Family Potluck by A Little Bit of Everything

A hungry girl pigs out on a buffet of foods at a family reunion. However, she is unaware of the tiny people trapped within her food.

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1. Introduction by A Little Bit of Everything

2. Spaghetti by A Little Bit of Everything

3. Salad by A Little Bit of Everything

4. Pie by A Little Bit of Everything

5. Honey & Juice by A Little Bit of Everything

6. Nachos by A Little Bit of Everything

7. Jell-O by A Little Bit of Everything

8. Peas by A Little Bit of Everything

9. Hamburger by A Little Bit of Everything

10. Pizza by A Little Bit of Everything

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12. Mac & Cheese by A Little Bit of Everything

13. Peanut Butter & Milk by A Little Bit of Everything

14. Sub Sandwich by A Little Bit of Everything

15. Ice Cream by A Little Bit of Everything

16. Cake by A Little Bit of Everything

Introduction by A Little Bit of Everything

This story is going to be a suggestion-driven, vore-focused story. In the story an entire family at a family reunion is shrunk and lands in a vast array of foods. The only person who is not shrunk is the very hungry girl named Zoey. She will unknowingly devour one family member after the next as she eats various foods. It is your job to suggest which foods and family members she will eat.




1. All suggestions must be made in the comment section of this story.


2. All suggestions must include a type of food, the relation of the shrunken family member to Zoey, and the age of that family member. You can also include a name for the shrunken person, or I will pick one myself.


3. Suggestions may include a choice of one of the following subgenres: foot content, butt/fart content, vagina content, or breast content. (Example: Zoey mixes up mashed potatoes with her foot and licks them off.)


4. All family members will be eaten in the end. They will be swallowed alive and not crushed by teeth.


5. The age of the shrunken family member must range from 5 to 50 years old.


6. Only 1 family member can be in each food item, unless they are a couple/family in which case I will allow more. (Aunt & Uncle, boyfriend & girlfriend, etc.)


7. Beverages are open for suggestions, but I will likely compile them all into one chapter.


8. Zoey's parents are not available for suggestions. They will come in for the final chapter when I decide to finish the story.


9. You can make multiple suggestions, but I will only do one first and focus on other users before I get to your other suggestions.


I will try to reply to every suggestion with a "yes" or with an explanation as to why I won't do it. I will also be posting other stories in between new chapters for this one, so the updates may be a little spaced out.




Zoey was having a great time at her family reunion on a bright summer day. The smell of cooked food blew through the air in the park her parents rented out for this occasion. The brown-haired teen was wearing a tank top with a loosely fitting purple shirt, denim short shorts, and flip flops. She couldn't wait until it was time to eat. She skipped breakfast just so she could have more room for all of the delicious food. Most teens her age weren't nearly as carefree as her, but she didn't care. She only cared about having fun.


Zoey ran around kicking a rubber ball until she felt something in her gut. She ran over to a nearby porta-potty and stepped inside to go to the bathroom. She sat down and cleared her system of its unneeded waste.


While Zoey was busy on the toilet, everybody else was ready to eat. They surrounded the long tables of food and were about to dig in. Suddenly a bright light flashed and blinded everyone. When their vision cleared, each person realized that they had shrunk to 1/4 inch tall and landed on the food table, most of them in the food.


After Zoey finished doing her business, she wiped and stepped outside. To her surprise, everybody was gone.


"Hey, where is everybody!?" she shouted, but there was no answer. Zoey was about to go get help when she noticed the unattended tables of food. With no one around she could easily get a taste of everything. Zoey was a skinny little girl, but she had a huge appetite.


Zoey walked over to the food and inhaled the aroma. She looked up and down the various trays, plates, and bowls of different foods. She licked her lips as she loved what she saw. The tiny people below her screamed for help and flailed their arms to try and get Zoey's attention. They were silenced when a monstrous growl of hunger came from the giantess's stomach.


"Okay, now which food should I eat first?"

End Notes:

There's the setup, now it's your turn!

Spaghetti by A Little Bit of Everything
Author's Notes:

"How about she has a younger brother who is 11 that ends up shrunken in some spaghetti. When she eats it she twirls it up and he gets bound to the fork with the spaghetti tying him in place. I'm also partial to the idea of someone being sat on, but not sure if you wanna do that. Thanks"



Zoey finally decided that she would start with some spaghetti. She walked down the line of food and stopped at the tasty noodles. She leaned over to look at her first meal.


Timmy couldn't believe what happened. The little 11 year old was getting ready to dig into some delicious food when he was suddenly blinded. When his vision cleared, he saw a large red saucy landscape around him. Giant noodles as thick as himself intertwined throughout the marinara sauce. He tried to move, but a noodle held him down.


Timmy was still hungry, though, so he scooped his hand into the pasta sauce and ate some. He then felt vibrations and a booming noise that got continuously louder. The booming and shaking stopped and an object blocked out the sun. Timmy looked up to see the face of none other than his older sister Zoey. The tiny boy was excited. Surely his big sister would save him!


"Zoey, can you hear me? I'm stuck in the spaghetti! I need help!" Timmy shouted to his sister. He flailed his arms around to try and get her attention. Her large eyes darted around until she locked them on him. He instantly got excited until Zoey's tongue emerged from her mouth to lick her lips.


Timmy was hoisted into the air along with a large bundle of spaghetti as Zoey scooped it out with a large spoon. Then he was plopped down onto a paper plate. Zoey picked up the plate and moved over to a nearby picnic table.


Timmy was paralyzed by fear as two tree sized fingers reached down and grabbed a noodle. Zoey brought the noodle close to her mouth and wrapped her lips around it. Then she started sucking and slurped the noodle right up. Timmy watched the noodle slide past him and disappear through his sister's cute pink lips.


The experience occurred with 5 more noodles and Timmy was terrified of when Zoey would choose the one that trapped him. Zoey grabbed noodle number seven and Timmy's fears were realized. The noodle was like a rope and wrapped around his ankle. He was yanked up into the air and hung upside down by his foot. He tugged at the noodle to escape as he moved up toward Zoey's mouth. With not even a second to spare, he broke free and fell back down into the pasta. Zoey finished slurping the noodle that almost took her tiny brother along for the ride.


"I love the way noodles feel against my lips when I slurp them." Zoey said to herself as she commonly does. "I wonder if they would feel good anywhere else. Hmmm... oh, I know. These slippery, saucy noodles have to feel great against my butt."


Timmy did not like the sound of this. Zoey stood up and set the plate of spaghetti down on her seat. She looked around for any other people. When she saw that the coast was clear, she pulled down her shorts and underwear like she was going to use the toilet. A breeze chilled her as it blew against her bare butt cheeks. Some hot pasta should fix that problem.


Timmy didn't know what to think as he stared up at his big sister's massive smooth bottom. The titanic butt got bigger as it moved closer to the plate. Timmy screamed until he was silenced by Zoey's right butt cheek. She tingled at the feeling of slippery noodles and sauce against her cheeks. The she moved back and forth and left and right to rub the noodles all around. Timmy was tossed in every direction as his sister's mound of butt flesh rolled him around. As Zoey moved around, she had an idea.


"Hmmm... since it feels so good slurping noodles into my mouth, I wonder if the same feeling applies to the opposite end. I'll bet I could suck a noodle up with my butt hole if I really tried."


Timmy was grateful when Zoey butt lifted off of him. Once again his leg was trapped by a spaghetti noodle. He was about to try and break free when the noodle-snatching fingers returned. Zoey grabbed a noodle and stuck the tip of it into her anus. She squeezed her butt hole to keep it in and let go. The she tried to suck it up.


Zoey's sphincter opened and closed slightly as it began to eat the noodle. Unfortunately, this was the exact noodle that Timmy was attached to. He was yanked up once again by the noodle rope and dangled. He tried to break free but it was no use. Up above, the huge butt hole came increasingly closer as the noodle continued to be eaten by it.


"So this is how I die," Timmy thought. "Eaten alive by my big sister's butt hole."


However, luck was on Timmy's side... if you could call it luck. Zoey's anus enlarged and the noodle slipped through. Timmy fell down back into the spaghetti. He was unsure of what happened until a terrible smell assaulted his nose. He had actually been saved by a fart.


Zoey was upset. She almost got the noodle completely up her butt until she needed to pass gas. She grabbed the plate and put it back on the table.


"Well, I just farted on this plate and shoved one of the noodles up my butt hole, but I hate wasting food, so I guess I'll just deal with it."


Zoey grabbed a plastic fork and prepared to dig in. The prongs of the fork touched down right in front of Timmy. The enormous utensil twirled around like a tornado that pulled both the pasta and Timmy into it. The tiny boy became dizzy from all of the spinning. When his sight returned, he looked down to find that he was fully bonded to the fork by multiple strands of spaghetti. No matter how much he struggled, he didn't budge.


Zoey was now done twirling and ready to eat. She brought the fork up to her now open mouth. Strands of saliva cascaded down her teeth as her mouth watered with the anticipation of food. Timmy continued to struggle more and more as he desperately tried to escape being eaten. His attempts were in vain as he passed through Zoey's lips. The mouth closed and Zoey retracted the fork, leaving the pasta inside. She chewed up her food and Timmy was miraculously unscathed, only covered in sauce, spit, and noodle chunks. Then Zoey swallowed and sealed the fate of her first victim within the confines of her stomach.

End Notes:

Sorry for the late posting. I try to post every other day, but I was really busy this week. Anyway, thanks for all the comments! You guys have some great ideas and I can't wait for what else your minds come up with! Zoey is still very hungry and your suggestions are the fuel that both her and I need!

Salad by A Little Bit of Everything
Author's Notes:

"18 year old female cousin on the salad. Hopfully falls into the breasts of our protag."



Zoey finished her plate of spaghetti and was hungry for more. She pulled her shorts back up and walked over to the food table. She looked down the line of food until one dish caught her eye in particular. Then she stood up and walked over to a large bowl of salad. What would go better with pasta than salad?


Jennifer, or Jenny as most people called her, was not very interested in the family reunion she was at. The 18 year old teen sat alone on her phone until it was time to eat. She was watching her figure and decided to eat some salad. She too was blinded by the flashing light and was shocked when she looked around. She sat alone on a green, leafy platform and all around her there were more of them. Mixed in with the giant green leaves were large sticks of orange and purple.


It didn't take long for Jenny to figure out that she was shrunk and sitting within a salad. The green leaves were lettuce and the sticks were shredded carrots and onions. She stood up and paced around to figure out what to do. The lettuce crunched beneath her feet. She continued thinking for 10 minutes until she noticed a sudden lack of light. Jenny looked up to see the young smiling face of her cousin Zoey. She instantly started an attempt to get her attention, but Zoey didn't notice.


The salad looked nice and fresh, and Zoey wanted some. She grabbed a pair of tongs and used them to pick up some salad and put in on her plate. Jenny screamed as one of the tong pinchers came straight for her and smashed her against the lettuce she was standing on. He was lifted into the air and dropped onto Zoey's plate. She started to shake with nervousness as she knew what was going to happen.


