Chemistry Conundrum by A Little Bit of Everything

When my friend and I are accidentally shrunk by a chemical mishap, our only chance of getting back to normal is to scale the giant body of my unaware crush.

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Chemical Spills & Shrinking Thrills by A Little Bit of Everything

"So, what are you gonna do this weekend?" I asked my friend Stacy as the two of us walked into the chemistry room on a Friday morning. We both had chemistry as our first subject and decided to walk in before the bell rang.


"Oh, nothing much," she replied. "Just sitting around my house doing stuff. What about you?"


"I'm going camping this weekend. I just bought some new equipment too: headlamps, goggles, and some other stuff. Do you want to see them? I have them in my pockets right now."


"No thanks. I'm good." 


As we were standing there talking, our teacher, Mrs. Wilson, walked by and said, "I have to make some copies. I'll be back in a moment." We watched her leave out the door.


I turned back around to continue my conversation with Stacy when I noticed two beakers sitting on one of the lab tables in the back. I walked over to them and Stacy followed me. "What is so interesting?" she asked.


"Look. There are two beakers sitting here just begging me to mix them. Let's see what happens."


"Are you crazy! You have no idea what that is gonna do. You could blow up the whole school."


"Relax. You worry too much. Why would they be sitting next to each other if they weren't meant to be mixed." I picked up one beaker and poured it into the other.


"No, wait!" Stacy shouted and grabbed the beaker from my hand. But it was too late. The mixture started to react and turned bright purple.


"See. It's purple. When is purple ever bad?" Suddenly, the beaker started to spew out gas. Stacy and I coughed as the gas surrounded our faces. After a few minutes, the air cleared and we looked at each other. "Like I said. Nothing bad hap-" I was abruptly cut off as the everything around us quickly got much bigger. It didn't take a genius to find out what happened. We shrunk.


Stacy walked up to the side of me and said, "Jacob, are you okay?"


"Yeah, I'm fine."


"Good, because I'm going to kill you!" she shouted. Then she put her hands around my throat and squeezed. I tried to pry her hands off but couldn't.


Suddenly we felt the ground shake. Stacy loosened here grip and took her hands off. "Um, what was that?" Another shake happened, this time a little more harsh.


"That would probably be the result of somebody walking toward us," I said calmly before realizing what that meant. "Uh, oh." We both turned to look at the doorway and found the source of the tremors. Mrs. Wilson had returned and noticed my accident. She continued walking over to the mess.


"Run!" I screamed at Stacy. I grabbed her arm and took off.


"Where are we running to?"


"Under that desk," I said pointing to the nearest desk. We ran as fast as we could toward our destination. Inevitably, we crossed paths with our giant teacher. We stopped dead in our tracks in fear and looked up at the massive shoe that was coming straight toward us.


Stacy and I hugged each other and ducked our heads waiting for the impact. The shoe finally landed, but not on us. It landed next to us and caused us to fall over. Then we picked ourselves up and continued our panicked journey to the desk.


Once we reached the desk, we stood by the leg and bent over gasping for air. We were safe for now, but standing here wasn't going to get us back to normal size. I needed a plan, and fast.

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The Feet of a Goddess by A Little Bit of Everything
Author's Notes:

From here-on-out in this story, the perspective will swich between the first-person main character and the third-person giantess Rachel. These swiches will be notified by a line of asteriks. (*)

"Okay, so what's the plan now, Jacob?" Stacy asked me.


"I'm not sure yet," I answered. "We are way too small for anyone to notice. But maybe we could- ahhh!" I screamed as a deafening noise assaulted my eardrums. "What the heck was that?!"


"That must have been the school bell. Everybody is going to walk in now."


"In that case, stay close to the leg of the desk to avoid getting crushed." We watched as one student after another entered the classroom. I then laid my eyes on one girl in particular. Her name was Rachel, and she had been my secret crush for years. I followed her path until I realized that she was walking straight toward us. We must have been hiding under her desk.


I heard Mrs. Wilson begin to teach the class, but I wasn't paying the slightest bit off attention. I was too busy staring at Rachel's enormous body. I was jolted out of my love-induced trance when Stacy tapped me on the shoulder. "So, genius, are you just gonna stand there gawking at Rachel, or are you gonna think of a plan to get us out of this mess?"


"Well, isn't the solution obvious? All we have to do is climb up Rachel's body, enter her ear, and ask for help."


"All we have to do?! Are you kidding me? Rachel is like a mile tall or something! How are we supposed to get to her ear?"


"Well, we have to try. It's our only hope. Come on! We're not going to accomplish anything by standing here." I walked over to Rachel's flip-flop clad foot and Stacy reluctantly followed. As I got closer, I started to understand what Stacy was saying. Each of Rachel's toes was the size of a car and her entire foot was like a football field. I could easily make out tiny wrinkles and crevices that I would have never noticed at normal size.


I stood in front of Rachel's flip-flop and had to stretch my arms to reach the top. I hoisted my self up and then reached down to grab Stacy's hand and pull her up. I walked in between the second and middle toe and leaned up against the middle one. "Hey, Stacy, if you get past the terror of possibly being crushed, this is actually pretty cool."


"Yeah, I guess you're right. This spongey flip-flop is a great trampoline." She made a few little bounces to emphasize her point.


"And this skin feels so soft and weird." I reached out my hands and started to rub them over Rachel's toe.




Rachel was really bored sitting in chemistry class and barely paid attention to Mrs. Wilson's lecture. She just wanted the weekend to come already. Suddenly she felt a weird tingling on her right second toe. She didn't want to bend down and scratch, so she simply wiggled her toes.




While I was feeling the giant toe, my back rest disappeared and I fell down onto the flip-flop. I then looked up to see all five toes wiggling around in the air like a five-headed serpent. I stared in awe at the massive digits and didn't have time to react when they finished their dance and came crashing down on top of me.


Luckily my head was okay in between her toes, but the rest of my body was trapped. I squirmed with all of my might, but nothing budged.


"Jacob, are you okay?" Stacy ran to me and I looked at her as she bent over my face.


"I'm fine, but I can't move. See if you can lift this toe off of me." Stacy grabbed onto the red-painted toenail and pushed up, but it was no use.


"Stay here. I am going to try and find something to use as a crowbar."


"Stay here? Where am I gonna go?" I called out as I saw her walk away and jump off the flip-flop.




The tingling sensation had gone away, but now Rachel felt something under her toe. She assumed it was a rock or a piece of dirt. Rachel decided to play with the rock a little bit by scrunching her toes around it.




I was laying down and thinking about a matter of escape when Rachel's toe moved. The toe wrapped around my body and squeezed tightly. It felt like a dozen boa constrictors were coiled around me. I couldn't even yell as the wind was pushed out of my stomach. I was just about to pass out when the pressure stopped. Rachel's toes settled back on the flip-flop and I gasped for air, not even caring about the toe jam that surrounded me.




Rachel was pleased after she felt the rock against her constricting toe. Now she was bored with it and decided to let it go. She lifted her foot up and let her shoe hang loosely as the rock fell out. After a few seconds, she put her foot back down and continued to try to pay attention in class.




I had just breathed a sigh of relief when disaster struck. I was finally free from my toe prison, but not in a good way. The entire world seemed to shift as the foot that pinned me down was now vertical. As I started to fall, I quickly grabbed onto the skin between Rachel's toes. I looked at the ground dozens of feet below me and knew that if I fell, I was as good as dead. My fears were soon realized as my hands slipped and I started to fall.


I clawed at the skin in front of me, looking for something to grab onto, but I had no such luck. I was about to accept defeat when the foot reverted back to its horizontal state and the flip-flop caught me. Then the foot and I rapidly descended until we hit the ground.


I was spread out in an eagle position as Rachel's bare sole was now my entire world. I was devoid of light, but I could feel the wrinkles that covered the bottom of the foot. I could do absolutely nothing but hope for Stacy to save me.


