't sure what this bird could do to me, however at the moment it seemed to be singing along with me. It stared at me, with utmost curiosity, and me it. We locked a gaze as we examined one another, both mesmerized by the other. The hummingbird then slowly flew over to the end of the branch, and carefully landed on it's tiny feet. It did not move, as expected because hummingbirds aren't known for prancing around the ground like most birds. It just sat there, resting. It wasn't afraid of me at all, which I credited to my small size.

I began to creep forward, slowly. I got closer and closer to the beautiful creature, as it stood there, without a flinch. Within seconds I was only an inch or two away, and I held out my hand. The bird did not move, and merely looked down at me. He had to of been no more than two inches in length, and wasn't much larger than I was. I set a single hand on the birds fluffy chest. His feathers were so soft, and it soothed me knowing how peaceful this bird was inside. It held no fear, despite having no knowledge of me. It trusted me, and me it. It put me at ease inside, even though the situation I faced down on the ground.

The hummingbird then flapped it's wings once again, flying off and into the distance as the fox began to scratch and nibble at the base of the tree. It was becoming impatient, and I guessed it wouldn't be around much longer. Even so, I'd want to wait a couple hours to make sure it would be gone for good. I layed down, looking up through the branches and leaves towards the blue sky. Peace filled me, just like the hummingbird. I slowly closed my eyes, drifting asleep. I would make it out of this alive, and when I did, I would face Kristin Karn once more, and this time I would beat him. I slowly fell into slumber.


A couple hours went by, and it was probably early in the evening. School was sure to be out by now, but daylight stilled poured over the forest as light passed threw the cracks and crevices between the leaves overhead. I slowly opened my eyes, and yawned and stretched as I sat up. I immediately peered over the branch, to see that the fox was gone. Hopefully he left to find another meal. It had been long enough, I needed to cover ground now, or I'd die here.

I got up, and checked my stitches and dressing one last time to make sure that I could make the trip. Climbing down would be a drag, but it was the only way I could get back to the forest floor. I began to step down the indented bark in the tree as I made my way down, carefully stepping on bark that was within reach. I found it to be much harder to climb down that it had been to climb up. Maybe it was because I didn't feel like I was in danger and I didn't have motivation to climb any faster, who knows.

I began to wonder about Chloe, wondering if she had ever done as I asked and got the rape testimony against Karn from Susan's house. I began to fear and worry that Zelena or Karn may have gone back to Susan's to hunt it down since I didn't deliver. I just prayed to god that they would not suspect Chloe at all in being an accomplice to my actions. Despite the small rift between me and her, she is still the only person who has ever taken the greatest care for me. I had to give her the benefit of the doubt and assume she was having a rough week, for whatever her reasons may be. I felt that when Chloe felt comfortable enough to tell me, she would. That is if I get out of here alive.

I had climbed down about a foot, and my legs started to tremble. Something felt wrong, something inside of me. It felt like a liquid traveling inside my body, but it shouldn't be. I looked down at my gut, and saw blood. Was I bleeding internally? What could I have done to cause that? Unfortunately I didn't get the chance to answer my question, as my foot stepped down on the bark below me, it snapped loose. With gravity rushing towards me like a tidal wave, I slipped and began to tumble towards the ground. My heart stopped, and silence ensued, as I realized I was about to fall to my death. My mother, my sisters, Chloe, Bridgette, Sally, Tyler, Zelena, Cecelia, Macy, Bucky, Susan. All of their faces were before me, as my life flashed before my eyes. Middle school, shrinking since I was six, being stuck in Abigail's shoe, nearly being killed and eaten by Lucy, the dodgeball tournament, breaking into Susan's house, being raped by two different women, and most of all the night that me and Bridgette had sex (sort of). My dog being ran over before my eyes by the actions of my sister Ashley, being impaled with a fork by Cecelia before she swallowed me alive, and the evening I spent with Zelena as she teased and tortured me along with patching my wound. Past, present, future. I saw it all at once. I guess it's true about what they say.

As I closed my eyes, to embrace the coming of death, all gravity faded. My back fell upon a soft feathery surface, and before I knew it I was flying. I opened my eyes and grabbed onto the feathers for dear life. It was the hummingbird, the same one from before that I had touched on the broken tree branch before my nap. It had caught me in mid air. I looked all around me, as the trees and flowers and leaves flew by like it was nothing. The hummingbird chirped as it flew around like no ones business, free from distraction and danger. It saved my life.

The hummingbird flew close to the ground, and hovered about an inch off the ground. I slid off and landed on the forest floor, relieved that I had yet another day to live. The bird stared and gawked at me, as it studied me closely. I looked back at it, with a smile on my face. I was so thankful for this gentle magnificent creature.

"Thank you...." I spoke aloud, even though the bird couldn't understand me.

I would see the ones I love again, I would make it out of the woods, and I would get that testimony to the police and have Kristin Karn arrested. And with a testimony from me, Zelena will be arrested too. They would face justice, and I would......

My eyes bulged, as a leap of death ensued by the very creature that drove me up the tree to begin with. The fox had returned, and I had a feeling it never truly left. It had snuck up behind the humming bird and leapt to try and tackle it.

"RUUUUUUUN!" I screamed as loud as I could, pushing the bird's body as it reacted and flew away in fear.

I looked behind me to see the fox still in mid air. It's jaws opened and it's sharp teeth exposed. It was about to rip apart it's meal, and I was the main course. I had narrowly evaded death only to fall into danger once more. But I was wrong, and what happened next was a true thing of magnificence, something one may never see in their lifetime, unless they are the rare lucky few.

Just before the fox leapt onto me, the fabled and rare sighted young bald eagle sprung from the sky, diving almost 100 miles an hour. With it's sharp talons protruded, it  swiftly latched onto the fox's neck, dragging it to the ground away from me. The fox made yet another noise, this time of pain and agony as the eagle punctured the fox's neck with its sharp claws. The eagle cawed the most magnificent noise I had ever heard, as it made it's battle cry as it engaged in combat with this fox. The fox quickly reared it's neck and managed to grab a savage bite into the leg of the great eagle, causing the eagle to caw in pain and fly away. The fox sprung back to it's feet, it's neck dripping in blood. It began to circle the ground as the Eagle flew in a circle.

I realized at this point that both predators could rip me apart with ease, and I used the distraction to take cover. I dashed behind a nearby tree, peering around it as I watched the two engage in warfare. Were they fighting over their meal? I wasn't sure. The eagle made another dive, latching onto the fox's body as it began to use its beak to rip into the fox's body. The fox squealed and bucked, as it tried to detach it's foe from it's back. But the eagle held on strong, continuing its assault on it's nemesis.

I backed up a bit, the eagle had just distracted my predator and allowed me to make an escape. As I turned around, I stepped on something hard. I looked down to see a sharp needle. It was a smaller needle, one that would be used in sewing extremely thin thread into pants and shirts and such. It was extremely sharp, and I was curious as to how it had gotten so deep into the woods. As I was looking at it, I heard a great caw of pain and misery from the eagle. I turned around to see what had happened, and found that the fox had managed to grab ahold of the eagle's left wing. The Eagle cawed and cooed as it desperately tried to free itself, but the fox was shaking it's head back and forth as it tried to rip the wing off the bird.

That eagle saved my life, and if he hadn't intervened I would be dead. I thought back to the hummingbird, saving me from my fall. What kind of person would I be if I didn't repay my debt? To a normal sized human being, animals are considered nothing but less than them. But to me, these creatures are much greater beings than I could ever hope to be. I narrowed my eyes, and decided what I had to do. No matter how stupid this plan was, I had to do something to free that eagle. That is the last eagle in our county, and I won't let it fall victim to this scavenger.

I picked up the needle at my feet and rushed into battle. The fox began to bite down harder, and the eagle was nearly defeated. With all the speed in my body, despite the bleeding I was having, I rushed head on and leapt into the air as I brought the needle down, forcing into the fox's leg. As expected, it immediately winced in agony and let go of the eagles wing, as the bird flew away limply with it's semi broken wing. The fox reared it's head towards me, and began kicking it's legs trying to knock me off of it. I held on for dear life, and pushed the needle in further. The fox reached forward to rip me from it's leg, but before it could the eagle had soared down yet again, latching it's talons into the fox's eyes.

The fox had bucked so hard, that it pushed me and the needle about a foot in distance. The fox did everything it could to knock the eagle from it's face, but the eagle only responded by deepening it's assault. After so much damage, the fox finally fell, as the life slowly faded away from it's body. I stood up quickly, as the Eagle spread its wings in glorious victory, cawing as if it were roaring like a tyrannosaurus rex. It slowly brought its wings to it's sides, as it lowered its head to glance at me. I held the needle by my side, not wanting to give the impression I was a threat.

The eagle began to take long strides, as it slowly walked up to me. I looked up at this great bird, wondering if I had made the right decision to help it. The eagle looked into my eyes, and cawed almost at a whisper, as if to thank me for my aid. It then spread it's wings, and flew back into the distance, disappearing into the sky beyond the trees and it's branches.

I fell to my knees in exhaustion, both physically and emotionally and mentally. I couldn't believe that I had built up the courage to make an attack on an animal forty times my size. I also couldn't believe that the eagle had let me be, as if it was smart enough to detect that I was an ally. I had never seen such behaviour in an animal before, and that's including the eagle and the hummingbird.

Pain shot threw my spine, and I cringed as I held my stomach quickly. I peeled my hand back to see blood covering my fingers and palm. I had to start making ground towards the school now, or I might bleed to death. To still be alive and kicking this long was a miracle as it was, and I was grateful for it. I no longer felt depressed, or sorry for myself, or afraid. It's as if the eagle took all my pain and misery away with it, as if freeing me from my sadness. How ironic, the young and great bald eagle, a sign of America and it's freedom, freeing ME.

The only thing I felt now, was determination.


Chapter 20 - Reckoning by Frizzle


I remember the day I had finally hit only one inch tall. It was the summer before 7th grade. I believe it was only a week or two after 6th grade, I can’t quite remember. However to go from barely a foot tall down to an inch within a school year had really freaked out my mother. That I remember clearly. I was now the size of a bug, and my mother and sisters would be rich if they had a dollar for every time they nearly crushed me under their feet for the first month. They were not used to me being so small. So small that one step and my life could end swiftly. But that never happened, and I have lived up till now.


In July of that same summer, a specialist in human biology had reached out to my mother, offering to examine me and see if he may be able to find some kind of solution. Of course at the time my mother would have given anything to have her son a normal height, so of course she immediately rushed me to this unknown stranger. I remember having him draw blood, and putting me thru some X-rays. I was very nervous as he did all this, with my new size that I had not yet been accustomed too. I was always paranoid and nervous that one wrong motion from somebody and I’d be dead. And as a young middle schooler that terrified me.


However after the tests, the specialist had made a rather odd discovery. He had explained to me and my mother, that even though I have shrunk to such an unlikely height, the density in my bones and muscles did not seem to condense down with my height as much as one would have thought. In other words, as my body shrunk per inch, my density theoretically only shrunk down per half inch. He made it very clear however that I am still very fragile to the normal sized folk, and under certain circumstances could still be caused serious harm. But he assured us that at this height, it would be unwise to underestimate just how fast and strong I could really be. I always remembered those words, and it makes me wonder if that may be the reason I’ve survived so long? I’ve been crushed and stepped on many times and eaten countless times as well. Yet I always survive, because maybe I’m not as fragile as I think I am.


Regardless of that information, he was still unable to determine the cause behind my shrinking to begin with, and offered his condolences on his failure. However I never considered his effort to be a failure, in fact quite the opposite. I had been looked at many times over the years through elementary school as I slowly shrunk. Reckon I was much taller during those times, it was still known that one day all my peers would tower over me. Every doctor and specialist that had examined me in those years, could never learn anything, yet this man had discovered something truly remarkable. The fact that I was not just a bug, but a superbug! It was always said that ants can lift ten times their body weight, and for many months I wondered if I could fit in the same description.


But as time went on, things only got worse. Of course my father left us, which didn’t help. He couldn’t stand to see my condition anymore I guess, as he left without ever saying goodbye, or saying anything. My mother cried for weeks, my sisters for months. However I cry to this day, when I think back on it. It wasn’t until I started to get really small that my father became very distant. I remember how he would play catch with me, and chase me around the house and play hide and seek with me. But of course I eventually became too small for all that. And I guess it got to him. Though I hold a deep grudge towards him for leaving, who could blame him? Who wants to watch their son shrink and wither away? With no hope of ever having a normal life? Or maybe he was just selfish and didn’t want to take care of such a small nuisance, but unfortunately I would never know his true intentions for vanishing from our lives.


My mother Harley may not be able to be as great a parent as he was when he was around, however she tries her hardest, and I know deep down she loves me dearly. My sister Ashley may have shut out her emotions, inadvertently ignoring me in the process, and she may even not have really been that big sister I really needed. However I know that if anything were to ever happen to me, she would be there for me. And Lucy, my younger sister. She has always been a clutz, stepping on me with her bare feet on multiple occasions, and of course you all know how I almost ended up insider her cavernous stomach after she microwaved me for 15 seconds! But regardless, I know her love for me is unconditional and that she will always look up to me (metaphorically speaking) as the older brother that has accomplished big things at such a small height. I love my family to death.


Chloe and I met on very peculiar circumstances, as I was stuck under her foot for a couple periods on the initial introduction. But none the less my gargantuan blonde and beautiful friend discovered me upon her sticky smooth sole, and she has been one hell of a friend since. Always protecting me from the dangerous world that was middle school thru 7th and 8th grade.  And I appreciated all of that most certainly. But as of recent Chloe’s mentality has been deteriorating. Obviously half the blame falls on my shoulders, as it was my foolish plan to originally overpower Karn that resulted in Chloe getting her face punched and kicked by Sally, the chubby girl who raped me in the bathroom. Even Tyler himself got beaten to within an inch of his life by Karn himself. But Chloe scared me that day in my bedroom when she nearly crushed me to death under her feet. As if she enjoyed it. And because of that I may not ever be able to trust her again…. That is until I had no choice.



After nearly being crushed by Zelena, drowned in Susan’s laundry, SWALLOWED by Zelena, and also being eaten by that fox, I was now on my way back to Eagle High. And the only solution to my problem, was unfortunately no longer resting on my shoulders. I had attempted to intimidate Kristin Karn for a second attempt, however because I did not want to make it known that Chloe had been instructed to retrieve the testimony, I ended up lying to Karn that I myself would reveal the rape testimony written by Sally herself regarding the rape of Cecelia Ruch, which was committed by Karn himself. However I made one small mistake…. If Karn thought I was the only person who knew of and obtained the document, then in his mind, disposing of me would immediately resolve his problem. Now obviously that is not the case, because I had used Susans phone in her wicker stand to call Chloe and tell her about the document, therefore Karn wasn’t in the clear at all. However by keeping Chloe out of Karn’s agenda, I inadvertently put myself thru more trouble than I could handle.


Now here I am, gripping my bleeding wound, thanks to the drunken Cecelia who impaled me with her fork a few days ago at Bridgette’s party, begrudgingly walking thru this never ending forest, all the way to Eagle High to confront the son of a bitch who stranded me out here. The needle I found earlier still in my hand, as I feared I may need it again if another creature of the wood dares try and assault me. I knew once I returned, there would be nothing to stop Karn from killing me. Twice now I have persevered thru the impossible, and that alone would surely drive Kristin Karn insane. Not only did I avoid ending up in his crazy sisters stomach, but now I’ve survived my stay in the forest. Had it not been for the young bald eagle that swooped down to my rescue, I may have been ripped apart by the fox. The way the eagle had cawed at me, in such a whisper, almost as if it knew I was no ordinary rodent. It’s as if it recognized me as an intellectual, and thus decided to aid me. Whatever the reason, I did not know. However after tangling with that fox, I knew the eagle was gravely injured. I wondered if he would be ok.


I knew the hummingbird was safe, because I managed to ward it off right before the fox attacked us. It’s ironic really, considering birds are notorious predators for eating smaller prey such as myself, only to have TWO of them aid me in the same hour. I couldn’t understand what would cause an animal to completely ignore it’s basic inner instincts. I was literally an insect to them, and by the laws of nature should have ended up their meal. Yet instead they befriended me, and “communicated” with me as if I was one of them. It was truly astonishing.


My side began to hurt even more. I gripped my wound and stopped cold in my tracks. The pain was unbearable. I had been walking for at least 9 hours now. I had no idea how far out Karn and his gang had taken me into the woods. And nightfall had already come and go. It was almost morning and I could see the faint sunlight in the distance as the sun began to rise. My guess is school would be starting soon. That was the only positive outlook of this entire ordeal. By now, Chloe should have the testimony from Susan’s house and should already be on her way to school via the bus. Karn would most likely be keeping an eye on her, thus it was wise of me not to embrace her. My only hope was that Chloe would sense something was wrong, and release Sally's rape testimony to the police.


How Karn has covered the rape up this long is beyond me, and why Cecelia, the rape victim HERSELF, kept it a secret is even more absurd. Why does Karn have so much power? His mother is the head of the board of directors sure, however that doesn’t mean he can just go around committing murder and raping people for fucks sake. There had to be something I was missing, someone Karn has influence over, but whom I was uncertain. And why was this rape testimony in Susan’s house? How did Susan even obtain it? And how did Karn know where to find it? This made me think back to Tessa Mongoya, my algebra teacher. Her classroom was used for all the K Klub meetings after school, and I remember watching her put some kind of document in that secret folder labeled “Kristin Karn” the day me and Tyler tried to initially get dirt on Karn. Was Tessa part of the K Klub? I was certain she was in cahoots with Karn, however how to prove such a claim was beyond me. Besides, after I get Karn sent to prison, I will still have to deal with Zelena.


She stormed off in anger after Karn decided to strand me out in the woods instead of feeding me to her like some kind of pet snake. In fact, I am still wondering why Karn would chance stranding me out here at all! Wouldn’t it have made more sense to LET Zelena eat me? Then Karn would know for sure that I was out of the picture. But instead he left me in the woods, to give me a fighting chance. Maybe it was some sick mind game he was trying to play, to have my hopes die in front of me as some wild animal gobbled me up. To inject false hope that I would somehow make it back to civilization. Only he made one small error, that’s exactly what I ended up doing.




That oh so familiar bell. The bell that indicated the school doors to open. The bell that allowed all the students to flood the school grounds as the buses began to arrive. I heard the bell, and I knew I was close to the school. The pain in my side was beginning to dissipate, although I anticipated exactly how long that would last. My walk slowly turned into a half jog, as I made my way passed the final tree that marked the end of my forest misadventure.


I was finally back at Eagle High.


I was finally home!  


** Meanwhile, just 5 minutes prior, Chloe gets off the bus **


The second the bus doors opened I rushed onto the school courtyard. The enormous Eagle statue that symbolized the rarely spotted bald eagle that soared over our school every year towered in front of me. I stopped and stared at it. I found it ironic, how a symbol of freedom was to be found at a school dictated by a maniacal and cruel senior. But if I hurry fast enough, that reign of terror might just end. Nick had entrusted me with this very important task, and I couldn’t fail him. I knew not where he was right now, but what I did know was that I had to get this testimony to the principal. I’d take it directly to the police myself, however that could take more time than Nick has, and it’s been 24 hours since I was tasked with this mission. Besides, Principal Waters could get the police here much faster than I could, and once they apprehend Karn, they will have the testimony to be sure he doesn’t get out of jail.


I hustled past the Eagle statue and started to make a bolt for the front entrance. However a firm arm reached in front of me and gripped me right by my upper arm, bringing me to a complete halt. I looked over at the culprit, and it was none other than Bucky himself. Karn’s right hand man. More like Karn’s little bitch if I say so myself.



“Going somewhere?” Bucky asked, aware that I was in a hurry.



“Why do you care?” I asked, trying to conjure a way out of this confrontation.


“Let’s just say wherever you're headed to can wait, Karn wants a word with you,” Bucky insisted, trying to tug me along with him.


I immediately tugged my arm, so hard in fact that Bucky lost his grip immediately. He drew out a long sigh, and raised his head towards me in frustration.


“I have somewhere to be right now, Karn can wait,” I hissed, and started to walk towards the school entrance again.


Bucky walked backwards immediately and stepped in front of me. He raised his hand up against my chest and stopped me once more in my tracks. He glared right into my soul, and then I heard it. *CLICK* Bucky had pulled out a switchblade, and released it. He then slowly raised it toward my inner left thigh. My heart began to race, and sweat began to drip down my forehead.


“You don’t get a choice in this matter Chloe,” Bucky instructed, a sound of reluctance in his voice.


Something seemed off. Though Bucky was indeed threatening my life with a weapon, he seemed hesitant to take any further action. I pondered his facial expression for a moment, and to be honest it seemed as if he was more fearful than I was. I knew Bucky wasn’t as ruthless as his leader.


“It’s funny Bucky…. Every time I’ve seen Karn dish out his beatings,  he does all the work,” I started, trying to slightly distract him, “In fact, it was Sally who dished out a beating for me, why didn’t Karn have you do it?”


Bucky furrowed his brows, and narrowed his eyes. Had I just found Bucky’s weakness? Cause he sure didn’t seem to be as ruthless as I originally thought.


“I can tell you aren’t like Kristin Karn, I have the evidence to get him locked away for a long time, just let me go,” I bartered, hoping to convince Bucky that he didn’t have to do whatever it was that Kristin Karn had asked of him.


Bucky began to lower the blade a bit, and a tear rolled down his cheek. He took a long deep breath before he finally responded to my words.


“You’re right…” he responded, “I am not ruthless at all. But unfortunately… Karn has instructed me to kill you, whether in public or not, or else….” Bucky hesitated to say the next words.


I began to freak out inside. Karn wanted me DEAD!? But did he even know I have Sally’s testimony? Or maybe he just wanted to get me out of the picture for insurance. Either way, Bucky now knows for SURE that I have the testimony, and even before then it seems he was planning on disposing of me.


“... If I don’t do what he asks, Karn said he will kill my sister,” Bucky finally spat it out. The cold truth.


It seems Kristin Karn had given Bucky an ultimatum. To be the scapegoat in my murder, or his sister dies. It seems Bucky was given the option to do it quietly, but since I hindered his plan by not following him god knows where, it seems I’ve left him no choice but to do it out in the open, especially now that he knows I intend to release the testimony.


“Bucky….. I’m sorry,” I apologized, before swiftly bringing my knee right up to Bucky’s crotch.


Bucky howled in pain and immediately fell to the ground. I took this opportunity and used my backpack as a nunchuck and swiped him right across the head with it. His head twisted to the right as he then fell face first into the concrete. It didn’t knock him out, but it did incapacitate him for the time being. I used this moment to bolt inside the school, ignoring the crowd of students gawking at what had just happened. If Karn wanted me dead, then I had to assume that he wanted Nick dead as well. I could only hope that Nick was still alive and fighting for his life. I HAD to get this testimony to Principal Waters IMMEDIATELY.


His office was in the west wing in the B hall. I ran thru the commons and sprung open the B hall double doors. I immediately began sprinting down the hallway. I stopped right in front of his office door, but the door was locked, and a sign was taped to the door reading “Printing student ledger copies, be back in 15”. FUCK! I didn’t have 15 minutes to spare, and neither did Nick I assumed! Teachers would go to the D hall on the second story to use the photo copiers in the Teacher’s Lounge. The fastest way there would be in the commons where the staircase to the second floor led right past the D hall. I could have taken the stairs behind me to the second floor of the B hall, and then cross over to the D hall, however I calculated that would take an extra 2 minutes, which I wasn’t sure I had any time at all. Nick was in danger, and I needed to take the fastest route possible.


I started to rush back towards the commons, but it wasn’t long before I came to a stop as the double doors opened wide. Bucky walked into the B hall very calmly. The blade was in his hand. He balled up his fists, gripping the blade very tight. His face had a huge bloody gash on his right eyelid, I assume from falling face first into the concrete. He had a purple and blistered bruise on the side of his face, from where I struck him with my heavy backpack. I immediately brought my backpack in front of me, and pulled out the envelope in which I had placed the testimony. I then tossed my backpack to the side of the hall. If I was gonna outrun Bucky, I needed as little weight on my shoulders as possible.


“It didn’t have to be this way Chloe…” Bucky insisted, “ I was going to bring you out into the woods, and quietly slit your throat.”


I winced at what I was hearing. Maybe I was wrong about Bucky’s ruthlessness, but then again, his sister's life was at stake I suppose.


“It would have been quick and painless, but instead you chose to resist your fate, and that will make this a lot messier…” Bucky depicted, “I was even going to bury you next to your friend!”


That was all it took to set me off.


“WHAT DID YOU DO TO NICK!?!” I screamed in anger, wondering what fate my best friend had succumbed too.


“Karn stranded him in the forest,” Bucky revealed, “I’d say he’s long dead by now… probably eaten by a coyote or a fox. And if that’s the case.. I guess I wouldn’t be able to bury you next to him huh? Well, I could’ve tried to do this as considerate as possible, but I guess it just won’t be so”


“Yes, because slitting my throat and covering up two murders is SOOO fucking considerate!” I hissed, unsure if anything I said at this point would even matter.


“I really didn’t want any of this…. But Karn’s influence is everywhere, and if it isn’t, he’ll find a way to get it there,” Bucky explained in defeat, “There’s no way to beat him, he always prevails.”


“Then help me get this testimony to Principal Waters!” I urged, “We can get Karn imprisoned for a VERY long time with this evidence! And with a testimony from you, maybe even for life considering all that he’s done!”


Bucky lowered his head, almost as if pondering for a split second my request. But I already knew what his answer would be.


“You just don’t get it… do you? It doesn’t matter what you try and do, Karn can never be stopped. I’m sorry...” Bucky apologized, then raised his head again, and began to sprint towards me.


I immediately spun a 180 degree turn and bolted towards the stairwell at the back of the B hall. I began to hoist myself up several steps and decided to try and take a shortcut. I jumped onto the railing with my right foot, and sprung myself up about 2 and a half feet and grabbed the railing at the top of the stairwell. I lifted my left leg over the rail then started to lift my right, but just before I got it over the railing Bucky had already sprinted upwards and sprung the knife deep into my ankle.


“AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” I screamed in pain, as the blade had pierced thru my ankle bone no doubt.


“It didn’t have to be like this Chloe!” Bucky shouted, “Stop running and I’ll end it quickly, there is no scenario where you will succeed!”


I Kicked my foot down and right into Bucky’s face, he fell down backwards. He took the knife with him as it retracted out of my ankle. I winced in extreme pain as I fell over the railing and onto the second story B hall floor. I held my bloody ankle for a second, but knew that I had to keep going, otherwise I was dead for sure. I couldn’t believe the lengths that Karn was willing to go thru to keep his misdoings a secret. He was willing to murder!


I got up and tried to sprint, but my ankle wouldn’t allow it. The best I was able to do was a half baked penguin sprint. I turned around to see if Bucky had yet made it up the stairs, but to my disappointment he was much closer than that. With a quick leap he tackled me to the floor. I frantically started to scratch and hit him, wherever I could. He frantically moved his arms and face about, trying to dodge my attacks. He then pinned my waist under his thighs and I couldn’t wiggle anymore. He then held the blade downwards and attempted to thrust it directly into my heart. I grabbed the end of the blade with both hands about five inches from my chest. But Bucky was much stronger than I, and I quickly lost the stamina to hold the blade away. In seconds, Bucky was able to slowly overpower me, bringing the blade closer to my heart inch by inch. When it was just and inch and a half away from impaling me, he spoke.


“Sttoo...stop.. resis..ting… Ch..Chloe…” Bucky muttered as he kept applying force to the blade.


Tears began to form upon my face, as the blade now lowered to half an inch from my heart. My hands began to bleed as I fought to hold the blade away. I was just too weak to beat Bucky. I finally knew how helpless Nick felt all those years that I pinned him under my feet, how helpless he was in the bedroom when I took my anger out on him and nearly squashed him to death. How helpless Nick felt when he nearly got digested all those times, or sat on, or trapped in people’s shoes. He was powerless to stop those events from happening, just as I am unable to prevent Bucky from murdering me.



The knife began to cut into my skin, right where my heart was located. The last of my strength had been used, and in the next ten seconds I would give out from physical deprivation and my life would come to an end. But just when I thought I was surely done for, something so inconceivable happened, that for weeks I would wonder if it was just a dream. With one deadly swing, a wooden bat was swung from behind Bucky, cracking completely in half over his head. The blade immediately fell out of his hands, and he fell to the floor completely knocked out. I lied there on the floor, catching my breath from what had just ensued. A figure stood over me, my guardian angel, only it wasn’t at all who I thought it would be.


“Are you ok?” asked the girl.


She reached a hand out and helped me to my feet. I checked my chest where the knife had begun to penetrate, and it wasn’t that bad… thankfully. I hesitantly backed away from the girl in front of me, because it was none other than Abigail Lionheart, Kristin Karn’s girlfriend. She had struck that bat so hard over Bucky, I am surprised she didn’t kill him. She looked down at him, a hint of sadness in her eyes.


“It’s a shame it came to this Bucky…” Abigail muttered.


I looked Abigail in the eyes and asked “Why.”


Abigail looked up at me, a crooked smile on her face.


“Karn wasn’t always so wicked...” Abigail protested, “But as he gained more loyalty from more followers, he became more power hungry and more vile, until even his own mother was afraid of him.”


My eyes widened. Karn’s mother, the head of the board of directors, AFRAID OF HER OWN SON?


“Karn killed his father 3 years ago, when his father came home drunk one night and beat his mother,” Abigail explained, “That was the day Karn became heartless, and because he was only 15 years old at the time, all charges were dropped since the jury decided it was in self defense.”


I had no words for what I was hearing, and I sincerely hoped that Abigail wasn’t condoning Karn’s actions. His past may be fucked up, but here’s a shocker, SO WAS MINE, AND SO WAS NICK’S!


“Of course it’s no excuse…” Abigail went on, “But regardless, I loved him dearly, and he promised me the world one day. But my brother…. He just couldn’t accept the fact that I would date such a monster. He didn’t believe I was safe around him, so he ended up taking the mantle of Karn’s right hand, so he could ensure my safety.”


“Buck…. Bucky is your brother!?” I gasped, I had no clue that the sister Bucky was referring to was Abigail!


“We are fraternal twins...” Abigail admitted, “Our parents divorced when we were born, and my mother took me with her, as our father took my brother Bucky with him.”


Two separate last names, Abigail taking her mother's last name as Bucky took his father's name. It made sense now, two non identical twins, and with Abigail dating Karn, it only makes sense why Bucky would do anything Karn asked of him.


“I know that Kristin Karn threatened my life if Bucky didn’t dispose of you…” Abigail continued.



Abigail took a few steps towards me, and I slowly stepped back, still cautious.


“You have the evidence you need Chloe, go to Principal Waters, and finish this once and for all,” Abigail pleaded, “If you want to ensure Nick’s safety, you must hurry. He may be stranded all alone right now… but you and I both know he is a survivor. He did survive under my foot all day on the first day of school yuh know!”


I nodded, thankful that Abigail appeared to have a heart after all. Though her love for Karn was severely misplaced, at least Abigail knew it wasn’t meant to be. I immediately began limping towards the end of the second story B hall, and made my way out to the intersectional bridge that connected the B and D halls on the second story. I knew not what would happen from this point forward. It seemed Abigail would take care of her brother, so all I had left to worry about now was if Waters could get the police here quick enough to apprehend Karn before he did something truly wicked. Not that he hasn’t already, but frankly I was sick of Karn always being a step of ahead of me and Nick, and this was my only chance to end it! And between the school camera footage of Bucky assaulting me, and this rape testimony, I had everything I needed to stop Karn once and for all, and it’s all because of Nick and his courage to defy Karn yet a second time! I knew he could do it, but now the rest of this mission rests on my shoulders, a mission that will finally come to an end. And for once… this ending just might be happy.


As I made my way into the D hall, Principal Waters had already exited the Teacher’s Lounge with the copies he needed to make. He immediately saw me limping towards him, envelope in hand and my bloody ankle in sight.


“By golly!” Exclaimed Principal Waters, “What in tarnation happened to you Miss Sullivan!?”


I fell to my knees, a relieved smile on my face. I ripped open the envelope and shoved the testimony right towards his face. Tears welled down my cheeks, tears of joy, joy in which I had finally done something as brave as Nick. Just as Nick always found a way out of his helpless situations, I indeed found a way out of mine. It was a great reminder that we don’t always succeed alone, and that sometimes it’s the help from unexpected allies that saves us in the end.


“Mr. Ronald Waters, I hereby present to you the testimony of Cecelia Ruch’s rape by Sally Buchanan herself!” I exclaimed, more relieved than I had ever been.


“A RAPE! But miss Sullivan, who has committed this heinous crime!?!” Principal Waters asked.


With a loud boom of my vocal box, I shouted the name of this sick perpetrator so loud, that the eagle in the sky could have heard it.




** Meanwhile, back to the present where Nick just exits the woods**


It was finally in complete view. Eagle High. After a whole day and night stranded in the wilderness, I had finally returned home. I was in full view of Eagle High’s front entrance courtyard. In the center of the walkway was an enormous Eagle statue to commemorate the school's mascot, the young bald eagle that soared over the school once a year or so. The same bald eagle that saved my life in the woods against the fox. Surrounding the courtyard was fields of grass, which were then surrounded by large sidewalks of concrete. In front of the eagle statue was a large concrete portion of the entire courtyard, where students were flocking to head inside the school. Everyone was happy, and everything was calm. It was just simply the most relieving experience I had ever been apart of. But of course, you already know how this story has unfolded up till now. For every time things seem to get better, something traumatic occurs. It was safe to say however, that this time I wouldn’t be so helpless.




It was the cry of the bald eagle, the same cry I heard in the woods after the fox gravely injured its wing. A cry of pain and agony, a cry for help. I immediately raised my eyes to the sky, and what I saw was incredibly terrifying. The great young bald eagle was being attacked by the vicious falcon!  I witnessed in horror as the falcon swooped down, striking the eagle’s body with it’s talons over and over. The eagle tried it’s best to maneuver out of the way of each strike, but because of it’s previously injured wing, it just couldn’t position itself fast enough. I was not the only one to witness what was unfolding right in front of my eyes, as the students began to pause in their tracks and look to the skies as they too witnessed the horrific one sided battle that took place above ground.


“The falcon is attacking the school's mascot!!!” Cried a student in the crowd.



“Oh no! It’s losing the battle!” Cried another female student.


The entire courtyard began to fill up even more, as students spread the word of the unbelievable assault taking place. My heart sank for what the fate of the bald eagle may be. The glorious creature that saved my life, was now in a peril of his own. Because the eagle had fought off the fox to save me, it sacrificed it’s wing and it’s strength, and thus it couldn’t retaliate against the falcons assault. I honestly felt responsible for this outcome. Everyone that tries to aid me, or tries to befriend me, only ends up getting in harm's way. And I guess that included this poor eagle. Here I was, victorious over the forest that Karn stranded me in, ready to face him yet again to try and stop him, yet instead I have to sit here and watch yet another ally fall because of me. If the eagle had not assisted me in the attack against the fox, then the eagle would be at full strength, and would have easily overtaken the falcon. But the eagle was still young, and had not yet outgrown the fully grown falcon, and thus his injured body just could not stand a chance.




It caught me off guard, the sound of the chirp. I looked to my left, and to my astonishment the hummingbird from earlier was right before me. It hovered merely centimeters above the ground, as it looked right at me. It chirped again, and again. Over and over, as if trying to tell me something. I think I understood, and I looked down at the needle I still gripped in my hand. I may be small, but I am not weak! If anything has been more clear to me since the start of this school year, it’s that I can endure the toughest of situations, and come out a victor. What made this any different? Sure, I may only be ¾’s of an inch tall now, but hey, that’s still the size of a common house spider! Or it’s body at least. And because the density in my bones and muscle still outmatched my size, I was still stronger than the average insect or bug. If a spider can fend it’s own against the wild, then why wouldn’t I be able to? If the doctor was truly correct all those years ago in his assessment of me, then it made complete sense that I was indeed no average small man. And I was done running away from my fears. Besides, I’ll die at Karns hand anyway unless Chloe get’s that testimony to the police, so I may as well go out with a bang. That falcon was about to take on more than it could handle.


With no hesitation I ran full force towards the hummingbird. I leapt onto it’s back and prepared to see what the lil’ fella was about to do. With no pause it immediately flew into the sky, and oh my lord it was just as amazing as before! The wind flew past me unlike anything before. And I looked ahead at the battle between the falcon and the eagle. The eagle was beginning to lose severely, and the falcon was soaring overhead preparing to swoop down and finish the eagle off. The hummingbird flew high over the battle, and began to steady itself above the falcon, of whom had no idea of our presence. I saw the falcon prepare to swoop down, and knew I had to take action immediately. I steadied the needle in my hands, using it similar to that of a javelin. Without a thought I leapt off the hummingbird, who swiftly flew away from the scene. With all the force within me I raised the needle overhead as I flew down towards the falcon, and within moments I landed on it’s back, plunging the needle deep inside of it.


The falcon cawed in extreme agony, caught of guard by this sudden attack. It immediately lost control of it’s flight and began to descend downwards. I held on for dear life as I clung to the needle plunged into the falcons back. I looked down to see the roof of the school get closer and closer. We were falling to the edge of the roof, and within moments we landed violently. I was flung off the falcon immediately upon impact, but unfortunately the needle was still deep inside the falcons back. It wiggled about frantically, trying to dislodge the weapon inside it, before eventually standing on it’s talons. It raised its wings threateningly at me as if to express its anger. It then prepared to charge me.


But I was weaponless.


**Meanwhile, moments ago down at the courtyard in Bridgettes POV**


The frantic ooo ooo's and aww's from outside the school were deafening. Just moments ago I had witnessed Chloe smack Bucky right across the head with her backpack before bolting into the school and into the hallway. Bucky soon followed, and I was concerned that something was going on. I wanted to go check up on them, however the sudden screaming from all the students in the courtyard gave way to my attention. I immediately exited into the courtyard among many other students all gathered together. I looked up to see what they had all been gawking at, only to witness a terrifying battle between our school mascots eagle, and the vicious falcon that roamed our territory. It was horrifying to watch as this falcon ripped apart the eagle from every direction, and the eagle was helpless to defend itself.


“OH MY GOD! WHAT’S THAT FLYING UP TO THE BATTLE!?!?!?” Screamed my friend Macy Mack, pointing her finger to the sky at a small bird flying above the falcon.


Something was odd about this bird however, as it seemed to have a small bump on it’s back, or maybe it was something else… A strange feeling welled up inside of me. I turned my head to see a student with binoculars, as he got a close up on the battle.


“HEY! You with the binoculars, can you get a view of the smaller bird?” I asked him, hoping to learn what passenger this small bird was carrying.


“Yeah sure! One sec!” The student replied, before focusing his gaze on the small bird.




The entire crowd gasped at what the student had just exclaimed, and other students ripped the binoculars out of his hands to see for themselves.


“It’s true! I see him clear as day! He’s carrying some kind of weapon too!” A student shouted, the one that had stolen the binoculars.


My heart began to race. Why was Nick on this bird? And what was he planning to do? As I thought about this, I heard the terrifying familiar voice of the devil himself. In moments students were herded to the side as Kristin Karn and his K Klub gathered round. I noticed that Cecelia Ruch and Sally Buchanan were also with them, and it seemed they were being detained by a few K Klub members, which struck me odd. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Tessa Mongoya, the algebra teacher at our school. Behind her were many staff members who all had joined the crowd to watch this astonishing battle going on in the sky. However, Karn had taken stand directly in front of the crowd, and took a pair of binoculars up to his eyes to examine the scene. I assume he saw Nick up there on the hummingbird, because immediately after scoping the sky, he threw the binoculars on the ground in rage.


“I’m a fool… to have underestimated this little shit’s potential,” Karn exclaimed, seemingly unfazed by the crowd of witnesses behind him.


Then the unthinkable happened, and everyone held their breath in an intense pause. Nick had jumped off the hummingbird and just plunged his weapon of some kind into the falcon! And before the entire courtyards eyes we watched as the falcon took Nick down with it, landing somewhere on the roof, which appeared to be close to the edge. Everyone gasped in uncertainty, and I watched Karn closely as he awaited to see what happened next.


**Meanwhile, back on the roof with Nick and the falcon**


The falcon had sprung forward a tremendous distance, lashing it’s talons out to try and maim me. I immediately sprung out of the way, using my slight speed to the best advantage I could. This falcon was twenty times my size, and much stronger than me. But as long as that needle is plunged into it’s back, it won’t be so fast, considering how painful it must be to move. And I seemed to be right, because with every swift attack from the falcon, came the deep groans of pain as it was unable to remove the needle. However that doesn’t mean it can’t kill me, and I needed to get off this roof immediately. Without a weapon, there was no way I stood a chance against this creature.


The falcon sprung forward again, and I took this chance and ran directly under its legs. The bird seemed surprised by my choice of direction, and I threw the bird off as it desperately tried to turn around, but it was extremely painful as the falcon made a 180 degree turn to realign itself in my path. I continued to run towards the edge of the roof, and as I turned around I saw a sight I wish I hadn’t. The falcon turned it’s head in a position I thought not to be possible, and ripped the needle out of it’s back with its beak. It twitched in agony as it did so, and tossed the needle to the side. It lifted its wings and began to soar towards me. It staggered as it took off however, still in pain. I immediately began to run towards the edge of the roof, as the falcon neared closer and closer to me. At what seemed like a near moments miss, I leapt off the side of the roof as the falcon attempted to snatch me between its jaws. I don’t think I’ve come so close to death thus far, and honestly that’s probably up for debate.


I began to free fall through the air, as the falcon soared back up into the sky. I looked down at the concrete below, and began to wonder what kind of plan this even was. Had I just killed myself? But of course this was not the end, not yet at least. The hummingbird had returned, and quickly caught me on it’s back. However as I landed on the birds back, I threw off its balance, and it began to lose control of its flight. In seconds we both tumbled onto the ground. If the hummingbird had not broken my fall, I surely would have died. I quickly sprang to my feet, and looked over at the hummingbird fearing for the worst. But to my joy the bird quickly got up and immediately took off again, flying over the roof of the school. I was thankful for all it had done, but I knew deep down that this battle was not yet over.


The falcon was soaring overhead, which it seemed to be regaining its strength before swooping down yet again. Behind me about 20 feet away, I could hear the concerns of the students in the courtyard, and then I heard the familiar cackling laughter of the evilest son of a bitch I knew. I turned around to see Kristin Karn, standing in front of the crowd. I also saw Bridgette, who started making her way to the front to try and reach me.


“What are you guys doing!? Go help Nick!!” Bridgette pleaded, trying to wedge her way past the crowd.


Karn immediately snapped his fingers, and all his members of the K Klub began to form a barrier in front of all the students, blocking anyone from passing through. They all had blades retracted as well, to ensure no resistance. Bridgette was stopped in her tracks, and I could see the dreaded look on her face. Karn simply stared down at me, raising one eyebrow.


“Anybody who tries and assists this insect, will gravely regret that decision,” Karn threatened, but I knew that his statement was simply to strip me of my hope.


I heard the falcon caw again, as it began to descend to unleash its final assault. Karn grinned wickedly at me, as he prepared to watch me die. But I would not give him this pleasure. Twice now Karn has bested me both mentally and physically. No more. Never again. This was going to end, my way.


The falcon soared over the ground in front of me, landing on it’s talons. It raised its wings high above, cawing in a way that sounded more like a roar. It curved its head and was ready to strike, ready to finish off this mere insect that had somehow put up such a fight. I knew not how I was going to defeat this creature, but I didn’t back down. But for the first time this whole semester, the writer of this story seemed to finally be on my side. For a needle suddenly landed in front of me, the same needle I had plunged into the back of the falcon. I looked up to see the hummingbird, of whom had retrieved it and returned it to me. It chirped once, before heading off once more, and this time I don’t think it would have to come back.


I immediately picked up the needle, and began to rush the falcon. The falcon cawed a battle cry and swooped towards me. The move I  was about to attempt, was that of which I had never attempted before. If I truly was faster and stronger than average insects my size, then due to my small size and bigger strength, I should be able to accomplish feats that normal sized folk could not. However, I was about to find out if this was truly the case. It was a gamble, a gamble on my life, but it was all I had. And the only thing I knew for certain, was that I needed to have the utmost confidence within myself, or else I would fail.


The falcon reached its beak forward, opening its jaws wide as it prepared to pick me off the ground and swallow me up. But just as the beak came near me, I bent my legs, and leapt over my left side. In one swift motion I leapt over the falcons mouth, and directly onto it’s head. The falcon was completely stunned at what had happened, and for a moment had no clue where I had even gone. And that was all the time I needed. In a last ditch effort, I plunged the needle so far into the falcons skull, with such force, that I completely penetrated it’s skull. The falcon couldn’t even make so much as a noise as it frantically reacted to the assault. I held on tight, but I didn’t need to do it for long. In seconds the falcon became motionless, and finally fell to the ground. I used my newfound strength and ripped the needle from the bird's head. My heart filled with vigor.


The entire crowd of students began to cheer wildly, as if they had just witnessed a man fight off a dragon. But it was cut short as Karn raised his hand to silence the crowd. I raised my chest high, and slowly began walking towards him. I only walked a few feet or so, as I didn’t want to get to close to him. It didn’t matter however, because Karn then approached me. He walked exactly three feet away from where I stood, and gazed down upon my small shape.


“I must truly admit Nick, you are the most incredible being I’ve ever witnessed,” Karn congratulated, “It’s truly a shame you couldn’t have just done as I had asked.”


“It’s over Karn, the testimony is most likely in the hands of the police by now!” I shouted, hoping to distract him for as long as possible.


Karn merely laughed a single breath at my statement, seemingly amused as if he knew something I hadn’t.


“Once again you fail to outsmart me Nick,” Karn explained, “You see, after I left you in the woods, I went to Susan’s house myself. And of course I found no testimony…. However I did find a cell phone…”


My heart stopped. It wasn’t possible.


“And surprising enough…” Karn paused, as if to intensify the reveal, “The last call made, happened to be the exact same day and time that you were inside the house.”


The conversation paused, as I had no words for what I was hearing.


“And who else would Nick Kemp call, other than his most trusted friend Chloe?” Karn exclaimed.


“If you touch her…” but Karn interrupted me.


“I’m afraid it’s too late for threats my friend,” Karn began to whisper his next words, so the crowd wouldn’t hear him, “you see… by now, Bucky has already disposed of her, AND the testimony…”



A huge grin crossed his smug face. My heart began to boil with anger. Could it be true? Was Chloe dead!? It couldn’t be… that… that MONSTER! HOW COULD HE TAKE HER AWAY FROM ME!?!?!


My face began to well up with tears, and my grievances were uncontrolled. Karn merely began to start laughing hysterically, as he felt he had bested me yet again. He then looked down at me, an evil glimmer in his eye. My anger had reached a tipping point, that of which intoxicated me. I felt a surge of rage fill up deep inside me. I may have lost, and I may not be able to kill Karn for what he’s done, but I can make him suffer for life.


With every ounce of strength within me, I flung the needle like a spear, and it soared all the way up to Karns face. Within seconds it had plunged right into his right eye. Karn screamed in terror and pain as he brought his hand up to his eye. He fell backwards and landed on the ground as he wiggled around frantically. I stepped backwards, unsure of what I had just actually done. Karn raised his hand carefully to his eye, and painfully removed the needle. It had gone in deep.


“My.. MY EYE!” Karn screamed, “I CAN’T SEE FROM MY EYE!”


Karn stumbled back onto his feet, his hand holding his right eye in pain. I could hear the rage emanating from every breath he took. I had really pissed him off. At least I was able to finally cause him SOME harm, because I figured he was about to take my life. And honestly, I think I was ready to die. I had accomplished so much up till now, I was just tired. I was tired of fighting. And I couldn’t imagine losing more loved ones, the thought of Chloe being “disposed” of had already pierced my heart. But I wasn’t going to give Karn the satisfaction of that knowledge. I raised my arms to the sky, and Karn lunged forward. He raised his boot directly over my body, as he prepared to finish me once and for all. Never could he have expected such a small person to make such a huge impact. But just as I thought all was over, yet again the grace of God descended upon me.




Karn immediately stopped, just as he was about to send his boot down upon me. Karn turned around, to see a brigade of police officers surrounding him, all had their firearms drawn.


“STEP AWAY FROM THE KID!” Screamed a female officer.


Karn paused, heavily debating if it was worth dying just to get rid of me. But I knew his ego wouldn’t allow that. Of course Karn immediately lowered his boot, and stepped away from me with his hands raised.



“You are under arrest for attempted homicide and the rape of Cecelia Ruch!” Reported the officer, as she began to cuff him.


“You can’t prove anything, I never raped anybody!” Karn hissed.


“Liar,” said a familiar female voice.


I turned my head, and my heart had never risen so high before in my life. It was Chloe, she was alive and well. Karn began to sweat, confused as to why Chloe was standing before him. He had specifically threatened Bucky, and thought for sure he would dispose of Chloe for him. But here she was, in the flesh.


“Oh yeah? Well that testimony won’t do much good unless the victim herself claims it to be!” Karn scoffed, desperately trying to weasel his way out of the situation.


All eyes turned to Cecelia, who immediately cowered and stepped back. Her eyes filled with fear, and she was unable to speak. Chloe looked right into her eyes, hoping to God that Cecelia would validate the claims. She was our last hope. The attempted homicide charge could easily be dismissed by a judge, given a good lawyer convinces him it was merely an accident. However this rape testimony was are smoking gun, and Cecelia was the only person left with the power to put Karn behind bars. But she wouldn’t say a word.


A hand was placed on Cecelia's shoulder, and Cecelia began to calm down a bit as she realized it was Bridgette right behind her. Cecelia looked Bridgette in the eyes, fear of what to say.


“You can do it Cece…” Bridgette soothed.


“I’m… I’m afraid…” Cecelia began to tear up.


“Shhh, it’s okay, I know. I was too,” Bridgette said, “But with one simple word, just one, you can finally end this nightmare.”


Everyone stood in silence, even the officers who were still waiting to verify the rape allegation. Cecelia merely looked down to her feet, tears dripping towards the concrete, when she finally gave her answer…


“.......... yes.”


I watched as Karn appeared to have his spirits sink completely. Because he looked utterly defeated. Not only did I take away half of his sight, but now he will rot in jail as well. And it’s all thanks to Bridgette and Chloe, doing what needed to be done.


The officers began dragging Karn away to a police car to take him to prison. He began to scream and shout and resist.


“YOU WILL REGRET THIS KEMP!” Karn threatened.




I ignored his threats, knowing he would no longer be able to harm me, or anybody ever again. I watched with glee as all of his K Klub members began to disband and flee for their lives, knowing they could end up in prison as well. It was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen, watching the Eagle High devils flee for their lives. Watching their leader get dragged off to jail as he clutched the eye of which I stripped him of. It was marvelous.


Chloe and Bridgette immediately ran up to me. Chloe was about to reach down and pick me up, but Bridgette beat her to the punch. Bridgette rushed past her and immediately picked me up in her palms.


“Oh Nick! That was utterly incredible what you did!” Bridgette cheered, “You have single handedly saved this school from those terrible people!”


Bridgette began to hold me tight, as if she almost lost the love of her life. Chloe looked down awkwardly, obviously bothered by the reunion. Chloe turned around to give us our space. And though I really did have feelings for Bridgette, there was someone else who truly needed my attention right now.


“I never would have done it without Chloe,” I responded.


Chloe stopped in her tracks, and turned her head back to face me. The crowd could be heard whispering and gossiping as they watched the three of us. Bridgette held me back out in her palm, and stared down at me. I could see in her eyes, that she was hoping I’d be more excited to see her. But she also knew how much Chloe meant to me, and she was content with it. Bridgette turned around and faced Chloe. She smiled and gladly held out her hand with me in it. Chloe smiled back, and carefully took me off Bridgette's palm and onto her own. I looked up at Chloe, my heart lifting. Chloe rolled a single tear down her cheek.


“I thought I lost you…” I said.


“You almost did…” Chloe admitted, looking down at her now bandaged ankle.


Mr. Waters had taken her to the nurse shortly after calling the police, but the moment Chloe heard what was going on outside, she made no hesitation to go see what was happening. I had stared down at her ankle, terrified to know exactly what Bucky had attempted to do.


“It’s funny yuh know…” Chloe started, “the things we learn about people in the most dire of circumstances.”


A smile spread across my face, and tears began to rain down from my eyes. I was so glad that Chloe was in one piece, because to be honest, I just couldn’t imagine a life without this great clumsy, teasing beauty. I spread out my arms, to indicate I wanted to hug her. Chloe brought me close to her chest, and lowered her head as we had a moment of silence for each other.


Bridgette stared a few feet away. Though she felt slightly jealous of the relationship me and Chloe had, she knew deep down that I still had deep feelings for her. Though I had only known Bridgette for a small period of time, every moment I did spend with her was of kindness and carefulness. Bridgette handled me in a very different way than anybody ever had, including Chloe. And this is why I felt such feelings for Bridgette. Don’t get me wrong, Chloe would always by my closest friend, but I had not forgotten the night she had unhinged her emotions and nearly squashed me. Though today was a great start at rebuilding my trust in Chloe, something inside me still urged me to be cautious.


After being reunited with Bridgette and Chloe, the school principal announced that school would be cancelled for the day. Which was totally fine by everybody. Chloe had walked through the crowd towards our bus, as students began to clap and cheer, once again thanking me for the incredible show of resistance to Kristin Karn’s reign. The school would forever be changed by today's events. No longer would students fear the K Klub, and no longer would the staff be forced to keep his dark misdoings a secret.


I had not seen Tyler at all the past couple days, wondering how he was recovering since Karn had nearly beaten him to death. It really eased my soul to know that Tyler would return to a school free of Karn, and I wondered the kind of joy it would bring him. Cecelia herself no longer had to fear Karn, now that she has finally revealed the truth behind the terror he brought upon her. And now whatever leverage or threats Karn held over Sally as well, were no longer a factor. Even though Sally and I have our differences, I had tried to understand that Sally was only doing as Karn asked when she beat Chloe at the first meeting. Although Sally raping me was probably gonna take awhile to get out of my mind.


As Chloe and I exited the crowd of students, a hand reached out tapped Chloe on the shoulder. As Chloe turned around with me in her hand, we both saw Tessa Mongoya before us. A scowl crossed my face. What did this women want?


“Congratulations…” Mongoya mocked, “You’ve solved one out 3 problems that this school suffers from.”


“Karn is gone,” I hissed at her, “And I’ll be coming after you next, along with the head of the board of directors!”


Tessa laughed half heartedly, as if I had no idea what I was talking about.


“Careful there child,” Tessa warned, “You wouldn’t want to create more enemies for yourself than one at such a height could handle. Besides, I’m not the enemy Mr. Kemp, and neither is Karn’s mother.”


After this short exchange of words, we merely exchanged cautious glances as Tessa walked back towards the school. I wasn’t sure what Tessa’s true role in this situation was, and I was unsure of what she meant when she claimed I only solved one issue out of three, but regardless I still didn’t trust her or anything she had to say. And Karn’s mother couldn’t be trusted either. In fact, I began to wonder what the head of the board of directors would do now, considering her son was being hauled off to prison. But that was an issue to worry about later, and Chloe carried me onto our bus home.


After a thirty minute bus ride, Chloe had finally gotten me home. She walked me up to the front door, before pausing for a couple of seconds and then setting me down. I looked up at her confused, wondering why she didn’t bring me inside.