After getting her salad, it was time to add some flavor. Zoey grabbed a bottle of salad dressing and poured it all over the lettuce leaves. Jenny was now completely soaked in salad dressing and wiped it out of her eyes. The liquid was very oily and she started to slide around. The lettuce had become an ice rink. Her legs flopped around as she struggled to stay balanced. Soon she completely slipped and fell onto her butt.


An ear-deafening crunch rang through the air as a giant fork stabbed into the lettuce leaf Jenny was on. She was lifted into the air as Zoey prepared to take her first bite. Jenny stared into the open mouth of her younger cousin and screamed. As Zoey brought the fork to her mouth, she tilted it to fit in her mouth right. Jenny started to slide as the salad rotated. She tried to hold on, but the oily dressing was too slippery. She slid right off the edge and fell down.


Jenny thought she would fall to the ground and die, but she instead landed with a plop between Zoey's breasts. The young girl's boobs were c-cups, but to Jenny they were enormous. As she stared at the expanse of breast flesh, she started to sink down. The salad dressing was causing her to slip deeper into Zoey's cleavage. Jenny clawed at the soft boob skin in a panicked attempt to get out. No matter how hard she tried, though, she just couldn't escape the deadly cleavage.


During Jenny's struggles, Zoey noticed that she got some salad dressing on her boobs. She set her salad on her lap and bent her head down to lick it off. Jenny screamed as the slimy wet tongue came toward her and held her hands up in defense. Unfortunately, this made her lose her grip and she slipped between Zoey's mountainous tits. She squirmed around frantically as the boob flesh cut off her supply of oxygen. She almost passed out before she slipped out from below Zoey's boobs and fell down again. As she passed her cousin's stomach, she heard a gurgle and what she thought was a faint cry for help. She eventually landed back where she started, on the plate of salad.


Zoey licked her boobs clean and grabbed her plate. She stabbed another group of lettuce and brought it up to her mouth. Jenny started to slide once again. She prepared for another struggle in Zoey's cleavage until she stopped abruptly. Zoey's fork had pierced through Jenny's t-shirt and held her in place. Jenny started to wish she was in the "safety" of her cousin's boobs as she inched closer to her awaiting mouth.


"No! Zoey, don't eat me! Look at your food! Ahhh!"


Jenny passed through Zoey's lips and they closed right behind her. She was thrown all around her mouth and constantly hit by tiny bits of chewed-up lettuce. Then she landed in a pile of mushy green leaves and was tossed into the abyss of Zoey's stomach.

End Notes:

Timmy and Jenny are now having some fun together in Zoey's tummy! A new chapter will hopefully be up shortly.

Pie by A Little Bit of Everything
Author's Notes:

"My suggestion will involve Zoey's older brother who tends to pick on her a lot. He would be sitting at the table when Zoey sits down and wind up under her butt. Zoey would feel something squirming and stand up to look at her seat, but her brother would be stuck to her butt. When she's checking the seat, he would fall off and land on a piece of pie."



Zoey happily finished the rest of her salad, completely unaware of the person she consumed with it. When she was done, she thought about what she wanted next and decided to get something sweet. She got up and walked over to the desert table. So many items caught her eye, but the one thing that stood out the most was the pumpkin pie. She grabbed the whole pie and a can of whipped cream, then sat down at the nearest picnic table.


Kyle was not getting food when he shrunk. Instead the 19 year old was sitting down by himself. Once he was shrunk, he felt the wooden ground beneath him and assumed he was on the seat of the picnic table he was sitting on. The fall to the ground from such a height would likely kill him, so he stayed put.


After some time passed, Kyle heard a booming noise. He turned around to see his little sister walked toward him. He was mesmerized by her size. He always liked to pick on her because she was smaller than him, but now she could literally pick him up! Zoey seemed to get bigger as she approached her shrunken brother.


"Zoey! Hey, little sis! Help me! I'm on the seat here!"


Kyle frantically waved his hands in hopes of being noticed. Zoey finally arrived at the table and prepared to sit down. Her massive jean-shorts-clad butt cast a shadow on Kyle. As she sat down, Kyle screamed and tried to run away. He was not fast enough and he was crushed by the butt of his little sister. Somehow he managed to survive even with all of the pressure on him, but it was difficult to breathe beneath the enormous butt cheek.


Zoey sat down and was ready to enjoy her pie. Just as she was about to dig in, a fly started to buzz around her. She swatted the fly away, but accidentally hit the can of whipped cream in the process. The can rolled off the table, hit the seat, and landed behind her.


Zoey stood up, turned around, and bent over to retrieve the can. As her butt lifted up, Kyle was stuck onto it. When she turned around, her butt was positioned directly over the pie. Kyle was then unstuck from his sister's huge derriere. He fell through the air and landed with a plop in the sweet dessert.


Kyle looked around at the orange expanse that surrounded him. In the distance he could see the dark tan crust. The ground was freckled with various spices. Kyle reached down and ate a chunk of the pumpkin goodness. He was about to take another when Zoey's face appeared above. Kyle tried once again to get her attention, but with no luck.


Zoey grabbed the can of whipped cream and aimed the nozzle at the pie. She tilted the tip and sweet fluffy cream shot out. Kyle suffered a direct hit and was knocked over by the shot. Zoey continued to squirt out the entire can and encased her brother in whipped cream.


Kyle was lost in a fog of dairy confection. He waded his way through the fog in an effort to reached the edge before Zoey chowed down. He continued walking until he stopped abruptly. Zoey's monsterous tongue swooped down and took out a massive chunk of the whipped cream. Kyle instantly turned around and ran the opposite direction, only to meet the same giant licking tongue. He ran all around in a panic, but Zoey's tongue was everywhere he turned.


Soon there was no whipped cream left and only pie. Zoey decided to take on the challenge of eating her pie as if she was in a contest. She put her hands behind her back and bent over.


"On your mark. Get set. Go!"


Kyle dove out of the way as Zoey's giant mouth came straight for him. He looked back to see the massive crater left by her incredible bite. But it wasn't over yet. Zoey kept eating like a wild animal and Kyle tried his best to avoid every bite.


Kyle endured the challenge for quite a while, but there is only so much dodging that one boy can do. Eventually Zoey took a large bite of pie and took her brother with it. Kyle barely spent any time in his sister's mouth before he was swallowed. Zoey didn't stop shoving food in and more pie instantly followed Kyle as he landed in the pit of his little sister's stomach.

Honey & Juice by A Little Bit of Everything
Author's Notes:
So I decided to bring back this story. I abandoned it because I simply lost interest in it. Also, I just felt like it wasn't my best work. But now it's back! Same rules for suggestions still apply. For this chapter, I decided to combine two fitting entries:

"Family Member: 23 year old male cousin

Food: Honey! I think something that has honey on it, and a lot of it. So maybe honey on Waffles? Banana slices? Toast? or anything else of your choice will do."


"Aunt, 35, busty, sexy, falling in juice when Zoey is thirsty and drinking every bit of juice"

Phillip, or Phil, was sealed in darkness. The 23 year old cousin of Zoey was preparing a sandwich when he was abruptly shrunk. He landed on one slice of bread just before the other one landed on top of him. He was then stuck in place. No matter how hard he struggled, the weight of the bread pinned him down. He decided to just lay there and wait, occasionally nibbling on bread.


Zoey sat back and patted her extended belly. "Wow! I can't believe I just ate an entire pie all by myself. I am completely full!" Then her belly shrank back down and she was hungry again. "Whoa! What just happened?" She looked down at her stomach. "I guess it's just my young female metabolism. Well, time for more food then!"

She tossed the pie tin out and walked back to the food table. "Hmm? What next?" Then she spotted a shimmering jar of honey shaped like a teddy bear. "Ooh! I love honey! But what should I put it on?" She glanced down and noticed two pieces of bread on the table. "Perfect!" She said while picking up the bread slices. She took the top one off and threw it over to some nearby birds, since she only needed one slice. She then proceeded to place the bread in a toaster to make it nice and crispy.

Phil was just napping on the floury bed when a girl's voice woke him up. "Hello? Is somebody there? I need help!" Still in darkness, he felt gravity shift as he was lifted up. Then light shown on him as the top slice was removed. He could finally move again. He looked up to see his cousin Zoey looking directly at him. He was overjoyed. Somebody was here to save him. "Oh thank goodness! I need your help!"

But the teen goddess showed no sign of acknowledgement. She looked away and whipped some bread over in the grass. Hungry ducks much bigger than himself attacked the food and gobbled it up. He was terrified as he thought about how he could have easily been on that very slice.

He was about to try communicating again when his floor began to tilt. He quickly grabbed onto the bread's fibers as the slice turned 90 degrees. Then he was whipped through the air along with the bread as Zoey's hand moved it. Looking below, he saw his target: a metal toaster.

He screamed in fear and shock as Zoey released her grip on the bread and sent them both free-falling. He landed with a slight bounce on a spring loaded platform. All around him now was metal and metallic wires. Then he was sent further down as Zoey pushed the handle and started up the machine.

The metal wires quickly grew orange and then red as they heated up. The air inside the toaster rose rapidly as it began the process of cooking. Phil held on for dear life, for if he let go, he would surely land on a hot wire and burn to death. This became increasingly difficult as he began sweating like mad. The sweat drenched his clothes, only to soon evaporate from the intense heat. Lucky for him, the toaster was on a low setting, so as unbearable as the heat was, it was not deadly.

Without warning, the toaster popped up. Phil lost his grip as the toaster's springs launched him upward. He flailed his arms as he tried to grab back on. Lucky for him, he was able to do so. Then he breathed a sigh of relief as he was brought back out into the cooler air.

Finally her toast was done cooking! Zoey lifted the bread out of the toaster and set it on a napkin. Then she grabbed a knife and the honey. She dug the knife into the honey, placed in on the toast, and spread it across in a single stroke. Pleased with her work, she walked back over to the picnic table to eat.

Phil was very thankful when the bread he was holding onto was rotated again and he could let go. His toned muscles burned from such a long time of supporting his weight. The ground below him was no longer soft, but hard and crispy.

"Well, I should probably get off of here before-" He was cut off as he heard a "splat" behind him. He turned around to see a giant honey-covered knife which had just made contact. Phil quickly ran away as the knife began to spread the honey. The knife made a very audible scraping noise as it ran along the toast. Phil looked back to see a wave of golden honey approaching. Then he tripped half way across the bread and fell down. The honey wave came over him as he lifted his arms to block it.

Phil was now trapped below the honey spread. Slowly he was able to break free and breathe, but he was still covered below his shoulders. A very sweet aroma surrounded him. He tried to escape, but failed. Then he thought about eating his way out. He took a large bite of honey, but before he could swallow, he gagged and spit it out. The mixture was far too sweet to eat massive amounts of. Wind struck his face as Zoey carried him away from the food table. He was set down momentarily before Zoey got to munching.

Phil watched as Zoey opened her mouth and took a big bite of the toast. The toast made a loud crunch as she bit down. Phil sat in terror as she chewed. The crunch of her chews sounded like bones being crushed, which he would hear for real if he didn't escape soon. He struggled with all his might to escape his gooey prison, but he wasn't strong enough.