I struggled to breathe for a few minutes as I had very little air. Whatever air I did have was not fresh, but instead smelled like feet. Rachel was a hygienic person and had fine smelling feet to a normal person, but at my size it was very magnified.


After time passed a little, the worst situation of all occurred: Rachel's feet began to sweat. I felt my clothes get slowly soaked by the oncoming sweat droplets. A drop eventually was created where my head was positioned. My hair was instantly soaked and some sweat made its way into my mouth. I had no way to spit out the disgusting, salty liquid and had no choice but to drink it. It was definitely the worst thing that ever passed through my lips.


I didn't know how much more of this onslaught I could take when I saw the magical rays of daylight. "Quick, Jacob, I can only hold this for so long."


I rejoiced at the sweet sound of Stacy's voice. I looked over to see that Stacy had found a used staple and was using to to pry up Rachel's foot flesh. I quickly rolled over and inched my way out of my foul prison. I landed on the hard tile and hugged Stacy.


"Thank you so much!" I exclaimed, almost in tears.


"Don't mention it! Now let's get back to our mission."


"Right behind you!"

Ascending Mt. Rachel by A Little Bit of Everything

Stacy and I ran around Rachel's foot and back to the toe area. "Okay, this time we are gonna keep moving so we don't have a reenactment of last time," Stacy said.


"You don't have to tell me twice!" I replied. The two of us quickly climbed up Rachel's flip-flop and then up onto her foot. The top of her foot was very uneven due to veins and bones, but we soon managed to make it to Rachel's leg.


"I hope you have your climbing merit badge because this is going to be one heck of a climb," Stacy joked.


"Oh, don't worry about me, but can your scrawny little arms keep up?"


"Are you challenging me? Because if so, you're on!"


"Bring it, sister! First one to stand on the seat of the chair will be crowned king of leg climbing."


"Um, I think you mean queen."


"Fat chance! Okay, on your mark, get set, go!" The two of us began our ascent. Rachel was as good as any other girl at keeping her legs shaved, but nobody is perfect. Small hairs jutted out that were invisible to a normal person, but were the perfect handles for climbing.


I grabbed onto two hairs and placed my feet on two more. Then I continued a pattern to keep moving up. I looked to my right to see Stacy keeping pace with me.


"Hey, Jacob, eat my skin flakes!" Suddenly Stacy got a burst of adrenaline and started climbing at twice my speed. It wasn't long before she was halfway to the top. I kept climbing, but it was no use. She was just too fast for me.




Rachel continued to sit in class when she felt an itch on her leg. "Geeze, first my toe and now my leg," she thought. She bent down and scratched her leg and then returned to listening.




I stopped to catch my breathe and looked up at Stacy. She seemed to be doing the same thing. I was about to take my chance at getting ahead of her when I saw Rachel's giant hand approaching her.


"Stacy, look out!" I shouted. But it was too late. The massive hand swooped down like a space ship and knocked her right off. Stacy started falling and screaming. I grabbed on to a leg hair tightly with my left hand and reached out my right. At the right moment I grabbed Stacy's arm and stopped her decent. She quickly grabbed on to some nearby hairs.


"Wow! You saved my life!"


"Well, I guess we're even now. Maybe we should stop this race and just climb together."


"Are you kidding me? I'm gonna whoop you!" She started climbing back up like nothing even happened.


"Oh, no you aren't!" I quickly followed soot in climbing to the top. We were neck-in-neck as we both climbed with strength we didn't even know we had. We eventually reached Rachel's knee and climbed up on her thigh. Stacy and I glanced at each other and then quickly slid down the inside of the thigh. It was almost a photo finish, but Stacy won.


"Oh, yeah! That's right! I am the master of leg climbing!"


"Okay, I'll admit it. You won. Now don't get a big head." I reached out my hand and shook Stacy's to congratulate a good game.




Back in class Mrs. Wilson was giving a demonstration for the upcoming lab. She poured some chemicals together and waited for the reaction. Rachel didn't want to miss the reaction, but she had a bad seat and couldn't fully see. She stood up to get a better view and nudged her seat in the process. After the reaction she sat back down.




Stacy and I were not at all prepared for what was about to happen. Rachel's thighs on either side of us rose up as she stood up. As she moved, she jostled the chair, which caused s major earthquake for us tiny folk. We were both knocked off our balance and began to role down the slight incline of the chair.


When we finally stopped rolling I looked up to see one of the greatest things I had ever laid eyes on: Rachel's butt. Rachel's giant, glorious, perfectly round butt. Her short shorts encased her buttocks with acres of denim material. I was even more enthralled when it started getting bigger. Only it wasn't really getting bigger; it was getting closer. Rachel was sitting down and her magnificent bottom was about to crush the life out of me. I was so mesmerized by it that I couldn't even move.


"Jacob, are you insane?! Move!" Stacy ran over to me and grabbed my arm. She ran away and pulled me with her. My legs seemed to run on their own as I continued to stare. The ground shook as the massive derriere made contact with the seat. Stacy and I lost our balance again and fell on our own butts.


"I'm sorry, Stacy. I don't know what came over me."


"...You're an idiot."

Where the Sun Doesn't Shine by A Little Bit of Everything

"Okay then," Stacy said as she rose to her feet. "What's the plan now? Are we gonna climb up Rachel's back?"


"No, that won't work," I replied. "Her natural body position angles backwards. We'll never be able to handle the steep slope."


"Then I guess we could try going around."


"Nope. Rachel's legs cover the entire width of the chair."




"She's too heavy. We won't be able to move underneath the weight."


"Well, I'm out of ideas then. What do you suggest?"


"The only logical option: we have to go through."


"What do you mean 'go through'? We can't just phase through... wait. Oh, no. You don't mean..."


"That's right. We have to venture through Rachel's pants."


"You're sure there is no other way?"


"I'm positive. Now let's get climbing." Stacy and I approached Rachel's butt. I placed my hand on the jean material of the short shorts to begin my climb and heard Stacy gasp. "What?"


"You touched the butt!" She said.


I laughed at her reference and started my climb. I was small enough to be able to grab hold of some of the threads that held the material together. Soon the two of us reached the top of the waistband and stood up.


Rachel happened to be leaning slightly forward at the moment, so her pants were not reaching as high as they should be. Basically, her butt crack was showing.


Stacy and I looked down into the deep abyss of Rachel's crack. It seemed like a place that no one would ever return from, but it was our destination.


"Lady's first." Stacy gave me an "are you serious" look. "Okay, okay. I will be the first to take the plunge." I crouched down to prepare and then leaped into the air. "Cannonball!" I hugged my knees to my chest and fell down into darkness. My descent was stopped about halfway down by the friction of the two cheeks. I looked up in the narrow sliver of light to see Stacy. "Come on in, the flesh is fine!"


"You are so immature. A sophisticated person dives into somebody's butt crack." I watched as Stacy clasped her hands over her head and leaped into the air. She gracefully dove down and ended up right next to me. She then fidgeted around until she was upright.


"Ten out of ten. You win the gold medal."




Rachel was listening in class when she felt a breeze near her rear. She realized that her shorts were low and pulled them up to correct the problem.




We watched as Rachel's massive hand struck again, this time sealing off the little light we had. Not only that, but it also caused her cheeks to be closer and more constricting. The flesh was soft, but it still hindered our movement.


"What are we going to do now? I can't see anything anymore," Stacy questioned.


"Don't worry. I have two headlamps that I packed for my camping trip." I reached into my pocket and pulled out both headlamps. I put one on and handed the other to Stacy. "Okay, now let's make our way to the bottom." I started to propel myself away when Stacy stopped me.


"Um, I think down is that way," She said while pointing in a different direction. Rachel's constricting skin had caused us to lose all sense of gravity.


"No, I'm pretty sure it's this way. If I'm wrong we can go your way." That two of us "swam" my way until we saw something that proved Stacy right. It was Rachel's anus. The object was truly a sight to behold, believe it or not. The giant wrinkly butt hole could easily eat us alive if we weren't too careful.