“Is everything ok Chloe?” I asked, concerned.


“Yes…. however I have some unfinished business at home I should probably take care of,” Chloe explained.


“Your parents are probably worried sick! You haven’t been home in awhile,” I said, completely oblivious to what was truly going on in Chloe's home life.


Chloe formed a fake smile, “Yeah, probably…”


We exchanged no more words, and Chloe walked on home, barefoot and all. I’d see her again, soon, but for now I needed to see my family. My mother was sure to be worried sick after losing me in the hospital. God knows what my sisters are going through. I immediately walked under the crack of my front door. It was great to finally be home again. I would have pulled the string to ring the bell and alert everybody of my presence, however my mother and my two sisters were already downstairs, and they were sitting on the couch. They were not alone, as a man sat across from them, his back facing me. My mother noticed me immediately, her facial expression with that of relief, but also concern. Normally I would be pissed that my mother didn’t seem to care that I was missing, however she was silent because of another reason. Deep inside she truly had been concerned for my well being, but the current situation before her was a bit more pressing at the moment.


I stepped back, almost in disbelief. The man turned his head around to face down at me, a smile spreading across his face.


“Hey sport!” said my father.




*Volume II* - Chapter 21 - A New Beginning by Frizzle


I remember thinking to myself, years ago when I first began to shrink, what my life would end up like. I wondered if I’d ever accomplish anything meaningful to this world full of strong and talented men and women. How could somebody who is destined to be small forever suppose to accomplish a feat of any kind? How can someone barely an inch tall face the most daring of challenges this world has to offer? But what I never realized was that I would accomplish a feat one day, of which nobody thought was even possible. To end the rule of Kristin Karn, and his K Klub.


That was a year and a half ago, back in my freshman year of high school, but now I was a sophomore. I was probably the most well known and popular student in the entire school. Even the seniors respected me greatly. After Karn was imprisoned for his crimes, the rest of the year had been flawless. Zelena never returned, and Tessa Mongoya quit her algebra teaching position, also vanishing. I was more than happy to have both out of my life, but I always wondered what Tessa’s role in the K Klub was, and now I’ll probably never know.


Karn’s mother had ended up being interrogated about her son’s infamy within Eagle High, but of course no solid evidence was found to prove she had any ties to Karn’s evil gang, and she remained the head of the board of directors. I have never met this woman, however I knew exactly the words I would spit in her face if I ever had. How could such a parental figure allow her son to become such a monster? The only answer in my opinion, was that she had to be a monster herself in one way or another. Chloe had told me what Abigail had decided to share with her the day I fought the falcon that  year ago, about how Karn had killed his own father in defense of his mother. And I understood it to a degree, but still. She was just as much to blame for Karn in my opinion.


But this was all behind me now, and winter break was creeping up on us. Bridgette had convinced my mother to throw a huge christmas party on christmas eve, and of course over 300 students were begging to be allowed to attend this party. By the way, I think it’s probably time to tell yall that Bridgette and me officially started dating only a month after Karn’s imprisonment. We had gotten super close over the course of my freshmen year, and have continued our relationship into my sophomore year, although Bridgette of course was now a junior. Bridgette was only a year older than me, and I had just turned 15 in November. Chloe had now turned 17, as she was two years older than me, althought because she was held back twice in middle school, she was 17 as a sophomore, in case yall forgot about that.


Things were looking amazing. And pretty much all my class teachers remained the same except for our new math teacher. Principal Waters had adjusted their classes to try and keep a consistent schedule for me throughout my highschool years, which I appreciated but also felt was unnecessary. Nonetheless not a whole lot had changed to be honest. Except of course that even though I was super popular now, that didn’t mean students were more aware of their surroundings. I still faced oblivious students here and there that nearly crushed me when they weren’t paying attention, but I expected nothing less.


With winter break arriving soon, and christmas on the way, I was in a pretty fantastic mood. Life was amazing, and things had really improved over the last year and a half. I finally had no more enemies, no more threats to worry about, everything was just chipper. But of course that’s all fiction, because even though the facade of normality washed over me up till now, I most certainly WAS NOT safe. I most certainly HAD enemies. And I most certainly WOULD face many threats to come, maybe even more challenging that Karn and his K Klub. Because as I lived a happy life, wicked forces plotted against me within the shadows.


***Deep underground inside the Chapel of the Damned***


Tessa Mongoya sat in silence, surrounded by the familiar faces of her superiors. She had failed them so far, time and time again, and their patience was wearing thin. But what could she do? She had tried her best to learn who it was who had given Kristin Karn so much power, but that clever Nick Kemp put him in prison, and now she may never learn who was pulling the strings. The only other way would be to track down his sister Zelena, but she was simply a phantom, and nobody knew her whereabouts. Tessa tapped her heel repeatedly on the ground, awaiting the Council’s judgement.


“Mongoya… we have extended our time for over a year now, and still you lack the information we so desire..” spoke a mysterious councilmember.


“With Karn in prison, and his sister incognito, what would you have me do? I’ve done my best to learn who was giving Karn his influence, but the sneaky bastard leaves no trail,” Tessa pleaded, trying to reason with them.


“Excuses are not what we desire my dear,” spoke a councilwoman, “If you are unable to perform this task, then we will simply replace you with another.”


Tessa began to readjust herself, knowing full well what “replace” meant in this case.


“If you just gave me a little more time….” Tessa was interrupted.


“We have given you enough time,” Snapped a councilman, “You have till the end of Eagle High’s school year to learn the name of this powerful figure, otherwise we will find a more… capable person.”


Tessa lowered her head, closing her eyes. There was only one person she knew of that may know anything, and unfortunately he was the most famous person in the world right about now. Not only that, but he was well aware that she was to be untrusted, and that would only make it more difficult for her. But she was left with no other choice. If she couldn’t get to Karn, and couldn’t hunt down Zelena, then she had one last option.


“I will not fail again,” Tessa reassured, standing up and heading towards the exit.


“You’d best not, Tessa Mongoya.”


***Back at Eagle High, Nick has just started 7th period choir class***


The school day had gone by extremely fast. Chloe had taken me to Martha McMustar’s 7th period choir. She was an older women, about 48 years, and had a very odd last name. But she had one of the best singing voices anyone has ever heard. And even though I really enjoyed this class, something else was on my mind at the moment. The day I defeated Karn, I had gone home only to discover my father's return. He had told us that he had only left in search of answers to my shrinking crisis, and had set out to find people like me in hopes to find a way to reverse my height. Though he only ever found people as small as one foot or bigger, none of whom had ever shrunk so tiny. He did this for many years in vain, but never found a way to reverse the effects of the shrinking.


But to my whole family's astonishment, we learned something incredible. When I had gone to the doctors the last time when I initially learned I was only ¾’s of and inch tall now, the doctor told me of a formula to temporarily halt the shrinking, but it had to be taken in doses over several periods otherwise the shrinking would start again. Though I rejected this formula initially, it was learned my father had in fact concocted the formula himself! I learned how my father went around the world, saving others from my fate with this miracle potion. Though it wasn’t permanent, the formula was very cheap and easy to make, thus very affordable to those in need. Of course once we learned about this, I was now taking a small dose of the formula once a month. If I didn’t take it at least once a month, there was a chance I could continue to shrink, and that was obviously not an option for me.


Since then, my father has worked very hard to integrate himself back into our lives, and Ashley, Lucy and Me have begun to get close to him once more. Though my mother and him may never remarry, they have become great friends again and are working together to care for me and my siblings. Life was truly correcting itself on the right path for me now. My family was whole again, school life was full of positivity and friendships. Life was beautiful. I couldn’t have asked for anything better.

The bell rang the second time, indicating class was to begin. Chloe walked us over to our seat, and she sat down and set me on the music stand, which was flipped over as a flat surface for me to stand on. All the students began to sat down, pulling out their music sheets from the day before for today’s lesson. The sheets were essentially just a bunch of vocal exercises, to help us prepare for the choir concert we had in a couple weeks. The song we would be singing was going to be Beethoven's 5th symphony in vocals rather than instruments. We had already been working as a group for a month now to prepare, and we had gotten quite talented at it if I say so myself.


Misses Mcmustar was fumbling through her planner for today’s lesson, before we continued our concert practice. When I first started this class at the beginning of the school year, Mcmustar had a special microphone made just for me, so that my vocals could be almost as loud as the rest of the class. It allowed me to feel like I was actually participating in each day's lesson, and allowed me to take part in the concert. In fact, if I recall, I believe today was the day Mcmustar would choose the soloists based on the solo tryouts last week! Of course Chloe nagged me to try out for a solo, and I did, however I doubted that I would get it.


“For today’s lesson, we will be focusing on singing in baritone, to maximize the deep hum when we sing at the concert in a few weeks,” Mcmustar exclaimed.


“But first, I want to announce the winners chosen to partake in a solo for the concert.”


The students whispered and gossiped, wondering if they would be chosen or not. Many students were ancy as they waited to hear the results. There would be two soloists, and fifteen students tried out including me. So I honestly wasn’t really listening when she called out the first name.


“Paige Martinez,” Mcmustar announced.


Paige jumped in joy, screaming like a banshee as everyone applauded her for her solo role. She bowed before everybody before swiftly sitting back down as the students awaited to hear the next name off the list.


“And for our second soloist, Nick Kemp!”


Wait… WHAT!? No way! Everybody looked directly at me, and sweat started to form on my back. I turned around towards Chloe to see the biggest smile on her face, her mouth wide open. I could tell she was ecstatic for me. Everybody began to cheer and support Mcmustar’s decision, and honestly I was starting to wonder if I should regret to have tried out in the first place. I suppose it was too late now however.


“The soloists will be given extra homework to take home as to prepare for their solos at the Eagle High concert in a couple weeks, so study hard!” Mcmustar then handed Chloe my “extra” homework for me, and then proceeded to hand Paige hers.


The rest of the class didn’t drag on too long, and we proceeded to do our exercises before practicing Beethoven’s fifth symphony. Before long the bell rang, indicating the end of the school day. All the students began packing their backpacks, and swiftly headed towards the buses. As Chloe grabbed her backpack and my things, Paige then approached me on the music stand.


“Hey Nick, I just wanted to personally congratulate you on winning the solo!” Paige praised.


“Thanks Paige, good job yourself,” I responded, giving a smile back.


“If you ever want to practice together, just let me know!” Paige suggested, then proceeding to leave the classroom.


I heard Chloe giggle sarcastically, and I turned around to see her rolling her eyes.


“What?” I asked


“Oh nothing, I just find it funny how all the girls seem to have the hots for you now!” Chloe mocked, teasing me by sticking her tongue out at me.


“Eh, I don’t think that’s true, besides, I’m with Bridgette,” I responded, “So they are out of luck!”


Chloe flicked me softly and I fell on my ass. It didn’t hurt, but it caught me off guard. I looked up at her confused.

“Careful love bug, remember that at any moment, any female with the hots for you can easily overpower you,” Chloe said teasingly with a wink.


Before I could respond, Chloe plucked me up with her fingers and proceeded to drop me directly between her boobs. I guess she wasn’t done teasing me, because apparently she wanted to show me exactly what she was talking about.


“For instance…. They could hide you anywhere in their body, and none would be the wiser!” Chloe laughed, before taking her finger and pushing me between her cleavage.


Chloe was honestly hilarious sometimes, I swear. Though Chloe was just a friend, she didn’t seem to care that I was in her bosom. I guess she was trying to prove her point that I was helpless if any girl decided to use me for whatever pleasures they craved behind doors. I guess this was her way of “physically” showing me what she was referencing. And though I didn’t really mind it, it still concerned me whenever Chloe would overpower me, teasingly or not. I still remembered that day a year and a half ago when Chloe nearly crushed me under her foot out of anger. Though Chloe hasn’t physically harmed me since, every time she expressed her size dominance over me, I had this feeling of dread. And to be honest, it made me feel like a shitty friend.


Chloe walked us to our bus, me still between her boobs. I would try and yell up at her every now and then to let me out, but she couldn’t hear me as her tight cleavage muffled my voice. I guess I was stuck there the whole way home. Or at least I thought I’d be. Bridgette had walked over to Chloe and tapped her on the shoulder, and Chloe turned around to be greeted with a smile.


“Hey Chloe!” Bridgette greeted.


“Oh, hey B, what’s up?” Chloe responded.


“Not much, 7th period was dreading, I never thought linguistics could be so boring!” Bridgette complained, “hey, where’s Nick? I was gonna ask him if he’d like to come with me to my house tonight!”


I felt Chloe’s heart rate speed up, as I was pressed against her chest trapped in her bosom. That struck me odd, it was like Chloe was getting super nervous, and I’m assuming it’s because of my location. But after a few seconds her heart rate returned to normal, and I felt the familiar hands of Chloe reach inside her cleavage to pull me out.


“He’s right here! He’s all your’s B,” Chloe gladly handed me out in her palm over to Bridgette.


Bridgette seemed to be slightly upset as to where I was, but Bridgette was also very aware of Chloes abruptness. I may not have sensed anything, but Bridgette wasn’t a fool like I was. Bridgette knew that chances were Chloe had feelings for me, and for a moment she pondered whether to bring it to my attention or not. And I wish she had, because maybe then I could have saved her from herself. But Bridgette never did tell me, just like Chloe could never come out with her feelings. So I was left in my ignorance.

“I’ll see you two tomorrow in first period!” Chloe waved goodbye, walking towards the bus home.


Bridgette looked down at me, and she gave a pretty smile.


“How was your day precious?” Bridgette asked me, perking her lips and lowering her head towards me for a kiss.


“It was pretty good,” I answered, as her enormous and plush red lips wrapped around my body as we exchanged a kiss.


“You won’t believe this, but I got that choir solo in 7th period,” I told Bridgette.


“Woah! Really!? That’s great Nick!” Bridgette seemed very proud of me.


“I’m sure you will do fantastic!”


“Yeah, I guess.” I stated, still unsure if I really wanted to do this solo or not.


“Well, I have a surprise for you when we get to my house,” Bridgette revealed, a devilish grin on her face.


“Oh? What is it?” I asked.


Bridgette laughed, “It’s a surprise silly!”


She lowered her head once more, planting another warm and moist kiss upon my little head. Butterflies were sent through my stomach as she did so. Bridgette made me feel very special to her, and she cared for me with such tenderness. It made me love her that much more. I only wish I could give her the same security in the relationship, but because of my size I knew it would never be.


Bridgette took me to her car, and she drove away from the school to head to her house. Her parents knew me quite well up too now. After Bridgette and I officially started dating in freshman year, she decided to show me to her parents, who to our surprise welcomed me with open arms. They were super religious, and did admit to me that they always wanted a strong man to take care of their daughter one day. However they said after getting to know me initially, they thought I was a stellar young man, whether tall or small. It was nice to know they accepted my relationship with Bridgette, because I was definitely envisioning a future with her, even though I was only 15 years old.


In no time at all, we arrived at her house. She didn’t live that far from the school. Her house was just as enormous and magnificent as always. I still remembered the party I had attended at Bridgette's house back at the start of freshman year, and I remember all the trials and tribulations I had endured during the party. However since then Bridgette has really made any parties she throws to be much safer for me. She put strings in all sorts of nooks and crannies with bells at the end, so I would be able to alert others of my presence no matter where I was in the house. That way during parties people would be a bit more aware of my presence, and I thanked her dearly for that.


We walked up to her front door, and Bridgette pulled out her key to let us into the house. She carried me inside, and took off her lime green flats, revealing her petite and blue toenail polished feet. She kicked the flats to the side and set her backpack down on the ground before announcing to her parents she was home.


“I’m home!” Bridgette announced.


Bridgette walked us into the living room of her house. She set me down on the coffee table before heading into the kitchen.


“How was school dear!” Yelled Miley from upstairs, Bridgette’s mother.


“It was good! I brought Nick home with me I hope you don’t mind!” Bridgette responded.


I could hear Miley squeal upstairs in joy the moment she heard I was here. Her heavy footsteps were heard upstairs and she hustled over to the stairwell to head downstairs. As she came around the corner her husband Robert, Bridgette’s father, was following behind her.


“Oh darling it’s a pleasure to see you again so soon!” Miley expressed her excitement.


She quickly came up to the table I was on, and swiftly lowered her head to plant a friendly smooch right on top of my head. Bridgette’s mother greeted me this way almost every single time she saw me, and it was obvious she adored me greatly.


Bridgette’s features most certainly came from her mother. Miley had the same gorgeous brunette hair her daughter had, and the same glimmer in her eye. Miley’s figure was very slim, and her nails were painted bright red. Her hair had been done in a bun, and she had three piece diamond earrings on. Robert had short black hair, and hazel eyes. He was dressed in a three piece suit, which I assumed was because he had just gotten home from work or something. Unlike Miley, who was about six feet tall, her husband Robert was actually a couple inches shorter than her.


“It’s great to see you too!” I exclaimed.


“How’s that young gal friend of yours doin’?” Asked Robert, as he walked over to the couch and sat down.


“Chloe? She’s doing good,” I responded.


“My darlin’ Bridgette ain’t too jealous of you and her now is she?” Robert chuckled at the insinuation, as if he thought it was clever.


“Nah, me and Chloe are just really close friends,” I answered, hoping to God that Robert would drop this conversation.


Thankfully, Bridgette had just returned from her trip to the kitchen. She had a can of Dr. Pepper in her hand, and a small plastic cup in the other. Bridgette had ordered doll sized cups off of amazon last year after we dated awhile and I was coming to her house often. The cups were a ¼ inch tall, so I had to use both of my hands to be able to drink from them. Thankfully they weren’t really that heavy, and given my strength advantage at my small size, it didn’t really matter that the cup was almost up to my waist.


Bridgette sat the cup down in front of me, and it was filled with Dr. Pepper as well. I smiled up at her, and she winked at me as she went over to join her father on the couch. Her mother Miley joined them and it appeared we were going to all hang out around the coffee table and chat it up for a bit. I took a sip from my cup, as Miley was asking Bridgette something about her calculus class. But I was distracted by something else to pay any attention to what it was Miley had been asking. Something seemed off with the cup Bridgette had given me. It seemed, a little smaller than normal. I had used these cups often here, but maybe Bridgette just ordered new ones? I didn’t get a chance to think about it that much, before Miley snapped me back to reality.


“You got a choir solo! That’s fantastic Nick!” Miley praised, it had seemed Bridgette had just divulged this information, but I hadn’t even noticed.


“Uh, yeah I did!” I responded, not sure how to direct the conversation.


“What song is it that your choir class is performing at the concert?” Miley asked, completely interested.


“We will be performing a vocal representation of Beethoven’s 5th Symphony,” I answered.


“That’s utterly marvelous child!” Miley expressed, and I have to say, I loved how full of life this women was.


The greatest feeling I had was the complete interest Miley showed regarding my life. Bridgette’s parents had always made me feel so normal whenever Bridgette brought me home with her. I remember how cautious they were around me for the first week when Bridgette had first introduced me, but very quickly I felt more and more like I was apart of their family. It made the relationship me and Bridgette had go extremely smoothly, and it was just great. And to make it even better, my own home life was improving as well. With the return of my father, everything is just falling into place perfectly. I often wondered just how much greater life could possibly be for me right now.


The only problem was, there was just one small itch I couldn’t shake. For even though my life was in a beautiful place, I couldn’t help but feel as something terrible was coming. I would often have nightmares, where Zelena would return, only to finally have me end up in her belly of despair. To digest and dissolve into nothing more than nutrients to power her figure. I would also have nightmares that Chloe would finally snap, and crush me under the pressing weight of her body as her foot slowly crunched me into nothing but a bloody and gooey mess stuck to her dirty but smooth bare foot. And even though these were both very unlikely to happen, there was something else nagging at me. It felt as if I was always being watched, not by Zelena, but by another. Whom I had no idea, and whether it was just me being paranoid or not was uncertain.


“My darling…. Are you alright? You seem upset about something,” Miley worried, “Is there something wrong?”


I looked up at Bridgette’s mother, realizing I had zoned out for a bit. I guess I got caught up in my nightmares. The funny part is, I never actually told anyone about these night terrors…. Not Chloe, not Bridgette, not even my family. No one knows just how truly restless I am in the shadows of night. Because yes, life is perfect right now, but after everything I went through at the start of freshman year, it’s haunted me in my dreams since. But I just can’t bring myself to tell anyone, because then they would worry, and it took me to long to reach a place in my life were others could finally stop worrying about me.


“I couldn’t be happier!” I responded with a smile.




Chapter 22 - Chemistry Conundrum by Frizzle


Another week had gone by, and winter break was right around the corner now. Today would be the last day of school before we get two weeks off. The entire school was stoked. You could tell during the week that students weren’t really paying attention in class, as they just wanted to be out of school already. But who could blame them? Winter break was the longest of breaks at Eagle High. Not to mention christmas was well on it’s way, and students were already speculating the cool and amazing gifts they would be receiving. If only I was a normal sized teen, then maybe I could share the enthusiasm, but unfortunately gift shopping for somebody less than an inch tall was nearly impossible. What would they get me, doll toys? I thought not.


I had woken up to the sound of my enormous alarm. I sat up rubbing my eyes. I hopped to my feet and stumbled across my bed sheets towards the ladder that headed up to my dresser. I made the short climb and made my way over to my alarm where I pressed the button to turn it off. I then climbed back down onto the bed, where I layed down again to rest for a minute or two. In case you don’t remember, my mother allowed me to keep my normal sized bedroom to make me feel a bit more normal. However I have to be honest, it’s been almost 3 years now since I’ve been shrunk below and inch and a half. And even now I’m only ¾’s of an inch tall, and the appeal of having such a large room is slowly becoming less and less pleasant. Even though I’m on the shrinking meds to halt any further shrinking, I’m still less than an inch, and it’s just tiring sometimes.


My door busted open, as Lucy gladly pranced along into my bedroom. She started doing air guitar and jumping up and down moving her head around in circles like she was doing a solo at a guitar concert.




Her booming voice resonated inside my mind, and I had to cover my ears to the deafening screech she had just emanated from her mouth. I mean seriously, I had JUST woken up.


“Ugh, Lucy please!” I begged, “Not now!”


Lucy jumped violently on my bed, and I bounced upwards a couple inches before landing my arse. Lucy giggled, knowing she was annoying me.


“Come on Nick! Get dressed already! Chloe’s gonna be here soon and I don’t want us to be late to the bus yet AGAIN yuh knucklehead!” Lucy demanded.


Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you. Lucy is obviously 14 now as I mentioned earlier… which means she is a freshman. And now I’m forced to endure a bus ride with her EVERY day as her and Chloe talk about utter fucking nonsense. The only reprieve I gain is the fact that I thankfully share no classes with her, with the exception of lunch time.


“Ok OK! Just get out of MY ROOM,” I yelled, pointing towards the door.


Lucy giggled more, skipping out of my room and I could hear her thunderous steps as she went downstairs. I climbed the ladder down to my bedroom floor, and underneath my bed to a small doll sized wardrobe where all my clothes were stored. I opened it up, and took a look inside to see what I felt like wearing today. Corduroy’s, blue jeans, Levis, all specially made for my size. I used to wear doll clothes actually, in 7th grade when I initially got this small. However I quickly detested that idea, and my mother had tailors custom make outfits for me. It made me feel a bit more human to be honest. I pulled out the pair of blue jeans, and grabbed a blank white tee. I then grabbed my awesome brown leather jacket from the rack, which was made for me by Bridgette’s parents on my last birthday. I wore it all the time. I put on my black converse and headed towards my bedroom door to go downstairs.


As I stumbled across the bedroom carpet, I couldn’t help but notice the faintest sight of a glimmer. I stopped and turned my head to look for the source. My enormous closet door was cracked just barely, maybe only two eighths of an inch honestly. But just between the crack I saw a very dim shine flashing into my eyes. I was actually kind of dumbfounded to have noticed it. My closet had been abandoned for years, considering I had no use for it. I stopped using it years ago when I had gotten too small to use it for anything meaningful, and it eventually became a graveyard of all my old belongings. Despite the fact I was being rushed downstairs, I couldn’t help but go take a quick peek at the mysterious object signaling me, as if it was calling me. I changed course towards the crack of the closet door, and eventually made it right up to the entrance.


I took a peak between the crack of the closet door and the wall, and saw a tiny glowing object against the closet corner. It was very dark, and there was no way I could open the closet door to try light it up. I decided to get a closer look and against my better judgement I slipped into the dark abyss that was my closet. Darkness enveloped me, and I actually kinda had a slight shiver go down my spine. I never liked the dark. I saw the object a bit more clearly, but I was blocking the sliver of light that illuminated the object when I was outside the closet. I stepped to the left, and a small sliver of light revealed what the mysterious object was. An empty frame. An empty picture frame to be exact. It wasn’t very large, all things considered, it seemed a frame for a smaller photo, one that would in one's wallet.


I kinda felt let down, to think that an empty picture frame had caught my attention. However I then noticed the frame border. It was as if the frame was designed for a kindergartners photo, as the border design was a ruler on all sides. Not sure how it ended up in my closet, or why I hadn’t noticed the annoying glimmer until now, but here I was I guess. I kinda laughed at myself mentally, and slowly walked up to the frame. I set a hand on it, as I took a deep breath while I thought to myself. I began to look around, and memories began to flood back to me.


I saw my old dog's collar, Tiny Tony. My mother must have kept it for me, I had no idea. I saw some clothing from back when I was in elementary school, guess they never got tossed out. There were books, one was about thumbelina, another about jack and the beanstalk. I always liked being read those stories cause I would always relate to them. I saw the old VHS movie stuart little as well, one of my favorite movies, a tiny mouse in a world of giant people, always in peril. I saw toys, old memorabilia, it was all here, in my closet. They had come here to be forgotten, but I had uncovered them. I had completely forgot that my entire life had been stored in this closet, that I never bothered to go into. It brought a calmness inside me, hard to explain why. A smile formed upon my face, as I looked back at the picture frame. I began to wonder what photo was intended to go with the frame. But as I stared at the frame, I noticed something about the border.


My hand. My hand was touching just below the one inch mark. I looked at the measurements on the ruler going up the frame. I was standing at the one inch mark. I stepped back, in shock. Could it be? Was it possible I was growing again!? My father told me that the formula he created would halt my shrinking, but couldn’t grow me. But what if he was wrong? I wanted to become very excited, but alas I came back to reality. This was a simply border on a picture frame, and the chances of the ruler marks being set to scale were questionable. After all it wasn’t an ACTUAL ruler. I let my doubt take hold, and I let the idea of myself growing fade away as I left the confines of my closet and headed towards my bedroom door.


A lot was on my mind, of which none of it I felt like discussing with anybody either. I figured I would just have Chloe find me a ruler once we got to school and I’d settle the mystery then and there. But as I trying to focus within the moment, my bedroom door was thrust wide open. I looked up as the door swung right for me. I shrieked and immediately hit the ground as the door swung over my head and right past me. I was on my stomach as I turned my head to see the door swing all the way open. I turned my head forward again as an enormous bare foot swung right over me. I wanted to scream, but at this point I wasn’t even surprised this was happening. The smooth foot descended quickly, and next thing I knew two toes landed on both sides of me.


I peered up at my giant friend Chloe, as she peered around the room looking for me. I swear, I wish she would be more careful! Her feet smelled like tulips, which struck me odd, as they usually smelt a bit more earthly, considering she never wore shoes. But it’s almost as if she put some kind of lotion on them. Her nails were also painted yellow, which was also odd because yellow was her least favorite color if I recalled.


“Nick!?” Chloe shouted, “you were suppose to meet us downstairs! Where are you?”


I was annoyed, but Chloe never really had the virtue of patience, and I knew this. I rolled my eyes and kicked her big toe as hard as I could. Her toes wiggled after the fact, and she scrunched them up. Her big and middle toe slid right past me as she scrunched them up tight, and I looked up again to see her peering down at me.


“Oh! My bad!” Chloe giggled, “didn’t see yuh down there!”


“You never ‘see’ me down there Chloe…” I mocked, as I climbed into Chloes hand of which had descended to ground level to retrieve me.


“What! That’s not true at all,” Chloe protested, offended by my remark, “I thought you were still in bed being lazy!”


Chloe brought me all the way up to her eyes. I almost forgot how mesmerizing her eyes were, those bright blue eyes. She stared right at me. I ended up losing my train of thought. Not sure why, Chloe sometimes had that effect on me. I just sort of looked down, feeling bad for being snarky with her.


“I’m sorry I didn’t pay more attention,” Chloe apologized, as she moved her head forward and planted her lips all around me. She gave me an enormous kiss, and it paralyzed me for a few moments. She had never kissed me…. Not like that. I looked right back up at her, and she was blushing.


For a few seconds, we only stared at each other, and for a split second I could have sworn that new feelings had emerged within me, new feelings for Chloe, but it didn’t matter. We were interrupted.

“THE BUS IS HERE! COME ON GUYS!” Shouted my sister Lucy.


The staredown immediately ended as Chloe quickly grasped me in her hand as she rushed us down the stairs. She grabbed her backpack and mine and bolted out the door with Lucy. Our mother could be heard wishing us a good day from the kitchen. Chloe’s fingers were wrapped around my body, so I couldn't see much. For the first time, I began to wonder if Chloe’s feelings for me went beyond friendship. Maybe mine did too? But then again I was also dating Bridgette, and I most certainly loved her. Was I having mixed emotions? Ugh, what a nightmare to think about. I shrugged the thoughts away, as Chloe and Lucy and I boarded the bus.


The bus ride was about twenty minutes, and eventually we arrived at the school. Since Lucy didn’t have very many friends at Eagle High, Chloe had invited her to our new group. After the whole Karn mess had been resolved, I obviously had become very popular, even though I didn’t care to be. But I ended up forming a group of my own, with people I had already known.


You remember Tyler Mock. Warned me about Karn my freshman year? Got the shit beat out of him because of my ignorance? Nearly died? Yeah, him. He’s back, and part of the gang. Then there's Macy Mack and Cecelia Ruch, from Bridgette's party last year. Not only them, but Reilly Vigor and Dustin Brock as well. I didn’t really know them too well to start, but they began hanging out with us more after Karn was arrested. Now we are good friends. Sally Buchanan, the rape witness to Cecelia, remember her? She forced me inside her? Has a weird “giantess” fetish or something, like Zelena? Remember that? Yeah, after Chloe and her got a lot closer as friends, Sally has also joined the group. She’s always got her eye on me, but she seems to respect me and my space. Which is good.


That about makes up my whole group. The only difference is we aren’t feared and we don’t own the school. But we look out for eachother. We spread rumors around to one another to know what is going on, to make sure that no trace of the K Klub is lingering around. We help each other with homework, advice, and just talk about whatever. There is a table in the corner by the entrance to the school, in the commons. We have practically claimed it, as we always sit there every morning. It’s pretty nice really, having a group to look out for me. Of course Bridgette is apart of the group as well! But what was our group name? Well honestly, we didn’t have one. And I preferred it that way.


Chloe brought me towards the group table, and everyone of my friends were there already. Macy and Dustin were making out again, as usual.  They quickly spread apart and both wiped their lips in sync as if to try and hide it. Which didn’t make any sense, considering everybody could obviously see them. Cecelia was nose deep in a book, 50 shades of grey I believe. Fitting title with someone of… her character. Reilly was practicing some new magic trick he was working on, something to do with making a penny disappear after snapping his fingers. He was a good magician, he’d figure it out. Sally and Bridgette were exchanging notes it seemed, and as soon as I was within sight, Sally famously stared me down again. Obviously fantasizing some weird scenario where I’m inside her or in her stomach. She never failed to explain what she wished she could do to me, but thankfully it remained a fantasy, which is how I preferred it. Tyler was reading something in a black binder, of which I couldn’t make out.


Chloe pulled out an empty chair for Lucy, who sat down. Chloe then set me on the table as she also took a seat. Everybody seemed to stop what they were doing, as all eyes set on me. This pretty much happened every morning, and I had adjusted to it already.


“How was your evening yesterday Nick?” Asked Macy, who gave me a whole hearted smile as she slightly tilted her head.


“It was good! Just like any other normal evening,” I chuckled in response.


“I heard you got the choir solo, Paige told me,” Reilly said, as he leaned forward as if to hear my view on the matter.


“I did indeed, pretty cool… I guess,” I responded, simply to confirm the news.

“That has got to be very exciting!” Cecelia exclaimed, her fingers tapping the table as she managed a half smile.


Ever since the party, I was pretty sure Cecelia remembered some of what had happened that night between us, involving her drunken shenanigans. Though I was unsure if she remembered the part where she ate me alive and impaled me with a fork. Probably not since she never had a clue, and I don’t believe Bridgette ever divulged that information to her. However Cecelia most certainly must have remembered the part where she raped me essentially, almost killing me as I nearly drown in her ‘fluids’ while I was shoved deep inside her and left there as she passed out. Cecelia always seemed to be awkward in conversations whenever I was around, and I guessed it was because she knew to some degree what she had put me thru.


“It sorta of is really, the first ‘tiny man’ to perform in a live choir,” I began to laugh at the statement, in an attempt to try and show Cecelia that she had no reason to fear me. And it seemed to work, because she seemed to blush and it looked like her stress levels had lowered a bit.


The conversation seemed to go on for a few more minutes, as we laughed and joked with one another. The only person who didn’t seem to be participating was Tyler, and that concerned me. So let's back up for a moment, because there is still a lot you don’t know about me and Tyler. Yes, he is back and in good health after the beatdown by Karn. But there is more to it than that. Tyler was a spy of sorts, a school spy really. It turns out that coach Susan Simmons had retrieved the rape testimony from Tyler himself, who had stolen it from right under Kristin Karns nose before he was able to destroy it. Ultimately this led to the charging and arrest of Karn himself, so we had Tyler to thank for that.


Tyler had explained to me that the reason why he attempted to help me with Karn in the first place, was because he feared that at my size, I wouldn’t last long. It turns out Tyler had actually tried to get me denied to Eagle High to begin with, but switching out some paperwork, but apparently someone else undid all his efforts. In other words, somebody else WANTED me to attend Eagle High, and foiled Tylers plan to get me accepted. Now was I upset with Tyler for doing something like this? Of course, but I understood he had my best interest in heart, even if we were strangers at the time. But I was then concerned with who would be so interested in me, that they wanted me at Eagle High. I have thought about it many times, but I can never put the pieces together.


Kristin Karn never knew who I was, so I saw no reason why he would do something like this. I thought for sure it might have been Zelena, but she herself revealed that she knew nothing of my existence UNTIL it was officially announced that I had already joined Eagle High. She had revealed this information the first time I encountered her at my home when she broke inside with Bucky Soloman. So she too was off the table. So if it wasn’t Karn, and it wasn’t Zelena, then who in God’s name could want me at Eagle High so badly? And why me? Was it because of my size? I already know that I’m not the only one with the shrinking virus, so the only thing that makes me inherently unique to the other victims, would be my size. And what would my size have anything to do with anything really?


Since then, Tyler and me have worked in secret, doing tons of research on all the staff members and students throughout the end of freshman year and up till now during sophomore year. We were hoping to learn why I was needed in Eagle High so badly that forces would ensure it would happen. We looked into Ronald Waters, our principal. He became Eagle High’s principal four years prior to my attendance, and has had an outstanding record. He was a lawyer for ten years before becoming a principal. He has four kids, three of whom have graduated already. There were no records indicating he had any affiliation with Regina, Karns mother, and no files that struck me or Tyler odd to indicate Ronald had any knowledge of the rare virus that induces shrinking, such as myself. So we crossed him off the list.


Of course are next target was Tessa Mongoya, of whom seemed to be in cahoots with Kristin Karn. She had begun to teach at Eagle High the exact same year Kristin Karn had become a freshman. Certainly not a coincidence. But even so, there was nothing tying her to the shrinking virus or Regina. And as far as I know, she most likely knew nothing about me either until I attended, so it seemed logical to cross her off the list as well. We even checked up on Abigail Lionheart, Karn’s ex girlfriend. But the story she fed Chloe turned out to all be true, and thus we crossed her off as well. We had ended up looking into many of the teachers, and many students of whom had connection to Karn. But every corner we looked, and shelf we scavenged, we always hit a dead end. Whoever had an interest in me, certainly did a good job of covering their tracks.


Me and Tyler are far from CIA quality spies, but still google is an invaluable resource, and we cannot find any public evidence, then it must certainly mean my mysterious fanboy or girl doesn’t want to be found or known of. For now I’d have to accept that, or at least I would if I could. However I had a feeling that Tyler had news for me, as the entire time he was stuck reading inside his binder as the rest of us engaged in conversation. Eventually the bell rung, and Tyler finally closed his binder and gave me a nod as Chloe and the others grabbed their backpacks. Chloe set her hand on the table, but I couldn’t go with her yet.


“I need to talk with Tyler, I’ll meet you at the chem lab,” I told Chloe.


“Is everything alright?” Chloe seemed concern, as it was unlike me to shoo her away.


“Of course! I just need to ask him a personal question, don’t think it’d be appropriate if you were here for that,” I smiled, trying to play it off. I couldn’t let Chloe know my little side hobby.


“Well… ok then. Don’t be late, you know Miss Garner won’t let it slide again!” Chloe warned, as she pranced off towards Bridgette.


Chloe explained to Bridgette why I was left behind, and I saw Bridgette give me a questionable glance as she too knew that it was unlike me to stay behind without them. But nonetheless they both walked off together to the chem lab. Tyler walked over to my end of the table and set the binder down, opening it up to what seemed like a letter.


The letter read ‘It has been confirmed that our person of interest will be attending Eagle High this upcoming year, and I have several reports that there is evidence of tampering with paperwork in efforts to deny enrollment. Let me make myself clear, you will do whatever means necessary to ensure that denial is not an option. I look forward to hearing about your success. Signed A.K.’


A.K.? Those initials, what did they mean? Most certainly a person, but whom? Adam came to mind, my sex ed teacher. But his last name was Hokovvitch, so it couldn’t be him. Couldn’t be Abigail, her last name started with an L. No one I could think of had the initials A.K., and it made me realize that the perpetrator may not even be a staff member OR student of Eagle High. But if they weren’t, then why would it matter so much that I attend this school to them?


“Where did you find this?” I asked Tyler.


“Well, since we have been researching all the staff and students for months on end now, I decided to try a different approach,” Tyler Explained, “I overheard from a few staff members that there is an office on the second floor that houses the internet modems and routers, and that there is a backup fax machine run on a battery and separate cable line in case the power fails! I figured that such a room would be the perfect place to send and receive faxes that were not intended for others to access. Sure enough there were only five faxes that took place in the last three years, and this was one of them! Whoever received it had forgotten to to clear it from the fax machine!”


Tyler crossed his arms, impressed with his undoubtedly keen sense of detective work. I couldn’t believe it, this was the first real evidence I had to confirm my suspicions. Me and Tyler were right all along, somebody HAD worked to keep me enrolled with Eagle High, but it appears more than one person were responsible. The head however, seemed to be this ‘A.K.’ person. Me and Tyler would check the list of staff and students again just to make sure no one matched the initials, but it would have to be later.




“Ahh shit, didn’t mean to run you late to class,” Tyler apologized.


“Don’t sweat it, this was good work you did! We will cross reference the names of staff and students to see if we can find out who ‘A.K.’ is,” I said.


“What makes you think that A.K. resides in this school?” Tyler asked.


“I don’t think he does, but we can’t overlook anything, not after we have come this far,” I explained.


Tyler picked me up and hurried me to my Chemistry class. I was very impressed with his intuitiveness, but it felt so weird that he just happened to overhear some staff talking about this secret ‘office’. Right time at the right place I suppose, lucky for us. But that luck was about to run out, as I was late to Chemistry again, and I already remember what Miss Garner had clearly said would happen if I was late again. Nothing good, just take my word for it.


Tyler entered the chem lab, with me in hand. The entire class had turned to look at me and Tyler, as we stood at the doorway awkwardly. Miss Garner was writing on the chalkboard, but never turned around. She was writing some kind of formulas on the chalkboard.


“Set Mr. Kemp at his table with Bridgette and Chloe Mr. Mock,” Miss Garner instructed.


Tyler gave no hesitation as he scurried me over to Chloe and Bridgette. He set me on the table they were at and quickly headed out the classroom door. Bridgette narrowed her eyes at me, giving me a clear sign of her irritance. Chloe winked at me, and giggled quietly as if she knew something I didn’t. I merely rolled my eyes at her and set my backpack down, pulling out my chem book. Miss Garner had finished writing on the chalkboard, and turned around swiftly, eyes dead set on me.


“This is the third time you are late Mr. Kemp, do you know what that means Mr. Kemp?” Garner asked, clearly unhappy of my third offense.


“N..No…” I responded, as other students in the room could be heard giggling.


“It means winter break homework, an entire packet of it, of which I expect to be completed and turned in the first day of school after break is over,” Miss Garner stated, “and this time, I’ll fail you if I see Bridgette's hand writing again, have your mother help you this time Mr. Kemp.”


Miss Garner was referring to the fact that she was well aware that Bridgette had been the one helping me with my homework every evening, even though it was suppose to be a parent to try and ensure there was no cheating. But it appears Miss Garner had been letting it slide, until now that is. I could feel Bridgette's disappointment behind me, I could feel her eyes burn a hole in my back as she was obviously upset over my tardiness. I simply nodded at Miss Garner, who returned to the chalkboard to begin her lesson for the day.


As much as I loved the periodic table and all the cool science shit you could do with it in the right environments, my mind was elsewhere. I couldn’t stop thinking about those initials. It felt so obvious to me that the letter K would stand for Karn. But then what does the A stand for? Not Regina, Kristin, OR Zelena, so whom? Me and Tyler had already dived into Kristin Karn’s family tree, and I found no Uncles, Aunts, Cousins, nothing. It’s as if Regina’s parents had her, and then no one else. Regina’s parents were dead, and her aunts and uncles. All passed away. Which was odd alone, but that means that after Regina comes Zelena, and then Kristin who is the youngest. And if Regina has no siblings, that’s all there is to the Karn family. So that would obviously mean that the K does not stand for Karn. But that only made the puzzle that much harder to wrap around my brain.


Thirty minutes went by, as the class took notes on the lectures given. She was talking about the molecular composition of our DNA and whatnot, or something like that. I wasn’t really paying attention, and Bridgette was the one actually taking my notes, since I couldn’t really. After being so distracted with me and Tyler's conversation, I started thinking about the ruler border on that small picture frame I found in my closet. I couldn’t shake the feeling that there was more to it than I would admit.  Regardless, Geometry was next period and I would simply have Chloe hold a ruler up to me to confirm my suspicions. I wanted to be excited about the possibility, but I refused to so I wouldn’t let myself down if it didn’t pan out.


*Megaphone Screeching----- “Attention, can Nick Kemp please report to the principal’s office, repeat, Nick Kemp report to the principal’s office ---- click*


Miss Garner turned to face me. I was completely baffled, did I do something? Or was there something that I needed to know? I wasn’t really sure why I got called upon.


“I’ll take him Miss Garner,” Bridgette stated.


“You and miss Sullivan have escorted him enough for one day,” Miss Garner hissed, “miss Buchanan, you will escort Mr. Kemp to the principal's office!”


Sally Buchanan was also in my Chemistry period, did I forget to mention? Though she wasn’t assigned at the same table as us, that didn’t stop the occasional stare down from her.


Sally awkwardly stood up, stumbling over a few chairs and backpacks as she made her way to my table. A sweat began to form down the back of my neck, as I remembered all too well what happened the LAST time Sally had me all alone. But I just prayed that her self proclaimed self control was as true as the sky itself. Sally gave a half baked apology smile to Chloe and Bridgette as she plucked me off the table.


“Careful,” Chloe whispered very quietly, not to happy with the way Sally had picked me up.


“Sorry!” Sally blurted, as everyone around began to giggle even louder.


“Quiet!” Garner shout, “Sally, can you please stop fumbling around and escort Mr. Kemp!?”


“Sorry… sorry,” Sally kept repeating, as she quickly shuffled me out into the hallway.


Finally Sally had positioned her hand flat, and I was able to sit down a bit more comfortably. Sally was just so awkward around me, it made it so weird all the time to be near her. But Chloe always insisted that Sally would be a good fit with the group, even against Bridgette and I’s concerns. Maybe Chloe wasn’t that good of a judge of character, but it was too late to contemplate such things now. I was already in the hands of the enormous girl.


There wasn’t really any verbal exchanges between us, as Sally walked me to the principal's office. She would occasionally stare down at me, and after a few minutes I could tell she was sweating profusely. It has been like this for months with her, ever since she joined the group and has been near me more often. And I couldn’t handle it anymore. I decided to get to the bottom of her behaviour.


“Sooo…” I started, “How are you?”


Sally looked down at me, “Uh… uhhh…. F..fff… fine…. I guess?”


More awkward silence. This was killing me. If small talk wasn’t going to work, then I needed to be blunt.


“Sally, stop walking,” I commanded, and sure enough Sally stopped in her tracks as she looked down at me with a worried look.


“I cannot take your constant staring anymore, so tell me what it is exactly about these ‘fetishes’ of yours that are causing you to act so awkward around me?”


Sally shied away for a second, but I could tell that my directness had gotten her full attention. I think she had been holding in her desires for so long, that she was ready to unleash them in full.


“I have a giantess fetish…” Sally admitted, although I kinda already knew that part.


“I figured that much… after our last… ‘tango’ or whatever you wanna call it,” I said, “But what do you want to do with me exactly?


I waited for her response, and I probably didn’t wanna hear it, but if talking about it would help her through this process, then it could work out for both of us.


“Well… I have this fantasy of using… small people.. Like… putting them inside me…” Sally explained.


“Ok… well that explains the raping…” I blurted, and watched as Sally's eyes enlarged, obviously freaked that I pretty much called her a rapist.


“Look, it’s fine Sally. I get it, I’m small, you have this fetish, maybe in the moment you didn’t necessarily see me as a human being,” I tried to tone down the situation, “But that’s exactly what I am, a human being, and you can’t just force things like that upon me ok?”


Sally nodded, trying to hold back a tear or two, but I think she understood. It was a year ago, but it was long overdo that me and Sally had discussed it further.


“Is that the only fantasy of yours?” I asked, curious to know if inserting a helpless tiny boy into your cavity was all she desired.


“Well… that one and then there is the OTHER thing…” Sally revealed.


“Well? What is it?” I asked.


Sally hesitated for a second, but then spat it out “I have a vore fantasy as well…”


Vore, as in eating things? Specifically tiny things? Like a small person like me? Zelena has that same fetish, she made it very clear to me what she wanted to do to me the very day we first encountered each other. Sally had the same fetish, but thankfully she seems to have a concious about ending my life inside her gut.


“So what you are saying, is that you want to swallow me alive? That’s what vore is right?” I prodded for more information.


Sally nodded in confirmation, and began to walk to the principal's office again. I sat in her hand contemplating our conversation. I would never permit Sally to literally swallow me alive. I have been inside a girls stomach more than once now, and it is the most unpleasant experience I have ever endured each time. It’s dark, it reeks of whatever food they have eaten, and the stomach acid burns like a bitch. The thought of being someone's food haunts me, the thought of being melted apart inside their stomach. And these fears are the reason why I surprised myself by what I said to Sally next.


“Will you stop being an awkward mess if I let you divulge in your fantasy?” I asked, surprised that I even managed to say those words.


Sally stopped in her tracks, her eyes spun towards my direction and seemed as if they would explode. Her mouth hung wide open in awe, and I immediately saw her kind of white teeth, her yellowish tongue, and her throat. She obviously didn’t brush very often, and already I regretted this idea.


“You… you would let me eat you!?” Sally was in shock.


“No! No no…  not eat me…  never,” I quickly corrected, “But what if I let you… yuh know… play with me in your mouth or whatever…”


Sally was at a loss for words, and I was too for a moment. You might be thinking that I’ve lost my mind for even considering such an idea. You might also be wondering why I would even recommend the idea considering my past experiences. It was simple, Sally was awkward to be around, and quite frankly a nuisance with her constant fumbling and staring. By allowing her to play out fetish, kind of, every now and then, hopefully it would satisfy her desires for a while and calm her down. And honestly a little bit of mouth play would totally be worth it if that was the outcome! Although I’m not sure how Bridgette would think of this idea, but to be honest Sally had driven me crazy enough already. I figured I’d let her do it every other week or something, how bad could it be??


“I figured that if I let you do this once every other week, you agree to stop being so weird towards me all the time… deal?” I was really hoping this went according to plan.


“DEAL!” Sally shouted, more excited than I’d ever seen her.


Without even a warning, her hand immediately grasped around me. I was caught of guard, and quite confused. Without so much as a second to react, Sally had immediately held me over her mouth and dropped me.

“WAIT SALLY! I DIDN’T MEAN….” I was cut short.


I guess Sally didn’t feel like asking me WHEN we could have this encounter, and she had apparently forgotten that I was suppose to be on my way to the principal's office! I had flung between her lips and landed directly on her tongue. It was slimy, and the saliva was slightly smelly and sticky. The yellowness of her tongue really grossed me out as well. Remnants of the food she was eating stuck between her taste buds. Did she ever brush her tongue? If she even brushed at all to be honest. Thankfully it wasn’t as bad as I would have initially thought, but still gross nonetheless. Saliva was dripping from the roof of her mouth, and repeatedly landed all of my clothes and even my head. I was disgusted, but then again I was the one who suggested we do this. Although I’d have preferred to ask Sally to brush her teeth and tongue in advance first!


Sally then closed her mouth, and her tongue writhed back and forth. It then pressed me firmly against the roof of her mouth as she savored my taste. I could hear her moaning loudly, the noise emanating from down her throat. The tongue set back down and then tossed me from side to side as it licked and lapped me over and over. Her tongue went up my crotch and up my face coating me entirely in her saliva. Bridgette would NOT approve. I tried constantly to get comfortable but Sally would not stop licking me all over! I even fell on her molars a couple times, and it really freaked me out. I really wanted to trust Sally, I really did. But she is so impulsive and it made it hard to have faith in her. I had a feeling that if we were in a more private area, she’d probably be fist deep inside her right now!


All of a sudden her tongue flicked me backwards, and I fell on the base of her tongue. Her tongue then began to raise more and more, and I was so wet with her saliva that I began to slide down her tongue and towards her throat. Her uvula was flicking about as Sally moved around and moaned. The tip of her tongue then curled, and the base of her tongue began to rise even higher as forced me closer and closer to her throat. I began to freak out, it really looked like Sally was about to swallow me. “SALLY! PLEASE DON’T!!!!” I begged but she was moaning so loud I doubted she could hear me. I eventually slid over and began to slide face first into her throat. My face smacked her uvula, and I tried to push myself back but my hands would simply slide into the opening of her throat. I was within a second of tumbling down her gaping throat before finally her tongue set back down and I felt two fingers grab my leg.


Sally pulled me out from her mouth and dangled me upside down in front of her face. She seemed so pleased.


“Oh… My… God…” Sally exclaimed, “Thank you so much for letting me do that! I promise I’ll stop being so weird around you!”


I honestly wanted to scream at her, but it wasn’t worth my energy. She seemed happy, and that’s all that mattered for now. I legit thought she was going to eat me, but she didn’t. Did that mean I could trust her? She has a vore fetish after all, just like Zelena. Sally had me at a gulps moment to send me into her belly, and she didn’t, just like I had asked. That had to be counted for something I thought.


Sally dried me off the best she could with her shirt, but my clothes were drenched. I wish she hadn’t done that right before I went into the principal's office, but it was what it was. Sally had finally reached Ronald Waters office, and walked inside. He was at his desk doing something on his computer. He turned to see us enter, and smiled.


“Ah, welcome!” Ronald greeted.


Sally set me on Ronald’s desk, as he thanked her for escorting me before Sally left to go back to class.


“You are probably wondering why you are here Nick?” Ronald said.


“Am I in trouble?” I asked


“Oh gosh no my boy!” Ronald assured, “I actually have a bit of news for you!”


“What kind of news?” I was genuinely curious.


“As of yesterday, a new student enrolled here at Eagle High,” Ronald told me, “She has transferred here from another school due to some issues that had arise. She is your age, and I would like to pair her with your and Chloe’s classes.”


“I mean… sure, but why?” I asked.


“Well, she is not like other women Nick, in fact she’s a bit more like you…” Ronald was trying to break the information to me slowly.


I merely stared at him. As amazing as it would be, I couldn’t help but feel this was all a facade. One big dream, and that I would wake up shortly in Miss Garner's class to be mocked and ridiculed for falling asleep. But that wasn’t the case. In fact, this was more real than life itself. And I had no words of response to follow Ronald’s next statement.


“That’s right Nick, her name is Kaya Morgan, and she is only an inch tall.”




Chapter 23 - No Longer Alone by Frizzle


“Wait, WHAT!?”


Bridgette and Chloe had both about freaked out by the news. After Ronald let me know that a new one inch student would be shadowing us, I had to tell Chloe and Bridgette. I had decided to tell them after first period. We were standing in the hallway during the five minutes between first and second period. Bridgette was holding me in her hand when I told her and Chloe.


“So she is just like you? Your height and all!?” Chloe was in pure disbelief, and almost seemed excited. Maybe she was looking forward to a one inch girl friend?


“That’s what principal waters told me,” I answered.


“Where is she? When is she starting here??” Bridgette asked me.


“Well, he said that a staff member would be escorting her to second period, and that afterwards she will officially be Chloe’s responsibility, along with me,” I explained.


The excitement was indescribable. We were all pretty pumped about this new student, especially me. My father had told me that in all the years he went around the world, he never found someone with the shrinking virus that had shrunk them as small as me. Yet here is this girl, at one inch tall, just like me. I was no longer alone! In the metaphorical sense of course. And if my father didn’t know about Kaya, then he’d probably want to get her on the formula! That way she wouldn’t have to worry about shrinking any further!


“Well shit,” Chloe shouted, “Let’s get to Miss Annabelles class then, I wanna meet this new gal!”


Bridgette, Chloe and I all headed down the hall towards our next class. I kept wondering what Kaya would look like. Black hair maybe? Or blonde? Hazel eyes? How would she dress? Does she have the clothing resources my mother has? Does she have special tailored clothing like I do? So much was racing thru my mind. I wasn’t sure what to expect from the new girl. All I knew for sure was that it felt very comforting to be able to look eye to eye with somebody on an even playing field. I wouldn’t have to strain my neck to look at her. I wouldn’t have to be careful approaching her, or scream to get her attention when she didn’t notice me. I wouldn’t have to worry about her taking advantage of me, or harming me, or eating me. It would be ‘normal’. This would be the closest thing to normal I’d ever experience, and it made all problems vanish. All my fears, my night terrors, all of my worries went away as they were replaced by the possibilities with this alike girl.


We eventually reached Miss Annabelles classroom, and Bridgette and Chloe took me inside. Miss Annabelle taught Geometry, of which I hated. I hated math in general really. I just could never quite understand the lessons, it was like an impossible puzzle I could never solve. Unlike chem lab, there were only individual desks in this class instead of tables. I sat with Chloe, in the very front. Miss Annabelle assigned me there with Chloe so I could see better. Which makes sense, though I’d have preferred to be in the back, I don’t like being up front with all eyes on me.


Students began flooding into the classroom, taking a seat at their assigned desks. They were pulling out the previous night of homework, of which Bridgette had helped me with. And I’ll be honest, Bridgette obviously does more than ‘help’ me with my homework sometimes. Although she still made it a habit to make sure I was taught on the basics. She couldn’t have me flunk school now could she? After Bridgette saw me and Chloe take our seats, she winked and blew me kiss goodbye as she headed off to her own math class. Though Ronald Waters assigned her to some of my classes, he couldn’t assign her to all of them because she was a junior and had to take junior courses for the proper credits. Bridgette’s math class was advanced calculus, she was quite the genius really.