Zoey took another bite of toast. This bite landed her teeth right next to Phil, almost dragging him in. He shrieked as he was nearly bit in half. Then he felt movement. The honey was slowly falling over the edge where the bite was. He was going to drop down and escape! He tried his best to aid the honey in flowing over while Zoey happily crunched away.

He was soon in a honey droplet below the bread, but still attached. "Just a little further..." Then the honey snapped. Phil was falling straight for the table! That is... until a giant tongue blocked his path.

Zoey noticed the honey dripping off of her toast and quickly caught the droplet on her tongue. She brought her tongue in and swallowed. But something went wrong...

Phil landed on Zoey's tongue and was soon sent inside her mouth. He was promptly swallowed and sent down her throat. But then he stopped. The sticky honey glob had gotten lodged in Zoey's throat. Then the walls began to vibrate aggressively.

Outside, Zoey began coughing. The honey cut off her airway and made it hard to breathe. She set her toast down and looked for some water. Over on the food table, she noticed an abandoned drink cup. She ran over, still coughing, and chugged the beverage.


Earlier, Zoey's Aunt Rose was pouring herself some apple juice when she shrunk. She landed directly in the cup she was pouring into. She swam to the surface and tread juice as she tried to understand what just happened. At 35, she didn't have a lot of youthful energy for swimming, but luckily her massive double d breasts helped to keep her body afloat.

After much time swimming, she was viciously jerked upward. She couldn't even see who grabbed her as a girl's lips wrapped around the rim of the plastic cup. Zoey began sipping at first before opening her mouth and gulping down the juice. Rose panicked and desperately swam against the current. Unfortunately, after treading juice for so long, her energy was pretty much gone. She screamed as she was sent along with the river of juice down Zoey's gullet.

Expecting to land in a pool of stomach acid, she was shocked when a hand grabbed her arm halfway down the throat. In the dim light, she could see that it was her nephew Philip who was stuck to the wall. "Phil!? You were shrunk too!?" She screamed over the roar of the falling juice.

"Yeah, I'm the thing she's trying to wash down. And unfortunately, it's working!" He also shouted. The honey glob was slowly being wiped away by the torrent of juice. Soon it was almost gone and Phil was released.

Somehow the two were able to put their backs together and plant their feet on the opposite sides of the esophagus. "How did we do this?" Rose asked.

"I don't know, but who cares? Let's climb up and get out of here. Just work together with me. I saw this in a movie once." The two relatives pushed against each other as they walked up the walls of Zoey's throat. Soon they were almost at the mouth. Her uvula was in sight!

But then disaster struck. The two heard a gurgle from down below. A blast of air shot up and made them lose their footing. The two fell screaming down into the stomach below. They splashed in the stomach acid. Then they resurfaced and Phil simply said, "If only I was a llama..."

*BRAP!* Zoey belched as she released the gas she built up from drinking so fast. Thankfully the burp got rid of whatever was tickling her throat after the honey washed down. Afraid of a similar situation happening, she threw the rest of the toast away. Then she went back to the foot table to decide on her next snack.
End Notes:
I'll keep fulfilling requests until I (possibly) lose interest again.
Nachos by A Little Bit of Everything
Author's Notes:
"Name: Tim

He is twins with the main character.

Food: Nachos

Tim is on a chip that she is going to take. She lifts him up and dips him into like spicy cheese or something. When she goes to bite. Some falls in her underwear (front) and she notices it and pulls down her pants and scoops Tim up with the nacho off her vagina (which pleasures her) go where you want from there."

"Hmm, what to eat next?" Zoey looked at all of the food before her. There were so many different choices. Then she glanced over at one of the picnic tables and noticed a large bowl of tortilla chips. "Ooh, I love chips. But what should I dip them in?" She examined the food table until she found a jar of cheese sauce.

Zoey smiled and grabbed the jar. Then she headed over to the picnic table and sat by the chips. She unscrewed the lid on the jar and set it aside. Then she grabbed a chip and got to work.


Tim was busy munching on some chips when he was shrunk. The twin brother of Zoey, liked to eat tortilla chips all by themselves. After shrinking, he looked around the bowl. At his size, the many chips around him looked like a barren desert with hills all over. Rather than panic, he decided to relax. Surely someone would notice he was gone and come find him. He took off his shirt, laid down on the sandy brown corn chip, and relaxed as he tanned under the sun.

Some time passed as Tim closed his eyes and caught some rays. Then something disturbed his peace. He felt a small tremor followed by a popping sound. He dismissed it as nothing and continued to relax. Then the warmth of the sun was immediately gone. "Hey, what happened to my rays?" He opened his eyes to see that it was a giant hand that was casting a shadow.

Tim sprang to life. "I knew someone would save me." He cupped his hands and aimed his mouth up. "Hey, whoever you are! Thanks for finding me! Just be careful when you pick me up!" The hand swooped down and grabbed onto the chip he was on. He fell on all fours as the ground rose and flew away from the bowl. "I said be careful!" Then his floor tilted and he rolled off of the chip. He screamed as he fell and landed in a yellow lake. He swam to the surface and looked around.

He stuck his tongue out and licked around his lips. "Yep, that's cheese sauce." He wiped the sauce out of his eyes and looked around to discover he was in a whole jar of the stuff. He looked up to see who dropped him in. It was his twin sister! "Zoey! Would you be more careful!?"

But despite the fact that Zoey's eyes were directly on her brother, it wasn't him that she was focused on. The chip that Tim just fell off of was now swooping down like a fighter jet. It came down and rose back up with a glob of cheese taken from a spot nearby Tim. Then the chip and cheese both disappeared in Zoey's mouth as she happily crunched away.

Tim now understood that his sister had no idea he was even there. She wasn't trying to save him, she was just hungry. As a second chip appeared above, Tim panicked. Currently in the middle of the cheese sea, he swam frantically toward the edge to escape. Unfortunately for him, the thick cheese was very hard to swim through and slowed him down greatly. As he swam, another chip made contact behind him.

Zoey was very much enjoying herself. "Wow, this cheese sauce is great!" She exclaimed after her first chip. She grabbed another and dipped it in the cheese as well. On the path to her mouth, however, some of the cheese fell off and landed right on the crotch section of her shorts.

"Darn it!" She scooped the cheese off of her pants and tossed the chip in her mouth. Then she pulled her pants off, washed off the remaining cheese, and set them out to dry. Now in her underwear she said, "Nothing better than eating chips with your pants off, I guess."

Tim took this extra time to continue swimming, still not making it very far. Zoey grabbed another chip and dipped it in, once again near her brother. It was almost like she was aiming for him. Zoey lifted the cheese-covered chip to her mouth, but once again the cheese fell in the same spot. "Seriously!? Right on my favorite panties!" She scooped the cheese off, ate the chip, took off her underpants and set them out to dry. She then sat her naked butt back down where she was.

Meanwhile Tim was almost to the edge. He was gonna make it! Until Zoey's next scoop yanked him up with a massive glob of cheese. "Whoops! That's a whole lot of cheese." She carefully maneuvered the chip toward her mouth, careful not to spill.

Tim felt like the world was in slow motion as he approached his sister's mouth. It was extra creepy given that her mouth was pretty much his own. He was about to enter the cave when a bird squawked. Startled, Zoey's hand shook and dropped the cheese right on her crotch. Only this time, there was no clothing to block her skin. The cheese dripped down her crotch and over her vagina. Tim soon found himself face to face with the main thing that separated him from his twin.

"Dang it! Stupid bird!" She looked down at her cheese covered crotch. She could feel the liquid oozing down her vagina. "Well, food is food." Upon hearing this, Tim sprang into action. He tried to escape, but the cheese forbid it. He looked up to see a chip swooping down for him. With no other choice, he dove into the cheese. He swam through until he made it to the skin of Zoey's vagina. He nestled himself in as his sister cleaned up the cheese. The experience was certainly strange, but at least he was safe from being eaten.

Zoey swiped the chip on her vagina and scraped off some cheese. She let out a tiny moan as the corn chip brushed against her lips. Then she tossed it into her mouth.

"Well... I do hate wasting food." She grabbed another chip and scraped off more cheese, this time with a bigger moan, and ate it. She continued doing this until the cheese was mostly gone. Then she dipped a chip in the jar again and "accidentally" spilled more cheese on her crotch. She then continued her process.

Tim was wondering what was going on. One moment he would see a chip pass by, scraping cheese. Then for some reason, Zoey would mumble and the walls around him would tense up. Also, over time he was getting wet with a strange liquid. "What is this stuff?" He questioned as it slowly began covering him.

Zoey grabbed another chip and started to bring it down. Then she stopped. "Oh, forget it!" She exclaimed as she tossed her chip aside. She took her pointer and middle fingers and jammed them in her vagina and began to pleasure herself.

Inside, Tim was concerned. Was the cheese causing this weird liquid as an allergic reaction? "Zoey, are you okay?" He asked even though he knew she couldn't hear him. He was answered by two giant fingers plowing into him. He screamed as the massive digits shoved him deep into Zoey's vagina. As they retreated, he was brought with them. The liquid covering him was sticky and latched him onto the middle finger.

He was pushed in and out rapidly as the fingers did their job. He felt like he was on a roller coaster ready to puke. Soon he was pulled back outside and he heard Zoey screaming and trying to catch her breath. He was right, the cheese was harming her! She must have been using her fingers to get the weird liquid out. But soon she calmed down and he breathed a sigh of relief.

She was now okay, but he wasn't. He was now drenched in a mixture of the weird liquid and cheese sauce. Then he was scraped off Zoey's finger as she rubbed it against a new chip. Before he could even think, he was tossed into her mouth, tossed around as she chewed, and swallowed whole.

"Mmm! That was delicious! Gross... but delicious!" She grabbed a napkin and cleaned all of the cheese off of her vagina. "I may have to see a doctor after all that, but it was totally worth it!" Her pants and panties were still wet, so she returned to the food table without them. "Time for the next food..."
End Notes:
NOTE: Even though this story is vore-focused, most of my detail will go toward describing the situation of being stuck on/in a food rather than the process of being eaten.
Jell-O by A Little Bit of Everything
Author's Notes:
Man was it annoying to type out "Jell-O" so many times! But here you go! (I tweaked the request just a bit.)

"I like how your story is going, and for my suggestion, Tina. She's Zoey's 15 year old Second-Cousin and Best Friend, who was bringing home a tub fool of jello, because that's her favorite food, but she gets shrunk inside of it. Which is when Zoey decides to "bathe" in it, unbeknownst to her, when she sits her butt down, it causes poor Tina to bounce up and down while under her ass."

Zoey scanned the table for her next food. After eating some slightly spicy cheese, she was ready for something a little sweet. Then she saw it. A large bowl full of bright red Jell-O. She ran over to the bowl for a closer look. The bowl was quite large, with the lip of it being around two feet in diameter. The Jell-O was hardened in said bowl, so the top was flat and smooth. "Man, I LOVE Jell-O! Tina and I used to play with this stuff all the time when we were younger."


Earlier that day, Tina had the same reaction. The 15 year old was Zoey's second-cousin, and also her best friend. When she saw the Jell-O, she ran over to it, ready to shove her face in. One moment later, she was dazed and confused. Looking around, she saw that she was on a shiny, solid red lake. "Wait... could this be...?" She bent down and scooped up some of the substance. After tossing it in her mouth, her eyes lit up. "It is! I'm on a lake of Jell-O!"