"I knew I was right. Now come on. Rachel's butt hole is not exactly on my list of things I want to see."


"Okay, I'm coming. But you've got to admit this is pretty cool."




Rachel sighed when she felt a third itch on her body. This time it was coming from her butt. She didn't want to be obvious and scratch it, so instead she moved her butt left and right against the seat to rub her cheeks against each other.




Stacy and I were about to move down when everything went out of control. Rachel's butt cheeks were moving around like crazy and tossing me like a salad. Eventually the torment stopped and I was still again. But where did Stacy go?


"Jacob, help me!"


"Stacy! Where are you?"


"Over here!" I shined my light in the direction of the voice and almost had a heart attack. Rachel's movements had pushed Stacy waste-deep into her butt hole. She struggled to get out by pushing with her hands but had no luck.


"Hold on, I'm coming!" I wiggled over to Rachel's butt hole and grabbed Stacy's arms. Then I planted my feet on the outer ring of the anus and pulled. Stacy didn't move a bit. I let go to try and think of another plan.




What the tinies didn't know is that their actions were actually stimulating Rachel's sphincter. She now had the sudden need to pass gas. Under normal circumstances she would hold it in, but this time the power was too strong. She lifted her right cheek slightly in hopes of keeping the fart silent and in the end was successful. Then she lowered her cheek and hoped for a minor smell.




I was about to make a second attempt at pulling Stacy out when Rachel's cheeks separated and I tumbled down to the bottom of the inside of her shorts. I looked up at Stacy and shouted, "Are you okay up there?"


"Yeah, but I'm feeling a lot of pressure."


"Just take a deep breath and relax."


"No, I mean I'm literally feeling pressure. I hate to say it but I think Rachel might be about to-" Suddenly Stacy shot out of the butt hole like a speeding bullet... straight at me. I was knocked over by the impact and Stacy laid on top of me. "-fart."


The two of us stood up as Rachel's cheeks closed above us. We were now in the cave of the space between the two cheeks and the chair. We were done being squished, but now we had a new issue. We were instantly assaulted by the most putrid smell of all time. I held my nose but it was so strong that I could even taste it in my mouth. Stacy and I just had to deal with the smell until it went away in a few minutes. Once we could breathe properly again, we continued our mission.

Entering the Nether Region by A Little Bit of Everything

Stacy and I continued walking through the "cave" of Rachel's butt cleavage. As we walked along the denim fabric I realized that Rachel was not wearing underpants for some reason. Soon enough we ran into our next obstacle: Rachel's pubic hair. The two of us stared into the forest of swirly upside down trees.


"How are we going to get passed this?" Stacy pondered.


"Well, I don't have a machete on me, so I guess we're just going to have to try our hardest at weaving through these hairs." I lifted my leg up and around the first hair space in my path and squeezed the rest of my body through. I continued to contort my body in different ways and Stacy followed right behind me.


As we made our way further in, the smell of Rachel's private area became stronger. After making it through several sets of hair trees, the hair became more prevalent and eventually impeded our progress.


"I can't move any farther forward. The hair is too dense," I said.


"Do you have a pocket knife? Maybe you could cut through."


"I do have one, but it would take hours to make it through all of this."


"Well, I am not turning back, so I hope you have another idea."


"I actually do. It is going to be risky and dangerous, but we are going to have to advance through Rachel's vagina."


"I don't even care how we travel anymore so long as it works. Let's get climbing."


"Okay, but first put on these swimming goggles. It might get wet in there."


After putting on our goggles, we each grabbed onto two different hairs and began climbing. Once we got high enough, I could finally see the vagina's lips. We then squeezed through the labia, up the vagina, and into the uterus. The ground and walls were moist with bodily fluids.


"I wonder what the walls in here feel like." I said as I walked along the squishy ground and rubbed my hand along the wall. "Ew, it's all slimy."


"What did you expect? Also why did we come all the way in here? Couldn't we have just gone a little bit up and then over?"


"Yeah, but what's the fun in that. We are able to experience something that possibly nobody else ever will. I say we make the most of it. Now come feel this wall. It's gross but it feels cool."


"Yeah, I guess you're right. I'll give it a try." Stacy walked up beside me and rubbed the wall. Suddenly the wall vibrated a little and Stacy jumped back. "Whoa! What did I just do?"


"I'm guessing you just found Rachel's g-spot. Considering she's a virgin it is probably really sensitive." I walked over and rubbed the same spot. It responded the same way, but this time a little longer.


"Will you stop doing that! I don't want to drown in an orgasm," Stacy worried.


"Relax. I'm barely doing anything. Everything is fine."




Everything was not fine. Rachel was just sitting peacefully in class when she got a weird feeling in her lower abdomen. She didn't know why, but she felt horny beyond her control. She raised her hand and asked to use the restroom to which Mrs. Wilson accepted.


Rachel quickly walked down the hall and into the girl's restroom. She walked into a stall, dropped her pants, and sat on the toilet. It was then that she realized she forgot to put on panties that morning.


Rachel was usually a good girl, but she couldn't ignore this extreme feeling. She took two fingers and stuck them into her mouth to lubricate them. Then she moved south and went to town.




I was about to touch the wall again when I was pulled toward the ground with great force. I could only guess that Rachel had stood up. As she began walking I was tossed all around and covered in slimy goo.


When the moving stopped I thought that everything was okay, but I couldn't have been more wrong. I was knocked down once again as two fingertips burst through Rachel's cervix. The fingertips retreated only to burst forth again. Rachel was masturbating and I was at the center of operations.


"Jacob, what are we gonna do!" Stacy shouted above the loud sloshing noise caused by the moving fingers.


"We can't do anything. If we try to escape, we'll get crushed by Rachel's fingers. We just have to survive." Soon the true challenge commenced. Rachel's uterus began to fill with more and more cum. Within a minute Stacy and I were swimming in a sea of clear white liquid.


"Stacy, grab my hand." Stacy swam to me and grabbed on. We simply tread cum until it was time for climax. We sunk down into the cervix and were shot through the vagina at unbelievable speed. During the ordeal I couldn't help but swallow some of the surrounding juices. We flew out of the labia and were instantly submerged in water. We swam to the surface and gasped for air.


"Jacob, where are we?"


I looked around at the white porcelain bowl that surrounded us. "Isn't it obvious? We're in the toilet."

Toilet Troubles by A Little Bit of Everything

As I tread the toilet water with Stacy I looked up at Rachel's massive bare butt. Right next to that was the organ that just shot us out like a rocket. Her bottom covered our entire sky. "How are we going to get out of this one, Jacob?"


"I don't really know. Once Rachel goes back to class, we can try to climb out." I watched as Rachel stood up and disappeared from our view. I then heard her pull up and zip her pants. I was relieved because this meant that Rachel was not going to use the toilet for its intended purpose. Then I heard the door open and footsteps walk in.


"Oh, hi, Rachel! How are you doing?" I recognized the voice. It belonged to Rachel's best friend Abby. She was really pretty, but I never paid much attention to her since I only had eyes for Rachel.


"Oh, I'm fine. I was just about to head back to class," Rachel responded. "You can use that toilet if you want."


"Thanks! I ate a big breakfast and now I need to drop a huge load."


"Ew, TMI, girl. Haha."


I started to panic. Abby was about to take a dump and we were the center target. "Abby!" I screamed. "Look in the toilet!" But it was no use. She couldn't hear a thing. I watched as Abby's beautiful, yet terrifying, butt cast a shadow over us. "Oh, crap."


"'Oh, crap' is right. Look up there." I followed Stacy's point directly to Abby's butt hole. It started to expand as it got ready to release what it no longer needed. A brown object slowly started to creep out until the butt hole clenched together and cut it loose. I was so focused on what was happening that I didn't notice that the brown mass was dangling right over me.


I was then hit by a giant piece of poop the size of a train car, if not bigger. I was pushed down into the toilet water by the impact. I immediately swam back to the surface and called out to Stacy.