After everyone had taken their seats, the bell had rung. But I saw no sign of a new one inch student. I could hear many of the students whispering and rumoring about the new student that was supposedly on her way. Miss Annabelle had stood up from her desk to speak. She was wearing a white dress that went down to her ankles. The dress had sewn in black threads tracing all the way down to the dress and about. Was quite interesting. Unlike 50 year old Miss Garner, Miss Annabelle was about half her age, 26 if I remember correctly. What was curious about Miss Annabelle was that she had an interesting hair color, it was white. You know Daenerys from game of thrones right? Yeah, similar to that. I shit you not! She was pretty full figured for her size and height. Quite a beautiful women to be honest. I was pretty sure she had to deal with a few pestering seniors here and there, and honestly I’ve heard the rumors. But I don’t know if they are true or not.


“As you may have all heard my darlings, we will be having a new student attend our class!” Miss Annabelle announced.


“Now keep in mind, that the rumors are indeed true, and that she will be as small as our lovely Nick Kemp. So please be very cautious when handling her, or when you are around her!” Miss Annabelle insisted.


Her word choice struck me odd. ‘Handling’ her? She of course meant when a student was to pick her up, but the way she said ‘handling’ just felt weird. Of course I couldn’t expect a normal size person to use more polite words when referring to a small person, though it never really  mattered to me until now. Because now I’m not the only small person, now there is another.


“She should be here shortly, I have been told that her escort is running her a bit late, so please open your textbooks to page two hundred and sixty two,” Miss Annabelle instructed.


The shuffling of textbooks began as students grabbed hold of their textbooks to obey the command of their hot teacher. Or at least I’m pretty sure that’s what was on the minds of all the boys in this class. High schoolers are so horny. What? It’s true! I’m even to blame occasionally! We are young and naive, and we don’t necessarily always think with our brains first.


“We will be studying shapes and formulas to help find the x and y dimensions that are unknown of each shape,” Miss Annabelle taught, “for instance, if the longest side of an obtuse triangle is fifteen inches, and the shortest side of that triangle is six inches, what would the x size be on the remaining side of the triangle?”


And that’s about how class went for the next ten minutes, and it bore me to death so much that I dare not spread the fate to you as well. Come on, be honest with yourself, you probably hate math just as much as I do! Miss Annabelle went on about x’s and y’s and blah blah, until I started to doze off a few times. Chloe was forced to flick the back of my head a couple times to wake me up, snickering each time she did. I swear if I was even an inch taller I’d… wait. An inch? That’s right, I completely forgot that I was going to check my height up to a ruler!


I turned my head up to Chloe, whose eyes were on the whiteboard paying the utmost attention. I was rather annoyed, she seemed intent on flicking my head a few moments ago but NOW she is paying attention? I walked over to her hand that was resting on the desks. Her fingers extended outward as they tapped the desk, each finger at a time in perfect precision. And suddenly I noticed that her nails were painted, same color as her toenails actually, yellow. I couldn’t believe I hadn’t noticed. Why was she painting her nails? Chloe never NEVER painted her nails. She always wore ragged 50’s clothing and acted like a boy and… wait. Her clothes were different too! For the first time in months my eyes were open.


Chloe’s hair was done in an updo, and she had some mascara around her eyes. She had light pink lipstick on as well. And earrings… she had EARRINGS. What was going on? She had a yellow blouse on, with skinny blue jeans that had a rip design going down half the pant leg on the right. The only thing that appeared to be normal with Chloe was that she was still rockin’ the barefoot. Maybe she just couldn’t bring herself to wear shoes along with the rest of this abstract get up. This went against Chloe as a person. I had been SO focused on Tyler and I’s investigation for so long that I completely overlooked Chloe’s new style. Why was she dressing like this? Did she just mature or something? Or maybe is putting herself out? Could… could it be for me? I suddenly remembered the encounter before, where me and Chloe had that small moment with one another. Made me wonder if she had feelings for me. Would certainly explain her behaviour regarding style. Maybe I could consult with Bridgette, better to get a girls opinion on the matter. But what needed my attention right now was getting a ruler, and I had to stay focused.


I kicked Chloe's index finger, as it curled inward as a reaction. I looked up to see Chloe peer down at me. She smiled, wholeheartedly. We had another staredown, and I began to sweat nervously again. Why was I feeling this way? As if to make things worse, Chloe took her index finger and tapped her yellow nail on my nose as if to tease me, and she followed it up with a wink. I had to of lost my mind. All of a sudden I no longer saw Chloe as clumsy friend who could harm me if she weren’t careful, but now I began to see her in a totally different light.


“What’s up toots?” Chloe whispered, trying not to disrupt class.


“Uh… rul… ruler,” I mumbled, trying to regain my composure.


“What for?” Chloe whispered, raising an eyebrow.


“I’ll explain later, just grab a ruler from the shelf,” I begged, not wanting to get up anyone's hopes about my size. I still wasn’t for sure if I had returned to one inch tall.


Chloe nodded and stood up as quietly as possible. Miss Annabelle was writing on the whiteboard, and Chloe took advantage as to not draw any questions. Chloe walked over to the shelf with all the math tools and grabbed a foot long ruler. She then turned around to head back to the desk, but Miss Annabelle had also turned around, seeing her student up and about.


“Is there something I can help you with dear?” Miss Annabelle asked.


“Oh, no was just grabbing a ruler!” Chloe answered, hoping to make it sound as normal as possible. It didn’t entirely work though.


“But dear, what would you need a ruler for? Those aren’t needed in today's lesson,” Miss Annabelle questioned.


Fuck, why couldn’t the teacher just not care? I needed to confirm my suspicions, and Chloe wasn’t sure what excuse to come up with. But thankfully we were saved by a much needed distraction. The classroom door burst open, and in walked Jose Rodriguez, the school janitor. And he appeared to have something in his open palm. At my distance I couldn’t quite see her, but my attention was already elsewhere.


Miss Annabelle had seemed to have forgotten about Chloe’s interruption, as her attention was now elsewhere. Chloe quickly sat down.


“It’s the new girl Nick,” Chloe began, but I interrupted her.


“Hold the ruler up,” I demanded, trying to take advantage of the new student's arrival.


“But..” Chloe was confused, she thought I’d be more interested in the new girl, but I wasn’t, not yet at least.


“Just do it!” I shouted at her.


Chloe then held the ruler up. I immediately ran over to it and placed my hand out. My hand was about an eighth of an inch below the one inch mark, which means my head would be…. I couldn’t believe it. My suspicions were true, I was one inch tall again. I stepped back a few half inches, placing my hand at my side. I was in shock, was the formula causing me to grow again? It was the only explanation I could think of.


“What is it Nick?” Chloe whispered, “What are you doing?”


“I’m… I’m growing…” I muttered, unable to believe it.


Chloe’s eyes bulged, she too could not believe the news I had just given her. Her eyes shifted to the ruler. I wasn’t sure what was going through her mind, but I could tell she was about to freak out.


“Miss Sullivan,” Jose was looking in our direction.


“Principal Ronald Waters has been impressed with how well you have made Nick feel at home here at Eagle High, and has decided you would be the best fit to attend to our newest student.”


Jose approached our table, and set his open palm on the table. There she was, the new girl. Kaya Morgan was her name, as Ronald Waters had told me. Kaya stepped off of his hand and onto the table. Her eyes set themselves on me, and I could tell she was just as relieved to meet me as I was her. She knew just as well as I did that together we could be normal. We could hug, we could shake hands, we could talk in our normal voices, it was exciting. And she was utterly gorgeous. She had silk brunette hair, dark green eyes, and was rather slim. Not scrawny, just slim. Though I was now an inch tall, she was slightly taller than me, about a sixteenth of an inch taller to be exact. I know that to you that may not be a huge difference, but at our size that’s an inch or two! In other words, if I was five foot eight, she’d be five foot ten I’d reckon.


“Hel… hello! I’m Kaya,” She extended her hand outwards to me. I was ecstatic.


The entire class watched as history was made this day. And I could feel the amazement bearing down on me as Chloe watched in anticipation for what was about to happen. With a single motion, I immediately lifted my hand to meet hers. Our hands met, and for the first time in my life I had shook another person's hand. Kaya blushed as the blood ran to her face. She was nervous, and excited, and I was too. We shook forever, and it was amazing. I know it seems weird, but imagine being an inch tall since eighth grade and not being able to do the basic of human interactions. Imagine being the only man on earth at your size, and never being able to truly connect with someone with your experiences. That’s no longer a factor for me, because now I HAVE met someone in my shoes, literally!


Since it was the day before winter break, and class was already twenty five minutes in, Miss Annabelle decided to let all the classmates learn about Kaya and her ventures at her last school, Karpar High School. And it was very interesting to listen too. As Miss Annabelle graded tests and papers at her desk, everyone else had huddled around ours, gawking and questioning Kaya about her size and the experiences she had. Kaya was completely open about it all, and didn’t seem to be very shy. In fact, I came to learn that Kaya was actually not very different from me at all, even in our experiences. In fact, let me just tell you all of what she told me!


Kaya had also begun to shrink around age six, and at about the same rate as me throughout the years. The only difference? Kaya seemed to shrink much faster once she hit sixth grade. Whereas I hit an inch tall at the start of eighth grade, she hit and inch tall at the start of seventh grade. One year before me. Which means she has been my size twice as long as I have! I could only imagine what turmoil she had gone thru! In an interesting twist, it was actually Kaya’s mother who had ended up divorcing her father, and leaving them to fend for themselves. Her father has worked hard to protect his daughter at all costs, including homeschooling her for years. Turns out Kaya protested for the first time right before she was about to turn fourteen years old, and convinced her father to attend Karpar High School. So essentially, Kaya never really faced any real danger at home at all, not like I had. Plus she never had to endure public schools at all until her freshman year, so she was a bit more sheltered from the dangers of life than I originally thought.

For starters, let’s trail back to her seventh grade year. So Kaya was apparently homeschooled ever since she had shrunk to below two feet tall, which was around fourth grade I believe. So Kaya obviously doesn’t remember much about public schools at all before freshman year. She also had no friends, and that would mean Chloe and I would have to fit that role. It was obvious that Kaya would now be apart of our group. Kaya’s father is a biochemist. What’s a biochemist you ask? Well for starters, Biochemistry is the study of living things at the molecular level, focusing mainly on the processes that occur. For example, they may study cell development, how cell structure relates to function, how cells communicate with each other to fight disease or regulate an organism’s development, and how they metabolize food and oxygen. Quite complicated shit really.


Now this is what is interesting, because my father is a scientist who has studied the shrinking virus specifically, and combatting the virus with a formula he had concocted. Yet he has never been fully equipped to deal with what exactly would cause the virus. That’s where Kaya’s father becomes very important, because he has actually identified the exact cause of the virus! The first thing to note, is that it turns out it isn’t a virus at all, but a strain of DNA passed down through its ancestors. It’s similar to the eye color gene. Say a mother has the green eye gene, and the father has the brown eye gene. Their offspring will either get a mixture of the two, or one of the two parents eye colors. OR, they could end up being a carrier for green eyes, but have hazel eyes! So essentially, some parents could be a carrier for the shrinking gene, but never actually shrink! Instead they would pass the gene onto their children, who may also be carriers or not have the gene at all. Or worse… they could end up getting the gene in full and end up shrinking!


It’s a lot to take in, I know. But this means that my father could end up solving the formula puzzle for good, and use it to change the gene in our DNA to cause us to grow again, rather than shrink! And we could be returned to a normal size! Of course this isn’t what Kaya actually told me, she only told me about her father's work and his discovery, of which I plan to get her father and mine in the same room. I’ll certainly discuss it with her!


Kaya’s father, whose name is Gary Morgan, works at a multi billion dollar company called GenetiCo. It houses some of the most brilliant scientists on the planet! Kaya has made many trips there where her father has practiced safe experiments to learn the information he has. What are the odds that Kaya’s father would also be a genius like my father!? We had a lot in common, and many things NOT in common, that was for sure. But I felt we had more in common that not. But even with all this information, what I couldn’t understand is why the shrinking only began about 15 years ago to date? Or at least that’s the earliest record my father could find. If it truly was a gene, then why has it taken so long till now for someone to get it? Maybe it’s a flaw in our DNA? I couldn’t be sure, I wasn’t a scientist after all…


Now that I’ve told you about her father and her findings, it’s time to tell you about her freshman year at Karpar High School. She had quite the crazy tale to tell about that school. Unlike Eagle High, Karpar was not in control of any crazy senior, so Kaya didn’t have a whole K Klub of her own to battle against like I did. However she most certainly was not accepted with open arms. Kaya didn’t have a ‘Chloe’ or a ‘Bridgette’ or anybody. She was alone. And the female student that was assigned to watch Kaya would constantly abandon her all over the school, leaving the poor girl to fend for herself.


Thankfully, even though she was stranded here and there, the school staff was always there to find her and get her out of harm's way. And Kaya ended up going thru a lot of different students before the staff could find one that wasn’t so careless. Or at least that’s what they thought they had done. The student Kaya was last with was very friendly, but had a secret agenda. You know Sally? And Zelena right? Yeah, well turns out they aren’t the only giantess fetish freaks in the world, and it seems Karpar had one of it’s own. Kaya’s ‘escort’ had invited her to a party one day, and of course Kaya was ecstatic. Took some convincing, but eventually her father agreed, as long as Kaya’s escort kept her in sight at all times.


Now I could tell you all about the party and how fun it was, but I’m not interested in talking for an hour, so instead I’m going to cut to the chase. This party is what initiated the decision to send Kaya to Eagle High, because Kaya’s “Escort” was actually conniving bitch. Kaya’s ‘escort’ was named Alana, and Alana had a friend named Peyton. Now Kaya doesn’t really know what the “giantess” fetish is, but I do. And I know someone with a giantess fetish by just hearing about them, that’s how easy they are too spot for me. I’ve gone through so many experiences with Sally and Zelena, I just knew the signs. For instance, the clearest sign that a women has a giantess fetish, or “vore” fetish, is that you are nothing but food to them. Or at least, at an inch tall. And that’s what Alana’s friend had, a vore fetish. Alana had struck a deal with Peyton, get Kaya to the party, and have her mistakenly “vanish”. What a couple of cunts amirite?


Alana had set Kaya in the kitchen next to the plates, and told her she would return shortly and to help herself to whatever she desired. Kaya, assuming she now had a friend, thought nothing of it. Alana had then left the room, as a shadow loomed over her. Peyton, a dark brown haired girl, with dark blue eyes, and blood red lipstick, had loomed over Kaya.


“Oh, geez you scared me there haha,” Kaya laughed, after having a minor heart attack by the sneaky large teen.


“Interesting, I didn’t know food could talk,” Peyton mocked, rolling her eyes at Kaya as she pinched Kaya’s chest between her index and middle finger.


“Oof.. HEY!” Kaya shouted, unnerved at the sudden grip.


“Shut up you little bitch, and stop wriggling…” Peyton then lifted Kaya up and over her lips.


Kaya was confused, and wasn’t sure what Peyton was doing. But once Peyton opened her mouth wide, Kaya saw the dark throat in the back of Peyton's mouth, and Kaya had a dreaded feeling that Peyton wasn’t looking to make friends. She was right.


“Wait! Wha… WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?” Kaya screamed, begging for mercy.


This time Peyton didn’t even bother to respond. She simply let go of poor Kaya and sent her tumbling directly into her gullet. She didn’t even want to waste time savoring Kaya, she had already flicked her tongue back, sending Kaya sliding down her saliva coated throat.


“NOOOOOoooooooo…..” Kaya screamed as she slid down Peyton’s throat.


Although Kaya never made it to Peyton’s stomach, because next thing Peyton knew, as she felt Kaya wriggling down her throat, was a fist to the gut. Peyton immediately began choking and hacking, and fell to the floor. She hacked and spat as saliva spilt out of her mouth and all over the kitchen floor. Finally she managed to hack hard enough, causing Kaya to travel back up her throat and out onto the cold tile.


Kaya was shivering with fear, and looked up at the enormous monster that had just tried to eat her. Kaya began to sob, and couldn’t move as she was paralyzed. Peyton’s face had turned into a satanic glare, as Peyton stared her down, as if letting Kaya know that she was only a morsel to her. But Peyton wasn’t going to eat Kaya, not then, not ever.


The mysterious figure that had punched Peyton had grabbed her by the throat now, lifting her off the ground entirely. Kaya’s vision wasn’t doing to well, as she was still in shock over the crisis. But she saw the figure drag Peyton off somewhere, before passing out entirely. And that’s all she knows of that night, nearly being eaten by a psychopath and being saved by a mysterious figure. Whom of which she was unsure. I was kinda curious as to who it was, and why they never came forward. A mystery that would stay a mystery I suppose.

Needless to say, Kaya’s father wasn’t happy and immediately pulled Kaya out of Karpar High. There was only four months left before the end of the school year, but Kaya’s father was intent on homeschooling her for those months. You may be wondering, why Kaya’s father would then allow her to go to Eagle High after such an ordeal? I mean, I’ve never told my family OR my mother really about the close calls I’ve had, because I was afraid of the very thing that Kaya has gone thru, home school. I never wanted to feel so helpless that I couldn’t even attend a public school. But Kaya seemed to do the opposite, tell her father everything, and thus it came with a consequence. But what changed her father's mind? Me.


During the summer, I was on the news! I never even knew it either, but apparently I was a lot more popular than I had thought. It turns out there wasn’t a High School in hindsight that didn’t know about me, or how I dismantled the K Klub and Kristin Karn. Apparently many districts knew of Eagle High’s corruption, yet even that wasn’t enough to dethrone him. After Kaya’s father learned that there was another person like her, and protected by a school that loved their tiny mascot, her father finally agreed that Eagle High could be the first public school that would actually be safe for her. There came conditions of course, that Kaya remained with the other tiny student (me) at all times, along with his escorts (my best friend Chloe and my girlfriend Bridgette). Kaya agreed of course, and thus she was enrolled at Eagle High. Or at least, she was after they had finally moved to our state to attend. Yup, we were in totally separate states, and they moved all the way to mine just to attend the high school that I was in! I felt special!


Anyways, that’s why it’s December with winter break approaching, and how Kaya has just now been enrolled. Because they had to get here first of course! And that about sums up all you need to know about one inch Kaya Morgan.


“And that about sums up all you need to know about me!” Kaya finished, taking a deep breath after telling her long story.




The bell had rung, and students had begun to grab their backpacks and belongings, breaking up the circle around our desk as they headed off to their next class. Chloe was completely entranced with Kaya the entire time she told her story. I could tell Chloe was very interested to know more about Kaya’s father, and his genius work that he has performed on his daughter. Maybe that’s why Kaya wasn’t shrinking still? Maybe her father discovered a formula or something of his own? I didn’t know, but I felt like asking?


“Hey, so you said you stopped shrinking after an inch tall in seventh grade correct?” I asked.


I could hear the slight grunt from Chloe behind me, as she obviously felt I was prying or something.


“Mhmm!” Kaya hummed, while looking at the doorway as students flooded out of the class.


“And you haven’t shrunk so much as a speck since?” I continued.


Kaya turned her head around to face me, “Not an inch!” Kaya laughed, feeling quite clever with her word choice.


“Was it natural.. Or?” I wasn’t sure how much was too much, and I didn’t want to pry to hard. We were still strangers to each other after all.


Kaya tilted her head slightly, unsure of what I was asking, “What do you mean?”


I couldn’t finish what I wanted to say however, “You little ones may want to hurry, rather than be late to your next class!” Miss Annabelle inserted herself into our short conversation.


Chloe immediately set her open palm on the table, and me and Kaya had both climbed onto it. I saw near the center, crossing my legs, and Kaya sat close by doing the same. She turned to face me and smiled, a glimmer in her eye. I smiled back. It was so awesome to share my tiny life with another, and it felt amazing to have someone sit in Chloe’s palm with me for once! I couldn’t wait to introduce Bridgette!


“Nick… I must ask…” Kaya shied her head down a bit.


“What’s up?” I asked, trying to sound cool in an attempt to make her as comfortable as possible.


“What was it like… fighting that falcon??” Kaya asked.


The falcon. The entire school saw that battle. The falcon had attacked the eagle that had saved me in the woods after Karn left me there to die. And with the assistance of the friendly hummingbird I took it down. Until now, I never thought about it, because to me it was meaningless. But to Kaya it obviously meant something. That was a tough day for me, twas the day I thought I would die.


“Terrifying…” I responded.


Chloe didn’t want to interrupt, knowing full well how I felt about conversing about that day. I know that Chloe almost died by Bucky’s hands as she desperately tried to get the rape testimony to principal Ronald Waters. And I was the one who had put her in that position to begin with. I blamed myself of course, but thankfully Chloe was unharmed.


“My whole life… my father has taught me to be afraid of larger things…” Kaya told me.


I listened, I had a feeling there was more for her to say.


After a brief pause, she continued, “he kept me protected from the outside world for so long, that I was paralyzed when Peyton had tried to devour me, I was helpless to run away when she had spat me out.”


Kaya froze again, obviously talking about the experience was traumatizing for her. But I didn’t have the heart to let her know it was ok. Kaya had no idea the similarities we had. I had gone through much more than just battle a falcon.


“Yet… that summer… I saw you on the news,” Kaya continued, “The famous one inch Nick Kemp battles a falcon, and against all odds succeeds. I’ve heard about how you weeded out the corruption in this school, and my father has heard it too.”


She looked up at me finally, smiling at me, “You showed me that at our size, anything is possible.”


“I appreciate those words Kaya….” I thanked, “But the truth is, it was my friends that helped me take down Karn, but most of all, it was Chloe.”


I looked up at Chloe, who was surprised to be mentioned. Kaya too looked up at her, and Chloe managed a half ass smile. She was nervous now.


“You are both very amazing, thank you so much Chloe for agreeing to be my escort!” Kaya thanked.


“I’m not an escort Kaya, you can consider me a friend, and an ally!” Chloe responded, wanting to assure Kaya that she could have her full trust.


To be honest, after all the craziness Kaya went thru with all her previous escorts, it was good to know she still had a trusting nature. But in our positions that wasn’t always a good thing to have. If I learned anything, not everyone can be trusted. Sometimes, not even your closest friends.




Chapter 24 - Oops, How'd I End Up Here!? by Frizzle


*9 years ago…*


Since it’s hard to understand the chaotic and unruly language of six year olds, I figured I would just narrate instead. Nine years ago I turned the age of six. And this was when we had first noticed that something wasn’t quite right with me. Despite growing rapidly throughout my childhood years, after I had turned five years old, I never seemed to grow an inch afterwards. By the time I had hit six years old, it was quite obvious that I wasn’t as tall as the other children. My father and mother were very concerned of course, but they hadn’t the faintest clue as to what was really going on within me. By the time I turned seven years old, they knew something was certainly wrong when my younger sister Lucy had outgrown me by four inches. Considering she was five inches shorter than me the previous year, they knew something was going on.


Needless to say, I ended up at over a dozen different clinics and hospitals, each one telling my parents the same thing. “Your son has simply stunted in his growth, eventually it’ll pass.” But it never did pass, in fact it only got worse. By the age of eight, I had shrunk another couple of inches, then I turned nine where I was a couple inches shorter yet again. You basically know the rest, I’ve told you this whole story in the very first chapter of my life. But there is something I haven’t told you. Something that you may not understand, and that you might not realize. It’s hard to explain, but needless to say that at the age of ten my parents had given up with the common doctor, and sought more dire help.


As a fourth grader, I simply wanted to have fun and live a normal life. But when my peers were all a foot taller than me, it was very easy to feel intimidated by everybody. Ironic considering my current height now, but in that moment I couldn’t comprehend what my future held. My father had ended up using his status as a skilled genetics researcher to reach out to many different companies. All of whom mocked him for his claims that his “son was shrinking” and dismissed him entirely. I do not remember the names of these companies, as I was only ten years old. But there is ONE that I do remember. During my high school years, I never put two and two together, I simply was to distracted by my current issues. Of course now that I’m an adult, I remember everything. If only I had seen the connections.


What? Are you confused? Well… you have listened to my life story quite intently, and respectfully I might add. So I guess you deserve to know who it is that has been talking to you this whole time. Well of course it’s me, Nick Kemp, but you probably know that already. But what don’t you know? You didn’t know that I’m an adult, because I never spoke of it. The events of my high school years were years ago, and it’s safe to say that I am in one piece even after all I’ve been through. Now obviously you are upset, because now you know that I survive all the trials yet to come, and you feel I’ve spoiled the story for you. But not really, because you also know that there are many friends and family, all of whose fates I have yet to reveal, and I will, in time. Yes, I survived, but that is just me. There are so many tragedies I’ve been through you can’t even fathom what happened to me those four years of high school. Now that we have gotten to know one another a bit better, reader to narrator, let me continue where I left off.


Ah yes, there was ONE company I remember that day, the only one. Why is it the only company that I can remember? Because it was the only company to invite my father and his rapidly shrinking son to try and assess our situation. The company was GenetiCo, and the CEO of GenetiCo had agreed to help my father, assuming he was truthful about the wild claims he was spreading around. I remember that day specifically in how relieved my parents were. They thought that was the day that I would have a chance at normality. My father probably thought that GenetiCo could cure my unusual ailment, but unfortunately that is not what happened.


I don’t remember to much, as I was young. But I do remember that the building was large, and that men and women in white lab coats were scattering all about throughout the building. Talking about sciency things, and doing sciency stuff. I was entranced as a child, watching these unusual people do unusual things. I could never comprehend their work at that age, and to be honest I can hardly understand it now. It’s just not my field per say. We had ended up going to the top floor, where my father was inside a conference room where the entire wall was one glass panel. We couldn’t hear what they were talking about, but we could see my father as his excitement and hope turned into begging and despair. It was obvious that whatever they were discussing, had not turned out the way my father thought it would.


My mother could be heard having a mental breakdown as she rushed off to the bathroom to sulk in their failure. Their failure to try and save me from who knows what. None of us knew just how bad my shrinking would truly get. As my mother vanished from sight, I remember being as silent as a mouse. I had nothing to say, nothing to express. I couldn’t feel sad, happy, hell I didn’t feel anything. I was just wondering what was so bad about me that my parents were flipping out. I couldn’t comprehend the situation. But as I looked up again into the conference room, I saw a tall thin man walk up to the glass wall, staring directly at me. His eyes were brown, but a very DARK brown. At a certain angle it’s almost as if his eyes were black. I’ll never forget it. His hair was also black, and I’m not quite sure, but he appeared to be in his early thirties at the time.


The strange man then turned to my father, and though I couldn’t hear what they were saying, I noticed the man point at me while they spoke. I would guess the strange man was asking to see me, or something, and I only have this hunch because my father nodded at the man, who then exited the conference room to approach me. I was shy, and never said a word to the tall man. He simply walked up to me, taking a knee right in front of my seat. He gave me a wide smile, and reached into his pocket to pull out a coffee flavored sucker pop. I loved sucker pops, but coffee was my least favorite. The man unwrapped and gave it a good suck or two before pulling it out of his mouth to speak to me.


“You must be very tired, to have your parents drag you all about?” The man asked, not expecting an answer. I figured he knew it already.


“My name is Auron, what’s yours?” Auron asked.


I never spoke, as I was simply to shy. And I just wanted to go home.


“It’s ok, I know your name, I’m just trying to be polite,” Auron soothed.


Auron reached into the pocket again, this time pulling out a strawberry suckerpop, my favorite.


“Would you like one?” Auron offered, extending the pop towards me.


I slowly reached for it, smiling at the man as I unwrapped the pop to lick it. I was still too shy to speak, but I felt a bit more comfortable.


“Our CEO is skeptical of you Nick,” Auron explained, licking his suckerpop as well, “You see, he isn’t sure you are worth spending resources on.”


I kept licking my pop, listening, but of course not fully understanding what he was talking about. To young I suppose, or just uninterested.


Auron could see he was losing my attention, and decided to wrap up the conversation.


“Nick…” Auron whispered.


I stopped licking my suckerpop and looked up at him. He had whispered my name so… ominously. It was strange almost.


“You are special Nick. No matter what happens to you, you must know that,” Auron gave me a cold look. He looked deep into my soul almost, or at least that’s how it felt.


He took his left hand and placed it upon my right cheek. His hands were cold as ice, and I froze in confusion.


“We all have a purpose, whether we accept it or not,” Auron stated, before removing his hand from my shoulder and standing upright again.


He went back into the conference room, and I’m not sure what exactly happened then, but it wasn’t good news for my father. My father stormed out of the conference room, grabbing ahold of my hand and hurrying us out of the building in a rage. My mother found us as we came around the corner, confused.


“Honey… ?” my mother couldn’t bear to hear the news.


“They will regret this…” my father threatened, “If they won’t help me, then to hell with them!”


And that was what broke the camel's back. The very next morning, my father was gone, and we never saw him again. Not until he reappeared in our lives last year at least, and we learnt that he had left to seek the cure to my virus. Only it isn’t a virus, it’s a gene disorder. I had learned that after Kaya had told me about her father. Her father Gary Morgan, who worked at GenetiCo. Ironic, yet I never put two and two together. No matter how many times I heard the name GenetiCo in my high school years, it never reminded me of that day. I was simply to distracted by other things. Or maybe, it was simply because I didn’t want to remember at the time. It was the reason my father had left us after all. Maybe I had locked it far within the confines of my mind. Oh well, I’d have to figure it all out the hard way.


*back to the present*


Now then, where were we? Ah yes, so second period had just ended, and Chloe was taking Kaya and I to third period. It was honestly the coolest experience to be sitting in the palm of my friends hand with someone that same size. And it had also just crossed my mind that I was officially one inch tall again. Chloe had probably forgotten about it considering the huge distraction with Kaya’s introduction, however I knew that the moment I got home I had to tell my father. If he knew that his formula had a chance to reverse the shrinking effects of victims with the gene disorder, he could perfect it and stop the disorder altogether! He could effectively end the ‘shrinking virus’.


Chloe approached the gym locker rooms. The right doorway was the women's, and the left was the mens. Tyler was in front of the men’s doorway, as he waited for arrival. Since Tyler and me had become closer friends, I convinced Principal Waters to allow him to supervise my locker room visits. I was pretty sure Chloe was excited to have her new locker room attendee.


“Hey guys, what’s up?” Tyler asked, just noticing the new girl in Chloe’s hands.


“Woah… she’s…” Tyler stuttered in astonishment.


“Tyler, I’d like you to meet our newest friend, Kaya Morgan!” I introduced.


“Hello Tyler! It’s wonderful to meet you!” Kaya exclaimed, more than pleased to meet any friend of mine.


“We will meet you guys inside the gym,” Chloe said, trying to rush us as the bell would ring soon and we were already running a few minutes late.


Tyler took from Chloe’s hand, and we separated into our designated locker rooms. I gave a final glance at Kaya as Chloe carried her off. Kaya was probably nervous about participating in gym, and I wasn’t sure if she had been in a gym class before. Miss Susan always had unique and crafty ideas on including me each day in class, and it was always fun. I’m sure Kaya would have a blast with us.


Tyler brought us to our locker, as he set me on the bench to undo the combination. The locker room was already empty, as all the students had apparently dressed and gone into class already. The bell would ring any second now. Finally Tyler opened up the lock and took out my tiny clothes and placed them in front of me. They were designed by miss Susan herself actually, last year. My own little gym clothes. I put on my white gym short and dark blue gym shorts followed by my black and white ‘Nikes’. Well, they weren’t really, just a fake pair that Susan had made for me or something. I finished putting my clothes on, as Tyler kept looking around the locker for something.


“What’s holding you up?” I asked.


“It’s my damn gym shoes, I must have worn them home the other day cause they aren’t here,” Tyler was quite irritated.


“I’m gonna go borrow a pair from the extras bin, do I need to take you with me?” He asked.


I looked around, and the locker room was clearly empty. I didn’t see the point in going with Tyler, I seemed pretty safe.


“Nah, just be quick. Ain’t no one around,” I assured.


Tyler nodded and left around the corner of the lockers to go grab a pair of extra sneakers. I walked to the edge of the bench and sat down, dangling my legs over the edge. The bell then  rang, and it was official that we were late to gym. Although Susan was the most lenient teacher I had, and she never seemed to care too much, as long as she knew I was safe in the end. She seemed to look out for me the most out of all the staff members. She had obviously found out what turmoil she put me through the day I snuck into her house for Kristin Karn. She felt bad of course, but she commended my bravery for finding the rape testimony and using it against Karn with Chloe’s help. She of course explained to me the troubling circumstances she faced in holding such evidence, and the fear of what could unravel if she had released it. But I had made the decision for her, and she seemed relieved with that result.


Susan has always been kind and delicate with me, and I knew she’d do the same with Kaya. It was nice to have a teacher that worked hard to look out for you, especially in a class with such… action. I dangled my feet back and forth, as I waited for Tyler to return. I began humming Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony to myself, as if practicing for the concert that would take place shortly after winter break. Despite before, I was rather excited. I was hoping to maybe invite Kaya to the concert, so she could watch me sing. I know it’s kind of indulgent, but Kaya really seemed to look up to me, and it’d be cool for her to see the first ever inch tall man take place in a full sized choir concert!


My thoughts had collided, as I heard a door close. Someone had entered the locker room. I quickly stood up, looking towards the locker room hall entrance, as a shadow became larger and larger as the figure appeared into the doorway. My whole body froze, and my eyes bulged. I couldn’t believe what I saw. It was Tessa Mongoya. She had quit her job and disappeared after the end of Kristin Karn’s rule. And I knew she was in cahoots with him one way or another, but I couldn’t be sure how exactly. But now she has returned, and stands before me. Her bright red hair had grown about foot since I last saw her a year ago, hanging right above her elbows. She had a tight dark purple halter dress on, and her size D breasts were very revealing. She had tightly laced black timberlands on, which didn’t exactly match her dress at all.


“Wha… What are you doing here!?” I demanded, certainly not pleased to see this traitorous witch.


She only narrowed her eyes at me, a scowl formed across her face. She began to hustle towards the bench I was on, her hand slowly extending outward as she prepped herself to snatch me. Was she trying to kidnap me!? I immediately started to walk backwards, as I did not intend to let this women take me. Thankfully, Tyler had just returned, a borrowed pair of sneakers on his feet. He hustled around the lockers, and when he saw Tessa coming towards me he immediately jumped in front of me.


“Woah! What are you doing!?” Tyler extended his arms to gain more space around me, shielding me from Tessa’s view.


“Out of my way you little shit!” Tessa grabbed Tyler’s shirt, staring into his eyes.


“NICK RUN!” Tyler shouted, as he quickly used his left arm to swipe his shirt off the bench and onto the ground. I assume he was trying to create a way for me to hop off safely. It wasn’t too high off the ground, but still dangerous without a cushion.


Tessa attempted to punch Tyler in the face, who dodged her fist and hustled behind her to put her in a headlock. I immediately sprinted off the bench, and fell into Tyler's shirt. I scurried my way out of the clothing and onto the tile floor. I ran a few more inches before looking behind me to check on Tyler. He was doing his best to hold Tessa in place, as she wriggled and resisted, trying to free herself.


“I SAID RUN!” Tyler screamed, trying to outlast Tessa in stamina.


No need to say it a third time. I immediately sprinted around the corner of the lockers, and bolted towards any exit I could find. Unfortunately there were only two, the entrance to the gym, and the exit leading back into the school hallway. The gym was my only option considering Tessa and Tyler blocked the other door. I began to sprint towards the gym entrance for what felt like an eternity. So much ground to cover, and though I could run very fast, it of course wasn’t as fast as a normal sized being. But just as I neared the gym entrance, an enormous black boot landed in front of me. I slipped and fell on my back from the enormous quake Tessa had caused.


“You’re coming with me you little twerp!” Tessa shouted, as she began to reach down to grab me.


“Go fuck yourself bitch!” I shouted in futility.


Just as she was about to grab me, Tyler had come to my rescue a second time. He grabbed her wrist right before she grabbed me, and immediately bended it in the opposite direction. The next thing I knew, Tessa began to stomp wildly around me as she and Tyler battled it out. Tyler had the physical advantage, and Tessa found herself in a difficult position. Her boot landed inches away from me several times as Tyler attempted to get her away from me. I decided the gym entrance was no longer a safe route, and I bolted in the other direction.


As I sprinted towards the exit to the school hallway, I could hear the struggles between Tessa and Tyler. After about a minute I had finally reached the exit door. It was raised about a half inch off the ground, so I could easily slide underneath. But before I did, I turned around to face Tyler and Tessa who were still struggling with one another. Tyler had tackled Tessa up against a set of lockers, where he managed a second choke hold and was attempting to choke her out. It seemed I may not have to run after all, it appeared Tyler was about to win the fight. Tessa began to claw the floor and kept attempting to scratch and kick Tyler, but he kept ahold of her with a tight grip as he continued to choke her out. Tessa’s resistance began to slow down, and it appeared for a brief moment that Tyler had won.


I wish he had, it would have saved me a lot of trouble. In a last ditch effort, Tessa used the remaining strength she had and lashed her head back so hard, that it broke Tyler's nose entirely. Immediately his grip loosened and Tessa broke free. She immediately took advantage of her victory and grabbed Tyler’s head, repeatedly bashing it into the lockers before finally incapacitating him. Tyler fell to the ground, motionless. Tessa stumbled around a few steps before falling on her knees. She was extremely disoriented after nearly being choked into a deep sleep. She then fell onto her hands as she tried to catch her breath. She then slowly raised her eyes, setting them directly on me.


Tyler had lost. I wasn’t safe anymore. Tessa would be on her feet again in no time, and I had to lose her for good. I immediately slid under the door and out into hallway.


“GET BACK HERE!” I heard Tessa scream as I exited the locker room.


I frantically ran down the hallway, which was just about empty with the exception of a few students walking around. It was well assumed during each class period that the famous one inch Nick Kemp was in class with his escort Chloe, kind of a safe net among the staff so that students could have a brief period of relaxation while not having to worry about each step they took. This meant that no one was expecting me in this hallway, and that meant I’d have to work overtime to get their attention.


Right then and there I tripped. I immediately fell into an enormous ocean of miscellaneous hairs, crumbs, pencil scraps, and all sorts of other gross mixtures. I had apparently tripped over a snapped in half pencil that was on the ground. I was so focused on running, I had forgotten to pay attention what I was running into. I was covered in sticky weird stuff, not sure exactly what it was. But it was causing a bunch of the hairs in the pile to stick to me as well, yuck.




I heard the locker room doors burst open. A few of the students turned to face Tessa who had just entered the hallway, and when she noticed she wasn’t alone she quickly composed herself and tried to look normal. The students obviously didn’t recognize her, as they returned to what they were doing. I was rather shocked, considering Tessa was the number one topic among all the boys last year when they discussed the thirty different ways they would fuck her.


Tessa began to quickly scan the hallway floor, obviously looking for me. I was obviously not going to escape her, so I had to be smarter than her. I quickly began to cover myself in the goopy sticky stuff in this enormous pile of crap I was in, and rolled around in the hairs to disguise myself. I then lied down flat on my back and stayed as still as possible to blend in with the pile of dirt, hair, and whatever else was in it. Tessa eventually reached the pile. I saw her face as she bent down to scan the pile closely. I began to sweat nervously, hoping my improvised disguise was enough to cover me from her sight. She looked intently all throughout the pile of dirt and hair and the mixture of sticky chewed up candy pieces and crumbs. She began to focus more and more, and I thought for sure I was about to be seen. But Tessa then quickly glanced up, and then immediately scurried off.


I felt relieved, my disguise had worked, but Tessa had ended up leaving the hallway entirely, as if she had given up. Why would she work so hard to get ahold of me and then give up so easily? The ground then shook, as an enormous figure loomed over me. I stared up at the enormous figure of Paige Martinez, who attended choir with me in seventh period. She was the girl who got the other solo for our upcoming choir concert, and had invited me over to practice with her anytime. I felt relieved, Tessa had gone, and a familiar face was directly above me. However as Paige looked down at me, I noticed her face was one of disgust.


“Ugh, what’s the point of volunteering if you aren’t even gonna put in the effort,” Paige mumbled, as she walked away briefly. I sat up and noticed she was walking towards a broom and dustpan that was set against the wall. I then remembered that Paige was a volunteer janitor assistant along with a few other students. Although Paige was probably the only one who put in any hard work. Paige picked up the broom and dustpan and began to walk towards the pile of crap some student had swept up, but left in the middle of the hall.


“I swear it’s like I do everything around here….” Paige complained.


It finally occurred to me that Paige obviously hadn’t seen me. I was completely covered in goop and hair after disguising myself from Tessa. I now know why Tessa had run off, because Paige used to attend one of her classes. Paige would have certainly recognized Tessa and that explains why Tessa bolted. She probably didn’t want anyone to know she was there. To bad her plan was foiled.


Although now I had an entirely different problem, as Paige set the dustpan on the ground and prepared to sweep the pile and me along with it.


“PAIGE” I shouted as loud as I could. I actually expected that she would hear me, considering she was fairly low to the ground as she bent down to sweep up the pile. But that’s when I noticed that she had her earbuds in, and she was probably blasting country music, her favorite genre. I couldn’t react fast enough to so much as wave a hand as Paige maneuvered the broom as it washed over me. An ocean wall of hair, dirt, crumbs, and all else engulfed me as it was forced into the dustpan. I found myself struggling to find even ground as I was violently thrust about. I landed on the dustpan and sunk into the pile. Paige finished sweeping up the pile and lifted the pan into the air with me in it. I was very disoriented with all the commotion that was going on, and couldn’t find my bearings. This was the first time since last year that I had been thrust into danger. And it was all because of Tessa Mongoya!


Without even a clue of the turmoil Paige was causing me, she walked up to the trashcan in the corner of the hall and dumped the remains of the pile into the garbage. I tumbled what felt like a hundred feet as I landed inside the trash. Hair, crumbs, and all sorts of garbage landed on top of me. Thankfully the trash was filled with mostly paper towels, and wrappers. Not much else. I didn’t land on anything too hard. Paige shook the dust pan a few times to make sure everything had fallen out, and then headed down the hall. Of course she didn’t see me, no one ever does! Not unless I’m at eye level with them in Chloe’s palm. And why was it always my luck that they were wearing headphones or some other huge distraction that prevented them from hearing me? Very frustrating!


I waded around the trash, trying to make my way to the wall of the can to grab hold of the trash bag. I was hoping I could use it to climb my way out. As I made my way to the edge, another shadow formed above me. I looked up to see a blonde girl with hazel eyes. She seemed pretty short for a normal sized person, but to me she was still enormous of course. She didn’t stick around long, as she simply came by to drop off a “gift” for me. She hovered her hand over the garbage can and dropped her used bloody tampon into the trash. It just so happens I was directly underneath it as it landed on top of me. It wasn’t overly heavy, but it still kinda hurt. And it was very disgusting. The blonde girl then walked off, obviously only having stopped by to dispose of her “amenity.”


I rolled the gross and bloody tampon off of me. It smelled odd, and was still wet. I was now slightly covered in some random girls period blood, yuck. Why did it have to be a trash can today? I think I’d rather be back in Sally’s mouth at this point! At least she had the courtesy to dry me off after our little exchange. I gained my bearings and attempted to stumble towards the wall of the garbage can again. The quicker I got myself out of here the better! However today was not my day. All of a sudden a pair of teens came out of nowhere. Two women, one seemed a freshman as the other seemed a senior. One had silky black hair, the other was a dirty blonde, or maybe a brunette, couldn’t tell really. The black haired girl looked like a freshman, I was sure of it. She was rather thin, almost too thin. The dirty blonde girl seemed old enough to be a senior, I was pretty sure of that as well. She was a bit more full figured, definitely triple the weight of the other girl, but I wouldn’t call her fat or anything.


The senior girl pinned her freshman lover up against the wall, which knocked the trash can aside a little bit. I fell backwards and landed onto the bloody tampon again, and I cursed them in vain for causing it to happen!


“Oh… Whitney Oh…” Moaned the freshman girl.


“Mmmmm, gimme some sugar darlin’,” Whitney, the senior it appears, then took her hand and began to fondle the freshman's breasts. They obviously had a thing for one another.


“Wait!” Said the freshman girl, grabbing Whitney the seniors hand, “Won’t they judge us!? I’m a freshman and you’re a senior after all…” the freshman said, in fear that their little escapades would be frowned upon.


“I will not live in fear Monique!” Whitney the senior said to her lover, “They can mock us all they want, be admit it, we are meant for each other!”


Monique the freshman looked deep into Whitney's eyes, and the next thing I knew they were making out so hardcore that it looked like they were trying to eat each other's faces off. Like seriously, what the fuck was going on?


I got myself off the tampon yet again, and tried to wipe the blood off of me by using the paper towels that were inside the trash. I managed to use a few corners that were clean enough to use, and I cleaned myself the best I could as Whitney and Monique over here practically fucked each other in the hallway.


“Hey you two! Get outta here!” Shouted a female voice.


Whitney and Monique shrieked in embarrassment, and immediately hurried off down the hall together.


“I swear some students just ask like total freaks when it comes to touching one another…” the voice mocked.


For yet a fourth time now, one more shadow loomed over me. I was surprised I hadn’t recognized her voice, but the moment I saw her face I knew her all to well. It was Abigail Lionheart, the now 18 year old senior and Kristin Karn’s ex girlfriend. I saw her here and there, but for the most part she just never seemed to be anywhere near me throughout the school year. One would think she was actively avoiding me. The enormous and gorgeous redhead had a pair of nail clippers in hand, and she began to clip her fingernails one by one. Next thing I knew her nail clippings were raining from the sky, and I had to lift one of the small wrappers over my head to avoid getting hit by them. I was actually kind of curious, I had known Abigail to be quite a prissy queen type character last year when I saw her, so for her to be clipping her nails so short was unlike her. She liked them long, and painted, and manicured. It was out of her character.


“Lionheart, what’s holding you up? You are up against Macy Mack next come on!” Said some other female voice, of which appeared to belong to an older women. Was probably one of the other coaches I imagined.


“I’m just clipping my nails a bit shorter, I don’t want to accidentally scratch someone else!” Abigail explained.


Scratch someone? What was she talking about? And what class was she in? And I heard the name Macy Mack, she was apart of my circle of friends, my ‘group’ as I call it. What did the female coach mean by she was ‘up against Macy’?


“Just bring the trash can with you, you can clip them in class! Come on!” The female coach insisted.


“Ok ok, I’m coming!” Abigail confirmed.


The next thing I knew Abigail had picked up the entire trash can. To me it was enormous cavern that surrounded me, but to Abigail was a  small bucket of plastic that went up to only her waist. She carried the trash can with her into the mat room where her class was being held, and me along with it.


Oops… How’d I end up here!?


*Meanwhile, back in gym class with Chloe and Kaya*


Of course it had been like ten minutes now, and I was nowhere to be found. Chloe and Kaya both were concerned, but Chloe especially began to freak out when Miss Susan was seen exiting the locker room with Tyler under her shoulder. Susan had gone to check on Tyler and me, to make sure everything was alright. And to her surprise she found Tyler bloody on the tile floor. She sat Tyler down on the gym floor, holding a tissue up to his broken and bloody nose.


Chloe quickly sprinted to Tyler, forgetting Kaya back on the gym floor she was so worried. Chloe inspected Tyler, making sure he wasn’t to badly injured.


“Where is Nick!” Chloe begged, as I was nowhere to be found.


Tyler looked up at her, a face of regret. Tyler felt that he failed his tiny friend, and couldn’t bring himself to tell Chloe what had happened.


“Chloe,” Susan began, as Chloe looked over at her, “Tyler told me that Tessa Mongoya is behind this.”


Chloe stood upright, and stepped back a few steps. She then turned around and balled up her fists.


“Did she… did she take him?” Chloe asked, her voice soft.


“I… I don’t know for sure, he was running away before… before she knocked me unconscious,” Tyler told her, “I didn’t see her grab him for sure.”


Kaya had by now walked up to Chloe’s bare foot. She was concerned and could tell something was wrong by Chloe’s expression. She tapped Chloe’s big toe to get her attention, and Chloe shifted her eyes over to Kaya as a tear began to form in her eye.


“What’s going on? Who is Tessa? What happened to Nick?” Kaya was generally confused, she had no idea just how many enemies Nick appeared to have.


“Oh Kaya… there is so much you don’t know.” Chloe said somberly.




Chapter 25 - Lessons From The Past by Frizzle


By the time Susan, Chloe and Kaya had all escorted Tyler to the nurse's office, the third period bell had long been rung. Chloe had been questioning Tyler off the rails as she desperately tried to get any details that he may have left out. Tyler answered all of her questions to the best of his ability. He had last seen Nick reach the locker room door, right before Tessa smashed his head into the lockers over and over again. He simply couldn’t know for sure if Tessa had gotten ahold of him or not. What they knew for sure, was that either Tessa Mongoya had kidnapped Nick, or Nick was somewhere inside the school fending for his life.


As Chloe, Tyler and Susan all talked amongst one another about what to do, Kaya merely sat on the nurse's desk, thinking about all of the details Chloe had filled her in on. Kaya had only known what she had seen on the news. She knew that Nick had exposed Kristin Karn and the raping. She also knew that he battled a falcon, as Kristin Karn and his gang prevented the bystanders from assisting him. But that’s all she really knew. She learned about the demented Zelena, who had disappeared after Karn’s arrest. She knew her sick fantasies, of which reminded her of Peyton at Karpar High. She learned a little about Tessa, and how she used to teach math at Eagle High before suddenly quitting her job after Karn was arrested. But why would Tessa come back? And why would she want Nick?


Kaya couldn’t be sure, she didn’t know me very well after all. We had only met as of recent. We were strangers, and Kaya had no idea the insane conspiracies that surrounded the school.


As Chloe and Susan wrapped up their conversation with Tyler, they entered the Nurse’s office to retrieve Kaya.


“So what’s going on?” Kaya asked, concerned for her new friend.


“We are going to go to Principal Ronald Waters office,” Chloe answered, “Maybe he can have school security scour the school for Nick.”


“If Nick is still here, then they will surely find him,” Susan added.


Chloe retrieved Kaya in the palm of her hand, giving an obvious terrified smile as she was most certainly concerned for her closest friend Nick. The last time he went missing she didn’t know what to do with herself. She simply got a random call from an unknown number, of which turned out to be Nick. You know the rest, but needless to say Chloe had no clue what Tessa’s motives were, and that made her all the more dangerous.


Chloe, with Kaya in her palm and Susan close behind, all headed out of the nurse’s office, leaving the nurse to attend to the battered Tyler. Tyler felt responsible, but it wasn’t his fault. He defended me with all of his will. Tessa simply took advantage of a weak moment. And just like this, the three all headed towards the main office where they would find Principal Waters. The three were hoping that he could help find their missing companion. But little did they know that I was safe and sound, or at least for the moment. I was very much still inside Eagle High, and I was on a little adventure of my own.


Before the bell rung, and while third period was still in session, let me go back to where I left off. Susan had just found Tyler crippled in the locker room, and Tyler had just revealed the incident that had happened. Now you know what happened in that interaction already, let's shift over back to me.


I had still been trapped in the trash can after I saw Abigail Lionheart, Karn’s ex girlfriend. She had been clipping her fingernails over the trash and raining her nail clippings upon me before her coach had instructed her to return to class to face some kind of opponent, of whom I heard the name Macy Mack. You already know this, so let me fast forward a little bit. Abigail had picked up the garbage, taking it with her into the mat room where her class appeared to be located. I was stumbling about inside unable to keep my footing as I bounced up and down with the rest of the trash. Eventually Abigail had set the can down and I finally sat up, quite dizzy from the commotion. Abigail then continued to clip her nails, now doing her other hand to finish. Once again more nail clippings landed on top of me. I once again grabbed a random wrapper and held it over my head to protect myself from the bombardment.


“Alright everybody, that was round one!” Shouted the female voice, of whom I assumed was Abigail’s coach, “Get ready for round two, pair up with your round two partners! Your combatants are on the board!”


Abigail had finished clipping her nails and set the clippers down on the nearby countertop. She then hustled off to somewhere, but I couldn’t see inside the trash can. Whatever this class was, the students seemed preoccupied, and I finally had a chance to get out of this shit hole. I finally headed towards the wall of the can once again. Thankfully, unlike some of the trash cans in this school, this one was equipped with a garbage bag. I finally reached the wall of the trash can and grabbed hold of the plastic. Without a way to use my legs to push myself up, I’d have to use all my upper body strength to hoist myself to the top. As I was climbing to freedom, I could hear the shouts and huffs coming from many of the students as they did whatever it was they were doing.


After several minutes of hearing the nonsense, and exhausting climb, I finally gripped the top edge of the trash can and hoisted myself out from the pit. The ledge was thin, maybe an inch in length like most trashcans, but it was perfect for someone my size to take a temporary rest upon. I lied on my back, staring at the ceiling as I caught my breathe.


“Hyuh! Ooff. Youch!??!” Screamed a girl in pain.


I looked over, and suddenly it all made sense. All the students were dressed in white robes, some had white belts, other green, some brown, and only one had a black belt. It seemed to be a female class, as I saw no signs of any boys. And they were all barefoot. It was obviously a karate class. I sat up, watching all the students as they fought one another's combatants. But I was looking at one student in particular, and that was Abigail Lionheart. She had the black belt. I was sincerely surprised, as Abigail was a cheerleader, not a karate master as far as I had known. It’s like Abigail had completely shifted her life in a completely different direction.


The girl that had screamed and shouted was Macy Mack, who was fighting against Abigail. She had just taken a foot to the rib cage as Abigail had struck thru her defenses. Macy of course fell straight on her ass, as her feet wobbled up into the air and she rocked backwards.


“Don’t put all your weight on one leg, you will lose your balance,” Abigail had instructed, as if she was teaching Macy the proper techniques.


“Easy for you to say! You karate master you!” Macy laughed, holding her side and giving it a rub to soothe the pain.


Abigail walked over to her and grabbed her hand, hoisting her back on her feet. The both did the karate bow thing, or whatever it was, and were prepping another skirmish. Abigail was clearly a pro, only I was in complete disbelief. This was not the Abigail I had known, certainly not. But as I pondered Abigail's secrets, I heard intense screaming to my right. I immediately shifted my vision to see an intense battle between two combatants. One, was a brown belt, though she may certainly be a black belt soon considering the moves I was witnessing. The poor yellow belt girl didn’t stand a chance, as the brown belt blocked a punch, and then proceeding to do a three hundred and sixty degree jump followed by a firm kick to the girls chest. The yellow belt flung backwards several feet, right towards me. Without any time to react the poor girl's ass fell right into the trash can I rested upon, and I of course fell off as a result.


“Ha! Pathetic, you need more practice,” mocked the brown belt, acting as tho she were the greatest karate master alive.


I had fallen onto the mat floor, hence why it was called the mat room. My landing was very soft, so soft that the impact didn’t hurt a bit. I suppose they were designed this way to protect the students who fell down, and thankfully it worked out in my favor. The poor yellow belt had fallen ass first into the trash can, and was wiggling herself free as the brown belt laughed at her with a pointed finger. The yellow belt paused for a moment, glaring at the bully a few feet away.


“Madison, that’s not cool!” Shouted the yellow belt.


“Suck it up Lacy, you snooze you lose!” Madison scoffed back.