Tina started running around like a little kid. She struggled to keep balance as the jiggly gelatin was much like a trampoline. Then she started bouncing. Up and down she jumped on the expanse of Jell-O. "This is the greatest day of my life!" She completely ignored the fact that she was shrunk. After much enjoyment, Tina was tuckered out. She fell down, breathing heavily. "Well, after all that exercise, I think I earned this." She dug her hand into the Jell-O beside her and slurped it up, followed by a sigh of relaxed bliss.

Some time passed as Tina chilled on the gelatin. Then she heard a loud, familiar voice above. She jumped to her feet in excitement. "Zoey! Where are you?" Tina looked around for a shrunken Zoey. She was confused for a moment until a shadow loomed over her. She looked up to see her best friend's giant face glaring down at her. "Holy moly! Zoey, you're enormous." No response. "Oh, I get it. You're speechless. I felt the same way when I saw all of this Jell-O." No response. "Hey, I have an idea! Why don't you bounce me around on the Jell-O? It'll be fun!"

Zoey didn't hear a word that her second-cousin was saying. She just stood there, gawking at the amount of Jell-O. Then, before eating, she decided to have a little fun. She took her index finger and slammed it on the surface of the Jell-O, which wiggled in response. Then she hit it again for a similar reaction. Then she took her whole palm and smacked it against the gelatin for a greater jiggle.

Tina squatted down in preparation as Zoey's finger raised in the air. The finger came down on the Jell-O and sent her flying into the air. Then she came back down on the wobbling gelatin. "Whoa! That was awesome! Do it again!" Another finger was raised and slammed down. "Wahoo!" Tina shouted as she flew even higher this time. Once back down she said, "Come on! Give me the best you've got!" Zoey raised her hand again, but it wasn't just one digit that was outstretched this time, it was all five. Her palm smacked down, with her middle and ring fingers landing on either side of Tina. Tina bounced up so high that she made it above Zoey's head.

When she landed, her feet got lodged in the Jell-O up to her knees. "Man, that was some wicked air! But could you be a little more careful? You almost squished me! Haha!" Tina tried to pull her legs up, but they were stuck. "It seems I'm in a bit of a predicament. Haha! Could you give me a hand?" She lifted her arms up for help, but Zoey didn't react.

Zoey was in thought. "I just love smacking gelatin with my hands. It feels so great! Hmm... I wonder..." She grabbed the bowl and walked over to the picnic table. Instead of placing it on the table, though, she put it on the bench. Then she turned around. "How convenient that my pants are already off!" She thought. Then...

Tina dropped her arms as her Jell-O lake was lifted. "Oh... okay. You're probably just moving me into better light." The gelatin wiggled a bit as the bowl was set down. Tina expected to see Zoey's face again, but instead saw her massive derri?re. "Um, Zoey? What are you doing?" Zoey's butt moved until it was positioned directly over the bowl. "Zoey? Zoey?! ZOEY?!"

Zoey's butt slammed down on the Jell-O as Tina screamed. Both cheeks made contact, which sent two ripples toward the center. The waves met right where Tina was stuck and pushed her out. She landed on her bottom and looked up. "Oh, I get it now. A simple 'grab and pull' would have sufficed, but that works too.

Zoey's bottom raised back up, but didn't leave its position above the bowl. "Um, Zoey, you know I'm out now, right?" The butt slammed down again, causing two more ripples. The ripples met at Tina, but since she was no longer held back, she went flying up. Tina was slammed against the ceiling, which just so happened to be Zoey's butt hole. She stuck for a second before falling back down.

"Zoey! Are you even listening to me? I'm not stuck anymore. Zoey?!" The booty came down once again, but this time its trajectory was a bit off. Instead of being within Zoey's crack, Tina was placed directly under her right butt cheek. She put her arms up to shield, but it did nothing. The smooth skin pummeled her and slammed her down. Tina opened her eyes to see a field of red. But she wasn't bleeding. Zoey's booty slam had sent her deep down into the Jell-O. Tina tried to move around, but she was completely "Han-Soloed." She just stood there motionless as Zoey basically twerked on the Jell-O above.

Zoey was having tons of fun slapping her bum on the gelatin. But enough was enough. She turned around, set the Jell-O on the table, and grabbed a spoon.

"Finally she's done!" Tina exclaimed when the jiggling stopped. "Zoey! I can't really see you though the Jell-O. Can you see me?" Tina felt herself being moved and set down. "Okay, where are we n- AHH!!!" Tina screamed as a giant spoon removed a chunk of Jell-O in front of her. Now that the wall was thinner, she could see more clearly. She moved her pupils to look up and see Zoey suck up the chunk of Jell-O and immediately send it down her throat without even chewing.

"Zoey, are you insane?! I wanted to have fun, not take a one-way trip through your digestive track!" Zoey dipped her spoon down and dug up another piece of Jell-O. Tina heard a *shlick* as the chunk detached from its base. While watching her cousin eat this piece, Tina realized that Zoey couldn't hear her. She panicked and struggled with all her might, but she couldn't move an inch. She couldn't even open her jaw to eat her way out.

Tina tried to think of a clever way to escape, but before she could, Zoey's spoon wrapped around her. Still fully encased, she was lifted up with the chunk of Jell-O toward Zoey's open mouth. She continued to struggle as the chunk was dropped off on the giant tongue. Zoey closed her mouth and shook her head around. Tina and the Jell-O were sent bouncing all around off of Zoey's tongue and cheeks. Then she swallowed and sent the fully intact chunk down her gullet.

Zoey wanted to eat more, but there was so much food left and she didn't want to waste time. She decided to save the rest for later and return to the tables of food.
End Notes:
I just love all of the different names for butt, especially booty! XD
Peas by A Little Bit of Everything
Author's Notes:
"Name: Luke
Age: 15
Relationship: Cousin
Food: Peas
Sub genre: Butt/Fart Content
Specifics: Pea Falls Onto Chair, Protag Sits And Farts On It, Realizes It's There, Eats It."

"Hmm... what to eat next?" Zoey looked at all of the food once again. "You know, I should probably eat something healthy after all of the junk food I've been eating." She scanned the tables until she found a large bowl of peas. "Oh, that seems like a good choice." She grabbed a spoon and scooped a bunch of the peas into a smaller bowl. "I think that's enough." She then took her bowl over to the picnic table and sat down to eat.


Luke was reluctantly getting ready to scoop up some peas when he shrunk. The 15 year old cousin of Zoey was forced to eat some of them by his mother who wanted him to eat healthier. When he came to, he looked around to see that he was in a very large ball pit filled with only green balls. It didn't take long for him to understand that they were all peas. He tried to escape but, much like a ball pit, the peas were very hard to maneuver through. He decided to just wait for help.

After some time, Luke came face to face with his cousin Zoey as she looked down at him. "Oh, Zoey! Thank goodness you found me." His smile disappeared as her hand raised, wielding a serving spoon. "Oh, no!" Luke tried to dig down beneath the peas, but he wasn't quick enough. He was scooped up with a hundred peas and tumbled down into Zoey's food bowl. No longer on top, he was stuck between various peas in the middle of the bowl.

He could only listen as Zoey scooped up peas above him and gobbled them down. It wasn't long before he was caught in a spoonful with a dozen peas. He looked at his tragectory: Zoey's awaiting mouth. "No! I refuse to be eaten!" Luke looked over the side of the spoon at the ground below. There was no way he could survive the fall. Unless...

Thinking quickly, Luke grabbed hold of a pea and hugged it to his chest. The round vegetable was the size of an exercise ball to him. He mustered up all of the courage within him and jumped off of the spoon. He screamed as he plummeted down, pea facing down. He hoped it would absorb the impact of the fall. Luke landed on and bounced off of Zoey's inner thigh. When he came to a stop, he was on the bench in between Zoey's cheeks.

Luke looked up to see Zoey's wrinkled butt hole directly above. This gave him an idea. "As disgusting as this idea is, it might just work. Her butt hole is likely very sensitive. If I can rub it hard enough, she may look down and find me." Luke reached up with his arms, but he wasn't nearly tall enough. He tried jumping, but it still wasn't enough. Then he grabbed the pea and rolled it over. Although tough to keep his balance, he was able to use the pea as a step stool and reach Zoey's anus. He placed his hands on the sphincter and rubbed it with great force. "I sure hope this works."

Zoey was eating her peas when her butt hole felt itchy. Rather than looking down, she simply lifted her cheek and used her index finger to scratch it. Then she placed her lifted cheek back down and continued.

The light shining on Luke increased as Zoey lifted her cheek. He sighed in disappointment as he watched her scratch her asshole without even looking down. "Well, that plan failed." Luke was about to climb down when Zoey lowered her cheek. Only, she had shifted her butt slightly, and now it was coming down on Luke! He had no time to escape as the skin slammed down on him.

While Zoey was sitting and eating, she felt something under her cheek. Assuming it was just a pebble, she moved over to position it between her cheeks, where it wouldn't bother her. Then as she resumed eating, she had a feeling in her gut. "I guess that spicy cheese dip is finally catching up with me."

Down below, Luke was dazed after Zoey's cheek relieved its pressure on him. When his vision cleared, he noticed that he was back in her butt crack. He also noticed that he was now neck deep inside of his pea! Zoey's butt must have squished him down inside. He tried to escape, but the shell of the pea was too strong.

Luke heard a rumbling above. He gave a look of disgust. "Oh, this can't be happening!" He looked up to see Zoey's anus expand. Then a great gust of wind was released directly at him. The strength of the wind opened his mouth and flapped his cheeks, like a dog with its head sticking out of a car window. The spicy fart burned his eyes and blurred his vision temporarily. He tried to wipe them, but his arms were pinned down.

Luke had been holding his breath, but now he needed oxygen. He breathed in and prepared to gag and vomit. However, he surprisingly didn't. Although Zoey's fart burned his eyes, it didn't smell insanely putrid. It wasn't pleasant, of course, just not terrible. Then Zoey farted again. This time there was an audible sound of vibrating liquid from the wet fart. Luke breathed in, but this time he did throw up. This second fart smelled much worse than the first and nearly made him passed out.

Then Zoey farted again, but before she did, she bent forward a little. Her asshole was no longer directly over Luke, but instead at an angle. When she farted, Luke was blasted off of the bench and into the grass. "Yes!" He exclaimed. "I never thought I would be so happy to be farted on! Now to escape from this stupid pea and-"


Luke looked up to see a giant pigeon standing before him. The bird glared down at him. "Get out of here, you stupid bird! I'm not your lunch!" But they pigeon didn't care. It pecked down and caught the screaming Luke in its beak.

The bird took off flying and started circling around Zoey. "Ah! Go away!" She shouted as she swatted at the bird. Her hand made contact and whacked the pigeon. The bird opened its mouth to make a distressed noise and flew away. Luke fell out and landed on the table beside the bowl of remaining peas.