"Look out!" She replied. I looked up to see another turd about to make impact. I swam away quickly and luckily missed another hit, but the crash caused a tidal wave which pushed me under. I swam back up again and adjusted my goggles that I was really glad to have at the moment.


I looked up and saw Abby's anus close up. I thought the torment was over until I realized what was coming next. Stacy swam over to me and asked if I was alright.


"I am right now, but that was just round one." Before Stacy could respond, a waterfall of yellow liquid began to spew out of Abby. The water around us became yellow and giant waves started to rise up from the impact of the waterfall. 


"Stacy, we won't survive in this chaos. We need a flotation device and that turd is the only thing that will work." We swam over to the giant brown boat and climbed aboard. "Now hold on tight!" I dug my hands into the soft brown mass and held on for dear life. The turd rocked back and forth as waves of pee crashed up against it. The situation was so crazy that I didn't even care about the rancid smell.


Soon the waterfall became a trickle and then stopped. Abby grabbed a piece of toilet paper to wipe and tossed it at us. The poop covered paper landed on our heads so we pushed it off. Then Abby stood up and put on her pants.


We watched as Abby's arm flew over our heads, ready to pull the flush handle. Stacy and I hugged each other for comfort as we waited for the flush. Our pee-soaked and poop-covered clothes stuck together in our embrace. Abby was about to pull the handle when something- or someone- stopped her.


"Wait, Abby!" Rachel said. "I have to go too. Don't waste water flushing yet."


"Oh, Rachel! I didn't know you were still here. It's all yours."


"Thanks! See you later." Stacy and I were relieved that we wouldn't be sucked into the sewer, but we now had to face another storm of pee and poop. Rachel's glorious butt came into view once again and prepared to release its waste. Just like before a turd slowly slithered out of the opening anus. I was actually very grateful that neither of these girls had diarrhea. Solid poop was much easier to handle.


After the turd was cut off, it fell down. It landed directly on the opposite end of the turd we were sitting on. Stacy and I were catapulted up and flew straight into Rachel's pubic hair. The two of us grabbed onto the familiar trees as tight as we could for fear of falling back into the toilet.


What we didn't know is that we were now positioned directly under Rachel's urethra. Rachel began to pee and hit us with a tsunami of urine. I continued to hold on as I was pelted with gallons and gallons of urine. Some of it was even forced into my mouth and I had no choice but to swallow it. It tasted terrible but not quite as bad as I expected.


After Rachel finished peeing and we miraculously held on, she stood up and pulled up her pants. We were once again sealed away in darkness. I heard the toilet flush and then was bounced around as she walked back to class and sat down.

Navel Warfare by A Little Bit of Everything

Stacy and I stayed still until we were certain that Rachel had stopped moving. Then the two of us began to climb the now horizontal hair trees that we trekked through earlier. Eventually we were able to squeeze through the waist band of the shorts and see daylight. We stood on the waist band and contemplated our next move.


As we stood there the wind chilled our soaking wet bodies. I was glad that Rachel's pee had washed off all the poop so we didn't smell terrible. Luckily though, because of our size the breeze dried us off in a matter of seconds. We then decided to take our goggles and headlamps off for the time being.


"So what now?" Stacy questioned. "Is it rock climbing round 2 or what?"


"No," I replied, "unfortunately the hairs on Rachel's stomach are too far apart. We won't be able to climb it like her legs."


"Then what is our next plan?"


"I don't have one. This time I actually don't have any ideas, so I guess we'll just have to wait here for something to happen." As if on cue, Rachel performed an action to aid us in our journey. She bent forward for whatever reason and moved her belly button within our grasp.


Stacy and I didn't want to miss this opportunity. The distance was a little too long to reach, so we had to work together. I cupped my hands for Stacy to put her foot in and boosted her up. She climbed into the belly button and then reached her hand down to pull me up.


Immediately after I climbed inside, Rachel sat back up and we were tossed against the inside of the navel. I sat down and looked around the belly button. Brown dirt was caked onto the walls which I only assumed was because of the difficulty to clean one's inner belly button.


"So, do we just wait now?"


"Yep, it's all we can do at the moment."




Rachel watched the hands of the clock as they inched their way toward the time that marked the end of class. She rejoiced internally at the sound of the bell. She grabbed her things and headed to the gym for her next class.


When she arrived, she realized that she had forgotten her gym clothes. She then walked over to Coach Smith to explain her predicament.


"You know the rules, Rachel." He stated. "No gym clothes means thirty sit ups. So get to it."


Rachel lied down on the ground and performed the required sit ups. She could feel her abs tightening with every upward motion. She felt some pain, but that was nothing compared to the shrunken people in her belly button.




Once I heard the deafening school bell once again, I knew that we were about to travel. I bounced up and down with each step which was actually quite enjoyable. I watched the view as Rachel weaved around corners and fellow students to get to her next class. After we entered the gym I heard Rachel's conversation with Coach Smith and gulped at the words "sit ups."


As Rachel lied down my backrest became my new floor. I looked up to see nothing but the ceiling above. My view, however, was cut off as Rachel's belly button closed up. The walls around us closed together and squished us like a car compacter. The tension released only to be brought on again by the next sit up. I was squeezed in a variety of positions. Sometimes I was even smashed up against Stacy.


After the thirtieth rep I breathed a sigh of relief. I prepared for another shift in gravity but it didn't come. Rachel continued to lie flat on the ground for whatever reason.




After doing all of her sit ups, Rachel just laid down exhausted. She watched as Abby entered the gym and walked up beside her.


"Forgot your gym clothes again, huh?" Abby said.


"Yeah, I don't know why it always slips my mind. Hey, while I'm lying down do you mind helping me stretch my legs?"


"Sure thing, Rachel." Abby lifted Rachel's leg and brought it closer to her body to stretch out the muscles. Rachel just lied still and grunted a little at some moments.




After hearing the conversation above, I knew I had to make my move. I called out to Stacy to come and she followed. I ran over to the belly button's wall and prepared to climb. I was able to use the crusty dirt as arm and foot holds to climb out.


Once we exited the belly button, Stacy and I made a run for it. The terrain was very soft and squishy as we ran up Rachel's abdomen. She was a skinny girl, but at our size a little fat makes a big difference. We kept running toward our target: the two twin mountains of Rachel's breasts.


Soon we reached the bottom of Rachel's crop top. I tried to lift it, but the elastic was too strong. "I guess if we can't go under, we'll have to go over." Stacy and I hopped up and continued our run along the shirt.


Then we reached our next obstacle. For once in my life I actually wished that Rachel had smaller boobs. She had to be at least a C cup if not a D cup. I tried to erase all dirty thoughts from my head and grabbed onto the shirt fabric.


I climbed up the mountainous breast and quickly reached the peak. Stacy followed right behind me. The two of us then jumped and slid down the bare flesh of the top of Rachel's boob.


We stood up and ran up onto Rachel's neck. I then stopped and sat down on her Adam's apple and gasped for breath.


"Come on, Jacob! We're almost there."


"I know. Just give me a minute to catch my breath." Unfortunately we didn't have a minute. At that moment Rachel had finished her stretching and stood up. Stacy and I began free falling... straight toward Rachel's breasts.

Conquering the Massive Mammaries by A Little Bit of Everything

Stacy and I impacted Rachel's breast and immediately bounced back up. The amount of fat in her breast created a very powerful trampoline. After bouncing up we fell back down on the breast. We both were dizzy and sat down to get our heads straight.




Rachel was done stretching now and was ready to exercise. "Okay, Abby. What are we doing today?" Rachel asked.


"Coach says that today is a workout room day. Do you want to use the exercise bikes with me? I need some cardio to slim down a little."


"Sure thing! But you don't need to slim down. You barely have any fat... well, except where it counts." Rachel grabbed her own boobs and pushed them up to emphasize her point. Both girls laughed and walked over to the weight room.




Just as I regained my vision I was sent airborne once again. Something had pushed Rachel's boobs up and tossed me up with them. I landed back down where I was before and then looked around. I couldn't find Stacy anywhere.