Let’s pause for a second. Many new faces, many of which I hadn’t seen before. Lacy, who currently was stuck in the trash can A.K.A my previous prison, had golden blonde hair that appeared to be straightened. Her hair reached her shoulders just about. She was pretty slim I’d say, and her both her hands and toes were painted yellow, which I assume was to match her yellow belt. I mean come on, it couldn’t have been a coincidence! On the other side we had little miss Madison, who seemed to be a complete jack ass if you ask me. She had raven hair, of which was tied into a ponytail. She was extremely fit, and I could tell she was probably very tone under the robe. I wouldn’t be surprised if she had a six pack going on under those clothes. Her nails were not painted, and seemed a little rough on the edges. Probably a result of her hard karate training, and she probably worked out a lot too. She was beautiful I guess, but her sour personality overshadowed her beauty.


“Well, come on now! Try and take me down little girl!” Madison taunted, beckoning Lacy over with her hands.


“We are the same age you dumby….” Lacy mumbled under her breath, as she hoisted her butt out of the trash can.


It was right here that I realized I probably should have moved. When Lacy fell into to the trash can and knocked me off, I had fallen directly below her bare feet that were hovering over me. The shadow of her foot hovered over me like an eclipse, and if I wasn’t so distracted by their conversation I probably could’ve avoided the next several minutes of pain and agony. I immediately fell to the ground and braced myself for impact. In a moments notice her foot landed upon me, and the earth shook beneath her feet. Or at least for me they did. Whether or not she could have crushed me in that moment will remain a mystery, for now at least. Her toes were what had landed on me, and I had gotten squished beneath her two middle toes. I wiggled about, trying to free myself, and also hoping the gorgeous blonde would notice me, but alas she didn’t. She was focused on something else, quite focused actually. Lacy immediately began to speed walk towards Madison, who she intended to defeat this time. Little did she know she had an unwilling passenger, me.


It was very hard to breathe and the world spun in circles with every step Lacy took. It was like someone took a bean bag chair and was beating me upside the head with it over and over again. Lacy had re entered the circle with Madison and began to fight her in a second round. Madison and Lacy began to engage each other, throwing out attacks and blocking others. I couldn’t really see what was going on though as Lacy continued to shift her foot here, there, and everywhere. My face repeatedly smacked one toe, then the other, back and forth constantly as Lacy shifted all about. I honestly would have vomited several times, but thankfully I had an empty stomach.


The fight began to become a bit more aggressive, as Lacy began to throw out some karate kicks in Madison’s direction. I was hoisted in the air, almost as if I was on a roller coaster. I was flung left and right as Lacy threw out all the moves she knew to take down her nemesis. Madison dodged them all however, and finally Lacy let out one last attempt to knock Madison to the ground. Lacy attempted the same move that had previously knocked her down. She did a three hundred and sixty degree maneuver, bring her foot around to swipe Madison directly in the face. Time slowed as my whole body began to shake from the extreme winds that were blowing past me as Lacy swung her foot around like a fucking rocket. With one quick move, Madison lifted her hand and grabbed Lacy’s ankle just inches from her cheek. Madison was simply too good for Lacy to defeat.


I was so dizzy that everything became blurry. It was an interesting ride that was for sure. Lacy tried to keep her balance as Madison kept hold of her ankle, forcing Lacy to remain on one foot.


“Let go!” Lacy demanded.


Madison laughed in victory, “Did you think you could beat me with my own moves?” Madison mocked, “you have a lot to learn missy!”


As if to taunt Lacy further, Madison then began to lick Lacy’s foot from heel to toe. Her wet enormous tongue came closer and close to me, before the tip of her tongue slipped between Lacy’s toes. Madison’s tongue slid under me, lifting me out of Lacy’s toes and extending me into Madison’s mouth.


“GROSS! WHAT THE FUCK MADISON!?” Lacy shouted in disgust.


Madison realized that something was now in her mouth, and felt grossed out thinking she had licked up some of Lacy’s toe lint or something. An enormous wave of saliva then washed over my body, and I began to drown in Madison’s saliva as she forced her spit out of her mouth. Next thing I knew she had spit a wad of saliva, me included, directly onto the floor mats.


“Yuck, clean your feet Lacy! Damn…” Madison said, rubbing the taste off of her tongue.


“Your fault for licking my FEET YOU FREAK!” Lacy shouted back in defense.


The fall was a bit higher this time, but the mats cushioned my fall again, and it wasn’t too painful. I was rather exhausted, and I began to contemplate if I should have just let Tessa kidnap me. Could have saved myself a lot of trouble! Madison looked down at the puddle of saliva that now formed on the mats. She saw me wriggling about as I tried to get on my feet.


“Eww! There was  bug between your toes!” Madison shouted, grossed out by the thought of licking up a bug from Lacy’s toes. She began to regret the taunting action.


Madison bent over a little bit to get a closer look at the saliva coated bug, before realizing it wasn’t a bug at all. I turned my head up at her, to see her eyes widen a bit after realizing it was the tiny student. Then a grin formed across her face, and I knew that meant nothing good.


“Well, you know what I do with bugs don’t you Lacy?” Madison staged, knowing full well that I was no bug at all.


Madison shifted her foot over my tiny body, and began to apply pressure. Between Madison’s spit and the odor of her stinky an enormous foot, it was unbearable to say the least. Thankfully the cushioned mats sank around me, and Madison wasn’t doing any real damage to me, yet. But nonetheless I wanted this nightmare to end. Madison then raised her foot up into the air, directly over my body as if to taunt me.


“Wha… what?” Lacy asked, curious what Madison was talking about.


“I crush them…” Madison said menacingly.


She then descended her foot as quick as the eye could see. I thought for sure she was going to end my life, and I couldn’t help but ask why. I saw that grin, and I knew she had to of known that I wasn’t no bug. I obviously didn’t look like a bug! And I’d never been mistaken for a bug before in my life. So why was Madison doing this to me?


But right as Madison’s stinky bare sole landed upon me, a hand was seen intercepting it’s path. Madison’s foot stopped merely inches above my body, as the hand held her foot from going down any further. Madison kicked her foot backwards, releasing it from Abigail’s hand.


“What the fuck bitch!” Madison shouted, glaring at Abigail.


“That’s not a bug you dimwit, that’s Nick Kemp,” Abigail revealed, as the class began to ooooo and ahhhhh at the sight of the famous one inch tall boy.


“Oh yeah? Looks like a bug to me,” Madison taunted, stepping up to Abigail.


Madison's feet ended up on both sides of me as she began to square up the redhead that had saved me. Madison was about a foot taller than Abigail, but Abigail didn’t seem to be afraid of her.


“You are heartless, and unnecessarily cruel,” Abigail exclaimed, staring into Madison’s eyes without waver.


“What are you gonna do about that?” Madison taunted, “You think that belt means shit? I’ll whoop your little tight ass any day missy.”


The two exchanged a lock stare.


“Try and touch him, it won’t end well for you,” Abigail threatened, certainly not about to let Madison harm me. I was relieved, but surprised that Abigail of all people had come to my defense.


Madison grinned, “Oh yeah?”


A pause ensued, as Madison studied Abigail’s expression, as if to try and test her. With one swift motion, Madison immediately shifted her foot to land upon me. Yet again her foot was inches away from crashing down on me, and I braced myself for it, but Abigail had reacted quicker than Madison could have ever imagined. Abigail immediately put her leg forward, blocking Madison’s foot, and then swiftly jabbed her knuckles into Madison’s throat. Madison immediately began gasping for air as Abigail had nearly crushed her trachea. Madison fell to her knees as she tried to breathe again. Lacy could  be seen smirking, feeling as if justice had been served.


“Y… You BITCH!” Madison shouted after regaining her breathe.


She lept up, ready to attack Abigail who had out maneuvered her, but their coach had intervened finally.


“ENOUGH!” shouted the female coach, “What is going on here!?”


She then noticed me on the ground, still covered in Madison’s spit. After a short explanation, I was able to explain that I had ended up here by accident. Madison wasn’t too happy to let me go, but with the coach and Abigail in her way, she had no choice, thank god. Hope I never saw the bitch again. Abigail had told her coach that she would return me to the proper class once the period was over, and the coach agreed it was a good idea. Abigail had took me over to the counter, where her nail clippers and a hair brush were placed. She set me down, and I could see Macy a few feet behind her trying to get a glimpse at me. We met eye contact, and I could tell she was curious as to why I was here. I simply smile and waved at her.


“Where is Chloe at?” Macy asked me, as she walked up next to Abigail who was coursing her fingers through her hair.


“I’d assume gym with miss Susan,” I answered, wondering if Tyler had been discovered yet. Someone had to find out what happened sooner or later.


“You told us that you got separate from Tyler, and then got swept up with the trash,” Abigail said, repeating what I had explained to her coach, “How did you get separated from Tyler?”


Thought I was honest, and told them what happened, I did leave out one minor detail. Tessa Mongoya. If I told them that someone was trying to kidnap me, they would lock the school down and attempt to hunt her down. But I knew Tessa was most likely off school property already, and I didn’t want to waste time with something that wouldn’t pan out. Right now I needed to get back to Chloe, and explain what happened so we can figure out the best way to approach the situation. I needed to know why Tessa came after me, and the best way to do that was without staff interference.


“Uh… I fell off the bench and… uh… just got lost in the forest of shoes from all the other boys,” I lied, and not very well either.


Abigail raised an eyebrow, looking me up and down as if I was riddled with poor excuses. It’d have to be fine, cause I couldn’t tell her what was truly going on. But eventually the bell rang, and Abigail had come over to retrieve her new companion, at least until she handed me back to the proper hands. Abigail plucked me up from the counter, and steadily placed me on her shoulder.


“Woa… what are you?” I was confused, and grabbed hold of her hair to keep my balance.


“I need both of my hands to change, so you are gonna have to stay there for now,” Abigail said.


“What?” I was confused, and began to blush.


“I’m in my robes Nick… I can’t go to my next class dressed like this,” Abigail stated, sighing heavily. She didn’t seem to pleased to be my temporary escort.


Abigail followed Macy as the two headed out of the mat room, and towards the girls locker room entrance. But before Abigail entered, she apparently had thought of something last minute, because next thing I knew she had grabbed a hold of me again between her fingers.


“On second thought, I don’t think the girls would like a guy watching them dress, you’d better hide in here until I get out of here,” Abigail said, as she then pushed me between her breasts. Her bra seemed like a tight fit, as her cleavage was pressed together firmly.


I had no chance of protest, as I was encased between her boobs. All I could see was the fleshy walls as Abigail then entered the locker room. I felt a ton of commotion as she was obviously dressing. Macy could be heard giggling, probably because she knew where I was at the moment. Abigails boobs were a bit sweaty, probably due to her karate class and how active she appeared to be skirmishing the other students. I simply sat patiently, unable to move too much. I was praying to God that Macy wouldn’t tell Bridgette about this, the last thing I needed was her giving me a hard time about being in between yet ANOTHER girls breasts. She had already given Chloe the strange look when she had forced me inside her bra, I couldn’t see her forgiving a second offense.


After what felt like forever, a familiar set of fingers grabbed ahold of my jacket and pulled me from between the tight cleavage. Abigail then brought me up directly in front of her eyes, as she stared at me, examining me. We were in the commons, and it appeared that first lunch had began. First lunch took place after third period, and second lunch took place after fourth period. I had second lunch with Chloe and Kaya, which means they were probably in history class right about now. The one thing Mr. Rockwell would always teach us, was that there were lessons to be learned from our past. He was our history teacher, and boy was he an interesting fellow. He really loved teaching history. But the thing he always stressed was how the past has a way of repeating itself, and that it was a result of mankind not learning from their mistakes. I thought of this, because it rang true for me on many levels. How many situations have I made poor decisions that resulted in extreme disasters? Bridgette’s party last year for instance, or the time I hid in the mashed potatoes to escape Zelena, which led to being frozen in the fridge and nearly eaten alive by my sister Lucy? Time and time again my poor decisions caused me grief, and yet again I haven’t seemed to learn from any of them considering what has happened in the last hour!


Instead of trying to scream for Paige’s attention in the sweeping pile, I should’ve focused on running out of it. Maybe then I could have avoided this whole mess. Lessons from the past? Yeah, I’ve had plenty of them, and I don’t seem to learn.


“I know you are lying to me,” Abigail said, still holding me in front of her eyes.


I was confused, “What are you talking about?”


“Do you think I’m an idiot?” Abigail spat, “You are telling me that Tyler, the guy that would die to protect you, became an imbecile overnight and lost you in the locker rooms?”


I opened my mouth to defend myself, but nothing came out of my mouth. She was right, and she clearly knew Tyler well.


“You don’t have to tell me anything, but don’t lie to me,” Abigail warned.


She placed me on her shoulder yet again, and I grabbed her hair to keep my balance. She began to walk through commons, heading towards the food line.


“Where are we going?” I asked, confused.


“It’s lunch, we are getting food, duh?” Abigail responded with sarcasm.


She may be different, but it was nice to know her rhetoric hadn’t faded.


“I’m hungry, I promise I’ll take you to your friend Chloe afterwards ok?” Abigail promised.


I didn’t respond, didn’t need to really. Even though Abigail and me had our differences last year, she seems like a better person now. Maybe without Kristin Karn’s influence, she has had time to rethink herself? I wasn’t sure.


Abigail had grabbed the macaroni and cheese tray, and found an empty small table in the far corner of the commons. She set her tray down and placed me on the clean side of her tray. She then sat down and picked up her spoon, as she began to spoon macaroni down her gullet. It was like she wasn’t even chewing, she simply gulped it down like it was water. I took a few steps back as I saw the enormous bulges of macaroni slide down her throat. It reminded me of the way Ashley’s friend had eaten that one night, when she mistakenly swallowed me alive before Ashley’s eyes. Abigail paused, as she looked down at me, seeing my hesitance to near the macaroni.


“Well? Are you hungry or not?” Abigail asked, curious as to why I wasn’t digging in.


“I… I’m not hungry don’t sweat it,” I responded nervously, trying to shove it off as nothing.


Abigail rolled her eyes, “Cool it, I ain’t gonna accidentally gobble yuh or some stupid shit,” Abigail assured me, “I ain’t some dim witted cunt that can’t pay attention ok?”


I nodded, a little relieved to hear that Abigail had known my fears without me having to express them. I neared the edge of the macaroni pile and grabbed one. During my normal lunch with Chloe, the chef on staff would always have a special plate designed for me. But since this was first lunch, I had no choice but to eat this enormous macaroni. Abigail continued to dig into her food, and in minutes had gulped it all down into her belly. She sat back in her chair and lifted her shirt a bit as she began to rub her stomach, clearly full. She let out a small moan of satisfaction, before sitting upright again and placing her elbows on the table.


“So, I heard there is a new girl, someone quite similar to your size?” Abigail questioned, curious to know if the rumor was true.


“Yup, her name is Kaya,” I answered, just finishing my piece of the macaroni.


“So now there's two of you, interesting,” Abigail pondered, “Has she ended up in as many situations as you have? Or has she been lucky?”


I assumed she referring to the incident with Madison and the trash can adventure, “Lucky for the most part, but there was one incident at her last school,” I answered.


Abigail raised her brows, “What kind of incident?”


“Some crazy classmate tried to eat her alive at some party,” I explained, “apparently had the giantess and vore fetish or something.”


Abigail seemed curious, “Giantess fetish? Vore? What is all that nonsense?”


“Apparently the fetish revolves around the domination of tiny people, and vore is the fetish of eating said people,” I explained, shivering as I did so.


“So you are telling me this bitch got off to trying to eat the poor little gal?” Abigail seemed shocked. Obviously the vore fetish was repulsive to her.


I nodded.


“Wait… Kristin’s sister…” Abigail started, “I remember, she had the same fetish I think! I don’t know her that well, but I overheard a conversation or two last year.”


“Yup, she does! The bitch tried to eat me one time,” I laughed.


“What! How’d you get away!?” Abigail was in shock from the news.


“Believe it or not, I outran her! Should’ve seen the way she stumbled after me haha!” Abigail laughed with me, as we imagined Zelena skittering across the floor to catch me.


I told her about Bridgette’s party, the morning at Susan’s house, and how Kristin Karn had left me in the woods to die. Abigail was nothing like she used to be. She listened wholeheartedly to my story with awe. She was intrigued to learn about this unusual giantess fetish that some people appeared to have, and I told her my suspicions that Chloe herself might have the fetish! I told her how Chloe would always tease me under feet, and exchanged many more stories with her about Bridgette. Abigail listened with open ears the whole time, and she made it so easy to talk with her. I told her things I’d never even think of telling anyone. I actually began to think that Abigail and me could make great friends.


“Man, I must say Nick, it seems you have endured a lot in your lifetime,” Abigail said in amazement.


“Yeah…” I answered.


We both paused, and a short silence ensued. Then my curiosity had peaked.


“Why haven’t I seen you most of this school year?” I asked her.


“What?” Abigail wasn’t sure how to answer the question.


“I’ve realized I never see you that much, just a glimpse here and there. What happened to you?” I needed to know, I had to know why Abigail has become such a different person.


“Nick… I felt very responsible,” Abigail admitted, “After Kristin tried to have Chloe killed, and nearly had you killed as well, I felt so responsible for all of it…”


“It wasn’t your fault Abigail,” I tried to reassure her.


“You are wrong,” Abigail responded, “There is a lot you do not know Nick.”


“Then tell me!” I begged, unsure of why Abigail had suddenly become so secretive.


The lunch bell rang, indicating that lunch was over. It was time to go.


“I’m trying to be a better person,” Abigail suddenly explained, “I have avoided you, because I wanted your life at Eagle High to remain calm and positive, and I didn’t want to be around to remind you of all the insane shit that you went through last year.”


I was surprised at her tenderness. I walked up to hand on the table, and placed my hand upon hers.


“Abigail, for what it’s worth, I totally misread you,” I admitted, as I looked down in shame. Here I was judging her for her past, confused as to why she could be such a great person all of a sudden, and here she is holding the blame of Kristin Karn’s baggage over her shoulder


“I’m glad to see how amazing you are doing, and I must admit, you kick ass at karate,” I laughed, trying to lighten the mood.


Abigail smiled, “Madison has always been a bitch. But Nick, I’d avoid her,” Abigail warned me, “I can totally believe that Madison sees you as nothing more than a bug, and the next time you come between her feet and the ground, don’t be surprised if you end up a bloody stain under her soles.”


I shuddered at the thought, but after seeing Madison up close and personal, and the way she handled me, I had every reason to believe Abigail.


“Well, let’s get you back into the hands of Chloe,” Abigail said, as she picked me up again to place me on her shoulder, “She’s out of history now, so we will meet up with her in the hallway.”


Abigail began to pack up her belongings, as I held on to her hair to keep my balance. It felt good to know that soon I’d be in Chloe’s hands again. I wondered if I would have the displeasure of coming across Madison again, hopefully not. I had bigger fish to fry than some bitchy senior with an attitude. At this point, I was certain that coach Susan and Tyler had already made it known to the principal of my unknown whereabouts. I didn’t want the staff to get involved, but I figured Tyler would probably tell them everything. In that case, it was probably best I went to the principal's office to explain my situation. In the past, I have made decisions to keep information from family and friends, and it had ended up getting me in deep trouble. Deathly trouble. I decided to finally learn the first lesson in my life. I had to tell the staff what was going on. With all the staff aware of Tessa’s attempt to kidnap me, it would make it that much harder for her to get to me without being spotted. Everyone would be on alert, and it would give me more time to figure out what to do about my situation. One lesson from my past learnt, many more to go.


“Abigail, I think I’d better get to Principal Water’s instead,” I suggested, as Abigail began to turn around and change course, “There’s something I need to tell him.”


Abigail nodded and began to head to the principal's office instead. I was really hoping that divulging all the information I had would help my cause. That’s right, I was not only going to tell Principal Water’s about Tessa, but I was going to tell him all of what me and Tyler had been up too. It was time to get a more experienced set of eyes on my situation. Me and Tyler were merely students, and I was hoping an adult could give me better insight.


If not? Then I’d have told him everything at the cost of being kept as close to the staff as possible, and as long as there was a sliver of a chance of figuring out what was going on, it was the best move I could think of.




Chapter 26 - The Truth by Frizzle


“I must say, this is a lot to process my boy,” Principal Water’s contemplated what I had just divulged to him.


Everything, I told him just about everything. Abigail had entered the principal’s office, and Chloe, Kaya and Susan were already there. I’d foolishly thought that Chloe and Kaya would have been in fourth period already, but of course they weren’t. They had been here, working with Water’s to figure out what had happened to me. Susan had already appointed a substitute teacher to take over her own fourth period class, until the issue could be resolved. And the issue of my disappearance had indeed come to a resolution. Abigail saved me from the cruel karate master wannabe Madison. And after we opened up to one another in a way we hadn’t expected, I learned Abigail may not have been the evil cheerleader I had originally made her out to be.


Nonetheless, everybody was very happy to see me in one piece, and not in the clutches of our mad ex math teacher. I had told Principal Water’s that I had suspected Tessa to be in cahoots with Kristin Karn since last year, even more so when she vanished after his arrest. Ronald Water’s seemed to agree how suspicious it had been, but he couldn’t grasp the idea that his former colleague would end up attempting a kidnapping within his own school. He and Tessa had worked together for almost four years, but of course she had only attended this school for Kristin Karn. I couldn’t exactly prove that yet, but I knew it to be true. He was quite concerned as well to hear that about me and Tyler’s little undercover investigation. I told him how we had accessed private school files, to try and connect any staff members and students that could possibly give us any information on how Karn was able to get such a drastic power play in Eagle High. Of course we also told him that nothing panned out with our research.


Finally, I had told him about the letter, which seemed to involve me directly. The date stamped on the letter was not to long before I had been enrolled at Eagle High. And it proved that there was a greater force pulling strings from the shadows above. The only question remained, what did the initials ‘A.K.’ stand for, and what was the mystery man or woman's agenda?


“This letter you speak of,” Principal Waters held his fingers over his chin, “where is it?”


“Tyler should have it,” I answered, knowing that Tyler would have the letter in his binder.


Ronald Water’s nodded, before pressing the button next to his comm, “Miss Aldermile can you please send for Tyler Mock from the nurse's office?”


Chloe had been rather quiet. She was sitting on a chair in the corner of Water’s office, Kaya placed in her lap. Kaya seemed to be thinking about a great many things, of which I did not know. Susan was pacing back and forth, showing signs of stress. She then flipped around, and walked up to Water’s desk.


“This is a crisis sir,” Susan expressed, “We should have security be at Nick’s side twenty-four/seven!”


Chloe could be heard sighing, as Water’s grabbed a tissue from his tissue box to wipe his forehead, which had been sweating heavily. He was obviously in an impossible situation. On the one hand, he had a attempted kidnapper on the loose, and on the other, he had a possible mole within the school doing who knows what. And to top it all off, the student is only an inch tall and couldn’t possibly protect himself.


“You are right Miss Simmons, would you mind going to grab him for me?” Water’s asked, as Susan immediately headed out of his office to go retrieve the security officer stationed at Eagle High.


“As for the rest of you,” Water’s sat upright, “Until this can be resolved indefinitely, you and Kaya must remain in Chloe’s hands at all times.”


He pointed to me specifically however, obviously concerned for my well being.


“And under no circumstances are you too continue your little investigation, it’s dangerous and I am not entirely sure what is going on,” Water’s concluded.


Chloe stood up, taking Kaya back into her palm. She walked up to Abigail to retrieve me, but Abigail hesitated.


“Mr. Water’s, if I may,” Abigail began, “Wouldn’t it be obvious to whoever may be after Nick, that he would most certainly be with Chloe?”


Water’s furrowed his brow in curiosity, as Chloe set her free hand on her hip, as if she knew what came next would offend her.


“I mean, certainly it would be safer for Nick to be with someone that Tessa wouldn’t suspect right?”


“That… that does make sense miss Lionheart,” Water’s confirmed.


“WHAT!?” Chloe was infuriated, “There is NOOOO way I’m leaving Nick with HER!”


Abigail dropped her jaw, “Oh yeah!? Well YOU were the one who lost him to begin with!!”


“WHAT! He wasn’t even WITH me when he went missing!”Chloe snapped back.


Abigail flipped her hair, rolling her eyes, “exACTLY,” she hissed.


“Why you little SLUT!” Chloe stepped forward ready to rip Abigail’s hair.


Kaya stumbled in Chloe’s palm, as the intensity of Chloe’s anger flowed thru her. Principal Water’s tilted his head back in exhaustion, not equipped to handle the bickering before him. He never was good with confrontations such as this. Abigail and Chloe were now up in each others faces as they insulted one another back and forth. For a moment I was confused. Abigail saved Chloe’s life last year when Bucky attempted to murder her, and it seemed that Chloe and her had built some kind of ‘pact’ afterwards. They never did get along, if gym class was any proof of that. Remember the soccer game? Abigail kicked a ball in Chloe’s face? Yeah, so obviously they weren’t even CLOSE to friends. But after the dead silence from Abigail throughout this entire year, it struck me odd as to why she seemed so interested in being appointed as my new escort in place of Chloe.


In fact, it began to gnaw at me. Why? Sure, I stumbled into her karate class, and she saves me from the stinky soles of doom belonging to her rival Madison. Whatever, then she begrudgingly takes me with her to lunch, to hungry to care about delivering me anywhere in that moment. Which seemed normal to me. But then we started talking more, and we got personal. Now I suddenly think she is not the person I thought she was, and then she suddenly wants to be my new escort? It made no sense. In fact, thinking it out in my mind made me realize what utter nonsense it was. How could she go all these months avoiding me to the fullest extent, and then whiplash into this sudden angel guardian that is intent on protecting me? The answer was she wouldn’t, because that simply wasn’t Abigail. And suddenly I realized that Abigail was right, there WAS a lot about her I wasn’t aware of.


“ENNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOUUUUUUUUGGGGGHHHHHHH!” I shouted so loud the entire room went silent. Chloe actually jumped in a bit of a fright and the abnormal volume I reached. Abigail backed down as well, looking down at me in confusion.


“Chloe, Abigail has a point,” I stated, giving a private wink aimed at Chloe, as I made sure Abigail didn’t see it.


The twinkle in Chloe’s eye let me know she understood, “Mr. Water’s, maybe if you had Abigail just attend my classes with me till the end of school today, then Chloe can take me home for winter break and my family can keep me safe until we figure out more?” I suggested.


Abigail and Chloe both eyed each other. Kaya had decided to sit down on Chloe’s palm, as she was overwhelmed by all that was going on.


“That way both parties are happy?” I said, choosing my words carefully to manipulate the principal’s decision.


Mr. Water’s seemed relieved that the bickering had stopped, and place his hand on his chin once more to contemplate my suggestion. He certainly didn’t want these two arguing again, so he nodded in agreement.


“Brilliant idea Mr. Kemp, but if these two so much as cause a speck of disturbance in any of your classes, these two will have a week of detention, and your escort will be me I so solemnly promise!”


I nodded, and glared at Chloe to do the same. Abigail and Chloe  both let out a sigh, before nodding in agreement.


What I had just done, was all part of a plan. With Chloe to keep an eye on Abigail, I could use the time I was now going to spend with her to try and uncover anything she may be hiding. She obviously was hiding something, her sudden character change made it so damn obvious.


The office door opened, as Susan, Tyler and the security officer entered the room. Tyler seemed better now that he had been properly treated, and he looked so relieved when he saw that I was in one peace. Then another entered the office, it was Lucy my sister. She had apparently been made known of my situation, because she immediately swiped me from Abigail’s hand and held me close to her chest.


“OH THANK GOD!” Lucy shouted, “I heard what happened, I’m so glad you are safe!”


“I’m fine I’m fine,” I insisted, a bit uncomfortable with the way Lucy was handling me. Though I was her brother, and I understood how worried she must have been to hear the news. Although now it was certain my mother would hear of this, which meant more grief when I went home.


Principal Water’s cleared his throat, getting the attention of everyone in the room, “Now that we have a party going on in here, may I please have a look at this letter of yours Tyler?”


Tyler pulled the binder out of his backpack, and retrieved the letter from inside. He then handed it over to Principal Water’s who read it aloud.


“It has been confirmed that our person of interest will be attending Eagle High this upcoming year, and I have several reports that there is evidence of tampering with paperwork in efforts to deny enrollment. Let me make myself clear, you will do whatever means necessary to ensure that denial is not an option. I look forward to hearing about your success. Signed A.K.”


“By golly… I’ll be damned,” Water’s was speechless, as if reading the letter himself made the situation even more ominous.


“Hey, I recognize those initials!” Lucy pointed at the letter, her eyes intent on the initials typed out on the bottom of the letter.


“What? How could you possibly know whose initials those are!?” Susan pitched in, baffled at Lucy’s claim.


“Well… I don’t know WHO it is, but I’ve seen the initials on an envelope before!” Lucy assured, not wanting to be branded a liar.


“Where,” I asked, “Where did you see the initials?”


“My eighth grade graduation ceremony,” Lucy exclaimed, “I saw some man deliver a letter to the head of the board of directors and those initials were written on the envelope! I swear it!”


Water’s held his hand to his mouth, unable to comprehend what Lucy had just said. Lucy didn’t know who the board of directors son was, she didn’t even know her name. Her name was Regina Karn, Kristin Karn’s mother.


“You just happened to see the HEAD of the board of directors at your middle school graduation?” Abigail scoffed in disbelief, “Do you even know who she is?”


Lucy pouted, “Well not really, but it’s true I swear! All the of the board was there, she even gave a nice speech about what high school would be like! But after everyone got up to leave once it was all over, I glanced over and saw her receive a letter with THOSE initials, I promise it’s the truth!”


Abigail rolled her eyes again, not about to believe anything Lucy was saying, “So you just happen to remember the most OBLIVIOUS letter delivery from A YEAR ago, that just HAPPENS to be my ex boyfriend's MOTHER!?”


Lucy began to shed a tear, and didn’t speak a word back.


“Miss Lionheart, please!” Water’s insisted, trying to de escalate tensions.


Everyone pitched in their opinions, and as they did I simply contemplated the idea. If Lucy was telling the truth, which I was inclined to believe she was, then Regina could give insight into who A.K. is. My only problem, was would she be willing too talk to the student who put her son in jail?


“Enough,” I said, which surprisingly enough was all I needed to say to shut everyone up.


“Lucy hasn’t lied once in her life, and she isn’t lying now,” I said, “Principal Water’s, what would it take to talk to the head of the board?”


*One hour later, in Regina Karn’s office across town*


If there was but a single word to describe Regina, it would be unforgiving. Years of endurance in an abusive relationship left the women crumbled into a million pieces. Until the day she decided to rebuild her life. Every day however, she would sit in her office, staring at the meaningless quarrels from the various schools she was in charge of, and contemplate her life. Made a widow by her own son, beaten by her ex and now dead husband. And now she tasks the responsibilities of an entire district of schools. And now her only son was in prison, for doing what he did best. Causing a damned outroar. She did the best she could to sweep his misdoings under the rug, but even she knew that shouldn’t have been enough.


Regina had shuffled thru the pile of paperwork, until finding a document entailing the mistreatment of a middle school girl. Apparently a parent had taken issue with a sexual harassment claim from the girl, and the school dismissed her allegations. According to the sixth grader, a freshman student was to blame for the assault, violating her behind the bleachers on the football field at her school. Regina scowled in disgust, at the thought of this poor child being violated. But as the school had said, there was simply no proof. And the girl tested negative in the rape kit. So was the girl lying? No one would ever know.


Regina crumpled the document up and tossed it behind her. Reading the page had reminded her of her own son once more. He was in prison for attempted murder, and a raping of his own. She knew her son had become a soulless void the day her husband was murdered; but she never believed he could become such a monster. She was questioned for hours by the police, who were determined to learn if she had anything to do with how Kristin Karn avoided justice for so long. Thankfully for her, they found nothing. She had indeed covered up a few of his actions, but she never realized that meant covering up a rape she hadn’t even known about. It made her feel sick to her stomach.


*Knock Knock*


Regina startled, as the sudden knocking forced her out of her train of thought. “Come in!” Regina permitted.


The door opened, and a desk clerk entered the room, “Misses Karn, Principal Water’s is here too see you.”


Regina tilted her head in confusion, “And he isn’t at Eagle High watching over his students why?”


Principal Water’s then showed up behind the clerk, giving Regina a concerned glare. He then bowed his head down a little, as if to secretly tell Regina something without the clerks knowledge.


“Give us the room please,” Regina ordered, the clerk nodding and letting Water’s in the room before leaving the two to their privacy.


Mr Water’s sat down in one of the guest chairs, crossing his legs, “We have a situation Regina.”


Regina put her hands together in a fist and set them on the desk as she leaned in closer, “And what might that be?”


Principal Water’s reached into his suit pocket, pulling out the letter that me and Tyler had shown him from earlier. He then opened it up and placed it on Regina’s desk.


“About an hour ago, I just wrapped up a concerning conversation with the students famed Nick Kemp,” Water’s revealed, “And his sister had a very interesting connection to make when she saw the initials on that letter.”


Regina slowly lifted the letter up, reading it with the utmost concern. She knew exactly who the letter was referencing, it was clearly a letter about the one inch student. And at the bottom she saw the familiar initials.


“Who is A.K.” Water’s demanded to know, “And why does a freshman girl remember you receiving a letter last year with the same initials?”


Regina worked around the question, “Where did this letter come from?”


“According to Nick and his friend, it was secretly printed in the tech room with a backup fax machine,” Water’s answered.


“So are you telling me that there is somebody in your school that is secretly plotting a ruse?” Regina began to take the upper hand.


Water’s merely laughed, “You are possibly the most corrupt board member this district has ever had, and you have ties to an unknown man or woman that threatens my students, and you think that trying to call me incompetent will save you from justice?”


Regina scowled at the principal, not amused with his threats, “I have kept order in this district for longer than you have even been a principal at ALL.”


“ORDER!?” Water’s nearly exploded in anger, “Your SON wreaked HAVOC in my school for FOUR YEARS. And where were you to keep ORDER!?”


“And you ALLOWED it, did you not!?” Regina stood up, not about to be diminished by this man.


Water’s also stood up, “For four years, your son beat, raped, and tortured my staff and students, and for awhile I DID try and stop him,” Water’s tone began to soften, with a hint of sadness, “But then staff members began disappearing, students too, those who stood up to him. And the next thing I knew I received letters threatening my family, my FAMILY, if I ever did anything to so much as punish that child.”


Regina turned her head, unable to accept the facts. Water’s sat down again, trying to calm down, “You must understand Regina, that when Miss Sullivan showed me that testimony, you are damned right I took advantage of that situation. Your son was evil, and somebody helped cover up what happened at Eagle High for those four years. And justice could be two initials away if you just tell me who it is.”


“You know nothing, Ronald Water’s,” Regina scoffed, wiping a tear from her face.


She then walked over to the safe in her wall, doing the combination and revealing the contents inside. Water’s wasn’t sure what she was doing, but he didn’t speak in protest to her previous comment. Regina pulled out an envelope, of which had the initials ‘A.K.’ on it. Water’s immediately stood up, shocked to see Regina revealing she still had the letter. Regina then tossed it to Principal Water’s, who immediately pulled a letter out to read it.


“Next time you barge in here to throw accusations, think about this moment,” Regina mocked.


Water’s read the letter closely, and was in disbelief at what he read.


“I know the truth Regina.”


Water’s wasn’t sure what it could possibly mean, and looked up at Regina, “I don’t understand, what is this?”


“My son killed my husband Water’s, everyone knows it,” Regina stated, “What they don’t know, is that it’s a lie.”


Water’s couldn’t believe what he was hearing.


“My husband did come home drunk one day, and he did beat me. Only my son didn’t kill him to defend me, no that’s not at all what happened.”


“Misses Karn, are you saying…” Regina cut him off, “Yes Water’s, I killed my husband, and whoever sent me that letter, knows it.”




Chapter 27 - Cat Fight by Frizzle


*At Saint Erickson's Hospital*


For a hospital it was quite loud. He tried to blur out the nonsense by humming to himself. He checked his watch, to confirm the time. He had been certainly been here long enough, but he knew he must wait. Today would mark history for him after all. After all the years of blood, sweat and tears, he would finally get what he needed to complete his research.


“Sir, he’s ready for you,” said a nurse, a clipboard in hand.


He stood up, adjusted his tie, and followed the nurse to the room where his CEO was bed ridden. As he entered the room, the smell of death overwhelmed his nostrils. He had to focus, to keep the stench of his dying boss from getting to him.


“Auron.. *cough* … you ma… made it,” said the founder of GenetiCo.


“I’ve been here the entire time my dear friend,” Auron feigned, gripping his boss's hand to comfort him.


“I’m afra.. *cough COUGH*... afraid that… the news is not good,” the founder said with a grim face.


Of course the news wasn’t good. Auron knew it. He knew everything. His boss however, knew nothing. For years he pranced around the labs, banishing the most promising experiments, while approving the toddlers research. It infuriated Auron, for far too long. And when his boss was gone, there would be nothing left to stand in his way of greatness. He spread his influence like a virus, infecting every last inch of this wretched city. He had informants everywhere, and there wasn’t a thing that went on that he did not know of.


“Out of all the members of our board, you… *hack COUGH* you were the only one… the only one who has tried to save me from my sickness,” the founder smiled at Auron, clueless to the malevolent nature of his believed to be friend.


“As a token of my appreciation…. I leave GenetiCo in your care once I pass,” the founder announced, patting Auron’s hand.


Inside, Auron was laughing maniacally. He had done it, finally after all this time. But on the outside, he feigned surprise.


“But… shouldn’t you pass it on to your son?” Auron suggested, trying to manipulate the truth.


“Nonsense, my children haven’t accomplished an eighth of what you have done for this company!” the founder insisted, mocking the idea of his children as viable successors.


Auron took his free hand and gripped the founder’s hand simultaneously.


“I promise you, I will assure the mark you have left on this world will be written in our history, you have my word,” Auron lied.


The founder smiled, before the light began to fade from his eyes. His time had come to an end, and his govern over the greatest scientific bio lab in human history was now in Auron’s hands. His hand grew limp, and his life had come to an end.


When Auron was sure his former boss was dead, he stood up. He turned around to head out the door, wiping his hands on his pants to get rid of the feeling of his boss's hands touching his. He then reached into his suit pocket and pulled out a menthol cigarette. The nurse approached him at the door.


“I’m sorry for your loss,” the nurse said.


Auron lifted the cigarette up to his mouth, and lit it with a match. He flicked out the flame, and took a puff as he blew the smoke in the nurse's face.


“Yes,” Auron stated, “what a tragedy.”


*Meanwhile, back at Eagle High*


Principal Ronald Water’s had insisted we finished the school day, sticking to the terms that we had all agreed on. Abigail would be my new escort, attending my classes with Chloe and Kaya. At least for today that was. Then afterwards it would be winter break, and she wouldn’t have to sweat it no more. Only I had a feeling that Abigail was hiding something. She seemed too interested in what seemed like odd timing. She avoids me all school year, only to suddenly claim herself as my guardian angel.


Ronald Water’s had assured us he would handle Regina, and get to the truth. Whatever that may be. I had my many suspicions, and of course had drawn many of my own conclusions already. However I wasn’t naive, and thus I would wait to hear back from the principal himself to find out just how entangled Regina truly was in this scandal.


It was now sixth period, which was english class with Shannon Winters. English was one of my favorite classes, mostly because I loved learning vocabulary and writing essays. Sure, Chloe had to write for me during class, but since Shannon called it impossible for Chloe to do her own class work and mine at the same time, she instead paired us together on ‘projects’ of which she considered to be more productive. However today Abigail would have to partake in these writing ‘projects’.


Shannon was already informed ahead of time of my situation, and had already made arrangements in class. As we entered the room, she had directed Abigail and me to the back of the room at a desk that had not been assigned to a student. Chloe and Kaya were to sit at the regular table we always sat at. The security officer remained outside the classroom door, as miss Winter’s had ordered. According to her, there was no need for him to cause a distraction in her classroom. But hey, I certainly wasn’t protesting about it. Having an armed officer next to me at all times just seemed over the top. No way in hell would Tessa attempt to kidnap me surrounded by staff and students. The locker room was isolated and empty, the perfect opportunity for her, of which she failed. So I doubted that Tessa would even try anything at all inside the school again.


Abigail took me off her shoulder, placing me on the desk. Chloe was ahead of us doing the same with Kaya, before turning around to throw a concerned smile in my direction. I winked at her, to let her know everything was righty tighty.


“Today class, you will be working in pairs to create a five page essay,” Shannon begun, “it will be a biography on a key event in your past that you believe to have shaped who you are today.”


The entire class groaned and moaned at the thought of writing a five page essay, even with the help of a partner.


“Aside from Nick and Kaya, whose partners are already clear, the rest of you have thirty seconds to pair with somebody,” Shannon asserted.


The class began hustling all about, trying quickly to find their desired partners. Eventually everyone had found their other half, and Miss Winter’s began handing out the requirement sheets. These were basically just a list of what was required in our essays. Shannon would grade our papers using this list as a template for what our grade will be. After she handed them all out, she headed back to the front of the class.


“Now, for the great news class,” Shannon smirked, “A five page essay the day before winter break? Puh LEASE! Just write a measly one page essay, and turn it in at the end of class. There will be no homework this break!”


The class roared in happiness, and happily began rushing their one page biographies. I must say, it was certainly nice of Shannon to give us an easy assignment the day before winter break! Abigail had pulled out a pencil, and began to sharpen it. When she was done she looked down at me.


“Well, what should we write about?” Abigail asked, putting the eraser of her pencil to her lip.


“Actually Abigail….” I changed the topic, “I need you to be honest with me.”


Abigail raised an eyebrow, not sure what I was talking about, “I’m not sure what you are talking about…”


“What was with you back in the principal's office? Why were you so vicious with Chloe?” I demanded to know, deciding to cut straight to the chase.


“I was so vicious!? She called ME a slut remember?” Abigail tried to keep her voice down as to not draw attention.


“You literally questioned whether or not she could keep me safe... you offended her!” I tried to defend my friend.


“Yeah, I did. I still do.” Abigail stood her ground.


“Fine, but you have basically been a ghost all semester, why are you suddenly so interested in protecting me?” I tried to play it cool, but this conversation was getting me heated. I was sick of her lies.


“I told you Kemp… there’s a lot you don’t know…” Abigail tried desperately to avoid answering my question.


“Then tell me, stop it with these bullshit excuses will yuh!?” I snapped.


Abigail slammed her palm on the table. Her eyes were glaring at me. In front of us, Chloe and Kaya had turned around to see what was going on. Abigail took her index finger and pointed it directly at me.


“You ungrateful little shit,” Abigail was still keeping her voice down, not wanting to warrant the attention of Shannon Winter’s.


“I save your clumsy and arrogant blonde bitch from death, I help you take down the man I LOVED, and then I try and give you the SPACE I thought you needed!” Abigail was furious, and her finger got closer and closer to me as her voice began to raise. Miss Winter’s had now turned to see what was happening.


“AND NOW!” Abigail shouted, “After saving you AGAIN from that cunt Madison! And offer to keep you SAFE, you now question my MOTIVES!?!?”


Abigail took her hand and wrapped it around me completely. Her grip tightened and I was completely motionless. I stared up at her in fear, I had seriously pissed her off.


“Did you think I’m some SPY!? Did you think you can question ME like some kind of SUSPECT!? Here’s a news flash Nick Kemp! Not everyone is your enemy!!!!”


“Miss Lionheart!” Shannon tried to intervene.


“Shut up you bitch!” Abigail snapped at her. Miss Winter’s dropped her jaw in disbelief.


Abigail rocked up to her feet, the desk flipping over in the process. She then held me outward, and let me fall to the floor. It was a few feet, and when I landed I felt every bone in my body waver at the force of which I hit the ground. I gripped myself in pain, but thankfully nothing had broken.


“THIS IS HOW ENEMIES TREAT YOU!” Abigail shouted, before raising her foot and slamming it down merely inches away from me.


The ground quaked beneath the sole of her shoe. I crawled backwards trying to get away from her. She raised her shoe again and slammed it down once more, this time getting closer to me.


“I gave everything I cared about to protect you!” Abigail shouted, “My boyfriend, my popularity, cheerleading, and I even forced myself to master karate to protect  YOU” Abigail shouted.


“I’m sorry!” I shouted, terror running through my veins.




She lifted her foot once more to bring it down next to me, but Chloe had intervened now. She ran over and shoved Abigail as hard as she could, as she fell to the ground. I suddenly felt Kaya’s arms wrap themselves under my shoulders as she lifted me to my feet. She was trying to get me away from Abigail. Abigail looked up at Chloe, anger in her eyes. She then raised her legs and flipped herself ninja style back onto her feet. But it didn’t scare Chloe one bit. Me and Kaya were running between Chloe’s legs trying to get behind her for protection. As we were nearly behind Chloe I turned around to see Abigail, who was cracking her neck before staring at Chloe directly.


“Wasn’t gonna hurt em yuh know…” Abigail scoffed.


“Well I’m gonna hurt you…” Chloe threatened, balling up her fists.


“Oh yeah? Then come get me you clumsy bitch!” Abigail waved her hands to taunt Chloe.


“ENOUGH YOU TWO!” Shannon screamed.


Her cries went unheard, and Chloe charged towards Abigail in a rage. It was about to be a full on catfight, only this fight was a cat against a lion. Chloe attempted a right hook but Abigail blocked it with her forearm before heading Chloe right in the face. Chloe stumbled backwards, her towering feet crashing near me and Kaya. I grabbed Kaya and tried to get us away from the danger zone. Chloe’s enormous foot raised over our heads again and landed directly in front of us and she stomped down to gain balance again. Me and Kaya fell backwards at the force of the impact. Abigail lunged forward grabbing Chloe’s head and smashing it down on her thigh. She thought it would incapacitate her, but it didn’t. Chloe immediately recovered and lifted her right thigh up to her chest, and used all her leg power to deliver a ferocious kick to Abigail’s stomach, who took a dive backwards gripping her stomach in pain. She definitely had the wind knocked out of her.


“They are going to kill us!” Kaya shouted, terrified for her life.


I grabbed her by the shoulders, “There is a lot of tension between those two right now, we need to get out of their way!” I shouted.


Abigail stood up again as Chloe took a few steps forward, but Abigail had already prepared a strike. She grabbed Chloe’s arm as she tried to throw a punch, and twisted it around before striking her right in the nose. Chloe’s nose began to bleed profusely as she dizzily stomped around. I noticed an enormous shadow swallow up me and Kaya, and I looked up to see Chloe’s massive bare foot hovering down upon us. Without a spat of hesitation I shoved Kaya out of the way. Kaya fell down to the ground before turning around to watch in horror as Chloe’s foot crashed down.


“NIIIIIIIICK!!!!” Kaya gave out a blood curdling scream.


And that’s the day I died… Beneath the enormous bare foot of my once best friend. I was nothing more than a bloodstain on her foot now, and Chloe and Abigail would forever regret the catfight that resulted in my death…


Lulz, just kidding. You didn’t actually believe any of that nonsense did yuh? Nah, I survived. In fact, I too managed to barely escape the crashing force of Chloe’s foot. But I was on the other side, and Kaya had thought she saw me die.


Chloe stood up again, but her strength was dwindling. She stepped forward a few steps, raising her fists to fight back. Kaya was holding her hands over her head, sobbing. She thought she had seen me die. I stumbled over to her, and held her in my arms. She looked up at me, relief in her eyes.


“I thought…”


“Shhhh,” I hushed, “We need to move, now.”


Chloe attempted another right hook, but Abigail grabbed it with ease before upper cutting Chloe right in the jaw. Chloe flung backwards and landed on the floor, causing an enormous earthquake that only me and Kaya would endure. I looked over towards my friend, and my heart sank. Chloe’s face had blood everywhere, and I began to have flashbacks to when Kristin Karn had Sally beat Chloe to a pulp. Chloe slowly turned her head over to look at me. Her eyes were filling with tears. She slowly reached her hand out towards me.


“I’m… so sorry…” Chloe could barely speak.


Abigail walked up to her, placing her foot on Chloe’s chest, “Poor little Sullivan,” Abigail taunted, “still think you can protect your ‘friend’?”


“What in the absolute HELL is going on here!?” The security guard had finally entered the classroom to see the all the fuss. He ran up to Abigail and pulled her off of Chloe.


“I tried to stop them! They just went insane!” Miss Shannon was horrified at what she just witnessed, completely regretting that she had ordered the officer to remain outside.


“I need to get her to the nurse,” said the officer, who picked up Chloe in both arms.


The officer escorted Chloe out of the classroom, as I stared at her in sorrow. I felt so helpless to protect her.


“You will be dealt with miss Lionheart!” Shannon warned, rushing over to me and Kaya on the ground.


“She attacked me first!” Abigail shouted in her defense.


Miss Winter’s picked me and Kaya up in her palm, “I’m going to take you two to the office, I think you’ve had enough for one day don’t you?”


Abigail had grabbed her things and left the classroom. I understood that my suspicions of her may have been unwarranted, but the way she reacted was completely out of reason. It was starting to dawn on me that Chloe was completely incapable of protecting me after all. Abigail was right about that. Twice now Chloe has been beaten, and it was because of me. I couldn’t continue to allow somebody I cared about so much to be put in danger. Why was I such a burden to everybody?


Anyways, after all that craziness the office had decided to let Bridgette keep a hold of me and Kaya. I had told Bridgette all of what happened, and Bridgette seemed very concerned about the situation. Eventually school had come to an end, and all the student’s happily went home for winter break. Kaya’s father had come to pick her up, and Kaya agreed she wouldn’t tell her father of today’s incident to make sure she didn’t worry him. Even after all this, she still wanted to stay in a public school, I had to commend her for her apparent fortitude.


Bridgette then took me in her car to take me home. Chloe had been picked up earlier by her parents, and I wasn’t able to say goodbye. I was beginning to get stressed out by all the insane things that were piling up on top of me all at once. The mysterious initials, the attempted kidnapping, Madison, Regina’s involvement, and now this fight that followed. It was to much to handle, and my problem was that I didn’t know how to handle it.


“Nick…” Bridgette had something on her mind.


“What is it luv?” I answered, thinking nothing of it.


“I have to tell you something, something I should have months ago…” Bridgette admitted.


“What is it?” I asked, concerned.


“You need to understand, we were only trying to protect you…” Bridgette was having issues spitting it out, “Abigail offered to be  your escort because I had asked her too…” Bridgette confessed.


I was confused as to what I was hearing. Why would Bridgette do something like this behind my back? We told each other everything.


“Abigail and me have still been friends this whole time… and she offered to take defense electives so she could eventually take over as your escort,” Bridgette had told me it all.


“Chloe is my escort….” Muttered, unsure of how to react to what Bridgette had just admitted to me.


“Nick, Chloe can’t properly protect you, and frankly I can’t either,” Bridgette was trying to justify her decision, “But Abigail would be the last person anyone would suspect of having you during school, and adding her karate skills to the mix just makes her the best person to look after you.”


“Abigail beat Chloe bloody,” I hissed, starting to get irritated.


“Chloe attacker her first Nick…” Bridgette defended, “And how is Chloe fit to watch you at ALL!?”


I turned my head up to her, a mix of shock and anger in my eyes. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.


“You told me yourself that Chloe attacked you once, and twice now she has failed to win a fight, she is not FIT to watch the man I LOVE,” Bridgette said in a firm loud tone.


I hated this conversation, I hated how true it all was. But Chloe and me have had an unbreakable bond since middle school. She was the first true friend I ever had. If I chose to let Abigail be my new escort now, I might as well say goodbye to that friendship. Because Chloe’s heart would shatter and she would never speak to me again. And how would Kaya react to all this? I couldn’t do it. I’d rather be in danger every second of every day that destroy my relationship with Chloe.


“It’s not going to happen,” I asserted.


“Nick… You don’t underst…” Bridgette started


“I understand,” I stated, “and I’m not willing to accept the repercussions.”


Bridgette slammed the breaks, rocking the car to a stop on the side of the road.


“And what if I’m willing!?” Bridgette’s voice was shaking.


“What is one friendship over your life!?”


“Everything…” I answered.


Bridgette had nothing left to say, she merely looked at me with sorrowful eyes. She knew how Chloe felt about me, and I think she started to understand that those feelings might be in me as well. I wasn’t entirely sure of it myself to be honest, but Bridgette seemed pretty sure of what was in my heart.


“Do you love her…” Bridgette asked, turning her head away.


“She was my first and only friend for a long time Bridgette,” I tried to reason.


“Do you love her…” Bridgette repeated the question.


“She was always there for me, she has always treated me as an equal, she was everything I never had at the time!” I continued.


“Do you. Love her…” Bridgette was getting irritated.


“Please… Don’t do this…” I begged.


“DO YOU LOVE HER!?!??” Bridgette shouted, shifting her eyes on me once more. Her cheeks were red, and her face wet from her tears.


“I… I don’t know,” I answered.


Silence ensued, Bridgette lowered her eyes to the floor of her car. She held her hands up to her face to wipe away the tears. I stood up and I walked over to her seat. I reached my hand out and touched her enormous leg before me.


“But I love you,” I said, “and this I know for certain.”




Chapter 28 - In The Dead Of Winter by Frizzle


*Three days until Christmas Morning*

Unlike most districts, our winter break ended a few days after christmas day. The reason? The state we lived in had intense snow throughout December, and it made more sense for our school district to set winter break over the heavy snow periods in which school may have been canceled anyways. And it was a good idea too, because I must say that this winter really packed a punch for us. We had about three feet of snow, and it seemed we had an endless blizzard encompassing all of our city. My sister Ashley hated winter, but me and Lucy enjoyed it. Ashley had taken her two week vacation from her new job to stay with us for winter break. After she graduated high school, she got a full time job as an office assistant for some lawyer firm. She had apparently impressed some big wig with her knowledge of whatever. I didn’t know much about any of that jazz, but good for Ashley.


It surely shocked our mother, because Ashley decided not to attend college. She claimed it was a waste of money, and she refused to put our mother in debt for something she felt was unnecessary. Seems so far that it was the right call. Personally I was just happy my sister came to visit us for two weeks. I hardly saw her anymore since she moved out. Our father had also been visiting us daily, playing with us out in the snow and such. Despite how excited me and Lucy always were to see our father, Ashley never so much as gave him a glance. She still held a grudge against him after all these years, even after hearing the reasoning behind his absence. But for Ashley it wasn’t enough. It also wasn’t enough for our mother, who was no longer in love with him. But for her kids sakes, she allowed him to see us.


As my father arrived near the start of winter break, he brought with him that month's formula, which he brought every month to ensure I wouldn’t keep shrinking. This time, I planned on telling him the incredible results I had discovered inside my closet.


“Impossible…” my father said in incredulous shock, “Son you are very correct, you have indeed grown a quarter of an inch!”


“Do you think your formula could be causing me to grow again?” I asked out of curiosity.


“Most certainly not!” My father assured. I tilted my head in confusion.


“Well what else could cause me to grow then?” I asked.


“You see son, after all that you have told me about Kaya’s father, and his research, I think I have drawn a new hypothesis!” My father stated, beginning to pace back and forth as he prepared to share his theory. “If this rapid reduction is the cause of a gene in your dna, then it would in fact be an error! You see, our bodies are designed to grow and build upon itself, not the opposite!”


I wasn’t exactly sure as to what my father was telling me, “So what does that mean??”