Zoey calmed down from her attack and continued eating. Luke watched in fear as she finished off the last of the peas. "Well, those were tasty! Now it's time to-" She noticed a lone pea resting on the table. "Thought you could get away, huh? Nice try, but no food can escape the power of my stomach." She picked up the pea and Luke. "However, for your daring escape, I shall eat you in style!"

Zoey grabbed her spoon and placed the pea on it. She then grabbed the spoon by the handle and placed her finger on the tip of the rounded end. She pulled down at the end at released. Luke was shot upward. "AHHH!!!" He screamed as he took off like a rocket. His ascent slowed as he reached his maximum height. Then he began falling. He looked down to see that he was aiming directly for Zoey's open mouth. Without even touching her tongue, Luke was sent straight down his cousin's throat.

Zoey swallowed the airborne pea and smiled. "Bullseye!" Then she checked on her pants, which were now dry. She re-clothed herself and headed back to the food table.
Hamburger by A Little Bit of Everything
Author's Notes:
"Zoey's 33-year old uncle, Jake, ends up falling on a freshly grilled hamburger patty. Zoey comes over to him and pours some ketchup onto the patty, then put the bun on, trapping her uncle. As Zoey eats, Jake would be pushed out the back along with a glob of ketchup. He would land on Zoey's flipflop and remain there until she slipped it back on and noticed the ketchup. Zoey would finally dip her last bite of burger in the ketchup and eat it."

"Alright, enough with all of these veggies and chips. What's a girl gotta do to get some meat around here?" Zoey scanned the table for a slice of animal and discovered a cooked hamburger on a plate. She tapped the meat with her finger and felt that it was indeed cold. She grabbed the patty and plopped it back on the grill to warm it up.


Zoey's 33 year old Uncle Jake was the one in charge of the grill. He started cooking up burgers before everyone rushed in to eat. Once everyone started getting food, he grabbed a patty for himself and put it on a plate. That was precisely when he shrunk. He woke up to a dark brown landscape with strips of black. He was about to climb off and look for help when a scent entered his nose. The grilled burger let off a pleasant and inviting aroma and the warmth of it felt relaxing. He decided to lay down on the burger for a bit and ended up falling asleep.


"AHH!" Jake screamed as he was awakened by a loud banging. He discovered that the sound came from his enormous niece pounding her finger on his hamburger. "Hey, Zoey! Down here!" he shouted, waving his arms. He was answered by being lifted into the air.

When he was set back down, the air was noticeably hotter. He looked around to find a metal lid behind him and metal bars below. He was on the grill! The flames below rose up to cook the burger as Jake ran to the middle to avoid them. He began sweating like mad as the constant heat scorched him and the burger.

"And no burger is complete without a little cheese." Zoey picked up a square slice of cheese and placed it nicely on her lactose-intolerant uncle. Jake was trapped under the solid dairy product like it was a giant heavy blanket. As the cheese melted, though, he was able to break through and get on top.

After warming her burger and adding cheese that had now melted, Zoey grabbed a spatula and picked it up. She then placed it on a prepared bun. Then she picked up a bottle of ketchup to finish the arrangement.

Jake was very grateful to be removed from the grill. But before he knew it, he was looking down the barrel of a ketchup bottle. He shielded his face as the bottle sprayed him with red goop. Soon the brown landscape looked like a murder scene. "I've gotta get out of here!" He shouted as he tried to wade through the ketchup. He didn't get very far before he was pinned down by the top bun.

Zoey topped off her burger and walked over to the picnic table. She kicked off her flip flops to run her toes through the grass while she ate. She picked up her burger and got ready to chow down.

It was tough, but with the help of the lubricating ketchup, Jake was just barely able to squeeze his way through the hamburger. He army crawled his way between the cheese-covered patty and the top bun, hoping to escape. He was doing well until he felt a heavy amount of pressure from above.

He assumed that Zoey had grabbed hold of the burger, ready to eat it. Jake panicked and tried to escape, but Zoey's grip held him in place. Behind him, he could hear Zoey's teeth slice through part of the burger and chew it up. Jake gave up struggling. This was it. He was going to be nothing but food for his niece. But just as he gave up hope, he felt himself start to slide. Zoey was gripping a little too hard and squishing some of the ketchup out.

"Come on... just a little further..." Eventually, he made it out. He fell down along with a glob of ketchup straight on Zoey's right flip flop. "Yes! I made it!" He looked above to see Zoey consume her burger like she hadn't eaten in a week. He barely had time to move before she was on her last bite.

"Man, this is one great burger!" Zoey slipped her flip flops back on as she got ready to finish her burger. She stopped when she felt something wet on her foot. "Ew, what's on my flip flop?" She lifted her right foot to find a splotch of ketchup. "Wow, I sure am a messy eater."

Zoey's sole loomed above Jake as he stood among the ketchup. Then her foot quickly slammed down on him. He was trapped between her sole and flip flop, but not for long. Soon the foot was lifted back up... with him attached! His niece glared down at him. Surely she could see him now.

"Zoey, can you see me? Down here in the ketch- NO NO NO NO NO!!!" He struggled to break free as Zoey took the last bite of her hamburger and scraped it along her foot. Jake was scooped off and now stuck to the burger. He was effortlessly tossed in Zoey's mouth where he was tossed around as she chewed. Finally he was sent down with the mashed meat to Zoey's stomach.

"Man, I would love to get another one of those burgers, but I have to keep going on the rest of the food." Zoey rubbed her foot it the grass to get the ketchup off and then did the same with her flip flop. Adorning her footwear, she returned to the assortment of food.
Pizza by A Little Bit of Everything
Author's Notes:
"I'd love to see Zoey slurp up multiple people at once like a bunch of siblings fighting over the same thing or maybe a couple who were close together. I think some pizza is in order as well, what's a party without pizza?"

While Zoey observed the tables of food, she smelled a familiar smell. Turning around, she noticed an opened pizza box. She walked over to the picnic table it sat on. There was only one triangular piece left. A little disappointed, she got to work on eating the slice.


Unlike most of the other family members, Stu, Drew, and Lucy did not run to the tables for food. The 12 year old triplets were Zoey's cousins and very picky eaters, so their parents ordered a cheese pizza for them. They began eating long before the rest and devoured seven of the eight slices. Then, all at once, they grabbed the final slice.

"Um, I think that I should get the final slice because I'm the oldest," Stu said.

"Yeah, by like two minutes! I should get it because I'm the biggest," Drew replied.

"Seriously?! You already had three pieces, Drew. Stu and I have only had two. Besides, ladies first right?" Lucy said.

"Sure, let us know when you find one," Drew retorted. Lucy answered him with a slap to the face.

"Alright, guys, calm down. I have a simple solution," Stu said. He grabbed a pizza table from the box and held it up.

"What are we supposed to do with that?" Drew asked.

"Well, there's three of us and three legs on this pizza table. We all grab hold and pull. Whoever gets the piece with the top attached gets the final slice."

"Like a three-way wishbone?"

"Seems fair to me," Lucy said. The three siblings grabbed hold of the pizza table, which was now directly over the slice. They were about to pull when they were blinded by a light. When they came to, they were on a white plastic surface.

"Where are we?" Drew asked.

"I think we're on the pizza table. We must have shrunk somehow," Lucy replied, gripping her head as she stood up.

"I'd say so," Stu added. He looked beyond the plastic at the field of sauce and cheese that surrounded them.

"I guess we should go find help then," Lucy suggested.

"Or we could have a battle. Last one on the pizza table is the winner," Drew said.

"You are so childish. This isn't time to play. We're less than an inch tall right now. We need help."

Stu crossed his arms. "You're just saying that because you know you'll loose."

"Oh, please. I would whip both of your butts. I just think we need to be logical right now."

"Come on, Lucy! Don't be lame," Drew said and gave her a playful shove.

"Don't touch me, you dork!" She said angrily.

"Oh, you mean like this." Drew pushed her again.

"I'm warning you. Hands off!"

Drew went in for another shove, but didn't make contact. Instead, Lucy grabbed hold of both of his arms. She then turned around and whipped Drew with her. Then she let go and sent him flying over the edge. Drew landed with a splat in a section of pizza sauce where the cheese didn't cover. He wiped his eyes and spat out some sauce.

"Hey! I wasn't ready!" He shouted up.

Lucy burst out laughing at the sight of her brother covered in tomato sauce. Unfortunately, she let her guard down to do so and Stu snuck up behind. He jumped up and tackled her down to the plastic. He thought he had her until she rolled over and pinned him down. Then Lucy pushed and slid him across the plastic, with the pizza grease acting as a lubricant. Stu slid off the edge and into some semi-melted cheese.

"I told you I could whoop your butts," Lucy said triumphantly.

Drew rolled his eyes. "Yeah, yeah, yeah. Now would you help us back up?"

Lucy walked to the edge and outstretched her arm. She was ready to grab hold when the ground lifted up. The floor tilted and she slid down the plastic. She then fell off and landed in a small cup of white liquid. She licked her hands and discovered that it was ranch dip.

She wiped her eyes to see the cause of her turmoil. It was her cousin Zoey! She watched as Zoey's hand gripped the edge of the crust and lifted the slice up. Then she used her other hand to stabilize it.

"Guys, get off of there! Quick!"

Stu and Drew were too far away to hear, but it didn't matter. They were already busy trying to escape. Drew made his way out of the pizza sauce and onto the cheese. However, Stu was stuck.

"Drew, help! My leg is stuck in the cheese!" Stu said just as Zoey took her first bite at the end of the pizza. "Hurry!"

Drew ran across the greasy cheese toward his brother in the middle of the slice.


Drew grabbed Stu's leg and pulled up. It moved a little, but was still stuck.


"Try eating the cheese around it!" Stu suggested.

Drew bent down and took a bite. The now-solid cheese was too hard to sink his teeth into.


"It's too hard! I can't break through!"

"Then go on without me!"


"Okay!" Drew got ready to take off, but then he realized there was nowhere to go. Zoey had eaten every part of the pizza except the one they were on. The two brothers were in trouble.

Zoey, on the other hand, was very much enjoying herself. Minus the crust, she had eaten almost all of her slice of pizza. Just one bite left! She was about to chomp when she noticed a small cup in the box below. "Oh! I didn't know there was any ranch here." She dipped the pizza in and got ready to bite.

Stu and Drew's cheesy floor was quickly tilted sideways. Drew grabbed on to Stu, whose foot was still stuck. They dipped down until they met a lake of ranch sauce. But something in it was moving.

"Lucy, what are you doing in there?" Drew asked.

"Oh, I heard that ranch was good for your skin," she replied sarcastically. "Now grab on! I'll pull you off." Lucy and Drew reached out and locked hands just before Zoey pulled the pizza back up. As she did, the siblings held on tight. However, instead of pulling the boys off of the pizza, Lucy was lifted up on to it. Now all three of them were atop the last bite of pizza as Zoey's mouth opened. The three were silenced.

Lucy spoke up. "Hey, you guys remember Toy Story 3?" She stretched her hands out to her brothers. They grabbed on and then grabbed each other's. They simply sat and watched as they entered Zoey's mouth. Zoey bit off the piece and it landed on her tongue. She chewed it up and swallowed everything. Unscathed by the chewing, Zoey's cousins were sent down her throat.