"Jacob, help me!" Stacy screamed.


"Stacy, where are you?"


"I'm over here! I landed in Rachel's cleavage and now I'm stuck."


"Don't worry, I'm coming!" I stood up and ran toward the space between Rachel's breasts. The journey was not easy though. Not only was the terrain extremely soft and unstable, but Rachel was also walking which jiggled her boobs. Eventually I made it to Stacy.


"Jacob, hurry and get me out. I think I'm slipping."


I grabbed onto Stacy's arms and planted my feet as firmly as I could on the breast flesh. I pulled up with all of my might and yanked Stacy out from her entrapment. At the moment of her release, we both flew back from the sudden decrease of force. I was glad that I had the soft breast skin to break my fall, and Stacy was glad to have my soft body to break her fall.




Rachel and Abby walked into the workout room and sat down on the exercise bikes. They then began to peddle quickly and Rachel could feel herself start to work up a sweat.




"Jacob, look! Rachel's workout is causing her to sweat."


I looked over to where Stacy was looking and saw that she was right. Giant beads of sweat were beginning to rise out of the pores on Rachel's breasts. Once they got big enough, they rolled down the incline of her boobs. It wasn't long before a drop of sweat rolled straight toward us. Stacy and I dived out of the way of the dangerous drop.


We continued to dodge one drop after another as they became more and more frequent. Suddenly I heard Stacy scream. I followed the voice and watched her get encased in a drop of sweat. I was about to shout "Stacy, NO" when another drop ran into me while I was distracted and I faced the same fate.


I was completely surrounded by sweat as I tried to break free, but the surface tension was too strong. I could barely make out my surroundings through the water, but I could tell that I was rolling straight for Rachel's bra.




Rachel continued to peddle on the exercise bike for a couple minutes until she had to stop and catch her breath. "Maybe it wasn't the best idea to peddle so fast." she thought. Her body was covered in sweat in multiple areas, most definitely around her boobs.


Rachel looked around to make sure nobody other than Abby was near and pulled her bra away from her boobs. She hoped that the circulation of air would help cool her down. After a short amount of time she let go and her bra snapped back into place.




Once I reached the edge of the breast I began falling. My sweat bubble burst when I landed on something pink and rubbery. I realized that I was now standing on Rachel's nipple. I had a sudden desire to bend down and feel it, but then I remembered Stacy.


"Stacy, where are you? Are you alright?"


"Yeah, I'm fine and I'm down here in Rachel's bra cup."


I bent down over the cliff of Rachel's protruding nipple and looked down to find Stacy. "Don't worry, Stacy, I'm coming down." I jumped off of the nipple and landed on the bottom of the bra cup next to Stacy.


"What did you do that for? Now we're both stuck down here."


"I didn't want to leave you alone. We need to stick together. We're a team, right." Before Stacy could say anything, we were flung toward Rachel's breast. The bra smashed me up against the humongous boob. I couldn't control myself any longer and got an erection. I was terrified and pleased at the same time.




Rachel decided that she was done with the bike. "Hey, Abby, do you mind if I switch to the treadmill?"


"Yeah, go ahead. Do whatever you want."


Rachel walked over to an available treadmill and turned it on. She then hopped on and started to jog. Her breasts bounced up and down with every step. She really wished that she was wearing a sports bra, but she left it at home with her gym clothes.




I too wished that Rachel was wearing a sports bra. Stacy and I were trapped beneath her boob and were hit with every bounce. One moment we would be weightless and the next we were flattened by the soft but incredibly heavy boob. As I lay there, I could hear Rachel's rushing heart beat get faster and faster as she worked.


The crushing was bad, but the real torture started when Rachel began to sweat again. The drops of sweat came pouring down and continuously hit me. I was forced to drink some of the salty liquid that I first tasted back when I was trapped under Rachel's foot. I could hear muffled yelling from Stacy as she screamed into the muting breast flesh.




After about ten minutes Rachel chose to finish up. She turned off the treadmill and sat down on a nearby chair. Then she had a conversation with Abby while her friend continued to work on the bike.




I couldn't even tell how long I was just put through that pain, but I knew that it was finally over. I could feel Rachel's rhythmic and almost soothing breathing as she recovered from her run.


"I think Rachel is resting. Now is a good time to climb back out." Stacy said, her voice still muffled. I couldn't see her, but I could somewhat make out her words.


I started to wiggle my way up Rachel's breast the same way I moved between her butt cheeks. When my head hit her nipple I had to turn and go around it. Soon I squeezed my body out of the top of Rachel's bra and stood up on the skin. I looked over to see Stacy following right behind.


"Okay, then. Now it's time to grab onto one of Rachel's hairs and climb up to her ear." Stacy perked up at the thought of all of this almost being over. We then ran up the breast toward our next destination.

Assault on My Nose & Danger Inside Hers by A Little Bit of Everything

Stacy and I ran up Rachel's breast, avoiding any beads of sweat that still lingered. Before long we reached a set of hairs that had settled over her shoulder.


"Are you ready for this?" I said after turning toward Stacy.


"As ready as I'll ever be." She answered.


I grabbed onto the nearest brown hair rope and hoisted myself up. I started to climb and Stacy followed right behind. Unlike when I scaled Rachel's legs, I didn't have much leg support. This activity was almost entirely upper body and my arms burned from it, but I kept going.




As Rachel was talking to Abby, she started to feel a little tense. She raised her right arm over her head and pulled on it with her other hand. While she did that she twisted her head to relieve tension in her neck. After a few seconds she dropped her arm down. She felt some of her hair caught under her arm and yanked it out, then continued her conversation.




Stacy and I had only made it a few feet up when we were violently jerked to the right. I held on to the hair for my life as I swung through the air at an insane speed. I could barely see anything as it all whizzed by.


There was one thing I could make out, though, and it was where we were headed: Rachel's armpit. I slammed into the skin of her underarm and then felt more of it on my back as she lowered her arm. Before I could even have a thought, my hair rope slipped through my grasp and was gone.


Everything was dark. All around me was sweaty underarm flesh. Rachel's armpit had become my entire world. The skin on my face made it impossible to call out to Stacy, so I could only hope that she was okay. I grabbed my headlamp from my pocket and put it on my head, which wasn't easy due to the constricting flesh.


The smell came instantly. I had been trapped under a foot, crawled through a butt, and been pooped on, but this took the cake for the worst thing I've ever smelled. There was no way to escape the odor. It was like being stuck in a locker room after an entire group of football players had taken off their uniforms. ...No, actually it was worse. At least in that scenario I would have some fresh air. I had no fresh air here. Every single breath I took consisted of Rachel's body odor.


I was attacked once again by sweat from her exercising, but this time was different. The foot and boob sweat had just come out of Rachel's pores and wasn't too bad. This sweat had been sitting under her arm and collected smelly bacteria for minutes already. I shut my mouth as hard as possible to keep the sweat out. I soon began to feel nauseous, but I didn't dare throw up because I knew that it would cover myself in vomit.




"Hey, Rachel." Abby said. "Do you want to borrow my deodorant? You're sweating like crazy."


"No, that's okay. I'm sure I don't smell that bad." Rachel lifted her arm and bent her head over. She inhaled the scent and quickly retreated. "On second thought, I think I'll take you up on that offer."




I was just about to pass out when I once again experienced fresh air. Rachel had lifted her arm up and I could see daylight again. My body was stuck to the armpit by the sweat, but I could turn my head. I looked to my left and saw Stacy. I was about to call out to her when a shadow loomed over me.


I looked up to see a giant triangle with two dark holes driven into it. I instantly realized that it was Rachel's nose. Tornado-like winds started to pry me away from the armpit skin. As soon as I broke free, I shot up into the left nostril.


I closed my eyes and waited to be deposited in Rachel's lung, but I was instead stopped abruptly. I felt a thick, gooey sludge covering everywhere but my face. I had gotten stuck in a glob of snot.