“It’s simple,” my father said, “your body is still growing in a sense, as you are still aging and your figure still adjusting as you do so, however at the same time you have this error in your dna code that is instructing your body to reduce in nature, rather than to grow. To put it as simple as possible, imagine you are the knot in a rope, and two people are playing tug o war on each end of the rope. One person is strong, and the other is weak, thus the stronger person pulls you closer and closer to his side, while the weaker person is unable to stop him!”


“Ok…” I said, kind of understanding his example.


“This formula I’ve given you, has weakened the stronger person from pulling you any further, and thus the weaker person has gained the upper hand, returning you to a more normal height!”


I couldn’t believe it, but what my father just said had made complete sense.


“So you are saying that because this formula is weakening the error in my dna, my body is able to attempt to return to normal!?”


“Precisely!” My father answered, “however it’s only a theory, but a promising one! But there is something that I just can’t quite shake…”


“What is it?” I asked.


“Generations of gene deformations have been present, in the shapes of autism, mental disorders, and also physical deformities,” my father explained, “however nothing in our history has ever shown such an error in your case son. Simply put, it’s almost as if this gene error was a creation rather than an accident…”


“What are you saying exactly?” this news was starting to make me paranoid.


“I’m not for sure of anything, let me do some more research on the matter and we will worry about it later, in the meantime why don’t you and Lucy go enjoy the last week of your winter break?” My father suggested, giving me a loving smile.


My father called for my sister to come get me, before looking at me once more, “What’s your new friend Kaya up too?”


“I’m not sure, why?” I asked.


“She’s new to this city, probably doesn’t know anybody other than you son,” my father leaned in, “why don’t you invite her and her father over for the next couple days to spend christmas with us?”


I thought about it, it did seem like a pretty good idea. As far as I knew, all Kaya had was her father. It might be good for the both of them to spend the holidays with a family that understood their situation.


“I’ll have Lucy give them a call,” I assured.


Lucy appeared in the doorway, “Nick! Bridgette just arrived, she brought a LOAD of presents!!!”


I laughed with a warm hearted tone, “let me guess, a few got YOUR name on them huh?”


“YES! OMG SHE’S THE BEST!” Lucy shouted, rushing over and snatching me off the table. She didn’t hurt me, but it slightly worried our father.


“Young lady please take care of your brother you hear!?” our father asserted as Lucy bolted out of the room with me.


“Yes father!” Lucy shouted back before rushing up the stairs to the main floor.


Lucy carried me into the main hallway, and entered the family room that adjoined with the main entrance. Bridgette was at the front door slipping her shoes off, revealing fluffy rainbow unicorn socks. Bridgette usually rocked houses barefoot, but it was so cold she didn’t dare. She walked over to the christmas tree to set the gifts under our tree.


“What’d you get me B!” Lucy shouted jumping up and down excitedly.


“Hey, tell yuh what, I’ll tell you if you give me my little boyfriend you have there,” Bridgette winked at me flirtatiously


“Ok here yuh go!” Lucy said holding me outward towards Bridgette. Bridgette picked me up out of Lucy’s hands, holding me up to her enormous lipstick covered lips and planting an enormous kiss over my face.


“Hello toots!” She said, giving me the slightest wrinkle of her nose.


“Well!?” Lucy demanded, placing her hands on her hips.


“Oops, guess you gotta wait till Christmas now!” Bridgette teased, laughing at Lucy.


“LIAR!” Lucy jokingly shouted, holding a finger up to Bridgette.


Despite our intense argument a week ago, me and Bridgette had decided to be more truthful to one another. She had revealed that she had been having nightmares about Zelena catching me, or Kristin Karn getting out of prison and coming back to kill me. It had sent her over the edge and she begged her secret friend Abigail for help. In return I shared all the night terrors I was having myself. It felt so relieving to know that I wasn’t the only one still fearful of what might come. I also admitted the unusual moment between me and Chloe that had happened in my bedroom, and that I might certainly have buried feelings I wasn’t aware of. Though it hurt Bridgette to hear it, I assured her that I loved her more than words could portray. I told her that I would never betray her trust, and she believed me.


Since then, this first week of winter break was utterly fantastic. Bridgette came over every other day to spend some fun with me and Lucy out in the snow. Winter was my favorite month, because out in the snow I was practically safer than anywhere else. The snow was three feet deep, and super soft, and I could fall from a skyscraper and land in the snow safely! Lucy would toss me up in the air and laugh as I fell into the snow each time. It was exhilarating and felt like a short skydiving trip to be honest! Of course we kept our excursions to ourself, as our mother and father probably wouldn’t approve of Lucy’s intense play. But it was fun, and Bridgette loved playing with us!


“So Lucy,” I started, “how would you like to give Mr. Morgan a call and see if him and Kaya would like to spend the next few days and Christmas with us?”


Lucy’s eyes bulged with excitement, “REALLY!?” Lucy shouted.


Lucy had been to shy the day Kaya had attended school to meet her properly. She saw her in the principal's office, but with all that was going on she wasn’t interested at the time. This would give her the opportunity to properly introduce herself as my sister.


“Yeah, why don’t you and me go give her a call together?” Bridgette suggested, setting me down on the family room coffee table.


“Don’t peek at the presents while we are gone hun,” Bridgette teased, giving me another wink.


“I’ll certainly try,” I joined, shrugging my shoulders jokingly.


Lucy and Bridgette headed off thru the kitchen, probably to call her from our home line. I took a deep breath and looked at all the decorations in the family room, realizing that for the first time things felt normal again. It was very relaxing. Our mother had hung me and my sister’s stockings over the fireplace like any other family cliche. Our christmas tree nearly hit the ceiling, the angel piece on top a little crooked to make room. At least a dozen lights were wrapped around the tree, all multi-colored. The normal round ornaments in assorted colors were also hung over every inch my mother could get. She always did over decorate the tree. Over the couch were a line of Rudolph stuffed animals, along with the matching santa claus pillows on each couch side. Assorted on each table were different christmas decorations as well, and the occasional Jesus reenactments of his birth. Needless to say, christmas was one of our favorite holidays, and our house proved it beyond doubt.


I could hear Bridgette and Lucy now talking on the phone; they had obviously gotten a hold of Kaya’s father. I was then distracted by the shuffling of steps coming down the stairs. Ashley then revealed herself as she came around the corner and entered the family room. She looked around to see where everyone was. She must have still been sleeping. She was sharing a room with Lucy while she was staying over, as her old room had been turned into storage after she moved out. Ashley then walked over to the couch and sat down, lifting her feet up and resting them on the coffee table I was on. They didn’t land very close to me, but she obviously didn’t notice me. Her feet smelt like rose petals, obviously the result of whatever shampoo she was using. Her nails were painted a wine red, and they appeared to have been glossed over as well to make them shine. She was wearing a pair of tight blue jeans, and had a baggy t-shirt on that had the picture of an octopus on it. I decided to give her a scare.


“Geez Ashley! You nearly crushed me!” I shouted at her, cackling under my breath.


Ashley widened her eyes and screeched as she moved her feet off the table and jumped up, “Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, are you ok!?” Ashley was very worried.


I rested my hands on my waist, and gave her a hardened stare for as long as I could, but after a few seconds I burst into laughter.


“UGH! You scared me shitless you little prick!” Ashley scowled, obviously not amused by my antics. She sat down again and placed her feet back up on the table. She then crossed her arms in frustration.


“Oh come on, it was just a joke!” I muttered, trying to lighten the mood.


“Not a very funny one,” Ashley snapped, not giving me any eye contact.


I casually walked up to one of her feet, putting my hands behind my back to look as conspicuous as possible. Ashley shifted her eyes over at me to see what I was up too, but still kept her head turned away from my direction. I eventually reached the bottom of her foot, and poked it with my finger.


“Don’t do that…” Ashley hissed.


“What’s the matter? Afraid you will crush me?” I teased. I poked her foot again, and she responded by shifting it over a couple of inches.


“I said don’t!” Ashley wasn’t amused at all, which made it all the more amusing for me. I walked over and poked her foot again. It was very soft, almost as if her soles were made of silk. The smell of rose petals was overwhelming. Ashley responded this time by taking her feet of the table and leaning forward. She took her right index finger and pointed it right at me, and she held it very close to my face, within reaching distance.


“What is it with you, got some foot fetish or something?” Ashley mocked, trying in vain to upset me.


“Yes Ashley, I’m in love with your feet, sooooooo in love, bring them back will yuh?” I burst into laughter once more. Apparently Ashley woke up on the wrong side of the bed. I always did like teasing her, but she never gave.


“Oh yeah? Well I have a fetish of my own you little freak,” Ashley then picked me up between her index finger and thumb. It sorta caught me off guard, but I didn’t want to show any weakness. I was really enjoying how irritated she was getting. I never got to see her that often anymore, and I suppose this was my way of hanging out with her. It’s not like she ever wanted to do anything with me, so what was I supposed to do?


Ashley held me right up to her lips. I wasn’t sure exactly what she was trying to do, but I didn’t have to wonder too long. Her enormous pink tongue slowly slid out of her cavernous mouth, and boy was it a long tongue. She could probably wrap it completely under her chin if she wanted too, that was how long it was! In one swift motion she extended her enormous wet and slimy muscle over my body, licking every inch of me and covering me in her saliva. She had never done something like this before, so I was most certainly shocked.


“Yuck!” I shouted, grossed out by the act she had just performed on me.


“Mmmmm, you taste good little brother!” Ashley teased, apparently deciding to play along with me after all, “Maybe good enough to eat yuh!” Ashley then chomped her teeth together a couple times in attempt to scare me.


“Oh yeah?” I challenged, not showing a single sign of fear, “I triple dog dare you.” I knew she wouldn’t, she didn’t have the guts to even put me in her mouth. I was certain of it.


“Your call!” Ashley said, before slowly raising me over her mouth. She was doing it in slow motion, as if to try and get me as nervous as possible about the idea of her dropping me in her mouth. I merely had a huge smirk on my face, giving her the ‘Do it’ look as if to taunt her further. She then opened her titanic lips, revealing her incredibly white set of teeth. I could see the gaping throat at the back of her mouth, where all the food she ate would descend. Under any other circumstance, I’d be shitting my pants at that sight. But Ashley was my sister, and I knew her all too well. I wasn’t even remotely terrified. After holding me above her open mouth for a little while, she eventually caved in and set me back down on the coffee table. I patted my jacket as a ‘I told you so’ statement, and then looked up at her with a huge grin.


“Weren’t you even remotely terrified!?” Ashley was in shock at my courage.


“Nah, I knew you wouldn’t. Though I gotta admit I’m surprised you touched me with that big tongue of yours!” I exclaimed.


“Yeah…” Ashley seemed to have something on her mind now.


“Something wrong?” I wasn’t sure why she was suddenly so grim in her expression.


“It’s just I still get flashbacks to when my friend ate you alive…” Ashley explained, “I saw you go right down her throat, and I thought for sure that she had just killed my brother.”


“Good thing you saw me though huh?” I responded, trying to calm her nerves.


“But what if I hadn’t seen you?” Ashley fired back, “What if I hadn’t seen my friend swallow you? What would have happened to you inside… inside her…”


“Ashley, I have survived much worse than that….” It was true. When Cecelia had mistakenly eaten me, she had also impaled me with a fork. I thought for sure I would bleed out and digest all at once within her gut. Thankfully her alcohol intolerance saved my life, but in that moment I thought for sure I was dead.


“Enough of this,” I demanded, as Ashley looked right into my eyes, “Shit happens, I’m an inch tall. But I don’t want you tip toeing around me out of fear for the remainder of our relationship, you hear me?”


Ashley let out a small giggle, followed by a good nod to confirm she understood what I was asking.


“And Ashley…” I had one more thing to say.


“Yeah?” She asked.


“I love you.” I said.


Lucy burst out of the kitchen jumping up and down, Bridgette following close behind.


“She’s coming over tomorrow!” Lucy shouted, “Her father thought it would be a great idea to spend a few days over here to get to know everybody!”


“That’s great!” I responded, excited to introduce Kaya to my family.


After that we decided to pull out a game of Monopoly. Lucy and I had spent so much time in the snow, we figured a day indoors would be a much warmer option. The game lasted a couple hours, but eventually Ashley had whooped all of our asses. It was a nice evening, and I think we were all very ancy for Kaya to come over. Ashley in particular was rather excited to meet somebody else that was like me. Bridgette was also rather interested. My mother most of all however, was ecstatic. She had been out all day getting last minute gifts and groceries for Christmas Day dinner. Ashley had to give her a call to let her know we’d have two extra guests. Needless to say she was pretty excited. After a whole day of board games and chatter, night befell us, and soon we would be a day closer to Christmas morning. Bridgette was allowed to stay the night at my behest, and surprisingly my mother didn’t protest the idea of Bridgette sleeping in my room. I certainly was surprised, but there was another desire inside me that was relieved.


Bridgette brought me into my bedroom. Everyone else had already entered their rooms for the night. Bridgette set me on my bed, and told me she would go get dressed into her pajamas really quick. She left the room and I waited for her. I took off my shirt and pants leaving my boxers to remain. As I sat there waiting, I eventually heard the door creak open. I turned, and nearly dropped my jaw at the sight that beheld me. Bridgette had an arm placed on the doorway, and the other on her hip. She was completely naked, and if it wasn’t for the reassurance that everyone was already in their bedrooms trying to sleep, I’d have almost begged her to shut the door immediately. Her voluptuous round breasts reached out to me. Her nipples were perfectly shaped, and hard. She was obviously turned on, and she was giving me a flirtatious kinky stare as she teasingly bit her lower lip.


“What do you think handsome?” Bridgette asked, as she slowly moved her hand from her hip and down to her pussy. She slowly caressed herself, as she slowly rubbed her clit. “Ready to play?”


She then slowly started pacing towards the bed. I was frozen, and merely sat while I witnessed her utter beauty. Me and Bridgette have had sex before, though not to often because it was rather hard for me to feel comfortable with a such a viciously sexual women. Bridgette loved feeling me play with her pussy, but she would get so turned on she would start shaking in pleasure and continuously buck her hips. We would normally only do it for a few minutes before we had to stop, because I was always so fearful of being hurt. But this time felt different, and after being with her for a year now, I felt it was time for me to overcome my fears so I could please the women I loved as efficiently as I could. Obviously at my size I couldn’t offer what no normal man could. But there was one thing I could offer, something that ONLY I could offer.


Bridgette finally reached the bedside, looking down at me. Her tits were enormous from down on the bed, and I stared up at her beauty in amazement. From her glossy smooth legs, to her tone and sexy stomach, up to her enormous tits, she was just perfect in every way.


“Well, you gonna strip for me sugar?” Bridgette winked, as she lifted her right leg onto the bed next to me, “maybe you need some help?”


Bridgette carefully took her fingers, and pinched the side of my boxers with care. She didn’t want to pinch me by accident. She then slipped them off me quickly, and I must say that she did it with a bit of skill. It was then that I realized my dick was rock hard, and Bridgette could see it. She lifted a finger up to her lips, and moaned as she stared at my member. I was wondering what was going through her mind.


“Have I ever told you what a big cock you have for your size?” Bridgette teased, giving me another wink. She then lifted her other leg onto the bed, hovering her enormous vagina right near my head. I could smell the sweet aroma coming from her juicy wet pussy. It was already wet, and waiting to be played with. I already knew how it felt, being inside Cecelia when she drunkenly raped me. And that was what held me back for so long. I was afraid of being hurt, but Bridgette had a fetish, one that I have not told you about yet. A fetish that I could not bring to life for her, because I was to afraid. And caring Bridgette of course didn’t want to upset me, and let her desires go anyways just to be with me. But it was time to repay her for all the love she had given me.


“I’m ready,” I said, looking right into her eyes.


“Wh… What?” Bridgette was suddenly confused.


“I want to make you the happiest girl on this planet Bridgette, I love you and I want to show you how much I love you,” I was madly in love with this woman.


“You don’t have to…” Bridgette was afraid that I was just caving in to her desires, and maybe I was, but I didn’t care anymore. In that moment I just wanted to fuck her the only way I knew how, she was the only one at all I wanted to fuck. She was so beautiful, and despite her few mistakes I just wanted to show her that I was willing to go the extra mile.


“I want to.”


Bridgette merely looked down at me at first, but eventually smiled, and picked me up. She positioned herself onto her back, and slightly raised her knees up. I could tell she was excited, and honestly I was too. Unlike Cecelia, who had forced me inside of her, Bridgette would be more gentle with me, and I knew that I would be safe.


She then slowly reached her hand down to her privates, where she gently placed me above the opening of her warm vagina. It was completely shaven, and very smooth all around. She must have shaved today. The smell was indescribably sweet, and the more I pranced around the harder I got. I needed to be inside her already. You see, Bridgette had this fantasy of me crawling inside her, deep inside her. And then having me cum inside her was what got her fantasy into over drive. After our first sexual encounter is when she began having this fantasy. But I was always to afraid that I’d get hurt. I wasn’t sure if her vaginal muscles would tighten around me, or if I’d drown inside her orgasmic fluids, but after nearly dying inside Cecelia’s cavernous pussy, it was a risk I was to afraid to take. But now my feelings far outweighed my fears.


As I reached the opening of her vagina, I slowly began massaging and licking her clit. I could hear her moans as she began to shake as she always did. She was playing with her nipples as she waited for her tiny boyfriend to begin his journey inside of her. Normally I’d dabble in a bit more foreplay, but I had a feeling both of us had waited long enough. I slipped both of my hands between the lips of her pussy, and forced them apart as I began to crawl inside her. An audible moan was heard as I slipped in head first, and Bridgette had to grip the sheets to stop herself from bucking her hips. She was ecstatic, and to finally have me crawling inside her vagina sent her over the top. But I was only just getting started. Her muscles were constricting around my body as I forced myself inside her. I’ll admit, I began having second thoughts for a moment, as the space wasn’t necessarily forgiving and my face was already getting covered in her fluids. But I could sense the amount of pleasure I was causing her, and I couldn’t stop now.


I was finally inside her all the way, and it was time to go as deep as I could. It was a little hard to breathe, and I knew it wouldn’t get any easier the further I slipped inside her. But I was horny as all hell and I needed to go thru with this. I began crawling deeper and deeper inside Bridgette, and her moans became so loud I could hear them outside her fleshy walls. If I hadn’t been so distracted, I’d have almost been concerned someone would hear her. I made sure to cause as much commotion as I could as I kept crawling. I wanted her to feel every inch I traveled while inside her juicy and sticky cunt. Bridgette’s pleasure had reached it’s tipping point, and she couldn’t refrain any longer. She immediately shoved her index and middle fingers directly into her vagina. I had already traveled deep inside her, thus her fingers were unable to reach me. I took that as the sign that I had gone deep enough, and layed down on my back as I began to masturbate intensely.


Bridgette slid her fingers in and out of her vagina like a mad woman as she felt me masturbating inside of her. Her moans were unaccounted for, and she and I were nearly at the final stage of our sexual encounter. After doing this for what felt like an eternity, I finally reached climax and squirted my cum all over the walls inside her vaginal cavern. I doubt that Bridgette felt it, but regardless she too had reached climax, and an ocean of orgasmic fluids rained down upon me, completely submerging me. The fluid spilled out of her vagina like a river as she came all over the bedsheets. She let out one final moan of pleasure, followed by a single laugh at the amazing experience she had just taken part in. She figured I was probably covered in her juices, and decided she should probably fish me out. Although she wished she could have kept me inside her, because it still felt incredible even after her orgasm.


“Uhhh…” Ashley was standing in the doorway.


Bridgette immediately sat up, covering her tits with one arm and her vagina with her free hand. As Bridgette sat up, her vaginal canals tightened immensely, and her fleshy walls began to constrict me like an anaconda. I tried to open my mouth to yell for her to get me out, but her orgasmic fluids forced themselves into my mouth and down my throat. It tasted like salted salmon, and I began to choke on her fluids. But outside of Bridgette’s vagina, was a different kind of hell.


“Where’s… Nick?” Ashley was so shocked at what she was seeing, she simply came in to tell us to shut up, she had no clue what had actually been going on.


Bridgette couldn’t bring herself to answer that question, she simply peeked down where her privates were, and then looked up at Ashley with an embarrassed half smile.


Ashley’s eyes widened in horror, “Wait… he’s… he’s in… in there!?”


Ashley pointed at Bridgette’s vagina, but after a few seconds she just turned around and grabbed the door handle to shut it, “just stop shouting!”


“It’s ok, we just finished,” Bridgette responded.


“Did NOT need to know that…” Ashley was heard shouting as she slammed the door and went back into Lucy’s room.


Bridgette immediately lied back down and rammed her fingers up her pussy to retrieve me. She found my leg pretty quickly and pulled me out. She held me in her palm, hovering her face above me with worry. I coughed up her fluids into her hand that I had been choking on, and took a deep breathe.


“I’m so sorry! Your sister…” Bridgette felt terrible.


“That… that was…” I slowly was able to get the words out, “That was the hottest experience I’ve ever had.


Bridgette was taken aback, surprised at my statement even after being stuck inside her briefly.


“Being inside you… your walls tightening around me… I cannot explain how hot it was Bridgette,” it was true. Unlike with Cecelia, I had been terrified and disgusted after being trapped inside her. But for some reason with Bridgette I felt completely different. Sure, I choked on her fluids as the walls of her pussy threatened to crush me, but for some reason it was the sexiest experience I’d ever had. To feel so helpless inside Bridgette turned me on that much more. Maybe it’s because I loved her? Or maybe it was some unknown fetish of mine boiling to the surface. Regardless, me and Bridgette would be doing that a lot more often!


“Oh Nick…” Bridgette moaned, “I love you so much!”


“I love you too!” I responded, as Bridgette held me up to her face to exchange a kiss with me.


This was turning out to be the best winter break ever, and who could be so lucky to share it with the most beautiful women?


I was the luckiest inch tall man alive.



*Two days until Christmas Morning*



That morning I woke up upon Bridgette’s bare stomach. After we had finally decided to go to sleep, she had put on some panties and a bra so if my mother or sisters walked in they wouldn’t entirely freak out. I sat up rubbing my eyes, looking over to Bridgette's face. Her mountainous tits blocked most of the view, but I was able to clearly see that she was still sound asleep. I looked up at my alarm, which read ‘7:46am’. Not sure why I had awoken so early, but I was pretty sure everyone else was sound asleep.


I could hear Bridgette’s stomach growling from below, and I figured she was probably hungry. I started to become slightly curious as to what it would be like inside Bridgette, if she were to eat me of course. I didn’t want her too, nor would I accept the offer if it was given! But my curious mind was just dawdling. I stood up and carefully walked over to the edge of Bridgette’s enormous body. I then slipped down her silky curves and landed on the bed sheets. I then made my way to the side of the bed where the ladder was so I could reach the bedroom floor. After a few seconds I had reached the ground and took a few steps forward before checking my surroundings. I thought I had heard some movement back on top of the bed however, and I looked up.


Two enormous bare feet had swung themselves over the edge of the bed, and slowly approached my bedroom floor. Normally, I’d fear for my life and run away, however after being stepped on and nearly crushed so many times in my life, I was more than able to tell when I was within ground zero. As predicted, Bridgette’s feet simply landed on both sides of me, and I saw her beautiful bright face peep down between her legs at me.


“Mornin’ sexy,” Bridgette said while yawning, giving me the usual wink afterwards, “Whatchya doin’ up so early?”


“Not sure, guess I got a full nights sleep,” I responded, smiling up at her.


“Full nights sleep my arse!” Bridgette giggled, “we were up till two am!”


I shrugged, “guess I was asleep for most of it.” I gave her a wink back myself.


Bridgette crossed her arms and gave me that ‘oh don’t even’ look before standing up to stretch. She arched her back and lifted her hands up in the air as she stretched every limb she could. She then patted her tummy with her left hand, while scratching her messy hair with the other.


“I’m hungry, let’s get some breakfast sweets!” Bridgette suggested, before bending her knees and lowering her hand to pick me up.


I gladly stepped upon her palm, and she lifted me into the air gently before striding out of my room. Once she started to reach my sisters and my mother's rooms in the hallway, she began to walk a bit more gently as to not wake them up. Once she reached the stairs she began striding again all the way down and into the kitchen. She placed me on the island counter before heading over to the freezer and opening it up. She took a quick peek to see what we had.


“Ok hun, so we got eggo, microwavable pancake sausage dogs, or some weird green shit that apparently is a breakfast meal,” Bridgette laughed, not impressed with our choices. Her parents were basically pretty wealthy, in case you had forgotten, so every time she came over she couldn’t help but laugh at the cheap processed crap in our fridge.


“The weird green shit sounds delicious!” I joked, walking closer to the edge of the counter.


“Mmm, I have a better idea,” Bridgette said, before swinging the freezer door shut and flirtatiously striding towards the counter, “Maybe I’ll have a delicious little boyfriend for breakfast!”


Bridgette bent over and set both her elbows on the counter before me, as she lowered her head all the way to the countertop.


“After all, you DO look quite delicious,” Bridgette teased, winking at me again. Winking was seemingly her favorite thing to do.


I shrugged my shoulders jokingly, going along with her antics, “Well maybe you oughta find out for sure?”


Bridgette then proceeded to open her mouth as wide as she could, extending her juicy wet tongue as far out as possible. She set the very tip of her tongue onto the counter, which made her tongue appear as a bridge into her mouth.


“Whaa dom you comb en,” Bridgette muttered, trying to speak with her mouth open.


“Sorry, I don’t speak alien,” I laughed, mocking her attempt.


Bridgette slipped her tongue back into her mouth before raising her head again. She then set her chin atop her overlapped hands.


“How was my Sally interpretation?” Bridgette teased.


“I’d give you a three out of ten,” I joked, giving her the thumbs down to mock her.


“What! Why!?” Bridgette seemed offended, but not really.


“We all know Sally would just scoop me right up, she has no sense of foreplay,” I explained, laughing afterwards.


Bridgette smirked wickedly, “You mean like this?”


Before I could react, her enormous lips lunged right above me. In an instant she slurped me into her mouth like I was a spaghetti noodle. I landed on her soft and warm tongue, which had been salivating heavily. Again, I was surprised by my own behaviour. I was not remotely freaked out at all. In fact, I started to get hard. I wasn’t uncomfortable, I wasn’t scared, even though I normally would have been. It was at this point that I came to a reasonable conclusion. I trusted Bridgette so much, and loved her dearly, and thus I knew she wouldn’t ever harm me. Therefore I never felt threatened by her playful behaviour.


“How is it in there??” Bridgette said.


For me however, her tongue bounced around as I was tossed all around the inside of her mouth while she spoke. And it was LOUD. It’s like someone took an enormous subwoofer and cranked the volume to deadly. I would have covered my ears, but the constant bouncing kept me from doing anything. Once she had finished talking, I was able to respond.


“... Just fine…” I put a finger in my ear to try and ease the pain.


Bridgette ended up spitting me out in the palm of her hand, and I wiped her saliva off of my face before looking up at her with a grin on my face.


“That wasn’t too far?” Bridgette had seemed worried all of a sudden.


“Well obviously not, you didn’t even swallow your food!” I crossed my arms and turned my head to the right away from her sight, “What? I didn’t taste good enough!? Hmph!”


Bridgette burst into laughter, my joke easing her anxiety over the matter, “Well I could have… but then I wouldn’t have such an amazing boyfriend anymore!”


Bridgette took her free hand and poked me in the gut with her index finger. She then set me back on the counter and returned to the freezer. She pulled out the eggos and walked over to the toaster.


“This is the only thing I feel comfortable eating, hope you don’t mind,” Bridgette asked.


“Not at all!” I assured.


Steps were heard from the stairwell, as my mother walked into the kitchen in her night gown. She had obviously just woken up, and was yawning heavily.


“Good morning misses Kemp!” Bridgette greeted, a warm hearted smile on her face.


“Please darling, you can call me Harley!” My mother insisted, “Can you make me some too dear?”


“Of course!” Bridgette pulled two more from the pack, adding them to the toaster before pushing the lever down to cook the eggo waffles.


Next thing I knew Lucy and Ashley were also coming into kitchen, as they both repeatedly bumped into each other as they tried to get to the fridge.


“Where’s dad?” I asked, curious if he had stayed the night or not.


“He left after you went to your room, said he was going to do some research at the office late last night,” my mother answered, forcibly splitting Ashley and Lucy apart so she could grab the milk from the fridge.


“Did he say what for?” I asked, curious if it had anything to do with our conversation yesterday.


“I’m sorry sweety he didn’t,” my mother apologized, pouring herself a glass of milk.


I had not yet told my mother or my siblings about all of what I had told my father. Bridgette knew bits and pieces, but that was it. There was still a lot of things that weren’t entirely clear about my situation and what was happening. At this point the only thing anyone knew was the near kidnapping incident at my school. My mother freaked out of course, but after the principal assured her that I would be under constant security after winter break she relaxed. My father had also been quite concerned, but my mother pleaded that his research into my shrinking crisis was his top priority. Did I want to believe that one day I could be a normal sized teen? Of course I did, but I couldn’t help but doubt that it would ever happen. Sure, I have grown a quarter of an inch; but that’s next to nothing. I’m simply the same size I was since middle school. Nothing has changed dramatically; and that’s where my doubts lurk.




The front door had rung, and all heads turned. It wasn’t father, because he’d have just let himself in. My mother set down her glass of milk and walked over to open the front door. It was Kaya and her father, they had arrived. My sister Lucy nearly shat herself as she immediately hustled towards our mother to get a better look. Ashley followed, but kept a distance not wanting to overwhelm the poor girl. Bridgette had just pulled the eggo waffles out of the toaster, and was preoccupied.


“My goodness,” my mother looked at the incredibly small one inch Kaya, and her heart nearly lifted, “It is SUCH a pleasure to finally meet you both!”


“My names Gary,” Gary extended his arm to shake my mother's hand, “and this is my daughter Kaya.”


My mother leaned down to Kaya’s level, who was placed in her father’s palm, “Hello Kaya! I’m Harley, Nick’s mother!”


“It’s very nice to meet you Harley!” Kaya chirped, her face blushing red as she was nervous to meet my family.


My mother rested her arm over Lucy’s shoulders, “this is my youngest daughter, Lucy.”


Lucy waved vividly, “a proper introduction!” she shouted.


“I remember seeing you in Water’s office, it’s nice to get more acquainted with you!” Kaya exclaimed.


“Behind us is Ashley, she’s my eldest,” my mother said moving to the side so Gary and his daughter could get a better look at her.


“It’s very nice to meet you all, truly,” Gary seemed a little nervous.


“You seem nervous? Is everything ok?” my mother asked with concern.


Kaya looked up at her father, pleading with him merely with her eyes,

“Unfortunately I have a lot of work I must get done, however I thought it would be unfair to take away an opportunity for my daughter to have a proper christmas, one with someone like her,” her father explained, “I’m just simply nervous about leaving her here without me.”


“I completely understand!” My mother assured, “maybe you should meet my son Mr. Morgan.”


My mother showed him into the kitchen, as he followed behind her with

Kaya. I walked over to the edge of the counter to greet them.


“Hey Kaya!” I greeted, more than happy to see her.


“Hey Nick! How’s your break been so far?” Kaya greeted back.


“It’s been awesome!” I wasn’t lying.


Gary set Kaya on the counter with me, and her and me exchanged a friendly hug. Gary lowered his waist to get a better look at me, and I could tell that after seeing me firsthand his worry’s seemed to fade away.


“I never thought I’d meet another with the same fate as my daughter,” He gave me a big smile.


“It’s very nice to meet you sir!” I placed my arms behind my back, trying to make a good first impression.


“Don’t be silly my boy, it is I that am pleased to meet you!” Gary exclaimed, “it is such a relief to see someone my daughters size, and hopefully make her feel a bit more normal!”


Kaya was blushing, and I placed a hand on her shoulder to ease her embarrassment.


“You have no idea how normal I feel when I am around her,” I said, smiling at her.


Gary’s father had to leave at that time, and we all greeted him out the door as he nervously left his daughter in our care.


“Breakfast is up!” Bridgette shouted, bringing out plates of eggo waffles for everybody. She had apparently made more for Lucy and Ashley when we were all distracted.


“Ladies first!” Bridgette exclaimed, handing out plates to my mother and sisters.


“Easy for you to say, I’m surrounded by women!” I teased her.


Bridgette jokingly rolled her eyes before setting her own plate down. She pulled out the syrup and everyone began passing it around. I beckoned Kaya to follow me as we headed over to Bridgette's plate. As we got closer and closer, I could tell Kaya began to get a little nervous. I shook it off at first, but once we reached the edge of Bridgette’s plate, Kaya froze as she stared at my girlfriend while she ate. She watched as Bridgette took an enormous chomp out of one of the waffles, chewing it up to goo and swallowing it down her throat and into her stomach. Kaya had traced down Bridgette’s throat and down to her belly as she had flashbacks to the nightmare that was Peyton. I grabbed her shoulder and pulled her out of her trance.


“Bridgette would never,” I assured.


“I know…” Kaya seemed embarrassed


“You know, I’ve been eaten a few times myself,” I shared, trying to ease her anxiety.


She looked at me with an open jaw, “Woah really!? What was it like?” She was suddenly intrigued.


“Well, the feeling of being swallowed is quite unusual, it’s like a giant wet slug firmly forcing you into a small tight tunnel, which slowly sucks you down to their stomach,” I explained, Kaya gasping at the description, “Inside the stomach is hot, and it’s hard to breathe if I’m being honest. After a short while the acid really starts to sting as well.”


“How… How did you survive such an ordeal!?” Kaya was shocked.


“I’ve survived them all, each time, and to be honest, pure luck,” I admitted, “but you know what? Everything that has happened to me, has shaped me into who I am today.”


“It must have! You battled a falcon for lord's sake!” Kaya laughed and I joined with her. However I then looked down, remembering that day very clearly.


“Trust me though, that falcon wasn’t nearly as troublesome as most things I’ve had to endure,” I stated.


Kaya placed her hand on my back, “Maybe I can learn to be more courageous by hanging out with you,” She laughed.


Her anxiety was gone, and we climbed on top of Bridgette’s plate to eat breakfast. After we had all finished eating, my mother did the dishes and allowed the rest of us to go hang out in the family room. We were talking and chatting for awhile, as my sisters prodded for information out of Kaya to learn more about her. They quickly found that her life wasn’t nearly as threatening as mine had been, but were relieved to know she had a relatively safe life thus far. We were all having a great time, but eventually our laughter subsided once we heard the doorbell ring. Ashley said she would answer it, and left the couch to open the front door. Lucy cracked another joke and we laughed as Ashley opened the door.


“Nick, your friend Chloe is here,” Ashley had said to me.


Bridgette’s smile turned into a frown. I was surprised Chloe was here, as I hadn’t heard from her at all since winter break had started. I figured I’d give her some space after the fight between her and Abigail. Chloe stepped inside. Once again her otherwise normal clothing surprised me. Once again it seemed as if Chloe was purposely prettying herself up. Instead of the usual 70’s outfit she wore she now had a V-neck rudolph sweater on. Her nails and toenails were painted red. The only thing that still seemed Chloe like was the fact she was still barefoot. Yup, even during the cold winter she never wore shoes. I remember asking her once how her feet never froze, and she told me some half ass comment that she was cold blooded or something. I was pretty sure it was a joke.


“Hey Chloe!” Lucy greeted.


“Hey Lucy, how are you guys?” Chloe asked, as Kaya, me and Ashley all said we were well. Bridgette however wasn’t saying anything, and I was praying Chloe didn’t pick up on her otherwise rude behaviour.


“I came over because I needed to talk to you Nick,” Chloe revealed, “alone…”


I looked up at Bridgette, and she gave me a look that indicated she wouldn’t be happy if I agreed, but what was I to do? I wasn’t about to stitch Chloe, we were still best friends after all.


“Sure, let’s go to my room,” I suggested, giving Bridgette the look that said ‘I’m sorry’. Bridgette nonchalantly rolled her eyes, but didn’t protest. Chloe walked over and picked me up off the coffee table, and Kaya waved goodbye to me as Chloe walked us upstairs. She walked down the hall then entered my bedroom. She set me on my bed, and sat down beside me, placing her hands in her lap as she tapped her fingers together. She was clearly nervous about something.


“What’s up?” I asked, curious to know what was on her mind.


“My parents have never liked you…” She admitted, looking down at her lap.


“I figured, but it’s not a big deal,” I tried to reassure.


“But it is to me Nick…” Chloe asserted.


“Did you have a fight with them or something?” I asked, worried.


Chloe just shifted her head over to me. A twinkle was in her eye. It was as if she was thinking, except I wasn’t sure what it was about. I got my answer soon enough. Without warning, Chloe decided to go with her feelings and she quickly leaned in and planted an enormous kiss over my entire face. She immediately blushed and sat upright again, holding her hand over her mouth. I was shocked, and it was certainly unexpected.


“Chlo… I…” I couldn’t say the words.


“I know you love Bridgette Nick…. But I’m starting to realize I see you way more than just a friend!” Chloe began to tear up, “Seeing you so happy with her and the way you two flirt with each other… I just wish that could be us!”


I sat down on the bed, contemplating the complete railroad of information circling around me.


“I know! I shouldn’t be dumping this on you, but I’ve been holding it in for awhile now and I just can’t any more!” She cried.


“Chloe… I have strong feelings for you too…” I admitted to her, “But I love Bridgette, a lot.”


Chloe turned her head away, unable to accept the words that just came out of my mouth. She began to sob.


“I don’t want to lose you Nick! Please! Please forgive me!” Chloe begged.


“Chloe it’s ok, there is nothing to forgive,” I reassured.


“But there is! I’ve hurt you in the past, nearly crushed you on purpose beneath my feet out of anger!” Chloe was referring to her episode last year, “and I have failed to protect you twice in a row! And now I can’t even accept our friendship with you because of my selfishness!” Chloe continued to sob.


I wasn’t sure what to do. I understood why she was upset, but I never knew she felt so guilty about all this. I had held her cruel act against her for the longest time, thinking her to be to unstable and arrogant to be entirely trustworthy. And because of this I forgot one simple fact. Chloe was my first; my first friend. She had been there for me longer than any of my friends, and arguably my family too in some areas.


“Chloe,” I said, as she could barely look over to me in her emotional state, “if Bridgette wasn’t in the picture…”


Chloe wiped a tear from her face.


“Then maybe you and me could…”


“I don’t want to get between you two…” Chloe said, starting to calm down as she wiped her face dry.


“You will always be my closest friend, there is no one on this earth that can take that away from you,” I assured.


Chloe feigned a smile, and I knew that she appreciated those words, however I feared they might not be enough anymore. Chloe’s feelings for me had obviously evolved, and I began to worry that this was the beginning of a long and dreadful chip in our friendship in the long run. Would I date Chloe? I wasn’t sure. I certainly had feelings for her, more than a friendship, however I loved Bridgette more, and I couldn’t sack one relationship for the other. I wanted things to go back to normal between me and Chloe, but that wasn’t going to happen anymore.


“Come downstairs and hang out with us, maybe you can stay for Christmas too!” I changed the subject, desperately trying to up the mood.


“But Bridgette…” Chloe started


“Bridgette would be more than happy to have you with us,” I lied.


Chloe smiled, feeling slightly better. I waited for her to drop her palm to the bed so I could hitch a ride, but she hadn’t reached for me yet.


“Nick… I need to tell you something else…” Chloe said.


“What is it?” I asked, curious.


“I want to explain to you why I did what I did that night…” Chloe said, referring to last year when she crushed me under her bare foot during our argument.


“There is a reason I’ve teased you with my feet so often throughout the years…”


I couldn’t think of anything to say, and I merely stood there, waiting to hear what she had to say.


“Nick… I think I have a giantess fetish…” Chloe revealed.


“I think… I think I like feeling you under my feet…”


Honestly, it made sense. But I was still surprised to hear her admit it. It took a lot of guts for her to admit her fetish to me, especially after all the insane encounters I’ve had with Sally and Zelena’s fetishes. She was probably afraid I’d reject her for it or something.


I sighed, and decided I had an idea to make Chloe happy. It was pretty much the same deal I made with Sally last week.


“Would you like to?” I suggested, smiling up at her. It sounded crazy in my head. Not only was I going through with the idea of letting Chloe play out her fantasy, but Bridgette was literally downstairs. I certainly couldn’t let Chloe get caught, but I wasn’t sure when I’d get a good chance to let her play this out again either.


Chloe’s eyes widened, “Nick oh no! You don’t have to do that for me honestly!” Chloe seemed very nervous, unsure whether or not to accept my offer.


“You don’t have too Chloe, but I’m letting you know as a friend, I’m ok with it,” I assured.


“Rea… Really?” Chloe started to get a little excited.


“I promise,” I assured once more.


“What about Bridgette?” Chloe seemed concerned about getting caught.


“I doubt anyone will disturb us, you did ask to speak to me alone after all,” I stated, “besides, they would knock first.”


Chloe thought about it for a second, and seemed to decide that she wasn’t going to pass up this opportunity. She was certainly happy that she had opened up about her fetish now. Never had she imagined that I’d say yes.


I allowed her to place me on the ground, where I lied down on my back. I was a little frightened, but I had a feeling that this time would be a bit more gentle than the last. Chloe slowly set both her silky smooth feet on both sides of my body, her rose red nails glimmering from the ceiling light.


“Before I do this… Are you absolutely sure?” Chloe wanted to make sure it was fine. I nodded at her.


Chloe blushed, and slowly began to slide her left foot across the carpet, inching her toes closer and closer to my body. I laid perfectly still, making eye contact with Chloe as I felt the carpet vibrate as her foot slid closer to me ever so slowly. I started to regret allowing this, but I was sincerely hoping that by letting Chloe perform this act on me, that it would ease some of the emotional tension we seemed to be having. I had to show her that I was willing to let her do things to me that I wouldn’t allow anyone else, it was the ultimate trust.


Her foot had reached my legs, and her foot began to slide over my entire body. Her skin was as soft as a pillow, and her smooth wrinkless soles began to slide over my face. I could have sworn I heard a slight moan come from Chloe, and I prayed that she wouldn’t make to much noise as I didn’t like the idea of Bridgette eavesdropping and hearing our little escapades. I began to wonder if this counted as cheating. I mean, I wasn’t having sex with Chloe, but at the same time this was a sexual fetish that Chloe was performing with me. That had to count as cheating right?


Her toes began to wiggle her toes as she began to sink her foot deeper and deeper into the carpet. The pressure wasn’t painful, but it did make it slightly hard to breathe. Her feet smelt like the cold winter air. Probably due to being barefoot out in the cold. Her feet were freezing, though she didn’t seem to notice. There was a couple specks of dirt here and there, but otherwise her feet were pretty clean all things considered. I could hear her begin to moan a bit more, and I was seriously hoping that she wasn’t playing with herself. She began to rub her foot up and down across my body, which resulted in my dick beginning to harden. I began to get nervous, and I started to sweat. She was starting to turn me on, and it scared me. I began to feel guilty, and had convinced myself that I had certainly cheated on Bridgette.


Chloe had completely engulfed me under her foot, my face firmly pressed into the sole of her skin. She began to lift the heel of her foot upwards, as she applied more pressure beneath her toes. My legs had been freed, but my chest and face were beginning to take the brunt of the pressure. She began to slide her middle toes across my face, and it only made me harder. I didn’t recall having a foot fetish, but this experience had certainly caused me to rethink whether I did or not. My face ended up between Chloe’s big and middle toe, and for the first time in a couple minutes I saw her face. She was biting her lower lip and it was then I noticed her hand in her pants. She was indeed pleasuring herself. Initially I was frustrated, however something inside me couldn’t help but imagine her playing with me inside her panties… I was completely guilt ridden at this point. It was obvious that I was beginning to get torn between Bridgette and Chloe, but how long before it drove me mad?


Chloe tilted her head back in sexual ecstasy, as she began to finger herself vigorously in pleasure. Her big toe had begun to move down my chest and directly over my crotch. My mind was telling me to abort, but my body wouldn’t protest. She began to rub my hard dick through my jeans, and I have to be completely honest, it felt fucking amazing.


This went on for about ten minutes, as Chloe rubbed her toe across my junk and applied careful pressure. She had then began to rub her toes across my face again, as she wiggled them about as if she was trying to tease me. Eventually she was satisfied, and had moved her foot off of my body. I just laid there, unsure whether I should hate myself or not for doing this behind Bridgette’s back. Chloe bent over and picked me up, placing me in her palm. She was clearly ecstatic at the experience she just had.


“Nick… I will never forget this…” Chloe thanked me, placing a kiss atop my head.


“What are friends for?” I said, feigning the best smile I could.


She smiled back, but I knew deep inside that the statement didn’t sit well with her. Content with one another's feelings, Chloe escorted me back downstairs, where for the rest of the day we all played board games and drank hot cocoa to keep warm in this cold, cold winter. As Lucy and Kaya shared jokes, and Chloe and Ashley exchanged girl talk, I looked out the window, to see a strong blizzard outside. Bridgette leaned her face close to mine.


“Feels like we’re in the dead of winter doesn’t it?” She suggested, staring out the window with me.


“Yeah…” I said, staring into the white abyss.


*The day before Christmas*


That night Chloe had slept on the couch, while Bridgette and me shared a bed again, and Kaya sleeping with Ashley and Lucy. Lucy took a sleeping bag to the floor, to give Kaya more space on the bed. Ashley wasn’t feeling as generous apparently, and refused to give up her spot on the bed. She just kept a careful distance on her side. Eventually however Kaya had woken up. It was about five in the morning, and she wasn’t able to fall back asleep. She had to much on her mind from the night before, from what she had witnessed going on in my room while me and Chloe were behind closed doors.


Bridgette didn’t seem to trust Chloe one bit, and had asked Kaya to sneak a peek under my door. Kaya tried to protest, but Bridgette had pleaded with her. Kaya figured nothing was going on, but agreed to get Bridgette off of her back. Bridgette distracted Lucy and Ashley as Kaya made her way off the coffee table and up the stairs, so that they wouldn’t ask questions. Kaya was using all the ladders around the house, built by my mother to help me navigate easier, and to be a bit more independent. Kaya was fascinated by all the ladders and ropes, as her father had done no such thing back at her own home. Her father insisted on helping her do everything, he was far more paranoid than my family. She was very glad to be over, and hoped that she could visit me more often, as she felt more comfortable in a house where she could have more freedom to do as she pleased.


She eventually reached the top of the stairwell, and started walking towards my bedroom door. It was at this moment she began to hear a faint moaning, and she immediately knew that couldn’t have been a good sign. She walked up to my bedroom door and stealthily crawled midway under the crack of the door. She put her hand to her mouth in shock from what she had witnessed. She saw Chloe pressing on top of me with her enormous bare foot, and she saw that Chloe was fingering herself. At first she had thought that Chloe was forcing this upon me, but after a bit she began to realize that it was reciprocated. Kaya quickly crawled back out into the hallway, not wanting to be spotted. Bridgette’s worst nightmare had indeed come true, and Kaya wasn’t sure if she had the heart to tell her. She didn’t want to ruin her new friendship with Nick and Chloe, but she didn’t want to lie either.


Kaya thought to herself for a few minutes, before deciding she would confront me later to find out exactly what I was thinking. She headed back downstairs, and told Bridgette nothing was happening. Of course she felt guilty, but she thought it would be best to confront me before doing anything foolish.


And now she was awake at five in the morning, still conflicted by what she had seen that previous night. She decided this would be the perfect opportunity to talk to me about it, before anyone else woke up. She looked over at Ashley, who was laying on the side of the bed where the ladder down was. Lucy had borrowed the ladder leading up to the island counter so that I could independently climb up and down her bed. It was very kind of her. Kaya stood up, and started walking over towards Ashley. Ashley wasn’t under the covers for some reason; instead she was laying on top of the comforter. She had a very small t-shirt on, which Kaya guessed was exposing her belly button on the other side. Ashley’s back was facing Kaya. She was wearing a black thong, and it surprised Kaya a little. She didn’t realize Ashley had gotten into bed with her so scantily clad. She was even more surprised that Ashley was dressed like this and not under the sheets, it was fairly cold after all.


Kaya just shrugged her shoulders and continued to walk. She had reached Ashley’s back, and decided it’d be best to walk around her instead of trying to climb the colossal women. She began walking towards the end of the bed, where Ashley’s bare feet were. She was thinking about what she would say to me, wondering how to bring up the topic without angering me and whatnot. Kaya had eventually become parallel to Ashley’s enormous glutes, and that is when the bed started to shake. Kaya stopped, wondering what was going on. She looked up at Ashley, who was shifting her position. Kaya widened her eyes in horror at what she saw next. Like a meteor, Ashley’s big ass started to hurtle downwards. Kaya attempted to let out a scream, but not before Ashley turned onto her back, her ass crashing down on top of the poor little teenager. Next thing Kaya knew, she was trapped underneath the crack of Ashley’s butt cheeks.


It was very sweaty, almost as if Ashley was too hot or something. This again made no sense, because it was literally ten degrees outside, and the house couldn’t have been warmer than fifty degrees itself! Kaya wriggled and struggled under the enormous weight of her captor, but it was pointless. She couldn’t move her arms, legs, or head. Her face was firmly planted sideways into the smooth skin of Ashley’s cheeks. Aside from the sweat, the smell wasn’t to awful. She could tell she was close to the forbidden spot of Ashley’s buttocks, as the smell made it’s presence known. Kaya wish she could slap herself, she should have known better than to wander too close to a sleeping giant, but she had never been in this kind of situation before, and wasn’t as experienced as I was in avoiding these mishaps.


For a solid fifteen minutes she was trapped underneath Ashley’s ass, before a deep and unusual groaning noise was heard emanating within Ashley. Kaya tried to slow her breathing, trying to see if she could hear where the noise was coming from. It sorta creeped her out a little, but it almost sounded as if the sound was getting closer and closer to her location. After only a few seconds longer, she began to know exactly what it was, and she began to viciously attempt at wiggling herself free. It was useless however, and eventually the noise had reached directly above her. She looked directly upward between Ashley’s buttcheeks where she was trapped between. The lace of her thong spanned up and down across her butt crack, and Kaya realized that she was directly below her asshole.


All of a sudden Kaya felt Ashley’s cheeks move slightly apart, as her anus expanded ever so slightly, letting out an enormous fart. The toxic gases rushed out of Ashley’s arse like a cannon, completely swallowing Kaya in it’s mist. Kaya’s eyes began to burn, and the smell overwhelmed her senses to the point where she nearly passed out. The smell was like that of rotten eggs mixed with cough syrup. It was utterly repulsive. Kaya struggled like a mad woman to cover her nose, but she simply couldn’t move her arms at all. She simply had to endure the torture as Ashley mercilessly laid on top of her. Kaya forced herself to hold her breathe, but eventually her lungs threatened to collapse and she was forced to inhale another scent of Ashley’s misgivings.


As if by a stroke of luck, Ashley had decided to reposition herself once more, moving back to her again. Kaya joined the ride, wedged in between Ashley’s butt cheeks still. She was pretty high in the air, or at least for her size she felt like she was. She inhaled as much fresh air as she could, and immediately crawled free from between her fleshy prison. She tumbled back onto the bedsheets, before immediately sprinting towards the end of the bed where Ashley’s feet rested. She finally stopped next to one of Ashley’s bare feet, resting her hand upon it as she caught her breathe. The experience was horrifying indeed, but there was no way she was going to tell anybody about it! She was so embarrassed, and she also didn’t want her father to find out. He’d never let her come over to my house again if he found out.


Kaya decided to get over the incident, and walked around Ashley’s feet and towards the ladder. As she began to climb down, she stopped for a moment to look up at Ashley’s face. She was dead asleep, and would never know the embarrassing torture she had put Kaya thru. Kaya wasn’t going to hold it against her however, it wasn’t Ashley’s fault. Ashley had kept to her side of the bed, it was herself that had made the mistake of wandering so close. Kaya finished climbing down the ladder and made her way to Lucy’s bedroom door. She was now focused again on getting to my room to confront me about Chloe and I’s little “talk” yesterday morning. She reached Lucy’s door, before turning around to make sure Lucy and Ashley were still asleep. Lucy was bundled up in her sleeping bag, completely passed out. Good, Kaya thought, and she continued under the crack of the door.


As she entered the hallway, it was pretty dark. At five in the morning in December, it was still dark outside. However there were some lightly lit nightlights in two outlets in the hallway, providing a good sense of direction for Kaya. She could just barely see the outline of my bedroom door. She slowly stumbled her way in the darkened hall, as she made her way to my room. After she was about halfway there however, she heard the shutting of a door from behind her. The ground began to shake a little, and Kaya was aware that somebody was now awake. She turned around, to see the enormous figure of my mother, Harley. She was clearly tired, and her eyes were hardly open as she was still pretty drowsy.


Kaya didn’t know what to do, and she certainly didn’t want to explain to Miss Kemp why she was up so early. My mother Harley began walking in her direction, her long strides reaching Kaya quicker than she could react. The hallway wasn’t that long, so it was effortless for her to reach where Kaya stood. My mother was in her nightgown, her unpainted toes revealed by the dimly lit floor. Kaya fell backwards on her arse as she realized she was directly in my mother's path. This had to be the worst morning she was having so far.


My mother’s unaware foot completely shadowed over Kaya, and she closed her eyes and prepared for the worst. My mother’s foot crashed down, but Kaya seemed to be slightly lucky today; slightly. She had been squished between my mother’s toes, and was stuck for the ride. Kaya gave a sigh of relief that she wasn’t crushed to death, but then my mother’s foot lifted as she continued to walk, to tired to recognize the tiny object between her stubby toes.


The world spun as Kaya helplessly and repeatedly flung in the air. My mother had awoken for a bathroom break, and was heading for the bathroom. Eventually the carpet turned to tile, and every step became worse as Kaya’s feet continuously smacked the cold hard floor. My mother finally stopped walking as she stood in front of the toilet, and Kaya could finally relax. My mother pulled down her underwear to her ankles, and lifted her nightgown to sit on the toilet. Kaya was too afraid to move, not wanting Miss Harley to mistake her for a bug. At this time of the morning, anything could happen! First Ashley, now my mother, Kaya was certainly getting stressed out. Kaya could hear the sound of splashing water as my mother let out a torrent of piss. She yawned while she did so, and began to scrunch her toes. Kaya found herself being squished, and it wasn’t very pleasant. Her toes reeked of sweat, as if my mother hadn’t washed them in awhile.


My mother however had finally woken up enough to notice the unusual object between her toes, and without really looking reached down to her toes and removed the object between her thumb and index finger. Kaya was swiftly removed from from my mother's feet, and thought she had been discovered, until she soon realized that it was simply not so. My mother had figured Kaya to be a piece of lint in her toes, and without really paying attention held Kaya between her legs, before dropping her. She had decided to simply dispose of the lint by flushing it down the toilet with the rest of her piss. Kaya hurtled downwards, but was barely able to grab the edge of the toilet seat before tumbling into the wretched waters below. My mother grabbed some toilet paper and wiped herself dry, before dropping it into the toilet. Kaya looked behind her, my mother’s unshaved vagina in complete view. Kaya couldn’t believe she was staring at Miss Harley’s private area, and felt guilty. But it wasn’t her fault, not really.


As my mother stood up, the world shifted as Harley’s leg lifted above Kaya like skyscrapers. Her grip was starting to weaken, and she tried desperately to get onto the toilet seat. My mother pulled the lever down, and the toilet began to flush. My mother then left the bathroom, leaving Kaya to fend for herself. The water’s rushed like a raging river, as the pissy waters formed a whirlpool, threatening to suck Kaya below them. Kaya finally gathered all her strength, and pulled herself on top of the toilet seat, barely escaping certain doom. This morning was turning out to be quite the event. Was this what Nick’s life was like? A life of minor independence? Nothing like this ever happened to Kaya, because she was sheltered for so long. Needless to say, she began to realize she needed to adjust the way she wandered around.