"Eh, I don't care for the crust all that much." Zoey tossed the crust into the box and returned to the table of food.
Sushi by A Little Bit of Everything
Author's Notes:
"Zoey's Younger Twin Brothers, Noah and Adam, Both 12 years of Age, Both wind up nere a Plate of Sushi, Noah on a Chair near the Plate, and Adam near the Plate by on the Table

Adam falls into Zoeys Boobs, and Noah gets Smothered underneath her ass, when The Dog begins to bark, Causing Zoey to Stand and get mad, Noah climbs Zoey and Falls into her Sushi, while Adam Slips and Lands on Noah, keeping both still For the Inevitable..."

While looking for a new food to eat, Zoey noticed a plate of sushi on one of the picnic tables. She walked over and glanced at the assortment of rolls. She sat down and grabbed some chopsticks that were placed on the table near the plate. Then she used the chopsticks to pick up one of the sushi rolls. Unfortunately, Zoey was not the best at wielding chopsticks and dropped the roll on her boobs. She laughed and picked the roll back up to toss in her mouth.


Earlier, Zoey's twin brothers Adam and Noah were getting ready to eat their plate of sushi. The twelve year olds managed to nab the food before everyone else and were already at a picnic table ready to eat. Adam was about to eat the first roll when both of them shrunk. Adam landed on a sushi roll and Noah ended up on the bench.

"Hey, Noah! Where'd you go?" Adam called out.

"I'm down here on the bench!" He replied.

Adam looked over the edge of the plate at his brother. "Well, sucks for you. I get to enjoy a whole bunch of giant food. See ya!"

Adam was about to turn and leave when Noah called out, "Wait! I'm starving! Can you give me anything?"

Adam groaned. "Fine!" He bent down and picked up a grain of rice. He threw it down to his brother who promptly began to nibble on it. Then he too began eating. The two brothers ate and talked about all of the crazy things they could do at their current size, oblivious to any danger. Some time passed.

Noah was currently speaking. "Yeah, that would be crazy, but what if-"


He was cut off as a giant jean short-clad butt landed on top of him. The giants back was facing the table. Adam screamed as he watched his brother get crushed like a bug. "NOAH!!!" Adam then watched as the unaware murderer turned around. It was his sister Zoey! "Zoey, you just sat on Noah!"

But Zoey paid no attention to him. Adam saw her reach for the chopsticks and grab them. He panicked as he realized his fate. He tried to run off of the sushi, but Zoey was to quick. Soon he was lifted up toward his sister's mouth. He was almost inside when everything got flipped upside down. He fell through the air and landed on a soft surface. Before he could even breathe, though, the giant roll landed on top of him.

Soon the roll was removed and he could observe his surroundings. He appeared to be in a pinkish canyon surrounded by a pink landscape. He looked above to see the bottom of Zoey's chin moving up and down as she chewed. He then realized that he was in her cleavage. Adam placed his hands on either breast and pushed up, but couldn't escape. The falling sushi must have hammered him down well. He was in no immediate danger, so he decided to relax in the warmth of Zoey's cleavage.

Meanwhile, Noah was buried underneath tons and tons of butt flesh. He did not die from the impact, but with a lack of oxygen, he could soon. Trying to move was pointless. He could only lay down and hope that Zoey would stand up soon.

Up above, Zoey was thoroughly enjoying her sushi. She was ready to eat her next roll when she heard a bark. She turned around to see a large dog playing in the grass. It likely belonged to one of her family members. She stood up and walked over. "Hey there, buddy! How're you doing." She bent over and began playing with the dog.

Noah was relieved as the pressure was lifted off of him. However, as Zoey stood up, he remained stuck to her butt cheek. He decided that his best idea was to climb up to her ear and get her attention. He quickly climbed up the curve of Zoey's butt and made it to her waist. Then she bent over, making her back horizontal. Noah took this opportunity to run at full speed up her back toward her shoulder.

Adam's world was tilted as Zoey bent over. Unfortunately, though, gravity was not enough to pull him out of his fleshy prison. He could now see that it was their cousin's new dog. He watched as Zoey petted and played with the beast. Then, unbeknownst to Zoey, the dog smelled Adam. It then licked Zoey's breasts in recognition of the tiny boy.

Zoey jolted upward at this sudden action. Adam was still held in place, although he was now wet with dog slobber. Noah, on the other hand, sensed Zoey's movement and quickly grabbed on to her hair. As she quickly stood up, he was flung up in the air and landed on her shoulder. The two brothers were dazed as Zoey walked back to her food.

Noah was about to climb up Zoey's hair to her ear when he heard someone. "Noah! Help!" He turned toward the voice to find his trapped brother. He burst out laughing.

"Oh my gosh! You're stuck in our sister's cleavage?!"

"Yeah, it's hilarious, Butt Boy. Now would you quit laughing and help me out."

"Don't worry, I'll climb up to Zoey's ear and she can help you."

Adam was about to agree when he felt himself slip down a bit. "Wait, Noah! The dog slobber. It's making me slip! If I fall between Zoey's boobs, I'll suffocate!"

Noah sighed. He had no choice. He grabbed hold of Zoey's hair tightly and jumped down to her boobs. He bounced a little and ran over to his brother. He then grabbed hold and yanked him out. "C'mon, let's climb back up."

While Adam made his escape, Zoey continued eating sushi. While eating, she noticed a bottle of soy sauce. She grabbed the bottle and twisted the cap. However, it was on very tight. She twisted harder until it finally came off. Zoey lost control and some sauce splattered everywhere. Then she poured some onto her plate and continued.

The twins were making their way up their sister's hair when Adam shouted, "Incoming!" A drop of soy sauce flew straight at them and splattered all over. Unfortunately, the sauce made them lose their grip on Zoey's hair. They slid down to her breast, but didn't stop there. They continued sliding down her boob until they fell off the edge and onto the last piece of sushi. Disguised by the dark sauce, Zoey would have never noticed her brothers as she tossed the last roll into her mouth, chewed it, and swallowed.

Satisfied with her meal, Zoey returned to the food for something new.
Mac & Cheese by A Little Bit of Everything
Author's Notes:
"How about an uncle and aunt with a whole bunch of kids all swimming in macaroni and cheese?"

After looking up and down the remaining containers of food, Zoey was unsure of what to eat next. Then she spotted a large amount of macaroni and cheese. "Ooh, mac and cheese! Let me just make sure it's not the spicy kind." She grabbed a small plastic spoon and dipped it in to get some macaroni, which would then be sent to her mouth. Satisfied with the taste, she grabbed a serving spoon and scooped more into a bowl. She started walking over to a picnic table when she noticed an available lawn chair. Zoey decided to sit there so she could lean back and relax.


"Kids, get over here and tell me how much mac and cheese you want!" Joan yelled to her three kids. She and her husband Robert were standing by the mac and cheese, ready to dish some out for their kids. The three children ran over: 9 year old Brandon, 8 year old Jessica, and 7 year old Wayne. These three kids were Zoey's cousins, making Joan and Rob her aunt and uncle. Right as the children approached, all five were shrunk.

They all awoke to a bumpy sea of yellow. Rob and Joan were quite confused at first, but their kids knew exactly where they were.

"Giant mac and cheese!!!" They all screamed in unison. Then they proceeded to frolic in the fields of cheese covered noodles.

"No, kids! The mac and cheese isn't giant. We shrunk!" But the children couldn't hear him over their own excitement.

Joan tried to move, but found it difficult. Her larger size must have caused her to sink lower than her children did. "Rob, I can't move. I think I'm stuck."

"Don't worry, honey, I'll help you out." However, he immediately discovered that he was stuck as well. "Uh, oh! I can't move either." He tried calling out to his children. "Kids! Your mom and I need your help!"

But they weren't paying attention. "Hey, guys!" Jessica said. "We should play hide and seek! I'll be the seeker first. You two go hide in the macaroni." She closed her eyes and began counting as the boys scrambled for a good noodle to hide in.

"Kids!" Joan shouted. "You stop playing this instant! We need help to get out of here!" But they paid no mind to their mother's commands.

Joan looked over to her husband for support. He was about to say something when a giant white device swooped down and scooped him up. Joan's eyes shot open at this sudden event. She quickly turned her head to see the shirt of a massive human. She slowly glanced upward in fear until her eyes met the being's face. Her mouth dropped open in shock as she watched the spoon enter her niece's mouth and then retreat. "ROB!!!" she screamed. Then Zoey swallowed and Joan's eyes followed the lump in her throat down to her stomach. She then looked back up at the smiling face of the girl who just devoured her husband.

"Rob, NO!" She started to cry, but then realized that she still had three kids in danger. "Brandon! Jessica! Wayne! We have to get out of here!" Even if the children did listen, they couldn't have done anything before a larger spoon came down to hoist them all up. Joan was just barely unincluded with the scoop of mac and cheese. Thinking quickly, she grabbed tightly onto the edge of the spoon. The spoon lifted up and pulled all four with it. The kids ended up in the bowl with the mac and cheese, but Joan fell off and landed on the edge of the bowl. As Zoey began walking, she fell over the edge and grabbed hold. She was now dangling on the outer rim of the bowl.

Zoey sat down and the bowl steadied. Joan tried to climb back up, but she didn't have the strength. Even worse, her cheese covered hands began to slip. She lost her grip and began falling. She screamed and prepared for a splat upon hitting the hard ground. However, she instead landed on the soft fabric of Zoey's shirt. She rolled down the incline of her stomach until she landed in a hole. Once her dizzy vision cleared, she learned that she had landed in Zoey's belly button.

Joan broke down and started crying. Her husband was just eaten and her kids were about to me the same fate. Then her sadness switched to anger. She started banging her fists on Zoey's stomach like an angry gorilla. "Why did you have to eat my family? Why?!"

"Joan?" A voice said.

"Rob?!" Joan stopped crying and banging and looked upward for a ghost or angel. "Where are you?"

"Inside the stomach, where else would I be?"

Joan pressed her ear to Zoey's skin to hear better. "And you're not dead!?"

"Nope. The stomach acids tingle a bit but I'm not being digested. Also, I'm not the only one in here."

"Really? Who else is in there?"

"About a dozen other family members."

"How did you all get in there?"

"Zoey ate me in her spaghetti." Timmy answered.




"Will somebody get me out of this stupid pea?!"

"Well, at least you're all okay!" Joan continued. "But how will you all get out?"

"It's pretty unanimous that the 'natural' way is not hoped for. So everyone is hoping for Zoey to eat something that'll make her puke." Jake said.

"Good luck with that!" Tina responded. "At school, she has the nickname 'iron stomach'! She'll eat pretty much anything that won't kill her."


Meanwhile, the kids were still busy in the mac and cheese. "98, 99, 100! Ready or not, here I come!" Jessica opened her eyes and looked around. "Now where did you guys g- OH MY GOSH!!!" She was now staring into two giant eyes that glared back at her. "Guys, quick! We need to leave before- WAH!" Jessica was scooped up with a spoonful of mac and cheese and dumped in Zoey's mouth in only a second.