I looked down to see a circle of light at the end of the nasal passage. I could feel a gentle breeze across my face with each breath Rachel took. Then I looked around to find mucus and giant hairs lining the walls. As I looked around I spotted a human figure directly across from me.


"Stacy, thank goodness your alive!"


"Yeah, but I won't be for long unless we can get out of here."


I tried to break free of the snot, but I couldn't move an inch. I struggled to think of a plan when I started to move down. The snot was sliding down and taking me with it.




As Rachel continued to talk, she felt her nose starting to run a little. She quickly inhaled air and snorted the snot back up her nostril.




I started to have a hope of escape when I was pushed back up. The snot also formed over my face and stopped me from breathing. I panicked and started to flail around, but I still couldn't move. I had no choice but to eat my way out. I opened my mouth and took a giant bite, then spit out the snot. The taste really wasn't too bad compared to everything else that entered my mouth recently. After that I was able to pull my head away from the snot and shake it of.


"Stacy, I don't know how to get out of this. We need some sort of rush of air to push us out."


"Um, you mean like a sneeze?"


I would have face palmed if I could move my arm. Obviously a sneeze could break us out. I looked around myself for a nasal hair but none were close enough. Then I looked at Stacy and saw one right above her.


"Stacy, you're right. I need you to rub the nose hair above you with your head. It should make Rachel sneeze."


"But won't we just fly out to our doom?"


"Possibly, but if we don't try we'll drown in snot."


"Good point." Stacy tilted her head left and right to rub against the hair. As she did, Rachel's nostril began to twitch. The plan was working!




Rachel needed some refreshing water to cool down. She got up and walked over to the drinking fountain to fill up her water bottle. She didn't even put the lid back on because she knew how much she would drink.


She walked back to Abby and sat down. She then felt a tickle in her nose. She didn't want to sneeze but her nose prevailed. "Aaaaaachooooo!" She bent her head down and sneezed. Then she sniffled and set her water down to go get a tissue.




The speed at which we flew out of Rachel's nose was unbelievable. I was pried from my snotty prison and sent flying through the air. I flew straight down toward the breasts I recently escaped from. I hit Rachel's boob and bounced off. I flew into the air higher than the top of Rachel's head and then descended. When I landed, I fell into water which washed the last of the snot off.


I swam to the surface and looked around. I saw Stacy swimming next to me. All around me was a transparent dark pink hard plastic circle. The world above shifted as the object we were in was moved and set down. As we tread water I knew that we had fallen in Rachel's water bottle.

Swim for Your Life! by A Little Bit of Everything

Stacy and I swam to the edge of the cup-like water bottle and tried to climb out, but the hard plastic was too smooth and steep. We heard foot steps approaching which I assumed were Rachel's. The vibration from her steps created small ripples which pushed us back to the center of the cup.


I could partially see through the cup as Rachel's hand grasped around it and picked it up. The water shifted as the cup was lifted into the air. Stacy and I tossed and turned with the moving water until it steadied.


I looked above as Rachel face came into view. She was looking directly into the top of the cup. I had been excited by many other parts of Rachel's body through my journey, but her face was a thing of true beauty. My eyes shifted from her lovely green eyes to her cute little nose I just escaped from and finally to her luscious lips.


Then I realized that this was a chance to be noticed. I waved my hands frantically and shouted her name while Stacy did the same. Her eyes looked directly at us and I thought we were spotted, but then her face disappeared.




After grabbing a tissue to wipe her nose, Rachel walked back to her seat. She grabbed her cup of water and held it in front of her. As she moved the water, she thought she saw something in it. She moved her head and looked directly into the cup.


She looked around and spotted two small specks. She wasn't sure if they were pieces of dirt or tiny bugs, but whatever they were she didn't care. She was really thirsty and didn't want to get up to go get more water. In fact, she was so thirsty that she just decided to drink it all in one try. She brought the cup to her lips and let the refreshing water flow down her throat.




The cup tilted and we were soon greeted by Rachel's enormous face once again. Her lips opened and showed her pearly white teeth. I loved her smile, but I wasn't too happy about entering it. She brought her soft red lips closer and pressed the bottom one against the rim of the cup. I knew what was coming next.


"Stacy, we have to swim away." I said to her.


"You don't have to tell me twice."


The cup tilted further and water started to pour into the black hole that was Rachel's mouth. I turned away and swam as quickly as my arms would allow. I started to move away, but soon the strong current began to pull me back.


I kept swimming but it was no use. The current was too strong. Eventually I saw Rachel's top lip above and knew I was entering her mouth. I thought quickly and grabbed onto one of her bottom teeth. Stacy swam close to me and I grabbed her hand.


"Hold on, Stacy!" I shouted above the sound of the rushing waters.


The water continued to push at me as I struggled to hang on. I looked back and watched as the water moving past me was dumped by the gallons down Rachel's throat and into her stomach.


My grip on the tooth was good but I started to loose my grip on Stacy. I tried my best to hold tight, but her arm slipped out. I watched her swim in a panicked frenzy as she was pushed to the back of the mouth.


"Stacy! No! This can't be happening!"


"Jacob, do something!" Stacy screamed as she kept moving away.


But there was nothing I could do. I heard her scream as I watched her be dragged down into Rachel's throat. I started to cry, but you could barely tell since the water washed all of the tears away.


I grabbed onto the tooth with my other hand so I didn't end up like Stacy. The rushing waters soon slowed down and eventually stopped. I flopped down onto Rachel's giant tongue as her mouth closed and sealed me away in darkness.

Mouth Trap by A Little Bit of Everything

I turned on my headlamp and looked around. Stalagmites and stalactites of teeth surrounded me and the inside of Rachel's cheek glistened with saliva. It was both creepy and fascinating at the same time. I could smell a slight minty freshness from when Rachel brushed her teeth earlier, but mostly I smelled the average person's bad breath.


After taking in the scenery, I ran toward the back of the throat. The tongue I ran across was very wet and squishy. I got close to the edge and called down.


"Stacy, can you hear me?"


"Yeah, I can hear you." Was her response. There was a slight echo from the voice traveling through the throat.


"Are you okay down there?"


"Yeah, I'm fine right now. It burns a little bit, but it's not too bad. I don't know how long it will be until the digestion process starts though."


"Don't worry! I'll find some way to get you out."


"Thank you! But you'd better hurry. I didn't come all this way to be breakfast!"


I sat down on the soft moist tongue to think of a plan. After some thought I concluded that the only way to save Stacy was to get Rachel's help. I had to make it to her ear and get her attention. But I was stuck in here for the time being.


Outside of Rachel's mouth I heard the bell ring. I got a glimpse of daylight as she said goodbye to Abby. Then she walked to her next class and I experienced the bouncing once again.




At the sound of the bell Rachel grabbed her things and headed to math class. When she arrived, she took a seat in the back to avoid being called on. The bell rang again and class started.


Soon after class began, Rachel felt a tickle in her stomach. She felt the need to burp, but she didn't want to do it in the middle of class. She then belched, but kept her mouth shut to keep it quiet. Afterwards she resumed listening.




I sat still as Rachel walked and sat down. While I was sitting and thinking, I heard a gurgling come from her stomach. I was then hit by a burst of air from Rachel's throat and her cheeks puffed out a little.


I sniffed the air and realized that Rachel had burped. It was actually better than the regular breath smell so I didn't bother holding my nose. As I inhaled I could smell spices from what I believed to be sausage. I could also detect a hint of egg smell. Not rotten eggs, just regular fried eggs.


The burp air faded away and took the smell with it. The regular breath air came back, but I could still smell a little sausage. I looked around and noticed that a chunk of sausage had gotten lodged between two teeth.


I walked over to the morsel and grabbed on. I planted my feet on the two surrounding teeth and pulled it out. As the piece dislodged I was sent flying back. The sausage crumb was wet with saliva, but I didn't care. I was starving. Not to mention I had already consumed foot and boob sweat, womanly juices, and urine already. This was nothing compared to that.