For starters, she needed to avoid sleeping giants. And second, it was obvious she needed to stick closer to the walls when in the hallway, to avoid anyone who might be wandering thru at five in the morning! Who knew life could be so dangerous! Kaya jumped of the toilet seat and onto the soft and fuzzy mat below, and then proceeded to travel across the tile floor before exiting the bathroom. Miss Harley wasn’t in site, and Kaya assumed she had gone back to bed. Kaya listened for a short moment, just to make sure no one else was making any noise. After she was convinced everyone was asleep, she decided to quickly cross the hall floor and up to my bedroom door. She crawled under the opening, and began her journey to my bed.


She could see the outline of Bridgette above, in nothing but her bra and panties. She too was above covers, which she assumed was because I was sleeping atop her or something. She began to make her way towards the ladder of my bed, before she noticed something in the corner of her vision. She turned around, facing my closet. There was a dim, but noticeable light coming from within. The closet was barely cracked open, which caused the light to be somewhat visible. It was flickering, so it was obvious that the source had to of been a candle. She decided to change course, and started walking towards the closet to see what was going on.


I had woken up early that morning as well, and as Kaya went thru her little misadventures with my family, I was feeling sick to my stomach after the guilt had gotten to me. I had taken the mini matches out of Bridgette’s pant pocket that was on the floor, they were the size of her thumbnail so they weren’t to hard to carry. It was only paper after all. I carried them with me inside my closet. After discovering all the old memories hidden within, I had found myself interested in taking another look. I had found a small candle, like one that you would put in a pumpkin or something, and carefully lit a match to light the candle. I swung the match like a sword afterwards to put out the flame. The candle lit up the closet somewhat decently. It was enough.


I had tried thinking about my last halloween experience before I had shrunken to small to go out anymore. My old costume was neatly folded in the corner of the closet. I had decided to be stuart little that year. I had been shrinking for awhile now, and I think my last halloween was when I was around two and a half feet tall or so. Stuart little was my hero at that age, because he was so small and yet he accomplished such great things. I remember throwing a tantrum the next year when my mother told me it wasn’t safe to take me trick or treating anymore. I cried for weeks over it. Of course now I didn’t care, but as a kid Halloween was a holiday favorite for me. All good memories fade though, and one day I knew it would all be behind me.


“You’re up too huh?” Said a female voice from behind me. I turned around, a little startled. It was Kaya.


“Oh… yeah I couldn’t really sleep,” I explained.


“Me either,” Kaya shared, “too much on my mind…”


Kaya walked over to the candle, and spread her hands out to warm up. I walked over to join her. The candle I lit was next to my old bulletin board. It had some pin needles wedged into the foam still, but I never used it anymore. It had probably been in here for years.


“I was just taking a trip down memory lane,” I shared, “thinking about my last Halloween.”


“Lucky, my father never let me go trick or treating,” Kaya smiled at me as she shared her story, “he told me that candy was unhealthy and not what a responsible young girl should be eating…”


She laughed it off like it was a joke, and I joined in a little as to make things comfortable.


“Guess I’m lucky to have gone a few times at least then,” I said, “though at our size I imagine we are missing out on quite a bit.”


“Yeah…” Kaya sighed, “I’d love to ride horses one day, but it probably won’t ever happen.”


“I’d like to look into someone's eyes at their level for once,” I wished, as me and Kaya both looked at one another.


“Guess some dreams do come true,” Kaya said, as a light red blush swept across her cheeks.


“Heh, I guess so,” I smiled.


Silence ensued for a short while, before Kaya felt courageous enough to confront me with what she had come into my room for.


“Nick…” Kaya said, unsure of how to bring up the topic.


“What’s up?” I said, holding my hands close to the flame to warm up my ligaments.


“I saw you and Chloe yesterday…” Kaya finally admitted.


My entire body froze. She couldn’t have? Could she? Why was she even upstairs though!? How did she get to my room without drawing someone else's curiosity?


“Kaya… I…” I mumbled.


“It’s ok, I didn’t tell Bridgette,” Kaya reassured, “but I have to say, you and Bridgette being in a relationship, I’m kind of confused as to what you and Chloe were doing exactly…”


I couldn’t speak. This was certainly not a good impression. I didn’t want Kaya to think of me as some kind of ‘player’. I decided to be completely truthful, after all she already knew everything from what I’ve heard.


“I love Bridgette, I really do,” I explained, “but some part of me… some part of me loves Chloe too I think, I’m completely torn.”


“I understand… they are both very beautiful women Nick,” Kaya understood, “but shouldn’t you be honest with the both of them?”


“I know I should, but I’m afraid… I don’t want to lose one for the other,” I explained, guilt creeping over me again.


“Of course not, but you will lose them both if you don’t work out your feelings with them both,” Kaya told me, and she was right.


I nodded, to indicate that I understood what she was saying. We both took a moment of silence, as Kaya began to feel better for bringing it up. She felt like maybe she was helping me work thru my thoughts, and perhaps maybe she was. It was kind of like a wake up call.


“I MUST ask though… why exactly was Chloe… stepping on you yesterday?” Kaya asked, her curiosity peaked, “like… she was stepping on you, and she was like… you know… touching herself…” Kaya was trying desperately to tread on thin ice.


“She… she has like a crush fetish or something…” I explained the best I could, “she likes to feel me helpless under her feet; it turns her on I guess.”


“Oh,” Kaya said in response, pondering her thoughts. Then she looked back at me, “wait, do you have like a foot fetish or something?”


“What!? No definitely not!” I responded firmly, mixed in my answer.


Kaya gave me the facial expression that said ‘mhmmm, whatever you say cowboy’ before turning her eyes back to the flame with a smirk across her face.


“Well, what about MY feet huh?” Kaya teased, as she extended her left foot forward, arching it as her toes bent forward on the closet floor.


I didn’t want to look, but I did. Her feet were long, and if she were a normal sized human being her feet would probably be a size thirteen to be honest. Her toes were very long and slender. Her toenails were not painted, however there wasn’t exactly a ‘tiny nail brush’ designed for one inch tall people, so I didn’t expect her nails to have been painted. Wrinkles lined the underside of her arch, and she had a single lone freckle right below her ankle on the side of her heel. For some reason, I felt strange. I started seriously questioning myself. Could I have a foot fetish? Did Chloe’s little playful fun yesterday reveal something inside of me that I wasn’t aware of? I couldn’t be sure, but one thing was for certain; Kaya’s feet were getting a reaction out of my body.


“You do have nice feet haha,” I laughed, trying to play it off.


Kaya moved her foot back, “haha, yeah I’m just teasing yuh. Though I must admit, it looked painful watching Chloe press so hard on you!”


I hadn’t said a word, and Kaya had a split thought that I might be embarrassed by her statements. She looked over at me to see if I was ok.


“You alrig….” she stopped talking as she realized my eyes were floating past her. My focus was on something else entirely, and I began to take a few steps back as my eyes turned to that of horror.


“Kaya…” I said, terrified.


Kaya turned around to see what I was so horrified to see, and what she saw made her let out a blood curdling scream as if we were in a horror movie. And we might as well been, because before us, only a foot away, was the largest spider I’d ever seen in my life. And at one inch tall, it only made it seem that much larger. It’s legs were long and smooth, it’s body entirely black. The hideous arachnid raised it’s arms to the sky as if it were preparing to attack, and that’s when I saw the dreadful red hourglass on its underside. It was an enormous female black widow, and I wasn’t sure as to why it was in my closet, but I knew that we were in immediate danger.


Kaya immediately whiplashed in my direction in an attempt to run, but the widow was to fast and took its two front legs and grabbed Kaya, dragging it towards the creature.


“NIIIIICCCKKKKK!” She screamed as the hideous monstrosity dragged her towards it’s fangs. I looked to my left, and saw the bulletin board. It was within arms reach and I immediately removed one of the pin needles, rushing towards the black widow as fast as I could. The widow dragged Kaya directly under it’s hideous eight eyed face, as it opened it’s hideous mouth to reveal to enormous fangs. The fangs were dripping with what could only be assumed to be venom. The widow began to produce it’s silky string, as it began wrapping Kaya in a cocoon. It didn’t get to far, as I immediately lunged at the creature and attempted to thrust the needled into it’s head. However I wasn’t strong enough to pierce its exoskeleton, and the needle fell out of my hand as the black widow smacked me inches across the carpet with its long and powerful ligament. I landed on the ground in pain, and was temporarily incapacitated.


“NICK PLEASE!” Kaya was screaming in horror, as the black widow began to wind her up in a webby prison once more. She cried and begged for the creature to stop, but the black widow was merciless, and only had the mind of a predator. It dawned over Kaya that her and I were inside a closed closet, and there wasn’t a chance anybody would hear our cries, not at this time of the morning. Eventually Kaya’s sight began to fade, as the the tight silky prison began to cover her face.


I managed to regain my focus, and saw as the black widow had nearly finished preparing it’s struggling meal.


“Oh fuck no!” I shouted, picking up my needle once more and rushing over to the enormous monster that was before me. The widow lifted its legs once more as it saw me coming, and this time I lunged with all the strength I could muster. I thrust the needle down as hard as I could into the widow's eyes, which sent it writhing in pain as it’s two front legs desperately tried to remove the needle. But it couldn’t and the dangerous arachnid dropped its prey and retreated into the shadows.


I immediately rushed over to Kaya, and quickly began to peel the silk open. It was like a rope tied around a thousand times, and for a moment I wasn’t sure if I was strong enough to rip the silk open. But after giving it my all, I finally managed to rip an opening over Kaya’s face. Kaya immediately gasped for air, as her vision began to come back to her. She was dizzy, and it was hard to comprehend what had just happened.


“Nic… Nick??” Kaya mumbled.


“It’s ok, It’s gone…” I assured, as Kaya began to regain her composure. I began attempting to remove the rest of the webbing, but it wasn’t long before the familiar scream of Kaya had rung throughout my ears.


“NICK LOOKOUT!” Kaya shouted. I turned a little to late as the black widow lunged forward. It pinned me down to the ground, the needle still jabbed into one of it’s eyes. It brought its fangs down to rip into my flesh, but I grabbed each one with each hand and prevented it from doing so. The black widow was nothing but pure muscle under its skeletal armour, and and the fangs got closer and closer to my chest as it prepared to rip me open. The venom began to drip down the fangs and began to drip down my arms. This was it, I thought; This was how I die.


But as all the times before me, God had seemed to be on my side. The enormous creaking of the closet door could be heard as it was opened wide, the light from my bedroom luminaire completely illuminating the dark confines of my closet. As if it could sense fear, the black widow immediately let me go and attempted to retreat. However it didn’t make it far, as an enormous tennis shoe came crashing down on the fierce monstrosity. Just like that its life came to an abrupt end. I laid down on my back, exhausted from the near death experience. Black widows were known to be outside dwellers, however it must have taken residence inside our home to keep warm.


“Oh my god are you guys ok!?!?” Bridgette shouted, leaving the shoe atop the now deceased spider as picked up Kaya to remove her from the rest of the webbing.


“I barely woke up and saw a flickering light inside the closet,” Bridgette explained, “thank god I checked it out!!!!”


Yes, thank God indeed. Because her saving grace was surely a miracle, I was certain of it.


Bridgette finally freed Kaya, and then reached down to pick me up as well. I had some cuts and scratches, but otherwise I was fine. She brought us over to my bed and set me down.


“What were you two doing up so early!?” Bridgette demanded, worried sick, “you two could have died!”


“Were just chatting…” I protested, not amused by the tone of Bridgette’s belittling voice.


“At five thirty in the morning!?” Bridgette was furious, but it was out of love, and I knew that.


“Bridgette, we are fine,” I asserted.


Kaya merely kept quiet, not wanting to get in the middle of anything. She was just simply relieved to be alive.


“Nick… I can’t…” Bridgette said, clenching her eyes shut in frustration, “I can’t lose you, I just can’t.”


“You won’t,” I tried to assure, but I wasn’t convincing.


“I love you… I love you too much…” Bridgette pleaded for me to understand her point of view, “I know you don’t like being smothered, but please, let me be there to keep you safe!”


I turned around, placing my hands on my hips. Bridgette merely stared at the back of my head, waiting to hear if I would respond. I understood at my size, life was dangerous. Even after all the trials I have faced, danger was still lurking. It didn’t matter who was protecting me, it didn’t matter how careful I tried to be; because at any moment my life could come to an abrupt end by even the smallest mistake. So what did it matter what we tried to do? If I was going to die, I was going to die. No amount of protection could stop that from happening.


“I understand how you feel Bridgette,” I assured, “but the day I can’t take care of myself, is the day that my life truly becomes… meaningless.”




Chapter 29 - Merry Christmas Nick by Frizzle


*Christmas Morning At GenetiCo Meeting Room*


Today would be a monumental success for Auron. After the will and testimony of GenetiCo’s former CEO had been reviewed by a judge, all of his stock in GenetiCo now belonged to Auron. Auron was now finally in control of the company he had worked with all his life, and now he could finally put into motion his vision for the world.


The eleven other board members sat at the oval table, their hands folded. Auron sat at the end of the table, twiddling his thumbs. He had called them all in the morning of Christmas, pulling them from their families at a very unlikely time. He understood this, but it was necessary.


“I understand you all are not pleased to be here today,” Auron stated, beginning his speech, “but I assure you, this is of the utmost necessity.”


“You may pull us from our families with the power you now hold Auron,” interrupted a board member towards the end of the table, “however you have not earned the respect our former CEO once held in our regards, and we find it insulting to be here.”


“Yes, I hear your concerns,” Auron kept his composure, ignoring the blatant attack of his character, “and I have already coordinated your reimbursement for today's meeting,” Auron snapped his fingers, signaling his assistant to enter the room.


The short and curvy female assistant entered the room, a stack of papers in hand. She swiftly went to each board member, handing them their designated document.


“What my assistant is handing you, is a document entailing the deposit of one hundred million dollars,” Auron started, “one hundred million dollars EACH.”


Gasps aroused by each of the board members, as they quickly looked over their respective papers, astonished at what they were both hearing AND reading.


“Along with your holiday bonus, I have divided eleven percent of my share of seventy eight percent of this company, to each of you individually,” Auron added, “as a token of gratitude for the time and energy you have spent into the magnificence of this company.”


The board members looked at one another in utter astonishment, unsure of what to say, or even how to say it. Finally one of them spoke, a female near the front of the table.


“Why?” She asked, generally confused at Auron’s kindness.


“Because it’s time we make a mark on this world, a mark unlike anyone has seen before,” Auron explained.


“You are all aware of the incredulous gene disorder that has affected hundreds of innocent children around the globe yes?” Auron asked, as the members nodded their head as an answer.


“Quite unfortunate, to be born only to be doomed all at once to a fate of being reduced until eventually you are too small to be recognized,” Auron detailed, feigning his concern for the afflicted. Auron snapped his fingers once more, as a man entered the room this time.


“This is Gary Morgan, a genius in genetics research and biochemistry,” Auron introduced, as Gary waved towards the board members, “his own daughter, is only an inch tall; and he has created a DNA marker of his own, which has eliminated the gene error that caused his daughter to shrink in the first place, and now he is here to help us create the cure.”


“How can we cure something that is written within the DNA code itself?” One of the board members asked.


“The same way Mr. Morgan here created the marker to eliminate the gene disorder in his daughter,” Karn answered, “he spent years creating it, ten years to be exact. Now with our help, we will create a mass DNA code that can be applied to ALL the victims, one that will grow them back to normal over the course of days rather than years!”


The board members nodded in approval, “and we are certain we can accomplish such a daunting task?” a board member asked skeptically.


“With your help, and GenetiCo’s infamous research and labs, I am certain I can create this marker,” Gary assured.


“If we do this, Auron, we will have the tools necessary to accomplish much more than reversing a shrinking crisis, we could perfect the human genome on a global scale! We’d be filthy rich!” One of the board members drooled over the idea.


“Not only will we do it, but we will accomplish what no man has come close to accomplishing,” Auron raised his arms, as the board members clapped in agreement for the company's new focus.


The members had been dismissed back to their families, along with Gary Morgan who was headed back to pick up his daughter. Auron tapped his fingers on the table in intense contemplation. He had done it, he had fooled them all. Their feeble minds couldn’t possibly comprehend the greatness he would cast over this pathetic planet. And thanks to his newest recruit Gary Morgan, and his intense persistence to correct his daughter's size, he had all he needed to set his plan in motion. There was only one thing that remained, he needed to obtain the first of his subjects, his first success, of which hosted the DNA code to fully complete his work; on a global scale.




A single audible knock was heard on the glass door to the meeting room, and Auron nonchalantly looked over to the door, to see Zelena standing behind it. A crooked smile formed across his face, as he nodded for her to enter. Zelena, in her all black and glossy leather outfit, opened the door and entered the room. Her six inch black closed toe heels clicked and clacked as she walked over to one of the meeting room chairs. She slowly bent over to sit down, as she crossed her right leg over her left, her arms resting on her thigh.


“Have you learned anything?” Auron asked, his fingers still tapping the oval table.


“Tessa Mongoya is a traitor, she was working for the council the entire time,” Zelena revealed, “and last week she attempted to kidnap the little prick during his P.E. class.”


Auron took a hand to his chin, “Interesting… it seems the council has an apparent interest in Mr. Kemp.”


“Do you want me to eliminate her?” Zelena asked, hoping the answer was yes.


“If she gets in your way, of course,” Auron replied, “however our immediate focus is Nick. I want you to retrieve him before Tessa does.”


“That isn’t possible, not without getting caught,” Zelena argued, “since Mongoya’s attempted kidnapping, he is either with his parents, or under watch by school security twenty-four/seven.”


Auron thought some more, contemplating a way to obtain what he needed, “maybe the best course of action, is to draw him to US instead?”


“How? If he knew I was lurking around him, he’d never leave the haven of Eagle High,” Zelena responded.


“He would if it was for love, no?” Auron suggested, his eyes shifting over to Zelena’s.


Auron stood up, and walked over to a small end table behind him. He picked up a small briefcase that was placed upon it, and brought it over to the oval table. He walked up to where Zelena sat, and placed the briefcase in front of her. He entered in the four digit code on the case, and then placed his thumb over the sensor. The case clicked open. Auron opened the case, and revealed what looked like a taser, only not quite. Zelena wasn’t sure what exactly she was looking at.


“What is it?” Zelena asked, picking the unusual item up in her hands.


“That, will make it much easier to obtain anybody you need in order to draw Nick out of his protection detail,” Auron explained, “it has one use, and it cost me thirty billion dollars to create.”


Zelena gasped in shock, almost as if she couldn’t comprehend what made this unusual gun like item so expensive. Auron sat down in a chair beside her, and placed an arm on her shoulder.


“I managed to recreate the gene error, and that weapon in your hands can pass the trait on to anybody that comes into contact with it,” Auron explained, “Simply hold it against their body, and press the trigger. You get one shot, and one shot only.”


“Who should I use it on?” Zelena asked, a devilish smirk forming on her lips, “how long does it take to happen?”


“I’ve perfected the transference of the gene, it will instantly reduce their size to an inch, and all I need to recreate this weapon for a global scale, is Nick and his genome,” Auron heeded, “it’s vital he is unharmed. The rest however… I have no need for.”


“Why can’t I just shrink a stranger, and we use their genome?” Zelena asked, slightly confused, “wouldn’t it be easier?”


“Nick was my first subject, the first to shrink all the way from a normal height down to the size he is now,” Auron disclosed, “his gene is the only one that can replicate this weapon, because his gene is fully integrated within his genome. This weapon merely mimics the gene, and the victim you use it on won’t have the same integration our little friend has. We can’t use Gary’s daughter either, because he has eliminated the gene within her, ruining our chances of replicating her genome. Therefore Nick is my last hope if I’m to perfect my research.”


Zelena wasn’t a scientist by any means, but she knew Auron was a genius. If Nick was the only way for whatever his plan was, she would have to oblige. She took the weapon and hid it in the back of her tight leather pants.


“If I do this, and you perfect this ‘weapon’ of yours, I want one of my own,” Zelena demanded, “one with UNLIMITED uses… not one…”


“I swear it,” Auron lied, “and please, make haste. It won’t be long before Gary finds a solution… and we mustn’t allow it to happen.”


Zelena turned around to leave the meeting room, but right before she was about to leave, she turned around one final time.


“I’ll be seeing you… Uncle.”



*Meanwhile, an hour earlier back at Nick’s home*

The previous night had truly been physically draining. After the near death experience with the black widow, it was safe to say Kaya was pretty shaken. I had been fine, just physically drained from the fight. Kaya simply wasn’t use to this side of the tinies life. She was used to the protection of her father. But if she was going to want a life of freedom and independence, she would have to get used to becoming tangled in these kinds of situations. And I would be their to help her every step of the way if I had too. People our size, have to stick together.


Lucy was the first to wake up of course, storming into my room and screaming at the top of her lungs that it was time to open up the presents. It had to be seven in the morning, maybe even earlier. I hadn’t looked at my clock, so I wasn’t for sure. Bridgette helped me get dressed, before carrying me out of the room to head downstairs. Ashley was also leaving Lucy’s room simultaneously, with Kaya in her palm. We all headed downstairs to the family room to get ready with the ceremonial gift unwrapping.


“ME FIRST!” Shouted Lucy who immediately dove into the gift pile under the tree looking for presents that had her name on it.


“Lucy! Stop acting like a hooligan and be patient!” Shouted our mother, who had just come downstairs.


Lucy pouted as she crossed her arms and walked over to sit on the couch. Our mother pulled a chair from the dining room and placed it a few feet from the tree to sit down. Me and Kaya had been placed on the coffee table.


“I just want to thank Bridgette, Chloe and Kaya for being here,” my mother started, “Bridgette I consider you like family, same as you Chloe, for both of you have had an enormous impact on my sons life.”


“We love him dearly!” Chloe responded with glee.


“I wish your father were here,” my mother was talking to me and my sisters, “but unfortunately there has been no word from him, I’m truly sorry.”


It was strange that my father was absent. He had been looking forward to christmas for awhile now, and the last we heard from him was when my mother had told me he left to conduct some research. It was kind of depressing, not just for me but for Lucy as well. Ashley didn’t seem to care, but I knew somewhere deep down she cared a little.


“Well, now that we are all here as a family, let’s begin!” My mother exclaimed.


We weren’t necessarily rich or anything, but my mother was able to buy a few gifts for each of us, and it was evident she had been saving her money for a while to make this happen. Lucy had received the new Samsung Galaxy S8, and boy was she excited. It was the only gift my mother got her, as it was expensive, but Lucy was more than pleased. Ashley received a pair of diamond earrings, which I would assume valued around a couple hundred dollars. My mother had gotten Chloe a sparkly toe nail polish, to which my mother said ‘if you are going to prance around barefoot all the time, you might as well look fabulous doing it’ to which Chloe had a good laugh. Bridgette received a goofy christmas sweater, which my mother had knitted herself, and Bridgette was more than thankful.


After my mother had handed out her gifts, Bridgette had begun to hand a few herself. She had gotten lucy a new dress for the winter dance in January, and it was gorgeous. She had also gotten my mother a beautiful eagle diamond pendant, which her parents had helped produce of course. All the presents had been handed out, and everyone was more than thankful. The gifts may not have been even in value, but no one cared. We just were here for one another, and it made Christmas seem all the more exciting.


“I almost forgot ONE more gift…” My mother revealed, as she got up and left the room for a moment. Me and Kaya looked at each other confused. Was the gift for us? We hadn’t expected any gifts, simply because we were too small to even receive anything. Sure, clothing that was specially made, however my mother had built my closet extensively, so I couldn’t imagine her getting me ANOTHER outfit.


Soon my mother returned, and of course in her hand was the tiniest gift box you’d ever lay your eyes on. It was probably the size of her pinky nail, which I assume was as small as she could have been able to wrap such a tiny box. She gently placed it in front of me and Kaya.


“It’s a dual gift, something for both of you!” My mother clapped her hands together in excitement.


Me and Kaya both looked at each other in excitement, as we worked together to rip open the wrapping. Under the wrapping was an unusual box, almost like somebody took a page of paper and molded into a box like shape. Obviously my mother had to get creative to create a miniature gift box for her inch tall son and inch tall friend. Me and Kaya wasted not a minute more and ripped the gift all the way open. Inside were two small daggers, and they’d be about six inch blades were they normal sized. On each hilt were two different inscriptions. One read ‘Kaya’ and the other read ‘Nick’. Kaya took hers, and I took mine, and we unsheathed them as we inspected the incredulous craftsmanship. How was this even possible?


“Mom… how?” I stuttered.


“Ashley’s employer knows somebody with a 3-D printer on  an impressive scale!” My mother gladly explained, “he crafted the incredible hilts, then smithed the tiny blades in! They are both full tang daggers!”


I turned around to Ashley, who gave me a wink.


“Now the next time a falcon or spider come after yuh, you can REALLY kick their ass!” Lucy joked.


My mother gave her a firm stare, as if she was unamused by her statement.


“It’s utterly beautiful craftsmanship Misses Kemp,” Kaya thanked, thankful for the beautiful gift.


“I hope you two never have to use them, but consider yourselves armed and prepared for anything!” I think this was my mother's way of accepting our lives for what they were.


Growing up, my mother and sisters almost treated me like I wasn’t even there. They were to distraught by my fate, they couldn’t take on the constant anxiety of accidentally killing me. But after all the trials I’ve proved to overcome, I think this was my mother's way of finally letting go of her worries, and allowing me to embrace my own fate without her intrusion.




My mother stood up and walked over to the front door to answer it. She greeted Kaya’s father, Gary Morgan, as he walked in.


“Father!” Kaya was pleased to see him.


“Hello my dear! How has your Christmas morning been?” Gary walked over and took a knee in front of the coffee table.


Kaya had hidden the dagger in the back of her pants under her shirt, and I took that as a sign that her father would probably not appreciate the gift as much as she had.


“It was utterly marvelous! I’d love to stay with them again sometime!” Kaya pleaded, giving her father a great big smile.


“Anything interesting happen while I was gone?” He asked, obviously nudging for information.


Kaya winced over at me, as we both nervously locked eye contact. Kaya knew she couldn’t tell her father what had happened, but she found herself unable to lie to him. Thankfully Bridgette had spoken up before her father got to suspicious.


“Heck yeah!” Bridgette answered him, as Gary nervously shifted his eyes in her direction wondering what she was talking about, “Kaya really kicked our butts at monopoly! She’s a monopoly wizard I tell yuh!”


Kaya sighed in relief, as did her father.


“Well, I’m glad you all had a great couple of days!” Gary thanked, “are you ready to go home Kaya?”


“Actually father…” Kaya responded, “could I spend the rest of winter break with Nick and his family?”


I was shocked, even after the craziness that Kaya encountered with Ashley and my mother; AND the spider, she still wanted to stay? Maybe she was enjoying herself here more than I had originally thought. It was good to know, especially after she found out about me and Chloe. I thought for sure that she would have a poor image of me after seeing me and Chloe do whatever it was we did, considering it felt like I was cheating on Bridgette. But I had a feeling Kaya would keep my secret, for now. As long as I found a way to solve my problem, Kaya would perhaps be ok with it.


“I suppose, as long as it’s ok with…” Gary said.


“We’d be more than happy to have her company!” My mother chimed in.


“It’s settled then!” Gary exclaimed, “I’ll pick you after school the day after winter break, does that sound alright?”


“Thank you so much daddy!” Kaya was thankful her father was becoming a bit more relaxed in his protective nature.


And that’s about it before her father ended up leaving. I’d love to tell you the fun we all had during the remainder of our winter break. I’d love nothing more than to tell you the sweet and intoxicating bliss we experienced with one another as we played in the snow, and drank hot cocoa, and played board games. I’d love that a lot, to share it all with you. But I’m not here to tell you about the good ol’ days, and the fun times we had. As I said at the beginning of this story, I’m simply telling you the misfortunes I endured throughout my highschool life. And the sad truth is, that once winter break came to an end, so did the bliss.


It was now the final night of winter break, and school would come upon us the next day. We had all decided to sleep together in the family room, me and Kaya on the coffee table and Ashley, Lucy, Bridgette and Chloe on the floor in their sleeping bags. Me and Kaya were sleeping on doll beds from an old dollhouse that Lucy used to play with. Everyone else had fallen asleep, but I was struggling. Kaya had seemed to be struggling as well, because it turned out she was still awake as well.


“You… You still awake?” Kaya whispered.


“Yeah…” I whispered back.


“Tomorrow will be my second day of school,” Kaya pointed out, “it’s weird to have gone to school for one day, and then have a two week break haha.”


I laughed, “yeah, you are quite the lucky one aren’t you?”


“You excited to go back?” Kaya asked.


“I guess, I have a concert tomorrow evening,” I told her.


“Oh yeah, Chloe mentioned you had a solo in your choir class?” Kaya revealed.


“Yeah, Beethoven’s 5th Symphony,” I shared.


“I can’t wait to hear you sing!” Kaya exclaimed.


“You… you’re going?” I asked, turning my head to look at her in the darkness of the room.


“Pffft, hell yeah I am! I’ve never been to a concert before!” Kaya stated, “I bet you will sound marvelous on stage!”


I grinned, but Kaya couldn’t have seen it in the dark. Winter break had been both fun and eventful. It had also been enlightening. I had promised Paige we would get together to practice, but we never did. In fact, I hadn’t even done the practice homework that Misses Mcmustar had given us! To late now, I guess I was too distracted by all that had been going on. Chloe, Bridgette, Kaya, so many interactions I had to sort through. I wasn’t sure where to begin to even attempt at solving half the problems on my plate. However for now all I needed was to focus on one. My concert was tomorrow, and my solo would consist of most of my grade. I already had my part memorized, so the homework didn’t even matter to be honest. I just needed to give it my all, and show the entire school that at even an inch tall, you can still sing with the rest of mankind.


“Goodnight Nick,” Kaya said, before turning onto her side to get some rest.


“Goodnight,” I said back, continuing to look up at the dark ceiling.




Chapter 30 - Hour Of Symphony by Frizzle


Winter break had certainly been a diverse experience, especially for Kaya. I’ve made my fair share of mistakes, of which I’ll regret later in the telling of my life during high school. I sometimes wonder if everything that resulted after cheating on Bridgette with Chloe, was entirely my fault. But how could I have known? I probably couldn’t have, but it did not matter. The absolute truth is, I am most certainly responsible for most of the tragedies that occurred, and that is something I’ll live with for my entire life.


It was the final day of winter break, and my choir concert would take place at seven pm. I was excited, who wouldn’t be? Although I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t concerned. Bridgette had taken me to her house, my family promising they’d show up on time to watch me sing. Bridgette had invited Paige Martinez, the other soloist, to come over and practice with me before the big show. We had probably practiced for seven hours, which really drained me. Paige however seemed limitless in her vocal power. By the time I insisted I had practiced enough, it was about time to leave. The concert was at seven, however we were recommended to show up an hour early to prepare.


“Huddle together my darlings I must take a picture!” Begged Miley, Bridgette’s mother.


Bridgette picked me up in her palm, as Paige lowered her head down near my body and smiled as big as she could. Miley took a picture, the flash temporarily blinding me.


“Oh Nick, you do look quite stunning!” Miley gawked at me, as if checking me out.


“Ok mother, we really must be going! We need to show up at least an hour early for Nick and Paige to get ready!” Bridgette insisted, desperately trying to rush me out the door.


“We will be there at seven on the dot!” Bridgette’s father could be heard shouting from the kitchen.


“Yes, we promise!” Miley assured.


We all said our temporary goodbyes before Bridgette finally managed to get me out the front door. Paige sat in the front seat, and Bridgette had her hold me in her lap as she drove. Bridgette started the car, pulled out of the driveway, and started the short drive to Eagle High. The school wasn’t too far from her house, maybe eight minutes tops.


“Well Nick, you sound really vibrant when you sing, I’m looking forward to hearing you perform live!” Paige complemented.


“You sound better, trust me!” I smiled back at her.


“You don’t give yourself enough credit,” Bridgette chimed in; her eyes focused on the road but her ears obviously listening to the conversation.


“I just hope that the audience will be able to hear me, even with the vocal amplifier,” I stressed, honestly quite nervous about my big night.


“It works great inside the classroom, imagine how well it will work in the echo chamber auditorium!” Paige began laughing hysterically, as if she had told the most hilarious joke on planet earth. It wasn’t, funny I mean. Wasn’t funny. At all. Like not even remotely funny. But nonetheless I pretended to laugh out of kindness.


Paige gained control of her unnecessary laughter, before speaking up again, “But to be honest, you should consider yourself lucky!” Paige implied.


“Why on earth would I be lucky??” What was Paige talking about?


“I’ve heard massive rumors that people are traveling multiple school districts just to see you sing!” Paige explained, “have you not heard!?”


As a matter of fact, I did not ‘heard’ as Paige so impolitely asked. I became slightly worried, because if multiple school districts knew where I’d be tonight, then so would Tessa Mongoya. I shouldn’t have over thought it, I mean it’s not like I wouldn’t be in the custody of Bridgette and literally hundreds of other people. Tessa would be crazy to try and grab me at a concert, right?


“I’ll try not to let them down,” I responded.


The car ride was about over, as Bridgette pulled into the student parking lot to the right of the main entrance inside Eagle High’s grand auditorium. Eagle High’s auditorium was in fact so large, it could host a thousand visitors, which was incredible considering it was only a high school. Even other districts would often host major concerts and press conferences inside the auditorium, for mass events such as tonight.


Bridgette parked the car, as she then took me off of Paige’s lap. Paige and her exited the vehicle, as they grabbed their purses and then we all proceeded to head to the auditorium back entrance. About halfway there, I picked up a slight voice that appeared to shout every other couple of seconds in the distance. We all heard, and all turned in unison to see Chloe running up to us about two hundred feet away. She was waving to grab our attention, and when she realized we had noticed her, she stopped as she covered the final distance to arrive to our current location.


I found myself secretly gawking at Chloe in her full beauty. Her hair was no longer done in a bun, or ponytail, in fact it was quite the opposite. Her hair was completely straightened, and rested gently above her shoulders. She had a strapless burgundy dress made of velvet. The dress came slightly below her knees, however part of the dress on her left side was slightly parted which revealed Chloe’s very smooth and shiny leg. She had obviously shaved it and then put some kind of lotion on. I could smell it on her, it smelt like vanilla and cocoa. It was intoxicating. I could smell the sweetness of her citrus perfume, of the likes I’d never smelt before. She had red pointed toe t-strap heels on, which revealed the edges of her feet as her toes hid inside the toe section. She had three inch silver hoop earrings on as well. She had obviously done her make up, which brought out her eyes quite a bit. To be quite frank, she would most certainly have been the most attractive woman a man would have ever seen that night.


I could feel the immense rage within Bridgette, for her trembling hands gave it away. She was trembling with anger, and maybe a mix of jealousy. Could I blame her? Chloe used to dress in ragged seventies dresses, and her hair was always just put up in a pigtail or bun or something easy to keep it out of her face. Not to mention she NEVER EVER wore shoes; so to see Chloe wearing heels blew us both away. Her nails were even painted red to match her shoes and dress! And perfume!? Chloe had always told me she’d sooner kill herself than ever be caught wearing such ‘atrocities’, or at least in her own words.


“Chloe…” Paige was the first to speak up, “you look utterly gorgeous!”


Chloe blushed a little, before thanking Paige for her compliment.


“She’ll surely stick out of the choir crowd that’s for sure,” Bridgette muttered, trying not to sound TO rude.


I stared up at Bridgette, giving her the look that said ‘not cool’ to show the distaste in her comment. However Bridgette didn’t seem to care, and only rolled her eyes at me. I dared not compliment Chloe, because I already knew if I so much as said a word Bridgette would probably freak out. Chloe appeared to think the same thing, as she didn’t bother asking me what I thought of her newfound taste in apparel.


“Well enough diddle daddle, we gotta go,” Paige insisted, as we all began heading to the back room entrance.


Once we walked inside we saw the room was crowded. It was a fairly large room, probably four or five hundred square feet, however the entire choir class was inside already, thus it was quite the fit. Choir students were talking about their winter breaks, and what they received for christmas and what not. I heard one pair of female students discussing the three way they had with some hot freshman the night before, while another pair talked about the bible and how much they loved the church they went too. It was truly pleasing to see the diversity we appeared to have in this school. Struck me odd at how different everybody was from one another.


“Alright may I please get everyone's attention!” shouted Misses Mcmustar as she tried desperately to shut all the little demons up. Seriously, they wouldn’t shut the fuck up!


“Attention please!” Mcmustar tried again, once again failing to get the body of crazed teenagers to stop talking.


“SHUT. THE. FUCK. UP.” immediately everyone stopped talking, and all turned to see Abigail, in the corner of the room. Abigail wasn’t in my choir class, so I was a little confused as to why she was here, but Mcmustar seemed thankful for her loud and far reaching tone.


“Ahem, now then, if we can all pair together and do a couple practice rounds before the biggy it’d be grand!” Mcmustar instructed.


Needless to say, that for the next thirty minutes was nothing but pure vocalness, or however the hell you want to put it. Practice, yes that’s the proper word. We practiced for a good thirty minutes, as non choir students stood in the corner as they observed. I could see Bridgette in the corner of my eye heavily glaring at Chloe. Since there were no music stands, of which I normally would stand upon during choir class, I was instead in Chloe’s palm as we practiced. I had a feeling Bridgette was at a breaking point with Chloe, and since she was obviously aware of everybody's feelings it probably only gnawed at her that much more. But what could I do? Nothing, that’s the answer. What was done is done, the best thing I can do right now is try and get through the night without furthering the gap between Chloe and Bridgette.


After a solid thirty minutes of practice, Mcmustar had allowed everyone to take a twenty minute break before we would head out to the auditorium stage for our big performance. Bridgette of course quickly took me from Chloe’s hand, but Chloe didn’t seem to care too much. Bridgette, Paige, Chloe and I all headed out into a lobby area outside the practice room we were in. It was completely empty, and it allowed us to clear our heads and escape the insane amount of noise surrounding us. We all sat down underneath the lobby stairwell, where the concrete was slightly raised creating a sort of seating area.


“Ugh I am SO nervous!” Paige wasn’t exaggerating, she was sweating profusely, “You know what, I think I’m going to go practice my lines ONE more time, just to make sure I’m ready!”


“Ok we will see you onstage!” Chloe replied.


Paige then proceeded back into the practice room, as me, Bridgette and Chloe remained. Bridgette was still slightly shaking, and at this point I couldn’t tell if it was stress, anger, or anxiety; Or whatever it may have been. I could tell something was on her mind, I just wish I knew what it was.


“Are you ok B?” I asked, concerned.


“Maybe, I think I’m going to go use the restroom around the corner,” Bridgette told me, “I’ll be right back.”


Bridgette set me down on the concrete next to Chloe, before heading off around the corner under the stair well. If I had paid more attention in that moment, I would have noticed the echoing footsteps come to a halt, however I did not notice, and neither did Chloe. Me and Chloe sat there for a few minutes in silence, before I decided to speak up, after I was sure Bridgette was now in the bathroom and out of hearing range.


“You truly do look beautiful Chloe, even if Bridgette won’t admit it,” I told her with sincerity.


Chloe blushed, but this time it was very intense. She was clearly waiting for me to mention her looks all night long, “You look quite handsome yourself,” she responded.


“I just wanted to say Chloe, that I think I’ve made a mistake,” I began, as Chloe’s smile began to fade as she knew what I was about to say.


“I’ve thought long and hard Chloe… but I love Bridgette, and it kills me every minute of every day as I carry the secret of what we did so many nights ago…” I told her.


Chloe looked down at her lap, obviously guilt ridden herself, “I know, I shouldn’t have told you that I love you Nick, and we shouldn’t have done… you know.”


I walked over to her, and placed my hand on her dress to try and express my sorrow, “Did you dress like this for me?”


Chloe nodded, a tear forming under her eye, “Do you really think I look beautiful?” Chloe asked, as she began to tear up even more.


“I do,” I answered.


“I just don’t want you to be afraid of me anymore…” Chloe pleaded, as she began to sob lightly.


“You don’t…” I responded.


“You are just saying that… I terrify you… my fetish terrifies you… I could see how scared you were under my feet that night Nick… I know you gave me permission… but I could see you were afraid I’d squish you under my enormous feet!” Chloe covered her face with her hands.


“I was scared Chloe, but not because of that,” I told her.


Chloe stopped sobbing momentarily, as she looked down at me again, wiping the now smudged makeup off her cheeks.


“I was scared, because I think I was actually enjoying it…” I finally admitted, “Chloe… I think I liked it when you put your feet on top of me, and I think I liked it when you began to crush me under your feet.”


I couldn’t believe the words coming out of my mouth. Was I saying this to make her feel better? No… I certainly wasn’t. This was the truth, the hard and cold truth. I think I was finally admitting it not only to Chloe, but to myself as well. And everytime I bring it up, I realize more and more that I truly DID enjoy it. Do I have a foot fetish? Or maybe I just enjoy the dominative behaviour? I didn’t know for sure, but what I did know was that Chloe stepping on me, and being so helpless under her massive feet, really turned me on. I’d never felt that way before, and I’ve been stepped on quite a lot! So why Chloe? Why is Chloe the one who converts me into this unusual fetish that she appears to have? Maybe I don’t have the fetish at all, maybe it’s just Chloe. I didn’t know anything for sure at this point, and I don’t think I would for awhile.


Chloe’s tears began to fade as she heard me admit it, and a smile began to form on her face once more as she realized I was being genuine with her. But then her eyes gaped in horror as she looked beyond me. I turned around, and my heart sank when I saw Bridgette standing just past the corner. Her face was a river, as tears poured down like a waterfall. It had finally occurred to me that Bridgette probably never went to the bathroom at all, and that her ‘bathroom break’ was most likely staged in order to eavesdrop on whatever me and Chloe would talk about. I should have never said a word, but it was to late now.


“Bridgette…” I took a few steps toward her, reaching my hand out, hoping she would come and pick me up. But she didn’t she stepped back, raising her hand up motioning for me to stop. She didn’t want to hear any excuses from me, nor Chloe.


“I shshould…  hahave known Nick, I wawas a fool,” Bridgette mumbled as she sobbed, “I don’t know whawhat hurts more, the… the fact you lied to mmme, or how I wawas to blind to see the obobvious!” and with that Bridgette stormed off to the practice room doors, most likely heading to the outside exit to leave the premises.


“Bridgette wait please!” I begged for her to come back, but at my size there was nothing I could do.


I feel to my knees, as tears began to flood down my face. What had I done?


“I’ll go talk to her Nick!” Chloe insisted, sprinting towards the practice room to catch up with Bridgette, leaving me by myself in the lobby.


I thought about how shitty my situation was. I was probably left to drown in my own self pity for minutes on end. How could I perform a solo after all this? I just wanted to go home, and cry into my tiny pillow. I had completely ruined the relationship with the woman of my dreams. How could I have let Chloe ruin that? But it wasn’t Chloe’s fault… it was mine. I made the choice to string Chloe along, and I’m the one who gave false hope that her and me could be together. That put doubt within my relationship with Bridgette, and it ultimately led to this point. What should have been my hour of symphony, has instead become the hour of misery.


What was the most painful however, of that night, wasn’t even the whole ordeal between me and Bridgette. It was the fact that I was so distraught after Bridgette discovering the truth, that I had lost all common sense, and so had Chloe. I was completely alone, and needless to say I nearly screamed in horror when an enormous black and white converse shoe landed right to the left of me.


I jumped back immediately, as the converse shoe had landed quite close to me. The white laces had black smudges all over them, and the white trim around the black converse showed signs of heavy wear. This shoe was obviously worn quite often. But what truly horrified me, was the enormous shadow that was then cast over my tiny body. I looked up just in time to barely see Madison’s wicked smile as her hand scooped me up violently. Her grip was so tight I thought for sure my entire body was going to crumple up into a bloody mess. Thankfully that wasn’t the case however, as Madison then placed me between the fingers of her other hand, before holding me up directly to her face.


“Remember me twerp?” Madison scoffed.


I froze in fear, it was the evil bitch from Abigail’s karate class! I looked down, to see one of her feet were completely bare. She had appeared to have taken one of her converse off and that must have been the one she dropped next to me. Her nails were not painted, and her feet looked rough and callous. They appeared to have dirt smudges all over them. Needless to say she was not very hygienic with her lower extremities. She flipped her raven black hair over her right shoulder, before giggling under her breath.


“What are you going to do to me…” I was fearing for my life, and tried to talk with her to keep her busy, as I prayed that Chloe or Bridgette would return to save me. However that wasn’t going to happen, not this time.


“Well, if we are being honest with one another…” Madison teased, “I’d personally LOVE to crush you under the heel of my foot!”


My eyes gaped in terror, as Madison laughed at my response. This senior had to be as demented as Zelena, or Karn himself!


“However… I’m being paid quite handsomely for the little bounty on your insignificant head!” Madison revealed, “So a short trip in my shoes will have to satisfy my cravings instead I suppose.”


“Wait… Madison DON’T” I pleaded, however my efforts to reason with her were futile.


Madison let her fingers apart, and I tumbled about three feet down before landing inside her converse. Thankfully the sole of her shoe gave some kind of cushion, however the soles in converse weren’t overtly known to be soft, so the landing still her like a bitch. I sprained my ankle, and my neck had landed in a terrible position causing me great pain to move it any further. The nightmare had ended there however, as the shoe began to flip side to side viciously as Madison began putting it on her foot. I could tell she never wore socks, because the inside of her converse reeked of sweat and musk. I frantically crawled towards the toe section of her converse, in hopes to avoid ending up under her rough and dirty soles. However all efforts were useless, because Madison slipped the converse on so quick I couldn’t even manage to make it under the crease of  her toes.


Her enormous sole rubbed right over my back, before firmly pressing me into the sweaty and smelly fabric of the inside of her shoe. My stinky prison only became worse as she tightened the laces of her converse, making sure they fit nice and snug on her foot. My neck and ankle were in tremendous pain and misery, as I felt her foot land on the ground as she was now standing upright on both feet.


“MAFLFLGL, PLEASFSDF,” I muffled any words I could manage, trying to beg Madison to free me. Tears began to flood down my face as her foot put an indescribable amount of pressure upon my entire body. Needless to say, had I been under her heel, I’d surely be as good as dead.


“Enjoy it while you can you little prick,” Madison laughed, before starting to walk off down the lobby hall.


She didn’t get far however, as someone had entered the lobby. I felt Madison stop, as the immense pressure once again became indefinite as I desperately tried to breathe through the sweat and odor coming off of Madison’s foot. Between that and the pressure, it was almost impossible to breathe at all.


“Madison?” Abigail had stepped out of the practice room and into the lobby.


“Oh look, it’s the lion everyone!” Madison lifted her arms sarcastically as if announcing to an audience.


Abigail rolled her eyes, “Look, I’m just here for the little dude, his friend said he was here?”


“Haven’t seen em, and besides, if I had, I’d have crushed the little fuck under my shoe!” Madison laughed hysterically, obviously thinking that murder was a joke. What kind of sick fuck was she?


“You are disgusting, you know that?” Abigail hissed, briefly scanning the lobby room floor to double check that Madison was telling the truth.


“Whatever, go back to your lair bitch,” Abigail gave Madison the finger as she headed back into the practice room.


During their entire chat, I had been desperately attempting to scream for Abigail’s attention. However I would only get a mouthful of Madison’s foot sweat every time I opened my mouth. All that came out was the pathetic gurgling as I choked on her liquids. I thought for sure, that in that moment, I was going to die. I had not felt so helpless in a long time, not like this.


I felt as Madison began to walk again, every step feeling like an enormous landslide landing on top of me. Her rough and calloused feet scraped and pressed into my body with every step she took. The disgusting and pungent odor of her feet filled my nostrils, threatening to knock me out cold. To this day, I am convinced that this was the worse conditions inside someone’s shoe that I had ever experienced. I cried and cried within my newfound prison, as this sadistic senior tortured me like I was nothing but her slave. It terrified me as I wondered every waking second what she was going to do with me. What bounty was she talking about? I had no idea, and I could hardly focus enough to even think about it in the condition I was in. The worst part of all of it, was the constant fear that the next step, would be the step that my body gave in and splattered like a bug under her disgusting feet. A red stain under her toes and sole as she carelessly to just another simple step; putting all of her body weight down as if she didn’t even care if I lived or died.


It was truly a terrifying experience.


*Meanwhile, just outside the practice room*


With the concert starting in less than ten minutes, everyone was getting anxious to perform. Paige had seen Bridgette storm outside crying like a baby, and of course she felt obligated to investigate. But before she could follow Bridgette outside, she then saw Chloe rush in as well, looking around frantically for Bridgette.


“What’s going on?” Paige asked with concern.


“Bridgette…. Um… I think her and Nick just uh… broke up or something,” Chloe stuttered, unsure of what to say.


“What! But they were so cute together!” Paige said, a sad frown forming on her face, “want me to go talk to her?”


“NO,” Chloe shouted, slightly startling Paige, “I mean… no, it’s ok, I’ll go soothe her.”


“What’s all the commotion over here?” Abigail asked, approaching Paige and Chloe.


Chloe gave Abigail a weary glare, not exactly to happy to see her.


“It’s nothing,” Chloe insisted, hoping Abigail would go away.


“I wouldn’t call a breakup nothing!” Paige said.


“Breakup? Nick and B broke up?” Abigail seemed stunned.


“It’s none of your business…” Chloe said, not wanting Abigail to know what was actually going on.


“Yet you are telling Paige? I’m B’s friend, so if anyone deserves to know it’s me,” Abigail put her hands on her hips, not to happy with Chloe’s aggressive attitude.


“Look, can both of you shut up and think about Nick and Bridgette instead of your own pathetic quarrel for right now?” Paige asserted, as Abigail and Chloe pouted for a second before nodding in agreement.


“Ok fine, you and me go talk to Bridgette then,” Chloe instructed, “Abigail, Nick is still in the lobby by himself, can you just go make sure he’s ok?”


“Yeah sure, although he probably won’t be to happy to see me,” Abigail moaned, before heading over to the lobby room door.


“Ok… now that she’s gone…” Chloe mumbled, “Paige, I can’t let you talk to Bridgette, I need to talk to her alone first…”


Paige was confused, “I thought you said…”


“Listen, I need you to trust me, I need to talk to Bridgette alone, and I couldn’t have Abigail knowing that,” Chloe tried to explain.


“Knowing what? I don’t understand what you are talking about,” Paige was seriously confused.


“Can you just stay here!?” Chloe shouted, her patience wearing thin.


“OK ok, sheesh!” Paige raised her hands up in defense, as Chloe thanked her and headed outside to catch up with Bridgette.


Paige crossed her arms, unhappy to be left in the dark. Even though she knew that she wasn’t exactly friends with Bridgette or me, it still felt awful to be left completely in the dark. She wasn’t left there too long however, because in no time at all Abigail had already returned.


“Where’s Nick?” Paige asked.


“Dunno, he wasn’t out there, you sure Chloe wasn’t hiding him in her bra or something?” Abigail responded.


“Why would Chloe…” Paige started before Abigail interrupted.


“She’s done it before.”


“I’m pretty sure Chloe wouldn’t ask you to go grab him if he wasn’t out there to begin with…” Paige retorted.


“Whatever, he’s not my responsibility as he so firmly expressed the last time he saw me, so I don’t even care anymore,” Abigail stormed off, obviously bothered by something.


The concert was going to start in minutes, and Paige knew that I needed to be found by then. Chloe was outside god knows where with Bridgette, and Abigail was of no help. Paige decided she was going to have to go find me herself. She headed out into the lobby to look for me, but as she exited the practice room into the lobby interior, she noticed a raven haired girl hurry around the corner. It struck her odd, as everyone else should have been in the practice room preparing, or out in the auditorium taking their seats to watch the performance. Paige decided to follow the girl, growing concerned that something wasn’t quite right. She just hoped that this girl had Nick, because this concert seriously meant everything to her and she couldn’t let Nick’s absence ruin it.


*Meanwhile, back to Madison*


After what felt like an eternity, I felt my will to live slowly fade away. At this point I couldn’t breathe anymore, and the odor had completely nulled my senses. My vision became blurry, and I slowly felt myself slipping away into the darkness… until finally God answered my prayers.


Just like that, the odor and the pressure vanished as Madison’s foot left her shoe. I took in an enormous breath of fresh air as my vision began to return. My short break was nothing more however, as the entire converse was flipped over and felt myself tumbling out of the shoe and into Madison’s palm once more. I felt on my back, my neck aching severely and my ankle piercing throughout my nervous system. I was relieved to be out of that nightmarish prison, but the pain was still present.


“I told you NOT to harm him!” said the all to familiar voice of Tessa Mongoya.


Of course, how could I not have known. Tessa couldn’t get to me herself, so she sent a lackey in her place! How fitting that it was Madison.


“He’s fine, my shoes aren’t THAT bad, geez,” Madison retorted, before handing me over to Mongoya.


Once again I plopped downwards, into yet another palm. The palm of my newfound nemesis, who has shown a relentless nature to obtain me for whatever reasons she had. Mongoya let out a smile that almost seemed to be one of relief, as if it was extremely important that she capture me. I wanted to cuss her out, but I was exhausted and didn’t have the energy or the willpower.


“There, the little cunt is yours, now what about hundred dollars you promised me?” Madison demanded payment.


A hundred dollars? I endured all of THAT for a measly hundred dollars!? I seriously wanted to strangle the bitch to death myself right now!


Tessa Mongoya smiled, “you have saved me a great deal of time and energy for delivering him to me as promised, it’s only fair you be rewarded, did anyone see you take him?”


“Nah, no one knows I took him, they’ll be looking in ALL the wrong places!” Madison snickered, as if this situation was a joke.


“Good, good…” Tessa responded.


Tessa then reached behind her, and pulled out a suppressed pistol. It was then that my haziness lifted, as I realized the depravity of my situation. Madison didn’t have so much as a second to even flinch, as Tessa held the pistol up to her stomach and let out three gunshots. Madison immediately grabbed her stomach, as blood poured through her shirt. Her face turned pale, and she began to choke up blood as she bled internally. She fell backwards and fell to the floor. Madison didn’t suffer long, as within seconds she stopped breathing. Madison was dead.


“Ni.. Nick!?” came the whimpering voice of Paige, who had witnessed everything. Paige dropped her purse to the floor and gripped her chest in terror. She stared at Mongoya who began to lift the pistol in her direction. No… not Paige, she was innocent. Finally my brain began to rationalize and think once more, as my adrenaline kicked in due to the intensity of my new situation. I remembered the knife my mother had forged for me, and it just so happened to be in my back pocket. I had decided I’d keep it on me at all times, and now Paige needed me. I whipped my knife out faster than Tessa could raise her pistol, and held it to my throat.


“STOP!” I screamed, as Tessa briefly glanced down at me, before widening her eyes at what she was witnessing.


“If you kill her! I’ll cut my throat open!!!!” I threatened. Mongoya seemed a little to relieved when she took me from Madison, and I theorized that there was another pulling strings from above. Therefore I believed that I could barter Paige’s life, with my own.


“Where did you get that!?” Mongoya wasn’t happy to see a tiny knife in my hands, however she lowered the gun, and she didn’t move her palm at all, fearful that she’d trigger me to do something we’d both regret.


