Gravity Falls Giantess Story by A Little Bit of Everything

Dipper decides to use the shrinking flashlight one more time, but his plan does not turn out like he hoped.

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Wendy Unaware by A Little Bit of Everything
Author's Notes:
Sorry for the wait!
"Dipper I need help over here!" Mabel shouted.

"Oh, I'd love to help if I wasn't stuck in a bra cup!" Dipper shouted back.

Mabel was about to respond when a giant thud shook the ground. Wendy was now stepping out of the shower and shaking the floor in the process. She took a few steps until she unknowingly stood right above Mabel, who was shocked by the giantess above. Mabel continued to watch as she dried every part of her naked body.

Dipper, on the other hand, could only see Wendy's face over the rim of the bra. "Well that's just great. After all of this I don't even get to see what I wanted to."

As Mabel sat in shock of Wendy, she noticed her feet get closer together, yet she remained directly above. Then Wendy bent down and grabbed onto either side of the cloth Mabel was on. She finally realized where she was, but it was to late. Mabel shot up in the air with Wendy's underpants, aiming directly for her butt. Within almost no time at all she was wedged between two massive cheeks.

Dipper heard his sister scream for a moment and then stop, but he couldn't see what had happened. Then he heard a few more thuds and suddenly Wendy's face was high above him. He felt himself lurch upward and turn slightly to come face to boob with Wendy's breasts. As much as he wanted to see them, this was not what he had in mind. Then he was moved forward and crashed against Wendy's nipple. He felt more pressure as she clasped her bra closed.

Wendy put the rest of her clothes on and was about to leave the bathroom when she noticed a flashlight on the ground. "Hmm, I don't know why this is here. What's this weird crystal on it." Wendy flipped the switch on and a beam shot out. It bounced off of the bathroom mirror and out of the door Mabel left open. "Well, that was weird, but I guess I'll keep it. Maybe the twins know what it does." She put the flashlight in her pocket and walked out the door and toward the exit.

Soos was about to leave the Mystery Shack and go home when something strange happened. He opened the outside door to leave, but had to step over Wendy's boots which she left on the mat. While in mid-step, the shrinking beam Wendy fired hit him and he landed shrunk in her boot. He tried to climb out, but the boot was too tall.

Soos tried to figure out an escape method when thudding footsteps signified Wendy's approach. He looked towards the boots opening to see a socked foot entering. He ran toward the toe section of the boot for a safer place, but he wasn't fast enough. Wendy's giant foot pressed him against the bottom of the shoe.

Wendy, after putting her boots on, left the Mystery shack and headed home. The simple walk back home created big problems for the tiny people with her. Dipper was tossed all around as Wendy's boobs bounced up and down. Soos was, of course, crushed with every footstep. Luckily, though, he didn't have to deal with a horrible smell since Wendy had just showered. Lastly, Mabel was still stuck between Wendy's butt cheeks. As she walked, her cheeks moved and cause Mabel to gradually move closer to her butt hole until she was actually touching it.

Once home, Wendy wanted to just go to bed and relax, but her dad, Manly Dan, stopped her. "Honey, the boys just challenged me to a family farting contest. If you want to hold your title, I'd suggest you join in."

Wendy rolled her eyes and smiled a little. "Alright, fine. But just once." Wendy focused all of her energy into her lower abdomen. Once she built up enough pressure, she released the loudest fart she possibly could. Her family cheered, but Mabel was blasted backward against Wendy's underwear and everything smelled terrible.

After that Wendy went to bed. It was a hot summer day, so she decided to sleep nude. She removed her clothes and hopped into bed. From amongst the pile of clothes, Mabel and Dipper emerged.

"Dipper! I'm glad you're okay!" Mabel said as she ran toward him to give him a hug.

Dipper pushed her away. "Easy there fart girl. I'd like to still smell decent myself."

"I'd hate to break up the sibling reunion, but could you two help me out of this boot?" Soos asked.

The twins pushed with all their might and managed to knock the boot over.

"Thanks, Dudes! Now how do we get big again?"

"The flashlight is in Wendy's pocket right there, so all we have to do is-"

Dipper was cut off as the whole room shook. Wendy fell out of bed and crashed onto the floor. As the three of them watched her get back into bed, they failed to notice a pencil rolling off of the dresser next to them. The pencil hit all three of them on the head and they blacked out.
End Notes:
The ending was a little lame, but I needed a way to keep them shrunk until morning.
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