Brandon stuck his head out of the noodle he was hiding in. "What, was that Jess? I couldn't hear ya?" He then looked up to see Zoey happily chewing. "Holy crap! Jessica, are you seeing this?" He looked around for his sister. "Jess?" He glanced back at Zoey and his eyes shot open. "JESSICA!!!" We watched as Zoey chewed and swallowed his little sister.

Brandon spent no time grieving. He had to find his brother. He wriggled out of his noodle and shouted, "Wayne! Game's over! We have to escape before we get eaten!"

Wayne popped his head out. "What's that? Something about being beaten?"

"No! I said- WHOA!" Brandon was the next the be scooped up as Wayne watched him enter Zoey's mouth. As she began to chew, Wayne frantically tried to escape. However, he was stuck inside the noodle. He started moving with more force as Zoey came in for another bite. Soon he was on course for her awaiting mouth. He struggled more, but it was useless. He met the same fate as his siblings.


Down below during this ordeal, Joan was talking with her husband. "So is the food just piling up in there or what?"

"No, unlike us the food almost immediately digests once it comes in. It's almost as if it's shrinking too."

"That's strange. So do you-" She cut herself off mid-sentence when she heard a splash inside. "What was that?"

"Zoey's eating again." Phil replied.

Joan smacked her hands on the sides of her head. "I forgot about the kids!" She looked up and watched as Zoey got another spoonful and put in in her mouth. She continued watching as the food was chewed up. She saw a lump in Zoey's throat move down as she heard her gulp, followed by another splash.

Joan turned back to the stomach. "Were any of the kids in there?"

"Yeah, Jessica and now... Brandon." Rob answered.


"And... there's Wayne."

"Don't worry, I'll find a way to get you all out. I just have to-"


Joan was cut off by a massive glob of cheese that had fallen and landed right in Zoey's belly button. "Whoops!" Zoey exclaimed, looking down. She set her spoon in her bowl to free her hand and then stuck her finger in her belly button. With the glob of cheese now on her finger, she inserted the digit in her mouth and sucked the cheese off. Then she continued eating her mac and cheese, now with five more people within her. Once done, she tossed the bowl away and got ready for more food.
Peanut Butter & Milk by A Little Bit of Everything
Author's Notes:
"My idea is a tiny cousin, Andrew, 18, is trapped in a peanut butter sandwich, and when she eats it, it'll be a mess inside, abs eventually swallowed while etc"


"My suggestion is having a male family member being in a glass of milk. Zoey will eat food over the glass and play around with it by doing activities like blowing bubbles. Finally, Zoey will drink all the milk down with a straw."

Zoey walked up and down the tables of food looking for something else to eat. Soon her eyes fell near the bread from earlier where she saw a peanut butter sandwich. The sandwich was not put together yet, so she closed the bread together and walked over to a picnic table to eat.


Earlier that day, Zoey's 18 year old cousin, Andrew was busy making himself a peanut butter sandwich. He had spread the peanut butter on both slices and was about to close the sandwich when he shrunk. One he came too, he smelled nothing but peanut butter. He was laying flat on his back on top of something soft. He tried to lift his head to look around, but discovered that he was stuck. He struggled to move each of his limbs, but they wouldn't budge. He could only see the sky, but it was quite obvious that he was stuck to his own sandwich. He could do nothing but stay put and hope for someone to find him.

After much waiting, the light blue sky he had been watching switched to a dark brown. Realizing that this was the other slice of peanut butter-covered bread, he panicked. He tried to move with all of his might, but it was useless. The bread pressed down and blocked out Andrew's light. He was now fully covered in peanut butter. If he couldn't escape before, there was no way he could now. He remained motionless, waiting for his captive to chew him up and swallow.

Zoey took a bite of her sandwich and smiled with pleasure. Andrew could only listen as her teeth tore through the bread. After swallowing, Zoey realized she need something to wash her sandwich down. She walked back to the table and poured a cup of milk. She was about to head back when she noticed a lone cookie. "Well, it doesn't seem right to have milk without a cookie." She grabbed the cookie and headed back to her sandwich.


Zoey's 25 year old second-cousin Tony just wanted a cookie. Now he was stuck waste deep in one of the sun-melted chocolate chips. Well, more like mentally stuck. Tony could escape without much effort, but he chose not to. Instead, he decided to relax in his chocolate hot tub. He took off all his outer clothes and leaned back against the cookie as he drifted asleep.

Tony was awakened as the cookie was picked up and lifted into the air. He looked around frantically and caught a glimpse of Zoey's face. How could he have been so stupid? He was resting on a cookie, of course he was bound to get eaten! He had to escape! However, he was too late. The cookie tilted and dunked into a cup of milk. Tony held his breath as he plunged into the white ocean. The cookie was lifted back up and advanced toward Zoey's mouth.

Zoey took a bite, but luckily Tony wasn't in it. He and the cookie returned to the milk. Tony then made a drastic decision. As the cookie dunked down, he pushed off and jumped into the milk. He swam up to the surface just in time to see Zoey take another bite. The cookie soon returned and shoved him back under the milk. This process continued until the cookie was completely sent to Zoey's stomach.

Finished with her cookie, Zoey returned to her sandwich. She took another bite and enjoyed the addition of peanut butter to the chocolate from her cookie. Andrew continued to lay still as he heard her chew. Every now and again he would lick some of the peanut butter that covered his face.

After finishing half of her sandwich, Zoey needed a drink. She grabbed a straw and stuck it in her cup. She placed her lips on the straw and sucked up half of the milk. Then she had a little fun by blowing air in the straw to make bubbles. After her fun, she returned to her sandwich while the bubbles popped and disappeared.

Tony just tread milk as he watched Zoey eat her sandwich. The white liquid was very cold and made him wish he hadn't taken his clothes off. Then again, they would only aid in weighing him down. He sprung into action when Zoey's eyes shifted from her sandwich to the milk. He swam out of the way to avoid an incoming straw. The liquid level dropped as Zoey drank the milk.

Tony thought he was safe once the milk stopped lowering, but Zoey wasn't done yet. Down below he heard a rumble. Then the surface of the milk burst forth with many bubbles. They crowded around him and he soon found himself wedged between two bubbles. Eventually the rumbling stopped and he waited as he listened to the bubbles pop.

Zoey was almost done with her sandwich. All that was left was the very center where, unknown to her, Andrew was. She tossed the piece in her mouth and chewed it up.

Andrew felt himself get thrown into a moist area, obviously a mouth. He was tossed around and made many very close calls with getting crushed by the mashing teeth. He couldn't tell which direction was which until everything came to a halt. He opened his eyes, but couldn't see anything. He was still in a mouth, covered up to his neck in peanut butter and mushed bread. Also, gravity told him that he was facing down. Putting the clues together, he realized that he was stuck to the roof of the mouth.

Zoey was enjoying the last of her sandwich until it got stuck to the roof of her mouth. She licked it with her tongue, but couldn't manage to dislodge it. She switched to her milk and drank the rest of it, but it didn't help.

Andrew hung from the roof, wondering what would happen next. He was answered by a long, slimy beast that licked his face. It kept licking until the entire front of his body was cleaned of food. However, his back was still stuck. The tongue stopped its torment and Andrew watched as the lips parted and a straw was brought in.

In the cup, Tony was swimming frantically. Some bubbles still blocked his vision, but he could sense the milk level lowering again. Suddenly, he was pulled under by a strong current. He was whipped around and shot up the straw to Zoey's mouth.

Andrew hung in place and the milk rushed past underneath. For a quick second, he thought he heard a man screaming before fading out down the throat. The torrent of milk stopped and the beast returned. It pried forcefully under the mass he was stuck to and pulled him off. He was then promptly sent down the throat to join his relative.

After the milk didn't work, Zoey got frustrated. She dug her tongue into the mass and peeled it off. Now happy, she returned to the other food.
Sub Sandwich by A Little Bit of Everything
Author's Notes:
"A sandwich or sub, loaded with deli meats and vegetables perhaps (standard fare), or something messy like chicken/tuna salad. A female cousin in their twenties would work nicely, maybe they thought it would be safe to climb the side of the food to get some for themselves, or better yet, they scaled a bottle of dressing (or some other condiment) in hopes of being seen, but end up going unoticed and getting squirted into the middle of the meal as a result."

Whilst observing all of the remaining food, Zoey noticed a sub sandwich sitting all alone. She walked over to examine it. The sub had layers of meat, cheese, and lettuce with ham being the top layer. Next to the sandwich was a bottle of mustard. She grabbed the bottle and aimed it at the sub, ready to squeeze...


Sam wasn't very big on family-made food. She instead preferred restaurant made food. Because of this the 22 year old ordered a sub sandwich before she came to the outing. While everyone else was serving their own food, she unwrapped her sub and pulled off the top bun. She was about to grab the nearby mustard when she shrank.

Sam awoke to a large plain of pink. Smelling the air, she quickly understood that she was now tiny and lying on her sub sandwich. Being the smart girl that she was, she ignored her hunger and thought of a plan. "If I stay here, I will surely be eaten. As exciting as that sounds, it's also quite dangerous. There must be someway to get easily noticed." Sam looked around for something that could aid her. "Aha! The bottle of mustard. If I can climb to the top, I may be noticed. My black dress should stand out from the yellow bottle."

Wasting no time, Sam ran across the meat to the edge of the sub. Looking down below, she felt a bit queasy. She took a leap of faith and landed on the top bun of the sub. Then she slid down the bread and onto the table. Now that she was down, she had to make her way back up. Sam walked over to the mustard bottle and noticed a problem. The bottle offered no footholds for her.

"Come on, think!" she told herself. Then she noticed the bottle's label: it had been partially peeled off. She walked over and touched the bottle where the label used to be. As she expected, there was still some glue residue. Sam coated her hands and shoes in the substance and prepared to climb. Her plan actually worked and she was able to scale the structure without a problem.

After much exhausting work, she reached the top: the nozzle of the mustard bottle. "Now I just have to wait until someone notices meEEEE!" Sam accidentally slipped and fell feet first into the hole of the nozzle. Although, she didn't end up inside. She was actually stuck waist deep in the hole. She tried to push up and escape but she was stuck tight. Hopefully someone would notice her and help.

Sam waited it the hole for a while until a figure appeared. Recognizing it as her cousin Zoey, she waved her hands and called out for help, but Zoey was busy looking at her sandwich. Then Zoey's hand reached out and grasped the mustard bottle. Sam was flipped upside down and aimed right at the sub.

Zoey aimed her bottle and squeezed, but nothing came out. She squeezed harder, but the bottle wouldn't squish together. She flipped the bottle upright and looked at the nozzle. A black speck was clogging the hole. Strangely, it looked like a tiny human, but her eyes must have just been playing tricks on her. She banged on the side of the bottle to try to dislodge it. Then she flipped the bottle back over and squeezed with both hands. The bottle shot out a huge glob of mustard all at once. Angry, Zoey grabbed a knife and spread it thin. Then she put the top back on and prepared to eat her sub.

Sam felt pressure as the bottle was squeezed. There was moment of relief before the pressure increased twice as much. Then she was flipped back upright and looked up at Zoey's eyes that glared directly at her. She was about to wave again when the bottle shook violently from Zoey whacking it. Sam was then flipped back to the sandwich. The pressure inside built up until she was shot out at the sandwich meat.