“Let Paige go, or I kill myself,” I threatened ago, not breaking eye contact Tessa.


“I can’t do that…” Mongoya answered, a sweat beginning to form on her forehead.


I slowly began to dig the tip of the knife into my throat, and slowly began to cut myself. It hurt, but the adrenaline shooting throughout my body nulled the pain.


“OK OK!” Tessa put the gun back behind her, probably into her pants, “Just put the fucking knife away!!!”


“I want to hear Paige run away first, I want to hear her run until I can no longer hear her steps,” I demanded.


“No,” Mongoya answered, her sweat dissipating and her stare becoming more assertive. She pulled the gun out once more, and aimed it at Paige, “throw the knife to the floor, and I’ll walk away and let her live.”


Paige was frozen in fear, unsure whether to just make a run for it or not, but she feared for my life and didn’t want to leave me alone with the woman.


“You are lying…” I said, “please… please don’t kill her I’m begging you.”


“DROP THE KNIFE, and I will let her live!” Tessa demanded.


I kept the knife to my throat for a little while longer, but eventually I lowered it, before tossing over the side of her palm and watching as it tumbled to the floor. Tessa however, did not lower her gun. She stared up at Paige, as Paige began to sob as tears began pouring down her face.


“Tessa… I’ll come with you, I will cooperate with you, I’ll do whatever you want, PLEASE I am begging you!” I fell to my knees, my arms cupped together as I pleaded for her to spare Paige’s life.


Tessa finally lowered the gun, as she slowly walked backwards and out the back door into Eagle High’s football field. Paige watched as we vanished from sight, before Paige rushed over to Madison’s bloody and limp body. She cupped her hand over her mouth, it was as if she was in a horror movie. She saw the tiny knife, that I had used to save her life. She picked it up, and began to cry even more. She then rushed back towards the auditorium, to warn Chloe and the others.


Tessa had closed her fingers around me now, as she hustled through the field and then hopped over the waist high fence into staff parking lot that was currently empty. We were on the other side of Eagle High entirely. Tessa reached her car, and thrust the door open before grabbing a small black chest. When I say small, it was about the size two coffins, if the coffins were miniaturized like me. She thrust the chest open, and dropped me inside  of it.


“What do you want with me!” I shouted, demanding answers.


“It’s not ME who wants you… foolish boy,” Tessa answered, and just like that she slammed the lid shut, and I was embraced in eternal darkness.


*Meanwhile, the choir students gather on stage as the performance is about to begin*


Mcmustar was sweating nervously, as her two star soloists were nowhere to be found. The entire auditorium sat with patience, as they anticipated the start of the concert. My family had already shown up and taken their seats, but my mother felt as if something was wrong when she noticed I was nowhere to be found.


“I am sorry for the delay, we have just a few more singers who should show up momentarily!” Mcmustar apologized, before rushing off stage to find out why Paige, Chloe and me were nowhere to be found.


*Meanwhile, just outside the practice room with Chloe and Bridgette*


Chloe had finally found Bridgette sitting on the curb outside the auditorium. Bridgette turned to see Chloe, and frowned before turning her head forward again to continue sobbing. Chloe ignored the look of disgust, and took a seat next to Bridgette.


“What? You can’t just steal the love of my life, you have to come and rub it in too!?” Bridgette snapped, not so much as glancing at Chloe.


Chloe ignored her comment, “I owe you an apology.”


“Like you care…” Bridgette continued to cry, still not giving Chloe eye contact.


“It’s my fault Bridgette,” Chloe admitted, “I’m the one who continued to press my feelings upon Nick, and in doing so I split his heart into two.”


“Nick is responsible for himself!” Bridgette snapped again, but Chloe ignored what she said.


“Since the day I met him, I knew that I had feelings for him. The feelings grew stronger each month, and by the time we had reached high school, those feelings turned into love. Yet here comes some brown headed cheerleader, somebody Nick has never even met, and he immediately falls in love with you.”


Chloe began to tear up, and Bridgette finally turned to look at her, her sobs subsiding.


“It hurt me, it really did. He had known me much longer than you, yet obviously had no feelings for me. How else could he not have known? I wanted to be the woman he called beautiful every day, I wanted to be the woman he trusted for protection, I wanted to be the woman that he expressed his love for, but he chose you instead. And I couldn’t accept it. And because of my selfishness, I’ve ruined it all.”


Chloe took Bridgette’s hand into her own, “I’m not going to interfere any longer,” Chloe promised, “Nick loves you, don’t let one mistake ruin something so good, I know I wouldn’t.”


Bridgette wiped the tears from her face, “Chloe… I”


The conversation however, was interrupted as Mcmustar found the pair outside.


“What in tarnation is going on out here!?” Mcmustar was furious, “Where is Nick!? And where is Paige!? The concert was suppose to start five minutes ago!”


“Wait, Nick and Paige aren’t on stage?” Chloe was confused, Abigail was suppose to retrieve Nick and watch over him, she should have helped him on stage by now.


“If they WERE! I wouldn’t be out HERE! And why aren’t YOU on stage miss Sullivan!?” Mcmustar demanded to know.


Once again there was an interruption, however this one was even more dire than the previous.


“HHHEEEEEELLLLLPPPP!” Paige came hurtling out the practice room doors flailing her arms in terror. She ran into Mcmustar’s awaiting arms, as she desperately tried to console the frantic Paige.


“Dear God child, where have you been!?” Mcmustar asked, concerned.


Chloe and Bridgette stood to their feet, both trembling in fear as if they knew something had happened to me.


“I… I saw some raven haired girl… she… she took Nick… but… but… but then…” paige could hardly get the words out.


“Paige!” Chloe shouted, and gripped each of Paige’s shoulder firmly.


“Miss Sullivan!” Mcmustar protested, but Chloe turned and hissed at her. McMustar backed off, not wanting to cause any more drama. Chloe turned back to face Paige, who was now a bit calmer.


“Paige, what happened!?” Chloe demanded to know, as Bridgette put her hand over her mouth fearing the worst.


“She… she shot her… with a gun… she’s… she’s dead…” Paige muttered.


“Whose dead!?” Chloe asked harshly.


“Some raven haired girl… I… I don’t know her… but…” Paige continued to mumble, tears starting to pour down her face again.


“Chloe… she took him.”


“Who took him? WHO!?” Chloe was acting like a fanatic herself now.


“Tessa Mongoya… Tessa Mongoya took Nick…” Paige answered, before falling to her knees as she cried with her hands covering her face.


Chloe’s body became frozen, as she realized that she had made a grave mistake.


She should have never left me alone in that lobby.





Chapter 31 - The Council by Frizzle


It had been at least twenty minutes inside the black chest that Tessa had placed me in, or so I recall that is. It was completely void of all light, and I couldn’t even see my body or limbs. The chest was pretty spacious, to an extent, and as Tessa drove me to God knows where, I continuously had to shuffle my feet as the ground beneath me shook and trembled as a result of the car ride. I had shouted at least a thousand times threatening Tessa to let me out of my prison, but of course she never so much as spoke a word in response. Eventually I gave up, huddling into one of the corners to try and keep still from the constant movement of my little prison. I was completely trembling, and honestly afraid for my life.


Madison’s face was haunting me. The look in her eyes as she realized her life was coming to an abrupt end. The frightening sound of the bullets cracking through the air as they entered Madison and ripped apart her internal organs. The way her legs just gave out, and her entire body falling to the floor like a dummy. The blood pouring out of her wounds, and soaking her clothes as she bled to death, choking on her own blood. The only thing that slightly eased me was the assurance that her death was swift. She bled out so fast, she surely died within seconds.


Madison was by no means a friend of mine, and most certainly a dangerous and reckless and even heartless individual. But that did not mean I wished to see her die. Death is not something I’d wish upon anybody, not even Kristin Karn. To take someone’s life, is to take away all hope for redemption, and to strip them of their future. Murder is senseless, and is a byproduct of sick and twisted minds that seek to destroy the good in this world. Tessa had shown me that she was one of these sick and twisted individuals, and she needed to be stopped.


But what could I possibly do to stop her? I am merely an inch tall sophomore; a child in most people's eyes. But…. I stopped Kristin Karn did I not? I fought off a fox, and saved a bald eagle. I rode the back of a hummingbird and defeated the falcon that threatened to kill me. I thrust the needle so hard, and so precise, that it took away one of Kristin’s eyes, leaving him partially sightless. And quite recently, I fought off a black widow, even if Bridgette was the one to finish it off. If I can accomplish all of that, at only an inch tall, then why couldn’t I stop Tessa too?


The car stopped, and the engine had been turned off. My prison shifted as I felt Tessa lift it up with her hand. She was exiting the vehicle and taking me somewhere. But where were we exactly? Soon I’d find out, I suppose. It felt like an eternity as I patiently waited for Tessa to finally get me out of the hell hole it felt as if I was residing in. The wooden interior of the chest was uncomfortable, and smelt like rotten cedarwood. The chest was obviously an antique, and I wonder why Tessa bothered using it at all. Maybe it was all she had, or maybe she just wanted me somewhere she knew I couldn’t escape, but whatever her reasons were the only thing that I knew for sure was that whatever she needed me for couldn’t be in my own interest. My knife was gone now, and bartering my life for freedom wasn’t an option. I’d have to wait it out, and take advantage of the next opportunity I get, that is if I even get one.


The chest had finally opened, after a total of thirty minutes or so. Light flooded the inside of the chest like the sun pouring down upon earth. It was so intense, I couldn’t even keep my eyes all the way open. I had to squint my eyes, and I could see the blurry figure of Tessa Mongoya as her enormous blurry hand reached down to pluck me from inside the chest. I tried the best I could to back away, but between the bright light and my sudden dizziness all I could manage to accomplish was stumbling onto my ass. Her index finger and thumb carefully pinched my back and chest, as she pulled me out of the chest. I struggled every second during, but it was futile.


Tessa then let go, and I tumbled a short distance onto a hard surface. It felt like marble, and as my vision slowly began to adjust to the bright lights surrounding me, I was able to open my eyes a bit more. I recognized the surface I was on as a round marble stool, and I must say that if the circumstances were a tad different, I might even ask Tessa if I could purchase the beautiful stool! I gained my balance once again, and stood tall as I looked up towards Tessa. Her enormous D sized breasts were nearly blocking the view of her face as she peered down at me. I held my fist up menacingly as I demanded answers.


“You murderer! What are you up to you son of a bitch!” I shouted at her, unable to control my anger, “ANSWER ME!”


Tessa ignored me, as her eyes moved in the direction in front of her. She was looking at something else now, or rather someone else. She slowly began to step back, as her body became less visible as she exited the circle of light I was in, and stepping partially into the shadows. It was only until now that I had realized where I was. I was in a circle of light, the source of which was a single bulb above my marble stool that I stood upon. I began to look around, as I then saw multiple other figures all standing around the circle of light, all of their faces shrouded by the darkness. I could only make out the figure of their bodies, and I must say that it was truly a frightening sight.


“Hello… Mr. Kemp,” said an ominous voice, a male probably in his sixties or seventies if I had to guess.


“I must say, I did not think Tessa would deliver on her promise, not like this,” the man added.


“Who are you?” I asked, suddenly my anger was gone, and my curiosity began to rise.


“You can call me… Don,” he answered, “I am the doyen, of this council.”


I was confused, “council of what? And what’s a doyen?”


Don let out a single laugh, as if to express his intellectually superior mind over my own, “think of me as… in charge. And this council, the protector of this nation.”


I felt as if this was some kind of sick joke. Was I in the presence of some kind of cult? “Protecting the nation from what exactly? High school bullies?” I was referring to Madison’s merciless death.


“The girl was a threat to you, as was the witness that escaped,” Don glared at Tessa, I could tell because his eyes began to glow as his head moved slightly forward. It was now that I could partially see his face, and I could certainly confirm that the man was an older gentleman.


“Paige is INNOCENT!” I became furious, insulted that this man would call her a ‘threat’ to anybody.


“Anyone who can give clues to your whereabouts, is a threat to you my boy,” Don snapped, his glare now aimed at me, “I have spent my lifetime weaving my influence throughout this country, and the man who seeks you threatens to destroy us all.”


Influence… could it be? “You… you are responsible for Kristin Karn’s rule over Eagle High, aren’t you!?” I accused, balling up my fists.


“Don’t be absurd!” Don mocked the accusation, “I sent Tessa there to dismantle that boy and his unknown power, but somebody else interfered with our plans every step of that process!”


“Wait… so if it wasn’t you then who was it?” this had all become so confusing now, it’s as if there was an entire world in the clouds I didn’t know about, and it all came crashing down on top of me all at once.


“That’s why we brought you here Mr. Kemp, you took Kristin Karn down himself, something not even our greatest agent could do,” Don stated, obviously referring to Tessa.


“What would I know that you wouldn’t?” I responded.


“It’s not entirely about what you know,” Don explained, “but more along the lines of what you are worth to this mysterious menace.”


I was starting to become conflicted. On the one hand, there was some mysterious figure with the initials A.K. that had some unusual interest in me, and gave Kristin Karn the power to run an entire high school. On the other hand, we have a crazy redheaded ex math teacher who turns out to be some kind of agent that murders teenagers! Who were the good guys, and who was the bad guy? Maybe both were evil, or maybe both were good? This was chaos inside my head as I tried desperately to process my new situation.


“We know that you are smart enough to have figured it out Nick,” Don said, as he began to walk into the circle of light, revealing himself for the first time, “and we simply ask that you let us in on anything you might know.”


“If you’ve spent your lifetime building such a great ‘council’ how could you have not figured this out yourself?” I retorted.


Don hunched over, slamming both palms on each side of me as he leaned his face in close to mine, “I have spread my resources very thin throughout all corners of this nation,” he explained, “the members of my organisation are like children to me, and every month more and more of my children disappear as I try to learn the identity of the criminal who is destroying this country.”


Don relaxed his tension, as he stood upright again, folding his hands over one another, “the only thing we know for certain, is that this man is somehow responsible for the shrinking crisis around the globe,” Don revealed.


“My father told me about that…” I responded, horrified as I thought about all the other poor innocent shrinking victims who may or may not have received the formula my father invented.


“We know of your new friend, Mr. Kemp, and trust me when I tell you that all I want is to see this mysterious puppetmaster receive justice for the turmoil he has caused,” Don exclaimed.


I was at a crossroads, and to be honest I wasn’t sure I had a choice. I could tell him the initials of this mysterious figure, and maybe he could put the pieces of whatever puzzle he was sorting through to learn his identity. Or maybe, he has his own agenda. Tessa has remained silent this entire conversation, has all the rest of this ‘council’ who remains in the shadows. I didn’t know Don, I didn’t know any of these people. All I knew, is that they were willing to kill two innocent high schoolers if it meant keeping their little secret. Paige would have certainly died had I not intervened with my life, and thankfully my life was worth more than hers otherwise they’d have been digging two graves instead of one.


These people were obviously desperate for answers, considering they resorted to kidnapping and murder even if it meant an ounce of new information. But would I give it to them? Could they be trusted? Could they possibly be my only hope of stopping whoever it was that seemed to be causing so much madness in my life? My father himself said that the gene error in my DNA seemed something more than simple biology, he even mentioned it being man made! If this was true, and this so called ‘shrinking crisis’ was all to blame on the sadistic actions of one man, then maybe this council could put an end to it all? But what if I was wrong? Again, they are clearly willing to murder anybody to accomplish their goals, and if that is the case how could they be trusted to do anything moral at all?


“I know nothing…” I responded, making my decision to keep quiet.


Don frowned, as he turned his back towards me, “you think me a fool son? I’ve forgotten more than you’ve learned, I’ve gained more than you’ve lost, and experienced more than your feeble mind could even comprehend.”


Don turned back to face me, putting his hands inside his front pockets, “I will do whatever it takes to avenge my fallen brethren, even if I have to murder the ones you love if it means getting you to talk.”


I balled my fists up again, as a surge of anger washed over me, “YOU WILL TOUCH NOBODY!” I shouted, the thought of them touching any of my friends or family rushing through my mind.


Don turned his back again, and began slowly stepping forward back into the shadows, “there is nothing I won’t do to protect my home, you will learn that soon enough,” Don snapped his fingers, as I could hear Tessa turn around as her heels began to click as she began walking away.


“WAIT!” I shouted, not even wanting to risk the life of whoever they may go after, “Ok… OK! I’ll tell you what I know…”


The clicking of Tessa’s heels stopped, and she appeared to be waiting for another order from her leader. Don stopped just outside the circle of light, as he turned his head around to face me.


“I’m waiting…” he said.


“My principal… he has… he has a letter,” I said as I tried to think of a way out of this situation, “it’s in his office, I overheard him mention that it was related to the head of the board of directors, Regina Karn!”


Of course I was lying, did you honestly think I’d tell these nutjobs a damned thing? Sure, the letter was real, but I had a plan, and by the time I put it into action, the letter wouldn’t even be on their minds anymore.


“That doesn’t help us very much Mr. Kemp…” Don stated, not pleased with what I had just told him.


“I’ll get it for you… but I’ll need Tessa’s help,” I responded, hoping it was enough.


He simply stood there, thinking, and I became more and more nervous with every waking moment.


“Tessa isn’t the only one willing to do what’s necessary,” Don threatened, “she will help you get this letter, and hopefully it will bring us one step closer to learning the identity of whoever is playing God in my country… but if you are playing games with us Mr. Kemp… the people around you WILL suffer.”


I gulped audibly, the threat hitting me like a sack of bricks. My plan was built upon a stack of feathers, and could fall apart at any moment. I needed to find a way to warn my family, and my friends. I had until the moment I got that letter to do so. I know most would have just told the man the truth, the initials and all. But for some reason I just didn’t trust Don OR his ‘council’. These people were obviously a bunch of murderers, and I didn’t trust the words of a killer. I thought of this group similar in nature to Karn’s K Klub. Basically the same right? Don is like Kristin Karn, the leader. Tessa is his Bucky, and the rest are his lackeys. The only thing this council needed now was their very own Zelena. Seriously, it was like I was facing the K Klub all over again! Only this group was full of adults, who were far more intelligent and also willing to do whatever necessary to remain a secret.


“I’ll get you the letter, but after that I want you to leave me and my loved ones alone…” I stated.


“I cannot promise you that Mr. Kemp…” Don responded, walking out of the light and into the shadows, “but I can promise you this, do as we ask, aid us in our quest to save the home we hold so dear… and you and your loved ones shall indeed… be safe.”


*Meanwhile, back at Eagle High at the front entrance*


Nobody had seen or heard of me for over an hour at this point. The police had been called, and Madison’s dead body had been taken out of the school and shipped off to the nearest morgue. Her parents were devastated, and Bridgette and Chloe and Paige all watched in solemn silence as they mourned the death of their only child. It was heartbreaking, and it hurt Paige the most simply because she had come so close to death herself. Thank God she hadn’t. Her parents were in tears the moment they reached the school, embracing Paige in their arms as they were ever so thankful their daughter was alive and sound.


Ronald Waters was doing everything he could to assist the police, via the school cameras and all. But unfortunately, the section of the hall where Tessa had shot Madison, was a blind spot. There was simply no visual proof or otherwise to indicate Tessa was indeed the murderer. The only proof, was one witness. The police dusted for prints everywhere, even boot or shoe prints, but all they could find were ones matching Madison and Paige. Tessa obviously was good at covering her tracks, and Paige’s testimony would be the only thing that could prove Tessa was the killer.


Bridgette nearly died on the inside when she learned Nick had been kidnapped, but Chloe forced herself to keep it together. She had too, for Nick’s sake. Nick’s sister Lucy was having a panic attack, as Ashley desperately tried to soothe her pain. Nick’s mother screaming at the choir teacher Mcmustar, demanding to know how such a thing could happen under her watch. Nick’s father was talking with some of the other students, doing some investigating of his own to see if anybody had witnessed anything other than Paige. It was honestly a chaotic scene to say the least.


Paige’s parents had finally left the school and headed home after the police were finished questioning her. Bridgette and Chloe were standing near the parking lot, waiting for their own parents to show up and get them. Abigail had broken away from the crowd of students and headed over to talk to them.


“Chloe… I just want to say… I’m so so sorry…” Abigail apologized, feeling responsible for being so lazy to look for me.


Chloe wanted to yell at her, but she knew deep inside that it wasn’t Abigail’s fault, “It’s fine… you couldn’t have known…”


Bridgette wiped away her tears, trying to gain control of her emotions, “Has… has the police learned anything at all?” Bridgette asked, desperately in search of answers.


“They can only assume that Madison had taken Nick, only to be intercepted and shot by Tessa,” Abigail revealed, “or at least that’s what appears to have happened, no one knows for sure…”


“I just don’t understand why that girl would take Nick…” Bridgette said, confused and starting to tear up again.


“Madison and Nick had a pretty unfriendly first impression of each other… if I’m certain of anything, it’s that Madison probably intended on crushing Nick like a bug under her gross feet… if anything it might be considered a miracle that Tessa took Nick from her,” Abigail said, putting a finger up to her chin in thought.


“Nick knew her??” Chloe said, confused as to why Nick wouldn’t tell her about some crazy girl trying to crush him.


“It’s a long story… but despite how sick of a person Madison was, she didn’t deserve to die…” Abigail said.


“We can speculate all we want… but Nick is missing, and I don’t know if we are going to get him back this time…” Bridgette sobbed, covering her face with her hands.


Chloe rested her hand on her back, trying to soothe her, “Nick has survived far worse than Tessa, he will find a way out of this as he always has,” Chloe reassured.


Lucy was now approaching the three girls, and in her hand was Kaya, “Bridgette I am so sorry!” Kaya apologized, feeling awful about the circumstances.


“The police and the staff have been utterly useless! No one can tell me where my brother has taken off too!” Lucy was furious, her tears sticking to her cheeks.


“We just need to be patient and wait for them to do their job, they will find Tessa eventually and Nick along with her,” Abigail tried to assure everybody.


“I hope so…” Chloe said, still rubbing Bridgette’s back to keep her calm.


“Me and my sister are going to go put up fliers around town, I was going to ask you Bridgette if Kaya could stay with you till her father is back in town to pick her up?” Lucy asked.


“I… I…” Bridgette was having trouble speaking now, obviously to upset to speak at this point. Could anyone blame her? She nearly broke up with me, and now I’m missing, and I’m the love of her life, even if I was having commitment issues.


“I’ll take her!” Chloe chimed in, unsure if Bridgette was in any condition to watch an inch tall girl.


“Thank you so much Chloe! Really!” Lucy was more than happy to hear Chloe speak up.


Lucy handed Kaya over to Chloe, and Kaya gave a half smile to express her sorrow for the circumstances they all were in.


“I hope you don’t mind Kaya, but it’s probably best my parents don’t know you are with me when they pick us up, they don’t exactly like the small folk…” Chloe warned.


“That’s ok! My father can pick me up from school in the next couple days whenever he get’s back from his trip!” Kaya reassured, “Until then I suppose you’ll just to hide me from them haha!”


Chloe smiled, but once I crossed her mind again the smile faded. It was hard for Chloe to smile or laugh knowing that the inch tall teen she was in love with was in peril. It hurt even more knowing that she had already promised Bridgette that she would set her love aside, and no longer interfere with Bridgette and I’s relationship. It killed her to make such a promise, but her friendship with me was far more important to her than destroying a good relationship with a good person. Besides, Chloe knew that Bridgette would be a far better choice to keep me safe in the long run.


A car began to pull up through the parking lot, and Chloe recognized it to be her parents, “Well, looks like they are here finally,” Chloe said down to Kaya, “I have no pockets… sooooo… would rather go into the toe section of my heels? Or between these?” Chloe said as she used her free hand to shake one of her massive tits.


Kaya suddenly became nervous. She had heard from Nick all the times he had been stuffed in uncomfortable places, and the thought of being under Chloe’s toes, or between her enormous breasts, made Kaya very nervous. Nonetheless, Chloe insisted her parents couldn’t know about her, and Kaya trusted that Chloe had her reasons.


“No offense, but I’d rather not be under your… uhh… feet,” Kaya pleaded, “so I think I’ll go with the first one!”


“Haha, alrighty then, in yuh go!” Chloe took Kaya between her index finger and thumb and carefully pushed Kaya into her cleavage. She could feel Kaya between her boobs as she wriggled around to get comfortable.


“Ready yet?” Chloe asked, waiting patiently for Kaya to stop moving around between her tits.


Kaya replied a muffled “yup!” and Chloe almost didn’t hear her.


“Chloe…” Bridgette spoke up, starting to calm down emotionally.


“What’s up B?” Chloe said turning to face Bridgette.


“Thank you… for being a genuine person….” Bridgette thanked, “I’ve really misjudged you…”


Chloe was taken aback by Bridgette’s words, but slowly smile and gave a modest nod before skipping off towards her mother and father who were waiting for her at their vehicle. They were obviously concerned after hearing about the events that had unfolded that night. Abigail had crossed her arms, as the air was beginning to become a bit chilly.


“So it seems you and Chloe are actually getting along now huh?” Abigail questioned, “and isn’t she the one that you told me was in love with your boyfriend?”


“She is….” Bridgette confirmed, “however after tonight, I think it isn’t as cut and dry as I had once thought…”


“So I guess that means you and Nick will be all square once he returns then?” Abigail asked out of curiosity.


“I’ll always love him Abigail… but I don’t know if I can be with a man who is torn between two women…” Bridgette explained, which pained her to say.


Abigail didn’t know what to say in response, she merely stood there looking around as the body of students began to fade away. The concert had obviously been cancelled, and most of the parents had taken their children home by now.


“Bridgette…” Abigail begun, “I think I know somebody who can help us find our little one inch friend…”


Bridgette perked up, turning her head to face Abigail as she now had her full attention.


“Have you ever met Regina… Karn?” Abigail asked, whispering as to not be heard.


“Kristin’s mother!? The one with ties to whoever gave Kristin his power in Eagle High?” Bridgette wasn’t sure where Abigail was going with this.


“His mother is far from the enemy…” Abigail assured, “Trust me… if anyone has the resources to help find Nick, it’s her.”


“When could we meet her?” Bridgette asked, not wanting to waste time. If Regina could give her hope, she had to take that chance.


“I can give her a call right now…” Abigail said.




Chapter 32 - Kaya by Frizzle


For Kaya, the ride was a rather bumpy one. She was still firmly planted between Chloe’s breasts as Chloe entered her parents car. Kaya could somewhat make out the infuriating conversation as Chloe and her parents argued about what ensued that night at the school. Obviously her parents would be upset and worried to hear that a young woman had been murdered, and a fellow student kidnapped, however Kaya was clueless about the relationship between Chloe and her mother and father. She had no idea how overly assertive they were, and how Chloe has can sometimes become blinded by rage as a response.


“What will it take for you to understand Chloe!?” Allison, Chloe’s mother, had asked irritably, “What other tragedy will have to occur for you to understand we just want our daughter to be safe!?”


“I am safe…” Chloe sputtered, crossing her arms over her chest and looking out the car window. What Chloe didn’t realize, was that by crossing her arms she had inadvertently tightened her breasts together, causing Kaya to become even more squished between her enormous tits.


Kaya began squirming uncomfortably as her sudden fleshy hideout turned into a prison as she was unable to breathe properly. She squirmed so much that Chloe had eventually realized what she was doing, and quickly uncrossed her arms for her tiny friend. Kaya took in a relatively deep breathe, glad that Chloe had understood her movements as a sign for help.


“Safe!? Your one inch FRIEND is the one who was kidnapped! And another girl MURDERED. THAT COULD'VE BEEN YOU!” Allison shouted, unsure at this point how to talk any sense into her daughter.


“So what, you gonna lock me in my room again?” Chloe scoffed, “You gonna threaten me about forcing me to go to another school as you always do? Is my life at the end of a pile of strings that you get to manipulate?”


The car became silent, as Allison rested her forehead in the palm of her hand, clearly exhausted from trying to make her point. Chloe’s father, Harvey, hadn’t said a whole lot as he driving them all home. Kaya simply remained inside Chloe’s cleavage, hearing the slightly muffled conversation and wondering if Chloe’s home life had always been like this. Based on the way Chloe was talking, it sure sounded like it. Kaya began to wonder if I had known about Chloe and her parents arguing, although I didn’t. Chloe never told me, in fact she never spoke about her parents at all really. I had only met them once or twice. The last time I had seen them, was the day in the nurse's office a year ago when Kristin had Sally beat Chloe to a bloody pulp. They sure didn’t seem to be to happy to see me either.


“It’s because of the tiny boy isn’t it…” Allison finally spoke up, “he’s the reason you refuse to leave this damned school.”


Chloe looked at her mother thru the rearview mirror, “He’s been taken… my best friend has been taken, and you want me to just leave him?”


“Ever since you met him, you’ve become more and more aggressive with us Chloe!” Allison snapped.


“I can’t abandon him… not now…” Chloe said softly, starting to calm herself down, for Kaya’s sake.


“He isn’t your responsibility!” Allison argued.


“Yes, he is,” Chloe responded, staring out the car window again.


“You can make new friends Chloe, why is this one so damn important to you!? He’s only an inch tall for god's sake!” Allison couldn’t comprehend her daughter’s reasoning.


“He’s just like anyone else,” Chloe stated, seemingly uninterested in yelling any further. She simply kept herself calm, something that seemed to surprise her mother at this point.


Allison simply stared at her daughter thru the rearview mirror, studying her. She was confused, her daughter had completely calmed down, and was remaining calm. Allison then turned her head around to face the back seat.


“Exactly…” Allison said, “so if he’s just like anyone else, why does he matter to you so much?”


Chloe smiled, “Because I love him.”


Allison didn’t seem pleased to hear her answer, “You’re a child, what could you possibly know about love?”


Chloe finally turned her head toward her mother, staring her directly in the eyes, “I know that I’ll never let myself end up in a loveless relationship, like you and father…”


Allison was speechless at her daughters words, and she merely glanced over at her husband Harvey, who was also glancing back. They both knew they’d be fools to believe their daughter was clueless, but they didn’t realize how intuitive Chloe really was. Harvey and Allison had fallen out of love a long time ago, and simply remained together because they had no one else, nothing else. It was like a trap, one they’d be trapped in until the day they died. Chloe however, did not intend on making the same mistakes as her parents.


The rest of the car ride home was silent, as no one had anything else to say. Kaya had just about made out the entirety of the conversation, and figured she’d just keep it to herself. She certainly didn’t want to make Chloe uncomfortable, not after tonight. Eventually Harvey pulled up to the house, parking the car inside the garage. Allison and Harvey both hopped out and waited near the garage door that went into the house. Chloe had gotten out carefully, trying to make Kaya’s ride inside her cleavage as easy going as possible. As Chloe exited the car, and walked towards her parents to enter the house with them, her boobs began to bounce. Kaya was shifted up and down as the two enormous jugs began to carry her up and down with them. She began to get a little dizzy, but knew her trip between Chloe’s breasts was about to come to an end.


No one said a word to each other, as Chloe just headed towards the stairs to go to her bedroom, her parents remaining in the kitchen as Harvey reached into a cabinet to pull out a bottle of wine. They obviously resorted to alcohol to solve their issues. Chloe ignored them and continued upstairs. Once she had reached her bedroom door, she slipped inside and shut it. Since she had practically destroyed the last one, her parents were wise to buy a door without a lock. They hadn’t been so assertive over Chloe’s life since she had so boldly lashed out at them the last time. Chloe walked over to her bed, and then reached between her breasts to fetch Kaya. She carefully pulled her tiny friend out and into the palm of her hand, smiling down at her.


“Is… everything alright?” Kaya asked nervously.


“Yeah, my parents are just worried because of what happened, it’s to be expected,” Chloe answered, “I’m sure your father might have a similar conversation with you.”


Chloe was right, and Kaya knew it. She was terrified that her father would have her pulled from Eagle High immediately once he learned about the fate of the dead student, and me.


Chloe placed Kaya on the bed, as she headed over towards her dresser to get changed into something more comfortable. She had been wearing that dress for so long, she needed to get it off asap. Chloe hated the dress, and her heels, however she had only worn the pair to impress Nick, of which she now realizes may have been a bad idea; considering Bridgette and such.


“You don’t mind do you? The only bathroom is downstairs… and I’d rather not…” Chloe pleaded, hoping Kaya was the type of girl to care.


“Of course not!” Kaya answered, not at all minding if Chloe were to undress in front of her.


Chloe smiled, and began to unzip her dress. Once she had unzipped the back all the way, she began to wiggle to her left and right as the dress began to slide down her body. Kaya wasn’t planning to stare or anything, but once Chloe had slid the dress off completely, she couldn’t help but gawk at Chloe’s incredibly beautiful body. Her skin was practically flawless, and her breasts quite erotic. Kaya was by no means a lesbian, not at all. But she had to admit, Chloe was far more attractive than most woman Kaya had ever seen. She had remembered seeing pictures inside my house, pictures of me and Chloe in middle school. She remembered the odd outfits Chloe would always wear, and the fact that Chloe would never wear shoes. Kaya wondered if Chloe realized just how gorgeous she really was.


Chloe lifted her legs up, as she kicked the dress to the side. To Kaya’s surprise, Chloe was wearing a dark blue pair of high cut briefs. It really expressed to Kaya how classy Chloe was, instead of most of the high school sluts nowadays wearing g strings and thongs all the time. Chloe bent over to undo the straps on her heels, before sliding her feet out of them and placing them on the floor. Her brightly painted nails reflected the light from the ceiling fixture. Her feet looked so smooth on the sides, and even though Kaya most certainly didn’t have a foot fetish, she could see the appeal. Chloe picked up her dress and heels, and simply tossed them to the corner of her room. She then reached behind her to unstrap her bra. Kaya was a little surprised, and looked the other way not to be rude. However something inside her itched to take a little peek, and Kaya found herself slowly turning her head to watch Chloe once again.


Chloe unstrapped her bra, letting it fall to the floor. Her back was facing Kaya, so she couldn’t actually see anything. However Chloe then turned around to open one of her dresser drawers, before pulling out a baggy t-shirt. It was then that Kaya got a glimpse of Chloe’s perfect breasts. The nipples were perfectly centered on Chloe’s breasts, and slightly pointed. Kaya took one of her hands to feel her own breast, starting to feel slightly jealous compared to Chloe’s immense beauty. Chloe slipped the shirt on, before opening another drawer and pulling out fuzzy grizzly bear pajamas. She slipped them on, before heading back over to the bed. Kaya quickly turned her head away, not wanting Chloe to know that she was snooping. Chloe however, had known the entire time.


“It’s ok Kaya,” Chloe laughed a little, “I’m not homophobic or anything, I don’t care if you watch me.”


“What? Oh no! No no! I’m not lesbian…” Kaya was very embarrassed.


“Oh… didn’t mean to offend you, I’m sorry,” Chloe apologized.


“It’s quite alright… I just couldn’t help myself… it’s just… you are so beautiful, it’s no wonder Nick is at a crossroads with you and Bridgette,” Kaya suddenly wondered if that was an appropriate statement.


Chloe looked down at her toes, wiggling them about as she contemplated something, clearly affected by what Kaya had said. Kaya felt bad, wishing she wasn’t so abrupt with her words.


“Kaya…” Chloe said, “do… you think Nick… do you think Nick sees me as… beautiful?”


“What? Of course! Anyone who saw you would think that!” Kaya tried to assure.


“Well no one ever says I’m beautiful…” Chloe murmured, still looking at her wiggling toes.


“Chloe… you need to ask yourself this, why would Nick risk losing Bridgette, if he wasn’t in turmoil with his feelings about you?” Kaya reasoned.


Chloe looked over at her, “maybe he just wants to make me feel better?”


“Nonsense, you don’t actually believe that do you?” Kaya placed her hands on her hips, “Nick may not be the most straightforward person, but his actions speak louder than his words, and the fact that he let you engage in your sexual fantasies with him shows just how much he cares about you!”


Chloe’s eyes widened, “you… you know!?”


“I saw everything… I saw you pin him under your feet, and I saw how you… yuh know… touched… yourself,” Kaya coughed, unsure as to why she had to specify. Clearly Chloe would have known what she was talking about.


Chloe was now the embarrassed one, lifting her feet up onto the bed as she huddled her legs up to her chest, “Nick didn’t tell me that you knew…”


“He didn’t want to worry you, but that doesn’t matter,” Kaya stated, “what matters is that it’s clear Nick has feelings for you!”


“He shouldn’t…” Chloe mumbled, “I don’t want to drive him and Bridgette apart…”


“That’s absurd,” Kaya spat, “Nick is responsible for his relationship with Bridgette, not you!”


“I’m the one who has pressured him though, I’m the one who has forced my feelings upon him, knowing full well how he felt about Bridgette!” Chloe wasn’t giving herself any slack.


Kaya knew that Chloe was right. Chloe was certainly responsible to a degree, however Kaya felt that I was still responsible as well, and she would be correct.


“Fine, you are both to blame, but it’s love Chloe,” Kaya explained, “love makes you do silly things, so you need to ask yourself a question.”


A tear began to drip down Chloe’s face, “are you willing to ruin the relationship between Nick and Bridgette so you can have him for yourself? Or are  you going to put your love to the test, and let him go?” Kaya said.


“It’s an ultimatum that not even I would want to make, but that’s the only choice you’ve got,” Kaya said.


“I’ve already made it…” Chloe answered, more tears dripping down her cheeks, “I already promised B that I’d stay away from Nick…”


Kaya didn’t know what to say, she didn’t realize Chloe had already made her decision, “Oh… Chloe, that is very brave of you,” Kaya tried to console her.


“It felt like I was stabbing myself…” Chloe revealed, “and now to add salt to the wound, Nick has been taken by Tessa…”


Kaya walked over to Chloe’s huddled position. She walked up to Chloe’s bare foot, and placed a hand on it, feeling that a touch would calm her friend down, “Nick is capable of many things, if anyone should know that, it’s you,” Kaya assured.


“Chloe! Who are you talking too??” Allison could be heard shouting from outside the room. She was clearly only a few feet away from Chloe’s bedroom door.


Kaya froze, as she turned around towards the bedroom door. She was completely out in the open, and Chloe had taken her bra off so that was no longer an option. She thought about jumping off the bed, but she wasn’t sure she was brave enough to do it. However she had no idea that Chloe had already invented a hiding place of her own. Kaya felt the warm hand of Chloe wrap around her tiny body, as she was hoisted into the air extremely quickly. The bedroom door handle began to turn, as Allison had reached her bedroom. Kaya turned around to face Chloe, who was now lowering Kaya downward. Kaya was confused as to what Chloe was doing.


“I’m sorry… I don’t have a choice,” Chloe whispered, using her free hand to pull on her pajamas. She had created a small opening, down towards her nether region…


Kaya had not time to react to what Chloe was doing, as Chloe held her just above her now slightly parted pajamas. Chloe let go, and Kaya found herself tumbling feet first into Chloe’s panties. She hit the smooth and silky fabric as her tiny form began to slid down until she rested directly under Chloe’s moist vagina. Kaya looked up at it in shock, it was utterly enormous at her size. She had never been so close to someone's genitals before, and it was truly terrifying to her. She glanced upwards just in time to see Chloe’s face, which then vanished as she let go of her pajamas and underwear, allowing it to firmly snap against Chloe’s smooth waist once again. This caused the underwear to retract tightly, and Kaya found herself flung against Chloe’s clean shaven pussy. It was moist, as if something had turned her on not to long ago. Maybe it was the flashback Kaya gave Chloe to when Nick and her had engaged in her sexual fantasy. It didn’t really matter however, because Kaya was far to focused on the fact that Chloe had literally just put her inside her underwear!


The door opened not even a second after Chloe had let her pajamas snap back against her waist. She quickly folded her arms and tried to act as if everything was fine.


“Yes?” Chloe asked, trying to remain calm as she felt Kaya worming around against the lips of her vagina. She surely didn’t want to put her there, but she couldn’t think of anything else in the moment. She could only hope that Kaya would calm down, because the more she moved, the wetter Chloe got.


“Who were you talking too?” Allison asked, looking around the room as if expecting someone to be there.


“I wasn’t talking to anybody,” Chloe answered, standing up and walking over to her dress on the floor to pick it up, trying to act like nothing was going on.


Kaya at this point had been completely soaked in Chloe’s orgasmic fluids, as she began to secrete more and more as Kaya frantically struggled to get comfortable inside her new hideout, of which she did not like in the least. Kaya wanted to be mad, but she knew that Chloe had insisted that her parents not find out about her, and after the conversation in the car, she couldn’t help but totally understand Chloe’s concern. Thankfully, Chloe appeared to wash herself very well, because the smell wasn’t bad at all. Kaya could tell that Chloe used Tea Tree body wash, as the smell was coated all across her flesh. It made her fluids smell good, which Kaya honestly wasn’t sure if that could be a legitimate justification. Regardless, she wasn’t going anywhere until Chloe’s mother left the room, so she accepted her temporary placement and stopped struggling. The tight fabric of Chloe’s undies firmly planted the entire front of her body against the fleshy skin of Chloe’s genitalia, and despite her efforts to get comfortable she decided to just be patient and wait for Chloe to fish her out. She had to give Chloe credit though, for her quick thinking. It wasn’t as if her mother would ever think to look in her daughters underwear!


“If you weren't’ talking to anybody, then why did I hear voices in your room as I walked up the stairs?” Allison questioned, not entirely convinced.


“I stubbed my toe on my dresser, and… I said a few cuss words, I’m sorry,” Chloe answered, hoping it would be enough to assure her mother.


Allison looked around the room once more, then started scanning the floor. Chloe knew why, but decided not to say anything.


“Alright… well your father and I would like to talk to you downstairs for a moment,” Allison said, beginning to exit Chloe’s room.


“Right now?” Chloe asked, knowing that Kaya wouldn’t be happy to be pressed up against her vagina any longer than she had too.


“Dear… please,” Allison begged, not wanting to spark another argument.


Chloe decided she didn’t want to act suspicious, and just did as her mother said. She could feel the impatience from Kaya inside her panties, she could just tell she wasn’t to delighted about it. Chloe followed her mother downstairs and into the kitchen, where her father was sitting at the dining room table. Allison took a seat next to her husband, and Chloe sat down as carefully as she could at the other end of the table, not wanting to accidentally sit on Kaya. Once she was sure Kaya hadn’t been pressed underneath her ass, she then folded her hands on the table, waiting to hear what her parents had to say.


Kaya felt as Chloe had sat down. It only added more force to the pressure she was enduring. Kaya placed her hands upon Chloe’s sensitive bodily part, trying to push herself free from the sticky thing, but instead her hands found themselves sinking inside of Chloe’s vagina. That was NOT what Kaya had intended for, and now she found herself frantically pushing as hard she could to remove her arms from between Chloe’s lips, but it only caused her to go in deeper and deeper into Chloe as her soaked pussy caused Kaya’s hands to keep slipping further and further. At this point, Chloe was beginning to sweat, and became extremely nervous. Poor little Kaya was beginning to turn her on, and Chloe felt extremely awful for the situation she had forced her into. Maybe offering to watch over the tiny gal wasn’t the best idea after all.


“Your father and I have been talking…” Allison began, “and I think we both owe you an apology.”


Aside from her tiny distraction inside her panties, Chloe was truly intrigued to hear her parents apologize, literally for the first time ever, “Apol… Apologize for what?” Chloe tried to say the words as smoothly as she could, but Kaya’s frantic wiggling was causing her to become uneasy. Chloe could feel Kaya slipping further inside of her, and she wasn’t sure exactly what she could do about it.


“Last year we had many problems Chloe, and ever since the day you finally lashed out at us, we have seriously reconsidered the kind of parents we want to be,” Allison put her palms together up to her chin, and her eyes were a bit teary, “instead of showering you with the love, and understanding that we should have been doing, we have tried to force things upon you instead, and bend you towards our own perspectives.”


“What your mother is trying to say darling… is that we won’t force you to leave Eagle High, if you truly wish to stay,” said Harvey.


Kaya was beginning to panic, no matter how much she fought it, she kept getting sucked into Chloe’s vagina more and more. Chloe’s soaked lips had already engulfed her, and as Chloe kept rubbing her thighs together in response to the unwanted stimulation, it only made matters worse. Kaya was forced to keep her mouth closed, and take in small breaths to avoid getting a mouthful of Chloe’s orgasmic beverages. Kaya was seriously starting to regret allowing her friend to put her here. In a last ditch effort, Kaya extended her arm as far as she could, her hand just barely exiting the lips of Chloe’s pussy. She grabbed onto the edge of it as hard as she could, and after getting a good grip started to pull herself out.


Chloe’s hand slammed the table, as the tiny little hand of Kaya pinched her vagina. It didn’t hurt, it would better be described as a shock really, it just caught her off guard.


“Chloe! What’s the matter!?” Allison didn’t expect her daughter to react in such a way regarding their conversation.


“Oh! No nothing I promise! I love you guys so much and I appreciate you for understanding how I feel!” Chloe chirped, not wanting to cause any suspicions. She began to bite her lower lip, as Kaya’s little hand was pinching her and it was extremely uncomfortable.


Kaya finally pulled herself out of Chloe’s vagina, and took in a deep breath. She couldn’t be trapped in here any longer, she needed to be free. She used the last of her strength to crawl to the edge of Chloe’s panties, and began to squirm past the tight fabric to make her little exit. It didn’t take long, and she found herself falling a few feet onto the soft fabric of Chloe’s pajamas. She turned onto her back and looked up at the immense figure that was before her. The enormous blue panties looked down at her, as if taunting her to come back inside. No way! Kaya was done with all that nonsense!


Chloe had felt Kaya’s frantic movements stop, and it seemed that her little friend had finally decided to keep still, “I think I’m gonna head to bed!” Chloe shouted, knowing full well that Kaya couldn’t be in her fleshy prison a moment longer.


“Are you sure everything's alright?” Allison asked, slightly worried that her daughter wasn’t being totally forward with her.


“Mom, I promise,” Chloe responded, a smile on her face.


It had been awhile since she had smiled at her mother. Despite the distractions from Kaya, Chloe had indeed listened to what her mother and father had to say, and it made her happy to know that they were finally willing to let her make her own decisions, rather than try and force their own upon her. Chloe stood up and turned around to head back up the stairs to her bedroom.


“Love you guys!” She shouted, as she starting hustling towards the stairwell.


“Love you to sweetheart!” Harvey said back.


Kaya’s world unexpectedly turned upside down as she found herself tumbling a great distance. Chloe had stood up and it caused Kaya to fall down her left pant leg. She slid down the fuzzy pajamas before exiting the leg hole at the bottom and hitting the top of Chloe’s foot and bouncing onto the hardwood floor. Kaya looked up, watching as Chloe hustled away, up the stairs, and to her bedroom. She had left her behind, apparently unaware that her friend had already departed her ‘vehicle’. Kaya rubbed her sides, as they were in pain from the not so soft landing. This was certainly not what she had expected to go down.


“I’m going to go to bed, I’m exhausted,” Harvey said, as Kaya turned around to see Chloe’s enormous father walk away towards a hall.


“I’m going to make something to eat, I’m a little hungry, I’ll join you in an hour or so,” Allison responded, standing up and heading into the kitchen.


Kaya was now completely alone in the dining room, the only noise coming from the kitchen where Allison was doing something. Kaya began to think about how she could make her way back up to Chloe’s bedroom. The only problem was that the stairs were hardwood as well, and there was no way she could climb her way up. She considered waiting for Chloe to notice she was gone, and come back down to get her. That seemed like the safest option. Kaya sat down where she was, and waited. She figured Chloe had already figured out she was missing, and would come to get her any minute now.


The ground began to quake, and Kaya lost her train of thought as the shaking became more and more apparent. Kaya turned her head around, and wasn’t pleased at the slightest to see what was about to happen. Allison had brought out a bowl of something, but that wasn’t important. Allison had no idea that Chloe had brought home such a tiny guest, and she was walking in Kaya’s direction. She had basic white ankle socks on, her feet were pretty petite for such a tall woman. Or maybe she was only tall in Kaya’s eyes. Regardless, her socked feet were booming with each step, and Kaya froze as Allison’s left foot made haste and began to loom over her. All Kaya could do, was look up, and watch as Chloe’s unaware mother brought her foot down.


Meanwhile, as Kaya was thrust into a chaotic evening, Chloe had re entered her bedroom, and immediately put her hand down her pants to find her one inch friend. Chloe froze when she realized Kaya wasn’t inside her panties. Her heart nearly stopped when she realized that Kaya may have stopped moving, because of another reason… Chloe immediately put her index finger inside of herself, as she began to fish around for Kaya. She was afraid Kaya may have slipped inside and suffocated. Chloe began to freak out when she realized Kaya was inside her vagina either. If she wasn’t inside her, and wasn’t in her panties, then where the hell was Kaya!? Chloe realized she must have slid out of her panties, and quickly and carefully pulled off her pajama bottoms. She began putting her arms inside the leg holes, seeing if Kaya had maybe gotten trapped inside the bottoms. Still nothing. Chloe knew right there and then that Kaya could only be in one other place, the dining room. Maybe when she stood up, Kaya had fallen out of her pajamas and onto the floor? The only issue was her parents, and Chloe needed to act fast if she was going to find her friend.


Anyways, now back to Kaya’s perspective. Where were we? Oh yes, Allison’s enormous socked foot coming down onto Kaya. Yup, she died. LOLZ, just kidding, she survived. Allison’s foot landed heavily upon Kaya as she thrust her arms up to embrace the impact. Her entire body was forced hard into the hardwood floor as Allison stepped on her as if she was nothing but a crumb. Allison felt the bump she had just stepped on, as she was pretty aware of her feet and where she was walking. For a moment she thought she had stepped on a bug, and momentarily lost her balance as the bowl tilt to the side, spilling some of the cashews she had dumped into it. The cashews landed on the hardwood floor all around her. Allison moved her foot to see what she had stepped on, but before she could get a closer look she heard the footsteps of her daughter rushing down the stairs. She moved her eyes to see Chloe, who had now reached the bottom of the stairs.


“I thought you were going to bed dear?” Allison asked, moving her eyes back to the floor to inspect what she had stepped on.


Kaya had taken the small bit of time Chloe provided to quickly hide under one of the larger cashews, blocking her from Allison’s vision as Chloe’s mother looked down to where she had stepped. Allison was slightly confused when she found nothing.


“Whatchya lookin’ at?” Chloe asked, scanning the floor to find Kaya, but she was nowhere in sight.


“Could’ve sworn I stepped on a bug, or maybe a crumb, but I don’t see it,” Allison answered.


“WHAT!” Chloe shouted, rushing over and forcing her mother's foot upward to inspect it. But nothing was there, in which Chloe gave a sigh of relief. Allison forced her foot out of Chloe’s hands.


“Chloe! What the hell was that for?” Allison wasn’t amused by whatever game her daughter was playing.


“Nothing… I just like bugs yuh know? Would hate for the poor gal to have died under that foot of yours…” Chloe answered, trying to make up whatever excuse she could think of.


“Ok… well just don’t handle me like that again ok? It’s rude,” Allison asked, taking a knee to start picking up all the cashews.


Kaya felt her world shift as Allison picked her up along with the enormous cashew. She felt herself get tossed as Allison placed the cashews back into the bowl. Kaya looked around frantically, trying to find any way to get out of the bowl. But Allison had her up too high in the air for her to jump safely to the ground.


“Well are you going to bed or not?” Allison asked, curious as to why her daughter was acting so weird tonight.


“Actually, could I watch T.V. with you?” Chloe asked, wanting to stay downstairs in case Kaya was able to somehow reach her for help.


“Sure… but there is school tomorrow so don’t stay up to late ok?” Allison asked.


The two went over and sat on the couch, and Allison turned the television on. She then changed the channel to Gordon Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares, one of her favorite shows. She then placed the bowl in her lap, and began to grab handfuls of cashews to munch on. Kaya had reached the edge of the bowl to stay out of Allison’s way, not wanting to be brought up with the rest of the cashews. She tried to peek over the bowl to get a glimpse at Chloe, but she was too small to reach, and she didn’t want to fully expose herself to Chloe’s mother. But at this point, she was sure if that was even possible anymore. Chloe had no idea Kaya was in her mother's bowl, and it wouldn’t be long before Allison ate up every last cashew in it, which could possibly include Kaya herself.


Allison laughed every time Gordon ramsay told the delusional owner to fuck off, finding his intense reactions hilarious. Chloe laughed as well, not wanting to cause suspicion, as she kept scanning the floor for Kaya. She was praying to God that Kaya was ok, figuring that her mother had stepped on her by accident. At this point, Chloe was starting to question herself as to whether she should just spill the beans and explain to her mother what had happened. Maybe after the heartfelt conversation she wouldn’t be mad? Who knew, but Chloe was going to wait a few minutes more just in case Kaya showed.


“Want some dear?” Allison offered, holding the bowl towards her daughter.


“Sure, I am a little hungry,” Chloe responded, reaching into the bowl.


Kaya looked up as Chloe’s slender fingers dug deep beneath the nuts. The fingers then slid the nuts to the edge of the bowl, picking Kaya up along with them. Kaya wriggled around frantically, but it was too late. Chloe had scooped the handful into her palm, and she certainly wasn’t the kind of girl to eat one at a time. She tilted her head back, and dumped the handful straight into her salivating mouth. After the insane situation she had been put into, she was certainly a little hungry.


Kaya landed near the back of Chloe’s tongue, as she peeked up to see Chloe’s hand fade away as her lips came to a close. Kaya began to have flashbacks to when Peyton had tried to devour her. She remembered as Peyton swallowed her alive and remembered how she struggled as hard as she could while sliding down Peyton’s throat. Thankfully, the mysterious bystander saved her life, but unfortunately that wouldn’t be happening this time. Kaya began to sob like a child as Chloe began mashing her teeth down, her slimy wet tongue forcing the nuts to one side of the mouth, and then the other. Kaya managed not to be mashed apart for a bit, but she became tired as her tiny body was thrust around Chloe’s mouth like nothing more than a cashew. She watched in horror as the nuts became less and less solid, turning into white mush. It was repulsing to look at, but she was forced every bit of the way to endure this nightmare.


Chloe was nearly ready to swallow, she only needed to mash up one more nut. Her tongue smacked Kaya like a tank as she flew onto Chloe’s molars. She looked up in horror as Chloe’s white teeth began to come down to mash her into a paste like the rest of the nuts. Kaya told herself that it wasn’t Chloe’s fault. She didn’t know, how could she have known? Kaya was only an inch tall, and she began to realize how truly pathetic her life was. Kaya closed her eyes, as all of her thoughts flashed before her in an instant before her impending death. But then she remembered me. Nick. She remembered the times I told her when I was eaten myself, or when I had nearly been crushed, or raped, and how I battled the falcon. She suddenly understood how someone like us could survive such situations, and the answer was simple. Pure will.


Kaya used every muscle in her body, lunging out of the way as Chloe’s teeth came crashing down. She landed back on Chloe’s tongue, but her strength gave out as she began to pass out.


Chloe froze. Had that nut just randomly hopped out of the way of her teeth? But that wasn’t possible. Chloe’s eyes widened in horror. She spit all of the food out into her palms, as her mother looked over at her in disgust.


“Dear god, what are you doing?” Allison asked.


“Nothing, it just tasted funny, goodnight!” Chloe immediately ran up the stairs to her bedroom, as Allison just stared at her in disbelief.