I took a big bite and swallowed. The saliva actually helped add a little extra flavor. I kept eating until I finished the whole piece. I was now stuffed and lay down to relax. Rachel's tongue made an excellent bed, but I made sure not to fall asleep and tumble down to meet Stacy.




After burping a few minutes ago, Rachel was worried that she had bad breath now. She grabbed a stick of cherry gum from her bag and unwrapped it. Then she tossed the gum onto her tongue and enjoyed the flavor.


Next she tossed the gum onto her back teeth and chewed it up. Once she got it to a good consistency, she let it move to the middle of her mouth where she smashed it against the top. She loved to squeeze her gum flat. Then she made a ball again and continued chewing. To finish, she blew a bubble which then popped.


"Miss Rachel, if you can't be quiet in chewing your gum then you may spit it out," Mrs. Brown, the math teacher, said.


Rachel grabbed a nearby trash can, picked up her gum, and tossed it in. It had lost its flavor anyway.




I lay down on the tongue until Rachel's mouth opened once again. I didn't even have time to sit up before a giant pink rectangle was thrown on top of me. I licked it and tasted the cherry gum.


Rachel's tongue came alive and moved the gum over to her molars. I watched as the stick was crushed into a sticky wet ball. Rachel's mouth started to fill up with saliva all around me.


After some chewing, the ball was released and started to roll toward me. I tried to run away, but I slipped on saliva and fell on my face. The gum ball rolled over my back and I stuck to it. When the ball stopped I was on top and faced upward.


The ball was then lifted up and smashed against the roof of Rachel's mouth. I was pressed between the top of the mouth and the gum with extreme force. I thought was body was going to burst open until the pressure was relieved and I was lowered down.


The ball was now completely flat and I lay in the center. Then Rachel's giant red tongue rose up and folded one end of the circle to the other like an omelet. I was now fully surrounded by the gum. I was rolled around Rachel's mouth as she tried to get the gum back in a ball shape.


Next I was tossed in the air and landed somewhere. I didn't know where I was until a hard object smashed down on top of me. Rachel was chewing the gum again, but this time I was inside. I was continually crushed by the upper and lower teeth as they mashed together. If it wasn't for the elasticity of the gum I would have most certainly been crushed to death.


Finally I was sent back to the middle of the mouth and hoped that Rachel was not the type of person who swallows her gum. I lurched forward and was hit in the back by the tip of Rachel's tongue as she pushed the gum through her lips. Then a gust of wind came from behind and the gum expanded. I was then released from the gum and landed in the middle of the enormous bubble. I could see the classroom through the thin bubble wall. Then I turned around and leaped through the lips and back into Rachel's mouth before the bubble burst.


I heard the bubble pop and the gum was pulled back in. Everything suddenly stopped moving for a moment and I heard a muffled voice outside. The lips parted and Rachel's two fingers reached in and pulled the gum out. I breathed a sigh of relief as I was now done with this torture.


I sat back down to rest and heard another bell. Now I was truly worried. I knew that Rachel's next class was lunch, and I likely wouldn't survive that. I needed a way to escape, and fast!

Eavesdropping From an Ear by A Little Bit of Everything

I ran to Rachel's lips and tried to pry them open. I needed to escape before Rachel ate her lunch and me along with it. I slipped my hands between the soft red lips and pulled up. I lifted with all of my might but they wouldn't budge. I stopped lifting and took a quick breath. Then I tried once again and it actually worked!


I moved forward to make my escape when the lips closed on top of me. I was crushed between the two lips and struggled to escape. It didn't hurt, but was more of a discomfort, like being hit by a giant marshmallow. Then the lips parted once again, only to come crashing down once more. I never really lifted Rachel's lips. She was actually talking to someone and I was being smashed with every word. After some time, Rachel's lips parted long enough for me to jump back inside her mouth. I needed a more well-thought plan.




After class Rachel and Abby met in the hallway. "Hey, do you know what they're serving for lunch today?" Abby asked.


"I don't know. I brought my lunch today." Rachel said as she held up her lunch box.


"That's probably a good idea. You know how the food here can be sometimes."


"Yeah, I only buy my lunch when I forget my lunch box at home."


"I thought about packing my lunch once, but then I realized that I'm too lazy to make it."


"So how was your last class?" Rachel turned her head as she asked this question and some of her hair flew into her mouth. She grabbed hold of it, pulled it out, and tossed it to the side.




I sat on Rachel's tongue as she had her conversation. Well, "sat" is a very loose term. Held on for dear life is more like it. As Rachel talked, her tongue moved around a lot to make the words. I had to hold on to the tongue like it was a bucking bronco.


Rachel's tongue stopped for a moment when she stopped talking. I looked ahead and noticed a familiar brown rope lying at the front of the mouth. Rachel had gotten her hair in her mouth. This was my chance for escape.


I leaped forward and grabbed hold of the hair just as it was pulled out. I was squeezed through the wet lips and flung to the side. Luckily I didn't hit Rachel's armpit again and instead hit her shoulder. I looked down and saw that I had bright red lipstick smeared across my body.


I couldn't climb while Rachel was moving, so I held on until she sat down to eat. I watched her pull a sandwich out of her lunch box and take a bite. I was glad that I escaped that, but I could only hope that it wasn't hurting Stacy.


I then climbed up the hair until I reached Rachel's ear. I took a leap of faith and grabbed onto her small hoop earring. I pulled myself up and then grabbed onto the pierced part of her ear lobe and pulled myself up again. Finally I grabbed onto her ear canal and pulled myself inside.


I walked through sticky ear wax toward Rachel's ear drum and hoped she could hear me over the noise of the lunchroom. I reached the ear drum, cupped my hands, and shouted her name.




Rachel was simultaneously eating her lunch and talking to her friends. "Okay, so yesterday I was just chilling at home using my phone when suddenly Mom says-" She abruptly stopped talking and started looking around.


"What's the matter, Rachel?" Abby asked.


"I thought I just heard Jacob call my name. Maybe I'm just hearing things."


"You mean the Jacob you've had a crush on since freshman year? Maybe you're hearing his voice cause you like him so much."


Rachel blushed a little. "Come on, Abby! You know I don't like to talk about that in public. Besides he probably doesn't even like me back."


"Well, you're never gonna know unless you ask him. It's been almost two years since you first met him. You really need to make an attempt."


"I could never do that. You know how shy I am."


"Okay, but don't blame me when you become an old cat lady."




I was about to call out a second time when I stopped to hear the conversation between Rachel and Abby. As I listened I was shocked. Rachel had a crush on me for as long as I had one on her. I was overjoyed, but I had to stay focused. I called out her name once again.




"There it goes again. Jacob, where are you?" Rachel said as she looked around again.


"Please stop moving your head. You can't see me. I'm inside your ear."


"Inside my ear?! You mean like you're talking through an ear piece?"


"No, I mean I'm physically inside your ear. I shrunk to less than an inch tall and now I'm inside your ear."


"Hold on. I'm moving somewhere more quiet so I can hear you better." Rachel stood up and walked into the girl's restroom.


"What the heck was that all about?" Asked a confused Abby.


Rachel walked through the restroom and into a stall. She reached into a pocket and pulled out a cotton swab. She stuck it into her ear and said, "Grab on."




I was greeted by a giant ball of fluff on a stick. I grabbed on and said, "Okay, I'm ready!" I was pulled out of Rachel's ear and into the air. Then she set me down on the front of the toilet bowl and I let go.


"Wow! You really are small! How did you get like this?" Rachel's voice was as loud as thunder, but still sweet and soothing.


"Well, it all started this morning when-"


"Let me stop you right there. I can't hear a word you're saying. But I have an idea. I'll be right back."


I watched Rachel leave and heard the door open and shut. A minute later she returned and said, "I got something to help us communicate." She reached down and pulled out a bag of horn-shaped corn chips. She opened the bag, grabbed a chip, and set it down in front of me. "Now you have a little megaphone."

I cupped my hands and shouted "Hello" into the funnel.

