120 days shrinking (english) by Russellp

The Brazilian Rafael Ferreira, having been hired by an American research laboratory, move to a house into a luxury condominium in New Jersey. Rafael, after a accident begins to shrink slowly, taking 120 days to reach their minimum size.

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Day 06 - Rafael by Russellp
Author's Notes:

Every chapter begins by saying which of the 120 days of shrinking the main character is.

This is important because the chapters will alternate between the beginning and the middle of the story.
I hope you enjoy this our journey together. This will to be a long story. (if i have views and reviews enough);)

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Day 06 - Rafael

The doorbell rang at 9 am exactly. Rafael looked up when Gill entered. For a moment he thought he had shrunk more than the other days, but then looked at the heel of 7 cm dark blue scarpin that give to her one meter and eighty-two in height.

- Good morning Gill.

- Good morning - she said looking down with a big smile. - Would you believe that when I was coming near the door a girl crossed the sidewalk and made an obscene gesture to me?

- It must be my neighbor's daughter - said Rafael in amusement. - Her mother is the owner of this house, so she must have heard that the laboratory are renting for you to live here. Apparently she preferred me to continue being her neighbor.

- Then you should be more friendly here than in the laboratory – retorted Gill

- What an injustice! I am not unsympathetic in the laboratory.

- It is not quite unsympathetic, but your manner is a little cocky and impersonal.

- Really? - Rafael asked incredulous.

- Really.

Rafael thought it best to change the subject - Maybe it was better not wear high heels, makes me feel even lower, you know?

- Do not you think I'm beautiful in these clothes?

- Are you? okay yes, but that is not the point - Rafael looked and she was really good with a dark blue and white dress that ended three fingers above the knee.

- Don't be silly, I love heels and I will continue using them - the tone of voice was quiet but firm. - You are no longer my boss, at the moment we are co-workers and our job is to keep track of your progress day by day and send the data to the company.

- You are right - Rafael said grinning. He actually thought she could accept not using heels, but thought it not worth discussing just because of that. He would need a lot of help from her and it was nice not to spoil the mood on the first day.

- Seeing you have been so understanding, I will take off my high heels. But just today right? - Gill winked and stepped on the floor without shoes. - Didn't work, you are still the shortest – she said jokingly.

- Same height - defended Rafael determined to keep the good mood.

- We will measure to be precise - Gill took a sticker from her purse that was a measure tape, walked to the Rafael's bedroom and pasted on the door frame.

- Do you really need to stick it there?

- Yes, because, starting today, we will measure you twice a day, starting every 12 hours and we will always make a dash to mark the extent of the morning. As I bought the sticker, I will first measure and mark my size. There, one meter and seventy-five. Now you.

Rafael leaned against the wall. He thought Gill was more excited and having more fun than he expected. Of course she had been promoted the day before and maintain a positive environment was important, however did seem she realy to be enjoying the situation. He tried to push those thoughts away. He had decided to have a positive and happy outlook, no matter what, after all grumbling and becoming depressed was not part of who he was.

- A meter and seventy-three and a half, I am officially the tallest in the house.

- Congratulations - said Rafael laughing, but felt a little uncomfortable to see the little mark on the wall, one centimeter and a half below the mark she had written "Gill".

- You'll have to mark yourself and write down anything you feel different in the next two weeks.

- Why?

- I'm going to Liverpool. It is something urgent and personal. I've talked to Stacy and during this initial period you can handle the situation by yourself. If you start to shrink at a faster pace send an e-mail to myself or Stacy saying you're missing us, this will be our code to say there are problems so that appropriate measures can be taken.

- Got it

- This afternoon I will bring boxes of my things to my room here at the house. How I will travel tonight,  you can't even leave the house, what about preparing my bedroom for me? Will you even to be allowed to decorate.

- Decoration is something kind of personal, and what if you do not like how I decorate?

- If I do not like it when I get back, I will ground you - Gill smiled.

- Very funny - said Rafael making clear by his voice, that he had not thought that remark very funny.


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