Chloe slammed the door shut and frantically began to search the mush for her tiny friend. Sure enough, there she was. Chloe began to tear up, as the horror set in. Her mother must have picked her up by accident and tossed her in with the nuts. Chloe had no idea, and she felt as if the entire situation was her fault. She took Kaya out of the mushy goop and placed her on the bed. She was completely motionless, and Chloe fell to her knees and covered her face with her arms on the bed sheets. She began to sob profusely, thinking she had mistakenly killed her friend.


Kaya slowly opened her eyes, seeing that she was safely back inside Chloe’s room. She sat up, rubbing her head. She had a slight headache. She looked over, seeing Chloe sob into her arms.


“Hey, you alright?” Kaya asked, as if she was totally fine.


Chloe perked up, and looked over at Kaya, “KAYA!” Chloe shouted, scooping her up in her hands and holding her close to her chest.


“I THOUGHT I KILLED YOU!” Chloe was crying profusely.


“I… I’m fine just…. You are squeezing me!” Kaya responded.


“Oh… sorry,” Chloe put Kaya back down on the bed.


“Kaya, please forgive me, I’m so so so so so sorry! I should’ve just told my mother the truth, it’s all my fault!” Chloe was frantic.


“CHLOE!” Kaya shouted, putting her hands on her hips and giving her enormous friend a stern look.


Chloe shut up, and just looked down at Kaya, her face soaked from the tears.


“You didn’t put me through anything worse than what Nick’s been through, I’m fine,” Kaya assured, patting the mushy nut remnants off of her clothing.


“You… You don’t hate me?” Chloe murmured.


“What? Of course not! Just let me know the next time you decide to shove me up against your cunt ok?” Kaya rolled her eyes.


Chloe nodded, wiping the tears off her face, “I just don’t understand why I’m always being the one putting you guys in danger.”


“Are you kidding? According to Nick, you’ve are the complete opposite! And besides, it’s MY fault for not staying put. If I had just stayed where I was none of that would have even happened,” Kaya explained, “oh, and tell your mother not to stomp so hard! I felt like I was gonna burst under that foot of hers!”


“I’m so sorry Kaya…” Chloe mumbled.


“Hey,” Kaya said as she walked up to Chloe, “look at me, I’m in one piece ok?”


“You must have been terrified in my mouth… I’ve never eaten somebody before… the thought of you… the thought of ME….” Chloe was frozen as she thought about the fact that she almost killed Kaya.


“You didn’t though! That’s all that matters. Not a big deal ok?” Kaya sat down, and fell on her back.


“Ugh, it’s been a long night, let’s just go to bed ok?” Kaya suggested.


“Ok, you can take the bed, I’ll sleep on the floor,” Chloe said, grabbing the pillow and throwing it to the floor.


“What? No sleep up here. You won’t hurt me,” Kaya told her.


“But…” Chloe tried to reason, but Kaya interrupted.


“Chloe… don’t leave me up here by myself… please,” Kaya pleaded.


Chloe nodded, and put her pillow back onto her bed. She carefully laid down on the other side of Kaya, as Kaya walked up towards Chloe’s chest. Kaya laid down, positioning her head to face Chloe’s. Chloe was peering down at her.


“Kaya… weren’t you terrified?” Chloe asked, confused as to how calm Kaya was.


“Yup,” Kaya answered, closing her eyes to get some sleep.


“... Aren’t you… shaken up about it?” Chloe persisted.


“If Nick’s taught me anything, it’s that it’ll only happen again, so why sweat it?” Kaya responded.


Chloe decided that her answer was good enough. Chloe closed her eyes, and tried to get some sleep. The two slept rather well, considering the chaos that had ensued. Though both were somewhat responsible for what taken place, no one had taken more blame for it than Chloe. She had never mistakenly put me inside her mouth once, not ever. Yet tonight she did it with Kaya. Chloe never considered the fact that she may have a vore fetish. She was always so focused on her feet, and how it felt to have me under them.


But something terrified her, and it was the fact that knowing Kaya was inside her mouth, had indeed caught her attention. Chloe ignored the thoughts, and went to sleep.


*Meanwhile, Bridgette and Abigail arrive at Regina Karn’s house*


Bridgette had driven herself and Abigail to the board of directors home. Abigail had told her that Regina was a resourceful woman, and may know a way to track down the missing one inch student. They walked up to the front door to ring the bell, but Bridgette found herself shocked when they found the door open.


“Um… this isn’t normal right?” Bridgette questioned, looking at Abigail in confusion.


“No…” Abigail held her finger up to her lips, indicating for Bridgette to be quiet.


The two entered Regina’s house quietly. Most of the lights were off, with the exception of one in another room. It was a lamp, and Abigail and Bridgette could see a shadow moving around in the other room. Abigail looked at Bridgette, as if to tell her to keep as quiet as possible. The two slowly crept around the corner, and into the other room. There was a man, frantically searching through the drawer of an end table next to Regina’s couch. Abigail and Bridgette stopped, and both started to back away very carefully when they both saw the silenced pistol in the man’s hand. The room was trashed, and pictures and vases were scattered all throughout the house. It was clear that Regina wasn’t home, and that this man was an intruder. While trying to creep backwards however, Bridgette accidentally stepped on a picture, and the glass broke.


The man whipped around faster than the speed of sound as he removed his pistol and aimed it at both the girls. Bridgette and Abigail froze, thrusting their hands up.


“Don’t shoot us!” Bridgette shouted.


“I don’t think he’s gonna let us go B…” Abigail retorted in response.


The man carefully inspected the two, his pistol focused on Bridgette, “Who are you?” He asked.


“We attend Eagle High, we… were looking for Regina?” Bridgette answered, as Abigail nudged her side with her elbow as if to try and tell her not to say a word.


“Damn… kids…” the man responded, “I’m sorry… but I’ve been instructed to leave no witnesses.”


The man began to pull the trigger, and Bridgette’s heart stopped as she heard the sound of a gunshot. The noise cracked through the room as her ears blew from the intensity of the noise. Both girls fell to their knees as they held their ears in pain. It was then that Bridgette realized she was in one piece, and looked up to see the man fall onto his back. He was dead.


“Get up… Slowly,” said a female voice from behind them.


Bridgette and Abigail both stood up, slowly turning around to see that it was Regina who had shot the man. She had saved their lives.


“Abigail?” Regina recognized her son’s ex girlfriend immediately, and put her gun into her holster.


“What the hell was that!?” Abigail shouted in frustration.


“He… He was searching through your drawers… he tried to…” Bridgette was freaking out.


“It’s ok, he isn’t gonna hurt you anymore,” Regina assured, walking over to the dead intruder to take his pulse.


“We came for answers, but instead have more questions, what the fuck is this?” Abigail was confused as all could be, and was obviously regretting coming up with the idea to come here.


“Let me guess, you wanted to see if I knew where Nick Kemp is, and why Tessa murdered a senior high schooler?” Regina replied, checking a few other rooms to make sure no one else was in the house.


“Wha… How did…” Abigail was stunned.


“My staff have already informed me, and the best thing you two can do is go home and let me do my work,” Regina instructed, pointing them both to the door.


“Now wait just a DAMN SECOND!” Bridgette screamed, “My boyfriend is kidnapped, and you just SHOT SOMEONE IN FRONT OF ME! I want to know what the hell is going on here!?”


Regina sighed, holding her head into her palm. She was clearly not expecting two high schoolers to show up at such an inconvenient time.


“You must be Bridgette then… look, I can’t help you,” Regina tried to reason.


“You don’t have to help anyone, but I want to know who that man was, and why Tessa the fucking MATH TEACHER kidnapped Nick! And I know you have answers because why else would you be trying so hard to shove us out the damn door!?” Bridgette was enraged.


“Maybe because there's a dead body in the house?” Abigail chimed in, to which Abigail glared at her, expressing for her to shut the fuck up. Abigail put her hands up in defense, backing down from any argument that could ensue.


“If I tell you… I will put you in danger…” Regina was trying desperately to explain the situation to Bridgette.


“Fine, guess I’ll have to call the police then,” Bridgette threatened, starting to pull out her cell phone, “unless you are gonna kill me too.”


Regina rolled her eyes, placing her hands on her hips in annoyance, “OK, fine! But I’ve warned you.”


Regina walked over to a cupboard on the wall, and pulled out a bottle of whiskey. She unscrewed the cap and began to chug it down, “but don’t say I didn’t warn you…” She then walked over and sat the tipped over chair upright again, and sat down.


“Tessa Mongoya works for a group of glorified assassins, that man was sent here most likely to find information regarding anything I may know, and I have a mysterious figure sending me threatening letters about how he will get his revenge and whatever,” Regina then took another chug of the whiskey.


Bridgette was steaming with anger, “I want the truth you fucking bitch!”


Regina scowled, and threw the bottle as hard as she could at the wall. The half empty bottle shattered into a million pieces as whiskey splashed all over, “That is the truth you little brat!” Regina stormed onto her feet, “I told you, this is not a fucking game.”


“You are telling me that Tessa is an assassin!?” Bridgette didn’t want to believe her, but after all the crazy shit that had been going on, she wasn’t sure what to believe anymore.


“The cunt was so good, she slipped right under my nose for four fucking years at Eagle High…. Watching my son like some kind of predator,” Regina turned around, holding her head as if she had a headache, “I’m going to kill her if I ever see her…”


“Regina… do you know who she works for?” Abigail chimed in, hoping to give Bridgette a moment to process.


“They call themselves the council, and I’ve been trying to track their leader for a long time…” Regina answered.


“This is crazy… you run a school district… A SCHOOL DISTRICT!” Bridgette said frantically.


“There is much more going on in this fucking city than you could even comprehend,” Regina snapped. Walking over to a pile of papers, Regina began to pick them up and place them onto the end table. Abigail noticed one letter in particular, a letter that had a set of initials on it. The initials read ‘A.K.’.


“Regina… those initials,” Abigail pointed out.


Bridgette now saw it too, “that’s the letter Nick was talking about!”


“No… this is a different letter,” Regina admitted, holding it in her hand.


“If you knew about all this, why haven’t you told us!?” Bridgette was starting to get worked up again.


“Listen, I can help you find Nick, but after you get him back I want you to leave this all alone,” Regina stated.


“What!? How can you expect us to do that!” Bridgette asked in disbelief.


“You don’t get it, the council has killed many people to cover their tracks, and I don’t know what they want from Nick ok?” Regina explained, “But you BOTH will stay back, and let me do the heavy lifting ok? This isn’t some game, and I don’t have the time or patience to explain everything to you. So here’s how this will go, either you trust me to return Nick safely to you, or you leave now empty handed.” Regina gave her ultimatum.


Bridgette looked over at Abigail, as if to see if she had known about any of this. But Abigail’s expression was as shocked as she was. Bridgette sighed, stressed out. What was a simple kidnapping, was now a full fledged nightmare. A rogue group of assassins? Regina being connected to the mysterious initials? And Regina being some unknown force!? It was like a fucking movie, only it was real. Had Regina not showed up when she did, Bridgette and Abigail could have been murdered by the intruder. This was the only reason Bridgette was able to somewhat trust Regina Karn, and even then she wasn’t sure if it was the right call.


“Ok… you have yourself a deal,” Bridgette accepted Regina’s help, her only focus getting me back into her loving arms.


“Alright then, let’s get started,” Regina said.




Chapter 33 - Discombobulate The Bitch by Frizzle


By now it was extremely late. Between being kidnapped from my own concert, and being introduced to the insane group calling themselves ‘the council’, I was now on my way back to Eagle High in Tessa’s clutches. Don had pretty much given me an ultimatum, get him the information he wants or let everybody around me suffer. It was probably midnight, perhaps even one in the morning. I couldn’t know for sure. By now, the entire school would be empty, and all I would have to do was get Tessa into the building and into Ronald Water’s office where the letter was located. I wasn’t entirely sure what Don could even do with it, I mean it was just a letter after all. I was just confused as to why he was so hellbent on the matter, but then again it appears that whoever the mysterious ‘A.K.’ is, that he is surely an enemy to the council, and quite frankly me as well. But who was the real enemy here? On the one hand we have a mysterious figure pulling strings from above, his intentions unkown. On the other hand we have a group full of murderous psychopaths that will just about do anything it seems to take this unknown person down.


The ride wasn’t too long, not this time. It seemed to go by pretty quick actually. Tessa of course had placed me back into the dark chest, not wanting to risk me pulling some kind of scheme during the car ride. I had to respect her for that decision, because I probably would have. In fact, I was already working on a plan to get away from Tessa, but first I needed to find a way to contact Chloe, or Bridgette, somebody. At my size, a phone wasn’t likely considering Tessa would be shadowing me the entire time, and I had to keep Tessa close to me as to not grant her any suspicions. The only thing I could think of, was perhaps getting Tessa herself to contact someone I knew, to tip them off as to where I was. But who?


The chest opened, and the light poured over me once more. Tessa’s enormous fingers plucked me from within my prison and brought me up to her enormous red lips. Her eyes gleamed and she looked down upon me.


“Are you ready?” She asked me, a smile curling across her lips.


“We are here already?” I was surprised how quickly we had appeared to get here.


“Yes, my little thief, we are here,” Tessa laughed, as if she was amused that I would be aiding her in this little mission of ours.


“Remember, ANY funny business, and you won’t be the one who get’s punished,” Tessa warned, referring to my friends and family. They were only collateral damage to Tessa and the council, which made them all the more dangerous.


“Whatever, I’ll get you the fucking letter ok? Not like it means anything to me anyways,” I hissed, not amused by her threatening tone.


Tessa then hovered my body over her enormous globes for tits.


“Wha… hey what gives!?” I was confused.


“I need both hands for right now…” Tessa gave a wicked smile, before letting me go as I fell directly between her ridiculously massive boobs.


She began to juggle them a bit, causing me to slide further into the gap of her breasts, as I heard her laughing from above.


“I’ll pluck you out when I need you,” Tessa mocked, as her boobs began to bounce violently as I could feel her hustling towards the school.


All I could do was accept my temporary placement, because there was no way I was wiggling out of her massive watermelons! Or at least they FELT that big to ME, given my size and all.


I took the temporary privacy to try and formulate a plan. If I was going to get Tessa caught, and Don and his crazy fanatics put down, I needed the help of somebody with power and influence. Somebody that keep the people I cared about safe. But who? Ronald Waters? No… he was too easily manipulated by Kristin Karn during his power craze last year, Ronald has no power at all. Maybe my father? Or Kaya’s father? They are geniuses after all… but could a pair of biochemists take down a murderous organization? Unlikely, not on intellect alone at least. Perhaps… Regina Karn? She somehow distanced herself from her own SON after all, keeping her job in the process after he was arrested and his crimes revealed to the entire city. She obviously has a few tricks up her sleeve, but then again I’ve never actually met the woman. Besides, how could I get a message to her to come and help me?


All of a sudden the familiar extremities known as Tessa’s fingers reach down and plucked me from between her breasts. All at once, I was plucked out and then immediately placed down on the concrete ground before her. I looked around in confusion at first, before noticing the enormous doorway in front of us. Tessa was taking me through the staff backdoor entrance.


“Get us inside,” Tessa demanded.


“How the hell am I supposed to do that!?” I asked, crossing my arms in frustration at Tessa’s ridiculous demands.


Tessa reached into one of her pant pockets, pulling out an oddly tiny object. She had to pinch it between her fingernails because it was so tiny! It had to be at least a fourth of my size. Tessa bent down on one knee and placed the unusual object in front of me.


“Do you know what that is?” Tessa asked, glaring down at me.


“Uh… no I do not…” I responded, looking at the unusual device in front of me. It looked like something out of the fucking terminator movie.


“That is an E.I.B.D, an electromagnetic intersystem bond disrupter,” Tessa explained, “in english words, just take it to the other side of the door, aim it towards the keycard panel lock on the wall, and press that red button in the center console.”


I grabbed the device and lifted it with both of my hands. It wasn’t that heavy, but still awkward to handle. I was completely baffled by what I was holding. It was literally like something right out of a science fiction novel.


“How does it work?” I asked, generally curious.


Tessa sighed in irritation, rolling her eyes, “It disrupts the magnetic signature in electronic devices, it will disrupt the electromagnetic pattern inside the keycard panel causing it to malfunction and allowing access to the door, satisfied!?” Tessa was becoming impatient.


“Ok ok… give me a second,” I said, dragging the awkward device with me towards the crack under the doorway.


The school had state of the art security systems, however the doors were a bit old. In fact, at my size I was just about to crawl under just about every door inside the school! Obviously Tessa knew this already, otherwise how else could she have known this little plan of hers would work? The only thing I was slightly confused about, was the size of this device in my hands. How could something seemingly so complex be created so small? Nanotech? I wasn’t sure, but I considered asking her. Hell, maybe she’d give me a straight answer? She did tell me how it operates after all.


I slipped under the doorway, turned in the direction of the keycard panel up on the wall, and aimed the device.


“Well… here goes nothing,” I muttered to myself, as I pressed the red button on the device.


The keycard panel glowed red, and for a second I thought the device hadn’t worked. But sure enough, the red glow then turned green, and I heard the lock on the door open. Tessa let herself in immediately, her enormous shoes walking directly over me. I stared up at her, as her enormous figure loomed over me like a colossal being. It was very intimidating to say the least. Once she had stepped in front of me, she turned around to look down at me.


“Put the device down, and move back,” Tessa ordered.


I wasn’t in the mood to piss her off, so I set the device on the ground and began to back away. In an instant Tessa shifted her foot forward like a rocket, and the heel of her shoe slammed into the device shattering it into a million pieces. I jumped in shock.


“What the hell was that for?” I asked in confusion.


“Don’t need it anymore, and I surely don’t need YOU using it to trick me…” Tessa proclaimed, as if she knew that I was trying to concoct a way to outsmart her.


Her palm hit the floor, and I climbed onto it. I hadn’t actually planned on using that device at all, I wasn’t entirely sure what it could even be used for. However I did learn something, I learned that Tessa was indeed thinking of any way I could possibly try and trick her, thus I knew it wouldn’t be as easy as I originally thought. But I had to think of something, because let's be honest. Would Don and his council let me go after this little heist? Unlikely. We are talking about a group of people who killed a high school senior, and attempted to kill another just to cover their tracks. Chances are, that once they were done with me, they would indeed dispose of me. I had to face the facts, either I found a way here and now to dismantle their group, or I was done for.


*Meanwhile  Bridgette, Abigail and Regina approach Tyler’s house*


“So tell me, why are we coming here again?” Regina asked, as Bridgette pulled into Tyler’s driveway.


“He can help us,” Bridgette answered, “Besides, he’ll be more useful to you and Abigail than I will be.”


“I don’t think you understand who I am girl,” Regina scoffed, “I can take Tessa down myself if need be.”


“I’m sure you can, but who's to say Tessa will be alone? You yourself said she’s part of an organization, so chances are she could have backup,” Bridgette reasoned.


“We agreed you’d stay out of danger,” Regina argued, “I’m not looking to get three teenagers shot and killed.”


“That’s why we have a plan Miss K,” Abigail interceded, “Bridgette's smart just trust her ok?”


“I don’t trust anybody acting out of love, it’s like trying to drive with a blindfold on,” Regina snapped, not listening to a word of either of the two.


“You’ve loved haven’t you?” Bridgette looked in the rearview mirror just after parking the car, “Or at least you did, until Kristin killed your husband.”


Regina glared at Bridgette, a scowl crossing her face, “My son is lost, you little brat, and he has hurt a great many people… but he did NOT kill my husband.”


Abigail turned her head to face Regina, a look of utter shock and disbelief.


“What do you mean he didn’t kill him? Kristin told me himself! I remember seeing the articles about it all those years ago…” Abigail was trying to comprehend Regina’s words.


“Are we here to discuss my past? Or can we proceed as planned,” Regina turned her head as she opened the car door to exit the vehicle.


Bridgette and Abigail could tell she was in no mood to discuss the topic any further, and simply decided to shelf it for now. Bridgette had already sent Tyler a text, and he knew they had arrived. He was already on the porch waiting for them, a cigarette in his mouth.


“I didn’t know you smoke?” Bridgette seemed surprised.


“I do now… what's so urgent that you needed to talk at such an hour?” Tyler took a final puff of his cigarette before flicking it into the grass.


“You’ve heard what happened at Eagle High about five hours ago?” Bridgette asked.


“No… should I have?” Tyler wasn’t sure what Bridgette was going on about.


“Nick has been kidnapped by Tessa…” Abigail did not hesitate to get to the point, “and she murdered a senior girl.”


Tyler stood up immediately, his face showing an expression of pure anger, “WHAT!? That fucking hag!”


Tyler began to pace back and forth, clearly disturbed by what he had been informed, “I should have been there… I should have been there to protect him…”


“Cool it,” Regina stepped in, “let me say this here and now, this is nobodies fault so let's stop acting like a bunch of sobbing babies and actually get to doing something productive yes?”


Tyler looked up at Regina, raising a brow, “Yeah, so… why is the head of the board of fucking directors here again?”


“She knows Tessa and whoever Tessa works for, she can help,” Bridgette told him.


“Does she know what the initials ‘A.K.’ stand for?” Tyler asked, putting his hands on his hips.


“Well no… but whoever it is, has Regina in his scopes as well, but the mysterious initials man or whoever it is can wait, right now we need to focus on Tessa and this so called ‘council’.” Bridgette stated.


“Council? What the fuck are you talking about?” Tyler was generally confused, I mean he was just thrust into all of this out of nowhere.


“Ok look sweetcakes,” Abigail spat, “We went to Regina’s for help, some crazy gun dude tried to shoot us, Regina shot him first, and now there's a council of assassins or whatever that took Nick and need him for something or whatever, that’s about the jist of it. Makes sense now?


“Um… No actually, that doesn’t make sense at all,” Tyler couldn’t even begin to understand what anybody was talking about.


“Tyler…” Bridgette took Tyler’s hand into her own, “I know none of this makes a lot of sense… I don’t even fully understand what's going on myself… but Nick is in trouble, and we could truly use your strength right now…”


“Of course I’ll help… It’s the least I could do to repay him for all he’s done for my school,” Tyler assured.


“Great, now that we formed our little ‘team’, maybe we can think about how we are actually going to figure out where Nick is?” Abigail mocked.


“Regina, you appear to be the only one who knows what’s going on, do you have any clue as to where Tessa would be? Or what they need Nick for?” Bridgette asked.


“I only know this… the council only made themselves known to me after I started receiving the mysterious letters… and I think somehow they might both be connected,” Regina explained, “but as far as what they need Nick for, the only thing I could think of would be his size.”


“His size? He’s literally the size of my pinky toe,” Abigail scoffed, “hell, maybe not even that!”


“Precisely,” Regina rolled her eyes at Abigail’s lack of vision, “he can reach places that almost nobody else can.”


“You think maybe they need him to steal something?” Bridgette contemplated.


“Maybe, or maybe he knows something, something they need,” Regina responded, “but that won’t help us find him.”


“So how do we find him then?” Abigail crossed her arms.


“What if we go back to the source?” Tyler suggested, deciding to participate in the conversation.


“The source?” Bridgette was confused.


“Think about it… the letter that I found in the fax history,” Tyler began to explain, “whoever sent it obviously had an inside man or woman to intercept it, and that mole obviously isn’t Tessa if she’s working for a council that may also be looking for the same man.”


“What’s your point?” Regina huffed impatiently.


“Say that this council already knows about the mole?” Tyler smiled at his intuitiveness, “Say that they try to find out who it is? To lead them to the mysterious figure with an unusual amount of interest regarding Nick?”


“So what? You are saying we should find this mole first?” Abigail was slightly impressed.


“Even if we attempt such a thing, that brings us back to square one,” Regina interrupted, “because we have no idea where this mole would even be, and we have no clues or trails to follow.”


“Maybe not…” Tyler continued, “The room I broke into was a network and security room, and there were two security cameras inside… what if we access the security footage there and find out who the mole is?”


“That’s if the camera footage is even still around, it was over a year ago that the fax was sent,” Abigail replied.


“I didn’t know about any of this…” I have never told Bridgette about any of this, so needless to say this was all news to her ears.


“Nick never told you?” Tyler seemed shocked, “he usually tells you everything…”


“Guess not…” Bridgette sighed, still wondering how her relationship with me would pan out once all of this was behind us.


“Whatever, it’s a solid lead for now,” Regina said, “I have access to Eagle High and all it’s security, I can get inside and review the footage, if there is any to review at all that is.”


“Um, we are going with you,” Bridgette replied, crossing her arms.


“We had a deal girl… I don’t know what you expected to happen, but I told you that you were to stay out of my way!” Regina snapped.


“Look… we will stay back ok? But if you find anything you are damn sure we will be there to see it!” Bridgette would budge on her decision.


The two locked eyes, before Regina huffed and nodded in agreement.


“Well, let’s get going then,” Regina ordered, “school starts once more tomorrow, and we wouldn’t want anyone walking in on us.”


*Meanwhile, back at Eagle High Tessa and I reach Ronald Waters Office*


Tessa had me in her palm as she walked up to Waters office. She tried the door handle, but it was locked. She took a step back, before lifting her right leg and kicking the door right below the handle. The door burst open immediately, and I must admit that it was pretty bad ass.


“Now, where is the letter?” Tessa demanded to know.


“Should be in his desk drawer, though I’m not sure which one exactly,” I lied, knowing full well where the letters location truly was.


Tessa sat me on top of the desk, as she began to scour the four different drawers for the letter. She sifted through stacks and stacks of papers, trying to make haste as she searched thoroughly. This was the moment, I had to put my plan into action now or I wouldn’t get another chance. I had to do it before Tessa realized I had lied to her.


“TESSA!” I loudly whispered, as her head perked up to look at me.


“What!?” She whispered back, looking around the room as if someone might be in it.


“I saw something… outside the office…” I lied, trying to convince Tessa I was telling the truth.


Tessa withdrew her silenced pistol, holding it towards the doorway as she slowly stepped towards it. Thankfully, she was already a bit paranoid, so this only fed into it that much more.


“Did you see who it was?” Tessa asked quietly.


“Um… no I didn’t, not at all,” I said, trying to sound as conspicuous as possible.


Tessa turned to face me, “You know who it was don’t you? You’d better tell me the truth now Nick… otherwise they won’t be alive much longer,” Tessa threatened.


“Please… don’t hurt her…” I pleaded, further convincing Tessa of this little lie I had concocted. She was eating it up like a fat girl eats cake.


“Who IS it!” Tessa had run out of patience.


“It was Chloe! She ran off though, please just don’t hurt her!” I had even convinced myself at this point, and managed to shed a few tears.


Tessa holstered her pistol, laughing to herself, “Well now, this wasn’t to be expected at all.”


Tessa pulled out her phone, and began to dial a number.


“Who are you calling?” I asked, not expecting this outcome to ensue.


“You don’t think the council doesn’t have all your friends contact information?” Tessa mocked, “We know what your family eats, does, goes, we know everything about everyone, including something as silly as a phone number you ignorant little mouse!”


Tessa held the phone up to ear, waiting for an answer. Was she calling Chloe? This isn’t what I had planned at all, I was intending for Tessa to go hunt down the phantom non existent Chloe so I could grab the letter and hide it somewhere Tessa wouldn’t find it, however I was already brewing another idea, and I hoped that Chloe would pick up on it.


“Wait… let me talk to her first,” I pleaded, “let me tell her to show herself, as long as you promise not to hurt her!”


Tessa considered my offer while the phone rang, before nodding and putting the phone on speaker. She set the phone down in front of me, and the phone had rung about four times by now. I prayed to god that Chloe would answer, because if she didn’t then Tessa may be smart enough to figure out that Chloe isn’t actually outside Ronald Water’s office.


*Meanwhile, back at Chloe’s house*


Chloe’s phone started ringing, and the ringtone was some high pitched scream. Kaya woke up immediately, and she was extremely annoyed. Chloe shifted in the bed as well, also being awoken by the ungodly ringtone.


“You seriously should change that…” Kaya said, yawning from exhaustion.


Chloe grabbed the phone off her bedside stand and noticed the number wasn’t showing.


“It looks like it’s probably just a prank call,” Chloe said, about to place the phone the back down.


“No number?” Kaya asked.


“Nah, I’m just going to ignore it,” Chloe said, about to silence her phone.


Kaya thought for a moment, and started to get a strange feeling. Something inside her was telling her not to let Chloe silence that phone, but she couldn’t quite explain where the feeling was coming from.


“Just answer it, just to make sure…” Kaya asked, somewhat awake now.


“Ugh… I suppose,” Chloe was annoyed to be getting a call at two in the morning, but regardless she took Kaya’s advice and answered.


Before Chloe could even spit out a hello, I spoke first.


“Chloe…” I said.


Chloe’s eyes bulged, as she recognized my voice, and Kaya sprung up to her feet in surprise.


“Look Chloe, the gig is up, Tessa knows you are outside Ronald Water’s office, just reveal yourself and Tessa has promised not to hurt you,” I prayed that Chloe would pick up on what I was saying.


“What…” Chloe was instantly confused, and unsure of what she should say.


Kaya frantically waved her arms, motioning her hand across her neck to tell Chloe to mute the phone. Chloe picked up on what she was saying, and muted the phone.


“Waters office!” Kaya shouted the moment the phone was muted, “Tessa has Nick inside Eagle High! He’s telling us where he is!” Kaya instantly knew what I was up too.


“Oh my gosh… he’s a genius…” Chloe was in shock at how resourceful I had been. I had completely tricked Tessa using her paranoia against her. I made her think Chloe was inside Eagle High as to draw her away, but instead Tessa went a step further and allowed me a way to alert Chloe of our location! Tessa had completely fallen into my trap.


Tessa had grown impatient of the silence and picked the phone up, “Listen here blondie, you have thirty minutes to get your ass in this office and show yourself, or I start breaking bits of pieces of your little mouse friend!” Tessa threatened, “and I swear to God, if you call the police, or call anybody, Nick DIES.”


Tessa hung the phone up, but it didn’t matter. Thirty minutes was more than enough time for Chloe to figure something out.


“Kaya… what do I do?” Chloe was beginning to panic.


“We need to call the police!” Kaya stated.


“No… they could take to long to go inside, and Tessa would see them coming a mile away,” Chloe thought to herself, “I’m going to call Bridgette, and let her know what's going on. Maybe she can help us somehow.”


“Chloe… go ahead and call her, but we are going to need to come up with something groundbreaking if we are going to do anything!” Kaya insisted.


Chloe ignored her and began dialing her phone to call Bridgette. The phone only rang twice before Bridgette picked up.


*Inside Bridgette’s car, as she just parks in front of Eagle High with the others*


Bridgette’s phone had rung, and it was Chloe calling.


“Who is calling you at this time of the night?” Abigail asked in astonishment.


“It’s Chloe… I should answer this,” Bridgette said, answering her phone.


“Ugh, we don’t have time for this,” Regina sneered, not wanting to waste time.


“Chloe? Why are you calling? It’s two in the morning!?” Bridgette demanded to know.


“It’s Nick! He just called me on Tessa’s phone! They are inside the principal's office RIGHT NOW at Eagle High! He’s in danger!” Chloe was panicking.


Bridgette’s eyes widened in shock, “Chloe… I’m at the school right now with Tyler and Abigail…”


“Wait… WHAT?” Chloe couldn’t believe what she was hearing.


“We came here to review security footage, to try and find a mole that we believe is disguising as a staff member,” Bridgette explained, “Regina is with us…”


“The head of the board of directors!? Why!” Chloe was confused.


“No time to explain, thank you for calling Chloe, we’ll take it from here,” Bridgette told her, before hanging up the phone.


“So Nick is inside there right now? With Tessa?” Regina wanted to clarify.


“Yeah,” Bridgette responded, hustling out of the car.


“Well then, what a twist this has turned out to be,” Abigail sneered, “can’t wait to get shot.”


“No…” Regina ordered, “you will all stay here, I’ll go in and get Nick”


Regina pulled out her firearm, heading towards the school entrance.


“You expect us to just sit here?” Bridgette snapped.


“That’s exactly what I expect, and so god help me if I so much as see any of you behind me I will shoot you myself are we fucking clear?” Regina threatened.


“Fine…” Bridgette agreed.


Tyler and Abigail both looked at her as if she was insane. They didn’t expect her to give up so easily.


Regina nodded, and hustled up to the school entrance doors. She used her access card to open the doors and slipped inside.


“Are we seriously just gonna sit here and do nothing?” Tyler asked, not pleased to sit back and do nothing.


“Of course not… follow me I know another way inside,” Bridgette motioned the two to follow her.


Abigail and Tyler exchanged glances of confusion, but followed Bridgette around to the back of the school. Bridgette wasn’t about to put all her cards on Regina, not when the life of someone she loved was on the line. She had to act, even if it meant imminent danger.


*Meanwhile, back inside Chloe’s bedroom*


Chloe began tossing on clothes, throwing on a pair of jeans she bought last week and a t-shirt. She went to grab a pair of shoes, but stopped herself. She looked down at her feet, her red painted toes gleaming up at her. She kicked the shoes to the side, deciding not to wear them. This entire chaotic ordeal had made her think twice about changing who she was. She hated shoes AND socks, and only started wearing them to try and be normal, for me. But Chloe realized that she shouldn’t have to change herself for anybody. She was keeping the jeans though, she actually found them quite comfortable.


“Where are you going!?” Kaya asked, concerned for Chloe’s sake.


“I’m going to Eagle High, I need to make sure Nick is safe,” Chloe answered, heading towards the bedroom door.


“Take me with you!” Kaya demanded, “I want to help!”


“No offense, but how could you possible help?” Chloe snapped, turning around to face her.


Kaya held a hand up to her chest, hurt by Chloe’s statement. Chloe realized she was being a bit harsh, and sighed as she looked towards the ground.


“I didn’t mean it that way…” Chloe said, “I just… I can’t put you in danger… not again.”


“Chloe…” Kaya said assertively.


Chloe looked up at her.


“Put me in your underwear, put me in your pocket, your mouth, your cleavage… I don’t give a fuck where you hide me, but I’m not about to sit on my ass while Nick’s life is in peril you hear me? I don’t give a damn if I’m an inch, or a thousand inches, I am going to be there for Nick.”


Chloe facepalmed, but knew that Kaya had the best of intentions. She didn’t have time to argue with her, so she walked over to Kaya and plucked her off the bed spread.


“Fine, but you do EXACTLY as I say ok!?” Chloe demanded.


“Yes ma’am!” Kaya responded, happy that Chloe changed her mind.


Chloe placed Kaya back between her boobs, as Kaya wiggled for but a moment to get comfortable. Chloe slowly began to realize just how far her giantess fetish was going. It had turned from a simple crush fetish, to possibly vore, and maybe more. To feel a tiny on her body at all made her shiver now. She would have been more concerned with her newfound feelings, but the danger that I was in overshadowed her thoughts, as she put on a wool jacket and headed out the bedroom door. She snuck into kitchen, took the keys to her parents car, and headed out into the garage. She started the car, and drove off into the night.


*Meanwhile, back inside Ronald Waters office*


It had been about six minutes since the call ended, and Tessa had completely glossed over the fact that the letter was still to be found. She was so worried that Chloe would attempt to call the police, or someone else, she couldn’t even think properly. I was beginning to think that there was more to Tessa’s anxiety than simply getting caught. Or at least that is how it seemed.


“You seem anxious?” I spoke, breaking the six minute silence.


“Your friend has a cellular device and is somewhere inside this school, of course I’m anxious you little shit!” Tessa snapped.


I held my hands up in defense, “Ok sheesh, aren’t you peachy…”


I sat down on the desk, waiting for something to happen. With Tessa sweating over a non existent intruder in the school, Chloe should be able to call somebody, or think of something to come to my rescue. I had faith in her. Hopefully Tessa’s threats to harm me were idle though, because she sure seemed pissed when Chloe wouldn’t answer about showing herself. Then again, it’s not like Chloe could have anyways considering she isn’t actually inside the school at all!


Tessa had been pacing back and forth for awhile now, until suddenly she stopped. Her head perked up, and it appeared that she was thinking of something. I started to get slightly anxious, wondering what was going on in that mind of hers.


Tessa began to laugh, before going into a fully insane amount of maniacal laughter, “I’m such a fool…”


She whipped around and dashed towards the desk I was on before extending her hand and immediately pinning her sharp fingernail up against my tiny throat. She did it so quick, I didn’t have any time to react.


“Chloe isn’t even in this school is she?” Tessa asked, her eyes filled with a fiery rage, “... the letter, WHERE IS IT.”


Damn… she was smarter than I predicted, “go fuck yourself you ugly cunt!” I spit at her, but obviously her face was to far away to reach.


Her nail began to apply pressure, and I felt myself unable to breathe properly, “I swear to God I will kill you, tell me where the letter is!” Tessa demanded.


“Even… if I… told you… how could… it possibly help…. You?” I managed to sputter.


Tessa leaned her face in real close, “Maybe it won’t, maybe it’s a useless lead, but that’s not for me to decide, that is the council's decision!”


“Oh… so you are telling me… that you are… just Dons bitch then?” I smiled a cruel smile, as if to mock Tessa.


Was I terrified to die? Of course I was. But ask yourself this… after being stepped on, impaled with a fork, eaten alive, attacked by a fox and a falcon, and chased by a psychotic bitch with a vore fetish, raped countless times, attacked by a fucking spider, would you even care anymore? I didn’t, for me this was just another loop on a very long roller coaster I was on.


“Are you asking for me to kill you?” Tessa couldn’t believe the amount of fearlessness I was showing.


“I don’t even care anymore, do what you do best miss Mongoya,” I spat, waiting for her to finish it.


Tessa just looked down at me, her nail over my throat. She couldn’t comprehend why I wasn’t afraid of her. In fact, it almost seemed as if SHE was the one who was afraid.


“Please… the letter… just tell me… and I’ll let you go,” Tessa pleaded.


I was confused, did Tessa just BEG for my cooperation?


“I won’t Tessa… I need you to understand that…” I responded.


Tessa’s eyes lit up with fire once more, “Fine… have it your way you insolent whelp!”


Tessa lifted her nail off of my throat, and I took in a deep gasp of air. I looked up to see her hand form into a fist, as she prepared to slam it down upon me with all of her force. I closed my eyes, as I usually did, and awaited for whatever would happen.


“TESSA!” Regina shouted, aiming her gun at Tessa.


Tessa froze, and slowly turned her head around to see Regina in the doorway, certainly not expecting her of all people.


“Well well well… didn’t expect to see you here,” Tessa scowled.


“It’s over Tessa, you don’t even have your gun drawn, I’ve got you dead to rights,” Regina held her gun steady.


“Fool, you think I’d leave myself open without a backup plan?” Tessa undid her fist, and snapped her fingers.


In an instant a flash ensued, and Regina dropped her gun to cover her eyes from the bright flash. I to was blinded, and felt as Tessa picked up my body and rushed past Regina. I was confused, it’s as if Tessa had rigged some kind of trap in the doorway, yet I never saw her put it there. She was far more intelligent than I was giving her credit for, and it was obvious she was steps ahead of me. I was only a teenager after all… I should have expected it.


Tessa ran down the hall and into the commons, where she stopped dead in her tracks. My eyesight was just now returning to me, and my heart nearly sank when I saw why she had stopped. Tyler, Abigail and Bridgette were blocking the exit.


“You aren’t going anywhere…” Bridgette snapped, prepared to do whatever was necessary to get me back.


Tessa withdrew her gun, holding it up towards Bridgette, “I’ll kill you all, MOVE!” Tessa demanded.


“You might kill one of us… but either way the other two will tackle you, and you will lose,” Bridgette said, convinced that the three of them had a shot.


“Oh really?” Tessa smiled, before holding me up in the air, “well how about… no?”


Tessa then flung me in the air, and Bridgette’s eyes widened. I flew through the air and began to tumble. She had flung me very high, and there was no way in hell I’d be surviving this fall. Abigail immediately sprung into action, and took an enormous dive as she held out her right arm to catch me. I landed in her palm just before splattering all over the ground. Tessa however, took advantage of the distraction and lunged towards Bridgette, while pistol whipping Tyler across the face. She then took Bridgette in a headlock before holding her pistol up to her head. Regina had just entered the commons herself, holding her gun up towards Tessa and Bridgette.


“LET HER GO!” Regina shouted, “God dammit I told you guys to stay behind!”


“Stay behind? Foolish Regina, did you expect these foolish children to do anything you said?” Tessa mocked, “they think they are unstoppable, and foolishly run into danger.”


“I will fucking kill you Tessa, let her go!” Regina threatened.


“NO,” Tessa hissed, “Listen here, unless you want this girls brains scattered all over the floor, you are going to kick your weapon over to me, and let me walk out those doors, otherwise I WILL kill her!”


Abigail had stood up by now, holding me carefully in her hand. I glared at Tessa with a burning hatred, fearing the worst for Bridgette.


“Just shoot her Regina, don’t let her get away!” Bridgette said with terror in her voice, but trying to stay brave.


` “Shut up bitch!” Tessa hissed, shaking her.


Regina began to sweat, holding the gun as steady as she could. She was about twenty feet away, and wasn’t sure if she could make the shot without missing Bridgette.


“Regina… I will KILL HER,” Tessa was beginning to get nervous.


Regina went for it, and let off a gunshot. The bullet cracked thru the air, as Tyler, Abigail and I held our ears in pain. The bullet pierced thru Bridgettes upper right side under her shoulder, and continued all the way through into Tessa’s. Tessa immediately flung backwards and Bridgette fell to the ground. Tessa quickly scattered to her feet, letting off gunfire in Regina’s direction. Regina quickly sprung to a nearby table for cover, before raising the gun over and letting off a few more shots. Another bullet found its way into Tessa’s left thigh, but she quickly recovered and headed out the school doors.


“BRIDGETTE!” I screamed, as Bridgette clutched her shoulder in pain.


Abigail rushed over, setting me on the ground so she could attend to Bridgette.


“Are you ok!?” Tyler shouted, rushing over himself.


“Yeah… I’m fine…” Bridgette tried to assure us all.


Regina rushed over and bent down to see if Bridgette was ok, “Regina… you saved me thank you,” Bridgette thanked smiling at Regina.


“She got away…” Regina scowled, wondering if it was the right call to chase her down or not.


“Let her, she’ll show herself again,” Bridgette said, wincing as Abigail began to apply pressure to the wound.


“No…” I said, “Regina, we need to get her now, take me with you!”


“What!?” Regina wasn’t happy to hear me barking orders.


“You don’t understand… the council cannot know, we need to stop her or we are ALL dead!” I ordered.


Regina didn’t need to hear anymore, she picked me up and rushed outside. Abigail and Tyler stayed behind with Bridgette. Regina had put me on her shoulder, and I grabbed onto her hair to keep myself balanced. She burst outside just in time to see Tessa trying to drive away. She held her gun up at began to let shots go off in an attempt to blow out Tessa’s tires. It was useless, as Tessa began to make headway. For a moment, I thought all was lost. Tessa would return to Don and his council, and they would send god knows how many people after us all to cover their tracks. However that wouldn’t be happening, not today at least.


As if an angel had been sent by God himself, another car cut Tessa off, ramming into the driver's side door at what appeared to be thirty miles per hour. Tessa’s car flung around before hitting the curb and coming to a stop. Regina immediately sprinted towards the vehicle. Chloe exited her parents car, revealing herself to be the saving grace.


“Chloe!” I was surprised to see her.


“Nick! Thank God you are safe!” She began running towards me, and that’s when I noticed Kaya’s head poking up from between Chloe’s tits. Normally I’d be questioning what exactly was going on, but Tessa had crawled out of her vehicle through the passenger side. She was disoriented and was frantically attempting to crawl away from us.


“Hold him…” Regina ordered, as Chloe plucked me from her shoulder.


Regina walked over to Tessa, who attempted to turn around and pointed her pistol at her. Regina smacked the gun out of her hand and kicked Tessa in the stomach.


“You stupid cunt, did you think I wouldn’t catch you eventually?” Regina mocked, “after slipping through my hands like a viper so many times? After masquerading as the slutty math teacher to spy on my son for four fucking years!?


Regina held her gun up to Tessa’s head, preparing to end her life.


“Well your sins have caught up to you… goodbye Tessa Mongoya.”


“Wait!” I shouted.


“She just tried to kill that girl, would’ve killed us all, she needs to be dealt with,” Regina argued, “Besides, you said it yourself, if the council finds out what happened they will come for us all.”


“We aren’t savages Regina…” I scolded, “We can’t stoop their level! Let her live, and we will find out whatever it is that she knows.”


Regina hissed as she looked down towards Tessa. Tessa’s face was bloody, and she looked up at Regina in terror, as if begging her not to end her life. Regina held her arm back, and pistol whipped Tessa unconscious.


“Was that really necessary?” I asked, rolling my eyes.


“No… but it felt good,” Regina scoffed, “so… I suppose I’ll be hiding her at my place then? And what exactly is it that we are going to ask her?”


“Everything,” I answered, “I want to know everything.”




Chapter 34 - Wait, Whose The Enemy Again? by Frizzle


*4AM at GenetiCo*


Gary Morgan had been working restlessly day and night since he had dropped his daughter off in the care of my parents for the remainder of winter break. With his new position as a lead geneticist and bio engineer, he was determined more now than ever to find a way to reconstruct his daughters DNA and grant her a more normal lifestyle. He had already learned how to stop the shrinking, and now he was only steps away from creating a permanent solution. Gary had been so focused on his work he hadn’t even realized what time it was, and he began to wrap up his work for the night, as morning approached. The door slid open behind him, and Gary turned around to see Auron enter the lab.


“Sir!?” Gary was surprised to say the least, as he figured everyone else would have been at home by now.


“I noticed the door wasn’t locked,” Auron spoke, “working late again Mr. Morgan?”


“Yes… I haven’t been getting much sleep,” Gary answered, “so I’ve been spending more time trying to find a permanent solution to this shrinking crisis.”


“And what have you discovered so far?” Auron was curious.


Gary headed over to his stack of research notes, “well… it’s rather interesting. The DNA code I’m trying to reconstruct keeps rejecting the new strand of code I am trying to implement, and if I can find out why, I can finally return all of the victims affected to a normal size!”


Auron looked over Gary’s shoulder to take a peek at his work, “and why is your new strand of code being rejected?” Auron asked.


“Well… I’m not entirely sure…” Gary responded, “I’ve tried countless combinations and none of them seem to be working!”


Auron smiled, patting Gary on the back, “sometimes in the field of science Mr. Morgan… we must go backwards before going forward,” Auron stated, heading towards the lab exit.


Gary suddenly had an idea, as if it had been waiting inside his head all along only to be revealed at this exact moment, “Backwards… yes…. That gives me an idea…”


“Goodnight… Mr. Morgan,” Auron gave his farewell, exiting the room.


“Yes…” Gary mumbled, “that’s it…. The only way I can learn to reverse this genetic flaw, is to recreate the flaw!”


Gary began working once more, changing his approach to his research. He had realized that if he could figure out how to recreate the genetic flaw that causes the shrinking in random newborns, he could effectively learn how to stop it from happening to begin with. Just then, could he possibly create the solution he has worked so long to achieve.


*Meanwhile, in the Council’s chamber room*


Don had been so rudely awakened by one of his council members. He entered the chamber, knowing that whatever news he was about to receive was not news he would be pleased with.


“What acquires my attention at such an hour?” Don demanded, stepping into the pool of light emanating from the single light fixture on the ceiling above.


“It’s Tessa Mongoya my doyen…” the female councilwoman informed, “her distress signal was activated moments ago.”


Don’s heart sank, and he knew something had to of gone terribly wrong if Tessa were to activate her distress signal.


“What do we know?” Don asked.


“A scout has informed us that several students, and Regina Karn are on site,” the woman said, “Tessa appears to be detained.”


Don twitched in annoyance at this terrible news. Why was his former rival Regina involved with Tessa and me? He had sent an assassin earlier to gather intel, but he must have been caught. But how would that bring her to the school? There was something Don hadn’t foreseen, and it meant his organization was in peril. Tessa was not very fond of him and his council, but she knew it was necessary to keep his organization a secret, for all their sakes. At this point Don was left no choice, he had to eradicate them all and pull Tessa from their clutches.


“Send the team…” Don ordered, “and tell them to extract Mongoya and delete all witnesses.”


“Yes sir,” the woman nodded, before picking up her phone to make the call.


Don didn’t want it to come to this, for I was possibly his only lead. But it wasn’t worth putting his council under the spotlight, so he was left no choice. Once the situation was taken care of, he would have to start from scratch all over again. It angered him greatly, that this mysterious figure was ruining his plans at every corner. He wanted to find out who it was so badly, not only for the security of the council, but to bring justice for his beloved…


*Meanwhile, back at Eagle High*


Tessa had been thoroughly tied up using the many extension cables borrowed from a nearby computer classroom. She had recently came too after being so brutally beaten by Regina. It was clear that the two had a history, but I was frankly more concerned with the council. The council and Tessa were now not only involved in murder and kidnapping, but the attempted murder of my other friends, of whom had all risked their lives trying to find me.


Regina gave Tyler her school pass card, sending him and Abigail off to the security room to review the year old footage inside the secret network room to discover who the mole was inside Eagle High for this mysterious ‘A.K.’ Meanwhile me, Regina, Chloe, Kaya, and Bridgette all kept an eye on Regina, preparing to question her. Tessa was looking around the room, her body weak and tired. Her face was bruised and blackened, and she would take every moment here and there to focus her gaze on Regina, scowling at her. Regina was looking thru Ronald Waters files inside his office, as the rest of us waited. Eventually I felt we had waited long enough.


“Why the council Tessa?” I asked, standing in the palm of Bridgette’s hand.


Tessa shifted her gaze over to me, a bloody smile appearing on her face as she began to cackle like a mentally unstable patient inside a psych ward, “you are going to regret this…” she muttered.


“You seemed pretty terrified when you realized I wasn’t going to tell you where the letter was…” I continued, “why is that?”


Tessa’s smile turned into a weak frown, as she lowered her head down to the ground, “you know nothing…” she mumbled.


“Then explain it to me,” I asked.


“She’s going to kill me, yuh know…” Tessa shifted her gaze into Waters office, “she isn’t going to let me go this time…”


“I won’t let her harm you, I promise,” I promised, trying to soothe her; but my attempts were futile.


“You trust a liar, and a witch,” Tessa hissed, “has she even told you the truth about her husband’s murder?”


She sparked my interest, and I could feel Bridgette shake a little as she too responded to Tessa’s words, “Kristin Karn murdered his father…” I responded assuredly.


Tessa merely laughed in response, “oh really?”


Regina then exited Ronald Waters office, the mysterious letter in her hand, “I’ve got it, just where you said it’d be,” Regina informed before folding it in half and placing it into her back pocket, “Now we just wait for Tyler and Abigail to come back with a photo of the mole.”


“That’s even if the footage is there, or even shows anything at all,” Bridgette responded, having her doubts.



“Anythings possible right?” Chloe chimed in, “let’s just wait and see what they find before we jump to any conclusions.”


“What about her?” Kaya pointed at Tessa, “she literally tried to murder Nick and Bridgette, how could we possible let her go?”


“We won’t, we will call the police and have her arrested,” Bridgette answered.


“You think the council’s influence doesn’t reach the prison?” Regina laughed in annoyance, “the only way for Tessa to be out of our lives, is a bullet to the head.”


“We aren’t killing her….” I snapped.


“I’m just sayin’...” Regina shrugged her shoulders before leaning her back against the wall.


“I’ll talk…” Tessa finally spoke up again.


Everyone froze, and stopped arguing with one another. All heads turned to Tessa, who was staring directly at me, “but only to Kemp…”


“I don’t think so…” Bridgette detested, but I interrupted.




“What!? I don’t think so!” Chloe looked over at me in horror, as if I was out of my mind.


“Place me on the end table and put me in front of Tessa, then everyone leave the room,” I ordered.


“Nick…” Bridgette tried to intervene.


“Just do it…” I wasn’t in the mood for arguing.


Regina rolled her eyes, but placed the end table four feet away from Tessa before heading over to the door leading into the commons. Chloe took Kaya and worriedly exited the room. Bridgette placed me on the end table, and I looked up at her. She had the most worried look I’d ever seen on a person, and she wasn’t to keen on leaving my side after just reuniting with me. Nonetheless, she obeyed my wishes and exited the room. Regina began to close the door behind her, before turning around to face Tessa.


“If I even THINK he’s in danger, I’ll bust this damn door down and shoot you in the head you got it!?” Regina threatened.


Tessa glared at her in response, as Regina shut the door leaving me and Tessa alone. I sat down on my knees, staring directly at the enormous murderous woman in front of me. Every bit inside me wanted to hate her, but I couldn’t help be sense that there was more to Tessa than met the eye. I wasn’t convinced she was a total monster, not yet at least.


“You get three answers kid… after that I’m done talking,” Tessa told me.


“Why do you work for the council?” I asked, already knowing the first two questions I had in mind.


“Because I don’t have a choice, next question,” Tessa hissed.


“That’s not how this works, and frankly it’s not fair, explain yourself,” I demanded, not playing games.


Tessa remained silent for a moment, but eventually began to speak up, “I have a skill set that Don needs,” Tessa explained, “I help him discreetly, and in return the man I love get’s the funds he needs to survive…”


I wanted to ask who and why, but I felt Tessa would cheat me of one of my questions, so I accepted the answer and continued.


“Why is the council so interested in the letter? And why is Don so determined to learn the identity of ‘A.K.’?” I asked.


“Believe it or not… Don was married once,” Tessa had no problem answering this question, “when Don attempted to infiltrate GenetiCo, and gain control of its subsidiaries for his own personal gain, a mysterious and unknown man or woman retaliated violently in response. At first, it was the random deaths of a few of Don’s assassins, but when Don persisted his lust for control of the company, the mysterious man or woman went a step further and murdered Don’s wife, leaving only him and his only daughter.”


I was intrigued to say the least. GenetiCo was where Kaya’s father was now working, so it was interesting to hear that Don had once attempted to get his hands inside the company. Although it was no shock to me, it was nice to understand Don’s persistence to learn the identity of this man or woman. The information was useful, because now I also knew the lengths of how dangerous this mysterious figure was. What this also told me, was that the mysterious figure and GenetiCo had to be linked in some way. Obviously Don knew this already, and now I do as well. Between Don, Tessa, Zelena and this mysterious ‘A.K’... I was truly beginning to wonder who the real enemy was.


“And what’s your final question ‘Nick’,” Tessa rolled my name off her tongue, smiling devilishly afterwards.


I didn’t really need to ask a third question, but now that Tessa had brought it to my attention there was indeed one more thing I needed to know. I hadn’t questioned it until now, and it was starting to gnaw at me.


“Why are you telling me all this?” I asked.


“Why not?” Tessa giggled.


“That’s not a real answer Tessa…” I snapped, not amused by her games.


“And you aren’t a real PERSON!” Tessa shouted, her grin turning to that of pure rage, “All you had to do was give me that fucking letter, and all would have been well! But instead you created a coo, and now you will ALL suffer!” Tessa was seething with pure hatred.

I jumped up to my feet, and I knew something wasn’t right, “what’s going to happen!?” I shouted at her, balling my fists up as I feared for my friends safety.


Tessa gave a half crooked smile, “You should’ve cooperated with me… ‘Nick’.”


All of a sudden the door busted down instantly, as Regina stormed into the room with her pistol in her right hand. Her left was closed, but not in a fist, it seemed like Regina was holding something.


“She signaled the council!” Regina shouted, “they are creating a perimeter around the school!”


“What!?” I was in shock, and I was beginning to wonder if Regina was right all along. Maybe we should have killed Tessa from the beginning, because it seemed that now we were all going to die.


Regina walked up to Tessa placed