Following directly behind her was a massive glob of mustard. The yellow liquid completely covered her. She swam her way up to the surface and wiped the substance off of her face. Unfortunately, some of the mustard made its way into her eyes. She screamed as the substance burned her eyeballs and blinded her. Then a large object plowed her over and smashed her face back in the mustard. Still blind, she couldn't see the top bread being placed down on her.

Sam couldn't see a thing, but she had to escape. After hearing the crunch of teeth on lettuce, she frantically crawled toward the edge. Soon she found daylight. Excited, she wiped her eyes and opened them... to see Zoey coming in for another bite! She went the wrong direction! Before she could even turn around, Zoey bit down and swallowed both sandwich and cousin alike. Then she finished the sub and returned her attention to the other food.
Ice Cream by A Little Bit of Everything
Author's Notes:
"Frank, Zoey's 13 year-old cousin is shrunken and ends up in the ice cream. Can you also include a vaster description of the mouth, such as what it smells like? Maybe you can write about how the saliva get's mixed in when she licks the ice cream."

As Zoey looked around for a new food item, she felt the summer heat beating down on her. "Man, is it hot!" She looked around for something to cool her off and found a cooler. She opened it up for a cold drink, but instead found a vanilla ice cream cone. She happily grabbed the cone and prepared her tongue for licking.


What she didn't know is that the ice cream belonged to her 13 year old cousin Frank. Frank scooped the ice cream and got ready to eat it when his mom told him to eat his dinner first. Not wanting the ice cream to melt, he opened a cooler and stuck the cone upright in the ice. That was when he shrunk. He landed on top of the scoop just before the lid closed and sealed him in darkness.

In theory, this would be a dream come true for Frank: standing on top of a giant delicious ice cream cone that he could devour. The problem was the cold. Not only was Frank on top of frozen ice cream, he was also surrounded by ice in a cooler. Wearing only shorts and a t-shirt, he shivered as the cold air chilled his body. He avoided eating any ice cream for fear that he would lose the last bit of warmth in his body. He just stood there hoping for somebody to save him.

After much time, the lid lifted and the warm sun shone down on him. He looked up to see the face of his cousin Zoey, followed by her giant hand reaching down toward him. He was lifted with the cone up into the outside air. Frank was relieved until he noticed Zoey's tongue flop out.

Zoey licked the side of the scoop. Frank watched as her tongue swooped up and took some ice cream with it. He panicked and tried to run, but there was nowhere to go. He just watched as Zoey continued licking away at the ice cream.

Zoey stopped licking to say, "This ice cream sure is cold!" She opened her mouth wide and breathed out toward the cone. Frank felt the warm air rush past him. Then he smelled it. Zoey's breathe reeked of the many things she had eaten already, from sweet honey to spicy cheese. Frank held his breathe to avoid smelling it any longer.

Unfortunately for him, Zoey's warm breath caused the surface of the ice cream to melt a little. Frank slipped and fell down on his butt. Then gravity caused him to slide down to the side of the scoop. With his back stuck to the ice cream, he was helpless to avoid Zoey's tongue as it came in for another lick.

The bumpy muscled slid up the front of his body, dousing him with saliva. Another lick came, this time with ice cream added. The mixture of spit and melted ice cream completely covered his tiny body. He tried to wipe his eyes, but each new lick covered them back up.

There was a pause from licking and Frank was able to open his eyes. "I don't know how much more of this I can take. OH NO!" Zoey's mouth came in for more, but instead of sticking her tongue out, she pursed her lips. The lips made contact with the ice cream all around Frank. Then Zoey sucked in and Frank was pulled off into her mouth. On the bright side, he was finally warm again. Once the ice cream melted, Frank was sent with it down Zoey's throat.

Zoey spent the next several minutes eating her ice cream until it was all gone. Then she returned to the other food.
Cake by A Little Bit of Everything
Author's Notes:

I thought Thanksgiving would be a fitting day to finally finish off this story. I really should've ended it a while ago but better late than never!



Zoey looked at all of the remaining food and realized that she had tasted every kind of food available... except one. Right in the middle of all of the food was a large sheet cake. She had been avoiding the cake so she wouldn't be in trouble when everyone got back. But now it was the last food left.


"Oh, I'm sure they won't mind if I just took one little slice. I mean, they did all abandon me." Zoey walked over to the cake and checked out its design. She licked her lips in anticipation. Then she whipped out her index finger, placed it on the cake, and brought it forward and up. She inserted her finger in her mouth and sucked off the white frosting. "Oh, boy! It's buttercream!" She grabbed a serving knife and sliced through the cake. She placed the piece of cake on a plate, grabbed a fork, and walked over to a picnic table to eat it.




Zoey's parents, Joe and Lisa, were in charge of cutting the cake for the event. They were busy discussing how many pieces to cut it into when they shrank. They soon found themselves lost in a sea of white. They were also waste deep in the substance. They tried to get out, but the frosting held them in place.


"Where are we?" Joe asked.


"Call me crazy, but I think we're on top of the cake." Lisa answered.


"But how? We're, like, a quarter inch tall!"


"I don't know, but there's nothing we can do about it. We'll just have to wait for somebody to come save us."


The two waited for a long time, trapped in the expanse of dessert. Suddenly a shadow blocked out the sun. They both looked up to see their daughter.


"Oh, thank goodness! It's Zoey!" Joe exclaimed excitedly.


"Sweetie, can you help us out. We're stuck in the frosting." Zoey gave no response. "Zoey?" She watched in horror as her daughter licked her lips. "Zoey, no!!!" she screamed.


"We're on the cake! Right here!" Joe shouted, waving his arms.


But Zoey just glared down. Her hand lifted above them and formed to a pointing position. The massive digit dove down and plowed into the icing behind her parents. They both screamed as the finger lurched forward, directly toward Joe. He struggled with all his might to escape, but it did him no good. He was lifted up with a glob of frosting straight to his daughter's lips. The lips parted to reveal Zoey's shining teeth and wet tongue. He only got a glimpse, though, before he was sent in and sucked off to be sent down Zoey's gullet.


"Joe, no!" Lisa screamed as she watched Zoey swallow her father. Her smile afterward sent chills up her spine. She was nothing but a crumb to her daughter now. Soon a blade swooped down and sliced around her. Lisa was lifted up with the cake onto a plate and transported over to a table.


After Zoey sat down, her mother looked up to see a hungry look in her eye. "Zoey, please! You have to see me!" But her daughter was only focused on dessert. Zoey grabbed her fork and dug into the cake, smiling after every bite. Lisa was defeated. She didn't even resist when the fork cut behind her and lifted her up to Zoey's mouth. She was tossed around for a bit inside before being sent after her husband.


Zoey was now finished with her cake. "Well, that's the last of it. Maybe I should go back for seconds." She though a moment. "Then again, where is everyone? It's been hours! Why did they just leave me here with all the food for so long?"


Zoey was about to leave and look when a strange object appeared from the sky. It was a flying metal disk about the size of a Frisbee. It flew down and landed on the picnic table in front of her. A panel opened and three figures stepped out. They looked very human-like, but they were very tiny.


One of the beings spoke first. "What's up?"


"What's up?!" Zoey exclaimed, half-expecting something like 'greetings, earthling'. "Who are you guys?"


"We are a race of beings from a far away planet. Pleased to meet you!"


"Okay, but why are you here?"


"Well, you see, we come to Earth sometimes to harvest your animals for our zoos. Of course, we have to shrink them down first. Problem is, the shrink ray can be quite touchy. It accidentally fired over this area and shrank all the humans."


"Well, why didn't I shrink then?"


"Somehow the large plastic box you relieved yourself in protected you. Were there any others?"


"Yeah, my whole family disappeared while I was in there." Zoey's eyes shot open. "Oh my gosh! My family! They must have all shrunk! I have to find them!"


"Don't worry about that. Hold out your hand." Zoey did so. "Geoff, use the life form attractor!" A beam shot out of the ship beyond Zoey. Various family members were lifted from their positions and moved to Zoey's open palm.


"Wow, that's so cool!" She looked down at the people on her hand. "Hi, everyone! ...Wait this isn't everyone. There has to be more."


"That's everyone we can detect."


"Well, where could they be?" Suddenly, Zoey remembered the speck in the mustard that looked like a human. She gasped in shock. "I must have ate them!"


"Um, miss? ...Your hand."


Zoey looked down and realized that her hand was on her mouth. When she gasped, she accidentally brought her hand to her mouth and tossed all of her remaining family members inside. She removed her hand and found no one remaining. "Oh, no! I swallowed my entire family! What am I gonna do!?"


"Worry not! Our shrink ray works by condensing molecules. It makes the shrunken object very dense. You could even sit on someone without crushing them."


"Ha ha... yeah..." Zoey laughed nervously as she remembered the events of earlier.


"The point is, your family is alive and well in your stomach. If you can make yourself vomit, we can fix all of this."


Zoey thought for a moment. "Actually, I have a different idea." She looked down at her stomach. "Hey, everyone! I'm going to eat a bunch of food, and you can party in my stomach. Won't that be cool?!" She faintly heard a bunch of shouts. "Great! I'm glad you agree!"


"In that case, we'll just leave you with a remote to reverse the process." Zoey took the device. "If that's all, we'll head off."


"Wait! One more thing. I have been eating like an absolute pig all day, but I still feel hungry. Why?"


"Hmm... let me scan you." The alien shot a scanning beam out of a remote. "Strange, it seems that anything that enters your stomach which isn't already shrunken, shrinks."


"So everything I ate today just shrank to a crumb in my stomach."


"Precisely!" The alien fired a laser. "There! That should fix it! Goodbye!"


"So long!" The aliens boarded and departed. "Alright, tiny family! Ready for cake?"




Meanwhile in Zoey’s stomach a chorus of voices were talking amongst each other about the situation.


"Who is she talking to?"


"I don't know."


*SPLASH, SPLASH, SPLASH* The people that Zoey swallowed made their descent.


"Wow! Where did you all come from?"


"Zoey knows that we shrunk now, but she accidentally ate us anyways."


"Well, at least she knows. We'll be saved in no time!"




People began shouting, "No! Get us out!"




"Fantastic! Our only hope of escape thinks we like it in here."


A few minutes later, a large wet blob plopped down. Only it didn't shrink like usual. Then another mushy mass came in. The sound of a bubble rising and popping was heard.


"Uh, what was that?"


"Zoey's sphincter just opened. She's digesting us!"


Everyone started banging on Zoey's stomach walls and shouting.




Zoey was relaxing in a chair with the whole sheet cake on her lap. With a fork in her hand, he started eating. After two bites, she heard shouting and felt banging in her stomach. "Wow! They sure are partying hard! Don't worry, more cake is coming."


An hour later, Zoey was stuffed. "I hope you guys had enough, 'cause I can't eat another bite. Ready to come out now?" No response. "Um, guys?" Zoey felt a rumbling in her gut. "Uh, oh..."


Eventually Zoey went to the bathroom and was able to unshrink her family. However, they weren't too thrilled with her. Let's just say Zoey's family decided to never have another family potluck, EVER!






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