"Yes! I can hear you!" She exclaimed. Now it was time to explain everything.

Reversing the Reaction by A Little Bit of Everything

"So, what on Earth is going on right now?" Rachel asked, extremely confused by everything that has happened recently. "How did you shrink?"


"Well, I don't know exactly how it happened. All I know is that I was mixing two chemicals in the chemistry room, and then a big puff of smoke caused us to shrink."


"Wait, what do you mean 'us'?"


I smacked my forehead. "Oh my gosh! I totally forgot about Stacy! She shrunk with me."


"What!? Where is she?" Rachel started to frantically search her body.


"You won't be able to find her."


"Why not?"


"Because she isn't on you. She's inside you."


"What do you mean?" Rachel said after stopping her search.


"You accidentally swallowed her when you drank that water after exercising."


"Are you serious!? She's in my stomach!? I have to save her." Rachel bent over me and leaned her head over the toilet. She stuck her finger in her mouth to trigger her gag reflex.


After a few tries, it worked and Rachel threw up into the toilet. I watched the waterfall of greenish brown goop flow out of her mouth and land in the toilet. I searched the vomit and noticed a small object floating within.


"There she is!" I exclaimed and pointed. Rachel looked and saw her. She used the cotton swab once again to retrieve her from the puke. Then she set her down next to me. I ran up and hugged her, even though she was covered in barf.


"Stacy, I'm so glad you're alive!"


"So, Jacob, how exactly did you make it to my ear at your size?" Rachel asked.


"Stacy and I have been climbing your body all day. We almost died a few times."


Rachel's face suddenly turned red. "Um, do you think you could keep it a secret about what happened earlier today in this bathroom. I'm not usually like that, but I just had to-"


"Don't worry. Our lips are sealed."


"Thank you! And you probably heard what I said at the lunch table as well."


"Yes, I did. And I feel the same way."


"Really!? Are you serious!? This is so awesome! I would hug you if I could."


Then Stacy cut in. "Okay, this is really sweet and all, but we still have the little matter of getting us back to normal."


Rachel suppressed her joy and said, "You're right. Get on my hand and I'll take you to Mrs. Wilson." She lowered her hand onto the toilet and we climbed up her finger to get on. Then we sat in the soft skin of her palm.


Rachel walked over to the chemistry room. She tried to keep her hand steady, but we still bounced all around. When we entered the room, I was glad that Mrs. Wilson didn't have a class at the moment and was alone.


"Mrs. Wilson, we have a problem," Rachel said.


"What's wrong?" She responded.


"Jacob and Stacy were mixing chemicals in here and now they are shrunk. They're on my hand right now." Rachel walked over and showed her.


"So that's what happened to my chemicals. Come on back to the lab station so we can figure this all out." Rachel walked over to the area and set us down on the black table. We climbed off and she set down our "megaphone".


"So, what exactly did you do?" Mrs. Wilson asked.


"All I did was take the two beakers on the counter and mix them. Then it turned purple and a big puff of smoke caused us to shrink," I explained.


"That's strange because those chemicals were just mercury and magnesium. I don't even know why they really reacted at all."


I thought about it and asked, "Wait, isn't the chemical symbol for magnesium Mg?"


"Yes, but what does that have to do with anything?"


"Well, maybe since you used an M for 'mini', you should use a W for 'wumbo'."


Before Mrs. Wilson could respond, Stacy said, "Jacob, that is probably the dumbest thing you've said all day."


"No, he's actually right!" Mrs. Wilson said. "The element with the symbol of W is tungsten. When mixed with the mercury, it should create a reverse reaction." She then left and brought back two beakers. She mixed them both in a glass bowl and set it down. "Now you just need to jump in."


"Rachel, would you do the honors?" I said. She picked us up with two fingers and dropped us in. We fell into the mixture and started to grow almost instantly on impact. Soon we were back to normal and standing on the counter. I jumped off and hugged Rachel.


"Thank you so much for saving us." I said. Rachel hugged me back.


"Yeah, that was certainly once crazy adventure. We almost died like seven times!" Stacy said.


"It was crazy and dangerous, but it was all worth it now that we're together." I grabbed Rachel's hand in mine. "Maybe we could do this again sometime with you actually knowing about us on your body."


Stacy quickly responded, "Oh, no! I am not going through all of that again!"


"Then maybe Rachel and I could shrink together and explore your body."


"I'm okay with that," Stacy said.


"It's a date." Rachel said and we all laughed.


"Today was an awesome day," I thought.



End Notes:

Well, there we have it! I hope you all enjoyed the story and thank you for reading and commenting. I will be uploading a new story very shortly so you can keep your eyes peeled for my username.

Bonus: Tales from the Inside by A Little Bit of Everything
Author's Notes:
To celebrate the one year aniversery of my first upload, I decided to upload a bonus chapter. It tells a portion of the story from Stacy's perspective. If you have not read the story yet, or it's been a while, I would suggest that you (re)read chapters 10-12, and 14 to better understand.

"Hold on, Stacy!" I heard Jacob scream as the current flowed like we were in the eye of a hurricane. Behind us was a deadly waterfall pouring down Rachel's gullet. The only thing keeping me from taking the plunge was a friend's hand. I was absolutely terrified.

I started to feel my hand slip. The current was just too strong. I tried to grip tighter, but it was no use. I lost my hold and was forced back by the current. I flailed my arms in a panicked frenzy attempting to swim toward Jacob, but I was continuously pushed back. I screamed out for help, but I knew there was nothing he could do.

After a desperate attempt at survival, I was inevitably sent down the waterfall. At a water park, this would be an epic ride. But as I saw the skin of Rachel's throat pass by, I almost saw my life flash before my eyes. Quickly I landed in a liquid a little more dense than the water. I resurfaced and tread the stomach acid as the water continued to rain down upon me. Soon enough it stopped and I was left alone within the stomach walls.

I talked to Jacob through the echoing throat passage. Now he was my only hope of escaping. The area smelled like vomit as one would expect. I would have to take an hour long shower when I escaped... if I escaped. I am getting out of here one way or another, and I'm not very fond of "another."

I could tell that Rachel was walking again as the stomach acid began to flow from one side to the other. I was tossed around like a ship in a storm and continually pulled under. I had to spit out tons of barf-tasting liquid. I was just about to drown when the torrent stopped.

I collected myself and came up with an idea. I swam the the wall of the stomach and banged on it with all of my might. Hopefully I could upset Rachel's stomach enough for her to throw up. I kept banging until I heard a gurgle. Excited, I turned around. I watched a bubble surface and rise up. Then I heard a monstrous noise come from above.

"Great! All I did was make her burp!"

I decided to just give up and hope for the best. Eventually I felt some large drops fall on my head. It didn't take long to recognize it as saliva. However, no food followed. I assumed Rachel was chewing gum. Drop by drop the saliva flowed down. At one point I thought I heard screaming. I worried that my only rescue was about to be crushed.

Once that was over I waited once again. I heard every word Rachel said, but it was tough to understand a one-sided conversation. Then I thought I heard more chewing. My suspicions were confirmed as a spit-soaked glob of bread, meat, and cheese spatted on top of me. I struggled to escape the gooey mound and soon felt the pressure of a second glob splat on the first. My hands were pinned to my sides. I wiggled but couldn't budge one bit.

I had almost no oxygen and was forced to take drastic measures. I took a giant bite of the pre-chewed sandwich and swallowed it. I continued to chow down until I could move my arms and tunnel out.

"Eww, that was so disgusting... I hate turkey!"

I continued to barely survive as Rachel moved around doing who-knows-what. I was about to give up all hope when I heard a weird noise. It sounded like gagging. Suddenly the stomach exploded. I was shot up like a geyser and projectile vomited into a body of water. I opened my eyes to see Rachel's giant face looming above. Then a cotton swab descended upon me...
End Notes:
Well, there you go! Writing this got me a little more in the writing spirit so hopefully I will have the energy to upload again. I love writing stories, but it takes a lot of time and motivation.
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